Asian Chambers of Commerce Merge to Serve Growing Population   
Austins population is more Asian than Texas as a whole but it has a lower percentage of Asian-owned businesses. Thats one reason two local chambers of Commerce are merging. Today the Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce and the Austin Asian American Chamber of Commerce officially joined forces to form one group: the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce . Board member Ying McGuire says the united chamber will offer help to Asian-Americans, immigrants and refugees.
          Gov. declares emergency for Lightner Creek fire   

La Plata County officials who have been battling the 250 acre fire that is dangerously close to the City of Durango.

          Re: Regulatory Board Recognises Validity of Publicly-Listed Patent Attorney Structures   

P.S. Another important question that needs to be considered from a competition law perspective is: who are the clients making up that 67% of cases?

Back in February I conducted an analysis looking at only Australian resident applicants which showed that for this market segment the proportion of applications filed by firms within the three listed groups is just under 50% (see Publicly-Listed Firms Account for Half of the Australian Market for Patent Services). Within this market segment, the total share of each individual listed group is under 20%. Even if all of the firms within a group merged, this would not be regarded as a dominant market position.

Clearly the three listed groups between them have the lion's share of foreign incoming patent filing and prosecution work (70.5% in total, of which 28% is IPH, 22.8% is XIP and 19.7% is QIP). Whether this market segment is even within the reach of Australian competition law, I am not sure.

          Re: Regulatory Board Recognises Validity of Publicly-Listed Patent Attorney Structures   

Hi Doug,

I can't speak for New Zealand, but I think you are overestimating the power of Australian competition law, and of the ACCC to enforce it. Even if the three listed groups were to merge all of their firms we would still have more competition than we do in the supermarket sector, and less price matching than we see in the fuel market. It takes an awful lot to 'substantially lessen competition'. So long as consumers have a genuine choice between genuine competitors (even just two or three, although there is obviously much more competition than that in the Australian IP market) it is unlikely that the arrangements will fall foul of any provisions of the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

It is also worth noting that consolidation is recognised by economists as a natural consequence of a maturing market across many industries, and it is not the role of competition law to interfere with this process merely because it results in a reduction in the number of independent competitors. Indeed, consolidation can result in efficiencies, concentration of capital and economies of scale that lead to reduction in prices and/or expansion in the range of goods/services available that are beneficial to consumers and the economy.

You will note that it is not so much the Board alluding to competition concerns. The passage you quote is reporting the non-listed firms' stated concerns - hardly a disinterested opinion! Further, I think it is safe to assume that the whole of Part C, Section 1-4 of the paper is essentially a cut-and-paste of Professor Christie's report to the Board. The mooted competition issue is not taken up at all in the Board's views and proposals in Section C.5. What the Board takes out of the 67% figure is that the 'listed group scenario' is a 'significant commercial reality'.

I also happen to know that at least one of the listed firms actually wrote to the ACCC, out of an abundance of caution, to notify them of at least one of their intended acquisitions. From what I hear, not an eyelid was batted. And I am not at all surprised.


          Bobby Jindal targets Trump, Nikki Haley backs Ted Cruz   
The emergence of real estate tycoon Donald Trump as Republican presidential nominee sounded the death-knell for the party establishment, Indian-Americ...
          10 of the daftest 999 calls ever   
THE 999 service – the oldest emergency call service in the world – is 80 years old today.
          Dudley teens nominated for Outstanding Young Citizen Award after helping to trace missing girl   
TWO Dudley teenagers have been shortlisted for a top award after they helped the emergency services find a missing pregnant teenager.
          Fall-applied herbicides: Which weed species should be the target?   

Herbicides applied in the fall often can provide improved control of many winter annual weed species compared with similar applications made in the spring.  Marestail is one example of a weed species that is often better controlled with herbicides applied in the fall compared with the spring.  An increasing frequency of marestail populations in Illinois are resistant to glyphosate, and within the past year we have confirmed that resistance to ALS-inhibiting herbicides also is present in Illinois populations. 

Targeting emerged marestail with higher application rates of products such as 2,4-D in the fall almost always results in better control at planting compared with targeting overwintered and often larger plants with lower rates of 2,4-D in the spring.

One question typically posed is whether or not a fall application needs to include one or more herbicides that provide residual control of winter annual weed species. Typically, the earlier the fall application is made (say, early October) the more benefit a soil-residual herbicide.

However, delaying the herbicide application until later in the fall (say, mid-November) often diminishes the necessity of a soil-residual herbicide since most of the winter annual weeds have emerged and can be controlled with non-residual herbicides.  

Applying a soil-residual herbicide late in the fall in hopes of having a clean field prior to planting is akin to gambling on the weather.  Cold winter conditions (similar to last winter) can reduce herbicide degradation in the soil and increase herbicide persistence.  This might not always be favorable since, depending on the residual herbicide, increased persistence also can cause injury to the following crop.  A more moderate winter and early spring warming will increase herbicide degradation, which could result in the need for a burndown herbicide to control existing vegetation before planting.

We recommend fall-applied herbicides target fall-emerging winter annual species, biennials, and perennials.  We do not recommend fall application of residual herbicides for control of any spring-emerging annual weed species. 

We are aware that some products have 2(ee) recommendations that suggest the product will control certain summer annual weed species following application in the fall.  Particularly concerning to us is that “pigweed species” are listed on at least one product label.  The extension weed science program at the University of Illinois does not recommend fall-application of residual herbicides to control Amaranthus species the next spring for the following reasons:

1)      Inconsistent performance: as previously described, the performance consistency of soil-residual herbicides applied in the fall is greatly dependent on weather and soil conditions after application.  Our data suggest the greatest and most consistent control of Amaranthus species either at planting or several weeks after planting was achieved when residual herbicides were applied in the spring, not in the fall.

2)      Increased selection for herbicide-resistant biotypes: soil-applied herbicides are not immune from selection for herbicide-resistant biotypes (please see the April 16, 2013 article titled: “Herbicide Resistance: Are Soil-Applied Herbicides Immune?”).  Following a fall application, the concentration of herbicide remaining in the spring when Amaranthus species begin to germinate will be much lower compared with the same product rate applied closer to planting.

Populations of several of the most challenging summer annual broadleaf weed species in Illinois demonstrate resistance to herbicides from more than one site-of-action herbicide class.  Their effective management requires an integrated approach that often includes soil-residual herbicides.  Applying these herbicides when they will be most effective against these challenging summer annual species is a critical component of an integrated management program.

Originally posted by the University of Illinois Extension. 


          Water temperature affects herbicide performance   

Getting the most out of your herbicide may be linked to water temperature.

A new Purdue Extension publication gives applicators of postemergence herbicides insights into the importance of mixing herbicides with water at optimum temperatures to make them most effective.

Guidance offered in "Water Temperature and Herbicide Performance" is based on research by Purdue University weed scientists who studied the effectiveness of certain herbicides on several weed species when mixed with spray water at various temperatures. The researchers concluded that moderate to warm water - but not hot - was better than cold.

"We give the guidelines of not using cold water in the early spring or late fall," said Pratap Devkota, the lead researcher and graduate research assistant to weed scientist Bill Johnson. "Make sure you use moderate to warm water. The right water temperature is one of the components of herbicide application."

Farmers generally are not aware of that, Devkota said, because there has been little research on the topic.

Hot and cold

In a greenhouse study, herbicide was applied to weed species giant ragweed, marestail (horseweed), Palmer amaranth and pitted morningglory. Herbicides used were 2,4-D choline, glufosinate, mesotrione and glyphosate plus dicamba premix. Each herbicide solution was held for 24 hours and six hours before application. It also was applied immediately after mixing.

The researchers found that performance was reduced on some weed species when the herbicides were mixed with water at 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest temperature tested. They also discovered that performance was reduced at 133 degrees, the highest temperature tested. Performance was not reduced at 72 and 102 degrees, the middle temperatures tested.

The study found that the herbicide mixtures held for up to 24 hours did not affect weed control in any of the tested herbicide products. The researchers cautioned, however, not to generalize the results for all herbicides. They noted previous research showing that some herbicide products from Group 2 (ALS inhibitors) can undergo hydrolysis when spray solutions remain in a tank for a certain period; likewise, herbicides in Group 1 (ACCase inhibitors) can break down when ultraviolet radiation infiltrates a tank.

Free download available

The researchers said applicators should consider that mixing certain herbicides with water warmer than 41 degrees may enhance - certainly not harm - early spring or late fall burndown applications.

They also said the temperature of water stored in tanks above ground for more than one or two days should be monitored. "It is reasonable to expect that the air temperature can give you a rough estimate of the stored water's temperature," they wrote. "You can also use a thermometer."

The researchers said further research is needed to learn the exact reasons for the lower performance of herbicides mixed with cold water. They said, for instance, it is possible that low water temperature could affect how the herbicide dissolves, the spray droplet size or herbicide penetration into the target leaf.

The publication can be downloaded free of charge through Purdue Extension's The Education Store

Originally posted by Purdue University Extension.

          How late can herbicides be applied to corn?   

The labels of most postemergence corn herbicides allow applications at various crop growth stages, but almost all product labels indicate a maximum growth stage beyond which broadcast applications should not be made, and a few even a state minimum growth stage before which applications should not be made. 

These growth stages are usually indicated as a particular plant height or leaf stage; sometimes both of these are listed.  For product labels that indicate a specific corn height and growth state, be sure to follow the more restrictive of the two. Application restrictions exist for several reasons, but of particular importance is the increased likelihood of crop injury if applications are made outside a specified growth stage or range.

Table 1.  Postemergence herbicide application timings based on corn growth stage(s).


Maximum corn heights and growth stagesa


Broadcast before corn exceeds 8” tall; use drop nozzles when corn is taller than 8”.

Accent Q

Broadcast up to 20” tall or through the V6 stage.  Apply with drop nozzles when corn is 20–36” tall or before the V10 stage.

Anthem Maxx

Apply from corn emergence through the V4 (visible fourth leaf collar) stage.

Armezon Pro

Apply from corn emergence to the 8-leaf stage or 30” tall.


Apply before corn exceeds 12” tall.


No height specified on label.

Basis Blend

Apply to corn from spike through 2 collar stage. Do not apply to corn having 3 fully emerged collars or over 6” tall.


Broadcast when corn is 4–20” tall.  After corn is 20” tall or exhibits more than 6 collars use directed applications up to tassel emergence.


Apply until corn is 48″ tall or prior to tasseling.

Callisto/Callisto GT

May be applied to corn up to 30” tall or up to the 8-leaf stage.

Callisto Xtra

Apply before corn exceeds 12” tall


Broadcast applications must be made to corn from the 1-leaf collar stage through the 5-leaf collar (V5) stage.

Clarity or Banvel

Apply between corn emergence and the 5-leaf stage or 8” tall; apply 0.5 pt/A rate when corn is 8 to 36” or if 6th leaf is emerging, or if 15 days prior to tassel emergence.  Do not apply when soybean are growing nearby if: 1) corn is more than 24” tall, 2) soybean are more than 10” tall, 3) soybean have begun to bloom.

DiFlexx/DiFlexx Duo

Apply broadcast when corn is at the spike through 6-leaf collar (V6) growth stage, or 36” tall, whichever occurs first.

Glyphosate (glyphosate-resistant corn)

Apply broadcast through the V8 stage or until corn reaches 30” tall.  Use drop nozzles for applications to corn 30–48” tall.

Halex GT (glyphosate-resistant corn)

Apply to corn up to 30″ tall or the 8-leaf stage.

Harmony SG

Apply to 2–6 leaf corn with 1–5 collars or up to 16” tall.

Hornet WDG

Apply broadcast until corn reaches 20” tall or V6 stage.  Apply with drop nozzles to corn up to 36” tall.


Can be applied up to 45 days before harvest.  Do not apply Armezon past the V8 growth stage.


Apply up to the V8 growth stage.

Liberty (glufosinate-resistant corn)

Broadcast until corn is 24” in height or in the V7 growth stage (7 developed leaf collars).  Use drop nozzles for corn 24–36” tall.


Apply between corn emergence and the 5-leaf or 8” height stage.


Apply prior to tassel emergence.


Broadcast applications are made when corn is between 4 –20” tall (V2–V6).  Use directed applications when corn is 20–36” tall.


Can be applied from spike through layby.

Realm Q

May be broadcast applied to corn up to 20” tall or exhibiting 6 leaf collars.

Require Q

Apply to corn 4–20” tall.  Do not apply to corn exhibiting 7 or more leaf collars.

Resolve Q

Do not apply to corn taller than 20” or exhibiting 7 or more leaf collars.


Apply to corn from the 2-leaf through 10-leaf stage.


Broadcast applications to corn up to 4 leaves or 8” tall; directed applications for 5-leaf or 8–11 ¾” tall corn.


May be applied broadcast up to the V8 growth stage or 30” tall.


Broadcast applications to corn 4–20” tall.  Use drop nozzles when field corn is 20–24” tall or exhibits more than 6 collars (V6).

Starane Ultra

Apply broadcast to corn with up to 5 fully exposed leaf collars (V5).


Do not apply to corn taller than 36” or past the V10 stage.

Steadfast Q

Apply to corn up to 20” tall or exhibiting 6 leaf collars.


Apply to corn from emergence through 24” tall.


Apply broadcast or with drop nozzles to corn from spike to 36” tall.  Drop nozzles are recommended when corn exceeds 20”.


May be applied after corn emergence until plants reach 30” tall or up to the V8 stage.

When maximum application timings are indicated by two corn growth stages, follow the most restrictive of the two.

Originally posted by University of Illinois.

          Tips for applying residual herbicides to emerged corn   

The rapid progress of corn planting sometimes can outpace the application of soil-residual herbicides, says Aaron Hager, University of Illinois.  In most instances these herbicides are applied within a few days after planting, but weather-and equipment-related factors can delay applications until after corn has emerged.

Most, but not all, soil residual herbicides can be applied after corn has emerged.  Products such as Balance Pro, Radius, Fierce, Prequel, Sharpen and Verdict must be applied before corn begins to emerge; applications of these products to emerged corn can result in significant corn injury.  Be cautious about applying a soil-residual herbicide in UAN carrier if corn has emerged as this can increase the potential for corn injury.  Also, be sure to consult the respective product label for tankmix and spray additive recommendations or prohibitions.

Labels usually indicate a maximum corn growth stage beyond which applications should not occur.  These growth stages can range from as early as two leaf collars to as late as 40-inch tall corn, so be sure to consult the respective product labels.  Products containing atrazine must be applied before corn exceeds 12 inches tall, although the labels of some atrazine-containing products specify a smaller height.

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          5 tips for fall herbicide application to control marestail   

The University of Illinois Extension has received many questions about applying herbicides post-harvest to control emerged marestail plants.  Fall-applied herbicides often provide more effective and consistent control of emerged marestail as compared with spring-applied (i.e., burndown) herbicides, says Aaron Hager, weed specialist with U of IL Extension. Here are tips from the Extension service for fall-applying herbicide to control emerged marestail.


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1.     We suggest applying 2,4-D (1.0 lb acid equivalent per acre) anytime between mid-October and late November to control emerged marestail.  This treatment should not be expected to provide much soil-residual activity, so marestail plants that emerge after application will most likely not be controlled. 

2.     Do not rely solely on glyphosate (either in the fall or spring) to control emerged marestail. 

3.     Do not simply assume that fields treated with fall-applied herbicides will be free of marestail next spring.  Be sure to scout fall-treated fields before spring planting and take appropriate measures (i.e., supplemental herbicides, tillage, etc.) to control any existing marestail plants. 

4.     Do not plant soybean into an existing marestail population.  Residual herbicides should be applied close to soybean planting to control summer annual species, including spring-emerging marestail.

5.     If a soil-residual herbicide will be part of a fall herbicide application, we suggest selecting an application rate that will provide control of winter annuals throughout the remainder of 2013, and recommend against increasing the application rate in hopes of obtaining control of summer annual species next spring.

Read more from the Extension about controlling marestail in the fall.


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          Chris Christie Announces New Jersey Government Shutdown, Orders State Of Emergency   

Illinois, Maine, Connecticut: the end of the old fiscal year and the failure of numerous states to enter the new one with a budget, means that some of America's most populous states have seen their local governments grind to a halt overnight until some spending agreement is reached. Now we can also add New Jersey to this list.

On Saturday morning, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency in the state, and announced a partial state government shutdown as New Jersey become the latest state to enter the new fiscal year without an approved budget after the Republican governor and the Democrat-led Legislature failed to reach an agreement by the deadline at midnight Friday, CBS New York reports.

In a news conference Saturday morning, Christie blamed Democratic State Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto for causing the shutdown. And, just like Illinois and Connecticut, Christie and the Democrat-led Legislature are returning to work in hopes of resolving the state's first government shutdown since 2006 and the first under Christie, before NJ is downgraded further by the rating agencies.

"If there's not a resolution to this today, everyone will be back tomorrow," Christie said, calling the shutdown "embarrassing and pointless." He also repeatedly referred to the government closure as "the speaker's shutdown."  Christie later announced that he would address the full legislature later at the statehouse on Saturday.

Prieto remained steadfast in his opposition, reiterating that he won't consider the plan as part of the budget process but would consider it once a budget is signed.  Referring to the shutdown as "Gov. Christie's Hostage Crisis Day One," Prieto said he has made compromises that led to the budget now before the Legislature.


"I am also ready to consider reasonable alternatives that protect ratepayers, but others must come to the table ready to be equally reasonable," Prieto said. "Gov. Christie and the legislators who won't vote 'yes' on the budget are responsible for this unacceptable shutdown. I compromised. I put up a budget bill for a vote. Others now must now do their part and fulfill their responsibilities."

Politics aside, the diplomaitc failure has immediate consequences for Jersey residents: Christie ordered nonessential services to close beginning Saturday. New Jerseyans were feeling the impact as the shutdown took effect, shuttering state parks and disrupting ferry service to Liberty and Ellis islands. Among those affected were a group of Cub Scouts forced to leave a state park campsite and people trying to obtain or renew documents from the state motor vehicle commission, among the agencies closed by the shutdown.

As funds run out elsewhere, it will only get worse.  Police were turning away vehicles and bicyclists at Island Beach state park in Ocean County.

A sign posted at the park entrance featured a photo of Prieto and the phone number of his district office in Secaucus, along with the caption: "This facility is CLOSED because of this man."

When asked about the sign, Christie spokesman Jeremy Rosen said the governor wanted to make sure people knew why the site was shuttered.  "Speaker Prieto singlehandedly closed state government," Rosen said, adding that the governor wanted to make sure families "knew that the facilities were closed and who is responsible."

Not all things will be affected: remaining open under the shutdown will be New Jersey Transit, state prisons, the state police, state hospitals and treatment centers as well as casinos, race tracks and the lottery. 

A major point of disagreement is the ongoing stalemate between Christie and lawmakers over whether to include legislation affecting the state's largest health insurer into the state budget.

Christie and Senate President Steve Sweeney agree on legislation to make over Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, including allowing the state insurance commissioner to determine a range for the company's surplus that if exceeded must be put to use benefiting the public and policyholders.  But Prieto opposes the plan, saying that the legislation could lead to rate hikes on the insurer's 3.8 million subscribers and that the legislation is separate from the budget.  Prieto has said he will leave open a vote on the $34.7 billion budget that remains deadlocked 26-25, with 24 abstentions, until those 24 abstentions change their mind.

Democratic Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo, of Northfield, was among those abstaining. He reasoned that if the governor did not get the Horizon bill, then nearly $150 million in school funding -- $9.6 million of which would go to his district -- would be line-item vetoed out of the budget.   And indeed, Christie said Friday during a news conference that he would slash the Democratic spending priorities if he did not get the Horizon bill as part of a package deal on the budget.  "You want me to wave a magic wand to get a budget?" Christie said. "I can't get a budget to my desk. Only the Senate and Assembly can get the budget to my desk."

But where things may get nasty quick, is that Christie said public workers should not expect any back pay. "Yeah, don't count on it." Christie said of furlough pay. "That was Jon 'I'll Fight For a Good Contract For You' Corzine. I ain't him."

Meanwhile, the fingerpointing has begun, including Democrats pointing at other Democrats.

"It seems like he's just being stubborn," Mazzeo said of Prieto. "With all due respect to the speaker, then there should be some type of negotiations." But Prieto said it's lawmakers - fellow Democrats - like Mazzeo who are to blame for the shutdown. He said he is willing to discuss the Horizon legislation but after the budget is resolved.

Christie has balked at the proposal because he says lawmakers plan to leave town to campaign for re-election and he will be a lame duck.  According to CBS, all 120 lawmakers face voters this year.

Finally, putting the sheer chaos of it all in context, Christie who is term-limited and is expected to be out of office by January, has his family staying for the holiday weekend in a state-owned house at Island Beach State Park. The park is closed because of the shutdown.

          US Government Prepares For 'Space Weather Event' As NASA Warns "Solar Minimum Is Coming"   


A new report and video out from NASA about the upcoming ‘solar minimum’ has been published. The report titled ‘Solar Minimum is Coming’ outlines every 11-years, the sun oscillates from a solar minimum to a maximum. Today, the sun is called “solar minimum,” says Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. “And it’s a regular part of the sunspot cycle”. The sun is heading towards a solar minimum where the sunspot count will be relatively low.

The report goes on to say, “while intense activity such as sunspots and solar flares subside during solar minimum, that doesn’t mean the sun becomes dull. Solar activity simply changes form”. During a solar minimum, we can expect more space weather events called coronal holes.

According to the report, coronal holes are vast regions of the sun’s atmosphere where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows streams of solar particles to escape the sun as fast solar wind.

Pesnell says “We see these holes throughout the solar cycle, but during solar minimums, they can last for a long time – six months or more”. Solar particles from coronal holes are then ejected towards earth’s magnetic field causing space weather events.

Space weather refers to the environmental conditions in Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere due to the Sun and the solar wind that can influence the functioning and reliability of spaceborne and ground-based systems and services or endanger property or human health.

Meanwhile, The White House in October 2016 quietly passed through an Executive Order— “Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events”. 

Here is snippet of section 1 of the executive order:   

Space weather events, in the form of solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances, occur regularly, some with measurable effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies, such as the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite operations and communication, aviation, and the electrical power grid. Extreme space weather events — those that could significantly degrade critical infrastructure — could disable large portions of the electrical power grid, resulting in cascading failures that would affect key services such as water supply, healthcare, and transportation. Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents. Successfully preparing for space weather events is an all-of-nation endeavor that requires partnerships across governments, emergency managers, academia, the media, the insurance industry, non-profits, and the private sector.

Back in April 2017, we wrote an article titled ‘Yesterday’s Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm‘. While everyone thought terrorism was to blame, we correctly pointed out that large power failures in major US cities was due to an intense geomagnetic storm registering 8-10 on K-Planetary Index.

Conclusion: Our fragile nation is not adequately prepared for space weather events as highlighted in the recent Exec Order.

Frankly, this should of been done years ago, but it appears that our nation will soon deal with the consequences such as April 2017 power failures in major US-cities. Couple the solar minimum period with The Fourth Turning in the west, and we’re staring at the perfect cocktail for self-destruction of an empire. Perhaps, the downfall of America is not some external threat that the mainstream media makes you believe, but in actuality, it’s an implosion from with-in. It’s happened to the greatest empires that have attempted to rule our planet, why not now? 

Don’t believe me? Here are various minimums verse the rise and fall of Chinese Dynasties

*  *  *
Addendum: one reader noted the deja vu divergence once again between declining sunspot activity and surging stock prices... did not end well last time...

          Brussels flights still suspended as attack-planning details emerge   

Brussels airport said it will not resume passenger flights before Tuesday, following a judicial investigation into the terrorist attacks at the airport.

          Account Manager - ICO Technologies - Quebec   
Our company designs management solutions and software packages for the emergency market. The business solutions advisor comes under the Sales Director and
From ICO Technologies - Sat, 10 Jun 2017 07:12:59 GMT - View all Quebec jobs
          Adele Pens Emotional Letter to Fans After Canceling Her Final 2 Tour Dates   

Adele has been ordered to take a vocal rest. In an emotional statement to her fans on Friday, the "Someone Like You" singer announced her vocal cords are damaged after performing 121 shows on her worldwide Adele Live tour. She also confirmed that she is canceling her last two shows at Wembley Stadium in London. "To say that I am heartbroken would be a complete understatement," she said. "I'm so desperate [..] I even considered miming, just to be in front of you and be with you. But I've never done it. I can not in a million years do that to you. It wouldn't be the real me up there."

This news comes after Adele recently hinted that she might not ever tour again. The singer also had to cancel her 2011 tour to undergo emergency throat surgery. She ended her heartfelt letter apologizing to fans who already booked trips and made plans to see her. "I'm sorry. I love you. I'm so sorry, please forgive me x."

          Paradox Interactive a cumpărat Triumph Studios   
Paradox Interactive a cumpărat Triumph Studios

Dimineața aceasta ne aduce un anunț neașteptat și foarte fericit pentru toți fanii jocurilor de strategie pe ture la scară mare.

Citeste articolul pe site-ul Zona IT

          Tsuki ga capitulo 138   
–Disculpe. –

Una voz clara resuena en la zona de invitados que está siendo controlada por el desconcierto.

Hay una alfombra colocada y unos asientos alineados. Una sala que se divide de los asientos generales.

Así que estos son los asientos de los invitados eh.

La voz de Tomoe resuena bien. Probablemente atrajo la atención de los peces gordos de todos los países sobre ella.

Aunque también habían algunas miradas dirigidas hacia mí.

–¡¿Quién son ustedes?! ¡¿No saben que esta zona está fuera de los límites?! –

Una cara que he visto en retratos nos grita.

Ah, este tipo es el director de la academia.

Nunca supe dónde estaba, y por supuesto, nunca lo he visto antes, así que no podía decir inmediatamente que era él.

–Por favor, discúlpennos en esta situación de emergencia. Parece que ustedes los invitados no han evacuado a un lugar seguro, por lo que puede estar fuera de nuestro camino, pero pensamos que debíamos prestar nuestra ayuda. –(Tomoe)

Tomoe no mostró ningún signo de estar enfadada y le dice al director de la academia su asunto.

En ese momento, me di cuenta de que había una chica que le enviaba su mirada a Tomoe.

Por lo que puedo decir, parece ser a una chica con status social.

Parece joven, ¿así que tal vez sea la cabeza de la próxima generación de alguna familia noble? ¿O tal vez es una princesa de algún lugar?

Nn, ¿princesa?

Creo que Tomoe podría saber algo…

Podría ser, ¿que esa mujer sea la princesa del Imperio Gritonia, Lily?

Si realmente es ella, entonces es un pez bastante gordo.

Pero parece que estaba viajando con el héroe, por lo que sería extraño que esté aquí.

Está la posibilidad de que no sea ella eh.

Sentí como si hubiera una mirada familiar hacia mí y cuando me di vuelta para ver quién era, veo a un joven de pelo plateado que apoyaba su espalda en una pared con los brazos cruzados.

No sé qué tiene de divertido, pero él está sonriendo, separa sus brazos y mueve su mano hacia mí.

Es el pervertido Root.

Cierto, estaba aquí también.


¿Entonces no había ninguna necesidad de que venga a ayudarlos?

Si viene a hablarme de cosas extrañas, no sería bueno para mí o para mi compañía.

Pero parece que Root no tiene la intención de pasar a la acción. Él cruza sus brazos otra vez, su amplia sonrisa se convierte en una ligera sonrisa, y mira en silencio de nuevo a Tomoe.

No lo entiendo.

¿No está preocupado por el Gremio de Aventureros?

Aunque creo que ese lugar también se encuentra en peligro ¿o no?

–En primer lugar, ¡preséntense! No los conozco. –

–Perdón por mi falta de modales. Soy Tomoe, una de las empleadas de la compañía Kuzunoha, Director de la Academia. Y esta persona aquí está mi maestro Raidou. Él tiene un impedimento que no le permite hablar, por lo que yo, su sierva, soy la que tiene que presentarlo. Por favor entiéndalo. –(Tomoe)

–Tomoe y Raidou eh. –

[Un placer conocerle director de la Academia. Soy un profesor a tiempo parcial trabajando aquí, Raidou. Consideré que esta es una situación de emergencia, así que pensé en ayudar y por eso he venido aquí. Por favor, perdone nuestra grosería]

–Comunicación escrita. Ya veo, es usted. Recuerdo que había un profesor a tiempo parcial denominado Raidou. –

Parece que al menos sabe que hablo usando comunicación escrita, y también muestro una placa que sirve como certificado que demuestra que soy un profesor a tiempo parcial.

Al verme, la comunicación escrita, y la prueba de ello; el tono del director de la Academia se suavizó.

–Estoy contento de que haya entendido. –(Tomoe)

–Dijeron que iban a ayudar, ¿pero qué clase de ayuda intentan proporcionar? En esta situación en la que sólo sabemos que hay monstruos en la ciudad, no hay manera de que nos pueda guiar a un lugar seguro ¿saben? –

–Director de la academia, usted conoce varios lugares que son seguros ¿verdad? –(Tomoe)

–Por supuesto, ya hemos asegurado un lugar en situaciones de emergencia. Transmitir órdenes compuestas y ordenar información en un lugar peligroso es algo que me gustaría evitar. –

–Entonces, si nos dice ese lugar, voy a utilizar magia de teletransporte para enviarlos a todos allí. –(Tomoe)

–… ¿Teletransporte? ¡¿Teletransporte has dicho?! ¡¿Esta cantidad de personas, a un lugar que el usuario de la magia no ha ido antes?! Es imposible. ¡Nunca he oído hablar de un hechizo así! –

Por un segundo, el director de la Academia dejo salir una voz estupefacta, pero pronto comprendió el contenido y espléndidamente rechazó el plan de Tomoe.

Hay veces que creo que tranquilamente utilizamos demasiado la transmisión de pensamiento y la teletransportación.

La técnica de teletransporte es originalmente un hechizo avanzado y no es algo que alguien pueda utilizar tranquilamente, y con la transmisión de pensamiento está el tema de la distancia y la grabación, y es fácil de usar, por lo que es utilizado por la población en general, pero el que usamos es prácticamente una cosa completamente diferente.

No sería una exageración comparar la calidad de transmisión de una radio de mala calidad con un teléfono satelital.

–Pero sabe, en realidad es posible. Bueno, ciertamente no se puede evitar que sospeche de esto como una trampa. Fumu… –(Tomoe)

Aunque es por eso que es problemático explicar esta complicada teletransportación.

Tomoe no parece como que realmente esté en problemas.

Tal vez tiene un método para convencerlos.

Lo único que se me ocurrió es disponer de un sujeto de prueba para mostrar que funciona.

Bueno, aunque tener a esa persona cooperando será la parte problemática.

Todos ellos son peces gordos después de todo.

¿Hay alguien que conozco que pueda ayudar?

Uhm, excluyendo al pervertido…

–¡Jajajaja! Que persona interesante, Director de la Academia. Realmente interesante. Es cierto que nunca he oído hablar de un mago tan sobresaliente con un hechizo de teletransporte. –(Root)

–Falz-dono. –

–Persona llamada Tomoe, ¿qué tal si lo intentas conmigo en primer lugar?. Cierto, ¿me puedes teletransportar a los asientos de los invitados alrededor de esa parte de allí? Está bien si solo me lo imagino ¿verdad? –(Root)


Actuando como si nunca la hubiera visto antes, él se ofreció como sujeto de prueba.

Tomoe probablemente sabía que esto pasaría, no se veía agitada para nada.

Bueno, incluso si él es así, sigue siendo Maestro del Gremio de Aventureros.

Debe haber una buena cantidad de confianza en él.

–¿Su nombre es Falz-dono ¿correcto? Entonces, introdúzcase en el interior de esta niebla. –(Tomoe)

–Jeeh… en el otro lado también apareció una niebla eh. Pues bien, vamos a probarlo y ver si realmente existe un hechizo tan conveniente. –(Root)

En el lugar donde Root señaló con su dedo, también está apareciendo una niebla. Y mientras seguía haciéndose el tonto, desaparece en la niebla, y al instante siguiente, sale del lugar señalado.

Entonces gira su cabeza hacia los asientos de los invitados y agita su mano.

Tomoe le dio una mirada a la princesa (?) Que tenía sus manos en su boca y sus ojos bien abiertos.

Parece que ella está bastante sorprendida.

Root camina a través de la niebla desde ese lado y regresó.

–Sorprendente, ¡es todo un logro significativo! ¡Esta es la primera vez que he visto un hechizo tan grandioso! Por lo que veo, es un poder creado por la espada que cuelga de su cintura, ¿verdad? –(Root)

¿Qué clase de locura está diciendo?

Lo que Tomoe utilizó fue teletransportación.

Normalmente sale de ella misma.

Él también debe saber acerca de la aplicación de nuestro espacio de teletransporte.

Realmente no sé lo que está pensando.

–Me atrapó. Falz-dono tiene unos ojos bastante aterradores. Así es, este es el poder especial de esta espada. No es necesario un aria y permite teletransportarse de un punto a otro. –(Tomoe)

… ¿Hm?

¿Tomoe le está siguiendo?

Pero no está relacionado con mi confusión, Tomoe y Root se miraron el uno a la otra y sonrieron ligeramente.

¿Por qué?

Por supuesto, la mirada de todos se reunieron simultáneamente sobre la espada de Tomoe.

En la katana más corta que ella señaló.


Me he dado cuenta de que hay otras caras que conozco.

El sacerdote y la de Lorel… Sairitz-san, ¿verdad?

Así que también vinieron a ver el torneo.

Habían varias personas que parecían más importantes que el sacerdote-san a su lado, así que me tomó tiempo fijarme en él.

El sacerdote-san es una de las más altas posiciones en la iglesia de Rotsgard, por lo que significa, que la gente de allí son incluso superiores que él. Incluso podrían ser de la iglesia principal de Limia.

Me tomó tiempo darme cuenta de la gente de Lorel simplemente porque estaban en una esquina.

Sairitz-san está allí también, pero también hay muchos otros allí.

La mayoría de ellos tienen la piel bastante oscura.

¿Son las personas de allí en su mayoría de ese color de piel?

Tal vez se dio cuenta de mi mirada, Sairitz-san hizo una sonrisa por un segundo.

Aunque pronto dirigió su interés hacia la espada de Tomoe.

–No puedo creerlo. –

El director de la academia había perdido completamente las palabras.

La teletransportación en sí misma es una técnica muy avanzada, y por el sólo hecho de ser capaz de utilizarla, serías admirado.

Es por eso que, con el fin de hacer esta técnica avanzada tan fácil de hacer como sea posible, es que recrearon la formación de teletransporte con precisión, y también hay formaciones apoyo que reducen la carga.

Y que se les diga que esta acción se puede hacer con el poder de una espada, es más, que le permita teletransportarse a un lugar específico; no es ninguna sorpresa que no lo creyeran.

Bueno, para el sentido común de esta academia, es algo que ni siquiera podrían pensar que existe.

Y esto también es una prueba de que esto no es algo común.

Las gente influyente que provienen de varios países están concentrando sus ojos en esa espada.

Espero que esto no se convierta en una nueva chispa.

–¿Que les parece, a todos? Ya que pasaron por la molestia de venir a ayudarnos, ¿qué tal si confiamos en ellos? –(Root)

Root mira a todos y les propuso esa idea.

Parece que los va a incitar por nosotros.

No sé si este tipo es un enemigo o un aliado, pero parece que en este momento al menos, actuará como nuestro aliado.

–… Cierto. Es tal como dijo Falz-dono. Raidou-dono, le agradezco por su valiente acción, y prometo que sin duda le pagaré por ello. En el nombre de Lily del imperio de Gritonia. ¿Y los demás? –(Lily)

Lily de Gritonia.

Así que en realidad es la princesa.

Incluso vino al festival escolar, impresionante.

¿Tal vez ella también asistió a esta academia?

Sentí que miraba a Tomoe por un instante, pero no conozco sus intenciones.

Por lo que he oído hablar de Tomoe, ellas no tienen una conexión profunda y simplemente se separaron en ese punto en el tiempo.

Con las palabras de Lily como el impulso, varios “yo también” “yo también” aparecieron y más personas decidieron recibir nuestra ayuda.

La gente está dispuesta.

Las personas relacionada con la Iglesia, la Unión Lorel, y también los nobles que parecen ser de Aion. El director de la Academia, que está siendo cargado sobre el hombro de una mujer que parece ser su secretaria, también estuvo de acuerdo.

O más bien, viejo, ¿por qué tus piernas se debilitan hasta el punto de necesitar que alguien te preste un hombro?

¿No es eso acoso sexual?

–La gente de allí también, por favor decídanse rápidamente. –(Tomoe)

Tomoe apura a los 5 restantes, pero no mostraron signos de moverse.

¿Qué está pasando?

Ya que no creo que tenga algún sentido que un invitado se quede aquí.

–… Éste está bien aquí. Tengo la obligación pasar por alto eso. –


¿Es un rey?

Deber de pasar por alto, dice. Está mirando hacia el escenario.

El combate entre los estudiantes y el monstruo eh.

–Padre, eso es… –

–Todos ustedes, regresen. –

–Rey, no podemos hacer eso. El que está parado en el escenario es mi hijo, después de todo. –

… Ese es el grupo de Limia.

El padre de Ilumgand, el rey de Limia, y dijo “padre” ¿así que quizás es el príncipe?

A juzgar por el comportamiento de los 2 restantes, probablemente son caballeros.

Por lo que son un grupo totalmente relacionados eh.

¿Qué se debería hacer?

Creo que la mejor opción sería refugiar a las otras personas en primer lugar.

–Waka, estaré llevando a la gente de aquí al lugar seguro que pensó el director de la academia. –(Tomoe)

Estaba a punto de darle órdenes a Tomoe y la miré, pero ella estaba un paso por delante de mí.

Por supuesto, eso es lo que quería que hiciera, así que asentí.

Una niebla mucho más grande que la que cruzó Root apareció.

Parece una neblina, pero tiene un espesor que hace que no puedas ver el otro lado.

Eso hace a uno pensar que se trata de algo producto de magia.

–Pues bien, voy a colocar esta katana bajo su cuidado, Waka. Te dejare los asuntos de aquí a ti. –(Tomoe)

–¡¿?! –


¿Qué planeas dejándome la katana corta?

Instintivamente tomé la espada corta que me fue dada y miré a Tomoe.

Con una sonrisa sugestiva, desaparece en la niebla.


Uhm, ¿así que debería convencer a los otros de Limia?

Pero no conozco la etiqueta cuando se habla con un rey.

… ¿Debo pedir disculpas primero antes de persuadir?

[Esta es la primera vez que me he reunido con una persona tan grande como usted, rey, por lo que podría llegar a ser grosero. Por favor, perdóneme si eso sucede]

–Usted dijo que su nombre era Raidou, ¿verdad? Su comunicación escrita es habilidosa. Y su magia debe serla igual. –(Rey)

[Sí. No puedo hablar lenguaje común, por lo que me comunico por escrito de esta manera. Una vez más, soy el jefe de la compañía Kuzunoha, Raidou]

–Lo sé. –(Rey)

[¿Hm? ¿Se refiere, a que también conoce sobre mi tienda?]

¿Por qué alguien como el rey de Limia tiene información de una pequeña tienda en Rotsgard como la mía?

–¿Verdad, Hopelace? –(Rey)

–¡¡¿?!! –

–Si no recuerdo mal, la compañía que estabas investigando era la Compañía Kuzunoha, y sobre un profesor a tiempo parcial denominado Raidou, ¿verdad? –(Rey)

–Ese es un hecho que ya hemos confirmado, Hopelace-dono. –(príncipe)


Parece que un desarrollo completamente diferente está ocurriendo ahora.

La persona delgada que probablemente es el príncipe añade a las palabras del rey y las arroja sobre Hopelace.

Ya veo, Hopelace.

Eso significa que las diversas cosas que Ilumgand hizo ya han sido expuestas eh.

–Quiero una explicación Hopelace. En cuanto a su segundo hijo, Ilumgand, que se ha transformado, y sobre la calamidad que está ocurriendo en toda Ciudad Academia. –(Rey)

–… Rey, es cierto que he escuchado la petición de mi hijo y he investigado sobre este profesor. También he utilizado dinero para doblar las reglas en este torneo. Sin embargo, esta situación definitivamente no fue creada por mí. Ilumgand es mi hijo, y él es un hijo importante que podría convertirse en el jefe de la familia en estos tiempos de guerra. Convertirlo en esa clase de… clase de monstruo para conspirar algo, ¡¡yo nunca lo haría!! –

–… Entonces, ¿por qué Ilumgand tomó interés en Raidou? –(Rey)

–… No lo sé. ¡Realmente no sé nada! –

En realidad también quería saberlo.

¿Por qué me odiaba tanto hasta el punto de investigarme y declararme la guerra?

Yo sólo cubrí a Ruria. ¿Eso es algo por lo que iba a llegar a ser tan tenaz?

¿O era del tipo que no puede tolerar la desgracia?

No soy un noble, así que es difícil para mí entender por completo sus patrones de pensamiento.

El jefe de la familia Hopelace repite su disculpa al rey una y otra vez.

–Voy a oír sobre eso en detalle después de que hayamos pasado a través de esta situación y volvamos a nuestro país. Pero por la vergüenza que nos has cargado sobre las muchas naciones, no será barato. –(Rey)

–Uh …–

–Y bien, Raidou, usted es un comerciante ¿verdad? Y un profesor a tiempo parcial en esta academia que enseña habilidades prácticas. Los estudiantes que están peleando allí ¿son sus estudiantes? –(Rey)

[Sí, no hay ningún error. Ellos son los estudiantes que toman mi clase. Sólo que, no han estado asistiendo durante tanto tiempo]

–…Joh. ¿Cuánto tiempo ha pasado? –(Rey)

[Menos de medio año]

–Medio año… ¿Eran esos niños así de fuertes desde entonces? –(Rey)

[No. Empecé mi negocio en Tsige, por lo que he visto el estilo de pelea de los aventureros de allí. Les enseñé una parte de ello, y parece que se ajustó bien a ellos y han ido aumentando sus habilidades]

Así que el rey Limia también tomó interés en ellos eh.

Aún viendo al escenario, continúa con la conversación.

–Tsige eh. Ciertamente. Los aventureros que héroe-dono trajo desde allí tenían un estilo de pelea similar a éste. Parece que no es mentira. –(Rey)

¿Aventureros de Tsige en Limia?


En ese caso, el actual Limia tiene bastante aventureros de alto nivel allí.

Si la gente que el héroe reclutó eran personas con las habilidades necesarias como para entrar y salir del baldío a voluntad, llegarán a ser todo un potencial de guerra para Limia.


No pregunté nada específico, pero fue a un lugar tan remoto como Tsige eh.

Pensando en ello de una manera lógica, ¿la razón por la que fue sería para entrenar, tal vez?

[Rey-sama, por favor, venga conmigo a un lugar seguro. No hay ninguna garantía de que este lugar no vaya a ser atacado por otros enemigos]

–Si tengo al profesor de esos espléndidos estudiantes a mi lado, no tengo mucho de qué preocuparme. Por cierto, Raidou, ¿puedes usar esa espada? –(Rey)

El rey de Limia mira a la katana corta que sostengo.

Por la historia inventada acerca de poder utilizar teletransporte con ella eh.

Tomoe, esto se está volviendo algo problemático ¿sabes?

[Si, puedo. Si se trata de mí o de Tomoe que estaba aquí hace un momento, podemos utilizarla]

–Entonces ¿me puedes llevar a ese lugar? Si Ilumgand me ve a mí y a su padre, podría volver a sus sentidos. –(Rey)

–Rey, eso no es bueno. Es demasiado peligroso. –(Príncipe)

–Un noble de Limia está causando daños a la Academia. Tengo que proveer mi ayuda para controlar esta situación, o no voy a ser capaz de mantenerme en pie. ¿No es así, Hopelace? –(Rey)

Al rechazar las palabras del príncipe, el rey mira a Hopelace.

Él reacciona con un sobresalto, y hace una pequeña inclinación con su cabeza.

Es probable que no quiera hacer frente a su hijo transformado.

–Por supuesto, ponerse uno mismo en peligro no es ayudar, pero demostrando que estás dispuesto, a veces es necesario. Si los que tienen que tienen que hacerlo somos Hopelace y yo, entonces no se puede evitar. Una cosa bastante torpe y poco natural de hacer, si me permite decirlo. –(Rey)

–… Raidou-dono, ¿nos puede teletransportar allí? –(Príncipe)

Parece que el príncipe se dio por vencido.

Bueno, aunque realmente no me importa.

Entonces, ¿estaré actuando como el guardaespaldas de esta gente por un tiempo?

[Es posible. Pues bien, los cinco, ¿está bien si los teletransporto en torno al asiento de allí?]

Diciendo eso, señalo un área estimada.

el Príncipe asiente.

Los caballeros se quedan en silencio.

Probablemente significa que silenciosamente obedecerán. Debe ser difícil para ellos también.

Bueno, si salen a salvo de esta, deberían ganar grandes puntos por ello.

En ese lugar están Shiki y Mio.

Levanté la katana corta.

Tengo que mostrar el acto, por lo menos.

Creo una niebla que no es tan diferente de la que Tomoe hizo.

La niebla también se crea en el lugar señalado.

Preparaciones completadas.

–Definitivamente se lo pagaré, Raidou. –(Rey)

El rey de Limia me habló.

Sería raro que me separe de mi katana en este momento, por lo que sólo bajé la cabeza.

En mi mano izquierda tengo la vaina y en mi derecha la katana. Fue bastante feo.

Los caballeros, Hopelace, el principe, y luego el rey; en orden, desaparecieron dentro de la niebla.


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          Calciomercato Roma, Moreno del Liverpool nel mirino di Monchi   

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          Avery Table Tents 5305   
Mohamed Hassan: "the causes of the revolution far beyond Tunisia Ben Ali and his party. "

Tunisians brought down the dictator Ben Ali. Today, they continue to fight against his men to head the transitional government. In this new chapter of our series "Understanding the Muslim world," Mohamed Hassan * ((photo-cons) explains the implications of the revolution of Tunisia and its root causes: how nationalism Liberal advocated by Tunisia under Bourguiba interests Western, plunging people into poverty, how a repressive state has put in place to maintain this system, why dictatorships in the Arab world are caused to fall, and how Islam became the condom imperialism

(Gregory Lalieu Michel Collon)

In December 2010, riots broke out in Tunisia. A month later, President Ben Ali fled the country after twenty-three year reign. What are the causes of this revolution? And why is it popular movement succeeded in bringing down the dictator where other attempts have failed?

For there to be a revolution, it is necessary that people refuse to live as before and that the ruling class is no longer able to govern as before. On December 17, 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi, a young seller of fruits and vegetables, has sacrificed out of desperation after police had confiscated his goods himself, and that local authorities have to stop working. The conditions were ripe for a revolution broke out in Tunisia Bouazizi and suicide was the trigger.

Indeed, the Tunisians did not want to live as before: they were not accepting corruption, police repression, lack of freedom, unemployment, etc.. Moreover, the ruling class could no longer govern as before. Corruption under Ben Ali had taken a phenomenal amount while the majority of the population had to face insecurity. To maintain this status, police repression would be higher but it had reached its limits. The ruling elite was completely disconnected from the people for whom there was no interlocutor. Therefore, when popular revolts broke out, the ruling class had no choice but to quell the violence. But with the determination of the people, the repression reached its limit. This is one of the keys to the success of the popular revolution of Tunisia: it managed to reach all segments of society, including members of the army and police who sympathized with the demonstrators. The repressive apparatus could no longer function as before either. If a revolt occurs but is not able to combine different segments society, it can not lead a revolution.

