The Seven Churches of Revelation 1-3   
COGwriter at site of “Church of the Apocalypse/Revelation” on Patmos in 2008 COGwriter Seven churches are mentioned in the first chapter of the Book of Revelation. Then more details about each are in the second and third chapters of Revelation. The information about the churches tells us a lot about the Christian church age. Tracing […]
          Sunday, June 25th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Sunday, June 18th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message by Prophetess Jennifer McKesey.

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          Sunday, June 11th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Sunday, June 4th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message by Minister Bridget Matthews.

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          Becoming Favor Magnets   

Listen to this powerful message titled “Becoming Favor Magnets” by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Mother’s Day 2017   

Listen to this powerful Mother's Day message by Prophetess Jennifer McKesey.

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          The Glorification of the Church Pt. 2   

Listen to this powerful message titled "The Glorification of the Church Pt. 2" by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Sunday, April 30th 2017   

Listen to this powerful message from Sunday, April 30th 2017 by Bridget Matthews.

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          The Glorification of the Church   

Listen to this powerful message titled The Glorification of the Church by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Resurrection Sunday 2017   

Listen to this powerful message from Resurrection Sunday 2017 by Apostle Jay McKesey.

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          Comment on So, Christian, Now What? by Forsell   
          Comment on Keith Darrell: Shattering Hearts of Stone by Concerned Christian   
Kieth has often come to my university, the University of Idaho, and incited little but hateful arguments and crass insults. When asked about specific bible verses, and to compare them to other translations or interpretations to better understand the meaning of any one translation, he resorted to calling the science of translation as "a semantic tool of liberals". When anyone with legitimate knowledge of the Bible asked him any sort of question, he immediately would say that, "these are what I'm here to fight against; those who think they know the truth when there is no truth but the Bible." Now, obviously this is no way to answer legitimate questions, but what was more shocking was the fact that he would take time then afterwards to insult the individual who asked the question in a relentlessly cruel and ignorant manner. He accused people of having evil parents, he accused the entire audience of being rapists and sexual abusers, he told myself and others that he "could just tell" that we were abused as kids, and then proceeded to tell us that we had deserved it for turning away from the God that we must surely have known since birth. What's more, his knowledge of the actual bible seems greatly lacking, as myself and other students were forced to ask him about claims he was making which were unsupported by the Biblical text. For example, he told a colleague of mine that because my colleague was formerly Christian and turned away, he could never receive repentance even if he returned to living life the way the Bible dictates. This is obviously not supported in the text, let alone an incredibly unprofessional, rude, and blatantly uneducated thing to say. If your intention within this organization is to spread God's word, I suggest you either lean upon a stronger speaker, or simply redirect him to the text which he is supposedly preaching. What's more, Keith had a long tangent about his own childhood traumas which he has actively suppressed which make me incredibly sad for him. There are an innumerable many Christians who understand that without coming to peace with the psychological battle within, one can never truly live the life of God though. Living as God tells you comes from pure love of God, not a twisted vengeance towards their abuser through God's wrath, or using faith to validate self-denigrating thoughts and actions.
          Comment on Christians And The Law Of God by jonahmb   
Great! I look forward to meeting you two!
          Comment on Christians And The Law Of God by teresasdaughter   
Thank you very much! I am familiar with Joel McDermon (thanks, YouTube), but have not read any of his books. By the way, no stumbling was involved! My husband and I plan on attending worship at Emmanuel Chapel this Sunday, God willing, and we have been reading your blog to get some sense of what you believe and teach. Thanks again.
          Comment on Christians And The Law Of God by jonahmb   
I am glad you stumbled across my posts on this topic. Rushdoony's book is wonderful, but yes, it is quite meaty. Here is a link to an introductory book on the discussion of God's Law and Christians to get your toes wet! I hope this helps!
          Comment on Christians And The Law Of God by teresasdaughter   
Thank you for these two articles on the Law. I am studying this position, and am wondering if you could recommend a book that explores this topic. The only one I have found so far is Rushdoony's "Institutues of Biblical Law", but I suspect that it may be a bit heavy for a layperson. Any recommendations? Thanks.
          Wibold's Ludus Regularis, a 10th Century Board Game   

Christian clergy were to compete for virtues in this dice game.

          Insidertipps: Sommer-Weekend in Zürich   
Widder Hotel: Zürich (ots) - Als eine der beliebtesten Freizeit- und Kulturmetropolen punktet Zürich insbesondere im Sommer mit südländischem Flair und einer zauberhaften Berg- und Seenszenerie. Christian Stock ist seit mehr als 15 Jahren Concierge im Widder ...
          Brown, Reginald A.   
Visitation 10am to noon funeral hour Sat. July 1, 2017 Revelations Baptist Church,1711 Taylor Ln., Mobile, AL.
          England? Spain? Italy? Germany? What really is the best league in the world?   

There have been many arguments over the years about which domestic league is the best in the world. Out of Europe’s top four – England, Spain, Italy and Germany – which league really stands out from the rest? English Premier League The Premier league is by far the most exciting to watch on a weekly […]

Article link: England? Spain? Italy? Germany? What really is the best league in the world?. Written by Christian Montegan, on The Roar - Your Sports Opinion.

Vatican Pietà - Michelangelo Buonarroti #pieta #michelangelo #vatican #sanpietro #basilica #church #travel #tourism #tourist #moments #legend #legendary #epic #journey #visiting #masterpiece #history #experience #art #sculpture #culture #marble #statue #religion #christianity #roma #Rome #italy #emotion #stpeter
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          RE: FaceBook and other accounts: A warning for organizations   
Hi Christian, thanks for the important words. Will defo take a note of all this stuff for possible (probable) future encounters.
          Black Bolt: Royal Likeness   

Over the years, Blackagar Boltagon has filled many roles: leader of the Inhumans, husband, father, intergalactic ruler—and now, prisoner! Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Christian Ward set up quite a challenge for the one-time king when they launched BLACK BOLT a few months back: escape from an epic space prison!

Teamed up with the likes of Absorbing Man, Black Bolt continues to figure out how to flee the seemingly inescapable jail in the stars so he can find his way back to his family. We talked with Ward about designing Black Bolt’s cage, working on the silent hero, and making his mark on a childhood favorite. This book has definitely taken Black Bolt in some unexpected directions. How has it been crafting these stories with Saladin so far?

Christian Ward: I’m drawn to stories I can’t predict. I think that’s one reason why shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” are so enjoyable. Reading Saladin’s scripts for BLACK BOLT [has] had those same unexpected elements and I’ve loved reading them. Bringing a story to life that you’re already enjoying in its script form is easy. I have a background in creator-owned comics; I’m used to working on books I’m personally invested in and working on BLACK BOLT with Saladin has felt no different.

I think he would agree that we’ve really clicked working on BLACK BOLT. It’s been an absolute joy and I feel very lucky to be working with Saladin. I felt like we’re telling one story together infused with all these personal elements. I definitely feel like we’re trying to say something with BLACK BOLT, whilst remembering it’s a super hero comic and it should also be a lot of fun. Even with his first comic, Saladin’s going to be [among] many peoples’ very favorite writers. He’s certainly one of mine now and hopefully this will be the first of many projects we do together. The story mixes elements from classic prison break tales with sci-fi and super heroes. Do you enjoy playing with those pieces and building new structures with them?

Christian Ward: I do! Lots of my previous projects—like ODY-C for instance—have been about clashing genres together. I love the tension you get from mixing disparate ingredients. With BLACK BOLT, as well as the genres you mentioned, I’ve been having fun approaching parts like a Gothic horror, not just with the scenery and the lighting but also trying to use page layouts to make it feel foreboding or claustrophobic.

There have been pages where I’ve tried to make the panel [borders] feel as much of the prison bars as the ones I’ve actually drawn. Becoming narrower and narrower as our characters are contained or crushed within them. It’s been fun to allow the different genres, like horror, influence how certain elements of the book look and even let each issue feel a little different. For instance, in issue #4 I’ve been playing with formal nine-panel grids and half tone textures as a way to exaggerate the old school comic book-ness of the issue. It keeps me on my toes and hopefully it keeps the [book] exciting from issue to issue for the reader. You’re setting much of the action inside of this jail. How much of it did you have designed ahead of time?

Christian Ward: Lots of great design is about tension and what Saladin had in mind for our prison was perfect to play to that idea. He had this idea that it would be equal parts Victorian gaol and [Jack] Kirby techno, so for every stone pillar there has to be this contrasting piece of insane, impossible machinery.

I read about Panopticon so I knew I wanted there to be eyes everywhere because big floating over-watching eyes are always creepy and it had to feel huge, I wanted Black Bolt to feel insignificant there. I certainly didn’t design a physical place like an architect would, rather I spent a lot of time thinking about how it would feel, or maybe how the inmates would feel being held there. I wanted the prison to feel intangible, like a monster glimpsed in the darkness, a place that was ever changing. Somewhere it would be impossible to get your footing or stay sane. An M.C. Escher drawing come to life. BLACK BOLT has incorporated some interesting characters from Absorbing Man to Death’s Head. How has it been putting your own spin on them and making them work in this story?

Christian Ward: The first thing I have to say is what a huge and continuing honor it is to be drawing these characters that so many greats have drawn before me. It’s very exciting to, as you say, put a spin on them. It’s a tricky balancing act to honor what’s come before and try to shine a different light on them. Hopefully success comes from loving the characters in the first place. For instance, when I was a teenager Death’s Head was my favorite character growing up in the UK. He was my Hulk, my Spider-Man, my X-Men. He was my number one. So when I came to design my take on him I let that love guide the design. What I love about the character—that’s what I bring to the forefront.

And oh boy, Absorbing Man! I love drawing Carl. This might be Black Bolt’s book, but I think Crusher’s the heart of it. It’s been so much fun to draw him not as a bad guy, but as a man, and try and make him feel real. Whereas I’m trying to keep Bolt at arm’s length I really want readers to feel very empathetic towards Crusher. I’ve really grown to love the guy so I hope that’s coming through. Does Black Bolt’s silence offer any particular challenges when you’re working from panel to panel?

Christian Ward: It’s a huge challenge. I remember reading about the difference between TV, movie, and stage acting and the “volume” in which actors have to project or emote in each. Unlike in theater, for instance, on a giant movie screen the smallest of facial movements can be read. I’m aiming for giant movie screen acting here. I’ve always enjoyed comic book acting and it’s huge fun to try and convey all the subtleties of Bolt’s face. I really wanted to have him feel reserved and withdrawn from us but that as the story progressed the wall that he’d built up around himself—his own personal inner prison wall—would break down and we’d see more of those emotions showing on his face and in his body language. You know, as much as I love the big cosmic moments of the book, it was the challenge of drawing Bolt that made me take the project on and I’m having the time of my life with it.

BLACK BOLT #3 breaks into stores on July 5, with issue #4 following on August 2, thanks to Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward.

          Far-Right Christian Terrorist Burns Muslims’ Faces With Acid   
Police are looking for a suspect with face tattoos after two cousins were sprayed with acid, but mainstream media refuses to call the white Christian terrorist a terrorist. Jameel Muhktar and Resham Khan were left […]
          Similarity Between Islam and Christianity   

Islam and Christianity are just two of the world’s largest religions in the with similarities in history and tradition. Both have similarities in their faith and belief with a common place of origin which is&hellip

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          Re: Michel Rowe & Christiana, sponsors at Hartzell baptism   
Michael Hartzell was born Dec 8, 1810. The baptismal record reads that his parents were John Herzel and Maria and the sponsors were Michael Rau and Christine. I found Michael and Christine buried at Tom's Creek Lutheran Cemetery in northeastern Frederick County, MD Michael died 14 June 1831 age 81 and Christianna nee Smith died 7 June 1842 age 71.. In the 3 October 1842 Adams county Sentinel newspaper there was an ad for an estate sale for Michael Rowe's estate 3 miles east of Emmitsburg which is sort of where the Tom's Creek Lutheran cemetery is.
Did John Hartzell and Mary marry about 1807? If she is a daughter of Michael Rowe from the 1800 Frederick County census she would have been 17 to 22 years of age when she married. Does that fit with what you have? On-line text for Michael Rowe shows Michael Rowe with a daughter Mary, but it doesn't show any marriage to a Hartzell(Herzel).
Others say Mary Rowe married Henry Krise
          Orphans Court papers pertaining to land in Oxford Twp. Adams County   
To the Orphans Court of the County of Adams and State of Pennsylvania

The petition of Annie E. BROWN, a resident of the Township of Oxford, County of Adams, Pennsylvania, respectfully represents.

That your petitioner is the owner in fee of a tract of land situate in Oxford Township, Adams County, adjoining lands of Jonas RINEHART, the New Chester Road, widow WOLF, Conewago Creek and Aaron BROWN containing twenty six (26) acres and one hundred and nineteen (119) Perches more or less, with improvements.

That your petitioner acquired the title to said premises by deed from Anna M. BROWN dated April 7th 1915, which said deed was duly recorded in the office for Recording Deeds in and for the County of Adams in Deed Book 75, page 276.

The the said Anna M. BROWN acquired the title to this premises by deed dated April 1, 1891 from Wm. Arch. McCLEAN, Assignee of Solomon BROWN and wife and said deed being made in pursuance of an order of the Court of Common Pleas of Adams County, which said deed was duly recorded in the office of Recording Deeds in and for the County of Adams in Deed Book YY page 331.

That the said Wm. Arch. McCLEAN, assignee of Solomon BROWN and wife acquired title to said premises by deed of assignment from Solomon BROWN and wife dated May 26, 1890, which said deed is recorded in the office for Recording Deeds in and for the County of Adams in deed Book QQ pages 287 and 288.

That the said Solomon BROWN acquired the title to said premises by deed dated April 2, 1874 from Josiah SHUTT and Lydia his wife, which said deed was duly recorded in the office for Recording Deeds in and for the County of Adams in Deed Book DD page 240.

That the said Josiah SHUTT acquired the title to said premises by deed dated April 2, 1874, from Solomon BROWN and Silas MILLER, agents for the Widow and heirs of Christian ZINN, which said deed was duly recorded in the office for Recording Deeds in and for the County of Adams in Deed Book DD page 85.

That said Solomon BROWN and Silas MILLER were given letters of attorney to convey real estate by the widow and all the heirs of Christian ZINN dated July 26, 1873 and recorded in the office for Recording Deeds in and for the County of Adams in Deed Book HH page 297. And said letter of attorney provides that "one third of the purchase money of said real estate after expenses of sale to remain in the tract of land in Oxford Township aforesaid, during the life of Lucy ZINN, the widow aforesaid, the interest of said one third to be paid to her annually and the principal sum at her death to the parties then legally entitled to receive the same."

That the said deed from Solomon BROWN and Silas MILLER to Josiah SHUTT and the said deed from Josiah SHUTT and wife to Solomon BROWN contained a dower charge in the following language "Subject however to the payment of forty four Dollars and fifty five cents ($44.55) yearly to Lucy ZINN widow said Christian ZINN deceased, during her natural life, the first payment to be made on the first day of April A. D. 1875. It being the interest on seven hundred and forty two Dollars and forty nine cents ($742.49) and at her death the principal sum of Seven Hundred and forty two Dollars and forty nine cents to be paid to the legal heirs and representatives of said Christian ZINN, deceased, the said sum of money to be and remain a lien on the herein granted premises until paid.

That Christian ZINN died in the month of Dec. 1872 or January 1873, letters in his estate being issued Jan. 3, 1873 and your petitioner is informed and believes that Lucy ZINN died nearly fifty years ago in and about 1879 or 1880, that the dower was $742.49 Solomon BROWN and wife borrowed on a mortgage from HOLTZ April 3, 1880 $275 which amount was sufficient to pay all the heirs except his wife and it is believed that the principal was paid as of about that date and dower was released in some way not of record. All the heirs were alive at that date except my mother Elizabeth MILLER and she left two children David MILLER and myself and I know that a guardian received the share of the dower of my brother and myself and upon arriving of age we received our shares from the guardian. At the time of the assignment of Solomon BROWN the mortgage of HOLTZ was called the first lien. That none of the deeds since that date contain any reference to said dower charge and no reference made to it in the assignment proceedings of any such indebtedness, none is presented or paid. Thus for fully forty years your petitioner believes that no demand has ever been made for the payment of interest on said dower charge by Lucy ZINN or for the principal thereof by the heirs entitle to some and no such demand has ever been made to your petitioner during her possession of the premises. That it was not until a recent proposition to buy was made to your petitioner that the discovery was made that there was no satisfaction of the said dower on record.

That the names of the heirs of Christian ZINN deceased entitled to the payment of the principal after the death of Lucy ZINN were Coletta ZINN BROWN, married to James BROWN, Elizabeth ZINN MILLER married to Silas MILLER, Maria ZINN MYERS, married to Conrad MYERS, Anna ZINN BROWN married to Solomon BROWN and Lucy ZINN HAWK, married to Edward HAWK and after dilligent search your petitioner is informed and believes that these heirs outlived their mother Lucy. ZINN and after her death were paid their shares of said dower charge and that all of them have been dead for a number of years.

That the period of twenty one years has elapsed and many more years since the principal of said dower charge became due and payable and that no payment of either principal or interest has been made within said period and no satisfaction of release of said dower charge appears of record.

Therefore your petitioner prays your Honorable Court to order and direct the Sheriff of Adams County to serve the petition on the known holders of the said dower charge, if to be found in the said county and whose residence or residences are known and in case the parties can not be found in said County then the said Sheriff shall give public notice in one newspaper published in said county once a week for four weeks successively prior to the next term after the petition as aforesaid shall have been presented, requiring said parties to appear at said Court and answer the petition to show cause why the court should not enter a decree to satisfy, extinguish and discharge the said dower charge.

And she will ever pray, etc.

Annie E. Brown.

NOTE...To satisfy the above legal requirement to publish this information, notice was published in the Gettysburg Times on Dec. 2, 9, 16, and 23. Since no one came forward the Court signed off on this matter on January 27th 1930.
          Spectroscopie moléculaire des états de valence et excités de l'ion sih+   
par Christian MBIBA TOUEDEBE CEPAMOQ(Centre de Physique Atomique Moléculaire et Optique Quantique) Université de Douala 2013
          acer aspire 3650 con vista   

acer aspire 3650 con vista

Respuesta a acer aspire 3650 con vista

buenas tardes antes que nada la educacion es primero, he visto tu rpoblema y curiosamente tengo la misma maquina y mi mejor opcion en sistema operativo a sido siempre Windows xp con service pack 3, pero ya me hace falta una actualizacion de sistema operativo el vista es un poco pesado si tienes la posibilidad de adquirir una memoria ram de 1 gb adelante colocala y prueba a instalar el windows 7 desde una memoria usb para ello t recomiendo descargues algunos programas que he utilizado y la verdad...

Publicado el 22 de Junio del 2014 por Christian Vasquez

          Viel Übereinstimmung zwischen FDP und Bundesverband Werteorientierter Mittelstand Deutschland e.V.   
Viel Übereinstimmung zwischen FDP und Bundesverband Werteorientierter Mittelstand Deutschland e.V. Politischer Gedankenaustausch zwischen Bundesverband (WEMID) und Michael Theurer von der FDP ------------------------------ Im Rahmen eines politischen Gedankenaustauschs traf sich Verbandspräsident Marco Altinger, auf Bitten des Bundesvorsitzenden der FDP, Christian Lindner mit Michael Theurer MdEP. Das für Wirtschaft und Arbeit zuständige Mitglied im

          Viel Übereinstimmung zwischen FDP und Bundesverband Werteorientierter Mittelstand Deutschland e.V.   
Viel Übereinstimmung zwischen FDP und Bundesverband Werteorientierter Mittelstand Deutschland e.V. Im Rahmen eines politischen Gedankenaustauschs traf sich Verbandspräsident Marco Altinger, auf Bitten des Bundesvorsitzenden der FDP, Christian Lindner mit Michael Theurer MdEP. Das für Wirtschaft und Arbeit zuständige Mitglied im FDP-Bundespräsidium

          Richard Wilkins: “It’s been a life-changing experience for him and us.”   
Nine's entertainment guru is proud of son Christian for roughing it on the streets for SBS homeless series.
           Impact of polymer-modified gold nanoparticles on brain endothelial cells : exclusion of endoplasmic reticulum stress as a potential risk factor    
Anspach, Laura, Unger, Ronald E., Brochhausen, Christoph, Gibson, Matthew I., Klok, Harm-Anton, Kirkpatrick, C. James and Freese, Christian. (2016) Impact of polymer-modified gold nanoparticles on brain endothelial cells : exclusion of endoplasmic reticulum stress as a potential risk factor. Nanotoxicology . ISSN 1743-5390 (In Press)
           Correction: Global genetic variations predict brain response to faces    
The IMAGEN consortium (Including: Dickie, Erin W., Tahmasebi, Amir, French, Leon, Kovacevic, Natasa, Banaschewski, Tobias, Barker, Gareth J., Bokde, Arun, Büchel, Christian, Conrod, Patricia J., Flor, Herta et al. <#>). (2014) Correction: Global genetic variations predict brain response to faces. PLoS Genetics, Volume 10 (Number 10). Article number e1004802. ISSN 1553-7390
           Uptake and cytotoxicity of citrate-coated gold nanospheres : comparative studies on human endothelial and epithelial cells    
Freese, Christian, Uboldi, Chiara, Gibson, Matthew I., Unger, Ronald E., Weksler, Babette B., Romero, Ignacio A., Couraud, Pierre-Olivier and Kirkpatrick, C. J. (C. James). (2012) Uptake and cytotoxicity of citrate-coated gold nanospheres : comparative studies on human endothelial and epithelial cells. Particle and Fibre Toxicology, Vol.9 (No.1). p. 23. ISSN 1743-8977
          DOROTHY B. HORNE   

Died June 24, 2017

Dorothy B. Horne, 85, Dudley, died Saturday.

Funeral will be Saturday at 2 p.m. at Saint James Christian Church of Wilson.

Visitation will be at 1 p.m.

           Temperature control in molecular dynamic simulations of non-equilibrium processes    
Toton, Dawid, Lorenz, Christian D., Rompotis, Nicolas, Martsinovich, Natalia and Kantorovich, Lev. (2010) Temperature control in molecular dynamic simulations of non-equilibrium processes. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Vol.22 (No.7). Article 4205. ISSN 0953-8984
          On Christian Fiction – An Interview with Kimberly Gordon   
As editor and publisher at Energion Publications, I have the privilege of working with many authors. Kimberly Gordon has written a number of novels, three of which are published by Energion. Here’s the video of my interview with her. Learn More Learn More Learn More
          "The Flight" Chapter 2 of Apurvai, a travelogue by P.L. "PuLa" Deshpande   
Many years ago, I translated chapter 1 from the 1960 book. You don't HAVE TO read it to follow this chapter, but it is recommended. Unlike my other translations which were done from audio files of PuLa narrating his work, this one has been done from the actual book. So even Marathis who've never read the book will find something new here. 

To set the stage a little, in this chapter, PuLa describes the experience of his first ever international flight. Based on the references to the Suez Crisis, I'm guessing it happened in 1956 or 1957. So almost 60 years ago! I was surprised to learn of the sheer number of stopovers flights had to make in those days. It is indeed a different era. But so much of what he writes resonated with me in terms of my experiences with international flights. Which is why I chose to translate this although it isn't as ROFLMAO funny as the previous chapter.

Usual caveats - Much of PuLa's humor comes from how he played with the Marathi language, and it can get lost in translation. But his observations and descriptions stay relevant even 55 years later.

Our flight to London from Santa Cruz airport was scheduled for 11 PM on August 20th. It wasn't my first time flying, but it was the first time I was flying to another country, that too on a huge airplane. I had been told to reach the airport about an hour before the flight. Even if I hadn't been told this, I would've gone there two hours before. Because even when I am taking an M.S.M. train (or as you kids today call it, Southern Railway), I go to the station an hour early. Even if I have a reserved seat. 

I find it convenient to allow that buffer for unforeseen but predictable events like getting on the wrong train, not being able to find my compartment, taxi to the station breaking down, heavy rain causing waterlogging, forgetting some important stuff at home and realizing it halfway to the station, forgetting to fill the water bottle, and of course, panicking every few minutes thinking that I have either forgotten the ticket at home or lost it. 

And of course, Indian Railways regularly contributes with unforeseen but predictable events of its own. Just as you've spread out a sheet on your berth and laid down, a railways employee comes and says the compartment has some problems, so we need to shift to another one. It takes about 45 minutes to find a porter, find the replacement compartment, and move all the luggage. It turns out that if you turn the lights on, the fan stops working, and if you turn the fan on, the lights stop working. Finally both are fixed, and when you go to the bathroom, there is no water in the compartment. So you have to stay awake till Lonand to find a guard and complain about it. If you're lucky, it'll get fixed by the time the train reaches Nira. Or then wait till Miraj at 5 AM so you can use the bathroom on the station. 

So even if you go very early to the station, there's no guarantee that your rail journey will be pleasant. I wonder if we are destined to ever get railways that take the responsibility of passenger comfort seriously. Until then, there are only two ways to travel without any problems - on foot like Vinoba Bhave or by air.

Or so I thought.

When I bought my tickets at the Air India office, the lady behind the counter had told me to reach the airport at 9 PM. And then, flashing me a disarming smile, suggested that I call the airline before leaving to make sure the plane wasn't delayed. So just as we were about to leave, I remembered that smile and mentioned this to the huge contingent of friends, family, and neighbors gathered at our house to bid us farewell.

"Haha, don't be an idiot! It's a plane, not an ST bus to be delayed. Airlines operate with second-by-second precision!"

A friend, who had never traveled an inch north of Malad or south of Kala Ghoda, said making me feel like an idiot in front of everyone. This guy has always had this publicly dismissive attitude towards me. I don't know why I am still friends with him. When I told him I was being sent to England by Doordarshan, his first reaction was,

"You??? Why??? Looks like the government has too much money to waste!"

When I first wore the suit mentioned in the previous chapter, he laughed and said I looked like a trumpeter from one of the Dhobi Talao wedding bands. Totally unnecessary snark. But he can't help it. So even though he had no first hand experience on the matter, he stayed true to his nature and ridiculed me for wondering if I should call the airline to check the flight status.

My wife called the airline office anyway. And we came to know that because the incoming plane from Tokyo hadn't reached yet, our flight was delayed by two hours. 

I winced. The idea of sitting in Mumbai's humidity for two more hours wearing a three piece suit, that noose-like tie, those damned expensive Chinese shoes, the nylon socks bought after the Middle East cooled down, and a thick coat meant for England's cold weather, was unbearable. I was tempted to take off all my clothes (except for one) and cal the whole thing off. 

"So....will the plane depart exactly two hours later than scheduled?"

Someone from the annoyingly large farewell contingent asked, and that question suddenly made our house explode into a pointless deliberation that made it resemble a legislative body debating a useless resolution.

"Will the plane leave two hours later or do you go to the airport two hours later?"

"But does two hours really mean two hours?"

"But what does a plane coming from Tokyo have to do with an Air India flight going to London?"

"Let's say the plane reaches earlier than estimated......will it still leave two hours late or earlier than that?"

"Let's say that Tokyo flight is delayed by four hours instead, will your flight leave two hours late or four hours late?"

"Someone told me that last week a flight scheduled for midnight eventually departed after dawn. Is that true?"

"Are you sure it's a plane from Tokyo? Maybe it's Kyoto."

"I just called a friend of mine who works in a restaurant at the airport. He says there is some mechanical problem in this plane, and the Tokyo plane thing is just an excuse."

"So the flight might get cancelled?"

"Do they have a replacement plane? How many planes does All India Radio have anyway?"

"It's Air India, not All India Radio."

"Yeah, same difference."

"Mechanical problems......that's scary!"

"You both have life insurance, right?"

"Remember the plane that crashed at Cairo five years ago? My boss' nephew was on it. His wife got two million as compensation!"

"I've heard you can buy life insurance at the airport."

All this nonsense from people who had nothing to do with our travel whatsoever. I prayed to god to rescue me from this plane chaos by sending the plane he sent for Sant Tukaram. 

"I'm telling you guys. Instead of spending the two hours sitting at home, spend them sitting at the airport. Let's say they repair the plane early and it leaves before time. What are you going to do? It's not like you can catch it on the way. It's not the Barshi-Pandharpur passenger train. Hehehehe!"

So finally, following the over-cautious traditions of my train journeys, we reached the airport at 9:30 PM for a plane that was scheduled to depart at 1:30 AM. Some of my other friends and colleagues were at the airport already to see me off. They either didn't know that the plane was delayed, or even if they knew, they were aware of my over-cautious traditions. 

All my friends at the airport made me feel very awkward and also emotional by showering me with so many garlands and bouquets, that the airport officials thought I was a politician. And I had an epiphany at that moment - the greatest wealth in my life is my friends. If wealth were to be measured in friendships, I am probably richer than Tata-Birla combined. I have so many dear friends in so many walks of life! And so many of them had come late at night and out of the way to the airport to see me off. 

I felt touched but also embarrassed. Firstly, I still wasn't sure I could pull off the suit-boot look. Having such a huge audience for it felt weird. And then there were these garlands and bouquets. I was overwhelmed. I have gotten used to getting such attention at functions and award shows and suchlike. But on this occasion, I was feeling like I had an emotional debt to pay off. Just popping by to say goodbye is one thing, but these guys had come all the way to the airport!

My embarrassment was compounded by the fact that I hadn't really done or achieved anything to deserve all the attention that night. When I get such attention after a successful theater performance, it's okay. At least I gave them some happiness, and they are appreciating it. But that night, my wife and I were just flying to England like thousands of people do everyday. And yet my mob of friends at the airport had made me feel like I was doing something special. With a luggage full of such love and good wishes, I started feeling confident that even if all the engines of the plane failed, I could fly anywhere I wanted. 

The crowd of friends and all the flowers being heaped on me made the press photographers hanging around think that I was some big deal. They suddenly started snapping our pictures like paparazzi. In all this chaos, one of my friends went to the airport officials and convinced them to open a "VIP Lounge" for me. A sturdy fellow in a crisp uniform politely asked us to follow him to the VIP lounge. 

At that moment, my wife looked at me happily with an expression that said - "all these years that I have put up with you are finally paying off!"

As we were led into the imposingly plush VIP lounge, I started feeling even more awkward. Given our colonial history, I know that "England returned" has a certain halo attached to it. But I had no idea that the halo starts appearing even before you leave India. I started feeling worried about the possibility of a real VIP showing up and frowning at how our raucous farewell contingent had made the VIP lounge resemble Khandke's chawl. 

Even in all that chaos, I overheard one of the uniformed guys whispering to the other,

"Nowadays, any random person can become a VIP."

His colleague responded,

"Hoga koi Minister ka baccha nahi toh jamai!"

and walked away.

So I tried to appear and act as VIP-ish as possible. I went around folding my hands and solemnly thanking all the people who had come to see me off. Then I started giving away the garlands and bouquets to kids and being unnecessarily nice to them. Basically, emulating every aspect of VIP behavior that I could remember. 

A few of the professional photographers kept taking pictures of all this, and then offered to send them to me. They helpfully quoted a "professional" rate for it that was ten times what it would cost to get a photo taken in my neighborhood studio. But I was pretending to be a VIP and had to play the part. Once I parted with all the advance payments for the photos, the expression on my face finally came to resemble something that actually deserved to be photographs. I have no idea where those expensive photos are now, by the way.

Eventually there was an announcement that the customs check process had started, and we finally prepared to leave that VIP cell....I mean lounge. While leaving, I handed a generous tip to the uniformed guys standing at the door. The astounded expressions on their faces made me realize that real VIPs probably never hand out any tips. They hand out only two things - promises or threats.

We left the lounge and walked straight to the weighing scales near the customs area. I put our bags on it one by one and felt relieved when each of them were a pound or so less than the 44 pound limit. My wife on the other hand seemed a little disappointed and said,

"Hmpf, I guess we could have taken a few more papads then."

I ignored her and walked to the customs booth, standing in front of the officer with an appropriately guilty expression on my face.

This was the second time in my life that I had faced a customs officer. A few years ago, when returning from Goa (then a Portuguese territory) I stood in front of a customs officer for the first time. Everyone in front of me had been questioned extensively and had their bags checked thoroughly. So I was already terrified. Even though there was no reason to be terrified. In the entire crowd there, we were probably the only ones returning from Goa without as much as a tiny piece of chocolate. But customs booths are one of those weirdly imposing places where I feel nervous by default.

Some people are scared of a dentist's chair. Not me. I have been to dentists many times. One dentist actually turned my simple complaint of an aching tooth into an imperative to extract it with the glee of a professional sadist. It hurt so much, I think I actually saw a few angels waiting to welcome me into heaven. But even then, the next time I went to a (different, obviously) dentist, I went with the ease with which I go to Kulkarni's restaurant to eat bhajiyas. No fear or worries. But put me in front of a custom's officer and my heart starts racing.

There are many random entries in my list of "people I am irrationally scared of". For some reason, I am terrified of every liftman. Not afraid of the actual lift, mind you. It's not like I am scared that the lift will plummet to the basement or anything. I am just scared of the liftmen, at least in Mumbai, where almost all of them seem to have a cold blank expression on their face. I am also terrified of waiters in fancy restaurants. If one is standing next to me, I feel so nervous that I invariably spill something. I was never scared of male teachers, but female teachers always petrified me. And I can slap a doctor on his back and sing songs with him even when he is in the middle of surgery, but when it comes to nurses, my hands start trembling even if I am handing them a note. I have no idea why I carry these bizarre fears in my heart.

That customs officer I encountered when returning from Goa had insulted me rather painfully! I still shudder and shed a tear when I think about it.

When it was my turn, he asked me my name, address, and profession. Those days, I earned my living in a college fostering deep hatred for literature among the students. As soon as I told the officer that I was a Professor, and that too of Marathi, he just looked straight into my eyes, and with an expression conveying immense pity, said,

"You can go."

He didn't ask to search my luggage, didn't ask me if I was carrying any contraband, didn't even ask me if I had anything to declare. With utter conviction that I lacked the ability or the means to smuggle in alcohol, gold, cigarettes, or anything like that, he sent me on my way. I have never felt more humiliated. I would've preferred it if he had instead put me through a two hour long interrogation under a bright lamp.

So that day in Mumbai airport, I was wondering if the customs officer in charge of examining departing passengers would be more respectful. He looked at my bags, then glanced at my face, and then wordlessly made some chalk markings on the bags and waved me through. Rude, isn't it?

Next my wife and I went to Passport Control. Our passports had been issued two years ago and were valid for three more years. But one of my friends in the farewell party had authoritatively said, 

"Ohhhh.....just three years validity left? That might create problems. Good luck!"

I nervously handed over the passports to the officer. He glanced at them for a nanosecond and returned them to me. I was less worried about the validity and more worried about the passport photo. But the officer had evidently discovered some similarity between my passport photo and the way I actually look. Once we were done with that, a health officer quickly made sure we had taken the necessary vaccinations and we were done.

Once we got the "worthy of traveling abroad" certification from Pandit Nehru's people, all we could do was wait for the plane to leave. It was past midnight. The departure area at Santa Cruz is decorated and furnished in a very modern way. There are lots of comfortable couches and chairs for passengers to relax in. But my wife and I were sitting there uncomfortably, feeling out of place.

There was a European couple sitting in front of us. They seemed confused by Indian currency. These were the days when paisa coins co-existed with anna coins and the poor visitors had no idea if the many coins they had were worth five rupees or five annas. Hoping to give them a happy memory of Indian hospitality, I jumped in to offer unsolicited advice and ended up compounding their confusion even more. Finally my better half stepped in, sorted the whole thing out, and informed them that Indian women have a much better understanding of money than Indian men. 

The European couple left for their flight and I started looking around at other fellow-passengers. With a parochial mindset, I went around to see if there were other Marathi folk there, and soon met a man named Patil and a student named Joshi. I was there representing the Deshpande name. All we were missing was a Kulkarni. If we had found one, we would have had Patil-Joshi-Deshpande-Kulkarni, the four pillars of the ancient Marathi administrative set-up. Sadly there was no Kulkarni on that flight, but it did end up having a pilot named Nadkarni. Nadkarni is essentially the South Kannada version of Kulkarni, so I guess we ended up with the full set eventually.

 Around 1 AM, the plane's wings must have fluttered because suddenly, there was a lot of activity around us. The crowd started walking in one direction, and we went along. I looked at the glass barrier at the customs desk and saw our contingent was still patiently waiting. The elders had tears in their eyes and the younger lot looked like they were cracking stale jokes at our expense and passing them off as new. 

When we eventually reached the gate, I confirmed three times that it was the right plane. Or else we'd wake up the next morning in Cochin instead of Cairo. I still carried emotional scars from the night at Pune station that I got on a train to go to Kolhapur and woke up the next morning to find I was in a compartment parked in the Pune railway yard. I have always had the kind of luck where I take a girlfriend to watch a movie on the sly and run into a nosy old relative who decided to come watch the same movie. And I couldn't afford to let that luck mess up international travel. 

There was an air hostess standing at the door, welcoming us with an unnaturally wide smile. The rest of the crew, dressed in crisp dark trousers and skirts and blindingly white shirts, sporting wing shaped lapel pins and painstakingly groomed mustaches, was darting about doing their work. We reached our seats and stared out the tiny oblong window at the terminal, wondering if our friends and family were still there. 

Once I was in the seat, I assured myself that despite all apparent obstacles, it now seemed like I would definitely go to England, and fastened the seat belt around my stomach. The engines started humming and the fans started rotating one by one.   The plane got going. After zooming along the ground for a mile or so, it slowed down and stopped at the other end of the runway. 

As soon as it stopped, I started fearing the worst. The plane had already been delayed by mechanical problems. I wasn't sure if they had fixed the problems completely or had postponed some repairs. Maybe now they'd discover more problems. I also carried emotional scars from bus drivers who'd make passengers board on a scorching hot day, bake them in that tin box for an hour while they waited, and then open the bonnet of the bus to examine what's wrong with the engine. 

Luckily, nothing like that happened. In a couple of minutes, the plane started moving again, then sped up, and eventually left terra firma in a graceful glide. I watched the airport rapidly disappear from my view and before I knew it, Mumbai started resembling a gem-laden ornament below us. In that ornament, four million people were probably dreaming as they slept, while I sat with wide open eyes, realizing my childhood dream of foreign travel. 

And next to me was my soul mate and my life partner accompanying me on this adventure. Over the previous twelve years, we had built many castles in the air together, while never feeling tempted to build a house on the ground. We never stayed in one place for more than 2-3 years anyway. We had in common a huge appetite for new challenges and new experiences. And the latest one was to be living in England for 5-6 months.

Our flight had been in the air for a while, and the plane was completely dark as was the sky outside, but I still couldn't sleep. The plane was completely packed and experienced travelers were already snoring. Our air-hostess was Japanese. She was promptly and efficiently offering candy and nuts to travelers with a studied smile straight out of the training syllabus. Her walk was brisk and her voice had the crispness of springtime. 

I was feeling really hot. That damned suit on my body started feeling like clunky armor and I again cursed myself for wearing it on the plane. I looked around and was taken aback when I noticed at an Englishman sitting in front of me. Here I was, wearing a brand new three piece suit because I was going to his snooty country. And this dude was sitting there looking very relaxed in khaki shorts, a flannel shirt with some twenty five pockets, and a flimsy felt hat that did not match.

So I discreetly looked around at the other white people on the flight. Not a single one of them was dressed even as remotely formally as I was. Sitting there overdressed in that damned suit in the middle of the night, I started feeling like even more of a neophyte than I already was. 

Suddenly the Japanese air-hostess appeared with a small wet towel on a plate. I eyed the towel suspiciously for a second. I had no idea what purpose a wet towel was supposed to serve at two in the morning. But I was brought up never to turn a plate away, so I picked up the towel and thanked her. I looked at my wife to see if she had any suggestions, but she was fast asleep. I slowly glanced across the aisle and saw that the guy there was gently rubbing the towel on his face. I did the same, and the cool cologne scented fabric gave me some relief from the intense heat I was experiencing. 

Our massive jumbo jet was slicing through the darkness leaving cities and mountains behind. I was finally feeling a little drowsy. Almost everyone around me, including my wife, was already asleep. That Englishman with the khaki shorts was in fact trying to drown out the noise of the engine with his own booming multi-octave snores with his mouth open. The ex-subject of Her Majesty's realm inside me felt relieved to observe first-hand that even the English can snore with their mouths open. Because once our travel plans were made, I was a bit worried about that. 

You see, I am one of "those" too. But over the course of my life, I have come across some impressively loud snorers. My grandma says that people with big hearts and minds snore the most. I don't know if there is any correlation between big bodies and big hearts and minds - I won't mind if there is. I started thinking a lot about snoring and hearts and minds. I do remember that I spent a lot of time thinking about it. But I don't know for how long, because the next thing I knew, I was waking up to the dawn's early light.

Our plane was flying over a huge desert. I noted how different this dawn was from any other dawn I had experienced in my life, thousands of miles over a limitless desert. This experience, coming right after I had experienced a darkness so different from any other darkness I had experienced in my life, spurred some philosophical and metaphorical thoughts. It felt like I was witness to the dawn of a new phase of my life. I thought about my recent years and realized that I hadn't really experienced real dawn in years. In Mumbai's fast-paced hectic life, by the time my day ended, it was usually well past midnight. So by the time I usually woke up, dawn would have given up on waiting for me and slid away, making way for harsh sunlight. 

Our Japanese air-hostess, still looking as fresh as a dew-kissed flower, was making the rounds with hot fortifying beverages for the morning. I have never found those beverages particularly fortifying immediately after waking up, so I politely declined her offer of tea or coffee. Instead, I got up and headed to the bathroom. Taking care not to wake up or bump into any of the other passengers, I tiptoed my way to the front, and slowly opened the door to what I thought was the bathroom. Instead I found myself face-to-face with the fine gentlemen flying the plane. It was the cockpit door! I guess the expression on my face gave away what my need was because the co-pilot, without saying anything, pointed me to the correct door. 

I finished my morning ablutions and returned to the seat to find the "fasten seatbelts" sign flashing. By the time I was able to find the belt and buckle it up, the plane had started its rapid descent. I looked out the window and saw that we were headed to a desert island surrounded by more desert. I assumed it was Cairo, our first stopover. I started looking around the landscape in the hopes of spotting some pyramids. By the time I spotted a bump that I thought was a pyramid and was about to point it out to my wife, the plane was touching down, and before I knew it, it was standing stationary in a foreign land.

I looked at the dinky terminal outside the window and was a little disappointed that a city as renowned as Cairo should have an airport that looks more like an ST bus stand. But once we got off the plane, I learned that we were not in Cairo, but in some place called "Bahrain" instead. I felt a bit like Columbus who reached land confident that he was in India but then discovered that he was instead in some strange land he did not know anything about. And I felt relieved that I had not pointed out those supposed pyramids to my wife.

I had never heard of Bahrain before and had no idea where the hell it exactly was or why we were there instead of Cairo. But we walked into the terminal and headed for the restaurant. I learned that there were oilfields nearby and that Bahrain is a small island nation that is known for its oilfields. That was pretty much all we learned about the place. 

We sat in the restaurant, ordered tea, and waited while the plane was refueled. The tea arrived after a long time. One sip of that concoction and I was convinced that in Bahrain, they used dried date palm leaves in lieu of tea leaves and the milk probably came from a camel instead of a cow. Over the course of my life, I have tasted many different kinds of tea......except of course the spilled tea from Mongini's mentioned in the previous chapter. Tea served in small glass tumblers in Mumbai, tea served in mud bowls on the banks of the Narmada, tea served in metallic cups in Madras, masala milk tea, railway station tea flavored with charcoal, tea without milk, tea without sugar, and even Chinese tea made from jasmine flowers. But I will never EVER forget that horrible tea from Bahrain airport. I will happily drink the bitterest castor potion than drink that tea again.

Well, at least the tea was free, because it was paid for by the airline.

Pretty soon, the plane was ready and we all climbed back into its belly. The plane took off soon and headed for Cairo. The flight from Bahrain to Cairo was essentially just desert after desert after desert. Once in a while, just as a change of scenery, there would be a small strip of water. But otherwise, totally barren. Not a single glimpse of green. 

And that's when I really understood why the green flag of Islam came was hoisted in these deserts first. The prophet was very clever in choosing the color green for his flag. It is obvious why millions of Arabs enthusiastically followed that rare pleasant colored flag. I'm sure that the green flag was as instrumental in the spread of Islam as the Koran was. Add to it the moon that the desert dwellers probably equated with the relief provided by night, and I felt I had to applaud the prophet for his grasp of semiotics. 

It was about 8:30 in the morning. I was staring at the desert out the window hoping to spot a camel train. But in vain. I did spot a lot of dry river beds though. Soon the sun got really bright and the glare made it difficult to keep looking outside. Soon our plane moved from the sea of sand to a sea of water. Being geographically challenged, I first decided it was the Red Sea, then the Caspian Sea, then the Black Sea, and then the Dead Sea. I still have no idea which one it was.

A while later, there were murmurs all around that we were flying over the Suez Canal. All passengers looked out the windows, identified the first strip of water they could find, and assured themselves that it was the Suez Canal. Again, no idea if any of those were actually the Suez Canal. From the height we were flying at, every strip of water looked as tiny as the Fergusson College canal in Pune. But in one strip, I spied some dots that seemed like boats and I silently convinced myself that it was indeed the Suez Canal. It was hard to believe that this tiny strip of water was responsible for almost starting World War 3 and almost sinking my travel plans.  

When your plane is flying so high that you can only see the sky and clouds above you as well as below you, you can't help but get philosophical. You forget any fears you have about the plane crashing. Looking at creation from a height that makes even seas look like saucers of water makes you realize how insignificant you are in the whole scheme of things. As our plane flew towards Cairo, I couldn't help but realize that I was looking at the cradle of civilization. These deserts were where the Babylonian, Sumerian, and Assyrian civilizations had once bloomed. Where the library of Alexandria was once home to millions of of books that were burned. I'm assuming some Big Four or Big Five must have had a summit even then and decided that burning books was in the best interests of the world.

As impressive as the sights of great oceans, great skies, and great lands is while flying, one look at the great space when flying above clouds make them all pale in comparison. And you start wondering what the whole point of creation is, and whether you make any difference to it whatsoever. 

Our plane was about to reach Cairo soon and I started thinking about it. Egypt is an ancient civilization, much like India. Historians have discovered that trade and cultural links between Egypt and India date back millenia. This is the land that saw rich culture flourish for millenia even before Christ was born. And when Christ was born, the bright star that shone was above these lands too. This is the land where Jews, Christians, and Muslims found their faiths and then unfurled the blood-soaked flags of those faiths.

I was in the middle of these thoughts and didn't even realize when I dozed off. The next thing I knew, someone was yelling "KAHIRO!!!!", waking me up.

The first sight I saw at Cairo airport was of battle-ready fighter jets. Next to them were imposing anti-aircraft guns with their barrels pointed to the sky. The stage seemed to be set for the next big war. The only question seemed to be which actors would enter the stage first and who the director would be. Actors from dozens of countries seemed to be ready, with war-paint on, or make-up on. Who knew when the final act would start and when it would end.

When I read a big sign that said, "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT", I felt like someone had sprayed a stream of cold water on my face on an oppressively hot day. Why shouldn't all human beings be welcomed heartily all over this little planet of ours? Although as long as there exist things like passports and visas, built on an assumption of distrust of fellow human beings, can we really expect true expressions of such humanity? The sign that said "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT" any "you" who reached there, regardless of race, religion, gender, creed.....why shouldn't such signs and more importantly sentiments, be displayed everywhere?

The funny thing is, this "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT" sign was right next to the massive anti-aircraft guns and the irony endemic to human existence tickled me and troubled me in equal amounts.

We headed to the restaurant inside the terminal. The waiters there were very friendly and polite, and served us some divine Egyptian coffee. Compared to Mumbai airport, I thought Cairo airport was small. There was a lot of new construction happening around us though. Egypt is currently in the midst of writing a new chapter in its history. Everybody is watching carefully to see which way their new statesman (Nasser) takes them.

It was in Cairo airport that I first encountered Egyptian people. And as I examined their appearance carefully, I wondered how many Egyptians there might be in Mumbai too. Because in terms of appearance, I didn't really see any major differences between Egyptians and Indians. Beyond the facts I had memorized in my childhood to score 2 marks in the history exam, such as pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and the Nile river, my knowledge about Egypt was as barren as their desert. I had never even thought about anyone living in Egypt other than Cleopatra, General Najeeb, and now this Nasser fellow.

Suddenly, I was overcome by a profound sense of ignorance and curiosity as a foreigner in a foreign land. And sitting there in the Cairo airport, I started thinking about how day-to-day life in Egypt must be and how I knew nothing about it. How do school teachers, lawyers, and bureaucrats here dress? Is it similar to how those folks dress in India? What is the most popular item in a typical restaurant in Egypt? Do wives here refer to their husbands by name or is there some tactful pronoun that has been coined for the purpose like in India? With each passing second, the expanse of my ignorance about this fascinating culture seemed to exceed the expanse of the desert.

Then I started thinking about the people who worked at that airport. For them, a typical day consisted of interacting with travelers from dozens of different countries, for maybe an hour or two at a time, before they went on their way and were replaced by a different set of foreigners. Do they feel the same sense of curiosity and note their ignorance about other cultures? Or has it become just a mundane feature of their lives by now? Do they actively notice the multi-colored lattice of different races and nationalities or does it just pass by in the blink of an eye like a frame from a cinema reel?

I spent the rest of the time in Cairo thinking about all this before we were called back to the plane. The next stopover was Geneva in Switzerland. As our plane surged through the clouds, we gradually left the desert behind and were soon traveling over Europe. Specifically, Italy, as the pilot informed us.

While I was almost entirely ignorant about Egypt except for its ancient history and contemporary politics, I at least knew more about Italy thanks to all the books I had read. Names like Rome, Venice, and Naples started swimming around in my head. I decided that if the plane had to crash right now, I would want it to do so near Naples. I had read that Naples was home to some of the most awe-inspiring sculptures in the world. So if my plane crashed in Naples, I could drag myself to those sculptures, see them first hand, and then die happy.

Yes, I know it is morbid to keep pondering the possibility of the plane crashing but that's how I am and be honest, aren't you too?

But the plane kept going. I kept looking at the Italian landscape underneath and we didn't see Naples or Venice. But we did fly over Rome. It was hard to miss. As I looked at the distant but clear images of various buildings and cathedrals in Rome, I first felt a great sense of satisfaction at seeing them first hand. Then I compensated for the unfamiliar bliss by berating myself for still not having read Gibbon's "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" even after buying it years ago. I made a mental note to read it as soon as I returned home.

When you're flying over different countries of the world, you think more about what you haven't read about those lands than what you have read. In another hour or so, our plane was flying over the gorgeous alps and I realized we were in Europe's Eden.

Soon the plane touched down in Geneva. I had heard a lot of cautionary tales about how the cold in Europe is way worse than anything I might have experienced in India. I experienced it first hand as I walked into the Geneva airport and felt like I had walked into a massive refrigerator. And this was just August! So I shivered a little and prepared for six more months of this inhumanly cold weather. No wonder these white folks ran away and captured our warmer lands.

As soon as I stepped into the chilly Geneva airport, my brain initiated a flashback from 20 years ago from my college days in Pune. I had grown up in Mumbai, where it never gets even remotely chilly. Then in Pune in the winters, every so often, I would wake up to such a chilly morning. It felt more bracing than oppressive, making me feel like running all the way across the world. I had always thought cold weather would make me feel like a shriveled old man, but instead, it made me feel like a daring young man, ready to achieve anything!

Anyway, we walked into the restaurant at the Geneva airport and it looked more like a flower shop than a restaurant. The faces of all the staff members were fresh and enthusiastic like recently bloomed lilies. There was a spring in their step. It didn't look like anyone could ever age, and everyone looked like they were in their 20s even though they probably weren't. We were served coffee in a very elegantly crafted glass cup. And it tasted divine and almost intoxicating. I wondered that if even the coffee here gets my pulse racing so much, what will stronger beverages do? I had heard that Switzerland is a place where extreme beauty and extreme pleasure is the default and my experiences at their airport confirmed it.

I didn't even realize when that stopover at Geneva ended. It was cold, but I was surrounded by beauty, human and non-human, and I felt more alive than I ever had. Before I got back on the plane, I turned around and took a 360 degree mental picture of all I could see of Switzerland from that terminal. The tall trees sheltering cute little houses, the snow-covered peaks of the Alps kissing the deep blue sky. I promised myself to return for a more leisurely visit. When the plane took off, I was looking at a meandering little river as it flowed through the verdant Swiss countryside, when suddenly, our plane ascended above the clouds. And those fluffy white things that a few hours earlier had seemed gorgeous, now seemed like villains for blocking my view of the Swiss landscape. Our journey continued.

The next stop was to be at Dusseldorf in Germany, It had been over 20 hours since we took off from Mumbai. The hands of my watch had already been rotated many times by then. Every hour, the pilot made announcements about how high we were flying, what the temperature outside was, what the local time was, and so on. Passengers around us were saying random things in response to those announcements like, "Oh! 18,000 feet? That's nice! Very high!"

We were flying through clouds at that moment, so I personally couldn't tell the difference between 18,000 feet and 18 million feet. Honestly, this whole thing of estimating distances has been a challenge for me, whether I am in the air or on the ground. Whenever I read about some witness in court say stuff like "the accused was 19 feet away from me", I feel jealous of his ability to express distance so precisely. Because I absolutely suck at it. I can't even remember the inches in my own measurements for shoes, hats, collars, socks, and so on. When a shoe salesman asks what size I want, I just give him the chappals I am wearing then and ask him to figure it out. I have immense respect for people who go shoe shopping and say stuff like "Bring me Number 8 pairs".

And when someone remembers the precise date on which something happened, I feel overcome enough with admiration to go hug them. When I hear someone say stuff like, "I remember it was July 17th...", I am amazed. I suck at dates too. Which is why I always sucked at history in school. Even now, I remember only three dates - Shivaji Maharaj died in 1680, the 1857 uprising happened in 1857, and using multiple reminder mnemonics, my wife's birthday. Other than these three, I have no idea of any other dates. You can ask me when India gained independence and I will try to hedge between 1947 and 1950.

Anyway, the point is, I am horrible with anything that is expressed numerically. So even before I could figure out how high 18,000 feet exactly is, our plane was touching down in Dusseldorf. Before I knew it, we were surrounded by cries of "Achtung! Achtung!" and "Gut! Gut!". My wife and I walked to the terminal, now sick of this sequence of stopovers. Yes. I was in Germany with its rich history and culture and intriguing contemporary split between East and West, but I didn't give a damn. The aforementioned Joshi and Patil left us here and we sat there hoping that we'd reach London before we died of boredom.

Why does the final stretch of the journey always seem to last the longest? Even when I am traveling from Pune to Mumbai by train, it is the same. The time from Pune to Thane or Kalyan seems to breeze by in a happy procession of vada, omelets, chikki, etc. But from there, Mulund, Bhandup, Vikroli, Dadar, etc seem to take an eternity to pass by. Very annoying! It's the same with other trips too. When you're taking a train from Mumbai to Delhi, everything seems great until you reach Mathura, and then after that, things seem to slow down. If you're going from Mumbai to Nagpur. it is Wardha that is the tipping point after which it is all yawns and polite curses.

The flight from Dusseldorf to London seemed similarly annoying and yawn-inducing. Finally, after about the hundredth yawn, the plane started barreling downwards. All the passengers around us seemed to have perked up as the plane continued descending. Finally there was a bump and the plane started slowing down. And a few passengers around me echoed my thoughts,

"Ah! London!"

          The seed of leading a better life   
By Jeff Smith Special to The PREVIEW Evangelical Christian churches believe getting sinners saved is the main goal of our faith. This is a good thing, but they sometimes miss the lesser, more peripheral goal of just doing good whether someone gets saved or not. “ … seek the peace and prosperity of the city […]
          TS189:The Tonys, Jupiter Ascending, Female Viagra, Sen. Jason Rapert, w/ Guest Emily Gordon   
Way to go "Fun Home"! Such a better way to spend your time than watching "Jupiter Ascending", unless you're using drugs, then it's a toss up. This week, we explore the pros and cons of female boner medicine and why the FDA is suddenly so into her, and Arkan-sass Senator Jason Rapert has a full blown Facebook all caps meltdown when Conway City refuses to move their anti-Christian Pride Parade set to take place on the Lord's brunch time. Plus, we talk to comedy writer Emily Gordon about therapy, her new book, Super You, and how she feels about outdoor furniture. Let the haters begin! 
          TS155:Heat Wave,Vibrators,Nicholas Sparks & Alabama Abortions   
The last moment of the heat wave exposed Erin to a man with a masturbating tattoo and Bryan to a move in situation with his boyfriend. In importanter news, Nicholas Sparks, soft focus romance purveyor, opened a school only for white straight Christians in linen and Erin reads Alabama to filth for going too far in the pro-life battle.      Watch Us!  Every Wednesday on Funny or Die Subscribe and Rate Us! iTunes Tweet Us!  @gibblertron & @bryansafi Use the Hashtag #tspod Email Us! Like Us! Throwing Shade Facebook Page Old School Listen! RSS Feed
          2-year-old boy dies after being found unresponsive in Lauderhill pool   

A 2-year-old boy has died after he was found Thursday afternoon unresponsive in a pool in Lauderhill, authorities said.

Police said the toddler was pulled from the water at a home at 7315 NW 47th Place.

