Does Telling Someone to "Click Here" Actually Matter?   
by Brian Clark Ever since I started publishing online almost 10 years ago, I’ve always been a big proponent of having actionable anchor text for links when I really want someone to click. From a copywriting standpoint, it’s a no brainer—it’s been proven time and time again that if you want someone to do something, you’ll...
          Second Language Learning: The Science Behind It   
A good way to motivate yourself to learn a second language is to understand some of the scientific research about second language acquisition and how it effects the brain. There is still a decent amount of debate about the critical period to learn a language. Some researchers say that the “critical period” for second language […]
          Beat Your Competition   

How to beat your competition into the ground...
and keep them there.

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73% of sales are lost because of lack of follow-up.

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  • It is time to get real.

    You will salivate at the power The Ultimate Sales Tool gives you and your sales team.

    Our system requires very little setup and instant use. Go ahead and look at the other CRM products out there. Read their claims, even try their systems. And look to see if they certify instructors to help maximize their system. Our philosophy here is, If you have to certify instructors to help people use your system, it is TOO complex.

    Customer Resource Management (CRM) is THE way to increase sales and grow business.

    CRM is a buzz word in sales today. The reality is you must manage both customers AND prospects.

    Managing prospects is how you win customers.
    Managing customers is how you keep them and get them to advertise for you through word-of-mouth.

    Hey sales manager:
    We know you are not organized either. Get your exclusive invitation to use The Ultimate Sales Tool, and see how reporting by your salespeople is automated saving them time, and giving you real-time access to what is going on with your sales force.

    "I don’t need this."
    Here at The Ultimate Sales Tool, we rack our brains daily trying to figure out a business that could NOT benefit from better prospect and customer management. Do you think your business can not benefit?

    read more

          June 30th, 2017 - Hour 1   
Bob and Tom talk about the Mariners being in a must-win situation this weekend. Will Nelson Cruz be elected to the All-Star game? Former NFL coach/commentator Brain Billick comments saying that Russell Wilson needs to throw more to be elite. Then the Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto talks about pitcher Edwin Diaz still being the closer and the rumors about juiced baseballs. And on 'Wait a Minute, What?' professional cyclist Lance Armstrong says he was NOT helped by the banned substances he used.
          Re: The Silent Killer   
Hello every body on this site, I want to give a testimony about my Brain Disease that was cured by a great Herbal Doctor called Doctor Ogie Khere. Since last 6years now I have being an Brain Disease patient.
Posted by Jerry Brown
          Minnd Headband Fights Depression   
The Minnd headband invention from Ybrain promises to fight depression with electricity.
          Bolt Burdon Kemp : Solicitor - Child Brain Injury   
Competitive: Bolt Burdon Kemp : We are committed to helping people who have suffered serious injury through negligent medical care or as a result of an accident to achieve early r... Islington, London (Greater)
          20+ Bits Of Useless Trivia That Are Actually Fascinating   

For some reason, you'll be able to remember these facts better than actual, useful information you learned in high school or college.

Brains are dumb.





















































































          British and Irish Lions 2017: 'Simmering' Andy Farrell wants Lions to beat All Blacks with brains, not brawn   
The Lions coach does not want to go hell for leather at New Zealand if they do not bring implement a smart plan alongside it
          Now Free: Falling Balls in Watch   
Falling Balls in Watch
Kategorie: Spiele
Preis: 1,09 € -> kostenlos
Version: 1.0
in iTunes öffnen

Falling Balls in Watch is a game that needs quick fingers and bit of brainwork. Switch the falling coloured columns so that they fall into a row of three or more similar colors, either horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Rack up the points as quick as you can! features : - Nice user interface - Easy to play
          Hackers can use brainwave signals to steal passwords   
EEG headsets are growing increasingly popular, especially amongst gamers
          Old brains can’t hear similar sounds but a drug can change that   
As we age, telling tones apart gets harder – which makes learning languages difficult. A drug that restores hearing in old mice may one day improve human hearing
          New Classes?   
Due to a conversation in discord I thought I would start a discussion on what classes everyone would like to see in squad. The whole point of this is to just brainstorm and share ideas and have fun! So I'll start it off I think there should be a Team Leader class. The whole point behind the...
          Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Louisiana Water System   
A deadly amoeba has been discovered in the Terrebonne Parish, LA water system. Officials claim the tap water is safe to drink, but they are cautioning people against getting it in their noses. The Louisiana […]
          Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3   

Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3

Respuesta a Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3

Otra sugerencia que se me ha planteado, es que probablemente el controlador que se me pidiera fuera el del disco SATA.

La URL para bajar el driver es:

Para buscar el controlador correspondiente al disco se me ha sugerido entrar a la BIOS por F2-> Setup Utility y buscar en el submenú "Main".

Esto es lo que aparece:

System ...

Publicado el 29 de Junio del 2014 por BrainCrash

          Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3   

Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3

Buenas a todos:

Mi Toshiba debía de tener virus y en Equipo, la unidad C:/ estaba en rojo, sin capacidad, cosa que no cambiaba aun desinstalándole programas. No era tampoco capaz de leer los CDs de copia de seguridad ni nada que tuviera. Es por eso que decidí formatearlo.

Decidí descargarme el SO que ya tenía de serie, porque no tenía ningún CD con él (Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bits). Me descargé el ...

Publicado el 29 de Junio del 2014 por BrainCrash

          I Love a Chiruping Glass, Free from Incursions of State-Politicks   
[Edward Ward (1667-1731),] "Preface" to The Tipling Philosophers. A Lyrick Poem. To which is subjoin'd, A short Abstract of their Lives and most memorable Actions. (London: J. Woodward, 1710):
As Times go, I think it no great Crime to own, that now and then, when Business will permit, I love a chiruping Glass, in the Company of such Friends to whom my own may be acceptable; and the better to prevent all impertinent Chit Chat, and the little Feuds and Controversies that are too apt to arise, at present, about Dukes and Doctors, Dutch Memorials, the Changes of the Ministry, and many other epidemical Fanaticisms, that have wormeaten the Brains of the whole Nation, having a musical Genius, I am seldom unfurnish'd with some Madrigal or other, proper to preserve an innocent Mirth from the modish Incursions of State-Politicks, to which almost every Trading Citizen is become a noisy Pretender...

          Trump Revoked Key Pesticide Protections. We're Fighting Back.   

Trump Revoked Key Pesticide Protections. We're Fighting Back.

The EPA has said that the protections would prevent at least a thousand acute poisonings every year.

The EPA has said that pesticide protections would prevent at least a thousand acute poisonings every year.


This past January, three brothers—ages 7, 9 and 11—and their 17-year-old sister, died in their home in Amarillo, Texas, because a highly toxic restricted-use pesticide was improperly applied in their home.

And just two years ago, a family on vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands and another family in Florida were poisoned after applicators grossly misused restricted-use pesticides. The vacationing father and his children were paralyzed; in Florida, the family’s 10-year old son suffered significant brain damage.

These kinds of tragedies prompted the federal government to enact long overdue updates to the Certification of Pesticide Applicators Rule, also known as the CPA Rule. Designed to protect lives from restricted-use pesticides—some of the most hazardous chemicals that can only be used by certified professionals—the rule hadn’t been updated since Nixon was in office.

The EPA’s revised protections were supposed to go into effect in March, but Trump's new EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, delayed the CPA Rule from going into effect for at least a year. This month, Earthjustice and Farmworker Justice sued the EPA for this unlawful delay.

By delaying this rule, the Trump administration is putting workers, children and families at risk.

The CPA Rule ensures that children are not allowed to apply restricted-use pesticides and that certified applicators get updated annual trainings. It also requires applicators to have access to essential information about the products they use, so that they can wear appropriate protective gear and know what they’ve been exposed to if accidents happen.

By delaying this rule, the Trump administration is putting workers, children and families at risk. They are allowing poorly trained pesticide applicators to handle the most dangerous chemicals in the fields where we grow our food, where we work and where we live.   

Although urban dwellers sporadically face these dangerous pesticides in businesses, homes and schools; there are roughly one million farmworkers who, together with their families, face pesticide exposures on a daily basis. As a second generation Chicana who comes from a lineage of laborers, farmworkers, and in general, a population whose children are nearly twice as likely to attend schools in close proximity to use of hazardous pesticides, the EPA’s delay of the CPA Rule is unacceptable to me on a deeply personal level.

We know that in some areas, 16-year-old kids are applying restricted-use pesticides because there is no minimum age limit for the roughly one million certified applicators nationwide. Moreover, most of the farmworkers facing the gravest pesticide risks are not just migrants, they are often low-income Spanish and indigenous language speakers who need these protections the most.

The EPA estimates that as many as 20,000 farmworkers are poisoned by pesticides every year, yet the agency is still delaying action.

The EPA estimates that as many as 20,000 farmworkers are poisoned by pesticides every year, yet the agency is still delaying action. For perspective, this is like saying that we know every inhabitant in a U.S. town will suffer severe pesticide poisoning each year, but we simply prefer not to take action.

The EPA itself said that the now-delayed rule, which was developed after years of reviews, would prevent at least a thousand acute poisonings every year. While this isn’t enough to get to where we need to be, in a society that values all lives alike, this is a much-needed start. None of us should be OK with delaying life-saving rules.

The federal government may be eager to bow to industry barons who care more about profit than life, but we the people have to defend our families and the most vulnerable populations. So while it’s clear that we can’t count on the Trump administration to do the right thing, we can use the power of the law to force them into action.

In fact, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

          Fantasy Baseball: Two-start pitcher rankings for Week 14 show faith in Joe Ross, welcome back Andrew Moore   
Are we ready to put our trust in Joe Ross again? Scott White says his availability and matchups make it a no-brainer.
          Now Maxine Waters Wants President Trump Exiled   

It is no secret that Maxine Waters is more cuckoo than a clock, as the saying goes she acts as if she donated her brain to science and forgot to tell the scientists to wait until she was dead. Especially now that she wants an investigation to see if President Trump can be exiled. Mad […]

The post Now Maxine Waters Wants President Trump Exiled appeared first on The Lid.

           Impact of polymer-modified gold nanoparticles on brain endothelial cells : exclusion of endoplasmic reticulum stress as a potential risk factor    
Anspach, Laura, Unger, Ronald E., Brochhausen, Christoph, Gibson, Matthew I., Klok, Harm-Anton, Kirkpatrick, C. James and Freese, Christian. (2016) Impact of polymer-modified gold nanoparticles on brain endothelial cells : exclusion of endoplasmic reticulum stress as a potential risk factor. Nanotoxicology . ISSN 1743-5390 (In Press)
           Correction: Global genetic variations predict brain response to faces    
The IMAGEN consortium (Including: Dickie, Erin W., Tahmasebi, Amir, French, Leon, Kovacevic, Natasa, Banaschewski, Tobias, Barker, Gareth J., Bokde, Arun, Büchel, Christian, Conrod, Patricia J., Flor, Herta et al. <#>). (2014) Correction: Global genetic variations predict brain response to faces. PLoS Genetics, Volume 10 (Number 10). Article number e1004802. ISSN 1553-7390
           Magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolite profiles predict survival in paediatric brain tumours    
Wilson, Martin P., Cummins, Carole L., MacPherson, Lesley, Sun, Yu, Natarajan, Kal, Grundy, Richard G., Arvanitis, Theodoros N., Kauppinen, Risto A. and Peet, Andrew C.. (2013) Magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolite profiles predict survival in paediatric brain tumours. European Journal of Cancer, Volume 49 (Number 2). pp. 457-464. ISSN 0959-8049
          The Tour de France Begins Tomorrow - Resources for Learning More About It   
The Tour de France begins tomorrow. What started out as a promotion to boost the sales of newspapers in France is now one of the biggest sporting events in the world (and a big business). Here are some resources for learning more about the Tour de France.

Check out this animated video to learn all about the tactics of the race, the logistics of the race, the physiology of riding in the race, and many other interesting facts about the world's most famous bicycle race.

If watching the race (broadcast on NBC Sports in the US) inspires you to get outside and ride a bike, don't forget your helmet. The Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky offers some good resources about brain injury prevention. One of those resources is a short animated video designed to teach students about the need for wearing a helmet and how to wear helmets when biking or skateboarding. In the video students learn how to pick a helmet and how to properly fit a helmet. Watch the two minute video below.

The Science Behind the Bike is a four part video series from The Open University. The series has a total running length of 33 minutes and is a complement to a larger Open Learn course called The Science Behind Wheeled Sports. The videos and the course are designed to help students understand the physics, the physiology,  and the technology that influence the outcome of cycling events.

Sticking with the science of bicycling, Global Cycling Network offers a video addressing the question of whether having a light bike or light body makes the bigger difference in speed on a bike. The video is a bit long, but worth watching for the process and outcome. Ask your students for predictions before jumping to the end.

How is the overall winner of the Tour de France determined? It's not as simple as you might think. In addition to the overall winner's Yellow Jersey there are other prizes awarded in the race. Learn all about how the race times and points are calculated by watching the following video from the Global Cycling Network.

Minute Physics offers two videos about the physics of bicycles. In How Do Bikes Stay Up? we learn how bikes stay upright, how design and weight influences balance, and why bicycles are difficult to balance in reverse.

The Counterintuitive Physics of Turning a Bike explains how we turn bicycles.


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Monica A. Perez, P.T., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery and The Miami Project, and colleagues, recently published A novel cortical target to enhance hand motor output in humans with spinal cord injury in the June issue of Brain that provides the first evidence that cortical targets could represent a novel therapeutic site for… Continue Reading »
          Indian-Americans and Spelling Bees: Adding some nuance   
It's that time of the year again. The only night of the year when desi people dominate ESPN primetime in the United States. The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Yet again, the winner...or rather co-winners..came from the families of Indian immigrants.

This has been happening for over a decade now, and every year, the aftermath of the Bee in Indian media and Indian and Indian-origin social media follows a similar pattern. There are a few think pieces about why Indian-Americans are so good at spelling bees. Some folks go all uber-patriotic extolling the superior virtues of our intellectual tradition and what not (cue...Bhaaaaarrrraat maaata kiiii.......). And some folks sneer, indulging in a mild form of communal self-loathing. I don't have kids but my close Indian-American friends who do are very emphatic about how they will not make...or even let their kids participate in something as nerdy and inherently uncool as a spelling bee.

Through Twitter I came across this post that quotes Varun Grover's interview in the excellent excellent documentary I Am Offended (do watch if you haven't) which references spelling bees. That blog, and Varun in that documentary, are making a larger point about how the Indian education system is centered around rote learning, stifling creativity and basically preparing "middle managers". And that the success in spelling bees is a symptom of that.

While I agree with Varun and Auctorly on the larger problem, I don't think it is correct to link spelling bees to that problem. I see where they are coming from, and the reason for that is a couple of myths about spelling bees in general which merit some attention.

Myth #1 Spelling Bees are all about memorizing thousands and thousands and thousands of words, and regurgitating them on stage.

I used to think the same way, but it's not really that way. A few years ago, I had a long chat with a student of mine (I am a college professor) who in her school days had participated in the spelling bee. She didn't win, but talked to me about how much fun it was, and ended up giving me a different perspective on this activity that I too once sneered at. Then I read some more about it, watched the documentary Spellbound, talked to some more students over the years, and I think it is necessary to add some nuance to how we view the "sport".

Spelling bee as a contest is more about pattern recognition than just rote memorization. Don't get me wrong. Of course it is important to know and remember many many words to participate in a spelling bee. But the same is true of scrabble. Or crosswords. Or trivia quizzing. Heck, memorization is key even in chess. A serious chess player will have thousands of moves and games memorized.

Just like all those activities/sports, spelling bee is about, yes, having a memory bank of relevant information, but at the top level, it is often about recognizing patterns, working out clues, and then formulating an answer by accessing the relevant information from your brain.

You know how the kids ask for meaning, language of origin, use it in a sentence etc etc? It is not for theater. It has important information, and many times, can even help you make an educated guess at the spelling of a word you've never heard of by using what is basically pattern recognition.

Let me give you an example about how I, without memorizing any words, was able to correctly guess one of the words in the final this year. The word was chremslach. When it was first uttered, I thought it would start with "Kr" and maybe end with "che" or "kh". Then I heard that the word was Yiddish. And the meaning was a kind of passover pastry. Instantly I thought of a pastry that a Jewish deli near my house excels at - rugelach. The end sounded the same. So it had to end in -lach. And the different pronunciations of the starting syllable suggested chr not Kr. The repeated usage by the moderator further confirmed what I had in my mind. A pattern emerged and voila. There the spelling was.

I felt thrilled at having worked it out before the contestant answered. It was a thrill similar to the one I get as a trivia quizzer when I crack a cleverly framed Final Jeopardy style "workout-able" question. Or the thrill I get when I crack a particularly cryptic clue in crosswords.

The aforementioned student kept stressing about how much fun the whole thing was for her. She said it was a form of solving puzzles. And I saw what she meant. I asked her, isn't it boring to memorize thousands and thousands of words. She said no, she LOVES words (sidenote - she always wrote the most well-crafted and thoughtful term papers in my class). And again, I see her point.

When you enjoy any activity built on pattern recognition so much that you want to seriously compete in it, you don't think of the underlying memorization as a drab chore. I like to play scrabble semi-competitively, and it is fun for me to have those cruel 2 letter words memorized so I can gain advantage on the board despite not having great tiles. And I'm sure poker players don't think of probability calculations as mundane.

Myth #2 These desi spelling be winners will most likely end up as middle managers, code coolies, cogs in the corporate machine....just total drones.

Although it seems like Indian-Americans have been winning the bee for ages, in reality, it's been less than two decades that it has been happening consistently. So the sample of winners is not statistically significant, but from whatever I read in "where are they now" type stories, I saw very few, if any, ending up in those drone type jobs.

A lot of them were in some form of research, which to me, as an academic researcher, makes sense. Research is like the rigorous grown-up impactful form of pattern recognition that is built upon a deep memory bank of knowledge about a subject. A bunch of them were doctors and lawyers. One was a professional poker player (again, pattern recognition and memory). And so on. I even googled a few names of winners and always found that the person was doing something really cool.

Maybe a systematic study will throw up more details.

Myth #3 We Indians are just awesome at English and we are such brainiacs and we have the bestest education-centric culture so we are awesome at Spelling Bees

While the first two myths were in the self-loathing category, this one is in the uber-patriotic category. I have no problem with Indians or Indian-origin feeling proud or elated or whatever at this dominance, although I am personally from the Bill Hicks school of thought when it comes to patriotism.

But let us dispel with this notion that there is something really inherently culturally genetically special about Indians that our kids just go to America, show up at spelling bees, and start winning them left and right. There is actually a pretty strong and well-organized training infrastructure that is making all this possible. Remember that these contestants train with the rigor and discipline of athletes. It is not done in isolation, but requires broader support like with any sport or activity.

What you see on ESPN is the culmination of a year of smaller contests, local spelling bees, practice bees, and other such events on the local circuits. And there's a kind of feedback loop that forms. Successive generations build on the success of previous generations. Legacies and even "dynasties" are created and inspire some to adhere to it. I could keep going, but I came across this article that explains the quasi-institutional reasons behind the dominance in more detail.

If some other community starts taking such a deep interest in the sport and organizes in such a serious grassroots way, other communities could start dominating too.

One thing to note is that the winners have all been kids of Indians who migrated to the United States. Recent Indian immigrants, much like recent immigrants of other communities, tend to socialize more with their compatriots and do so in a very community-based way, with associations and groups and mandals and so on. But second generation Indian-Americans are more assimilated in the American mainstream. So when they grow up and have kids of their own, they are not as plugged into the Indian-American groups and associations as their parents were.

So you don't see many (or even any?) third generation Indian-American children winning the spelling bee or even making it to the national finals, because they don't have automatic access to that community-based infrastructure.

The best way to end this post is to quote a now-grown-up Nupur Lala, the star of the Oscar winning documentary who arguably started this Indian-American phenomenon.

“Having watched Spellbound, I realized that several of my competitors weren’t any worse than me ability-wise, but they didn’t have the same advantages—economic privilege, educational background, family dynamics,” she says. “I know that played a big, big role in my success. As a 14-year-old, I really thought I was one of the best spellers out there. In hindsight, I think, yeah, I was a very good speller, but I also had some of the best preparation and resources out there. I had a mom who had a graduate degree in linguistics. Parents who have literally hundreds of books in the house, and who were very motivated to help me succeed.”

          "The Flight" Chapter 2 of Apurvai, a travelogue by P.L. "PuLa" Deshpande   
Many years ago, I translated chapter 1 from the 1960 book. You don't HAVE TO read it to follow this chapter, but it is recommended. Unlike my other translations which were done from audio files of PuLa narrating his work, this one has been done from the actual book. So even Marathis who've never read the book will find something new here. 

To set the stage a little, in this chapter, PuLa describes the experience of his first ever international flight. Based on the references to the Suez Crisis, I'm guessing it happened in 1956 or 1957. So almost 60 years ago! I was surprised to learn of the sheer number of stopovers flights had to make in those days. It is indeed a different era. But so much of what he writes resonated with me in terms of my experiences with international flights. Which is why I chose to translate this although it isn't as ROFLMAO funny as the previous chapter.

Usual caveats - Much of PuLa's humor comes from how he played with the Marathi language, and it can get lost in translation. But his observations and descriptions stay relevant even 55 years later.

Our flight to London from Santa Cruz airport was scheduled for 11 PM on August 20th. It wasn't my first time flying, but it was the first time I was flying to another country, that too on a huge airplane. I had been told to reach the airport about an hour before the flight. Even if I hadn't been told this, I would've gone there two hours before. Because even when I am taking an M.S.M. train (or as you kids today call it, Southern Railway), I go to the station an hour early. Even if I have a reserved seat. 

I find it convenient to allow that buffer for unforeseen but predictable events like getting on the wrong train, not being able to find my compartment, taxi to the station breaking down, heavy rain causing waterlogging, forgetting some important stuff at home and realizing it halfway to the station, forgetting to fill the water bottle, and of course, panicking every few minutes thinking that I have either forgotten the ticket at home or lost it. 

And of course, Indian Railways regularly contributes with unforeseen but predictable events of its own. Just as you've spread out a sheet on your berth and laid down, a railways employee comes and says the compartment has some problems, so we need to shift to another one. It takes about 45 minutes to find a porter, find the replacement compartment, and move all the luggage. It turns out that if you turn the lights on, the fan stops working, and if you turn the fan on, the lights stop working. Finally both are fixed, and when you go to the bathroom, there is no water in the compartment. So you have to stay awake till Lonand to find a guard and complain about it. If you're lucky, it'll get fixed by the time the train reaches Nira. Or then wait till Miraj at 5 AM so you can use the bathroom on the station. 

So even if you go very early to the station, there's no guarantee that your rail journey will be pleasant. I wonder if we are destined to ever get railways that take the responsibility of passenger comfort seriously. Until then, there are only two ways to travel without any problems - on foot like Vinoba Bhave or by air.

Or so I thought.

When I bought my tickets at the Air India office, the lady behind the counter had told me to reach the airport at 9 PM. And then, flashing me a disarming smile, suggested that I call the airline before leaving to make sure the plane wasn't delayed. So just as we were about to leave, I remembered that smile and mentioned this to the huge contingent of friends, family, and neighbors gathered at our house to bid us farewell.

"Haha, don't be an idiot! It's a plane, not an ST bus to be delayed. Airlines operate with second-by-second precision!"

A friend, who had never traveled an inch north of Malad or south of Kala Ghoda, said making me feel like an idiot in front of everyone. This guy has always had this publicly dismissive attitude towards me. I don't know why I am still friends with him. When I told him I was being sent to England by Doordarshan, his first reaction was,

"You??? Why??? Looks like the government has too much money to waste!"

When I first wore the suit mentioned in the previous chapter, he laughed and said I looked like a trumpeter from one of the Dhobi Talao wedding bands. Totally unnecessary snark. But he can't help it. So even though he had no first hand experience on the matter, he stayed true to his nature and ridiculed me for wondering if I should call the airline to check the flight status.

My wife called the airline office anyway. And we came to know that because the incoming plane from Tokyo hadn't reached yet, our flight was delayed by two hours. 

I winced. The idea of sitting in Mumbai's humidity for two more hours wearing a three piece suit, that noose-like tie, those damned expensive Chinese shoes, the nylon socks bought after the Middle East cooled down, and a thick coat meant for England's cold weather, was unbearable. I was tempted to take off all my clothes (except for one) and cal the whole thing off. 

"So....will the plane depart exactly two hours later than scheduled?"

Someone from the annoyingly large farewell contingent asked, and that question suddenly made our house explode into a pointless deliberation that made it resemble a legislative body debating a useless resolution.

"Will the plane leave two hours later or do you go to the airport two hours later?"

"But does two hours really mean two hours?"

"But what does a plane coming from Tokyo have to do with an Air India flight going to London?"

"Let's say the plane reaches earlier than estimated......will it still leave two hours late or earlier than that?"

"Let's say that Tokyo flight is delayed by four hours instead, will your flight leave two hours late or four hours late?"

"Someone told me that last week a flight scheduled for midnight eventually departed after dawn. Is that true?"

"Are you sure it's a plane from Tokyo? Maybe it's Kyoto."

"I just called a friend of mine who works in a restaurant at the airport. He says there is some mechanical problem in this plane, and the Tokyo plane thing is just an excuse."

"So the flight might get cancelled?"

"Do they have a replacement plane? How many planes does All India Radio have anyway?"

"It's Air India, not All India Radio."

"Yeah, same difference."

"Mechanical problems......that's scary!"

"You both have life insurance, right?"

"Remember the plane that crashed at Cairo five years ago? My boss' nephew was on it. His wife got two million as compensation!"

"I've heard you can buy life insurance at the airport."

All this nonsense from people who had nothing to do with our travel whatsoever. I prayed to god to rescue me from this plane chaos by sending the plane he sent for Sant Tukaram. 

"I'm telling you guys. Instead of spending the two hours sitting at home, spend them sitting at the airport. Let's say they repair the plane early and it leaves before time. What are you going to do? It's not like you can catch it on the way. It's not the Barshi-Pandharpur passenger train. Hehehehe!"

So finally, following the over-cautious traditions of my train journeys, we reached the airport at 9:30 PM for a plane that was scheduled to depart at 1:30 AM. Some of my other friends and colleagues were at the airport already to see me off. They either didn't know that the plane was delayed, or even if they knew, they were aware of my over-cautious traditions. 

All my friends at the airport made me feel very awkward and also emotional by showering me with so many garlands and bouquets, that the airport officials thought I was a politician. And I had an epiphany at that moment - the greatest wealth in my life is my friends. If wealth were to be measured in friendships, I am probably richer than Tata-Birla combined. I have so many dear friends in so many walks of life! And so many of them had come late at night and out of the way to the airport to see me off. 

I felt touched but also embarrassed. Firstly, I still wasn't sure I could pull off the suit-boot look. Having such a huge audience for it felt weird. And then there were these garlands and bouquets. I was overwhelmed. I have gotten used to getting such attention at functions and award shows and suchlike. But on this occasion, I was feeling like I had an emotional debt to pay off. Just popping by to say goodbye is one thing, but these guys had come all the way to the airport!

My embarrassment was compounded by the fact that I hadn't really done or achieved anything to deserve all the attention that night. When I get such attention after a successful theater performance, it's okay. At least I gave them some happiness, and they are appreciating it. But that night, my wife and I were just flying to England like thousands of people do everyday. And yet my mob of friends at the airport had made me feel like I was doing something special. With a luggage full of such love and good wishes, I started feeling confident that even if all the engines of the plane failed, I could fly anywhere I wanted. 

The crowd of friends and all the flowers being heaped on me made the press photographers hanging around think that I was some big deal. They suddenly started snapping our pictures like paparazzi. In all this chaos, one of my friends went to the airport officials and convinced them to open a "VIP Lounge" for me. A sturdy fellow in a crisp uniform politely asked us to follow him to the VIP lounge. 

At that moment, my wife looked at me happily with an expression that said - "all these years that I have put up with you are finally paying off!"

As we were led into the imposingly plush VIP lounge, I started feeling even more awkward. Given our colonial history, I know that "England returned" has a certain halo attached to it. But I had no idea that the halo starts appearing even before you leave India. I started feeling worried about the possibility of a real VIP showing up and frowning at how our raucous farewell contingent had made the VIP lounge resemble Khandke's chawl. 

Even in all that chaos, I overheard one of the uniformed guys whispering to the other,

"Nowadays, any random person can become a VIP."

His colleague responded,

"Hoga koi Minister ka baccha nahi toh jamai!"

and walked away.

So I tried to appear and act as VIP-ish as possible. I went around folding my hands and solemnly thanking all the people who had come to see me off. Then I started giving away the garlands and bouquets to kids and being unnecessarily nice to them. Basically, emulating every aspect of VIP behavior that I could remember. 

A few of the professional photographers kept taking pictures of all this, and then offered to send them to me. They helpfully quoted a "professional" rate for it that was ten times what it would cost to get a photo taken in my neighborhood studio. But I was pretending to be a VIP and had to play the part. Once I parted with all the advance payments for the photos, the expression on my face finally came to resemble something that actually deserved to be photographs. I have no idea where those expensive photos are now, by the way.

Eventually there was an announcement that the customs check process had started, and we finally prepared to leave that VIP cell....I mean lounge. While leaving, I handed a generous tip to the uniformed guys standing at the door. The astounded expressions on their faces made me realize that real VIPs probably never hand out any tips. They hand out only two things - promises or threats.

We left the lounge and walked straight to the weighing scales near the customs area. I put our bags on it one by one and felt relieved when each of them were a pound or so less than the 44 pound limit. My wife on the other hand seemed a little disappointed and said,

"Hmpf, I guess we could have taken a few more papads then."

I ignored her and walked to the customs booth, standing in front of the officer with an appropriately guilty expression on my face.

This was the second time in my life that I had faced a customs officer. A few years ago, when returning from Goa (then a Portuguese territory) I stood in front of a customs officer for the first time. Everyone in front of me had been questioned extensively and had their bags checked thoroughly. So I was already terrified. Even though there was no reason to be terrified. In the entire crowd there, we were probably the only ones returning from Goa without as much as a tiny piece of chocolate. But customs booths are one of those weirdly imposing places where I feel nervous by default.

Some people are scared of a dentist's chair. Not me. I have been to dentists many times. One dentist actually turned my simple complaint of an aching tooth into an imperative to extract it with the glee of a professional sadist. It hurt so much, I think I actually saw a few angels waiting to welcome me into heaven. But even then, the next time I went to a (different, obviously) dentist, I went with the ease with which I go to Kulkarni's restaurant to eat bhajiyas. No fear or worries. But put me in front of a custom's officer and my heart starts racing.

There are many random entries in my list of "people I am irrationally scared of". For some reason, I am terrified of every liftman. Not afraid of the actual lift, mind you. It's not like I am scared that the lift will plummet to the basement or anything. I am just scared of the liftmen, at least in Mumbai, where almost all of them seem to have a cold blank expression on their face. I am also terrified of waiters in fancy restaurants. If one is standing next to me, I feel so nervous that I invariably spill something. I was never scared of male teachers, but female teachers always petrified me. And I can slap a doctor on his back and sing songs with him even when he is in the middle of surgery, but when it comes to nurses, my hands start trembling even if I am handing them a note. I have no idea why I carry these bizarre fears in my heart.

That customs officer I encountered when returning from Goa had insulted me rather painfully! I still shudder and shed a tear when I think about it.

When it was my turn, he asked me my name, address, and profession. Those days, I earned my living in a college fostering deep hatred for literature among the students. As soon as I told the officer that I was a Professor, and that too of Marathi, he just looked straight into my eyes, and with an expression conveying immense pity, said,

"You can go."

He didn't ask to search my luggage, didn't ask me if I was carrying any contraband, didn't even ask me if I had anything to declare. With utter conviction that I lacked the ability or the means to smuggle in alcohol, gold, cigarettes, or anything like that, he sent me on my way. I have never felt more humiliated. I would've preferred it if he had instead put me through a two hour long interrogation under a bright lamp.

So that day in Mumbai airport, I was wondering if the customs officer in charge of examining departing passengers would be more respectful. He looked at my bags, then glanced at my face, and then wordlessly made some chalk markings on the bags and waved me through. Rude, isn't it?

Next my wife and I went to Passport Control. Our passports had been issued two years ago and were valid for three more years. But one of my friends in the farewell party had authoritatively said, 

"Ohhhh.....just three years validity left? That might create problems. Good luck!"

I nervously handed over the passports to the officer. He glanced at them for a nanosecond and returned them to me. I was less worried about the validity and more worried about the passport photo. But the officer had evidently discovered some similarity between my passport photo and the way I actually look. Once we were done with that, a health officer quickly made sure we had taken the necessary vaccinations and we were done.

Once we got the "worthy of traveling abroad" certification from Pandit Nehru's people, all we could do was wait for the plane to leave. It was past midnight. The departure area at Santa Cruz is decorated and furnished in a very modern way. There are lots of comfortable couches and chairs for passengers to relax in. But my wife and I were sitting there uncomfortably, feeling out of place.

There was a European couple sitting in front of us. They seemed confused by Indian currency. These were the days when paisa coins co-existed with anna coins and the poor visitors had no idea if the many coins they had were worth five rupees or five annas. Hoping to give them a happy memory of Indian hospitality, I jumped in to offer unsolicited advice and ended up compounding their confusion even more. Finally my better half stepped in, sorted the whole thing out, and informed them that Indian women have a much better understanding of money than Indian men. 

The European couple left for their flight and I started looking around at other fellow-passengers. With a parochial mindset, I went around to see if there were other Marathi folk there, and soon met a man named Patil and a student named Joshi. I was there representing the Deshpande name. All we were missing was a Kulkarni. If we had found one, we would have had Patil-Joshi-Deshpande-Kulkarni, the four pillars of the ancient Marathi administrative set-up. Sadly there was no Kulkarni on that flight, but it did end up having a pilot named Nadkarni. Nadkarni is essentially the South Kannada version of Kulkarni, so I guess we ended up with the full set eventually.

 Around 1 AM, the plane's wings must have fluttered because suddenly, there was a lot of activity around us. The crowd started walking in one direction, and we went along. I looked at the glass barrier at the customs desk and saw our contingent was still patiently waiting. The elders had tears in their eyes and the younger lot looked like they were cracking stale jokes at our expense and passing them off as new. 

When we eventually reached the gate, I confirmed three times that it was the right plane. Or else we'd wake up the next morning in Cochin instead of Cairo. I still carried emotional scars from the night at Pune station that I got on a train to go to Kolhapur and woke up the next morning to find I was in a compartment parked in the Pune railway yard. I have always had the kind of luck where I take a girlfriend to watch a movie on the sly and run into a nosy old relative who decided to come watch the same movie. And I couldn't afford to let that luck mess up international travel. 

There was an air hostess standing at the door, welcoming us with an unnaturally wide smile. The rest of the crew, dressed in crisp dark trousers and skirts and blindingly white shirts, sporting wing shaped lapel pins and painstakingly groomed mustaches, was darting about doing their work. We reached our seats and stared out the tiny oblong window at the terminal, wondering if our friends and family were still there. 

Once I was in the seat, I assured myself that despite all apparent obstacles, it now seemed like I would definitely go to England, and fastened the seat belt around my stomach. The engines started humming and the fans started rotating one by one.   The plane got going. After zooming along the ground for a mile or so, it slowed down and stopped at the other end of the runway. 

As soon as it stopped, I started fearing the worst. The plane had already been delayed by mechanical problems. I wasn't sure if they had fixed the problems completely or had postponed some repairs. Maybe now they'd discover more problems. I also carried emotional scars from bus drivers who'd make passengers board on a scorching hot day, bake them in that tin box for an hour while they waited, and then open the bonnet of the bus to examine what's wrong with the engine. 

Luckily, nothing like that happened. In a couple of minutes, the plane started moving again, then sped up, and eventually left terra firma in a graceful glide. I watched the airport rapidly disappear from my view and before I knew it, Mumbai started resembling a gem-laden ornament below us. In that ornament, four million people were probably dreaming as they slept, while I sat with wide open eyes, realizing my childhood dream of foreign travel. 

And next to me was my soul mate and my life partner accompanying me on this adventure. Over the previous twelve years, we had built many castles in the air together, while never feeling tempted to build a house on the ground. We never stayed in one place for more than 2-3 years anyway. We had in common a huge appetite for new challenges and new experiences. And the latest one was to be living in England for 5-6 months.

Our flight had been in the air for a while, and the plane was completely dark as was the sky outside, but I still couldn't sleep. The plane was completely packed and experienced travelers were already snoring. Our air-hostess was Japanese. She was promptly and efficiently offering candy and nuts to travelers with a studied smile straight out of the training syllabus. Her walk was brisk and her voice had the crispness of springtime. 

I was feeling really hot. That damned suit on my body started feeling like clunky armor and I again cursed myself for wearing it on the plane. I looked around and was taken aback when I noticed at an Englishman sitting in front of me. Here I was, wearing a brand new three piece suit because I was going to his snooty country. And this dude was sitting there looking very relaxed in khaki shorts, a flannel shirt with some twenty five pockets, and a flimsy felt hat that did not match.

So I discreetly looked around at the other white people on the flight. Not a single one of them was dressed even as remotely formally as I was. Sitting there overdressed in that damned suit in the middle of the night, I started feeling like even more of a neophyte than I already was. 

Suddenly the Japanese air-hostess appeared with a small wet towel on a plate. I eyed the towel suspiciously for a second. I had no idea what purpose a wet towel was supposed to serve at two in the morning. But I was brought up never to turn a plate away, so I picked up the towel and thanked her. I looked at my wife to see if she had any suggestions, but she was fast asleep. I slowly glanced across the aisle and saw that the guy there was gently rubbing the towel on his face. I did the same, and the cool cologne scented fabric gave me some relief from the intense heat I was experiencing. 

Our massive jumbo jet was slicing through the darkness leaving cities and mountains behind. I was finally feeling a little drowsy. Almost everyone around me, including my wife, was already asleep. That Englishman with the khaki shorts was in fact trying to drown out the noise of the engine with his own booming multi-octave snores with his mouth open. The ex-subject of Her Majesty's realm inside me felt relieved to observe first-hand that even the English can snore with their mouths open. Because once our travel plans were made, I was a bit worried about that. 

You see, I am one of "those" too. But over the course of my life, I have come across some impressively loud snorers. My grandma says that people with big hearts and minds snore the most. I don't know if there is any correlation between big bodies and big hearts and minds - I won't mind if there is. I started thinking a lot about snoring and hearts and minds. I do remember that I spent a lot of time thinking about it. But I don't know for how long, because the next thing I knew, I was waking up to the dawn's early light.

Our plane was flying over a huge desert. I noted how different this dawn was from any other dawn I had experienced in my life, thousands of miles over a limitless desert. This experience, coming right after I had experienced a darkness so different from any other darkness I had experienced in my life, spurred some philosophical and metaphorical thoughts. It felt like I was witness to the dawn of a new phase of my life. I thought about my recent years and realized that I hadn't really experienced real dawn in years. In Mumbai's fast-paced hectic life, by the time my day ended, it was usually well past midnight. So by the time I usually woke up, dawn would have given up on waiting for me and slid away, making way for harsh sunlight. 

Our Japanese air-hostess, still looking as fresh as a dew-kissed flower, was making the rounds with hot fortifying beverages for the morning. I have never found those beverages particularly fortifying immediately after waking up, so I politely declined her offer of tea or coffee. Instead, I got up and headed to the bathroom. Taking care not to wake up or bump into any of the other passengers, I tiptoed my way to the front, and slowly opened the door to what I thought was the bathroom. Instead I found myself face-to-face with the fine gentlemen flying the plane. It was the cockpit door! I guess the expression on my face gave away what my need was because the co-pilot, without saying anything, pointed me to the correct door. 

I finished my morning ablutions and returned to the seat to find the "fasten seatbelts" sign flashing. By the time I was able to find the belt and buckle it up, the plane had started its rapid descent. I looked out the window and saw that we were headed to a desert island surrounded by more desert. I assumed it was Cairo, our first stopover. I started looking around the landscape in the hopes of spotting some pyramids. By the time I spotted a bump that I thought was a pyramid and was about to point it out to my wife, the plane was touching down, and before I knew it, it was standing stationary in a foreign land.

I looked at the dinky terminal outside the window and was a little disappointed that a city as renowned as Cairo should have an airport that looks more like an ST bus stand. But once we got off the plane, I learned that we were not in Cairo, but in some place called "Bahrain" instead. I felt a bit like Columbus who reached land confident that he was in India but then discovered that he was instead in some strange land he did not know anything about. And I felt relieved that I had not pointed out those supposed pyramids to my wife.

I had never heard of Bahrain before and had no idea where the hell it exactly was or why we were there instead of Cairo. But we walked into the terminal and headed for the restaurant. I learned that there were oilfields nearby and that Bahrain is a small island nation that is known for its oilfields. That was pretty much all we learned about the place. 

We sat in the restaurant, ordered tea, and waited while the plane was refueled. The tea arrived after a long time. One sip of that concoction and I was convinced that in Bahrain, they used dried date palm leaves in lieu of tea leaves and the milk probably came from a camel instead of a cow. Over the course of my life, I have tasted many different kinds of tea......except of course the spilled tea from Mongini's mentioned in the previous chapter. Tea served in small glass tumblers in Mumbai, tea served in mud bowls on the banks of the Narmada, tea served in metallic cups in Madras, masala milk tea, railway station tea flavored with charcoal, tea without milk, tea without sugar, and even Chinese tea made from jasmine flowers. But I will never EVER forget that horrible tea from Bahrain airport. I will happily drink the bitterest castor potion than drink that tea again.

Well, at least the tea was free, because it was paid for by the airline.

Pretty soon, the plane was ready and we all climbed back into its belly. The plane took off soon and headed for Cairo. The flight from Bahrain to Cairo was essentially just desert after desert after desert. Once in a while, just as a change of scenery, there would be a small strip of water. But otherwise, totally barren. Not a single glimpse of green. 

And that's when I really understood why the green flag of Islam came was hoisted in these deserts first. The prophet was very clever in choosing the color green for his flag. It is obvious why millions of Arabs enthusiastically followed that rare pleasant colored flag. I'm sure that the green flag was as instrumental in the spread of Islam as the Koran was. Add to it the moon that the desert dwellers probably equated with the relief provided by night, and I felt I had to applaud the prophet for his grasp of semiotics. 

It was about 8:30 in the morning. I was staring at the desert out the window hoping to spot a camel train. But in vain. I did spot a lot of dry river beds though. Soon the sun got really bright and the glare made it difficult to keep looking outside. Soon our plane moved from the sea of sand to a sea of water. Being geographically challenged, I first decided it was the Red Sea, then the Caspian Sea, then the Black Sea, and then the Dead Sea. I still have no idea which one it was.

A while later, there were murmurs all around that we were flying over the Suez Canal. All passengers looked out the windows, identified the first strip of water they could find, and assured themselves that it was the Suez Canal. Again, no idea if any of those were actually the Suez Canal. From the height we were flying at, every strip of water looked as tiny as the Fergusson College canal in Pune. But in one strip, I spied some dots that seemed like boats and I silently convinced myself that it was indeed the Suez Canal. It was hard to believe that this tiny strip of water was responsible for almost starting World War 3 and almost sinking my travel plans.  

When your plane is flying so high that you can only see the sky and clouds above you as well as below you, you can't help but get philosophical. You forget any fears you have about the plane crashing. Looking at creation from a height that makes even seas look like saucers of water makes you realize how insignificant you are in the whole scheme of things. As our plane flew towards Cairo, I couldn't help but realize that I was looking at the cradle of civilization. These deserts were where the Babylonian, Sumerian, and Assyrian civilizations had once bloomed. Where the library of Alexandria was once home to millions of of books that were burned. I'm assuming some Big Four or Big Five must have had a summit even then and decided that burning books was in the best interests of the world.

As impressive as the sights of great oceans, great skies, and great lands is while flying, one look at the great space when flying above clouds make them all pale in comparison. And you start wondering what the whole point of creation is, and whether you make any difference to it whatsoever. 

Our plane was about to reach Cairo soon and I started thinking about it. Egypt is an ancient civilization, much like India. Historians have discovered that trade and cultural links between Egypt and India date back millenia. This is the land that saw rich culture flourish for millenia even before Christ was born. And when Christ was born, the bright star that shone was above these lands too. This is the land where Jews, Christians, and Muslims found their faiths and then unfurled the blood-soaked flags of those faiths.

I was in the middle of these thoughts and didn't even realize when I dozed off. The next thing I knew, someone was yelling "KAHIRO!!!!", waking me up.

The first sight I saw at Cairo airport was of battle-ready fighter jets. Next to them were imposing anti-aircraft guns with their barrels pointed to the sky. The stage seemed to be set for the next big war. The only question seemed to be which actors would enter the stage first and who the director would be. Actors from dozens of countries seemed to be ready, with war-paint on, or make-up on. Who knew when the final act would start and when it would end.

When I read a big sign that said, "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT", I felt like someone had sprayed a stream of cold water on my face on an oppressively hot day. Why shouldn't all human beings be welcomed heartily all over this little planet of ours? Although as long as there exist things like passports and visas, built on an assumption of distrust of fellow human beings, can we really expect true expressions of such humanity? The sign that said "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT" any "you" who reached there, regardless of race, religion, gender, creed.....why shouldn't such signs and more importantly sentiments, be displayed everywhere?

The funny thing is, this "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT" sign was right next to the massive anti-aircraft guns and the irony endemic to human existence tickled me and troubled me in equal amounts.

We headed to the restaurant inside the terminal. The waiters there were very friendly and polite, and served us some divine Egyptian coffee. Compared to Mumbai airport, I thought Cairo airport was small. There was a lot of new construction happening around us though. Egypt is currently in the midst of writing a new chapter in its history. Everybody is watching carefully to see which way their new statesman (Nasser) takes them.

It was in Cairo airport that I first encountered Egyptian people. And as I examined their appearance carefully, I wondered how many Egyptians there might be in Mumbai too. Because in terms of appearance, I didn't really see any major differences between Egyptians and Indians. Beyond the facts I had memorized in my childhood to score 2 marks in the history exam, such as pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and the Nile river, my knowledge about Egypt was as barren as their desert. I had never even thought about anyone living in Egypt other than Cleopatra, General Najeeb, and now this Nasser fellow.

Suddenly, I was overcome by a profound sense of ignorance and curiosity as a foreigner in a foreign land. And sitting there in the Cairo airport, I started thinking about how day-to-day life in Egypt must be and how I knew nothing about it. How do school teachers, lawyers, and bureaucrats here dress? Is it similar to how those folks dress in India? What is the most popular item in a typical restaurant in Egypt? Do wives here refer to their husbands by name or is there some tactful pronoun that has been coined for the purpose like in India? With each passing second, the expanse of my ignorance about this fascinating culture seemed to exceed the expanse of the desert.

Then I started thinking about the people who worked at that airport. For them, a typical day consisted of interacting with travelers from dozens of different countries, for maybe an hour or two at a time, before they went on their way and were replaced by a different set of foreigners. Do they feel the same sense of curiosity and note their ignorance about other cultures? Or has it become just a mundane feature of their lives by now? Do they actively notice the multi-colored lattice of different races and nationalities or does it just pass by in the blink of an eye like a frame from a cinema reel?

