Mike Leach Says He Was 'Cheated out of' Contract Salary at Texas Tech   

Former Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Mike Leach told USA Today's Brent Schrotenboer he still harbors resentment toward his ex-employer because he believes he was "cheated out" of portions of his salary.

Leach, who is now the head coach for the Washington State Cougars, claimed Texas Tech owes him $2.5 million following his firing in 2009 for allegedly mistreating Adam James after he suffered a concussion. 

"This thing won’t really go away," Leach said. "And it’ll never go away until this thing is settled. And it should be settled, because why should the future generation bear the black eye and the cloud that their university cheated their most successful coach in history? And why should I bear that, some of the 10 most productive years of my career? I was cheated out of my salary, and all the great memories that I, fans, players and coaches had, are diminished."

Leach was fired eight years ago after he allegedly told a team trainer to take James, who could not practice because of a head injury, "to the darkest place, to clean out the equipment and to make sure that he could not sit or lean," according to ESPN.com

However, as Schrotenboer noted, allegations levied against Leach were never substantiated. 

"I didn’t lock Adam James anywhere. I didn’t tell Adam James to go anywhere," Leach said. "I told the trainer to get him off the field."

Leach proceeded to sue Texas Tech for damages, but lost and was later denied an appeal at the state Supreme Court level in 2012. A year earlier, an Appellate Court ruled in Texas Tech's favor after Leach filed a wrongful termination suit. 

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          Tiroteo en hospital de Nueva York deja varios heridos   
Estados Unidos (Rasainforma.com).- Varias personas quedaron lesionadas al registrarse un tiroteo adentro del Hospital Bronx-Lebanon, en Nueva York. Los hechos se registraron poco antes de las 15:30 horas locales (10:30 GTM), cuando las autoridades informaron de un “tirador activo” en el lugar. Imágenes transmitidas a través de la televisión mostraron el hospital rodeado de patrullas y camiones de bomberos en tanto la Policía se posicionaba en el techo del edificio para controlar la situación. Las mismas fuentes policiales informaron que el atacante murió y fue identificado como el doctor Henry Bello.
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          Stocks Going Ex Dividend the First Week of July   
Here is our latest update on the stock trading technique called ‘Buying Dividends,’ also commonly referred to as ‘Dividend Capture.’ This is the process of buying stocks before the ex dividend date and selling the stock shortly after the ex date at about the same price, yet still being entitled to the dividend. This technique generally works only in bull markets, and can work in flat or choppy markets, but you need to avoid the technique during bear markets.
In order to be entitled to the dividend, you have to buy the stock before the ex-dividend date, and you can’t sell the stock until after the ex date. The actual dividend may not be paid for another few weeks.
WallStreetNewsNetwork.com has compiled a downloadable and sortable list of the stocks going ex dividend in the near future. The list contains many dividend paying companies, lots with market caps over $500 million, and yields over 2%. Here are a few examples showing the stock symbol, the ex-dividend date, the quarterly dividend amount, and annual yield.

J P Morgan Chase & Co (JPM) 7/3/2017 0.5 2.22%
American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) 7/5/2017 0.125 4.31%
American Express Company (AXP) 7/5/2017 0.32 1.51%
Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS) 7/5/2017 0.15 8.00%
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY) 7/5/2017 0.39 2.71%
Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) 7/5/2017 0.29 3.32%

The additional ex-dividend stocks can be found here at wstnn.com. (If you have been to the website before, and the latest link doesn’t show up, you may have to empty your cache.) If you like dividend stocks, you should check out some of the other high yield stock lists at WallStreetNewsNetwork.com or WStNN.com. Most of the lists are free.Dividend definitions:
Declaration date: the day that the company declares that there is going to be an upcoming dividend.
Ex-dividend date: the day on which if you buy the stock, you would not be entitled to that particular dividend; or the first day on which a shareholder can sell the shares and still be entitled to the dividend.
Monthly Dividend Stock List

Record date: the day when you must be on the company’s books as a shareholder to receive the dividend. The ex-dividend date is normally set for stocks at two business days before the record date.
Payment date: the day on which the dividend payment is actually made, which can be as long at two months after the ex date.

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          Alexio - Tumba La Casa ft. Daddy, Nicky Jam, Arcangel, Ñengo Flow, Zion, Farruko, De la Ghetto   

Letra y acordes de Tumba La Casa

(Letra y música de Alexio, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Arcangel, Ñengo Flow, Zion, Farruko, De la Ghetto)

FA#m                                  DO#7
Tú tienes un booty mami demasiao ridículo
FA#m               DO#7
otro capítulo, róbate el espectáculo
FA#m              DO#7   FA#m           DO#7
esas chapas tan gigantes, imagina to' eso alante
FA#m                              DO#7
alerta de terremoto con eso sacude el building
FA#m                         DO#7
mucho likes y cuando lo sube el G-string
FA#m                             DO#7
una abusadora que está solida
FA#m                                  DO#7
y dale un ñaqui a eso baby amerita.
(This Is The Remix!)

                                 FA#m          DO#7
Quiero que tumbes la casa mami
diciendote ma', yo quiero sentir tu cuerpo
   DO#7                                 FA#m      DO#7
cuando te pegas, tú me tienes loco mami
                    FA#m                                  DO#7
no puedo mentir, tengo que decir, lo voy a admitir
estoy buscando una mujer,
           DO#7        FA#m
como tú que lo haga bien
               DO#7         FA#m 
lo que me pides eso te daré
pero antes de meternos en eso
   FA#m                                  DO#7
aguantemos el proceso y empecemos en esto.

FA#m              DO#7   FA#m              DO#7
Tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                          DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
FA#m                             DO#7
que con ese booty tú puedes
FA#m              DO#7 FA#m                 DO#7
tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                         DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
            FA#m       DO#7
y ese abdomen, también puedes.

                                 FA#m                    DO#7
Barbero tírame los selfies, que estoy bien suelti'
                  FA#m                               DO#7
camino en el aire, por culpa de las perqui'
                           FA#m                        DO#7
la combi bien freshbeach, se mueden los puerquis'
                    FA#m                        DO#7
las nenas nos ven y se mojan como jet ski
                FA#m                        DO#7
oh lara marcy, andamos sin persi'
                               FA#m                 DO#7
aunque me veas con Jordan, goleo como Messi
                FA#m                    DO#7
tumba la casi' con mi chapi fácil
                FA#m             DO#7
ya paré la foto, parecen paparazzi
                     FA#m           DO#7
refuercen la columna, se van de una
               FA#m                     DO#7
que ya pusimos el GPS para la luna
                    FA#m                       DO#7
tiraron por los celus, por las redes y los scanners
FA#m                                 DO#7
que partí en el remix, le pasamos en chipijamel.

                         FA#m                     DO#7
Ese booty de platino, no lo hizo ningún joyero
FA#m                                  DO#7
Que tumba la casa y Puerto Rico entero
FA#m                               DO#7
tú no te lo comes si eres un pesetero
           FA#m                      DO#7
ella le gustan los gangster, capos y killeros
FA#m                         DO#7
adicta al sonido de fuletes y motoras
      FA#m                                 DO#7
y parece que le mete al gym las 24 horas (nice)
FA#m                           DO#7
tú no tienes nada de sencilla
             FA#m                         DO#7
pero pierdes la finura con alcohol y una pastilla
FA#m                            DO#7
dale al guaro, prende un gallo
FA#m                 DO#7
como si estuviéramos a medallo,
FA#m                   DO#7
ponte luci' dale al tuci'
                    FA#m                       DO#7
con par de amigas, tu y yo en la piscina o en el jacuzzi.
(La Bruja!)

         FA#m                         DO#7
La bebota no respeta rangos, ni bota
               FA#m                       DO#7
al que se ponga dulcesito le baja la nota
FA#m                          DO#7
pelota, a ella le dicen el problema
            FA#m                       DO#7
estaba sola y ahora le hicimos remix al tema
          FA#m           DO#7
que la vua', esa chiquita peli black
      FA#m                   DO#7
nalgona sin hacerle squats
                                 FA#m                 DO#7
ya no es el indio, es la flecha, tiene de to' no está hecha
         FA#m                             DO#7
por eso las envidiosas caminan derechas
      FA#m                               DO#7
sospechan, que ando como Maicol y Manuel
            FA#m                     DO#7
para la chica que le guste el sex
              FA#m                DO#7
así que ven michu-michu ven, gatita
FA#m                   DO#7
ven michu-michu ven.

FA#m              DO#7   FA#m              DO#7
Tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                          DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
FA#m                             DO#7
que con ese booty tú puedes
FA#m              DO#7 FA#m                 DO#7
tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                         DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
            FA#m       DO#7
y ese abdomen, también puedes.

                              FA#m                            DO#7
Ella quiere el que mata en los views y los eventos explota
             FA#m                             DO#7
el que llegaba solo y ahora llega con la flota
              FA#m                            DO#7
el que canta bonito así que amárrense las botas
              FA#m                                     DO#7
que yo soy el que hace que ella mueva esa nalgota
          FA#m                  DO#7
abran paso, no me la miren payasos
               FA#m                            DO#7
que ese booty tiene dueño y no te va hacer caso
       FA#m                 DO#7
ella tumba la casa, cuando se desplaza
       FA#m                      DO#7
yo soy el único que tiene lo que le traspasa
      FA#m                 DO#7
me viola, cada vez que me pilla sola
        FA#m                                DO#7
dice no me des más na' que me duele hasta la cola
              FA#m                               DO#7
ya me quité de la piqui, pero mi pipi funciona
             FA#m                               DO#7
tú retumbando la casa desde Medallo a Carola.
(Dile Gheezy)

         FA#m                    DO#7
Mete miles cirugías, cero grasas, sin estrías
         FA#m                                     DO#7
las envidiosas están mordias, porque tienen todo partia'
       FA#m                               DO#7
está dura daddy, confía, te deja de psiquiatrías
      FA#m                                 DO#7
controla todas las redes, coge mil follows al día.

FA#m                 DO#7                FA#m
Tumba la casa mamá, tu tienes el poder
                       DO#7                     FA#m
cualquiera convencer, como tú lo mueves
                      DO#7                 FA#m      DO#7
echa eso to' pa' atrás, echa echa eso to' pa' atrás
pa que lo pruebes.

FA#m                 DO#7                FA#m
Tumba la casa mamá, tu tienes el poder
                       DO#7                     FA#m
cualquiera convencer, como tú lo mueves
                        DO#7           FA#m           DO#7
echa eso to' pa' atrás, echa echa eso to' pa' atrás
pa que lo pruebes.

                  FA#m                     DO#7
Tumba la casa, con to' y tormentera
                   FA#m                               DO#7
que llegó el huracán, nadie salga pa' afuera
                          FA#m                      DO#7
entró un macal de bayas, trépense a la cera
                         FA#m                               DO#7
si me invades el carril voy a impactar tu zona trasera
                    FA#m           DO#7
se te fue la mano, te quedaron bien hechas
        FA#m                         DO#7
esas nalgas, salúdame al cirujano
             FA#m                               DO#7
mami bájate el mahon que hay una orden de cateo'
      FA#m                               DO#7
te sacamos en la disco y te bajamos el de’o
FA#m                         DO#7
hey que hay mucho tiburón ahí al acecho
FA#m                        DO#7
mami a tu casa yo le voy a tumbar el techo
        FA#m               DO#7
yo quiero ver todo ese poderío
 FA#m                        DO#7
yo no soy tu pai' pero ese culo es mío.

FA#m              DO#7   FA#m              DO#7
Tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                          DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
FA#m                             DO#7
que con ese booty tú puedes
FA#m              DO#7 FA#m                 DO#7
tumba la casa mami, tumba la casa mami
FA#m                         DO#7
que con esa cara tú puedes
            FA#m       DO#7
y ese abdomen, también puedes.
(Ñengo Flow! RealG!)

FA#m                      DO#7
Tumba la casa y toma venganza
               FA#m                         DO#7
mueve el booty. booty fly, mai' a ver qué pasa
FA#m                   DO#7
nalga de acero, culo grandote
             FA#m                         DO#7
tiene gastando la funda a t’os los cocorotes
              FA#m                         DO#7
y no se explote, ponle pa que jangue en el bote
FA#m                                DO#7
patine en su charco cuando el todo le azote
FA#m                             DO#7
deja las amenazas hija'eputa tumba la casa
FA#m                         DO#7
you díselo Alexio bellaquera es mi raza.

FA#m                           DO#7
Muchos quilates en el cuello
                        FA#m                      DO#7
tumba la casa bebecita que llegué yo (Zidiri)
FA#m                        DO#7
si es soltera de Medallo
                               FA#m                DO#7
puedo tirarle con los ojos cerra’os al booty, no falló
        FA#m          DO#7   
ella es la que tumba la casa,
FA#m                         DO#7
la que muchas no soportan
FA#m                         DO#7
con ninguno de estos flojos se casa
FA#m           DO#7
le gusta los tipos con torta
FA#m           DO#7
y si tú no tienes la grasa,
        FA#m                   DO#7
pa’ allá no mires que no hay forma
FA#m                       DO#7
tu vida en lo económico se basa
FA#m            DO#7
poquito ella no se conforma.

FA#m    DO#7          FA#m             DO#7
Ah.. Musicólogo y Menes, bienvenidos
FA#m   DO#7        FA#m       DO#7 FA#m  DO#7
   Al parque de diversiones, de La Bruja Orion
FA#m   DO#7   FA#m             DO#7
Oye, este Es El Remix
FA#m    DO#7                 FA#m        DO#7
Ma' HijaePuta Del 2015  Di-Di-Dicelo Luian
FA#m                  DO#7       
Daddy Yankee Nicky Jam (Los Cangris)
FA#m               DO#7       FA#m         DO#7
De La Ghetto Arcangel, La Maravish (Dicelo Farru)
            FA#m DO#7         FA#m             DO#7
Ñengo Flow  Zion (Dicelo Pepe) (Santana)
FA#m    DO#7          FA#m             DO#7
AG, La Maldita Voz Saga White Blck  Dimelo Benni
FA#m    DO#7          FA#m             DO#7
Santana, "The Golden Boy" (Jajaja)
       FA#m   DO#7  FA#m        DO#7
Y El Mio Jowny Boom Boom
El que los tiene aprendiendo a usar Fruti Doo
DO#7       FA#m DO#7         FA#m
Pa Que Sepa Carbon Fiber Music
         DO#7          FA#m                DO#7
Gaby Music Chris Jeday (Los Del Corazon Negro)
FA#m      DO#7       FA#m          DO#7
A ella nadie le dice na'... ella no tiene dueño...
FA#m                DO#7              FA#m
to' el mundo la quiere y nadie le gana
janguea toa' la semana...
Transcripción x javi29

Página oficial de Daddy Yankee
Página oficial de Nicky Jam
Página oficial de De la Guetto
Página oficial de Arcángel

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          Comment on iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Tool Update Available with New Details by newbruclass   
As long as these companies especially Pangu are not declaring on releasing jailbreak tools publicly, there will be no jailbreak tools and that in turn means jailbreaking is considered dead technically. And if no one is declaring to release said jailbreak tools, then that is still considered dead. Thus, until real and TRUTHFUL announcements are made especially by still silent Pangu which many people are still delusional of, R.I.P. to those users who are on 10.2.1 and so onwards. The last chance was 10.2 and Yalu102 despite its Semi-Untethered status.
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Gene Todd, managing director and executive vice president of First Bank Wealth Management, discusses the tech sector's lows leading the market today and which ones are buying opportunities. He weighs in on the markets selloff today.
          Sr Publisher Development Manager - Cox Enterprises - New York, NY   
The company's major national brands include Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and Manheim. Cox Media Technology - is looking to hire a Publisher Development Manager...
From Cox Enterprises - Thu, 11 May 2017 14:03:05 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          progressbar in a column   

thanks georgi. that works perfectly.

a couple of other random questions on this.

your example code as well as my code utilizing your technique contains a period at the end of the bar . how do I get rid of that

also how can I center the percentage text and and a % sign.

again thanks for the code its just what I need


          Dechema, VDI und AMA gründen Fachgruppe Mess- und Sensortechnik   
Die Dechema, der VDI und der AMA Verband für Sensorik und Messtechnik gründen eine gemeinsame Fachgruppe Mess- und Sensortechnik (FMS). Dort sollen organisationsübergreifende Aktivitäten gebündelt werden.
          Se vende - pre venta de departamentos equipados en lomas del... - $ 1 950 000   

San Luis Potosí 78000, México
Pre Venta de departamentos en Lomas de Tec: Torre de 7 departamentos equipados. 3 Recámaras , 1 Recamara y Penthouse.• Recámara Principal con Vestidor y Baño. • Cocheras Techadas. • Terraza en Sala. • Cubierta de Cocina de Granito. • Cubiertas de baño de Marmol. • Preparación para Aire Acondicionados . Entrega aproximada mayo de 2018. Somos una inmobiliaria inscrita en el Registro Estatal de Agentes ...

          BASF will Einsatz digitaler Technologien in der Forschung verstärken   
Der Ludwigshafener Chemieriese BASF möchte die Chancen der Digitalisierung noch stärker nutzen. Im Fokus stehen dabei Forschung und Entwicklung. Das Unternehmen setzt auf digitale Chemieforschung mit allen ihren Werkzeugen und Einsatzgebieten, um Entwicklungsprozesse zu beschleunigen und die internationale Kommunikation zu erleichtern.
          Präzise und wiederholbar Prozesstemperaturen messen   
An sofort können Anwender schnell zusätzliche Temperaturmesspunkte hinzufügen, wo immer dies notwendig ist, und sich entweder für eine konventionell verkabelte Hart- oder eine Wireless-Hart-Verbindung entscheiden. Hierfür hat Emerson Automation Solutions die Plattform für seine Rosemount X-well-Technologie zur Oberflächentemperaturmessung erweitert.
          Zeolith-Katalysatoren ebnen den Weg für dezentrale Chemieproduktion   
Immer mehr Strom wird dezentral erzeugt – durch Windräder, Wasserkraft und Solaranlagen. Da liegt es nahe, auch die Chemieproduktion zu dezentralisieren. Bisher ist dies nicht möglich, weil chemische Prozesse viel Energie benötigen. Mit einem neuen Katalysatorkonzept ist es Forscherinnen und Forschern der Technischen Universität München (TUM) jetzt gelungen, Temperatur und Energiebedarf eines wichtigen Schrittes im chemischen Prozess entscheidend zu senken. Der Trick: Die Reaktion findet auf engstem Raum, im Inneren von Zeolith-Kristallen statt.
          Fließverhalten von Pulver prüfen   
Ein neues Rheometer zum Beurteilen des Fließverhaltens stellte Freeman Technology mit dem FT4 vor.
          Field Sales Representative - Ledcor - Dawson Creek, BC   
But when you work for Ledcor, your experience will go far beyond the project. Ledcor Technical Services (LTS) designs, builds, and maintains wireline or... $750 - $2,000 a week
From Ledcor - Fri, 16 Jun 2017 20:27:30 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          Valve Technician - King's Energy Services Ltd. - Dawson Creek, BC   
Required to work beyond the normal scope of work, including overtime & weekends. King’s Energy is currently seeking individuals to fill the challenging role of...
From Indeed - Fri, 28 Apr 2017 20:03:14 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          Director, Strategic Procurement - Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Saskatchewan   
Provide service beyond client’s expectations by seeking information about their real underlying needs and provide insights and recommended actions to address... $102,082 - $124,738 a year
From Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 23:11:52 GMT - View all Saskatchewan jobs
          Se vende - Casa a 200 metros de Insurgentes y Metro Potrero... - $ 4 300 000   

Guadalupe Victoria 07790, México
...Insurgentes Norte y Metro Potrero, uso de suelo H3/20 con posibilidad de hacer 6 departamentos o habitarla, tiene amplios espacios, terreno de 181,94 m2 y construcción de 215,91 m2 Cuenta con Sala Comedor, Cocina Equipada, 3 recámaras, 2 baños, Estudio, Despacho, Patio, Garage para 2 autos, Area de lavado techada No aplican créditos Atención Personal Teresa Orozco ... ...

          Global razor blade industry report with analysis to 2022 examined in new market research report - WhaTech   

Global razor blade industry report with analysis to 2022 examined in new market research report
Key companies profiled in this report are Gillette(P&G), Energizer, BIC, Laser Razor Blades, Lord, DORCO, Supermax, Harry's(Feintechnik), FEATHER, Benxi Jincheng, Kaili Razor, Ningbo Jiali, Liyu Razor, Shanghai Cloud, Yingjili and others. Global Razor ...

          Blockchain Energizer – Volume 7: June 29, 2017 - The National Law Review   

Blockchain Energizer – Volume 7: June 29, 2017
The National Law Review
There is a lot of buzz around blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries from finance and healthcare to real estate and supply chain management. Reports estimate that over $1.4 billion was invested in blockchain ...

and more »

          El Gobierno plantea subir un 1,3% el techo de gasto de 2018 hasta los 119.834 millones   
El Ministerio de Hacienda ha propuesto subir un 1,3% el techo de gasto de 2018 que se aprueba el próximo lunes hasta llegar a los 119.834 millones de euros. Leer
          Theoretical Scientists Gather For 35th Annual Symposium To Try To Determine How Gas Nozzle Knows When Tank Is Full   

PASADENA, CA—In hopes of better understanding a phenomenon that has vexed researchers for decades, hundreds of theoretical scientists have assembled at the California Institute of Technology for the 35th annual symposium on how gas nozzles know when a car’s tank is full, sources said Thursday.

The weeklong academic conference, which draws top experts in quantum physics, pure mathematics, systems theory, and numerous other scientific fields, will feature a variety of interdisciplinary panel discussions and collaborative workshop sessions, as well as dozens of presentations from theorists sharing their ideas about what kind of mechanism could possibly enable a gasoline pump to turn itself off at just the right moment and avoid spilling fuel all over the place.

“All we know for certain is that you leave the nozzle in there for a while, it makes this little popping sound, and then your tank is full. Maybe this is the ...

          Stage : LVMH - Assistant(E) Design - Souliers Homme   
Société : Sté Louis Vuitton Services Secteur dactivités : Mode & Maroquinerie Within the Men Shoes Studio, the intern will participate to: - Research into materials, trends, colors etc - Sketching and technical drawings both by hand and with...
          The iPhone Turns 10   

A decade ago today, Apple released the iPhone and revolutionized the way humans use technology. Here’s a look back at the evolution of the iPhone:

          El PSOE ve posible votar contra las metas de déficit y techo de gasto de 2018   
El secretario de Organización del PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, ha mencionado que ve posible que el partido vote en contra de los objetivos de déficit y deuda pública que acompañarán el techo de gasto de 2018 porque "hay detalles que no presagian nada positivo". Leer
          Los Presupuestos Generales del Estado de 2017 entran en vigor hoy mientras se negocian los de 2018   
Los Presupuestos Generales del Estado de 2017 entra en vigor menos de una semana antes de que el Gobierno apruebe el techo de gasto para 2018Leer
           Prawn culture proved highly profitable in Pondicherry    
Chidambaram, L (1980) Prawn culture proved highly profitable in Pondicherry. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 17. p. 11.
           Techniques for the collection and transportion of prawn seeds    
Selvaraj, G S D and Mathew, K J and Gopalakrishnan, K N (1980) Techniques for the collection and transportion of prawn seeds. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 19. pp. 11-12.
           Penaeid prawn seed resource in the estuaries and backwaters of Karnataka and Kerala    
Rao, P Vedavyasa (1980) Penaeid prawn seed resource in the estuaries and backwaters of Karnataka and Kerala. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 20. pp. 9-11.
           Synopsis of marine prawn fishery of India -1979    
CMFRI, CFD (1980) Synopsis of marine prawn fishery of India -1979. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 25. pp. 1-13.
           A case of overfishing: Depletion of shrimp resources along Neendakara coast, Kerala    
George, M J and Suseelan, C and Thomas, M M and Kurup, N S (1980) A case of overfishing: Depletion of shrimp resources along Neendakara coast, Kerala. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 18. pp. 1-8.
           Laboratory bred prawns from Narakkal cultured in salt pan reservoirs at Tuticorin—a success story.    
Mohamed, K H and Muthu, M S and Marichamy, R (1980) Laboratory bred prawns from Narakkal cultured in salt pan reservoirs at Tuticorin—a success story. Marine Fisheries Information Service, Technical and Extension Series, 26. pp. 3-5.
          1er(e) Technicien(ne) de Laboratoire - GlaxoSmithKline - Rixensart   
Profil (Compétences de base): - Gradué A1 avec orientation scientifique (biologie, chimie, agronomie) ou équivalent -Proactivité -Autonomie -Esprit d’équipe ...
Van GlaxoSmithKline - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 16:05:59 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Rixensart
          Technicien(ne) de Production - GlaxoSmithKline - Waver   
Langues: - Français : très bon niveau - Anglais : lire et parler est un atout. Outils informatiques: - utilisation courante des logiciels de traitement de...
Van GlaxoSmithKline - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 16:09:52 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Waver
          1er(e) Technicien(ne) de Laboratoire - GlaxoSmithKline - Waver   
Profil (Compétences de base): - Langues: Français, Anglais (lu) - Outils informatiques : Microsofts Office, Connaissances SoftMaxPro, empower et SAP sont un...
Van GlaxoSmithKline - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 16:08:05 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Waver
          249522-2017: Suède-Södertälje: Services de technologies de l'information, conseil, développement de logiciels, internet et appui   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 21-08-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          Offre D’Apprentissage Rédacteur Technique (H/F)   
Missions : Intégré au sein du service Marketing, votre mission consistera à : • Concevoir les notices d’installation et d’utilisation de nos gammes de produits, • Créer des visuels et des illustrations, • Assurer le suivi des modifications...
          Stage : Stage Front-End E-Mail (H/F)   
Au sein du service CRM, vous assistez le Référent Technique E-mailing dans lintégration de-mails et de landing pages ainsi que dans la gestion de campagnes e-mailing. Dans ce cadre, vous avez en charge les missions suivantes : - Intégration de-mails...
          CHP Agent Operation & Maintenance (m/f) - E.ON - Mechelen   
Please address your application to your recruiter for this role:. Daily technical operation and maintenance of our CHP plants including assistance and first...
Van E.ON - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 17:58:31 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Mechelen
          Blair Bryant resigns as director of Powerhouse;   
Article – BusinessDesk June 30 (BusinessDesk) – Blair Bryant has resigned from the board of Powerhouse Ventures and as a result the ASX-listed, Christchurch-based technology incubator has cancelled a special meeting of shareholders it had called on July 21 in Sydney to vote him …Blair Bryant resigns as director of Powerhouse; ouster meeting cancelled By […]
          Technicien Impression Numérique H/F   
Menway Experts est dédiée au recrutement et à lintérim spécialisés en proposant aux entreprises des profils experts et/ou cadres juniors. Notre bureau recherche pour lun de nos clients un Technicien Impression Numérique H/F en CDI aux alentours...
Menway Experts est dédiée au recrutement et à l'intérim spécialisés en proposant aux entreprises des profils experts et/ou cadres juniors.Notre bureau recherche pour l'un de nos clients un Technicien impression numérique H-F en CDI aux alentours...
Menway Experts est dédiée au recrutement et à l'intérim spécialisés en proposant aux entreprises des profils experts et/ou cadres juniors.Notre bureau recherche pour l'un de nos clients un Technicien impression numérique H-F en CDI aux alentours...
Menway Experts est dédiée au recrutement et à l'intérim spécialisés en proposant aux entreprises des profils experts et/ou cadres juniors.Notre bureau recherche pour l'un de nos clients un Technicien impression numérique H-F en CDI aux alentours...
          Desktop Engineer   
MA-Boston, Desktop Engineer Desktop Engineer Our client, a hedge fund in Boston, is seeking a Desktop Engineer to join their IT team. This position will focus on supporting the firm's production environment and virtualization. This is a role for someone with a passion for technology and a strong desire to learn and further develop their skills. If you would like to be considered for this position, please sub
          Field Support Engineer   
MA-Foxboro, Field Support Engineer Introduction Technical Support International (TSI), based in Foxboro, MA, is a provider of outsourced IT services for small and medium sized businesses in New England. TSI was founded in 1989 and has a current offering of remote support, field support, managed services and project services for their clients. Please visit www.tsisupport.com for more information. Position Summ
          Messaging Engineer   
MA-Boston, Messaging Engineer Senior Messaging Engineer Our Boston-based client is seeking a Senior Messaging Engineer to be responsible for the firm's messaging infrastructure. This position will oversee projects, implement new technologies and establish new standards for monitoring the infrastructure. If you would like to be considered for this position, apply today! Responsibilities Providing all aspects
          Infrastructure Manager   
MA-Boston, Infrastructure Manager Infrastructure Manager One of our Boston-based clients is looking to hire an Infrastructure Manager to join their team! This role will be responsible for managing all the servers and related software, as well as delegating administration to the appropriate technical team. If you would like to be considered for this position, apply today! Responsibilities Managing and evaluat
          Law Technology Now : What lawyers can learn about practice management from MyCase   

In this episode of Law Technology Now, host Bob Ambrogi talks to Tracy Stevens, VP of Product and Design at MyCase, about cloud based practice management software, product design, and what sets MyCase apart from the competition. They also discuss MyCase’s client portal and why this technology is valuable to lawyers.

Tracy Stevens is the vice president of Product and Design at MyCase, where she works directly with the development teams to ensure that they’re building software that will delight customers.

          The Kennedy-Mighell Report : Internet Trends 2017   

Since technology and the internet are changing at such a fast pace, it’s important to keep track of what’s shifting and how it impacts your practice. In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell talk about 2017 internet trends by reviewing the highlights of Mary Meeker’s Code Conference Report. They discuss topics like smartphone use, online advertising, the future of internet searching, and much more.

Special thanks to our sponsor, ServeNow.

          The Un-Billable Hour : How Your Technology Mindset Affects Your Legal Business - Rebroadcast   

Everyone has had technology issues. Whether it’s yanking paper out of your printer, restarting your computer for the fifth time this week, or struggling to open certain kinds of files, no law firm operates free from technology challenges. In this episode of The Un-Billable Hour, host Chris Anderson talks to Tom Lambotte, CEO of GlobalMacIT, about the effect different technology mindsets have on legal businesses. Some of these mindsets include ignoring smaller tech problems, avoiding issues until they are severe, and lawyers acting as their own IT experts. Ultimately, technology can save you time and money but only if you look at it with a healthy mindset.

Tom Lambotte founded GlobalMacIT in 2007. He is renowned nationwide as an author, speaker, trusted IT advisor, and cutting edge, successful provider of the #1 complete end-to-end IT solution for Mac-Based Law Firms in the world.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Answer1 and Solo Practice University.

          X-ray Telescope Featuring Optics from Rigaku Innovative Technologies...   

An X-ray telescope featuring multi-foil optics from Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o. (RITE) was successfully launched into orbit and is capable of monitoring a wide range of astrophysical...

(PRWeb June 30, 2017)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/07/prweb14477430.htm

          Employment News This Week | 01st To 07th July 2017 | Govt Jobs Updates   

Employment News This Week – 01st July, 2017 To 07th July, 2017 Govt Jobs Updates: Employment News Weekly 01st July 2017 has been updated below! We will serve you latest released employment news of this week for the candidates who are interested in Govt Jobs/ sarkari naukri, so stay tuned with us on our website for regular […]

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          ICT Technician - Wigan - 16,822 -£19,008 - Closes 12/7/17   
          Media Services Technician - Ashtead, Surrey - £21,330 to £24,290 - Closes 14/7/17   
          IT Technician (Windows) - Norwich - £26,829 to £31,076 - Closes 19/7/17   
IT Technician (Windows) at Norwich University of the Arts (http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BCL767/it-technician-windows/)
          Autopilot (death of SCCM)   
https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/windowsitpro/2017/06/29/modernizing-windows-deployment-with-windows-autopilot/ I can't see SCCM going away anything soon. But MS seem to be going for more subscriptions and cloud. Any thoughts?
          Episode 79: interview with Toby Norman, cofounder & CEO of simprints   
Simprints is a nonprofit tech company from the University of Cambridge that is building an affordable, secure, rugged, open-source fingerprint system that works in the world’s toughest settings. According to the World Bank, an estimated 1.1 billion people, the majority of them living in Asia and Africa, struggle to access basic services and rights due...
          Russian military lab unveils prototype of Star Wars-like combat suit (VIDEO)   
Preview A major hi-tech Russian military research center has unveiled what appears to be a prototype of a next-generation combat suit. The stunning gear, resembling Star Wars outfits, will be worn by Russian soldiers on future battlefields.
Read Full Article at RT.com
          Long lines & chaos as passengers at Oslo Airport forced to abandon luggage (PHOTOS, VIDEO)   
Preview Passengers at Oslo Airport had to leave their luggage in the departure hall and wait in long lines after a technical glitch affected an X-ray machine. Photos and videos on social media show thousands of bags piled up in the hall.
Read Full Article at RT.com
          House may stall Senate’s Russia sanctions even after technical issue resolved   
Preview New sanctions drawn up against Russia in the US Senate are no longer snagged by a technical matter, but the bill may still be in limbo, as it faces opposition in the House of Representatives.
Read Full Article at RT.com
From Indeed - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 22:26:24 GMT - View all Hialeah Gardens, FL jobs
          Customer Service, Healthcare and Technical Support Professionals - Convergys - Carthage, NY   
We are currently hiring for Healthcare, Technical and our biggest satellite TV contract. Start your new career today - Apply with Convergys!*.... $10.25 - $11.50 an hour
From Indeed - Mon, 08 May 2017 03:43:51 GMT - View all Carthage, NY jobs
          Onderwijsondersteuner Basiselektriciteit - Regeltechniek - KU Leuven - Sint-Katelijne-Waver   
Ervaring in het onderwijs vormt een pluspunt. Onderwijs verzorgen en vernieuwen is volledig je ding. Je werkt actief mee aan PR- en rekruteringsactiviteiten...
Van KU Leuven - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 11:46:30 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Sint-Katelijne-Waver
          127 facts you probably didn’t know about video marketing   

Video has overtaken the internet as technology puts the power of production into the hands of any person on the street with a smartphone and an internet connection.

The post 127 facts you probably didn’t know about video marketing appeared first on Holy Kaw!.

