View of the skyline of Hollywood Beach, Broward County, Florida, USA   

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View of the skyline of Hollywood Beach, Broward County, Florida, USA

Hollywood is a city in Broward County, Florida, located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The average temperature is between 68 and 83 degrees. As of July 1, 2015 Hollywood has a population of 149,728. Founded in 1925, the city grew rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s, and is now the twelfth largest city in Florida. Hollywood is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area, which was home to an estimated 6,012,331 people at the 2015 census.

Joseph W. Young founded the city in 1925. He dreamed of building a motion picture colony on the East Coast of the United States and named the town after Hollywood, California. Young bought up thousands of acres of land around 1920, and named his new town "Hollywood by the Sea" to distinguish it from his other real estate venture, "Hollywood in the Hills", in New York

Young had a vision of having lakes, golf courses, a luxury beach hotel, country clubs, and a main street, Hollywood Boulevard. After the 1926 Miami hurricane, Hollywood was severely damaged; local newspapers reported that Hollywood was second only to Miami in losses from the storm. Following upon Young's death in 1934, the city encountered more terrific hurricanes and not only that, but the stock market crashed with personal financial misfortunes. It felt as though the city was tumbling slowly piece by piece with all of those tragic events taking place.

Hollywood is a planned city. On Hollywood Boulevard is the Mediterranean-style Joseph Young Mansion, built around 1921, making it one of the oldest houses in Hollywood.

Credit for the data above is given to the following website:,_Florida

          MSNBC hosts accuse White House of trying to pressure them over coverage   
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two television hosts assailed by Donald Trump questioned his mental health on Friday and charged that the White House had tried unsuccessfully to get them to apologize to the president for unfavorable coverage in exchange for his getting a negative tabloid story about them killed.

          REVISION: United States v. Matchett (11th Cir.) -- Brief of Law Professors as Amicus Curiae in Support of Defendant-Appellant   
Section 4B1.2(a)(2) of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines is identical to statutory language that the U.S. Supreme Court found to be unconstitutionally vague in Johnson v. United States. The panel in this case held that, although 4B1.2(a)(2) is identical to the language from Johnson, it is not unconstitutionally vague because the vagueness doctrine does not apply to the now-advisory Federal Sentencing Guidelines. This brief explains why the panel decision is inconsistent with Supreme Court decisions on the vagueness doctrine and the Sentencing Guidelines.
          Sr. Software Architect - Zilliant   
Austin, TX - Zilliant is looking for an experienced technical leader to drive the product architecture vision and technology decisions used to build large-scale SaaS applications.
          Angela Merkel continues to push towards European leadership of the West and away from the UK and USA   
  Angela Merkel COGwriter The German press reported the following: G20: Angela Merkel sketches vision of France-German led Europe Germany is reorienting itself away from the US and the UK and toward France. Chancellor Merkel made that abundantly clear in a major speech to parliament about the EU’s future and next week’s G20 summit in […]
          Prince Royce - Stand by me   

Letra y acordes de Stand by me

(Letra y música de Ben E. King - Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller)
LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA

                   LA                     FA#m
When the night, has come and the land is dark
         RE            MI                   LA
Y la luna es la luz que brilla ante mí
           LA                            FA#m
Miedo no, no tendré, oh I won't me asustaré
            RE                 MI              LA
Just as long as you stand, stand by me.

                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI           LA
Oh stand... Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.

Y aunque las montañas o el cielo caiga
FA#m                                         RE
No voy a preocuparme porque se
                  MI             LA
Que tu estas, junto a mí
            LA                       FA#m
No lloraré, no lloraré oh, I won’t shed a tear
               RE             MI           LA
Porque se, que tu estás junto a mi.

                                   LA            FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE      MI                  LA
Oh stand....  Stand by me... Stand by me.

LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA
LA     FA#m    RE     MI     LA

                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.
                                  LA                  FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.

RE       MI     LA   FA#m   RE    MI   LA   FA#m
     Come on...
RE       MI       LA 

       DO#m                  RE    MI        LA      FA#m
And darling, darling stand by me oh stand by me
         RE    MI               LA
Oh stand...   Junto a mí...  Junto a mí.
Transcripción x javi29

          Sunday, June 25th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Sunday, June 18th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message by Prophetess Jennifer McKesey.

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          Sunday, June 11th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Sunday, June 4th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message by Minister Bridget Matthews.

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          Becoming Favor Magnets   

Listen to this powerful message titled “Becoming Favor Magnets” by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Mother’s Day 2017   

Listen to this powerful Mother's Day message by Prophetess Jennifer McKesey.

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          Probiotic beer created at Singapore university has 'commercial potential'   

Researchers in Singapore who have created a probiotic beer are on the lookout for industry partners to launch the product to consumers. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan from the National University of Singapore Food Science and Technology Programme, student Chan Mei Zhi Alcine has spent nine months creating a recipe that achieves the optimal count of live probiotics in the beer.

          The Glorification of the Church Pt. 2   

Listen to this powerful message titled "The Glorification of the Church Pt. 2" by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Sunday, April 30th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message from Sunday, April 30th 2017 by Bridget Matthews.

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          The Glorification of the Church   

Listen to this powerful message titled The Glorification of the Church by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Resurrection Sunday 2017   

Listen to this powerful message from Resurrection Sunday 2017 by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Jeremy Corbyn sacks three shadow ministers after they backed amendment   
Chuka Umunna’s amendment to the Queen’s Speech has brought up fresh divisions in Labour over Brexit.
          Game over for Take Two and Activision Blizzard?   
The "Halftime Report" traders debate CFRA's call to sell Activision Blizzard and Take Two.
          Game of Thrones: Diese Easter Eggs müsst ihr gesehen haben   
Sechs Staffeln der Fantasy-Sendung "Game of Thrones" haben die Fans bereits gesehen. Was manche nicht wissen, die Macher des Fantasy-Epos haben viel Humor. So verstecken sich berühmte Köpfe, Musiker oder auch Monty Python-Sprüche in den Folgen. Wir zeigen euch die besten Easter Eggs. Dieser Artikel wurde einsortiert unter Activision, TV-Serie / Webserie, Destiny, Bungie Studios, Game of Thrones (TV-Serie).

          Spécialiste du succès client - Eaton - Quebec   
We see opportunities to innovate, go above and beyond, and we work hard because what we do reflects who we are. La division Energy Automation....
From Eaton - Mon, 01 May 2017 19:27:40 GMT - View all Quebec jobs
          250019-2017: Suède-Lycksele: Matériel de télévision et matériel audiovisuel   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          249198-2017: Suède-Uppsala: Matériel de télévision et matériel audiovisuel   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Registered Nurse - MA   
MA-Boston, There is currently an urgent need for a Registered Nurse with interest and experience conducting home health care. This is a full-time, permanent position with a fantastic lucrative pay and only Monday-Friday shifts, flexibility with schedules, as well as a full benefits package which includes medical, vision, life, dental, retirement, and more. All candidates MUST have the following experiences t
          Surveillance Investigator   
MA-Boston, VRC Investigations is currently expanding our investigations division. Veracity Research Co. Investigations (VRC), is one of the nation’s leading and most experienced investigation companies. We currently have career opportunities for experienced, self-determined, and highly motivated SURVEILLANCE INVESTIGATORS that would like to join our team of professionals in our efforts to deter and combat in
MA-Boston, Position Details: Job Title : Recruiter Location : Boston,MA,USA,2116 Duration : 6 months contract We are seeking an experienced Senior Recruiting professional with creativity, short and long term recruiting vision, business understanding and personal organization to provide full lifecycle recruiting support to our US Consumer Markets digital transformation. Our passion for placing the customer at
          211. Fargo - 3° Temporada   
Concluye esta semana televisiva con un podcast sobre la tercer, y probablemente última, temporada de Fargo y... aprovechamos la ocasión para hablar un poco de las otras dos. Si las viste, escuchanos. #Podcast #Television #Series #Fargo #NoahHawley #CarrieCoon #MaryElizabethWinstead #EwanMcGregor #DavidThewlis
          Mike Huether's Budget Plan Appropriately Cautious But Lacks Vision [OPINION]   
Mayor Mike Huether says we need to spend the city's capital project money primarily on streets and utilities. There’s no doubt that streets and utilities are vital and necessary. But it confirms a wrongheaded notion that our entire lives revolve around cars and streets. That the most important element of life here in the Best Little City in America is driving. Continue reading…
          Ukraine faces fine over Eurovision delays, decision to bar Russian entrant   
Preview Ukraine is to pay a hefty fine because of severe delays in the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as Kiev’s decision to bar the Russian entrant from the competition.
Read Full Article at
          Rachael Murphey posted a blog post   
Rachael Murphey posted a blog post

5 Health Problems Mechanics Should Be Concerned About

It is no secret that working as a mechanic is a difficult occupation that requires strenuous labor. Doing repairs on heavy vehicles and putting constant strain on their muscles and back are all things that workers face every day. However, there are some less obvious health risks associated with this type of job.  Exposure to Carbon Monoxide Running vehicles produce a gas called carbon monoxide, and in shops that are not well-ventilated, this can prove deadly to mechanics. Furthermore, the gas is both odorless and tasteless, and toxic levels of it may be impossible to detect until workers are already presenting with physical symptoms.  Eye InjuriesThose who work in body shops or are more at risk for eye injuries because they work with many small, metal parts. Parts may fly off and unexpectedly become lodged in a worker's eye if they are not wearing safety glasses. Bench grinders are well- known for launching pieces of metal with some regularity. Approximately 7% of all workplace hazards to mechanics are eye injuries. Hearing Loss Regular exposure to loud noises, especially in enclosed spaces such as a repair shop, can cause devastating effects to hearing function. Hearing loss due to car horns, power tools, grinders, and other equipment is sometimes irreversible. Like damage to vision, hearing loss does, in some cases, get worse over time. Experts say that noise levels over 90 decibels is harmful to the ears and should be avoided by wearing proper hearing protection. Asbestos ExposureMechanics often risk exposure to asbestos in the workplace. When replacing the clutch or break, sanding and grinding occurs and sometimes creates asbestos dust, which is extremely difficult to avoid breathing. There are many dangers related to being exposed to asbestos for long periods of time, and doing so can cause life-threatening pulmonary diseases and even a deadly type of cancer called mesothelioma.  Exposure to ChemicalsThere are a variety of volatile chemicals in repair shops that cause injuries to the mechanics working in them. Regular exposure to degreasers, solvents, and oil can cause skin burns, irritation to the lining of the lungs, and eye damage. A skin condition called hand dermatitis is commonly found in patients who work in auto body shops and is the result of regular exposure to various chemicals. While these problems have the potential to be quite serious, the likelihood of them occurring can be drastically decreased by using proper safety gear and adhering to all health and safety regulations. References More

          Comment on Christians And The Law Of God by jonahmb   
I am glad you stumbled across my posts on this topic. Rushdoony's book is wonderful, but yes, it is quite meaty. Here is a link to an introductory book on the discussion of God's Law and Christians to get your toes wet! I hope this helps!
          Prof. Samuel Huntington   
The fundamental source of conflict in this new world
will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic.

The great divisions amoung humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural.

The clash of civilisation will dominate global politics

          Vice President Pence to Visit NASA's Kennedy Space Center   

NASA Logo. (PRNewsFoto/NASA) (PRNewsFoto/)WASHINGTON, June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Vice President Mike Pence will visit NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday, July 6. NASA Television and the agency's website will provide live coverage for parts of the visit starting at noon EDT with Air Force Two's...

          Media of the Netherlands   


'''Media in the Netherlands''' – [[television]], [[radio]], [[newspaper]]s, [[magazine]]s – are characterised by a tradition of politico-denominational segregation ("[[pillarisation]]") on the one hand and an increasing degree of [[commercialism]] on the other.


          GOL announces Material Fact - Corporate Reorganization of Controlled Companies   

SAO PAULO, June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes S.A. ("GLAI"), (NYSE: GOL and B3: GOLL4), Brazil's #1 airline, in compliance with the provisions in §4 of article 157 of Law no. 6404, dated December 15, 1976, as amended, and in CVM Instruction no. 358/2002, and in...

          The Division PTS 1.7 is live on PC, console invites limited to 10,000 per platform   
The Division’s PTS 1.7 is live on PC, but console players will have to wait a while before they can jump in.
          New teams and a Sydney-based second division – the future of the A-League?   

As the scramble for the next two A-League places and talk of a second division heats up Sydney will be in the thick of it. The current front runner for expansion in Sydney is Sutherland but they aren’t the only potential location. Transport problems and geography have made Sydney a tribal city which is a […]

Article link: New teams and a Sydney-based second division – the future of the A-League?. Written by The Crowd, on The Roar - Your Sports Opinion.

          Worte zum Sonntag: "Sturm, Hagel, Blitz und Donner"   
Die Schwüle des Tages hängt in der Luft. Es ist schweißtreibend warm. Von der Terrasse aus kann ich das Auftürmen der Wolken beobachten. Schwarz naht eine Gewitterfront. Fernes Grollen und Donnern. Blitze zucken.   Der Himmel sieht aus, als wolle die Welt untergehen. Künstler haben die letzten Momente der Menschheitsgeschichte mit dunklen Farben gemalt. Sturm, Hagel, Blitz und Donner. Die Bibel beschreibt den Weltuntergang mit finsteren Visionen. „Ihr werdet hören von Kriegen und Kriegsgeschrei; seht zu und erschreckt nicht. Denn das muss so geschehen; aber es ist noch nicht das Ende da. Denn es wird sich ein Volk gegen das andere erheben und ein Königreich gegen das andere; und es werden Hungersnöte sein und Erdbeben.“ (Matthäus 24,7). Doch diese Bilder wollen nicht Ängste verbreiten und einschüchtern. Gerade in schwierigen Zeiten war es für viele ein Wort der Hoffnung, wenn es in der Bibel heißt: „Denn wie der Blitz ausgeht vom Osten und leuchtet bis zum Westen, so wird auch das Kommen des Menschensohns sein.“ (Matthäus 24,27). Diese Welt wird ein Ende haben. Doch dieses Ende soll ein Anfang werden. Wie der Donner zum Blitz gehört und der Blitz zum Gewitter, so sicher ist es, dass Jesus sichtbar wiederkommt und alles neu machen wird. Das soll uns heute Lebensmut geben: „Alle Herren dieser Welt gehen, aber unser Herr, der kommt.“ (G.  Heinemann) Gesegnete Zeit.
          Supervisor de Vendas Externas - Podium Lubrificantes - Ananindeua, PA   
Experiência comprovada em supervisão. Supervisionar as equipes de vendas, acompanhar os pedidos dos clientes e identificar suas necessidades, para definir a... R$ 5.000 por mês
De Indeed - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 14:33:40 GMT - Visualizar todas as empregos: Ananindeua, PA
          Welcome to Signature Homes   

Meade Construction of Lexington, an established company for over 20 years, is proud to announce the grand opening of its new home construction division….”Signature Homes” located at 10 N. Mill … Read More

The post Welcome to Signature Homes appeared first on Signature Homes.

          249004-2017: Espagne-Pozuelo de Alarcón: Équipements et appareils de radio, de télévision, de communication, de télécommunication et équipements connexes   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 21-08-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          Sales Support, Office Furniture Division - RGO Office Products - Calgary, AB   
RGO Products Ltd. RGO offers a positive work environment, supporting our employees through:. RGO is a multi-year winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies...
From RGO Office Products - Mon, 17 Apr 2017 22:37:21 GMT - View all Calgary, AB jobs
           Envisioning a Hip-Hop Urbanism in Washington DC    

The following is a manifesto, in search of a movement... In it, I am proposing a theory of architecture based around a ruffneck, antisocial, hip-hop, rudeboy ethos. [1]
– Kara Walker

           VV Building / Ça Arquitectura    

This residential building, located in the city of Moreno in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, is among the first in a city block with recently updated zoning guidelines. In the present it operates independently and as the protagonist of its surroundings, but it will also fit perfectly into the urban fabric planned in the municipality´s vision.

          Busco compañia femenina en verano. Solo amistad   
Busco compañia femenina en verano. Q le gusten los perros, la playa, la tranquilidad, el respeto a los demas, la meditacion, los conciertos por la zona de huelva y provincia en un ambiente relajado y distendido. Si eres divertida mejor, aunque desde el respeto cada cual es como sea y no se tiene q dar juicio de valor ninguno, si no entran a valorar el tuyo. Me importa el presente, el pasado anecdotico para reir e intento no hacer previsiones o...
          Savage, Master Amere Rayshun   
Services celebrating his life will be held at 12 NOON, Saturday, July 1, 2017 at Grant Chapel AME (6931 Division Ave) with burial in Zion Memorial...
          Tristesse languedocienne en pensant à Loulou Nicollin   
L'information tombe brutalement

J'en suis triste. Je suis nîmois, donc sportivement anti Montpellierien. Mais je reconnais la valeur de l'homme, ses excès parfois insupportable.

Mais c'était une figure de ma région. Qui a porté son club très haut

Pensées à la chanson de Ricoune. En demi finale de coupe de France, Nîmes, en 3eme division, joue le grand Montpellier. Nicollin annonce que si son club perd contre les gueux gardois, il rentrera à Montpellier à cheval.

C'etait un grand président. Oui, je suis un peu triste ce soir...

          Price Drop: Bugs Third Grade Educational Games for Kids School Edition   
Bugs Third Grade Educational Games for Kids School Edition
Kategorie: Bildung
Preis: 3,49 € -> 1,09 €
Version: 2.01
in iTunes öffnen

We believe that children learn best in a warm, fun and relaxed environment. So, come play with us and enjoy tons of endless fun with Bugs Third Grade Educational Games for Kids School Edition! Ideal as an educational tool to build up your third-graders understanding of the Math and English key concepts, this app is filled with interactive activities that will not only keep your third grader highly entertained but widely educated as well. Covering a variety of activities designed to create a real learning experience, this app is a surefire means to give your child’s Math and English skills a boost. Exercises such as identifying sentence parts, verb tenses, punctuations, synonym and antonym and spelling are designed to develop their thinking and language skills in both written and oral form. The math exercises will help your third grader build their fluency in basic math operations in addition, subtraction and multiplication and develop their understanding of place value and the operations of the number sentences. It boasts an interesting mix of activities that touches the following content areas: 1. Decimals and Fractions – understand the ways of representing fractional and decimal numbers and how they both relate to each other. 2. Multiplication and Division – apply multiplication and division of whole numbers of up to 4-digits, including word problems in real-life situations 3. Geometry – help grasp the concepts of area and perimeter as well as angles to make kids c...
          Make no mistake, the return of English international cricket to the BBC won't remedy the sport's malaise   
English cricket will return to free-to-air television in 2020 after the BBC won live broadcast rights for 21 matches - but don't be tempted to see this as a revolutionary moment for the game
          Infantrymen: The Story of Company C 18th Infantry 1st Division from June 6, 1944 to May 8, 1945   
Infantrymen: The Story of Company C 18th Infantry 1st Division from June 6, 1944 to May 8, 1945
author: Ralph J. Gordon
name: KOMET
average rating: 3.00
book published: 2012
rating: 0
read at:
date added: 2017/06/30
shelves: to-read, biographies-diaries-and-memoirs, second-world-war-non-fiction

          Clinical Services Coordinator - Northern Chiefs Council - Red Lake, ON   
*RESPONSIBILITES* * Coordinates the development of regional clinical telemedicine services * Supports KO eHealth team in the provision of effective
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          Commentaires sur Asus FX753VD-GC101T, PC portable 17 pouces Quad Kaby Full GTX 1050 à 899€ par camille   
Pour ceux qui se poseraient des questions : j'ai acheté quasiment la même référence (i7 à la place du i5) il y a deux semaine en promo sans os sur ldlc (929E avec un code promo) : -Il y a un port m2/sata fonctionnel dedans (il manquait seulement la vis pour moi mais j'en avais une en reserve) même si ce n'est pas indiqué clairement sur la fiche du fabriquant. -L’écran est très lumineux si poussé au maximum et les angles de vision sont bons pour du LED (moi j'ai une legere fuite de lumiere visible sur fond noir en bas à gauche mais pas trop genante). -Les températures sont bonnes en charge (environ 53/54°C max pour le proc). Il peut par contre devenir assez bruyant à pleine charge en jeu. -le chassis ne chauffe pas, le clavier et le touchpad sont agréables. -attention : seul l'exterieur de l'ecran est en aluminium, le reste est en plastique. -les performances générales sont très bonnes (bureautique/jeux) et le wifi est particulièrement bon ! -l'autonomie n’excède pas 2h30/3h sur le web en baissant la luminosité (mais 17''/3kg, ce n'est pas vraiment un ultra portable) donc il vaut mieux avoir une prise à côté. -La sortie casque est de bonne qualité, les enceintes internes sont juste correctes : on distingue très bien les voix mais les basses sont absentes. remarque : il est possible de désactiver le rétroéclairage rouge pour obtenir un look plus ordinaire.
          Roku TV devices still banned in Mexico   

Roku TV devices still banned in Mexico

A Mexican tribunal has upheld a ban on the import of Roku streaming devices in the country, citing piracy.

Cable TV provider, Cablevision, had successfully managed to have the import and sale of Roku streaming devices banned in the country on the grounds that some owners are using them for illegal television streaming. Roku did manage to have that order suspended for a few days, but has now suffered another setback.

This week, a Mexico City tribunal upheld the initial import ban, keeping it illegal to sell devices from California-based Roku in the country.

"Cablevision cannot allow the content that it licenses from domestic and foreign companies to be illegally used," Cablevision spokeswoman Maria Eugenia Zurita told Reuters.

"We would also like Roku Inc to better supervise the use of its software so that it's not used inappropriately."

Roku devices are set-top media boxes that are intended to be used with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Starz and plenty of other legal streaming services on the Internet. In recent years, such devices have fueled a growth in cord-cutting, the practice of dropping cable and satellite television services in favor of online streaming services.

Not all services are legal, of course, and devices can be modified and configured to access illegal streaming services. According to the Reuters report, Roku owners in Mexico are frequently contacted by providers of illegal television streaming services offering them cheap packages of hundreds of television channels, without appropriate permission and licensing.

Roku does not advertise its products for illegal use, and rulings that ban digital media products due to their misuse by some customers could have terrible consequences. Roku is keeping optimistic about the future of its products in Mexico, however.

"Today's decision is not the final word in this complex legal matter, and it is not expected to prevent consumers from purchasing Roku products in Mexico at this time," Roku General Counsel Steve Kay said.

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          Trump’s pick for DOJ’s Civil Rights Division defended HB 2 law   

Labor issues lawyer Eric Dreiband has also argued for religious exemptions for nonprofits

The post Trump’s pick for DOJ’s Civil Rights Division defended HB 2 law appeared first on Metro Weekly.

          Shop Foreman - Quad Steel Inc - Bolton, ON   
Weld Supervisor with the CWB, Jig Maker, Fitter, Welder, and Minimum of 5-8 years in supervision position, CWB certificate as welder or supervisor is an asset....
From Indeed - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 19:08:50 GMT - View all Bolton, ON jobs
          GMAT Sentence Correction (SC) | Re: QOTD: For many revisionist historians, Christopher Columbus   
WoahGMATNinja ! This was a tricky one. I was torn between Choices (A) and (E) but finally picked Choice (E).

For many revisionist historians, Christopher Columbus has come to personifydevastation and enslavement in the name of progress that has decimated native peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

Understanding the meaning: For many RH, CC has come to personifysomething . What has he come to personify? 1. Devastation 2. Enslavement in the name of progress. These two things have decimated native

          GMAT Critical Reasoning (CR) | Re: Weaken Revision: The American Revolution arose partly   
boiled down to A and E, but I picked E => Image
Now I realize that "any" and "at least" are traps.
E talks about some democracy still has suppress on dissent.
A talks about no suppress on dissent while no protection against dictator. => A is correct

          Order Management Associate – Softgoods - Giant Tiger West - Quebec   
Prior experience working with offshore product flow; Create, distribute, and maintain all types of purchase orders for the Softgoods division, for domestic, US...
From Giant Tiger West - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 15:11:24 GMT - View all Quebec jobs
          GMAT Sentence Correction (SC) | Re: Although it claims to delve into political issues,   
A,D, and B are clearly out.

I too took around 4 minutes to solve this question - though I was not convinced, I found option E better than option C.
C has redundant " three major networks" and "all" also.

Structure of the option E is grammatically correct - here is how.

Although it claims to delve into political issues (modifier DC), television (Main subject being modified by DC)can be superficial, as when the three major networks each broadcast exactly the same statement

          JYB TV Recruitment Into Vacant Positions   

JYB TV is a 24/7-television station on Startimes Channel 361 offering indigenous content for children, teenagers and young adults. It is the go to station for quality children’s and youth oriented programming and promises to deliver wholesome content that will enrich the lives of its viewers.   Job Title:  Presenters (Female) Job Description We are looking for […]

JYB TV Recruitment Into Vacant Positions

          Abortion law needs a UK-wide update, not just Northern Ireland   
The provision of abortions for Northern Irish women has been a hot issue this week in both Belfast and Westminster, but UK-wide law has also failed to keep up with medical reality
          Building the future in a time of war   
Student in Lebanon practicing numbers on a white board

In Lebanon, MCC-supported education programs are reaching out to young Syrian refugees, providing space where they can continue to learn and grow.

At home in her village near Aleppo, Syria, Nisrine Issa had a clear vision of what she wanted for her young daughters.

          Marks Sattin: Financial Controller    
£55000 - £60000 per annum + Car, Bonus, Pension: Marks Sattin: Superb opportunity for a Financial Controller to join a highly profitable division of a leading FMCG company. England, Berkshire, Maidenhead
          Sam Elliott On Career Longevity, Playing Tough And His Iconic Role In 'Lebowski'   
Copyright 2017 Fresh Air. To see more, visit Fresh Air . DAVE DAVIES, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. Sam Elliott has been acting in movies and television for nearly 50 years. You may have seen him in any number of Westerns such as "Tombstone" or playing a bouncer in "Road House" or in some memorable appearances like in the Coen brothers' film "The Big Lebowski." If you don't know Elliott's name, you might recognize his distinctive voice featured in a lot of commercials. (SOUNDBITE OF FILM, "THE HERO") SAM ELLIOTT: (As Lee Hayden) Lone Star barbecue sauce - the perfect partner for your chicken. Lone Star barbecue sauce - the perfect partner for your chicken - got it? UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (As character) Can you do one more? ELLIOTT: (As Lee Hayden) Do you want something different? DAVIES: Elliott's done plenty of voiceover work, but that's a clip from his new film, "The Hero," in which he plays an aging actor whose career is stalled. Elliott's career, by contrast, is surging. He got critical
          Handmade door silencer - baby accessories by MaddysAccessories14   

5.00 CAD

This listing is for one door silencer, handmade with care.

Made with high quality cotton and cotton flannel.
Coordinating ribbon for universal fit.
Standard Length is approximately 3.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall.

Keep your baby and/or toddler sleeping during nap time by reducing noise that come from closing doors!
This can be attached to most doors.

Washing instructions:
Machine wash on delicate and hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat.

This is not a toy! Adult supervision required.

The colours of items may be slightly different from the picture due to the settings of your monitor. Our photos are retouched to ensure that colours are as close as possible to reality.

Hand crafted in a pet and smoke free home.

Packaged ready for gift giving!
Delivered in sturdy packaging to prevent damage during it's travels.

Thank you for visiting our shop and come back soon, as we are always adding new items!

          Will Sub-Saharan Africa’s population hit 10 billion? 15 billion?   
Over at, a demographer points out that all my scary graphs lately have been based on the U.N. Population Division’s optimistic-sounding “medium fertility variant” in which total fertility rates magically converge toward 1.85 babies per woman by the end of the century. But what if Africans just go on doing what comes natural? The correspondent […]
          todo para una porrista... :)   
                                  Todo para una porristas... :)

Plan de entrenamiento de 2 semanas para porristas
Las prueba para porristas generalmente se llevan a cabo una vez al año , así que es importante prepararse bien por adelantado si quieres formar parte del equipo. ya sea que quieras ingresar a un equipo de porritas de escuela primaria , secundaria o universitaria , de todas las estrellas o semi profesionales , la competencia será más fuerte , y la mayoría de los equipos tienes un número limitado de vacantes disponibles. Podrías estar compitiendo contra miembros anteriores del equipo , porristas experimentadas y gimnastas , haci que es mejor llegar a las pruebas bien preparada.