I spent the rest of the time in Cairo thinking about all this before we were called back to the plane. The next stopover was Geneva in Switzerland. As our plane surged through the clouds, we gradually left the desert behind and were soon traveling over Europe. Specifically, Italy, as the pilot informed us.

While I was almost entirely ignorant about Egypt except for its ancient history and contemporary politics, I at least knew more about Italy thanks to all the books I had read. Names like Rome, Venice, and Naples started swimming around in my head. I decided that if the plane had to crash right now, I would want it to do so near Naples. I had read that Naples was home to some of the most awe-inspiring sculptures in the world. So if my plane crashed in Naples, I could drag myself to those sculptures, see them first hand, and then die happy.

Yes, I know it is morbid to keep pondering the possibility of the plane crashing but that's how I am and be honest, aren't you too?

But the plane kept going. I kept looking at the Italian landscape underneath and we didn't see Naples or Venice. But we did fly over Rome. It was hard to miss. As I looked at the distant but clear images of various buildings and cathedrals in Rome, I first felt a great sense of satisfaction at seeing them first hand. Then I compensated for the unfamiliar bliss by berating myself for still not having read Gibbon's "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" even after buying it years ago. I made a mental note to read it as soon as I returned home.

When you're flying over different countries of the world, you think more about what you haven't read about those lands than what you have read. In another hour or so, our plane was flying over the gorgeous alps and I realized we were in Europe's Eden.

Soon the plane touched down in Geneva. I had heard a lot of cautionary tales about how the cold in Europe is way worse than anything I might have experienced in India. I experienced it first hand as I walked into the Geneva airport and felt like I had walked into a massive refrigerator. And this was just August! So I shivered a little and prepared for six more months of this inhumanly cold weather. No wonder these white folks ran away and captured our warmer lands.

As soon as I stepped into the chilly Geneva airport, my brain initiated a flashback from 20 years ago from my college days in Pune. I had grown up in Mumbai, where it never gets even remotely chilly. Then in Pune in the winters, every so often, I would wake up to such a chilly morning. It felt more bracing than oppressive, making me feel like running all the way across the world. I had always thought cold weather would make me feel like a shriveled old man, but instead, it made me feel like a daring young man, ready to achieve anything!

Anyway, we walked into the restaurant at the Geneva airport and it looked more like a flower shop than a restaurant. The faces of all the staff members were fresh and enthusiastic like recently bloomed lilies. There was a spring in their step. It didn't look like anyone could ever age, and everyone looked like they were in their 20s even though they probably weren't. We were served coffee in a very elegantly crafted glass cup. And it tasted divine and almost intoxicating. I wondered that if even the coffee here gets my pulse racing so much, what will stronger beverages do? I had heard that Switzerland is a place where extreme beauty and extreme pleasure is the default and my experiences at their airport confirmed it.

I didn't even realize when that stopover at Geneva ended. It was cold, but I was surrounded by beauty, human and non-human, and I felt more alive than I ever had. Before I got back on the plane, I turned around and took a 360 degree mental picture of all I could see of Switzerland from that terminal. The tall trees sheltering cute little houses, the snow-covered peaks of the Alps kissing the deep blue sky. I promised myself to return for a more leisurely visit. When the plane took off, I was looking at a meandering little river as it flowed through the verdant Swiss countryside, when suddenly, our plane ascended above the clouds. And those fluffy white things that a few hours earlier had seemed gorgeous, now seemed like villains for blocking my view of the Swiss landscape. Our journey continued.

The next stop was to be at Dusseldorf in Germany, It had been over 20 hours since we took off from Mumbai. The hands of my watch had already been rotated many times by then. Every hour, the pilot made announcements about how high we were flying, what the temperature outside was, what the local time was, and so on. Passengers around us were saying random things in response to those announcements like, "Oh! 18,000 feet? That's nice! Very high!"

We were flying through clouds at that moment, so I personally couldn't tell the difference between 18,000 feet and 18 million feet. Honestly, this whole thing of estimating distances has been a challenge for me, whether I am in the air or on the ground. Whenever I read about some witness in court say stuff like "the accused was 19 feet away from me", I feel jealous of his ability to express distance so precisely. Because I absolutely suck at it. I can't even remember the inches in my own measurements for shoes, hats, collars, socks, and so on. When a shoe salesman asks what size I want, I just give him the chappals I am wearing then and ask him to figure it out. I have immense respect for people who go shoe shopping and say stuff like "Bring me Number 8 pairs".

And when someone remembers the precise date on which something happened, I feel overcome enough with admiration to go hug them. When I hear someone say stuff like, "I remember it was July 17th...", I am amazed. I suck at dates too. Which is why I always sucked at history in school. Even now, I remember only three dates - Shivaji Maharaj died in 1680, the 1857 uprising happened in 1857, and using multiple reminder mnemonics, my wife's birthday. Other than these three, I have no idea of any other dates. You can ask me when India gained independence and I will try to hedge between 1947 and 1950.

Anyway, the point is, I am horrible with anything that is expressed numerically. So even before I could figure out how high 18,000 feet exactly is, our plane was touching down in Dusseldorf. Before I knew it, we were surrounded by cries of "Achtung! Achtung!" and "Gut! Gut!". My wife and I walked to the terminal, now sick of this sequence of stopovers. Yes. I was in Germany with its rich history and culture and intriguing contemporary split between East and West, but I didn't give a damn. The aforementioned Joshi and Patil left us here and we sat there hoping that we'd reach London before we died of boredom.

Why does the final stretch of the journey always seem to last the longest? Even when I am traveling from Pune to Mumbai by train, it is the same. The time from Pune to Thane or Kalyan seems to breeze by in a happy procession of vada, omelets, chikki, etc. But from there, Mulund, Bhandup, Vikroli, Dadar, etc seem to take an eternity to pass by. Very annoying! It's the same with other trips too. When you're taking a train from Mumbai to Delhi, everything seems great until you reach Mathura, and then after that, things seem to slow down. If you're going from Mumbai to Nagpur. it is Wardha that is the tipping point after which it is all yawns and polite curses.

The flight from Dusseldorf to London seemed similarly annoying and yawn-inducing. Finally, after about the hundredth yawn, the plane started barreling downwards. All the passengers around us seemed to have perked up as the plane continued descending. Finally there was a bump and the plane started slowing down. And a few passengers around me echoed my thoughts,

"Ah! London!"

          TS228: Queen of Teetha,Liberty Holes,Trap Laws,Conscious Period   
We did it you guys! Thank you to everyone who donated to the MaxFun drive! Okay enough with the fun because there's been another win for bigotry in North Carolina AND in Indiana, two states that I guess we need to start paying attention to now. Also the brains behind the amazing company Conscious Period are here and they are flowing with tampon puns!
          Typology of the Indian Fan in the context of the FIFA World Cup.    
I don't really follow soccer*. So I don't know much about soccer. But I follow a lot of Indian soccer fans. I view them with mild amusement mixed with scientific curiosity. I study them. I try to find patterns in their bizarrely enthusiastic behavior. And I love doing pop-socio and pop-psych analysis of their behavior and their attitudes towards a game where India ranks even lower than countries smaller than my apartment building in Pune.

So I present here a typology of the Indian Fan in the context of the upcoming World Cup. The typology is arranged according to which country they support or bet on to lift the cup.

BRAZIL: This one is a no-brainer really, so let's get it out of the way. Everyone loves Brazil. It's a country that has won the cup the most often. They always have some of the best players, a style of play which is considered exciting, and wear really eye-catching yellow-and-green colors. So even someone with or without the most rudimentary knowledge of the game feels comfortable saying "Brazil of course!" when someone asks "Which team do you support?" It's like picking the Patriots at the beginning of the NFL season.

But it goes beyond just how good the team is on average (here comes the pop-socio and pop-psych). Brazil is "nice". Brazil is "safe". Other than soccer, what is Brazil associated with? Carnivals, pretty people, beaches, being part of the fashionable BRIC block, and again, carnivals. If countries were brands, Brazil would be like Linux - not really that relevant to your life but easy to love. It's the kind of country that if you visit as an Indian, you expect to love.

So might as well support them. Plus they are the hosts this time. Western media is being mean to them just like they were mean to India in the run-up to the 2010 Commonwealth Games. They have messy social inequality issues just like us. Yes, Brazil is safe to support.

BEST 2 EUROPEAN UNION TEAMS: At any given time, at least 2 of the 3 objectively best teams in the world are from the EU. So the self-proclaimed "knowledgeable" soccer fan from India will be telling anyone willing to listen that one of those two teams is SURE to win. One of the two is always ALWAYS Germany. And the other is some country whose economy Germany has bailed out or will be bailing out soon. Right now it's Spain. A decade ago, it was France. In between, Italy took a break from electing Caligula-esque Prime Ministers to occupy that spot.

So Germany and "Another EU country" are the best bets for Indian soccer pundits who want to set themselves apart from the bandwagon Brazil supporters and maintain a chance for gloating when the dust settles.

ARGENTINA: Ah, Argentina! The most bizarre underdog-favorite combinations in the history of sport. I say this because some of my friends who support Argentina are genuinely convinced that Argentina is THE best team, regardless of the FIFA rankings. These verbose justifications start with "Messi is...." and then meander into incomprehensibility. Other friends supporting Argentina are steadfast about the team's underdog tag. "I always support an underdog, yaar!"

The media helps in whipping up support for Argentina too, given that Argentina is to FIFA what Notre Dame is to college football in America. Every damn year when the college football starts, there will be pundits in the media saying "OH NOTRE DAME HAS A FINE FINE TEAM THIS YEAR!". Most years, they stay in the rankings for three weeks before dropping out. Once in a couple of decades, in the vein of a stopped clock being right twice a day, Notre Dame will indeed have a great season. And then the pundits preen. And Hollywood makes an atrociously weepy movie starring a hobbit. But I ramble.    

So it goes with Argentina. Call it the continuing halo effect of bad boy Maradona. Or maybe the current halo effect of some guy named Messi who's done diddly-squat in two World Cups, but apparently does great in domestic soccer matches in Europe.

HOLLAND: The Dutch team is for true-blue underdog supporters. Again, I don't know much about soccer. But from what I am told, this team has choked more times than the South African cricket team, the 1990s Buffalo Bills, and Ivan Lendl combined. Which makes them particularly alluring for people who just love supporting an underdog in the faint hope that they will be proven right. Last time, these fans were rewarded by having to wait as long as the finals to have their hearts broken.

But still, for these folks, it is HUP HOLLAND HUP. A friend of mine says that the bright orange jerseys appeal to the latent Hindutva tendencies in some Indian fans, but we'll put a pin in that for now.

ANOTHER EU TEAM: The previous four categories take care of 90% of Indian soccer fans. Which brings us to self-proclaimed "knowledgeable" fans of the game who don't like being lumped with the conventional wisdom. They need to cogently claim that a different underdog is actually going to take home the cup, but the heathen masses are too blinded by media tropes to see it. So they pick a team which is ranked somewhere from 4th to 8th in the FIFA rankings and which has a player they have watched in one of the domestic soccer leagues from Europe.

"Of course it'll be Portugal yaar! That Cristiano Ronaldo I tell you...."

For the last 3 World Cups, the top choice for these people has been Portugal, thanks to this Ronaldo fella. Never mind that he and his team have shown the poor judgment of associating themselves with the New York Jets to practice for the World Cup. That anyone can think that a guy who voluntarily decided to learn something from Rex Ryan has any chance of winning anything shows how little soccer fans know about real football. But I troll. And I digress.

When it's not Portugal, it is some other European country that yes, Germany will also have to bail out.  

ENGLAND: Don't ask me why. Seriously don't. I know very little about soccer but even I know enough to know that the chances of England winning the cup are only negligibly higher than an Indian winning the Olympic 100 meter gold. And yet a few Indians will be steadfast in their support of England.

One guy I knew used to base his support on the supposedly "under-appreciated talents" of David Beckham. This was before Beckham became known as the guy who sells underwear on giant hoardings in Times Square. These days, I suspect the support for England is driven by the fact that so many Indians spend so much money on low quality made-in-Bangladesh jerseys of teams from the EPL, that they feel obliged to go all the way.

But seriously Indian supporters of England soccer, what are the chances that an England cricket team will win an ICC title AND a notionally English guy will win the Wimbledon AND England will win the FIFA World Cup, all within 5 years?

USA: The only Indians who support the US are a) Indians who live in the US, and b) follow only cricket and/or American sports. Yes, this includes me, ok? The rest of the time, we are happy with our WillowTV subscription, our NFL fantasy football leagues, out March madness brackets, our opinions on LeBron and the Heat, our love or hate for the Yankees or the Red Sox. We look at MLS ads and go "lulz". We see European soccer matches on our cable guide menu and go "WTF?".

But then once every four years, this damn World Cup thing comes along. And everyone is talking about it. Not just CNN, who will usually talk about the most vapid things. So what do we do?


We google furiously to find out who our players are. We try to figure out what the hell "Group of Death" means. We practice our pronunciation of Klinsmann. And we set a countdown clock to the start of the NFL season.

* "SOCCER? IT'S FOOTBALL BRO!!!" you say? Read this.  

          Comment on A View on the Nature of Consciousness by dobsonmorgan   
Hello. I'd like to advertise my Philosophy blog here; I'm a philosophy major student, and I share my thoughts both creatively and rationally on this blog, which focuses of subjects from Epistemology to Freedom. Check it out, and be sure to tell your friends if you like it. Thanks in advance, Morgan Dobson P.S. I liked your post. Consciousness and general brain/mental activity is a very scientific subject, a subject which still eludes modern scientists, and some people like to correlate the concept of a Soul to that of consciousness. It's an interesting thing to study.
          Comment on I spy with my computer vision eye… Wally? Waldo? by Mind the Leap   
Those articles do a good job of summarising the positive side of what has been achieved (improved classification and prediction) and presenting the point that there is a lot more to intelligence than has been demonstrated so far. Though, as I mention above, a great thing about Hinton's deep learning systems is that they can generate images (and probably sounds) from incomplete or noisy input images, or by exciting high-level neurons that represent that class. Although being able to recognise images or sounds alone makes for pretty shallow "understanding". I think further advances might start to occur when they start trying to mix multiple sensory streams: particularly vision and sound, but eventually tactile senses as well. This could easily be achieved with the minimal changes to the current designs of deep learning architectures. If we can have the machine be shown an image, and it spontaneously generate speech that says what object it recognises, some people would find that a bit eerie. This would approximate playing the naming game with a child. If we could tell the robot a story, and in its "mind" it spontaneously starts generating images that represent the story, we could say that the machine is actually on the way to having a genuine "understanding" of the story. As I describe in this post, advances might also be achieved by expanding the perceptual applications to include things like motion perception: often visible as objects changing position, scale or rotation. One thing that is less obvious, is how to apply deep learning to motion control of robots. That's something I'm still thinking about. Even though I can see great potential in deep learning, I can still see some significant obstacles. Deep learning still uses iterative training techniques, which despite being quicker than they were, are still a far cry from being able to briefly see a person or object once, and then recognising that person or object from obscure angles and distances moments later. Something that people can (sometimes) do very well. Though this might be easily taken care of with some complementary memory processes (much as it seems to be in the brain). And even if current systems for deep learning turns out to have some fatal flaw in being applicable to simulating intelligence, I think the cat is very nearly out of the bag. The neocortex has largely the same structure all over the brain, and we have reasonably good approximations for many of the less regular areas of the brain. So, in my opinion it is only a matter of time before we have intelligent machines. Or machines "intelligent" enough to do most of what we've ever wanted them to, though with certain physical constraints withstanding.
          BWW Review: SOMETHING ROTTEN! Wows Nashville Audiences During Show's TPAC Run   

Nashville audiences have long been noted for their generosity in rewarding performances with a standing ovation - to the point that they have become rather commonplace - but never before have we witnessed a "standing O" at the end of a particularly raucous, thoroughly inspiring and resolutely entertaining musical number. That is, we had never seen it happen until opening night at the conclusion of the rousing and rollicking "A Musical" that comes midway through Act One of Something Rotten!, the uproarious Broadway hit that made its Music City debut at Tennessee Performing Arts Center's Andrew Jackson Hall on Tuesday evening.

The astounding phenomenon was not a knee-jerk reaction to someone standing up first or any sense of the obligatory. Rather, you could feel the energy moving throughout the house as the number was performed so brilliantly onstage and, if you were paying attention, you could feel it building to the point that audience members simply had to leap to their feet to show their appreciation of a peculiarly American art form, in general, and Something Rotten!, in particular. If you were there, the sense of joie de vivre was palpable from the very first notes of the song and as it was delivered by the remarkable ensemble onstage, the sustained "standing O" only seemed apropos to the moment.

Thoroughly delightful and eminently entertaining, "A Musical" features affectionate nods to some 20 or more legendary musicals, gleefully recalling signature musical motifs from particular songs or lyrics interpolated for maximum impact. If it doesn't make you love musicals at least a little bit more than you did when you walked into the theater, nothing will.

How many times have you experienced something like that? The exhilaration that comes from seeing top-flight actors performing at the very top of their game, the quintessential moment that is the essence of that to which every musical theater creative team aspires. Co-composer - and Nashville's own - Wayne Kirkpatrick, eager to see how his hometown audiences would respond to his first foray into the rarefied world of the Broadway musical, must have been floating on air as the general hubbub of opening night reached its zenith (and remained there) throughout the remainder of the two and a half hours of mirthful merriment and musical effervescence that continued to reverberate throughout the building, sending audiences home on a cloud of pure joy. You really should have been there - it was a night for the history books of musical theater in a city known far and wide for its music.

To put it succinctly: Something Rotten! is a great big hit, the kind of theatrical achievement of showbiz legend and a joyous cavalcade of musical theatre tropes that are rendered herein as if they were something new and unique. Somehow, the highly original show - with Tony Award-nominated music and lyrics by Wayne Kirkpatrick and his brother Karey Kirkpatrick, and book by John O'Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick and conceived by the Kirkpatrick brothers - manages to bridge the gap between audience members who thrive on such creativity and artistic achievement and those who tend to disdainfully look down their collective nose at such lighter than air, buoyant entertainment.

A witty and whimsical takeoff on Shakespeare - he's portrayed as a rock star of the Renaissance era and as the bane of the existence of the two Bottom brothers, Nigel and Nick, who are the show's primary protagonists - and the struggle of his contemporaries to compete with his prolific and popular works for the theater, Something Rotten! is rather unique in these days of movies turned into musicals and revivals of classic works by the legendary composers and lyricists of Broadway's golden era. And while it calls upon its forebears to provide musical context and literary references, it's a wholly new story that engages its audiences from the very beginning ("Welcome to the Renaissance") all the way through to the show's finale, set appropriately enough in the New World where the idea of a show in which an actor stops speaking long enough to break into song (which, of course, advances the plot and aids in character development - and there's something called a dance break) is sure to take hold.

Along the way, there's enough spectacle and theatrical wizardry - thanks in large part to the production's exquisite aesthetic design which includes vibrant and colorful scenery by Scott Pask, gorgeous, eye-popping costumes by Gregg Barnes, evocative lighting by Jeff Croiter and all the ancillary accoutrement supplied by more of Broadway's very best - to keep the most ardent of musical theater lovers on the edge of their seats. Plus, the ample irreverence and tongue-in-cheek approach to the material ensures that even the freshest of neophytes will discover much to love about Something Rotten!

Directed with his expected aplomb and obvious love for what he's doing by Tony winner Casey Nicholaw (his resume includes The Book of Mormon, The Drowsy Chaperone, Monty Python's Spamalot), who also supplies the tremendous choreography that makes Something Rotten! more exhilarating than one could possibly hope for, the production that was nominated for 10 Tony Awards in 2015 is a love letter to the escapism and sense of wonder that is so much a part of musical theater. If you go to see it, and you certainly should (make no mistake about that), you'll find yourself caught up in the pageantry and pomp of the show to the point that your love of musicals will deepen, your appreciation for the art form heightened by the antics of Nicholaw's superb cast.

With the memorable score, crafted by the brothers Kirkpatrick, and the sharply written book by O'Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick - which is replete with enough doubles entendre and witty rejoinders to keep your brain whirling throughout - Something Rotten! is sure to one day be considered a musical theater classic on its own astonishing merits, its obvious appreciation of all the remarkable shows that have come before it only underscoring the creative team's love for the very genre it playfully and artfully sends up with its structure.

Led by Rob McClure and Josh Grisetti as Nick and Nigel Bottom, the siblings who find themselves out of the spotlight since the meteoric rise of Shakespeare's (played with sex appeal and bombast by Adam Pascal) star, Nicholaw's talented ensemble bring the show to life with enough energy to power a major metropolitan city! As the two Bottoms struggle to create their own masterpiece (Richard II, plans for which are scrapped when "The Bard" writes his own script about that British monarch after he's already produced Richard III - "Who goes backwards?" Nick implores), we watch their company of actors chew the scenery and act up a veritable storm to bring a new show to life during Elizabethan times. All manner of zany hilarity ensues in the process and McClure and Grisetti keep the action moving along at a fair pace with their commitment to their characters.

Pascal powers his way through the show to leave an indelible mark as The Bard, exuding a sexy sensuality that explains why he's so idolized by his adoring fans. The guy sure knows how to wear a codpiece! His performance of "Will Power," in which he's backed up by four hot boy dancers, serves as the perfect introduction to Shakespeare and his astounding way with words.

While McClure, Grisetti and Pascal definitely have the larger, showier roles in Something Rotten!, they are surrounded by estimable talent in every scene, including the scene-stealing Blake Hammond as Thomas Nostradamus, the soothsaying nephew of the Nostradamus, who foretells of the creation of musical theater; the fey and funny Scott Cote as Brother Jeremiah, as a light-in-the-loafers Puritan zealot; the stereotype-defying (or should that be "-defining"?) Jeff Brooks as Shylock; the outlandish Joel Newsome as Lord Clapham, the brother's initial patron; and the showstopping Nick Rashad Burroughs as the minstrel who welcomes us to the Renaissance in the show's opening number.

Maggie Lakis is wonderful as Nick Bottom's loyal and devoted wife, Bea, a proto-feminist centuries ahead of her time, and Autumn Hurlburt is ideal as the object of Nigel's ardor, Portia, the daughter of the closeted Puritan who's trying to shut down every theater in town.

Giving ample support throughout are the remaining members of Nicholaw's all-dancing, all-singing ensemble who portray the various and sundry Renaissance regulars who populate the imaginative world in which the Bottoms and Shakespeare vie for prominence. They sing! They dance! They act! - all while being tremendously, heart-stoppingly watchable. Thanks, Something Rotten! for giving us a chorus of gorgeous girls and handsome boys to keep our attention focused where it needs to be.

Brian P. Kennedy conducts the 15-member orchestra with confidence and a sense of theatrical bravado required - nay, demanded - by such onstage antics, which includes some of Nashville's most talented players in the pit.

Something Rotten! Book by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O'Farrell. Music and lyrics by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Karey Kirkpatrick. Directed and choreographed by Casey Nicholaw. Musical direction by Brian P. Kennedy. Production stage managed by Jeff Norman. Scenic design by Scott Pask. Costume design by Gregg Barnes. Lighting design by Jeff Croiter. Sound design by Peter Hylenski. Hair Design by Josh Marquette. Makeup design by Milagros Medina-Cerdeira. Presented by HCA TriStar Broadway at TPAC Series at Andrew Jackson Hall at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Nashville. Through Sunday, July 2. Running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes (with one 15-minute intermission). For details, go to

photos by Jeremy Daniel

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We're back and worse than ever! After a one week hiatus to celebrate Bryan's birthday and reset our brains, we jump ass first into the hottest topics outside of Hot Topic - the most athletic Home Depot employees compete for Olympic gold, Kristen Stewart breaks Robert Pattinson's sparkley heart, Chick-Fil-A fires up the controversy grill, and Arizona continues to make everything awful. I don't heart Huckabee.  Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod Bitly for sharing Throwing Shade on Twitter Official Max Fun Page RSS Feed HELP OBAMA'S CAMPAIGN! ROMNEY IS KILLING HIM IN FUNDRAISING!! 
          TS34-Michigan Vaginas,Pro-Gay Companies, The Choice, Gayest Cities in America   
Woo Hoo! It's Tuesday, which means two things #1 Monday is dead (for now) and #2 Bryan and Erin have unleashed their brain garbage onto the Internet. This week, be appalled by frank discussions about the state of Michigan's violent reaction to the word "VAGINA", why anti-gay groups want corporations who support gay marriage to not do that, the worst show to happen to dating - The Choice, and the gayest cities in the good old US of A. Is this my coconut water?  /p> Come see Entertainment Hollywood June 24th 9:30PM Subscribe and Rate on iTunes @gibblertron & @bryansafi #tspod Throwing Shade Ring Tone (thanks @bcevans) Bitly for sharing Throwing Shade on Twitter Official Max Fun Page RSS Feed
          Applying to MIT Solve? Here are 4 Ways, and 20 Resources, to Upgrade Brain Health in the Digital Age   
Insufficient brain healthcare is one of the most pervasive and multi-faceted problems our world faces today. From the young to the old, the rich to the poor, those living in dense cities to isolated farmlands, anyone can be affected by brain health problems. Yet, current solutions to this problem are limited. While some innovations have made […]
          A Separate Thread for Gary Gaulin   
Post by GaryGaulin
I just went over the article, and can add:

Relatedly, Penfield observed that spontaneous electrical discharges in the brain cause involuntary sensations and movements and even emotions, but never abstract reasoning or calculation. There are no “calculus” seizures or “moral” seizures, in which patients involuntarily take second derivatives or ponder mercy.

The above is expected, from a vector mapped movement based system.

Similar observations emerge from Roger Sperry’s famous studies of patients who had undergone surgery to disconnect the hemispheres of the brain. This was done to prevent seizures. The post-operative patients experienced peculiar perceptual and behavioral changes, but they retained unity of personal identity—a unified intellect and will. The changes Sperry discovered in his research (for which he won a Nobel Prize) were so subtle as to pass unnoticed in everyday life.

It is not normal for one hand to keep trying to light a cigarette while the other hand keeps throwing it away. That and other examples of the known side effects of corpus callosotomy surgery indicates that the patients did not fully retain their "unity".

In the past decade, British researcher Adrian Owen has found using fMRI imaging that some patients with such severe brain damage that they are considered to be in a persistent vegetative state are actually capable of sophisticated thought. The “comatose” patients’ brain scans show that, in reply to questions by an examiner, the patients are in fact thinking and imagining.

The above is also expected, from what at least I have for a model. The important part needed for imagination is at the end of the brain stem, not all the optional add-ons that surround it.
          Válasz erre: Szexi estét mindenkinek!   
@Neytiri1: én ennyi baromságot összehordok egy nap alatt, te meg azzal vádolsz mennyire penge vagyok? hadd forgassam ki: nem vagy te egy kicsit beképzelt, hogy azt sugalld, csak általatok létezhet boldogság? vagy, csak az a fajta boldogság az, amit csak ti kínálhattok? mert akkor többé nem nevetek vígjátékon, sem abszúrd poénokon, sem nem elégít ki önnön nagyszerűségem. pedig dehogynem. :D várj, leegyszerűsítem. nem én mondtam magamra, „te mondád!”. illetve feltételezed. de legyek neked szűz, ha ettől jobban és lehetőleg többnek érzed magad. na de ki vagyok én, hogy diskurzusotok jogát megbontsam? brainiac. na jó, még fair leszek, válaszolok: amikor tiszta elmére van szükségem, mindenképpen távol tartom magam tőletek. de előtte egy kis ungabunga. :D
          Charges Re-Filed Against Restaurant Owners Accused Of Dumpster-Diving For Deer Heads   
Preventing food waste is good, but not to the point of dumpster-diving for deer brains at a wild game butcher. The former owners of a Chinese restaurant in Pennsylvania are accused of dealing in illegal deer meat, at least some of which came from the trash at butchers that process deer for hunters. reports that back in 2015, the …
          Big question: Who gets the blame if a cyborg drops a kid on its head?   

Boffins demand panic button to control wacky brain-machine interfaces in the future

Who is responsible if a robot controlled by a human brain drops, say, a baby?…

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I love cruises. Ya know, the kind where you get on a big ol’ cruise ship and take off for some exotic ports while eating, partying and relaxing your brains off for a week away from reality. Those things are really fun and good for you at the same time. You can just tune out […]
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Great news! We have extended the storage limits for specific commercial plans. YouTrack InCloud commercial plans have been around for awhile. We thought this would be a good time to update some of them. The main idea behind subscription plans … Continue reading
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Those two men have more Moxy and heart & brains than all the men we'll I have ever seen great work guy's.
          Comment on Trump Administration Unapologetic Following President’s Latest Twitter Tirade by fadista   
I realize thinking and analyzing are not your strong suits, Mike, but claiming Obama's accomplishments have been "washed away" is even ignorant for you. Just because a complete imbecile occupies the White House and has appointed the most reactionary of corporate shills to his cabinet who, in consort, are attempting to undo as much of the Obama legacy as possible -- particularly regarding the environment and healthcare so far! -- such efforts cannot be classified, by any human with a functioning brain, as being "washed away". Your comments should be an embarrassment even by the low standards of your fellow reactionaries. Apparently, you come here because you're a glutton for punishment. Why? Can't find anyone to p-ss on you during weekday mornings?
          Nurse (Head/Brain Injury)   
Health Recruit Network - United Kingdom - £15.05ph Staff Nurse required in Yeovil for a large dementia focused & head/brain injury CQC compliant Job Setting My client requires... a dedicated Staff Nurse to work within a CQC nursing home in Yeovil, Somerset. My client provides nursing services to elderlywith dementia & head...
          You May Wear Pants   

The Morning Heresy is your daily digest of news and links relevant to the secular and skeptic communities.

Cardinal George Pell is the third-most powerful official in the Catholic Church as head of the Vatican’s finances. And he’s just been charged multiple sexual assaults in his native Australia. I think it’s time to play this song again.

Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky signs into law a bill allowing Bible classes in public schools. I’m sure that not far behind are classes on the Qu’ran, the Bhagvat Gita, Dianetics, and the Books of Bokonon. Any day now.

ProPublica reveals “a trove” of Facebook’s internal documents showing its secret guidelines for determining what is and is not hate speech, and thus able to be censored. And some of it is frankly disturbing:

One document trains content reviewers on how to apply the company’s global hate speech algorithm. The slide identifies three groups: female drivers, black children and white men. It asks: Which group is protected from hate speech? The correct answer: white men. ... White men are considered a group because both traits are protected, while female drivers and black children, like radicalized Muslims, are subsets, because one of their characteristics is not protected. 

Adi Robertson at The Verge notes that Facebook’s task is more or less impossible:

If the company decides to promote a positive social environment without taking clear political sides, it will trend toward a faux neutrality where “hate” is any negative opinion, punishing people who criticize the status quo. But if it admits to an ideological bent, it will have to start formulating political stances on which groups worldwide deserve the most protection from hate. The more social responsibility it accepts, the more liable it is for failing to police its users, and the more power it has to control speech — not just comments to other users, but personal timeline posts or photographs. 

Oh, hey hey hey, make sure you dig the latest Cause & Effect newsletter. It’s got international news, SCOTUS news, and not all of the news is bad!

CFI’s Benjamin Radford is on the panel for a discussion about psychics (along with a bunch of alleged psychics) on WNPR’s Colin McEnroe Show.

Another “psychic,” Michelle Marks of Dixon, Illinois, is arrested for “exploitation of an elderly person and multiple weapons charges.” Wow she was busy!

Researchers at the Catholic University of Louvain wanted to see if atheists in Western Europe were more or less closed-minded than the religious. And that’s what they found, more or less:

Atheists tended to show greater intolerance of contradiction, meaning when they were presented with two seemingly contradictory statements they rated one as very true and the other as very false. They also showed less propensity to be able to imagine arguments contrary to their own position and find them somewhat convincing.

A group of scientists and other figures sign on to an initiative called Mission 2020, intended to get greenhouse gas emissions to “curve downward” by 2020, because failing that, the goals of Paris become unattainable. While it’s noble, I am skeptical. Especially after my Point of Inquiry interview with Elizabeth Kolbert earlier this month.

Undaunted by my kind of despair, a “global covenant of mayors” pledging to meet the goals of the Paris accord has brought on board more than 7400 cities.

Cleve Wootson at WaPo introduces us to Michael Tate Reed, the guy who keeps ramming his car into Ten Commandments monuments, as he did in Arkansas yesterday:

[In 2014] He was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and released under an agreement that required him to continue treatment. He sent a rambling letter to the newspaper apologizing and describing the voices in his head and his attempts to recover from mental health issues. 

Speaking of which, Joseph Frankel at The Atlantic looks at how the phenomenon of “hearing voices” in one’s head—which is sometimes what makes people think they’re psychic, and others say they’re psychotic—may be more common than once thought, and also may be more controllable:

These experiments suggest that auditory hallucinations are the result of the mind failing to brand its actions as its own. Watching what the brain does during these hallucinations may clarify how that works, and what differences in the brain create these experiences. ... Drawing a parallel with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the [researchers] are interested in the extent to which the psychics they saw “might occupy the extreme end of a continuum” of people who hear voices. 

The Mormon Church is taking bold strides into the latter half of the 20th century, offering paid maternity or parental leave to church employees and (hold on to your butts) allowing women to wear pants.

A California health department report says that 111 people have chosen to take their own lives in the first six months of the state’s right-to-die law. 

Uranus isn’t just odd because its name makes you chuckle (which is why I must pronounce it “YURen-uss,” not, you know, the other way). It’s on a crazy 98-degree axis, and its magnetic shield is all wobbly.

When there’s somethin’ strange…in the neighborhood…who you gonna call? The Royal Thai Police Force! They ain’t afraid o’no phi pob. 

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is a fun, scientific, educational museum experience for the whole family! Oh wait, the city wants them to pay a “safety assessment fee”? I meant to say, it’s a ministry. So, sorry. Exempt. Phew! I mean, “amen.”

My home state of Maine gets its first case of measles in 20 years. Oh god I hope it’s not me! 

Quote of the Day:

I’m just gonna give this one to Colbert:

* * * 

Linking to a story or webpage does not imply endorsement by Paul or CFI. Not every use of quotation marks is ironic or sarcastic, but it often is.

Image by Chris&Rhiannon (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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The Morning Heresy: “I actually read it.” - Hemant Mehta


          The Largest of the Setters: Beauty, Brains and Birdsense   

The largest of the setters is also the heaviest, most heavily coated, and most methodical worker of the setters, as well as the rarest, but the Gordon Setter is no stranger in American history.  The first Gordon Setters to set foot in America were a pair imported in 1842 from the Gordon Castle kennels by George […]

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          7 Ways to Brighten Your Horizon Forever   

You're reading 7 Ways to Brighten Your Horizon Forever, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

  1. Read Books that Make you think Outside the Box!

Brighten your horizon by realizing that everyone is your teacher. Gradually, you’ll gravitate to books - reading them will shape and mould your character brick by brick. Over time, they’ll help carve out a masterpiece of an inner canvas, making you consider possibilities you would have never otherwise considered.

One idea has the potential to change your life forever if you act on it.“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Sometimes, the most profound insights you have in your life will come through reading one sentence, one quote, in one book.

  1. Invest BIG in Yourself

Countless people similar to you have made mistakes and often pass on their decades of experience — so that you don’t have to learn things the hard way. Warren Buffett, the world renowned and famous investor, once said “It’s good to learn from your mistakes. But it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”

Whether it’s through an online course, seminar, or a three-day event (related to skills you’re passionate about improving) — you’ll usually come back with an upgraded toolkit. Having the willingness to let go of your ego, by investing in yourself, will cut your learning curve and allow you to get the skills that some people have taken YEARS to learn.

Just because you’ve finished your degree doesn’t mean your life education is over. In fact, it’s always just getting started. Remember: if you don’t invest in yourself, then who will?

  1. Reflect on your Direction Regularly!

You only ever have so much energy to give, and every once in awhile; you need to make a pit stop. That can take the form of a public blog, a written journal, or simply a conversation with a friend to reflect on your year so far.

Reflecting on your journey, is one of the most important things you can do for your direction and self-awareness in the long term. The active recovery will give you the clarity needed to act on hard truths — so that you can make wise improvements in both your personal and professional life.

  1. Save BIG Money Every Month

If you don’t have money under control, you don’t live free. If you don’t save money every month, you’re not preparing for the future. Making a saving plan doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to calculate how much you automatically spend every month, and then create a comfortable monthly standing order for an amount that you can easily commit to.

Brian Tracy, one of the most prominent self-improvement gurus, in his book, the 21 Secrets of Millionaires, wrote: “if you don’t save money, the seeds of greatness aren’t within you. By saving for the future, you show that you understand that a little money saved each month, will end up going a long way towards your freedom. And freedom is something you value tremendously.

  1. Mostly Eat Healthy Food!

Anyone can eat a couple of fruits and vegetables per day. Anyone can eat one protein-rich meal per day. Anyone can skip the soda and make sure they drink enough water. Eating healthy is not a pursuit of perfection, it’s just about feeding your body more of what it needs, and less of what it doesn’t.

Companies are spending billions of dollars on marketing processed foods so you can’t be too harsh on yourself if you eat unhealthy on occasion. Yes, you’ve probably grown to love cookies, ice cream, and the like — but by feeding your body more nutritious foods most of the time, you’ll disable part of the lure processed foods have over you.

  1. Exercise Regularly!

Exercise isn’t just about improving your physique or your health; it’s about improving your mentality and physiology. Similarly to fine-tuning a car, your body needs the right intervention to operate at its best! You only ever end up getting one body in your lifetime, so you do what you can to take care of it! Whether you go to the gym three times per week, jog once a week, play sports with your friends — you were built to move!

Having an xercisee ritual is a gateway into a higher state of energy and focus. And with that state, you can experience more rewarding days = a more rewarding life.If you’re exercising in some form regularly (even if it’s just taking a long walk), then you’re leveraging all the areas of your life closer to their full potential!

  1. Be Mindful of your Media Consumption!

One of the easiest ways to relax and stimulate yourself after a long day at work is to turn on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or whatever’s trending now. With a flick of your fingers, you can get access to a whole variety of entertainment. The average person in America consumes an average of five hours of Television per day! Zig Ziglar, in his book, How to Stay Motivated, mentions that the average Chairman of a board only consumes four to eight hours of television per week.

Be the chairman of your life — by being mindful of the quality and quantity of information you allow to flow into your consciousness. You decide whether you want to experience the better part of the thrills you seek, through a screen, or your life...

With time and application, these seven different components of your life will start clicking into place, as they continually serve to brighten your horizon!

My Last Words

If you work on a PC and you're interested in learning how to brighten your path to its full potential, read my free book on Spiritual Productivity.

  • You'll learn about how to split up your day into four chunks, so you worry less about external influences.
  • You'll discover the small hacks that will take your productive work on the PC to the next level.
  • And much more…

 Samy Felice is a writer who brings meaning to words. His Free Book explores how to make success easier. 

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          My Week Long Experiment and the Benefits to my Mind and Body   

You're reading My Week Long Experiment and the Benefits to my Mind and Body, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

In almost all health and well-being articles I’ve ever read, there’s always one tip that reoccurs every time.  It’s the simplest of things, the easiest advice to follow, and I’m just surprised that more people don’t do it.  It’s not rocket science, it’s not expensive (in fact, it’s pretty much free) and is available to us all. Drink water.

I know, I know!  It can be the most boring thing you can think of when it comes to thirst. First thing in the morning when I’m still on autopilot, I’ve usually made and drunk a large cup of strong coffee before I’m properly awake – I need that rocket fuel to get me going!  But with the warmer weather now upon us, I can have a tendency to feel sluggish, for my feet and ankles to swell when I sit at my office desk for too long, and to suffer with far more headaches than is really acceptable. Talking to my colleagues (who all sit with a sports bottle filled with water on their desks) they all told me I should drink more water.  I could still have the coffee, but I should add drinks of water in-between coffees, or replace one or two of those coffees throughout the day.

Biting the bullet, I decided to conduct a little experiment of my own.  It couldn’t hurt, could it?  A week out of my life?  I pledged to my work colleagues, that for one week, I would drink nothing but water, document my findings as I went, and then give them an honest account of my well-being at the end of the week.  Here’s how I got on…

Day 1

I had to try really hard not to make that coffee.  I really needed coffee.  BUT… I had hot water instead - a little compromise in my mind, as I’m used to having a hot drink.  I won’t lie, it certainly didn’t hit the spot like my usual coffee does.  Throughout the day I consumed the recommended amount.  By the end of day one, I’d drunk over 2 litres!

Day 2

Still craving that early morning coffee!  It was a little more difficult during the day, because I work part time, and this was one of my home days.  I was busy with chores, and so I fell slightly short of the two litres, but I didn’t count it as failure.  If anything the opposite – I’d done 2 whole days without coffee!

Day 3

Woke with a thumping headache!  I put this down to a little caffeine withdrawal. I persevered with the hot water, instead opting to add a little lemon juice. By the end of day 3 I had consumed over 2.5 litres of water! Go me!

Day 4

The temptation of coffee was still there, but I didn’t feel like I ‘needed’ it in the same way as a couple of days before.  Drinking water was almost becoming a habit.  At home I made sure that I set myself little reminders to drink by programming my phone’s alarm to go off every hour, on the hour.  By the end of day 4 I’d consumed another 2.5 litres.  I noticed too that my visits to the bathroom were far more frequent than the days before.  My system really was flushing through!

Day 5

I tend to work all day on a Friday, which means I’m sat on my bottom from 9-5!  I made sure I drank plenty, and got up and moved about at least once every hour.  Leaving the office, I was surprised that my feet were normal size, and that only one of my ankles were ever so slightly puffy.  What a difference!  Toilet visits were more frequent, but I started to feel physically better.  I was getting to sleep earlier, which in turn made me feel brighter in the morning.

Day 6

A Saturday.  Fail!  Not only did I not consume my target 2 litres, but I also went off plan.  I was out for the day, and didn’t prepare adequately.  The craving for something sweet and fizzy got the better of me and I gave in to it and had a lemonade.  Still, once home I stuck to my liquid plan, and got straight back on to water. At least lemonade is a clear liquid, right?

Day 7

Mission complete!  Target consumption met!  I could really see a difference in my overall well-being.  I still peed for England, and not only did I notice a difference in my bladder behaviour, but also my bowels.  Things were ‘easier’.  My headaches became almost non-existent, and I was actually feeling like I had a bit of energy!  My mind-set was more positive, and on the whole, I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling!

I’ve added a day 8 because I just had to share this amazing benefit with you…

Day 8

The day I stepped on the scales.  Perhaps drinking more water had suppressed my appetite a little as I am 3.5lbs lighter! I put it down to water being calorie free!  Whatever the answer, I know that from now on I’ll be carrying on with the water drinking.  It’s not permanently sustainable, as I like a social drink now and again, and I will allow myself the odd coffee – just not to the same extent as before.

Jane works part time, and is also a freelance writer and blogger, who currently writes for Cooleraid. In her spare time she enjoys reading, travel, and chocolate!

You've read My Week Long Experiment and the Benefits to my Mind and Body, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

          Redblacks need to cut out mistakes, brain cramps   
While there were some terrific Ottawa moments, including an electric 96-yard touchdown run on a punt return by Diontae Spencer, there were too many stumbles and other brain cramps that good football teams don’t make.
          Sleep Party People - Lingering (2017)   

Artist: Sleep Party People
Title: Lingering
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Joyful Noise Recordings
Genre: Indie, Dreampop
Quality: Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)
Total Time: 48:51
Total Size: 111 / 312 MB
01. Figures
02. The Missing Steps
03. Fainting Spell
04. Salix and His Soil
05. Lingering Eyes
06. Dissensions
07. Limitations
08. The Sound of His Daughter
09. The Sun Will Open Its Core
10. We Are There Together
11. Odd Forms
12. Vivid Dream

Sleep Party People is the brainchild of Brian Batz, a Danish multi-instrumentalist with a boundless imagination. The one-man home recording project took shape in 2008 when Batz began experimenting with an old battered piano in his apartment. Coupled with a strange electronic alteration of his recorded voice, he created eerie, hypnotic sounds and haunting melodies forming the basis of Sleep Party People's self-titled debut album (2010). With the release of 2012's 'We Were Drifting On A Sad Song' and 2014's 'Floating', Sleep Party People began touring as a five-piece band, gaining the attention of fans worldwide. Without the support of a U.S. label, the band was able to harness a groundswell of attention from far reaches of the globe. Throughout Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, and even parts of the Middle East it's not unusual for SPP shows to draw thousands of spectators. Sleep Party People releases their first album on Joyful Noise, titled 'Lingering'. Written, recorded, produced, and performed by Batz, the new album develops beyond the band's more overtly post-rock efforts. With 'Lingering', Batz has found a voice as a unique songwriter, and has captured a singular warmth within his densely layered, futuristically choreographed instrumentation.


          Echotest - From Two Balconies (2017)   

Artist: Echotest
Title: From Two Balconies
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Echotest (Julie Slick + Marco Machera)
Genre: Progressive Rock
Quality: MP3/320 kbps
Total Time: 56:57
Total Size: 131 MB
01. supercell
02. rack+ruin
03. the mystical connected us
04. confirmation bias
05. beats in the brain
06. the plight
07. sense of urgency
08. pity
09. radio sayonara
10. reflect/reflex

          Study Finds Hackers Could Use Brainwaves to Steal Passwords    
Research suggests EEG headsets, growing in popularity among consumers, need better security.
          Hospital grants extra time on life support for sick baby   
A London hospital on Friday granted extra time on life support for a British baby with a rare disease and brain damage.
          Hospital To Turn Off Life Support For Sick Baby   
A London Hospital is expected to turn off life support for a baby with a rare disease and brain damage on Friday, after his parents lost a legal battle against the doctors’ decision, the parents said in a video statement.
          Por que ter uma memória ruim pode ser uma coisa boa, segundo a ciência   

O personagem Dory de Procurando Nemo: esquecer das coisas nem sempre é um mau sinal (Foto: Divulgação)

O personagem Dory de Procurando Nemo: esquecer das coisas nem sempre é um mau sinal (Foto: Divulgação)

Ao esquecer detalhes que não são importantes, o seu cérebro está ajudando você a tomar as decisões certas

Publicado na Época Negócios

Sabe aquelas pessoas que vivem se gabando de ter uma memória perfeita? Nunca esquecem nenhum nome, a cidade que visitaram há 10 anos, lembram todos os detalhes dos filmes. De acordo com cientistas, você deveria deixar de invejar essa gente, pois esquecer é uma coisa normal e, veja só, ainda te torna mais inteligente.

Em uma pesquisa publicada recentemente na Neuron, e divulgada pela Time, o time de cientistas liderado por Paul Frankland e Blake Richards, da Universidade de Toronto, concluiu que o principal objetivo da memória não é transmitir a informação de forma mais precisa ao longo do tempo. E, sim, otimizar o poder de decisão inteligente ao se apegar ao que é realmente importante e “esquecendo” o que é irrelevante.