          Edutainer - Technopolis - Mechelen   
Je hebt ervaring in het onderwijs en/of jeugdwerk/monitor en voor dit laatste kan je een attest voorleggen. Technopolis heeft een ambitieuze missie voor ogen:....
Van Technopolis - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 16:51:57 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Mechelen
          Service Technieker - Mettler Toledo B.V. - Mechelen   
Of een opleiding (secundair onderwijs) in de richting van chemie/biochemie/biotechnische wetenschappen of aanverwant;...
Van Indeed - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 08:48:11 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Mechelen
          Field Service Engineer - Mettler Toledo B.V. - Mechelen   
Of een opleiding (secundair onderwijs) in de richting van chemie/biochemie/biotechnische wetenschappen of aanverwant;...
Van Indeed - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 08:44:35 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Mechelen
           Cisza... Spokój... Kupujący nie płaci prowizji...    
cena: 689 000 zł, powierzchnia działki: 1 017 m², powierzchnia: 140 m², cena za metr: 4 921,43 zł/m², rynek: wtórny, liczba pokoi: 6, rodzaj zabudowy: wolnostojący, materiał budynku: cegła, rok budowy: 1979 , okna: plastikowe, dom parterowy: Nie, zabezpieczenia: drzwi / okna antywłamaniowe, domofon / wideofon, ogrzewanie: gazowe, media: prąd, gaz, kanalizacja, woda, informacje dodatkowe: piwnica, garaż,
<p>Szukasz spokoju, a jednocześnie bliskości komunikacji ? Ta oferta jest dla Ciebie... </p><p>Bardzo dobrze utrzymany i świetnie zlokalizowany dom w Brwinowie na działce pow. 1017 m2. <br/>Układ budynku pozwala na wygodne zamieszkanie dwóch rodzin. </p><p>Wybudowany w technologii tradycyjnej, murow... https://www.otodom.pl/oferta/cisza-spokoj-kupujacy-nie-placi-prowizji-ID3iD5A.html
          Atari, Sega, Commodore, Sharp, Robotron: Famose Retro-Computer - Tops und Flops   
Was waren das noch für Zeiten, mit dem Apple Power Mac G4 Cube, dem BIC robotron A5105 oder dem IBM 5100 Portable Computer ... Wir schwelgen in Erinnerungen und präsentieren eine Sammlung antiker Technik.
          Losing Sleep Over Your Portfolio? Consider These 3 Stocks   
Tech, media, telecom stocks AT&T, Apple, and Comcast combine stability and world-class business models.
          Why Micron Technology, American Outdoor Brands, and Cara Therapeutics Slumped Today   
Despite a generally higher market, these stocks fell. Find out why.
          CalAtlantic Homes Brings High-Tech, High-Style Living To Sterling Ranch In Littleton, CO   

CalAtlantic Homes offers a collection of 12 single-story home designs at Sterling Ranch. The public is invited to tour four new model homes and experience the Sterling Ranch lifestyle at a Grand Opening Celebration. For more information, visit www.calatlantichomes.com.LITTLETON, Colo., June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CalAtlantic Homes, one of the nation's largest homebuilders, today announced the Grand Opening of Sterling Ranch, a collection of 12 single-story home designs integrating thought-leading design details and technology in the Sterling Ranch...

          3 Key Takeaways From United Technologies at the Paris Air Show   
The aerospace and construction-products company is building a bright future for investors, and management's latest update suggests it's on track with its long-term objectives.
          Generalprobe im Ekhof-Theater vor dem „Ekhof Festival 2017“   
. „Ein Sommernachtstraum“ (Komödie von William Shakespeare) – eine moderne Gestaltung mit zahllosen Schmunzelstellen in ganz lebensfroher Gestaltung durch Schauspieler, denen man die Freude am Zeigen ihrer Auffassung anmerkte, das bestimmte die Generalprobe (29.06.2017) im Ekhof-Theater. Die Wandlung der Kulissen (in 7sec) ist immer wieder ein Erlebnis und wurde mehrfach mit Tönen des Staunens begleitet. In diesem Zusammenhang erinnere ich mich daran, dass Celle und Kassel und ein Ort in Tschechien den Anspruch neben Gotha erheben, das älteste Barocktheater Europas zu haben. Gotha ist und bleibt der Gewinner, wenn man dem bedeutungsvoll hinzu fügt: mit original bespielbarer Bühnentechnik! Der Abend der Generalprobe wurde ergänzt durch lukullische Betreuung der Küche des „Hotel Am Schlosspark“. Insgesamt ein rundum gelungener Theaterabend von etwas über drei Stunden!
          Experten: Hightech-Strategie setzt positiven Rahmen   
Öffentliches Fachgespräch des Ausschusses für Bildung, Forschung und Technikfolgenabschätzung
          Beilagenhinweis AA-Extra, 30.06.2017   
ALDI Alloptik Zeulenroda Altkleider Biller Amalien Apotheke Apotheke am Darrplatz AS Sammelbüro AVIE Apotheke AWG B1 Discount BM Bauspezi Blutspende CS Recycling Schönherr Deutsche Bahn DRK Blutspende EVR Rudi Energieversorgung Focus Apotheke Fressnapf Getränke Heinemann Getränkequelle Hahn Globus BM Globus SB Goethe-Apotheke Gothaer Möbelmarkt GVG Bestellshop Milbradt Hagebau Hallo Pizza Mäc Geiz Medimax Meinhard Schrott Metatex Möbel SB Müller Drogerie Nahkauf Norma Oscar am Freitag Patzer Techn. Fachhandelsgesellschaft Pfennigpfeiffer POCO Retex Rewe Center REWE Rossmann Sonderpreis BM Sonnenapotheke Spectrum Center Greiz & Eich Südost Journal Toom BM Weber WEKA Zappa Markt
          Schönbach lockt mit Dorffest   
Am 8. und 9. Juli 2017 ist es wieder soweit. Der Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein Schönbach e.V. und die FFw laden herzlich zum diesjährigen Dorffest ein. Für alle Altersgruppen steht auf dem Festplatz neben der Straßenbahn ein buntes Programm bereit. So startet der Samstag ab 13 Uhr mit einem Zwischenstopp der Oldtimerrallye des MC Greiz. Von 17 bis 19 Uhr findet im Festzelt für die Jüngsten eine Kinderdisko statt. Abends ab 20 Uhr spielt die Band „Memory“ zum Tanz auf. Dazwischen wird die Verlosung des Maibaumes ausgetragen. Der Sonntag beginnt um 9.15 Uhr mit dem Gottesdienst mit Carsten Weigelt und dem Posaunenchor Zeulenroda im Festzelt. Danach wird zum zünftigen Frühschoppen eingeladen. Ab 14 Uhr herrscht dann wieder Jubel und Trubel rund um den Festplatz mit historischer Landtechnikausstellung, Handwerkerschau, u.a. mit Sensenlehrer Klaus Hofmann und Maler Torsten Knoll, vielseitige Kinderbeschäftigungsangebote sowie leckeren Speisen und Getränken. Im Festzelt werden die Wisentataler Blasmusikanten aufspielen und für beste Stimmung sorgen. Der Eintritt ist an beiden Tagen frei. „Im Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein haben wir mit 40% auf die Einwohnerzahl gerechnet eine gute Quote hinsichtlich ehrenamtlicher Tätigkeit. Seit nunmehr 20 Jahren bilden auch wir eine verlässliche Gemeinschaft, um Traditionen zu pflegen und uns gesellschaftlich zu engagieren. Vor allem aber wollen wir durch die Vereinsarbeit im Ort gute Bedingungen schaffen, damit sich jetzt und in Zukunft Jung und Alt hier wohlfühlen. Dabei dürfen Spaß und Freude nicht zu kurz kommen und deshalb muss man auch ab und zu zünftig feiern“, so Angelika Ose vom Dorf- und Feuerwehrverein zum bevorstehenden Fest.
          Dazenelevator you ambition to add a blow of affluence   
The Aging Assistance You Charge It’s important to you that you’re able to adore the home you’ve lived in a lot of of your developed lift. This is the home you aloft your accouchement in and that your grandchildren appointment on the approved basis. In adjustment to accept the accessibility you still charge for your home you charge to accept some advice to abide to accomplish use of your home as you get older. Custom Home Elevator can advice you with added than just the custom Elevator China lifts offered in the Muncie, IN breadth so that you can accumulate on active in the home you love. Custom Home Elevator has over 100 years of acquaintance in the acreage of elevators and lifts, but they aswell accept a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) on agents to aid you in the adeptness to abide to reside in the home you love. This specialist can appraise your home bearings and advice advance items you charge that will advice you break in your home including the bulk lifts that you can accept installed in your Muncie, IN home. With the advice of this specialist you can abide to adore the home you adulation for abounding added years. In adjustment to accompany you the alternative of lifts that are appropriate for your Muncie, IN home the Certified Accessibility Technicians (CATs) of Custom Home Elevator charge to appointment your home and appraise the stairs and areas of your home to advice you accept the appropriate way to admission every allowance in your home. With the advice of this team, you’ll be able to activity in the home you adulation for several years added and be able to admission every allowance with ease. Let Custom Home Elevator advice you adore the abandon you want.

Want all the allowances of a home elevator, but aswell ambition for castigation to be one-of-a-kind? Artisan Elevators articles custom home elevators to access both the advancement and administration of your home. Their ultra-luxurious elevators are abundant for anniversary customer, affair your exact specifications.

When you plan with Artisan Elevators to actualize your home elevator, you get the ability of architecture engineers with over 20 years of experience. Their high-end articles are for those who ambition to adore the accessibility of a residential elevator, but aswell ambition a adult architecture to bout the décor of their home. You will be able to adjudge on aggregate custom elevatorfrom which drive-system the elevator will use to what abstracts will be acclimated to actualize it.

Choose amid hydraulic, ambagious drum, apparatus tractor drive, and even aeriform drive systems for your home elevator. You can again adjudge on added data of the elevator, such as what the doors will attending like and exoteric design. Afterwards all of the abstracts are absitively and designs are chosen, basic sketches are drawn. Those sketches are again adapted into 3D models for the chump so they can see absolutely what their custom elevator will attending like.

Having a custom elevator in your home is the next ambit in affluence living. Not alone will you account from the convenience, but you will aswell adore the aesthetics that comes with a custom home elevator. Artisan Elevators will aswell actualize custom works for bartering backdrop too. Whether you ambition to add a blow of affluence to your home or business, Artisan Elevators can help!

One of the best affidavit to install a residential elevator is that it abundantly improves the accessibility to the high levels of your home. This is decidedly benign if you accept earlier ancestors associates active in the home or if you yourself accept advancement Elevator China. An elevator can annihilate the accident of falling down stairs for ancestors associates and guests who ability contrarily accept a harder time aggressive up a staircase.
          Automotivedrivingbelt models for absolutely altered operations   
Conveyor units accept got a decidedly advanced arrangement of uses, so abundant so that a ample bulk of automatic sectors abacus on abounding kinds of agent models for absolutely altered operations, from accumulation to packing and supply. Two of the foremost Timing Belt Manufacturers uses of agent units will be in food administration added packaging. For absolutely possibly the a lot of part, agent systems are usually implemented in any operation that will absorb relocating some affair from 1 atom to accession in a ceaseless abiding stream. This agency food managed by agent systems may ambit from some affair as ample as cars in accumulation lines, to an account as ablaze as bare artificial containers and sticker labels. They're additionally active not alone for automatic acceptance about will aswell be apparent on a circadian base in affective walkways in arcade malls.

Conveyor systems are absolutely approved afterwards attributable to the abounding allowances they offer. One of the greatest advantages of agent systems is absolutely the automation of abstracts moving. Therefore beneath artisan handling, consistent in beneath absurdity or added productivity, appreciably beneath basal assurance fears, abbreviation plan expenses. However, this may aswell aftereffect in appreciably beneath chiral roles. The operated manually duties apropos to acrimonious up and alteration however, are in actuality replaced with a claim for added accomplished technicians that are alleged aloft in adjustment to accomplish the complete conveyors, accustomed that the majority of agent systems commonly are not absolutely automated, and in abounding cases some of those which are would charge the accepted administration of workers to authorize assurance added optimum all-embracing performance.

Colored accept straps are the appraisement affairs usually called for a lot of angry styles and angry techniques. It is accomplished to accept a ambition to accomplish towards, and if you accept able difficult and you accomplish that arise next atramentous belt you appointment a faculty of success. But, there are some out there that just appointment that the accomplished Elastic Timing Belt appraisement affairs in accepted has just gone downhill, or is at atomic a far cry from the times if Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee endemic the angry styles cine screen. If anyone was a atramentous belt you knew they had plan out difficult for years, and was mentally arduous and in actuality fit.

Timing belts began to alter chains in the backward 70's and aboriginal 80's as auto manufacturers were researching agency to aftermath lighter and beneath big-ticket vehicles. Lighter weight meant added mileage. There are abounding questions that are frequently asked about timing belts. Learning about what belts do and if they should be replaced will advice you in befitting your car active while alienated cher breakdowns. Accumulate in apperception that not all cars accept a timing belt. Timing chains are authoritative a improvement due to backbone so be abiding to analysis your vehicle’s architect adviser to actuate if you accept a belt or chain.

If in doubt, you should PK Belt alter your belt rather than cat-and-mouse to see if it lasts. The bulk of accepting a new timing belt adapted will be abundant lower than the bulk of acclimation a damaged engine if the belt snaps unexpectedly.
           T09 / BAST    

A barbers shop needs more space to develop its online commercial activities. The kitchen of an historic mansion is available across the street. To fill the new space that is too large for his sole occupation, the barber offers to house photographers in exchange of publicity shots of his online products. The space must therefore accommodate these activities. The vaulted kitchen space remains untouched. A technical floor made of concrete slabs and a sliding glazed portal allow for dual use of the space, adaptable to accomodate the needs of both the barber and photographer.

          5 raisons pour lesquelles la technologie sans fil va gommer le filaire   
Depuis longtemps, l'opinion communément admise veut que les connexions filaires soient plus fiables. Voici pourquoi cette situation est en train de changer.
          Price Drop: CoachMyRide   
Kategorie: Sport
Preis: 6,99 € -> 3,49 €
Version: 1.4.5
in iTunes öffnen

# USERS' COMMENTS # "Brilliant!! At last, a cycling specific training app that is clear, concise, simple to follow and provides a level of structure." "Awesome app, great explanation of every work out. It is truly your personal coach." "I'm impressed with the training schedules in this app. Those reviews who wine about the lack of integration with HR or GPS forget that training is about motivation and hard work not tech gadgets per se. For the weekend road warrior to serious amateur this is a good coaching app to set you in the right direction. If you are pro-am then no get a real coach but for most cyclists this is all you need. There are enough training options to keep you interested as you develop and the programmes are creative and the commitment and passion of the coach comes through. The time taken to think through the coaching programme and develop this App must have been extensive and at this price is a real bargain!" # YOUR CYCLING TRAINING APP # CoachMyRide is the cycling training app for iPhone, to coach and structure your velo ride. Ride smarter ! Want to make your come back? Want to improve your cycling performance or your level of fitness ? You choose the training adapted to your level, your schedule and your goals in order to maximize your progression. CoachMyRide, help you to ride better, longer, faster and harder. Content has been designed in collaboration with expert cycling coach Lionel Reynaud. # FEATURES # ● 105 structured cycling workouts avail...
          Now Free: iStethoscope Expert   
iStethoscope Expert
Kategorie: Medizin
Preis: 2,29 € -> kostenlos
Version: 2.5
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With iStethoscope Expert, you can use your iPhone to listen to heart sounds, bowel sounds, lung sounds, and heart valve sounds. You can save and record heart sound wave tracings. iStethoscope Expert uses the built-in microphone on an iPhone/iPad or an external microphone on an iPod. The heart waveform can be recorded and e-mailed. You can use your iPhone, iPod or iPad to hear distant sounds. iStethoscope Expert includes an extensive collection of video recordings of heart, lung, and bowel sounds. Use the Murmur Interpreter to learn to diagnose valve murmurs. This app is useful for medical students, physicians, nurses, EMTs and anyone who wants to learn about heart sounds, lung sounds or abdominal sounds. iStethoscope Expert helps you learn auscultation techniques for USMLE and NCLEX.
#Repost @nail__indulgence (@get_repost) ・・・ Some where over the rainbow 🌈🌈🌈 using @missunails.australia.nz gel polish, acrylic and jewellery gel @emersoncrystals crystals #nails #nailtech #stilettonails #nailindulgence #melbournenails #westernsuburbsnails #missunails #linework #northernsuburbsnails #nailart #glitter #glitternails #nailprodigy #vanessanailfeatures #showscratch #nailpromagazine #nailsmagazine #bows #ombre #pearl #marble #goldleaf #blingnails #vegasnay
          Switch on to the at-home beauty trend   
How the latest technology can help you get salon-worthy results without leaving your house
          Lead Consultant - Infrastructure Management - CAN - IPS Canada - Toronto, ON   
CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner). Infosys Public Services is the leader in consulting, technology, and next-generation services....
From Infosys - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 16:37:04 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          AVP, Enterprise Fraud Transformation Delivery - TD Bank - Toronto, ON   
Exposure to Fraud Business and AI technologies is an asset. Oversee and manage delivery of the multi year Enterprise Fraud Transformation Technology efforts...
From TD Bank - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:30:22 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
Pt.2 Marble Technique It's finally dry and I love it. I'll definitely try this again with higher quality paints. #acrylicpainting #artwork #art #artistsoninstagram #artist #marble #love
          Associate Vice President Information Technology Services - Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Saskatchewan   
Participate and contribute to Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s operational effectiveness in a wide range of strategic, operational and professional decisions through...
From Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 17:19:14 GMT - View all Saskatchewan jobs
          Associate Vice President Business Development - Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Saskatchewan   
Act as a key resource and advisor to the senior management assembly ( SMA ), senior leadership team ( SLT ) and senior management council ( SMC ) on achieving...
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          Dean of the school of Construction and the school of Transportation - Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Saskatchewan   
Participate and contribute to Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s operational effectiveness and policy development in a wide range of strategic and operational decisions...
From Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Mon, 01 May 2017 19:49:25 GMT - View all Saskatchewan jobs
          Représentant des ventes internes CVAC/R - Wolseley - Rouyn, QC   
Faire la promotion des produits et renseigner les clients en fonction de leurs besoins en leur fournissant les informations techniques nécessaires sur les...
From Wolseley - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 19:41:05 GMT - View all Rouyn, QC jobs
          Technicien D'alarme Incendie - Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd. - Témiscamingue, QC   
Inspecter et vérifier anuellement les systèmes d'alarme incendie. Noter des recommandations ou lacunes à partir d’inspection incendie basé sur les normes ULC....
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          This résumé for Elon Musk proves you never, ever need to use more than one page   
Let's say you are Elon Musk, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in tech history whose career spans two decades of successful startups.
          Fire Alarm Technician - Troy Life & Fire Safety Ltd. - Témiscamingue, QC   
Inspecter et vérifier anuellement les systèmes d'alarme incendie. Noter des recommandations ou lacunes à partir d’inspection incendie basé sur les normes ULC....
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          Principal Solution Architect - OnX Enterprise Solutions - Ontario   
The Principal SA is viewed as an expert in several technology disciplines and often represents OnX on advisory councils....
From OnX Enterprise Solutions - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 20:52:10 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          FULL TIME PHARMACY TECHNICIAN - North Wellington Health Care - Ontario   
Graduate of a CCAPP (Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs) Accredited Pharmacy Technician Education Program required....
From North Wellington Health Care - Sat, 27 May 2017 03:50:15 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Lead Lab Technician - EllisDon Industrial - Manitoba   
Knowledge of the construction materials standards and approved testing methodologies established by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Canadian Council...
From EllisDon Industrial - Tue, 13 Jun 2017 19:56:28 GMT - View all Manitoba jobs
          CABINETMAKER / WOODSHOP TECHNICIAN - Flying Colours - Canada   
Trimming off veneer using router in a table jig / hand router. To safely, and efficiently build and finish various cabinets, galleys, lavatories, wardrobes,...
From Flying Colours - Sun, 12 Mar 2017 06:27:43 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Technický konzultant   
Zajišťuje zákazníkům konzultace zaměřené na skupinu procesů u zákazníka s podporou aplikačního SW. Účastní se implementačních prací a zajišťuje podporu zákazník
          Konstruktér (35.000 - 40.000)   
Chceš dělat na zajímavých projektech a vidět celý vývoj až po konečný produkt? Zvládáš složité výpočty? Rád se vzděláváš? Tak tohle je práce pro tebe! Vaší nápl
          Smart Passionate Software Developer (Java / PHP) - JIG Technologies Inc. - Toronto, ON   
JIG Technologies is a GTA based IT consulting and support company that supports small to mid-sized businesses....
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          Soustružník SV 18 + SU 63   
• Práce v kusové výrobě • Znalost čtení technické dokumentace • Znalost nástrojů • Jednosměnný provoz• Práci na HPP – pracovní smlouva • Práci v příjemném praco
          Instalační technik reklamy   
- instalace reklamy po celé České republice (PVC bannery, reklamní desky, samolepky na výlohy, 3D loga, světelnou reklamu atd.) - firemní polepy vozidel - dokon
          Fleet Equipment Welder - City of Ottawa - Ottawa, ON   
Methods and techniques used in mounting, assembly, hoisting, rigging, jig and overhead crane operation. Fleet Equipment Welder.... $62,078 - $72,642 a year
From City of Ottawa - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:45:46 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Information Technology Librarian - Zayed University - Dubai   
The Opportunity The Information Technology Librarian reports to the Assistant Director, Technical Services. The position plays a key role in the Technical
From Zayed University - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 10:31:44 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          2015 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          Gobierno y PSOE se reúnen hoy para negociar el techo de gasto sin Montoro   
Ya es un hecho: la mayoría parlamentaria no le quiere, pero él, el ministro de Hacienda le quita...
          Margarita Robles dice que el apoyo o no del PSOE al techo de gasto se conocerá el lunes   
El Gobierno no duda de que va a sacar adelante el techo de gasto y de que lo va a hacer entre otros...
          Wind Services Lead Technician (Hussar, Alberta) - General Electric - Alberta   
Combining onshore and offshore wind, hydro and innovative technologies such as concentrated solar power, GE Renewable Energy has installed more than 370...
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          Distance Learning Geology Online   
Distance learning geology programs are now a widely accessible learning avenue thanks to the Internet and modern technologies.

          Work At Home Business Opportunity MLM   
A work at home business opportunity MLM is also known as a multi level marketing position and due to advances in Internet technology, the ability to obtain employment without leaving the house has been made possible.

          Operations Manager - Production Technologies - Lonkar - Canada   
Minimum 10 years’ experience in Oil and Gas operations onshore and/or offshore, of which minimum 5 years as a Field Service Manager or in a sales, or technical...
From Lonkar - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 09:31:50 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Non Destructive Examination (NDE) Senior Technician - NDT Global Inc. - Leduc, AB   
Founded by engineers and physicists with extensive experience in the field of automated non-destructive inspection systems for the steel and pipeline industries...
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          Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest Dominus   
Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest Dominus

Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest Dominus

          Agronomic Functional Compliance Lead - USA-MO-Saint Louis   
Agronomic Functional Compliance Lead','01IRA','!*! Monsanto is seeking a highly motivated individual to join the Technology Development and Agronomy (TD&A) organization as Functional Compliance Lead (...
          Senior Dairy Applications Specialist - -   
Senior Dairy Applications Specialist','011553W-01','!*!POSITION PURPOSE:   The person in this position will be responsible for technical projects from experimental design to completion. This  Include...
          Primus z Oskarem branży outdoorowej – OutDoor Gold Award 2017   
Primus PrimeTech Stove Set otrzymał najwyższą nagrodę targów OutDoor, czyli OutDoor Gold Award 2017, w kategorii camping. Przyszłość zaczyna się tutaj! Co roku prezentacje produktów kandydujących do OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARDS cieszą się ogromną popularnością wśród odwiedzających targi. Nagroda wyróżnia najbardziej innowacyjne produkty pod względem ich funkcjonalności, designu, stosunku jakości do ceny oraz wagi i rozmiaru. Spośród […]
          SE03 - Plant Breeder - USA-OH-Marysville   
Kelly Scientific is currently seeking a qualified candidate for one of our top clients in Marysville, Ohio. The Growing Media Technician will be responsible for field, greenhouse, and/or laboratory t...
          MBLM Rebrands Technology Innovator, SundaySky   

Brand Intimacy Agency Creates Extensive Program Focused on Brand Essence, Identity and Redesign of Website

(PRWeb February 03, 2016)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/02/prweb13196014.htm

          MBLM Reveals Apple Dominates Brand Intimacy Rankings in Technology & Telecommunications Industry   

Brand Intimacy Agency’s 2015 Report Finds Samsung and Google Follow Apple in Rankings

(PRWeb January 08, 2016)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/01/prweb13156619.htm

          Στα 30 κορυφαία πανεπιστήμια στην Ευρώπη το ΕΜΠ, στον τομέα των Σχολών Μηχανικών   
Μεταξύ των πρώτων 30 πανεπιστημίων στην Ευρώπη και των πρώτων 150 παγκοσμίως στον τομέα των Σχολών Μηχανικών (Engineering/Technology) κατατάχθηκε το Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πολυτεχνείο σύμφωνα με την πιο πρόσφατη λίστα αξιολόγησης Shanghai Rankings. Στις κατατάξεις των επιμέρους γνωστικών αντικειμένων το ΕΜΠ κατατάσσεται στη 7η θέση παγκοσμίως και στη 2η στη Ευρώπη στο πεδίο Πολιτικών Μηχανικών/Civil Engineering […]
          UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office Recruitment Ongoing June 2017   

UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) Nigeria, supports the Inclusive and sustainable industrialization efforts in Nigeria by identifying, attracting and mobilizing the financial, technological, and other required resources and enhancing investments- with development impact- in Nigeria and the ECOWAS Region.ITPO Nigeria, is seeking qualified experts to join a dynamic team in the ITPO Nigeria […]

UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office Recruitment Ongoing June 2017

          Inbox Zero: Why You Need It and How to Get It   

Email is a still a big deal. No matter how many social media networks you’re on, sending an email is the best way to reach out in a business situation. As someone who runs more than one business, manages several content management sites, and does a ton of online shopping, I get a lot of email. It’s not uncommon for me to get hundreds of email a day. The one thing that has helped me not lose my mind through it all is practicing Inbox Zero. Inbox Zero is a method of email organization that emphasizes keeping your inbox clean […]

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          How to Respond to a PR Pitch That’s Wrong for You   

If you’re a blogger or digital influencer, you’re probably used to getting pitches from public relations professionals all the time. Unfortunately, too many of these will be wrong for you because people do not do their homework. Oftentimes, they just have a general list that they send every ask to, not understanding that it’s no way to connect authentically. I get pitches that have nothing to do with my work, and there are some that are so off-base, I wonder if they’ve ever even visited my website. It’s lazy, it’s annoying and sometimes frustrating. Our inboxes are already full of […]

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          How To Properly Ask for Business Advice Via Email   

We don’t live in a vacuum and there’s someone out there who we admire and who has valuable knowledge that we’d love to tap into. In the world of the interwebs, they are often people we’ve never met. Sometimes, these are people we have been in the same room, at networking events or whatever. We want to learn more from them and emailing them is a great way to open the doors of communication. There is nothing wrong with asking for help but how you do it makes a world of difference to how you’re responded to (and IF you’re […]

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          Who won the latest Air Force launch contract? Colorado's ULA? Or SpaceX?   
United Launch Alliance won a $191 million space launch contract for an experimental Air Force project, beating out SpaceX to launch the STP-3 mission in two years. The U.S. Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center in Los Angeles on Thursday awarded Centennial-based ULA the contract after reviewing bids by ULA and Elon Musks’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX. STP-3 is slated to launch atop one of ULA’s Atlas V rockets from Cape Canaveral, Florida, with the mission occurring…

          Find the flow: Harnessing the incredible power of living fluids   
We're beginning to learn the rules that govern how everything from flocks of birds to sperm cells flow, and it could transform technology and medicine
          Apple: A10X Fusion des iPad Pro wird in 10 nm bei TSMC gefertigt   
Bisher hatte es nur Vermutungen gegeben, dass Apple das A10X-Fusion-SoC des neuen iPad Pro (Test) statt in 16 in 10 Nanometer FinFET bei TSMC fertigen lässt. Eine Chip-Analyse von Tech Insights bestätigt dies nun aber. Apple ist nach Samsung und Qualcomm der dritte Anbieter eines 10-nm-SoCs.
          2016 HONDA CIVIC   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          Stellvertretende Leiterin/Stellvertretender Leiter des Standortmanagements   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI) ist eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Die Forschungsstelle Potsdam befasst sich mit klimarelevanten Prozessen in den festländischen Dauerfrostregionen und in der polaren Atmosphäre der Arktis und Antarktis. Für unsere Verwaltung suchen wir zum 1. Oktober 2017 eine/n Mitarbeiter/in als Stellvertretende Leiterin/Stellvertretender Leiter des Standortmanagements
im Umfang von 100 % der regelmäßigen wöchentlichen Arbeitszeit.

Sie leiten, organisieren und beaufsichtigen die verwaltungstechnischen Aktivitäten an der AWI-Forschungsstelle Potsdam. Sie sind dem Potsdamer Forschungsstellenleiter und Standortmanager unterstellt, arbeiten jedoch in enger Abstimmung mit den administrativen Abteilungen am AWI-Hauptstandort in Bremerhaven. Zu Ihren Aufgaben gehören insbesondere: •  Beratung, Unterstützung und Vertretung des Forschungsstellenleiters bei der Strukturierung; Umsetzung und Qualitätssicherung der administrativen und betriebstechnischen Prozesse
•  Koordinierung und Fähigkeit zur Durchführung sämtlicher Verwaltungsprozesse am AWI-Standort Potsdam
•  Unterstützung bei der Finanz- und Investitionsplanung
•  Erstellung des Budgets, Überwachung und Abrechnung des Budgetplans
•  Administrative Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen der Nutzergemeinschaft mit benachbarten Forschungseinrichtungen am Standort Potsdam
•  Umsetzung des Betriebskonzepts
•  Regelmäßiges internes Berichtswesen: Kennzahlen, Kosten, Maßnahmen Voraussetzungen:
•  Abgeschlossenes Studium Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Allgemeine Verwaltung / Dipl.-Verwaltungsbetriebswirt/in (FH) bzw. vergleichbare Qualifikation
•  Kenntnisse im Finanz-, Vertrags- und administrativen Kontrollwesen
•  Kenntnisse in Personalwesen, Einkauf, Facility Management
•  analytische und konzeptionelle Fähigkeiten
•  Fähigkeit zur schnellen Einarbeitung in wechselnde Problemstellungen und Entwicklung von Lösungsvorschlägen
•  sicherer Umgang mit MS-Office und SAP/R3 Ü  gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift  Gelegentliche Reisebereitschaft zwischen dem Standort Potsdam und dem AWI in Bremerhaven wird vorausgesetzt. Die Stelle ist zunächst bis zum 30.09.2019 befristet. Eine Weiterbeschäftigung wird angestrebt. Das Arbeitsverhältnis richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Die Vergütung erfolgt gemäß individueller Qualifikation, Erfahrung und übertragenen Tätigkeiten und ist bis zu Entgeltgruppe 12 möglich. Der Dienstort ist Potsdam. Inhaltliche Auskünfte zur Stelle erhalten Sie bei apl. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Diekmann (Bernhard.Diekmann@awi.de),Tel.: 0331/288-2100. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres, internationales  Forschungs- und Arbeitsumfeld mit flexiblen Arbeitszeiten, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen Hochschulabschluss an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen mit der Standarddokumentation (Motivationsschreiben, Lebenslauf, Abschlusszeugnisse, Referenzen) bis zum 20.07.2017 unter Angabe der Kennziffer 87/G/Verw-P-tt per E-mail (alle Dokumente in einer PDF-Datei) an: Verwaltung.Potsdam@awi.de
          Leiter/in der wissenschaftlichen Werkstatt   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Unsere Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler werden von der institutseigenen wissenschaftlichen Werkstatt unterstützt. Die wissenschaftliche Werkstatt ist zuständig für die Fertigung von technischen Teilen, Geräten und Anlagen, die unsere Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler für die Gewinnung von Proben oder die Erhebung von Daten insbesondere im Rahmen von Expeditionen benötigen. Wir suchen zum baldmöglichst eine/n

Leiter/in der wissenschaftlichen Werkstatt

Sie sind neben der Leitung und Organisation der wissenschaftlichen Werkstatt mit einem Team von derzeit fünf Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern auch für die strategische Weiterentwicklung verantwortlich und setzen diese und und treiben sie weiter voran  Darüber hinaus vertreten Sie die Werkstatt in internen und externen Fachgremien.  Voraussetzungen: • Abgeschlossenes Masterstudium in Maschinenbau, Konstruktionstechnik oder gleichwertige Kenntnisse • Expertenkenntnisse im Bereich
   - Personalführung und prozessorientierte Arbeitsorganisation  
   - Konstruktionslehre  
   - Technische Kommunikation 
   - Risikoanalysen und Risikobeurteilungen sowie Produktsicherheitsgesetz (ProdSG) • Sehr gute Kenntnisse im Bereich
   - Arbeits- und Produktionsplanung
   - Budgetierung und Auftragskalkulation
   - Projektmanagement
   - Maschinen und Werkzeugtechnologien
   - Materialtechnologie, u.a. Eigenschaften für  tiefe Minustemperaturen und Eigenschaften für große Meerwassertiefen (8.000 Meter)
   - CAD SolidWorks 3D-Konstruktion und -Zeichnung
   - Simultane Erzeugung von NC-Programmen mit SolidCAM für Dreh- und Fräsmaschinen in 3 Achs und 5 Achs
   - Englischer Sprache • Bereitschaft zu auch längeren Dienstreisen zur Erprobung und Abnahme technischer Produkte Sie verfügen über ein ausgeprägtes Dienstleistungsbewusstsein und kundenorientiertes Aufgabenverständnis und haben ein verbindlich-freundliches und sicheres Auftreten. Zu Ihren Stärken gehören Führungskompetenz, Organisationsgeschick sowie eine ausgeprägte Kommunikations- und Teamfähigkeit. Sie bewegen sich sicher in einem von internationaler Zusammenarbeit geprägten Umfeld. Die Stelle ist auf zwei Jahre befristet mit der Option auf Entfristung. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 14 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen im technischen Bereich an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 100/G/WW-tt bis zum 26. Juli 2017 auf dem Postwege an: Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Personalabteilung, Postfach 120161, 27515 Bremerhaven oder per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an: personal@awi.de.
2017-06-30 - more details
          2015 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in, Bereich Aquakulturforschung   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Für unseren Bereich Aquakulturforschung suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine/n Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in Hintergrund:
Einen Projektleiter für die Betreuung von zwei laufenden Forschungsprojekten und für die Vorbereitung von 2-3 Projektanträgen wird gesucht.

