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Eredeti minőségi, trendi hosszú ruha. Mellrésze csipkebetétes-virágos, rugalmas. Alsószoknyás, lágy esésű , alakkiemelő.
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Made in Italy! csipkebetétes  egyedi maxiruha!  M
Jelenlegi ára: 2 850 Ft
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We Are Church International PRESS RELEASE 1 July 2017 Can the Vatican be reformed? After the Vatican’s first ever Auditor General, Libero Milone, has resigned suddenly, We Are Church International asks if the Vatican can at all be reformed in a slow step-by-step way. The former Head of Deloitte in Italy was just 2 years into […]
          Copper Pipe Freezing Point   
Paris on the Nile

To keep a little of that light, sunshine and sweetness, columns, plant, tops and bas-reliefs of sphinxes, which dream ... I ' I ran Paris to find traces of Egypt, I found it and ready to smile sometimes, follow me!

the 17th century already ...
A Pierre Aubert, responsible for collecting tax on salt, the salt tax partnership building in the Marais a mansion . Built between 1656 and 1659 , the scenery is especially entrusted to the brothers Marsy. It Hotel Salé (5 rue de Thorigny, Paris 75004), Picasso museum since 1985.
Two sphinxes (lion body and bust of woman), with front paws crossed . A garland covers the sides and nemes (Egyptian headdress) is topped with crenellated towers
(I admit not having seen such Egypt ...)
Here is one who watches!

Not far away, along the Seine , 2a Wharf Celestine, 4 th arrondissement, the hotel door Fieubet (Gaspard Fieubet, Chancellor of Queen Marie-Therese) is guarded by two sphinxes,
that as the left wing and courtyard garden on the back cover are from the time of construction and renovation by the Sweat and Vicott on plans by architect Jules Mansart Hardoin in the years 1676 - 1681 . For the rest, since 1857 the hotel is a pastiche of Baroque Italian-English.

Along the Seine - stop at the Louvre, Egyptian Antiquities destination, if the desire is there, of course! - You can reach the garden of Tuileries (75001), near la Concorde to find " the Nile," marble, by Lorenzo Ottone ( 1688 - 1692)

This Italian sculptor (1658-1736) is best known for its baroque statues religious (cons-reform) in Rome.

In the next century, 18 th , and a long way to go to the park Bagatelle (Bois de Boulogne Route de Sevres to Neuilly and Allée de Longchamp , Paris 75016). Sphinxes ... by two, before the castle (18th century Folly built by the Comte d'Artois in 1777 after a bet with Queen Marie-Antoinette) ...

Oops! these, the garden, are well suited ... Egyptian character really, is not it?

A pair, controlled by Lhuillier 1778 by Belanger, architect of the Comte d'Artois to the steps of the castle. Lhuillier subcontracted in sculpture at Philip Lawrence Rolland (1746-1816) and fought in 1781.

And ... Bonaparte and then the campaign and the shipment Egypt (1798-1801).
A fighter, Maximilian Cafarelli, General (Engineering) to the wooden leg , scholar and philosopher, who held a key role in preparing the expedition will give Egypt as far his talent to improve the protection of Cairo, facilitate liaison between Alexandria and the Nile, participate in the creation of the Institute of Egypt. Creations of bread ovens, construction of windmills, water supply, irrigation, urbanization, conservation of "objects antique ", etc.. its activities are manifold.
He follows Napoleon en route to Syria, attended the massacre of Jaffa, and died before St. Jean d'Acre: the failure of Bonaparte the end of the dream of the Orient!
Even if little known, a street named after him, close to Temple Street (75003)

Part of Toulon, the expedition took with her soldiers but also 167 scientists, engineers and artists Members of the Commission of Science and Arts: Dolomieu geologist, mathematician Gaspard Monge (a founder of the Ecole Polytechnique), the chemist Claude Louis Berthollet , Vivant Denon, the mathematician Jean-Joseph Fourier, physicist Etienne-Louis Malus , naturalist Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire , engineer Nicolas-Jacques Conté the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers are part of the trip, the sculptor Jean-Jacques Castex ...
Dolomieu Scientists (since 1879), Malus (since 1879), Berthollet, Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire and Monge have a street in their name in the 5 th Borough Street Monge constituting a sort of central axis.

Deodat Dolomieu (1750-1801), is recruited by the chemist Berthollet January 4, 1798 to participate in the expedition to Egypt. Upon landing on Egyptian soil, he undertook the verification of spatial data he had read in ancient authors, Greek and Latin . At the same time, following his experience in Malta he set up and monitor mills, grinding wheels, gears, flour and ovens for the manufacture of rolls of the army of General Bonaparte East. Urged by his friend Sucy, chief officer of the army of the East, returning to France with him, refuses Dolomieu, as two more months living in Egypt are necessary for the study of the Nile delta. This in turn will be captured in Calabria by Queen of the Two Sicilies. Stripped of its collections and manuscripts, it survives very painfully in a cell with almost no light with a few books he has managed to hide. This prison, as a criminal State in a dark dungeon of Messina in Sicily, will last 21 months. Dolomieu owed his deliverance to the military victory of Bonaparte at Marengo, June 14, 1800. Marked by his captivity, he died 17 months later.
It owes its name to the sustainability of mineral and rock that he discovered, dolomite.

Etienne-Louis Malus , physicist and mathematician (1775-1812) working to study Light . He participated in the expedition and became a member of the Institute Egypt

Claude Louis Berthollet (1748 - 1822) chemist , hand in Egypt in the Committee of Science and Arts, where he joined the Institute Egypt in the physics section and was elected vice president. He was elected president the following year. He made important research on natron to enable it to develop his theory on the affinities. In 1802 he was appointed chairman of the committee responsible for preparing the Description of Egypt .

During the expedition, Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire , French naturalist (1772 - 1844) passion for archeology to zoology as well as because he found in some graves animal mummies. He studied diligently birds, monkeys, crocodiles
(in Paris it!)
and snakes of Egypt, collected many specimens and made many communications various topics. After the surrender of French troops (August 1801), he played bitterly to the English collections he had so much trouble to set up and managed to return them intact in France they are so rich that their inventory it takes several years

Gaspard Monge (1746-1818) was a mathematician whose work touches to descriptive geometry, infinitesimal analysis and analytic geometry. After playing a major role in the French Revolution, both politically and in terms of establishing a new education system, He is responsible for mission in the expedition to Egypt (1798-1799).

Jean-Jacques Castex , (1731-1822), sculptor and is part of the Expedition to Egypt.
In January 1799, he accompanied the geographer Bertre engineer in his trip to Fayoum and is part of the commission led by Girard, who share Cairo March 19, 1799 for Upper Egypt . He creates a wax model, reduced to a third of Dendera Zodiac.
He is still famous to be carved on the great temple of Philae , registration
"year 6 of the Republic on 15 Messidor / a French army / commissioned by Bonaparte, / is down in Alexandria. / The army has taken twenty days, / the Mamelukes at the Pyramids on the run, / Desaix, commanding the first division, / has on undergraduate beyond the cataracts, / where he arrived on 13 of Ventose year 7. / The brigadiers / Davoust, Friant and Belliard, / Donzelot Chief of Staff, / Latournerie comm. of artillery / Eppler, Chief the 21st light / 13 Ventôse 7 of the Republic / March 3, year of Christ 1799. / Engraved by Castex sculptor.
Castex Street is close to the Rue St Antoine and bd Henri IV (75004)

" County has all the sciences in the head and all the arts in hand. " said Monge.
Nicolas Jacques Conte (1755-1805), invented the pencil as we know even today, consisting of a graphite mine and clay inserted in a body made of cedar wood. He was also one of the organizers of National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts . He took part in the expedition to Egypt with the dual capacity as head of brigade balloonists and director of engineering workshops. As such, it has created and is creating all sorts of instruments and tools.
From August 22, 1798, Conte was a member of the first Institute of Egypt, commissioned by the then government to lead the creation of great work that the commission would publish Egypt, Description Egypt.
Street County is in the 3 rd district, very close to the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers
Mentioned several times, the engravings of the Description of Egypt is exciting and always consult a reference. Do not hesitate, just one click! careful surveys that are the source of these illustrations are due mostly to two boys, Prosper Jollois and Edouard Devilliers . These two men, engineers fresh out of the Ecole Polytechnique, arrive in Egypt in 1799. Members of the subcommittee that studied the regime of the Nile and the irrigation system, they are much more passionate for ancient monuments they discover. Soon completed their tasks, they "devour" the monuments. "The temples of Dendera, Esneh, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae, Luxor and Karnak and Thebes, the ancient Antinoe" erected by the Roman emperor Hadrian, come alive in their pencils.

Enthusiast entry Bonaparte in Cairo, Paris gave in 1799 the name Passage of Cairo, and Cairo Street (75002) tract newly created site of the former convent of the Filles-Dieu sold in batches to the revolution.

Here the facade of the building au, 2 place in Cairo (75002), of style "return from Egypt", unique in Paris tree and surprising! Oh! Beautiful Hathor!

A fountain 'return from Egypt "Is the fountain of Fellah at 42 rue de Sevres (75007), right beside the metro station Lapwing. This fellah, it would Antinous, a young favorite of the Roman emperor Hadrian.
A semicircular basin collects water flowing from two amphorae he holds in his hand. At the bottom of the fountain, a grotesque head of a lion. A Napoleonic eagle dominates all under the roof of the fountain.

Designed by Jean-François Bralle (1750-1832) and sculpted by Pierre Nicolas Beauvallet, it dates from 1806 .

Directorate on 19 th borough and at 211 Avenue de la Villette The fountain of lions Nubian . Built Place du Chateau d'Eau (now Republic Square) in 1811, it was renovated and transferred to the slaughterhouses of La Villette, where she served as a watering place for animals, when enlargement of the square in 1867. architecture was made by engineer Pierre Simon Girard (1765-1835), designer Ourcq canal, and the realization by the workshops at Le Creusot.
It has its place today at the Grande Halle de la Villette.

Jean-Francois Champollion (1790-1832) decipher the hieroglyphics on September 27 1822.
At Pere Lachaise Cemetery (75020), it lies beneath an obelisk .
It is very close to his friend the mathematician Jean-Joseph Fourier, who participated in the expedition to Egypt ...
friendly hands still lay stones and beetles ... double click on the picture to zoom , and look carefully on the edge of the base! Then the cursor on the back arrow at the top left of the screen in front of you, and click to go back on the blog!
the Père Lachaise cemetery if eclectic, there are also pyramids !

Between the Louvre and Opera, Underground station Pyramids

Seen in a window on the Rue de la Paix ...

Well no!
"The body of a goddess" of the Middle or new empire (2033-1069 BC), now in the Louvre, a gallery of Egyptian antiquities. Beautiful, is not it?

the center of the Place de la Concorde (75008) the obelisk of Luxor, offered to France in 1831 by the Viceroy of Egypt, Muhammad Ali, arrived and erected in October 1836.
Transportation of this monolith of pink granite, 230 tons and 23 meters tall, was an epic: it took two and a half years to ship , specially created for this event, arriving in France.

Originally, the obelisk and its Twin carved there are over 3000 years were placed on each side of the door of the Temple of Thebes, Luxor in Upper Egypt .

The cartridge Ramses II ...

must pass through the Tuileries Gardens to meet a Sphinx on the intersection of the Quai des Tuileries, Avenue du General Lemonnier . It arrived in Paris in 1855 with the spoils of war taken in Sevastopol by General Pélissier. (source

On your way into the garden, you can cross this another sphinx, seated in front of marble the "Venus Callypige, after the antique" Francis Barois (1656-1726)

can certainly look back towards the Louvre pyramid superb which I do not dwell in deference to his architect, M . Pei who rejects Egyptian inspiration ... It's like you want!

To reach the Place du Chatelet 75001, just not from the bridge ... but along the Seine ... here the fountain of Palm!
Napoleon I shaved the Grand Châtelet in 1802, and there built a fountain by Jean-François Bralle, between 1806 and 1808 to commemorate his victories and give free drinking water to Paris .

Circled ring bearing the names of the campaigns in Egypt and Italy, the column the fountain is decorated with palm leaves that give it its name Palmier fountain.

The four sphinx crouching in foot of the basement, which feeds the lower pool, were designed by Gabriel Davioud (1824-1881), architect and collaborator of Haussmann, and sculpted by Jacquemart in 1858.

The Luxor is a cinema located in the 10 th arrondissement of Paris, built by the architect Henry Zipcy decorated by Amedeo Tiberi and inaugurated in 1921 located at the corner of Boulevard Magenta and the Chapel. Long abandoned (1983), it is now being restored .


Finally, the icing on the cake, then see the program of the Paris Opera! earlier Egyptian ...

Do you know that you can make a trip to Egypt on Blog
" Parisienne truant?

          'It makes little sense': view from frontline of Italy's broadband war   

PERUGIA, Italy, June 28 In Perugia, crews from Telecom Italia and Enel's rival broadband divisions have been working side by side, digging cable trenches along the same roads, sometimes inches apart. At times, hundreds of workers vied for space across the medieval Umbrian city, the first battleground between the corporate heavyweights as they race to roll out superfast broadband networks across Italy.

          Caffe D'Arte   

Caffe D’arte is a Seattle based company that roasts its own coffee and has several retail locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.  It was started by an Italian family in the 1980s with the goal of duplicating styles from northern, central and southern Italy.  “Firenze,” which they say is in the northern roasting style, is D’arte’s lightest roast.  It is a bit darker than the beans coming from Portland's local microroasters.   I like its balanced flavor, and it yields amazing crema, but it does not have the citrus/nut/sweet notes found in some of the other beans I have written about here.  They also have an alderwood roasted bean that I am curious to try.

                                                  Their store on NE 15th Avenue between Broadway and Weidler has a bit of multi-unit retail aesthetic that values consistency over personality, and a couple of flat screen televisions in the corners are always turned on (why do bars and restaurants increasingly do this?  It's out of place everywhere but a sports bar.).  But there are a few reasons I keep returning here.  First, it’s walking distance from my home.  Second, the people are unfailingly nice; and, even though the store is part of a (small) chain, it has the feeling of a family run business.  Third, they sell a pound of well roasted and reasonably fresh coffee beans for about the same price that you would pay for twelve ounces of a “gourmet” brand in a supermarket.  And, you get a free coffee drink when you buy that pound.

But the true reason I Like Caffe D’Arte is the way they serve an espresso: long white plate, with cup, spoon, chocolate(!) and water all in a line.  The shot is pulled on a big Nuova Simonelli, which does a fine job.  Espresso is made with the Firenze roast.  The attention to detail never fails to put a smile on my face.

          Maglia Rosa   
Maglia Rosa is an espresso kiosk located inside West End Bikes.  The kiosk's name is Italian for the "pink jersey," which is awarded to the rider with the lowest aggregate time in Italy's premier bike race, the Giro d'Italia.  West End Bikes is in downtown Portland, and is an excellent place to go if you feel the need to spend $6,000 on a bike.  Maglia Rosa's pleasures are similarly stratospheric in quality, but much more affordable.

Using a fully tricked out LaMarzocco, the barista pulls exquisite shots.  Single origin only, from Stumptown Roasters.  The attention to detail is remarkable.  I commented on the perfection, and the barista's reaction implied that this was a matter of course and nothing else would be acceptable or even possible.  She generously shared her knowledge and I loved her intensity.  I later discovered that Maglia Rosa is owned by United States Barista Champion, Phuong Tran.

In a town where the quest for the very best coffee can seem close to blood sport, Maglia Rosa is a contender.

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Redesigned and upgraded from the standard Benelli Nova, the SuperNova has all the great standard features of the Nova but with increased recoil reduction advantage of a Comfortech stock. The SuperNova’s newly styled trigger guard allows for 30% more finger room for ease of use with a gloved hand. Other standard features include dual action […]

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Two British hikers who went missing while trying to climb Italy's Matterhorn mountain were found dead on Saturday, news reports said.

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           Italy begins to lure away wealthy non-doms from UK    
The move follows a clampdown in Britain on those claiming non-dom status and as Brexit threatens to undermine the appeal of the UK as a home for international elites.
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ITALY'S EU Minister Sandro Gozi has confirmed that the major countries in the bloc are preparing for a shock reversal decision on Brexit.
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July 1 (Gracenote) - Results from the Motorcycling Grand Prix Germany Moto2 Qualification on Saturday 1. Franco Morbidelli (Italy) Kalex 1:32.159 2. Alex Marquez (Spain) Kalex 1:32.412 3. Sandro Cortese (Germany) Suter 1:32.536 4. Mattia Pasini (Italy) Kalex 1:32.678 5. Hector Garzo (Spain) Tech 3 1:32.747 6. Miguel Oliveira (Portugal) KTM 1:32.801 7. Thomas Luethi (Switzerland) Kalex 1:32.831 8. Simone Corsi (Italy) Speed up 1:33.074 9. Fabio

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July 1 (Gracenote) - Results from the Motorcycling Grand Prix Germany Moto3 Qualification on Saturday 1. Aron Canet (Spain) Honda 1:26.688 2. Joan Mir (Spain) Honda 1:26.933 3. Nicolo Bulega (Italy) KTM 1:26.981 4. Marcos Ramirez (Spain) KTM 1:27.186 5. Tony Arbolino (Italy) Honda 1:27.228 6. Romano Fenati (Italy) Honda 1:27.254 7. Philipp OEttl (Germany) KTM 1:27.284 8. Bo Bendsneyder (Netherlands) KTM 1:27.297 9. Enea Bastiani

          Business Development Manager - Lighting - Zaneen Lighting - Toronto, ON   
Our three divisions, Architectural, Design and Exterior are comprised of distinct manufacturing partners from countries throughout Europe including Italy, Spain...
From Indeed - Fri, 09 Jun 2017 14:53:59 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Italy's EU minister confirms secret talks underway for 'when UK reverses Brexit decision'   

ITALY'S EU Minister Sandro Gozi has confirmed that the major countries in the bloc are preparing for a shock reversal decision on Brexit.
          “Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much.” - Our Lady of Fatima, 1917   
“Certain fashions will be introduced   that will offend Our Lord very much.”   - Our Lady of Fatima, 1917
Free EBOOK.  Recall Our Lady warned the world in 1917!  How much worse is the scandal these days with immodest dress especially in Summer

Summer unfortunately brings with it the height of immodesty, in both men and women.  This is a good time, then, to remember that words of Our Lady of Fatima who warned us that "more souls go to hell for sins of the flesh (i.e. sins against the 6thand 9th Commandments) than for any other reason." Our Lady of Fatima told Jacinta, "Certain fashions will be introduced that will gravely offend My Son." Jacinta also said, “People who serve God should not follow fashions. The Church has no fashions; Our Lord is always the same.”
Shorts, sleeveless tops, slacks on women, mini-skirts, swimwear, bare midriffs, tight and sheer clothing would all fit into this category of immodest fashions. Sadly, few priests warn their flock of the great danger associated with immodesty of dress, that of losing one’s soul for all eternity.  So many girls and young women are growing up today without direction and, like so many misled sheep, are following immoral fashions to the destruction of souls.