Lauderhill police gave the child CPR and he was taken to a local hospital. Police said doctors were unable to revive him.  

The boy's grandmother told Local 10 News reporter Christian De La Rosa that the family was kicking off the holiday weekend early at the pool.

She said her grandson was just playing and moments later they discovered that he was unresponsive.

Neighbors said they are praying for the family.

"My heart goes out to them," Beverly Rowe said. "My heart goes out to them as a mother, grandmother."



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          T&T pick up three early CCCAN swim medals   

The brother and sister pair of Graham Chatoor and Jada Chatoor as well as Arielle Dickson picked up the first set of medals for T&T when the swimming segment of the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Confederation Championship continued at the National Aquatic Centre, in Balmain, Couva, yesterday.

In fact, Jada Chatoor was the first medal winner for T&T in the pool when she touched the wall with the second fastest time of nine minutes, 18.10 seconds in the 13-14 Girls 800m freestyle Time Trial finals on Wednesday night.

Honduran Michelle Ramirez won gold in 9:16.06 minutes while Costa Rican Daniela Alforo was third in 9:21.43 with T&T’s other entrant Jahmia Harley, 12th in 10:06.66.

In the 18 & Over Girls event, T&T duo Shania David (10:42.67) and Megan Charles (11:17.38) were sixth and seventh respectively while in the 15-17 equivalent, Sabrina David was eighth in 10:23.97.

Graham Chatoor was third home in the 15-17 Boys 1500m freestyle in 16:47.68 behind Puerto Rico’s Alexis Soto (16:17.46) and Panama’s Andres Lares (16:31.79) while countryman Gabriel Bynoe was sixth in 17:58.27.

T&T’s Delroy Tyrrell was seventh in the 13-14 Boys 1500m freestyle in 18:16.50 while in the 18& Over splash, Aleem Mohammed (18:46.24 mins) and Aaron Acres (19:52.26 mins) ended seventh and eight respectively for the host country.

In the morning session, Dickson raced home in third spot in the 11-12 Girls 200m breaststroke final, in three minutes, 09.96 behind Jamaican Sabrina Lyn (3:03.89) and Grenada’s Mia Neckles (3:04.26).

USA-based top T&T swimmer and FINA World Championship-bound, Dylan Carter of the University of Southern California also made a grand start to the competition.

This after Carter, competing in the 18 and Over Boys 100m butterfly heats smashed a 14-year-old record.

Carter touched the wall in 53.87 seconds well below the 2003 mark of Joshua IIika of 54.94 while team-mate Christian Awah also qualified for last night’s final in sixth place, with a time of 57.87.

In all T&T swimmers, secured 27 individual spots in finals last night while the 11-2 mixed freestyle 200m relay team also booked a place in its final. The quartet of Zarek Wilson, Zoe Anthony, Kadon Williams and Savannah Che-Wah clocked 1:53.59 under the 2015 record of 1:54.99 set by Barbados and behind fellow record breakers, Bermuda (1:51.42) and Jamaica (1:51.54).

Swimming continues today with heats from 9 am and finals from 5.30 pm until Sunday while synchronised swimming and diving also continue at the same venue from 4 pm and 9 am respectively.

          Camp Cachalot group to hold reunion, expo   
DARTMOUTH, MA - The Camp Cachalot Alumni Association will hold its second annual Winter Gathering and Memorabilia Exposition on Jan. 14 at the church hall of the Smith Mills Christian Congregational Church in Dartmouth. The event, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., will feature displays of Scouting memorabilia, with a special emphasis on memorabilia from our local Scout camps.
          TS41:Fifty Shades of Gay, Louisiana Teen Moms, Summer Heat   
This week Bryan and Erin sweat thru their shirts to bring you this podcast about openly gay Matt Bomer as Christian Grey, Louisiana's Delhi school's ridiculous teen pregnancy rules and the longest, most indepth "Would You Rather" that's ever been attempted. All I wanna do is zooma zoom zoom and a boom boom. Shake your rump.  Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod Official Max Fun Page RSS Feed HELP OBAMA'S CAMPAIGN! ROMNEY IS KILLING HIM IN FUNDRAISING!! 
          Sunday, July 2   

8:30 am Gospel Worship Service 11 am Traditional Worship Service

The post Sunday, July 2 appeared first on National City Christian Church.

          Sunday, July 2   

Sunday’s Message is from Galatians 5:1, 13-25 — a great scripture on the Sunday before the celebration of our nation’s Independence Day. Paul reminds us that for freedom Christ has set us free. Let us learn about our freedom in Christ, affirming that if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed! 8:30 […]

The post Sunday, July 2 appeared first on National City Christian Church.

          The new normal   
Up, I’m up. It’s early. I did my steps, boiled my water, turned off my alarms that didn’t go off because I woke up just before the appointed hour. Started using this app called Wakie where a stranger can call you as an alarm that you set. I don’t feel in the mood to chat … Continue reading The new normal
          Being your own thought leader   
Robert Scoble was asking the other day if someone can be a thought leader if the they don’t have a blog? A few years ago I tried to start writing one blog entry a day. I actually I’d pretty good for a few months, but then I got behind and then gave up, and I … Continue reading Being your own thought leader
          Who is set to take the lead on Facebook polititions   
Yesterday I was adding my support to a few politician on Facebook and noticed some interesting trends. We all know that Barack Obama is the hands down winner when it comes to Facebook fans and activity, which shouldn’t surprise us. But lets look at the rest of the top lineup of who is being supported, … Continue reading Who is set to take the lead on Facebook polititions
          The Common Sense Fix instead of the Bailout   
Dave Ramsey is asking us to pass along this plan as an alternitive to the 700 billion bailout that is being proposed in Washington DC. Years of bad decisions and stupid mistakes have created an economic nightmare in this country, but $700 billion in new debt is not the answer. As a tax-paying American citizen, … Continue reading The Common Sense Fix instead of the Bailout
          Discussion about Sarah Palin as VP for McCain   
My phone died today during the Newsgang call about 30 minutes into it, but I had realized that I was in a definite minority in my view of Sarah Palin as the VP pick for McCain. Tonight Adam Marquart and I had a conversation on how we feel about the pick, and our reservations of … Continue reading Discussion about Sarah Palin as VP for McCain
          Chat about the twhirl app and twitter for the enterprise   
Today I woke up to the news that Twhirl had been acquired by seesmic. Fellow Newsgang live regular Dennis Howlett wrote a great post about it. Via twitter I pinged Dennis and he agreed to do a call about it. It turned into a really fun conversation about twhirl, single person development, twitter for the … Continue reading Chat about the twhirl app and twitter for the enterprise
          Making changes   
Well its high time I updated the look on this blog. I really need to post more often too. It is one of my goals this year to get off my butt and write more posts.
          A new way to use Utterz   
A 7:06 long post about using utterz for capturing long rambling thoughts and conceptsMobile post sent by Christian using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3
          Social change using social tools   
A little talk about using the tools that we have for social change. Discuss a new site called The Point and that better times are on the way. We live in great times. Mobile post sent by Christian using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3
          Dinner time   
        Mobile post sent by Christian using Utterz. Replies.
          Ecommerce Web Page Design   
Running a successful business requires savvy ecommerce web page design.

          The future of communication   
Mobile post sent by Christian using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3
          Busy day ahead   
Mobile post sent by Christian using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3
          Comment on American Birding Podcast: Actor Ian Harding’s Odd Birds by James Muller   
Well, now we know who plays Christian Hagenlocher in "The Big Year 2."
          History Of Computers   
Does the history of computers, those wonderful, information rich tools that bring the world to our fingers and sometimes aggravation to our lives have any interest to us? It probably ought to because the computer has been voted one of the most influential inventions of the last one hundred years, although this writer's choice is the air conditioner which has sucked everybody back in our cool houses and away from relationships that were born on front porches during long summer evening walks.

          Checking in   

          txt msg Spam to your cell phone   
I have been getting txt msg spam to my cell phone and I know that I am not the only one. The site that is sending the spam is also sending comment spam to our various blogs. WTF/ALL SOFTWARE EVEN WINDOWS VISTA 80% OFF VISIT I am not linking to that url, just posting … Continue reading txt msg Spam to your cell phone
          Home Burglar Alarm Systems   
Home burglar alarm systems can provide security for the family, discounts on home insurance, and protection for assets.

          Where did I go?   
I have not posted to my blog for 11 days! It’s OK for me to slip on this one part of my new years resolutions. I have been very busy, we could have a new baby anytime. Work and life are so busy right now. And Twitter might have played a small role in my … Continue reading Where did I go?
          SMTP Email Server   
Accessing emails via a SMTP email server is simple and convenient.

          Digital Photo Picture Frames   
Digital photo picture frames, available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, are certainly the best photograph technology since digital cameras.

          Web Site Design Software   
Before displaying a positive internet presence, web site design software will assist a business owner as he tries to conceptualize, model, plan and execute the electronic concept to be displayed via the internet.

          Forum Hosting Service   
Interaction and communication make free forum hosting a great way to improve a web site and get visitors involved.

          Home Business Web Site Hosting   
Finding affordable home business web site hosting can be frustrating and exhausting.

          Internet Shopping Services   
The busiest people are benefiting from Internet grocery shopping to reduce time spent pushing carts around crowded stores.

          Free File Hosting Service   
A free file hosting service makes the task of uploading and sharing files an easy one.

          Virtual Web Site Hosting   
Virtual web site hosting is the first step in a company or business expanding its capabilities on the Internet both for its own needs and the needs of the customers the company serves.

          Ecommerce Web Site Development   
Ecommerce web site development was sorely needed by the "Much Too Short" Shower Curtain Company located in a state where the headquarters could not be found very easily by horse or helicopter.

          Managed Windows Hosting   
The services that are offered by managed exchange hosting providers can take the headache out of utilizing the many business communication tools that are available today.

          Free Cell Phone Ringtones   
Cell phone users are taking advantage of free cell phone ringtones to add a little personality and pizzazz to the mundane task of answering the telephone.

          DNS Hosting Service   
A dns hosting service was needed for the guy just starting his voice over business.

          Low Cost Domain Names   
For those wanting a powerful punch to their website, but do not want to spend the big bucks in buying a dynamic web address, there are low cost domain names available today from a variety of sources.

          Google Desktop Search   
The Google Desktop search software enables a person to make searches among his or her own computer's files in much the same way that one would perform a regular search on the Web.

          Für die Opfer kein Wort   
Hunderte Frauen, die das Hormonpräparat Duogynon genommen hatten, brachten tote oder behinderte Kinder zur Welt. Interne Unterlagen zeigen, dass der Schering-Konzern von möglichen Gesundheitsgefahren wissen musste. Von Udo Ludwig und Christian Schweppe

The Morning Heresy is your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities.

While the very fabric of space-time warped and undulated over the Trump-Morning Joe conflict (we’ll get to that), Republicans in the House finance subcommittee worked up a scheme to neutralize the Johnson Amendment. The proposed rule would deny the IRS the funds it would need to investigate Johnson Amendment violations…for churches only. That’s right, no mention of other nonprofits, no mention of other houses of worship. We joined a big coalition of groups opposing the measure, and I did the equivalent of marching up and down, toddler-Bart-Simpson style, making noise about it.

But you know, the fabric of space time. Undulating and whatnot. About that:

After Trump did his dumbass Trump thing that he does, Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempted to justify the president’s behavior as some kind of proportional response to bullying (????), and when asked who she could point to as a role model, she defaulted to God. That’s fine, but you’d think a couple human role models would be useful in a pinch. Maybe keep a couple of those in your back pocket. Just a thought.

More fun was the op-ed by Mika and Joe themselves, where they threw so much shade it looked like an eclipse. They said Trump wasn’t mentally healthy enough to watch Morning Joe, and made the charge that Trump had blackmailed them with the threat of a negative National Inquirer article.

David Roberts at Vox tries to come to grips with what the hell is wrong with the man, and why it’s so hard to figure it out:

Trump defies our theory of mind because he appears to lack a coherent, persistent self or worldview. He is a raging fire of need, protected and shaped by a lifetime of entitlement, with the emotional maturity and attention span of a 6-year-old, utterly unaware of the long-term implications of his actions. ... Politicos and journalists need a story in which Trump’s stumbling and grasping can be construed as a savvy media strategy, a “distraction” from some other wrongdoing he has going on, or a “pivot” from his current omnishambles. Those are all versions of political maneuvering with which they are familiar. They need for Trump to want things, to be after things, to have a plan. ... But there’s no there there.

CFI Los Angeles chief Jim Underdown recoils at the utter plausibility of The Handmaid’s Tale, and laments that the star of the TV version, Elizabeth Moss, is herself a Scientologist:

What doesn’t fit is that the Church of Scientology could be a central character in The Handmaid’s Tale TV series. For decades we’ve been hearing real-life stories from ex-Scientologists that sound like they could be plots in the series.   

Nikhil Sonnad at Quartz does a great service, cataloguing how Alex Jones’ Infowars store and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop store and the Moon Juice store all sell the same snake oil.

Speaking of Alex Jones (if we must), he had a guest, Robert David Steele, who said this:

This may strike your listeners as way out but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 year ride. So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony.  

Now, Jones does seem to distance himself from this idea a tad (“Well I don’t know about Mars bases”), but don’t give him too much credit! Or any! Because then he says this:

I know they’ve created massive, thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien lifeforms on this earth now. 

Just in case you’re wondering, NASA denies the allegation. Well, of course they would. Pfft.

In Bizarro America, aka Canada, a new survey shows that the electorate would prefer an atheist, gay, or transgender prime minister over an evangelical Christian. 

CFI’s new intern Andy Ngo thinks back to the Orlando massacre one year ago, and how the discourse about it has been too diffuse, asking, “While it is imperative to prevent and condemn discrimination against Muslims, why does that have to come at the cost of speaking openly about religious fundamentalism, particularly Islamism?”

South Africa will no longer have single-religion public schools. (A group lobbying for this change, the Organisasie vir Godsdienste-Onderrig en Demokrasie, has the greatest acronym ever: OGOD.) 

Australian homeopathics company Brauer is being investigated for promoting an ebook that advocates the use of homeopathy to treat babies and toddlers.  

Theologian and sociologist Peter Berger has died at the age of 88. I don’t know much about most of his work, but his book The Social Construction of Reality blew my mind when I read it in college a million years ago. 

Quote of the Day:

This. This is wonderful. You’re welcome.

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          Foggy Faith   
Emma Higgs writes (in one post from a series the entirety of which is worth reading): As it turns out, diving all the way in to my deepest doubts and fears hasn’t led me away from Christianity, but...

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          Children's Ministry Administrator - Fenton - The Crossing - Fenton, MO   
Regard the Bible as God’s final authority in all areas of Christian life and desire to be wholly obedient to it....
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          Associate Youth Pastor - The Crossing - Fenton, MO   
Regard the Bible as God’s final authority in all areas of Christian life and desire to be wholly obedient to it....
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          Vice highlights one hate group’s assault on LGBTQ youth   

Sarah Wasko/Media Matters

A recent Vice report detailed Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) stealth years-long effort to chip away at the separation of church and state in public schools and take away the rights of LGBTQ students. Most recently, as Vice reported, ADF was a “major force” behind the Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer case in which the Supreme Court ruled that the state of Missouri violated the church’s First Amendment rights by denying it access to government grants meant for secular use. Trinity v. Comer was viewed as a “major First Amendment decision” in terms of the separation of church and state.

Media Matters identified ADF as the anti-LGBTQ hate group leading the national campaign against transgender students in November 2015. Since then, ADF has kept up its assault on the rights of transgender students to access a fair and equal education: It has drafted a model policy to deny transgender students equal protection in school, repeatedly sent representatives to testify at school board meetings to advocate against protecting transgender students, and even sued school districts for implementing transgender-inclusive policies.

Vice reported that ADF has “an army of over 2,600 private attorneys and assets of around $40 million” to work on clawing back the rights of LGBTQ youth in schools:

Why has the organization dedicated so much attention to schools in recent years? According to [Angelo] Carusone at Media Matters, maintaining control of the country's education system is part of ADF's long view of the fight to control public policy.

“They see this as a generational fight, and you target kids when you're fighting a generational war,” he said. “They think they can turn the tides of culture, and they're willing to fight this for decades... They're not fighting individual skirmishes over individual policies. They see this as a battle in a decades-long, multi-generational effort to make sure every member of the LGBT community is not just pushed back into the closet, but put in jail.”

The report also highlighted efforts by LBGTQ organizations and coalitions, such as the Eliminate Hate campaign, to push back against ADF’s actions:

That the ADF has taken such an active role in manipulating educational policy has not gone unnoticed by LGBTQ organizations. Recently, a coalition of LGBTQ advocacy groups launched a campaign called “Eliminate Hate,” dedicated to exposing ADF interference in school districts and bringing attention to other anti-LGBTQ hate groups.

“It's bad enough when you're not accepted at home,” said Sara Grossman, communications manager at the Matthew Shepard Foundation (MSF), which advocates for an end to violence against LGBTQ people. “Sometimes school is your safe space. To take that away is atrocious. They're just kids.”

Besides media outreach, coalition partners are also placing op-eds in major news outlets, and working to connect supportive parents with school officials so that their voices can't be ignored.

But it’s going to be difficult to counter the ADF’s vast legal and financial resources, particularly now that they've been successful in the Trinity case. With a sympathetic administration in the White House, it’ll be easier than ever for states to reduce funding for public schools and increase funding for discriminatory private schools.

          Christian Garín y Nicolás Jarry anticiparon el debut en Wimbledon tras entrenar juntos   
Los tenistas nacionales Christian Garín y Nicolás Jarry anticiparon este viernes su debut en el cuadro principal de Wimbledon, esto tras entrenar juntos en Londres.
          MLC urges Christians to utilise government's benefits   
The state governments' Chief Whip in Legislative Council Ivan D'Souza said that two lakh brochures have been printed and are being circulated across t...
          Weniger Masse für bessere Preise   
Für eine nachhaltigere Landwirtschaft machte sich Niedersachsens Landwirtschaftsminister Christian Meyer (Grüne) bei einem Vortrag der Grünen ...


1st by ayawatanabe on

Balenciaga top Yves Saint Laurent shorts Kenzo bag Christian Louboutin shoes

          Comment on Christian Health Shares: Why it might be the right choice for you by Hilary Erickson   
It's crazy!
           Study on the Prevention of Allergy in Children in Europe (SPACE): allergic sensitization at 1 year of age in a controlled trial of allergen avoidance from birth    
Halmerbauer, G., Gartner, Christian, Schierl, Michael, Arshad, Syed Hasan, Dean, Tara, Koller, Dieter Y., Karmaus, Wilfried, Kuehr, Joachim, Forster, Johannes and Frischer, Thomas (2003) Study on the Prevention of Allergy in Children in Europe (SPACE): allergic sensitization at 1 year of age in a controlled trial of allergen avoidance from birth Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 14 (1). pp. 10-17. ISSN 0905-6157
          Christian Louboutin releases high-heeled sandals in seven skin tones (& they're sh*t hot)   

The campaign is so cool.

By: Ciara Sheppard

Continue reading...
          Jets | Christian Hackenberg overhauls footwork   
New York Jets QB Christian ...
          Akasztófa-ének - Christian Morgenstern - Jelenlegi ára: 1 072 Ft   
AKCIÓS ÁRAK! Vásároljon most könyveimből 20 %-kal olcsóbban! (a terméklapon szereplő árak már kedvezményesek)Sorszám: 6226
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Cím: Akasztófa-ének
Kiadó: Tinódi Könyvkiadó 1989
ISBN: 9630263564
Állapot: jó
Akasztófa-ének - Christian Morgenstern
Jelenlegi ára: 1 072 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2017-07-01 04:22
           China sanguine as Trump-Xi "bromance" sours over N.Korea, Taiwan    
By Ben Blanchard and Christian ShepherdBEIJING, June 30 (Reuters) - China reacted relatively calmly on Friday after a series of diplomatic broadsides by...
          Baker McKenzie: Stefan Riegler wird neuer Managing-Partner, Filip Boras Partner - Stefan Riegler (links) und Filip Boras (© Baker McKenzie/Christian Redtenbacher) Die Wiener Schiedsrechtspraxis von Baker McKenzie setzt ein markantes Ausrufezeichen: Stefan Riegler wird neuer Managing-Partner, Filip Boras Partner. Stefan Riegler (42) zeichnet seit zwölf Jahren für die Entwicklung der Schiedsrechtspraxis von Baker McKenzie in Wien mitverantwortlich. mehr
          Ke$ha Drops Lil Wayne, T.I., Wiz Khalifa 'Sleazy' Remix   

Remix also features Andre 3000 and is a bit racier than the original track.
By Jocelyn Vena

<P>As promised, <a href="">Ke$ha</a> and her boys Lil Wayne, T.I., Wiz Khalifa and Andre 3000 dropped a new <a href="/news/articles/1672529/lil-wayne-kesha-ti-wiz-khalifa-remix.jhtml">remix of "Sleazy"</a> on Tuesday (December 13). </P><P> </P><P></p><div class="player-placeholder right" title="MTV News Extended Play: Ke$ha" id="id:1661961" width="240" height="211"></div><p> </P><P> </P><P>The Bangladesh-produced song originally appeared on K-Dollar's 2010 <a href="/news/articles/1651081/keha-gets-sleazy-on-new-cannibal-track.jhtml"><i>Cannibal</i> album</a> before a <a href="/news/articles/1656039/andre-3000-pops-up-on-kehas-sleazy-remix.jhtml">remix featuring Andre</a> popped up earlier this year. The latest version of the song is available for purchase and is all over blogs like <a href="" target="_blank"></a>. The song gets a bit dirtier and introspective thanks to verses from the guys that play up the track's bumping beat. </P><P> </P><P>Wiz kicks it off, rapping about designer clothes and his lady love, Amber Rose. "OK, I'm young and I'm tatted/ I get them bucks like an addict/ Rocking this Christian Dior/ I spend so much on my fabric/ I got a wifey at home/ And what she wants she can have it," he spits before going on about chilling on the beach, being rich and his prowess in the bedroom. </P><P> </P><P>Sitting in between Wiz and Tip is Andre's recycled verse, before T.I. gets his shot and gets sexy, asking Ke$ha, "Do you know what to do with me?" before he launches into a verse all about how good he is to the ladies. "Bad bitches know me/ So don't bother introducing me/ They want me more than diamonds," he brags before explaining that it has a lot to do with his impressive anatomy. </P><P> </P><P>Wayne closes it out, adding his own signature flair. "We be on that sh-- that no one be on/ That's what we on/ Smoke that neon, Kings of Leon/ Dynamite, Napoleon/ Got some skinnies and a tee on/ And some Vans," he rhymes about his famous sense of Weezy-fied style before the song circles back to the funky chorus, where Ke$ha declares that she doesn't "need you or your brand-new Benz/ Or your bougie friends/ I don't need love lookin' like diamonds/ Lookin' like diamonds." </P><P> </P><P>If any of K's fans or critics were wondering if she has the swagger to chill with the guys, she displayed some of her sass when she <a href="!/KESHASUXX" target="_blank">tweeted</a> about the remix. "Question ANIMALS ... who can say they got with Lil Wayne, T.I., Andre 3000 and Wiz Khalifa on a f---ing hot track??" she asked. "ill give u one clue ... Its $." </P><P> </P><P><i>What do you think of the "Sleazy" remix? Tell us in the comments!</i></p>

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          Germany legalizes same-sex marriage, despite Chancellor Merkel voting no   

Germany on Friday recognized the right of same-sex couples to wed, a major step for gay women and men living in a country split between conservative, Christian customs and modernizing forces.

The German Parliament voted 393-226 to modify the country's civil code, reshaping the institution of marriage...

          Dan Bremnes - Wherever I Go NZ Tour   

Canadian-born Dan Bremnes is a multi-award winning singer-writer, husband and father and one of the hottest names in Christian music today. Dan has won a host of awards and accolades, including the 2016 Juno ...

Christchurch | Saturday, 1 July 2017

          The Polish example   
This speech in Poland by the God-Emperor sounds promising.
President Trump will ask other European nations to “take inspiration” from Poland, which has rejected refugee resettlement, in a speech later this week.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters Thursday that President Trump will deliver a speech in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square, which symbolizes Polish heroism. He is flying to Poland next Wednesday and stopping there before he attends the G20 summit in Hamburg.

McMaster said that Trump will deliver a “major speech” in which he will “praise Polish courage” and its “emergence as a European power.” The nation is currently ruled by a nationalist Christian party that has rejected refugee resettlement and mass immigration.
Of course, the President's message would be more meaningful if he would follow the Polish example and reject refugee resettlement and mass immigration in the USA too.

The Czech example isn't bad either:
The Czech parliament is working to liberalize the country’s gun laws, allowing people to better defend themselves. The reason for this new policy is safety, as well as practicality; in light of recent attacks in neighboring countries, the Czech government recognizes that disarming people puts them in danger, and that broad European gun control policies are ineffective. The Interior Minister said it best when he asked parliament to “show [him] a single terrorist attack in Europe perpetrated using a legally-owned weapon”.

          How will Christian McCaffrey change the Panthers running game?   
The rookie RB has the speed to attack the edges A quick look at the Panthers play direction report for the 2016 regular season shows the Panthers have a preference for running inside the tackles, with varying degrees of success. Please note the first set of numbers below is plays per direction and NFL rank. The second set is the average gain per play and NFL rank. The Panthers preference in 2016 was to run to the right side of the line behind RG Trai Turner. While the Panthers were top 5 in running in that direction they were in the bottom half of the league in average gain per run. There was a lot of three yards and a cloud of dust type of runs for the Panthers in 2016. The Panthers also ran pretty good behind the White Buffalo Andrew Norwell at LG to the tune of 4.5 yards per carry. That was good for 12th in the NFL. The only anomaly in the data is the Panthers average of 7 yards per carry running wide left. That makes me wonder why they didn’t run that way more often. The 50 carries in that directi
          One of the largest Roman Catholic churches in Podillya ruined by communist regime to be restored in Vinnytsia region   
Ancient Roman Catholic hurch of Archangel Michael in a small town of Tyvriv, which is located in Vinnytsia, is returned to life. With the restoration of the church, where the Soviet government arranged a plant and set up a laundering facility at the most sacred place of the temple, a cultural Christian center of the all-Ukrainian level should appear, UNIAN-Religion reported referring to Urban, a magazine of Vinnytsia.
          Rutledge, Willie Howard   
Willie Howard Rutledge, 72, passed away Thursday, June 29, 2017. Arrangement's entrusted to Christian Memorial Funeral Home.
          Outpouring raises $300K in 24 hours for Christian music dad who lost wife after childbirth   
Christian artist Josh Wilson helps guitarist Nathan Johnson with GoFundMe campaign after tragedy.

          Author Unleashes True Islamic Perception   

In this chaotic world where various religious beliefs have influenced humanity, it is crucial that we take time to study and learn the history of a religious faith. The different views on major points of ideology and theology of the two largest religions in the world, Christianity and Islam, have created a big gap and affected the relationship between these two denominations. -   - This book describes how Judaism and Christianity affected Islam and how the Bible left a great impact on the Qu...

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          Controversial Book Explores “Christianity without God”   

Maguire's approach to the Hebrew Bible is literary, seeing, for example, in the Exodus myth a poetic rendering of a moral and political exodus from the one percent rule of Egypt to the sharing, poverty ending, peace-pursuing model of Sinai.  According to Maguire, it was intellectual integrity that urged him to write this book. The guiding maxim of his intellectual journey, from being a Catholic priest and still teaching in a Catholic university, has been to follow the truth wherever it bec...

Read the full story at

          “Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah” brings a straightforward perspective of our faith in Him   

From a Christian perspective we have been introduced to the most important redeemer of sins and saver of souls in the whole universe – God.  He has been presented to all mankind as the universal Savior through generic terms by removing him from the inheritance of Abraham and His core identity. In the book, “Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah,” we are reintroduced to Yeshua as a Torah-observant Jew who embraced and exercised the righteous path and faith of Judaism. And to a deeper sense, this writ...

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          Direct Support Professional - Christian Horizons - Blind River, ON   
Candidates are required to have a valid Ontario “G” Driver’s License. Direct Support Professionals foster community inclusion, assist with activities of daily...
From Indeed - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 19:26:01 GMT - View all Blind River, ON jobs
          Commentaires sur Faire une copie d’écran sous Mac OS X Leopard par Christian   
<p>Je ne connaissais pas. Merci pour l'info, ça m'évitera les cmd-shift-4 et autres joyeusetés...</p>
          Commentaires sur Ruby on Rails : l’opérateur bang-bang !! par Christian   
<p>De fait je n'utilise jamais !!</p> <p>Par contre le test .nil? est utile. D'une part, nil n'est pas équivalent à false. D'autre part, dans bien des cas, inverser la logique nuit à la lisibilité de l'expression.</p>
          Ströbeles letzte Bundestagswoche: Der loyale Traditionalist   
Der Grünen-Abgeordnete Hans-Christian Ströbele verlässt nach 21 Jahren den deutschen Bundestag. Die Beschreibung einer Lücke. mehr...
          Eloise Kretsch   
Eloise Kretsch, 102, of Redwood Falls died Friday, May 26, 2017 at Season’s hospice in Redwood Falls. Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:30 a.m. Monday, June 5, 2017 from St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Redwood Falls with burial to follow in Fairview Cemetery, Renville. Visitation will be held Sunday, June 4, 2017, from 5 until 8 p.m., at St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Redwood Falls and will continue Monday, from 9:30 until 10:30 a.m., at the church. The [...]
          The 10 Commandments of Good SEO Hipster Version   

Originally posted on:

I do not know about you, but to all those who are dedicated to online marketing, do not you think, what ever Google is more like a religion? , A little rather yes, right? And if the Catholics have the figure of Moses, as the one who met on Mount Sinai with God, and were given the tables with the commandments, does not seem very far, the figure of A hipster sent from Google, instead of two heavy stones, carry a heavy tablet, with the commandments of good SEO in epub or pdf version, according to the god Google, who sees everything, knows everything, and is ubiquitous.

And, what would those 10 commandments of good SEO?, Because I believe without doubt that something very similar to what comes next, and these 10 commandments, not to fulfill them, expect many bad things to your website, more plagues than In a dark and humid basement, there we go with the 10 commandments ( here would molaría what has been a jingle in the style of the main 40 ).

 You will love Google about all the search engines , it may make you more or less grace, that power you have, that way of deciding how to stop in the Roman circus, what is good and bad, but Whether you like it or not, you have to love everything about marketing 2.0, you have to treat it with love and "respect" that would say Ali G, and listen very very much, everything that comes to say, because Google is like A mother, who gives you advice, which are not advice, but imperative orders of Sergeant O'neil. Also in case you lack reasons, here in Spain has a level of implementation of 90% on search engines, and should miss the other 10%, those who use Internet Explorer, and those who have installed some type of malware.

Giphy (1)

 You will not take the name of your tags in vain , it is not worth cheating, putting tags that have nothing to do with your content, that Google will see, and it will give you behind Of the ears, you can not put in your tags, all the cities of Spain, if you only serve in a province, because that's very ugly, and you're going to catch Google and you're going to kick that, 4 page sends you. It's going to give you a rowing blow that riete your videos of falls from Youtube. 


Sanctify the headings , nothing to make a web page that does not respect the structure of headings html, H1 to H6, you do not have to use all, but if you make use of it, and the Such as H1, H2 and H3, to indicate what is being talked about in that content, and rank the importance of those words within the content, so that Google can be well positioned, and not that it is he who chooses Of what you're talking about, because Google is always in a hurry, and if you do not keep this command, he'll put whatever he wants.

 You will honor the Penguin and the Panda , these two creatures of Mr. Google, you must honor them, because Google is very much of your things, and the one for your children does whatever it is, so you can give them content Of quality to the Panda, and quality links to the Penguin, or else, or else ... look better do not want to know what Google will do as dishonor to one of them two, because it's going to give you a colleja that you're going to put to dance Something that will not have orchestra to follow the rhythm.

You will not kill creativity , Google is a creative god, and if something does not like anything, but nothing at all, it is uncreative, empty and simple content that is not useful to your Followers and fans, every time you kill the creativity of your content, Google drops you off a page results, so you better not take it as a joke, or soon appear on the foot of the monitor, down there next to the felt So that it does not move.


You will not do prohibited actions , or what is the same thing, you will not do Black Hat SEO, which is that you will not do cloacking, although no longer done, Spam, BackDoor, hidden text ... come on , Please do not be the Christian Gray of SEO, because if Google is going to be in the red room and put you looking at Adwords.

Stop sign hits news reporter in hurricane

You will not steal content , not under any concept, you must steal the content of others, copy, paste, or change three words, and publish it on your site, no, never, Puts it like a motorcycle, pisses more than the panda of Ranma 1/2 and Kung Fu Panda together, you're going to see what a panda is pissed and not those adorable Zoo Pandas that are sitting nicely while chewing bamboo gum.


 You will not tell lies in your content , because then your content is worth the same as the shit with Whatsapp eyes, I do not know if you understand me, let's give it the same as having eyes or not, its value Is the same, if your content is full of inaccuracies, then Google does not see value to it, and if it does not see value, it has no relevance, and if it has no relevance ... toc toc ... you do not go out in the first positions, because 1000 Words from your article x 0 of relevance da ... that is, shit with eyes.


[Dropcap] 9. [/ Dropcap] You will not have impure thoughts in your content , maybe in advertising, there is a high content of sexuality, but, say that you are talking about sex, merely to attract visitors, and then Rebound in the first seconds, once the visitor has returned the blood to the head, and has been able to read the first few lines and see that where I say, I say Diego, that Google will see, will see the rebound, and the Final that is going to rebound is Google, so, enough of headlines that promise things that are not, thanks for making me lose 20 seconds of my life.


 You will not covet your neighbor's positioning , this is not that Google is going to piss you off and you're going to get pissed, but man, who is ugly, we are always looking more at what others are doing, That what we do, if you do a good job of SEO, the results come, the SEO, is a little step by step, the one who wants results for yesterday, has Adwords and his portfolio at his disposal.

Well with this we end today, I hope you have been clear, because otherwise the hipster Moisex will come and give you with the tablet around the SEO, kisses for all and until the next!


Author Bio

The author of this post works at the leading UK dissertation writing service. Olivia has a degree in Journalism and has been providing dissertation help to students from all across the world. Olivia loves to read fictional novels and is a great Game of Thrones fan. She loves her job as an expert dissertation writer and is glad to be a part of the dissertation writing service program.

          Sandy Rios: ‘Sordid’ Gay Men Denied Dignity By Pro-LGBT Christians – LISTEN   

The American Family Association’s Sandy Rios has taken a swing at pro-LGBT religious folk because gay men are losing the opportunity to leave behind their “sordid” lifestyles. Rios, who has called the murder of Matthew Shepard a “complete fraud,” exp…

The post Sandy Rios: ‘Sordid’ Gay Men Denied Dignity By Pro-LGBT Christians – LISTEN appeared first on Towleroad.

          Books I Read   
Below, you will find a list of all the books I read between the 2008-2011. I link to those I recommend.

Adult Non-Fiction

Adult Fiction

Adult Religious

Young Adult [Note: These titles vary greatly in recommended grade levels. Review carefully before assigning to students.]

          And grove floors    
No thing what your favourite colour is . . . when intelligent of your home, it of necessity to be GREEN! With escalating concerns all over developing spirit costs, planetary warming and protecting our environment for early generations, the wish for to "Green-Up" has dramatically enlarged.There are low-priced distance that homeowners can rise their bathrooms and kitchens to be paid them much wet and dash efficient. The tailing are numerous unforced ways that have been suggested by the National Association of Homebuilders to "Green-Up" when remodeling:Water Heater - Replace your present sea boiler near a booty $aving, energy-efficient tankless prototype.Post ads:Diesel Men's Divine Boxer / Sons Of Anarchy Reaper with Bloody Sickle Fitted Men's / Calvin Klein Jeans Men's Cool-Hand Pique Polo / Doublju Mens Casual Dark Bule Wrinkle Washing Jeans / Lee Men's Dungarees Relaxed Midweight Bootcut Jean / 180s Men's Urban Ear Warmer / Hanes Men's 6-Pack Classics Full-Cut Brief / Cohesive Men's Minot / Andrew Christian Men's Almost Naked Infinity Brief / Timberland Basic Crew Sock / Dr. Scholl's Men's Diabetes and Circulatory Non Binding / Southpole Men's Relaxed Fit Core Denim / SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest for Men / X-Loop Mirored Sunglasses for Active Sports, Fishing, / adidas Men's Athletic Stretch 2-Pack Trunk / Nautica Men's Captains Herringbone Woven Shawl Collar Robe / Armani Exchange Logo Burnout Shirt / Croakies Unisex Adult Eyewear Retainer / Kangol Men's Flexfit Baseball CapShowerhead - A exalted efficiency nozzle can relieve you $ave on your dampen measure all month, fashioning it a simple superior when remodeling.
          Harvey Meredith’s book provides insight into Christian beliefs   

‘The Search: Looking for Truth in the Christian Religion’ gets new marketing campaign

(PRWeb June 29, 2017)

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Prominent resource control crusader, Ankko Briggs, has backed down on her call for the restructuring of the country.
Briggs said making such move at this time in the life of the nation was too late.

She rather called for the parting of ways by the different sections of the country. In a position made known on Wednesday amid the call for restructuring by several prominent individuals and groups, Briggs said the restructuring of the country should have been long done before the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan or the National Conference held in 2014.
She said at the time, nobody understood why she stood on the side of restructuring the country.
Ankko Briggs

Now Briggs said that call is coming too late. She said what will work for the country at this time is for the different regions to go their separate ways. Briggs said: “Going by the figures, the North is getting over 60 per cent of the total local government allocations and even when we come to the states as well they also receive far more than the Southern states.

“Again, if you go to the National Assembly, they are far more in numbers, especially in the House of Representatives, and so by the time there is a motion or bill, which they are not in support of, ends up being frustrated or not being passed at all.
“A good example is the PIB that had to spent over 10 years in the National Assembly.

“How can this continue?”

According to the renowned advocate for resource control in the Niger Delta, the time for restructuring Nigeria was long gone owing to the fact that it had become another political tool in the hands of the ruling elites, whose plan is to increase revenue allocation to some parts of the country currently agitating, but then retain the same form of governance, which has bred institutional injustice in the country.

Briggs said: “For me, calling for restructuring now is too late we want to go our separate ways because you see what they are calling restructuring is not what restructuring is.
“Restructuring to them is that the status quo should remain and perharps a little increase in revenue to agitating regions, but the real restructuring is when everybody keeps what you have, even if it is only water that you have, and if you can sell it, sell it.

“So anything apart from that is not restructuring.
“What is federalism?
“This is where you have the states, which are the federating units.
“So a federation means that every component is autonomous to itself within that nation.
“So how can the Federal Government be interested in building hospitals in Abia State or building a university in Rivers State?
“Nigeria is a good example of how impossible to run a government.

“How can one man alone, who is of a different culture, language, religion run or oversee the rest of the people of over 400 ethnic groups as if he is overseeing his own personal property or estate?
“He cannot do it right because he doesn’t know my culture and so how can he make decisions that will be 100 per cent appealing to me because the things I would put into consideration if I am to make the same decisions will be totally different.

“People even say that I don’t fight other people’s battle, but that is not true.
“I can fight the Igbo man’s battle because I understand his way of life and culture to a very large extent because my grandmother is Igbo and I can speak Igbo language well too, I can understand them, I can work with them and if I am working with them and I make decisions for my people and Igbo people, I won’t go wrong because I know what to do.

“Now reverse the case and ask me to make decisions for the Hausa-Fulani man or the Muslim man, I will make a terrible decision and this is because I don’t understand them.
“So this is what we are saying that someone who doesn’t understand a people cannot make any good decision for them.

“If this simple conditions are not met, governance will fail and that is what has happened in the real sense, it has failed in Nigeria.
“The then military leadership under General Abdusalami Abubakar had a rare opportunity of gathering Nigerians together to come up with a document meant to be the constitution, but it was bungled because what happened was that one man just sat down and made sure that the document was written to favour a particular section of the country and he called it the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Nigerian constitution is the only constitution in the world that tells a lie against itself and its people, when its first sentence says: ‘We the people.’
“That statement is a lie.

“There was never a gathering of any people or group of persons to discuss any constitution.
“Do you also know that the constitution was designed to work against people who are not Muslims as the word Islam, Muslim, Sharia or Mosque was mentioned over 200 times, while the word Christian or Church was never mentioned in the constitution?
“And you say that same constitution is me
          Harvard Is Decadent and Depraved   
  Harvard University is an atheist institution where no Christian parent would ever send their child. So you might be wondering: What kind of students apply to attend this so-called “elite” school? Harvard College rescinded admissions offers to at least ten prospective members of the Class of 2021 after the students traded sexually explicit memes […]
          Extra: The Evolutionary Advantage of Faith   
Is there an inherent conflict between science and religion? Jeff Schloss doesn’t think so. He’s a biologist who studies the evolutionary origins of religion. He’s also an observant Christian.
          Cleanup continues after ‘fiscal self-starvation’ at Colorado town known as ‘the Evangelical Vatican’   
A new report is grading the policy outcomes of radical experiment with political austerity by a Colorado town known as the “The Christian Mecca” and “Evangelical Vatican.” “The Short, Unhappy Life of a Libertarian Paradise” an in-depth look at Colorado Springs, CO...
          GOP lawmaker tells Christian group that transgender soldiers are a ‘threat’ to America   
A Republican lawmaker this week singled out transgender soldiers as a “threat” to the United States during an interview with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Center, a Christian organization that has for years fought against expanding rights for LGBT citizens. As ThinkProgress documen...
          Children's Ministry Director at Long Beach Christian Fellowship   
Youth Specialties - Long Beach, CA - for all programs, activities and educational aspects related to the holistic discipleship of children at Long Beach Christian Fellowship. Specifically, the...
          Exodus, un peplum biblic cu scenariu schizoid…   
Acest impresionant peplum biblic reia în realitate structura și scenariul clasicului film de mare succes The Ten Commandments (1956). In noul și foarte reușitul palpitant remake al lui Ridley Scott,  Christian Bale (cel cu faima de Batman), e Moise/Moshe… Se identifica fizic perfect cu Charlton Heston, în vreme ce actorul australian Joel Edgerton e Ramses, jucat în versiunea […]
          Quand Moïse Ekanga sort 400.000 dollars à la FBN Bank pour Lusakweno, c’est sous le prête-nom de Justin Mbalaka   

Des informations commencent à filtrer les banques commerciales locales ciblées selon les instructions du Département du Trésor américain aux banques de l’Union européenne. Il y en a une cité avec certitude, la FBNBank, née sous les cendres de la Banque internationale du crédit -BIC- de l’homme d’affaires rd-congolais Pascal Kinduelo. La FBN Bank est connue comme une plaque tournante de blanchiment et des opérations maffieuses du régime.

Déjà à sa création, un nom très controversé dans les milieux de la finance internationale, celui de Dan Getler comme l’un des principaux actionnaires, si l’actionnaire majoritaire. Le rachat avait été parrainé par Augutstin Katumba Mwanke dont la sœur -sa cousine- avait joué un rôle important dans cette banque. Qui dit Katumba voit Moïse Ekanga que le premier a initié pendant des années à la gestion de toutes les combines financières. Ekanga, c’est l’héritier de Katumba qui a tout hérité de son mentor jusqu’à un penchant quasi maladif pour la discrétion qui fait que presque nul dans le grand public -et même dans les milieux avertis- ne sait que c’est lui le véritable fossoyeur de l’économie rd-congolaise depuis la disparition du grand manitou.

Avec la FBNBank où il loge des comptes en millions de dollars sous des prêtes-noms, Ekanga y fait pour tous les débits d’importants fonds destinés à l’achat des consciences chez les opposants et dans les milieux des députés européens et autres pour le lobbying. Quand il met à la disposition de Christian Lusakweno en compagnie de Madame Candide 400.000 dollars pour graisser à Bruxelles, il y a quelques temps, le chèque porte l’en-tête FBNBank mais la signature n’est la sienne. Elle plutôt celle de Justin Mbalaka, un proche d’Ekanga. De sorte que si vérification il y a, aucun auditeur ne penserait remonter à lui. Quelques semaines auparavant, ce sont 700.000 dollars qui ont été décaissés par la même banque, avec la même signature et pour le même objectif.

          Faith in Love….   
Is faith just something that a christian has? Is faith something we all struggle with a little? Or is it just the “ignorant masses” that need faith as a crutch? I have just started my second year of university. It’s a fascinating place to be, and there is so much to learn. Our world is … Continue reading Faith in Love….
          Germany legalizes same-sex marriage after Merkel u-turn   
BERLIN — German lawmakers voted Friday to legalize same-sex marriage after a short but emotional debate, bringing the country in line with many of its Western peers. Though Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against the measure, she paved the way for its passage by freeing other members of her party to vote their "conscience."

Lawmakers voted 393 for legalizing "marriage for everybody" and 226 against, with four abstentions.

Merkel said Monday that lawmakers could take up the issue as a "question of conscience," allowing members of her conservative coalition, which has been against same-sex marriage, to individually vote for it.

That prompted her center-left rivals to quickly call for a snap vote on the issue, adding it to the agenda Friday on parliament's last regular session before Sept. 24 elections.

While some in Merkel's conservative bloc spoke against the measure, Berlin Christian Democrat Jan-Marco Luczak urged his fellow party members to vote for same-sex marriage.

"It would be absurd to try and protect marriage by preventing people to marry," he told lawmakers.

Many applauded Merkel's comments that opened the way for the vote, but Social Democrat lawmaker Johannes Kahrs noted in the debate that the chancellor had been a longtime opponent of gay marriage.

"Many thanks for nothing," he said bluntly.

Germany has allowed same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships since 2001, but has not granted them full marital rights, which include the possibility to jointly adopt children.

The new law won't take effect for several months because it still needs to pass the upper house of Parliament and be approved by the president, though those are formalities. It is also expected to face legal challenges.

Merkel told reporters after the vote that her vote against the measure was based upon her reading of the country's law concerning marriage and that she did think gay couples should be able to adopt.

Germany's basic law is vague, saying only that "marriage and the family shall enjoy the protection of the state," but Merkel said that for her "marriage as defined by the law is the marriage of a man and a woman."

She added, however, that she stood by her contention that the interpretation was a "question of conscience" and urged all views to be respected.

"It was a long, intensive, and for many also emotional discussion, that goes for me personally too, and I'm hopeful not only that there will be respect for either side's opinions, but that it will also bring about more peace and cohesion in society," she said.

All of Merkel's potential coalition partners after the September election, including the center-left Social Democrats of her challenger, Martin Schulz, have been calling for same-sex marriage to be legalized.

It is not clear whether Merkel thought her Monday comments would prompt such a quick vote, but many analysts have suggested that by opening the door to gay marriage the chancellor removed yet another issue that might have helped her opponents in their campaigns against her.

In nearly 12 years as chancellor, Merkel has moved her party to the center and away from conservative orthodoxy, speeding up Germany's exit from nuclear power and ending military conscription among other moves.

          Chanel Noir, Cherry Mavrick - surprising your TS girlfriend with another hot TS (26 Jun 2017)   

Release Year: 2017
Cast: Chanel Noir, Cherry Mavrick
Video language: English

Christian has a fantastic surprise for his TS girlfriend Cherry Mavrick. He brought the absolutely gorgeous TS starlet Chanel Noir into the room for them to play with each other. Of course it doesn't take long for him to join in the fun. Watch him take over and fuck both of these sexy TS starlets in this riveting bareback sex session.

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:04
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7852kbps
Audio: 272kbps

File size: 1.9 GB

          TS Girls In Charge   

Release Year: 2016
Studio: Transsensual

Gorgeous T girls dominate bratty genetic girls in four passionate vignettes. 2 time Trans performer of the year and Exotic beauty Venus Lux puts pouty blonde Sarah Vandella in her place...reality show frenemies Mandy Mitchell and Sovereign Syre come to blows as "Real Housewives"...personal assistant Heather Vahn gets in a heap of trouble with superstar publicist boss Jessy Dubai, and born again Christian Dana Vespoli picked the wrong house to visit when Jessica Foxx turns the tables and saves Dana's soul!

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          Some Soccer News for Jun 30, 2017   
It's Day 181 of 2017.

Minnesota United's inability to win on the road goes back much further than this season. Last time they won any game on the road was Jun 1, 2016 in the US Open Cup at St Louis FC. Before that in NASL play it was Apr 10, 2016 at Edmonton. In 2015 they were just fine on the road. So what happened to this organization 14 months ago to change all this? Anything? Maybe nothing but the way the wind blows.


After seeing 14 of the 22 MLS teams play this season I will say that New York City is the best attacking team (Atlanta #2) and Sporting Kansas City is the best defensive team (San Jose #2.)


Liga MX Apertura kicks off on Jul 21


Minnesota United

My MNUFC Notes:
  • Game Highlights [VIDEO]
  • Let me start by saying NYC is the best team I have seen this season.
  • Another rough night for the Loons. And again on the road. Outside of the ties at Colorado and Houston they have been pretty pitiful on the road. Its hard to watch at times.
  • And another goal for Ramirez. That's 10 this season.
  • On the goal Ibson fed JVenegas down the middle and JV cranked off a hard long range shot. NYC keeper Erik Johanen had a good bead on the ball but he bobbled it and Ramirez was the only one there to scoop it up and blast it over the prone keeper in to the net. Well done all around.
  • 1-1 at half time.
  • But again it was the 2nd half of the game that undid the Loons.
  • Cronin appeared to separate his shoulder in the 2nd half, but the doctor popped it back in to place and Cronin played on. Damn. I bet he needed Ibuprofen to get to sleep last night.
  • They should have subbed Cronin off immediately.
  • Minn made 1 sub, bringing on Jome for Ibarra in the 73rd.
  • I must keep asking, "What did Kadrii due or not due that keeps him glued to the bench?"
  • Lets say this: David Villa is incredible! But you can't let him beat 5 Minn players and the keeper while starting from the sideline all the way to goal and score. That was absurd.
  • Only after NYC got their 3rd goal and dropped off to secure the win did Minn get any real possession and apply pressure going forward.
  • Many of the Minn players put in good effort, but they simply were not good enough to compete. Too slow and a lot less desire to "want that ball."
  • It really seemed like NYC won every single 50/50 ball.
  • Taylor had a solid game. And made some big plays.
  • Here was my only tweet during the game:

  • There were a few moments of great interplay but again it ended at the top of the box.
  • And I am sure there were other good aspects of the game for Minn but I can't remember another one today.
  • That first away win for Minn still seems a long ways away.


-Thu Jun 29
New York City 3-1 Minnesota
-Tue Jul 4
Minnesota v Columbus - 6:00pm CT on My29

Centerback Conundrum:
  • If Kallman remains out for next Tuesday then who plays centerback?
  • Calvo will be gone with Costa Rica (along with JVenegas.)
  • There is talk that Taylor could be gone with Jamaica.
  • Greenspan is out with a concussion.
  • That's it on the roster, they only have 4 centerbacks
A long article on the soccer life of Christian Ramirez. By Ives Galarcep for Goal.


Sauce: du Nord Music Mix Vol 128 (download + extract)



The story of the fall of Real Salt Lake. From Dell Loy Hansen to Jason Kries to Garth Lagerway to Bill Manning and all the way to Jeff Cassar. By Matt Pentz for ESPNFC.

There is a group of 6 teams at the bottom of the heap in MLS and they are all hard to tell apart game to game: Colorado, DC, Minnesota, Montreal, Philadelphia and Salt Lake.

Week 18 schedule/results:
(10 Games)
Thu Jun 29
New York City 3-1 Minnesota
-Fri Jun 30
Salt Lake v Orlando
-Sat Jul 1
Chicago v Vancouver
Dallas v Toronto
Kansas City v Portland
Montreal v DC
Columbus v Atlanta
Colorado v Houston
San Jose v LA
-Sun Jul 2
Philadelphia v New England



Friendly Schedule:
-Sat Jul 1
USA v Ghana - 3:45pm CT on ESPN
Pratt + Whitney Stadium - East Hartford

USA Gold Cup Roster
  • G: Brad Guzan - Atlanta United, Bill Hamid - DC United, Sean Johnson - New York City
  • D: Matt Besler - Sporting Kansas City, Omar Gonzalez - Pachuca, Matt Hedges - Dallas, Eric Lichaj - Nottingham Forest, Matt Miazga - Chelsea, Justin Morrow - Toronto, Jorge Villafana - Santos Laguna, Graham Zusi - Sporting Kansas City
  • M: Kellyn Acosta - Dallas, Paul Arriola - Tijuana, Alejandro Bedoya - Philadelphia Union, Joe Corona - Tijuana, Dax McCarty - Chicago Fire, Cristian Roldan - Seattle Sounders, Kelyn Rowe - New England Revolution, Kenny Saief - Gent, Gyasi Zardes - LA Galaxy
  • F: Juan Agudelo - New England Revolution, Dom Dwyer - Sporting Kansas City, Jordan Morris - Seattle Sounders

The place to watch the USMNT in the Twin Cities is Town Hall Brewery in the Seven Corners neighborhood of Minneapolis. They have some great rooms off the main bar with big TVs, and in the very back room a projection screen. Plus the staff is great, excited to see you, and the food is top notch. My beer drinking friends tell me the suds are excellent too (they are known for their award winning beers.)



FINAL schedule
-Sun Jul 2
Chile v Germany - 12:pm CT on FS1


Infamous London team Leyton Orient were all but history a few months ago. But a new owner from the USA is going to try to make it a real club again. By David Hytner for the Guardian.


My columns for 1500ESPN.
-New article coming on Monday.

The Bird Is The Word

          Minnesota United FC - Mid-Season Player Grades + Mid-season Awards   

These are my grades for each of the Minnesota United FC players as the season hits the halfway point. Players listed alphabetically:

(D) Alvbage - Well, it was a rough start, and then he got hurt, and then beat out for the role, and now he's not even on the bench. They really needed him to be good.

(B) Burch - Helped stabilize a drowning team. CPR if you will. He has been solid and without errors. How he recovers from hernia surgery will be very important down the stretch.

(B) Calvo - We can see all that talent. He gets better and better. The mistakes have been costly at times but they are fewer all the time. And if he can score some more goals... lookout.

(B+) Cronin - Whew. This team needed a guy like him desperately. A strong, simple and experienced midfielder. A true starter, and those are not in big numbers on the roster. Only drawback, at his age and mileage there have been a couple games when he has disappeared late in the game, a little.

(C+) Danladi - A true rookie who has shown good and bad. He has scored 2 goals which is very good. But he is impatient and got a red card for kicking someone, showing he has a lot of maturing to do as well. Has some talent. Wait and see.

(C) Davis - Has had his chances and made the most of them. No complaints at all. Sadly he just really isn't at this level to play week in and week out. But for now a good back up.

(F) Demidov - One of the bigger MLS busts in several years. Literally could not keep up with the pace and power of the league. A total failure for the management. And to make things worse he is the highest paid on the team too. They cannot have another one of these.

(C+) Ibarra - The confidence is still not fully there. His pace is back, his defending is good and helpful, but the ability to turn and go to goal, stir things up and create for this team is still lacking. They need him to find another notch up the ladder.

(A) Ibson - Exactly what I expected, with better teammates his quality would rise. Simply put he has been great (even with his moments of petulance.) Can do things that no one else on this team can, especially in passing. His pickpocket defense has been a thing of beauty too.

(C) Jome - I have heard for a while now that he is a raw talent that just needs time. OK, then loan him out already to get him on the field. His minutes on the field have been ok, and then also a waste of time. That's not quality use of a MLS roster spot.

(C) Kadrii - Has not gotten enough time on the field to really know what he can do. A few little glimpses of skill have burst through. But for how thin this roster is he must not be doing much in practice if the coach is not calling on him come sub-time in every single game.

(A-) Kallman - The shocker of them all really. In the best possible way. Stepped into the team when they were desperate for someone to stop the whole dam from collapsing. Has not tried to play above his level or impress people. Just a really solid effort at centerback which can be a very tough thing to do in MLS.

(B) Molino - The player with the highest expectations. He has helped, that's for sure. His passing toward the goal has been top notch. But he needs to become more of a leader. I expect to see full effort for 90 minutes and nothing less.

(B+) Ramirez - Questions hovered over his head when this season started, "Could he do it?" The answer came in game 1 and has not let up, "Si se puede." 9 goals so far, and if he was taking PKs he would be at 11 or 12. He needs better service to get him into better spots and a better finishing percentage on this shots to make him great.

(D) Schuller - I have never seen a central midfielder make so many sideways and backwards passes, mixed with almost no forward passes. Are we sure that he really gets minutes for the Finnish national team? We must be missing something here. I don't get it.

(B) Shuttleworth - Was not a player I was excited see come to this team. But even I can admit that he was a huge step up from what the team had prior, and at times looked very good while saving the bacon of this defenders. But then the mistakes come, inevitably, and it costs them goals and points.
(C) Taylor - Looked terrible at fullback, but has come off the bench a few times now at centerback and looked a lot more comfortable. Not starting material though.

(B) Thiesson - Good job patrolling the wing, getting up and down the field and slowing other teams outside attack. Still needs to do more to make those passes into dangerous areas for the big chances.

(C) KVenegas - He has helped keep the wolves at bay a few times now, which is great for him. But he is not answer for the future. And his crossing has not improved over all these years. He just can't quite excel at this level.