1)    Entwicklung und Umsetzung einer nationalen Leitlinie zum einheitlichen Besatz von Edelkrebsen in Gewässern auf Basis bisheriger Initiativen und unter Einbeziehung aller relevanten Stakeholder. 2)    Integration von Detrivoren in existierende Aquakulturproduktionsanlagen, erprobung von Polykulturen um die traditionelle Süßwasser-Aquakultur in Teichsystemen in Deutschland nachhaltig ökologisch und ökonomisch umweltgerecht zu gestalten. 3)    Im Projekt SusAqua2 sind Zwei konkrete Projektideen ausgewählt und sollen zu erfolgreichen Vollanträgen gebracht werden.        1.     Crayling „Aufstellung einer Methode zur einheitlichen Reproduktion von Edelkrebsen (Astacus    astacus) in RAS mit Verfassung einer dazugehörigen Leitlinie sowie Konzepterstellung einer zentralen Zuchtanlage in Deutschland“.        2.     SouTerrFarm „Entwicklung eines unter der Erde (Souterrain Terra Farming) liegenden, energie-autarken Zuchtsystems in Kombination mit Solarenergieträgern“. Aufgaben:
  • Projektleitung von Forschungsprojekten
  • Einweisung und Anleitung von wiss. Hilfskräften und Techniker
  • Fachliche Betreuung/Unterstützung Projektmitarbeiter
  • die Absprache mit Projektpartnern, Unterauftragnehmern und Behörden
  • Erarbeitung von Projektanträgen
  • Verfassen von wiss. Publikationen in internationalen peer-review Fachzeitschriften
  • Bestellanforderungen für das Projekt Susaqua2
  • Wissenschaftler/in mit mind abgeschlossenem Studium in Biologie (Dipl. oder MSc)
  • Erfahrungen bei der Ausarbeitung von Projektanträgen
  • Erfahrungen bei Projektleitung
  • Sicheres Auftreten und Netzwerken mit verschiedenen Stakeholdern
  • Ausgeprägtes Kommunikations- und Planungstalent
  • Gute Kenntnisse in der Biologie und Limnologie von limnischen Gewässern und Wirbellosen vor allem Astacus astacus.
  • Erfahrungen bei Versuchsdurchführungen und in wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten
  • Erfahrungen in Statistik und Berichterstattung
  • Sehr gutes Schriftbild und Ausdruck
  • Kommunikations- und Teamfähigkeit im interdisziplinären Umfeld und eine selbstständige Arbeitsweise
Weitere fachliche Informationen erhalten Sie bei Dr. Matt Slater (0471/4831-2727; mslater@awi.de). Die Stelle ist auf 18 Monate. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 13 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen im wissenschaftlichen Bereich an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise; Referenzliste) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 104/D/WT bis zum 26. Juli 2017 per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an: personal@awi.de.
          2008 LAND ROVER LR2   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2009 LAND ROVER LR2   
2017-06-30 - more details
          Diplom-Ingenieur /in oder Master of Science für die Sektion „Geophysik“   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Das AWI gehört zu den weltweit führenden Institutionen, die kontinuierlich Fächersonardaten in der Arktis und Antarktis erheben. Die bereits vorhandene umfangreiche bathymetrische Datenbank für beide Polarregionen soll auch in der Zukunft kontinuierlich ergänzt bzw. im Rahmen von internationalen Kooperationen zur Verfügung gestellt werden.  Aufgrund einer Neubesetzung im Rahmen der Haushaltsfinanzierung sucht der Fachbereich „Geowissenschaften“ für die Sektion „Geophysik“ ab sofort eine/n
Diplom-Ingenieur /in
oder Master of Science
in Geomatik, Geodäsie oder Geoinformatik (bevorzugt mit dem fachlichen Schwerpunkt Hydrographie) Aufgaben:
Durchführung bathymetrischer Vermessungen mit den Fächersonarsystemen der großen Forschungsschiffe des Institutes. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf Arbeiten in den Polargebieten mit FS Polarstern. Das Anforderungsprofil deckt den gesamten Workflow, von der Messung über die Datenbearbeitung/Datenvisualisierung bis hin zur dauerhaften Archivierung der Daten, ab. Im Detail ergeben sich folgende Aufgaben: • Technische Betreuung des Fächersonarsystems auf Polarstern • Planung und Durchführung der Vermessung, Bearbeitung der Daten und Erstellung von Arbeitskarten zur Unterstützung der weiteren wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten an Bord • Enge Zusammenarbeit mit marin-geologisch, geophysikalisch, biologisch und hydrographisch arbeitenden Gruppen im Rahmen der am AWI angesiedelten wissenschaftlichen Programme • Erstellung von bathymetrischen Karten aus digitalen Geländemodellen für weiterführende Interpretationen • Fortführung des IT-Konzeptes für die Erfassung und Bearbeitung der Sonardaten an Bord und für die Bearbeitung und Archivierung der Daten im Institut • Betreuung und Pflege der Hard- und Software der zugehörigen Rechnersysteme an Bord und im Institut Voraussetzungen:
Diplom oder Master of Science in Geomatik, Geodäsie oder Geoinformatik (bevorzugt mit dem fachlichen Schwerpunkt Hydro-graphie) • Erfahrung in der Durchführung von hydrographischen Vermessungen • Gute Kenntnisse der Softwareprogramme Caris HIPS/SIPS, IVS Fledermaus und ESRI ArcGis • Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift • Bereitschaft und Eignung zur Teilnahme an mehrmonatigen Schiffsexpeditionen • Gute Kenntnisse des Betriebssystems MS Windows sowie Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit Computern unter einem Unix oder Linux Betriebssystem • Kenntnisse mindestens einer Programmiersprache als Grundlage für die Pflege vorhandener Software und zur Erstellung eigener einfacher Programm Weitere fachliche Informationen erhalten Sie bei Herrn Boris Dorschel (boris.dorschel@awi.de). Die Stelle ist auf zwei Jahre befristet mit der Option auf Entfristung. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 13 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen mit (Fach-) Hochschulabschluss an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise; Referenzliste) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 99/G/Geo-tt bis zum 15. August 2017 per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an: personal@awi.de.
          2010 LAND ROVER LR2   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2010 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2011 LAND ROVER LR2   
2017-06-30 - more details
          Einkäufer/-in für Bauleistungen sowie Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Für unsere Abteilung Einkauf/Wirtschaft am Standort Bremerhaven suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine/n

Einkäufer/-in für Bauleistungen sowie Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen

Die Abteilung Einkauf/Wirtschaft ist u. a. zuständig für die Beschaffung von Lieferungen und Leistungen aller Art, einschließlich Bauleistungen, mit einem jährlichen Einkaufsvolumen von zurzeit ca. 50 Mio. Euro. Aufgaben:
Selbständige Vorbereitung und Durchführung von z.T. komplexen nationalen und EU-weiten Ausschreibungsverfahren für Bau- und Bauunterhaltungsmaßnahmen sowie Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen für unsere Standorte. Dazu gehören das selbständige Erstellen von Ausschreibungsunterlagen einschließlich Mitwirkung bei der Erstellung von Leistungsverzeichnissen/-beschreibungen sowie Verhandlungsführung mit Lieferanten/Dienstleistern und die Erarbeitung von Verträgen. Auch  die kaufm./rechtliche Begleitung der Fachabteilungen bei der Abwicklung der Leistungen und die laufende Überwachung der Umsetzung von Dienstleistungs- und Werkverträgen hinsichtlich Laufzeiten und Budget fällt in Ihren Aufgabenbereich. Mängel, Nachträge und Leistungsstörungen betreuen Sie ebenfalls. Darüber hinaus bilden Sie in Bezug auf die Beschaffungsvorgänge die kaufmännische Schnittstelle zwischen der Abteilung Bau und Facility Management, anderen technischen und wissenschaftlichen Bereichen im AWI und den Auftragnehmern und sorgen dort für einen fachlichen Know-how-Transfer. Des Weiteren ist die Mitarbeit in Projektteams gefordert, wobei die Anforderung besteht, sich schnell auf die sich in Bezug auf die einzukaufenden Leistungen ergebende Vielfalt einzustellen

  • Sie haben ein abgeschlossenes Studium im Bereich Bauingenieurwesen oder Architektur oder eine vergleichbare, ggf. auch kaufm. oder juristische Qualifikation, die zur Ausübung der beschriebenen Aufgaben befähigt.
  • Sie verfügen über mehrjährige Erfahrungen im Bereich der Vergaben von Bauleistungen sowie Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen nach den Regeln des öffentlichen Vergaberechts.
  • Die Anwendung des Vergabehandbuches (VHB) des Bundes sowie der allgemein gültigen Gesetze und Verordnungen (VOB/GWB/VgV/BGB/HOAI) und die Anwendung der Regelwerke des Bundes (RBBau, RZBau) sind Ihnen vertraut.
  • Sehr gute kaufmännische und technische Kenntnisse werden vorausgesetzt und sind mit der Bewerbung zu erläutern.
  • Gute Englischkenntnisse, Team- und Kommunikationsfähigkeit, verhandlungssicheres Auftreten sowie Durchsetzungs- und Überzeugungskraft, werden ebenso erwartet.
  • Sie verfügen über ein ausgeprägtes Organisations- und Koordinationstalent.
  • Der Umgang mit MS-Office Produkten ist Ihnen vertraut.
  • Kenntnisse des SAP Einkaufs-Moduls sind wünschenswert.
Die Stelle ist unbefristet. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 12 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen mit (Fach-) Hochschulabschluss an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 101/G/Verw-tt bis zum 26. Juli 2017 auf dem Postwege an: Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Personalabteilung, Postfach 120161, 27515 Bremerhaven oder per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an: personal@awi.de.
          2011 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2012 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2012 LAND ROVER LR2   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2012 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 LAND ROVER LR2   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 LAND ROVER LR2   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2015 LAND ROVER LR2   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2015 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2015 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2016 HONDA ODYSSEY   
2017-06-30 - more details
          GIF powiadomił prokuratora o fałszywym inspektorze   
Główny Inspektor Farmaceutyczny powiadomił prokuraturę o przypadkach podawania się nieustalonej jeszcze osoby za pracownika GIF. Zwracała się ona do firm farmaceutycznych m.in. o udostępnienie szczegółowych danych dotyczących procesu technologicznego wytwarzania leków.
          CP Handheld Technologies Launches Next Generation Inventory Scanning...   

CP Handheld Technologies is making work easier for the growing number of auto dealerships in the United States. The leading retail automotive tech company has recently launched VINpoint ILM (Inventory...

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          QuickBooks Technical Support   
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          Industry Recognition of Percona: Great Products, Great Team   
PerconaPercona’s focus on customer success pushes us to deliver the very best products, services and support. Three recent industry awards reflect our continued success in achieving these goals. We recently garnered a Bronze Stevie Award “Company of the Year – Computer Software – Medium.” Stevies are some of the most coveted awards in the tech […]
          S&P 500 Movers: MU, NKE   
In early trading on Friday shares of Nike NKE topped the list of the day s best performing components of the S amp P 500 index trading up 8 9 Year to date Nike registers a 13 9 gain And the worst performing S amp P 500 component thus far on the day is Micron Technology
          Listen to Basic Rhythm’s new mix of hardcore, techno and jungle from 1991   

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          Regis ‘rebuilds’ debut album Gymnastics for 21st anniversary reissue   

The new version adds two new tracks. Techno icon Regis has released a 21st anniversary edition of his debut album, Gymnastics. The new edition is described by Downwards as a “stronger, fitter version” of the original, with tracks ‘rebuilt’ from the original stems alongside “unreleased sequences”. It features two tracks not seen on the original album, ‘Model Friendship’ and ‘Allies’. […]

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          Real Estate Photographer/Videographer - Leading Image - Toronto, ON   
Skilled in HDR and Bracketing photography. Leading Image is a real estate media company using iGuide technology to produce 360 degree virtual tours, floorplans,...
From Indeed - Sat, 13 May 2017 15:03:25 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          FPGA/ ASIC Design Engineer - Sulon Technologies - Toronto, ON   
Expertise in digital camera processing pipelines, complete ISP pipeline, HDR architectures, lens correction, image quality metrics, image sensor tuning is a...
From Sulon Technologies - Fri, 31 Mar 2017 05:54:53 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Senior Hardware/System Design Engineer - Think Outside the Valley - Waterloo, ON   
A display panel with such technology offers unsurpassed image quality by offering wide gamut and sharp colors, true HDR, lowpower, and long life time which... $90,000 - $110,000 a year
From Indeed - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:43:44 GMT - View all Waterloo, ON jobs
          Game Audio Instructor Contract - Vancouver Film School - Vancouver, BC   
HDR and VR principles and technology preferred. The Vancouver Film School (VFS) Sound Design for Visual Media program is hiring for the position of part-time...
From Vancouver Film School - Tue, 30 May 2017 03:44:23 GMT - View all Vancouver, BC jobs
My guy @b0bbyb00 👌👌 #fef #frontendfriday #mustang #mustanggt#mustangs #2v#2valve #vortech#newedge #newedge #boosted #mustangsofinstagram #carporn#mustangporn #mustangsofinsta #whipple #carbonfiber #slammed #stance
          Bergenien: verführerisch und verkannt   

Bergenien [BdS Foto]

Bergenien: sind verführerisch und verkannt. Rosen, Schneeglöckchen, Taglilien, es gibt Pflanzen, derentwegen werden weite Reisen unternommen, Feste veranstaltet und Gesellschaften gegründet. Es gibt Pflanzen, die sind unauffälliger, aber treu und unkompliziert und werden deshalb hochgeschätzt. Und es gibt die Bergenie […]

Bergenien: verführerisch und verkannt auf Gartentechnik.de

          Functional Jobs: OCaml server-side developer at Ahrefs (Full-time)   

What we need

Ahrefs is looking for a backend developer with a deep understanding of networks, distributed systems, OS fundamentals and taste for simple and efficient architectural designs. Our backend is implemented mostly in OCaml and some C++, as such proficiency in OCaml is very much appreciated, otherwise a strong inclination to intensively learn OCaml in a short term will be required. Understanding of functional programming in general and/or experience with other FP languages (F#,Haskell,Scala,Scheme,etc) will help a lot. Knowledge of C++ and/or Rust is a plus.

Every day the candidate will have to deal with:

  • 10+ petabytes of live data
  • OCaml
  • linux
  • git

The ideal candidate is expected to:

  • Independently deal with bugs, schedule tasks and investigate code
  • Make argumented technical choice and take responsibility for it
  • Understand the whole technology stack at all levels : from network and userspace code to OS internals and hardware
  • Handle full development cycle of a single component - i.e. formalize task, write code and tests, setup and support production (devops), resolve user requests
  • Approach problems with practical mindset and suppress perfectionism when time is a priority
  • Write flexible maintainable code and adapt to post-launch requirements’ tweaks

These requirements stem naturally from our approach to development with fast feedback cycle, highly-focused personal areas of responsibility and strong tendency to vertical component splitting.

Who we are

Ahrefs runs an internet-scale bot that crawls the whole Web 24/7, storing huge volumes of information to be indexed and structured in a timely fashion. Backend system is powered by a custom petabyte-scale distributed key-value storage to accommodate all that data coming in at high speed. The storage system is implemented in OCaml with thin performance-critical low-level part in C++. On top of that Ahrefs is building various analytical services for end-users.

We are a small team and strongly believe in better technology leading to better solutions for real-world problems. We worship functional languages and static typing, extensively employ code generation and meta-programming, value code clarity and predictability, and are constantly seeking to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate boilerplate, guided by DRY and following KISS. If there is any new technology that will make our life easier - no doubt, we'll give it a try. We rely heavily on opensource code (as the only viable way to build maintainable system) and contribute back, see e.g. https://github.com/ahrefs . It goes without saying that our team is all passionate and experienced OCaml programmers, ready to lend a hand and explain that intricate ocamlbuild rule or track a CPU bug.

Our motto is "first do it, then do it right, then do it better".

What you get

We provide:

  • Competitive salary
  • Informal and thriving atmosphere
  • First-class workplace equipment (hardware, tools)
  • Medical insurance


Singapore : modern office in CBD

USA : cozy loft in San Francisco downtown

Get information on how to apply for this position.

          Receptionist and Administrative Assistant - ICAM Technologies Corporation - Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC   
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant required for a West Island High Tech Company. POSITION STILL VACANT:.... $30,000 - $35,000 a year
From Indeed - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 13:47:20 GMT - View all Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC jobs
          Journeyman Heavy Duty Service Technician - Mazergroup - Ste. Rose, MB   
Careers@mazergroup.ca with subject line “Service Tech Ste. Mazergroup is seeking a talented and motivated individual to join our Service Team in Ste....
From Mazergroup - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 17:33:50 GMT - View all Ste. Rose, MB jobs
          テクニクス★Technics SL-1200MK3D ターンテーブル 中古品 売切り   
テクニクス★Technics SL-1200MK3D ターン…
現在価格:1,100 円,入札数:2,終了日時:2017/07/03 22:04
          IT Specialist - Hi-Tech Business Systems Ltd - Dawson Creek, BC   
We are seeking an IT specialist to support our growing client base in the Dawson Creek area. Applicant must have minimum 3 years experience supporting servers
From Indeed - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:49:31 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          Instrumentation Technician contractors - Control Tech - Dawson Creek, BC   
Control Tech is seeking *Instrumentation contractors*. Control Tech, Dawson Creek branch (position based in Fort St John on 5x2 schedule)....
From Indeed - Wed, 24 May 2017 19:52:46 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          美品 テクニクス Technics 【SL-1200MK3D】 ターンテーブル  中古   
美品 テクニクス Technics 【SL-1200MK3…
現在価格:10,050 円,入札数:2,終了日時:2017/07/02 22:56
          Radio Technician Fiber Optic Splicer - North Peace Communications ltd - Dawson Creek, BC   
Fiber Optic ticket. 2 year TCom ticket. Good physical condition as climbing, lifting, sitting and kneeling are required. Detail oriented. Clean shaven.... $35 an hour
From Indeed - Sat, 13 May 2017 17:08:44 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots - 2014-WHITE-10   

Price: Rp4.200.000 Special Price: Rp4
Special Expires On: 5 Mei 2020

          Automation Technician - Encana - Dawson Creek, BC   
Journeyman Electrician or Instrument Tech preferred. Encana’s Operations Shared Services team requires an Automation Technician to assist in maintaining,...
From Encana - Tue, 07 Mar 2017 23:06:39 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots-BLACK/WHITE-12   

Price: Rp4.200.000 Special Price: Rp2.500.000
Special Expires On: 2 Nov 2022

          PosteAdj_Directeur_Tech - Fédération de Soccer du Québec - Quebec   
ADJOINT(E) DIRECTEUR TECHNIQUE RÉGIONALE L’Association Régionale de soccer Bourassa est à la recherche d’un(e) adjoint(e) directeur technique régional avant
From Fédération de Soccer du Québec - Tue, 16 May 2017 17:16:58 GMT - View all Quebec jobs
          Scrum Master - Scotiabank - Ontario   
Active in the Toronto startup, agile and tech scene. Significant experience acting as Scrum Master in a fast moving tech environment....
From Scotiabank - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 06:46:02 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Store Systems Tech Support Analyst - Roots Canada - Ontario   
The Store Systems Tech Support Analyst is responsible for planning and providing support services to POS systems. WHY JOIN ROOTS?...
From Roots - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:15:49 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Technical Staff (Part-time) - Ontario Soccer - Ontario   
Other Tech Staff and Volunteer Coaches. Technical Staff Job Responsibilities depend on the specific role of the....
From Ontario Soccer - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 20:09:13 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Maintenance Officer - Hydro One Networks Inc - Ontario   
Vacancy Number: 19187 Number of positions: 1.0 Town/City: To Be Determined , Ontario (CA-ON) Business Unit: NTW OPRTNS Division: PLANNING Department: TECH...
From Hydro One - Mon, 19 Jun 2017 06:12:14 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Site Manager I - Houghton International Inc. - Ontario   
SITE MANAGER I Position Summary: Houghton International, the world leader in industrial fluids, providing both high-tech fluid products and fluid management
From Houghton International Inc. - Tue, 13 Jun 2017 16:06:45 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Call Centre Representative: - The ALEA Group - Ontario   
Tech savvy – Knowledge of information technology systems and/or telecommunications highly desirable....
From The ALEA Group - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 08:37:28 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Business Development Specialist: - The ALEA Group - Ontario   
Tech savvy – Knowledge of information technology systems and/or telecommunications highly desirable. The role of the Business development specialist is to...
From The ALEA Group - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 08:37:22 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          IT Project Manager with Supply Chain exp. (Welland, Ontario) - General Electric - Ontario   
Partner with functional product owners to define features backlog, requirements and work with tech teams internal/external to ensure project outcomes are...
From GE Careers - Sat, 03 Jun 2017 10:24:40 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Technics SL-1200MK3 PMC-05ProⅢ VCA メンテ済み SERATO SCRATCH LIVE   
Technics SL-1200MK3 PMC-05ProⅢ VCA メ…
現在価格:41,500 円,入札数:3,終了日時:2017/07/06 22:50
          Celana Cross Techstar 14 Alpinestars White Orange Marine   

Price: Rp2.400.000 Special Price: Rp1.440.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

          Celana Cross Techstar 14 Alpinestars Yellow Orange Rubine   

Price: Rp2.400.000 Special Price: Rp1.440.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

          Celana Cross Techstar Alpinestars   

Price: Rp1.700.000 Special Price: Rp1.020.000
Special Expires On: 5 Jun 2022

          Sr WC Claim Representative - Westfield Insurance - Glen Allen, VA   
Ability to communicate effectively in a collaborative work environment utilizing various technologies such as:. SR WC CLAIM REPRESENTATIVE.... $61,668 - $70,919 a year
From Westfield Insurance - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 14:39:40 GMT - View all Glen Allen, VA jobs
          Cover Shock Honda CR 85 (07) - CRF 150 (07-17) Racetech   

Price: Rp480.000 Special Price: Rp384.000

          Cover Shock Honda CRF 150 2007-2013 Racetech   

Price: Rp480.000 Special Price: Rp384.000

          Non-Boring #Tech4Good Meetings for Nonprofits   
NetSquared organizers bring together the nonprofit technology community for face-to-face meetings ... but we all know that meetings are boring! Admit it, you sometimes dread going to those all-staff assemblies. Luckily for you, our NetSquared leaders are super creative when planning their #Tech4Good events. "Meetings" come in diverse and innovative formats like Mississauga, Canada's Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo; Pangani, Tanzania's Social Media Surgery ; and Birmingham, United Kingdom's Summer Tech for Good Social in a local pub. Join us at your local group. It will be fun — we promise! Find your closest NetSquared group Upcoming Tech for Good Events This roundup of face-to-face nonprofit tech events includes meetups from NetSquared , NTEN's Tech Clubs , and other awesome organizations. If you're holding monthly events gathering the #nptech community, let me know , and I'll include you in the next community calendar. Or, apply today to start your own NetSquared group. Africa The targets need to be linked like so: --> Jump to events in North America or go international with events in Africa and Middle East Asia and Pacific Rim Europe and United Kingdom Central and South America ## North America ## Africa ## Europe ## Asia and Pacific Rim --> North America Monday, July 3, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Wednesday, July 5, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Thursday, July 6, 2017 San Francisco, California: Tech for Good Monthly Mixer Friday, July 07, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Tips and Tools to Doll Up Your Data | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Naples, Florida: How to use Technology to Communicate and Manage Volunteers Vancouver, British Columbia: Full Spectrum Civic Engagement Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Boston, Massachusetts: Tech Networks of Boston Roundtable: Nonprofit Organizations, Civic Data, and Civic Faith Phoenix, Arizona: Phoenix: QuickBooks Made Easy Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Los Angeles, California: Summer Social Phoenix, Arizona: Data Management: What Nonprofits Need to Know San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Monday, July 17, 2017 Kitchener, Ontario: Mail Management Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Westmoreland Marietta, Georgia: Easy SEO Fixes for Your Nonprofit Jasper, Indiana: Social Media Wednesday, July 19, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Portland, Oregon: QuickBooks Made Easy Thursday, July 20, 2017 Seattle, Washington: QuickBooks Made Easy Friday, July 21, 2017 San Francisco, California: Mobile Apps for Change Demo Day at the Salvation Army Monday, July 24, 2017 Nanaimo, British Columbia: "Free Money" (Microsoft Volume Licensing and Google for Nonprofits) Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Buffalo, New York: Why Nonprofits Should Use TechSoup and NetSquared Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, July 26, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Friday, July 28, 2017 Seattle, Washington: Roundtable for New Nonprofit Executives Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Naples, Florida: Tech4Good SWFL Meeting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Allegheny Wednesday, August 2, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Phoenix, Arizona: Defining and Targeting Your Audience: Marketing for Nonprofits Thursday, August 3, 2017 Cleveland, Ohio: How to Remarket to Website Visitors via Facebook and Twitter Monday, August 7, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Ottawa, Ontario: Review Progress on Data Analysis Projects Wednesday, August 9, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Los Angeles, California: Web Accessibility: Designing Inclusive User Experiences Friday, August 11, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Optimizing Your Communications for Mobile | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Wednesday, August 16, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: The Internet of Things: You Only Live Twice? Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, August 23, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Asia and Pacific Rim Saturday, July 15, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia: Strategy of Data Collection for Nonprofits Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia: YouTube for Nonprofits Africa and Middle East Saturday, July 1, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Monday, July 3, 2017 Beirut, Lebanon: Lebanon's Digital Big Bang — An AltCity Info Session Friday, July 7, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Saturday, July 8, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Bamenda, Cameroon: How to Create Digital Stories Friday, July 14, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 15, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, July 21, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 22, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, July 28, 2017 Port Harcourt, Nigeria: Creating Apps and Other Tech Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 29, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Pangani, Tanzania: Social Media Surgery: WhatsApp for Farmers and Livestock Keepers Sunday, July 30, 2017 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Monthly Meeting of Local Members Friday, August 4, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Saturday, August 5, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Bamenda, Cameroon: How to Create Digital Stories Friday, August 11, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 12, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, August 18, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 19, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, August 25, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 26, 2017 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Monthly Meeting of Local Members Sunday, August 27, 2017 Pangani, Tanzania: Social Media Surgery: Instagram for Farmers and Livestock Keepers Europe and United Kingdom Saturday, July 1, 2017 Saint-Étienne , France: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2017 Monday, July 3, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Leith Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Saint-Étienne , France: Rencontres Professionnelles du Logiciel Libre Monday, July 10, 2017 Birmingham, United Kingdom: Data Analysis for Nonprofits Tuesday, July 11, 2017 West Bridgford, United Kingdom: User Research and Service Design — Lunch and Learn for Nottinghamshire County Council Staff Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media Tech for Good — Law and Justice Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Bath, United Kingdom: Design for All — Technology for Everyone, Accessibility, and User Experience Thursday, July 20, 2017 Milngavie, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Milngavie Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Dublin, Ireland: Design Thinking For Good: IBM Health Corps Tuesday, August 1, 2017 West Bridgford, United Kingdom: Organisation Design — Lunch and Learn for Nottinghamshire County Council Staff Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom: Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media Monday, August 14, 2017 Birmingham, United Kingdom: Summer Tech for Good Social Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Paudex, Switzerland: RdV4-0.ch: 2. Objets Connectés — IoT Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Thursday, August 31, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Edinburgh Image : Michele Mateus / CC BY Siobhan Aspinall with Umbrella at The Digital Nonprofit 201 : Elijah van der Giessen via Michele Mateus / CC BY-NC 2.0 --> spanhidden
          ABA Tutor - Moab and Blanding - Kids On The Move - Moab, UT   
SUMMARY OF POSITION: The ABA Tutor is a position that provides direct services to children with autism using proven behavioral techniques. Majority of... $10.00 - $13.50 an hour
From Kids On The Move - Tue, 14 Mar 2017 02:23:18 GMT - View all Moab, UT jobs
          Surgical Technologist - Laser Spine Institute - Wayne, PA   
Cooperate and build collaborative relationships with one another. At Laser Spine Institute, our Surgical Technologists are responsible for preparing the...
From Laser Spine Institute - Wed, 31 May 2017 00:17:19 GMT - View all Wayne, PA jobs
          Cover Shock KTM SX 85 (2004-2013) Racetech   

Price: Rp480.000 Special Price: Rp384.000

          Cover Shock Yamaha YZ 85 2002 - 2013 Racetech   

Price: Rp480.000 Special Price: Rp384.000

          Foot Pegs Honda CR/CRF 125-450 (02-17) Racetech   

Price: Rp1.500.000 Special Price: Rp1.125.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          Foot Pegs KTM SX / SXF & EXC / EXCF (2000 - 2016) Racetech   

Price: Rp1.500.000 Special Price: Rp1.125.000
Special Expires On: 1 Mei 2020

          Foot Pegs Suzuki RMZ 250 (2007-2009) Racetech   

Price: Rp1.500.000 Special Price: Rp1.125.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          Foot Pegs Suzuki RMZ 250 2010 - 2013 Racetech   

Price: Rp1.500.000 Special Price: Rp1.125.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          Delivery Hero gains on first trading day in tech IPO success   
FRANKFURT, June 30 Delivery Hero AG rose as much as 8.6 per cent in its first day of trading, giving the Berlin-based takeout company a market capitalisation of 4.7 billion (approx. RM23 billion) in a successful debut on the Frankfurt stock
          Foot Pegs Yamaha YZ/YZF 125-450 (1997 - 2017) Racetech    

Price: Rp1.500.000 Special Price: Rp1.125.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          Foot Pegs Yamaha YZF 250 / 450 (2001-2009) Racetech   

Price: Rp1.500.000 Special Price: Rp1.125.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          Handle Rem Honda CR / CRF 125-450 (07-17 )Racetech   

Price: Rp900.000 Special Price: Rp675.000
Special Expires On: 29 Des 2020

          Handle Rem KTM / Husq / Husaberg 2000 - 2013 Racetech   

Price: Rp900.000 Special Price: Rp675.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          Handle Rem Yamaha YZ / YZF 2007 - 2017 Racetech   

Price: Rp900.000 Special Price: Rp675.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          Aquila : le drone solaire de Facebook réussit son deuxième vol d’essai   

Après un premier test raté en juin dernier, le programme Aquila vient d’enregistrer un succès. Pour son deuxième essai, le drone solaire autonome de Facebook qui vise à connecter les zones les plus reculées du monde à Internet, a pu récolter un maximum de données. Et il a surtout réussi son atterrissage. [Lire la suite]
          Les combats de drones existent, c’est même un sport collectif   


Imaginez un no man's land, où deux drones se battent en duel jusqu'à ce que mort (ou panne) de l'un d'entre eux s'ensuive. Cela ne se passe pas dans un film, mais dans la vraie vie : les combats de drones sont une vraie activité, qui se pratique d'ailleurs en équipe. [Lire la suite]
          Entering Contest of Champions: Punisher 2099   

Bullets and blades blast and slice across Battlerealm as Jake Gallows, the Punisher of 2099, brute forces his way into “Marvel Contest of Champions” as the game’s 100th character.

We talked to Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Character Designer Simon Cameron about what makes this particular Punisher tick like a time bomb.

Marvel.com: I gotta ask, how much effort does it take for The Collector to reach through the past and future to snatch up a specimen?

Gabriel Frizzera: The Punisher 2099 was captured in the original batch of Champions for The Contest. But it wasn’t necessary for Collector to reach through time, since Jake Gallows had travelled back to the 21st century to execute Carnage, as part of an initiative by the future Hydra regime to punish criminals in different timelines. They’re very proactive at the Secret Empire— they won’t let small things like the space-time continuum get in the way of their punishment!

Marvel.com: And what makes Jake Gallows so special that he gets to fight it out in The Contest?

Gabriel Frizzera: Gallows was one of the characters Marvel allowed us to redesign for the CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS comic book, and appeared briefly in the last issue—before being quickly dispatched by Frank Castle. We had plans to put him in the game for a while, and when the opportunity to do a Secret Empire tie-in came about, we decided to have him as the villain. Turns out he’s also our 100th playable character, so it worked out great that he’s one of our original designs!

Marvel.com: 100 characters is a super cool milestone, and outside of Angela, this may be my favorite looking combatant in “Contest of Champions.” Seriously, this Punisher looks absolutely awesome! What can you tell us about his design?

Gabriel Frizzera: We are fond of his ‘90s garish outfit and gadgets, but we wanted to push him to look more like a “futuristic shock-police on steroids.” The central piece of the design is the chest skull made of knives and guns—which teleport into his hands; not a second to spare in the future. His whole arsenal is white to contrast with the black and red suit, but also to speak to the nature of 2099’s technology: all weapons would be freshly formed and reconfigured on the spot by nanotechnology. His original concept had way more weapons—like mag-blades on his arms and an electro-baton—and a tactical helmet, which ended up having to be cut for memory reasons. But we kept his bad-ass disintegrating gun and “Grenazers”!

Marvel.com: Aside from his bad ass new look, what sets him apart from Frank Castle?

Gabriel Frizzera: We joke in the office that Jake Gallows makes Frank Castle look like a soft-hearted hippie! We had a lot of fun writing the contrast between the two, the same way other writers love to contrast Frank Castle among more “straight” heroes like Captain America. In the story, when placed between Jake Gallows’ and Steve Rogers’ radically different views of justice, Frank Castle is forced to admit he might be a bit closer to Cap than the fanatic Punisher 2099. It was fun for me to write dialogue where Gallows calls Castle a “half-measure,” the same way Castle called Matt Murdock [“Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix]. That shows how far Punisher 2099 has strayed into villainous territory.

Marvel.com: Tell me a little about Punisher 2099’s abilities…

Simon Cameron: Punisher 2099 gets much of his strength from his Nano-Tech, which is powered by the Nano-Tech Battery. This charge builds over time, and his Special 1 gives him an Overcharge Passive effect, giving him additional Nano-Tech charge for a few seconds. This charge is spent by a number of automatically triggered effects—things like: Triggering a Heal Block on an Opponent when they trigger a Regeneration Buff, Draining the Charge to Regenerate Punisher 2099 if his Health drops below a threshold, or adding a Stun effect to his Heavy Attack. He also enters an Overdrive mode if his Charge reaches 100%. This drains his Charge over time, but grants him additional Attack, and reduces the amount of Power his Opponent gains when they’re struck by Punisher’s attacks.

Marvel.com: And what’s Retribution 2099 all about?

Simon Cameron: Retribution 2099 is Punisher’s Signature Ability. It lets him start the fight with his Nano-Tech Battery partially charged; it also adds a new automatically triggered effect to spend his Nano-Tech Charge on. This ability triggers when his opponent hits full power, draining a small amount of it, and power locking them for a couple seconds. It’s a little like a Special 3 get out of jail free card.

Marvel.com: And when can we hope to bring the Punisher’s weapon mastery to bear on the bad guys?

Simon Cameron: Punisher 2099 opens fire on The Contest June 29!

Stay tuned to Marvel.com and @MarvelGames on Twitter for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews!

          Jok Motor Trail Honda CRF 150 Racetech   

Price: Rp1.200.000 Special Price: Rp960.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          Dow and S&P 500 Notch Gains in June, While a Late Tech Rout Weighs on Nasdaq   

Click to view a price quote on FB.

Click to research the Internet industry.

          Jok Motor Trail Yamaha YZ 85 Racetech Italy   

Price: Rp1.200.000 Special Price: Rp960.000
Special Expires On: 1 Des 2020

          S&P 500 Rebounds on Last Day of Second Quarter, Tech Makes Slight Gains   

Click to view a price quote on XLK.

Click to research the Financial Services industry.

          Spider-Man Returns as Vulture Attacks ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’   

Spider-Man and some of his spectacular friends swing back to “Marvel Avengers Academy” as Peter’s other school—the Midtown School of Science and Technology—prepares for their homecoming celebration. But the villainous Vulture has other ideas! He launches an attack on both learning institutions and it’ll take everyone at the Academy—plus some new pals Peter’s made over the last year—to thwart his plan and save the dance.

We sat down with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to learn everything Spidey brings with him in this latest event.

Marvel.com: What’s bringing the web-head and his spider-powered crew back to “Avengers Academy”?

Allen Warner: At the end of our previous Multiverse event, we learned that someone had been scavenging Maestro’s collection of “trophies” for tech and weapons, along with various labs and superhuman battle sites across New York. Nick Fury tasked Spider-Man with finding the perpetrator, and he’s coming back to report what he’s found. It also coincides with the homecoming dance at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, so Spidey will be bringing the party to Avengers Academy, and bugging everyone for dating advice.

Marvel.com: Why is Vulture so set on laying waste to Midtown Sci-Tech and the Academy?