                             como ser una buena porrista??????????????????

1_ practica gritar desde tu diafragma , enunciando claramente tus palabras. Las porristas usan este método cuando hacen ovaciones y cánticos , ya que les asegura que tendrán la suficiente potencia mientras desempeñan saltos y bailes.

2_ estira todos los días por 20 minutos antes de las pruebas. La flexibilidad  es clave para lograr buenos saltos , sino que te mantendrá a salvo cuando des vueltas y hagas bailes acrobáticos.

3_ haz entrenamiento de fuerza al menos tres veces por semana en tu camino a las pruebas. Las bases , los observadores o los volantes necesitan tener fuerza; las mejores porristas son tan fuertes como flexibles. Puedes comenzar haciendo tres o cuatro juegos de 8 a 12 repeticiones de cada uno de los siguientes ejercicios: sentadillas básicas , estocadas hacia delante y hacia atrás , abdominales  y flexiones de brazo.

4_  corre , trota o camina 30 minutos al menos tres veces por semana antes de las pruebas. Esto te ayudará a fortalecer tu resistencia , que es crucial en la animación. Si prefieres puedes usar una máquina elíptica , una bicicleta.

5_ salta frente a un espejo para revisar tu postura y la posición de tus brazos. Si no tienes aseso a un espejo lo suficientemente largo como para ver tus saltos , has que un amigo te grave cuando saltas para que puedas ver tus imágenes. Alternativamente puedes pedirle a un amigo que tenga conocimiento sobre animación que te ofrezca una critica de los mismos. Si bien es ideal que tus pierna puedan elevarse alto , lo más importante es que tu espalda se mantenga recta y tus brazos fuertes. Por sobre todo lo demás , demuéstrale a los jueces que estás en buena forma.

                                       rutina de porras :)

CHEER: Dentro de esta categoría encontramos todas aquellas rutinas en las que se pueden admirar las impactantes pirámides y fabulosas acrobacias.
DANCE: Son todas las rutinas que poseen únicamente baile (sin pirámides) y gimnasia, pero que nos maravillan con la perfecta coordinación y la originalidad de los pasos


FEMENIL: Aquí se encuentran todos los equipos ya sean cheer o dance conformados solo por mujeres.
MIXTO: En esta división están los equipos integrados tanto por chicas como por chicos, éste necesariamente debe ser cheer.
PIWEE: Aquí se encuentran todos los animadores, ya sea como equipos mixtos o femenil, cheer o dance, cuyos integrantes son menores de 12 años.

¿Qué es una porrista o cheerleader?

Puede resultar difícil considerar que los porristas ocheerleaders(como se les conoce en casi todo el mundo) sean deportistas en forma, quizá porque no los veamos tras un balón , esto puede llevarnos a pensar que esta actividad carece de elementos para considerarse un deporte.
Para muchos participantes esta actividad más que un deporte es un estilo de vida, ya que engloba una gama de actitudes y valores formativos tales como: lealtad, disciplina, liderazgo, trabajo en equipo y unión; necesarios para formar un grupo verdadero deporristas.

Una cheerleader o una porrista es una mujer practicante del arte de realizar rutinas que son una mezcla original de baile con música haciendo énfasis en efectos visuales, levantamientos, extensiones, pirámides, movimientos de fuerza, precisión, transiciones de figuras y secuencias que integran distintos cambios de altura todos creados para contagiar de entusiasmo a los espectadores durante las exhibiciones.
es bastante difícil. Sin mencionar que es de los deportes donde más lastimados hay además del fut-ball americano..

CHEER: Dentro de esta categoría encontramos todas aquellas rutinas en las que se pueden admirar las impactantes pirámides y fabulosas acrobacias.
DANCE: Son todas las rutinas que poseen únicamente baile (sin pirámides) y

Una cheerleader o una porrista es una mujer practicante del arte de realizar rutinas que son una mezcla original de baile con música haciendo énfasis en efectos visuales, levantamientos, extensiones, pirámides, movimientos de fuerza, precisión, transiciones de figuras y secuencias que integran distintos cambios de altura todos creados para contagiar de entusiasmo a los espectadores durante las exhibiciones.
Para participar en un equipo de porristas será necesario desarrollar una excelente condición física, disciplina, elasticidad, potencia y fuerza para que todo el equipo se vea tan coordinado y preciso que parezca uno solo.

Los practicantes de esta disciplina se caracterizan por ser desenvueltos, con liderazgo, que saben inyectar entre la gente que los rodea su espíritu de lucha y triunfo, además de mostrar jovialidad, carisma y facilidad para impulsar a sus compañeros a lograr sus metas.
El Deporte de Animación es tan completo que los participantes desarrollan sus habilidades psicomotrices al practicar diversidad de patrones de movimiento, habilidades gimnásticas, acondicionamiento físico, etc., brindándoles una salud y mentalidad óptimos para enfrentar cualquier situación que se les presente durante su desarrollo.
tecnica de elongación
Este método de elongación y preparación física consiste en la fusión de las mejores técnicas y ejercicios, combinados en secuencias diseñadas para lograr:
·                            aberturas que pasan los 180º,
·                            rotaciones máximas,
·                            flexibilización de la columna,
·                            altura de posiciones,
·                            corrección postural y
·                            reubicación de dorsales para una espalda plana.

Herramientas que obtiene al Certificarse

·                                 Video en DVD y Audio (15 horas),como parte de la educación de la certificación.
·                                 Nueve presentaciones en PowerPoint con todo el material necesario para presentar a grupos, a clientes actuales o clientes potenciales.
·                                 Cuestionario de evaluación de clientes con las 55 preguntas críticas para conocer y evaluar el estado inicial antes de desarrollar un programa de cambio.

·                                 Paquete de apoyo (9 elementos), para el mercadeo de su servicio en base a la certificación como Asesor.

·                                 Certificado, Logo y derecho de uso de imágen como Asesor Certificado en Estilo de Vida Saludable.
·                                 Exposición en 2 zonas de la página de Balance Natural como parte del apoyo para la adquisición de nuevos clientes.
·                                 Enlace a página propia. Obtiene un link de enlace a su página personal con objetivo de que los clientes de Balance Natural puedan conocer sobre el asesor y tenga mayor exposición en redes.
·                                 1 hora de coaching con Donald Vega para evacuación de dudas.
·                                 Educación continua con acceso exclusivo a material nuevo dos veces al año.
·                                 Posibilidad de aportar a la sección de Recursos y Artículos de nuestra página.
·                                 9 documentos con 7 tips cada uno sobre los 7 Principios Fundamentales de la Salud, estrés y un Estilo de Vida Saludable para que le entregue a los clientes a medida que van cubriendo cada tema en sesión de educación.
El programa de certificación facilita las herramientas necesarias para ayudar a sus clientes a lograr mejores resultados y un Estilo de Vida Saludable. El programa se enfoca en las siguientes áreas:
·                                 Estrés
·                                 Alimentación
·                                 Pensamientos
·                                 Hidratación
·                                 Respiración
·                                 Ciclos de Sueño
·                                 Movimiento
·                                 Luz solar
Bajar de peso es posible. Sin dietas estríctas ni dejar de comer
ReduceNat es Líder en pérdida de peso en América Latina.

ReduceNat es el plan natural elaborado por especialistas para eliminar los kilos de más, sin poner en riesgo tu salud. Al contrario, con menos kilos y evitando el sobrepeso podrás tener una mejor calidad de vida. Por dos motivos, el primero es que tu salud no estará en riesgo ya que tu cuerpo no tendrá excesos de grasas ni calorías de más. El segundo es que te sentirás mucho mejor teniendo una figura más estilizada y atractiva.

A veces, más riesgoso que tener exceso de peso, es intentar perder esos kilos de más con procedimientos quirúrgicos peligrosos, con costosas pastillas o remedios riesgosos. Es por eso que en ReduceNat nuestros especialistas están para responder tus consultas. Un grupo de analistas y orientadores tomarán tu consulta y harán una evaluación para ofrecerte un plan a tu medida. En ReduceNat nos importa la calidad y nos aseguramos de que todo el proceso se conduzca bajo estrictas normas de calidad. Éstas, están aprobadas y auditadas por las autoridades sanitarias.

"La metodologia de estudio es sencilla para el alumno ya que uno puede manejarla a su propio tiempo... 

"La metodologia de estudio es sencilla para el alumno ya que uno puede manejarla a su propio tiempo... 

Articulos Deportivos

·                               Bolsos Deportivos
·                               Tableros Electronicos
·                               Bolsas de Tackle
·                               Arcos Deportivos

Pelotas Deportivas

·                               Pelotas de Rugby - Basquet
·                               Pelotas de Futbol - Voley
·                               Pelotas de Handball
·                               Pelotas Papi y Baby futbol


·                               Atletismo - Boxeo - Fitness
·                               Esferodinamia - Hockey
·                               Paddle - Tenis - Ping Pong
·                               Cestoball - Rugby - Sofball

Articulos Varios

·                               Silbatos - Pizarras magneticas
·                               Flota flota - Reglamentos
·                               Infladores - Pecheras - Juegos
·                               Cronometros - Tanteador

Plan de entrenamiento de 2 semanas para porristas

Con el fin de preparar tu cuerpo para los rigores de las porristas, necesitas resistencia, fuerza, flexibilidad y equilibrio. Cuando sea posible, elije ejercicios inspirados en las porristas, ya que te entrenan de la misma manera que lo harías al hacer porras. Un plan progresivo que aumenta en dificultad durante un período de dos semanas es una manera efectiva de ganar los beneficios que necesitas.


Como porrista, necesitas resistencia para realizar los aplausos, bailes, volteretas, saltos y acrobacias requeridas. La actividad aeróbica que hace latir tu corazón y pone a tus pulmones a trabajar más duro es lo que necesitas para desarrollar resistencia. Haz por lo menos tres sesiones de actividad aeróbica a la semana durante el programa. Si lo deseas, puedes hacer actividad aeróbica en cada entrenamiento. Para una actividad de resistencia inspirada en las porristas, considera realizar tus aplausos y bailes en sucesión rápida, similar a una rutina de danza aeróbica. No tomes descansos entre los vítores y los bailes. Realiza cada elemento varias veces si es necesario con el fin de llenar el tiempo asignado. El objetivo de la primera semana es hacer al menos 30 minutos de actividad aeróbica. En la segunda semana, aumenta tu sesión de resistencia por lo menos 10 minutos.


La fuerza pura que se necesita para conseguir levantar tu cuerpo del suelo en los saltos complejos y difíciles habilidades de giros. Levantar a otra animadora del suelo no es tarea fácil. Incluye un componente de entrenamiento de la fuerza por lo menos tres veces a la semana en tus dos semanas de entrenamiento. Toma un día de descanso en el medio para permitir que tus músculos se recuperen. Los ejercicios que utilizan tu propio peso corporal para la resistencia son más fáciles de incorporar, ya que no requieren ningún equipo y se pueden hacer en cualquier lugar. Considera la posibilidad de hacer sentadillas y estocadas en tus piernas, flexiones de pecho y los brazos y abdominales para construir una base fuerte. Un gran entrenamiento de ejercicios de torso que imita los movimientos de un salto es el situp V o navaja. Parte de espaldas con las piernas estiradas y los brazos extendidos sobre la cabeza. Levanta los brazos y las piernas, al mismo tiempo, que pones tu cuerpo en una posición en V con sólo tu trasero en contacto con el suelo. Baja la espalda hacia la posición de partida, pero no dejes que tus brazos o piernas toquen el suelo entre repeticiones. Realiza levantamientos en V en grupos de 10. En la segunda semana, haz tres a cinco series de 10.


Las porristas tienen que ser extremadamente flexibles. La posición de saltar con las piernas abiertas y tocar tus pies y la postura arqueada de la llamada posición de picadura de escorpión requieren de músculos flexibles y una amplia gama de movimiento en las articulaciones. Estira todos los días durante tu programa de dos semanas. Calienta tus músculos antes de los estiramientos y mantén todas las posiciones de estiramiento durante 30 segundos. Incluye abrirte de piernas, ponerlas en casi 180 grados y estiramientos de puente. Mejorar la flexibilidad lleva tiempo. No hay que esperar milagros al término de dos semanas. El entrenamiento de la flexibilidad es algo que tendrás que continuar mucho después de que tu programa de entrenamiento de dos semanas haya terminado.


El buen equilibrio te ayudará a balancearte en una postura de acrobacia, proporcionar una base sólida para la acrobacia y aterrizar con seguridad después de las volteretas y saltos. Entrénate para el equilibrio en cada sesión que hagas mediante la ejecución de posiciones de acrobacia en el suelo. Por ejemplo, párate con los pies al ancho de las caderas y los brazos encima de la cabeza en una posición de V alta. Practica la alineación correcta tirando de los abdominales hacia la columna y relajando los hombros. Realiza posiciones de un pie, como una libertad y estiramiento del talón también. Durante una semana, ejecuta tus posiciones en tierra firme. En la segunda semana de tu programa, intenta estas posiciones en algo que ponga a prueba tu estabilidad. Si tienes acceso a un colchón de oscilación, que se asemeje a un balón de estabilidad aplanado, realiza tus posiciones de acrobacia sobre el mismo. De lo contrario, sólo tienes que mantener el equilibrio sobre una almohada o un cojín de sofá.
Center the inner transformation of the individual, "Power of Light" - a unique project, which operates under the supervision of more than 10% of esoteric schools and movements across Europe. Over 5 years thousands of people have already discovered in our schools the path of inner transformation of the individual. this trend is becoming increasingly important and popular every year. Today we announce the beginning of the transformation of the Center for "The Power of Light" in the Association of inner transformation of the individual, "Power of Light". This is due to the development of the Center for 5 years and access to the new countries. During these 5 years, we have been acquired techniques and training programs. It was developed practices and exercises that allow to pass the inner transformation of the individual. In Russia, for our Association inner transformation of the individual, "Power of Light" joins more and more powerful magicians, artists and artisans who want to revive the Slavic roots, the Power Rod! To expand the project on the territory of Russia, as well as in other countries, we launched PROJECT WELCOME to help put the idea into practice. We sincerely put into it all that we had the experience, knowledge and spiritual development. To date, the Association of the inner transformation of the individual, "Power of Light" is an informal association. In the near future the registration of companies in the UK, only to strengthen the protection of the project Welcome on external factors. With your help we will be able to work as honest, which means as long as possible and.

Plan: 0,777% daily for 365 days
Min. deposit: 7$
Depo includedin payouts
Withdrawal: Manual
Min. payout: 1$
Ref com: 7%
Accept: Perfect Money, ADVCash



Date : 04/14/2016 19:00
From/To Account : U11929516
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 128364185
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. upline.
Payment ID : 204
          An Interview with Alia Hussain, Collections Technician   
This week’s interview is with Alia Hussain, the newest technician in the Collection Services Division.  With her writing background, I’m hoping she decides to contribute to our blog. Describe your background. I was born and raised in New Jersey, then moved to Chicago after graduating high school to attend college. What is your academic/professional history? […]
          Finance Analyst (Government)   
CO-Colorado Springs, AT&T GSI is searching for a Finance Analyst with strong experience to fill this vacancy. The candidate will be providing direct, on-site support to the Sensors and Optics Division (SMC/SYG) at Peterson Air Force Base, CO. The ideal candidate will have experience performing the following: Manage complex budgets across multiple SMC/SYG programs to ensure adherence to DoD regulations. Responsible for
          Michael Bond, creator of beloved Paddington Bear stories, is dead at 91   

The genial British author who created Paddington Bear, the polite, good-natured but disaster-prone little hero of children’s novels, picture and activity books, television series, and films, died at his home in London.
          Austin Aries, WWE’s Healthiest Wrestler   
Austin Aries WWE Healthy EatingAustin Aries, WWE star of the cruiserweight division, champions healthy eating in his book 'Food Fight' and around the pro wrestling world.
          Grabtc -   
Im not admin,


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The best option for an inexperienced person is to seek the assistance of professionals and high earnings. We believe all investors deserve high-quality investment guidance, regardless of portfolio sizes. Therefore whether you're getting married, having a baby, reaching retirement, or simply going through some other major life event, we are available to help everyone so let us answer your questions and help set you on the path towards your future vision.

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          Un jugador sorprende con sus dibujos de pantallazos de juegos de NES   
Utiliza screens para renovar el apartado visual.

Un jugador de videojuegos aficionado a la temática retro está transformándose en la sensación de Reddit de estos últimos días mediante sus creaciones pictóricas basadas en pantallazos de juegos retro.

Andres1984 ha tomado screens de clásicos de la NES, la primera gran consola de sobremesa de Nintendo, y se ha encargado de recrearlos dibujando encima de ellos para darles un toque actual con profundidad y efectos.

Las recreaciones, como puedes ver en las imágenes, incluyen juegos como Contra 2, Punch Out y Duck Hunt, entre otros, para repasar grandes clásicos de finales de los ochenta en la NES.

El trabajo artístico realizado por este aficionado ha hecho que la comunidad se pregunte cómo quedarían en movimiento estas revisiones gráficas de transformarse en remasterizaciones jugables.

¿Qué te parecen estos diseños? Propuestas como ésta demuestran que lo retro está más de moda que nunca. Que se lo digan a todos los jugadores que están luchando por reservar una SNES Mini esta semana.

Un jugador sorprende con sus dibujos de pantallazos de juegos de NES

Un jugador sorprende con sus dibujos de pantallazos de juegos de NES
          Chambre meublée à Lausanne   
Grande chambre meublée à Lausanne ( La Sallaz ) en sous-location et en colocation pour 3 mois:\r\n( novembre, décembre 2017 et janvier 2018 ).\r\nGrand lit, armoire, bureau, bibliothèque, télévision. Proche des commerces et des transports publics
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:21:52 -0400
          Running a Presidential Campaign with Immutable Infrastructure: Michael Fisher at QCon NY   

At QCon New York 2017 Michael Fisher presented “Presidential Campaigns & Immutable Infrastructure” and discussed the implementation and challenges of provisioning infrastructure for the Hillary for America (HFA) campaign that ran during the 2015-2016 US regional and national elections.

By Daniel Bryant
          ISS sælger svensk division med 70 ansatte   
ISS har solgt sin svenske division for ejendomsadministration. Det fortæller selskabet i en pressemeddelelse fredag. Divisionen, der har 70 ansatte, er solgt til svenske Riksbyggen, der ...
          Portfolio sells more Cat in the Hat   

Copied from Kidscreen - Cat-in-the-Hat

International broadcasters including Sony Pictures Television Networks and Discovery Kids have picked up the preschool series The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!.

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          Sony Pictures TV Networks commissions Carter   


The detective procedural from Toronto's Amaze Film + Television will shoot in North Bay this summer.

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          Ingénieur Validation Radio - Secteur Télécommunications (H/F) - Alten - Ile de France   
La division Systèmes d'information, réseaux et télécommunication réalise des projets de conception et d'études pour les Directions des Systèmes d'Information des grands acteurs du marché. Dans le cadre de son développement, nous recherchons un Ingénieur validation radio confirmé. Intégré à un laboratoire technologique composé de 10 Ingénieurs télécoms, vous vous assurez que les nouveaux équipements, services, fonctionnalités et patchs soient conformes aux attentes et qu'ils...
          Ingénieur Développement et Intégration Ansible / Shell - Secteur Télécoms (H/F) - Alten - Ile de France   
La division Systèmes d'information, réseaux et télécommunication réalise des projets de conception et d'études pour les Directions des Systèmes d'Information des grands acteurs du marché. Dans le cadre de son développement, nous recherchons un Ingénieur en développement et intégration Ansible et Shell pour intervenir sur un plan de reprise d'activité pour l'automatisation du transfert de serveurs virtuels en cas d'incident. Intégré à une équipe de 4 consultants au sein du...
          Ingénieur Test et Validation Débutant - Secteur Télécoms H/F - Alten - Paris   
La division Systèmes d'information, réseaux et télécommunication réalise des projets de conception et d'études pour les Directions des Systèmes d'Information des grands acteurs du marché. Dans le cadre de ses activités dans les télécommunications, ALTEN accompagne ses clients dans leur projet de refonte du SI existant. Description du poste Intégré à notre équipe d'Ingénieurs du Département Télécommunications, vous participez à la validation de nouvelles applications SI. ...
          Ingénieur Etudes et Développement C# / .Net - Secteur Télécommunications H/F - Alten - Paris   
La division Systèmes d'information, réseaux et télécommunication réalise des projets de conception et d'études pour les Directions des Systèmes d'Information des grands acteurs du marché. Dans le cadre de ses activités dans le secteur du Multimédia, ALTEN intervient dans la conception, le développement et l'évolution de solutions logicielles et applicatives. Description du poste Intégré à notre équipe d'Ingénieurs du Département Télécommunications, vous contribuez au...
          Ingénieur Etudes et Développement Python - Secteur Télécommunications ((H/F) - Alten - Paris   
La division Systèmes d'information, réseaux et télécommunication réalise des projets de conception et d'études pour les Directions des Systèmes d'Information des grands acteurs du marché. Dans le cadre de ses activités dans le secteur des télécommunications, ALTEN intervient dans la conception, le développement et l'évolution de solutions logicielles et applicatives. Description du poste Intégré à notre équipe d'Ingénieurs du Département Télécommunications, vous contribuez au...
          Ingénieur Support Applicatif N2 - Secteur Banque H/F - Alten - Paris   
La division Systèmes d'information, réseaux et télécommunication réalise des projets de conception et d'études pour les Directions des Systèmes d'Information des grands acteurs du marché. Dans le cadre de ses activités dans le secteur de la Banque - Finance, ALTEN intervient dans la gestion d'applications et sur leur support applicatif. Description du poste Intégré à notre équipe d'Ingénieurs du Département Banque - Finance, vous participez au support applicatif de niveau 2. ...
          TippingPoint Threat Intelligence and Zero-Day Coverage – Week of June 26, 2017   
The late 70s/early 80s American television show Three’s Company was one of my favorite shows growing up. The central theme of the show revolved around the lives of three roommates. Each episode usually involved a misunderstanding, then chaos would ensue. In the end, everything would turn out okay. Unfortunately, this week’s episode of “ransomware in...
Intégré dans l'équipe systèmes et réseaux, vous intervenez sur un outil de supervision (maintenance corrective et évolutive). A ce titre, vous serez en charge des activités suivantes : Développement de Dashboard et de plugins Nagios - cacti Création d'outils d'administration d'infrastructure réseau Support niveau 3 Formation aux utilisateurs sur les outils crées. Diplômé d'une formation de niveau Bac +5 (ingénieur ou master 2) spécialisée en informatique, vous faites...
           ADMINISTRATEUR SYSTÈMES ET RÉSEAUX H/F - Alten - Toulouse   
Connaissances : Connaissances générales en système et hardwares (physiques ou virtuels) Connaissance approfondis des environnements AIX et Linux Connaissance générale du stockage SAN/NAS Connaissance générale de la virtualisation AIX/VmWar Connaissance du fonctionnement des outils de supervision (Patrol, BEM, BMC Portal ...) ainsi que des mécanismes et outils de sécurité Connaissance du fonctionnement des outils de sauvegarde (Netbackup, Avamar) Connaissance...
          Ingénieur Etude et Développement JAVA (H/F) - SOFTEAM Finance - Paris - idf   
Leposte est à pourvoir pour intervenir chez notre client, leader en Asset Management en France et en Europe. Leur département «IT Négociation » est intervenu sur la mise en place d'un outil de passage d'ordre utilisé par les négociateurs pour l'exécution sur le marché des ordres transmis par les gérants. L'environnement de travail offre une vision transverse des différents produits financiers, de l'activité de négociation et du cycle de vie des ordres. Mission : Cette...
          Hospice Aide - HoriSun Hospice - Lincoln, NE   
Required license or certification:. Must have a current CNA Certification. Works under the supervision of a registered nurse and performs various services for a...
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          As the dust settles: Russian authorities move against protesters and campaigners   

New evidence of police violations against protesters emerges, and regional authorities take aim at Alexei Navalny's campaign offices. 

Conditions for people detained at anti-corruption protests have been poor. Image: Polina Kostyleva.

We continue our partnership with OVD-Infoan NGO that monitors politically-motivated arrests in Russia. Every Friday, we bring you the latest information on freedom of assembly. 

We have collected and analysed a large number of reports of violations by Russian police officers at anti-corruption rallies held on 12 June. Now we are able to say with certainty there have been 109 violations. Police officers exceeded the permitted time for administrative detention, wrote official reports with numerous mistakes, and did not allow lawyers to visit those detained. In one of the St Petersburg police stations, a detainee contracted pneumonia after spending the night in a cold cell. This was despite the fact that he had warned the police officers he was in poor health and should not get cold. The list of violations with legal commentaries can be seen here.

This week a number of individuals requested political asylum abroad. Krasnodar artists Lusiney Dzhanyan and Aleksei Knedlyakovsky requested asylum in Sweden. The artists said that their telephones had been tapped, and in 2013 Dzhanyan was dismissed from Krasnodar University of Culture for supporting Pussy Riot and exhibiting in a gallery owned by Marat Gelman. But it’s not only those who create modern art who can fall victim to persecution. Children’s drawings in chalk can also evoke the dissatisfaction of the authorities. Mikhail Petrov, a martial arts trainer from Pskov, has left Russia because he feared persecution by the authorities. It is thought the authorities’ interest in the trainer was related to the fact that he and his students had drawn anti-military drawings on the walls of buildings belonging to a military air assault division. He has requested political asylum in Estonia. 

Supporters of Alexei Navalny continue to be persecuted. In the town of Cherepovets, writer and journalist Elena Kolyadina was dismissed by the newspaper Golos Cherepovtsa for giving a lecture to staff of Navalny’s local election campaign office. In the Siberian city of Barnaul, the coordinator of the campaign office was injured with a knife, while earlier someone set fire to one of the office’s windows. In Vladimir, the local branch of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network asked its chief engineer to resign because he had headed Navalny’s local campaign office. Meanwhile, in Rostov-on-Don a car belonging to the head of Navalny’s office was covered with paint and its tyres were punctured.

The Investigative Committee completed its investigation into one more defendant in the “26 March case”. Dmitry Krepkin is charged with using force against a police officer during the anti-corruption protest in Moscow. Krepkin maintains his innocence. Moreover, he has said that he was himself assaulted at the time of his detention at the 26 March protest. Doctors at the emergency medical centre recorded bruising all over his body. He had been struck at least six times.   

The pre-trial detention of mathematician Dmitry Bogatov was extended until 31 August. Bogatov has been charged with incitement to riot on the grounds that he had posted appeals on the forum to go out on to Red Square on 2 April 2017 under the pseudonym of “Airat Bashirov”. The appeals were sent from Bogatov’s IP address. However, since Bogatov operates a Tor exit node, any user could have posted the materials using his IP.

Thank you              

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us. Find out how you can help us here.

For more information on OVD-Info, read this article from the organisation's founder on how OVD is breaking the civil society mould here

'Read On' Sidebox: 

OVD-Info is a crowdfunded organisation. Find out how you can help them here.

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          NJ Court Repeats Insurers May Be Sued For Enviro Cleanup   
The New Jersey Appellate Division on Thursday reaffirmed its ruling that a property owner may pursue litigation against insurers over environmental cleanup coverage under policies issued to a bankrupt former owner. more...(read more)
          BLOG: Fire starter   
Luke 12:49-53…I came to cast fire… The ministry of Jesus ignites division. It calls for a radical decision to be made, and making this decision will divide families and households. It will be politically incorrect because it doesn’t allow for... [ ... ]
          Royaume-Uni : GAME prévoit des revenus en baisse cette année, la faute de Nintendo   

La chaîne de magasins britanniques a revu ses prévisions à la baisse pour 2017 après des premiers mois compliqués. Ses attentes ont été douchées par les stocks limités de la Nintendo Switch. 
          Reform Roundup: June 30th, 2017   

Catch up on the week’s electoral reform news with our round up of folks across the country writing and talking about FairVote reform vision. This week, Congressman Don Beyer introduced the Fair Representation Act (FRA), H.R. 3057.

  • Congressman Don Beyer wrote for The Washington Post about needing to change how we elect the House of Representatives. “Applied nationally, we would have more moderate Democrats from districts leaning Republican, and vice versa, creating a type of politician — now nearly extinct — known as a ‘bridge builder.’ Many members would share constituents with members of the other major party, creating incentives to work together on legislation affecting the district.”