Even after the departure of Ben Ali, the protests continue. The situation that Tunisians refuse is not the result of one man? For

signs "Ben Ali emerges" signs were followed by "CDR releases. Tunisians are attacking the president's political party because they fear that one of his men to take power. But in reality, the root causes that led to revolt Tunisians far outweigh Ben Ali and the RCD. It is not enough to turn the president for the people earns his freedom and improves living conditions.

corruption, unemployment, social inequality ... What are the effects of imperialist domination of the West over Tunisia. For Tunisia, after independence, became a project of the United States.

What do you mean by imperialism?

Imperialism is the process by which capitalist powers politically and economically dominated by foreign countries. Western multinationals plunder the resources of Africa, Latin America and Asia. They find opportunities for capital they will accumulate and exploit cheap labor market. I say that multinationals are not buying as they plunder the resources at their fair value and the local people not benefiting from these riches. And this looting would not be possible if these countries operated, there were no leaders to defend the interests of multinationals. These leaders are getting richer in the process. They constitute the so-called comprador bourgeoisie. They have no political vision for their own country does not produce wealth and do not develop a real economy. But personally enriched by trading resources their countries with multinationals. Obviously, the people are the biggest victim in all this!

When you're a nationalist anti-imperialist cons, you are looking to develop for yourself. You nationalize key sectors of your economy, rather than leaving the management to foreign companies. This will create a national economy in the country and you allow it to grow on the basis of independence. That's what I call a national democratic revolution: national independent because of the imperialist powers, democratic as against feudalism and the elements reactionaries in the country.

However, Bourguiba, Tunisia's first president, was considered a socialist. And during his reign, the state played a very important role in the economy.

Bourguiba's political party was socialist in name only. If the state played an important role, it was only for the benefit of an elite only. This is called state capitalism. In addition, Bourguiba has systematically eliminated all the progressive elements and anti-imperialist in his party. So that this party became the party of one man, completely subject to U.S. imperialism.

Habib Bourguiba , great actor in the struggle for independence, was president of Tunisia from 1957 to 1987

What Was Tunisia important for the United States?

To understand the importance of that country to the U.S. strategy, we must analyze the political context of the Arab world in years 50 and 60. In 1952, officers overthrew the monarchy of King Farouk of Egypt and proclaim a republic. With Nasser at the helm Egypt becomes the basis of Arab nationalism inspired with revolutionary ideas of socialism. As evidenced by the nationalization of the Suez Canal, Nasser's arrival in power is a blow to the West because the Egyptian president's policy is totally at odds with the hegemonic Western powers in the Near and Middle East. Worse still: the anti-imperialist ideas of Nasser are emulated in the region. In Yemen for example, where in 1962 a revolution divided the country, the South becoming a bastion of Arab revolutionary movement. The same year, the independence of Algeria sends a strong signal to Africa and the Third World, the imperialist powers put on alert. Libya also note the Qaddafi coup in 1969. The colonel took power and nationalized major sectors of the economy, to the chagrin of the West. The same year, the Islamic revolution in Iran toppled the Shah, one of the most important pillars of U.S. strategy in the Middle East.

short, at that time, an anti-imperialist movement defies strong strategic interests of the United States in the Arab world. Fortunately for Washington, all countries in the region do not follow the path of Nasser. It the case of Tunisia. In 1957, a year after the independence of Tunisia, Bourguiba was one of the first Arab leaders to send U.S. in the prestigious journal, Foreign Affairs. The title of the article? Nationalism best antidote to communism. For the United States who want to counter the influence of Nasser is a godsend! Bourguiba wrote in his article: "With the regard, Tunisia has chosen to make unequivocal its way into the free world from the West." We are in the Cold War. The Soviets argued that Nasser's influence grows in the region. And the U.S. needs pro-imperialist agents Bourguiba as not to lose strategic control of the Arab world.

Nasser announced the nationalization of the Suez Canal in 1956

Can we be both nationalist and pro-imperialist?

Bourguiba was a liberal nationalist with anti-communist ideas which led him to join the imperialist camp in the West. In fact, I feel like George Padmore Bourguiba Arabic. Padmore was a leading Pan-Caribbean origin. In 1956 he wrote a book called Pan-Africanism or Communism: The battle ahead in Africa. Like Bourguiba, he fed anti-communist ideas and even if he declared himself a nationalist, his political vision was largely subservient to the interests of imperialist powers. Nationalism served as a cover, their policy is far from being independent. Padmore had a great influence on the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, one of the instigators of the African Union. Its pro-imperialist ideas were able to spread across the continent with the result that we see today is celebrated around the golden jubilee of independence in Africa, but many Africans know they have never become independent. President Nkrumah himself later regretted having taken the advice of Padmore.

In Tunisia too, the submission to imperialist interests has quickly been felt and it turned out that nationalism advocated by Bourguiba was a facade. In the 70s, for example, the President has passed a series of measures intended to attract foreign investors: tax exemption on company profits for ten years, exemption from all duties and taxes for twenty years, exemption from Tax Income property values, etc.. Tunisia has become a vast workshop of Western multinationals in recent repatriation of profits.

Tunisia did she not still been some good progress under Bourguiba?

Yes, there have been positive developments: education, status of women, etc.. First, because Tunisia were the progressives in his elite players, but they were quickly dismissed. Then, because Tunisia was to be dressed in his finest dress. Indeed, this country played a major role in the strategy of the United States to counter the influence of communism in the Arab world. But what had you on the other side? Progressive revolutionary movements that had toppled backward and monarchies who enjoyed popular support. You could not counteract this movement by advocating a feudal system. Saudi Arabia has done so because it could use its oil money for that. But Tunisia, unable to rely on such resources, should provide some progressive image. In the fight against communism, it was supposed to represent a successful Third World countries have chosen the path of liberal nationalism.

But behind the scenes was less flattering. As I said, Bourguiba has systematically eliminated the progressive elements that do not follow his steps. The anti-imperialists who wanted an independent Tunisia both economically and politically, those who wanted to assert their own position in the Third World and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, all were opposed. Tunisia has in fact been used as a laboratory of the imperialist powers. And what was supposed to represent the success of liberal nationalism has become a dictatorship.

When Ben Ali Bourguiba succeeded in 1987, he continues on the same track?

Absolutely. One can even say that the submission to Western interests has grown. Ben Ali was a pure agent of U.S. imperialism. In 1980, as ambassador to Poland, he even served as a liaison between the CIA and Lech Walesa, the union leader who fought against the Soviet Union.

In 1987, when Ben Ali assumed the presidency of Tunisia, the country was deeply in debt by the capitalist crisis of 1973. Moreover, at that time, the ideas of Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys were very popular. These ultra-liberal economists believed that the market is an entity capable of regulating themselves and that the state should certainly not interfere in the economy. The technical elite Tunisian largely from U.S. schools were highly influenced by theories of Friedman. Ben Ali then left the state capitalism in effect at the beginning of the era Bourguiba. Under the supervision of the IMF and World Bank, he began a privatization program much more massive than what his predecessor had already begun in the 70s.

What were the effects of this new economic policy?

First, privatization of the Tunisian economy has allowed Ben Ali and his wife's family, Trabelsi, personal enrichment. Corruption has reached a very high level, Tunisia has become a country totally subservient to imperialism, headed by a comprador bourgeoisie. Obviously, Ben Ali and his clan did not have many raw materials to selling out to Western multinationals. But they took advantage of the education system established under Bourguiba to develop a service economy. Indeed, the Tunisian workforce is highly educated and inexpensive at a time. It therefore attracts foreign investors.

Tourism has also developed strong as to become the mainstay of the Tunisian economy. Here we see the lack of political vision of the elite. Indeed, no country can develop its economy based on tourism if not first developed a national economic base. The tourism industry consumes a lot but reported very little to the Tunisian people. Imagine: while Western tourists consume hectoliters of water to bask in pools, Jacuzzis or golf course, the poor peasants in the south face of the drying soil.

But it's not just the farmers who have suffered from this policy. Overall, the social conditions of the Tunisian people deteriorated while the president's entourage has amassed a huge fortune. Everyone knew the regime was corrupt. So to maintain this system, the system should prevent any disputes. The repression became even more brutal penny Ben Ali simple criticism or even the desire for modernity and openness were not allowed. Such a situation could lead to popular revolt. Moreover, trying to monopolize his clan the wealth of the country, Ben Ali has also drew the ire of some of the traditional bourgeois Tunisia.

You say that political repression was very strong. Is there anyway today, opposition forces can guide the people's revolution now that Ben Ali has fallen?

Genuine opposition parties were banned under Ben Ali. However, some continued to exist underground. For example, the first Tunisian Communist Party could not live openly and organize like any political party in a democracy. But he continued to operate secretly through associations of civil society (teachers, farmers, doctors, prisoners ...). The PGWPP was able to form a social base and fired a solid experience of this period. It is exceptional in the Arab world.

I think two major challenges now await the opposition parties. First, they must come forward and make themselves known to the general public in Tunisia. Then they must organize a united front of resistance to imperialism. In fact, the imperialist powers seek to maintain the system without Ben Ali Ben Ali. We see now with the Union government National rejected the Tunisians, which is very positive. But the imperialist powers will not stop there. They will certainly seek to impose an International Electoral Commission to support candidates who defend to their best interests. It is therefore necessary to resist interference by creating a united front to build a true democracy.

Opposition parties are they able to overcome their differences to create such a front?

I know that some political parties were reluctant to associate Islamo-nationalist movement Ennahda. This movement emerged in the 80s. He advocated an anti-imperialist line and in fact, has suffered political repression. Why not combine Ennahda in front of resistance to the interference of foreign powers? Tunisia is a Muslim country. It is normal that a political force emerges with an Islamo-nationalist trend. You can not prevent that.

But each of these movements must be studied separately, with its own specificities. This was done by the communist PGWPP. They studied scientifically objective conditions that apply Tunisia. Their conclusion is that the Communists and Islamo-nationalists have been victims of political repression and that even though their programs differ, they share common ground: they want an end to dictatorship and the independence of Tunisia. The Communists have proposed an alliance with the Islamo-nationalists long ago. Of course, the PGWPP does not make Tunisia a Islamic state. Its political agenda is different from that of al-Nahda. But it is the Tunisian people who will judge these differences democratically. Elections should be a contest open to everyone. That is true democracy.

Precisely opposition parties gathered in front of 14 January to fight against the interim government of Mohamed Ghannouchi, a henchman of former President Ben Ali. A hopeful sign?

Absolutely, Tunisia is on the right track: all opposition parties banned so far have created a united front to prevent the system is maintained without Ben Ali Ben Ali. Also underline the role played by the base of the union UGTT. The head of the union authorized under Ben Ali was corrupt and working with the state police. But since the basis of the union put pressure on its leaders and members who UGTT were part of the transitional government have resigned. Although much remains to be done, democracy wins Tunisian institutions under pressure from the people.

Western powers opposed to that. They want to impose democracy in Tunisia where only low-intensity "good" candidates would be allowed to stand for election. If you look at the type of democracy that the United States enjoy, you come across Ethiopia. The U.S. government has provided $ 983 million to countries in the Horn of Africa for the year 2010. That same year, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, in office since 16 years, was reelected with 99.5 percent of the vote! It's even better than Ben Ali! The reality is this: behind their rhetoric in support of the Tunisian people, the Western powers continue to actively support many other Ben Ali in the world.

The United States could not they support other candidates pro-imperialist, but in the eyes of Tunisians, were not associated with the Ben Ali era?

It would be difficult. There is a part of the comprador bourgeoisie which was lésinée by the corrupt system of Ben Ali. But this elite is not strong enough control the popular movement and not enough grounding in the Establishment to win.

The United States had also thought of another strategy: a few months ago, while Ben Ali was still in power, the U.S. ambassador has visited a Communist leader in prison. Officially, a simple observation visit in the framework of respect for human rights. Unofficially, the U.S. anticipated the departure of Ben Ali and wanted to test the waters. Their goal was to get the Communists against the Islamo-nationalists, divide the resistance to imperialism to weaken more. But the Communists Tunisia does not fall into the trap. They are very familiar with the strategy developed by Henry Kissinger in the 80s in the Middle East. They published a very good study on the subject and know they should not take orders from outside or adhere to ideologies manufactured by foreign powers.

Why the U.S. have they abandoned Ben Ali? Had he gone too far in personal enrichment? According to a cable Wikileaks, the U.S. ambassador was very critical of the system of quasi-mafioso Tunisian president, organized corruption are obstacles to investments by foreign companies.

This is not the problem. The United States does not care about corruption. Instead, it is a key element of the system of domination on the U.S. South. In fact, Washington was aware of the internal situation in Tunisia and knew that Ben Ali would not be able to govern. The West must now ensure that the replacement of Ben Ali will continue to defend their interests. The stakes are high. The capitalist crisis is causing serious problems in the West. Besides this, China is getting stronger and now provides more loans than the World Bank and other imperialist powers combined. She even wants to buy a significant portion of the debt of the euro area partly because it has economic interests with European countries, on the other imperialist powers to divide, the EU is historically associated with states USA.

In such a context, the Tunisian people's movement, under the auspices of a revolutionary leadership, could establish an independent government and take advantage of this situation of a multipolar world. The imperialist powers fear that countries that were traditionally under his rule become economically independent, turning also to China. Tunisia could build relationships with the Asian giant to develop its commercial ports. And it would seriously question the concept of the Mediterranean Dialogue, this expansion of NATO to the countries of the Mediterranean that is not a dialogue but a mere instrument of Western domination.

Another country that seems to fear democracy in Tunisia and in the region, Israel. Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said shortly after the fall of Ben Ali that the development of democracy in Arab countries threaten Israel's security. This country often called only democracy in the Middle East, would he be afraid of competition?

Under a democratic facade, Israel is a fascist, apartheid state. In the region, it can not ally with repressive dictatorial states, led by comprador bourgeoisie that weaken the body of the Arab nation. Currently, these Arab states are rich countries inhabited by poor people. But if a democratic government in the full sense of the term emerges, it will increase economically the Arab nation as a whole. And this economic development will lead to an alliance of Arab countries against the state racist oppressing the Palestinians. Israel fears this course.

Moreover, there is a very big gap between the official positions of Arab dictatorships and the popular sentiment about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Since Egyptian President Sadat visited Israel in 1977, Egypt's position is "we want peace." But it is a position imposed by force to the population. And the current Egyptian government is not content to maintain peaceful relations with Tel Aviv. It participates actively in the strangulation of Gaza, while the majority of Egyptians in solidarity with Palestinians.

It's the same alignment of Arab dictatorships on Washington politics. Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are allies of the United States while the populations of these countries are anti-imperialists. I was in Egypt when Muntadhar al-Zaidi, a journalist in Iraq, threw his shoes on George W. Bush. The Egyptian population was celebrated as a hero. I heard of fathers wanting to marry their daughter with the reporter. Still, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is one of the most faithful allies of Washington.

Do you think the revolution Tunisia a domino effect could cause the downfall of other dictatorships in the Arab world?

70% of the population in Arab countries is less than thirty years and knows that unemployment, police repression and corruption. But all these young people want to live. And to live, they need change. This is the reality of each country. It is therefore not even need a domino effect, the objective conditions are ripe for further revolutions erupt.

People no longer want to live as before. But for their part, the ruling classes are they unable to govern as before?

course. And we see in Egypt today. There are police everywhere in this country. But it is impossible to control everything. A state police has its limitations and the Arab world have reached.

Furthermore, information plays a very important role today. Tunisians, Egyptians and peoples of the Third World are better informed through Al-Jazeera as part of an Internet and social networks on the other. The evolution of information technology has increased the level of education and consciousness of people. The people no longer a mass of illiterate peasants. You have a lot of very smart young people, with a certain practical sense, able to circumvent censorship and of mobilizing the Internet.

there in these countries the opposition forces can guide the popular revolutions?

Why Punishment is so important if these dictators were not in danger? Why the comprador bourgeoisie, so greedy, she would spend so much money in the repressive apparatus if she was not afraid to be reversed? If there was no opposition, all this would not be necessary.

the side of Western observers, many fear that the collapse of these regimes Arab favors the rise of Islamism. As summarized so finely Christophe Barbier, editor of L'Express, "Ben Ali is better than the bearded." These fears proved on of Islamism are they based?

Islamism became the condom of imperialism. Western powers justify their strategy of domination in the Arab-Muslim world under the guise of fighting against Islam. There are Islamists everywhere today. Soon, we shall find even traces of Al-Qaeda on Mars if it is useful to the imperialists!

In reality, the West has always needed to invent an enemy to justify its hegemonic designs and incredible military spending (financed by taxpayers). After the fall of the Soviet Union and the demise of the communist enemy is Islam and Al Qaeda who have played the roles of villains villains.

But the West has no problem with Islamism. It adapts very well to this trend in countries like Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he himself fostered the rise of Islamist movements to counter the Arab nationalism at a time. The real problem for the West is anti-imperialism. That's why he tries to discredit any popular movement in the Arab world who is opposed to its interests by affixing the label "Islamist."

Finally, it should not be very smart to think that the Arab dictatorships are bulwarks against the rise of religious fanaticism. Instead, these repressive regimes have led some of the population to be radicalized. Who could afford to say that such and such people have no right to democracy? In a truly democratic country, different political forces may emerge. But the bourgeoisie comprador ruling in the Arab dictatorships can not convince people. She can not even face to face. To defend the imperialist interests, you must prevent other political forces to emerge because they are likely to convince the people against a corrupt elite. The West has always sought to maintain dictatorships that served its interests by waving the specter of Islamism. But the Arab peoples need democracy. They claim it today and nobody can not go against these claims.

          Paragraphs: Merge with Bricks / Atoms   


People compare Paragraphs with Atoms.

Some things are very similar. Others are different.
With Drupal 8, Paragraphs improved a lot and also made some gaps smaller.

The maintainers at Atoms is interested in talking about collaboration...

Proposed resolution

We should start outlining the key architectural differences and figure out if we want to address them...
If we want to go a step further, we could start creating an issue component "Difference to Atoms" and create issues per major finding. Then we can decide to won't fix or patch if we want to support it.

As a first step, we should possibly roughly check overlaps and document them as bullets in this issue to figure out if we want to go ahead or not.

Remaining tasks

  • Create rough overview of the two projects with bullets.
  • Decide if this is a 2.x major discussion or 1.x minor... If we ever want to support reuse is a key decision item for architecture for 1.x already...
  • Discuss and decide if projects want to marry.
  • Create issues about differences and work on them

User interface changes

API changes

Data model changes

          Simple Mega Menu: Lost existing attributes   

Menu link can have some attributes (classes for example). If you save the menu link all these attributes are removed and only 'data-simple-mega-menu' is stored because the way the array is merged.

This situation happens for example when you use simple-mega-menu module with link attributes widget module that allows to add menu options to the link.

          Drupal core: Better DX for altering views form from a AreaPluginBase   


The ViewsFormMainForm class let's a chance to views area plugin to extend the view form. The code involved is the following:

// Give the area handlers a chance to extend the form.
$area_handlers = array_merge(array_values($view->header), array_values($view->footer));
$empty = empty($view->result);
foreach ($area_handlers as $area) {
  if (method_exists($area, 'viewsForm') && !$area->viewsFormEmpty($empty)) {
    $area->viewsForm($form, $form_state);

But as a DX, this is not possible to know since viewsForm() and viewsFormEmpty() methods are not defined in any interface.

The purpose of this issue is to give a developper that needs to override view form a chance to know.

NOTE: viewsForm is used in core in BulkForm view field type (ie extending FieldPluginBase). But is never used in a AreaPluginBase. This means that there is even no code exemple in core to discover the existence of viewsFormEmpty().

Proposed resolution

I can see two ways to do it without BC break:

  1. Define it in existing interface (like ViewsHandlerInterface) and implement a default empty method in AreaPluginBase an. FieldPl
    Advantage: methods are in the current interface. The base classes implements empty method thus no BC.
    Inconvenient: since defined, the methods will actually be called everytime, despite emDty.
  2. Define the two methods in a new Interface to be implemented
    Advantage: methods will no longer need empty implementation
    Inconvenient: if no class in core implements it, will it be more discoverable by DX ?

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          Belmont Stumptown   
I may as well start out with one of the granddaddies of the craft coffee movement: Stumptown.  A decade or so ago, just when the mergers and acquisitions of the coffee giants seemed on the verge of swallowing the last small coffee purveyor, Stumptown emerged to lead the way to the next level of coffee obsession.  This was, to a large extent, because of a counterintuitive strategy: unlike the big guys, Stumptown offered coffees that were medium roasted, instead of the dark and oily french roasts that were (and are) so popular.  For espresso, that means Stumptown's signature Hairbender blend, which is complex, sweet and without the big bitter hit that tends to mark darker roasts.

On one of the very last gorgeous days of a remarkable Portland summer that stretched into mid-October, I rode over to the the Stumptown at the corner of 33rd and Southeast Belmont.  This was one of the first locations of the company's small empire (it recently added outposts on Manhattan and in Seattle).  As you can see in the photo, the shop's design is minimalist and timeless.

The staff was friendly and helpful.  One of them noticed me staring at a wall of 12 ounce bags of single origin coffee beans, and asked me if I needed help deciding what I wanted.  Actually, I was looking for one that cost less than twenty bucks.

They use a La Marzocco Strada to make espresso, which has a saturated grouphead that stabilizes temperatures and allows for consistent controllable results.  The shot was pulled with great care and some ritual (the shop wasn't busy, allowing the barista some leisure).  The resulting setup is shown in the accompanying photo.  The shot, made with Hairbender, was just as delicious as I'd come to expect, with dark thick crema and a final sip that was intensely sweet.
          ANC Policy Conference, Day One: All about Unity & Solutions   
Unity. Solutions. Those two words emerged strongly on Day 1 of the ANC policy conference, which was extended by two days to discuss challenges facing the governing party. But right from the outset, the drive for unity was thrown off kilter with President Jacob Zuma’s sharp words against veterans, who had requested a full-on consultative conference on the troubles in the ANC and ultimately decided not to attend this compromise. At ANC gatherings nothing is straightforward, and it’s what is said off-script, or left unsaid, in the proxy battles among factions that counts. By MARIANNE MERTEN.
          Op-Ed: The ANC must and will emerge from this policy conference stronger   
We know that despite the challenges it faces currently, the ANC still represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of millions of our people. Our people want the ANC to resolve its difficulties and continue with its mission of transforming South Africa and building a better life for all. By PRESIDENT JACOB ZUMA.
          The Empowerment Endowment   
How have South Africa’s businesses engaged with BEE legislation? This has often been a contentious issue and the goalposts have kept moving. However, one of the exciting key outcomes has been the establishment of 27 new grant-making foundations in South Africa, mostly in the last two years, that have been endowed with a surprisingly massive amount of R32.6-billion in assets that will support charitable causes in perpetuity. This information emerged from a ground-breaking report entitled “The Empowerment Endowment” released by Intellidex, a financial research company, which gathered data from 35 companies and explored what value has been created specifically for charitable recipients through BEE deals, “including community trusts, existing charities and newly established foundations”.
          4 bodies found following cabin fire in west-central Idaho   

DONNELLY, Idaho (AP) — Authorities say the bodies of four people have been found following a cabin fire in west-central Idaho. The Valley County Sheriff’s Office says emergency crews responded to the cabin near Tamarack Resort at about 10 p.m. Friday. Officials haven’t released the names of those found dead. Officials say 46-year-old William Smith […]
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          Empowerment Radio with Dr. Friedemann Schaub: Midlife Mojo- How to Get through the Midlife Crisis and Emerge as Your True Self with Frankie Picasso   
EpisodeFor many, Midlife is a time of great questioning. It is a time when many seek their purpose and look for a more esoteric existence, searching for their spirituality, their soul and more meaning to their life. It is also a time when many feel TRAPPED within the confines of responsibilities, family and fears. Listen to Dr. Schaub’s interview with author and coach Frankie Picasso and learn how we can overcome these obstacles and emerge as our true self.
          Real World Statistics   
Its good to remember that statistics is the basis of all useful problem solving:

Making Statistics Work in the Real World

Wharton's Bhaswar Bhattacharya discusses his research on statistical methods.

The field of statistics is about more than just crunching numbers. Wharton statistics professor Bhaswar Bhattacharya is researching the best ways to apply statistical methods to solve problems in a range of fields, from health care to marketing to languages. Bhattacharya spoke with Knowledge@Wharton about shedding new light on one of the oldest mathematical disciplines.  

(Podcast) An edited transcript of the conversation follows. .... 

Knowledge@Wharton: Could you give us a brief summary of your research and what kind of question you were trying to answer?

Bhaswar Bhattacharya: My research interests are the intersection of statistics probability and combinatorics. Recently, numerous and very interesting combinatorial and graph theory-related problems have emerged in statistics, mainly because of the ubiquitous presence of network data and the increasing use of graph-based methods in modern-day analytics. As a consequence, many interesting connections have emerged between modern statistical methods and classical concepts in geometry and probability. You can use them to solve interesting problems in statistics. .... " 

          Ayermaniana presente su nuevo disco en vivo   

Este artículo Ayermaniana presente su nuevo disco en vivo se publicó primero en El Club Del Rock | Webzine Rock y Metal.

El grupo de rock psicodélico Ayermaniana presenta su flamante segundo disco Flores Negras, editado en los Estudios del Parral, con un recital en el Emergente, junto a dos bandas del país e invitados desde Brasil, el día 7 de julio. Empezando en 2010, el cuarteto Ayermaniana sacó su primer álbum

The post Ayermaniana presente su nuevo disco en vivo appeared first on El Club Del Rock | Webzine Rock y Metal.

          Emergency Spill Responder - Ridgeline Canada Inc. - Calgary, AB   
Ridgeline Response, a Division of Ridgeline Canada Inc is looking for Intermediate/ Senior Environmental Consultations to support our existing Team of Emergency...
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          Environmental Spill Responder - Ridgeline Canada Inc. - Calgary, AB   
Ridgeline Response, a Division of Ridgeline Canada Inc is looking for Intermediate/ Senior Environmental Consultations to support our existing Team of Emergency...
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          Pre-diabetic or early diagnosis?   

Thank you all for your concern, prayers and support. We are home now. By the time we got to the ER and they had checked him in, ordered everything and took a glucose reading he had fallen back to a normal, 124 reading. They said that because he didn't warrant treatment or action from an "emergency" standpoint and that IF he was as high as we claimed he was and was normal now he's clearly producing insulin so didn't meet any diagnostic criterias there was nothing they could do and suggested we follow up with an endocrinologist.

          SD DESIGNER HANDBAGS INC have marketed a more diverse range of accessory bags for men and women. A "handbag" is a larger needed accessory, that holds items beyond currency, such as a woman's personal items and emergency items to survive on. It was most often used to refer to men's hand-luggage.
          Nuestras mascotas y las Fiestas Navideñas   

Perro Asustado.jpg

Las "Fiestas de Fin de Año" son tiempos de alegría, para disfrutar en familia y amigos. Sin embargo, para nuestras mascotas puede ser todo lo contrario. En realidad, es común que posterior a estas fiestas aumenten las emergencias veterinarias por problemas de indigestión, accidentes, entre otras. 

          Emergency Services Dispatcher I - City of Fresno - Fresno, CA   
Candidates considered for hire may be required to provide proof of a valid driver's license and current copy of their driving record.... $3,462 - $4,088 a month
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          Patient Financial Services Supervisor - Emergency Department Registration - Banner Health - United States   
About Banner Cardon Children's Medical Center. If you desire to provide the best care possible to the most vulnerable patients, come to Cardon Children's...
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          In Divided Senate, Maine's Susan Collins Emerges As Critical Voice   
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: The success of President Trump's agenda will also depend on how unified Republicans are in the Senate. That's why all eyes are on Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine. As NPR's Ailsa Chang reports, Collins has long been the moderate in the middle. AILSA CHANG, BYLINE: Susan Collins has broken both of her ankles. The left one was when she was sprinting in high heels because she so desperately refused to miss a vote. She has the second-longest voting streak in the Senate, by the way, after Republican Chuck Grassley of Iowa. SUSAN COLLINS: He has a longer streak, but I'm the only one who's never missed a single vote. CHANG: Not that she's keeping track. Collins broke her right ankle just weeks ago when she slipped on black ice. And now you'll find her gliding through the halls of Congress in a motorized scooter. What's the fastest this thing can go? (LAUGHTER) COLLINS: You'll have to run to keep up. CHANG: I do. You should
Posted on: 2017-07-01

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We are currently looking for a dynamic pharmacist o join our team for a 13 week assignment in Nebraska. . In this role, thepharmacist must demonstrate strong communication skills with peers and their patients'.The ideal candidate for this job will be energetic, an effective communicator and be dedicated to providing high-quality to care. All levels of experience are welcome to apply. This facility provides quality health care to the panhandle of Nebraska and surrounding communities. This critical access hospital provides medical and surgical care, obstetrics and newborn care, emergency care, and rehabilitation services. This destination offers scenic drives and beautiful state parks. Get started on the travel career you have always wanted. Take advantage of a travel career that lets you experience the places you have only dreamed of seeing. This is your chance to start an unforgettable adventure while you add new perspective and skills to your resume. For the most prompt response, please APPLY ONLINE. Resumes may also be sent to or call (402) 891-1118 ext: 6133 for more information. Position: Pharmacist Specialty/Modality: Pharmacist-General Licenses/Certifications: State License-Pharmacist-Nebraska Physical Abilities: Up to 20lbs For the most prompt response, please APPLY ONLINE. Resumes may also be sent to or call (800) 456-5857 for more information. As always, there is never a fee for candidates to utilize our services. There is a reason why Aureus Medical Group is a national leader in healthcare staffing. Whether working with an employee to locate exciting career opportunities or with a hospital to fill a need at a critical time, our job is to take care of you and the patients we collectively serve - and we do so with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. We bring over 25 years of experience, proven methods, and an unwavering commitment to patient care to the staffing process. With travel, locum tenens, local contract, and direct hire opportunities available nationwide, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your career goals and your lifestyle. Our Account Managers are dedicated by specialty area and there is never a charge to you for our services. Not all staffing companies are alike. We're proud to be different. Experience the Aureus difference. EEO/Veteran/Disabled/E-Verify Employer
Posted on: 2017-07-01

This medical center in Pennsylvania offers 165 beds available on three floors and continues to follow its mission of identifying and exceeding expectations of quality in a cost-effective, courteous manner. Medical services offered include cancer care, emergency medicine, cardiology, surgical, and more. The small town charm and big city sophistication of this city attracts history buffs, art lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and sports fans. Position: Surgical Technologist Specialty/Modality: Surgical Technology Licenses/Certifications: CPR/BLS (Basic Life Support) Physical Abilities: From 50-100lbs For the most prompt response, please APPLY ONLINE. Resumes may also be sent to or call (800) 856-5457 for more information. As always, there is never a fee for candidates to utilize our services. There is a reason why Aureus Medical Group is a national leader in healthcare staffing. Whether working with an employee to locate exciting career opportunities or with a hospital to fill a need at a critical time, our job is to take care of you and the patients we collectively serve - and we do so with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. We bring over 25 years of experience, proven methods, and an unwavering commitment to patient care to the staffing process. With travel, locum tenens, local contract, and direct hire opportunities available nationwide, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your career goals and your lifestyle. Our Account Managers are dedicated by specialty area and there is never a charge to you for our services. Not all staffing companies are alike. We're proud to be different. Experience the Aureus difference. EEO/Veteran/Disabled/E-Verify Employer
          Sundered Preview: A 2D Metroidvania With Deep Progression & Epic Boss Fights | Fextralife   
Emergence at Fextralife writes, "After the release of Jotun in 2015 from Thunder Lotus Games, many wondered what was next for the studio after their successfully crowdfunded 2D action game. Well, when youve made your mark as an upstart 2D indie developer with a knack for visuals and impressive boss design, whats next but a Metroidvania? Enter Sundered on Kickstarter, and the masses agreed as it raised over 200,000 USD for its development. Development along the way has been met by resounding praise, and weve tabbed it as one of Top RPGs of 2017: July. Lets tear it open and see whats inside."
          RH17-20 Emergency Measures Supervisor - Canadian Royalties inc - Nunavik, QC   
Of work organization and ability to work under pressure; The Emergency measures Supervisor reports to the Health and Safety Chief, the supervisor organizes....
From Canadian Royalties inc - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 00:51:35 GMT - View all Nunavik, QC jobs
          New raunchy pics of Vanessa Hudgens on the internet   
High School Musical star poses in naughty lingerie after the furore caused by a full frontal snap of the 19-year-old hitting the web, a whole new batch of sexy photos have emerged to whip up the frenzy again. The High School Musical actress has posed for a set of raunchy pics which show her frolicking with a female pal and tugging her knickers down. Vanessa publicly apologised earlier this month about the first naked shot on the internet – and Disney bosses decided to be understanding. But it seems the actress rather likes taking her clothes off - she's revealed that she'd like to do a shoot for a men's magazine. 'I totally would pose for a sexy magazine,' she tells the Sun.
          Democrats, moderate Republicans continue to mislead on Medicaid ‘cuts.’ Here are the facts   
As Senate Republicans continue to push their plan to replace the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, a new hurdle has emerged as one of the primary…
          28 People Injured in Arkansas Nightclub Shooting   
28 People Injured in Arkansas Nightclub Shooting

As originally seen on

Last night, a rap show at a Little Rock, Arkansas nightclub ended in utter chaos when multiple shots were fired, leaving 28 concertgoers wounded in the process.

According to multiple reports, 25 people were wounded in the gunfire. An additional three people were injured while trying to escape and being trampled in the process. 

The gunfire took place around 2:30 a.m. during a performance from rapper Finese2Tymes. A flyer for the show is embedded below.

The shooting is not being reported as an act of terror. Instead, it stemmed from an altercation between two parties. Fortunately, police report that all injured parties are expected to make a full recovery. 

Watch a local report from THV11 below.

          California ER use jumps despite Medicaid expansion - Modern ... -   

California ER use jumps despite Medicaid expansion - Modern ...
Emergency room use in California rose 75% over five years despite the state's Medicaid expansion, and the state, which recently has been touted for having ...

and more »

          Get this powerful, military-grade flashlight for only $20!   
What's your plan for when the lights go out? Sure, you could use the flashlight built into your phone, but wasting valuable battery life on a flashlight is risky when you can't charge your phone and need to conserve power. Perhaps you're an avid camper or hiker. When night falls, you don't want to use your fragile smartphone to navigate through the darkness, do you? Get this military-grade flashlight for only $20! Learn more In a camping or emergency situation, you don't want to rely on something cheap or unreliable. Don't bother with some dollar store flashlight that you'll end up tossing because it's plastic and garbage. Get yourself a flashlight with a metal casing that can stand up to the rough life so that you can take it with you wherever you go: camping, hunting, in the car, whatever. What you need is an Army Gear Z9 tactical Military Flashlight that packs a powerful 500 lumen LED that is bright enough to be seen from miles away. Made of ultra-hardened aircraft grade al...
          Modernity in European history   
Nasir Khan “The point of modernity is to live a life without illusions while not becoming disillusioned.” ― Italian Marxist thinker and politician Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) Modernity means many things to different people. But in learned discourse, it refers to the collective body of particular socio-cultural norms and attitudes that emerged when the medieval period […]
          Serge Lutens Dent de Lait & Borreau des Fleurs ~ new fragrances   

Serge Lutens Dent de Lait

French niche house Serge Lutens is repackaging and streamlining its fragrance offerings, and introducing two new scents. Dent de Lait (milk tooth) joins the Collection Noire, which will merge the prior Collection Noire and Collection Beige fragrances, and be offered in 100 ml instead of 50 ml. Borreau des Fleurs (executioner of flowers) joins the luxury Section d’Or series...

          Boeing And Iran Air Sign Jetliner Contract Worth $16.6 Billion   
Iran Air has finalized its historic purchase of 80 U.S.-made passenger jets, signing a deal with Boeing that's the first of its kind since the overthrow of Iran's shah in the 1970s. U.S. officials approved the deal in September , months after Iran emerged from sanctions. The sale of 50 737 planes and 30 wide-body 777 airliners will support nearly 100,000 jobs, Boeing says . The first planes are slated for delivery in 2018, with more jets following over the next 10 years, Iranian officials say. As NPR's Jackie Northam has reported : "Iran and Boeing go a long way back. Boeing was the largest supplier of civilian aircraft to Iran before the 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Iran has kept flying those same planes for decades and its fleet of aging, worn-out commercial aircraft is in desperate need of replacement." Iran is rushing to update its aging commercial airline fleet — according to The Tehran Times , the country's state-owned airline has also placed orders for 100 Airbus
          01/07/2017: FRONT PAGE: Plans lodged to increase parking at Fairy Pools   

ALEX WALKER result, many vehicles are left at the roadside, which causes congestion and access difficulties for local residents, delivery vans and emergency services. Police have also been called to the car park to resolve parking rows. The famous...
          Noah's Wish on Alert to Assist With Animal Rescue in Northern California   

          Kevin Greening - Radio Rewind   
The Radio Rewind site is a splendid guide to Radios 1 and 2, and has a feature on Kev. An email to the site reminded me of its existence, and it's worth nipping across if you've not been there before. In addition to some info on Kev's time at Radio 1, there are also some sound clips from 1995 that will keep you entertained.

Radio Rewind page on Kevin Greening

Events in the news continue rumbling along, with some publications choosing to run with rumours and speculation. The Daily Mail did what only the Mail could do, and took a merry gig all over Kevin's still-warm corpse in a piece published tomorrow (5th Jan.) The BBC News site is taking a far more calm approach and sticking with the facts as they emerge. This is a link to the most recent update, as of Friday 4th January.

BBC News - RE: Police Appeal

I'll be trawling through some more audio in the next couple of days and should have some more of the surreal adverts pretty soon. Have uncovered a selection of Xfm stuff, including more of the breakfast cover, one show from his first week at Xfm, covering for Jon Kennedy and even some of his brief stint at Heart 106.2. Sadly, nothing from the vintage years as yet, and so I put the development of this site in the hands of its readers. If you've anything to offer, please get in touch via

One of Kev's programmes for the Travel Channel is available as part of their 'Video on Demand' service, although it would seem they expect people to pay for this. Which, naturally, seems a little unrealistic. Should you be interested, this is here.

Oh, and not quite deserving of its own post is this clip which can be found on YouTube, of American band Hanson visiting the Kevin and Zoe Breakfast Show in the winter of 1997. 'Mmmbop' was one of Kev's 'Prove Me Wrong' songs, whereby he'd say a record would sink without trace, only with more words and sounding considerably more articulate than I can manage, only to finish the link with the phrase, 'Prove Me Wrong'. Think of it as a 'record of the week' with a bit of wit attached.

I'll always remember reading an interview with Hanson about whether or not they liked the UK. One of them replied with something along the lines of, "yeah, it's cool. They actually speak English there too. It's always nice to be able to communicate."

          Noah's Wish Warns Florida Residents to Include Pets in Evacuation Plans As Hurricane Wilma Approaches   

          Norton Rose and Chadbourne merge after month-long delay   

Norton Rose Fulbright and Chadbourne & Parke have officially combined after a number of delays pushed back the merger that sources say was supposed to go live on 1 May.



The post Norton Rose and Chadbourne merge after month-long delay appeared first on The Lawyer | Legal News and Jobs | Advancing the business of law.

          Kennedys strengthens Manchester with nine-partner merger   

Kennedys has increased its commercial litigation department after it announced a merger with Manchester firm Berg.

The post Kennedys strengthens Manchester with nine-partner merger appeared first on The Lawyer | Legal News and Jobs | Advancing the business of law.

          archatlas: The Watercolors of Thierry Duval  A graduate of...   


The Watercolors of Thierry Duval 

A graduate of Decorative Arts in 1982, illustrator, and creative in a large advertising agency in Paris, Thierry Duval drew and painted since childhood.

In preparing the entrance of Decorative Arts in Paris he discovered the work of the painter Delacroix, and that he will his passion for watercolor. This technique will give a great freedom of expression. But his way of approaching watercolor is not common, in fact, his record, unlike the traditional watercolors, a force emerges in unusual colors and lights. Its purpose is to evoke a «impressionism» of dawn or dusk depending on the themes, all supported by a drawing of a high accuracy. All these criteria give aquarelles Thierry Duval evocative power, a realism uncommon in the usual expression of watercolor.

Follow the Source Link for images sources and more information.

          Divers on training mission find submerged pickup in lake   
LAKEWOOD, Wash. (AP) -- Rescue divers on a routine training mission have found a pickup at the bottom of a lake in Lakewood....
          Fantasy Football Draft Day: Snake Or Auction Format?   
The auction draft format has begun to emerge as a commonplace format, replacing the snake draft in ever-increasing numbers. Which is the best format for you, and your league?
          Planet X Incoming: Giant sinkhole swallows sleeping woman in China   
Planet X Incoming: Giant sinkhole swallows sleeping woman in China
Latest earth changes news...

A sleeping woman was swallowed by sinkhole in central China after her bedroom collapsed during heavy rain.

The video, filmed in Shizhuling, Hunan Province on June 25, shows how the house partially collapsed when the sinkhole opened due to the unstable terrain composed of a network of caves and waterways.



Just like Jeff Bush in Florida a few years ago! Fears are growing for a 45-year-old mother in central China who was apparently swallowed by a sinkhole while she was sleeping in her bed.

sinkhole swallows woman china, giant sinkhole swallows woman china, deadly sinkhole swallows woman china, sinkhole swallows woman china video
Giant sinkhole swallows sleeping woman in China (video). via South China Morning Post
It is her husband that rang the alarm on Saturday morning, when after hearing a loud boom, he entered his bedroom, and found a three-square-metre hole in the floor that swallowed a refrigerator, an electric fan and his wife.
The couple lives in Shizhuling, a village in the city of Lianyuan, which had been hard hit by heavy rains over the previous two days.

Search for the swallowed woman

Rescue teams launched a search for the missing woman – digging to a depth of 15 metres – but the work had to be called off when conditions became too dangerous. The excavation in the sodden ground even led to the partial collapse of a neighbouring property.

sinkhole swallows woman china, giant sinkhole swallows woman china, deadly sinkhole swallows woman china, sinkhole swallows woman china video
Rescue teams dig 15 meters deep and did not find the body of the 42-year-old mother. via South China Morning Post
The deadly sinkhole was most certainly due to geological landscape in the area made of a network of caves and underground waterways.

For the video:

 "And the Earth Shall Swallow up..." 


DEVELOPING: Mysterious boom shakes houses and alarms residents in St. Helens, Oregon

A mysterious sound resembling a thunderous explosion was heard around 8 p.m. on June 25 in the St. Helens area. Curious citizens flooded social media with questions about the origin of the loud boom that some said shook homes and rattled windows. According to St. Helens Police Chief Terry Moss, the first reports of the sound came in at 8:22 p.m. Moss said his department fielded 11 calls regarding the boom, mainly from residents on the west side of town.
The cause of the sound has not been determined. Moss said this time of year is marked by frequent firework and “loud boom” reports. Without more definitive information, Moss said the matter would be considered closed. There was a viral reaction to the sound on Facebook, where reports of the boom were contentiously debated and numerous theories were offered. READ MORE

BIRTH PANGS: 900 Quakes in Yellowstone, 40 quakes near Lake Tahoe, 40 Quakes in N. Iceland

There are currently several seismic swarms taking place around the world. Nobody knows when they are going to stop and more frightening what they are going to produce. Yellowstone Supervolcano earthquake swarm reaches 878 events in just two weeks. The earthquake swarm hitting the Yellowstone national Park is currently slowing down, but more than 900 quakes have already hit near West Yellowstone on the western edge of the National Park in the last 2 weeks. But there is
virtually no risk of the volcano erupting – USGS hasn’t raised either the volcano alert level or the aviation color. The current earthquake swarm began on June 12. A week later, the USGS put out a statement to say that 464 earthquakes had been recorded, with the largest being magnitude 4.4. This is the highest number of earthquakes at Yellowstone within a single week in the past five years. At the time, a spokesperson for the USGS said “slowly winding down,” adding that “no other geological activity has been detected.” However, in a newly released statement about the ongoing swarm, seismologists from the University of Utah said 878 events have now been recorded at Yellowstone National Park. READ MORE

Deadly floods and landslides hit southern China, 7.44 million affected

Floods, landslides and other disasters caused by severe weather across southern China affected more than 7.4 million people in 9 provinces since June 22, 2017, officials said today. As of early June 27, the death toll stands at 32 while 8 people are still missing. According to data provided by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) valid 01:00 UTC (09:00 local time) on June 26, Changde, Yueyang, Yiyang, Loudi, Shangrao, Juijiang and other places recorded between 350 and
470 mm (13.8 – 18.5 inches) of rain since the evening of June 22. By that time, severe weather affected 7.33 million people, 504 000 people were evacuated, and 186 000 needed emergency rescue. 6 500 houses collapsed while 60 000 suffered different degrees of damage. The direct economic loss was estimated at 9.46 billion yuan. At 01:00 UTC on June 27, the number of affected people rose to 7.446 million. READ MORE

Planet X Incoming: Birth Pangs May, 2017  

          A growing rift among the “Fatimists”   
A growing rift among the “Fatimists”
As Cornelia Ferreira mentioned in her inaugural post here at akaCatholic, Fatima Through the Lens of Vatican II: As Illustrated by Raymond Cardinal Burke:
The WAF/Blue Army has long broadcast the Vatican’s Party Line on Fatima. Now an International Public Association of Pontifical Right, it claims it’s “the only Fatima organization in the world which speaks ‘in the name of the Church’ and ‘with the authority of the Church on Fatima.”
Its “charisma” is “the New Evangelization of the world through the authentic Message of Fatima.” Its “responsibility” is to “guard the purity of the message.”

