12 WTF Things You'll Only See in a Parallel Universe   

Imagine a world where everything is the same, but also so very different.

Now imagine you're stuck there forever.

Is this good or bad? We honestly have no idea. 



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          Unstoppable Wasp: A Hero Apart   

Trying to come back from her first true failure since her escape to the outside world, Nadia can just pack it in, just crumple under the pressure. Or she can reject the notion that a setback makes one a failure. Nadia has never been quite what anyone expected and with Janet Van Dyne in her corner, she will show the world exactly what she is made of in UNSTOPPABLE WASP #8, available August 2!

We found Jeremy Whitley aiding in the clean-up of broken dreams and he gladly walked us through the qualities that make Nadia a different kind of hero.

OPTIMISM: “Like a number of Marvel heroes, Nadia has a dark beginning,” the writer recalls. “She is born and raised in the Red Room where she is forced to train as an assassin and then a mad scientist. She has every right to be a character who is angry and dark. What sets Nadia apart is that she has consciously decided not to be either of those things. Nadia is a bright spot in and often dim and dangerous world.”

“Honestly, I think this is made all that much more notable by her position as a scientist,” he continues. “Scientists in comics and movies are so often projected as the doom and gloom type, projecting the end of the world or causing it. Nadia sees science in the way early comics like Fantastic Four and Tales to Astonish did, as a means to do amazing things.”

SHE LIVED THROUGH TRAGEDY WITHOUT BEING DEFINED BY IT: “There are characters whose entire arc as both heroes and people are defined by something that happened to them,” points out Whitley. “Nadia is not that person. She rescued herself from her captors and made the choice to get away from that life. She has chosen to embrace her genius and her gifts as a scientist and use those not for the nefarious causes for which she was trained, but to save and change the world.”

“You won’t catch Nadia lurking in the shadows or posing on top of any churches in the rain,” the writer elaborates. “That’s not her thing.”

HER LINEAGE: “One of the funnest things about Nadia is that her family ties her so closely in the Marvel Universe and the Avengers specifically, but Nadia is new to the whole thing,” Whitley asserts. “Both her father and her step-mother are founding Avengers whose origins were penned by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. You can’t get much more Marvel than that. So to see her explore this inheritance of excitement and adventure is fantastic, while she is still able to give an outsider’s view to some of the stranger things in the Marvel U.”

SHE ADMIRES SUPER HEROES FOR THEIR MINDS: “Nadia is not really familiar with superheroes as superheroes, outside of her own family,” explains the writer. “What she knows about superheroes are the things she has learned from studying scientific papers. So while Nadia doesn’t even know who Daredevil is when he shows up in issue #6 and is unfamiliar with the superhero known as Mockingbird, she is instantly overcome with excitement upon meeting Doctor Doom and has an overwhelming sense of hero worship for Bobbi Morse, not as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. but as a scientist. Picture Kamala Khan, but instead of reading comics her whole life, she’s been reading scientific papers.”

SHE NATURALLY SEEKS FRIENDSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP: “Nadia has been alone her whole life,” states Whitley. “She’s tried to make friends, like Ying, but the Red Room is run to make that intentionally difficult. As much as she wants to be a hero, she also wants to make friends. I guess she’s an anti-Wolverine in a way. He’s the habitual loner that somehow gets dragged onto a team, she’s the social butterfly who’s been forced to work alone for far too long.”

“Part of this issue for Nadia as well is the desire to form a lab,” he adds. “She knows that a good lab should have a diversity of experiences and specialties. She has no urge to be at the head of a group, so much as to raise up the girls around her. She wants them to all get the means they need to do what they want to do and the recognition they deserve for being geniuses.”

SHE THINKS OF SUPER HEROISM AS THE SIDE JOB: “Well, for Nadia, being a hero isn’t just about what you do when you have the costume on,” reveals the writer. “Sure, that’s part of it, but bigger than that is the influence you have on the world. She knows that as The Unstoppable Wasp she may be able to save the day in the moment and prevent calamity, but Nadia and G.I.R.L. can make the kind of changes that save the world in a more permanent and meaningful way. Basically, Nadia feels like she inherited heroism, but G.I.R.L. is her personal mission.”

          Follow the History of Spider-Man Pt. 9   

For over 50 years, Spider-Man has been a sensational standout in the Marvel Universe, and this summer, the web-slinger swings onto the silver screen once more in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”! In celebration of this stories history, we present Spidey’s spectacular step-by-step story!

The X-Men’s Iceman clashed with Spider-Man in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #92, but after realizing his mistake, joined forces with our hero to put the kibosh on Sam Bullit, a crooked politician wooing Gwen Stacy following the death of her father. Spidey stood alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at a charity event in AVENGERS #85, but when Gwen announced a permanent move to London in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #93, he tried to drown his sorrows in a rematch with The Prowler.

After a bout with The Beetle in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #94, and making up his mind to fly to London to bring Gwen back, Peter Parker changed to his alter-ego in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #95 to put down some British criminals. Back home again in CAPTAIN AMERICA #137, the Web-Slinger held off an attack by The Falcon, then teamed with the high-flying hero and Captain America versus Stone Face in CAPTAIN AMERICA #138.

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #92

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #92

  • Published: January 10, 1971
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Penciller: Gil Kane
  • Cover Artist: John Romita
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Peter took a job with Norman Osborn in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #96, but the business tycoon allowed the pressures in his head to explode and reawaken his other self, The Green Goblin. He battled Spidey in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #97, while unbeknownst to the two combatants, Norman’s son and Peter’s friend Harry fell under the spell of a drug dealer. The Wall Crawler crashed the pusher’s party in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #98, and made Norman see the light of reason by forcing him to face his son’s pill problem.

Spider-Man helped out Daredevil in a fracas with Namor the Sub-Mariner in DAREDEVIL #77, then broke up a prison riot in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #99. Later, weary of his role as a super hero, Peter concocted a potion to be rid of his spider-powers in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #100, but instead gave himself an extra four arms. Now sporting as many limbs as an actual spider, the young hero stumbled into the path of Morbius the Living Vampire in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101, and felt immense relief when his friend Dr. Curt Connors cured him of his multiple arms in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #102.

Desiring nothing more than a chance to get away from it all, Peter flew with Gwen and his boss J. Jonah Jameson to the Savage Land in search of a legendary monster in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #103. When they found the creature, it took the timely intervention of Ka-Zar to unstick them from the web they’d fallen into.

          Schooling Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures   

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

One of the best parts about being a comic reader? Bringing new fans into the fold! Comics might not be exclusively for kids anymore, but there remain plenty of all-ages books to share with children and other new readers including MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN!

Renowned creators like Jeff Parker, Sean McKeever, Mike Norton, Zeb Wells, Peter David, Fred Van Lente, Pop Mhan, Ryan Stegman Todd Dezago, Roger Langridge, Paul Tobin, and Chris Samnee all jumped in at various times to tell tales starring not only Spider-Man, but also a variety of other characters from the Marvel Universe! Instead of fully re-telling the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko stories, these take cues from those while branching out in new directions along the way. The first issue covered the origin while the next two pitted the Web-Slinger against the Sinister Six and the fourth teamed up Spidey and Human Torch first to fight a guy called Street and then the giant monster Goom!

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #1

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

No matter the threat he faced or the fellow heroes he met up with, Peter Parker balanced all of that with the usual life of a high school science genius whose classmates just don’t understand him. In other words, MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN worked with all of the building blocks of Spider-Man without getting too dark.

Whether you get your hands on the original issues, trades, or the digital versions, these stories make for a fun and exciting entry-point for new readers. In addition to getting to know the basics of Spider-Man and the Marvel Universe, they also offer a great entry course in the ways of actually reading comics.

A Tangled Web

If you’re looking for even more all-ages Spider-Man goodness, go on and check out this book’s precursors: MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN and MARVEL AGE SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP. You can also look for the more recent MARVEL UNIVERSE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comic that takes its cues from the Disney XD animated series.

          Schooling Spider-Man: Mary Jane   

Celebrate the Wall Crawler’s return to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” by heading back to school with these adventures available on Marvel Unlimited!

High school’s rough for anyone, whether you’re a web-slinging superhero or a teenage girl with a crush on one. Sean McKeever and Takeshi Miyazawa explored the latter with a series of books called MARY JANE, MARY JANE: HOMECOMING and two volumes of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE, though other creators helped bring the story to a close. 

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2005) #1

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane (2005) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Set in an alternate universe in which Peter, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Flash Thompson and Liz Allan all attended high school together – Peter met Harry and Gwen in college in the 616 – these stories explore Watson’s ever-changing feelings for the masked man of her dreams!

Initially launched with the four issue limited series MARY JANE in 2004, the overarching story focused on a young woman dealing with the intensity of her feelings while creating a carefree persona. Mirroring the reasons readers initially fell in love with Spider-Man, Mary Jane worried about making money and appeasing her parental units, but not to make web fluid, she wanted to go to the homecoming dance. 

Mary Jane (2004) #1

Mary Jane (2004) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

In fact, much of the drama in this series revolved around the big dance, MJ’s desire to buy the perfect dress for it and also figure out who she wanted to go with. She and Harry Osborn might have seemed perfect for each other on paper, but she had another in mind: Spider-Man.

Of course, her best friend Liz Allan thought her crazy for wanting such a thing, but she really lost her mind after seeing MJ and Flash in am apparently romantic moment!

All the while, a nerdy kid named Peter Parker started appearing more and more in Mary Jane’s life, first as a tutor and then as more of a friend. We all know how that relationship evolved in one version of the Wall-Crawler’s history, but to see what happens in this one, you’ll just have to read all of SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE which ended with a five issue limited series second season volume in 2009.

A Tangled Web

While MARY JANE and SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE didn’t see the title character become a super hero, that’s not the case with every other version of MJ from the various realities. In EXILES we met a version of Watson who not only became Spider-Woman, but also joined the Avengers as seen in EXILES #20. She and the dimension-hopping Sunfire strike up a relationship as they all battle the spreading threat of the Phalanx aided by Asgardians. Later, during a time when the team found themselves displaced on various dimensions, Sunfire and MJ got to spend six weeks together before the Exile teleported away on another adventure.

In the next installment we take a look at the all ages books SPIDER-MAN ADVENTURES!

          Delivery Driver and Assembly Technician   
CO-Colorado Springs, We deliver an experience unlike anyone else in the world. Our team is insanely committed to providing the individualized sleep experience. We will do everything within the power of the universe to ensure our customers ‘know better sleep’ night one and every night thereafter. Simply put. We deliver a great night’s sleep. So far, we’ve changed over 10 million lives. We are on a mission. Look, this j
          ラクレッ, スイス Raclette, Switzerland   

ラクレッ, スイス
Raclette, Switzerland
Raclette, Schweiz
Raclette, Suisse


Switzerland, its cheese, its mountains, its chalets, it is this rustic universe that inspired the singer and dancer David Charles for his parody. Entitled "Racler comme Jamais", the song has been making a hit on social networks since last weekend.


Raclette is a semi-hard cow's milk cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel of about 6 kg (13 lb). It is most commonly used for melting. It is also a Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part.


Raclette was mentioned in medieval writings, in texts from Swiss-German convents dating from as far as 1291, as a particularly nutritious meal consumed by peasants in mountainous Switzerland and Savoy (Now part of France). It was then known in the German-speaking part of Switzerland as Bratchäs, or "roasted cheese". Traditionally, Swiss cow herders used to take the cheese with them when they were moving cows to or from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evenings around the campfire, they would place the cheese next to the fire and, when it had reached the perfect softness, scrape it on top of bread. (Wikipedia)








Have a good and see you again next week.


Sepp Faessler





          ‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny’ Brings Characters Together That Haven’t Yet Met   

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is the latest project from Lucasfilm. A series of short animations focusing on the women characters of the Star Wars universe, it kicks off with a series of 8 stories, all released on YouTube. A further 8 episodes will follow in the autumn, and will debut on the Disney Channel. […]

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          Ever Wonder How Wizards Used the Bathroom in Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling Has the Answer   

As someone who is constantly rereading the Harry Potter series, I still have a lot of unanswered questions. What did the veil in the Department of Mysteries actually do? Just how annoying was it to be a Hogwarts student while Harry Potter went there? Never did I think about how wizards and witches used the bathroom to poop. However, J.K. Rowling thought otherwise and clarified the matter on Pottermore.

Spotted by Reddit user Moriar-T, the passage from Pottermore comes from the Chamber of Secrets section, where Rowling breaks down the poo situation. In it, Rowling explains that it wasn't until the 18th century that wizards "copied" Muggles and made better plumbing. How did they use the bathroom before this progress in plumbing? They just went whenever they had to go and "vanished the evidence." Yes, you read that right, and if you want to read the entire passage, just take a look at the screenshot below.

Umm really J.K Rowling...?

Well, there you go! Now we know that wizards and witches used to just use the bathroom when they needed to and used their magic to clean up. File this under things we might've not needed to know about our beloved Harry Potter universe.

          TS22: YouTube Teen Girls, Belvedere Vodka, Transgender Miss Canada, Dynamo's Colin Clark   
In addition to asking for your lovely dollars to support Throwing Shade as part of the MaxFun Fund drive, Bryan and Erin discuss teen girls asking YouTube viewers, "Am I pretty or am I ugly?", should Miss Universe ban a transgendered contestant, Belvedere Vodka's rape-y new ad, and you're not gonna believe it - homophobia in professional sports! The exact two things that never (always) go together! You're gonna need a spork and a skort for all this realness! 

Learned some very valuable lessons on friendship (and on relationships in general), today.

When you're heart is filled with love, there'd be no more room for pride. That hateful pride.

You know how we all go through those tampuhan blues with our friends. Whenever I feel slighted or hurt by someone dear to me, instead of letting the person know, I would resort to the cold shoulder treatment: that i'm-not-talking-to-you-figure-out-what-you've-done-and-better-make-it-up-to-me attitude. This infantile behavior, trust me, did not get things work out the way I wanted them to. No matter how petty the reason of the rift may be, when pride gets in the way, it could lead to something really damaging to a relationship. I have realized, it won't hurt at all to eat that humble pie and reach out first. At the end of the day, it would not even matter who made the first move to patch things up. You'd be too happy and relieved to even care.

Communication is very important.

It's really not too hard to talk to friends once you got pride out of the way. Open communication is vital to any relationship, I learned that lesson the hard way. Trust me, it's not a great feeling when you are not talking to your friends or loved ones. When you want to say something, talk to the person and not to others. Issues won't go away on their own and it would only complicate things if parties not concerned are brought into the picture.

Friendship means loyalty.

When your universe is crumbling down, and when entire the world seems to be against you, a loyal friend will make a big difference. Knowing someone is there who believes in you despite what everyone else is saying, staunchly defends you to their harsh judgment, that's what loyalty is all about. Simply being there for a friend in dire straits. Most important, even at times when you knew that the person is at the wrong side of the track, you are still there saying "hey I got your back". No, it does not mean tolerating the wrongdoings, but rather showing your friendship in the truest sense of the word.

Oh I knew these lessons by theory, I just did not notice that I was not applying them in real life. But hey, I'm a fast learner, but still a work in progress.

This piece, I dedicate to my bestest friends in the world. Thank you for the years of loyalty, steadfast love, forgiveness and acceptance. And to you two, thank you for these lessons. I learned them the hard way, but I think I'm going be an even more awesome friend from now on! :)

          365 Days of Defiance, Day 181: What does the fox say? "HELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!"   

Panels from Animal Man (1988 series) #10 (April 1989), script by Grant Morrison, pencils by Chas Truog, inks by Mark McKenna, colors by Tatjana Wood, letters by John Costanza

          "Music in the soul can be heard by the universe." - Lao Tzu   
"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe." - Lao Tzu
          Hunting Deep-Sky Objects with Wolfram|Alpha   
The amount of activity that takes place here on planet Earth is at times unfathomable. But it’s the merest drop in the bucket in comparison to the boundless amounts of activity in our universe—Earth is merely one planet within the Milky Way Galaxy. Most deep-sky objects cannot be seen by the naked eye, but observers [...]
          Timelock - Universe Unfold (2017)   

Artist: Timelock
Title: Universe Unfold
Year Of Release: 2017
Label: Dropzone Records
Genre: Psychedelic / Progressive
Quality: Mp3 / 320kbps
Total Time: 61:03 min
Total Size: 139 MB
01. Timelock & Coexist - Stereofreak
02. Timelock & High Jacked - Beyond
03. Impact & Timelock - Dananda
04. Timelock & Effective - Time Effect
05. Timelock & Waveform - Stonekey
06. Timelock & Dynamic - The Clan
07. Timelock & ON3 - Universe Unfold
08. Impact & Timelock - Visual Forms
09. Timelock & Originals - Unbound

          Fox & Friends ignores WSJ report suggesting possible Russia collusion   

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters

President Donald Trump’s favorite morning news show, Fox News’ Fox & Friends, completely ignored a Wall Street Journal report about a Republican Party operative who sought former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers and who may have been working with then-Trump senior adviser Michael Flynn.

On June 29, the Journal (which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns Fox News) reported that before the 2016 presidential election, GOP operative Peter Smith “mounted an independent campaign to obtain emails he believed were stolen from Hillary Clinton’s private server, likely by Russian hackers.” Smith “implied that he was working” with Flynn during his “conversations with members of his circle and with others he tried to recruit to help him,” according to the report. The FBI has previously said that it could not find definitive proof that Clinton’s server had been hacked.

Media Matters searched SnapStream for “wall,” “street,” and “Flynn” on morning shows of Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN that aired on June 30 and found that Fox & Friends did not mention the story even once. By contrast, CNN’s New Day covered the story in multiple segments, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosted the Journal reporter who broke the story to discuss it.

Fox & Friends has repeatedly dismissed the investigation into Russian interference in the election and whether there was any collusion between the Trump campaign and tried to delegitimize the FBI Russia probe, claiming there's "no evidence" of collusion. Their failure to report the story is yet another effort by the hosts to cover for Trump, who regularly watches and praises the show and has drawn upon it as a source for numerous policy and other ideas.

          Universe's unfolding story set to music in composer’s new oratorio    
Eco Catholic

Eco Catholic: Composer Sam Guarnaccia's "Emergent Universe Oratorio" will be performed Friday night in Cleveland as part of the World Union of Jesuit Alumna congress.

          From the Just Getting Through Last weeks Stuff Dept: Microsoft / Novell Deal : IT wins due to InterOp!!!!! YAY!   

Originally posted on: http://teamfoundation.net/archive/2006/11/13/96997.aspx

Wow. I get buried for a week and get transported into a parallel universe. Microsoft and Novell make an historic agreement. And while some folks in the open source community aren't happy, it seems most (including me) think this is a pretty good deal for building software in general... I mean, being able to just these three things:
  • "...Microsoft and Novell will jointly develop a compelling virtualization offering for Linux and Windows..."
- Right on!
  • "...make it easier for customers to federate Microsoft Active Directory with Novell eDirectory"
- This has been a pain...
  • "...will take steps to make translators available to improve interoperability between Open XML and OpenDocument formats"
Nice! Guys, in the words of the great philosopher and sage, Rodney King "Can't we all just get along?"... I think that this agreement moves all of us who build software one step closer to doing just that.
          XLY, EZJ: Big ETF Outflows   
Looking at units outstanding versus one week prior within the universe of ETFs covered at ETF Channel, the biggest outflow was seen in the Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLY), where 4,050,000 units were destroyed, or a 2.9% decrease week over week. Among the largest underlying components of XLY, in morning trading today Amazon.
          ITOT, KSA: Big ETF Inflows   
Comparing units outstanding versus one week ago at the coverage universe of ETFs at ETF Channel, the biggest inflow was seen in the iShares Core S&P Total US Stock Market ETF (ITOT), which added 13,700,000 units, or a 8.5% increase week over week. Among the largest underlying components of ITOT, in morning trading today Apple (AAPL) is up about 0.5%, and Microsoft (MSFT) is higher by about 0.8%.
          IWM, SYG: Big ETF Outflows   
Looking at units outstanding versus one week prior within the universe of ETFs covered at ETF Channel, the biggest outflow was seen in the iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM), where 9,350,000 units were destroyed, or a 3.3% decrease week over week. Among the largest underlying components of IWM, in morning trading today Kite Pharma (KITE) is down about 0.6%, and Gramercy Property Trust (GPT) is lower by about 0.7%.
          IEFA, RFDI: Big ETF Inflows   
Comparing units outstanding versus one week ago at the coverage universe of ETFs at ETF Channel, the biggest inflow was seen in the iShares Core MSCI EAFE ETF (IEFA), which added 20,000,000 units, or a 4.5% increase week over week. Among the largest underlying components of IEFA, in morning trading today NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) is off about 0.5%, and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA) is up by about 0.4%.
          Spider-Man: Homecoming is a perfect return to MCU for our fave web-slinger   

Sometimes, it almost seems too easy for super producer and Marvel Cinematic Universe Godfather Kevin Feige. Throw him a little known, third-tier band of comic book misfits (Guardians of the what

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          Indie Author Spotlight: Robert Eggleton   

Hello lovelies welcome to a feature I am going to have on La Jersey Chika Reads Indie Books that is called Indie Author Spotlight. Each month I will post an Indie Author Spotlight to help spread word about the works of the fantastic indie authors that are out there!

Today tenth installment and feature is Robert Eggleton author of Rarity from the Hollow

 Robert Eggleton

Author's Bio

Robert Eggleton has served as a children's advocate in an impoverished state for over forty years. Locally, he is best known for his nonfiction about children’s programs and issues, much of which was published by the West Virginia Supreme Court where he worked from1982 through 1997. Today, he is a retired children's psychotherapist from the mental health center in Charleston, West Virginia, where he specialized in helping victims cope with and overcome maltreatment and other mental health concerns. Rarity from the Hollow is his debut novel. Its release followed publication of three short Lacy Dawn Adventures in magazines. Author proceeds support the prevention of child maltreatment.

 Robert Eggleton Social Media Sites

Robert Eggleton Book

Rarity from the Hollow

By Robert Eggleton

Genre: Adult Literary Science Fiction

Publication Date: November 3, 2016

Add On Goodreads

Purchase Link


Author Interview

Q. Describe your book in ten words or less.

A. An unlikely savior of the universe -- tragedy, comedy, and satire.

Q. What draws you to this genre.

A. I enjoy reading and writing literary fiction and within most genres. I'm not a big fan of pure escapist novels. I tend to look for the author's hidden metaphors -- meaning behind the superficial and that seems to detract from my enjoyment. So, when I write, my goal is to produce something that will be reflected upon after the last paragraph has been read. I also enjoy reading speculative fiction -- the what if? There are several what ifs in Rarity from the Hollow, but the one that was most fun to write was its political parody. What if some compelling force united extreme capitalism and socialism by a common cause --- saving the universe? While much of the focus of my story was on the prevention of child maltreatment, there are other analogies -- i.e. global warming. Rarity from the Hollow was the first, perhaps the only, science fiction adventure to specifically predict the rise of Donald Trump to political power -- parody with no political advocacy one side or any other. Readers find out how Lacy Dawn, the protagonist, convinced Mr. Rump (Bernie Sanders) to help talk Mr. Prump (Donald Trump) into saving the universe. The allegory includes pressing issues that are being debated today, including illegal immigration and the refuge crisis, an issue that several European commentators have compared to cockroach infestation; extreme capitalism / consumerism vs. domestic spending for social supports; sexual harassment…. Mr. Prump in my story was a projection of Donald Trump based on the TV show, The Apprentice. The counterpart, Mr. Rump, was based on my understanding of positions held by Bernie Sanders as I wrote the story. Part of the negotiations in the story occur in the only high rise on planet Shptiludrp (Shop Until You Drop), a giant shopping mall and the center of economic governance, now more easily identifiable as Trump Tower. The allegory was not addressed by ARC reviewers of the novel because so few people worldwide considered Donald Trump to be a serious political contender until the primary elections in the U.S. The political allegory in the novel is obvious now that Donald Trump has become a household name. In summary, I am drawn to literary speculative fiction because it is so much fun to write.

Q. Where do you get information or ideas for your book?

A. Much of Rarity from the Hollow is more real than not, and based upon over forty years of my experiences working as a children's advocate. I use Google for research, for example, on updated research on prevalence rates or correlates of child abuse. One interesting element of the story pertains to the ET assistance that helped cure Lacy Dawn's parents -- she begins the story as an eleven year old protagonist, a victim of maltreatment. Her father is a war damaged Vet suffering from PTSD, night terrors, and anger outbursts. Several book reviewers have complimented by imagination when writing the medical intervention element of the story. In reality, humans are living in a very exciting time when computerized diagnosis and intervention of mental health concerns is an emerging science. The fantastical means employed by the alien in my story to treat the parents were based on today’s medical reality. I’ve already mentioned that in the beginning of Rarity from the Hollow, Dwayne, the abusive father was a war damaged Vet experiencing anger outbursts and night terrors. The mother was a downtrodden victim of domestic violence who had lost hope of ever getting her G.E.D. or driver's license, or of protecting her daughter. Diagnosis and treatment of these concerns affecting the parents, as representative of many similarly situated, was based on emerging technologies presented at the 2015 World Medical Innovation Forum: https://worldmedicalinnovation.org/ . Yes, in real life, like in my story, patients have been hooked up to computer technology for medial diagnosis and treatment. Additional exciting research was presented at that Forum and may one day may revolutionize psychiatric treatment. Most relevant to my story were: (1) smart brain prosthetics, wireless devises being tested for potential to relieve depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder…neural engineering to manipulate brain signals; (2) sophisticated imaging systems that are minimally invasive to brain circuitry for diagnosis (3) and, healing the brain with neuromodulation and electroceuticals to treat depression and schizophrenia. http://hitconsultant.net/2015/04/30/tech-revolutionize-neurological-psychiatric-care/

Q. How do you select the names of your characters?

A. Typically, I pick names that fit a culture for stories. While I love fantasy, I've found long and unusual first names for characters annoying, thereby sometimes leading to head hopping as I've read the stories. I try to avoid this practice. For example, I recently read a short story involving sisters with unusual but very similar first names. I kept getting the characters mixed up, complicated by their similar voices. The subculture for Rarity from the Hollow is Appalachian, a place where the use of first and middle names is common when addressing the individual, such as Billy Bob, or Robert Thomas. Lacy Dawn was addressed by her first and middle name in the story as a show of love and respect, while the other characters were addressed by their first names only as a sign that their parents did not hold their existences in high regard. As a back story, when pregnant, Lacy Dawn's mother realized that she would not be able to give her daughter beautiful things in life, so she decided to give her a very beautiful name at birth.  

Q. List your top 5 favorite authors or books.

A. Gosh, this is an impossible to answer question. I'm a mood reader, so my favorite books at one time may be entirely different than at another time. Right now: Vonnegut’s anger in Breakfast of Champions helped me stay strong as a children’s advocate and as a writer, and how to experiment with my writing style. Watership Down by R. Adams was such a sweet adventure that some of this element just is a necessary ingredient of even the scariest or saddest story. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is probably on a lot of lists of favorite books. If I feel nostalgic, like now, Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins pushed me into the wilder side of writing regardless of censorship with views on religion and other topics. Last, The Color Purple by Alice Walker remains a role model for using colloquialism to reach mainstream readers. 

Q. What book/s are you reading at present?

A. I'm going to have to pass on this question. I'm reading a second novel by an unknown author and am so disappointed that I don't want to name it. I respected her debut novel and expected this one to be even better. It isn't. When this one was posted on a blog for 99¢ I grabbed a Kindle version. Don't misunderstand. I don't subscribe to the Goodreads rating system based on whether I "liked" a novel or not. If I'm considering writing a review of a novel I would never let my personal taste control such an important task -- my likes are irrelevant to whether a book is great or awful -- so are my comfort zones -- irrelevant. So far, this book has holes in the plot, is so mainstream that it could have been written by a computer program, and was poorly edited. There seems to be no message, but I'm hopeful that the author some how pulls it all together in the last third of the novel. I don't need to like a novel to give it a good rating, but I do have to respect it. Did the story fulfill its mission? It this novel does improve you may see my review on Amazon or Goodreads and you will get my answer to your question if you notice. If the novel does not improve, I may just skip writing a review. The impact of reviews can be so powerful that I wouldn't want to influence the behavior of an author who, based on the debut, has potential but released on perhaps prematurely. If this author was well known, making lots of money, I would have no problem blasting this piece of crap that I'm reading.

Q. What's next for you? What are you working on now?

A. I've been stuck in self-promotion mode for so long that I've neglected the next Lacy Dawn Adventure -- Ivy. I've submitted a couple of short stories to magazines recently but no bites. It seems to me that many magazines either stick very close to the Young Adult genre or are so extreme that my writing seems to have a hard time fitting into content. I don't want to change what I write just to achieve publication, so I'm trying to explore other alternatives. I'm working on a satirical essay, and a couple of poems. One of my poems won first place in an international competition last year, so I have a little name recognition because of that. Ivy, full of metaphors and allegory, is the story of an alien invasion of Earth based in an almost forgotten town. I live in West Virginia, the U.S. state with the highest rate of heroin overdose deaths in the nation. My familiarity with what is happening to my neighbors because of addiction prompted me to ask: how far will a child go to save a parent from addiction? I hope to achieve a similar finding when answering this serious question as I did with Rarity from the Hollow: “…a hillbilly version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, only instead of the earth being destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass, Lacy Dawn must…The author has managed to do what I would have thought impossible; taken serious subjects like poverty, ignorance, abuse, and written about them with tongue-in-cheek humor without trivializing them…Eggleton sucks you into the Hollow, dunks you in the creek, rolls you in the mud, and splays you in the sun to dry off. Tucked between the folds of humor are some profound observations on human nature and modern society that you have to read to appreciate…it’s a funny book that most sci-fi fans will thoroughly enjoy.” http://awesomeindies.net/ai-approved-review-of-rarity-from-the-holly-by-robert-eggleton/ I'll let you know when it is released.

Q.  What advice do you have for writers?

A. I don’t feel competent to give advice to other writers, but I will share a little common sense based on my observations of this marketplace. Don’t expect to be discovered overnight like you were Elvis singing on the front stoop of an apartment located in a low-income neighborhood. Before you publish, make sure that your work as been professionally edited, or as close to it as your finances will allow – not by a friend or anybody with whom you have a personal relationship. If published, to the extent possible, prevent generic one line reviews from being posted on Amazon – they always look like they were written by your friends and detract from other reviews that appear more legitimate. Commit to the long haul by keeping in mind that the majority of those entering the world of books stay there briefly and then drop out never to be heard from again. And, last, never buy a book review and don’t invest more than you can afford in anything. I’ve heard of aspiring authors placing themselves and their families at financial risk by becoming over-committed to a book that they had written. Hard work pays off, but working smart has better outcomes.   

Thank You So Much Robert Eggleton For Your Time & Interview.

R. Thank you for the opportunity to tell your readers a little about myself and my debut novel, Rarity from the Hollow.

          Cover Reveal : Famous Love by Lelly Hughes    

Title: Famous Love
Author: Lelly Hughes
Release Date: July 3rd, 2017
Cover Designer: Prezidential Visions
Genre: Romance Contemporary


Under the bright lights of Nashville, Levi Austin is a country music superstar whose life is rocked by the tragic death of his former wife, leaving him to raise their two daughters. Now faced with having to tell his girls, and making the hard decision about where they’ll live, Levi packs his bags and rushes off to Los Angeles—the last place he wants to be, but the one place where no one will recognize him.

Zara Phillips loves two things: her husband Van, and the band she created with her brother, Reverend Sister. To her, her life is perfect until she discovers that her high school sweetheart husband is cheating on her. The paparazzi are relentless, forcing a devastated and heartbroken Zara to stay hidden until the record label demands she shoot a video for the band's new single, driving her out of seclusion. 

Two people collide from opposite worlds. Neither knowing who the other is, yet both intrigued by one another. When Levi spills hot coffee on Zara, everything changes. He’s focused on his daughters, trying to do what’s best for them while Zara is determined to get away from everyone and everything in Los Angeles. 

When Levi offers her sanctuary at his home in Nashville, Zara jumps at the opportunity to disappear… with the hopes that Levi comes with her. 

What transpires next are the lives of two very different people finding their path along a very bumpy and unforgiving road, who are tested by their loved ones, the media and one ex that doesn’t want to go away quietly.


Used with permission. All rights reserved.

You’re never prepared for that moment. It could be anything from finding out you’re pregnant or learning that your band, the one you’ve been in since you were seventeen, has just been nominated for a Grammy. I wish my moment were one of those, but unfortunately, mine comes in the form of finding out my husband of ten years, Van Phillips, has been having an affair. 

And how does one find this out? Well, if you’re me, you walk into your publicist’s office to find your husband banging her assistant. I mean I’m happy that it’s not my publicist bent over her desk with my husband pounding into her because that would really ruin my day. 

There is no recovery for something like this. Even as I stand here with my mouth open with tears streaming down my face, nothing fixes this. Not the look of regret that he gives me as he pulls out of her and quickly stuffs himself back into his pants. Not the “oh shit” look she flashes as she hurries to fix her skirt, making me wonder where the fuck her panties are. 

You’re not prepared when your publicist actually walks into her office oblivious that two people were just fucking on her desk and she asks if you’re ready to get to work on your next tour. 

What the fuck does someone do in this situation? There isn’t a handbook on how to handle your husband when he gets caught cheating, let alone when you find out he has been unfaithful, although there should be because it seems to happen more often than not in Los Angeles. It’s clear that I should’ve taken some classes on how to handle my emotions by the death glare he’s given me. It’s as if I’m supposed to “man up” and pretend as if nothing has happened. Like I am somehow at fault here. 

Unfortunately, that is exactly what I do because I’m moving on autopilot, still trying to decipher if what I saw was real or an optical illusion because I can’t fathom why my husband would cheat on me. It’s not like we don’t have a healthy sex life. In fact, he had no qualms taking care of my needs this morning. Apparently, I didn’t take care of his, though. 

I take one of the two seats in front of Laura’s desk, cringing when she sets a pile of folders in the spot where my husband had her assistant bent over, the same one who is now scurrying away to fetch coffee. Not that I would drink anything she hands to me because for all I know she’s trying to kill me so she can have my cheating-ass-bastard of a spouse all to herself. Newsflash, Trina… Trisha… Tanya, whatever the fuck her name is… she can have him. As far as I’m concerned this is unforgivable, and the fact that he’s sitting down next to me as if nothing has happened makes my skin crawl. 

Oh God, he fucking smells like her cheap ass perfume too. I pretend to gag, except I’m really gagging since my stomach is doing its own version of gymnastics and I have a feeling that I’m about to lose my breakfast all over Laura’s desk any second now. I lean away and not so subtly move my chair farther from him. He reaches out to touch me, but I glare at him. I throw so many daggers that I’m imagining each one hitting him square in his chest. He must understand that I don’t want to be fucked with right now because he pulls his hand away.

That is until the tart walks back in with two cups of coffee. Laura doesn’t look up from the paper she’s reading when her mug is set on her desk, but my husband, he fucking perks up like this bitch is his only means to feed his caffeine addiction. And because I am living in some alternative universe, she has no qualms about brushing up against his arm and making sure he can see her tits when she unnecessarily bends over to give him his coffee.

“That’s it, I’m out of here,” I say as I stand up.

Laura looks up quickly, she’s confused and rightly so.

“Sit down, Zara,” Van has the nerve to say. I can’t even be bothered to look at him so I look at Laura and smile as best I can because right now shit hurts inside and all I want to do is break down and cry.

“I walked in a few minutes early for our meeting and found Van and your assistant fucking on your desk. You might want to sterilize it and find a new assistant because if you don’t, I’m walking.”

I don’t need Laura to say anything. The wide eyes and open mouth are enough for me to know that I’ve shocked her. Behind me, I can hear Van yelling my name, but he’s not following me. No, he chose to stay back with the bimbo instead of getting up and chasing after his wife to tell her how sorry he is and that what he did was a mistake. But I know better. I could tell by the look on his face that he was only sorry that he didn’t get to finish before he got caught.

Lelly Hughes is named after her grandmothers. She's a dreamer who writes words to tell stories about falling in love. Ocean fanatic. Loves the feel of warm sand.

FAMOUS LOVE is her first novel.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lellyhughes/
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2teVswh

          ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ runner-up says Maureen’s fans ‘attacked’ her   
https://www.facebook.com/AsNTMOfficial/photos/a.1780808385542749.1073741912.1445869792369945/1780809652209289/?type=3&theater Minh Tu Nguyen, Vietnam's lone betand runner-up of "Asia's Next Top Model," shared her experience dealing with Maureen Wroblewitz'slegion of fans. Nguyen and Malaysia's Shikin Gomez were bested by Wroblewitz, who was announced the winner of the model search's fifth season on Wednesday. On Thursday, Nguyen lashed out at Wroblewitz's supporters who allegedly attacked her on social media. "Now that the show is over, I would like to share some of my thoughts," she captioned a screenshot of her conversation with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. "Firstly, when...

Keep on reading: ‘Asia’s Next Top Model’ runner-up says Maureen’s fans ‘attacked’ her
          Awesome Foundation on CCTV America   
Over the weekend, CCTV America aired an interview featuring me and my Awesome Foundation colleagues Christina Xu and Jesse Chan-Norris. We talked about investing in inspiration and building international philanthropic networks to further the cause of awesome in the universe. Watch the full interview below:
          Seven stones to stand or fall : a collection of Outlander fiction by Gabaldon, Diana, author.   
A collection of seven short stories set in the Outlander universe, never before published together, including two original stories and featuring character Jamie Fraser.
          And the universe is in admiration of the phenomenon called TeamGreen...   

آپ کو یاد ہے ناں کہ ہم ہمیشہ آپ سے کہتے ہیں کہ مسلمان جب بھی کفار پر فتح یاب ہوگا، روحانی طاقتوں کی وجہ سے ہوگا۔ یہ اللہ کا فضل اور کرم ہوگا کہ وہ اپنی روحانی طاقتوں اور ملائکہ کو مسلمانوں کی مدد کیلئے بھیجے۔ کیا آپ نے نوٹ کیا کہ کل کے میچ میں کتنا واضح نظر آرہا تھا کہ اللہ کی تائید اور مدد شامل حال ہے اورروحانی طاقتیں ہماری ٹیم کی مدد کررہی ہیں۔
جب روحانی طاقتیں آپ کے ساتھ ہوں تو پھر ہوتا کیا ہے؟
پھر یہ ہوتا ہے کہ فخر کا کیچ پکڑا جاتا ہے اور وہ نو بال ہوجاتی ہے۔
بال وکٹوں کو لگتی ہے مگر بیلز نہیں گرتے اور حفیظ آﺅٹ نہیں ہوتا۔
دشمن جب آپ کو رن آﺅٹ کرنا چاہتا ہے تو اس کے نشانے وکٹوں پر نہیں لگتے۔
آپ کے کیچ ڈراپ ہوتے ہیں، دشمن کے سارے کیچ پکڑے جاتے ہیں، اگر دشمن کا کیچ ڈراپ بھی ہوجائے، تو اگلی بال پہ دوبارہ آﺅٹ ہوجاتا ہے۔
دنیا کی سب سے طاقتور ہندو ٹیم، دنیا کی سب سے کمزور اور ناتجربہ کار ٹیم کے ہاتھوں رسوا ہوتی ہے۔
اٹھارہ سال کا شاداب اٹھارہ سالہ تجربے رکھنے کو یوراج کو آﺅٹ کرتا ہے۔
پوری بھارتی ٹیم کے اعصاب اور حواس شل ہوجاتے ہیں، اور ہمارے نوجوان بچے شیروں اور دلیروں کی طرح ان کی تکہ بوٹی کرتے ہیں۔
ظاہری آنکھ سے دیکھیں تو یہی نظر آئے گا کہ ہماری ٹیم بہت اچھا کھیلی۔ مگر باطنی نگاہ سے دیکھیں تو نظر آئے گا کہ اللہ نے کس طرح صف در صف ملائکہ کو نازل فرما کر اس پاک سرزمین کی مدد کی، مشرکوں کو رسوا کیا، ہمارے کلیجے ٹھنڈے کیے۔
یہاں پر بہت سے لوگ یہ سوال کریں گے کہ ہم پہلے بھی تو انڈیا سے ہارتے رہے ہیں ، تو اس وقت یہ ملائکہ کہاں تھے؟ اللہ کی مدد کہاں تھی؟
اس بات کا جواب بہت اچھی طرح سمجھ لیں۔اللہ تو ہر وقت تیار ہے مومنین کی مدد کرنے کیلئے، مگر ہم ہی اپنی بداعمالیوں کی وجہ سے اس کی مدد طلب نہیں کرتے۔پوری قوم دعائیں کررہی ہو، اللہ کے آگے گڑگڑارہی ہو، مگر ٹیم میں کچھ کھلاڑی خیانت کررہے ہوں، جواءلگایا ہوا ہو، آپس میں پھوٹ پڑی ہو، اتحاد اور یکجہتی کا فقدان ہو، مقصد پاکستان کو عزت دینا نہیں بلکہ ذاتی شہرت اور پیسہ کمانا ہو، تو پھر ایسی ناپاک نیتوں کی وجہ سے اللہ کی مدد نہیں آتی!
مسلمان کا کام اپنی نیتوں کو پاک رکھنا اور پورے اتحاد اور یکجہتی کے ساتھ دشمن کے خلاف جان مارنا ہے، اس کے بعد آپ اس قابل ہوتے ہیں کہ اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کی مدد اور نصرت کیلئے روحانی طاقتوں کو بھیجے۔ یہ قانون کرکٹ کے میدان کیلئے بھی ہے، اور میدان جنگ کیلئے بھی!
کل کے میچ میں واضح نظر آرہا تھا کہ پوری ٹیم ایک جان ہو کر پورے خلوص اور جذبے سے پاکستان کیلئے کھیل رہی تھی۔ متکبر دشمن نے غرور کی آخریں حدیں پار کی ہوئی تھیں اور پھر یہ اللہ کی سنت ہے کہ جب مومنین ایسے متکبر دشمن کے سامنے خلوص نیت سے متحد ہو کر اللہ سے مدد طلب کریں تو پھر اللہ کی مدد لازماً آتی ہے، اور پھر پوری قوم نے دیکھا کہ اللہ نے کس طرح اپنی روحانی طاقتوں کی مدد سے ہمارے چھوٹے چھوٹے بچوں کو اتنے منجھے ہوئے اور طاقتور مشرکوں کی ٹیم پر فتح عطا کی۔
کل صرف ایک کرکٹ میچ نہیں تھا۔ اللہ نے پوری قوم کو ایک بہت بڑا سبق دیا ہے: یہ پاکستان اللہ کے رازوں میں سے ایک راز ہے، دشمن چاہے کتنا بھی زور لگا لے، نہ تو اس راز کو سمجھ سکتا ہے، نہ اس راز کو مٹا سکتا ہے، نہ اس راز کو شکست دے سکتا ہے۔ جب دنیا یہ سمجھے گی کہ اب پاکستان ختم ہونے لگا ہے، تو ان کو اسی طرح کا دھچکا لگا گے کہ جیسے اس عالمی کپ میں لگا ہے۔ پاکستانیوں کو صرف یہ کرنا ہے کہ اپنی نیتوں کو پاک کریں، اور آپس میں مضبوطی سے یکجان ہو کر ایک مضبوط امت رسولﷺ کی ملت ہونے کا حق ادا کریں۔ باقی کام اللہ کا اور اس کے ملائکہ کا اور اس کی روحانی طاقتوں کا ہے۔ ہم نے صرف میدان میں کھڑے ہو کر ”باﺅلنگ“ ہی کرانی ہوگی، وکٹیں اللہ خود گرائے گا۔
The debutant of the tournament became "man of the match" in final...
The guy playing his first major tournament gathered the "man of the series" and "golden ball" awards...
The spot fixer who was exiled for his sins, came back to decapitate the top batting order of india to atone for his sins...
A bunch of renegades rebelled against the aristocrats of cricket and humbled them...
The Underdogs defeated the Champions...
David has brought the Goliath down...
Modesty got the better of arrogance...
The weakest batting side scored the highest total of the tournament...
The strongest batting side was dismantled to pave way for the biggest margin of defeat in any ICC tournament final...
The records shattered like glass...
And The lowest ranked team became the Champion of The Champions...
Stats don't mean anything...opinions don't count either...paper and analysis mean nothing...
On one's best day, the ball doesn't dislodge the bails and the opponents overstep the lines...
The divine has finally spoken approvingly...
And the universe is in admiration of the phenomenon called TeamGreen...


          Ticho nad Revúcou (janlopusek)   
"Všechno je lepší než, nehybný močál. A z pádů neměj strach, ten pád už počal..."  -Plastic People of the Universe-
          Walter Turner Follows Up With 3rd Max Cantu Thriller   

To fans who cannot get enough of the exploits of Max Cantu, rejoice! Walt Turner has published “The Laguna File: A Max Cantu Novel” (iUniverse, 2008). This explosive thriller invites readers to get a taste of the Golden State's beach culture. -   - In “The Laguna File,” private investigator Max Cantu takes on his third major case. He is asked to investigate a home invasion of a once famous, but now reclusive movie star who has tucked herself away in a secluded mansion on the seaside cliff...

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          “Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah” brings a straightforward perspective of our faith in Him   

From a Christian perspective we have been introduced to the most important redeemer of sins and saver of souls in the whole universe – God.  He has been presented to all mankind as the universal Savior through generic terms by removing him from the inheritance of Abraham and His core identity. In the book, “Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah,” we are reintroduced to Yeshua as a Torah-observant Jew who embraced and exercised the righteous path and faith of Judaism. And to a deeper sense, this writ...

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          07/17/2017 - Sapce Week at ISEC   
Space Week is a five day space science program for children ages 10-15 about The Earth, The Solar System, The Galaxy, The Universe, Rocketry, and Outer Space Observation. Each day is divided into two 3 hour sessions of fun filled model making, rocket launching, demonstrations and games. On the final day of Space Week everyone will have a video of themselves sending a signal to the moon with their voice and hearing their own voice bounce off the moon and return to earth. We expect to have speakers from NASA and Princeton University. Activities are indoors and outdoors and include a visit to the InfoAge Radio Museum, The Original Marconi Tower and a trip to see Mobile Radar Units. Learn about the history of the Space Program and the exciting events that took place right here at the Diana Site in Wall Township that launched the Space Program. Use the 18 meter Radio Telescope Dish to send your voice to the moon and hear it bounce back in 2.5 seconds! Registration is limited, Register Now to save your place!
          Traitement du cancer : des machines de radiothérapie seront disponibles en fin juin (Awa Marie Coll Seck)   
Des machines de radiothérapie seront disponibles à partir du 28 juin. Le ministre de la santé et de l’action sociale Awa Marie Coll Seck a fait l’annonce hier. Elle présidait l’atelier de partage du manuel des procédures de gestion des initiatives de gratuité dans le cadre de la couverture maladie universelle.   Source: 2stv (Babacar Tambédou, […]
          Recommended Reading   
I compiled a list of books I've recently read and feel would appeal to middle and high school students. Each of the books includes themes conducive to classroom discussions.

Except when marked with an asterisk, all titles are available in audio format from the Las Vegas Clark County Public Library District (see LVCCLD link when applicable). To access these materials, you must have a current public library card and know your PIN. For more information about procuring a library card, click here. To use eAudio books from the public library, you will need to download OverDrive Media Console (a free software package) to your computer. Instructions and more information about accessing eMedia are available here.

Except for Candy Shop War and Leepike Ridge, all remaining books with asterisks are available at Audible. Note that there is a charge to purchase audiobooks from Audible. Different from the public library, however, the purchaser becomes the book's owner.

Recommended Book Options

Young Adult Science Fiction
  • Adoration of Jenna Fox (Pearson, Mary E.): Jenna Fox awakens after a coma having forgotten her life before her accident. She explores her past life through video, but is often met with reluctance to talk about her operation with others. This science fiction mystery explores issues related to bioethics. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Elsewhere (Zevin, Gabrielle): Elsewhere is the story of a girl who died. Upon doing so, she arrived at a place called “Elsewhere” where all the people had lived lives on Earth and were now dead. Most of the people were a lot older than her (she died in her teens). A unique feature of Elsewhere is that you grow older instead of younger while there. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Hunger Games (Collins, Suzanne): The Hunger Games is the first of a trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The premise underlying the plot is that a corrupt “Capitol” controls 12 districts. To keep the districts under control, the Capitol sponsors The Hunger Games each year. Two children from each district are selected to participate, and only one participant from the 24 survives the Games. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Little Brother (Doctorow, Cory): Cory Doctorow truly practices what he preaches! In a book about high-tech, high-action stunts in the midst of terrorist activity in the U.S., Doctorow discusses the importance of freedom of information. Likewise, he made his book available for free online using a Creative Commons license. [Warning: This book includes mature themes likely to be inappropriate for use in school environments.] [LVCCLD eAudio]
  • Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (Patterson, James): This is the first book of a series by the acclaimed James Patterson. The main character is Maximum Ride, a headstrong teenage girl who grew up in a science lab. She and her “flock of bird kids” were all genetically manipulated pre-birth, resulting in the presence of wings. As such, all the children are able to fly. The book follows Maximum Ride and her flock as they escape from the lab and learn to live on their own. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Maze Runner (Dashner, James): This is an action-packed thriller! Every month for several years, one boy has been delivered into the “Glade.” All the boys remember their names, but none remember anything else about their past. In a strange turn of events, the day after Thomas (the main character) arrives, a girl arrives. Thomas tries to learn about the society the boys created before his arrival and learns of the maze, their possible escape route, that encompasses their community. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Neptune's Children (Dobkin, Bonnie): Dobkin’s book, Neptune’s Children, begins with a bioterrorist attack on all adults around the world. All individuals over age 13 die instantly, leaving all children behind to fend for themselves. Those children left behind in a theme park (similar to Disneyland), create a working society while facing potential and real threats. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Twilight (Meyer, Stephenie): This epic series takes place in Washington state. The main character, Bella, meets a young man, Edward, who intrigues her and ultimately becomes the object of her affection. Bella learns that Edward is a vampire and struggles with love and longevity. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Uglies (Westerfield, Scott): This series (including Pretties, Specials, and Extras) by Scott Westerfield begins with Uglies, a book about a utopian society that spawned from modern America. All children are called “uglies” until their 16th birthdays on which they receive an operation that makes them pretty. Once pretty, they move to a location where they can play and party all the time. Some uglies, though, question if being pretty is all there is to life. [Audible]
  • *Unwind (Shusterman, Neal): Imagine if parents could choose to have their teenagers “unwound,” have their body parts separated and given to save the lives of others. It’s the perfect solution for harvesting human organs… isn’t it? [Audible]
Young Adult Fantasy
  • *The Candy Shop War (Mull, Brandon):Imagine a world where eating candy could give you special powers. Mull masterfully juxtaposes good and evil amidst a fantasy of vivid characters. The book may sound like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Harry Potter, but it truly is a story of its own.
  • Eragon (Paolini, Christopher):16-year-old Christopher Paolini wrote this epic tale (Eragon is the first book in a series) just after graduating from high school. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Fablehaven (Mull, Brandon): When a boy and girl go to spend time with their grandfather, they learn there is more to his mysterious life than originally imagined. The area surrounding his home is a haven for fabulous creatures of all kinds—some good, and some bad. [LVCCLD CD]
  • Inkheart (Funke, Cornelia): In this three-book tale, Funke creates a world where books are reality become intertwined. Some of her characters have the unique ability to “read” characters and items “out” of books. In one unfortunate time, the father in the story accidentally read his wife into a book; he’s also read some antagonistic characters out of the book. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Young Adult Non-Fiction
  • Fallen Angels (Meyers, Walter Dean): Fallen Angels is realistic historical fiction about serving in the Vietnam War. The main character is African-American, adding to the issues of race conflict occurring during the war. [Warning: Telling the story of men and women serving on the front lines, the book does not “candy-coat” the violence, language, and other everyday happenings of the U.S. soldiers.] [LVCCLD CD]
  • A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier (Beah, Ishmael): A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier is the true autobiographical of Ishmael Beah, a boy who served as a soldier in Sierra Leone. After his hometown was attacked by rebels, he spent months searching for his family before being recruited into guerrilla warfare. He is later reformed when living in a UNICEF refugee camp. [Warning: This book contains graphic violence.] [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Three Cups of Tea: Young Reader’s Edition (Mortensen, Greg): Mortensen is described as a man who is single-handedly creating peaceful relationships between those in the Middle East and in the United States. This book tells his story—from mountain climbing failure to sacrificial living. After returning from a failed attempt to ascend K2, he commits to build a school for the girls in one of Pakistan’s outermost regions. He kept his promise, and continues to change the world with his relentless efforts. [Audible]
Young Adult Historical Fiction
  • Elijah of Buxton (Curtis, Christopher Paul): This book tells the story of a small town in Canada. Buxton is where escaped slaves from the United States find refuge. They welcome those former slaves who have made the long, painful journey from the South. The story takes a turn when Elijah, just a boy, heads back to the United States to complete a chore. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Young Adult Realistic Fiction
  • Hatchet (Paulsen, Gary): This Newberry-award winner tells of a boy who becomes an inhabitant of the wilderness when the plane in which he is flying goes down and the pilot dies in the crash. The main character must learn to survive in the Canadian wild. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *Leepike Ridge (Wilson, N.D.): This action-filled story of realistic fiction is a fun read. When the main character finds himself in a hidden cave under Leepike Ridge, he learns about life outside the mainstream.
  • Smiles to Go (Spinelli, Jerry): This is a coming-of-age story for boys who question who they are, where they fit in the universe, and their relationships with girls. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer (Grisham, John): This is John Grisham’s first children’s book. Theodore Boone lives with his parents, both of whom are lawyers. He loves the law and spends all his free time in the courthouse. As such, he is the resident expert on the law at his school, and he regularly advises his classmates on legal matters. He eve becomes entwined in a case of his own! This is a great book to learn about the U.S. legal system. [LVCCLD CD]
Adult Historical Fiction
  • Sarah's Key (de Rosnay, Tatiana): de Rosnay juxtaposes the past and present when her protagonist, a journalist, accepts the opportunity to write a story about French involvement in the Nazi round-up of Jewish families in Paris in 1942. While the journalist’s story unfolds, Sarah’s story unfolds. Sarah’s story is about cruelty and loss at the hand of the French police as they did the bidding of the Nazi’s. It is also about human compassion and remembrance. [LVCCLD eAudio]
Adult Realistic Fiction
  • The Life of Pi (Martel, Yann): Martel tells the tale of a boy from India. His family owns a zoo, but is selling their animals to a U.S. zoo due to financial hardships. During their sea voyage, there is an accident and the boy, Pi, ends up aboard a small rescue boat along with a tiger and several other animals. He tells of their mutual survival tactics and leaves the reader questioning reality. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
Adult Non-Fiction
  • *The Horse Boy (Isaacson, Rupert): Isaacson wrote this biography about his son, a boy afflicted with autism. In an attempt to help their son, Isaacson and his wife trekked through Mongolia with the intent to meet shamans who could assist their child. Their journey took them to the outer-most parts of Mongolia, even to the “Reindeer People.” This is a heartwarming tale the of the efforts parents will make to assist their children and ways that seeing the world differently can help us all see better. [Audible]
  • Strength in What Remains (Kidder, Tracy): A medical student in Africa finds himself constantly trying to escape war and war-torn environments as he traverses through his home country of Burundi and into and out of Rwanda. He eventually makes his way to the United States where he faces trials of a homeless immigrant in a foreign land. [LVCCLD eAudio]
  • Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman (Krakauer, Jon): Pat Tillman, former NFL player, lost his life during the U.S. Gulf War. Krakauer describes the events leading to his NFL and military careers and the circumstances surrounding his death in combat. [LVCCLD eAudio/CD]
  • *The Last American Man (Gilbert, Elizabeth): Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, writes the biography of Eustice Conway, a true man of the American Wilderness. Born in the 1960s, Eustice took his homemade teepee and left home as a teenager to live off the land. Gilbert tells of his trek along the Appalachian Trail, his record-setting horse-journey across America, and his lifelong passion to bring Americans to a greater appreciation and respect of nature. [Audible]

          NECC 2008 Notes   
ISTE’s NETS•T Refreshed Roll-Out

We need real world, relevant assignments because we’ve already done well moving from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side. At this point we need to re-inspire teachers.