The Bible tells us, "In like manner I wish women to be decently dressed, adorning themselves with modesty and dignity, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, but with good works, such as become women professing godliness." (1 Tim. 2:9-10)  
The following are various warnings the Catholic Church has given to the faithful, for the protection of their immortal souls.

Pope Benedict XV wrote in his encyclical Sacra Propediem on January 6, 1921:
“One cannot sufficiently deplore the blindness of so many women of every age and station. Made foolish by a desire to please, they do not see to what degree the indecency of their clothing shocks every honest man and offends God. Most of them would formerly have blushed for such apparel as for a grave fault against Christian modesty. Now it does not suffice to exhibit themselves on public thoroughfares; they do not fear to cross the threshold of churches, to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and even to bear the seducing food of shameful passion to the Holy Altar, where one receives the Author of Purity.”

On January 12, 1930, the Sacred Congregation of the Council, by mandate of Pope Pius XI, issued emphatic instructions on modesty of dress to all bishops:
“We recall that a dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat, which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows, and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knee. Furthermore, dresses of transparent material are improper. Let parents keep their daughters away from public gymnastic games and contests; but, if their daughters are compelled to attend such exhibitions, let them see to it that they are fully and modestly dressed. Let them never permit their daughters to don immodest garb.” 

Pope Pius XII said in 1954:
“Now many girls do not see anything wrong with following certain shameless styles (fashions) like so many sheep. They would surely blush if they could only guess the impressions they make and the feelings they evoke (arouse) in those who see them.” (July 17, 1954

Pope Pius XII seriously admonished Christian mothers: 
“The good of our soul is more important than that of our body; and we have to prefer the spiritual welfare of our neighbor to our bodily comforts… If a certain kind of dress constitutes a grave and proximate occasion of sin, and endangers the salvation of your soul and others, it is your duty to give it up…  O Christian mothers, if you knew what a future of anxieties and perils, of ill-guarded shame you prepare for your sons and daughters, imprudently getting them accustomed to live scantily dressed and making them lose the sense of modesty, you would be ashamed of yourselves and you would dread the harm you are making of yourselves, the harm which you are causing these children, whom Heaven has entrusted to you to be brought up as Christians.” (Pius XII to Catholic Young Women’s Groups of Italy)

The Canadian bishops in May of 1946 wrote:
“Man himself does not escape from the inclination of exhibiting his flesh: some go in public, stripped to the waist, or in very tight pants or in very scanty bathing suits. They thus commit offenses against the virtue of modesty. They may also be an occasion of sin (in thought or desire) for our neighbor.” 

Cardinal Pla y Daniel, Archbishop of Toledo, Spain, stated in 1959:
“A special danger to morals is represented by public bathing at beaches ... Mixed bathing between men and women, which is nearly always a proximate occasion of sin and a scandal, must be avoided.”

From a 1930 Letter of the Congregation of the Council:
“By virtue of the supreme apostolate which he wields over the Universal Church by Divine Will, our Most Holy Father Pope Pius XI has never ceased to inculcate, both verbally and by his writings, the words of St. Paul (1 Tim. 2:9-10), namely, ‘Women ... adorning themselves with modesty and sobriety ... and professing godliness with good works.’  Very often, when occasion arose, the same Supreme Pontiff condemned emphatically the immodest fashion of dress adopted by Catholic women and girls--which fashion not only offends the dignity of women and against her adornment, but conduces to the temporal ruin of the women and girls, and, what is still worse, to their eternal ruin, miserably dragging down others in their fall. It is not surprising, therefore, that all Bishops and other ordinaries, as is the duty of ministers of Christ, should in their own dioceses have unanimously opposed their depraved licentiousness and promiscuity of manners, often bearing with fortitude the derision and mockery leveled against them for this cause.”


From the Plenary Assembly of the Bishops of Brazil:

“Let the priests forcefully insist that women wear clothing which expresses modesty ...
     “Let women, at all times, but especially, as the Apostle Saint Paul teaches, when they are in church, dress with modesty. If they should dare to enter the church immodestly dressed, let them, as Canon Law commands (Canon 1262, par. 2), be judiciously put out and prevented from assisting at any function whatsoever.
     “Let those who are going to receive Holy Communion be decently dressed. Women whose heads are not covered and who are improperly dressed are to be excluded from the Sacrament, as Canon Law directs (Canons 855 & 1262, par. 2).”
St. Padre Pio, the stigmatist priest, who bore the bleeding wounds of Christ on his own body from 1918 until his death in 1968, refused to grant absolution to any woman who did not wear her skirt well below the knee.  He also insisted that women do not wear slacks. (Verified by mail at Padre Pio’s monastery.  Address: Rev. J. P. Martin, San Giovanni Rotondo 71013 FG Italy)

A General Pastoral Directive from 1915 reads: “Women must be decently dressed, especially when they go to church. The parish priest may, with due prudence, refuse them entrance to the church and access to the reception of the Sacraments, any and every time that they come to church immodestly dressed.”

St. John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople and one of the 32 doctors of the Church, said the following regarding women who dress immodestly:   
"You carry your snare everywhere and spread your net in all places.  You allege that you never invited others to sin.  You did not indeed by your words, but you have done so by your dress and your deportment.  And much more effectively than you could by your voice.  When you have made another sin in his heart, how can you be innocent?  Tell me whom does this world condemn?  Whom do the judges in court punish?  Those who drink poison or those who prepare it and administer the fatal potion?  You are more criminal than those who poison the body.  You have given the death-dealing drink.  You murder not the body but the soul, and it is not to enemies do you do this nor are you urged on by any imaginary necessity nor provoked by injury.  But you do it out of foolish vanity and pride."  
Unfortunately, today's attire seems to have almost no boundaries. It is a disgrace for Christian women to expose their bodies, which are the temples of the Holy Ghost after baptism. A women who dresses immodestly commits a double sin:  
“You women who profane your bodies have been led by satan to soul destruction.  You expose your bodies not knowing the evil that comes into the minds of the beholder.  Therefore, your sin is twofold for you have led another to fall into sin!”

The Bible tells us: “Know you not that your members are the temple of the Holy Ghost, who is in you, whom you have from God: and you are not your own? For you are bought with a great price. Glorify and bear God in your body.” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)  Immodest dress is an offense to God and does not glorify God, but rather reduces the Christian woman to an object of lust and mocks the laws of God. Modesty in dress, on the other hand, helps safeguard the virtue of purity and is demanded by the moral law of God.  St. Cyprian writes: 
"Nothing so delights the faithful soul as the healthy consciousness of an unstained modesty. To have vanquished pleasure is the greatest pleasure; nor is there any greater victory than that which is gained over one's desires."  



Maria Cahill, "Modesty In The Modern World" 

          The Running of the Bulls Is an Abhorrent, Cruel Practice That Must Stop Now   
It's hard to believe that bulls are still being stabbed to death for entertainment in 2017.

I love an adventure. I've climbed cliffs on Kauai and stripped down to my skivvies to swim in a Mexican cenote. But the challenges that I pursue are a danger only to me. Those who participate in the annual Running of the Bulls can't say the same. Most tourists who travel to Pamplona for the July event suffer from nothing more than a hangover, but the bulls they run with lose their lives.

Few tourists know that at the end of every day's run, the bulls they used to cross an item off their bucket list will be killed in the bullfighting arena.

After slipping and sliding along the cobbled streets as hordes of people brandishing rolled-up newspapers scream at them, the exhausted, confused bulls must fight to the death. Men on horses circle them while repeatedly piercing them with sharp sticks called banderillas until they are dizzy, weakened from blood loss and in agonizing pain. The horses, who are blindfolded, can also sustain serious injuries if they can't avoid a charging bull.

When the bleeding bull is spent and losing the will and strength to charge, the matador (Spanish for "killer") makes his entrance to administer the death blow. In a sickening twist to an already sadistic spectacle, the crowds often cheer as the animal's ears are cut off as "trophies."

But condemnation of this bloody pastime is growing worldwide, and those few people still clinging to it are finding themselves in increasingly empty arenas. In 2007, some 3,651 bullfights were held in Spain, according to figures from its Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. In 2015, that number had declined to 1,736. An online poll by Ipsos MORI last year found that just 19 percent of Spanish adults supported bullfighting, compared to 58 percent who opposed it.

Bullfighting is already banned in many parts of Spain, and more and more areas are following suit. In 2015, one town decided to divert funds usually reserved for propping up the local bullfighting industry into buying books for schoolchildren instead. Another swapped tormented bulls for giant polystyrene balls in its annual running festival. Madrid's mayor has eliminated public subsidies for bullfights, and earlier this year, thousands marched through the Spanish capital to demand an end to this cruel spectacle.

Further afield, the Mexican states of Coahuila, Guerrero, and Sonora have all imposed bans, joining Argentina, Cuba, Italy, and others. When the Portuguese city of Viana do Castelo banned bullfighting in 2009, its mayor stated, "The defence of animal rights is not compatible with spectacles that torture and impose unjustifiable suffering."

Since most Spaniards shun bullfights, it's unwitting tourists who are keeping the killing going. Some buy a ticket out of curiosity. Others just go along with the events laid out for them in their package deal. By the time an appalled spectator rushes out of the arena in horror, the damage has already been done.

It's hard to believe that bulls are still being stabbed to death for entertainment in 2017.

Would those who participate in the Running of the Bulls still do it if they knew that the bulls are being forced to run toward their own death? Let's hope not.


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          By 2100, Refugees Would Be the Most Populous Country on Earth   
Poverty and deadly wars are the major drivers of displacement.

The UN Refugee Agency has announced the new figures for the world’s displaced: 65.9 million. That means that 65.9 million human beings live as refugees, asylum seekers or as internally displaced people. If the refugees formed a country, it would be the 21st largest state in the world, just after Thailand (68.2 million) and just ahead of the United Kingdom (65.5 million). But unlike these other states, refugees have few political rights and no real representation in the institutions of the world.

The head of the UN Refugee Agency, Filippo Grandi, recently said that most of the displacement comes as a result of war. "The world seems to have become unable to make peace," Grandi said. "So you see old conflicts that continue to linger, and new conflicts erupting, and both produce displacement. Forced displacement is a symbol of wars that never end."

Few continents are immune from the harsh reality of war. But the epicenter of war and displacement is along the axis of the Western-driven global war on terror and resource wars. The line of displacement runs from Afghanistan to South Sudan with Syria in between. Eyes are on Syria, where the war remains hot and the tensions over escalation intensify daily. But there is as deadly a civil war in South Sudan, driven in large part by a ferocious desire to control the country’s oil. Last year, 340,000 people fled South Sudan for refugee camps in neighboring Uganda. This is a larger displacement than from Syria.

Poverty is a major driver of displacement. It is what moves hundreds of thousands of people to try and cross the Sahara Desert and then the Mediterranean Sea for European pastures. But most who try this journey meet a deadly fate. Both the Sahara and the Mediterranean are dangerous. This week, the UN’s International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Niger rescued 600 migrants from the Sahara, although 52 did not survive.

A 22-year-old woman from Nigeria was among those rescued. She was on a pick-up truck with 50 people. They left Agadez for Libya. ‘We were in the desert for ten days,’ she says. "After five days, the driver abandoned us. He left us with all of our belongings, saying he was going to pick us up in a couple of hours. But he never did." Forty-four of the migrants died. The six who remained struggled to safety. ‘We had to drink our own pee to survive,’ she said.

Getting to Libya is hard enough. But being in Libya is perilous. Violence against vulnerable migrants inside Libya continues to occur. The IOM reports the presence in Libya of ‘slave markets.’ Migrants who make it across the Sahara into Libya have told investigators that they find themselves in these slave markets where they are bought to be taken to private prisons and put to work or else sold back to their families if they can raise the high ransom payments. UNICEF reports incidents of rape and violence against women and children in these private prisons. One 15-year-old boy said of his time in a private prison, "Here they treat us like chickens. They beat us, they do not give us good water and good food. They harass us. So many people are dying here, dying from disease, freezing to death."

Danger lurks on the sea as well. This year already IOM reports least 2,108 deaths in the sea between Libya and Italy. This is the fourth year in a row that IOM has counted over 2,000 deaths by mid-year. Over the past five years, this averages out to about 10 deaths a day. Libya, broken by NATO’s war in 2011, remains a gateway for the vulnerable from various parts of Africa, countries damaged by IMF policies and by warfare. There is no expectation that the numbers of those on the march will decrease.

In a recent paper in The Lancet (June 2017), Paul Spiegel, formerly of the UN Refugee Agency suggests that the "humanitarian system was not designed to address the types of conflicts that are happening at present." With over 65 million people displaced, the various institutions of the UN and of the NGO world are simply not capable of managing the crisis.

"It is not simply overstretched," Spiegel wrote of the humanitarian system, "it is no longer fit for purpose."

These are shattering words. One problem Spiegel identifies is the assumption that refugee flows are temporary, since wars will end at some point. What happens when wars and occupations are permanent? People either have to live for generations in refugee camps or they will seek, through dangerous passages, flight to the West. He gives the example of Iran, which absorbed over a million Afghan refugees without using the camp strategy. They simply allowed the Afghans into Iranian society and absorbed them by putting money into their various social schemes (such as education and health). Spiegel also points out that refugees must be part of the designing the process for humanitarian aid. These are good suggestions, but they are not going to be possible with the limited funds available for refugees and with the crisis level of activity that detains the humanitarian agencies.

Spiegel does not deal with one of the great problems for humanitarianism: the persistence of war and the theory that more war—or the current euphemism, security—is the answer to humanitarian crises. This January, over 1,000 people tried to scale the large barrier that divides Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. Looking at that barrier, one is reminded of the idea that walls will somehow prevent migration, a view driven by President Donald Trump. Violence met the migrants, a mirror of the violence that was visited among migrants along the spinal cord of Eastern Europe last year. Walls, police forces and military interventions are all seductive to an imagination that forgets why people migrate and that they are human beings on the run with few other options. There is a view that security barriers and security forces will raise the price of migrant and deter future migrants. This is a silly illusion. Migration is dangerous already. That has not stopped anyone. More humane thinking is necessary.

It is important therefore that the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed told a meeting on the Sahel on June 28 that the world leaders need to "avoid a disproportionate emphasis on security" when dealing with the multiple crises in the Sahara region and north of it. "No purely military solution" can work against transnational organized crime, violent extremism and terrorism, nor against poverty and hopelessness. Underlying causes are not being addressed, and indeed the surface reactions—to bomb more—only create more problems, not less.

In the July issue of Land Use Policy, professors Charles Geisler and Ben Currens estimate that by 2100 there will be 2 billion refugees as a result of climate change. These numbers are staggering. They are an inevitable future. By then, refugees will be the largest country on earth—nomads, seeking shelter from destruction of climate and capitalism, from rising seas and wars of greed.