(C) JVenegas - At times brilliant, and at times looking like he would prefer to be somewhere else. Can hit a magical pass. But he loses the ball too often, and barely plays defense. The best trade bait on the roster.

(C-) Warner - Never was going to be a piece to this puzzle. Just doesn't have the physical tools to help seal up a leaky defense, and not good enough to play a big role going forward. He is not error prone though which has to be considered a plus.

-The following have not played or played so few minutes that a grade is impossible: Anor, de Villardi, Greenspan, Martin and McLain.


And a few special mid-season awards to commemorate the teams first year in MLS:

Most valuable player: Christian Ramirez

Best player: Ibson

Best single game: Ramirez scores twice on Apr 1 in 4-2 win over Salt Lake, the Loons first win in MLS.

Best play: JVenegas flicks pass from Ibson over defenders and into path of Ramirez who scores against Orlando in 1-0 win.

Biggest surprise: Brent Kallman

Biggest disappointment: Demidov, Alvbage, Schuller, Kadrii, Lagos

Best/Worst game: The home opener. Score was a nightmare. Snow was heaven!

          Before and After School Care Supervisor - Maranatha Kids Care - Abbotsford, BC   
We are a ministry of the Maranatha Baptist Church. Qualified Responsible adult Supervisor needed for a Christian before and after school care program....
From Indeed - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:26:52 GMT - View all Abbotsford, BC jobs
          Grade 6-7 Teacher - Maranatha Christian School - Williams Lake, BC   
MARANATHA Christian School is a K-12 provincially accredited Independent School that has served Williams Lake for over 40 years. We are currently looking...
From - Wed, 31 May 2017 10:56:10 GMT - View all Williams Lake, BC jobs
          Special Education Teacher - Maranatha Christian School - Williams Lake, BC   
MARANATHA Christian School is a K-12 provincially accredited Independent School that has served Williams Lake for over 40 years....
From - Wed, 31 May 2017 10:56:08 GMT - View all Williams Lake, BC jobs
          Relative Sadness   
University, even with 4 weeks of holidays, feels too soon.
I didn't get to finish any Christian books, and now have to spend all my time reading Shakespeare.
I didn't get to catch up with school friends, even though we "talked" about it (on FB, at least).
I ate too much, slept too much, watched too much.
I didn't do any creative things (including updating on here).
I didn't research interesting places or interesting things or interesting facts.
I ignored too much, settled too much, faked too much.

So when people ask "How were your holidays?" I want to say, "bad, bad, bad." Instead, I be polite and say "Tiring but ok".

What I should say:

"Praise God for the sustenance he provides, the words he speaks, the rest he grants, the blessings he bestows, the life he resurrects, the prayers he answers, the joy he instills."

Because, my sadness is selfish. It's not sad at all. Amazing things have happened:

1. I led on three camps. All focused on the bible. All with God doing amazing things.

2. I attended my Christian group's Annual Conference, on "God Speaks". His words are full of grace and truth, warning and judgement, life and power, comfort and hope in OT, Jesus, & NT.

3. I planned my life (at least this semester!) and committed to continue following Jesus and devoting my morning as I wake up to be immersed in his word and depend on him in prayer.

So my life is good, thank God, thank God, thank God.
          Whether the weather   
Let's skip over the "Oh, I haven't posted in a while", because I can't wait to get back into writing again, so let's begin.

First, a tongue twister.

The farmer wondered whether the wether would weather the weather or whether the weather would weather the wether. 

Because it has seriously been weathering the last few days. Pouring rain, massive thunderstorms, huge winds, umbrellas have been discarded as casualties of war everywhere you look. 

Universities have cancelled their classes, politicians have urges workers to go home early and be safe, houses have been washed away as bystanders watch in despair. 

Everyone is just watching, waiting, weathering the weather. Hoping that it doesn't destroy what they hold dear.

Jesus got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves "Quiet! Be still!" Then the wind died down and was completely calm.

Jesus doesn't watch. He doesn't wait. He speaks. He speaks with power and authority. The power and authority humans did have before the fall, to be able to subdue the earth, but which was taken away at the fall.

And so as Christians, we can hope. We can hope so confidently, that actually, we can know. We can know that what we hold most dearly will never be destroyed.

So we don't have to wonder anymore.

p.s. Just as I finished this post, the rain stopped. Thank you God!

          Rejoice by looking to Jesus   

A long post, basically just posting up my first talk I gave to my youth group last Friday. It was on Philippians 3:1-14. I hope it encourages you as much as it encouraged me to write!

Imagine if the Apostle Paul visited you today. What would he say? To be honest, I am pretty scared of Paul, he would be so angry at all the sin, all the cliques, all the selfishness. I mean, he called the Galations fools! He was pretty full on. But Paul in this passage we’ll see makes it clear that we are to rejoice! To rejoice!

It is essentially his last topic sentence of this letter. And like a good essay, it is building on what was already said before. Chapter 1 we see Paul is in prison for the gospel, and he is in partnership in the gospel with the Philippian church. In the gospel, Paul is also taking a courageous stand, that may end in death, but is all for the glory of God. Then in Chapter 2 we see Paul encouraging an attitude of Christ-like humility - which is putting others above yourself - in response to the gospel that Jesus did the exact same. These all culminate in his appeal that the Philippians “rejoice in the Lord”. But, aren’t all the things Paul just said previously pretty tough things to do? They require effort, sacrifice and oh, maybe even death. Brilliant. Where does the rejoicing come from then?

We’ll see that Paul is basically saying “Rejoice, by looking to Jesus” Keep that in your head. Rejoice, by looking to Jesus, as we see how Paul looks backwards, looks upwards and finally looks forward to explain his appeal to the Philippians to rejoice in the Lord.

Paul Looks Backwards
The immediate context of his urging for the Philippians to rejoice is actually in response to a danger in the church. We see Paul’s warning in v2. “Watch out for those dogs, those evildoers, those mutilators of the flesh.” The danger was that people in the church were reverting back to Jewish customs. They were looking backward to their life pre-Jesus, and actually going back to it.
Paul makes it clear in the next few verses the differences pre-Jesus and in-Jesus. (We don’t really ever get post-Jesus, we never go beyond Jesus). It’s there in your outline. Pre-Jesus – Boast in Self, as opposed to in-Jesus – Boast in Jesus. Some of the Philippians were boasting in their own good works to be right with God.

What does Paul do? Well, he looks back himself to where he was pre-Jesus. This is like his CV, a list of all his achievements.
v5 “If someone else thinks they have reasons to put confidence in the flesh, I have more: circumcised on the eighth day, of the people of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews; in regard to the law, a Pharisee; as for zeal, persecuting the church; as for righteousness based on the law, faultless.”

Paul is totally boasting here. And if you were a Jew, you’d be super impressed. Paul is saying he is the closest anyone could be to being a good person. In modern day terms, he is like the Minister’s kid, who can recite the whole of John, who never complains about doing the dishes, who is in our eyes, perfect, especially compared to us. But Paul knows that we shouldn’t be comparing our good works with each other, we actually need to compare them with Jesus.

And so we get to our 2nd Point – Paul looks upwards.
Paul says we need to put Jesus into the picture, and that changes everything! v7 “But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.” Straight after his immaculate CV, Paul says compared to Christ, everything on Paul’s achievement list is rubbish. His CV has turned out to actually be a criminal record, a loss to his personal standing. The almost perfect Paul says it’s all for nothing. Three things arise from that. Well, firstly, it gives hope to all of us who feel like we were never up to God’s standards in the first place, who have nothing on our CV, who know how far we are from God. Paul says none of that matters, every good work he has done to make him feel more confident in his goodness is just more rubbish on the heap.

Secondly, it humbles us who think we have our goodness all sorted. Oh, we’re from a good Christian family, a good school Christian group, a good church. But that is all pointless if you don’t have faith in Jesus. Those are good things, but they become bad if you rely on them, instead of Jesus. They become rubbish.

And finally, that gets us questioning, what is it about Jesus that changes the playing field so much? Why does looking to Jesus make Paul rejoice, even though it basically meant all he had worked for in the early part of his life was meaningless.

Well, that is answered in Verse 10 “To know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead” Ok, everyone, you need to put on your seatbelts because this verse needs some serious unpacking.

First, to “Know Christ” That’s not to know about Christ or to know of Christ, it is to know him. Like you would know your parents or a friend. Paul knows Jesus, meaning he has a personal relationship with him. That might not seem so special, yeah, Paul knows this dude called Christ, but then.

“Know the power of his resurrection”. Woah, this isn’t some ordinary guy, he rose from the dead! And again, this is Paul “knowing” the power of his resurrection, and this isn’t the objective textbook “ I know the answer” kind of know. When Paul says know the power of his resurrection, he is basically saying “To personally experience the power of his resurrection”. How can he do that? Well this is where we have to answer the question, what isthe “power” of his resurrection. What was achieved at the resurrection?

The answer? The defeat of sin and death. We as humans were under a curse for rebelling against God, and enslaved in the reality that because of our sin we would die. What Jesus achieved when he died and rose again was that we were free from sin and death, and could actually truly be right with God. None of this, us ourselves trying to be right with God nonsense, which never worked anyway. The power of Jesus’ resurrection is that it is the power to forgive our sins and make us right with God again. Paul is experiencing the amazing truth that his sins are forgiven and he is now right with God!

The “sharing in his sufferings” is the same idea, even though it might sound a bit weird, actually it’s another reason for great rejoicing. Basically, when Jesus dies, we also died. He represented us on the cross, so his sufferings, his punishment that he experiences, we also experienced, (although not physically). That’s the basis of the statement, Jesus dying on the cross for us. Here it is talking about it in the representative sense. If you don’t get the mechanics, don’t worry, the basic thing is that the punishment for sin is gone away because the death that it required to be paid has been paid by us, through Jesus who was our representative. And therefore we can now “Attain the resurrection from the dead!”

Maybe an analogy will help. Jesus on the cross can be described as the captain of the soccer team. The soccer team is all the Christians in the world. As the captain Jesus represents us. Say, our team did something really stupid, like score 20 own goals. The captain is the one who represents the whole team and resigns. Because the captain has taken that punishment, that team gets to play on normally, because the debt has been paid.

Obviously, with Jesus it is a little different. But basically, the point is that Jesus has the power to save. Look upwards because we are now seated in heaven with Jesus, because of the amazing power of the resurrection that we also personally experience if we trust in Jesus.

But not only are we looking at Jesus up in heaven, we are looking forward to the future here on earth, where we are working to be more like Jesus.

Which is our final point – Paul looks forward.

Paul knows that currently, he isn’t in heaven. Sadly, we aren’t in heaven either. Yes, we know Christ, we know we are saved by trusting in Jesus’ resurrection, but God hasn’t fully completed his work in us yet.
And that gets Paul excited. He looks forward to the future, even when he’s here on earth, where he knows with God’s help he will be moving towards completion in Christ, even though he knows it will only be finished in heaven.
I want to stress that THIS IS NOT A “JESUS SAVES YOU, SO NOW DO GOOD WORKS” message. I’ve got that capitalised in my notes. It is not! That is made clear as Paul says he is “forgetting what is behind”. He has left behind all his rules and regulations that make him right with God.
It comes back to “knowing Christ”. Paul has his eyes on the prize “in Christ Jesus” which means by knowing Christ Jesus, by being in a personal relationship with Jesus.
Paul knows we are not perfect now, but we still do know Christ Jesus. We are still looking at him. And as we look at him we will change. God will change us. With grace driven effort, we can change to be more like Jesus, whom we know. And as we change we rejoice, and we stumble and fall but God continues to mould us to be more like the final product which we will be in heaven, and which continues to spur us on.
To go back to the soccer team analogy, before, we were kicking own goals. Don’t continue to kick own goals! That’s just pointless. You can see your future, in heaven, knowing Jesus, so be transformed to be more like that final day, and rejoice!

So, Paul’s final point, to “rejoice in the Lord” well, it comes from looking to Jesus. Where you see how fruitless it is to rely on your never good enough good works, especially compared to the 100% certainty of salvation found in Jesus’ resurrection. Looking to Jesus, knowing him as your saviour and Lord means we will change. God will change us. But we look to Jesus and see how good he is and we rejoice in that change.

So , I urge you to Rejoice in the Lord, by looking upwards and onwards to Christ. Let’s pray. 

Heavenly Father,
Thank you that we can rejoice. Thank you that we can know Jesus, and know the power of his resurrection, that has saved us from sin and death. Pray that you would change us as we look to Jesus. Help us to rejoice, by looking upwards and onwards to Jesus. In his name we pray, Amen.

I am hungry at the moment. It's only 11:30 in the morning, I ate a normal breakfast of Sultana Bran at 7 am, and even ate an apple half an hour ago, but my stomach is still left wanting.

Last Monday, I was on the exact same schedule, exact same breakfast and I was going fine. Even without an apple. 

I was probably more mentally engaged last week, talking to a friend for 2 hours about life and university assignments and different denominations/cults of Christianity; that might explain it. Today I am trying to focus on actually completing a uni assignment which still seems out of grasp, I look at the screen, then my hands, then the screen again, but all I'm really looking at is my stomach. Staring back at me. It is the one controlling me. Not me. 

It's not even real hunger, its totally fake. I know it is. So I want to beat it. I have more rations of food in my bag, which is just underneath my seat, within reach. I could have a stale but filling, cold hot cross bun in my hands within seconds. In my mouth, into my stomach, up back into my brain within minutes. The energy threading through my blood, into my hands, my mind, back into focus over the next hour. 

I haven't really been reading my bible regularly for the past couple of months. I do have time, I don't have structure. I do have resources, I don't have the will. I do have the need, but I don't have the hunger. 

I have been fasting for days at a time, getting weaker and weaker, and even the time I do spend becomes quick hits, jelly beans, or bits of popcorn, instead of a huge serving of lasagna, layered with biblical theology, a right understanding of context, proper application into my life. 

I'm even learning how to cook. I've just finished a preliminary theology certificate in Biblical Theology. I starve myself to feed the kids as Kids Church, at youth group, in my small group, at bible study. That's not how God's word works though. 

Because, firstly, it does work. Without it I am losing to worldly influences. I need the Bible to fill me up, so that I don't waste my appetite on things that will never last. 

Secondly, have I misunderstood the reality of grace? Unlimited, overflowing, amazing, grace? Reading God's word is a joy that God shares with everyone. It's not something that is limited, finite. That's the opposite of infinite. 

I am hungry for God's word. I better go read it now.

          Weekend Away   
On an Autumn colour Friday evening, 
Our bible study weekend away convening

Lemon meringue pie for a birthday,
Cooked in community, shared with Christian family

Sand kicked up in a morning beach run,
Swimming in God's bath tub with the rising sun

French toast, man-cooked with apples and honey.
Yellowing our teeth, filling our tummy.

Shopping, sleep and ticket to ride,
Hanging our busy-soaked lives out to dry.

Pizza for dinner, it's a winner.
Chewy, a mix of flavours, like our group with different behaviours. 

Chinese Pictionary, our creativity spent
Albert weeing in Sarah's bed.

Eurovision, each act bringing more laughs, 
Waiting for Mauboy and the Aussie Galahs. 

Driving home, back into the world,
But our experiences we'll never forget, they were just swell!

          The little blog that could   
First and foremost, a very short summary of the last year in a poem. (Just to put some spice into an otherwise boring life story!)

My final year of high school flew past.
Exams, assignments, study before breakfast.
Captaincy, meetings, then friends and family
All the more relying on God's majesty.

Now I'm back into the blogosphere, I feel like there is so much I could talk about! This blog has become my diary, and I feel if I don't type up my experiences, I will forget them. Amongst the overload of things I want to write, in my head I'm just singing "Just keep writing, just keep writing" (to the tune of Dory's annoying "Just keep swimming" song in Finding Nemo). So here goes quick fire paragraphs to bring you and me up to speed.

First, the much hyped but anticlimactical Hay Stacking Competition. I studied a surprising amount, in the library, making unofficial study buddies through glances across desks to motivate me to continue burying my head in the books. I am glad I did though, because I had been praying that I would study, and that is what happened, so God lovingly lavishing his grace upon me once again. During the exam period (3 weeks! With a 9 day period in between two exams!) I felt supernaturally sustained, through the prayers of all those in my church family. I cannot thank them enough, and thank God for them too. I never felt more blessed to be part of my church, I felt bad ever wanting to leave. 

Second, once my last exam had finally came and gone, my brother, who had just finished his thesis for his degree at uni, and I, left on a roadtrip all the way down to the Great Ocean Road and back along the South Coast. My version of "schoolies", I guess. I loved it, because it gave me something to do, to drive, and I got to see more of the beauty of Australia, and began to understand some of its geography better too. In typical guy fashion, most of the relationship building was subtle, but we did have good conversations too, which was good. I even got to be on the radio, for about 1 second, until my phone reception cut out, (although some say I was deliberately hung up by the radio presenter for blabbering about nothing...)

Third, fixing up all my uni preferences, hopefully going to study Arts/Education at Sydney University to become a high school teacher. I had an interview for a teaching scholarship where the interviewer seemed more interested about my Dad and his mission to Japan than me, but God was in control and the interviewer ended up telling me that just like my Dad I seemed to have very strong convictions that would be great as a teacher, assuring me I'd probably be offered the scholarship, which is nice.

Fourth and finally (alliteration!), I am preparing myself for a conference and mission called National Training Event, which is run by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, an organisation that organised Uni Christian groups. I will be going all the way to Narribri in rural NSW after the conference with a Sydney Uni team to help preach the gospel there, running scripture seminars, helping with the church services, and talking to people in the main street. I hope to write a reflection either everyday, or an overall one at the end of the mission, so keep posted.

If you have read this far, good job! I think this post had become much more like a personal diary entry, nothing really interesting or deep, just a blabble about my own life. It may have inspired you to go out and do some more evangelism, if it did, praise God! You can tell me about it in the comments!

Anyway, to end, the title of this post is "The little blog that could" because I think even after a 6 month hiatus, I think this blog with God's help can still be an encouragement to me and others, so I hope to continue it as long as I am able. I am thinking of creating a manifesto or something for this blog too, to define its purpose once again as my life heads in a new direction, but as always, it is your comments and your readership that encourages me to keep going, so thank you!
Colossians 3. A great passage I read with my friend the other day. The first half is great, but for us, the Holy Spirit engrossed us in the back half.

Firstly, verses 18 to 21. "It's just a bunch of stuff to do!" you say. "Nothing encouraging in there" you say. Well, I see it differently. Let's take a closer look at verse 20.

"Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord."

Look! The first word. "Children". Paul is talking to me! He is talking directly to the kids in the Colossian church. The whole sequence, "Wives" , "Husbands" , "Children" , "Fathers" is one of a family unit. I think that is just great.

Great, because church, even at its beginnings was a family affair. All over the New Testament it talks of the gathering together of Christians. Brothers and sisters, united in Christ. I took that as an only spiritual familyhood until now. Christians are attending church as a family; encouraging, inspiring, and challenging each other. I've been learning that God's love breaks barriers, and this is another example. Imagine a non-Christian household where a younger brother can rebuke his older brother! Very rare. But in a Christian church, that is what we are called to do.

Now, if you look at what he says to each of the groups, you notice another great thing. His words are different for each member. Reading behind the lines you see that Paul is recognising the different roles we have in our family unit. Paul could have just said, "Christian families, love each other" and leave us to figure out how, but he doesn't. By being specific, he is making a statement that family members are complementary, and that our differences are part of God's plan.

My friend and I spent over 20 minutes on those 4 verses, but I'm glad we did. It showed me how families are another one of God's gifts that I would never have thought to ask for, but am blessed with anyway.

To end with, Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters". I'm sure I can let you discover the riches in that verses for yourself. So dig in!

A great way to get to know someone is for them to share their faults with you. Because so often, we see people's highlight reels, and compare them with our own unedited mess of a life. This stunts mutual encouragement and friendship. As Christians especially, since we know we are forgiven, our problems are a testament to God's amazing grace! So today I want to share some of my own faults with you.

A little humorous perhaps, but I have a problem with fiddling. I can't stop myself shifting/moving wherever I am. Even now my leg is shaking constantly as I sit at my computer and type away. My hands need to have something to play with. You can laugh, but if my family is anything to go by, it is quite an annoying habit to endure for so long. And it get can have serious consequences. Like when my mind felt like "fiddling" with a fire by throwing in a deodorant can. Luckily no one was hurt.

More widespread, and perhaps more acceptable is my fault of lying. I will lie for no reason. Often justified with a weak paranoia that if I tell the truth, it won't be accepted and will cause a hassle. It seems a defence for self-consciousness but it just erodes away the trust built around my life. I wish that someday I can start a sentence with "On my word" and be trusted because I never lie.

To top it off, like a cherry on top, is my arrogance. It's a trait that is hard to talk about, because I fear I'll be arrogant about my arrogance. It rarely gets rebuked by my friends or family because of its subtlety, but sometimes it's scent becomes a stench that I am ashamed of. It leads me to disregard the skills and blessings God has given me, attributing them to myself. It leads me to judge/put down/insult others that I should be loving instead.

So there you have it. Three of my many many negative traits that create disharmony with others and with God.

The great thing is, other people might reject me, but God won't turn his back on me, God won't severe the relationship, he'll pick up my life and slowly put back the pieces he originally created, until they become the perfect being they were meant to be. Without sin, without fault.
          Give it a go.   
Sorry for the lack of input from my side of the conversation this past month. Conversation? Well, I'm trying to make this blog more like a conversation, so if you comment, I'll try my best to respond so it isn't just me sharing my thoughts but everyone giving their two cents and learning from each other.

Anyway, today I thought I could share what I've been up to in the past few weeks.

Three weeks ago, I went on a massive camp with about 130 high schoolers from all over the state. It was my first time going to a non-Christian camp where no one knew I was a Christian. My sister challenged me to make Christ shine in my life so that by the end of the 4 days it would be obvious that I have Jesus in my life.

Sad to say, it didn't go that well to plan. I got so engrossed in the electives, the talks, the fun activities - which were all really good, but God was a no no - that I sort of kept Jesus hidden. Well, for me, it felt like I wasn't smothering him. When people asked why I had lived in Japan for 12 years, I did tell that my parents had been missionaries, but that was only when they asked. If God is meant to be a fire inside me, I was like a refrigerator, keeping the fire cool until someone opened the door.

The next week, I went on a ski trip. I went with a friend who had just recently became a Christian. With some long bus trips and being in the same cabin, I thought I would be courageous enough to talk more about what being a Christian is going to be like and encourage him. However, again, I got so caught up in the skiing that I left the more important things till last where tiredness defeated my will to talk.

Now, a week back into the normal scheme of things, I am still reminiscing the lost chances that I have squandered for my own pleasure instead. I could have started a bible study at the camp and invited people along. I could have read the bible together with my Christian friend. But I didn't.

I don't really have a real positive about this experience yet. It is another one of those situations where I keep getting back up and continuing to strive to be more like Jesus. And next time, hopefully I will just give it a go!

          A religion of love or hate?   
Each year after celebrating the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, we follow up their celebration the day after with the feast of the First Martyrs of Rome. This feast honors all those unknown men and women who gave their life in witness to the Christian faith in the first days of the Church. The first martyr of the West [...]
(más de 20 escritores se dieron cita en el Encuentro de Poesía "Teófilo Cid", realizado en Ciudad Sur los días 6 y 7 de diciembre)

Óscar Saavedra Villarroel (Santiago, 1977), que estuvo en el reciente encuentro de poetas “Teófilo Cid” gestionado por Christian Martínez en el Instituto Profesional de Chile, es una de las voces más autorizadas de su generación. A pesar de haber publicado un solo libro –Tecnopacha” (Editorial Zignos, Perú, 2008)–, Saavedra, tanto por su proyecto “Descentralización Poética” como por las decenas de talleres literarios que ha gestado en múltiples niveles, ha atisbado una suerte de revolución literaria sustentada en la democratización de la escritura.

Háblame de tus estudios formales

Estudié en varias escuelas y en el Liceo Manuel Barros Borgoño de Santiago. Pasé por varias carreras, pero finalmente me licencié en Educación. Soy un profesor que siempre ha ejercido una educación alternativa, no acorde con los planes y programas. Todo en la educación formal nos prepara para la sociedad de consumo, con profesores que repiten y repiten y con directores que son auténticos tiranos. Lo primero que hace un niño al conocer sus instituciones, a través de lo que llaman constructivismo, es ir a los supermercados, saber que existen los malls y luego su espacio, su mundo. Todo está disfrazado, apuntaron a destruir la memoria y lo han conseguido. Entonces, no bastan los discursos, que están quebrados; se requieren acciones.

¿Algún posgrado?

La escritura y mis talleres –en estos momentos realizo nueve– son un posgrado superior. Ahí se produce la combustión misma de la creatividad. Estudiar algo que no es mejor que mi biblioteca, la acción o las personas, no tiene sentido. Hay que tener cuidado con las instituciones, muchas veces te quiebran el cielo. Otras veces, te seducen al punto de hacerte desaparecer como persona creativa.

¿Cómo definirías tu poesía?

Es una poesía que muchas veces se borra para salir a caminar por las calles y los acontecimientos, como narrando a través de una “ficcio-realidad” o dialogando con la crónica; un escritor debe escribir su tiempo. Algunos de mis temas: la transculturización, el sistema, el capitalismo, los talentos quebrados de las poblaciones, el quiebre del lenguaje (al chileno lo defino como un lenguaje con pasamontañas). He dejado que niños y jóvenes intervengan mi poesía, para salirme del individualismo que a algunos empresarios de la palabra parece haber ahogado ¿Para qué más supermercados del lenguaje, si hay lenguajes fresquitos en casi todas las esquinas?

¿Cuál es la verdadera función que tiene la literatura, además del goce estético y de la posibilidad de difundir conocimiento?

Escribir su historia, no dejar que la memoria se venda. Ahí debiera estar la escritura, dando la batalla, como un poema lleno de fotos indelebles. El lenguaje es política en sí mismo, es cosa de ver cómo lo mal emplea el utilitarismo. Una de las cosas que ha hecho este sistema, de manera casi inteligente, es quitarnos la lucidez y llevarnos a un individualismo que ha sometido al escritor a creerse la punta de tope de un iceberg que se desmorona. Estrategias del neoliberalismo que uno debe descubrir y combatir. Creo en el escritor como un actor social. Escribir es leer y leer es escribir. La escritura nace de la valentía, de mirar al sol de frente.

¿Qué experiencias –y a qué niveles– has tenido en la enseñanza de la poesía?

He compartido poesía a través de talleres en muchos lugares de Santiago y también de regiones y a todas las edades. Es impresionante lo que te puede entregar un taller literario. Los niños me tienen todo el rato pensando, debo tener respuestas para todo, en cualquier momento debo cumplir con lo que digo y ser creativo; o si no, viene el desplome. ¿Qué es mejor, estar ahí con ellos o haciendo una carrera literaria en donde la competencia y la velocidad te hacen desaparecer? Opto por lo primero, son muchos soles, muchas tormentas mentales, mucha vida por delante. Estoy haciendo un libro para la enseñanza de la poesía y, junto a dos destacados poetas, planificamos las “Escuelas de la Poesía”, un proyecto mayor. Algunos dicen: la poesía no se enseña. Yo creo que sí, que se puede enseñar

¿Qué me puedes decir de “Descentralización poética”?

Llevamos varios años generando movilidad literaria con encuentros en casi todo Chile y otros países, en universidades, colegios, poblaciones, centros culturales, ocupando casi todos los espacios geográficos e interviniendo la ciudad. Nuestra idea es volver a encantar a las personas con un patrimonio espiritual que les pertenece y que el sistema –las academias y el sentido elitista de la literatura– les ha enajenado. El 2013 haremos un “Descentralización” en muchos lugares a la vez, invitando a poetas latinoamericanos que a su vez darán talleres en poblaciones. Daremos un golpe a la institucionalidad, diremos que la poesía está viva y las personas le han dado respiración a la palabra.

          Dollar despairs on hawkish central banks, Asia stocks join global slump   

By Nichola Saminather

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The dollar extended its losses on Friday as major central banks signalled that the era of cheap money was coming to an end in a boon to sterling, the euro and the Canadian dollar, while Asian shares were hit by dismal performances of European and U.S. markets.

European markets were set to open a little lower, with financial spreadbetter LCG expecting Britain's FTSE 100, Germany's DAX and France's CAC 40 to all start the day down 0.1 percent. All three lost between 0.5 percent and 1.9 percent on Thursday.

But global stock market indexes are set for more gains by the end of this year, driven by an economic revival in Europe and bright prospects for much of Asia, a Reuters poll of around 300 financial professionals showed.

The dollar index fell 0.1 percent to 95.549, poised for a 1.8 percent slide this week, having fallen in all sessions but one. It is down 1.4 percent for the month, and 4.8 percent for the quarter.

The Korean won weakened against the dollar after the country reported industrial production rose by 0.2 percent in May from a month earlier, missing expectations for growth of 1.5 percent. That followed a 2.2 percent decline in April

The dollar was up 0.1 percent at 1,142.5 won.

But the greenback remained lower against other major currencies. Adding to the dollar's weakness against the yen was data showing Japanese core consumer prices rose 0.4 percent in May from a year earlier in its fifth straight month of gains, although inflation remains well below the central bank's 2 percent target.

The dollar fell 0.25 percent to 111.95 yen, after losing 0.2 percent on Thursday. It was heading for a 1.2 percent gain for the month, but is down 4.2 percent this year.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney surprised many on Wednesday by conceding a rate hike was likely to be needed as the economy came closer to running at full capacity.

Sterling was 0.1 percent higher on Friday at $1.3017, adding to Thursday's 0.6 percent gain.

Two top policymakers at the Bank of Canada also suggested they might tighten monetary policy there as early as July.

The dollar slipped 0.15 percent to C$1.2984, extending Thursday's 0.26 percent loss.

Despite comments by sources that European Central Bank President Mario Draghi had intended to signal tolerance for a period of weaker inflation, not an imminent policy tightening, the euro on Friday revisited the 13-month high of $1.1445 hit on Thursday.

The euro remained close to that level and was at $1.1439 on Friday, retaining most of Thursday's 0.6 percent gain.

"Obviously there's a shift afoot. It really seems that there's some coordinated effort going on out here among the G10 central banks," said Stephen Innes, head of trading in Asia-Pacific for OANDA in Singapore, referring to the series of hawkish-sounding comments on monetary policy.

In stocks, the MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan fell 0.7 percent, after hitting a two-year high on Thursday. It is up 5.3 percent for the quarter and has risen 18.3 percent this year.

The negative sentiment infected Chinese shares despite surveys showing activity in the country's manufacturing and services sector accelerated in June from the previous month. Manufacturers appeared to enjoy strong external demand, as new orders and production rose at a solid pace.

The CSI 300 index fell 0.3 percent, while the Shanghai Composite slipped 0.1 percent.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng slid 0.9 percent.

Japan's Nikkei tumbled 1.2 percent, shrinking its monthly gain to 1.7 percent. It is up 4.5 percent this year.

Overnight, the tech-heavy Nasdaq led declines on Wall Street with a 1.4 percent loss. The Nasdaq is poised to post a 0.9 percent loss for the month, but is still up 14 percent this year.

The drop in tech stocks overnight was due to a rotation into bank shares, which have lagged this year, after the biggest U.S. banks revealed buyback and dividend plans that beat analysts' expectations after the Fed approved their capital proposals in its annual stress test program.

The S&P financials index rose as much as 2 percent overnight, while the S&P technology index fell as much as 2.7 percent.

In commodities, oil prices continued their recovery this week on a decline in weekly U.S. crude production.

U.S. crude added 0.7 percent to $45.15 a barrel in its seventh straight session of gains, bringing its weekly increase to 5.05 percent, and narrowing its quarterly loss to 10.75 percent.

Global benchmark Brent gained 0.6 percent to $47.67 a barrel, poised to post a 9.8 percent for the quarter.

The dollar's weakness this year has been a boon for gold, which is up 8.25 percent in the same period. It was up 0.1 percent at $1,246.46 an ounce on Friday.

(Reporting by Nichola Saminather; Additional reporting by Masayuki Kitano; Editing by Shri Navaratnam and Christian Schmollinger)

          GLOBAL MARKETS-Dollar despairs on hawkish central banks, Asia stocks join global slump   

* Dollar slides versus peers on hawkish global central banks

* European stocks poised for slightly lower open

* Poll shows global stocks set for further gains this year

* Asia ex-Japan, Nikkei fall on risk aversion but up forquarter

* China stocks drop despite solid manufacturing, servicesPMIs

* Oil posts 7th session of gains on decline in U.S. crudesupplies

By Nichola Saminather

SINGAPORE, June 30 (Reuters) - The dollar extended itslosses on Friday as major central banks signalled that the eraof cheap money was coming to an end in a boon to sterling, theeuro and the Canadian dollar, while Asian shares were hit bydismal performances of European and U.S. markets.

European markets were set to open a little lower, withfinancial spreadbetter LCG expecting Britain's FTSE 100,Germany's DAX and France's CAC 40 to all startthe day down 0.1 percent. All three lost between 0.5 percentand 1.9 percent on Thursday.

But global stock market indexes are set for more gains bythe end of this year, driven by an economic revival in Europeand bright prospects for much of Asia, a Reuters poll of around300 financial professionals showed.

The dollar index fell 0.1 percent to 95.549, poisedfor a 1.8 percent slide this week, having fallen in all sessionsbut one. It is down 1.4 percent for the month, and 4.8 percentfor the quarter.

The Korean won weakened against the dollar after the countryreported industrial production rose by 0.2 percent in May from amonth earlier, missing expectations for growth of 1.5 percent.That followed a 2.2 percent decline in April

The dollar was up 0.1 percent at 1,142.5 won.

But the greenback remained lower against other majorcurrencies. Adding to the dollar's weakness against the yen wasdata showing Japanese core consumer prices rose 0.4 percent inMay from a year earlier in its fifth straight month of gains,although inflation remains well below the central bank's 2percent target.

The dollar fell 0.25 percent to 111.95 yen, after losing 0.2percent on Thursday. It was heading for a 1.2 percent gain forthe month, but is down 4.2 percent this year.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney surprised many onWednesday by conceding a rate hike was likely to be needed asthe economy came closer to running at full capacity.

Sterling was 0.1 percent higher on Friday at$1.3017, adding to Thursday's 0.6 percent gain.

Two top policymakers at the Bank of Canada also suggestedthey might tighten monetary policy there as early as July.

The dollar slipped 0.15 percent to C$1.2984,extending Thursday's 0.26 percent loss.

Despite comments by sources that European Central BankPresident Mario Draghi had intended to signal tolerance for aperiod of weaker inflation, not an imminent policy tightening,the euro on Friday revisited the 13-month high of $1.1445 hit onThursday.

The euro remained close to that level and was at$1.1439 on Friday, retaining most of Thursday's 0.6 percentgain.

"Obviously there's a shift afoot. It really seems thatthere's some coordinated effort going on out here among the G10central banks," said Stephen Innes, head of trading inAsia-Pacific for OANDA in Singapore, referring to the series ofhawkish-sounding comments on monetary policy.

In stocks, the MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific sharesoutside Japan fell 0.7 percent, after hitting atwo-year high on Thursday. It is up 5.3 percent for the quarterand has risen 18.3 percent this year.

The negative sentiment infected Chinese shares despitesurveys showing activity in the country's manufacturing andservices sector accelerated in June from the previous month.Manufacturers appeared to enjoy strong external demand, as neworders and production rose at a solid pace.

The CSI 300 index fell 0.3 percent, while theShanghai Composite slipped 0.1 percent.

Hong Kong's Hang Seng slid 0.9 percent.

Japan's Nikkei tumbled 1.2 percent, shrinking itsmonthly gain to 1.7 percent. It is up 4.5 percent this year.

Overnight, the tech-heavy Nasdaq led declines onWall Street with a 1.4 percent loss. The Nasdaq is poised topost a 0.9 percent loss for the month, but is still up 14percent this year.

The drop in tech stocks overnight was due to a rotation intobank shares, which have lagged this year, after the biggest U.S.banks revealed buyback and dividend plans that beat analysts'expectations after the Fed approved their capital proposals inits annual stress test program.

The S&P financials index rose as much as 2 percentovernight, while the S&P technology index fell as muchas 2.7 percent.

In commodities, oil prices continued their recovery thisweek on a decline in weekly U.S. crude production.

U.S. crude added 0.7 percent to $45.15 a barrel inits seventh straight session of gains, bringing its weeklyincrease to 5.05 percent, and narrowing its quarterly loss to10.75 percent.

Global benchmark Brent gained 0.6 percent to $47.67a barrel, poised to post a 9.8 percent for the quarter.

The dollar's weakness this year has been a boon for gold,which is up 8.25 percent in the same period. It was up 0.1percent at $1,246.46 an ounce on Friday.

(Reporting by Nichola Saminather; Additional reporting byMasayuki Kitano; Editing by Shri Navaratnam and ChristianSchmollinger)

          Formel 1 - Verstappen-Frust wegen Ricciardo? Jos: Bullshit!: Dicker Ärger bei Red Bull?   
Jos Verstappen attackiert Red Bulls Christian Horner. Der Teamchef hatte Daniel Ricciardos Erfolgsserie mitverantwortlich für Frust bei Max Verstappen gemacht:
          Asian imports of Iranian oil slow for first time since Jan 2016   

* Asia imports 1.60 mln bpd of Iran oil in May, down 1.7 pctyr/yr * Japan imports tumble 47.8 pct yr/yr due in part toturnaround * Jan-May Asia imports up 30.5 pct yr/yr By Osamu Tsukimori TOKYO, June 30 (Reuters) - Imports of Iranian crude by itsfour main buyers in Asia fell 2 percent in May from a year ago,marking the first year-on-year decline since January 2016, whenWestern sanctions were lifted leading to a spike in Tehran'sexports. Iran's top four Asian buyers - China, India, South Korea andJapan - imported 1.60 million barrels per day (bpd) last month,government and ship-tracking data showed. Iran was exempted from the Organization of the PetroleumExporting Countries agreement to reduce output by 1.2 millionbpd that began this year, a victory for Tehran which has arguedit needs to regain the market share it lost under Westernsanctions over its disputed nuclear programme. Overall Iranian oil output was hovering at more than 3.9million bpd and is expected to reach 4 million bpd by March2018, Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said this month. Iran's oil exports to the West surged in May to theirhighest level since sanctions were lifted, a source familiarwith Iranian oil exports said. Looking ahead, Iran's crude oil exports in July are set tofall 7 percent from this month's three-month high, mainly due toa decline in exports to Europe, a person with knowledge of theMiddle Eastern country's tanker loading schedule said. Japan's trade ministry on Friday released official datashowing its Iranian imports tumbled by nearly half, reflectinglower demand because of the refinery maintenance season. The following tables show Asia's Iran crude imports in bpdfor last month and the year to date. Nation May-17 May-16 yr/yr pct China 681,762 619,300 10.1 India 487,600 379,200 28.6 Japan 160,551 307,691 -47.8 Korea 265,516 316,839 -16.2 Total 1,595,429 1,623,030 -1.7 Nation Jan-May 2017 Jan-May 2016 yr/yr pct China 600,597 565,167 6.3 India 548,200 334,100 64.1 Japan 172,974 192,181 -10.0 Korea 444,185 261,743 69.7 Total 1,765,956 1,353,191 30.5 (Reporting by Osamu Tsukimori; Editing by ChristianSchmollinger)

          Pepe Escobar - Washington and Berlin on a collision course   
The Russia sanctions bill that passed the US Senate by 98:2 on June 15 is a bombshell; it directly demonizes the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, under the Baltic Sea, which is bound to double Gazprom's energy capacity to supply gas to Europe. The 9.5 billion euro pipeline is being financed by five companies; Germany's Uniper and Wintershall; Austria's OMV; France's Engie; and Anglo-Dutch Shell. All these majors operate in Russia, and have, or will establish, pipeline contracts with Gazprom. In a joint statement, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern stressed that, "Europe's energy supply is a matter for Europe, not the United States of America"; "instruments for political sanctions should not be tied to economic interests"; and the whole thing heralds a "new and very negative quality in European-American relations". An oil trader in the Gulf bluntly told me, "the new sanctions against Russia basically amount to telling the EU to buy expensive US gas instead of cheap Russian gas. So the Germans and the Austrians basically told the Americans to buzz off." A top US intel source, Middle East-based and a dissident to the Beltway consensus, stresses how, "the United States Senate by a nearly unanimous vote have decided to declare war on Russia (sanctions are war) and Germany has threatened retaliation against the United States if it initiates sanctions.
          Agen. «Rugby sans différence» et sans frontières se rejoignent   
En marge du 10e anniversaire du Quinze du Pacifique, le «Rugby sans différence» terminait sa saison. Christian Lagarde, éducateur dans la vie professionnelle comme dans le rugby au Sporting Union Agenais Association, et au Comité 47, s'occupe tous les samedis matin d'un groupe d'enfants en situation de handicap pour une activité sportive axée balle ovale. Le projet mis en place par l'éducateur avec la Ville d'Agen, son employeur et, le comité...
          I must get my hands on this one   
Silly me, I have been away from the Washington Post book reviews for the most foolish of reasons. I lost my RSS feeds and neglected to add them. Thanks to Omnivoracious, I caught this Dirda review of a NYRB Classics release of William Lindsey's 1946 novel Nightmare Alley. The man knows how to sell a book:

While I've known for a long time that William Lindsay Gresham's "Nightmare Alley" (1946) was an established classic of noir fiction, I was utterly unprepared for its raw, Dostoevskian power. Why isn't this book on reading lists with Nathanael West's "Miss Lonelyhearts" and Albert Camus' "The Stranger"? It's not often that a novel leaves a weathered and jaded reviewer like myself utterly flattened, but this one did.

How can you not want this book right now?

On the "huh, isn't that interesting tip" we have this:

Still, the most notable factoid surrounding him involves his wife, Joy Davidman, the dedicatee of "Nightmare Alley." She left Gresham, traveled to England and there met, and ultimately married, the novelist, scholar and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis. Did Lewis, I wonder, ever read "Nightmare Alley"? His books frequently address the problem of human pain, of temptation and sinfulness, of damnation.
          What Does Seeking God's Kingdom First Look Like In Real Life?   
The Christian culture is full of language that speaks our heart and call. One such idea is the thought of seeking God first. We all know we have to seek God first, but what does that really mean?
          The Christian way to respond when someone is speaking badly about you   
One of the most painful things a person can experience is someone badmouthing them behind their back. So how can we deal with this kind of pain?
          Looking for a spouse: What a Godly husband is like   
Every single Christian woman who desires to have a Godly husband knows that this is something only God can give. What's a Godly husband like?
          Así está el mercado   

[SUB]Acá debajo, los clubes que ya se estuvieron moviendo:[/SUB]


Altas: [SUB]Enzo Pérez,[/SUB] Javier Pinola, Germán Lux,  Ignacio Scocco.

Bajas: Sebastián Driussi (Zenit).

Interesan: Lionel Vangioni (vendría a préstamo de Milan), Gabriel Gudiño (Atlético Rafaela), Nicolás de La Cruz (Liverpool de Uruguay), Matías Kranevitter (Sevilla). Además, Gallardo deberá decidir qué hacer Nicolás Bertolo, Federico Andrada, Juan Kaprof, Augusto Solari, Emiliano Agüero, Claudio Salto, Federico Arenoso y Pablo Carreras, que vuelven de sus préstamos. Alexander Barboza será tenido en cuenta por Gallaro pero analizan ofertas. La más factible es que emigre al Deportivo La Coruña.

Podrían irse: Tomás Andrade, Iván Alonso, Iván Rossi, Joaquín Arzura, Arturo Mina. 


Altas: Paolo Goltz (del América de México, ya hay acuerdo, pero falta la firma).

Bajas: Rodrigo Bentancur (Juventus), Rodrigo Martínez (Godoy Cruz).

Interesan: Carlos Tevez (debe decidir en diciembre si vuelve de China), Diego Polenta (Nacional), Guido Pizarro (Tigres), Emanuel Reynoso (Talleres), Gary Medel (Inter de Milán), Víctor Ayala (Al-Nassr FC), Walter Montoya (Sevilla).

Además, vuelven de sus préstamos Leandro Marín, Nicolás Colazo, Andrés Chávez, Andrés Cubas, Agustín Bouzat, Gonzalo Castellani, Tomás Pochettino, Franco Cristaldo, Pedro Silva Torrejón y Nicolás Benegas.

Podrían irse: Cristián Pavón (al Zenit de Rusia), Darío Benedetto, Ricardo Centurión, Gino Peruzzi, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Frank Fabra, Santiago Vergini, Marcelo Torres, Andrés Cubas, Franco Cristaldo. A Fernando Tobio se le venció el préstamo. Axel Werner debe volver al Atlético Madrid y Jonathan Silva al Sporting Lisboa.


Altas: Egidio Arévalo Ríos, Lucas Orban y Juan Patiño.

Bajas: Gustavo Bou (Xolos), Agustín Orion (Colo Colo), Pablo Alvarez (rescindió), Luciano Aued (irá a la U. Católica).

Interesan:[SUB] Fito Rinaudo (Gimnasia)[/SUB], Facundo Pereyra (Colón), Nahitan Nández (Peñarol), Franco Armani (Atlético Nacional), Alexis Martín Arias (Gimnasia), Alexis Canelo (Puebla), Emanuel Reynoso (Talleres), Leonel Di Plácido (At. Tucumán), Martín Nervo (Huracán), Alexander Domínguez (Monterrey), Fernando Zampedri (Atlético Tucumán).

Podrían irse: Marcos Acuña (le quieren mejorar el contrato para que siga), Luciano Aued, Emiliano Insúa, Francisco Cerro, Federíco Vismara, Gastón Díaz, Marco Torsiglieri.

San Lorenzo

Altas: [SUB]Gonzalo Rodríguez, Víctor Salazar.[/SUB] Quignón regresó de Newell's. Además, Mercier, Romagnoli y Torrico renovaron sus contratos con la institución.

Bajas: Néstor Ortigoza.

Interesan: [SUB]Juan Manuel Iturbe[/SUB], Darío Cvitanich (Banfield), Gabriel Gudiño (Atlético Rafaela), Jonathan Cristaldo (Monterrey), Lucas Zelarayán (Tigres), Federico Lértora (Belgrano).

Podrían irse: Ezequiel Cerutti (a USA), Fabricio Coloccini.


Interesan: [SUB]Jonás Gutiérrez (Defensa y Justicia), ya hay acuerdo de palabra, [/SUB]Walter Gargano (Monterrey), Franz Schultz (Universidad de Chile), Guido Carrillo (Mónaco), Fernando Zampedri (Atlético Tucumán), Alejandro Chumacero (The Strongest), Gonzalo Jara y Jean Beasejour (Universidad de Chile), Nehuén Paz (Newell's), Felipe Caicedo (Espanyol).


Bajas: Lucas Chacana y Leandro Díaz.

Interesan: Nicolás Messiniti (Independiente),  Fernando Coniglio (Olimpo).

Podrían irse: Martín Nervo, Matías Fritzler, Marcos Díaz.

Estudiantes de La Plata:

Altas: Gustavo Matosas (entrenador), Mariano Pavone (Vélez), Pablo Lugüercio (Aldosivi), Pablo Alvarez (Racing).

Bajas: Lucas Viatri, Matías Aguirregaray y Augusto Solari.

Interesan: Anderson Plata (Independiente Santa Fe), Gastón Fernández (Gremio), Pablo Piatti (Espanyol), Pablo Alvarez (Racing), Iván Torres (Colón), Gastón Campi (Atlético Rafaela), Fernando Zuqui (Boca), Matías Pérez García (Orlando City), Cristián Erbes (libre), Federico Milo (Arsenal). Leonardo Gil vuelve de su préstamo en Talleres y Matosas decidirá qué hacer con el volante.

Podrían irse: Santiago Ascacibar, Juan Foyth, Javier Toledo.

Gimnasia de La Plata:

Altas: Mariano Soso (entrenador).

Interesan: Francisco Cerro (Racing), Luciano Abecasis (Godoy Cruz), Brian Sarmiento (Banfield).

Podrían irse: Alexis Martín Arias, Mauricio Romero, Fabián Rinaudo, Franco Niell.


Bajas: Mariano Pavone (Estudiantes). Juan Manuel Martínez.

Interesan: Jonathan Cristaldo (Monterrey), Lucas Viatri (Estudiantes), Dardo Miloc (Temperley), Oscar Ustari (Atlas de México), Mauro Zárate (Watford), Joel Amoroso (Newell's), Santiago Vergini (Boca).

Podrían irse: Alan Aguerre, Maximiliano Caire, Fabián Assmann,  Héctor Canteros, Gonzalo Díaz, Blas Cáceres, Ivan Bella.


Altas: Juan Manuel Llop (entrenador) y Mathías Abero (defensor central, de Atlético Rafaela).

Bajas: Facundo Quignon (volvió a San Lorenzo), Mauro Formica (Pumas), Ignacio Scocco (River), Néstor Moiraghi (Deportivo Cali).

Interesan: Ramón Arias (Peñarol), Brian Sarmiento (Banfield), Cesar Rigamonti (Quilmes), Mauricio Sperdutti (Banfield).

Podría irse: Maxi Rodríguez.

Rosario Central:

Bajas: Damián Musto (Tijuana), Teófilo Gutiérrez (Junior), Javier Pinola (River),  Víctor Salazar (San Lorenzo).

Interesan: Néstor Ortigoza (libre), Matías Caruzzo (San Lorenzo), Lautaro Germiniani (Patronato).

Podría irse: Diego Rodríguez.


Bajas: Ciro Rius (Defensa y Justicia), Facundo Monteseirín (Arsenal), Hernán Toledo (Las Palmas) y Agustín Pelletieri.

Interesan: [SUB]Maximiliano Caire (Vélez),[/SUB] Alberto Contrera (Guaraní),  Martín Nervo (Huracán), Luis Fariña (Benfica), Cristián Villagra (Rosario Central), Omar Alderete (Cerro Porteño), Miguel Mellado (Chacarita), Esteban Rolón (Argentinos).


Bajas: Nicolás Bertolo (River).

Interesan: Jesús Dátolo (Vitoria), a punto de concretarse su vuelta; Ivan Rossi (River), Andrés Chávez (Boca), Nicolás Domingo (River), Gabriel Paletta (Milan), Lucas Pérez Godoy (Sarmiento de Junín), Juan Manuel García (Brown de Adrogué), Fabián Bordagaray (Rosario Central).

Podrían irse: Darío Cvitanich, Mauricio Sperduti, Brian Sarmiento (terminó su contrato pero el club intentará retenerlo), Emanuel Cecchini, Alexis Soto, Gonzalo Prósperi, Juan Manuel Cobo, Mauricio Asenjo, Agustin Fontana, Luciano Gómez, Miguel Escobar, Enzo Trinidad.


Altas: Santiago Martínez Pinto (Montevideo Wanderers). Guillermo Farré renovó su vínculo hasta diciembre de 2017.

Interesan: Emanuel Brítez (Unión), Jorge Ortiz (Tijuana), Gonzalo Bergessio (San Lorenzo), Santiago Zurbriggen (Lanús) y Francisco Cerro (Racing), Lucas Albertengo (Independiente), Neri Bandiera (Aldosivi), Marcelo Benítez (Godoy Cruz).

Podrían irse: Matías Suárez, Cristian Romero. A Claudio Aquino y a Sebastián Luna se les venció el préstamo y están negociando entre los clubes.


Interesan: Mauro Boselli (León de México), Nicolás Oroz (Chacarita), Gabriel Gudiño (Atlético Rafaela).

Podrían irse: Sebastián Palacios, Emanuel Reynoso, Victorio Ramis, Gonzalo Klusener, Leonardo Gil, Carlos Muñoz Rojas, Ezequiel Rescaldani, Juan Ramírez, Wilfredo Olivera, Ivo Chaves, Lucas Kruspzky.


Bajas: Gerónimo Poblete (Metz), Jorge Broun (Ludogrets).

Interesan: Agustín Bouzat (Defensa y Justicia), Francisco Cerro (Racing), Nicolás Aguirre (Lanús), Germán Montoya (Belgrano), Christian Chimino (Temperley), Marcos Díaz (Huracán).

Podrían irse: Facundo Pereyra, Iván Torres, Germán Conti, Nicolás Leguizamón.


Bajas: Pablo Marini (entrenador).

Interesan: Antes que buscar jugadores, la dirigencia Tatengue piensa en el DT. Candidatos: Américo Gallego, Claudio, Borghi y Pablo Lavallén, Walter Coyette, Leonardo Madelón, Roberto Sensini. Un jugador en órbita: Franco Niell (Gimnasia).

Podrían irse: Emanuel Brítez, Franco Soldano.

Atlético Tucumán:

Altas: Ricardo Zielinski (entrenador).

Bajas: Cristián Menéndez (Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz).

Interesan: Gervasio Núñez (Sarmiento de Junín), Gustavo Gotti (Instituto),  Alexis Messidoro (Sport Boys), Gustavo Toledo (Independiente), Christian Chimino (Temperley).

Podrían irse: Zampedri, Ignacio Canuto, Leandro González, Leonel Di Plácido, Tomás Cuello.

Defensa y Justicia:

Altas: Nelson Vivas (entrenador), Ciro Rius 

Bajas: Sebastián Beccacece (entrenador), Nicolás Stefanelli (AIK de Suecia), Alexander Barboza (River), Jonás Gutiérrez (cerca de Independiente), Gonzalo Castellani (Boca), Tomas Pochettino (Boca), Pablo Becker(R. Central), Elías Gómez (R. Central), Juan Cruz Kaprof (River), Tomas Cardona (San Lorenzo) y Fernando Elizari (San Lorenzo).

Interesan: Marcelo Torres (Boca), Andrés Cubas (Boca), Franco Cristaldo (Boca), Nelson Acevedo (Unión), Fabián Bordagaray (Rosario Central), Mauro Bogado (Huracán).

Podrían irse: Gabriel Arias, Rafael Delgado.


Altas: Facundo Monteseirín, Germán Ferreyra, Rodrigo Contreras.

Bajas: Jonathan Bottinelli, Fernando Pellegrino, Luciano Vella, Salvador Sánchez, Leandro Marín (Boca), Juan Gabriel Celaya (Villa Dalmine), Gonzalo Bazán, Federico Flores, Mauro Leiva, Gabriel Sanabria, Joaquín Boghossian, Gonzalo Papa y Juan Sánchez Sotelo

Interesan: Marcelo Araujo (Huracán), Mariano González (Huracán).

Podría irse: Leandro Rolón (todavía no arreglo la renovación de su contrato).


Bajas: Alexis Zárate (Independiente), Emiliano Ozuna (Estudiantes), Dardo Miloc (Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata) y Matías Ibáñez (Lanus).

Interesan: Adrián Arregui (acaba de rescindir su contrato con el Montreal Impact).

Podrían Irse: Christian Chimino (hay interes por parte de Atlético Tucumán), Mauro Guevgeozian (Llegaron propuestas de Newell's).

          Así se mueve el mercado   

[SUB]Acá debajo, los clubes que ya se estuvieron moviendo:[/SUB]


Altas: [SUB]Enzo Pérez,[/SUB] Javier Pinola, Germán Lux,  Ignacio Scocco.

Bajas: Sebastián Driussi (Zenit).

Interesan: Lionel Vangioni (vendría a préstamo de Milan), Gabriel Gudiño (Atlético Rafaela), Nicolás de La Cruz (Liverpool de Uruguay). Además, Gallardo deberá decidir qué hacer Nicolás Bertolo, Federico Andrada, Juan Kaprof, Augusto Solari, Emiliano Agüero, Claudio Salto, Federico Arenoso y Pablo Carreras, que vuelven de sus préstamos. Alexander Barboza se irá a La Coruña.

Podrían irse: Tomás Andrade, Iván Alonso, Iván Rossi, Joaquín Arzura, Arturo Mina. 


Altas: Paolo Goltz (del América deM México, ya hay acuerdo, pero falta la firma).

Bajas: Rodrigo Bentancur (Juventus).

Interesan: Carlos Tevez (debe decidir en diciembre si vuelve de China), Diego Polenta (Nacional), Guido Pizarro (Tigres), Emanuel Reynoso (Talleres), Gary Medel (Inter de Milán), Víctor Ayala (Al-Nassr FC), Walter Montoya (Sevilla), 

Además, vuelven de sus préstamos Leandro Marín, Nicolás Colazo, Andrés Chávez, Andrés Cubas, Agustín Bouzat, Gonzalo Castellani, Tomás Pochettino, Franco Cristaldo, Pedro Silva Torrejón y Nicolás Benegas.

Podrían irse: Cristián Pavón (al Zenit de Rusia), Darío Benedetto, Ricardo Centurión, Gino Peruzzi, Juan Manuel Insaurralde, Frank Fabra, Santiago Vergini. A Fernando Tobio se le venció el préstamo. Axel Werner debe volver al Atlético Madrid y Jonathan Silva al Sporting Lisboa.


Altas: Egidio Arévalo Ríos, Lucas Orban y Juan Patiño.

Bajas: Gustavo Bou (Xolos), Agustín Orion (Colo Colo), Luciano Aued (U. Católica), Pablo Alvarez (rescindió).

Interesan:[SUB] Fito Rinaudo (Gimnasia)[/SUB], Facundo Pereyra (Colón), Nahitan Nández (Peñarol), Franco Armani (Atlético Nacional), Alexis Martín Arias (Gimnasia), Alexis Canelo (Puebla), Emanuel Reynoso (Talleres)

Podrían irse: Marcos Acuña (le quieren mejorar el contrato para que siga).