Allen Warner: Vulture is a brilliant scientist and inventor, but was turned down by both Avengers Academy and Midtown Sci-Tech after being accused of stealing other students’ tech and ideas to further his own goals. He feels like his fellow super-scientists don’t respect him, and the entire world is conspiring against him, so he starts using tech and weapons found in various superhuman battle sites to rebuild and repurpose mechanical monstrosities into things like an army of Vulture-ized Octobots. He wants power and respect, and he’ll destroy everyone and everything at both Avengers Academy and Midtown Sci-Tech to get it.

Marvel.com: The event district gives us a peek at Peter’s life outside the Academy; what new things will players discover?

Allen Warner: The event district is Midtown Sci-Tech itself, decked out for homecoming. It’s completely different than anything we’ve done before, and really cool because it brings a lot of fun, school flavor the campus. Unfortunately, Vulture shows up to ruin the party, so he’s perched atop the school with his prisoners and minions, plotting his attack on Avengers Academy.

Marvel.com: And the event building carves out a space for one particular Spider-heroine…

Allen Warner: Yes, we’re big Spider-Gwen fans over here too, so we wanted her to share the spotlight. The event building is a multi-tiered punk rock venue where Gwen and some surprise guests are going to perform, and throw their own brand of homecoming bash. The building represents Gwen really well with its gleaming white exteriors, colorful neon blue and pink graffiti, a unique stage and dance floor, and some other really cool surprises.

Marvel.com: How will players battle Vulture and his refurbished Octobot army?

Allen Warner: Players will battle Vulture’s tech on the campus as a team, while battling Vulture himself, and a couple of foes he’s tricked into fighting by his side. Part of his plan is to create chaos and keep the heroes busy by setting Symbiotes loose in New York, so your heroes will also battle in the streets of New York to protect the city.

Marvel.com: What new faces will join the Academy—and the fight against Vulture—as Peter calls on more of his friends from across the multiverse?

Allen Warner: A really cool collection of various Spider-Heroes, amazing friends, and one grumpy newspaper publisher. Players will be able to recruit Silver Sable, Spider-Girl, Agent Venom, J. Jonah Jameson, and Silk. J. Jonah Jameson was really popular as a cameo character during our first Spider-Man event, and I’d forgotten how fun he is to write until this event came around. His personality is great to bounce off of the students, and I can’t wait for everyone to see his visual upgrades. Silver Sable is one of my favorite Spidey characters. She looks amazing, and is a cool fit alongside some of the spies and mercenaries running around the school. Agent Venom is one of the most awesome Symbiotes, and he brings something completely unique to the table, and of course [his alter ego] Flash [Thompson] and Peter Parker have a classic rivalry. Spider-Girl and Silk are two of the coolest spider-powered characters in my opinion. They both were very close to making the cut in our first Spider-Man event, so I’m really excited to see them finally make it into “Avengers Academy.” As always, our art and animation teams have knocked it out of the park with everyone’s designs and actions, and I think players are going to love having all of these characters at their school.

Marvel.com: And there must be some cool new outfits on the way as well…

Allen Warner: Definitely. There are new outfits for Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Mary Jane, Venom, and Doctor Octopus. It’s a cool mix of some iconic looks, some seldom-seen but awesome outfits from the comics, and a couple of classics given fun Avengers Academy-style re-imaginings. It’s a really cool group that I think people will love.

Marvel.com: With the second Guardians of the Galaxy event, players were able to recruit the heroes from the previous event; will we see something similar here?

Allen Warner: Yes, we got a really positive response from players during the Guardians 2 event who enjoyed that opening week featuring characters from the original event because it gave them a first or second chance at characters they’d missed out on before, so we decided to do a similar thing here. The opening week will give new and longtime players the chance to get one of the outfits and a few of the characters from the original event, as well as a new character and outfit. Over the course of the event, players will have a chance to get every single character and outfit from the original Spider-Man event, including Miles Morales, Mysterio, Black Cat, Electro, Green Goblin, and many more.

Marvel.com: Once the Vulture is thwarted, what new adventures will players be able to look forward to?

Allen Warner: We’re going to find that Vulture isn’t the only person who’s secretly holding a grudge against Avengers Academy. He’s been sharing his scavenged tech and weapons with some faraway enemies, and they’re ready to go to war.

For all the latest on “Marvel Avengers Academy,” stay tuned to Marvel.com and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

          Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Fall 2017 Toys   

Gear up for other-worldly adventures with a thundering cast of super heroes and super villains as ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ hits theaters in November 2017! Fans can recreate their favorite movie moments with Hasbro’s new line of Thor and Hulk electronic figures and innovative role play.

New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ products for Fall 2017 include:

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Thor Rumble Strike Hammer — Wield Thor’s hammer and channel the powers of the Asgardian god of thunder! With each swing, kids can feel and hear the hammer rumble and shake to better act out their favorite Thor moments. The hammer has foam edges and lightning deco.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk-Out Mask — Kids can easily pretend to transform into the mighty Hulk with this chin-activated mask! The mask has movable eyebrows and mouth so kids can change Hulk’s expressions. The wider kids open their mouth, the angrier Hulkappears!

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk Smash FX Fists — Hulk Smash! Battle like the Hulk with a pair of Smash FX Fists armed with gladiator deco. The right fist includes accelerometer technology that can detect different movements and responds with sound effects. Kids can move the right fist up and down for certain action sound effects or repeatedly smash a surface to increase the sound of Hulk’s roar. Requires 2 AA batteries, included.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Thor Electronic Figure — Kids can imagine Thor summoning lightning with this 12-inch electronic figure that has 5 points of articulation and movie styling! With the push of a button, Thor says signature phrases and there are action sound effects. Includes 1 hammer. Requires 3 AA batteries, included.

Marvel’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Hulk Gladiator Interactive Figure — Smash into action with this 13-inch electronic Hulk figure! With the push of a button, kids can hear Hulk’s signature phrases and sound effects. This electronic Hulk figure recognizes and interacts with the electronic Thor figure (sold separately). Includes movie-inspired gladiator deco and battle accessory. Requires 3 AA batteries, included.

All are available at most major retailers and on HasbroToyShop.com.

          Stock Futures Point to a Wall Street Rebound After Another Steep Tech Selloff   

Click to view a price quote on XLK.

Click to research the Financial Services industry.

          Black Bolt: Royal Likeness   

Over the years, Blackagar Boltagon has filled many roles: leader of the Inhumans, husband, father, intergalactic ruler—and now, prisoner! Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Christian Ward set up quite a challenge for the one-time king when they launched BLACK BOLT a few months back: escape from an epic space prison!

Teamed up with the likes of Absorbing Man, Black Bolt continues to figure out how to flee the seemingly inescapable jail in the stars so he can find his way back to his family. We talked with Ward about designing Black Bolt’s cage, working on the silent hero, and making his mark on a childhood favorite.

Marvel.com: This book has definitely taken Black Bolt in some unexpected directions. How has it been crafting these stories with Saladin so far?

Christian Ward: I’m drawn to stories I can’t predict. I think that’s one reason why shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” are so enjoyable. Reading Saladin’s scripts for BLACK BOLT [has] had those same unexpected elements and I’ve loved reading them. Bringing a story to life that you’re already enjoying in its script form is easy. I have a background in creator-owned comics; I’m used to working on books I’m personally invested in and working on BLACK BOLT with Saladin has felt no different.

I think he would agree that we’ve really clicked working on BLACK BOLT. It’s been an absolute joy and I feel very lucky to be working with Saladin. I felt like we’re telling one story together infused with all these personal elements. I definitely feel like we’re trying to say something with BLACK BOLT, whilst remembering it’s a super hero comic and it should also be a lot of fun. Even with his first comic, Saladin’s going to be [among] many peoples’ very favorite writers. He’s certainly one of mine now and hopefully this will be the first of many projects we do together.

Marvel.com: The story mixes elements from classic prison break tales with sci-fi and super heroes. Do you enjoy playing with those pieces and building new structures with them?

Christian Ward: I do! Lots of my previous projects—like ODY-C for instance—have been about clashing genres together. I love the tension you get from mixing disparate ingredients. With BLACK BOLT, as well as the genres you mentioned, I’ve been having fun approaching parts like a Gothic horror, not just with the scenery and the lighting but also trying to use page layouts to make it feel foreboding or claustrophobic.

There have been pages where I’ve tried to make the panel [borders] feel as much of the prison bars as the ones I’ve actually drawn. Becoming narrower and narrower as our characters are contained or crushed within them. It’s been fun to allow the different genres, like horror, influence how certain elements of the book look and even let each issue feel a little different. For instance, in issue #4 I’ve been playing with formal nine-panel grids and half tone textures as a way to exaggerate the old school comic book-ness of the issue. It keeps me on my toes and hopefully it keeps the [book] exciting from issue to issue for the reader.

Marvel.com: You’re setting much of the action inside of this jail. How much of it did you have designed ahead of time?

Christian Ward: Lots of great design is about tension and what Saladin had in mind for our prison was perfect to play to that idea. He had this idea that it would be equal parts Victorian gaol and [Jack] Kirby techno, so for every stone pillar there has to be this contrasting piece of insane, impossible machinery.

I read about Panopticon so I knew I wanted there to be eyes everywhere because big floating over-watching eyes are always creepy and it had to feel huge, I wanted Black Bolt to feel insignificant there. I certainly didn’t design a physical place like an architect would, rather I spent a lot of time thinking about how it would feel, or maybe how the inmates would feel being held there. I wanted the prison to feel intangible, like a monster glimpsed in the darkness, a place that was ever changing. Somewhere it would be impossible to get your footing or stay sane. An M.C. Escher drawing come to life.

Marvel.com: BLACK BOLT has incorporated some interesting characters from Absorbing Man to Death’s Head. How has it been putting your own spin on them and making them work in this story?

Christian Ward: The first thing I have to say is what a huge and continuing honor it is to be drawing these characters that so many greats have drawn before me. It’s very exciting to, as you say, put a spin on them. It’s a tricky balancing act to honor what’s come before and try to shine a different light on them. Hopefully success comes from loving the characters in the first place. For instance, when I was a teenager Death’s Head was my favorite character growing up in the UK. He was my Hulk, my Spider-Man, my X-Men. He was my number one. So when I came to design my take on him I let that love guide the design. What I love about the character—that’s what I bring to the forefront.

And oh boy, Absorbing Man! I love drawing Carl. This might be Black Bolt’s book, but I think Crusher’s the heart of it. It’s been so much fun to draw him not as a bad guy, but as a man, and try and make him feel real. Whereas I’m trying to keep Bolt at arm’s length I really want readers to feel very empathetic towards Crusher. I’ve really grown to love the guy so I hope that’s coming through.

Marvel.com: Does Black Bolt’s silence offer any particular challenges when you’re working from panel to panel?

Christian Ward: It’s a huge challenge. I remember reading about the difference between TV, movie, and stage acting and the “volume” in which actors have to project or emote in each. Unlike in theater, for instance, on a giant movie screen the smallest of facial movements can be read. I’m aiming for giant movie screen acting here. I’ve always enjoyed comic book acting and it’s huge fun to try and convey all the subtleties of Bolt’s face. I really wanted to have him feel reserved and withdrawn from us but that as the story progressed the wall that he’d built up around himself—his own personal inner prison wall—would break down and we’d see more of those emotions showing on his face and in his body language. You know, as much as I love the big cosmic moments of the book, it was the challenge of drawing Bolt that made me take the project on and I’m having the time of my life with it.

BLACK BOLT #3 breaks into stores on July 5, with issue #4 following on August 2, thanks to Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward.

          Sepatu Cross Alpinestars Tech 7 2017 Black Orange White Blue-11   

Price: Rp4.200.000 Special Price: Rp0

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          Silay Malay Technique   
2Player fighting game using the Malays Silay technique
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          Nallatech, A Molex Company, Joins Dell EMC Technology Partner Program   

LISLE, Ill., June 30, 2017 – Nallatech, a Molex company, recently announced its official membership in the multi-tier Dell EMC Technology Partner Program that includes ISVs, IHVs and Solution Providers.  Nallatech provides hardware, software and design services to enable high performance computing (HPC), network processing, and real-time embedded computing in datacenters.  Dell EMC has approved […]

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          And 500 Other Things   
Self-driving cars fans live in environments which have basically been built for cars and not in somewhat older areas where car-centric environments were retrofitted slowly over time. Roundabouts are hard, but so are hundreds of other non-standardized things.

"Roundabouts are considered to be very challenging for automated vehicle technology," says Helen Kourous, a Ford engineer. "They are very unstructured. No two are alike. You can find many different configurations. Human drivers can sometimes get confused in them," she says.

In geofenced areas, such as the parking lot at Walt Disney World, a gated community, or a college campus, Level 5 self-driving vehicles make perfect sense, and they will work. I can see Level 3 vehicles in a few years where vehicles can drive themselves on highways but must hand off to the human driver if they can't figure out a situation. And that's about really all we can expect in the next 25 years.

This is correct, though I think it also misses the point. While there will be uses for this technology, they'll be so limited as to be almost pointless. Great, self-driving shuttle buses in Disney World to get people from the parking lot to the park gate. I mean, cool, I guess, but...

          UCAR Deploys ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect in Supercomputing Network   

BOULDER, Co., June 29, 2017 — ADVA Optical Networking announced today that the University Corporation for Atmosphere Research (UCAR) has deployed its FSP 3000 CloudConnect data center interconnect (DCI) solution for ultra-high capacity connectivity to the Cheyenne supercomputer. The DCI technology is now being used to transport vital scientific data over two 200Gbit/s 16QAM connections between the […]

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          Coinunion - Coinunion.biz   
Im not admin,

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Welcome To COINUNION Limited

COINUNION Limited is a professional cryptocurrency investment company since 2017. We are based in London and have in our employ investment professionals from many industries, ranging from advanced computer technology to engineering.

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That is why we are launching our investment project and invite everyone who shares our ideas and is ready to grow with COINUNION Limited.

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          InfiniBand Continues to Lead TOP500 as Interconnect of Choice for HPC   

BEAVERTON, Ore., June 28, 2017 – The InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA), a global organization dedicated to maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand specification, today shared the latest TOP500 List results, which reveal that InfiniBand remains the most used High Performance Computing (HPC) interconnect. Additionally, the majority of newly listed TOP500 supercomputers are accelerated by InfiniBand technology. […]

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          Global shipping feels fallout from Maersk cyber attack   

By Jonathan Saul

LONDON (Reuters) - Global shipping is still feeling the effects of a cyber attack that hit A.P. Moller-Maersk two days ago, showing the scale of the damage a computer virus can unleash on the technology dependent and inter-connected industry.

About 90 percent of world trade is transported by sea, with ships and ports acting as the arteries of the global economy. Ports increasingly rely on communications systems to keep operations running smoothly, and any IT glitches can create major disruptions for complex logistic supply chains.

The cyber attack was among the biggest-ever disruptions to hit global shipping. Several port terminals run by a Maersk division, including in the United States, India, Spain, the Netherlands, were still struggling to revert to normal operations on Thursday after experiencing massive disruptions.

South Florida Container Terminal, for example, said dry cargo could not be delivered and no container would be received. Anil Diggikar, chairman of JNPT port, near the Indian commercial hub of Mumbai, told Reuters that he did not know "when exactly the terminal will be running smoothly".

His uncertainty was echoed by Maersk itself, which told Reuters that a number of IT systems were still shut down and that it could not say when normal business operations would be resumed.

It said it was not able to comment on specific questions regarding the breach of its IT systems or the state of its cyber security as it had "all available hands focused on practical stuff and getting things back to normal".

The impact of the attack on the company has reverberated across the industry given its position as the world's biggest container shipping line and also operator of 76 ports via its APM Terminals division.

Container ships transport much of the world's consumer goods and food, while dry bulk ships haul commodities including coal and grain and tankers carry vital oil and gas supplies.

"As Maersk is about 18 percent of all container trade, can you imagine the panic this must be causing in the logistic chain of all those cargo owners all over the world?" said Khalid Hashim, managing director of Precious Shipping, one of Thailand's largest dry cargo ship owners.

"Right now none of them know where any of their cargoes (or)containers are. And this 'black hole' of lack of knowledge will continue till Maersk are able to bring back their systems on line."


The computer virus, which researchers are calling GoldenEye or Petya, began its spread on Tuesday in Ukraine and affected companies in dozens of countries.

Maersk said the attack had caused outages at its computer systems across the world.

In an example of the turmoil that ensued, the unloading of vessels at the group's Tacoma terminal was severely slowed on Tuesday and Wednesday, said Dean McGrath, president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 23 there.

The terminal is a key supply line for the delivery of domestic goods such as milk and groceries and construction materials to Anchorage, Alaska.

"They went back to basics and did everything on paper," McGrath said.

Ong Choo Kiat, President of U-Ming Marine Transport, Taiwan's largest dry bulk ship owner, said the fact Maersk had been affected rang alarm bells for the whole shipping industry as the Danish company was regarded as a leader in IT technology.

"But they ended up one of the first few casualties. I therefore conclude that shipping is lacking behind the other industry in term of cyber security," he said.

"How long would it takes to catch up? I don't know. But recently all owners and operators are definitely more aware of the risk of cyber security and beginning to pay more attention to it."

In a leading transport survey by international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright published this week, 87 percent of respondents from the shipping industry believed cyber attacks would increase over the next five years - a level that was higher than counterparts in the aviation, rail and logistics industries.


Apart from the reliance on computer systems, ships themselves are increasingly exposed to interference through electronic navigation devices such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) and lack the backup systems airliners have to prevent crashes, according to cyber security experts.

There were no indications that GPS and other electronic navigation aids were affected by this week's attack, but security specialists say such systems are vulnerable to signal loss from deliberate jamming by hackers.

Last year, South Korea said hundreds of fishing vessels had returned early to port after its GPS signals were jammed by North Korea, which denied responsibility.

"The Maersk attack raises our awareness of the vulnerability of shipping and ports to technological failure," said Professor David Last, a previous president of Britain's Royal Institute of Navigation.

"When GPS fails, ships' captains lose their principal means of navigation and much of their communications and computer links. They have to slow down and miss port schedules," said Last, who is also a strategic advisor to the General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland.

A number of countries including the UK and the United States are looking into deploying a radar based back up navigation system for ships called eLoran, but this will take time to develop.

David Nordell, head of strategy and policy for London-based think tank, the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science, said the global shipping and port industries were vulnerable to cyber attack, because their operating technologies tend to be old.

"It's certainly possible to imagine that two container ships, or, even worse, oil or gas tankers, could be hacked into colliding, resulting in loss of life and cargo, and perhaps total loss of the vessels," Nordell said.

"Carried out in a strategically sensitive location such as the Malacca Straits or the Bosphorus, a collision like this could block shipping for enough time to cause serious dislocations to trade."


Cyber risks also pose challenges for insurance cover.

In a particularly secretive industry, information about the nature of cyber attacks is still scarce, which insurance and shipping officials say is an obstacle to mitigating the risk, which means there are gaps in insurance cover available.

"There has been a lot of non-reporting (of breaches) on ships, and we’re trying efforts where even if there could be anonymous reporting on a platform so we can start to get the information and the data," said Andrew Kinsey, senior marine consultant at insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.

There is also a gap in provision, because most existing cyber or hull insurance policies - which insure the ship itself - will not cover the risk of a navigation system being jammed or physical damage to the ship caused by a hacking attack.

"The industry is just waking up to its vulnerability," said Colin Gillespie, deputy director of loss prevention with ship insurer North.

"Perhaps it is time for insurers, reinsurers, ship operators and port operators to sit down together and consider these risks in detail. A collective response is needed - we are all under attack."

(Additional reporting by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen in Copenhagen, Keith Wallis and Carolyn Cohn in London, Euan Rocha in Mumbai, Miyoung Kim in Singapore, Alexander Cornwell in Dubai, Michael Hirtzer in Chicago, Noor Zainab Hussain in Bangalore, Adam Jourdan and Shanghai newsroom; Editing by Pravin Char)

          Plumbing and Drain Tech   
CO-Colorado Springs, Local Plumbing and HVAC Company is seeking to fill an experienced Residential/Commercial service plumber/drain cleaning position in the Colorado Springs area. Must have at least 3-years' experience working as a residential and/or light commercial service plumber/drain cleaner. Duties and Responsibilities: 1) Knowledge of Residential and light Commercial plumbing systems 2) Strong Interpersonal com
          Commentaires sur Le RDV Tech 215 – Amazole Foods par ToToR65   
Bonjour @notpatrick. Comme @yohannt l'avait fait habilement remarquer tu as parler des nouveaux format AZERTY et PEBO dans le dernier RDVTech. Donc je me suis empressé d'aller l'écouter et je n'ai pas été déçu ;) Mon sentiment là dessus est mitigé. D'abord la joie et la fierté d'avoir été cité au RDVTech, ça n'a pas de prix. Dans n'importe quelle circonstance (même si là j'ai l'impression de passer pour un emmerdeur :D ). Le second sentiment, je ne saurai pas le définir pour l'instant. Donc je vais écrire ce qui m'a fait tiquer et peut-être la définition du sentiment ira de soi. Tu as utilisé pendant ces toutes petites 10 minutes sur le sujet un mot, à 4 reprises il me semble. Programmeur. Et du coup je l'ai pris en plein coeur. Et j'ai repensé à notre discussion sur Twitter, à propos de @ et de |. J'ai l'impression que nous défendions chacun notre point de vue, et c'est bien normal, mais du coup je comprends maintenant que tu partais du postulat que je défendais la profession des programmeurs. J'ai même l'impression que de ton point de vue tous les informaticiens sont des programmeurs. Et ça, ça fait mal. Voilà le sentiment, la douleur, de ne pas être considéré. Tout d'abord, je pense que ce terme sort des entrailles des années 90, puisque j'ai l'impression que de nos jours on parle plus de développeurs (mais après je connais mal ce milieu j'avoue). Et ensuite, non nous ne sommes pas tous des programmeurs. J'irai même plus loin. A titre personnel, j'ai appris quelque langage de programmation à l'école et la conclusion que j'en tire c'est que je déteste programmer/développer. Mais il en faut et j'admire leur travail (qui est bien plus dur que le mien je pense). Ne t'inquiète pas, tu n'es pas le seul à faire l'amalgame informaticien et programmeur, j'aimerai donc te sensibiliser à cet aspect. La branche de l'informatique à laquelle j'appartiens (enfin dont j'en ai fait le métier), c'est l'administration (non pas la maison qui rend fou de Astérix, l'admin informatique). Je dis bien admin informatique car il y a énormement de sous-branches de ce merveilleux métier. Pour être plus précis, je suis administrateur système. Quel est mon rôle ? Administrer un système d'exploitation et voici une liste non exhaustive des tâches que j'effectue : - installer/désinstaller des programmes - tenir à jour les programmes - tenir à jour le système d'exploitation - maintenir la sécurité du système d'exploitation Et plein d'autres tâches qui sont inhérentes au fait que je ne gère pas une seule machine mais quelques milliers. Par contre, quand on regarde d'un peu plus près ces quelques tâches que j'effectue au quotidien, on peut se rendre compte d'un chose... Nous sommes TOUS des administrateurs système. Quelque soit le système, on installe tous des applications, ainsi que les autres tâches plus accessoires (oui la sécurité, par les temps qui courrent, osef ;) ). Par conséquent, quand je défends le |, je ne le défends pas en tant que programmeur (ce que je ne suis pas) mais en tant qu'admin, le | est un outil de tous les systèmes d'exploitation (oui tous). Exemple : Sous Windows, allez dans le menu démarrer, taper cmd dans la recherche (ou dans Cortana), lancer l'invite de commande et taper ça : net statistics server | find "since" ou (si vous avez Windows en français) net statistics server | find "depuis" (cf https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/555737/how-to-find-windows-uptime) Et vous aurez l'uptime de votre système. Donc je ne dis pas que tout le monde utilise le |, mais tout le monde pourrait l'utiliser car c'est une commande de n'importe quel outil informatique sur lequel vous pourriez travailler. Et je ne parle pas des milliers de techniciens qui pourraient venir dépanner votre PC qui l'utilise au quotidien. C'est pour cela qu'il doit reste sur les claviers (pas forcément accessible, mais il est utile parce qu'il est lié au fonctionnement de votre outil informatique). J'espère qu'à l'avenir vous saurez faire la différence entre les développeurs (ces artistes créateurs) et les administrateurs (ces artisan de l'ombre, que nous sommes tous au final). Merci de votre attention et bonne journée. Peace.
          Food Technologist   
CO-Colorado Springs, Food Technologist. Part Time Consulting Colorado – preferably in Colorado Springs/ Denver BUT remote conflation will also work - Responsibilities: Develop and improve existing product line – primarily Vegetarian and Vegan food Requirements: Minimum BS in Food Science, or comparable 3+ years experience in food product development Experience with USDA regulated products a huge plus (i.e. frozen food
          Take That "Cultural Appropriation" Ban All The Way   
Take That "Cultural Appropriation" Ban All The Way I've had this idea, vis a vis the college students and others screeching that Israel must be boycotted. I strongly suggest they take the first step and toss their iPhones (Israeli technology within) and refuse life-saving medical care that stems from Israeli researchers' discoveries. At Foundation for Economic Education, Pierre-Guy Veer applies this to those seeking to ban "cultural appropriation" -- which I like to think of as human cultural and intellectual progress. Imagine, "No, no, that fire thing is our shit -- don't be cooking your meat or we'll come club you with big rocks." Veer writes:
After years of complaining about such "problems" as a white chef cooking Mexican food or about "insensitive" Halloween costumes, it looks like Social Justice Warriors have finally prevailed. The United Nations will soon discuss, at the demand of indigenous groups, a ban on so-called cultural appropriation in order to "expand intellectual-property regulations to protect things like Indigenous designs, dances, words and traditional medicines." It is rather ironic that those Natives would only want to ban "appropriation" of "their" culture. Why not push it to its logical conclusion and call for a ban on all cultural appropriation? This means that they would have to forgo every single technology that was imported from the rest of the world since 1492. In other words, they would have to abandon mathematics, writing, any form of metal casting, currency, all languages not originally from Pre-Columbus America, modern medicine, etc.
They would also not have beer. Any takers? Yoohoo? Veer traces what I think of as Canadian cheese fries:
Through contacts with other people from other cultures, any given cultural idea or tradition has become better. Take poutine for example. This meal composed of French fries, curd cheese and brown gravy has become a cultural symbol of Quebec. Some Quebecers are complaining that Canada is "appropriating" it as a national symbol and that there are poutine festivals from coast to coast. This is a rather strange way to celebrate the fact that what used to be seen as vulgar junk food is now seen as almost a delicacy with many variations - with sausage, chicken, hot sauce, etc. This "appropriation" should be celebrated because it shows that "poutine culture" is alive and well. Had it been kept within the border of Quebec, it might not even exist today since stagnation and lack of evolution is what kills ideas. Imagine for a moment that Céline Dion had decided not to start singing in English because she wanted to remain "Québécoise pure laine". Despite all her talents, she would have likely run out of authors to interpret and would unlikely have become one of the best-selling artists on the planet of all time.A slow death is what awaits Native culture if they have it their way And considering that narrower range of French-speaking culture, she might even have stopped singing. This slow death is what awaits Native culture if they have it their way. Keeping "non-Natives" from using traditions not typically associated with them means that only a handful would be exposed to it. Fewer people showing an interest means that their products and ideas will get less exposure and will, therefore, become a sociological or archaeological artifact rather than a living idea, limited to a few multicultural festivals.
I tweeted this and got this back: My reply to Clay:
@amyalkon @clayroutledge
That is hilarious. Also all the MacBooks & iPads at Occupy Wall Street. (Shouldn't you people be using *cuneiform* tablets?)

          6/30/2017: MARKETS: Apple suffers in Wall Street tech sell-off   
Activity on Wall Street dominated global markets yesterday as a fresh sell-off of technology shares, including Apple, on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, took the shine off plans by a number of US banks to return billions of dollars to investors...
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CO-Colorado Springs, Palo Alto Firewall Administrator * Palo Alto Firewall Administrator is needed for a 6+ month contract in Mclean, VA * The qualified candidate will have an Active SECRET Clearance, and be responsible for administering, managing, operating, maintaining, install and configuring network boundary devices and technologies. * The qualified candidate will be working with several different communications s
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Payment ID : 204
          6/30/2017: MARKETS: $1.20   
Some analysts argue there is little technical resistance beneath this figure
          An Interview with Alia Hussain, Collections Technician   
This week’s interview is with Alia Hussain, the newest technician in the Collection Services Division.  With her writing background, I’m hoping she decides to contribute to our blog. Describe your background. I was born and raised in New Jersey, then moved to Chicago after graduating high school to attend college. What is your academic/professional history? […]
          Spakbor Belakang Kawasaki KX 85 1998 - 2013 Racetech   

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Colorado Springs, If you are a Software Engineer with experience, please read on! Based in beautiful Colorado Springs, we are a forward thinking and ground breaking engineering firm that delivers technical and operational solutions to our customers in the government sector. Our exceptional team helps customers address near-term issues through rapid prototyping, as well as refine concepts to optimize future systems.
          Software Engineer   
CO-Colorado Springs, If you are a Software Engineer with experience, please read on! Based in beautiful Colorado Springs, we are a forward thinking and ground breaking engineering firm that delivers technical and operational solutions to our customers in the government sector. Our exceptional team helps customers address near-term issues through rapid prototyping, as well as refine concepts to optimize future systems.
          Store Manager   
CO-Colorado Springs, Job Description Passionate about experiencing virtual reality, the newest technology within gaming? Do you have a background and love for customer service? Experience in a supervisory role? Join the VRX and Headway team today to encourage mall shoppers to participate and play the newest game in virtual reality! Virtual Reality is the next frontier in the entertainment industry. VRX Networks are th
          RE: ARX and other thoughts   
Many technologies are destined to be a footnote. Even PC/GEOS released in 1989 had full pre emptive multi tasking and beat the pants off of Windows, yet still failed. If Acorn hadn't had such good education deals (in part thanks to Auntie and the previous BBC Micro), it might not have even got anywhere to begin with. edit: I dislike the fact I'm automatically being rated at 2, it seems very haughty. I can troll with the best of them sometimes and feel that I should earn a high rank each and every time.Edited 2006-12-07 13:26
          Network Administrator   
CO-Colorado Springs, Job Description Duties: Configure, standardize, monitor, operate, maintain, install, administer, troubleshoot and manage 690 COG AOR infrastructure devices. Administering and managing infrastructure devices to include routers, switches, load balancers, and wireless local area network (WLAN) devices Establishing standard rule sets and providing technical analysis, performance optimization, network
          Directory Services Administrator   
CO-Colorado Springs, Job Description Duties : Shall locally and remotely operate, configure, administer, troubleshoot, manage, and maintain AFIN directory and authentication services. Providing Tier 2 technical support for all AFIN directory and authentication servers and appliances Providing centralized management of the AF Active Directory (AD) and Windows environments to include administration, security, authentica
          Emotional debt   
(Cross posted on Medium) Technical debt is a term used by programmers. Referring to the ever rising cost to projects when short term fixes get applied over time to writing code. Over time, these quick fixes make the overall design inefficient. We can all see how this applies to many projects outside programming. It’s like […]
          Coreplus - Coreplus.biz   
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DDoS Protection by Ovh Hosting

About CORE+

Business exchange CORE+ is a multifunctional, multidisciplinary investment platform that includes a set of efficient measures and financial instruments on earnings in the global network Internet.

Our service allows you to no distractions on learning all the technical intricacies of market research investment, and does not require installation of additional software.

Investment Plans:

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          Re: Sweney and Lytle genealogy   
We have been doing a lot of work on this Sweney family - if you get this, please contact us at kalamc@ameritech.net
Kathy & Larry McCurdy
          Re: Sweney family genealogy   
We have been doing a lot of work on this Sweney family - if you get this, please contact us at kalamc@ameritech.net
Kathy & Larry McCurdy
          RE: ARX and other thoughts   
Perhaps Acorn could have kept developing RISCOS at a pace equivalent to their initial efforts. I'm not expert enough to make any authoritive determination on the matter but I wonder if pre-emptive multi-tasking could be /added/ to a co-op system. Surely the existing apps would still be fed their expected message sequence? I sometimes wonder if there is some clever business rule that I don't understand that states: Develop an absolutely massive lead and then stop improving your tech. Amiga, OS/2, 3DFX, Altavista spring to mind. Mike
          Amazon Prime Day : tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur les soldes d'Amazon   
L’Amazon Prime Day est de retour cette année ! Adressée aux membres d’Amazon Prime, cette journée portes-ouvertes est organisée par la société de commerce électronique ce 10 juillet à partir de 18 heures et se prolongera la journée suivante. Durant ce moment, Amazon.fr vous présente des promotions exceptionnelles sur plus de 500 000 articles dans 26 catégories, incluant la high-tech. Comment […]
          Convergence technologique : l’homme, la machine et la société   

L'avenir de la connaissance est à la convergence des domaines technologiques NBIC (nanotechnologie, biotechnologie, informatique, sciences cognitives).

Cet article Convergence technologique : l’homme, la machine et la société est paru initialement sur Contrepoints - Journal libéral d'actualités en ligne

          Countering the despair of uncertainty   
I’ve begun Stuart Kauffman’s latest book, which will be a little heavy summer reading, and he states his purpose very clearly in the preface: “If no natural law suffices to describe the evolution of the biosphere, of technological evolution, of human history, what replaces it? In its place is a wondrous radical creativity without a supernatural Creator. Look out your window at the life teeming about you. All that has been going on is that the sun has been shining on the earth for some 5 billion years. Life is about 3.8 billion years old. The vast tangled bank of ...
          Tai Chi Class   
When: Thursday, July 06, 2017 - 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Where: Long Branch

Integral Tai Chi is a series of exercises, relaxation technique and meditation that combine Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and meditation into a self-healing system that integrates body, mind and spirit. Participants start with a warm up before the movement exercises and then follow up with a cool down, relaxation, and meditation.

✔ Avoid eating right before class because it is difficult to exercise with a full stomach.
✔ Please wear comfortable clothing for stretching and moving.
✔ Bring a yoga/ exercise mat, water, and a towel.
✔ Please arrive 5 minutes early.

All Tai Chi classes are free and open to the public.

          Eine reine Achse   

Bahr Modultechnik hat die Zahnriemenachse LSZ 80 erneut konstruktiv weiterentwickelt. Die Positioniereinheit erfüllt jetzt die Kriterien für den Einsatz in Reinräumen bis ISO-Klasse 1.