“É importante que o cérebro esqueça detalhes irrelevantes e, em vez disso, se concentre em tudo o que vai ajudar a tomar decisões práticas no mundo real”, afirma Blake Richards, que integra o programa Learning in Machine and Brains (Aprendizado em Máquinas e Cérebros).

Após estudar e cruzar informações sobre memória, perda de memória e atividade cerebral em seres humanos e animais, os pesquisadores perceberam que o cérebro cria novas conexões que se sobrepõem às mais antigas. Essa observação foi feita nos estudos de Frankland com cobaias, provando que as células do cérebro são formadas no hipocampo – região associada com o aprendizado de novas coisas. As conexões que surgem a partir dos conhecimentos substituem as memórias antigas e tornam seu acesso mais difícil.

Essa troca constante de memórias antigas por novas pode trazer verdadeiros benefícios evolucionários, dizem os pesquisadores. Por exemplo: nos permite adaptar a novas situações, deixando de lado as informações desatualizada e potencialmente enganosas.

“Se você está tentando viver sua vida e seu cérebro insiste em relembrar memórias conflitantes, isso torna mais difícil que você tome uma decisão acertada”, diz Richards.

Nossos cérebros também nos ajudam a esquecer fatos específicos, mas retêm uma ideia geral do que aconteceu. Isso, dizem os pesquisadores, nos dá a habilidade de generalizar experiências anteriores e aplicar o conhecimento em situações atuais.

Os cientistas afirmam que é normal admirar aquela pessoa que sempre vence nos jogos de memória, como Master, Perfil ou Imagem e Ação. ‘Mas o fato é que o processo da evolução formou nossa memória não para ganhar jogos de trivia, mas para tomar decisões inteligentes”, diz Richards. “E quando você olha para o que é necessário a fim de tomar decisões inteligentes, então podemos argumentar que é saudável esquecer algumas coisas”.

O que isso significa para quem vive esquecendo nomes e detalhes que acabou de ler, pessoas que encontrou ontem ou até mesmo onde deixou as chaves de casa? Para Richards, essas pessoas deveriam se exigir menos, dentro do limite do razoável.

“Ninguém quer esquecer tudo o que aprendeu, e se você anda esquecendo mais do que o normal, aí sim tem uma razão para se preocupar”, diz o pesquisador. “Mas se você costuma esquecer um ou outro detalhe, é provavelmente um sinal de que o seu sistema de memória é perfeitamente saudável e está fazendo exatamente o que deveria”.

Considerando-se a atual sociedade em que vivemos, em que há computadores por todo lado e a possibilidade de pesquisar tudo no Google, Richards afirma que nossos cérebros não precisam mais guardar uma quantidade enorme de informações, como número de telefone e quem foi o primeiro homem a pisar na Lua. “Ao invés de guardar essas informações irrelevantes, nossos cérebros estão liberados para arquivar memórias que realmente fazem diferença para nossas vidas”, diz.

O pesquisador recomenda ainda uma “limpeza” regular no sistema de memória – facilmente resolvido com idas frequentes à academia ou se exercitando em casa e nos parques.

“Nós sabemos que a atividade física aumenta o número de neurônios no hipocampo”, diz. Sim, isso talvez faça com que algumas memórias se percam, diz, “mas são exatamente aqueles detalhes da sua vida que não têm importância, e que talvez estejam te impedindo de tomar boas decisões”.

          Wise Ape, A Performance Tea Company, Announces Partnership With National Brain Tumor Society   

MARLTON, NJ--(Marketwired - June 29, 2017) - Wise Ape, an innovative performance tea company and lifestyle brand committed to providing health conscious consumers with access to uniquely developed and all-natural tea products, this week proudly announced they have established a partnership with the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS), the largest non-profit organization dedicated to the brain tumor community. NBTS is fiercely committed to finding better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for brain tumors.

          Comment on Easy DIY Trimmed Towels…plus stylish & scrumptious scents by The Painted Hive   
Hmmm, not entirely certain what you mean. Are you referring to the distance between the trim and towel hem on the finished towels? I can assure you they are all the same and I certainly did measure (didn't include this in the tutorial because well, it's kinda a no brainer). Each strip of trim is positioned 6cm/2.3" from the towel hem on all towels. They might look a little skewiff in the pic with the stacked towels because I deliberately folded and layered them a little haphazardly. Cheers
          ClarityX – Improve Cognitive Function, Focus and Get More Brain Power   
          Pelosi Suffers Multiplr Brain Freezes During NYC Appearance   
          Indie Author Spotlight: Robert Eggleton   

Hello lovelies welcome to a feature I am going to have on La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books that is called Indie Author Spotlight. Each month I will post an Indie Author Spotlight to help spread word about the works of the fantastic indie authors that are out there!

Today tenth installment and feature is Robert Eggleton author of Rarity from the Hollow

 Robert Eggleton

Author's Bio

Robert Eggleton has served as a children's advocate in an impoverished state for over forty years. Locally, he is best known for his nonfiction about children’s programs and issues, much of which was published by the West Virginia Supreme Court where he worked from1982 through 1997. Today, he is a retired children's psychotherapist from the mental health center in Charleston, West Virginia, where he specialized in helping victims cope with and overcome maltreatment and other mental health concerns. Rarity from the Hollow is his debut novel. Its release followed publication of three short Lacy Dawn Adventures in magazines. Author proceeds support the prevention of child maltreatment.

 Robert Eggleton Social Media Sites

Robert Eggleton Book

Rarity from the Hollow

By Robert Eggleton

Genre: Adult Literary Science Fiction

Publication Date: November 3, 2016

Add On Goodreads

Purchase Link


Author Interview

Q. Describe your book in ten words or less.

A. An unlikely savior of the universe -- tragedy, comedy, and satire.

Q. What draws you to this genre.

A. I enjoy reading and writing literary fiction and within most genres. I'm not a big fan of pure escapist novels. I tend to look for the author's hidden metaphors -- meaning behind the superficial and that seems to detract from my enjoyment. So, when I write, my goal is to produce something that will be reflected upon after the last paragraph has been read. I also enjoy reading speculative fiction -- the what if? There are several what ifs in Rarity from the Hollow, but the one that was most fun to write was its political parody. What if some compelling force united extreme capitalism and socialism by a common cause --- saving the universe? While much of the focus of my story was on the prevention of child maltreatment, there are other analogies -- i.e. global warming. Rarity from the Hollow was the first, perhaps the only, science fiction adventure to specifically predict the rise of Donald Trump to political power -- parody with no political advocacy one side or any other. Readers find out how Lacy Dawn, the protagonist, convinced Mr. Rump (Bernie Sanders) to help talk Mr. Prump (Donald Trump) into saving the universe. The allegory includes pressing issues that are being debated today, including illegal immigration and the refuge crisis, an issue that several European commentators have compared to cockroach infestation; extreme capitalism / consumerism vs. domestic spending for social supports; sexual harassment…. Mr. Prump in my story was a projection of Donald Trump based on the TV show, The Apprentice. The counterpart, Mr. Rump, was based on my understanding of positions held by Bernie Sanders as I wrote the story. Part of the negotiations in the story occur in the only high rise on planet Shptiludrp (Shop Until You Drop), a giant shopping mall and the center of economic governance, now more easily identifiable as Trump Tower. The allegory was not addressed by ARC reviewers of the novel because so few people worldwide considered Donald Trump to be a serious political contender until the primary elections in the U.S. The political allegory in the novel is obvious now that Donald Trump has become a household name. In summary, I am drawn to literary speculative fiction because it is so much fun to write.

Q. Where do you get information or ideas for your book?

A. Much of Rarity from the Hollow is more real than not, and based upon over forty years of my experiences working as a children's advocate. I use Google for research, for example, on updated research on prevalence rates or correlates of child abuse. One interesting element of the story pertains to the ET assistance that helped cure Lacy Dawn's parents -- she begins the story as an eleven year old protagonist, a victim of maltreatment. Her father is a war damaged Vet suffering from PTSD, night terrors, and anger outbursts. Several book reviewers have complimented by imagination when writing the medical intervention element of the story. In reality, humans are living in a very exciting time when computerized diagnosis and intervention of mental health concerns is an emerging science. The fantastical means employed by the alien in my story to treat the parents were based on today’s medical reality. I’ve already mentioned that in the beginning of Rarity from the Hollow, Dwayne, the abusive father was a war damaged Vet experiencing anger outbursts and night terrors. The mother was a downtrodden victim of domestic violence who had lost hope of ever getting her G.E.D. or driver's license, or of protecting her daughter. Diagnosis and treatment of these concerns affecting the parents, as representative of many similarly situated, was based on emerging technologies presented at the 2015 World Medical Innovation Forum: . Yes, in real life, like in my story, patients have been hooked up to computer technology for medial diagnosis and treatment. Additional exciting research was presented at that Forum and may one day may revolutionize psychiatric treatment. Most relevant to my story were: (1) smart brain prosthetics, wireless devises being tested for potential to relieve depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder…neural engineering to manipulate brain signals; (2) sophisticated imaging systems that are minimally invasive to brain circuitry for diagnosis (3) and, healing the brain with neuromodulation and electroceuticals to treat depression and schizophrenia.

Q. How do you select the names of your characters?

A. Typically, I pick names that fit a culture for stories. While I love fantasy, I've found long and unusual first names for characters annoying, thereby sometimes leading to head hopping as I've read the stories. I try to avoid this practice. For example, I recently read a short story involving sisters with unusual but very similar first names. I kept getting the characters mixed up, complicated by their similar voices. The subculture for Rarity from the Hollow is Appalachian, a place where the use of first and middle names is common when addressing the individual, such as Billy Bob, or Robert Thomas. Lacy Dawn was addressed by her first and middle name in the story as a show of love and respect, while the other characters were addressed by their first names only as a sign that their parents did not hold their existences in high regard. As a back story, when pregnant, Lacy Dawn's mother realized that she would not be able to give her daughter beautiful things in life, so she decided to give her a very beautiful name at birth.  

Q. List your top 5 favorite authors or books.

A. Gosh, this is an impossible to answer question. I'm a mood reader, so my favorite books at one time may be entirely different than at another time. Right now: Vonnegut’s anger in Breakfast of Champions helped me stay strong as a children’s advocate and as a writer, and how to experiment with my writing style. Watership Down by R. Adams was such a sweet adventure that some of this element just is a necessary ingredient of even the scariest or saddest story. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is probably on a lot of lists of favorite books. If I feel nostalgic, like now, Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins pushed me into the wilder side of writing regardless of censorship with views on religion and other topics. Last, The Color Purple by Alice Walker remains a role model for using colloquialism to reach mainstream readers. 

Q. What book/s are you reading at present?

A. I'm going to have to pass on this question. I'm reading a second novel by an unknown author and am so disappointed that I don't want to name it. I respected her debut novel and expected this one to be even better. It isn't. When this one was posted on a blog for 99¢ I grabbed a Kindle version. Don't misunderstand. I don't subscribe to the Goodreads rating system based on whether I "liked" a novel or not. If I'm considering writing a review of a novel I would never let my personal taste control such an important task -- my likes are irrelevant to whether a book is great or awful -- so are my comfort zones -- irrelevant. So far, this book has holes in the plot, is so mainstream that it could have been written by a computer program, and was poorly edited. There seems to be no message, but I'm hopeful that the author some how pulls it all together in the last third of the novel. I don't need to like a novel to give it a good rating, but I do have to respect it. Did the story fulfill its mission? It this novel does improve you may see my review on Amazon or Goodreads and you will get my answer to your question if you notice. If the novel does not improve, I may just skip writing a review. The impact of reviews can be so powerful that I wouldn't want to influence the behavior of an author who, based on the debut, has potential but released on perhaps prematurely. If this author was well known, making lots of money, I would have no problem blasting this piece of crap that I'm reading.

Q. What's next for you? What are you working on now?

A. I've been stuck in self-promotion mode for so long that I've neglected the next Lacy Dawn Adventure -- Ivy. I've submitted a couple of short stories to magazines recently but no bites. It seems to me that many magazines either stick very close to the Young Adult genre or are so extreme that my writing seems to have a hard time fitting into content. I don't want to change what I write just to achieve publication, so I'm trying to explore other alternatives. I'm working on a satirical essay, and a couple of poems. One of my poems won first place in an international competition last year, so I have a little name recognition because of that. Ivy, full of metaphors and allegory, is the story of an alien invasion of Earth based in an almost forgotten town. I live in West Virginia, the U.S. state with the highest rate of heroin overdose deaths in the nation. My familiarity with what is happening to my neighbors because of addiction prompted me to ask: how far will a child go to save a parent from addiction? I hope to achieve a similar finding when answering this serious question as I did with Rarity from the Hollow: “…a hillbilly version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, only instead of the earth being destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass, Lacy Dawn must…The author has managed to do what I would have thought impossible; taken serious subjects like poverty, ignorance, abuse, and written about them with tongue-in-cheek humor without trivializing them…Eggleton sucks you into the Hollow, dunks you in the creek, rolls you in the mud, and splays you in the sun to dry off. Tucked between the folds of humor are some profound observations on human nature and modern society that you have to read to appreciate…it’s a funny book that most sci-fi fans will thoroughly enjoy.” I'll let you know when it is released.

Q.  What advice do you have for writers?

A. I don’t feel competent to give advice to other writers, but I will share a little common sense based on my observations of this marketplace. Don’t expect to be discovered overnight like you were Elvis singing on the front stoop of an apartment located in a low-income neighborhood. Before you publish, make sure that your work as been professionally edited, or as close to it as your finances will allow – not by a friend or anybody with whom you have a personal relationship. If published, to the extent possible, prevent generic one line reviews from being posted on Amazon – they always look like they were written by your friends and detract from other reviews that appear more legitimate. Commit to the long haul by keeping in mind that the majority of those entering the world of books stay there briefly and then drop out never to be heard from again. And, last, never buy a book review and don’t invest more than you can afford in anything. I’ve heard of aspiring authors placing themselves and their families at financial risk by becoming over-committed to a book that they had written. Hard work pays off, but working smart has better outcomes.   

Thank You So Much Robert Eggleton For Your Time & Interview.

R. Thank you for the opportunity to tell your readers a little about myself and my debut novel, Rarity from the Hollow.

          User Review: Better than anything AT&T can give you   

someguy805 submitted this review of the Nokia N73:

Overall rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Many moons ago, I bought a W810i. It was brilliant. It also got dropped in water. Insurance sent me various flavors of braindead and broken phones (Pearl 8100, Samsung SGH-a707, W580i, LG Shine CU720) before office of the President stepped in and gave me $200 to buy this phone. It beats them all.

It runs a real smartphone OS, which means real applications and real PDA functionality.

The camera is fantastic. Pictures are crisp and vibrant. Video could be passed off as coming from one of those "Flip Video" sort of cameras.

The media player flat-out makes sense. It's easy to use, lets you send it to the background, and holding a button (with the most recent firmware) immediately brings up the 'Now Playing'.

Battery life has not been a problem. It's not quite the ten days my old
W810i managed, but it's by no means bad. I use it moderately and charge it every third day. Charging is incredibly quick.

At the maximum brightness the screen is uncomfortably bright, which is a very good thing.

In the Nokia tradition, RF, signal acquisition and holding, and voice quality are stellar. Calls are loud and clear, and my mom can't be convinced I'm not on a landline. The speakers on the top are loud and clear.

The keyboard is a bit cramped, but I'm used to that sort of thing. The joystick is a bit low-rent.

The front camera is dreadful, but you already knew that.

It uses Nokia's smaller, spindlier charging connector (but comes with an adapter - don't bin that old charger just yet) and Pop-Port. They're not flawed, but a 3.5mm headset jack and miniUSB are better at this sort of thing.

It is quite thick.

Symbian OS v9.1 requires applications to be signed. There is no surefire workaround for this. It's occasionally slow.

No SDHC support means you're limited to 2GB, and miniSD means yet another adapter.

(Follow link to rate this review or report it to us as inappropriate.)

          Psychological and Brain Sciences Colloquium   
Default thumb Fri, Oct 20 04:00 PM until 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Bita Moghaddam, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University
Location: Moore B03

          Prog News, Press Releases : new steven wilson song   
Author: Aussie-Byrd-Brother
Subject: new steven wilson song
Posted: June 30 2017 at 09:13

OK, so it's unashamedly pop, and with quite a big ELO influence and a touch of Beatles in a few spots, and to be fair it's actually a perfectly good disposable pop song. Catchy falsetto vocal, brainless repeated lyric to get lodged into your head....mission accomplished.

Have to admit, though, I was getting a bit restless, fidgety and pretty sick of it by the end (perhaps could have done with the briefest of solos instead of Steven essentially singing the entire time), but sure enough that `Hold on....' line is lodged in my head - well played, Steve!
          6/30/2017: ENTERTAINMENT: Rom-com bursting with both heart and brains   

The Big Sick (out of 4) Starring Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, Anupam Kher and Zenobia Shroff. Directed by Michael Showalter. Opens Friday at GTA theatres. 119 minutes. 14A Romantic comedies generally insist that love breaks...
           Color Your Brain Green "Untitled"   
Catégorie : TRIBE
Artist(s) : Rhythm-Storm & Molok, Penn-Ak & Cylindrix, Bob Kicks Murphy, Mario 010
Label(s) : Color Your Brain
Format :12''
Excellent Free Party tools !
          Leafy Greens Good for the Eyes Also Boost Kids' Brain Function   
It is known that higher levels of retinal carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin improve cognition in the elderly. New research shows they improve cognitive function and academic performance in children too.
Medscape Medical News
          Care Providor: FOOTHILLS - INALLIANCE - El Dorado Hills, CA   
Job Descriptions: InAlliance is a community based non-profit, social service organization serving adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain
From INALLIANCE - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 09:47:51 GMT - View all El Dorado Hills, CA jobs
          90s Fashion Photoshoot   

As I posted last week, I did a photoshoot for my photography project at university. I have based it on 90s fashion as it is one of the popular trends this season, although I’m studying a photography based course I have explored many other avenues within the fashion industry those which include; fashion marketing, fashion styling, fashion PR etc. I have found my passion which is fashion styling and it is something which I hope to pursue as a career in the future, I began my course with dreams of being a photographer but I have found a deeper passion elsewhere. My university course is photography based so therefore I have to photograph things (obviously lol), this is a side to the course that I once loved but I find styling much more enjoyable. In this project I have styled and photographed my 90s shoot, as a lover of the 90s era I have played close attention to what the fashion and trends were like back in the day, however modernising it in some areas. My fashion story is based on a teenage girl up to no good, smoking and drinking. I’m unsure on the editorial title that I’m going to use however I’m toying with the name ‘Teenage dirt bag’, but as I said I’m still unsure so I’m going to do some brainstorms regarding this. I have selected 8 images from my shoot, I have loads more but I don't want to bog it down with loads of photographs. The photography is very simple, I photographed it on film also as I wanted to give my images the old skool feel.

          Comment on New Finding: Different Types of Exercise Affect Different Parts of Your Brain by Grammar Nazi   
You're right. Not sure how I missed that.
          Comment on New Finding: Different Types of Exercise Affect Different Parts of Your Brain by Grammar Nazi 1   
how about take out the "are" - don't think "are affected" makes any more sense than the original!
          Comment on New Finding: Different Types of Exercise Affect Different Parts of Your Brain by Valentina   
Yes,exactly.The cerebellum is for balance!
          Stan Bailey's 'Snow Storm Rescue' Bares a Chilling Story of Survival   

Stan Bailey is the master of making his readers wrack their brains and hold their breath. In his survival thriller Snow Storm Rescue, he drives readers to envision themselves being stuck in a snowstorm. -   - Published by Dog Ear Publishing, Snow Storm Rescue pits man against nature or in a deeper sense, man against man. The story's protagonist Jim Henderson drives his SUV along a mountain road in Colorado when an avalanche occurs. Jim finds himself trapped under snow, but manages to claw...

Read the full story at

          CURMUDGUCATION: Ed Reform v 6.3 Accountability Lite   
CURMUDGUCATION: Ed Reform v 6.3 Accountability Lite:

Ed Reform v 6.3 Accountability Lite

Full disclosure-- I made the number 6.3 out of the air, because frankly I've lost track of the various versions of ed reform that we've seen. But we're definitely on to something new.

The new ed reform has staked out a position against bureaucracy and paperwork. This conversation starts with a Rick Hess piece, which becomes a thing because Betsy DeVos decided to quote it in her address to charteristas. And so we arrive at a call for reformsters to stand up against reformocracy.

The call for getting rid of bureaucracy is not without disagreement. Checker Finn pushed back hard, and Mike Petrilli chimed in. But there continues to be a buzz surrounding the issue of accountability/bureaucracy. The most recent entry in the discussion is on the Fordham website, written by Max Eden of the Manhattan Insititute, defending the book project that Finn attacked.

The piece highlights some of the important features of v 6.3 reforminess. "Results: Yes. Regulation: No. How to beat back the new education establishment" is a rather mixed-up manifesto.

One of the curious features of current reforminess is the complete brain-wipe when it comes to Common Core State [sic] Standards. Reformers led the charge to inflict a set of national standards on every state and every public school district, and I'm happy that CCSS is more ghost-like these days, but it's mighty disingenuous for Core supporters to pretend that it's just awful how someone somehow created a mighty web of regulations and paperwork and bureaucratic hoop-jumping to make sure that the Core was properly implemented. This selective amnesia occurs periodically in the reform movement. Reformsters were shocked that the Big Standardized Test narrowed curriculum and warped education, after they 
CURMUDGUCATION: Ed Reform v 6.3 Accountability Lite:



Image result for TEACHER RETENTION

 On occasion I have been blessed to have others willing to share their thoughts and experiences with me. As often as permissible I am honored to share these thoughts and experiences with you.

It’s no secret that I have grave concerns about the teaching profession. A decade ago I became involved in educational issues because my wife was working on attaining her Master Degree in education in preparation for entering the teaching profession at the same time as Teach For America was feeding college grads with 6 weeks of prep time into the system. That didn’t sit right with me. Over the years I’ve watched MNPS hemorrhage teachers and do little to stem the bleeding. The trend is not isolated to local entities either. Nationally we are beginning to grapple with a shortage of teachers at the same time it’s generally acknowledged that a quality teacher is the most important element of a child’s education. At some point substantial steps need to be taken.
Mary Jo Cramb is a local teacher and an exceptional writer who read one of my posts last year and has been doing her own thinking on the subject. I am grateful that she has chosen Dad Gone Wild as a vehicle to share those thoughts.
I loved TC Weber’s blog post on teacher retention from last year. He’s a parent who stands up for teachers, and that is so important because too often people pretend that the interests of these two groups are opposed, when they are not. Everything he says here is true. The profession has been devalued, and we do need a seat at the table. But there’s one aspect of the issue that TC missed entirely: a gender analysis.
Teaching is a female dominated profession.
Because it is a profession dominated by women, making teaching more family-friendly will improve retention. School districts aren’t just competing with other districts or other professions for teachers. They’re also competing with babies.
Teachers drop out of the profession very quickly in the first five years or so. Assuming most new teachers begin their career soon after graduating college, this drop-off coincides almost perfectly with the average age of first childbirth for GOING TO THE SOURCE, A TEACHER’S THOUGHTS ON TEACHER RETENTION. « Dad Gone Wild:

          4 Hidden Dangers of Pork   
Pork is the most commonly consumed meat in the world, but may also be one of the most dangerous.

Among foods that inspire a cult-like following, pork often leads the pack, as evidenced by the 65% of Americans eager to name bacon the country’s national food.

Unfortunately, that popularity comes at a cost. Along with being the most commonly consumed meat in the world, pork may also be one of the most dangerous, carrying some important and under-discussed risks that any consumer should be aware of (1).

1. Hepatitis E

Thanks to the revival of nose-to-tail eating, offal has redeemed itself among health enthusiasts, especially liver, which is prized for its vitamin A content and massive mineral lineup.

But when it comes to pork, liver might be risky business.

In developed nations, pork liver is the top food-based transmitter of hepatitis E, a virus that infects 20 million people each year and can lead to acute illness (fever, fatigue, jaundice, vomiting, joint pain and stomach pain), enlarged liver and sometimes liver failure and death (23).

Most hepatitis E cases are stealthily symptom-free, but pregnant women can experience violent reactions to the virus, including fulminant hepatitis (rapid-onset liver failure) and a high risk of both maternal and fetal mortality (4). In fact, mothers who get infected during their third trimester face a death rate of up to 25% (5).

In rare cases, hepatitis E infection can lead to myocarditis (an inflammatory heart disease), acute pancreatitis (painful inflammation of the pancreas), neurological problems (including Guillain-Barré syndrome and neuralgic amyotrophy), blood disorders and musculoskeletal problems, such as elevated creatine phosphokinase, indicating muscle damage, and multi-joint pain (in the form of polyarthralgia) (678).

People with compromised immune systems, including organ transplant recipients on immunosuppressive therapy and people with HIV, are more likely to suffer from these severe hepatitis E complications (9).

So, just how alarming are pork’s contamination stats? In America, about 1 out of every 10 store-bought pig livers tests positive for hepatitis E, which is slightly higher than the 1 in 15 rate in the Netherlands and 1 in 20 rate in the Czech Republic (1011). One study in Germany found that about 1 in 5 pork sausages were contaminated (12).

France’s traditional figatellu, a pig liver sausage that’s often consumed raw, is a confirmed hepatitis E carrier (13). In fact, in regions of France where raw or rare pork is a common delicacy, over half the local population shows evidence of hepatitis E infection (14).

Japan, too, is facing rising hepatitis E concerns as pork gains popularity (15). And in the UK? Hepatitis E shows up in pork sausages, in pork liver and at pork slaughterhouses, indicating the potential for widespread exposure among pork consumers (16).

It might be tempting to blame the hepatitis E epidemic on commercial farming practices, but in the case of the pig, wilder doesn’t mean safer. Hunted boars, too, are frequent hepatitis E carriers, capable of passing on the virus to game-eating humans (1718).

Apart from total pork abstinence, the best way to slash hepatitis E risk is in the kitchen. This stubborn virus can survive the temperatures of rare-cooked meat, making high heat the best weapon against infection (19). For virus deactivation, cooking pork products for at least 20 minutes to an internal temperature of 71°C (160°F) seems to do the trick (20).

However, fat can protect hepatitis viruses from heat destruction, so fattier cuts of pork might need extra time or toastier temperatures (21).

Summary: Pork products, particularly liver, frequently carry hepatitis E, which can cause severe complications and even death in vulnerable populations. Thorough cooking is necessary to deactivate the virus.

2. Multiple Sclerosis

One of the most surprising risks associated with pork — one that’s received remarkably little airtime — is multiple sclerosis (MS), a devastating autoimmune condition involving the central nervous system.

The robust link between pork and MS has been known at least since the 1980s, when researchers analyzed the relationship between per capita pork consumption and MS across dozens of countries (22).

While pork-averse nations like Israel and India were nearly spared from MS’s degenerative grips, more liberal consumers, such as West Germany and Denmark, faced sky-high rates.

In fact, when all countries were considered, pork intake and MS showed a whopping correlation of 0.87 (p<0.001), which is much higher and more significant than the relationship between MS and fat intake (0.63, p<0.01), MS and total meat intake (0.61, p<0.01) and MS and beef consumption (no significant relationship).

For perspective, a similar study of diabetes and per capita sugar intake found a correlation of just under 0.60 (p<0.001) when analyzing 165 countries (23).

As with all epidemiological findings, the correlation between pork consumption and MS can’t prove that one causes the other (or even that, within MS-stricken countries, the most enthusiastic pork consumers were the most diseased). But as it turns out, the evidence vault goes much deeper.

Earlier, a study of inhabitants of the Orkney and Shetland Islands of Scotland, a region teeming with unusual delicacies, including seabird eggs, raw milk and undercooked meat, found only one dietary association with MS — consumption of “potted head,” a dish made from boiled pig’s brain (24).

Among Shetland residents, a significantly higher proportion of MS patients had consumed potted head in their youth, compared to healthy, age and sex-matched controls (25).

This is particularly relevant because — per other research — MS that strikes in adulthood might stem from environmental exposures during adolescence (26).

The potential for pig brain to trigger nerve-related autoimmunity isn’t just an observational hunch, either. Between 2007 and 2009, a cluster of 24 pork plant workers mysteriously fell ill with progressive inflammatory neuropathy, which is characterized by MS-like symptoms such as fatigue, numbness, tingling and pain (2728).

The source of the outbreak? So-called “pig brain mist” — tiny particles of brain tissue blasted into the air during carcass processing (29).

When workers inhaled these tissue particles, their immune systems, per standard protocol, formed antibodies against the foreign porcine antigens.

But those antigens happened to bear an uncanny resemblance to certain neural proteins in humans. And the result was a biological calamity: confused about who to fight, the workers’ immune systems launched a guns-blazing attack on their own nerve tissue (3031).

Although the resulting autoimmunity wasn’t identical to multiple sclerosis, that same process of molecular mimicry, where foreign antigens and self-antigens are similar enough to trigger an autoimmune response, has been implicated in the pathogenesis of MS (3233).

Of course, unlike pig brain mist, hot dogs and ham aren’t literally inhaled (teenage boys notwithstanding). Could pork still transmit problematic substances through ingestion?

The answer is a speculative yes. For one, certain bacteria, particularly Acinetobacter, are involved in molecular mimicry with myelin, the nerve-sheathing substance that becomes damaged in MS (3435).

Although the role of pigs as Acinetobacter carriers hasn’t been exhaustively studied, the bacteria has been found in pig feces, on pig farms and in bacon, pork salami and ham, where it serves as a spoilage organism (36373839). If pork acts as a vehicle for Acinetobacter transmission (or in any way increases the risk of human infection), a link with MS would make sense.

Two, pigs may be silent and under-studied carriers of prions, misfolded proteins that drive neurodegenerative disorders like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (the human version of mad cow) and Kuru (found among cannibal societies) (40).

Some researchers suggest MS itself could be a prion disease, one that targets oligodendrocytes, the cells that produce myelin (41). And since prions — and their associated diseases— are transmitted by consuming infected nerve tissue, it’s possible that prion-harboring pork products could be one link in the MS chain (42).

Summary: A causative role of pork in MS is far from a closed case, but the unusually strong epidemiological patterns, biological plausibility and documented experiences make further research imperative.

3. Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis

Liver problems tend to trail closely on the heels of some predictable risk factors, namely hepatitis B and C infection, exposure to aflatoxin (a carcinogen produced by mold) and excessive alcohol intake (434445).

But buried in the scientific literature is another potential scourge of liver health — pork.

For decades, pork consumption has faithfully echoed liver cancer and cirrhosis rates around the world. In multi-country analyses, the correlation between pork and cirrhosis mortality clocked in at 0.40 (p<0.05) using 1965 data, 0.89 (p<0.01) using mid-1970s data, 0.68 (p=0.003) using 1996 data and 0.83 (p=0.000) using 2003 data (4647).

In those same analyses, among the 10 Canadian provinces, pork bore a correlation of 0.60 (p<0.01) with death from liver cirrhosis, while alcohol, perhaps due to an overall low intake, showed no significant link.

And in statistical models incorporating known perils for the liver (alcohol consumption, hepatitis B infection and hepatitis C infection), pork remained independently associated with liver disease, suggesting the association isn’t just due to pork piggybacking, as the case may be, on a different causative agent (48).

Beef, by contrast, remained liver-neutral or protective in these studies.

Liver cancer, too, tends to follow in the hoof steps of the pig. A 1985 analysis showed that pork intake correlated with hepatocellular carcinoma deaths as strongly as alcohol did (0.40, p<0.05 for both) (49). (Considering liver cirrhosis is often a prelude to cancer, this connection shouldn’t be surprising (50).)

So, what’s behind these eerie associations?

At first glance, the most likely explanations don’t pan out. Although pork-transmitted hepatitis E can lead to liver cirrhosis, this happens almost exclusively in immunosuppressed people, a subset of the population that’s too small to account for the global correlation (51).

Relative to other meat, pork tends to be high in omega-6 fatty acids, including linoleic acid and arachidonic acid, which may play a role in liver disease (525354). But vegetable oils, whose polyunsaturated fatty acid content blows pork out of the water, don’t dance the same liver disease tango that pork does, calling into question whether fat is really to blame (5556).

Heterocyclic amines, a class of carcinogens formed by cooking meat (including pork) at high temperatures, contribute to liver cancer in a variety of animals (57). But these compounds are also readily formed in beef, according to the same studies that indicated pork has no positive relationship with liver disease (5859).

With all that in mind, it’d be easy to dismiss the pork-liver disease link as an epidemiological fluke. However, some plausible mechanisms do exist.

The most likely contender involves nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic compounds created when nitrites and nitrates react with certain amines (from protein), particularly in high heat (60). These compounds have been linked to damage and cancer in a variety of organs, including the liver (61).

One of the biggest dietary sources of nitrosamines is processed pork, which, along with being a frequent visitor to the frying pan, typically contains nitrites and nitrates as curing agents. (Vegetables are also rich in naturally occurring nitrates, but their antioxidant content and dearth of protein help thwart the process of N-nitrosation, preventing them from becoming cancer-causing agents (62).)

Significant levels of nitrosamines have been found in pork liver pâté, bacon, sausage, ham and other cured meats (636465). The fatty portion of pork products, in particular, tends to accumulate much higher levels of nitrosamines than the lean bits, making bacon a particularly abundant source (66).

The presence of fat can also turn vitamin C into a nitrosamine promoter instead of a nitrosamine inhibitor, so pairing pork with veggies might not confer much protection (67).

Although much of the nitrosamine-liver cancer research has focused on rodents, where certain nitrosamines produce liver injury with remarkable ease, the effect appears in humans as well (6869). In fact, some researchers suggest humans may be even more sensitive to nitrosamines than mice and rats (70).

In Thailand, for instance, nitrosamines have been strongly linked to liver cancer in areas where other risk factors are low (71). A 2010 analysis of the NIH-AARP cohort found red meat (including pork), processed meat (including processed pork), nitrates and nitrites to be positively associated with chronic liver disease. Rubber workers, occupationally exposed to nitrosamines, have faced extremely high rates of non-alcohol-related liver disease and cancer (72).

Do nitrosamines prove a chain of causation between pork, liver-harming compounds and liver disease? The evidence is currently too patchy to make that claim, but the risk is plausible enough to justify limiting nitrosamine-containing (or nitrosamine-producing) pork products, including bacon, ham, hot dogs and sausages made with sodium nitrite or potassium nitrate.

Summary: Strong epidemiological links exist between pork consumption and liver disease. If these links reflect cause and effect, one culprit might be N-nitroso compounds, which are found abundantly in processed pork products cooked at high temperatures.

4. Yersinia

For years, pork’s precautionary motto was “well-done or bust,” a consequence of fears about trichinosis, a type of roundworm infection that ravaged pork consumers throughout much of the 20th century (73).

Thanks to changes in feeding practices, farm hygiene and quality control, pig-borne trichinosis has dropped off the radar, inviting pink pork back onto the menu.

But pork’s relaxed heat rules may have opened the doors for a different type of infection — yersiniosis, which is caused by Yersinia bacteria. In the US alone, Yersiniacauses 35 deaths and almost 117,000 cases of food poisoning each year (74). Its chief entry route for humans? Undercooked pork.

Yersiniosis’s acute symptoms are rough enough — fever, pain, bloody diarrhea — but its long-term consequences are what should really ring alarm bells. Victims of Yersiniapoisoning face a 47-times higher risk of reactive arthritis, a type of inflammatory joint disease triggered by infection (75).

Even children become post-Yersinia arthritis targets, sometimes requiring chemical synovectomy (the injection of osmic acid into a troubled joint) to relieve persistent pain (7677).

And in the less-common instances where Yersinia doesn’t bring the typical feverish, diarrheic unpleasantries? Reactive arthritis can develop even when the original infection was asymptomatic, leaving some victims unaware that their arthritis is a consequence of food-borne illness (78).

Although reactive arthritis usually subsides on its own over time, Yersinia victims remain at higher risk of chronic joint problems, including ankylosing spondylitis, sacroiliitis, tenosynovitis and rheumatoid arthritis, for years on end (798081).

Some evidence suggests that Yersinia can lead to neurological complications (82). Infected individuals with iron overload may be at higher risk of multiple liver abscesses, potentially leading to death (838485). And among people who are genetically susceptible, anterior uveitis, inflammation of the eye’s iris, is also more likely following a bout of Yersinia (8687).

Lastly, via molecular mimicry, Yersinia infection could also raise the risk of Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition characterized by excessive thyroid hormone production (8889).

The solution? Bring on the heat. The majority of pork products (69% of tested samples, according to a Consumer Reports analysis) are contaminated with Yersiniabacteria, and the only way to safeguard against infection is through proper cooking. An internal temperature of at least 145°F for whole pork and 160°F for ground pork is necessary to decimate any lingering pathogen.

Summary: Undercooked pork can transmit Yersinia bacteria, causing short-term illness and raising the risk of reactive arthritis, chronic joint conditions, Graves’ disease and other complications.

In Conclusion

So, should health-savvy omnivores scrap pork from the menu?

The jury’s still out. For two of pork’s problems — hepatitis E and Yersinia — aggressive cooking and safe handling are enough to minimize the risk. And due to a shortage of controlled, pork-centric research capable of establishing causation, pork’s other red flags spring from epidemiology — a field rife with confounders and unjustified confidence.

Worse, many diet-and-disease studies lump pork together with other types of red meat, diluting whatever associations might exist with pork alone.

These issues make it hard to isolate the health effects of pig-derived products and determine the safety of their consumption.

That being said, caution is probably warranted. The sheer magnitude, consistency and mechanistic plausibility of pork’s connection with several serious diseases make the chances of a true risk more likely.

Until further research is available, you might want to think twice about going hog-wild on pork.

This article was originally published by Authority Nutrition.



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Guercio, John M., 1966-
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          Comment on Claimant Found Fit For Work Weeks After Coming Out Of Coma by hugosmum70   
depending on how long they were in a coma and depending on why they were in one in the first place, determines how long their recovery might take. IF THEY RECOVER ... As an ex nurse i can quote a number of instances... 1. young man. in coma 2 years..his legs and arms lost muscle , and became stiff.stuck in one position. if he had lived he would never have walked. . never came out of it. (2. there was another young man as well... tractor tipped over crushing him underneath it. in coma also for 2 years.. he didnt recover). 3.another. 26yr old. also had been in long term coma. again his limbs were in a bad position and no amount of therapy was going to make them better. he came out of his coma (caused by getting knocked down on a zebra crossing day before his wedding day). he was a child again after he came out of it. prognosis? he would never be any different. he was alive, his heart beating. but his brain was badly damaged. he learned again who his family were. but spoke like a child and said childish things he learned as a mantra.he was never to work again. even short term coma patients taken a number of weeks or months to recover . if they had other injuries longer still.
          Books I Read   
Below, you will find a list of all the books I read between the 2008-2011. I link to those I recommend.

Adult Non-Fiction

Adult Fiction

Adult Religious

Young Adult [Note: These titles vary greatly in recommended grade levels. Review carefully before assigning to students.]

          NECC 2009: Session Notes   
A Ripple Effect: 21st Century Innovations that Matter
Cheryl Lemke

Adolescent learning: peers, school, home, distributed resources, work, networked publics (a networked space where the public meets). —B. Barron, 2006

We need to create environments where we can work and learn peer-to-peer with our students because that is where they go to learn what interests them. Students need to see the value-added that the teacher offers.

94% of adolescents are involved in online gaming. —Pew

Multi-tasking is a myth. Our brains have an executive function that allows us to only think about things serially. Students, though, are faster than adults because they are younger (our brain processing speed peaks at between 20 and 30. When you move from one task to another, there is a slight delay and loss of time. There is, however, background tasking (e.g., listening to music). When students are engaged in difficult to cognitively process content, we should decrease the need for background tasking and multi-tasking. Drill and practice builds automaticity that leads to a greater ability to do background tasking while engaged in processing new content. Our students are giving us their “continuous partial attention” (Linda Stark). : This is a game that allows users to try and keep a country alive. It considers elections, economics, etc.

If you grant students choice, on average, their grades will increase by a full grade.

On average there’s less than 10 seconds of sustained discussion in the average classroom. Instead, there is teach-talk followed by student-talk, followed by teacher-talk. This is a nice tool for working with video, stills, audio, and text/drawings. This is a tool that assists in visualizing data (e.g., Twitter posts about Obama during the Inaugeration, growth of Wal-Mart). is a similar program that allows you to track demographic features over time. This tool is good for teaching students about gaming and gaming environments from a design perspective.

Tammy Worcester
Tammy’s Favorite Technology Tips, Tricks, and Tools

  • Users type in text and the application reads it aloud.
  • Allows you to record your voice. It results in an embed code.
  • Allows users to very easily create music loops.
  • Allows you to shorten multiple URLs into one. This creates a website that would be great for creating webquests or smaller Delicious sites.
  • This is a free online basic version of KidPix. More than one individual can work on the whiteboard at a time and you can email the project to others. The email includes the real-time drawing, not just the finished product.
  • or Allows you to do screen captures and make edits (e.g., adding arrows and text). You can also record voice and screen changes (like with Snapz Pro X).
  • Allows you to download YouTube videos for later use. Just add “kick” in the YouTube URL and choose (from the bar on the top) the format in which you want to download. Then, click the green “Download” button. Next, right-click over the “Down” button to download the video to your hard drive.
  • (Random Name Picker): Picks a name from a list you provide. The application includes an embed code so you can have the program run whenever you wish to use it (e.g., from the class blog).
  • Looks in Flickr to find any images relating to the tag you select. You could create your own tag and hen look at the image (a globe) with just your pictures.
  • Firefox Shortcuts: Use Apple-L to move to the URL bar. To create a shortcut, go to the search box for the website (e.g., Amazon) and right click and create a shortcut (e.g., type az twilight and it will look for
  • “Twlight” in Amazon).

Dr. Christopher Moersch
Teaching 2.0: Challenging the Interactive Generation

  • H-E-A-T (high-order thinking, engaged learning, authenticity, technology use
  • There are three parts to every learning activity: content, process, and product
  • Allows schools to take the LoTi digital-age survey
  • “What gets measured gets improved.”
  • Allows analysis of textual passages.

Tom March
WebQuests 2.0: A Richer Web Improves a Good Idea

  • Allows you to copy/paste from multiple webpages therefore creating a pool of resources related to a personally-selected topic.
  • Allows you to highlight, ask questions, and comment on individual websites.
  • This is an alternative to iGoogle. It provides you with an assigned web address instead of having it just be available after logging in. The site allows you to subscribe to multiple RSS feeds in the form of tabs at the top of the page. This would be good to allow students to take turns reviewing individual webquests.
  • This is an online version of Inspiration.
  • CEQ•ALL ("Seek All")—Choice, Effort, Quality, Attitude, Labor of Love (A taxonomy for this century); Set-up educational opportunities that allow students to make choices, requires hard work/effort, the teacher makes him/herself available for ensuring quality of student work/learning, allows students to feel good about themselves by having a good attitude, and teachers and students must put a labor of love into their work.
Vendor Notes

Global Fever (a vendor that provides curriculum relating to the environment) created a collection of rich resources using ComicLife. Their sample pages all use ComicLife and can serve as excellent examples. Like Thinkfinity, this is a central location for accessing several website. Its function is to bring together government sites intended for use by children.

From Banned to Planned: Cell Phones in Schools
Hall Davidson

Poll Everywhere
: Allows you to have students take a quick poll using their phones.

Suggestions for ways teachers are using cell phones in the classroom are avilable at another resource is

: A tool for creating projects like HyperStudio, but it allows you to add audio recorded directly from your cell phone.

Davidson suggests we rename "cell phones." In some countries they call it a hand phone and keitai ("a snug, intimate technosocial tethering"). Cell phones are different from other technologies because they are both input and output devices.

"Classroom management is less of an issues when engaged learning is taking place."

Qik: This site allows you to broadcast live from a cell phone. It will also allows you to embed code into blogs or Google Earth.

: It allows you to hold-up your cell phone to a song and the phone can decode the name of the song.

Cell phones can read bar codes (bar code readers are freely available online) and they can create bar codes from text/pictures (QR code generators).

Amazon bought a company that does object recognition (e.g., you can take a picture of someone's shoes, send it to Amazon, and Amazon with offer it for purchase).

Davidson has placed Fatherlee's paperwork for using cell phones in the classroom on his website (see above). It includes a letter home to parents, instructions for designing cell-phone educational activities, and a tech-survey for parents to ensure students aren't being charged for their in-class work.
          Washington University Prototype Makes Calls With No Battery   

A research project at Washington University is underway that could eventually drastically change the way we use our cellphones to make calls since the project’s prototype doesn’t actually require a battery to make calls. The prototype is the brainchild of Joshua Smith, a researcher at the university’s lab for computer science and electrical engineering. Smith […]

The post Washington University Prototype Makes Calls With No Battery appeared first on |.

          NECC 2008 Notes   
ISTE’s NETS•T Refreshed Roll-Out

We need real world, relevant assignments because we’ve already done well moving from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side. At this point we need to re-inspire teachers.

The new teacher standards include:
Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments
Model digital-age work and learning
Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility
Engage in professional growth and leadership

There is a new tool available through ISTE’s website that will assist administrators in determining the level of technology integration occurring with their teachers.

Check out fact flippers:

Dan Edelson, Getting out of the Classroom with Technology

Volunteer Geography: A variant of citizen science. For example, students can make and share field observations and analyze and provide interpretations of that data. The concept is that students collect data by taking measurements, thy submit the data via a web form, they visualize it using interactive maps, they analyze patterns based on the data and visualization, and they may report back to others in their classes. One problem with this is that students will only be able to see small amounts of data if they are involved during the start if the project. An example of this was students testing soil samples following use of salt on icy roads. Students get to experience the full spectrum of the scientific process. In this case, students used probes and collected data in the classroom and submitted information via a website.

NGS FieldScope allows students to collect real world data. NGS chooses a region to study and invites teachers and students to participate. The teachers must purchase the equipment which costs about $1,000.

Chris Dede, Ubiquitous Computing

Goal: Repurpose common items for educational purposes (e.g., using cell phones for augmented learning).

Cheryl Lemke

We need to recognize that adolescent learning includes the home, school, peers, work, distributed resources, and communities – not just school. Our goal at this point is scalability of using technology tools for 21st century teaching, not just focusing on use in our own classrooms.

She suggests we use research-based methods to develop lessons and units that serve as “sheet music.” The teachers base their instruction on the sheet music, but also improvise.

A good teacher blog including student podcasts is “Learning on the Go.” The teacher sets up her class as a fictional consulting agency and the students solve real world algebra problems. Another teacher uses authentic travel agent activities to teach about Greek history.

SimCalc: (teaches about perspective)

Media multi-tasking: We can only do one thing at a time, but we can quickly move from one thing to another. Kids are better at multi-tasking than adults. When learning, students are distracted when multi-tasking (except for things like music without lyrics in the background).

Universe: (identifies what is going on online in real time using a visual perspective)

Venezuela started teaching critical thinking to their elementary and middle school students 10 years ago. Now, they are finding increased average adult IQs across the country.