San Lorenzo

Altas: [SUB]Gonzalo Rodríguez, Víctor Salazar.[/SUB] Quignón regresó de Newell's. Además, Mercier, Romagnoli y Torrico renovaron sus contratos con la institución.

Bajas: Néstor Ortigoza.

Interesan: [SUB]Juan Manuel Iturbe[/SUB], Darío Cvitanich (Banfield).

Podrían irse: Ezequiel Cerutti (a USA), Fabricio Coloccini.


Interesan: [SUB]Jonás Gutiérrez (Defensa y Justicia), ya hay acuerdo de palabra, [/SUB]Walter Gargano (Monterrey), Franz Schultz (Universidad de Chile), Guido Carrillo (Mónaco), Fernando Zampedri (Atlético Tucumán), Alejandro Chumacero (The Strongest), Gonzalo Jara y Jean Beasejour (Universidad de Chile).


Interesan: Nicolás Messiniti (Independiente),  Fernando Coniglio (Olimpo)

Podrían irse: Martín Nervo, Matías Fritzler, Marcos Díaz.

Bajas: Lucas Chacana y Leandro Díaz.

Estudiantes de La Plata:

Altas: Gustavo Matosas (entrenador), Mariano Pavone (Vélez), Pablo Lugüercio (Aldosivi), Pablo Alvarez (Racing)

Bajas: Viatri, Aguirregaray y Solari.

Interesan: Anderson Plata (Independiente Santa Fe), Gastón Fernández (Gremio), Pablo Piatti (Espanyol), Pablo Alvarez (Racing), Iván Torres (Colón), Gastón Campi (Atlético Rafaela), Fernando Zuqui (Boca). Leonardo Gil vuelve de su préstamo en Talleres y Matosas decidirá qué hacer con el volante.

Podrían irse: Santiago Ascacibar, Juan Foyth, Javier Toledo.

Gimnasia de La Plata:

Altas: Mariano Soso (entrenador)

Interesan: Francisco Cerro (Racing), Luciano Aued (Racing), Luciano Abecasis (Godoy Cruz), Brian Sarmiento (Banfield)

Podrían irse: Alexis Martín Arias, Mauricio Romero, Fabián Rinaudo.


Bajas: Mariano Pavone (Estudiantes). Juan Manuel Martínez.

Interesan: Jonathan Cristaldo (Monterrey), Lucas Viatri (Estudiantes), Dardo Miloc (Temperley), Oscar Ustari (Atlas de México), Mauro Zárate (Watford).

Podrían irse: Alan Aguerre, Maximiliano Caire, Fabián Assmann,  Héctor Canteros, Gonzalo Díaz, Blas Cáceres, Ivan Bella.


Altas: Juan Manuel Llop (entrenador).

Bajas: Facundo Quignon (volvió a San Lorenzo), Mauro Formica (Pumas), Ignacio Scocco (River).

Interesan: Matías Abero (Atl. Rafaela), Ramón Arias (Peñarol), Brian Sarmiento (Banfield).

Podría irse: Maxi Rodríguez.

Rosario Central:

Bajas: Damián Musto (Tijuana), Teófilo Gutiérrez (Junior), Javier Pinola (River),  Víctor Salazar (San Lorenzo).

Interesan: Néstor Ortigoza y Matías Caruzzo.

Podrían irse: Diego Rodríguez.


Bajas: Ciro Rius, Agustín Pelletieri, Hernán Toledo (Las Palmas) y Facundo Monteseirín (Arsenal).

Interesan: [SUB]Maximiliano Caire (Vélez),[/SUB] Alberto Contrera (Guaraní), Martín Nervo (Huracán), Luis Fariña (Benfica), Cristián Villagra (Rosario Central), Rolón (Argentinos), Miguel Mellado (Chacarita), Lucas Janson (Tigre), Omar Alderete (Cerro Porteño).


Bajas: Nicolás Bertolo (River), Brian Sarmiento (terminó su contrato pero el club intentará retenerlo).

Interesan: Jesús Dátolo (Vitoria), a punto de concretarse su vuelta; Ivan Rossi (River), Andrés Chávez (Boca), Nicolás Domingo (River), Gabriel Paletta (Milan).

Podrían irse: Darío Cvitanich, Mauricio Sperdutti.


Altas: Santiago Martínez Pinto (Montevideo Wanderers). Guillermo Farré renovó su vínculo hasta diciembre de 2017.

Interesan: Emanuel Brítez (Unión), Jorge Ortiz (Tijuana), Gonzalo Bergessio (San Lorenzo), Santiago Zurbriggen (Lanús) y Francisco Cerro (Racing), Lucas Albertengo (Independiente).

Podrían irse: Matías Suárez, Cristian Romero. A Claudio Aquino y a Sebastián Luna se les venció el préstamo y están negociando entre los clubes.


Interesan: Mauro Boselli (León de México), Nicolás Oroz (Chacarita), Gabriel Gudiño (Atlético Rafaela).

Podrían irse: Sebastián Palacios, Emanuel Reynoso, Victorio Ramis, Gonzalo Klusener, Leonardo Gil, Carlos Muñoz Rojas, Ezequiel Rescaldani, Juan Ramírez, Wilfredo Olivera, Ivo Chaves, Lucas Kruspzky.


Bajas: Gerónimo Poblete (Metz), Jorge Broun (Ludogrets).

Interesan: Agustín Bouzat (Defensa y Justicia), Francisco Cerro (Racing), Nicolás Aguirre (Lanús), Germán Montoya (Belgrano), Christian Chimino (Temperley), Marcos Díaz (Huracán), Matías Frietzler (Huracán).

Podrían irse: Facundo Pereyra, Iván Torres, Germán Conti, Nicolás Leguizamón.


Bajas: Pablo Marini (entrenador).

Interesan: antes que buscar jugadores, la dirigencia tatengue piensa en el DT. Candidatos: Claudio Borghi, Américo Gallego, Pablo Lavallén, Walter Coyette, Leonardo Madelón, Roberto Sensini. Un jugador en órbita es Franco Niel (Gimnasia). 

Podrían irse: Emanuel Brítez, Franco Soldano.

Atlético Tucumán:

Altas: Ricardo Zielinski (entrenador).

Bajas: Cristián Menéndez (Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz).

Podrían irse: Zampedri, Ignacio Canuto, Leandro González, Leonel Di Plácido, Tomás Cuello.

          Boxentafeln "light": Wie geheime Codes verhindert werden    

Vor dem Hintergrund der Erfahrungen aus Budapest schlägt der Deutsche Motor Sport Bund (DMSB) bei der Verhinderung eines Zielzeitfahrens nun einen äußerst konsequenten Weg ein. Wie von '' bereits am Freitagmorgen exklusiv berichtet, wird die Kommunikation zwischen Teams und Fahrern ab dem aktuellen Rennwochenende am Norisring weiter eingeschränkt. Um neue Geheimcodes zu verhindern, hat der DMSB nun eine klare Ansage gemacht.

Die Teams dürfen ihren Piloten auf der Boxentafel nur noch mit einzelnen und eindeutig beim DMSB hinterlegten Buchstaben, Zahlen oder Symbolen die wichtigen Hinweise weitergeben. Ab sofort sind sogar Runden-Countdowns vor einem geplanten Boxenstopp ("L-3", "L-2", "L-1") und Positionsangaben auf dem Board verboten. Das Team darf dem jeweiligen Piloten nur noch ein Signal geben: nächste Runde zum Boxenstopp!

Damit jegliche Geheimsprache auf den Tafeln unterbunden wird, müssen die Hersteller bis zum morgigen Samstag ein Foto beim DMSB hinterlegen. Diese Aufnahme soll zeigen, wie genau die Boxentafel bei der Aufforderung zum Stopp aussehen wird. Ob per Pfeil, "BOX", "PIT" oder ähnlichen Hinweisen, ist erst einmal egal. Wichtig ist, dass im Rennen keine Veränderungen bezüglich Form, Farbe und Darstellung erkennbar sind, denn dies könnte als Geheimcode gewertet werden.

Hintergrund dieser Neuerungen, die Rennleiter Sven Stoppe in der Fahrerbesprechung kommuniziert und entsprechend verschriftlicht hat, sind die teils absurden Rundenzeiten aus den beiden Budapest-Rennen. Mehreren Piloten wurden Zielvorgaben gemacht, um den Schnitt der 28 schnellsten Runden eines Fahrzeuges nicht zu schnell werden zu lassen. Auf Grundlage dieses Durchschnitts aller sechs Fahrzeuge einer Marke wird das Performance-Gewicht nach der jüngsten Regeländerung vergeben.

Um ein solches Zielzeitfahren zu verhindern, hatten die drei Hersteller Audi, BMW und Mercedes vor dem Norisring-Wochenende eine erneute Neuformulierung der Regeln gewünscht. Doch da spielten die Verantwortlichen nicht mit. In einem Meeting entschieden sich DMSB-Präsident Hans-Joachim Stuck, Generalsekretär Christian Schacht, ADAC-Sportpräsident Hermann Tomczyk und DMSB-Präsidiumsmitglied Gerd Ensser gegen einen solchen Schritt.

Die von Rennleiter Sven Stoppe kommunizierten Neuerungen in der Handhabung von Funk und Boxentafeln gelten nicht nur für die beiden bevorstehenden Rennen auf dem Norisring, sondern auch für alle weiteren folgenden Veranstaltungen. Der Funk darf ohnehin nur in Safety-Car-Phasen und bei Boxenstopps verwendet werden. Bei besonderen Gefahrensituationen sind Ausnahmen möglich. Etwaige Strafen oder Ansagen der Rennleitung während des Wettbewerbs werden über einen gesonderten Funkkanal oder über eine Datenleitung zum Dashboard des jeweiligen Autos bewerkstelligt.


          Die volle Ladung Motorsport auf SPORT1    

Am kommenden Wochenende hat SPORT1 wieder ein volles Programm im „Home of Motorsport“ zu bieten und zeigt diverse Rennserien live oder in Highlights auf seinen Plattformen.

Die DTM ist mit ihren Rahmenserien Audi Sport TT Cup und Porsche Carrera Cup sowie den Tourenwagen Classics auf dem Norisring unterwegs. Dazu gastiert die FIA World Rallye Championship (WRC) in Polen, während Matthias Dolderer & Co. bei der Red Bull Air Race Weltmeisterschaft im ungarischen Budapest in die Lüfte gehen. Im Free-TV auf SPORT1 wird rund acht Stunden über die Serien berichtet, dazu gibt es umfangreiche Live-Übertragungen auf SPORT1+ und

Gute Karten für Audi beim DTM-Heimspiel

Mit der vierten Saisonstation auf dem Norisring steht in der DTM eines der Jahreshighlights an. Der einzige verbliebene Stadtkurs Deutschlands ist mit einer Distanz von 2,3 Kilometern die kürzeste Strecke im Kalender und bietet eine prächtige Kulisse. 90 Kilometer von Ingolstadt entfernt hat Audi auf dem Norisring traditionell ein Heimspiel. Beste Voraussetzungen für den Hersteller, denn mit Rene Rast geht ein Audi-Pilot als Gesamtführender an den Start.

SPORT1 überträgt am Samstag das Qualifying ab 11.10 Uhr und das Rennen ab 12.55 Uhr (Rennstart: 13.25 Uhr) im Livestream. Die Highlights des 1. Rennens gibt es am Sonntag ab 11 Uhr im Free-TV.

Auch am Sonntag zeigt SPORT1 das DTM-Qualifying ab 13.50 Uhr und das Sonntagsrennen auf dem Norisring ab 16.50 Uhr (Rennstart: 17.23 Uhr) im Livestream. Die Zusammenfassung des 2. Rennens gibt es ab 22 Uhr im Free-TV zu sehen.

Die Übertragungen im Free-TV auf SPORT1 begleitet Moderatorin Sarah Winkhaus, als Kommentator ist Peter Kohl im Einsatz.

Sattes Rahmenprogramm mit Markenpokalen und Tourenwagen Classics auf dem Norisring

Auch das Rahmenprogramm des DTM-Wochenendes auf dem Norisring kann sich sehen lassen. Mit dem Audi Sport TT Cup und dem Porsche Carrera Cup sind wieder die beiden populären Markenpokale vertreten, die komplett live im Free-TV gezeigt werden. SPORT1 überträgt das 1. Rennen des Audi Sport TT Cup am Samstag live ab 15:30 Uhr, das 2. Rennen wird am Sonntag live ab 12 Uhr übertragen. Es kommentiert Tobias Schimon.

Der Porsche Carrera Cup steht jeweils direkt im Anschluss auf dem Programm. Das 1. Rennen wird am Samstag live ab 16.30 Uhr und das 2. Rennen live ab 13 Uhr auf SPORT1 ausgestrahlt. Hier kommentiert Peter Kohl.

Dazu gibt es mit den Tourenwagen Classics einen echten Leckerbissen für alle Motorsportfans. Dabei gehen die DTM-Größen vergangener Tage mit ihren historischen Rennfahrzeuge auf die Strecke. SPORT1 überträgt das Rennen am Sonntag live ab 10 Uhr. Am Mikrofon begleitet Peter Kohl gemeinsam mit DTM-Kommentatorenlegende Rainer Braun das Geschehen.

Rallye-Stars gastieren in Polen

In der FIA WRC geht in Polen die achte Saisonstation über die Bühne. Im Fokus steht unter anderem der estnische Ford-Pilot Ott Tänak, der zuletzt bei der Rallye Italien seinen ersten Karrieresieg einfahren konnte.

Nach wie vor führt sein Markenkollege Sebastian Ogier, der auf Sardinien mit Platz fünf sein schlechtestes Saisonergebnis holte, das Gesamtklassement an. Man darf gespannt sein, wer nun bei der schnellen Schotter-Rallye in Polen ganz vorne landet. SPORT1+ begleitet die Rallye ab dem morgigen Freitag täglich live. Es kommentiert Christian Glück.

Dolderer in Budapest gefordert

Mit dem Stopp in der ungarischen Hauptstadt Budapest geht die erste Saisonhälfte der Red Bull Air Race Weltmeisterschaft zu Ende. Schon jetzt spitzt sich der Kampf um die WM-Krone zu: In der Gesamtwertung liegen der Japaner Yoshihide Muroya und der Tscheche Martin Sonka punktgleich in Front. Dahinter folgt mit einem Rückstand von sieben Punkten der deutsche Titelverteidiger Matthias Dolderer, der in Chiba unglücklich das Podium verpasste.

Nun gilt es für den amtierenden Champion, in Budapest zurückzuschlagen. SPORT1 überträgt die entscheidende Phase mit der Round of 8 und dem Final 4 am Sonntag live ab 16 Uhr im Free-TV. Davor gibt es die Round of 14 live ab 14 Uhr auf SPORT1+ zu sehen. Es kommentiert Hannes Biechteler.

Die kommenden Motorsport-Sendezeiten auf den SPORT1-Plattformen im Überblick:


Tag, Datum





Freitag, 30. Juni

19:00 Uhr live

FIA World Rally Championship

Rallye Polen, Live Stage

Kommentator: Christian Glück



Samstag, 1. Juli

08:00 Uhr live

FIA World Rally Championship

Rallye Polen, Live Stage

Kommentator: Christian Glück



Samstag, 1. Juli

14:00 Uhr live

FIA World Rally Championship

Rallye Polen, Live Stage

Kommentator: Christian Glück



Samstag, 1. Juli

15:30 Uhr live


Audi Sport TT Cup

1. Rennen, Norisring

Moderatorin: Sarah Winkhaus

Kommentator: Tobias Schimon



Samstag, 1. Juli

16:30 Uhr live


Porsche Carrera Cup

1. Rennen, Norisring

Moderatorin: Sarah Winkhaus

Kommentator: Peter Kohl



Sonntag, 2. Juli

09:00 Uhr live

FIA World Rally Championship

Rallye Polen, Live Stage

Kommentator: Christian Glück


Sonntag, 2. Juli

10:00 Uhr live


Tourenwagen Classics

Rennen, Norisring

Moderatorin: Sarah Winkhaus

Kommentatoren: Peter Kohl, Rainer Braun



Sonntag, 2. Juli

Samstag, 1. Juli

11:00 Uhr (Highlights)

20:55 Uhr (zeitversetzt)

DTM – Das Rennen

1. Rennen, Norisring

Moderatorin: Sarah Winkhaus

Kommentator: Peter Kohl



Sonntag, 2. Juli

12:00 Uhr live

FIA World Rally Championship

Rallye Polen, Power Stage

Kommentator: Christian Glück



Sonntag, 2. Juli

12:00 Uhr live


16:35 Uhr (zeitversetzt)

Audi Sport TT Cup

2. Rennen, Norisring

Moderatorin: Sarah Winkhaus

Kommentator: Tobias Schimon



Sonntag, 2. Juli

13:00 Uhr live

22:05 Uhr (zeitversetzt)

Porsche Carrera Cup

2. Rennen, Norisring

Moderatorin: Sarah Winkhaus

Kommentator: Peter Kohl


Sonntag, 2. Juli

14:00 Uhr live

Red Bull Air Race

Round of 14, Budapest

Kommentator: Hannes Biechteler



Sonntag, 2. Juli

16:00 Uhr live
 17:20 Uhr (zeitversetzt)

Red Bull Air Race

Round of 8 & Final 4, Budapest

Kommentator: Hannes Biechteler



Sonntag, 2. Juli

22:00 Uhr (Highlights)

20:45 Uhr (zeitversetzt)

DTM – Das Rennen

2. Rennen, Norisring

Moderatorin: Sarah Winkhaus

Kommentator: Peter Kohl



Samstag, 8. Juli

14:00 Uhr


Porsche Carrera Cup

Highlights Norisring



Samstag, 8. Juli

13:40 Uhr (zeitversetzt)

Red Bull Air Race

Highlights Budapest


          Agrarminister: Biolandwirtschaft reicht für Welternährung nicht aus   
Die akuten Probleme der Welternährung kann man nach Ansicht von Bundeslandwirtschaftsminister Christian Schmidt (CSU) nicht mit Bio [...]

1 Stimmen
          Image(s) of the Day: Fan posters imagine Jamie Foxx's Blade and Christian Bale's Captain Britain   

Marvel Presdient Kevin Feige whet our appetites for more big-screen Blade with his recent comment about the character being a legacy character in the MCU and how "it would be fun to do something with him someday."

          Exclusive: Creator Christian Torpe on exploring 'nine meals to anarchy' theory in The Mist   

When Danish writer/producer Christian Torpe took on Stephen King's The Mist, he wanted to explore a theory that “we are only nine meals away from anarchy,” as he tells SYFY WIRE in this exclusive interview. It's a theory that seems well suited for material like The Mist, which airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on Spike TV.

          Spearfish Student Earns 2nd Place in State D.A.R.E. Essay Contest   
Mathias Hafner, of Spearfish, second from right, won second place in the statewide D.A.R.E. essay contest. He is pictured with Cpl. Verla Little, his D.A.R.E. instructor, left; his mother, Christina Christians; and his fifth-grade teacher, Cori Engelhardt, right. Pioneer photo by Kaija Swisher. SPEARFISH —– After completing D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), a substance abuse […]
          Picking the Transfer Window That Liverpool Fans Would Love to Reboot   

Liverpool's summer transfer history is patchy, to say the least.

To borrow Isaac Newton's third law of motion, for every action, there has been an equal and opposite reaction. From the start of the Premier League era, the Reds made mistakes in the market.

From Paul Stewart in 1992 through to Christian Benteke in 2015, Liverpool have signed their fair share of flops. Signings that perhaps made sense on paper but, for whatever reason, didn't pan out on the pitch.

But what about the success stories?

If the club's fans could pick one summer window to reboot, allowing them to add that year's signings to bolster manager Jurgen Klopp's current squad, which year would they choose?

Well, we asked them on Twitter:

Of course, the poll only provided four options. It didn't allow the sadomasochists out there to vote for the summer of 2002, for example, when then-manager Gerard Houllier appeared to lose his marbles by agreeing to buy the triumvirate of El Hadji Diouf, Bruno Cheyrou and Salif Diao. Ouch.

Here is Bleacher Report's own breakdown of the best windows seen since the BBC cancelled Play School.



Third place: 2004, The Spanish Armada

Benitez’s arrival at Anfield signalled a wave of Spanish recruits. Dabbling in a market he knew ridiculously well, the new Liverpool manager signed four of his fellow countrymen during his first summer at the helm.

On reflection, he had a 50 per cent strike rate. Full-back Josemi—the first in the door—and Antonio Nunez—a makeweight in the deal that sent Michael Owen to Real Madrid—failed to make an impact during their largely forgettable time in England.

Yet if that pair were poor (and poor is putting it kindly, particularly for Nunez, the winger with the turning circle of the QE II), Benitez struck gold with the other two Spaniards he signed from La Liga.

By scoring the "Ghost Goal" in the 2005 UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg against Chelsea, Luis Garcia—the winger who drank Sangria—made sure he would forever be remembered fondly by the red half of Liverpool.

Having previously worked together at Tenerife, Benitez knew all about Garcia, a hard-working wide man with an eye for goal (he scored 18 in 71 appearances during his time with the Premier League club).

But it was the fourth and final Spaniard who must have heavily swayed the voting in the Twitter poll.

Such is the love for Xabi Alonso, Liverpool fans would have him back in a heartbeat, even though he’s now officially retired. Just mention the midfielder’s name to some and they will still go weak at the knees.

Alonso works in any team. In Benitez’s structured system, he flourished next to Steven Gerrard; at Real Madrid, he was part of the engine room that kept the Galacticos going; and at Bayern Munich, he continued to sparkle even in the twilight of his career. Oh, and then there was his success with the Spanish national team, as he won Euro 2008 and 2012, with the 2010 FIFA World Cup sandwiched in between.

But would he be the most beneficial of all the old boys? Probably not, no (and typing that makes me die a little inside).

While Alonso's range of passing would undoubtedly be beneficial, Klopp is not short of options to play in the centre of the park, particularly if Philippe Coutinho continues in the deeper role he occupied at the end of the last season.

Sorry to disagree with the masses, but Liverpool have more pressing concerns than midfield. A young, fresh-faced Alonso from 2004 isn't solving a problem in the current squad, he's just creating a headache when it comes to selecting the best XI.



Second place: 2007, Striking it Rich

Benitez’s summer of 2007 was a hotchpotch in terms of his transfer dealings.

Who can forget Charles Itandje, Damien Plessis and Sebastian Leto? Everyone, that’s who. The trio made about as much of an impact as a water pistol at the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Other recruits did, however, make a better impression with the Reds. A young Lucas Leiva could replace the departing Lucas in Klopp’s crop, while Ryan Babel and Yossi Benayoun would offer contrasting options off the bench, particularly as Liverpool could do with some cover for wingers Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

However, this window would be rebooted for just one man: Fernando Torres.

Signed for a then-club-record £20.2 million from Atletico Madrid, the Spanish striker didn’t take long to show he was worth every penny.

Handed the famous No. 9 jersey, Torres adapted quickly to the Premier League. The physicality and pace of English football suited him down to the ground as he became the focal point of Liverpool’s attack.

"El Nino" scored 33 goals in all competitions in his debut season. Injuries hampered him in the following years, but that shouldn’t detract from the initial impact he made.

"Torres is the nearest thing I have ever seen to Roger Hunt. When Roger was around, if there was a chance inside the 18-yard box then the ball was in the back of the net—there was no question about that," Tommy Smith said of the forward, per LFC History.

Of course, his move to Chelsea left a bitter taste. Liverpool profited financially, yet the loss of such a talismanic figure was like a gut punch from Mike Tyson (prime Mike Tyson, too, not the Mike Tyson who appears on Broadway).

The anger at the manner of his departure has faded with time. Torres struggled badly as a Blue in London and is now back home with Atletico, the club where he built such a burgeoning reputation in his early years.

But that player who dominated the 2007/08 campaign would start in Liverpool's current XI. While Roberto Firmino does a fine job leading the line, he’s not good enough to keep out a prime Torres, who could lead the counter-press and would feast on the chances that the creative players around him provided.



First place: 1999, Solid as a Rock

When Houllier took over, he talked about putting in place a five-year plan for success. Having started out at Anfield working alongside Roy Evans, the Frenchman was placed in sole charge in November 1998.

The following summer offered him the chance to put his stamp on the squad. The Reds were good at scoring goals—no surprise considering they had Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen up front—but had more issues with leaks than Julian Assange.

Houllier realised his grand plan didn’t have a hope of working out without solid foundations, so he signed two centre-backs to help plug the holes at the back.

Finn Sami Hyypia cost £3 million from Willem II in May 1999. Stephane Henchoz arrived the following month, with Liverpool paying relegated Blackburn £3.5 million to acquire the Swiss (thanks to a release clause in his contract).

Talk about hitting the jackpot.

The tall, technically gifted Hyypia meshed perfectly with the doggedly determined Henchoz. In their first season playing together, Liverpool conceded just 30 league goals as they finished in fourth position.

How supporters must wish they could pair these two together now. Just one of them would be nice, popped in alongside Joel Matip to give the Reds a more stable-looking centre-back partnership. Klopp’s public pursuit of Virgil van Dijk shows how Liverpool’s current boss sees the need for defensive reinforcements.

The German would also be ready with one of his now customary bear hugs to welcome the arrival of compatriot Dietmar Hamann, who signed from Newcastle United for £8 million on July 22, 1999.

Captain Jordan Henderson filled the holding midfield role until his 2016/17 season was cut short by a foot injury.

Hamann, however, might be an even better fit for the position. His ability to read the game, as well as kick-start attacks from deep with his excellent passing skills, would make him ideal for Klopp’s 4-3-3 system.

Titi Camara, Vladimir Smicer and Sander Westerveld arrived in the summer of 1999, although all three would do well to make the bench in the current squad.

Emile Heskey was also signed in the season, albeit he didn’t join until March 2000. He proved an excellent foil for Michael Owen in Houllier’s team that did the cup treble the following campaign. Yet for all his qualities (and he does have some, despite receiving plenty of criticism during his career), the striker wouldn't suit Klopp’s high-press, fast-tempo football.

Hyypia, Henchoz and Hamann, however, would fit right in. What Liverpool wouldn't give to repeat the summer of '99 all over again.



Rob Lancaster is a featured columnist for Bleacher Report. All statistics and transfer fees are from LFC History unless otherwise stated.

Read more Liverpool news on


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Estroe - Querulant (Original Mix)
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Exorbitant DJ - Hanging On (Original Mix)
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Fancy Inc - Wanna Thing (Original Mix)
Fancy Inc - Wanna Thing (Tolstoi, Andsan Remix)
Felix Eul - Interplay (Mollono.Bass Remix)
Felix Eul - Interplay (Original Mix)
Felix Eul - Interplay (Peng Peng Remix)
Felix Eul - Pianoctopus (Konfetti Klub Ensemble Remix)
Felix Eul - Pianoctopus (Original Mix)
Felix Eul - Quasar (Original Mix)
Felix Eul - Quasar (Timboletti Remix)
Fickry - Get Back (Original Mix)
Fickry - Unload (Original Mix)
Fisherman, Hawkins - Antidote (Dave Neven Remix)
Flapjackers, Bollen, Fichtner - Arabic Bang (Di Chiara Brothers Remix)
Flapjackers, Bollen, Fichtner - Arabic Bang (DJ Sneak Remix)
Flapjackers, Bollen, Fichtner - Arabic Bang (Original Mix)
Flex - Dance Hard (Original Mix)
Flex - Mellow Sunset (Original Mix)
Floe - Brain Bug (Original Mix)
Floe - Introspection (Original Mix)
Floe, S.Ana - Animal Instinct (Original Mix)
Flow, Zeo - Density (Anturage Remix)
Flow, Zeo - Density (Original Mix)
Flow, Zeo - Density (Th Moy Remix)
F-Man - We Are Controlling Transmission (Original Mix)
Fouk - F3000 (Original Mix)
Fouk - See You On The Other Side (Original Mix)
Fouk - With Lasers (Original Mix)
Frag Maddin - Blufunk (Original Mix)
Frank Dueffel, Stephen Kirkwood - Aquaplaning (Original Mix)
Frederic Stunkel - Ego Push (Anina Owly Remix)
Frederic Stunkel - Ego Push (Diaz, Parree Remix)
Frederic Stunkel - Ego Push (John Haden Remix)
Frederic Stunkel - Ego Push (Piatto Remix)
French In Berlin - Kiesel (Original Mix)
French In Berlin - Osmose (Elek-Fun Remix)
French In Berlin - Osmose (Original Mix)
French Touch 2 - Breakin Necks (Papastomp Remix)
French Touch 2 - Check Out (Déni Shaïn Remix)
French Touch 2 - Come On (Frédo Remix)
French Touch 2 - Movin Up (Original Mix)
French Touch 2 - What Would You Change (Original Mix)
Fright Nite - Calcutta Airport (Original Mix)
Fundamental Harmonics - Deneb (Original Mix)
Fundamental Harmonics - Gienah (Original Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo - A Tribe Of Stix (DJ Beloved & DJ Spen Beatz)
Funk Mediterraneo - A Tribe Of Stix (DJ Beloved & DJ Spen Remix)
Funk Mediterraneo - A Tribe Of Stix (Original Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo - Another Place (Original Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo - Dance Dance Everybody (Original Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo, Daniel Chia - Jackie Brown (Original Mix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (Coone & Code Black Extended Remix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (Dash Berlin Extended Remix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (HAKA Extended Remix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (MitiS Extended Remix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (ReOrder Extended Remix)
George Greaves, GG90 - Alegria (Original Club Mix)
George Makrakis - Redemption (Original Mix)
George Makrakis - Restart (Original Mix)
George Makrakis - Vapourise (Original Mix)
Gettoblaster, Just Alexander - Bubble (Original Mix)
Gettoblaster, Q - Jello Booty (Original Mix)
Gianni Firmaio - Fiesta (Original Mix)
Glass Slipper - Glass Slipper (Allen Craig Remix)
Glass Slipper - Glass Slipper (Original Mix)
Glen Coombs - Oriah (Original Mix)
Glen Coombs - Sierra (Original Mix)
Glen Coombs - Transcend (Agent! Remix)
Glen Coombs - Transcend (Original Mix)
Glitter - Saturno (Original Mix)
G-Mohris - Dunya (Antrim Remix)
G-Mohris - Dunya (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
G-Mohris - Dunya (Matias Chilano Remix)
Goda Brother - Distance (Ivanshee Remix)
Goda Brother - Distance (Luciano Scheffer Remix)
Goda Brother - Distance (Original Mix)
Going Deeper, Deep Matter, AWR - First Glimpse (Extended Mix)
Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - De Erweckens Bruderschaft (Original Mix)
Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Ereignies (Original Mix)
Gregory Allen Critchley - This Is A Beautiful Day (Thom Bold Extended Remix)
Guim - Deprisa Deprisa (Original Mix)
Guim - Deprisa Deprisa (Yenk Remix)
GW Harrison - My Side (Original Mix)
GW Harrison - When House Takes a Journey (Original Mix)
Hans Seance - Endless Carousel (Original Mix)
Hans Seance - Profound Notion (Original Mix)
Harry Romero - Sex (Extended Mix)
Heimat - Tribe (Original Mix)
Hellomonkey, Hiboo - Brain Freeze (Original Mix)
Hellomonkey, Hiboo - Brain Freeze (Raul Young Remix)
Hellomonkey, Hiboo - Low Rider (Original Mix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Dolores (Nadja Lind Club Remix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Dolores (Nadja Lind Lucid Moment Remix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Dolores (Original Mix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Frozen (Original Mix)
Helmut Ebritsch - The Maze (Original Mix)
Herr - Backbone (Original Mix)
Herr - Elder Motorway (Original Mix)
Herr - Generator (Original Mix)
Hey Alan! - Jacko 3 (Original Mix)
Hey Jack - Ladies & Gentlemen (Original Mix)
Hey Jack - Millenium (Original Mix)
Hey Jack - The Portail (Original Mix)
HOSH - Fire And Ice (Original Mix)
HOSH - Natalia's Lullaby (Original Mix)
HOSH - Standing Still Is Moving Backwards (Original Mix)
HOSH, GHEIST - The Watergate Affair (Original Mix)
Hoten - Smooth (Original Mix)
Hummingbird - Anahata (Original Mix)
Hummingbird - Last Time (Original Mix)
Hummingbird - Rain (Alex Castaneda Remix)
Hummingbird - Rain (Original Mix)
Hush Space - Feel It (Original Mix)
Hush Space - Funky Party People (Original Mix)
Hush Space - I Want (Original Mix)
Hush Space - Journey (Original Mix)
Hush Space - Maybe (Original Mix)
Hush Space - Trying (Or
          Bundestag beschließt Angleichung der Gebühren für Stromnetze   
Von Christian Grimm BERLIN (Dow Jones)--Nach monatelangen Beratungen hat der Bundestag die deutschlandweite Angleichung der Gebühren für die Stromnetze beschlossen. Damit werden Verbraucher und Betriebe im Norden und Osten Deutschlands entlastet, im Westen erhöht sich die Stromrechnung hingegen schrittweise. Vor allem die...
          An argument from “The Standards of Faith of the United Methodist Church” part 4   

This should be the end of what has started here, and continued here and here. I know that it is not the most exciting reading, but as it has been challenged that the United Methodist Standards of faith do not address the current debate about LGBTQ issues in the church, it is necessary to show that it does. Thus far […]

The post An argument from “The Standards of Faith of the United Methodist Church” part 4 appeared first on Unsettled Christianity.

My books are now available on Amazon. Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of Revelation, Mimetic Criticism and the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary, and From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls is in paperback or Kindle
An argument from “The Standards of Faith of the United Methodist Church” part 4 was first posted on June 30, 2017 at 8:44 am.

          La tremenda cifra que recibirán Garín y Jarry solo por participar en Wimbledon   
La mañana de este viernes se dieron a conocer los rivales ante los cuales se tendrán que medir los tenistas Nicolás Jarry (182° de la ATP) y Christian Garín (218°) en el debut del cuadro principal de Wimbledon. Léase también Jack Sock y Gilles Simon: los rivales de Garin y Jarry en la primera ronda … Continua leyendo "La tremenda cifra que recibirán Garín y Jarry solo por participar en Wimbledon"
          Melania Trump Wore Pink Peplum to Welcome South Korea’s President and First Lady   

To welcome South Korea's president and first lady, Melania Trump stuck to what she knows best by wearing a form-fitting sheath dress. The FLOTUS wore a blush-hued Roland Mouret design that featured a peplum waist, fitted cap sleeves, and side slits. Melania finished her look off with a pair of beige patent leather Christian Louboutin pumps.

The simple knee-length number was a complete style 180, compared to the yellow floral Emilio Pucci maxi Melania wore while meeting India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Have a look at her $2,330 dress and shop the exact piece if you're feeling inspired.

          GLAAD Supports Local Activists' Successful Efforts to Prevent Anti-Gay TV Program from Airing   
On Monday morning, we heard concerns from community members about the anti-gay infomercial Speechless: Silencing the Christians, created and distributed by the anti-gay organization the American Family Association. When we found out the program was scheduled to air in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Columbus, Ohio, we reached out to partner organizations on the ground to find out more information and support local efforts. After viewing the infomercial, the intent was clear -  it was designed to perpetuate a climate of hostility toward our community and to create a culture where we are less safe, less secure, and where our families are put in harm's way. Since Monday, we have been working with local community members in Grand Rapids, offering them assistance as they led efforts to mobilize community members to express their concerns to the station management at WOOD-TV (NBC), where it was set to air. The organizing was led by Colette Beighley, who serves as assistant director of the LGBT resource center at Grand Valley State University and a GLAAD-trained spokesperson. Colette is also serving as the community's lead spokesperson on the issue, and she continues to work with GLAAD on media monitoring and interview prep this week. Thanks to the efforts of community members on the ground, WOOD-TV first postponed the airing. The station then said it offered the American Family Association another timeslot. General Manager Diane Kniowski said: "We made a gesture of the 2-3 p.m. Saturday time period. It's been 24 hours and we had no response. Our station is being bombarded with calls and messages, and we find ourselves in the middle of someone else's fight. Ours was a fair offer and we are removing ourselves from this matter." WSYX-TV (ABC) in Columbus, Ohio, has also decided to postpone airing the anti-gay informercial after hearing concerns from community members, and will issue a decision later after the general manager has had an opportunity to review.  A new air date has not been set. The anti-gay infomercial aired in Traverse City, Michigan (WPBN - NBC); Toledo, Ohio (WUPW - Fox); and Charlotte, North Carolina (WJZY - The CW) on Saturday, Feb. 7, with very little fanfare, and the information aired with no traction. Yesterday afternoon Equality Toledo issued an action alert urging community members to engage in dialogue with WUPW about their decision to air this anti-gay programming.
February 11, 2009

          Random Friday Morning Thoughts   

  • In the last week I've had home grown tomatoes delivered to my office by two local attorneys. There appears to be a bumper crop in the county this year. (And that ends this Country Agricultural Minute.)
  • I ran into a former Bridgeport resident/former Texas House Rep in Brookshires in Bridgeport yesterday. (Wearing a Baylor visor, no less.) 
  • Something might be wrong with Fox 4's Steve Eagar. I might start a new game called "How long into the broadcast will it be before he stumbles over the teleprompter." (He's had to anchor the 10:00 p.m. newscast alone for about three days this week and it has not gone well.)
  • Fox Sports website has laid off a ton of sports writers this week (including the great Stewart Mandel) after announcing it will focus more on videos than the written word. That's stupid. That's Idiocracy.
  • I'm struggling in my fishing this year. What lure (including color) do you use when the water is incredibly clear?
  • The home page for each Texas appellate court is back up, but the back end database (which has the information that you go there to see in the first place) is still down. That makes three days in a row. Something is royally screwed up.
  • The NRA put out an ad which is a not-so-subtle call for an armed insurrection against the Dirty Lib.
  • "(CNN) - An Ohio city councilman has suggested a controversial solution to the growing opioid problem in his town: If an addict keeps overdosing, the city won't dispatch anyone to save their life." If you won't go out on the second or third time, why go out on the first?
  • A city in Iran, with 1.1 million people, set a world record in high temperature yesterday: 129 degrees. 
  • Loyal Christian and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump's offensive tweets yesterday by saying Trump shouldn't be considered a role model because, “When it comes to role models, as a person of faith, I think we all have one perfect role model." She followed that up with saying Trump "fights fire with fire." 
  • Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is still mad about not getting paid after his firing. (USA Today.) He was on The Ticket about a month ago with one of the conditions of the interview being that he got to rant that Tech, in his opinion, screwed him out of over $2 million. And, man, he went off. 
  • Speaking of, whatever happened to Craig James? He holds the distinction of getting Leach fired and losing to Ted Cruz in the same year. That's a bad year. 
  • You realize that they have no idea who the actual shooter and getaway driver were, right? 
  • I think I'm doubling down on my belief that the Bedford girl found in the Arlington landfill was a dumpster suicide. No arrests. No search warrants. No family outrage of "the police aren't doing anything!" I bet she left a note. 
  • Last night a rookie NY Yankee, Dustin Fowler, in the first inning of his first game suffered a gruesome "open ruptured patella tendon." I don't know what that is, and I'm not looking to find out.  
  • The Fort Worth PD Twitter account basically posts nothing but silliness with no real effort to seek the public's help in law enforcement. Then this morning they posted a video of a girl wearing a Peaster High School t-shirt and her friend taken from a Target security cam with the caption "she stole mascara." It even sought Peaster school's twitter account for help. It was quickly deleted and replaced with a different caption. I wonder if the girl wearing the T-shirt is not the one actually accused of theft but the original tweet, referencing Peaster, so implied. (Side note: Aren't there bigger crimes to post about?)
    The deleted tweet.
  • Replaced with this one.

  • Trump will leave for Trump National Golf Club at Bedminster, New Jersey this afternoon. That will make his 32nd day at a golf club as president.

          Christian Pradoxes (7.7 MB)   

          CSU: Agrarminister Schmidt hält Grüne für nicht koalitionsfähig   
Für die CSU sind die Grünen in einer Jamaika-Koalition nach der Bundestagswahl im September nicht koalitionsfähig. "Das Wahlprogramm der Grünen lese ich als Manifest gegen jede Regierungsbeteiligung", sagte Landwirtschaftsminister Christian Schmidt (CSU) dem Nachrichtenmagazin "Focus".
          Before and After School Care Supervisor - Maranatha Kids Care - Abbotsford, BC   
We are a ministry of the Maranatha Baptist Church. Qualified Responsible adult Supervisor needed for a Christian before and after school care program....
From Indeed - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 22:26:52 GMT - View all Abbotsford, BC jobs
          Grade 6-7 Teacher - Maranatha Christian School - Williams Lake, BC   
MARANATHA Christian School is a K-12 provincially accredited Independent School that has served Williams Lake for over 40 years. We are currently looking...
From - Wed, 31 May 2017 10:56:10 GMT - View all Williams Lake, BC jobs
          Special Education Teacher - Maranatha Christian School - Williams Lake, BC   
MARANATHA Christian School is a K-12 provincially accredited Independent School that has served Williams Lake for over 40 years....
From - Wed, 31 May 2017 10:56:08 GMT - View all Williams Lake, BC jobs
          Stevie B's Acappella Gospel Music Blast - Episode 32   
Stevie B. "Tha Blasta Masta" of Acappella Gospel Music is playing the sweet sounds of voices.  Tonight is the Talent Search Show, with my Special Guest Judge Joseph Christian Holt.  Ladies and gentlemen you have 60 seconds to stand on the world stage and sing your song or your Christian rap. Stevie B's SONG OF THE WEEK Stevie B's LIVE SPOT Stevie B's LISTENER'S CHOICE Stevie B's FUNNY BONE DATE: June 30, 2017
          June 30 - Two Groups   

“‘Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it’” (Matthew 7:13–14).

“Many” and “few” describe two groups of people. Those who enter through the wide gate and travel the broad way, toward the destination of destruction, are many. They include pagans and nominal Christians, atheists and religionists, theists and humanists, Jews and Gentiles—every person from every age, background, persuasion, and circumstance who has not come to saving obedience in Jesus Christ.

In the day of judgment many will claim to be followers of Christ: “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness’” (Matt. 7:22–23). Those who are excluded will not be just atheists or rank pagans, but nominal Christians who professed to know and trust Christ but who refused to come to Him on His terms.

The group that goes through the narrow gate and travels the narrow way and is destined for life are few in number. Jesus said, “Many are called, but few are chosen” (Matt. 22:14).

Make sure you are numbered with the few and not with those who will receive Jesus’ shocking declaration at the day of judgment.

Ask Yourself

What are some of the greatest lies that lead the mildly religious into believing they have accepted Christ into their hearts? In what ways do our churches today accommodate these? How can we work against this devious scheme of the enemy?

From Daily Readings from the Life of Christ, Vol. 1, John MacArthur. Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of Moody Publishers, Chicago, IL 60610,

Additional Resources
          Entertaining Faith   
Mainstream music, movies and TV can give us a chance to think through and share our faith.

          Liars Announce First New Album Without Aaron Hemphill TFCF for August 2017 Release   
Liars have announced their first new album TFCF after the departure of Aaron Hemphill. This event occurred due to the decision to part ways in a amicable split. TFCF was written and recorded by Liars, which is now Angus Andrew, mixed by Gareth Jones and mastered by Christian Wright. Butchy Fuego plays drums on three […]
          Torneo Calcio+15, gita culturale a Cesena per le partecipanti   

Pomeriggio all’insegna della cultura quello vissuto ieri dalle ragazze impegnate nel Torneo Under 15 femminile per Selezioni Territoriali in svolgimento a Cervia e Cesena. Le 8 selezioni ed i rispettivi staff hanno infatti visitato il caratteristico centro storico di Cesena, un gioiello della Romagna che ha conservato pressoché intatte le strutture murarie e turrite di epoca medievale. Di grande interesse la visita alla Biblioteca Malatestiana, prima biblioteca civica d’Italia e d’Europa, e ovviamente alla Rocca.

Al termine della visita le ragazze si sono ritrovate nella splendida piazza del Popolo, dove a fare gli onori di casa c’erano il Sindaco di Cesena Paolo Lucchi e l’Assessore alla Cultura e Promozione con delega allo Sport Christian Castorri, che hanno portato alle calciatrici il saluto della Giunta e di tutta la città di Cesena.

          Comment by: Jim Lincoln from Nebraska at 11/25/2013 5:17:29 PM   
Besides killing... Nigerian Islamists force Christian women to convert’
          Fifty Shades of Decadence, One Shade of ISIS   
The “Islamic State” has gone full Genghis Khan during the past week — beheading 21 Christians on a beach in Libya, incinerating 45 hapless souls in a northern Iraqi town, linking up with Boko Haram in Central Africa, establishing cordial ties with al-Qaeda, and watching contentedly as apostles of jihad inflicted death in Denmark. From its […]
          Surprise !   
Source: istockphoto

It was Christmas eve. All houses down the lane were studded with X'mas lights in their balconies. One couldn’t see many Christmas trees around here, Christians being scarce in the vicinity. In one of these homes were a little girl who found the absence of Christmas trees and Santa Clause deeply upsetting.
She wished for a Christmas like they showed in the movies; with all the gifts and surprises, get-togethers and decorations! She sure couldn’t do it all on her own. But she knew she at least had to try.

So here she was, peeping out the window to make sure her family wasn’t back from work yet. Rushing back to the bedroom, she sat sewing slim sponge slices into cones to make a tiny Christmas tree. She had all of half an hour every day to secretly make the gifts; when no one else was home. Couldn’t spoil the surprise now could she?
It was almost done by Christmas eve; a three layered thermocol Christmas cake for her mom, a snowman made of tissue paper for her dad, and that sponge X'mas tree for her sister.  A neat drawing, as she liked to believe, of Santa’s face was to be her mask. She’d also gotten a red top, red pants and a red belt ready. All that was left was to get a bag to tuck in the gifts and a tummy for Santa. That evening she tried stuffing every pillow in the house under her top. Sadly, all pillows were the size of her own torso and just wouldn’t stay. Much to her dismay, the tummy idea had to be chucked.

Finally, the D-day arrived. All set, she waited for her family to end up together in the living room, which proved to be a herculean task. She ended up dragging everyone into the same place in the name of a ‘something’ she couldn’t tell them. So much for a small surprise!

Keeping them put, she rushed ‘backstage’ to the bedroom and got dressed up in a jiffy. And off she went with a sweet and meek ‘Ho ho ho!’ that resembled nothing like a Santa’s laugh. But who cared after all, this was family. And surprised they were! Very pleased too, she could say. For they made her go back and come again so they could shoot a video of it and remember it forever.

Years later, she sat watching the video of once upon a time. Oh, the things they did as kids. She’d forgotten the last time she’d given such a surprise to her family. Had life kept her so very busy since then? Talk about resolutions and goals by the year’s end, now she had hers too. Pulling out her diary, she wrote it down,

“This holiday season I promise to give a surprise to my family.”

Linking with FTSF

          $300,000 Super Highroller-turnering växer – Utökar antalet platser   

2017 års Super High Roller Bowl blev precis större.

Tack vare ett oväntat stort intresse för eventet har organisatörerna valt att utöka antalet platser i turneringen från 50 till 56.

Turneringen kommer nu att börja med åtta bord och spelas 7-handat i öppningsfasen.

Genom att lägga till sex platser ökar förstapriset från $5,000,000 till $6,000,000 på grund utav det höga inköpet på $300,000.

Den totala prispotten lär landa omkring $16M.

35 säten utlottade

Det här året höll Aria ett lotteri om de 35 första sätena.

Rainer Kempe Super High Roller Bowl
Kempe vann förra året

Antonio Esfandiari, Fedor Holz, Doug Polk, Scott Siever och John Juanda är några av spelarna som säkrade sin plats genom lotteriet.

Även de forna vinnarna Brian Rast och Rainer Kempe fick ett varsitt säte.

Namn som Daniel Negreanu och Phil Ivey hade inte samma tur. De finns ännu inte med i lineupen.

Förutsättningar kan dock ändras nu när Aria har fått sex platser till. Det gör att man har tillgång till totalt 21 lediga säten. Dessa kommer att fyllas med inbjudningar från organisatörerna.

”Baserat på Super High Roller Bowls succé från föregående år och det oväntat höga intresset för årets upplaga så tror vi på ARIA att det är läge att utöka turneringen.” säger Sean McCormack, ansvarig för ARIA:s pokeravdelning.

Planen för framtiden är att permanent köra på den utökade varianten med 56 platser.

Turneringen startar den 28:e maj och finalbordet avgörs den 31:a maj.

Nedan hittar du alla spelare som säkrat sitt säte genom lotteriet.

Christian Christner, Antonio Esfandiari, Igor Kurganov, Matt Berkey, Connor Drinan, Steffen Sontheimer, Jake Schindler, Pratyush, Buddiga, Rainer Kempe, Sean Winter, John Juanda, Dominik Nitsche, Cristoph Vogelsang, Stefan Schillhabel, Andrew Robl, Brian Rast, Bryn Kenney, Fedor Holz, David Peters, Jason Les, Ben Tollerene, Tom Marchese, Erik Seidel, Sam Soveral, Scott Siever, Ankush Mandavia, David Einhorn, Nick Petrangelo, Haralabos Voulgaris, Isaac Haxton, Andrew Lichtenberger, Doug Polk, Ben Sulsky, Byron Kaverman, Koray Aldemir


          James Chen vinner Aussie Millions $25K Challenge för AUD$861K   

I helgen avgjordes den första Highroller-turneringen i 2017 års Aussie Millions, och det blev James Chen från Taiwan som gick hem med segern.

Pokerstars Championship i Bahamas hade knappt hunnit avslutas innan det var dags för nästa stopp på den internationella pokerscenen.

Populära Aussie Millions smygstartade visserligen för nästan två veckor sedan, men man kickade igång på allvar i fredags med en $25k Challenge.


Turneringen visade sig bli det största Highroller-eventet som spelats på australiensisk mark.

Brandon Adams Poker After Dark
Brandon Adams, mest känd från Poker After Dark

Totalt registrerade sig 133 spelare, vilket trissade upp prispotten till AUD$3,192,000. Av dem skulle 14 stycken få betalt.

Claes Segebrecht från Tyskland blev den olyckliga spelaren att bubbla när hans Ess-Sju sprang in i Antoine Saouts pocketkungar.

När Mustapha Kanit sedan fick lämna på sjundeplats var det dags för ett finalbord.

Nick Petrangelo, Ryan D’Angelo, John Juanda, Antoine Saout, Brandon Adams och James Chen var spelarna som skulle göra upp om förstapriset på AUD$861,840 (US$648,098).

Petrangelo blev den första finalisten som tvingades röra sig mot railen. Han följdes av D’Angelo, Juanda och Saout.

Det gav oss ett heads-up möte mellan Brandon Adams och James Chen. Duellen höll på i över två timmar innan Chen lyckades avgöra.

Efter att ha grindat ner Adams stack fick han in det med A 3 mot J 4.

Floppen landade 10 5 2 vilket gav Adams ett färgdrag, turnen 3 gjorde att han la till ett stegdrag, men rivern 9 avslutade amerikanarens äventyr.

Resultat Ausse Millions $25K Challenge

Registreringar: 133
Inköp: AUD$25,000
Prispott: AUD$3,192,000

James Chen (Taiwan) – AUD$861,840 Brandon Adams (USA) – AUD$590,520 Antoine Saout (Frankrike) – AUD$383,040 John Juanda (Indonesien) – AUD$287,280 Ryan D’Angelo (USA) – AUD$156,017 Nick Petrangelo (USA) – AUD$108,012

(Källa resultat;

Martin Jacobson i Main Event

Martin Jacobson
Jacobson vidare till Dag 2

Igår startade festivalens Main Event, och 212 spelare kom till start för Dag 1A.

Inga officiella chipcounts har presenterats, men enligt liverapporteringen är Martin Jacobson vidare till Dag 2 med 49,300 marker i stacken.

Sam Ingham leder med 161,100 bakom sig.

Andra noterbara namn som valt Dag 1A är Jennifer Tilly (85k), novembernian Vojtech Ruzicka (68k), Cate Hall (67k) och Rainer Kempe (58k).

Dag 1B drar igång idag klockan 12.30 lokal tid, och du kan följa actionen via Aussie Millions liveraportering här.


          Christian Harder vinner PSC Bahamas för $430k   

Den första upplagan av Pokerstars Championship har gått till historieböckerna, och precis som i sidoeventen var det amerikanarna som ryckte åt sig topplaceringarna.

När stridsröken lagt sig stod 29-åriga Christian Harder som segrare efter att ha slagit novembernian Cliff Josephy heads-up.

Harder är ett 29-årigt proffs från Annapolis, Maryland, och han har spelat på heltid sedan 9 år tillbaka. I karriären har han vunnit över $7M, men det här var hans första seger i ett av de större eventen.

”Det känns fantastiskt, jag har rest till varje destination på hela touren och aldrig vunnit något av de större eventen.” Säger Harder, han tillägger ”Det var här allt började 2008, så att få vinna en titel här känns grymt kul.”

För att vinna PSC Bahamas var Harder tvungen att ta sig igenom ett stjärntätt fält på 738 spelare. Hans insats belönades med $429,664.

Ridå för Gentili

Michael Gentili från Kanada gick in som chipleader när finalbordet drog igång. Strax bakom låg just Harder. De båda spelarna hade skaffat sig ett stabilt försprång mot övriga fältet.

Michael Gentili Pokerstars Championship
Besviken Gentili får lämna turneringen

Det blev dock ingen lyckad finaldag för Gentili, och han försvann som andra spelare på en femteplats.

Aleksei Opalikhin från Ryssland gjorde honom sällskap efter ha förlorat majoriteten av stacken mot Josephy innan Michael Vela tog hans sista marker med pocketkungar.

Trots elimineringen fick Vela ändå röra sig mot railen på en tredjeplats då Josephy rivrat en färg mot hans floppade par i sexor.

Inför heads-up:en var stackarna nästan identiska, med en marginell ledning för Harder. De kom därför överens om en deal som gav Harder $419k och Josephy $403k. Man lämnade $10k och titeln att spela om.

Duellen varade i drygt 30 minuter innan Harder kunde säkra segern då hans A J stod mot Josephys A 8.

Bästa svensk blev Mattias Priolo som slutade på 77:e plats för $9,120.

Resultat finalbordet PSC Bahamas Main Event

Datum: 8:e – 14:e januari 2017
Registreringar: 738
Inköp: $5,000
Prispott: $3,376,712

Christian Harder (USA) - $429,664 Cliff Josephy (USA) - $403,448 Michael Vela (USA) - $259,980 Aleksei Opalikhin (Ryssland) - $191,420 Michael Gentili (Kanada) - $140,940 Rasmus Glaesel (Norge) - $103,780


Näst på tur för Pokerstars Championship står Panama och Macau. Fler nyheter från den första upplagan av PSC Bahamas går att läsa här.

En fullständig sammanfattning hittar du hos Pokerstars.


          PSC Bahamas – 16 spelare kvar i ME, Kenney på heater   

Pokeractionen i Bahamas fortsätter. Igår spelades Dag 4 av Main Event, samtidigt avgjordes Pokerstars första Shot Clock-turnering.

Dag 4 inleddes med 32 spelare, där amerikanaren Nick Maimone satt högst upp i chipcounten efter två strålande dagar.

Han lyckades dock inte överleva gårdagen, och under den sista blindnivån åkte han ut i en massiv pott mot den nya chipleadern Michael Gentili.

Maimone hade tappat en del marker, och när han plockade upp Ess-Kung i tidig position åkte allt in mot Gentilis två Kungar. Bästa handen höll, och Gentili kan nu stoltsera med över 3,7M i stacken – Det är nästan dubbelt så mycket som tvåan Aleksei Opalikhin.

Mercier och Riess shortstackade

Maimone fick strax därpå sällskap av det spanska proffset Adrian Mateos, och när Rex Clinkscales tvingades lämna avbröt man spelet för dagen.

När Dag 5 startar återvänder 16 spelare, och planen är att man ska spela ner till ett finalbord.

Bland dessa hittas en hel del rutin i Novembernian Cliff Josephy (6), 2013 års WSOP-mästare Ryan Riess (15) och storstjärnan Jason Mercier (16).

Chipcounts PSC Bahamas Main Event:

Michael Gentili (Kanada) – 3,708,000 Aleksei Opalikhin (Ryssland) – 2,084,000 Nadezhda Magnus (USA) – 1,870,000 Michael Vela (USA) – 1,811,000 Rodrigo Cordoba (Argentina) – 1,777,000 Cliff Josephy (USA) – 1,331,000 Rasmus Glaesel (Danmark) – 1,319,000 Christian Harder (USA) – 1,305,000 John Dibella (USA) – 1,294,000 Allon Allison (Kanada) – 1,015,000 Marcin Kapkowski (Polen) – 950,000 Michael Bartholomew (Kanada) – 877,000 Alan Schein (USA) – 635,000 Pedro Martinho (Portugal) – 540,000 Ryan Riess (USA) – 371,000 Jason Mercier (USA) – 340,000

Bryn Kenneys heater fortsätter

Bryn Kenneys vistelse i Bahamas har varit minst sagt bra.

Bryn Kenney Pokerstars Championship
Dubbla titlar för Kenney

Han inledde med att komma 7:a i $100k Super Highrollern för $275k. Han följde sedan upp det med att vinna $50k Single Day Highrollern för $969k, och igår vann han sitt andra event.