In this, so-called “Fatimists” can find nothing controversial. Indeed, all concerned have long since recognized the formerly named Blue Army, now World Apostolate of Fatima (WAF), as the very definition of a “false friend” of the effort to spread Our Lady’s authentic message.
Where some apparently did find cause for offense was in Mrs. Ferreira’s suggestion that Cardinal Raymond Burke is allied to considerable extent with these enemies of Fatima as reflected in the “distortions and doubletalk” put forth in his recent presentation given at the Roman Life Forum.
She even went so far as to say that “Cardinal Burke’s favored source of information” is none other than the WAF, which, as she pointed out, “was very pleased with his speech.”
In this, she was referring in part to the reaction of David Carollo, Executive Director of WAF USA as given in a blog post on the group’s website under the title:
Call for consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart is hopeful sign of the times
The simple fact that the WAF applauded Cardinal Burke’s speech is enough to suggest that His Eminence’s words may not represent a “vindication” of Fr. Nicholas Gruner as some claimed.
In any case, it will be informative to take a closer look at what Mr. Carollo had to say. He begins:
A few days ago at the Rome Life Forum, Cardinal Raymond Burke gave a compelling address on “The Secret of Fatima and a New Evangelization,” calling for a consecration of Russia in “recognition of the importance which Russia continues to have in God’s plan for peace and a sign of profound love for our brothers and sisters in Russia.”
Notice the wording, “calling for a consecration of Russia…”
Is this simply Carollo’s attempt at damage control after effectively having been called out by a member of the College of Cardinals for falsely claiming that the consecration was already done, or does it reflect an accurate reading of His Eminence’s words?
Clearly, in my view, it is the latter. Carollo goes on:
While acknowledging his certitude that St. John Paul II carried out the collegial consecration of the world, including Russia, on May 25, 1984, Cardinal Burke said, “Today, once again, we hear the call of Our Lady of Fatima to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, in accord with her explicit instruction.”
In reference to the “pressure” placed on John Paul II to refrain from making an “explicit reference to Russia” during his 1984 consecration of the world, Carollo wrote:
These pressures should not be the case today and to make the consecration again with explicit mention of Russia is nothing more than following what John Paul II himself said of his consecration…
NB: …to make the consecration again.
At this, Carollo, just as Cardinal Burke had in his speech, quoted John Paul II – the man who bears more responsibility than any other for the massive Vatican cover-up of the Fatima message for which the WAF exists to continue:
“Mary’s appeal is not for just once. Her appeal must be taken up by generation after generation, in accordance with the ever new ‘signs of the times.” It must be unceasingly returned to. It must ever be taken up anew.”
Carollo went on to reiterate in the plainest terms possible one of the central positions held by the WAF; one that also forms a fundamental part the official Vatican deception:
After the 1984 consecration was done, Sister Lucia confirmed that it was “accepted by Heaven.”
Get that?
Those who, after the example Fr. Nicholas Gruner, are laboring even now for the consecration of Russia as if it has yet to be done; all in anticipation of the promised fruits that Our Lady attached to her request, are wasting their time.
Apparently, the WAF does not see Cardinal Burke’s newfound interest in Fatima as expressed at the Roman Life Forum as a challenge to this particular lie.
Does that mean that Cardinal Burke is fully on board with it?
No, not necessarily.
As for how one might be assured that the consecration was in fact done to Our Lady’s satisfaction, Carollo pointed to the following events that unfolded in the Soviet Union thereafter as a sort of proof that it resulted in peace:
– On May 13, 1984 (feast of Our Lady of Fatima) an explosion destroys 80 percent of the Soviet Union’s main munitions storage depot for its largest fleet; two-thirds of its missiles are destroyed
– On Dec. 13, 1984, an explosion in Siberia destroys the Soviet Union’s largest ammunition base
– On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident occurs and we now know it staved off a planned nuclear strike on Europe in retaliation for the arrival of U.S. Pershing II nuclear missiles in Europe.
– May 12, 1988, an explosion wrecks the Soviet factory that made rocket motors for its deadly long-range missiles.
Get that?
Three explosions and a nuclear disaster is what passes for the promised period of peace according to the enemies of Fatima.
Apparently, the WAF does not see Cardinal Burke’s newfound interest in Fatima as expressed at the Roman Life Forum as a challenge to this particular lie.
Does that mean that Cardinal Burke is fully on board with it?
No, not necessarily.
About the conversion of Russia that was also promised, Carollo suggested that there is evidence that it is indeed taking place as a direct result of the 1984 consecration:
People are converting back to God … Young people, having grown up in atheistic families, are drawn to the beauty, truth and rich culture that the Catholic, Russian Orthodox and other Christian religions provide. I have been to Russia a number of times and can affirm, the Faith is on the rise there.
Get that?
The “conversion” being peddled by the WAF isn’t a conversion to the one true Faith, but rather one that includes persons entering both the schismatic and the heretic communities!
Apparently, the WAF does not see Cardinal Burke’s newfound interest in Fatima as expressed at the Roman Life Forum as a challenge to this particular lie.
Does that mean that Cardinal Burke is fully on board with it?
No, not necessarily.
I trust at this you get the point.
It has become ever more clear in recent days, in ways both public and private, that a “rift” has arisen between persons once united in the effort to promote the authentic message of Fatima.
This division didn’t begin with Cardinal Burke’s speech. His presentation did, however, manage to magnify it.
At this, it would seem beneficial for  all concerned to return to some of the common ground that we share as a launching point for future discussions:
We know very well that the mission of the World Apostolate of Fatima is to distort the true message of Fatima in order to give it the appearance of compatibility with the aims of the “conciliar Church” – the church-of-man that emerged following Vatican II; the very “suicide of altering the faith” that Our Lady wished to preempt.
As such, anyone who actively collaborates with the WAF in its mission of deception, even if unwittingly and with every good intention, is no friend of Fatima.
Surely, all who wish to promote Our Lady’s authentic message after the example of Fr. Nicholas Gruner can agree on at least this much.
Might I suggest that keeping this in mind moving forward will prove useful.
          After Sy Hersh's Bombshell Investigation, Why Won't Media Tell the Real Story of Trump's Military Strike in Syria?   
Western media are continuing to do their part in the propaganda war on Syria.

If you wish to understand the degree to which the supposedly free western media are constructing a world of half-truths and deceptions to manipulate their audiences, keeping us uninformed and pliant, there could hardly be a better case study than their treatment of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

All of these highly competitive, for-profit, scoop-seeking media outlets separately took identical decisions: first to reject Hersh’s latest investigative report, and then to studiously ignore it once it was published in Germany last Sunday. They have continued to maintain an absolute radio silence on his revelations, even as over the past few days they have given a great deal of attention to two stories on the very issue Hersh’s investigation addresses.

These two stories, given such prominence in the western media, are clearly intended to serve as “spoilers” to his revelations, even though none of these publications has actually informed their readers of his original investigation. We are firmly in looking-glass territory.

So what did Hersh’s investigation reveal? His sources in the U.S. intelligence establishment told him the official narrative that Syria’s Bashar Assad had dropped deadly sarin gas on the town of Khan Sheikhoun on April 4 was incorrect. Instead, they said, a Syrian plane dropped a bomb on a meeting of jihadi fighters that triggered secondary explosions in a storage depot, releasing a toxic cloud of chemicals that killed civilians nearby.

One might assume that an alternative narrative of the events would be of great interest to the media, given that Donald Trump approved a military strike on Syria based on the official narrative. Hersh’s version suggests that Trump acted against the intelligence advice he received from his own officials, in a highly dangerous move that not only grossly violated international law but might have dragged Assad’s main ally, Russia, into the fray. The Syrian arena has the potential to trigger a serious confrontation between the world’s two major nuclear powers.

But in fact, the western media were supremely uninterested in the story. Hersh, once considered the journalist’s journalist, went hawking his investigation around the U.S. and UK media to no avail. In the end, he could find a home for his revelations only in Germany, in the publication Welt am Sonntag.

There are a couple of possible, though unlikely, reasons all English-language publications ignored Hersh’s story. Maybe they had evidence his inside intelligence was wrong. If so, they have yet to provide it. A rebuttal would require acknowledging Hersh’s story, and none seems willing to do that.

Or maybe the media thought it was old news and would no longer interest their readers. It would be difficult to sustain such an interpretation, but at least it has an air of plausibility—except for everything that has happened since Hersh published last Sunday. His story has spawned two clear “spoiler” responses from those desperate to uphold the official narrative. Hersh’s revelations may have been entirely uninteresting to the western media, but strangely they have sent Washington into crisis mode.

Of course, no U.S. official has addressed Hersh’s investigation directly, which might have drawn attention to it and forced western media to reference it. Instead, Washington has sought to deflect attention from Hersh’s alternative narrative and shore up the official one through misdirection. That alone should raise the alarm that we are being manipulated, not informed.

The first spoiler, made in the immediate wake of Hersh’s story, was statements from the Pentagon and White House warning that the U.S. had evidence Assad was planning yet another chemical attack on his people and that Washington would respond harshly if he did so.

Here is how the Guardian reported the U.S. threats:

The U.S. said on Tuesday that it had observed preparations for a possible chemical weapons attack at a Syrian air base allegedly involved in a sarin attack in April following a warning from the White House that the Syrian regime would ‘pay a heavy price’ for further use of the weapons.

On Friday, the second spoiler emerged. Two unnamed diplomats “confirmed” that a report by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) had found that some of the victims from Khan Sheikhoun showed signs of poisoning by sarin or sarin-like substances.

There are obvious reasons to be mighty suspicious of these stories. The findings of OPCW were already known and had been discussed for some time. There was absolutely nothing newsworthy about them.

There are also well-known problems with the findings. There was no “chain of custody”—neutral oversight—of the bodies that were presented to the organization in Turkey, as Scott Ritter, a former weapons inspector in Iraq, has noted. Any number of interested parties could have contaminated the bodies before they reached OPCW. For that reason, OPCW has not concluded that the Assad regime was responsible for the traces of sarin. In the world of real news, only such a finding—that Assad was responsible—should have made the OPCW report interesting again to the media.

Similarly, by going public with their threats against Assad, the Pentagon and White House did not increase the deterrence on Assad, making it less likely he would use gas in the future. That could have been achieved much more effectively with private warnings to the Russians, who have massive leverage over Assad. These new warnings were meant not for Assad but for western publics, to bolster the official narrative that Hersh’s investigation had thrown into doubt.

In fact, the U.S. threats increase, rather than reduce, the chances of a new chemical weapons attack. Other anti-Assad actors now have a strong incentive to use chemical weapons in false-flag operation to implicate Assad, knowing that the U.S. has committed itself to intervention. On any reading, the U.S. statements were reckless—or malicious—in the extreme and likely to bring about the exact opposite of what they were supposed to achieve.

But beyond this, there was something even more troubling about these two stories. That these official claims were published so unthinkingly in major outlets is bad enough. But what is unconscionable is the media’s continuing blackout of Hersh’s investigation when it speaks directly to the two latest news reports.

No serious journalist could write up either story, according to any accepted norms of journalistic practice, and not make reference to Hersh’s claims. They are absolutely relevant to these stories. In fact, more than that, the intelligence sources he cites are not only relevant but are the reason these two stories have been suddenly propelled to the top of the news agenda.

Any publication that has covered either the White House-Pentagon threats or the rehashing of the OPCW report and has not mentioned Hersh’s revelations is writing nothing less than propaganda in service of a western foreign policy agenda trying to bring about the illegal overthrow of the Syrian government. And so far that appears to include every single U.S. and UK mainstream newspaper and TV station.



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          Split Shape by Plane in OpenCASCADE   

Split Shape by Plane in OpenCASCADE

Abstract. Sometimes you want to split a shape by plane or even split a shape by a B Spline surface, OpenCASCADE provide a feature class BRepFeat_SplitShape to implement the function. The paper give a sample code to split a cylinder by plane.

Key Words. Split Shape, BRep Feature Algorithms.

1. Introduction

OpenCASCADE提供了Boolean Operation实现了任意两个形状的交、并、差的布尔操作。但是如何实现用一个面将一个形状切割成两半呢?其实Boolean Operation中已经有求交分割的算法,但是没有直接提供一个分割的功能类,而是在BRepFeat_SplitShape提供了分割功能。


Figure 1. Split Cylinder by Plane

2. Code Demo


Copyright(C) 2017 Shing Liu(

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files(the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and / or sell
copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is
furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions :

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


// Visual Studio 2013 & OpenCASCADE7.1.0

#include <gp_Pln.hxx>

#include <TopoDS.hxx>

#include <TopExp.hxx>
#include <TopExp_Explorer.hxx>

#include <BRepTools.hxx>

#include <BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder.hxx>

#include <BRepAlgoAPI_Section.hxx>

#include <BRepFeat_SplitShape.hxx>

#pragma comment(lib, "TKernel.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "TKMath.lib")

#pragma comment(lib, "TKG2d.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "TKG3d.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "TKGeomBase.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "TKGeomAlgo.lib")

#pragma comment(lib, "TKBRep.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "TKTopAlgo.lib")

#pragma comment(lib, "TKBO.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "TKPrim.lib")
#pragma comment(lib, "TKFeat.lib")

//! Test split a cylinder by plane.
//! You can use the algorithm to split other shapes.
void testSplit()
    BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder aCylinderMaker(10.0, 20.0);
    TopoDS_Shape aCylinder = aCylinderMaker.Shape();

    // Build section by the split plane for the cylinder.
    BRepAlgoAPI_Section aSection(aCylinder, gp_Pln(gp_Pnt(0.0, 0.0, 15.0), gp::DZ()), Standard_False);

    // Split the cylinder shape.
    BRepFeat_SplitShape aShapeSpliter(aCylinder);

    for (TopExp_Explorer i(aSection.Shape(), TopAbs_EDGE); i.More(); i.Next())
        TopoDS_Shape anEdge = i.Current();
        TopoDS_Shape aFace;

        if (aSection.HasAncestorFaceOn1(anEdge, aFace))
            TopoDS_Edge E = TopoDS::Edge(anEdge);
            TopoDS_Face F = TopoDS::Face(aFace);

            aShapeSpliter.Add(E, F);


    // Rebuild left and right shape.
    BRep_Builder aBuilder;
    TopoDS_Compound aLeftCompound;
    TopoDS_Compound aRightCompound;


    // Left shape.
    TopTools_MapOfShape aLeftShapeMap;
    const TopTools_ListOfShape& aLeftShapes = aShapeSpliter.Left();
    for (auto i = aLeftShapes.cbegin(); i != aLeftShapes.cend(); i++)

        aBuilder.Add(aLeftCompound, *i);

    // Right shape.
    TopTools_IndexedMapOfShape aShapeMap;
    TopExp::MapShapes(aShapeSpliter.Shape(), TopAbs_FACE, aShapeMap);

    for (auto i = aShapeMap.cbegin(); i != aShapeMap.cend(); i++)
        if (!aLeftShapeMap.Contains(*i))
            aBuilder.Add(aRightCompound, *i);

    // Output left and right shape.
    BRepTools::Write(aLeftCompound, "d:/left.brep");
    BRepTools::Write(aRightCompound, "d:/right.brep");

int main(int argc, char* argv[])

    return 0;


split shape

Figure 2. Split Shape animation demo

3. Conclusion

OpenCASCADE提供类BRepFeat_SplitShape来实现对一个形状进行切割的功能,但是要配合BRepAlgoAPI_Section使用。因为Boolean Operation中已经实现了求交、分类的功能,所以在最新版本的源码7.2.0中已经将分割功能集成到了Boolean Operation中。分割后如果没有被改变的面还是原来的面。

eryar 2017-07-01 12:21 发表评论

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Gioacchino Agnarelli
1 maggio 1945
Sembrava una mattina come le altre, ma non lo era, alle 9 del 1° maggio del 1945, sul pontile di ferro arrugginito, dell'ILVA di Savona stava per avere luogo una delle tante esecuzioni sommarie, un gruppo di uomini armati in uniforme da partigiano, stava trascinando sino all'estremità del molo artificiale, un uomo alto e snello, con addosso una tuta da operaio, con dei sottili baffetti , le mani legate dietro la schiena.
All'estremità opposta del pontile c'era un pubblico composto da un centinaio di uomini, dal volto segnato dalla fatica, tutti operai dell'ILVA, erano tutti immobili ad osservare, terrorizzati, la scena brutale.
L'uomo nonostante fosse legato e violentemente spintonato dagli uomini armati, continuava a voltarsi verso gli spettatori muti, urlando con disperazione e chiedendo aiuto nella speranza che qualcuno di quegli operai, suoi compagni di reparto, facesse qualcosa, qualunque cosa, per aiutarlo, ma nessuno alzò un dito per tentare almeno di bloccare quello che stava per accadere.
I boia, raggiunta l'estremità del pontile lo allontanarono con forza da loro, spingendolo, gli puntarono i mitra contro e gli piantarono in corpo una dozzina di pallottole in rapida successione.
Colpito dalla sventagliata di raffiche il corpo cadde in mare, rimanendo a galleggiare a faccia in giù, sballottato dalle onde e nessuno cercò di recuperarlo, forse per paura .
Chi era lo sventurato, vittima dei carnefici partigiani ? Si trattava di Gioacchino Agnarelli, di 50 anni, caporeparto all'ILVA di Savona, e gli operai che avevano assistito al suo assassinio erano suoi compagni di lavoro, gente con cui egli aveva lavorato, gomito a gomito, sino a pochi giorni prima, e nessuno di loro aveva detto una sola parola in sua difesa lasciando che si compisse l'atto infame del suo omicidio.
Agnarelli era sì iscritto al Partito Fascista Repubblicano, ma nonostante la sua fede politica aveva nascosto dalla polizia politica repubblichina un partigiano, salvandolo dal plotone di esecuzione. Insomma Agnarelli era una persona moderata, ma all'interno dell'ambiente di lavoro qualcuno dei suoi colleghi lo odiava, in primis, in quanto caporeparto e poi come fascista, la solita vecchia storia di rancori mai sopiti e riesplosi dopo, nel momento migliore per poter compiere le proprie vendette.
Agnarelli, tuttavia, avendo la coscienza tranquilla, quando cade il Regime Fascista Repubblicano non scappa e neppure si nasconde.
All'indomani del 25 aprile 1945, due operai dell'ILVA, in divisa da partigiano lo vanno a prelevare e lo accompagnano al carcere di S. Agostino, dove erano detenuti molti fascisti in attesa di essere giudicati dai tribunali del popolo.
Qui è interrogato, ma nulla emerge a suo carico e la polizia ausiliaria partigiana è costretta, obtorto collo, a rilasciarlo. La moglie e il figlio tredicenne, lo vanno ad aspettare al rilascio, abbracciandolo con grande gioia.
Sono tutti convinti di aver scampato un grave pericolo ma non è così. Dopo appena due giorni i soliti noti pieni di rancore per la sua liberazione, ritornano a casa sua, nel centro storico di Savona e lo riprendono senza alcuna procedura o mandato, questa volta non si recano al carcere ma direttamente all'ILVA, sul vecchio pontile rugginoso e in disarmo, famigerato luogo di esecuzioni.
Qui Gioacchino Agnarelli sarà ucciso con la solita crudeltà. Il suo corpo crivellato dalle raffiche, verrà recuperato solo dopo cinque giorni, assieme ad altri corpi di persone ammazzate dai partigiani comunisti e tumulato in una grossolana cassa di ferro. Nel 1956, finalmente, le sue spoglie verranno sistemate dalla famiglia in una vera bara funebre.
Poco prima di assassinarlo, i suoi carnefici gli presero gli spiccioli che aveva in tasca, e gli sfilarono degli anelli che portava alle dita.

Gioacchino era un fumatore e nella tasca teneva un accendino, quasi per crudele ironia, quelli che lo uccisero riconsegnarono ai famigliari l'accendino, solo quello, forse perchè loro non fumavano.

          esposto di Laura Mongolli   
Siamo nel 1950, sono passati cinque anni circa, dall'assassinio di Giuseppina Ghersi, sul cui omicidio le indagini vanno molto a rilento. La povera madre di Giuseppina, Laura Mongolli, coniugata Ghersi, viene nominata in una relazione della Questura , indirizzata al Giudice Istruttore del Tribunale di Savona. In questo rapporto, si parla della povera bambina, di un attentato dinamitardo che fu compiuto con dell'esplosivo applicato alla porta della casa dove abitava il padre di Giuseppina, Antonio. Ma soprattutto l'ultima parte del documento è molto interessante perchè si verbalizzano le accuse dei coniugi Ghersi verso alcuni nominativi di poliziotti partigiani che a vario titolo sono stati coinvolti nella vicenda e soprattutto si fanno due nomi , uno avrebbe rapito Giuseppina Ghersi e l'altro sarebbe, secondo la denuncia l'autore materiale dell'omicidio. In particolare emerge dalla denuncia anche il nome del mandante del rapimento , un soggetto estremamente attivo in numerose vicende oscure che avvennero nel periodo successivo al 25 aprile 1945. Questi documenti provengono dall'Archivio di Stato di Savona.

          Manejo de Ecossistemas    

Manejo de Ecossistemas

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment ReportEcossistemas promovem o bem-estar humano através do fornecimento dos mais variados serviços. A gestão ecossistêmica é uma abordagem para o gerenciamento de recursos naturais enfocada na capacidade dos ecossistemas de suprir as demandas ecológicas e futuras necessidades humanas. 

A gestão ecossistêmica se adapta a necessidades emergentes, a novas informações e promovem o bem estar humano através dos serviços oferecidos.  Fomenta uma visão compartilhada de um futuro desejável da integração de perspectivas sociais, ambientais e econômicas ao manejo de sistemas ecológicos naturais  definidos geograficamente.

Selecionada como uma das seis áreas prioritárias da   estratégia do PNUMA para o período 2010-2013,  a gestão   ecossistêmica requer o desenvolvimento de metodologias,   mecanismos e instrumentos que o PNUMA vem   aperfeiçoando  e colocando à disposição dos países a sua   experiência em:

  • maior integração de abordagens ecológicas nos   processos de planejamento e desenvolvimento;

  • reforço de capacidades e apoio tecnológico para o uso de ferramentas de manejo do ecossistema (conservação, proteção, restauração, gestão sustentável, legislação, certificação);

  • Realinhamento dos programas ambientais e financiamento de medidas de proteção contra a degradação de serviços prioritários do ecossistema;  

  • Avaliação e monitoria  (ex. Indicadores, pesquisa etc);

  • Avaliação de riscos;

  • Definição de metodologias para o pagamentos por serviços ecossistêmicos, mecanismos de incentivos e financiamento;

  • Governabilidade entre gestores públicos, privados e atores sociais relevantes.

Tendo em vista que os serviços ecossistêmicos são interligados (ver figura abaixo) e não podem ser considerados isoladamente, o PNUMA promove uma perspectiva holística para lidar com aspectos como regulamentação, abastecimento, apoio e hábitos culturais, visando reverter o declínio de recursos através de uma maior resiliência e melhor funcionamento dos ecossistemas.

Seleção dos principais elementos  dos serviços de ecossistemas:

Serviços de Ecossistemas

Fig. 1. Representação esquemática dos serviços de ecossistemas selecionados pelo PNUMA, como categorizados nas Avaliações Ecossistêmicas do Milênio (controle, abastecimento, suporte e cultural). 

Clique aqui para saber mais sobre o trabalho do PNUMA em Manejo de Ecossistemas. 

          Method for post-emergence crabgrass control   
The present invention provides a method for post-emergence selective crabgrass control by applying a composition comprising a first herbicide and a second herbicide in which the first herbicide is 2,4-dinitro-N3,N3-dipropyl-6-(trifluoromethyl)-1,3-benzenediamine and the second herbicide is N-[2,4-dichloro-5-[4-(difluoromethyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl]phenyl]methanesulfonamide to a locus where one to two leaf growth stage crabgrass is present.
          Results of TN TET 2017 declared   

Tamil Nadu Teachers Recruitment Board (TN TRB) has declared the results of the state Teacher Eligibility Test (TN TET) 2017. Students who have emerged for this paper can check their results on the official website of the Board that is

KEAM 2017 First Allotment List Released, details here

This year on April 29 around 2,41,555 emerged for paper 1 of TN TET whereas 5,12,260 students emerged for paper 2 of TN TET held on April 30. The answer keys for the similar were available on 22nd May. TN TRB has conveyed that, following careful scrutiny, an amend and final answer key has been released and on account of that, OMR answer sheets have been checked and provisional mark list of the written examination for TNTET Paper-I and TNTET- paper – II – 2017 are revealed.

DAF of UPSC Engineering Services (Main) Examination 2017 out

He further added that, answers which have been shaded correctly or have not marked the serial code in their answer sheets have not been marked.

How to check the results:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click the link for “Tamil Nadu Teachers Eligibility Test (TNTET) – 2017 – Please click here for Examination Results and Final Key Answers”
  • Read through the instructions and click on “next”.
  • Click on “individual candidate query”.
  • Enter your roll number and click on “result”.
  • Download and take a print out for further reference.

The post Results of TN TET 2017 declared appeared first on NewsCrab.

          7 things successful people do the night before a vacation   

water swimming fireworks vacation party New Year's Rio

It's summer, which means it's time to reward yourself with some time off.

But before you jet off to some sunny shore, you need set your affairs in order at work.

The night before your vacation is a crucial time to prepare.

Effective planning will give you peace of mind while you're catching some rays, and it will prevent problems from cropping up when you drag your sunburnt self back into the office in a few days.

The last thing you need after leaving paradise is to have to deal with some preventable fiasco at work.

Here are seven things you should do the night before your vacation starts:

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Clean up

Before you leave the office, take some time to tidy up your desk.

That way, you'll at least know you're coming back to a "well-organized, inviting workspace," Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of "The Humor Advantage," tells Business Insider.

Set up your out-of-office messages

Remember, your phone and inbox won't just freeze up while you're gone.

"Set your out-of-office response on your voice mail and email," Ryan Kahn, a career coach, founder of The Hired Group, and author of "Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad," tells Business Insider

"This may seem obvious, but it's often overlooked," he says. "You may be on vacation, but others may not be. Don't risk inadvertently damaging any relationships."

"Make sure your voice mail accurately gives your date of return," Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job," tells Business Insider.

She also recommends ensuring that your boss and key coworkers know the procedure regarding emergency contact.

Kerr says that it's also a good idea to include additional info in your OOO messages.

"Let colleagues and customers know what options they have for reaching someone else who can help them," he says.

"Don't overlook the positive goodwill you'll garner from adding some humor to your message: One of my client's e-mail auto response described how she'd been kidnapped by her three small children and held in Disneyland," he says.

Make a list

The night before your vacation, take the time to sit down with a pen and paper.

Kerr suggests creating a final, detailed to-do list of action items, both personal and work-related, that you know you'll need to do once you return from your vacation.

"Doing this will reduce your mental clutter as you head out on vacation and help you feel more relaxed knowing that everything's down on paper and organized for your return," he says.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider
          Человек, который слишком мало знал / The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997) HDTVRip | D, P2, A   

Категория: Фильмы / AVI
Размер: 2.18 GB
Траффик: Раздают (отдают): 6,961, Скачивают (качают): 8,487
Добавлен: 2017-07-01 19:50:43
Человек, который слишком мало знал / The Man Who Knew Too Little

«Его миссия настолько секретна, что даже он не знает о ней»

Информация о фильме
Название: Человек, который слишком мало знал
Оригинальное название: The Man Who Knew Too Little
Год выхода: 1997
Жанр: боевик, триллер, комедия
Режиссер: Джон Эмиел
В ролях: Билл Мюррей, Питер Галлахер, Джоэнн Уэлли, Альфред Молина, Ричард Уилсон, Джон Стэндинг, Саймон Чэндлер, Джеральдин Джеймс, Анна Чэнселлор, Николас Вудесон

О фильме:
Приехавшего в Лондон Уоллеса Ричи принимают не за того, кто он есть на самом деле. Случайно он получает секретные инструкции и становится крутым суперагентом, сам того не подозревая.
Ричи простой и наивный парень, он с трудом выговаривает сложные слова и вряд ли так хорош, как кажется, но… он весело решает все проблемы, особенно не задумываясь над ними. Стрельба, погони, нокауты и бомбы с часовым механизмом — это только начало. Начало жизни шпиона!

Страна: США, Германия
Студия: Warner Bros., Regency Enterprises, Polar Productions
Продолжительность: 01:33:35
Перевод: 1.дублированный (Варус Видео)
2.профессиональный двухголосый НТВ+ (Наталья Казначеева, Игорь Тарадайкин)
3.авторский одноголосый (Мирослав Махрук)

Кодек: AVC
Качество: HDTVRip-AVC
Видео: 1024x576, 2560 kbps, 23,976 fps, 0,181 Bits/(Pixel*Frame)
AC3, 48 kHz, 192 kbps, 2 ch - дублированный
AC3, 48 kHz, 192 kbps, 2 ch - профессиональный двухголосый
AC3, 48 kHz, 192 kbps, 2 ch - авторский одноголосый
AC3, 48 kHz, 192 kbps, 2 ch - оригинал (ENG)
Субтитры: русские, английские (отключаемые)



Автор рипа: Bathory
Sommergerichte in der „easyKuchl“: Stefan Zelger zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie einen Avocado-Mango-Salat für heiße Tage auf den Tisch zaubern. Das VIDEO.

le Sénégal inaugure sa troisième centrale solaire en moins d'un an


Le président sénégalais Macky Sall a procédé jeudi à l'inauguration de la troisième centrale solaire photovoltaïque du pays, d'une capacité de 30 Mégawatts (Mw), à Méouane, dans la région de Thiès (centre-est), a constaté Xinhua.
Après l'inauguration en octobre dernier de la centrale solaire de Bokhol, dans la région de Saint-Louis, et en novembre de celle de Malicounda, dans le département de Mbour, le Sénégal a maintenant une troisième centrale fonctionnelle.
D'un coût de 27 milliards de francs CFA, la centrale de Santhiou Mékhé fournira 30 Mw d'électricité pour la consommation de 200.000 ménages.
Selon Macky Sall, cette initiative de recourir à l'énergie solaire traduit la volonté de son gouvernement de "promouvoir les énergies propres et renouvelables", conformément aux engagements du Sénégal envers la COP21 de Paris et la COP22 de Marrakech.
"La réalisation de cette centrale s'inscrit dans notre marche résolue vers la résorption définitive du déficit de production d'énergie. Dès à présent, nous allons dépasser les 20% d'énergies solaires auxquels nous avons souscrits dans le Plan Sénégal émergent. Il faut d'abord un mix énergétique pour sortir de la tyrannie du pétrole", a affirmé Macky Sall.
Selon le président sénégalais, la réalisation de cette politique a été possible grâce à la "combinaison intelligente" des énergies nouvelles telles que l'énergie solaire, mais aussi le gaz et l'hydroélectricité, à travers des organismes tels que l'Organisation pour la mise en valeur du fleuve Sénégal (OMVS) et l'Organisation pour la mise en valeur du fleuve Gambie (OMVG).
"Ceci fera du Sénégal un pays exportateur d'énergies, dont le coût doit nécessairement baisser, entraînant plus de compétitivité de l'économie et de pouvoir d'achat des populations", a-t-il déclaré, soulignant que "le Sénégal est resté leader en Afrique de l'Ouest dans la promotion de l'énergie solaire".
Macky Sall a également annoncé la construction "très prochainement" de huit autres centrales solaires à travers le pays, précisant que la centrale solaire de Kaoune (centre, région de Kaolack) serait achevée au mois d'août prochain et celle de Médina Ndakhar (région de Thiès) en octobre.

          In the Darkness...   
In the darkness emerges the real you...the light-less you, weighed down with self-loathing and hate...slowly, surely, eroding, eroding...

The one with the tear-stained face and bleeding heart; the one surrounded by the shards of shattered dreams. The one who is weak, powerless against the torrent of emotion...forever stumbling, groping, groping...

The self that is forever searching; forever incomplete.The one who lives deep inside, cowering, cowering...

The quintessential 'you' - so wistful, so bitter, so perfectly buried.
Except why am I saying you, its me.

          PartsPro (Auto Parts Counter Person) - Store #736 - PartSource - St. Catherines, PE   
Possession of a valid driver's license is an asset. On an exception basis, may be asked to use company vehicle to provide the emergency delivery of automotive...
From PartSource - Thu, 20 Apr 2017 23:11:01 GMT - View all St. Catherines, PE jobs
          Reader digest best jokes   

A foreign tourist hired a guide to take him around Delhi and Agra. At the
Red Fort at Delhi, he admired the architecture and asked how many years it
took to build.
“Twenty years,” replied the guide.
‘You Indians are a lazy lot,” the tourist said. “In my country, this could have
been built in five.’
At Agra he admired the Taj’s beauty and asked how many years it took to
‘Only ten years,’ said the guide.
The tourist retorted: ‘You Indians are slow! We can construct such buildings
in two-and-a-half.’
In this fashion the tourist claimed that every building he admired could have
been built in his country in quarter the time. Finally, when they reached the
Qutab Minar, and the tourist asked what it was, the guide replied: ‘I don’t
know. It wasn’t there yesterday evening.


Overheard at the veterinarian’s: ‘I had my cat neutered. He’s still out all
night with the other cats, but now he’s a consultant.’


When an efficient secretary asked her boss for a raise in her salary, he
turned her down, saying: ‘Your salary is already higher than that of the
secretary at the next desk. And she has five children.’
‘Excuse me,’ the efficient woman replied, ‘I thought we got paid for what we
produce here—not for what we produce at home in our own time.’


Husband and wife were in the midst of a violent quarrel, and hubby was
losing his temper. ‘Be careful,’ he said to his wife. ‘You’ll bring out the beast
in me.’
‘So what?’ his wife shot back. ‘Who’s afraid of a mouse?’


Aman was driving well above the speed limit when a police car suddenly
emerged from behind, sirens blaring. Thinking he’d outpace the cop, the
man pushed his accelerator to the floor. His car’s speed rose to sixty, then
seventy, eighty, and ninety. Finally, the man thought, what the heck, and
pulled over, ready to receive a speeding ticket.
The police officer got out, leaned over the man and said: ‘Listen, Mister, I
have had a really lousy day, and I just want to go home. Give me a good
excuse and I’ll let you go.’
The man thought for a moment and said: ‘Three weeks ago my wife ran off
with a police officer. When I saw your car in my mirror, I thought you were
that officer and were trying to give her back to me.’
No ticket.


A not-too-bright candidate for the police force failed in the written
examination. Since he was the Chief’s nephew, the examiner decided to go
easy on him with the oral test.
“Who shot Abraham Lincoln?”, asked the examiner.
The candidate pondered for a moment and then asked if he could have
sometime to come up with the answer. The examiner told him to come back
the next morning.
When the would-be recruit went home, his wife asked, “Well, how did it go?
Did you get the job?”.
“I think so,” he replied. “They have already got me working on a case”.

          Dramatic road rage brawl sees two drivers lay into each other in the middle of a London street during rush hour   
SHOCKING footage has emerged showing a dramatic road rage brawl in the middle of rush hour. Two men are seen laying into each other in the clip amid the gridlocked traffic in New Cross, South East London. The video, filmed from the upper deck of a bus and posted to YouTube, is believed to have […]
          Artic Temps = Slow Cooking   

It is crazy cold in Philly.  The Schuylkill River has a layer of ice.  A LAYER OF ICE!  Ca-razy.  I look semi-homeless with all my layers.  I usually look semi-homeless.  I am so freaking cold. We have a really old house that does not retain heat well.  It was built when Lincoln was in office and the windows are horrible.  I actually went around a few weeks back with packing tape and taped the "leaks".  We are always wearing hats and scarves and Arcteryx jackets.  It is awful.  On the weekends I tend to cook all day.  The house fills with delicious smells and the kitchen is warm. We start the day and hang about the table as I chop and saute and stir and bake.  In the past two months I have made some real winners.  Duck Confit, Beef Bourguignon, Calabrese Ricotta Dumpling Soup and French Onion Soup.  REAL, 6 hour long, onion soup with crouton and comte.

Let's begin with the onion soup.  I roasted the bones and veggies and made stock.  Very good.  Then the onions.  On low low heat, stirring...stirring...stirring...6 hours later.  Pretty, no?  It was laborious.  We sat down that evening to eat.  I even have those adorable soup bowls with the lion's head.  I have made onion soup before, but not with my own beef stock.  Everyone dug in.  John declared that it was "too rich" and maybe "too herbaceous".  So fucking annoyed.  With me, not him. I think I added too much thyme to my stock.  I don't know about you, but I get super irritated when I spend this much time and effort and a tiny little detail blows the whole thing to hell.  I know, I know...  I cannot help it.  It won't stop me.  I will keep going.

Okay, now duck confit.   It takes three or more days.  I will be honest, I LOVE LOVE LOVE duck confit, but I will have to wait to repeat this effort again.  Having your house smell like duck fat for days and days is awful.  I woke up on the third day and almost cried.  The aroma hung in the air like cat hair on black wool pants, refusing to leave.  I felt like my pores were filled with duck fat and I was breathing duck fat air.  I actually thought about Village Whiskey.  They serve duck fat fries and I was sad for their chefs.  Poor souls smelling that day in and out.  Going home to their significant others smelling like that every day.  Maybe their dogs are appreciative.  Oy.  Anywho, duck confit is a day of herb-saltage (new word that means curing), a day (or overnight) of rendering fat and cooking in fat for what feels like forever.  Then at least a day submerged in fat (preferably a week or more) to age.  Then you sear the skin to crisp and warm it in the oven.  The whole house smells like duck fat again. It is too much.  I love duck confit.  Ample time must pass between confitting (pronounced "kon - feeting").  Our aging in duck fat does seem to bother my kids.  They loved it.  I packed the leftovers in their school lunch the following day.  One friend pronounced it "nasty" and not in the good way.  To each his own.

Last up was a delicate soup of chicken broth and ricotta dumplings.  Lovely and oh so temperamental.  I saved the chicken from the stock and made chicken salad for the kids lunches.  The dumplings were a challenge.  I had to add those little balls to the perfectly simmering broth.  Too lively....disintegration!  A Goldilocks dish.  It was delicious, but John announced that it was not enough to make an entire meal.  A starter.  Too bad people cause that was all I had.

So, next up on Saturday is my oxtail ragu.  Maybe I will make my own pasta.  Have not decided yet.  Spring is just around the corner.  I must get in all these all day dishes.  When the weather warms, who wants to be inside?
          Cali, Cali, Cali....I think so.   

During the holidays we took a family trip to our usual New Orleans. This year we decided to start in San Francisco, on to Tahoe, then to Nawlins. It was a quick trip, just to eat in San Fran. We walked and ate, visited with some friends and then were gone. Being that the trip was so condensed, I had to choose wisely. Where to go?

We arrived in San Francisco late. I hate arriving in the dark. My first impression of color and bustle of a city are extremely important. I remember the first time I arrived in Venice. It was extremely late and dark and deserted and cold and well, meh.... When John and I emerged early the next morning, I was hit with the chill of the November air and the colors! It was amazing. I like arriving in daylight.

The kids were exhausted, it was late and they were starving. We quickly jumped into a cab and made our way to Delfina in the Mission. Being exhausted, we did not notice that the pizza place and the restaurant were adjoined, but with separate entrances. Once seated, we realized that pizza did not appear on the menu. When we asked, they directed us next door. We felt like asses, but they assured us they were not annoyed. We walked through the door at 11:01pm to be informed that they stopped serving at 11. Even though we explained that we were sitting next door, nope, no dice. It was okay. We ran back and were served a most delicious dinner. I am happy we did not miss out. I would have been sad. Our waiter was amazing and the food superb. We would return for spectacular pizza in two days time.

The weekend was filled with the Ferry Building, the farmers market, trips to Bi-Rite (excellent) and burritos in the Mission. We had one of the best meals ever at La Ciccia. Spaghetti with bottarga, lamb, clams, it was divine! We spent our day walking around the city and eating. Chinatown was fantastic and a trip to City Lights was mandatory. I purchased some poetry by Bukowski and the kids each purchased a book, while John checked out the cigar stores on the block.

I have the Tartine cookbook. I use it often. We were about to leave the city to drive to Tahoe and I realized that I had not been able to get to Tartine. I told John that this was important to me. It was closed when we went to Delfina for pasta and I was not sure that I could miss Tartine. He agreed and we jumped in a cab. $28 dollars later (he was not pleased) we arrived at the famous bakery. The line snaked around the block. John looked over at a pizza that was just placed on an outdoor table at Delfina. Pizzatime!!! Why not? So what if we had just had lunch with friends in the Barcadero? As we waited outside for our table, Hilary Swank appeared at the door. I leaned over to my 15 year old daughter, "Bean (we call her bean), Hilary Swank is inside."
Bean, "What? Million Dollar Baby Hillary Swank?"
Me, "Yup. She's inside eating carbs."
Bean, "Cool. Do you think I can ask her about acting?"
Me, "No. Please ignore her. Let her eat."
Bean, "But...she's a million dollar baby."
Me, "Everyone deserves to eat pizza unmolested. It should be a law."
Bean, "You're right."

Our table was set and we walked inside. Our backs were to Ms. Swank and we happily ate our arancini, our salads and of course, our amazing, perfect crust pizza. I snapped pics of the kids laughing and our pizza. Suddenly, Ms. Swank appeared before our table and while looking in another direction, announced that she did not like people taking pictures of her without her consent. Amen, sister. Wait...was that directed at me?!! NO. I was not taking pictures of you. Want to go through my film? I could not have. What was going on? She then rushed behind me to a table and happily posed with them for some authorized pictures. Whew. Not directed at me. Honestly, you may be a million dollar baby, but I would not take a pic of you eating pizza. Not only is it not nice, but I do not worship celebrities. I worship food, architecture, books, travel and most important are my family's faces. Never fear Ms. Swank.

Finally, we walked over to Tartine. The line had not abated. 45 minutes later, we sat outside with a lemon tart, a slice of coconut cake with passionfruit cream, a banana cream tart (I think) and a few bags of cookies and some macaroonie thingies. It was delicious. The lemon tart was my favorite. Perfectly balanced, crisp buttery crust, not so sweet cream...lovely. I am glad we waited, although the service in San Francisco seems to be more about the servers than the product. There was no sense of urgency and absolutely no reason that I should have waited 45 minutes for ready made items. The people behind the counter were having conversations and laughing with each other. I thought, "HEY! GET TO WORK! PRONTO!" I have been told that this is an east coast vs. west coast thing. Cali is laid back and waiting is fine. It was worth the wait. Stay on the east coast! I am told. We waited 35 minutes for a cappuccino at Blue Bottle. It was delicious, but I am an addict. Addicts don't like to wait that long. I counted 14 people ahead of me. Maybe I am being unreasonable. It was very good coffee.

I think I may need more Cali in my life. I should not be so impatient.

          We all have our weaknesses   
I have always been jealous of those women who can belt out a belch that makes you sit up straight. You know what I am talking about. This foul disgusting belch that comes from their toes, it seems. It vibrates off the small adjacent walls and there they are, just sitting there, looking as if they never burped, slowly placing their beer back on the table. I am jealous. I cannot whistle either. Do you think it's related? I do.

I know this is not the sort of talk to be had on a recipe page, but it must be discussed? I think so. There are things I think of that I am lacking. I cannot burp with any type of abandon. It's sad. I also cannot whistle. Don't mock me. I cannot. I have worked for hours. This is not rocket science. I have seen idiots whistle. Why!??!!! Why not me? My sister in law can put both her fingers in her mouth, not unlike a lumberjack, and whistle so loud, it causes people to wince. Why!?! Why can't I do that. Life is unfair.

I CAN follow a recipe. Most cannot, as I have discovered. Can you? I have given really smart people recipes and they call me and say, "There were so many apples left over after I filled the pie tin that I made muffins. Then my pie emerged from the oven flat. Really shallow. What did I do wrong?" I want to say, "Really?....REALLY? Come cut into people's bodies to remove stuff and you cannot figure out that you needed all those apples?"

Okay people. Ask away.... I will be the fixer of recipes that do not work. Just email me. I can do it.

La Regina

          Making Cities Smarter With Connected Cars   
Five words or less(NewsUSA) - We live in an age of new mobility, where the landscape of our digital life is expanding and evolving at unprecedented speed. Wireless connectivity has spread from computers and smartphones to cars, homes and cities, and it's simplifying and improving our way of living. The rise of "smart" objects and machines powered by machine-to-machine (M2M) technology has been a huge catalyst for the Internet of Things -- a web of connected objects and devices that communicate with one another to make life easier. The automotive industry is leading the way forward with more than 23 million connected cars on the road today and projections for 152 million by 2020. Connected cars enhance our lives with rich services, including advanced 3D navigation, automatic emergency calling when accidents occur and always-on mobile WiFi. They can automatically exchange information with other smart objects, such as traffic lights, to help reduce road congestion and improve navigation. They can also direct drivers to the nearest open parking spot and turn on the heat and stereo system before arriving home. The possibilities are exciting and limited only by our ability to securely manage wireless service plans for the long life of vehicles and smart city solutions. Until recently, updating connected car systems was costly and time-consuming, requiring a visit to a dealership to change electronic components embedded under the dashboard. Consumers will soon be able to securely update wireless features and even add new vehicles or smart home devices to existing mobile service plans via a mobile device app or website visit. The new "on-demand connectivity" solution makes it much easier to adopt new technology or instantly take advantage of special offers without additional service contracts or monthly invoices. "In an increasingly connected world, it is vital to remove barriers for growth," said Gemalto Vice President Juan Lazcano. "On Demand Connectivity allows people to easily manage their connected devices while helping mobile network operators improve service offerings and customer loyalty. It's a win-win scenario." The best part is Gemalto's solution adds a layer of data security that ensures personal information is protected when service plan updates are made. This allows all of us to trust in the connected cars and smart cities of the future. For more information, visit
          για την ίδρυση της Βαγδάτης και για την αραβική αντίληψη των μνημείων   

 > Analyses historiques > La fondation de la ville de Bagdad

Par Louise Plun

La ville de Bagdad voit le jour sous le califat des Abbassides, dynastie fondée par Abû al-Abbas As Saffah, descendant de l’oncle du prophète. La période allant de 750 à 861 est une période de grand essor, de progrès et de faste ; tandis que la période allant de 861 à 946 voit se multiplier les difficultés intérieures conduisant à l’effacement progressif des souverains et au morcellement de l’Empire en nombreuses principautés autonomes.
Pendant cette période prospère, marquée par un pouvoir politique fort, un commerce florissant, l’essor de la culture et des idées intellectuelles, naissent et se développent les villes, en particulier Bagdad.

Le contexte politique

Au milieu du VIIème siècle, une conjonction de facteurs aboutit à la chute de la dynastie omeyyade et à l’avènement de la dynastie abbasside. En effet, la lente assimilation de la propagande anti omeyyade dans les régions mécontentes du califat, la permanence d’une agitation chiite restée fidèle à Ali, les difficultés de successions ajoutées aux obstacles d’ordres politique et militaire des califes omeyyades de Damas, ainsi que l’émergence d’un mouvement clandestin révolutionnaire abbasside ayant pour berceau le Khorasan, débouchent en 749 sur le renversement des Omeyyades. Le premier calife de la dynastie abbasside est proclamé : al Saffâh, dit le Généreux. En 754 lui succède son frère désigné, Abu Ja’far, né d’une mère berbère, qui prend le nom d’al-Mansûr. Cependant, cette succession se voit contestée et engendre une révolte. Dans ce contexte insurrectionnel, le nouveau calife répond dans un premier temps par la force. Cependant, dans le but d’ancrer sa dynastie dans le paysage politique, al-Mansûr fait le choix d’affirmer son pouvoir en décidant en 762 de la création d’une nouvelle capitale abbasside : Bagdad. Ce choix résulte également de la volonté de rompre avec le modèle omeyyade en dotant le nouvel Empire d’un nouveau centre. En effet, là où les Omeyyades s’appuyaient sur les Arabes syriens de Damas, les Abbassides s’appuient sur des contingents composés d’Arabes d’Iran et de convertis, les mawalis, originaires en grande majorité du Khorasan, berceau de la révolution abbasside. La capitale de la nouvelle dynastie se rapproche donc de ses alliés sans s’éloigner de ses ennemis politiques afin de les garder sous contrôle. Son emplacement s’ancre désormais dans les terres originelles du pouvoir perse achéménide, non loin de l’ancienne capitale, Babylone.