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          Victor Victoria: una capsule d’autore con lo street artist Rediet   
Quando l’eleganza made in Italy di Victor Victoria incontra l’energia di Rediet, ecco che nasce una capsule collection d’autore: un mix perfetto tra arte e fashion. La mini collezione – disponibile a partire da gennaio 2018 – si compone di 5 pezzi ultra basic: 4 t-shirt e una camicia, tutte in cotone bianco, decorate con disegni creati ad hoc per l’occasione da Rediet, celebre per la sua street art che trae ispirazione dallo stile di Basquiat.“Mi rivedo in lui: nell’essere un nero tra i bianchi, nello vivere in bilico tra due culture la  sua  haitiana,  la  mia  etiope nell’essere  un  borghese  che  vive  comunque l’esperienza  della  strada,  nel  concepire  il  writing  come  ribellione. E poi Basquiat aveva un grande stile, dipingeva indossando completi sartoriali”, ha raccontato il writer etiope. La collezione si fonda su un innovativo concetto di moda, che promuove la commistione tra i generi, amalgamando elementi femminili e maschili, con il risultato di uno stile unisex.
          Comment on A Boy’s Sweet Life In Italy by anon   
Very amusing to see Rod white knighting for Mika Brzezinski here. As a consummate establishmentarian, she would have no qualms whatsoever about ensuring that everything Rod holds dear be stamped out ruthlessly, all in the name of "progress." <i>[NFR: Therefore anything anyone says about Mika Brzezinski is fair game? Dirty and dishonorable. -- RD]</i>
          Comment on A Boy’s Sweet Life In Italy by Wes   
Virtue over winning in politics? Only the Right falls for that.
          Comment on So, Italy by Seven Sleepers   
"At some level I can’t believe we’re having this discussion, that people are seriously defending a situation like that." We aren't having the same conversation. You are arguing with someone else. I said it aint great. Neither is 10% youth unemployment in US, with every indicator saying the kids in the us are overweight, overmedicated, isolated and alone, comparatively. Why don't you surf over to the suicide rates of kids between 15-19 Ms Potato? Guess who is at the bottom; Portugal, Italy, Greece. Guess who is not? ANd pleeease dont even look at the rates of antidepressants per capita, as the US is beyond all competition. So, just take a breath. No one is railing against your motherly instincts and wanted your kids to have jobs. If that is what you heard, you heard your own voice. What I (and all the data says) and the book known as the bible, is that if you put money first, you lose in life. That is all. Sometimes, not having a lot of opportunity is not a disaster, I know it is hard to fathom. I myself do very well, and I know many many people who also "had a good year". I can count maybe 5 who are happy. Your mileage may vary. In case it was missed, 40% youth unemployment is not a good thing, and my relatives are upset about it. My point: money is not everything. I have it. I know. Footnote: Italy and the rest of the Eurozone's unemployment has never recovered from the financial crisis we (US) caused. Why wont those darn countries recover already! Jeesh! lol
          Comment on A Boy’s Sweet Life In Italy by Christoph Allin   
@Nate, 'Who was it again that has spent the last 5 decades telling us that truth is an illusion? That the very nature of right and wrong is unknowable at best or a lie at worst? That there is little to our shared heritage and culture worth glorifying or conserving? That all institutions are rooted in some vague, evil forces (whether the patriarchy, or colonialism, or whatever)? Who has told us that man is but a nihilistic piece of material whose purpose in life is pretty much just to let loose all his sexual energy on anything he wants and then die and rot in a hole? That the only politics that exist are those of tribal identity above the merit of the individual or the importance of shared language, culture, and foundational principles? Who led us to our fractured post-truth present?' Oh yeah that was Jon S, all of it. Can you believe that guy?
          Comment on A Boy’s Sweet Life In Italy by JonF   
Re: It’s the Euro currency and the fact that italian freemasonry, such as Garibaldi, didn’t bother to develop southern Italy Italy's problems date back well before the EU, and the split between north and south go back far into antiquity, when southern Italy was mainly Greek while northern Italy was Celtic (later Germanic) with Romans and Etruscans in the middle.
          Comment on A Boy’s Sweet Life In Italy by VikingLS   
Oh and I guess the faculty and all the students at Evergreen that got to get threatened by fellow students carrying bats and lose the end of the term had it coming. And of course it the Trump supporters in San Jose that got attacked by mobs, they deserved to be beaten up because they supported the wrong guy? Now you all can say "well those people are just a radical fringe, I don't support violence!" Well, yes you do. Every time you try and write them out of the narrative so we don't even think about them, you're providing cover for them. Now, I am not asking you to say that the left is bad and the right is good. I AM asking you to stop insisting that the REAL problem is the right, and that Trump somehow makes every action by your own side insignificant by comparison? If you want that, maybe you should stick to Slate, or Huffington Post, or Salon?
          Comment on A Boy’s Sweet Life In Italy by VikingLS   
"Besides a small number of obnoxious people on the right being prevented from speaking at a couple of universities (wrongly and shamefully so) by some obnoxious people on the left, I find it hard to understand exactly how SJW “oppression” prevents you in your life from pursuing your own personal happiness?" SJWs also do things like this I guess she had it coming for wearing that hat?
          Comment on A Boy’s Sweet Life In Italy by Michelle   
<i>So, here comes Trump, who has learned to fight like a leftist – who spun a certain type of identity politics to his electoral advantage – and is taking the space afforded to him by the vacuum of our post-truth society. </i> Big Tweet learned how to fight from his daddy and learned how to appeal to the anger and angst of his base from the talk radio right. Nothing Tweet has said hasn't been said before by the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, and such. They're equally outrageous and have made millions off rightwing resentment. In Tweet's mind: Winners! He had no need to look to the left for inspiration. As for his latest misogynist twitter rage--the leopard doesn't change its spots. What's nauseating about the whole thing is the line up of women like Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and Elaine Chao to defend the obvious lies of a man-baby who hates women. Wonder how much evangelical Sarah got for her soul? Sure hope it was worth the degradation.
          Comment on A Boy’s Sweet Life In Italy by Terry Cowan   
The definition of culture Lucas gave is as good as any I've ever heard.
          part time dishwasher immediate start - Sidecar restaurant - Toronto, ON   
SIDECAR restaurant in Little Italy, 577 College St(College and Clinton). Looking for a Part time Dishwasher....
From Indeed - Thu, 30 Mar 2017 09:13:12 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Epta buys Philippines distributor   
ITALY: Commercial refrigeration manufacturer Epta SpA has acquired its longstanding distributor in the Philippines King Richard Shop System. The acquisition will enable Epta to expand its direct presence in East Asia, where it is already active in China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. With 20 years of experience and a staff of over 100 people, King...
          Arsenal’s £15m bid for Jorginho rejected by Napoli as Gunners desperately try to get transfer business on track   
ARSENAL have had a bid rejected for long-term target Napoli midfielder Jorginho. The offer for Jorginho from the Gunners was set to be in the range of £15million. According to Gazzetta dello Sport whilst the Italy international isn’t necessarily guaranteed a first-team place at the San Paolo, the Partenopei rebuffed the approach and have advised the North London club […]
          Tudor Eating   
I am obsessed with Tudor history. I am on my 6th book. I have read one book about Henry VIII, two about his wives, 1 about Anne Boleyn, and 1 about his mistresses. I am currently reading Food & Feast in Tudor Englan by Alison Sim. It is fantastic. I highly recommend it if you have any interest in being as nerdy as me. I went through a Roman history phase and read everything I could get my hands on that was written about on in the first century BCE to 4 century CE. Funny how I moved into English history.

This past summer we vacationed in England and Scotland. It was fantastic. There we are in front of Westminster Abbey. After a week in London, we left for Cambridge. I could not justify paying to enter to just lay eyes on the badge that has Hank and Anne's initials. Funny enough, in Italy they charge you for museums and the churches are free. In England, they charge you for churches and the museums are free. I cannot decide how I feel about that. It seems wrong on so many levels. I saw the queen's jewels, saw where Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard had their heads lopped off and visited a bunch of famous dead people (of which no photography was allowed. How lame is that?)

On to Liverpool...we visited the official Liverpool FC store. People, you have no idea. Beatles tour, which was awesome, curry dinner and off to York. York is lovely. We had a proper tea at Betty's. It was spectacular. I know that British food is not Henry VII style, but we loved our English breakfast of eggs, beans, sausage and toast. The kids had tea and Sev stuck his pinkie out with style. We were so close to Hadrian's Wall that I forced John to travel 30 minutes out of his way to see it. Please people! I cannot travel here and not lay eyes on Hadrian's wall. That would be shameful. Just as John was losing his patience, he pull down some road and bam! there it was. So gorgeous, no?

Off to Scotland. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aryshire, just to name a few. That is another post. England and Scotland are lovely. I am eager to go back. English food is delicious. Don't say it is because I am half English. Times have changed. Yet, what I would give to go back in time to the 16th century. Henry VIII survived on a diet that consisted of 80% protein, 15% alcohol, 5% fruit. Just to witness that kitchen and to taste that bread. I have always said that I would do almost anything to be deposited back to Rome in the 1st century. It is close. My next book is a beast. Elizabeth I by Alison Plowden. I love to stroll through history. We need to get on that time machine technology. Stat.

          And in comes 2012...   

It is hard to believe that 2012 is here. I can remember the whole Y2k debacle and I find it funny that time is flying. All those old people always preaching about how life just zooms by. As a young adult you just do not think of these things, nor do you care. Life is to be savored, not ticked off. Well, I guess I am getting old. 2012! I am reeling.

We have had a great year at Capo. I feel energized and hopeful as we approach our 10th anniversary. It's a year away, but it is a big deal. We have always tried to embrace the lifestyle, the feeling, the joy that is our business. Taking things slow and not always the easy way. We think it is worth it.

I want to focus on that. The path of exploration and challenge. Figuring out what works. It can be quite a journey. Capo has always been a place where I can take my time and test the waters. It is a lifestyle that makes us all happy here.

So....we want to share more of that with you. Not just the gelato, but the "una passagiatta". Our daily stroll each day. In Italy, Italians take a daily stroll to the gelateria. The ritual of walking, sometimes alone, sometimes arm in arm, sometimes with a gaggle to get your daily fix of gelato. Whether a cone or cup, no matter. It is the journey and the end.

Last night we had pizza for dinner. It has taken me 6 years to get the crust right. Home pizza is very different from pizzeria or restaurant pizza. The journey was awesome, if not frustrating and the end was truly rewarding.

          2001 Awards (NAAR)    

In 2001, NAAR broke new ground in terms of the amount of money committed to autism research and the number of projects funding. It also marked the first time the organization funded projects in Israel and Ireland, and included In 2001, NAAR committed approximately $3.1 million to fund 28 pilot studies, fellowships and programs, including its largest investment to date in a single project: The Baby Sibs Study – a collaborative, multi-site research program taking place in Canada and the U.S. Also in 2001, NAAR played a key role in funding and establishing the first annual International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR), the first international, interdisciplinary conference focusing on autism research.

Loisa Bennetto, Ph.D.
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
"The Influence of HOX Genes and Cranial Nerve Abnormalities on Impaired Facial and Vocal Expression in Autism."
One-Year Award: $47,358

Dana Boatman, Ph.D., & Barry Gordon, M.D., Ph.D.
John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
"Evaluation of Auditory Processing in Low Functioning Children with Autism."
Two-Year Award: $85,606
Research Partner: The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc.

Linda Brzustowicz, M.D. & Christopher Barlett, B.S.
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
"Localization of Genes Negatively Influencing Language Acquisition."
Two-Year Award: $89,606
First Year Research Partner: The Sidgmore Family Foundation

Edwin Cook, M.D.
The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
"Linkage Disequilibrium Fine Mapping of 15q11-q13 in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $99,605
First Year Research Partner: Solving the Mystery of Autism Foundation

Louise Gallagher, MB MRC Psych
Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
"The Molecular Genetics of Autism: Linkage Disequilibrium Screen in the Irish Population."
Two-Year Award: $99,101
First Year Research Partner: Autism Coalition for Research & Education

Jeremy Goldberg, M.D.
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
"Investigating Serotonin Receptor Function and Brain Structure as Potential Endophenotypes of Autism."
Two-Year Award: $89,368

Andrew Grayson, Ph.D, C. Psychol.
The Open University (United Kingdom)
"Facilitated Communication: A Systematic Observational Research Project Involving Fine-Grained Video Analysis and Eye Tracking."
Two-Year Award: $93, 532.
Research Partner: Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Karl Herrup, Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
"CNS Pattern Formulation and the Etiology of Autism."
Two-Year Award: $99,000

Christine Hohmann, Ph.D.
Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
"Serotonin as Regulator of Cortical Development and Function."
Two-Year Award: $90,702
First Year Research Partner: Autism Coalition for Research & Education

Huang Chi-ming, Ph.D.,
University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, MO
"Synaptic and Cellular Abnormalities in the Maturing Autistic Cerebellum."
Two-Year Award: $99,880
First Year Research Partner: Autism Society of America Foundation

Jeffrey Hutsler, Ph.D.,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
"Cortical Organization and Synaptic Culling in Individuals with Autism."
Two-Year Award: $99,902

Ami Klin, Ph.D., & Jocelyne Bachevalier, Ph.D.,
Yale University Child Study Center, New Haven, CT
"Studies of Social Visual Pursuit in Non-Human Primates with Mesiofrontal-limbic Lesions Previously Shown to Offer a Successful Animal Model of Autism."
Two-Year Award: $91,730

Jennifer Levitt, M.D.
University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Neuropsychiatric Institute, Los Angeles, CA
"Cortical Complexity and 1H MRS Studies of Communication in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $97,044

Elena Maestrini, Ph.D.
University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy)
"Search for an Autism Susceptibility Gene on Chromosome 2q."
Two-Year Award: $80,340
First Year Research Partner: Autism Society of America Foundation

Henry Markram, Ph.D.
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
"Altered Inhibitory Microcircuits in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $96,800
Research Partner: Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Daniel McIntosh, Ph.D.
University of Denver, Denver, CO
"Core Affective Processes in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $99,237

Lisa Monteggia, Ph.D.
Utah Southwestern Medical Center, St. George, UT
"Analysis of the Role of the Methyl-CG Binding Protein in the Pervasive Development Disorder, Rett's Syndrome, Using Genetically Modified Mice."
Two-Year Award: $100,000

Stewart Mostofsky, M.D.
Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD
"Examination of a Deficit in Procedural Learning in Autism."
Two-Year Award: $88,968
First Year Research Partner: Autism Coalition for Research & Education

Rhea Paul, Ph.D.
Southern Connecticut State University & Yale University Child Study Center, New Haven, CT
"The Development of Prosody in Young Children with Autism and Related Conditions."
Two-Year Award: $97,024

Margaret A. Pericak-Vance, Ph.D.
Duke University Center for Human Genetics, Durham, NC
"Web-based Genetic Educational Efforts for Autism and Related Disorders."
One-Year Award: $41,912

Judith Innes Piggot, MRCGP, MRCP
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA
Roland D. Ciaranello, M.D.
Memorial Fellowship in Basic Research
Two-Year Award: $100,000

Samuel Pleasure, M.D., Ph.D.
University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
"The Role of WNTS in Hippocampal Ventricular Zone Development."
Two-Year Award: $92,384

Timothy P.L. Roberts, Ph.D.
University of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
"Neural Correlates of Phonological Processing in Autism: An MEG Investigation."
Two-Year Award: $96,273
First Year Research Partner: Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation

Neil Smalheiser, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Illinois, Chicago, Chicago, IL
"Circulating Reelin in Autism Spectrum Disorders."
Two-Year Award: $89,320

Kathleen Sulik, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC
"CNS Dysmorphogenesis in a Mouse Knockout Model for an Autism Syndrome."
Two-Year Award: $100,000

Paul Thorsen, M.D., Ph.D.
Danish Epidemiology Sciences Centre at Aarhus University and Odense University Hospital, Denmark
"Risk Factors for Neurodevelopmental Disorders: MMR Vaccine & Childhood Autism."
One-Year Award: $25,000
Research Partner: CIBC World Markets

Steven Zalcman, Ph.D.
UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ
"Cytokines, Monoamines and Stereotypical Motor Activity."
Two-Year Award: $96,170

Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, M.D., Susan Bryson, Ph.D., Peter Szatmari, M.D., Wendy Roberts, M.D.
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
"Identifying Early Markers of Autism: A Longitudinal Study of Infant Siblings"
Two-Year Award: $99,993
First Year Research Partner: Autism Society of America Foundation

          [World Cup] The difference in the reception of group stage losers Italy's, England's, and Japan's national teams   

1: ドラゴンスクリュー(やわらか銀行)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:35:37.70
The Azzuri arrives at Malpensa International Airport. No fans came to give them a welcome.

A lone grandma turns up to see the team return


サッカー日本代表が帰国 女性ファンの黄色い歓声が飛びまくり 
Japan's return home. Female fans cheer.

2: ドラゴンスクリュー(やわらか銀行)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:36:26.60

(Partial Translation)
The Italian team made a lonely return after losing in the group stages of the World Cup. The chartered jets arrived in Milan and Rome, but no supporters turned up at either of the airports.

Some people speculated that they would have a rough reception upon their arrival, but it seems that many fans are more appalled than angry. The national team's poster was vandalized at the airport in Rome. 
4: ドラゴンスクリュー(やわらか銀行)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:37:28.69

World Cup 2014: 
Only one fan turns up to see the England football team return home. 
44: ドラゴンスクリュー(やわらか銀行)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:48:14.44

The Japanese national team comes home with broken spirits... but is greeted by huge cheers!?

Yoshito Okubo (32): "I expected harsh criticisms..."

The national team was treated harshly in 1998 after coming home from their first ever World Cup. A fan threw a bottle of water at goalless forward Shoji Jo at the time. There was added security at the airport this year, and even prevented a fan from putting up a banner that read "Nothing's changed from the World Cup in France".

1,000 supporters turned up at Narita airport to welcome the team as they made their way into the arrivals lobby. Everyone looked down as they buckled up for a harsh reception but got a surprisingly warm reception in return.

There were a few who lashed at them but were still drowned out by the cheers. Manager Alberto Zaccheroni raised his hand up in response to this. This was the same thing that happened at the hotel. The fallen athletes were treated like idols. Captain Hasebe once stated that "Football is the world's culture. It has been established as a way of life and a major part of the culture in the powerful nations, and the team will suffer from intense criticisms once they lose. I want our people and the media to be a bit more strict on us", but what waited for them was entirely different. 

3 : 魔神風車固め(埼玉県)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:36:38.94
Whoa, that's so horrible in England
5 : アイアンクロー(千葉県)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:38:14.08

It's been half a century since England got eliminated in the group stages. Their opponents may have been strong, but they were just outplayed.
6 : チキンウィングフェースロック(庭)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:38:19.52
Japan's just abnormal
7 : クロイツラス(関東・甲信越)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:38:34.14
Japan really has a lot of these bandwagoners w
8 : ショルダーアームブリーカー(関東・甲信越)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:38:40.65
もしかして 日本はサクラなんじゃないのか
Could it be that Japan hired the Sakura part-timers to cheer for them?
9 : スリーパーホールド(東日本)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:38:52.45
Don't spoil them
12 : ファルコンアロー(和歌山県)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:39:01.66
What a nice country, huh w
13 : アトミックドロップ(チベット自治区)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:39:30.23
In Japan's case, it's clearly sarcastic.
15 : ネックハンギングツリー(禿)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:39:55.12
At least no one threw eggs at them
16 : ハイキック(dion軍)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:40:16.79
But they're all just taking pictures of them on their smart phones
17 : クロイツラス(関東・甲信越)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:40:47.23
ハリウッドスターの来日じゃん 恥ずかしい

LOLing at Japan's airport video. It's like the arrival of a Hollywood star.
That's embarrassing.

18 : スターダストプレス(芋)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:40:48.28

The humiliation that England got is just about right. Japan is too spoiled. "Thanks for the impressive performance"? Are they stupid?
20 : フランケンシュタイナー(dion軍)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:40:56.79
There's no way Japan will get strong with this www
25 : ダイビングエルボードロップ(沖縄県)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:42:17.23
スーツ崩して野球帽 なかなかのオシャレさんやな

Balo-san looks cool. An unkempt suit with a baseball cap. That's pretty fashionable.
41 : ハーフネルソンスープレックス(北海道)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:46:39.93
Balo's cool

27 : キングコングラリアット(庭)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:42:31.50 ID:++PwN/
They're all just taking pictures, so it's kinda like the train otakus taking pictures of trains
28 : クロイツラス(関東・甲信越)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:42:57.77

I won't tell them to attack or to bash the players. I just want to say "Don't be so easy on them". This isn't an idol concert.
32 : リキラリアット(東京都)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:44:21.53 ID:9/4A28N/
The jealousy of you men who can't even play sports is quite something
34 : 毒霧(西日本)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:45:17.81

No, Japan's fine like this. It's not on a level of feeling down and depressed. Just getting to the World Cup itself is a major achievement, a feat that exceeds our teams actual capabilities..
36 : キン肉バスター(やわらか銀行)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:45:43.66

"Thanks for the impressive performance".
Isn't this country stupid?
38 : バーニングハンマー(東日本)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:46:07.02

You guys may be criticizing them, but if you were there, I think you'd also get influenced by the mood of the other fans and we'll also be calling you stupid
42 : スターダストプレス(空)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:46:57.38
What about Spain?