I en $25k endags-Highroller besegrade Kenney 42 spelare för en prischeck på $392k.

För att hålla uppe speltempot användes en så kallad ”Shot-klocka”. Samtliga deltagare hade därmed bara 30 sekunder på sig att ta ett beslut.

I Heads-up:en slog han Dario Sammartino. Italienaren fick $354k för sin andraplats efter att de båda spelarna genomfört en tvåvägsdeal.

Turneringen var inte planerad i förväg, utan lades till på spelarnas förfrågan.


Dag 5 av Main Event startar klockan 12:00 lokal tid (18:00 svensk). Livestream hittar du här.

En liverapportering finns tillgänglig hos Pokerstars.

Fler nyheter från PSC Bahamas går att läsa här.


          Sista svensken utslagen ur PSC Bahamas   

Igår spelades Dag 3 av Pokerstars Championship Bahamas, och 125 spelare återvände till casinot för att göra upp om prispengarna.

Bland dessa fanns en svensk.

Mattias Priolo inledde på 22:a plats i chipcounten, men tyvärr lyckades han inte överleva dagen, och Priolo fick lämna turneringen på 77:e plats för $9,120.

Han var därmed den enda svensken som nådde pengarna av de fem som kom till start.

Maimone ångar på i toppen

Den amerikanska spelaren Nick Maimone har gått starkt de två senaste speldagarna. Han avslutade Dag 2 i topp, och när Dag 3 är över ligger Maimone fortfarande på förstaplats med 1.75M i stacken.

Han jagas av Jason Mercier som har 1.33M bakom sig.

Andra noterbara namn som är kvar är Ryan Riess (15), Cliff Josephy (20), Adrian Mateos (24) och Jaime Staples (27).

Totalt återstår 32 spelare, och alla är garanterade $14,760 i prispengar.

Toppen ser ut enligt följande:

Nick Maimone (USA) – 1,750,000 Jason Mercier (USA) – 1,333,000 John Dibella (USA) – 1,119,000 Rasmus Glaesel (Norge) – 1,029,000 Massimo De Mario (Italien) – 960,000 Scott Stewart (USA) – 952,000 Pedro Martinho (Portugal) – 864,000 Christian Harder (USA) – 856,000 Damien Steel (Kanada) – 810,000 Alan Schein (USA) – 780,000

Fiasko i PLO Highrollern

$25k Pot-Limit Omaha Highrollern förväntades bli ett av de mest intressanta eventen i Pokerstars Championship Bahamas, men det slutade i ett praktfiasko.

Ike Haxton
Mincash för Haxton

Bara fyra (!) spelare registrerade sig, och det hela avslutades med en deal där Ike Haxton och Ben Tollerene delade upp prispengarna efter aktuella chipstacks.

Haxton hade mest marker vid det tillfället och gick därför hem med titeln. Insatsen gav $49,867.

Tollerene fick $48,133 för andraplatsen.

Turneringen höll bara på i några timmar, och Sean Winter blev den första spelaren som fick röra sig mot railen.

Han fick kort därefter sällskap av det finska proffset Lauri Varonen.


Dag 4 av Main Event fortsätter idag klockan 12:00 lokal tid (18:00 svensk), och du kan följa det via livestream här.

En liverapportering finns tillgänglig i Pokerstars Blogg.

Fler nyheter från den första upplagan av Pokerstars Championship Bahamas går att läsa här.


          EPT Prag – 14 svenskar till Dag 2 i rekordstort Main Event, Jeppsson 5:a i Highroller   

Det är den sista upplagan av EPT Prag, och det är även den största, i alla fall om man kollar på Main Event.

934 spelare kom till start under Dag 1B, och lägger man ihop det med de 244 spelarna som registrerade sig under Dag 1A slår man med enkelhet rekordet från 2014 som låg på 1,107 spelare.

Totalt har vi fått se 1,178 registreringar, och av dessa har 593 överlevt.

12 svenskar tog sig vidare från Dag 1B, och tillsammans med spelarna från Dag 1A har vi 14 stycken med oss inför Dag 2.

Förutom Main Event avgjordes även Eurekas Highroller och €25k Highrollern.

Amerikanskt i topp, Ödeen bäste svensk

Det är amerikanen Ronald Morandini som leder fältet med 237,4k i stacken. Han följs utav dansken Henrik Hecklen som har 221,8k.

Bästa svensk är Jerry Ödeen. Han parkerar på en 22:a plats med 142k bakom sig.

De andra svenskarna som är kvar är Jonatan Hellman, Christopher Andler, Andreas Samuelsson, Anton Bertilsson, Klas Löfberg, Simon Mattsson, Anton Wigg, Henric Stenholm, Stefan Olofsson, Erik Tamm, Mehmet Cinar, Zoran Mitic och Rifat Palevic.

Såhär ser topp10 ut:

Ronald Morandini (USA) – 237,400 Henrik Hecklen (Danmark) – 221,800 Matas Cimbolas (Litauen) – 215,100 Anton Petrov (Ryssland) – 214,800 Alexander Paygusov (Ryssland) – 183,200 Maxim Lykov (Ryssland) – 180,400 Michal Ozimek (Polen) – 162,600 Marton Czuczor (Ungern) – 161,600 Pierre Calamusa (Frankrike) – 158,000 Michiel Broskij (Nederländerna) – 156,000

Christian Jeppsson 5:a i Highroller

Christian Jeppsson EPT
Fin placering av Jeppsson

Samtidigt som Dag 1B av Main Event höll på spelades även finalbordet i Eurekas Highroller-event.

Där fanns en svensk med, och det var Christian Jeppsson. Tyvärr lyckades han inte gå hela vägen.

Jeppsson gick in på finalbordet som shortstack på en femteplats, och det var även där han slutade. För sin insats fick han €66,030.

Turneringen vanns av britten Tom Hall.

Inför heads-up spelet var han i ett stort chipunderläge mot amerikanaren Mazid Khoury, men efter ett par lyckosamma händer lyckades han dubbla upp och klättra förbi.

Khoury tog dock hem den största prischecken då en tvåvägsdeal genomfördes innan duellen.

Då spelarna bara lämnade €7,000 samt titeln att spela om ville Khoury gå all-in i mörkret varje hand tills en vinnare utsetts, så att han så snabbt som möjligt kunde hoppa in i EPT:ns Main Event.

Tom Hall gick inte med på det, och det visade sig vara ett bra beslut.

Såhär slutade finalbordet:

Tom Hall (Storbritannien) - €194,357* Mazid Khoury (USA) - €216,013* Andrey Demidov (Ryssland) - €125,280 Yury Masliankou (Vitryssland) - €90,950 Christian Jeppsson (Sverige) - €66,030 Vasilii Shvarev (Ryssland) - €47,930 Bart Lybaert (Belgien) - €34,800

Isaac Haxton vinner €25k Single Day Highroller

Ike Haxton EPT Prag 2016
Officiellt vinnarfoto Ike Haxton

De flesta stora namnen valde Dag 1A i Main Event för att kunna delta i endags-highrollern som spelades igår.

Totalt kom 69 spelare till start, och 14 av dessa använde sitt återinköp.

Vi hittade en svensk i fältet. Det var Simon Mattsson. Tyvärr åkte han ut innan pengarna.

Turneringen vanns av profilen Ike Haxton. Insatsen belönades med €559,200.

Charlie Carrel cashade ännu en gång. Den här gången slutade han på nionde plats för €57,950.


Dagens spel börjar klockan 12:00, och här kan du följa Main Events action via livestream.

Fler nyheter från EPT Prag går att läsa här.


          EPT Prag – Casinoägare vinner €50k SHR, Main Event igång   

Actionen i EPT Prag har börjat hetta till, och under gårdagen fick vi se två nya vinnare.

I €50k Super Highrollern tog Kings Casinos ägare Leon Tsoukernik hem titeln efter att ha besegrat britten Charlie Carrel i heads-up spelet.

Eurekas Main Event har också fått en vinnare. Tyvärr lyckades inte Daniel Erlandson gå hela vägen där.

Tisdagen var även Main Events första startdag, och två svenskar tog sig vidare från ett tufft startfält.

Leon Tsoukernik vinner EPT:s sista Super High Roller

€50,000 Super Highrollern har alltid haft en speciell plats på podiet.

Bara ett fåtal stopp erbjuder ett event med det inköpet, och bara de bästa spelarna samt de mest dedikerade affärsmännen är redo att betala vad som krävs.

Charlie Carrel EPT Prag
Ännu ett finalbord för Carrel

I årets SHR fick vi se 39 spelare och 10 återinköp. Det trissade upp prispotten till €2,352,735.

Två av spelarna som tvingades använda sitt återinköp var just Leon Tsoukernik och hans heads-up motståndare Charlie Carrel.

Carrel gick sedan vidare från Dag 1 i ledning, medan Tsoukernik precis överlevde.

De möttes igen på finalbordet, och det var en underhållande heads-up duell som de bjöd på.

I en av händerna kallade Carrel klockan på sig själv efter att han tänkt i över åtta minuter. Tillslut så synade han, enbart för att se de dåliga nyheterna då Tsoukernik vände upp en stege, vilket slog Carrels tvåpar.

I den avgörande handen hade sedan casinoägaren flytet på sin sida då han synade Carrels all-in med K J. Carrel dominerade honom med A K.

En knekt på floppen gav dock Tsoukernik segern, och för sin insats belönades han med €741,100. Charlie Carrel fick €535,250 för sin andraplats.

Resultat €50,000 Super High Roller EPT Prag 2016

Inköp: €50,000
Registreringar: 49 (39+10)
Prispott: €2,352,735

Leon Tsoukernik - €741,100 Charlie Carrel - €535,250 Juha Helppi - €341,150 Viacheslav Buldygin - €258,800 Paul Newey - €200,000 Julian Thomas - €152,915 Anthony Zinno - €123,520

Heads-up på okänt territorium i Eureka Main Event

Vad händer när turneringsklockans blindnivåer tar slut?

Hubert Matuszewski EPT Prag
Officiellt vinnarfoto Hubert Matuszewski

Det fick vi reda på igår när polska Hubert Matuszewski och Vladas Tamasauskas från Litauen möttes i heads-up spelet av Eurekas Main Event.

12 timmar in på den sista speldagen tog den 40:e blindnivån slut. Mindre än 50 big blinds fanns i spel vid den här tidpunkten, och nivå 41 fanns inte på klockan. När turneringsledaren höjde blindsen från 600k/1,2m till 800k/1,6m spelade man därför på outforskade vatten.

Turneringen var visserligen officiellt sett ”Finished”, men man fortsatte spela i nästan en timma innan Matuszewski kunde avgöra med en rivrad färg.

Förstaplatsen gav €193,298 efter en trevägsdeal. Tamasauskas fick €188,157 för sin andraplats.

Svenska Daniel Erlandsson låg bra till i slutskedet av turneringen, men han fick tyvärr lämna strax innan finalbordet på en 13:e plats för €12,340.

Två svenskar vidare från Dag 1A i Main Event

Undrar du vilken dag du ska starta för att ha bästa möjliga chans att vinna Main Event?

Henrik Hecklen EPT PRag
Chipleadern Henrik Hecklen

Dag 1A är garanterat inte en av dem.

Då €25k Highrollern drar igång samtidigt som Dag 1B väljer många av de största namnen den första dagen för att kunna spela båda.

Så såg det också ut igår.

Totalt kom 244 spelare till start, och 117 stycken tog sig vidare.

Bland dessa hittar vi två svenskar. Den ena är Zoran Mitic som ligger på 70:e plats med 46k i stacken. Den andra är Rifat Palevic. Med 19,3k placerar han sig på 108:e plats i chipcounten.

Dansken Henrik Hecklen leder. Han har 221,8k bakom sig.

Dag 1B inleds klockan 12:00 idag. Livestream finns tillgänglig här, och man börjar med finalbordet i Eurekas Highroller där bland annat Christian Jeppsson finns med. 


          2010 Books In Review   

Well, my goal this year was to cut back my reading and I somewhat succeeded. I only read 44 books in 2010, but I saved a lot of time by not writing reviews for most of them. Here’s the list for the year, with links to the ones I have written a review for at this time.

  1. Open Sources 2.0 Edited By Chris DiBona, Danese Cooper, and Mark Stone
  2. The Mythical Man-Month By Frederick Brooks
  3. The Innovator’s Dilemma By Clayton Christensen
  4. Predictably Irrational By Dan Ariely
  5. The Cluetrain Manifesto By Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger
  6. The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Medical History of Humanity By Roy Porter
  7. Ender’s Game By Orson Scott Card
  8. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies By Jared Diamond
  9. The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World by Lawrence Lessig
  10. The Stand By Stephen King
  11. Biobazaar: The Open Source Revolution and Biotechnology By Janet Hope
  12. The Drawing of the Three: The Dark Tower #2 By Stephen King
  13. The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing By Charile Papazian
  14. The Complete Stories: Volume 1 By Isaac Asimov
  15. Neuromancer By William Gibson
  16. Count Zero By William Gibson
  17. Mona Lisa Overdrive By William Gibson
  18. In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto By Michael Pollan
  19. The Waste Lands: The Dark Tower #3 By Stephen King
  20. The Dilbert Principle By Scott Adams
  21. Wizard and Glass By Stephen King
  22. Wolves of the Calla By Stephen King
  23. The Song of Susannah By Stephen King
  24. ‘Salem’s Lot By Stephen King
  25. The Dark Tower By Stephen King
  26. The Red Thread of Passion By David Guy
  27. The Cathedral & the Bazaar By Eric Raymond
  28. NurtureShock By Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman
  29. Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy By Joseph Schumpeter
  30. Sex at Dawn By Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha
  31. Innovation Happens Elsewhere (Did not finish)
  32. Effective C# By Bill Wagner
  33. More Effective C# By Bill Wagner
  34. Programming in Scala By Martin Odersky
  35. Foundation By Isaac Asimov
  36. Foundation and Empire By Isaac Asimov
  37. Second Foundation By Isaac Asimov
  38. Dr. Kinsey and the Institute for Sex Resarch By Wardell Pomeroy
  39. Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign By Marni Jackson
  40. Programming Perl, 3rd Edition By Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, & Jon Orwant
  41. Joel on Software By Joel Spolsky
  42. Listening To Prozac By Peter D. Kramer
  43. Songs of Distant Earth By Arthur C. Clarke
  44. Speaker for the Dead By Orson Scott Card

          The President of Germany, Christian Wulff, Laid a Wreath at the Tomb of Theodor Herzl   
          Sergeant Howard L. Dartiest-Dartez   
A Mass of Christian burial will be held at Our of Perpetual Help Catholic Church for Sergeant Howard L. Dartiest-Dartez, 71, of Jennings on Saturday, July 1, 2017, at 11 a.m., with Father Jude Fernando officiating.  Visitation will be held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church beginning on Saturday, July 1, from 8 […]
          Three years to safeguard our climate   
Christiana Figueres and colleagues set out a six-point plan for turning the tide of the world’s carbon dioxide by 2020. Continue reading… More great content like this @ Science & Space Front Page or you can Request Invite
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Contact: Leslie Palma, 347-286-7277 ATLANTA, June 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Evangelist Alveda King: July 4, 1776 was a great day in American history; Independence Day! So historically July 4th is a day that is celebrated yearly with family get-togethers, cookouts, parades, watermelon, and fireworks. It was a great day but not for all! While our nation was liberated from British rule in 1776 there was a class of people, slaves that didn't enjoy inde Source: Alveda King Ministries
          More Justice Needed in Philly   
Contact: Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 212-371-3191,   NEW YORK, June 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams:    On June 29, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, on trial for 29 counts of bribery, extortion and fraud, abruptly pleaded guilty to bribery. He was immediately remanded to jail by a judge who pronounced himself " Source: Catholic League
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          Comment on There’s no Pride in Israeli occupation of Palestine by lnm3921   
Do they now. I'm sure the same number you allege do that don't acknowledge your by any means necessary philosophy of terrorism including Palestinian suicide bombings! Since you do, why not fly over there and blow yourself up for Palestine? Good riddance! Oh, and in regards to your disputing the existing of Kings David and Solomon, I noted today in reading about them that the Quran acknowledges their existence not just the Hebrew and Christian bible!
          Facebook Hits Back At Conservative Christians Who Want To Add A Cross Button   
It won't be happening anytime soon.
          German bishops criticize parliament's approval of gay marriage   

Berlin, Germany, Jun 30, 2017 / 12:08 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Archbishop Heiner Koch of Berlin expressed his regret Friday at the German parliament’s vote in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, saying it had abandoned the fundamental characteristics of marriage.

“The fathers of the (German) constitution gave marriage such pride of place because they wanted to protect and strengthen those who, as a mother and father, want to give life to their children.”

“I regret the fact that the legislature has given up on essential aspects of the marriage concept in order to make the latter amenable to same-sex partnerships,” he said June 30.

Lawmakers in Germany's parliament voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in the country by changing the definition of marriage in their legal code to include two persons of the same sex.

In a statement reacting to the vote, Archbishop Koch, chairman of the commission for marriage and family of the German bishops' conference, said he also regrets a loss in differentiation between different forms of partnership as a means to “stress the value of same-sex partnerships.”

Regarding different forms of relationship, “differentiation, however, is not discrimination,” he said.

“If the protection of relationships and the assumption of shared responsibility is now provided as a justification for the opening of marriage,” he continued, “then this means a substantial rebalancing of content and a dilution of the classic marriage concept.”

He went on to stress that the Church’s understanding of marriage and its sacramental nature have not changed with the law, and that Catholics must continue to present publically the truth and goodness of the reality of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

“As the Catholic Church, we will now increasingly face the challenge of convincingly presenting the vitality of the Catholic understanding of marriage,” he said. “At the same time, I recall that the sacramental character of our marriage understanding remains unaffected by today's decision in the Bundestag.”

The vote passed the lower house of Germany’s parliament 393 to 226, with four abstentions. The vote, which took place in a sudden and somewhat unexpected manner, was added to Friday's agenda by the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Greens, and The Left.  

German Chancellor Angela Merkel herself voted against the redefinition, pointing to her belief in marriage as being between a man and a woman.

However, the chancellor paved the way for the vote to take place with the announcement Monday that she had changed her position on adoption by same-sex couples and would allow deputies of her party, the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), a free vote, so they could act according to their “conscience,” she said.

Several of those who voted in favor of the change in definition are members of the Central Committee of German Catholics.

The move was opposed by the Christian Social Union in Bavaria, Alternative for Germany (which holds no seats in the Bundestag), and some members of the CDU.

The session was the final before parliament's summer recess and the country's national elections in September.

Representatives of the Church in Germany, including the chairman of the German bishops' conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising, spoke out against the measure shortly before the vote.

“The German Bishops' Conference emphasizes that marriage, not only from a Christian point of view, is the bond of life and love of woman and man as a principally lifelong connection with the fundamental openness to life.”

“We are of the opinion that the State must continue to protect and promote marriage in this form,” they stated.

Since 2001, it has been legal for same-sex couples in Germany to enter into civil unions, although now they will be allowed the legal protections of marriage, including the option to adopt children.

From here the legislation goes on to the upper house of Parliament for formal approval. It then requires the signature of President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to go into effect, which will likely take place before the end of 2017.

With this change, Germany joins more than 20 other countries that have legalized gay marriage over the last 16 years, including Ireland and the United States in 2015.

          Why this priest isn't afraid of Christianity's waning influence   

New York City, N.Y., Jun 30, 2017 / 03:02 am (CNA).- With Catholic proposals to literally head for the hills in response to Christianity's ever-lessening influence in secular culture, the leader of a global ecclesial movement has a provocative statement:

This is actually a great time for the Church.

“As a matter of fact,” says Father Julian Carron, “it is a precious occasion to verify the validity of the Christian proposal.”

Already garnering some notable attention since its release, a new book by Fr. Carron called “Disarming Beauty” takes on the question of the Church's relevance amid modern society's most pressing challenges. From terrorism to consumerism, “rights” culture to marriage and family, the book examines the plight of our current world and invites Christians to respond – not from a place of fear, but from the joy of their original encounter with the living person of Christ.

“The fact that the Church is no longer a moral majority is liberating; it allows us to rediscover the heart of the Christian event,” he told CNA. “The Church will survive and thrive only through Her witness.”

Fr. Carron heads Communion and Liberation, which originated in the 1950s with Italian priest Msgr. Luigi Giussani. The international movement focuses on the actualization of man's faith by living the Christian presence within community.

Please read below for our full interview with Fr. Carron:

Why 'Disarming Beauty'? What does the title mean to you?

The book speaks of the beauty of Christian faith, of its power and its attraction. When God takes on flesh, He strips Himself of His own power, entering into the history and poverty of the human condition, revealing to everyone the truth of His power. This is how Christianity, the greatest revolution of all time, began. Christ is the exemplar of a way of communicating truth that needs no other means beyond the beauty of truth itself. The book speaks primarily of this beauty, which is not just an aesthetic or sentimental one. Like all beautiful things, Christianity needs no other defense, other then its own beauty, to be communicated. With the expression “disarming beauty” I wanted to say: “We Christians, do we believe in the fascination that the disarming beauty of the faith can exercise?” With the phrase “disarming beauty,” I propose a Christian presence that would be sufficiently attractive so as to make life more interesting for everyone.

What exactly does beauty 'disarm' us of? How does it do that?

Beauty disarms us from our narrow way of looking at ourselves and at reality; it opens our minds and our eyes to the totality of reality, of the real. The attractiveness of beauty moves us affectively, so much so that it allows reason to become truly opened to all the factors of reality. We discover this openness in Christ’s gaze on reality; we are surprised by the way Jesus looks at the publicans, at Zacchaeus or Matthew, or at the crowd. How is his gaze different from the one of the Pharisees, which reduces the person to his ability or his ethical performance? Jesus' gaze at Zacchaeus helps him discover himself, awakening his self-awareness, something none of the Pharisees’ reproaches could do. We can say the same about the Samaritan woman, or the tenth leper. We understand the shock that His presence provoked: “We never saw anything like this.”

What do you perceive as the single greatest threat in modern society?

I think it is feeling adrift, destabilized, alone, and uncertain. Most propose to fight these emotions with walls, or changes in the system at the institutional level (as depicted by T.S. Eliot). Men and women today wait for, perhaps unconsciously, the experience of an encounter with people for whom life is “solid” in the midst of change. What will wake people up today is a human impact, an event that echoes the initial event that occurred when Jesus raised His eyes and said, “Zacchaeus, hurry down. I want to stay at your house today.” I believe that the present era is a great opportunity to witness to the disarming beauty of Christianity, and to verify the fascination of the Christian event, which does not require a context to protect it.

Why is education so important? Why do you say it's the greatest challenge the Church faces?

We see so many students and teachers passive, skeptical, and even bored. Since we don't know what to do, we manage the symptoms. Yet, we must face the challenge. The challenge for the educator is to reawaken desire, to experience the restlessness which St. Augustine speaks about. To do so, we must introduce students to a relationship with reality in its totality, with all of its beauty and meaning.

For this reason, it is necessary to put the person at the center, to teach students to look at the world with their own eyes, to think with their own heads, thus developing a critical spirit that makes their “I” more of a protagonist and less a spectator, more a leader and less a follower, more a citizen and less a subject.

This dynamic is only possible when a teacher is a witness to this relationship with reality, not as one who imposes herself or her way of seeing things upon others, in an authoritarian way, but someone who challenges the other by her own way of living.

What changes must the Church make not only to survive, but thrive in today's modern culture?

Christians are faced with an unprecedented challenge. Yet, we are not afraid of wide-ranging dialogue, without any privileges. As a matter of fact, it is a precious occasion to verify the validity of the Christian proposal. The fact that the Church is no longer a moral majority is liberating; it allows us to rediscover the heart of the Christian event. The Church will survive and thrive only through Her witness.

Arguably, though, there are a lot of Catholics who do not find it “liberating” that the Church is no longer the moral majority. Many are actually afraid of this phenomenon, and feel as though Catholics either have to isolate from culture or hold even more tightly to the tenets of Christianity as an increasingly extreme counter-witness. What do you say to this?

That the Church is no longer the moral majority is a fact. It's useless to complain. The fact that many Catholics are afraid of this situation shows the lack of certainty in the unarmed beauty of faith, causing them to either isolate themselves from the culture to 'preserve' the faith, or to see their presence in society as a counter-reaction. To describe what kind of presence is needed today, this observation may be useful:

When we have to defend something in the context of a debate, in order to make our response stronger, we almost unconsciously accept the way the other frames the issue. In doing so, we allow our position to be determined by its opposition. It is reactive instead of being an original position, that is, a position that comes from our experience of faith. This leads to further reducing Christianity, or its testimony, to the mere repetition of a doctrine, of some values or ethics. (Disarming Beauty, pp. 70-71).    

Christian faith was born in a pluralistic society in Palestine and spread throughout a multicultural Roman empire. The first Christians based the communication of their faith only in their own witness. Their free and joyful position sprang from the core of their faith, not from fear of the world. “Man today expects, perhaps unconsciously, the experience of an encounter with people for whom the fact of Christ is such a present reality that their life is changed. What will shake up men and women today is a human impact; an event that echoes the initial event, when Jesus raised His eyes and said, 'Zacchaeus, hurry down. I mean to stay at your house today.'” (Luigi Giussani to the Synod on the Laity, 1987).

You reference the malaise of “lethargy and existential boredom.” How do modern men and women regain a sense of wonder and desire in front of their lives? In your view, what is the first step, and what is Church's role in this?

The first step is to encounter somebody who reawakens us from our lethargy and boredom. Regardless of the human situation, something unforeseen is always possible, something unexpected, which makes us regain the sense of ourselves. The Church has a unique possibility to offer a big contribution to the modern situation if she rediscovers the real nature of Christianity as an event, an event that reawakens the person, just as we see in the Gospels.

How do you encounter someone who awakens you? Is there a danger of moral subjectivity, here? Does one just follow anything that attracts?   

You can see this when you meet someone who awakens you in your own experience like when you fall in love with someone. You don’t need anybody else assuring you that it is that particular person who has awakened you from your apathy, or your meaningless life. It's something objective, something that comes out of you. We can use the same method looking at the origin of Christian faith. As then-Cardinal Ratzinger said in 1993: “we can recognize only something that raises a correspondence in us.” Anybody can recognize Christ “because he corresponds to the nature of man…the longing for the infinite which is alive and unquenchable within man.” In the opening lines of Deus Caritas Est, he brought this to everyone's attention: “Being Christian is not an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person who gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction.” The person of Jesus is such a great and precious good, as He alone fully corresponds to the human thirst for happiness. And, the exceptional correspondence He brings about in those who meet him makes them capable of being in relationship with reality in an absolutely gratuitous way.

You speak of dialogue in the book a lot. How is this possible and why is it essential?

Dialogue is crucial because it is the possibility for a person to enter into a relationship with the other's experience. Sharing our own experiences with others, welcoming the experiences of others, is the only way to enrich our life.

Freedom in dialogue comes from the esteem one has for the experience of the other. This esteem permits one to enter into relationship with the richness of the experience of another person – in order to enrich one's own perspective. We can say with Terence: “Nothing human is foreign to us.” And when one has this certainty, he or she has no problem entering into a dialogue.

Why is it important for Christians to defend religious freedom?

Because of the relationship between truth and freedom. The Second Vatican Council enables us see that there is no other way to communicate truth than through freedom. Reason is the nature of truth, and truth needs only its own beauty to communicate itself. “The truth cannot impose itself except by virtue of its own truth.”

Christian faith requires the use of reason and freedom. Without these two, Christianity isn't the least bit interesting. Today, therefore, only in a free environment will Christian faith be able to interest people, because for modern men and women (and in this the Enlightenment has played a foundational role), there is no greater good than freedom. No one today would think of proposing or imposing something that goes against freedom.

With the collapse of what was at one time evident (family, marriage, work, relative peace in our cities), where do we begin again?

The same way they did 2000 years ago, with a witness. Jesus introduced such a newness in history that people who met Him remained speechless, even to the point to saying: “We have never have seen anything like it.” There is no way to challenge human reason and freedom other then a life – the more fascinating life of a witness. People need to see and touch again, in a tangible way, the values that today are in crisis.

          Laos' first cardinal focused on evangelization, dialogue   

Pakse, Laos, Jun 29, 2017 / 03:45 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- When selecting new cardinals, Pope Francis has often sought to go to the “peripheries” of the Church, which is particularly notable in his elevation of Cardinal Louis-Marie Ling Mangkhanekhoun of Paksé.

Cardinal Ling's local Church is an apostolic vicariate in Laos, a communist country of southeast Asia where Catholics make up only about one percent of the population. He is the first cardinal to hail from the nation.

The newly-minted cardinal’s resume includes a number of issues of keen interest for Francis, including evangelization, pastoral aid for the faithful where the Church is persecuted, a use of dialogue in diplomatic relations, and a concern for the environment.

Born in Laos in 1944, Cardinal Ling attend a seminary of the Voluntas Dei Institute (associated with the Oblates of Mary Immaculate) in Canada, and was ordained a priest of the Vicariate Apostolic of Vientiane in 1972, three years before the communist takeover of the country.

He was appointed vicar apostolic of Paksé in 2000, and consecrated a bishop the following year. He was elevated to the cardinalate June 28.

Cardinal Ling’s ministry in the majority-Buddhist country has been greatly varied as he has responded to the unique challenges facing the Church and the people there. Catholics number just over a mere 45,000 in the country of 7 million, and are served by only 33 priests.

“We are in the minority as Catholics, but we understand each other always; whether you are a cardinal or not, you are the same, you have to be simple and really with the people,” he told CNA.

Given such a small Catholic population, Cardinal Ling, 73, has long placed importance on catechesis and evangelization. Many married missionaries, as well as the country’s seminarians, go into villages to minister to the Catholic flock there. He is also described as placing an emphasis on integrating Christianity into the local culture in order to promote harmony with the religious majority of the country.

The communist takeover in 1975 posed a great challenge for the Church in Laos, which, anticipating persecution, stopped or scaled back many of its public liturgies and catechetical programs. Foreign missionaries were expelled. However, a surprisingly tolerant government has since allowed for the re-growth of the Church. However, the Church still faces challenges from the powers that be.

“The Church is treated very poorly in Laos – probably the worst in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) save for Brunei,” a “well-place[d] diplomat source” told UCA News in May.

Cardinal Ling is noted for having good relationships with government authorities. Despite challenges, the cardinal holds out hope for the future of his flock. While Laos is one of the few countries lacking full diplomatic relations with the Vatican, progress has been made in the recent past, and the presence of a Laotian in the College of Cardinals will offer a prime opportunity for continued building of these relationships.

Fr. Raphael Tran Xuan Nhan of Vietnam, who has worked in Laos since 2005, described Bishop Ling to UCA News as a “kind, friendly, wise and open-minded man” who is “interested in evangelization work and welcomes all foreign missionaries to his country.” He describes the cardinal's diplomatic approach as “dialogue rather than confrontation.”

The beatification of 17 martyrs from the region, killed by communist forces in the second half of the twentieth century, was yet another sign of warming Church-state relations, as well as providing a sense of renewal for local Catholics.

The new cardinal has also spoken out of concern for the environment, responding to fast-paced deforestation in the region.

“Now we are starting to destroy ourselves,” he said, as reported by UCA News. “It’s not from climate change itself but [it is] coming from human beings and humans doing something very wrong to destroy the earth.”

The elevation of Ling to the College of Cardinals represents a peripheral perspective from a long-time pastor with broad experience in many of the challenges facing the Church today.

Alexey Gotovskiy contributed to this report.

          Fr. James Martin's LGBT book: Where it's strong, where it falls short   

Washington D.C., Jun 29, 2017 / 01:10 pm (CNA).- There’s been a lot of chatter about Fr. James Martin’s new book, “Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity,” and given the topic, it’s understandable why. Pope Francis’ call to “encounter” has reinforced the necessity for Catholics to go bring the Gospel to those on the margins. Within American society at large, one of the most visible minorities on the margins are those who experience same-sex attractions or identify as LGBT, and ministry to this community has been of special concern among faithful Catholics in recent years. At the same time, both communities have borne legitimate struggles, as the Church faces pressures to choose between its teachings and public service, and those who identify as LGBT – including celibate Catholics who abide by Church teaching – have for years faced violence, ridicule and discrimination for their attractions.

The book contains many good and practical explanations for why conversations between these groups can come to a standstill. Fr. Martin points out how the scandal of the sex abuse crisis or mistreatment by persons in the Church can make it difficult for members of the LGBT community to listen to the Church’s guidance. Additionally, he explains to members of the LGBT community why it’s important to respect the teaching authority of the Church. Advice like this is clarifying and can help facilitate conversations with more patience and understanding. The book closes with a series of prayers and spiritual reflections, some of which provide a welcome antidote to the Pelagian poisons of our time: Fr. Martin rightfully reinforces God’s love for all his children in a world that places terms and conditions upon our human dignity and worth.

Yes, all of us are sinners and fall short of the glory of God and face the consequences of our actions. But all of us are created in the image and likeness of God; it is not our action or inaction, but God’s grace, which secures our salvation. I can only hope that these reflections provide spiritual fruit for all of the book’s readers who feel rejected, neglected, hurt, or who think their deeds somehow have rendered them unworthy of God’s love, particularly readers who experience same-sex attraction or identify as part of the LGBT community.

However, there were other aspects of the book that were troubling.  

Most of all, I was confused by the book’s avoidance of the Church’s teaching on the Sacrament of marriage, as well as the importance of the gifts of celibacy and chastity for the life of the Church. Likewise, I was baffled by Fr. Martin’s reluctance to acknowledge Catholics who experience same-sex attraction who live in obedience to Church teaching – either through celibacy or in sacramental marriages to persons of the opposite sex. If the purpose of the book is to build a bridge between the Church and the broader LGBT community, why skip over the perspective of those at the crossroads of living a Catholic life and experiencing same-sex attraction?

Eve Tushnet, an author, pro-life activist and Catholic who identifies as a lesbian spoke to similar frustrations, particularly the book’s avoidance of sexual ethics, in her review of Fr. Martin’s book for the Washington Post. “The Catholic sexual ethic is this book’s embarrassing secret. It’s never mentioned, and so the difficulties the teaching itself poses for gay Catholics in our culture are never addressed.”  

Tushnet later continues: “In a culture where everything from pop songs to health insurance urges us to structure our lives around romance and marriage, gay Christians have a chance – or a duty – to show that you can make a life of devotion, joy and mutual sacrifice within celibacy. And straight Christians have a chance not only to live the models we’ve shown them, following the paths we’ve blazed, but to support us when our callings to non-marital love leave us economically or emotionally vulnerable.”

Given the topic, it seemed jarringly incomplete to be denied even a reference to the call of Tushnet and other LGBT Christians trying to live in accord with Church teaching.

After reading, I also found myself wondering about the definitions Fr. Martin lays out, particularly those surrounding identity.

While certainly respect and sensitivity are necessary for any difficult conversation, I can’t help but wonder if Fr. Martin’s fixation on identity as LGBT overlooks Catholics who experience same-sex attraction but do not wish to identify as such. For instance, members of groups such as Courage share experiences of same-sex attraction, yet many choose not to identify as “gay” or “lesbian.” Furthermore, even within the LGBT community, those labels of “gay” and “lesbian” are falling out of use among the Millennial generation, with the terms like “queer” taking their place. If this book is to help bridge an understanding, why limit this conversation to their exclusion?

On top of that, all of these sexual identities – including that of “straight” – are very recent social constructions. This isn’t to say that identities don’t reflect on how we are shaped and encounter the world, or that they cannot be an effective shorthand for describing one’s background or community. Yet, as Pope Benedict XVI wrote while he was still Joseph Ratzinger, “the human person, made in the image and likeness of God, can hardly be adequately described by a reductionist reference to his or her sexual orientation” (or any other temporal identity). While we might claim a given identity – Gentile, Jew, Gay, Straight – they aren’t essential to who we are as children of God, nor should they limit us in doing what the Church, our Mother, asks of us.

Sadly, this point of Church teaching and historical understanding doesn’t come across clearly in Fr. Martin’s book. In one section, Fr. Martin rightly points to the hypocritical “acceptance” of some other groups who publicly disobey Church teaching such as known usurers or those in cohabiting relationships. However, he doesn’t merely call for consistency, but for consistency in acceptance of these forms of public sin. This is problematic for a number of reasons, but most of all because it seems to despair of God’s grace and sells short Christ’s call for all of us to live lives of virtue.

Overall, there are some useful insights in the Building a Bridge’s prayers and descriptions of where many conversations on this topic come to a standstill. And, the book may be a useful tool for a well-formed Catholic who wants a better insight into the LGBT experience, or for a member of that community who wants to understand a neighborhood priest's perspective. However, bridge-building is a difficult task. Hopefully the fruits of this book will prove to be a solid plank, but there is clearly a need for other resources, materials and direction to make up for what is lacking in this book as we seek to span these waters.



          Peter and Paul are the columns on whom the Church rests, Pope recalls   

Vatican City, Jun 29, 2017 / 12:16 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Saints Peter and Paul are pillars of the Church and a reminder that God is with us always, Pope Francis said Thursday in St. Peter's Square.

“The Fathers of the Church liked to compare the holy apostles Peter and Paul to two columns, on which the visible building of the Church rests. Both sealed with their own blood their testimony to Christ of preaching and service to the nascent Christian community,” he stated during his June 29 Angelus address on the saints' feast.

He reflected on St. Peter's deliverance from prison by an angel “so that he could complete his evangelizing mission, first in the Holy Land and then in Rome, putting all his energy at the service of the Christian community.”

St. Paul similarly experienced hostility to his mission, the Pope said, from both civil authorities and his fellow Jews, “from which he was freed by the Lord.”

“These two 'deliverances', of Peter and of Paul, reveal the common path of the two apostles, who were mandated by Jesus to announced the Gospel in difficult and in certain cases hostile circumstances.”

They both, through “their personal and ecclesial stories, demonstrate and say to us, today, that the Lord is always at our side, walking with us, never abandoning us,” said Pope Francis.

“Especially at the moment of trial, God touches our hand, comes to our aid, and frees us from the threats of our nemeses. But let us recall that our true nemesis is sin, and the Evil One who drives us to it.”

He said that “when we reconcile with God, especially in the sacrament of Penance, we receive the grace of pardon, we are freed from the chains of evil, and are lightened from the burden of our errors. Thus can we continue our journey of as joyous announcers and witnesses to the Gospel, demonstrating that we ourselves first received mercy.”

Pope Francis concluded his address by praying for Rome, the city of the martyrdom of both Saints Peter and Paul.

“May the goodness and the grace of the Lord sustain all the Roman people, for they live in fraternity and concord, resplendent in the Christian faith, witnessed to with intrepid love by the holy apostles Peter and Paul.”

          Sitges 2013 | 'Borgman', de Alex van Warmerdam, es la mejor película de la 46ª edición   

Una inquietante escena de Borgman

Ya conocemos a los ganadores de la 46ª edición del Festival de Sitges. El jurado formado por Fede Álvarez, Aïna Clotet, Christian Hallman, Marcelo Panozzo y Miguel Ángel Vivas ha elegido a la holandesa 'Borgman', de Alex van Warmerdam, como la mejor película de la sección oficial. Gira en torno a un vagabundo que rompe la calma de una familia de clase alta, y el jurado se ha decantado por ella por su "solidez y capacidad de perturbación con pinceladas de realismo y del fantástico, en un momento en que el cine está demasiado subrayado y ofrece demasiadas respuestas".

Ha resultado un palmarés muy repartido en el que sobresalen los premios de dirección para Navot Papushado y Aharon Keshales por 'Big Bad Wolves' --lo mejor del año según Quentin Tarantino--, de interpretación para Andy Lau por 'Blind Detective' y Juno Temple por 'Magic Magic', y de guion para James Ward Byrkit por 'Coherence'. Asimismo, cabe destacar que el premio especial del jurado se lo ha llevado 'Only Lovers Left Alive', de Jim Jarmusch, y que lo más votado por el público ha sido el documental 'Jodorowsky´s Dune', de Frank Pavich.

Entre los otros galardones alternativos que se entregan dentro del marco del certamen, llama la atención que el "jurado de la crítica", compuesto por Marta Armengou, Alejandro G. Calvo y Gerard Alonso Cassadó, haya elegido a Shane Carruth como el mejor realizador novel por 'Upstream Color'. Una broma, espero. Según Ángel Sala, director del certamen, este año se han vendido 60.000 entradas, 5.000 más que en 2012. Una gran noticia para estos tiempos de crisis, enhorabuena.

Vía | Web oficial de Sitges 2013

          دانلود موسیقی متن فیلم Love Addict   

دانلود موسیقی متن فیلم Love Addict دانلود موسیقی متن فیلم Love Addict 2017 با کیفیت بالا دانلود آهنگ فیلم Love Addict 2017 اثری از Joel Christian Goffin با لینک مستقیم اهنگساز: Joel Christian Goffin آلبوم: Love Addict ژانر: Score | Soundtrack سال تولید: ۲۰۱۷ فرمت: MP3 حجم: ۶۲MB کیفیت: ۳۲۰kbps Tracklist: ۱٫ Brevity Mr. Maxwell […]

نوشته دانلود موسیقی متن فیلم Love Addict اولین بار در دانلود موسیقی متن با لینک مستقیم پدیدار شد.

          10 Christian Books Worth Reading in 2017   
10 Christian Books Worth Reading in 2017

When you look back on your life at who or what has influenced you, what usually comes to mind?  Chances are you will answer one of two things–people or books.  As Charlie “Tremendous” Jones originally said, You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet… Read More

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          Israel, American Jewry and Trump's GOP   

Earlier this month Norway, Denmark and Switzerland did something surprising.

Norway announced that it was demanding the return of its money from the Palestinian Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Secretariat, for the latter's funding of a Palestinian women's group that built a youth center near Nablus named for PLO mass murderer Dalal Mughrabi.

Denmark followed, announcing it was cutting off all funding to the group.

And last week, the Swiss parliament passed a resolution directing the government to amend Swiss law to block funding of NGOs "involved in racist, antisemitic or hate incitement actions."

For years, the Israeli government has been urging these and other European governments to stop funding such groups, to no avail. What explains their abrupt change of heart?

In two words: Donald Trump.

For years, the Obama administration quietly encouraged the Europeans to fund these groups and to ratchet up their anti-Israel positions. Doing so, the former administration believed, would coerce Israel to make concessions to the PLO.

But now, Trump and his advisers are delivering the opposite message. And, as the actions by Denmark, Norway and Switzerland show, the new message is beginning to be received.

If the US administration keeps moving forward on this trajectory, it can do far more than suspend funding for one terrorism-supporting Palestinian NGO. It can shut down the entire BDS industry before Trump finishes his current term in office.

To understand what can and ought to be done, it is first important to understand the nature of the BDS movement. Under the catchphrase BDS, two separate campaigns against Israel and against Jews are being carried out.

The first BDS campaign is a campaign of economic warfare. The focal point of that campaign is Europe. The purpose of the campaign is to harm Israel's economy by enacting discriminatory, anti-Israel trade policies and encouraging unofficial consumer and business boycotts of Israeli firms and products.

The US Congress can end this economic war against Israel by passing laws penalizing European states for engaging in trade practices that breach the World Trade Organization treaties. The US Treasury Department can also push strongly and effectively for such an end in its trade negotiations with the EU. The Treasury Department can also investigate whether and how EU trade practices toward Israel constitute unlawful barriers to trade.

Unlike the situation in Europe, where the BDS economic war against Israel is fairly advanced, efforts in the US to mount economic boycotts of Israel hit an iceberg early on due to the swift preemptive actions taken by state legislatures.

In 2015, then-South Carolina governor Nikki Haley became the first governor to sign a law barring her state government from doing business or investing in companies that boycott Israel. Last week Kansas became the 21st US state to pass an anti-BDS law along the same lines. Last month, all 50 state governors declared opposition to BDS.

The second BDS campaign being carried out against Israel is a form of political and social warfare.

Its epicenter is US academia. Its purpose is to erode US support for Israel, by making it politically unacceptable and socially devastating to publicly voice support for Israel on college campuses and more generally in leftist circles.

As is the case with the economic BDS campaign, the best way to defeat political BDS is through state and federal government action. If state and federal governments withheld funding to universities and colleges that permit BDS groups to operate on their campuses, campus administrators, who to date have refused to lift a finger against these hate groups, would be forced into action.

If the US Education and Justice departments opened civil rights investigations against major BDS groups for antisemitic bigotry, campus administrators would finally begin banning them from their campuses.

For many Israelis, the notion that defeating BDS is a job for the US government rather than for grassroots, American Jewish activists, will come as a surprise.

When Israelis think about the BDS movement, they tend to think that the American Jewish community is the place to turn for assistance.

This is not merely incorrect.

As two studies published in the last few weeks show, the notion that Israel can look to the American Jewish community for help with anything is becoming increasingly dubious.

To be sure, there are several American Jewish groups that devote massive resources to combating BDS on campuses. But their actions are tactical.

They fight specific BDS resolutions coming to votes before student councils. They train pro-Israel students to defend Israel to their peers.

While helpful, none of these actions constitutes a serious challenge to the movement.

On a strategic level, the effective moves made to date against BDS have been initiated by Republicans.

Alan Clemmons, the South Carolina lawmaker who initiated the anti-BDS bill in his statehouse and has since gone on to spearhead the state government anti-BDS drive nationally, is a Christian Zionist.

Clemmons didn't act out of concern for South Carolinian Jews. The Jewish community of South Carolina numbers a mere 20,000 members. The state-by-state anti-economic BDS campaign is neither the brainchild of any major Jewish group nor the product of their efforts.

So, too, to the extent that the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress take action to defeat BDS on campuses and in Europe, they won't be answering the call of their Jewish constituents. American Jews vote overwhelmingly for the increasingly anti-Israel Democratic Party. And while making up a mere 2% of the US population, American Jews contributed 50% of the donations to the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections.

This then brings us to the two studies of the American Jewish community and its future trajectory.

The first study was published by the Jewish Agency's Jewish People Policy Institute. It analyzes the data from the 2013 Pew survey of American Jewish attitudes. The Pew survey demonstrated that the Jewish identity of American Jews is growing increasingly attenuated and superficial.

Famously, the study noted that while 19% of American Jews said that they view observance of Jewish law as an essential part of their Jewish identity, 42% said they viewed having a good sense of humor as an essential part of their Jewish identity.

The JPPI study analyzed the Pew data regarding rates of marriage and childbearing among American Jews aged 24-54. The study started with the data on intermarriage. Sixty percent of non-haredi American Jews are married to non-Jews. A mere 32% of married American Jews are raising their children as Jewish to some degree.

From there, the JPPI study considered marriage and childbirth rates in general. It works out that a mere 50% of American Jews between 24 and 54 are married. And a mere 40% of American Jews between those ages have children living with them. In other words, the majority of adult American Jews are childless.

The JPPI study tells us two important things.

First, in the coming years there will be far fewer American Jews. Second, among those who are Jewish, their Jewish identity will continue to weaken.

Clearly, it would be unwise for Israel to believe that it can depend on such a community to secure its interests in the US for the long haul.

The second study shows that not only can Israel not expect the American Jewish community to help it maintain its alliance with the US. The number of American Jews willing to spearhead anti-Israel campaigns is likely to grow in the coming years.

The second study was produced by Brand Israel, a group of public relations experts that for the past decade has been trying to change the way young Americans think about Israel. The idea was to discuss aspects of Israel that have nothing to do with the Palestinians, with an emphasis on Israel as a hi-tech power. The hope was that by branding Israel as the Start-Up Nation, leftists, who support the Palestinians, would still support Israel.

Fern Oppenheim, one of the leaders of Brand Israel, presented the conclusions of an analysis of the group's work at the Herzliya Conference this week and discussed them with the media. It works out that the PR campaign backfired.

Far from inspiring increased support for Israel, Oppenheim argued that the hi-tech-centric branding campaign made leftist American Jews even more anti-Israel. She related that over the past decade, there has been an 18-point drop in support for Israel among US Jewish students.

To remedy the situation, which she referred to as "devastating," Oppenheim recommended changing the conversation from hi-tech to "shared values."

The problem with Oppenheim's recommendation is that it ignores the problem.

Young American Jews aren't turning against Israel because their values are different from Israeli values. By and large, they have the same values as Israeli society. And if they know anything about Israel, they know that their values aren't in conflict with Israeli values.

Young American Jews are turning on Israel for two reasons. First, they don't care that they are Jewish and as a consequence, see no reason to stick their necks out on Israel's behalf.

And second, due in large part to the political BDS campaign on college campuses, supporting Israel requires them to endanger or relinquish their ideological home on the Left. Since their leftist identities are far stronger than their Jewish identities, young American Jews are joining the BDS mob in increasing numbers.

This then brings us back to BDS.

The only way to diminish the groundswell of American Jews who are becoming hostile toward Israel is to defeat the forces of political BDS on campuses. To do this, Israel should turn not to the Jewish community but to evangelical Christians, the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress.

As for the American Jews, Israel needs to stop viewing the community as a resource and begin to view it as a community in crisis. To this end, the most significant contribution Israel can make to the American Jewish community - particularly to non-Orthodox American Jews - is to encourage them to make aliya. Assuming that current trends will continue, the only way non-Orthodox American Jews can have faith their grandchildren will be Jewish is for a significant number of them to make aliya.

No, this won't appeal to all American Jews. But nothing Israel does will. Israel's job isn't to reach the unreachable. It is to protect its alliance with the US and to help the Jews that remain in the room. 

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A version of this piece also appeared on The Jerusalem Post.



          Fox in the Hen House: Allowing Terrorists to Re-enter Prisons   

Recent articles by the IPT and other news organizations have addressed the growing concerns regarding the upcoming release of over a hundred inmates convicted of terrorism related crimes. Experts have spoken on the lack of a bona fide strategy that will address the unique security issues presented when a terrorist is released. The need for post release specialized supervision programs is clear.

The one idea that should not be on the table is to allow them to re-enter prisons to speak with inmates as a religious volunteer. Yet this is exactly what has happened in the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) for the last two years.

Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, also known as Asad al Salaam, is an employee of the Muslim Chaplain Services of Virginia. He is licensed in the state as an Islamic clergyman authorized to perform marriages and other religious ceremonies. He has been issued a statewide pass to enter any VADOC facility and speak with inmates. He is currently teaching a class in Arabic for inmates. He is also an ex-offender. While that in itself is not unusual, many ex-offenders, in a desire to give back and help others in similar situations, have successfully done so. This particular ex-offender, Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, (FBI # 939113RA3), is quite unique.

Lemmons' criminal history began in a small rural community in upstate New York. His parents had sent him there from Chicago in hopes of protecting him from the scourge of gang violence and drugs. His first arrest occurred when he was a teenager, and for the next two years he amassed charges ranging from DUI to Burglary, Assault, and finally, Robbery. The last charge resulted in his being sentenced to a term of 2-4 years in a New York State prison. Upon his entrance to a Reception and Classification facility in April of 1996, he declared his religion as Christian. A few months later, after meeting with several inmates of Middle Eastern descent, one, a former Colonel in the Yemeni army and the other, a member of Hamas, Mr. Lemmons informed his counselor that he was changing his religious affiliation to Islam. Following that development, he began to attend Arabic classes taught by another inmate in the Cayuga Correctional Facility. The inmate teacher's name was Abdel Nasser Zaben.

Abdel Zaben, a Palestinian, was born in Jordan in 1969. He illegally entered the United States in 1990, arrested by the NYPD in 1993 for Kidnapping and Robbery, and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Zaben was also the target of an investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force who had received confidential information that he had sworn allegiance to Osama bin Laden and was recruiting disenfranchised inmates to his group for training and to fight in the Jihad. At the time he first met with Edwin Lemmons, Zaben worked as a clerk for the prison's Islamic Chaplain . For the next two years he tutored Lemmons in both Arabic and the Koran. When the time for Lemmons' release from prison drew near, inmate Zaben provided him with names and contact information of individuals in the Middle East who would assist Lemmons in his travel and studies.

Following his release, in the fall of 1998, Lemmons had his parole supervision transferred to Florida, and enrolled in the Islamic Center of Gainesville. In March 2000, Lemmons made his first trip overseas to the Middle East. Upon his return from Jordan through New York's JFK Airport and then on to Gainesville, Florida, he approached the president of the Islamic center and asked about fighting in the jihad overseas. The then-president, Mohamed Bahmaid, in an interview with members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, stated that he tried to discourage Lemmons from any future overseas travel. Lemmons did not heed his advice. Four months later Lemmons made another trip overseas, this time to Egypt. He stayed for three months and while there, according to a reliable source who knew both Lemmons and Zaben, he received "underground tactical training."

Later, while under surveillance by the JTTF, Lemmons was observed at a firing range in Melbourne, Florida with two other individuals, firing AK 47's and SKS assault rifles. They were practicing tactical maneuvers known as "cover & concealment." In addition, authorities received credible information from a reliable source that described Lemmons as someone with extremist Islamic views similar to that of the Taliban. Lemmons himself admitted to extremist views in a recorded conversation with inmate Abdel Zaben. The majority of Lemmon's conversations with Zaben were in Arabic and required the use of government translators. The translators often remarked as to the skill and scholarly approach to the language that Lemmons had acquired. That development caused concern with investigators in June 2003 when monitoring a conversation between Lemmons and Zaben. Lemmons kept saying over and over to Zaben that he needed to learn how to say "Big Truck" in Arabic. He was fluent in Arabic and knew precisely how to say those words. Why was he repeating the phrase, "Big Truck"? Investigators believed this was a coded message about a possible future attack that Lemmons was to be involved with.

That is why on September 6, 2003, members of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Lemmons in the Orlando airport as he returned from yet another trip to the Middle East. He was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. But this was no ordinary gun case. This was the result of a joint investigation dubbed "Operation Hades" which included investigators from my Office, the NYPD, the NYSP, and the JTTF. The goal of the investigation was to determine the level of Islamic radicalization in the prison system both here and abroad and also to identify and neutralize any radicalizing influences.

Lemmons was only one of the many radicals we uncovered.

As a result of his plea arrangement, he received a sentence of twenty seven months in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He was released from prison on May 12, 2006. He continued to have contact with Abdel Zaben and other individuals in the Middle East whom he met during his travels. He has never recanted his extremist views.

The question arises as to why the Muslim Chaplains Services of Virginia would hire someone holding such extremist views. Perhaps they were unaware of Lemmons' background, or perhaps they share the same beliefs as Mr. Lemmons. The MCSVA is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2003 whose stated mission is "to serve incarcerated individuals, ex-offenders, and their families." To accomplish that goal, MCSVA has received funding from various organizations including the Islamic Relief (IRUSA), an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Its former global affiliate and current partner organization Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) was banned from operating in Israel on allegations the charity funneled funds to Hamas. Later the same year, the United Arab Emirates declared IRW to be a terrorist group.

One of the MCSVA board members, Sa'ad El-Amin, pled guilty to Tax Fraud and sentenced to 37 months in a federal prison. Adding to this, MCSVA is now employing an individual who was radicalized in prison and has spoken of fighting and dying for jihad, namely Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, also known as Asad al Salaam

Allowing an individual with such radical Islamic views to meet, teach, and influence a particularly vulnerable group of society, incarcerated men and women, is in direct opposition to the FBI's Correctional Intelligence Initiative which seeks to detect, deter, and disrupt the level of violent extremism and radicalization in correctional institutions. It specifically speaks of preventing un-vetted religious clergy and volunteers with extremist views from any interaction with inmates. The DOJ Inspector General's Office has also spoken of this security concern. That inmates could be radicalized while incarcerated and then carry out terrorist attacks after release is a very real concern both here and in abroad.

It seems incredulous to me that, in light of the recent terrorist attacks in the UK and other European countries, carried out in part by individuals radicalized in prison, someone with Mr. Lemmons' background would be allowed to reenter a prison, let alone teach inmates.

When notified of Lemmons' well documented criminal activity since his release from a New York State prison, Melissa Welch, the Operations Support Manager for VADOC, whose office oversees religious volunteers, stated that the approval to allow Mr. Lemmons to visit and teach inmates in Virginia was granted by her predecessor in 2015. She went on to say that the agency is in the process of reviewing how Edwin Lemmons slipped through the cracks and what action VADOC will need to take to correct the security error.

Three crucial steps will be necessary to effectively neutralize this egregious security breach. First, Virginia Department of Corrections Director Harold Clarke should immediately suspend Mr. Lemmons' authorization to enter any correctional facility. Second, an audit/investigation into how religious volunteers are vetted should be conducted, and changes made, to prevent individuals with prior convictions for terror related crimes to gain access to any correctional facility. And thirdly, a list of the names of all the inmates, both in custody or released, who attended any classes or services conducted by Mr. Lemmons should be forwarded to the National Joint Terrorism Task Force that has oversight for the Correctional Intelligence Initiative Program.

Failing to implement these steps will only increase the level of radicalizing influences in the U.S. prison system.

Allowing a fox into the hen house does irreparable harm to all. Allowing a terrorist back into prison will only do the same.