Entre mythe et réalité

Selon al-Ya’qûbî, fonctionnaire de l’administration califale, historien et géographe, le calife al-Mansûr aurait déclaré en arrivant sur le site de la future ville de Bagdad « c’est bien la ville qu’aux dires de mon père je dois fonder […]. Cette « île » bordée à l’Est par le Tigre et à l’Ouest par l’Euphrate, se révélera être le carrefour de l’univers ». Dès lors, c’est entre le mythe et la véracité historique que l’histoire de la fondation de Bagdad se révèle.
Selon la légende, l’emplacement de la ville abbasside aurait été prédestiné par Muhammad qui en aurait eu la révélation, moyen à l’époque d’enraciner le pouvoir abbasside dans les pas du prophète. En effet, selon ce dernier, l’air y aurait été pur, la terre fertile, la température équilibrée et les ressources abondantes et variées. La renommée de l’emplacement transparait encore aujourd’hui à travers le nom de la ville elle-même, puisqu’en persan, « bâgh » signifie « jardin ». Le lieu primitif de la ville était « Baghdalth », signifiant « Dieu donné ». Ainsi, le caractère religieux et prophétique de la ville est un aspect important de la fondation de la ville, et pose les bases d’une cité à l’avenir prometteur puisque prédéterminé par la volonté de Dieu.
Pourtant en Orient, la puissance d’une ville se mesure à son temps de prospérité. L’astrologue Noubaht, « nouvelle fortune » en persan, prédit pour Bagdad une durée de vie similaire au nombre 309 de la Sourate XVIII du Coran, symbolique du temps d’attente pendant lequel les Alides, fils du prophète, attendirent avant de retrouver leurs droits méconnus depuis la mort de ce dernier. Puis Bagdad se voit donner le nom de la ville de « la paix », réunissant en effet tous les critères de prospérité que le poète d’Al-Andalous, Mansour an Namary décrit ainsi : « As-tu vu de tes yeux sur la longueur et la largeur de la terre une maison pareille à Bagdad ? Certes c’est le paradis terrestre. »
Pour les historiens cependant, la ville n’a rien d’extraordinaire. Elle serait en effet désertique, les pluies y seraient rares, le climat y atteindrait des extrêmes. Ainsi, pour comprendre l’emplacement de la ville, il faut regarder à l’échelle de la Mésopotamie. La région de Bagdad est une zone plate constituée d’immenses étendues de plaines. A l’Est se situent les montagnes de Zagros, à l’Ouest, le désert de Syrie. Mais la présence des deux fleuves que sont le Tigre et l’Euphrate en fait, avec la région de la vallée du Nil, la région la plus fertile du Moyen-Orient, d’où son nom de « Croissant fertile ». D’autres facteurs topographiques sont à prendre en compte pour expliquer l’emplacement de la ville, en particulier sa position de coeur des voies de circulation : l’une suit l’Euphrate, l’autre le Tigre, la troisième le Satt al-Garraf, et la dernière passe à la limite du Zagros. Dès lors, c’est de Bagdad que l’on peut rejoindre le plus rapidement Alep, la côte méditerranéenne, l’Egypte, ainsi que les lieux saints de l’islam. D’un point de vue stratégique, le lieu est avantageusement protégé par les deux fleuves qui constituent un rempart naturel.
Dès lors, la fondation de Bagdad ne résulte pas d’un facteur décisif comme ce fut le cas pour Jérusalem, construite sur les ruines de l’Acropole jébuséenne primitive. Bagdad est une ville construite de toute pièce, dont la fondation reste l’un des événements les plus importants de l’histoire du monde arabe et islamique.

Bagdad : reflet d’une nouvelle conception du pouvoir

Pour déterminer l’emplacement exact de sa capitale, al-Mansûr fait appel à des spécialistes, des astronomes, des géomètres « habiles, des experts dans l’art de construire » [1], des physiciens, des ingénieurs, afin de déterminer la qualité des sols, de l’air, du climat. Al-Yaqûbî cite deux spécialistes : al-Fazâri, le premier à fabriquer des astrolabes (outils permettant de mesurer la hauteur des astres), Mâshallâh, astrologue personnel du calife et savant juif. Ainsi, les plans de la ville auraient été dressés en 758-759 au « mois de rabi’ I de l’an 141 » I [2], c’est-à-dire en juillet 758. Ainsi, la construction de la ville débute sous les auspices de la science. Al-Mansûr ne fait débuter les travaux que lorsqu’il « eut à sa disposition cent mille ouvriers et manoeuvres » [3]. La « ville ronde » nait. Cette forme géométrique reflète la volonté d’affirmation des Abbassides, forme nouvelle, géométrique parfaite et rigoureuse, à l’image de leur pouvoir. Effectivement, la figure géométrique ronde est le symbole de la perfection et du cycle permanent, un signe parfait déjà en vigueur chez les Grecs. La ville a donc cette particularité de s’inscrire à l’intérieur d’un rempart circulaire, alors que les villes du monde méditerranéen ont été plutôt carrées ou rectangulaires.
D’un périmètre d’environ dix kilomètres, la ville donne une vision solaire du pouvoir, reflétant la puissance du calife. Sur l’esplanade centrale se dresse le palais du calife et sa porte d’Or. Ce somptueux palais est le symbole d’une cité sensée se suffire à elle-même. Le palais possède une coupole verte d’une extrême magnificence, dans le but d’effacer le souvenir des coupoles vertes omeyyades de Damas ou de Wasit. Le calife reçoit, dans la plus grande solennité, au centre du palais, c’est-à-dire au centre des centres. A proximité du palais se situe la Grande Mosquée. Autour du palais, les bâtiments administratifs sont voisins des demeures princières, constituant ainsi le cercle le plus proche du calife. L’enceinte extérieure est aménagée de quatre portes se faisant face deux par deux : la porte de Kufa, la porte de Basra, la porte du Khurasan et la porte de Syrie. Ces quatre portes correspondent aux quatre avenues rejoignant le centre de la circonférence et débouchant parallèlement sur les principales régions composant l’Empire abbasside. Ainsi, le calife est, symboliquement, au centre de son Empire. Toujours à l’image du calife, une extrême richesse s’y déploie, quantité de bois précieux compose la ville. Al-Mansûr a ainsi une vision claire de sa politique, celle-ci passant dans un premier temps par l’image du lieu de son pouvoir, Bagdad étant en effet à la fois la vitrine et l’outils de celui-ci : un pouvoir centralisé et fort.
La ville de Bagdad ne se limite cependant pas à l’enceinte royale. Dans les alentours de la ville se situent les espaces commerçants nécessaires à la vie quotidienne. Les faubourgs sont également organisés selon un plan d’ensemble, divisés à leur tour en quatre quartiers, selon al-Yaqûbî. Ces quartiers accueillent chacun un corps de métiers, ce qui facilite non seulement leur gestion, mais également le juste et correct prélèvement des impôts et des taxes. Ainsi, autour de la ville ronde de trouvent les sûqs des librairies près de la porte de Basra, ceux des chevaux sur la route du Khorasan, ceux des tanneurs, bouchers, tisserands, métiers ayant des besoins d’approvisionnement en eau, marchands de produits de luxe, (épices, pierres…), bains mais également mosquées.
La situation géographique de Bagdad prédispose la ville à jouer un rôle de centre économique important, se trouvant au centre d’un califat s’étendant de l’Atlantique à l’Inde. « Le centre de ce bas monde, le nombril de la terre » [4] est également une ville cosmopolite dans laquelle se sont établis des marchands arabes ou étrangers. Les historiens estiment le nombre d’habitant de Bagdad à environ 1,5 million. A la mort de son fondateur, en 774, la ville est une métropole s’étendant sur les deux rives du Tigre.
A partir de 814, le calife ne réside plus dans la ville ronde et s’installe sur la rive orientale du Tigre. La capitale abbasside se déplace à Samarra, sous le règne du calife al Mu’tasim, qui prend en 833 la tête de la dynastie. En 865 cependant, le pouvoir retourne à Bagdad. La ville subit de terribles dommages au cours des siècles.
Aujourd’hui, seuls des plans théoriques de la ville nous sont parvenus, les fouilles étant impossibles, le site se trouvant sous les habitations d’aujourd’hui et du fait de la situation politique et militaire du pays qui freine les recherches archéologiques. Cependant, Bagdad, ville de pouvoir, ville cosmopolite, ville de savoir, a participé pendant des siècles à l’essor du monde musulman, d’un point de vue économique, intellectuel, scientifique, politique ce qui lui vaut sa renommée encore aujourd’hui.
Bibliographie :
- Encyclopédie islamique.
- Dominique Sourdel, L’Etat impérial des califes abbassides, Editions puf, 1999.
- Roger Arnaldez, Les grands siècles de Bagdad, Volume I, De la fondation de Bagdad au début du IVème au Xème siècle, SNED, 1985.
- Bagdad, volume spécial publié à l’occasion du mille deux centième anniversaire de la fondation, Leiden, Brill, 1962.
- Georges Salmon, Islamic Geography, Volume 86, Introduction topographique à l’histoire de Bagdad, 1904.
Notes :
[1Al-Ya’qûbî, Le Livre des Pays, édité et traduit par G. Wiet, Le Caire, 1937.

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          Keiko Kitagawa to be turned into the scapegoat if KimuTaku's HERO flops? (TouSpo)   

1: 声なき声に力を ★@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:05:38.32 ID:???
Actress Keiko Kitagawa (27) will be appearing as the heroine in Fuji TV's new Monday-9 drama HERO which will start on July 14.

Takako Matsu previously played the role of the leading lady in HERO, where Takuya Kimura (41) plays an unorthodox prosecutor, in both the 2001 series and the 2007 movie, but passes on the title to Kitagawa this time around.

"Kimura and Kitagawa have already been together in a Monday-9 drama 4 years ago, in Tsuki no Koibito, so they're already familiar with each other. Kitagawa said that she didn't watch too much TV 13 years ago because she was busy with her high school entrance exam studies, but watched HERO religiously. She's actually happy to be part of this production." - (Fuji TV staff)

But there are also some concerns about this, as her previous project Akumu-chan The Mu-vie was a huge flop.
 "One of the biggest reasons for this is that it got crushed by the mega hit Frozen. Despite all the efforts they put into promoting the movie by casting Momoioro Clover and making Keiko Kitagawa join them in a time-exclusive unit "Kimo-Kuro Z", the movie still didn't do too well. Though you still cannot deny that Frozen had a hand in the results, Kitagawa has now been branded as 'an actress who cannot make people come see her at the movie house'." - (movie industry insider)

Kitagawa has already emerged into a star from her generation of young actresses, and is said that she potentially has 8.3% of ratings with her. But she was at 10.5% a year ago, so there's also this feeling that she's already past her prime.

"Actually, other TV networks and competing agencies are kinda hoping that Kitagawa brings with her that 'bad luck' of her flopped movie when she does HERO." - (showbiz production representative)

And it is also said that this drama with KimuTaku will have bearing on Kitagawa's future.

"Even Kimutaku, Mr. Ratings himself, hasn't been able to get the numbers recently. His drama Ando Lloyd on TBS last year averaged 12.78%. This is a remake of a mega hit drama, so the passing mark will be about 18%." 

And if this drama flops, there's the danger that Kitagawa will be turned into the scapegoat.

"They say that this is the reason why Takako Matsu turned down the role, but it's not a rarity where they blame the actress when KimuTaku and other Johnny's talents dramas have bad ratings. When this doesn't do well, we can already see how people will start saying 'If only Matsu played the role instead...'. Kitagawa's actually been placed in a pretty tight spot."

Will they be able to produce a hit that has the ability to do away with all these doubts and concerns? People will now switch focus to Kitagawa's acting, as well as the drama's ratings.

3 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:07:24.86
Do your best Ando Lloyd w
4 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:07:26.39
I'm gonna watch if Kitagawa will take her clothes off
28 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:14:30.19

There's no appeal to Kitagawa even if she goes nude. She'd actually look much better in undies or a bikini.
5 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:07:35.97
Looks like Johnny's Jimusho took the preemptive strike and immediately took precautionary measure here
8 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:08:57.72

I don't think that will be the case. KimuTaku's been repeatedly mass-producing dramas with low ratings.
9 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:09:44.30 ID:UP2TA//
松たか子の代わりが北川景子て ありえん
Keiko Kitagawa as Takako Matsu's replacement? No way.
15 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:10:59.06
To think that it's already been proven that Love Generation, Long Vacation, and HERO's high ratings were all because of Takako Matsu w
16 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:11:52.72
It's really a mystery to me why they haven't used Takako Matsu who's currently hot property

54 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:20:57.63
Precisely because she's hot property right now. It won't help her career at all even if she boards this sinking ship.
123 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:47:02.03
No good since her height doesn't match well next to KimuTaku.

19 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:12:24.11
Will Abe-chan be in this?

24 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:13:41.72
No he won't

20 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:12:35.36
Hey KimuTaku, having a leading lady that's over a decade younger than you is pitiful
22 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:13:31.04

Kitagawa shouldn't bother doing this, she should ride the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary bandwagon a bit more and just leave KimuTaku there
26 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:14:12.15

Kimu should change his path and start doing dandy old man roles. No to idols over 40.

55 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:21:26.76

He would've probably done so if he could. But Kimura can only do the same thing in whatever he does.

27 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:14:16.54 ID:oAmPTaP/
Hero is good
30 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:14:55.63
キムタコがコケてるだろ そもそもレリゴーとのやりとりがおもろいドラマなのにアホだわ
KimuTako's the one who's been flopping. This drama was fun because of the exchanges between KimuTaku and Rerigo- *(Let It Go---Matsu). Are they stupid?

31 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:15:09.83
もうキムタクドラマを見ないと職場で話題に困る時代でもないし、 とっつぁんアイドル見る必要もないしな
We're not in an era where we would have trouble relating to conversations at work even if we don't watch KimuTaku's drama, so there's no need to watch daddy idols
33 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:15:27.32
I was thinking "So will KimuTaku once again be the one who will give the present this year in the Father's Day commercial?" But then I realized that Father's Day has just passed.
35 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:15:59.57

Nah, KimuTaku and Fuji Tv will definitely be at fault no matter how you see it. But Fuji really has no sense since they're not using the in-demand Matsu and Abe from Thermae.

65 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:25:13.58
They just declined to board a sinking ship

37 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:16:52.38
It's over for them the moment they can't even put the blame on KimuTaku
39 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:17:13.10
But it'll definitely flop. Don't blame Keiko Kitagawa.
41 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:17:21.93

HERO will get the ratings regardless of who's cast. That's if they can recreate it with the same quality.
42 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:17:25.68
I don't think that it'll be a major bomb, but I guess that it will just be so-so
45 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:18:52.37
Even if it flops, people can just say "because it's from Fuji" so no problems for Kitagawa's side
47 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:19:17.45
I'm gonna watch if Kitagawa does a Sailor Moon cosplay
48 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:19:22.02
キムタクの視聴率が良かったのって、華麗なる一族あたりが最後? その後は右肩下がりだっけね。
数字が悪いと共演者と脚本のせいにされんだよなぁ。 キムタク以外の出演、スタッフには旨味がないな。

Was Karei naru ichizoku the last KimuTaku drama that had good ratings? Then it just went on a decline from there, right? If KimuTaku's drama ratings are good, it's thanks to KimuTaku. But if the ratings are bad, the co-stars and the screenplay take the stick. There's just nothing good out of this for the cast and the staff, everyone except KimuTaku.
52 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:19:58.18
If this gets about 10% from the waning Fuji then you can call it a success
57 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:22:11.84

I never really thought anything about her in the past, but she really is pretty. She's slim, but she's got nice curves on her body line.
60 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:23:26.50 ID:/
だいたい破天荒っていうか非常識なだけだが、若いうちはまだいいけど、いつまで経ってもそんなだと現実のキムタクそのまんまで萎えるわ。 ついでに北川と吉高と桐谷はもう見たくない。

The moment Takako Matsu avoided this already signalled doom for this.
That eccentric and absurd character was good while he was young, but it's so unappealing if the current KimuTaku would still portray it that way.
And another thing, I don't want to see Kitagawa, Yoshitaka, and Kiritani anymore.

93 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:32:58.37 ID:Mk/
桐谷は出るドラマ全部コケてるからほっといたら消えると思う 吉高は朝ドラヒットしてるしまだまだ出るだろうね
All dramas Kiritani's been in have been bombing so I think she'll eventually disappear even if you just let her be. Yoshitaka's morning drama is a hit so I think she'll be having more exposure moving forward.

62 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:24:00.25 ID:D2i0v/
悪夢ちゃん未だ普通に上映しているからはコケてないだろ。 北川と松を比べるより、木村人気の今と昔を比較するだろ。
Akumu-chan's still running in cinemas so you can't really call that a flop. And instead of comparing between Kitagawa and Matsu, I think it makes more sense to compare Kimura's popularity then and now.
64 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:24:46.07
If Takako Matsu was a no-go then they should've just cast Haruka Ayase who was already there in the previous one
66 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:25:24.72
It just means that Takako Matsu has achieved a status where she doesn't even have to appear in serial dramas anymore

85 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:30:03.23
She'll be in Oyaji no Senaka which will begin in June. It's not a serial drama as it will just be a story per episode.

79 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:28:35.57

It looks seriously boring without Matsu. Did she really decline the offer?
117 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/22(日) 13:43:45.60
          Why is Mr. Children still so popular after almost 20 years?   

1: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:02:56.25 0 ID:


It's all about how good the melody of their songs are, right?
There are those who are saying that they're just ripping off Elvis Costello's style, but those people are just jealous.

4: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:05:18.47 P ID:
It can be compared to the Liberal Democratic Party's long-term government
6: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:05:49.83 i ID:
Yeah, these guys are even popular with the teens now who weren't even born when these guys made their debut.
8: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:06:23.53 0 ID:
I get the feeling that Sakurai alone is enough...
10: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:07:58.15 0 ID:
What's their biggest hit?
23: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:18:28.96 0 ID:
11: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:09:32.73 0 ID:
They have so many hits, you can't decide on which one to make as their banner song.
13: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:10:37.85 0 ID:
Recently though, I feel that their nice melodies are wasted since they seem to be overdoing their lyrics.
17: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:12:40.80 0 ID:
I don't know if you can call their music enka or folk, but I think the Japanese are used to this kind of stuff. I honestly think they're boring, though.
19: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:13:07.14 O ID:
Their banner song is this one titled REM. I felt like "Mr. Children's finished" after hearing this one.

34: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:27:44.45 i ID:
REM is good. It's been a while since they had songs like that so I'm happy with it.

26: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:20:54.12 0 ID:
They were on the decline at one point, but Sakurai's cerebellum blockage felt like it led to their comeback.
28: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:21:38.08 0 ID:
I read somewhere that Sakurai's voice tickles one's maternal instinct
31: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:24:35.99 0 ID:
I feel that all they sing are ballads, and nothing is really attractive
32: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:24:37.23 0 ID:
Their arrangements are a bit overboard these days. It's like they're trying to cover up his deteriorated songwriting and voice with a ton of makeup.
35: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:28:04.49 0 ID:
Kimo-otas (kimoi= disgusting; ota=otakus) who feel like critics will always make noise on threads like these without fail LOL
40: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:30:50.49 0 ID:
It's amazing that people don't get sick of them. They must be doing well by changing their sound.
44: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:32:19.71 0 ID:
And even if you tell other people that you like some unknown band, they'd just look at you with a strange face. We just have this tendency to answer safely when asked who our favorite celebrities and singers are.
46: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:33:18.75 0 ID:
Prior to their major label debut, they were introduced as the Jun Sky Walker(s)' 'little brothers'. I think they were in the same agency back then.
47: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:33:46.43 0 ID:
I get the feeling that all their songs that came after HANABI have been duds.
48: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:35:59.75 0 ID:
No act from Japan that will surpass Mr. Children in terms of sales has emerged yet. I think though that there are a lot of bands who are trying to imitate them.
49: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:36:49.31 0 ID:
The drum parts feel good
51: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:37:24.56 0 ID:
It was a good memory of mine when I worked part-time as a security at Tokyo Dome and got to see their concert in full.
55: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:41:44.43 0 ID:
There are no other stadium bands like this in Japan. They're on the same level as Oasis.
62: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:54:15.50 0 ID:
They probably have a lot of money and get all the girls when they're selling so much like this. I bet the poor and the unpopular ones are all jealous of them.
63: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:56:53.68 0 ID:
Saying they sing like Costello, I think that was before 1996. I think their other phases are different.

65: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 19:58:48.52 0 ID:
俺の中では「tomorrow never knows」で終わってる
For me they stopped being good after "Tomorrow never knows". It feels like they have just been riding on that momentum ever since.
66: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:00:14.25 0 ID:

I like "Dakishimetai" the best. It was a song before their huge break, though. Hirosue also likes that song the best.

68: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:02:02.69 0 ID:
バンプ ラッド セカオワ あたりがミスチルの後継者だと思う
I think Bump of Chicken, Radwimps, and Sekai no owari are Mr. Children's successors.
71: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:07:00.26 0 ID:
Hey you... no way... I'd understand Kobukuro and Sukimaswitch though. And don't even think of mentioing that trash band flumpool.
70: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:04:10.64 0 ID:
tomorrow never knowsは萩原聖人主演の「若者のすべて」の主題歌
tommorow never knows was used as the main theme song for Masato Hagiwara's Wakamono no subete. This was also the drama that led to the nationwide KimuTako ultra boom. He still wasn't playing lead roles in serial dramas up to this point.
72: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:08:41.31 0 ID:
tomorrow never knowsがもう19年も前の曲か

So tomorrow never knows is already 19 years old. 
74: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:11:40.22 0 ID:
I'm still in my 20s and I honestly think that they were beasts for writing amazing songs like this at the same age as me.
78: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:17:34.72 P ID:
I honestly don't understand Sakurai-kun's lyrical sense, but I think his talent as a melody maker is an inborn talent. There's something about him that's similar to Disney and Nintendo.
79: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:18:19.65 0 ID:
It was pretty huge for Mr. Children to catch their break in the 90's during the CD bubble era, but Bump of Chicken is this great band that appeared in the era where CDs weren't flying off shelves like they used to. They didn't get too much exposure and have been around for 10 years as people have recognized them for their music.
82: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:21:11.46 0 ID:
You Bump fans are so disgusting. I really don't understand what's so good with them. Rad is better than them.
84: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:21:48.16 0 ID:
No one cares about what you like. Whatever you say has no value whatsoever. It's a fact that Sakurai-san accepts them.
89: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:25:31.42 0 ID:
I like both Bump and MisChil but they're different. I don't understand why their name was brought up on this thread.
93: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:27:32.52 0 ID:

It just means that Bump is the only band that can stand a chance against MisChil
96: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:29:07.55 0 ID:
They're not really going against, but they would be taking over Mr. Children's position in the next generation. The age difference is about 10 years apart anyway.
100: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:29:59.03 0 ID:
I thought Remioromen would go up to Bump's level, but they didn't meet the expectations.
104: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:31:24.43 0 ID:

A MisChil song I recently thought was good: "Imitation no Ki"

107: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:31:55.83 0 ID:
1994年 innocent world、Tomorrow never knows
1995年 シーソーゲーム See saw game
1996年 名もなき詩 Na mo naki uta
1998年 終わりなき旅 Owarinaki tabi
2000年 口笛 Kuchibue
2002年 youthful days
2003年 HERO
2004年 Sign
2006年 しるし Shirushi
2008年 HANABI
2010年 365日 365 nichi
117: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:35:18.17 0 ID:
MisChil always say that they don't stand a chance against Spitz's Kusano
118: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:36:09.80 0 ID:
Tamio says that he doesn't stand a chance against Sakurai-kun and Kusano-kun
121: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:36:50.90 0 ID:
MisChil has already reached the Southern All Star's level. They can already afford to take a few years off but they haven't.
124: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:38:04.95 0 ID:
The problem with MisChil is that all the members other then Sakurai are pretty low-level.
131: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:39:46.87 P ID:
Wait a sec, MisChil's drummer is doing a good job. Even the bassist ain't bad.
137: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:43:32.69 0 ID:

Yep, the bass and drums are actually pretty good, but Sakurai is just too overwhelming so people think they're bad. The guitar is bad though.
139: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:43:37.87 i ID:
I wonder why they only have pressed CDs and don't sell their music digitally
143: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:45:03.29 0 ID:
I remember them saying a few years back that "We want to succeed with CDs based on our music".
149: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:46:59.14 0 ID:
Well, the band members are living the life and earning so much because of Sakurai-san. One should definitely cherish his friends.
153: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:50:11.76 0 ID:
But Sakurai himself said many times that the other 3 members are also important. On the outside, they just say that Sakurai writes and composes but it's actually a collective effort from all of them
154: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:51:16.20 0 ID:
If that's true then all of their names should be credited. I feel it's only Sakurai who gets all the credit and earns so much more than the other members.
160: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:53:35.01 0 ID:
The song I like from them recently is HANABI. That's 5 years ago already, huh.
166: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 20:59:17.31 0 ID:
Sakurai is actually pretty handsome. I guess people who like someone like hyde won't get his appeal.
170: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:05:41.68 0 ID:
I can't sing the fast part well in "Na mo naki uta".
The part that goes "Nariyuki makase no..."
180: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:26:50.62 T ID:
But MisChil let their fans sing the songs for them while they only sing a little during concerts, right?
183: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:39:38.55 P ID:
定番はInnocent Worldでたまに口笛とか
They basically let the fans sing 1 song per concert. It's usually "Innocent World", then sometimes "Kuchibue".
184: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:51:05.46 0 ID:
I like all of those songs but they don't sing it for me
185: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 21:55:09.21 P ID:
まぁiinocent worldを最初から最後まで桜井のみなんてのは逆にレアになってるな
I don't think they let the fans sing the entire song, it's usually just the first verse or the second one, or the chorus. Well, it is pretty rare though that Sakurai sings "Innocent World" from start to finish.
188: 2013/05/31(金) 22:11:58.09 0 ID:
People in their early 30s are said to be the ones who are in the MisChil generation (it can also be called Hirosue generation), but "Anmari oboetenaiya" is my favorite song. It almost always brings me to tears whenever I listen to it.

213: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 23:13:44.68 0 ID:

I think Kobayashi's sense and Sakurai's charismatic appeal matched well. They'd just be some no-good youth pop band if it weren't for Kobayashi.
224: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 23:55:07.05 0 ID:
I think the song that cemented Mr. Children's status in the industry is "Na mo naki uta"
226: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 23:56:33.65 0 ID:
I think it was those consecutive singles from "Crossroad" to "Innocent World"

1: れいおφ ★@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:04:25.04 ID:???
Director Isao Yukisada, creator of many hit movies such as Sekai no Chushin de, Ai wo Sakebu and Kita no Zeronen, analyzed the appeal of Mana Ashida, with whom he worked for the first time in the movie Entaku: Kokko, Hitonatsu no Imagine

The movie is about an eccentric 3rd grader, Kokko, who lives with her huge family in Osaka, and how her character develops throughout the summer break.

(Partial Translation)

Director Yukisada commented on Mana Ashida: "She's an actress who possesses wonderful talent". "She's got a rich variety of expressions, and the thing that surprised me the most is her passion for acting. During our first script reading session, she came without her script. She's supposed to have the most number of lines compared to anyone, but she never looked at the script. That left such a huge impression". He also noted how Ashida acted as a leader to the other child actors in the cast.

Director Yukisada also takes credit for helping Ryunosuke Kamiki realize his potential in the movie Tooku no Sora ni Kieta. "I can sense this aura of a genius in Ashida which I also sensed when I worked with Kamiki-kun. And the thing that Mana-chan and Kamiki-kun have in common is that both of them love to act".
One cannot help but feel how bright Ashida's future is when seeing her running innocently on screen under Yukisada's guidance.

3 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:05:03.01
That's Ashida-Pro for you
6 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:05:49.71
Didn't she just forget to bring the script?
7 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:06:04.85
It only seems to me that she's got memories of her past life
37 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:18:26.52

Kids at this age have tremendously good memory.
Everyone was made to memorize our Japanese subject textbooks, and everyone was able to do it properly.
40 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:18:46.26 ID:0vYLPE/
That's because she can’t read.
52 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:26:05.72


I see a lot of people comparing her to video games, like how you start the game again strongly after completing it the first time around. But seriously, can you be this good at only your second run-through?

It's like she's been doing this cycle 100x already. She's mastered it.
56 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:29:05.71

Hah, but anyone can memorize.
Commend her acting skills.
68 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:38:03.47

Mana-chan's got a cute face, she's got a nice personality, and her acting is just flat-out amazing.
Seriously, her acting is sooooo good.
70 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:40:02.01
What kind of superabilities does she have for having a grasp of the entire story without looking at the script at all?
71 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:40:17.34
I think it's fine if she doesn't take a look at it, but she should at least bring it with her
75 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:41:40.63
It just means that she's memorized the entire script before their actual script reading session, right?
10 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:06:31.11
明日ママのやさぐれた役が終わった後すぐ、NHKの時代劇で天真爛漫な役やってて驚いた。 しかも可愛い。
I was surprised at how she suddenly shifted to doing that naive and carefree role in the NHK period drama immediately after seeing her all sulky in Ashita Mama. And to top it off, she's cute.
14 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:07:42.09
I get the feeling that Ashida-pro will turn into a crooked adult in the future
16 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:09:50.71
When you consider how lame the girl who was once called a genius Yumi Adachi is now, you'd come to realize that child actors only get to enjoy success while they're still kids.
24 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:11:23.72
I always feel sorry for actresses in their 20s~30s who can't even recite their lines properly when they're in the frame together with this little rascal.
26 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:12:52.06
It looked to me like her smile looked awkward about 2 years ago, probably due to too much work, but now she looks prettier
29 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:14:26.76
Is Kamiki-kun a genius?
143 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 20:02:28.17
Kamiki's totally gone off the radar

157 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 20:15:59.42
神木は一線で頑張ってるだろ SPECなんかよかったぞ
Nah, Kamiki's still in the frontlines. His SPEC was good.
215 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 21:15:03.47
I can't believe how you're saying that someone of Kamiki's level has disappeared
218 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 21:16:39.70
神木と井上真央が子役出身の勝ち組だろな 芦田愛菜はそれに続く
Kamiki and Mao Inoue are the winners to emerge from the label "former child actors". Mana Ashida will follow in their footsteps.

207 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 21:07:58.86

I think the problem now is if she'll get to reach 158cm or not. I guess. Too bad that Kamiki remained a squirt, and no one had demands for Adachi because she's just too short.
31 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:14:58.77
I find the thought that she'll only be 20 in 10 years time amazing
32 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:15:58.96


>> how Ashida acted as a leader to the other child actors in the cast

Because she'll make sure that kids who oppose her or don't obey her will get eradicated from show business

74 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:41:28.74
I don't think Ashida-pro's influence in the biz is that huge compared to the likes of Fuku-kun

34 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:16:51.18
That's Ashida-pro for ya!
100 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 19:11:51.47 ID:GCfgkx/
行定の作品て近年パッとしない作品が多かったけどこれは面白そうだな 大作じゃないところがいい
Yukisada's movies haven't been making waves recently, but this one looks good. I like how it's not one of those large-scale movies.
136 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 19:52:56.04 ID:0sSYVF/
Any good Isao Yukisada films?

139 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 19:57:26.18
GO was good, but I didn't like SekaChu

417 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/17(火) 02:40:39.88

I really won't be able to understand why they're touting Yukisada as the face of Japanese movies
420 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/17(火) 02:42:21.36
Since it's a Yukisada film, I'm looking forward to Ashida-pro delivering a punchline that will exceed Erika-sama's "Betsu ni..." during the press meet.
468 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/17(火) 10:09:49.66

Yukisada's movie flopped because of Erika-sama and wasn't able to shoot movies for a couple of years, right?
118 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 19:37:24.40
I've seen the making footages of Entaku and she can apparently control the timing of when she wants her tears to come out

173 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 20:32:42.77
I think she's absolutely perfect for the role of Kokko in Entaku
225 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 21:22:30.10
西加奈子原作だと向井と宮崎あおいのきいろいゾウがあるが糞つまんなかった記憶がある 円卓は予告見てる分には面白そうなんだよね
Another movie which was adapted from a novel written by Kanako Nishi is Kiiroi Zou starring Mukai and Aoi Miyazaki, but I recall it being really dull. Entaku on the other hand looks interesting based on the trailer.

278 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 22:28:44.07
I'm looking forward to Entaku
575 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/18(水) 08:19:29.60
I heard Entaku's been getting good reviews
5 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:05:45.03
この前、 久しぶりに見たら 物凄い 美少女になってて ワロタ
I saw her again after such a long time the other day and I LOL'd at how pretty she's become

15 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:08:22.93
It's rare for a child talent to become cuter as she ages
22 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:11:17.74
問題はこれから まいんさんも10歳がピークだったし
The worst is yet to come. Even Main-chan peaked when she was just 10.

36 :名無しさん@恐縮です@\(^o^)/:2014/06/16(月) 18:17:51.40
She kinda looked like an idol when she put glasses on

Mungkin masih ada yg penasaran arti kode udara dalam perbincangan radio polisi atau radio amatir.

misalnya anda mendengar: ” 8-1-5 cerah berawan, lanjutkan perjalanan ke pangkalan, 8-6. ”

apa itu?

berikut data sandi angka untuk perbincangan radio di indonesia.

data ini mungkin belum lengkap, jadi apabila ada yang tau lebih banyak, silahkan di tambahkan


10-1 Sulit didengar // Penerimaan buruk
10-2 Didengar jelas // Penerimaan baik
10-3 Berhenti mengudara / memancar
10-4 Benar // Dimengerti
10-5 Ada pesan untuk disampaikan
10-6 Sedang sibuk kecuali ada berita penting
10-7 Mengalami kerusakan // Tidak dapat mengudara
10-8 Tidak ada kerusakan // Dapat mengudara
10-9 Mohon diulangi
10-10 Penyampaian berita selesai
10-11 Berbicara terlalu cepat
10-12 Mengundurkan diri karena ada tamu
10-13 Laporan keadaan cuaca / jalanan
10-14 Informasi
10-15 Informasi sudah disampaikan
10-16 Mohon dijemput / diambil di …
10-17 Ada urusan penting
10-18 Sesuatu untuk kita
10-19 Bukan untuk Anda, harap kembali
10-20 Lokasi // Posisi
10-21 Kontak / hubungan melalui telepon
10-22 Melapor langsung ke …
10-23 Menunggu // Stand by
10-24 Selesai melaksanakan tugas
10-25 Dapatkah menghubungi / kontak dengan …
10-26 Pesanan terakhir kurang diperhatikan
10-27 Pindah ke jalur / channel …
10-28 Nama panggilan // Callsign
10-29 Waktu hubungan / kontak habis
10-30 Tidak menaati peraturan
10-31 Antena yang digunakan
10-32 Laporan sinyal dan modulasi // Radio check
10-34 Butuh bantuan, ada kesulitan di stasiun ini
10-36 Jam berapa waktu yang tepat ?
10-39 Pesan sudah disampaikan
10-41 Mohon pindah ke jalur / channel …
10-43 Kemacetan lalu lintas di …
10-44 Ada pesan untuk Anda
10-45 Dalam jangkauan mohon melapor
10-46 Memerlukan montir
10-50 Mohon kosongkan jalur / channel
10-60 Apakah ada pesan selanjutnya ?
10-62 Tidak dimengerti, melalui telepon saja
10-63 Tugas / pekerjaan dilanjutkan di …
10-64 Pekerjaan telah selesai / bersih
10-65 Menunggu berita lanjutan
10-67 Semua unit setuju
10-69 Pesanan telah diterima
10-71 Pesawat KRAP (RIG) yang dipakai
10-73 Kurangi kecepatan di …
10-74 Tidak // Negatif
10-75 Penyebab gangguan
10-76 Dalam perjalanan ke …
10-77 Belum / tidak menghubungi
10-81 Pesankan kamar di hotel …
10-82 Pesankan kamar untuk …
10-84 Nomor telepon
10-85 Alamat
10-89 Butuh montir radio
10-90 Gangguan pesawat televisi (TVI)
10-91 Bicara dekat mikropon
10-92 Pemancar perlu penyesuaian
10-93 Apakah frekuensi sudah tepat ?
10-94 Berbicara agak panjang
10-95 Mengudara dengan sinyal setiap 5 detik
10-97 Tes pada pemancar
10-99 Tugas selesai, semua orang selamat
10-100 Akan ke kamar mandi


1-1 hubungi lewat telepon
1-2 menghadap pusat/posko
1-4 hubungi lewat HT
8-4 testing radio
8-1 komunikasi kurang jelas
8-2 komunikasi jelas/baik
3-3 kualitas suara jelek
4-4 kualitas suara baik
5-5 kualitas suara baik sekali
6-1 terjadi perampokan
6-2 terjadi pencurian
6-3 trjadi penganiayaan
6-5 terjadi kebakaran
6-7 terjadi demonstrasi
8-6 mengerti
8-7 berita disampaikan kepada…
8-1-0 Tidak mengudara/mati
8-1-1 mengudara/ standby
8-1-2 diulangi/kurang jelas
8-1-3 selamat bertugas
8-1-5 keadaan cuaca
8-1-6 waktu/jam
10-2 posisi dimana
10-8 tujuan/meluncur/menuju


Taruna : Berita

Gelombang : Jam/waktu

Semut : Pelajar

Lalat : Mahasiswa

Pangkalan : Rumah/kediaman

Cangkulan : Kantor/tempat kerja

Gajah : Derek

Komando : Kantor polisi

Tikar : Surat

Buntut tikus : Antena pendek (HT)

Belalai gajah : Antena atas

Laka : Kecelakaan

Jaya 65 : Kebakaran

Timor Kupang Pati : Tempat Kejadian Perkara

Timor Lombok Pati : Telepon

Timor Kupang Ambon : TerKendali Aman

Halong Timur : Handy Talky (HT)

Halong Pati : Hand Phone (HP)

Kupang Rembang : KendaRaan

Kupang Ambon : Kereta Api

Wilis Kendal : Walikota

Kendal Cepu : KeCamatan

Kendal Lombok : KeLurahan

Rembang Wilis : RW

Rembang Timur : RT

Rembang Rembang : Serse

Rembang Solo : Rumah Sakit

Rembang Pati : Rupiah

Anak Kijang : Pencuri/Tersangka

Ambon Demak : Angkatan Darat

Ambon Lombok : Angkatan Laut

Ambon Ungaran : Angkatan Udara

Pati Medan : Polisi Militer

Timor Medan : Tamu/Teman

Kresna : Presiden

Bima : Wakil Presiden

Timor Bandung I : Kapolri

Metro I : Kapolda

Timor I : Kapolres

Lombok-Lombok : Lalu Lintas

Timor Lombok : Lampu Lalu Lintas/Traffic Light

Senpi : Senjata Api

Sajam : Senjata Tajam

Curat : Pencurian Dengan Pemberatan

Curas : Pencurian Dengan Kekerasan

Curanmor : Pencurian Kendaraan Bermotor

Bandung Umar Solo : BUS

Medan-Medan : Metro Mini

Pati Demak Irian : Jam/Waktu

Solo Medan Pati : Pelajar

Solo Medan Ungaran : Mahasiswa

Solo Timur Medan : Rumah/Kediaman

Opak Kendal Jepara : Kantor/Tempat Kerja

Opak Pati Solo : Derek

Lombok Pati : Kantor Polisi

Lombok Irian : Surat

Lombok Demak : Antena Pendek (HT)

Bandung-Bandung : Barang Bukti

Bandung2 Padat : Makan

Bandung2 Medan : Bahan Bakar Minyak

Lampiran/Ambon : Istri

Monik : Anak

Solo Bandung : Stand By

Solo Garut : SiaGa

Medan Demak : Meninggal Dunia

Pati Ambon Medan : Pengamanan

Ambon Pati-Pati : Apel

Palang Hitam : Mobil Jenazah

Demak Pati Kendal : Dinas Pemadam Kebakaran


Jajaran 1 : Kapolsek

Jajaran 2 : Wakapolsek

Jajaran 3 : Serse

Jajaran 4 : Sabhara

Jajaran 5 : Bimas/Babinkamtibmas

Jajaran 6 : Lantas/Lalu Lintas
          Chris Christie Announces New Jersey Government Shutdown, Orders State Of Emergency   
Illinois, Maine, Connecticut: the end of the old fiscal year and the failure of numerous states to enter the new one with a budget, means that some of America's most populous states have seen their local governments grind to a halt overnight until some spending agreement is reached. Now we can ...
          Cargador portátil de emergencia   
Se trata de un cargador portátil de emergencia para varios modelos de terminales.
          Of Eden and Nazareth: Stories to capture the imagination   

In pursuit of counter-traditions that have read the Eden narrative without subscribing to the Christian fall–redemption paradigm, this article engages Richard Kearney’s hermeneutical– phenomenological reading of the imagination to explore new avenues for imagining sin and salvation along post-metaphysical lines. The first section provides insights proceeding from an intratextual reading of the Eden narrative. The second section proceeds to incorporate the biblical and rabbinical concept of the yetser to elaborate the reading described above. The section follows Kearney’s reading of the Eden narrative to elicit the imagination along ethical lines as humanity’s passion for the possible. The third section reads the annunciation narrative along these same lines, illustrating how a divine kingdom of justice and love is possibilised by an imagination captured by divine promise and hospitality. By reading these two narratives together through the lense of the imagination, novel ways of rethinking sin and salvation along post-metaphysical lines emerge that portray salvation as human participation in God’s ongoing creation of justice and love, thus enabling the God Who May Be.

Intradisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary implications: This article is relevant to the fields of philosophy, philosophy of religion and theology. The narratives of fall and promise, previously read by philosopher Richard Kearney in different contexts and not in relation to one another, are read here from a decidedly theological point of view.

          Skull Session: Buckeyes Intern, Mark Dantonio Researches Millennials, and Purdue Made a Good Hire Now What   
Jerome Baker returns the July 1 2017 Skull Session

Today's dispatch hails from the sandy banks of the Ohio River in the Derby City, baby! Looking to drink bourbon, gamble on ponies, and not pass out at 3:30 a.m. in a bar that's open 'til 4 for some reason.

Any Cardinal or Wildcat fans are free to meet me outside the KFC Yum! Center this afternoon for an ass kicking. (That includes you too, Rick Pitino! A video of a weeping, purple-faced Pitino hollering "Uncle!" would do over a million views.)

I'll be the transient-lookin' fella in full Buckeye regalia dual-wielding bottles of cheap Everclear with a freaked Black & Mild dangling from my lips.

Until then, let's watch Billy Price bulldoze a Michigan Man.

From's Lance Zierlein (turn sound on for analysis):


Word of the Day: Cairn.

 MEET THE INTERNS. All elite football programs preach the importance of academics in recruiting. For some schools, though, talk is all it ever amounts to.

Not at Ohio State, where Urban Meyer has spearheaded "Real Life Wednesdays," a program which has turned into a massive tool on the recruiting trail. 

On top of that, Meyer's program works with corporations and institutions to land career-defining institutions for the leaders of his team.

From Urban Meyer's Twitter account, Chris Worley shooting the Memorial Tournament with 10TV:

Chris Worley at 10TV
Chris Worley at 10TV.

Billy Price and the world's smallest couch: 

Billy Price at Mast Global
Billy Price at Mast Global.

Looks like Tyquan Lewis plans to terrorize criminals when he retires from terrorizing quarterbacks:

Tyquan Lewis, FBI
Tyquan Lewis at the FBI.

Meet future Nike CEO Terry McLaurin, who's coaching at the The Opening Finals in Beaverton, Oregon: 

Terry McLaurin at Nike
Terry McLaurin at Nike

Stuff like this won't get the #clicks compared to an article on Dublin police apprehending two rogue pissers, but they help keep the hot #take artists from putting Ohio State football into their trash articles. So that's nice.

 THE MILLENNIAL QUESTION. If some Baby Boomers had their way, America would only use Millennials to harvest their blood.

Michigan State coach Mike D'antoni Mark Dantonio doesn't have that option, for at least a few more years. He needs that Millennial life-force to pad his bank account with an extra ~4.3 million dollars this fall.

Thankfully for Spartan fans, Dantonio understands an entire generation now thanks to a 15 minute video he saw on the internet.


Earlier this year, I was sitting in on a speaking session featuring Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio. If memory serves me right, it was at the AFCA convention in Nashville where he was on a panel of coaches talking about discipline, or perhaps it was at the annual Michigan HS Coaches association convention.

In either instance, I distinctly remember him saying that everyone who works with millennials (widely defined as people born in 1984 or after) needs to Google “Millennial video” and watch it. I remember jotting it down at the time, along with a number of other things he said, with the intention of tracking down that video later. I knew I had seen the video Dantonio was referring to before, and noted that it was a message that should be shared with all coaches, since we’re all working with (and some of us are members of) the millennial generation.

With out further ado, the video in question:

I would like to thank this guy for giving me an excuse next time Whitney chastises me for checking Slack while at dinner.

Baby, blogging about the local team is an addiction, which is a synonym for disease. You wouldn't tut tut somebody for taking cancer medications at the dinner table, right? Exactly.

 BOILER UP? Don't look now, but Purdue is on the ascension in that it convinced a Western Kentucky coach a move to West Lafayette would be a promotion.

Enter former XFL quarterback Jeff Brohm, who inherits the smoking remains of the Darrell Hazell era. 

From Bill Connelly of

Brohm doesn’t inherit a senior-heavy squad. That’s a plus. Granted, seniors could make up about half of the defense, but the odds are good that whoever emerges will return in 2018.

This might not be a full-fledged Year Zero situation, in which the smartest thing to do is strip the house to the studs and start over. Brohm might be able to get mileage out of Blough and some new skill guys, and maybe there’s enough in the defensive front seven to keep the Boilers in games.

Still, the schedule doesn’t include many likely wins, even for a slightly improved team. The Boilermakers will probably beat Ohio and could hope to split tossup games against Rutgers and Illinois and maybe steal an upset against a Missouri or Minnesota or Nebraska or Indiana. But 2017 will be mostly about planting seeds.

I would say it'd be hilarious to see the Boilermakers raise hell in the West, but I still haven't recovered from that hangover I suffered on Iuka Avenue in October 2009 while watching Terrelle Pryor turn the ball over five times in West Lafayette. I hope they lose every game this year.

 HOLTMANN CLEANING HOUSE? Not even a month on the job and new Ohio State basketball coach Chris Holtmann has already signed one new player and seen two of Thad Matta's recruits leave town.

It seems like he's pretty efficiently getting his guys in and the old guys out, which is exactly how Holtmann does it, claims Max Landis, Holtmann's first-ever recruit.

Holtmann's not going to have to wait long to fill his team with his own recruits. After next season, he'll have seven open scholarships to fill however his heart desires.

 BOUT DAMN TIME. Breaking news: The NCAA is considering doing something humane and just for the student-athletes it claims to look out for.

From (via 11W member Hetuck):

When it comes to college athlete transfers, the National Collegiate Athletic Association may be on the cusp of—finally—doing something right. Earlier this week, the Division I Council Transfer Working Group announced that it's considering altering current rules that limit the ability of players to move from one school to another. The most notable rules up for consideration include those:

  • Requiring athletes to get permission from their current schools to speak with other schools;
  • Barring those athletes from receiving a scholarship from their new school without first getting said permission.

Changes to both rules—and by changes, I mean scrapping them completely—are long overdue. As is, they are arbitrary, capricious, and philosophically absurd, giving coaches and athletic departments undue, unearned power over unpaid students seeking a better situation elsewhere.

Shame it will come to late to help Antwuan Jackson this cycle, though.