The new teacher standards include:
Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments
Model digital-age work and learning
Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility
Engage in professional growth and leadership

There is a new tool available through ISTE’s website that will assist administrators in determining the level of technology integration occurring with their teachers.

Check out fact flippers: www.tammyworcester.com

Dan Edelson, Getting out of the Classroom with Technology

Volunteer Geography: A variant of citizen science. For example, students can make and share field observations and analyze and provide interpretations of that data. The concept is that students collect data by taking measurements, thy submit the data via a web form, they visualize it using interactive maps, they analyze patterns based on the data and visualization, and they may report back to others in their classes. One problem with this is that students will only be able to see small amounts of data if they are involved during the start if the project. An example of this was students testing soil samples following use of salt on icy roads. Students get to experience the full spectrum of the scientific process. In this case, students used probes and collected data in the classroom and submitted information via a website.

NGS FieldScope allows students to collect real world data. NGS chooses a region to study and invites teachers and students to participate. The teachers must purchase the equipment which costs about $1,000.

Chris Dede, Ubiquitous Computing

Goal: Repurpose common items for educational purposes (e.g., using cell phones for augmented learning).

Cheryl Lemke

We need to recognize that adolescent learning includes the home, school, peers, work, distributed resources, and communities – not just school. Our goal at this point is scalability of using technology tools for 21st century teaching, not just focusing on use in our own classrooms.

She suggests we use research-based methods to develop lessons and units that serve as “sheet music.” The teachers base their instruction on the sheet music, but also improvise.

A good teacher blog including student podcasts is “Learning on the Go.” The teacher sets up her class as a fictional consulting agency and the students solve real world algebra problems. Another teacher uses authentic travel agent activities to teach about Greek history.

SimCalc: http://www.simcalc.umassd.edu/software (teaches about perspective)

Media multi-tasking: We can only do one thing at a time, but we can quickly move from one thing to another. Kids are better at multi-tasking than adults. When learning, students are distracted when multi-tasking (except for things like music without lyrics in the background).

Universe: http://universe.daylife.com (identifies what is going on online in real time using a visual perspective)

Venezuela started teaching critical thinking to their elementary and middle school students 10 years ago. Now, they are finding increased average adult IQs across the country.

See http://www.flatworld.com

Alan November, “Designing Rigorous and Globally Connected Assignments”

This presentation is available from the “Archive of Articles” on NovemberLearning.com. This presentation is available at Digital Farm.

Students are connected to everyone in their lives – except their teachers because schools block everything. “Schools are the learning police.” There is more freedom in Chinese schools in terms of the Internet than here. We are so worried about their safety that we block their learning.

Vocabulary of the Web: Students need to learn information resources. This type of information is available on http://novemberlearning.com/blc

By adding site:en to Google searches, you will only get sites with an English country code. To get Turkey-based sites, type site:tr.

Adding view:timeline to a search, you can access the most recent information about a given search term.

Type link:http://Wikipedia.com to find out how many links exist to that particular site.

Hall Davidson, “It’s in Your Pocket: Teaching Spectacularly with Cell Phones”

http://www.myspace.com/sidekicknation (How kids use video on a daily basis)

Every classroom should have a student-designated web researcher. The teacher should never have to answer a factual question, they should only have to respond to higher-order thinking questions.

There is a Google feature that allows you to create your own search engine. November believes teachers and students should jointly build search engines. This will give students less stimuli when they do searches.

It would be nice if students could develop resources that teach content and then future students review these tutorials before class. Students, then, are responsible for learning their own content and class time is replaced with problem solving. When there’s not a lot of Internet access, students could have a DVD with all the information at home (because DVDs are more common in the home than Internet connections).

The http://jingproject.com is a downloadable application that allows you to create screencasts.

Instead of teaching teachers to use technology, November jokes that we should send two of our students to the training and one of the students should be the biggest trouble-maker in the class.

Wikipedia isn’t an encyclopedia, it’s a publishing house. Third grade students were told they would visit the Pitot House and write an article they would submit to the largest encyclopedia in the class. The students wrote and published their Wikipedia article and now they follow the RSS feed for the article and critique what other people write.

http://kiva.com: Organizes donations to small business entrepreneurs. The donors get their money back and they get reports on their projects. You can also talk to the other people who have invested in the same entrepreneurial project.

http://jott.com alters voice to text. You can call this service from your cell phone. Another option is fozme.com

: Allows you to do automatic polls from cell phones (like the classroom response systems)

Terry Cavanaugh, GIS, Google Maps, and More for Literacy Projects


There are interactive maps that show all he locations mentioned in a book (e.g., The Travels of Marco Polo). [Note to self – check out the Bible.]

Gutenkarte (http://gutenkarte.org) also makes a map of a text, showing what places are most frequently mentioned. Amazon’s Concordance also does this by telling the 100 most used words in a given text.

http://editgrid.com allows you to map a story using latitude and longitude in a spreadsheet.

http://www.goglelittrips.com has 23 stories you can follow on Google Earth. You download the .kmz file and use it with Google Earth. An example is with Make Way for Ducklings. The entire story is mapped as sections are mentioned. Also, people have added pictures of items and informational text from specific locations in the book. Anyone can make a Google Lit Trip.

http://wetellstories.co.uk/stories/week1/: Tells a story using a map – the text is embedded in the map.

Teachers can get the Pro Version of Google Earth by writing to Google and requesting it. It is possible to make a map for each student so they can each map out a story.

A dimensional mouse allows you to move in three dimensions. They are available through Amazon.

Using virtual map pins, students can add quotes from book, write facts about the locations mentioned, and adding multimedia books. This is a means of having students have greater interactivity with books.

In September, cameras will have cameras with embedded geo-tags. Some buildings are going to start putting in geo-tagging points in the buildings.

Tony Vincent, Audio is Great! Video is Cool! IPods Can Do More!

Learning in Hand iPods is his iPod podcast. See http://learninginhand.com/ipods

will speak any text into audio.

You can create cover art and lyrics (or primary source text) through going to Get Info for an individual song.

See http://NotontheTest.org

iPrep Press has comic books you can download to your iPod. BrainQuest also has quizzes for the iPod.

Ipod-notes.com allows you to combine Notes files

IPrepPress allows you to download a dictionary and many primary sources. Get 100 Words every high school students should know.

ManyBooks.com allows you to download books in the public domain.

iWriter allows you to link stories together as story

iQuizMaker allows you to make quizzes for your iPod. You can also share iQuizzes by going to iQuizShare (http://iquizshare.com/)

Use monitor mode to make your iSight camera not cause a mirroring effect.

Check out doc imaging and doc scanning on the PC.

Get book making ideas from web.mac.com/lindaoaks and check out her handouts on the NECC site

Download handouts from NECC site for Sharon Hirschy about making class books using PPT
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Marvel really can’t seem to do any wrong these days. They just have a feel for how to make some of the best blockbusters in the business. That trend will continue in a big way next month with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, a team up between Marvel and Sony. Getting the webslinger into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a nice little cue, though the best part is just how amazing the movie is, no pun intended. Basically every part of this new Spider-Man franchise is the best that this character has ever been treated. It’s truly a spectacular comic book flick. The MCU is lucky to have this friendly neighborhood wall crawler. Thankfully skipping over another origin story, this reboot puts Peter Parker (Tom Holland) already on the ground, having established him briefly in Captain America: Civil War. Following those events, we follow teenager Peter as he navigates both being a high school student in New York City and also a burgeoning superhero named Spider-Man, one who is desperate to join the Avengers. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) sees potential in Peter, but isn’t quite ready to have Spidey stand on equal footing with Iron Man and company. So, he has Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) look out for him, keeping him on the ground in Queens. As Peter balances all of this, a danger/opportunity arises in Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton), a bitter blue collar worker who will become a super villain in The Vulture. Action ensues, but so does comedy and a little coming of age. Jon Watts directs and co-writes with the team of John Francis Daley, Christopher Ford, Johnathan Goldstein, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers. The cast also includes a scene stealing Jacob Batalon as Peter’s best friend Ned, along with Abraham Attah, Hannibal Buress, Michael Chernus, Jennifer Connelly, Donald Glover, Laura Harrier, Michael Mando, Logan Marshall-Green, Tony Revolori, Angourie Rice, Martin Starr, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, Bokeem Woodbine, and Zendaya, among others. Michael Giacchino provides the score, while the cinematography is by Salvatore Totino. As much a high school comedy as an action epic, this is a nearly perfect superhero film. In fact, it might just be Marvel’s best ever. By combining their sensibilities with Spidey’s, it makes for something really different. Traditionalists might be split on how Peter Parker and Spider-Man are portrayed here, but I loved this take. Holland is phenomenal too, blowing both [...]
          Comment on If you believe the latest lies from the “Campaign to Fix the Debt,” they own you. by Rodger Malcolm Mitchell   
No, it's more like this: For the entire many-billion history of the universe, prior to 1780, there was no such thing as a U.S. dollar. Then, in 1792, suddenly the U.S. Congress <strong><em>arbitrarily</em></strong> created laws from thin air, that created the U.S. dollar, also from thin air. Congress <strong><em>arbitrarily</em></strong> created as many of those dollars as it wished and gave those dollars the <strong><em>arbitrary</em></strong> value it wished: 1.60 grams of gold. <blockquote>In the Coinage Act of 1834, the 15:1 ratio of silver to gold <strong><em>arbitrarily</em></strong> was changed to a 16:1 ratio by reducing the weight of the nation's gold coinage. This <strong><em>arbitrarily</em></strong> created a new U.S. dollar that was backed by 1.50 g (23.22 grains) of gold. The result of this revaluation, which was the <em>first arbitrary devaluation of the U.S. dollar</em>, was that the value in gold of the dollar arbitrarily was reduced by 6%. In 1853, the weights of U.S. silver coins arbitrarily were reduced. The Gold Standard Act of 1900, arbitrarily created by Congress and arbitrarily signed by the President, provided that: <em>"The dollar consisting of twenty-five and eight-tenths grains (1.67 g) of gold nine-tenths fine, as established by section thirty-five hundred and eleven of the Revised Statutes of the United States, shall be the standard unit of value, and all forms of money issued or coined by the United States shall be maintained at a parity of value with this standard."</em></blockquote> Since then, Congress, the President, and the Federal Reserve Board, arbitrarily have changed the value of the dollar many times, and today the FRB changes the dollar's value by arbitrarily changing interest rates. That is how Monetary Sovereignty works. The U.S. government, unlike state and local governments, is <strong>SOVEREIGN</strong> over the U.S. dollar. It can create as many dollars as it wishes and can make the dollar equal to anything it wishes. By fiat, the government can make the dollar equal to an ounce of gold, a pound of silver or a partridge in a pear tree. It is <strong>SOVEREIGN</strong>.
          Comment on I Want a Gun So Small I Can Conceal It Well by Joe O'Sullivan   
So much of this denigrating of mouseguns is so logically flawed. The scenariosame posited are nonsensical followed by "but better to be safe". The gun control arguments quickly evolve into distances of twenty feet. Caliber arguments evolve into stopping power. Lets get real. I am not a cop or caped crusader, I do not get into arguments or altercations that could escalate into personal attacks. The bad guy I ecounter will not be a psycho meth head or Mad Max in leathers. It will be a mugger or drunk or sexual deviant with a normal will to live. Given that assumption here is the reality, I will not be firing my gun at a distance greater than 10 feet. probably much less if the person is advancing. So let's take the gun control crap off the table. Center mass a little more than an arms length away, not an issue. Stopping power. The gun, regardless of size, IS the stopping power, I am not looking to arrest the guy, only inctivising him to stop and go away. I grew up in the city and know these guys. They become downright charming when the tables turn, They know they play the odds every time they do it. This is not Hollywood with glib one liners and steely eyed villians, This is " whoa dude, chill. My bad. Sorry". There is no percentage in hanging around or escalating if a simple mugging goes sideways, Only cops and movie stars encounter people who advance on people pointing guns at them. Sorry but that is the truth. And if you face that one in million or billion who ignores the most basic of human instincts and moves toward certain death for no good reason you pull the trigger as you back away. I don't know what universe you have to be in to imagine any human being who just experience the sudden explosive sound of a gun at close range and the impact of any size bullet and may be within minutes of dying, especially if he will be shot more times not having survival instincts kick in and flee. I now keep handy little Beretta 22lr in my pocket at all times. It is a well made firearm as reliable as any larger gun. It is loaded with the most powerful copperclad bullets that will consistently penetration to the required 12 inches, The round is appropriate for its size and it handles well. With so many small high caliber guns dominating the market the bad guy isn't going to assume a small round from a small gun. Because it is a pleasure to shoot I go to the range often. Far more than when I Han my mini nine. And the gun is loud as hell, Gunshots attract attention and sound travels a long way, Bad guys like a few things: easy money, to be in control, and no attention, The diminutive little buddy that travels everywhere in my pocker will deny him of all there just as surely as a street cannon will, With the added advantage that j the little guy is nestled in my palm and all but impossible to grab or dislodge, Ideal for a real close physical encounter. Weigh the odds of facing the one in a million psychopath vs, the chances of not having your heavier gun with you.
          Route 66 (Sam 14 Oct 2017)   
Noureddine Zerrad, dit Noon, est un cinéaste de 37 ans qui a commencé à réaliser des films en 1993. Ses nombreux films sont rarement diffusés et ne font pas partie du Panthéon du cinéma belge. Son itinéraire, sa quête permanente soutenue par un rêve fou ont motivé ce projet. Inspiré par le film de genre, et particulièrement par le cinéma d’action, Noon a été le fil conducteur d’un sujet universel qui n’est autre que la réalisation de soi, la recherche obsessionnelle de l’Idéal. Les premiers films de Noon débordent d’énergie et reflètent une recherche de la perfection des gestes et des
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Also, Passions is the greatest show in the universe.

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Valiant Entertainment’s comic book universe is well-known as being one of the most accessible and high-quality shared universes in comics, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some history to it. While the current incarnation began only five years ago, the original Valiant Universe began in the early '90s and, despite a few hiccups, ran for the better part of a decade. There’s a lot of material to mine, and so Valiant Entertainment has not only launched new versions of their heroes, they’ve also presented drastically different visions for old titles.

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          Ciera Foster on becoming Livewire, Ninjak Vs, and the Future (Toylab Exclusive Interview)   

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Toylab bloggers have made no secret that they are excited about the direction of Valiant Entertainment. With the launch of X-O Manowar comic, the upcoming Secret Weapons series and of course the upcoming live action Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe. We are thrilled to bring you an interview with one of the star's from Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe, Ciera Foster. Ciera Foster is playing one of my favorite Valiant characters, Livewire. When casting for Ninjak vs was going on I openly wondered if they would find an actress who could portray the mixture of intelligence and bad assness that is Livewire and with Ciera they just flat out nailed it. She is intelligent, beautiful, and a good person as well. On top of all that she brings a legit athletic and martial arts resume to the table. Toylab's Marvel Matt sought out Ciera on questions about playing Livewire and she kindly answered.

If you love Valiant, if you are curious about Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe then you need to read this interview. Ciera has an infectious enthusiasm for playing Livewire that has pushed my excitement for seeing her in action to 11.
Divinity #0 - Ciera Foster - Livewire Cover

As part of highlighting the Ninjak vs film Valiant is releasing a series of variant covers featuring the actors.  The Ciera Foster - Livewire cover will come out with Divinity #0.  It looks amazing!

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Ciera we are very excited to see you play Livewire in Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe.  What was the first thing that excited you as an actress about playing Livewire?

Firstly, thank you and the enthusiasm is certainly mutual!!! Thinking how to respond to that question is a bit tricky because it's a loaded answer. - The first thing that comes to mind is hands down the simple fact that I am a comic book, cartoon, video game fan. Yes, ME!!! I grew up with my older brother Nick and my guy cousins Keion and Cedric and we practically lived (and still do I might add) all things superhero,... seriously! But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I love playing Livewire not only because of what she is "a superhero" but because of WHO she is. Livewire is a natural leader with boundless compassion yet yields uncompromising strength. She's both admired and respected and hates wrongdoing particularly at the cost of the defenseless. Daily I'm blown away at the blessing of playing this character whose values are so aligned with my own. She continues to amaze me. With my background in athletics and my previous and current endeavors in the humanitarian field I couldn't have written a better character for me to play, which is a credit to the founding creators and the current exceptional team of writers working for and with Valiant.

 Speaking of Valiant I legitimately cannot answer this question without acknowledging how thrilled I am (Not to mention damn proud) to be a part of the Valiant Universe. I know I could easily sound biased but the fact is the more anyone delves into Valiant the more apparent it will be that there is no other major super universe with as much diversity in character, craftsmanship, and artistry plus overall badassness. From Harbinger, to Faith, to Bloodshot to one of my favorites Britannia (Just to name a few). I mean seriously it doesn't get more diverse than that! No slight on other comic universes but Valiant isn't creating a league of its own, it already is one. People are just seeing it on a larger scale and that makes me pretty damn excited to be your Livewire.

Livewire is the star of a comic series coming out called Secret Weapons have you been able to get a preview of that?

Valiant does a phenomenal job of providing us plenty of material. But it's no secret as Valiant continues to get bigger and bigger that our CEO Dinesh Shamdasani and VP of marketing Hunter Gorinson have made secrecy Valiant's "Secret Weapon" (See what I did there...) - I have a bit of a preview on the way from H.Q. but the hard hitting stuff I get to read with everyone else, which is cool with me. I get to share the journey as a fan and with the fans. I think that's important as an artist especially when playing a comic book character to be along for the ride at the same pace. Otherwise it's easy to project stuff onto to the scene or character that hasn't happened. Which I feel does everyone an injustice. - I've certainly done my research and since the book is about the emergence of the Harbinger program, I'm just as excited as the Valiant fans.

Livewire may seem like the star but I believe my character has the honor of being somewhat of a guiding force for some incredible new characters that will be introduced. I personally love that. It is my understanding Secret Weapons conceptually challenges the notion of being a "misfit". I believe the world could use a little more of that these days.

The Bat and the Sun is producing the series how did you meet them and get the part as Livewire?
Ciera Foster playing Livewire in Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe

Pure hustle. I went to audition almost two years ago for a role I submitted myself for. It was an extremely small, low budget, independent project. I have managers and agents of course but I like to search out new creative challenges for myself (Maybe that is the artist/athlete in me) because the role was pretty controversial and the project as I stated didn't pay much. I'd just gotten back from holiday, when I received the callback and I was pretty tired but I love what I do and I don't miss auditions so I went happily and did my thing. - I didn't get the part lol!

Apparently, I just wasn't right for the role, but the director liked my energy and work. He looked at my resume and said, "I gotta ask you about your martial arts and athletic background..." I filled him and the assistant CD in. Per usual I started geeking out over my love for superheroes. He told he might have a referral for me. I left and that was that. I had no expectations. I actually forgot until months later I got a phone call from Aaron Schoenke to play Storm for Bat in the Sun's Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine. After about 5 minutes of me talking about Ororo Munroe's history a little Street Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and a dash of Mortal Kombat I got the part. Almost a year later I got another phone call out of the blue from Aaron, I remember his exact words.

"Are you available next month to work? ... There is a thing...Its cool....really cool....you'll like it...I can't tell anything else but if you interested I think you should audition for it....that's all I can say.  I'll be in touch."

Yep, it was at that moment for exactly 17 seconds I thought I'd finally got the call to be a real life spy LOL. Auditioning for Livewire was actually not too far off. A week later I got another call then another with limited info. I was sent audition sides (1-2 pages of material) I was told to send them back the same day as soon as possible. Reading the small bit of information I was given about the character (Still almost nothing not even a mention of Valiant) I had to make choices based off of a combination of training and instinct. I even overrode some of the direction I was given. As I worked on it with my older brother Nick we let our knowledge and passion of superheroes guide us. We had so little info we worked on it all over about three hours straight (discussing it constantly) until it felt right. I sent in my taped audition to Aaron and Sean at Bat in the Sun. After that Bat in the Sun sent it to Valiant in New York. About ten minutes later Aaron texted me I got the part - No better feeling. I know I didn't know someone, there were no favors, just my hard work paying off step by step. The best woman got the job. I was (am) Livewire.

The Valiant Universe is full of bad asses and Livewire is one of the biggest bad asses of them all, what was it like to film action sequences in Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe? 

What a fun question. It's literally a dream come true. As long as I can remember I've pretended to be a superhero, ninja, secret agent, etc. This is a lot cooler because its for real! I LIVE for this stuff! As you mentioned being such a powerful character one of the most powerful in the entire Valiant Universe especially as a woman is beyond exhilarating. When we film the fight scenes in particular I enter into a whole other zone. It's like a shark when they smell blood ...Was that too crazy LOL. I spent ample time on set not only on Livewire as a character but her characteristics in combat which is a huge part of the storytelling. As an artist but above all as a fan, I can tell a lot about character by the way they fight. I think a lot of comic hero heads would agree.

I fused my knowledge of the character with martial arts, artistry, and comics together to give Livewire an action personality that is so dynamic. I truly hope our fans and viewers enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed portraying it. Ultimately, a large part of Livewire is her fighting because that’s when you see how powerful she is when it all becomes unleashed. It gives me chills just thinking about it!

None of it would be possible without the involvement of the Valiant heads Dinish Shamdasani (CEO) and Joshua Johns (Dir. of Digital Media / Development) giving me the freedom to be an artist and working so collaboratively with Bat in the Sun. All of the fights in Ninjak Vs would be a nothing without the full cast and crew (Seriously you've seen our cast, athletes for days.) Credit is especially due to our director Aaron Schenoke he was born to create epic fight and action sequences. The direction let alone the vision of Aaron and his father Sean Schenoke combined is priceless. Lastly, but certainly not least our special affects composer Nikolay Zamkovoy is just a beast and creative genius that kills it every time.

You were an NCAA athlete and have trained heavily in martial arts.  Can you go into you're training in martial arts and did that help you land this role.

My dad is a 7th degree black belt and Tang Soo Do master. He was also sparring partners with the legendary Chuck Norris. My father trained me in his dojo where I had to attend classes until I was about eleven. We also trained at the park outside of class. After a break my mother kept me involved in Taekwondo and Karate. When I was twelve I was recruited to play basketball. I traded theater club at the time for basketball practice in hopes of earning a scholarship. I played basketball for eleven years straight including competitive national and international summer leagues. As my skills developed I began to only play "up" on teams with athletes older than me. The same happened in high school by the end of my freshmen year I was on varsity already and playing in regional finals. Club or school ball I was always on regional, sectional, or state championship teams. I also played competitive softball two years, track and field for three years (undefeated), and was recruited to play volleyball at the collegiate level. More often than not I was the captain on many of my teams especially through college. I was a COAA California State Championship finalist. From there I was recruited to SoCal where I became an NCAA athlete and received a scholarship to play basketball.

Afterwards I returned to martial arts mainly Taekwondo testing for my black belt, while also pursuing my acting career. During both regular school and acting school I also attended two film fighting schools. I attended Theatrical Academy of Combat under the instruction of Dan and Jan Spreaker who choreographed the films Hook and Master and Commander. There I learned my film fighting foundation and weapons technique. My best weapons are the broad sword, quarter staff, and the cutlass. After that I attended Film Fighting LA under the instruction of Robert Goodwin who helped train Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. There was a big emphasis of the three points of Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Method which I fell in love with. The school incorporated several art forms of camera fighting, stunt work, wrestling and firearms.   I've also had to do various training for a variety of roles and I still take classes and workshops. I will never stop learning and improving, I love this expression of the body and I'm blessed with the physicality to do something dynamic with it.

What does it feel like to join the ranks of Super Heroes? Playing Livewire makes you into a role model how does that change your mindset?

Playing Livewire doesn't change my mindset in regard to being a role model its quite the opposite, it affirms it. I've always had something inside of me pushing me to help others and to inspire. Its simple really, acting is my passion but helping others is my purpose. As I reflect on my career and life up to this point it adds up to this moment, this platform. When I was in college I was a paid activist for the CAA California Teachers Association I fought for educational rights, teacher rights and fair tuition costs. I was one of three student activist ambassadors hired by the CAA to represent SQE Students for Quality Education in which I was trained on activism techniques and school reform. My job was to bridge the gap between legislation and student rights.

In athletics as an NCAA athlete I was the captain and placed in charge of the team community service out reach programs. As an artist I've been to Haiti as an ambassador to Artists for Peace and Justice founded by writer/director Paul Haggis. I'm also an ambassador for the Water Underground Project and supporter of Children International. Now more than ever I feel these experiences have been part of a greater purpose which supersedes fame and popularity and has everything to do with passion. 
I say all this only to make the point that now I am Livewire,  I am just getting started. Be it a student athlete captain, activist, ambassador, acting class, or even growing up at home I've always been held to a higher standard. Livewire just raised the bar. I'm apart of something much bigger than myself.   As you stated I realize that makes me a role model, especially for little girls and young women. Challenge Accepted.

There have not been many black female super heroes in live action media?  Halle Berry comes to mind as Storm in X-Men but mind is drawing blanks on others.  At any rate it is a very small club of actresses that you are joining, does that add meaning to portrayal of Livewire.

I know what this means and I don't take it for granted. I'm humbled and honored, I think about it daily. People write me and post things about me regarding that very point. It's a blessing and a privilege. I always wanted to be a superhero but besides Storm there were no other heroes in all of the great universes that looked like me. It was a bit disheartening as a kid. Naturally, I assumed I'd play Storm if there ever were a Strom Origins film developed. This was my goal. By the way Alexandra Shipp is killing that role. But I realize now I was only thinking at the level of what I was shown possible. In the emerging age of the female lead heroine / superhero and with me as Livewire as a lead female superhero of color I take great pride and happiness in knowing that girls and boys of all races and backgrounds will see me and other upcoming heroes, and know that anything is possible. The best part is one day it won't even be a thought and the word "Black" or "Female" hero won't be a big deal. We will all just be superheroes from all walks of life representing everyone. That said let me clearly say in this moment in time I'm extremely proud to hold the torch for both female heroines and heroes of color until the goal of visibility amongst both is reached.

What is the future of Livewire?  We know that Valiant has a variety of film projects in the future.  Will Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe lead to role in those projects?

All I can say is that I'm blessed to be a part of something very special. I'm the face of Livewire for the first time, ever. To be so well received playing a character that was seemingly physically designed for me and virtually my whole life has been preparing me to play is pure joy. I'm certainly enjoying every minute of it. Since my character reveal and trailer premier/panel discussion at NYC Comic Con reception and the over all presence of this remarkable character continuing to expand. As you noted for the first time since the dawn of Valiant a series highlighting Livewire is being released now in Secret Weapons. That's major. Additionally, you mentioned its no secret Valiant is developing films. Eric Heisserer the Oscar nominated screen writer for Arrival not only wrote Secret Weapons but is writing the Harbinger film as well. To me what that says for not only the future of my character but the future of Valiant Comics and comics period is not lost on me. Playing Livewire as an artist (Especially a woman) being considered a fan-favorite character and being a fan myself means the world to me. I would love to play Livewire in the Harbinger films. I am Livewire. I was born to do this. I also look forward to continue to expanding and growing with the fans. We have the best fans hands down, period. I feel we are in this journey together and I mean that with everything in me. - Ninjak is something special, the Valiant Universe is special. The fans are beyond special. Valiant Entertainment / Valiant Digital are doing amazing things in both entertainment and comics. Valiant is so creative they plan things out far in advance. I think we will just have to stay tuned to see what unfolds.

What is the coolest moment you have had at a Convention since becoming Livewire?

When Bobby Leet a father of two recognized me walking around Comic Con NYC during my press day. The trailer and character reveal were not until the following day but he was such a big Valiant fan that he already knew who I was and asked for a picture. That memory sticks out to me as clear as day. He was the first one, we still follow each other on Instagram. By far to me the most impactful moment was the next day at the trailer premier and panel discussion. A guy (granted he was dressed as Armstrong lol) came up to me with tears in his eyes. He said he'd grown up reading the original Valiant Comics when he was a kid. He was so overwhelmed he could barely talk. He said Livewire was one of his favorite characters and he was emotional because I was everything he'd imagined her to be and more. The man said my being Livewire and the entire Ninjak Vs. experience was overwhelming and surreal for him. He assured me his tears were that of joy. I could feel his emotion then and now. I gave him a hug and thanked him. I still have the picture we took. I have many incredible moments with Valiant fans but that one will always be in my heart. It was at that moment that I truly realized what it meant to be and "Stay Valiant".

As you can Ciera is already a real hero and doing great things with this role I recommend checking her out on social media and her website.  Also look for her at Cons as I expect her to be going to a few.

Learn more about Ciera Foster:

Please follow Ciera on her Twitter and Instagram 

          Inhumans Movie / Show - News, Casting, Speculations, and Rumors   

Marvel Studios /TV has announced that Inhumans will be a new show appearing on ABC and will premiere in fall of 2017.  The series first 2 episodes will be shot in Imax Cameras and will debut in movie theaters across the country.

Trailer 1:
There are still a few things that worry me about this.  However they do look better in motion.  I am not seeing much use of Powers either and I think that would be something you would sneak into the trailer.  I also think they need address why Blackbolt can't speak.  Yes, many of Toylab's readers are experts on Blackbolt but he is still pretty unknown outside of Marvel fanboys.

The Inhuman Royal Family remains isolated in their amazing technological city of Attilan.  Attilan is capable of flying and has remained hidden from human eyes by resting on the Moon.  The powerful and silent ruler of the Inhumans Black Bolt is challenged by his brother Maximus.  Maximus wants the Inhumans to go to Earth and take their rightful place as its rulers.  When denied by Blackbolt, Maximus leads a coup that sees Black Bolt and a close group of followers hiding on Earth where they find a new purpose.

Cast and Characters

The series will not focus on the Inhuman characters in Agents of SHIELD (Though it would not surprise me if they appeared).  Instead the show will focus on the classic Inhuman characters of the Inhuman Royal Family.  The show will be set in the modern day and will be set both on Earth and the Moon.  The addition of the Moon as a set means that Attilan and the Blue Side of the Moon will very likely be a setting for the show.

The show / film showing with Imax will be the first time that a show and Imax have joined in such away.  The Marvel press release as posted on Marvel.com states:

ABC, IMAX and Marvel Television also intend to work together to create a joint marketing and promotion plan for the series across their proprietary media platforms--which would be the first such cross-platform marketing launch of a television series. Today’s agreement also marks IMAX’s first time as a financing participant in a TV pilot and series.

Major news in the Marvel press release was on the focus of the series:
Marvel’s "The Inhumans" will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt and the royal family.
This should mean that all of the Inhuman characters will be on the table for Agents of SHIELD and this new Inhumans show.

I think it is safe to say that Inhuman's film has officially been canceled and this show is a replacement to tell some of the same story that was planned for the film.  There has been speculation building for years on what Marvel will end up doing with the Inhumans and now we finally know.

What do you think?  Are you excited?  Disappointed?  Please let me know.

The first picture of the Cast was released fans noticed that Black Bolt did not have his mask which is his iconic look.  A user of ComicBookMovie.com named Seon.  Created this edited version of the picture.  I think this looks so much better and there is not reason why Marvel vs ABC could do something similar.

Teaser Video:
First teaser does not show any characters but we do hear the voices and learn about the issues that the group will face.  It sounds like some of the series Inhuman (After terregenisis cloud) storylines could be mined here.  Though it will be different because Blackbolt left the Royal Family during that storyline and here he is very much in place as the ruler of the group.
The voices in the narration are one male and one female.  The male is certainly Maximus the Mad as seems to be plotting the overthrow of his brother and calls for the Freedom of all Inhumans.  He talking to a female who says what he is saying is treason.  I doubt that is Medusa, my guess is that it is Crystal.
Overall really like this teaser, its very short but sets the mood.  Really wish they had just gone this route instead of the stiff looking Entertainment Weekly shoot.

Pictures and Posters from Series:

Actual Casting Call Notes for Inhumans:
From the Hashtag show the Casting notes for the Inhumans has been released.  Keep in mind that the names for the characters coded.  However, if you know anything about the Inhumans its pretty easy to decode.

Source: The Hash Tag Show

It generally looks like they will be sticking to the classic looks of the characters:  Toylab Bloggers added the suspected character names to the character descriptions so that those are not official.

Black Bolt

Broderick: Male. 30-40. Caucasian. Can say volumes with just a look. Strong, thoughtful and private, he’s unaccustomed to being questioned or feeling a need to answer to anyone, to an extent that can verge on arrogance. Series regular.


Marjorie: Female. 30-40. Caucasian. An elegant and intelligent advisor to her husband, she struggles to find her place outside of their relationship, as others tend to view her as just a pretty face. Strong and resourceful, she’s not afraid to break the rules when the situation demands it. Series regular.

Maximus the Mad:

Marty: 30-40. Caucasian. Broderick’s younger brother; he is intelligent, charming, and articulate. He comes across as a man of the people but secretly covets power. Series regular.


Kevin: Male. 30-40. Open. Slight of build, his mind is his greatest asset. Always prepared with a plan, his outlook on life is the glass is always half-empty and often cracked and dirty as well. Though his outlook can be grim, he has a droll, dry sense of humor. Series regular.


Grady: Male. 25-35. Open. Impetuous and brash, he has serious impulse control issues which frequently get him into trouble whether its women, booze, or fighting. He loves life and lives in the moment for better or worse. Series regular.


Christine: Female. 18-25 to play 18. Caucasian. Soulful but still learning the ways of the world, she has the arrogance of youth. Impetuous and independent she is also deeply devoted to her family. Series regular.


Timothy: Male. 25-35. Open. SFXMU required. Supremely athletic. The ultimate picture of cool. He’s calm under pressure and willing to do anything to get the job done.

Sir Kent's thoughts on the Inhumans
Thoughts on the Inhuman Show and Casting from our infamous Guest Blogger Sir Kent!


The Internet and comic geeks alike were all abuzz this week over the MOSTLY confirmed news that MARVEL is planning a GARGANTUAN (LOVE using such words) and ambitious introduction for a group that had been first reported to be D.O.A. The news of THE INHUMANS FINALLY getting not only a big screen, I-Max only treatment but, being tied into a T.V. series was not only enough to make me fuck a duck but about as overdue as this month's Netflix membership is from me (Don't worry bitches, I’ll get to you!). Speaking of ducks, a very brief history of The Inhumans. They were created by way back in 1965. Until recently, they never really had a long running comic of their own. They just kinda showed up at major events throughout Marvel history and much like the Terrigen Mist that gives them their powers, disappeared again. They were originally genetically enhanced humans that had been experimented upon by an alien race called The Kree.

(If you don't know who they are, you ain't a fan! And SHAME ON YOU!) The Kree created the Terrigen Crystals as a way to not only bring out and modify any hidden ability each person may have had but, the ultimate goal was to have them blend into different races throughout the galaxy and wait for orders to try and take over. Which explains their unique and individual appearance. I could go on and on because of their sudden resurgence of popularity thanks to A.O.S. (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

But I will spare you that because the BIGGEST question of the week is HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK??? Marvel...by the way BRA-F'BEEP'IN’-VO MARVEL! This is an endeavor that has NEVER been done before and if executed correctly, could spell a new way of movies and T.V. for years to come. Marvels plan is to have The Inhumans have a big screen run only only I-Max or I-Max 3-D screens. THEN spin that into a T.V. series.

This is simply GENIUS and ballsy thinking but, the story, the writing and the casting has got to be about as balls on as it was for DEADPOOL! Which brings me to the gist (Dirty but proper English term! Ya GOTTA love those, don't you?) WHO WILL PLAY THE ROYAL FAMILY??? This in it of itself is a HUGE problem because you have a bunch of start who think they are “TOO GOOD” to appear on the small screen! I said it once before and I’ll say it again.

If the great Samuel muthuf'BEEPin’ Jackson can appear TWICE on A.O.S. then NONE of you muthuf'BEEPa’s have an excuse! Except for being dick’s...thats always an excuse. Here is what I'm thinking should be the short list of consideration for the key members of The Royal Family (Of Inhumans. Not THAT Royal Family. DIPSH'BEEP!)

For the role of KING BLACKBOLT the first that comes to mind would be Vin Diesel BUT that dumbfuck probably would be one of those dicks that wouldn't do T.V.! I could see that so my next choice would be
Jessie Williams of GREY’s ANATOMY fame. Just because, physically, he fits the role to a t. It adds a certain level of color so that this won't turn into FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM. (Or as I call it, The Oscars all over again! HAH! Could there BE a cast anymore white? Oh wait...trump. I’m sad again)


My choice to play CRYSTAL would be Gillian Jacobs of COMMUNITY fame because HELLO. I mean LOOK AT HER! SHE IS CRYSTAL! Put her in something skin tight, add special effects and BOOM!


My choice for QUEEN MEDUSA would be Christina Hendricks of
BAD SANTA 2 and MAD MEN. Tits, ass and red hair. Need I say more?


An obvious choice to stay on that “Not too white” line of thinking is my boy KARNAK. Interesting note about Karnak. He wasn't introduced to the terrigen gas like everybody else. His mother wanted him to build his abilities naturally. So she sent him away to a monastery where he mastered his sensory abilities and martial arts prowess. Now, he can see weakness and flaws in anything and exploit it with his skills.

He is a natural tactician as well. My choice to play him could only be
Daniel Wu of INTO THE BADLANDS fame. If you ain't checked out this
A & E series, you really need to.

Photo: Daniel Wu as Sunny - Into the Badlands _ Season 1, Gallery - Photo Credit: James Minchin III/AMC

An easy pick for GORGON who is arguably the second strongest of the group would have to be Jason Momoa of STARGATE ATLANTIS and JUSTICE LEAGUE fame. He would play the shit of of a guy who could cause seismic tremors with his cloven hooves.


So there you have it. There is my bright ideas for who would fill out this cast well and hopefully wouldn't act like a bunch of dicks making the transition from the big screen to T.V. What do you think?

Inhuman's Shop
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Here is the information on the prior Inhuman Movie.

Inhumans Movie - News, Casting, Speculations, and Rumors

Scheduled Release date:  Nov 2nd, 2018

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was quoted saying this about the movie:
“November 3, 2018 will introduce dozens of characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe," ... "We really do believe the Inhumans can be a franchise or a series of franchise unto themselves. They have dozens of powers and an amazing social structure. With our 20th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we wanted to continue to refine what that universe is about."
Source Marvel.com 

Update Oct 9, 2015:
No More Inhumans Movie?

There is a rumor circulating NYCC and has been reported by Bleedingcool news that the Inhumans film may no longer be on Marvel's slate.
Some speculate that has to do with a disagreement between Marvel's film and TV divisions.  Others conclude that this means that Marvel may be working on a deal with Fox to bring over the X-Men franchise.
For the moment this is all very much rumor and speculation.  Bleedingcool does insist though that it has reliable sources to this rumor.
It would be unclear if true what this would mean for the plot of Agents of SHIELD.  Agents of SHIELD has built up the ideas of Inhumans for the past 3 years.  Would this give the show free reign introduce the Royal Family or does it put their future seasons in a quagmire?

Update: Oct 12, 2015
Devin Faraci addressed the rumor circulating from the BleedingCoolNews article.  According to him there is no delay or cancelation of the Inhuman film.

He also questioned Bleedingcool's claims on the Iron Fist TV show:

Want to learn more about the Inhumans?  Go to:
Inhumans CheatSheet for Agents of SHIELD fans

Current Marvel Logo for the Inhumans movie

Will Vin Diesel be Blackbolt?

Agents of SHIELD build up of Inhumans 
Inhumans CheatSheet for Agents of SHIELD fans
Is Skye an Inhuman?
Skye's Full Origin by Toylab 
Inhuman #8 why did Marvel double orders? 
Hunting for the Mysterious City in Agents of SHIELD
Who are Skye's parents? 
Did Agents of SHIELD jus introduce Skye's Mom?
Is Skye's Father Maximus the Mad?

Who are the Inhumans?
Who is Blackbolt? Why is he so powerful?
Who is Maximus the Mad? 
Who is Medusa?
Who is Karnak?
Who is Crystal?
Who is Triton? 
Who is Gorgon?

Important Places: 
What is Attilan? 
What is the Temple of Randac? 

Ancient Inhumans
Who is King Randac?

Nova Worldmind - Cosmic Races and Cosmic Map
          Livewire and Secret Weapons   

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Livewire is getting a series in Secret Weapons.  The Secret Weapons was one of the books highlighted at Fried Pie Comic Con Vol 2 where Valiant was on hand with a free preview.  I of course picked up one of those free previews and happy to say that this series is going to be really cool.

Secret Weapons #1 is out now!

Toylab Review 9/10
Review: Secret Weapons gets a solid 9/10 book.  Its smart heady Sci Fi with action with elements that remind of the X-Men back when the X-Men was cool.   It feels fresh, the new faces are interesting, Livewire is awesome and Rex-O is terrifying.  This is a great book to pick up if you are interested in getting into Valiant comics.

Update 5/31/2017 Secret Edition?
Valiant is releasing special Secret Edition versions of Secret Weapons that feature a special cover.  The cover is meant to look almost identical to the normal cover but with slight changes that relate to a codified puzzle.  Those that can solve the puzzle will learn a secret of the future of the series:
As reported through the Valiant Press Release:
Randomly inserted into the print run of SECRET WEAPONS #1’s A cover by interior artist Raul Allen, the SECRET WEAPONS #1 SECRET EDITION is indistinguishable from the A cover except for subtle differences that will not be revealed officially. Rather, eagle-eyed fans will have to crack the gamified elements to uncover the secrets. Readers that manage to obtain the randomly distributed SECRET WEAPONS #1 SECRET EDITION are challenged to decode a major secret at the heart of the Valiant Universe’s most important new series of the summer – one that will reveal the true long term importance of Livewire’s landmark solo debut and the epic events that will follow in its wake…
On June 28th, the secret is out in the Valiant Universe – and in a comic shop near you! Get ready to track the hidden code at the heart of Valiant’s next seminal series as the SECRET WEAPONS #1 SECRET EDITION brings the hunt for Livewire and her extraordinary new team of recruits off of the comic-book page and into the real world.

Comic Trailer

Update 5/5/2017 we have an interview with Livewire herself Ciera Foster!
We are excited to bring Valiant fans an exclusive interview with Livewire herself actress Ciera Foster! She is really cool check out this interview to learn how she has gone from a basketball player to a super hero also her connection with Chuck Norris.

Secret Weapon #3 Covers:
Really have liked all of the covers for this series.  Just found these images of the covers of Secret Weapons #3 and thought I would share them.

Update 4/26/2017 Return of Valiant Validated Signature Series

Secret Weapons is bringing back Valiant Validated Signature Series.
In the early 90s many Valiant comics had a special series of comic that came out with signatures from the creators that were then authenticated by the Publisher themselves. They were called the Valiant Validated Signature Series and they remain hot collector items today. The Valiant Validated Signature Series Comic of Secret Weapons will be signed by writer Eric Heisserer, have a special embossed seal on their cover (Declaring right on the cover the signature is legit) and also come with a Valiant Certificate of Authenticity itself signed by Valiant's Fred Pierce and Dinesh Shamdasani.

How the heck do you get one of these things?  Well retailers will get them if they place a qualifying order.  If you really want one I would reach out to your local comic shop and ask.  My guess is they will sell for more than the regular comic (That is kind of a duh statement).

Perusing online the more common original comics from this series go for around 30 dollars this includes Rai Future Force.  However, some rarer ones exist that have asking prices in the hundreds of dollars.  I would say overall it definitely increases the value of the comic and is something that is sought by fans.  I also think that the embossed logo could really increase the value of the new ones even further.

Another thing this says is that the company really believes in Secret Weapons and Livewire and are really trying to get as many eyeballs on this series as they can.  That is kind of an interesting thing in and of itself as it may indicate that Secret Weapons is part of a larger initiative.

In addition to the Signature Series they are also releasing the Prestige Format that comes with a lot of extra things.  Valiant is pushing the Prestige format for both Secret Weapons and X-O Manowar.  This is basically a reward to people who buy the comics in advance.  The time limit on Secret Weapons one is running out if you are interested I suggest clipping the coupon and taking it to your local store now.

About Secret Weapons:
The Secret Weapons series is written by the writer of Arrival, Eric Heisserer.  Eric worked with Valiant characters while working on the screen plays for Valiant film ambitions and said he fell in love with the Livewire character and excited to work with the character again on this project.

“Of all the writing I’ve done in the last year, my heart is most in SECRET WEAPONS and its collection of freaks, misfits, and outcasts. And I think a story of a woman who’s shouldered such great burdens, now trying to rescue some lost souls and form a surrogate family, may be one of the most emotional stories I’ve put to paper.

“And where this story goes? Oh man, buckle up.”

Part of Valiant's publishing plan that was outlined in the Valiant Summit was Icons theme in 2017.  The publisher felt that in 2016 it was a good time to pull their main characters off of shelves so they could focus on creating new characters.  This helped them catapult the character of Faith to being one of the most recognizable characters in comics.  In 2017 Valiant wants to bring back its Icons where it begins to launch its most recognizable names, X-O Manowar, Shadowman, Ninjak, Rai, Bloodshot and of course Livewire.

Valiant Store:

Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate program and so we can bring you these awesome deals on Valiant products directly from Amazon to you.

Secret Weapons is going to be a series that focuses on Livewire but also introduces a variety of new Valiant Psiots.  These Psiots were discarded by Harada due to their powers being seemingly useless.  Livewire will find use for those powers and create a team to take on her former mentor.  I think part of the fun of this series is going to be how does Livewire find a use for the powers of these discarded Psiots where her former mentor found none.  The story will also unite the team very much against Harada and should bring Livewire's own past as one of Harada's chief lieutenants.

Rex-O who I know from his appearances in X-O Manowar is a villain in the series is hunting down this group of Psiots.  Why is he after them and how can they manage to defeat him?

Click for full size

Valiant Announcement of Secret Weapons written by Eric Heisserer.

Official Announcement:

Art & Cover by RAUL ALLEN
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE | COMING IN JUNE!
The government has dispatched Amanda McKee – the technopath codenamed Livewire – to investigate the ruins of a secret facility formerly run by Toyo Harada, the most powerful telepath on Earth and her former mentor. In his quest for world betterment at any cost, Harada sought out and activated many potential psiots like himself. Those who survived, but whose powers he deemed to have no value to his cause, were hidden away at this installation. But Livewire, having studied Harada’s greatest strengths and learned his deepest weaknesses, senses opportunity where he once saw failure. A young girl who can talk to birds… A boy who can make inanimate objects gently glow… To others, these are expensive failures. But, to Livewire, they are secret weapons…in need of a leader. Now, as a mechanized killer called Rexo seeks to draw them out, Livewire and her new team of cadets will be forced to put their powers into action…in ways they never could have imagined…

“Much like Faith before her, Livewire is a comics icon in the making. She is beloved by fans and adored by creators,” said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. “Finding the right stage for her to shine has been a top priority at Valiant for some time now and, with SECRET WEAPONS, Eric and Raul have crafted something truly special. Not only is this a story quite unlike any Valiant has told to date, but Eric and Raul have created a host of new characters unlike any others in comics. This series is the first step in a long-term plan that will be more than worth the wait, and will have major ramifications for all quarters of the Valiant Universe as we build toward HARBINGER WARS 2 in 2018.

“Without a doubt, Raul is one of the most talented artists in the industry, and every page he sends in leaves jaws on the floor,” he added. “Eric – one of the great storytellers anywhere in entertainment today and one of the sweetest people possible – is able to effortlessly jump between mediums with a passion and intensity that is virtually unrivaled. Together they make an amazing team, and we can’t wait to share their work with the world.”

In addition to his 2017 Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for ARRIVAL, Heisserer has received a host of high-profile awards and nominations for some of the most prominent institutions in entertainment, including the BAFTA Awards, the Writers Guild Awards, the Humanitas Prize, the Broadcast Film Critics Association, the Chicago Film Critics Association, the Austin Film Critics Association, and more. His next projects will include a key role in shaping Valiant’s five-film slate of major motion pictures at Sony Pictures as the writer of the upcoming HARBINGER and BLOODSHOT feature films – currently scheduled for release in late 2018.

“My path to Secret Weapons is a bit wonky,” said Heisserer. “I started writing for characters like Pete, Faith, Livewire, and Bloodshot in the film adaptations of their stories. When I am given the opportunity to translate a property to screen, it’s like adopting someone else’s child for a while. I put in my time, try to respect all the hard work of the original authors, and sooner or later I’m on my way.

“The Valiant characters were different, especially Livewire. I kept thinking about her, long after my official writing services were complete. I wanted back into that world. I had crazy ideas for her powers, and the hard choices ahead of her. So, I asked to build a new book for Valiant, with a new group of faces, all led by Amanda. To my relief, Dinesh and Warren said yes.

“Of all the writing I’ve done in the last year, my heart is most in SECRET WEAPONS and its collection of freaks, misfits, and outcasts. And I think a story of a woman who’s shouldered such great burdens, now trying to rescue some lost souls and form a surrogate family, may be one of the most emotional stories I’ve put to paper.

“And where this story goes? Oh man, buckle up.”

Secret Weapons, Valiant Entertainment
Secret Weapons, Valiant Entertainment


Eric Heisserer – the Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of ARRIVAL and Valiant’s upcoming HARBINGER and BLOODSHOT feature films – joins Harvey Award-nominated visionary Raúl Allén (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) for an all-new Valiant Prestige-format adventure…launching Livewire and an extraordinary new team of heroes into the fight of their lives!

The government has dispatched Amanda McKee – the technopath codenamed Livewire – to investigate the ruins of a secret facility formerly run by Toyo Harada, the most powerful telepath on Earth and her former mentor. In his quest for world betterment at any cost, Harada sought out and activated many potential psiots like himself. Those who survived, but whose powers he deemed to have no value to his cause, were hidden away at this installation. But Livewire, having studied Harada’s greatest strengths and learned his deepest weaknesses, senses opportunity where he once saw failure. A young girl who can talk to birds… A boy who can make inanimate objects gently glow… To others, these are expensive disappointments. But, to Livewire, they are secret weapons…in need of a leader. Now, as a mechanized killer called Rex-O seeks to draw them out, Livewire and her new team of cadets will be forced to put their powers into action…in ways they never could have imagined…


          Valiant Comics at Denver Comic Con   

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Valiant will be rolling deep into Denver Comic Con and they have a lot to check out!

Books: Will be selling specail variant cover of Secret Weapons with art by Katie Cook.

Special Guests at the Valiant Booth to include:
Jodie Houser (Faith)
Fred Van Lente (War Mother, Archer and Armstrong)
Bart Sears (Bloodshot & Hard Corps Unity)

Valiant 101 Panel:  There will be a panel on Friday called Valiant 101 which is meant to be a primer for new readers of the publisher to know where to start.  Toylab Bloggers should be there!