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          2017 Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Nominees   

Bryant High School


Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts


Sacred Heart Catholic School


Batesville High School

Batesville High School


Bay High School


Beebe High School

Beebe High School


Benton High School

Benton High School


Eureka Springs High School


Des Arc High School


The Baptist Preparatory School


Cabot High School

Cabot High School


Harmony Grove High School

Harmony Grove High School


Cave City High School

Cave City High School


St. Joseph School


St. Joseph School

Conway High School



Danville High School


Dover High School

Dover High School


West Side Christian School


Eureka Springs High School

Eureka Springs High School


Fayetteville High School


Southside High School

Southside High School


Cotter High School


Gentry High School Conversion Charter

Gentry High School Conversion Charter


Guy-Perkins High School


Natalie Burklow
Greenwood High School

Greenwood High School


Sheridan High School


Lakeside High School

Lakeside High School

Hot Springs World Class High School

Hot Springs World Class High School

Lake Hamilton High School


Lake Hamilton High


Hoxie High School

Hoxie High School


Huntsville High School

Huntsville High School


Jacksonville High School

Abundant Life School

Jacksonville High School


Valley View High School

Valley View High School

Crowley's Ridge Academy

Harrisburg High School

Brookland High School

Brookland High School


Little Rock Central High School

Little Rock Christian Academy

The Baptist Preparatory School

Episcopal Collegiate School

Little Rock Central High School

eStem High School

J.A. Fair High School of College and Career Academies

Catholic High School for Boys

Little Rock Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School

Episcopal Collegiate School

eStem High School

Little Rock Christian Academy


Lincoln High School

Lincoln High School


Bryant High School


Glen Rose High School


Central Arkansas Christian School


Sacred Heart Catholic School

Morrilton High School

Morrilton High School


Jessieville High School


Mount Vernon-Enola High School

Mount Vernon-Enola High School


Mulberry High School


Nettleton High School

Nettleton High School


North Little Rock High School

Mount St. Mary Academy

J.A. Fair High School of College and Career Academies

Central Arkansas Christian

North Little Rock High School

Little Rock Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School


Paragould High School

Paragould High School

Crowley's Ridge Academy


Perryville High School


Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts

Subiaco Academy


Farmington High School

Prairie Grove High School

Prairie Grove High School


Rogers High School

Haas Hall Academy

Rogers Heritage High School

Rogers Heritage High School

Rogers High School

Searcy High School

Harding Academy

Searcy High School

Harding Academy


Wilbur D. Mills University Studies High School

Sheridan High School

Wilbur D. Mills University Studies High School


Sylvan Hills High School

Sylvan Hills High School


Shirley High School


Siloam Springs High School

Siloam Springs High School


Haas Hall Academy


Van Buren High School

Van Buren High School


Walnut Ridge High School


Yellville-Summit High School

Yellville-Summit High School

Cotter School District

          2017 Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Team   
Meet the best and brightest high school students in the state.

The class of 2017, our 23rd, is made up of athletes, coders, budding politicians and brain experts. There's rarely a B on the transcripts of these students — in not just this, their senior year, but in any year of their high school careers.

Back in 1995, we created the Academic All-Star Team to honor what we then called "the silent majority — the kids who go to school, do their homework (most of it, anyway), graduate and go on to be contributing members of society." Too often, we argued then, all Arkansans heard about young people was how poorly they were faring. Or, when students did get positive attention, it came for athletic achievement.

As you read profiles of this year's All-Stars, it should be abundantly clear that good things are happening in Arkansas schools and there are many academic achievers who deserve to be celebrated. You should get a good idea, as well, of how these stellar students are busy outside school, with extracurricular activities, volunteer work, mission activities and more.

They'll be honored this week at a ceremony at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with plaques and $250 cash awards.

Many college plans listed here are not set in stone, as students await information on scholarships and acceptances.

Age: 17
Hometown: North Little Rock
High School: Mount St. Mary Academy
Parents: (guardian) Dennis Chudy
College plans: Duke University

Caroline Coplin-Chudy has a 4.4 grade point average — high enough to rank second in her class at Mount St. Mary Academy — and lost her mother to leukemia during her sophomore year, something she told us came to be a source of inspiration and drive during her academic development. "It was a big adjustment. After my mom passed away, it was just my stepdad. It's a weird realization coming to the idea that both of your parents are gone, and it's just you. ... I still think of her every single day. She motivates me to do well in everything, because my whole life I wanted to make her proud." Caroline is president of Mount St. Mary's Investment Club and of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). She's also been a regular volunteer for several years at the Little Rock Compassion Center, whose recovery branch provides meals and health resources to people suffering from addiction. Caroline said she found healing from her own grief in the friendships she forged there. As the recipient of a Questbridge scholarship, described by Caroline's guidance counselor and nominator Amy Perkins as a program where lower-income students qualify for tuition to schools with which they "match" via an early decision process, Caroline will attend Duke University on a full scholarship. "I'm going to study biology and psych, with a minor in Spanish. My plan is to work at the Duke Center for Addiction [Science and Technology] helping people with drug addictions overcome that sort of thing. It's something that I've had experience with, watching my family go through things like that."

Age: 17
Hometown: Pine Bluff
High School: Subiaco Academy
Parents: Sixte Ntamatungiro and Sylvana Niciteretse
College plans: Rice University, neuroscience

Axel Ntamatungiro grew up among books and maps dispersed throughout his home that "paint[ed] the walls with nuanced shades of knowledge." It shows. Not often can a high school senior explain, as Axel does, his love for studying the brain so easily. "Neuroscience is basically a neuron turning on and off," he said. "The fact that you have billions of these combinations that lead to consciousness, that's unbelievable." To continue learning about the mind, Axel is headed to Rice University on a full ride as a QuestBridge scholar. Maybe medical school or graduate school after that. Axel said his parents taught him a "humble intellectualism" that helped him understand "the irrationality of life." They always told him: "Work hard, but you need to realize you don't always get what you deserve." And life has been, at times, irrational and difficult for his family. Axel was the only member of his family born in the United States — in Little Rock in 1999. The rest migrated from Burundi in the early 1990s. They stayed here as the Rwandan genocide inflicted incredible damage in the area. That past was never hidden from Axel. "Instead of avoiding my questions, my parents level-headedly answered [them], telling me about Belgian colonialism, Hutu-Tutsi tension and the systematic poverty afflicting Burundi," he said. Maybe that is why Axel has never been afraid to ask big questions. He said it also helped to have a diverse group of friends who taught him new things. At his cafeteria table for lunch are kids from all over: Nigeria, Fort Smith, Japan, Bentonville and Russia. Everyone's small stories add to a global perspective, something bigger from something small, kind of like those neurons.

Age: 18
Hometown: Springdale
High School: Haas Hall Academy (Fayetteville)
Parents: Brenan and Tiffany DeSpain
College plans: U.S. Naval Academy, nuclear engineering

For Jade DeSpain, the question, "Where's your hometown?" isn't necessarily as straightforward as it seems. The National Merit semifinalist, swimming star and Quiz Bowler spent much of her childhood in Beijing, where her parents — both fluent in Mandarin — taught her Chinese concurrently with English (and where, she notes, she acquired an "incredible prowess with chopsticks.") "We've moved around so much that I don't really have a 'hometown,' but Springdale is the closest I've ever gotten," she said. She's made her impact there, too, tutoring students free of charge through her volunteer work with the M&N Augustine Foundation and putting in time at the Arkansas Council for the Blind and the Springdale Animal Shelter. Jade is ranked second in her class, and her high school transcript is full of aced courses in trigonometry, physics and calculus. She's also the co-founder of Haas Hall Academy's coding club, so a career in nuclear energy development — Jade's field of choice — isn't just an aspiration; it's the plan. "I have a deep appreciation for nature," she told us, citing Devil's Den State Park as a spot to which she feels closely connected, and stressing the importance of preserving natural spaces and developing more long-term options for sustainable energy. On Christmas Day 2016, Jade checked her email to find that she'd attained something she'd wanted as early as age 12: acceptance to the U.S. Naval Academy. There, she'll major in nuclear engineering and complete her five mandatory post-Academy years in the Navy, after which she hopes to acquire a Ph.D. in the field.

Age: 18
Hometown: Cabot
High school: Cabot High School
Parents: Dan and Melissa Elliott
College plans: University of Arkansas, medicine

Though many of our All-Stars seem destined from birth for academic greatness, there is the occasional inspiring All-Star who has had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. One of those is Cabot High School's Avery Elliott, who was born with nystagmus, a condition that causes involuntary eye movements that can make it hard for sufferers to concentrate and learn. Though it's hard to imagine it now, when she was in elementary school Avery found herself falling further and further behind her classmates in reading because of her condition. "That was difficult," she said. "I was behind schedule until about third or fourth grade. I would have to go home and really work with my parents to keep up with the rest of the class." Even though she struggled early on, Avery said that, in a way, the nystagmus contributed to her success and gave her a direction to follow. "I had to learn to really study even outside of school," she said. "I learned some very good study habits. But I think it also really affected where I wanted to go as far as my career. ... I really learned that a medical team can not only dispense medicine, but can really affect someone's life." A National Merit finalist who has volunteered extensively with Special Olympics and already completed 43 hours of college-level coursework, Avery has been awarded the University of Arkansas Fellowship. She plans to study medicine at UAMS after completing her undergrad degree, then practice in Arkansas. That goal has always pushed her to succeed academically. "I wanted to go into the medical field from an early age," she said, "so I knew starting out in high school that I needed to make very good grades in order to get where I needed to. I had to really learn the material, rather than just trying to ace a test."

Age: 17
Hometown: Cabot
High school: Cabot High School
Parents: Dan and LeAnne Gilliam
College plans: University of Arkansas, engineering

When most young people say they want to change the world, it's easy to believe that's just pie-in-the-sky thinking by someone who hasn't yet been through the Academy of Hard Knocks. When Jared Gilliam says he wants to change the world, however, there's a good chance he might actually pull it off. Jared even has a plan: He'll change the world through engineering. A National Merit finalist and AP scholar with a GPA of 4.18 and a perfect score of 36 on the ACT, Jared is well placed to do just that. A musician who plays percussion with the Cabot High Marching Band, Jared said his favorite subject in school is math. "I think I'm mostly interested in engineering because I've always been sort of a problem-solver," he said. "I've enjoyed math and science, working through things and finding solutions to everyday problems. This year, I've been in robotics, so we've spent time working on a robot to perform various tasks. I've enjoyed that a lot. I think engineering is where my ability would best be used." He'll attend the University of Arkansas, which has offered him the Honors College Fellowship. He said the drive to excel academically has always been a part of his life. "I've grown up being encouraged to do well, and I guess I have my parents to thank for that and all my teachers," he said. "I think knowing that I have the ability to do all of this, I feel compelled to do what I can to make a difference. I think life would be pretty boring if I didn't go out there and do all the things I do. I don't think I could settle for not being successful."

Age: 18
Hometown: Fort Smith
High School: Southside High School
Parents: Drs. Bill and Janice Keating
College plans: Undecided

If you were looking for a ringing endorsement of Ben Keating's character, you'd need to look no further than Amy Slater, the guidance counselor who nominated him for our Academic All-Stars roster and who said of Ben, "He is all the things I hope my son turns out to be. ... He really thinks about things, and he practices the trumpet and piano for hours a day. It's crazy, his dedication." Ben probably had something to prove here; he admits to some skepticism on the part of his mother when he announced he'd be pursuing a career in music. He's certainly proved his mettle; Ben is band president at Southside, was a principal trumpet for the 2017 National Youth Honor Orchestra, first chair for Southside's Wind Symphony and for the All-State Jazz Band and was ranked in the top-tier bands for All-State Band and All-State Orchestra each year from 2014-16. The accolades go on and on: Ben has received a Young Artist Award from the International Trumpet Guild, a Gold Medal from the National Piano Guild and superior ratings from the National Federation of Music Clubs competitions for over a decade. He plays for the Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra and as a volunteer musician for the Fort Smith Community Band. Ben is still deciding where to attend college, but wherever he goes, he hopes to continue playing with an orchestra. Eventually, he wants to teach at the university level. "Ultimately," he wrote, "I want to use my passion to unite people of all different races, backgrounds and cultures. In today's society that is politically and culturally divided, it is more important than ever to share the universal language of music."

Age: 17
Hometown: Hindsville
High School: Huntsville High School
Parents: Shannon Hahn
College plans: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, biochemical engineering

Katherine Hahn is ranked first in her class at Huntsville High School, which she attends because her hometown of Hindsville is too small to support its own school system. The population of Hindsville is "about 75 people," she told us. At Huntsville High, Katherine plays bass drum in the marching band and marimba/xylophone in the concert band and runs with the Huntsville cross-country team. Her real passion, though, is science. "I think I've always wanted to go to a college that was science-based and research-based," she told us. Her high school principal, Roxanne Enix, noted her own surprise when Katherine announced that she'd take 10 credits her senior year, instead of the recommended eight. "I thought she had lost her mind," Enix stated. Those credits, over half of which are in AP classes, are what Katherine hopes have prepared her for the rigorous workload at MIT. Aiming for a career in pharmaceutical development, Katherine plans to study biochemical engineering, something she said resonated personally with her as a result of her mother's struggle with skin cancer. "Biology helps me understand why medicine does the things it does," Katherine told us. "Whenever I first started out, I wanted to do environmental stuff," she said, but turned her attention to drug delivery systems after observing so many friends and loved ones battling cancer. "I want to help stop people from being scared of losing people," she explained. Katherine, a native of Tahlequah, Okla., who moved to Arkansas around fifth grade, has served on the Madison County Health Coalition as Youth Leader and was named Student of the Year in 2017 by the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce and Huntsville High School.

Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock
High school: Little Rock Christian Academy
Parents: Bob and Ann Burnside
College plans: Stanford University, biology and public policy

When this reporter mentioned to friends at UAMS that she'd just spoken to an amazingly poised, optimistic and intelligent young woman with a spinal cord injury, they said in unison, "You mean Georgiana Burnside." Her reputation as a teenager who at 16 was paralyzed from the waist down in a snow skiing accident but who considers the event a "blessing" no doubt goes further than UAMS, all the way to Denver's Craig Hospital, where she spent "the most memorable two months in my life," she said, and where she returns to continue her rehabilitation. What is a spinal cord injury? She answers that it is a) a life changed in a split second, b) finding out that a bad attitude is the true disability, c) a time to show off wheelchair tricks, and d) spontaneous moments of unfortunate incontinence. In her essay for the Arkansas Times, Georgiana writes, "my physical brokenness has developed wholeness in my heart about the capacity life holds for individuals regardless of their disabilities." In a phone interview, Georgiana, once a figure skater, talked about her work with Easter Seals, fundraisers for Craig Hospital, and giving talks and testimony about her faith. Georgiana has regained the ability to walk with hiking sticks and leg braces, thanks to the strength in her quads. And, thanks to support from the High Fives Foundation in Truckee, Calif., which sponsors athletes with injuries and which has paid for some of her rehabilitation, Georgiana returned to the slopes over spring break, skiing upright with the aid of long forearm equipment. At Stanford, she'll study to be a doctor, with a goal to return to Craig Hospital as a physician who'll treat other injured youths who, though they may have, like Georgiana, at first believed their life was over, will learn they have "a unique role ... enabling the advancement of society."

Age: 17
Hometown: North Little Rock
High School: North Little Rock High School
Parents: David and Susan Harvey
College plans: Likely Mississippi State University, chemical engineering

Mitchell Harvey is a big fan of the periodic table. "The elements are amazing little things," he wrote in his Academic All-Star essay. "They make up everything, yet we hardly see them in their pure form in everyday life." Mitchell decided they needed more exposure, so he started collecting examples of the elements and taking them to school for his peers and teachers to see. He extracted helium from an abandoned tank on the side of the road. He found zinc in wheel weights, grew crystals of copper with electrolysis and made bromine, which he describes as "a blood-red liquid that fumes profusely," from a "crude" homemade distillation setup and pool chemicals. Though you can buy sodium readily, Mitchell made his by melting drain cleaner (sodium hydroxide) with a blowtorch and then passing a current through it, separating the mixture into sodium metal, oxygen and water. His parents were OK with the procedure, he says, because he wore a Tyvek suit, three pairs of gloves, safety goggles and a face shield. While on a college visit in California last summer, Mitchell toured Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and was impressed by the large periodic table display exhibit there. So he decided to build one for North Little Rock High. He got money from the school's alumni group, the Wildcat Foundation, to pay for the supplies necessary to construct the 9-foot-by-6-foot display. He hopes to have it completed in the next two weeks and fill it with examples of elements he has collected, though he may need additional funding to pay for other elements. No. 1 in a class of 687, Mitchell scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. He's also an Eagle Scout, and led a project to plant 800 native hardwood seedlings at Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park. After college, Mitchell said, he might start his own waste remediation business. "The business model I would be going for would be taking some byproduct that's hazardous and turning it into something useful."

Age: 18
Hometown: Mabelvale
High school: Bryant High SCHOOL
Parents: Kevin and Ruby Molder
College plans: University of Arkansas

Not everybody plays the mellophone and likes to draw up better interstate exchanges, but Carson Molder does both. The University of Arkansas Honors College-bound student, No. 1 in his class, likes to create three-dimensional schemes in his head, and has been creating road designs since he was young. But as a musician who plays the French horn in his school's orchestra and the mellophone in the Legacy of Bryant marching band, and who has won a band scholarship in addition to his Honors College reward to the UA, he said that one day he may be an audio engineer. "I'm going to put things together and see what sticks," he said of his future. Meanwhile, Carson said the internet has been his Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, taking him to new places that he otherwise could not get to. "I can count on my hands the number of times I have set foot outside Arkansas," Carson wrote in an essay for the Arkansas Times. But with the internet, "I can gaze into the redwood forests of California and the skyscrapers of New York City without leaving my desk." Without the internet, he said in a phone interview, "I would not be at the top of my class." Carson added, "It's not going to replace going out and visiting these things, but if you're a kid and don't have the money to go out, you can visit Yellowstone." Carson, who describes himself as "really ambitious," is looking forward to studying with Dr. Alan Mantooth, the director of the UA National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission. The UA, he said, "will provide me the tools" he'll need to succeed in graduate school, which he hopes will be Stanford University.

Age: 18
Hometown: Jonesboro
High school: Brookland High School
Parents: Kelly Webb and Jonathan Langer
College plans: University of California, Santa Barbara, chemistry

You might think that a student who is No. 1 in her class and a National Merit finalist with nary a B on her high school transcript might not consider one of her greatest achievements her selection as her high school's drum major three years in a row. But here's the thing: Schoolwork comes easy to Olivia Langer. "I never had to work hard," she told us. In fact, her style of learning is "conversation-based," she said; she enjoys "debate without argument." But music was different: "I struggled at points, and had to put in extra work to be good." Her selection as drum major was "something I know I've worked for," she said, and she has enjoyed the responsibilities that come with it. "I like to take care of people. The band calls me band mom," she added. Beside numerous academic awards, Olivia also earned a 2017 state Horatio Alger scholarship for students who have overcome great obstacles. Hers, Olivia said, was financial: She's always had a place to stay and food to eat, but she hasn't been able to afford academic programs. "Honestly, I wasn't able to visit any of the colleges I applied to," she said. So she will see the UC Santa Barbara campus for the first time when she arrives this fall. She's considering a double major in chemistry and anthropology; she's interested in the evolutionary side of anthropology, and plans to seek graduate and post-graduate degrees.

Age: 18
Hometown: Alma
High School: Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts
Parents: Eileen and Rick Parham
College plans: University of Arkansas or Hendrix College

On a visit to Hanamaki, Japan, with her school, Rebecca Parham noticed that once a month all the citizens would clean the front of their homes and shops. Folks would give each other gifts, too. "It was clear people tended to think for the whole," she said. "I thought that was really nice." An avid chemist, Rebecca did not just improve her Japanese on the trip, she brought those lessons of helping the community back to Arkansas. Her work has been at the intersection of heady science and community impact. In her robotics club, she noticed that girls were less likely to participate. "I decided that was not OK," she said. So, she designed a day with LEGO kits to encourage women to pursue STEM education. That desire to make an impact goes beyond school, too. For her senior project, Rebecca designed a test for homebuyers to see if meth had been cooked on their property (yes, meth). Her parents, on hearing of this project choice, asked her to "please explain a little bit further ... ." Here's the gist: The method of meth production in rural areas has shifted to something called the Birch reduction; older testing kits would no longer work. But Rebecca thought she could produce one that could. She designed a flame test. It finds lithium compounds left behind. The process of invention was "definitely frustrating," Rebecca said, but you "learn things you never thought of before." Rebecca did not plan to spend senior year in her dorm late at night "searching online" how to identify meth production, but she has a driving curiosity toward science and how it "connects to the world." She hopes to work in renewable energy — to be part of the global community, from Japan to Arkansas — making the world a nice place in which to live.

Age: 18
Hometown: Searcy
High school: Searcy High School
Parents: Eric and Lisa Robinson College plans: University of Arkansas

Grant Robinson's father is a cardiologist, and Grant long figured he would follow in his dad's footsteps. But now he's not so sure. Last summer, he was selected, among thousands of applicants from around the world, to participate in a Stanford University summer engineering program. He got to experience a taste of college life, to take advantage of Stanford's decked-out labs and to tour the area to see results of civil engineering. The most memorable part of the program? Grant's small group built a Rube Goldberg machine — a complicated gadget that performs a simple task in a convoluted way — that, by Grant's estimation, was "the most complex and aesthetically pleasing" in the program. It included an electromagnet the group handmade and chemical reactions triggered by the machine. Grant's academic achievements are the byproduct of a natural curiosity. He said he spends what little free time he has exploring YouTube, trying to figure out the way the world works. Another influence: His father, who pulled himself out of poverty to become a doctor, has always instilled in him the importance of hard work. The message clearly stuck. Grant is second in his class of 263, with a 4.27 GPA. He scored a 35 on the ACT. He's a Presidential Scholar. His classmates voted him most likely to receive the Nobel Prize. He also participated in Project Unify (now known as Unified Champion Schools), an effort by the Special Olympics to get young people with and without special needs to come together for activities. Grant helped plan a basketball tournament as part of the project. In the fall, he'll be rooting on the Razorbacks at the University of Arkansas.  

Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock
High school: Little Rock Christian Academy
Parents: Jill and Steve Snyder
College plans: Cornell University, industrial and labor relations

Whatever you were doing by your senior year in high school, chances are you probably hadn't already authored a book, much less a book on the complicated intersection of taxation and politics. John Snyder has, though. His book, "The Politics of Fiscal Policy," explores the political aspects of economics, including the pros and cons of various governmental tax schemes and their effect on government spending. It's for sale on Amazon right now. "It's pretty concise," John said, "but I wanted a way to express all my ideas in economic terms. That was a great way to do that." A history buff who serves as vice president of his class, John has a stunning 4.49 GPA and is ranked first in his class of 129. Though he wanted to be a lawyer when he was younger, his plan now is to go into investment banking. "Ultimately I want to have my own hedge fund — this thing called an activist hedge fund — and eventually I want to be actively involved in politics, whether that's in the midst of my business career or after ... . I'd love to run for public office one day." At Cornell University, John will be studying industrial and labor relations, a field that marries his love of multiple subjects. "Basically it ties in business, law, economics and history all into sort of one degree," he said. "You can do limitless things [with the degree]. Some people go into law school, some go into banking, some go to politics. That's why I chose that degree." John said his philosophy is that we have only a limited amount of time on earth, and so we should try to make the most of our lives. "I think there are a lot of things I can do to change the way things currently are in society, whether it's related to business or in academia or public policy," he said. "If I don't play a role in that and I'm not striving to do my best, I would feel like I'm wasting my potential."

Age: 18
Hometown: Benton
High school: Benton High School
Parents: Haley Hicks and Brec Stone
College plans: University of Arkansas, pre-med

Benton High School's Big Man on Campus — No. 1 in his class, captain of the football team, an AP Scholar, straight As — can add to his resume the fact that he helped build his home. Preston, his two brothers and his mother bounced around a bit after her divorce, from Texas to Arkansas, living with grandparents and friends, Preston said. Then the family was selected by Habitat for Humanity, and he and his brothers pitched in to build their house. "It was the first place I could truly call home and it allowed me the stability I needed to grow into the kind of student I am today," he wrote in his essay for the Arkansas Times. Preston, who also helped build a school outreach group called SERVE to help new or struggling students, also credits sports for giving him purpose. He recently volunteered to trade in the pigskin for a basketball, joining a team that played boys at the Alexander Juvenile Detention Center. "It was an awesome experience," Preston said in a phone interview. "We were a little bit nervous at first" at the detention center, he said, but the team enjoyed the game — even though they lost to the Alexander team, formed to reward inmates with good behavior. "They practice every day," Preston said. Preston has received a $70,000 Honors College scholarship at Fayetteville. He won't be playing football with the Razorbacks. Instead he is thinking of following a pre-med track that will lead him to sports medicine. He plans to go Greek, as well.

Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock
High school: Central High School
Parents: Amy Yu and Shawn Bao
College plans: undecided

Karina Bao embraces complexity. The Central High School valedictorian (in a class of 636) is a member of the school's back-to-back state champion Ethics Bowl Team, for which she said she spent hours "researching, discussing and sometimes even arguing" case studies. Unlike debate, she said Ethics Bowl is "really about the back-and-forth and considering different caveats and nuances and considerations" in issues ranging from local food to gender identity. As president of the school's Brain Club, she leads discussions on brain diseases, disorders and anatomy. It's a role for which she's more than qualified: She placed first in the U.S. Brain Bee, a youth neuroscience competition in which contestants answer questions about anatomy and make diagnoses based on patient actors. Placing No. 1 in the U.S. competition landed Karina a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, to the International Brain Bee, which happened to coincide with a Federation of International Neuroscientists conference, where Karina got to talk to scientists from all over the world about their groundbreaking research. She placed fifth in the international competition. A perennial outstanding delegate winner at Model United Nations competitions, Karina said Model U.N. has helped her to "not be scared of the complexity and interconnectedness of pressing issues we face today." In her spare time, Karina volunteers on the oncology wing of Baptist Hospital. "You don't get to do much," she said. "But at least we get to talk to people and help them with whatever they need and be there to listen." In her Academic All-Stars essay, Karina echoed the same drive for understanding: "The stories other people share with me become not my own when I retell them, but a part of humanity's collective spirit to understand each other. We grow from hours of listening and crying, to empathize, to have the strength and openness to pop each successive layer of the protective bubble that keeps us from seeing the very world in which we reside."

Age: 19
Hometown: Greenwood
High school: Greenwood High School
Parents: Mike and Robin Cohea
College plans: University of Tulsa or Vanderbilt university, biology

Though he grew up landlocked, far from the deep blue sea, Greenwood High School standout Bryce Cohea knew from an early age that he wanted to be a marine biologist. To reach that goal, Bryce had to start early. "In the ninth grade," he wrote in his Academic All-Stars essay, "I began planning out all my classes for the next four years. I wanted to graduate top of my class, and in order to do that I would need to take every advanced placement class and get an A in every class." That's exactly what he did, too, making nothing less than a perfect grade in every class for his entire high school career. With a 4.25 GPA and a rank of No. 1 in his class of 275, Bryce has volunteered extensively with the Salvation Army and collected shoes for the homeless; he helps unload trucks and stock shelves at the food bank at his church. A National Merit semifinalist, he also has the distinction of having scored the first perfect ACT score of 36 in Greenwood High School history. "I've honestly been a good test-taker," he said. "The first time I took it, I got a 34. After that, I got the test back and I worked on whatever I missed. After a few more tries, I got a 36." Bryce was still deciding on which university to attend when we spoke to him, but he definitely plans to study science. The subject has always interested him, he said. "I'm planning on majoring in biology and then specializing after that," he said.

Age: 16
Hometown: Rogers
Parents: James and Hyesun Gosserand

College plans: University of Southern California, Harvey Mudd College or Columbia University, computer science or environmental science

Imani Gosserand has a journal in which she organizes the many moving parts of her life — competitive gymnastics, AP classes, computer science, Young Democrats, volunteering — into lists. Personal stuff is in there, too: bucket lists, remembrances. The journal combines the creative and the organized; it is problem-solving with an artful flare, which is how Imani operates. "I really like being able to create something of my own," she said of computer science. At a camp at Stanford University, in California, her team won the competition to program a car. Imani, not surprisingly, is good at math: She learned multiplication at age 4 and went on to skip two grades. Imani thinks schoolwork is fun. "We had a huge packet of homework problems we had to do over one of our breaks," she said. "And no one else was excited about it except for me. I was like 'Oh, I'm so excited to do all these problems!' " She brings that enthusiasm for problem-solving to bigger issues, as well. "I feel like there are so many opportunities for me because our world relies on technology, so I think I could go into any field," she said. She's excited to explore and see where she can help. "I want to meet people from around the world and hear different perspectives."

Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock
High School: Central High School
Parents: Bobbi and Dustin McDaniel and Chris and Kim Fowler
College plans: Yale University

C.J. Fowler has long been around Democratic politics. His stepfather is former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel. But C.J. said he decided to become more politically involved himself after he came out as gay. "The situation that I'm in is not great," he said. "People are not always accepting. But it's on me if I want to try to change that and make it better for the people who come after me. I have to make sure that my community and all marginalized communities have a seat at the table, because far too often a bunch of old gray white guys are making policies that hurt everyone else." The student body president of Central High, C.J. said he's tried to move the student council, a glorified dance committee, toward advocacy and activism for students throughout the district, whose future is being decided by those "people sitting in dark rooms." He said students too often get left out of the conversation about the district "because we're too young to have opinions. But we're not; we're living it every day." C.J. has been a fixture at Little Rock School District public comment periods. Though he can't point to any policy victories, he said at least LRSD Superintendent Mike Poore knows who he is and that he disagrees with him. C.J., who is also the executive director of Young Democrats of Arkansas, sees the backlash against President Trump as encouraging. "We're realizing that, if we're going to go all in for progressive values, we need to go all in." Rather than join the chorus of progressives in the Northeast after he finishes at Yale, C.J. says he wants to come back to Arkansas and possibly continue in politics. He admires state Sen. Joyce Elliott (D-Little Rock) and says he hopes if he ever holds office that he can follow her example.

Age: 18
Hometown: Fort Smith
High School: Southside High
Parents: Claire Price and Scott Price
College plans: Vanderbilt University, political science

"Growing up, I would always argue with everybody," Sophie Price said. Sometimes it was just to play devil's advocate, but mostly, it was because Sophie wants to find the capital-t Truth. Some of this digging for truth is class: seven AP course just this year and 12 during her time in high school. But, some of it is also talking with people, discussing issues. "The best way to improve your argument is to hear the counters, to hear the other side," Sophie said, and often she is willing to be convinced. She wants to do the right thing; she believes in justice. Which is why after college at Vanderbilt on a full scholarship, she wants to field arguments as a judge. "My whole life I've followed this ideal that you have to do what's right," Sophie said. "I want to be a judge so I can kind of decide that." Vanderbilt was the only school to which Sophie applied. She knew it was the right one for her. She arrived in Nashville on a rainy day in January, but through the gloom, she knew. "Something about the beautiful campus and the intelligent people and these varying perspectives just sold me immediately," she said. In a few months she was back at Vanderbilt for a camp where she studied law, and it cemented the deal. "There was something so exhilarating about being able to have this case and have the facts and kind of create your own narrative and really advocate for someone that drew me in," she said. Watch out, because "everything I do, I want to give it a 120 percent," Sophie said.

Age: 17
Hometown: Fayetteville
High School: Fayetteville High School
Parents: Anjanette Olsen
College plans: University of Arkansas Honors College, chemical engineering

Fayetteville High School’s top student, with a perfect ACT score of 36, a 4.2 gradepoint average and the co-author of a paper on fractal self-assembly, is not just a bookworm. She’s a leader, her counselor Cindy Alley says, who shows “grit, motivation to succeed and a desire to help others.” She is also, Alley says, “a pure joy to be around.” In her essay for the Arkansas Times, Meagan talked about how she came to understand “ternary counters,” a base-3 method of counting in which only the digits 0, 1 and 2 are used. (Binary counters of 0 and 1 make up our computer’s “thinking,” as people with 10 fingers, we use base 10 to count.) Meagan, trying to make a “self-assembling ternary counter,” said she banged her head against “endless walls” for weeks. Then just after 1 a.m., she woke up with the answer. It’s a wise child who gives credit where credit is due: “I understood,” she wrote, “my mother’s advice about taking a break whenever I was upset.” Meagan’s paper on fractal self-assembly was published in the 22nd International Conference on DNBA Computing and Molecular Programing. She no longer lets frustration prevent her from solving a problem; sometimes, she’ll just sleep on it. Meagan told the Times she plans to attend a small conference this summer and then take some needed down time. She plans to use her degree from Fayetteville to pursue biomedical research.
          The Little Rock millage question: taxation without representation?   
Frustration with the state's takeover of Little Rock schools scrambles the usual political lines on an upcoming millage election.

On May 9, residents of the Little Rock School District will vote on a ballot measure that would allow the district to make facilities improvements totaling $160 million, if approved. According to LRSD Superintendent Mike Poore, the measure is not a new tax, since it would not raise the rate of 46.4 mills now levied on property owners. Instead, by refinancing debt on an existing bond, the district would push back the expiration date of a portion (12.4 mills) of the current tax rate by 14 years, from 2033 to 2047. The LRSD says the projects to be funded by this extension of debt would include construction of a new high school in long-neglected Southwest Little Rock, major renovations to the McClellan High School campus and improvements to almost every school building in the district, from roof replacements to air conditioner upgrades to new windows. The work could begin as early as this summer, with some efforts completed in time for the 2017-18 school year.

So why are many public school advocates — including the city's most visible African-American civic leaders — urging a "no" vote on May 9?

In a word, distrust. Since January 2015, when the district was taken over by a 5-4 vote of the state Board of Education, the LRSD has been governed not by a locally elected school board, but by Arkansas's education commissioner, Johnny Key, a gubernatorial appointee. The proximate reason for the takeover was low student performance at six schools (out of the district's 48 campuses) that were deemed to be in "academic distress" based on test scores over a three-year period. But many in Little Rock saw other reasons for the state's actions: a racially motivated animus toward the majority-black local school board, which was dissolved by the January 2015 state board vote, and a desire to promote privately operated charter schools at the expense of public ones. For those critical of the takeover, the past two years have only confirmed these suspicions.

Two charter operators in Little Rock, eStem Public Charter Schools and LISA Academy, are dramatically expanding and will likely draw many students away from the LRSD in the coming years — perhaps thousands. The state board authorized their expansion plans in March 2016 over the vocal protests of the district's erstwhile superintendent, Baker Kurrus, who was fired by Commissioner Key shortly thereafter. Kurrus had served just one year on the job, having been hired by Key in 2015. Then, in the 2017 legislative session, the Republican majority created a new law that will soon allow charters to force districts to sell or lease school buildings deemed "unused or underutilized." The LRSD will close two buildings at the end of the current school year, and the ongoing migration of families toward charters raises the possibility of more closures in the future. And more charter operators are eyeing the Little Rock market: In March, a New Orleans-based operator called Einstein Charter Schools began the application process to open a campus in the city. All of this means the district is asking taxpayers to shoulder millions of dollars in additional debt to improve public buildings at a time when the future ownership of those buildings is itself in doubt.

Those who believe racial prejudice propelled the takeover find fault both with charter growth and with the district's priorities while under state control, especially the recent closure decisions. The LRSD soon will shutter two K-5 elementary schools, Franklin and Wilson, along with a pre-K facility, Woodruff Early Childhood Center. The LRSD's alternative school, Hamilton Learning Academy, will move to the Wilson building, with the old Hamilton building likely to be used by adjacent Bale Elementary. Franklin and Wilson are located in majority-minority neighborhoods and their student populations are mostly African-American and Latino. Though many of the projects outlined in the LRSD's list of capital improvements to be funded by the May 9 vote would benefit schools serving black and Latino students — the Southwest Little Rock high school most of all — many activists are deeply skeptical the district will follow through with those promises. Because the ballot measure does not specifically state which projects will receive funding, some warn the $160 million could be directed toward schools in more affluent, whiter neighborhoods rather than those with the greatest needs.

Superintendent Poore is at the heart of this controversy. The decision to close or repurpose schools was his, and he defends it as a difficult but necessary choice. (Key, who acts as the district's board while under state control, gave final approval.) For years, the LRSD received $37 million annually from the state as a result of a desegregation lawsuit — over 10 percent of its budget — but those payments will soon end. Although both Poore and his predecessor, Kurrus, made major cuts in other areas, the district still had to trim $11 million from the 2017-18 budget.

Poore told the Arkansas Times recently that school closures were painful, but also long expected. "The reality was we had 2,300 vacant elementary seats — 4,100 when you add in the portable [buildings] — and so we took out of the mix two elementaries with maximum capacities being just under 1,000." If the LRSD doesn't close buildings, Poore argued, it would have to cut back on staff. "Yes, these two schools closing, and the preschool closing, that has an impact on our communities, but I'll tell you what could have had a bigger impact. ... When 80 percent of your business is people, now you're talking about privatizing food service, privatizing custodial. ... We could have been impacting hundreds of employees if we'd taken that route."

As for the charter school issue, Poore said he urged legislators to vote against the recent legislation, which will give charters the ability to wrest underutilized buildings away from districts. Poore has not been as outspoken as Kurrus on the potential harm that charter growth can deal to the LRSD, but he's made it clear he doesn't want the district's facilities to be colonized by outside schools. For that reason, he is moving quickly to find a new use for the Franklin and Woodruff buildings, and the district is now reviewing proposals garnered by a recent RFP.

"We're trying to be aggressive about repurposing," he said, adding later, "I don't believe we want to enhance the number of charter seats [in Little Rock] right now."

Poore argued that capital improvements are necessary if the district hopes to retain students or to win back families that have left the LRSD for charters or private schools. He pointed to studies showing modernized facilities can boost student achievement by several percentage points. "I can't control [charter growth], but what I can control is what we do. ... If you've improved academic performance and you're creating a better learning environment and it's a more pleasing building to kids and patrons, that prevents some of the issues that we're already facing right now in terms of our competitiveness. And it ties into the bigger picture of what this district has to do to have the community believe that, and, more importantly, have families say, 'I want my kid in Little Rock schools.' "

Poore also said the proposed debt extension on the May 9 ballot is "just the first phase" in a larger, long-term plan to address the full $340 million in needs identified by a 2014 study of district facilities, which will eventually require a modest millage increase. Getting the ball rolling with an initial $160 million investment will build confidence for that future vote, Poore believes. "My No. 1 target that has been given me since I came in, from the governor, the commissioner and this community, is [to] get local control back. But the No. 1 thing to do is to serve kids well, and they deserve to not have a roof that leaks. They deserve to have air conditioning that creates fresh air [and] hallways that aren't dark and dingy," he said.

Yet for many, the May 9 vote itself is a reminder that LRSD voters have not weighed in on a school issue since the September 2014 local board election — a few months before the state takeover dissolved that body. State board member Jay Barth, a Little Rock resident, recently pushed his colleagues to set a timeline for release of the district from state control, but the effort foundered.

"There are people who are critical," the superintendent acknowledged, "who say, 'Really, Mike Poore? You're coming to ask us in May to extend the debt, and you just closed schools? And really, you're coming when we don't even have local control?' Well, on the local control issue — this does allow every citizen in this whole community right now [to speak]. You can't get a truer form of democracy than everyone gets to go vote on this issue. So in that sense, it really is a deal to let the community say, 'Here's what we think.' "

And what does the community think? To get a sense, we asked school advocates on both sides to make their case.

Maxine Allen

I am a sixth-generation Little Rock residential property owner. I witnessed my parents paying a poll tax in order to vote. I am a product of the segregated and then newly integrated Little Rock School District. I attended the district at a time in which white schools received textbooks first. By the time black schools got the books, they were soiled, pages were missing and text had been marked through. In spite of all of that, I believed I received an excellent education.

I am a parent who served as a "room mother" and whose children attended Woodruff, Pulaski Heights and Williams Magnet Elementary Schools; Pulaski Heights, Horace Mann Magnet and Forest Heights Middle Schools; and Parkview and Central High Schools. I believe my children received a quality education.

I am a pastor who has served as a volunteer in public schools. I believe every child needs a great school where they are immersed in diversity, encouraged to think critically and empowered to expand their worldview. As a United Methodist, I operate within our tradition that declares education is a right of all children. This is affirmed by scripture, which calls us to "train children in the way they should go" (Proverbs 22:6).

However, I believe that we must regain local control of our schools BEFORE voting for any millage. The LRSD is no longer in academic distress (if it ever was, as six schools do not a distressed district make). While I have many friends on the opposite side of this issue, I cannot in good conscious vote for the millage until we have an elected LRSD board. There's just something about the basic American principle, "No taxation without representation." For these reasons, I urge you to vote against the millage!

Rev. Maxine Allen is the president of the Christian Ministerial Alliance.

State Sen. Joyce Elliott

Little Rock School District students deserve not just better facilities, but world-class facilities. So let's just stipulate that we all agree on that point and try to understand why many of us feel as if we are redlined to bear the burden of a master plan not revealed to us. For example, most of the millage extension supporters I have observed do not have schools closing in their neighborhoods.

LRSD students, parents/guardians, educators and others deserve to have their district back, not under state control. To this date, there has been no compelling reason put forth for the state to have assumed authority over the LRSD when 42 of the 48 schools in the district — 87 percent — were not in distress. The number has since climbed to 45 schools, or 94 percent. It was a raw exercise of power by folks who gave vague answers such as, "Well, something needed to be done." Yes — about the few schools in academic distress. Taking over the entire district was totally unwarranted. If I have a couple of teeth that need to be extracted, would you extract them all using the logic "something needed to be done"? Certainly not. But that's just what the State Board of Education did.

And now the extended apparatus of the board, Commissioner Key, has wielded power far beyond addressing the schools in academic distress by hiring a superintendent (Baker Kurrus), firing that superintendent, installing present Superintendent Michael Poore and unilaterally closing schools in historically underserved neighborhoods south of Interstate 630. And now, folks who advocated for the state board to seize control of the LRSD, such as the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, are leading the effort to extend the millage with glossy flyers and bright yard signs.

I cannot vote for a tax without elected, accountable representation. I want the best for LRSD students, but I am not prepared to dishonor the blood-soaked history of all those who sacrificed to guarantee me full citizenship rights. There are many voters who share my visceral feeling that a tax election imposed by one person is a betrayal of democracy. There are others, it appears, who have no problem with it and who are cheerleading to carry out a vote under conditions you might find in a developing country.

This election is a deliberate attempt to force us into a false dilemma: On May 9, choose better facilities for students, or choose to insist on restoration of our rights as citizens. Let us not choose but work together to demand both. Let's not give in to political extortion.

Will the folks who pleaded for the takeover now join in the demand to return the LRSD to us? I hope so. I am ready to join hands with you.

Joyce Elliott is a Democratic state senator representing a portion of Little Rock and a former teacher.

Bill Kopsky

For the first time in my life, I will be voting AGAINST a bond measure for important civic infrastructure. My opposition to the bond extension comes down to trust, transparency, accountability and inclusion.

A deep distrust rooted in more than a century of racial and economic segregation is the LRSD's biggest challenge, not finances. The state takeover and Education Commissioner Johnny Key, our one-man appointed school board, have made it worse.

Commissioner Key consistently refuses to meet with the community and has failed to produce any vision for the school district other than a massive, polarizing charter school expansion. He is barreling ahead despite clear data showing that charter schools fail to outperform LRSD schools with similar demographics. Those charters leave the LRSD with a more segregated student population and significantly fewer resources to meet their needs.

The greatest tragedy of Commissioner Key's charter mania is the distraction from effective education reforms we could be working on together. We should be expanding community schools, not closing neighborhood schools. We should be recruiting and developing more world-class teachers, not demoralizing and chasing them away. We should be building community partnerships to help our students meet their full potential, not alienating wide swaths of the city. We should be dramatically expanding early childhood education, summer and afterschool programs, and supports for low-income students and English-language learners.

The LRSD is attempting some of these reforms, but it is constantly being undermined by the state. In 2015, legislators attempted to hand the entire district over to private charter corporations. Then, the commissioner fired our superintendent, Baker Kurrus, for telling the truth about charter expansion's harmful effects. This year, the legislature passed a law requiring us to give closed school buildings to charter corporations while those in control of the district simultaneously shut down schools in the most vulnerable parts of town in a sham public engagement process.

Now with no trust, transparency or accountability, and no district-wide plan for the future, Commissioner Key asks for a bond extension? It's outrageous. How could anyone trust him with a blank check?

Those arguing for the bond extension rightly point out that LRSD facilities have many needs. They fail to make a case for the urgency of doing this while we remain under state control. The bond that we are being asked to extend doesn't expire for years to come.

There's no reason why Little Rock taxpayers can't make this decision once LRSD is back in local control. The schools our kids deserve are rooted in evidence-based and community-driven reforms. In the coming years I hope to vote for a transparent and accountable bond measure that unites our city. For now, VOTE AGAINST.

Bill Kopsky is a Little Rock School District parent and public education advocate.

Marion Humphrey Sr.

I intend to vote against extending this millage because I do not trust either Education Commissioner Johnny Key or the Arkansas State Board of Education.

Key was placed in charge of the district after the state board's racist and immoral vote on Jan. 28, 2015, to remove the lawfully elected and majority African-American district's board of directors. The takeover came after the district's board was notified by letter on July 10, 2014, that six out of its 48 schools were in academic distress. The district was given just one semester in which to correct the acknowledged problems with those schools. No further academic proficiency testing was done between the time of notification in July and the time of the takeover the following January. The fix was already in.

The state board simply wanted someone other than the duly elected district board members in control, even if that meant recklessly throwing the district into disarray and chaos in the middle of the school year. The majority of the state board removed a local school board composed of people whom the Walton Family Foundation and the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce did not want to be in charge of the district — and especially its $330 million budget.

Yet Key has not made himself available to the general public to discuss why the millage extension is necessary. Whether he does not want to disclose what he intends to do with the additional money or whether he does not have time to be bothered with some of us, Key is simply not accessible to many district patrons. Perhaps he has targeted the voters he thinks he needs for passage of the millage extension and sees no need to waste his time with others.

I am not convinced that additional money is needed to make the capital improvements that proponents suggest, and I am not confident in the judgment of Commissioner Key. If he cared about families living south of I-630, why would he close schools such as Wilson, Franklin, Woodruff and Hamilton? After all, Wilson received an exemplary rating from the Arkansas Department of Education. If our concern is truly about a great education for the children of this district, why would an intelligent and thoughtful educator close an exemplary school and do collateral damage to its neighborhood as well?

For my first time ever, I intend to vote against a school millage.

Marion A. Humphrey Sr. is a retired Pulaski County Circuit judge and a pastor at Allison Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Anika Whitfield

It is really simple. The LRSD is currently being managed by two men, both of whom were appointed to their positions, are not natives of Little Rock, did not attend the LRSD and do not have children who attend the LRSD now or in the past. Education Commissioner Johnny Key and Superintendent Michael Poore are making decisions for our district without locally elected representation or accountability.

Key will argue that he appointed the LRSD Community/Civic Advisory Board to represent the people of this city. The problem with that argument is that Key chose persons who will serve his interest in supporting the expansion of charter schools. Key has been publicly lobbying to replace traditional public education options for students with private-public charter schools.

In addition, Key has refused to meet in public settings to engage with parents and community members who have questions about school closures, community impact studies, plans for academic improvements in schools designated to be in academic distress, ways to assist traditional public schools, and ways to help advertise, recruit and promote the great programs and opportunities for students, parents and teachers in the LRSD — just to name a few of his denied requests for public meetings.

Given the fact that Key is the sole board member of the LRSD, the only person who makes the final decisions for the LRSD, and the sole person who has the power to overrule Poore's decisions, it would be unwise to hand more tax money over to this appointed leader who has shown little to no respect for the residents of Little Rock, the students who attend the LRSD and their parents. Key has publicly said that he would not be open to yielding to the Little Rock Board of Directors and mayor to conduct neighborhood impact studies before closing schools, displacing students and school personnel and taking away public, anchoring institutions from people who fund and support them.

Voting for the May 9 LRSD millage tax extension would be like Walmart giving Target money and expecting Target to use those funds to improve Walmart's business. Not going to happen. It would be like giving a thief keys to your home and expecting the thief to protect your home and possessions. Not a wise choice. I strongly encourage voters to vote AGAINST the May 9 LRSD millage tax extension.

A better investment of taxpayers' dollars, time and resources would be to directly invest in students, schools, teachers and families in the LRSD. This way, you know that your dollars will be spent on students and teachers that need these resources, and not on brick and mortar. Invest directly in students, teachers, families and schools in a way that you can ensure is actually meaningful and not destructive to the vitality of the LRSD.

Dr. Anika T. Whitfield is an LRSD graduate, an alumna of Franklin Elementary and a volunteer in the district.

Faith Madkins

As I walk the halls of McClellan High School each day, I see a small community high school filled with Lion pride, exceptional talent and growing potential. Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad. I have immense pride in my school, but sadly I cannot say the same about my district. I have been in the Little Rock School District all of my life since kindergarten — bouncing around from school to school — and I've seen most of what the district has had to offer.

Our buildings are older than most of our parents. In fact, most of our grandparents can remember these schools being built. That means everything in these buildings is outdated. Things that would have sufficed 60 years ago would never make the cut today.

To further explain what I mean, I want to place you in my shoes. So, here we are at the doors of McClellan. It's springtime and the flowers are blooming. The sun is out, and it is beautiful outside. The bell sounds, and it is time for first period. The main halls are so cramped that it's difficult to pass through the crowd. It's hard to not feel a shoulder or a backpack invade my personal space and even harder to not trample over someone's feet. I can avoid going to my locker; I stopped using it due to the fact it frequently jammed. There wasn't enough space in there, anyway. I finally get to class and take my seat. As my teacher is talking, I can't help but be distracted by what's going on next door. Most of our walls either (a) don't reach the floor or (b) are paper-thin. Yet I am expected to focus.

A teacher of mine once said, "You know you have a friendship when you can have a conversation with disagreements and still go out for lunch." Now that I am 18, I am able to sit down at that table with you and join the conversation. Let's establish a friendship based on the well being of the students in this district. With all of our agreements and disagreements, let's at least be able to agree that the students deserve better. I deserved better, and I had to settle. Don't force other kids to do the same. Let's go out for lunch May 9.

Faith Madkins is a senior at McClellan High School.

Mollie Campbell

I am the proud mother of two, soon to be three, young children. My oldest is in pre-K at Forest Park Elementary. My younger two will follow their big sister to Forest Park, Pulaski Heights Middle School and eventually Central High. My family is committed to being in the Little Rock School District for the next 18 years. That is why this vote is so important to me.

Schools all over our district are seriously overdue for upgrades and improvements. The buildings are on average 53 to 68 years old and have gone without any major capital investments since 2000. Our kids deserve the best possible learning environment. They should not be in buildings with leaky roofs or cafeterias without air conditioning. Every student in the district deserves modern, clean, safe facilities.

This vote will invest millions back into our schools and will impact the entire district — every school and every student. Roof repairs, window replacements, new security systems, restroom renovations and heating and air conditioning replacements will improve the lives of every student, teacher and staff member in the district. The list of improvements to be made comes from a study conducted in 2014, and the funds generated will go directly toward these capital improvements ... no surprises.

Our kids deserve better. After talking with several people about this vote, I acknowledge that some would rather wait until a local school board has control of the money. I, too, look forward to the swift return of our local school board. On this issue however, how long should we ask our kids to wait and allow their education to suffer in the meantime? We cannot let perfection be the enemy of the good when we have a chance to improve all of our kids' classrooms and learning experiences immediately. By voting FOR this ballot measure on May 9, my daughter will enter kindergarten this fall in a school that was improved this summer.

Every day, as my 4-year-old walks into school, I expect her to do everything she can to maximize her learning experience. As her parent, I know it is my responsibility to do the same for her, and right now that means supporting this investment in her school and schools across the district. The time is NOW to invest in our kids and our community, so I look forward to voting FOR our kids on May 9.

Mollie Campbell is a Little Rock School District mom.

Bobby Roberts

In 2014, the Little Rock School District commissioned a facilities study that indicated that approximately $300 million in facilities upgrades and improvements were needed. In January 2015, the school board voted unanimously to approve a $375 million facilities plan.

At that same time, the Central Arkansas Library System had just opened a new library and revitalized our facilities throughout the region. These new facilities helped bring the joy of reading and learning to thousands of students. It was amazing to see the impact that a new library could have on a community by providing a place for people to read, gather, access the internet and learn. These libraries gave students the tools and resources they needed to study, learn and excel. Many of these fine new buildings were constructed when voters approved the refunding of existing bonds. This is exactly the same funding method that the LRSD is proposing to voters.

I saw firsthand what a difference investing in our libraries made in our city and in the lives of children. I know that investing in our schools would have an even greater impact. We need to give students the tools for success, and reinvesting in our aging, outdated academic facilities is the best way to do that. These old buildings do not do that, and we are hampering our students' ability to learn by denying them modern facilities.

If we vote now to extend our bonds, we will raise an additional $160 million to begin addressing the needs of our school facilities. Every school, and therefore every community, in the district will feel the investment of this money by the 2017-18 school year. This investment in our neighborhoods will save us huge dividends by lowering the operational costs of our schools and making them more energy efficient, with better lighting and renovated restrooms and roofs.

By providing them with new facilities, modern technology and a better learning environment, we will empower our students to succeed. By improving their schools, we can increase academic achievement while also providing them with a safer and healthier learning atmosphere. Join me in supporting our kids; join me by voting FOR on May 9.

Bobby Roberts is the former director of the Central Arkansas Library System.

Keith Jackson

As the founder of P.A.R.K., I understand the importance of investing in education. We see the impact that P.A.R.K's modern facility in Southwest Little Rock has on the success of our students. By supporting this vote, you are ensuring that every student in the district will be able to learn in a new and improved learning environment.

In Southwest Little Rock, this vote means that over $95 million will be invested into the community. At a cost of $55 million, a new high school off of Mabelvale Pike would be built beginning this summer and would serve hundreds of students. This school would open in the fall of 2019 and would be equipped with the newest classroom and athletic facilities. With 21st century sports facilities that would be available for community usage, this new high school would benefit everyone in the community.

McClellan High School would also receive a $40 million investment, completely revitalizing the school. Improvements like updated HVAC, roof and window repairs, classroom remodeling and technology updates would create energy savings and enhance the learning environment for our students. This repurposing of McClellan will change the lives of every student that will go through the school.

Improved schools throughout the district can only be a good thing for Little Rock and our community. A vote FOR on May 9 will be a major boost for Southwest Little Rock. With your support, we can give our kids the modern learning environment and facilities they deserve!

Keith Jackson is the founder of Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids, a nonprofit based in Southwest Little Rock that provides afterschool and summer programming for youth.

Gary Smith

There have been no new major capital improvements in our schools since 2000. That means that a student graduating this year will have gone through his or her entire academic career in schools that are outdated and in dire need of improvement. By voting to extend the debt on our bonds for an additional 14 years, we will be able to invest $160 million into rebuilding and rehabilitating every school in our district — all without raising the tax rate.

On average, district elementary school buildings are 68 years old, middle school buildings are 69 years old and high school buildings are 53 years old. A successful election will allow the district to make much-needed improvements district-wide before the start of the 2017-18 school year, including lighting, heat and air conditioning repair and window and roof replacements. These improved facilities will not only support the increased academic achievement of our students by improving their learning environment, but will also create a return on investment by decreasing energy costs. These improvements were selected as priorities after holding 46 community forums.

I'm tired of Little Rock being a donut hole. I'm tired of being surrounded by other cities that are investing in their schools and making a difference in their students' lives. We have watched surrounding districts pass millage increases, build new schools and improve existing ones, and we have done nothing for nearly 20 years. We have a chance now to make a difference.

This choice should be an easy one. We cannot have a great city and a great community without a strong, viable school district. Students are going to go to school tomorrow in a school that desperately needs help. They are going to use outdated technology and go to class in buildings with leaky roofs. This is something we can change. We need to create a better atmosphere for our students, and this vote is the way to do that.

Gary Smith is the chairman of the Committee to Rebuild our Schools Now.

          First Martyrs of the See of Rome   
In the first few decades after the death and resurrection of Jesus in 30 A.D., Christianity began spreading throughout the Roman Empire, and before long reached the city of Rome itself. Because Christians were at first considered by the Romans to be merely a sect of Judaism, they were tolerated, but the mysterious nature of […]

It seems that The Malaysian Insider is at the usual sinister best playing fire and making attempt to instigate and incite the Christians on the ‘Kalimah Allah’ issue. First they got theApostolic Nuncio to Malaysia HE Archbishop Joseph Marino to state his support for the Christian Federation of Malaysia’s quest to use ‘Allah’ in place of God.

Now, they manipulate to resort by demanding the Christians who are in power and members of the Federal Government executive, especially the Bumiputera from Sabah and Sarawak to stand up for the ‘Kalimah Allah’ issue.

Time the Christian politicians protected their flock

JULY 14, 2013

NEWS ANALYSIS – Datuk Seri Idris Jala. Tan Sri Joseph Kurup. Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili. Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum. Datuk Joseph Belaun. Datuk Seri Douglas Unggah. Datuk Dr Ewon Ebin. Datuk Richard Riot. Datuk Mary Yap…

These names have several things in common: they are either ministers or deputy ministers in the Najib administration, represent constituencies in Sabah or Sarawak and are Christians.

Yes, they are Catholics, Protestants, Evangelical, and are members of Sidang Injil Borneo but do not expect any of them to lead the charge and defend the position of their faith in public.