 THOSE WMDs. 10-year-old's penpal: General Manuel Noriega... Netflix now helping cops solve cold cases... The man who spent 35 years in prison without trial... The cryptocurrency prophet.

          Academics emerge as key players in upcoming elections    
As Kenya goes to the polls in August this year, university lecturers are playing central roles in the heated electoral process.

While some dons are offering consultancy services to political pa ...
          Noah's Wish on Alert to Assist With Animal Rescue in Northern California   

          Noah's Wish Warns Florida Residents to Include Pets in Evacuation Plans As Hurricane Wilma Approaches   

          Connecting the Dots: Top news stories for June 4, 2012   
(Bay Citizen) // More than 75 vocational schools are being investigated after dozens were discovered to be operating without state approval. The schools convicted will be presented with fines of up to $50,000 by the California Bureau for Postsecondary Education... (SF Gate) // Vandals are quick to deface San Franciscos renovated parks and playgrounds , waiting less than a day to mark up the new climbing structures and slides of Dolores Park with graffiti. The citys Recreation and Park Department have had to spend almost $1.8 million in the last five years on repairing and replacing damaged equipment, buildings and even trees destroyed by tag-happy hooligans (SF Gate) // A ferry service set to begin running between South San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda on Monday morning will provide a new transportation option for commuters on both sides of the bay. Two new 149-passenger boats, which cost The Water Emergency Transportation Authority $16 million to finance, are the first step in a
          Reply #57   
Sure glad we decided NOT to lay today. They would have relieved me of about $60.00....

Who would have thunk it....Lol......Not from NCEL......Maybe this storm will get them straitened out......

Expecting 20+ in. of rain here and maybe REAL HIGH winds. WE are under an emergency watch right now.... Wilson area.....

Storm could be cat. 4 before it gets here....

REMEMBER folks.....No...No.....No....No...PLAYING TODAY !

Seems they thumbed their noses to us with that same double th... [ More ]
          Resource: Effective Emergency Management: Making Improvements for Communities and People with Disabilities   
Offers information to assist all levels of government to establish evidence-based policies and practices across the life cycle of disasters. Provides examples of effective community efforts with respect to people with disabilities and evaluates emergency preparedness, disaster relief, and homeland security program efforts deployed by public and private sectors in rural and urban locations. -- National Council on Disability
          Comment on As sanctions take effect by tsv   
Terrible Journalism if I have ever seen it. Antonov DOES NOT make "Sub-level unsafe Airliners". To the contrary they are resposnsible for some of the most innovative and largest aircraft in history with proven safety and reliability records. One AN-148 did crash but this was due to it being flown faster the maximum speed it was designed for during a simulated emergency descent during a training flight. Any Aircraft can break up if it is subjected to higher G-Forces than what it is designed for. It is not realistic to compare this Aircraft to the AN-140 which was a much less developed Aircraft and clearly did have some Safety issues. The claim it is "dogged by reliability issues" is also ridiculous. A spokesman for Rossiya, who operates 6 AN-148 aicraft, said there is no doubt the AN-148 is a very fine aircraft, They would have taken more of them if the Manufacturer hadn't significantly increased the price. Obviously the Aircraft had some teething issues, like all new aircraft, but those in the know rate the Aircraft highly. The biggest problem is the cos of spares but if a significant number are produced spares will get cheaper. The article dismisses the chances of this contract being fulfilled but both Parties have plenty of motivation to get it done. Iran needs new Aircraft and Antonov needs new Customers. Unless the Iranian regime falls there is every chance plenty of AN-148's and AN-158's will be in the Iranian skies.
          My First HDR Image   
For the last couple of days we were out in Western New York on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution doing interviews and gathering footage for a capital campaign video for a client of ours. (By the way, the interviews we did yielded some great quotes for the video, but I also feel they were some of my best work. I'll grab a few screen shots and post them next week.)

Anyway, back to the image above. This is the sanctuary of the church we were shooting in and while we were packing up I thought I would take the opportunity to try out the whole HDR thing. For this image, I took 5 bracketed exposures with my D200 on a tripod and processed using CS2's Merge to HDR function.

Once the image was made, I converted to 16bit and changed the drop-down menu option to "Local Adaptation" and made some adjustments to the curve - most importantly, moving the black point to the left edge of the histogram. Basically, I followed the same process as outlined in the posts I linked to on Tuesday.

This was just my first outing with HDR and, I must say, I really like the crisp-ness of the image and more true-to-life result. I can't wait to do some more experimenting. (Also, just a note about the image, unfortunately, the shadows on the cross make it look like there's a motion blur, which is unfortunate, and a little distracting.)
          Creating HDR Images   
I just came across this post from Ryan McGinnis over at Backing Winds via Friend-of-the-Blog Jeff Revell.

Both Jeff and Ryan take us through the process of creating HDR (high dynamic range) images using Photoshop CS2's (and CS3's) "Merge to HDR" function.

I have never done anything with HDR myself, mainly because I was never sure about what it was or how it worked. Basically, when your scene has a wide range of tonal values where you want to keep as much of the detail in the highlight and shadow areas of your image as possible.

With HDR, you merge multiple images of the same scene taken at different exposures in order to create a photo that is closer to what you actually see with your own eye.

Ryan McGinnis' post on Backing Winds does a great job of taking you step by step through the process. One thing he mentions, though, that is important to note is what you need to do in-camera prior to uploading the files to your computer.
  1. Shoot in RAW. RAW files, by their nature, carry more dynamic range and are better for creating HDR images.
  2. Use a tripod. Because you will be merging multiple exposures of the same scene, it is a must that your camera is locked down. If possible, use a cable release.
  3. Use your camera's bracketing function. Many DSLRs have an option that will automatically adjust the exposure by a set increment each time your trigger the shutter for a set number of shots (at least 3 but 5-7 is recommended). Your camera will take a "properly" exposed version, one underexposed, and one over exposed - or more if you choose to take 5-7.
Once you create your HDR image (now a 32bit image) you will want to convert it to 16bit. When you make the conversion you'll have the chance to adjust a curve to bring out the most detail and contrast for your shot.

Have fun!
          States Miss Budget Deadline, Go Into Full Or Partial Shutdown Mode   
Updated at 3:45 p.m. ET New Jersey, Maine and Illinois are all facing at least partial government shutdowns after their legislatures failed to pass budgets. Washington and Alaska managed eleventh-hour deals to avoid a similar fate. Connecticut failed to pass a budget, but the state's governor stepped in with an emergency spending order. The new fiscal year for these and 40 other states begins today. New Jersey The state is under the second shutdown in its history after the Legislature, controlled by Democrats, failed to reach an agreement by a midnight Friday deadline. The showdown was prompted partly by a rift between Gov. Chris Christie and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto. The Associated Press writes: "Christie and Senate President Steve Sweeney agree on legislation to make over Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, including allowing the state insurance commissioner to determine a range for the company's surplus that if exceeded must be put to use benefiting the public and policyholders.
          Verizon wants to borrow T-Mobile and Vodafone's consumer data to take on Facebook and Google (VZ)   
  • Tim ArmstrongVerizon wants to license data from its competitors to bulk up its online ad business Oath
  • This initiative could bring together competitors like T-Mobile and Sprint
  • Ultimate plan is to take on Google and Facebook

Verizon Communications wants to challenge Google and Facebook. So it's reaching out to some of its biggest rivals in the wireless industry for help.

Now that the telecom giant has completed its acquisition of Yahoo and rolled out Oath, a division which includes a wide collection of digital advertising assets, it is looking to ramp up its ability to challenge Google and Facebook in the sector. The wireless giant is exploring building a data partnership with other top wireless players, including T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone and Telefónica, people with knowledge of the matter told Business Insider.

Specifically, Verizon wants to pool together more wireless consumer data that can be used for ad targeting. A big reason Google and Facebook are so dominant in digital advertising – besides the fact that their platforms reach huge audiences  –is that they have powerful, accurate data sets on millions of consumers that can be used by advertisers to target people with more relevant ads.

When Verizon purchased AOL two years ago, Oath CEO Tim Armstrong spoke openly about the power of Verizon's data and how it, coupled with AOL's advertising technology and large audience, could be used to put some real pressure on Google and Facebook on the ad targeting front. For example, Verizon knows where its customers live, where they travel, and what apps they use, all of which could be used to show people more relevant ads as they surf the web. 

But while Verizon's US subscriber base is close to 150 million people, that's still rather paltry compared to Facebook and Google's massive audiences. So if it can license data from T-Mobile, for instance, it could layer on ad targeting signals from roughly 72 million more consumers.

In addition, licensing data from companies like Vodaphone and Telefónica would help Verizon expand its ad footprint outside the US, an area where advertisers have been pushing for progress, given Google and Facebook's global clout.

There's a lot to be worked out behind the scenes for such a data partnership to fully come to fruition. To date, just weaving together the various pieces of AOL and Verizon has proven particularly complicated. And the level of data that various wireless companies would be willing to license may vary widely. But Armstrong did discuss this plan in his pitch to top advertisers at the Cannes ad festival last week, said people familiar with the matter.

Verizon was potentially hampered by regulatory uncertainty during the waning months of the Obama administration. But since March when Republican senators voted to kill regulations in this realm, companies like Verizon are freer to exploit consumer data for advertising. (Of course, it's perhaps a different story in Europe, where regulators just hit Google with a monster fine).

If Verizon and competitors like T-Mobile and Telefonica did share consumer data, it's a good bet that there would be steps taken to make sure that no personal consumer identification data would be shared between the two companies. Undoubtedly, consumer privacy advocates would scrutinize this project closely.

If this plan proceeds, it will be interesting to see what other Verizon rivals may participate. It seems doubtful that AT&T would jump in, considering that Verizon is blocking AT&T users from logging onto Yahoo with AT&T email addresses, according to TechCrunch. And Sprint's potential wireless pact with Comcast and Charter, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, would only seem to complicate matters.

Officials from T-Mobile and Telefonica declined to comment. Vodafone and Sprint did not return request for comment on this story.

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NOW WATCH: Heard in Cannes: World's leading marketing execs told us how they feel about the power of Google and Facebook

          Volcó Jetta en Paseo Tollocan tras impactarse contra una camioneta frente a CU    
Rines cromados

Una mujer de la tercera edad y un menor de 11 años resultaron heridos tras volcar sobre los carriles centrales de Paseo Tollocan, a la altura de CU. 

Alrededor de las 19 horas de ayer se escucharon las sirenas de varias ambulancias que se dirigían a la zona para atender la emergencia. Los socorristas encontraron un Jetta, color blanco volcado sobre su lado izquierdo. En su interior se encontraba una mujer, de 59 años, un menor de 11.

Los socorristas del cuerpo de bomberos de Toluca y del SUEM comenzaron a laborar para sacar a los tripulantes, quienes presentaban heridas múltiples y la mujer se quejaba de dolor, por lo que con cuidado los sacaron de la unidad para trasladarlos al centro médico ISSEMYM.
Según testigos, el auto circulaba, a exceso de velocidad, con dirección a San Mateo Oxtotitlán, cuando perdió el control subiéndose a la banqueta donde terminó por volcar. Una camioneta Nissan tipo estaquita, color gris resultó con daños en su parte frontal derecha, pero no se pudo determinar si tuvo alguna responsabilidad en los hechos o resulto dañado al ser impactado por el Jetta.


          Tragedia en el Circuito Exterior Mexiquense; seis muertos   

Al menos seis mujeres fallecieron y doce personas resultaron lesionadas, luego de que una camioneta chocó contra un autobús de pasajeros que estaba estacionado debido a una descompostura, en el Circuito Exterior Mexiquense.

La mañana de este viernes, a la altura del kilómetro 27 del circuito entre los límites de Ecatepec y Jaltenco, al parecer un camión de pasajeros es descompuso y bajó al pasaje para que abordaran otra unidad, y en ese momento otro vehículo se impactó contra el autobús.

Personal de la Cruz Roja, del Ejército mexicano y de la Policía estatal y municipales, realizó el levantamiento de cadáveres y resguardo del perímetro donde quedaron los cuerpos de las mujeres.

El accidente ocurrió a la altura de la colonia Alborada Jaltenco, donde un autobús Mercedes Benz, con placas de circulación 28-HA-9, de color blanco de la línea Autotransportes Servicio Expreso, conducido por José Figueroa Roa, de 37 años, dijo que la unidad se descompuso y estaba estacionado sobre el acotamiento, reporta La Jornada.

Autobús de pasajeros
El chofer dijo que esperaba la llegada de otro autobús para que se llevara a los pasajeros, cuando una camioneta de la marca Renault, Duster con placas de circulación MZY-35-86, volcó y chocó contra el camión.

En total, seis pasajeras perdieron la vida cuyos cuerpos quedaron regados a la orilla de la acera, en tanto otros seis de 20 pasajeros más que llevaba el autobús, resultaron heridos y canalizados por los servicios de emergencia a diversos hospitales de la zona.

La zona fue acordonada por elementos de la Comisión Estatal de Seguridad (CES), hasta la llegada de las autoridades ministeriales que arribaron al sitio tiempo después y llevaron a cabo levantamiento de los cuerpos.


          Choca pipa de agua contra poste en Metepec   
Noticias de Metepec

Al perder el control de su unidad, un hombre se impactó contra un poste de luz eléctrica sobre el libramiento José María Morelos, en el cruce con el Circuito Metropolitano Exterior, dejando daños materiales, aunque no hubo personas heridas.

El conductor de una pipa con capacidad para 15 mil litros de agua, resultó ileso tras el choque frontal con la estructura de concreto registrado la mañana de este jueves, a la altura de la comunidad de San Lorenzo Coacalco, de acuerdo con los primeros reportes de fuentes locales.
De acuerdo con las versiones, el hombre, quien no fue identificado en el lugar, manejaba una pesada unidad cuando por causas que no han sido precisadas salió de la cinta asfáltica hasta estrellarse al subir la banqueta, sin que hubiera más vehículos afectados ni domicilios o negocios.

Automovilistas que circulaban por la zona alertaron a los cuerpos de emergencia sobre los hechos, aunque cuando elementos policiacos y bomberos arribaron el operador estaba sin lesiones de consideración, mientras que el vehículo de carga sufrió afectaciones en la parte delantera.

El percance ocasionó tráfico vehicular por unos minutos, mientras con ayuda de una grúa el camión fue retirado para ser llevado hasta un corralón, personal de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad fueron notificados para realizar labores ante las afectaciones que sufrió el poste.


          Brief history of country music   

When Ralph Peer signed Jimmie (Charles) Rodgers and the Carter Family to recording contracts for Victor Records, on August 1, 1927, little did he know what he was starting?

The popular music was to become known as country (folk) music and incorporated many styles and traditions from the origins of the migrants that played the music. To begin with the country was played by both black and white musicians then later country music became predominantly white music. Ray Charles always considered himself to be a country singer, as did Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Throughout the 20s Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family were filling halls and entertaining the homestead through records and radio giving inspiration to many. The Grand Ole Opry started as a radio broadcast in 1926 and soon became an everyday part of Americana.

The basic concept was the theatre was church like with pews for the audience. This helped facilitate the broadcast but also may have been a deliberate attempt to break the music away from the rough Honky Tonks (rough saloons with entertainment areas) . The Grande Ole Opry (Opera for the working person) was moved several times but now has a permanent site in Nashville.

The Ryman Theatre in downtown Nashville sits on a site which was previously the Grand Ole Opry and can be seen in Neil Young’s Prairie Wind.

Also worth catching is the movie, A Prairie Home Companion, which is set in a similar setting to The Grand Ole Opry.

Roy Claxton Acuff made his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry in 1938, Acuff changed the name of the band to the Smoky Mountain Boys and had many hits including Wabash Cannonball (featuring vocals by Sam 'Dynamite' Hatcher) and "The Great Speckle Bird."

Acuff’s fame was so great that during the war Japanese soldiers cried ‘Death to Acuff’ as they charged with fixed bayonets. By the 30s and 40s cowboy films were incredibly popular worldwide and the music which accompanied them saw Roy Rogers and Gene Autry became household names. Gene had many hits including "Yellow Rose of Texas" (1933), "Mexicana Rose" (1936), "South Of The Border" (1940), and "You Are My Sunshine" (1941).

But it was the Sons of the Pioneers who became the foremost vocal and instrumental group in western music.

They specialised in cowboy songs, setting the standard for every group that has come in their wake. They are also one of the longest surviving country music vocal groups, going into their seventh decade.

Another variation on country came when country swing was combined with big band swing and Dixieland to make incredibly popular dance music. Drums and Hawaiian steel guitars featured prominently as singers like Bob Willis took centre stage.

Bluegrass was another variation when William Smith (Bill) Monroe pioneered the sound with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.

Scruggs developed a "three-finger banjo" technique on the five-string banjo which gave bluegrass a distinctive sound with enduring hits like "Blue Moon of Kentucky," which was later recorded by Elvis Presley.

After World War II jazz and country merged with lyrics that took on strong story lines often reflecting working class lives, sadness and human frailty. Pianos were the most common instrument and were frequently played out of tune. As swing music was gradually integrated into the Nashville scene the piano (or tonk) was replaced by the guitar and boogie woogie became Honky Tonk. The term Honky is a colloquialism used by Afro-Americans since the 1900s to describe white people. So the literal translation of Honky Tonk was white boy piano music played loudly and in rough gin joints. Hank (Hiram King) Williams and Ernest Dale Tubb became honky tonk heroes.

Later a more commercial sounding country, centred in Nashville as the music came to represent a blend of pop and country that developed during the 1950s, with Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, & Eddy Arnold the stalwarts of Nashville Country.

Outlaw Country became popular in the late 1960s and 1970s and saw the resurgence of a more traditional country sound. Charlie Pride, Conway Twittie, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Merle Haggard were all associated with the new order of country.

By the eighties Urban Cowboy music led the faithful away from the roots of the music as it again became more pop orientated. The era was dominated by Kenny Rodgers, Dolly Parton, John Conlee, and Dr Hook.

More recently New Country has reclaimed the past and set it back into its roots with Garth Brooks, Leanne Rhimes, George Strait, Ricky Skaggs, the Judds, Randy Travis, Dixie Chicks, and Ricky Van Shelton all committed to celebrate what made the music great in the first place.

Worth a listen:

Jimmie Rodgers
Blue Yodel (T for Texas) (1928)

The Carter Family
Keep on the sunny side (1928)

Roy Acuff and the Smoky Mountain Boys
Night Train to Memphis (1943)

Bill Monroe
Blue moon of Kentucky (1947)

Gene Autry
Back in the saddle again Texas (1938)

Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys
San Antonio Rose (1940)

Hank Williams
Hey good looking (1951)
Jim Reeves
Mexican Joe, (1953)

Patsy Cline
Walkin' After Midnight (1957)

Johnny Cash
I walk the line (1956)

Dolly Parton
9 to 5 (1980)

Leanne Rhimes
Blue (1996)
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          Inferno di fuoco a San Gennaro Vesuviano: in fiamme l’isola ecologica e la montagna ECCO LE FOTO   
È autentica emergenza incendi a San Gennaro Vesuviano, dove nel tardo pomeriggio si è registrato un nuovo incendio sulla montagna condivisa con Palma Campania, mentre […]
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          París es siempre una buena idea   

Por Raúl Gotor

¡Por fin tenemos lo nuevo de Nicolas Barreau en un formato para llevar a todas partes!  El autor que nos encandiló con “La sonrisa de las mujeres”, vuelve para cautivarnos con una historia de amor, ilusiones y sueños a medio realizar. Nacido en Paris en 1980 es un escritor atípico, amante de su privacidad que estudió lenguas románicas en Sorbona. Envuelto en libros (trabajaba en una librería francesa) decidió encandilarnos él mismo con sus novelas obteniendo un gran éxito: “Me encontrarás en el fin del mundo”, “La sonrisa de las mujeres” o “Atardecer en París”. 

Booket nos ofrece esta maravillosa novela, ¡la portada es bonita, pero el interior es todavía mejor!

París es siempre una buena idea nos acerca a la vida de Rosalie, una chica de familia acomodada que nunca quiso una vida fácil y no se dejó amedrentar para poder crear su propia papelería en París y convertirse en ilustradora. 

Llena de deseos y de emociones ahogadas, vive su día a día con René, su novio, sin mayor emoción que la cotidianeidad de no inhalar su propia soledad. Marx Marchais, el escritor más famoso de Francia en cuentos infantiles le ofrecerá la mayor oportunidad de su vida, ilustrar su próximo éxito: El tigre azul.

Robert Sherman, proveniente de una familia americana de importantes abogados, es experto en literatura. El destino hace que viaje hasta París para sopesar una oferta como profesor en la Universidad de la Sorbona. 

Un día, paseando por el barrio de Montmatre y en plena transición existencial, se encuentra con una pequeña librería llamada Luna Luna dónde la exposición de El tigre azul, hará que se enfrente con su ilustradora para pedir explicaciones.

¿Qué esconde El tigre azul? ¿Por qué Robert se agita de tal manera al ver el libro publicado en ese país? 

Un pasado que permanece oculto y une demasiados destinos hará que lo que comienza como un encuentro en forma de ataque se desarrolle como aquella historia de amor que todos querríamos vivir en algún momento de nuestras vidas.

Escrita de una forma muy grácil, ágil como suelen ser este tipo de novelas, Nicolas nos sumerge en el mundo de personajes muy bien definidos, una Rosalie soñadora, un Robert orgulloso pero comprensivo, un Marx un tanto huraño, una madre (la de Rosalie) clasista y una Rachel (me reservo su parentesco) muy… Rachel. 

Una historia tierna, hecha para consumirla a pequeños tragos donde, aunque previsible, la trama engancha. Nicolas nos ofrece una oportunidad para escapar de nuestra monotonía y viajar a París donde, siempre con la Torre Eiffel como centro de todo, deleitará a los amantes de historias de amor únicas.

Os dejo sus primeras páginas para empezar a caminar por la ciudad de la luz.

          Forest fire in Spain extinguished   

Madrid, July 2 (IANS) The wildfire that began on Wednesday evening in the Sierra Calderona natural park between the cities of Valencia and Castellon on the east coast of Spain was finally extinguished in the early hours of Saturday morning, Valencia regional government said.

Over 600 people worked through Friday night to bring the fire under control after it destroyed 1,200 hectares in the area famous for its forests of cork trees, Xinhua news agency reported.

A total of 27 helicopters and aircraft helped with firefighting duties.

Jose Maria Angel, General Director of Emergencies in the Valencia region, thanked those responsible for combating the fire, while Government delegate Juan Carlos Moragues explained that although the cause of the blaze was still being investigated, there had been an electrical storm in the area early in the week.

He said heat from a lightning strike had probably built up in a tree, which had later combusted under a combination of favourable weather conditions, including high temperatures, low humidity and high winds.

This is the second major fire in Spain in just over a week following a destructive blaze which burned over 8,000 hectares in and around the Donana National Park in the country's southwest region.



          Khattar's chopper makes emergency landing in Jhajjar   

Chandigarh, July 1 (IANS) Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar's official helicopter had to make an emergency landing in Jhajjar town in southwest Haryana on Saturday evening, police said.

The helicopter had to make the emergency landing due to bad weather.

The Chief Minister and others on the helicopter were safe.

Khattar later posted photographs of himself with some children, who were playing in the Police Lines in Jhajjar, around 55 km from New Delhi. He spent some time with the children.

Khattar, who was flying from Chandigarh to Gurugram for an event there, later left for Gurugram by road.



          Heavy rains trigger flood-like situation in Manipur   

Imphal, July 1 (IANS) Incessant rainfall has triggered a flood-like situation in Manipur, with all major rivers in the state flowing above the danger mark, officials said on Saturday.

Vast paddy fields and villages are inundated by the waters overflowing from the swollen rivers. Some portions of Imphal are also flooded. Several low-lying areas and roads in the city and adjacent areas are also flooded.

Nambul river is overflowing at several places. Vast paddy fields and residential areas in Heibongpokpi in Imphal West district are flooded, causing difficulties to people.

Lepao Haokip, the Irrigation and Flood Control Minister, said the officials are working round the clock to tackle the situation.

There are emergency telephone helplines through which people can seek help from the department. However, no relief camp has yet been opened in these areas.

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said: "Officials had been instructed to open the gates at the Ithai barrage, so that there is no overflowing of the rivers. The government is also planning to dredge the swallow rivers."

Drivers plying along the mountain highways fear that the torrential rains may trigger landslides blocking vehicular movements.



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           Return of the Dandy 1966   

Ruffles foaming over the shirt-fronts of dinner-jackets and lace spilling out of the sleeves, tight-fitting pants, worn by young men who will demand 20 sittings at a tailor to be sure that the length of the vent is just so, that the trouser leg moves an inch bell-wise at the bottom!  There are tales of Beau Brummell and Oscar Wilde, interviews with David Mlinaric, Patrick Lichfield and Rupert Lycett-Green of Blades. Musings on Pop Stars, Photographers, Hung On You, custom made shirts by the dozen and much's all here, in this excellent in-depth 6 page feature on dandyism, originally published in 1966.

                                                          RETURN OF THE DANDY
Ruffles foam over the shirt-fronts of the dinner-jackets and lace spills out of the sleeves. Velvet pantaloons, which would have raised eyebrows if seen on men three years ago, attract hardly a glance anymore. The jackets are increasingly waisted, flare sharply over the hips and are getting almost Edwardian in length. The trousers fit so tightly that the more extreme ones are hard to sit down in and look best only when the man in them is standing almost at attention. There has not been such elegance, style and boldness in men's clothes in London since Oscar Wilde. The new wave of English dandyism started, most people agree, about five years ago. Young David Mlinaric, a designer, and one of the best dressed young men in London, thinks pop music had a good deal to do with it. ''The pop singers have the panache of the movie stars in the thirties. The pop singers and designers and film stars dress adventurously - and the others have followed them. Also, people today are more interested in young people than ever before - and they copy what the young people do.''

Patrick Lichfield, another of the best dressed young English men, thinks that the adventurousness of people's occupations has a lot to do with their clothes. He himself is an Earl, but he's also a photographer. ''Many people,'' he points out, ''are still stuck in environments like the city where conservative dress is absolutely required. But these days film stars, pop singers, hairdressers, photographers have all become respectable people. People like us can dress as we like: we can experiment. If a duke wandered into a cocktail party without a tie, people would find it odd, but if a film star did it, he'd be accepted. Presently, the duke might even follow suit.''

The revolution in men's clothes has even deeper roots than that. All the great periods of dandyism have occurred in periods of revolutionary upheaval in the pecking order of society. The Regency dandies followed the Napoleonic wars, a period when the monarchy and aristocracy were despised and a new middle class was beginning to emerge. The French wave of dandyism (strictly an import from England) followed the Revolution of 1830, again with a great levelling of social barriers. The Edwardian dandies followed the industrial revolution when the money and power structure shifted from the landed aristocracy to the new industrial magnates. The new dandies of today are living in an age when the caste system in England is breaking down at both top and bottom.

Like Nicholas Hilliard's Elizabethan dandy, today's dandy, Dennis Stansfield (above), looks effective in a rural setting. Stansfield, a 20-year old commercial artist, designs his own clothes and has a tailor in Tooting. His sister-in-law makes his shirts.

The greatest of all dandies, Beau Brummell, was the most scornful of men. (''You can't call that thing a coat?'') He had no title, no fortune, no professionnot even a carriage; he had nothing but a superb arrogance and assurance and presence; with these weapons alone he was copied, quoted, much feared, greatly respected, and wielded very real power. When the Prince Regent (who became George IV) broke with him, he remarked disdainfully of the future monarch: ''I made him what he is today and I can unmake him.'' This Brummellian scorn and self-assurance is very much a part of the make-up of the young pop set. The young film stars, photographers, models, designers and pop singers don't give a damn what their fathers or you or I or anyone else think of their far-out clothes or their far-out behaviour. Albert Camus has called the dandy the archetype of the human being in revolt against society. Almost always the dandy is thumbing his nose at the rest of the pack. The great Beau himself, some of his admirers think, was in the privacy of his own heart, mocking the very dandyism for which he was admired.

Lichfield, when I talked to him, had just come out of his dark-room, dressed casually in a polo-necked sweater and corduroy trousers. Lichfield looks well turned out in even the most casual clothes. ''Some people dress with flair alone.'' he says. I think Mlinaric is the best dressed man I know. Some of his effects are sheer audacity. I saw him one night in evening suit with a marvellous ruffled shirt. I admired it and he told me he'd just pinned some ruffles on a plain white shirt. It looked great.'' Lichfield admits he spends ''a fortune'' on his clothes, and says that some of his suits are total failures. ''I wear them two or three times, then never again.'' We toured his wardrobe. Twenty-six suits. ''I like brown suits very much.'' Many of today's young dandies like brown. ''Tweeds for the country.'' He showed a grey wooly one. ''I like big buckles.'' He showed me one immense silver one on a black belt. ''I think these buckles are going to be very fashionable. I love suede coats.'' He has four of varying cut. ''For shooting...'' He brought out a pair of bottle-green corduroy breeches. ''I've ordered all my gamekeepers to wear these.''

He opened a drawer packed with sweaters. ''I have a lot of polo-necked jerseys, mostly green and beige. They cost me a fortune in cleaning because you can only wear them two or three times. Now here's my most precious possession...'' He pulled out a pair of worn, patched and splendidly faded Levis. ''If the house was burning down, this is what I'd rescue first. The rest of my clothes can be replaced but it takes years of wear to get that lovely patina. American trousers are the only things I buy ready-made.'' He has 50 shirts, most of them custom-made from Harvie & Hudson at £6 apiece. When a shirt catches his fancy, he may buy one and ship it to Hong Kong to be copied by the dozen in silk. He has about 50 ties, many of the patterned pastel type which is very with it at the moment, but he also likes severely plain black knitted ties. He takes very good care of his clothes and is exasperated by people who don't. ''I know people who throw clothes on the floor that have cost them a fortune.'' He has an electric trouser-press in his bedroom which presses his trousers while he's in the bath (the jacket hangs itself out as part of the gadget). ''I haven't had a suit pressed since I left the Army — but cleaning costs me a fortune.'' I don't understand people who dress simply to keep warm,'' says Lichfield. ''A man should enjoy his clothes. He dresses to attract the girls —unlike the girls, who dress to impress one another. I have an idea all men dress to be sexy like cock pheasants in the mating season. I always dress more carefully the first time I take a girl out than the second. English girls, I think, are more adventurous in their tastes than girls of other countries and they admire adventurously dressed men.''

Among the most adventurous is Mlinaric. Standing in the immense square drawing-room of his Tite Street house (another great dandy, Oscar Wilde, lived in this street, a block away), Mlinaric was wearing a brown (he too, likes brown) double-breasted jacket that buttoned almost to the neck, the lapels edged in black, with short sleeves in order to display the cuffs of the shirt. His suits, he said, were getting more brightly coloured. His latest, of which he expected much, was cinnamon-coloured. ''Clothes are my greatest extravagance,'' he says. ''I feel very strongly about the way clothes are stitched. I'm tremendously interested in the best materials as well as the cut. I think a great many of the Carnaby Street clothes are very badly put together and of poor material.''

Ted Dawson, male model, spends about £500 a year on clothes. His wardrobe includes 100 ties, 75 shirts, 30 suits, 14 jackets.

Above: The wonderful Michael Rainey 25, who designed all the clothes for his boutique Hung On You, discusses ties with journalist Christopher Gibbs. (extreme right).

How well dressed are today's young men in comparison with the great dandies of the past? Hardly within whistling distance, I think. Max Beerbohm, the last of the dandies, wrote of Beau Brummell: ''Is it not to his fine scorn of accessories that we trace the first aim of modern dandyism, the production of the supreme effort through means the least extravagant? In certain congruities of dark cloth, in the rigid perfection of lines, in the symmetry of the gloves with the hands, lay the secret of Mr Brummell's miracle. He ever was most economical, most scrupulous of means.'' None of today's dandies lives up to these uncompromising standards (nor did Beerbohm). Brummell himself would have nothing but freezing contempt for Carnaby Street.

The real dandies buy their suits at Blades in Dover Street. Eric Joy, the partner and chief designer, has a good deal of Brummellian scorn for most of the cutters and designers of Savile Row and thinks all mens clothes designed between 1914 and 1960 were a wasteland of mediocrity. ''Up to five years ago, masculinity was to be a good rugger player,'' he says scornfully. ''I thought it was about time we designed a collection that made men look like men, not bloody Daleks.'' He haunted the Victoria and Albert Museum for ideas. Many of the jackets are the modified descendants of military uniforms which are in fact the ancestors of many great English men's suits.'' Rupert Lycett Green, proprietor of Blades, a bit of a dandy himself (though he denies it), lists as a barely adequate wardrobe for a well-dressed man: two dinner jackets (silk for summer, worsted for winter), with perhaps a velvet evening suit to boot; one grey suit; one black suit; a couple of working suits, both comfortable and elegant; a country suit of lightweight tweed; two light summer suits; one travelling grey suit; one crushproof traveling suit for air travel and trains; three overcoats (one dark evening coat, one tweedy raglan type for country, one short for motoring or town wear); at least two sports or odd jackets; half a dozen assorted slacks or odd trousers; 50 shirts and 50 ties. Blades is opening its own shop in New York soon, but design there will be severely modified. The extreme dandyism quite acceptable in London still has strong homosexual implications in New York, and in fact everywhere else. London is years ahead of the rest of the world in having got rid of the homosexual overtones of dandyism. Most of today's English dandies are blatantly heterosexual.

Above: Rupert Lycett Green, proprietor of Blades where the best beaux are dressed, is opening a new shop in New York soon, but designs will be severely modified.

Historically, dandyism has had a homosexual tint only since its last flowering in the nineties, and you can blame Oscar Wilde for that. Most of the earlier dandies were conspicuously hetero — certainly the Regency rakes were. Brummell himself was thought to be glacially indifferent to women and sex and totally immersed in himself. The Victorian attitude toward dandies and dandyism was laid down originally by Thomas Carlyle in ''Sartor Resartus''. Before ''Sartor Resartus'', dandyism had been reasonably respectable, even admirable. However, Carlyle's Scottish puritanism so changed the emotional climate toward dandyism that Edward Bulwer Lytton  eliminated whole passages of ''Pelham'', his very successful novel about a dandy. Ever since Carlyle's outburst, dandies have been considered figures of fun, and since Wilde's day, probably homosexual.  Remnants of the Victorian disapproval are still with us. A recent article by John Morgan  in the New Statesman dripped with scorn about the new wave of dandyism which he called ''tedious to the point of tears.'' ''I find it impossible,'' he wrote, ''to make any emphatic leap into the nature of young men who will demand 20 sittings at a tailor to be sure that the length of the vent is just so, that the trouser leg moves an inch bell-wise at the bottom.'' Morgan also states in his article '' No one suffers from elegance but from the prose it produces,'' stating clearly that any writing about dandyism is a bore. This simply isn't true. Dandies and dandyism have a long and honourable literary tradition, both as authors and as subjects of novels and plays, some good, some appalling, but almost all enormously popular. ''Pelham'' by Bulwer and ''Vivian Grey'' by Benjamin Disraeli (himself a great dandy) were enormously popular; both had dandies as heroes.

Dandyism was one of the principal preoccupations of Stendhal in ''The Red and The Black'', though his own attitude toward the dandies is contradictory. Balzac, who considered himself a dandy though no one else did. wrote ''La toilette est l'expression de la societé.'' His ''Comedie Humaine'' was full of dandies. Baudelaire was not only a dandy but also a philosopher of dandyism — ''La culte de soi-meme'', as he called it. The novels of Dickens and of Thackeray (who loathed dandies) are full of dandies and the cult of dandyism. Pinero's and Shaw's plays are larded with dandies, and Wilde's plays, of course, consist of nothing else. ''Dorian Gray'' was dandyism at its most decadent and it has helped immeasurably to give dandyism a bad name. Within the last three years, the winds of disapproval have begun to abate. There are temperamental similarities and at the same time great differences between today's dandies and the bucks of the Regency. Most important, the present crop are conspicuously doers of things, like film making, hairdressing or acting. They are notoriously energetic and ambitious. The Regency dandy —especially Brummell —considered any form of activity except clothes to be beneath them. Beau, again probably in pure mockery, considered even the forming of an opinion slightly wearisome. Once, when a visitor asked which of the English lakes he thought most beautiful, he called the servant in: ''Which of the lakes do I find most beautiful?'' Brummell's wit would be admired by some of the avant-garde film-makers. He was not a man of mot or epigram. A shrug, a lifted eyebrow, sometimes nothing but the memory of a known Brummellian attitude made their own silent but devastating witticisms. When you can be witty without words, why use them?

                              IMAGE CREDITS, LINKS & FURTHER READING
All images scanned by Sweet Jane from The Observer Magazine, May 1st, 1966. All photographs by Colin Jones from The Observer, *Except for photo No.6 Rainey/Gibbs an outtake of the original which I scanned from Boutique: A '60s Cultural Phenomenon by Marnie Fogg (purely to include the extra hand-painted tie which had been edited out of the magazine version), original article by John Crosby.  View some other examples of the return to dandyism in one of my previous posts, plus further examples of Blades tailoring and more here. You'll find a collection of Patrick Lichfield's 1960s photography work on Flickr. Read the transcript of a discussion about the future of the tailoring industry from a 1971 issue of The Tailor and Cutter, which includes some very sharp comments from the outspoken Eric Joy, partner/designer at Blades here, Further reading about The Eccentric Mr. Brummell here and more via the associated links on Dandyism.Net, where you will also find Dandies and Dandies By Max Beerbohm, (1896). Discover more about Sartor Resartus (meaning 'The tailor re-tailored') the 1836 novel by Thomas Carlyle, first published as a serial in 1833–34 in Fraser's Magazine, and you can read the aforementioned Chapter X. The Dandiacal Body here as well as Chapter XI. on Tailors. Check out Pelham; 'The adventures of a gentleman' by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.  Watch The Picture of Dorian Gray, the 1945 film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel here for free. It has of course been adapted for film & tv many times, you'll find a review of Massimo Dallamano's 1970 version set in Swinging London over on Dreams Are What Le Cinema Is For. And finally, no matter what they say..Dandy, you're all right.

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          If Mobile is not the Future, then What is?   

During 2008, I have prophesied 13 things about Internet Marketing that came to pass in recent years. 8 years passed and I see many of them came true. e.g.

  • Google’s Search Preview (though it did not last long)
  • Instant search (or search-as-you-type)
  • Priority of social media over emails
  • The rise of Tablets (I called them Handhelds, back then)
  • The rise of widgets and connected data
  • Though some of them still have not taken full form, but they are prospectively waiting to be fulfilled:
  • The death of mobile operators
  • Web-based marketing analytics (Bigdata is now showing prospects into this prophecy)
  • TV Channel + Internet + Mobile Subscription coming into one single platform or service (you can find it in my comment)

​Though I am not a Prophet or clairvoyant, I have some predictions for mobile phone or mobility for 5-10 years ahead of 2016:

Mobile may seem like the future, but as the capacity of mobile devices grow, you might see a different scenario in future. Mobile is really not the future, but convergence of various devices, flexible screens and responsiveness of display, cloud computing and cloud OS, and supreme mobility are the actual future. 

When WAP was becoming popular, one friend told me, “This is the future”. But, WAP did not see much light after a few years. As the capacity of the devices increased, WAP was seem unnecessary. Now a days, many people are saying that “Mobile is the Future”. But, I oppose that, since mobile may not remain as THE mobile we know today.

If you look back into the evolution of the devices in your home, then you might see that Cassette Player, VCR, Camera, Radio, and even TV has now converged into one device. It’s really not about making the devices small. The most important factor here is to converge multiple devices into one to offer more utility.  

So, mobile is not the future, convergence is!

If we take this example of the past and apply it on the situations at present, then see that your laptop, mobile, tab, and TV are separate devices. If convergence is to happen, then these devices too will merge into one device or platform. But, how can you get the power and flexibility of a laptop in a mobile phone?  

The answer lies in your TV in the wall and its evolution. See how TV is getting thin day by day. As LCD is already in market, we might see foldable screens in very near future. Samsung and Oppo are competing to roll out foldable screen phones. However, these phones still do have steel backbone, but in future you might backbone-less Amoeba-ic phones (or lets call then Floppy Handhelds). It might be folded into a 6" inch and while spread, you might get 60" screen.  

Moreover, with Smart TVs, more and more people will start browsing the internet in their TVs. So, don’t think that the future relies on small screen, rather you may embrace the screen-size-you-like in future. Therefore, those who have not thought of making their site responsive for various screen size, they are leaving out the big picture.

So, mobile is not the future, flexibility (aka responsive) is!

Dropbox had made our file accessibility more flexible. There also, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and many others including cloud storage for images. With the help of these cloud storage, you can view your files in any device.  

But, one thing you could not make it remotely accessible like your files, is “The Operating System”. You still need to install operating systems in separate devices. But, in near future, you might not need to install any OS in any device. You can use any Open Source OS like Firefox OS and get access to files and OS Arrangement in any device. Or have the same look and feel as you change from one device to another. All you might need is a browser or window. And you also can save file in the cloud as much as you want.

So, mobile is not the future, cloud computing is! 

Now a days, we carry many devices like flash drive, pen drive, SD cards, etc. But in near future, you may not need to carry anything as long as you have internet access. Any device in public place can be turned into your phone, TV, and/or laptop. As mobility of information and OS gets introduced, you might not need to carry anything with you.

So, mobile is not the future, mobility is!

's Wayback Machine - 5 Great Use of it in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)   

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5 Great Reasons Why

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          North Dakota Industrial Commission Supports New Renewable Energy Projects   
By Industrial Commission of North Dakota
The North Dakota Industrial Commission has approved $1,125,000 in research and development grants for three renewable energy projects. The projects involve research and development of renewable energy technologies and processes that have strong growth potential in North Dakota.
The Legislature established the renewable energy grant program in 2007 to provide funding for research, development, marketing and education to foster growth of renewable energy including wind, biofuels, biomass, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and hydrogen.
In a joint statement, the Industrial Commission stated, “These projects continue the state’s research efforts to identify all the available energy sources that will move North Dakota’s economy forward. In addition to the research being done in North Dakota these projects will involve companies engaged in the state’s manufacturing sector.” The North Dakota Industrial Commission, consisting of Governor Doug Burgum, as chairman, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, oversees the Renewable Energy Program.
Projects include:
Portable Solar Array Modules
Packet Digital – Fargo
Total project costs: $1,000,000
Amount awarded: $500,000
The purpose of this project is to develop and commercialize transportable solar power generation modules capable of delivering up to 1 kilowatt for remote military installations, emergency shelters and camps, and a variety of commercial uses.  The project aims to eliminate the fuel requirement and noise associated with standard electromechanical power generation, as well as reducing the life cycle cost. Manufacturing will occur at Chiptronics in Dunseith. With this project, Packet Digital expects to add two to four jobs in the first year, increasing to 6-10 in the next few years. Chiptronics also expects to add four to five jobs to support the manufacturing. 
A Novel Approach to Reduce the Energy Consumption of Residential Homes
Terra Labs - Horace
Total project costs: $1,461,664
Amount awarded: $500,000
The purpose of this project is to develop a community heating and cooling system that utilizes geothermal energy and heat pumps to provide affordable and efficient energy for a residential community to be built in Horace.  The system will be owned by the city of Horace.  Cost savings will be realized through joint trenching with the water main along with shared heating and engineering design in the well field.
Solar Soaring Power Manager Phase III
Submitted by: Packet Digital – Fargo
Total project costs: $1,250,000
Amount awarded: $125,000
The overall goal of this project is to create a solar soaring power management system for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to initially double fly times and ultimately provide unlimited endurance powered by solar energy. Packet Digital is partnering with other North Dakota entities, including c2renew and Chiptronics, to develop the molds and materials needed for the manufacturing of the UAS in North Dakota. Packet Digital previously received $375,000 for this project. The award was increased by $125,000 from $375,000 to $500,000.

For more information on these projects or the program, contact Karlene Fine (701-328-3722) or Andrea Holl Pfennig (701-328-5300) or visit  

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          Harris, ND Partner to Create First-Ever BVLOS Network for UAVs   
By UAS Magazine
Harris Corp. has received a two-year grant to help develop a first-of-its-kind solution to enable beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations for unmanned aircraft systems.

Representatives from Harris and North Dakota announced a partnership agreement recently to create the first UAS network in the nation to provide a full range of aviation-grade services for safe and efficient UAS BVLOS operations. Representatives then conducted a UAS flight demonstration during Harris’ Tech Expo held February 27 to March 3 in Melbourne, Florida.

Harris will partner with the University of North Dakota and the Northern Plains UAS Test Site to develop the network infrastructure system under a Research North Dakota grant awarded by the North Dakota Centers of Excellence Commission.

The grant includes the development of aviation-grade network services specifically for UAS operations. It is a continuation of a previous grant that included development and a risk and safety assessment of UAS detect-and-avoid technology. The UAS BVLOS network will be developed within the Grand Forks-to-Fargo corridor.

Harris is working to create a regional infrastructure that is scalable to the whole state of North Dakota, and eventually to the entire U.S. Developing this high-performance networked infrastructure will help accelerate regulatory approval of BVLOS UAS operations.

"The use of UAS for business operations—such as remotely monitoring power lines, farms, and rail tracks—represents the future for many organizations," said George Kirov, vice president and general manager, Commercial UAS Solutions, Harris Electronic Systems. "Harris is applying the same innovation and expertise that made us a leader in manned aircraft air traffic management solutions to integrate commercial UAS operations into the National Airspace System.”

“By collaborating with the University of North Dakota and Harris, the Northern Plains UAS Test Site will have the opportunity to evaluate, develop, and implement a UAS network and airspace services,” said Nicholas Flom, executive director for the Northern Plains UAS Test Site. “This network will create a real-world environment for users to develop, test and certify new products and services.”

“North Dakota is committed to creating an environment where organizations like Harris Corporation, the University of North Dakota, and the Northern Plains UAS Test Site may pursue new and exciting opportunities with UAS,” said Brian Opp, manager, Aerospace Business Development, North Dakota Department of Commerce.

Harris is looking to partner with end users, such as railroads and electric utility companies in the area, to create UAS test scenarios. As the project continues, Harris expects to test scenarios including railway inspection, roadway inspection, transmission line inspection, precision agriculture, public safety and emergency services, expanded flight operations, and more.

Harris, ND Partner to Create First-Ever BVLOS Network for UAV's - UAS Magazine

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          Comment on Sehkmet release coming. vamp goth bdsm art novella.Into D/s ? You will want to see this treat. by Topics about Vampires » Sehkmet release coming. vamp goth bdsm art novella.Into D/s ? You   
[...] placed an observative post today on Sehkmet release coming. vamp goth bdsm art novella.Into D/s ? YouHere’s a quick excerptA delicious, arousing and disturbing exploration of the world of vampire goth merged with a bladed view of all things BDSM. [...]
          Commerce Provides $66,585 Grant for City of Carson Project   
by ND Commerce

The North Dakota Department of Commerce committed $66,585 in grant funds to help the city of Carson repair and replace fire hydrants. Funds from the Community Development Block Grant were used for the infrastructure update.

"The funds helped us repair and replace city fire hydrants that are crucial in times of fire emergencies," said Sonja Sprenger with the City of Carson. "People in the community are very thankful that the inoperable hydrants are now brand new and dependable. Citizens were worried about the expense and were relieved to find that a grant had paid for the new or repaired hydrants with a small cost share from the city."