70 : 閃光妖術(禿)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:56:15.78
Around 200 people gathered, but the team immediately got on a bus after landing so they weren't able to face them

60 : 閃光妖術(禿)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:52:53.90

I heard that about 200 people gathered in Spain. It's not only in Japan where you receive a warm welcome even if you lose.
43 : 毒霧(西日本)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:48:01.96
イタリアも優勝の常連 それが予選落ちしたら叩かれるわ

But football is England's national sport, right? Italy's also been one of the most consistent winners. There's no way that these countries won't get the heat if they're eliminated at the group phase. Kinda like when Japan doesn't get gold in Judo.
45 : ラ ケブラーダ(関東・東海)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:48:25.61
I wasn't moved by their performance this tournament, but I appreciate all their efforts.
46 : フルネルソンスープレックス(catv?)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:48:47.83

"Never give anything to losers"
The iron rule in the world of competition
47 : マシンガンチョップ(dion軍)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:49:42.14
Japan lost the war anyway, so the citizens are probably fine with losing

57 : ラ ケブラーダ(和歌山県)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:52:43.09
Japan's already had the culture of praising the loser, even prior to the war
64 : ネックハンギングツリー(WiMAX)@\(^o^)/:2014/06/28(土) 18:54:36.88
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          Whole Foods Founder John Mackey On Fascism and 'Conscious Capitalism'   
UPDATE at 12:35 p.m., ET, Jan. 17: Many of you wrote in to tell us you were taken aback by Whole Foods top executive John Mackey characterizing the health law as fascism in an NPR interview, and apparently, he's feeling a little sheepish. About three minutes into his otherwise amiable chat with CBS This Morning hosts on on Thursday, Mackey walked back his comments in response to a direct question from Norah O'Donnell: "Well, I think that was a bad choice of words on my part ... that word has an association with of course dictatorships in the 20th century like Germany and Spain, and Italy. What I know is that we no longer have free enterprise capitalism in health care, it's not a system any longer where people are able to innovate, it's not based on voluntary exchange. The government is directing it. So we need a new word for it. I don't know what they right word is," Mackey says. Part 1 of his interview with Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep is linked above, and you can hear him discuss
          Table Talk with Cal Peternell of Chez Panisse and Author of A Recipe for Cooking   
To continue celebrating 20 years of Chowhound, we’re hosting Cal Peternell on the 23rd edition of Table Talk. Cal Peternell grew up on a small farm in New Jersey and earned a BFA in painting from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Living in Italy with Reading More May Cause Envy...
          Comment on Caprese Panzanella Salad by Hayley Richardson   
Beautiful shots as always Jo. The light in your kitchen is perfect, and this dish looks delicious. Makes me want to go back to Italy!
          Naqvi, Rishi Kapoor inaugurate '8th Jagran Film Festival'   

New Delhi, July 2 (IANS) Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor here on Saturday inaugurated the "8th Jagran Film Festival", which will travel to 16 cities across India and showcase over 400 films.

The festival will feature a retrospective on Rishi's acclaimed films including "Do Dooni Char", "Chandni", "Bobby", "Kapoor & Sons" and a part of "Mera Naam Joker".

"I am thankful that they are showing my films. I have been working in the industry for last 45 years, but nobody has showcased a retrospective of my work. I am very humbled by this. They are showing my eight-and-a-half films. This includes eight full films and one part of 'Mera Naam Joker'," Rishi said.

Also present at the inaugural ceremony were actresses Divya Dutta and Tannishtha Chatterjee.

The eighth edition of the festival kick-started with the screening of Farhan Akhtar and Annu Kapoor-starrer "The Fakir of Venice".

The Anand Surapur directorial tells the story of an Indian conman, who is hired to find a fakir who can bury himself in sand for an installation art project in Venice. He passes off a poor slum-dweller from Mumbai as the real thing, conning the European art world successfully.

The festival will pay a homage to late actors Vinod Khanna and Om Puri with the screenings of their films "Achanak" and "Mr. Kabaadi".

Speaking on the occasion, Naqvi said: "This is a memorable occasion as people who have taken art and films to each and every house are associated with this festival. I am happy that through this festival, social messages are being transmitted to small places across India via films."

While Information and Broadcasting Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu and the starcast of upcoming film "Mom", including Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, were supposed to attend the opening ceremony, they were not able to make it to the event.

This year the festival will have Morocco as its country focus.

"We are pleased to showcase Moroccan films here. Bollywood is the oldest known cinema. Surprisingly, in Morocco, there are a few cinemas that are completely dedicated to the Indian movies. People there speak Indian languages just by watching Indian films," Moroccan Ambassador Mohamed Maliki told IANS.

The five-day Delhi leg of the film festival, which is talking place here at the Sri Fort Auditorium, will showcase Indian films like "Hindi Medium", "Pink", "Agneepath", "Shivaay", "M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story", "Phillauri", "Sachin: A Billion Dreams", "Neerja", "Jolly LLB 2" and "Trapped".

Some films from different countries across the world that will be showcased this year include "Black Cat" (US), "Last Christmas" (Italy), "The Letterbox" (Turkey), "Adios Carmen" (Morocco), "The Bench" (Iran), "Inner Court" (Brazil) and "Letter to the Night" (France), among others.

After its Delhi leg, which will conclude on July 5, the festival will travel to cities like Kanpur, Lucknow, Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bhopal, Indore, Hisar, Meerut and Raipur. The final leg of the festival will take place in Mumbai.



          Rahul returns from Italy   

New Delhi, July 1 (IANS) Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who had taken a break to visit his 93-year-old maternal grandmother in Italy, has returned after almost three weeks.

Gandhi on Saturday attended the launch of the commemorative publication of the Congress party's organ "National Herald", which was attended by President Pranab Mukherjee, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and party president Sonia Gandhi, among others.

Before taking a break, Gandhi had posted on Twitter: "Will be travelling to meet my grandmother and family for a few days. Looking forward to spending some time with them."

Rahul was conspicuous by his absence when Congress President Sonia Gandhi announced former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar's name as the presidential nominee of the informal grouping of 17 opposition parties.

He was also not present on the day (June 28) Kumar filed her nomination for the election to the highest constitutional post of the country.



          Trofeo Matteotti   


on 16 July 2017

> more information ...

          Whatever Happened to Stephen Topper & Topper Shoes?    

               Whatever Happened to Stephen Topper & Topper Shoes? 

If you were to browse through the men's fashion section of every other issue of Rave magazine from the mid 1960s onwards, I guarantee you would soon notice that the names Stephen Topper & Topper Shoes usually follow one after the other on a fairly regular basis. Much favoured by stylish young men about town, Topper Shoes were without a doubt one of the most happening footwear brands of the era. The clientele list included the British pop hierarchy such as The Rolling Stones, The Small Faces and The Who, as well as visiting international acts like Bob Dylan and Johnny Halliday...and yet, they seem to have 'almost' vanished from history. There is barely a trace of their legacy to be found online apart from the occasional Carnaby Street reference and a couple of interesting threads posted on 1960s/1970s style forums. Although in fairness, they have been name checked in several books and slightly elaborated upon in others through the personal stories of former customers, but there is no definitive account of the brand's heritage or any archival examples available all in one place that I am currently aware of. 

Topper shoes were already well established by the early 1960s, with three branches in London, one located at 68 Queensway in W2. and the others at 34 Coventry Street and 57 Shaftesbury Avenue in W1.  But they really came into their own when 18 year old Steven Topper, the owner's son, took the reins and headed for Carnaby Street. I don't have an exact date but he was definitely trading there by 1965, however, the earliest reference that i've come across in print from my personal magazine collection dates back to the 'London Swings' issue of Rave magazine from April 1966. Topper Shoes located at 45 Carnaby St is included in the poptastic illustrated Raver's Map of London along with a brief description of the shop on the next page.

By the following year they were featured in the Gear Guide a 'Hip-pocket guide to Britain's Swinging Fashion Scene' and while still brief, it gives a more detailed account of how things were progressing.  There were now two Topper Shoe shops on Carnaby Street, they were still at No.45 but also had a branch at No.9. The first one catered for men only, it was open Monday-Saturday 9.00 am-6.o0 pm with late night shopping until 7.00 pm on Thursday and Friday, with the range costing between three pounds to ten Guineas.  The other shop at No.9 had a 'beautifully cool interior in weird purply shades' it kept the same opening hours as the previous one but catered for Girls and Men..I've never seen any examples of their Girls shoes but apparently they had a wide and original range which cost from three pounds to five pounds-fifteen for shoes and from ninety-nine-and-elevenpence to seven pounds-nineteen and six for boots! All of the collections, which perfectly complimented the latest clothing for sale on the street were designed by Stephen Topper himself, and manufactured to a high standard in France and Italy.

According to Tom Salter's book about Carnaby Street there were a total of five Topper shoe shops in 1970,  i'm assuming at this point that he is referring to the original three that I have mentioned plus the last two..but then again, maybe not, perhaps some of the originals had closed and there were more branches in Carnaby Street or at new locations? It also says that the owner was a chap called 'Monty Stewart'...So, was Topper merely a business name rather than the actual family surname? While researching material for this post I came across a photograph of another branch at 146 Markham Street in SW3 (undated) and also a piece of film footage which features a Topper Shoe shop located on the King's Road circa 1977 but unfortunately the trail runs cold after that..Which leads me back to my original question...Whatever happened to Stephen Topper and Topper Shoes?

The Fortunes, suited and booted, outside Toppers at 57 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W.1., 1964. Photograph © Jeremy Fletcher .

                                          Early 1960s Topper Shoes business card.

The Raver's Map of London, an illustrated guide to the most happening Boutiques, Discotheques and Restaurants in the Capital as featured in Rave magazine's 72 page London Swings issue of April 1966...and Topper Shoes make the list!  The description of the shop on the following page says that it sells reasonably priced mod designed shoes, and that they always have the latest! Designed by Steve Topper, at prices ranging from £2 10s to £7.

A close-up of the Raver's map, According to this, Topper Shoes located at number 45 Carnaby Street is situated between John Stephen's Tre Camp (No.46) and Ravel (No.44), but in reality it was actually next to Inderwicks the Tobacconist & Pipe Specialist on the left and Ravel on the right. (April 1966).

A rare photograph of the Topper Shoe shop facade at 45 Carnaby Street, you can just about see Ravel, but the door on the left is clearly Inderwicks the tobacconist shop, which intriguingly also seems to be located at number 45 Carnaby St! (perhaps it was an a&b situation?). Photograph © mario de biasi/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images. (1966)

Inderwicks, the Pipe & Tobacco Specialist at 45 Carnaby St, illustrated by Malcolm English for Tom Salter's Carnaby Street book in 1970. The company was founded in 1797 by John Inderwick, the original shop located on Wardour Street was one of the earliest tobacconists in London. They may have seemed out of place in the midst of the Carnaby St pop explosion but stayed put nevertheless, resisting several tempting offers on their lease throughout this period. The pop revolution actually enhanced their business rather threaten it, as curious Carnaby St shoppers spilled off the busy pavement and ventured in to buy their specialist tobacco blends, cigarettes and the long clay Churchwardens, Corncobs and Meerschaum pipes which they had been selling for 170 years. Above Inderwicks was the very first Aristos Boutique, it comprised of two rooms on the first floor, a small shop area in the front and a workroom in the back in which Constantinou Aristos ran up garments for girls. The son of a master tailor, he had graduated from the London College of Fashion in 1965 and with the profits from the fledgling boutique he soon opened up his second shop named Blooshp at 45 Newburgh Street, W1. He was eventually joined in the business by his younger brother Achillea, the two went on to expand the company, later renaming it Ariella in 1971.

Bob Dylan photographed by Barry Feinstein trying on shoes in Topper's (1966), He was at the end of a world tour at this point in time, playing The Royal Albert Hall twice while in London on May 26th & May 27th, so this was more than likely taken sometime on or around those dates. There seems to be a wall of fame in the background, perhaps made up of other well known celebrity customers, included are 'The Who' on Bob's immediate left, unmistakable in their pop art regalia.

High sand suede boots with leather linings to keep water out. Also in black leather and olive suede. From Steve Topper, Carnaby Street, London, W.1. Price £7 19s. 6d. (November 1966).

Brian Jones with his girlfriend Anita Pallenberg. December 3rd 1966. Brian is wearing a pair of two tone basket weave laced-up shoes by Topper.

The side and back view detail of Brian's two tone basket weave lace-ups by Topper, December 3rd 1966. 

All of the shoes featured here are by Topper.  Left: Shirt, £5 19s. 6d. Cape and topcoat for spying! Coat, £9 19s. 6d, cape £2. 19s. 6d. Trousers, £3 19s. 6d. All from Take Six, Wardour Street, W.1. Shoes, 69s, 11., from Topper.  Middle: Prime ministerial shirt in purple satin with super puffed sleeves, £2 15s. Black trench coat, £17 17s. 6d. Wool hessian trousers in charcoal, £4 9s. All from Adam W.1, Kingly Street, London, W.1. Shoes, 99s.11d., from Topper. Right: Aristocratic double-breasted suit from John Stephen, price 18 gns, 16s. 6d. Pink seersucker shirt from Paul's boutique, 79s. 11d. Macao canvas and leather shoes, 85s., from Topper. (February 1967).

Ian McLagan of The Small Faces photographed at home for an article in Rave, he's wearing the same style of basket weave laced-up shoe from Topper of Carnaby Street that Brian Jones has on in the previous photos above. (April 1967).

Harris Tweed suit with waisted jacket and turn-ups. It costs 16gns. at Take Six Boutique, Wardour Street, London, W.1.  Also from Take Six is the fabulous skinny sweater in bright green. It's got a purple band on the roll neck collar, and costs 40s. 6d. Completing the outfit are casual shoes from Steve Topper, Carnaby Street, London W.1. They're in red-brown and black leather. Price £5 9s. 6d. (February 1968).

In spite of this issue's slew of teenage worries, there's still just enough space left to promote the new summer range from Topper Shoes, these are from the branch located at No.9, Carnaby Street. Left to Right: Slip-on in hessian, Natural or Ice Blue, 59s. 11d., Cord boots in Camel or Brown, 59s. 11d., Lace-up in Navy or Natural, 49s. 11d., Canvas slip-on in White or Brown, 49s. 11d. All shoes are lightweight and ideal for the beach. (August 1968).

Signage over one the Topper  Shoe shops on Carnaby Street.


Topper Shoes, 45 Carnaby St (just seen on left next to Ravel) still going strong eight years later in October 1973. (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images).

               Topper Shoes 146 Markham Street, Chelsea SW3. Photograph courtesy of Sixties City.


The facade of another Topper shoe shop, which was included in a short news report for Thames Television in 1977 about the 'health concerns' associated with the fashion fad for wearing platform shoes! I'm not sure of the exact address of this branch, I think this is most likely to be the side view of the building rather than the main entrance, but it is definitely located somewhere on the King's Road. The precise number of the shop could be close to 59b, which is just seen on a door above the head of the interviewer for a couple of seconds at one point. I can't quite make out the name above the premises behind the Topper van opposite, but just beyond is a branch of Irvine Sellars' Mates boutique. Several interviews take place throughout the footage, there is one in particular filmed right outside Topper's with a young chap who seems to be fairly knowledgeable about the customer base, I can't help wondering if this is the manager of the shop or perhaps the elusive Steven Topper himself? I've also included a link to some footage of outtakes from the same film at the end of the post which provides excellent examples of popular street footwear and fashion of the time, lots of platform shoes, boots and wedged heels worn with flares, maxis and minis! Although, there is some discrepancy regarding the correct date via Pathé, who have credited it as 1970 this time round rather than 1977.

An interview outside Topper Shoes SW3, 1977. (No. 59b just seen above, on the door in the background).

                                                   Could this be the elusive Stephen Topper?

An example of a pair of Lace Up, Leather Ox Blood, Bubble Toe, Crepe Wedges with matching suede side panel - which were available from Topper's in Carnaby Street circa 1972/73, they also came in black with a grey suede side panel. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who is still in possession of a pair of these or who knows the whereabouts of a pair for sale, and also any other information relating to  Stephen Topper & Topper Shoes. Note: Also known as/or referred to as Steven and Steve, throughout various original 1960s magazine articles).

                                                                  IMAGE CREDITS
All images credited in descending order: The Fortunes 1964. Photograph © Jeremy Fletcher courtesy of Carnaby Street The Musical, Topper Shoes business card courtesy of the Mod to Suedehead thread on StyleForum, Raver's Map of London & close-up scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine April 1966, Topper Shoes facade 45 Carnaby Street © mario de biasi/Mondadori 1966, Inderwicks the Pipe & Tobacco Specialist illustrated by Malcolm English scanned by Sweet Jane from Carnaby Street by Tom Salter 1970, Bob Dylan © Barry Feinstein 1966, Just Dennis/Topper Shoes scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine November 1966, Brian Jones & Anita Pallenberg December 3rd 1966 Photo courtesy of Bentley Archive/Popperfoto/ and J. Wilds/Keystone/Getty Images, Just Dennis/Topper Shoes scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine February 1967, Ian McLagan scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine April 1967, Johnny Rave scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine February 1968 & August 1968, Topper  Shoe signage screenshot from The History of Carnaby Street archive footage, Topper Shoes, 45 Carnaby St 1973 courtesy of Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Topper Shoes 146 Markham Street courtesy of Sixties City, Topper Shoes King's Road screenshots courtesy of Thames Television via British Pathé. Ox Blood Crepe Wedges courtesy of the Mod to Suedehead thread on Styleforum. 

                                                 LINKS & FURTHER READING
Watch 'Eat The Document' a documentary film of Bob Dylan's 1966 tour of the United Kingdom directed by D.A. Pennebaker here. View the aforementioned outtakes from the Thames Television 'Platform Shoes' news report here. A review of Sympathy for the Devil - The birth of the Rolling Stones and the death of Brian Jones here. You'll find an example of an Inderwicks Shell Bulldog Pipe here. Participate in the Mod to Suedehead thread on Styleforum here. Visit the Sixties City website here. A pair of Topper shoes featured in 'The French Cut' over on the Film Noir Buff website here. Discover more about the early years of Ariella here. Whatever Happened to The Likely Lads here. And finally, The Buzzcocks wanna know Whatever Happened to? (well, quite a lot of stuff actually!) here .