  • Anita Earls wrote for The Nation about how the Fair Representation Act would put an end to gerrymandering and improve representation for communities of color. “There is a way forward. If we want to stop gerrymandering, and move beyond constant litigation over how lines are drawn, we must rethink the way we do districting itself. That’s why the Fair Representation Act creates such an exciting path forward. In states like Texas, for example, where black and Latino populations live close together, those communities are often pitted against each other for the one majority-minority seat. A multi-winner district, and a genuine multi-racial slate, would decrease tension between racial minorities, while increasing their voice.”

  • FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie and Board Chair Krist Novoselic spoke to Pedro Echevarria of the Washington Journal C-SPAN about FairVote’s 25th Anniversary year and the introduction of the Fair Representation Act. “With multi-member districts, you don’t need to receive 50% of the vote, which is what you do when you’re just electing one person like president. You can lower that share to whatever is proportionate to the number of seats, so if you have 5 seats it will take about a 5th of the vote. And by doing that, it opens up every single corner of every single state to meaningful engagement and participation and representation. One party would not sweep all of the seats anywhere.” 

  • The American Prospect reported on the Fair Representation Act and its potential to end Congressional Dysfunction. "The bill would not only institute nonpartisan redistricting commissions and a new voting system designed to create a proportionally representational Congress, but also aims to dramatically reduce the number of safe seats for each party and eliminate the unopposed re-election of representatives. In 2014, 31 congressional representatives were re-elected unopposed."

  • Lanae Erickson Hatalsky and David De la Fuente of ThirdWay wrote in U.S. News & World Report about why voters need the Fair Representation Act. “If policymakers don’t offer solutions to fix our electoral system and restore faith that our representative democracy is working the way it should, voters will continue to react with anger and deliver wave elections where they “throw the bums out” every other year. As we’ve seen over the past few election cycles, these reactive waves make it even harder to govern, further contributing to the cycle of frustration that led to them in the first place.”

  • The Alexandria News reports on the introduction of the Fair Representation Act, introduced by Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia’s 8th district. “The Fair Representation Act is the most comprehensive approach to improving congressional elections in American history,” said Rob Richie, the executive director of FairVote. “It creates an impartial, national standard that gets at the core of FairVote’s mission: Giving voters greater choice, a stronger voice, and a representative democracy that works for all Americans.”



          The Fair Representation Act has been introduced to Congress   

I’m sponsoring the Fair Representation Act because Congress is broken. It is hyper-partisan. It is far too polarized. The FRA creates a structure where members of Congress are incentivized to work together. This is the right thing to do to give voters the strong voice that they deserve in our elections.

--Congressman Don Beyer (VA-08)

On June 26, 2017, Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) introduced H.R. 3057: The Fair Representation Act. He was joined by co-sponsors Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Ro Khanna (D-CA). This is a historic moment. The Fair Representation Act is the most comprehensive approach to reforming congressional elections in United States history. It would truly realize the vision of the House of Representatives as “The People’s House.”

The Fair Representation Act

FairVote has called for expanding the use of multi-winner ranked choice voting in United States elections since its founding 25 years ago. Ranked choice voting can replace the broken, zero-sum, winner-take-all system - in which the biggest group of voters in a district are the only ones earning representation - with fair representation for all. In this era of fierce partisan divisions, nowhere needs this change more than the House of Representatives.

RCV-ballot-09.pngUnder the Fair Representation Act, every state would use ranked choice voting to elect its Representatives. Voters would be free to rank their choices without fear of “spoilers.” Instead of only one candidate winning with the most votes, several candidates would win based on how many votes they earn. For example, in a state like Oklahoma or Connecticut that elects 5 winners, 17% of voters can elect 1 of the 5 winners; 34% of voters can elect 2 of the 5 winners; and so on. A majority of voters can always elect a majority of seats, and everyone earns their fair share.

States that elect up to 5 winners will not need any districts at all. Larger states will use districts, but the districts will elect 3, 4, or 5 winners each. That means that a state like Massachusetts that elects 9 Representatives will divide into equal thirds, with each of the three districts electing 3 winners with ranked choice voting. To adopt a district map, these states will form independent redistricting commissions composed of ordinary state citizens (not politicians or lobbyists) who will operate transparently and hold hearings around the state to find the district map that makes the most sense for their state.

The use of ranked choice voting in multi-winner elections will transform the House of Representatives. The current system only allows the biggest group of voters in each district to win representation, all other voices are silenced. As a result, there are millions of voters who prefer Democrats stuck in safe Republican districts and millions of voters who prefer Republicans stuck in safe Democratic districts, women and people of color are under-represented, and everyone has too few choices. The Fair Representation Act can elevate those voices, giving them more power to elect candidates they support and who will go to Congress to work for them.

A Historic Moment

Under the Constitution, Congress has the responsibility to act when our federal elections are not working. It has acted on that responsibility many times in the past, passing laws changing how we elect Congress in 1842 (requiring single-winner districts), 1872 (equal populations per representative), 1901 (requiring that districts be “compact”), 1929 (repealing the requirement to use districts), and 1967 (re-imposing the requirement to use districts). It has been 50 years since Congress has acted in this arena, even as the current system fails to deliver on the promise of a representative House.

Representative Beyer has shown tremendous leadership in holding Congress to its constitutional responsibilities. The attention it attracted from the public demonstrates the hunger that voters have for a more empowering system. FairVote livestreamed Rep. Beyer’s press conference, which was viewed over 44,000 times and ultimately reached over 554,000 people.;overflow:hiddenno0truetrue

The day after the bill’s introduction, Rep. Beyer published an opinion piece in the Washington Post explaining why he introduced the Act. It begins “Democracy is in crisis. Even as the country is deeply divided along class and ideological lines, it seems to be unified in its frustration with our current brand of politics.” Other voices have also weighed in on the need for the Fair Representation Act, including:

As more media coverage happens in the coming days and weeks, we'll add it to the list on our website.

You Can Help the Fair Representation Act Gain Momentum

Now that the vehicle for transforming elections to the U.S. House of Representatives is a bill in Congress, you can help to move the conversation forward. Contact your Representative today to ask them to support the Fair Representation Act. You can find your Representative here, and email them a letter supporting the Fair Representation Act. A sample letter is provided here. You also could consider calling your Member, which increases their likelihood of responding. Better still would be to form a group to have a meeting with your Member and their district office staff. 

Finally, we want to keep adding names to our petition in support of the Act. We currently have over 1500 signatures. Please consider sharing the petition online and drawing people’s attention to our new video and our public resources, at

          Financial Business Specialist - Brookhaven National Laboratory - Upton, NY   
Led by Chief Financial Officer George Clark, Brookhaven’s Business Services Directorate includes the Budget Office, Fiscal Services Division, Information...
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          Taghazout Bay en vidéo   
Taghazout bay est un projet inscrit dans le cadre du Plan Azur et plus largement dans le cadre de la stratégie nationale de développement touristique, vision 2020, qui a pour principaux objectifs : de redynamiser le tourisme national de hisser (...)


중국 난징포진전철(중국나무호치 그리고 응사)은, 홍콩9광철로(KCR)가 보유하는 MTR경철선의 직류 전철.오스트레일리아 UGL Rail (Goninan)가 설계해, 중화 인민 공화국의징포진차량창으로 제조된, 합약호는 KRS999.항철(홍콩 MTR)에 대출하는 형태를 취하고 있다.

항철중국 난징포진전철
난징포진전철 1112호차 507 계통 운용중
난징포진전철 1112호차 507 계통 운용중
기본 정보
제조소 난징포진차량창
주요 제원
편성 1M0T/2M0T
궤간 1,435 mm
전기 방식 직류 750 V
최고 운전 속도 70 km/h
설계 최고속도 80 km/h
감속도(상용) 4.68 km/h/s
편성 정원 285
편성 중량 27.5 t(자중)
전체 길이 20,200 mm
전체 폭 2,650 mm
전체 높이 3,415 mm
편성 출력 미츠비시 삼상 교류 모터- 120 kW
제어장치 미츠비시 3 레벨 1700 V - 1000 A-IPM - IGBT 소자 VVVF 인버터 제어
비고 20 양운용중(1112, 1118은 사고 폐차)
템플릿을 표시



니시테츠선남창역~□역 간이 개통한 영향으로 경철의 승객이 증가한 때문, KCR는 2007년에 22량의 난징포진전철을 증비 해, 경철선에 투입했다.차량 번호는 1111에서 1132.전철로는 IGBT 소자 VVVF 인버터 제어와 교류 모터를 채용한 차량이다.이 차량은 당초보다 선두부에 LED식의 행선지 표시기와 후부에 계통 번호 표시기를 채용해, 새로운 도장으로 도입되고 있다.

선두 외형은 Goninan 전철과 다르고 있지만 운용은 각 전철 모두 공통이다.


  • 2009년 12월 28일에 1111호차와 1112호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시, 507 계통과 751 계통으로 운용되고 있다.
  • 2010년 3월 15일에 1113호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시, 505 계통으로 운용되고 있다.
  • 2010년 3월 22일에 1114호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시.
  • 2010년 4월 19일에 1116호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시, 706 계통으로 운용되고 있다.
  • 2010년 4월 26일에 1115호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시, 705 계통으로 운용되고 있다.
  • 2010년 7월, 610, 614 계통으로 운용되고 있다.
  • 2010년 8월 23일에 1117, 1118호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시, 761 P계통으로 운용되고 있다.
  • 2010년 8월 31일 1119, 1120, 1121호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시.
  • 2010년 9월 1일 1122호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시.
  • 2010년 9월 20일 1123호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시.
  • 2010년 11월 3일 1124, 1125, 1126호차가 정식으로 운용을 개시.
  • 2011년 1월 2일 전부 22 양전철 정식으로 운용을 개시, 그러나, 1118호차는 2010년 9월 9일에 매다는 비명중 전철의 사고에 의해서 사고 폐차가 되었다.


이 전철은 36 명분의 좌석을 가져, 「반좌위」(파우치 시트)은 설치되어 있지 않다.정원은 285명.

관련 항목

This article is taken from the Japanese Wikipedia 항철경철난징포진전철

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In addition, Tranpedia is simply not responsible for any show is only by translating the writings of foreign licenses that are compatible with CC-BY-SA license information.



베트르가강(베트르가강, 러시아어:Ветлу□га, 라틴 문자 표기: Vetluga, 마리어:В□тла, 라틴 문자 표기: Vutla)은, 러시아키로후주, 코스트로마주, 마리・엘 공화국니지니・노브고로드주를 흐르는 하천이다.보르가 강 하류의 코지모데미얀스크 부근에서 북쪽(좌안)에서 합류하는 지류로, 길이 889 km, 유역 면적은 39,000평방 km에 및, 하구로부터 700 km상류까지는 항행 가능하다.

베트르가강 2006년 8월 22일 촬영
수계 보르가강
연장 889 km
평균 유량 255 m□/s
유역 면적 39,000 km□
수원의 표고 -- m
하구・합류처 보르가강
유역 러시아
템플릿을 표시

베트르가강은 세이베르누이에 구릉의 남으로 출발해, 북쪽에 흐른 후에 90도 방향을 바꾸어 서쪽에, 게다가 90도 방향을 바꾸어 남쪽에 흘러 남동 방향을 향해 보르가 카와모토류의 체보크사르이 인공호수에 합류한다.좌안은 저지에서, 우안은 니탄암사암으로 구성된 표고 100 m 가까운 구릉지가 되어 있다.흐름은 완만하고, 연안에는 다수의 초승달호수가 산재 한다.왼쪽 지류에는 네이카와(Нея), 대카크샤강(БольшаяКакша), 우스타강(Уста), 유론가강(Юронга), 오른쪽 지류에는 보후마강(Вохма), 룰다강(Люнда)등이 있다.11 월초두로부터 4월까지는 동결해, 그 다음은 눈석임물이나 녹은 얼음등에서 증수한다.

강가의 주된 거리에는 샤리야(Шарья)나 베트르가(Ветлуга), 작은 마을에는 바르나비나(Варнавино), 비트르시스키(Ветлужский), 쿠라스누이・에바키(КрасныеБаки), 보스크리세인스코에(Воскресенское)등이 있다.

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사요리(□, 침어, 침어, 바늘주둥이어, 물침어, 죽어, 장약[1], 학명:Hyporhamphus sajori)는, 다트눈사요리과의 해산어.연안의 해면 근처에 생식 하는 홀쪽한 생선으로, 식용어이기도 하다. 계어 삼춘.

Hyporhamphus meeki.jpg
아메리카사요리(H. meeki)
: 동물계 Animalia
: 척삭 동물문Chordata
아문 : 척추동물 아문 Vertebrata
: 조기강Actinopterygii
: 다트눈Beloniformes
아목 : 다트 아목 Belonoidei
상과 : 트비워상과Exocoetoidea
: 사요리과Hemiramphidae
: 사요리속Hyporhamphus
: 사요리 H. sajori
Hyporhamphus sajori
(Temminck & Schelegel, 1846)
일본에서 부르는 이름
사요리(□, 침어, 침어)
Japanese halfbeak



전체 길이는 최대 40 cm 정도로, 같은 다트눈의 꽁치와 잘 닮은 홀쪽한 체형을 하고 있다.사요리과일반의 특징으로서 아랫턱이 길게 쑥 내밀어, 웃턱은 작은 삼각형의 변장 너무 밖에4 겉껍데기, 이 일견 언밸런스한 형태의 구기의 적응적 의의는 잘 모른다.단지, 같은 트비워상과의 트비워류도, 치어 때에 같은 아랫턱의 신장이 일어나는 것이 알려져 있다.이 아랫턱의 첨단은 살아 있을 때는 붉다.등은 청록색이지만 복측은 은빛에 빛나, 근육은 반투명이다.

복막은 새까맣고 일반적으로 「외관에 의하지 않고 음험한 사람」의 대명사로 여겨지기도 하지만, 이것은 근육이 반투명으로 빛을 투과 하기 쉬운 생선에 잘 볼 수 있는 현상으로, 아마 복강내에 빛이 투과 하는 것을 막는 적응으로 보여진다.이와 같이 복막이 검은 잉어과의 담수어 하크렌으로는, 성장에 수반해 음식이 동물 플랑크톤으로부터 식물플랑크톤으로 이행하는 시기에 급속히 복막이 흑변 하는 것이 알려져 있지만, 이 이행 시기에 강한 닛코를 받으면, 소화관에 받아들여진 식물플랑크톤이 광합성을 실시해 산소의 기포가 발생해, 소화관이 부풀어 올라 수면에 배를 위로 해 떠오르는 등의 장해가 발생하는 것이 보고되고 있다.사요리도 후술과 같이 성장에 따라서 해조도 먹게 되기 위해, 혹은 섭식 한 해조의 광합성을 억제하는 의미가 있을지도 모른다.


연안성으로, 가라후토의 서쪽에서 대만에 걸친 북서 태평양, 일본해, 황해, 발해 만의 육지 근해에 분포한다.해면 스쳐 스쳐를 떼를 지어 헤엄쳐, 동물 플랑크톤을 포식 하거나 부유 하는 해조의 단편을 섭식 한다.위험을 느끼면 자주(잘) 공중에 점프 한다.사요리과에는 담수역에까지 침입하는 종이 많이 알려지지만, 사요리는 기수역까지는 진입하는 것의 순담수역에까지는 진입하지 않는다.

4월 중순부터 8월 중순이 산란기이며, 무리로 해초가 밀생하는 장소에 비집고 들어가, 송사리의 알을 닮은 직경 2.2 mm정도의 굵은 알을, 점착실로 해조나 해초에 휘감기게 한다.부화 직후의 자어는 전체 길이 7 mm정도로, 이것이 2.5 cm정도까지 성장하면 아랫턱의 신장이 시작된다.아랫턱은 일단 성어보다 전체 길이비로 길게 신장하지만, 점차 몸의 다른 부분의 성장이 현저해져, 전체 길이 27 cm정도가 되면, 거의 성어와 같은 프로포션이 된다.수명은 2년남짓이라고 생각되고 있다.


사요리의 쥠스시

봄부터 가을에 걸쳐 어획 되지만, 은 3월부터 5월에 걸쳐로 여겨진다.생선회, 스시구나, 완이구나, 튀김, 소금구이, 건어물 등에 요리되어 흰자위의 고급어로서 다루어진다.생선회 등 비가열로 조리할 때는, 세워 소금으로 하면 특색의 단맛이 두드러진다고 여겨진다.낚시의 대상어라고 해도 선호되어 관동에서는 일반적인 우키 낚시나 후카세 낚시해, 칸사이에서는 시모리나 련타마로 불리는 우키가 3~10개 늘어선 장치가 잘 이용된다.바다에서 강에 거슬러 올라가기도 해 (대)장대에 낚싯줄을 쳐 궁상으로 해 실을 강에 가라앉혀 수면을 소상 하는 사요리를 걸어 낚시하기도 한다.

중국에서도, 산둥성에서 「침량어(간체자□) 첸리안유」, 「마 보어(□□□) 마브유」라고 칭하고, 발해 만이나 황해에서 어획 되어 유통하고 있다.중국어의 표준명은 「소비늘□(□□) xiaolinzhen 시아오린첸」.


사요리과의 생선은 전세계의 열대・온대로부터 12속・80종 이상이 알려져 집일본에는 6속・13종이 분포한다.

Hyporhamphus quoyi Valenciennes, 1847 (Quoy's garfish)
다트눈사요리과Hemiramphidae사요리속Hyporhamphus)。전체 길이 40 cm 정도.사요리에 잘 비슷하지만 아랫턱이 약간 짧은 일, 꼬리지느러미의 베어난 자국이 깊게 하반신이 트비워와 같게 뚫고 나오고 있는 것, 몸의 단면이 환진한 일등에서 구별한다.인도양으로부터 태평양의 열대역에 넓게 분포해, 일본에서는 오가사와라제도, 큐슈, 난세이제도에 분포한다.안만의 표층에 군영 하지만, 큰 하천에서는 밀물을 타 기수역에 진입하는 일이 있다.오키나와 방언으로는 미즈바유로 불린다.
Hyporhamphus intermedius Cantor, 1842 (Asian pencil halfbeak)
다트눈사요리과Hemiramphidae사요리속Hyporhamphus)。전체 길이 20 cm 정도의 소형종으로, 아랫턱의 첨단이 빨강은 아니고 검은 것이 특징이다.기수역을 주된 생식역으로 해, 순담수역까지 침입한다.중국, 한반도, 혼슈, 큐슈에 분포한다.준멸종 위구심(NT)(환경성 레드 리스트)
Hemiramphus lutkei Valenciennes, 1847 (Lutke's halfbeak)
다트눈사요리과Hemiramphidae호시자요리속Hemiramphus)。전체 길이 30 cm 정도.약간 소형이고, 센닌사요리와는 반대로 사요리보다 아랫턱이 길다.인도양・서태평양의 열대역에 분포해, 일본에서는 서일본의 태평양 측에 분포한다.
Hemiramphus far Forsskal, 1775 (Blackbarred halfbeak)
다트눈사요리과Hemiramphidae호시자요리속Hemiramphus)。전체 길이 60 cm정도로 달한다.아래턱이 길고, 일본에서 부르는 이름대로 몸의 측면에 검은 반점이 몇 개 점재한다.인도양・서태평양・지중해 동부까지 분포해, 일본에서는 서일본의 태평양 측에 분포한다.
Zenarchopterus dunckeri Mohr, 1926 (Duncker's river garfish)
다트눈코모치사요리과Zenarchopteridae코모치사요리속Zenarchopterus)。전체 길이 15 cm 정도의 소형종으로, 꼬리지느러미에는 베어난 자국이 없게 삼각형을 하고 있다.일본에서 부르는 이름 대로 난태생으로 치어를 낳는다.뱅갈만으로부터 서태평양의 열대역에 분포하지만, 일본에서는 사키시마 열도에 분포한다.기수역으로 일생을 보내므로, 홍수림숲의 수로등에서 볼 수 있다.준멸종 위구심(NT)(환경성 레드 리스트)
Dermogenys Kuhl & van Hasselt, 1823
다트눈코모치사요리과Zenarchopteridae데르모게니속Dermogenys)。전체 길이 8 cm 정도의 소형종.타이 왕국, 말레이시아등의 담수역에 생식.일생 담수로 보낸다.감상어라고 해도 나돌고 있어 아쿠아리움에서 사육된다.난태생.
Dermogenys pusilla Kuhl & van Hasselt, 1823 (Malayan halfbeak)


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신뉴역(진입 역)은, 후쿠오카현 노가타시 대자 시모신뉴우에 있는, 큐슈 여객철도(JR큐슈) 치쿠호우본선(복북 유타카선)의 인[1].

역사(2009년 8월 29일)
역사(2009년 8월 29일)
(2.0 km) 노오가
소재지 후쿠오카현 노가타시 대자 시모신뉴우[1]521-1
소속 사업자 JR logo (kyushu).svg큐슈 여객철도(JR큐슈)
소속 노선 치쿠호우본선(복북 유타카선)
킬로수 22.8 km(와카마츠 기점)
전보 약호 시우
역 구조 지상역[1]
2면 2선[1]
승강 인원
-통계 연도-
개업 연월일 1989년(헤세이 원년) 3월 11일
비고 무인역
템플릿을 표시



역 구조

상대식 홈 2면 2선을 가지는 지상역.서로의 홈은 구내 건널목에서 연락하고 있다.역사의 디자인은, 일찌기 치쿠호우 지구에서 석탄 수송에 사용되고 있던 오부네 「고헤이태주」를 모티프로 한 것이다.

무인역이며, 간이 자동 발매기 및 간이 SUGOCA 개찰기가 설치되어 있다.SUGOCA의 이용이 가능하지만, 카드 판매는 실시하지 않고 요금만 취급을 실시하는[4].

이용 상황

2011년도의 1일평균 승강 인원은 727명이다.

승강 인원 추이[5]
연도 1일평균 인원수
2007년 649
2008년 666
2009년 662
2010년 718
2011년 727

역 주변

노가타시의 북부에 위치한다.역의 동쪽을 지방도로 27호선이 지나고 있다. 이전에는 구내동 근처에 노오가타 운수 센터( 구・노오가타 기동차구)가 있었지만, 전화 시에 노오가타역 구내에 이전해 철거되고 있다.노오가타 기동차구가 존재하고 있었을 무렵은, 기동차구와 노오가타역과의 사이의 승무원의 편승도 잘 행해지고 있었다.근년, 역 주변에서는 슈퍼마켓이나 음식점등이 진출하고 있다.

근처의 역

큐슈 여객철도
복북 유타카선(치쿠호우본선)


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퓨레우스(고희:Φυλε□□, Phyleus)는, 그리스 신화의 인물이다.두리키온의 왕.장 모음을 생략 해 퓨레우스와도 표기된다.

에이리스 지방의 왕아우게이아스의 아이로[1][2], 아가스테네이스[3][4], 아가 메이데이[5], 에피카스테이와 형제[6].테다레오스의 딸(아가씨) 티만드라[7], 오듀세우스의 여동생 쿠티메네이[8][9], 혹은 에우스테오케이를 아내로 해[10], 메게이스와 에우류다메이아를 벌었다.메게이스는 헬레네-의 구혼자의 혼자서[11][12], 후에 다랑어 귀 전쟁에 참가한[13][14][15][10].에우류다메이아는 예언자 포류이드스의 아내[8][16].


아포로드로스에 의하면, 아버지 아우게이아스와 헤이라크레이스가 가축 오두막의 청소의 보수에 대하고 결정을 했을 때, 퓨레우스는 그 증인이 되었다.헤이라크레이스는 약속 대로 일을 완수했지만, 아우게이아스는 보수의 지불을 거부해, 또 보수를 지불할 약속을 했던 것에 대해도 부정해, 재판으로 싸워도 괜찮다고 했다.그러나 법정에서 퓨레우스는 헤이라크레이스의 아군을 했기 때문에, 화낸 아우게이아스에 의해서 에이리스로부터 추방되어 두리키온에 이주한[1].

이 이야기는 벌써 「이리아스」로 단편적으로 말해지고 있다.즉 퓨레우스는 아버지의(헤이라크레이스에 대한다) 행동을 화내고, 두리키온에 이주했다고[13].

파우사니아스도 같은 이야기에 가세해[2]그 후일담에 대해서도 접하고 있다.헤이라크레이스가 보복을 위해서 에이리스를 공격해 점령했고 말이야 있어, 헤이라크레이스는 퓨레우스를 두리키온으로부터 불러와 에이리스의 왕으로 했다.그러나 퓨레우스는 에이리스의 국제를 제정한 후에, 다시 두리키온으로 돌아와, 에이리스는 형제의 아가스테네이스가 후를 이었다고 하는[4].

그 외, 퓨레우스는 아루카데아에케모스의 아내였던 티만드라가 미쳤을 때, 그녀를 두리키온에 데려 돌아가고 아내로 한 것[7], 에퓨라의 왕에우페테스로부터 뛰어난 무기를 내려 주셨던 것이 알려져 있는[17].


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  17. ^「이리아스」15권.

참고 문헌

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          핫토리 노부아키   

핫토리 노부아키

핫토리 노부아키(핫토리 노부아키, 1961년 6월 5일- )는, 일본정치가.가나가와현치가사키시장(4기).가나가와현 의회 의원(2기), 치가사키 시의회 의원(2기)을 맡았다.

일본의 기 일본의 정치가
핫토리 노부아키
하새노부 빈 곳
생년월일 (1961-06-05) 1961년6월 5일(56세)
출생지 가나가와현 치가사키시
출신교 가나가와현립학령고등학교
토카이대학 이학부 화학과(중퇴)
전직 치가사키 시의회 의원
가나가와현 의회 의원
소속 정당 구민주당→)

공식 사이트 치가사키 시장 하새노부아키치가 찢어 매력 업 플랜 NEXT

당선 회수 4회
재임 기간 2003년 4월 28일-현직

선거구 치가사키시 선거구
당선 회수 2회
재임 기간 1995년 4월- 2003년 3월

Flag of Chigasaki, Kanagawa.svg 치가사키 시의회 의원
재임 기간 1987년 4월- 1995년 3월
템플릿을 표시



가나가와현치가사키시출생.치가사키 시립 송림 중학교, 가나가와현립학령고등학교 졸업 후, 토카이대학 이학부 화학과에 입학하는 것도 중퇴[1].

1987년 4월, 치가사키 시의회 의원 선거에 25세에 출마해, 첫당선을 완수했다.치가사키 시의회 의원을 2기 맡은 후, 1995년 4월, 가나가와현 의회 의원으로 당선.1996년, 구민주당 결당에 참가했다.

2003년 4월 27일 집행의 치가사키 시장선거에 무소속으로 출마해, 당선.이후 4기 연속 당선.

관련 서적

  • 시장의 꿈 19명의 청년 시장[2]일본 드림 프로젝트(편) 「시장의 꿈-19명의 청년 시장×키무」이로하 출판, 2010년 9월.ISBN 978-4902097344


  1. ^핫토리 노부아키의 프로필 치가사키 시장 하새노부아키치가 찢어 매력 업 플랜 NEXT
  2. ^ 전국 시장회 시장의 꿈 19명의 청년 시장 편집:일본 드림 프로젝트 협력:전국 청년 시장회

외부 링크

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          Dear Diary   

Dear Diary

Dear Diary」(디아・다이어리)은, BONNIE PINK의 11장째의 오리지날 앨범.2010년 10월 6일 발매.발매원래는 워너뮤직・재팬.CD코드는 첫회 한정반이 WPZL-30212/4, 통상반이 WPCL-10847.

Dear Diary
  • GULA Studio(1.,10.)
  • KONG Studio(4.,12.,14.,15.)
  • Freedom Studio(3.,6.)
  • Rodriguez Room(3.,6.)
  • Gymnasium Studios(9.)
  • Canterbury Music Company(5.,7.,11.,13.)
  • Rodriguez Room(vocal만 1.,4.,8.,9.,10.,12.,14.,15.)
장르 J-POP
라벨 워너뮤직・재팬
프로듀스 Burning Chicken(1.,10.)
Tore Johansson(4.,12.,14.,15.)
Curly Giraffe(8.)
James Bryan(5.,7.,11.,13.)