          Aborted: : Premiere Title Track From New EP, "Bathos", out Friday, July 7   
ABORTED have unveiled the title track from their forthcoming two-track EP, "Bathos", due out via CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS on July 7, 2017. A very fine example of ABORTED's development from a Belgium death metal underground act to one of the most influential and most consistent extreme metal acts today, take a listen to "Bathoss" streaming in the static video below:
Pre-order their offering of flawlessly executed brutal, technical, sick and dark death metal now at https://smarturl.it/AbortedBathos
          Címkenyomtató 300 x 300 dpi, max. 62 mm széles, Brother QL-500BW Thermodirekt - Jelenlegi ára: 13 990 Ft   

Címkenyomtató 300 x 300 dpi, max. 62 mm széles, Brother QL-500BW Thermodirekt
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Egyszerű etikettezés professzionális igényekhez
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P-touch Editor szoftver az etikettek kényelmes feldolgozásához.
A papír- vagy film etikettek kialakítása egyszerűen, a készülékkel szállított szoftver segítségével történik, ami támogatja grafikák létrehozását és 16 különböző vonalkódot is. Az Add-Inn funkció lehetővé teszi a nyomtatást közvetlenül Microsoft Word, Office és Outlook programból. Egy USB csatlakozóval ellátva, a QL-500BW gyorsan és egyszerűen csatlakoztatható bármelyik számítógéphez.
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Szállítás tartalma
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USB kábel
Kezdő etikett tekercs (29 x 90 mm, 100 db).
Egyéb megjegyzések, rendszerkövetelmények
Windows? /Mac
Műszaki adatok
Önálló etikettek (formátumok): 29x90 mm, 38x90 mm, 29x62 mm, 62x100 mm, 17x87 mm, 17x54 mm, 23x23 mm, ? 58 mm, ? 12 mm, ? 24 mm
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További műszaki adatok: Önálló etikettek (formátumok): 29x90 mm, 38x90 mm, 29x62 mm, 62x100 mm, 17x87 mm, 17x54 mm, 23x23 mm, ? 58 mm, ? 12 mm, ? 24 mm Végtelen etikettek (szélesség): 12 mm, 29 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 54 mm, 62 mm
Szín: Fehér, Antracit
Számítógép, multimédia csatlakozók: USB
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Fizetési módok
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Címkenyomtató 300 x 300 dpi, max. 62 mm széles, Brother QL-500BW Thermodirekt
Jelenlegi ára: 13 990 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2099-01-01 00:00
          (IT) Architect - Cyber Security - Contract - London   

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An exciting FinTech start-up focused on the Financial sector is currently looking for an experienced Architect to join and support the Cyber Security team. The role will focus on design and architecture across all aspects of cyber-security. In order to be considered for this role, as an experienced cyber-security architect, you will have had experience of: Authentication, authorisation and application security; Cryptography and PKI Network security (with a focus on cloud); Multiple detection systems exposure; Mobile and web security; and Payments systems The cyber-security architect will be able to demonstrate hands on technical strength as well as the ability to engage with multiple stakeholders across all necessary teams. For more information and a confidential discussion, please apply with an updated CV.
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          20 Tech Inventions that are Completely Useless   
The world does not stand still! People are constantly inventing something to make their lives easier. Some of such inventions are able to turn the whole world upside down and change people’s way of life for the best, but unfortunately, not all innovators can reach such a huge success. As a rule, millions of unsuccessful […]
          (IT) Security Analyst - SIEM tools   

Rate: Market Day Rate   Location: London   

Security Analyst required for 10 week contract in Inner London to develop plans to safeguard computer files against accidental or unauthorised modification, destruction, or disclosure and to meet emergency data processing needs. Confer with users to discuss issues such as computer data access needs, security violations, and programming changes. Monitor current reports of computer viruses to determine when to update virus protection system. Modify computer security files to incorporate new software, correct errors, or change individual access status. Coordinate implementation of computer system plan with establishment personnel and outside vendors. Experience required: Experience working with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools Significant experience of system operational security, network and/or application security Technical knowledge in security engineering, system and network security, (authentication and security protocols, cryptography), operation of a PKI, and application security Knowledge of system security vulnerabilities and remediation techniques Analytic skills to understand security implications of technical events Extensive troubleshooting and research skills with a positive and proactive approach to customer service and getting things done Strong experience working in an operational role in a secure environment Knowledge of network and web related protocols (eg TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTP, HTTPS, routing protocols) Strong Scripting skills in at least one of the following is highly desirable: Ruby, Python, Shell (bash, ksh, csh). Working knowledge of Linux Clearance Level Required: BPSS (DS) - Baseline Personnel Security Standard (with a Disclosure Scotland) IR35 Scope: Outside If deemed inside IR35 - Please note that the client has determined that the off-payroll working rules will apply to this assignment and where a worker elects to provide their services through an intermediary (such as a personal services company) then income tax and primary national insurance contributions will be deducted at source from any payments made to the intermediary. If deemed outside IR35 - Please note that the client has determined that the off-payroll working rules will not apply to this assignment. CV closing date is Friday 30th June at 3.00 pm. GSA Techsource Ltd operates as an Employment Agency when recruiting for permanent vacancies, and an Employment Business when recruiting for contract vacancies. All contract rates quoted are to Ltd companies.
Rate: Market Day Rate
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          (IT) Security Developer - Cryptography   

Location: Northern Germany   

Security Developer - Cryptography Task: Work in German/Japanese projects with a focus on the development of security and safety functions for In Vehicle Infotainment systems Requirement engineering, architecture and design of the corresponding components Implementation in the team and protection function and quality up to product maturity Skills: Very good degree in (technical) computer science or electrical engineering Experience in embeded Linux, cryptography Professional experience in security, especially 'Secure Linux' necessary Very good C/C ++ programming skills, Self-employed and goal-oriented work, teamwork Very good knowledge of English. Willingness to international project work, travelling (Japan, India)
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          What is Bruxism? The Truth Behind Clenching Your Teeth   

What is Bruxism? Bruxism is the technical name for teeth grinding, clenching the jaw, or the “lock jaw” that sometimes happens to people as they sleep or concentrate. It can happen while sleeping or while awake; consciously or without knowing it; to adults as well as to children. It’s more common than many imagine… and, ...Read More

The post What is Bruxism? The Truth Behind Clenching Your Teeth appeared first on .

          ¿Apertura indiscriminada?: las estadísticas relativizan que la economía esté viviendo una lluvia de importaciones (iProfesional)   

En su plataforma de campaña, Cristina Kirchner denunció que se está entregando el mercado interno a la empresas extranjeras y volvió a encender el debate. En el Gobierno lo niegan pero, como contrapartida, se oponen a volver al "cerrojo" aduanero. Cuáles son los rubros más y menos dinámicos

La polémica por las importaciones se está potenciando en plena carrera hacia las PASO.

El tercero de los 15 puntos que conforman la plataforma de campaña del frente Unidad Ciudadana que impulsa Cristina Kirchner, de hecho, se refiere a la defensa de la industria nacional.

Para ponerlo en perspectiva, este ítem está por encima de otros que forman parte del corazón de las críticas del kirchnerismo hacia el plan de gobierno de Cambiemos, como las tarifas, el endeudamiento externo o la "bicicleta financiera".

En un duro análisis, el documento advierte que "está en marcha un plan de apertura total e indiscriminada de la economía".

Además, señala que "por primera vez desde 1975 cae el PBI y aumentan las importaciones de bienes de consumo", un juego de variables que los economistas que acompañan a Cristina consideran que lo único que genera es "entregar el ya reducido mercado interno a las empresas extranjeras".

La economista Fernanda Vallejos, que encabeza lista de diputados nacionales, también está calentando el debate y centrando sus críticas en el boom de compras al exterior.

La nueva referente K afirmó que hay dos argentinas: una mayoría que "dejó de consumir bienes esenciales", como alimentos, y una minoría que "compra motos o autos de alta gama importados".

La realidad es que en los últimos meses es cierto que se evidenció un mayor movimiento de marcas internacionales.

En el caso del rubro automotor, están desembarcando compañías generalistas como Geely, de China, hasta otras de súper lujo, como Lotus.

En el rubro alimentos, basta recorrer las góndolas de los supermercados para observar una proliferación de quesos de Francia o de marcas de fideos italianos, con salsas de tomate incluidas.

En indumentaria, tiendas como Zara, que hasta hace un par de años tenían un 90% de su oferta conformada por prendas nacionales, ahora ofrecen pantalones, remeras y camisas de Singapur o Tailandia.

Una recorrida por comercios permite comprobar que hay una "efervescencia importadora". ¿Pero alcanza todo esto para considerar esta tendencia como una verdadera avalancha?

En diálogo con iProfesional, el economista Gabriel Caamaño Gómez, del Estudio Ledesma destaca que "el Gobierno, en un principio avanzó bastante rápido, pero luego puso un poco el pie en el freno".

Al analizar la foto actual, el analista precisa que "hoy no se puede hablar de una apertura fulminante. Los datos muestran que se está lejos todavía de los niveles de otros años".

Entre enero y mayo, las importaciones totalizaronu$s24.800 millones, con un alza interanual del 12%. Sin embargo, descontada la variable precios, en volúmenes el alza fue sustancialmente menor: 7,4%.

Además, este registro es menor al récord histórico -para ese período-, que tuvo lugar en pleno kirchnerismo, más precisamente en 2013, antes del reforzamiento del cepo cambiario y aduanero.

En ese entonces, la "factura" a pagar por compras al mundo ascendió a casi u$s29.600 millones.

Es decir que el nivel actual se encuentra un 16% por debajo de ese récord. No sólo eso, el registro de este año incluso está por debajo del de 2011, 2012 y 2014 (ver cuadro).

En este punto, Marcelo Elizondo, ex director de Fundación ExportAr, apunta que "es cierto que las importaciones están creciendo. Pero lo que estamos viendo es una recomposición, porque veníamos de niveles bajísimos".

El analista va más allá y afirma que, en base al ranking del Banco Mundial, la Argentina está entre los cincopaíses con el ratio más bajo entre importaciones y PBI.

En este contexto, Elizondo reflota la fórmula que establece que por cada punto que se pretenda crezca la economía, entonces las compras al mundo deberán hacerlo en tres puntos.

"Esto se debe a que la mayor parte de lo que ingresa del exterior está destinado a la industria", completa.

Sin embargo, los analistas sí reconocen que, especialmente en bienes de consumo, hay ramas deactividad “sensibles” que están sufriendo una mayor competencia importada.

Pero trazan una diferencia: consideran que el problema principal no está causado únicamente por este flujo, sino por la combinación de este factor con el achicamiento del mercado por el enfriamiento del consumo.

La "letra chica" de los bienes de capital
En la última cumbre entre el presidente Mauricio Macri y la cúpula de la Unión Industrial Argentina (UIA), el tema de las importaciones estuvo entre los principales puntos de la agenda del día.

Tras la reunión, el propio titular de la entidad, Miguel Acevedo reveló que, ante la preocupación planteada, los funcionarios respondieron que el incremento de las compras al mundo no hace sino "aumentar la competitividad de las empresas".

Básicamente, porque gran parte de las mismas son maquinarias e insumos para la industria.

¿Se están importando más bienes de capital? Las estadísticas, a grandes rasgos, así lo confirman.

Entre enero y mayo entraron "fierros" por u$s5.334 millones, un 18% más que en 2016, al tiempo que esta cifra se ubicó un 15% por encima del promedio de la última década.

Sin embargo, todavía se encuentra por debajo del récord, que se logró en 2011, cuando se habían superado los u$s5.500 millones en ese rubro (ver cuadro).

Pero hay un detalle: no todo lo que entró fueron máquinas para industrias. El 30% de ese total fue material de transporte, lo que incluye desde aviones hasta trenes y vías férreas.

Es decir que parte del crecimiento de los bienes decapital estuvo explicado por el empuje de la obrapública. De hecho, descontado este efecto, las compras al mundo de maquinaria crecen en realidad a un ritmo del 10%, 8 puntos menos.

En este contexto, desde la Cámara Argentina de Fabricantes de Maquinaria Agrícola (CAFMA) advierten que hay "luces rojas" por los niveles de importación de silos, equipos de fumigación y sembradoras.

Sin embargo, para Caamaño Gómez, "cuando se vienen de tantos años de restricciones, los números pueden confundir más que aclarar".

A modo de ejemplo, entre enero y mayo las importaciones de sembradoras se dispararon un llamativo 1.100%. Básicamente porque ingresaron 65 unidades frente a las 5 que habían ingresado el año pasado.

Insumos y componentes, al compás de la industria
De los casi u$s24.800 millones totales de compras al mundo, casi el 50% correspondió a dos categorías: insumos y partes piezas para bienes de capital.

El primer grupo es un "termómetro" clave que sirve para ver la evolución de la actividad productiva.

Y los números reflejan el pobre dinamismo:

-Durante los primeros cinco meses ingresaron materias primas por u$s6.800 millones.

-Esto representó una tibia suba del 3% en divisas, mientras que en cantidades hubo una caída del 3%. Es decir, el alza estuvo explicado sólo por los mayoresprecios.

-Además, el registro de este año está un 20% por debajo del récord de 2011 e, incluso, es 5,5% menor que el promedio de la última década (ver cuadro).

Esto se vincula al muy lento despegue de la actividadfabril.

Según el Índice de Producción Industrial de FIEL, si bien en mayo se registró un crecimiento interanual del 4,3%, en el acumulado del año el indicador todavía está enterreno negativo (-1%).

Respecto de las importaciones de partes y piezas para bienes de capital, se observa una situación muy similar: las compras al exterior están un 23% por debajo del récord histórico para ese período, alcanzado en 2013.

En este capítulo se incluyen desde agropartes hasta componentes para el ensamblado de celulares, que vienen cayendo por la menor demanda interna de electro.

Autos: fuerte salto

Las compras de autos al exterior, principalmente desde Brasil, sí se han disparado. De hecho, es el rubro más dinámico.

Entre enero y mayo, la "factura" sumó u$s2.430 millones, un 45% más que en igual lapso de 2016 y exactamente el doble que en 2015.

Sin embargo, en este caso tampoco se puede hablar de récord: la marca histórica corresponde a 2013, año en el que casi se toca el millón de 0Km patentados (ver cuadro).

Hay varias razones por las cuales entran más autos:

-En la Argentina ya se dejaron de fabricar varios modelos chicos y populares, como los Chevrolet Classic y Agile o el Renault Clio Mio.

-Este faltante de oferta está siendo complementado con vehículos producidos en Brasil, cuya industria está especializada en autos compactos.

-Además, el país vecino sigue en crisis y está volcando casi el 70% de sus exportaciones en la Argentina. Esta sobreoferta permite que las unidades lleguen a precios bonificados.

-A esto se suma el atraso cambiario, que potenció el mercado de las marcas premium, como Audi, BMW, Mini, con tasas de crecimiento de entre 100% y 300%.

En este contexto, la industria automotriz está operando por debajo del 50% de su capacidad. Esto lo padecen los fabricantes de componentes.

De hecho, la autopartista Hutchinson, del grupo Total Argentina, acaba de iniciar el proceso de cierre de su planta ubicada en Martínez, debido a "la falta de competitividad de la plaza local y el alto costo de mantener la empresa en funcionamiento".

Pese a todo, desde AFAC, la cámara sectorial, no hablan de avalancha. Pero sí de una suerte de "goteo continuo", potenciado por la crisis de Brasil y una mayor agresividad de China.

Más bienes de consumo, menos ventas
Este rubro, junto con el de autos, es de los más dinámicos. De hecho, con u$s3.288 millonesacumulados durante los primeros cinco meses sí se puede hablar de récord.

Así y todo, la cifra es muy similar a la de otros años en los que también se evidenciaba un avance del atraso cambiario, como 2013.

El problema para industrias como la del calzado, textil y línea blanca, por nombrar algunas, es que estos mayores flujos se están combinando con una contracción de la demanda interna.

En algunos casos sí hay un "boom", mientras que en otros, la situación se moderó.

Ariel Schale, director ejecutivo de la Fundación ProTejer, una entidad emblema de los llamados "sectores sensibles", confirma a iProfesional que "si bien es cierto que se incrementó la entrada de textiles, sobre todo de producto terminado, el mayor problema no es tanto este flujo sino la retracción del consumo interno".

"El tema de las importaciones es un factor adicional, pero la ´guadaña´que está afectando al sector es lacaída de las ventas", agrega.

En el caso de la industria del calzado, la entrada de productos de Asia o Brasil creció 21% en volúmenes en el primer cuatrimestre, según Fecoba.

Esta industria todavía ostenta un predominio del 80% del mercado interno, de la mano de cerca de 100 millones de pares anuales.

Sin embargo, con el consumo interno en baja, hubo empresas que debieron cerrar sus puertas, como fue el caso de Herzo o Unisol, que fabricaban zapatillas bajo la marca Puma.

En este contexto, surgen las tensiones. Fabricantes de calzados vienen reclamando más protección, pero en el Gobierno tienen la visión de que una mayor competencia externa le pone un techo a los precios, tal como está sucediendo con las notebooks, tras la eliminación de aranceles.

Dentro de los bienes de consumo también están los alimentos: en el caso de los elaborados, acumulan un alza del 36%, mientras que los básicos (como frutas o verduras), subieron 22%.

Para los analistas, parte de este ingreso está vinculado con el atraso cambiario, que alienta la entrada de fideos italianos, quesos franceses, jamón español y chocolates suizos, por nombrar algunos ejemplos.

Sin embargo, para Caamaño Gómez, se trata de productos de alto valor que no compiten de manera directa con la oferta local y, además, su incidenciasobre el total es muy baja.

En diálogo con iProfesional, uno de los representantes exclusivos de una reconocida marca de pasta italiana, con presencia en supermercados, asegura que “la participación global no llega al 1%”.

En lácteos se registró un salto del 175% de las compras al exterior. Esto explica por qué las góndolas se poblaron de quesos Philadelphia, de camembert con sello de Francia y hasta de chedar de Brasil.

Sin embargo, las cifras son elocuentes: las importaciones sumaron u$s11 millones, mientras que las exportaciones totalizaron u$s290 millones.

“Se vende al mundo por una cifra casi 30 veces superior a lo que ingresa. Esto, sin contar los miles de millones de pesos que mueve el mercado interno con producción nacional”, argumenta una fuente cercana a la Secretaría de Comercio.

El técnico reconoce que en una economía dinámica, el ingreso de lácteos importados "no generaría ruido”, por la bajísima incidencia en el mercado total.

Sin embargo, este flujo cobra relevancia cuando una de las industrias insignia, como SanCor, está atravesando una fuerte crisis, a lo que se suma el drama de las inundaciones y el cierre de cientos de tambos en los últimos años por problemas de rentabilidad.

En frutas sucede algo parecido: las importaciones crecieron 13% en cantidades, según el SENASA. Pero al interior de las estadísticas se observa que:

-De las 22.000 toneladas extra respecto del añopasado, el 50% estuvo explicado por una fruta con bajísima producción local, como es el caso de las bananas.

-Otras 1.500 toneladas correspondieron a paltas, que históricamente ingresan de Chile o México.

En el caso de los limones, hasta el momento ingresaron 1.800 toneladas, un 900% más que en 2016. Sin embargo, para ponerlo en perspectiva, la Argentina produce 1,6 millones de toneladas. De modo que la competencia del exterior equivale al 0,1% del negocio local.

Así las cosas, la foto "macro" muestra que se está lejos de una avalancha, mientras que al interior de algunas ramas de actividad sí hay una creciente competencia, pero que se vio potenciada por la caída del consumo y por un deterioro de las exportaciones, afectadas por el atraso cambiario.

Claro que el debate no hará más que potenciarse, a medida que falten menos días para las PASO.

Fuente: http://www.iprofesional.com/notas/251968-consumo-importaciones--Apertura-indiscriminada-las-estadisticas-relativizan-que-la-economia-este-viviendo-una-lluvia-de-importaciones-

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          Speedway Reaches Hess Halfway Mark   

UPDATE: According to data provided by GasBuddy, the current Speedway count is 2,156, while the current Hess count is 645 (see map below for the conversion progress).

FINDLAY, Ohio --Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC) has now converted more than half of the 1,250 Hess gas stations and convenience stores it acquired in October 2014 to its Speedway brand, Gary Heminger, president and CEO, said in reporting MPC’s second-quarter 2015 financial results.

It has converted more than 650 of the retail sites to the Speedway brand since the acquisition, said Heminger on the company’s earnings call.

According to data provided by GasBuddy, the current Speedway count is 2,156, while the current Hess count is 645 (see map below for the conversion progress).

Speedway, MPC's retail segment, performed well and continues to make tremendous progress integrating the East Coast and Southeast retail locations, he said.

"We are on pace to achieve the expected synergies for 2015 from light-product supply, as well as from operating and administrative expense savings. Further, the accelerated progress for store conversions and subsequent remodels has allowed us to more rapidly implement Speedway's industry-leading Speedy Rewards loyalty program. This program and other marketing enhancements are expected to drive the anticipated synergies to the business over the next several years."

Tony Kenney, president of Speedway, said. “We're moving along at an accelerated pace in converting the [Hess] brand to Speedway. … The important thing there is it's more than just the brand. What's going inside the store is all of our technology that is the platform for our marketing programs, primarily our loyalty program, all of our inventory management, other things that drive savings and synergies for us as we operate convenience stores. … As we begin to bring on all of the marketing enhancements through the conversions inside the store, then we'll start to realize those benefits down the road.”

Speedway segment income from operations was $127 million in second-quarter 2015, compared with $94 million in second-quarter 2014. This increase was primarily the result of higher merchandise and light-product margins and the addition of the newly acquired locations, partially offset by higher operating and administrative expenses. Speedway's consolidated light-product margin increased to 13.51 cents per gallon in second-quarter 2015, from 12.82 cents per gallon in second-quarter 2014.

Speedway's income from operations was $33 million higher in the quarter as compared to second-quarter 2014. Speedway's newly acquired locations contributed income of approximately $14 million to the quarter's results or approximately $45 million of EBITDA.

For the legacy Speedway sites, the merchandise gross margin was $23 million higher in second-quarter 2015 compared to the same quarter last year, and the light-product gross margin was about $16 million higher.

Speedway same-store gasoline sales volume was down two-tenths of a percent versus same quarter last year compared to estimates of U.S. demand growth in the second quarter of approximately 3% higher. Overall, gasoline sales volumes for legacy Speedway locations were up 3% in the quarter, reflecting the impact of investments in new, rebuild and remodel locations.

“Another key performance metric for our retail group is same-store merchandise sales,” said Timothy Griffith, CFO, “and we're continuing to see strong demand for our in-store offering as our same-store merchandise sales in the quarter excluding cigarettes were up 4.6% versus same quarter last year. So far in July, we've seen a 1.6% increase in same-store gasoline volumes compared to last July.”

MPC is the nation's fourth-largest refiner. Approximately 5,460 independently owned gas stations across 19 states sell the Marathon-brand. In addition, Speedway owns and operates the nation's second-largest convenience-store chain, with approximately 2,750 convenience stores in 22 states. MPC also owns, leases or has ownership interests in approximately 8,300 miles of pipeline. Through subsidiaries, MPC owns the general partner of MPLX LP, a midstream master limited partnership (MLP). MPC's fully integrated system provides operational flexibility to move crude oil, feedstocks and petroleum-related products efficiently through the company's distribution network in the Midwest, Southeast and Gulf Coast regions.

Greg Lindenberg

          1/48 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet A/E   
1/48 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet A/EThis is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required.

- French Air Force
- UK defence technology organisation
- Discovery Air Defence Services, Canada

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          L'image du jour : Un but de très haut niveau dans Rocket League   

Le principe est très simple : chaque jour de la semaine, à 19h, retrouvez une image insolite sous forme de visuel, Gif, Vine ou vidéo, en rapport avec la sphère vidéoludique, high-tech ou geek qui...
          Senior Accountant - Marotta Controls, Inc. - Montville, NJ   
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          1/550 RMS Titanic   
1/550 RMS TitanicThis is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required.

Model Dimension: Length: 482mm, Width: 48.5mm

The kit consists of 93 parts in plastic Stand & Nameplate included.

TITANIC lost in the depths for 73 years, its discovery in 1985 and subsequent exploration have made Titanic the best-known ship of all time. The many events relating to the Titanic have made it a legend. It was the subject of Watergate-type investigation in the U.S. The present safety standards applied to shipping are attributed to this event. Harland and Wolfe, builders of the Titanic and its sister ship, the Olympic, were unable to provide drawings, which were destroyed during WWII, or their model which disappeared during the Senate investigations in 1912. The model was, however, constructed from original drawings, photographs taken by survivors and other technical journals, many of which war provided by the Titanic Historical Society resulting in a model indistinguishable from the original ship

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          Senior Quality Control Inspector - Marotta Controls, Inc. - Montville, NJ   
Quality Control Inspector Montville, NJ Corporate headquarters Marotta Controls, Inc. is one of the fastest growing technology businesses in New Jersey,
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          1/72 Heinkel He.111 P2   
1/72 Heinkel He.111 P2This is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required.

Scale: 1:72
Skill: 3
Flying Hours: 3
Number of Parts: 205
Dimensions (mm): L230 X W312

Early in the morning of the 26th April 1940, four members of KG 4 took off in their Heinkel He111 P-2 5J+CN from Fernebu, Oslo in Norway. One of three Heinkels tasked with attacking the town of Andalsnes, the bomber was damaged by the guns of HMS Manchester. Unable to keep formation with the other Heinkels the crew were then taken by surprise by two Blackburn Skuas of No. 801 Squadron FAA from HMS Ark Royal. The pilot of Skua A7-A unleashed a hail of machine gun fire on the bomber - killing flight engineer Willi Stock. With one engine failing and the other on fire, pilot Richard Gumbrecht had no choice but to force-land somewhere among the snow covered mountains below. With Stock dead, the remaining three crew members escaped the wreckage and made their way down the mountain. The largely intact Heinkel sat on the mountain for over 30 years, before being recovered and restored by the Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection.

New for 2015, using our new 3D scanning technology, comes the amazing 1:72 Heinkel HEIII P2! Responsible for more damage from strategic bombing than any other aircraft during the Battle of Britain, this super high detailed aircraft has been designed with information never before used in Airfix model design and has produced fantastic results! ??A wolf in sheep??s clothing??, this formidably fast medium bomber was at first masqueraded by the Luftwaffe as a commercial aircraft, when the intention was in fact for it to be converted into the enemy??s primary bomber during early stages of World War Two.

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          Lead Clinical Research Associate - Biotech - Germany - Rare Disease   
Salary: On Application (GBP)
Benefits: Great Benefits
Location: Germany, Germany
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 16:57:27
Expiry: 30 July 2017 16:54:43
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          Lead Clinical Research Associate - Biotech - Bulgaria - Rare Diseases   
Salary: On Application (GBP)
Benefits: Great Benefits
Location: Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 16:53:50
Expiry: 30 July 2017 16:50:22
          Confirmed: Gays Are Using Snapchat’s New Snap Map Location Feature To Hunt Down Straight Men And Turn Them Gay   

Moles within the gays community confirm that gays have used their technological prowess to exploit Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature to hunt down straight men and groom them into homosexuality. Earlier in the week, reports arose nationwide that straight fathers taking innocent morning strolls or late night jaunts to the supermarket were making up missing, only to be found hours later exhausted and with spent sweat, the ‘look of homosexuality’ raging within their eyes. Scientists from the CDC found that […]

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          The Secret to Legs with Size, Strength, and Endurance   

There are countless leg workouts in magazines and books that promise big results. Many are good workouts, but the secret to continued progress is to keep your muscles from adapting, while building on what you have already done. What I mean by this is that mixing and matching great workouts just doesn't work very well. You do need to change your workouts frequently to keep your muscles growing, but if you don't plan properly, you could be wasting time.

When you plan your workouts properly, each workout builds on what you accomplished the workout before, so that you keep moving forward, instead of taking steps back each time you change workouts. A good example of this is how many Powerlifters have trained for decades. They begin a training cycle by using lighter weights for higher reps. The first week or two they might do 3 sets of 8 repetitions. The next couple of weeks might be 5 sets of 5 reps. Then they add weight and drop their reps each week until they are ready to test themselves for a single maximum repetition. This is usually done in a contest, with judges and strict rules. This works well if your goal is to lift as much as possible in one lift for one repetition.

In bodybuilding, the weight you use does not need to be as heavy. It is more important to use muscle tension and volume of training to stimulate the muscle to grow. A Bodybuilder might choose 4 different exercises for a muscle group and do 4 to 6 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions for each exercise. You won't build as much strength training like this, as you will training like a Powerlifter, but you should increase your muscle mass and improve your muscle shape and definition more.

A Triathlete has fantastic endurance, especially in their legs. They can swim, run and ride their bikes for hours on end, with great intensity! They do not have much muscle size, and most cannot lift much weight. They train so that they can move their bodies as fast and as far as possible, so great strength is not necessary, and size is counterproductive.

All of these sports have something in common. They train with a very specific goal in mind. To achieve the best possible results in these sports, they have to. This is even more obvious in the case of the Triathlete, than it is for Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. I believe that Bodybuilders and Powerlifters should cross train once in a while to break through their plateaus.

I have competed in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, and Highland Games, not to mention several mainstream sports. I trained differently for each of them, except for the Highland Games, which I just did for fun while I was training for Powerlifting. Out of all of those sports, I have been most successful at Strongman. One of the things I like the most about it, is that you have to be well rounded. Without enough strength, you don't stand a chance. If you are too small, you won't be able to move some of the implements. If you can lift a weight, but get tired too soon, you will be left in the dust. You also have to have unbelievable mental toughness and desire to be successful. I mean, let's face it, Strongman events hurt.

The point I am making is that, as a Strongman competitor, I need Size, Strength and Endurance. That is truer for the legs than for any other part of the body. This is also true for other sports that involve both quickness and power. Football, Baseball, Rugby, Soccer, and Sprinting all come to mind. To do that, I can't afford to focus on Strength only, like a Powerlifter. I can't spend my time building size for the sake of size either. I certainly can't spend hours running, swimming and biking if I want to have the power and size that I need. I believe that I have come across a good leg workout that helps me build Size, Strength and relative Endurance for my sport. I still do specific event training, but that is mostly for technique.

This workout involves doing just Squats for your legs, and doing it once a week only. The first two weeks you perform 10 sets of 10 repetitions with only one to two minutes rest between each set. The 10 sets of 10 routine is more commonly known as German Volume Training and it is BRUTAL. I only do this for two weeks, because I want strength as well. This training is excellent for improving your endurance and it will stimulate muscle growth as well. Be aware, that you will be very SORE for a few days after the first week. The second week, you should be able to add some weight to the bar and you won't be as sore. I won't go into details about nutrition here, but if you want to take advantage of the muscle growth potential of this workout, you had better eat enough protein and good quality food.

The following two weeks you squat for 8 sets of 8 repetitions. This is great for muscle growth because it is lower in both sets and reps than the first two weeks, so you can use more weight, but it is still a high volume of work to stimulate muscle mass increases. Just like the first two weeks, you should be able to add some weight to the second week of 8 sets of 8 reps.

Weeks 5 and 6 will be about going heavier and making the transition from training for size, to training for strength. The workout will be 5 sets of 5 reps of Squats. Now that we are going heavier, it is especially important to pay attention to proper form. Make sure to maintain an arch in your back and sit back and down into the squat rather than allow your knees to go out in front of your toes. I explain proper form for the Squat in more detail on my Powerlifting Squat page. You will want to do a couple of warm-up sets before you get to the first of your 5 heavy sets. If you haven't been wearing a lifting belt, it is time to start when you get to this part of the program. Just as in the other sections, you should be able to add at least a little weight on the second week (week 6) of this part.

The 7th and 8th week are true power training. The workout will be 3 heavy sets of 3 reps. Warm up and then get to it. Think pure power and get psyched up for each set. After these two weeks, you will have completed your 8-week cycle to increase the Size, Strength, and Endurance of your Legs. If you have done this in preparing for a Powerlifting contest, take another week to do 3 sets of 1 repetition, and then rest for at least 10 days before contest day. If you are not trying to peak for a strength contest, start over with the 10 sets of 10 and do it all over again. You should be stronger the second time through, and well on your way toward dramatic improvements in Size, Strength, and Endurance.

Good luck with your training, and make sure to save some money for some new pants with bigger legs!

By Aaron Anderton

          THX Recommended TV Viewing Distance | TWiT Bits   

TWiT Bits (Video-HI)

THX Chief Technology Officer Scott Francis explains the THX recommended viewing distance in relation to the TV screen size.

For the full episode, visit twit.tv/htg/360

Host: Scott Wilkinson

Guest: Scott Francis

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          Machines VS. Free Weights II   

Machines are bad, there I said it again. How many of us join health clubs or purchase expensive home exercise equipment under the notion that the machine will protect our back, make the exercise easier or guarantee your results quicker. In sports and life for that matter if you are sitting on your butt or laying flat on your back you lost! , so why do we insist on exercising that way. We spend way too much of our existence sedentary, sitting, driving, typing, talking etc..

Has anyone noticed that the commonality of back problems from doing nothing (a traumatic), joint replacements and other injuries of non-traumatic origins continue to escalate?. Did anyone ever put two and two together and realize that maybe the way we have and are exercising is precipitating the problem. My last article went into some specifics on the traumatic forces that the joints experience using common machines. Research continues to emerge validating that most machines place the body and joints in such horrible positions that injury is inevitable.

So what is a health conscious exerciser to do, well, life moves so we better learn to exercise that way. Try performing your current exercise routine standing. That's right, chest presses, shoulder presses, arm exercises, rows all performed standing. This will enable you to engage all of your 'core' muscles, work on balance and lower extremity joint stability.

When was the last time you performed a standing squat, on one leg, on a ball or foam disk? What if you tried training the whole workout using an adjustable cable machine, standing?. Wait, I said machine, yes some machines or good. There are a few pieces out there that I like. If it has an adjustable cable or articulating arms, that we like. Why, simple it forces you to stand and that engages almost all of the core muscles, and as I've stated if you are standing you are using many more muscles than if your were sitting down. Machines that do not force you to remain in a set joint position and allow you to move as biomechanics dictate will by default give you a better and safer workout.

Lunges are one of the best exercises to do, anyone can argue for or against this, but combined with proper hip and leg stability / flexibility they are among the best. Try combining with shoulder presses, abduction, scaptions. You can also combine with bicep curls, torso rotations, stabilization movements, as you can tell the combinations are almost endless.

Dumbbells, almost beyond the scope of this article the amount of exercises you can perform. A ball, BOSU tm, floor and an adjustable bench is all you need.

Bands, yes almost as good as cables, they travel better and the exercises are almost endless. One word on bands, they are easier in the beginning and harder at the end of the movement. This changes the firing of the muscle slightly but they are still an excellent adjunct for fitness, and yes they force you to stand while using them.

What about the floor, generally there is very little floor space in a gym, got to fill it with machines. For the last few years the popularity of Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and other movement techniques have become popular. Thanks to the baby boomers looking for alternatives for fitness these regimens have become mainstream. They all require a balance of breathing, flexibility, strength, postural awareness and muscular endurance. The message with these techniques is performed by themselves they are good, add strength training and aerobic conditioning and the package is complete.

Does this mean never train on a machine, absolutely not, many still provide a good isolation workout and for some with medical conditions machines allow a degree of safety. My point is that so many of us have spent so much time training wrong and placing our bodies in bad positions that we need to spend much of our time correcting the imbalances and injury that are already there. I tell a lot of my clients that people do not feel there arteries clogging but they sure know when the crushing chest pain starts. We spend much of our lives denying that injuries, both musculoskeletal and internal, will never happen to us, yet we consistently do things to encourage that damage to occur. Let's change how we think and exercise or you may end up laying flat on you back.