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is managed by the North Dakota Department of Commerce. The program provides financial assistance to eligible cities and counties in North Dakota. Funds are awarded in the form of grants and loans in three categories: economic development projects, public facilities and housing. Primary beneficiaries of the CDBG funds are low-and moderate-income individuals. To apply, applicants must contact the regional council in their area.

"A big thanks to the Lewis and Clark Regional Development Council for all of the work they put the programs that help small towns, like us, to be able to fund much needed infrastructure improvements," Sprenger said.

The North Dakota Department of Commerce works to improve the quality of life for North Dakota citizens by leading efforts to attract, retain and expand wealth.

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          Burgum, State Agencies Introduce Efforts to Provide Timely Information on Disaster and Emergency Response Activities   
By ND Joint Information Group
Gov. Doug Burgum and state officials today unveiled a new website and related social media sites designed to provide information during issues of significant public impact and involving a multi-agency response. supports response and recovery coordination with state and local agencies in each county and tribal nation within North Dakota.
“It is vitally important for the citizens of North Dakota to have resources for timely and accurate information on events such as the Dakota Access Pipeline and potential spring flooding,” Gov. Burgum said. “Our coordinated effort will ensure that a consistent, factual message reaches the citizens of North Dakota, reducing confusion, combatting rumors and myths, and providing the public with the information they need to be best prepared for whatever situation arises.”
In the event of major events impacting North Dakota citizens, the state will use as a single source for accurate and timely information. Currently, the website will provide information on the response to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest events and potential spring 2017 flooding.
“North Dakota has a great tradition of agencies coming together in times of crisis and natural disaster. We want to reinforce all of the great efforts by our agencies and highlight the dedicated work done by our first responders,” Gov. Burgum said. “These efforts in coordination with our Joint Information Center – a collection of communications staff from various state agencies – will continue to ensure a consistent and accurate message moving forward to better inform our citizens and battle misinformation.” will also include a media resources section with photos, videos and a press contact request form.
The social media sites for NDResponse are located at and
The North Dakota Joint Information Center provides 24/7 emergency communications and resource coordination with more than 50 lead and support agencies, private enterprise, and voluntary organizations to assist local jurisdictions in disaster and emergency response activities.  

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          UAS Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights on North Dakota   
By PR Newswire
A lone aircraft flies over a large swath of land checking for abnormalities in crops before landing safely at the feet of its pilot. A classroom of college-level students gain experience on how to operate an unmanned aerial system through simulation. An entrepreneur monitors his phone app to ensure that his unmanned aerial systems (UAS) tech is operating correctly out in the field. 

As the largest site available for flying UAS anywhere in the United States, these are every day occurrences in the state of North Dakota.

Since becoming the nation's first operational test site in 2014, the Northern Plains UAS Test Site has attracted investment from leading aerospace companies including General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., Northrop Grumman, the U.S. Air Force and NASA.

This week North Dakota aerospace and aviation leaders are at AUVSI's XPONENTIAL 2016, the largest trade show for the unmanned systems and robotics industry in the world, to showcase the state's continual leadership and ability to attract big names in America's ever-expanding UAS industry. In addition, they are going to be on hand to discuss how entrepreneurs are finding success in the state.

"As thousands of entrepreneurs look for exciting opportunities in the rapidly expanding UAS industry, North Dakota wants them to know that we have the resources and capability to robustly support them in their endeavors," said Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, who also serves as chairman of the Northern Plains Unmanned Systems Authority.

Because of North Dakota's reputation for UAS innovation and location as an FAA test site, the state is already seeing organic growth in startups focused on UAS.

Take Botlink, a cloud-based operations platform that links drones to industry in real time. The platform allows users to capture, process and automatically deliver aerial imagery anywhere, including into existing business software. Botlink also provides automated drone control and safety features such as airspace alerts, manned aircraft avoidance and weather advisories, allowing operators to remain safe and compliant with complex flight regulations.

"We're proud to be developing the next generation of drone technology in North Dakota," said Terri Zimmerman, Botlink CEO.

Many startup companies working in the UAS industry are supported by the University of North Dakota's (UND) Center for Innovation, which was the first university to offer a degree program in unmanned aviation in 2009 and has the largest university training program available for unmanned aircraft systems.

This includes SkyScopes, Smart C2 and Field of View. All of these companies have emerged out of the Center for Innovation within in the last five years and have been able to take advantage of the forward-thinking resources that come from an FAA-designated test site.

The state's 'Research ND' program offers $5 million biannually in grants for research and development to organizations and companies involved in UAS research through cooperation with UND and North Dakota State University (NDSU). North Dakotahas invested more than $34 million to establish a national UAS test site, to establish the Grand Sky UAS Business Park (the nation's first UAS business and aviation park) and to advance North Dakota's position as a hub for the nation's growing UAS industry.

"North Dakota continues to attract innovators in UAS technology, and we welcome the opportunity to foster entrepreneurship here and set the leading example for best practices in this sector," said Robert Becklund, executive director of the Northern Plains UAS Test Site.

For more information on North Dakota's UAS leadership visit, and for details on the Northern Plains UAS Test Site visit  

UAS Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights on North Dakota - PR Newswire 

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          VIDEO: Assumption Parish Sinkhole Swallows Trees   
The Assumption Parish sinkhole, a massive opening in the earth that is believed to be the result of a collapsed salt dome used by petrochemical services company Texas Brine, underwent a sudden growth spurt around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Parish officials were on hand to witness a process called a "slough-in," where the edge of the sinkhole collapses into the hole. Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness director John Boudreaux took this video:
          Testing the Skies: Breakthroughs, Collaboration set Flight Plan for Future of UAS   
By Grand Forks Herald
Bob Becklund doesn't have to go far to see the future of unmanned aircraft.

As executive director of the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site, he only has to walk down the hall and talk to one of his staff members.

"They're all experts at what they do," he said. "When they have an idea, you're going to listen to them."

The test site, which is operated by the state but exists because of a congressional mandate on the Federal Aviation Administration, is charged with researching how to safely integrate unmanned aircraft into the national airspace.

This year, its crews have assisted businesses that want to explore potential uses of unmanned aircraft. These clients include companies in the insurance, railroad, energy and real estate industries and even NASA.

The progress at the test site is just part of advancement seen on several fronts for the unmanned aircraft industry in North Dakota. Major players such as UND and North Dakota State University made strides this year in terms of research, but now have set their focus for 2016.

On the horizon for NDSU is a large-scale agricultural research project aimed at comparing imagery taken by unmanned aircraft from various altitudes while UND intends to create an unmanned aircraft flight training program.

Building up

The unmanned flight training program isn't off the ground quite yet. It has a few more hurdles to clear at the federal level before it becomes official, according to UAS Program Director Al Palmer.

In order to conduct flight training for these aircraft, the school must apply for and receive an exemption.

The exemption is granted by the FAA and is most often sought by businesses looking to operate unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes, which is otherwise illegal.

UND's unmanned flight training program would mirror the school's manned flight training, with students starting on simulators before moving on to flying actual aircraft.

Those simulators and other portions of the UAS program are spread miles apart — a problem Palmers said should be fixed next year.

"We're scattered out at Grand Forks Air Force Base, at the international airport and down here on campus," he said. "It's a challenge for us, but once we get Robin Hall, we'll be centrally located, and everything will be in one building."

Construction on Robin Hall continued throughout 2015 and is expected to be completed in July 2016.

Also hoping to secure space in the new building, which the university has been authorized by the state to spend up to $25 million on, is the test site.

Like its current location on the UND campus in Clifford Hall, space in Robin Hall would be state property and therefore rent free for the test site, which is trying to become self sufficient, Becklund said.

The state has invested nearly $7 million in the establishment and operation of the test site. So far, the site has about $1 million in revenues from contracts that have been completed or are set to be, Becklund said. Some of the contracts are part of larger agreements UND and North Dakota State University have with other firms that total about $3 million.

"Right now we're using state funding for this, but of course companies are paying us to do stuff too, so we're already starting to see a return on that investment," Becklund added. "Our end goal is to be self sufficient. ... But it's impossible to predict when that's going to be."

In the meantime, demand for the test site's flight operations services has its director looking to hire additional staff.

The test site has seven active contracts and about 10 more serious inquires from companies. Becklund expects the test site's work to continue past 2017, the year under current law that the test sites in North Dakota and five other states are required to operate until.

"We're building all this infrastructure here and these people and this expertise for the long run," he said. "Regardless of whether they continue the test site program, we will definitely be a long term asset here for the industry and the FAA to use."

Flying forward

Several distinctions bestowed on the test site this year are helping build up its operations and reputation.

The FAA granted its flight crew authorization to fly anywhere in the United States at the altitude of 400 feet and below and the ability to fly up to 1,200 feet anywhere in North Dakota.

Those and future permissions are expected to pave the way for more projects and contracts lined up for 2016.

One big fish Becklund hopes to land is the ability to fly civilian unmanned aircraft without a chase airplane from Grand Forks Air Force Base, which is home to Grand Sky — touted as the nation's first business park for unmanned aircraft systems.

Chase planes are used to monitor unmanned aircraft operating at altitudes where manned aircraft could be encountered.

Grand Sky, which broke ground this year, would be home to tenants looking to access the base's airspace without employing a costly chase plane.

"If we're successful with that, and so far it's looking pretty good, we'll be the only place in the country where you can do that," Becklund said.

While some of the test site's contracts have taken its staff out of state, Becklund said they focus on conducting a majority of the research in North Dakota.

One of its largest research efforts involves collaborating with NDSU. Together, the organizations are pursuing a 2016 research project centered in the area of Hillsboro, N.D.

NDSU researchers partnering with Elbit, an Israeli manufacturer of unmanned aircraft systems, will test image capture capabilities for comparison between large and small aircraft near, Ag Machine Systems Specialist John Nowatzki said.

During an eight-week period, pictures of farmland will be captured by a small device at 400 feet and a large unmanned aircraft at altitudes of 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 feet. Those images will be compared with each other and pictures taken by a satellite.

In addition to comparing imagery, researchers also hope the pictures can be used to estimate crop emergence and yields, detect nutrient deficiencies and count livestock.

Over the past year, similar research has taken place at other NDSU research centers and extension centers.

An economic report from the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International predicts agriculture will be the largest use for unmanned aircraft by 2025.

"We're coming close, but we're not there yet," Nowatzki said.

Testing the Skies: Breakthroughs, Collaboration set Flight Plan for Future of UAS - Grand Forks Herald

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          Inside Fargo, America's Most Undervalued Tech Hub   
By Fortune
Editor's Note: Congratulations to the many Fargo-area businesses mentioned in this article. Many of them have participate in ND Commerce programs such as Innovate ND, Centers of Excellence and Centers of Research Excellence, Research ND and the North Dakota Development Fund.

It gets 50 inches of snow a year and is so cold that its bikeshare moves inside for the winter. But its homegrown tech community is on fire.

The morning of Nov. 12, 2014 was well below freezing in Fargo, the largest city in North Dakota. By the time Shawn Muehler took the stage before an audience of 150, the theater, located just a few blocks west of the Red River, had warmed up. Entrepreneurs, students, professors and business leaders shuffled down the aisles with free cups of coffee. For the audience, it was time for Fargo’s 1 Million Cups, a robust startup community-building initiative from the Kaufman Foundation that’s a kind of church for entrepreneurs. For Muehler, it was time to talk about drones.

Standing on stage with one of his drones, Muehler—a Fargo native, Air Force officer, and seasoned pilot—had six minutes to present his business idea, the result of several months of white-board calculating, late-night brainstorming, and endless code tinkering. He described the collision risks found in an airspace that is increasingly crowded with aircraft and drones. The software that he and his small team of pilots, developers, and engineers wanted to build, he explained, would create a safety net for drone pilots, enabling them to track their unmanned vehicles in real time using existing cellular networks.

Muehler’s presentation was followed by vigorous applause and a round of questions. As is tradition at 1 Million Cups, the entrepreneur was asked one final query: “How can we as a community help you succeed?” And so he answered. Within five days, Muehler tells Fortune, he had five funding opportunities from people in the community. The ensuing $500,000 seed investment allowed him to double his workforce and move to a larger office downtown.

Last spring the company, now called Botlink, launched the beta version of its drone-tracking application, which it says is the world’s first commercially available drone safety and control platform. In June, Botlink announced a joint venture with Fargo’s power management company, Packet Digital, to raise $15 million on the same day that it co-hosted Fargo’s inaugural Drone Focus Conference. By this fall, the company had launched its first product: a piece of data-processing hardware that’s compatible with every drone on the market.

When I visited the Botlink office in September, the staff had just returned from a drone conference in Las Vegas where they’d run out of brochures the first day and flummoxed some West Coast startups who didn’t realize they had competitors in Fargo. Half-empty containers of drones now littered the floor around the reception desk, making the office look like the home of a robot family unpacking from a long trip. In the workshop down the hall, a plane with a 14-foot wingspan sat on a desk, and Muehler, wearing a Batman t-shirt, was one of the first to tell me what makes Fargo special.

Well before I arrived in Fargo, I’d heard about Silicon Prairie—the Heartland’s version of Silicon Valley—with noteworthy startup activity in larger cities like Omaha, Des Moines, and Kansas City. I knew Fargo was on the eastern border of the state, far from the oil activity in the Bakken region. I’d read that it’s home to the country’s third-largest Microsoft  MSFT 0.65% campus and nearly 30,000 college students. The average age of Fargo residents is 31. Its unemployment rate is among the lowest in the nation. I had already grasped enough about this city of 105,000 to easily dismiss the Siberia-esque picture painted in the 1996 Coen brothers film of the same name. I envisioned a burst of Technicolor popping from a vast expanse of plains.

The tech scene that I visited in September was markedly different from the one I had first heard about in 2013. Two years ago Emerging Prairie, a startup news and events organization, was beginning to establish itself; today it co-organizes wildly popular events such as 1 Million Cups, TEDxFargo, and a monthly gathering called Startup Drinks. Thanks to local startup Myriad Mobile, which spun out of a student-run incubator, Fargo has begun hosting the annual Midwest Mobile Summit. A nonprofit has started offering coding classes for women. Meetups have launched for hackers, gamers, developers, geeks, and even bitcoin enthusiasts.

Fargo companies are also beginning to appear in the national spotlight. Intelligent InSites, which provides tracking real-time operational intelligence for the healthcare industry, is experiencing explosive growth. So is Appareo Systems, a leader in electronic and computer products for the aerospace and defense industries. A handful of gaming companies have surfaced in the area; one is developing a virtual reality horror game and another is building a woodland survival adventure game called On My Ownfor Xbox One. A team from North Dakota State University has engineered an affordable, 3D-printed prosthetic arm. Two locals have started a funeral webcasting service. Another startup has developed an autonomous tractor.

With all of this activity, how does a place like Fargo end up as one of the most undervalued, overlooked tech communities in the United States? That’s why I wanted to meet Greg Tehven, the executive director and co-founder of Emerging Prairie and affectionately known as Fargo’s ambassador, when I visited the city this fall. On a warm Sunday afternoon, I found him at a community lunch for new Americans, set up for several hundred on a basketball court on the west side of town. Characteristic of the region, the wind blew like it was trying to prove something; strong guests sent naan cartwheeling across curry vegetables and off paper plates. Young Bhutanese girls danced barefoot on the asphalt in sequined dresses the color of Gerber daisies.

Tehven is a soft-spoken, dyed-in-the-wool millennial, a fifth-generation Fargoian who grew up on a farm and came of age during the Buffalo Commons era, when people debated a proposal to let buffalo take over the Great Plains. Tehven left Fargo for college, wandered around, felt unfulfilled and returned, determined to build the type of community he wanted to call home. Today, he travels around the country speaking about community-building and teaches social entrepreneurship in India.

“Barriers are being eliminated to contribute to the community here,” he told me. “People who have moved away know they can come back here and do things quickly.” He talked about a radically inclusive culture that has an extraordinary speed of trust. In economic terms, what’s happening in Fargo is that a magnetic downtown is attracting and retaining talent. But Tehven contends that it’s really about love.

“It’s about increasing the amount of love in our community,” he said, noting that it’s hard to be successful on your own. “There’s a co-dependence here.” He said people need each other, whether it’s for harvesting crops or recovering from a flood. If emotional support is absent, innovation will falter.

The next morning, I met Tehven at Prairie Den, a new coworking space in the center of town, above a Chinese restaurant called King House Buffet. Until this summer, it was run by Minneapolis-based CoCo, but they didn’t last a year, Tehven said, because they didn’t embrace the philosophy of giving before getting. Shortly after they left, the space was resurrected as the Den, a funky, art-filled workspace that’s home to Emerging Prairie and a couple start-ups. Hearing the story of this rebirth made me think of the new growth that quickly emerges in forests after controlled burns.

One of the reasons Emerging Prairie was created was to act as a publicity machine for locals who think it’s uncouth to celebrate one’s own achievements. The organization, which is in the process of becoming a nonprofit, now has a staff of four, including a writer, Marisa Jackels, who produces daily stories about the startup scene. She never runs out of content. Tehven has each new staff member read Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City by Foundry Group co-founder Brad Feld.

If Fargo had to limit itself to a single story, it would be that of Great Plains Software, a fledgling startup built by North Dakotan Doug Burgum over nearly two decades and acquired by Microsoft in 2001 for $1.1 billion. Today, Microsoft is located on the south side of town and has grown to four buildings with more than 1,500 employees—the company’s third-largest campus in North America.

Burgum went on to found Kilbourne Group, a downtown redevelopment company, and co-found Arthur Ventures, a venture capital group that’s investing in software companies out of a $45 million fund raised in 2013. He’s as close to a godfather as the humble Fargo community will allow. Incidentally, it wasn’t until well after a conversation with a community leader named Joe—who started a downtown farmer’s market, worked on Uber-friendly legislation and is now building a giant mobile sauna—that I found out he was Burgum’s son.

Burgum said Great Plains employees focused on service and had a lot of humility and gratitude; he sees that today in the dozens of startups that employ Great Plains alumni. Like others, he told me that the region’s land and history play a role in today’s technology growth.

“Every farmer and rancher is an entrepreneur and tinkerer and inventor,” he said, “and there’s some of that DNA here. You wouldn’t have ended up here if you weren’t a risk-taker—moving your family from Sweden to a new land with no electricity and very little infrastructure.”

Shane Waslaski, president and CEO of Intelligent InSites, also grew up in the state and said the strong tech community in Fargo can be attributed to a pioneering spirit and an “altruistic desire to nourish each other.” Tenaciousness and perseverance are rooted in the heritage, he said.

From Prairie Den, Tehven and I walked around downtown, popping into offices and meetings unannounced and intercepting folks on Broadway and Roberts Street—as was his plan. I was reminded of the familiarity and ease with which students can have impromptu and rich conversations while walking across a college quad. Time and again, talking to Muehler and other entrepreneurs, I heard stories that made it easy to root for the underdog that is Fargo. I found a level of enthusiasm typically reserved for young political candidates offering hope and promising change. More than once, I saw someone get choked up talking about the place they call home.

We ran into Drew Spooner, a baby-faced serial entrepreneur who started the Hammock Initiative and speaks deadpan about the health benefits of swaying. He now has sponsors and a national following. Then we ran into the woman behind Unglued, a shop selling locally made crafts; and one of the brewers behind Fargo Brewing Company, which makes Wood Chipper India Pale Ale. Much of the day, Tehven, wearing jeans and flannel, walked around with a cup of coffee in his hand. He told me there’s a sense in Fargo that if you talk about something enough, it will become real—whether it’s a hammocking craze or a spontaneous tailgate party.

Among the challenges in a town with so much startup activity is making sure the entrepreneurs have enough support to get over the first-generation hump and maintain momentum even when the initial spotlight fades.

“In cities like San Francisco, Boston, New York, there’s a lot of experience and expertise,” said Miguel Danielson, another Emerging Prairie co-founder. “That’s great for entrepreneurs because it’s scary to do alone. So a lot of what we do at Emerging Prairie is try to bring these folks together.” He lovingly describes Fargo—remote, hundreds of miles from Minneapolis and Winnipeg—as a Gilligan’s Island of sorts. “You’re stuck with the folks you’ve got in the immediate vicinity, so you better be nice to them,” he said, adding that in a small place, he feels especially blessed when he finds others with common interests.

Danielson grew up in Fargo and left for college and Harvard Law School. If it weren’t for the startup culture—which is helping Midwestern communities fight brain drain–he may never have returned. After practicing in Cambridge for several years, he opened Danielson Legal in Fargo, specializing in technology law, and he created Fargo Startup House, where entrepreneurs can live for free.

In the next five years, Danielson predicts a more robust Fargo tech scene, with a few wild successes and some wild failures. When the city sees its first exit success story of this new era—someone who starts with nothing and ends up with hundreds of millions of dollars—he said that will be “one that looms in the minds of people forever.”

At the end of my day in Fargo, I returned to Prairie Den. Spooner was setting up hammocks for an evening event. An Emerging Prairie Tweet read, “We sway while we work.”

That night, I watched a video of Tehven’s TEDxFargo talk. He was speaking at the Fargo Civic Center in 2014, outside of which sits a stone slab with the Ten Commandments.

“The Coen brothers were wrong,” he told the audience. “It isn’t a place of barrenness. It isn’t a place of cold. It’s a place of the most amazing people in the world.”

The following week I had dinner back home with a friend who works in the technology industry, and I told him I thought he should move to Fargo. Yes, it’s a place that gets an average of 50 inches of snow a year, and it’s so cold that the bikeshare moves inside for the winter. But there’s a lot going on there, I told him. Shortly thereafter, I woke up from a dream in which I was on my way back to Fargo. In it, I was with someone—perhaps my tech friend—and felt a sense of urgency. Eager to find housing, I sped westward, not wanting to miss out.

Inside Fargo, America's Most Undervalued Tech Hub -

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          Texas Brine Sues to Block State Order for Wells   
A Houston-based company has asked a state court in Baton Rouge to permanently block the Louisiana conservation commissioner's order for new exploratory wells and other steps meant to monitor the effects of a huge sinkhole in Assumption Parish. The Advocate reports that Texas Brine Co. LLC also challenges Commissioner James Welsh's declaration of an emergency, which let him order the steps without a hearing. The lawsuit was filed Dec. 28. It says Welsh ignored "more reasonable, scientifically sound and safer methods" for reaching his goals. About 150 households were evacuated Aug. 3 after the sinkhole was found. Welsh ordered Texas Brine to start the first of two 6,000-foot-deep exploratory wells by Jan. 15. The lawsuit says those wells could increase the risk of danger to the public and environment.
          Dalrymple, NDSU Officials Dedicate New Stem Building   
By ND Governor's Office
Gov. Jack Dalrymple today joined North Dakota State University officials in celebrating the completion of a state-of-the-art instruction building dedicated to student advancement in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The three-story STEM Classroom and Lab Building includes 23 labs, nine classrooms, an auditorium and collaborative study areas which will serve as many as 5,000 students a day.
“This state-of-the-art instruction building will help the university build on its strong STEM education programs and support greater collaboration across disciplines,” Dalrymple said. “All that we have come to understand about effective teaching is incorporated into this building to enhance student readiness for the great job opportunities of the future.
“Buildings that encourage innovation, offer instructional flexibility, and merge multiple fields of study are a great training ground for the real world work environment,” Dalrymple said. “The demand for professionals in the STEM fields continues to grow as a result of our strong economy, and this facility will help NDSU prepare students for great careers right here in North Dakota.”
Following Dalrymple’s recommendation, the 63rd Legislative Assembly appropriated $29.4 million for the STEM building’s construction on the NDSU campus. It will be open for classes in January. The 119,000-square-foot building is a departure from traditional academic construction that supports a particular discipline or department.  Instead, the STEM building is student focused and encourages student and faculty collaboration between multiple areas of study.
“The building is the first of its kind at NDSU and in North Dakota and signals a new era for teaching and learning at the university,” NDSU President Dean L. Bresciani said. “We greatly appreciate the state of North Dakota making the building possible. This investment will benefit generations of future leaders and innovators.”
Dalrymple also led the establishment of the North Dakota Higher Education Challenge Fund which has supported a major NDSU scholarship endowment for students in the STEM fields. North Dakota-based Doosan and Bobcat Co. contributed $3 million toward the permanent scholarship fund and the state’s Challenge Fund provided $1.5 million in matching funds.
For the past 10 years, North Dakota has led the nation in the growth of STEM jobs, adding 37 percent to its STEM workforce of engineers, technicians, and scientists, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study shows.
Among those joining Dalrymple for the STEM building’s dedication were Bresciani, Sen. Tim Flakoll, Doosan, Bobcat Co. North America President Rich Goldsbury, Doosan, Bobcat President and CEO Scott Park, NDSU Student Body President Eric McDaniel and NDSU Provost Beth Ingram.

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          Meeting scheduled about Assumption sinkhole   
Residents will hold an emergency town-hall meeting to encourage state and local officials to provide more information about the sinkhole in Assumption Parish. John Achee Jr., a community activist, said the meeting will be held Thursday at the St. Joseph the Worker Church parish hall in Pierre Part. Achee said residents called the meeting because of a lack of information from emergency officials and Texas Brine Co., which owns the property where the sinkhole was found. The Advocate reports the Department of Natural Resources ordered Texas Brine, which owns a salt cavern suspected to be the cause of the sinkhole, to drill an investigatory well to see what is happening in the cavern hollowed out from the Napoleonville Dome.
          Wells planned to learn more about sinkhole   
Officials say drilling on two wells is expected to begin over the next week near the Assumption Parish community of Bayou Corne to learn more about the sinkhole that emerged there last month. The Courier reports that officials believe a planned vent well will determine whether natural gas exists in a water aquifer used to create oil mud known as brine. John Boudreaux, Assumption Parish's director of emergency operations, said a planned observation well will test the integrity of the collapsed salt dome that caused the sinkhole. Boudreaux said there is 900 feet of salt to drill through before the cavern is reached. Bayou Corne's approximately 350 or so residents remain under a mandatory evacuation while scientists determine the reason for the sinkhole's emergence.
          Exxon Mobil Donates $5 Million to North Dakota Housing Fund   
By Reuters
A subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corp donated $5 million on Monday to a North Dakota government housing fund that subsidizes construction of low-cost apartments for teachers and emergency personnel in the state's oil patch.

XTO Energy will receive a 100 percent tax write-off for its donation to the North Dakota Housing Incentive Fund, which will be used to construct more than 75 apartment units in Kildeer, Watford City and Williston, towns at the center of the state's oil hub.

North Dakota has had a hard time attracting teachers, police officers and firefighters into such towns due to the high cost of housing. The fund seeks to help alleviate that.

"These are the communities our employees live in and we want to respect those communities," Tim McIlwain, XTO's head of operations, told a news conference.

The donation was the largest since the fund was established in 2011, eclipsing the $3 million Marathon Oil Corp donated in 2012.

The fund can accept up to $30 million in donations each year, according to a law passed by the state legislature. The fund, in turn, uses the money to subsidize apartment construction. The apartments must be rented at income-adjusted levels for 15 years.

While housing prices across North Dakota's oil patch have come down recently, they still far eclipse prices before the state's oil boom began in 2008. Prices have slid recently as the region's economy has stabilized. A more-than 50 percent drop in oil prices in the past year has also taken some of the premium off housing.

A typical one-bedroom apartment in Williston runs about $1,700 per month, but at a facility built with money from the housing incentive fund the cost for a similar apartment costs about $800 per month.

"This housing fund is a key component of keeping things moving the way they should be moving in a fast-growing economy," Governor Jack Dalrymple, a Republican, said at the press conference.

Exxon Mobil is the only oil company to have donated to the fund since January, state officials said.

Exxon Mobil Donates $5 Million to North Dakota Housing Fund - Reuters

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          Land Board Awards $11.5 Million in Latest Round of Energy Impact Grant Funding    
By ND Governor's Office
The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) today awarded $11.5 million in energy impact grants to local law enforcement agencies, non-profit service organizations and emergency medical services in North Dakota’s oil and gas region.  The Land Board awarded nearly $8 million to support the region’s law enforcement agencies and service organizations, and another $3.7 million for the region’s emergency medical services.
“These state funds will further support the region’s local law enforcement agencies, emergency medical responders as well as organizations that provide family support services,” said Gov. Jack Dalrymple, chairman of the five-member state Land Board. “The Energy Impact Grant Program has been very helpful in addressing a wide range of needs associated with the region’s dynamic growth.”
Other Land Board members are Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler and State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.
"The goal of these law enforcement grants is to put local law enforcement officers out on the streets and highways, properly trained, adequately equipped and affordably housed,” Stenehjem said.  “In addition, this year’s grants focus on prosecution by providing additional assistance to county state’s attorneys.”
Since 2011, the state has appropriated more than a half-billion dollars in Energy Impact Grant funds alone, a small portion of the state’s overall commitment to helping the oil and gas region’s counties, cities, schools and other political subdivisions address the challenges of rapid growth.
The nearly $8 million in state grants awarded today to the region’s law enforcement agencies and service organizations include:
  • $904,500 to the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office for new police vehicles, law enforcement training, body cameras and other equipment and housing allowances for deputies, dispatch employees and corrections staff.
  • $596,935 to the Williston Police Department for six police vehicles, other equipment and salary support for three new officers.
  • $77,162 for the Williston Family Crisis Shelter to hire a services advocate and to purchase office equipment.
  • $443,057 to the Watford City Police Department for six new patrol vehicles, duty gear and other equipment, law enforcement training and housing allowances for 20 officers and two support staff.
  • $22,500 to Dickinson’s Domestic Violence and Rape Crises Center toward staff salary and operating costs.
  • $273,000 for the Killdeer Police Department to hire two additional patrol officers; to purchase two vehicles; to purchase new bulletproof vests and other equipment; and to provide officers with housing allowances.
  • $257,000 for the Tioga Police Department to purchase equipment, support officer salaries and housing allowances for three officers and one member of the department’s support staff.
  • $210,514 for the Ward County State’s Attorney Office to support the hiring of an assistance state’s attorney, victim-witness coordinator two additional support staff.
The Land Board today awarded 32 grants totaling about $3.7 million in support of the region’s emergency medical services. The grants approved include:
  • $485,000 to the New Town Ambulance Service for the purchase of a new ambulance and staff pay assistance.
  • $369,324 to the city of Williston for a quick-response vehicle, training, emergency equipment and staffing assistance.
  • $272,000 to the city of Tioga for a new EMS building and emergency medical equipment.
  • $332,000 to the Killdeer Area Ambulance District for the purchase of a new building and staffing assistance.
  • $200,000 to the Stanley Rural Ambulance Service District for a building renovation and expansion.
  • $100,000 to the United Rural Ambulance Service in Ward County for the construction of a new EMS building.
  • $92,750 for the Westhope Ambulance Service to complete the construction of a new building and to support staff pay.
  • $50,000 for the Ray Ambulance Service to purchase emergency medical equipment and supplies.
  • $142,200 for the Renville County Rural Ambulance Service to support staffing of ambulance services in the Mohall and Glenburn areas.
  • $60,000 for a new ambulance and emergency medical staffing assistance in Ward County.
For a complete list of grants approved by the Land Board today go to

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          Land Board Awards $15 Million to K-12 Schools, $1.3 Million to Airports in Western North Dakota   
By ND Governor's Office
The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) today awarded $15 million in Energy Impact Grant funds to K-12 schools and another $1.3 million to airports in western North Dakota’s oil and gas region.
On Wednesday, the Land Board awarded $11.5 million in grants to the region’s local law enforcement agencies, emergency medical services and non-profit service organizations.  Since 2011, the state has appropriated more than a half-billion dollars in Energy Impact Grant funds alone, a small portion of the state’s overall commitment to helping the oil and gas region’s counties, cities, schools and other political subdivisions address the challenges of rapid growth.
“Working together, we are making great progress in addressing the impacts associated with a growing economy and population,” said Gov.  Jack Dalrymple, chairman of the Land Board. “These grants are part of a much larger, ongoing commitment to working with our local leaders in western North Dakota so that we continue to build on our advancements.”
Other Land Board members are Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler and State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.
The Land Board approved $15 million in state grants for 62 school districts The Land Board will award an additional $15 million in grants to the region’s K-12 schools next year.
All of the state funds awarded today will be used for school renovations and other capital improvement projects. The grants awarded today to K-12 schools include:
  • $2.65 million - Williston Public School District #1
  • $1.29 million - Dickinson Public School District #1
  • $830,999 - Killdeer Public School District                                      
  • $1.39 million - McKenzie Co. Public School District #1
  • $950,622 - New Town Public School District
  • $741,165 - Stanley Public School District #2
  • $655.655 - Bottineau Public School District #1
  • $403,754 - Mohall, Lansford, Sherwood Public School District
  • $415,429 - Tioga Public School District #15                                              
  • $581,979 - Beach Public School District #3
  • $276,734 - Bowman Public School District 
The Land Board today also awarded $1.3 million in Energy Impact Grant funds to support capital improvement projects at six airports. Today’s grant awards for airport improvements are:
  • Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport - $642,486 for apron improvements, security upgrades and for the development of a master plan and wildlife hazard assessments.
  • Minot International Airport - $165,878 for phase-two construction of a terminal access road and develop of a master plan.
  • Garrison Municipal Airport - $178,678 for construction of fueling apron and runway rehabilitation.
  • Kenmare Municipal Airport - $157,331for runway light improvements.
  • Washburn Municipal Airport - $64,871 for apron and taxiway expansions.
  • Westhope Municipal Airport - $96,793 for an apron expansion project and development of a master plan. 
For a complete list of grants approved today by the Land Board go to:

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          Land Board Awards $19 Million in Latest Grant Round to Support Airports in Western North Dakota    
By ND Governor's Office
The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) awarded $19.3 million in Energy Impact Grant funds to support airport improvement projects in western North Dakota.  
Since 2011, the Legislature has appropriated $515 million in Energy Impact Grant funds, which make up a small portion of the state’s total commitment to helping western North Dakota’s oil and gas counties address the impacts of rapid growth.
“By working together we are making great progress in western North Dakota, but there is still a lot of work ahead,” Gov. Jack Dalrymple said. “These grants are part of our ongoing commitment to working with local leaders so that we build on our progress.”
Dalrymple is chairman of the five-member Land Board. Other members of the board are Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler and State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.
The Energy Impact grants approved by the Land Board today are:
  • Williston’s Sloulin Airport - $19 million for land acquisition, terminal design and other costs associated with the city’s airport relocation project.
  • Dunn County Airport Authority - $222,465 for design and construction of a jet fuel facility.
  • New Town Airport Authority - $74,422 for the design of a fuel facility and runway reconstruction.
  • Westhope Municipal Airport - $36,483 for an apron expansion and parking lot expansion. 
To date, the Land Board has awarded nearly $240 million in state Energy Impact Grants during the current biennium, and will award another $140 million in grants during the 2015-2017 biennium. The grants support a wide range of needs in western North Dakota, including enhancements for law enforcement agencies; emergency medical services; fire departments, critical-access hospitals and growing schools. 

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          Land Board Awards More than $12 Million in Energy Impact Grants   
By ND Governor's Office
The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) today awarded more than $12 million in Energy Impact Grants for political subdivisions impacted by rapid development in the state’s oil and gas counties. More than 130 grants totaling $12,360,242 were awarded from the Oil and Gas Impact Grant fund to political subdivisions, including cities, counties, townships and park districts.
The Legislature provided nearly $240 million in Energy Impact Grants for the 2013-2015 biennium to help western North Dakota address increased growth and activity. More than $18 million of that amount was allocated for political subdivisions without a specific grant round. Other grant rounds include cities, fire districts, emergency medical services, K-12 schools, higher education, airports and law enforcement.
“These grants are an important part of our ongoing commitment to help the oil and gas region meet the challenges created by rapid growth,” said Gov. Jack Dalrymple. “This funding will help political subdivisions in western North Dakota address their immediate needs and make the necessary infrastructure enhancements to mitigate the impacts of increased energy development.”
Dalrymple is chairman of the five-member Land Board. Other members of the board are Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler and State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.
To date, including the grants awarded today, the Land Board has committed nearly $220 million in state Energy Impact Grants and will award a total of nearly $240 million in grants during the 2013-2015 biennium. The grants are used to address a wide range of needs, including enhancements for law enforcement agencies and emergency services; upgrades to airports, as well as county and city infrastructure; and support for growing schools.
In all, the state will invest about $2.7 billion to support the state’s oil and gas region during the current biennium. The state commitment – more than twice the amount of the previous, two-year funding package of about $1.2 billion – includes funding for highway, county and township road improvements; water supply and water treatment projects and the development of affordable housing. Other state commitments include stationing more Highway Patrol troopers in western North Dakota; enhancements to the region’s court system and funding for dust suppression projects.
For a complete list of grants approved today by the Land Board, go to:

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          Robust Economy, Lots of Hiring, Thin Substitute Teacher Ranks in Region   
By InForum
Paul Zens can teach you all about history.

Asian history. European history. American history. If it’s got a past, he can teach it, the North Dakota State University graduate says. 

But French? Pas du tout!

The 26-year-old Alexandria, Minn., native knows zero, zip, non French.

Still, as a substitute teacher, Zens recently had to stand in front of a class of French students at Fargo North High School.

Fortunately, all he had to do was stand, take attendance, then escort the students to another room for a lecture on Scandinavia.

“The only (classes) I don’t substitute in are band or music,” Zens said. “It’s exciting. A different thing every day. Hopefully, it leads me to a full-time job in the district.”

Zens and others like him are getting harder to find in Fargo-Moorhead. There’s a shortage of substitute teachers and paraprofessionals in area districts.

The three big school districts need 100 to 120 substitutes daily for teachers, paraprofessionals and other jobs to cover illnesses, teacher training, emergencies and other absences.

But with the robust economy – and lots of full-time teacher hiring locally – the substitute ranks often fall seven to 15 positions short a day in each district, officials at Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead public schools say.

“It is harder to get the jobs filled, absolutely,” said Kristin Dehmer, executive director of human resources for Moorhead School District. “Everyone is having concerns right now”

Sheryl Lehman, director of human relations for Fargo School District, says enrollment growth is a plus and a minus. More classrooms need more full-time teachers, but that depletes substitute ranks.

“We’re large school districts all competing for the same pool of substitute teachers. That becomes difficult,” Lehman said.

The West Fargo School District expects to add 500 students a year for several years. Fargo expects about 200 students a year for the foreseeable future. Moorhead, too, is planning for growth at all levels, and is preparing to ask taxpayers to build a new elementary school, an addition to Horizon Middle School, and, in time, to either renovate Moorhead High or build a new school.

West Fargo Human Resources Director Robin Hill is deeply familiar with the annual scramble to put teachers in front of classes as it’s opened several new schools and expanded others. West Fargo has hired 70 to 90 new teachers a year for several years, she said.

“We create more demand (for substitutes) by adding staff. And then we do hire a lot of people that have been successful substitute teachers for us,” she said.

“We do struggle on a daily basis. We hope as spring is approaching that there will be fewer absences due to illnesses. It gets to be pretty critical over the winter months,” Hill said.

Widespread shortages

The shortage of substitute teachers is not limited to the F-M area. Minnesota and North Dakota see shortages statewide.

Janet Welk, executive director of the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board, said chronic shortages of substitutes has led to looser licensing requirements.

In 2001, the education requirement went from being a fully prepared teacher to holding a bachelor’s degree and getting a letter from a school district saying it needs the individual as a substitute, Welk said.

A year ago, the rules were relaxed further. Now, a substitute needs just 48 hours of post-secondary credit – two years of college – plus the letter from a school district, Welk said.

Welk said North Dakota is graduating fewer teachers, even as student numbers have grown in the Oil Patch and large cities.

“When I started in this position in 1998, we were issuing right around 800 licenses to in-state grads every year. Now, it’s down to about 600,” Welk said.

In 1994, there were 816 graduates who had completed all the requirements for a teaching degree. In 2013, there were 660, and that was a blip upward. In 2012, there were 588 teaching graduates, and in 2011, 591, Welk said.

Now North Dakota relies heavily on teachers moving here from other states.

This school year, 298 North Dakota grads have been issued two-year teaching licenses, while 301 licenses went to out-of-state teachers, Welk said.

In the 2013-14 school year, 586 teaching licenses went to North Dakota grades, while 590 went to out-of-state applicants.

“We’re expecting 3,000 more students in the Bismarck system in the next five years,” Welk said. “I don’t know where we’re going to get our teachers.”

Minnesota Public Radio recently reported that fewer people are entering teaching in that state, too.

The number of licenses awarded to graduates of Minnesota’s state teacher preparation programs dropped 7 percent from 2008 to 2013, according to Minnesota Department of Education data.

Overall, the number of people who finished teacher preparation programs fell by 723 from 2009 to 2011, a 16 percent drop, MPR reported.

A strong economy and expanding opportunities for college grads in other fields, such as technology, make teaching less competitive, Welk said.

Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead public schools pay $100 a day for substitutes. Moorhead pays $115 a day if a retired Moorhead teacher subs.

Fargo and West Fargo also have bonus systems to reward teachers who take multiple substitute jobs, Hill and Lehman said.

All of the school districts reach out to the region’s colleges to recruit grads with education degrees.

December grads may not get a full-time teaching contract right away, but substitute teaching can pile up experience and show off talent, Lehman said.

Picking up a substitute teaching job can be as easy as picking up a smart phone.

Zens has an app on his phone that puts jobs one touch away. If he likes an offer, one tap on his screen seals the deal.

“Most of the time, my jobs are lined up a week in advance,” Zens said. “You don’t have to do a whole lot of hunting” for work.

Have license, will travel

For Brandy Haugen, the substitute experience has been good, though she’d much prefer to work full time as a teacher.

After directing a Moorhead High School social studies class to watch a short film, Haugen talked about her substitute teaching experience. She said being licensed in Minnesota and North Dakota expands her options.

But full-time social studies teaching jobs are hard to find. There are open posts for teachers in math, the sciences and some specialty areas, but social studies is a crowded field, the Fargo woman said.

“I’m waiting for something to open,” the 24-year-old said.

“I check Fargo. I check Moorhead. I check West Fargo. I check all the way to Fergus Falls,” Haugen said. “It’s just a waiting game. Everything is ready to go, waiting on that one position.”

Originally printed in "Robust Economy, Lots of Hiring, Thin Substitute Teacher Ranks in Region" by InFourm.

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          Governor Dalrymple Delivers 2015 State of the State   
In delivering the State of the State address today, Gov. Jack Dalrymple said North Dakota’s strong economy and sound fiscal management make possible additional tax relief as well as investments in statewide priorities including infrastructure, education and meeting the challenges of growth.
“Two years ago I stood before you and reported that the state of our state was strong,” Dalrymple said. “Today, I am pleased to tell you that we’ve made great progress since then, and that North Dakota is stronger than ever.”
North Dakota has reduced taxes by $4.3 billion since 2009, and Dalrymple recommended that the legislature make even more tax relief a priority.  The legislature also will have an opportunity to pass a property tax reform bill that provides for more spending discipline, and makes it easier for taxpayers to understand how their tax dollars are used in comparison to other political subdivisions, Dalrymple said.
North Dakota has also made great progress on road and highway improvements, water supply projects and should continue to invest in the state’s infrastructure needs.  At the same time, North Dakota remains committed to advancing critical flood protection projects, Dalrymple said.
In just the past four years, the state has also leveraged nearly $90 million in tax credits and incentive funds to support the development of about 2,500 housing units reserved for low-to-moderate income residents and for essential service employees in western North Dakota.
“Never before in our state’s history have we undertaken such an ambitious, ongoing campaign to improve our roads and highways, expand water supply systems, advance flood control projects and develop affordable housing,” Dalrymple said.  “These projects enhance the quality of our lives and support our growing economy. “
Public Safety            
As the state’s population and commercial activity have grown, Dalrymple and the legislature have worked together so that North Dakota continues to be one of the safest states in the nation.    
Since 2011, the state has steadily expanded the capabilities of the Highway Patrol, the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the state’s judicial system and the Department of Correction’s parole and probation services.
For local law enforcement officers in western North Dakota, the region’s rapid growth has created significant challenges.  Within the last four years, the state has provided about $20 million in impact grants to help equip, train and staff local police departments and sheriff’s offices serving in North Dakota’s oil-producing counties.  The state has provided another $30 million to support the region’s fire and emergency medical services. 
Oversight of the Oil Industry
The remarkable amount of commerce throughout North Dakota requires that the state continue to strengthen its health and environmental protections as well as its oversight of the oil and gas industry, Dalrymple said.
Since 2011, the state has significantly expanded its regulatory staff within the Oil and Gas Division and the Department of Health, and Dalrymple has recommended funding for 22 additional positions within the Oil and Gas Division and 19 more within the Department of Health. Additionally, the state has adopted new oil conditioning standards to improve the safety of crude oil for transport; required major reductions in the flaring of natural gas and has revised more than 60 sections of regulatory code to strengthen environmental protections.  Dalrymple has also recommended new positions within the Public Service Commission to augment federal oversight of rail safety and pipeline integrity.

“We should all be proud of the vital role our state is playing to help America strengthen its energy independence,” Dalrymple said.  “We have become the nation’s second-largest oil producer, and as our energy production has increased so has our responsibility.”
North Dakota has steadily improved its K-12 education system, putting to rest the challenging issues of funding equity and adequacy.  The state has also significantly reduced the local cost of education by increasing the state’s funding commitment.   Dalrymple said the state has an opportunity to build on its success by maintaining strong funding for K-12 schools, by
investing in early childhood education, and by addressing the extraordinary needs of schools challenged by rapid enrollment growth.
North Dakota’s strong revenues also allow for continued investments in higher education, while most other states are reducing their funding.  Working together, the governor and legislature have improved the way North Dakota’s universities and colleges are funded, and have made major investments in capital projects and other improvements.

Moving forward, the state can continue to invest in the university system’s critical infrastructure needs, but should focus on programs that make college more affordable for students, Dalrymple said.

The state’s strong economy and sound fiscal management allow for continued investments in other priorities as well, including workforce development, improvements to the state’s park system and other quality-of-life enhancements.
“Here in North Dakota, we continue to drive an agenda for progress and a quality of life that is second to none,” Dalrymple said. “We know that progress comes with its own challenges and there is much work ahead.  But we have every reason to be optimistic about our state and the increasing number of opportunities it provides.” 
During his address, Dalrymple also spoke about recent declines in oil prices and the potential impact on state revenues.
“It’s important for the people of North Dakota to know that we are committed to a structurally balanced state budget, where ongoing spending never exceeds our available, ongoing revenues,” Dalrymple said.  “There are risks associated with any economy that relies on the value of commodities, and those risks must always be carefully considered.  We guard against these risks in several ways, including directing the vast majority of our oil and gas revenues – about 96 percent – to special reserve funds that are not used for ongoing operations.”

North Dakota’s investments in statewide infrastructure projects and other capital projects require one-time funding that doesn’t have to be repeated should state revenues decline.
In February, a new state revenue forecast will be completed and will help guide the legislature’s work, Dalrymple said.

“If adjustments to our spending plan are needed, I am confident our legislature will make prudent decisions based on the best available projections,” Dalrymple said. “In the end, I expect our legislature will find that we can continue to fund our priorities, maintain healthy reserves and provide even more tax relief.”