차트 최고 순위
  • 주일 7위(오리콘)
  • 데일리 6위(오리콘[1])
  • 2010년 10월도 월간 32위(오리콘)
  • 2010년도 연간 334위(오리콘)
  • 등장 회수 7회(오리콘)
Dear Diary
Back Room -BONNIE PINK Remakes-
「Dear Diary」수록의 싱글
  1. Morning Glory
    릴리스: 2010년 1월 11일
  2. Is This Love?
    릴리스: 2010년 5월 5일
  3. 가이토
    릴리스: 2010년 9월 22일
템플릿을 표시



전작의 오리지날 앨범 「ONE」으로부터 1년 5개월만이 되는 오리지날 앨범.데뷔 15주년을 기념하여 15곡으로 구성되어 있어 과거의 앨범 제작에 관계한 프로듀서, 뮤지션에게 참가받아 제작했다.또 자신처음이 되는 캐나다에서의 레코딩도 감행.캐나다 이외의 레코딩은 해외의 프로듀서와 데이터로의 교환으로 실시해, 본인은 국내에서 보컬・레코딩을 행하고 있다.

본앨범의 타이틀의 유래는, 수록곡의 가사를 다시 읽었는데 자신에게 향해서 노래하고 있는 것 같은 사가 많아, 자신이 자신에게 향해서 말을 거는 것은"일기"다라고 생각했기 때문에.영어권의 사람들은 일기의 서두에"Dear Diary"라고 쓰는 일도 유래하고 있는[2].첫회 한정반의 수록곡이 15곡인 것은, 우연히 커플링곡이 15곡이었으므로 라이브 영상도 15곡으로 했다는 일[3].

첫회 한정반은 특수 패키지 사양이 되어 있어, 1996년부터 2009년까지 발매된 싱글커플링곡을 수록한 CD 「BONNIE PINK B-side collection(1996 - 2009)」라고, 2009년에 행해진 「TOUR 2009"ONE"파이널 at아카사카 BLITZ」의 라이브 영상이 수록된 DVD가 부속.

첫회반・통상판의 첫회 프레스반공통의 구입 특전으로서 2010년 11월 2일~12월 3일에 행해지는 「BONNIE PINK TOUR 2010 "Dear Diary"」의 티켓 선행 예약 정보가 게재되고 있었다.또, 본앨범의 선행 싱글 「가이토」라고 더블 구입 특전으로서 본인 직필 사인들이의 아날로그반이 추첨으로 150명에게 선물 되는 응모권이 붙어 있었다.



(전작사・작곡:BONNIE PINK)

  1. Is This Love? [3:53]
    편곡:Burning Chicken
  2. Morning Glory [3:37]
    편곡:스즈키 마사토Tore Johansson
  3. Cookie Flavor [3:33]
  4. 빈틈 KILLER [4:08]
    편곡:Tore Johansson
  5. Hurricane [3:40]
    편곡:James Bryan
  6. Find A Way [4:15]
  7. Home Sweet Home [4:24]
    편곡:James Bryan
  8. Many Moons Ago [4:25]
    편곡:Curly Giraffe
  9. World Peace [3:51]
  10. Birthday Girl [3:58]
    편곡:Burning Chicken
  11. Here I Am [4:12]
    편곡:James Bryan
  12. 가이토 [4:10]
    편곡:Tore Johansson
    • BONNIE PINK 15주년 기획 릴레이식 쇼트 무비 「훌라 레라」주제가
  13. Grow [3:14]
    편곡:James Bryan
  14. 유성[4:50]
    편곡:Tore Johansson
  15. 나미나미[4:34]
    편곡:Tore Johansson


  • 「BONNIE PINK B-side collection(1996 - 2009)」
  1. 거품이 되었다[4:56]
    1996년 발매「Surprise!」수록
  2. Bubble Gum [3:32]
    2001년 발매「Thinking Of You」수록
  3. Friends, Aren't We? [4:39]
    1996년 발매「Do You Crash?」수록
  4. One Night With Chocolate [2:54]
    1996년 발매「Do You Crash?」수록
  5. Passion Fruit [3:21]
    2001년 발매「Take Me In」수록
  6. 이길 수 없는 것[3:23]
    1996년 발매「Do You Crash?」, 1997년 발매「It's gonna rain!」수록
  7. Let's Kiss And Make Up [3:45]
    1997년 발매「Heaven's Kitchen」수록
  8. What about me? [3:33]
    2001년 발매「Take Me In」수록
  9. The Last Thing I Can Do [3:19]
    1998년 발매「Forget Me Not」수록
  10. That's what it's all about [3:11]
    2001년 발매「Thinking Of You」수록
  11. You and I [3:08]
    2009년 발매「Joy/Happy Ending」수록
  12. New York [3:43]
    2000년 발매「You Are Blue, So Am I」수록
  13. Pump It Up! [4:06]
    2008년 발매「종을 울려」수록
  14. Free [5:25]
    2006년 발매「A Perfect Sky」수록
  15. good-bye [3:35]
    1998년 발매「개와 달」수록


  1. Rock You Till the Dawn
  2. 퓨샤퓨샤퓨샤
  3. 망상 LOVER
  4. Princess Incognito
  5. Won't Let You Go
  6. One Last Time
  7. Try Me Out
  9. 비밀
  10. Joy
  11. Get on the Bus
  12. 종을 울려
  13. Happy Ending
  14. 이길 수 없는 것
  15. Last Kiss (어쿼스틱 Ver.)


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          시모다 아키히사   

시모다 아키히사

시모다 아키히사(시모다 아키히사, 1924년(타이쇼 13년) - )은, 일본의학자(의학박사).전 아사히카와 의과대학 학장.아사히카와 의과대학 명예 교수.전문은 병리학.



홋카이도이와나이군이와우치쵸출생. 홋카이도 제국대학의학부졸업.1949년(쇼와 24년) 같은 대학 학원 의학 연구과 수료.동의학부 조수.동의학부 강사.국립 삿포로 병원 검사과의장.1960년 1월 홋카이도 대학 의학박사 논문의 제목은 「뇌혈관 주위 구조의 전자현미경적 연구, 뇌수종 및 뇌 종양창에 관련해」.[1] 1973년(쇼와 48년) 아사히카와 의과대학 의학부 교수.1974년(쇼와 49년) 동부학장.1987년(쇼와 62년) 아사히카와 의과대학 학장으로 취임.1991년(헤세이 3년) 아사히카와 의과대학 퇴관.동명예교수.

아버지는, 홋카이도산 아스파라거스의 생산을 성공시킨 시모다 요시히사3.

주된 수상력

  • 홋카이도 의사회상
  • 훈2등 서보장(1999년)

저서・주요 논문

  • 「고혈압 환자에 있어서의 비뇨기과적 검색」(공저, 일본 비뇨기과학회잡지 51권, 1960년)
  • 「위암 수술의 보조 화학요법--MMC, 5 Fu사용 예의 검토」(공저, 의료 30권, 1976년)
  • 「여록:퇴관에 해당해」(자비출판, 1991년)

참고 문헌

「홋카이도 인물・인재 정보 리스트 2004」(일외 아소시에이트 편집・발행, 2003년)


  1. ^박사 논문 서지 데이터 베이스
쿠로다 카즈히데
아사히카와 의과대학 학장
제3대: 1987년1991년
시미즈 테츠야(의학자)

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          다시로다케 산   

다시로다케 산

다시로다케 산(타 해라만)은, 아키타현 오다테시에 있는 표고 1,178 m의 .다시로다케 산 현립 자연공원의 중심을 이룬다.

다시로다케 산
다시로다케 산
오다테시 히나이마치로부터 바라보는 다시로다케 산
표고 1,178 m
소재지 일본의 기 일본
아키타현오다테시빠른 말
위치 북위 40도 25부 43초
동경 140도 24부 32초
좌표: 북위 40도 25부 43초 동경 140도 24부 32초
산계 시라카미산지
종류 성층 화산
다시로다케 산의 위치(아키타현내)
다시로다케 산
다시로다케 산
Project.svg 프로젝트산
템플릿을 표시



오다테시 북단의 구타시로마치역에 있어, 아오모리현과의 현 경계 근처에 위치해, 시라카미산지에 속한다.타시로마치의 이름도 이 산에 유래한다.뢰악(들 있어만, 1,128 m), 에보시다케(에보 해만, 1,133 m), 자우스다케(치절구만, 1,086 m)와 연봉을 형성하는 성층 화산이다.

저층부에는 너도밤나무숲이, 9합위법감찰무사근의 고층부에는 「구름 위의 알래스카 정원」이라고 불리는 고층 다습 초원이 형성되고 120을 넘는 수의 못둑이 산재 한다.고산식물의 생식지인 것부터, 많은 등산객에게 사랑받고 있다.

위의 사진으로는, 정상부의 평평한 산이 다시로다케 산이다.평평한 부분에는 고층 다습 초원이 있어, 산정은 그 왼쪽에 있다.산정의 하나왼쪽에 있는 봉우리가 뢰악으로, 한층 더 그 왼쪽의 봉우리가 에보시다케이다.


산정의 타시로 야마가미사는 원인(지카쿠대사)의 창건과도, 히나이 지방의 수험도로서 선구적 지위에 있던 츠즈리코마을의 상 깨닫아 원의 개기라고도 말하고 있다.[요점 검증 ]

또 「츠가루의 사냥꾼언지승이 사냥감을 쫓아 다시로다케 산 산정까지 왔는데, 거기서 을 발견한다.망연하는데 백의 시라히게 백발의 노인이 나타난다.이 노인을 시라히게 대신으로서 모신 것이, 타시로 야마가미사의 시작」이라고도 말해지고 있다.오다테시의 구정월 행사인 아멕코시는, 다시로다케 산의 시라히게 대신이 을 사러 왔다고 하는 설정이 되어 있다.

다시로다케 산은 산그 자체가 신체로, 야가미, 타가미, 물노신, 작신 등 농민의 살아 모든 수호신이 있을 곳으로 여겨진다.

타시로 산들정상의 타시로 야마가미사는 남북조 시대에 기타바타케 아키이에가 건립했다고 여겨진다.또, 에도시대에는 아키타번의 용무 사기꾼인 이다파무조장경카나야마의 개발의 성공을 바라 신사를 건립했다고도 전하고 있다.[요점 검증 ]


다시로다케 산 산정의 타시로 야마가미사
9합목의 고층 다습 초원과 고산식물 미트가시와

다시로다케 산을 중심으로, 요네시로천의 지류인 이와세천의 빠른 말사와・이와세늪의 오오카와눈계류 일대 1,855 ha가 「다시로다케 산 현립 자연공원」으로 지정되어 있다(지정은 1975년 1월 11일).9합목의 고층 다습 초원에는 목도가 정비되어 하이킹 코스로서 사랑받고 있다.

다시로다케 산은, 옛부터 논신앙의 산이다.산정에 있는 타시로 야마가미사에는 오곡풍양의 코우 「시라히게 나오비노신」이 모셔져 매년반나쯔오의 날(7월 2일경)에는 예제가 개최된다.예제의 제사로서 행해지는 「작 운세」로는, 못둑을 신의 논으로 해, 거기에 자생하는 미트가시와미네하리이를 벼에 진단하고, 그 생육 상태나 못둑의 의 의욕 상태등에서 그 해의 벼농사의 풍흉을 점친다.동시에 행해지는 「산호 집」이라고 불리는 제사로는, 조생・중도・만생을 나타내는 3장의 5엔 구슬일본 종이지노를 통해 만든 길이 20 cm의 펜던트를 못둑에 던져 , 그 가라앉는 방법으로부터 작황을 점친다.

옛날은, 9호째부터 산정까지 나 있는 가는 나무를 꺾어 작게 묶어 가지고 돌아가, 순간마제물상에 올리고 풍작을 빌었다고 여겨진다.논의 미즈쿠치에 들어갈 수 있으면 제충이 되었다고도 말해진다.이 나무의 다발은, 산에 오르지 않았던 사람에게의 선물로서 환영받았다고도 말해진다.

타시로 야마가미사는 덴쇼(연호) 연간의 창건으로 여겨진다.[요점 검증]작 운세의 제사는, 에도시대 중반에는 행해지고 있었다는 견해도 있어, 1992년(헤세이 4년)에 아키타현의 선택 무형 민속 문화재에 선택된[1].


  • 이와세천 계류
  • 실 타키-야마세댐댐 호수오색호수보다 상류에 있는 폭포.
  • 오색의 폭포-실롱보다 한층 더 상류에 있는 높이 10 m, 폭 35 m의 폭포.한층 더 안쪽에 있는 아라사와 등산구의 옆에 미츠비시중공업의 타시로 로켓 연소 시험장이 있다(출입・견학 불가).
  • 10의 세야마-이와세천을 따라서 다시로다케 산의 산기슭에 있다.헹글라이더의 이륙지로서 정비되어 매년 9월에 「10의 세야마 헹글라이더 대회」가 개최된다.


참고 문헌

오다테 지방의 역사 산책, 무명사출판, 와시다니풍

관련 항목

외부 링크

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          아메리카 합중국 행정 관리 예산국   

아메리카 합중국 행정 관리 예산국

행정 관리 예산국의 문장

아메리카 합중국 행정 관리 예산국(미국 합중국 일탓이나 리 그만두지 않는 극, 영어: Office of Management and Budget, 약칭:OMB)은, 아메리카 합중국 연방 정부행정 기관의 하나이다.그 역할은 의회에 송부하는 예산 교서를 작성해, 성립한 예산을 집행하는 것이어, 각 행정기관의 활동을 관리하는 것이다.

행정 관리 예산국은 행정 관리 예산 국장에 의해서 통할되고 있다.국장은 각료급의 지위이며, 대통령에 직속하는 입장이다.



아이젠하워 행정부 빌딩

전신인 예산국(Bureau of the Budget)은, 1921년재무성의 내부 부국의 일부로서 설치되어 1939년에는 대통령부에 옮겨졌다.그 후, 1970년닉슨 정권에 의해서 행정 관리 예산국으로서 개편, 개칭되었다.

2009년 시점에 있어 500명 정도의 스탭이 있어 대통령부내의 아이젠하워 행정부 빌딩에 사무국이 놓여져 있다.


행정 관리 예산국의 역할의 하나는, 약한해를 걸쳐 각 행정기관의 개별의 정책을 평가해, 경합 하는 예산 요구를 조정, 사정해 매년 2 월초에 의회에 송부하는 예산 교서를 작성하는 것이다.덧붙여 아메리카 합중국에서는 대통령의회법안을 제출하지 못하고, 예산 교서를 송부하는 것은 어디까지나 권고이며, 정식으로는 의원이 제안자가 된다.또, 예산 교서가 그대로 채용되는 것도 아니다.[1]

행정 관리 예산국의 그 외의 역할로서는, 각 행정기관이 헛됨을 생략해, 효율적인 업무를 실시하는 것에 의해서, 국민이 낮은 비용으로 행정 서비스를 용이하게 이용할 수 있도록 하는 것(전자 정부 정책의 추진)[2]나, 각 행정기관의 규제 정책 분석을 감시하는 것등이 있다. 


  • 국장
  • 부국장
  • 부국장(최고 업무 책임자)
  • 정부 재무 관리 담당 관리자
  • 정부 조달 담당 관리자
  • 전자 정부 및 정보기술 정책 담당 관리자(최고 정보 책임자)
  • 정보 정책 및 규제 정책 담당 관리자


  1. ^「2007년도 미국 예산 교서(개요)」외무성 사이트, 2006년 2월 7일.
  2. ^토드・잣트 「미국 전자 정부법」으로 무엇이 바뀌는지 「CIO Magazine」, 2003년 7월호.

참고 문헌

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          메인 페이지(PDA판)   

메인 페이지(PDA판)

위키페디아에 어서 오십시오

위키페디아오픈 컨텐트백과사전입니다.방침으로 찬동 해 주실 수 있다면, 누구라도 기사를 편집하거나 새롭게 만들거나 할 수 있습니다.자세한 것은 가이드 북을 읽어 주세요.
현재, 위키페디아 일본어판에는 약 1,066,127개의 기사가 있습니다.

우수 픽업

천황상은, 일본 중앙 경마회(JRA)가 춘・추에 연 2회 시행하는 경마의 후한 상금으로, 국제적으로는 최고위의 GI에 등급설정 되고 있다.제1회에 상당하는 「황실상전」은 1937년(쇼와 12년)에 행해지고 있지만, JRA가 전신으로 하고 있는 「The Emperor's Cup(엔페라즈캅)」는 1905년(메이지 38년), 한층 더 루트를 더듬으면 1880년(메이지 13년)의 「Mikado's Vase」까지 거슬러 올라갈 수 있고 일본에서 시행되는 GI경주 중(안)에서도, 긴 역사와 전통을 가지는 경주이다.

1984년(쇼와 59년) 이후, 봄은 교토 경마장의 잔디 3200 m로 「천황상(봄)」, 가을은 도쿄 경마장의 잔디 2000 m로 「천황상(가을)」이라고 표기해 시행되고 있다.2015년(헤세이 27년)은 춘・추 모두 1억 5000만엔의 1벌 상금이 주어지고 있는 것 외에 황실로부터도 우승 상품으로서 방패가 하사 되고 있어"방패"라고 통칭 되기도 한다.……

최근의 사건


오늘은 무슨일

새로운 기사


This article is taken from the Japanese Wikipedia 메인 페이지(PDA판)

This article is distributed by cc-by-sa or GFDL license in accordance with the provisions of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia and Tranpedia does not guarantee the accuracy of this document. See our disclaimer for more information.

In addition, Tranpedia is simply not responsible for any show is only by translating the writings of foreign licenses that are compatible with CC-BY-SA license information.

          목장 이야기 안락함의 수   

목장 이야기 안락함의 수

목장 이야기 안락함의 수」(나상품이 충분해 안락함의 나무)은, 마베라스인타라크티브로부터 2007년 6월 7일에 발매된 게임 소프트.장르는 시뮬레이션 게임에서, 목장 이야기 시리즈 첫 Wii 전용 소프트.

목장 이야기 안락함의 수
장르 시뮬레이션
대응 기종 Wii
개발원 런타임
발매원 마베라스인타라크티브
인원수 1 - 4명
미디어 Wii용 12 cm광디스크
발매일 2007년6월 7일
대상 연령 CEROA(전연령 대상)
매상 갯수 일본의 기 69,879개[1]
템플릿을 표시

2006년에 개최된 Nintendo World 2006 Wii 체험회에서 체험할 수 있었다.클럽 닌텐도와 제휴해, 1000명에 「점보 소훈봉제인형」이 선물 되었다.


게임 시스템

  • Wii의 콘트롤러인 Wii 리모콘을 거절하는 것에 의해서 수견리나 풀베기가 가능.
  • 아이가 일을 도와 준다.
  • Wii 리모콘을 준비하면, 최대 4명이서 미니 게임을 놀 수 있다.
  • 새로운 동물이 증가했다.



남녀로부터 선택할 수 있다.스테키 목장 플랜으로 왔다고 하는 설정.

남자 주인공(디폴트명:타켈)
소리-오카모토 노부히코
자연과 동물을 좋아하고, 곤란해 하고 있는 사람을 간과할 수 없다.누구와라도 친구가 될 수 있는 프렌드리인 성격.
활기가 가득으로, 밝고 보잇슈.

결혼 후보

신랑 후보, 신부 후보 모두 8명 있다.

신랑 후보

어항에서 일하는 낚시꾼.위안계.온화한 인품으로 언제나 웃는 얼굴.자연스럽게 둘러싸이고, 낮잠과 낚시를 하는 것이 좋아.
바닥 누락에 밝은 건강한 목공 직공.축제나 도박에 뜨거워지는 열혈한.「열혈!」 「우정!」(이)가 너무 좋아.
술집에서 조리 담당을 하고 있는 웨이타.사람에게 마음을 열지 않고 항상 벽을 만들고 있고, 본심을 드러내지 않는다.
하발 촌장의 아들.건방지고 고만하지만 튼데레.부친 생각인 면도 있어, 섬을 활성화 하고 싶다고 생각하고 있다.
쿨하고 성실한 의사.건강 관리에는 엄격하다.때때로 상냥한 일면을 내비치기도 한다.
대장간에서 일하는 호걸인 청년.의협심에 넘쳐서 의지가 되는 형계.현재는 수행중.
조금가.나르시스트적인 면을 가져, 오네에 말로 이야기하지만, 「남자를 밝히는 것」이라고 한다고 화낸다.자유분방하고, 미적 센스에는 시끄럽다.
소년의 마음을 가지는 고고학자.섬에는 전설을 조사에 왔다.사람은 좋은 것 같지만, 요령이 없다.

신부 후보

여인숙의 딸(아가씨).먹는 것을 정말 좋아하는 밝은 여자 아이로, 요리가 골칫거리.
재봉소의 딸(아가씨).내성적이고 낯가림이지만, 완성의 팔은 일류.
섹시한 무희.부모님의 싸움으로 집을 뛰쳐나온다.
잡화상의 딸(아가씨).발명을 좋아하는 사람.흥미가 있는 것에 열중하면 주위가 안보이게 된다.
브라 성게-목장의 딸(아가씨).소박한 밝은 가정적인 성격.요리가 자신있고, 취미는 낚시해.
술집의 인기 여성.돌보기가 좋은 여장부형.승마가 취미.
스후레 농장의 딸(아가씨).차분하고 있어 마이 페이스.
재봉소의 딸(아가씨).어른티가 나는 아이 없음빌려 사람.코트미의 여동생으로, 완성보다 접객 쪽이 이익. 

라이벌 커플링

이상의 커플링은, 우호도를 올리면 라이벌 이벤트가 일어난다.
라이벌 이벤트를 클리어 하면 결혼해, 자식을 낳는다.

마을의 거주자

와플 타운의 촌장.돌보기가 좋다.실은 다섯자가 있는 것 같다.
여인숙 「키르슈정」의 주인.마이의 아버지.온화한 신사로, 취미는 가드닝.
건강하고 밝은 여자 아이.오세의 사촌.
여인숙 「키르슈정」의 주방장.마이의 조모.
잡화상 러스크의 마누라.퍼트의 모친.낙천가로 적극적인 성격.
배의 선장.사람이 좋아서 온이나인가.
대장간의 직공 감독.오세와 크로에의 할아버지.완고하고 까다롭고, 오세에는 어렵지만, 크로에에는 달다.
술집 「키르슈정」의 마스터.캐시의 아버지.과묵한 성격.
스후레 농장의 마누라.아니스의 어머니.할 마음이 없는 남편에게 기가 막히고 있다.
스후레 농장의 마스터.아니스의 아버지.여신의 큰 나무가 시들어 작물을 할 수 없게 되어, 의지를 잃어 버린다.
브라 성게-목장의 마누라.리나의 어머니.밝고 잘 웃는 성격.
제이크의 아내.마이의 어머니.조용하고 품위있는 여성.
잡화상 러스크의 주인.퍼트의 부친.꽤 마음이 약한 성격.
남편을 잃은 미인인 미망인.마돈나적 존재.
어항에서 일하는 낚시 직공.타오의 숙부.낚시하는 것을 좋아하고, 한층 더 생선의 생태나 생선의 조리법에도 자세하다.
클리닉에 있는 산파.무서운 것 같은 할머니이지만, 실은 아이를 좋아하는 사람.
등산가풍의 직공 감독.루크의 아버지.폭주가로 호쾌한 성격이지만, 미인에 약하다.
브라 성게-목장의 마스터.리나의 아버지.상냥하고 밝은 성격.
목장 이야기 2」로부터의 게스트 캐릭터.브라 성게-목장에 도우러 와있는 말의 조련사.
케이크 만들기의 수행으로 조모의 아는 사람의 유바의 바탕으로 왔다.동사무소에서 일하고 있다.
남쪽의 오오트리섬에서 코콧트정이라고 하는 가게를 영위하고 있다.시라의 아버지.
코콧트정의 마누라.시라의 어머니.
재봉소의 로주인.코트미와 르미의 조모.
건방지고 장난을 좋아하는 사람.아니스의 남동생.
어협으로 잡무계를 하고 있다.오즈의 아들.
의사 견습의 소년.성실하고 점잖은 성격.「두근두근 애니멀 마치」로는 목사가 되어 있다.
목공소에서 일하는 소년.루크의 제자.


와플 타운에 살고 있던 여신모양.큰 나무가 시들어 버렸기 때문에, 지금은 어디에 있을지 모른다.꿈 속에 나오고 도움을 요구한다.
여신모양을 그리워하고 있다.여신모양과 같이 지금은 어디에 있을지 모른다.


  1. ^「파미통게임 백서 2008」엔터 브레인, 2008년, 387페이지.ISBN 978-4-7577-4272-7

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          키미츠 모터스 쿨   

키미츠 모터스 쿨

키미츠 모터스 쿨(기밀 모터스 쿨)은, 후지 교통 그룹의 후지 산업 주식회사가 운영하는 지바현 키미츠시에 있는 지바현 공안 위원회 지정의 자동차 교습소.



교습 차종


  • JR키미츠역 외 , 도어 to도어 무료 송영 바스 있음리.
  • JR키미츠역에서 키미츠시 커뮤니티 버스 「코이토강순환선・안쪽을 도는 노선」에 승차해, 「자동차 학교앞」에서 하차.

후지 교통 그룹

  • 후지 교통 주식회사(도쿄도 키타구 에이마치3-1)-택시 사업
  • 후지 산업 주식회사-교습소 사업
  • 후지 오토 가스 주식회사(도쿄도 아라카와구 니시닛포리 5가3-1) - LPG 스탠드 운영 사업

관련 항목

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크래미디어문(Chlamydiae)이란, 그램 음성 세균이다.협의로는 척추동물을 주로 여관 주인으로 하는 크래미디어과등의 「병원성 크래미디어」를 크래미디어라고 부르지만(최협의로는 크래미디어속만), 광의로는 파라크라미지아과등의 아메바를 주된 여관 주인으로 하는 「환경 크래미디어」를 포함한 크래미디어문전체를 크래미디어라고 부르는 일이 있다.


: 진정 세균 Bacteria
: 크래미디어문Chlamydiae
"Chlamydiae" Garrity and Holt 2012
하위 분류(밧줄)
  • 크래미디어밧줄
    • 크래미디어눈

주로 척추동물아메바등의 원생 생물을 여관 주인으로 하는 세포내 기생 생물이다.ATP/ADP 트란스로카제등의 각종 수송체를 가지고 있어 여관 주인으로부터 에너지나 영양을 취득해 생육하고 있다.이 때문에 세포외에서는 완전히 증식 하지 못하고, 환경안으로는 감염성이 있는 기본 작은 몸의 형태를 취한다.의학적으로 중요한 세균군이지만, 인공 배양지에서 배양할 수 없기 때문에 배양은 배양 세포나 계란을 사용할 필요가 있어, 연구가 어려운 그룹이다.

프란크트미케스문 등에 근친으로, 똑같이 페프치드그리칸을 결손해, FtsZ를 가지고 있지 않다.PVC군에게 들어간다고 보여지고 있다.

참고 문헌

  • Gupta RS, Bhandari V and Naushad HS (2012) Molecular signatures for the PVC clade (Planctomycetes, Verrucomicrobia, Chlamydiae, and Lentisphaerae) of bacteria provide insights into their evolutionary relationships. Frontiers in evolutionary and genomic microbiology.
  • [1]

This article is taken from the Japanese Wikipedia 크래미디어문

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등그즈라다도」는, 1967년 10월 7일부터 1968년 9월 25일까지 후지테레비 계열국에서 방송되고 있던 사사가와 히로시 원작・타트노코프로 제작의 텔레비전 애니메이션이다.모리나가 제과의 잇샤 제공.흑백 작품。전104화(전52회, 1회에 대해 2화 방송).

장르 코메디[1], 환타지[2]
원작 사사가와 히로시
총감독 사사가와 히로시
각본 토리우미 진3스즈키 아키라무, 진노 오사무,
야마자키청재이토 항구이타이레응타로
음악 오노자키 타카시보
애니메이션 제작 타트노코프로
방송국 후지테레비 계열
방송 기간 1967년10월 7일 - 1968년9월 25일
화수 전104화(전52회)
원작 사사가와 히로시
각본 토리우미 진3, 스즈키 아키라 타케, 세리가와유오,
야마자키청재, 이토 츠네히사, 사카모토 유우작, 진노 오사무
음악 오노자키 타카시보
애니메이션 제작 타트노코프로, 애니메이션 프렌드, 요미우리 광고사
제작 구리 잇페이
방송국 텔레비전 도쿄 계열
방송 기간 1987년10월 12일 - 1988년9월 20일
화수 전44화
프로젝트 애니메이션
포털 애니메이션



우주 에이스」・「마하 GoGoGo」에 계속 되는 타트노코프로 제작 애니메이션의 3 작목으로, 타트노코개그 노선의 우는 살이 된 작품이다.원작은 사사가와 히로시가 「주간 소년 선데이1966년 3월 13일호에 발표한 「온 고물 괴수 쿠즈라」로, 애니메이션의 방송 기간중에는 이타이레응타로에 의한 코미카라이즈 작품이 같이 「주간 소년 선데이」에 연재되고 있었다.또한 단행본은, 우선 새벽 출판으로부터 전3권(연대 불명), 그 앞으로 1976년유분샤로부터 전2권이 발매되었지만, 모두 절판, 2008년 8월부터는 「만화 숍」에서(보다) 발매되고 있다(전2권).