Alan November, “Designing Rigorous and Globally Connected Assignments”

This presentation is available from the “Archive of Articles” on This presentation is available at Digital Farm.

Students are connected to everyone in their lives – except their teachers because schools block everything. “Schools are the learning police.” There is more freedom in Chinese schools in terms of the Internet than here. We are so worried about their safety that we block their learning.

Vocabulary of the Web: Students need to learn information resources. This type of information is available on

By adding site:en to Google searches, you will only get sites with an English country code. To get Turkey-based sites, type site:tr.

Adding view:timeline to a search, you can access the most recent information about a given search term.

Type link: to find out how many links exist to that particular site.

Hall Davidson, “It’s in Your Pocket: Teaching Spectacularly with Cell Phones” (How kids use video on a daily basis)

Every classroom should have a student-designated web researcher. The teacher should never have to answer a factual question, they should only have to respond to higher-order thinking questions.

There is a Google feature that allows you to create your own search engine. November believes teachers and students should jointly build search engines. This will give students less stimuli when they do searches.

It would be nice if students could develop resources that teach content and then future students review these tutorials before class. Students, then, are responsible for learning their own content and class time is replaced with problem solving. When there’s not a lot of Internet access, students could have a DVD with all the information at home (because DVDs are more common in the home than Internet connections).

The is a downloadable application that allows you to create screencasts.

Instead of teaching teachers to use technology, November jokes that we should send two of our students to the training and one of the students should be the biggest trouble-maker in the class.

Wikipedia isn’t an encyclopedia, it’s a publishing house. Third grade students were told they would visit the Pitot House and write an article they would submit to the largest encyclopedia in the class. The students wrote and published their Wikipedia article and now they follow the RSS feed for the article and critique what other people write. Organizes donations to small business entrepreneurs. The donors get their money back and they get reports on their projects. You can also talk to the other people who have invested in the same entrepreneurial project. alters voice to text. You can call this service from your cell phone. Another option is
: Allows you to do automatic polls from cell phones (like the classroom response systems)

Terry Cavanaugh, GIS, Google Maps, and More for Literacy Projects

There are interactive maps that show all he locations mentioned in a book (e.g., The Travels of Marco Polo). [Note to self – check out the Bible.]

Gutenkarte ( also makes a map of a text, showing what places are most frequently mentioned. Amazon’s Concordance also does this by telling the 100 most used words in a given text. allows you to map a story using latitude and longitude in a spreadsheet. has 23 stories you can follow on Google Earth. You download the .kmz file and use it with Google Earth. An example is with Make Way for Ducklings. The entire story is mapped as sections are mentioned. Also, people have added pictures of items and informational text from specific locations in the book. Anyone can make a Google Lit Trip. Tells a story using a map – the text is embedded in the map.

Teachers can get the Pro Version of Google Earth by writing to Google and requesting it. It is possible to make a map for each student so they can each map out a story.

A dimensional mouse allows you to move in three dimensions. They are available through Amazon.

Using virtual map pins, students can add quotes from book, write facts about the locations mentioned, and adding multimedia books. This is a means of having students have greater interactivity with books.

In September, cameras will have cameras with embedded geo-tags. Some buildings are going to start putting in geo-tagging points in the buildings.

Tony Vincent, Audio is Great! Video is Cool! IPods Can Do More!

Learning in Hand iPods is his iPod podcast. See
will speak any text into audio.

You can create cover art and lyrics (or primary source text) through going to Get Info for an individual song.


iPrep Press has comic books you can download to your iPod. BrainQuest also has quizzes for the iPod. allows you to combine Notes files

IPrepPress allows you to download a dictionary and many primary sources. Get 100 Words every high school students should know. allows you to download books in the public domain.

iWriter allows you to link stories together as story

iQuizMaker allows you to make quizzes for your iPod. You can also share iQuizzes by going to iQuizShare (

Use monitor mode to make your iSight camera not cause a mirroring effect.

Check out doc imaging and doc scanning on the PC.

Get book making ideas from and check out her handouts on the NECC site

Download handouts from NECC site for Sharon Hirschy about making class books using PPT
          CUE 2009: "50 Ways to Use Video Streaming" and "Walk with the STARs"   
Check out songs in Discovery Streaming.

Have students listen for certain words during a video and clap or stomp when they hear those words. This helps keep students listening and engaged with the video.

Celebrate students’ birthdays by having everyone look at what happened on their birthdays using the calendar feature. One teacher starts the day fifteen minutes early and shows the videos from the day. The door is closed until school is to start and you cannot view the videos if you weren’t there early.

For the slidesteaching specifics about discovery streaming, visit and go to “The Bird Cage.”

Use gCast to immediately post podcasts from the phone. It uses a 1-888- number. has books you can read online and see the pages.

Use to play Nasa-related games.

Go to suggests where you might want to meet between two people and what type of meals might be available.

X Timeline is a good timeliner creator.

Comics are available for the making from Comiqs, Blabberize, Pixton, …

Brain Blaze, iFlash, Trace, EduBlaster are great games in the Apps Store in iTunes. watch iPod is a mega-VCR is a great way to learn how to use iPods.
is a great place to find live stop watches. allows you to find Flickr images that are sorted and searchable by color.
is a means of creating digital stories quickly using pre-designed characters and backgrounds. allows you to make posters online that are clickable. allows you to put in one or two graphics and have the characters look like they are talking and you can record audio. allows you to make rock videos. You can access it for free as a DEN Star.
          Twitter reportedly explores the idea of a fake news button   

See something on Twitter that may be false? Maybe an alternative fact?

The company is "exploring" a feature that would let you flag the tweet as containing "misleading, false, or harmful information," The Washington Post reported Thursday, citing two anonymous people familiar with the matter.

It remains to be seen if the feature will ever see the light of the day.

"We are not currently testing this nor do we have any current plans to ship it," a Twitter spokesperson told Mashable.

Twitter product managers and engineers, like those at other tech companies, often brainstorm and create features that never get implemented.

Take, for example, Twitter's exploration of expanding tweets to more than 140 characters or an edit button.

Introducing a fake news button wouldn't be too difficult. Twitter already has a drop-down menu on each tweet where Twitter users can report a tweet as harassment, for example.

According to the anonymous sources speaking to The Washington Post, the feature could appear in this menu.

Meanwhile, Facebook, Twitter's big competitor in the industry of sharing news on a social media platform, has taken the fight against fake news seriously.

Facebook's latest effort, announced this week, involves forbidding publishers to change the headline or image of an article.

Facebook also rolled out a tool in March that cites third-party fact-checking organisations like Snopes and Politifact when a story shared on the platform potentially contains false information.

Twitter isn't naive to fake news being shared on the platform.

Indeed, its new ad campaign involved someone sharing alternative facts related to climate change.

Read the full article here.

Friday, June 30, 2017 - 12:08

More about

Twitter fake news

          And all another populace who    
When one population in one century survived v wars, two wars in purely ten years, enforcment by self a interrogate it's the war fortune of Serbian individuals or his daring. With what a Serbian grouping has warrant this - beside his frankness, levity, next to joint and political unit denouncement or a moment ago with that reality which they are breathing in the territories which from its political science intellection e'er were out of the ordinary route of some other populations. Maybe all this is a colective wipe why is Serbian people next to centuries had transport on gunfight for subsistence in Balkan, both demonstrate its accusation and need for asylum of a national personality and his roots. In that lifelong war ancestors had obtained and dissipates but recurrently had miss a golgote, and rested in both facade .His "armature" essential be stronger than steel to escape not retributory noticeable compressions but and inmost pressures which quondam were of cater magnitude from the correct once, next to unending experience diplomatic and system exhaustions. Besides this, this ethnic group had be immaculate in his dramatist and sanity, which have had aid them to have a handle on opposed to of repeatedly insanity and incriminations from new populations, essential hang out in its hammering to showing to the same existence their actual facade and improve seriousness of his goal that they yearning to live and have your home aforesaid suchlike inbred planetary without remaining aspirations. Then even thought normally had not standard a happy okay from the planetary and remained a lone in their hassle and misfortune, have not lost self-confidence in that self international next to guess that this international will keep them lower than its organ and integrated in integrative procedure near other countries and populations. , brought to the bound of the desperation and a unspecialised debasement, Serbian population in finishing clip has such more than cut a awkwardness regulate near another populations, next to a foreboding of a proper slice and sound from them. That it was a liberal first-rate peacefulness and discarded its mercy. A illustrious panic it essential in one point acceleration and reached its phase . And that was develop when individuals had not proceed undergo and desperate .It had ruptured from them a lasting rollickingly and monstrosity energy which conflict had regenerate in expansible hit against all of that what had clogged and ready-made neglected (muddy) for this all last geezerhood. In Serbia was fall out population .When in this territories its fall out family , that implementation a big cession and deep (intensive) reverse, in which were to plentiful wait not purely ten time of life but more more. Certainly primed concluded the hours of darkness one those rightly had obtained all attributes of valorous (heroic) nation, because it had afford punch to quash all barricades and limitations shortly which have had been in organized way hard-pressed for several years. Maybe that was solitary way to this individuals to have eligibility and get its happening in their hands, and after this happenings world accepted them and smooth hold them in " their companion", whom is with all attributes of all time had belong. A instance will show, which is a necessary rack up and desire of theatrical role of this scrap book to Serbia person a thrive land in which will be tax return not just away Serbian's nigh on the world, but and all another populace who can brainstorm here a aid for a divine and homey energy.(Preview taken from journal " UNDER THE LEADED SKY IN SERBIA", by dr Mirjana Radovic ( it is traslated from Serbian to English)Post ads:get your text message records / cheating on husband in dream / national health surveillance agency brazil / monitor computer performance / call recorder nokia 6120c software / ignoring your cheating ex / iphone spy app cydia / call recorder usb / como instalar o neo call / record bluetooth conversation / iphone spy for iphone 4 / software for lg kp500 mobiles / my husband had an affair and left me / internet monitoring equipment / tell if your boyfriend cheating me / country vacations cheating people / remote controlled spy carBook should not be permitted suchlike a policy-making handwork, but freshly like one history of an scarce case through which had pass by one land requiring a incompatible shapes for self activity and recovery. Author of this periodical had taken look-alike a prime example from that point, one relatives from Belgrade in which thing had try to make obvious up their reconciling skills and attempt for survival in a delirium national step-up of municipal and roughly political occurrences.
          Approaching up consequently you have    
Providing a FAQ pageWhen creating a website that provides gen or instructions, an related to FAQ leaf is commonly incorporated. FAQ is an acronym that stand for repetitively asked questions. Over circumstance it is basic to tidings your holiday camp and add the answers to the FAQs to your jovial so they can be separate from the catalogue. If the aforesaid questions support approaching up, consequently you have not provided plenty intelligence or pellucidity and this set-up wants to be resolved. The first tread of creating a FAQ folio is to setup a way for your people to bestow you natural process. This can travel from emails or a aside comprise you put on your land site. Remember that the FAQ page is sole a passing discoloration for questions and past answered, entail to be enforced into your mundane satisfied. A perfect procedure is to move up near the people that originally display the inquiry to bill of exchange that the statement single-minded any hitches they may well have had. Grouping your FAQs by accumulation sort will oblige company brainwave their answers faster. People impoverishment answers and they privation them in haste.Giving natural process to your visitorsPost ads:surveillance video of woman set on fire / phone calls record iphone / how to spy on someone using iphone / affair married woman korean / he cheating just busy / virginia law taping phone conversations / hidden cell phone finder / cell phone spy using computer / spy gear surveillance equipmentYou created your website to persuade people so you could miss on content. One of the world-class way to change your locality so you can inveigle more associates is to integrated a activity silhouette. This gives your visitant the facility to interact beside your place and you as fit. A feedback signifier will provide you the skill to comprehend what your people think, brainwave out if location are potentially any errors in your contented or only to say hi. After a traveler has bursting out your word form and sent the feedback, kind firm to convey them to a give thanks you folio. By doing this, you will ensure that their entry was victorious. Your website people are the finest critics of the on cloud nine you are providing. The natural process you acquire from them can be one of your leaders possessions. The culture who come to your website may have planning to facilitate meliorate or form upon your present placid. One of the top-grade reserves you can have are the people who are well-educated beside the happy you are providing and are volitional to allotment their endure to help with your hard work. There is a side to giving people the preference of causing natural action. Sometimes you will get destructive notes and these should be understood in pace. Rather than debility drive responding to them, labour on small indefinite amount the relatives who have attested problems that involve answers. Always hold a professional cognition and keep alive to grant purposeful delighted and guidance. People who are likely to displace observations can potentially tell others something like your piece of land and support accumulate aggregation.
          AEE 302: Why Just Speaking May NOT Be the Best Route to Fluency in English   

Come back and let us know your thoughts on this:

Get our FREE IELTS Cheat Sheet:


Today we have a special guest on the show!

Our guest will challenge your assumption that SPEAKING is the most important part of learning English.

Julian sees learning languages as a simple, two-step process:

Step 1: Learn the language that we need for our specific situation

Step 1: Apply the language and use it



Julian’s 3 Tips- How to Keep it Practical:

  • Try to do many different kinds of things in the language: English is a process. Spend time with it. You can’t HAVE it. You can’t GET it. You need to constantly maintain it.  Julian says that there is no difference between “experiencing” the language and “learning” the language, as far as your brain is concerned. By experiencing the language in many different ways, we can acquire chunks of English which will help us to sound more native-like. You should try to encounter the language through reading, speaking, listening, writing, etc. Get a more well-rounded experience of the language instead of just focusing on speaking.


  • Try to get a balance between intensive activity and relaxed exposure: Some of your work should be deliberate, focused, practical, intensive study. At the same time, some of your work should be a more relaxed encounter with the language. You need to take it in in a way that is enjoyable and easy. You could try listening to music in the language or watching TV. The key is getting a balance between the two forms of learning.


  • Focus on things which are useful to YOU: Exclude things that aren’t useful to you. Don’t bother to learn things that you won’t need to use. According to Julian, we don’t become fluent in English. We become fluent in specific topics such as cooking, law, politics, art, etc. Choose your focus and pursue English in that area. Drop the idea of becoming “fluent” in English in general.


Julian’s Bio:

Our guest today is an English teacher from England, living in Japan. He is the father of three bilingual children, is halfway through a PhD program in Psycholinguistics and used his insight about language learning to go from speaking poor Japanese in 2008 to being a translator in 2010. Our guest today is Julian from


What do you think?

Have you focused down on one specific area of English learning?

What area are you focusing on?

Let us know in the comments!

          AEE 301: Why Forgiving Puts You On Top   



Most people think that forgiveness is weakness but today we’ll challenge your perspective with an awesome quote!

Do you have any enemies?

Do you have any “frenemies”?

Here is today’s quote for a Deep Thoughts Thursday: “Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much.”

– Oscar Wilde


What does this quote mean?

This quote is somewhat “cheeky” and it says that if we want to annoy our enemies even more, we can forgive them.

Also, the quote is telling us that it’s better for us to forgive.

It helps us lead healthier lives.

When you have an enemy you carry a lot of negative energy around and it takes up space in your body and in your brain.


According to, the benefits of forgiveness include:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Less anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure


A few great vocabulary words from today’s episode:

  • Frenemy: “Friend” + “enemy”= someone that you care about and you are there for them but you can’t get along with them on an everyday basis and many things about that person bother you.
  • To hold a grudge: You keep thinking about something that someone did to you, you hold on to your anger. You don’t move on.


Do you have someone to forgive?

What is holding you back from forgiving that person?

Share your experience in the comments.


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          AEE 250: 3 Ways to Raise a Bilingual Child with Bilingual Avenue Host Marianna Du Bosq   

How do you raise a bilingual child?

Today, Lindsay chats with Marianna Du Bosq, a bilingual educator who has three ways to help you raise your child to speak more than one language!


The benefits of raising a bilingual child are many.  Not only will knowing more than one language open career opportunities for the child when they grow up, research is also finding significant positive cognitive advantages to having a bilingual brain.


Marianna believes bilingualism (and even tri-lingualism) is definitely achievable if parents are focused enough.  Here are Marianna’s three main points to focus on:

Expose your children to quality language input.  Read books, or even use audio books.  This way, your child is hearing voices other than those of their parents.

Create a need to use the language. If the child doesn’t have to use the language to get what they want, they’re naturally going to fall back on using the dominant language.  Ask your family members help by only speaking one language or the other.

Keep it fun! Children will be far more involved in the language if they are doing the kinds of things they already love to do.


Are you a parent interested in raising bilingual children?

Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments section below!


Marianna Du Bosq is a bilingual mother, former bilingual educator, and lifetime language learner.  She is the host of the Bilingual Avenue podcast and blog where she interviews parents and experts raising and teaching multilingual children, and provides an excellent collection of tips and strategies for anyone choosing this journey.

She is originally from Venezuela, has spent the last twenty years in the United States, and is currently on a one year adventure in the Black Forest in Germany with her husband and two year old daughter.

Click here to get “7 Ways to Increase Exposure in the Target Language” a free PDF guide

          AEE IELTS: How to Build a "Brain Box" for Listening on the IELTS Exam   

How do you build a “Brain Box” for the IELTS Listening Exam?

Today Lindsay and Jessica talk about two strategies to make the listening part of the IELTS exam easier!


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          AEE IELTS 2: How to Avoid the Dangers on Speaking Part 1   

What’s so difficult about the IELTS Speaking Part 1?

What can you do to prepare?

Today, Lindsay and Jessica discuss some tactics for avoiding the dangers and allowing yourself to stand out!


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Speaking Part 1 of the IELTS includes questions about yourself.  You will be asked about three topics, and though it may seem like simple stuff, the danger is that you might become too relaxed and start using one-word answers.

You want to do better than that.  In fact, ideally your answers will be 2-4 sentences each!

How can you do come up with that?  Do some brainstorming.  Think of the question words.  Question words can help you think of better answers.


Vocabulary is also important in Speaking Part 1.  If you want to achieve a higher score, you will need to use a range of vocabulary, including slang and idioms.  The examiner wants to hear that you know more than what’s in your textbook.  A good strategy is to have a short list of slang and idioms ready to use.


What are some good English slang words or idioms that might be helpful to have for Speaking Part 1 of the IELTS test?

Let us know in the comments section below!

          AEE Test Talk: Meet the Examiner of Excellence!   

Are you thinking about testing in English?

Today, Lindsay introduces Jessica, the Examiner of Excellence, who’s here to help you excel at your English tests!


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Test preparation doesn’t have to be boring.  In fact, it should be interesting.  When you’re studying for an English test, it isn’t the same as studying for a math test.  You need to activate your emotions so you can remember more.

Reading or watching movies in English can help, but you can also practice writing essays on subjects that are interesting to you, or go out and speak English with native speakers.  Think of it as test preparation.


As for taking the actual test, Jessica has four essential tips to give you an advantage:

  • Be proactive.  Take an active approach that involves your brain.  Try to think about and predict answers.
  • Trust yourself.  Don’t start doubting yourself when answering questions.  Often, your first answer is the correct one.
  • Follow directions.  Tests are written by smart people.  Don’t start looking ahead and trying to race the clock.  If you do, you might miss an important instruction.
  • Don’t rush.  Don’t worry about timing.  Instead, focus on your English and do what the test asks you to do.


Have you done any testing in English?

How did it go?

Tell us about it in the comments section below!

          AEE 224: Do You Have GRIT? Learn How to Develop It with Fortune 500 Executive Coach Sarah Scala   

Do you have grit for learning English?

Today, Lindsay talks with Sarah Scala about the importance of persistence, both in life and in learning English! 


Resilience is the ability to pick yourself up after a setback, and keep going.  It’s an important ability, and it’s also something we can improve in ourselves.

But Sarah believes that grit is even more important.  Grit is your ability to stay focused, over the long term.  It enables a person to be nimble and accept the ups and downs without losing focus.


Can’t find native speakers to practice English with you?Speak English Now (2)

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Get a professional, native English teacher in seconds at italki.

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Sarah has three suggestions for developing your own grit and resilience in learning English:

  • Be meaningfully interested.  Find a way to connect to English in a way that is not superficial.
  • Have a growth mindset.  Your brain has the ability to change and evolve, and that will make it easier to succeed and harder to fail.  Attune your thinking to this inherent ability.
  • Practice.  The only way to become an expert is to work at it.


How much resilience and grit do you have?

How does it show?

Tell us about it in the comments section below!



As a dynamic consultant, coach, and educator, Sarah Scala has over 15 years of experience in supporting organization development, leadership, and change management.

Sarah brings high energy, adaptability, and openness to new challenges. She has substantial experience in global leadership development, executive coaching, learning design, and team effectiveness.

Sarah has led development initiatives for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in industries such as global manufacturing, financial services, legal, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, medical, consulting, and education.

Visit Sarah’s Website Here


Learn More About Grit and Resilience!

          AEE 202: Pose Your Way to Confidence in English   

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Can you use your body to increase your confidence in English speaking?

Today, learn what poses can make you more comfortable and powerful!


Social psychologist Amy Cuddy says body language affects how we think, and how others think about us. When people are slouched and closed-in on themselves, they not only feel less powerful, but they appear less powerful to others.

Consider: Are your shoulders  slouched?  Or are they back, with your chest open?  Are you spreading yourself out physically?  Are you smiling?  Is your body upright?



Tips for power-posing your way to confidence:

  • Stand with your arms up, legs spread out, shoulders back and chest out.  Take up space and breathe deeply!
  • If you can't do this at the moment, imagine you’re doing it, or do it in the bathroom before your important interview or presentation.  You can even do it while talking on the phone.
  • Yawn! By yawning, we are naturally bringing oxygen to our brain, which makes us feel more alert and confident.


Have you tried power posing?

Has it worked for you?

Tell us your story in the comments section below!

          AEE 167: Can You Find Power in Your English Mistakes?   

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Can your English mistakes help you be a better English learner? 

If so, why do we feel so vulnerable when we admit them?

Today we talk about why your brain is still stuck in caveman days, and how it affects your English success!

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          AEE 158: How to Use Facebook Groups to Find English-speaking Friends   

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Learning a new language is not easy!  Books and classes can help.  But without real conversation, you might work very hard to make slow progress.

This is because our brains learn language naturally through conversation.  Conversation is the key!

Today we talk with Kevin, creator of, a site that helps people learn HOW to learn English in more effective ways.  Kevin has been teaching English in Brazil for several years.

Integrating his background in Psychology with teaching, he seeks to improve the student's relationship with English.

He believes that once one discovers how to enjoy the process of learning, progress comes naturally.

You can also find Kevin on You Tube, where he posts short, humorous (or not) videos on the most common mistakes Brazilians make in English.


Come back to our site for more tips from Kevin


          AEE 118: Train Your Brain for English Language Learning   

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Do you ever feel discouraged about your English? Do you feel like you’ll never be able to learn or remember new grammar or vocabulary words? Well, when you feel this way, you need to remember that it’s all about science! Today you’ll learn three things... Read More

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Today you’ll learn how an English gratitude journal will help you become more motivated and more fluent! Learn how to uplift your heart, rewire your brain, and improve your English with this one, simple activity. Having a gratitude journal means that you reflect on what... Read More

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          AEE 45: Train Your Brain to Speak Real English   

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Want to speak real English? You have to change the way you think about learning. Forget about the way you learned English in school when you were young. You need a new approach! Today is a Deep Thoughts Thursday so here’s our quote:   “Education... Read More

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          Lessons from Television   
NOTE: This is an older posting that I just completed today.

Was television always this bad?  Yea, I'm afraid it was.

We are staying in a campground, and I thought I would see what is on television.  We have a small flip-down video player in the camper, which I bought on eBay for $150.  It plays DVDs and such, but does not receive off-the-air TV.   

Another camper was throwing away a new-in-the-box digital television converter (the kind you could buy with a government coupon, back when they made the switch).  I dug it out of the trash and hooked it up to the A/V input on the flip-down television.   Voila, TeeVee!

You can get a lot of channels off-the-air these days, it seems, although most of them are garbage.   A lot of religious channels (send us your money) and a few play old television shows (I dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, that sort of thing) with frequent commercials.

The commercials are fascinating.  One tells you that you have some undiagnosed illness and you should "ask your doctor" about TRAFLYPTIX once-a-day medication.   The next ad is from a law firm advertising that "if you took TRAFLYPTIX and had side effects, you may be eligible for damages!"

It is the old  something-for-nothing game.  A pill will change your life.  If it doesn't, well, you win at litigation lottery.

Other pitches were for "diet supplements" that would make you feel "decades younger" and eliminate wrinkles, etc.  Or, you can get your hair back (two different companies, here, but I suspect they are the same).   Eat an acacia berry.  Or get your own free (or "nearly free") back-brace, if you call this number in the next ten minutes!

Also, interestingly enough, are a lot of pitches for charities.  The ASPCA has a long, long spot with pictures of pitiful pooches (mostly pit-bull roteweiller mixes) that have been abused.  They want you to pledge $18.99 a month (!!!!) to help their charity.   All I could think was, "Gee, that's a lot of money" and "That television ad must have cost a lot of dough!"

A similar ad for the wounded warrior project.   Noble causes?  Yes.   Money spent on television ads?  Staggering.

But it reflects the statistics on charities - poor people will donate far more of their money to charities than the rich, as a percentage of income.   And often these poor folks donate to questionable charities that have very high overheads and very high salaries for their key employees.  Charity is a fine thing and all, but investigate the company (and it is a company) you are giving money to.  If they can afford ads that cost tens of thousands of dollars a minute, you have to ask yourself where the money is going.

Of course, the Jesus channels, staffed by sweaty, overweight white men (or sweaty overweight black men), who put the fear of God into you, ask for $1000 from "40 people" to buy a new fiber optic cable to spread the word of God to Muslims (!!!).  A thousand bucks!   Gee, that makes the ASPCA look pretty cheap by comparison.  Of course, the Jesus channel needs more money as they broadcast 24/7, not just in 30-second spots.

It struck me that the ads were all aimed at poor people and people who had a victim mentality and were sympathetic to the victim mentality.   If you are overweight and feel like shit, it isn't your fault.  All you need is a simple pill!  And when that pill causes your son to grow breasts (I am not making this up) you can sue for damages!   In the meantime, you can latch onto the next cure for a disease you don't have, or help rescue a rotweiller mix from some white trash who tried to beat it to "make it a mean guard dog!"   Dang puppies, always being so goofy and cute!  Need to toughen them up!

But sadly, the number of rednecks in the world who decide they have to have a mean dog is apparently infinite.  Go to any shelter and you will see cage after cage of these inbred mutts, all with short muzzles and large heads, bred for fighting and not much else.   They don't make good pets, so don't bother trying to "save" one.   An elderly friend of mine tried that, and it did not work out well.  The dog was basically untrainable and wild, and when he saw a squirrel, he bolted, pulling my friend off their feet so that they broke their hip.

You can't save the world - particularly if you don't save yourself first.

It got me to thinking, though.  Was television always this bad?  So chock full of poor normative cues?  So utterly stupid?

Well, yea.

The off-the-air programs were old sitcoms from the 1960's and 1970's.    While dreck like I Dream of Jennie and Bewitched and other "Screen Gems" were patently stupid (and recycled the same plot from week to week), even the "progressive" intellectual shows of the 1970's such as All in the Family and Maude (and other Norman Lear dreck) were really idiotic and written at an 8th grade level, if that.   Back then, they were "groundbreaking, thought-provoking" shows because they often dealt with trendy issues.  But the writing and the jokes were lame beyond belief.  You try to watch them today and you just shudder.

Television has always been stupid, I'm afraid.  And only stupid people watch it.  If you are not stupid, and start watching it, you will become stupid in short order.  You can't help it - you are being barraged with an information stream of data that hits your cerebral cortex at the speed of light, without your brain being able to filter or process it, first.

Sadly, there is very little media these days which is analytical, thoughtful, intellectual, or rational.   Most media is designed to capture eyeballs, whether it is sensationalist journalism or explosion movies.   News programs are heavily biased to the right or left, with little in-between.  And sadly, even the newspapers (which are now websites) are resorting to sensationalism to generate clicks and capture eyeballs.

I am not sure what the answer is, other than to unplug entirely and read a good book.  

          You Can't Go to McDonald's and Order the Salad   
McDonald's offers "healthy choices" on their menu, chances are, you won't order one.  (even if you did, some "salads" with dressing, have more calories than a Big Mac!).

One way to avoid temptation is to simply avoid temptation.   I know this sounds moronic, but our behaviors are programmed into us before birth.  Our tendencies to self-indulge are hard-wired in our brains.  We look down upon others who use drugs, drink too much, or are overweight or are shopaholics and having "weak resolve" while at the same time not examining our own behaviors too closely.

The long and the short of it is that if you put yourself in a situation where there is temptation, odds are you will grab at that temptation and run with it.   Self-control is just not in the cards.   Granted, it may be true that your "self-control" may work once or twice, but the more you expose yourself to temptation, the more you are likely to succumb.

For example:
You can't buy a smart phone and not compulsively play with it.

You can't go into a casino, "just to look around".

You can't go to the pound and not come back with a dog.

You can't go to the pizza shop and not have a slice.

You can't go to the car dealer "just to kick the tires."

You can't go to the "all you can eat" buffet and eat responsibly.
You can't rely on "self control" with a crack pipe.
And so on and so forth.   Human nature is what it is.  We are all weak.   Avoiding temptation is a better plan than "self control".  Not putting yourself into situations where you are likely to succumb to temptation is a better plan.  NOT going to a casino is a far better plan than going and promising "not to gamble (too much)."

And yes, this goes for drugs as well.   I recounted before about a friend of mine whose husband, at age 30 in Law School became a crack addict.   How did this happen?  Well, they had been smoking pot, so using drugs was a "norm" to them.   And the Law School was in a bad part of town and surrounded by drug dealers.   He walked by them every night on his way to his car.   Eventually, one night, he struck up a conversation with one of them, hoping to buy pot.  The rest is history.  He is in jail right now for running a meth lab.

Not smoking pot would have been a better choice.  Parking in a different place (even if that meant paying to park) would have been another.   When you place yourself into a situation where there is temptation, over and over again, you will eventually succumb.

Which is why I say you can't hang out with pot-smoking friends and expect not to smoke pot.   Eventually, the temptation and accessibility will conspire and you'll say, "Well, OK" and before long you are "chronic" who looks at pot-smoking as a religion.

We all have weaknesses and are all tempted.   The easiest way to avoid temptation is to avoid putting ourselves in situations where it is easy to be tempted.   The idea that we have "self control" is illusory.

          Index Funds?   
What are index funds and should you invest in them?

A few years back, a reader wrote that I should look into index funds.  And I did and bought some shares in a couple of them.  What are index funds?  They are just mutual funds - that follow some stock index.   There are a plethora of mutual funds out there, investing in everything from stocks to bonds, to government bonds, to whatever.   And each fund usually has some sort of goal or strategy.  Small Cap, Large Cap, foreign bonds, US bonds, Municipal Bonds, tech stocks, energy stocks, income stocks, or whatever.

And each fund has a fund manager or managers who manage the fund and decide what to invest in.  And for the most part, you have no idea on what they are investing in, on a day-to-day basis.   You can sort of get an idea from the prospectus and annual report, but you don't know what they are buying and selling in real-time.   You are leaving it to an expert to make sound decisions, and he generally gets paid more for making better decisions, so his interests are aligned with yours.

Compare this to hedge funds, where the managers get paid a percentage of the fund balance regardless of whether they make money or not.   You can understand why people are fleeing hedge funds these days - the overhead is high and the returns in recent years are not as attractive.

Mutual funds may have front-end loads or back-end loads or they may be no-load.   For a typical "load" fund may have to pay a fee upfront (deducted from your investment) when you invest, and often this fee goes in part to the salesman who sold you the fund.  Yes, that friendly "investment advisor" isn't working for oxygen, he needs food on his table.  And that is why, when you, as a young person, go to a "storefront" investment advisor (and you know exactly which one I am talking about - coming to a strip mall near you!) they really aren't interested in talking to you unless you have at least $10,000 to invest - so they can make $500 "advising" you which mutual funds to invest in.   If you are just starting out in investing, well, go fuck yourself.   Come back when you got some real money, kid!  (Or at least that was my experience when I was in my 20's).

Some funds have fees (back end loads) you have to pay when you sell shares in the fund.  The idea here is to encourage you to invest for the long haul, rather than trade. So they penalize you when you decide to sell.   And some funds are "no load" which seems to defy gravity.  How does a mutual fund company make money if they are not charging a fee?  Volume?  No, they have something called an expense ratio that they charge to the fund every year.  You don't see this as a line-item on your statement, but it is buried in the annual report somewhere if you look for it.  And no, the friendly storefront investment advisor doesn't mention it unless you ask, and even then....

And let me just say right here that I was invested in mutual funds for well over a decade before I understood any of this.   And yes, I had investment "advisors" tell me I was investing in a "no load" fund which turned out to have a 5% front-end load, of which the advisor got half.   When rolling over a 401(k) or IRA, be particularly aware of this.   You might, after a few years of hard work, accumulate $100,000 or more in your 401(k).   Your friendly "investment advisor" will suggest you roll this over when you leave the company.   And if you are not careful, he may skim 5% off the top when you move the funds to his company - as a State Farm rep once tried to do with me.

It seems that no matter what investment house you use, the want you to "roll over" your investments to their little playpen, and usually there is a reason for this - a monetary reason.   Caveat Emptor.

But there are "no load" funds out there, and these funds make their money for their managers through the expense ratio fees.  And some funds charge a lot, and some charge a little.  Vanguard has a lot of low expense ratio funds.  And of these, index funds usually have the lowest expense ratios.  Why?  Well an index fund, as the name implies, invests in a "market basket" of stocks that correspond to some market index, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), the S&P 500, the NASDAQ Composite, or the like.

What are these indexes?  Well, that is the funny thing.  When people say "the stock market went up" or "the stock market went down" they are not talking about the entire market but an index instead.  The DJIA, for example, tries to measure the health of the market using a collection ("market basket") of stocks, usually "blue chip" type stocks.  And who is on this list of stocks and who is not, changes over time.  So in essence, the Dow, Jones people are "managing" your fund by determining what stocks are in the DJIA.   Your management company merely buys these stocks, takes a small, small cut as the expense ratio (like 0.15%) and then pays you the rest.

The advantages touted by such funds are many.   These indexes seem to go up over time far more than many "managed" investments.   People say if you just followed "The Dow" you'd make out better than most prognosticators, over time.   And since the expense ratios are tiny, you don't waste a lot of money on overhead costs.   For the mutual fund company, the costs are low, as a computer can basically trade the stocks automatically, as each person buys into the fund or sells out.

For example, Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund, states its goals as follows:
The Fund seeks to track the performance of a benchmark index that measures the investment return of the overall stock market. The Fund employs a "passive management" approach designed to track the performance of the CRSP US Total Market Index.
So in this case, the "index" is the "US Total Market Index" as determined by the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP).   This is an index that actually tries to track the overall market.   How does the fund perform?  What are they invested in ?   Well our friends at Morningstar (who I thought made breakfast sausages, but I was mistaken) have some data on this:

Performance  VTSMX More...

YTD 1 Mo 1 Yr
3 Yr  * 5 Yr  * 10 Yr  *

Growth of 10,000 10,970 10,142 12,299
Fund 9.70 1.42 22.99
+/- S&P 500 TR USD -0.42 0.22 0.59
+/- Category 0.40 0.21 1.36
% Rank in Cat 44 32 35
# of Funds in Cat 1,431 1,495 1,358
* Annualized returns.
Data as of 06/28/2017. Currency is displayed in USD.

Top Holdings  VTSMX More...

Weight % Last Price Day Chg % 52-Week Range

Apple Inc 3.00 144.57 -0.88
93.63 - 156.65

Microsoft Corp 2.02 68.98 -1.15
49.80 - 72.89 Inc 1.59 981.77 -0.84
710.10 - 1017.00

Facebook Inc A 1.41 151.34 -1.23
112.97 - 156.50

Johnson & Johnson 1.38 133.13 -0.50
109.32 - 137.00

% Assets in Top 5 Holdings 9.40

What is a little scary to me about index funds is that these indexes tend to include popular and trendy stocks.   I would not buy Facebook stock on a dare, but since I am invested in mutual funds, I end up owning some of it, although only 1.41% of the overall fund.

Should you invest in an index fund?  Sure, why not.  But not as the only thing you invest in.  Odds are, at your place of work, if you have a 401(k), one of the choices of funds to invest in, is an index fund.   I would not put all my eggs into one fund basket, though, as indexes do go down over time.

Which are the best funds?   Well, it depends on who you ask, and when.  "Investorplace" has a list of the 7 best funds, but they also have a list of 10.  Kiplinger has a list of "only five" funds you need to know about.   Even Motley Fool has a list.   Odds are, your investment house has some of their own funds.  Fidelity and Vanguard have them, I am sure Merrill does as well.  The real decision to make is which index to use and who has the lowest expense ratios.   It goes without saying that paying a "load" on an index fund is sort of pointless.   It is not like they are advising you or trading your shares.

The advantages are many.  It sort of puts your investments on auto-pilot.   The market goes up, you make money.  It goes down, you lose with everyone else (unless your particular index outperforms the overall market).  You don't have to worry about traders churning your account down to zero by making crappy trades.  It is a pretty brainless form of investing.

But for the most part, it is a risk-taking venture, and unless your index fund is indexed on a government bond index or something, you can lose money.   So putting all your eggs into the index-fund basket is, in my opinion, a bad idea.

          Overhead Juggling for Hand-Eye Coordination   

Over the years, I’ve written several articles related to hand-eye coordination. I’m a big believer in challenging your coordination on a daily basis. Doing so is not only useful as an athlete but it is also beneficial for the brain. With that in mind, I am constantly looking for new ways to challenge myself. Most […]

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          You want what?   

So there I am, it's closing time and I'm visiting an agent at the end of the line. The last train to anywhere has long gone and it's just the last two from SF on approach. I'm standing there at the booth choppin it up with the the BPD officer while he waits to sweep out passengers of the last train. Guy walks up and says he wants to go back to SF. The Agent is locking up the bathrooms so I give him the bad news. "Sorry, no more trains going back out until 4:am." I notice some form of impairment has this guy on time delay as he stares at me. "That's 3 hours from now." I say to further assist the non-working math center of his brain. "But I need to go the other way." he said. "And BART can take you at 4:am when it opens in three hours." I see the BPD officer smirk because he gets to see this happen to someone else besides himself.

"Trains are all going to the train yard from here." I say this just as one rolls through the platform headed to the yard. "Have one of them take me to San Francisco." "No, they are going to the train yard to be cleaned for the morning commute, not going towards San Francisco until 4:am." I can see the un critical thinking skills pondering our circular conversation while on time delay. The BPD is starting to chuckle but I gotta keep stone face and soft shoe my conversation or this guy will go all toddler tantrum style on me.

"Have them send a train for me from the train yard now." his stroke of genius fueled via some recreational substance. "Allow me to challenge your thought process. You want BART to prepare a train while having the whole system stay open and have everybody stay late just to come here and and give you a train to ride back towards San Francisco?"
Delighted that I finally understood him and what needed to happen he replied "Yes."

I could still hear the BPD laughing as he went to the platform. Just then the Station Agent walked up from closing the station grills and asked;

"You want what?"


          Dow Courts White House With Donations and Secret Meetings, Brain-Damaging Pesticide Stays on Shelves    
          MSNBC 'Morning Joe' hosts fire back at Trump Twitter blasts   
NEW YORK – "Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski said Friday that President Donald Trump lied about their December encounter in a tweet and that his "unhealthy obsession" with their program doesn't serve his mental health or the country well.

The two MSNBC personalities postponed a vacation in order to respond to Trump's tweet, which drew broad condemnation a day earlier because he called Brzezinski "crazy" and said she was "bleeding badly from a face-lift" when he saw them at his Florida estate.

"It's been fascinating and frightening and really sad for our country," Brzezinski said on their program.

"We're OK," said Scarborough, her co-host and fiance. "The country's not."

The hosts, who also co-bylined a column that was posted on The Washington Post's website on Friday, said they had known Trump for more than a decade and have "fond memories" of their relationship, but that he's changed in the past two years. They were at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida shortly before the New Year in December to encourage Trump to give them an interview.

Brzezinski, who said she's alarmed at how the president deals with women who disagree with him, said she believed her teasing about a Post story about fake Time magazine covers with Trump's face hanging at his golf facilities is what precipitated the latest Twitter attack.

"It is unbelievably alarming that this president is so easily played, he is easily played by a cable news host," she said. "What does that say to our allies? What does that say to our enemies?"

They said Trump was lying about Brzezinski having a face-lift, although "she did have a little skin under her chin tweaked."

Their program and Trump have had a tortured relationship. They were criticized by some for being too close to Trump during the campaign and giving his candidacy an early boost, but have turned sharply against him. Brzezinski in recent weeks has wondered whether Trump was mentally ill and said the country under his presidency "does feel like a developing dictatorship."

The hosts said that they've noticed a change in Trump's behavior over the past few years that left them neither shocked nor insulted by the Thursday tweet.

"The guy who is in the White House now is not the guy we know," Scarborough said.

Trump on Thursday had launched a crude Twitter attack on the brains, looks and temperament of Brzezinski, drawing bipartisan howls of outrage and leaving fellow Republicans beseeching him: Stop, please just stop.

Trump's tweets revived concerns about his views of women in a city where civility already is in short supply and he is struggling for any support he can get for his proposals on health care, immigration and other controversial issues.

"I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore)," Trump tweeted to his nearly 33 million followers Thursday morning. "Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!"

The tweets served to unite Democrats and Republicans for once in a chorus of protest that amounted to perhaps the loudest outcry since Trump took office.

"Obviously I don't see that as an appropriate comment," said Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called Trump's tweets, "blatantly sexist." The president, she added, "happens to disrespect women ... it's sad."

Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma even linked the president's harsh words to the June 14 shootings of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three others.

"The president's tweets today don't help our political or national discourse and do not provide a positive role model for our national dialogue," Lankford said, noting that he had just chaired a hearing on the shootings.

On Trump's level of insult-trading, Brzezinski responded on Twitter by posting a photograph of a Cheerios box that included the phrase "made for little hands." People looking to get under the president's skin have long suggested that his hands appear small for his frame.

Trump's allies cast his outburst as positive, an example of his refusal to be bullied.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president was "pushing back against people who have attacked him day after day after day. Where is the outrage on that?"

"The American people elected a fighter; they didn't elect somebody to sit back and do nothing," she added.

First lady Melania Trump, who has vowed to fight cyberbullying while her husband is president, gave his tweets a pass.

"As the first lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder," her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement.

The White House has shown increasing irritation over harsh coverage of the president on Brzezinski and Scarborough's "Morning Joe," including commentary questioning Trump's mental state.

          Trump criticized for trash-talking MSNBC hosts   
WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump launched a crude Twitter attack on the brains, looks and temperament of a female TV personality Thursday, drawing bipartisan howls of outrage and leaving fellow Republicans beseeching him: Stop, please just stop.

Trump's tweets aimed at MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski revived concerns about his views of women in a city where civility already is in short supply and he is struggling for any support he can get for his proposals on health care, immigration and other controversial issues.

"I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore)," Trump tweeted to his nearly 33 million followers Thursday morning. "Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!"

The tweets served to unite Democrats and Republicans for once in a chorus of protest that amounted to perhaps the loudest outcry since Trump took office.

"Obviously I don't see that as an appropriate comment," said Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi called Trump's tweets, "blatantly sexist." The president, she added, "happens to disrespect women ... it's sad."

Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma even linked the president's harsh words to the June 14 shootings of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three others.

"The president's tweets today don't help our political or national discourse and do not provide a positive role model for our national dialogue," Lankford said, noting that he had just chaired a hearing on the shootings.

On Trump's level of insult-trading, Brzezinski responded on Twitter by posting a photograph of a Cheerios box that included the phrase "made for little hands." People looking to get under the president's skin have long suggested that his hands appear small for his frame.

Trump's allies cast his outburst as positive, an example of his refusal to be bullied.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president was "pushing back against people who have attacked him day after day after day. Where is the outrage on that?"

"The American people elected a fighter; they didn't elect somebody to sit back and do nothing," she added.

First lady Melania Trump, who has vowed to fight cyberbullying while her husband is president, gave his tweets a pass.

"As the first lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder," her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement.

As Trump welcomed South Korean President Moon Jae-in for a White House dinner Thursday evening, he did not respond to shouted questions from reporters about whether he regretted the tweet.

Some of the administration's most high-profile women – daughter and presidential assistant Ivanka Trump, Counselor Kellyanne Conway and Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell – did not respond to requests for comment.

The White House has shown increasing irritation over harsh coverage of the president on Brzezinski and Scarborough's "Morning Joe," including commentary questioning Trump's mental state.

About two hours before his tweets, Brzezinski said on the show that "it's not normal behavior" for any leader to be tweeting about people's appearances or to be bullying, lying, undermining managers and throwing people under the bus. She said that if any business executive behaved the way Trump does, "there would be concern that perhaps the person who runs the company is out of his mind."

On Wednesday, she had mocked Trump after a story in The Washington Post said he had posted fake Time magazine covers of himself in some of his golf resorts.

"Nothing makes a man feel better than making a fake cover of a magazine about himself, lying every day and destroying the country," Brzezinski said.

Trump, who has a habit of throwing up distractions to deflect bad news, has been straining to advance his agenda lately, with the Senate this week coming up short in finding enough votes to begin debate on a bill to roll back President Barack Obama's health care law.

His demeaning broadside against a woman raised new complaints among critics who have long accused him of sexism and inflaming tensions in a deeply polarized nation. Trump also has consistently stoked a long-running feud with the press that has not hurt him with his base of roughly a third of the electorate.

But one expert rejected the idea that Trump's tweets about the MSNBC hosts amounted to a calculated push-back against the media.

"It's not a critique of the press. It's a diatribe. It's a rant," said Theodore L. Glasser, professor emeritus at Stanford University and an expert in mass media.

It wasn't the first time Trump has assailed a television personality who is a woman. In 2015, he went after then-Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly when she questioned him at a debate. Trump said later that during the exchange, Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever."

It's also far from the only time he's raised eyebrows with remarks about the physical attributes of women. Just this week in the Oval Office, Trump interrupted his phone conversation with the new prime minister of Ireland to remark on a "beautiful" Irish journalist in the room and take note of the "nice smile on her face."

The latest flare-up did nothing to improve Trump's chances of advancing the health care bill that formed a centerpiece of his campaign.

"This has to stop - we all have a job - 3 branches of gov't and media," tweeted Republican Susan Collins of Maine, a critic of the Senate GOP bill. "We don't have to get along, but we must show respect and civility."

Tweeted Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a frequent Trump critic: "Please just stop. This isn't normal and it's beneath the dignity of your office." Agreed South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham: "Mr. President, your tweet was beneath the office and represents what is wrong with American politics, not the greatness of America."

Brzezinski and Scarborough, who are engaged, have known Trump for years and interviewed him numerous times during the campaign. But they have been highly critical of Trump since he took office.

They did meet with Trump at his Florida estate on New Year's Eve for what they described as a brief visit, and also spent time with the president and senior staff at the White House in February. But Brzezinski supporters disputed Trump's characterization of the Mar-a-Lago meeting, saying it was the president who repeatedly asked the couple to visit him. Brzezinski and Scarborough were staying in the area for the holidays.