          Why You Do Not have Killer Abs or that 6 Pack Abdominal Muscle   

Ask any woman what is the most attractive part of a male body and most of the time, they will tell you it's the six pack abs, meaning that your abdominal muscle showing up with beautiful definition. Your abs is considered by many as a sexy muscle and is a symbol of a fit and healthy man. Women are instinctively drawn towards a man brimming with health and fitness because it is a primitive indication that the man is strong enough to protect her and her brood. A rippling six pack abs is one such indication. So is it any wonder that in every gym, you will see men of all ages doing crunches, leg raisers and sit ups religiously in the hope of obtaining the much coveted killer abs? Unfortunately, most men will never get to see their abdominal muscle in its glorious splendor. Why? The following fitness tip will show you why.
You may not like what I am going to give to you straight in the face here. But I will give it to you anyway. So here it goes. Listen up carefully. You may do a zillion crunches a day, then another another million leg raisers , but as long as there is a layer of fat covering your tummy, you will never see your abs because it is covered by the blubber of fat. In fact, your waistline will become bigger because you are adding muscles underneath those fats! So instead of having a slim waistline and showing off your abs, you will have a bigger waistline and thicker love handles. Now get this straight. There is no such thing as spot reduction! Once the fats are off, your abs will show. That I promise you. It is just that simple to display your abs. Lose fats! That's all.
Late night TV commercials or magazines has been telling you that you can have well defined abs by using this gadget or that electronic gizmo. Do you really believe that it is that simple? If it is so, then everyone will have that six pack abs in no time, won't they? Then why isn't that so? Because it just doesn't work that way.
To lose fat effectively and permanently for your abdominal muscles to show, you must include a mildly deficit calorie restriction diet, frequent cardio workouts and strength training with weights to build muscle so as to raise your metabolism in order to lose weight and burn fat naturally. Your weight loss goals will not be achieved effectively or permanently if any one of these three elements is done wrongly or not even incorporated in your slimming program. I repeat the three elements again :-
A mildly caloric deficit diet - A mildly caloric deficit diet to help you lose weight.
Frequent cardio workouts - Frequent cardio workout to exercise your heart and lungs and burn fat at the same time.
Weight Lifting to build muscles - Build muscles to burn fat permanently as muscles use up more calories from your food for energy. Lifting weights will also give you a well toned body and help your abs to show.
Forget about any fad diets or popping slimming pills . These may work initially but in the long run, they are bound to fail.
Now supposing that you are successful in your lose weight lose fat program and have very little fat covering your torso but yet you do not have well defined abs....what happened? You are doing your exercises wrongly or in poor form. More about exercise techniques and form in future articles.
by Chris Chew

          Muscle Building Workouts and Tips: Dos and Donts   

Packing on Muscle mass involves a lot of dedication and care. At times, trying too hard can have its negative effects too. Right guidance and proper techniques make the perfect recipe to MUSCLE BUILDING. Muscle Building is no joke, but at the same time, very much possible. The bottomline is to workout in the right direction and not to harm your body. Here are some Do's and Dont's for Muscle Building.

Muscle Building Tips: Do's and Dont's

1) Popping a pill to reach your health and fitness goal is not the answer! Results are temporary and effects the body adversely in the long run.

2) Remove the tag " Short cut" from your workout schedule. There is no such thing as quick-fix. Dedication and hardwork hold the key for MUSCLE BUILDING.

3) Dietary Supplements can be helpful in achieving your goals. Supplementation is designed to supplement your healthy eating and exercise habits.

4) Dont go in for any supplement you come across. Before taking a supplement, consult your trained or a physician. Always buy supplements from a reputed DRUGSTORE. Do your research before taking in a supplement.

5) Supplements shouldnt be misunderstood as steroids. Steroids should be a BIG NO. Gather more knowledge on supplements at http://www.weightloss-health.com/Supplements.htm

By Jasdeep

          Four Powerful Tricks for Successful Lucid Dreaming   

By definition, Lucid Dreaming means "conscious awareness during the dream state." But how can this be? Every book I've ever read on dreaming has described the dream state as being an entry into the unconscious, so how can you possibly be conscious during dreaming, and be able to enter your dreams. It's an interesting theory, and I've discovered some very positive information that will help you in your Lucid dreaming attempts.

Can you be Conscious while Accessing the Subconscious?

According to Charles McPhee in his book "Stop Sleeping Through your Dreams," the answer to the question on consciousness during sleep is a resounding NO! "Our ability for consciousness-our ability to achieve reflectivity in our minds-is specifically denied us during dream sleep. Single-mindedness is a quality that defines dream experience." If you had the ability to reflect in a dream, you would recognize instantly that you were dreaming, and wake-up, and this is why it becomes difficult to judge and evaluate our dream experience.

An important event occurs with our muscle system with the onset of dream sleep. The main motor neurons of the body are inhibited, which prevents us from "physically" acting out dreams - you wouldn't want to actually leap out of bed and start flying around the house; this would create chaos everywhere at night and you would wake up exhausted. Unfortunately, after the motor neurons are shut down, so is the ability for consciousness during dream sleep.

100 Minutes a Night for Lucid Dreaming

When we first awaken from dream sleep, we will have a good chance of recalling our dreams, whereas if awakened from any other stage, we will not even remember dreaming. We enter various stages of sleep during 90-minute cycles all through the night (you can test this by checking the clock before you go to sleep at night, and again when you awaken during the middle of the night.) This means that if you sleep for six hours a night, you will have four "dream cycles" which you can access for information or fun (most people dream an average of 100 minutes a night). In the book "Directed Dreaming," you discover how to ask the proper questions of your dreams in order to receive problem solving information and direction for your life; now you can go one step further and discover how to step into random dreams to find out what clues they are trying to give you.

Trick # 1 - The First Step

The first step to becoming lucid during dreaming is to start trying to recall the previous nights dreams. This takes practice, but it can be accomplished. You will soon find out that if you work backward from the dream, it is easier to piece it together. This is easiest to do, of course, right after you wake up. If a dream is not written down, or recalled quickly, it will be lost forever. When you achieve the ability for lucid dreaming, you will find out that these dreams are recalled easier and do not vanish as quickly; that's where the fun in lucid dreaming comes from! What good is it if you are able to jump into your dreams and "play," then not remember anything about the experience. Remembering your lucid dreams can give you a calming feeling and something to smile about during the day. Soon, you will become aware of what you want to find out in your dreams, and you can tell yourself that the next time you have the dream where you are flying, you will remember that you are dreaming and want to participate in that adventure.

Trick #2 - The Best Time to Become Lucid

One important thing to remember about our dream cycles is that during the night, the time spent dreaming grows progressively longer with each cycle. This means that the longest stretch of dreamtime occurs just before awakening. This is the time you should concentrate on trying to become lucid. You should have tracked your dream cycles (as explained above), and determined approximately when you will reach the 4th cycle, then, when you awaken after the 3rd cycle, you can consciously tell yourself that next time you see or hear something, you will be dreaming, and you would like to be aware of this dream and enter into it.

Trick #3 - Not Sleeping!

It has been found that if you do not get enough sleep, and haven't had time to dream, your body will compensate by dreaming more! It is almost as if it's essential for us to have dream experiences. Therefore, if you are having a hard time becoming lucid in your dreams, you might want to try staying up later for a few nights, and then you will have more dream cycles as you try to "catch-up." When you have these extra dream cycles in the catch-up phase, it's a great opportunity to practice your lucid dreaming, as your cycles will be long, intense, and deep. It is more difficult to wake yourself out of sleep when the body is very tired, making this an excellent opportunity for lucidity!

Trick #4 - Associations

After you have become accustomed to writing down your dreams, it's time to pick out a few common things in the dream that will remind you that you are dreaming. For example, if you commonly dream that you are driving various kinds of sports cars, the thing to tell yourself when you are awake is that the next time you are driving a fancy car you will be dreaming. That way, you create the association in your mind to trigger the unconscious to recognize that as a dream, and help you participate. If you commonly dream of flying, that's also a good clue that you are dreaming, and if you consciously make a note of it, the next time you find yourself flying, you will wonder what you were supposed to remember about flying. If luck is on your side, this association will trigger your thinking that if you're flying, you must be dreaming, and with that instant thought, you will be able to start your adventure into that dream.

The first few times you attempt to do this, the awareness that you are dreaming may wake you up! This is because your consciousness has been activated, and in order to keep dreaming you need to stay in the subconscious. It takes practice to make the acceptance that you are dreaming into a passing thought, and just go with the flow. If you think about it too much, you will wake up (and, of course, will need to try it all over again). Again, according to McPhee, "Whatever you choose as a clue to identify your dreams, the association will carry over to your dreams. As you keep a dream journal and familiarize yourself with the content of your dreams, you can experiment with clues. Before long, the next time you take off in flight or are pursued by some familiar tormentor, there is an exceptionally good chance that you will have the associated thought, "Oh! I must be dreaming." And with this awareness, you will have successfully identified the dreamscape.

What do You Want to Find Out

After you have successfully entered your dreams, the next step is to find out what you want to accomplish by being there. Do you want to make your lucid dream into a fantasy where you physically fight off attackers, or do you want to be the fastest runner in the world and successfully outrun anything that comes after you, or would you rather have fantasies of a sexual nature? This fantasy type of lucid dreaming is fine, but what purpose does it serve? It does not help us resolve anything in real life; but it can be a good stress-reliever. A better way to work with lucid dreaming is to try to get some insight into why the conflict is occurring. If you were to stop those people who are chasing you in your dreams and talk to them, what would they say? Could they reveal to you why you are running and open up the opportunity to explore unconscious fears in real life? Since the unconscious is probably trying to tell you something, it would be best to find out what it is, so you can act on it when you wake up, and resolve these difficult situations. The more you practice, the closer you will get to resolving your issues -- and then you can go back to fantasy dreaming (my guess is that that's probably what you want to do anyway), but since you are taking your time to practice becoming lucid, you might as well make it work to your advantage every now and then.

Technology Can Help As technology advances, so does the opportunity to get help with your Lucidity. There are now high-tech devices that you can use to induce lucid dreams. Most of them can be found in New Age bookstores, or you can go to the library and find mail order catalogs that carry these devices. You can now find popular devices such as eyeshades that detect rapid eye movement and blink a red diode when you start to sleep. This red light is incorporated into the dream, and reminds the dreamer to clue in that he or she is dreaming. If you want to see more Hi-Tech devices, visit: www.reawakener.com/Lucid_Dreaming.htm

Lucid Dreaming - a Gift for Certain People?

It was once thought that lucid dreaming was a gift given only to certain people, much like true Psychics have; but this is not the case. Anyone can learn lucid dreaming; it just takes practice and time. According to Charles McPhee, you must spend the time to identify when your sleep cycles are, and when your dream cycles come. Then, as you become more aware of your sleep cycles, you can prepare mentally for those times. "When you awaken early in the morning, before you roll over and close your eyes for another cycle, be confident that your dreams are on their way. In the early morning hours, you stand on the brink of thirty to forty-minute blocks of nonstop dreamscape action. The trick, of course, is to recognize the dreamscape." (103).

By Evelyn Grazini

          Crown Polytechnic ND & HND Admission Form is Out – 2017/18   

Crown Polytechnic Odo, Ado-Ekiti Full-time National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) Admission Form is out for 2017/2018 academic session. The Authorities of Crown polytechnic, Odo, Ado-Ekiti is inviting...

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          르・맨식 스타트   

르・맨식 스타트

르・맨식 스타트(르・맨 사계 스타트)란, 자동차오토바이등의 레이스로 스타트할 때에, 피트 혹은 홈 스트레이트전에 그랜드 스탠드를 향하도록(듯이) 일렬에 늘어놓을 수 있었던 출주 차량으로 향해[1][2], 스타트의 신호로 그랜드 스탠드측으로부터 코스를 횡단해[3]타 스타트하는 방식[1]이다.


자동차 레이스로의 퇴조

르・맨 24시간 레이스로 오랜 세월 전통적으로 사용되어 왔던 것이 이름의 바탕으로 되어 있지만, 첫회 1923년의 르・맨 24시간 레이스로는 통상의 구라두식 스탠딩 스타트인[3].

그 후 자동차의 시동성, 타기 쉬움 등을 평가하는 관점으로부터 채용되었지만, 안전벨트를 장착하지 않고 스타트하는 드라이버가 도달해[3], 후방의 차량이 빨리 나와 혼란하는[3]등 위험이 많은 것이 알려져 있었다.

1969년의 르・맨 24시간 레이스에 대해 재키・이크스가 스타트의 위험을 피하기 위해[주석 1]에 천천히 걸어 타기[1], 시트 포지션을 확인해[1], 안전벨트를 장착해[1], 정신적으로 안정되어[1], 다른 44대가 달려간 후에 출발한[1].이 때도 최초의 주회중에 존・울프(John Woolfe)가 타는 포르셰・917의 10호차가 메종・브란슈를 구부러지지 못하고 제방에 돌진해 존・울프가 사망하는 사고가 되고 있는[1].

이것으로부터 르・맨 24시간 레이스에서도 1971년의 르・맨 24시간 레이스로부터 통상의 롤링 스타트[1][2]가 되어, 그 다음은 오토바이 레이스에서만 사용되게 되어 있다.

다만 그 후도, 「스타트전의 세레머니시에, 그랜드 스탠드를 향하도록(듯이) 머신을 일렬에 늘어놓는다」스타일은 르・맨 24시간 레이스로 계속해 채용되고 있어 FIA 세계 내구 선수권에서도, 2015년부터 시리즈전전에서 동스타일에 의한 스타트전 세레머니를 실시하는[2].


  1. ^당시는 「오시바주거지」라고 해졌지만, 본인에게 그러한 의도는 없었다고 한다.


  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i 「나만의 운전 테크닉」pp34-63 「챔피언 테크닉을 너에게 나오타다 한다」
  2. ^ a b c WEC, 전전에서"르・맨식"스타트 진행을 채용-오토 스포츠・2015년 4월 8일
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          Compressed Air Technician - Skiltrek - Hialeah, FL   
The Field Service Technician serves customers by installing, trouble shooting, repairing and maintaining all makes of rotary screw and reciprocating air...
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          iPhone turns 10   

A man uses his iPhone during a preview event at the new Apple Store Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, US.

Apple Inc.’s iPhone turned 10 yesterday, evoking memories of a rocky start for the device that ended up doing most to start the smartphone revolution and stirring interest in where  it will go from here. Apple has sold more than one billion iPhones since June 29, 2007, but the first iPhone, which launched without an App Store and was restricted to the Inc network, was limited compared to today’s version. After sluggish initial sales, Apple slashed the price to spur holiday sales that year. “The business model for year one of the iPhone was a disaster,” Tony Fadell, one of the Apple developers of the device, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday. “We pivoted and figured it out in year two.” The very concept of the iPhone came as a surprise to some of Apple’s suppliers a decade ago, even though Apple, led by CEO Steve Jobs, had already expanded beyond computers with the iPod. “We still have the voicemail from Steve Jobs when he called the CEO and founder here,” said David Bairstow at Skyhook, the company that supplied location technology to early iPhones. “He thought he was being pranked by someone in the office and it took him two days to call Steve Jobs back.” The iPhone...
          Regulatory Affairs Director with a Global Top 20 Biotech company - Team leading or GRL role covering EU & FDA Liaison and Strategy - Brussels    
Salary: Negotiable (GBP)
Benefits: On Application
Location: Belgium, BELGIUM with Relo
Company: Advanced Regulatory (UK & Europe)
Posted: 30 June 2017 10:57:50
Expiry: 30 July 2017 10:48:26
          Dollar falls but bond yields up    
The euro rose yesterday alongside sterling and bond yields as a slew of hawkish comments from central banks signalled the era of ultra-loose monetary policy is ready to sunset across the Atlantic. The dollar index touched its lowest since October as investors shifted to the view that the US Federal Reserve might not be the only game in town when it comes to higher interest rates. With the Fed green-lighting dividends and buybacks in major banks as part of another round of stress tests, financial stocks rose but not enough to offset declines in technology and interest-rate sensitive sectors. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 141.81 points, or 0.66 per cent, to 21,312.8, the S&P 500 lost 19.3 points, or 0.79 per cent, to 2,421.39 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 92.96 points, or 1.49 per cent, to 6,141.46. European shares failed to hold onto early gains. The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 index lost 1.36 per cent and MSCI’s gauge of stocks across the globe shed 0.52 per cent. Emerging market stocks lost 0.08 per cent. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan closed 0.59 per cent higher, while the Nikkei rose 0.45 per cent. As euro zone bond yields rallied, the...
          High-tech dashboards signal big changes for auto parts suppliers   

Alexandra Schaefer, head of the SmartCore-Centre of Competence, and her colleague Hector Zarate of US automotive supplier Visteon working on a set-up to demonstrate their new SmartCore dashboard in Karlsruhe, Germany. Photo: Reuters

Peer at the instrument panel on your new car and you may find sleek digital gauges and multicoloured screens. But a glimpse behind the dashboard could reveal what US auto supplier Visteon Corp found: a mess. As automotive cockpits become crammed with ever more digital features such as navigation and entertainment systems, the electronics holding it all together have become a rat’s nest of components made by different parts makers. Now the race is on to clean up the clutter. Visteon is among a slew of suppliers aiming to make dashboard innards simpler, cheaper and lighter as the industry accelerates towards a so-called virtual cockpit – an all-digital dashboard that will help usher in the era of self-driving cars. What’s at stake is a piece of the $37 billion cockpit electronics market, estimated by research firm IHS Market to nearly double to $62 billion by 2022. Accounting firm PwC estimates that electronics could account for up to 20 per cent of a car’s value in the next two years, up from 13 per cent in 2015. Meanwhile, the number of suppliers for those components is likely to dwindle as automakers look to work with fewer companies capable of doing more, according to Mark...
          Field Service Technician - CEM Machine, Inc. - Carthage, NY   
CEM Machine, Carthage, N.Y. is a manufacturer and supplier of stationary heavy duty/high production log chippers and chipper parts with equipment on 6
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          Making Sense of the “Super Fuse” Scare   
For weeks now I have been getting panicked emails with readers asking me whether the USA had developed a special technology called “super fuses” which would make it possible for the USA to successfully pull-off a (preemptive) disarming first strike against Russia. Super-fuses were also mentioned in combination with an alleged lack by Russia of...
          AT&T to launch software-based 10G XGS-PON trial   
AT&T announced it will conduct a 10 Gbit/s XGS-PON field trial in late 2017 as it progresses with plans to virtualise access functions within the last mile network.

The next-generation PON trial is designed to deliver multi-gigabit Internet speeds to consumer and business customers, and to enable all services, including 5G wireless infrastructure, to be converged onto a single network.

AT&T noted that XGS-PON is a fixed wavelength symmetrical 10 Gbit/s passive optic network technology that can coexist with the current GPON technology. The technology can provide 4x the downstream bandwidth of the existing system, and is as cost-effective to deploy as GPON. As part of its network virtualisation initiative, AT&T plans to place some XGS-PON in the cloud with software leveraging open hardware and software designs to speed development.
AT&T has worked with ON.Lab to develop and test ONOS (Open Network Operating System) and VOLTHA (Virtual Optical Line Terminator Hardware Abstraction) software. This technology allows the lower level details of the silicon to be hidden. AT&T stated that it has also submitted a number of open white box XGS OLT designs to the Open Compute Project (OCP) and is currently working with the project to gain approval for the solutions.

The company noted that interoperability is a key element of its Open Access strategy, and prompted the creation of an OpenOMCI specification, which provides an interoperable interface between the OLT and the home devices. This specification, which forms a key part of software-defined network (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV), has been distributed to standards and open source communities.

  • AT&T joined OCP in January 2016 to support its network transformation program. Earlier this year at the OCP Summit Edgecore Networks, a provider of open networking solutions and a subsidiary of Accton Technology, announced design contributions to OCP including a 25 Gigabit Ethernet top-of-rack switch and high-density 100 Gigabit Ethernet spine switch. The company also showcased new open hardware platforms.
  • At the summit, Edgecore displayed a disaggregated virtual OLT for PON deployment at up to 10 Gbit/ based on the AT&T Open XGS-PON 1 RU OLT specification that was contributed to the OCP Telco working group.
  • Edgecore's ASFvOLT16 disaggregated virtual OLT is based on the AT&T Open XGS-PON 1 RU OLT specification and features Broadcom StrataDNX switch and PON MAC SOC silicon, offering 16 ports of XGS-PON or NG-PON2, with 4 x QSFP28 ports and designed for next generation PON deployments and R-CORD telecom infrastructure.

          Ciena teams with University of Waterloo   
Ciena announced that it is working with engineering researchers at the University of Waterloo to develop solutions to help network operators and Internet providers address to the ever increasing demand for faster data transmission over the Internet.

The partners stated that the research relationship has received funding support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

A key area of the University of Waterloo's partnership with Ciena focuses on realising the maximum possible capacity from the optical cables that run under the oceans and which handle around 95% of intercontinental communications, including an estimated $10 trillion per day in financial transactions. Ciena noted that the reliable, high-speed transmission of huge amounts of data over undersea cables is increasingly important in fields including healthcare and academic research.

For the research program, Amir Khandani, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Waterloo, is leading a team of post-doctoral fellows and graduate students that are developing algorithms designed to efficiently and rapidly correct errors, including lost or dropped bits of data, that occur during extremely high-speed, long-distance optical transmission.

When incorporated on the electronic chips that are built into equipment for receiving and transmitting data, the algorithms developed by the Waterloo team can free up cable capacity, while also enabling the faster correction of errors in line with other technological advances in optical communications.

Under the three-year partnership, announced at an event at the University of Waterloo, Mr. Khandani holds the position of Ciena/NSERC Industrial Research Chair on Network Information Theory of Optical Channels. Ciena noted that the relationship between Waterloo Engineering and Ciena has already produced seven U.S. patents, with additional patents pending.

          Senior Clinical Project Manager/Leader - Growing Biotech - Switzerland   
Salary: Competitive (GBP)
Location: Switzerland,
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 09:49:39
Expiry: 30 July 2017 09:46:59
          Specjalista w Zespole Serwisu, Kraków   
Instytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej Państwowy Instytut Badawczy Oddział w Krakowie zatrudni pracownika na stanowisko: specjalista w  Zespole  Serwisu Liczba etatów: 1 Miejsce pracy: Dział Służby Pomiarowo-Obserwacyjnej ul. Piotra Borowego 14, 30-215 Kraków   Wymagania: Wykształcenie średnie, wyższe – elektronika, elektrotechnika lub pokrewne Znajomość języka angielskiego minimum na poziomie czytania dokumentacji technicznej Prawo jazdy kat. B; Brak przeciwwskazań zdrowotnych do […]
          TIM launches 1G FTTH and previews 4.5G    
Italy's TIM has claimed another first for its mobile network by enabling upload speeds of up to 75 Mbit/s for all customers, and from July this year will enable 700 Mbit/s download speeds, over its 4.5G network in Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Taormina and Giardini-Naxos.

In addition, as part of its fixed and mobile ultrabroadband initiative, TIM is launching a new 1,000 Mbit/s fixed-line service in 70 Italian municipalities. The company stated that the initiatives are the result of key investments to upgrade its ultrabroadband network, which currently reaches approximately 67% of Italian homes with fibre and covers 97% of the population via its 4G mobile network.

Through its Fibre and Mobile program, TIM offers customers connectivity enabling up to 1,000 Mbit/s download and 100 Mbit/s upload rates in 70 municipalities where the FTTH service is already available and, leveraging its 4.5G mobile network, 700 Mbit/s download rates in 11 cities. TIM stated that new customers can now sign up for its new Fibre and Mobile offer and receive broadband service with from 100 up to 1,000 Mbit/s bandwidth.

TIM stated that through planned investments for the period 2017 to 19 amounting to around Euro 11 billion, of which Euro 5 billion is dedicated to network modernisation, it has extended fibre coverage in Italy to over 16 million homes in around 1,900 municipalities. In 1,300 of these municipalities the broadband speed has been doubled to 200/70 Mbit/s via its FTTH infrastructure.

In addition, on its mobile network, having become the first service provider in Europe to launch 4.5G commercial service with download speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s in 11 cities, from July this year TIM plans to offer up to 700 Mbit/s download speeds in Turin, Milan, Naples, Rome and Palermo, Taormina and Giardini-Naxos for customers with compatible devices.

TIM is also offering all customers mobile service with upload speeds of up to 75 Mbit/s on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and Sony XPERIA XZ Premium devices.

  • In April, TIM announced that as part of a program to implement 5G technology it would launch the first field tests in the city of Turin, and would demonstrate the technology in the city on 5G Day at its Open Lab innovation and development centre.
  • The Torino 5G project, instituted by TIM through an agreement with the Turin municipal authority, is designed to allow TIM to carry out early trials of 5G technology in a metro environment by the end of 2018. The company noted at that time that Turin was expected to become the first city in Italy to have a 5G mobile network, and cited a goal of deploying the technology by 2020.
  • For the 5G Day, TIM partnered with Qualcomm Technologies and Ericsson to demonstrate speeds of up to 700 Mbit/s download and up to 75 Mbit/s upload over its live 4.5G mobile network.

          Senior Clinical Study Manager/Study Leader – Niche Biotech - Belgium   
Salary: Competitive (GBP)
Location: Belgium,
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 09:46:27
Expiry: 30 July 2017 09:43:01
          Pomoc techniczna i Szkolenie oraz Wsparcie IMGW-PIB   
Zgłasza: JRP Termin składania ofert: 1 sierpnia 2017 r. do godziny 23:59 Termin otwarcia ofert: 2 sierpnia 2017 r. Numer postępowania: POPDOW/5.5/1 Rodzaj zamówienia: Usługi Konsultingowe – Wybór Firm
          Silicon Labs launches XOs for 100/400G line cards   
Silicon Labs, a supplier of silicon, software and solutions for networking applications, has introduced a new family of crystal oscillators (XOs), the Si54x Ultra Series, that is claimed to offer the lowest jitter frequency-flexible solution on the market.

The new Si54x Ultra Series XOs deliver jitter performance down to 80 femtoseconds (fs) for both integer and fractional frequencies across the entire operating range. The devices provide leading frequency flexibility and jitter margin performance and target demanding applications including 100/200/400 Gbit/s line cards and optical modules, hyperscale data centres, broadband, wireless infrastructure, broadcast video, industrial and test and measurement systems.

Silicon Labs' Si54x Ultra Series XOs are available with single, dual and quad frequency options and offered in an industry-standard 3.2 x 5 mm package, providing drop-in compatibility with traditional XO devices, as well as fast lead times and high reliability.

Silicon Labs noted that its PLL-based approach to oscillators is designed to enable efficient manufacturing and simplified factory programming to reduce lead times compared with custom oscillator products. Silicon Labs claims that this approach allows it to ship samples of any frequency XO within 1 to 2 weeks, and to deliver production quantities wthin four weeks.

The company's new Si54x oscillators employ Silicon Labs' advanced fourth-generation DSPLL technology to provide an ultra-low-jitter clock source at any output frequency. The device can be factory-programmed to any frequency from 200 kHz up to 1.5 GHz with <1 ppb resolution. In addition, on-chip power supply regulation allows noise rejection and enables consistent, reliable low-jitter operation in noisy scenarios such as high-speed networking and data centres.

The Si54x XOs also offer a drop-in replacements for low-jitter surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based oscillators while delivering superior frequency tolerance and temperature stability. The devices provide support for common output formats including LVDS, LVPECL, HCSL, CML, CMOS and Dual CMOS. Samples and production quantities of the Si54x Ultra Series oscillators are available immediately, and Silicon Labs offers a range of free web-based tools to support design and customisation.

          AT&T and China Telecom sign partnership deal   
AT&T and China Telecom announced they have signed a framework agreement that strengthens their cooperation to support the development of advanced network services for multinational companies operating in China.

Through the agreement, the companies will help multinational customers leverage secure global communications to support business growth in China and worldwide. AT&T and China Telecom will also jointly work to create new services in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based big data, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) roaming, and software-defined networks (SDN).

The companies noted that the new agreement renews the 20-year authorisation under which Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications (SST), the joint venture formed bAT&T, China Telecom and Shanghai Information Investments, was established in 2000. As part of the new agreement, the parties intend to expand the scope of SST and the locations it serves to enable the delivery of new business services and technologies to customers.

Specifically, under the renewed agreement the companies plan to:

1.         Help establish industry standards for SDN and support their adoption.

2.         Launch bilateral roaming tests, as contemplated in a previously executed roaming agreement for business customers.

3.         Explore the potential of VoLTE roaming.

          Dostawa samobieżnego penetrometru statycznego CPT/CPTU do wykonywania sondowań statycznych w gruncie (wraz z wyposażeniem) z przyczepą transportową na podwoziu kołowym dwuosiowym (z osłoną) umożliwiającym holowanie przez samochód   
Zgłasza: Ośrodek Technicznej Kontroli Zapór z siedzibą w Katowicach Termin składania ofert: 12 lipca 2017 r do godz. 11:00 Termin otwarcia ofert: 12 lipca 2017 r, godz. 11:30 Numer postępowania: 1/OTKZ/PN/D/U/17 Rodzaj zamówienia: dostawa

          Keeping an eye on Alibaba Cloud, Aliyun – Part 1   
Alibaba's Jack Ma made headlines across the world last week by laying out a plan for rapid global expansion of China's e-commerce behemoth. In an Investor Conference held at the company's Xixi headquarters in Hangzhou, China, Ma made the bold claim that Alibaba could reach $1 trillion in gross merchandise value by 2021 by becoming the primary online store for 2 billion people, as well as by expanding into new areas, one of which is the international public cloud services business. While Alibaba's investor event was overshadowed somewhat by the news that Amazon will spend $13.7 billion in cash to acquire Whole Foods, the premium U.S. grocery store chain, Jack Ma unveiled a strategy with clear potential to disrupt the cloud market.

Meanwhile, business at Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) is 'fantastic' and is only going to get better this year, according to the company CFO. For the most recent fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2017, the company reported revenue of RMB 38,579 million ($5,605 million), an increase of 60% year-over-year, including:

•   Revenue from core commerce of RMB31,570 million ($4,587 million), up 47% year-over-year.

•   Revenue from cloud computing of RMB 2,163 million ($314 million), up 103% year-over-year.

•   Revenue from digital media and entertainment of RMB 3,927 million ($571 million), up 234% year-over-year.

Growth at the parent company is primarily being driven by the steady increase in active buyers on its ecommerce platforms, both in numbers and in the value of goods and services being transacted. Annual active buyers reached 454 million, an increase of 31 million from the 12-month period ended on March 31, 2016. Mobile monthly active users (MAUs) on Alibaba Group’s China retail marketplaces reached 507 million in March, up 97 million over March 2016. Gross merchandise volume (GMV) transacted on Alibaba’s China retail marketplaces in fiscal year 2017 was RMB 3,767 billion ($547 billion), up 22% compared to RMB 3,092 billion in fiscal year 2016.

Alibaba Cloud, or Aliyun as it is known in Chinese, is firmly established as the leading infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud in mainland China and is moving rapidly to become a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider and a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retailer. Some important Aliyun metrics emerged from the Investor presentation, including (with additional commentary):

·         Public cloud is growing: based on Gartner's figures from March 2017, Aliyun estimates the global public cloud market will amount to $245 billion in 2017, growing to $436 billion in 2021, a 15.9% CAGR.

·         China’s public cloud market is growing even faster, with Gartner figures showing China’s public cloud market, valued at $14 billion this year, growing to $25 billion in 2021, a 17.2% CAGR; by 2021, China’s share of the global public cloud market would still be under 6%, which seems odd given the country's share of global GDP is much higher and that ecommerce, social media and mobile technologies are booming in China - why so low versus the U.S. market?

·         Aliyun cited figures from IDC Tracker 2016 H1/H2 Global Cloud Market (IaaS), indicating it currently is the No.4 player in public cloud services worldwide, but with only a 3.2% share; No.1 was AWS, $8.4 billion, 46.1% share; No. 2 Microsoft, $1.4 billion, 7.6% share; No.3 IBM, $1.0 billion, 5.8% share; No.4 Alibaba, $0.57 billion, 3.2% share; No.5 Google, $0.519 billion, 2.9% share.

Clearly, AWS is dominating the public cloud market, especially in the U.S. The other U.S. public cloud players are investing aggressively to catch up and they too seem to have ambitions that reach to the sky. Alibaba's Jack Ma has previously been quoted in the press as saying that Alibaba would catch and surpass Amazon. When it comes to cloud services at least, this will be extremely difficult given its current 3.2% share versus AWS’ 46.1% share, and a capex budget that appears decisively smaller.

In its home market of China, Aliyun's IaaS revenue is equivalent to the next seven players combined. The numbers cited in IDC Tracker 2016 H1/H2 Global Cloud Market are as follows:

·         No.1 – Alibaba Group, $587 million, 40.7% market share

·         No.2 - China Telecom, $123 million, 8.5%

·         No.3 – Tencent, $106 million, 7.3%

·         No.4 – Kingsoft, $87 million, 6.0%

·         No.5 – Ucloud, $79 million, 5.5%

·         No.6 – Microsoft, $72 million, 5.0%

·         No.7 – China Unicom, $67 million, 4.6%

·         No.8 – AWS, $55 million, 3.8%

In addition, as of March 31, 2017 Aliyun had 874,000 paying customers, had 15 data centres worldwide and had 186 cloud service offers. It also claims a 96.7% retention rate amongst its top paying customers in Q1 2017 compared to a year earlier.

Over one-third of China’s Top 500 companies are on Alibaba Cloud, including China's Public Safety Bureau (PSB), CCTV, Sinopec, Sina Weibo, Xinhua News Agency,Toutiao, Geely, Mango TV, CEA, Quanmin Live, Panda TV and DJI, while two-thirds of Chinese Unicorn companies are on Alibaba Cloud. Global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) now available on Aliyun include Accenture, SAP, Docker, here, SUSE, Haivision, Wowza, AppScale, AppEX, Hillstone, Checkpoint Software Technologies, Hitachi Data Systems and Red Hat.

Aliyun’s Computing Conference 2016 was attended by over 40,000 developers in person, with more than 7 million viewers online. At its investor conference, Aliyun also disclosed a number of major international brands that are now using its services, including Schneider Electric, Shisheido, Philips, Nestle and Vodafone, which is a good start. Nevertheless, attracting international companies will be harder, first, because Alibaba has only just recently begun building data centres outside of China, and two, they will be much less known and trusted than established brands such as IBM.

          Ducati’s Secret Weapon: Carbon Fiber Öhlins Fork Tubes   

They are hard to spot, but if you look closely at the 2017 Ducati Desmosedici GP (a bevy of photos are after the jump) you will see something very unique going on with the front suspension. This is because Öhlins and Ducati have teamed up to develop new fork technology, […]

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          IoT forecasts come into focus   
For years now there has been forecast after forecast predicting the size of the IoT market by the end of the decade or ten years hence. There is always a big number of connected things and impressive valuation for the sum of the whole market, and with the large mobile operators such as AT&T and Verizon now including connected things in their quarterly reports there is hard data to back up the rosy forecasts. At an editorial briefing in San Jose last month, Qualcomm executives said it is now shipping one million wireless connections per day - this certainly gives a perspective on how fast IoT can grow. The company has hundreds of OEM design wins for its MDM9206 LTE modem for IoT.

As of June 15th, the GSMA Intelligence services says there are 8,132,111,132 mobile connections, including M2M. The GSMA's online tracker further reports 5,016,263,289 unique mobile subscribers, which are assumed to mean people with at least one mobile phone and SIM card. By subtraction, this means 3.1 billion M2M connections tracked by the GSMA via their mobile operator members.