본작은 후에 리메이크 되고 있어 구작의 방송으로부터 20년 후의 1987년 10월 12일부터 1988년 9월 20일까지 텔레비전 도쿄 계열국(TXN)에서 방송되고 있었다.전44화.이쪽은 칼라 영상으로, 복수사 제공으로 방송되고 있었다.

리메이크 하기에 즈음해 다시 한 것은 작화 이후의 공정만으로, 음성에 대해서는 타트노코프로에 남아 있던 구작의 음성을 유용한다고 하는 독특한 수법이 뽑아지고 있던[2].또, 8나 봐 승아가 게스트 성우를 맡은 회로는 담당 캐릭터를 「타임 패트롤대 오타스케만」의 세코빗치에 고쳐 쓰는 등, 작화상에서의 놀이도 행해지고 있던[2].




흑백판・리메이크판 공통



  • 제작-구리 잇페이
  • 기획-시마무라 가즈오(요미우리 광고사), 나루세 코우키(류의 아이 프로)
  • 프로듀서-이시카와 키요시(요미우리 광고사), 요네다 사토루정(애니메이션 프렌드)
  • 제작 관리-오치아이상 아키라, 니시오 요시코, 대나무 쿠보 미츠루 가지
  • 각본-토리우미 진3, 스즈키 아키라 타케, 세리가와유오, 야마자키청재, 이토 츠네히사, 사카모토 유우작, 진노 오사무, 외
  • 연출-원정타로, 전승히데키, 오카다 사토시, 사츠키녀유작
  • 작화 감독-나일까 있는, 마쓰모토 마사루다음, 혼다 아키라, 외
  • 미술 감독-타다 요시히사자
  • 특수 효과-무라카미 마사히로
  • 촬영 감독-요코야마행타로
  • 편집-미키 사치코, 요시다 치히로
  • 제작 타트노코프로, 애니메이션 프렌드, 요미우리 광고사



오프닝 테마&엔딩 테마 「등그즈라다도」
작사-아오시마 유키오/작곡・편곡-마와타리 세이치/노래-곡계
  • 레코드로는, 그즈라역의 오오히라 토오루가 노래하는 버전도 존재한다.
  • 현재 남아 있는 오프닝 필름으로는, 라스트에 그즈라가 포즈를 취했더니 일단 음악이 정지해, 당분간 하면 다시 음악이 흘러 끝난다.
삽입노래 「그즈라 선창」
작사-토리우미 진3/작곡・편곡-오노자키 타카시보/가-오오히라 토오루, 호리현자, 코롬비아 요람회


오프닝 테마 「그즈라다도」
작사-이토 아키라/작곡-키시 마사유키/편곡-산중기창/가-사토마김
엔딩 테마 「허둥지둥으로 친구」
작사-이토 아키라/작곡-키시 마사유키/편곡-산중기창/가-하시모토 조수

각 화리스트

()안은 리메이크판으로의 타이틀.▲마크는 리메이크판으로는 방송되지 않았던 회.이것들 이외에도, A파트와 B파트를 바꿔 넣거나 다른 회의 이야기와 바꿔 넣거나 된 회가 있는[3].

  1. 캇쵸이이의 권/주사 무서운 것 권(주사 무서운 어느 권)
  2. 머리온 어느 권(머리 앞타 어느 권) /우주 외모 맨의 권(우주 캇쵸만의 권)
  3. 고미그즈라의 권/금고 무삽샤의 권
  4. 사이테이마우스의 권/괴수 모게라돈의 권
  5. 서커스의 스타다 어느 권/등아 차례 괴수다 어느 권
  6. 할머니와 그즈라의 권(할머니와 괴수의 권) /고철 레스토랑의 권
  7. 괴수 스이톤의 권/이다다 개펠리칸의 권
  8. 불공이나 청구서 작전의 권/파파씨 운데의 권
  9. 등아 훔쳐졌다다 어느 권/스파노미라의 권
  10. 프로레슬링 챔피언의 권/백화점 좋아 좋아의 권
  11. 등아이캇타 어느 권/캇쵸이이 선수의 권
  12. 철을 먹어 응의 권/그즈라산타의 권
  13. 그즈라류둔갑술의 권/우당탕 대회의 권▲
  14. 등 짜 없음아다 어느 권(등 짜 없음자다 어느 권) /비창고섬의 권
  15. 약삭빠르게 체라라의 권/파파는 노이로제의 권
  16. 그즈라 1학년의 권/그즈라 가짜병의 권
  17. 그즈라 가정부의 권(괴수 가정부의 권) /그즈라 스님의 권(그즈라보치마의 권)
  18. 스피드 외모 맨의 권/도 들주위 설인의 권
  19. 그즈라와 그즈라의 권/무우 선생님의 권
  20. 죽고 싶지 않은 어느 권/주사 참는 어느 권
  21. 이치야인 어느 권/큰 바보 이모돈의 권
  22. 그즈라군을 잊지 말고 의 권/등 구운 굽힌 어느 권
  23. 운데 그즈라의 권/등아장사로 스의 권(등아장사데도스의 권)
  24. 애완동물 콘테스트의 권/삼가 아뢰옵니다 몬페이 대신전의 권
  25. 그즈라오케스트라의 권/그즈라마신의 권(그즈라마신의 권)
  26. 괴수 그만둔 것 권/큰 것은 좋은 일이라든가 권
  27. 캇쵸이이 예술가의 권/괴수 낙지 런의 권
  28. 폭탄 아기의 권(바구단 아기의 권) /핫스르체라라의 권
  29. 들떠 타마곤의 권/괴수 굿 다라의 권
  30. 괴수 다이 다라의 권/똑똑 부인의 권
  31. 그즈라 킹타로우 의 권/도망쳐라나 도망쳐라의 권
  32. 나는 백세는의 권(원사 100세는의 권) /학예회에 나오는 어느 권
  33. 친절은 코리고리라든가 권/파파에 소개해 톤의 권
  34. 등아 죽어버린 어느 권/괴수 아르바이트의 권
  35. 그즈라간만의 권/등아 봐 버렸다 어느 권
  36. 괴수 가라곤의 권/캇쵸이이파이롯트의 권
  37. 만나고 싶은 만나고 싶은 것 권/지옥이야 사촌의 권
  38. 괴수 스파이 작전의 권/외모 맨 소방 대원의 권
  39. 그즈라 두목 죄인명부의 권/나온 나온 귀신의 권
  40. 그즈라 선창의 권/신부 체라라의 권
  41. 등아보이 스카우트다 어느 권/우주 괴수 아칸베이다의 권
  42. 등아넉다운이다 어느 권/맹수나 원아니의 권
  43. 남극 탐험의 권/등아마술사다 어느 권
  44. 소리 노망나 바다 도깨비의 권/공주님은 미니스커트의 권
  45. 멋 괴수의 권/해적 퇴치의 권
  46. 캇쵸이이 신병씨의 권/캇쵸이이 대장씨의 권▲
  47. 뛰쳐나온 미라 아가의 권/철이 가바쵸다 어느 권▲
  48. 그즈라 사장의 권/그즈라 역장의 권▲
  49. 괴수 식객 회의의 권/괴수나 글자 온 도중의 권▲
  50. 체라라나 원아니의 권/광고쟁이대는 서문 우노권▲
  51. 허둥지둥 세계 여행의 권/등 그 아이는 1 다스라든가 권▲
  52. 그즈라의 경찰의 권/츄우츄우콘서트의 권▲



그즈라가 유원지에 간 이야기(화수불명)로는, 요코하마 드림 랜드(현재폐원)에서 로케이션 촬영해 온 실사 영상이 배경으로 사용되어 클라이막스로는 실사의 브라스 밴드 행진 씬에 애니메이션의 그즈라를 합성한 영상이 사용되고 있었다.이것은 사사가와의 발안이었지만, 당시 타트노코프로의 전무였던 요시다 켄지가 「집은 애니메이션가게다.애니메이션을 만들고 있으면 된다」라고 의견한 것에 의해, 이래 동프로는 애니메이션 실사 합성을 봉인하게 된[4].


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후지테레비 계열 토요일19:00범위
전 프로그램 프로그램명 다음 프로그램
오공의 대모험
(1967년 1월 7일- 9월 30일)
(1967년 10월 7일- 1968년 3월)
(1968년 4월 6일- 6월 29일)
후지테레비 계열 수요일19:00범위
가면의 닌자빨강영(특수 촬영판)
※간사이 테레비 제작
(1967년 4월 5일- 1968년 3월 27일)

(1968년 4월- 9월 25일)
【본작보다 애니메이션범위 한편 후지테레비 제작범위】

(1968년 10월 2일- 1969년 3월 26일)
후지테레비 계열 모리나가 제과 잇샤 제공범위
(1967년 10월 7일- 1968년 9월 25일)

(1968년 10월 2일- 1969년 3월 26일)

텔레비전 도쿄 계열 월요일19:00범위
오즈의 마법사(애니메이션판)
(1986년 10월 6일- 1987년 9월 28일)
(1987년 10월 12일- 1988년 3월)
디즈니 극장와파구닥크꿈모험
(1988년 4월 3일- 1989년 3월 27일)
텔레비전 도쿄 계열 화요일19:30범위
THE 피싱
(1983년 10월 11일- 1988년 3월 29일)
※텔레비 오사카 제작
【화요일22:30범위에 이동】

(1988년 4월- 9월 20일)
【본작보다 애니메이션범위 한편 텔레비전 도쿄 제작범위】

(1988년 10월- 1989년 3월 28일)
【금요일19:00범위로부터 이동】

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          언제나 국수에 가요곡   

언제나 국수에 가요곡

언제나 국수에 가요곡은, 아르・에프・라디오 일본에서 매주 목요일25:00~25:30(금요일 오전1:00~1:30)에 방송되고 있던 음악 프로그램이다.퍼스낼러티가수 사카모토 카즈마(사카모토・인가 즈마).어시스턴트코야시키 토모코(거절하는 야자나무・과도 개).프로그램의 제공은 수도권 1엔에 점포를 짓는 입식이소바식당의 후지 곁잇샤 제공이었다.2006년 9월 28일로서 방송 종료했다.

  • 프로그램은 엔카 가수를 중심으로 한 게스트를 불러 토크 하는지, 게스트가 들어오지 않을 때는 테마를 결정해 사카모토와 후루야시키와의 토크.사이에 엔카를 중심으로 한 가요곡을 흘리고 있다.
  • 중반에 사카모토가 스폰서의 후지 곁의 점포를 돌아 점장에게 인터뷰, 곡의 리퀘스트를 받는 코너가 있다.그 때문에 후지 곁점내에 프로그램 선전 포스터가 붙여지고 있다.
  • 고풍스러운 프로그램이지만 방송 개시는 2005년 10월 6일로 의외로 시작한지 오래되지 않다.
  • 프로그램 개시 당초는 매주 목요일25:30~26:00에 방송하고 있었지만, 2006년 4월 6일부터 현재의 시간으로 이동한다.
  • 프로그램의 오프닝 테마 송은 후지 곁사장으로 작사가단마마을 작사, 사카모토 카즈마 작곡, 국수 합창단이 노래하는 「국수의 노래」.

외부 링크

사카모토 카즈마 브로그게스트스납・온에어-리스트를 게재.

아르・에프・라디오 일본 목요일25:30~26:00
전 프로그램 프로그램명 다음 프로그램
언제나 국수에 가요곡
아르・에프・라디오 일본 목요일25:00~25:30
전 프로그램 프로그램명 다음 프로그램
언제나 국수에 가요곡

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          아라이 히데키   

아라이 히데키

아라이 히데키(아라이 히데키, 1955년- )는, 일본 패럴림픽 스키 팀 감독, 히타치 솔루션즈 「팀 AURORA(아우로라)」감독.홋카이도아사히카와시출신.1998년나가노 패럴림픽 개최에 앞서, 당시의 후생성의 요청에 의해 장애인 스키의 조직화, 선수 강화, 지도, 육성을 제로로부터 시작했다.나가노, 소금 레이크, 토리노, 밴쿠버, 소티와 5 대회 연속으로 메달리스트를 배출.패럴림픽, 세계 선수권, 월드컵의 각 대회로부터 우승자를 배출하고 있다.


  • 국제 지적 장애인 스포츠 연맹 기술 대표
  • 국제 패럴림픽 위원회(노르딕 WG멤버)
  • 전일본 스키 연맹 크로칸 기술 대표
  • 전일본 스키 연맹 경기 기술 위원
  • 도쿄도 스키 연맹 경기 본부 전문위원
  • 일본 패럴림픽 운영 위원
  • 일본 지적 장애인 스키 연맹 이사
  • 일본 장애인 스키 연맹 상임 이사, 노르딕 부장
  • 일본 패럴림픽 스키 팀 감독
  • 히타치 시스템 스키부 감독(현히타치 솔루션즈 감독)

관련 서적

  • 분조6월호 히라야마 유즈루 연재 논픽션 「역풍의 사람들 제 3회 손수 만든 금메달」(PHP 문고)
  • 2008 툽스포트비지네스의 최전선꿈을 실현하는 업무중마을 요시오・히라타죽남 편저(코단샤 BIZ)
  • 심안으로 획득한 금메달 코바야시 미유키와 히타치 시스템 스키부의 도전 미야자키 에리저(신쵸오샤)

외부 링크

This article is taken from the Japanese Wikipedia 아라이 히데키

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          HSGameTime Girls Team of the Year: Inland-area section and state champs in ’16-’17   


반열(번네개, 1930년 5월 12일- )은, 일본 근대문학 연구자. 나가노현 마츠모토시 출생.1953년 와세다 대학 제2 문학부졸, 56년 같은 대학 학원 문학 연구과 일본 문학 전공 석사과정 수료.중학교 교사가 된다.1966년, 야지마도 히로시, 시마다 아키오, 오기쿠보 야스유키등과 건달 문학회를 창설.1973년 묘죠 학원 고등학교 교사, 1983년 류코쿠 대학 교수, 1987년 문부성 교과서 조사관, 90년 퇴관, 코쿠시칸 대학 문학부 교수.2001년 정년퇴직.


  • 이와노포명론」쌍문사 출판 1977
  • 「이와노포명 「고헤작」의 세계」메이지 서원 1982
  • 요코미쓰리이치 문학의 생성 끝나 울어 요동의 행적」왕식 1999
  • 「내일에 연결해」심미사 2003
  • 「이와노포명문학의 생성」왕식 2006


  • 반열교수약어 연보・연구 실적(반열교수 퇴직 기념) 국문학론집2001-03
  • 「현대 일본인명록」2002년 

This article is taken from the Japanese Wikipedia 반열

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미셸・르그랑(Michel Legrand, 1932년 2월 24일- )은, 프랑스작곡가, 피아니스트, 영화 감독, 배우.파리 출신.가수의 반쟈만・르그랑은 차남.

Michel Legrand Haymarket 2008.jpg
기본 정보
탄생 (1932-02-24) 1932년2월 24일(85세)
출신지 프랑스의 기 프랑스 파리
담당 악기 피아노


와 력

아버지는 지휘자작곡가 레이몬・르그랑, 언니(누나)는 가수의 크리스체누・르그랑이라고 하는 음악 일가에서 자란다.모친은 아르메니아인이다.

파리 국립 고등 음악원에서 나디아・브란제의 피아노 반주 클래스에 있어 배워, 1950년대부터 재즈, 영화 음악의 분야에서 활동.잭・두미 감독과 함께 다룬 「쉘 불의 우산」, 「로슈 폴의 애인들」을 시작해 아카데미 가곡상을 수상한 「화려한 걸어」(주제가 「바람의 속삭임」), 「무겁고의 여름」, 「사랑과 슬픔의 볼레로」(프랜시스・레이와의 공작), 「영광의 르・맨」 「네바세이・네바아게인」 등 수많은 영화 음악을 창작해, 20 세기 후반의 프랑스 영화 음악계를 대표하는 존재이다.종사한 작품의 수는 텔레비전도 포함하면 200이상으로 오른다.

재즈・피아니스트로서도 활동해, 자기 명의의 앨범 「Legrand Jazz」(1958년)로는 마이르스・데이비스와 공동 출연.그 밖에도 존・콜트 레인, 잭・존스, 조니・마티즈, 리나・호른, 사라・보등 거물 뮤지션과의 공동 출연 작품도 많다.한층 더 후년에는 보이스 트레이닝을 받고, 자작곡의 가창도 해내게 되었다.

친일파로, 1972년 이후 가끔 일본 방문 공연을 실시하고 있다.일본 영화 「베르사유의 장미」의 음악이나, 모리야마 요시코와의 콜라보레이션에서도 화제가 되었다.

근래에는 2005년에 자신의 곡 「Di-Gue-Ding-Ding(디・그・딘・딘)」[1]이 산토리맥주류의 시리즈 CM(모르츠・다이어트생・매그넘 드라이)에 기용됨과 동시에, 게다가 2009년 9월부터 오늘까지 방송중의 시세이도・UNO의 CM로 동곡이 재차 기용되고 있다.


일본 영화

  • 불의 새』실사판(1978년, 감독:이치카와 곤) 테마 음악만
    • 영화 「불의 새」의 이미지 송으로서 동명 타이틀의 「불의 새」라고 하는 곡을 작곡 한다(작사는 다니카와 순타로).마츠자키무성한, 서커스, 하이・파이・세트가 각각 싱글 릴리스 하고 있다.
  • 베르사유의 장미」실사판(1979년)


  • I Love Paris(1954년)
  • Legrand Jazz(1958년)
  • Jazz le Grand(1979년)
  • Michel Legrand by Michel Legrand(2002년)

관련 서적(공인 서적)

  • 2002.4 -미셸・르그랑(ARTISAN de la MUSIQUE) 하마다 코시・감수(애육사)
  • 2004.3 -미셸・르그랑풍의 속삭임 하마다 코시・저(음악지우사)
  • 2015.7 -미셸・르그랑 자전 미셸・르그랑, 스테펀・르르쥬저타카하시 아키코・번역 하마다 코시・감수(아루테스 퍼블리싱)


  1. ^이 CM이전에는 1997년부터 1999년까지 요미우리 TV의 제작에 의해, 일본 TV계의 심야범위로 방송되고 있던 버라이어티 프로그램 「HAMASHO」로, BGM로서 동곡이 사용되고 있었던 적이 있다.

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          야스다 켄   

야스다 켄

야스다 켄(야스다 켄, 1922년 4월 16일- )은 일본의 농학자.

홋카이도 유바리시 출생.본적・이시카와현시오마치。1946년 홋카이도 제국대학(현・홋카이도 대학) 농학부 졸업.1961년 「우리 나라 벼농사 기술의 지역적 전개에 관한 문헌적 연구」로 큐슈 대학 농학 박사.1950년부터 농업 발달사 조사회(모리나가 슌타로우 편집장, 도하타 세이이치 회장)에서 벼농사사의 부문을 담당.아사히 신문 도쿄 본사 기획부에 근무.야마시나 조류 연구소에서 따오기의 연구.1959년 「일본 농업 발달사」(농업 발달사 조사회)로 아침해상 수상.[1]




  • 「이타리 농업의 개관과 론바르디아 평원의 벼농사」마츠오 타카시 봉우리 공저 농정 조사회 1951
  • 「향보모토후미 제국 산물장집성」전21권모리나가 슌타로우 공동편찬 과학 서원 1985‐2003
  • 「에도시대 중기에 있어서의 제번의 농작물향보・모토후미 제국 물산장으로부터」모리나가 슌타로우 공동편찬저일본 농업 연구소 1986
  • 「에도 후기 제국 산물장집성」 제1‐21권편과학 서원 1996‐2005 제국 산물장집성
  • 「근세 식물・동물・광물 도감 집성」전3권편과학 서원 2005 제국 산물장집성


  • 「일본 산업사 자료」전5권아사미혜공역편과학 서원 1989‐95 근세 역사 자료집성
  • 「민간 치료」전15권아사미혜공역편과학 서원 1990‐2004 근세 역사 자료집성
  • 「채약뜻」전2권아사미혜공역편과학 서원 1994‐96 근세 역사 자료집성
  • 「일본과학기술 고전적자료 천문학편」전5권아사미혜공역편과학 서원 2000‐05 근세 역사 자료집성
  • 「일본과학기술 고전적자료수학편」전9권아사미혜공역편과학 서원 2001‐08 근세 역사 자료집성
  • 「구황」전2권아사미혜공역편과학 서원 2006‐08 근세 역사 자료집성

  1. ^「현대 일본인명록」, 「에도 제국 산물장」

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자궁탈(해 공이다 개, 영: uterine prolapse)과는 골반 장기탈의 한 형태로[1], 자궁음문외로 탈출한 상태.



2족 보행의 사람에 대하고, 본래라면 자궁은, 인대근육에 의해 골반 중앙에 지지를 받고 있다.그런데 , 가령이나 임신출산의 반복에 의해 이 버팀목이 느슨해져 오면, 중력에 따라서 자궁이 에와 처져, 체외에의 탈출이 일어난다.방광탈(방광혹)이나 직장탈(직장혹)을 병발 하는 경우도 있어, 요도의 뒤틀림을 수반해 배뇨 곤란을 초래할 가능성이 있다.

덧붙여 아래와 같은 가축의 예의 같게, 출산에 임하여, 양말을 벗는 원리로 자궁이 뒤집어에 함몰・하수・탈출한 상태는, 인간으로는 「자궁내반증」이라고 불린다.

자궁 하수
체외에 탈출 하고 있지는 않지만, 질내에서 자궁의 위치가 하강해 오고 있는 것
부분 자궁탈
자궁 경부 등, 자궁의 일부가 질구로부터 들여다 보고 있는 것
완전 자궁탈
질벽이 반전해, 자궁의 전부가 질구로부터 나와 처지고 있는 것

호용수철건과 예방

자궁 하수・자궁탈은, 출산 회수가 많은 여성이 고령이 되고 나서 일으키기 쉽다.또, 산후의 빠를 때로부터 육체 노동등을 하고 있으면 되기 쉽다.출산 직후의 여성으로 일시적으로 자궁 하수・자궁탈 상태를 볼 수 있는 경우도 있지만, 복부에 무리한 힘을 걸치지 않게 주의하며 보내고 있으면, 자궁이 원래의 크기에 축소해 오는 무렵에는(자궁 복고), 대부분 자연스럽게 해소되는 것이 많다.자궁 복고를 촉진해, 장래의 자궁탈을 예방하기 위해서는, 골반저근등을 단련하는 산욕 체조도 유효하다.

별로 알려지지 않은 것이지만, 좋은 성생활(파트너와의 성교 또는 자위에 의한다)을 보내고 있는 여성은, 그 때문에(위해) 골반저근을 단련되기 위해서, 예방하기 쉬운 것이 보고되고 있다(Jaqueline Goncalves, 2013).


경도의 자궁 하수로는, 우선은 예방시와 같이, 골반저근을 단련하는 케이 겔 체조를 지도해, 증상의 완화나 진행의 방지를 도모한다.한층 더 물리적인 자궁 위치의 지지가 필요한 경우는, 페서리등의 기구로 자궁구를 아래로부터 지탱하는 조치를 취한다.그러면 늦지 않지 않고, 게다가 향후의 출산 희망이 있는 사람으로는, 자궁을 온존 한 채로 느슨해진 인대나 근육을 보강하는 등, 다시 매달아 올리는 고정 수술을 실시한다.출산 희망이 없는 사람으로는, 자궁의 일부 절제나 전적에 의해서 탈출 부분을 제외해, 방광이나 직장의 위치도 조정하는 수술 방법도 선택 가능해진다.노령에 성교를 필요로 하지 않는 경우는, 질의 폐쇄를 베풀기도 한다.2005년부터 타케야마・시마다등에 의해, 자궁・질을 온존 해 재발율의 적은 TVM 수술(Tension-free Vaginal Mesh)이 일본에 도입되고 있다.최근에는, 페미쿳션이라고 하는 새로운 치료 방법도 개발되어 치료에 유효로 되어 있다.


, 돼지로 많다.4켤레 보행의 동물로는, 사람과 같이 중력으로 자연스럽게 하수 해 와 탈출하는 것이 아니라, 출산에 임하여 자궁이 반전하는 형태로 볼 수 있다.조기에 발견되어 신속하게 접골을 하면 예후는 양호하지만, 발생 후 시간이 경과하고 있으면 자궁 점막의 건조, 울혈, 부종이 인정되고 접골이 곤란해져, 비록 접골 했다고 해도 자궁에 손상을 주어 예후 불량이 되는 일이 있다.난산에 있어서의 장시간의 견인, 분만 후의 강도의 진통의 지속이 주된 원인이 된다.소에 있어서의 자궁탈의 치료법은, 진통 억제를 위한 미추경막외 마취를 실시해, 자세를 전저 후고로서 자궁의 탈출 부위를 멸균 생리 식염수에 의해 세정, 자궁탈출기초부보다 서서히 접골을 실시한다.접골 후에 자궁의 수축 촉진을 위해서 오키시트신을 근육내 혹은 피하 투여한다.


  1. ^"골반 장기탈의 치료에 대해". 2017년 2월 15일 열람.

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          국철 7100형 증기기관차   

국철 7100형 증기기관차

7100형은, 1880년(메이지 13년)의 홋카이도 첫 철도(관영 호로나이 철도)의 개업에 해당해, 미국으로부터 수입된 증기기관차이다.

국철 7100형 증기기관차
오타루시 종합 박물관에서 보존중의 7106호시즈인가
오타루시 종합 박물관에서 보존중의 7106호시즈인가
기본 정보
운용자 관영 호로나이 철도
홋카이도 관립 철도(일부)

제조소 H. K. 포터
제조년 1880년- 1889년
제조수 8량
주요 제원
축배치 2-6-0 (1C)
궤간 1,067 mm
전체 길이 12,173 mm
전체 높이 3,394 mm
기관차 중량 16.37 t (운전 정비시)
14.20 t (빈 차)
동륜 카미에량 13.84 t (운전 정비시)
석탄과 물을 실은 차 중량 10.59 t (운전 정비시)
5.60 t (빈 차)
동륜지름 914 mm (3 ft)
축중 4.84 t (최대・ 제1 동륜상)
실린더수 단식 2 기통
305 mm×406 mm
변장치 수치-붐송식 미국형
보일러 압력 7.7 kg/cm2
보일러수 용량 1.8 m3
45 mm×2,404 mm×119개
불격자 면적 0.93 m2
전전열면적 40.6 m2
담뱃대 증발전열면적 30.6 m2
화실증발전열면적 10.0 m2
물탱크 용량 3.64 m3
제동 장치 손브레이크( 석탄과 물을 실은 차만)
공기 브레이크(1, 2.후철거)
증기 브레이크(3, 4)
캠・드라이버 브레이크(1 - 4)

실린더 인장력 2,700 kg
템플릿을 표시



피츠버그H. K. 포터사에서, 다음 같게 합계 8량이 제조되었다.

관영 호로나이 철도는 1889년에 홋카이도탄광철도에 양도되었지만, 1906년(메이지 39년)에 제정된 철도 국유법에 의해 매수・국유화 되어 전차가 관립 철도에 편입되고 있다.

이 기관차는 번호 외에 역사상의 인물(홋카이도 관련이 많은 경향)에게 연관된 애칭을 첨부 되고 있는 것도 알려져 1 - 6에는 번호순서에, 「의경(의경/좋아 꼬집어)」, 「변경(강자/베응괘선)」, 「히라후(히라후)」, 「광국(봐 붙는에)」, 「신광(노부히로/노부 히로)」, 「시즈인가(정/시즈인가)」라고 명명되고 있다(1889년제의 2량은 무명).이것은, 당시의 뉴욕 영사인 타카기 사부로의 의견에 의한 것이라고 하고 있다.