Official Message from Valiant for Denver Comic Con!
From Friday, June 30th to Sunday, July 2nd, Valiant is bringing its cross-country road show to Denver, CO for Denver Comic Con 2017 – and we’re bringing a star-studded line-up of exclusives, programming, and panels for a can’t-miss comics celebration!
All weekend long, join Valiant inside the Colorado Convention Center at booth #1546 to see why Valiant is the award-winning, chart-topping superhero universe to beat with a selection of paperbacks and deluxe hardcovers for critically renowned and award-winning titles including BLOODSHOT REBORNBRITANNIADIVINITY III: STALINVERSEFAITHNINJAKQUANTUM & WOODYSAVAGEX-O MANOWAR (2017) and many more!
And don’t miss the mountains of Valiant merchandise rolling into Denver, including the SECRET WEAPONS #1 DENVER COMIC CON VARIANT, featuring the art of fan-favorite artist Katie Cook (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)! THE MUST-READ NEW SERIES of the summer from Academy Award-nominated writer Eric Heisserer(Arrival) and visionary artist Raul Allen (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) with Patricia Martin (BLOODSHOT REBORN) begins here as the technopathic hero Livewire steps into the fore to lead an extraordinary new team of Harbinger Foundation escapees…and reveals a hidden, high-stakes corner of the Valiant Universe never before explored…
Plus: Be sure to visit the all-star Valiant talent that’s charging into Denver Comic Con 2017 all weekend long, including:
  • Bart Sears (Artist, BLOODSHOT & H.A.R.D. CORPS, UNITY)
  • Fred Van Lente (Writer, WAR MOTHER, ARCHER & ARMSTRONG)
Then: Your official introduction to Valiant’s award-winning pantheon of heroes begins on Friday, June 30th at 2:30 p.m. MST in room #501 for the VALIANT 101: THE STORY STARTS HERE panel presentation! New to the Valiant Universe? Jump on board right here with a concise and fun-filled introduction to the origins and adventures of Valiant’s greatest and most iconic heroes – from BLOODSHOT and DIVINITY to FAITH and HARBINGER RENEGADE to NINJAK and X-O MANOWAR! From The A.V. Club to Buzzfeed and Entertainment Weekly and dozens more, Valiant has been hailed as the premier superhero publisher in comics today… Now, look no further than this panel of Valiant all-stars to find out where to start!
Finally: Get the inside intel on the most devastating conflict to ever disrupt the Valiant Universe on Saturday, July 1st at 2:30 p.m. MST in room #501 for theVALIANT: THE ROAD TO HARBINGER WARS 2 panel presentation! The road to Valiant’s biggest, most ambitious and impactful comic book event of all time starts right here! Jump on board to find out what the future holds for HARBINGER RENEGADE, X-O MANOWAR, BLOODSHOT, FAITH, DIVINITY, NINJAK, and the rest of Valiant’s most powerful heroes… and how the coming of HARBINGER WARS 2 will soon be felt across the entire Valiant Universe!
We’ll see you in Denver! And don’t miss a moment of the incredible action as Valiant’s cross-country convention road show charges on through Hartford,WantaghSan Diego and more throughout the summer!

Comic Con News

          Women Fighting the Good Fight... the Bolshevik-Tards, Here They Come   
Late night big ole yowls,dearest and summer-dancing KitKats ... so, most of the news-info below is from a week or so past ... time flies way too fast, and this Big Cat just can't keep up at all.






June 27, 2017

Stunning 1967 Dissertation Warns Infiltration of Rothschild Luciferians in US Government 2

Between 1967 and 1968 Myron Fagan recorded three LP records: The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.  The dissertations document the activities of the house of Rothschild were  produced byAnthony J. Hilder – an American activist, author, film maker, talk show host, broadcaster and former actor.
This stunning recording from 1967 speaks to the very problems we face today, including Fake News, government corruption, the Corrupt United Nations and infiltration of a Luciferian Rothschild cult who may have gained irreversible control of the US government.






"Stop liberal violence!" Journalist screams

A conservative journalist interrupted the Trump assassination play in Central Park, N.Y., on Friday, only two days after the politically-motivated shooting of Republican lawmakers.
Laura Loomer of Rebel Media was arrested after rushing the stage, yelling that the production promoted violence against President Trump and his supporters.
The play, which is sponsored by Time Warner and the New York Times, features a Trump-lookalike who is violently assassinated in the same manner as Julius Caesar.




Breaking: Whistleblower Says Deep State in Control of State Department : Ongoing Child-Trafficking Cover-Up at St. Dept.

Did you know that at the State Department they have an exorbitantly paid employee, of Middle East background, who is in charge of the sex-trafficking brochures for the State Department? Did you know that same person refuses to cover this issue as domestic issue? This plays right into the hands of the Deep State cover-up of their child-sex-trafficking practices at the highest levels of government? This is tantamount to overtly supporting and covering up child-sex-trafficking and the State Department is the willing accomplice. Did you also know that the State Department has 3 men, led by Deep State minion and close Obama ally, Larry Palmer, who controls all information coming in and out of the State Department and they control the FOIA’s for the State Department as well.
State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, has been unduly harassed and has had her life threatened for trying to expose traitors and overt practices of treason and sedition by State Department employees who are aligned with the Deep State motives and objectives. The following is an interview I conducted with Monika followed by objective, hard proof of the claims made by this whistleblower.
Unlike a lot of sources,this interview names the names of the guilty.

Monika “Begs” for Protection and Nobody From the State Department Will Help

Monika has begged for protection from the death threats, violent attacks and constant harassment. As recently as last Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Monika took the issue to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s aides. As of the date of this publication, she has not heard back on this critical issue. I want to put the State Department on notice, you do not wait 5 days to investigate these kinds of allegations when someone’s life is in danger. This is an example of intentional/unintentional depraved indifference to the safety of of State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski (see the email communications at the bottom of the page).
Previously, on The Common Sense Show,  I documented, with pictures, government vehicles that have stalked and harassed Monika. The Fairfax, VA. police have told Monika that it is not safer to go home and they cannot protect her.
More recently, Monika has had animals poisoned to death. She, herself, has had to be treated for poisoning, some of which was uranium related. When I recently tried to interview Monika by Skype, ourcommunications were blocked for hours. Simultaneously, our cell phone communications were blocked as well. Here home has been invaded when she is not home. She was boxed in by two Muslim men, at the carwash, and stayed near until she called the police. This woman is the Deep State posterchild for political and personal harassment. In the following emails, please note the reference to CHILD-SEX-TRAFFICKING. I further want it to be known that Liz Crokin discovered a connection between the Virginia Shooter baseball practice shooter and child-sex-trafficking and that the primary shooting victim, Rep. Scalise had just sponsored a child-sex-trafficking bill eight days prior to being shot. This is no coincidence, the Deep State strikes again.
Monika has backed out of previous interviews because she is in fear of her life. I have convinced her that if you are going to be on the list, you better be on top of the list. Because I know the fate of Breitbart and Hastings, I have shared this information with other journalistic outlets who are going to cover this case and we are going to turn up the heat significantly.
I want to remind everyone, that in several earlier publications, I have tapped into two unnamed sources, one from the FBI and one from the State Department and was told that there is a Deep State purge underway. Monika confirms the assertion as her office is “like a morgue, people have either left or people have cleared out their desks and are awaiting their departure”.

Crickets Chirping

After numerous instances of being harassed and attacked, she reached out to Secretary Tillerson’s office, but to no avail. Here are the unanswered communications:
From: Wesolowski, Monika
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 1:39 PM
To: Peterlin, Margaret JA
Cc: Kenna, Lisa D
Subject: RE: Personal and Confidential
Ms. Peterlin and Ms. Kenna,
The issue goes back deeper into 2013 and child trafficking. I have not seen my eight year old son in a year . I worry for his safety and mine. It is imperative I speak to you in person, I will not speak to anyone outside of Mr. Tillerson’s close administration for fear for my life and that of my son’s. Thank you for speaking to me on the phone. I have been wanting to send this email for several months but afraid to.
Monika A. Wesolowski
Visual Information Specialist
United States Department of State
Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS)
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx voicemail
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx direct

From: Wesolowski, Monika
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:50 PM
To: Peterlin, Margaret JA
Cc: Kenna, Lisa D
Subject: Personal and Confidential
Importance: High
Dear Ms. Peterlin,
I proudly attended Secretary of State Tillerson’s swearing in ceremony and have faith that he will be successful at the State Department. I would like to arrange a meeting with your office with the Secretary of State Mr. Rex Tillerson. It is imperative I speak to Mr. Tillerson. I do not feel safe at my office or at home, I have been under constant attack. I have had things happen to my family, myself, and in the office that I cannot talk about in email. I feel my life and health, as well as that of my family and those close to me, is in danger because of where I work and the people I work with, and their connections. I do not know who to trust and cannot trust Diplomatic Security here at DOS, my coworkers or upper management, especially not Ambassador Palmer, who is Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Information Services. I was informed by my HR that Ambassador Palmer pushed for the Hatch Act for my having a photograph and items of President Trump in my cubicle after the election. The situation at work has been hostile and I have been harassed. Please let me know if you could speak with me or arrange a meeting with the Secretary. Please expect a call regarding this email just to verify.
Thank you kindly,
Monika A. Wesolowski
Visual Information Specialist
United States Department of State
Global Publishing Solutions (A/GIS/GPS)
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx voicemail
Phone: 202-xxx-xxxx direct


 I believe Monika’s best protection is the light of day. On that note, I would ask that all forward this article to your contact list. Secondly, if Tillerson’s office will not respond to this grave situation, then I would ask that everyone send this article to President Trump AND Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Finally, we need to keep the heat on this issue.




Neil deGrasse Tyson now pushing Monsanto propaganda alongside wife abuser and convicted felon
Mike Adams
Why am I not surprised? Neil deGrasse Tyson, who has become a mouthpiece for the GMO and chemical agricultural industries that poison the global food supply, is narrating a new documentary called "Food Evolution."
The film pushes the same pro-GMO propaganda as a violent wife abuser who used to write for Forbes. Another fake science front group -- the ACSH -- appears in the film and is run by a convincted medical fraud FELON who spent years in prison (and now runs biotech propaganda campaigns for a living).
Neil deGrasse Tyson has become a shameful betrayor of humanity and nature and an insult to real science.





          Brian Clegg, “The Reality Frame: Relativity and Our Place in the Universe” (Icon Books, 2017)   
Brian Clegg is one of England’s most prolific and popular writers on science. His latest work, The Reality Frame: Relativity and Our Place in the Universe (Icon Books, 2017), covers Einstein’s Theories of Relativity and a whole lot more. Simply…
Timaleon.com Let's play free online Timaleon.com unblocked game and explore the secret in the new colorful world! The combat that you are joining is set in a strange universe. In which, you have to attempt to survive and win. The mission is to be the top player as soon as possible. Control a spaceship looking like a triangle and move carefully to take out every enemy as well as destroy asteroids. Some of them will drop power-ups such as ammo or other upgrades. Have fun!
          SGU Podcast #624   
Zusammenfassung Themen der The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe Episode 624 (vom 24. Jun. 2017): Was ist das Wort: Nominal Relational Reasoning in Computer Big Bang Probleme Menschen, die behaupten, sich nur von Luft zu ernähren („Breatharians”) Biodynamische Landwirtschaft und ähnlicher Unsinn Pseudowissenschaft um Kokosnußöl
          Comment on What Were They Thinking?: Do-manga-trix by hillbilly   
I read a interview about this years ago. It was a joke. More accurately is how adults like freaky weird kinky hero's in japan. So they decided to use the most violent hero's to make them the most kinky. The 3 they chose was wolvie, Deadpool and punisher. They couldn't find a way to put either mutant into a kink hero role, so they used punisher, since his story can be from everywhere. Plus wolvie was already in talks for a manga. You can see it is a joke. Look at the name. So-Sue-Me Brown. Bad part it was popular in Japan. And they wanted to extend the run. Marvel said no. Now for a good story, the Satan Brothers I though was really good from this universe.
          Spider-Man Homecoming reviewed: south Londoner Tom Holland the perfect fit in sharp Marvel reboot   
Even among Marvel’s roster of superheroes, Spider-Man is the stand-out that people recognise and love. But he has not been part of the famed Marvel Cinematic Universe until now – and it has been worth the wait.
          Comment on Mind Control Made Me Do It by Jonathan   
Charles did not know he was responsible. Or at the very least, he was aware that SOMETHING was wrong but had blocked it out. In the case of the hotel, they were only there in the first place because they were on the run from murderous mercenaries, and his telepathy only went haywire because his medication was held from him when the mercenaries who didn't know better broke into their room and took Charles hostage while Logan was out. Basically, the situation in the film is that Charles one day lost control of his powers and accidentally killed most of the X-Men; Logan has him locked up in the middle of the desert and keeps him pied with drugs both to keep him safe from others and to keep others safe from him, with the long-term plan of making enough money to buy a boat and live in the middle of the ocean. Charles, for his part, is well into old age, going senile, only half-remembers that he did anything at all (possibly the drugs are affecting this as well) and he only finally recalls it much later in the movie (whereupon he breaks down and cries). It is also established that losing control of his powers like this is a recent and freak occurrence that nobody saw coming until it was too late. Charles is clearly a case of diminished responsibility here. LOGAN, on the other hand, might be in trouble here, if one holds that he doesn't have the legal right to decide what happens to Charles. He's basically holding a mentally ill old man against his will with no legal or medical standing (Charles had no say in Logan taking him anywhere and occasionally panics and demands to be taken home). Logan is not his legal guardian and furthermore, Charles is basically a Typhoid Mary who is a very real threat to innocent people. Not that you can blame Logan exactly for not turning Charles into the proper authorities (since they are hardly the most trustworthy bunch in this universe), but I think Logan is in trouble here (you know, in addition to the mountains of people he has killed over the decades).
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LEGO Star Wars is a series of TV Movies telling stories from the Star Wars universe using the distinctive characters from the world of LEGO and the animation style of the LEGO Star Wars computer games. Starting in 2005; the first film “Revenge of the Brick” was created to coincide with the theatrical release of […]

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          Top 10 discoveries about waves    

Gravitational radiation reminds science of its debts to the physics of waves

surfer on a wave

CATCH A WAVE Physicists are the surfers of science, with a long history of fascination with waves.

Physics fans are a lot like surfers. Both think waves are really fun.

For surfers, it’s all about having a good time. For physicists, it’s about understanding some of nature’s most important physical phenomena. Yet another detection of gravitational waves, announced June 1, further reinvigorates the world’s science fans’ excitement over waves.

Waves have naturally always been a topic of scientific and mathematical interest. They play a part in an enormous range of physical processes, from heat and light to radio and TV, sonograms and music, earthquakes and holograms. (Waves used to even be a common sight in baseball stadiums, but fans got tired of standing up and down and it was really annoying anyway.)

Many of science’s greatest achievements have been discoveries of new kinds of waves or new insights into wave motion. Identifying just the Top 10 such discoveries (or ideas) is therefore difficult and bound to elicit critical comments from cult members of particular secret wave societies. So remember, if your favorite wave isn’t on this list, it would have been No. 11.

10.  Thomas Young: Light is a wave.

In the opening years of the 19th century, the English physician Young tackled a long-running controversy about the nature of light. A century earlier, Isaac Newton had argued forcibly for the view that light consisted of (very small) particles. Newton’s contemporary Christiaan Huygens strongly disagreed, insisting that light traveled through space as a wave.

Through a series of clever experiments, Young demonstrated strong evidence for waves. Poking two tiny holes in a thick sheet of paper, Young saw that light passing through created alternating bands of light and darkness on a surface placed on the other side of the paper. That was just as expected if light passing through the two holes interfered just as water waves do, canceling out when crest met trough or enhancing when crests met “in phase.” Young did not work out his wave theory with mathematical rigor and so Newton’s defenders resisted, attempting to explain away Young’s results.

But soon Augustin Jean Fresnel in France worked out the math of light waves in detail. And in 1850, when Jean-Bernard-Léon Foucault showed that light travels faster in air than water, the staunchest Newton fans had to capitulate. Newton himself would have acknowledged that light must therefore consist of waves. (Much later, though, Einstein found a way that light could in fact consist of particles, which came to be called photons.)

9. Michelson and Morley: Light waves don’t vibrate anything.

Waves are vibrations, implying the need for something to vibrate. Sound vibrated molecules in the air, for instance, and ocean waves vibrated molecules of water. Light, supposedly, vibrated an invisible substance called the ether.

In 1887, Albert A. Michelson and his collaborator Edward Morley devised an experiment to detect that ether. Earth’s motion through the ether should have meant that light’s velocity would depend on its direction. (Traveling with the Earth’s motion, light’s speed wouldn’t be the same as traveling at right angles to the direction of motion.) Michelson and Morley figured they could detect that difference by exploiting the interference phenomena discovered by Young. But their apparatus failed to find any ether effect. They thought their experiment was flawed. But later Einstein figured out there actually wasn’t any ether.

8. James Clerk Maxwell: Light is an electromagnetic wave.

Maxwell died in 1879, the year Einstein was born, and so did not know there wasn’t an ether. He did figure out, though, that both electricity and magnetism could be explained by stresses in some such medium.

Electric and magnetic charges in the ether ought to generate disturbances in the form of waves, Maxwell realized. Based on the strengths of those forces he calculated that the waves would travel at the fantastic speed of 310 million meters per second, suspiciously close to the best recent measurements of the speed of light (those measurements ranged from 298 million to 315 million meters per second). So Maxwell, without the benefit of ever having watched NCIS on TV, then invoked Gibbs’ Rule 39 (there’s no such thing as a coincidence) and concluded that light was an example of an electromagnetic wave.

“It seems we have strong reason to conclude that light itself (including radiant heat, and other radiations if any) is an electromagnetic disturbance in the form of waves propagated through the electromagnetic field,” he wrote in 1864. His “other radiations, if any” turned out to be an entire spectrum of all sorts of cool waves, from gamma radiation to radio signals.

7. Heinrich Hertz: Radio waves.

Not very many people took Maxwell seriously at first. A few, though, known as the Maxwellians, promoted his ideas. One physicist who had faith in Maxwell, or at least in his equations, was Hertz, who performed experiments in his lab in Karlsruhe, Germany, that successfully produced and detected radio waves, eventually to be exploited by propagandists to spread a lot of illogical nonsense on talk radio.

His success inspired much more respect for the equations in Maxwell’s theory, which Hertz found almost magical: “It is impossible to study this wonderful theory without feeling as if the mathematical equations had an independent life and an intelligence of their own, as if they were wiser than ourselves,” Hertz said. His prime experimental success came in 1887, the same year that Michelson and Morley failed to detect the ether. Hertz died in 1894, long before his discovery was put to widespread use.

6. John Michell: Seismic waves.

Michell, an English geologist and astronomer, was motivated by the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755 to investigate the cause of earthquakes. In 1760 he concluded that “subterraneous fires” should be blamed, noting that volcanoes — “burning mountains” — commonly occur in the same neighborhood as frequent earthquakes.

Michell noted that “the motion of the earth in earthquakes is … partly propagated by waves, which succeed one another sometimes at larger and sometimes at smaller distances.” He cited witness accounts of quakes in which the ground rose “like the sea in a wave.” Much later seismologists developed a more precise understanding of the seismic waves that shake the Earth, using them as probes to infer the planet’s inner structure.

5. Wilhelm Röntgen: X-rays.

Roentgen's first x-ray of his wife's handWhen Hertz discovered radio waves, he knew he was looking for the long-wavelength radiation foreshadowed in Maxwell’s equations. But a few years later, in 1895, Röntgen found the radio wave counterpart of the opposite end of the electromagnetic spectrum — by accident.

Mysterious short-wavelength rays of an unknown type (therefore designated X) emerged when Röntgen shot cathode rays (beams of electrons) through a glass tube. Röntgen suspected that his creation might be a new kind of wave among the many Maxwell had anticipated: “There seems to exist some kind of relationship between the new rays and light rays; at least this is indicated by the formation of shadows,” Röntgen wrote. Those shadows, of course, became the basis for a revolutionary medical technology.

Besides providing a major new tool for observing shattered bones and other structures inside the body, X-rays eventually became essential tools for scientific investigation in astronomy, biology and other fields. And they shattered the late 19th century complacency of physicists who thought they’d basically figured everything out about nature. Weirdly, though, X-rays later turned out to be particles sometimes, validating Einstein’s ideas that light had an alter ego particle identity. (By the way, it turned out that X-rays aren’t the electromagnetic waves with the shortest wavelengths — gamma rays can be even shorter. Maybe they would be No. 11.)

4. Epicurus: The swerve.

Not exactly a wave in the ordinary sense, the swerve was a deviation from straight line motion postulated by the Greek philosopher Epicurus around 300 B.C. Unlike Aristotle, Epicurus believed in atoms, and argued that reality was built entirely from the random collisions of an infinite number of those tiny particles. Supposedly, he thought, atoms would all just fall straight down to the center of the universe unless some unpredictable “swerve” occasionally caused them to deviate from their paths so they would bounce off each other and congregate into complex structures.

It has not escaped the attention of modern philosophers that the Epicurean unpredictable swerve is a bit like the uncertainty in particle motions introduced by quantum mechanics. Which has its own waves. 

3. Louis de Broglie: Matter waves.

In the early 1920s, de Broglie noticed a peculiar connection between relativity and quantum physics. Max Planck’s famous quantum formula related energy to frequency of a wave motion. Einstein’s special relativity related energy to the mass of a particle. De Broglie thought it would make a fine doctoral dissertation to work out the implications of two seemingly separate things both related to energy. If energy equals mass (times the speed of light squared) and energy equals frequency (time Planck’s constant), then voilà, mass equals frequency (times some combination of the constants). Therefore, de Broglie reasoned, particles (of mass) ought to also exist as waves (with a frequency).

That might have seemed wacky, but Einstein read de Broglie’s thesis and thought it made sense. Soon Walter Elsasser in Germany reported experiments that supported de Broglie, and in America Clinton Davisson and coworkers demonstrated conclusively that electrons did in fact exhibit wave properties.

De Broglie won the physics Nobel Prize in 1929; Davisson shared the 1937 Nobel with George Thomson, who had conducted similar experiments showing electrons are waves. Which was ironic, because George’s father, J.J. Thomson, won the 1906 Nobel for the work that revealed the existence of the electron as a particle. Eight decades later Ernst Ruska won a Nobel for his design of a powerful microscope that exploited the electron’s wave behavior.

2. Max Born: Probability waves.

De Broglie’s idea ignited a flurry of activity among physicists trying to figure out how waves fit into quantum theory. Niels Bohr, for instance, spent considerable effort attempting to reconcile the dual wave-particle nature of both electrons and light. Erwin Schrödinger, meanwhile, developed a full-fledged “wave mechanics” to describe the behavior of electrons in atoms solely from the wave perspective. Schrödinger’s math incorporated a “wave function” that was great for calculating the expected results of experiments, even though some experiments clearly showed electrons to be particles.

Born, a German physicist and good friend of Einstein’s, deduced the key to clarifying the wave function: It was an indicator of the probability of finding the particle in a given location. Combined with Werner Heisenberg’s brand-new uncertainty principle, Born’s realization led to the modern view that an electron is wavelike in the sense that it does not possess a definite location until it is observed. That approach works fine for all practical purposes, but physicists and philosophers still engage in vigorous debates today about the true physical status of the wave function.

1. LIGO: Gravitational waves.

graph of gravitational wave detectionSoon after he completed his general theory of relativity, Einstein realized that it implied the possibility of gravitational radiation — vibrations of spacetime itself.  He had no idea, though, that by spending a billion dollars, physicists a century later could actually detect those spacetime ripples. But thanks to lasers (which maybe would have been No. 11), the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory — two huge labs in Louisiana and Washington state — captured the spacetime shudders emitted from a pair of colliding black holes in September 2015.

That detection is certainly one of the most phenomenal experimental achievements in the history of science. It signaled a new era in astronomy, providing astronomers a tool for probing the depths of the universe that are obscured from view with Maxwell’s “other radiations, if any.” For astronomy, gravitational radiation is the wave of the future. 

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          Top 10 science anniversaries of 2017    

It’s time to celebrate pulsars, planets, Einstein, more Einstein and the laws of robotics

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

This year marks the semicentennial of the discovery of pulsars, first observed by Jocelyn Bell Burnell, shown here in 1968 at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory in Cambridge, England.

Second of two parts

Every year science offers a diverse menu of anniversaries to celebrate. Births (or deaths) of famous scientists, landmark discoveries or scientific papers — significant events of all sorts qualify for celebratory consideration, as long as the number of years gone by is some worthy number, like 25, 50, 75 or 100. Or simple multiples thereof with polysyllabic names.

2017 has more than enough such anniversaries for a Top 10 list, so some worthwhile events don’t even make the cut, such as the births of Stephen Hawking (1942) and Arthur C. Clarke (1917). The sesquicentennial of Michael Faraday’s death (1867) almost made the list, but was bumped at the last minute by a book. Namely:

10. On Growth and Form, centennial (1917)

A true magnum opus, by the Scottish biologist D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, On Growth and Form has inspired many biologists with its mathematical analysis of physical and structural forces underlying the diversity of shapes and forms in the biological world. Nobel laureate biologist Sir Peter Medawar praised Thompson’s book as “beyond comparison the finest work of literature in all the annals of science that have been recorded in the English tongue.”

9. Birth of Abraham de Moivre, semiseptcentennial (1667).

Born in France on May 26, 1667, de Moivre moved as a young man to London where he did his best work, earning election to the Royal Society. Despite exceptional mathematical skill, though, he attained no academic position and earned a meager living as a tutor. He is most famous for his book The Doctrine of Chances, which was in essence an 18th century version of Gambling for Dummies. It contained major advances in probability theory and in later editions introduced the concept of the famous bell curve. Isaac Newton was impressed; the legend goes that when anyone asked him about probability, Newton said to go talk to de Moivre.

8. Exoplanets, quadranscentennial (1992)

It seems like exoplanets have been around almost forever (and probably actually were), but the first confirmed by Earthbound astronomers were reported just a quarter century ago. Three planets showed up orbiting not an ordinary star, but a pulsar, a rapidly spinning neutron star left behind by a supernova.

Astrophysicists Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail found a sign of the planets, first detected with the Arecibo radio telescope, in irregularities in the radio pulses from the millisecond pulsar PSR1257+12. Some luck was involved. In 1990, the Arecibo telescope was being repaired and couldn’t pivot to point at a specific target; instead it constantly watched just one region of the sky. PSR1257+12 just happened to float by.

7. Birth of Marie Curie, sesquicentennial (1867)

No doubt the most famous Polish-born scientist since Copernicus, Curie was born in Warsaw on November 7, 1867, as Maria Sklodowska. Challenged by poverty, family tragedies and poor health, she nevertheless excelled as a high school student. But she then worked as a governess, while continuing as much science education as possible, until her married sister invited her to Paris. There she completed her physics education with honors and met and married another young physicist, Pierre Curie.

Together they tackled the mystery of the newly discovered radioactivity, winning the physics Nobel in 1903 along with radioactivity’s discoverer, Henri Becquerel. Marie continued the work after her husband’s tragic death in 1906; she became the first person to win a second Nobel, awarded in chemistry in 1911 for her discovery of the new radioactive elements polonium and radium.

6. Laws of Robotics, semisesquicentennial (1942)

One of science fiction’s greatest contributions to modern technological philosophy was Isaac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics, which first appeared in a short story in the March 1942 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. Later, those laws formed the motif of his many robot novels and appeared in his famous Foundation Trilogy (and subsequent sequels and prequels). They were:

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Much later Asimov added a “zeroth law,” requiring robots to protect all of humankind even if that meant violating the other three laws. Artificial intelligence researchers all know about Asimov’s laws, but somehow have not managed to enforce them on social media. Incidentally, this year is also the quadranscentennial of Asimov’s death in 1992.

5. First sustained nuclear fission chain reaction, semisesquicentennial (1942)

Enrico Fermi, the Italian Nobel laureate, escaped fascist Italy to come to the United States shortly after nuclear fission’s discovery in Germany. Fermi directed construction of the “atomic pile,” or nuclear reactor, on a squash court under the stands of the University of Chicago’s football stadium. Fermi and his collaborators showed that neutrons emitted from fissioning uranium nuclei could induce more fission, creating a chain reaction capable of releasing enormous amounts of energy. Which it later did.

4. Discovery of pulsars, semicentennial (1967)

Science’s awareness of the existence of pulsars turns 50 this year, thanks to the diligence of Irish astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell. She spent many late-night hours examining the data recordings from the radio telescope she helped to build that first spotted a signal from a pulsar. She recognized that the signal was something special even though others thought it was just a glitch in the apparatus. But she was a graduate student so her supervisor got the Nobel Prize instead of her

3. Einstein’s theory of lasers, centennial (1917)

Albert Einstein did not actually invent the laser, but he developed the mathematical understanding that made lasers possible. By 1917, physicists knew that quantum physics played a part in the working of atoms, but the details were fuzzy. Niels Bohr had shown in 1913 that an atom’s electrons occupy different energy levels, and that falling from a high energy level to a lower one emits radiation.

Einstein worked out the math describing this process when many atoms have electrons in high-energy states and emit radiation. His analysis of matter-radiation interaction indicated that it would be possible to prepare many atoms in the same high-energy state and then stimulate them to emit radiation all at once. Properly done, all the atoms would emit radiation of identical wavelength with the waves in phase. A few decades later other physicists figured out how to build such a device for use as a powerful weapon or to read bar codes at grocery stores.

2. Qubits, quadranscentennial (1992)

An even better quantum anniversary than lasers is the presentation to the world of the concept of quantum bits of information. Physicist Ben Schumacher of Kenyon College in Ohio unveiled the idea at a conference in Dallas in 1992 (I was there). A “quantum bit” of information, or qubit, represents the information contained in a quantum particle, which can exist in multiple states at once. A photon, for instance, might simultaneously be in a state of horizontal or vertical polarization. Or an electron’s spin could be up and down at the same time.

Such states differ from classical bits of information in a computer, recorded as either a 0 or 1; a quantum bit is both 0 and 1 at the same time. It becomes one or the other only when observed, much like a flipped coin is nether heads nor tails until somebody catches it, or it lands on the 50 yard line. Schumacher’s idea did not get a lot of attention at first, but it eventually became the foundational idea for quantum information theory, a field now booming with efforts to construct a quantum computer based on the manipulation of qubits.

1. Birth of modern cosmology, centennial (1917)

It might seem unfair that Einstein gets two Top 10 anniversaries in 2017, but 1917 was a good year for him. Before publishing his laser paper, Einstein tweaked the equations of his brand-new general theory of relativity in order to better explain the universe (details in Part 1). Weirdly, Einstein didn’t understand the universe, and he later thought the term he added to his equations was a mistake. But it turns out that today’s understanding of the universe’s behavior — expanding at an accelerating rate — seems to require the term that Einstein thought he had added erroneously. But you can’t expect Einstein to have foreseen everything. He probably had no idea that lasers would revolutionize grocery shopping either.

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          Einstein’s latest anniversary marks the birth of modern cosmology    

1917 paper introduced infamous cosmological constant in equation describing gravity

Andromeda galaxy

Edwin Hubble’s observations of stars in the Andromeda galaxy (shown) demonstrated that the universe was vastly bigger than Albert Einstein realized. Nevertheless, Einstein’s paper applying his general theory of relativity, published a century ago, became the foundation for the modern science of cosmology.

First of two parts

Sometimes it seems like every year offers an occasion to celebrate some sort of Einstein anniversary.

In 2015, everybody lauded the 100th anniversary of his general theory of relativity. Last year, scientists celebrated the centennial of his prediction of gravitational waves — by reporting the discovery of gravitational waves. And this year marks the centennial of Einstein’s paper establishing the birth of modern cosmology.

Before Einstein, cosmology was not very modern at all. Most scientists shunned it. It was regarded as a matter for philosophers or possibly theologians. You could do cosmology without even knowing any math.

But Einstein showed how the math of general relativity could be applied to the task of describing the cosmos. His theory offered a way to study cosmology precisely, with a firm physical and mathematical basis. Einstein provided the recipe for transforming cosmology from speculation to a field of scientific study.

“There is little doubt that Einstein’s 1917 paper … set the foundations of modern theoretical cosmology,” Irish physicist Cormac O’Raifeartaigh and colleagues write in a new analysis of that paper. 

Einstein had pondered the implications of his new theory for cosmology even before he had finished it. General relativity was, after all, a theory of space and time — all of it. Einstein’s showed that gravity — the driving force sculpting the cosmic architecture — was simply the distortion of spacetime geometry generated by the presence of mass and energy. (He constructed an equation to show how spacetime geometry, on the left side of the equation, was determined by the density of mass-energy, the right side.) Since spacetime and mass-energy account for basically everything, the entire cosmos ought to behave as general relativity’s equation required.

Newton’s law of gravity had posed problems in that regard. If every mass attracted every other mass, as Newton had proclaimed, then all the matter in the universe ought to have just collapsed itself into one big blob. Newton suggested that the universe was infinite, filled with matter, so that attraction inward was balanced by the attraction of matter farther out. Nobody really bought that explanation, though. For one thing, it required a really precise arrangement: One star out of place, and the balance of attractions disappears and the universe collapses. It also required an infinity of stars, making it impossible to explain why it’s dark at night. (There would be a star out there along every line of sight at all times.)

Einstein hoped his theory of gravity would resolve the cosmic paradoxes of Newtonian gravity. So in early 1917, less than a year after his complete paper on the general theory was published, he delivered a short paper to the Prussian Academy of Sciences outlining the implications of his theory for cosmology.

In that paper, titled “Cosmological Considerations in the General Theory of Relativity,” he started by noting the problems posed by using Newton’s gravity to describe the universe. Einstein showed that Newton’s gravity would require a finite island of stars sitting in an infinite space. But over time such a collection of stars would evaporate. That problem could be avoided, though, if the universe turned out not to be infinite. Instead, Einstein said, everything would be fine if the universe is finite. Big, sure, but curved in such a way that it closed on itself, like a sphere.

Einstein’s mathematical challenge was to show that such a finite cosmic spacetime would be static and stable. (In those days nobody knew that the universe was expanding.) He assumed that on a large enough scale, the distribution of matter in this universe could be considered uniform. (Einstein said it was like viewing the Earth as a smooth sphere for most purposes, even though its terrain is full of complexities on smaller distance scales.) Matter’s effect on spacetime curvature would therefore be pretty much constant, and the universe’s overall condition would be unchanging.

All this made sense to Einstein because he had a limited view of what was actually going on in the cosmos. Like many scientists in those days, he believed the universe was basically just the Milky Way galaxy. All the known stars moved fairly slowly, consistent with his belief in a spherical cosmos with uniformly distributed mass. Unfortunately, general relativity’s math didn’t work if that was the case — it suggested the universe would not be stable. Einstein realized, though, that his view of the static spherical universe would succeed if he added a term to his original equation.

In fact, there were good reasons to include the term anyway. O’Raifeartaigh and colleagues point out that in his earlier work on general relativity, Einstein remarked in a footnote that his equation technically permitted the inclusion of an additional term. That didn’t seem to matter at the time. But in his cosmology paper, Einstein found that it was just the thing his equation needed to describe the universe properly (as Einstein then supposed the universe to be). So he added that factor, designated by the Greek letter lambda, to the left-hand side of his basic general relativity equation.

“That term is necessary only for the purpose of making possible a quasi-static distribution of matter, as required by the fact of the small velocities of the stars,” Einstein wrote in his 1917 paper. As long as the magnitude of this new term on the geometry side of the equation was small enough, it would not alter the theory’s predictions for planetary motions in the solar system.

Einstein’s 1917 paper demonstrated the mathematical effectiveness of lambda (also called the “cosmological constant”) but did not say much about its physical interpretation. In another paper, published in 1918, he commented that lambda represented a negative mass density — it played “the role of gravitating negative masses which are distributed all over the interstellar space.” Negative mass would counter the attractive gravity and prevent all the matter in Einstein’s spherical finite universe from collapsing.

As everybody now knows, though, there is no danger of collapse, because the universe is not static to begin with, but rather is rapidly expanding. After Edwin Hubble had established such expansion, Einstein abandoned lambda as unnecessary (or at least, set it equal to zero in his equation). Others built on Einstein’s foundation to derive the math needed to make sense of Hubble’s discovery, eventually leading to the modern view of an expanding universe initiated by a Big Bang explosion.

But in the 1990s, astronomers discovered that the universe is not only expanding, it is expanding at an accelerating rate. Such acceleration requires a mysterious driving force, nicknamed “dark energy,” exerting negative pressure in space. Many experts believe Einstein’s cosmological constant, now interpreted as a constant amount of energy with negative pressure infusing all of space, is the dark energy’s true identity.

Einstein might not have been surprised by all of this. He realized that only time would tell whether his lambda would vanish to zero or play a role in the motions of the heavens. As he wrote in 1917 to the Dutch physicist-astronomer Willem de Sitter: “One day, our actual knowledge of the composition of the fixed-star sky, the apparent motions of fixed stars, and the position of spectral lines as a function of distance, will probably have come far enough for us to be able to decide empirically the question of whether or not lambda vanishes.”

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          In 20th century, astronomers opened their minds to gazillions of galaxies    

Telescopes in U.S. West revealed vastly larger, expanding universe

Andromeda galaxy

In 1923, Edwin Hubble found variable stars in the Andromeda nebula enabling him to gauge its distance. It turned out to be far from the Milky Way, demonstrating that it and many other nebulae were actually galaxies in their own right.

WASHINGTON — Before astronomers could discover the expansion of the universe, they had to expand their minds.

When the 20th century began, astronomers not only didn’t know the universe was expanding, they didn’t even care.

“Astronomers in the late 19th century and the very start of the 20th century were very little interested in what we would call the broader universe or its history,” says historian of science Robert Smith of the University of Alberta in Canada.

Some astronomers were interested in the structure of the Milky Way galaxy, the vast collection of stars in which the sun, Earth and known planets reside. “But astronomers played next to no part in the debates at the end of the 19th century about the wider nature of the cosmos,” Smith said in a talk January 28 at a meeting of the American Physical Society. In fact, many scientists believed there was no wider cosmos. Majority opinion held that the Milky Way galaxy, more or less, constituted the entire universe. 

“As far as almost all astronomers were concerned, the universe beyond our own limited system of stars was the realm of metaphysics, and working astronomers did not engage in metaphysics,” Smith said.

Astronomers left others to do the wondering.

“The infinite universe beyond our stellar system was territory that professional astronomers really were very happy to leave to mathematicians, physicists, philosophers and some popularizers,” Smith said.

Even among those groups, pre-20th century consensus limited the universe to the Milky Way and its immediate environs. Clues to the contrary were mostly dismissed. Most prominent among those clues was the existence of “spiral nebulae,” fuzzy patches of light clearly distinct from the pointlike stars. Photos of the spiral-shaped blobs suggested that they were solar systems in the making within or around the Milky Way; many people believed the galaxy was home to countless populated planets. Very few people believed that the nebulae were distant replicas of the Milky Way, galaxies in their own right.

In a book published in 1890, for instance, astronomer and respected science popularizer Agnes Clerke wrote that “no competent thinker” believed that nebulae could be galaxies. She retained that view in a later edition published in 1905, Smith said.  

But after around 1905, he said, the modern conception of the cosmos began to emerge. Philanthropic contributions in support of new, large telescopes, particularly in the American West, led to observations that slowly transformed the restricted view of a one-galaxy universe into the current commodious cosmos, with billions and billions (technically, gazillions) of galaxies.

Cepheid surprise

Edwin Hubble's observations of the Andromeda nebula turned up what he thought were exploding stars, which he labeled "N" for "nova." He later realized that the star in the upper right was a Cepheid variable, allowing him to calculate the distance from Earth. Science News-Letter reported Hubble's findings and calculations in 1924.

At Lick Observatory in California, for instance, James Keeler undertook the task of counting the spiral nebulae. At the time, astronomers knew of a few dozen. Keeler found hundreds of thousands.

“So the spiral nebulae are elevated in importance by Keeler,” Smith said.

By 1912, Vesto Slipher, at Lowell Observatory in Arizona, began reporting measurements of the light emanating from the nebulae, determining how far colors were shifted to the red end of the spectrum, a way to measure how fast the nebulae were flying away from the Earth.

“He would actually start arguing that the spiral nebulae were distant galaxies,” Smith said.

By the 1920s, more and more astronomers took the idea of distant galaxies seriously. Finally Edwin Hubble, at the Mount Wilson Observatory in Southern California, provided the deathblow to the one-galaxy universe. In 1923, his observations of the Andromeda nebula turned up a couple of Cepheid variable stars. Because Cepheids varied in brightness on a regular schedule that depended on their intrinsic brightness, they provided surefire clues to Andromeda’s distance from Earth. Andromeda resided 900,000 light-years away, vastly farther than even the most exaggerated estimates of the Milky Way’s diameter.

Hubble’s use of Cepheids depended on the earlier pioneering work of Henrietta Swan Leavitt at the Harvard observatory. “Her discovery of the period-luminosity relationship in Cepheid variable stars is absolutely fundamental in transforming people’s ideas about first, our own galactic system and second, providing the means to demonstrate that galaxies do in fact exist,” Smith said.

By the end of the 1920s Hubble, combining his distance measurements with velocity measurement made by astronomer Milton Humason, had demonstrated that the farther a nebula was from Earth, the faster it appeared to fly away. That relationship formed the observational basis for the expanding universe. Hubble suggested as much in 1929. Others also realized that the new view of the cosmos implied an expanding universe; one, Georges Lemaître, proposed something very much like today’s Big Bang theory of the universe’s origin.

It took a while, though, for the idea of the universe as the expanding aftermath of a big explosion to open everybody’s mind. In 1935, for instance, the astronomer J.S. Plaskett called Lemaître’s ideas “speculation run wild without a shred of evidence.” Even Hubble was not entirely sure of his own discovery. In 1938, Smith pointed out, Hubble assessed the evidence as consistent with a static universe, while acknowledging that expansion could not be ruled out.

Today’s claims that other big bangs may have happened many times, creating a multitude of cosmic spacetime bubbles known as the multiverse, face similar objections. It’s true that the evidence for a multiverse is not conclusive, just as evidence in the 19th century was not conclusive that spiral nebulae were distant galaxies or “island universes” of their own. But given the historical precedent, it would be silly to say that “no competent thinker” would believe in the possibility of multiple universes today.

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          Tom Wolfe’s denial of language evolution stumbles over his own words    

New book attacking Darwin, Chomsky substitutes smugness for substance

two babies chatting

Babies are born with the ability to learn and use language, a feature of human behavior that, like other behavioral capabilities, emerged from eons of biological evolution — a scientific explanation that author Tom Wolfe rejects in his new book, The Kingdom of Speech

Language is a tricky thing to write about. You’re using it while dissecting it. That sort of recursion can trip you up. As a philosopher friend of mine once said, a zoologist studying tigers, while riding on the back of a tiger, should be very careful.

Of all the writers who’ve ever taken on the task of writing about language, nobody of any consequence has ever tripped himself up quite so much as Tom Wolfe. His new book, The Kingdom of Speech, has been widely denigrated (deservedly) by scientists who have encountered it. Wolfe has taken it upon himself to explain various aspects of science — having to do with biological evolution, linguistics, psychology and cognitive neuroscience — to scientists, in the process disparaging titans in their fields such as Charles Darwin and Noam Chomsky. It’s kind of like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie trashing George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Wolfe pontificates about language without realizing that he’s riding on the back of a linguistic tiger.

It’s difficult to criticize him, though, without lapsing into the same sort of abominable adhominemism with which he assaults Darwin and Chomsky. It’s not enough just to assert disagreement with Darwin’s views on how language evolves or Chomsky’s theory that evolution endowed all human babies with a built-in hardwired “universal grammar.” Wolfe attacks their character.

He presents Chomsky as a demon, a bully, a knave. When criticizing another’s research, Chomsky “pulls out a boning knife and goes to work,” Wolfe writes; he refers to Chomsky’s “audacity” and accuses him of “double talk.” He calls him “an angry god raining fire and brimstone.” He lambastes Chomsky for attacking his critics as liars, charlatans and frauds. In short, Wolfe attacks Chomsky for using against others the same linguistic strategy that Wolfe uses against Chomsky. Riding on a tiger.

Wolfe gives the impression of being jealous of Chomsky’s fame, which seems odd for a writer so famous himself. As for Darwin, Wolfe presents the greatest biologist in history as a petty thief who stole credit for the theory of evolution by natural selection from Alfred Russell Wallace, who was (Wolfe alleges) screwed over by the British gentlemen’s club conspirators who rigged the system to give Darwin credit for priority. And then Wolfe ridicules Darwin for reporting observations on the behavior of his dog.

But the poverty of Wolfe’s intellectual rhetoric does not cement the case against him. Just as belittling Darwin and Chomsky personally does not really rebut their science, condemning Wolfe’s rhetorical juvenility does not confront the substance of his thesis — that humans invented speech (and subsequent forms of language derived from it) — and that evolution had nothing to do with it. And that speech, and speech virtually alone, makes humans superior to other animals.

Somehow Wolfe manages to claim that he and he alone has figured out what no one else (at least, “no licensed savant”) ever thought of, that speech is the “cardinal distinction between man and animal.” It did not evolve. “Man, man unaided, created language,” Wolfe says. Language is a system of mnemonics, based on sounds that represent meaning, enabling people to remember, think and plan. And humans invented that system. Yes, invented it!!! (That’s how Wolfe writes: his rhetoric would collapse if denied the use of italics and exclamation points.) In any case, the question is not whether Wolfe dismisses Darwin and Chomsky unfairly, but rather whether he marshals sufficient factual evidence to support his central claim.

But facts are not Wolfe’s strong suit. On page 5, for instance, he announces that Watson and Crick discovered DNA. How unfair to Friedrich Mieschler, who discovered the molecule deoxyribonucleic acid in 1869. Watson and Crick discovered its double helix structure. Given such a weak grasp of such an elementary fact, Wolfe’s subsequent assertions on subtle points of evolutionary theory warrant suspicion.

There’s more. In one of his book’s most tweeted passages, he asserts that evolution fails all the tests of what makes “science”:

“Had anyone observed the phenomenon…? Could other scientists replicate it? Could any of them come up with a set of facts that, if true, would contradict the theory (Karl Popper’s ‘falsifiability’ test)? Could scientists make predictions based on it? Did it illuminate hitherto unknown or baffling areas of science?”
To which questions Wolfe answers “no … no … no … no … and no.” But to which any long-time reader of Science News would have responded “yes, yes, yes, yes and yes” (as would any knowledgeable scientist, as biologist Jerry Coyne, among others, has pointed out).

Wolfe’s citing of Popper is especially lame; although in early writings Popper criticized natural selection, in his later years he assented that natural selection could be posed in testable terms (he even thought that it failed the test under certain circumstances).

Nonetheless it is true that ideas about the evolutionary origin of language are difficult to test. Wolfe, in fact, anchors his argument with two recent papers (2014), each with Chomsky as a coauthor, asserting that “the most fundamental questions about the origins and evolution of our linguistic capacity remain as mysterious as ever.” Evidence on this issue is either “inconclusive or irrelevant,” Chomsky and colleagues wrote in Frontiers in Psychology. Evidence of Neandertal ability to produce speech does not help trace the beginnings of language, he and collaborators wrote in PLOS Biology. Speech ability “is undoubtedly a necessary condition for the expression of vocally externalized language,” but “is not a sufficient one, and … is evidently no silver bullet for determining when human language originated.”

Others would disagree on how well the evidence illuminates language’s origins, just as some experts in linguistics have disagreements with Chomsky on many other points. But even if you acknowledge a lack of “conclusive” evidence, that’s not the same thing as saying there is “no evidence” — as Wolfe repeatedly alleges.

Of course, both papers clearly state that language did, in fact, evolve — it’s just that science can not yet say exactly how. And it’s true that the origin of speech is among the most stubborn of mysteries. So are the origin of the universe, the origin of life and the origin of baseball. Science has not yet fully understood the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, either (and certainly has found no cure); the logical conclusion is not that man just decided to get Alzheimer’s disease. Research continues on the premise that its biological basis might yet be discovered.

Boiled down to its essentials, Wolfe’s case amounts to a fairly sparse syllogism: Science has not been able to establish how human language originated and evolved. Therefore, it did not evolve. And furthermore, I (Wolfe) know how it originated. Humans invented it.

Wolfe apparently doesn’t seem to care that his major premise is based on two papers that assert that language did in fact evolve. Or that his argument against language evolution hinges on a lack of testable evidence, while he declares that he knows how language originated — without any testable evidence. Tigers.

And Wolfe certainly missed the irony of one sentence in the paper in PLOS Biology he cites. “Evolutionary analysis of language is often plagued by popular, naïve, or antiquated conceptions of how evolution proceeds,” Chomsky and collaborators wrote. As in Wolfe’s book.

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          A new ‘Einstein’ equation suggests wormholes hold key to quantum gravity   

ER=EPR summarizes new clues to understanding entanglement and spacetime

illustration of a wormhole

Wormholes, tunnels through the fabric of spacetime that connect widely separated locations, are predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Some physicists think that wormholes could connect black holes in space, possibly providing a clue to the mysteries of quantum entanglement and how to merge general relativity with quantum mechanics.

There’s a new equation floating around the world of physics these days that would make Einstein proud.

It’s pretty easy to remember: ER=EPR.

You might suspect that to make this equation work, P must be equal to 1. But the symbols in this equation stand not for numbers, but for names. E, you probably guessed, stands for Einstein. R and P are initials — for collaborators on two of Einstein’s most intriguing papers. Combined in this equation, these letters express a possible path to reconciling Einstein’s general relativity with quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics and general relativity are both spectacularly successful theories. Both predict bizarre phenomena that defy traditional conceptions of reality. Yet when put to the test, nature always complies with each theory’s requirements. Since both theories describe nature so well, it’s hard to explain why they’ve resisted all efforts to mathematically merge them. Somehow, everybody believes, they must fit together in the end. But so far nature has kept the form of their connection a secret.

ER=EPR, however, suggests that the key to their connection can be found in the spacetime tunnels known as wormholes. These tunnels, implied by Einstein’s general relativity, would be like subspace shortcuts physically linking distant locations. It seems that such tunnels may be the alter ego of the mysterious link between subatomic particles known as quantum entanglement.

For the last 90 years or so, physicists have pursued two main quantum issues separately: one, how to interpret the quantum math to make sense of its weirdness (such as entanglement), and two, how to marry quantum mechanics to gravity. It turns out, if ER=EPR is right, that both questions have the same answer: Quantum weirdness can be understood only if you understand its connection to gravity. Wormholes may forge that link.

Wormholes are technically known as Einstein-Rosen bridges (the “ER” part of the equation). Nathan Rosen collaborated with Einstein on a paper describing them in 1935. EPR refers to another paper Einstein published with Rosen in 1935, along with Boris Podolsky. That one articulated quantum entanglement’s paradoxical puzzles about the nature of reality. For decades nobody seriously considered the possibility that the two papers had anything to do with one another. But in 2013, physicists Juan Maldacena and Leonard Susskind proposed that in some sense, wormholes and entanglement describe the same thing.

In a recent paper, Susskind has spelled out some of the implications of this realization. Among them: understanding the wormhole-entanglement equality could be the key to merging quantum mechanics and general relativity, that details of the merger would explain the mystery of entanglement, that spacetime itself could emerge from quantum entanglement, and that the controversies over how to interpret quantum mechanics could be resolved in the process.

“ER=EPR tells us that the immensely complicated network of entangled subsystems that comprises the universe is also an immensely complicated (and technically complex) network of Einstein-Rosen bridges,” Susskind writes. “To me it seems obvious that if ER=EPR is true it is a very big deal, and it must affect the foundations and interpretation of quantum mechanics.”

Entanglement poses one of the biggest impediments to understanding quantum physics. It happens, for instance, when two particles are emitted from a common source. A quantum description of such a particle pair tells you the odds that a measurement of one of the particles (say, its spin) will give a particular result (say, counterclockwise). But once one member of the pair has been measured, you instantly know what the result will be when you make the same measurement on the other, no matter how far away it is. Einstein balked at this realization, insisting that a measurement at one place could not affect a distant experiment (invoking his famous condemnation of “spooky action at a distance”). But many actual experiments have confirmed entanglement’s power to defy Einstein’s preference. Even though (as Einstein insisted) no information can be sent instantaneously from one particle to another, one of them nevertheless seems to “know” what happened to its entangled partner.

Ordinarily, physicists speak of entanglement between two particles. But that’s just the simplest example. Susskind points out that quantum fields — the stuff that particles are made from — can also be entangled. “In the vacuum of a quantum field theory the quantum fields in disjoint regions of space are entangled,” he writes. It has to do with the well-known (if bizarre) appearance of “virtual” particles that constantly pop in and out of existence in the vacuum. These particles appear in pairs literally out of nowhere; their common origin ensures that they are entangled. In their brief lifetimes they sometimes collide with real particles, which then become entangled themselves.

Now suppose Alice and Bob, universally acknowledged to be the most capable quantum experimenters ever imagined, start collecting these real entangled particles in the vacuum. Alice takes one member of each pair and Bob takes the other. They fly away separately to distant realms of space and then each smushes their particles so densely that they become a black hole. Because of the entanglement these particles started with, Alice and Bob have now created two entangled black holes. If ER=EPR is right, a wormhole will link those black holes; entanglement, therefore, can be described using the geometry of wormholes. “This is a remarkable claim whose impact has yet to be appreciated,” Susskind writes.

Even more remarkable, he suggests, is the possibility that two entangled subatomic particles alone are themselves somehow connected by a sort of quantum wormhole. Since wormholes are contortions of spacetime geometry — described by Einstein’s gravitational equations — identifying them with quantum entanglement would forge a link between gravity and quantum mechanics.