Indeed, there is a better chance of there being four seasons in Malaysia than any Christian representative resigning from government on a matter of principle, say, because the administration going back on its word on the use of the word Allah by East Malaysians. Or even taking the fight to right-wing groups who in the past few years have threatened Christians.

They are ensconced in nice and comfortable positions of power and prefer others to do the heavy lifting.

So it is left to the various church leaders and even some non-Christian elected representatives to protect the constitutional right of freedom of worship and ensure fairness in public policies.

Think about it. When the controversy arose over the hurried Bill that allowed the conversion of children to Islam based on the consent of one parent, did you hear loud protests from Idris and gang? Or was it the Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz who reminded his own colleagues that it was unconscionable to force through legislation which was unfair and once rejected by the Cabinet in 2009?

To be fair, even MCA’s president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek went public with his displeasure over the proposed law, noting that the BN component party would not support its passage through Parliament.

The Bill has since been withdrawn, thanks to the principled positions taken by the likes of Nazri, Pakatan Rakyat and religious groups.

Now let’s move on to the more vexatious issue of the use of the word “Allah’’ by Christians. And this is where the silence of the Christian elected representatives is deafening, taking into the account this simple fact: 60 per cent of Malaysian Christians only speak Bahasa Malaysia and have done so since 1731.

The word Allah is used mainly by Christians in Sabah and Sarawak. In short, mainly constituents who voted for Messrs Kurup, Unggah and Riot into power use it.

East Malaysian Christians were allowed to use the word Allah for centuries until the then Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar prohibited its use, leading the Catholic Church to commence legal proceedings against the government.

In 2011, the High Court allowed the Catholic Church to use the word Allah. The government’s appeal against the decision will be before the courts soon.

But in the run-up to the Sarawak state elections in 2011, the Najib government made conciliatory moves, releasing the infamous 10-point resolution to issues faced by the Christian community.

Among other things, the 10-point solution allowed the importation of Malay-language Bibles or Al-Kitab. The 10-point solution was seen as a short-term solution as it did not address a couple of important issues: the prohibition of the use of the word Allah in Christian publications and the continued classification of the Malay-language bible as prejudicial to national security.

Mind you, Idris Jala was a key player in the 10-point solution initiative but he melted into the background when the then Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein suggested that the government plan was only a work in progress.

Since then, it has been clear that Prime Minister Najib Razak and his colleagues have decided that the word Allah cannot be used by non-Muslims. He said so in an interview with Al-Jazeera a few days before GE13.

And what did the likes of the Christian politicians do when they watched the interview or read transcripts? Zilch. Nothing. Business as usual.

Once again, church leaders had to clear the smog over the issue and come into the line of fire.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia has said that in the Malay language, Allah means God and Tuhan means Lord. Both God and Lord are used in the Bible and have different connotations. Allah cannot be substituted by Tuhan and by doing so, Bahasa-Malaysia speaking Christians will not be able to affirm the deity of Jesus Christ and teach the doctrine of the Trinity, said the federation recently.

“If churches in Malaysia agree to stop using the word “Allah’’, it means that the right to edit the Scripture of a major world religion has been given over to a secular government,” it added.

The usual argument put forward by elected representatives of minority groups is that it is more effective to work quietly behind the scenes and not take a public position on controversial issues. A whole lot of good that approach did in fighting off the proposed conversion law.

It is quite clear that the quiet diplomacy of the Christian representatives in that instance failed miserably. In fact, by keeping quiet and not bringing the pulse of their constituents to the knowledge of the PM, these leaders are doing the government a great disservice because it creates the impression that only a handful of noisy Christians feel strongly about the Al-kitab or Allah issue.

Similarly, what did the Christian Cabinet ministers and deputy ministers do when Perkasa and Jati attacked the Vatican envoy for stating in moderate tones his support for the use of the word Allah by Christians here?

Precious little.

At some point you have to decide what is more important: the chauffeur-driver car and bodyguard or standing up for your faith and beliefs.

Or perhaps, it is time their constituents in Sabah and Sarawak send them a major message. – July 14, 2013.


They should be reminded that the Federal Constitution stated that Islam is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia and professing Christianity to Muslims and protelysation is against the law.

HRH Ruler already made a decree that “Non Muslims are barred from the use of ‘Allah’ in place of God and the sacred word is exclusive for the Muslims only”, which is based on a fatwa by the National Fatwa Council.

Going against all these provisions and facts with the ill intent to create ill feelings, anger and probably attempts to distabilise understanding and harmony between races and believers should be seen as an act of sedition.

It is time that the Police and authorities investigate The Malaysian Insider under the Sedition Act 1948.

*Footnote: The title translate to “Playing fire with malice”


BLOG BN 2013

          My Holiday - Day 5 & 6 - Mum Heart Conference (NSW)   
Day 5

The Mum Heart Conference
(I plan to do a separate post of what I learned and some things God showed me,
but for now here are some photos.)

Our view from our hotel room.

Beautiful music playing when we arrived.

Another photo of my dear friend, Elissa.
We met in Darwin when we both lived there.
It was so good to catch up!

Over 150 Christian homeschooling mums!

A special message from Sally Clarkson.

Alice spoke at the Mum Heart conference last year,
and I was thrilled to hear her speak again.

Barb - the lovely lady behind the Mum Heart Conferences in Australia.

Homeschool graduate panel.
This was such a fun session listening to homeschool graduates,
what they loved and hated about homeschooling.
They all spoke very highly of homeschooling!

Day 6 

The view from the beach of our hotel.

Morning Worship

On our way back to Sydney, another friend from Darwin rode along with us so we could catch up.
After about an hour of chatting and laughing we looked and saw this sign.  Oops!

Another dear friend that I know from our time living in Darwin.

The view from our hotel room - Sydney Harbourview Hotel

We decided to stay here our last night together.
So glad we did, what a beautiful view!

We went down to Circular Quay to have dinner by the Opera House 
and enjoy the lights.

They had a little booth that you could go in and change the lights for the harbour.
It was so cool!  You could change the colours of each building and the bridge.
When you're done, you push a big button then all the lights go off for a second,
and your colours appear!

We thought it was pretty cool to be able to see our breath.  Haha!

Still two more days of my holiday!

          Authors KJ Johnny Williams and Anaiyah "A-1" Williams‘s Newly Released “The Devil Fell in Love with Her” is a Tale about a Girl Waging a Fierce Battle against Satan   

“The Devil Fell in Love with Her” from Christian Faith Publishing authors KJ Johnny Williams and Anaiyah "A-1" Williams is a riveting fantasy about Isabella, a righteous girl beloved by God who attracts the unwanted and persistent attention of Satan himself. Her battle against the temptations of evil becomes extremely difficult; rather than praying to God to lighten her burden, she prays for the strength to overcome it.

(PRWeb June 30, 2017)

Read the full story at

El exgobernador regional de Áncash, César Álvarez, permanecerá por 12 meses más en prisión preventiva. Así lo resolvió el Poder Judicial este martes como parte del proceso por el crimen del exconsejero regional Ezequiel Nolasco.

El juez Rafael Martínez Vargas, del Primer Juzgado Penal Nacional dictó la medida tanto para Álvarez como para otros siete procesados por este caso. Según ley, se puede ampliar el período de tiempo de la carcelería preventiva cuando se investiga a organizaciones criminales.

Apelan la sentencia. En la medida también fueron incluidos el exalcalde del Santa, Luis Arroyo Rojas, Rubén Moreno Oliva 'Goro', Christian Cruzate Pereda, Modesto Mondragón Becerra y Jorge Luis Loloy Valencia, 'Chino Malca', entre otros.

Resultado de imagen para CESAR ALVAREZ

          The Click   
Original title: Le déclic
aka The Turn-on
France, 1985
Directors: Jean-Louis Richard, Steve Barnett
Stars: Florence Guérin, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Bernie Kuby
IMDB: 4.4

What if you had a remote control that could turn any woman into a shameless nympho at the turn of a dial? That is the central conceit of Le Declic, a film based on the erotic comic by highly regarded Italian illustrator Milo Manara.

Set in New Orleans, we meet a yuppie type who calls himself Dr. Fez (Jean-Pierre Kalfon). He hates his boss, but sticks around because he has a thing for the Boss' hot young wife, Claudia, even though she clearly can't stand him.

Claudia (softcore Eurosleaze starlet, Florence Guerin) is uptight and frigid, believing that sex is for animals. Fez, on the other hand is convinced that everyone has a bit of the animal inside, even her.

Claudia Christiani (Florence Guerlain)Dr. Fez (Jean-Pierre Kalfon)
Fez spends his nights drinking at the local strip club with his buddy Jackson, who has a theory that his favourite stripper is a mindless automaton controlled by the strip-club owner. Because as you might have guessed, the owner is a professor, who conducts mind-control experiments, on rats, in the basement.


Of course Fez thinks he has a better use for that technology, so he steals it. The technical details of his method are obviously too advanced to explain to the lay-person, but it involves splicing together poly-rhythmic sex grunts into a hypnotic brand of dance music. Once recorded onto cassette tape (this is the '80s) he surreptitiously switches it into Claudia's walkman (yep still the '80s).

Upon listening to the tape she quickly falls unconscious, allowing Fez to briefly abduct her and implant a receiver capable of activating hypnotic arousal commands via remote control. What's really impressive, from a scientific perspective, is that the modified handheld radio controller (special price, $8.95) has a dial allowing fine-grained control of the arousal level, along with a bunch of snazzy flashing lights to boot. All in all, a pretty awesome piece of kit for 1985.

Claudia is hypnotisedDr. Fez turns up the heat
Now that we've got the ridiculous preamble out of the way, the movie settles into its real raison d'être, which is to show Florence Guerin naked for Fez to subject Claudia to all manner of sexual degradation via remote control.

The device, once activated, causes Claudia to masturbate in a changing room, suck off the salesman, and proceed to fuck whoever is on hand. Fez runs the gamut in his opportunistic exploitation of the young woman, but it really makes you wonder. It's all quite voyeuristic and mean-spirited, what's wrong with him? Surely he'd rather employ the device to his own benefit. Of course ... but first she must be brought down off her high-horse, until she no longer feels she is better than him.

Only then can Fez make his move.

Claudia gets caught masturbating
Claudia gets horny in the changing room

Let me be honest, the movie is not exactly saturated with quality in any of it's core components. There are brief strokes of visual aestheticism, but given the artistry of the source material, I would've expected much more. The acting is average, the story unfeasible. It tries to be part comedy, part thriller, failing at both.

The saving grace for a flick of this type is the debauchery and eroticism. Compared to the original comic, the debauchery has been toned down considerably for this theatrical presentation. But understandably so - I can't imagine many actresses outside of the Porn industry would consent to committing some of the original's deviant acts on camera ...

Excerpt from Milo Manara's original comic

So it's a saucy concept to be sure, but at the end of the day the film's debauchery is too cartoonish (ironic given the comic is less so) to seriously compete with a myriad of superior Euro-sleaze contenders.

What will ensure this film continues to garner fans, however, is Florence Guerin who looks fantastic naked - and is by turns sweet, classy, and diabolically sexy. It's a rare breed of actress (especially these days) who has what it takes to bare all in erotic roles without crossing the line into base slapperdom. It's her presence here that makes the film worth the time of any self-respecting sleaze-hound.

And to that end, the pictures tell it better than I.

Rating: 5.5/10
A unique concept with a great lead actress, but average realisation.

PS: If you're at all curious about well illustrated adult-themed comics, do check out Milo Manara's original works.

I'll leave the last words to Claudia and her husband ...

          In terror fight, tech companies caught between US and European ideals   


United States
Date published: 
June 23, 2017

"“It’s so easy to point to the need for internet companies to do more that that becomes a real rallying cry,” says Daphne Keller, the director of Intermediary Liability at Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society, and a former associate general counsel to Google. “In European lawmaking, they don’t have very good tech advice on what’s really possible.

          The Einstein Sisters Bag the Flying Monkeys   
In October 2000, Florida's Shepherd's Vale School represents a bizarre parallel universe. In the real world, public schools don't stone students for violating the Ten Commandments. High school business majors don't build Armageddon theme parks. The school's loveable mascot isn't sacrificed on an altar after a winning football season. The principal doesn't send his Jewish students to Israel to worship Satan in order to speed up the end of the world. The nerds aren't angry prophets who warn of eternal war, economic collapse, the destruction of the Constitution, and the shredding of the Bill of Rights -- if George W. Bush steals the approaching election. At Shepherd's Vale, they do. Albert Einstein's fictional great-great granddaughters, Tina, Norma, and Maxine -- three Jewish girls -- find themselves at Christian Zionist Shepherd's Vale after their parents mysteriously abandon them to serve a sinister neo-conservative think tank in Washington that is planning a "new Pearl Harbor" to launch a disastrous war in the Middle East. Because the girls love The Wizard of Oz, they call the neo-conservatives "Flying Monkeys" after the Wicked Witch's infamous death squad. With Angela Jordan, their loyal and feisty African-American Baptist bus driver, they find themselves trapped inside ex-wrestler Reverend Moriah Godley's authoritarian Ten Commandments charter school with hundreds of too-perfect students in a mythical hardscrabble town not featured on Florida's tourist maps.
          Excerpt from Chapter 55: Maxine and Jesus Blow Off Judas Iscariot   
"I tend to be paranoid," Maxine confessed, stunned by Jesus' appearance. "I'll try not to feed that," Jesus promised. "For instance," she added, "I hope there were no Judases at tonight's meeting." He saw the worry lines cross her face. "I just don't know about Miss Bowdler, the old school librarian," she elaborated. "Judases?" He repeated. "You know, Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed You." "Oh that crazy story!" He exclaimed with a scowl. "Look, I didn't have a disciple named Judas Iscariot, and none of them betrayed Me. Another case of the Gospel writers currying favor with the Romans to prevent imperial persecution of their little Christian communities."
          Judeo-Christian Values   
The underlying theme of this article is the new American "Judeo-Christian" religion. "Judeo-Christian" used to be a respectable scholarly term for a tradition that includes both the Old and New Testament. However, in the United States during the last three decades, Judeo-Christian has also become a powerful code word. Among Zionist neo-conservatives and Christian Zionists — especially politicians — it refers to a political and religious alliance among strange bedfellows.
          What Is Christian Zionism?   
Irving Wesley Hall presents 10 questions and answers.
          UM buyouts a 'win-win-win?' Not so fast.   
Any buyouts offered to University of Montana faculty and staff will likely be limited to those whose academic programs or departments are targeted for downsizing, the Montana University System’s human resources director says.

Such an approach could put senior and junior faculty at odds, and may strain a process that faculty union leaders hoped could offer an alternative to mass layoffs as UM prepares to cut its budget by millions over the next two years.

“It gets more sensitive the more specific the buyout becomes,” says University Faculty Association spokesperson Lee Banville. “How do you not turn this into, ‘Senior faculty retire now or junior faculty lose their jobs,’ which could be a very destructive conversation to have.”

UM President Sheila Stearns and Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian began discussing buyout options just weeks after Stearns took over as interim president in December, as the Indy first reported.…
          Ministry in the marketplace trains leaders to work in the marketplace

East Asia (MNN) — Asian Access has been training pastors and Christian leaders for over three decades in 12 countries with great success. Their programs set up small groups of pastors to take classes that promote Christlikeness at home, at work, and in their daily lives.

brother jake“This model of developing pastoral leaders through a cohort program has been very successful in developing Christlike leaders who have a vision to reach their cities and transform their communities,” said Brother Jake. “With this being so successful, Asian Access came up with the idea that the same program could be run for business leaders as well, and that’s how has come about.”

Brother Jake is the head of, and he hopes the program will do the same thing for the business world of East Asia that it did for ministry.

In fact, the two systems are so similar they even have the exact same four goals. By the end of the program, the businesswomen and men will have the training to “live in a love relationship with God, grow as a Christlike leader, reproduce disciple-making leaders, and catalyze disciple-making movements,” Brother Jake said.

Brother JakeThe timing for this program is critical. “There is a big need for Christian businessmen and marketplace leaders to realize that God has placed them in their spheres of influence to impact their world for Christ,” Brother Jake said. That need comes from countries like India, whose leadership and economic climate has set it to become a powerful nation in the marketplace in the future. If the future spells good news for India’s economy, it will need Christian leaders who can work and minister in the business world.

But there’s a problem. Brother Jake said many men and women working in the marketplace are looked down upon in Christian circles. Some East Asian cultures believe that people are only truly serving God if they become members of the clergy, but Asian Access wants to refute that.

“People are called, appointed, and anointed by God to be salt and light in the marketplace,” Brother Jake said. “You are a full-time missionary.”

Christian businesspeople would help ministries already in place in East Asian countries too. It can be difficult to get funding into some countries, but Brother Jake thinks that “once Christian business people realize the role they play, they can help fund the ministries in their own countries without outside help.” can only be successful with your prayer and support. “We can be praying that this small beginning will multiply, that the leaders that have been trained will, in turn, pass on what has been deposited in them, and that we’ll see a mighty generation of business and marketplace leaders who are rising up to their calling in Christ and bringing transformation in the workplace.”

Find out more about here.


Listen to the broadcast: (story starts at 1:43)


More Information

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          One Belt, One Road... Implications for Mission   

Not long ago I was in Hong Kong and the talk of the town was China’s One Belt, One Road plan to catalyze business ventures across Asia and into Europe.

For those of you never hearing of the idea, check out this interview by McKinsey & Company: China’s One Belt, One Road: Will it reshape global trade?

It’s certainly a breathtaking economic initiative and many wonder if it’ll come to fruition because of the massive infrastructure costs it will take to pull everything together. One thing we can say, China is ambitious!

For me, the talk was all about how important this enterprise will become for the Gospel’s advance. Christian business leader after Christian business leader were extolling the potential, saying we must capitalize on this moment because the potential is too big to miss! And, the timing is interesting in that the country’s Church has laid an ambitious plan to repay the debt they owe God be sending 20,000 missionaries from their country across these belts and roads by 2030: see Vision 2030 and Asian believers cast vision for massive outreach.

The idea is not without its critiques either: Check out Asian Access Council of Reference Member and ChinaSource CEO Dr. Brent Fulton’s reflections—One Belt, One Road, One Mission?

Certainly, the extraordinary plan will be something to watch in the upcoming decade. And, regardless of its success, the implications are enormous and worth thinking about. For Asian Access, we will continue coming alongside leaders in this country to fulfill our founders dream, “My Vision is to Empower your Vision!” and one new way we are approaching these throughout various sectors of society is our new business venture. Check it out:

We used to see our role as exclusively coming alongside emerging young pastors, leaders of leaders who have potential to influence their cities, regions and countries. Now, we realize that in order to fully fulfill our vision, we also must come alongside emerging young leaders in the business sector as well. Together, we aspire to see the Church overcome the “Sacred/Secular Divide” and catalyze a movement “to see a vibrant community of servant leaders… leading the Church across Asia… to unite the Church, multiply leaders and congregations and extend the transforming power of the Gospel.”


joe sig blue
Joe Handley

Joe Handleyemail
twitter @jwhandley



More Information

  • – Asian Access leader development for the marketplace

a2 dot business tag 450x87



          Parfums Christian Dior Heads to Arles for Photo Show   
As part of its tie-in with LUMA, the house is hosting an exhibit called “Dior, The Art of Color.”
          Comment on Cristiano Ronaldo, P. Diddy … Who Would You Rather Have Follow You? by Me   
Christiano Ronaldo
          Comment on Cristiano Ronaldo, P. Diddy … Who Would You Rather Have Follow You? by Anonymous   
Christiano Ronaldo
          Företagare satsar på alternativ till bottenfärger - tror på ökande efterfrågan   
Flera företagare har satsat på att erbjuda och utveckla miljövänliga alternativ till båtarnas giftiga bottenfärger. De tror på en växande efterfrågan och tillväxtmöjligheter inom branschen. En som har utvecklat en egen metod för att hålla bottnen ren är Christian Feodoroff som också är deltidsboende i den åboländska skärgården.
 - Christiana Cinn added to - Christiana Cinn - Christiana Cinn

Added On:

Jan 20, 2015


Prepare yourself for the spicy sensation, Christiana Cinn! This gorgeous tan brunette has long lean legs, a ripe round ass, and a succulent pussy that is shaved clean. Christiana loves to cum and plays with orgasm inducing toys to satisfy her twat.

          Comment on The best nachos recipe, Cowboy Nachos #SundaySupper by Ellen LaFleche-Christian   
Wow does that steak look good!
          The Bauer Thesis Is Being Challenged   
This post is a very brief review of two books whose titles begin, Orthodoxy and Heresy. The most important, scholarly book about Jesus published in the 2oth century was Albert Schweitzer’s The Quest of the Historical Jesus (1906). The most important, scholarly book about Christian Origins published in the 20th century was Walter Bauer’s Orthodoxy [Read More...]
          Tomboys. Yoga. What's next? Ramly Burgers?   
I just shook my head when i first heard about the ban on yoga by Malaysia's National Fatwa Council.

I was wondering, with tongue in cheek, maybe the famous Ramly Burger will be banned next for some reason or other. (Watch a video on how a Ramly Burger is made at the end of the two reports. I just love the burger!!!)
Islamic ruling bans Malaysia's Muslims from practising yoga
Ian MacKinnon, south-east Asia correspondent
The Guardian, Monday November 24 2008

First it was the insidious habit of young women wearing trousers. Now Malaysia's Muslims have been warned off the perils of practising yoga.

The country's leading Islamic council has issued an edict prohibiting people indulging in the exercise, fearing its Hindu roots could corrupt them.

The national fatwa council's latest decision again reflects a tilt toward an increasingly conservative strain of Islam in predominantly Muslim Malaysia. It is causing consternation among the country's other ethnic groups that make up a third of the 27-million population.

The fatwa, or decision, prompted sneering remarks from liberal commentators who urged people not to be cowed by the "robed and the turbaned" who made such rulings.

But Abdul Shukor Husim, the council's chairman, said: "We are of the view that yoga, which originates in Hinduism, combines a physical exercise, religious elements, chanting and worshipping for the purpose of achieving inner peace and ultimately to be at one with god. For us, yoga destroys a Muslim's faith. There are other ways to get exercise. You can go cycling, swimming and eat less fatty food."

The ruling comes after the council said young Muslim women who wore trousers risked becoming sexually active or "turning" to lesbianism. Gay sex is outlawed in Malaysia.

The government recently had to back away from a proposal to restrict women travelling abroad alone, after derision from women's activists across the country.

But it has banned the use of the word Allah by other religions. An influential Christian group claimed Bibles were also being seized at border entry points.

Of Malaysia's non-Muslim population, 25% are ethnic Chinese and 8% are ethnic Indian, mainly Hindu. The council's ruling does not apply to them and is not legally binding. But most of the country's Muslims heed the edicts out of deference.

Marina Mahathir, a prominent columnist and daughter of the former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, wondered where it would all stop.

"What next? Gym? Most gyms have men and women together," she wrote on her blog. "Will that not be allowed any more? What endangers a society more ... corrupt citizens and leaders, or yoga practitioners and females who dress in a masculine fashion?" (Read Marina Mahathir's posts here and here)

Pas, PKR and ordinary Muslims criticise yoga ruling
By Shannon Teoh, The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 - Muslim opposition leaders want the National Fatwa Council to be more specific in its edict so that Muslims can decide what forms of yoga are permissible.

Pas research chief Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad told The Malaysian Insider that the council should not make a blanket ban but “lay down what is or is not permissible about yoga.”

“This allows a Muslim to be critical of their own faith and empower them to make judgments based on convictions.”

The Kuala Selangor MP added that if the intention of taking up yoga was for the well-being of the body, mind and spirit, then religion need not come into it.

“There is no need for this siege mentality where everything is viewed from the perspective of encroaching on Islam and attacking us,” he said, adding that if one wanted to stray from Islam, there were other ways besides yoga to do it.

PKR Youth’s chief strategist Yusmadi Yusoff also said that the council needed to be more specific with what forms of yoga it found objectionable as generalising the entire art under a ban was discriminatory and denied Muslims a choice of a healthy lifestyle.

“The form of yoga practised in Malaysia is simply a healthy exercise. If the fatwa is on the basis of religious rituals or inclinations, then it must be more specific and detail what parts exactly,” he said.

The Balik Pulau MP also noted that other martial arts, including those in Malay culture, had religious inclination but were not banned outright and doing so, as with yoga, would sacrifice a lot of benefits as a physical and mental form of exercise.

The National Fatwa Council, the country’s top Islamic body, today ruled against Muslims practising yoga, saying it has elements of other religions that could corrupt Muslims as it includes Hindu spiritual elements of chanting and worship.

Though the council’s decisions are not legally binding on Malaysia’s Muslim population, many abide by the edicts out of deference, and the council does have the authority to ostracise an offending Muslim from society.

This has come after it recently banned Muslim women from “tomboy” behavior, ruling that girls who act like boys violate the tenets of Islam. The majority of yoga practitioners in Malaysia are female.

Both Dzulkefly and Yusmadi, however, believe that the fatwas did not reflect gender discrimination against female Muslims as claimed by women’s group Sisters in Islam.

Dzulkefly said that it was wrong in principle for women to behave like men or men to behave like women and the earlier fatwa presented a set of guidelines rather than a ban on an entire artform.

Sisters in Islam programme manager Norhayati Kaprawi also came out strongly against the fatwa, calling it the latest in a regressive trend for the country’s multiculturalism.

“There has been no report or complaint of any practitioner converting to Hinduism or that yoga has caused a Muslim’s faith to weaken,” she added.

The spokesperson for the Muslim women’s group said that many Muslims have been practising yoga for decades but no one has seen it as a religious matter up to now.

She said that there was no need to be suspicious of other religions and that these presumptions were the cause of the edict.

“When you come up with a national ruling, there must first be evidence of a problem. This is all based on negative presumptions.

“Any activity done with bad intentions can lead to negative implications,” she said, in refuting council chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Shukor Husin’s statement that the physical aspect of yoga should be avoided by Muslims as “doing one thing could lead to another.”

Several Muslims have also expressed consternation with the edict.

The Associated Press reported that yoga teacher Suleiha Merican, who has been practising yoga for 40 years, called yoga “a great health science” and there is no religion involved.

“We don’t do chanting and meditation. There is no conflict because yoga is not religion based,” Suleiha, 56, had said.

Putri Rahim, a housewife, said she is no less a Muslim after practising yoga for 10 years.

“I am mad! Maybe they have it in mind that Islam is under threat. To come out with a fatwa is an insult to intelligent Muslims. It’s an insult to my belief,” Putri told AP.

In a recent blog posting, social activist Datin Marina Mahathir criticised the council for even considering a yoga ban, calling it “a classic case of reacting out of fear and ignorance.”

Sharizal Shaarani, an executive told The Malaysian Insider that he could not see how yoga could affect a Muslim’s relationship with God.

“It is a petty thing. There are more important fatwas like on corruption for the council to address,” he said, adding that as practising yoga did not adversely affect the lives of others, others should not impose a set of values on the practitioners.
Blogpost updated at 2020hrs on 26 Nov 08 with this Reuters report,
Malaysia backs down from yoga ban

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia's prime minister said on Wednesday Muslims should still take up yoga, reversing an outright ban that has drawn widespread protests amid concerns over growing Islamic fundamentalism in the multiracial nation.

Malaysia's National Fatwa Council, comprising Islamic scholars, told Muslims at the weekend to avoid yoga because it uses Hindu prayers that could erode Muslims' faith.

But the decision drew a sharp rebuke from many Muslims and even Malaysia's sultans, or hereditary rulers, who said that they should be consulted on any matters involving Islam.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi moved to contain the damage, telling the national news agency Bernama that Muslims could carry on doing yoga but minus the chanting.

"I wish to state that a physical regime with no elements of worship can continue, meaning, it is not banned. I believe that Muslims are not easily swayed into polytheism," he said.

Just before Abdullah spoke, the eldest son of the ruler of the central Negeri Sembilan state took the government to task over the yoga ruling.

"Islam is a progressive religion and the ulama (scholars) should be confident of the followers' faith rather than micro-managing their way of life," Tunku Naquiyuddin told a luncheon.

"If I go to a church or a Buddhist temple, is there any fear of me converting? ... Where do we draw the line?" the online version of the Star newspaper quoted him as saying.

The yoga fatwa ruling came hot on the heels of another edict against young Muslim women wearing trousers.

Fatwas or religious edicts are not legally binding, but they are highly influential in Malaysia, where Malay-Muslims form just over half of the country's 27 million people.

The fatwa council has said that by wearing trousers, girls risked becoming sexually active "tomboys." Gay sex is outlawed in Malaysia.

Malaysia's sizeable minorities include ethnic Chinese and Indians who practice either Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism. (Reporting by Jalil Hamid)

          Watch on BBC World News: eight-part series based on UNESCO’s "General History of Africa" book collection   


© BBC World News

Zeinab Badawi delves into the history of Africa for a brand new, eight-part series on BBC World News. The continent of Africa has a long, complex history, and its people built civilizations which rivalled those that existed anywhere else in the world. However, much of the continent’s history is not widely known, and what we are presented with often projects a distorted and partial picture. Sudan-born Zeinab travels to all four corners of Africa, interviewing African historians, archaeologists, and citizens whose accounts and stories paint a vivid picture of their continent's past and how it informs their present lives. It is a series that will inform, educate and entertain - Africa’s history told by Africans themselves.



BBC World TV: Transmission dates (GMT)


1) Mother Africa

In the first episode Zeinab Badawi travels across the continent, examining the origins of humankind and how and why we evolved in Africa. During her journey Zeinab is granted rare access to the genuine bones of one of the most iconic discoveries in the field of palaeontology: Lucy in Ethiopia, or as she is known in Amharic ‘Dinkenesh' - which means 'you are marvellous’! Zeinab also spends time with a unique tribe in Tanzania, who provide insight into how we have lived, for most of our history, as hunter-gatherers. She also looks at what distinguishes us from the animal world and makes us human.

Sat 1st July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 2nd July 09:10, 21:10



2) Cattle, crops and Iron

Zeinab Badawi continues her journey through the history of human development, travelling to meet the Masai of East Africa where she explains how humans began to domesticate animals and become pastoralists; in Zimbabwe, Zeinab visits one lively farming family and examines how we became settled and began to live from farming. She also looks at how the Iron Age transformed life in Africa and paved the way for the development of rich urban civilisations.

Sat 8th July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 9th July 09:10, 21:10



3) Gift of the Nile

Zeinab Badawi’s quest to uncover the history of Africa takes her to Egypt, where she explores the most famous civilisation on the continent – the ancient Egyptians. Zeinab takes you beyond the usual coverage of the pharaohs and asks first who the ancient Egyptians actually were? What was their ethnicity? What made such a great civilisation possible? How did they order their society, and what were their values?

Sat 15th July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 16th July 09:10, 21:10



4) The Kingdom of Kush

In the fourth episode, Zeinab Badawi travels to the country of her birth and the very region of her forefathers: northern Sudan, where she sheds light on a little know aspect of ancient African history: the Kingdom of Kush. Its kings ruled for many hundreds of years and indeed in the eighth century BC, they conquered and governed Egypt for the best part of 100 years. Furthermore Kush was an African superpower, its influence extended to the modern day Middle East. Zeinab shows you some of the best preserved of Sudan’s s 1,000 pyramids and explains how some of the customs of Kush have endured to this day.

Sat 22nd July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 23rd July 09:10, 21:10



5) The Rise of Aksum

Zeinab Badawi travels to the little visited country of Eritrea and neighbouring Ethiopia, to chart the rise of the Kingdom of Aksum. Described as one of the four greatest civilisations of the ancient world, Zeinab examines archaeological remains in both countries dating from many hundreds of years before Christ. She explains how the Kings of Aksum grew rich and powerful from their control of the Red Sea trade and how they were one of the first civilisations that officially embraced Christianity in the 4th century. Also find out why the Queen of Sheba and the Sacred Ark of the Covenant are so critical to the story of Aksum.

Sat 29th July: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 30th July 09:10, 21:10



6) Kings and Emirs

In the sixth episode, Zeinab Badawi focuses on the fall of the kingdom of Aksum, and how the Christian kings that followed in Aksum’s wake left powerful legacies, especially that of King Lalibela. He is credited with building a complex of rock-hewn churches, which represent amazing feats of engineering. She also charts the arrival of Islam in this part of Africa and how the Christian kings and Muslim emirs co-existed. In the most Muslim of Ethiopia’s cities Harar: she observes the bizarre, long standing tradition of the Hyena Men of Harar.

Sat 5th Aug: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 6th Aug 09:10, 21:10



7) North Africa

In the penultimate episode, Zeinab Badawi’s exploration of Africa’s rich history focuses on North Africa. She goes to Morocco to find out about the original inhabitants of the region - in particular the Berbers or Amazigh - the best known of the people of North Africa. Zeinab visits Carthage in Tunisia and explains who the Carthaginians were. She looks at the great Berber kings and how they managed to retain their influence when North Africa came under Roman rule. Zeinab shows you some of the most extensive and least visited Roman sites in Algeria.

Sat 12th Aug: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 13th Aug 09:10, 21:10



8) Pagans and God

In the final episode, Zeinab Badawi examines the role of religion in Africa. To this day tens of millions of Africans are pagans, who worship a pantheon of Gods and venerate their ancestors. And many more millions of Africans incorporate pagan customs into their monotheistic beliefs. Zeinab takes you through the stages of the arrival of monotheism in Africa: first Judaism , then early Christianity and then finally Islam. She charts the rise of the powerful Islamic dynasties of North Africa, that went on to conquer Spain.

Sat 19th Aug: 02:10 (Except North and Latin America, 15:10)

Sun 20th Aug 09:10, 21:10



          Christian Musician’s Wife Dies 8 Hours After Giving Birth to Their First Child   


Early Tuesday morning, Christian guitarist, Nathan Johnson, was over the moon. His wife, Megan, had just given birth to their first child, Eilee Kate. But soon it became clear that Megan wouldn’t make it through the day. Eight hours later, she passed away from childbirth complications, although doctors are unclear what exactly caused Megan’s death, reports the Tennessean. However, it is likely that the complications related to Megan’s heart. At only 15, Megan fought a heart infection, and in 2010, she had to have a heart transplant. 

Now Johnson, who toured with Christian singer Francesca Battistelli last year, is left to care for their daughter. But he won’t be alone. His friend and fellow Christian musician, Josh Wilson, stepped up to help Nathan by creating a GoFundMe page. 

Wilson wrote on the page, “I have the privilege of knowing Nathan Johnson.  He plays guitar in my band.  Nathan loves life.  He loves people.  He loved his wife, Meg…. Needless to say, Nathan is devastated.  There are no words for this, so I won't really say much more.  Here is what I know.  Nathan is a wonderful man and an amazing father.  He loves his daughter dearly,” and added Wilson; he’s going to need all the help he can get.

Wilson initially hoped to raise forty thousand dollars to cover expenses so that Johnson could stay off the road for at least six months. He wrote, “Let's cover his bills and meals, so he doesn't have to think about any of that.  Let's sleep over at his house and feed sweet Eilee so Nate can rest.”


But people gave more than Wilson could have ever imagined. As of 3:30 ET on Friday, Wilson had raised over $353,000 for Johnson and his daughter. On Thursday, he added an update. “You are all so kind. This is family. This is exactly how it should be. Eilee is going to college. Nathan is taken care of while he figures out what's next.  Thank you. Can't quit crying.”

Another Christian music star, Matthew West, says this is an example of the way that social media can be used for good. “I think this is one of those times where we get to see the upside of social media, above all the junk,” he told the Tennessean.


Please pray for Nathan Johnson and his newborn daughter as he deals with the loss of his wife.

          Huge Breakthrough for Christians: New Law Now in Effect in Southern State   

Governor Matt Bevin recently signed the ‘Bible Literacy Bill’ into law, which went into effect on Friday, June 30th of 2017 according to NBC News. The bill has been controversial given the separation between church and state expectations, but Bevin believes this could be very beneficial even for those who are not believers.


Bevin commented on the newly passed law, “The idea that we would not want this to be an option for people in school, that would be crazy. I don’t know why every state would not embrace this, why we as a nation would not embrace this.”

The Bible Literacy Bill specifically allows public schools to teach a social studies elective, which covers the basics of the Holy Bible. The law states that the course will provide the following information: “Hebrew Scriptures, Old Testament of the Bible, the New Testament, or a combination of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament of the Bible.”


The purpose of the bill is to inform students about the impact the bible has had on our history and culture. Republican State Representative D.J. Johnson, a co-sponsor of the bill, said, “[Whether] you believe that it’s the word of God or you think it’s complete fiction, you can’t deny the impact it’s had on our culture.”

Watch the video below for more information:

This law acts as a huge breakthrough for Christians, given recent circumstances of students being shamed for reading their bible and praying on school properties. The beautiful thing is, children in families who otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to hear God's word, will now have the opportunity to do so. Would you love to see this law be passed in all states?

Please continue to pray for our government and our nation. If you love this story, share it on your Facebook page! Thank you!

          Christian Baker’s Case Takes a Huge Turn   


Whether or not Christian business owners have the legal right to refuse to provide services for gay weddings has been a hot button issue for several years in America, especially after same-sex marriage was legalized. But now one Christian baker’s case has taken a huge turn.

According to CNBC, Lakewood, Colorado baker and business owner Jake Phillips got in trouble with the American Civili Liberties Union and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for refusing to make a special cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding back in 2012 — three years before gay marriage had even been legalized.

The Commission ordered Phillips to comply with state law about refusing service to anyone and to give his staff training to make them comply as well. Phillips appealed.

Now five years later, it was announced this week that Phillips will have his case heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, which has become a little more friendly to the plight of Christian business owners with the addition of Justice Neil Gorsuch.


Phillips is making the argument that his free speech is being violated because he’s being forced to conduct a creative act that goes against his religious beliefs. That may seem like an odd approach to winning his battle, but the National Review points out that his case really isn’t against gay marriage. That would be a losing argument. His case is simply about being forced by law to use his artistic skills to create something that violates his faith.

In other words, it’s really not a case about same-sex marriage but about religious freedom. And it can certainly set a precedence for the myriad of similar — and future — battles going on for other Christian business owners in the wedding industry.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear Phillips’ case in October.

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          Facebook Announces Goal to Take Role of Church   


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg just rightly identified a major problem with the Church today: people aren't going. And instead of wanting to reverse that, he wants to capitalize on it. At Facebook's first summit focusing solely on building communities, Zuckerberg said: 

"It's so striking that for decades, membership in all kinds of groups has declined as much as one-quarter," Zuckerberg said, as LifeSiteNews reports. "That's a lot of people who now need to find a sense of purpose and support somewhere else."

Understanding the human capital of faith-based groups, Zuckerberg told the group of community leaders: "People who go to church are more likely to volunteer and give to charity, not just because they're religious but because they're part of a community."


Zuckerberg shared his huge goal with the leaders: he wants to take the current number of people, which is 100 million, involved in a "meaningful community" (one that gives a sense of purpose) to one billion. In fact, he said, "We're going to change Facebook's whole mission to take this on." 

"In the next generation, our greatest opportunities and challenges we can only take on together,” Zuckerberg said, “ending poverty, curing disease, stopping climate change, spreading freedom and tolerance, stopping terrorism."

"A church doesn't just come together,” said Zuckerberg. “It has a pastor who cares for the well-being of their congregation, makes sure they have food and shelter. A little league team has a coach who motivates the kids and helps them hit better. Leaders set the culture, inspire us, give us a safety net, and look out for us."

Zuckerberg is understanding that the current growing religion of this generation are the causes he listed above: social issues like poverty, the environment, and tolerance. As a non-Christian, you can't really fault him for identifying the growing trend away from church and shrewdly wanting to fill the void.

But Zuckerberg's remarks and revamped mission statement should be a wakeup call to the Church. We need to find a way to revitalize our community and our faith. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!

          Conservative Group Sues After Internet Giant Labels Them a ‘Hate Group’   


When you’re wanting to donate to a charity or nonprofit group, it’s a good idea to do a little research to make sure they’re legitimate and don’t support causes that you oppose. That’s why GuideStar exists, and they’ve become the internet’s largest compendium of data on charities, giving potential donors information on 2,000 different charities, according to the Associated Press.

But then they did something really bizarre. Early in June, they allowed the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center to attach a “hate group” label to any nonprofit they didn’t like.

It was akin to giving a rambunctious child a brush full of paint and leaving them alone in a white-walled room for an hour.


The SPLC went to work, labeling 46 groups as “hate groups.” Some of them included conservative and Christian groups like the conservative Christian Family Research Council, the fundamentalist Christian American Family Association, the conservative Christian Alliance Defending Freedom, and the evangelical Christian Liberty Counsel.

The SPLC’s label sat prominently near the top of every flagged group’s page, warning potential donors to stay away. GuideStar defended their decision to let the SPLC run wild.

Not surprisingly, 41 of the “hate groups” wrote a letter to GuideStar to complain, according to Life Site News. That’s when GuideStar decided to remove the “hate group” label from those 41 groups’ pages, but they made it clear the SPLC’s information on each of those nonprofits would remain readily available upon request.

Now one of those conservative Christian Groups is suing GuideStar for defamation. Florida-based Liberty Counsel uses litigation to defend the rights of Christians in America, and now they’re using their legal muscle to defend what they do. The case is called “Liberty Counsel vs. GuideStar USA, Inc.”

Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver claims, "GuideStar’s CEO, Jacob Harold, is using GuideStar as a weapon to defame, harm, and promote his liberal agenda by using the SPLC to falsely label good nonprofit organizations as ‘hate groups.”

"GuideStar has not retracted its ‘hate group’ label and continues to provide false, defamatory and harmful information it pushes as fact to the public. The damage by GuideStar is far reaching because this false and defamatory labeling has been spread through scores of media sources and the internet. It also appears on the GuideStar Wikipedia page,” he continued.

As of Thursday, the Wikipedia pages for most of the targeted groups mentioned above now prominently feature the SPLC’s designation of them as hate groups, making the attack widespread indeed.

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          Washington Cathedral Critics Says Lee-Jackson Windows Unchristian; What About Statue Of Unchristian Plagiarizer, Adulterer And Heretic MLK?   
The Washington Post tells us this morning that  “Washington National [...]
          Malaysia International Summer Bible Conference   

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

I flew 20 hours in order to attend the first Asia International Summer Conference June 29-July 1 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia hosted by Malaysia UBF. I met Dr. John and Deborah Lee from Lincoln Park UBF at Tokyo Narita Airport. Shep. Vincent Lee who met Christ while studying in Univ. of Chicago was greeted us with a big smile and we hugged each other. He drove us to the conference place-the council of churches of Malaysia (CCM).The room was clean and nice. There was no TV or any other media entertainment. After a long journey, I slept around 2 AM like a rock. In the morning, I met Shep. Ison Hong, the director of Malaysia UBF who met Christ through Bob Henkins IIT ministry while studying in USA and later grew in faith with the support of Springfield UBF ministry.

Ison Hong and Vincent Lee returned to their home country of Malaysia and began to serve the gospel ministry for University of Malaysia. I found good mission model in USA mission work-raise up disciples of all foreign students and send them back to their native country to pioneer the campuses of their home country. They will not have language or cultural barriers to serve the gospel work in their home country.

There are five faithful coworkers in Malaysia UBF-Ison Hong, Vincent Lee, Huong Eng, Lee Hung, and Kok Meng. Ison Hong will establish a house church with Nicky Teng from Kaohsiung Taiwan (Dr. Steve and Allison Haga’s ministry) after the conference. God will bless first house church in Malaysia as a sign of blessing.

This conference is a historical event in two points.

First, the native leaders organized this conference with their pioneering spirit and working together. There was no international conference because there is no common language in Asia. But they overcome language barriers and agreed together and prepared the conference using English as the common language. Everything is possible when we believe. It was their act of faith. Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, and USA joined this conference. Seventy-five people registered and they have full of spirit and joy.

Second, the words of Isaiah were powerful. The conference theme was “Grace and Peace” from Isaiah chapters 40-55. In spite of the rebellion and disobedience, unfaithfulness of Israel, God did not forget his people and comforted them while they were in exile. God did not forget them though they complained their hopeless situations. They will soar like an eagle when they put hope in God. Dr. Steve Haga delivered the opening message based on Isaiah 40:27-31 with the title “Wait” and Ison Hong delivered the first lecture based on Isaiah 40”1-11 with the title “Comfort.” The messages were powerful enough comforting all attendants with the word of encouragements and hope of God. The second lecture will be delivered by Vincent Lee with the title “Believe”. The third lecture by Bob Henkins with the title “Sing” and the fourth lecture by Jimmon Rubilos with the title “Come.” There will be life testimonies. They arranged pre-conference tours of Kuala Lumpur like city galleries, twin towers, and old palaces.

Kuala Lumpur used to be a muddy tin mine town. Now it was transformed into the most beautiful garden city of the world.  Modern Malaysia is a multicultural and multiracial society of approximately 22 million people were ethnic Malays, Chinese and Indians live together in relative harmony. While Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, freedom of worship is guaranteed and widely practiced. Ethnic Malays are, for the most part, Muslim; Chinese mainly Buddhist or Christian; and Indians follow Hinduism as their main religion. The national language is Bahasa Malaysia (similar to Indonesian); however, as a result of the British colonial period, English is widely spoken and is a compulsory subject in schools. Other main languages found in Malaysia include various Chinese dialects (Cantonese, Hokkien, or Hakka), and Tamil or Hindi amongst the Indian population.

Please pray for the conference to reveal the glory of God and grace and peace in the gospel of Jesus.

Pray for the wedding ceremony between Ison Hong and Nicky (Becky) Teng after the conference.

May God bless you richly!

Jacob Lee from Kuala Lumpur

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          General Director's Message for the Inauguration of New Korea UBF Director   

I deeply thank God for richly blessing UBF ministry as a world campus mission organization thus far and for leading this resignation of 4th Korea Director and inauguration of 5th Korea UBF Director. 

I express my thanks to Sh. David Kim who is retiring after finishing the important duty as Korea UBF national director for last 6years following late Dr. Samuel Lee, Dr. John Jun and Sh. Samuel H Lee.

He served Korea UBF chapter directors with diligently visiting local chapters throughout the nation, fully devoted himself to opening of UBF history museum, Korea laymen conference, 2016 World Mission Report in Seoul and Missionary & Shepherd conference. To UBF missionaries and shepherds retirement means "Retire", which is to replace the old tire with a new one.  In this I pray that Sh. David Kim may be more used by God in serving Korea and world campus mission work.  

I give welcoming word and congratulations on inauguration of new Korea UBF national director Sh. Moses Lee along with Korea UBF coworkers who attended here, all UBF missionaries throughout the world, native shepherds and UBF headquarter staffs.

As we all know well about him, he is a holy man of God. Whenever we saw him we could see that he was always dressed up with decent appearance even in the beaches and mountains during the conferences. His delivering messages always were full of truth giving inspiration along with humor and grace and he also would like to sing very well including trot songs.  He is very famous among missionaries. Some woman missionaries said that they were so happy to see him because he was like their loving father whenever he came to visit Middle East.

I see that up to this time God had refined him as a loving shepherd through many hardships that he went through for many years and finally raising him as Korea UBF national director after his beautiful life of obedience and devotion to God. 

I pray that God may provide his loving servant sh. Moses Lee everything he needed spiritually and physically and continue to bless Korea UBF and Korea as a priestly nation for whole world through his beautiful co-working with all staff shepherds in Korea.        

UBF ministry have grown up as an global laymen mission movement, established by young people who found their new life direction in Christ through one to one Bible study since 18-19th Moravian mission movement.

In the center of the growth of UBF ministry there are UBF staff shepherds, laymen shepherds and missionaries who devoted their entire life for Korea and world campus mission. UBF ministry have been serving God for about 56 years since it established in 1961 and it have become an international Christian community developing with UBF three generations. 

Today we are living in a complex change and diversity culture, then what should we make an effort as Christians?  

It is clear that our Christian community must grow to be filled with the Spirit of Christ as mature Christian churches. Our true identity comes from this mature Christian awareness. Ap. Paul prayed for the churches " I pray that you, being rooted and established in love,(Eph3:17), we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. (Eph4:15).

I pray that whatever we do, we should do it in the motive of love, the course of true love and the purpose of Love. 

We all do one to one Bible study with sheep based on true love of God who considers of little ones as the most treasure than whole world.    

Likewise our disciple training also has to do with God's absolute love and hope for one person. In our busy schedule of serving God's ministry sometimes we would be very opt to lose God's heart. Therefore we should examine ourselves before God whether I am taking care of God's flock personally one by one with God's true love or not. A mature community is formed by mature co-working. 

I pray that God may enable UBF commanding group, local chapters and all co-workers to make a beautiful and loving community one another in serving God's ministry just as early church apostles and elders, apostles and deacons at Jerusalem, Timothy and elders at Ephesians honored each other and discussion each other in loving community. 

Let us persistently pray that God may raise 100,000 Bible teachers and missionaries sending them to the campuses in 233 nations.  Let’s pray that all UBF members may renew world mission passion, vision and faith through 2018 USA international conference on Aug 9-12 at Kentucky and send many long term missionaries to the world.   

P. Abraham Kim

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          A Twitter Hashstorm: The Alt-Right Controversy at the Southern Baptist Convention   
"Southern Baptists overwhelmingly pass a resolution June 14 condemning
the racism of the alt-right movement. Photo by Adam Covington"

The Southern Baptist Convention first rejected then resurrected a resolution against the alt-right and white supremacy. This occurred at their annual meeting held in Phoenix, AZ, a couple weeks ago in June, 2017. Click here for a sequence of events. There are many different ways to understand this process, and it stirred quite a controversy.

An Outsiders Perspective

It was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. I stand not as a member of the SBC but as a very interested observer from the Catholic Church who cares deeply about race. My colleague (a Roman Catholic priest) and I attended the Convention as representatives of the US Catholic Bishops in Christian friendship.

I spent much of the Convention glued to my Twitter feed, and I'm not typically an avid Twitter user.

News of the proposed resolution against the alt-right and white supremacy broke before the Convention. Twitter was chock full of some of the nastiest, most vile messages against it. Yet, I sensed something was awry. SBC pastors and leaders, as well as most church folks, are some of the most polite people I have ever met. They have a very Southern way of being indirect about grievances and disagreement. While they are also not shy about engaging in debate, what I saw on Twitter did not match the tone or timbre of what I have come to know as the SBC.

I suspect the #sbc17 hashtag was being rigorously trolled by alt-right activists. The vile, pornographic language and level of aggressiveness in the tweets signaled the work of outsiders. The language was so consistent in these tweets, actually, that it could have been the work of just a few (or even a single individual) using continuously new, anonymous accounts making it seems like the outcry was bigger than it really was. 

However, there were also few voices competing with these, before the Convention started. The glaring silence of others in the SBC worried me. Were there no contrary opinions? Were feelings against racism too weak or afraid of the alt-right to speak out? Was the SBC so weary from backlash against repudiating the Confederate Flag last year that it no longer had will to stand up to white supremacy this year? I wondered.

A lot has happened in one year. The campaign of Donald Trump has been associated with a significant increase in violent actions and rhetoric along racial lines. Trump received 81% of the white Evangelical Christian vote--which would soundly describe most SBC members. In the wake of Trump, many in our culture--like myself--were left wondering where do white Evangelicals--like many in the SBC--really stand on racism? Were all the apologies in the past just lip service? Most Americans understand that voters had only a couple choices for president and complex political issues had to be boiled down to a single vote. We get that. But what has been noticeably absent is  white Evangelicals holding Trump accountable since the election. They could be saying to Trump: "Yes, we voted for you, but that was in spite of--and not because of--the racist rhetoric, and we condemn that rhetoric." That outcry has been pretty minimal from the white Evangelical community, which comes across as an endorsement.

When the alt-right resolution failed to be brought to the floor on Day one of the two-day Convention, and when the messengers failed to keep any semblance of it alive after that, Twitter just blew up. It blew up in a way that raised my spirits.

I was so wound up I could barely sleep that night as tweets poured in.

I was so encouraged by the groundswell of support. SBC members simply did not want to leave Phoenix with the world unsure about where their denomination stands on the alt-right and white supremacy. It wasn’t just one Twitter account leading the charge, although there were key leaders in this effort. It was dozens and dozens of formerly silent Twitter accounts erupting all at once. At least one group organized a meeting to draft a new resolution with the resolution's original author, Texas pastor Rev. Dwight McKissic. The Resolutions Committee itself sought to find a way to remedy this. Russell Moore, president of the SBC's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, had a hand in drafting the revised version. 

I was grateful to witness this.  It was a pure blessing to see both the Twitter messages appearing one after the other in rapid succession and being part of conversations in the convention center hallways. Dozens and dozens of pastors and SBC members entered the fray.

It will be hard to walk away from SBC 2017 without at least a shadow of a doubt as to where the membership stands. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Seminary, remarked that the SBC has indeed gotten a "black eye."  

Yes, the SBC stumbled and fell here. It may be hard to wash all the dirt off.  But the stumble created a moment that allowed the SBC to mobilize to make it right.  That movement was pure blessing to watch. I am not a voting member, but as a fellow Christian who cares deeply about what happens here, my heart was with the SBC every step of the way. I am optimistic about the health of the SBC after this.

My assessment: Those who want to put racism behind them are sincere and passionate. There is also a gap between SBC leadership and the membership as well as a generational gap among pastors. When the SBC messengers voted last year to repudiate the Confederate Flag, once person spoke on the Convention floor that it was a fine resolution for pastors but it may be difficult to explain to churchgoers back home. A lot of people want to believe that the SBC has put its racist past behind it, but its rank-and-file membership seems divided as to the necessity of these resolutions and the relevance of symbols like the Confederate Flag.

Some members of the SBC were upset with the headlines coming out the Convention. Those headlines may--or may not--have been unfair. Still, I would urge the SBC not to spend a lot of energy feeling like victims of sensationalistic journalists trying to exploit a controversy for juicy headlines. The hesitation of the SBC over this issue opens real wounds and makes real people wonder where the SBC really stands.  I saw African-American pastors and families shed tears on the Convention floor in shock over what they thought would be a routine denouncement of racism that was instead killed in committee--at a time when our nation cannot afford to be neutral on race.  These are sincere questions that deserve answers.

While I believe SBC senior leaders are sincere in wanting to put racism behind them, they may be guilty of tone deafness here. They underestimated what message it would send by avoiding this topic. Case in point: Alt-right groups were initially declaring this a victory for white supremacy. Perhaps SBC leaders simply wanted to avoid a difficult topic, but sometimes the best way to attract controversy is by attempting to avoid it. Still, those fighting passionately for racial equality and reconciliation are an impressive bunch, and they give the SBC a bright future.

          CHRISTIAN TOTO: The 6 Best Movies of 2017 (So Far). Wonder Woman made the cut, and I’m glad to se…   
CHRISTIAN TOTO: The 6 Best Movies of 2017 (So Far). Wonder Woman made the cut, and I’m glad to see that Baby Driver lives up to its impressive trailer.
          "Rudderless" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Friday - June 30, 2017   
Received via email from Yosef ......


Our current, perceived, acting, actor President, in whatever form male or female, human or clone... is completely rudderless and being floated down the D.C. swamp to wherever the political and intelligence mechanisms desire the orange blob to go.

On Monday, they stripped President Trump of all his security briefing clearances.

Meaning, Trump gets more no internal or external information whatsoever--because in truth he never had any power whatsoever--because in truth he was 100% compromised before he ever walked through the front door at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Therefore, whomever voted for Trump voted against the Republic and on a deeper level, voted against humanity.

Too harsh?  Fuck you, little child with little dreams and little courage.

And whomever voted for Clinton, fuck you as well.  You too voted against the Republic and humanity.

Actually, whomever voted historically post 1871, classified as sleeping sheepeople who unknowingly supported an alien cabal race of murders and thieves over humanity that includes our Republic.

This includes elections involving Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan and Obama.  They were all cabal bred candidates that we all fell for... hook, line and sinker.

And now we're drowning and praying for an unthinkable economic event in our lifetime.  Sure we suffered a little bit, but not really.

So spoiled and self-entitled us Angols, what a deceived and deceiving race of beings.  Harmonically unaligned with God---oh how shameful we are.

We stand for nothing righteous and pure, yet kill for killers.

People won't like to hear that fact, but it's the brutal truth of our decayed race and nation.  This is where America is right now, deemed morally rudderless by the rest of the world.

China and Russia, as well as every other country America ever sabotaged or invaded, defrauded and coerced, is taking great pleasure in our humiliation internationally.

They're lapping us daily.

Well fucking that.

I woke up just in the nick of time and I begged others to surrender.  To wake up from conceded, nose deaf American values and evolve.

Just know that this once proud and great country is being torched in every sovereign and diplomatic circle imaginable, and we are not pitch forking our White House and Congress demanding change!

So passive.  So detached.  So emotionally dead at the core of what makes us human.

I know this elongated sovereign embarrassment was all part of the NPTB's master transition plan from dark to light control.

Abject and total humiliation of America as a bad acting country is commensurate for the horrors we have done to other innocent and weaker sovereign nations, while the rest of the world  ignores our politics and catapults forward economically, diplomatically, and militarily.

Is anyone with half a brain and pulse watching all the deals China is cutting with the rest of the world while America searches for oxygen away from the Trump smoke screen?

Or are you too focused on your damn get rich date and rate, coupled with gorging yourself on digital zeros that are not, and will never be your personal property.

Why do I scream to these deaf ears, Lord?  Help me understand!