서부극으로부터 빠져 나온 것 같은, 미국의 고전적 스타일의 기관차로, 그 애칭과 함께 일본의 고전 증기기관차의 대표격으로서 사랑받고 있다.


동륜 직경은 914 mm(3 ft), 차축 배치2-6-0(1 C)로 2 기통 단식의 포화텐다 기관차이다.변장치는 스티븐 손식에서, 밸브실을 실린더 상부에 설치한 미국형이다.

텐다( 석탄과 물을 실은 차)는 2축의 보기 대차를 2쿡쿡 찌를 수 있었던 4축의 것으로, 측면으로 애칭명이 한자로 대서 되고 있었다.이것은, 개척사 장관 쿠로다 키요타카의 붓과도, 대서기관 산내제운의 붓이라고도 일컬어지고 있다.

전술과 같이, 전형적인 미국 고전기 스타일로, 전단량에 장착된 카우캐챠(소 피해=배장기)나 대형의 다이아몬드 스택(불똥 멈추어)을 단 굴뚝, 대형의 유등전조등, 제1관동상에 설치된 , 목제의 운전실등이, 특징적이다.

보일러에는, 제2관동상에 사상, 웨건 톱형의 화실상에 증기 돔이 설치되고 있다.

1880년에 수입된 2량에는, 웨스팅하우스・에어・브레이크공기 브레이크가 장비되고 있어 객차와 함께 관통 제동을 할 수 있게 되어 있었다.표준 장비되고 있던 자동 연결기와 함께, 본형의 선진적인 부분이다.당시 , 홋카이도 이외의 국내의 철도로는, 진공 브레이크링크식 연결기가 이용되고 있었다.


1880년 11월 28일, 테미야-삿포로간이 개업해, 1 「의경」이라고 2 「변경」의 사용이 개시되었다.다음 1881년(메이지 13년) 8월 30일에는, 메이지천황이 이 구간에 승차해, 「의경」이 「개척사호」객차를 포함한 보기 객차 9 양편성의 특별 열차를 견인하고 있는[1].

1882년 11월 13일에는 삿포로-호로나이간이 연신 개업해, 3 「히라후」라고 4 「광국」이 증비 되고 있다.그 후, 5 「신광」이라고 6 「시즈인가」가 증비 되었지만, 1887년의 증비는 약간 대형의 볼드 윈제의 1 C형 텐다 기관차(7, 8.후의 7170형)되었다.1889년에는, 다시 포터제가 2 양증비 되어 「9, 10」(이)가 되었지만, 후에 전술의 「7, 8」(이)라고 번호를 교환(10, 9→7, 8)해, 포터제를 「1 - 8」에 가지런히 하고 있다.

1889년 12월 10일, 호로나이 철도는 홋카이도탄광철도에 불하할 수 있어 본형도 동사에 인계되었다.홋카이도탄광철도로는 A형(1 - 8), 후에 이형으로 했다.

홋카이도탄광철도 5(개장 후)

홋카이도탄광철도로는, 본형에 대해연실의 연장이나 다이아몬드형 굴뚝의 파이프형에의 교환, 카우캐챠의 철거등의 개조가 행해지고 원형이 손상되어 갔다.1899년(메이지 32년)에는, 7이 홋카이도청철도부(홋카이도 관립 철도)에 양도되어 같은 부의 B2형(11)이 되고 있다.같은 비행기는, 굴뚝이나 연실의 개조가 시행되지 않고, 원형에 가까운 형태를 유지하고 있었다.하지만, 어쨌든, 영업 열차에 사용되는 것은 거의 없고, 주로 건설공사나 제설용으로 사용되어 있던 것 듯한다.관립 철도(철도 작업국) 편입 후는 Ec형이라고 칭했다.

전술과 같이, 1906년 10월 1일, 홋카이도탄광철도는 매수・국유화 되어 관립 철도에 편입되었다.전년 4월에 이관되고 있던 홋카이도 관립 철도의 1량을 포함하고, 본형의 8 양전부가 관립 철도에 인계되었다.1909년(메이지 42년)에는, 철도원의 차량 칭호 규정이 제정되어 7100형(7100 - 7107)으로 고칠 수 있었다.공식의 개번은 다음 대로이다.

구홋카이도 관립 철도 11(B2형), 구홋카이도탄광철도 1 - 6, 8(형식이)→7100 - 7107

이 때의 개번이지만, 실제의 번호와 현차의 제조 번호의 사이의 관계에 상당한 혼란이 생기고 있다.이것은, 제조명판이 보일러에 장착되고 있던 것과 홋카이도탄광철도로는 수선의 효율화 때문에, 밑주위와 보일러를 따로따로 관리하고 있어, 상호의 대체가 빈번히 행해지고 있었기 때문에 생긴 것으로, 본형이 3량이나 보존되게 되는 원인이 되고 있다(이 상세한 것에 대하여는, 차절로 말한다).

이 시점에서, 7103이 입환용으로, 다른 7량이 홋카이도청건설 사무소에 대출되어 건설용으로 사용되고 있었다.

1915년(타이쇼 4년)에는 점착력의 증대를 도모하기 위해, 선륜을 철거하는 개조를 하코다테 공장에서 시행되었지만, 사행동이 심해져, 곧바로 복구되고 있다.다만, 개조의 기록을 확인할 수 있는 것은 7103만으로, 복구의 기록도 없고, 전차에 시행되었는지 어떠했는지는 의심스럽다.

그 후, 1917년(타이쇼 6년)에 7106이 폐차되어 일본 제강소 무로란 제작소에 매각된 것을 시작으로, 7103이 1922년(타이쇼 11년)에 폐차[2], 1923년(타이쇼 12년)에 7100, 7102, 7104, 7105, 7107이 폐차가 되어, 7100, 7102, 7107이 홋카이도 건설 사무소에, 1925년(타이쇼 14년)에는 7104, 7105가 가문의 이름철공소( 후의 제국차량 공업)[3]에 양도되고 있다.7101은 보존을 위해 도쿄에 보내진 후의 1924년(타이쇼 13년)에 폐차가 되고 있다.

가문의 이름철공소에 양도된 7104는, 후에 고치 철도( 후의 토사 전기 철도 아키선)의 건설용으로 양도되었지만, 공사 완성 후에 해체되었다.



도쿄에 보내진 7101

1922년, 홋카이도의 1호 기관차인 「의경」을 도쿄에 신설되는 철도 박물관(후의 교통 박물관)에 보존하게 되어, 7101이 「의경」의 후신이다고 추정되어 1923년 8월에 같은 관에 보내졌다.그러나, 동년 9월 1일에 발생한 관동 대지진에 의해 도쿄 들어가지 못하고, 같은 비행기는 쿠로이소역 구내의 기관고에 10년 이상이나 보관(방치)되게 되었다.

1936년(쇼와 11년), 7101은 오미야 공장(현재의 오미야 종합 차량 센터)에서 「의경」으로서 복원되게 되었다.그러나 동년, 철도 팬인 시마자키 에이이치와 카와카미행의가 「7101이 「변경」, 7105가 「의경」이다」라고의 조사 결과를 오미야 공장에 보고해, 7101은 일전 「변경」으로서 복원되게 되었다.1940년(쇼와 15년), 같은 비행기의 복원이 완성해, 철도 박물관에 수장, 정태 보존되었다.1958년(쇼와 33년)에는 철도 기념물로 지정되어 있다.교통 박물관 폐관 후는, 2007년(헤세이 19년) 10월 14일에 사이타마시 오미야구에 개관한 철도 박물관에 옮겨져 전시되고 있다.

홋카이도에서의 초기의 움직임

한편, 홋카이도에서는 2호 기관차인 「변경」을 삿포로에서 보존하려고 하는 것이 되었다.삿포로 철도국 공작과로는 폐차가 되고 있던 7103, 7107을 제외한 6량의 명판을 조사해, 7100이 1889년제의 제조 번호 1010, 7101이 1880년제의 제조 번호 369, 7102가 1884년제의 제조 번호 643, 7104가 1882년제의 제조 번호 488, 7106이 1885년제의 제조 번호 672이다고 판명되었다(7105는 명판이 없어져 있었기 때문에 조사 불능).그 후의 알아 들어 조사에 의해, 7103이 1882년제의 제조 번호 487, 7107이 1889년제의 제조 번호 1009인 것을 알 수 있어 왔다.이렇게 되면 7105는, 명판은 없어도 「의경」인가 「변경」의 어느 쪽인지인 것에 틀림없을 것이지만, 공작과로는 왠지 7101을 「의경」, 7105를 「신광」이라고 단정해 버렸다.「변경」은 7102이다고 했지만, 제조년이 합치하지 않기 때문에, 7106 「시즈인가」를 보존하기로 결정해 1929년(쇼와 4년) 11월에 일본 제강소와 「불필요하게 되었을 경우는, 동량의 고철과 교환으로 철도성이 물러간다」취지의 각서를 교환타.

홋카이도청건설국에 양도되고 있던 7100, 7102는, 1950년에 용도 폐지가 되어 나에보 공장에 보내져 7100은 동년 11월의 홋카이도 철도 개통 70주년 기념전에 정비 후 전시되었지만, 7102는 1952년에 해체되었다.

1952년에 복원된 「의경」과「시즈인가」

교통 과학박물관으로 보존되고 있던 당시의 7105호 「의경」

1952년(쇼와 27년)은 철도 개통 80주년의 해이며, 많은 기념 사업이 계획되었지만, 다카토리 공장에서는 「의경」을 복원하게 되었다.7105는 제국 차량으로 텐다를 제외해, 불모양인 옆수조와 탄고를 설치되어 탱크 기관차에 개조되고 있어 불과 4개월 남짓의 분주한 일정이었지만, 보기 좋게 동태 복원되었다.

홋카이도에서는, 1952년 9월에 일본 제강소 무로란 제작소에서 불필요해진 7106이 미리의 약속 대로 국철에 인도해졌다.같은 비행기는, 제강소에서 서들 탱크식의 탱크 기관차에 개조되고 있었지만, 나에보 공장에서는 7100의 부품을 유용해 10월에 복원을 완성시켰다.복원이 완성된 「의경」과「시즈인가」는 도쿄에 보내져 10월 14일의 철도 기념일에 하라쥬쿠역의 궁정 홈에서 갖추어져 전시되고 있다.한편으로 「시즈인가」에 부품을 제공한 7100은, 나에보 공장에서 해체되었다.

그 후, 「의경」은 다카토리 공장, 「시즈인가」는 나에보 공장에 보관되었지만, 「시즈인가」는 1962년(쇼와 37년)에 오타루시 데미야의 홋카이도 철도 기념관(현재의 오타루시 종합 박물관)에 옮겨져 다음 1963년(쇼와 38년)에는 2량 갖추어져 준철도 기념물로 지정되었다.

「의경」은 1982년에 「미사키 공원」의 일본의 철도박으로 동태 전시된 후, 1990년(헤세이 2년)에는 오사카시에서 개최된 국제꽃과 초록의 박람회의 회장내에서 이벤트 열차로서 운전되어 그 다음은 오사카시 미나토구교통 과학박물관에 가동 상태인 채 2014년의 폐관까지 보존 전시되었다.1997년(헤세이 9년)에는 매화 골목 증기기관차관의 SL스팀호(증기기관차의 체험 승차)로서 운전되었다.「의경」은, 2004년(헤세이 16년)에 철도 기념물에 승격했다.

「의경」과「시즈인가」의 양 비행기는, 1952년에 도쿄에서 전시된 후, 가끔 재회 이벤트가 행해지고 있어 1968년(쇼와 43년), 1980년(쇼와 55년), 2002년(헤세이 14년)의 3도, 모두 홋카이도 철도 기념관에서 재회를 이루어 있다.

2010년 10월 14일에는 오타루시 종합 박물관에서 보존되고 있는 「시즈인가」도 철도 기념물에 승격했다.

2014년 3월 12일, 서일본 여객철도는 4월 6일로서 폐관하는 교통 과학박물관으로부터 매화 골목 증기기관차관에 이전하는 것에 즈음해, 「의경」을 다시 구내 운전이 가능한 상태에 복원한다고 발표한[4].동년 10월 무렵에 복원이 완료해, SL스팀호등으로 해서 구내 운전을 시킬 계획이 되고 있다.동년 10월 10일, 많은 철도 팬이 지켜보는 중, 「의경」은 그 웅장한 주행을 피로한[5].

차번에 관한 논쟁

본형식의 차량명판기재의 제조 번호에 근거하는 차번논쟁은, 홋카이도 대학에서 제조원의 H・K・포터사로부터의 운송장이 발견되어 「의경」=제조 번호 368이었던 것이 명확화했다.하지만 그 후도 밸브 기어등의 밑주위의 조사에 의해서, 7105로부터 「신광」을 나타내는 「643」을 주체로서 다른 기관차를 나타내는 각인이 복수 발견되었다.그 때문에

  • 증기기관차는 D52형이나 C62형등의 갑관 실어 바꾸어의 예가 나타내 보이는 대로, 보일러는 교환되어도 차번은 변경되지 않고, 대 범위 균열등이 발생했을 경우에는 폐차가 되는 것부터, 차량으로서의 주체는 대 범위이다고 해, 7105는 「신광」이다.
  • 소거법으로 주요 부품인 보일러가 제조 번호 368인 것은 확정하고 있어, 또 본형식은 차량의 출생 증명인 명판이 보일러에 첨부 되고 있었던 것이기 때문에, 보일러를 주라고 봐 7105는 「의경」이라고 해야 한다.

(이)라고 주장하는 양파에서 대립이 생겼다.

그러나 이 사실이 판명된 단계에서, 제조 번호 368의 밑주위를 가지고 있던 가능성이 있던 7102는 해체되어 버리고 있어 복원 스케줄이 임박하고 있던 적도 있어, 「 「의경」의 주요 부품(보일러)이 사용되고 있으니까, 「의경」에 복원해 지장없다」라는 판단으로, 7105가 「의경」으로서 복원되고 있다.


  1. ^악천후에 의해 소함의 도착이 늦었기 때문에, 「의경」은 선행의 보통 열차를 견인해, 소열차를 견인한 것은 「변경」이다고 하는 설도 있다.
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관련 항목

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          르・맨식 스타트   

르・맨식 스타트

르・맨식 스타트(르・맨 사계 스타트)란, 자동차오토바이등의 레이스로 스타트할 때에, 피트 혹은 홈 스트레이트전에 그랜드 스탠드를 향하도록(듯이) 일렬에 늘어놓을 수 있었던 출주 차량으로 향해[1][2], 스타트의 신호로 그랜드 스탠드측으로부터 코스를 횡단해[3]타 스타트하는 방식[1]이다.


자동차 레이스로의 퇴조

르・맨 24시간 레이스로 오랜 세월 전통적으로 사용되어 왔던 것이 이름의 바탕으로 되어 있지만, 첫회 1923년의 르・맨 24시간 레이스로는 통상의 구라두식 스탠딩 스타트인[3].

그 후 자동차의 시동성, 타기 쉬움 등을 평가하는 관점으로부터 채용되었지만, 안전벨트를 장착하지 않고 스타트하는 드라이버가 도달해[3], 후방의 차량이 빨리 나와 혼란하는[3]등 위험이 많은 것이 알려져 있었다.

1969년의 르・맨 24시간 레이스에 대해 재키・이크스가 스타트의 위험을 피하기 위해[주석 1]에 천천히 걸어 타기[1], 시트 포지션을 확인해[1], 안전벨트를 장착해[1], 정신적으로 안정되어[1], 다른 44대가 달려간 후에 출발한[1].이 때도 최초의 주회중에 존・울프(John Woolfe)가 타는 포르셰・917의 10호차가 메종・브란슈를 구부러지지 못하고 제방에 돌진해 존・울프가 사망하는 사고가 되고 있는[1].

이것으로부터 르・맨 24시간 레이스에서도 1971년의 르・맨 24시간 레이스로부터 통상의 롤링 스타트[1][2]가 되어, 그 다음은 오토바이 레이스에서만 사용되게 되어 있다.

다만 그 후도, 「스타트전의 세레머니시에, 그랜드 스탠드를 향하도록(듯이) 머신을 일렬에 늘어놓는다」스타일은 르・맨 24시간 레이스로 계속해 채용되고 있어 FIA 세계 내구 선수권에서도, 2015년부터 시리즈전전에서 동스타일에 의한 스타트전 세레머니를 실시하는[2].


  1. ^당시는 「오시바주거지」라고 해졌지만, 본인에게 그러한 의도는 없었다고 한다.


  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i 「나만의 운전 테크닉」pp34-63 「챔피언 테크닉을 너에게 나오타다 한다」
  2. ^ a b c WEC, 전전에서"르・맨식"스타트 진행을 채용-오토 스포츠・2015년 4월 8일
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Darla déménage sans arrêt pour suivre son père, alcoolique, qui gagne sa vie comme il le peut, d’arnaque en arnaque. C’est d’ailleurs parce qu’il a reconnu un vieux compagnon de route dans le journal qu’il décide de s’arrêter à Saffron Hills. L’homme étant devenu un courtier immobilier reconnu, Hopper sait qu’il peut le faire chanter en menaçant de révéler de vieilles histoires et c’est ainsi que Darla et lui trouvent une maison et un peu de calme. Alors que son père se trouve même un vrai travail dans un magasin de musique, l’adolescence se fait une place à l’école. Mais quand le concours de beauté annuel de la ville approche, des adolescents meurent sauvagement assassinés… et Darla a des visions du psychopathe, comme si elle était liée à lui. Se pourrait-il que Walter West, l’adolescent qui a sévi il y a des années de cela, ne soit pas vraiment mort ? Qui en veut aux « anges » de Saffron Hills ?

Thriller qui allie meurtre...

          Keeping an eye on Alibaba Cloud, Aliyun – Part 1   
Alibaba's Jack Ma made headlines across the world last week by laying out a plan for rapid global expansion of China's e-commerce behemoth. In an Investor Conference held at the company's Xixi headquarters in Hangzhou, China, Ma made the bold claim that Alibaba could reach $1 trillion in gross merchandise value by 2021 by becoming the primary online store for 2 billion people, as well as by expanding into new areas, one of which is the international public cloud services business. While Alibaba's investor event was overshadowed somewhat by the news that Amazon will spend $13.7 billion in cash to acquire Whole Foods, the premium U.S. grocery store chain, Jack Ma unveiled a strategy with clear potential to disrupt the cloud market.

Meanwhile, business at Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) is 'fantastic' and is only going to get better this year, according to the company CFO. For the most recent fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2017, the company reported revenue of RMB 38,579 million ($5,605 million), an increase of 60% year-over-year, including:

•   Revenue from core commerce of RMB31,570 million ($4,587 million), up 47% year-over-year.

•   Revenue from cloud computing of RMB 2,163 million ($314 million), up 103% year-over-year.

•   Revenue from digital media and entertainment of RMB 3,927 million ($571 million), up 234% year-over-year.

Growth at the parent company is primarily being driven by the steady increase in active buyers on its ecommerce platforms, both in numbers and in the value of goods and services being transacted. Annual active buyers reached 454 million, an increase of 31 million from the 12-month period ended on March 31, 2016. Mobile monthly active users (MAUs) on Alibaba Group’s China retail marketplaces reached 507 million in March, up 97 million over March 2016. Gross merchandise volume (GMV) transacted on Alibaba’s China retail marketplaces in fiscal year 2017 was RMB 3,767 billion ($547 billion), up 22% compared to RMB 3,092 billion in fiscal year 2016.

Alibaba Cloud, or Aliyun as it is known in Chinese, is firmly established as the leading infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud in mainland China and is moving rapidly to become a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider and a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retailer. Some important Aliyun metrics emerged from the Investor presentation, including (with additional commentary):

·         Public cloud is growing: based on Gartner's figures from March 2017, Aliyun estimates the global public cloud market will amount to $245 billion in 2017, growing to $436 billion in 2021, a 15.9% CAGR.

·         China’s public cloud market is growing even faster, with Gartner figures showing China’s public cloud market, valued at $14 billion this year, growing to $25 billion in 2021, a 17.2% CAGR; by 2021, China’s share of the global public cloud market would still be under 6%, which seems odd given the country's share of global GDP is much higher and that ecommerce, social media and mobile technologies are booming in China - why so low versus the U.S. market?

·         Aliyun cited figures from IDC Tracker 2016 H1/H2 Global Cloud Market (IaaS), indicating it currently is the No.4 player in public cloud services worldwide, but with only a 3.2% share; No.1 was AWS, $8.4 billion, 46.1% share; No. 2 Microsoft, $1.4 billion, 7.6% share; No.3 IBM, $1.0 billion, 5.8% share; No.4 Alibaba, $0.57 billion, 3.2% share; No.5 Google, $0.519 billion, 2.9% share.

Clearly, AWS is dominating the public cloud market, especially in the U.S. The other U.S. public cloud players are investing aggressively to catch up and they too seem to have ambitions that reach to the sky. Alibaba's Jack Ma has previously been quoted in the press as saying that Alibaba would catch and surpass Amazon. When it comes to cloud services at least, this will be extremely difficult given its current 3.2% share versus AWS’ 46.1% share, and a capex budget that appears decisively smaller.

In its home market of China, Aliyun's IaaS revenue is equivalent to the next seven players combined. The numbers cited in IDC Tracker 2016 H1/H2 Global Cloud Market are as follows:

·         No.1 – Alibaba Group, $587 million, 40.7% market share

·         No.2 - China Telecom, $123 million, 8.5%

·         No.3 – Tencent, $106 million, 7.3%

·         No.4 – Kingsoft, $87 million, 6.0%

·         No.5 – Ucloud, $79 million, 5.5%

·         No.6 – Microsoft, $72 million, 5.0%

·         No.7 – China Unicom, $67 million, 4.6%

·         No.8 – AWS, $55 million, 3.8%

In addition, as of March 31, 2017 Aliyun had 874,000 paying customers, had 15 data centres worldwide and had 186 cloud service offers. It also claims a 96.7% retention rate amongst its top paying customers in Q1 2017 compared to a year earlier.

Over one-third of China’s Top 500 companies are on Alibaba Cloud, including China's Public Safety Bureau (PSB), CCTV, Sinopec, Sina Weibo, Xinhua News Agency,Toutiao, Geely, Mango TV, CEA, Quanmin Live, Panda TV and DJI, while two-thirds of Chinese Unicorn companies are on Alibaba Cloud. Global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) now available on Aliyun include Accenture, SAP, Docker, here, SUSE, Haivision, Wowza, AppScale, AppEX, Hillstone, Checkpoint Software Technologies, Hitachi Data Systems and Red Hat.

Aliyun’s Computing Conference 2016 was attended by over 40,000 developers in person, with more than 7 million viewers online. At its investor conference, Aliyun also disclosed a number of major international brands that are now using its services, including Schneider Electric, Shisheido, Philips, Nestle and Vodafone, which is a good start. Nevertheless, attracting international companies will be harder, first, because Alibaba has only just recently begun building data centres outside of China, and two, they will be much less known and trusted than established brands such as IBM.

          Nokia – IP networks re-imagined   
Recently we have seen Cisco predict that busy hour global IP traffic will grow 4.6-fold (35% CAGR) from 2016 to 2021, reaching 4.3 Pb/s by 2021, compared to average Internet traffic that will grow 3.2-fold (26% CAGR) over the same period to reach 717 Tb/s by 2021. The latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report, released earlier this week, calculates that the total traffic in mobile networks increased by 70% between the end of Q1 2016 and the end of Q1 2017. And now, Nokia Bell Labs has just announced its own prediction: IP traffic will more than double in the next five years, reaching 330 exabytes per month by 2022 while growing at a 25% CAGR. The company anticipates that peak data rates will grow even faster at nearly 40% annually. Nokia Bell Labs also predicts that 3D/4K/UHD will experience a 4.79x growth from 2017 – 22, that wireless traffic will experience 7.5x growth from 2017 – 22, and that worldwide IoT devices to grow from 12bn in 2017 to 100bn in 2025.

Nokia unveils next gen networking processing engine

Nokia's processing engine sets the stage for perhaps the most significant announcement from the company since the merger of Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Networks in 2015. In a press event entitled 'IP networks reimagined', Nokia unveiled its FP4 silicon, featuring the 'first' 2.4 Tbit/s network processor, up to 6x more powerful than processors currently available. The proprietary chipset is designed for a new class of petabit-class routers.

Core routers traditionally have been the 'big iron' that powers the heart of the Internet. It is a product category dominated by Cisco, Huawei, Juniper and Nokia, including via its existing 7950 XRS routing platform. However, the market has been in flux. Earlier this month, Dell’Oro Group reported a significant break in Q1 17 with Huawei taking the top spot from Cisco in the core router market for the first time. The report also found Huawei taking over second spot from Nokia in the SP edge router and CES market. The primary reason cited for this shift is that the SP core routing business is only growing at a low single-digit rate, while China Mobile is defying the trend with significant investments in their IP core backbone, for which Huawei is the lead supplier. Nevertheless, the overall predictions for rapid growth in IP traffic over the coming five years makes it more likely that service providers will need a significant refresh of their core backbones to handle hundreds of 100 or 400 Gbit/s connections at major nodes.

Nokia's previous generation FP3 chipset, unveiled by Alcatel-Lucent in June 2011 and launched in 2012, packed 288 RISC cores operating at 1 GHz and leveraged 40 nm process technology; the FP2 chipset offered 112 cores at 840 MHz and was built in 90 nm. This network processor lineage can be traced back to TiMetra Networks, a start-up based in Mountain View, California that launched its first carrier-class routing platforms in 2003.

TiMetra, which was headed by Basil Alwan, was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent later in 2003 for approximately $150 million in stock. The product line went on to become the highly successful 7450, 7750 and eventually 7950 carrier platforms - the basis for the IP division at Alcatel-Lucent. Not bad for an idea from a small start-up to grow into the star platform underpinning all of Alcatel-Lucent + Nokia Siemens Networks.

In a launch day webcast, Basil Alwan, now president of Nokia's IP/Optical Networks business group, said we are moving into a new phase of the Internet requiring 'cloud-scale routing'. First, he noted that there is market confusion between Internet-class routers and core data centre switches, which are being used to power the hyperscale infrastructure of the Internet content providers. High-end, data centre spine switches are capable of routing packets at high rates and can handle access control lists (ACLs). Likewise, conventional big iron core routers can switch data flows, and are sometimes deployed in data centres. However, there have been tradeoffs when this role reversal happens. Nokia's new FP4 chipset aims to fix that.

First multi-terabit NPU silicon

Six years have passed since the FP3, or roughly two cycles in the evolution of Moore's Law, so naturally one would expect the new silicon to be smaller, faster and more powerful and efficient. But Alwan said the company took its time to rethink how the packet processing works at the silicon level. To begin with, Nokia redesigned the onboard memory, employing 2.5D and 3D layouts on 16 nm Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) technology. The single chip contains 22 dies, including memory stacks and control logic. It runs at 2.4 Tbit/s half-duplex, or 6x more capacity than the current generation 400 Gbit/s FP3 chipset. The FP4 will support full terabit IP flows. All conventional routing capabilities are included. Deep classification capabilities include enhanced packet intelligence and control, policy controls, telemetry and security.

The FP4 could be used to provide an in-service upgrade to Nokia's current line of core routers and carrier switches. It will also be used to power a new family of 7750 SR-s series routers designed for single-node, cloud scale density. In terms of specs, the SR-s boasts a 144 Tbit/s configuration supporting port densities of up to 144 future terabit links, 288 x 400 Gbit/s ports, or 1,440 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Absolute capacity could be doubled for a maximum of 288 Tbit/s configuration. It runs the same software as the company's widely-deployed systems. The first 7750 SR-s boxes are already running in Nokia labs and the first commercial shipments are expected in Q4.

Nokia is also introducing a chassis extension option to push its router into petabit territory. Without using the switching shelf concept employed in the multi-chassis designs of its competitors, Nokia is offering the means to integrate up to six of its 7750 SRS-s routers into a single system. This results in 576 Tbit/s of capacity, enough for densities of up to 2,880 x 100 GBE ports or 720 x 400 Gbit/s ports. Adding up the numbers, it is not truly petabit-class, but at 576 Tbit/s it is more than halfway there.