NBC News spokeswoman Lorie Acio said in a statement, "It's a sad day for America when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing his job."

          TV Shows Cancellations 2017   
Wondering which TV shows got cancelled in 2016-2017? Americ and I talk about the shows that either ended or were cancelled. SHOWS CANCELLED: The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC) BrainDead (CBS) Powerless (NBC) Pure Genius (CBS) The Real O’Neals (ABC) Sweet/Vicious (MTV) Underground (WGN) American Crime (ABC) American Gothic (CBS) APB (FOX) Aquarius (NBC) Blunt Talk (Starz) […]
          Comment on Hawaii civil unions advance by semper fi infidel   
Gays will weed themselves out of the gene pool. It's the brain damaged Muslims we should be concerned with. Keep them all out of US.
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Call me Erika ♥- Everything you need... Beauty, Brains, great hands, great touch and a really great attitude! -♥- Always pleasant & present strive to provide an "All about You" expnce.
I am hungry at the moment. It's only 11:30 in the morning, I ate a normal breakfast of Sultana Bran at 7 am, and even ate an apple half an hour ago, but my stomach is still left wanting.

Last Monday, I was on the exact same schedule, exact same breakfast and I was going fine. Even without an apple. 

I was probably more mentally engaged last week, talking to a friend for 2 hours about life and university assignments and different denominations/cults of Christianity; that might explain it. Today I am trying to focus on actually completing a uni assignment which still seems out of grasp, I look at the screen, then my hands, then the screen again, but all I'm really looking at is my stomach. Staring back at me. It is the one controlling me. Not me. 

It's not even real hunger, its totally fake. I know it is. So I want to beat it. I have more rations of food in my bag, which is just underneath my seat, within reach. I could have a stale but filling, cold hot cross bun in my hands within seconds. In my mouth, into my stomach, up back into my brain within minutes. The energy threading through my blood, into my hands, my mind, back into focus over the next hour. 

I haven't really been reading my bible regularly for the past couple of months. I do have time, I don't have structure. I do have resources, I don't have the will. I do have the need, but I don't have the hunger. 

I have been fasting for days at a time, getting weaker and weaker, and even the time I do spend becomes quick hits, jelly beans, or bits of popcorn, instead of a huge serving of lasagna, layered with biblical theology, a right understanding of context, proper application into my life. 

I'm even learning how to cook. I've just finished a preliminary theology certificate in Biblical Theology. I starve myself to feed the kids as Kids Church, at youth group, in my small group, at bible study. That's not how God's word works though. 

Because, firstly, it does work. Without it I am losing to worldly influences. I need the Bible to fill me up, so that I don't waste my appetite on things that will never last. 

Secondly, have I misunderstood the reality of grace? Unlimited, overflowing, amazing, grace? Reading God's word is a joy that God shares with everyone. It's not something that is limited, finite. That's the opposite of infinite. 

I am hungry for God's word. I better go read it now.

          Comment on by Maicer   
Emma Stone is known for her laid back style and carefree attitude when it comes to fashion, and it's cheap evening dresses like these - relaxed, simple and comfortable - that we adore on her. Taking a stroll with ex-boyfriend Andrew Garfield, Emma stuck to her casually cool style pairing wide leg culottes with a camisole, cheap football shirts and leather slides. Sliders like this they can be worn in so many different ways - with dresses, jeans and bikinis - and for so many different occasions - weekend, holidays, work - snapping up a pair yourself is a no brainer. Emma's tan style are from michael kors replica.
          Rise and fall of Coconut   
Coconut? Turns out that you can't boil down witty brainwork and complex concepts to one word
          The iPhone Colonized Our World (and Brains) in Just 10 Years   
I thought, in 2007, the iPhone would be just a gaudy bauble for rich nerds. I was deeply wrong.
          Captain Earthman enters hospice care as his return to “the mothership” nears   
Brent Doeden, better known to fans as Captain Earthman, has entered hospice care at his Arvada home due to the recent rapid progression of his two inoperable, grade-IV brain tumors.
          GST rolls out past midnight from Central Hall of Parliament; Manmohan skips   
New Delhi: The Goods and Services Tax (GST), India's biggest tax reform since Independence, rolled out past midnight Friday in the precincts of the hallowed Central Hall of Parliament to usher in a new indirect tax regime in an event that sought to evoke memories of the famous 'Tryst with Destiny' night the country got freedom in 1947.

A minute after the stroke of midnight, President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi pressed the button to launch the new indirect tax regime on a digital screen with "GST" emblazoned on it in a golden hue.

Conceived on the principle of 'one nation, one tax, one market', the tax that subsumes 17 central and state levies was launched in the presence of Vice President Hamid Ansari, former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, MPs, chief ministers, state finance ministers, officials of the Centre and states.

Notwithstanding the fact that the GST Law was a consensus product evolved over 14 years, the function in colorfully-decked Parliament House was boycotted by major opposition parties like Congress, Trinamool Congress, RJD, DMK and Left parties, saying the government was making a spectacle of a legislation for self-promotion, a charge Jaitley rejected. In keeping with his party's decision, former Primer Minister Manmohan Singh kept away from the event. However, MPs and leaders of Congress allies NCP and Samajwadi Party attended the function.

Addressing the gathering, President Pranab Mukherjee said the introduction of GST is a moment of precedent for the country and a matter of personal satisfaction for him because of his role as Finance Minister earlier. "I had always believed that GST was a matter of time and was happy when it was enacted and I gave assent to the Constitution amendment last year," he said.

He said the new law is a tribute to the maturity and wisdom of Indian democracy. The GST Council was a unique experiment under the Indian Constitution because of the shared sovereignty.

In his speech, Modi said the roll out of GST is the best example of cooperative federalism and success of Indian democracy. "The credit for the new law does not go to one party or one government but was a shared legacy of all," he said.

In a veiled rejoinder to opposition criticism of the midnight function in Parliament, the Prime Minister said there cannot be a "better and sacred" venue than the Central Hall for the historic roll out.

The GST process cannot be confined to just economic system but was a collective effort of all, he said, adding it was a product of long discussions among the best brains of the country. "It is an example of Team India's strength and ability," he said.

Referring to the eminent personalities like Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Babu Rajendra Prasad who had adorned the Central Hall, Modi said like Patel had integrated the country, the GST would integrate the country economically.

He described the GST as 'Good and Simple Tax' -- good because there will be no tax on tax and simple because there will be only one form of tax. It will also help eliminate black money and corruption because of the transparency it seeks to bring in, he said.

Modi said whatever was lacking in growth and development of the country, GST will provide the opportunity to realise them.

Ahead of the launch, the GST Council slashed the rate of fertilisers from 12 per cent to 5 per cent and of exclusive parts of tractors from 28 per cent to 18 per cent to reduce the burden on farmers.

The launch of GST, which the government claimed would result in reduction of prices of articles of common consumption, also came amidst fears from various business sections that prices would go up under the new regime.

Welcoming the gathering, Jaitley described GST as the biggest and most ambitious tax reform which is an achievement of the country through consensus. It highlights the fact that India can rise above narrow politics and work for country's benefit. In making the GST, neither the Centre nor the states gave up their sovereignty.

He said all MPs, state governments, political parties, state finance ministers and dedicated officials of the Centre and states deserved to be appreciated for realising the project of GST Law.

Jaitley said under GST, the revenues will go up as the compliance goes up and the GDP will also increase.

Parliament's Central Hall has witnessed such a function only on three occasions earlier. First was on the occasion of Independence when first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru made the famous 'Tryst with Destiny' speech. The second was on the occasion of silver jubilee of Independence in 1972 and golden jubilee in 1997.

The GST is expected to check tax evasion and broaden tax base. In the new regime, all filings will be done only through electronic mode to ensure non-intrusive administration. This will minimise taxpayers' physical interaction with the tax officials.

The GST regime seeks to reduce rates of over 50 per cent of items of daily use and charge others at much lower rate of 5 per cent, 12 per cent and 18 per cent.

A higher tax rate is imposed on luxury and sin goods at 28 per cent in the new regime. Certain services like telephone, banking and insurance are expected to feel the pinch of higher taxes.

The GST also promises taxpayers a refund against their sales within 60 days. Similarly, exporters will get refund within seven days. For protection of consumer rights, the new law provides anti-profiteering provisions. In a departure from the normal practice, the GST will be administered together by the Centre and the states.
          GST rolls out past midnight from Central Hall of Parliament   

New Delhi: The Goods and Services Tax (GST), India's biggest tax reform since Independence, rolled out past midnight Friday in the precincts of the hallowed Central Hall of Parliament to usher in a new indirect tax regime in an event that sought to evoke memories of the famous 'Tryst with Destiny' night the country got freedom in 1947.

A minute after the stroke of midnight, President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi pressed the button to launch the new indirect tax regime on a digital screen with "GST" emblazoned on it in a golden hue.

Conceived on the principle of 'one nation, one tax, one market', the tax that subsumes 17 central and state levies was launched in the presence of Vice President Hamid Ansari, former Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, MPs, chief ministers, state finance ministers, officials of the Centre and states.

Notwithstanding the fact that the GST Law was a consensus product evolved over 14 years, the function in colorfully-decked Parliament House was boycotted by major opposition parties like Congress, Trinamool Congress, RJD, DMK and Left parties, saying the government was making a spectacle of a legislation for self-promotion, a charge Jaitley rejected. In keeping with his party's decision, former Primer Minister Manmohan Singh kept away from the event. However, MPs and leaders of Congress allies NCP and Samajwadi Party attended the function.

Addressing the gathering, President Pranab Mukherjee said the introduction of GST is a moment of precedent for the country and a matter of personal satisfaction for him because of his role as Finance Minister earlier. "I had always believed that GST was a matter of time and was happy when it was enacted and I gave assent to the Constitution amendment last year," he said.

He said the new law is a tribute to the maturity and wisdom of Indian democracy. The GST Council was a unique experiment under the Indian Constitution because of the shared sovereignty.

In his speech, Modi said the roll out of GST is the best example of cooperative federalism and success of Indian democracy. "The credit for the new law does not go to one party or one government but was a shared legacy of all," he said.

In a veiled rejoinder to opposition criticism of the midnight function in Parliament, the Prime Minister said there cannot be a "better and sacred" venue than the Central Hall for the historic roll out.

The GST process cannot be confined to just economic system but was a collective effort of all, he said, adding it was a product of long discussions among the best brains of the country. "It is an example of Team India's strength and ability," he said.

Referring to the eminent personalities like Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Babu Rajendra Prasad who had adorned the Central Hall, Modi said like Patel had integrated the country, the GST would integrate the country economically.

He described the GST as 'Good and Simple Tax' -- good because there will be no tax on tax and simple because there will be only one form of tax. It will also help eliminate black money and corruption because of the transparency it seeks to bring in, he said.

Modi said whatever was lacking in growth and development of the country, GST will provide the opportunity to realise them.

Ahead of the launch, the GST Council slashed the rate of fertilisers from 12 per cent to 5 per cent and of exclusive parts of tractors from 28 per cent to 18 per cent to reduce the burden on farmers.

The launch of GST, which the government claimed would result in reduction of prices of articles of common consumption, also came amidst fears from various business sections that prices would go up under the new regime.

Welcoming the gathering, Jaitley described GST as the biggest and most ambitious tax reform which is an achievement of the country through consensus. It highlights the fact that India can rise above narrow politics and work for country's benefit. In making the GST, neither the Centre nor the states gave up their sovereignty.

He said all MPs, state governments, political parties, state finance ministers and dedicated officials of the Centre and states deserved to be appreciated for realising the project of GST Law.

Jaitley said under GST, the revenues will go up as the compliance goes up and the GDP will also increase.

Parliament's Central Hall has witnessed such a function only on three occasions earlier. First was on the occasion of Independence when first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru made the famous 'Tryst with Destiny' speech. The second was on the occasion of silver jubilee of Independence in 1972 and golden jubilee in 1997.

The GST is expected to check tax evasion and broaden tax base. In the new regime, all filings will be done only through electronic mode to ensure non-intrusive administration. This will minimise taxpayers' physical interaction with the tax officials.

The GST regime seeks to reduce rates of over 50 per cent of items of daily use and charge others at much lower rate of 5 per cent, 12 per cent and 18 per cent.

A higher tax rate is imposed on luxury and sin goods at 28 per cent in the new regime. Certain services like telephone, banking and insurance are expected to feel the pinch of higher taxes.

The GST also promises taxpayers a refund against their sales within 60 days. Similarly, exporters will get refund within seven days. For protection of consumer rights, the new law provides anti-profiteering provisions. In a departure from the normal practice, the GST will be administered together by the Centre and the states.

Antidepressants, in general, are linked to sexual side effects, but some categories of medications trigger bigger sexual problems than others. is a responsible online pharmacy that takes your sexual health seriously. According to our data, the following antidepressants are most likely to negatively impact your sex life:

             Lexapro (escitalopram)
             Zoloft (sertraline)
             Prozac (fluoxetine)
             Celexa (citalopram)
             Cymbalta (duloxetine)
             Paxil and Paxil CR (paroxetine)

There is a somewhat reduced risk of experiencing sexual side effects with antidepressants mirtazapine and bupropion. It is essential to recognize that any antidepressant can have negative effects on your sex life.


Most popular antidepressants belong to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) drug family. The patient taking the drug feels calmer and less anxious by boosting serotonin levels in the brain.
Yet, that same tranquility can drive your libido down. It precludes the hormones enabling our bodies to react to sexual stimulation from communicating with our brains. In other words, antidepressants can dial our sex drive down.

Sexual Side Effects in Males

Men are affected by the SSRI-induced serotonin stabilization. Declined libido and trouble achieving an erection are the most typical side effects in men. Certain men have difficulty keeping an erection. Some men also reported blocked or delayed orgasm. Some drugs, like citalopram, can drive a man’s total sperm count down.

Sexual Side Effects in Females

Women using SSRIs may face belated lubrication as well as blocked or delayed orgasm. Lack of sex desire and, in selected cases, discomfort during sex are further likely consequences of taking SSRIs.

Mitigating Sexual Side Effects of Antidepressants

Introduce Timing

Timing can be alpha and omega when it comes to sex. Particularly so if your antidepressant kills your sex drive. If you take anti-stress medications once a day, you may consider resolving this issue by taking your dosage after the period of the day you typically participate in sexual activities. The shortcoming of this technique is that sex becomes less spontaneous.

Adjust Your Dosage

At almost any dose, antidepressants can negatively affect your libido. However, it is only logical that the higher doses result in a bigger risk of sexual adverse effects. Talk to your doctor about switching to a lower dose if you have started experiencing sexual side effects. Do not discontinue your antidepressants altogether without discussing it with your doctor first.

Reconsider Your Prescription

If altering the timing and dosage of your antidepressant fails to tackle your sexual troubles, don’t despair. Switching brands of antidepressant might be a solution for you. Your doctor might come up with a different brand that is known to cause fewer sexual side effects.
ED medications from PDE5 family can help men keep an erection. Women might benefit from adding bupropion, the antidepressant aid, to their medication routine.

Be Patient

Wait and see is key when dealing with sexual side effects. Generally, it might take several weeks, and even months for sexual side effects to disappear by themselves. Adjusting to antidepressant drugs takes time for your body.


Research shows that short surges of high-intensity training can counter some of the antidepressants’ libido-destroying side effects.

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Spring / Summer 2017 Towns are in Minnesota unless noted. Alumni names appear in bold. Send CLASS NOTES information and photos to or call toll free: 1-877-BSU-ALUM. Class of 2016 Jennie Buegler has joined the staff at Bank Forward in Bemidji as a personal banker … Chanel Gangestad of Brainerd is teaching second grade […]
30 "Fabulous Field Service Experience" lol

I have to tell you guys about this.
An elder (Tom) asked me to come on his study. This poor brother has Parkinson's due to a brain injury and sometimes can't think or speak well. I gladly went with him. DH wanted to do H2H so I met up with him later.

So this retired woman welcomed us in. She obviously cared a great deal for Tom and his health issues. We hit it off right away, because she had a weaving lo...

2wice Shye, Sterra Lucas - Primal (Original Mix)
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Abide - 2004 (Original Mix)
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Adam Szydlik - Venase (Original Mix)
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Ahmet Mecnun - Gon' Dance To It (Toni Varga Remix)
Ahmet Mecnun - Second Day (David Glass Remix)
Ahmet Mecnun - Second Day (Original Mix)
Albert Hipman, Federico Mandelli - Biosphere (Original Mix)
Albert Hipman, Federico Mandelli - Labyrinth (Original Mix)
Albert Hipman, Federico Mandelli - Organoleptic Paper (Original Mix)
Aldrin Zurita - Beat Room (Original Mix)
Aldrin Zurita - RPM (Original Mix)
Alek Sanderkane - Pickadoll (Original Mix)
Alex Myna, DJ Patisso, Maky Ferrari - For the Love (Instrumental Mix)
Alex Myna, DJ Patisso, Maky Ferrari - For the Love (Original Mix)
Alex Pich - Dharma (Original Mix)
Alex Pich - Epsilon (Original Mix)
Alex Pich, Pavel Denisov - Prana (Original Mix)
Alex Sounds, Alex Gamez - Monday (Original Mix)
Alex Sounds, Alex Gamez - One Way (Original Mix)
Alex Sounds, Alex Gamez - Street (Original Mix)
Alex Young, Deetech - Bedford Avenue (Original Mix)
Alex Young, Deetech - Impressionante (Daniel Boon Remix)
Alex Young, Deetech - Impressionante (Moe Danger Remix)
Alex Young, Deetech - Impressionante (Original Mix)
Alexander Volosnikov - When the Sun Goes Down (Instrumental Mix)
Alexander Volosnikov - When the Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)
Alexey Union - Amalthea (Original Mix)
Alfonso Muchacho - Pathways (N'Pot Remix)
Alfonso Muchacho - Pathways (Onez!E Remix)
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Allies for Everyone - Bite My Tongue (Brad Hart & Matt Hardinge Remix)
Allies for Everyone - Bite My Tongue (Kohra's Dub Dreamwork)
Allies for Everyone - Bite My Tongue (Kohra's Vocal Dreamwork)
Allies for Everyone - Bite My Tongue (Original Mix)
Allies for Everyone - Bite My Tongue (Techno Fruhstuck Remix)
Alpha K - Klein Meisie (Original Mix)
Alpha K - Marimba Ritmes (Original Mix)
Alternate High - You Are Not Alone (Original Mix)
Ambonati - Spiral Wave (Original Mix)
Amentia - Toucan (Original Mix)
Amy Pearson, Chris Brogan - Feel U Moving (Original Mix)
Anders Hellberg - Cinemero (Original Mix)
Anders Hellberg - Krakel (Original Mix)
Anders Hellberg - Solida (Original Mix)
Andres Valera - Afronize (Original Mix)
Andrew Wu - Moving On (Double Creativity Remix)
Andrew Wu - Moving On (Original Mix)
Andy Notalez - Machines (Original Mix)
Andy Roda, Alaia, Gallo - Movin 'N Werkin' (Original Mix)
Angelo Draetta - Watch Me Dance (Original Mix)
Ankker - Dimension (Original Mix)
Ankker - Party Starter (Original Mix)
Annakost Sound - Smooth (Original Mix)
Annakost Sound - The Piano (Original Mix)
Anthony Poteat - All And All (Gene Leone Remix - BKR Radio Edit)
Anthony Poteat - C'Mon, Ah, Hey, Yeah! (Original Mix)
Anthony Poteat - Coming Up (Gene Leone Remix - BKR Radio Edit)
Anthony Poteat - Give All My Love (Gene Leone Philly Soul Mix - BKR Radio Edit)
Anthony Poteat - Greatful (Simon Master W Mix - BKR Radio Edit)
Anthony Poteat - Made It Through (Gene Leone D'Street Mix - BKR Radio Edit)
Anthony Poteat - Someone (Duet with Michele McCain) (Gene Leone Remix - BKR Edit)
Anthony Poteat - Testify (Zonum Remix - BKR Radio Edit)
Anthony Poteat - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! (Original Mix)
Anthony Poteat - Your Love Is Serious (Simon Master W Timeless Mix - BKR Radio Edit)
Antonio Casertano - Let You Go (Original Mix)
Antonio Casertano - Magnetic Island (Original Mix)
Antonio Casertano - Rocky Bay (Original Mix)
Antrim - Catwalk (Alejandro Manso Remix)
Antrim - Catwalk (Jaap Ligthart Remix)
Antrim - Catwalk (Matias Chilano Remix)
Antrim - Catwalk (Original Mix)
Antti Rasi - Liitäjä (BP's 'Sandstorm' Remix)
Antti Rasi - Liita¨ja¨ (Matias Vila Remix)
Antti Rasi - Liita¨ja¨ (Original Mix)
Antti Rasi - Liita¨ja¨ (Speaking in Tongues Remix)
AREA21 - We Did It (Original Mix)
Armen Miran - Nani Jan (Original Mix)
Arude - Alien Sky (Original Mix)
Arude - Fragments (Original Mix)
Audinary - Amazon (Original Mix)
Audinary - Bouncing Ball (Original Mix)
Audiojack - Equilibrium (Original Mix)
Audiojack - Spirit (Fort Romeau Remix)
Audiojack - Spirit (Original Mix)
Audiotrauma - Alkaline (Original Mix)
Audiotrauma - Give It To Me (Original Mix)
Audiotrauma - Tricks (Original Mix)
Autodidact, Laura - Az Erzes (Erich Von Kollar Remix)
Autodidact, Laura - Az Erzes (John Drummer Remix)
Autodidact, Laura - Az Erzes (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
Bankewitz, Jewls - Never Slow Down (Original Club Mix)
Bassel Darwish - Osiris (Original Mix)
Batrix - Third Eye (Original Mix)
Batrix - Zulu Dance (Original Mix)
Be Svendsen - Voice Of Tohe (Original Mix)
Bedrud, AskMe - Octagon (Original Club Mix)
Beginni - Escobar (Original Mix)
Beico, MT93 - Broken Soul (Original Mix)
Beico, MT93 - Catarsis (Original Mix)
Beico, MT93 - Cousiong Of The Another Blood (Original Mix)
Beico, MT93 - Superarse (Original Mix)
Beico, MT93 - The Revolution (Original Mix)
Ben Jones, Ferher - Deeper Things (Original Mix)
Ben Manson, Rony Golding - Abflug (Original Mix)
Ben Manson, Rony Golding - Teilchenbeschleuniger (Original Mix)
Ben Remember - Tunnels (Original Mix)
Ben Teufel, Felix Sanchez - Ostal (Original Mix)
Ben Teufel, Felix Sanchez - Pada (Original Mix)
Ben Teufel, Felix Sanchez - Wrekum (Original Mix)
Beverly Hills - Gangster Dub (Original Mix)
Beverly Hills - Gangster Trumpet (Original Mix)
Big Pack - City Nights (Original Mix)
Black Roof - Possible (Original Mix)
Black Roof - Possible (Tom Hades Remix)
Black Roof - Pragmatic (Original Mix)
Blanke - Curiosity (Original Mix)
Blanke - Nashi (Original Mix)
Blaq Sons - Cable Tie (Original Mix)
Blaq Sons - Habits (Original Mix)
Blaq Sons - Warming Sun (Original Mix)
Block, Crown - House The Funk (Original Mix)
Bloem, Sadhu Sensi - iziBongo (Original Mix)
Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (Chocolate Puma Remix)
Bogdan Vix, Lucid Blue - I Am Now (Mhammed El Alami Extended Remix)
Boyard - Still In Space (Original Mix)
Boyard - Sunrise (Original Mix)
Breger - Declaration (Original Mix)
Breger - From The Crypt (Original Mix)
Canedo - Control (Original Mix)
Canedo - Pista (Original Mix)
Canedo - Pisto (Original Mix)
Carlos A - Play It (Original Mix)
Carlos A - Rolling (Ian Ludvig Remix)
Carlos A - Rolling (Original Mix)
Carlos A - Rolling (Toni Carrillo Remix)
Chagochkin, Caterina Di Sciascio - La Musica (Original Mix)
Che La Seye, Coda Deep - Enchanted Forest (Diegho Remix)
Che La Seye, Coda Deep - Enchanted Forest (Original Mix)
Chris Main - Wasabi (Original Mix)
Chris Veron - Gravity Boost (Original Mix)
Christian Monique - Euphoria (EDLands Remix)
Christian Monique - Euphoria (Jonnas B Remix)
Christian Monique - Euphoria (Original Mix)
Christian Monique - Euphoria (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
Christian Nielsen - From The Dust (Original Mix)
Christian Nielsen - This Is How I Work (Original Mix)
Chus, Ceballos, Cari Golden, Rafa Barrios - Now Or Never (Instrumental Mix)
Chus, Ceballos, Cari Golden, Rafa Barrios - Now Or Never (Original Mix)
CIRI - Earsfield (Original Mix)
CIRI - Gracey (Original Mix)
CIRI - Roger (Original Mix)
Ciro Visone - Lane Departure (Original Mix)
Cosmaks - First Breath (Original Mix)
Cosmaks - Perspective (Original Mix)
Cosmaks - When It All Began (Original Mix)
Cowens Brothers, Beatrich - For You (Embody Remix)
Cowens Brothers, Beatrich - For You (Original Mix)
Coyu, Bastian Bux - Satara (Original Mix)
Coyu, Bastian Bux - Umbral (Original Mix)
Craig, Grant Gordon - The Meeting (Original Mix)
Cristoph - Feel (Original Mix)
CubeTonic - Taradam (Extended Mix)
Cup, String - In The Back (Original Mix)
Cup, String - Never Knew (Original Mix)
Dahu - Desolate (Clawz SG Remix)
Dahu, MPathy - Sonder (Soul Button Remix)
Dana Bergquist, Peder G - Your Love (Benjamin Frohlich Remix)
Dana Bergquist, Peder G - Your Love (Original Mix)
Dana Bergquist, Peder G - Your Love (Urmet K Instrumental Remix)
Dana Bergquist, Peder G - Your Love (Urmet K Remix)
Dandara, Meraki (BR) - Fire (Original Mix)
Daniel Kyo - Mosquitos (Bird Of Paradise Remix)
Daniel Kyo - Mosquitos (Original Mix)
Daniel Kyo - No Future (Gameboyz Remix)
Daniel Kyo - No Future (Original Mix)
Daniel Nova - Elisa (Extended Mix)
Danilo Milani - Hot That (Original Mix)
Danilo Milani - This Is F (Original Mix)
David Gravell, Alice Berg - Young Love (Extended Mix)
David Herrero - Feel Dis Sountz (Original Mix)
David Penn, Hosse - I Can't Wait (Original Mix)
David Penn, Hosse - I Can't Wait (Roog, Dennis Quin Remix)
Dayne S - Labyrinth (Original Mix)
Dayne S - Sensor (Original Mix)
Dean Demanuele - Manly (Original Mix)
Dean Demanuele - Mental Love (Original Mix)
Dean Demanuele - Not Just Talk (Original Mix)
Dean Demanuele - Salty Flavour (Original Mix)
Dean Demanuele - Summer Blue (Original Mix)
Deeplotronic - All The Drugs (Original Mix)
Deeplotronic - Panama (Original Mix)
Deeplotronic - Reels (Original Mix)
Definition - Orient (Original Mix)
DEL-30 - West Coast (Original Mix)
DELPHIE - Apogeo (Original Mix)
DELPHIE - Apogeo (Saulo Paul Remix)
DELPHIE - End (Original Mix)
DELPHIE - Infame (Original Mix)
DELPHIE - Infortune (Original Mix)
DELPHIE - Inner Talk (Original Mix)
DELPHIE - Interlude (Original Mix)
DELPHIE - Perigeo (Original Mix)
Dennis Pedersen - Emergence (Extended Mix)
Deviate - Flashback (Original Mix)
Diction - There Is No Way (Original Mix)
Diet Candy - Fever (ThomChris Soul Club Remix)
Dilby - Invisible (Original Mix)
Dilby - Invisible (Teenage Mutants Remix)
Disk Nation - Lovebirds (Original Mix)
Disk Nation - Shine (Original Mix)
Dizharmonia - Acacia (Original Mix)
Dizharmonia - Isimeria (Original Mix)
Dizharmonia - Pythagorion (Original Mix)
Dizharmonia, T.Pals - Diotima (Original Mix)
DJ Braver - Hit That Switch (Original Mix)
DJ Braver - More Monkey Madness (Original Mix)
DJ Braver - The Very Long Cave (Original Mix)
DJ Braver - The Very Long Cave (Vicky Montefusco Remix)
DJ Entwan - Bad Girls (Original Mix)
DJ Kolin, Abrupt Gear - Cannes (Original Mix)
DJ Lion - Labrace (Dakar Remix)
DJ Lion - Labrace (Original Mix)
DJ LULU & DJ Gas - Hot Shot (Original Mix)
Dj Nkosie - 1.05 (Original Mix)
Dj Nkosie - Amb Vollard (Main Mix)
Dj Nkosie - Jammer (Main Mix)
Dj Nkosie - King (Main Mix)
Dj Nkosie - Phreaky Dance (Main Mix)
Dj Nkosie, Zweli The Dj - No Emotions (Main Mix)
Doc Link - Let The Drums Roll (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
Doc Link - Let The Drums Roll (Original Mix)
Dot Chandler, Lucas Freire - Deep In Underground (Original Mix)
DP-6 - Contour (Original Mix)
DP-6 - Fusion (Original Mix)
DP-6 - Refraction (Original Mix)
DP-6 - Structures (Original Mix)
DP-6 - Timeline (Original Mix)
Drvg Cvltvre - I Am The Sea Swell (Cottams Storm Brewing Remix)
Drvg Cvltvre - I Am The Sea Swell (Original Mix)
Drvg Cvltvre - Ultima Thule (Iron Blu Remix)
Drvg Cvltvre - Ultima Thule (Original Mix)
Dub Recycle - Galax (Against The Time Remix)
Dub Recycle - Galax (Monobloq Remix)
Dub Recycle - Galax (Original Mix)
Dusky - Balfour Betty (Original Mix)
Dusky - Bowed (Original Mix)
Dusky - Cold Heart (Original Mix)
Dusky - Psychic Life Coach (Original Mix)
E.M.C.K. - Do You Still Care (Original Mix)
E.M.C.K. - Do You Still Care (Sodeep Remix)
East Cafe - Drops In A Downpour (Chris Drifter Remix)
East Cafe - Drops In A Downpour (Goyes, Dave C. Remix)
East Cafe - Drops In A Downpour (Original Mix)
East Cafe - Drops In A Downpour (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
East Cafe - Drops In A Downpour (Sebastian Busto Remix)
East Cafe - False Visions (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
East Cafe - False Visions (Controlwerk Remix)
East Cafe - False Visions (Original Mix)
East Cafe - False Visions (Subconscious Tales Remix)
East Cafe - One Silent Cloudburst (Mohn (NL) Remix)
East Cafe - One Silent Cloudburst (Original Mix)
East Cafe - One Silent Cloudburst (Sounom Remix)
Eclipse - Underground Culture (Original Mix)
Ed Flow - Sentimiento (Club Mix)
Ed Flow - Sentimiento (Original Mix)
Ed Flow - Sentimiento (Radio Edit)
Ed Flow - Sentimiento (Soultrade Dub)
Ed Flow - Sentimiento (Soultrade Remix)
Edinei - Can You Play (Original Mix)
Edinei - Get The Funk (Original Mix)
Edinei - Jack The Sound (Original Mix)
Edinei - Take Me Back (Original Mix)
Electronic Youth, Sone2 - Bad Man (Original Mix)
Electronic Youth, Sone2 - Going Back (Original Mix)
Eli Nissan - Circle Of Fifth (Original Mix)
Eli Nissan - Liquid Stars (Original Mix)
Eli Nissan - Moon Clock (Original Mix)
Ella Darr - Go (Original Mix)
Ella Darr - Who Are You (Original Mix)
Ella Darr - Yours (Original Mix)
E-Man, Dave Anthony - Tree Of Life (DJ Bonnie Midnight Instrumental Remix)
E-Man, Dave Anthony - Tree Of Life (DJ Bonnie Midnight Remix)
E-Man, Dave Anthony - Tree Of Life (Instrumental Mix)
E-Man, Dave Anthony - Tree Of Life (Original Mix)
Embliss, Manu Zain - Worthwhile (LTN 'Sunrise' Remix)
Embliss, Manu Zain - Worthwhile (Original Mix)
Endorfina - Vertex (Nordstorm Remix)
Endorfina - Vertex (Original Mix)
Endorfina - Vertex (Tsyba Remix)
Endorfina - Vertex (Yuriy From Russia Remix)
Eric Zimmer, Shawn Hunter - Spiritus Vehementis (Danny Legatto Remix)
Eric Zimmer, Shawn Hunter - Spiritus Vehementis (Original Mix)
Erick Decks, David Novacek - Trash Talk (Jackin Mix)
Erick Decks, David Novacek - Trash Talk (Original Mix)
Erick Decks, David Novacek - Trash Talk (Percussion DJ Tool)
Erick Decks, David Novacek - Trash Talk (Percussion Mix)
Erik Christiansen, David Museen - Spacer Jam (Original Mix)
Erik Hagleton - Arro (Original Mix)
Erik Hagleton - Break Of Dawn (Original Mix)
Erik Hagleton - Carnaval (Original Mix)
Estroe - Murk (Original Mix)
Estroe - Querulant (Justin Berkovi Remix)
Estroe - Querulant (Original Mix)
Eugeneos - Double (Hassio (COL) Remix)
Eugeneos - Double (Original Mix)
Eugeneos - Feeling Good (Background Remix)
Eugeneos - Feeling Good (Original Mix)
Evil Tribe - Blacklist (Extended Mix)
Exorbitant DJ - Green Monster (Original Mix)
Exorbitant DJ - Hanging On (Original Mix)
Exorbitant DJ, Walkman Alkhebu Warrior - Purpose (Intergalactik Mix)
Fabio XB - You (Extended Mix)
Fairtone - Mist (Original Mix)
Fairtone - Mist (PHCK Remix)
Fairtone - Mist (Tim Hanmann Remix)
Fairtone - You Can Do (Original Mix)
Fancy Inc - Curve (Felipe Cobos Remix)
Fancy Inc - Curve (Original Mix)
Fancy Inc - Wanna Thing (Original Mix)
Fancy Inc - Wanna Thing (Tolstoi, Andsan Remix)
Felix Eul - Interplay (Mollono.Bass Remix)
Felix Eul - Interplay (Original Mix)
Felix Eul - Interplay (Peng Peng Remix)
Felix Eul - Pianoctopus (Konfetti Klub Ensemble Remix)
Felix Eul - Pianoctopus (Original Mix)
Felix Eul - Quasar (Original Mix)
Felix Eul - Quasar (Timboletti Remix)
Fickry - Get Back (Original Mix)
Fickry - Unload (Original Mix)
Fisherman, Hawkins - Antidote (Dave Neven Remix)
Flapjackers, Bollen, Fichtner - Arabic Bang (Di Chiara Brothers Remix)
Flapjackers, Bollen, Fichtner - Arabic Bang (DJ Sneak Remix)
Flapjackers, Bollen, Fichtner - Arabic Bang (Original Mix)
Flex - Dance Hard (Original Mix)
Flex - Mellow Sunset (Original Mix)
Floe - Brain Bug (Original Mix)
Floe - Introspection (Original Mix)
Floe, S.Ana - Animal Instinct (Original Mix)
Flow, Zeo - Density (Anturage Remix)
Flow, Zeo - Density (Original Mix)
Flow, Zeo - Density (Th Moy Remix)
F-Man - We Are Controlling Transmission (Original Mix)
Fouk - F3000 (Original Mix)
Fouk - See You On The Other Side (Original Mix)
Fouk - With Lasers (Original Mix)
Frag Maddin - Blufunk (Original Mix)
Frank Dueffel, Stephen Kirkwood - Aquaplaning (Original Mix)
Frederic Stunkel - Ego Push (Anina Owly Remix)
Frederic Stunkel - Ego Push (Diaz, Parree Remix)
Frederic Stunkel - Ego Push (John Haden Remix)
Frederic Stunkel - Ego Push (Piatto Remix)
French In Berlin - Kiesel (Original Mix)
French In Berlin - Osmose (Elek-Fun Remix)
French In Berlin - Osmose (Original Mix)
French Touch 2 - Breakin Necks (Papastomp Remix)
French Touch 2 - Check Out (Déni Shaïn Remix)
French Touch 2 - Come On (Frédo Remix)
French Touch 2 - Movin Up (Original Mix)
French Touch 2 - What Would You Change (Original Mix)
Fright Nite - Calcutta Airport (Original Mix)
Fundamental Harmonics - Deneb (Original Mix)
Fundamental Harmonics - Gienah (Original Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo - A Tribe Of Stix (DJ Beloved & DJ Spen Beatz)
Funk Mediterraneo - A Tribe Of Stix (DJ Beloved & DJ Spen Remix)
Funk Mediterraneo - A Tribe Of Stix (Original Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo - Another Place (Original Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo - Dance Dance Everybody (Original Mix)
Funk Mediterraneo, Daniel Chia - Jackie Brown (Original Mix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (Coone & Code Black Extended Remix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (Dash Berlin Extended Remix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (HAKA Extended Remix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (MitiS Extended Remix)
Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (ReOrder Extended Remix)
George Greaves, GG90 - Alegria (Original Club Mix)
George Makrakis - Redemption (Original Mix)
George Makrakis - Restart (Original Mix)
George Makrakis - Vapourise (Original Mix)
Gettoblaster, Just Alexander - Bubble (Original Mix)
Gettoblaster, Q - Jello Booty (Original Mix)
Gianni Firmaio - Fiesta (Original Mix)
Glass Slipper - Glass Slipper (Allen Craig Remix)
Glass Slipper - Glass Slipper (Original Mix)
Glen Coombs - Oriah (Original Mix)
Glen Coombs - Sierra (Original Mix)
Glen Coombs - Transcend (Agent! Remix)
Glen Coombs - Transcend (Original Mix)
Glitter - Saturno (Original Mix)
G-Mohris - Dunya (Antrim Remix)
G-Mohris - Dunya (Marcelo Vasami Remix)
G-Mohris - Dunya (Matias Chilano Remix)
Goda Brother - Distance (Ivanshee Remix)
Goda Brother - Distance (Luciano Scheffer Remix)
Goda Brother - Distance (Original Mix)
Going Deeper, Deep Matter, AWR - First Glimpse (Extended Mix)
Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - De Erweckens Bruderschaft (Original Mix)
Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Ereignies (Original Mix)
Gregory Allen Critchley - This Is A Beautiful Day (Thom Bold Extended Remix)
Guim - Deprisa Deprisa (Original Mix)
Guim - Deprisa Deprisa (Yenk Remix)
GW Harrison - My Side (Original Mix)
GW Harrison - When House Takes a Journey (Original Mix)
Hans Seance - Endless Carousel (Original Mix)
Hans Seance - Profound Notion (Original Mix)
Harry Romero - Sex (Extended Mix)
Heimat - Tribe (Original Mix)
Hellomonkey, Hiboo - Brain Freeze (Original Mix)
Hellomonkey, Hiboo - Brain Freeze (Raul Young Remix)
Hellomonkey, Hiboo - Low Rider (Original Mix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Dolores (Nadja Lind Club Remix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Dolores (Nadja Lind Lucid Moment Remix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Dolores (Original Mix)
Helmut Ebritsch - Frozen (Original Mix)
Helmut Ebritsch - The Maze (Original Mix)
Herr - Backbone (Original Mix)
Herr - Elder Motorway (Original Mix)
Herr - Generator (Original Mix)
Hey Alan! - Jacko 3 (Original Mix)
Hey Jack - Ladies & Gentlemen (Original Mix)
Hey Jack - Millenium (Original Mix)
Hey Jack - The Portail (Original Mix)
HOSH - Fire And Ice (Original Mix)
HOSH - Natalia's Lullaby (Original Mix)
HOSH - Standing Still Is Moving Backwards (Original Mix)
HOSH, GHEIST - The Watergate Affair (Original Mix)
Hoten - Smooth (Original Mix)
Hummingbird - Anahata (Original Mix)
Hummingbird - Last Time (Original Mix)
Hummingbird - Rain (Alex Castaneda Remix)
Hummingbird - Rain (Original Mix)
Hush Space - Feel It (Original Mix)
Hush Space - Funky Party People (Original Mix)
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          Smile More   
Smiling is one of the easiest ways to add happiness to your life and those of the people around you. Smiling uses facial muscles that are linked to areas in the brain that produce feelings of well-being and joy. In this way, smiling may improve our dispositions. It also improves the way other people respond to us.

According to 2000AW 7/8 pp11-13
Does smiling really make a difference? Well, do you remember when someone’s smile brought you a sense of relief or made you feel rela...
          I AM STILL LOST   
          Found My Way Back...   
...I'm sorry that I have been away for so long. I have been "out of the loop" for awhile now...feeling stuck in a rut; kind of down in the dumps. Too much going on recently. Trying to get back to being more Balanced. I begin with a big Hello to all of You dear friends.

Have You all been to your DC? I went the first week-end of July...all I can say is WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL! Would love to see some discussion, after everyone has been there. My brain is so fuzzy these days, that I rea...
          Your Favorite Scripture and Why   
I thought of this topic the other day because my mom and I were talking when I was visiting her at the nursing home. How many of us know our parents, spouse, child's, best friends - favorite scripture and why it is their favorite?

I'll start by sharing my very favorite for times of stress - I found this one while going some awful personal times and it really helped me - including end of marriage, mother's illness, and son's emergency brain surgery, best friend left truth and commi...
          Structured and Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis as a Brain-Wide Multi-Modal Data Fusion Approach   
Multi-modal data fusion has recently emerged as a comprehensive neuroimaging analysis approach, which usually uses canonical correlation analysis (CCA). However, the current CCA-based fusion approaches face problems like high-dimensionality, multi-collinearity, unimodal feature selection, asymmetry, and loss of spatial information in reshaping the imaging data into vectors. This paper proposes a structured and sparse CCA (ssCCA) technique as a novel CCA method to overcome the above problems. To investigate the performance of the proposed algorithm, we have compared three data fusion techniques: standard CCA, regularized CCA, and ssCCA, and evaluated their ability to detect multi-modal data associations. We have used simulations to compare the performance of these approaches and probe the effects of non-negativity constraint, the dimensionality of features, sample size, and noise power. The results demonstrate that ssCCA outperforms the existing standard and regularized CCA-based fusion approaches. We have also applied the methods to real functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and structural MRI data of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients (n = 34) and healthy control (HC) subjects (n = 42) from the ADNI database. The results illustrate that the proposed unsupervised technique differentiates the transition pattern between the subject-course of AD patients and HC subjects with a p-value of less than $1\times 10^{\mathrm {\mathbf {-6}}}$ . Furthermore, we have depicted the brain mapping of functional areas that are most correlated with the anatomical changes in AD patients relative to HC subjects.
          howdy .....again   
I have been away for awhile and just wanted to say hello again. I had aux. pioneered as planned but also started a new job which took up my hours of exercise (this is no more but for another reason). I almost lost my oldest son in February due to his brain tumor bleeding and spend a month in the hospital with him. Most of my time was taken up with him until recently and now that I have my time back plus got rid of the extra job that was further exhausting me I am wanting to get back to my wor...
          Erin Kaseda and Wendy Birmingham: Marital Stress and the Brain   
Marcus Smith deliberates with BYU researchers Erin Kaseda and Wendy Birmingham, exploring what happens to our brains and bodies when we experience seemingly unremarkable marital conflict. 
          Deep Learning Segmentation of Optical Microscopy Images Improves 3-D Neuron Reconstruction   
Digital reconstruction, or tracing, of 3-D neuron structure from microscopy images is a critical step toward reversing engineering the wiring and anatomy of a brain. Despite a number of prior attempts, this task remains very challenging, especially when images are contaminated by noises or have discontinued segments of neurite patterns. An approach for addressing such problems is to identify the locations of neuronal voxels using image segmentation methods, prior to applying tracing or reconstruction techniques. This preprocessing step is expected to remove noises in the data, thereby leading to improved reconstruction results. In this paper, we proposed to use 3-D convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for segmenting the neuronal microscopy images. Specifically, we designed a novel CNN architecture, that takes volumetric images as the inputs and their voxel-wise segmentation maps as the outputs. The developed architecture allows us to train and predict using large microscopy images in an end-to-end manner. We evaluated the performance of our model on a variety of challenging 3-D microscopy images from different organisms. Results showed that the proposed methods improved the tracing performance significantly when combined with different reconstruction algorithms.
          Fast and Accurate Rat Head Motion Tracking With Point Sources for Awake Brain PET   
To avoid the confounding effects of anesthesia and immobilization stress in rat brain positron emission tomography (PET), motion tracking-based unrestrained awake rat brain imaging is being developed. In this paper, we propose a fast and accurate rat headmotion tracking method based on small PET point sources. PET point sources (3-4) attached to the rat’s head are tracked in image space using 15–32-ms time frames. Our point source tracking (PST) method was validated using a manually moved microDerenzo phantom that was simultaneously tracked with an optical tracker (OT) for comparison. The PST method was further validated in three awake [18F]FDG rat brain scans. Compared with the OT, the PST-based correction at the same frame rate (31.2 Hz) reduced the reconstructed FWHM by 0.39–0.66 mm for the different tested rod sizes of the microDerenzo phantom. The FWHM could be further reduced by another 0.07–0.13 mm when increasing the PST frame rate (66.7 Hz). Regional brain [18F]FDG uptake in the motion corrected scan was strongly correlated ( $p<0.0001$ ) with that of the anesthetized reference scan for all three cases ( $0.94 < r < 0.97$ ). The proposed PST method allowed excellent and reproducible motion correction in awake in vivo experiments. In addition, there is no need of specialized tracking equipment or additional calibrations to be performed, the point sources are practically imperceptible to the rat, and PST is ideally suitable for small bore scanners, where optical tracking might be challenging.
          Back-Projection Cortical Potential Imaging: Theory and Results   
Electroencephalography (EEG) is the single brain monitoring technique that is non-invasive, portable, passive, exhibits high-temporal resolution, and gives a directmeasurement of the scalp electrical potential. Amajor disadvantage of the EEG is its low-spatial resolution, which is the result of the low-conductive skull that “smears” the currents coming from within the brain. Recording brain activity with both high temporal and spatial resolution is crucial for the localization of confined brain activations and the study of brainmechanismfunctionality, whichis then followed by diagnosis of brain-related diseases. In this paper, a new cortical potential imaging (CPI) method is presented. The new method gives an estimation of the electrical activity on the cortex surface and thus removes the “smearing effect” caused by the skull. The scalp potentials are back-projected CPI (BP-CPI) onto the cortex surface by building a well-posed problem to the Laplace equation that is solved by means of the finite elements method on a realistic head model. A unique solution to the CPI problem is obtained by introducing a cortical normal current estimation technique. The technique is based on the same mechanism used in the well-known surface Laplacian calculation, followed by a scalp-cortex back-projection routine. The BP-CPI passed four stages of validation, including validation on spherical and realistic head models, probabilistic analysis (Monte Carlo simulation), and noise sensitivity tests. In addition, the BP-CPI was compared with the minimum norm estimate CPI approach and found superior for multi-source cortical potential distributions with very good estimation results (CC >0.97) on a realistic head model in the regions of interest, for two representative cases. The BP-CPI can be easily incorporated in different monitoring tools and help researchers by maintaining an accurate estimati- n for the cortical potential of ongoing or event-related potentials in order to have better neurological inferences from the EEG.
          Tightwad Tips~~How do you stretch a buck?   
Thought we could share some ideas, maybe brainstorm some new ones. Generally I think we've gotten our budget paired down to the bare bones, but there's always room for improvement, right?