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          North Dakota UAS Industry on Edge Waiting for Release of Proposed Rules   
By Grand Forks Herald
The year 2014 came and went without the Federal Aviation Administration releasing its proposed rules for small unmanned aircraft — a draft North Dakota officials have been anxiously awaiting.
"We're sitting here on pins and needles," said Al Palmer, director of UND's unmanned aircraft systems center.

The rules would pertain to the use of small unmanned aerial systems, which are defined as devices less than 55 pounds. What exactly will be included in this draft is anyone's guess but those in the industry have a few ideas.

If included, requirements for UAS pilots are especially of interest for UND, Palmer said, adding rumors are circulating that it could be as simple as a certification course or as complex as getting a pilot's license.

The long-delayed release of the draft was expected to happen before the end of 2014, but officials now hope to see it later this month. Once released, the rules must undergo a public comment period officials expect to last at least a year. After the comments are reviewed and addressed, the finalized rules will be released in 2016 or even 2017.

"It'll be really interesting to see how the industry behaves in the next two years," said David Dvorak, founder of UAS sensor development company Field of View in Grand Forks.

Right now, Dvorak said the FAA just needs to release the proposed rules.

"It's fine if they're not perfect right away, but we just need to get something to give some hard and fast guidelines for people," he added.

Commercial use

Perhaps the most anticipated part of the rules would be the potential inclusion of guidelines for commercial operations.

"We hope that there are guidelines because people are using these things now," Palmer said. "The FAA doesn't have the manpower or staffing to go out and observe everything that's going on."

Commercial use of these aircraft is currently banned by the FAA, unless a company is granted a special exemption by the agency. Companies that have received exemptions so far are mostly involved in the motion picture industry.

In North Dakota, agriculture will likely emerge as the main arena of commercial use for the devices. Other industries such as energy, transportation and health care are also expected to adopt the use of UAS in some capacity in the state.

Dvorak's company focuses on providing sensors for agricultural use, relying on sales to international customers and universities during the commercial use ban.

He says there is a fear among business owners that the rules may be too restrictive.

"There is a possibility that the FAA could release these rules and they're so restrictive that you can't really do commercial operations," Dvorak said.

Rule breakdown

As FAA guidelines stand now, hobbyists are allowed to operate unmanned aircraft under 55 pounds within their line of sight and under an altitude of 400 feet. They are asked to contact an airport if they plan to fly within 5 miles of the facility and to avoid flying near any manned aircraft or at night.

Public agencies such as law enforcement and universities are required to obtain a certificate of authorization from the FAA to legally fly unmanned aircraft. These certificates take about 60 days or less to receive, according the administration's website.

The Grand Forks County Sheriff's Office has authorization to fly in 16 North Dakota counties. So far, the office's devices have been used to survey accident and crime scenes, search for missing persons and find suspects fleeing from officers.

At least two research projects overseen by UND and North Dakota State University also have been greenlighted by UND's UAS Research Compliance Committee. That committee vets research proposals brought to the university.

This summer, unmanned aircraft monitored wildlife at Sully's Hill Wildlife Preserve near Devils Lake and crops at NDSU's research facility near Carrington, N.D.

More research proposals are expected to be up for discussion at the compliance committee's Jan. 16 meeting.

Favorable attitudes

Release of the small UAS rules was delayed in part by privacy concerns voiced to the FAA.

A study conducted in the summer of 2014 hints operators likely won't run into too many privacy concerns in northeast North Dakota.

More than 70 percent of residents surveyed by two UND professors said they did not have concerns about UAS encroaching on their personal privacy. The survey polled 647 residents in 16 northeastern counties about their feelings toward various types of unmanned aircraft use.

When it came to businesses, just over half of respondents said they had no concerns and 64 percent weren't worried about individuals operating the devices.

The preliminary findings of the study were released by Thomasine Heitkamp and Cindy Juntunen — both members of the research compliance committee — at the 2014 UAS Action Summit held in June in Grand Forks. While results were favorable for the industry, officials acknowledge there are still concerns with UAS flight.

"The fear out there is there is a risk that somebody's out there flying these things and since there are no rules per se ... we may be operating these things in an unsafe manner too close to an airport where we could have an accident or an incident," Palmer said.

Federal data show an increase of UAS sightings and near-misses with manned aircraft being reported to the FAA as of June, but none of those incidents occurred in North Dakota.

In advance of the small rule release and a holiday season where people could possibly find a UAS under their Christmas tree, the FAA launched a safety campaign and educational website.

The Know Before You Fly website gives users a primer on types of unmanned aircraft use and the rules associated with each.

North Dakota UAS Industry on Edge Waiting for Release of Proposed Rules - Grand Forks Herald

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          Land Board Awards $5 Million in Latest Grant Round to Western Schools, Airports   
By ND Governor's Office
The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) awarded about $5 million in energy impact grants to K-12 schools and airports in North Dakota’s oil-production region. During this grant round, the Land Board awarded about $2 million to K-12 schools and another $3 million to airports in western North Dakota to help the region address the impacts of rapid growth.
“These grants are an important part of our ongoing commitment to help the oil and gas region meet the challenges the come with strong growth,” said Gov. Jack Dalrymple, chairman of the five-member state Land Board. “By working together, we are making great progress in western North Dakota, but we know that there is much more work ahead.  We will continue working with local leaders to meet our challenges and build on our progress.”
Other Land Board members are Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler and State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.
The Land Board approved grants for 13 school districts based on the recommendations of its K-12 school advisory committee, which is made up of school administrators from the state’s oil and gas region. The Land Board followed the committee’s recommendations to give priority to school districts that demonstrated a need for additional assistance since the start of the current school year.  The energy impact grants awarded to schools today include:
  • McKenzie Co. Public School District 1 - $336,000 for construction of additional classrooms, portable classrooms and other school upgrades.
  • Divide Co. Public School District - $274,000 for the development of teacher housing and communications equipment.
  • Stanley Public School District - $246,000 for high school renovations and fire alarm upgrades.
  • Tioga Public School District - $110,000 for high school and elementary school security upgrades.
  • Alexander Public School District 2 - $190,000 for cafeteria renovations.
  • Nesson Public School District 2, Ray, N.D. - $245,000 for modular classrooms and security upgrades.
  • Powers Lake Public School District 27 - $140,000 for teacher housing.
The Land Board also awarded $3 million in energy impact grants to support a wide range of infrastructure improvement projects and equipment needs at 10 airports serving western North Dakota.  The grants include:
  • Minot International Airport, $2.06 million towards construction of a new passenger terminal and other improvement projects.
  • Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport, $108,000 to expand the aviation apron and for the design of improved runways and taxiways.
  • Williston’s Sloulin Field International Airport, $122,144 for emergency equipment and an environmental assessment.
  • Bowman Municipal Airport, $207,251 in additional state funding for the construction of a new terminal and fueling station. The state has previously provided $140,000 to support the improvement projects.
  •  Tioga Municipal Airport, $181,805 for planning and design of hangar construction improvements as well as taxiway and apron improvements.
  • Parshall’s Hankins Airport, $141,668 for apron pavement improvements.
For a complete list of grants approved today by the Land Board go to:
In addition to providing $240 million in energy impact grants, the state continues to support the oil and gas region in many other ways. In all, the state will invest about $2.7 billion to support the state’s oil and gas region during the current biennium. The state commitment – more than twice the amount of the previous, two-year funding package of about $1.2 billion – includes funding for highway, county and township road improvements; water supply and water treatment projects and the development of affordable housing. Other state commitments include stationing more Highway Patrol troopers in western North Dakota; enhancements to the region’s court system and funding for dust suppression projects.

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          Oil Boom and Housing Bust Alter State-by-State US Spending as North Dakota Soars, Nevada Lags   
By Star Tribune
WASHINGTON — North Dakotans, enriched by an oil boom, stepped up their spending at triple the national pace in the three years that followed the Great Recession. In Nevada, smacked hard by the housing bust, consumers barely increased their spending.

Americans spend the most, per person, on housing in Washington, D.C., and the least in West Virginia.
Those and other figures emerged Thursday from a new annual report from the government that for the first time reveals consumer spending on a state-by-state basis from 1997 through 2012. The numbers point to substantial shifts in the economy since the recession ended. The recession, which began in December 2007, officially ended in June 2009.

Spending jumped 28 percent in North Dakota, the largest gain nationwide, from 2009 through 2012. It surged nearly 16 percent in Oklahoma. The next-largest increases were in South Dakota, Texas and West Virginia.

The changes in spending patterns in North Dakota have been particularly dramatic. Its per-capita spending in 2007, before the recession began, was $32,780. That ranked it 24th among states. By 2012, North Dakota's per-capita spending was $44,029, fourth-highest nationwide. (The figures aren't adjusted for inflation.)

North Dakota has boomed in large part because of a breakthrough drilling technique, known as hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," that has unlocked vast oil and gas reserves. The state's per-person income soared 37.2 percent, before inflation, from 2009 through 2012, according to a separate report released this year. That's by far the most for any state. North Dakota's unemployment rate was a barely visible 2.7 percent in June, the lowest in the nation.

By contrast, spending eked out a scant 3.5 percent increase in Nevada, the weakest for any state and far below the 10.7 percent national average. Arizona's 6.2 percent increase was next-weakest, followed by Hawaii's, Florida's and Utah's.

When the housing bust struck in 2006, home values plummeted in Nevada, Arizona and Florida. The persistently weak consumer spending in those states underscores the lingering damage the housing bust inflicted on their economies.

Nevada and Arizona also received the smallest income gains in the first three years after the recession ended. Salaries and other income in Nevada rose just 3.8 percent and in Arizona, 6.7 percent. The national average was 11.1 percent.

And Nevada's unemployment rate was 7.7 percent in June, the third-highest. Arizona's was 6.9 percent, 10th-highest.

The government's figures show that state-by-state spending patterns were radically different before the recession. In the three years leading up to the downturn, for example, spending in Arizona jumped 21.2 percent, the fourth-highest in the nation. Big home price gains during the housing bubble likely fueled more spending.

North Dakota's spending growth was only 12th-highest in those years. Spending rose the most in Wyoming, where it surged 24.5 percent, followed by Louisiana and Hawaii.

The report points to wide spending disparities elsewhere in the country. Per-person spending in 2012 was highest in Washington, D.C., at $59,423, followed by Massachusetts at $47,308. The next-highest per-person spending totals were in Connecticut, North Dakota and New Jersey.

Spending was lowest that year in Mississippi, at $27,406. Arkansas was second-lowest, at $28,366.

The government's new report includes figures for specific spending categories. For example, in 2012, consumers spent the most on housing and utilities in Washington, D.C., where per-capita spending reached $11,985, followed by Hawaii at $10,002. Connecticut and Maryland ranked third and fourth. Those figures largely reflect high rents in those areas.

The individual categories of spending data tend to coincide with regional cost-of-living differences. Consumers in Alaska, where food costs are generally high, spent the most on groceries, laying out $3,852 in 2012, followed by Vermont at $3,622, followed by New Hampshire, $3,616, and Hawaii, $3,615.

The cold-weather state of North Dakota led the nation in spending on gas and energy, paying a per capita $3,916 in 2012. Wyoming, South Dakota and Maine spent the next-largest amounts.

Hawaii spent the least, at just $882, followed by New York, Florida and California.
"Oil Boom and Housing Bust Alter State-by-State US Spending as North Dakota Soars, Nevada Lags" as reported by

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          Land Board Awards Nearly $8 Million to K-12 Schools Impacted By Oil and Gas Development   
ND Governor's Office

The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) today awarded nearly $8 million to North Dakota K-12 schools impacted by the rapid growth of oil and gas development in the state. The Board approved 33 projects totaling $7,888,459, giving priority to safety and security needs, teacher housing, temporary portable classrooms to address increased student enrollment and other projects needed in preparation for the upcoming school year.
The Land Board allocated $25 million in Energy Impact Grant funds for the 2013-2015 biennium to benefit K-12 schools impacted by the state’s growing energy industry, with $12.5 million designated for each fiscal year. Prior to today’s action, the Board has awarded 65 grants totaling $15,530,000 to K-12 school districts.
“K-12 schools impacted by oil and gas development in the state are experiencing significant increases in student enrollment, expanding the need for teacher housing, portable classrooms and other renovations and enhancements to accommodate rapid growth,” said Gov. Jack Dalrymple, chairman of the state Land Board. “These grants will help our schools address the impacts of increased enrollments and prepare for the upcoming school year.”
In addition to Dalrymple, the Land Board includes Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler and State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt.
To date, including the grants awarded today, the Land Board has awarded nearly $196 million in state Energy Impact Grant funds and will award a total of $240 million in grants during the 2013-2015 biennium. The grants are used to address a wide range of needs, including enhancements for airports, law enforcement agencies and emergency services; upgrades to county, township and city infrastructure and support for growing schools.
In all, the state will invest about $2.6 billion to support the state’s oil and gas region during the current biennium. The state commitment – more than twice the amount of the previous, two-year funding package of about $1.2 billion – includes funding for highway, county and township road improvements; water supply and water treatment projects and the development of affordable housing. Other state commitments include stationing more Highway Patrol troopers in western North Dakota; enhancements to the region’s court system and funding for dust suppression projects.
For a complete list of K-12 school projects approved today by the Land Board, go to  

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          NDSU Evaluating Unmanned Aircraft System Technology   
By Farm and Ranch Guide

North Dakota State University researchers are taking to the air to monitor crop and livestock research projects on the ground.

Several researchers on campus are working with colleagues at NDSU’s Carrington Research Extension Center to evaluate whether unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can be effective management tools in crop and livestock production.

“There is currently much interest in using UAS in agriculture,” says John Nowatzki, the NDSU Extension Service’s agricultural machine systems specialist and the lead investigator on this project. “However, there is little research to show that UAS can be used effectively or economically for crop or livestock management.”

Researchers are using UAS-mounted thermal, infrared sensors and cameras that capture image data at specific frequencies to collect data from fields and livestock at specified times.

The researchers plan to identify plant emergence and populations in corn, soybeans and sunflowers, and nitrogen deficiencies in corn and wheat. They’re also hoping the UAS can help them make early plant health assessments, and spot disease and insect damage symptoms, weed infestations and indications of moisture stress on irrigated crops.

In addition, they plan to use the UAS to determine the impacts of tillage and crop rotations on crop emergence, vigor and yield, and the impacts of soil salinity on crop yields, as well as monitor the dry-down times of individual corn hybrids to determine when to harvest the crops.

“The objective is to find out which observations taken from the plane can translate into immediate management actions, or possibly some observations may lead to corrective action for the following season,” says NDSU professor and Extension agronomist Hans Kandel, who is one of the project’s co-investigators.

Crop production researchers have identified at least 40 research trials at the Carrington center they want included in the UAS project, according to Blaine Schatz, the center’s director.

“On the livestock side of our research efforts, we will mostly be observing the beef cattle within multiple projects, and the observations will focus on capturing images that may help to determine animal health contrasts and animal behavior patterns,” Schatz says.

For example, researchers plan to monitor the breeding activity of the center’s beef cattle, count the cattle in pastures to make sure they are where they are supposed to be, detect animals that are ill so they can be isolated from the rest of the herd and treated as quickly as possible, and identify animals that are aggressive toward other livestock or humans so they can be removed from herds.

The researchers also intend to monitor animal temperatures and determine the feedlot surface temperatures of various bedding materials to mitigate stress from extreme weather conditions.

“The individual NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center researchers will collaborate with project principal investigators to select appropriate sensors and monitoring schedules for their projects,” Nowatzki says. “These researchers also will collaborate with ABEN (NDSU Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department) personnel to correlate the UAS-sensed data with the data collected on the ground for each project.”

The first UAS flights were on May 5. The Federal Aviation Administration gave North Dakota approval in April for the UAS test flights.

A Research ND grant from the North Dakota Department of Commerce and a North Dakota Soybean Council research grant funded the project, Nowatzki says. The Research ND grant includes matching funds from two private-sector partners: the North Dakota Corn Council and LW Survey of Duluth, Minn.

The University of North Dakota’s Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research, Education and Training is collaborating on this research by flying the UAS at the Carrington center. UND also will collect flight information from each flight of both UAS used in the project. The flight information will be shared with the FAA for its use in developing future UAS regulations.

In addition to finding out whether UAS are effective in monitoring crop and livestock production, the researchers plan to develop methods to convert the image data to information that’s useful to producers and crop consultants, and help producers identify how they can make use of UAS on their operations.

“The major benefit of UAS is that it offers a very affordable technology that the farmers or consultants can easily adopt,” says Sreekala Bajwa, NDSU ABEN chair and a UAS project co-investigator whose expertise is in remote sensing for precision agriculture. “It offers the flexibility that you can fly it anytime and at any area of interest with the proper safety regulations in place.”

She thinks another huge advantage is that UAS potentially could cover a whole farm in a day or a few days and provide the producer with a visual of his or her entire field.

“Monitoring the entire farm is a very time- and labor-intensive job,” she notes. “It is virtually impossible to look at all the field, even when a consultant is walking the fields. A UAS will allow the farmer or consultant to identify potential areas of concern and focus on those areas which may otherwise go undetected.”

Bajwa believes this one-year project is just the beginning.

“With our current research project, we are only touching the surface of possibilities,” she says. “Many researchers at NDSU are working in areas that can benefit from data collected from a UAS platform. I hope to see many more researchers taking active roles to capture this opportunity to address a research potential in their area of interest and, thus, positively impacting our state, region and nation in a significant way.”

NDSU Evaluating Unmanned Aircraft System Technology -

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          Oil Is The New Gold: Inside North Dakota’s Oil Rush   
By Time

North Dakota is now producing more than one million barrels of oil a day, part of a modern gold rush that holds both promise and uncertainty for the future of the state.

Oil production statistics released by the state’s Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) revealed that the state produced 1,002,445 barrels per day in April 2014, up from 793,832 the year before. The new statistics mean that North Dakota now joins the ranks of Texas, Alaska, California and Louisiana- the only states to ever generate more than one millions barrels per day. (Texas is the only other one still producing that amount.)

North Dakota expects its production to climb: the DMR predicts oil production to peak at 1.5 million barrels per day around 2017.

This tracks a broader, national trend, as well: This year U.S. oil field production outpaced imports by about one million barrels a day.

Sudden turnaround
Just five years ago, North Dakota was producing less than 200,000 barrels a day. Alison Ritter, public information officer for the oil and gas division of the DMR, traces the beginning of the oil boom to the 2006 discovery of the Parshall Oil Field on the Bakken formation, the oil-rich shale rock material under the western part of the state. Using a combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, commonly called “fracking,” workers initially extracted an impressive 463 barrels a day from the discovery well. “It wasn’t the first time this was used [in North Dakota],” Ritter says of the drilling strategy, “But it was the first time it was used well.”

Since then, North Dakota’s economy has exploded. The state now has the fastest growing economy in the U.S. and the lowest unemployment rate: 2.6% compared to a national average of 6.3%, according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number is well below that in Williston, the town at the heart of the oil rush, which has an unemployment rate of less than 1%.

People eager to cash in on the boom have been flocking to Williston for years; the town’s population has doubled since 2010. Housing prices are skyrocketing, and construction is struggling to keep pace with the population. In the first quarter of 2013, Williston issued nearly $72 million in building permits, more than twice the amount during the same period of 2012.

Incomes in the town match the rising real estate prices- in 2014, Walmart hired entry-level workers in Williston at a staggering $17.40 per hour to compete with the salaries people can fetch on the oil fields.
“In some ways we would have had more trouble with this had the national economy been good when this started,” says Tom Rolfstad, executive director of Williston Economic Development. “We’ve benefitted. Going into this we were worried about where we were going to get workers… but because of the national recession, we have workers coming from everywhere and we have investors coming in from everywhere looking to invest.”

Growing pains
Yet the steady stream of hopeful workers into the small town means that, even with high wages, many are stuck living temporary housing facilities sprouting up in the Bakken oil region while they wait for more permanent housing to be built.

“They’re not as bad as people think,” Rolfstad says of the facilities, often called man camps. “They’re more like a college dormitory. But we realize that this is going to be a long-term proposition, so we’re more about trying to do things permanently than temporarily. We’re really trying to build a city that has quality and not just quantity.”

North Dakota also needs to expand refining facilities to accommodate the flood of oil. The state currently has only one refinery, capable of refining 68,000 barrels a day. Though two more refineries are in the works, for now most of the oil is shipped via railway and pipeline to other refineries south and east of the state.
But with all the excitement of new growth comes downsides, as well. Williston schools are overcrowded and emergency services are strained. Meanwhile, the character of the town and the state are changing. “When you go to a restaurant now, you might wait in line to get in and wait in line again to pay,” says Rolfstad. “These are big city things we’ve never experienced before.”

Oil Is The New Gold: Inside North Dakota’s Oil Rush -

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          Emerge Desktop 5.2.2   
Emerge Desktop is a replacement windows "shell", the desktop environment normally provided by Windows Explorer.
          Land Board Awards $5 Million in Latest Grant Round to Law Enforcement Agencies   
By ND Governor
The Board of University and School Lands (Land Board) today awarded about $5 million in state grants to support sheriff offices and other local law enforcement agencies in North Dakota’s oil-production region.  The Land Board also awarded about $100,000 in grant funds to law enforcement agencies that are serving growing populations throughout the state.

Since July, the Land Board has awarded about $15.3 million to support local law enforcement agencies in western North Dakota. The funding is part of a $240-million state grant program created during the last Legislative session to help address the impacts of rapid growth in western North Dakota.

“These law enforcement funds concentrate on meeting immediate safety needs by putting peace officers on the road, appropriately trained, properly equipped and affordably housed,” Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said. “I am confident we will be able to show legislators that these critical funds have been wisely invested and are already showing results in investigating criminal activity and prosecuting criminals.”

Gov. Jack Dalrymple is chairman of the five-member Land Board. Other board members are Stenehjem, Secretary of State Al Jaeger, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler and State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt. The Land Board voted unanimously in favor of awarding the law enforcement grants.

“These grants are part of a larger strategy to help our local officials and community leaders address the challenges that come with growth,” Dalrymple said. “With the Energy Impact Fund, we can tackle a wide range of challenges. We continue to make significant progress, but we recognize that the impacts from rapid growth are very dynamic and we must always be prepared to adapt our response to meet the region’s needs.”

The law enforcement grants approved by the Land Board today will support sheriff offices, police departments, states attorney offices and regional law enforcement task forces. The state funding will also support domestic violence assistance programs, family crisis assistance and child advocacy. The grants will help pay for patrol vehicles; mobile fingerprint scans that provide immediate identification; portable scales for weight enforcement; funding for housing allowances; funding to hire additional officers, victim advocates and other public safety personnel as well as training, police safety gear and other equipment. For a complete list of law enforcement grants approved today by the Land Board go to

State funding appropriated to support the region’s law enforcement agencies and other emergency responders during the 2013-2015 biennium includes:
• $9.6 million for Attorney General grants to law enforcement agencies.
• $7 million in Energy Impact Grant funds for sheriffs’ departments.
• $7 million for emergency medical service providers.
• $3.5 million for fire protection districts.
• $9.6 million for critical access hospitals.

In all, the state will invest about $2.6 billion to support the state’s oil and gas region during the 2013-2015 biennium.  The state’s 2013-2015 commitment – more than twice the amount of the previous, two-year funding package of about $1.2 billion – is being used to address a wide range of needs in western North Dakota, including:  highway, county and township road improvements; water supply and water treatment projects; the development of low-to-moderate income housing and assistance for growing school districts. Other state commitments include stationing more Highway Patrol troopers in western North Dakota; enhancements to the region’s court system and funding for dust suppression projects.


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          Dalrymple Kicks Off First Meeting of Pipeline Technology Working Group   
By ND Governor
Gov. Jack Dalrymple today kicked off the first meeting of the Pipeline Technology Working Group by welcoming its members and directing them to focus their work on identifying the latest available technologies for enhanced monitoring and control of oil and gas pipelines.
“Advancements in technology offer more opportunities to enhance the safe management of pipeline operations than ever before,” Dalrymple said. “We expect pipeline operators in North Dakota to use best practices and that may mean going above and beyond existing requirements to monitor and control pipeline flows.”
Dalrymple formed the 15-member advisory panel in December.  The technical working group includes private-sector engineers as well as representatives from the North Dakota Public Service Commission, the North Dakota State University Center for Surface Protection, the North Dakota Pipeline Authority, the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and representatives from pipeline companies operating in the state.
Members of the working group today discussed current pipeline operation standards, including the monitoring of pipeline pressures and flows. The group also discussed current standards for the operation of pipelines in populated areas and environmentally sensitive areas.  The group’s final recommendations will be made available to landowners, legislators, regulators, local officials and the general public. 
To enhance pipeline and rail safety, Dalrymple continues to work with the state’s congressional delegation, state officials, industry leaders and with federal agencies including PHMSA, which regulates the operation of oil pipelines and rail transportation. The federal agency also partners with states, including North Dakota’s Public Service Commission, to regulate natural gas pipelines.
In meetings with PHMSA officials, Dalrymple has urged them to review their oversight protocols and determine whether federal pipeline regulations offer ample protection. 
“Pipelines are essential to the safe and efficient shipment of North Dakota’s oil and gas resources, but their operation requires a total commitment to safety,” Dalrymple said.
Members of the working group on pipeline technology are:
  • Niles Hushka - Chief Executive Officer, KLJ engineering
  • Mike Seminary - Business Development Manager, Houston Engineering 
  • Allan Beshore - Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  • Lynn Helms - Director, North Dakota Dept. of Mineral Resources
  • Sandi Tabor - former North Dakota Transmission Authority Director, Director of Government Relations, KLJ engineering
  • Gordon Bierwagen - North Dakota State University Center for Surface Protection, Department of  Coatings and Polymeric Materials
  • Wayne Armenta - Workforce, Safety and Field Operations, ONEOK Partners
  • Kari  Cutting - Vice President, North Dakota Petroleum Council
  • Arti Bhatia - Director of Pipeline and Corridor Risk Management, Alliance Pipeline
  • Patrick Fahn - Director of Compliance and Competitive Markets, North Dakota Public Service Commission
  • Scott Fradenburgh - Vice President of Operations, WBI Energy
  • Brent Horton - Director of Engineering for North Dakota, Enbridge Pipeline 
  • Mike McGrath - Pipeline Safety, Performance and Compliance, Alliance Pipeline 
  • Tad True - Vice President, Bridger and Belle Fourche Pipeline
  • Justin Kringstad - Director, North Dakota Pipeline Authority
Pipelines from the Williston Basin have the capacity to ship 583,000 barrels of oil per day. Three major pipeline projects, scheduled to be completed by late 2014, are expected to increase shipping capacity by 200,000 barrels of oil per day. Other pipeline projects, including the proposed Enbridge Sandpiper pipeline which would transfer as much as 225,000 barrel of oil per day to eastern U.S. markets, are in various stages of development. 
“Shipping Bakken crude by rail requires the same uncompromised commitment to safety and we will continue working with our congressional delegation, the federal government and the railroad industry for improved rail safety as well,” Dalrymple said.
PHMSA should finalize as soon as possible new standards for rail tank cars to incorporate improved safety features, Dalrymple said.  The governor is also urging the railway industry to provide more information about its emergency communication systems and operational protocols involving trains passing through populated areas while carrying hazardous materials.

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          Saul Niguez signs new nine-year deal at Atletico    
Midfielder Saul Niguez has signed a new nine-year contract with Atletico Madrid that will keep him at the La Liga club until June 2026.The 22-year-old has emerged as one of the most exciting midfield...
          Corporate farming and the new flu: Green Left Weekly reviews Rob Wallace’s book   

A new influenza pandemic is quite possible, according to a study by researchers at the University of NSW’s School of Public Health. The study notes that 19 different influenza strains have affected humans in the last 100 years, but the speed with which new strains have emerged has increased over the past 15 years. There have been seven new strains in the past five years alone. ¶ In Big Farms Make Big Flu, published last year by Monthly Review Press, Rob Wallace agreed a pandemic is not just more than likely, it is probable, and echoes the necessity to prepare. But his focus is to identify why the rate of new virus strains has increased, which he sees as basic to how to effectively plan containment.… | more…

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The gunman opened fire early this (Saturday) morning in at the Power Ultra Lounge in Little Rock, Arkansas.  At present, 28 have been injured but zero deaths have been reported. Warning: this article presents graphic video of a mass-shooting.  A gunman opened fire at a Little Rock, Arkansas nightclub in the early morning hours of […]

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          Noah's Wish on Alert to Assist With Animal Rescue in Northern California   

          Noah's Wish Warns Florida Residents to Include Pets in Evacuation Plans As Hurricane Wilma Approaches   

          Arranca la Operación Salida de tráfico, con 4,3 millones de desplazamientos este fin de semana   
La Operación Salida de tráfico del verano comienza este viernes 30 de junio a las 15.00 horas, dispositivo para el que la DGT prevé 89 millones de desplazamientos en carretera hasta septiembre, cuatro millones más que el año pasado (4,6%), cifras que se asemejan a las de 2008. De los 89 millones de desplazamientos que la DGT prevé para todo el verano, 43,5 millones se producirán en julio, mientras que en agosto está previsto que haya 45,5 millones. En concreto, la DGT prevé 4,35 millones de desplazamientos para la primera fase de la operación que abarca este fin de semana, según aseguran a Europa Press fuentes del organismo. Durante todo el dispositivo, la DGT establecerá dispositivos especiales de control y regulación de tráfico para todos los fines de semana de julio y agosto, que se intensificarán durante los primeros fines de semana de cada uno de estos meses, al coincidir con las Operaciones de Salida y de Regreso de las vacaciones. La segunda Operación especial de tráfico se desarrollará del 28 de julio al 1 de agosto; también se intensificará el control del 11 al 15 de agosto; y finalmente, del 31 de agosto al 3 de septiembre, al coincidir con la Operación Retorno del verano. Para que los conductores puedan circular con seguridad y fluidez este verano, la DGT ha establecido una serie de medidas, entre las que destacan la instalación de carriles reversibles y adicionales en los momentos de mayor afluencia circulatoria y tramos en determinadas carreteras, la paralización de las obras en determinadas carreteras, y la restricción de la circulación de vehículos de mercancías peligrosas y transportes especiales en determinadas carreteras de especial intensidad, en horario y días. Igualmente, se han diseñado itinerarios alternativos con el fin de que los conductores eviten pasar por la zona centro de España, que es la que más tráfico genera; y se incrementará la vigilancia con el helicóptero Pegasus en carreteras convencionales y en las vías frecuentadas por ciclistas. Para llevar a cabo todo el dispositivo, Tráfico contará con aproximadamente 6.600 personas, entre agentes de la Agrupación de Tráfico de la Guardia Civil y personal de la DGT, a las que se suman más de 13.000 empleados de empresas de conservación y personal de los servicios de emergencias. Entre las recomendaciones que ha dado la DGT de cara a coger el coche este verano, están planificar el viaje, descansar cada dos horas de conducción, respetar la velocidad, no consumir alcohol y/o drogas si se piensa coger el coche, utilizar los sistemas de retención infantil y el cinturón de seguridad, no usar el móvil y, por último, respetar a ciclistas y peatones.
          Chief Engineer - KW Property Management & Consulting - Sunny Isles Beach, FL   
The schedule of the position is a full time (40 hour) position and required to be “on-call” for emergencies 24 hours a day....
From KW Property Management & Consulting - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 20:59:25 GMT - View all Sunny Isles Beach, FL jobs
          UFOMAMMUT: il nuovo brano “Zodiac”   

Il pezzo è il singolo apripista del nuovo album "8" in uscita a settembre

L'articolo UFOMAMMUT: il nuovo brano “Zodiac” sembra essere il primo su ImpattoSonoro - Webzine musicale e culturale indipendente.

          LIARS: ad agosto il nuovo album “TFCF”   

La band condivide il primo singolo "Cred Woes" ed annuncia tre date in Italia a novembre

L'articolo LIARS: ad agosto il nuovo album “TFCF” sembra essere il primo su ImpattoSonoro - Webzine musicale e culturale indipendente.

          Illinois Taxoholics Wear Down Rauner: Massive Tax Hikes In the Works   

Total capitulation by Governor Bruce Rauner is in the works. The taxoholics wore him down.

In the emergency session, Rauner has agreed to hike the personal income tax rate to 4.95% from the current 3.75%. The corporate income tax rate will rise to 7% from the current 5.25% rate.

For what? Nothing. Reforms are nonexistent.

          The Lighter Side Of Compulsory Military Training In China   

The idea of compulsory military training for teens seems scary and fascist to some, but the Chinese girls and guys who are forced to train still find time to have fun.

And now that the internet lets us share information with the world we get to see the lighter side of compulsory military training in China- pics of freshman trainees having fun while they train hard.

China's compulsory training involves university students spending two weeks of their freshman year attending lectures and going through emergency response drills so they're prepared to help out should something happen.

And although forced military service still seems wrong to me, providing free emergency preparedness training to young people right after high school seems like a rock solid idea.

-Via Kotaku

          Emergency Services Dispatcher - FIRE - City of Littleton, CO - Littleton, CO   
A valid driver's license and qualifying driving record; Receive daily emergency 9-1-1 calls, question caller's, record information and dispatch appropriate fire... $19.42 - $24.28 an hour
From City of Littleton, CO - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 22:20:55 GMT - View all Littleton, CO jobs
          Emergency Services Dispatcher - Police - City of Littleton, CO - Littleton, CO   
Receives calls daily (emergency 9-1-1 calls) by radio and telephone reporting or requesting emergency law enforcement, fire or hazardous material services or... $24.28 - $26.71 an hour
From City of Littleton, CO - Wed, 21 Jun 2017 04:11:03 GMT - View all Littleton, CO jobs
          Bucketfeet, la marca de zapatillas más molonas, aterriza en España    
bucketfeet spain

Los de Bucketfeet saben cómo organizar un evento. Y es que el pasado jueves, la marca de zapatillas más "molonas" nos invitó a conocer su colección primavera-verano 2015. Como buena clásica-aburrida no suelo llevar zapatillas; cada vez que me pongo unas tengo esa sensación de "no me veo", "quítatelas y ponte unas bailarinas que combinan con todo", aunque tampoco vamos a exagerar... hay veces en las que me he atrevido, y el resultado me ha gustado bastante, como aquí

Conocer nuevas marcas, nuevos estilos y saber que apuestan por Alicante es algo que me llama mucho la atención cuando organizan eventos blogueriles (algún día hablaremos de ellos, porque este tema merece un artículo bien extenso). Además, Bucketfeet ha elegido Alicante como sede en España, lo que le da puntuación extra :).

Me gustó el rollo optimista que transmite la marca, y el toque urbano con pinceladas chic que hace que puedas usar cada modelo tanto en estilismos casual como clásicos. Este verano han optado por el color como pieza clave del diseño, plasmándolo en prints florales, geométricos, lineales o figurativos.

Detrás de cada zapatilla de hay una historia fascinante, ya que son diseñadas por artistas de todo el mundo (autores callejeros, diseñadores gráficos emergentes, grafiteros, artistas anónimos, etc), desde Nueva York a Tokio, pasando por Bogotá, Barcelona o Tel-Aviv.

bloggers bucketfeet

Navegando por la red he encontrado algunas imágenes del lookbook de esta primavera-veran 2015 para que veáis algunos modelos más. El de los flamencos me tiene enamorada ♥.

Y si os gusta el diseño tenéis una oportunidad muy buena, ya que Bucketfeet está llevando a cabo un concurso para elegir uno de los nuevos modelos de la próxima temporada. Os dejo las bases a continuación :).

¡Que paséis una feliz semana! ♥

♥ Mil besos ♥


          Elon Musk’s new firm to merge human brain with machines   
Elon Musk’s new firm to merge human brain with machines

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has founded another tech firm called Neuralink, which aims to create a much more sophisticated artificial intelligence by linking human brains with computers.

Neuralink will focus on using the neural lace technology where humans and machines will be able to interact with each other without using any physical interface.

The so-called neural lace technology works through implantation of electrodes into the brain, which allows people to communicate with machines. Such a blend will allow people to upload as well as download their thoughts as well. It will also improve humans’ cognitive skills in addition to their memory.

Mr. Musk’s SpaceX is meanwhile working on an ambitious plan to take humans to Mars. The new technology would likely be of great help in achieving that goal.

Philip Rhoades, who founded a body-freezing cryonics lab & a brain preserving firm called the Neural Archives Foundation, said, “I am convinced that I need to become a virtual person (via mind uploading) sooner rather than later … I don’t care if your average Facebook user thinks it’s all crazy...”

Electrode implants in the human brain are already used in several people diagnosed with neurological disorders like epilepsy and Parkinson’s. However, these implants aren’t as complex as Mr. Musk envisions them to be.


          Evidence that low real rates will persist   

Will interest rates be permanently lower?

John Williams 26 November 2015

Following the Global Crisis, central banks around the world brought their policy rates close to zero, as shown in Figures 1 and 2. And now a few – including the ECB, the Swedish Riksbank, and the Swiss National Bank – have crossed the zero-rate threshold and instituted negative interest rates. A period of nearly seven years of extremely low interest rates has spurred a debate over whether interest rates will return to more normal levels. Will they rebound once the effects of the global financial crisis are finally behind us? Or are low rates a permanent feature of the economic landscape? The resolution to this debate has important implications for the economy and monetary policy (Summers 2014).

Figure 1. Near-zero interest rates following the Global Financial Crisis

Source: OECD, Federal Reserve Board.

Figure 2. Negative short-term interest rates become more common

Source: OECD.

Economists have a laundry list of developments that, in theory, could cause the trend in real (inflation-adjusted) interest rates to change over time. These include persistent shifts in the rate of productivity growth, demographics, risk aversion, fiscal policy, and international factors (Congressional Budget Office 2015, IMF 2014, Council of Economic Advisers 2015, Hamilton et al 2015). However, it has proven more challenging to gauge their quantitative impact on trend interest rates.

Unfortunately, standard statistical techniques are poorly suited to distinguish whether a permanent shift in interest rates will emerge from the current situation – an extended period of low rates instituted in response to an unusually deep recession and sluggish recovery. As discussed in Laubach and Williams (2015), the fact that rates have been very low for close to seven years implies that standard statistical methods indicate that the fall in real rates is entirely due to a downward shift in trend. In particular, these methods indicate that the current trend short-term rate in the US is about –1.5. A similar conclusion is drawn for global interest rates (Hamilton et al 2015).

One way around this problem is to use a macroeconomic model that explicitly takes into account the combined behaviours of inflation, output, and interest rates in estimating the trend in real interest rates. In the Laubach-Williams (LW) model, the trend, or ‘natural,’ real interest rate is implicitly defined as that which occurs when the economy is operating at its full potential and there are no inflationary pressures in either direction. This model assumes that the trend real interest rate depends on the estimated trend growth rate of real GDP and other unspecified influences.

The model is estimated using the Kalman filter. The Kalman filter operates on the principle that one should partially adjust one’s estimate of the unobserved variables –the trend natural rate of interest, the level of potential output, and its trend growth rate – based on the discrepancies between the model’s predictions for real GDP and inflation, and the actual data.  In particular, if real GDP is lower than the model predicts, the estimate of the natural rate of interest is reduced by a small fraction of the forecast error. The output gap estimate, in turn, is based on a Phillips curve relationship between inflation, the output gap, and other variables. If, for example, inflation turns out lower than predicted, the level of potential output is revised up (that is, for a given level of real GDP, the output gap is revised down) by a small fraction, as is the estimate of the trend growth rate of potential output.

The LW estimates of the natural rate of interest display a moderate secular decline over the two decades preceding the Great Recession and a second, more substantial decline during the Great Recession (Williams 2015). Figure 3 shows the estimates of the natural rate of interest from 1980 to 2015.  The estimate of the natural rate was about 3.5% for 1990, gradually declining to about 2% in 2007, on the cusp of the Great Recession. In the recession years of 2008 and 2009, the estimated natural rate plummets to about zero, where it has remained ever since. This is an unprecedented decline and historical low for the natural rate.

Figure 3. Laubach-Williams estimates of trend short-term real interest

Note: Grey bands denote NBER recessions.

What accounts for the decline in natural rates? According to the LW model, a falling trend rate of potential output growth accounts for about half of the decline.  The final two rows of Table 1 show the contributions from changes in trend growth and the catch-all ‘other factors’ to the decline in the estimated natural rate for the periods 1990–2007 and 2007–2015.  Figure 4 shows the LW model estimates of the trend growth rate of potential output over 1980–2015. Estimated trend potential output growth was about 3.5% in 1990, declining to 3% in 2007, then falling sharply to about 2%. Note that the model does not attribute these movements in trend potential output growth to specific sources; rather they are treated as exogenous shifts.

Table 1. Alternative measures of trend real short-term interest rates

Figure 4. Laubach-Williams estimates of the trend growth rate of GDP

Note: Grey bands denote NBER recessions.

There is robust evidence of a persistent decline in the trend real interest rates using alternative approaches to estimate trend real interest rates. Laubach and Williams (2015) explore alternative versions of the LW model and in each case the current estimate of trend real rates is very low. In addition, a number of other studies have examined whether trend real interest rates are permanently lower. Although individual estimates differ, it is striking that a wide variety of approaches point to historically low levels of future real interest rates (Hamilton et al 2015, Johannsen and Mertens 2015, Kiley 2015, Lubik and Matthes 2015).

Economic forecasters and financial market participants appear to have embraced this perspective, as seen in economists’ surveys and yields on Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). The first row of Table 1 reports natural rate estimates implied by the long-run forecasts from the Blue Chip survey of forecasters. The second row reports real interest rates five to ten years in the future based on TIPS yields (note that TIPS did not exist in 1990). The third row reports the LW estimates. The pattern of declining trend interest rates is consistent across the three measures, although the movements in the LW estimates are noticeably larger than the other two.

What are the implications of the sizeable decline in the trend real rate of interest? First, if sustained, it implies that longer-term interest rates will also be correspondingly lower on average. Second, a lower average real interest rate implies that episodes of monetary policy being constrained at the zero lower bound are likely to be more frequent and longer (Reifschneider and Williams 2000). Third, it is a powerful reminder that one should not treat the natural rate of interest as fixed, as is often done in discussions of monetary policy rules such as the Taylor rule. Finally, estimates of trend or natural rates are subject to a great deal of uncertainty (Orphanides and Williams 2002, Laubach and Williams 2003). The various measures of trend interest rates differ by as much as 1.5 percentage points, an unusually large deviation in estimates compared to the period before the Great Recession.

So, will interest rates be permanently lower? While an unequivocal answer is not possible with the information at hand, the evidence suggests a significant decline in the trend in real interest rates. And there is little, if any, sign of a return to a more normal trend.  Taken together, this evidence suggests that it is likely that the trend in real short-term interest rates is lower than it was in previous decades, with the possibility that it may even have fallen below 1%.

Author’s note: The views presented in this article are the author’s alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of other members of the Federal Reserve System.


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Williams, J C (2003) “The natural rate of interest”, FRBSF Economic Letter, 2003-32, October 31.

Williams, J C (2015) “The decline in the natural rate of interest”, Business Economics, 50(2): 57–60.

Topics:  Global crisis Macroeconomic policy

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          The enduring structure of the Federal Reserve System: Is it time to redraw the map?   

The enduring structure of the Federal Reserve System: Is it time to redraw the map?

Matthew Jaremski, David Wheelock 25 October 2015

The Federal Reserve System was established in 1914 as a confederation of 12 regional districts, each with its own Reserve Bank. A Reserve Bank Organisation Committee (RBOC), comprised of the Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Agriculture, and Comptroller of the Currency, was appointed to select the cities for Reserve Banks and to set district boundaries. The Reserve Banks remain in the 12 cities selected by the RBOC and, except for a few minor adjustments made early in the system’s history, the borders of the Reserve Districts have never been changed.

The selection of cities for Reserve Banks was controversial in 1914 and remains so today. Seen in Figure 1, the RBOC placed four Reserve Banks within just a few hundred miles of one another in the Northeast, and two Reserve Banks in Missouri; and yet single Reserve Banks serve vast territories in the western two-thirds of the nation. Commentators have long called for a redistribution of Reserve Banks, particularly in light of the shift of US population and economic activity to the South and West that has occurred since 1914 (e.g., Bordo 2015). Richard Shelby (R-AL), chairman of the US Senate Banking Committee, introduced legislation on May 12, 2015 calling for the establishment of an independent commission to review and suggest possible changes to the structure of the Federal Reserve System, including to the number and location of Federal Reserve Banks and district boundaries.

Figure 1. Federal Reserve Districts in 1914

Source: RBOC (1914).

It has long been alleged that political considerations strongly influenced the selection of cities for Reserve Banks (e.g., Willis 1923), though recent scholarship has largely concluded that most of cities chosen for Reserve Banks could be justified on economic grounds (e.g., Binder and Spindel 2013, McAvoy 2006). The Federal Reserve System was established to bring stability to the US banking system, primarily by providing a ready source of liquidity to the commercial banks that joined the Fed System. The Reserve Banks were to be on the front lines, holding the reserves of their member banks, lending to them in emergencies, and operating the payments system. In exchange for purchasing stock in and maintaining a reserve deposit with their local Reserve Bank, members received access to the Fed’s discount window and other services, were paid a dividend, and had a vote in the selection of the Reserve Bank’s board of directors.

Because the Fed’s member banks were both the primary customers and the stockholders of the Reserve Banks, the RBOC gave them a strong voice in choosing where the Reserve Banks were to be located. All national banks (i.e., banks with charters issued by the federal government) were asked to name their top three choices for the location of their Reserve Bank, and those votes appear to have strongly influenced the committee’s decisions. In recent research, we estimate several multivariate regressions of the selection of cities for Reserve Banks and branches, and find that the votes largely explain these selections (Jaremski and Wheelock 2015).1 Further, using voting data aggregated at the county level, we find that the votes go a long way to explaining the boundaries of Federal Reserve districts. Even decisions that today seem questionable, such as the placement of two Reserve Banks in Missouri, seem less so in light of the preferences expressed by national banks at the time (Wheelock 2015).

Our research attempts to explain the votes of national banks for the location of Reserve Banks. Although the votes of individual banks are not available, we find that county-level vote totals are explained well by established correspondent banking relationships. In short, banks appear to have voted for cities where they already had correspondent ties. Cities whose banks already provided services to large numbers of national banks tended to receive more votes, and thus were more likely to be awarded a Reserve Bank or branch office than were other cities.

To a large extent, the Federal Reserve System was placed over the old correspondent banking system it was meant to replace. The major cities in the Northeast—especially New York City, but also Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore—had long been important correspondent banking centres. Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City and Minneapolis were important banking centres in the Midwest, and San Francisco was dominant on the West Coast. All of these cities, save for Baltimore, was given a Reserve Bank.2

More Reserve Banks were placed in the eastern half of the nation than in the west for two reasons:

  1. Eastern cities received far more votes from national banks than cities in the West and South; and,
  2. The Federal Reserve Act stipulated that each Reserve Bank have a minimum capitalisation paid in by its member banks.

Given the sparse population of national banks (and people) in the South and West, shown in Figure 2, Federal Reserve districts in those regions had to be larger than those of the Midwest and Northeast simply to amass enough capital to organise a Reserve Bank. Further, the RBOC may have put more Reserve Banks in the Northeast to reduce the dominance of the banks in New York City, the nation’s financial capital.

Figure 2. National bank locations in 1914

Source: Comptroller of the Currency (1915).

Should there be more Reserve Banks in the West and South?