In any event, these developments certainly emphasize the importance of entanglement for understanding reality. In particular, ER=EPR illuminates the contentious debates about how quantum mechanics should be interpreted. Standard quantum wisdom (the Copenhagen interpretation) emphasizes the role of an observer, who when making a measurement “collapses” multiple quantum possibilities into one definite result. But the competing Everett (or “many worlds”) interpretation says that the multiple possibilities all occur — any observer just happens to experience only one consistent branching chain of the multiple possible events.

In the Everett picture, collapse of the cloud of possibilities (the wave function) never happens. Interactions (that is, measurements) just cause the interacting entities to become entangled. Reality, then, becomes “a complicated network of entanglements.” In principle, all those entangling events could be reversed, so nothing ever actually collapses — or at least it would be misleading to say that the collapse is irreversible. Still, the standard view of irreversible collapse works pretty well in practice. It’s never feasible to undo the multitude of complex interactions that occur in real life. In other words, Susskind says, ER=EPR suggests that the two views of quantum reality are “complementary.”

Susskind goes on to explore in technical detail how entanglement functions with multiple participants and describes the implications for considering entanglement to be equivalent to a wormhole. It remains certain, for instance, that wormholes cannot be used to send a signal through space faster than light. Alice and Bob cannot, for instance, send messages to each other through the wormhole connecting their black holes. If they really want to talk, though, they could each jump into their black hole and meet in the middle of the wormhole. Such a meeting would provide strong confirmation for the ER=EPR idea, although Alice and Bob would have trouble getting their paper about it published.

In the meantime, a great many papers are appearing about ER=EPR and other work relating gravity — the geometry of spacetime — to quantum entanglement. In one recent paper, Caltech physicists ChunJun Cao, Sean M. Carroll and Spyridon Michalakis attempt to show how spacetime can be “built” from the vast network of quantum entanglement in the vacuum. “In this paper we take steps toward deriving the existence and properties of space itself from an intrinsically quantum description using entanglement,” they write. They show how changes in “quantum states” — the purely quantum descriptions of reality — can be linked to changes in spacetime geometry. “In this sense,” they say, “gravity appears to arise from quantum mechanics in a natural way.”

Cao, Carroll and Michalakis acknowledge that their approach remains incomplete, containing assumptions that will need to be verified later. “What we’ve done here is extremely preliminary and conjectural,” Carroll writes in a recent blog post. “We don’t have a full theory of anything, and even what we do have involves a great deal of speculating and not yet enough rigorous calculating.”

Nevertheless there is a clear sense among many physicists that a path to unifying quantum mechanics and gravity has apparently opened. If it’s the right path, Carroll notes, then it turns out not at all to be hard to get gravity from quantum mechanics — it’s “automatic.” And Susskind believes that the path to quantum gravity — through the wormhole — demonstrates that the unity of the two theories is deeper than scientists suspected. The implication of ER=EPR, he says, is that “quantum mechanics and gravity are far more tightly related than we (or at least I) had ever imagined.”

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Marvel has officially announced its new initiative, Marvel Legacy, which will span the entire range of comic book titles, simultaneously honoring the publisher’s past while setting the stage for the future of the Marvel universe. The acclaimed team of writer Jason Aaron (Mighty Thor) and artist Esad Ribic (Secret Wars) reunite for an all-new 50-page […]
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          Can faster-than-light particles explain dark matter, dark energy, and the Big Bang?   
A new theory proposes that faster-than-light particles known as tachyons could answer a lot of questions about the universe, writes Robyn Arianrhod.
          "We're All A 'Walking Illinois' Now"   

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

Who needs Russia when the Tweety-Bird-in-Chief is hacking his own presidency into a global joke? Or at least it might be a joke if the USA weren’t such a menace to international order, and to itself, by the way. Interestingly, the 25th amendment allows for the removal of a president from office on account of incompetence or disability, but not for being an embarrassment to the nation.

They may come after him anyway with the 25th, especially as the financial system unravels later this year, because this time, unlike 2008-9, central bank interventions will not avail to rescue the faltering money system from nine years of previous central bank interventions. All it takes is for the “liquidity” flows to seize up and before you know it, there’s no food in the supermarkets because everything in our just-in-time economy is exquisitely calibrated to the sure expectation of getting paid, and when that goes, it all goes.

Then the question arises: well, can’t you just re-start the liquidity flows? Not when the process requires another abracadabra magic act of summoning X-trillions of dollars out of absolutely nothing when the previous X-trillions created out of absolutely nothing are rushing at warp speed into the black hole of deleveraging because it has been discovered that the “loans” they were based on can never be paid back, not in this universe or any number of universes like it. In a word, they’re worthless.

Deleveraging is the polite term economists give to your net worth rapidly evaporating. Liquidity is the polite term for cash money and things denominated in them that can readily be converted into cash money. The problem with the kind of liquidity-creation solution to deleveraging is that it rapidly leads to money itself becoming worthless.

The preview of coming attractions is currently playing out in Illinois — soon to be joined by Connecticut, California, Kentucky, and many other bankrupt states. Illinois is dead broke. It can’t pay the contractors who fix things like roads and storm drains, and supply food to its prisons. It’s over $200-billion deep in pension obligations that will never be honored. Its Medicaid system is a shambles. It doesn’t even have the cash-on-hand to pay lottery winners (what happened to all the cash paid into the lottery by the suckers who didn’t win, which is supposed to pay off the winners?). The state legislature hasn’t passed a budget in three years.

The governor and the mayor of Chicago and everybody else nominally in charge have no idea what they’re going to do about it. Think the federal government is going to just step in and save the day there? They’d have to bail out every other foundering state and that’s just not going to happen, especially with that same federal government about to run out of cash money itself, with no resolution of the debt ceiling controversy that might allow it to even pretend to borrow more money by issuing treasury bonds that are instantly bought by the Federal Reserve — which, of course, is not an official government agency but a private banking consortium contracted to manage the nation’s money.

Do you begin to see the outlines of the clusterfuck rising like a bad moon over the harvest season of 2017? The American people, by and large, have no more idea how false and fragile the financial arrangements of the nation are than the average eight-year-old has about why the re-po squad is towing away Daddy’s Ford-F150. We’re just doing what we always do: gittin’ our summer on. Breaking out the potato salad and the Bud Lites — at least those who have enough mojo left in their MasterCards to charge the party supplies.

An awful lot of Americans must be maxed out, though, people who actually used to work at things and get paid for it. Each one of them is a walking Illinois now, facing each dawning day with a bigger load of problems, more things they can’t pay for, and moving closer to the dreadful day when everything is gone, every chattel, every knickknack, the very roof over their head, and most particularly the belief that they live in a fair and decent society.

So, I wonder what we’re going to do with a Tweety-Bird-in-Chief in the White House when this deal goes down. Stresses and tensions are out there a’buildin’ and the time for being a nation of feckless idiots is drawing to a close. The sad thing is: it wasn’t even fun while it lasted.

          On This Day in Math - July 1   

Mathematics, rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty
a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture, 
without appeal to any part of our weaker nature,
without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music, 
yet sublimely pure, and capable of a stern perfection such as only the greatest art can show. 
 The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, 
the sense of being more than Man, 
which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, 
is to be found in mathematics as surely as in poetry.

The 182nd day of the year; there are 182 connected bipartite graphs with 8 vertices. *What's So Special About This Number

The 182nd prime (1091) is the smaller of a pair of twin primes (the 40th pair, actually) *Math Year-Round ‏@MathYearRound(Students might convince themselves that it was not necessary to say it was the smaller of the pair.)

Language time:
182 is called a pronic, promic, or heteromecic and even an oblong number. Pronic Numbers are numbers that are the product of two consecutive integers; 2, 6, 12, 20, ..(doubles of triangular numbers).  Pronic seems to be a misspelling of promic, from the Greek promekes, for rectangular, oblate or oblong. Neither pronic nor promic seems to appear in most modern dictionaries. Richard Guy pointed out to the Hyacinthos newsgroup that pronic had been used by Euler in series one, volume fifteen of his Opera, so the mathematical use of the "n" form has a long history.

Oblong is from the Latin ob (excessive) + longus (long). The word oblong is also commonly used as an alternate name for a rectangle. In his translation of Euclid's "Elements", Sir Thomas Heath translates the Greek word eteromhkes[hetero mekes - literally "different lengths"] in Book one, Definition 22 as oblong. . "Of Quadrilateral figures, a square is that which is both equilateral and right-angled; an oblong that which is right angled but not equilateral...". (note that with this definition, a square is not a subset of rectangles.)


1349 Sometimes, a little astronomical knowledge can be a dangerous thing, even to those who possess it. A tale from medieval England is passed down from the chronicles of the scholar Thomas Bradwardine of a witch who attempted to force her will on the people through knowledge of an impending eclipse. Bradwardine, who had studied astronomical predictions of Arabian astronomers, saw through the ruse, and matched the prediction of the July 01, 1349 A.D. lunar eclipse with a more precise one of his own. No word survives as to the fate of the accused, but one can only suspect banishment or worse.*listosaur.com

1694 Opening of the University of Halle in Germany. Georg Cantor later taught there. *VFR

1770 – Lexell's Comet passed closer to the Earth than any other comet in recorded history, approaching to a distance of 0.0146 a.u. *OnThisDay & Facts ‏@NotableHistory discovered by astronomer Charles Messier

1798 Napoleon’s fleet reached Alexandria, bearing Monge and Fourier.*VFR

1819 William George Horner’s (1786–1837) method of solving equations is presented to the Royal Society.*VFR In numerical analysis, the Horner scheme (also known as Horner algorithm), named after William George Horner, is an algorithm for the efficient evaluation of polynomials in monomial form. Horner's method describes a manual process by which one may approximate the roots of a polynomial equation. The Horner scheme can also be viewed as a fast algorithm for dividing a polynomial by a linear polynomial with Ruffini's rule. Student's often learn this process as synthetic division.  *Wik

1847 The United States issued its first two postage stamps. They pictured Benjamin Franklin and George Washington respectively [Scott #1-2]. *VFR

1852 Dirichlet delivers a memorial lecture at the Berlin Academy in honor of his close friend Jacobi, calling him the greatest member of the Academy since Lagrange. *VFR

1856 Weierstrass appointed Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Polytechnic School in Berlin. *VFR

In 1858, the Wallace-Darwin theory of evolution was first published at the Linnaean Society in London*. The previous month Charles Darwin received a letter from Alfred Wallace, who was collecting specimens in the East Indies. Wallace had independently developed a theory of natural selection - which was almost identical to Darwin's. The letter asked Darwin to evaluate the theory, and if worthy of publication, to forward the manuscript to Charles Lyell. Darwin did so, almost giving up his clear priority for he had not yet published his masterwork The Origin of Species. Neither Darwin nor Wallace were present for the oral presentation at the Linnaean Society, where geologist Charles Lyell and botanist Joseph Hooker presented both Wallace's paper and excerpts from Darwin's unpublished 1844 essay.*TIS
In his annual report the following May, society president Thomas Bell wrote, “The year which has passed has not, indeed, been marked by any of those striking discoveries which at once revolutionize, so to speak, the department of science on which they bear.” *Futility Closet

1873 From a letter dated July 1, 1873, in the Coast Survey files in the National Archives in Washington. Peirce writes, "Newcomb, in a paper .... says he finds that pendulums hung by springs twist and untwist as they oscillate and says this will affect the time of oscillation."The Charles S. Peirce-Simon Newcomb Correspondence by Carolyn Eisele.

1894 The New York Mathematical Society changed its name to the American Mathematical Society to reflect its national charter. [AMS Semicentennial Publications, vol. 1, p. 74]. *VFR

1908 International agreement to use SOS for distress signal signed. An International Radiotelegraphic Convention, ... met in Berlin in 1906. This body signed an international agreement on November 3, 1906, with an effective date of July 1, 1908. An extensive collection of Service Regulations was included to supplement the Convention, and in particular Article XVI adopted Germany's Notzeichen distress signal as the international standard, stating: "Ships in distress shall use the following signal: · · · — — — · · · repeated at brief intervals". *Citizens Compendium

1918 Florian Cajori (1859–1930) appointed professor of the history of mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, one of the few such chairs in the the world. During the next twelve years he published 159 papers on the history of mathematics. *VFR

1948 The Bell System Technical Journal publishes the first part of Claude Shannon's "A Mathematical Theory of Communication", regarded as a foundation of information theory, introducing the concept of Shannon entropy and adopting the term Bit. *Wik

1964 The New York Times, in a full page ad, announced that Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward would play a game on an elliptical pool table. It had a pocket at one focus so that if the ball passed over the other focus it would bank off the rail into the pocket. [UMAP Journal, 4(1983), p. 176; Recreational Mathematics Magazine, no. 14, January-February 1964] *VFR

1980 A method of trisecting any given acute angle Origami is demonstrated. Hisashi Abe invented this idea and published in July, 1980 edition of the Japanese journal "Suugaku Seminar"(Mathematics Seminar). For this method, and more ways to trisect the angle, see this post.
*Takaya Iwamoto

2001 The last occurrence that there were 3 eclipses in one month, and of which two solar eclipses. For July 2000 being on 1st a partial solar eclipse, 16th a total lunar eclipse, and 31st a partial solar eclipse. The next occurrence with a month with 3 eclipses will be December 2206 with a partial solar eclipse on 1st and 30th and a total lunar eclipse on 16th. Ref. Fred Espenak 06/00 SEML. *NSEC

2010 Grigori Yakovlevich Perelman turned down the Clay Millineum prize of one million dollars, saying that he considers his contribution to proving the Poincaré conjecture to be no greater than that of Richard Hamilton, who introduced the theory of Ricci flow with the aim of attacking the geometrization conjecture. On March 18 It had been announced that he had met the criteria to receive the first Clay Millennium Prize for resolution of the Poincaré conjecture. *Wik

2015 Michael Elmhirst Cates, becomes the 19th Lucasian Professor of Mathematic at the University of Cambridge. Professor Cates is a physicist and Professor of Natural Philosophy and Royal Society Research Professor at the University of Edinburgh. Previous recognitions for Prof. Cates include Maxwell Medal and Prize (1991), the Paul Dirac Medal and Prize (2009), and the Weissenberg Award (2013). He will assume the chair from another Physicist, Michael Green. He follows a line that began with Isaac Barrow and Isaac Newton and includes Charles Babbage, Paul Dirac, and Stephen Hawking


1646 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (July 1, 1646 – November 14, 1716) born in Leipzig, Germany. Leibniz occupies a prominent place in the history of mathematics and the history of philosophy. He developed the infinitesimal calculus independently of Isaac Newton, and Leibniz's mathematical notation has been widely used ever since it was published. He became one of the most prolific inventors in the field of mechanical calculators. While working on adding automatic multiplication and division to Pascal's calculator, he was the first to describe a pinwheel calculator in 1685[4] and invented the Leibniz wheel, used in the arithmometer, the first mass-produced mechanical calculator. He also refined the binary number system, which is at the foundation of virtually all digital computers. In philosophy, Leibniz is mostly noted for his optimism, e.g. his conclusion that our Universe is, in a restricted sense, the best possible one that God could have created. Leibniz, along with René Descartes and Baruch Spinoza, was one of the three great 17th century advocates of rationalism. The work of Leibniz anticipated modern logic and analytic philosophy, but his philosophy also looks back to the scholastic tradition, in which conclusions are produced by applying reason to first principles or a priori definitions rather than to empirical evidence. Leibniz made major contributions to physics and technology, and anticipated notions that surfaced much later in biology, medicine, geology, probability theory, psychology, linguistics, and information science. He wrote works on politics, law, ethics, theology, history, philosophy, and philology. Leibniz's contributions to this vast array of subjects were scattered in various learned journals, in tens of thousands of letters, and in unpublished manuscripts. As of 2010, there is no complete gathering of the writings of Leibniz.*Wik

1779 John Farrar (July 1, 1779 – May 8, 1853) born at Lincoln, Massachusetts. As Hollis professor of mathematics and natural philosophy at Harvard, he was responsible for a sweeping modernization of the science and mathematics curriculum, including the change from Newton’s to Leibniz’s notation for the calculus. *VFR

1788 Jean Victor Poncelet (July 1, 1788 – December 22, 1867) born in Metz, France. He taught engineering and mechanics, but had a hobby of much greater interest—projective geometry. *VFR French mathematician and engineer whose study of the pole and polar lines associated with conic led to the principle of duality. While serving as an engineer in Napoleon's 1812 Russian campaign as an engineer, he was left for dead at Krasnoy, but then captured. During his imprisonment he studied projective geometry and wrote a treatise on analytic geometry. Released in 1814, he returned to France, and in 1822 published Traité des propriétés projectives des figures in which he presented his fundamental ideas of projective geometry such as the cross-ratio, perspective, involution and the circular points at infinity. As a professor of mechanics (1825-35), he applied mechanics to improve waterwheels and was able to double their efficiency.*TIS

1848 Emil Weyr (1 July 1848 in Prague, Bohemia (now Czech Republic) - 25 Jan 1894 in Vienna, Austria) His father Frantisek Weyr, was a professor of mathematics at a realschule (secondary school) in Prague from 1855. Emil was four years older than his brother Eduard Weyr who also became a famous mathematician. Emil attended the realschule in Prague where his father taught, then studied at the Prague Polytechnic from 1865 to 1868 where he was taught geometry by Vilém Fiedler.
He studied in Italy with Cremona and Casorati during the academic year 1870-71 returning to Prague where he continued to teach. In 1872 he was elected to be Head of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists. In 1875 he was appointed as professor of mathematics at the University of Vienna. He, together with his brother Eduard Weyr, were the main members of the Austrian geometric school. They were interested in descriptive geometry, then in projective geometry and their interests turned towards algebraic and synthetic methods in geometry. Among many works Emil Weyr published were Die Elemente der projectivischen Geometrie and Über die Geometrie der alten Aegypter.
Emil Weyr led the geometry school in Vienna throughout the 1880's up until his death. Together with Gustav von Escherich, Emil Weyr founded the important mathematical journal Monatshefte fuer Mathematik und Physik in 1890. The first volumes of the journal contain papers written by his brother Eduard. In 1891 Emil Weyr became one of the first 19 founder members of the Royal Czech Academy of Sciences. *SAU

1906 Jean Dieudonn´e (1 July 1906 – 29 November 1992) born. *VFR French mathematician and educator known for his writings on abstract algebra, functional analysis, topology, and his theory of Lie groups. Dieudonné was one of the two main contributors to the Bourbaki series of texts. He began his mathematical career working on the analysis of polynomials. He worked in a wide variety of mathematical areas including general topology, topological vector spaces, algebraic geometry, invariant theory and the classical groups. *TIS


1957 Donald McIntosh (Banffshire, 13 January 1868 – Invernesshire, 1 July 1957) graduated from the University of Aberdeen and taught at George Watson's Ladies College in Edinburgh. He was appointed a Director of Education. He became Secretary of the EMS in 1899 and President in 1905. *SAU

1963 Bevan Braithwaite Baker (1890 in Edinburgh, Scotland - 1 July 1963 in Edinburgh, Scotland) graduated from University College London. After service in World War I he became a lecturer at Edinburgh University and was Secretary of the EMS from 1921 to 1923. He left to become Professor at Royal Holloway College London. *SAU

1971 Sir William Lawrence Bragg (31 Mar 1890; 1 Jul 1971 at age 81) was an Australian-English physicist and X-ray crystallographer who at the early age of 25, shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1915 (with his father, Sir William Bragg). Lawrence Bragg formulated the Bragg law of X-ray diffraction, which is basic for the determination of crystal structure: nλ = 2dsinθ which relates the wavelength of x-rays, λ, the angle of incidence on a crystal, θ, and the spacing of crystal planes, d, for x-ray diffraction, where n is an integer (1, 2, 3, etc.). Together, the Braggs worked out the crystal structures of a number of substances. Early in this work, they showed that sodium chloride does not have individual molecules in the solid, but is an array of sodium and chloride ions. *TIS

1983 Richard Buckminster Fuller (July 12, 1895 – July 1, 1983) was a U.S. engineer and architect who developed the geodesic dome, the only large dome that can be set directly on the ground as a complete structure, and the only practical kind of building that has no limiting dimensions (i.e., beyond which the structural strength must be insufficient). Fuller also invented a wide range of other paradigm-shifting machines and structural systems. He was especially interested in high-strength-to-weight designs, with a maximum of utility for minimum of material. His designs and engineering philosophy are part of the foundation of contemporary high-tech design aesthetics. He held over 2000 patents.*TIS
This is another one who died within two weeks of his date of birth. I must organize data on this...

Credits :
*CHM=Computer History Museum
*FFF=Kane, Famous First Facts
*NSEC= NASA Solar Eclipse Calendar
*RMAT= The Renaissance Mathematicus, Thony Christie
*SAU=St Andrews Univ. Math History
*TIA = Today in Astronomy
*TIS= Today in Science History
*VFR = V Frederick Rickey, USMA
*Wik = Wikipedia
*WM = Women of Mathematics, Grinstein & Campbell
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Hi Wayners, I was being facetious. I am no supporter of the Central bank concept or the BoE. I was quite amazed that Central Bankers have glossy magazine, Facebook page, etc. I expect they want to make out they are "just like us".

Is there a replacement monetary system ?


This is what the BoE thinks

"Private digital currencies
Private digital currencies combine new payments systems with new currencies that are not issued by a central bank. The most well-known privately issued digital currency is Bitcoin, but other examples include LiteCoin, Ethereum and Ripple. We have assessed private digital currencies and concluded that while they are interesting, they do not currently pose a material risk to monetary or financial stability in the United Kingdom. We continue to monitor developments in this area.


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          Using Gazelle for a Greasemonkey Script   

Hi all readers! I've been working very hard for my start up in the last few months, and before that was busy moving to France and so on, so I have not blogged much. However, development on Gazelle has proceeded despite the absence of public updates.

The language has developed significantly, with most improvements being subtle under the hood bug fixes and performance improvements.

I thought I would write a new tutorial on using it that would highlight a few of these new features!

The `Secure, Contain, Protect` Wiki

As a child of modernity, I am very interested in developments which are unique to this particular technological age. Blogs and micro-media like Twitter are the most obvious examples of media enabled by modernity, but they are, as works primarily authored by one person and limited in scope to personal goings ons, not particularly interesting.

Far more interesting, to me, are collaborative fiction projects like Orion's Arm and the The SCP Wiki. These are community oriented and driven creative projects where members write fiction in a shared universe setting. The requirements of such a project produce interesting story-telling strategies: The SCP wiki, for instance, has, as its major unit of story telling, entries describing various supernatural artifacts or entities. Woven through these entries are larger narratives, connection multiple entries and characters together. This structure allows easy collaboration between users towards the creation of a large fictional universe.

So I spend a lot of time, when I can, reading the SCP wiki because I find both its content and its form inspiring.


I do have a small gripe with the SCP wiki's design. One can browse the SCP entries by tag (for instance, extradimensional), but if you look at the page, you see just an unsorted list of SCP entries, where each link is just `SCP-NNN`, N being the SCP number. The style sheet at the wiki also seems to not mark visited SCP entries with a different color, so these pages make reading through a set of entries kind of difficult: you frequently find yourself clicking multiple times on the same entry, only to find that you've read it before.

So today we will write a Greasemonkey script which makes these tag pages a bit easier to browse. We'll use Gazelle, of course.

Setting up Gazelle

Gazelle might work on Windows, but for now it requires linux. You need Shadchen-el, my Emacs Lisp pattern matching library, and Gazelle, of course. Get them via git:

git clone https://github.com/VincentToups/shadchen-el.git
git clone https://github.com/VincentToups/gazelle.git

And add both directories created above to your Emacs Lisp load path. Gazelle is a lisp and so I heartily recommend using ParEdit too.


It is an absolute necessity to byte-compile Gazelle and Shadchen. They are very macro heavy libraries and perform hundreds of times better when byte-compiled.

Visit shadchen.el with emacs and then M x byte-compile-and-load <RETURN> to ensure that Shadchen is byte compiled. With Gazelle you can visit the file rebuild.el and do the same to rebuild all of Gazelle. Note that Gazelle and Shadchen tend to use a lot of special variable binding depth and stack, so rebuild.el also sets those limits quite high.

Writing Our Script

Gazelle now includes a pretty complete major mode for editing Gazelle source code. Since I'm writing this document with Emacs Muse, the syntax highlighting visible here is that of the Gazelle Major Mode. It highlights most of the Gazelle primitive operations and most higher level Gazelle forms.

Let's write our script!

Visit a file called scp-tag-page-fixer.gazelle. This will open a buffer in Gazelle mode, ready for our Greasemonkey script. Greasemonkey scripts have specially formatted comments at the top of the page which interface with the Greasemonkey system, so our first piece of code is just:

@name        Fix SCP Tag Page
@namespace   scp wiki
@description Sort and add descriptions to SCP Tag Pages
@include     http://www.scp-wiki.net/system:page-tags/tag/*
@require     http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.js
@version     1

We can already compile this to Javascript by starting gz:transcode-this-file, bound to C-c C-k, but of course the result will just a JS file with the above comment.

Meat and Potatoes

There are certain things about Lisp and Javascript which are just fundamentally out of step. One of these is that Javascript has the notion of `operators` for common functions like +,-, *, and so on. In Gazelle one can access these operators by using the primitive symbols _+, _-, _*, etc, but this is ugly and weird. You cannot, for instance, say

(.. _+ (apply this [: 1 2 3]))

Which is reasonable behavior. Gazelle is designed to be used with its module system, and one almost always imports the module hooves/hooves, which implements function versions of all of these operators, so that you can say:

(require (("hooves/hooves" :all))
 (.. + (apply this [: 1 2 3])))

but it is difficult to use such a system for a Greasemonkey project. For this sort of one-off script, Gazelle exposes a special form, (gazelle:essentials) which expands to the contents, more or less, of hooves/hooves so that you can access them in your script. So our script should now be:

@name        Fix SCP Tag Page
@namespace   scp wiki
@description Sort and add descriptions to SCP Tag Pages
@include     http://www.scp-wiki.net/system:page-tags/tag/*
@require     http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.js
@version     1


Now let's skip to the main body of the script and then fill in utility functions afterwards:

@name        Fix SCP Tag Page
@namespace   scp wiki
@description Sort and add descriptions to SCP Tag Pages
@include     http://www.scp-wiki.net/system:page-tags/tag/*
@require     http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.js
@version     1



  (comment "The progn here serves to simply delineate the main
  action of the greasemonkey script.")
  (var parent      (jQuery "#tagged-pages-list")
       children    [:])
  (comment "Note that in Gazelle we tend to use `var` to
  introduce variables in a block as this is more consistent with
  the underlying Javascript idioms and generates slightly faster

  (comment "We hide the parent to minimize reflows in the document object.")
  (.. (jQuery parent) (hide))

  (comment "We want to sort all the entries on the page, so we
  find them, collect them into an array and remove them from the
  (.. (jQuery parent)
      (find ".pages-list-item")
      (each (lambda (index element)
              (match (.. (jQuery element) (find "a") (attr "href") (split "-"))
                     ([: "/scp" n]
                      (.. (jQuery element) (remove))
                      (children.push element))
                     (otherwise undefined)))))

  (comment "Now we sort the entries.  Entries which aren't basic
  SCP pages, of the form `scp-N` we sort to the front of the
  list, otherwise we sort by SCP number.")

  (comment "We now re-append the entries, which have been sorted,
  to the dom in the correct order.")
  (for ((var i 0)
        (< i children.length)
        (set! i (_+ i 1)))
       (.. (jQuery parent) (append [children i])))

  (comment "Finally we loop through the entries again, fetching
  the description of each SCP and adding a node to the DOM for
  each.  We could, of course, do this in the previous step.  We
  separate it out here for clarity.")
  (.. (jQuery parent)
      (find ".pages-list-item")
      (each (lambda (index element)
              (var the-href (.. (jQuery element) (find "a") (attr "href")))
              (match (.. the-href (split "-"))
                     ((or [: "/scp" _] [: "/scp" _ _])
                      (.. (jQuery element)
                          (append (jQuery (_+ "<span>" (get-description-from-link the-href) "</span>")))))
                     (otherwise undefined)))))
  (.. (jQuery parent) (show))


This code is pretty self-explanatory: We use `jQuery` to find the element on the page which contains all the links, which we hide to prevent DOM reflows while we work. Then we query inside that element for all =page-list=items=, which we remove from the DOM in preparation for sorting, appending each to an array.

Then we sort the array using a comparitor we will define momentarily, place the elements back into their container in the right order, and then finally loop through them again, appending the description of each, which we fetch using a function.

Note, as the comments above indicate, that in Gazelle we tend to use var at the top of a block of code to introduce bindings whereas in other Lisps we'd use let. This is a concession to the underlying Javascript environment. Also note that for complex binding jobs we use Gazelle's built-in pattern matcher, match, to bind, destructure and test the types of values. Gazelle's pattern matcher is the mechanism by which the language exposes complex function interfaces like keyword and optional arguments, incidentally: Gazelle function argument lists are just patterns which match against `arguments`.

Let's take a closer look at the match expression used in the function which removes the list elements from the DOM:

(lambda (index element)
    (match (.. (jQuery element) (find "a") (attr "href") (split "-"))
        ([: "/scp" n]
         (.. (jQuery element) (remove))
         (children.push element))
        (otherwise undefined)))

The special form match, which is build into Gazelle, takes as its first argument a value. Each expression after that is a list whose head is a pattern and whose tail is a list of expressions to evaluate if that pattern matches the value. In this case, the value is the url of the link in our element, split on "-".

We have two clauses, the first matches only a two element array whose first element is "/scp" and whose second element is a number. This is the active clause of the match, which removes the element and adds it to our list to be sorted. The second pattern is a catch-all. A symbol pattern matches anything, including undefined, and binds the symbol to the match value. Here we just ignore other elements. So we remove only those elements which link to links like "/scp-10".

It doesn't matter here, but the last form of the matching clause is the value of a match expression.

This is all straightforward. It is now just a matter of filling in our missing function declarations. Note that Gazelle does not forward declare functions the way Javascript does with `function NAME () {}`, so we need to put our function definitions physically before this main block.


The function list-item-comparitor has a nice example of a slightly more advanced use of pattern matching:

(define (list-item-comparitor e1 e2)
  (comment "Given two list item elements, compare their href's
  and return their ordering.")
  (var l1 (.. (jQuery e1) (find "a") (attr "href")))
  (var l2 (.. (jQuery e2) (find "a") (attr "href")))

  (match [: (.. l1 (split "-")) (.. l2 (split "-"))]
         ([: [: "/scp" (call parse-int n1)]
             [: "/scp" (call parse-int n2)]]

          (if (< n1 n2) -1
            (if (=== n1 n2) 0
              (if (> n1 n2) 1))))
         ([: [: something] [: "/scp" n]]

Here we extract the links into `l1` and `l2` and then match against the split versions of each string. The first pattern matches an array of arrays of two elements and then used the call pattern to match the result of applying parseInt (denoted parse-int) to n1 and n2. In this case we compare these integers numerically to determine the order.

The second clause matches anything as the first element of the array and an scp link as the second, and says that the SCP link is always bigger than anything else. Finally, we just return -1 in all other cases.

It is worth noting here that pattern matching is an exceptionally clear and expressive idiom but not necessarily a very performant one: the pattern matcher literally checks each of the implications of a given pattern, which can be very many. The point is, if you are profiling for performance, you may wish to start with code generated by the pattern matcher. A less expressive form might give you considerably better performance in contexts where you know the value domain is smaller than all possible values.

Adding Descriptions

We'd like to append a truncated description to each SCP entry on the page. This requires fetching the SCP page and extracting the description.

HOWEVER, doing so every time you visit a tag page is not very good net citizenship, because it would fetch ALL the SCP pages on a tag page each time you visit the page. We like the SCP wiki, we don't want to drown them in requests. So we will use Greasemonkey's build it persistence system to store the values of the description so that we only fetch a given SCP's page once, caching the result. This is much better for us, too, since fetching the pages takes a lot of time and ruins the responsiveness of our script.

Caching the values means that the first time we view a tag page, it will take a long time to find all the links our script hasn't seen before, but all subsequent visits will make no further requests. Eventually we'll cache the whole set of entries and we will be browsing normally.

First we define a fallback system for storing values, which will be useful if we want to debug our script using Firebug:

(define local-cache {})

(if (undefined? [window "GM_getValue"])
    (set! window.GM_getValue
          (lambda (name :- (opt default* undefined))
            (var r [local-cache name])
            (if r r default*)))

(if (undefined? [window "GM_setValue"])
    (set! window.GM_setValue (lambda (name :- (opt value undefined))
                               (set! [local-cache name] value)

Next we define a function to extract the description from the html of the page:

(define (get-description-from-html page-html)
  (comment "Given a text representation of the html for an scp
  entry page, retrieve the first 100 characters of the
  (var desc-el          (.. (jQuery page-html) (find "strong:contains(Description)"))
       desc-body        (.. (jQuery desc-el) (parent))
       text             (.. (jQuery desc-body) (text)))
  (.. text (trim) (substr (.. "Description" length) 100)))

This is straightforward jQuery code. We load the page into a DOM and query around for the parts we want. The description is identifiable as the text immediately following a strong tag with "Description:" in it. This is the first element in the description section, so we find its parent, get a text representation of the contents and truncate it to 100, chopping of the `Description` bit.

We just need to write a wrapper that fetches the contents of the page and passes it into the above function now.

(define (get-description-from-link url)
  (comment "Given the relative url of an scp page, retrieve the
  description of that SCP from the cache or from the page itself
  via a synchronous request.")
  (match (GM_getValue url)
          (var page undefined)
           { url
             async false
             (lambda (data _ _)
               (set! page data))
             (lambda ()
               (set! page undefined))})
          (match page
                  (GM_setValue url "...")
                  (var short-version (get-description-from-html page-contents))
                  (GM_setValue url short-version)
                  (GM_getValue url))))

This function takes our url and either fetches the truncated description from the cache or makes a synchronous request to the site to get the contents, which it uses to extract the description and then set the cache.

Note that in the above we use undefined to match against the undefined value and that we can use curly brace syntax to denote an object literal. This is a new feature of Gazelle.

And that is it!

Browse Responsibly

This script is capable of making a lot of requests to the SCP wiki, so please, please be responsible. I suggest that until your cache fills up you only load a tag page once every hour or less. I wouldn't be releasing this script to the public at all except that I believe Gazelle's user base (probably just me) is so small that it can't possible make a major impact. Anyway, be nice to the internet!

          re-enable the "Reader" logo-link in Google Reader.   
Google recently changed the behavior of their google reader app in one small but incredibly obnoxious way.  Used to be, you'd click on the "Reader" logo  in the top rightish area of the page and you'd go back to the "home" page of Reader.  You know, pretty much like every single web page in the entire universe.

They disabled this perfectly reasonable feature, presumably because of some loathsome person in marketing who felt that users should have to select Reader again from the "More" tab on the little toolbar at the top of the page, forcing them to peruse googles other fantastic services.

This sucks.  

Luckily, this is simple to repair using Greasemonkey or some other script manager.  Add this script and set it to match against "http://reader.google.com/view/*":

var link = document.getElementById("logo-link");

Use the extra time you save not having to find the reader link in the menu to research alternatives to google services, since it looks like google is going to jump the shark pretty soon.

          Fri, Jun 30, 2017 -- Afternoon Movies at the Library    


A video-game villain attempts to change his image by participating in a first-person-shooter game, but in the process, he wreaks havoc in his virtual universe by freeing an evildoer who can only be defeated with the help of an unlikely ally.


Rich Moore

Production year





Walt Disney Pictures


108 minutes


John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk

Location: Union City Library
          Pop Culture Paganism   
Pop Culture Paganism is something that has a strange reputation in the Pagan world.  As a community, we are still struggling for acceptance, and so many people try to distance themselves from anything that makes what we do seem silly or pushes the boundaries of make believe.

Pop Culture Paganism does exactly what many Pagan's are trying to convince people that we don't do:  treat fantasy elements as reality.  At it's base, Pop Culture Paganism takes things that exist in our modern popular culture and uses them as part of a religious or spiritual practice.  Pop Culture Paganism draws influence from tv shows, movies, cartoons, books and even real life people.  This may mean using energies that are from an Anime in a ritual, calling upon a character from a book as part of a spell, working with deities from a movie or using pictures of people on your altar.

While of course there are always people who make light of such practices, more interested in being a fan of a show than actually making a serious practice of it, there are others who really identify with and find a deep connection to the images and worlds that they have grown up with.

What I think is sort of fascinating is that if you think about it, the myths and legends that we associate with ancient cultures are in some ways the equivalent of their TV shows.  When children were growing up and hearing tales of the adventures of Hercules or Beowolf, then it only makes sense that when they need guidance or spiritual comfort those would be the figures to whom they would turn.  The stories they heard all their lives would be the ones they shaped their personal practices around.

Why then is it so strange that modern Pagans may do the same thing?  If you grew up watching Charmed, that world and it's magical rules and traditions would be not only familiar but comforting to you.  If you needed protection, you might call upon things from that world that make you feel safe.

In many ways, these Pop Culture universes are closer to us than the legends of ancient cultures.  Not only have times changed, and so the challenges and issues we face today are not the same ones faced by our ancestors, but we didn't grow up hearing those stories, so those worlds aren't as familiar to us.  If I am having trouble with bullies at school, finding advice and guidance in old myths will be much harder than thinking of episodes in a show I watched all the time growing up.  On the other side, reading a myth about the horror of a bad harvest doesn't instill the same level of dread as it did in days past, so many of the old stories are hard for modern practitioners to identify with.

I definitely understand how Pop Culture Paganism may be hard to explain to non-Pagans in a way that doesn't make us all seem like we are just caught up in a fantasy world, but there are many things we do that are hard to explain.  If we pushed away everyone who did something that wasn't easily explained, there would be no Paganism left.  I don't think the answer should be to turn on people who's practice is different from our own, but to try to understand it better, so that when we are faced with questions we can explain things more accurately in order to bring greater understanding to the world.

Personally, I have no problem with working with ideas, people or energies as they are explained in works of fiction.  I feel that the ideas are where the power is.  We empower things by focusing on them with the right intent. 

I know this gets tricking for a lot of people when it comes to deities.  I think that divinity is one of those things that we can't accurately comprehend or explain.  When it comes to the idea of worshiping or calling upon deities that originate from fictional sources, I take a bit of a multi-verse perspective.  There is a theory about reality that postulates that for every idea someone has ever had, there is a universe out there somewhere where that idea is a reality.  By this train of thought, there is a Buffy universe, where all the things we have watched on the show actually happened.  In that universe, it is all very real, and perhaps our universe is someone's creative writing project for a college English paper (how is that for something to wrap your head around!)

I also think that sometimes the beings we work with fall into the category of 'other':  they may not be deities in some definitions of the word, but they are capable of more than we are.  In this way, I take a very practical approach.  If I do a spell or ritual and call upon a character from my favorite book, perhaps wanting to draw upon some of their qualities in my own life, and it works, then I am not overly fussed about the categorization of the being I called upon. 

One theory I have heard to explain this also speaks to why older deities are seen by many as being less powerful now than they are in the stories.  This goes back to attention and energy.  During the height of their respective cultures, individual deities might have been worshiped and fed energy by so many people that they grew in power.  They were able to create more because more people believed in their power.  As the culture faded or was conquered by another, those same deities lost power because they were no longer the focus of the worship of the masses. 

By this train of thought, fictional beings could be drawn into power an existence as masses of fans obsess over them.  As more people start working with them, these beings become able to give more in return.

I think the ideas proposed by Pop Culture Paganism are much deeper than they appear on the surface.  When you start to think about how and why things work (and how and why they used to work), there is a lot to be pondered on and figured out.  Just because someone works with My Little Ponies, doesn't mean they don't have a full and viable practice. 

So the next time you hear about Pop Culture Paganism, consider listening to what the people who are doing it are saying.  Think about the implications of their practice, and make your own observations about how series they are about what they do.  There are as many ways to be a Pagan as there are Pagans, so embrace your fellows and learn about what other people are doing.  You may find yourself pleasantly surprised!
          Working with Emotions   
I actually dreamed about writing this blog.  Sometimes, when I am laying down to sleep, and I know I have something to do the next day that requires some creative inspiration (like writing a blog!), I'll ask for inspiration while I dream.  I had this dream about my mom and a sister (which I don't have...) getting into an argument, and struggling to overcome the emotions involved in order to work things out.  And I remember clearly thinking, while dreaming, that this was what I was to blog about.

I almost scrapped it when I woke up.  I thought it was something I have blogged about before (though a quick check over the last year and a half doesn't show any obviously similar blogs...I really need to get better with my blog labels).  And I wasn't sure it really fit with the stuff I typically write about.

But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I was leaning towards writing it.  As an empath, I deal with emotions all the time (both my own innate emotions, as well as borrowed ones).  I also feel that we all interact with others in many different ways, and when emotions rear their heads, being able to navigate those emotions is helpful for anyone.  And finally, if I am going to ask for inspiration I shouldn't ignore what I receive.

So, when thinking about emotions, I think there are three basic categories:  personal emotions, borrowed emotions and other people's emotions.  Personal emotions are ones that well up from inside of you, are inspired by experiences in your own life and are innate to yourself.  Borrowed emotions are ones we feel because of some outside source.  This is typically what I think of when I think of emotions bleeding over as an empath.  If I see a commercial on the tv and start feeling emotional, that is a borrowed emotion, just as if I am around another person who is deep in an emotion so I start feeling it too.  Other people's emotions are the things they are feeling and going through while you are interacting with them.  Even if you aren't borrowing their emotion, trying to work with someone who is deeply sad or caught up in anger requires separate tools.

I think it best to start with personal emotions, as they are ours.  Everyone feels stuff, and you may notice that you have certain emotions that you feel easier than others.  I definitely have my share of anger (and the deep, brooding kind, not the flash in the pan kind) as well as a sort of baseline melancholy.  Over the last couple of years, I feel like I have developed a lot of anxiety around different things.  I definitely feel happy and content a lot of the time, but I also don't feel like those emotions need dealing with.  When I have emotions I need to sort out it is almost always anger, sadness, anxiety/fear or confusion.

My basic process for working with emotions is to really express them.  For me this typically manifests in two methods:  physical expression and journal work.  Physical expression doesn't always mean that I go outside and scream out my anger to the sky (although that can work..assuming that your neighbors don't call the cops on you), but it definitely involves some kind of physical action.  Sometimes, if I know I am angry, but I also know that the thing I am angry about isn't worth making a fuss about (I do get angry for no good reason sometimes...especially when I'm emotionally off kilter and something small and trivial sets me off).  At times like this, repetitive action works very well to help me burn off that emotion.  So I clean!  I will find something in the house that needs cleaned, and really go to town on it.  But other repetitive things can work too:  sewing, sanding, folding laundry...really anything that gets my body moving and lets my mind tune out.

I also like to dance as a form of physical expression.  I'll load up a song that really fits my mood and start moving.  It doesn't have to look pretty (I do this when I'm alone mostly), and you don't have to match the beat or anything.  Just loose yourself in the music and move!  Sometimes I'll sing along if I feel the need to.

But my favorite way to work through emotions is journaling.  I've worked with quite a few different methods of journaling now, from more or less standard "write about what your feeling" to very specific techniques that use journaling as part of something bigger.

One of the first emotional journaling techniques I learned I called the brain dump.  You grab some kind of paper (something that you can destroy later), and write everything and anything, as fast as you can.  Scribble out your feelings!  Write big and angry and fierce.  Don't worry about grammar or anything like that, you can make little doodles if you need to, or just write single words.  Just write until you feel like you are done.  Once your page is written, you may want to do a little ritual of releasing.  You can crumple up your page and hold it tight in your hands and whisper to it the reasons you appreciate the emotion but don't need it controlling you right now.  You can bless the paper to transform the emotion into something else.  Then you destroy it!  Tear it into little pieces, burn it, flush it down the toilet, bury it in the back yard. 

A slightly different version of this is the 'to whom it may concern' version.  This time, you are writing a letter, to someone who is making you feel what you are going through.  It may be to a specific person (your mother, an ex-partner, your gym teacher, your boss, the guy who cut me off on the road today, my younger self) or it may be a generic letter, addressed to the universe or to Divinity.  In the letter, you pour out all the things you are feeling.  You can say those things that you wish you could say (but often don't really mean) or the things you wish you had said (but didn't).  These letters can be burnt as well, to send the message out into the world.  I find this works really well when my emotion is directly aimed at a particular person.

I am really enjoying transformational journaling right now.  I'll start by journaling about a topic, then I'll transform my journal page in some way.  I may meditate on what I need to move forward and then paint or collage a new image over the words.  Or I might tear up my journal page and use those pieces to make a mojo bag or paper mache them into a totem to further work with that emotion.  The key here is to take the thing you wrote and turn it into something new, something that helps you further your work with that emotion.

When it comes to borrowed emotions, I find that the first thing I need to do is identify the source of the emotion (especially noticing that it is NOT my own emotion).  Even if I use one of the same methods to work with the emotion, I need to be aware that it is from an outside source and not an internal one, because that changes how I respond to the emotion.  If I treat a borrowed emotion as a personal one (or vice versa....) trying to work with it becomes much harder as I am not actually working with the source of the emotion, merely treating the symptoms (which often means it will come back).

I am extremely emotionally tied to the stories I encounter, in books and tv/movies.  It is very common for me to identify quite strongly with a character, to the point of going through the emotional states they go through.  Most of the time this isn't a problem....unless I don't finish the story!  If I set a particularly moving book down when I am only halfway through, especially if the character I am identifying with is caught up in a big emotional conflict, I will find myself manifesting that emotion myself.  The easiest way for me to fix this is to finish the story.  But, if for some reason I can't, I can pick up another story and essentially overwriting the emotion with new ones (which I can then see to completion).

When borrowing emotions from other people, I definitely turn to shielding.  I like knowing what other people around me are feeling, but I don't always want to be going through it myself.  I also feel it is very important, especially when I am trying to interact with someone who is going through an emotion, that I not because lost in it myself.  This becomes particularly counterproductive.  If you have a friend who is sad and you want to help them, but instead you join in their misery, you may find yourself not able to actually help them.  If you are in an argument with someone and you let their anger overcome you, it becomes much harder to present your perspective in a way that they will understand and appreciate.

My first step when shielding a borrowed emotion is definitely a deep breath and grounding/centering.  I want to pull myself back into myself, so that I can separate what is me from what is coming from outside.  For borrowed emotions, I think of my shields like glass:  I can see what is going on outside them, but things can't get in to me.  This way I can still empathize with the other person, but I am no longer borrowing their emotions and being effected by them.

Sometimes, a borrowed emotion will trigger a personal emotion though, and you will need to work with both sources at the same time.  If you only work with one, you won't fully work through the emotion. 

I think the hardest thing for many people to work with is other people's emotions.  There is a tendency (especially with empaths!) to treat other people's emotions as you would your own.  But not only do we all often respond to the same emotion in different ways.....other people's emotions aren't truly yours to deal with!  We can work with other people and help them work out their emotions, or we can work around someone else's emotions, but the work of actually dealing with the emotion has to fall on them.

My husband and I are a great example of how emotions manifest differently in different people.  He is very much a flash in the pan anger person.  He will get set off by something (things that, to me, seem silly and inconsequential) and his anger will flare!  He will get very angry, very quickly, and rant and rave.  But two seconds later, once the stimulus is past, he is over it.  Like absolutely over it, and confused by why I am still even thinking about it.  I, on the other hand, stew.  When something makes me angry, it will be like a little glowing coal deep inside me, and it will stay there for days or months.  I may not look angry on the outside, but that anger is there, waiting to burst into flame.

If I try to treat my husband's anger like I do my own, it doesn't work.  When I am really upset about something, I often want to talk about it.  My husband, in the throes of anger, just wants to lash out and burn it off.  Trying to talk to him just fans the fire.  Instead, if I remove myself from the situation or tune it out, it passes quickly.  So what I have found is that it is important to make sure you are thinking about other people's emotions from their own perspective, and not yours.

Sometimes this means that you have to give the other person time to work things through before you try to interact with them.  I think this is especially true for both grief and anger.  Some people need to figure things out on their own, before they can deal with other people.  If you try to interact with them too soon, they lash out or close up, because they just aren't ready yet.

Other people need support, they need someone to help them drag themselves those first few steps.  They may need a shoulder to lean on (or cry on).  You may not need to do anything at all, just to be there.  In this case, you might need to resist the urge to try to help them too soon.  They may need to fully express their emotions before they can start to work on them.

Emotions are ultimately a very tricky and individual thing.  Your emotions are different from my emotions, and I need to remember that when working with someone else who is in the throes of an emotion.  But my own emotions also stem from many different sources and I need to do my best to fully understand where an emotion is coming from in order to work through it.  And all anger isn't the same, what works for one situation might not work for another. 