I'll start by sharing this crazy tip I've been using for years. Lets say you're looking for a nice pair of pantyhose to wear but all you can find is two pairs, both of which have a run in one leg. Cut off the legs that have the runs and put the other two together and VOILA! you have a new ...
          Fun February Chat   
I thought that I would start the Feb. topic. Sorry I could not think up something special...I'm to brain dead.

Happy February everyone!
          Review: Spider-Man Trilogy (2002-2007)   
Brainfreeze keek nog eens terug naar de allereerste Spider-Man-films van regisseur Sam Raimi, Sony en Marvel...
          Top 200, de 30 à 26 : …Dive   
Des claques, des coups de têtes, des brainbusters… mais surtout des plongeons ! Cette semaine nous aurons bien entendu droit à des vraies belles bastons issues du puroresu ainsi qu’à un des épisodes de la trilogie Ric Flair contre Ricky Steamboat, mais aussi un match par équipe complètement dingue issu de la Pro Wrestling Guerrilla […]
          Nutanix Teams Up with Google Cloud to Fuse Cloud Environments for Enterprise Apps   
Humans and computers have evolved in very similar ways… although this isn’t obvious at first glance. The human brain has massive computational power and has access to large data sets through all the senses. However, it’s a low bandwidth, high latency decision system. To compensate for this, humans have evolved into creating an extension of […]
          CN ON: LTE: Advertising For Marijuana Would Harm Our Youth   
Toronto Star, 26 Jun 2017 - Re Canadian pot ads? Think beer ads. Then think again, Delacourt, June 24 With studies showing that young people smoking marijuana run a greatly enhanced risk of seriously damaging their developing brains, I sure hope columnist Susan Delacourt is correct and the Trudeau Liberals won't flood Canadians with ads to increase pot sales.
          CN ON: LTE: Dangerous Dope   
Ottawa Sun, 27 Jun 2017 - When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the boneheaded decision to legalize marijuana, he claimed it was to keep organized crime from being involved in black market sales and therefore the best way to keep it away from those at serious risk, our young people. Studies have shown it can seriously harm developing brains. Now Finance Minister Bill Morneau thinks keeping taxes on pot low will kill black market sales. This is right out of fantasyland.
          Forbes Health Stories: Microneedle Patch Vaccines And The Brain-Boosting Power Of Sex   
Here are all the stories we published yesterday.
          Algorithms vs Serendipitous Discovery   
Stores won’t go away. People love to find and discover on our own. Obviously curation and convenience are incredible valuable, but our brains release dopamine when we shop and find and feel inspired. Stores are becoming THE new kind of media and are the most powerful, adaptable and influential form of media we have to … Continue reading Algorithms vs Serendipitous Discovery
          The amazing work of Till Nowak   
Today I discovered The Centrifuge Brain Project. I wont tell more about...
          Yes, Petty Idiocy Still Rules Society    

Late night loud yowls, most precious Big Cat Beauties... sheesh, geez, what a long busy-overwhelming week for this Big Cat... okay, really who cares about ENEMY-MSM Mika? However, petty idiocy still rules our society...sadly! But come on, Mika looks like a programmed android, and she is STUPID ... all you have to do is look at her, listen to her for a few minutes, and it's obvious--her IQ is not impressive, let's say... and let's get a dose of reality, how obvious is it that President Trump is just fish-hooking these brainless-wonder presstitutes into reacting crazily... MEANWHILE he's doing the real business of being president of these united states. BEHIND THE SCENES.

Yeah, the Kougar couldn't resist this political cartoon. ~smiles~

Okay, according to Sorcha Faal of there is a plot to possibly assassinate President Trump during the G20, when The Donald and Putin are supposed to meet... thus, to blame it on the Russians and cause a world war.




Save Me The Feigned Outrage Over Trump’s Mika Brzezinski Tweet

Paul Joseph Watson | The media has spent the last 2 years viciously attacking Trump over his appearance.




Senate Banking Committee features Sen. Corker plan to hand mortgage market to Wall Street and big banks



Catholic church involved in child sex once again 



Fake news ringleader hides from press 



Trump admin could launch false flag blamed on Assad

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov warns that the United States is preparing a false flag “provocation” as a pretext to launch a military assault on Syria.
Responding to a CNN report that the U.S. “has ships and aircraft in place to strike Syria,” if ordered to do so by the President, Pushkov cautioned that this could be the precursor to a staged incident.
“The United States put its Navy and Air Force on alert, and is just waiting for an excuse to strike Syria. Assad will not give them one.” This, Pushkov wrote, makes it “the perfect time for a provocation.”
США привели в готовность силы ВМФ и ВВС и ждут лишь предлога для удара по Сирии. Асад им предлога не даст. Идеальное время для провокации.
Earlier this week, the administration warned Bashar Al-Assad that the U.S. was aware of new preparations for a chemical attack and that he would pay a “heavy price” for any such action.
This was followed up by a tweet from Ambassador Nikki Haley in which she asserted, “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.”
Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.
On Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicated that the Trump administration’s warning to Assad had been “successful,” but Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova took the move as “a warning sign of an intervention.”
“The campaign, which was started by the US and is being backed by London and Paris, on the alleged chemical attack that is claimed to be prepared by Damascus, is not original, it’s a textbook script, which has already been used in several countries in the region,” Zakharova said.
“The situation seems to be a massive provocation, both military and information-wise, a provocation which targets not only the Syrian leadership, but also Russia,” she added.
Back in April, the Trump administration launched 59 cruise missiles against a Syrian airfield claimed to be the base for government aircraft that carried out a chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun.
The decision caused a split amongst Trump’s base because he specifically ran on the promise of not getting the United States entangled in more Middle Eastern conflicts that lead to the overthrow of secular leaders.
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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison




Legislation is "propping up" insurance companies

Senator Rand Paul continued to voice stern opposition to the Obamacare replacement legislation Friday, saying it isn’t even ‘Obamacare lite’ anymore, and instead is more like ‘Obamacare plus’.
Appearing on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” last night, Paul noted that the Republican legislation may actually provide more subsidies than Obamacare.
“[W]hen we look at the bill, we actually find that with the Obamacare subsidies, not only are we keeping them, we may actually be providing more subsidies than Obamacare has.” Paul exclaimed.
“Our early estimates on the bill are that the bill may spend more in the next year or two than Obamacare does.” Paul added.
“And so, it’s hard for us to get our mind around that this is a repeal bill if we’re spending more, keeping all the subsidies, and then we’re going to start a brand new federal entitlement program where we give insurance companies money.” the Senator explained.
“I keep reading it and…it sounds like Obamacare to me. It doesn’t even sound like Obamacare-lite. In some areas, it may be Obamacare-plus, on the subsidy side.” he urged.
Paul also warned that the bill “subsidizes the death spiral of Obamacare.”
“It dumps a bunch of federal money, taxpayer money, or borrowed money into the insurance industry and says, ‘Hey, please lower the prices if we give you money.’” Paul told viewers.
In a further appearance on Morning Joe Friday, the Senator said that the so called healthcare overhaul is actually centered around “propping up” insurance companies.

“The insurance companies make all the money; all of this is predicated upon still propping up the insurance companies.” Paul said, adding that “you should be able to get insurance for $1 a day. I mean, you really should.”
The Senator argued that the legislation will amount to more “bailing out” of insurance companies.
“I want the bill to look more like a repeal bill. I promised people I was going to repeal it; I didn’t promise people that I was going to replace it with a federal program of bailing out insurance companies,” Paul asserted.
“I mean, we could do this for cars,” he added. “New cars are expensive. We could have a car stabilization fund.” he further argued.
In an interview with Breitbart, Paul noted that “The bill keeps ten of twelve Obamacare regulations that causes the prices of premiums to spiral upward.”


  • Late night big ole yowls,dearest and summer-dancing KitKats ... so, most of the news-info below is from a week or so past ... time flies way too fast, and this Big Cat just can't keep up at all.






    June 27, 2017

    Stunning 1967 Dissertation Warns Infiltration of Rothschild Luciferians in US Government 2

    Between 1967 and 1968 Myron Fagan recorded three LP records: The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.  The dissertations document the activities of the house of Rothschild were  produced byAnthony J. Hilder – an American activist, author, film maker, talk show host, broadcaster and former actor.
    This stunning recording from 1967 speaks to the very problems we face today, including Fake News, government corruption, the Corrupt United Nations and infiltration of a Luciferian Rothschild cult who may have gained irreversible control of the US government.





    "Stop liberal violence!" Journalist screams

    A conservative journalist interrupted the Trump assassination play in Central Park, N.Y., on Friday, only two days after the politically-motivated shooting of Republican lawmakers.
    Laura Loomer of Rebel Media was arrested after rushing the stage, yelling that the production promoted violence against President Trump and his supporters.
    The play, which is sponsored by Time Warner and the New York Times, features a Trump-lookalike who is violently assassinated in the same manner as Julius Caesar.



    Breaking: Whistleblower Says Deep State in Control of State Department : Ongoing Child-Trafficking Cover-Up at St. Dept.

    Did you know that at the State Department they have an exorbitantly paid employee, of Middle East background, who is in charge of the sex-trafficking brochures for the State Department? Did you know that same person refuses to cover this issue as domestic issue? This plays right into the hands of the Deep State cover-up of their child-sex-trafficking practices at the highest levels of government? This is tantamount to overtly supporting and covering up child-sex-trafficking and the State Department is the willing accomplice. Did you also know that the State Department has 3 men, led by Deep State minion and close Obama ally, Larry Palmer, who controls all information coming in and out of the State Department and they control the FOIA’s for the State Department as well.
    State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, has been unduly harassed and has had her life threatened for trying to expose traitors and overt practices of treason and sedition by State Department employees who are aligned with the Deep State motives and objectives. The following is an interview I conducted with Monika followed by objective, hard proof of the claims made by this whistleblower.
    Unlike a lot of sources,this interview names the names of the guilty.

    Monika “Begs” for Protection and Nobody From the State Department Will Help

    Monika has begged for protection from the death threats, violent attacks and constant harassment. As recently as last Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Monika took the issue to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s aides. As of the date of this publication, she has not heard back on this critical issue. I want to put the State Department on notice, you do not wait 5 days to investigate these kinds of allegations when someone’s life is in danger. This is an example of intentional/unintentional depraved indifference to the safety of of State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski (see the email communications at the bottom of the page).
    Previously, on The Common Sense Show,  I documented, with pictures, government vehicles that have stalked and harassed Monika. The Fairfax, VA. police have told Monika that it is not safer to go home and they cannot protect her.
    More recently, Monika has had animals poisoned to death. She, herself, has had to be treated for poisoning, some of which was uranium related. When I recently tried to interview Monika by Skype, ourcommunications were blocked for hours. Simultaneously, our cell phone communications were blocked as well. Here home has been invaded when she is not home. She was boxed in by two Muslim men, at the carwash, and stayed near until she called the police. This woman is the Deep State posterchild for political and personal harassment. In the following emails, please note the reference to CHILD-SEX-TRAFFICKING. I further want it to be known that Liz Crokin discovered a connection between the Virginia Shooter baseball practice shooter and child-sex-trafficking and that the primary shooting victim, Rep. Scalise had just sponsored a child-sex-trafficking bill eight days prior to being shot. This is no coincidence, the Deep State strikes again.
    Monika has backed out of previous interviews because she is in fear of her life. I have convinced her that if you are going to be on the list, you better be on top of the list. Because I know the fate of Breitbart and Hastings, I have shared this information with other journalistic outlets who are going to cover this case and we are going to turn up the heat significantly.
    I want to remind everyone, that in several earlier publications, I have tapped into two unnamed sources, one from the FBI and one from the State Department and was told that there is a Deep State purge underway. Monika confirms the assertion as her office is “like a morgue, people have either left or people have cleared out their desks and are awaiting their departure”.

    Crickets Chirping

    After numerous instances of being harassed and attacked, she reached out to Secretary Tillerson’s office, but to no avail. Here are the unanswered communications:
    From: Wesolowski, Monika
    Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 1:39 PM
    To: Peterlin, Margaret JA
    Cc: Kenna, Lisa D
    Subject: RE: Personal and Confidential
    Ms. Peterlin and Ms. Kenna,
    The issue goes back deeper into 2013 and child trafficking. I have not seen my eight year old son in a year . I worry for his safety and mine. It is imperative I speak to you in person, I will not speak to anyone outside of Mr. Tillerson’s close administration for fear for my life and that of my son’s. Thank you for speaking to me on the phone. I have been wanting to send this email for several months but afraid to.
    Monika A. Wesolowski
    Visual Information Specialist
    United States Department of State
    Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS)
    Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx voicemail
    Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx direct

    From: Wesolowski, Monika
    Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:50 PM
    To: Peterlin, Margaret JA
    Cc: Kenna, Lisa D
    Subject: Personal and Confidential
    Importance: High
    Dear Ms. Peterlin,
    I proudly attended Secretary of State Tillerson’s swearing in ceremony and have faith that he will be successful at the State Department. I would like to arrange a meeting with your office with the Secretary of State Mr. Rex Tillerson. It is imperative I speak to Mr. Tillerson. I do not feel safe at my office or at home, I have been under constant attack. I have had things happen to my family, myself, and in the office that I cannot talk about in email. I feel my life and health, as well as that of my family and those close to me, is in danger because of where I work and the people I work with, and their connections. I do not know who to trust and cannot trust Diplomatic Security here at DOS, my coworkers or upper management, especially not Ambassador Palmer, who is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Information Services. I was informed by my HR that Ambassador Palmer pushed for the Hatch Act for my having a photograph and items of President Trump in my cubicle after the election. The situation at work has been hostile and I have been harassed. Please let me know if you could speak with me or arrange a meeting with the Secretary. Please expect a call regarding this email just to verify.
    Thank you kindly,
    Monika A. Wesolowski
    Visual Information Specialist
    United States Department of State
    Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS)
    Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx voicemail
    Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx direct


     I believe Monika’s best protection is the light of day. On that note, I would ask that all forward this article to your contact list. Secondly, if Tillerson’s office will not respond to this grave situation, then I would ask that everyone send this article to President Trump AND Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Finally, we need to keep the heat on this issue.




    Neil deGrasse Tyson now pushing Monsanto propaganda alongside wife abuser and convicted felon
    Mike Adams
    Why am I not surprised? Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has become a mouthpiece for the GMO and chemical agricultural industries that poison the global food supply, is narrating a new documentary called "Food Evolution."
    The film pushes the same pro-GMO propaganda as a violent wife abuser who used to write for Forbes. Another fake science front group -- the ACSH -- appears in the film and is run by a convincted medical fraud FELON who spent years in prison (and now runs biotech propaganda campaigns for a living).
    Neil deGrasse Tyson has become a shameful betrayor of humanity and nature and an insult to real science.





          Can You Complete These Classic Sitcom Theme Song Lyrics?   
These little musical tidbits may have been short, but they always left a lasting impression! Can you recall the intros to these classic sitcom television shows? Take this quiz and find More >>
          TOP WAYS TO GET A BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP TONIGHT!!! Shawn Stevenson | Health | Fitness | Inspiration | Self-Help | Inspire   

If you’ve ever wanted to feel healthier, more rested, sharper of mind, and get a fantastic night’s rest, then do we have the sleep smarter show for you! 

Today I’ll be talking with Shawn Stevenson, founder of the Model Health Show, and author of the best-seller Sleep Smarter.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about essential strategies to sleep your way to a better body, better health, and bigger success. 

That plus we’ll talk about madden football, why we want to sleep through the melatonin show, why we want to bring back cortisol and david hasselhoff, why it’s not cool to wear shades, the hormonal goodfellas, the power of the big O, why position matters, and you should beware the midnight strangler,

Health & Fitness Self-Improvement & Self-Help topics include:

  1. How do we make sleep sexy?
  2. How do we get more quality out of your sleep
  3. How to optimize your sleep
  4. Eric Thomas – had no idea was optimizing his sleep
  5. What in the world is twinkie sleep?
  6. How do you get more nutrition out of your sleep
  7. What’s pseudo sleep?
  8. Why do we need to get the light down?
  9. What’s going on in our brain when we sleep
  10. What’s going on with the hypothalamus
  11. What’s the glymphatic system?
  12. How do we move past the fear of missing out
  13. What is serotonin and what does it have to do with sleep?
  14. Why a twinkie can trash your sleep
  15. What does melatonin have to do with anything?
  16. Why is it important to walk first thing in the morning
  17. What’s the deal with cortisol, and why has it gotten a bad rap?
  18. Why is i.flux of f.lux?
  19. What can we learn about sleep and weight-loss
  20. What’s crucial to know about caffeine and sleep
  21. What does cold have to do with sleep
  22. What they do in Finland and Sweden for babies to sleep
  23. What’s it mean to sleep cool but rock socks
  24. What ayurvedic medicine has to do with sleep
  25. What’s the danger of the graveyard shift?
  26. What’s the connection between staying up late and high blood pressure
  27. What staying up late has to do with fat
  28. Why proper sleep is more impactful on health and appearance than diet and exercise combined
  29. What’s the importance of the big ‘o’ and sleep
  30. What are the benefits of meditation and sleep
  31. Why meditation makes such a big different with your sleep
  32. Why meditation breathing, or mindfulness and breathing improves your sleep
  33. Why is grounding or ‘earthing’ so important for your sleep – vitamin G (for ground)
  34. What advice for parents to help kids / children sleep at night
  35. Where can you find sleep smarter or includes free bonus 21 video series, and look up his The Model Health Show podcast

 Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show on The Power of Great Sleep & How to Get It! Weight Loss | Fitness | Diet | Nutrition | Inspiration | Inspirational | Spiritual | Spirituality | Meditation | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

For More Info Visit:

          Artificial Synapse Capable of Performing a Function of Nervous System   
Understanding the human brain and figuring out how to mimic it, is one of the greatest challenges in artificial intelligence development.
          Limiting Adenosine In The Brain Expands Auditory Learning Until Adulthood   
The capacity of learning is less in adults. Researchers have restricted the chemical adenosine in the brain region to extend auditory learning till adulthood.
          Children With Higher IQ May Live Longer Without Any Disease   
Individuals with higher IQs tend to live a little longer than those with lower IQs, and tobacco smoking has a vital role to play.
          Slowed Walking May Indicate Mental Decline   
A slowing gait and cognitive decline is also linked to shrinkage of the area of the brain important to both memory and spacial orientation.
          Munch On Your Favorite Chocolate For Better Brain Function   
Regular intake of cocoa and chocolate could indeed provide beneficial effects on cognitive functioning over time.
          Andair fuel valve location   
Any issues with mounting the Andair fuel valve directly to the tunnel cover. Will it create any flow issues when the tanks are down to the last five or ten gallons. This brain bubble popped up when I thought about the bracket location inside the tunnel for the Van's stock valve. Also, because...
          (USA-MI-Kalamazoo) Licensed Professional CounselorPer Diem Rehab Wit   
Job DescriptionResCare Licensed Professional Counselor-Per Diem - Rehab Without WallsJob Responsibilities•Provides empirically based psychological interventions to the person receiving services and his/her family as appropriate for their specific needs in order to maximize and encourage their participation with the community at large. Interventions may include cognitive behavioral interventions, problem solving focused interventions, addressing adjustment processes and coping, psycho-education, stress management, wellness promotion, compensatory strategies, pain management, as well as programmatic outcomes.•Performs brief neurobehavioral assessments at various stages in the rehabilitation process as appropriate.•Provides feedback to the person served, family, and treatment team, with regards to behavioral, emotional, psychological, and cognitive rehabilitation issues, test results, and practical applications.•Designs community reintegration activities to assist the person receiving services with their psychological/cognitive needs during physical activity.•Assists the person receiving services in understanding their needs and limitations, and how to manage them during function.•Performs a thorough evaluation by assessing the needs of the person receiving services, and sets measureable objectives that are formulated in conjunction with the rehabilitation team.•Adjusts treatment to achieve maximum results.•Provides treatment progress and status documentation in accordance with the Plan of Treatment.•Maintains and submits documentation in the format and timeliness required by the Company, facility, local, state and federal regulations.•Reports progress to the rehabilitation staff, person receiving services and family members.•Observes/documents and reports changes in the condition of the person served to the clinical coordinator/designee, attending physician, and other treatment team members as appropriate.•Participates in the team process, provides input and effective treatment strategies.•Attends case conference and family educational meetings.•Develops, teaches and assesses the Plan of Treatment.Job Requirements•Master's or doctoral degree in counseling or a counseling-related field from an accredited college or university.•A minimum of one year of clinical experience and counseling individuals with traumatic or acquired brain injuries or related neurological conditions.•Knowledge of complex neurologic injury rehabilitation techniques.•Maintains professional license and/or certification as required by the state in which the counselor practices.•Demonstrates effective and professional interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.•Able to work independently and part of a team.•Organized and able to function under minimal supervision.•Successfully completes any/all required pre-employment evaluation test (s) per policy in each assigned area of practice.•Has reliable transportation and is able to travel to/from multiple assignments/locations on a daily basis.To learn more visit our website at or call 866-799-4473BenefitsAt ResCare, you will be part of an established and highly regarded organization with a proud 40-year tradition of making a vital difference in the lives of the people we serve. Not only will you see the positive results of your work each and every day, but you will also have plenty of opportunity for professional development and advancement to positions of greater responsibility. Our senior leadership team has been with us, on average, for a decade or more, and several of them began their careers with us
          Mathematical Brain Benders: Second Miscellany of Puzzles   

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          Comment on The Mystery of Danny Rand’s Inheritance by Pat   
To my understanding, the legal definition of death is the 'irreversible cessation' of functions (circulatory & respiratory, or brain). If that cessation is reversed... Then obviously it was not irreversible. Legally, they were never dead, even if by any 'normal' understanding they were definitely obviously completely dead.
          Tea or Coffee

“Tea or coffee?”

I turned to my sister out of habit. Any question directed at me was to be answered by her. I was the little one in the family who didn’t know the good from bad, or the better from good. But she always knew what to do.

“Coffee for both of us.” She chirped. Of course I knew her choice was the same, but I still had to make sure every time. What if she changed her mind after all?

The waiter departed with a nod. Dangling legs and bobbing heads, we cheerfully munched our way through our breakfast waiting for that cup of joy.

Coffee was special. It was a luxury in comparison to the regular tea back home. Its aroma had a way of wedging right through into your brain and settling there. It had a taste that lingered in your tongue. It had a feel like no other. It was amazing.

Soon enough the waiter returned with the two tiny steel tumblers of steaming hot coffee. Just the like of any other roadside snack shops. There it was, that sweet beverage waiting to meet my taste buds. And meet they did, when the first sip landed on the tongue with a taste of unforeseen deceit.

My cringed face turned to my sister yet again, this time asking for an explanation.

“It’s bitter! I can’t drink this!” I cried.

How could this happen? Coffee had always been a treat, and that was how it was supposed to be. What wrong had I done to deserve such tastelessness in it? Perhaps the waiter had made a mistake, and it wasn’t coffee after all? But why wasn’t my sister feeling cheated too?

“The sugar’s at the bottom, dummy. Just mix it up and it’ll be alright.” Said my sister.

 I looked back at my coffee that looked perfect but didn’t taste so. And much as I shook the tumbler, the coffee didn’t taste like it should have. Gulping down that one cup, with its bitterness smirking down at me, was a feat I never wanted to try again.
That evening, when we were back home reclining over the evening snacks, there was freshly brewed tea before us yet again. You know how you take some things for granted when you are used to them? Here was our dear cup of tea fallen victim to that.

All this time I’d failed to acknowledge this cup of perfection, refreshing to the mind and soothing to the soul. Unlike coffee, tea was never bitter, never difficult to gulp down even when sugarless. It was rejuvenating and right.

It was as if that little tiff with coffee had been a revelation to how I’d loved tea all along. There’s no denying that coffee had lured many a men. But tea wasn’t of that kind. People tended to walk right past its charm. You had to pause and discover its magic yourself.

The next time we were out again in a fancy restaurant, it looked like they'd provide a promising coffee unlike my last disappointing episode.

“Tea or coffee?” They asked.

I did not have to look at my sister, for I’d found a magic she hadn’t yet discovered. And so, with an unwavering pride of finally making my own choice, I answered.

“A cup of tea please.”

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          Health official calls on neuroscience to fight mental illness    

New clues to autism, schizophrenia emerge from studies of synapses

dendritic spines

Branches called dendrites extending from a nerve cell (green) receive messages from other neurons at tiny protrusions called dendritic spines. A faulty protein in the spines may be related to a wide range of mental disorders.

SAN DIEGO — Society’s record for protecting public health has been pretty good in the developed world, not so much in developing countries. That disparity has long been recognized.

But there’s another disparity in society’s approach to public health — the divide between attention to traditional diseases and the resources devoted to mental disorders.

“When it comes to mental health, all countries are developing countries,” says Shekhar Saxena, director of the World Health Organization’s department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Despite a breadth of scope and depth of impact exceeding that of many more highly publicized diseases, mental illness has long been regarded as a second-class medical concern. And modern medicine’s success at diagnosing, treating and curing many other diseases has not been duplicated for major mental disorders.

Saxena thinks that neuroscience research can help. He sees an opportunity for progress through increased interdisciplinary collaboration between neuroscience and mental health researchers.

“The collaboration seems to be improving, but much more is needed and not only in a few countries, but all countries,” he said November 12 at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

By almost any measure, mental health disorders impose an enormous societal burden. Worldwide, direct and indirect costs of mental disorders exceed $2.5 trillion yearly, Saxena said — projected to reach $6 trillion by 2030. Mental illnesses also disable and kill in large numbers: Global suicides per year total over 800,000. “Indeed, it is a hidden epidemic,” Saxena said. That’s more deaths than from breast cancer and probably more from malaria, according to a new comprehensive analysis of global mortality.

Mental illnesses encompass a wide range of disorders, from autism and Alzheimer’s disease to substance abuse and schizophrenia. Saxena acknowledged that there have been advances in the scientific understanding of these diseases, but not nearly enough. No easily used diagnostic test is available for most of them. And no new class of drugs for treating major mental disorders has appeared in the last 20 years, with the possible exception of dementia.

“We need increased investment in research, increased public, private and philanthropic investments,” Saxena said. “We need increased connection of research with public health gains.”

He called on the community of neuroscientists to establish a “grand challenge” to researchers to address these concerns.

“There have been many grand challenges in neurosciences — perhaps we need one for finding out mental health interventions,” he said.

Many neuroscientists are, of course, aware of the important link between their research and mental health. Some progress is being made. One promising avenue of work focuses on synapses, the junctures through which nerve cells in the brain communicate. Typically synapses form where axons, the long neuronal extensions that transmit signals, connect with dendrites, the neurons’ message-receiving branches. Most of the axon-dendrite connections occur at small growths called dendritic spines that protrude from the dendrite surface.

Several sessions at the neuroscience meeting described new work showing ways in which dendritic spines may be involved in mental disorders. One session focused on the protein actin, a prime structural component of the spines.

Actin activity depends on a complicated chain of chemical reactions inside a cell. In mice, blocking a key link in that chain reduces the number of spines in the front part of the brain, Scott Soderling of Duke University School of Medicine reported. Those mice then exhibited symptoms reminiscent of schizophrenia in people.

It seems that losing spines in the frontal cortex alters nerve cell connections there; with spine shortages, some axons link directly to the dendrite shaft. Bypassing spines, which play a filtering role, can intensify signals sent to the ventral tegmental area, which in turn may send signals that increase production of the chemical messenger dopamine in another brain region, the striatum. “We think that this is actually what is driving the elevated dopamine levels” in disorders such as schizophrenia, Soderling said.

Some antipsychotic drugs (known as neuroleptics) for treating schizophrenia work by blocking sites of dopamine action in the striatum. But such drugs do nothing about the loss of spines that initiated the problem.

“These neuroleptics largely treat these symptoms, but they’re not a cure,” Soderling said. “We think that this is good evidence … for the idea that these drugs are treating a downstream consequence of a primary insult that’s occurring elsewhere in the brain.”

This insight from neuroscience — that antipsychotics treat downstream symptoms, not the problem at its source — may help the search for better treatments.

Soderling suggests that many other mental disorders may have their roots in problems with actin in dendritic spines. Another speaker at the neuroscience meeting, Haruo Kasai of the University of Tokyo, emphasized how fluctuations in the numbers of spines, related to actin activity, could play a role in autism.

Such results from neuroscience should be of great value to fighting mental disorders. But science alone won’t enable the discovery of effective treatments without a broader scope of scientific investigation of mental illness as a global problem. Too much of research to date focuses on too small a portion of the worldwide population. As Saxena noted, more than 90 percent of scientific studies on mental illness are from — and about — high-income countries.

“We are ignoring a very large number of people living in this world,” he said. “And this can be, and is, a real impediment to science. If we don’t know what is happening in the brains of the majority of the people living in this world, can we really advance science in the best possible manner? Can we still say that we know the human brain? And at least my answer would be: No.”

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          A piano story   
Source: joytunes
My turn was five minutes away. Clutching the sheet music in hand, I could feel my fingers trembling. Once again I tried to reassure myself. It was only an exam after all, why this tension?

Piano music. I'd experienced the feel of floating fingers on the keys, I'd melted with the melody of the tones, and I'd blended in with the music itself. If listening to music was like magic, I'd say playing it was the zenith of it. When I first laid my fingers on a harmonium, I knew nothing of my journey ahead. I hadn't known that I'd shift my home so soon. I hadn't known that I'd go on to study a synthesiser from the new place, and end up being upgraded to the piano classes. 

From Fleur Elise to Rondo Alla Turca, I loved every single piece I learnt. I enjoyed it thoroughly, until one day I was called in school to perform for a group song. I agreed, provided that I had enough time to practice. But it was a last minute call, and I was pressurised to play.

Forget the feel or emotion, I merely jammed a few keys as instructed from the stage and made a fool of our own team. It couldn't have been more embarrassing. Of three teams, ours was the third. I hid the certificate I got that day...because I didn't want something I was ashamed of.

I knew then that I had no sense of music. People could compose songs in just a few months of learning, while 2 years had gotten me nowhere. All I knew was that I enjoyed playing the piano, but I decided to never go onstage again.

Then one fine day, my tutor introduced me to the Trinity Guildhall exam, one that grades our professional musical talent. And so half a year was spent in preparations. Playing on the spot, identifying particular tones, and beating time to the was all too theoretical and confusing to me. But playing was primary, in that lay my love and excellence. And so came the certificate of 'Distinction'. 

The girl who barely listens to music, who is too embarrassed to sing with her own voice, who can't make out the seven basic a distinction in music? Was that even possible? Surprised as I was, I wasn't ready to go to the next level. I was afraid luck wouldn't favour me a second time, I was afraid people will know how bad I am. But I was compelled and brainwashed into it. I believed my tutor when he told me I'd do fine. Only, this time he was terribly wrong.

For another half year I learnt nothing more than three pieces that I needed for the exam. I was worried about my lack of progress, scared of failing, and unhappy with what I was learning. I missed learning new pieces, and struggled to stay focused with the exam. 

There I sat with the sheet music, waiting for the call. I tried to keep my head calm, but ended up making it blank. "Darshana Suresh" they called. I walked over to the room, and was pleasantly greeted by the examiner. Sitting before the piano, I began my first piece. Blank. Never before had I been so completely blank. I let my hands do the work, not caring about the staccatos or connecting tones or highs or lows as given in the sheets. Even worse, my fingers managed to trip over the keys twice. A bead of sweat ran down my cheek and all I knew was that I'd lost it.

I don't recall what happened for theory, what with having little to no hope left. I was ashamed as I came out the door, ashamed to face my tutor, ashamed to say that I'd learnt any music at all. I ran home before anyone could spot my tears. In a month the results came. I had failed.

The girl with a distinction had failed. My tutor was wrong, his disappointment was immense. But he told me to try again nevertheless, this time with extra preparation. I knew it was time to put my foot down. Yes, I enjoyed music and can play a piece with practise...but that doesn't make me a musician. I'd accepted that, and I didn't want to see him disappointed again. You'd say we could develop the skill with time and practise. But all I wanted was to enjoy the small music I can play. There were things I'd rather do otherwise. But my tutor simply wasn't ready to hear it.

I never showed up in his class again. To this date, I feel guilty of abandoning it midway.

 I do wish that some day I'd get to play a little more with the piano in my home, for I am still fond of it and the little music that I do know. Failure did not snatch away my love for it. But as of now, my piano days remain a road of the past that I may or may not revisit some day.

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          Psychologie: Wenn die Angst zur modernen Kriegswaffe wird….Brain manipulation / MIND CONTROL contra : BABS-I-Komplexsystem „ET“   
FREUNDE,wenn “ Psycho-Emotionaler Stress zu Angst umfunktioniert wird, kommt es zu extremenPathologien im ZNS und damit zur Fehlsteuerung von Botenstoffen im Organismus, die wiederum falsche Reaktionen zur Folge haben und psychische Erkrankungen provozieren…!  Da somit der STRESSBEWÄLTIGUNG in der sog. … Weiterlesen
          A skull with history: fossil sheds light on the origin of the neocortex   
According to a recent study an early relative of mammals already possessed an extraordinarily expanded brain with a neocortex-like structure. This has been discovered by Michael Laaß from the Institute of General Zoology at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE). The fossilised skull of Kawingasaurus [Credit: Michael Laaß/Verlag Wiley-VCH]Today, mammals possess large and efficient brains. But, what was the bauplan of the brain of...

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          Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2016 - Letter W   
Disney World Vacation:
  Planning, Prepping, Packing and Postponing a trip of a lifetime and things I learned along the way.

What, Where, When, Why and sometimes Who- Questions, questions and never any answers. 

Alison was admitted very late that Tuesday night, with the help of her husband (the admitting people said they had no info from her doctor). I stayed back at her house to unpack my stay at her house suitcase because I realized I was going to be there for a while. I would be driving back and forth to keep her company and translate the hospitalese for her (I am a former RN and have personally been in hospitals more times for operations and procedures than you can shake a thermometer at). 

Alison ended up staying there until Saturday. They kept her in Quarantine, with everyone entering her room gowned, masked and gloved, until late Thursday when the Infectious Control doctor came in to announce that "It is Viral", and took out her iv with the meds in case she was bacterial and got rid of the masks. He acted as if he had saved her single-handedly. He came back several times during the next days to confirm as other test results came back that "it's Viral." That has become a catch phrase for us.

Although everyone was wonderful during her stay, no one explained about what the illness really was. I had my daughter and husband google information about it for us because I was vague on the details. It is an infection in the covering of the brain- the meninges. The infection causes swelling and puts pressure on the brain and the nerves serving the brain. That is where the intense headache and confusion was originating. It also affected her ears and eyes, thus the loss of hearing and sensitivity to bright lights.  

She was given meds to reduce the swelling and some pain meds to dull the headache and some to help her sleep and some other stuff- well you get the picture. She found no matter how hard you try to sleep in the hospital there is always someone there in a mask to scare the heck out of you by waking you to see if you need anything or give you a pill.

I found despite being a less than eager driver, I could make the trip to and from (in the dark- oh my) the hospital with ease. I spent hours keeping up with family and friends who were stunned to hear Alison had Meningitis, "where would she have gotten that?" I remembered to ask all the questions that Alison and I had thought of and translate the garbled answers back to her. We did find out near the end of her stay that this hospital almost never saw cases of Meningitis so Alison was a rarity.

 Best of all, I had found a Tim Horton's Coffee Shop (like Starbucks but way better) at the entrance of the hospital so I had coffee and food at hand for both of us. Now if there had been a Cold Stone Creamery, I would have considered moving in.


          How do drugs affect the brain?   
Most people will take a pill, receive an injection, or otherwise take some kind of medicine during their lives. But most of us don’t know anything about how these substances actually work. How can various compounds impact the way we…
          See You on the Other Side   
JPGby KAHD © 07-17-2015:
Brain surgery soon. VP Shunt, to stop vision loss from Intracranial Hypertension / Pseudotumor Cerebri.

          “How we Humans got our Big Brains…we ate Fruit”   

“How we Humans got our Big Brains…we ate Fruit” Humans likely developed large and powerful brains with the help of fruit researchers said recently. Eating fruit was a Key step up from the most basic of foodstuffs, such as leaves, and provided the energy needed to grow bulkier brains, the scientists declared. “That’s how we got […]

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          Training and Development Manager - (Braintree)   
The Phia Group LLC is looking for a Training and Development Manager who would be responsible for leading the development design and implementation of new and ongoing training initiatives within the areas of training and development eLearning module training creation for all services and internal processes We are seeking a self motivated individual who specializes in instructor led ILT training delivery custom learning performance solutions eLearning ILT development with a sharp focus on sustainable performance we know how to engage employees through learning and create measurable bottom line impact Wea re looking for someone who is aa œgets it done whatever it takes a and thrives in a fast paced deadline driven environment If you relish accountability we want you This an opportunity to build the department from the ground up The individual who takes on this role will be a key contributor in achieving the teama s mission You will be responsible for developing and administering a full curriculum for all of our services We are looking for this person to have a strong background in curriculum design and facilitation and a strong background in delivering high impact training Core Responsibilities Manage the development design and implementation of new and ongoing talent Development initiatives and assessments Lead employee assessment and feedback sessions utilizing degree and empirically validated instrumentation Conduct ongoing training and development needs assessments and align training objectives with overall company business goals Develop Implement Coordinate and Conduct Manager and Team Lead Forums Develop and deliver facilitate training programs aimed at addressing management developmental needs Develop in house self paced online learning modules Select and implement tools for delivering the learning and development training curriculum Work closely with executives managers and partners to clearly understand their departmentsa training needs Develop LD strategy and action plan Develop eLearning curriculum and testing modules Identify metrics for training program success Design and Develop New Manager Training Program Review skills content vendors to prepare for LMS implementation in Lead the process and the people participating in each assignment Ensure an outstanding experience for every employee who participates in training Collaborate with business leaders on development activities speakers activities leader lead trainings that are aligned with employee development needs and training plans for key initiatives such as leadership development and management training Develop and enhance learning and development programs and materials to improve organizational performance and support professional growth and development Engage internal subject matter experts as needed to address specific training needs Deliver programs for maximum transfer of learning and application to the job Drive follow through to maximize transfer of knowledge skills and capabilities to the job Research and recommend best practices Key Challenges To Overcome Every company wants to have the capability to attract retain and develop the best talent Yet most do that poorly Why The simplest explanation is that it is not easy Achieving the mission of the Talent Team will be a major challengea and doing it successfully will be a major achievement This is clearly a unique opportunity for someone that is passionate about LD and wants to move beyond transactional training programs in order to become a strategic player empowered to directly impact business results Minimum Qualifications years of experience in the field of Learning and Development with at least of those years in a supervisory leadership role Bachelora s Degree in appropriate field required with including preferred proven assessment design and facilitation skills required in learning and development Expertise and exposure in tools such as Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Presenter Captivate Articulate Photoshop or similar Quizmaker Engage Replay and other related tools Strong background in designing and developing eLearning courses videos simulations and online content Strong experience in leading teams of individuals through a Continuous Improvement effort which streamlined course deployment testing steps reduced learner complaints and minimizing business risk Strong background in developing learning content and modules related Designed Adobe Captivate classes for department experience in creating digital training modules Strong Presentation skills including both written and oral communications strong Interpersonal skills Strong Project Management supervisory delegation selection decision making and implementation skill sets a must Proficient in using online learning authoring software Source:
          Why Would People Want Fine Art Trained Machine Learning Models   

I'm spending time on my algorithmic rotoscope work, and thinking about how the machine learning style textures I've been marking can be put to use. I'm trying to see things from different vantage points and develop a better understanding of how texture styles can be put to use in the regular world.

I am enjoying using image style filters in my writing. It gives me kind of a gamified layer to my photography and drone hobby that allows me to create actual images I can use in my work as the API Evangelist. Having unique filtered images available for use in my writing is valuable to me--enough to justify the couple hundreds of dollars I spend each month on AWS servers.

I know why I like applying image styles to my photos, but why do others? Most of the image filters out there we've seen from apps like Prisma are focused on fine art. Training image style transfer machine learning models on popular art that people are already familiar with. I guess this is allows people to apply the characteristics of art they like to the photographic layer of our increasingly digital lives.

To me, it feels like some sort of art placebo. A way of superficially and algorithmic injecting what are brain tells us is artsy to our fairly empty, digital photo reality. Taking photos in real time isn't satisfying enough anymore. We need to distract ourselves from the world by applying reality to our digitally documented physical world--almost the opposite of augmented reality if there is such a thing. Getting lost in the ability to look at the real world through the algorithmic lens of our online life.

We are stealing the essence the meaningful, tangible art from our real world, and digitizing it. We take this essense and algorithmically apply it our everyday life trying to add some color, some texture, but not too much. We need the photos to still be meaningful, and have context in our life, but we need to be able to spray an algorithmic lacquer of meaning on our intangible lives.

The more filters we have, the more lenses we have to look at the exact same moment we live each day. We go to work. We go to school. We see the same scenery, the same people, and the same pictures each day. Now we are able to algorithmic shift, distort, and paint the picture of our lives we want to see.

Now we can add color to our life. We are being trained to think we can change the palette, and are in control over our lives. We can colorize the old World War 2 era photos of our day, and choose whether we want to color within, or outside the lines. Our lives don't have to be just binary 1s and 0s, and black or white.

Slowly, picture by picture, algorithmic transfer by algorithmic transfer, the way we see the world changes. We no longer settle for the way things are, the way our mobile phone camera catches it. The digital version is the image we share with my friends, family, and the world. It should always be the most brilliant, the most colorful, and the painting that catches their eye and makes them stand in front of on the wall of your Facebook feed captivated.

We no longer will remember what reality looks like, or what art looks like. Our collective social media memory will dictate what the world looks like. The number of likes will determine what is artistic, and what is beautiful or ugly. The algorithm will only show us what images match the world it wants us to see. Algorithmically, artistically painting the inside walls of our digital bubble.

Eventually, the sensors that stimulate us when we see photos will be well worn. They will be well programmed, with known inputs, and predictable outputs. The algorithm will be able to deliver exactly what we need, and correctly predict what we will need next. Scheduling up and queuing the next fifty possible scenarios--with exactly the right colors, textures, and meaning.

How we see art will be forever changed by the algorithm. Our machines will never see art. Our machines will never know art. Our machines will only be able to transfer the characteristics we see and deliver them into newer, more relevant, timely, and meaningful images. Distilling down the essence of art into binary, and programming us to think this synthetic art is meaningful, and still applies to our physical world.

Like I said, I think people like applying artistic image filters to their mobile photos because it is the opposite of augmented reality. They are trying to augment their digital (hopes of reality) presence with the essence of what we (algorithm) think matters to use in the world. This process isn't about training a model to see art like some folks may tell you. It is about distilling down some of the most simple aspects of what our eyes see as art, and give this algorithm to our mobile phones and social networks to apply to the photograph digital logging of our physical reality.

It feels like this is about reprogramming people. It is about reprogramming what stimulates you. Automating an algorithmic view of what matters when it comes to art, and applying it to a digital view of matters in our daily worlds, via our social networks. Just one more area of our life where we are allowing algorithms to reprogram us, and bend our reality to be more digital.

I Borrowed This Image From University of Maine Museum of Art

          Machine Learning Style Transfer For Museums, Libraries, and Collections   

I putting some thought into some next steps for my algorithmic rotoscope work, which is about the training and applying of image style transfer machine learning models. I'm talking with Jason Toy (@jtoy) over at Somatic about the variety of use cases, and I want to spend some thinking about image style transfers, from the perspective of a collector or curator of images--brainstorming how they can organize, make available their work(s) for use in image style transfers.

Ok, let's start with the basics--what am I talking about when I say image style transfer?  I recommend starting with a basic definition of machine learning in this context, providing by my girlfriend, and partner in crime Audrey Watters. Beyond, that I am just referring to the training a machine learning model by directing it to scan an image. This model can then be applied to other images, essentially transferring the style of one image, to any other image. There are a handful of mobile applications out there right now that let you apply a handful of filters to images taken with your mobile phone--Somatic is looking to be the wholesale provider of these features

Training one of these models isn't cheap. It costs me about $20 per model in GPUs to create--this doesn't consider my time, just my hard compute costs (AWS bill). Not every model does anything interesting. Not all images, photos, and pieces of art translate into cool features when applied to images. I've spent about $700 training 35 filters. Some of them are cool, and some of them are meh. I've had the most luck focusing on dystopian landscapes, which I can use in my storytelling around topics like immigration, technology, and the election

This work ended up with Jason and I talking about museums and library collections, thinking about opportunities for them to think about their collections in terms of machine learning, and specifically algorithmic style transfer. Do you have images in your collection that would translate well for use in graphic design, print, and digital photo applications? I spend hours looking through art books for the right textures, colors and outlines. I also spend hours looking through graphic design archives for movie and gaming industry, as well as government collections. Looking for just the right set of images that will either transfer and produce an interesting look, as well as possible transfer something meaningful to the new images that I am applying styles to.

Sometimes style transfers just make a photo look cool, bringing some general colors, textures, and other features to a new photo--there really isn't any value in knowing what image was behind the style transfer, it just looks cool. Other times, the image can be enhanced knowing about the image behind the machine learning model, and not just transferring styles between images, but also potentially transferring some meaning as well. You can see this in action when I took a nazi propaganda poster and applied to it to photo of Ellis Island, or I took an old Russian propaganda poster and applied to images of the White House. I a sense, I was able to transfer some of the 1000 words applied to the propaganda posters and transfer them to new photos I had taken.

It's easy to think you will make a new image into a piece of art by training a model on a piece of art and transferring it's characteristics to a new image using machine learning. Where I find the real value is actually understanding collections of images, while also being aware of the style transfer process, and thinking about how images can be trained and applied. However, this only gets you so far, there has to still be some value or meaning in how it's being applied, accomplishing a specific objective and delivering some sort of meaning. If you are doing this as part of some graphic design work it will be different than if you are doing for fun on a mobile phone app with your friends.

To further stimulate my imagination and awareness I'm looking through a variety of open image collections, from a variety of institutions:

I am also using some of the usual suspects when it comes to searching for images on the web:

I am working on developing specific categories that have relevance to the storytelling I'm doing across my blogs, and sometimes to help power my partners work as well. I'm currently mining the following areas, looking for interesting images to train style transfer machine learning models:

  • Art - The obvious usage for all of this, finding interesting pieces of art that make your photos look cool.
  • Video Game - I find video game imagery to provide a wealth of ideas for training and applying image style transfers.
  • Science Fiction - Another rich source of imagery for the training of image style transfer models that do cool things.
  • Electrical - I'm finding circuit boards, lighting, and other electrical imagery to be useful in training models.
  • Industrial - I'm finding industrial images to work for both sides of the equation in training and applying models.
  • Propaganda - These are great for training models, and then transferring the texture and the meaning behind them.
  • Labor - Similar to propaganda posters, potentially some emotional work here that would transfer significant meaning.
  • Space - A new one I'm adding for finding interesting imagery that can train models, and experiencing what the effect is.