          St. Bernardino Realino: Saint of the Day for Sunday, July 02, 2017   
St. Bernardino Realino was born into a noble family of Capri, Italy in 1530. After receiving a thorough and devout Christian education at the hands ...
          Hoeven: General Atomics Flies First Flight at Northern Plains UAS Test Site   
At a ceremony with Air Force, state, local and industry officials today, Senator John Hoeven said General Atomics’ inaugural unmanned aerial systems (UAS) flight at the Northern Plains UAS Test Site is an important milestone because it is the first step to the company training hundreds of UAS pilots from around the world in North Dakota.
General Atomics, manufacturer of the Predator and Reaper unmanned aircraft, both of which are based in North Dakota, plans to train up to 60 flight crews a year from other countries that are purchasing Predators, including Great Britain, Italy and the Netherlands.
The company’s first flight today required ground observers and a manned chase plane, but to train pilots on the Predator, they will need to have beyond-line-of-sight operability and the ability to fly at higher altitudes without ground observers or manned aircraft to monitor the Predator. Currently, commercial operations of UAS weighing less than 55 pounds are permitted to fly only below 400 feet during day time hours and within visual line of sight.
The FAA, however, says it will waive operational limitations on UAS flights if they demonstrate they can conduct safe operations beyond the established rule, such as flying beyond line of sight or at higher altitudes. Hoeven says the test sites were set up to do just that, to demonstrate that you can safely do more than just the basic rule and advance UAS research and development.
“We are working to get authorizations to fly unmanned aircraft beyond the line of sight of the operator, which is essential to companies like General Atomics and others that are trying to train new pilots and develop new technologies” Hoeven said. “To get that approval, I’ve spoken with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator Michael Huerta to allow for beyond-line-of-sight operations above 10,000 feet.
“The test site’s ability to use the advanced DASR-11 digital radar system at Grand Forks Air Force Base puts our test site in a strong position to get the authorization, which will make ours the only site in the country with a beyond-line-of-sight capability. We worked hard to secure funding for the DASE-11 radar. It will be valuable not only to General Atomics but also other companies developing UAS technologies. It will also give North Dakota’s test site a competitive edge in contending for a new UAS air wing the Air Force is planning to establish somewhere in the country.”
Today’s ceremony reflects Hoeven’s ongoing efforts to establish North Dakota as the northern hub for UAS technology, research and development. The senator recently returned from California, where he met with top leaders at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Ames Research Center in Moffet Field, Calif. to make the case for developing NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) system and other programs at the Northern Plains UAS Test Site in North Dakota.
The partnership with NASA and securing approval for beyond-line-of-sight operations would help advance the integration of UAS into the national airspace, which Hoeven has actively supported. Earlier this month, Hoeven successfully included a provision in FAA Reauthorization Extension to extend the authorization for the nation’s UAS test sites, including the Northern Plains UAS Test Site, through September 2019.
As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Hoeven has also worked to secure funding and language supporting UAS research, development and operations at NASA, the FAA, the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies in Fiscal Year (FY) 2017.

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          Travel and Tourism Week Highlights State's Third-Largest Industry    
By ND Commerce Tourism Division
Nationally, the travel industry contributes $2.1 trillion to the U.S. economy, and one in every nine American jobs depends on the industry. The impact of this is significant right here in North Dakota with 24 million visitors spending $3.6 billion across the state.
In recognition of the travel industry’s significant contributions to our state, Gov. Jack Dalrymple has declared May 1-7 “North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week.”
North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week is held in conjunction with the U.S. Travel Association’s National Travel and Tourism Week, an annual salute to the tourism and travel industry that recognizes the industry’s benefits and importance to communities and Americans.
“Tourism is an integral contributor to our state’s economic growth, generating revenue for hundreds of tourism-based businesses,” Dalrymple said. “I am pleased to declare North Dakota Travel and Tourism Week to honor the outstanding contributions the industry continues to make statewide, and look forward to welcoming millions of new and returning visitors each year to North Dakota.”
North Dakota’s travel industry continues to be a strong and stable contributor in our state’s economy, North Dakota Tourism Division Director Sara Otte Coleman said. “Travel spending impacts all 53 counties because of the variety of experiences offered. From the Badlands and parks, to historic sites and urban amenities, there are enticing reasons to travel in and around every corner of North Dakota.”
The Impact of Travel and Tourism in North Dakota:
  • Tourism is North Dakota’s 3rd largest industry and important to our diversified economy
  • 24 million people visited North Dakota in 2013. (IHS)
  • North Dakota travel generated $307 million in taxes, or the equivalent of $1,011 per household. (IHS)
  • Visitor spending totaled $3.6 billion in 2013. The majority of expenditures, 55 percent, were by visitors from other U.S. states. International travelers made up 10 percent of the total, and in-state residents traveling to other parts of North Dakota accounted for 44 percent of spending. (IHS)
  • In 2014, every $1 invested in tourism advertising for North Dakota resulted in $94 in visitor spending. (Longwoods)
  • Canadian travelers are important to North Dakota Tourism. Canadians spent more than $266 million here in 2012. (Statistics Canada)
  • The top five U.S. states requesting visitor information are Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio.
  • The top six overseas markets requesting visitor information are UK, Germany, Italy, Australia/New Zealand, Nordic region and France.
  • Tourism is North Dakota’s fifth-largest employer supporting 26,600 jobs. (IHS)
  • Approximately $787 million in wages and salaries are generated through North Dakota tourism. (IHS)
Travel is one of America’s largest industries
Source: U.S. Travel Association
  • Direct spending by resident and international travelers in the U.S. averaged $2.6 billion a day, $108.1 million an hour, $1.8 million a minute and $30,033 a second.
  • Travel generates $2.1 trillion for the U.S. economy.
  • Direct travel spending in the U.S. totaled $947.1 billion by domestic and international travelers in 2015.
  • One in every 9 American jobs depends on travel.
  • Each U.S. household would pay $1,187 MORE in taxes without the tax revenue generated by the travel industry.

Get connected to great information about vacationing in North Dakota by becoming a fan of Travel North Dakota at or following North Dakota Tourism on Twitter at or Instagram at
To see a calendar of events and learn about all there is to experience in North Dakota, request a copy of the North Dakota Travel Guide by calling 800-435-5663 or

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           Assessing the Role of Open Source Software in the European Secondary Software Sector: A Voice from Industry    
Agerfalk, Par J. and Deverell, Andrea and Fitzgerald, Brian and Morgan, Lorraine (2005) Assessing the Role of Open Source Software in the European Secondary Software Sector: A Voice from Industry. In: 1st International Conference on Open Source Software, 11-15 July 2005, Genoa, Italy.
           Vitaly Mutko furiously denies Russian doping allegations    
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko reacted angrily to a question about doping and sarcastically offered to perform a Russian dance if the media stopped asking him.
           Social Support Networks in impoverished European neighbourhoods: Case studies from Italy and Ireland    
Corcoran, Mary and Olagnero, Manuela and Meo, Antonella (2005) Social Support Networks in impoverished European neighbourhoods: Case studies from Italy and Ireland. European Societies, 7 (1). pp. 53-79.
           The Roman Countryside & Villa to Village: The Transformation of the Roman Countryside in Italy, c. 400-1000    
Humphries, Mark (2005) The Roman Countryside & Villa to Village: The Transformation of the Roman Countryside in Italy, c. 400-1000. Classics Ireland, 12. pp. 86-89.
          Amanda Beagle Makes NYC Cabaret Debut with 'Italian American Songbook'   
Soprano, Amanda Beagle, is making her NYC cabaret debut while returning to her roots with a celebration of the "Italian-American Songbook." Amanda Beagle debuts her latest show and recording at The Metropolitan Room on Tuesday July 25th at 7pm. Reservations are required and tickets are on sale now.

This lively celebration of Italian and Italian-American song will debut at The Metropolitan Room, 34 West 22nd St., New York, NY 10010 with doors opening at 6:15 and a showtime of 7:00pm. Tickets may be purchased at or by calling 212-206-0440. General admission tickets are $24 plus a $25 minimum menu purchase at the venue. VIP packages available.

"Amanda Beagle's Italian American Songbook" pays tribute to songs made famous in the U.S. among Italian-American's and those cherished in the homeland and passed down from generation to generation. Amanda covers songs from the likes of Connie Francis, Jerry Vale, Mario Lanza, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, Enrico Caruso, Andrea Bocelli and many more. Crossing over the worlds of opera, standards, classical crossover and 50's and 60's pop, there is something for everyone in this colorful collection of Italian American song. The show will also feature a guest performance by classical crossover vocalist Andrew Zapata, lending his voice to popular Italian duets with music direction by pianist Matthew Russell.

Ms Beagle's career has crossed over the worlds of opera, musical theater, cruise ship showrooms and concert stages. Amanda studied Italian and Opera in Lucca, Italy while honing her skills in the performance halls of the region. She trained extensively with Italian diction coach Lorenzo Malfatti, who loved to share stories of teaching Sofia Loren her English and studying with the legendary Italian conductor Toscanini. Having grown up in a huge Italian family, Amanda loves keeping her own Italian heritage alive by sharing this beautiful music. She draws inspiration from family traditions and stories, her travels and studies through out Europe and her own Italian Mama! She honors the Italian immigrant experience with the perfect blend of passion and old world charm for an electrifying, unforgettable night.

A former Miss Ohio and Miss America Talent award winner, she made her NYC debut at Lincoln Center in the Operetta Babes in Toyland. She has performed in regional theater productions of The Wizard of Oz, Les Miserables, The Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Into the Woods. She recently released an album of Italian Favorites and has performed with her band at Italian festivals in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia and Washington D.C. Learn more at

          Photo Coverage: Allyson Briggs & Fleur Seule Band Play The Penthouse   

When you're marketing a spectacular SoHo Penthouse that has a Steinway B piano and you come from the world of cabaret what do you do? Super Real Estate impresarios Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon filled it with the music of songstress Allyson Briggs with her band Fleur Seule, (a favorite of The Rainbow Room) and have a party for your eclectic group of friends.

Fleur Seule is an authentic 1940s Jazz, Swing, & Ballroom band that plays hits from all around the world. Songbird/Bandleader Allyson Briggs sings in 7 languages to accommodate a wide variety of New York audiences.

The band provided the perfect ambiance for this special evening. Whether an All-American USO style set, or an exotic voyage through Europe, Fleur Seule can take you on a memorable musical journey, as they revive hits made famous by Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, Dinah Shore, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis, Jr., Louis Armstrong, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, and more.

Fleur Seule plays Swing Era hits, Jazz standards, and Ballroom classics that transport you to the 1940s: The times of big bands and glamorous evenings of live music and dancing in clubs renowned for their entertainment, Hollywood profiles, and musical variety. Led by vocalist Allyson Briggs, this dynamic band of old souls will have you humming along to timeless music. With a repertoire that includes beloved songs of France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, and the United States, and more, there is a song for everyone to enjoy. They cover hits of many artists who contributed to the Big Band sound, along with Fleur Seule's original songs, penned by their Songbird!

Tom Postilio and Mickey Conlon met in the world of music, Christine Ebersole officiated at their wedding and good friend Michael Feinstein was at the piano. They now are two of New York's top brokers and sing the praises of New York Real Estate.

Photo Credit: Stephen Sorokoff

high res photos

Allyson Briggs

Tom Postilio, Mickey Conlon & Fleur Seule

Allyson Briggs


Arlene Lazare & Eda Sorokoff

Eda Sorokoff, Mickey Conlon, Paul Kreppel, Murphy Cross

Fleur Seule

Jamie deRoy & Lauren Molina

Murphy Cross & Angela LaGreca

Tom Postilio, Eda Sorokoff Mickey Conlon

The View

Tom Postilio, Mickey Conlon & friends

          Senior Medical Manager / Associate Medical Director, Italy - bluebird bio - Roma, Lazio   
B colorful, b cooperative, and b yourself. Join bluebird bio’s enthusiastic and collaborative team by contributing to the overall success of our novel gene...
Da bluebird bio - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 14:37:42 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Roma, Lazio
          Field Service Technician - Italy (Rome area) - Tesla Motors - Roma, Lazio   
Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work, including the public....
Da Tesla Motors - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 11:24:08 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Roma, Lazio
          Medical Science Liaison South Italy - Proclinical Ltd - Roma, Lazio   
Realizzerà una qualificata azione di Scientific Competitive Intelligence attraverso il dialogo e la collaborazione continua con i KOLs, i Gruppi Cooperativi e...
Da Indeed - Wed, 31 May 2017 09:49:56 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Roma, Lazio
          MICROSOFT MVP AWARD 2017-2018!   


“Hi Guys! It’s Amazing! “

At a time when the MVP program is radically changing, I’m happy that Microsoft has renewed my MVP award #2 (2017-2018); In this case is the second consecutive award, for others I knew that unfortunately it has not been renewed.

At the time of "Social 2.0", I focused everything on my blog that I update often, I’ve registered my new domain and I have grown considerably both to followers and visitors (more than 1300% compared to last year).

I’ve also put some advertisements in my blog (I know that doesn’t like to my readers..), the proceeds from the ads, in addition to the payment of the domain (the domain has a cost …), will be given to charity (as always) to the institution I support and who deals with remote adoptions (I have 3 children adopted since many years…)

…… Thanks to ALL my followers and readers!

Thanks to Microsoft!


 Most Valuable Professional
Independent Experts. Real World Answers.
Gentile Roberto,

Siamo ancora una volta lieti di assegnarti il titolo 2017-2018 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Come sai, si tratta di un premio assegnato ai leader delle community tecniche con doti eccezionali che condividono con altri una straordinaria passione, la competenza sul campo e l’esperienza tecnica dimostrando un impegno esemplare. Apprezziamo davvero il tuo incredibile contributo, relativamente a Business Solutions, all’interno delle community tecniche durante lo scorso anno.
Il premio Microsoft MVP ci offre un’opportunità unica di celebrare e onorare i tuoi notevoli contributi e di ringraziarti del tuo impegno all’interno della community tecnica. A dimostrazione della nostra gratitudine, ti abbiamo spedito un pacco dono con il premio MVP.

Di nuovo congratulazioni per il premio MVP.

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
98052 WA



You can find a list of activities in my MVP page

OLD post about MVP Award (posted last year, 01/07/2016)


I love statistics … and today it’s a raining day… good time to calculate and show to my followers some stats about my blog.


My Blog

Blog FollowersReaders

– More than 1.600 registered followers

Blog Pageviews

– More than #2 Millions of Pageviews @01/07/2017


– More than 1.100 followers

– @robstefane


– More than 10.000 slides shareddownloaded


– More than 2.000 followers

– A lot of sharing activities


– About Youtube .. a few of followers for now…. I need to work ti increment Youtube visits..

Interviews & Reviews

– A lot of interviews and reviews of books for many vendors

Posting Answers on Dynamics Communities

– A lot of postsanswers in more than 3 different communities

– A lot of Product Suggestions (Dynamics NAV & Dynamics 365 For Financials)


– More than 2050 points on MSDN

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– Some codes on GitHub

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– Some Technicals and Functionals requests for fixingimprovements on italian localization

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Best Italian IT Blogger #72

Best Italian Fashion Blogger #44.050


And my Blog! #15.396 …nice score !


Have a nice weekend!

Roberto Stefanetti [MVP 2017-2018]

Emilio (Emil)Cirelli (born 1888) married to Concetta Cirelli
(nee Molli) (born 1890). Lived in Torrioni, Italy and came to USA from Naples. Lived in Palisades Park, NJ and had
many, many brothers and sisters who we believe moved to the
New England Area. Emil was a tailor and a women's clothing manufacturer in Hudson County, NJ.
Any info as to where they were born, brothers, sisters,parents, etc. would be appreciated. Also looking for long lost cousins who lived in California...Emil would be your grandfather...Thank you!
          Re: CIRELLI - Roccamonfino, Province of Caserta, Campagna, Italy   
I hope I can help. My father, aunts, uncles and grandparents all came from that area. Gradually they came to the US around 1950. They lived in a three story home in Providence, RI. My grandfathther's name was Alfred and grandmother Marie. I believe her last name was Feducci before marriage.

          CIRELLI - Roccamonfino, Province of Caserta, Campagna, Italy   

I am looking for any connections to the CIRELLI from Roccamonfino, Province of Caserta, Campagna, Italy.

          CIRELLI, Maria Giuseppa - 1894 Marriage   
Maria Giuseppa Cirelli married Francesco Benedetto in 1894 in Senerchia, Avellino Province, Italy.

FHL INTL film 1743663
My Great grandfather came over from Italy. My grandfather's name is Albert Cirelli. He tells me a lot of stories about when he was young living in Youngstown,Ohio. All I know about my great-grandfather is his name is Frank. My grandfather sill has a cosion that lives in Italy but he lost track of him not that long ago. If you have more information for me please let me know. If you want to know more information from me just write me and I'll let you know.
i recently returned from marsiconuovo italy and found my grand father giovanni cirelli was born there in 1878 and married vita fortunato in 1896. his fathers name however was ciriello, why he changed it i have no idea. i do know he had 3 brothersone was named philip who lived and died in albany,ny.
giovanni died in w. new york, new jersey.
if this helps contact me. sevey
          sharm: Италия-государство в Южной Европе!   

Это цитата сообщения Трииночка Оригинальное сообщениеИталия-государство в Южной Европе!

Италия-государство в Южной Европе!

Италия, Рим

Вид на Римский Форум с Палатинского холма.

Италия, Рим

Римский Форум.

Италия, Рим

Говорят, со смотровой площадки в парке Пинчо видны все купола Рима.

Италия, Рим

Площадь Венеции.

Италия, Рим

Панорама Рима, открывающаяся со смотровой площадки на Витториано.

Италия, Рим

Монумент Витториано - символ объединенной Италии, возведен в честь короля Витторио Эмануэле II.

Италия, Рим

Уникальный кессонный потолок в Салоне палаццо Нуово.

Италия, Рим

Венера Капитолийская в палаццо Нуово.


Алтарь в соборе Святого Петра.


"Пьета" Микеланджело Буонарроти.


Площадь Святого Петра.

Италия, Флоренция

Кафедральный собор Флоренции - Дуомо.

Италия, Флоренция

Вид на Флоренцию из сада Бардини

. Италия, Флоренция

Кафедральный собор Флоренции - Дуомо.

Италия, Флоренция

Вид на Флоренцию.

Италия, Флоренция

Мосты на реке Арно.

Италия, Сиена

Зал Рисорджименто в палаццо Пубблико посвящен подвигам первого короля объединенной Италии Витторио Эммануэля II (1861-1878 гг.) и его участию в движении Рисорджименто.

Италия, Сиена

Вид на Сиенский собор со смотровой площадки на недостроенной части собора - Facciatone.

Италия, Пиза

Кафедральный собор, один из лучших в Италии храмов романского стиля, основан в 1064 г. Стал образцом для церквей так называемого "пизанского" романского стиля, во множестве появившихся в Центральной Италии.

Италия, Пиза

Средневековый архитектурный ансамбль на Поле чудес.

Италия, Сиена

Основная часть кафедрального собора построена в готическом стиле.