By figuring out your general process for identifying and working through emotions, you can have a roadmap that helps you plan out how to work with any particular emotion.  Like any plan, you may have to adjust it along the way, but it will at least get you headed in the right direction.  And the more work you do with your personal emotions, the better you will become at working with other people who are caught up in their own emotional crisis.  Emotions can be overwhelming, but they don't have to be insurmountable!
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S madežima ili bez, prava je inspiracija. Dvadesetogodišnja Evita Delmundo prekrivena je smeđim dlakavim madežima, a uskoro možda postane nova Miss Universe Malezije, prenosi Net. Drugačiji život Evita je zbog svog izgleda bila na udaru prijatelja još od osnovne škole. Smeđi madeži prekrivaju joj lice i tijelo, a veliki madež prekriva joj rame i vrat. […]
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          The Einstein Sisters Bag the Flying Monkeys   
In October 2000, Florida's Shepherd's Vale School represents a bizarre parallel universe. In the real world, public schools don't stone students for violating the Ten Commandments. High school business majors don't build Armageddon theme parks. The school's loveable mascot isn't sacrificed on an altar after a winning football season. The principal doesn't send his Jewish students to Israel to worship Satan in order to speed up the end of the world. The nerds aren't angry prophets who warn of eternal war, economic collapse, the destruction of the Constitution, and the shredding of the Bill of Rights -- if George W. Bush steals the approaching election. At Shepherd's Vale, they do. Albert Einstein's fictional great-great granddaughters, Tina, Norma, and Maxine -- three Jewish girls -- find themselves at Christian Zionist Shepherd's Vale after their parents mysteriously abandon them to serve a sinister neo-conservative think tank in Washington that is planning a "new Pearl Harbor" to launch a disastrous war in the Middle East. Because the girls love The Wizard of Oz, they call the neo-conservatives "Flying Monkeys" after the Wicked Witch's infamous death squad. With Angela Jordan, their loyal and feisty African-American Baptist bus driver, they find themselves trapped inside ex-wrestler Reverend Moriah Godley's authoritarian Ten Commandments charter school with hundreds of too-perfect students in a mythical hardscrabble town not featured on Florida's tourist maps.
          Business Model vs. Revenue Model   

My column in the December issue of the Entrepreneur magazine:  Assuming that the term ‘Business Model’ is the same as ‘Revenue Model’ is assuming that the word ‘aspiration’ means ‘inspiration’. Then, you might as well assume that the surname Singh is the same as Kejriwal.  The terms Business Model and Revenue Model are as distinct as chalk and cheese. Yes, they do look white at times and that’s how close they ever get.  To explain their distinction, let’s first consider Twitter – a company we are all familiar with (errr… if you don’t have a twitter handle, then please ask your kids to get you one before reading further!).  Now, let’s ask: What is the “Business” of Twitter? The website says “Twitter helps you create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”  To deploy its business, Twitter like any other business in the world, needs a Business Model. That Business Model is the ‘engine’ that creates, executes, delivers and services the business. As an exercise, let’s break down some of the engine-parts of Twitter:  Product – Clearly, Twitter is a product that you have to use ‘as is’. You cannot customize Twitter too much and create your own version  Rules – What is allowed, what isn’t; how do the checks and balances work? These change over time.  Usage & access – Who can use Twitter? Clearly, anyone. Usage defines the ‘market’ that the company is going after and sets the controls of access etc.  Availability – How and where will the product of Twitter be made available? Currently via the web, as a mobile app and as a mobile service.  I am sure you can list the rest of the engine parts. Do it! It will be a neat exercise.  The Business Model is the magical assembly that makes all these moving parts come together and actually creates a live, real business!  But engines can be pretty ineffective unless they are used for a real purpose! That is the real genius of a Business Model. Creating a ‘magical use’ of the Business Model that makes the company propel itself forward, like a rocket, shooting into the universe. The founding entrepreneurs, the core team and people in the company at the very early stage are usually the magicians! (This is also why startups are such fun!)  In the case of Twitter, the genius of allowing ‘followers’ &‘following’, trends, and the absolutely ubiquitous ‘#’ hashtag is what sprinkled magic on its Business Model and made it a household name. The ‘rule’ of 140 characters created an amazing reduction in reading clutter that today, allows us to read hundreds of tweets at a time, without getting tired or bored.  Was the need to add @ before every user name a good business idea? Surely not. It made Twitter a ‘techy’ product and intimidated a lot of people. Could the @ have been dropped just after the launch when the business began to show a strain in user adoption? I think so. This is one example of a defect design in Twitter’s Business Model with respect to usability (the simpler the product, the faster it scales).  Twitter really took off on gossip. And when Hollywood personalities began using it as their digital mouthpiece. The company’s Business Model was clearly proven out when tweets exploded and we saw twitter handles everywhere.  Twitter listed on the NYSE in the first week of November and was valued at 22 billion dollars at the time of writing this article.  Therefore, let’s park the point that the business of Twitter, propelled by a massively successful Business Model was proven massively successful by its IPO and 22 billion dollar market value. Now let’s tackle Revenue Model.  In the exercise of listing the engine parts of the Twitter engine, you may have listed ‘revenue’ as one of the items. Good going and good thinking!  For many years, no one really knew the Revenue Model of Twitter; if and how they made money; and if there was as a plan. I vaguely remember that when the co-founders of Twitter were once asked what their Revenue Model was, they shrugged and said, “We are trying to figure it out”. Evidently the Revenue Model of their massively explosive business was not top of their mind.  I applaud the Twitter co-founders for their unconventional and contrarian thinking; and for delaying the creation of its Revenue Model while they were perfecting its Business Model. Clearly placing the horse before the cart and not the other way around!  In the Twitter IPO listing, revenues of the company were pegged at about US$ 400 million (for 9 months). Let us assume that they will generate US$ 500 million by the year end.  Where does the money come from? Evidently, from advertising via ‘sponsored tweets’. Now, only a few ‘involved’ consumers even notice these sponsored tweets that appear interspersed while reading tweets on twitter walls.  So, is the Revenue Model of the almighty Twitter only advertisements, served via these chintu-mintu non-intrusive and elegant sponsored tweets?  Maybe, maybe not. But what is clear is that the Revenue Model halo isn’t eclipsing the Business Model of Twitter that is currently going gangbusters. Also, anyone who understands public markets will also tell you that stock investors do not value a company generating US$ 500 million in revenue for US$ 22 billion. Undoubtedly, investors are paying for Business Model vs. Revenue Model.  At this juncture, let me throw a spanner in the works and remind you of the Internet behemoth called Myspace that was launched in 2003. The site was a social networking platform for music rockstars and their fans.  By 2005, Myspace had boom, boom, boomed! It became the most popular social networking site in the world and was acquired by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for US$ 580 million. Myspace also became the launch pad for other big startups like RockYou and Zynga and dominated the traffic charts.  In June 2006 Myspace surpassed Google as the most visited website in the USA!  You will not refute me when I state that in 2006, the Business Model of Myspace was absolutely stellar! I mean have you ever heard of any website beating the traffic of Google in USA?!  Alas! Myspace sat on the wall. Myspace had a great fall. All of Murdoch’s finances and all of Murdoch’s men Couldn’t put Myspace together again. In a couple of years after its peak, Myspace crashed into oblivion. In June 2011, the once Herculean Myspace was acquired by Justin Timberlake and Specific Media Group for a measly, vada pav price of US$ 35 million! A site that had beaten Google in traffic was now a piece of scrap.  What went wrong? What made Myspace implode, crash and burn? A very badly implemented REVENUE MODEL!!  At its peak, Myspace entered into an advertising contract with Google that guaranteed Myspace US$ 900 million  in minimum revenue over a 3 year period. This deal badly compromised the user experience on the website that was anyway reeling under heavy advertising. To honor the Google deal, Myspace had to spray the site with ads. The Myspace CEO Chris DeWolfe reported that he had to push back against Fox Interactive Media’s sales team who monetized the site without regard to user experience (Source – Wikipedia).  Just like Diwali crakers, Myspace crackled, fizzled and burnt out. The company’s Revenue Model had destroyed the Business Model on which the entire business was built!  To put it metaphorically, the Revenue Model component in the Myspace engine was such a defective part, that it bust the engine itself. Considering the Twitter and the Myspace examples, let me summarize as: – The Business Model of any enterprise is unique, distinct and very, very sacred. It’s the soul of the business that needs to be cultivated, nourished, and preserved. The difference between failed, mediocre and spectacular companies is their Business Model and the magical genius that it comes wrapped in. – The Revenue Model is an offshoot of a sound Business Model and can wait. It’s a dangerous, volatile, elusive element that needs to be eased into a business like a foreign article entering a sacred body. With care and utmost caution. A successful combination of a great Business Model and Revenue Model results in a Google of today or a Facebook of tomorrow. But if you place your Revenue Model on the throne and crown it as king, with your Business Model as its slave, then you will land up with a Myspace of yesterday.  ****** Read ALL my other articles published in Entrepreneur mag HERE. ****** First Published on: Dec 3, 2013

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          ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Sequel Picks Up “A Few Minutes” After ‘Avengers 4’ Ends   

Earlier this week, we found out that the direct sequel to Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: Homecoming will kick off a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by showing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man dealing with the aftermath of the upcoming Avengers movies. But that connection will be even more explicit than we thought: according to producer Amy Pascal, the opening of Spider-Man Homecoming […]

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          ‘Wonder Woman’ Leaps Past ‘Batman v. Superman’ as the Highest-Grossing DCEU Movie   

Don’t mess with Diana of Themyscira. Wonder Woman has shattered box office records as the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman, and now it’s making leaps and bounds past its DC Film predecessors. In just four weeks, Wonder Woman breezed past the 14-week run of Suicide Squad and has has become the highest-grossing DC Extended Universe […]

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          FEEDING DREAMS. ..   
Sometimes I wonder why human beings tend to feed more their fears than their dreams- including myself of course-.
It really is something that makes me think a lot and lately, I have concluded that it's a fact that the most of us do that, feeding fears. So think for a minute; if we all more or less at the same time are doing it, we are at the same vibration creating a reality so BINGO! 
Our world, system or whatever you wanna call it it's the way it is because we are creating it! 

It is a sad reality, don't you think?
So why? why is all this happening? why are we so scared?
I think that part of the fact it's because we have lost the faith and confidence in ourselves which it keep us constantly out of ourselves, looking out there for happiness, answers, love. ...
And reality is my friend, that everything it's inside so, let's sit down, relax and have a look inside, to our heart, our soul. .. our true being.
We need to be brave and start an internal trip starting to listen to our emotions, How I feel today? Why I feel this way? What are my emotions trying to tell me? 
And cry, cry as much as you want.
Stop judging your tears as something negative when they are indeed a way to clean your soul.

Which are your dreams? don't need to tell me. .. feed them, trust yourself, listen to your heart and smile.

Today has been one of those days for me, where you wonder, you cry, you're frightened. .. and you end up smiling and trusting yourself and the Universe.

Don't stop following your dreams!
Be very happy!

See you all soon :)


Lluisa xoxo

          VALENTINE'S DAY    
Hi to everyone!!
Are you having a good Saturday?
And what about Valentine's day? do you like it? do you celebrate it? do you ignore it?. ....

I've got an enormous amount of questions and to me, only one answer comes to my mind, if there is Love it must be UNIVERSAL. A whole Love without any halves, -if you are gonna love me, you are gonna need to love the whole of me-.
And even more. .. let's love the whole Love, the entire Universe and every little being in it. 
Because my friend, let me tell you something: "Where there is LOVE there is not fear". Simple as that and let me ask you something: It wouldn't be nice a full life without absolutely any fear? 

Yes, I have had a present from my lovely man and I have given him a present as well. And I don't particularly like all that comercial side of everything at all. And yes, I do love him every single day, but to be honest and in my humbled opinion, sometimes it's not a bad idea to have a day to remind you to stop, not just one minute but all day to celebrate that love that sometimes gets forgotten between jobs, children, whasing ups, meals and ..... 

We have celebrate as well with our little girl, because she is the biggest love of our lives. Because you know what? if love it's universal, you can celebrate it in so many different ways, isn't it that great?

How has been your day?
I hope that whatever you have done or not done. .. has been a great one :)

See you all very soon!
Be very happy ;)


Lluisa xoxo

          The Plastic Macron´s of the Universe   
Občas tuzemští vydavatelé předvedou v jinak nevzrušivé práci při sestavování edičních plánů, řídících se převážně zákony trhu, jistý náznak kreativity. Ten, kdo dlouhá léta denně unuděně sleduje jejich obvyklé počínání, bývá v takových případech potěšen opravdu i jen pouhým málem - nejde-li o pouhou shodu náhod, jsem například ochoten veřejně ...
          Mike Quinsey (Channeling) Update - June 30, 2017   

http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/images/New%20Images/MikeQuinsey.jpg30th June 2017. Mike Quinsey.

Time marches on and continues to increase in such a way that you cannot fail to recognise the changes it is bringing about. You really do not seem to have time to do as much as you used to do previously, yet you find that time as you read it from your timepieces seems absolutely the same. In reality you are doing as much as usual but there is a sense of urgency that gives the impression that time is short. It is along with other signs a clear indication that time is speeding up, as it takes you into the New Age.

So much is changing and very little will revert to what it was beforehand. The changes are well under way, although in general terms you would find it difficult to pinpoint where they are occurring. Much has to be cleared away of the old before the new can be introduced, but nevertheless those who carry the responsibility for moving things forward are very active and wait for the right time to introduce what they have prepared.

Although the new cycle commenced in 2012 a number of sources were already prepared to bring out their contribution to the New Age. They remain on hold and as time passes more people join them with theirs, ensuring that once the safe time arrives for their introduction much will be revealed in a very short space of time.

Meanwhile a degree of chaos is inevitable, as people are normally reluctant to change their habits and accept new ways that “upset” their usual way of life. One thing is certain that it will be impossible to hold back progress, as so many advances have already been made. All will be very acceptable as it will uplift your quality of life and leave you with ample time to follow your own desires. Peace will be achieved at a level not experienced previously, and you will truly know that you have moved into the New Age.

The message for everyone is to keep raising your vibrations, and regardless of what happens to you in the future you will reap the benefits. I mention your Guides often because at such a time they have an important role to play. Without infringing your freewill, they will do all things possible to ensure that you gain the maximum success. Hopefully that will mean Ascension for you, and it will be worth every bit of effort you put in to be successful. Even if you are not ready to ascend what you would call failure is nothing to be concerned about, as you will have learnt much that will serve you well whatever path you take. It will also mean that because of what you have gained you have less to learn in the future, as nothing is lost or taken away from you.

Bear in mind that you are the sum total of all the experience you have gained and put it to good use. If there is karma to clear your Guides will ensure that it is part of your life plan, and also help you deal with it. You cannot take uncleared karma with you into the higher realms so the sooner you deal with it the better it will be.

You have probably had a great number of lives during the last cycle, and if you now feel ready and confident to make a quantum leap forward you will most likely succeed. A sure sign that you are ready is when you can look at every other soul and know they are One with You. That you can accept them as they are and regardless of their beliefs, and remember that Universal Love is the key to release yourself from the lower vibrations. No one can ask more of you than if you are doing your best to rise up, and by doing so you must eventually be successful. You will have already travelled far along the path of evolution and gained much through your experiences of your many lives upon Earth.

Now is the time that many revelations are being prepared for release as although you have been given new advances and technologies over many years, you are nowhere near where you should have been by now. However, that is all about to change because you and the Earth are crying out for change so that Humanity can advance to a point that eases the burdens of life. Equally important is the promotion of people that are best suited to lead you into a New Age, and they are already known and wait their opportunity to show what they can do. Their vision is to do the best for all people and put right the wrongs that have been perpetrated by those with a different agenda.

You must surely realise by now that you are effectively prisoners in an open jail created by the dark Ones, who have ensured that you have little or no say in your future. However, there are those who are working for improvements that will change your way of life and release you from bondage. The plans are advanced and as always it is the “right time” that is being awaited to ensure that when the Light Beings step forward it is safe to do so.

In times of such far reaching changes it is helpful if those with knowledge of the situation that now exists help those who have been kept in the dark, so that they are aware that there are soon to be great and welcome changes. People in general do not understand what is going on and why there is so much chaos, and see no future for themselves. Too much information may be difficult for some to comprehend, but a few words indicating the positive changes ahead will uplift many people. They are weary after so many years of disruption and political turmoil, and need help to understand that there is hope and that peace will come in due course. Perhaps the biggest upliftment will be in knowing that a world war will not be allowed, and the road to permanent and lasting peace has already been mapped out. There will be many positive changes very soon leading you into the New Age, with all of the advantages that will promise a wonderful and happy life.

From time to time it is necessary to remind you that all souls are loved by God and even those who are presently carrying out negative actions. They are experiencing exactly what they need to eventually learn the lessons of life. Karma can be complex and looking at it from the outside it is difficult for you to accept that all concerned are simply “playing” their part to give them the experiences they need to evolve. In so doing all parties involved will make progress by learning from the result of their actions. Be assured that at some stage you have all experienced both sides of life, and as you lift up your vibrations so the need for such lessons becomes less. Those of the negative actions will learn from their mistakes, but will need much love and help to overcome their extreme feelings of anger and hatred.

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe, and ascended Beings are those souls who have reached a level where they can fully express it in all circumstances. It is also the ultimate goal of all souls as they make their way back to the Godhead. You have an innate drive that propels you ever onwards into the higher dimensions of Light, and the longing to return “home” is a powerful urge that grows stronger and stronger all of the time.

This message comes through my Higher Self and carries the energies of Light and Love.

Mike Quinsey

          Global Debt Hits A New Record High Of $217 Trillion; 327% Of GDP   
Found via galacticconnection.com/

by Tyler Durden
The Institute of International Finance is perhaps best known for its periodic – and concerning – reports summarizing global leverage statistics, and its latest Q1 report was the most troubling yet, because what it found was that in a period of so-called “coordinated growth”, global debt hit a new all time high of $217 trillion, or over 327% of global GDP, up $50 trillion over the past decade. So much for Ray Dalio’s beautiful deleveraging, oh and for those economists who are still confused why r-star remains near 0%, the chart  below has all the answers.

Not surprisingly, China continues to be the biggest source of global debt growth, with the country’s total debt load now surpassing 300%.

While much of the debt issuance at the financial sector level has moderated in recent years, supplanted by outside money created by central banks, debt in the non-financial sector has continued to grow, and as of Q1 2017, hit an all time high of 242% of GDP.

An interesting observation by the IIF: despite the recent dollar strength (if not so much in the past quarter), dollar bond issuance in Emerging Markets has been on a tear over the past year.

Another notable observation: while the EM bond universe has increased by $2.5 trillion to $18.4 trillion since 2016, only 25% of this debt is tradeable via benchmark bond indices.

What is more troubling, however, is the IIF’s observation that despite the relentless foreign portfolio inflows into EM, the credit quality of many emerging markets has deteriored rapidly in the past year.

This is an especially acute problem because there is over $1.9 trillion in EM bonds and loans coming due by the end of 2018. Should the EM sector fall out of favor with investors, and if the debt can not be rolled over, it could result in substantial liquidity events across the EM space.

Finally, here is perhaps the most troubling chart of all: for all those wondering how oil-exporters in the Gulf region have funded their budgets, and maintained their economies from sliding into recession or social disorder, the answer is shown below: a dramatic increase in new debt issuance.

So what is the policymakers’ response as global debt hits new all time highs? To raise interest rates.


          Company With Ties To UFO Cover-up Gets Huge Antarctica Contract - Why All The Defense Contractors And Mercenaries?    


(Stefan Stanford) According to this interesting new story from the Herald Review, studies that were completed upon sedimentary rock in Antarctica have given us undeniable and conclusive evidence that palm trees once grew there in that land long covered by ice as also heard in the 1st video below. As the author of the Herald story asks, how is that possible when nothing other than primitive vegetation grows there today? As we hear in the 3rd and final video below featuring Clif High of the Web Bot project, the data that he mines every day tells him that something very, very strange is going on in Antarctica, and each day he's getting more and more indications that something huge is ramping up down there.
 Source - All News Pipeline

by Stefan Stanford, June 20th, 2017

Sharing with us evidence he's gotten through his internet word-monitoring project that, beyond many visits made by the elite to Antarctica, including Newt Gingrich himself in February of 2017 as seen in the Twitter screenshot below, he also sees a big ramping up of jobs in Antarctica including highly elite globalist corporations, (one with long ties to the UFO coverup!), and the numbers of military passes there indicate to him a major operation is being prepared for.

Between large tracts of land in Australia and New Zealand being dedicated to something new and still mysterious, he also tells us of the creations of new cargo routes from the areas closest to the land of ice, where it is now winter. High tells us he expects we may see something huge during the Antarctic spring while telling us one of the biggest indicators of what might be happening there now are the huge number of high tech companies becoming involved. He also tells us that whatever it is, the American people may never hear anything about it with the companies now involved.

According to the Professional Overseas Contractors website, a new company called LEIDOS recently took over the massive Antarctic support contract formerly held by deep-state, military-industrial-complex tied Lockheed Martin. Their story interestingly mentions that nowhere on LEIDOS company history page did they mention their parent company, a mega-giant for the 'deep state' called SAIC, the Scientific Applications International Company.

And as High tells us in this video, SAIC has deep ties to the secrecy surrounding UFO's, history that can be traced by those willing to investigate it including a slew of CEO's from the military-industrial-complex including retired US Navy Admiral and CIA Deputy Director Bobby Ray Inman, who's held several influential positions within the intelligence community, including time at SAIC, and who has long been believed to be one of the 'UFO Gatekeepers'.

Interestingly we also learn that the reason SAIC created LEIDOS was that they were unable to bid on certain government contracts as SAIC, but as LEIDOS they were able to bid upon them. Add in the fact that Lockheed Martin's Antarctica contract was supposed to run through 2025 but was 'conveniently' cut short, with LEIDOS taking over, and all kinds of questions arise that need to be answered with the starter: What is REALLY going on down there?

According to Steve Quayle's book "Empire Beneath The Ice", the truth about history has been hidden. In 'Empire Beneath' Quayle persuasively argues that most of what we have learned about World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany is wrong, and the truth is something not only sinister but are at the root of some of the biggest secrets of our age.

Interestingly, Quayle's book aligns greatly with much that we're hearing from Clif High now via his Web Bot project and High tells us he believes that what's happening down there might somehow be UFO/alien related. He also claims that with most jobs in the Antarctic being seasonal and short term, there's a mathematical certainty that more and more information will be leaking out about what's really going on down there that he'll be able to data mine through his project.

Might Steve Quayle's book have been way ahead of the truth? These main points of his book are shared with us.:
Why the suppressed evidence proves Adolf Hitler didn’t die before Germany surrendered during WWII, and how he eluded capture.

How Nazi SS members, scientists, and soldiers escaped with Hitler to create colonies in other parts of the world to continue their monstrous research.

Why in 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned that the US should adopt measures to protect against an invasion by hi-tech aircraft coming from the polar regions, adding, “The time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances, the oceans, and the poles were a guarantee of safety.”

How, using advanced technology, Nazi saucers defeated the US military — long after WWII was supposedly over.

Why the US space program was mostly a sham, and why the “UFOs” that started appearing around the world in the late 1940s were (and still are) most likely flown by Nazi pilots.

How key government, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial leaders, and institutions helped Hitler come into power, and facilitated the preservation of Nazi wealth and power after WWII.

Why today’s world is secretly controlled by a malevolent shadow government and entire populations are being surreptitiously brainwashed.

How ancient stargates have been duplicated to open portals into spiritual and demonic universes.

Why those controlling our planet have laid the groundwork for a takeover by a dictator who could best be described as the Antichrist of the Bible. Empire Beneath the Icecarefully documents these and many more astounding facts, divulging the truth about what is happening today. It gives you the insights to help prevent this diabolical takeover or, if it occurs, reveals the details and essential actions you and your loved ones must take. Empire Beneath the Ice exposes the dangers our world faces, and will arm you with the tools you need to counter these unspeakable, secret evils.

While High makes sure to reaffirm that we still don't know exactly what's going on down there, he claims that based on the few clues we do have that things are definitely ramping up. The fact that LEIDOS/SAIC refocused a core science group on Antarctica, which did part of their past work in 'reverse engineering', tells him that, while we're now living in very exciting times, a major inflection point is ahead. As he continues, with the old system dying and a new one being born, there are great opportunities along with great risks.

In the 2nd video below our videographer talks with us about the massive military build-up going on down in the Antarctic region including many defense contractors and mercenaries. Also discussed in the eye-opening final video below featuring Clif High are Bitcoin and other digital currencies and the potential for financial unrest ahead. The conversation turns towards Antarctica at the 24 minute mark. For those new to the Web Bot project, Cliff High's cutting edge technology is a set of algorithms used to process variations in the language that can offer insight into the mood of the collective unconscious through “predictive linguistics.”

found on Operation Disclosure
Stillness in the Storm Editor's note: Did you find a spelling error or grammar mistake? Do you think this article needs a correction or update? Or do you just have some feedback? Send us an email at sitsshow@gmail.com with the error, headline and urlThank you for reading.

          Silly Adventure Game 'Her Majesty's SPIFFING' on Sale for the First Time   
If funny adventure games are your thing, then you should definitely pick up Her Majesty's SPIFFING [$3.99] by BillyGoat Entertainment, on sale for the first time ever. The game has you searching the universe for planets to "gently" claim for the Galactic British Empire. You assume command of a near futuristic ship called HMSS Imperialize (subtle)
          Our own relationship story (part four)   
Continuing with the recounting, here is the next part of Julia's and my tale. First, though, a clarification brought about by a comment.

A fairly unfriendly commenter (and one who did not leave any evidence who they are--it seems that anonymity is the realm of the cowardly critic) made mention that Kenny and Julia Loggins are no longer a couple. Quite true. Fortunately, the value of a message is never dependent upon the messenger's life, the ups and downs we all experience, or the outcome of one marriage.

The commenter decided that Julia and I are kooks, as are Kenny and Julia Loggins. In talking with my Julia about it, we decided it was good company to be lumped in with.

We now have this blog set to moderated comments, so if you do add a comment, I'll okay it as quickly as I see it.

Now, back to the story...

----(Julia's story)

So I met this nice guy with the videotapes on the Unimaginable Life forum, and we struck up an email conversation. I knew he was special right away, and wished he weren’t already taken, but I was happy to have him for a buddy at least. I figured any man who could simply make it all the way through such an intimate book as UL, not to mention, proclaim himself commited to conscious relationship, and was so devoted to his girlfriend, had to be someone I’d like to be friends with! It took only a few days for our email exchange rate to ramp up to 6-8 per day each way. We talked quite a bit about his relationship, and about my moving toward one. There was something really special about our chemistry, though, and it sure felt different than any platonic friendship I'd ever had, though I knew that's all it could be.

Around this time, I decided to try out an online dating service, and had several guys contact me based on my profile. I liked most of them just fine, and enjoyed emailing with them for the most part, but found myself FAR more excited to see a message from my buddy Rick in my inbox than one from any of them. When Rick asked if he could call me so we could hear each others' voices, I was so excited, you would have thought it was a fancy dinner date with Mr. Right! When I heard his voice on the other end of the line, I spontaneously had the thought, that’s my guy—he sounds like "home." (Danger, Will Robinson!) His voice was so familiar and so soothing to my soul, I just knew that he was “mine”—and yet, he was deeply committed to his girlfriend and their relationship. I knew this because we had talked about it so much. So I decided that he just sounded like the man that was coming into my life—the one I knew intuitively that I was magnetizing and could feel coming closer. I figured when “the one” showed up, he’d sound just like Rick. (I guess you could say he did!)

I can’t name the minute it happened, but it soon dawned on me that I didn’t just like this guy a lot, or love him as a friend—I was in love. Holy moly—in love with an unavailable man. SHEESH! That frustrating pattern had reared its ugly head AGAIN, and I can’t tell you how irritated I was and betrayed I felt when I realized it. I thought that the universe was having a big sadistic laugh at my expense, but I sure didn't think it was funny. I had worked so hard to break this pattern, but there it was, despite my best efforts to consciously move past it. I didn’t tell you the whole story on that before, but suffice to say that in addition to staying out of relationships with men for 8 years, I had also worked with it intensively in therapy and made it clear to the universe by my actions in other powerful ways that I was done with that pattern and willing to do anything to transmute it.

Let me backtrack a bit, and tell you what I discovered about the origins of this pattern of being involved with all manner of unavaialble men. I found this out in the therapy that I had worked with for many years called the Results Method, which was based on Thymo-Kinesiology. I started it in the early-to-mid ’80s with Margaret Fields Kean, who was the originator of Results, and when Margaret moved out of my area, I started seeing Mary Mooney (trained by Margaret), whom I still see to this day when I am in Raleigh. (If you are in that area, I highly recommend Mary—email me if you want her contact info.) Anyway, what we found out by doing an age regression is that it all started when I was a little girl, waiting for my daddy, whom I adored, to come home from work everyday. Late afternoon after work was my time with Dad, who would walk in the back door, pick me up, carry me into the kitchen where Mom would be fixing dinner, hug and kiss me, tickle me, and hold my arms while I turned somersaults by climbing up his legs and flipping over. And over. As many times as he would let me. It was always a thrill—and never lasted long enough. You know how kids are—it’s never enough. Just when it was really getting fun, Dad would run out of steam and tell me that was all for now—which always disappointed and deflated me. Then—and this is the critical part—he would turn away from me, and go and hug and kiss my mother, and they would talk about the news of the day and the important matters of life, while she stirred the pots on the stove.

What I learned from that was that I was the girl that men liked to play with—until they got tired of it—and there was someone else that they discussed the real things of life with. So that’s why I had created the same pattern over and over—while it hurt, it was what I was used to. I was comfortable being “the other woman,” and the one the guys loved to play with before they settled down and got serious with somebody else. (I also learned that I had internalized the notion that “just when things start getting good, they’re over.” But that’s a different soap opera…) But I had cleared all that and was ready to be the one at the stove stirring dinner—or so I had thought. So why, right out of the box, was this cropping up again? What was I going to have to do to move past it? The answer is pretty cool. But it will have to wait till another installment!

----(Rick's story)

While Julia was stewing over my seeming unavailability, I was beginning to notice that, when she would tell me about a few men she corresponded with thanks to her experiment with online dating, I was secretly wishing that they would all prove to be duds, at least in the sense of her finding any of them attractive. My problem was one of denial, and I mean the big-time, can’t-see-the-forest kind of denial, when I tried to explain those feelings to myself.

Julia had sense enough to feel the love growing between us, and I was silly enough to think it was a special friendship and only that…sure, blind-as-a-bat Rick!

I finally knew for sure that Julia really was the person with whom I belonged, and who belonged with me, soon after she decided that our situation was just too unsettling, confusing, and too much sending her off of center. She declared a moratorium on our communications—which by that time meant dozens of email messages a day, and frequent, hours-long phone calls—and it just about killed me.

I was still seeing my Colorado Springs friend, still doing my best to remain loyal to a vision I had which was already scratched and warped beyond repair like a badly mistreated cheap mirror, and still trying to see Julia as a really good long-distance friend. It hit me when I was driving back to the Colorado Springs house from the grocery store early one weekend morning. I thought of some little piece of life that tickled me in the moment, and I instantly wanted to tell my special someone about it…and realized that the person I wanted to tell was Julia, not the Colorado Springs friend.

That was my turning point as I look back. Everything that transpired after that point followed the new path I glimpsed for the first time that autumn dawn.

Right that moment, though, I had a problem: Julia was not willing to communicate with me. That problem’s resolution and more about the next few steps on our joint path will be retold soon!
          Our own relationship story (part three)   
Taking up where part two left off, Julia and I continue to tell the story of how we came to be together.

----(Julia's story)

When last I posted an installment in my soulmate saga, I told you that, on my trip to buy an espresso maker to help ease the loss of the only coffee shop in the small town where I was living, I also bought a copy of the book, The Unimaginable Life, by Kenny and Julia Loggins. Whereas I had been somewhat reticent to buy it at first, once I did, I gobbled it up in less than 24 hours! It’s the story of the first seven years of their relationship and it is VERY intimate and revelatory. If they held anything back, it wasn’t much. The book chronicles not only the rapture of finding and experiencing what they termed “Big Love,” but also the radical honesty and “personal housekeeping” involved in tending a conscious relationship.

For one of the friends I recommended the book to, it was too intimate, too “embarrassing” to read—for me, it was like manna from heaven! This was the level of relating that I had always wanted but hadn’t ever manifested. I craved the chance to explore that level of intimacy with someone who was totally invested instead of the men I had manifested to date—if you recall, I had attracted a slew of unavailable or otherwise unsuitable men. For the eight years prior to discovering the book, I had been holding men away with a psychic barrier. I had convinced myself that I would need to grow spiritually to the point where I would not repeat the mistakes of the past; would not attract another unavailable man; would not recreate the dysfunctional relationship patterns that had lead to such pain. What I understood from reading The Unimaginable Life is that the way to achieve what I was longing for was not to try to perfect myself as a way to protect against hurt, but to embrace relationship as a spiritual path, and be willing to risk whatever it took to walk the path with a partner—a mirror.

So, as I said, I devoured the book immediately. I started it the night I came back from buying it and the espresso machine, and was finished the next afternoon. When I turned the last page, I said to the Universe, very clearly—but not without some trepidation—“I’m ready to grow spiritually in a relationship.” Just moments afterward, I went online to the Kenny Loggins website, and checked out the Unimaginable Life forum. There was a message posted there by a guy who was offering a videotape of Kenny’s and Julia’s appearance on Leeza. I found myself emailing him to see if he still had a copy. Now this wouldn’t have been odd except that, not only did I not particularly want one, the two VCRs in our house were out of order, having been struck by lightning! And yet, I was asking this stranger for a copy of the tape. Hmmm…I just figured it was Sweet Julie (my inner child) experiencing the "me, too" syndrome. Since he was only asking $5 for a copy to cover the cost of the tape and shipping, it seemed like a harmless indulgence. I quickly received an answer back saying that he’d made 10 tapes and I’d gotten the last one.

I emailed back, asking where to send the money, and commented on how reading the book had opened me up. He replied and said it had been meaningful to him and his partner, too. Here is the third message I sent:

Dear Rick, I'm excited! Thanks so much and let me know about expenses... I am happy to hear that you and your woman are resonating with the book. It gives me hope that there are men out there who "get it"!!! It could just be that there is one somewhere for me! For the first time in years, I feel myself opening up to allowing another person into my life. Reading *The Unimaginable Life* was like an initiation. Until "he" shows up, the book is calling me to an even higher level of accountability in my relationship with myself--which is obviously a prerequisite for surviving and finding true intimacy in relationship with another person. Funny, I have been "working on myself" for so long...guess it just never ends--but maybe it can be more FUN! Light on the path,
(Do take note of the message’s addressee…)

Next installment soon!

----(Rick's story)

I, too, was enthralled with The Unimaginable Life, and once I discovered the forum that was then available at Kenny Loggins’ website, I had a place to feed the deep urge for connection. It is not a matter of finding fault at all that my Colorado Springs friend didn’t share the vision I had of a life lived in service. It was me trying to see her as the female half in a relationship where she didn’t belong. Guessing who really did is not too difficult at this point!

The forum, really more of a message board, consumed a good bit of my free time for some weeks. Kenny and Julia Loggins were doing publicity appearances in support of the book, and I learned they would be on a daytime talk show. I decided to tape the appearance.

That day happened to be the day that the Queen of England chose to finally speak publicly on her family’s sorrow over the very recent loss of Princess Diana. As a result of her speech, much of the talk show I wanted to have on tape was preempted. I did get part of the segment when Kenny and Julia were discussing their relationship and what they believed they had to offer as insight into the nature of relationship, but I was saddened to see that much of the show simply was not broadcast that day.

Over the next couple of days, several people on the forum mentioned that they missed the airing altogether. I was willing to make copies of the video tape I had, but I also knew I needed to set some limits. I had no interest in becoming a permanent tape-copying fixture of that virtual community. During my lunch break from work, I walked to the nearby big-box electronics store to see what was available in blank tape.

I thought I’d probably get five and be done. That day, though, there was a great deal on a pack of ten blank tapes, so I decided I would be willing to invest that much energy and time in furthering the cause Kenny and Julia were living.

The next step was to post a message on the website that I was willing to make copies of the Kenny and Julia talk-show appearance. Within minutes, I had several takers. Figuring in the cost of the mailers I got from the post office and the postage itself, my outlay was roughly $5 per tape. That was all out-of-pocket expense, as I was making the tapes for free. Once I began the process of creating the copies, I also decided that I would mail the tapes as they were finished, and leave it up to each individual to honor the pledge of sending $5 after the fact. I was glad to see that most did.

I had committed almost all of the tapes by the time Julia became aware of the offer. As she pointed out, she actually got the very last of the ten tapes. In fact, it was only minutes after Julia asked for the last one that someone else asked, as well. I stuck to my self-imposed limit and turned that person down.

With the other folks who bought tapes, my correspondence was limited to “please send me your address” and their reply. Something about Julia’s response, though, caught my eye. The very email she included in this post was the one that hooked me. I had to learn more about this person!

Since we had the Kenny and Julia book as a topic of conversation, as well as the tape I had made for her, I asked after her experience watching the tape. Now, I had been very careful to note in all my conversations with the people who sought that tape that the show was only partly captured. It was not a total loss, but it was not the complete show. I’m sure it had to have been a couple of weeks after I sent the tape to Julia that the topic came up again, and she pointed out just what she mentions in this post: she had no working VCR in her house!

While she also said she intended, some day, to take the tape to a friend’s house to view it, she didn’t show much enthusiasm for that task. I decided she was a nice lady with a view of life that I enjoyed talking about with her, but she was definitely flaky! Why did she ask for the tape if she didn’t have any plan for watching it??

Ah, Spirit. You have to have a sense of humor to be in the lives of us human beings!
          Where to start?   
There are many friends I have come to know, particularly over the past five weeks, who I only know by their typed words which I have read on their blogs.

It is striking that some of the most intelligent, attractive, and fun women I have met are single and not necessarily loving it. These are people who are powerfully living their lives and not bemoaning their fate at all, don't get me wrong in that regard. In fact, some are completely at peace with being alone or raising a child or children by themselves. On the other hand, I don't think most would turn down the chance to meet someone compatible who could become more than just a friend. Maybe not today, because some of these amazing women (I’m sure there are guys out there in the same position, I just have not met them) are intentionally taking a break from the relationship arena to refresh their intimacy and knowledge of their own inner life and soul, or to determine what path they want to walk next in their lives.

In building this blog, Julia and I will focus a great deal on the dynamics of relationship and how understanding these dynamics can make life so much easier for couples and for the other people in their lives. That doesn't mean, though, that we won't also be writing about how to get to the point that there is a relationship in the first place. That’s my topic this morning.

In the early posts of our own story, Julia makes mention of the fact that she was unavailable for any kind of relationship for about eight years right in the early prime of her adult life. It was a conscious decision she reached after experiencing a pattern of finding men, but only ones with other attachments which made them unavailable.

Literally the day before we met, she opened her arms to love and declared to the universe her willingness to try again.

We have come to believe that this is very much a Law of Attraction kind of action. For those of you unfamiliar, the Law of Attraction is fairly simple to describe: what you put out to the universe is drawn to you as if by a powerful magnet. If you exude kindness and have a gentle nature, you will find people around you who are kind and gentle. If you are crabby with the world all the time, you will find yourself in traffic jams, helped by rude customer service people, and generally living a life designed by your crabbiness to enforce it.

Of course, one can discuss the Law of Attraction and its applications for years--Jerry and Esther Hicks have been doing so for close to 25 years now, and there is no end in sight to their Abraham seminars. Julia teaches it, particularly in her "Raise Your Frequency" talks and forum. So, while the explanation is enough for the purposes of this post, this is a topic rich with information to be mined. If you have not already, find a resource you are attracted to and resonate with, and learn more.

If the Law of Attraction is so simple to describe, at least at the rudimentary level, why do so many of us find it hard to use what we know? That's a much tougher question to answer, but the short version is, we simply are not able to get out of our own way to allow what we dream, the space to come into our lives.

We're all too busy trying to force things to be the way we want them--that's a critical word, 'want'--instead of doing what works, which is to feel the emotion you know you will experience when you have whatever you are busily driving away by coveting it. If you can broadcast to the universe, "I love living my life exactly as it is, and I have everything I could ever desire, including...[insert your dream here]" then you will find your desires practically falling out of the sky in their rush to match the frequency you are broadcasting on.

What we do instead is to send out the message that we're lonely, have low self esteem, and don't feel worthy of meeting someone who would be the perfect match for us. The universe, just as it always does, returns to us exactly what we are claiming: more opportunities to feel lonely, more chances to see ourselves as being unworthy, and people who have similar personal issues coming into our lives. There's a powerful reason why people seem to attract the same mismatches into their lives over and over. They are causing it to happen!

Here's a key part of breaking out of this pattern. Practice allowing. It is so easy to do that we find it very difficult. Practice sending out your message that you love having your desires met with perfection, and then get the heck out of the way. Let go of the string so that energetic message can fly wherever it needs to fly to do its job. Allow the universe to do its part of the manifesting process.

We tend to get all caught up in how our desires could possibly be fulfilled, and that's not where we need to focus. The universe, Spirit, God-in-me, whatever you choose to call it, is responsible for lining everything up so it falls into place. That cannot happen, though, if we are busily getting in the way!

What Julia did ten years ago is a great example. She had spent years denying the universe any opportunity to create and bring to her a partner, yet when she opened her heart and said, with full conviction, "Okay...I'm ready now" the universe brought me into her life in less than one day.

From my side of it, I had spent years denying my own worthiness and suffering because of it. For me, it was about two years of gradually learning to value myself before I was ready to be the answer to Julia's call. After those two years of preparation (and I only call it that in retrospect--I had not the slightest clue about the adventure I was about to become part of), it took Julia and me a matter of only a few weeks to come to grips with what we were for each other.

To the heart of the matter, if you are ready to have a partner enter your life, then announce it loud and clear! Stand with your arms open, and tell the universe that NOW is the time, and you are ready to meet this person. Then, let it go. Don’t peek around every corner, wondering if that’s the person right there, walking up the sidewalk. Instead, go on with your life. Live it fully, do what you love, and let things unfold for you naturally. Feel the comfort in your bones that you have done the only thing necessary to make this happen for you. Continue to put out the call that you are fully prepared for love, and allow it to come to you. The joy that such a call brings is exactly the frequency the universe recognizes, and responds to.

If you are inspired to go to places where you have the chance to meet single people who might fit the bill, go for it! The secret is, don’t force it. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself in places where it is easy to meet people, as long as you are not giving off a vibe of the hunter or huntress. Again, inspiration can guide you. Be you, do what you are inspired to do, and let the magic unfold on your behalf. Julia is very adamant that allowing is not the same as lazily expecting miracles while you sit idly by and let life go on without you. Not at all! But your actions should be inspired ones, not flailing about without any purpose. If you feel a boost in energy when you consider going to a church potluck or out to the friendly neighborhood watering hole with a buddy, that’s your cue. Inspired action comes complete with motivation and energy to accomplish the action already built-in!

If you have thoughts or comments, please feel free to add them. We intend this to be a community, and it will be one where we learn right along with the folks like you who stop by.

          Our own relationship story (part two)   
Continuing the recounting of how Julia and I came to be together, here is part two. If you want to skip ahead, you can read the entire story if you go to Julia's blog and enter "soulmate saga" into the search box.

Here, I will continue to add another part of the story every couple of days.

So, on with part two!

----(Julia tells her story)

From just after Christmas of 1990, to early 1998, I lived in my parents’ home in Lexington, North Carolina. They were there approximately 6 months out of 12 and I was there alone 6 months out of 12. During that period is when Recreating Eden was begun in earnest—though I didn’t at that point fully recognize what it was that I was undertaking. It was quite a time of solitude--a challenge for an extrovert like me! I should mention that Lexington is a small town of around 16,000, and not exactly a social mecca, or home to a gold mine of men that might have made suitable partners for me, even if I had been interested in coupling up at that time. Even Winston-Salem and Greensboro, where I worked in a holistic center and taught classes, didn’t yield up any promising partnership material for me—but then, as I said, I was wearing invisible barbed wire and a “Keep Out!” sign.

I might have gone nuts in Lexington, what with living alone, if I hadn’t discovered The Whirling Dervish, a coffee and gourmet shop, where I went every day, at least once, for a cappuccino and a bagel, and for much needed social interaction. The people who owned it, Betsy and Larry, became good friends, and people from the town I might not have gotten to know otherwise became my buddies, too. It was a bit like Cheers, but on caffeine instead of alcohol. Yes—The Dervish (so named because Betsy grew up as an expatriate in Turkey), saved my sanity.

The Dervish never really made much money, though, and after a few years of struggling by, Betsy and Larry finally decided to let it go. Now, you'd think that would have been devastating news, but for some reason, I did not react the way you might have expected. No—I somehow took it as a sign—a sign that my time to move on was at hand. That might not seem so unusual, except that I did not have a clue how I was going to pull it off. I simply did not have the financial wherewithal at that point to move. But oddly, I knew that moving was, indeed, what I was preparing to do. How? No clue. I remember walking my dachshund, Luna, in the lovely old neighborhood a block from the Dervish on a September afternoon soon after they announced it was closing in a couple of months. It was warm and golden—a perfect early fall day—and there was a breeze blowing that had the tiniest hint of chill in it, like a promise of what was to come. I can feel that breeze and hear it rustling the leaves in the big oaks on First Avenue to this day. It was more than a breeze—it was the winds of change. And I knew it even then.

I’ve said many times that your Spirit will use your personality to get you where you need to go and do what you need to do. Well, mine used my love for cappuccino to get me where I needed to be to find what I needed to find. Since the Dervish was closing and there were no other sources for espresso drinks in Lexington at the time, I decided I’d need an espresso maker if I were going to make it through with a minimum of withdrawals from the Dervish. So I headed to Winston-Salem to check them out and, to make a long story a little less long, ended up striking out at the gourmet and home stores—I thought $200 was a little much and their cheaper models were sold out. So, it was suggested to me that I try the new super Walmart. I’m thinking, "No way will they have espresso makers there!" but I let myself be convinced and went. What a Walmart! The price check girls were on roller skates, the place was so vast. And yes, they did, indeed, have an espresso maker—a Mr. Coffee for $40. So I got it, along with a frothing pitcher, and wandered around a bit before being sucked into their book department. There, I found what was then a new book by Kenny Loggins and his wife, Julia (nice name!) called The Unimaginable Life: Lessons Learned on the Path of Love. Yes—that’s Kenny Loggins the singer. I felt a powerful attraction to the book, but I was a little torn at first. You see, I’d had a crush on Kenny since 1983 when I sat on the front row of one of his concerts in Japan and wasn’t sure I wanted to read about his love affair with his wife! I had been the only Caucasian in a sea of Japanese, and I was tall, blonde, blue-eyed and wearing a mini-skirt to boot! He paid a LOT of attention to me, singing to me, and even looking me in the eyes and leaning over the edge of the stage to throw me a sweaty towel at one point, which, thankfully, a teenage girl snatched out from in front of me. I say thankfully, because really, what does one do with someone’s perspiration-soaked towel? But I digress.

I did buy the book. And the rest is history. Of course, I will share that history with you in the next installment!

----(Rick tells his story)

While most of us are less than thrilled about it sometimes, change is often the harbinger of something fresh and new: it seems to me we are reborn time and time again as we move through our lives.

In my case, I had become involved with a sweet lady from Colorado Springs in the summer of 1997. It was the one and only time I ever made use of any sort of dating service. In this case, it was match.com, one of the first such websites to come into existence.

I was checking out match.com just as my soon-to-be friend was about to decide to pull her info off the website for lack of appealing results. I saw her ad the last day it was to be visible.

We met for lunch a few days later, which was not a hard thing to do--I have lived all of my adult life on the south side of the Denver area, she lived on the north side of Colorado Springs, so we were only about 45 minutes apart.

After a couple of more substantial times together, we gradually fell into a pattern that had me driving down twice a week to Colorado Springs to spend time with her and her son, a delightful young man just beginning high school. I would hustle back to Denver early Sunday to spend the day with my own four daughters.

The exact circumstances of discovering the very same Unimaginable Life book that Julia mentions have faded into the past, but it was typical of me that I did not immediately buy a copy of the book once I learned that it existed. Once I had heard about it and had some idea what the book was about, I went to my local branch of the Denver Public Library--easily one of the best library systems in the country, for which I am grateful over and over because I constantly have one book or another on hold, am waiting in virtual line for my turn to check out a book or several, or am turning in two or three books I am finished with--and filled out the little slip to request that the library buy a copy.

It was my first experience asking the library to procure a book I wanted to read that they did not have. It was an empowering event, that's for sure, and one I remembered years later when I asked the library to buy a copy of another book: Recreating Eden. The latter event was all about the same thing we are about at this website: getting the word to as many people as possible about a path to participation in this time of great change for all of humanity, the world, and the universe. My earlier experience, though, was about getting a book in my hands that I was not willing to buy sight unseen. I have been accused of being cheap. I prefer the appellation, ""careful with his money."" (if you think I'm bad, check out my dad!)

A couple of weeks later, I got a notification that the book was in. I rushed to the library after work, checked out the book, and proceeded to devour the contents over a period of a few days.

Once I had the book for a week or so and fell in love with it, it was an easy decision to buy a copy of my own. The book is a powerful statement of how love--or as Kenny and Julia called it in their book, Big Love--transforms. They met at a point in their lives when both had been through painful times and lived to come out the other side (isn't that the story for all of us of a certain age??), and the book chronicles the time in their lives when they became friends, lovers, and partners through their letters to each other, through the songs Kenny wrote at the time, and through Julia's beautiful poetry.

Both Julia and Kenny contribute to the discussion of Big Love and how it can heal. Heck...it can't help but heal, if you just let it do its job. Their lessons on radical honesty--on laying it all on the line every day with your partner so you don't end up with lots of junk in your relationship that fogs the connection between you--were eye-opening for me. For way too long in my life, I was a ""go along to get along"" kind of guy. I was always able to adjust or accommodate. What I knew nothing of was the stored pain I had accumulated as a result. When you get too good at stuffing your pain inside, you can completely forget it even exists. Boy, was I there!

My friend in Colorado Springs bought her own copy of the book, too. We often compared notes on particular sections of the book. For the most part, though, we didn't really practice the tenets of the book. Instead, we would just hang out and be together. Having a level of comfort with someone that allows for just being, not having to be *doing* all the time, was wonderful and restful--and educational. To some extent, we have become so much a "you are what you do" nation. That attitude doesn't leave much space for growth of the soul. I began to learn that you are always becoming who you are about to *be*. "Doing" is an activity or action, not the definition of the heart of a person. Growth on the inside comes most readily when there is space in your life to allow it. Allowing...that's one crucial concept!

I was a bit bothered at a deep level that my friend didn't seem all that enthused when I would talk about how we had a mission in life to help people. Like me, she was involved with computers at her job, and her interpretation of my vision was that we would form our own computer consulting company. I had mixed emotions about that idea which mostly revolved around my need for a considerable and steady income to provide for my daughters, but I could see how her idea could be a bridge to completing the vision I had.

In her case, the vision wasn't shared. Our relationship, though, was such an important one for me. When my marriage ended, I was at rock bottom emotionally. My trust of my own ability to create a healthy relationship was at about zero. Thanks to my friend in California, and later my friend in Colorado Springs, I learned that an important part of relationship is to own your part of it. When both partners are fully present and engaged, the connection is transformational: it's healing, and it is a verdant place where growth naturally occurs. If, instead, you are molding yourself to fit what little space is allotted to you in the relationship, it is draining and can suck the life right out of you.

Over the period of time from when my marriage became irretrievably broken to the time when I met Julia (more to come from her on that topic, I'm sure!), I was blessed to know two wonderful people who were my mentors in regaining myself. Neither was consciously playing that role, but I have found that my most powerful mentors often aren't. Both of these women healed parts of me that were vital to have fully activated for the time to come.

And, for that part of the story, you'll have to tune in again!
          Our relationship   
Julia and I have been together for about ten years now, which is an interesting fact. We considered ourselves "together" before we laid eyes on each other in person. Why? We had spent many hours with each other via email and by daily, hours-long phone conversations. The odds are great that we knew each other better by the time we saw each other for the first time than most dating couples can claim after a year of dating.

In setting up this website, one of our intentions was to tell our own story. It is a story we have told before, using Julia's blog as the vehicle. In that case, we told it one chapter at a time over many months. Here, we will tell it the same way, but we will condense the timeline. Given that the entire purpose of this new blog is to discuss relationship dynamics and how to make one work, it only makes sense for us to get our story up and visible over a shorter timeframe.

Today, we begin at the beginning. I will post another chapter in the story in a couple of days.

----(Julia's part of the story)

After my comments about “looking for love” in my last blog entry, someone wrote me today and asked how I met my husband, Rick. It’s a really cool story, and will take more space than I’m going to allot to one blog entry, so I’ll tell it in installments!

First, I’ll start with a little background. I was married for the first time when I was 23, to someone who was just not right for me. He was my first earth-shaking love, and it took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that we were just not suited for each other, no matter how much we loved each other at essence. I kept the voice inside that was trying to tell me that well-muted for a number of years, until finally, it could not be denied anymore. Our relationship lasted about five years total, but our marriage, only 15 months. Interestingly, I had severe migraine headaches during exactly the period of time we were together. Once we split up, the migraines only came back once, and again, it was when I was not being honest with myself.

I have deduced that migraines are common occurrences when you are lying to yourself about something important—when you are not heeding your inner guidance. Not saying that’s the only cause—just that it seems to be consistent with my observations of myself and others. I learned somewhere that when the frequencies of your left and right brain hemispheres are different, it can cause migraines. Kind of makes sense with my theory, doesn’t it? Anyway, while I was crazy about my first husband, and he loved me a lot, it was a serious mismatch. I’m sure there was a karmic component to our being together, and I still feel a bond with him, but it was a powerful move in the right direction when we split up. I’m happy to say that, even though we made lousy partners, we have a nice relationship now, and he and his wife—who is very cool—have both read Recreating Eden and bought copies for friends and family. I hope to see them when I’m in North Carolina this spring.

After my marriage, I had quite an active social life, and it took me a number of relationships to see a pattern emerging: I was always magnetizing unavailable men. My first husband had been unavailable emotionally. I had another boyfriend that was still hung up on his first love and wasn’t available—actually, make that 2 boyfriends hung up on lost loves. And there were the ones that just weren’t that into me, and the one that, when things got to the deep-heart intimacy stage, freaked out and pulled away (now that’ll do a number on you!). There was one that worked on the pipeline in Alaska and was only around for two weeks of every five, and then there were (I’m sad to say) the married ones or engaged ones, or otherwise involved ones. If a man was unavailable, I was like a magnet to him. And, in many ways, that suited me fine. It was easier to be involved with a man that was unavailable. That way, I didn’t have to commit (This was something I wasn’t cognizant of at the time, but that I figured out in a later analysis). And I’m a “keep my options open” type—a “P-type” in the Myers-Briggs personality inventory. Being involved with unavailable men suited me—but only sort-of. There was a deep longing in me for true partnership—a longing to be with a man who would consider me the “love of his life,” and with whom I could build a life. Continually being involved with unavailable men did little or nothing for my self esteem, and I felt guilty about the relationships with men who were involved with other women. But for some reason, I kept creating relationships with the old pattern until one day, I just said “ENOUGH! I refuse to keep doing this! I will not be in any relationship at all until I can break this sick pattern!” And the universe took me at my word.

Eight years passed in which I did not have so much as one single, solitary date. I had erected a psychic barrier that was so powerful, I not only didn’t attract men, I did not come across one man that I was even vaguely interested in! It was as if that part of my life was utterly non-existent. And for someone who was still attractive and that had always had lots of interactions with men (as you may have surmised by my partial list of relationships above) it was quite a phenomenon to live such a life of relationship abstinence.

But all that was going to change in 1997…

I’ll tell you more of my relationship saga soon!

----(Rick's part of the story)

It only seems fitting that the story be told from both points of view, so I will chime in and take the story from the beginning to the same point that Julia has, this time from my perspective.

My first marriage was later than Julia’s: I was 28 when I got married in 1982, two and a half years after I returned home to Denver after four years in the Air Force. My first wife is the mother of all those step children you hear about now and again in Julia’s blog.

By 1995, our relationship had soured to the point that it was simply a matter of time before it ended. We separated in 1996. I then embarked on what I now see as the gradual opening of my eyes and raising of my vision. My own sense of self had been badly damaged—or, more likely, was badly damaged at the time I got married—and I needed time and relationships based more on esteem for ourselves first, and then what we could each bring to a relationship. A lovely woman who lived in the mountains east of Los Angeles and I had a relationship that lasted about four months and several trips to that beautiful part of California. We are still friends today and email each other a few times a year. Our relationship was an important step for me, because we treated each other as equals each entitled to the nurturing we could offer ourselves, and then to the magic we could build together. The magic, as it turned out, was more imagined than real.

In mid-1997, I met a woman who lived in Colorado Springs, and we were very close for a few months. I now see the value and meaning in having known this person (we are not in communication today). It was during my relationship with her that I began the long climb out of the pit of very low self-esteem I had fallen into over a period of years. She was such a loving and giving soul, and she was very healing for me. Again, though, the magic wasn’t what we both thought we saw at first. When I would talk about what I envisioned as our future, she was kind about it but clearly didn’t share my vision. I was still seeing her when I met Julia. At this point, I will let Julia take the story forward and add my comments when she does.
          Steven Universe Bounce   
Help Steven Universe to jump and grab all the gems that are on the screen. You have 3 lives to try to get as many objects as you can and go to the next level be careful of falling.
          The future of 'Spider-Man' rests with indie director Jon Watts   

It’s been a wild ride for director Jon Watts. Tasked with bringing everyone’s favorite web-slinger to the big screen in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Watts has entered the swirling $11.7-billion-grossing maelstrom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And as every super hero knows, with great power ...

          Virginia Woolf. Ambivalent Activist, Clara Jones, Edinburgh University Press   

”My puzzle is, ought artists now to becompe politicians? My instinct says no; but I’m not sure that I can justify my instinct. I take refuge in the fact that I’ve received so little from society that I owe it very little.”