Network telemetry leads to security
Another interesting twist concerns security and petabit-class routing. In December 2016, Nokia agreed to acquire Deepfield, a start-up specialising in real-time analytics for IP network performance management and security. Deepfield, founded in 2011 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has developed an analytics platform that identifies over 30,000 popular cloud applications and services. Its Internet Genome tracks how traffic runs to and through networks to reach subscribers, in real time, and without the need for probes, taps and monitors in the network itself. At the time of the deal, Nokia said it would integrate Deepfield big data analytics with the dynamic control capabilities of open SDN platforms, such as the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) and Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP).

Expanding on this idea, Alwan said Deepfield can really leverage the routers rather than probes to understand what is happening to the traffic. Fewer probes mean lower investment. More importantly, Deepfield could be used to track DDoS attacks passing through the core of the network rather than at the edge destination target. The new FP4 silicon is said to be a very good match for this application.

          Huawei Marine Selected for Cameroon-Brazil Subsea cable   
Huawei Marine, the joint venture between Huawei Technologies and UK-based Global Marine Systems, announced it has been contracted by China Unicom and Cameroon government-owned infrastructure operator Camtel to construct the South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL), marking the official commencement of the SAIL cable system implementation phase.

Funded with investment from China Unicom and Camtel, the SAIL system will link Cameroon and Brazil and span around 6,000 km. The cable system will comprise 4 fibre pairs and offer a design capacity of 32 Tbit/s based on Huawei Marine’s advanced 100 Gbit/s technology.

The SAIL system will be the first direct access cable to connect Africa and South America, and on completion is designed to provide a reliable, high-quality intercontinental communications infrastructure between the two developing regions.

  • Huawei Marine originally announced that it had been commissioned to construct the Cameroon-Brazil cable system, initially called Cameroon-Brazil Cable System (CBCS), in October 2015.
  • Also in 2015, Huawei Marine announced it had started marine installation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System (NCSCS), Cameroon's first wholly-owned submarine cable and part funded by the Cameroon government. Spanning around 1,100 km, the NCSCS directly connects Kribi in Cameroon with Lagos in Nigeria and will deliver 12.8 Tbit/s of capacity.
  • Camtel states that to date it has deployed more than 8,000 km of fibre that connects the ten regional chief towns in Cameroon, as well as around 60 divisional/sub-divisional chief towns and hundreds of rural communities; it also provides connectivity to CEMAC region countries including Chad. The company is aiming to build a network spanning over 20,000 km.

          Voters 'sick of politics', Turnbull says after days of infighting   

Australians have no time for "wreckers", Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says, in a thinly veiled attack on his predecessor Tony Abbott after a week of infighting and division within the Liberal Party.

          TV hosts accuse Trump's White House of smear threat over bad coverage   

The breakfast television hosts ridiculed by Donald Trump on Twitter hit back with claims he sought to plant negative stories about them in the media and question the US President's mental health and fitness for office.

          Coding4Fun Second Quarter 2017 Round-Up   

Scanning this past Quarter's posts, it's pretty easy to see some meta-themes. IoT, VS 2017, UWP and lots of Pi... :)

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Coding4Fun Blog

ToDo - Voice Activated IoT RPi ToDo List
Don't Skimp Code Security, Check Out DevSkim
Leveling Up with MonoGame and XML
iBeacons and UWP
CodeMaid Gets Some VB Loving and more...
From 0 to 100 with this ASP.NET Core/AngularX Project Template
Raspberry Pi Online Simulator and Azure IoT
Code Analysis at Compile? Why? Do it Live!
VSCode Your Next PWA
Getting Started with Azure IoT
Remarkable Comments with Remarker
Windows Template Studio (WTS) 1.1 Now Available

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Kinect to Bouldering Pong
Kinect to Joints... Rotations that is...
Kinect to Zen Meditation
Kinect to at Home Rehab
HoloToolkit Setup - June Edition

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          Coroner criticises staff, procedures after three Tasmanian deaths in custody   

A Tasmanian coroner finds failures in relation to the care, supervision and treatment of Troy Colin Monson, whose suicide in a prison van went undetected by guards transporting him on a 185-kilometre journey.

          Adopt Royce a Australian Shepherd (Royce (   
Australian Shepherd Male 4 yrs old Location: Temporary Foster Royce has lost his vision to genetic cataracts and it has made him more nervous in new situations and people. He must be properly introduced slowly so he can feel safe but would be best... see more at

          Various – Inner Peace (Rare Spiritual Funk & Jazz Gems)   
Image: 1609761 WEWANTSOUNDS are back with a superb selection of Spiritual Jazz and Funk grooves from legendary Producer BOB SHAD’s Mainstream Records catalogue. Many sought-after tracks here have never been reissued and will delight all the crate diggers worldwide.

Bob Shad was one of the greatest music producers of the 20th century, having worked with all the music giants you can think of, from Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie to Sarah Vaughan, Lightnin' Hopkins, The Platters and Janis Joplin to name just a few. "Bobby Shad was a legend in our family" says his grandson Judd Apatow who, together with his sister Mia, still looks after Shad's back catalogue, Mainstream Records.
Like his peers, jazz producers Creed Taylor and Bob Thiele, Shad went independent in the 60s and by the early 70s, he was producing a string of superb albums mixing Spiritual Jazz with Funk and Soul. These albums are now being rediscovered by new generation of Soul and Jazz lovers hooked on the music of Kamasi Washington and Shabaka Hutchings.
Recorded between 1971 and 73,  the Fender-Rhodes-drenched tracks on INNER PEACE showcase Shad's unique Deep Jazz sound. They feature such revered musicians as Harold Land, Roy Haynes and Frank Foster, together with a younger generation of talented musicians led by Buddy Terry, Dave Hubbard and LaMont Johnson.
Here they are accompanied by the cream of 70s jazz session musicians including Bernard Purdie, Buster Williams, Eddie Henderson, Mtume, Stanley Clarke, and Cecil Bridgewater.
The Mainstream catalogue has been sampled by a long list of revered DJs and Hip Hop producers over the years. Roy Haynes’ ‘Senyah’ was sampled by De La Soul on ‘Pony Ride’ and Shelly Manne’s short outro, ‘Infinity’ forms the unmissable backbone of Jeru The Damaja’s all-time Hip Hop classic, ‘Come Clean’. A fitting tribute to the supreme sound of producer Bob Shad.
Wewantsounds will start a reissue program of original Mainstream albums with bonus material and rare photos from the vaults. Look out for more

"Bob Shad's Master Sound" Okayplayer
"A Legendary Producer" Mojo UK
"Visionary" Liberation FR

1 Harold Land - In The Back, In The Corner, In The Dark 1972
2 Roy Haynes - Senyah 1972
3 Charles Williams - Iron Jaws 1972
1 Buddy Terry - Inner Peace 1973
2 Hadley Caliman - Cigar Eddie 1971
1 Frank Foster - Requiem for a Dusty 1972
2 Pete Yellin - Mebakush 1972
1 Dave Hubbard - B.C. 1971
2 Sonny Red Love Song 1971
3 LaMont Johnson- Libra’s Longing 1972
4 Shelly Manne - Inifinity 1972 Available from 23.06.2017
          MSNBC hosts accuse White House of trying to pressure them over coverage   
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two television hosts assailed by Donald Trump questioned his mental health on Friday and charged that the White House had tried unsuccessfully to get them to apologize to the president for unfavorable coverage in exchange for his getting a negative tabloid story about them killed.

          Guarda de Seguridad Grandes Superficies - Servision de Colombia - Bogotá, Cundinamarca   
Curso de Seguridad Vigente? Importante empresa de Vigilancia y Seguridad Privada requiere personal bachiller (Grado 11), con curso de seguridad vigente,...
De Indeed - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 20:19:28 GMT - Ver todos: empleos en Bogotá, Cundinamarca
          Aging Services Clerk *Provisional - Cattaraugus County - Cattaraugus County, NY   
This class is distinguished from that of Account Clerk Typist by virtue of the fact that an incumbent also provides information and assistance for programs and... $17.46 an hour
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          Lighting the Past Goodbyes!   
On Tuesday, the Special Collections Division of the University of St Andrews Library celebrated the hard work of four Lighting the Past cataloguers who will be leaving the team over […]
          Casa en venta en ALMERIA, , 45000 euros y 6 dormitorios   
6 habitaciones 2 baños 240 m² 187 €/m² cocina terraza cocina equipada trastero
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 15:32:08 -0400
          Assembler - Valmar, a Division of Salford Group Inc. - Elie, MB   
Located in Elie, Manitoba is currently looking for a reliable person to work in their Production Department....
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          Cloud Engineer to work in a high volume Data Center - etouch - San Jose, CA   
Develop detailed run-books on internal wiki. Maintain CHEF cookbooks provisioning new machines and maintaining upgrades and configurations....
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          Decent Launches Global Media Distribution Platform   
Decent Launch

Free and open communication has long been an essential component of a successful democracy. Unfortunately, money, power and influence over time have stifled today’s media environment adversely impacting both content producers and consumers alike.

In an effort to democratize creative content, DECENT has officially launched its blockchain-based, global media distribution platform. The name is an acronym for Decentralized Network; Encrypted & Secure; Content Distribution System; Elimination of 3rd Parties; New Way of Online Publishing; Timestamped Data Records.

Designed to bring more transparency and fairness to the media industry, DECENT allows artists to seamlessly distribute digital content for immediate payment and without hefty fees. Peer-to-peer in its orientation, consumers decide the merits of a certain piece of content posted through a Yelp-like community rating system. The content, however, cannot be censored or removed.

This blockchain initiative endeavors to disrupt the legacy world of media distribution by allowing artists more freedom and control over the ownership and distribution of their content, all without compromising on security. It represents a potential gamechanger for the massive global media and content distribution industry — one that’s estimated to grow from $1.7 trillion in 2016 to over $2 trillion in 2019.

DECENT was founded in 2016 by two friends, Matej Michalko and Matej Boda, from Slovakia. It sprouted from a shared vision that blockchain technology could fuel a coordinated system of digital content publishing and sharing throughout the world.

Funding for DECENT was fueled by an ICO campaign last summer, which raised more than 5,881 BTC, at that time valued at $4.2 million USD. There were 4,300 ICO participants in total and no other key funding partners.

Michalko recounted the journey leading up to his own personal discovery of blockchain technology and its potential uses for the content distribution space. “I’ve been extensively involved in Bitcoin since 2011, even mining it from my own laptop at the beginning. I quickly realized that the innovative technology behind Bitcoin had the potential to change the modern world.”

When Michalko started to delve further into blockchain technology, he found a seemingly endless list of use cases the new technology could support. “I became determined to use blockchain technology to create something revolutionary that would be beneficial for people on a global scale. A short time later ongoing discussions between myself and our future co-founder Matej Boda quickly led to DECENT being born.”

He says that DECENT Network is a reaction to the issues that the majority of content producers face nowadays in the entertainment and media industry. “There is too much artificial complexity and too many barriers in the industry affecting both the access to market and income of the content owners.”

DECENT’S digital model allows artists to distribute any form of content, including written, music, videos, ebooks and pictures. These distribution channels are free of third-party influence, meaning that artists can also manage their intellectual property rights and set their own pricing.

One of the innovative adaptations that distinguishes DECENT from other blockchain platforms is the network’s reputation management system. This allows content creators who share their digital work on the platform to build a lifetime reputation, based on ratings from those who purchase content on the platform. DECENT Network also allows content creators to instantly receive payment when someone downloads their content, without any middleman interference.

Michalko believes that DECENT can break the trajectory in which a majority of power is concentrated in the hands of a few players controlling the industry. “Artists, filmmakers and writers lose control over their work and depend on the mercy of the ‘big guys.’ We designed DECENT Network to do away with all that and bring more transparency and fairness to the digital content industry.”

DECENT estimates that writers, for example, lose a healthy 30–75 percent chunk of their earnings when publishing with Amazon. Similarly, musicians, through licensing agreements, lose around 30 percent when selling a track on iTunes. Blockchain technology therefore serves as a mechanism that helps writers and musicians keep more money, while connecting with their audiences directly.

Michalko says that artists will be paid for their downloaded content through DECENT’s own cryptocurrency called “DCT,” which will be launched together with DECENT Network. Other payment options, he says, will be available in the future. “Artists will no longer have to wait months before seeing a penny from their work. And at the time of launch, DECENT Network will be a completely free-of-charge service for artists.”

Michalko hopes that by  2020, DECENT Network will have become the number one worldwide media sharing platform. “We hope to bring more transparency and fairness to the digital content industry for both creators and consumers. I hope that with our launch people will realize the advantage of DECENT Network over other content distribution platforms.”

The post Decent Launches Global Media Distribution Platform appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

          Austin Aries, WWE’s Healthiest Wrestler   
Austin Aries WWE Healthy EatingAustin Aries, WWE star of the cruiserweight division, champions healthy eating in his book 'Food Fight' and around the pro wrestling world.
          Blindness does not stop this beekeeper, baker, and kayaker from expanding their vision [video links]   
In rural Uganda, people who are blind or visually impaired often go to the city to look for work. But jobs are hard to find, and many end up as street beggars.Instead, Ojok Simon wants them to know about a way they can earn money without leaving home: beekeeping. Simon, 36, became visually impaired after he was severely beaten by rebels who came to his village when he was a child. He has been a beekeeper for 15 years, and in 2013 [...]
          WJZ’s “Evening Magazine”   
During the summer of 1976, a San Francisco CBS affiliate station (KPIX) owned by Westinghouse Broadcasting (AKA Group W), premiered a local weeknight television news and entertainment series titled “Evening: The MTWTF Show”, eventually christened “Evening Magazine”. The show was designed to add a local focus to news.  This show was created in reaction to … Continue reading
          Dragons hit refresh and outline vision    
They will be called Dragons, be both sustainable and forward thinking, and become a Welsh-centric production line of talent, thriving both on and off the pitch and rewarding the 73 Gwent clubs they represent.
          The Cambridge to Oxford Connection: Ideas Competition   
Registration Deadline: Aug 3, 2017; Submission Deadline: Aug 3, 2017

This free-to-enter, two-stage ideas competition is seeking forward-thinking, imaginative proposals to integrate sustainable placemaking with development and new infrastructure. The focus for the competition is the arc encompassing four of the UK’s fastest-growing and most productive centres: Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Oxford.

Submissions should consider how to provide the homes the area needs: high quality places that integrate the proposed infrastructure and enhance the identity of the corridor as a single knowledge-intensive cluster, while working with its distinctive environmental and cultural character.

The Oxford to Cambridge Connection: Ideas Competition is aimed at broad multidisciplinary teams of urban designers; architects; planning, policy, and community specialists; landscape designers; development economists; and others with local knowledge and general insight. Submissions from international teams and students are welcome.

Interested teams will need to read the Search Statement on the competition website before submitting their emerging concept, team details and registration information via email (using templates provided on the website). The deadline for entries is 14:00 BST 3 August 2017. At the second stage of the competition, four shortlisted teams will receive additional briefing and progress their concepts into creative visions, developed on a specific location within the corridor.

Read the full post on Bustler
          Brewers relaunch Ballpark Pass ticket offer for all remaining home games   
Halfway through the 2017 campaign, the upstart Milwaukee Brewers are sitting in first place in the NL Central division, and now, for the rest of the season, fans can catch the young, exciting and surprisingly successful team at Miller Park on a truly great deal.
          Security Guard - QC – Scarlet Security Services Ltd - Pond Inlet, NU   
Willingness to obtain Standard First Aid - CPR C & AED. QC – Scarlet Security Services Ltd., a division of the Scarlet Group of Companies, is seeking full-time...
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          Security Analyst - Eagle Professional Resources - Ontario   
Banking / Financial Industry experience. Providing leadership for the provision of technical expertise in development and support of activities, processes,...
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          TS247: Loud Kids, San Jose Police Dept, Donald Trump, Guest Nina Parker   
This week Erin and Bryan are at odds with the youth of America and aren't feeling too apologetic about it...the children gotta learn! And while the San Jose Police Department jumped on the anti-gay bandwagon by secretly conducting sting operations that single out gay men, Donald Trump has been delighting the nation with his world class, shakespearean thoughts on workplace sexual harassment. Also, host, television personality and all around goddess Nina Parker is here to talk about the Kardashian hustle, her early days at TMZ and missing the Obamas.
          Executive Coordinator - Albert County Chamber of Commerce - Hillsborough, NB   
An understanding and commitment to ACC of C Vision, Mission, Mandate and Values. Hours and Wage The ACC of C Coordinator position has a pay of $18.00/hour for a... $18 an hour
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          Google Play summer sale includes discounts on games, movie rentals, and more   

Today, Google officially announced the Google Play summer sale for 2017. It kicks off leading into the July 4 weekend in the United States.

The sale itself will be running until July 6 for apps, games, books, and music, but will be live until July 13 for movies and television in [...]

          Create more ‘no idling’ zones to curb air pollution, councils urged   
And enforce engine switch-off for stationary cars, say NICE and PHE

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Think more about air pollution in public planning/provision, councils urged
Pollution kills 1.7 million children, says WHO
Clues to why air pollution raises risk of heart disease
Air pollution levels exceed legal limits at most London NHS facilities
40,000 deaths annually due to air pollution

          TS220:Grease Live,Mono Costal,Donald Trump,Walmart   
We have a recommendation and it comes from this great nation! Well prepare to hear a whole lot of nothing about Grease Live, because neither Erin nor Bryan watched the 3 hour television event. This week Donald Trump may not be the worst candidate for gay people, and Walmart had to pay millions to a woman who was wrongfully  fired. On second thought, Donald Trump is terrible for everyone.
          Should I Use Ceiling Speakers in a 5.1.2 Atmos Setup?   
Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at

A A recent firmware update for my Onkyo receiver added Dolby Atmos processing, but the receiver only accommodates two height speakers. Is it worth cutting into my ceiling for such a minimal setup? If so, where should the speakers be positioned? —Peter Noris / via e-mail

          250965-2017: France-Challans: Supervision des travaux de construction   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          A good weekend takes a little work   
Weekends spent indulging in casual leisure activities like watching television or shopping are less beneficial than days spen -More

          TS161:Manhattan Transfer, Bill Cosby, Duggars & Gay Kissing, w/ guest Ben Hoffman   
Happy Thanksgiving! At least you're not spending it with the Duggars from TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, who love turkey more than gay people. Or with CNN'S Don Lemon, who shames women who come forward about being harassed by Bill Cosby (allegedly). See? Your family is way more functional than anyone on cable television! Plus, we reunite with our Infomania buddy Ben Hoffman.    Watch Us!  Every Wednesday on Funny or Die Subscribe and Rate Us! iTunes Tweet Us!  @gibblertron & @bryansafi Use the Hashtag #tspod Email Us! Like Us! Throwing Shade Facebook Page Old School Listen! RSS Feed
          Meredith Strategic Initiatives Bode well: Should you Hold?   
Meredith Corporation s MDP strategic initiatives particularly in digital space brand licensing activities great group of television stations and solid earnings surprise history are the pillars that emphasize its position Notably these factors have driven the company s shares up by 9 3
          TV hosts attacked by Donald Trump say the White House tried to blackmail them   
The White House tried to silence criticism of US President Donald Trump by threatening television anchors Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski with an unflattering story in a supermarket tabloid, the two allege, as the war of words between the pair and the president escalates.
          Comment on I spy with my computer vision eye… Wally? Waldo? by Mind the Leap   
Those articles do a good job of summarising the positive side of what has been achieved (improved classification and prediction) and presenting the point that there is a lot more to intelligence than has been demonstrated so far. Though, as I mention above, a great thing about Hinton's deep learning systems is that they can generate images (and probably sounds) from incomplete or noisy input images, or by exciting high-level neurons that represent that class. Although being able to recognise images or sounds alone makes for pretty shallow "understanding". I think further advances might start to occur when they start trying to mix multiple sensory streams: particularly vision and sound, but eventually tactile senses as well. This could easily be achieved with the minimal changes to the current designs of deep learning architectures. If we can have the machine be shown an image, and it spontaneously generate speech that says what object it recognises, some people would find that a bit eerie. This would approximate playing the naming game with a child. If we could tell the robot a story, and in its "mind" it spontaneously starts generating images that represent the story, we could say that the machine is actually on the way to having a genuine "understanding" of the story. As I describe in this post, advances might also be achieved by expanding the perceptual applications to include things like motion perception: often visible as objects changing position, scale or rotation. One thing that is less obvious, is how to apply deep learning to motion control of robots. That's something I'm still thinking about. Even though I can see great potential in deep learning, I can still see some significant obstacles. Deep learning still uses iterative training techniques, which despite being quicker than they were, are still a far cry from being able to briefly see a person or object once, and then recognising that person or object from obscure angles and distances moments later. Something that people can (sometimes) do very well. Though this might be easily taken care of with some complementary memory processes (much as it seems to be in the brain). And even if current systems for deep learning turns out to have some fatal flaw in being applicable to simulating intelligence, I think the cat is very nearly out of the bag. The neocortex has largely the same structure all over the brain, and we have reasonably good approximations for many of the less regular areas of the brain. So, in my opinion it is only a matter of time before we have intelligent machines. Or machines "intelligent" enough to do most of what we've ever wanted them to, though with certain physical constraints withstanding.
          Comment on I spy with my computer vision eye… Wally? Waldo? by Rick Searle   
Here is the NY Times article I mentioned: And s skeptical rejoinder: What's your take?
          THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Tour to Welcome New Leads This July   

Cameron Mackintosh and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Really Useful Group announced today that Eva Tavares and Kristie Dale Sanders will join the cast of the spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera currently on tour in North America.

With newly reinvented staging and stunning scenic design, this new version of PHANTOM, one of the most successful musicals of all-time, is performed by a cast and orchestra of 52, making this one of the largest productions on tour.

Beginning July 18, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Kristie Dale Sanders will play the role of 'Madame Giry.' On July 26, Eva Tavares will take over the role of 'Christine Daaé' at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, Alberta.

They join current cast members Derrick Davis as 'The Phantom,' Jordan Craig as 'Raoul,' Trista Moldovan as 'Carlotta Giudicelli,' David Benoit as 'Monsieur Firmin,' Edward Staudenmayer as 'Monsieur André,' Phumzile Sojola as 'Ubaldo Piangi' and Emily Ramirez as 'Meg Giry.'

Eva Tavares hails from Vancouver, BC and trained at the UBC Opera Program and the Banff/Citadel Theatre Professional Training Program. Credits include the world premiere of Sousatzka, West Side Story and A Little Night Music. Her choreography has been seen most recently in Die Fledermaus (Vancouver Opera).

Kristie Dale Sanders has been seen on Broadway in Cabaret, Evita, Next Fall, Urinetown and The Phantom of the Opera. Off-Broadway: Dream of the Burning Boy; Johnny Guitar; A Class Act; Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh. She can also be seen on "All My Children" and "The Wire."

The current company continues performances at the INB Performing Arts Center now through July 9, 2017 with Katie Travis as 'Christine Daaé' and Anne Kanengeiser as 'Madame Giry,' then onwards to Vancouver, British Columbia at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre July 12-23, 2017.

The Ensemble includes Adam Bashian, Steve Czarnecki, Daniella Dalli, Kaitlyn Davis, Dan Debenport, Sarah DeBiase, Mark Emerson, Jordan Ensign, Jim Hogan, Robert Anthony Jones, Edward Juvier, Ted Keener, Jay Lusteck, Adryan Moorefield, Sarah Mossman, Constantine Pappas, Adam Rogers, Travis Taylor, Carmen Vass, Jessica Wagner, Victor Wallace and Marguerite Willbanks. The Corps de Ballet includes McKenna Birmingham, Julie Eicher, Daniela Filippone, Abigail Mentzer, Lily Rose Peck, Ally Taylor Sacks, Tara Sweeney and Micki Weiner.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said, "Having received great critical acclaim in the U.K. and North America, I am really pleased that Laurence Connor's new production of PHANTOM will continue to tour the U.S. playing in tandem with the Broadway production which soon celebrates 30 years."

Cameron Mackintosh said, "With PHANTOM still the reigning champion as the longest-running production on Broadway after 29 phenomenal years, with no end in sight, I'm delighted that this spectacular new production of PHANTOM has been as well-received in the U.S. as the brilliant original and has already been seen by over 2.5 million people across North America since it opened in November 2013. With an exciting new design and staging, retaining Maria Björnson's amazing costumes, the new PHANTOM is thrilling audiences and critics alike all over again. With the production continuing to be such a success, we are delighted to welcome our exciting new stars to keep the music of the night soaring for many years to come."

Cameron Mackintosh's spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera is presented by Cameron Mackintosh, The Really Useful Group, and NETworks Presentations. Directed by Laurence Connor (who co-directed the new production of Les Misérables that just finished a hugely successful two and a half year revival on Broadway and will start a North American tour in the fall of 2017, directed the award-winning new production of Miss Saigon coming to Broadway in 2017 and national tour in 2018, and also directed the stage version of the movie School of Rock now playing at Broadway's Winter Garden and in London's West End at the New London Theatre), with choreography by Scott Ambler, set design by Paul Brown, Tony Award®-winning original costume design by Maria Björnson, lighting design by Tony Award®-winner Paule Constable, sound design by Mick Potter, and musical supervision by John Rigby. The production is overseen by Matthew Bourne and Cameron Mackintosh. The Phantom of the Opera: music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; lyrics by Charles Hart (with additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe); book by Richard Stilgoe and Andrew Lloyd Webber; orchestrations by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Based on the classic novel Le Fantôme de L'Opéra by Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera tells the story of a masked figure who lurks beneath the catacombs of the Paris Opera House, exercising a reign of terror over all who inhabit it. He falls madly in love with an innocent young soprano, Christine, and devotes himself to creating a new star by nurturing her extraordinary talents and by employing all of the devious methods at his command.

Cameron Mackintosh's brilliant original production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera continues performances at Her Majesty's Theatre in London and in its recording-breaking run at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway and many other cities around the world.

          Extruder Operator - Vision Profile Extrusions - Vaughan, ON   
Perform Flex test on product. Use caliper to ensure product meets specifications. Review work/production order, including special instructions....
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          Executive Coordinator - Albert County Chamber of Commerce - Hillsborough, NB   
Assesses options based on current trends, outside influences and the ACC of C’s vision, mission and values. The Albert County Chamber of Commerce is seeking a... $18 an hour
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          Laing freed in Beetham   

After 14 hours of intense prayers and a massive operation by police and army for the safe return of San Fernando businessman Gregory Laing, he was set free by his captors in the Beetham Gardens last evening.

The T&T Guardian learned that Laing was released following the payment of a ransom and was picked up by the Anti-Kidnapping Unit (AKU) on the roadside around 5.05 pm. ACP Irwin Hackshaw said Laing was then taken to the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex in Mt Hope for a check-up. Investigators said he had minor bruises to the face and was to be interviewed and taken back to his home in St Joseph Village, San Fernando, last evening.

Up to last night, there was a large contingent of police and soldiers combing the Laventille and Beetham Garden districts searching for suspects.

Laing, 54, whose family owns the popular Puff N Stuff Bakery along Circular Road, Vistabella and the Trade Winds Hotel in St Joseph Village, was the latest of three south business owners to be kidnapped in recent years. Designer Kirby Mohammed and produce importer Caroline Katwaroo were both kidnapped 2015 while hair stylist Ria Sookdeo was taken in 2016. Those three victims were never found and ransoms were not demanded.

Yesterday around 3 am, police said Laing went to open the bakery so staff could begin preparations for the 6 am opening. Around 3.10 am, one of his employees arrived and saw his Mercedes Benz at the side of the building with a cell phone and a bunch of keys on the ground. One of his brothers reported to police that around 4 am he received a phone call from someone demanding a ransom of $270,000 for his safe return. The call was said to have originated from the Beetham Gardens area.

A party of officers from the San Fernando CID and Mon Repos Police Station, led by Insp Don Gajadhar, responded and statements were taken from a few people. Laing’s car was taken to the Mon Repos Police Station for processing. There were no CCTV cameras nearby and police said they were not able to get a description of possible suspects or the vehicle used in the kidnapping. They suspect he was held up at the business and taken away.

Following the kidnapping, DCP Harold Phillip called a meeting of senior officers, which included Snr Supt Boxhill, ASP Ajit Persad, Snr Supt Mohammed, Insp Gajadhar and officers from the Port-of-Spain Division, Southern Division, AKU and the T&T Defence Force.

There were several social media reports that Laing was found earlier in the day, but Hackshaw confirmed he was only found around 5.05 pm. He said police had aggressively pursued all leads in an effort to safely return Laing to his family. Relatives and staff declined to speak about his disappearance earlier in the day, saying it was at a sensitive stage. However, it was business as usual as the bakery remained open. San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello, however, condemned the “reprehensible actions” by Laing’s kidnappers.