Италия, Сиена

Сиенский кафедральный собор называют самым красивым в Италии. Годом окончания его строительства принято считать 1296-й. Согласно традиции, собор был освящен в 1179 г. уроженцем Сиены папой Александром III, хотя основные строительные работы завершились в 1215 г. Купол пристроили между 1259 и 1264 гг., над нижней частью фасада скульптор Джованни Пизано работал вплоть до 1296 г. Конечно, имеются и более поздние добавления, но все же датой окончания строительства собора считается 1296 г.

Италия, Сиена

Фонтан Гайя работы Якопо делла Кверча (1374/5-1438) расположен на самом высоком месте площади Кампо (копия XIX в., оригинал находится в палаццо Пубблико)

Италия, Фьезоле

Два конных памятника - королю Витторио-Эммануэле II и герою Италии Джузеппе Гарибальди на главной площади городка - Пьяцца Мино да Фьезоле.

Италия, Фьезоле

Красивый городок Фьезоле, в 6 км от Флоренции, расположен ступенями на склоне холма над долинами рек Муньоне и Арно.

Италия, о. Эльба

Летняя резиденция Наполеона в Сан-Мартино, в 6 км от столицы острова Эльба - Портоферрайо.

Италия, о. Эльба

Галерея Демидофф, построенная в 1851 г. графом Анатолием Демидовым, мужем племянницы Наполеона для хранения коллекции памятных предметов, связанных с именем его венценосного родственника.

Италия, о. Эльба

Панорама столицы о. Эльба Портоферрайо.

Италия, Лукка

В саду палаццо Пфаннер. Палаццо построило семейство Морикони в XVII в. Позже его купило семейство Пфаннер и до сих пор им владеет.

Италия, Лукка

Кафедральный собор Сан-Мартино возведен в 1060 г. Фасад собора асимметричный, рельефы, обрамляющие атриумы и входные порталы, вероятно, выполнены Никколо Пизано.

Италия, Лукка

Сан-Микеле ин Форо - римско-католическая церковь, основанная в 1070 г. на месте древнеримского форума. На вершине размещены 4-метровая статуя святого Михаила с двумя ангелами по бокам.

Италия, Лукка Италия, Тиволи

Фонтаны "Нептун" и "Орган" на вилле д`Эсте.

Италия, Тиволи

Вилла д`Эсте.

Италия, Рим

Фонтан Треви вечером.

Италия, Рим

Одна из центральных улиц - дель Корсо.

Италия, Рим

Купола и крыши Рима.

Италия, о. Сицилия, Джиардини- Наксос

В археологическом парке.

Италия, о. Сицилия

Символ Сицилии - тринакрия.

Италия, о. Сицилия

Вид на Джиардини-Наксос.

Италия, о. Сицилия, Таормина

Таормина - "открыточный " город.

Италия, о. Сицилия

В Таормина-Маре перед грозой.

Италия, о. Сицилия


Италия, Неаполь

Вид на вулкан Везувий (1281 м).

Италия, о. Сицилия

Городская скульптура в Палермо.

Италия, о. Сицилия

Старый замок в Эриче.

Италия, о. Сицилия

Долина храмов в Агридженто.

Италия, о. Сицилия

Chorisia Speciosa - часто встречающееся дерево на Сицилии.

Италия, Диано-Кастелло

Улочка в Диано-Кастелло.

Италия, Сан-Ремо

Вот такая лаванда продается в Сан-Ремо...

Италия, Генуя

Памятник Колумбу в Генуе.

Италия, Турин

Гортензия в Турине.

Италия, Турин Италия, Верона Италия, Тревизо

Тревизо - город на воде.

Италия, Падуя

Канал в Падуе.

Италия, Доломитовые Альпы

Луга в Доломитовых альпах.

Италия, Доломитовые Альпы

Шале в Доломитовых альпах.

Италия, Доломитовые Альпы

Озеро в Доломитовых альпах.

Италия, Венеция

Купола Сан-Марко.

Италия, Венеция

Венецианский пейзаж.

Италия, Венеция

На Гранд-канале в Венеции.

Италия, Венеция

Венеция, вид на Сан-Марко с острова Джудекка.

Италия, Сан-Джиминьяно

Средневековые башни Сан-Джиминьяно. В одной из башен-близнецов Сальвуччи устроен отель с 1 номером. Интересно, что кухня в нем располагается на 1-м этаже, ванная комната на 3-м, спальни на 5- и 6-м этажах, а туалет на 9-м. На 11-м этаже имеется открытая веранда с великолепным видом на город. Высота башни 48 м, лифта нет...

Италия, Сан-Джиминьяно

Вид на город с Торре Гросса (строительство Большой башни начато в 1300 г. и завершено в 1311 г., высота ее 54 м).

Италия, Сан-Джиминьяно Италия, Пиза

Монумент Козимо I Медичи перед палаццо деи-Кавальери на площади деи-Кавальери. Раньше она называлась площадью Семи дорог, являясь центром политической жизни Пизы.

Италия, Пиза

Церковь Сан-Стефано-деи-Кавальери на площади деи-Кавальери (Рыцарей) - единственная в Пизе построенная в ренессансном стиле. Возводили ее в 1565-1569 гг. Джорджо Вазари и Давид Фортини. Фасад спроектирован Доном Джованни де Медичи, незаконнорожденным сыном Козимо I.

Италия, Пиза

Над оформлением церкви Санта-Мария-делла-Спина трудились первоклассные мастера школы Джованни Пизано.

Италия, Пиза

Церковь Санта-Мария-делла-Спина (XIV в.) построена торговцем, владевшим шипом (spina) из тернового венца Иисуса. Раньше церковь стояла на самом берегу Арно, ее разобрали и подняли на высокую набережную в 1871 г.

Италия, Пиза

Средневековый архитектурный ансамбль на Поле чудес.

Италия, Флоренция

Площадь Синьории.

Италия, Флоренция

Вид на столицу Тосканы с пьяццале Микеланджело.

Италия, Флоренция

Весна во Флоренции.

Италия, Рим Италия, Рим


Италия, Рим

Испанская лестница и фонтан "Баркачча" ("Лодочка") Пьетро Бернини.

Италия, Рим

Руины дворца императора Августа.

Италия, Рим


Италия, Рим

Фонтан "Наяды" на площади Республики.

Италия, Рим

Плафон Центрального зала в палаццо Барберини.

Италия, Рим

Скульптура Паолины (Полины) Боргезе в образе Венеры Победительницы работы Антонио Кановы в галерее Боргезе.

Италия, Рим

Памятник А. С. Пушкину в парке виллы Боргезе.

Италия, Рим

Потрясающей красоты фонтан Аква Паола.

Италия, Рим

Фонтан Аква Паола.

Италия, Рим

Памятник Джузеппе Гарибальди на холме Яникул.

Италия, Рим

Замок и мост Святого Ангела.

Ватикан Ватикан

Фрески в апартаментах Борджиа.


В Ватиканских садах.

Фото s.natalitaly

          Mobile phones can cause brain tumours: Italian court rules   
Mobile phones can cause brain tumours: Italian court rules

In a landmark ruling, an Italian court has acknowledged and ruled that excessive, work-related use of a mobile phone can cause brain tumour.

The court’s ruling came after a plaintiff identified as Roberto Romeo alleged that excessive, work-related use of mobile phones caused him to develop a tumour in the brain.

Romeo, 57, had testified that his work duties forced him to use a mobile phone for 3-4 hours of each working day for more than fifteen years.

Lawyers Stefano Bertone and Renato Ambrosio, who represented Romeo in the court, said, “For the first time in the world, a court has recognised a causal link between inappropriate use of a mobile phone and a brain tumour.”

The court agreed with his claim and awarded the 57-year-old a state-funded pension of around £400 per month.

The ruling was made on 11th of April but only made public on Thursday. The ruling is, however, subject to a possible appeal.


          CCH Tagetik Discusses the Technical and Business Realities for Finance in the Cloud in CCH Tagetik's Next Progressive CFO Webinar   
...STAMFORD, Connecticut and LUCCA, Italy , April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- EPM Expert Gary Simon talks with CFO Bernd Stangl of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise about migrating finance to the cloud and how the move has supported the company ' s business strategy CCH Tagetik ...

Squad goals 🎉 #sangria #squad #friends #Italy #picoftheday #follow #followme #like4like #igupdates
          pubblicità Nespresso...mi che cappero di gusto è VOLLUTO??   

Prato is my hometown and is located in the heart of Tuscany ( Italy) .
Historically, Prato's economy has been based on the textile; you can still find many old warehouses in the area.
This project wants to show Prato under a different light: through its SHAPES.
Old buildings mixed with new ones; a very uplifting architecture.

Cast: Sara Pretelli Supertramp

Tags: photo, Tuscany, Italy, Prato, photographic, project, vsco, sony, rx100, reportage, documentary, history, sarapretelli and Florence

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Wedding Necklace Y Bridal VINE Necklace Jewelry White or Ivory PEARLS Sterling Silver

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Feminine and Vintage inspired. This delicate gorgeous necklace features Vine design components encrusted with tons of tiny Cubic Zirconia embellished with Swarovski crystals pearls throughout and hangs from a rope sterling silver chain (made in Italy). This is truly a stunning necklace and looks amazing on! Images doesn't do justice to the beauty of the necklace. Looks much better in person.

Necklace length as pictured is 17 inches or 43cm

The necklace length in the drop down menu is for the length around the neck.

John Robb: "Now I can publish to Italy and the US by clicking a single check box below my editing screen."
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Kennel FCI, with a long time tradition offers puppies with an excellent pedigree, only male. Father is from Italy, mother is a 4th generation of the kennel offsprings.The kennel provides veterinary and breed services. Sales contract, international microchip, pet passport, health certificate. The kennel has a many years of experience. From the future family we expect the best care and an excellent home environment. Presence on exhibitions and breeding are welcome, but they are not a prerequisite. Negotiated price.
          İtalyan Ferrero, Singapur’da İnovasyon Merkezi Açtı   
Merkez, Ferrero inovasyonunun Asya merkezi olarak çalışacak.
          Under the turban   
cover imageWhat makes me a Sikh? That question posed by nine-year-old Zara Garcha starts a family's journey to learn about their religion. The Garcha family explores Sikhism by visiting diverse Sikh communities around the world: meeting with a Maharaja, cheesemakers, fashionistas, farmers, and scholars to glean a better understanding of the world's fifth largest religion. Their journey begins in Parma where they meet Sikhs who have a hand in creating Italy's iconic Parmesan cheese.
          Camera filming forest tree for a year records all kinds of wild animals   
Photographers Bruno D'Amicis and Umberto Esposito have set up a hidden camera in the forests of Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo in Italy's Apenine Mountains, pointed it at a beech tree and left it running for one entire year, capturing the diversity of the local wild life.
A "special" beech tree kept under observation for a whole year by a concealed eye, which never closes. Four seasons unfolding around a crossroad of smells, signals and messages left behind by the extraordinary wildlife of the Apennines. What you see here is just a small part of this incredible experience.

Parco Abruzzo
          【レイバン】サングラス RB2447-F 1160 49 □ 21 145 3N /made in ITALY   
【レイバン】サングラス RB2447-F 1160 49…
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          Mise à jour : Impact astéroïde pour le 28 septembre 2015 à Houston au Texas ? Censures de la NASA et de Google !   

Merci de relire l'article pour prendre connaissance des mises à jour effectuées avec de nouvelles captures d'écran et les prévisions qui avaient été faites par la NASA. 

Les captures d'écran nous indiquent qu'un impact est prévu pour le 28 septembre prochain et que les plus récents calculs estiment que l'objet a 70% des chances de s'écraser à 100 miles ou 160 kms au sud de Houston au Texas, 45% sur Puerto Rico et 88% dans le Golfe du Mexique. Il est ajouté que des vagues géantes déferleront vers les côtes, d'une hauteur pouvant aller jusqu'à 250 pieds ou 76 m, atteignant 50 miles ou 80 kms à l'intérieur des terres. Le nombre de morts estimé est de 20 à 100 millions de personnes à travers l'Amérique, les Caraïbes, l'Afrique et l'Europe.  

L'objet en question est l'astéroïde 2015 PDC H-5.

Ce qui expliquerait l'opération Jade Helm 15 qui semble s'être terminée le mardi 15 septembre 2015, après 2 mois d'opération et de préparatifs.

Vous rappelez-vous de l’exercice militaire du nom de Jade Helm 15 ? C’est terminé

L’exercice militaire baptisé du nom de Jade Helm 15 a généré tellement de théories du complot cette année qu’elles ont été la cible de moqueries dans des émissions, citant des commentaires de candidats à la présidentielle 2015 et la réaction du gouverneur du Texas. L’inquiétude à la base était la suivante : l’armée a posé les fondations pour implémenter la loi martiale sur le territoire, si ce n’est pas maintenant alors ça sera dans le futur.

L’exercice se terminera silencieusement mardi, cependant. Il s’est déroulé dans des parties du Texas, du Mississippi, de la Louisiane et de la Floride et représente deux mois d’opérations, a dit Suzanne Nagle, une porte-parole pour le Army Special Operations Command qui l’a supervisé.



Impact d’astéroïde ou pas le 28 septembre 2015 à Houston au Texas ?

Quand la Nasa et Google manipulent et censurent les informations concernant un impact d’astéroïde qui aurait lieu à Houston au Texas, le 28 septembre 2015, le jour même où doit se tenir l’assemblée générale de l’ONU à NY et qui devrait rassembler quelques chefs d’états et le Pape.

Nous allons vous demander de tester la censure de Google en tapant dans son moteur de recherche les phrases mentionnées ci-dessous.

Nous savons qu’en les mentionnant sur le blog nous risquons d’être censurés par Google, mais nous voulons en avoir le cœur net après plusieurs censures sur nos recherches.
A vous donc de vérifier si vous subissez la même censure que nous et si la NASA et Google voudraient nous cacher une information capitale.

Voici les phrases à rentrer dans le moteur de recherche de Google :

This webpage is CLASSIFIED.  Please refer to file #7566
of the internal classification code fort further category placement.

The September 28, 2015 Asteroid Impact #CLASSIFIED


En sachant que si une information a été enregistrée par Google et même si elle a est supprimée, nous devons la retrouver en cache. Or, même les sites américains qui ont traité de cette information ne sont pas accessibles non plus car Google reconnaît l’adresse IP et vous empêche d’accéder aux dits sites :

Explications :

Nous avons voulu vérifier si les informations données dans un article mis en ligne sur le site de Benoît BENGARNEAU étaient exactes et s’il demeurait encore des traces de l’article mis en ligne par la NASA.

L’article : Est-ce que la NASA a vraiment effacé une information sur un impact d'astéroïde pour le 28 septembre ?

La vidéo qui fait relation à l’article qui a été supprimé sur le site de la NASA pour être remplacé par un autre qui prévoit un impact d’astéroïde pour l’année 2022.


Les précédents titres de la page modifiée par la suite sur le site de la NASA étaient ceux-ci, avec l’image de l’article ci-dessous :

This webpage is CLASSIFIED.  Please refer to file #7566 of the internal classification code fort further category placement.

The September 28, 2015 Asteroid Impact #CLASSIFIED

Nouvelle image (1).jpg




Extrait du bas de l'image sur lequel nous pouvons lire qu'un impact d'astéroïde aurait lieu le 28 septembre 2015 près de Houston, Texas.


Suite de la page Internet sur le site de la Nasa.


Les captures d'écran nous indiquent qu'un impact est prévu pour le 28 septembre prochain et que les plus récents calculs estiment que l'objet a 70% des chances de s'écraser à 100 miles ou 160 kms au sud de Houston au Texas, 45% sur Puerto Rico et 88% dans le Golfe du Mexique. Il est ajouté que des vagues géantes déferleront vers les côtes, d'une hauteur pouvant aller jusqu'à 250 pieds ou 76 m, atteignant 50 miles ou 80 kms à l'intérieur des terres. Le nombre de morts estimé est de 20 à 100 millions de personnes à travers l'Amérique, les Caraïbes, l'Afrique et l'Europe. 


L'objet en question est l'astéroïde 2015 PDC H-5.

Puis les titres de la page sont transformés en ceux-ci :

This webpage does not describe a real potential asteroid impact. The information on this page is fictional and provided only to support an emergency response exercise conducted during the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) 2015 Planetary Defense Conference in Frascati, Italy, April 13-17, 2015. This is only an exercise.


En français : Cette page ne ​​décrit pas un impact réel d'astéroïde potentiel. L'information sur cette page est fictive et fournie seulement pour soutenir un exercice d'intervention d'urgence mené au cours de l'Académie internationale d'astronautique (IAA) 2015 Conférence Planetary Defense à Frascati, en Italie, Avril 13-17 2015. Ceci est seulement un exercice.

The 2015 PDC Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Scenario

La nouvelle image transformée qui apparait sur le site de la NASA

Nouvelle image (3).jpg

Or, lorsque nous avons fait des recherches sur Google avec les premiers titres qui apparaissaient dans le premier article mis en ligne par la NASA, nous nous sommes heurtés au moins à 10 censures de Google qui enregistre notre adresse IP, la date et l’heure de la requête, ainsi que le lien de la recherche.

Les phrases donc pour les recherches.


1 - This webpage is CLASSIFIED.  Please refer to file #7566 of the internal classification code fort further category placement.


2 - The September 28, 2015 Asteroid Impact #CLASSIFIED

Plusieurs censures de Google nous sont opposées y compris sur les sites qui parlent de cette information de la NASA.

 Voilà comment Google vous bloque à plusieurs reprises lors de la recherche :

Nouvelle image (2).jpg

Dessous sont notés :

Adresse IP : xxxxxxxx
Date et Heure :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

URL de la recherche : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


          Dreamsnowreality - Dreamfinity (Deluxe Edition) (2017)   
Dreamsnowreality - Dreamfinity (Deluxe Edition) (2017)

Artist: Dreamsnowreality
Album: Dreamfinity (Deluxe Edition)
Country: Italy
Genre: Alternative / Hard Rock
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps

01. Rollercoaster
02. Another World Falls Down
03. Neverland
04. No Romance
05. Misleading Rose
06. It Will Rain
07. Miracle
08. Beyond This World
09. Break out and Live
10. When You Fall Apart
11. Beyond This World (Japanese Version)
12. Make Me Yours
13. Wasted by Dawn
14. Follow Me My Love

          Simone Palmieri - Millaenya (2017)   
Simone Palmieri - Millaenya (2017)

Artist: Simone Palmieri
Album: Millaenya
Country: Italy
Genre: Progressive Metal
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps

01. Part of Another
02. In My Mind
03. Millaenya
04. Burning
05. One Man
06. Gemini
07. Mystic
08. Kaos
09. Waiting for the Pain
10. Understand
11. Another World
12. Begin

          Europe migrant crisis: UN calls for more support for Italy   
The UN calls for more support for Italy as tens of thousands of migrants arrive on its shores.
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          The beautiful brain of Sherman Alexie: War Dances wins 2010 Pen/Faulkner Award   
Sherman Alexie has won the 2010 Pen/Faulkner Award for fiction for his book of short stories, essays and poems, War Dances. He is the first Native American author to win the prestigious prize.