Så skriver Virginia Woolf i ett brev 1940. Om konstnären ska vara aktivt deltagande i samhällsfrågorna eller stå utanför var något hon bearbetade under hela sitt vuxna liv. Schablonen om henne lyder annars att hon vistades i ett elfenbenstorn (falskt), att hon inte kunde uttala sig om arbetarklassen utan att bli nedlåtande (delvis sant). Tyvärr etableras vrångbilder i skolor och universitet, och upprepas sedan utan ifrågasättanden, bara av den anledningen att det är så bekvämt att behålla sina gamla uppfattningar. Men just Virginia Woolf är själv det bästa exemplet på inte bara ifrågasättanden – omkullkastandet av tidigare värderingar – utan också på det fruktbara i ambivalensen.

Om ambivalensen som både estetisk och ideologisk princip handlar Clara Jones monografi Virginia Woolf. Ambivalent Activist. Redan för drygt 20 år sedan försökte Hermione Lee nyansera bilden av Woolf som isolerad elitist (i den fortfarande bästa boken om henne, Virginia Woolf: A Biography,från 1996). Själva umgänget med Bloomsbury-cirkeln var också något som stimulerade ett samhällsintresse, även om Woolf själv skulle behålla en skepsis mot grupperingar och sammanslutningar. I rättvisans namn var ju Bloomsbury-cirkeln ingen enhetlig grupp heller.   

Jones påminner om de aktivista sidorna i Woolfs liv. Dels genom de två berömda stridsskrifterna Ett eget rum och Tre guineas, och dels genom arbetet för olika ändamål – som undervisningen på Morley College när hon var drygt tjugo. Denna erfarenhet bildar första kapitlet i Jones bok: de övriga berör arbetet för kvinnors rösträtt 1910, det långvariga engagemanget i kvinnors kooperativa sällskap 1913-1931, samt det kortare engagemanget på landsbygden i Rodmell Women’s Institute, 1940-1941. Jones går till källorna, lusläser protokoll och minnesanteckningar, brev och dagböcker, men gör också några frustrerande korta analyser av fiktionen, allt ifrån debuten Vägen ut fram till sista romanen, Mellanspel.

Ambivalensen visar sig i Woolfs skepsis mot ideologier och partipolitik. Konstnären ska nog vara så avståndstagande – inte minst finns avskräckande exempel från vår tid på hur illa det går när konstnärer ger sig in i politiken. Men det betyder inte att Woolf tar lätt på frågan om hur estetik och samhälle hör ihop. Problemet med schablonbilden jag nämnde i inledningen är ju att författare på universiteten reduceras till endimensionella typer. Där har vi en ärkepessimist, där en nihilist, där en kvinnohatare (förresten en till och en till), där en surrealist, där en nazist … Woolf: en galen elitist.  

Så förenklat försökte också hennes släkting Quentin Bell lansera henne i sin problematiska biografi från 70-talet – desto mer problematiskt för oss eftersom den översattes till svenska. Jones visar hur manliga kritiker traditionellt har delat denna syn, och tonat ned de politiska inslagen, medan kvinnliga kritiker inte dragit sig för att kalla Woolf marxist – med eller utan citattecken. En annan stötesten är feminismen: jag har väldigt svårt för att hävda en okomplicerad feminism hos henne, och det finns ett uttalat tvivel hos Woolf, som menar att ordet har korrumperats och trasats sönder, och att hon hellre strävar mot en människosyn där män och kvinnor arbetar tillsammans mot enade mål – en önskan som liknar Mary Wollstonecrafts utopiska vision från slutet av 1700-talet.  

Nyckeln till att förstå Woolf är ambivalensen. Jones visar hur ambivalensen var en konstant i hennes liv. I tre år undervisade hon på Morley College, i ämnena historia, engelska, konsthistoria, poesi. Den långa novellen ”The Journal of Mistress Joan Martyn” används av Jones som exempel på hur faktiska händelser tar sig in i Woolfs fiktion. Jones läsning pläderar för att Woolf hade för avsikt att skapa misstro hos läsaren, ett medvetet ifrågasättande av hennes trovärdighet.

En annan av de intressanta tolkningarna visar sig i huvudpersonen Rachels reaktion i manusversionen av romanen Vägen ut, alltså Melymbrosia, att hon har så svårt att prata med tjänstefolket. En negativ läsning av scenen är att hon demonstrerar avsmak, men Jones menar att Woolfs val av verb, att Rachel ryser till (”shudder”) indikerar att det är som att hon möter sitt eget spöke – den hon kunde ha varit om hon inte fötts till ett så privilegierat liv.

Woolf arbetade under en kort period i People’s Suffrage Federation, där också hennes tidigare lärare i grekiska, Janet Case, hade en framträdande roll. Detta sällskap var en marginell och omstridd enklav i arbetet för jämställdhet och kvinnlig rösträtt, inte minst för att man arbetade hårt för en universell rösträtt som inte bara skulle godkänna att de högre klassernas kvinnor skulle erhålla rösträtt.

Ofta inkonsekvent och nyckfull. Som i förhållandet till arbetarklassen. Hon klagar på att de väger för mycket, på att de inte har någon humor. Samtidigt berömmer hon dem för att de skrattade så hjärtligt när hon berättade om det dråpliga sprattet hon spelade den brittiska flottan strax innan första världskrigets utbrott, när hon tillsammans med bland andra brodern Adrian och konstnären Duncan Grant klädde ut sig till utländska kungligheter och fick en guidad tur på flaggskeppet Dreadnought, något som ledde till en skandal för brittiska flottan.

Under sitt sista år arbetade Woolf åt Women’s Institute i landsbygden, och var inblandad i bland annat teaterföreställningar och föreläsningar. Det stod i stadgarna att talen skulle undvika kontroversiella ämnen, något Woolf inte brydde sig om. När hon fick i uppgift att tala om ”böcker” valde hon i stället att berätta utförligt om detta spratt. Att hon återvände till händelsen under den här tidpunkten var avgörande – England rustade sig med hjälp av patriotism och nationalism. Jones visar eftertryckligt att det viktiga för Woolf inte var att i rebellisk anda demonstrera brist på respekt mot de regler som gällde, utan att föra fram sitt konsekventa arbete i feminism, pacifism, och klassfrågor.   

Överlag är Jones angelägen att ärerädda några av Woolfs mindre kända alster. Hon ser Natt och dag, den andra romanen, som en viktig komponent för att förstå det politiska tänkandet: ”I want to make a case for Night and Day as a formative text in Woolf’s development as a political thinker.” Det är fruktbart att ta med fiktionen i analysen, då det ger en helhetssyn som bara delvis har gett sig till känna i tidigare analyser.  

Jones analyser av Woolfs böcker visar att man i stort sett kan ta sig an dem utifrån vilken synvinkel som helst. Texten balanserar upp alla övertolkningar. Ja, där finns sådan rikedom och stadga att en läsare aldrig känner sig övergiven. Det här betyder inte alls att Jones har fel. Eller, inte lika fel som exempelvis Elaine Showalter, som menar att när Woolf nämner en kvinna som doppar sin armbåge i ett badkar är det en tydlig anspelning på de förfärliga vatten-experiment som utfördes på dårhusen i det viktorianska England.  

För att ta ett exempel på hur Woolf fungerar: Rose Pargiter i romanen Åren är hennes mest uttalat aktivistiska karaktär, som bland annat fängslas för att ha kastat sten under sitt arbete för kvinnlig rösträtt. Genom romanen pendlar Woolf mellan att häckla och hylla henne. Som läsare blir hon en karaktär som undflyr kategoriseringar, och det går inte entydigt att vare sig fördöma eller godkänna hennes agerande.      

Vad Woolf sysslar med är att skapa karaktärer som erkänner oron inom sig, att det egna jaget är en skådeplats för motstridiga känslor. En människas uppgift är inte att nå slutsatser – hitta svar om sin personlighet/finna sig själv – utan målet är att skapa en tillvaro där du inte vill ha några mål, att inte ens vilja nå fram. Själv upplevde Woolf att hon var omgiven av människor som hade svar – det är ingen tillfällighet att hon var så upptagen av dessa tankar under andra hälften av 30-talet fram till sin död, under andra världskriget. Krig har en förmåga att plocka fram motsatsen till Tranströmers versala ”KANSKE”, det vill säga det versala ”SVARET”.

Det är nyfikenheten och avståndstagandet som bildar de två distinkta polerna i Woolfs skrivande, oavsett om det är fiktion, essä, dagbok eller brev. Clara Jones visar med välvalda exempel hur avgörande det är för förståelsen av Woolf att vi tar detta i beaktande: att ambivalensen är viktigare än något annat.

          Bizarre BDSM Fetish Stamps Of Kyrgyzstan   

In an alternate universe, the stamps used to mail your rent check or a holiday card to relatives feature scenes of erotic domination rather than the national flag or first president. That...

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          The Universe Is the Mind of God   
Stephen Hawking, arguably the most famous living scientist in the world, now says that the intervention of a divine being in the creation of the universe is “not necessary.” Never mind that the title of his last book, “The Grand Design,” seems to contradict this assertion. What we have here is the failure to philosophize....
          Want To Be Happy? Give Your Life Away – Rick Warren   

“If you insist on saving your life, you will lose it. Only those who throw away their lives for my sake and for the sake of the Good News will ever know what it means to really live.” (Mark 8:35 LB) God wired the universe so that happiness does not come from status, salary, sex,...

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          ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Review: A Spectacular Return for the Webslinger   

For some fans, it goes without saying that Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t just a title that describes what’s happening in the high school life of the superhero’s young alter ego Peter Parker (Tom Holland). It’s also evocative of the fact that the webslinger is finally back home where he belongs, in the same cinematic universe as […]

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          Musings on the Tomato, with Lacto-Fermented Salsa   
Yes, it's been a long time since I've posted. I think this is a record. Yeah for me.
Last year my friend Dave pointed out that my anemic tomatoes weren't the result of the universe plotting against me, but simply that I'd not paid attention to their needing more sun than my semi-wooded backyard would afford. Noted. This year I moved the tomatoes to the front yard, and while we've only had six plants, I've been beside myself with how they've thrived. Simply beside myself. If you have any doubt what sun can do for sun-loving plants like tomatoes, here are two heirloom tomatoes, one in the backyard (because I had some extra plants and a little extra room in the raised beds) and one in the front yard. Case closed.
Sylvia explaining last May why we planted tomatoes out front.
It's been a fun gardening year. I tried potatoes for the first time and am giddy that you can put a part of a potato under ground, and a couple months later dig under the resulting foliage and find... Potatoes. As Phil says, "honest potatoes." I planted a 4 X 4 box with Purple Haze potatoes and we've been eating on them for a bit. I can't find a good source for seed potatoes this fall, so I'm sprouting some myself, and sharing them with my dad, who's never grown potatoes but was fascinated when I told him about our experience this year. By the way, if you're thinking of planting potatoes, you might want to check out The Resilient Gardener, which devotes a whole chapter to spuds. One thing I learned from that book was to watch for the foliage to die, wait another week or two, and then dig up the potatoes. Apparently they keep growing and getting nutrients even while their foliage looks dead and as if nothing good is going to come of them.

Backyard on the left; front yard on the right.
So, back to the sun. I took Dave too literally. While I moved the tomatoes to the front yard, I didn't apply his lessons to all summer vegetables needing sunlight. So my first attempt at corn turned out miniature. The raccoons got it, and frankly, they could have it. Ditto the peppers, which were less than impressive other than one hot pepper plant that did me proud. So the plan next year is to expand the little garden plot next to the driveway , and stock it with tomatoes, peppers, corn, rhubarb, and everything else that's been struggling in the backyard. The raised beds in the backyard will be planted solely with the leafy greens and spring/fall vegetables that thrive there: radishes, lettuce, kale, chard, mache.
Meanwhile, the tomatoes.
I will admit that my ultimate strategy is that we'll be able to grow all or most of our vegetables, and even fruit, on our little 1/4 acre suburban lot. But this year the thought of canning tomatoes made me tired. So very tired. So we're eating and enjoying them fresh, and I'm going to rely on the eight packs of Del Monte organic tomatoes at Costco to get through the winter. Sue me.
That said, we've got an abundance of tomatoes, and even tomato-philes like me and Phil are a little overwhelmed. And we've got a raccoon problem that ends in slightly blemished tomatoes that are still mainly good, if a bit scratched or bitten here and there. Bring in lacto-fermenting. I'm a little in love with it. This is a way to get probiatics (you know... Jamie Lee Curtis yelling at you about a yogurt brand that helps keep you "on track") through crazy-quick and easy prep. No canning. Essentially, you're prepping vegetables (pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut) and then letting them sit at room temperature. The result is living food filled with good bacteria; canning, on the opposite spectrum, kills all bacteria -- bad and harmful as well as good.
So I'm loving lacto-fermented salsa, which uses up less-than-perfect tomatoes, takes about five minutes to make, and tastes phenomenal. (Phil, who is more sensitive to salt than me, says it's a bit salty; I haven't noticed.) I'm using a combination of the method from Nourishing Days and a very slight riff on the recipe from Cheeseslave. I'm tickled that the tomato, garlic, and hot peppers all come from my garden. Next year, the onions will, too. Here's what I've been doing.

Lacto-Fermented Salsa

1 small to medium onion
2 cloves garlic
1 to 2 hot peppers, depending on your taste, split and seeded
Juice from 2 lemons
1 Tbsp. salt
4 oz. whey or 1 Tbsp. salt
About 3-4 decent-sized tomatoes
If you like, fresh herbs like cilantro or oregano

In a food processor, process the onion, peppers, and garlic. Now add the tomatoes and whir them a bit. I have a very small food processor, so I have to add the tomatoes, quartered, one at at time. If you're using fresh herbs, put those in and whir them a bit more. Now pour into a bowl, add the lemon juice, salt, and whey (or additional salt). You should have about a quart, so after it's all mixed up, pour it into a quart canning jar, making sure you have about an inch of headspace (space between the top of the salsa and the lid) and let it sit on the counter for a few days. The salsa should be pretty watery, and you'll want to be sure that stray pieces aren't clinging to the lid, as these could develop mold. In two or three days, taste your salsa; it'll be a little tangy and, in my opinion, crazy-delicious. Stick it in the fridge, and it'll keep for a long long time.

If you're really into this, just double the recipe and use a half-gallon canning jar.
For a lot more about lacto-fermenting, which used to scare the bejezus out of me, you might want to check the books Wild Fermentations or Nourishing Traditions.

          Watch Us Play The 'Diablo III: Rise Of The Necromancer' Pack Today At 1pm PDT   
On today's stream, we'll try Blizzard's latest addition to the "Diablo III" universe.
          Tom Cruise ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Gets Release Date From Paramount   

A sequel to Tom Cruise’s fighter pilot classic “Top Gun” will hit theaters two summers from now.

Paramount will release the film on July 12, 2019. The film will go head-to-head with Disney’s live-action take on “The Lion King,” directed by Jon Favreau.

While the project has been in active development at the studio for some time, Cruise himself let the cat out of the bag in May on the press tour for Universal’s “The Mummy.”

Cruise told an Australian morning show that the film was “definitely happening,” and that he would “start filming it probably in the next year.” The original 1986 action movie followed the exploits of a Naval flight academy and its students.

There have been several attempts to bring a “Top Gun” sequel to life, but interest from key players appeared to increase in recent years.

Speculation that the project was on — finally — picked up late last year after Val Kilmer, who played Cruise’s rival Iceman in the original film, said on Facebook that he’d been offered a role in a sequel.

In January, producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a picture of himself with Cruise, saying “just got back from a weekend in New Orleans to see my old friend Tom Cruise and discuss a little Top Gun 2.”

Cruise will next be seen in Doug Liman’s “American Made,” opening this September.

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          Every Errol Morris Documentary Ranked, From ‘Gates of Heaven’ to ‘The B-Side’ (Photos)   

The master of absurd and idiosyncratic documentaries, Errol Morris said of his first film that, “to love the absurdity of people is not to ridicule them but to embrace on some level how desperate life is for each and every one of us.” All 11 of his documentaries ranked here, including his latest “The B-Side” out today, are challenging and hilarious films that have shaped fiction and non-fiction movies alike.

11. “The Unknown Known” (2013)

With “The Unknown Known,” Morris goes down the same rabbit hole as in “The Fog of War,” but he has to contend with Donald Rumsfeld’s elliptical, oxymoronic reasoning as he tries to justify going into Afghanistan hunting for WMDs that were never there.

10. “Fast, Cheap and Out of Control” (1997)

What do a lion tamer, a hedge trimmer, a robotics engineer and a mole rat researcher have in common? Good question. “Fast, Cheap and Out of Control” is Morris’s strangest mishmash of a surreal, visual essay. Yet he finds a way to make it coherent and profound.

9. “The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman Portrait Photography” (2017)

Morris’s latest film is a pleasant portrait of a photographer known for taking giant, life size Polaroids, but it still contains heavy themes on mortality and impermanence. As a personal friend, Morris doesn’t shoot this film with his signature “Interrotron” and finds he can relate to Elsa Dorfman’s philosophies on truth in art.

8. “Vernon, Florida” (1981)

Similar in vein to “Gates of Heaven” but less bizarre, Morris sets up shop in a rural town in the South and finds the most peculiar local color. Whether it’s turkey hunters or a man who raises wild livestock, you have to wonder if Morris is asking sincere questions or just gawking.

7. “A Brief History of Time” (1991)

Only Errol Morris would illustrate the complexity of Stephen Hawking’s theories on the universe by showing a chicken materializing in space. Morris doesn’t dumb down Hawking’s math and science but expresses astonishment, and he likewise uses the opportunity to dive into Hawking’s unique personal history.

6. “Standard Operating Procedure” (2008)

Morris exposed the horrors of abuse and torture at Abu Ghraib, but he’s fascinated by the surreal psychology of the prison guards and soldiers that caused everyone to keep their mouths shut for so long.

5. “Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.” (1999)

Fred Leuchter has to be Morris’s most controversial interview subject. He became notorious as an expert on perfecting execution machines. But just as we start to admire and respect the guy’s principles and attention to detail, he’s called in to testify on behalf of a Holocaust denier, casting everything about his expertise into doubt.

4. “Tabloid” (2010)

Possibly Morris’s most sensationalized film and easily his most fun, “Tabloid” tells the story of the bubbly Joyce McKinney and the “Manacled Mormon” that in the ’70s became the stuff of gossip rag lore. Their accounts don’t even begin to add up, but listening to them is such a joy.

3. “Gates of Heaven” (1978)

Is Errol Morris making fun of these people who run two Northern California pet cemeteries? Almost certainly. How could you not laugh at the hilariously morbid anecdote of a cat caught in the dryer or the old woman with silver hair cackling at her little dog? “Gates of Heaven” took “cinema verite” norms and chucked them out the window, finding absurd reality in the oddest of places.

2. “The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara” (2003)

Morris won his Oscar for “The Fog of War,” which probed the policy choices and picked the brain of the Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara during the Vietnam War. What makes it unique is it takes great pains to see the world through McNamara’s eyes, even reflecting on a fascinating analogy about how a carton of eggs led to the proliferation of seat belts.

1. “The Thin Blue Line” (1988)

“The Thin Blue Line” is the magnum opus of all true crime films and stories, be it “Making a Murderer” or “Serial.” Morris set the table for the genre and redefined how we approach truth in storytelling, challenging an unwritten rule about filming re-imagined scenes in a documentary. It’s not just a captivating portrait of the justice system, but it also helped exonerate an innocent man.

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          Что происходит с ценами на Видеокарты ? (#1486)   
В контексте топика - кому невтерпеж - ищем вк от 3 гигов на вторичке за приемлемую стоимость.
В контексте топика я уже довольно много страниц назад говорил, что можно спокойно купить любую приглянувшуюся видеокарту в computeruniverse, несмотря на то, что в магазине у них стоит "дата поступления на склад неизвестна". Они их отправляют, и довольно быстро.
          A Cavalcade of Cutting Edge Comedies Kick-Off July at Ptown's Art House   

Within the span of just the first two weeks of July, four cutting edge comedies will open at producer Mark Cortale's renowned Art House in Provincetown, hot on the heels of the just-opened new hit Varla Jean Merman show Bad Heroine. First, Jinkx Monsoon and Peaches Christ bring their smash hit Return to Grey Gardens back to Ptown after a two-year hiatus for a summer long run from July 5 - September 7. Next, Jinkx Monsoon debuts her own new show The Ginger Snapped with cohort Major Scales at the piano, from July 8 through September 10. The next evening, super-duo Kitten n' Lou make their Art House debut with their new comedy "Holier Than Thou" - fresh from a critically-acclaimed, sold out smash run at Fringe World in Australia and Joe's Pub in NYC, from July 9 - 24. Following that, Varla Jean, Ryan Landry & Peaches Christ debut their new comedy 5 to 9 - a hilarious parody of the hit movie 9 to 5, set in our even MORE absurd Oval Office, running from July 14 - September 9. For Tickets and information, visit www.ptownarthouse.com or call 800-838-3006.

Return to Grey Gardens stars RuPaul's Drag Race Season Five winner Jinkx Monsoon as Lil' Queeny and San Francisco drag icon Peaches Christ as Big Queeny. The stage-show is set forty years into the future and documents the lives of an aging drag mother and her bitter drag daughter who continue to perform for an empty house at the now dilapidated and run-down Art House. How did this happen? What will become of them? Will their famous and successful royal drag cousin Lady Bear step up and help out? Following a sold-out run in San Francisco at the Castro Theatre, this hilarious stage show spoofs the cult classic Maysles brothers' seminal 1976 documentary Grey Gardens.

Jinkx Monsoon brings her brand new show The Ginger Snapped to Ptown this summer on the heels of her off-Broadway hit The Vaudevillians, a critical smash hit, about which the New York Times raved "Straight or gay, everyone leaves this show with sides aching from laughter" and called it "a pure delight," while other press hailed it as "comedic genius" (Show Business Weekly), "hilarious" (BroadwayWorld), and "intelligent and entertaining" (TheaterMania). Even RuPaul proclaimed the performance "a triumph!" Jinkx is the creation of Jerick Hoffer, a native of Portland, Oregon and a graduate of Cornish College in Seattle. It was at Cornish as a fifteen-year-old theater major that Hoffer traces the early manifestations of Jinkx Monsoon, whom he refers to as a "zany, off-the-wall, irreverent, gorgeous anachronism." In 2006, Hoffer made the Guinness World Records as lead dancer in the world's largest drag queen chorus line. By 2012, the young performer was starring at top Seattle theaters - Moritz in Spring Awakening (Balagan Theatre), Angel in Rent (The 5th Avenue Theatre), and most recently, Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch with the Seattle Theatre Group. Extraordinarily real, some audiences have not yet decided whether Jinkx is a woman or a drag queen. Combatting humble beginnings, struggling for social status, raising a homosexual son striving for fame as a comedian, this well-developed character has attained more than acclaim, but a life of her own.

Fresh from a critically-acclaimed, sold out smash run at Fringe World in Australia and Joe's Pub in NYC, everyone's favorite gay-married superduo dyke darlings Kitten n' Lou have come to bless Provincetown with a brand new glitter bomb of award-winning dance, irreverent striptease, and surreal comedic magic that's been called "brilliantly deranged" by Time Out NY. Expect to be converted and shouting "Yas Gawd!" Whether you're pure as the driven snow or a catholic school dropout, you won't want to miss Kitten N Lou's demented and glittering romp through the Old Testament and beyond, as they dig deep and ask the hard questions: What is the meaning of our existence in the universe? Are we really supposed to believe there's a God when Donald Trump is president? And how can homosexuality be a sin when the Bible is clearly so GAY GAY GAY? The West Australian said "Holier Than Thou is the show-stopping, costume-laden, full-out-camp, gender- bending, queer-positive retooling of the Bible you never knew you needed." As OUT in Perth 2016 noted "These two astonishing women will touch your heart and your funny bone." Holier Than Thou features vocal characterizations by RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 Winner Jinkx Monsoon and her partner in crime Major Scales.

5 to 9 is an uproarious comic take off on the current oval office and it's endless, hilarious hijinks. Written by award winning playwright, Ryan Landry, 5 to 9 is the story of three of Trump's overworked secretaries and how they end up getting even. You will simply never see political satire the same way again. Along with Landry playing the Lily Tomlin role as "Violet", 5 to 9 also stars drag legends Varla Jean Merman in the Dolly Pardon role as "Dora Lee" and San Francisco's own Peaches Christ in the Jane Fonda role as Judy. Based on the classic film 9 to 5, the new live comedy 5 to 9 also features Penny Champayne (Gold Dust Orphans) as Kellyanne Conway and Larry Coen (Gold Dust Orphans) as "Trump". 5 to 9 is ridiculous, silly, non stop fun but it is NOT recommended for children.

About The Art House:

The Art House is Provincetown's premier entertainment venue and Cape Cod's summer home to top Broadway talent, internationally touring cabaret artists, stand-up comics and America's cutting edge drag artists. Under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Mark Cortale, The Art House in Provincetown, MA, is the original home to the internationally acclaimed Broadway @ The Art House concert series hosted by Sirius XM radio star Seth Rudetsky, which premiered in 2011. The Broadway @ series also premiered in 2013 in New Orleans, in Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) with Megan Mullally and in London's West End with Patti LuPone at the Leicester Square Theater. The series has since travelled to Chicago @ The Steppenwolf, Beverly Hills @ The Wallis, New Orleans @ The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), Fort Lauderdale @ The Parker Playhouse, San Francisco @ The Nourse Theatre, Arizona @ Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Las Vegas @ The Smith Center, and Sarasota @ The Van Wezel among other cities. Other artists who have participated in the series include Chita Rivera, Sutton Foster, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Darren Criss, Megan Hilty, Cheyenne Jackson, Gavin Creel and many other stars of stage and screen. If you're looking for "what to do on Cape Cod" this summer, The Art House season is music and comedy entertainment not to be missed! Info at markcortalepresents.com.

The Art House is wheelchair accessible.

Varla Jean Merman

"Bad Heroine"

New solo show

w/Gerald Goode at piano

June 23 - Sept 1

Tuesdays - Fridays @ 9:00pm

For Tickets and information, visit www.ptownarthouse.com or call 800-838-3006.

At The Art House


starring Jinkx Monsoon & Peaches Christ.

July 5 - Sept. 7

Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 7:30pm

For Tickets and information, visit www.ptownarthouse.com or call 800-838-3006.

At The Art House

Jinkx Monsoon

w/Major Scales at the piano

"The Ginger Snapped"

July 8 - Sept. 10 @ 9:00pm

Saturday - Monday @9pm

For Tickets and information, visit www.ptownarthouse.com or call 800-838-3006.

At The Art House


"Holier Than Thou"

July 9 - 24

Saturdays @ 9:30pm Sundays & Mondays @ 8:00pm

And Special Girl Splash show - Tuesday, July 18 at 8:00pm

For Tickets and information, visit www.ptownarthouse.com or call 800-838-3006.

At The Art House

5 to 9

Starring Varla Jean, Ryan Landry & Peaches Christ

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          Comment on 8th Harry Potter Release by ahelm519   
Haha...I don't think she is desperate enough financially to write another book. However if you are interested she recently noted that she will be writing another book within the Potter Universe. http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/12/showbiz/movies/jk-rowling-new-movie-potter/
          Expo universelle de 2025 : « Val d’Europe est déjà la première destination européenne »   
Alors que les pouvoirs publics doivent trancher le 12 juillet entre quatre sites candidats à l’Exposition universelle de 2025, dans une tribune au « Monde », les élus et les représentants de Seine-et-Marne plaident pour le choix de Paris-Val d’Europe.
          Michael Tellinger on Ubuntu philosophy   
Zaradi Aktualnosti vsebine in bližnjega dogodka tokrat objavljamo gostujoči intervju v angleškem jeziku. Bil je narejen za Aktualno 2.0 s strani naše kolegice Andreje Cepuš. Predstavljamo vam izjemen koncept nove dobe, ki se kot virtualni virus širi iz Afrike na vse kontinente in je v mnogih državah že dobil tudi oprijemljive strukture. V razmislek in vpogled v nove možnosti!

Pozdrav, Violeta

Michael Tellinger is a scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author of numerous books, who has become an authority on the vanished civilisations of southern Africa and the origins of humankind. His research and discoveries of an advanced vanished civilisation in South Africa includes a diverse field of research and touches on human origins, spirituality, science & consciousness.

Michael’s work touches critical issues around the subject of Unity Consciousness. “The more we push the boundaries of science, the more we come to understand the universal mind – the creative source of all things in the multiverse and beyond. It seems that the knowledge we gain from quantum physics and space-time studies, brings us closer to understanding the true nature of reality, the meaning of the universe and our place in it as conscious beings.” He believes that quantum physics is a gift from the divine creator to allow humanity to find its way back to source – back to unity – from a deeply divided and manipulated species – not only on Earth but in the entire universe.

Photo: Michael Tellinger
Source: personal archive

Tellinger presents a model for a new social structure called CONTRIBUTIONISM – A World Without Money – based on the African philosophy of UBUNTU and proposes how we should move from a money-driven society to a society driven by people, their talents and their passion for life. Where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills to the greatest benefit of all in their community – and money has no meaning.

He is also the founder of the UBUNTU LIBERATION MOVEMENT and the political party called UBUNTU Party, in South Africa – which contested the national elections in SA on the 7th May 2014.
You can find more about Michael Tellinger and his work here: http://michaeltellinger.com/
Since Michael is coming to Slovenia, Ljubljana on September (having the lecture in Cankarjev dom on September, 9th titled Megalithic Sites and Free Energy) is seemed like a nice opportunity to ask him a few questions before his arrival.
Povezava do celotnega intervjuja.

Kako lahko sodelujemo
Kje se lahko srečamo
  • Predstavitev knjige Sintropija, 12. september 2014, ob 18h, Atrij ZRC, Ljubljana
  • Naslednji BIN dogodek: BIN@SHEFFIELD, Velika Britanija, 3. - 5. november 2014

          Sintropija – ustvarjalna moč narave   
Vsako obdobje v razvoju družbe ponudi prostoru nova spoznanja na poti celostnega razumevanja življenja, naše so-odvisnosti, naših ustvarjalnih moči in manifestiranih idej. Na najrazličnejših ravneh in dimenzijah opazovanja. In vsake toliko časa nam nekaj požene vznemirjenje v vsako našo celico. Ljubezen. Presenečenja. Dosega cilja. Spoznanje na poti. Misel. Upanje. Rojstvo.

Tovrstno vznemirjenje je v meni povzročilo srečanje s SINTROPIJO. Težko je opisati občutke, ki so me prežemali, ko sem potovala skozi zapletene, v večini primerov meni nerazumljene formule, pa vendar tako domače, da sem jih doživljala, kot da so sestavni del mene že od nekdaj. Pri tem je pomembno vlogo igral slovenski jezik, ki ga avtor Andrej Detela uporablja v njegovi najžlahtnejši obliki in z njim ustvari melodijo, ki prodira globoko v nezavedno in skladišči vanj svežino, gostoto novega, pravega. V knjigi z naslovom »SINTROPIJA v polifaznih zibelkah«.
“Narava vedno vzame, kar je na razpolago, in iz tega naredi največ, kar lahko …” Neznani avtor
Naj vas naslov ne prestraši ali odvrne od sporočil knjige, ki so za nas tako pomembna kot razumevanje evolucije, razumevanje dialektike, razumevanje pomena veselja za kakovostno življenje. To je zgodba sintropije in fizika, ki je dokazal njen obstoj. Odprite srce, odprite vse svoje ravni zaznavanja in naj vas zgodba nagradi za vaše potovanje.

Slika: Naslovnica knjige
Naročilo knjige: www.sintropija.si

V: Kaj je sintropija?
Sintropija je samoorganizacijska sposobnost narave.

V: Kako dolgo se že zavedamo njenega obstoja, jo opazujemo?
Že leta 1943 je Erwin Schrödinger odprl vprašanje samoorganizacijske sposobnosti žive snovi, ki jo je Leon Brillouin pojmoval »negentropija«, saj gre za nekakšno »življenjsko silo«, ki znižuje entropijo vsakega živega sistema z visoko stopnjo notranje (samo)organizacije. V matematičnem jeziku pa bi negentropijo lahko poimenovali nasprotje entropije, zato jo biomatematik Luigi Fantappiè in biokemik Albert Szent-Györgyi (leta 1974) poimenujeta sintropija. Ideje o njenem obstoju pa so bile prisotne že veliko prej. Francoski vitalisti in Pasteur so že uporabljali izraz »življenjska sila«, a smo potrebovali čas, da so se razvili matematični in fizikalni modeli (formule), ki so znali te pojave opisati in dokazati. Že Nikola Tesla je pisal o »svetlečem etru«, a bil nerazumljen, ker so bili njegovi uvidi tako zelo drugačni od takratne ravni razumevanja fizike in življenja nasploh, da se niso razširili med ljudi.

V: Kaj razumevanje sintropije pomeni za razumevanje življenja?
Če imamo možnost sintropije, potem neki fizikalni sistem pri ugodnih faznih razlikah (kar matematično opišemo s tako imenovano fazno strukturo sistema) ne gre po poti entropije, ne gre v smeri k termodinamskemu kaosu in toplotni smrti, temveč gre v smeri k vse večji notranji organizaciji, k večji kompleksnosti, gre v smeri življenja. Že Szent-Györgyi je slutil, da imajo vsi živi sistemi že na celičnem nivoju vgrajene mehanizme, ki delujejo v smislu sintropije. S tem se je že pred njim ukvarjal tudi Schrödinger v knjižici What's life? Že on je posumil, da na kvantnem nivoju obstajajo procesi, ki presegajo klasično termodinamiko. Omenil bi lahko še Brillouina in tako naprej.

V: Dokaz o obstoju sintropije torej pomeni izziv obstoječim dogmam in naukom?

Slika: Andrej Detela
Vir: selffish studio
Ja, z idejo sintropije izzovemo osnovno jedro klasične termodinamike. Saj termodinamika je bila utemeljena na dveh osnovnih zakonih, na energijskem zakonu (v celotnem sistemu se skupna energija vedno ohranja, tudi če se pretvarja iz ene oblike v drugo, npr. iz mehanske v električno); drugi zakon pa je entropijski zakon, ki pravi, da se entropija v celotnem zaključenem sistemu veča ali kvečjemu ohranja, nikoli pa se more manjšati. Entropijski zakon torej trdi, da je na svetu vedno več entropije, vedno več kaosa in nereda ... Naraščanje entropije lahko ponazorimo s preprostim primerom. Na primer, dokler so stvari zložene na polici in je vsaka lepo na svojem mestu, vlada red in entropija je majhna; potem pa, recimo, pride v sobo otrok in začne te stvari razmetavati vsenaokrog po tleh, in mi rečemo, da je nastal nered in da se je povečala entropija.

V: A ti se s to razlago nisi zadovoljil. V raziskovanju si naredil korak naprej …
Andrej Detela, pisatelj, pesnik, filozof, ekolog, fizik in mednarodno uveljavljeni izumitelj z Inštituta Jožef Stefan, je znan kot avtor najbolj naprednih elektromotorjev za robote in za električna vozila nove generacije, pri čemer se navdihuje v naravi. Kot inovator odkriva ekološke možnosti pridobivanja energije. V bazični znanosti je že dolgo dejaven na mladem področju sintropije. S holističnim pristopom k dojemanju sveta povezuje spoznanja znanosti z osebno izkustveno duhovnostjo.
Seveda. V življenju vlada neka urejenost. Vsak atom v živi celici je točno na svojem mestu in ta red odloča o zdravju organizma. Že Schrödinger je sumil, da tu deluje neki subtilni mehanizem, po katerem se živa snov samoorganizira. Malo pozneje je Szent-Györgyi o tem začel pisati knjige, še pozneje pa je na tej ideji Prigogine zgradil svojo teorijo t.i. disipativnih struktur. A te njegove strukture eksplicitno ostajajo še zmeraj v okviru entropijskega zakona. Schrödinger pa je pustil odprto možnost tudi za sintropijo. S to temo, ki neodgovorjena občutljivo visi v zraku, so se ukvarjali tudi drugi, in zadnje čase sem vse bolj čutil, da prav tu mora priti do bistvenih premikov.

V: Kaj je bistvena ideja tvojega dela?

Glavno težišče, bistvena ideja mojega dela je opis kompleksnih kvantnih sistemov s Teslovo teorijo polifaznih oscilacij. Torej, združil sem to dvoje. Teslovo teorijo polifaznih sistemov, v katerih je jasno definirana smer časa, sem vpeljal na nivo kvantne fizike. Tega še ni delal nihče, in to je za te stvari bistveno novo; in to je tisto, kar je dalo izjemno zanimive rezultate. Šele takrat, ko sem v teoriji sintropije začel uporabljati Teslove polifazne sisteme, so enačbe postale zadosti enostavne, da se je z njimi dalo elegantno računati in da sva z mladim sodelavcem Gorazdom Lampičem potem prišla do številnih uporabnih rezultatov. A treba jih je bilo osvetliti z globljim razumevanjem, zato sva s kolegom fizikom analizirala še naprej in ugotavljala, kaj vse to pomeni. Ne zadostuje, če delamo nekaj kar na slepo, temveč je treba tudi raziskovati, kaj pravzaprav sploh pomeni tisto, kar delaš. To izrecno poudarjam, ker v sodobnem znanstvenem delu tega drugega zelo primanjkuje. Ljudje hitijo s pisanjem člankov, da nekaj hitro objavijo, in zmanjka jim časa za razumevanje globljega smisla tega, kar so naredili. Osebno menim, da se ne smemo izogniti bremenu notranje svobode, ko pogumno vstopamo v tisti prazni, odprti prostor, kjer edino lahko iskreno in smiselno interpretiramo rezultate našega dela. Žal pa današnja tekmovalna družba tega ne podpira, zato se moraš opreti na svoj lastni pogum, kar je že izrazito notranja duhovna drža. 
1. predstavitev knjige »SINTROPIJA v polifaznih zibelkah« bo v Lescah na Gorenjskem, Vila Milena, petek 20. junija ob 18-ih 
V: Da približava koncept sintropije našim bralcem, te prosim, da nam postrežeš z nekaj primeri iz narave, ki govorijo v podporo sintropiji.
Z veseljem. Značilnosti sintropije lahko zaznamo v svetu kristalov. Ko atomi v kristalih vibrirajo, v kristalu nekoliko oscilira tudi oblika električnega potenciala (oblika periodičnega kristalnega potenciala za elektrone). Če ima kristal vsaj količkaj netrivialno notranjo strukturo (in navadno je tako), lahko tudi v kristalih nastopijo polifazne oscilacije, ki kažejo na značilnosti sintropije.
Japonec Masaru Emoto ugotavlja, da na rast snežink delujejo zelo subtilni vplivi. Številni zunanji vplivi, zunanja polja odločajo o tem, v katerih smereh bo snežinka rasla, delala fraktalne strukture ... Splošna teorija o sintropiji napoveduje, da rast snežinke uravnavajo akustične oscilacije v kristalčkih ledu, akustična frekvenca pa je silno visoka (hiperzvok). Ta hiperzvočna simfonija ima izjemno bogate izrazne možnosti.
Sintropna samoorganizacija se sproži tudi v kristalu vode, ki se seveda imenuje led. V ledu med sabo sozvanja več oscilacij, in to je neke vrste harmonična glasba (analogna s polifono orgelsko glasbo), s pravilnimi faznimi zamiki med faznimi nihanji. Tudi ta oscilacija se samoojačuje (pozitivna povratna zveza), nihanje atomov postane koherentno (sinhronizirano) in z jasnimi frekvencami, o katerih za zdaj govorijo samo bioenergetiki.

Podoben primer je tudi snežinka, ki je samostojen kristalček ledu. Vemo, da pod različnimi pogoji zraste v različne oblike.

Slika: Slike iz knjige
Vir: Andrej Detela
Podobno kot v ledu se tudi v živi snovi spontano vzbudijo hiperzvočne oscilacije. Hiperzvok je akustično valovanje s frekvenco, višjo od 10 GHz. Teorija napoveduje in številne meritve potrjujejo tako visoko frekvenco. Če se frekvenca hiperzvočnih valov, ki potujejo po proteinskih verigah, ujame z resonančnimi frekvencami konformacijskih prehodov v teh proteinih, se sprožijo prav tiste konformacijske spremembe, ki ustrezajo določeni frekvenci. Različne frekvence torej preklapljajo določena »stikala« v proteinskih verigah in s tem povzročajo določene prehode biomolekule iz ene biološko aktivne oblike v drugo aktivno obliko. Hiperzvočna simfonija, ki se razpreda po vsem telesu in otipava tudi najmanjše dele celic, preigrava proteinske strukture in uravnava biološke funkcije organizma. To so zdaj še hipoteze, se pa zanje kopiči vse več dokazov.
Povezava do predavanj Andreja Detela:
Prvo predavanje "Silent message of nature"  in tekst
Drugo predavanje "Syntropic perception of time" in tekst
Če gremo še en korak naprej, že pridemo v t.i. ezoteriko. Stare slike iz Indije ali Tibeta prikazujejo/opisujejo subtilno telo (pranično telo) človeka, z glavnimi čakrami in s številnimi energijskimi nitkami, ki jih zdaj znamo razumeti kot tokovnice hiperzvočnega valovanja. To je torej informacijska struktura telesa in sintropija je tisti skriti mehanizem, ki omogoča harmonizacijo vseh delov v zdravo celoto.

V: Še iz šolskih klopi smo si vsi zapomnili rek, da je energija neuničljiva. Kako se sintropija obnaša v odnosu do tega zakona?
Na primer, v lučeh se električna energija spreminja v svetlobno energijo in svetlobna energija se nazadnje pretvori v toplotno energijo. Torej, v ta prostor pride po žicah električna energija, ki ima zelo nizko entropijo. V lučeh se ta energija spremeni v svetlobno energijo, ki pa ima že malo večjo entropijo kot električna energija. Ko potem svetloba zadene stene, se v stenah pretvori v toploto. Ta toplota ima skorajda isto temperaturo kot okolje, zato ima zelo veliko entropijo. Do sedaj pa nihče ni znal ustvariti obratnega procesa, da bi se toplota naravnega okolja spremenila nazaj v električno energijo.
Res je. Vsi vemo za energijski zakon: energija se ne more uničiti, energija ne nastane iz nič. Obstajajo le pretvorbe energije iz ene oblike v drugo. Energija z majhno entropijo (v tem primeru električna energija, glej okvirček) se je spremenila v energijo z visoko entropijo, v toploto naravnega okolja. Do sedaj pa nihče ni znal ustvariti obratnega procesa, da bi se toplota naravnega okolja spremenila nazaj v električno energijo. V električno energijo smo znali pretvarjati samo tisto toploto, ki ima zelo visoko temperaturo, veliko višjo, kot je naravna temperatura okolja. Taki procesi se dogajajo v termoelektrarnah, na primer v Šoštanju, kjer imamo sedaj znani škandal s koruptivnim primerom TEŠ-6. Energijske pretvorbe v termoelektrarnah se začnejo pri kemični energiji premoga, in to je energija z nizko entropijo, sicer nadaljnje energijske pretvorbe sploh ne bi bile možne. Premog gori in ustvari pregreto vodno paro s precej visoko temperaturo, kakih 600 stopinj Celzija, para potem poganja turbine, turbine poganjajo električne generatorje. V klasičnih elektrarnah torej potrebujemo veliko višjo temperaturo, kot je naravna temperatura okolja. Do zdaj niso znali v električno energijo pretvarjati naravne toplote na temperaturi okolja. Ali vidite razliko med enim in drugim?

V: V čem je sintropična paradigma drugačna?
S sintropijo smo ustvarili možnost energijske reciklaže.

Vizija, ki jo dovoljuje sintropična paradigma, je povsem drugačna: toploto iz naravnega okolja spreminjamo direktno v električno energijo. Zamislimo si, kako bi potekal ta proces! Stene v tem prostoru se za malenkost ohladijo, morda za 10 stopinj, in iz te toplote bi potem pridobili električno energijo, ki bi jo napeljali v daljnovod. To je torej časovni obrat klasičnih energijskih pretvorb, obratni proces, v katerem se toplotna energija z visoko entropijo pretvarja v električno energijo z nizko entropijo. Entropijski zakon to možnost seveda prepoveduje, ker dovoljuje samo prehode na višjo entropijo. Šele zakon sintropije razloži  ta obratni proces. To praktično pomeni, da okolja ne obremenjujemo več z odpadno toploto, temveč znamo sedaj reciklirati prav to toploto nazaj v električno energijo, ki jo po vsakem energijskem ciklu lahko znova in znova uporabljamo. Ni nam treba izčrpavati vedno novih energijskih virov (premog, nafta, uran in tako naprej) in potem v nedogled odlagati odpadno toploto v okolje. Zdaj smo ustvarili možnost energetske reciklaže. Sklenili smo energijski krog, ne potrebujemo več nobenega goriva, nobene nafte, nobenega premoga itn. Našli smo možnost za reciklažo odpadne toplote, ki je zmeraj končni produkt vseh energijskih pretvorb. Začnemo sodelovati z ravnovesjem med entropijo in sintropijo, ki obstaja v naravi.

Slika: Andrej Detela
Vir:  www.mladina.si
Na primer, ko avti vozi po cesti, se gume segrejejo, in ko zaviramo, se grejejo zavorni diski; zaradi zračnega upora pa se greje zrak okrog avta, okoliški zrak pa grejejo tudi izpušni plini in avtomobilski hladilnik. Na koncu gre vse v toploto. Ampak sedaj znamo to odpadno toploto reciklirati nazaj v električno energijo. Čez deset let bodo verjetno v glavnem prevladali električni avtomobili, ki bodo na osnovi sintropije toploto okolja pretvarjali nazaj v električno energijo, ki bo potem poganjala elektromotorje v avtomobilu. To je rešitev za energijske probleme sodobne civilizacije, med drugim seveda tudi za razvpiti problem tople grede.

V: Uporaba spoznanj, povezanih s sintropijo, ima lahko izjemne družbene posledice. Kaj o tem meniš sam?
Tu se bom oslonil kar na razmišljanja iz Teslove avtobiografije (pri nas je izšla pred kratkim pod naslovom Moji izumi). On je že pred stotimi leti pisal o novih virih energije in opozarjal, na kaj moramo biti pri tem pozorni. Tok dogodkov v teh časih na splošno poteka prehitro, vse stvari hočemo takoj dati v javnost in prav vsiljivo tržiti, še preden jih dobro razumemo. Zato bom vseskozi opozarjal na filozofske, socialne, psihološke vidike teh novih možnosti, ki jih daje spoznanje o sintropiji. Torej, če so nam zdaj kar naenkrat podarjene nove možnosti energijskih pretvorb, je izjemno pomembno, da v vsej celovitosti razumemo, kaj to pomeni. Nove priložnosti ne bomo vpenjali v stari način razmišljanja, ne bomo je spet zlorabljali.

V: Kaj misliš s tem zadnji.m stavkom?
Sintropija pa govori o tem, da svet ne deluje skozi prevlado močnejšega, temveč na kvantnem nivoju, ki je veliko bolj resničen, opažamo, kako različne entitete medsebojno sozvanjajo v čudežno ubrani harmoniji in se vsebinsko bogatijo.
Po starem so se namreč nove možnosti v svet vpeljavale z namenom, da imajo eni ljudje prevlado nad drugimi. Sintropija pa govori o tem, da svet ne deluje skozi prevlado močnejšega, temveč na kvantnem nivoju, ki je veliko bolj resničen, opažamo, kako različne entitete medsebojno sozvanjajo v čudežno ubrani harmoniji in se vsebinsko bogatijo. Šele ko razumemo to prvinsko sodelovalnost in ji odpremo vrata v človeški svet, se morda naše realno življenje dvigne na neki višji in lepši nivo. Morda tudi bolj božanski nivo? Brez tega razumevanja bi bilo vse to, kar vam sedaj govorim o sintropiji, nesmiselno, ker bi tudi to reč spet takoj zlorabili. Ne bomo. Saj vsi hrepenimo po duhovno ozaveščenem in dostojnem življenju, želimo si sožitja s celoto in ljubečega odnosa do te celote, v tej celoti bi se vsi radi počutili varni in srečni. Torej, edinole v tem duhovnem kontekstu ima spoznanje o sintropiji neki pomen in smisel.

Andrej, naj ti dobre sile stojijo ob strani in plemenitijo tvoje delo. Globok poklon za tvojo dosedanjo pot in uvide, ki so še pred tabo.

Oj, Violeta

Kako lahko sodelujemo
Kje se lahko srečamo
Zanimive povezave

          Izkustvena konferenca na krilih igrifikacije   
Ideja o izkustveni konferenci se je rodila iz frustracije in dolgočasja. Udeležba na konferencah je postajala zame vse bolj nezanimiva, zame kot udeleženko in zame kot predavateljico. Kot udeleženka sem bila sicer navdušena nad nekaterimi predavatelji, ki so delili zanimive zgodbe in izkušnje. Ubijala me je struktura dogodka samega, ki ni dovoljevala moje aktivne vloge, izmenjave mnenj, pridobivanja izkušenj iz prve roke.
IZZIV: dolgčas; pasivna vloga poslušalca ali predavatelja na srečanjih/izobraževanjih.
Ugotovila sem namreč, da se najhitreje učim, če nove vsebine osebno doživim. Če lahko začutim vznemirjenje novega, ki izziva moje udobje in meje poznanega na fizičnem nivoju, ki pa se pojavi le ob osebnih izkušnjah. Podobno sem se počutila tudi kot predavateljica, ko razen izmenjave poslovnih kontaktov nisem imela priložnosti za interakcijo z udeleženci in razumevanjem pomena podane vsebine zanje in njihova okolja.
PREPOZNANA POTREBA: nov tip strokovnih srečanj/konferenc/izobraževanj, kjer udeleženci doživljajsko sprejemajo novo in izmenjujejo izkušnje.
Kmalu sem ugotovila, da to ni le moja frustracija. Številne kolegice/gi so pri svojih doživljanjih konferenc, strokovnih posvetov in izobraževanj opažali podobne reakcije znotraj sebe. 

Tako se je rodila ideja po novem tipu konference. Preko vetrenja možganov smo hitro povezali temo izkustvene konference s pomanjkanjem poznavanja tehnik za dinamičen razvoj inovacijskega procesa (objava I2 – v Aktualno 2.0 in članek o tehnikah v MQ, št. 21) in s konceptom igrifikacije (objava – v Aktualno 2.0 in članek v MQ, št. 28), ki je pri naših bralkah in bralcih že januarja 2014 zbudila veliko zanimanja.
Organizatorji konference: InCo gibanje, Združenje Manager, Društvo moderatorjev Slovenije, Center Arhitekture, ekspertne skupine in posamezni nosilci strokovnih znanj (36 ljudi neposredno vključenih v izvajanje konference).
V nadaljevanju sledi vsebina poslovne inovacije “Izkustvene konference od inspiracije do inovacije na osnovi igrifikacije”. Zgodba, ki se bo na polno manifestirala 12. junija 2014. Bodite del njene vibracije.

Slika 1: Model izkustvene konference “Od inspiracije do inovacije”, Ljubljana 2014
ZAKAJ (kaj nas je vodilo pri oblikovanju izkustvene konference na osnovi igrifikacije):
• razviti ne-tehnološko inovacijo za potrebe konferenčne dejavnosti; narediti konferenco igrivo, izkustveno; vse udeležence konference aktivno vključiti v njeno dogajanje,
• omogočiti ljudem edinstveno izkušnjo sistemskega doživljanja (celostnega) inovacijskega procesa skozi 12 različnih tehnik,
• omogočiti predstavitev strokovnjakov v slovenskem prostoru, s katerimi organizacije, skupnosti ali posameznice/ki lahko sodelujejo pri razvoju inovacijskega procesa,
• razviti komercialni produkt za nov tip konferenc/delavnic po principu odprtega inoviranja in igrifikacije

Slika: testiranje koncepta konference (del ekipe), Ljubljana, maj 2014
Vir: Vibacom
Sama ideje izkustvene konference je priklicala k sodelovanju predstavnike vseh ključnih področij uspešnega inoviranja: oblikovalce vsebin (igre), nosilce tehnik, moderatorje, oblikovalce fizičnega in energijskega prostora, oblikovalce video- in fotografskih vsebin, prostovoljce, ki so začutili vznemirjenje. Povezuje nas radovednost, iskanje novega, prispevanje k razvoju in želja po kolektivnem ustvarjanju.

Slika 2: Kaj povezuje nas, organizatorje

KAKO (kateri so ključni elementi za izvedbo inovativne konference):
Tehnike: na konferenci bo predstavljenih 12 različnih tehnik za 4 ključne faze inovacijskega procesa.

Tehnike: beyond leadership, brainstorming, lateralno razmišljanje, LEGO simulacija, metoda U – Skulpture, zmajevo sanjanje, MABS metoda segmentacije strank, running Lean / delaj vitko intervjuje s kupci, poslovno modeliranje, Metoda 4D, postavitev in uglasitev namere, somatično prebujanje.
Vloge: na konferenci bomo organizatorji za uspešno izvedbo igrali 14 različnih vlog. 