Regrello said while the city has mostly avoided the brunt of criminal activity in T&T, the kidnapping further galvanized the need for all citizens to take back the city. He called on citizens who may have information regarding the kidnapping to contact the San Fernando police and pass on any information.

“Mr Laing is one of San Fernando’s model business owners and is noted for providing employment to many of the citizens of San Fernando, while the charitable contributions of his company are a testament to Mr Laing’s dedication towards the city of San Fernando,” Regrello said.

          PM shaken by gruesome attack   

The gruesome murders of 13-year-old Videsh Subar and his 56-year-old sitter Rose Mohammed have impacted on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, so much so that it has left him very disturbed and shaken.

Speaking at yesterday’s post-Cabinet media briefing, Rowley said he hoped the T&T Police Service can bring the perpetrators of the killings before the courts expeditiously.

The throats of Subar and Mohammed were slit by their killers at Mohammed’s Ajim Baksh Street, Malabar home on Wednesday during a home invasion.

Yesterday, Rowley said there were some new developments taking place in the country, some of which were not uplifting and disturbing.

“I am very, very shaken and disturbed with what happened in the East with that child and its guardian who were so brutally murdered, and it makes us wonder what kind of people we have become,” said Rowley, his voice dropping as he spoke.

Saying it is now standard practice that when violent and heinous crimes are committed there is a public demand that the Government do something about crime, Rowley said “that demand is understandable because people want to feel safe, people want to feel secure and people want to know that their families and their communities are protected from these things.”

The PM said the interventions by individuals who make a decision to carry out such activities “shock us all the time.” He said whatever the Government has in place, be it prison, police or court “we are always surprised by these kinds” of murders.

In extending condolences to the family of the victims, Rowley said just looking at the grief on television as a citizen, he was quite “shaken by this kind of thing and I trust that the law enforcement authorities would find the perpetrators of such heinous and disturbing action.”

Asked about the TTPS’ ineffectiveness in its battle against the criminal elements and he could do to fill the gap, Rowley replied, “That is one area where you do not have an alternative. There is no alternative but to keep working and improving the ability of law enforcement in the country. And law enforcement in our country under the Constitution is largely the Police Service.”

In the area of national security, Rowley disclosed that Cabinet took a decision not to pay $200 million to maintain for one year four of the country’s helicopters.

“This is a cost that has been negotiated downward I was told. US$34 million I was told. We just can’t afford that! If we can’t afford it then the helicopters would stay on the ground… much as we would like to have them in the air. If we have $200 million dollars, the question that arises is that the best way to spend $200 million in the fight against crime?”

He said selling the helicopters was one option the Government may look at.

          Reports: Multiple people shot at NYC hospital   
Police say multiple people have been shot at a New York City hospital.The gunfire broke out at 2:50 p.m. Friday inside the Bronx Lebanon Hospital in the Bronx.Police had no immediate information on whether anyone was killed.Television images showed the...

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          Marlene still under probe   

The Integrity Commission has not yet completed its investigations into Port-of-Spain South Member of Parliament Marlene McDonald, who will be sworn in as the new Minister of Public Utilities today.

While McDonald has been cleared on part of the matters brought before the commission, the T&T Guardian was told by a source close to the body that “while a number of allegations have been dealt with, there are other things still being investigated.”

The information comes even as Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley welcomed McDonald back to his Cabinet yesterday, saying the Integrity Commission had found she was not in breach of the Integrity in Public Life Act in relation to some of the issues under probe.

In March 2006, McDonald was relieved of the post of Minister of Housing after it was reported that the Integrity Commission was investigating two reports brought against her, involving a close friend by the name of Michael Carew.

Those investigations related to the approval of grants to the Calabar Foundation by the Ministry of Community Development and to the issuance of a Housing Development Corporation home.

While the commission is reported to have written to McDonald indicating that there was no evidence that she had breached the Integrity in Public Life Act, the commission, in its correspondence, also indicated that investigations into other allegations contained in the complaint are “still receiving its attention.”

Integrity Commission chairman Zainool Hosein yesterday refused to answer questions on what matters involving McDonald were still under investigation. He said, “If anybody who is in receipt of communication from the commission wants to divulge it, we have no way to prevent that, but I cannot give details of any matter before the commission.”

The commission is bound to silence under sections 20 and 35 of the Integrity in Public Life Act. Both sections speak to the issues of secrecy and confidentiality of information and carries, in the case of section 20, a fine of $250,000 and 10 years imprisonment, while persons in breach of section 35 are liable on summary conviction to a fine of $250,000 and imprisonment for five years.

Speaking on the broad issues of the work of the commission, however, Hosein said they had “inherited a number of issues, we have dealt with a range of matters and we have functioned without much trauma, we are working quietly and efficiently in dealing with quite a number of matters and people can rely on absolute fairness.”

He said when there are delays in “concluding matters, it is because the investigation is not complete and that could be the result of a want of information being sought.”

In conducting its investigations, the T&T Guardian was told, the commission liaises with banks and financial institutions and very often the information required is not available immediately. The process could be further delayed when someone being investigated seeks legal advice, which delays the process.

In a statement to the media earlier yesterday, the commission said “all matters relative to Investigations and Compliance are thoroughly investigated, but statutory strictures on the disclosure of specific matters preclude the commission or anyone there-at from divulging information from its records.”

It said “in assessing and investigating allegations of breaches of the Integrity In Public Life Act (the IPLA) and the Prevention of Corruption Act, the commission remains focussed and committed to carrying out its functions thoroughly, efficiently, fairly and within a reasonable time-frame.”

While the records of the commission and any information revealed by the production of documents cannot be disclosed, the commission urged media practitioners to avoid making “unsupported statements and to consult the commission’s annual report which provides a summary of complaints which have engaged the attention of the commission.”

The commission said it “remains concerned that irresponsible and adverse criticisms by media practitioners are injurious, especially when not supported by factual details.”

The commission said it continues to facilitate dialogue and offer an accessible, courteous, efficient and meaningful guidance to persons in public life as well as to those exercising public functions.

It reminded persons subject to the Integrity In Public Life Act to comply with the provisions, cooperate fully by filing declarations in a timely manner and to provide information promptly when called upon to do so.

The commission’s 29th annual report, laid in Parliament in 2016, lists 41 investigations. At least four of them date back to the pre-2010 period relating to complaints against a former prime minister Patrick Manning, now deceased, alleging breaches of the act in the award of land and the construction of the Church of the Lighthouse. Those investigations, according to the document, are still continuing.

          250365-2017: Pologne-Varsovie: Supervision des travaux de construction   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 11-08-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          250359-2017: Allemagne-Francfort-sur-le-Main: Supervision des travaux de construction   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 28-07-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          Layoffs—Again—at National Geographic   
National Geographic Partners laid off more people this week. 21st Century Fox purchased most of NatGeo in 2015 (both entities prefer to call this arrangement an expanded joint venture), and National Geographic has had a couple of noticeable rounds of layoffs since. National Geographic Partners includes National Geographic’s TV channels as well as its magazine, book division, and various businesses. It cut […]
          Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro is an aero tour de force   
In case anyone thought the circuit-exclusive Aston Martin Vulcan isn’t enough of a hardcore machine, there’s a new solution – appeal to the in-house AMR performance division. Usually tuners go for the easy case scenario – they would take the Vulcan’s already crazy 820-horsepower V12 and treat it to some […]
           John Toland 的書《佔領日本》(Occupation);The Rising Sun ;Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography 等等   


...第二次世界大戰後的日本即為絕佳的例子。廢止軍隊,天皇之象徵化,警察權力之弱化,財閥之解體,透過農地改革而使小地主成為自耕農,對工會的獎勵,政治參與的擴大以及驅逐曾經協助戰爭的政治人物、官僚、企業家、評論者等,均成為主要的改革...就此意義而言,國際關係是界定國家與社會關係的根本。」(豬口 孝《國家與社會》劉黎兒譯,台北:時報出版,1992,第85-6頁。)
要了解19451949的日本情景,美軍為日本立憲,使其成為自由(某村落老師的解釋是「自主」「行動」)民主,軍法審判、兒女深情、愛恨情仇,美國決定將日本發展成亞洲的「工場大本營」(這使得財閥企業和資本主義結合)等等重要的社會背景,可參考小說: John Toland 《佔領日本》(Occupation)北京:中國社會科學出版社,【19871997

John Willard Toland (June 29, 1912 – January 4, 2004)[1] was an American writer and historian. He is best known for a biography ofAdolf Hitler[2] and a Pulitzer Prize-winning history of World War II-era Japan, The Rising Sun.




Pulitzer Prize-winning historian John Willard Toland was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin on this day in 1912.
"A hybrid of Prometheus and Lucifer.”
Toland's classic, definitive biography of Adolf Hitler remains the most thorough, readable, accessible, and, as much as possible, objective account of the life of a man whose evil effect on the world in the twentieth century will always be felt. Toland’s research provided one of the final opportunities for a historian to conduct personal interviews with over two hundred individuals intimately associated with Hitler. At a certain distance yet still with access to many of the people who enabled and who opposed the führer and his Third Reich, Toland strove to treat this life as if Hitler lived and died a hundred years before instead of within his own memory.


"He was learning how to appeal to the basic needs of the average German ... His 'basic values and aims' were as reassuring as they were acceptable. His listeners could not possibly know that the 'reasonable' words were a mask for one of the most radical programs in the history of mankind, a program that would alter the map of Europe and affect the lives, in one way or another, of most of the people on Earth."
John Toland, Adolf Hitler
Pulitzer Prize-winning historian John Toland’s classic, definitive biography of Adolf Hitler remains the most thorough, readable, accessible, and, as much as possible, objective account of the life of a man whose evil effect on the world in the twentieth century will always be felt.

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The Rising Sun
Book by John Toland

The Rising Sun: The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936–1945, written by John Toland, was published by Random House in 1970 and won the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction. It was republished by Random House in 2003.Wikipedia



En prévision du long week-end qui vient se terminer, j'avais mis dans mon panier des légumes plus ou moins "oubliés" - oubliés de la liste des courses, surtout - que je n'ai pas toujours le temps de cuisiner d'habitude. Ou en tout cas, c'est ce que je me dis, et il faut croire que j'ai tort (pour une fois ;) hehe !). Parce que finalement, éplucher et couper des topinambours ne prend pas plus de temps qu'éplucher et râper des carottes... Sans parler d'une patate douce : avec un beau spécimen, on obtient déjà pas mal de matière ! Je suis donc moins bête en ce lundi matin : je vais continuer à varier mon panier de courses de la semaine, sans me contenter des sempiternels carottes, poireaux et fenouil que je prends sans réfléchir d'habitude... Après le céleri-rave, la patate douce et les topinambours sont donc réabilités sur ma liste ! D'autant que ces légumes sont vraiment délicieux en veloutés bien chauds et douillets.

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          Can Trump Succeed Where Reagan Failed?   
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

People with family members who were killed by undocumented immigrants meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on June 29, 2017.

On Thursday, the House passed the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, which proposes to withhold federal funding from localities that refuse to cooperate with Trump administration immigration measures aimed at criminal noncitizens and other undocumented people. The bill would also allow individuals and close family members of individuals who are victims of felonies committed by undocumented immigrants who have been released from local or state custody against the advice of federal authorities to file suit against states.

The day before, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, the new president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, called on Congress to work on bipartisan immigration and criminal justice law reforms, adding that cities could use more federal assistance to fight terrorism and crime, and provide mental illness, substance abuse, and reentry programs.

Landrieu said in a letter to House members that local leaders do not want their law enforcement officers involved in federal immigration detention activities, nor do they want to be put in legal jeopardy for possible violations of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibitions against unreasonable searches and seizures. (A related bill known as Kate’s Law would establish new mandatory minimum prison terms for deported criminals who return to the United States.)

The sanctuary cities battle, like so many of Trump’s hastily conceived and poorly executed policies, appears headed for another showdown, either when the bills arrive in the Senate, or, in the unlikely event that the upper chamber drums up the 60 votes needed to approve them, almost certainly in the courts.

While the Trumpian turmoil is new, past presidents’ attempts to compel localities to comply with federal policies have met with mixed success. A new report, “Reagan vs. Cities: The 20th Century Battle Over South African Apartheid & Lessons for the Trump Era,” from Jobs to Move America and the Center for Media and Democracy, details the 40th president’s efforts to stamp out the U.S. anti-apartheid movement by several means, including denying federal funds to cities and states that took actions against companies that did business in South Africa.

The report explores the mixed outcomes for two cities that sought to stand their ground against this federal overreach. In 1984, the U.S. Department of Transportation, with the backing of the Justice Department, threatened New York City with the loss of transportation dollars unless the city revoked a local ordinance preventing city officials from contracting with businesses that operated in South Africa or used materials from the country. Although Mayor Ed Koch complained all the way up to President Ronald Reagan, the feisty New Yorker finally backed down, declined to take the matter to the courts, and finally reworked the measure to satisfy federal officials and preserve the city’s federal funding.

Two years later, Baltimore, which had crafted a local ordinance requiring city pension funds to divest $1.1 billion from entities that did business with South Africa, also came under fire. The trustees of the pensions funds and the funds’ beneficiaries (who feared significant financial losses in the short timeframe the funds had to comply with the divestment ordinance) joined forces to take the city to court.

The State Department and the National Security Council submitted briefs supporting the trustees and beneficiaries. But Baltimore ultimately prevailed in the state courts, and the Supreme Court decided not to hear the case. By 1991, nearly 100 cities in 28 states had taken a variety of actions against companies doing business in South Africa.

Although an early attempt by Trump to deny federal funding to sanctuary cities was roundly criticized as unconstitutional (the president aimed to usurp powers granted to Congress) and ultimately blocked by a federal judge, Republicans in Congress have stepped up to take their turn at the issue. Federal courts likely will have the final word on whether the federal government can compel states to assist in immigration enforcement activities or whether such provisions infringe on state powers.

Congress can indeed attach conditions to funding, especially if the funding is related to a specific purpose like law enforcement. Since the Supreme Court has indicated its willingness to consider wider immigration questions like those posed by the administration’s travel ban, it is unlikely that the high court would decline to weigh in, as it did in the Baltimore pension funds question.

Like the anti-apartheid activists, sanctuary cities supporters may find that public response to the crisis may compel different responses from Washington. Grassroots efforts to protect undocumented people have sprouted up all over the country; nearly 650 of the country’s more than 3,000 counties have placed limitations on local law enforcement assistance to federal immigration detention efforts.

But the support for such measures is far from solid in the country at large. Lawmakers in more than 30 states have introduced bills to curb cities’ abilities to weigh in on immigration enforcement. A new Gallup poll shows that Americans’ interests in decreasing the numbers of immigrants admitted to the country have not shifted dramatically.

The “Reagan vs. Cities” report also notes that in addition to cutting off federal funds and other measures, Trump’s tactics include “a public relations strategy aimed at vilifying opponents.” The court of public opinion, however, isn’t always malleable. Reagan may have been the “great communicator,” but he was mostly unable to compel cities and states to abandon divestment and other economic strategies aimed at crippling South African apartheid. Trump, if anything, is more of a great alienator than communicator, who will ultimately run up against the numerical impossibility of deporting millions of undocumented people.

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          Valkyria Revolution review   

Well, at least the soundtrack is just fine.

If you've any love for Valkyria Chronicles, an affair likely started with Sega's 2008 original which saw Skies of Arcadia director Shuntaro Tanaka injecting some of that same breeziness into an exquisite tactical RPG, you'll likely already know how the story goes. How Sega's own 2010 sequel was confined to the PlayStation Portable, and another follow-up in 2011 from developer Media.Vision was confined further still to Japan only, with an official localisation never forthcoming. How Media.Vision was given another crack at the series with an action-based spin-off, and how it released to fairly dismal reviews in Japan earlier this year.

Six months later, following a noble localisation effort from Sega and Deep Silver, I can only confirm what you likely already know. Valkyria Revolution is not a good video game. And how.

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          The week Activision sells Modern Warfare Remastered standalone, it puts COD: Ghosts on Xbox One back compat   

Call of Duty Ghosts on Xbox 360 is now playable via Xbox One, thanks to the console's backwards compatibility programme.

The timing of its addition is interesting - Activision has just this week started selling Modern Warfare Remastered standalone for £34.99, after previously only including it in the pricy Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare.

Ghosts was far less popular than Modern Warfare, however - it's unlikely it will see its own Remastered-style re-release.

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Provisional agenda for the 7986th meeting of the Security Council
[ Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish ] - 1 page
Provisional agenda for the 7987th meeting of the Security Council
[ Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish ] - 1 page
Provisional agenda for the 7988th meeting of the Security Council
[ Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish ] - 1 page
Provisional agenda for the 7991st meeting of the Security Council
[ Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish ] - 1 page
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          Five years ago, Draymond Green predicted he'd have a 'couple world championships'   

You may not have seen envisioned his success, but Draymond Green saw it all along.

           Sr. Strategy Manager - Amazon Studios   
pls RT ECNIDRSS @entcareersnet Are you interested in shaping the future of movies and television? Do you want to define the next generation ... more

          GDC 2013 Technik-Video Activision: Echtzeit-Gesichtsanimation   
Im Technik-Video von der Game Developers Conference 2013 zeigt die Research tags: 2013ActivisionEchtzeit-GesichtsanimationeindrückeentwicklergamesGDCGDC 2013 Technik-Video Activision: Echtzeit-Gesichtsanimation
Gamestar by castaclip
          After 45 Years of Title IX, Advocates Hold Briefing on Law’s Successes and Failures   
Last week, Title IX – the 1972 legal provision which prevents sex and gender-based discrimination in education – turned 45 years old. In honor of the anniversary, feminist groups briefed Congress on the victories Title IX has won, as well as the ways in which the law continues to fall short.
          The JCSI's remit is just to check that seconda...   
The JCSI's remit is just to check that secondary legislation is empowered by earlier primary legislation- a constutional check that the executive is not bypassing full parliament scrutiny. Its not within their remit to look at the merits of the actual legislation.

The commons & Lords committees can look at the merits but as it says in the summary

" this Order implements the provisions of
an international agreement to which the UK is obliged to give effect"

Parliament has already approved the relevant international agreement (PPI) and has already granted the executive power to ratify the UPCA.

          @Silence: The fate of the suspended BoA member is ...   
The fate of the suspended BoA member is only inderectly known. He's still suspended. His contract has not been renewed, like his colleagues contracts.
He's on a disciplinary measure, without disciplinary procedure.
Guess how ATILO will find that?
But the contract has ended, and ATILO will be okay with the job loss.

I sincerely hope his mental health survives, because how the AC treats _their_ employee is mind-bogging.

Mr. Ernst is a lawyer, he should know better how to treat employees with a contract, even difficult employees.
I hope once he's officially in charge, he'll have a good look at the case, and find a way out. This case is extremely disgraceful for all concerned, especially EPO management and the AC.
But, seeing how the new Codexchanges were waved through ("to get it off the table"), and DE voting in favour (only four abstentions: NL, IT, IE, LI), I fear the constitutional court in Germany will finally say a word about a lack of independence and power abuse inside the EPO, and a lack of supervision...

This whole situation is like a fight: too many people are watching and waiting for someone else to step in.

The one advantage with FR and DE voting in favour is, that if their nationals get fired, tehy might have a chance with national courts and get a job in the national administration due to gross violation of their countries' law by the delegate, and the duty of care springing forth from this case. And if someone wins against their state, guess how the delegates will react next AC meeting?
          Thanks for the informative post Annsley. As I und...   
Thanks for the informative post Annsley.

As I understand it ratification itself is not needed until 3 months (plus one day) before the UPC becomes fully operational.

As alluded to in Alexander Ramsay's message, at this point the source of delay is not ratifications of the UPCA per se, but that the inability to start the provisional application phase which should last at least 6 months before the UPC becomes fully operational.

In relation to actions from the UK, the provisional application phase can be kicked off by providing a notification that the UK has parliamentary approval to ratify rather than by actual ratification. Presumably this means only steps 1+2 need to be completed and that steps 3+4 could be completed during the first 3 months of the provisional application phase.
          249772-2017: Bulgarie-Lovech: Supervision du projet et documentation   
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          Web Application Developer   
SW-Swindon, You will be responsible for the provision and development of bespoke computerised maintenance management software (CMMS). This will include delivering support and customisations to existing customer users. Working knowledge of C#, SQL, Java Script are essential, whilst knowledge of Telerik ASP.Net components and experience with developing maintenance management, financial or ERP software would be
          Règlement sur la division en groupes des producteurs de lait, RLRQ c M-35.1, r 195 [Modified on Jun 23, 2017]   
Règlement sur la division en groupes des producteurs de lait was modified or came into force on 2017-06-23
          Who’s Your Customer?   
Anyone that has worked with me for any length of time or whom I have managed knows that, at some point, I will ask them, “Who’s your customer?” Anybody that does work has a customer, but few people really think about who their customer really is, or even think in terms of having customers.

Let me be clear: I’m not talking about your company’s customer, the business or individual to whom your company sells goods or services. I’m talking about your customer, as an individual employee, as a team member, or as a manager.

I’ll use myself as an example. At SolidFire, I ran the demand generation function. The role of demand gen is to develop leads for sales to pursue. As such, we had two primary customers: inside sales, who would receive and pursue our leads; and the campaigns team, for whom we managed several (mostly) digital channels through which to execute their campaigns. We had secondary customers, like field marketing, who would generate leads through field events that we would upload, process, and deliver to sales. As a manager, the members of my team were also my customers, and there are also other customer relationships that I maintained in that role.

What’s the value of considering those teams, campaigns and inside sales, as customers, rather than simple collaborative teams or stakeholders in our activities? Because the concept of a customer carries with it a set of expectations that are richer, deeper, and more meaningful than a mere collaborative relationship, and those expectations lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Here’s an example. At one point, we started hearing rumors that sales was dissatisfied with some types of leads we were providing, even though we believed these were quality leads. The tension between marketing and sales is a common situation, so it wasn’t surprising to hear this. But if we could break down this barrier, both teams could be much more successful in their efforts.

There are a lot of ways I could have handled this problem, but I decided to view the problem through the lens of a customer-supplier relationship. If we were a supplier to sales as a customer, a common role in that relationship is the customer success manager (CSM), whose job is to ensure that the customer is successful in using the supplier’s product or services. The CSM role is bilateral: she represents the supplier’s product to the customer, helping them use it properly and fully; and she is the voice of the customer to the supplier, helping guide product development to better serve the needs of the customer.

We needed the equivalent function between demand gen and inside sales, so we created a CSM type of role and, in fact, we hired an inside salesperson to staff it. In this role, our CSM (I think we called him a marketing sales coordinator) had a bilateral role: he represented marketing to the inside sales team, explaining different types of leads, why they received them, and how they should pursue them; and represented the sales environment to marketing, describing which types of leads were working best or worst, and why, enabling marketing to optimize their campaign efforts.

The result of this change was dramatic. Inside sales came to view demand gen, and the broader marketing team, as partners in their success. Sales acceptance rates of marketing leads increased, and sales qualification rates of accepted leads improved. Would we have achieved the same result by having a more traditional approach of trying to collaborate between these two teams? Maybe, but I doubt it. In the same way that customers and suppliers generally don’t achieve a truly collaborative relationship, marketing and sales frequently struggle to truly collaborate. By establishing a role whose entire job is to ensure sales’ success, that changes the relationship measurably.

So, have you started to ask yourself who your customers are in your job? Does it change how you think about your interworking relationships? Try it. It can be powerful.

          HP veut réduire de 10 % les émissions de gaz à effet de serre au sein de la chaîne d’approvisionnement   
HP Inc. vient de publier son rapport Développement durable HP 2016 et se donne 7 ans pour réduire de 10 % l’intensité des émissions de gaz à effet de serre de sa chaîne...

          The Farago CF 428   
This very special car was brought about as a result of a special request by John DeLorean while he was head of the Pontiac Motor Division of General Motors. He asked Farago to come up with an exciting car that he could use to tour the world's auto shows and enhance the company's image. Having just left Ghia and setting up shop with Sergio Coggiola, this was the first project for the firm 'Carrozziere Coggiola.'

The Farago CF 428 originally appeared on on Fri, 30 Jun 2017 07:19:48 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

          Il Punk   
Esattamente trent’anni fa esplodeva l’ultima grande rivoluzione del rock, fatta di poche, povere cose, di chitarre suonate al massimo volume e pantaloni strappati, di spille da balia e urla, di sogni infranti e di nessuna speranza. Era il punk, pronto ad abbattere il vecchio rock e a farlo rinascere di nuovo, sotto la spinta di gruppi come i Sex Pistols e i Clash, con la poesia di Patti Smith e dei Television, con l’intelligenza dei Dead Kennedys e l’energia dei Ramones. Una musica ruvida e forte, splendidamente imprecisa e al tempo stesso magnificamente indipendente. L’ultima fiammata degli anni Settanta verrà raccontata da Ernesto Assante e Gino Castaldo in “Lezioni di Rock”.
          'Morning Joe' hosts respond on-air with authority, power to presidential ugliness   

The on-air response today from Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough to President Donald Trump’s ugly Thursday-morning tweets about them was such compelling television I watched it twice.

It ran live for about 30 minutes at 7 a.m., and then was replayed at 8 a.m., and it was just as powerful the...

          The Velvet Underground   
Una discoteca ideale? Troppo difficile da realizzare, troppi sono i dischi importanti di questo mezzo secolo che ci separa dall'arrivo di Elvis Presley sulla scena. Meglio allora concentrare la nostra attenzione su un piccolo gruppo di dischi senza i quali non è possibile comprendere il rock, senza i quali nessuna discoteca è degna di questo nome, senza i quali non si può ragionevolmente dire di aver vissuto. Ogni domenica mattina alle ore 11.00 al Teatrostudio, Ernesto Assante e Gino Castaldo vi accompagneranno alla scoperta, all'ascolto, alla visione di un album imperdibile della storia del rock. Una visita guidata nel pentagramma delle note degli autori che hanno scritto la storia del rock e che ogni domenica torneranno a suonare per gli appassionati delle più stravaganti lezioni che l'Auditorium propone.
          Meeting of Conductor Division   
29th June 2017, New Delhi: Meeting of Conductor Division was held at IEEMA, Delhi under the Chairmanship of Mr. Manish Agarwal, which was attended by 12 representatives from 8 member companies. Mr. J. Pande, Sr. Director and Mr. Naveen Upreti, Sr. Executive Officer, represented IEEMA at the meeting. The discussions were broadly on State of the industry, PV formula for […]
          Meeting of T&D Projects Division   
23rd June 2017, Mumbai: Meeting of T&D Projects Division was held at RPG House, Mumbai under the Chairmanship of Mr. Randeep Narang, which was attended by 30 representatives from 19 member companies. Mr. J. Pande, Sr. Director, Mr Ninad Ranade, Dy. Director and Mr. Naveen Upreti, Sr. Executive Officer represented IEEMA at the meeting. The discussions were broadly on GST, […]
          Administrative Assistant - Homeland Security and Emergency Services, Division of - Albany, NY   
Administer communication by preparing and keeping track of correspondence and answering questions from staff, the public, elected and appointed officials.... $55,082 - $68,351 a year
From StateJobsNY - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 20:40:18 GMT - View all Albany, NY jobs
          Janis Joplin - Pearl   
Le tre “J” maledette del rock, Jim, Jimi e Janis, sono unite nell’immaginario collettivo dall’elemento del loro dramma personale. Ma erano tre musicisti estremamente diversi l’uno dall’altro. Poeta il primo, visionario il secondo. E poi c’era lei, Janis Joplin. Solitaria, travolgente, bluesy, drammaticamente espressiva, con una voce in grado di graffiare l’anima e di colpire il cuore, Janis Joplin è stata (assieme a Grace Slick) la prima grande donna della storia del rock, in grado di stravolgere le regole non scritte dello show business e di riscriverle, in grado di cantare il blues come una nera e il rock come nessun’altra. Ernesto Assante e Gino Castaldo, domenica 26 aprile, alle ore 11 al Teatrostudio, vi presenteranno “Pearl”, il suo album “testamento”, uscito dopo la sua morte, il disco più bello e affascinante della produzione di Janis Joplin.
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          12 Keutamaan Sedekah Berdasarkan Al-Qur’an dan Hadits