The question remains whether there should now be more Reserve Banks in the West or South, either by moving some from the Northeast or establishing new districts. The shift of population and economic activity to the West and South since 1914 suggests that were the locations of Reserve Banks and district boundaries set today, the Federal Reserve System map would look very different than the one shown in Figure 1.

The Federal Reserve map has not changed significantly in 100 years, but both the mission and the technology of central banking have changed dramatically. In the early days, when the Fed’s interactions with its member banks were conducted mainly in person or through the mail, minimising transportation times between Reserve Bank offices and member banks was crucial for performing the system’s mission as lender of last resort and for operating the payments system efficiently.

Today most of the interactions between the Reserve Banks and commercial banks are electronic, so close proximity to a Reserve Bank or branch is no longer important for most member banks. Moreover, the Reserve Banks now play a significant role in monetary policymaking—a concept not contemplated by the Fed’s founders.

Concluding remarks

Although the Fed’s decentralised structure arguably promotes good policymaking by helping to ensure that different points of view are heard and different regions of the country are represented, modern communications technology reduces the need for physical proximity to a Reserve Bank.

Probably more important than the physical locations of Reserve Banks is the distribution of monetary policymaking authority on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). Some argue that the Reserve Banks outside of New York should have a stronger voice on the FOMC (e.g., Fisher 2015), while others propose to weaken or even remove altogether the Reserve Banks from monetary policymaking. Those who favour a continued or expanded role for the Reserve Banks contend that the system’s regional diversity and political independence contribute to better policymaking. A system that is responsive to differing economic conditions that might exist across the regions of a large and diverse nation was certainly a principle on which the Federal Reserve was established.

Disclaimer: The views in this column are solely those of the authors and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis or of any other person associated with the Federal Reserve System.


Binder, S and M Spindel (2013) "Monetary politics: Origins of the Federal Reserve", Studies in American Political Development, 27: 1-13.

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Willis, H P (1923) The Federal Reserve System, legislation, organisation and operation, New York: Ronald Press.


1 Odell and Weiman (1998), McAvoy (2006) and Binder and Spindel (2013) also report evidence that the votes strongly influenced selection outcomes.

2 Baltimore is an interesting case. Although national banks had far more correspondent ties to Baltimore than to Richmond, Richmond received more first-choice votes and was selected for the district’s Reserve Bank.

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          Search for yield   

Search for yield

David Martinez-Miera, Rafael Repullo 12 October 2015

The 2015 Annual Report of the Bank for International Settlements opened with the following sentence: “Globally, interest rates have been extraordinarily low for an exceptionally long time, in nominal and inflation-adjusted terms, against any benchmark”, adding that “[s]uch low rates are the most remarkable symptom of a broader malaise in the global economy… which has proved exceedingly difficult to understand”. In particular, the report argues that the malaise “reflects to a considerable extent the failure to come to grips with financial booms and busts that leave deep and enduring economic scars”.

Our recent paper (Martinez-Miera and Repullo 2015) tries to face up to the challenge of providing a theoretical model of the connection between real interest rates, credit spreads, and the structure and the risk of the banking system. Specifically, we show how an increase in aggregate savings leads to a reduction in interest rates and spreads, inducing financial intermediaries to search for yield, which ultimately leads to financial instability.

We characterise the endogenous structure of a competitive financial system in which both shadow and traditional banks emerge in equilibrium. We also provide a framework for understanding the emergence of endogenous boom and bust cycles, as well as the procyclical nature of the shadow banking system, the existence of countercyclical risk premia, and the low levels of interest rates and spreads leading to the build-up of risks during booms. Our findings provide a consistent explanation for a number of stylised facts of the period preceding the 2007-2009 financial crisis (see Brunnermeier 2009 for a recollection of some of these facts).

Interest rate spreads and financial sector structure

To analyse the links between aggregate savings, interest rates and financial instability, we focus on the role of banks as intermediaries between entrepreneurs, who need funds for their investment projects, and (uninsured) investors. Banks can monitor entrepreneurs’ projects, which reduces their probability of default but entails a cost for the banks. We assume that monitoring is not contractible, so there is a moral hazard problem, which is the key informational friction driving our results. We show that there are circumstances in which banks choose not to monitor entrepreneurs and others in which they do choose to monitor them. We associate the first case to (shadow) banks that originate-to-distribute, and the second case to (traditional) banks that originate-to-hold.

Our (partial equilibrium) results show that which case obtains depends on the spread between the lending rate and the expected return required by the investors, which under risk-neutrality equals the safe rate. In particular, a reduction in this spread reduces monitoring, and makes it more likely that banks will find it optimal to originate-to-distribute.

To endogenise interest rates and interest rate spreads, we embed our model of bank finance into a general equilibrium setup in which a large set of heterogeneous entrepreneurs that differ in their observable risk type seek finance for their investment projects from a competitive banking sector. We assume that the higher the total investment in projects of a particular risk type, the lower the return, and characterise the equilibrium for a fixed aggregate supply of savings. We show that safer entrepreneurs will borrow from shadow banks while riskier entrepreneurs will borrow from traditional banks.

Aggregate savings and financial instability

To assess whether a global savings glut may have an impact on financial stability, we investigate the effects of an exogenous increase in the aggregate supply of savings. We show that a global savings glut (to use the terminology of Bernanke 2005) leads to a reduction in interest rates and interest rate spreads, an increase in investment and in the size of banks’ lending to all types of entrepreneurs, an expansion of the relative size of the shadow banking system, and a reduction in the monitoring intensity and hence an increase in the probability of failure of the traditional banks. Hence, we have a model that links aggregate savings with the structure and the risk of the banking system.

Although we focus on the effects of an exogenous increase in the supply of savings, the same effects obtain when there is an exogenous decrease in the demand for investment, due for example to a negative productivity shock. Thus, the model provides an explanation of the way in which changes leading to a reduction in the equilibrium real rate of interest, as those noted by Summers (2014), can be linked to an increase in financial instability.

A first extension of our results shows that the effect of a savings glut on financial stability critically depends on the increase in the size of the traditional banks. When banks that originate-to-hold cannot increase their balance sheets, there will be a greater increase in the size of the shadow banking system, a greater reduction in the safe rate, and wider spreads for the traditional banks, so they will become safer. But as soon as these banks are able to relax the constraint, they will become riskier. This result allows us to distinguish between the short- and the long-run effects of a savings glut, and provides a rationale for the idea that the build-up of risks happens when (real) interest rates are ‘too low for too long’.

A second extension deals with the case where investors are risk averse. We show that a reduction in risk aversion has similar effects as a savings glut except for the level of the safe rate, which goes up instead of down, due to the shift in investment toward riskier entrepreneurs that reduces the funds available for safer ones. This provides a simple way to empirically distinguish a savings glut from a reduction in investors’ risk appetite.

Endogenous booms and busts

Finally, we extend our model to a dynamic setting in which the aggregate supply of savings is endogenous. Specifically, the supply of savings at any date is the outcome of agents’ decisions at the previous date together with the realisation of a systematic risk factor that affects the return of entrepreneurs’ projects. For good realisations of the risk factor, aggregate savings will accumulate (the boom state) leading to lower interest rates and spreads, which translate into higher risk-taking. In this situation the economy is especially vulnerable to a bad realisation of the risk factor, which can lead to a crisis (the bust state). The associated reduction in aggregate savings leads to higher interest rates and spreads, which translate into lower risk-taking and a safer financial system. Then savings will grow, restarting the process that leads to another boom and a fragile financial system. In this manner, we can generate endogenous boom and bust cycles.

The dynamic model yields other interesting testable results. First, interest rates and interest rate spreads are countercyclical. Second, during booms the safe rate may be below investors’ subjective discount rate, and it may even be negative. Third, the shadow banking system is highly procyclical. Fourth, even when investors are risk neutral, they behave as if they were risk averse, so risky assets have positive risk premia. Fifth, even when investors’ preferences do not change over time, such risk premia are countercyclical.


Summing up, our research addresses a challenging issue, namely to provide an explanation for the connection between interest rates and financial stability. Specifically, our results rationalise the links between a global savings glut, the low level of real interest rates, and the incentives to search for yield by financial intermediaries. Moreover, the results provide a rationale for a number of empirical facts in the run-up of the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

It should be noted that we abstract from any kind of nominal frictions, which is why monetary policy is absent from our model of search for yield. Introducing nominal frictions would allow studying the connection between monetary policy and financial stability, a topic that merits further research.


Bank for International Settlements (2015), 85th Annual Report, Basel.

Bernanke, B (2005), “The Global Saving Glut and the U.S. Current Account Deficit”, Sandridge Lecture, Virginia Association of Economists, Richmond, Virginia.

Brunnermeier, M (2009), “Deciphering the Liquidity and Credit Crunch 2007-2009”, Journal of Economic Perspectives 23: 77-100.

Martinez-Miera, D, and R Repullo (2015), “Search for Yield”, CEPR Discussion Paper No. 10830.

Rajan, R (2005), “Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier?”, Proceedings of the Jackson Hole Conference organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Summers, L (2014), “US Economic Prospects: Secular Stagnation, Hysteresis, and the Zero Lower Bound”, Business Economics 49: 65-73.

Topics:  Macroeconomic policy

Tags:  yield, interest rates, Fed, Bank of England

          Paradise, NV Reason #90 Why Join the Local .Well-Beyond. 'Marketing Network (#WellBeyond) Business Model May Be a Unacceptable Choice   

Paradise, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2017 -- Examples of Apps: Some apps exist in all three forms and are available as not only mobile apps but also

Can APPS that go "Well-Beyond" really make apps that spread health?

Can APPS that go "Well-Beyond" really make apps that spread happiness?

Do you truly believe that APPS can be tools to help you live a better life?

If You Do, then Contact Us Today!

G3 Develops Customs APPS.
G3's latest APP Technology is called: Well-Beyond-Period (i.e. Well-Beyond.)

What the APP? The word "app" is an abbreviation for "application." It's a piece of software that can run through a web browser or even offline on your computer, phone, tablet or any other electronic device. Apps may or may not have a connection to the internet. App is a modern take on the word software or application. This is why you probably only hear it in reference to a mobile app or a small piece of software that's running on a website. It's typically used to describe anything that isn't a full-fledged software program.

Types of Apps: There are three main types of apps: (1) Desktop, (2) Mobile and (3) Web.

Desktop apps, like mentioned above, are usually much "fuller" and are comprised of all the features of a program, whereas the mobile or app equivalent is a simpler and easier-to-use version. This makes sense when you consider that most desktop and web apps are built to be used with a mouse and keyboard along with a much larger display, but mobile apps are intended to be accessed with a finger or stylus on a small screen.

Web apps might be full of features too but they have to leverage the capabilities of the internet connection and web browser program, so while some are heavy duty and can perform really well like mobile or desktop programs, most web apps are lightweight for a reason. If an app is a mix between a web app and desktop app, they might be called hybrid apps. These are apps that have an offline, desktop interface and direct access to hardware and other connected devices, but also an always-on connection to the internet for quicker updates and access to internet resources.

Ddesktop and web apps. The Adobe Photoshop image editor is a full software program that runs on your computer, but Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a mobile app that lets you draw and paint from a portable device. It's more of a condensed version of the desktop application. The same is true with the web app called Adobe Photoshop Express Editor.

Another example is Microsoft Word. It's available for computers in its most advanced form but also on the web and via a mobile app. Those two examples are of apps that exist in all three app forms, but that isn't always the case.

For example, you can get to your Gmail messages through the official website and Gmail mobile app but there isn't a desktop program from Google that lets you access your mail. In this case, Gmail is both a mobile and web app but not a desktop app.

Others (usually games) are similar in that there are both mobile and web versions of the same game but maybe not a desktop app. Or, there might be a desktop version of the game but it's not available as a web or mobile app.

Paradise, NV Reason #90 Why Join the Local .Well-Beyond. 'Marketing Network (#WellBeyond) Business Model May be a Unacceptable Choice

Why An App Is Important

Now that we've got that figured out, the next question you're probably asking is "why should I care about apps?"  Two good reasons:

(1) Web apps or online apps can be a faster, cheaper, more efficient way of deploying software in your business.  Rather than buying a software license, having to install it on your servers or local computers, keeping up with updates — all of which can be expensive and take time — you can simply go online and sign up for an account.  In a few minutes you are using the software.  And typically you pay a monthly fee, meaning that you don't have to pay license fee up front.   For more on what you can do with Web applications, read:  How Small Businesses Use Web Apps – and What to Look For.

(2) Mobile apps extend the reach and productivity of your business.  Once you equip your mobile device and/or your employees' mobile devices with apps, then you and they can perform all sorts of business functions while out of the office traveling, on sales calls, making service calls, etc.  A mobile app usually enables you to do something specific, like accessing your bank account in the case of a banking app, or run payroll with a payroll mobile app.  Check out: 10 Ways to Use Mobile Devices to Run Your Business.

So the next time someone bandies about the term "app" you'll be in the know. More importantly, perhaps you'll be in a position to say, "Oh sure, we use all sorts of apps to run our business better."

Where to Get Apps? In the context of mobile apps, almost every platform has its own repository where its users can download both free and paid apps. These are normally accessible through the device itself or maybe even a website so that the app can be queued up for download the next time the user is on the device.

For example, the Google Play store and Amazon's Appstore for Android are two places where Android users can download mobile apps. iPhones, iPod touches and iPads can get apps through iTunes on a computer or via the App Store straight from the device. G3 has custom PP solutions for you!

Desktop apps are more widely available from unofficial sources (e.g. Softpedia and but some official ones include the Mac App Store for macOS apps and the Windows Store for Windows apps. Tip: See how to safely download and install software to avoid getting malware. Web apps, on the other hand, load within a web browser and don't need to be downloaded. That is, unless you're talking about something like Chrome Apps that are downloaded to your computer but then run as small web-based apps through the chrome://apps/ URL, such as Videostream.

Note: Google refers to their online services as app but they also sell a specific suite of services known as Google Apps for Work. Google has an application hosting service called Google App Engine, which is a part of the Google Cloud Platform.

Grow A Business With Localized Web Traffic From THEIR OWN Google-Friendly Blog Website! G3 Make's It Easy...

Google ranks websites based on the relevance, freshness, and content structure. G3 creates powerful custom content for the client that search engines LOVE based on important keywords about their business type and location. Then, G3 will merge that content with specific details the client's have given them about The client themselves! The result...? A powerful web presence that helps propel the client to the top of search results!

G3 Development Writes "Powerful Custom Content" Specific to THE CLIENT!
G3 localize's their content
G3 includes relevant keywords and optimized links
G3 Publishes  the Clients Content at the Right Frequency!
Appeals to search engines like Google
Search engines index the clients information SOONER
G3 Creates and Manages the Tools For the Cleint!
G3 provides the blog
G3 provides the hosting

As the cleints new blog site begins to fill with content, and they establish a web presence, search engines begin to notice, index, and list them in their results. This is often referred to as "Organic SEO". The more custom content they have, the higher the site climbs in search results. If they're new to blogging and web marketing, G3 understands. For the most part, they'll take care of things for the client. However if they would like to get involved, G3 created an easy-to-follow instructions and a cool video library to help them become more familiar with their new blog site. G3 Development provides access to these resources once the client has established an account.

When people needed or wanted something in the old days, they'd look up information in the yellow pages.  Today, people turn to search engines to find what they want or need.

Each day, on average, Google searches currently total over 400,000,000.  When people are looking to purchase something they want/need, more-and-more they're going "on line" to find out what other people think or say about a certain product, service or brand.  The relevancy that influences people's buying behavior is other people's conversations.  That's if they can find a conversation and if it provides the value that people are looking for.  If one can learn "how" to use social media correctly then they'll understand "what" the market is looking for and "where" they are looking.

To sum up:
For many, the Web isn't a place to look for information — it's the only place.

About G3 Development
G3 Development is set out to proactively serve the business community by providing solutions in entrepreneurialism, business development, social media and venture capitalism.

To provide leadership in establishing strength with our client's international businesses, being built on a foundation of innovation, advocacy, technology and business integrity

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Adam Green
Well Beyond
Telephone: 801-809-7766
Email: Click to Email Adam Green

          Phoenix Arizona Reason #84 Why Supporting the Nationwide .Well-Beyond. 'Marketing Network (#WellBeyond) Product Offering May Be a Foolish Choice   

Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2017 -- Can APPS that go "Well-Beyond" really make apps that spread health?
Can APPS that go "Well-Beyond" really make apps that spread happiness?
Do you truly believe that APPS can be tools to help you live a better life?

If You Do, then Contact Us Today!

G3 Develops Customs APPS.
G3's latest APP Technology is called: Well-Beyond-Period (i.e. Well-Beyond.)

What the APP? The word "app" is an abbreviation for "application." It's a piece of software that can run through a web browser or even offline on your computer, phone, tablet or any other electronic device. Apps may or may not have a connection to the internet. App is a modern take on the word software or application. This is why you probably only hear it in reference to a mobile app or a small piece of software that's running on a website. It's typically used to describe anything that isn't a full-fledged software program.

Types of Apps: There are three main types of apps: (1) Desktop, (2) Mobile and (3) Web.

Desktop apps, like mentioned above, are usually much "fuller" and are comprised of all the features of a program, whereas the mobile or app equivalent is a simpler and easier-to-use version. This makes sense when you consider that most desktop and web apps are built to be used with a mouse and keyboard along with a much larger display, but mobile apps are intended to be accessed with a finger or stylus on a small screen.

Web apps might be full of features too but they have to leverage the capabilities of the internet connection and web browser program, so while some are heavy duty and can perform really well like mobile or desktop programs, most web apps are lightweight for a reason. If an app is a mix between a web app and desktop app, they might be called hybrid apps. These are apps that have an offline, desktop interface and direct access to hardware and other connected devices, but also an always-on connection to the internet for quicker updates and access to internet resources.

Phoenix Arizona Reason #84 Why Supporting the Nationwide .Well-Beyond. 'Marketing Network (#WellBeyond) Product Offering May be a Foolish Choice

Examples of Apps: Some apps exist in all three forms and are available as not only mobile apps but also desktop and web apps. The Adobe Photoshop image editor is a full software program that runs on your computer, but Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a mobile app that lets you draw and paint from a portable device. It's more of a condensed version of the desktop application. The same is true with the web app called Adobe Photoshop Express Editor.

Another example is Microsoft Word. It's available for computers in its most advanced form but also on the web and via a mobile app. Those two examples are of apps that exist in all three app forms, but that isn't always the case.

For example, you can get to your Gmail messages through the official website and Gmail mobile app but there isn't a desktop program from Google that lets you access your mail. In this case, Gmail is both a mobile and web app but not a desktop app.

Others (usually games) are similar in that there are both mobile and web versions of the same game but maybe not a desktop app. Or, there might be a desktop version of the game but it's not available as a web or mobile app.

You may have heard people talking about using a program, an application, or an app. But what exactly does that mean? Simply put, an app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, while those for mobile devices are called mobile apps.

When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system until you close it. Most of the time, you will have more than one application open at the same time, which is known as multi-tasking.

In January 2011, the American Dialect Society named "app" the word of the year for 2010. That action alone says a lot. Being named word of year signifies that a term is trendy and growing in popularity. However, just because the use of a word is growing, we shouldn't assume that everyone knows it — yet. That's because being named word of the year also implies that the word is newly prominent. If the word were utterly commonplace like "dog" or "cat" it wouldn't have been singled out. Therefore, we should recognize that not everyone will know the word "app" at this point.

Defining "App:" The word app is a noun, and it's short for "application." Application in this case refers to a software application — in other words, an app is a software program.

In January 2011, the American Dialect Society named "app" the word of the year for 2010. That action alone says a lot. Being named word of year signifies that a term is trendy and growing in popularity. However, just because the use of a word is growing, we shouldn't assume that everyone knows it — yet. That's because being named word of the year also implies that the word is newly prominent. If the word were utterly commonplace like "dog" or "cat" it wouldn't have been singled out. Therefore, we should recognize that not everyone will know the word "app" at this point.

Defining "App:" The word app is a noun, and it's short for "application." Application in this case refers to a software application — in other words, an app is a software program.

Why An App Is Important

Now that we've got that figured out, the next question you're probably asking is "why should I care about apps?"  Two good reasons:

(1) Web apps or online apps can be a faster, cheaper, more efficient way of deploying software in your business.  Rather than buying a software license, having to install it on your servers or local computers, keeping up with updates — all of which can be expensive and take time — you can simply go online and sign up for an account.  In a few minutes you are using the software.  And typically you pay a monthly fee, meaning that you don't have to pay license fee up front.   For more on what you can do with Web applications, read:  How Small Businesses Use Web Apps – and What to Look For.

(2) Mobile apps extend the reach and productivity of your business.  Once you equip your mobile device and/or your employees' mobile devices with apps, then you and they can perform all sorts of business functions while out of the office traveling, on sales calls, making service calls, etc.  A mobile app usually enables you to do something specific, like accessing your bank account in the case of a banking app, or run payroll with a payroll mobile app.  Check out: 10 Ways to Use Mobile Devices to Run Your Business.

So the next time someone bandies about the term "app" you'll be in the know. More importantly, perhaps you'll be in a position to say, "Oh sure, we use all sorts of apps to run our business better."

Grow A Business With Localized Web Traffic From THEIR OWN Google-Friendly Blog Website! G3 Make's It Easy...

Google ranks websites based on the relevance, freshness, and content structure. G3 creates powerful custom content for the client that search engines LOVE based on important keywords about their business type and location. Then, G3 will merge that content with specific details the client's have given them about The client themselves! The result...? A powerful web presence that helps propel the client to the top of search results!

G3 Development Writes "Powerful Custom Content" Specific to THE CLIENT!
G3 localize's their content
G3 includes relevant keywords and optimized links
G3 Publishes  the Clients Content at the Right Frequency!
Appeals to search engines like Google
Search engines index the clients information SOONER
G3 Creates and Manages the Tools For the Cleint!
G3 provides the blog
G3 provides the hosting

As the cleints new blog site begins to fill with content, and they establish a web presence, search engines begin to notice, index, and list them in their results. This is often referred to as "Organic SEO". The more custom content they have, the higher the site climbs in search results. If they're new to blogging and web marketing, G3 understands. For the most part, they'll take care of things for the client. However if they would like to get involved, G3 created an easy-to-follow instructions and a cool video library to help them become more familiar with their new blog site. G3 Development provides access to these resources once the client has established an account.

~If one thinks about "the real reason why"  they need to engage in Social Media,
it all boils down to these basics:
(a)   Forming the right relations and
(b)   Doing so the right way
~Many business leaders are still at the fundamental stage of asking,
"Why is Social Media important for my business?"
~This very question begs another question:
"Have you been paying attention to the marketplace?"

Ok, so, most people will answer these questions quite easily.  And here's how it usually goes: "Yes, of course I've been paying attention to the marketplace and Social Media is obviously important because it seems to be everywhere one turns.  One is hearing about Social Media but still have the need to understand why  the businesses using it and why is it creating so much attention."  The answer to "Why" is related to "How and What" a business does to engage in market relations with the aim of creating an opportunity for a business transaction.  Why do businesses exist?  Primarily to:

(a) Create value and
(b) Attract a market who wants the value proposition enough to engage.

However, the "How" of doing this has dramatically changed in the last 2 years from "Push Marketing" to "Pull Marketing."  This transformation has all happened via relevant and relative conversations that attract the market one will seek to the client.

About G3 Development
G3 Development is set out to proactively serve the business community by providing solutions in entrepreneurialism, business development, social media and venture capitalism.

To provide leadership in establishing strength with our client's international businesses, being built on a foundation of innovation, advocacy, technology and business integrity

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Adam Green
Well Beyond
Telephone: 801-809-7766
Email: Click to Email Adam Green

          Peoria, AZ Reason #86 Why Aligning to the Local .Well-Beyond. 'Marketing Network (#WellBeyond) Business Model May Be an Atrocious Choice   

Peoria, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2017 -- Can APPS that go "Well-Beyond" really make apps that spread health?

Can APPS that go "Well-Beyond" really make apps that spread happiness?

Do you truly believe that APPS can be tools to help you live a better life?

If You Do, then Contact Us Today!

G3 Develops Customs APPS.
G3's latest APP Technology is called: Well-Beyond-Period (i.e. Well-Beyond.)

What the APP? The word "app" is an abbreviation for "application." It's a piece of software that can run through a web browser or even offline on your computer, phone, tablet or any other electronic device. Apps may or may not have a connection to the internet. App is a modern take on the word software or application. This is why you probably only hear it in reference to a mobile app or a small piece of software that's running on a website. It's typically used to describe anything that isn't a full-fledged software program.

Types of Apps: There are three main types of apps: (1) Desktop, (2) Mobile and (3) Web.

Desktop apps, like mentioned above, are usually much "fuller" and are comprised of all the features of a program, whereas the mobile or app equivalent is a simpler and easier-to-use version. This makes sense when you consider that most desktop and web apps are built to be used with a mouse and keyboard along with a much larger display, but mobile apps are intended to be accessed with a finger or stylus on a small screen.

Web apps might be full of features too but they have to leverage the capabilities of the internet connection and web browser program, so while some are heavy duty and can perform really well like mobile or desktop programs, most web apps are lightweight for a reason. If an app is a mix between a web app and desktop app, they might be called hybrid apps. These are apps that have an offline, desktop interface and direct access to hardware and other connected devices, but also an always-on connection to the internet for quicker updates and access to internet resources.

Examples of Apps: Some apps exist in all three forms and are available as not only mobile apps but also desktop and web apps. The Adobe Photoshop image editor is a full software program that runs on your computer, but Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a mobile app that lets you draw and paint from a portable device. It's more of a condensed version of the desktop application. The same is true with the web app called Adobe Photoshop Express Editor.

Another example is Microsoft Word. It's available for computers in its most advanced form but also on the web and via a mobile app. Those two examples are of apps that exist in all three app forms, but that isn't always the case.

For example, you can get to your Gmail messages through the official website and Gmail mobile app but there isn't a desktop program from Google that lets you access your mail. In this case, Gmail is both a mobile and web app but not a desktop app.

Others (usually games) are similar in that there are both mobile and web versions of the same game but maybe not a desktop app. Or, there might be a desktop version of the game but it's not available as a web or mobile app.

How to download apps? Where you get your apps from depends on what kind of smartphone you're using. The three of today's biggest smartphone platforms - Android, iOS and Windows Phone - all come with brows-able desktop web sites and accompanying app stores that arrive built-in as part of the phone's operating system.

In addition to the official app stores from Apple, Google and Microsoft, there are unofficial options, too. Take the Android Amazon Appstore app for example. Google doesn't allow rival app shops to list themselves on its own app shop, so the Amazon Appstore has to be downloaded to your phone through the web browser. Install this and you're presented with Amazon's own collection of apps, which can offer different prices and levels of support when compared to the Google option. And, to go a step further, Android's open software lets anyone install anything from the web.

You may have heard people talking about using a program, an application, or an app. But what exactly does that mean? Simply put, an app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, while those for mobile devices are called mobile apps.

When you open an application, it runs inside the operating system until you close it. Most of the time, you will have more than one application open at the same time, which is known as multi-tasking.

In January 2011, the American Dialect Society named "app" the word of the year for 2010. That action alone says a lot. Being named word of year signifies that a term is trendy and growing in popularity. However, just because the use of a word is growing, we shouldn't assume that everyone knows it — yet. That's because being named word of the year also implies that the word is newly prominent. If the word were utterly commonplace like "dog" or "cat" it wouldn't have been singled out. Therefore, we should recognize that not everyone will know the word "app" at this point.

Defining "App:" The word app is a noun, and it's short for "application." Application in this case refers to a software application — in other words, an app is a software program.

Why An App Is Important

Now that we've got that figured out, the next question you're probably asking is "why should I care about apps?"  Two good reasons:

(1) Web apps or online apps can be a faster, cheaper, more efficient way of deploying software in your business.  Rather than buying a software license, having to install it on your servers or local computers, keeping up with updates — all of which can be expensive and take time — you can simply go online and sign up for an account.  In a few minutes you are using the software.  And typically you pay a monthly fee, meaning that you don't have to pay license fee up front.   For more on what you can do with Web applications, read:  How Small Businesses Use Web Apps – and What to Look For.

(2) Mobile apps extend the reach and productivity of your business.  Once you equip your mobile device and/or your employees' mobile devices with apps, then you and they can perform all sorts of business functions while out of the office traveling, on sales calls, making service calls, etc.  A mobile app usually enables you to do something specific, like accessing your bank account in the case of a banking app, or run payroll with a payroll mobile app.  Check out: 10 Ways to Use Mobile Devices to Run Your Business.

So the next time someone bandies about the term "app" you'll be in the know. More importantly, perhaps you'll be in a position to say, "Oh sure, we use all sorts of apps to run our business better."

Peoria, AZ Reason #86 Why Aligning to the Local .Well-Beyond. 'Marketing Network (#WellBeyond) Business Model May be an Atrocious Choice

Grow A Business With Localized Web Traffic From THEIR OWN Google-Friendly Blog Website! G3 Make's It Easy...

Google ranks websites based on the relevance, freshness, and content structure. G3 creates powerful custom content for the client that search engines LOVE based on important keywords about their business type and location. Then, G3 will merge that content with specific details the client's have given them about The client themselves! The result...? A powerful web presence that helps propel the client to the top of search results!

G3 Development Writes "Powerful Custom Content" Specific to THE CLIENT!
G3 localize's their content
G3 includes relevant keywords and optimized links
G3 Publishes  the Clients Content at the Right Frequency!
Appeals to search engines like Google
Search engines index the clients information SOONER
G3 Creates and Manages the Tools For the Cleint!
G3 provides the blog
G3 provides the hosting

As the cleints new blog site begins to fill with content, and they establish a web presence, search engines begin to notice, index, and list them in their results. This is often referred to as "Organic SEO". The more custom content they have, the higher the site climbs in search results. If they're new to blogging and web marketing, G3 understands. For the most part, they'll take care of things for the client. However if they would like to get involved, G3 created an easy-to-follow instructions and a cool video library to help them become more familiar with their new blog site. G3 Development provides access to these resources once the client has established an account.

~If one thinks about "the real reason why"  they need to engage in Social Media,
it all boils down to these basics:

(a)   Forming the right relations and
(b)   Doing so the right way
~Many business leaders are still at the fundamental stage of asking,
"Why is Social Media important for my business?"
~This very question begs another question:
"Have you been paying attention to the marketplace?"

Ok, so, most people will answer these questions quite easily.  And here's how it usually goes: "Yes, of course I've been paying attention to the marketplace and Social Media is obviously important because it seems to be everywhere one turns.  One is hearing about Social Media but still have the need to understand why  the businesses using it and why is it creating so much attention."  The answer to "Why" is related to "How and What" a business does to engage in market relations with the aim of creating an opportunity for a business transaction.  Why do businesses exist?  Primarily to:

(a) Create value and
(b) Attract a market who wants the value proposition enough to engage.

However, the "How" of doing this has dramatically changed in the last 2 years from "Push Marketing" to "Pull Marketing."  This transformation has all happened via relevant and relative conversations that attract the market one will seek to the client.

About G3 Development
G3 Development is set out to proactively serve the business community by providing solutions in entrepreneurialism, business development, social media and venture capitalism.

To provide leadership in establishing strength with our client's international businesses, being built on a foundation of innovation, advocacy, technology and business integrity

For more information on this press release visit:

Media Relations Contact

Adam Green
Well Beyond
Telephone: 801-809-7766
Email: Click to Email Adam Green

          Aug 18th: Year Of The Horse (with Tam Dean Burn)   

There's so much on in Edinburgh in August that's its hard to choose what to go see. This show should be top of anyone's list. And a wee birdy tells me that if you buy The Scotsman tomorrow (Wed 19th) there is a voucher for half prce tickets to the show...

(From The List)

The cartoonist, Harry Horse presented a haunting, gothic vision of contemporary Britain in the Sunday Herald in the year before his tragic and early death in January 2007. These bare facts and a few more are communicated by Tam Dean Burn before he launches into a slide show of the artist’s work, reading Horse’s own text as each piece appears before us.

What emerges is a frightening vision, accompanied by Keith McIvor’s disturbing electronic score of a vacuous consumer society, fuelled by war and brutality and reified by the bromide of affluence.

Horse’s work is stunningly effective, both beautiful and ghastly in its exploration of the blood money appropriated in the Iraq war, and the grim moral vacuum of the spectacle that masked it. For him, our culture sleeps, glutted with the smug righteousness of its media, as an environmental and moral apocalypse approaches. It’s all strikingly presented by Burn, who in a white ‘hoodie’ voices the primal rage of the artist with a theatricality that contrives to arrest you long after the show, but never overwhelms the breathtaking visuals.

Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, until 31 Aug (not 24), 6.05pm, £10–£12 (£8– £10).
          July 23rd: The Great Swine Flu Panic Of 2009   

It seems to me that swine flu has gotten off very lightly when it comes to conspiracy theories. Surely shome mishtake there. Let's help get the ball rolling...


1. GlaxoSmithKline announced yesterday that they are raking in £3bilion profits from swine flu drugs this year alone. ("Drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline predicts swine flu gold rush" Guardian, 22nd July 2009)

2. The chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline, Andrew Witty, said the company had been preparing for a pandemic for the last three-and-a-half years and had spent more than £1bn to ensure its factories could crank up production at short notice. (Ditto above)

3. In November 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush requested that Congress fund $7.1 billion in emergency spending for flu pandemic preparedness (the Senate had already passed an $8.1 billion bill). Bush's plan included $1.4 billion for government purchases of antiviral drugs. (From here).

4. The leading anti-flu drug being stockpiled is Tamiflu - produced by Roche pharmateuticual company and developed by Gilead Sciences. Former US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was a former chairman of Roche and is a substantial shareholder in Gilead Sciences. ("Donald Rumsfeld's Controversial links to drug company" Daily Mail, 2nd May 2009)

5. From a purely British perspective, the media isnt talking about MPs expenses, Fred the Shred, executive bonuses, and bank bail outs anymore. The bastards have all got away with lining their pockets at the tax payers expense. The media have swum like a shoal of docile complicit goldfish to the next pond.


"Swine flu in Scotland may have peaked" Guardian, 23rd July 2009


"Just two months of swine flu sniffles, and madness reigns" Simon Jenkins, Guardian, 22nd July 2009


Anyone remember "bird flu"? A World Health Organisation official predicted 150 million deaths from a bird flu pandemic. ("WHO tries to play down expert warning of 150 million deaths from flu pandemic" Independent, 1st Oct 2005)

Bird flu was going to kill 750,000 of us according to the UK government's chief medical office/panic merchant Sir Liam Donaldson. On his advice the UK government ordered 14.6 million doses of Tamiflu in 2005.

Full credit to Sir Liam though, he cautiously rounded the panic down to just 65,000 deaths for swine flu. ("Swine flu could kill 65,000 in UK, warns chief medical officer" Guardian, 16th July 2009)


"It emerged yesterday that the Arbroath FC midfielder Robert Urquhart had been diagnosed with swine flu after returning from a holiday in Ibiza."

"Bird Flu panic hit close to home at the weekend when a flock of 20 hens was abandoned in woods near Arbroath and had to be destroyed."

Makes ye wonder.
          Mali official says Islamists driven from Konna   

Bamako: Islamist militants have been driven out of Konna, a city the extremists captured earlier this week, as French forces have launched military operations in north Mali, a Mali military official said on Saturday.
Lt Col Diarran Kone said the military does not yet control the city of Konna and are still searching for any hidden Islamist extremist elements there.

"The Islamists have been chased out of the city of Konna. We are doing sweeps of the city to find any hidden Islamist extremist elements," said Lt Col Kone. "The full recover of the city is too early to determine as we do not yet control the city, and we remain vigilant."

Sanda Abu Mohammed, spokesman for Islamist group Ansar Dine, told The Associated Press he could not confirm if his fighters were still in Konna because communication networks have been down since late yesterday.

"I cannot tell you if our fighters are still in the city of Konna or if they are not, because since yesterday afternoon I have not had contact with them as the telephone network has been down in this zone," Mohammed said.

For the past nine months, the militants have controlled a large swath of northern Mali, a lawless desert region where kidnapping has flourished.

France launched airstrikes yesterday to help the government of Mali defeat the al-Qaeda-linked militants who captured Konna on Thursday, pushing closer to the army`s major base in central Mali and dramatically raising the stakes in the battle for this vast desert nation.

French President Francois Hollande said the "terrorist groups, drug traffickers and extremists" in northern Mali "show a brutality that threatens us all." He vowed that the operation would last "as long as necessary."

France said it was taking the action in Mali at the request of President Dioncounda Traore, who declared a state of emergency because of the militants` advance.

"French armed forces supported Malian units this afternoon to fight against terrorist elements," Hollande said in Paris yesterday.

He did not give any details of the operation, other than to say that it was aimed in part at protecting the 6,000 French citizens in Mali, where seven of them already are being held captive.

French commandoes also reportedly attacked an Islamist base in Somalia to try to rescue a French hostage.

The raid early today in Somalia could have been aimed at preventing al-Shabab fighters from harming the kidnapped French security official in reprisal for the French military intervention in Mali.


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          Full steam ahead for NI vaping companies   

E-juice manufacturer and retail chain join forces to create more than 60 new jobs
TWO of the country’s biggest vaping companies have merged their operations in a move that will see more than 60 new jobs created in Northern Ireland.
Derry-based e-juice manufacturer Superior E-Liquid Ltd and retail chain The Ciggie Shop Ltd have joined forces to [...]

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          WHO declares global health emergency due to Zika virus outbreak   

The Zika virus outbreak across the Americas constitutes a health emergency of international concern, World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan said Monday in Geneva.

          Fire chiefs warned that councillors were failing safety duty   
Detailed guidance listed the key questions councillors should ask contractors

The London fire brigade was so alarmed about the failure of the capital’s councillors to take responsibility for the risks posed by refurbished high-rises that two years ago it issued specialist guidance on the questions local councils needed to ask contractors and planning officers to ensure buildings were safe.

The apparent failure to take responsibility has been thrown into sharp relief by the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which has exposed multiple failings by Kensington and Chelsea council. It has emerged that the council approved the use of a cheaper, less fire-retardant cladding on the 24-storey building. There are also questions about whether it opted for a less expensive, less retardant insulation.

Related: Years of apathy make Grenfell not a tragedy, but an atrocity | Deborah Orr

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          Ohio Councilman Defends Suggesting Medics Should Ignore ODs   
MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) — A city councilman in Ohio says he doesn’t regret his suggestion that emergency crews should stop saving people who repeatedly overdose. Middletown City Council member Dan Picard asked just over a week ago if there is a law requiring the city to respond to overdose calls...
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          Kona Water Emergency Update – Saturday, July 1   
NORTH KONA, Hawaii - Customers in the area of Keauhou to Kona Airport and Honalo to Makalei MUST cease all irrigation and washing of vehicles and boats effective immediately, civil defense says.
          VIDEO: Water Supply Manager Talks Kona Emergency Notice   
NORTH KONA, Hawaii - The head of the Department of Water Supply discusses the Emergency Water Restriction notice issued for North Kona after a fifth water well went down Thursday.
          Admin Assistant - PHSA - Nanaimo, BC   
Arranges conferences, including booking meeting locations, arranging logistics and catering. BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS), formerly the Emergency and... $24.22 an hour
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The Bronze Bananas si aggiudicano la finale del concorso per band emergenti premio speciale Matteo Palmieri Geometrie Sonore 2017: questo il verdetto della giuria qualificata nell’ultima serata presieduta da Francesco Caprini, patron di Rock Targato Italia. Il genere pop/rock/beat ispirato...
          Cuba Elementary Auction to Be Rescheduled   
The Graves County Board of Education is looking to push back the sale of Cuba Elementary following a judge's decision to extend a timeline to rule on an emergency injunction to stop the sale.
          Graves Residents File Emergency Injunction to Halt Cuba Elementary Sale   
The attorney representing the group of disgruntled residents suing the Graves County Board of Education has filed an emergency injunction to halt the sale of Cuba Elementary School. Lexington attorney Jim Deckard filed the motion with the Franklin Circuit Court Friday calling for the court to prohibit the removal of school equipment tomorrow, June 3 , and the auctioning off of the school as surplus property June 18 .
          Security Guard - ASAP Secured - Ontario   
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          Comment on India’s Top – Emergency Oral Contraceptive OR Birth Control Pills for Women by JFH Staff   
Unless and until you both did not engaged in sexual activities there is no chance of pregnancy.
          Comment on India’s Top – Emergency Oral Contraceptive OR Birth Control Pills for Women by Akash sharma   
Hello sir .. Yesterday i was with my girlfriend we didn't actually had sex ... But today she is having pain in stomach and also she's had yesterday continue vagina discharge and some white fluid ..... Is she pregnant? We don't want now anything.. please help
L’Albania è uno di quei luoghi da attraversare con gli occhi e il cuore ben aperti, per  farsi coinvolgere totalmente e vivere un’esperienza di viaggio di insospettabile fascino. Bella e remota, selvaggia e ancora sconosciuta a molti, l’Albania conquista al primo sguardo, prima di tutto perchè  ha  una storia antichissima che affonda le radici negli illiri, greci, romani e ottomani che hanno lasciato  testimonianze architettoniche e artistiche di inestimabile valore, e poi c’è l’aspetto paesaggistico che lascia il viaggiatore senza fiato, una terra ancestrale che nasconde angoli di superba bellezza autentici e incontaminati. Gli anni difficili della dittatura di Enver Hoxa, avevano  isolato per anni il paese dal resto dell’Europa lasciandolo in uno stato d’arretratezza e costringendolo a una corsa per mettersi alla pari con il resto dell’Europa, ma oggi l’Albania, ha superato gli anni bui ed è un piccolo gioiello, inserito tra le destinazioni emergenti del Mediterraneo. La Leggenda dell’Aquila L’Albania, in albanese Shqipëri  è conosciuta come la Terra delle Aquile, raffigurata anche sulla bandiera nazionale. Il nome è  legato ad un antico racconto popolare il quale narra che un giovane cacciando tra le montagne, vide un’Aquila maestosa volteggiare nell’aria serrando nel becco un serpente. Il rapace volò fin in in cima ad una rupe […]
          Latitude Pharmaceuticals Inc emerges as one the leading companies of drug formulation   
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          Local, 1 habitacion, 2 wc, 650m2, Sant esteve Sesrovires.   
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2 baños 650 m² 2 €/m² trastero
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          Trentenni high tech   

articolo tratto da

Diecimila euro. Tanti sono bastati a Luca Ascani, a 25 anni appena, per lanciare nel 2004 GoAdv, società di servizi d’informazione dal 2007 quotata alla Borsa di Parigi e che oggi ha una capitalizzazione di circa 60 milioni di euro. Scommessa vinta, dunque, per un enfant prodige «senza agganci», che in pochi anni ha saputo trasformare un’idea apparentemente irrealizzabile in una macchina da soldi: stando agli analisti dovrebbe chiudere il 2008 con un giro d’affari di 40 milioni di euro e uno staff di 100 persone in tutta Europa (vedere l’articolo a pagina 19). Ma Ascani non è certo l’unico «genio tecnologico» made in Italy degli ultimi anni. Anzi, nonostante che il nostro Paese sconti un ritardo storico sul fronte dell’innovazione tecnologica (e non solo), le buone idee non mancano: secondo i dati espressamente elaborati per Economy dalla Camera di commercio di Milano, alla fine del 2008 erano esattamente 130.731 le imprese hi-tech italiane, il 3,6% in più del 2007. E la sola Lombardia ne vanta 28.470 (vedere la mappa a pagina 20). A mancare, semmai, sono i fondi di venture capital: quelli che, per capirci, negli Stati Uniti hanno finanziato migliaia di grandi e di piccole aziende tecnologiche, da Google fino alle miriadi di società da anni presenti nella mitica Silicon Valley, l’areea a sud di San Francisco che è tra le regioni più hi-tech del globo.
In Italia più che altrove c’è un folto gruppo di imprenditori di prima generazione, trentenni o poco più, che hanno saputo rischiare nel settore tecnologico. E di fronte alla carenza di capitali hanno iniziato chiamando a raccolta parenti e amici per racimolare i primi soldi da investire. «È quello che gli anglosassoni chiamano l’approccio delle “3F”, ossia family, friends and fools (cioè famiglia, amici e folli, ndr)» dice a Economy Alberto Giusti, 36 anni, «imprenditore seriale» ormai giunto alla sua sesta avventura hi-tech

I business angel. Alle «3F», in alcuni casi, si aggiungono poi i cosiddetti «business angel», ossia gli investitori informali, manager o professionisti, che sono soliti intervenire quando l’attività è ancora in fase embrionale. «Sono privati con patrimoni accumulati sul campo, generalmente nelle stesse attività che vanno poi a finanziare. Per questo motivo, a differenza delle banche, sono in grado di valutare i rischi dei progetti di start-up» specifica Simone Bassanini, senior manager della società di consulenza Kpmg che, con il supporto dell’Aifi (Associazione italiana private equity e venture capital) e di Intesa Sanpaolo, ha tracciato l’identikit dei «business angel» italiani. Il loro investimento medio si aggira sui 180-200 mila euro circa, pari, in genere, a una quota del 30-40%, o anche meno, del capitale sociale. Portano soldi, dunque, ma anche competenze e in 3-5 anni escono, vendendo le proprie quote a terzi, di solito investitori formali: private equity o, ancora, partner industriali veri e propri.
Purché sia possibile trovarne. In Italia, infatti, la strada in questo settore è tutta in salita. Nel primo semestre del 2008 l’Aifi ha calcolato che su 170 operazioni di private equity e di venture capital, per un totale di 2,77 miliardi di euro, soltanto 40 interventi per 52 milioni di euro complessivi hanno riguardato start-up al livello d’inizio. Queste operazioni, oltretutto, sono state coperte nel 50% dei casi da finanziarie regionali e solo in minima parte da banche (7,5%) o da società di gestione del risparmio (2,5%). Eppure «se c’è un momento in cui diventa vitale puntare su nuove idee di business è proprio quello attuale» interviene Alessandro Spada, presidente di Innovab, l’azienda per l’innovazione della Camera di commercio di Milano, Monza e Brianza. «Solamente così si può dare nuovo impulso all’economia una volta che la crisi sarà passata».
Tanto più che con il decreto-legge 112 varato il 25 giugno scorso, meglio noto come «decreto Brunetta», sono state introdotte per la prima volta in Italia misure fiscali che incentivano gli investimenti in start-up. Che sia giunta l’ora della svolta? I tre giovani imprenditori intervistati da Economy nelle pagine che seguono si augurano di sì. E ricordano: «C’è chi pensava che fossimo folli, e invece…».
La loro è una vera professione di ottimismo.

Una ventottenne di Milano ha unito gioielli e tecnologia e oggi vende le sue creazioni nelle migliori gioiellerie d’Europa. Un trentaduenne di Vicenza ha fondato un’azienda di telefonia «low cost» per le chiamate all’estero. Un romano di 29 anni ha fondato un’azienda che ha scavalcato le Alpi per quotarsi a Parigi: ora capitalizza 60 milioni di euro. Antonella Fiorentino, Manuel Zanella e Luca Ascani, nonostante le difficoltà di accesso al credito e le ritrosie di una cultura «made in Italy» che non agevola le start-up tecnologiche di giovani imprenditori, ce l’hanno fatta. Ecco come ci sono riusciti.

Antonella Fiorentino
Gioielli che suonano molto bene
(e le