Slika 3: Elementi, ki konferenci držijo strukturo
Vloge na konferenci: Gostiteljica projekta konference, dirigentka konference, koordinatorke konference, skrbnica virov, žetvenik, pripovedovalec zgodbe,  skrbniki energije prostora, skrbniki energijskega vzdušja, skrbnika igre, moderatorji, izvajalci tehnik, prostovoljci, udeleženci, Robin Hood
Model: za uspešno aktivno vlogo udeležencev na konferenci smo razvili poseben kanvas (šablono poslovnega modela strateškega načrta), ki ga bodo udeleženci dopolnjevali skozi celoten dogodek/igro.
Igra: Ozadje celotne konference predstavlja poslovna igra na osnovi zgodbe Robina Hooda, ki bo prenesena v žargon in izzive poslovnega sveta. Celotno dogajanje bo hkrati tudi prikaz metode “igrifikacije/poigravanja”, s številnimi zasuki v zgodbi, selektivnimi dodatnimi informacijami, zavajajočimi informacijami ipd., s čimer bodo simulirane vsakdanje tržne razmere, v katerih se razvijajo inovacije.
Timi: na konferenci bo vzporedno aktivnih 9 timov udeležencev (strategov, ki bodo reševali izziv Robin Hooda); vsak tim bo predstavljal skupino svetovalcev, ki bodo na osnovi Sherwoodskih novic oblikovali strateški načrt, ki bi Robinu pomagal izpeljati njegovo vizijo.
Proces: Inovacijski proces je eden od osnovnih elementov inovacijske infrastrukture (I2). Je branžno, strukturno neodvisen (ni večjih razlik v izvajanju procesa glede na industrijo, lokalno skupnost, malo podjetje, NVO, inštitut ali izobraževalno ustanovo). Nagovarja in podpira razvoj vsebinskih elementov, ki omogočajo, da se prepoznana potreba ter da se navdih (inspiracija) iz miselnega vzorca prelevi v tržno zanimiv produkt, storitev ali rešitev. Proces konference je razdeljen na 4 ključne sklope, ki predstavljajo faze inovacijskega procesa in dogajanja, ki faze povezujejo v celoto (design ideje, oblikovanje prototipa, tržna manifestacija/prepoznava potreb in dogajanja v središčni točki – na trgu).
Prostor: organizacija in fizična ter energijska oprema posameznih delov prostora podpirajo vsebino in proces dogodka, ki se v njem izvajajo.
Dodatki: celoten prostor in dogajanja bodo podprti z elementi igre, ki bodo pričarali doživljajsko vzdušje zgodbe igre.
Pravila: pravila dogodka, ki zagotavljajo primeren odnos med vsemi akterji.
Vzporedna dogajanja: poleg samega inovacijskega procesa se bo na konferenci odvijalo še nekaj dodatnih dogajanj, ki bodo omogočala udeležencem avtentičnost izkušnje in jim omogočila še boljše razumevanje izzivov, s katerimi se bodo spopadali.
Urnik: najbolj klasičen del konference, ki pa tudi sam v sebi skriva dinamične elemente in na robu povezuje konferenčno izkušnjo z realnim življenjem.

Slika 4: model igrifikacije
Elementi konference se hranijo iz filozofije participativnega vodenja, sodelovanja, soustvarjanja in aktivnega delovanja vseh članov skupnosti. Povsod se zagovarjajo načela vključenosti, spoštovanja raznolikosti, enakovrednega zastopanja mnenj, predlogov, pogledov vseh članov skupnosti/tima/dogajanja.
1. izkustvena konferenca pri nas: Od inspiracije do inovacije skozi 12 tehnik na osnovi igrifikacije celotnega dogodka
KDAJ: 12. junij 2014 ob 8.uri
KJE: Kulturni spomenik D125 (nekdanji Merkur)
VEČ o koneferenci
 KAJ (katere vsebine bo konferenca nagovorila in kaj je njen ključni izplen):

Vsebina, ki bo nastajala v okviru projektnih skupin kot sestavni del igrifikacije, služi kot podlaga, da se lahko spoznajo različne tehnike za uspešno izvajanje inovacijskega procesa.
Primer igrifikacije v medijih:
  • Krajši film ČRkovNA LUKNJA, scenarij Tadeja Zupan Arsov, Ph RED, animacija in ilustracija Jure in Neja Engelsberger, režija Uroš Zavodnik in Aleksander Arsov, Tv SLO in Ph RED, 2012
  • Krajši film Atlas besed, scenarij Tadeja Zupan Arsov, režija A. Arsov, animacija mag. Anja Tolar, Slovenski filmski center in Ph RED, 2013
  • Krajši film Primer letečega kovčka, scenarij Danila Žorž, režija A. Arsov in Tadeja Zupan Arsov, animacija mag. Klemen Gorup, Ph RED, 2008
Za oblikovanje vsebine imamo naslednje ključne sklope:
- igrifikacija zgodbe Robin Hood: koncept in filozofija uporabe koncepta igre v poslovnem okolju za pridobitev sposobnosti (kompetenc) ob simulaciji realnega okolja, ki so potrebne za soočanje z izzivi v realnem življenju,
- kanvas model, ki ga uporablja skupina za oblikovanje zaključnega priporočila (strateški načrt): kanvas služi  za vizualizacijo rezultatov in razumevanje ključnih elementov, ki jih je potrebno izluščiti iz zgodbe v posameznih fazah razvoja inovacijskega procesa,
- strateški načrt: končni rezultat igrifikacije, ki se ob koncu konference predstavi Robinu Hoodu kot priporočilo sherwoodskih svetovalcev; Robin Hood se na osnovi priporočil odloči za svetovalce, ki ga bodo spremljali pri njegovih nadaljnjih odločitvah.

Slika 5: Kanvas za igrifikacijo
Verjamem, da bo dogodek, ki je pred nami, nekaj posebnega. Vse, kar se bo zgodilo, doživelo, ponotranjilo ali zacvetelo, je del zgodbe same. In prav je tako. Tako je tudi naše življenje: nepredvidljivo, vznemirljivo, vedno odprto za novo. Bodite z nami in doživite proces inoviranja v inovaciji sami. Opremite se z orodji nove dobe in suvereno odkrivajte priložnosti, ki vam jih ponuja vaš čas.

OJ, Violeta

Ps: izkustvena konferenca 2014 je plod odprtega inoviranja širokega kroga ljudi, ki smo začutili klic, potrebo po nečem novem, in se odzvali nanju po svojih najboljših močeh. Vse, kar smo ustvarili v zadnjih 9 mesecih, delimo z vami po principih odprte kode; vnašamo nazaj v prostor, ki nam je ustvarjanje omogočil. Hvala!

Kako lahko sodelujemo
Kje se lahko srečamo
Zanimive povezave

          METimeline: Wrex   
During what is arguably his most important historically notable mission to defeat the rogue Spectre Saren and bring the existence of Reapers to the light Shepard was led to Virmire where Saren was working on something almost unthinkable.

A cure, of sorts, for the Genophage. The truth of it was much more sinister however, as it wasn't a true cure, but a way of essentially turning the Krogan into little more than the Rachni drones they fought long ago.

The decision was made to destroy the facility, but one Krogan, by the name of Urdnot Wrex, was in opposition to this.

Smarter than most and far more levelheaded as far as Krogan go, Wrex argued that they could use the data, and the situation escalated.

Faced with a critical choice, one that would unknowingly shape the future of the known universe, Shepard made a decision...
[trigger small {{{First decision is up. Enjoy.}}} mentionlist MassEffectTimeline]
          How the Meaning of the Whole Universe Hinges on the Empty Tomb   

It all comes down to the Empty Tomb. Yes, the meaning of all of human history and of the entire universe hinges

The post How the Meaning of the Whole Universe Hinges on the Empty Tomb appeared first on ChurchPOP.

          Saul via John Smallman: You Are Vaster Than The Universe!   
Audio version. As you are all very well aware, enormous changes are occurring all across the world as the awakening process gathers further momentum and the Tsunami of Love intensifies, calling all of humanity to awaken. It is time for you to awaken, it is essential that you awaken, and as you do you can and will […]

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          Scouting Notebook: Dani Ceballos Putting His Football to the Fore at Euro U21s   

With the notable exception of 2015, Spain have been utterly dominant in Under-21 Championships this decade. 2011 saw them defeat Switzerland 2-0 in the final; in 2013 they beat Italy 4-2; and in 2017, they enter the final against Germany as heavy, heavy favourites.

The calibre of player they've taken to this tournament has been just as remarkable as their collective performances. 2011 saw Thiago Alcantara, Juan Mata, Ander Herrera and Javi Martinez form an all-powerful midfield, while in 2013, Isco, Asier Illarramendi and Koke joined Thiago to make them even stronger.

This year a new crop have shined. In their first game of the tournament—a 5-0 demolition of Macedonia—Marco Asensio, fresh off scoring in the UEFA Champions League final, grabbed the headlines (again) with an eye-popping hat-trick.

Atletico Madrid's Saul Niguez also scored that day, and he has gone on to bag four more, including a ridiculous hat-trick against Italy in the semi-final, while Marcos Llorente has swept up at the base of midfield in a calm, collected manner.

But one man's name currently in the papers was not on the teamsheet for that opening fixture, and said man was not happy about it.

According to ESPN FC's David Cartlidge, Dani Ceballos—who you may well have seen tear Italy's entire team apart with one slinking dribble on Tuesday—was incredibly disappointed not to have been handed a key role and had to set about changing matters.

It's not the first time this season he's been left sidelined; Gus Poyet, when manager of Real Betis, inexplicably pushed him (and Chelsea loanee Charly Musonda) away from the first-team squad for periods of time before Christmas. From a footballing perspective it made no sense, as Ceballos is the most creative, talented player in that team and they battled relegation from August to April, but then, the decision to drop him may well have had nothing to do with football at all.

Despite being aged just 20, Ceballos already has a chequered past. According to Goal.com, he's made some derogatory comments in the past about different regions of Spain; insulted legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas and his wife; told a just-relegated player that he hopes his club rots in the second division; and even sent a pro-General Franco tweet.

That's been the story of his career to date: off-field issues, distractions and mishaps coming to the fore, with the unfortunate casualty being his football. For one so young to be constantly battling back from adversity is a true shame.

Missing the starting XI against Macedonia was simply the next in a lengthy line of footballing setbacks, but Ceballos made the most of his 27 minutes off the bench against Macedonia and found himself in the starting XI against Portugal for the group's key clash.

They won, he played well, and he found himself back on the bench for the third game—only this time it was alongside Asensio and Saul, as coach Albert Celades rotated his crop ahead of the semi-finals.

Against Italy, he shot to the fore for all the right reasons. His tempo-setting midfield play, so often seen in excellent Real Betis performances this year, were key to Spain controlling the game and controlling proceedings. Saul Niguez may have scored another rocket, but that was almost overlooked due to Ceballos producing the moment of the game.

Having already nutmegged Roberto Gagliardini three times and got him sent off for two yellows earned from pure frustration, he embarked on a scintillating run, ducked between two midfielders after an outrageous fake pass sent them the wrong way, beat one more and then nutmegged another poor soul in the box to set up a shot. It left the crowd, the Twittersphere, the universe gobsmacked.

That's what Ceballos is, in pure footballing terms: An electric, exciting, dazzling, smart midfielder. If he can set aside his documented off-field issues and control his emotions, the sky's the limit for him.

That slick fake-pass move to flummox Italy is one of his specialties. He did it to Atletico Madrid last season too, fooling two of Diego Simeone's seasoned warhorses with a quick swish of the leg. In the same game, he smacked the post from distance, then went one better and powered a ridiculous volley in from outside the box after a corner had been headed clear.

But while it's easy to fall for Ceballos' highlight reel moments and simply consider him a difference-maker in the final third, that would do an injustice to his abilities in the other two.

He can drop into deeper areas and control games. For long periods against Italy he was level with Marcos Llorente in the base of midfield, playing as a No. 6 and dictating. He set Spain's rhythm and tempo, kept the ball moving and probed for weak points in Italy's formation. From there he was able to either slalom forward and beat markers or launch accurate passes into Gerard Deulofeu or Asensio.

He also put the work in defensively, tracking men back and, on a number of occasions, getting a vital foot in to dispossess just outside his own box. He won't make an elite box-to-box midfielder, nor will he try to, but the graft shown is important—particularly given the circumstances he started the tournament in, and given Barcelona's Denis Suarez is on the bench, itching to reclaim that spot in the team.

The whole world has seen Ceballos at his best during this tournament, and, as if often the case, transfer links have followed. Real Betis' president has been forced to deny reports that Real Madrid are just a step away from signing him, per Canal Sur TV (h/t ESPN's Adriana Garcia), but the fact he has a €15 million buyout clause is public knowledge and can only work against the Andalusian club.

€15 million for a player who can do what he's done this summer, at the age he is? It shouldn't just be Real Madrid interested; it should be every top club on the continent.



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          Miss Philippines answers — sort of — and loses Miss Universe   
Back in the day a beauty pageant contestant had only to answer: “I just want everyone to love everybody and for the world to live in peace.” Didn’t make any difference if the question was about global warming or the price of milk. If the contestant said this, it was a winner. Especially if she
          The Secrets of Time and Space   
Published 29 June 2017 | Arkham Horror: The Card Game

The Secrets of Time and Space

A Preview of Lost in Time and Space for Arkham Horror: The Card Game

"There were, in such voyages, incalculable local dangers; as well as that shocking final peril which gibbers unmentionably outside the ordered universe, where no dreams reach; that last amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the centre of all infinity…"
     – H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Okay, let's just imagine for a moment that world isn't ending. Let's say everything in your investigation is going great… or at least as well as things ever go in Arkham Horror: The Card Game. You've uncovered some cultists, you've thwarted some rituals, and there's no immediate threat of world-shattering doom.

Sounds great, right?

Indeed, if you get to this point in The Dunwich Legacy, you've put in a lot of good work and certainly deserve a rest. If anyone could possibly fathom what you've done, they should give you a medal. Multiple medals.

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen. First of all, no one's going to understand or believe a word of what you tell them. All the evidence of planar rifts, extra-dimensional monsters, and sorcerous rituals has been conveniently removed from this plane of existence. But that's not the only thing standing between you and your hero's reward. In fact, it's not even the main obstacle…

The bigger problem—the one that's swirling in chaotic fashion all around you—would be the fact that you're not on Earth. In the appropriately titled Lost in Time and Space, you find yourself separated from our reality, desperately looking for your way back. And the ground—or worlds? or portals? or realities?—all around you are randomly opening and expanding and closing, tossing you about a tumultuous vortex of swirling possible worlds.

Actions and Allies at the Edge of Reality

Fortunately, you won't have to travel these alien worlds alone. If you choose, you can wander them with the powerful new neutral ally from Lost in Time and Space, The Red-Gloved Man (Lost in Time and Space, 310).

A mysterious stranger in a strange land, The Red-Gloved Man won't show you his face or even stick around for more than a turn. So why would you even play him, much less pay five of your extremely valuable experience points in order to add him to your deck? The answer is because when he shows up, he can make an immediate and powerful impact upon the course of events.

When you bring him into play, The Red-Gloved Man allows to choose two of your skills, then raises the chosen skills to a base value of six until he leaves play. In other words, he doesn't just make you good at a couple of skills, he makes you exceptionally good at the two skills you need the most—right now!

And while you'll likely be sad to see him go at the end of the mythos phase, the fact that The Red-Gloved Man comes with the Fast keyword means you'll at least be able to take advantage of his talents for a full turn's worth of actions.

What does that mean?

It means that since The Red-Gloved Man can provide any current investigator's best base skill a bump of at least one point—and improves numerous investigators' weakest skills by four points (or more)—he'll be an invaluable companion in those crucial end fights or when your mind is stressed to the point of fragmentation by the impossible angles of the non-Euclidian geometries swirling and bending all around you.

It also means that The Red-Gloved Man is best saved for those turns when everything's coming down to the wire and it's time to fire off the abilities of all your Police Badges (Core Set, 27), Quick Thinking (Undimensioned and Unseen, 229), and The Gold Pocket Watch (Lost in Time and Space, 305) in one last, desperate bid for escape from the shifting realities that surround you. Back to the thin veil of "stability" and "normalcy" in a word that is—mostly—ignorant of the many other worlds and dimensions bordering upon ours, as well all the horrific entities inhabiting them.

And if The Red-Gloved Man just happens to be one of those horrors, disguising itself and allying with you for a short period of time, then what is its agenda? And what role do you happen to be playing in the unfathomable plans of someone you thought might have been helping you in yours?

The Strangest Journey

Situated amid a shifting and indescribable nexus of infinite realities, how will you find your way back to Arkham? Will you accept the guidance of the mysterious Red-Gloved Man, who just so happens to be stranded in the same space between worlds as you? Will you load a couple more rounds into your shotgun and fight your way past the strange, winged creatures before you? Will you open your minds to the darkest possibilities of all the Spells you've learned—possibly even consulting the forbidden pages of the Necronomicon?

However you proceed, you're likely to find this one of the strangest and most difficult journeys anyone could possibly imagine.

Share your experiences through The Dunwich Legacy with the other members of our community forums. Then mark your calendars, because in our reality, Lost in Time and Space (AHC08) arrives at retailers next Thursday!

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          Baby, It's Cold Outside   
I have for years thought of Christmas in the traditional and common way that it is often thought of today: a secular holiday with a very real and spiritual foundation, the birth of the Christ child Jesus. I have reveled in the holiday spirit, the silver bells, the dreams of wintery snow scenes, holly scented greenery and jingle-themed music. Old-school crooners like Dean Martin and Bing Crosby not replaced but supplemented by new-school crooners like Michael Buble and Josh Groban.

I have treasured these feelings and memories for their connections in my heart to the care-free days of my childhood when life was pretty easy, low on responsibility, and spiritual, but not heavy. The Christ child was relevant to me, but mostly in a passive way that gave a nod to the tradition of Jesus, but allowed me to continue in the revelry of the day and my active love for the Christmas holiday itself.

To think of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” brought instant connection in my heart to that full and rich and joyful and warm Christmasy feeling, and meant a celebration of that wintery warm-by-the-fire’s-glow feeling and that hot cup of chocolate.

And to be honest with you I have looked for that feeling in my heart for the last five to ten years. It hasn’t been there as fully or with as much life as it used to carry. I have looked for that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” feeling, trying to restore that Christmas cheer and pine-needle aroma.

And today, while thinking about that feeling and my search for it, I actually reached outside of the doorframe of my mind and found that it was in fact cold outside. I was surprised to find that the warm glow of my Christmas expectations wasn’t outshining the cold. The Christmas aroma was not overpowering the more pungent smell of sadness that I and so many others breathe this year. I realized it was a cold that chills me past my skin, past my bones and way down into my soul.

This week one of my brother’s best friends died. He was 26 and succumbed to the swine flu. Two weeks ago we heard that one of our favorite pastors had had a seizure, that doctors had discovered a fist-sized tumor in his head and yesterday we heard that the tumor was malignant and fighting for ownership of his brain tissue. This week we watched as two young men and a young lady who loved Jesus and served him fought for their lives on the side of a mountain I have climbed. I know exactly where they walked. This month we have watched a number of couples in our lives battle for their marriages, sometimes winning and sometimes failing. We watched an Acts 29 church family suffer as its pastor took his own life. The list goes on and on.

And at one point today, I thought, this is a sad Christmas. It’s hard to walk with a happy heart and dream of sugarplums dancing, laugh with Frosty the Snowman and strain to hear silver bells ringing when so many people are suffering so completely. It feels so heavy and pointless and sad.

Baby, it is cold outside. Very cold.

But as my heart reveled in and gave itself over a bit to the sadness alive in this season this year, God washed over me with a voice like a strong current. This is the meaning of Christmas. This is why He came. This is our redemption.

Because it is cold outside. Because of loss and sorrow and tears. Because of death and dying and sickness and sadness. The Christ child came to redeem these. And they are His. That little boy so poor and needy in that manager hay grew into a toddler and a youth and a man. And lived a sinless life so that He could lay it on the altar as a sacrifice for our sins. And He did.

And so today, you and I can walk in that, setting sadness aside, knowing that He has a plan that doesn’t check in with ours, but defines ours and writes ours. His ways are not our ways, but we know that His ways are good ways, and that He loves us. And that is why the God of the universe humbled Himself as He did, to become part of the creation.

To bring a warmth to us and to redeem the cold. That we might have perfect communion and connection with the God who before that Christ-child was untouchable by us because of our sin.

Baby, it’s cold outside, but there is a Savior. The Christ. Jesus.

So I am going to wallow in that memory this Christmas, and will know deeply in my heart that Christmas is to celebrate our Savior who came to bring us life and life eternal. And He will be my answer to the cold outside.

"O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?" The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away." And he who was seated on the throne said, "Behold, I am making all things new."
          Spider-Man swings into Marvel Universe for latest film   
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Fans were crawling up the walls with excitement as the stars of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" swung into the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe series of films, which have dominated the global box office for years.

          Bordeaux: La "Cité emblématique"   
C'est une incontestable réussite au regard de la fréquentation enregistrée un an après son ouverture. La Cité du Vin ne se signale pas seulement par son dessein et son architecture uniques : désormais elle est emblématique de la ville, une manière de signature universelle pour Bordeaux, bien au-delà de la seule reconnaissance de l'Unesco et du patrimoine mondial. Sa conception en fait un véritable outil de culture, le sésame vers la découverte de la civilisation de la vigne et du vin. Philippe Massol, son directeur général le rappelle dans l'interview qu'il nous a accordée, en avant première à l'émission diffusée sous les couleurs d'Aqui et de Tv7 lundi 26 juin à 18h45. Il y insiste sur la volonté de la Fondation qui gère la Cité de trouver de nouveaux soutiens, en particulier pour développer le potentiel quelle recèle au sein de la Nouvelle Aquitaine.
          Dude, I knew it!   
Maybe the entire universe as we know it really is just sitting inside a black hole of another, bigger universe.
          Do not make it so...   
Star Trek's Warp Speed would kill According to a recent presentation and paper by William A. Edelstein, Ph.D., it would nearly impossible for humans to travel at near light speed (warp speed) due to intense radiation. So intense, it would kill humans and render electronic equipment useless in seconds. Some Star Trek fans are not happy... In an interview with the Toronto Star, he posits that due to Einstein's special theory of relativity the amount of hydrogen atoms in compressed space due to near light speed travel would be akin to someone standing in front of a LHC beam. Strangely, The Star adds: "However, there may something in the future that one day may allow this to happen." My favourite quote from the editors: "Update: An earlier version of this story referred to the Borg using cloaking technology, which several readers pointed out is not supported by televisual evidence. Of course, we were speculating on the technology existing in the alternate universe created by J. J. Abrams. However, to avoid confusion we have amended the decloaking reference to cite the Romulans."
          Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump's unhinged behavior is beneath the dignity of the presidency   

We begin today’s roundup with an op-ed by MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough:

It is disturbing that the president of the United States keeps up his unrelenting assault on women. From his menstruation musings about Megyn Kelly, to his fat-shaming treatment of a former Miss Universe, to his braggadocio claims about grabbing women’s genitalia, the 45th president is setting the poorest of standards for our children. We were heartened to hear a number of Republican lawmakers call out Mr. Trump for his offensive words and can only hope that the women who are closest to him will follow their examples. It would be the height of hypocrisy to claim the mantle of women’s empowerment while allowing a family member to continue such abusive conduct. [...]

We have known Mr. Trump for more than a decade and have some fond memories of our relationship together. But that hasn’t stopped us from criticizing his abhorrent behavior or worrying about his fitness. During the height of the 2016 presidential campaign, Joe often listened to Trump staff members complain about their boss’s erratic behavior, including a top campaign official who was as close to the Republican candidate as anyone.

We, too, have noticed a change in his behavior over the past few years. Perhaps that is why we were neither shocked nor insulted by the president’s personal attack. The Donald Trump we knew before the campaign was a flawed character but one who still seemed capable of keeping his worst instincts in check.

Gail Collins at The New York Times:

Back in the day, he sent me a copy of a column he objected to, with some notes suggesting I was a “dog and a liar” with “the face of a pig.”

I’ve had many opportunities to make use of that story since Trump became a presidential candidate, so it’s all fine for me. However, I have to admit that it did not occur to me he’d keep doing that kind of stuff as president of the United States. [...]

A lot of top Republican leaders have expressed their dismay about what was obviously a sexist insult, but that’s hardly sufficient. This is the same party, after all, that recently produced its Senate health care bill drafted by a committee of 13 men. A bill whose defenders have argued, in effect, that making maternity health coverage more expensive is not a problem because guys don’t get pregnant.

          In the hour before traverse   
In the hour before sleep In the hour awakening Traverse a universe or two :- Doug.
          Oliva opens up about her universe   
CELEBRATING being crowned Miss Universe Australia with a glass of champagne and a Big Mac, Adelaide’s Olivia Rogers is opening up about her struggle with depression and “disordered eating” in a bid to help others.
          Getting to Know LTYM NYC Cast Member – Elizabeth Quincy!   

Elizabeth spends her days immersed in motherhood! Whether it’s in her role as full-time mom to a toddler, or first-time playwright writing a solo piece about her journey to becoming a mom, Elizabeth’s passion and upbeat energy shines through. Here’s more… What makes you feel accomplished? Whenever my actions (big or small) are motivated from the impulse of integrity and not from ego concerns. How would your friends describe you? Loyal, uncompromising, bossy, discerning, respectful, determined What word best describes you? Worth-it! What are you most thankful for? How forgiving the Universe is. Talk about “worth-it!” Come hear Elizabeth’s story! Tickets for Listen To Your Mother NYC 2017 are on sale NOW! See you at the show! by

The post Getting to Know LTYM NYC Cast Member – Elizabeth Quincy! appeared first on LTYM NYC.

          Supreme Court Of Canada Tells Google To Filter Search Results…. That’s A Bit Of A Problem   
Earlier this week The Supreme Court Of Canada dropped this ruling on the universe: Canadian courts can force Google to remove results worldwide, the country’s top court has ruled, in decision criticised by civil liberties groups that argue such a move sets a precedent for censorship on the internet. In its 7-2 decision, Canada’s supreme court found […]
          The Oldest Self-healing Method In The World: It Only Takes 10 Minutes A Day!   
Self-healing is becoming a well-discussing topic now a day. In Ayurveda, different techniques have been depicted on self-healing. In this article, six Ayurvedic techniques are discussed through which self-healing can be attained everyday in not more than 10 minutes.
The individual should practice it to attain a better mental, physical and spiritual health. So, let’s catch them one by one.
As per the ancient healing method, the human beings can maintain their health through the achievement of the complete harmony of the soul, mind, and body.
Ayurveda is regarded as the oldest holistic healing system that has been used for ages to provide a healthy life to human beings. A person can live a healthy life with a harmony in the body, the soul, and the mind- it’s a key Ayurvedic philosophy. It is the ancient Indian healing method, which has been originated from it.
According to Ayurveda, in the Universe, everything is interconnected and energy permeated. The three dosha‘pitta’, ‘kapha’ and ‘vata’ keep the body alive and running. Vata helps to regulate breathing, kapha is associated with the strength and pitta is involved with the metabolism.
We feel great if they are aligned with each other.Yoga, meditation, proper nutrition and massage can improve the self-healing abilities.
You Can Get Ancient Self-Healing Treatment Every day in Just 10 Minutes
In the morning- 6 minutes
Tongue cleaning – 30 seconds
After brushing the teeth, you should remove the residual plaque (if any) from the tongue using a tongue cleaner, a brush, or by using a blunt knife. Our body remains free from the harmful substances through the activity of the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. Some metabolic processes can produce toxins and sediments as the byproducts, which are developed on the tongue. If they are not removed properly, energy flow in the body can be blocked due to them after some time.
Take Advantage the power of sesame oil – 2 minutes
Self-massage – 3 minutes
To perform the massage, you will require gloves, soft brush or raw silk. You should massage every part of the body for 10-20 times.
The order should be the neck, back (as far as you can reach) after those rub your shoulders, hands, and fingers with the circular motions.
Using the horizontal movement, gently massage the upper chest.
Then you must move to the stomach and massage that part from the top to bottom as well as from left to right. Now the next is the thighs. You must rub them in the manner of outside in, and from above the downwards. Now you must move on to the knees and feet, massage them in a circular motion. Massage can improve circulation as well as it restores energy.
Each part of the skin is involved with an internal organ. After the massage, all the organs can work much better and they will have an increased blood flow.

During the Day – 2 minutes:

Drink hot water – 30 seconds
You must boil half a liter of water for the duration of 10-15 minutes, then pour it into a thermos and now take three seeps on ever half an hour. It has special characteristics associated with energy. The boiled water can stimulate the digestion as well as it helps to flush the harmful toxins from the body.
Practice the relaxing breathing – 2 minutes
You have to take a deep breath through your nose, and then hold it for a few seconds and exhale through the nose. You should not think about anything. If it seems tough to switch off, then think about something pleasant. Fear, anger, and problems may lead to the sickness of the organs. Relaxation can help you as well as your organs. In this way, our brain can produce endorphins (hormones of happiness). This is associated with a little bit of practice.
In the Evening – 2 minutes:
Stimulate Your Digestion and Improve the Dream Quality – 2 Minutes
You must heat a little bit of sesame oil, and then massage a few drops onto the stomach. Using the whole palm, you have to continue the massage onto the stomach with the gentle circular clockwise motions. After that, you must soak a towel in the warm water and take it on the stomach until it goes cold. At last, wipe the stomach. Because of this gentle massage, the digestion can be improved and the insomnia problem will be solved, which is the result of the poor digestion.

           "X-Men: The New Mutants" - cast: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Alice Braga, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt   

Release date : April 13, 2018
Synopsis : A standalone spinoff movie that expands its X-Men universe. ...

          Thread: Star Wars: Destiny:: General:: I am starting to see the magnitude of the CCG Universe of Star Wars Destiny.   

by Strom40

Just this week I dipped my toe in the immense universe of Fantasy Flight's CCG game of Star Wars Destiny. I watched reviews when it launched last December and was intrigued by the mechanics and great art (I really like it!) but the unavailability left me on the sidelines.

Other than the very unpopular Conan CCG, I have never collected or played a CCG game before. I don't think the Conan CCG really counts as after I bought the 4 starter sets and the booster box I never saw another booster pack again as no retailer carried it. It's pretty easy to not buy a CCG when it's not available - which Star Wars Destiny fans can relate to from what I have read and heard about the initial launch.

Well, as of right now, the SW: Destiny game is going strong and readily available at every FLGS in my immediate area. Shevlves are full and booster and starter kits are looking really good on those shelves. I can't avoid it and decided to buy the two starter sets to try the game.

Other than the packaging, the components are very nice and the dice and cards are very satisfying to play, roll, read and hold your hands.

I love the card checklist and immediately photocopied it and started highlighting the cards I had in my collection. A total of one hundred and seventy four cards in the Awakening set. Gulp!

I needed some more cards. Off to the FLGS and -BAM! - 10 boosters later and I had my first three Legendary cards/dice. I was $60 bucks in and not even at 100 cards and barely less than 50% of the set. No Vader, Han Solo or Leia or Chewbacca or CP3O or R2D2 or any named character except for the starters.

Not being a CCG player, I'm just starting to realize the enormity of the immense CCG universe - it truly is impressive (and daunting) the scope of the cost and investment that is the Star Wars Destiny game. This is beyond $100 Kickstarters - Star Wars Destiny laughs at $150 Kickstarters. SWestiny is a boardgame killer. I have 200+ games but if I just want to collect Awakenings my gaming dollars can really only go to Destiny.

Man! What a mountain to climb - I never realized the scope and magnitude of CCG games. I heard and read the warnings but not until you start swinging that lightsaber - and love the game - does the pull of the dark side of gaming and the CCG universe evil influence reveal itself....

And this is just Awakenings...

Really cool game though.

And I really like highlighting a new card on the checklist...there's power I in that checklist. And the Dice are so cool! And it's Star Wars.

Curse you (and thanks for a great game) Fantasy Flight!

It was a lot easier with Conan...

          Sassinak (Planet Pirates, Bk 1)   
From Publishers Weekly

The first in the Planet Pirates series, this science fiction yarn offers a vivid universe inhabited by cardboard citizens. Sassinak, the heroine and the only developed character, steps straight from a formula: When she is 12, pirates raid her native colony, enslaving her and g murdering her family. Abe, a fellow captive, befriends her and, when they are emancipated by Fleet (the military), becomes her guardian until he is slain in a barroom brawl. Intelligent and daring, Sass joins Fleet, seeking vengeance on her enemies. She becomes the classic fictional commander: a loner whose entire life is subsumed by the military. Fortunately, Sass's exploits are so expertly recounted that their intrigue and adventure compensate for the hackneyed plot line. Cleverly drawn aliens, supporting characters here, allow the authors to explore various aspects of prejudice. Sass's appraisal of men, however, verges at times on sexist. Hugo winner McCaffrey's works include Dragonsdawn ; Moon is the author of Oath of Gold.
You can agree, disagree and insult, but one thing remains, there is a Sovereign Creator of the Universe. He conceals matters and reveals it FOR A PURPOSE!!
          Thread: DC Universe Miniature Game: Batman V Superman Trinity Starter Set:: Rules:: Suicide Squad Stat Cards for DCUMG   

by quantumsheep

Knight models just posted stat cards for the Suicide Squad Set

Here's the direct pdf download link from their site:


Hope that helps!

          7/1/2017: SPORT: Switch to take Suncorp global   

Rugby league’s most celebrated stadium is about to become the centre of the boxing universe. Within hours of fulltime in Melbourne’s game against Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium last night, the goalposts were taken down and the line markings were being...
          The first galaxies were even more violent than expected   
An international team of researchers has shown that the hot diffuse gas that fills the space between the galaxies has the same concentration of iron in all galaxy clusters that were studied in sufficient detail by the Japanese Suzaku satellite. It seems that most of the iron inside the intergalactic gas arose long before the first clusters of galaxies were formed. The results will be presented this Friday at the annual meeting of the European Astronomical Society, EWASS2017, in Prague, Czech Republic by Norbert Werner, leader of the MTA-Eötvös University Lendület "Hot universe" research group in Budapest, Hungary and associate professor at the Masaryk University in the Czech Republic and Hiroshima University in Japan.
          “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Movie Trailer   
This should be a great reboot of Spider-Man into the Marvel Universe. Coming to theaters July 7, 2017. Drive Safe!  Never Forget.Filed under: Just a
          The Pink Panther Film Collection   
In this day and age, it's amazing to think that there was once a time where the word "franchise" was really only described by people starting a McDonald's restaurant. The idea of a sequel isn't anything new but shared universes or the idea of a sprawling multi-film series was relatively unheard of. That's what makes the legacy of Peter Sellers hilarious turn as the bumbling confident yet dimwitted French detective Jacques Clouseau and The Pink Panther Film Collection so endearing. Through fourteen years and five films - and a sixth cobbled together from cut footage - Peter Sellers embodied physical…
          NOTICIAS BREVES   
Pues parece que ya es viernes, ¿no? Con este post damos la bienvenida al fin de semana, el último ya de este caluroso mes de junio, y aquí estamos dispuestos a ofreceros toda la actualidad de Superman y el DCEU que esta semana no ha requerido de un post individual en la web. Preparaos para un rato de información y diversión, como de costumbre en este espacio que ya conocéis de sobra. ¡Noticias Breves, allá vamos!

La actriz española Elena Anaya, que interpreta a Dr. Poison en Wonder Woman, ha concedido una entrevista a ElConfidencial en la que habla sobre cómo fue su experiencia en la película, y comenta cosas como que Patty Jenkins consiguió que la productora no pusiera enormes pechos a Diana. Vale la pena echarle un ojo.

-Matt Reeves confirmaba esta semana en una entrevista que Ben Affleck sigue siendo Batman, por si a alguien le quedaba alguna duda. Y también dejó claro que su película mostrará el lado más detectivesco del personaje, como cine negro, con la esperanza de que el público conecte con lo que hay en la cabeza y el corazón del vigilante y muy en la línea de las historias de la Golden Age. Muy interesante.

Y acompañando estas líneas, la nueva imagen de Batman cortesía de Zack Snyder a través de Vero...

Y de primeras imágenes va la cosa, con esta de Gal Gadot por parte de Zack Snyder compartida también a través de Vero...

-Guerra abierta entre la cadena de cines Cinesa y Warner Bros. España en algunas proyecciones de Wonder Woman a cuenta de la eliminación por "problemas técnicos" de un trailer de la compañía (Rey Arturo) que al parecer va "pegado" a la proyección, a cuenta de lo podría ser una protesta de la citada cadena contra algún tipo de acuerdo comercial... sea como fuere, el espectador es en última instancia el que pierde.

-Pero independientemente de ello, Wonder Woman es número 1 también en España...

-Con lo cual, no es de extrañar que ya se haya confirmado oficialmente que Patty Jenkins dirigirá la secuela de Wonder Woman. ¿Alguien sorprendido?

-El actor Patrick Wilson, Ocean Master en Aquaman, en forma corriendo en Australia...

-Y también King Nereus (Dolph Lindgren) y Vulgo (Willem Dafoe) entrenando para Aquaman...

-Jason Momao en el set de la  Justice League. No, no es una errata nuestra. Leed el respaldo de la silla. ;)

-Se lanza una recopilación animada del Universo DC en DC Universe Original Movies: 10th Anniversary Collection, que recopilará 30 películas animadas, cortos animados y extras, que estarán disponible digitalmente el 15 de agosto y en un Box de Blu-rays el 7 de noviembre. Las películas son:


-Foto tras las cámaras de Wonder Woman. Maravillosa.

-Gal como Wonder Woman en la portada de julio de The American Cinematographer.

-Y hablemos de números: Wonder Woman ha sobrepasado los 675 millones de dólares en todo el mundo (Man of Steel recaudó en total 668), superando ya en taquilla doméstica a Batman v Superman y Suicide Squad. Según las previsiones de Forbes, el film se plantará en los 705-710 este fin de semana, y podría terminar su andadura en salas en torno a los 750-800 millones, convirtiéndose en la segunda película más taquillera de lo que llevamos del DCEU. Simplemente brutal.

¡Volando a reventar records!

-No es un pájaro, no es un avión... es Superlópez. Primera imagen de Dani Rovira para la adaptación de este cómic español al cine, cuyo rodaje comenzará la semana que viene. Los que nos hemos criado leyendo las disparatadas aventuras de este personaje, esperemos que sea una digna película...

-Esta semana se celebraron los Saturn Awards, y de tres categorías a las que estaba nominada, Supergirl ganó dos; Melissa Benoist la de Mejor Actriz y la propia serie ganó la de Mejor Adaptación Televisiva de Superhéroes. Tyler Hoechlin estaba nominado por su Superman, pero se le escapó el premio.

Y aunque no tiene que ver directamente con el premio, Melissa compartía en su Instagram este pequeño vídeo de su primer ensayo de vuelo para Supergirl. 

-Se liberan oficialmente 3 sets de LEGO de la película de la Justice League con cantidad de datos interesantes (aunque ya los habíamos visto antes). Tenemos ataque de los Parademonios en Atlantis con el objetivo de robar la Caja Madre, tenemos 2 nuevos vehículos de Batman (una enorme nave de transporte y un vehículo trepador) y por supuesto al grandísimo Superman. La mayoría de las cosas ya las habíamos podido ver en trailers y a partir de fotos robadas de estos sets, pero en cualquier caso ahora las podemos ver con mejor calidad.

-Y de LEGO's a Hot Toys, porque parece que la figura de Wonder Woman ya está disponible, así que pronto nos llegará para una videoreview. Os dejamos un par de fotos, una completa y una en detalle del rostro. ¿Qué os parece?

-Vamos con un repaso a los vídeos de La botella de Kandor de esta semana. El tag de los Funko Pop de Miriam...

Por cierto, hablando de Funkos, en la SDCC de este año se pondrá a la venta de forma exclusiva y limitada a 2000 uds este Pato Lucas (Daffy Duck en original) con traje de Superman. Preparad la cartera. Ya sabéis cómo se las gastan estos exclusivos.

-Aquí la videocrítica de Wonder Woman que hicimos Antonio Monfort y yo...

-El unbox de tres fantásticas y exclusivas ediciones de Man of Steel en Blu-ray por nuestro amigo ADO...

-Y ayer subí una videoreacción al tráiler de la nueva peli de la franquicia Child's Play: Cult of Chucky.

-No son Mario y Luigi, son otros Super Bros...

-Y hoy nuestra Cosplayer del Viernes es la fotógrafa y youtuber Desirée Delgado, en esta imagen tratada por Photoshop con ella como modelo. Aquí os dejo su web y aquí su canal.

¡Buen fin de semana!

¡Suscríbete a mi canal de YouTube aquí mismo!

Puedes comentar esta entrada y seguir todas las noticias de Superman actualizadas al momento en nuestra página de Facebook.

          Kenya Censorship Board Bans Six “Pro-Gay” Cartoons   
Kenya’s Film Classification Board this month banned a total of six animated cartoons, including Adventure Time and Steven Universe, from airing within the country because they were judged to be “pro-gay.” In a statement defending its action, the KFCB claimed that the shows “are intended to introduce children to deviant behaviour.” The other banned cartoons are The Loud House, The Legend of Korra, Hey Arnold, Gravity Falls, and Clarence. The shows aired on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network–although some like The Legend of Korra have long since ended their run anyway. As a report from South Africa’s Channel24 pointed out, in many cases it appears that the KFCB “did a basic desktop Google-search to find possible justification for a ban on the shows.” For instance, KFCB said Hey Arnold got the axe because the main character’s “grandpa had a dick for a head”–a non-canonical bit of trivia that features in the overactive imaginations of nostalgia bloggers. In the cases of both Gravity Falls and The Legend of Korra, creators revealed only after the shows had completed their runs that some characters were gay or lesbian respectively. The Loud House and Steven Universe, on the other hand, proudly feature LGBTQIA-identified characters–and have […]
          Comentario en Granola maravillosa por abuntee   
Maintenant tout m'est devenu clair, je remercie de l'aide dans cette question. http://www.sexybang.top/gal/2524.html http://sravniceniuniverse.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/easychoise http://golos-semyonf20.tumblr.com/
          Man dragging roadkill raccoon shot by bad Samaritan who thought it was an abused dog   

Police in Washington state want to find a driver who shot a man Sunday, apparently under the mistaken belief he was abusing a dog. The victim was in fact dragging a dead raccoon down the highway.

He's seen here in a video taken by another motorist who had similar concerns, but the wherewithal to ask questions first.

The man intended to use the already-dead raccoon as bait in his crab pot, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office said, but a confrontation over it quickly got out of hand and police say the suspect ran the man over and shot him in the leg.

Surveillance video captured the truck, which is a Ford extended cab built between 1992 and 1997 with a dark colored canopy. There was a white dog in the cab. ...

A 911 call obtained by KCPQ describes the scene of the shooting.

“He’s aiming a gun … at the guy dragging the raccoon,” the caller reported. “Now the guy’s swinging the raccoon around.”

The universe has cheated us of footage of a half-naked man using a roadkill raccoon as an enormous flail.

Previous Raccoons: Rabid Raccoon. Robber Raccoon.

          Reply by Anonymous Coward (UID 49988548)   
The universe has always been "one." Duh...
          Reply by Keith (UID 28858495)   
The universe is gradually becoming one
          Newswire: The Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel will take place immediately after Infinity War   

Rest easy, continuity crusaders: Marvel Studios knows exactly where the inevitable Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel fits into its overall narrative plan. This is per producer Amy Pascal, who recently told Fandom that the second MCU stand-alone Spider-Man movie will begin “minutes” after the upcoming Avengers movie, Infinity War.

That lines up with what Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige said earlier this week, at the Homecoming premiere. Much as Homecoming focuses on what it’s like to be a teenage superhero briefly brought up into the big leagues—courtesy of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War—Feige noted that the second film will apparently reflect how Peter Parker simultaneously deals “with the fallout of Infinity War,” as well as being a semi-normal high school junior. (Presumably, it’s pretty hard to focus on your schoolwork when you’ve just teamed up with the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe to ...

          In a Land of Dreams…   
Anyone else know this feeling: many times, in the middle of the night, I wake up able to remember complex dreams that feel like thrillers or epic tales of adventure. Then, during the one minute during which I surface from my dream universe, I think, “Wow, this is awesome. I need to make notes immediately!” […]
          Activating The Laws Of Attraction   

I've said it before, I'm a firm Believer in The Laws Of Attraction, I Activate them whenever I REALLY Need or Want something and I'm always quite Amazed, even after all these years of Witnessing powerful Testimonies that it Works, of how QUICKLY it Works for me personally!   After Celebrating The Son's 31st Birthday I didn't want to languish in Rush Hour Traffic on the long commute Home to the Far West Side from the Far East Side, so I took a detour to a Fav Antique Mall near his Home, MERCHANT SQUARE.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular, in fact I wasn't looking for anything at all, I was biding time until Rush Hour traffic subsided some and I wouldn't be gridlocked on a Freeway in 110 degree heat for hours.  But I did want to visit a couple of my Fav Vendors, one of which is a Friend of mine and always has The Good Stuff and Merchandised so Beautifully to Showcase it well, OFF THE DIRT ROAD.  Her Dear Hubby is also a Disabled Veteran and Creates many of the Architectural Salvage re-purposed into Cool Household Decor, such as the Fab Coat Racks Created from Salvaged Vintage Cupboard Doors and embellished with Victorian Ceiling Tin Hearts.

My Eyes were instantly drawn to that Sweet Vintage Suitcase on top with the thick Stripes and Alligator Trimming... it was a Bargain so it HAD to come Home with me to join my Vintage Striped Suitcase Collection.  *Smiles*   But I digress, The Laws Of Attraction had already been Activated just a day beforehand and would already be coming full circle quite soon, much to my Amazement and a few Booths over.   Culminating The Laws Of Attraction in a mere 24-48 hours is not at all Uncommon for me, but it still Amazes me since what I Want or Need can be so Specifically Random and highly Unusual!!!

So let us briefly rewind to the day before... when I picked up this set of Locker Basket Shelves with a trio of Locker Baskets each at 'Hobby Lobby' for 66% Off, making them ridiculously Cheap... and I can never resist ridiculously Cheap.  Don't Judge, I'm no Purist and Yes, sometimes I Find great Knock-Off stuff Cheap at the HL and am not above Scoring it, so there!  *LOL*  These were also light enuf for Yours Truly to schlep Upstairs to the Studio Loft for additional Storage.  For just over Forty bucks each, well, that's just slightly more than the Cost of one Vintage Locker Basket nowadays, which are in short supply and getting too spendy for my liking and Budget.  Luckily I already have a slew of Vintage Locker Baskets bought when you could get them well under Twenty bucks each.  However, these had no Locker Tags and I SO Wished they did... so I lamented and unconsciously murmured that out loud.  Too bad they don't have numerical Locker Tags, thus Activating The Laws Of Attraction even tho' I hadn't Intentionally meant to!!!

So there I am a day later wandering around 'The Square' and enter a Booth I like that always has Cool Salvaged Smalls I Enjoy rummaging thru... and what do I Find, much to my Amazement and Delight... Yep, Vintage Numerical Locker Tags... and Cheap!!!   Insert a little Happy Dance and fluttering of my Heart as my Pulse sped up in the Rush it often does whilst Junquing and accidentally stumbling upon something I Needed, Wanted and wasn't even Looking for at the time!!!   As the Heaven's Parted and Angelic Hosts descended I realized there was not just one... or even just the six I Needed for the HL Project... there was the Motherlode of them!!!

One random enormous one #157 and a Dozen of the size I Wanted and Needed with some Cool Numbers on them.   I am 'Into' Numerology so Yes, there are some Numbers Cooler than others or particularly significant to me.   I have a Showroom that is #114 so that was a Cool coincidental Locker Tag Number to Score... and I was particularly Jazzed to get a #111, #166 and #177 as well as a bunch of other numbers including a #7 in them, which is my Favorite Number.   And not a lot of other #4's since I don't like that Number and have an aversion to it, don't ask, I just do.   *Smiles*   As you can see I also picked up a couple of equally Cheap Old Skeleton Keys with Shapely Tops... Love me some Old Keys! 

So Yes, I was very Greedy and because they were so Cheap I bought every Numerical Vintage Locker Tag I could find in the Booth's Stash of Delightful Smalls and Hoarded them all up!  *Winks*   I know I have some Vintage Lockers missing their Tags too so that will now be remedied.  With some left over for any other Projects to complete Vintage Wire Basket Tagging in the Future.   And of coarse now completing the HL Locker basket half dozen also being labeled with Tags so Color me Happy and in Awe of The Laws Of Attraction Working so Quickly once again on my behalf!!!   Thank You Universe for sending me what I Want and Need so efficiently and generously!

I also found a Dozen Gift Bags with Old Timey Catalog Graphics for less than Two bucks!   Gift Bags always come in handy and these are unisex and so Cute, just my Style and an Ideal size for presenting mid-sized Gifts to Family and Friends!   Sometimes we utilize Graphics like this for Christmas too if we have a Salvage Style Christmas Tree festooned with Old Treasures we've Salvaged over the Years.   And of coarse Sepia is my absolute Fav Neutral Non-Color... my Home has many of the shades of Aged Hues reminiscent of Old Photographs, it creates a very Soothing Atmosphere.

So ya wanna take a peek inside my new Vintage Suitcase?   A Lovely Shade of Slate Grey Satin and in remarkable condition and no musty smells.   The Alligator Leather handle is still very sturdy and tho' the Suitcase has clearly been well Traveled, it is in very Good Shape for it's Age.   It too was very Cheap because it's little clasps that shut it don't always Hold securely on one side.  No problem since it will be in a Storage Tower of Old Suitcases, so it won't matter because it will be lying flat all the time now and will serve it's Purpose of Storing Treasures out of sight... Stylishly and Cheaply... Booyah! 

I had a very Enjoyable time, after Scoring my random Treasures, just browsing the Mall and especially the Booths of the people I know, who always have the best stuff.  I know, I'm totally biased that way but it's True, my Friends are Kindred Spirits and so Naturally I think they have the best stuff!  *Smiles*  The gravitational pull to those with a similar Aesthetic is just strong that way, I know you understand because I'm quite certain you Feel it too?!?  My Friends always Source the same types of Treasures that make my own Pulse race when I'm out Junquing.   So I know if I can't find it, they probably will, it's a Win-Win!

I'm really in a Galvanized Tin Phase right now, I've always Owned some since it's so Utilitarian, Sturdy and lasts Forever, but for Decorating lately I'm finding many more Uses for it than ever before.   I have more Vintage European Olive Buckets in various sizes than any Sane Woman outside of an Olive Orchard producing Commercial Olive Oil should probably Own!  *Winks*   Along with a few Knock-Off versions of Olive Buckets that were Sweet, unusual sizes and Cheap... and Yes from the HL too.   But a lot of little Boutiques are now carrying mass produced versions of Cool Vintage items, so if you can't Score any of The Real Deal or it's outside of your Budget, well, at least you now have Options.

This was a little over the top, but I like the Idea behind covering a beat up Dress Form with Old Laces and Trims.   The more Modern Dress Forms don't look nearly so Attractive to me when they're beat up from Use than the Vintage or Antique ones with the Glorious Patina of Age and just a different Look when they've seen a lot of wear and tear.   It's funny how that is, but some things look better with wear and tear or Age, while others just don't IMO.  It's totally subjective I know... and I'd of done the Form differently if I'd been embellishing it with Vintage Fabrics, Trims and Lace, but I could Appreciate the Idea of it.

So anyway, by the time traffic had subsided I'd had a relaxing time browsing the Antique Mall and then I also did a bit of real Junquing of my own.   Which turned up a wealth of Old Crystal Chandie parts, a Vintage Globe and an 11" Vintage 1960's Vinyl Egee Baby Doll wearing a diaper, but not much else in the way of Inventory for the Showrooms.  Tho' I did Score big on getting Princess T's favorite Designer Label Clothing and a Backpack of the same Label, which was WAY Cheaper than paying Retail for it all at the 'Justice' Shops!  *Smiles*   Oh, and a Nurse Barbie with two Babies in their Neonatal Beds still in it's Box, never opened, for only Four bucks.  Which was all given as 'payment' to her for Babysitting Grandpa while I took her Uncle out for his Birthday.   Yes, she assumes she's in Charge during my absence and the Guys are under her Dominion and Iron Fist Rule. *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

          Nigerian Copyright Commission Seizes Pirated Books Worth N800 Million and other major headlines you missed today..   
Image result for kemi filani blog major headlines you missed today

Dear KFBers, we have got loads of interesting stories for you on our Major headlines you missed today feature! Enjoy.....
N4bn Judgement Against Sahara Reporters: Saraki Releases Statement 
President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, on Thursday commended the judgment of an Ilorin High Court that ruled that the publisher of the online news platform, Sahara Reporters, Mr. Omoyele Sowore, should pay him the sum of N4 billion ($11.1 Million) as damages over a series of libelous stories published against him by the medium in 2015.

Saraki, in a statement signed by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Yusuph Olaniyonu, stated that the judgement issued against Sahara Reporters for constantly publishing false, libelous and misleading stories that were aimed at defaming his person, was a testament that the moral arc of the universe will always bend towards justice.

“One thing is clear by the judgement, there are systems in place in our nation for all citizens to seek redress if they have been unfairly treated in any way,” the statement read, “This judgement is a fulfillment of our promise that we will explore all legal means to seek redress for all the fabrications and mudslinging that Sahara Reporters has thrown at us over the years.

“This judgement demonstrates that our justice system can and will continue to protect the fundamental human rights of all citizens from being infringed by anyone. Moving forward, the purveyors of mischievous stories can learn from this precedent that has been set. The ruling by Justice Adeyinka Oyinloye, will serve as a deterrent to all those who profit by propagating ‘Fake News’ to blackmail innocent citizens or curry undue favours.