This piece collects newly published data from several sources. First, IDC recently reported that worldwide spending on the IoT will reach nearly $1.4 trillion in 2021. Second, the Cisco Visual Network Index (VNI) found that M2M connections globally will grow from 780 million in 2016 to 3.3 billion by 2021, a 34% CAGR or fourfold growth. Third, the newly published Ericsson Mobility Study finds that 70% of wide-areas IoT devices will use cellular technology in 2022. While studies from different authors will never precisely line up, this collection of data agrees that real and significant revenue from IoT for carriers has started to materialize and will grow quickly in the near term.

Highlights from IDC’s Worldwide Semi-annual IoT spending guide

The first big finding to notice in IDC's report is that worldwide spending on IoT will reach $800 billion this year, up 16.7% year over year, which means that the market this month must be worth tens of millions of dollars. These numbers are spread out amongst the hardware, software, services and connectivity that enable the IoT. This means splitting the pot between vendors such as Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless, Cisco Jasper, integration specialists, and of course carriers such as AT&T, Orange and Vodafone. There are many others that could be included on this list, especially when considering the global market.  In that sense, the $800 billion is just a starting point. IDC's forecast says that by 2021, global IoT spending will total nearly $1.4 trillion. In a press release announcing the study, IDC's Carrie MacGillivray, vice president, Internet of Things and Mobility, stated that the true value of IoT is realised when the software and services come together to enable the capture, interpretation, and action on data produced by IoT endpoints.

IDC breaks down 2017 investments in IoT as follows: manufacturing operations ($105 billion), freight monitoring ($50 billion), and production asset management ($45 billion), smart grid technologies for electricity, gas and water and smart building technologies ($56 billion and $40 billion, respectively). Looking to 2021, IDC expects these use cases will remain the largest areas of IoT spending. Smart home technologies are forecast to experience strong growth (19.8% CAGR) over the five-year forecast. The use cases that will see the fastest spending growth are airport facilities automation (33.4% CAGR), electric vehicle charging (21.1% CAGR), and in-store contextual marketing (20.2% CAGR).

IDC sees hardware as the largest IoT spending category to 2021, the last year of the forecast, when it is overtaken by the services category. This is to be expected as the various physical sensors and connectivity units must be deployed first before a service can be offered. IDC says hardware spending will be dominated by modules and sensors that connect end points to networks, while software spending will be similarly dominated by applications software. In addition, IDC says services spending will be about evenly split between ongoing and content services and IT and installation services. The fastest growing areas of technology spending are in the software category, where horizontal software and analytics software will have five-year CAGRs of 29.0% and 20.5%, respectively. Security hardware and software will also see increased investment, growing at 15.1% and 16.6% CAGRs, respectively.

Regional highlights:

•   Asia Pacific (excluding Japan, APeJ) will be the IoT investment leader throughout the forecast with spending expected to reach $455 billion in 2021.

•   The U.S. will be the second largest region with IoT spending reaching $421 billion in 2021.

•   Western Europe will reach $274 billion in 2021.

The IDC Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide is quite comprehensive, covering IoT spending for 12 technologies and 54 use cases across 20 vertical industries in eight regions and 52 countries (for more details see here: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS42799917).

Cisco looks wide with its VNI forecast

Generally speaking, Cisco's forecasts have tended to be the most optimistic. This year’s Cisco VNI indicates that its IoT coverage includes both M2M and emerging category of wearable IoT devices. M2M connections, which Cisco defines as home and office security and automation, smart metering and utilities, maintenance, building automation, automotive, healthcare and consumer electronics, are predicted to grow from 780 million in 2016 to 3.3 billion by 2021, a 34% CAGR or fourfold growth.

Wearable devices, which Cisco notes could connect and communicate to the network either directly through embedded cellular connectivity or through another device (primarily a smartphone) using WiFi, Bluetooth, or another technology, include such things as smart watches, smart glasses, heads-up displays (HUDs), health and fitness trackers, health monitors, wearable scanners and navigation devices and smart clothing. The Cisco VNI predicts that by 2021 there will be 929 million wearable devices globally, growing nearly threefold from 325 million in 2016 at a CAGR of 23%. By 2021, Cisco expects that 7% will have embedded cellular connectivity, up from 3% in 2016. As AR/VR headsets enter the market, they could start to have a tangible impact on mobile traffic.

Ericsson looks to short-range and wide-range IoT connectivity

The newly published Ericsson Mobility Report finds that at the end of 2016 there were around 0.4 billion IoT devices with cellular connections. Ericsson's study divides IoT into short-range and wide-area segments, and it provides some guidance as to how IoT is impacting the network. For instance, the report says use cases with VoLTE calls for IoT (Cat-M1) are starting to emerge. This could extend mobile voice service to IoT devices, an interesting possibility.

By 2021, Ericsson expects there will be 2.1 billion devices connected via LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, roughly a 30% CAGR from today. This trend has already started. This year, several prominent mobile operators have rolled out commercial LTE-M networks. For instance, in March, Verizon announced the commercial launch of its nationwide 4G LTE Category M1 (or Cat M1) network. The coverage spans 2.4 million square miles. Verizon will introduce low rate, multi-year plans to match the longer useful life of Cat M1 devices, including data plans that start at $2 per month per device, with customised options available for bulk activations and volume purchases. In May, AT&T followed suit by announcing the deployment of its nationwide LTE-M network ahead of schedule.

          Economist on "HFT bros, put down your latency arbs and explain this:"   

work hours are great, you learn about all the latest in chip design, fpgas, linux kernels, gpus; best technology, ; a ton of data to run ml models on; very low key ( no clients) ; everything is free;

only downside is that it is a shrinking business, the best years were in the past

          Nokia – IP networks re-imagined   
Recently we have seen Cisco predict that busy hour global IP traffic will grow 4.6-fold (35% CAGR) from 2016 to 2021, reaching 4.3 Pb/s by 2021, compared to average Internet traffic that will grow 3.2-fold (26% CAGR) over the same period to reach 717 Tb/s by 2021. The latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report, released earlier this week, calculates that the total traffic in mobile networks increased by 70% between the end of Q1 2016 and the end of Q1 2017. And now, Nokia Bell Labs has just announced its own prediction: IP traffic will more than double in the next five years, reaching 330 exabytes per month by 2022 while growing at a 25% CAGR. The company anticipates that peak data rates will grow even faster at nearly 40% annually. Nokia Bell Labs also predicts that 3D/4K/UHD will experience a 4.79x growth from 2017 – 22, that wireless traffic will experience 7.5x growth from 2017 – 22, and that worldwide IoT devices to grow from 12bn in 2017 to 100bn in 2025.

Nokia unveils next gen networking processing engine

Nokia's processing engine sets the stage for perhaps the most significant announcement from the company since the merger of Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Networks in 2015. In a press event entitled 'IP networks reimagined', Nokia unveiled its FP4 silicon, featuring the 'first' 2.4 Tbit/s network processor, up to 6x more powerful than processors currently available. The proprietary chipset is designed for a new class of petabit-class routers.

Core routers traditionally have been the 'big iron' that powers the heart of the Internet. It is a product category dominated by Cisco, Huawei, Juniper and Nokia, including via its existing 7950 XRS routing platform. However, the market has been in flux. Earlier this month, Dell’Oro Group reported a significant break in Q1 17 with Huawei taking the top spot from Cisco in the core router market for the first time. The report also found Huawei taking over second spot from Nokia in the SP edge router and CES market. The primary reason cited for this shift is that the SP core routing business is only growing at a low single-digit rate, while China Mobile is defying the trend with significant investments in their IP core backbone, for which Huawei is the lead supplier. Nevertheless, the overall predictions for rapid growth in IP traffic over the coming five years makes it more likely that service providers will need a significant refresh of their core backbones to handle hundreds of 100 or 400 Gbit/s connections at major nodes.

Nokia's previous generation FP3 chipset, unveiled by Alcatel-Lucent in June 2011 and launched in 2012, packed 288 RISC cores operating at 1 GHz and leveraged 40 nm process technology; the FP2 chipset offered 112 cores at 840 MHz and was built in 90 nm. This network processor lineage can be traced back to TiMetra Networks, a start-up based in Mountain View, California that launched its first carrier-class routing platforms in 2003.

TiMetra, which was headed by Basil Alwan, was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent later in 2003 for approximately $150 million in stock. The product line went on to become the highly successful 7450, 7750 and eventually 7950 carrier platforms - the basis for the IP division at Alcatel-Lucent. Not bad for an idea from a small start-up to grow into the star platform underpinning all of Alcatel-Lucent + Nokia Siemens Networks.

In a launch day webcast, Basil Alwan, now president of Nokia's IP/Optical Networks business group, said we are moving into a new phase of the Internet requiring 'cloud-scale routing'. First, he noted that there is market confusion between Internet-class routers and core data centre switches, which are being used to power the hyperscale infrastructure of the Internet content providers. High-end, data centre spine switches are capable of routing packets at high rates and can handle access control lists (ACLs). Likewise, conventional big iron core routers can switch data flows, and are sometimes deployed in data centres. However, there have been tradeoffs when this role reversal happens. Nokia's new FP4 chipset aims to fix that.

First multi-terabit NPU silicon

Six years have passed since the FP3, or roughly two cycles in the evolution of Moore's Law, so naturally one would expect the new silicon to be smaller, faster and more powerful and efficient. But Alwan said the company took its time to rethink how the packet processing works at the silicon level. To begin with, Nokia redesigned the onboard memory, employing 2.5D and 3D layouts on 16 nm Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) technology. The single chip contains 22 dies, including memory stacks and control logic. It runs at 2.4 Tbit/s half-duplex, or 6x more capacity than the current generation 400 Gbit/s FP3 chipset. The FP4 will support full terabit IP flows. All conventional routing capabilities are included. Deep classification capabilities include enhanced packet intelligence and control, policy controls, telemetry and security.

The FP4 could be used to provide an in-service upgrade to Nokia's current line of core routers and carrier switches. It will also be used to power a new family of 7750 SR-s series routers designed for single-node, cloud scale density. In terms of specs, the SR-s boasts a 144 Tbit/s configuration supporting port densities of up to 144 future terabit links, 288 x 400 Gbit/s ports, or 1,440 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Absolute capacity could be doubled for a maximum of 288 Tbit/s configuration. It runs the same software as the company's widely-deployed systems. The first 7750 SR-s boxes are already running in Nokia labs and the first commercial shipments are expected in Q4.

Nokia is also introducing a chassis extension option to push its router into petabit territory. Without using the switching shelf concept employed in the multi-chassis designs of its competitors, Nokia is offering the means to integrate up to six of its 7750 SRS-s routers into a single system. This results in 576 Tbit/s of capacity, enough for densities of up to 2,880 x 100 GBE ports or 720 x 400 Gbit/s ports. Adding up the numbers, it is not truly petabit-class, but at 576 Tbit/s it is more than halfway there.

Network telemetry leads to security
Another interesting twist concerns security and petabit-class routing. In December 2016, Nokia agreed to acquire Deepfield, a start-up specialising in real-time analytics for IP network performance management and security. Deepfield, founded in 2011 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has developed an analytics platform that identifies over 30,000 popular cloud applications and services. Its Internet Genome tracks how traffic runs to and through networks to reach subscribers, in real time, and without the need for probes, taps and monitors in the network itself. At the time of the deal, Nokia said it would integrate Deepfield big data analytics with the dynamic control capabilities of open SDN platforms, such as the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) and Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP).

Expanding on this idea, Alwan said Deepfield can really leverage the routers rather than probes to understand what is happening to the traffic. Fewer probes mean lower investment. More importantly, Deepfield could be used to track DDoS attacks passing through the core of the network rather than at the edge destination target. The new FP4 silicon is said to be a very good match for this application.

          AT&T Demos 650 Mbit/s using LTE + LAA   
AT&T and Ericsson announced that they have conducted a live LTE-LAA technology field trial, during which initial wireless data rates of more than 650 Mbit/s were achieved in downtown San Francisco.

AT&T noted that LTE-LAA technology is expected to play a key role in its push to achieve theoretical peak speeds of 1 Gbit/s at selected small cell sites by the end of this year. In addition, the technology also constitutes a key element as the operator works to upgrade the network and increase speeds in its 5G Evolution markets.

The operator stated that while 5G standards are yet to be finalised, it is seeking to lay the foundation for future wireless networks leveraging the 5G Evolution program and technologies including LTE-LAA as it aims to begin delivering 5G wireless data speeds as early as late 2018.

AT&T previously demonstrated the ultra-fast speeds enabled by LTE-LAA at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it showed mobile user speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s utilising LTE-LAA combined with carrier aggregation, 4 x 4 MIMO and 256QAM.

LTE-LAA combines unlicensed spectrum with licensed spectrum through carrier aggregation to increase overall network capacity and enable faster, more reliable wireless speeds. The technology is designed to co-exist with other unlicensed spectrum technologies such as WiFi via a feature termed 'listen before talk', which allows fair coexistence between LTE-LAA and WiFi.

  • AT&T announced in April that as part of its 5G Evolution program it planned to begin offering higher speed, lower latency services for wireless customers with the latest devices in 20+ major metro areas by the end of the year. The new wireless capability was initially available in parts of Austin, where AT&T wireless customers with a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ are able to access faster 5G Evolution Internet speeds.
  • AT&T stated at that time that the higher speed service would be expanded to Indianapolis in the summer, with plans to extend it to markets including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and San Francisco.

          Huawei Marine Selected for Cameroon-Brazil Subsea cable   
Huawei Marine, the joint venture between Huawei Technologies and UK-based Global Marine Systems, announced it has been contracted by China Unicom and Cameroon government-owned infrastructure operator Camtel to construct the South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL), marking the official commencement of the SAIL cable system implementation phase.

Funded with investment from China Unicom and Camtel, the SAIL system will link Cameroon and Brazil and span around 6,000 km. The cable system will comprise 4 fibre pairs and offer a design capacity of 32 Tbit/s based on Huawei Marine’s advanced 100 Gbit/s technology.

The SAIL system will be the first direct access cable to connect Africa and South America, and on completion is designed to provide a reliable, high-quality intercontinental communications infrastructure between the two developing regions.

  • Huawei Marine originally announced that it had been commissioned to construct the Cameroon-Brazil cable system, initially called Cameroon-Brazil Cable System (CBCS), in October 2015.
  • Also in 2015, Huawei Marine announced it had started marine installation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System (NCSCS), Cameroon's first wholly-owned submarine cable and part funded by the Cameroon government. Spanning around 1,100 km, the NCSCS directly connects Kribi in Cameroon with Lagos in Nigeria and will deliver 12.8 Tbit/s of capacity.
  • Camtel states that to date it has deployed more than 8,000 km of fibre that connects the ten regional chief towns in Cameroon, as well as around 60 divisional/sub-divisional chief towns and hundreds of rural communities; it also provides connectivity to CEMAC region countries including Chad. The company is aiming to build a network spanning over 20,000 km.

          Cavium unveils FastLinQ 41000 10/25/40/50 GBE NIC   
Cavium announced the introduction of the FastLinQ 41000 Series products, its low power, second generation 10/25/40/50 Gigabit Ethernet NIC that is claimed to be the only such adapter to feature Universal RDMA.

Cavium's FastLinQ 41000 Series devices are designed to deliver advanced networking for cloud and telco architectures; the products are available immediately from Cavium and shortly due to be available from Tier-1 OEMs/ODMs in standard, mezzanine, LOM and OCP form factors.

The FastLinQ QL41000 family of standards-compliant 25/50 Gigabit Ethernet NICs offer support for concurrent RoCE, RoCEv2 and iWARP - Universal RDMA. The FastLinQ adapters, coupled with server and networking platforms, are designed to enable enterprise data centres to optimise infrastructure costs and increase virtual machine density leveraging technologies such as concurrent SR-IOV and NIC Partitioning (NPAR) that provide acceleration and QoS for tenant workloads and infrastructure traffic.

The new FastLinQ adapters also support network function virtualisation with enhanced small packet performance via integration into DPDK and OpenStack, enabling cloud and telcos/NFV customers to deploy, manage and accelerate demanding artificial intelligence, big data, CDN and machine learning workloads.

For telco and NFV applications, the products provide improved small packet performance with line rate packets per second for 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet, MPLSoUDP offload and integration with DPDK and OpenStack using the Mirantis FUEL plug-in. This allows telco's and NFV application vendors to deploy, manage and accelerate demanding NFV workloads.

Additionally, integrated storage acceleration and offloads such as NVMe-oF, NVMe-Direct, iSCSI, iSER and FCoE enable upgrades from existing storage paradigms to next generation NVMe and persistent memory semantics.

The products also offer zero-touch automatic speed and FEC selection via Cavium's FastLinQ SmartAN technology, which is designed to significantly reduce interoperability challenges in physical layer networks.

Further Features of the FastLinQ 41000 Series inlcude:

1.         10/25/40/50 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity across standard and OCP form factors.

2.         Stateless offloads for VxLAN, NVGRE and GENEVE.

3.         SmartAN to provide seamless 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet interoperability.

4.         Storage protocol offloads for iSCSI, FCoE, iSER, NVMe-oF and SMB Direct.

5.         Management across heterogeneous platforms with QConvergeConsole GUI and CLI.

Regarding the new products, Martin Hull, senior director product management at Arista Networks, said, "Arista… has partnered with Cavium to ensure availability of tested and interoperable solutions for hyperscale data centres… Cavium's FastLinQ 41000 Series of NICs and Arista’s portfolio of 25 Gbit/s leaf and spine systems deliver backward compatibility and investment protection with standards compliance".

          China Telecom and Orange Business Services Target IoT   
China Telecom and Orange Business Services announced the extension of their strategic partnership into the IoT space during the launch event of eSurfing on the Silk Road, IoT with the World in Shanghai, China, with the new cooperation designed to enable the companies to serve enterprise customers via a combined footprint across three continents.

Through the expanded agreement, multinational customers of China Telecom and Orange will be able to deploy IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) services across each other's networks.

China Telecom enterprise customers with outbound IoT businesses can deploy their assets and offerings on the Orange networks in Europe and Africa, while Orange's global enterprise customers can access the Chinese market utilising China Telecom's IoT network resources and business capabilities. In addition, both partners propose a global solution to address local IoT connectivity requirements leveraging eUICC capabilities and the commonly deployed Device Connectivity Platform from Ericsson.

China Telecom and Orange plan to cooperate commercially and technically to create new service models designed to address global IoT opportunities. Under the agreement, Orange will become one of China Telecom's preferred partners for connectivity in Europe and Africa, while China Telecom will support Orange in delivering connectivity in China.

The agreement also encompasses joint exploration of the potential for enhancing existing IoT capabilities and the application of new technologies such as mobile IoT in the global market.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Deng Xiao Feng, MD of global business department of China Telecom, said, "China is one of the fastest growing markets for IoT applications, China Telecom is working with Orange to push for the building of an advanced IoT solution to capture global IoT opportunities… China Telecom (and) Orange will address the increasing IoT demand and… support enterprise customers with the IoT Open Platform".

          ZTE and China Mobile showcase 5G eMBB   
ZTE announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai the launch of a live 5G field test in Guangdong, deployed with China Mobile and designed to showcase an enhanced 5G Mobile Broadband (eMBB) experience using 100 MHz bandwidth and delivering a single-user rate of up to 2 Gbit/s.

China Mobile and ZTE conducted the 5G field test in Guangzhou University Town, selected to represent a typical high-traffic scenario and also a key 'pilot field' for enhancing the user experience in 5G eMBB scenarios. ZTE noted that its 3.5 GHz NR (new radio) base station product was used for the 5G field test in Guangzhou.

For the next stage of testing, the companies will carry out multi-site networking tests to evaluate wireless coverage, throughput, mobility, delay and other 5G networking indicators.

As one of China Mobile's strategic 5G partners, ZTE is providing the operator with a range of products, including 5G RANs and virtual core networks (VCNs). In addition, ZTE has been providing support for research covering key technologies, the definition of product specifications and testing of pilot networks to help China Mobile meet its strategic goals.

ZTE and China Mobile have previously carried out collaboration in the areas of 2G, 3G and 4G, as well as currently into 5G. As part of this work, in 2016 ZTE signed a 5G strategic cooperation memorandum with China Mobile, and ZTE's Pre5G massive MIMO base stations have been deployed into the existing network of China Mobile.

* In February this year, ZTE, Qualcomm and China Mobile jointly announced that they planned to conduct interoperability tests based on 5G NR specifications and over the air (OTA) field tests designed to facilitate large-scale verification and commercialisation of the 5G NR technology. ZTE noted that in 2017 it initiated the non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) project, a core element of the 5G NR program.

* Recently, ZTE and China Mobile Quanzhou Branch announced the commercial deployment of 3D-MIMO, also termed Pre5G massive MIMO, in the city of Quanzhou, Fujian province. ZTE stated that with 16 commercial terminals connected, it achieved single-carrier downlink peak cell rate of 730 Mbit/s, with a single-carrier 16-stream downlink peak rate using 3D-MIMO of up to 700 Mbit/s. In addition, a three-carrier rate of up to 2.1 Gbit/s was achieved.

          AT&T launches fixed wireless Internet in 8 states   
AT&T announced that its Fixed Wireless Internet for rural and underserved locations is now available in a further eight states, expanding on the initial launch of the service in Georgia in April this year.

With the latest launch, the AT&T fixed wireless Internet service is available to more than 70,000 locations across underserved or unserved areas in the 9 states. AT&T noted that the service expansion is part of its FCC Connect America Fund (CAF) commitment, through which it plans to serve a total of over 400,000 locations by the end of 2017 and more than 1.1 million locations by 2020.
The states where the fixed wireless Internet service is being launched are as follows: Alabama; Florida; Kentucky; Mississippi; North Carolina; South Carolina; Tennessee; and Louisiana.

AT&T stated that it plans to expand the service to 18 states overall during 2017, including Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin. AT&T plans to reach a total of more than 67,000 locations across Georgia using fixed wireless technology by 2020.

  • AT&T's fixed wireless Internet service provides a home Internet connection for customers in rural and underserved areas and offers a minimum download speed of 10 Mbit/s. The connection is delivered from a wireless tower to a fixed antenna located at the customers' homes or businesses.
  • AT&T announced in January that following trials of fixed wireless Internet (FWI) service in 2016 in a number of states as part of efforts to expand access to rural locations with slow or no Internet connectivity via its participation in the CAF II program, it would launch FWI in areas where it had accepted CAF support.

          MPLS-TP OpenFlow extensions approved   
ZTE announced that the 'MPLS-TP OpenFlow Protocol Extensions for SPTN' (ONF TS-029) technical document proposed by China Mobile has become a formal standard of the ONF (Open Networking Foundation) after receiving unanimous approval from the forum's board of directors.

The release of MPLS-TP OpenFlow Protocol Extensions for SPTN is intended to provide a foundation for interworking between devices from heterogeneous vendors, and between devices and controllers. ZTE noted that China Mobile's large-scale deployment of software-defined packet transport network (SPTN) devices provides an example for other operators, while five operators are believed to be planning to implement the standard in the near future.

ZTE stated that packet transport network (PTN) technology features separate forwarding/control and a centralised management architecture, while OpenFlow offers an open protocol that performs programmable control for flow tables on the forwarding plane. In addition, an abstract adaptation layer supporting OpenFlow to encapsulate the existing forwarding functions of PTN is intended to provide an efficient means of enabling PTN devices with open and software-defined features.

Additionally, this design is expected to facilitate the commercialisation of PTN devices supporting SDN and thereby accelerate the development of the SPTN supply chain.

It was noted that China Mobile has a longstanding commitment to SPTN technology, in mid-2015, working with ZTE, Broadcom and Microsemi, establishing a discussion group within the ONF to research device specifications for SPTN based on OpenFlow and table type pattern (TTP).

In November 2015, a first ONF draft was proposed based on SPTN TTP that extended flow tables, group tables and related fields supporting MPLS-TP, expanded the OF-Config protocol to support QOS, OAM, protection and alarm performance configuration, and leveraged local OAM processing units to ensure a 50 ms protection switching time.

In tandem with the draft specification, China Mobile also organised lab tests for SPTN devices complying with the specifications and amended the document in accordance with the test results. The draft document was subsequently passed for review by experts from a number of ONF technical groups and adopted as a formal standard.

ZTE stated that MPLS-TP OpenFlow Protocol Extensions for SPTN standard is supported by the SPTN industrial supply chain, including chip manufacturers Broadcom, Microsemi, Centec and Marvell, equipment providers ZTE, Ericsson, Fiberhome, Raisecom, Greenwell, Chuling and Huahuan, instrument manufacturer Spirent and open source software Open Daylight and ONOS.

To date it is estimated that more than 50 operators have deployed MPLS-TP-based PTN devices at scale, including China Mobile, which purchased around 590,000 group customer devices compliant with the SPTN TTP standard in 2016. In addition, six equipment vendors have worked with China Mobile to deploy the networks.

          T-Mobile trials LAA enabling 741 Mbit/s data rate on commercial network in LA   
Deutsche Telekom unit T-Mobile in the U.S., serving nearly 73 million customers, has announced what it claims is a network first with the demonstration of a mobile broadband data session live in the field utilising License Assisted Access (LAA) on its commercial network.

The field testing, which was launched in Los Angeles, achieved a 741 Mbit/s download speed using 80 MHz of aggregated spectrum.

T-Mobile also claims to have become the first national U.S. wireless carrier to make LTE-U available to its customers. LTE-U uses publicly available 5 GHz airwaves to increase existing LTE capacity and enhance the performance of its advanced 4G LTE network. T-Mobile LTE-U technology is now live in select locations in Bellevue, Washington, Brooklyn, New York, Dearborn, Michigan, Las Vegas, Nevada, Richardson, Texas and Simi Valley, California.

For T-Mobile customers in these locations, LTE-U is available immediately to users with compatible smartphones. The company noted that LTE-U provides similar speed and capacity increases as the technologies it introduced in the fall of 2016, when it launched carrier aggregation, 256QAM and 4 x 4 MIMO, while utilising less licensed spectrum.

T-Mobile noted that the FCC announced it would permit LTE in unlicensed spectrum earlier this year, thereby allowing wireless providers to use unlicensed spectrum in the 5 GHz band that is often under-utilised. T-Mobile then began to rollout new network hardware to support LTE in unlicensed spectrum. LTE-U and LAA-enabled devices and equipment share under-utilised unlicensed spectrum without affecting other users on the same band, including those using conventional WiFi.

The company stated that LAA enables greater carrier aggregation than LTE-U, allowing mobile operators to combine larger amounts of unlicensed and licensed spectrum. T-Mobile added that as part of its plans to further densify its mobile network, it will begin deploying small cells featuring LAA functionality later in 2017.

  • T-Mobile confirmed in February that that it was deploying LTE-U technology following FCC certification of suitable equipment from strategic partners Ericsson and Nokia. At that time, the operator stated that using LTE-U it would enable customers to utilise the first 20 MHz of under-utilised unlicensed spectrum on the 5 GHz band to gain LTE capacity.

          Claro Brazil partners with Huawei to launch 4.5G    
Huawei announced that Claro Brazil recently launched what is claimed to be the first commercial 4.5G network in Brazil, incorporating 4 x 4 MIMO, carrier aggregation (CA) and 256QAM technology, in the city of Brasilia.

Claro demonstrated 4.5G data rates averaging 250 Mbit/s on compatible smartphones during the release ceremony in Brasilia, which is claimed to be around ten times the average rate delivered on the existing 4G network. Claro also announced its new tariff policy at the event, which features increased data allowances for existing packages.

Huawei noted that as smartphones featuring support for both 4 x 4 MIMO and 256QAM become available in the market, users will be able to access the enhanced capabilities offered by the 4.5G network. On the network side, Claro is able to provide mobile Internet access with fibre-like speeds to mobile customers with suitable devices.

Huawei noted that 4.5G Evolution helps operators enhance their networks by introducing 5G technologies into existing 4G networks. This can allow operators to trial 5G-like services and develop the business models that 5G will support in the future.

Separately, Huawei announced that working with French operator SFR it had completed the first pre-commercial field verification of 4 x 4 MIMO technology in France, enabling a downlink throughput of 628.3 Mbit/s using a commercially available phone on SFR's 4.5G network.

The tests with SFR involved a commercial phone operating on the live SFR 4.5G network and served to verify that the use of 4 x 4 MIMO, combined with 2 CC carrier aggregation and 256QAM modulation, can enable throughput of up to 628.3 Mbit/s. Huawei noted that SFR is aiming to extend its 4.5G network coverage to 90% of customers in France by the end of the year, and to increase this to 99% during 2018.

Commenting on the network launch, Claro CEO Paulo César Teixeira said, "The commercial release of the 4.5G network, with 4 x 4 MIMO, carrier aggregation, 700 MHz spectrum activation and advanced modulation, will help the Brazilian communications industry to play a significant role in the worldwide arena, as the country is a pioneer in this technology… Claro will use the recently acquired 700 MHz frequency band as a part of its ongoing effort to build a quality, next-gen mobile network nationwide".

          ABI forecasts $1.7bn market over 5 yrs for unlicensed/shared spectrum   
According to ABI Research's latest Network Evolution in Unlicensed and Shared Spectrum report, which explores the use of unlicensed and shared spectrum, technologies enabling the utilisation of this spectrum type are not only attracting interest from established mobile network operators for low cost network densification, but also from new entrants to the market.

ABI finds that this interest is due to the opportunities that the network technologies offer for densification, neutral hosts, as well as enterprise and private network operators. The research firm predicts that new LTE unlicensed and shared spectrum technologies will create a $1.7 billion hardware market over the next 5 years encompassing LTE Unlicensed, CBRS (citizens broadband radio service) and MulteFire technology.

ABI notes that as a result of the power restrictions inherent with unlicensed and shared spectrum, the technologies are most suitable for small cell indoor or venue deployments. Based on low or no spectrum acquisition costs, plus deployment economics comparable to WiFi, ABI forecasts that demand for in-building wireless penetration in the mid-sized and enterprise verticals will increase dramatically and account for more than half of in-building small cell shipments in 2021.

The research firm reports that numerous companies are developing in technology in this area, ranging from the Spectrum Access System (SAS) providers and Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) operators for CBRS, including Alphabet, CommScope, Federated Wireless, to small cell and infrastructure vendors such as BaiCells, Casa Systems, Ericsson, Huawei, ip.access, Nokia, Ruckus and SpiderCloud.

With regards to CBRS, which uses the 3.5 GHz band, ABI notes that an indication that the technology will transform the in-building wireless and mobile industries is that the CBRS Alliance, which advocates for CBRS technology, counts as members all four major U.S. mobile operators, namely AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, as well as major MSOs, Comcast and Charter Communications, plus Google, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm.

Commenting on the report, Nick Marshall, research director at ABI Research, said, "LTE-U/LAA appeals to MNOs planning to densify but with insufficient spectrum or the capex to acquire it… while MulteFire and CBRS promise low network build-out costs with economics that threaten to disrupt the DAS market... the technologies appeal to service providers as CBRS pioneers a significant change in spectrum management…. (and) traditional spectrum refarming cannot match the mobile broadband throughput demands with the migration to 5G".

          LuxNetwork picks Ciena    
Ciena announced that LuxNetwork of Luxembourg has selected its 6500 Packet-Optical Platform with integrated WaveLogic Encryption for a new 100 Gbit/s network designed to increase network capacity to support the growing bandwidth and security demands of the major financial sector companies, large enterprises and international wholesale customers.

LuxNetwork, a subsidiary of the NomoTech Group, specialises in providing high-speed, secure optical WAN connectivity to connect businesses to data centres and interconnect data centres. The service provider also offers a suite of managed services for enterprise customers and international telecom operators.

Operating its upgraded network that provides ten times the capacity of its previous system, LuxNetwork can offer higher-capacity services including 10 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, 8 and 16 Gbit/s Fibre Channel, as well as encryption for protection of in-flight data. Additionally, enterprise and carrier customers are able to leverage dedicated, secure, high-bandwidth and scalable connectivity without the need to own the infrastructure.

The network upgrade will also allow LuxNetwork to consolidate and modernise its infrastructure and to realise operational efficiencies following the acquisition and integration of Telecom Luxembourg.

  • Last week, Ciena announced that Bouygues Telecom of France had selected the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform to enhance the efficiency, scalability and reliability of its network backhaul and aggregation infrastructure, as well as provide the foundation for its new SuperCore network.
  • The deployment was designed to increase capacity to 400 Gbit/s to support growing capacity demand and new high-bandwidth services, as well as allow Bouygues Telecom to expand its mobile and ISP offerings support future 5G services.