Are Indians pressured by the marketplace to write certain kinds of stories?

It's the corn-pollen, four directions, eagle-feathers school of Native literature. People are more interested in our spirituality than anything else. Certainly, I've never received that kind of pressure because I never wrote that kind of stuff, but there are a lot of people out there selling their spirituality.

What expectations do you encounter from readers?

It's so funny -- because I'm a public Indian figure, people assume I have all these magical Indian powers, like I'm some sort of healer or shaman. That also extends to just being a writer in general -- I think people assume that just because somebody's good with metaphors, he's a better human being. It's not true. I'm just better with metaphors than 99 percent of the population, and that doesn't make me magical, it just makes me fairly smart.

In your experience, do white Americans have a different sense of history -- both of events, and the significance of those events in contemporary culture -- than American Indians?

White Americans have a short memory. This country really hasn't entered puberty yet -- white Americans' political thoughts are really young, and the culture is really young. The one general statement you can make about America is it's young, and wildly immature, and incredibly talented. Like some twelve-year-old kid who really pisses you off, because he's really good at everything and he knows it. What can be done to bring the U.S. from this immature point to maturity?

I don't know. I'm one of those people who thinks that the world is getting better and better. I wouldn't want to be an Indian a hundred years ago -- somebody would be shooting at me. I wouldn't want to be a woman forty years ago, and I wouldn't want to be a black person twenty-five years ago. I think the world is getting better, and it's getting better because of liberal social policies. I don't think there has ever been a conservative social policy that helped anybody, except those who enacted it. I don't believe in any -ism particularly, I believe in fighting conservatism. Conservatives didn't want women to vote, didn't want Indians to become citizens.

- an excerpt from an Atlantic Unbound interview with Jessica Chapel.


After I got home with yogurt and turkey dogs and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and my brother-in-law left, I watched George Romero’s “Diary of the Dead,” and laughed at myself for choosing a movie that featured dozens of zombies getting shot in the head. When the movie was over, I called my wife, nine hours ahead in Italy. “I should come home,” she said. “No, I’m O.K.,” I said. “Come on, you’re in Rome. What are you seeing today?” “The Vatican.” “You can’t leave now. You have to go and steal something. It will be revenge for every Indian. Or maybe you can plant an eagle feather and claim that you just discovered Italy.” “I’m worried.” “Yeah, Catholicism has always worried me.” “Stop being funny. I should see if I can get Mom and me on a flight tonight.” “No, no, listen, your mom is old. This might be her last adventure. It might be your last adventure with her. Stay there. Say hi to the Pope for me. Tell him I like his shoes.” That night, my sons climbed into bed with me. We all slept curled around one another like sled dogs in a snowstorm. I woke, hour by hour, and touched my head and neck to see if they had changed shape—to feel if antennae were growing. Some insects hear with their antennae. Maybe that was what was happening to me.


· Did you, when drunk, ever get behind the tattered wheel of a ’76 Ford three-speed van and somehow drive your family a thousand miles on an empty tank of gas? · Is it true that the only literary term that has any real meaning in the Native American world is “road movie”? · How many times, during any of your road trips, did your children ask you, “Are we there yet?” · In twenty-five words or less, please define “there.” · Sir, in your thirty-nine years as a parent you broke your children’s hearts, collectively and individually, six hundred and twelve times, and you did this without ever striking any human being in anger. Does this absence of physical violence make you a better man than you might otherwise have been? · Without using the words “man” or “good,” can you please define what it means to be a good man? · Do you think you will see angels before you die? Do you think angels will come to escort you to Heaven? As the angels are carrying you to Heaven, how many times will you ask, “Are we there yet?”


After she returned from Italy, my wife climbed into bed with me. I felt as if I hadn’t slept comfortably in years. I said, “There was a rumor that I’d grown a tumor, but I killed it with humor.” “How long have you been waiting to tell me that one?” she asked. “Oh, probably since the first time some doctor put his fingers in my brain.” We made love. We fell asleep. But, agitated by the steroids, I woke at 2, 3, 4, and 5 A.M. The bed was killing my back, so I lay flat on the floor. I wasn’t going to die anytime soon, at least not because of my little friend Tumor, but that didn’t make me feel any more comfortable or comforted. I felt distant from the world—from my wife and my sons, from my mother and my siblings, from all my friends. I felt closest to those who’d always had fingers in their brains. I didn’t feel any closer to the world six months later, when another MRI revealed that my meningioma had not grown in size or changed its shape. “You’re looking good,” my doctor said. “How’s your hearing?” “I think I’ve got about ninety per cent of it back.” “Well, then, the steroids worked. Good.” And I didn’t feel any more intimate with the world nine months after that, when one more MRI made my doctor hypothesize that my meningioma might only be more scar tissue from the hydrocephalus. “Frankly,” he said, “your brain is beautiful.” “Thank you,” I said, though it was the oddest compliment I’d ever received. I wanted to call my father and tell him that a white man thought my brain was beautiful. But I couldn’t tell him anything. He was dead. I told my wife and my sons that I was O.K. I told my mother and my siblings. I told my friends. But none of them laughed as hard about my beautiful brain as I knew my father—the drunk bastard—would have.

- three snippets from War Dances by Sherman Alexie.
          Renato and the lion / by Barbara DiLorenzo.   
cover imageThe touching, magical story of a boy in a war-torn country and the stone lion that rescues him. Renato loves his home in Florence, Italy. He loves playing with his friends in the Piazza della Signoria. He loves walking home by the beautiful buildings and fountains with his father in the evenings. And he especially loves the stone lion who seems to smile at him from a pedestal in the piazza. The lion makes him feel safe. But one day his father tells him that their family must leave. Their country is at war, and they will be safer in America. Renato can only think of his lion. Who will keep him safe? With luminous watercolor paintings, Barbara DiLorenzo captures the beauty of Florence in this heartwarming and ultimately magical picture book.
          UN urges Europe to help Italy with migrant 'tragedy'   
The UN refugee agency is heaping pressure on Europe to help Italy defuse the "unfolding tragedy" of tens of thousands migrants flooding its shores.
          Relitto Nicole   
Position Relitto Nicole (Marche, Italy)

          Lo Scialandro   
Position Lo Scialandro (Campania, Italy)

          Lo Scialandro   
Position Lo Scialandro (Campania, Italy)

          Relitto Nicole   
Position Relitto Nicole (Marche, Italy)

          Italy threatens to bar rescue ships    
More than 12,000 migrants have been rescued in the blue seas of the Mediterranean in the past four days, a spike that has some overwhelmed Italian officials threatening to partially bar their ports to rescue ships.
          Why Croatia is a haven for jaded travellers   
After a few visits, Uday k Chakraborty feels Croatia offers everything a jaded traveller yarns for If you imagine a country which combines the history and gaiety of Italy, the undulating hills and magnificent architecture of Austria, the island ambience of Greece and blue coast of Mauritius – you would get an idea of Croatia....
          [mtb] Alpe di Neggia ride in Italy/Switzerland   

Looking toward Switzerland from the top of the climb (fullsize)
I had a work trip to the European Training centre in Gavirate Italy in April 2012, while there I managed to get out for three rides and one solid run. On the rides I took my camera and was able to get some great shots. Definitely an awesome area to train in for many sports.

Recommended to me by Luke Durbridge who was at the ETC while I was there, this ride was from Gavirate over to Lago di Maggiore and then along the shores until I hit the climb and down the other side in to Switzerland than back through the valley past Lago di Lugano toward the border at Ponte Tresa above Varese. A great ride for sure and a nice climb, though I probably left it an hour too late as coming back it was dark by the time I got to Varese and I had not taken lights.

Images in my gallery from the ride Alpe di Neggia ride in Italy/Switzerland.

           Matteo Darmian enjoys a bike ride with Francesca Cormanni    
Darmian and Cormanni exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony in Italy earlier this month, with Morgan Schneiderlin and Alessio Cerci among the high-profile guests.
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Story mode provides hours of solo gameplay in which you’ll earn new Legends cards, decks, and packs. Or draft a deck from scratch and battle a series of computer opponents.

Test your decks against friends, challenge online opponents in ranked play, or draft a deck from scratch and battle other players who have done the same.

Legends gameplay features a divided battlefield with “lanes” that deepen your strategy options.

You can upgrade certain cards in Legends by winning games with decks that contain them. Level up your cards to improve your decks, give you more flexibility, and tailor them to your play style.

Pre-Registration Reward
Valid for 1 copy of 1 Pre-Registration Reward from eligible titles on Google Play. Open to participants who Pre-Register for Elder Scrolls: Legends from Bethesda on the Google Play store. Offer ends when the Pre-Registration campaign period ends. Redeem by launch. Limit 1 reward per user. Valid in participating countries only. Offer not available in Italy, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Age restrictions apply. See Content Promotion Terms, and Google Play Terms for more information. Promoter: Bethesda, 1370 Piccard Drive, Suite 120, Rockville, MD 20850

The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™ v1.65.0

The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™ v1.65.0

The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™ v1.65.0

-: Game Info :-
Name : The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™
Category : card
Size : 1 GB
Version : 1.65.0
File Format : Apk+Obb
On/Off : Online/Offline
Requires Android : 4.0 & Up

How to Install?
- Download Apk and Data.
- Install Apk Dont Run.
- Extract Data to /Android/obb/here.
- Now open Apk and Enjoy the Game.

Download Links

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Lovely marquetry picture of Sorrento Italy 7.5 by 6 inches

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          "Independence Day is Coming" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts/News   

Iggy » July 1st, 2017

Independence Day is coming in more ways then one...

Samson » July 1st, 2017

Iran plans to reform the banking system

12:58 - 07/01/2017Eshaq Jahangiri

Said First Vice President of Iran Eshaq Jahangiri, Saturday, for the completion of the drafting of reforms of the banking system and the intention to apply within the second term of President Rouhani government (starting August 5 / August 2017).

The agency quoted the "Knight" for Jhangere as saying, "It is expected in proportion to the decline in the inflation rate, low bank interest rate but it has not yet been achieved."

He added that "interest declined from about 30 percent to about 20 percent."

Samson » July 1st, 2017

Jawdat: Daesh lost 100 of its members in two days

2017/7/1 9:47

Federal Police Command announced that the terrorist gangs Daesh lost 100 of its members over the past two days.

According to the Federal Police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat in a press statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} announced today that "in the door Daesh defeated Lagash and the door of the new elements and fled towards the area of al - Nujaifi and Bab Al- Saray".

He added that "Our forces are advancing in three axes and prosecute terrorist groups in the remainder of the old city and the few areas Daesh lost 100 of its members over the past two days."

Samson » July 1st, 2017

India launches the biggest tax reforms amid concern in the business sector

1st July, 2017

The Indian government launched Saturday, the biggest tax reform in the country's history and promising through its application to strengthen the economy and reduce corruption, but a number of employers, the business sector said that a single tax system is causing confusion.

And replace the new tax on goods and services replaced more than a dozen tax imposed on the national and state levels of India's nine twenty.

Held Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi a special parliamentary session at midnight to launch the new tax on goods and services, which he described as "good and simple tax."

Moody's said, "he added with the approval of the tax on goods and services, the dream will be achieved by India and one great."

Moody's said that "the tax on goods and services is simple and transparent system prevents earning money on the black market and reduce corruption." Moody's was the latest confusion in the country last year by announcing the withdrawal of 85 percent of the banknotes from circulation and replace it with another in a campaign to tighten the pressure on the transactions in violation of the law.

But the prime minister, who made strenuous efforts to build the country's economy, which intends to run for a second term in 2019, acknowledged that tax reform could face problems in its infancy.

It rejected the state of Jammu and Kashmir to sign a single tax system. The start of traders in the demonstrations in protest against the tax on goods and services, which boycotted the launch party conference.

- Strike movie theaters -

The tense business sector due to the new tax which sets 4 different tariffs ranging between 5 and 28 percent, instead of a single tariff imposed previously.

Applied and document tax goods and services made up of 200 pages has undergone changes in the last minute Friday night before the launch.

Granted the new tax local authorities the right to impose a few taxes. The first results appeared Saturday with the announcement of the state of Tamil Nadu South to impose a 30 percent fee on the role of cinema cards added to the 28 percent imposed by the goods and services tax.

And it will close cinemas 969 guestrooms, all Monday to protest the new fees, according to the official told AFP, head of the owners of theaters Association. Subramanian.

He said Patrick Jane partner and head of indirect tax department in "PricewaterhouseCoopers" in India, "it is the risk that you experience when they do not absorb all taxes. This is incompatible with the aim of imposing a single tax. "

Carried out the textile sector and other sectors of strikes on the eve of the launch of the tax in many business sectors announced that they have no clear vision of what will be imposed.
It called on traders Bhartiya Aodiog Phippar Mangal Association, which says it has 60 million members Friday to strike for one day.

Many complain of the new system, which requires the introduction of tax revenue by computer, for not having this technology or lack of understanding of them.

The secretary general of the Association Vijay Prakash Jain told AFP, "We made our demands for goods and services tax since August of last year, but we will not let's no response from the government." He added, "We told the government that either Tsalehy so either we strike."

Most economists and welcomes reform - which put forward for the first time in 2006 - do not even see it as long overdue, but they warn that the initial shock that it drives are likely to slow down in the near term and the pace of growth rather than stimulating, pending able business sector to adapt.

He warned the executive director of "Credit Suisse" in India Nalcant Mishra that "the next few months will be unstable period during which he would not want any investment company, and will slow down the investment cycle and weigh the economy."

The rating agency "AC RAI" that while the new tax would increase compliance with a number of sectors, the trade and small business sectors that will not lose its comply with the interests of big companies that have large networks.

Jain said: "With it's far from being perfect, but we realize it's the best of the countless taxes were imposed on us in recent decades."

He said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that "the former India was economically disjointed. India will create a new single tax and a market one for one nation. LINK

Samson » July 1st, 2017

I better increase my intake !!

Eat chocolate improves memory within two hours

2017/7/1 9:04

Researchers from Italy found that eating pieces of chocolate improves cognitive skills and memory activity immediately during the following hours of consumption, and that eating chocolate regularly and without overeating protects the deterioration of cognitive abilities of the brain with age.

This interest joins the benefits of a group known for chocolate , such as regulating blood pressure, relieve oxidation caused by stress, reduce the signs of aging that attack the skin.
The study was conducted research at the University of L'Aquila , Italy, and published in the journal "Niotrishnz". The results found that the antioxidants found in cocoa, known as "flavonoids" improves the performance of the responsible for the cognitive abilities of the brain areas.

The study showed that the consumption of 773 mg of cocoa flavonoids improves the cognitive abilities of young people after two hours of entry into the body.
The study results showed that eating chocolate every day for a period ranging between 5 days and 3 months provides a degree of protection for the elderly against the cognitive decline that leads to dementia in old age.

It reflected the effect of flavonoids on the activity of memory, and the ability to analyze the information. Should the chocolate lovers body control input of sugar, and do not overdo it, taking care to eat a small or moderate amounts of them regularly.

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          Căng thẳng tại vùng Vịnh: Qatar bác bỏ yêu sách của các nước Arab    

Ngày 1/7, Ngoại trưởng Qatar Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani tuyên bố nước này sẽ bác bỏ một loạt yêu cầu của các quốc gia Arab, song khẳng định Doha sẵn sàng đối thoại để giải quyết cuộc khủng hoảng ngoại giao hiện nay.

Phát biểu trước báo giới tại thủ đô Rome của Italy sau chuyến thăm Mỹ, ông al-Thani nhấn mạnh "tối hậu thư" của các nước Arab và vùng Vịnh không nhằm mục đích giải quyết chủ nghĩa khủng bố, mà là xâm phạm chủ quyền của Qatar.

Người đứng đầu Bộ Ngoại giao Qatar cho biết Doha sẵn sàng ngồi vào bàn đàm phán để thảo luận những yêu cầu và quan ngại của các nước láng giềng.

Ông al-Thani nêu rõ: "Danh sách các đòi hỏi đó sẽ không được chấp thuận. Chúng tôi sẵn sàng đối thoại nhưng phải theo các điều kiện hợp lý."
Tuyên bố trên của Ngoại trưởng al-Thani được đưa ra chỉ một ngày trước "hạn chót" mà Saudi Arabia, Các Tiểu vương quốc Arab Thống nhất (UAE), Bahrain và Ai Cập đặt ra để Doha phải chấp thuận bản yêu sách gồm 13 điểm (kết thúc ngày 2/7).

Bản yêu sách bao gồm việc đóng cửa kênh truyền hình Al Jazeera, hạ cấp quan hệ với Iran và đóng cửa một căn cứ quân sự của Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ trên lãnh thổ Qatar.

Ngoại trưởng Qatar nói thêm rằng nước này sẽ không đóng cửa căn cứ quân sự của Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ hoặc đóng cửa kênh truyền hình Al Jazeera theo như yêu cầu của các nước Arab vùng Vịnh.

Trong khi đó, các quốc gia Arab và vùng Vịnh tuyên bố các yêu cầu của họ không thể đàm phán, đồng thời cảnh báo các nước này sẽ cân nhắc những biện pháp trừng phạt tiếp theo nếu Qatar không tuân thủ. Hiện Mỹ vẫn đang hỗ trợ Kuwait trong các nỗ lực hòa giải nhằm giải giải quyết bất đồng giữa Qatar và các nước Arab.

Cùng ngày 1/7, Điện Kremlin cho biết Tổng thống Nga Vladimir Putin đã có các cuộc điện đàm riêng rẽ với lãnh đạo Qatar và Bahrain về căng thẳng ngoại giao tại vùng Vịnh hiện nay.

Nhà lãnh đạo Nga nhấn mạnh rằng cần thiết phải thúc đẩy một giải pháp ngoại giao cho cuộc khủng hoảng này./.

          Telespazio, Through The Joint Venture Spaceopal, Will Manage The Galileo System   
PRZOOM - Newswire (press release) - 2016/12/15, Rome , Italy - Telespazio, a subsidiary of Leonardo - by means of Spaceopal, a joint venture with DLR GfR of the German Space Agency - was awarded a contract with a value of up to 1.5 billion euro to manage Galileo, the European satellite navigation system, which is off
          Three skiers confirmed dead in northern Italy avalanche   

Three skiers died after they were buried in an avalanche near the ski resort of Courmayeur in northern Italy, Alpine Rescue officials confirmed Thursday.