“This judgement is definitely not a victory for the Senate President alone. It is a victory for all the victims of the falsehood which Sahara Reporters daily dole out to rubbish the reputation of innocent Nigerians, many of whom either out of fear, lack of the patience to consistently pursue a court case for years or lack of belief in the ability of the system to give them justice decided to live with the injury to their reputation. The judgement is another vindication for our country and her solid enthronement of the rule of law as against the rule of men.

“Dr Saraki believes this judgement would provide inspiration and encouragement for all those whose reputations have been unduly and unnecessarily injured by SaharaReporters and its ilk who are purveyors of false news to seek redress through the courts.

“He sees the verdict of the High Court against Sahara Reporters as a positive development with the potential to reassure individuals and firms who would in future come under undeserved attack by publications which spread falsehood aimed at maliciously casting them in bad light.

“The judgement provides a redeeming point for the noble profession of journalism which has as its sacred, cardinal principle the pursuit of facts at all times and in all situations. The journalists and news media who have devoted themselves to the pursuit of truth but appear to be overwhelmed by those who trade in falsehood and sensationalism now have a reason to be proud that they are on the right path. That is another meaning Dr. Saraki gives to this judgement.

“However, the Senate President will like to assure all and sundry that he will not spare any legal efforts and expenses, both in Nigeria and abroad, necessary to recover every kobo of the cost awarded in his favour from the defendant.

“The restitution from this judgement will be channeled to set up a Foundation whose aim will be to support pure and unadulterated investigative journalism and assist the families of real journalists that die in the line of duty. The money will also be used to support genuine publications whose owners are struggling to pay salaries of workers or meet their ever rising running cost. Part of the money will also be channelled to help lawyers who have been providing pro bono services to litigants, particularly, on cases bothering on enforcement of fundamental human rights.

“It should be noted that the methodical and dogged manner in which Dr. Saraki pursued the case despite the ceaseless barrage of false allegations thrown at him by the Sahara Reporters should assure all Nigerians that he maintains a solid belief in free press, free speech and responsible journalism and that he will do every thing legal to fight those who want to use journalism as a destructive, blackmail and oppressive instrument. This latter brand of journalism will not help our society and has no role to play in the emerging Nigeria”, he stated.

Melaye: Constituents File Suit To Stop INEC's Recall Process 
The Concerned Kogi Registered Voters (CKRV) numbering 18, have filed a suit at a Federal High Court in Abuja, seeking to stop the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) from commencing verification of signatures collected in order to recall Senator Dino Melaye who is representing Kogi West Senatorial District.

Addressing newsmen on Thursday in Abuja, ‎the convener and secretary of the group, Olowosayo Gabriel Sunday and Amupitan Babayomi Segun claimed that names of dead persons and people who do not reside in the district appeared on the recall register submitted to INEC.

The applicants, who faulted 188,000 signatures which were submitted to INEC, noted that while 111,534 voted in the general election in Kogi West, the total number of registered voters in Kogi West is 360,098.

According to a copy of the motion which was made available to newsmen, INEC which is the first respondent was sued alongside eight other respondents, comprising some aides of the state governor, Yahaya Bello and state lawmakers from the senator's district.

In their application, the plaintiffs said, "that 2nd to 9th respondents fraudulently opened a recall register and signed signatures for registered voters in Kogi West Senatorial District.

"That some of the names of the registered voters that appeared in re said recall register were dead voters and some voters who were not even residing at Kogi State and they were at different parts of the country when the purported signatures were fraudulently collated by the 2nd and 9th respondents."

However, the convener of the indigenes, Olowosayo Gabriel Sunday, who is also the first applicant in the suit, said, "That as at the last announcement, INEC itself agreed and announced a figure of PVC collection in Kogi West that is far less than the alleged 188,000.

"That we are aware that there is possible connivance between the people on the recall agenda and INEC because we have evidence of photograph of PVCs in thousands gathered together for the recall, an act contrary to the electoral act."

UK deports 28 Nigerians
The United Kingdom has deported another 28 Nigerians from its country on Thursday for remaining in the country illegally.

The deportation came two days after Spain repatriated 23 Nigerians for immigration-related offences.

Thursday’s deportees were returned aboard a chartered Titanic Airways plane with the registration number AWC-761/2.

The deportees, comprising 21 men and 7 women, touched down at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) in Lagos at about 12:15 p.m.

Nigerian Copyright Commission Seizes Pirated Books Worth N800 Million
 After carrying out a successful anti-piracy raid at Awodi-Ora Estate in Ifelodun-Ajeromi Local Government Area of Lagos State which led to the confiscation of thousands of cartons of pirated works worth N600 Million, the Nigerian Copyright Commission has again carried out another successful anti-piracy raid at Tedi Village in Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State.

The anti-piracy raid culminated in the seizure of about two thousand cartons of pirated books belonging to various publishers. The Commission also arrested a Chinese nationale in connection with the pirated books. The seized books are worth over N200 Million.

          "This station is now the ultimate power in the universe!"   
It's a Trap: Emperor Palpatine's Poison Pill by Zachary Feinstein [.PDF]
In this paper we study the financial repercussions of the destruction of two fully armed and operational moon-sized battle stations ("Death Stars") in a 4-year period and the dissolution of the galactic government in Star Wars. The emphasis of this work is to calibrate and simulate a model of the banking and financial systems within the galaxy. Along these lines, we measure the level of systemic risk that may have been generated by the death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star. We conclude by finding the economic resources the Rebel Alliance would need to have in reserve in order to prevent a financial crisis from gripping the galaxy through an optimally allocated banking bailout.
via: Popular Science
In this case study we found that the Rebel Alliance would need to prepare a bailout of at least 15%, and likely at least 20%, of GGP [Gross Galactic Product] in order to mitigate the systemic risks and the sudden and catastrophic economic collapse. Without such funds at the ready, it likely the Galactic economy would enter an economic depression of astronomical proportions.

          Researchers detect possible signal from dark matter   
Could there finally be tangible evidence for the existence of dark matter in the Universe? After sifting through reams of X-ray data, scientists in EPFL's Laboratory of Particle Physics and Cosmology (LPPC) and Leiden University believe they could have identified the signal of a particle of dark matter. (2014-12-12)
          Team led by University of Leicester sets new record for cosmic X-ray sightings   
Scientists led by the University of Leicester have set a new record for cosmic X-ray sources ever sighted - creating an unprecedented cosmic X-ray catalogue that will provide a valuable resource allowing astronomers to explore the extreme Universe. (2013-07-24)
          Detection of the cosmic gamma ray horizon: Measures all the light in the universe since the Big Bang   
How much light has been emitted by all galaxies since the cosmos began? After all, every photon (particle of light) from ultraviolet to far infrared wavelengths ever radiated by all galaxies that ever existed throughout cosmic history is still speeding through the Universe today. (2013-05-24)
          Fox Reportedly Adds Six Mystery Marvel Movies to Their Schedule   
Although X-Men: Apocalypse and the latest Fantastic Four reboot were fairly notable disappointments for 20th Century Fox, the studio is doing pretty, pretty, prett-ay good in the Marvel department. Thanks to the critical and commercial success of Deadpool and Logan, Fox’s X-universe has been revitalized, and even if the next X-Men movie underperforms, they still have New Mutants, X-Force and Deadpool 2 on the way — and it looks as though that may be the tip of the iceberg. Continue reading…
          Revisiting the Pakistani Grand Narrative   
By Zia Ahmad Courtesy Pak Tea House “Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as incredulity towards metanarratives.” (Jean-François Lyotard) Most of the cultures around the world have an innate tendency to view themselves at the center of the universe. As with individuals this may be owing to the inability for some to live outside […]
          The Laura Longley Show: Where authentic change takes flight Seeing the Signs When You Ask For Guidance from Spirit   
GuestMany of us have gotten good at asking for help from Spirit or the Universe, or God, or whatever name you like. But we're not always so good at noticing the answers - myself included Tune in to learn some of the ways that Spirit may be communicating with you so you can "hear" what it's saying
          The Laura Longley Show: Where authentic change takes flight Do Think The Universe is a Beneficent Place, Or Is It Out to Get You? How To See EVERY Experience As A Benefit to YOU - PLUS Call-In for Intuitive Coaching with Laura and Lots of Giveaways   
GuestThe call in number is 800-930-2819. Write it down so you have it handy on Monday at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM UK. Do you ever feel like the Universe is out to get you? Today I'll share an experience I had recently that pointed out to me that EVERY experience is for my benefit - if I choose to look for it. We'll talk about ways YOU can shift from feeling like "they're out to get you" to feeling like "they're here to support me."
          The Laura Longley Show: Where authentic change takes flight Quantum Jumping into Parallel Worlds - Proven Methods by Which YOU Can Live a Happier More Prosperous Life   
GuestCynthia Sue Larson discusses scientifically proven methods by which you can live a happier, more prosperous life... by jumping into parallel worlds. Get ready for a lively discussion about quantum jumps and parallel universes that is guaranteed to open your mind to new possibilities, and provide you with exciting new ideas Join Laura and Cynthia Sue Larson, best-selling author, life coach, and inspirational speaker on The Laura Longley Show to learn how how to take a quantum leap and live yo ...
          The Laura Longley Show: The Laura Longley Show - Where authentic change takes flight A Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being with Sondra Sneed. Sondra will do readings for callers   
GuestJoin Laura and Sondra Sneed on The Laura Longley Show for a fascinating dialogue between the creator of the universe and a woman who is known as a Godscribe. Nine years ago Sondra heard a voice say "Unemployed? It is my assertion you are employed by me." This led to her year of solitude, transcribing communication from God. The result is her book, "WHAT TO DO WHEN YOURE DEAD: A Former Atheist Interviews the Source of Infinite Being." Over the years Sondra has learned to verbally communicate ...
          The Laura Longley Show: Dr. Rosalyn Berne, Author of "When The Horses Whisper" on What Horses and Other Animals Have to Teach Us   
GuestThe true nature of horses and how they can transform our lives. The ethic of "man's dominion over animal" and how that disassociates us from our environment. How anyone can communicate with horses, and what they can learn. Balancing our lives - using technology for our betterment while celebrating our spiritual selves. Reconciling ourselves with the parts that we have hidden away, through fear, trauma or pain, and becoming whole again How to recognize voices from the universe that are movin ...
          07/18/2017 - Sapce Week at ISEC   
Space Week is a five day space science program for children ages 10-15 about The Earth, The Solar System, The Galaxy, The Universe, Rocketry, and Outer Space Observation. Each day is divided into two 3 hour sessions of fun filled model making, rocket launching, demonstrations and games. On the final day of Space Week everyone will have a video of themselves sending a signal to the moon with their voice and hearing their own voice bounce off the moon and return to earth. We expect to have speakers from NASA and Princeton University. Activities are indoors and outdoors and include a visit to the InfoAge Radio Museum, The Original Marconi Tower and a trip to see Mobile Radar Units. Learn about the history of the Space Program and the exciting events that took place right here at the Diana Site in Wall Township that launched the Space Program. Use the 18 meter Radio Telescope Dish to send your voice to the moon and hear it bounce back in 2.5 seconds! Registration is limited, Register Now to save your place!
          ‘The Humans Are Going To Find Us!!’ Two New Minutes Of Marvel’s THE INHUMANS!!   

‘The Humans Are Going To Find Us!!’ Two New Minutes Of Marvel’s THE INHUMANS!!

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I am – Hercules!!
The funny thing is, “Agents of SHIELD” has demonstrated that Earth in the Marvel Screen Universe is already packed silly with Inhumans. If Black Bolt’s superpowered friends and family come to our planet, can The Avengers, The Defenders and SHIELD be bothered to notice?
The showrunner behind “Iron Fist” is the showrunner behind this one too.
The miniseries adventures of the extraterrestrial Inhumans hits cinemas Sept. 1 and ABC Sept. 29.

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Blu At Last Next Week!!

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          Sénégal: CMU - Une évaluation note une "inadaptation du système" face aux besoins des PVVIH"   
[APS] Dakar -Une évaluation de la mise en oeuvre de la Couverture maladie universelle dans le contexte de la riposte contre le VIH/Sida, conduite par l'Alliance nationale des communautés pour la santé (ANCS), fait état d'une inadaptation du système face aux besoins des populations-clés vivant avec la maladie, a appris l'APS, vendredi, à Dakar.
          How to Get Into Fate/Grand Order   
Now that the hit mobile game is finally free to play in English, Gabriella Ekens has all the best tips for new players and spoiler-free info on how F/GO connects to the rest of the Fate universe.
          Mort de Simone Veil : les dirigeants de l’UE perdent « une grande Européenne »   
Ils ont salué le parcours et le combat de celle qui fut la première présidente du Parlement européen élue au suffrage universel direct.
          Cognos Developer - IPARTNER - Toronto, ON   
Web Intelligence, Infoview, CMC, Universe Designer, Desktop Intelligence,. Technical skill sets....
From Indeed - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 19:53:56 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Universe Systems Architect - Market America Inc - Greensboro, NC   
Review log files to alert programmers for correction. Market America, a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in One-to-One...
From Market America Inc - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 20:07:42 GMT - View all Greensboro, NC jobs
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          Inmate 123456789*   
I'd be lying if I denied enjoying the last three weeks. Such a pleasure not having the dancing hippopotami in the room above. Such a pleasure not having to negotiate the lounge room floor with the kind of care one usually reserves for tiptoeing gently across a minefield*!

In short, Morgan is in prison!

It was a long time coming. I'm not going to rehash all the details; I only know some of them. I took my stance on Morgan some years ago and methinks my wife prefers not to fuel the fire by aquainting me with the full depths of depravity. This is probably a wise decision!

Suffice it to say the offences involved the possession and disposal of stolen goods. I think I've mentioned it before but ones suspicions have to be roused when an expensive laptop or palm computer (both) sudddenly appear and are explained away as a gift from a friend who no longer wants them. Must be friends not invited to this house because, based on ocular evidence, those who *are* invited here certainly couldn't afford such luxuries!

The months leading up to incarceration were punctuated with desperate attempts to avoid the legal consequences. The DA offered her a deal and, as far as I can tell, she spent the next month trying to find a lawyer who'd advise her that it was *not* the cheapest way out! Failing that she eventually agreed to the deal and appeared in court for sentencing.

Now I wouldn't mind that if it was being paid on someone elses wages but I have my suspicions. Dangerous subject; Sonya and I have had hot argument over the drain down which I believe my earnings are being poured. I pretend, these days, to believe otherwise but the evidence is against it.

You understand that it has never entered her head to actually get a job to earn the money to pay lawyers fees!

Indeed, I remember asking Sonya a few weeks ago if she believed Morgan was guilty as charged. The answer being in the affirmative I then asked the most futile question in the universe 'if that's so then why are you helping her wriggle out of it?'.

I know I'll never understand this; no one has sprung from my loins! I suppose, being 'in loco parentis' to Morgan, I should be more concerned than I am; certainly I ought not to be having feelings of Schadenfreude, but I do and there's an end of it. She's legally an adult; has theoretically been educated in the responsibilities as well as the freedoms of adulthood. How long does one make excuses?

Alas, all proceeding according to the schedule laid out on the Arizona Department of Corrections website, she's out of prison a week from now. Far too short I fear, not just for my enjoyment of peace. Far too short for her to have learned anything from the experience. I'll admit it here if I'm wrong but methinks she'll have been in just long enough to pick up some new slang and to establish 'street cred'.

I was selfish enough over it all; the news that she was going to accept the plea deal broke a couple of weeks before my most recent visit to Australia. My only comment was that I hoped she wouldn't go to prison until *after* I returned - I wanted the entire month of peace!

In the meantime I've learned a lot about how the prison system works here. I never realised that the incarcaree (is that a word) is incommunicado while their contact list is being vetted. Nor did I know that after release on parole the parolee has to pay the costs of their supervision. (Want to guess who I think is going to be stuck with *that* bill?) Other things were more obvious; the new inmate goes into maximum security while their status is assessed.

*this is a reference to the fact that Morgan does not agree that it is her responsibility to tidy up after her offspring if they are too young or careless to clean up after themselves. I've lost count of the number of times I've kicked toys out of the way, long after their *owner* has departed. And no, I won't pick up after her or her children!

*I know the real inmate number but I made up one for this title. It's always been my policy never to reveal enough information about anyone other than myself that one could follow a trail on the 'net or in the real world.
          Ben 10 Mod BETA 2 – Minecraft PE   

Obtenha o omintrix no seu minecraft, você pôde se transformar em 10 aliens clássicos do velho ben 10 seja um alienígena tenha poderes incrível como, laçar chamas, lançar diamantes, correr rapide, tenha o omnitrix 3d colado no chão seja digno dele, muitas particulas e para deixar você loco, e tem muitos mais…

          Do old Italian-American restaurants hate new Italian wine?   
For those whose families emigrated from Italy over 100 years ago, it is a secure bet that we still identify with our roots. In the U.S., we’re Italian-Americans, although many of us prefer to be seen first, as Americans, with Italian heritage. If anyone doubts that, all one would need to do is get on a plane, go back to one of their family towns and see what they call you. Here comes the “Americano,” they would call. And that’s if you were born there and had only been gone for five years, let alone 100.

When one delves into the complicated mesh of food, especially from Italy, there are snags. First of all, where you came from. If from Trento or Alba, you will have your specific traditions and foods. And if you came from south of Rome, you will have another. And, seeing as many of the Italians that came to America 100+ years ago came from the south, their influence on how we perceive Italian food, historically, has been overarching.

One of the most mystifying things I have had to reckon with is the Southerner who opens up an Italian restaurant and calls it “Northern Italian cuisine.” To explain this would take a book. And when I open up a menu in a place like that and see Veal Marsala, I become cross-eyed and confused, wishing I had opted instead for an Indian restaurant and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Oh, to seek solace and refuge in one of those old Italian-American eateries that dot the East and West Coasts, for a simple plate of spaghetti and meat balls, with a never-ending basket of garlic bread and a bottle of Chianti, the one in the quaint bottle wrapped in straw. Ah, comfort…

I had my places growing up in California, like Petrillo’s in San Gabriel, with their flat pizza covered in tomato sauce and anchovies. Or Green Valley Restaurant in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, where I supped as a cash-strapped student, craving a little “down home” cooking.

Nowadays, the old Italian-American restaurant is an endangered species, even in places like New York, where rents have threatened places that have passed from generation to generation. But there are some standouts. Pete Wells recently reviewed Don Peppe in Queens, and looking at the pictures and reading about it had me wanting to book a flight to NY just for lunch. Wells briefly mentioned wine at Don Peppe, “A person who knows of Don Peppe only as a scheme of Turtle’s in an 'Entourage' subplot may ask to see the wine list. Everybody at Don Peppe drinks the house white or the house red. Both come in bottles with no cork and no label. Both are well chilled. Both have the carefree good cheer of the very young.”

Chilled red wine – we’ve come so far, in such a short time. I still want to go to Don Peppe, though.

Years earlier, I drove from New Orleans to Houma to do a wine dinner. Along the way, we stopped at Mosca’s, another Italian-American shrine to eating. One of my Italian colleagues lived in the seaside town where the owners came from, and it was one of those nights under the umbrella of an Italian-American dining experience that I will never forget. The wine list, though - even though it tried (and still tries) to cover most of the bases - it’s as if there are irreconcilable differences between (classic) Italian-American taste and the current state of Italian wine. The wine list appeared more as an archeological artifact, evidence of the state of Italian wine at the beginning of the third millennium. Thankfully, they allow outside bottles to be brought in ($20 corkage per bottle – two bottle maximum – no checks- no credit cards).

In an alternate universe, gone are the straw covered bottles of cheap and cheerful Chianti. Gone is Bolla Soave (or was it Soave Bolla?). And more currently, gone is heavy, testosterone-laden Brunello. The scandal at the beginning of the century changed that course. Didn’t the Italian-American restaurateurs get the memo? Oak is out, fruit (and acid) is back in. And natural, the more the merrier, is making inroads. And the millennials are calling the shots. That’s what Donatella Versace is saying. So, why this disconnect?

Recently I was in a restaurant with an Italian motif. The front-man was born in Italy, although he probably needs to go back for a refresher course. I ordered the salmon, knowing, that even though it’s probably farm-raised, it will be predictable, and not over wrought with sauce or garlic.

While there, a group of elderly white gents were sitting at a table. They were in the concrete business; rumor had it they were investors in the place. As a sign of good will and respect, we sent over a couple of bottles of relatively good wine that we were trying out with a client. I noticed over at their table they were sipping on Ruffino Ducale. Nothing wrong with that, after all wasn’t it the favorite wine of Tony Soprano?

On leaving, one at our table who knew several of the gents, stopped by to say good-bye. Asking if they liked the wines, one of the Silverbacks at the table remarked, “Yeah, thanks, but next time, bring some of the good stuff!”

And therein lays the crux of the issue. Everyone wants more. More sauce, more garlic, more cheese, more good, more of anything. An old guy is looking down the barrel of time, sensing (but maybe not wanting to admit it) that there is less and less of the one thing he cannot acquire – time. So, let’s have a really “big” wine. And so, here comes the Sassicaia, the Ornellaia, the Any-aia as long as it is “huge.” Subtlety is lost on a man who is losing a race.

Now, the many folks who go into the many venerable Italian-American spots like Don Peppe and Mosca’s are not all in that boat. But let’s face it, that boat landed many moons ago. And people get “set” in their preferences. Look, I’m kind of glad that Ruffino Ducale is still doing well. It’s one of the few selling missions I’ve been on in my career that is still a “thing.” So many windmills those of us in the trade have tilted at over the years, and what do we have to show for it? A preponderance of Chianti, Pinot Grigio, Moscato and Prosecco. Meanwhile, over in little ‘ol Ittly, they keep making up new wines from old grapes, hoping to sell them to their Italian-American counterparts here in the good ‘ol USofA.

Well, we aren’t going to change the folks at Don Peppe or Mosca’s. I don’t believe old Italian-American restaurants hate new Italian wine. I just think, for many of them, they’re not anywhere near to being on their radar. But there are those chefs, like Mario Carbone, who along with his partners, get the new Italian wine with the old Italian-American food thing. And there are more and more coming, so this isn’t a hopeless rant.

It’s more of a 7th inning stretch. We’ve come a long way. We’re not there yet. And we’ve gone through a couple of pitchers. But relief is on the way.

I have to believe that. And so do all those hopeful producers, holding their wines up to those on the big steam ship, eager for someone, anyone, to grab up one of their babies and take them to that brave new world called America.

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          Puglia's Rosé Conundrum - Through a Glass Darker   
How is it a trait that a place is known for, even famous, shuns the quality in favor of fashion? It happens all the time - take a walk through Times Square and feast your eyes upon all that which is desirable. In the case of Puglia, today, the place has an identity crisis. And it centers around the color of their rosé wines.

Rosé wine is all the fashion today. And this is cause for celebration from those of us who never thought we’d see this day. From every nook and cranny of the wine producing universe, someone is bringing out another rosé. Germany, Spain, California, France, Texas, Argentina, Australia, Lebanon, yes Lebanon! Rosé wine is no longer this impossible dream of wine lovers, that someday we might find ourselves in a world where the pale red isn’t shunned.

I couldn’t be happier. But I also am concerned. I like deeply colored rosé wines and some of my favorite wines are starting to look pale and anemic.

“You are trying to be Brigitte Bardot when you are Claudia Cardinale!”

That is the mid-century mantra that roils my reverie. Negroamaro, Primitivo, Aglianico, Nero di Troia and Susumaniello, among others in Puglia, are deep red wines. This isn’t Sangiovese or Nebbiolo we’re dealing with. “the strong sunshine, in addition to, in some parts, the heavy soil, produces strong, coarse wines,” so waxed Cyril Ray more than 50 years ago in his then groundbreaking tome, The Wines of Italy. Puglia winemaking has come a long way from that time when Ray indicted them as “course wines, the reds used for blending and the whites as a base for vermouth.” Indeed, this could be a whole book, breaking things down to reds, whites, sparkling dessert and rosé wines.

When rosé wine first began to be exported from Puglia to the rest of the world (or at least, America) in the 1950’s, the producer Leone de Castris blazed that trail. A deep rosé at the time, called Five Roses, it carved out a niche in the American market in southern Italian eateries in New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. But even now the wine has lightened up, as Ian D’Agata noted recently in Vinous, “Bright pink; this is much lighter in color than previous vintages. Cedar graphite and fresh apple on the nose, then more complex on the palate with similar flavors to the aromas, but also hints of pear and blood orange. Very fresh and long on the finish.”

During the week I was in Puglia this month for Radici2017, we tasted through many rosé wines, and I noticed the trend towards lightening. How funny, the Italians pride themselves on getting out to the beach (or the pool) to bronze their bodies, but their wines they lighten up, as if a darker color is an embarrassment of sorts. I just don’t get it.

Actually I do. It’s the Provence envy thing. People see how Provence rosé sales are exploding and they want a piece of the pie. But there are rosé drinkers and there are rosé lovers. I’ll explain.

For the most part, there are folks who would just as soon drink a glass of Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay (or Moscato or White Zinfandel) than rosé. But these pale, onion skin rosés (ala Brigitte Bardot) are trending and fashionable. So they go with that. And producers ramp up production in order to catch that wave. But those of us who have been in this game for more than eight innings know those people follow the styles. Today it’s Provence rosé, yesterday it was Chardonnay. Tomorrow, who knows?

But there are those wine (and rosé) lovers for whom a delicate yet richly colored rosé wine is part of the flavor palette of those who value any number of wines – from Bordeaux to Barolo to Verdicchio to Aligoté. And for that reason, some of us still long for a Negroamaro rosato that has a good summer tan (ala Claudia Cardinale). And that goes for Primitivo, Aglianico, Nero di Troia, Susumaniello along with most Italian rosatos (sans Bardolino Chiaretto). Why? Because that is part of their nature – and aren’t we all a little in love with the natural these days? Or at the very least, that which is authentic?

In that way, when I see a bleached out (in color but also smelling a little of it as well) rosé from Aglianico, I’m disappointed. Just as I was when I sipped on a lighter-than-it-should’ve-been Cerasuolo of Montepulciano recently in the wine bar at Roma Termini.

Perfect example: I’m in an Adriatic seaside town, ordering lunch with a friend. They bring Orecchiette all'Arrabbiata. It’s 35°C outside in the noonday sun, and we’re seated inside, in a bright room, which although somewhat cool, is slightly balmy. A red wine won’t do; a white wine would if it was the only option. But a chilled bottle of deeply colored (and flavored) rosato is (and was) the perfect companion. You need the body and the color backs up that proposition that the wine have some “stuff” to it – not just filler for a trend-deprived diner looking to be seen as cool.

No, it’s more than “being seen” as cool. In the Mediterranean, one actually needs a vehicle to cool the body down, but again, not as a pale rider. Some of us like the heft, the power and the punch that a darker rosé conveys.

So please, dear producers in Puglia ( and Basilicata, Sicily, Calabria, Campania, Sardegna, Abruzzo and so on..), please get over your Provence envy in regard to the color of your rosé and keep making what it is you became famous for. Follow not the trends. Never,ever, relinquish your bona fide path, on the wine trail in Italy.

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          40 Years - On the Wine Trail in Puglia   
What a difference 14,520 days makes

It seems to be unimaginable for someone young today to digest a span of time like 40 years. And when older people, for whom time has stretched farther than one might like to admit, relate a long-past thing, for those who did not live in that time, in today’s Instagram-gratification culture, it’s insufferable. “I didn’t live it, old, man. It doesn’t affect me.” Yeah, I get that. But it does - the wine we tasted then and the wine you are now enjoying - they are universes apart. And it is important to know what happened, and how we got here, so that you can better enjoy your Nero di Troia, or your Negroamaro Bianco or your Susumaniello rosato.

September 8, 1977 – My first encounter with Puglia. The summer season was over, people were returning to the cities, abandoning the beaches. Puglia was a deserted island of a place. It was still warm - the mosquitoes had not left - they were still munching from the all-day buffet of those who had remained behind to work the vineyard and olive orchards. Or for those few tourists, who were walking along the road from Fasano to Locorotondo.

Puglia wasn’t pristine, but it was unspoiled by commercial tourism. You could go anywhere, without crowds, without danger of getting hit by people driving while talking on their cellphones. Alberobello was a quiet, little sleepy town with funny buildings, not a huckster’s dreamscape. It was a safer place. And it was a more innocent time. But the wines? They were simple if not a bit feral.

A stop on the outskirts of Locorotondo, where a small winery, a Cantine Sociale, would fill up a liter bottle for the equivalent of $.50 a bottle. Good enough, serviceable, definitely wine, if it lacked for pizazz. But it was cheap and cheerful enough. Touring Italy on $17.00 a day, all expenses, it was a bargain.

Later, when I returned to the U.S. and immersed myself in the wine trade, the wines from Puglia started coming into our little warehouse. One I remember, a 1979 Salice Salentino from Barone Malfatti, was a large, lumbering bear of a wine. Unfiltered, it possessed a sort of animale nature, one that naturalistas today would love, for it was grapes into wine with nothing in between. And it aged well enough for 5-10 years, before it bricked out and lost its deep, dark tan.

Really my love with Puglia came in the early 1980’s, when I worked with Nicola Savino, who was a young chef from Conversano, and he had come to Dallas to cook in an Italian restaurant, La Tosca. Nicola was (and still is) an amazing palate. He first showed me how the food of Puglia dovetailed with the wines. And then subsequent trips, too many to remember, continued to reinforce that notion.

Ah, so it was about the food? If you haven’t been to Puglia, then you have only to step onto this land and become born again with the conviction that wine is food, which in Puglia is to orbit around a marvelous microcosm.

It was really up to the winemakers in Puglia to catch up to the food. Cracking the code in Puglia is not something one can do in a week. This is a large (and long) region. It is, for me, one of the most mystifying in Italy, because one might want to think, at first blush, that one “gets” Puglia. Hey, it’s all there, the sun, the sea, the forests, the fields, the produce, the seafood, the pasta, the meat, the oil, ah yes, the oil. But that is not only what Puglia is.

This region is an island by virtue of its size. Not an island like Sicily, or Sardegna, but a landlocked landmass that admits not just anyone. Oh yes, you can arrive to there, and walk and drive and swim and sleep and eat and love your experience. But to enter the deep caverns, to discover what lies under the surface, that is not for the weekend wanderer. This is just arriving to me, after 40 years, an inkling of what Puglia really represents to Italy. It is not a heel; it is a cultural anchor, a mooring, a support, to keep the peninsula in balance with the world that swirls all around it.

This is a revelation to me. That Puglia is the reliable relative, one you can go to for clarity, for understanding, for reassurance. Here, there will always be the prima materia that we look to Italy for.

After I left Puglia, this time, I flew to Rome to catch my flight back to America. A day in Rome. Walking, camera in hand, looking for that place where I first was dropped into this minestrone that I have been guzzling all my adult life. I didn’t want to go, didn't want to leave Puglia. My friend Nicola Savino told me one of the reasons he came back to Puglia and Conversano, was because he “missed the smell of the place.” A chef, leaving behind a career, fame, money – in America – because he longed for the macchia of his motherland. That’s a chef to follow and flock to, people. That’s someone who gets Puglia. I can only aspire to hear and breathe and see that wavelength.

So there I’ve gone and heaved all over this page with nary a word about the wines and how many giant steps they have taken in those 40 years. Yes, with not one tasting note, not a crumb. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

It will just have to linger for that inescapable occasion….

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          Who cares what wine bottle you post on Instagram?   

"It’s all about your brand!"

"Why be a follower, when you can be an influencer?"

"Make your mark (BIG!) for enhanced career opportunities!"

As a visual junky, I have a confession to make – I love looking at pictures on Instagram. Call it an introvert’s tendency to stand in the corner and observe. Or the realization, that at a certain age, you (ALL OF YOU!) will become invisible to the ascending generation that is full of energy and spunk – they want the world and they want it NOW! Whatever. There are millions of images flooding the site and young professionals are now being told that being active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, yes, even LinkedIn, is a strategy to strengthen your professional career! Funny, I was suggesting this to the executives (where I work) almost ten (10!) years ago. The teenagers (then) are now in the work force, and they are a force (ASK THEM! Ask their media coach!). And it is now de rigueur to lather up one’s bandwidth with a plethora of visual droppings to mark one’s fire hydrant in the race for influence and relevance. After all, you’re BUILDING YOUR BRAND!

Wow, all those exclamation points (AND UPPERCASE WORDS!) are so exhausting! But we live, now, in a world where so many people are clamoring for attention. And unless you climb over that HUGE wall and get your advanced certification (and maybe even become some kind of MASTER!) how can one differentiate who they are, and how influential they can be, in the short term? Hey, how about posting AWESOME pictures of unobtainable (to the rest of us) bottles of AWESOME wines? Sounds like a plan!

[At this point, most of those in the ascendant generation have scanned through the above 300 words and have surfed on. Which makes breathing in this padded cell much easier, although the experience might seem less like a party and more like undue exposure to (SAD!) mutterings?]


Look, you can find any number of souls looking to “build their brand” on Instagram, posting pictures of cats, dogs, young lovers in various stages of undress and foreplay, eggplant, exotic cars, faraway places, impossible mountain climbs and whatever anyone thinks will get them to the top of their mountain of influence. So why all these pictures of AMAZING bottles of wine?

For one, to someone, it’s something NEW. And sometimes it’s NEW & OLD at the same time. It might be something IMPOSSIBLE to find unless one has friends who are COLLECTORS. At which time, all of that implies STATUS, getting past the rope line into their very own Studio 54 of wine. WOW!

It could be you are a visual person, not one who takes notes. There are those who can look at a bottle of wine that they posted on their S/M site and can tell you all about it. I’ve been around masters who have waxed, authoritatively, about a bottle of, you name it, from the heralded vintage of, insert here, and wasn’t it so much better than listening to a sexist (or racist) joke? Oh, count me in.

But those little pictures sit there, wordless, save for the emoticons friends and followers leave in appreciation of you having just bestowed their feeds with that EPIC picture of Paleokeristo. I can see it now, sitting in the back of an Uber (or now, JUNO!) going from midtown to the LES and seeing a snap of Derthona, wondering if The Ten Bells might still have it in stock when you get there. Hey, that’s informative, and it also suggests a sense of urgency. Get there before it’s all gone, you never know when you’ll get to taste that wine, EVER AGAIN!

And what about the elephant in the room? You know the desire to be like @jaymcinerney, or @nathankunzman, and revel in all the great wines that come across their tables? Sure, why not? Who wouldn’t want to taste those wines once (or in the case of Jay, regularly) in their life? And we can wish to emulate their experiences, or even want to be like them. Or even be BETTER, more INFLUENTIAL, with more FOLLOWERS. Yes we can!

Look, @kat_in_nyc has a MILLION followers, armchair scopophiliacs, who are enraptured by her sensual posts (now in VIDEO format, as well!). Hey, if a BIRD! (@birdbee0705) can muster up 38.7k followers (200 more than when I first started writing this post a few hours ago!), or a Japanese CAT! (@rinne172) dressed up in front of all manner of prepared food dishes at a tableside setting can have 104k followers, why shouldn’t the everyday, garden-variety wine professional in search of their BRAND? Why not INDEED?

Seeing as we also know some “surprising connection between cosmology and quantum mechanics could unveil the secrets of space and time,” and all things being RELATIVE, insert this greater reality outside our own personal universe that is active and dynamic and ongoing. I’m just saying – all things in perspective.


We are still creatures of free will. If you want to follow a cat or a bird or a sexy voyeur photographer, that’s a personal decision. And if you want to photograph every iteration of your wine drinking (or eggplant growing) life, who’s going to stop you? If I get something from your many pictures of DRC wines that you have been so LUCKY to have experienced, even if it makes me just a tiny, little bit JEALOUS, is that your problem? No, it’s MINE!

But there is a WE to this meandering, and we have arrived to it. We are social creatures, even the most introverted of us (some of which are MOST INFLUENTIAL, by the way). Some of us struggle with expression, with identity, with just plain BEING! And if these are little 400 grit sandpaper measures to smooth out rough patches in the tabletop of our life, so be it. If it helps you explain yourself to me, who is hurt in the process? And if you say, “My feelings, he didn’t open that ICONIC bottle of wine around me!” or “She’s just a showboat, a grandstander!” don’t we have bigger fish to fry, HUGE! examples of people acting in ways which we disagree, but live in our world and we must find ways to co-exist?

So, go ahead and post your twin vintages of ’28 and ’29 Haut Brion (or your BOOBS! Or your PORN ‘STACHE!) at sunrise in some fabulous place with all your BFF’s! And if we don’t like them, well, we can turn the phone off (or MUTE!) and read a damn book!

Move along now – there's nothing more to see here.

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          The Secret Life of a Gateway Wine - Coming of Age in a Life of Wine   
Living in a country that is geographically isolated from much of the world by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, many in America tend to live inside their heads. It’s funny that for those of us who love wine, the head is the receptacle for the precious liquid. If only it could occasionally be utilized as a way to flush our system and give us a more outward perspective. For some, I am sure it does. But the monkey brain inside of us, it chatters away.

I was talking to a group of young wine professionals last week, just relating the differences between now and then - then being the time when I was their age. Maybe younger. I was talking about wine and what my gateway wine was, a path which eventually led me to tables where an obscene array of aged and (often) great Barolo and Barbaresco were there for pure enjoyment. By chance, my gateway wine was a bottle of Thunderbird.

I was riding with my dad, must have been 10 or 11. We lived in the desert, Palm Springs. My dad was a real estate broker. He had a “spec” house in Rancho Mirage, coincidentally, within the Thunderbird Country Club neighborhood. My dad would go over there to check on the house, do a little painting or repair, generally putzing around, trying to stay out of trouble. The house was empty, not far from Sinatra’s house at the time. In fact we often saw their comings and goings from our house. And there was plenty of that in those days.

But on this day, it was hot. Over 100°F. And I was thirsty. So I looked into the refrigerator and saw what looked like a bottle of something that might quench my thirst. I thought it odd that the bottle said Thunderbird, same as the neighborhood. Maybe it was from the Club. So I opened it up and took a swig.

I still remember that moment. Cool, fizzy, fruity. Followed by a wave of unforgiving, burning alcohol. I took another, smaller sip. Same cool, fizzy, fruitiness. But the finish wasn’t as severe. Still, I longed to quench my thirst in the relentless heat of the desert. Thunderbird wasn’t going to quench it, not this day.

It wasn’t my first time to taste wine. Our Italian-American family had plenty of wine at the table. One uncle was a trader in the business and fancied himself an aficionado of the vine. And all these stories you hear about the Italians giving wine cut with water to their kids - not in my family. We never got the watered down version.

My grandfather was a fan of brandy. It was like a cure-all for him. Aside from warm water with fresh lemon squeezed into it, which he had every morning (he lived to be 97), brandy was the answer to everything. Upset stomach? Have a little sip. Can’t sleep? Here’s a spoonful of brandy. The kids are too active? “Go see Nonno”, Nonna would tell us. She liked a calm house.

So, it would seem Thunderbird was positioned in that time of my life when I started seeing wine as something other than that which our family would partake of on Sunday meals. It stood out, on several accounts. And it was a portal, albeit in a very small way, on my life’s journey in wine.

Later, when I went off to college, to Santa Clara, we were surrounded by wine and winemaker families. The president of Santa Clara was a winemaker. Wine was everywhere. But it was also not as cool as it is now – the era was late 1960-early 1970’s - there were other burning issues.

When I graduated and moved back down to Southern California, I think that was when my real wine education began. Aside from working in restaurants (the first one being a health food place, called the Loaf & Ladle – in Pasadena), wine education fell upon me and my own resources. I was poor. I worked three jobs, had a family and wine was a luxury. But, fortunately there was a Trader Joe’s (the  original one, on Route 66, in Pasadena) down the road from me. And they had stacks of wine, from all over the world, usually for $2 or $3 per bottle.

This was my “Promised Land.” Here was a Vouvray for $1.99. On the stack next to it was a Rheingau, also $1.99. A shiny, golden chrome-like bottle announced Sherry. Into the shopping cart it flamenco’ d. nearby was a Petite Sirah from Morgan Hill, a stretch at $2.99. Ok, why not? The place was rife with easy-entry doorways into the world of wine. And so it began in earnest, this life of wine, as an adult, now going into the fifth decade of such a life.

Can an industrial produced wine, such as Thunderbird, lead to other things? Did it, in my case?

In all likelihood, it probably started at the Sunday table of my grandparents, where I saw wine integrated in our life as an accompaniment to food. To this day, it is that. Not to say there aren’t times when wine isn’t brilliantly refreshing. The other night we opened up a 2016 Rosé of Sangiovese from Alexander Valley Vineyards. The wine virtually disappeared from the bottle in minutes. Leave a bottle of Cleto Chiarli Vecchia Modena Lambrusco di Sorbara in the fridge and it will disappear. (Note to self, always have two bottles of that, at all times). Riesling? Forget about it. I don't know how they all escape the fridge so quickly, like they all leave for the Italian Riviera with the Soave's, the Gavi's and the Greco's, through some secret door.

My Thunderbird experience didn’t lead me down some rosy gateway path – it didn’t teach me how to love wine - but what Thunderbird did was to leave an impression – it catalyzed a young soul and made a notation for something, somewhere down the line. Sure, it wasn’t an altogether pleasant experience. But it was something that I never forgot.

And while I have never had any inkling to go back and revisit that moment, I do look back upon it in a wistful manner. Last night, over a bottle of 2005 Brunello from Barbi (opened too early, by the way), I enjoyed the wine immensely. So, for however I got here, I have learned how to love wine.

And for all the good, bad and otherwise inappropriately positioned bottles along my path, I’m in a good place with wine.

My advice to anyone who cared enough to read this far: Don’t worry about how you got here. If Barefoot brought you, so be it. If Gaja was your gateway, count yourself lucky (and pecuniarily propitious). We are overwhelmed with commercially produced, industrialized wine. And as well, we are admonished, regularly, by influencers, to only place pure, organic, special stuff into the temples that are our bodies. But you have to start – somewhere.

The Trader Joe’s of my early adulthood doesn’t exist as it once did. What was then a clearing house, for unknown and apparently unwanted wines, was a universe waiting to be discovered. I was very fortunate. To walk into a supermarket today, where wine is sold, is to be assaulted with any number of outrageously labeled wines. Cute, at times. Offensive at other times. But somewhere on that shelf, might just be a wine that can lead to other things. If there is an independent wine shop, you might be luckier. This isn’t going to magically appear to you. You have to climb the hill, make the trek. Hey, you gotta do something to get your 10,000 steps in a day, yes?

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          Know Your Lore: Sargeras   
What goes through the mind of a creature so cosmically powerful that entire worlds are viewed as dust motes, their inhabitants mere specks in the vast expanse of the universe? And what happens when that being decides it’s time to clean house?

          Evidence of Hidden dimensions could be revealed with high frequency gravitational wave detectors   
Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute/AEI) in Potsdam found that hidden dimensions – as predicted by string theory – could influence gravitational waves. In a recently published paper they study the consequences of extra dimensions on these ripples in space-time, and predict whether their effects could be detected. LIGO’s first detection of gravitational waves from a black-hole binary in September 2015 has opened a new window onto the universe. Now it looks like with this new observing tool physicists cannot only trace black holes and other exotic astrophysical objects but also understand gravity itself.
          Alexis Ford, Asa Akira – Babes in Black 2 (BigTitsInUniform.com/Brazzers.com/2012/HD)   
Release date: 30 июня 2012 г.Genre: 2 Part Series, Asian, Big Tits, Black Hair, Blonde, Blowjob (POV), Bubble Butt, Parody, Special AgentLenght: 00:33:06Description: It's the Babes in Black. They protect the universe from aliens. After receiving a call from Z about a possible alien, Asa and Alexis investigate the house of famous pornstar Keiran Lee. ...continue reading "Alexis Ford, Asa Akira – Babes in Black 2 (BigTitsInUniform.com/Brazzers.com/2012/HD)"
          Alexis Ford, Asa Akira – Babes in Black 2 (BigTitsInUniform.com/Brazzers.com/2012/SD)   
Release date: 30 июня 2012 г.Genre: 2 Part Series, Asian, Big Tits, Black Hair, Blonde, Blowjob (POV), Bubble Butt, Parody, Special AgentLenght: 00:33:06Description: It's the Babes in Black. They protect the universe from aliens. After receiving a call from Z about a possible alien, Asa and Alexis investigate the house of famous pornstar Keiran Lee. ...continue reading "Alexis Ford, Asa Akira – Babes in Black 2 (BigTitsInUniform.com/Brazzers.com/2012/SD)"
          Comment on Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut Series Iceman Review by Jon   
The icicle was from Masters of the Universe classics Icer, and the slide is from an old Toy Biz X-Men Classics Ice Man figure.
          Good Things Post 6/29/17   

Howdy GT, we know lots is bad out there in the Universe lately, but what’s GOOD around you right now?


          Major Black Hole Discovery Shines New Light on How the Universe Formed   
For the first time, astronomers have confirmed the discovery of orbiting supermassive black holes in a galaxy 750 million light-years from Earth.
          Top Physicist Tackles Seven Cosmic Questions in VR Event   
Theoretical physicist Sean Carroll explained everything from why the universe exists to whether free will is merely an illusion.
          Authentic Models Bronze Armillary Dial   

Renaissance Universe

This Authentic Models Bronze Armillary Dial shows the known Renaissance universe, where the Earth was believed to be at its centre.  The armillary rings signify the universe surrounding the Earth using the Ptolemaic concept with galaxy blue centre sphere. The gracefully intertwined silver rings represent trajectories of heavenly bodies around the Earth, in all aspects ethereal. This globe is a celebration of myth and fable combined with science and historic fact.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is key. The statue is a reproduction of an 18th century original and has been made from aluminium cast and antiqued patina. The intertwined rings are made of solid brass that has been expertly aged with a bronze finish to give it a beautifully antiqued look. The heavyweight base has been hand polished to a wonderful shine. This globe would be a beautiful accessory to place in a sophisticated library or study.

Price: £114.58 Special Price: £85.94

          Is Time To Go Back to Uranus and Neptune? Revisiting Ice Giants of the Solar System   

We’ve only seen Uranus and Neptune one time up close. There are now some mission ideas in the works that might take us back.

The post Is Time To Go Back to Uranus and Neptune? Revisiting Ice Giants of the Solar System appeared first on Universe Today.

          Cooler than Cooler w/ Jason Furie Ep. 4: DC Cinematic Universe (pre Wonder Woman)   
Cooler than Cooler w/ Jason Furie Ep. 4: DC Cinematic Universe (pre Wonder Woman) In episode 4 we discuss the past, present, and future of DC’s film franchise including MAN OF STEEL, BvS, SUICIDE SQUAD, and WONDER WOMAN. Join Jason Furie and his guests Mark Espinosa & Justin Herbst as they discuss all the highs […]
          Authentic Models Replica 18th century Atlas Armillary   

Greek Myth

The Authentic Models Replica 18th century Atlas Armillary is a artisitic construction of an ancient Greek myth. In the Greek story, Atlas was a legendary Titan who battled Zeus, the God of thunder. After his defeat Atlas was sentenced by Zeus to carry the Earth on his mighty shoulders until the end of time.

Renaissance Universe

However, the Authentic Models Atlas is carrying the entire universe! That is to say, the known Renaissance universe, where the Earth was believed to be at its centre. The gracefully intertwined silver rings represent trajectories of heavenly bodies around the Earth, in all aspects ethereal. This globe is a celebration of myth and fable combined with science and historic fact.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is key. The statue is a reproduction of an 18th century original and the statue of Atlas has been hade made from aluminium cast and antiqued patina. The intertwined rings are made of solid brass that has been expertly aged with a bronze finish to give it a beautifully antiqued look. The heavyweight granite base has been hand polished to a wonderful shine. This globe would be a beautiful accessory to place in a sophisticated library or study.

Price: £283.33 Special Price: £212.50

          Authentic Models Solar System Mobile   

For the Young & the Young at Heart

This Authentic Models' Solar System Mobile includes miniature planets that represent our planetary system. Gazing at the night sky we wonder about the size and scope of the universe. Within that magnitude our solar system seems infinite and overwhelming. It’s easier to understand Newtonian and Galilean theories when viewing the solar system on a smaller, more comprehensible human scale. Reduced to both scientific and decorative models of our solar system, revolving around the sun and not the earth as early scientists believed, this mobile will fascinate the young in age and the youthful in heart.

Drowsy or Enquiring Minds

This Solar System Mobile is sure to arouse interest in planets, the stars and space in a curious child's mind. At the same time, the graceful patterns of the planets can also bring about a hypnotic effect, hastening sleep to a drowsy mind...


Decorated with different styles, hues and colours, these planets are beautiful. They would make for a fascinating and elegant piece of home decor. 

Price: £64.58 Special Price: £48.44

          Ambassadors' Product Picks   
Hello my Friends!
We are right in the middle of 2017 and what a half of the year it has been for me...
This time has been filled with classes (including my very first 'Imagine' online class with Everything Art!), LOTS of traveling and teaching in all the corners of the world, inspiring meetings and new experiences... Im sure some of you could see me in person, some may follow my Instagram and FB - so you could see how busy it really was! Every ay I will repeat - I'm blessed with the chance to do what I love, the most rewarding job I could ask for - encouraging people to be creative and to spread their wings... Thank you so much for making it possible!
And also: brand new Finnabair products that saw the light of day. :)
I'm so proud to be seeing so many of you enthusiastic about my Art Alchemy Waxes, new lines of Acrylic Paints (including Sparks and brand new Impasto Paints), new Mechanicals, Art Stones, Patina and Stone Effect Pastes and also my own special Apron & Sleeves! :)
Today I'd like to leave you with my superbly talented Brand Ambassadors who kindly agreed to meet again and talk about their personal favorites among my products and present some of their gorgeous artworks to inspire us all!
Their creativity knows no limits....

Art Alchemy Waxes.
Though at first I wasn't convinced, they slowly became my favorite of the year: the Waxes!
I'm not much of a bling girl and considering all the wax colors contain shine to them, I had to tame them, learn to know them and most of all, discover ways to make them work within my universe.
But once I got there, the result just made me swoon. And as they do smell so nicely, you just want to leave them on your table! ;)
This project is one of my Journal on Monday videos, it's called 'So emotional'. Unfortunately... I completely forgot to turn the camera back on when working with the wax... Like I said, they make me swoon! So you can see the whole page come together, except for the wax part, right here. :)

I LOVE color and contrast.
I work a lot in muted colors; lots of browns and blues. But highly intense color outlined in black always grabs my eye.

You cannot dilute down the color in these great paints with water. The color remains intense.
But the thickness is great for complete coverage on almost any project. I used a bit of water here to make them glide on easier into tiny spaces, but as you can see, the color is still great. And the black used to outline or edge the colors really makes the colors pop.

Read more about my Paintbrush Doll on my blog.

Today I would love to share with you my creative love of using one of my favourite new release products: Art Alchemy Metallique paints.

For the project pictured below I have used the new release ‘Dark Forest’ green.
What is to love about the Metallique paints?
Well, for me it is the fast drying and waterproof properties I get when using them to finish my air-dry clay projects. Because I don’t have access to glazes and a kiln I use the Art Alchemy Metallique products because I can emulate and/or reproduce the finish and look of a glaze, with the added bonus of being water repellent.
Above is a picture collage of a quick little project I created just for fun and shared on my Instagram account. It shows a small air-dry clay pot, that I coated in Metallique paint. When it was dry I potted it up with some small cactus pups. [The cactus will survive for about 6 months before I have to re-pot them, and for now to water them, I just use a pipette].
These next two photos show 2 air-dry clay bowls that I created and finished with 2 of the fabulous first release Art Alchemy Metallique paints.

The first bowl I have used the Metallique paint on both the inside and outside of the bowl.
With the crackled finished it was used to highlight the cracks. It is important when creating this effect to work fast, and to use a moistened cloth [I used a baby wipe], to buff off [remove] the Metallique paint as it has a ‘fast drying’ quality.
With the second bowl I used the Metallique paint on the inside surface.
When I use the paint as a colour or finish coat I like to ensure that the clay surface is first under coated with Art Basics Heavy Gesso. The outside surface effect of this bowl was achieved by using Stone Effect Paste and Heavy Gesso.
So... what is not to love about Art Alchemy Metallique Paints?!!! :)
The products that totally stole my heart in 2017 are the Art Alchemy Waxes.
They work perfectly on both light and dark surfaces making every kind of project look spectacular highlighting chosen details.
They are really subtle and very easy to apply + they smell delicious... :)

I usually like to apply the Waxes with my fingertips - this allows me a better control of where they go; I use a little paintbrush for the spots that are harder to rich.

My personal number one is Metallique Wax in White Gold! :)

Art Alchemy Sparks Paints.
So hard to pick one product as my favorite! I mean they all are awesome - new colors to the wonderful Art Alchemy paints, the new Impasto paints, bigger jars of Rust and Patina sets... But I really, really like Sparks! The magpie in me goes crazy when I see their shine and shimmer!

My tip to using them would be to mix in some matte in the same project to really show off the shine. What I usually do, though, is mix the Sparks with Art Alchemy paints so it's shine all the way!

I've used these paints in numerous projects of mine: Heart of Gold, this Sparks card, the Carpe Diem journal cover and many more - they are simply always on my desk. :)
P.S If you're anywhere near Helsinki, there's a great opportunity to meet Riikka in person during one of her live classes in August!

Aren't they ALL amazing?
I'm glad that I don't have to pick my favourite products from my latest releases as I truly love them all, and watching my Creative Team, Ambassadors and you all creating with them makes my heart flutter and sing! I keep checking Instagram for new, inspiring projects on the daily basis - so if you'd like to show me projects you are proud of - don't forget to tag me! It will be much easier for me to find you and your beautiful art!

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