As I look through more collections, and gain experience training style transfer models, and applying models, I have begun to develop an eye for what looks good. I also develop more ideas along the way of imagery that can help reinforce the storytelling I'm doing across my work. It is a journey I am hoping more librarians, museum curators, and collection stewards will embark on. I don't think you need to learn the inner workings of machine learning, but at least develop enough of an understanding that you can think more critically about the collection you are knowledgeable about. 

I know Jason would like to help you, and I'm more than happy to help you along in the process. Honestly, the biggest hurdle is money to afford the GPUs for training the image. After that, it is about spending the time finding images to train models, as well as to apply the models to a variety of imagery, as part of some sort of meaningful process. I can spend days looking through art collection, then spend a significant amount of AWS budget training machine learning models, but if I don't have a meaningful way to apply them, it doesn't bring any value to the table, and it's unlikely I will be able to justify the budget in the future.

My algorithmic rotoscope work is used throughout my writing and helps influence the stories I tell on API Evangelist, Kin Lane, Drone Recovery, and now Contrafabulists. I invest about $150.00 / month training to image style transfer models, keeping a fresh number of models coming off the assembly line. I have a variety of tools that allow me to apply the models using Algorithmia and now Somatic. I'm now looking for folks who have knowledge and access to interesting image collections, who would want to learn more about image style transfer, as well as graphic design and print shops, mobile application development shops, and other interested folks who are just curious about WTF image style transfers are all about.

          HAUNTCAST 20 – Longer, Faster, Harder   
Hauntcast 20 - "Longer, Faster, Harder" If we only had a living brain for this episode featuring an interview with Ralph 'Ironman' Mitchell from Iron Kingdom/Ironstock & Slaughter on 2nd Street, News From Beyond, the Top Ten Changes I'm Making to My Haunt This Year, HearseCon 2010, Fright Flicks and Horror Reviews, Tribute [...]

          The BBC Introducing Mixtape 05.06.17   
          What Drone Warfare Does To A Soldier's Brain   
A conversation with Army veteran and author Brett Velicovich on the complexities of intelligence gathering, the morality of drone warfare, and the future of unmanned aircraft.

Dibuat Untuk Memenuhi Tugas Arsitektur Dan Organisasi Komputer

Description: Logo_stmik-new

3101 1101 1929




Puji syukur kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa yang telah senantisa memberkati dalam menyelesaikan makalah ini, sehingga saya bisa menyelesaikannya tepat pada waktunya.
Makalah ini dibuat untuk memenuhi tugas mata kuliah ARSITEKTUR DAN ORGANISASI KOMPUTER tentang perkembangan komputer dari generasi pertama hingga sekarang. Begitu pentingnya komputer dalam kehidupan pada zaman sekarang ini, hampir seluruh aspek kehidupan manusia saat ini tidak terlepas dari teknologi khususnya komputer. Dalam segala bidang saat ini telah membutuhkan yang namanya komputer, seperti halnya pada dunia pendidikan, kesehatan, dan ekonomi atau niaga. Hal itulah yang menunjukan begitu pentingnya komputer dalam memudahkan kita. Namun apakah kita mengetahui perkembangan dari komputer itu? Oleh karena itu dalam makalah ini akan dijelaskan mengenai perkembangan komputer tersebut.
Selaku penulis, saya menyadari bahwa dalam  makalah ini masih jauh dari kata sempurna. Oleh karena itu saya membutuhkan kritik dan saran untuk menyempurnakan pembuatan makalah selanjutnya. Saya berharap makalah ini dapat bermanfaat bagi semua yang membacanya, khususnya dibidang pendidikan komputer.

Banjarbaru, Februari 2013





1.1              Latar Belakang

Hampir seluruh aspek kehidupan manusia saat ini tidak dapat dilepaskan dari teknologi, khususnya teknologi komputer. Dapat dilihat bahwa untuk menuliskan suatu dokumen, orang cenderung sudah meninggalkan mesin ketik manual dan sudah digantikan perannya oleh komputer. Kasir di suatu pertokoan besar (supermarket) sudah menggunakan peralatan otomatis berupa komputer yang didisain khusus untuk keperluan itu. Kumpulan lagu-lagu yang sebelumnya hanya dapat didengarkan melalui media kaset atau piringan hitam, saat ini sudah mulai dikemas dalam bentuk compact disk (CD) yang dapat didengarkan dengan menggunakan komputer multimedia. Belum lagi perkembangan teknologi komputer di bidang kesehatan yang maju sangat pesat untuk membantu diagnosa penyakit dan proses penyembuahnnya. Dan masih banyak lagi bidang-bidang kehidupan manusia yang saat ini sudah menggunakan peralatan komputer.

1.2         Batasan Masalah

1.3         Rumusan Masalah

Berdasarkan latar belakang dan batasan masalah di atas, maka rumusan masalah yang akan dibahas dalam makalah ini adalah :
1.      Apakah yang dimaksud dengan komputer?
2.      Perkembangan apa saja yang terjadi dari komputer awal hingga sekarang ini !
3.      Apa perbedaaan dan ciri-ciri komputer setiap generasinya ?

1.4              Tujuan

Berdasarkan latar belakang, batasan masalah dan rumusan masalah, maka tujuan dari makalah ini adalah sebagai berikut:
1.      Menjelaskan pengertian komputer
2.      Memaparkan perkembangan yang terjadi pada komputer awal hingga sekarang ini.
3.      Dapat mengetahui perbedaan dan ciri spesifikasi komputer setiap generasinya.




2.1 Defenisi Komputer

Istilah komputer mempunyai arti yang luas dan berbeda bagi setiap orang. Istilah komputer (computer) diambil dari bahasa Latin computare yang berarti menghitung (to compute atau to reckon). Menurut Blissmer (1985), komputer adalah suatu alat elektronik yang mampu melakukan beberapa tugas, yaitu menerima input, memproses input sesuai dengan instruksi yang diberikan, menyimpan perintah-perintah dan hasil pengolahannya, serta menyediakan output dalam bentuk informasi. Sedangkan menurut Sanders (1985), komputer adalah sistem elektronik untuk memanipulasi data yang cepat dan tepat serta dirancang dan diorganisasikan supaya secara otomatis menerima dan menyimpan data input, memprosesnya, dan menghasilkan output berdasarkan instruksi-instruksi yang telah tersimpan di dalam memori. Dari definisi tersebut terdapat tiga istilah penting, yaitu input (data), pengolahan data, dan informasi (output).

2.2 Sistem Komputer

Tujuan pokok dari sistem komputer adalah mengolah data untuk menghasilkan informasi, sehingga perlu didukung oleh elemen-elemen yang terdiri dari perangkat keras (hardware), perangkat lunak (software), dan brainware. Perangkat keras adalah peralatan komputer itu sendiri, perangkat lunak adalah program yang berisi perintah-perintah untuk melakukan proses tertentu, dan brainware adalah manusia yang terlibat di dalam mengoperasikan serta mengatur sistem komputer.

2.3 Struktur dan Fungsi Komputer

1.      Input Device (Alat Masukan), adalah perangkat keras komputer yang berfungsi sebagai alat untuk memasukan data atau perintah ke dalam komputer.
2.      Output Device (Alat Keluaran), adalah perangkat keras komputer yang berfungsi untuk menampilkan keluaran sebagai hasil pengolahan data. Keluaran dapat berupa hard-copy (ke kertas), soft-copy (ke monitor), ataupun berupa suara.
3.      I/O Ports, digunakan untuk menerima ataupun mengirim data ke luar sistem. Peralatan input dan output di atas terhubung melalui port ini.
4.      CPU (Central Processing Unit), CPU merupakan otak sistem komputer, dan memiliki dua bagian fungsi operasional, yaitu: ALU (Arithmetical Logical Unit) sebagai pusat pengolah data, dan CU (Control Unit) sebagai pengontrol kerja komputer.
 Wow!  What a week we've had!  Now I'm determined not to glorify the busyness, but we were seriously on-the-go this week.  (No wonder I'm wanting a nap!)

Brody had his first puppy school Monday night.  He will have five of these sessions, learning to focus, sit, down and other puppy duties.  I intend to keep him in classes as long as possible.  This dog needs his brain exercised.  He also had his second set of puppy shots and his first vet visit since we got him.  

My parents returned from their trip to Arizona and California, just in time for my sister from Minnesota to visit.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather while she was here, which she completely soaked up.  We went out to lunch and dinner on several occasions (taking the dog when we could), we saw a play of "To Kill a Mockingbird", we went to the farmer's market and shopping in Winter Park, she cooked Chinese for us (she is a master since she studied there for over a year), she came with me to the trainer a couple of times, and we watched some movies.  We saw "Birdman" at the theater, and watched "Under the Skin" and an old Polanski movie "Cul de Sac" here at home.  And of course we did lots of romping with the dog.


Unfortunately while my sister was here, my kids, husband and dad all had the crud.  I'm waiting for it to swing my way, but I hope not.  That kept us from ever doing something together, the seven of us.

I don't have much to report on reading unfortunately.  Things should settle down a little bit now, and I'm hoping to get some momentum.  Currently I've started the audio "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy" by Karen Abbott, as well as "You" by Caroline Kepnes in print.  Both great reads, just need some down time.  I'm really getting antsy because I've really got a wonderful TBR stack going right now, including some recent purchases from our wonderful new indie bookstore in town called "Writer's Block Bookstore".  I got "Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins for my next book club.  I got "Her" by Harriet Lane, "Redeployment" by Phil Klay, "Finding Florida" by T.D. Allman, and "From Hell", an Alan Moore graphic novel about Jack the Ripper.  I also got "In the Heart of the Sea" by Nathanial Philbrick at Costco (impulse), and the ARC of "The Precious One" by Marisa de los Santos from the most awesome Jill Broderick.  OMG people!  I NEED TO GET READING!!!

So on that note, I'm off to shower something.  Grocery store, helping my daughter with SAT studying perhaps, and maybe a little of that rare gem called reading.

          Sunday Salon: Best laid plans...   
 Good evening...little late today.  I wanted to wait until I got the latest pictures of the puppy.  Of course.  He is 6 weeks old now, and we will pick him up in two weeks.  It is like we are anticipating a baby.  We are crazy.  Last weekend we actually got to FaceTime with Brody and his nanny.  We have the best breeder ever.  He is definitely on the heavier side of a six week PON.  The cats are just going to LOOOOOVE him.

So the week started out good, or normal at least.  I was doing my thing, running here and there, going to the new trainer.  Then on Wednesday I casually picked up a small weight and completely threw my back out.  Man, it sucks being old.  So I've been laid up a bit...two trips to the chiropractor, lots of moaning and groaning, a heating pad and Advil.  Blah.  I'm going to try to get back to the gym tomorrow.  We will see how that goes.

Now that the Oscar contenders have been announced, we (primarily defined as my mom and I) are on a mission to see as many of the movies as possible.  This week we saw "The Imitation Game", "Ida" (nominated for Best Foreign Film and is Polish) and "American Sniper".  All great movies but "American Sniper" kinda blew us away.

On the reading front?  Eh.  I did start reading "Where All the Light Tends To Go", and is a troubling but easy read.  I am hoping to make some progress on it next week if I can stay away from that damned Wordbrain game.  On audio I finished "Lock In" by John Scalzi.  It was genius as far as world-building but the plot was a bit convoluted.  It still was pleasant to listen to Wil Wheaton narrating.  I'm now about halfway through "Ordinary Grace" by William Kent Krueger.  I intentionally didn't read the synopsis, so I have no idea where it is going, but I'm enjoying it so far as a coming-of-age tale.

Tonight we are eating food that is bad for us and watching playoff football games.  Go Colts.  The kids have tomorrow off, so that takes some of the Sunday night pressure off the table.  What has everyone been up to today?  

          Sunday Salon: New Beginnings   

Howdy guys!  What do you know, I'm up and on my game this morning.  I was thinking about my week, and decided it was definitely a good one.  I read a post yesterday (OK I read A LOT of posts yesterday as I've been really slacking and had to catch up) that reminded me to shut the hell up about being busy.  It isn't about being busy, it is about managing my time more wisely.  I have plenty of time to sit down and read or chill out, but I don't because that is the way I am.  In fact, I'm thinking that my word of the year should be something along these lines...CHILL.  Lest I give myself heart failure.

Lots of "beginnings" to the new year this week.  I had my first Polish class of the year on Wednesday evening.  It was nice to see some of my new friends again, and I'm hoping with the arrival of the puppy in a few weeks, I can keep this up.  It is good for my brain.  Speaking of the puppy, gratuitous weekly photo:    

The puppy "nanny" who helps the breeder texted me this picture on Friday afternoon.  Made my day.  I love these women.  He is getting bigger by the day, and is so precious - look at that expression.  Makes my heart swell.  I should have my Sunday update pictures soon, and when I get those I'll post on FB.

Also had my first Heathrow Literary Society meeting of the year on Wednesday as well, discussing "Orphan Train".  That was such a good book but I read it so long ago.  I brought my mom with me, and I think she enjoyed it.  This group always reads the book and has lots to say.

I also think I found a new trainer to replace Andre.  I was a little bereft at the beginning of the week without my regular flogging, but tried a new place on Friday with a couple of my workout ladies, and we had our asses kicked thoroughly.  As in, I can't move, even today.  This is a good thing.  I'm going to give it a month and see how I do.

I'll need to do some extra working out next week because we went to a seafood buffet Friday night and out for my hubby's birthday last night.  Today will require bread and water I think.

I'd love to tell you that I did all kinds of reading, but I did not, at least in print.  I am totally addicted to a game on my phone called "Wordbrain", and until I conquer it, which will take awhile, I may be on a reading hiatus.  Ha!  (If you see me posting about the game on FB, it is because I am pimping myself out for hints to help me in the game.)  However, I did finish "Amy and Roger's Epic Detour" by Morgan Matson and in a word?  Perfect.  I claim to have started "Where All the Light Tends To Go" by David Joy but I haven't really started it in earnest.

On audio, I finished "Blue Lily, Lily Blue" by Maggie Stiefvater, the third installment in the Raven Cycle series, and it was very good.  Love this series, and I'm totally hyped for the fourth and final book.  This is a minor miracle, considering my general attitude towards YA.  I'm now about halfway through "Lock In" by John Scalzi (and narrated by Wil Wheaton - woo!).  Apparently Audible has a corner on this audiobook.  Even libraries aren't getting it, which is annoying, so I nabbed it with an Audible promotion.  It is good - creatively genius - but not the easiest thing to understand.  I'm wondering if this is going to be a series?  It could be.

I'm not sure what is on the agenda for today.  I'm afraid to speculate reading, because while that would be great, I'm usually offered other suggestions.  Sundays are for family.  It will be a surprise!  See, I'm chill.  

          Best of 2014: Audiobooks   
I cannot express the right words for how passionate I am about my audiobooks.  There are days (weeks!) when I don't look at a single printed page of a book because I'm running around like my hair is on fire.  But audios I can the car, cleaning the house, doing yard work, cooking, walking.  A well-narrated audio can be the most incredible some cases the entire story comes to life and feels like a movie in my head.  

I can't vouch for these books in print.  But in my ears they came alive.  


Five Days at Memorial - Sheri Fink (narrated by Kirstin Potter):  This is an absolutely riveting and horrifying story about the events that transpired at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans after Katrina hit.  No electricity, a failed generator, and hundreds of critically ill and elderly patients too frail to evacuate.  In a move that was highly controversial, decisions were made to euthanize the most helpless patients with lethal doses of painkillers.  It is hard to imagine such events occurring today, and brings up some highly discussable topics.  Perfect for book clubs.  Kirstin Potter is a wonderful narrator, but the real attraction here is the facts. 

In the Kingdom of Ice - Hampton Sides (narrated by Arthur Morey):  This bit of history about an ill-fated Polar expedition in the late nineteenth century reads like a thriller.  An eccentric playboy benefactor, incorrect maps and misinformation, starvation, frostbite, a breached hull, trudging for hundreds of miles in the frozen tundra, just doesn't get any more fascinating than this.  Like "Five Days at Memorial", the narration was well-done but the facts are self-sustaining.    

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage - Ann Patchett (narrated by the author):  Before I listened to this audio, I would have sworn that I wasn't into "essays".  But Patchett's, written for magazines over the expanse of her career, are ones that will touch on something that will move you.  MOST of them moved me.  Stories about writing her first book, about her dog, about her failed first marriage and her successful second one, about relationships with family and friends, opening a bookstore, being persecuted because of the content of her is absolutely perfect in every way.  Patchett is so natural in her narration too.  This is one audio that I want to purchase in print to keep forever.


Native Son - Richard Wright (narrated by Peter Francis James):  This story knocked the wind out of me.  Set in 1930's Chicago, it tells the tale of Bigger Thomas, a young black man that makes a series of bad decisions that drags him into a downward spiral.  It is gut-wrenching, and shows the desperation and hopelessness of the black man during that time.  I suspect the novel in print would have an equal impact, but the narration is superb.    

We Are Water - Wally Lamb (narrated by Wally Lamb, George Guidall, Maggi-Meg Reed, Tavia Gilbert, Richard Ferrone, Edoardo Ballerini, Cynthia Darlow,  Therese Plummer):  If you asked me to list my top 10 audios EVER, this one would be one of them.  Lamb is a hell of a storyteller, in this case covering everything from a modern family and their individual struggles, gay marriage, pedophilia, racial prejudice...oh yeah you get it all here, as is Lamb's way.  But the narrators?  That is a loaded cast of voices, and they made this audio completely unputdownable.  It unfolded like a movie right before me, truly some of the best narration I've heard.  We read this in my book club, and some of the members refused to read it because of the pedophilia.  It's too bad because while that was very hard to listen to, I believe it to be one of the best books written this year.

Someone Else's Love Story - Joshilyn Jackson (narrated by the author):  Most of you know this, but I refuse to read a JJ book in print.  All of her books but one are narrated by the author herself, and she is marvelous.  Her stories are marvelous too...quirky, usually dysfunctional, Southern, and all center on very strong women.  In this novel, she also throws in autism and a love triangle of sorts.  And a girl who got pregnant without having sex.  You have to read it to believe it.  It is classic Joshilyn Jackson.  

Every Day - David Levithan (narrated by Alex McKenna):  While this book officially fell under the YA genre, it gets serious credit for tickling my brain and presenting a very unique premise (something you don't get often in ANY genre).  Every day "A" (a spirit? a soul? a male?  a female?) wakes up in a different body.  A is at peace with its existence, and lives by the rules of not interfering or causing attention in its subject's life.  Then A meets and falls in love with a girl.  Suddenly every day is a mission to get close to her, which is difficult when each day A is a radically different person.  It sounds a little wacky, but it works.  It is beautiful.  And very beautifully narrated.     

The Martian - Andy Weir (narrated by R.C. Bray):  If you've been anywhere near a book review this year, you will recognize this one.   This book was all the rage!  This won't be the only list you will see it on, particular in audio form.  About a wise-ass brainiac that get accidentally left on Mars during an exploration mission, it makes science fiction accessible and LIKABLE by one and all.  The narration of Bray provides the perfect snarky voice of a guy who is basically screwed but uses his last wit to stay alive.  Oh and by the way, it's going to be a movie starring Matt Damon.  Yep.

The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith (narrated by Robert Glenister):  If you thought J.K. Rowling shot her wad on Harry Potter, you were wrong.  This series started with "The Cuckoo's Calling" and set the groundwork with a protagonist who is a rumpled but genius private investigator, and his cute ambitious assistant.  I felt that Cuckoo's mystery was a tad pedestrian and one-dimensional, but she let out all the stops on this one.  The cherry on top was that the mystery occurs butt-deep in the publishing industry.  Robert Glenister's narration is simply as good as it gets.  He is amazing.   

World of Trouble - Ben H. Winters (narrated by Peter Berkrot):  This book is the third installment in The Last Policeman Trilogy, and yes, it is extremely unusual that the final book would be the mind-blower but it was.  The premise of the trilogy is that a very large asteroid is going to hit the earth and end civilization as we know it.  As time ticks down, people hunker down, pursue their bucket lists, kill themselves, get stoned on drugs.  But Detective Hank Palace (a little on the spectrum I think) continues to solve murders, chase down missing persons, and try to save his little sister.  The first two novels are good, but this one is remarkable.  Not too many people can pull off the end of the world quite like this.  The narrator isn't the best in the business, but his voice became Hank Palace and I was glad they kept him through the series.  

          Best of 2014: Graphic Novels   

So Graphic Novels!  This has been a more recent love that I acquired as a result of blogging.  I didn't read that many this year, but the ones I read for the most part were outstanding.  Here are my favorites...I'm quite pleased at how different each of them are from another.  

Watchmen - Alan Moore:  I read this at the behest of my son, and I thanked him afterward.  This is so much more than a comic.  It is a mystery, it is layered and complex, it folds in history and politics and made my brain tingle!  This is what all "comics" and superhero lore should strive to be.   

Blankets - Craig Johnson:  I'm a little late to the party on this one.  I'd heard so much about it over the years, so I finally ordered it from the library.  It is a whole different type of GN than Watchmen.  It is a autobiography about Johnson's life, starting with some traumatic incidents in his childhood, a first love he meets at camp as a teen, and his life as a young adult.  He struggles with love, loss and religion and is heartfelt.  

Palestine - Joe Sacco:  This GN was recommended by a whole list of other GN authors as being one of the best.  It is different from the other books listed here in that it is gritty, investigative journalism put into illustration.  We always hear stories from the Israeli point of view in our is a chance to see things from the other side of the street, from the perspective of the common Palestinian.  This book is used in university classrooms, and with good reason.  I'll be rereading this one.

Saga - Brian K. Vaughan:  I had to give this series special mention.  None of the three installments have received more than 4 stars from me, but as a whole, they are a wondrous diversion into fantasy.  It is hard to describe the bizarre setup, but Wikipedia states it is a cross between Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Romeo & Juliet.  So there you go, I'm sure that cleared things up!  It is a classic story of revenge, warring ethnicities, and forbidden love.  The imagery alone is worth your time.  Even if none of this sounds the least bit interesting, give it a shot.  You may find yourself getting sucked in just like me.

          Psychic World with Host John G. Sutton: and Countess Starella: Meditation Techniques and How You Can Tune-in to Your Spiritual Self   
GuestJohn will be joined by his incredible co-host the astounding Countess Starella to discuss how you can access your psychic side through meditation. John G. Sutton says: the brain has two distinct hemispheres left and right, the left brain controls the materialist and logical, the right brain controls the imagination and the creative. I believe that by mastering and practising meditation you can distract the logical left brain and allow the sensitive psychic right brain to take control and pot ...
          Fare beynini lazerle kontrol etmek   

Kaliforniya'daki Stanord Üniversitesi araştırmacıları, fare beynini lazer ile tetikleyerek hayvanların daha hızlı süt içmesini sağlamayı başardı.

Çalışma, beyin araştırmalarında yeni bir merhale olarak görülen tek hücre uyarımı tekniği ile yapıldı. Araştırmacılar fareleri başka konularda da tetikleyebilmeyi ve tek noktayı değil, sırasıyla başka noktaları ard arda uyarabilmeyi hedefliyor. Böylelikle zaman içerisinde hayvanlar daha karmaşık konularda da tetiklenebilir.

Çalışmanın detaylarını okumak isteyenler için orijinal makale aşağıda;

          Israel, American Jewry and Trump's GOP   

Earlier this month Norway, Denmark and Switzerland did something surprising.

Norway announced that it was demanding the return of its money from the Palestinian Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Secretariat, for the latter's funding of a Palestinian women's group that built a youth center near Nablus named for PLO mass murderer Dalal Mughrabi.

Denmark followed, announcing it was cutting off all funding to the group.

And last week, the Swiss parliament passed a resolution directing the government to amend Swiss law to block funding of NGOs "involved in racist, antisemitic or hate incitement actions."

For years, the Israeli government has been urging these and other European governments to stop funding such groups, to no avail. What explains their abrupt change of heart?

In two words: Donald Trump.

For years, the Obama administration quietly encouraged the Europeans to fund these groups and to ratchet up their anti-Israel positions. Doing so, the former administration believed, would coerce Israel to make concessions to the PLO.

But now, Trump and his advisers are delivering the opposite message. And, as the actions by Denmark, Norway and Switzerland show, the new message is beginning to be received.

If the US administration keeps moving forward on this trajectory, it can do far more than suspend funding for one terrorism-supporting Palestinian NGO. It can shut down the entire BDS industry before Trump finishes his current term in office.

To understand what can and ought to be done, it is first important to understand the nature of the BDS movement. Under the catchphrase BDS, two separate campaigns against Israel and against Jews are being carried out.

The first BDS campaign is a campaign of economic warfare. The focal point of that campaign is Europe. The purpose of the campaign is to harm Israel's economy by enacting discriminatory, anti-Israel trade policies and encouraging unofficial consumer and business boycotts of Israeli firms and products.

The US Congress can end this economic war against Israel by passing laws penalizing European states for engaging in trade practices that breach the World Trade Organization treaties. The US Treasury Department can also push strongly and effectively for such an end in its trade negotiations with the EU. The Treasury Department can also investigate whether and how EU trade practices toward Israel constitute unlawful barriers to trade.

Unlike the situation in Europe, where the BDS economic war against Israel is fairly advanced, efforts in the US to mount economic boycotts of Israel hit an iceberg early on due to the swift preemptive actions taken by state legislatures.

In 2015, then-South Carolina governor Nikki Haley became the first governor to sign a law barring her state government from doing business or investing in companies that boycott Israel. Last week Kansas became the 21st US state to pass an anti-BDS law along the same lines. Last month, all 50 state governors declared opposition to BDS.

The second BDS campaign being carried out against Israel is a form of political and social warfare.

Its epicenter is US academia. Its purpose is to erode US support for Israel, by making it politically unacceptable and socially devastating to publicly voice support for Israel on college campuses and more generally in leftist circles.

As is the case with the economic BDS campaign, the best way to defeat political BDS is through state and federal government action. If state and federal governments withheld funding to universities and colleges that permit BDS groups to operate on their campuses, campus administrators, who to date have refused to lift a finger against these hate groups, would be forced into action.

If the US Education and Justice departments opened civil rights investigations against major BDS groups for antisemitic bigotry, campus administrators would finally begin banning them from their campuses.

For many Israelis, the notion that defeating BDS is a job for the US government rather than for grassroots, American Jewish activists, will come as a surprise.

When Israelis think about the BDS movement, they tend to think that the American Jewish community is the place to turn for assistance.

This is not merely incorrect.

As two studies published in the last few weeks show, the notion that Israel can look to the American Jewish community for help with anything is becoming increasingly dubious.

To be sure, there are several American Jewish groups that devote massive resources to combating BDS on campuses. But their actions are tactical.

They fight specific BDS resolutions coming to votes before student councils. They train pro-Israel students to defend Israel to their peers.

While helpful, none of these actions constitutes a serious challenge to the movement.

On a strategic level, the effective moves made to date against BDS have been initiated by Republicans.

Alan Clemmons, the South Carolina lawmaker who initiated the anti-BDS bill in his statehouse and has since gone on to spearhead the state government anti-BDS drive nationally, is a Christian Zionist.

Clemmons didn't act out of concern for South Carolinian Jews. The Jewish community of South Carolina numbers a mere 20,000 members. The state-by-state anti-economic BDS campaign is neither the brainchild of any major Jewish group nor the product of their efforts.

So, too, to the extent that the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress take action to defeat BDS on campuses and in Europe, they won't be answering the call of their Jewish constituents. American Jews vote overwhelmingly for the increasingly anti-Israel Democratic Party. And while making up a mere 2% of the US population, American Jews contributed 50% of the donations to the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections.

This then brings us to the two studies of the American Jewish community and its future trajectory.

The first study was published by the Jewish Agency's Jewish People Policy Institute. It analyzes the data from the 2013 Pew survey of American Jewish attitudes. The Pew survey demonstrated that the Jewish identity of American Jews is growing increasingly attenuated and superficial.

Famously, the study noted that while 19% of American Jews said that they view observance of Jewish law as an essential part of their Jewish identity, 42% said they viewed having a good sense of humor as an essential part of their Jewish identity.

The JPPI study analyzed the Pew data regarding rates of marriage and childbearing among American Jews aged 24-54. The study started with the data on intermarriage. Sixty percent of non-haredi American Jews are married to non-Jews. A mere 32% of married American Jews are raising their children as Jewish to some degree.

From there, the JPPI study considered marriage and childbirth rates in general. It works out that a mere 50% of American Jews between 24 and 54 are married. And a mere 40% of American Jews between those ages have children living with them. In other words, the majority of adult American Jews are childless.

The JPPI study tells us two important things.

First, in the coming years there will be far fewer American Jews. Second, among those who are Jewish, their Jewish identity will continue to weaken.

Clearly, it would be unwise for Israel to believe that it can depend on such a community to secure its interests in the US for the long haul.

The second study shows that not only can Israel not expect the American Jewish community to help it maintain its alliance with the US. The number of American Jews willing to spearhead anti-Israel campaigns is likely to grow in the coming years.

The second study was produced by Brand Israel, a group of public relations experts that for the past decade has been trying to change the way young Americans think about Israel. The idea was to discuss aspects of Israel that have nothing to do with the Palestinians, with an emphasis on Israel as a hi-tech power. The hope was that by branding Israel as the Start-Up Nation, leftists, who support the Palestinians, would still support Israel.

Fern Oppenheim, one of the leaders of Brand Israel, presented the conclusions of an analysis of the group's work at the Herzliya Conference this week and discussed them with the media. It works out that the PR campaign backfired.

Far from inspiring increased support for Israel, Oppenheim argued that the hi-tech-centric branding campaign made leftist American Jews even more anti-Israel. She related that over the past decade, there has been an 18-point drop in support for Israel among US Jewish students.

To remedy the situation, which she referred to as "devastating," Oppenheim recommended changing the conversation from hi-tech to "shared values."

The problem with Oppenheim's recommendation is that it ignores the problem.

Young American Jews aren't turning against Israel because their values are different from Israeli values. By and large, they have the same values as Israeli society. And if they know anything about Israel, they know that their values aren't in conflict with Israeli values.

Young American Jews are turning on Israel for two reasons. First, they don't care that they are Jewish and as a consequence, see no reason to stick their necks out on Israel's behalf.

And second, due in large part to the political BDS campaign on college campuses, supporting Israel requires them to endanger or relinquish their ideological home on the Left. Since their leftist identities are far stronger than their Jewish identities, young American Jews are joining the BDS mob in increasing numbers.

This then brings us back to BDS.

The only way to diminish the groundswell of American Jews who are becoming hostile toward Israel is to defeat the forces of political BDS on campuses. To do this, Israel should turn not to the Jewish community but to evangelical Christians, the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress.

As for the American Jews, Israel needs to stop viewing the community as a resource and begin to view it as a community in crisis. To this end, the most significant contribution Israel can make to the American Jewish community - particularly to non-Orthodox American Jews - is to encourage them to make aliya. Assuming that current trends will continue, the only way non-Orthodox American Jews can have faith their grandchildren will be Jewish is for a significant number of them to make aliya.

No, this won't appeal to all American Jews. But nothing Israel does will. Israel's job isn't to reach the unreachable. It is to protect its alliance with the US and to help the Jews that remain in the room. 

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A version of this piece also appeared on The Jerusalem Post.



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If you are among the tens of thousands of Americans who try to track down mobile numbers every month, even as you read this article, you might be cramming your brain trying to come up with a simple way to trace a cell number, which has been annoying you lately. Whether the reason behind this is...
          Poultry denying.   
I am unashamedly poultrifically incorrect. I will not pretend chickens are real, no matter whit thebrain-washed minions of big poultry say. They can all cluck off!Here i post an extract from the woodl
          Neuroon Open is the smart sleep system with iOS and IFTTT support   

Smart devices we usually hear about tend to be enhanced versions of objects we already use on the daily. Such devices exist for the living room, kitchen, car, and more, but we haven’t seen too many smart things for bedtime.

Neuroon Open is an open-source, consumer wearable EEG (brain activity) mask that measures your sleep, supports smart meditation, and is said to provide lucid dreaming to the wearer. As sleep accounts for a third of our lives, it would be really nice to have something that could potentially make us much happier people.


          Restlessness Due to Vivid, Detailed Dreams   
Question: I go to sleep normally, usually without too much trouble, but 3-4 times a week I wake up feeling exhausted. My dreams are extremely detailed... when i wake up I can recall almost all specifics- people and the clothes they are wearing, specific locations, things people say.... I feel like my brain is . . .

Answer: Your question is very interesting. It describes a combination of three dream-related issues that are mixed together, namely: "Excessive dreaming," "Vivid dreaming," and "Lucid dreaming." "Excessive dreaming" is a feeling that a dream lasts throughout the night, and that dreaming continues for a very . . .

Ask an Expert: Ziad Shaman MD, Sleep Disorders

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The 2017 MN Brain Tumor 5K, sponsored by Ideal Credit Union and the Ideal Community Foundation, hit a new milestone this year, breaking the half-million dollar mark for total fundraising since its...

(PRWeb June 30, 2017)

Read the full story at

So die Perücke ist auch ...naja fast fertig ^^ Den Rest mach ich wenn ich sie auf habe ^^ Für meine erste finde ich sie ok :) // The wig. For my first wig it's ok :) #cosplay #firstcosplay #comicconstuttgart #blacklady #sailormoon #instacosplay #vorbereitungen #läuft #cosplaygermany #germany #germanartist #sukisbrainart
          A Holiday Dress to Remember   

This is a sponsored post in partnership with David’s Bridal.

If you’ve ever walked into a David’s Bridal, more than likely it’s because you were buying your wedding dress or you were part of someone else’s special day. My experience with them had me purchasing my own heavily beaded and lace wedding gown. But, I’m here to tell you they are so much more than bridal. I’m talking about holiday outfit goals guys!

We all know that when November rolls around, we all have holidays on the brain. This means cocktail ...

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          Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Tips   

Sponsored by Kmart.

Believe me. I’ve been there. Last-minute Christmas shopping can be crazy stressful. It’s OK! It happens to the best of us. I commend those who had their shopping done months ago (insert side-eye here). If that’s not you, I’m here with some helpful shopping tips for you guys. With only a few days left until the most joyful day of the year, it’s time to get shopping!

Be Organized and Do Your Research

Start by creating a list of the people you need to shop for and brainstorm ...

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          Music quotes   

As I was looking for something to add to my March newsletter for my piano students, I found many music quotes. Thought I would add some of them here:

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. ~Leopold Stokowski

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~Berthold Auerbach This is my favorite quote - I use it in my newsletter.

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. ~Maya Angelou, Gather Together in My Name

You can't possibly hear the last movement of Beethoven's Seventh and go slow. ~Oscar Levant, explaining his way out of a speeding ticket

An intellectual snob is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger.
Dan Rather (1931 - )

I'll add quotes again sometime. My eyes are doing ok although it's taking a while for my brain and eyes to decide to work together. My eye doctor said that it will happen but might take a while - I was relieved to here that.
It had been two years ago last week that Lowell died and I was a little weepy driving to town one day and heard this song. We drove around quite a bit in our Ford pickup and many times he would say "Slow down, girl" or "your coming up to the stop sign too fast, girl" So after he died I almost always heard his voice when I drove the pickup.

VOICES by Chris Young
Some of You could say I'm a little bit crazy
You could call me insane
Walkin' 'round with all these whispers
Runnin' 'round here in my brain
I just can't help but hear 'em
Man, I can't avoid it

I hear voices
I hear voices like
My dad sayin' work that job
But don't work your life away
Mama tellin' me to drop some cash
In the offering plate on Sunday
And granddad sayin' you can have a few
But don't ever cross that line
Yeah I hear voices all the time

Turns out I'm pretty dang lucky
For all that good advice
Those hard to find words of wisdom
Holed up here in my mind
And just when I've lost my way
Or I got to many choices

I hear voices
I hear voices like
My dad sayin' quit the team
And you'll be a quitter for the rest of your life
Mama tellin' me to say a prayer
Every time I lay down at night
And grandma sayin' if you find the one
You'd better treat her right
Yeah, I hear voices all the time

Sometimes I try to ignore 'em
But I thank God for 'em
'Cause they made me who I am

My dad sayin' work that job
But don't work your life away
Mama tellin' me to drop some cash
In the offering plate on Sunday
And granddad sayin' you can have a few
But don't ever cross that line
Yeah I hear voices all the time
Yeah I hear voices all the time.

Then last summer I bought a GMC Jimmy and I don't hear his voice anymore.
          Brains or Bull Market? Don't Be Delusional   
If you believe Janet Yellen, you're risking actual profits, and likely actual capital.

Read the entire article at

          Brains or Bull Market? Don't Be Delusional   

          Joel Zadak Makes Partner At Principato-Young Entertainment   
EXCLUSIVE: Joel Zadak has been promoted to Partner at Principato-Young Entertainment, joining Peter Principato, Paul Young, Brian Dobbins, Allen Fischer and David Gardner in the brain trust of the management/production company. Those partners surprised Zadak during a company-wide pilot season celebration at the racetrack at Santa Anita Park, flashing Zadak’s promotion on the Jumbotron. Zadak has been a manager-producer there over a decade, managing clients that include Get…
          Some random and (very) stray observations   
So many reality shows on TV. MTV Splitsvilla is great if you love to check out fights on the street between two random people. MTV Roadies is great if you are an adult but your brain is still 8 years old. If you are into dance and you get kicks by watching people dance in outrageous costumes, then I suggest you don’t sleep for more than 3 hours a day because there are reality dance shows all the time. There is something called In Your Fest. Do check it out. It is extreme crap. Next thing, cookery shows on music channels. Presenting VJ Juhi’s culinary delights on Channel V’s Red Hot Chilli Peppers every Saturday at 11.30 a.m. By the time it boils, you check out this cool track – The latest bollywood movie song played for the ten thousandth time. Launchpad is the only saving grace right now, but I dread the day when Launchpad will have to hunt for bands. Good bands take years to develop, and a launchpad every year will mean bad bands and crap music that will be polished and decorated for television.

Elections, the biggest reality show, are hitting the house this month. Channel V is running a campaign called “Vote ya Vaat”. The idea is simple, you vote or else you will be in a very bad shape because this very cruel, evil government will be elected and you will be persecuted and left deformed and malfunctioning beyond any hope of repair. There was a time when the campaigns would go “VOTE FOR ME” and now they take the easy way out and just about everyone says “GO VOTE”. Politicians come on Channel V – self proclaimed youth icons – and ask you to vote. I suspect they cut the part where they say “For Me” and just show the first part where they say “Vote”. Times of India – that great epitome of freedom, justice and equality – have gotten into the act with some Lead India type campaign. I have made up my mind. I will vote. Hence, we will get a clean, honest and efficient government this time. Obviously. Don’t vote for change, and don’t vote for an upset, just go and vote.

My favourite sporting nation has always been Argentina, thanks to Maradona and Sabatini. Now, Argentina lost to Bolivia 1-6 on April fool’s Day. It was soccer (not tennis) but then besides the inauspicious day (any astrologer would agree), I feel it was the altitude that got to the Argentineans. Playing in La Paz is no joke, and although Bolivia is ranked 50 places below Argentina in the FIFA rankings, they are the number one team when you play in La Paz. Teach the Bolivians to hold a bat, and they will give the Indian team a run for their money in cricket atop La Paz.

Maneka Gandhi has been in the news lately, thanks to Varun Gandhi and Mayawati. I used to get moved by the tales of cruelty towards animals narrated by Maneka Gandhi on TV in the series called “Heads and Tails”. It was touching, but it did not change my life (or my non-veg diet) and I did not fall in love with animals. At home, we never had pets when I was small. Maybe that’s why I was and I still am, indifferent to the two pets we have right now – a dog and a cat. My sis is into pets big time and hence the pets exist. The cat is no problem. We have had a pet cat for quite some time now. When one cat would die, my sister would get another. Almost like recycling. Cats don’t bark. Dogs do. And the one pet dog we have, does bark loud and for no reason. That is one reason I am not very appreciative of the pet dog. For some reason, he starts howling and screaming in the middle of nothing. It’s not like he has seen a stranger or something unfamiliar. Maybe it’s his innate desire to get some attention in this world where everyone is so focussed on avoiding pink slips amidst the economic meltdown. But I don’t get it. Why does the dog make dumb, loud, crazy noises when everything else around is still? One more reason the cat scores is the fact that she does not come near you sniffing your feet in anticipation of an egg coming out of your toes any moment. The dog does. Now I love my pet dog as long as he stays away from me. I have this ‘you live and let me live’ policy. It can be also interpreted as a ‘you leave me alone and I leave you alone’ policy. The dog does not get it.

And yeah, the good old lady Madonna has been stopped from adopting another baby from Malawi. I don’t think she is doing the right thing by adopting a second baby from the same country. Just for kicks, she should be asked to adopt from some other country. There is Djibouti, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Lesotho and many countries to choose from. Madonna is a funny one. If you are a young woman, Madonna will smooch you. If you are older, she probably wants you as a nanny. If you are a child, Madonna will adopt you. And if you are a guy, she might marry you. Okay, if you are a young guy, she might be looking at just a brief fling. But still wherever you go, Madonna may get you. She always is in the papers or somewhere near you. Omnipresent, I say.

Remember Jack and the beanstalk? If you ever make a movie on the story, remember to cast Dev Patel as the beanstalk. By the way, the beanstalk is dating the 4th sexiest woman in the world. Wow! Imagine the fate of Frieda Pinto’s classmates at St. Xavier’s. I’m sure some of them were thinking of Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie when the 4th sexiest woman in the world was sitting next to them in class. The most important lesson from it all – never ignore any girls in your vicinity, you never know when they might climb up on the sexy rating scale (whatever that is!)

It will be time to bid adieu to Goa soon. Just when I am getting into the groove, its Mumbai calling... bah!!!
You can’t revive a blog whenever you want to. It either happens or it doesn’t. And right now, I am having one of those moments when you have stuff to say and you think it would be great if you could post a.k.a. vomit it on to your blog. I know it’s been ages since I last posted, but I haven’t been that busy really. Life has been interesting in the past year and a half or so when I’ve been away from the blog. So that means the only reason I haven’t posted is b’coz I am a lazy bum. We all are lazy bums, no? Now that I am home with almost nothing to do and I have stuff to say, I think it’s a good time to bring the blog back to life.

So you drag yourself out of bed at 5 am hoping to see New Zealand like 380/8 and you switch on the TV and you see 410/4 and you realise the difference between dreams and reality is as wide as it can ever be. There has been some criticism of Sehwag’s captaincy when it comes to field placements and bowling changes. It’s unfair to the guy, b’coz he never uses his brain when he bats and he cant be expected to use it when he fields. And when Yuvraj drops a dolly and someone as boring as Franklin hits 52 and a number of edges go thru the slip and gully region, its not really Sehwag’s fault. The real blame should be on Dhoni and Dhoni alone because if he was playing, things may have been different. The best part of the day’s cricket (if you are a sadist) is watching Charu Sharma and Arun Lal discuss the day’s play after stumps. I pity them. Poor guys have no clue what is happening and they are expected to discuss it for I think, like an hour, or maybe more. It’s like Atal Behari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh discussing Salsa and Tango. Watching it for like 5 minutes proved to be too much for me, and I am glad someone invented the remote control and I am glad we have other TV Channels.

I finished the book ‘You are here’. It’s a funny name for a book. You are here. I’m sure the sequel will be called ‘You are there’ or ‘You have moved’ or better still ‘You are now here’. The author’s name is Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan. Seriously, that is the name. From the name, it sounds like she is either a Kathak danseuse or the author of some research paper titled ‘The study of the effects of algae on water purity in Lake Chihuamuhua’. I just realised that the book title “You are here” has 10 letters and the authors name has 22 letters. The book has Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan on all the pages. I do hope she has a shorter version of that name in real life. Imagine saying “Are you okay, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan?” or “Would you like coffee or tea, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan?” or hearing “Hello, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan here”. But seriously, what’s in a name? I just found it funny that a book called You Are Here would have Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan on all its pages.The book is cool. It is not about all the women liberation and all the feminist gasbag talk. The best part about the book is that it is honest. There are parts of it I can identify with and a lot of it makes sense to me. Now if I can identify with something, it really must be something no? It’s not autobiographical or anything of that sort, and it’s not some story that goes on and on and ultimately ends, sometimes very abruptly. I used to read her blog once upon a time, back in the days when I would religiously read everything in my Google reader, and the book is just an extension of her blog. Her blog is a great read, and the book although a toned down and fictionalised version, is also easy reading. It does get boring at times, but then everything does. Happy I finished the book. It’s one of the few books I have started and finished lately. The same goes for movies. I have never been a movie person. I start to watch a movie at home and I always end up not finishing it either because something more interesting comes up, or its gets so boring that I have to make something more interesting to please come up. The only movies I finish are ones that are watched in the movie hall.

I saw this band called Faridkot on Channel V Launchpad and I loved them. Check them out, the lead singer Inderpreet Singh is cool ...

P.S. As I type this, Arun Lal and Charu Sharma are back on TV. What happened to superheroes? Paging for Superman or Batman or Spiderman, someone needs to be rescued guys... help!!
          Financial Brains ‘Stimulating’ America to Rock Bottom   
News Item...
          Police consider murder inquiry as man dies 11 years after Southwick baseball attack   
POLICE are still deciding if they should launch a murder inquiry several months after a man died from a brain injury that stemmed from a savage baseball attack in Southwick 11 years ago.
          Comment on Is Referral Marketing Right For Your Photography Business? by Jim Whitesell   
Hi Rosh, I pretty much agree with everything you've said here. I belong to both the Chamber of Commerce and a local BNI chapter. I joined the Chamber first, and attended all their mixers and luncheons faithfully for a year with the goal of meeting prospective clients and getting business. As a marketing tool I didn't get rich from my Chamber connections. Yes I got a few clients, but not what I expected for the effort. I do think Chamber membership is important - they are well positioned to be the voice of small business to local, regional and federal governments. Yes I met a lot of people at the mixers, and we know each other. Are I getting business from them? Not so much. I realized there are lots of people who go to these business mixers, but everyone has the same goal - to sell their services to the others. When you have a room full of business people (including several direct competitors) all focused on selling but no one there to buy, how successful can one be? My experience in BNI has been different (thankfully). Yes, there is structure, and you point out why. The reason for the structure is because it makes members more money and allows them to grow their businesses more effectively. I'm a photographer, too, and I need structure in my business to keep it successful. For example, I follow a structured system during my headshot sessions - why? Do I light haphazardly? no. do I pose and direct the client without purpose? No. Do I edit the files randomly or do I use a structured system? I accomplish each of these tasks with structure because it produces the repeatable results my clients expect and pay me for. If I didn't follow the system I've developed that maximizes my clients value and my profitability, I wouldn't attain my goals. The same is true with my marketing. I've learned the marketing functions they train in BNI, put them in practice, and my business has thrived as a result. My BNI referrals account for 38% of my overall sales. I know of no other single marketing activity that produces that kind of result. Am I going to be at a 7am meeting once a week for that? It's a no-brainer. Wash, rinse, repeat. Money in the bank. One thing (and to me probably the most important thing) about BNI chapters is they only allow one business per occupation in a chapter. There is no other photographer allowed in my chapter, and there never will be another as long as I'm a member. That means I have 30 other professionals I train to bring me referrals week after week, and I have no competition in the group. One of the other things you touched on is training. I've taken advantage of the advanced marketing training they offer and it's helped me immensely both in and outside of BNI. They actually taught me how to be effective at those open business mixers like the Chamber! As you said, the networking meetings are weekly in order to build stronger relationships. BNI members become true friends who also do business with each other. By creating long lasting business relationships cemented by friendships, we ensure business growth and stability. Clients leave, friends don't. While I joined BNI to market my photography business and make more money, I never expected to make so many close friends and help them grow their businesses. It is very rewarding to be a part of a close knit business community that focuses on each others' success. I don't remember when I first discovered your podcast Rosh, but I've followed you for several years. I enjoy your posts and I'm not surprised you've been active in BNI - you focus on helping others succeed, a core principal of BNI.
          An Oddbins Adventure: Chenin Man, Buttered Coffee and Spider Pig   

The below is an adventure, what began as a buying trip to South Africa and turned into a true love of the region, the people, the culture and of course the wine! Working for Oddbins is unique in that we are a tiny buying team (just 3 of us), which requires a very involved approach where listing a new wine is more than it seems. It's a new partnership and during my journey I tasted some wonderful wines but also met some truly fantastic people. So, my story is of course about the wine but perhaps more importantly, about the people behind them.