          Six killed in helicopter crash in earthquake-hit central Italy   

A rescue helicopter crashed in central Italy on Tuesday, killing all six passengers on board as it returned from an operation at a ski resort, an emergency services spokesman told dpa.

          Hungarian bus company probed for negligence after Italy crash   

Criminal negligence charges are being mulled against the owners of a bus that was in a fatal accident in Italy at the weekend, leaving 16 members of a Hungarian school group returning from a ski vacation dead, Hungarian police said Sunday.

          Bus crash survivors tell of 'heroes' who saved their lives   

Survivors of a bus crash that claimed 16 lives in northern Italy over the weekend told local media Sunday they were saved thanks to an heroic teacher and his wife, but also by an equally heroic student.

          Vinitaly 2015: il vino italiano spopola nei supermercati esteri   
Nel corso degli ultimi giorni si è tenuto a Verona la 49sima edizione di Vinitaly, il Salone Internazionale dei Vini e dei Distillati, l'appuntamento dedicato a tutti gli amanti del nettare di Bacco...
          Vinitaly 2014, tutte le novità del padiglione dedicato alla Regione Lombardia   
Dal 6 al 9 aprile 2014 torna a Verona Fiere l'appuntamento con Vinitaly, un importante appuntamento dedicato alle eccellenze del vino, che quest'anno avrà come obiettivo principale quello di...
          Ahmed Musa’s Traditional Marriage: Friends Turn Up To Celebrate With Star [PHOTOS]   
Ahmed Musa's Traditional Marriage: Friends Turn Up To Celebrate With Star [PHOTOS]
Ahmed Musa's Traditional Marriage: Friends Turn Up To Celebrate With Star [PHOTOS]
Friends of Leicester City and Super Eagles Striker Ahmed Musa have turned up to grace the traditional wedding ceremony slated for today in Ogoja Cross River State. In attendance at Ahmed Musa’s Traditional Marriage was Lazio of Italy Star Ogenyi Onazi, Raheem Lawa...
Read More
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          iPad Share Jumps Upon International Release   
The first wave of Apple's international release of the iPad has led to a spike in iPad usage share.  The iPad was release to the following nine countries on May 28: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
          Best sandwiches or other takeout from the Jean Talon Market, Little Italy, Mile End, the Plateau or downtown Montreal to take on the train/road trip   
Besides bagels or a smoked meat sandwich (the smoked meat sandwich might be messy for the train ), does anyone have any recs for places to get special sandwich, meal or snacks to-go? Are there any special sandwich shops you would recommend? Or good salads to go? Or other foods you've enjoyed taking on the train/on a road trip? Where would you recommend for shish taouk? I realize Olive et Gourmando in Old Montreal would have sandwiches that could be taken to go. I'm not familiar with other places in other parts of Montreal. Thanks for any ideas.
          Product For Sale: Above and Below: Desert Labyrinth and Underforest Encounter Book   

by ciccius

€19.00 for Board Game: Above and Below: Desert Labyrinth and Underforest Encounter Book
Condition: New
Location: Italy
          Vintage Pin Wood Doll Brooch Wooden Dolls Italy by efinegifts   

9.95 USD

Vintage pin. Miniature wood figures of a boy and girl in traditional costume. A great addition to your vintage accessory collection. These could also be used as Christmas ornaments.

Wood figures measure approx. 1 3/8 and 1 1/2 inches tall. Handpainted. Wear and color loss consistent with age.

More vintage jewelry:

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Top World News Now                 
March 3, 2013

United States
Obama Pardons 17 Felons, First in His Second Term
DHS built domestic surveillance tech into Predator drones
'Hundreds of thousands' of documents captured with Osama bin Laden, but only 17 released
Michigan governor moves to appoint emergency manager in Detroit
Pentagon Plans to Ask for Base Closures 
Thousands of Soldiers to Leave Europe
U.S. lawmakers question military aid to Egypt, citing concerns about Israel
US factory work is returning, but the industry has changed
'Anonymous' Hacker Explains Why He Fled The US
Among Most Polluted in US, NYC Area Awaits Cleanup
US Budget Cuts Force Yellowstone to Delay Opening
Obama signs sequester bill
Obama moves a step closer to approval of Keystone pipeline
Navy Building a Drone Base in Sunny Malibu

Ukrainian leader, fresh from EU talks, to meet Putin
Russian Arms Trade Czar Says "War" Declared on Weapon Supplies to Syria
Russian demonstrators rally in support of U.S. adoption ban
Moscow Police to Probe Alleged Rally Payment Scam
Moscow Mayor says no to more mosques in the city
Opposition’s ‘Social March’ Fizzles Out in Moscow
Uzbek National Shot Dead in Moscow
Putin, Obama stress cooperation, pledge to 'avoid deterioration' in relations
Russia presses for extradition of fugitive banker
Ukrainian President: Gas contract with Russia is killing us
Putin Signals Russia Can Be More Flexible on Syria
Putin says Russia should listen to French arguments on Syria, over vodka
Russians commend Putin's performance, believe he can keep election promises

Islands Dispute: China Warns Japan Ahead Of Legislative Session
A push for change in China as new leaders take the helm
China's reform roadmap gets clearer
China "fully prepared" for currency war
China divided on TV 'execution parade': judicial resolve or crude voyeurism
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills 12 in Chinese Coal Mine
Spill in China Underlines Environmental Concerns
China's fourth space launch center to be in use in two years
Xi Jinping taking on corruption in China
Premier Li Keqiang, as Hu Jintao protege, may be outgunned on policy
China calls for decreased tension on Korean Peninsula
5 Tibetans, mostly Buddhist monks, arrested for inciting self-immolations
Darkness at noon as worst dust storm in months mixes with morning smog
China's First Aircraft Carrier on Way to Permanent Base at Qingdao in North

United Kingdom
Cameron: UK 'can transform Africa' with G8
Cameron Vows To Stay The Course
Cameron buries hatchet with Plebgate MP Andrew Mitchell - and offers him £250,000 EU job
Government fights Europe over air pollution reduction
EU banker pay cap 'threatens thousands of British jobs'
Revealed: One in four of UK's top companies pay no tax
Banker Andrei Borodin granted asylum in Britain after fleeing Russia
UK Explorer: Green Campaigning Has Failed
UK commits £88m to Chilean telescope 'as big as all existing ones put together'
Paedophile ring leader, Colin Peters, linked to Barnes scandal
Cameron vows to defend UK banks

European Union
Hundreds of thousands march against austerity in Portugal
Italy paralysed as Grillo plots exit route from euro
Italian newcomer Grillo predicts collapse in six months
Italy President Napolitano calls for realism after vote
Greek military prepares for mass repression
1000s hold anti-austerity demo in Greece
At least 22 people hurt in Macedonia ethnic protests over new defense minister
Mass layoffs at Caterpillar in Belgium
Dark Rumblings Of A Coup D'État In Spain
Spain Delays Catalunya Banc Auction
Spain overturns Islamic face veil ban
Thousands march in Portugal to protest austerity

Germany Blasted for Role in Europe's Crisis
German states rail against 'stupid' wealth transfers
Italian president says Germany must give EU recovery a boost
Germany Debates Fracking as Energy Costs Rise
Bitter feud divides family of Germany's reunification leader
Racism in German military mirrors society
Germany discovers toxin in animal fodder
Angela Merkel Wishes Bulgaria's Borissov Quick Recovery
Merkel cabinet lowers bars to German labor market
Kerry praises Germany's 'exemplary leadership' in Europe
Italian president scraps meeting with German opposition leader over "clown" remarks

Hollande leads tributes to 'a great figure' and resistance fighter
As France's Mali mission grows, so does terror threat from homegrown militants inside France
France considers marijuana-based drug
France will not reach 2015 disabled access target
Paris seeks alternative to 75% tax
France-Qatar tensions rise over Mali war, Tunisia
Hollande juggles trade, human rights in Moscow
Hollande to Talk Syria Settlement With Putin
Kerry holds talks on Mali with French leadership
War For Global Energy Supremacy-World War III
Al-Qaeda leader behind Algeria gas plant hostage massacre killed in Mali
US Seeks to Confirm Report of Terror Leader's Death
Syria: Fierce Clashes in Provincial Capital Raqqa
Assad Forces Take Aleppo Village, Reopening Supply Line
Syrian President Assad Blasts British Government
Iran Says Syria’s Assad to Run for 2014 Election
How Does the U.S. Mark Unidentified Men in Pakistan and Yemen as Drone Targets?
Syrian Rebels Angry Over US Aid: ‘Only Thing We Want Is Weapons’

Insight Into Today’s News
Billionaires Continue To Dump Stocks
G20 issues empty declaration against currency wars
Norway Enters The Currency Wars
The Second-Mortgage Shell Game
The Last Liberal Branch of Government
US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan unraveling
Goodbye? We’ve Lost Who We Are?
US Schools Go Into Full Prison Mode
Hornady Addresses Ammo Shortage: We’re working 24/7
US Media Yet Again Conceals Newsworthy Government Secrets

Netanyahu secretly visited Jordan to discuss peace with Palestinians
Netanyahu gets two more weeks to form Israel coalition
3 Syrian Mortars Land in Southern Golan Heights
Gaza Border: Senior Officer's Vehicle Hit by Gunshots
New coalition will have to freeze construction outside settlement blocs
Tissue tests planned for Israelis in Gaza who want to cross border
Palestinian PM evacuated from West Bank after Israeli soldiers fire teargas at protesters
Sequestration: Israel Could ‘Gradually’ Lose $500 Million in US Aid
Netanyahu blasts Erdogan's 'dark and libelous' criticism of Zionism

Scud Missile Fired in Syria Lands Near Iraqi Village
Bombs Kill at Least 22 in Iraqi Capital
Erdoğan: Islamophobia, anti-Semitism same
Turkey's Difficult Choice in Palestine, Israel
Erdogan Calls for More Support for Syrian Opposition
Kurdish leader 'outlines' Turkey peace plan
More Military Arrests in Turkey For 'Feb. 28 Process'
Turkey Provides Schools for Syrian Refugee Children
Iraq budget stalemate deepens over Kurd oil payments
Iraq continues to allow Iranian overflights to Syria

John Kerry visits Egypt as dozens injured in violent protests
Kerry urges Egypt to take difficult economic steps; opposition figures skip meetings
Protesters Demand Armed Forces Intervention in Cairo
Ex-member: Muslim Brotherhood has secret societies in 80 nations, including U.S.
Bahrain Activist Zainab Al-Khawaja Sentenced to Jail
176 Protesters Held in Saudi Arabia
Qatar's Influence in Egypt Runs Deeper Than Its Pockets
Morsi criticized for reaction to tragedy
Parties who boycotted Morsi's national dialogue invited to send suggestions
Opposition refuse to stand in Egypt's parliamentary elections

Ahmadinejad: National dialogue only way to end Syria crisis
Ahmadinejad: West's war against Iran media doomed to failure  
Ahmadinejad to Visit Pakistan This Month to Inaugurate IP Gas Pipeline Construction
Threatening Iran Won't Help in Nuclear Talks, Envoy Says
Seized Chinese Weapons Raise Concerns on Iran
Head Of Iran's Qods Force Suggests Assad Is Vulnerable
Sanction-Hit Iran Fears Unrest as New Elections Near
Khamenei tells Zardari pipeline must advance despite US opposition
Ahmadinejad Aide’s Candidacy a Challenge to Iran’s Theocratic Status Quo
Ahmadinejad, Zardari Stress Expansion of Iran-Pakistan Ties

Hugo Chavez undergoing chemotherapy
VP Maduro: Capriles Seeks Destabilization in Venezuela
Venezuela decries "absurd" rumors over Chavez death
Maduro: Chavez ‘battling’ for his life
Rumours swirl as Chavez stays out of sight
Former envoy claims Venezuela's Chavez is dead
Venezuela government denies rumours about Chavez
Venezuelans hold demo in support of Chavez
Student demonstration dispersed by authorities in Venezuela
FARC: Colombia government to blame for coffee strike

Brazil to get its first nuclear subs
Rousseff Meets Nigerian Leader for Trade Talks
Brazil's Unemployment Rises More Than Forecast in January
Prosecutors investigate spying charges against consortium building dam in Brazil
Brazil turns to Catholic Church to quash crack epidemic
Brazil Wind Developers May Be Required to Build New Power Lines
No one is safe from Argentina's drug war
Modern Slavery Rears its Ugly Head in Chile
Chilean Navy Saves 25 Stranded Whales, 20 Die
Peru says American couple found; family wants 'proof of life'

Nieto Says Justice Will Be Done in Union Boss’s Case
Six Bodies Found in Mexico, Including Teenage Boy Earlier Arrested for Murder
Mexican Daily Hit by Third Attack This Week
Army Kills 4 Gunmen in Northern Mexico
Two Police Gunned Down in Guatemala
Fire hits big Mexico City marketplace
Pena Nieto enacts major education reform
Powerful head of Mexico teachers union is arrested
Mexico to Launch New Police Force Later This Year

Cuba Dissident’s Daughter Says Dad’s Death Was No Accident
Cuban Dissidents Hope to Build Mass Organization
A post-Castro Cuba
Chavez Congratulates Raul Castro on Re-Election
Castro Retirement News Prompts Tepid Response In Miami
Transition now seen as underway in Cuba
Cooperatives Could Save Cuban Socialism
South African medical students in Cuba may be deported
No ease for Cuba from US state sponsor of terrorism list

United Nations
U.N. Security Council asks for report on possible Mali peacekeepers
Ban Tones Down Criticism of Rwanda Over Congo Claims
UN chief says Iran should gain world confidence over its disputed atomic plan
Libya to ask U.N. to lift arms embargo
UN Removes Osama bin Laden From Sanctions List
Emir of Ansar Dine added to US, UN

Top World News Now                 
February 26, 2013

United States
Obama To Tell Israelis of Plan for Iran War
Obama's Paycheck Exempt From 'Sequester'
White House Sells Meetings with Obama for $500k
Pentagon to Keep Gen. Allen Probe a Secret
Kerry: US to Hasten Syria Government Change
Kerry’s first overseas trip off to shaky start
Bill unveiled to legalize medical pot
Why Should Taxpayers Give Big Banks $83 Billion a Year?
Listen up ladies! Next time there's a draft, Uncle Sam might want you too
Homeland Security Chief Threatens Long TSA Lines From Sequester
TB outbreak: LAPD urges officers to wear masks
US Internet providers start spy program to stop file-sharing
Billions at stake: US and BP clash in court over Gulf oil spill
Nation of Islam asks for gang protection
New York City homelessness continues to set new records
Canadian Asteroid-Hunting Satellite Launched into Space

Putin's KGB/FSB Converging with New IMF Banking FSB
Putin signs radical anti-tobacco bill into law
In Putin's Russia, Shooting the Messenger
Medvedev: No Grounds for New ‘Cold War’
Deputy FM Ryabkov: Iran sanctions may be lifted
Zyuganov reelected Communist chief, vows reset in left-wing politics
China, Russia ink major energy deal
Moscow 'regrets' treatment of Russians abroad
Moscow Welcomes Release of 15 Russian Sailors in Nigeria
1kg meteorite piece found in Russian Urals, biggest chunk yet discovered
Moscow Police Seize Large Cache of ‘Black Market’ Weapons
At Least 17 Amur Tigers Dead in Russia's Far East in 2012
Protests in Ukraine as EU gives May ultimatum
Ukraine wields natural gas trump card in Brussels
As Medvedev is savaged, Putin silent
State Duma Backs Putin's Foreign Assets Bill

Xi vows peaceful path on Taiwan
Xi calls for cross-Strait cooperation in realizing "Chinese dream"
Xi rewards Chinese missile brigade for launching 100 missiles
Hu Jintao meets KMT honorary chairman
State councilor meets South Korea's new president
South Korea's Park Warns North Against Nuclear Pursuits
Foreign Ministry: All Japanese activities regarding Diaoyu Islands illegal
Min of Environmental Protection refuses to release data from soil contamination investigation
China to halt approvals for small coal mines
2 Tibetan Monks Self-Immolate as Anti-China Protests Continue
Tibet's Growing Tragedy: Self-Immolation Protests Reach 105
5.4-magnitude earthquake jolts Tibet
BBC World Service Shortwave Radio Blocked in China
Chinese transport "workhorses" extending military's reach

United Kingdom
David Cameron: I'll stop migrant benefits
John Kerry: US Won't Back UK on the Falklands
Britain's top cardinal resigns over allegations 'he behaved inappropriately with priests'
Family Targeted in North Belfast Blast Bomb Attack
Cameron to hold talks with Kerry
Head of Cameron's local Tory branch resigns over gay marriage
Clegg denies cover up of associate's misconduct
Tory threat to rival parties over libel law
UK Ratings Cut Puts Spotlight on Budget
Will Litvinenko-MI6 links be revealed?
UK onshore wind farms to create more carbon dioxide than they save
Tax Breaks Spur Record UK Offshore Oil & Gas Spend

European Union
Berlusconi revives political career in chaotic Italian election
Italian markets celebrate Berlusconi’s poor performance in election
Italy's center-left to win lower house, leads in Senate race
Initial results indicate stalemate in Italian election
Angry Italians deliver austerity warning
EU ministers discuss horse meat crisis
EU holds breath over crucial Italy election
Topless Femen protest against Berlusconi as he votes in election
Protest votes add to uncertainty in close Italy election
Spanish Police Nab 3 Suspected of Spying for Iran
Spain police arrest 45 in Madrid after protest

Merkel holds talks with Turkish leaders frustrated by slow-moving EU talks
Germany presses Turkey for progress in lifting embargo on Cyprus
German government backs ban on far-right party
German Intel Paid Neo-Nazi Informer $240,000
Bare-chested protesters take on Berlin
Merkel: China, Russia seeing Syrian president's time is up
Merkel Raises Turks' Hope Of European Union Entry
Merkel kicks off sensitive visit to Turkey
Merkel inspects German Patriot missiles in Turkey
Germany arms the Persian Gulf monarchies
Germany patient with France on deficit

Hollande's Sarkozy joke riles French opposition
Ayrault: Boko Haram Claiming to Hold French Family
France blasts 'cruelty' as Boko Haram displays kidnapped family
France to pause austerity, cut spending next year instead: Hollande
Hollande urges compulsory labeling amid horsemeat scandal
France's military operation in Mali in 'final phase'
France warns of kidnappings, attac