We're not a nation in crisis because of Trump, no we're a nation in juvenile time out with Trump as our punishment by higher evolved overseas handlers that benevolently have chosen to give back our backruptes nation and economy.

And White-is-Right folk don't have the first damn clue what the hell is happening in even small numbers let alone mass consciousness.   "Americans are asleep at the wheel ," the Elders say privately, "So we choose not to wake them but bless those of color and allow them to learn from and experience the contrast."

Trump is the Elders way of marking this epic change in our history, as well as simultaneously giving obtuse and obese Americans a cataclysmic awakening to jolt them alive and commemorate their intellectual suicide with unconditional generosity.

Translated, they blessed us despite our sins.  So who really knows the teachings Christ better, the Buddhists or Christians?

Anyone not screaming for immediate leadership change before the RV this weekend is not on the second arc IMHO.

And no one can walk away from this flood.  No one.  Best to walk away from the rudderless crowd as they will eventually drag your ship down by stealing your bliss.

Mark these words Zimlandia:

God or not God is a real choice that all must make post universal quarantine.

And your decision to serve His Will over your own will ultimately determine the quality, duration and grace the Lord brings into your life.

Do surround yourself with people of the highest moral character and learned spiritual elegance.  Because yes, God is with us, but only if we are with Him.

Aloha Ke Akua.
          Sights & Sound 2013: Merging Music, Art, Tourism and Pop Culture    

Photos by Hampang Productions

Sights & Sound 2013 merges Ilonggo pop culture, music, multimedia arts and tourism in one inspiring event at Robinsons Place Iloilo on May 16, 2013 from 10am to 6pm. Conceptualized by 8finity Events, RSLPhoenix Music and Hampang Productions in cooperation with The Department of Tourism Region VI, Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation, Inc., RNP Media Productions and CPU Council of Advertising Practitioners, the event highlights the best of Ilonggo talents and pop culture. Hampang Productions, a promising film, animation and photography organization together with the CPU Council of Advertising Practitioners mounted an interactive multimedia art exhibit featuring their best projects from short films, commercial ads, fashion and tourism photography from 10am to 6pm at the mall’s fountain area. At 2:30pm, the top 3 winners of the Digital Tourism Photo Contest were declared. The third place was bagged by Christian Bermejo who featured the Jaro Belfry in his photo, second place goes to Randolf Ponsaran who captured a stunning photo of Dinagyang warriors, and finally, Alberto Andone’s photo showing the stunning beauty of Cabugao Gamay, Gigantes Island located in Carles, Iloilo, was declared first place. They received framed photo of their entries, certificate and cash prizes of P3,000, P2,000 and P1,000, respectively.
The most-awaited acoustic pop concert of today’s promising local artists started at 3pm. Highlight of the show was 2013 British Got Talent semi-finalist and London-based alternative pop songstress Jehnniel Palma who promoted her upcoming indie album soon-to-be-sold online in itunes. Iloilo’s acoustic heartthrob Daniel Zedane, Ilonggo pop diva Sheila Barrios, newcomer pop singers Jen Sanchez and Muke Gonzaga with guest artists Marty n’ Lindy and rapper Zpinx Angel entertained the crowd with their English cover songs and original hit singles. Finally, the anticipated first teaser trailer of the new Ilonggo movie, ”Pangyaw” (Friend – in Chinese) partly shot in Hong Kong which was produced, directed and written by Ilonggo filmmaker Ronny Poblacion with screenplay by Ronelo Ladiao was unveiled. The movie’s lead actor Chuck Luat together with Poblacion provided details about the movie in a mini presscon with the local media. The event is expected to have it 2014 sequel, bigger and better.
Sights & Sound 2013 was hosted by Muke Gonzaga. The event was co-presented by Sarabia Manor Hotel & Convention Center, The Peter Solis Nery Foundation, Inc., Mr. Cheaster Cabasac of DX Productions, Cilantro Flavors of Vietnam and Beauty Dynamics Facial Care Center. Minor sponsors are Shana Lacs Spa, Hong Kong Kitchen, M. Moleta Signs & Services, Fiesta BBQ & Seafood, Ong Bun Pension House and Everpure water. Special thanks to media partner News Express.

          Sheila at Music Clinic   

 Before Sheila Barrios became an Ilonggo music artist in 2010, she has been dedicating her talent in church music and praising God. Her musical upbringing was mostly influenced by church choir and it is where she honed her unique vocal gift. Lately, she has been active in sharing her talent once again by taking part in their annual church youth activity called Music Clinic 2013. Together with fellow Ilongga Diva Irish D., they were part of the church youth group that share their talents in various activities--vocal trio, christian pop dance, group singing, battle of the bands, music video making and a lot more. She's always been grateful to God for giving her so much blessings in life and a chance to inspire other people through her music.
          195 fodboldglade drenge og pigere var med til at fejre HFK   
HADERSLEV: Siden 2002 har Christian Niemann som skoleleder stået i spidsen for Haderslev Fodboldklubs årlige DBU-fodboldskole. I den forløbne uge har han og et hold af hjælpere derfor igen haft travlt…
          Fjendens kugler slog ham ihjel, men mindet lever   
Mads Christian Olsen løber. Den 31-årige danske infanterist og hans kammerater fra 13. Bataljon, 4. Kompagni, er på tilbagetog i denne juninat 1848. Våbenhvileforhandlinger i Malmø er efter næsten tre…
          Dorothy Vande Kieft   
Funeral services for Dorothy Vande Kieft, age 92 of Prairie City, will be held on Friday, July 7th at 11am at the Prairie City Christian Reformed Church. Visitation will be held one hour prior to the service. Burial will be at Waveland Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to Hospice of Pella […]
I don't know if meaningful Christian terms are camouflaged or sabotaged.  Either way, much of what had original intent has been reduced to sloganalism which is heard; yet has lost its impact.  Such is possibly the case with "born-again" for it very well may have been hijacked by casual and very anemic religiousity.

To be born again is one of the most thrilling concepts of all mankind.  We must protect its mighty existence.  All experience being born-once as obvious fact.  This cannot be denied.  Too, all born-oncers would admit that life is a struggle of harsh reality.  Inner battles aren't random.  Nor, are they timid.  But rather, difficulty is compounded to the point that we wonder if we can carry on at times.

God saw this dilemma.  Satan wrecked the Garden scene.  Imposingly, he reversed wonder into wander.  From such a time, man has sought the Promised Land; a way of escape which would be the path to restored normalcy of hope, and of delight, and of sheer treasure.  Jesus was sent head-long into this quagmire of death for the very purpose of transforming the same walk into and new and robust gust of perpetual life.

This is why Jesus approached his mission at the very early stages with the call for men and women to begin anew by being rebirthed.  We are able to start life over.  Don't rush past this wonder of all wonders: WE.  ARE.  ABLE.  TO.  START.  LIFE.  OVER.  Just as the first life finds the infant born through the waters of the womb, the second begins through the baptismal waters.

Jesus calls every person to be born again.  Such isn't a call to be churchy.  Rather, it is a call to get to do what everyone wishes we could do anyway....step away from this killer life and shift into a new kind of life where possibility and potential are realities of hope and happiness.

There's much that goes into this fact that will forever grow us in spirit through the ages.  For now, I wish to point out that upon the first birth death looms as final word.  From the second birth, wonderfully so, death dies.  It can't have us.  It will sting us; but it doesn't get to keep us.  When Jesus left the grave, death went into depression for it lost its eternal bite.

Yay Jesus and your empty grave!  Yay.....for giving us the option for being reborn.  We must not let the term die for its origin is intended for the opposite...ALWAYS LIFE!

          Fuel Christian hope tweets pope   
Gives new gaze on good
          Mission Network News 4.5 Minutes Audio Broadcast for Fri, 30 Jun 2017   

Today's Headlines

  • Canada celebrates 150 years, a separation from Christianity
  • Ecuador: Brutal attack leaves bullied child in grave condition
  • Aircraft replacement needed for ministry in Indonesia’s “final frontier”

          FOOTBALL: Malford bow out with an awards double   
CHRISTIAN Malford were the big winners as the Chippenham & District Sunday League officially brought the curtain down on its 51st season, with a presentation night and annual meeting at Chippenham’s Gladstone Club on Wednesday night.
          Images of the night sky make Milky Way look like beautiful pinwheels   
By Jack Williams These stunning images of the Milky Way make the galaxy appear like vibrant pinwheels, with the billions of stars rotation across the night sky at different intervals. In order to shoot the unique works, photographer Christian Sasse took more than 1250 images of the galaxy, each shot on 30-second-long exposures. Having captured Credit: CatersNews
          Miami family photos with sisters   
Are you all getting ready for a fun family 4th of July next week? We thought this Miami family session from Christian Arevalo might be the perfect break from the madness. Not to mention we have a feel ... - Source:
          Christian Low Income Home Improvement Loan   
A Christian low income home improvement loan can actually come in many forms and much of the success of getting a lending agreement will depend on the homework done in finding the right lender for the homeowner's situation.

          Christian Instant Hard Money Loans   
Instant hard money loans are usually lending agreements between the Christian owner of a parcel of property or an investor who wants to buy a piece of land but lacks much of the funds for purchase and a local financier who is willing to take some risk to make a high rate of return amount.

          One Hour Christian Cash Advance   
Obtaining one hour Christian cash advance loans is more convenient than ever today with so many companies offering customers a quick way to get money between paydays simply by using the Internet.

          Federal Christian Home Improvement Loan Program   
The federal Christian home improvement loan program is actually an umbrella of a number of many programs the United States government offers to qualified applicants to help renew rundown neighborhoods in cities across the country.

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There are many sources of Christian small business grant loans that can help an entrepreneur kick start a successful organization.

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Same day Christian payroll advance loans are a business boon in America where over seventy percent of all its citizens live pay day by day with little or no savings to aid them in times of financial emergency.

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An unsecured Christian small business loan is one of several options available to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

          Christian Student Loan Reconsolidations   
Christian student loans reconsolidation is possible, but may be difficult if the borrower has already consolidated their balances.

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Christian home improvement financing may be one of the few ways that it is smart to borrow money for anything other than a place of residence, particularly for those who are a bit on the fiscally challenged side of things.

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Christian graduate student loans are educational loans used for the purpose of graduate study, such as when pursuing a masters or doctorate degree.

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Federal government Christian student loan consolidations are available to students and parents who have borrowed money to finance education and want to pay off the debts in a manner that is easier and cheaper.

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The underwriting process for Christian 2nd home loans is somewhat different than for traditional first mortgages.

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When an investor doesn't have great credit, Christian hard money lenders can help him finance a note.

          Взъерошь Меня / Rough Me Up (2014) DVDRip   
Наименование: Взъерошь Меня Оригинальное наименование: Rough Me Up Категория: Bareback, Oral, Anal, Group, Threesome, Rimming, Hairy, Hunks, Tatoos, Piercing Произведено: Toxic Unlimited В главных ролях: Christian Matthews, Andrew Bozek, Armin Philipps, Fostter Riviera, Jon Phönix, Jorge Ballantinos, Matthews-Phillipps, Mauri.
          Office Manager - Peninsular Christian Church - Tampa, FL   
*Section 1: Objective* *Peninsular Christian Church* in Tampa, FL is seeking an office manager to organize and coordinate administrative duties and office... $12 - $15 an hour
From Indeed - Fri, 24 Mar 2017 00:11:16 GMT - View all Tampa, FL jobs
          6/30/2017: It's Friday!: Hallelujah for a cast that’s Heaven sent   

HOW proudly should we proclaim our Christian heritage? In Sir David Hare’s 1990 play Racing Demon, that question is asked by Church of England vicars who agonise over their faith and how hard they should force the Gospel down the throats of indifferent...
          HEVC and HEIF Will Make Video and Photos More Efficient comment by Christian L   
"Netflix suggest 5 Mbps for HD video now, which would consume about 340 MB watching 150 hours of content."

150 hours is 540,000 seconds. The ⅛ megabit-to-megabyte conversion tells me that 5Mbs video would be closer to 340GB for 150 hours.
          Christian Smith - Ekspozicija 05: Tronic Treatment   
Christian Smith - Ekspozicija 05: Tronic Treatment
          Christian’s Journey   

The post Christian’s Journey appeared first on Olmstead Williams Communications.

          Após foto com bebida, acusado de matar Brunão é preso   

Após publicação de fotografia na qual aparece próximo a um copo de bebida alcóolica, Christiano Luna de Almeida, 29 anos, teve a prisão preventiva decretada pelo juiz Aluízio Pereira dos Santos, da 2ª Vara do Tribunal do Júri de Campo Grande. Luna é acusado da morte Jeferson Bruno Escobar, o Brunão, 23, em março de […]

O post Após foto com bebida, acusado de matar Brunão é preso apareceu primeiro em PaginaBrazil.Com.

          Secular Sanatana Culture Is the Hope for All: Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru   
Secular Sanatana Culture Is the Hope for All (The Word (Guruvani) of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru) “Islam and Christianity are prophetic religions which do not have a long history. Besides, there is a deviation from the time of Moses. Also these two religions have more or less performed their functions, in their respective paths. The […]
          ਗੁਰੂ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਬਾਰੇ ਅਪ-ਸ਼ਬਦ ਬੋਲਣ ਵਾਲੀ ਇਸਾਈ ਪ੍ਰਚਾਰਕ ਵਿਰੁਧ ਕਾਰਵਾਈ ਕੀਤੀ ਜਾਵੇ: ਸਿੱਖ ਜਥੇਬੰਦੀਆਂ   

ਸਿੱਖ ਗੁਰੂ ਸਾਹਿਬਾਨ ਪ੍ਰਤੀ ਅਪਸ਼ਬਦ ਬੋਲਣ ਅਤੇ ਗੁਰਬਾਣੀ ਦੇ ਅਰਥਾਂ ਦੀ ਗਲਤ ਵਿਆਖਿਆ ਕਰਨ ਵਾਲੀ ਈਸਾਈ ਔਰਤ ਖਿਲਾਫ ਧਾਰਮਿਕ ਭਾਵਨਾਵਾਂ ਭੜਕਾਣ ਦੇ ਦੋਸ਼ ਤਹਿਤ ਪਰਚਾ ਦਰਜ ਕੀਤੇ ਜਾਣ ਦੀ ਮੰਗ ਨੂੰ ਲੈਕੇ ਵੱਖ ਵੱਖ ਪੰਥਕ ਜਥੇਬੰਦੀਆਂ ਨੇ ਅੱਜ ਕਮਿਸ਼ਨਰ ਪੁਲਿਸ ਅਤੇ ਮੁੱਖ ਮੰਤਰੀ ਪੰਜਾਬ ਦੇ ਨਾਮ ਇੱਕ ਮੰਗ ਪੱਤਰ ਦਿੱਤਾ।

The post ਗੁਰੂ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਬਾਰੇ ਅਪ-ਸ਼ਬਦ ਬੋਲਣ ਵਾਲੀ ਇਸਾਈ ਪ੍ਰਚਾਰਕ ਵਿਰੁਧ ਕਾਰਵਾਈ ਕੀਤੀ ਜਾਵੇ: ਸਿੱਖ ਜਥੇਬੰਦੀਆਂ appeared first on Sikh Siyasat News.

          Guys in Sweatpants: Charles Cums in Christian   
If you know anything about Christian, you know he has a thing for huge cocks attached to handsome, dark skin guys... and Charles is exactly that to-a-T! We've seen Christian deep throat some big dicks before, but this might be his best accomplishment to date. Charles just sits back and watches Christian worship his fat cock, from head down to his balls. Charles lubes up Christian's hole with his mouth and tongue, then slides his entire cock in balls deep.

Charles Cums in Christian - Guys in Sweatpants
Video at

          Heart of Darkness   
Introduction Hip-hop is another cultural artefact attracting the attention of Christians working with young people. Back in January, at the five-day intensive university course for Youth Culture and Ministry, Andrew Root, a professor of youth ministry from Luther Seminary in Minneapolis, devoted an afternoon session to the subject. His very effective audio-visual presentation reflected what...
          Expanding Christian Green-Technology Company   
          Que faire cette semaine à Paris, du 3 au 7 juillet 2017   
Cette semaine du 3 au 7 juillet 2017, ça sent les vacances à Paris ! Spectacles en plein air, festivals de musque, fête des Loges, expo Christian Dior, la Nuit aux Invalides et ballet national de Cuba à Paris nous attendent. Pour connaitre les sorties incontournables de la semaine, suivez le guide.
           2020 is the deadline to avert climate catastrophe    
'There is a long way to go to decarbonise the world economy,' according to a new commentary signed by former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, three top climate scientists, and two sustainability experts.
          Mormons and Sex   
Thursday, we’re talking about Mormons and sex. LDS therapist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife says that Mormon theology of the body is very different from many Christian traditions. Within marriage, sex isn’t just for procreation, but also for pleasure, intimacy and becoming god like. So, what’s the disconnect in a culture where there seems to be so much shame and guilt around sexuality? She’ll join us live, along with LDS sex therapist Kristin Hodson and Chris Duce of the “Celestial Sex” podcast.
          Acessórios de cabelo que vão fazer a sua cabeça. Inspire-se   
Acessórios para cabelos (Foto: Getty Images)

O mundo da beauté tem muito mais a oferecer do que apenas infinidades de opções de make. É também inspiração para os dias tristes, onde podemos adentrar um universo lúdico de muita cor e textura. Pegue o caderninho e anote as referências de penteados e acessórios que vão bombar nesta temporada e dar aquela força para o seu look — das flores aos broches. 

Coroa de flores em um próximo nível
No desfile da Marchesa, o hairstylist Antonio Corral Calero usou agulhas para costurar flores frescas no cabelo das modelos, como vemos na foto acima. Perfeito para penteados de casamentos na praia, por exemplo.

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 23:  A model walks the runway at the Christian Dior Spring Summer 2017 fashion show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week on January 23, 2017 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Catwalking/Getty Images) (Foto: Getty Images)

Penas e mais penas
A Dior de Maria Grazia Chiuri também apostou nas flores, mas essas um pouco mais estruturadas, como se fossem armações, como vemos abaixo.

Penas inspiraram a coleção da Dior (Foto: Getty Images)

Beauté Literal
Ashley Williams, uma das designers mais famosas de Londres, se inspirou em Cyndi Lauper para transferir um olhar jovem para sua coleção. Cabelos ultra alisados e grampos estilizados com escritos em letras de strass are so cool!

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 16:  A model walks the runway at the Ashley Williams show during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer collections 2017 on September 16, 2016 in London, United Kingdom.  (Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images) (Foto: Getty Images)

Faixas para os dias frios, como vimos no desfile da Chanel estão super in — e podem vir com pedras ou couro, você quem escolhe!

Faixas (Foto: Getty Images)


Brilho Glamouroso
No desfile de Ellie Saab, a chamada "Ghost Ballerina" inspirou o hairstylist Orlando Pita. O coque baixo somado ao acessório que imita uma folhagram dourada é perfeito para um casamento com pegada boho.

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 04:  Hailey Baldwin walks the runway during the Elie Saab show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2017/2018  on March 4, 2017 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images) (Foto: Getty Images)

Joias para que te quero
Usar adereços cheios de brilho na cabeça, por que não? A tiara rubi-inspired, como eleita por Ruth Negga abaixo é uma a escolha perfeita para um casamento urbano, não?

HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 26:  Actor Ruth Negga attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood &amp; Highland Center on February 26, 2017 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) (Foto: Getty Images)
HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 26:  Actor Sofia Carson attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood &amp; Highland Center on February 26, 2017 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images) (Foto: Getty Images)

Simple & fancy
O penteado de Sofia Carson no Oscar desse ano era a representação do sonho. Simples e sofisticado, a.k.a, tudo o que amamos. 

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 21:  Accessories hair jewellery detail the runway at the Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2016 fashion show during London Fashion Week on February 21, 2016 in London, United Kingdom.  (Photo by Catwalking/Getty Images) (Foto: Getty Images)

Máxi broches: Vintages e divertidos
No desfile de Alexander McQueen, os updos emmaranhados forneceram a base para as "colagens" de máxi grampos e broches de metal. Não se intimide com o número de peças: exagero é a palavra de ordem.

Janelle Monáe (Foto: Getty Images)

Pequenas flores ou um emaranhado de arames: um delicado toque que estrutura o penteado e faz toda a diferença.

          Troll's lawyer   

Sekulow, the troll's lawyer, raised millions of dollars for his own relatives under the guise of "donations" to a Christian organization.

          Tell Them That It's Human Nature   
Lately I've noticed that moments of contentment come unexpectedly. With three kids, a sometimes demanding job, a house, a marriage, and other relationships I don't spend nearly enough time tending to, I often spend more time thinking of what didn't get done than what did. What I hadn't gotten to at work and should have. What quality time I'd half-assed with my kids because my mind was in a million places.

Michael Jackson's Thriller came out when I was in tenth grade. It defined my high school experience. My best friend Susan and I shared a locker in our conservative private Christian school, and were reprimanded for decorating the door in a montage of Jackson shots. I put a plastic "Thriller" jacket on layaway at Sears; not being particularly courageous in the fashion department, I ultimately only had the courage to wear it once or twice.

By this time I no longer shared a room with my sister, but the remnants of our time together remained. Years earlier we were allowed to choose how we wanted the room decorated, and at that moment Becky had been feeling purple. The result was purple carpet, purple walls, a purple ceiling, purple crushed velvet bedspreads on our twin beds. The room remained regal into my high school years, although I made throw pillows to tone down some of its royalty. So I spent hours in my purple room, playing Thriller over and over on my Emerson turntable. I loved every song on the album, but "Human Nature" had a special, eerie feel for me. It felt grown-up in the way the other songs didn't, and I heard it and thought of all the possibilities laying out before me. The road was wide open.

A few years later I was in college, and Michael Jackson was a joke. The Thriller jacket was loaned to a friend for a comedy bit in a college show and never returned. The album was long packed away. The ensuing years, with their tabloid drama and true or untrue allegations, were not kind to Michael. I gave Thriller and Off the Wall to Goodwill when Phil and I were downsizing for a move to Brooklyn.

When Michael died, though, I bought a copy of The Essential Michael Jackson, and the kids and I have been listening to it nonstop. Whenever a slow song comes on, the boys yell that they hate love songs, and I have to skip over, say, "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" so that we can get to "Leave Me Alone." They have no tolerance for "Human Nature," which is fine with me. The song has made me feel sad, seeing that the road is no longer wide open, and I prefer to listen to it alone, without their banter and squabbling. I've made life choices that have negated other life choices. My age now was inconceivably old to 16-year-old purpled-roomed Cindy. Had I let my mind wander to this age, I would have won an Oscar for best screenplay in between consulting with patients in my thriving New York psychology practice. I was not picturing the chaos that is my current life. The fact that the physical flaws I saw at 16 didn't disappear but only magnified as I grew older. I wouldn't have pictured myself schlepping to work in jeans and a hail-damaged Subaru.

Tonight Phil took the boys out to get their Halloween costumes, and Sylvia and I had a little girl time. She destroyed the living room while I loaded the iPod with some favorites I'm only able to listen to alone. When "Human Nature" came on, before I could get wistful, she came into the kitchen and started dancing and laughing. She appreciated the song. She didn't ask me to flip past the ballads. She has her whole life ahead of her, with all the promise and possibility that brings, and she was enjoying it.

Sylvia wasn't a planned-for or necessarily wanted baby. I was at the point that I was ready to move on from babies. When I learned I was pregnant, Phil and I spent a good deal of time hand-wringing before we settled into the inevitable. When I lost that baby, we were sad but also had some guilty relief. When I learned I was pregnant again a month after the miscarriage, I knew this baby wanted to be here. Watching her dance to "Human Nature," I listened to the song for the first time feeling the same excitement and potential I'd felt at 16. I hope she felt it, too.
          Entrevista a The Black Angels y Vida Festival 2017   
Entrevistamos a The Black Angels con motivo de su visita a Barcelona para actuar en el Primavera Sound 2017. Lo de Austin llevan 13 años explorando nuevas dimensiones mentales y sónicas; abriendo puertas para que otros que ha venido detrás pudieran seguir experimentando. Charlamos con el vocalista de The Black Angels, Alex Maas, y su guitarra, Christian Bland, sobre su reciente y quinto disco ‘Death Song’, pero también sobre la Velvet Underground, literatura lisérgica, el éxito de bandas como Tame […]
          Thierry Neuville manda en el Rally de Polonia, Ogier cede   

De cuatro a tres contendientes. El segundo bucle del Rally de Polonia ha reducido, al menos a primera vista, la nómina de aspirantes a la victoria. Aunque los ingredientes han sido idénticos al bucle matinal, en este caso el barro y los tramos rotos no han jugado a favor de Sébastien Ogier. El francés ha perdido medio minuto respecto a los tres líderes del rally, que tras 115 kilómetros siguen separados por unos cuantos segundos. Con todo y tras un 'rush' final muy interesante, Thierry Neuville cierra la jornada al frente del Rally de Portugal con una ventaja de 1,3 segundos sobre Ott Tänak.

La lluvia no ha dado tregua a los aficionados presentes en el Rally de Polonia. Fans que han vuelto dejar su sello, en clave negativa, por su deficiente colocación en el SS6. A pesar de los insistentes mensajes del organizador de la prueba para corregir esta situación, el SS6 ha sido neutralizado, restando 6,52 kilómetros a la prueba. Sea como fuere, esta cancelación no era ni de lejos la mayor sorpresa que se daba en los tramos polacos, ya que Teemu Suninen sumaba su primer scratch absoluto en el WRC a los mandos del Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17 con el que está debutando.

Más allá del sorprendente crono de la joven perla finlandesa, el primer tramo real del bucle dejaba patente que las cosas no iban a ser tan fáciles para los líderes. Los grandes charcos y el barro daban paso a unos tramos realmente rotos tras el paso de toda la caravana del rally en el primer bucle, lo que perjudicaba a Sébastien Ogier al abrir pista. De hecho, pilotos con puestos retrasados de salida conseguían asomarse entre los mejores en el SS7. Quizá el caso más claro el de Andreas Mikkelsen, que tras golpear un árbol en el SS5 conseguía seguir en competición gracias al frenético trabajo de sus mecánicos.


La segunda pasada por 'Swietajno' dejaba un nuevo scratch de Thierry Neuville, con Dani Sordo como el segundo piloto más rápido del tramo. Teemu Suninen volvía a rodar entre los mejores para asaltar la séptima posición de la general, aunque era Ott Tänak el que sacaba más rédito al SS8 al escalar al colocarse líder. Un discreto tramo de Jari-Matti Latvala era suficiente para que Tänak diera el salto al primer puesto. En el lado opuesto de la moneda y con notables problemas para encontrar grip, Sébastien Ogier se dejaba 13,5 segundos para colocarse a casi medio minuto de su compañero.

El contragolpe de Thierry Neuville llegaba en el SS9 con un scratch que le permitía asaltar el liderato, posición que ya no abandonaba en lo que restaba de jornada. Ott Tänak y Jari-Matti Latvala no podían seguir el ritmo entre las grandes roderas y el agua estancada presente en varias secciones del último tramo al uso del día, algo que volvía a repercutir en el ritmo de Sébastien Ogier. El francés se dejaba otros 9,9 segundos respecto a Neuville para alejarse por encima del medio minuto del piloto belga. De hecho, Hayden Paddon y Dani Sordo se postulan como amenaza del francés tras la Súper Especial de Mikolajki.

Al cierre de la jornada, Thierry Neuville tiene una ventaja de 1,3 segundos sobre Ott Tänak y de 6,6 segundos sobre Jari-Matti Latvala. Apartado de la lucha por el podio, al menos de forma provisional, Sébastien Ogier cede 35,1 segundos respecto al líder de la prueba y tiene a apenas 4,5 segundos a Hayden Paddon. El cántabro Dani Sordo ocupa la sexta posición con margen más o menos amplio respecto a Teemu Suninen y Juho Hänninen. Stéphane Lefebvre con el primero de los Citroën, toda vez que Craig Breen fue penalizado, y Mads Ostberg cierran el Top 10.


La batalla por el liderato del WRC2 mantiene una gran dosis de emoción. Ole Christian Veiby y Pontus Tidemand no se dan tregua y al final de la jornada han terminado separados por 5,1 segundos. De momento, Ole Christian Veiby está por delante, aunque el empuje del piloto oficial de Skoda está siendo realmente grande. En otro mundo, con más de dos minutos perdidos respecto a los dos pilotos de referencia, Quentin Gilbert cierra el podio provisional. Con todo, el francés tiene una posición muy cómoda ya que Benito Guerra casi está un minuto por detrás.

Por último, cabe destacar el gran zarpazo que ha dado Nil Solans en el Junior WRC y por ende en la clase WRC3. El piloto catalán ha firmado un bucle vespertino casi perfecto, con tres de los cuatro scratch en juego. El español sólo ha cedido el mejor tiempo en la Súper Especial que cerraba la jornada, un mal menor a tenor de la ventaja que ha obtenido. De hecho, Solans ostenta una ventaja de 25,1 segundos sobre Denis Radström y de 42,7 segundos sobre el finlandés Emil Lindholm. Terry Folb aspira al podio de ambas categorías.

Clasificación tras el SS10 del 74º Rally de Polonia

Posición Piloto
Tiempo / Diferencia

Thierry Neuville
Hyundai i20 WRC Coupé

Ott Tänak
Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17

Jari-Matti Latvala
Toyota Yaris WRC

Sébastien Ogier
Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17
Hayden Paddon
Hyundai i20 WRC Coupé

Dani Sordo
Hyundai i20 WRC Coupé

Teemu Suninen
Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17
+ 1:11.0

Juho Hänninen
Toyota Yaris WRC

Stéphane Lefebvre
Citroën C3 WRC
Mads Ostberg
Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17
+ 1:42.7

La segunda etapa del Rally de Polonia arranca este sábado a las 08:08 horas con la disputa del primero de los nueve tramos que componen la jornada. Los pilotos se enfrentarán a 144,74 kilómetros contra el crono.


La noticia Thierry Neuville manda en el Rally de Polonia, Ogier cede fue publicada originalmente en @motorpuntoes por Fernando Sancho.

          Duelo a cuatro bandas en el barro del Rally de Polonia   

Sébastien Ogier, Thierry Neuville, Ott Tänak y Jari-Matti Latvala. Los cuatro pilotos que lideran el WRC también están al frente el Rally de Polonia. El desencadenante, a pesar del baile de puestos respecto a la clasificación general, el barro. La lluvia que ha caído sobre la región de los Lagos de Masuria y en Mikolajki ha provocado que los tramos polacos estén llenos de humedades y secciones embarradas, lo que ha mutado la esencia natural del factor limpieza. En este caso los pilotos que abren pista se ven beneficiados y Jari-Matti Latvala ha aprovechado esta condición para ser líder tras el bucle matinal de la primera etapa.

Neumáticos blandos, tramos de alta velocidad y mucho barro. La combinación estaba más que clara al inicio de la primera especial de la jornada. Sólo la pasada de Sébastien Ogier y Thierry Neuville por 'Chmielewo' dejaba patente que el terreno se iba a romper y que los pilotos de cabeza iban a gozar de gran ventaja. Thierry Neuville conseguía el scratch en el SS2, mientras que pilotos como Elfyn Evans se dejaban casi 20 segundos. En el seno de Citroën, cajón habitual de problemas, Craig Breen se quedaba sin tracción total en su C3 WRC, cediendo 40 segundos a bocajarro.

El guión en el SS3 se repetía. Mientras que los pilotos que abrían pista conseguían un agarre más o menos aceptable, por detrás las sensaciones eran mucho menos positivas. Hayden Paddon afirmaba pilotar sobre hielo y Dani Sordo tener cero confianza en el coche. De hecho, el español calaba el coche al saltarse un cruce y cedía 9,2 segundos respecto al scratch de Jari-Matti Latvala. Con su mejor tiempo, el piloto de Toyota pasaba a ser líder de la prueba por delante de Ogier. Neuville y Tänak quedaban empatados a tiempos, dejando patente que el rally por el momento es cosa de cuatro.


Jari-Matti Latvala repetía scratch en el SS4 cimentando así su gran inicio de rally, aunque una vez más la diferencia respecto a sus tres compañeros de viaje era mínima. Ott Tänak se quedaba a 1,3 segundos en la primera pasada por 'Swietajno', lo que le valía al estonio para asaltar la segunda posición de forma provisional tras adelantar a Sébastien Ogier y Thierry Neuville. Por detrás, en otra liga, Dani Sordo conseguía escalar a la quinta posición, en gran medida por el primer fallo grave entre los pilotos de cabeza. No obstante, Esapekka Lappi llegaba al final de SS4 con daños en la suspensión y un neumático casi arrancado.

La última especial de la jornada dejaba el segundo scratch de Thierry Neuville, resultado con el que pasaba a la segunda posición tras adelantar a los dos pilotos de M-Sport. Con todo, el belga no podía impedir que Jari-Matti Latvala cerrase el bucle matinal en la cabeza de carrera. Más allá de una dinámica estable entre los cuatro primeros clasificados y el resto de pilotos, el SS5 hurgaba en la herida de Citroën. La marca francesa está sin representante entre los pilotos de cabeza, ha perdido un coche y para colmo ha visto como Andreas Mikkelsen también dañaba la suspensión trasera izquierda.

Al cierre del primer bucle real de la prueba, Jari-Matti Latvala, Thierry Neuville, Ott Tänak y Sébastien Ogier están separados por 7,3 segundos, en una batalla a cuatro que promete por el momento grandes emociones. Casi a años luz, Hayden Paddon es quinto, pero el neozelandés cede 43,6 segundos respecto al líder, una distancia sideral. Apenas 2,1 segundos por detrás se sitúa Dani Sordo tras sufrir un segundo trompo. Juho Hänninen con el Toyota, Teemu Suninen con una actuación bastante sólida, Elfyn Evans con unas gomas DMACK que no terminan de funcionar y Stéphane Lefebvre completan el Top 10.


La categoría WRC2 está ofreciendo un bonito duelo por el liderato entre Ole Christian Veiby y Pontus Tidemand, algo que es casi una novedad de no ser porque ambos compiten con sendos Skoda Fabia R5 y ambos son pilotos oficiales de la marca, aunque el noruego no ejerza como tal en el WRC. Con todo, Ole Christian Veiby es líder en WRC2 con 7,1 segundos de ventaja sobre Tidemand. Tercero por su parte es Gus Greensmith, beneficiado por unas condiciones climáticas y de pista en las que se maneja muy bien. Fuera de la ecuación ha quedado Osian Pryce tras un fuerte accidente.

Nil Solans puja por el liderato del JWRC y de la clase WRC3 tras un inicio muy disputado de rally. El piloto español ha empezado con ciertas dudas ante el estado de los tramos y la velocidad mostrada por Emil Lindholm y Terry Folb, pero ha cerrado el bucle con dos scratch para colocarse como segundo. Tras el SS5, Nil Solans tiene 7,7 segundos de desventaja respecto a Denis Radström. El sueco ha mostrado un gran nivel en el inicio del rally y por el momento ha sido inalcanzable para Solans. Emil Lindholm es tercero en ambas categorías.

Clasificación tras el SS5 del 74º Rally de Polonia

Posición Piloto
Tiempo / Diferencia

Jari-Matti Latvala
Toyota Yaris WRC

Thierry Neuville
Hyundai i20 WRC Coupé

Ott Tänak
Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17

Sébastien Ogier
Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17
Hayden Paddon
Hyundai i20 WRC Coupé

Dani Sordo
Hyundai i20 WRC Coupé

Juho Hänninen
Toyota Yaris WRC

Teemu Suninen
Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17

Elfyn Evans
Ford Fiesta RS WRC '17
Stéphane Lefebvre
Citroën C3 WRC

La primera etapa del Rally de Polonia continúa este viernes a las 13:45 horas con la disputa de los cinco tramos restantes. Los pilotos se enfrentarán a 54,67 kilómetros contra el crono.


La noticia Duelo a cuatro bandas en el barro del Rally de Polonia fue publicada originalmente en @motorpuntoes por Fernando Sancho.

 Names College Football’s Biggest “Freak” has named the biggest “freak” in college football. The biggest “freak” in college football plays for Clemson. That’s what thinks, anyway. has ranked the biggest “freaks” in college football heading into the 2017 season and a Tigers’ defensive lineman has the No. 1 spot. From 1. Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson At […]

The post Names College Football’s Biggest “Freak” appeared first on The Spun.

          Muslim Americans Need a ‘Will & Grace’   

If it is true that there is a correlation between television viewership and product consumption, could there be a correlation between authentic representations of Muslims on television and the public’s degree of outrage when hate crimes are committed against us?

Would increased familiarity of relatable characters on television help to make these crimes unacceptable to the greater public (and maybe even to the president of the United States)? Would that increase the understanding, acceptance, and assimilation of Muslims in America?

The LGBTQ and Jewish communities have come a long way in finding acceptance and inclusion in this country. And while they still suffer as the biggest victims of hate crimes, better representation on television has done wonders not only in “normalizing” those communities but also in creating demand for their stories.

A decade after its eight-season run, “Will & Grace” is returning this fall to huge excitement and anticipation. Since the airing of its last episode in 2006, marriage equality has been legalized in the United States and in over 20 countries worldwide. If Muslim characters were “normalized” on television, I wonder if the Muslim Travel Ban would have ever reached the Supreme Court.

While watching CNN after the London mosque attack, one of Chris Cuomo’s guests remarked that President Trump hadn’t commented yet because he was waiting to get more information. This was a surprising statement given that lack of information has never seemed to be an obstacle to the president commenting on matters before. But sadly, when Muslims are the victims of terror attacks or hate crimes, there is usually very little response from our  elected officials.

This got me thinking about the increase in hate crimes under the Trump administration, and the different reactions by the public depending on the community impacted. People are people, no matter who they love or their faith; a hate crime against another human being is a hate crime against humanity. So why is it that when hate crimes are committed against Muslims, there is very little outcry from the media and the public? Muslims in America are Americans, but we are viewed as foreigners in our own country. Islam itself is viewed as an “Eastern” religion despite the fact that Christianity and Judaism originated in the same part of the world.

Most of the American public gets its information about Muslims from the entertainment industry and the news media, both of which have taken very few steps to “humanize” Muslims. Let me pause here and say that I use the word “humanize” and “normalize” reluctantly. Imagine being part of a group of fellow Americans who need to be characterized as such, and how that would affect your sense of belonging, self-worth, and identity as an American. American Muslims have an enormous public relations problem, but thankfully there are new avenues available in the entertainment industry to help change our popular perception.

I attended an eye-opening industry event in June where one of the panels discussed the openness of new media platforms like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix to original content that falls outside the mainstream of broadcast television. This is where talented Muslim content creators need to be pitching their unique stories, in addition to traditional cable and network television. Aziz Ansari’s critically acclaimed “Master of None” and Hasan Minhaj’s “Homecoming King” feature Muslims as principal characters, but they are reaching audiences well beyond those who would have traditionally watched a “Muslim centered” show.  What these shows prove is both the universality of the American Muslim experience as well as the viewing audience’s hunger for content from diverse perspectives. Bottom line? We can tell more interesting stories and still sell ads.

We’ve heard a lot in the last year or so from Hollywood about “resisting.” And while those sentiments are good, action is better. If the industry really wants to resist the ignorant “Muslim=terrorist” narrative that this Administration has promulgated — a narrative that has helped to separate American Muslims from the wider public — they need to help create a new narrative. Tell the stories of ordinary Americans who happen to be Muslim, and little by little, what was once viewed as foreign will become familiar. That familiarity will breed empathy, which will create an environment where hate crimes against Muslims will no longer be tolerated or tacitly condoned.

And it will still make great television.

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          Court hears of horrific sexual abuse by former Christian Brother on fifth class boys   
Sentencing for James Treacy (75) was adjourned until 28 July.
          Comment on Malign Alignment: How an Alliance of America’s Darkest Forces Made the GOP Break Bad by RobertColgan   
I like the way you described it. Obviously the "moral battleground" has as much to do with preying upon existent fears (change in the patriarchal predominately older white/Christian status quo rule, gun removal, American exceptionalism) while creating and amplifying false new fears----all emotional stuff designed to supplant and impede critical thought. And it works. (The words of Hermann Goering "It's easy----all you have to do is tell them the nation is under attack....") But let's not ignore the loss of true opposition from a Democrat Party that once acted as neutralizing buffer to the excesses of the profit baron backing Republicans, that maintained a balance of two antagonistic philosophies-------the one intent on privatizing everything for profit, one seeking a greater share for everyone in The Commons. Corporate greed bought out too many of them. The push-pull homeostasis for balance no longer exists. The two parties today are different in the way family members are: they may argue, but underneath they know they got each other's back because they ultimately will stick together for the good of the group. The votes for war appropriations alone in the last three decades reveal how much they are of one mind. Neocons came from both Parties. An electorate for decades distracted by fear and brainwashed to mass consume may snap out of the lemming-like-march-to-the-cliff hypnosis when things finally become too obscene to be ignored........but it may be too late. . .too much damage to correct. The body politic, like any animal body, can only sustain so much trauma before it succumbs. America is on a very dangerous path now.
          Hang On, Everyone! This Christian Knows What the Problem Is!   
We've been having fun this week snarking a post in The Federalist to eensy-weensy little pieces. But who could blame us? The Christian who wrote it managed to outshine all his pals in finding the most WTF explanation possible for why his religion's losing so many adherents and so much credibility and influence in the eyes of the world. That isn't easy to do nowadays!
          Grand Theatre Announces Casting for Upcoming Season   

The Grand Theatre is thrilled to announce an extraordinary line-up of local and national, returning and debuting artists in the 2017/18 Season. The season features a stunning artistic presence including Tara Rosling, Benedict Campbell, Catherine Joell MacKinnon and Daniel Williston. In addition, the Grand welcomes nationally and internationally renowned directors including Peter Hinton, Tracey Flye, Carey Perloff, and the Grand's Artistic Director Dennis Garnhum, who makes his Grand directing debut in his first season. Single tickets go on sale Tuesday July 4, 2017.

"We've been incredibly busy these last several months auditioning artists from across Canada. Our coming season will be our biggest yet with 95 actors and an expansive creative team producing known and new works on our stages," said Artistic Director, Dennis Garnhum.

Peter Hinton directs SILENCE, the inaugural production of the COMPASS New Play Development program. Hinton recently directed the Canadian Opera Company production of Louis Riel and currently is directing Octoroon at the Shaw Festival. Making her Grand debut in SILENCE is Tara Rosling, now in her 10th season at Shaw appearing in Dancing at Lughnasa and Middleton. She will perform with Catherine Joell MacKinnon, director of the biennial Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival, and Suzanne Bennett, Acting Professor at Sheridan College, among others.

Debuting in the Grand's production of ONCE is Nathan Carroll (Andrej), who stared as Terry Fox in the Marathon of Hope: The Musical, and Soulpepper's Daniel Williston (Billy). ONCE will be directed by Tracey Flye, Associate Director of the 2015 Mirvish production of Once.

Debuting in CHARIOTS OF FIRE, which will be directed by Garnhum with set and costumes by the award-winning Bretta Gerecke, are Harry Judge, who is frequently at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and Shaw, and Charlie Gallant, who has appeared at a number of Vancouver-based theatres including the Arts Club, Studio 58, and Bard on the Beach. Judge and Gallant are the lead actors (and runners) in this North American Premiere of the stage adaptation of Chariots of Fire.

The 2017/18 season marks a return to the Grand for many artists including Jeremy Walmsley (Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story ) starring as Guy in ONCE; Rachel Jones (A Christmas Story) who will be Mrs. Cratchit in A CHRISTMAS CAROL, and Stratford veteran Michael Spencer-Davis (Art) starring as Gardiner Greene Hubbard in SILENCE.

Several Londoners are cast in the coming season including Jim Doucette, Patrick Monaghan, Owen Barteet (who makes his acting debut as Tiny Tim in A CHRISTMAS CAROL), and Artistic Director of London's Original Kids Theatre Company, Andrew Tribe who will be Assistant Director for CHARIOTS OF FIRE.

The season also includes, on the Spriet Stage, Rebecca Northan's run-away improv hit, BLIND DATE, and the stage adaptation of Khaled Hosseini's best-selling novel A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS, which premiered at A.C.T in San Francisco and was directed by Carey Perloff.

On the Grand's McManus Stage will be a three-play series that includes Ronnie Burkett's return engagement of THE DAISY THEATRE and 2b Theatre Company's WHAT A YOUNG WIFE OUGHT TO KNOW by award-winning playwright Hannah Moscovitch. The Grand's new production of THE GLASS MENAGERIE, directed by Artistic Associate Megan Watson, will premiere in the round on the McManus Stage, representing the Grand's return to producing in this intimate space after a 10-year hiatus. The audition call for the show received a record-breaking response from across the country with over 750 submissions for four roles. Casting begins this summer for this iconic Tennessee Williams play.

Since it began over 20 years ago, the Grand's High School Project has produced some of the country's top actors. Several alumni of the program return to the Grand this season including Ellen Denny, David Michael Moote, and Anwyn Musico in CHARIOTS OF FIRE, as well as Aidan deSalaiz, Kelsey Falconer, and Moote in A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

For additional casting and creative team preview listings, see the following pages.

Single tickets for the 2017/18 Season go on sale at, by phone (519-672-8800) and at the box office (471 Richmond Street) on Tuesday, July 4, at 10 a.m. Single tickets range from $29.95 to $88.50; season subscribers save up to 25% off the regular single ticket price.

The Grand Theatre 2017/18 Season is proudly sponsored by BMO Financial Group.

About The Grand Theatre
Under the leadership of newly appointed Artistic Director Dennis Garnhum and Executive Director Deb Harvey, the Grand is a leading cultural hub proudly located in the heart of downtown London, Ontario. The Grand offers diverse, relevant, and original stories from around the globe through collaborations with national and international performing arts organizations and is committed to developing, producing, and premiering original homegrown stories through COMPASS, a New Play Development Program. The Grand supports educational programming and youth mentorship such as The High School Project, the only program of its kind in North America, and 100 Schools, a new community initiative that brings professional theatre to London-area schools in 2018 at no cost.

A not-for-profit regional theatre, the Grand produces and presents professional theatre on two stages: the Spriet Stage (839 seats) and the McManus Stage (144 seats). The Grand's season runs from September to May. The 2017/18 Season is now on sale.


October 17 to November 4
Book by Enda Walsh
Music and Lyrics by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová
Based on the Motion Picture
Written and Directed by John Carney
Directed by Tracey Flye
Musical Direction by Joseph Tritt

A co-production with the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Isaac Bell Svec
Zoë Brown Ivanka
Nathan Carroll Andrej
Duncan Cox Emcee
Quinn Dooley Ex-Girlfriend
Jeff Hamacher Bank Manager
Amanda LeBlanc Girl
Duff MacDonald Eamon
Jane Miller Baruska
Alicia Toner Reza
Jeremy Walmsley Guy
Daniel Williston Billy
Cory Wojcik Da

Creative Team
Tracey Flye Director
Joseph Tritt Musical Director
Brian Perchaluk Set and Costume Designer
Louise Guinand Lighting Designer
William Fallon Sound Designer
Thomas Alderson Assistant to the Director
Leslie Watson Stage Manager
Melissa Cameron Assistant Stage Manager
Fran Barker Apprentice Stage Manager

November 28 to December 30
By Charles Dickens
Adapted and Directed by Dennis Garnhum

Owen Barteet Tiny Tim
Benedict Campbell Ebenezer Scrooge
Ian Deakin Mr. Fezziwig
Aidan deSalaiz Fred
Jim Doucette Topper
Kelsey Falconer Mrs. Dilber
Tracey Ferencz Mrs. Fezziwig
Leah Gliddon Fan
Manya Hegde Belinda Cratchit
Rachel Jones Mrs. Cratchit
Amrit Kaur Abigail
Nathaniel Keith Boy Ebenezer
Michael Man Dick Wilkins
Patrick Monaghan Jacob Marley
David Michael Moote Spirit of Christmas Future
Christopher Newton Voice of Charles Dickens

Creative Team
Dennis Garnhum Director
Megan Watson Associate Director
Allan Stichbury Set Designer
Kelly Wolf Costume Designer
Bonnie Beecher Lighting Designer
Jamie Nesbitt Videographer
Jeremy Spencer Composer
Jim Neil Sound Designer
Kelly Luft Stage Manager
Lani Martel Assistant Stage Manager
Jordan Guetter Apprentice Stage Manager

January 16 to February 3, 2018
By Trina Davies
Directed by Peter Hinton

Suzanne Bennett Gertrude Mercer McCurdy Hubbard
Graham Cuthbertson Alexander Graham Bell
Catherine Joell MacKinnon Eliza Bell
Madelyn Narod Berta Hubbard
Tara Rosling Mabel Bell
Michael Spencer-Davis Gardiner Greene Hubbard

Creative Team
Peter Hinton Director
Michael Gianfrancesco Set and Costume Designer
Beth Kates Lighting and Projection Designer
Richard Feren Sound Designer
Michael Hart Stage Manager
Sandi Becker Assistant Stage Manager
Kelly Boudreau Apprentice Stage Manager

April 17 to May 5, 2018
Stage Adaptation by Mike Bartlett
Screenplay by Colin Welland
Directed by Dennis Garnhum

Al Braatz Ensemble
Erin Breen Jennie Liddell
Ben Cookson Ensemble
Ellen Denny Florence
Fraser Elsdon Sandy
Alex Furber Aubrey Montague
Charlie Gallant Eric Liddell
Kyle Gatehouse Andy
Jonathan Gysbers Running Ensemble
Aaron Hastelow Running Ensemble
Harry Judge Harold Abrahams
David Michael Moote Running Ensemble
Anwyn Musico Sybil Evers
Joe Perry Running Ensemble
Edmund Stapleton Ensemble
Tim Welham Running Ensemble

Creative Team
Dennis Garnhum Director
Andrew Tribe Assistant Director
Bretta Gerecke Set and Costume Designer
Gerald King Lighting Designer
Jim Neil Sound Designer
Kelly Luft Stage Manager
Fran Barker Apprentice Stage Manager


October 23 to November 4, 2017
Created and Performed by Ronnie Burkett
Music and Sound Design by John Alcorn
Stage Managed by Crystal Salverda

February 6 to 10, 2018
A 2b Theatre Production
By Hannah Moscovitch
Directed by Christian Barry

April 3 to 14, 2018
By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Megan Watson

BEETHOVEN LIVES UPSTAIRS School Tour launches Spring 2018
2018 SCHOOL TOUR | Classical Kids
Series Creator Susan Hammond
Written by Barbara Nichol

Special March Break public engagement on the McManus Stage March 12 to 17, 2018.

           Caccia al Tesoro,Vanzina girano a Torino    
TORINO - Una commedia degli equivoci da Napoli a Cannes passando per Torino, dove si chiude domani una settimana di riprese: il nuovo film dei fratelli Vanzina Caccia al Tesoro, produzione Medusa nelle sale da novembre, &#232; un omaggio a Napoli e alla commedia all'italiana nei cent'anni dalla nascita di Steno Vanzina, tra i padri del cinema popolare Anni '50. La location subalpina, hanno spiegato sul set Enrico e Carlo Vanzina, &#232; funzionale alla storia ma ha anche un richiamo affettivo. Steno era figlio di un ex giornalista del Corriere della Sera emigrato in Argentina e di una giovane di Arona. Piemontese per met&#224;, aveva un debole per Torino, citt&#224; alla quale dedic&#242; il film 'Cinema di altri tempi'. Il film, con Vincenzo Salemme, Carlo Buccirosso, Max Tortora, Christiane Filangeri, Serena Rossi e il piccolo Gennaro Guazzo, &#232; la storia di uno sfortunato attore teatrale pieno di debiti che per salvare il nipotino malato di cuore cerca di rubare un pezzo del tesoro di San Gennaro, a Torino per una mostra.

La radioafición esta presente en todo el mundo. Mapa de prefijos de los países Mundiales

=====    ==========    =====

Sueño radioeléctrico
                                          Pedro Martínez  EA3GFP

Suena muy bien poder viajar por las ondas radioelectricas, con el dedo en el dial del equipo en las  distintas frecuencias de radio. Hoy por hoy nuestra radio vive en los corazones de muchas personas, porque fue y es gran medio de comunicación. Yo siempre estoy con la radio como radioescucha y como radioaficionado con mi indicativo de llamada EA3GFP, a veces sueño con ella y creo que soy un viajero de las ondas.

                                                     ¿Que es un radioaficionado?  

La radioafición, origen mismo de las comunicaciones por radio, es una de las actividades más desarrolladas en el mundo entero por su expansión geografica y cantidad de personas que ejercen esta actividad, más aún con el importantisimo desarrollo de la electrónica. Desde los primeros de la radio, Hertz, Marconi,etc, el desarrollo de la radio comenzó a establecer de un modo amateur, por la investigación misma en una parte de la ciencia hasta entonces desconocida. Si leemos la vida de Marconi.
Vemos en sus trabajos y esfuerzo el espirítu de un verdadero radioaficionado. La construcción permanente de transmisores, receptores y antenas. Si nos restringimos a la definición establecida por la ley de qué es un radioaficionado podemos decir que es "una persona debidamente autorizada qu se interesa en la radiotecnia con carácter exclusivamente individual, sin fines de lucro y que realiza con su estación actividades de instrucción, de intercomunicación".
De más está decir, la cantidad de veces que los radioaficionados intervienen con sus estaciones y equipos, donde convocados o no, prestan su servicio en situaciones de emergencia, catastrofes, y otras necesidades donde las comunicaciones tradicionales cesan o no se cuenta con ellas. Destacamos entonces con ésto, que la actividad no es simplemente un hobby, sino un servicio, en la que el radioaficionado pone a disposición sus equipos y conocimientos, para ser utilizados para la comunidad, es por esta razón, además de por causas de interrelacionarse con otros tipos de telecomunicaciones, que lo rige una ley de la Nación. 
Desde sus comienzos, la radioafición ha colaborado en muchos campos y sobre todo en los casos de desastre, como huracanes, tormentas, inundaciones, terremotos, accidentes aéreos, ferrocarriles y calamidades de todo tipo en donde las comunicaciones regulares se han suspendido por causa de estos mismos desastres.Muchas personas le deben la vida a la radioafición ya que por su medio se ha logrado conseguir medicinas y ayudas médicas en lugares remotos, debido a una ágil comunicación entre radioaficionados.
Tambien tiene su importancia, el radioaficionado puede ser de cualquir parte de mundo, y cuando este está despierto, en otros países pueden estar en horario nocturno, por lo que el estar algunas horas sin dormir, es normal para conseguir el contacto de DX significa de larga distancia con el pais deseado, los prefijos de los indicativos han sido atribuidos a nivel mundial por la Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones.
El donde, es desde donde emite el radioaficionado, que generalmente será desde su domicilio, pero en ocasiones, hay expediciones de grupos de radioaficionados, los cuales se dirígen a una isla o país especifico, el cual no tiene entre sus habitantes, ningun radioaficionado. Dichas expediciones son anunciadas en la revistas y webs para conocimientos mundial.
El interés por la radioafición es universal y no tiene limitaciones en cuanto a edad, sexo,raza, religión, creencias politicas, ocupación o nivel puede encontrar entre los radioaficionados a persona de cualquier profesión y clase social hablando en cualquier idioma sin ello sea un obtaculo para establecer una comunicación y una amistad que puede durar toda la vida. los radioaficionados son una gran familia, una fraternidad universal, todos los radioaficionados tienen unos principios generales y comunes que los agrupan en torno a ellos y que pueden resumirse así. 
El porqué de esos contactos, es la satisfacción de haber contactado, aunque sea solo 40 segundo, con la estación deseada. Oir que dicha estación, pronuncia nuestra matricula (indicativo) dándonos paso para efectuar dicho contacto, pronunciando más tarde nuestro nombre de pila y dándonos tambien las gracias por el contacto, lo mismo le ocurre al corresponsal. Dicho contacto va culminado meses después, con la recepción mediante la Unión de Radioaficionados de cada pais (URE en España) de la tarjeta de confirmación del contacto, llamada QSL, las señales de radio viajan hasta los confines del mundo, a la velocidad de la luz.. Si el idioma es diferente, basicamente es un mero contacto, pero si se domina el inglés o es en habla castellana, se puede hablar de todo pero......hay un código ético del radioaficionado, el cual prohibe hablar de sexo, politica y religión ¿por que? Es obio que si estas hablando con un colega radioaficionada, o radioaficionado, de Israel, Irak, Marruecos, India, etc, todos cumplimos todas las leyes de Telecomunicaciones de no se asi cualquier radioaficionado puede comunicar nuestro incumplimiento.
El 15 de abril del 2012 hizo exactamente 100 años del hundimiento del Titanic tras colisionar con un iceberg. Los radioaficionados participamos ese día con indicativo especial del 1 al 30 de abril de 2012 para rendir un tributo especial al radioaficionado Jack Philips, que hasta su último aliento estuvo cumpliendo con sus funciones, transmitiendo la señal de socorro todo el tiempo que pudo. El Titanic, herido de muerte, gracias a la radio pudieron acudir otros navios para salvar muchas vidas.
Vale la pena mencionar que los prímeros satélites no oficiales lanzados al espacio fueron diseñados y fabricados  por radioaficionados. El caso citado es la serie Oscar (Orbital Satelite Carrying Amateur Radio) satélite orbital para el uso de radioaficionados.
Para terminar, un radioaficionado  es una persoma respetuosa y educada. Habla con cualquier tipo de persona y de cualquier estatus o clase social..  
                                ___________    ___   ___________