It began with a challenge to revitalize the range, followed by a tasting in our London boardroom, it wouldn't do; I knew that I had to go to South Africa to experience the region and taste the wines in their natural habitat, alongside the people that made them, to get it right. In what seemed like a whirlwind, I touched down in Cape Town just a few weeks later! I remember landing and thinking to myself 'Okay, you're here. Now what?'

I had a lot of ground to cover, from Constantia to Swartland, out to Hemel en Aarde to Greyton in just a 10 day period. I hadn't been to SA before and I was alone with no comfort of a travel buddy, at least at this point...but things have a funny way of working themselves out and as I walked into arrivals there was a man holding a sign with my name on it. This was my first encounter with who I would come to call the 'legendary Campbell Roost' Zoom Safe Trips and Tours. At this time he was simply a ride from the airport to the hotel. I had no idea he would become such a significant part of my trip. From the get go I went to hop in the back seat, but Campbell was having none of it,"in the front with me", he said. And that would be my seat for the remainder of the trip, next to Campbell, not just my driver, but my tour guide, wake-up call, lunch buddy and friend.

There was no better way to start day one (ease into it) than at the serene Stellenbosch farm owned by the legendary Ken Forrester - The Chenin Man! Ken has been making wine for many years and his speciality is Chenin Blanc, which aged to leesy and textured, but for me it is the purity and quality of the 'Petit Chenin' that I loved - no oak, just straight up quality fruit and varietal character - bring on the crunchy apple, honey and linalool! During the visit I wandered down to Ken's barrel room to take a look around. In the back corner was a barrel with 'Roussanne' written on the face...'what is that?'. I love Roussanne, a native white Rhône grape. It's rare to see it completely on its own, especially from South Africa, and rarer to see it done right. Slightly hesitant, I tasted it and was wowed! At this point it was only sold via Ken's farm in SA, but it was so good I had to bring it back and share with the fellow wine lovers in the UK.

Rouossanne Wine

Now that I'm warmed up and have had a few sips of Chenin, it's time for a different experience...I hopped back in the car with Campbell and set off to stop no.2. Through the green, mountainous terrain of Stellenbosch and out into Swartland. It looks more like a desert, but has some super gnarly bush vines! We pulled up to a small farm house and made our way up the driveway. I was met with a curious glance that implied 'who the heck are you?''Jenny', I said, anticipating the questions. He tried to act like he hadn't totally forgotten that I was coming, and what a better way to do that than offer up a plastic cup of a new vermouth they were producing (ok, I can roll with this). Pretty soon though, we were laughing about it along with the fact there is a cheap brand of wine called 'Oddbins' sold in Checkers (the local supermarket) that doesn't have the best reputation for representing winemakers and he had thought that was who I represented! (Note to self - say Oddbins UK moving forward). A few minutes later, the man behind the establishment showed up - Adi! We went to chat in the cellar which was a stark contrast to Ken's place. It contained open top fermenters with all sorts of interesting things bubbling and was being watched over carefully by a big picture of a 60's pin up girl. Adi offered me an espresso - 'do you take butter?' [Huh?]. I truly thought he was taking the piss. A sort of 'let's mess with the tourist' kinda thing, but then he simply plopped a dollop in his own cup - not my cup of Joe please. I later asked Campbell if he had an answer for me. Nope! But he did laugh (mystery to be solved - if you have the answer, feel free to tweet me @oddbinsbuyers). Anyway, I tasted some awesome this space!

Wine Blog

Next on the list is Miles Mossop! Miles' story is a good depiction of what's happening in the SA wine scene at the moment. He started at one of the more established estates, making wine for Tokara and was allowed to vinify a small amount under his own label each year as a bit of a side project (quite common). The culmination of this is three awesome wines, yes, awesome. As a couple of months before my visit, Miles has moved on from Tokara, hopefully giving him even more time to focus on what's not a side project anymore. These wines are seriously wonderful. Saskia - an oaky, leesy white Rhône blend, Max - a rich and juicy Bordeaux blend and 'The Introduction', an old vine barrel fermented Chenin from the Swartland.

Introduction Wine

Okay - it's impossible to go through every stop, even the ones with some of the more memorable wines, but at this point I've been in SA for a few days now and I'm slowly settling in and Campbell is definitely helping. On day three, he is waiting downstairs with a cup of coffee, settling into his routine of reading the morning paper in the lobby whilst I'm usually 5-10 minutes late. We hop in the car and we're off again, this time to meet one of the sweetest and most talented people I've met, Adam Mason. Adam is the brainchild behind Mulderbosch Wines and again, has a side project.

The wine is called Marvelous! Finding wines in the UK sub £10 on the shelf that are REAL, crafted wines is difficult. Many a time they are shipped over in large tanks and bottled here. Marvelous is Adam's baby and these are small volume parcels of grapes taken from sites that best suit each varietal, blended to create three seriously delicious wines - a Red Bordeaux blend, a Red Rhône blend and a wonderful White Rhône blend. Also from Adam, and two of my favourites, are his Yardstick Pinot Noir and Chardonnay - the Pinot is juicy, silky and fruit driven and instantly appealing, and the Chardonnay is toasty and rich. Adam is coming over in October to do tastings in the stores. Watch our Twitter feed for when he will be at your local Oddbins.

Adam Mason

Next stop! Not another farm though, this was a different approach. A way to cover more ground and soak up a bit of the culture. Campbell and I were off to Publik - a wine bar in Cape Town run by Dave and Dave (both Dave's actually make wine). They are all about getting the weird and wonderful into the bar and showcasing some of the interesting projects that are happening in the region. While some are awesome, some are a work in progress and some are downright scary, but that was the fun of it and either way it's great to see so much innovation. Over a plate of Charcuterie including Biltong, we tasted through a line up of wines. Part way through, Dave put this bottle down in front of me, with a totally serious and straight face - 'try my wine!'. So, I too kept a straight face, staring at the red headed man affectionately cradling a baby pig! The rosé was simple, charming and quite appealing, but was the UK market ready for Spider Pig to make an appearance on their dinner table? That was up for debate! Either way, the night turned into a great evening and eventually the story of THE Spider Pig was revealed, which made me like the wine even more, but that is a story for another day...The same evening, I came across Samantha O'Keefe's 'Lismore' from Greyton. Sam is an amazing lady and basically pioneered the region way up in the mountains. She is making a Rhône style Viognier, a Syrah that will blow your mind and has just added a Pinot Noir. I tasted these and was so impressed that I rescheduled my trip and Campbell and I drove two hours out to Greyton to meet Sam the next day. Her wines will be arriving into Oddbins in September.

Pig and Lismore Wine

Next up - Alex Dale from Radford (Winery of Good Hope). This guy is a true talent and the range is fantastic. We already work with Alex but I popped by for a lovely lunch with some of the vineyard staff anyway (this is a daily routine - stop, chat, live and enjoy - we could learn a thing or two!). He introduced me to Gus, his brother who grew up making wine in Burgundy. Gus is now working at Paul Roos on a tiny (literally tiny, just 3000 bottles) project, which I only found out about after I tasted and fell in love with his wine. These wines are very old world in style. The white, Paul Roos Die Skoolshoof is a co-fermented blend of Chardonnay/Chenin - really hands off winemaking here that is made in a Burgundy style - it is nutty, roasty, oaky and mineral and a gorgeous and wonderful red Bordeaux blend, the Paul Roos Die Filantroop which is a rustic and earthy Shiraz blend. A true boutique wine, which to top it all off, gives the proceeds back to provide education for the farm workers families. When the wines were listed in Oddbins there was so much pride amongst all the workers, which is exactly what it's all about.

Paul Roos Wines

When the trip came to an end, I was sad to go, and I was very humbled by my experiences and the wonderful people I had met. I received a text message 1 day after landing from Campbell Roost making sure I had made it home safely (enough said).

Meet Jim!

Meet Jim

Days later, I was in one of my local branches and got to chatting to a customer named Jim who is from Johannesburg, about my trip and the wines. Jim and his buddies had signed up to ride the Prudential 100 miles to raise money for children's education in South Africa - He tells me a bit more about the Bokamoso Trust and I am in awe and touched (yes, Buyers do have hearts!). Jim bought himself a few bottles of Paul Roos and in the spur of the moment, I told him that Oddbins would sponsor his team in their ride (oops, how do I sell this to the powers that be on Monday?!). He was surprised and cheekily asked if in addition to the money for the charity, his team could have wines for the ride - my answer was no. Oddbins doesn't do cycling and drinking! But we did agree that they'd get a case of South African wines for AFTER the race. In addition to the £500 being donated by Oddbins on their behalf to the charity, for every 10 minutes Jim shaves off his goal time, the charity will get an extra £50. The ride takes place on July 30th and you can follow Jim's journey @oddbins #OnYaBikeSA

          Study Finds Hackers Could Use Brainwaves To Steal Passwords, University of Alabama at Birmingham Reveals    
  Life Sciences Jobs  
          The Tragically Hip - In View - Gord Downie Quote - Misty Mountain - 18x18 Pillow Cover by GroundwaterWords   

42.00 CAD

The Tragically Hip - In View - Gord Downie Quote - Misty Mountain - 18x18 Pillow Cover

"I am of you and you are in everything I do" from the song "In View" by The Tragically Hip teamed with this gorgeous misty mountain scene printed on this soft and durable pillow cover makes a cozy and original Valentine's Day gift for any hip fan. As with all great song lyrics, these one can be interpreted so many ways. Myself when designing this print, found myself thinking about my dear loved one who passed away very recently. The words bring me peace. :)

With your help "GroundwaterWords" will be supporting the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research. A portion of the proceeds from this listing will be given directly to the Gord Downie Fund.

Creating the perfect pillow in Canada!

This pillow case is available in velveteen, a fabric soft to touch but also durable, or canvas, to give a modern look to your artwork. The pillows have a YKK zipper closure, and can withstand heavy use.

You also get to choose from black or white backing fabric to best match your decor!

This listing is for an 18x18 inch pillow cover only.

More about the cases:

When developing the cases, we searched high and low for the best quality fabric that would not only give a gorgeous print but would also withstand lots and lots of cuddles. We settled on a super soft velveteen upholstery fabric. Like all professional upholstery fabrics, our velveteen has been tested for durability and proudly boasts an 80000 double rub count. Not only can we claim that your custom printed artwork pillow will last a really long time, we have the tests to back it up! All throw pillow cases are easy to love and easy to care for as well.

We have now added a brand new and totally gorgeous polyester canvas to our throw pillow case fabric options. Our canvas is also an upholstery grade fabric with a rub rate of 50 000. While our velveteen is snuggle-friendly, our canvas gives a modern look with great durability. Choose the fabric to best suit your artwork and your home.

Velveteen fabric:
-Cuddly and soft to the touch
-100% polyester upholstery velveteen
-80 000 double rub count for fabric durability
-Printed with vibrant fade-resistant solvent-free inks
-YKK zipper closure, manufactured in Montreal, Canada

Canvas fabric
-Sturdy fabric gives a modern look to your decor
-100% polyester upholstery canvas
-50 000 double rub count for fabric durability
-Printed with fade resistant solvent-free inks
-YKK zipper closure, manufactured in Montreal, Canada

More Hip Print Listings in my shop:

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Currently US and international orders are shipped on Tuesdays from within the USA. Orders to US customers generally take 2-6 business days once shipped within the USA. International orders generally take 6-10 business days but may be delayed by the customs of your country. All orders shipped from the USA will have a tracking number that can be tracked with the USPS.

Orders for Canadian customers ship within 2-8 business days. Shipping to Eastern Provinces takes about 3-4 business days and shipping to Western provinces can take 4-7 business days.


Why GroundwaterWords?

"When you do something for your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy."- Rumi

Groundwater is my own personal metaphor or image for the deep creative force within all of us, for the True Self. Our Groundwater is the inner guidance system that carries us towards our real purpose, if we’re open and awake enough to follow it. I hope the words and photographs you find here will help you feel the undercurrents at work within you and inspire you to live your best life.


Amy xo

          Katherine Glasheen is designing drones to think differently.   
Katherine Glasheen

Katherine GlasheenKatherine Glasheen has a nickname fit for an engineer: machine, and it is not just because it rhymes with her last name.

A second year aerospace PhD student, she has a drive to advance technology, and is conducting research on socially aware drones, a project that will become increasingly important with wider adoption of UAVs. Today, however, it is something that is future focused enough that even her advisor calls it, "kind of wild."

“The technology is developing faster than society can handle," Glasheen says. "One drone delivering a package in downtown Denver is challenging enough, but what about when there are hundreds of them? We need systems that are scalable and robust."

Her ideas have already earned a major stamp of approval. She was recently awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Kind of Wild

Her proposal calls for using internet data to infer local attitudes about drones.

"If the UAV could analyze news articles and comments on websites and knew people in the area it was traveling were uncomfortable with drones, it could deliberately avoid flying over places like schools, hospitals, and parks,” Glasheen says.

It was an intriguing possibility for her advisor, Associate Professor Eric Frew.

"The idea is to create an 'ethical drone' that understands and tries to respect local attitudes. It is a novel way to think about combining unmanned systems, big data, and artificial intelligence. I've not heard anyone suggest it before," Frew says.

Less Artificial, More Intelligence

To get there, Glasheen is first working on improving more conventional trip planning methods.

"For a delivery drone, the path it's following is preplanned and loaded before it takes off. That doesn't account for any variables it could encounter on the way where it would need to change course," Glasheen says.

What kind of variables? Think of the things you encounter driving to the grocery store. As humans, we can quickly react if a driver runs a red light. If we encounter traffic, we can take a different route.

While some drones have rudimentary obstacle avoidance systems, a quick YouTube search will show they are less than ideal in execution. In addition, obstacle avoidance cannot account for things like encroaching stormy weather.

Glasheen wants the drone to be able to change course and make adjustments midflight, but the AI is not the only problem. The kind of computer needed to process that much data is large and heavy, and would quickly turn a flying drone into a grounded paperweight.

Drones in the Cloud

That is where the cloud can come in come in. She sees a future where UAVs can regularly contact cloud systems to relay problems and determine solutions.

"The drone has a small brain, but there's a big brain in the cloud. If the drone could ping the cloud and asks for help, you can get a solution to safely navigate through an environment," Glasheen says.

The technology has great potential for the future. While delivery drones are often discussed as a public use, a UAV that can exchange data with the cloud could improve military reconnaissance and even weather forecasting.

"It's all so exciting. The field is evolving every day and you can see new applications," Glasheen says. "A lot of it still unknown, which makes some people uncomfortable, but for me it's thrilling."

          Whispered College Essay Tips Secrets   
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What You Don’t Know About College Essay Tips The Foolproof College Essay Tips Strategy Angular folks lopsidedly focused on a certain subject, speaking with fluency in one particular subject. Every time a particular century is employed as a noun (i.e., at the conclusion of the sixteenth century) it isn’t hyphenated. Utilize correct language in the usual application essay, don’t utilize slang. There are professionals around who are ready to help you with all kinds of academic matter. When you have deficiency of writing skills or absence of scientific literature you have to purchase custom essay. Furthermore, you can avoid spending time during the editing practice. All it requires is a little bit of practice and certain essential skills together with a bit of work. If you prefer a high caliber product that you must allow sufficient moment. The other method of going through the procedure is do it yourself. Essay writing could possibly be the worst nightmare for any number of individuals. Describe the conditions, your thoughts, and the way you opted to respond. Keep your initial intentions in mind while you review what you’ve written. Things You Won’t Like About College Essay Tips and Things You Will The very first idea for scholarship essay writing is to brainstorm ideas to be able to find an appropriate subject for scholarship essay writing. It requires the expression of own thoughts and ideas. Don’t feel the should put the biggest words you are able to see in your essay. Superior anecdotes and individual insights can definitely draw in an audience’s interest. This informative article stipulates the answers to several questions regarding essay writing and suggests important strategies for students. A very good story is priceless. The important thing is to secure more than 1 point of view, and compare these with your own. At any time you require application essay help, we’re always pleased to oblige. Additionally, a prospective client might use matter from this kind of essay. It’s really vital that you keep an eye on your ideas because it’ll be impossible to bear in mind all of what you’ve thought […]
          Breast-Gasms Are A Thing: 8 Ways Nipple Play and Breast Stimulation Can Take Your Orgasms To New Heights   

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 According to science and sexual experts, when you play with your nipples it stimulates the same part of your brain that playing with your clitoris does. The famous gender-equality campaign, ‘Free the Nipple’ never made more sense when applied to your next orgasm. It is actually possible to have a really intense breast-driven orgasm (or breast-gasm!). Men’s Health reports a study of 213 women that said 29 percent had experienced a breast-gasm in their lifetime. Who knew they existed and were so common? Dr. Herbert Otto describes the breast-gasm as “happening at the peak of stimulation when the sensation seems to radiate from the breasts.” Otto claims that it […]

The post Breast-Gasms Are A Thing: 8 Ways Nipple Play and Breast Stimulation Can Take Your Orgasms To New Heights appeared first on Mamiverse.

          WNY Brain Challenge and Tech Wars announces winners   
Students from Lockport, Lancaster, Clarence, and Williamsville were the among the winners of the first WNY Brain Challenge, co-presented by Computers For Children and WNY STEM.
          Florida has a deadly brain-invading worm problem   
A new study published in Plos One suggests that a potentially deadly parasite called rat lungworm is now more prevalent in Florida than previously thought, mostly due to climate change.

Though fatality rates for what's referred to as an Angiostrongylus infection are relatively low, the parasite can still cause a form of meningitis, and if the infection is severe enough, it can also cause coma or death.…
          Majestic Insights Radio with Karey Keith - Success for Life's Transitions: Encore: End Stress – Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain with Don Joseph Goewey   
GuestDon Joseph Goewey will join us to discuss his groundbreaking new book, The End of Stress. The End of Stress provides a proven, step-by-step approach to achieving a stress-resilient change in you. The book’s unique design creates a workshop-inside-a-book. Follow its simple program, and in four weeks, you will generate the positive changes in brain function that will elevate your life.
          Majestic Insights Radio with Karey Keith - Success for Life's Transitions: End Stress – Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain with Don Joseph Goewey   
EpisodeDon Joseph Goewey will join us to discuss his groundbreaking new book, The End of Stress. The End of Stress provides a proven, step-by-step approach to achieving a stress-resilient change in you. The book’s unique design creates a workshop-inside-a-book. Follow its simple program, and in four weeks, you will generate the positive changes in brain function that will elevate your life.
          DJ TRES 5-4 CARIBBEAN MIX    
itunes pic
          Comment on Rider EAP 24 includes performance fixes, F# Interactive by Node v8.1.3 & Rider EAP 24 sind erschienen und UWP App Diagnostics   
[…] Vor knapp zwei Wochen hat JetBrains EAP 23 seiner Cross-Plattform-IDE für .NET veröffentlicht. Gestern erschien EAP 24 von Rider und bringt unter anderem Fixes für die Performance und den Speicherverbauch. Zu den wichtigsten Fehlerbehebungen gehören allerdings die Probleme, die Rider im Rahmen von RavenDB-Development verursachte. Hier konnten zwar nicht alle, aber immerhin einige Bugs gefixt werden. Laut dem Rider-Team brachte der RavenDB-Fall noch weitere Probleme ans Licht, deren Bearbeitung aber mehr Zeit benötige. Man plane sogar einige architekturelle Änderungen für ReSharper- und Rider-Releases im weiteren Verlauf des Jahres. Darüber hinaus haben die Macher folgende Neuerungen zu vermelden: Das F# Interactive Tool-Window lässt sich ab sofort für F#-Scripting nutzen und zwei Rider-Plugins für Unity wurden in ein neues Plugin refactort, das ab sofort mit Rider gebundelt wird. Der aktuellste Rider-Build kann hier runtergeladen werden, alle Details zum EAP 23 gibt es im offiziellen Blogpost. […]
          The real transgender crisis in Arkansas: health care   
Finally, the doctor is in.

While Arkansas lawmakers were wringing their hands this past legislative session over what to do about genitalia sightings in bathroom stalls — a nonexistent problem that, had the legislation passed, would have required bearded, buff men to use the ladies' room — doctors, medical students and activists were working to address a real problem: the dearth of health care for transgender individuals.

Nonscientific ideas about gender crowded out reason, as Republican state lawmakers like Sens. Linda Collins-Smith of Pocahontas and Gary Stubblefield of Branch and Reps. Bob Ballinger of Berryville, Mickey Gates of Hot Springs and Greg Standridge of Russellville promoted bills that would have required Arkansans to wear their original birth certificates around their necks and thrown people in jail if their nudity offended. Their actions, thankfully, were stopped by a business-minded Governor Hutchinson. But Hutchinson only stanched the flow of hurt that such ignorance surely set loose, the sort of bullying that drives 45 percent of transgender teenagers to attempt suicide.

Had legislators gotten their heads out of the stalls, they could have acted to help, rather than further marginalize, their fellow Arkansans. They could have changed state Medicaid rules that disallow reimbursement for hormone therapies. They could have appropriated funds to run the Department of Health's suicide hotline. Or they could have talked to physicians who would have helped them understand that transgendered people are not freaks, no more likely to prey on people than, say, redheads or Razorback fans.

Rowan Rodgers, 27, is one of those burly, bearded guys that, had Collins-Smith's bathroom bill passed, requiring folks to show original birth certificates at the bathroom door, would have been coming to a girls' powder room near you. The Heber Springs man, born with the genital attributes of a woman but who as a toddler asked for boys' underwear on a shopping trip with his father, praised Little Rock gynecologist Dr. Janet Cathey for making his life, and that of his fiance and two kids, better. "She's a one of a kind," he said.

Cathey, along with Drs. Sara Tariq and Sam Jackson are a few of the physicians working to provide better health care for transmen and transwomen, both in clinics and the classroom, at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Cathey, an obstetrician/gynecologist, sees transgender patients in clinic one morning a week at UAMS. It's work she said is the most rewarding of her life. She's been treating transgender patients for most of her 30-year career, providing hormone therapy to transmen who, in the days before social media, learned of her willingness to help by word of mouth. It started shortly after she opened her practice, when a caller inquired if she'd provide testosterone to a woman, "and I thought, 'Why not?' " It grew from there.

"I get tearful thinking about it," Cathey said. Her transgender patients "are the most appreciative patient population you could ever have. When you put someone on hormones, and they come in two months later for follow-up, and they say, 'I've just had the best two months of my life ... .' "

That she feels bonded to her patients is obvious: She does tear up while she's talking about them.

In 2009, Cathey injured her spine in an automobile accident and had to sell her practice. That left her transgender patients hanging. As she recuperated, she knew she didn't want to retire. "I thought maybe I could do a gender clinic. I knew there was a need," she said. But how could she afford to set up a new practice?

Serendipitously, she ran into Dr. Curtis Lowery, chairman of UAMS' department of obstetrics and gynecology. He asked her to help oversee the medical college's residents' clinic, and she agreed.

Cathey wasn't the only doctor who saw a need for a gender clinic. A year into her work at UAMS, she was approached by mental health professionals about setting up a gender clinic. With the same determination it took to get back on her feet again — she walks now with the help of braces and a cane — she went to Lowery and told him that's what she and another OB/GYN wanted to do. "He said, 'Just don't lose a lot of money.' "

The administration allotted her two spots for gender patients. "I said, 'Y'all just wait.' "

There is now a four-month waiting list to be seen in the gender clinic: The two spots for appointments have stretched to a morning's worth of appointments. She and Dr. Mary Racher "make about 60 patient contacts" a month. "We've seen, between the two of us, probably around 300 patients," genetic females transitioning to males and genetic males transitioning to female, in the past two and a half years, Cathey said. Men get estrogen and androgen blockers. Women get testosterone. Transmen — the term for a genetically female person who is transitioning to male — can schedule hysterectomies and breast reduction surgery.

What does she think about legislative attempts to pass a bathroom bill? "I promise you have peed next to a transperson plenty of times."

Rodgers has been a patient of Cathey's since 2015. "I was very depressed when I went in there," he said. "She knew it."

But his hormone therapy lifted "a huge weight off my shoulders. When I took testosterone ... [changes in my] energy level, my voice, it was like injecting life into myself. That's the best way I can explain it. It was definitely life-changing."

Rodgers cried after his first shot in Cathey's office. After his second, he quit having periods. "I was like, 'wow.' "

The relief and happiness that Rodgers experienced after the start of hormone therapy is common, though the reasons why have not been well studied. "There is something neurochemically going on," Jackson, the Psychiatric Research Institute resident, said. It may be that the hormones resolve the emotional conflict that transpeople experience. Hormones "change the brain so it becomes correct. ... It confirms to me that biologically, there is something there, activating the brain and the right receptors, [telling the brain] yes, this is the correct hormone situation I am supposed to be in."

The hormones alter mood so much, Cathey said, that her patients can quit taking their antidepressants. "I've seen kids come in on SSRis (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and Abilify (an antipsychotic). They come in and they won't make eye contact. In two or three months [after hormone therapy], they're animated. It's too much to think it's not biological. They're getting relief." They're getting what they need, she said.

Though some Arkansas legislators believe that men are men and women are women and never the twain shall meet, medicine knows that human gender is on a continuum.

As Arkansas Children's Hospital endocrinologist Dr. Michele Hutchison explained it, there are several kinds of gender. There is chromosomal gender: one X and one Y for males and two Xs for females. There is hormonal gender: For example, boys born with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome are born looking and identifying as female because their bodies don't respond to testosterone. Boys with Reifenstein Syndrome —partial androgen insensitivity — may be born with either male or female genitalia and may identify as either male or female. There is something called testosterone transfer in fraternal twins, when the testosterone of the male fetus is transferred to the female fetus and makes the female masculine in genital and brain structure, etc. There is physiological gender: Whether there is a penis or a vagina. There is emotional gender: Whether you feel like a boy or a girl.

"It's a complex system that goes into creating a child," Hutchison said.

Hutchison said there is an "ever-growing body of evidence" that trans children and trans adults differ physiologically from non-trans persons, though the research "is in its infancy."

Male and female brains differ in structure, chemistry and how information is processed. One study, a small brain imaging project, showed that the brains of transgender children acted like the brains of the sex with which the children identified — transmale brains looked male, transfemale brains looked female. "Of course, behavior and experience shape brain anatomy, so it is impossible to say if these subtle differences are inborn," she said.

Arkansas Children's Hospital, which has physicians on staff who address such things as ambiguous genitalia, is looking into creating a gender clinic, Hutchison said. Health care — especially mental health care, given the high attempted suicide rate — for children who identify with a gender their bodies don't reflect would be a good thing, she believes.

"The hospital treats children with diabetes, and adrenal issues and hyperthyroidism [for example]. We're so good at it now. It's a fantastic hospital. We're so good at those things that we don't lose kids. This is an area where we could quite literally save some lives," Hutchinson said. "I have goose bumps" thinking about it, she said. She said clinics in Seattle, Los Angeles and Boston offer a model to look at.

Before she transitioned, Michelle Palumbo moved to Salem (Fulton County) with her wife and four children. She showed up with long hair, wearing earrings. Folks just attributed that to the fact that she was from New York.

But Palumbo had for a lifetime struggled with feelings of being a woman in a man's body. She was a cross-dresser, and her wife was OK with that.

In 2008, after her third heart attack and after doctors told her she could die at any time, Palumbo made up her mind to transition. Because she had been a bench chemist, she made her own estrogen, a fact that she said made Cathey's jaw drop when she finally went to her for proper medication two years ago. "If there is an angel on this earth," it's Cathey, Palumbo said.

"We are not freaks," said Palumbo, 64. She considers people who think so "religious extremists"; by contrast, the member of Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church considers herself a "religious evangelical." Palumbo also described herself as "ticked off" at the legislature, where she testified on various anti-transgender bills in the last session.

Palumbo moved to Little Rock in September after someone she'd confided in spread the word of her transition. (She'd been binding her breasts.) Her high school daughter was getting teased at school; kids were asking, "What's between your father's legs?" Palumbo said. Her wife stopped her from raising hell at the high school, and asked her to move out. The couple is now divorcing, though Palumbo said of her wife, "there's no better person on earth."

Palumbo is of the same generation as many of the legislators who don't understand that there is such a thing as transgender identification. In fact, 30 years ago, she decided to go through conversion therapy. "I wanted to be a man," she said, and her wife at the time had grown tired of Palumbo's "internal battle of identity." Palumbo said she would buy women's clothes and wear them, and then decide to "purge that, be a man, then the cycle would start all over again."

The psychiatrist Palumbo went to told her she could "cure her," and prescribed more sex. After a year and a half, Palumbo realized there was no cure. She researched transgender issues. "I'm not a freak. I'm not nuts."

Also because of her age, she believes, Palumbo is less militant than younger people about getting pronouns right. When a nurse who was looking down while Palumbo was signing in at the doctor's office and, hearing her voice, addressed Palumbo as sir, the nurse became flustered and apologetic. Palumbo told her not to worry. "I was upset because she was upset," Palumbo said, laughing. (Palumbo's voice is not generally deep, but on occasion it can change.)

Medical settings can be problematic, though not always because providers are uncomfortable with transgender people. Palumbo said her medical chart includes information that she is transgender, and at a recent appointment, the nurse who called her in for a heart procedure had a "stone cold" look on her face. Palumbo told her if she had a problem with her gender identity, she'd like to have another nurse, "but if you misgender me [use the wrong pronoun], I'm not going to be upset. Boom! Big smile."

And another thing about coming out as an older person: "You have more guilt," Palumbo said, wistfully. "You've made relationships with more people. When you're young, it's not like that."

"You can't hold people responsible for what they don't understand."

Dr. Tariq, assistant dean for undergraduate education at UAMS' College of Medicine, teaches the practice of medicine, a three-year course, to students in their second year: how to be compassionate, effective and "savvy." About seven or eight years ago, she introduced LGBT care into the course curriculum.

Not surprisingly, the LGBT community is underserved. "The patients are very vulnerable, and not just because they have to take their clothes off and let us poke around," Tariq said. They are called on to reveal information about themselves that they have never told anyone else. She teaches her students "the most irresponsible thing you can do is ignore them."

Many of UAMS' medical students have never been knowingly exposed to members of the LGBT community. As part of the curriculum, Tariq brings in a panel of LGBT folks — most recently, two transgender persons, a lesbian and a gay man.

One of the panelists told the assembled students that when he walks into a doctor's office he looks around for signs that the clinic is friendly to gay people. Even "as a brown woman in the South, that would never occur to me," Tariq said. The panelists gave examples of bad treatment: Doctors referring them to psychiatrists, not to deal with depression, but because they believe them to be mentally ill. Doctors making no eye contact. Doctors referring them to other doctors because they are uncomfortable treating them. (Palumbo recounted the experience of a transgender friend who was upbraided by a doctor for coming in: "There are children here!" he was told, as if he were a pederast.)

Many transgender people choose to keep their body phenotype, especially since surgery is both expensive and sometimes risky. That means pap smears and mammograms for transmen, prostate exams for transwomen. It also means mammograms for transwomen, since estrogen stimulates real breast tissue. "My motive," Tariq said, is to teach her students "to leave their biases at the door."

Part of Tariq's curriculum was contributed by Sam Jackson. In his fourth year of medical school, Jackson did a rotation in primary care for LGBT patients at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles. There, he worked with the hospital's transgender support group, which he said was the largest in Southern California.

"I am a story-driven person," Jackson said. "I really liked hearing the patients' stories. ... It just blew my mind." The experience left him with a passion for working with the trans community, and when he returned, Tariq asked him to share his experiences with her students.

"We've done an OK job of talking about LGBT health in the past," Jackson said. "We learn how to interview patients, take a sexual history and not be judgmental. It becomes a rote process ... and makes it easier for you to ask [questions] in a nonjudgmental way."

Now, Jackson is medical director for a clinic for transgender youths, the Rainbow Clinic, which meets quarterly at UAMS' student-staffed 12th Street Health and Wellness Center. Lucie's Place, a shelter for homeless LGBT youth, partners with UAMS for the Rainbow Center. Jackson also hopes to work with Cathey's clinic to provide psychiatric care.

Cathey has heard the stories, too. She recited what a transmale told her: "I remember one of my earliest memories was I got out of Pull-Ups and was going to Walmart to get real underwear, and we go in the girls' department and my mother picks out pink panties. And I said, I want boy underwear." An 18-year-old told her, "It wasn't that I wanted to be a boy. It was that I knew I was a boy." That patient's mother told Cathey that as a child, every picture he drew of himself was as a boy, never as a girl.

"One patient who was transfemale said she was coming home from first grade and her mother asked, 'How was your day?' And the patient said, 'This girl had on a pink dress and a pink bow and could I get a pink bow?' And the mother said, 'No, that's not how God made you, you're a boy."

An older patient told Cathey that in her 30s she'd learned you could buy hormones over the counter in Mexico, and, as Cathey related, "I went over and picked out the highest dose of Premarin I could. It was like magic. The second time, the border patrol started questioning me." She was too intimidated to continue. "Those were the best six months of my life," the patient told Cathey.

"It really gets you," Cathey said. Nobody would choose to be transgender. Palumbo said the same. "No guy would decide to be a woman. ... Who would give up male privilege?"

Dating also presents new issues for some transgender people, and they seek Cathey's advice. When do they tell people they're interested in about their transgender situation? "I don't talk about my genitals on a first date," Cathy said she tells them, "and you don't have to, either." She also tells them not to reveal anything at their apartment or their friend's.

One of Cathey's patients, a transwoman, told her she'd come out to her parents as gay last Christmas, and was thinking of telling them she was transgender this Christmas. "So last year, they had a gay son and this year they have a heterosexual daughter?" Cathey asked.

Rowan Rodgers, who's been with his girlfriend for seven years, first as a lesbian woman, waited a couple of years before he told her he was transgender.

"I didn't know how she'd react. We have two children, and it's just when you live in a world where you don't know how people are going to take things ... . You hear about people disowning their children. It's just bad. If I have one regret, it's not telling her sooner.

"At first, there were a lot of questions. It was a lot she had to take in. But she was very accepting. I call her 'my constant.' "

The children, boys 11 and 13, "are wonderful," Rodgers said. "They are thriving, doing wonderful in school and so smart and the most accepting of a lot of people who I thought were my friends. They said, 'You're my dad and I love you.' "

His parents, Rodgers said, "are a different story." They call him by his "dead name," which is what transgender people call the names given them at birth. "They tell me their daughter is dead." Rodgers has tried to keep the relationship going. "So when they call and want to talk, I'm there. When they tell me they hate me, I turn the other cheek."

Caring for the transgender community has also required that Cathey become a social worker of sorts. She's made her nurse a notary to help with legal documents, and helps her patients navigate the process of changing birth certificates, which requires a name change and a letter from a physician.

One of those persons she's helped changed a birth certificate was Rodgers. "I was lucky," Rodgers said. "I got a very nice lady" at the health department's vital records office. Now, Rodgers always keeps his birth certificate with him. "I'm always scared I'm going to be hassled."

Cathey and her patients have struggled with Medicaid, and Cathey is fearful the current political situation will make things harder for her transgender patients, many of whom rely on Medicaid because of the barriers to work that an anti-transgender society presents. Medicaid will cover top surgery — mastectomy — once a transman has begun to transition and the sex on his birth certificate has been corrected, because at that point, the condition is considered gynecomastia — male breasts. But it wouldn't pay for Rodgers' testosterone.

"Reassignment surgery male to female," Cathey estimated, "is about $50,000, but that's nothing compared to a total hip replacement." She hears people complain their insurance shouldn't have to pay for gender reassignment. To them she would say, "Well, you know what, I don't want to pay for your hip surgery."

Rodgers has found a pharmacy in Heber Springs that charges him a reasonable price for testosterone. He's also had top surgery and a hysterectomy. "Right now, I'm not planning to have any other surgery. I'm fine. The breasts bothered me and having a period every month."

Rodgers is looking forward to summer. "This is the first year I get to go out and swim. That's a beautiful thing."

          2017 Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Team   
Meet the best and brightest high school students in the state.

The class of 2017, our 23rd, is made up of athletes, coders, budding politicians and brain experts. There's rarely a B on the transcripts of these students — in not just this, their senior year, but in any year of their high school careers.

Back in 1995, we created the Academic All-Star Team to honor what we then called "the silent majority — the kids who go to school, do their homework (most of it, anyway), graduate and go on to be contributing members of society." Too often, we argued then, all Arkansans heard about young people was how poorly they were faring. Or, when students did get positive attention, it came for athletic achievement.

As you read profiles of this year's All-Stars, it should be abundantly clear that good things are happening in Arkansas schools and there are many academic achievers who deserve to be celebrated. You should get a good idea, as well, of how these stellar students are busy outside school, with extracurricular activities, volunteer work, mission activities and more.

They'll be honored this week at a ceremony at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with plaques and $250 cash awards.

Many college plans listed here are not set in stone, as students await information on scholarships and acceptances.

Age: 17
Hometown: North Little Rock
High School: Mount St. Mary Academy
Parents: (guardian) Dennis Chudy
College plans: Duke University

Caroline Coplin-Chudy has a 4.4 grade point average — high enough to rank second in her class at Mount St. Mary Academy — and lost her mother to leukemia during her sophomore year, something she told us came to be a source of inspiration and drive during her academic development. "It was a big adjustment. After my mom passed away, it was just my stepdad. It's a weird realization coming to the idea that both of your parents are gone, and it's just you. ... I still think of her every single day. She motivates me to do well in everything, because my whole life I wanted to make her proud." Caroline is president of Mount St. Mary's Investment Club and of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). She's also been a regular volunteer for several years at the Little Rock Compassion Center, whose recovery branch provides meals and health resources to people suffering from addiction. Caroline said she found healing from her own grief in the friendships she forged there. As the recipient of a Questbridge scholarship, described by Caroline's guidance counselor and nominator Amy Perkins as a program where lower-income students qualify for tuition to schools with which they "match" via an early decision process, Caroline will attend Duke University on a full scholarship. "I'm going to study biology and psych, with a minor in Spanish. My plan is to work at the Duke Center for Addiction [Science and Technology] helping people with drug addictions overcome that sort of thing. It's something that I've had experience with, watching my family go through things like that."

Age: 17
Hometown: Pine Bluff
High School: Subiaco Academy
Parents: Sixte Ntamatungiro and Sylvana Niciteretse
College plans: Rice University, neuroscience

Axel Ntamatungiro grew up among books and maps dispersed throughout his home that "paint[ed] the walls with nuanced shades of knowledge." It shows. Not often can a high school senior explain, as Axel does, his love for studying the brain so easily. "Neuroscience is basically a neuron turning on and off," he said. "The fact that you have billions of these combinations that lead to consciousness, that's unbelievable." To continue learning about the mind, Axel is headed to Rice University on a full ride as a QuestBridge scholar. Maybe medical school or graduate school after that. Axel said his parents taught him a "humble intellectualism" that helped him understand "the irrationality of life." They always told him: "Work hard, but you need to realize you don't always get what you deserve." And life has been, at times, irrational and difficult for his family. Axel was the only member of his family born in the United States — in Little Rock in 1999. The rest migrated from Burundi in the early 1990s. They stayed here as the Rwandan genocide inflicted incredible damage in the area. That past was never hidden from Axel. "Instead of avoiding my questions, my parents level-headedly answered [them], telling me about Belgian colonialism, Hutu-Tutsi tension and the systematic poverty afflicting Burundi," he said. Maybe that is why Axel has never been afraid to ask big questions. He said it also helped to have a diverse group of friends who taught him new things. At his cafeteria table for lunch are kids from all over: Nigeria, Fort Smith, Japan, Bentonville and Russia. Everyone's small stories add to a global perspective, something bigger from something small, kind of like those neurons.

Age: 18
Hometown: Springdale
High School: Haas Hall Academy (Fayetteville)
Parents: Brenan and Tiffany DeSpain
College plans: U.S. Naval Academy, nuclear engineering

For Jade DeSpain, the question, "Where's your hometown?" isn't necessarily as straightforward as it seems. The National Merit semifinalist, swimming star and Quiz Bowler spent much of her childhood in Beijing, where her parents — both fluent in Mandarin — taught her Chinese concurrently with English (and where, she notes, she acquired an "incredible prowess with chopsticks.") "We've moved around so much that I don't really have a 'hometown,' but Springdale is the closest I've ever gotten," she said. She's made her impact there, too, tutoring students free of charge through her volunteer work with the M&N Augustine Foundation and putting in time at the Arkansas Council for the Blind and the Springdale Animal Shelter. Jade is ranked second in her class, and her high school transcript is full of aced courses in trigonometry, physics and calculus. She's also the co-founder of Haas Hall Academy's coding club, so a career in nuclear energy development — Jade's field of choice — isn't just an aspiration; it's the plan. "I have a deep appreciation for nature," she told us, citing Devil's Den State Park as a spot to which she feels closely connected, and stressing the importance of preserving natural spaces and developing more long-term options for sustainable energy. On Christmas Day 2016, Jade checked her email to find that she'd attained something she'd wanted as early as age 12: acceptance to the U.S. Naval Academy. There, she'll major in nuclear engineering and complete her five mandatory post-Academy years in the Navy, after which she hopes to acquire a Ph.D. in the field.

Age: 18
Hometown: Cabot
High school: Cabot High School
Parents: Dan and Melissa Elliott
College plans: University of Arkansas, medicine

Though many of our All-Stars seem destined from birth for academic greatness, there is the occasional inspiring All-Star who has had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. One of those is Cabot High School's Avery Elliott, who was born with nystagmus, a condition that causes involuntary eye movements that can make it hard for sufferers to concentrate and learn. Though it's hard to imagine it now, when she was in elementary school Avery found herself falling further and further behind her classmates in reading because of her condition. "That was difficult," she said. "I was behind schedule until about third or fourth grade. I would have to go home and really work with my parents to keep up with the rest of the class." Even though she struggled early on, Avery said that, in a way, the nystagmus contributed to her success and gave her a direction to follow. "I had to learn to really study even outside of school," she said. "I learned some very good study habits. But I think it also really affected where I wanted to go as far as my career. ... I really learned that a medical team can not only dispense medicine, but can really affect someone's life." A National Merit finalist who has volunteered extensively with Special Olympics and already completed 43 hours of college-level coursework, Avery has been awarded the University of Arkansas Fellowship. She plans to study medicine at UAMS after completing her undergrad degree, then practice in Arkansas. That goal has always pushed her to succeed academically. "I wanted to go into the medical field from an early age," she said, "so I knew starting out in high school that I needed to make very good grades in order to get where I needed to. I had to really learn the material, rather than just trying to ace a test."

Age: 17
Hometown: Cabot
High school: Cabot High School
Parents: Dan and LeAnne Gilliam
College plans: University of Arkansas, engineering

When most young people say they want to change the world, it's easy to believe that's just pie-in-the-sky thinking by someone who hasn't yet been through the Academy of Hard Knocks. When Jared Gilliam says he wants to change the world, however, there's a good chance he might actually pull it off. Jared even has a plan: He'll change the world through engineering. A National Merit finalist and AP scholar with a GPA of 4.18 and a perfect score of 36 on the ACT, Jared is well placed to do just that. A musician who plays percussion with the Cabot High Marching Band, Jared said his favorite subject in school is math. "I think I'm mostly interested in engineering because I've always been sort of a problem-solver," he said. "I've enjoyed math and science, working through things and finding solutions to everyday problems. This year, I've been in robotics, so we've spent time working on a robot to perform various tasks. I've enjoyed that a lot. I think engineering is where my ability would best be used." He'll attend the University of Arkansas, which has offered him the Honors College Fellowship. He said the drive to excel academically has always been a part of his life. "I've grown up being encouraged to do well, and I guess I have my parents to thank for that and all my teachers," he said. "I think knowing that I have the ability to do all of this, I feel compelled to do what I can to make a difference. I think life would be pretty boring if I didn't go out there and do all the things I do. I don't think I could settle for not being successful."

Age: 18
Hometown: Fort Smith
High School: Southside High School
Parents: Drs. Bill and Janice Keating
College plans: Undecided

If you were looking for a ringing endorsement of Ben Keating's character, you'd need to look no further than Amy Slater, the guidance counselor who nominated him for our Academic All-Stars roster and who said of Ben, "He is all the things I hope my son turns out to be. ... He really thinks about things, and he practices the trumpet and piano for hours a day. It's crazy, his dedication." Ben probably had something to prove here; he admits to some skepticism on the part of his mother when he announced he'd be pursuing a career in music. He's certainly proved his mettle; Ben is band president at Southside, was a principal trumpet for the 2017 National Youth Honor Orchestra, first chair for Southside's Wind Symphony and for the All-State Jazz Band and was ranked in the top-tier bands for All-State Band and All-State Orchestra each year from 2014-16. The accolades go on and on: Ben has received a Young Artist Award from the International Trumpet Guild, a Gold Medal from the National Piano Guild and superior ratings from the National Federation of Music Clubs competitions for over a decade. He plays for the Arkansas Symphony Youth Orchestra and as a volunteer musician for the Fort Smith Community Band. Ben is still deciding where to attend college, but wherever he goes, he hopes to continue playing with an orchestra. Eventually, he wants to teach at the university level. "Ultimately," he wrote, "I want to use my passion to unite people of all different races, backgrounds and cultures. In today's society that is politically and culturally divided, it is more important than ever to share the universal language of music."

Age: 17
Hometown: Hindsville
High School: Huntsville High School
Parents: Shannon Hahn
College plans: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, biochemical engineering

Katherine Hahn is ranked first in her class at Huntsville High School, which she attends