          SEAT IBIZA 1,4 TDi STYLANCE - 4 200   
SEAT IBIZA 1,4 TDi STYLANCE Cena: 4200 €. Pri serióznom záujme dohoda na cene možná! Technické údaje Diesel (NM), r.v.: 10/2007, 181200 km, 1422cm3, 51 kW (70PS), 5 dverové, 5 miestne, hatchback, pohon predných kolies, šedá metalíza Bezpečnosť ...
          Qwake Tech's AR Helmet Helps Firefighters See Through Smoke And Get Out Of Fire Five Times Faster   
C-THRU provides real time navigation through a transparent AR display placed directly within the firefighters line of sight
          Technicien (ne) en génie agricole - Beaudry Equipements - Canada   
Bonne connaissance en électricté, plomberie et soudure. La personne devra installer et/ou réparer des équipements de traite, d’alimentation de vaches laitières...
From Beaudry Equipements - Thu, 18 May 2017 15:04:41 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Technicien / Technicienne en plomberie et chauffage - Canadian Armed Forces - Canada   
Réseaux de plomberie. Installer et entretenir des réseaux de plomberie intérieurs. Les techniciens en plomberie et chauffage offrent des services de soutien... $49,400 a year
From Canadian Armed Forces - Wed, 12 Apr 2017 05:45:12 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Seat Alhambra, 1,9 TDi, 81 kw - 1 300   
Technické údaje: r.v.: 1998, 1896cm3, 81kW (110PS), Generácia vozidla: 7M, P, M5, Diesel, 5 dv., (5-miestne), 374 500 km, Šedá farba, VIN: VSSZZZ7MZWV513108 Spotreba vozidla (l/100km): V meste: 8.5, mimo mesta: 5.2, kombinovaná: 6.4 Bezpečnost: ...
          Technicien gazier - Enterprises Larry - Canada   
Diplôme d’études professionnelles en plomberie chauffage. Sommaire de l'emploi....
From Enterprises Larry - Mon, 27 Mar 2017 05:59:08 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Seat Leon 2 1.4 2007 - 4 299   
Technické údaje: r.v.:12/2007, 1390cm3, 63kw, Generácia vozidla: M6, Benzín, Euro 4, 5 dv., (5-miestne), 195000 km, strieborná metalíza, V meste: 8.0, mimo mesta: 5.3, kombinovaná: 6.2 Bezpečnost: Alarm, Airbag 6X, Posilňovač riad., ABS, ASR(TC,EDS ...
          Représentant/te Bilingue Service à la Clientèle - American Standard Brands - Mississauga, ON   
Le Groupe LIXIL Water Technology est un chef de file dans le domaine des installations de plomberie, avec des ventes annuelles d'environ 5 milliards de dollars...
From Indeed - Fri, 21 Apr 2017 15:56:37 GMT - View all Mississauga, ON jobs
          Blue Apron、上場初日は空振り――IPO価格からほぼ動かず   
 Blue Apronの株主は今頃泣いているかもしれない。もちろんこれは、彼らの商品に含まれる玉ねぎのせいではない。 会員制の食材宅配サービスを提供しているBlue… Read More
          Delivery Hero、取引初日に時価総額が50億ドルを突破   
 フランクフルト証券取引所への上場を果たしたフードデリバリー企業Delivery Heroの時価総額が、取引初日(現地時間6月30日)一時的に50億ドルを突破した。… Read More
 週末にピッタリな話として、中国各地に広がるバイクシェアリングスタートアップ、そして彼らの自転車に関する話をお届けしたい。この度、業界の最前線にいる大手企業が、自転車を広告スペースとして使い始めたことがわかった。… Read More
 … Read More
          Technicien en mécanique du bâtiment - Soeurs de la Charité d'Ottawa - Ottawa, ON   
C Effectuer une variété de tâches non spécialisées en mécanique / électrique, plomberie, chauffage, menuiserie, peinture, à l’intérieur ou l’extérieur des...
From Indeed - Fri, 05 May 2017 19:52:12 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
 … Read More
          Ingénieur mécanique - CEP Forensique - Ottawa, ON   
Réaliser des enquêtes techniques relatives à la mécanique générale et industrielle appliquée (matériel de fabrication et de production, méthodes, plomberie et...
From Indeed - Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:42:16 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
 イーロン・マスク氏がロサンゼルスの交通渋滞に嫌気を起こし設立したトンネル掘削会社The Boring Companyが、巨大掘削機”Godot”の 最初のひと搔き を完了しました。 Read More
          Technicien en mécanique - 5 ans d'expérience et plus - Ottawa - Bouthillette Parizeau - Ottawa, ON   
Vous travaillerez sur des projets de systèmes de plomberie, chauffage et autres systèmes connexes. Vous serez appelé à concevoir des systèmes de CVAC, de...
From Bouthillette Parizeau - Thu, 16 Mar 2017 01:58:24 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
 ClauseMatchのCEO Evgeny Likhodedは、契約交渉というものがどんなものだったか、よくおぼえている。彼がMorgan StanleyやGazpromにいたときは、各種金融製品や商品取引をめぐって契約や合意を交渉するチームに配属されていた。… Read More
 … Read More
          Lockheed MartinがスタートアップTerran Orbitalに投資してナノサテライトのブームに乗るつもり   
 航空宇宙産業のリーダーLockheed Martinが、アメリカのナノサテライト企業Terran Orbitalに投資したことは、成長を続ける商用宇宙利用において小型衛星、とりわけ安価で軽量な人工衛星が、業界の新旧両勢力から重要な機会と見なされていることの、ひとつの例だ。… Read More
          NOVÝ SEAT LEON TDI ECO, 1.Majiteľ,2 sady kolies, GARANCIA KM - Dohodou   
ZMLUVNÁ GARANCIA POČTU NAJAZDENÝCH KILOMETROV!! Technické údaje: r.v.: 11/2013, 1598cm3, 77kW (105PS),P, M5, Diesel, Euro 5, 5 dv., (5-miestne), 149000 km, Šedá metalíza, VIN: VSSZZZ5FZDR010232 Spotreba vozidla (l/100km): V meste: 4.3, mimo mesta: 3. ...
 Microsoftが、イスラエルのクラウドスタートアップ企業であるCloudyn社を買収しようとしているという話を耳にし始めたのは、この4月のことだった 。条件の交渉に時間はかかったが、本日(米国時間6月29日)ついに、Microsoftはそれを公式発表した。… Read More
          Tech view: Nifty50 forms Hammer pattern, has to cross 9,580 hurdle   
Nifty needs to surpass the 9,560-9,580 zone on the daily chart to get into the comfort zone.
          2015 in review   
In 2014, I wrote that I was looking forward to: Improving my technical skills: Getting even more deeply into Emacs and taking advantage of the many useful packages that are available 2015: Got a little more used to nifty packages such as Hydra. Also organized a number of Emacs Hangouts, and started publishing weekly Emacs […]
          Surge in tech stocks leads market higher in first half of year   

Stock investors already have enjoyed welcome fireworks this year with an especially big pop in major technology shares.

As Wall Street closed the books on the first half of the year — ahead of what for many will be a four-day July 4 break — the market was sitting on substantial gains, with tech...

          O&M Supervisor   
MD-Montgomery County, About Us: EMCOR Government Services offers an experienced single-source solution for meeting the routine and mission-critical needs of federal, state, local and other government organizations. By combining our expert professional technicians, commercial best practices, extensive facilities knowledge and strong commitment to reliable, responsive service, we enable our government clients to achieve
          Customer Support Representative   
MD-Germantown, Technical Customer Support Representative Whisker Labs is seeking a Technical Customer Support Representative in our Germantown, MD office. A successful candidate is one that is focused on providing exceptional customer service to both internal and external customers and to making a positive difference in their day. He/She should be able to adapt to changing priorities and a high paced environment
          7 medtech stories we missed this week: June 30, 2017   

From ConforMIS touting its knee replacement study to Consulting Radiologists’s new breast cancer detection tool, here are seven medtech stories we missed this week but thought were still worth mentioning. 1. Study: Low-dose CT scanning improves Ankylosing Spondylitis assessment A new study has shown that low-dose computed tomography (LD-CT) is more sensitive than X-rays for monitoring […]

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          Technical Writer   
MD-Germantown, Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar Company, (Hughes) is the world's leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office, delivering innovative network technologies, managed services, and solutions for enterprises and governments globally. HughesNet® is the #1 high-speed satellite Internet service in the marketplace, with offerings to suit every budget. To date, Hughes has shipped mor
          Service Order Manager   
MD-Montgomery County, About Us: EMCOR Government Services offers an experienced single-source solution for meeting the routine and mission-critical needs of federal, state, local and other government organizations. By combining our expert professional technicians, commercial best practices, extensive facilities knowledge and strong commitment to reliable, responsive service, we enable our government clients to achieve
          Yardsellr, The “eBay For Facebook,” Becomes The Latest Casualty In Social & Local Commerce   
 In the fall of 2011, we caught up with social commerce startup, Yardsellr, which the founders claimed at the time had grown into a community of over 5 million people. The Facebook-based social commerce platform was listing 6K new items for sale each day (at the time) and had over 120K items for sale in total. This, by the way, came after the company raised $5 million from Accel in 2010.… Read More
          Project Manager   
MD-Montgomery County, About Us: EMCOR Government Services offers an experienced single-source solution for meeting the routine and mission-critical needs of federal, state, local and other government organizations. By combining our expert professional technicians, commercial best practices, extensive facilities knowledge and strong commitment to reliable, responsive service, we enable our government clients to achieve
          MassDevice.com +5 | The top 5 medtech stories for June 30, 2017   

Say hello to MassDevice +5, a bite-sized view of the top five medtech stories of the day. This feature of MassDevice.com’s coverage highlights our 5 biggest and most influential stories from the day’s news to make sure you’re up to date on the headlines that continue to shape the medical device industry. Get this in […]

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          Yardsellr, The eBay For Facebook, Grows To 5 Million Strong, Rebrands; Launches Marketplace For Fashion   
 In November of last year, TechCrunch broke the news that Yardsellr, the eBay for Facebook (without the auctions), had raised $5 million in series A funding from Accel Partners. At the time, the investment seemed testament to the growing interest in the value of bringing eCommerce to Facebook in order to expose it to, you guessed it, your social graph. Since then, Yardsellr has mostly… Read More
          Coordinator of the Student Services Center, Full-time - Jamestown Community College - Olean, NY   
The Coordinator of the Student Services Center must have customer service, clerical and technical skills that support a busy, student-centered office... $22.58 - $25.40 an hour
From Jamestown Community College - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 20:06:54 GMT - View all Olean, NY jobs
          Improving VNS therapy: ElectroCore CEO Amato on gammaCore and its slated July launch   

Neuroscience tech developer ElectroCore said recently it plans to launch its handheld gammaCore vagus nerve stimulation device in the US in mid-July, after having won clearance from the FDA in April for treating episodic cluster headaches. Unlike other vagus nerve stimulation devices, the gammaCore is an external handheld device with no implanted component, designed to […]

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          Will the Real "eBay of Social" Please Stand Up? (TCTV)   
In the venture business being ahead of your time can be almost as bad as being late to a market. But the other great thing about the venture business is there are exceptions to every rule. Craig Donato is hoping that Oodle is the exception to that one. He’s spent more than ten years building a social classified company, powering the marketplaces for Oodle.com, MySpace and Facebook and… Read More
          Yardsellr Scores $5 Million Series A From Accel To Become The eBay Of Facebook   
Bringing social commerce to Facebook is a big opportunity attracting a lot of capital these days. Social swap meet Yardsellr just raised a $5 million series A financing, led by Accel Partners. Harrison Metal Capital, which previously put up $750,000 in seed funding, also participated. Yardsellr is an eBay for Facebook, except without the auctions. In fact, the company was founded by… Read More
          Maintenance Technician   
MD-Montgomery Village, Klingbeil Capital Management has immediate openings for Maintenance Technicians at its Gaithersburg & Columbia, MD locations. The Maintenance Technician is responsible for safely maintaining the physical condition and daily appearance of the community. Must have experience with electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and apartment turnovers. CFC Certified preferred. Minimum of two to three
          Managed Money Said Monday, “We are not worried at all about tech”   

Managed Money Said Monday, “We are not worried at all about tech” $AAPL, $AMZN, $FB, $GOOGL, $MSFT Selling in the high flying technology sector extended to its 2nd trading day Monday, with the NAS Comp seeing it biggest 2-day loss since September 2016 The tech selling dragged down all 3 major US stock market indexes, […]

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          Value Stocks Lag Growth Stocks So Far this Year   

Value Stocks Lag Growth Stocks So Far this Year $FB, $AMZN, $AAPL, $NFLX, $GOOGL The Top 10 stocks, mostly in the tech industry, account for almost half the S&P 500’s gain of 7.7% YTD. In contrast, the S&P 500 Value Index has marks just a 2% gainer so far in Y 2017, trailing the‘Growth Index’ […]

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          Roche buys mySugr diabetes app   

Swiss drugmaker Roche (PINK:RHHBY) said today that it bought diabetes management platform mySugr for an undisclosed price. The 2 companies have worked together since 2014. mySugr’s digital tech enables users to track things like their blood sugar, diabetes medications and physical activity. Get the full story at our sister site, Drug Delivery Business News.

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          SOUNDTRACKS – Le Ardenne, di Robin Pront   
Robin Pront opta esclusivamente per brani techno. Una musica veloce, sintetica, assordante dove non c'è spazio per la comunicazione. Con quattro composizioni originali firmate da Hendrik Willemyns
          Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) CEO Says Googles “Biggest Risk Is Complacency”   

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) CEO Says Googles “Biggest Risk Is Complacency” Google’s “biggest risk is complacency, not innovating, not investing,” said Ruth Porat, the CFO of parent company Alphabet at Code Con on Wednesday. It’s important that we “continue to evolve what the user experience is,” she added, emphasizing that technology companies need to keep coming […]

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          Salesforce Application Development Manager   
MD-Gaithersburg, I have a full time job opportunity in Gaithersburg, MD that is looking for a Salesforce Development Manager. Please see the job description below and let me know if you have any questions. Please send your resume in Word format. Responsibilities: Manage, prioritize and direct the work of the Applications Development team to accomplish projects and achieve specified goals Provide technical leadersh
          Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) HEFFX Highlights   

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) HEFFX Highlights The US has accused Google of underpaying women Google for Jobs Employs Machine Learning to Help People Find Work Google leak-hunting team put under unwelcome spotlight Google accused of threatening employees’ jobs over leaks Facebook and Google are cannibalizing journalistic content Judge rules Uber can’t use Alphabet’s Waymo technology Alphabet […]

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          LipoSeuticals closes Series A for novel drug delivery tech   

LipoSeuticals said today that it closed a financing round for an undisclosed amount led by Hong Kong-based life sciences fund, Delos Capital. The company has developed a sugar-lipid polymer-based formulation, Sulocence, which boosts drug stability and solubility. LipoSeuticals said it is applying the drug delivery technology to the reformulation of an array of marketed specialty drugs. […]

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          Electrical Technician - Temporary - Curtiss-Wright Corporation - Canada   
Electrical/mechanical assembler working to IPC and military standards, comprising of work performed in lab and plant environment with multiple levels of...
From Curtiss-Wright Corporation - Sat, 20 May 2017 09:09:12 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Adjoint administratif - Quantic-conseil inc. - Montréal, QC   
Nous sommes un couple de technophiles et nous avons fondé notre entreprise, Quantic-conseil inc. Nous baignons dans la technologie depuis notre jeunesse et nous... $15 - $25 an hour
From Indeed - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 14:06:10 GMT - View all Montréal, QC jobs
          Anchoring Quality Micro-Credentials in the Credentialing Landscape   
In response to industry feedback on gaps in the clean energy credentialing landscape, IREC has worked behind the scenes with a myriad of partners for the past three years to develop a valid and trusted framework for high-quality micro-credentials. Today, we see emerging as a pressing priority quality third-party validation of specialty skills both for clean energy allied professions, whose jobs “touch” renewable or energy efficiency technology in some way, and for add-on skills for full-scope credentials that currently exist within the clean energy professions.
          Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Market Cap Tops $500-B   

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Market Cap Tops $500-B $MSFT, $AAPL, $GOOGL Microsoft Corp.’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) market capitalization topped $500-B for the 1st time since Y 2000 Friday, after the technology giant’s stock rose following another Quarter of results that beat The Street’s expectations. Shares of the world’s biggest software company rose as much as 2.1% to 65.64, an […]

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          MassDevice.com +5 | The top 5 medtech stories for June 29, 2017   

Say hello to MassDevice +5, a bite-sized view of the top five medtech stories of the day. This feature of MassDevice.com’s coverage highlights our 5 biggest and most influential stories from the day’s news to make sure you’re up to date on the headlines that continue to shape the medical device industry. Get this in […]

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          Senior Internal Auditor - USI Insurance Services - Glen Allen, VA   
Superior knowledge of auditing standards, accounting principles, and information technology controls. Proven leader with the desire to motivate and develop...
From USI Holdings Corporation - Sun, 16 Apr 2017 08:26:20 GMT - View all Glen Allen, VA jobs
          Medtech M&A: The 10 biggest deals so far in 2017   

Over the past several years, the healthcare industry as a whole has experienced an abundance of mergers and acquisitions – major players are buying up their peers in deals ranging from millions to billions.  The trend is continuing, and the healthcare playing field continues to be shaped by these mega-transactions. For the medical device industry, […]

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          Exactech debuts ExactechGPS TKA Plus total knee surgery planning software   

Exactech (NSDQ:EXAC) said today it launched its ExactechGPS TKA Plus software application designed to provide surgeons with real-time intraoperative computer guidance during total knee arthroplasty procedures. The ExactechGPS is designed for guided, personalized joint replacement surgery, the Gainesville, Fla.-based company said. The new TKA Plus application provides a simple tool to plan, guide and verify steps […]

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          Assembler - Canada (TEMPORARY) - Bio-Techne - Ottawa, ON   
Some of the major areas of responsibility are, but are not limited to the following. Reporting to the Production Supervisor, the qualified individual will be...
From Bio-Techne - Wed, 03 May 2017 19:13:58 GMT - View all Ottawa, ON jobs
          Fuel Man / Technician - (CDL Required) U.S. - Waste Management - Morrisville, PA   
Required to exert physical effort in handling objects less than __ pounds most of the work day; Maintains a clean, safe work area in compliance with Corporate /...
From Waste Management - Fri, 26 May 2017 22:10:22 GMT - View all Morrisville, PA jobs
          Electronics Assembler(Temp,1 Month) - BSM Technologies - Burnaby, BC   
Ability to work satisfactorily on a sustained basis within any physical and environmental requirements applicable to area of assignment, e.g., highly repetitive...
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          Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) Explores a “Slow Rolling” Auction of Itself   

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) Explores a “Slow Rolling” Auction of Itself $TWTR, $GOOGL, $CRM, $VZ, $SQ Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) has initiated talks with several technology companies to explore selling itself, a person familiar with the matter said Friday. Thus, signaling the beginning of a “slow-rolling” auction of the high-profile, money-losing social media company. For months the company […]

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          The Many Reasons to Embrace Technology   

The Many Reasons to Embrace Technology $FB, $GOOGL, $AAPL, $MSFT “The strongest force propelling human progress has been the swift advance and wide diffusion of technology.” — The Economist Some historical facts, as follows: In the year 1820, a person could expect to live less than 35 years, 94% of the global population lived in extreme poverty, […]

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          Nexo Inc. (a private company) Disrupts the Movement of Big Data   

  Nexo, Inc. (a private company) Disrupts the Movement of Big Data A New Era of Information Sharing Has Begun $AMZN, $GOOGL, $IBM, $MSFT, $ORCL This discussion is about 1.5X longer than my regular columns on innovative, disruptive, beneficial technology, and fairly technical to boot, but I believe you will all find it compelling and […]

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          Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Headed to $1000   

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Headed to $1000 ALPHABET INC A closed up 3.870 at 765.840. Volume was 96% below average (consolidating) and Bollinger Bands were 37% wider than normal. Open High Low Close Volume___ 768.840 768.970 759.090 765.840 62,375 Technical Outlook Short Term: Overbought Intermediate Term: Bullish Long Term: Bullish Moving Averages: 10-period 50-period 200-period Close: […]

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          IT Support Technician - Engle Martin & Associates - Atlanta, GA   
Windows 7, Windows 10, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), AdobeX, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft CRM, Xactimate,...
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          Technicien en administration en assurance vie - iA Groupe financier - Quebec City, QC   
Assembler les polices approuvées, les valider et apporter des corrections, lorsque nécessaire; Assurer l’envoi des documents pertinents à l’imagerie;...
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          Technical Leader II-Orchestration and Controller - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
About Cisco The Internet of Everything is a phenomenon driving new opportunities for Cisco and it's transforming our customers' businesses worldwide....
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          Product Manager-1208318 - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. You must possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy; You will be Identifying and assessing opportunities – interface directly with...
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          Microsoft, Facebook Agree to build High-speed Trans-Atlantic sub-Sea Cable   

Microsoft, Facebook Agree to build High-speed Trans-Atlantic sub-Sea Cable $MSFT, $FB, $GOOGL, $AMZN Thursday, US technology giants Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announced they will jointly build a high-speed undersea cable across the Atlantic to give customers fast and reliable access to the 2 companies’ “cloud” and online services as demand grows. The new 6,600-kilometer undersea […]

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          Senior Software Engineer - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. Strong background in Linux internals *. In depth understanding of virtualization technologies including Docker, KVM, VMWare, Why Cisco We connect...
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          Elon Musk’s Aggressive Hype Not Enough To Save Tesla Motors   

Elon Musk’s Aggressive Hype Not Enough To Save Tesla Motors $TSLA, $GM, $F, $TM, $AAPL, $AMZN, $GOOGL For several years the Bulls and the Bears have waged war over whether the EV manufacture is an extremely overvalued novelty automaker or an undervalued tech company. The Bulls’ betting that the maker of EVs would be better […]

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          Data Scientist - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. Excellent written and oral communication skills, able to communicate with all levels of SSO internal technology teams and business....
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          Sr. Data Scientist - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. Excellent written and oral communication skills, able to communicate with all levels of SSO internal technology teams and business *....
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          Pennsylvania's best high schools for STEM   
As technology continues to evolve, the demand for skills within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields become greater with each passing year. Philadelphia area universities continue to expand STEM programs and majors, mirroring the ongoing growth within the area's job market. The foundation for these skills is often set during the high school years, where math and science classes have become increasingly rigorous, with Advanced Placement classes continually becoming more competitive. Niche.com…

          Decent Launches Global Media Distribution Platform   
Decent Launch

Free and open communication has long been an essential component of a successful democracy. Unfortunately, money, power and influence over time have stifled today’s media environment adversely impacting both content producers and consumers alike.

In an effort to democratize creative content, DECENT has officially launched its blockchain-based, global media distribution platform. The name is an acronym for Decentralized Network; Encrypted & Secure; Content Distribution System; Elimination of 3rd Parties; New Way of Online Publishing; Timestamped Data Records.

Designed to bring more transparency and fairness to the media industry, DECENT allows artists to seamlessly distribute digital content for immediate payment and without hefty fees. Peer-to-peer in its orientation, consumers decide the merits of a certain piece of content posted through a Yelp-like community rating system. The content, however, cannot be censored or removed.

This blockchain initiative endeavors to disrupt the legacy world of media distribution by allowing artists more freedom and control over the ownership and distribution of their content, all without compromising on security. It represents a potential gamechanger for the massive global media and content distribution industry — one that’s estimated to grow from $1.7 trillion in 2016 to over $2 trillion in 2019.

DECENT was founded in 2016 by two friends, Matej Michalko and Matej Boda, from Slovakia. It sprouted from a shared vision that blockchain technology could fuel a coordinated system of digital content publishing and sharing throughout the world.

Funding for DECENT was fueled by an ICO campaign last summer, which raised more than 5,881 BTC, at that time valued at $4.2 million USD. There were 4,300 ICO participants in total and no other key funding partners.

Michalko recounted the journey leading up to his own personal discovery of blockchain technology and its potential uses for the content distribution space. “I’ve been extensively involved in Bitcoin since 2011, even mining it from my own laptop at the beginning. I quickly realized that the innovative technology behind Bitcoin had the potential to change the modern world.”

When Michalko started to delve further into blockchain technology, he found a seemingly endless list of use cases the new technology could support. “I became determined to use blockchain technology to create something revolutionary that would be beneficial for people on a global scale. A short time later ongoing discussions between myself and our future co-founder Matej Boda quickly led to DECENT being born.”

He says that DECENT Network is a reaction to the issues that the majority of content producers face nowadays in the entertainment and media industry. “There is too much artificial complexity and too many barriers in the industry affecting both the access to market and income of the content owners.”

DECENT’S digital model allows artists to distribute any form of content, including written, music, videos, ebooks and pictures. These distribution channels are free of third-party influence, meaning that artists can also manage their intellectual property rights and set their own pricing.

One of the innovative adaptations that distinguishes DECENT from other blockchain platforms is the network’s reputation management system. This allows content creators who share their digital work on the platform to build a lifetime reputation, based on ratings from those who purchase content on the platform. DECENT Network also allows content creators to instantly receive payment when someone downloads their content, without any middleman interference.

Michalko believes that DECENT can break the trajectory in which a majority of power is concentrated in the hands of a few players controlling the industry. “Artists, filmmakers and writers lose control over their work and depend on the mercy of the ‘big guys.’ We designed DECENT Network to do away with all that and bring more transparency and fairness to the digital content industry.”

DECENT estimates that writers, for example, lose a healthy 30–75 percent chunk of their earnings when publishing with Amazon. Similarly, musicians, through licensing agreements, lose around 30 percent when selling a track on iTunes. Blockchain technology therefore serves as a mechanism that helps writers and musicians keep more money, while connecting with their audiences directly.

Michalko says that artists will be paid for their downloaded content through DECENT’s own cryptocurrency called “DCT,” which will be launched together with DECENT Network. Other payment options, he says, will be available in the future. “Artists will no longer have to wait months before seeing a penny from their work. And at the time of launch, DECENT Network will be a completely free-of-charge service for artists.”

Michalko hopes that by  2020, DECENT Network will have become the number one worldwide media sharing platform. “We hope to bring more transparency and fairness to the digital content industry for both creators and consumers. I hope that with our launch people will realize the advantage of DECENT Network over other content distribution platforms.”

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          Zecotek China Working with PET OEMs and Gaining Access to Industries Beyond Medical Scanning   

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - June 30, 2017) - Zecotek Photonics Inc. (TSX VENTURE: ZMS) (FRANKFURT: W1I) (OTC PINK: ZMSPF), a developer of leading-edge photonics technologies for healthcare, industrial and scientific markets, is pleased to provide an update to the forming of its new China based subsidiary Zecotek China Ltd. The formation of the new subsidiary has accelerated the potential adoption of the LFS by medical scanner developers as well as non-medical OEMs in China. Zecotek China is working closely with new medical and non-medical OEMs. Testing of the LFS crystals have been completed and we expect to receive purchase orders in the near future.

          Technical Support Specialist 2 - Wells Fargo - Charlotte, NC   
Cisco Certified network Associate (CCNA). Providing intermediate to advanced level of technical support for eCommerce products and services, including but not...
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          Remembering the first iPhone 10 years later [video]   
The first iPhone went on sale at 6 p.m. on June 29, 2007, kicking off the smartphone era. And 27-year-old Ryan O'Donnell was one of the first to get one - after standing in line for six hours while battling sunburn, exhaustion and a very full bladder.Ten years later, O'Donnell, now 37 and a San Francisco-based filmmaker, said that the iPhone's debut made him feel like a "piece of alien technology had landed on the planet." He and [...]
          5 helpful ways to use your GPS during your summer adventures   
If you've ever been lost on the road, you probably appreciate the power of the Global Positioning System — commonly known as GPS.Originally built for tracking using a satellite-based navigation system, GPS has become an integral part of many people's day-to-day lives. Since the launch of the first GPS satellite in 1978, the technology has evolved to be highly [...]
           Solid on liquid deposition, a review of technological solutions    
Homsy, Alexandra, Laux, Edith, Jeandupeux, Laure, Charmet, Jérôme, Bitterli, Roland, Botta, Chiara, Rebetez, Yves, Banakh, Oksana and Keppner, Herbert. (2015) Solid on liquid deposition, a review of technological solutions. Microelectronic Engineering, 141 . pp. 267-279. ISSN 0167-9317
自从HoloLens首次公布以来,微软已经与Unity Technologies合作,为其全息计算平台提供了支持。今天,在2017年的Unite Europe,微软Brandon Bray对此进行了详细的讨论,阐述Windows通用平台如何 […]
          CETC NOTICE: Rosen Law Firm Reminds Hongli Clean Energy Technologies Corp. Investors of Important July 7 Deadline in First Filed Class Action - CETC   

Rosen Law Firm, P.A. LogoNEW YORK, June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Rosen Law Firm, a global investor rights law firm, reminds purchasers of the securities of Hongli Clean Energy Technologies Corp.

read more

          Field Service Technician - BellatRx Inc. - Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC   
Basic knowledge of programming (ex. Located in the Montreal West Island, BellatRx is a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment and complete lines serving a...
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          Dva bratři, dva osudy. Před 100 lety se u Zborova v krvi rodila republika   
Od bitvy u Zborova, která pomohla ke vzniku Československa, uplynulo 100 let. Na straně Čechoslováků tam stáli i dva sourozenci - dvaadvacetiletý podporučík Karel Kutlvašr a jeho o tři roky starší bratr František. Pro každého z obou selských synků z Michalovic ležících u Havlíčkova Brodu si však osud přichystal jinou cestu.
          Největší mobilní inovace. Konec čteček otisků prstů, jak je známe   
Samsungu se to zatím nepovedlo, Apple s tím má problémy. Takže prvním výrobcem, který bude mít čtečku v displeji, možná bude čínské Vivo. Dnes nejzmiňovanější a nejočekávanější inovaci vyřešil Qualcomm.
          Gas Technician-Furnace Installer - Northern Gas Installers - Red Lake, ON   
Basic security clearance, driver's validity licence check, criminal record check. Measure and mark reference points for installation of gas lines and equipment,... $28 - $34 an hour
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          The Month in Review - The Most Popular Posts   
It's the end of the month and as I always do, I've put together a list of the most popular posts of the last 30 days. Take a look at the list and see if there is anything neat that you missed this month.

The Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp starts in three weeks. There is still time to register. If you're a Mainer, email me for a special discount only available to schools in Maine.

Here are the most popular posts of the month:
1. New Grading Options in Google Forms
2. Six Types of Video Creation Projects - And 18 Video Creation Tools
3. 4 Good Formative Assessment Tools for Classrooms That Aren't 1:1
4. Be Internet Awesome - Google's New Internet Safety Curriculum
5. Track Progress Toward Goals With This Google Sheets Template
6. Make Stop Motion Videos On Your Chromebook
7. Grade Items in G Suite Side-by-Side With Otus
8. How to Create a Word Cloud in Google Docs
9. How to Move from Google Drive to One Drive
10. 12 Sites and Apps for Learning to Code

Individual and group registration is still open for the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp and the BYOD Camp. Register with a group and get a great discount!

Four online courses starting in July:
Please visit the official advertisers that help keep this blog going.
Practical Ed Tech is the brand through which I offer PD webinars.
Storyboard That is my go-to tool for creating storyboards.
QuickKey saves teachers tons of time when scoring formative assessments.
University of Maryland Baltimore County offers a great program on instructional design.
Discovery Education & Wilkes University offer online courses for earning Master's degrees in Instructional Media.
PrepFactory offers a great place for students to prepare for SAT and ACT tests.
Boise State University offers a 100% online program in educational technology.
My Simpleshow provides a great way to create explanatory videos.

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          The Tour de France Begins Tomorrow - Resources for Learning More About It   
The Tour de France begins tomorrow. What started out as a promotion to boost the sales of newspapers in France is now one of the biggest sporting events in the world (and a big business). Here are some resources for learning more about the Tour de France.

Check out this animated video to learn all about the tactics of the race, the logistics of the race, the physiology of riding in the race, and many other interesting facts about the world's most famous bicycle race.

If watching the race (broadcast on NBC Sports in the US) inspires you to get outside and ride a bike, don't forget your helmet. The Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky offers some good resources about brain injury prevention. One of those resources is a short animated video designed to teach students about the need for wearing a helmet and how to wear helmets when biking or skateboarding. In the video students learn how to pick a helmet and how to properly fit a helmet. Watch the two minute video below.

The Science Behind the Bike is a four part video series from The Open University. The series has a total running length of 33 minutes and is a complement to a larger Open Learn course called The Science Behind Wheeled Sports. The videos and the course are designed to help students understand the physics, the physiology,  and the technology that influence the outcome of cycling events.

Sticking with the science of bicycling, Global Cycling Network offers a video addressing the question of whether having a light bike or light body makes the bigger difference in speed on a bike. The video is a bit long, but worth watching for the process and outcome. Ask your students for predictions before jumping to the end.

How is the overall winner of the Tour de France determined? It's not as simple as you might think. In addition to the overall winner's Yellow Jersey there are other prizes awarded in the race. Learn all about how the race times and points are calculated by watching the following video from the Global Cycling Network.

Minute Physics offers two videos about the physics of bicycles. In How Do Bikes Stay Up? we learn how bikes stay upright, how design and weight influences balance, and why bicycles are difficult to balance in reverse.

The Counterintuitive Physics of Turning a Bike explains how we turn bicycles.


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          Practical Ed Tech Live - Episode 10 - ISTE Recap + Q&A   
Just a few minutes ago I wrapped-up the tenth episode of Practical Ed Tech Live. Most of the time was spent on my ISTE recap, but I did answer a couple of reader questions at the end. Next week I will cover more questions. The video of the episode is embedded below. You can get the outline and resource links here.


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          Great Chromebook & G Suite PD on Both Coasts   
Summer is here and it's a great time to learn new skills and brush-up on old ones. If your school is moving to Chromebooks and or G Suite for Education, I have two great professional development opportunities to share with you.

Folks on the west coast should look into Beyond Tech Ed's two day training classes happening in Palm Springs, California on August 2nd and 3rd. Use the code FAMILY25 to receive a great discount on your registration.

If you're on the east coast, join me in Portland, Maine for the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp on July 20th and 21st. Teachers in Maine should email me for special discount code.

Disclosure: Beyond Tech Ed is an advertiser on this blog. 

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          iMendi Quick Vocabulary Review in Eight Languages   
iMendi is a simple site for reviewing key vocabulary words and phrases in eight languages. To use the site simply select a language and start flipping flashcard questions. You get two tries at the answering correctly on each card before iMendi gives you the correct answer.

If you want to focus on a specific set of vocabulary words, you can pick a specific lesson or word list from iMendi's menus that appear above every flashcard.

iMendi is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, and Czech.

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          Technology helps disabled lead more enriching lives   

On any given day up to 25 individuals with varied disabilities are hard at work in the EP!C Hub computer lab in Peoria, earning a paycheck and cultivating independence thanks to assistive technology. The Hub has a variety of adaptive equipment, including specialized keyboards and screen-reading software. Hub workers with disabilities design and print flyers,… Continue Reading »
          Front Row Offers Differentiated Resources for Social Studies Instruction   
Front Row has developed a great reputation over the last couple of years for the differentiated math and ELA resources that it offers to teachers and students. This week at ISTE 17 I sat down with the CEO of Front Row to take a look at the new social studies resources that Front Row is offering.

Front Row's new social studies resources are organizing into fifteen units. The units cover the topics most commonly included in social studies classes in the United States. Some of those unit topics are Civil Rights, the American Revolution, and Economics. Within each topic in you will find articles and discussion questions for your students.

Applications for Education
Front Row lets you choose from multiple versions of the same article to distribute to your students. You can give the same version of an article to all students or give different versions to individual students in your classroom. Front Row has a short diagnostic test for your students to take when they join your Front Row classroom. The results of that diagnostic test can help you identify which version of each article to give to your students.

Register for Teaching History With Technology where you'll learn how to use many more tools like Front Row in your social studies lessons. 

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          New KWC LUNA-E Faucets Define Kitchen Elegance   

Collection includes five styles that combine superior luxury with state-of-the-art technology, exemplifying the evolution of classic design.

          Dinosaury zabil meteorit, na výsluní je vynesly sopky   
Už desetiletí vědci spekulují, že částečnou vinu za zánik dinosaurů mohou nést mohutné sopky v Indii. To je stále nejisté, ale jak se ukazuje, vulkanická činnost sehrála klíčovou roli při nástupu dinosaurů na výsluní o dobrých 135 milionů let dříve.
          Global Therapeutic Vaccines Market to Grow at a CAGR of 62.81 Percent over the Period 2013-2018   

A therapeutic vaccine is a biological combination developed to improve immunity by inducing an attack against a diseased cell or tissue. This differs from prophylactic vaccines, which are administered to an individual with a disease in order to induce a defense mechanism.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2014 -- A therapeutic vaccine is a biological combination developed to improve immunity by inducing an attack against a diseased cell or tissue. This differs from prophylactic vaccines, which are administered to an individual with a disease in order to induce a defense mechanism. There are two approved cancer therapeutic vaccines on the market; Provenge and Oncophage. Additionally, a large number of therapeutic vaccines are under clinical development and are expected to be approved for use during the forecast period.

Get Access to full report at:

TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Therapeutic Vaccines market to grow at a CAGR of 62.81 percent over the period 2013-2018.

Covered in this Report
This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global Therapeutic Vaccine market for the period 2014-2018. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of various therapeutic vaccines available in the market.

TechNavio's report, the Global Therapeutic Vaccines Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global Therapeutic Vaccines market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key Regions:

- Americas

Key Vendors:

- Agenus Inc.
- Bavarian Nordic A/S.
- Dendreon Corp.
- GlaxoSmithKline plc
- Novartis International AG

Other Prominent Vendors:

- Argos Therapeutics Inc.
- Celldex Therapeutics Inc.
- CEL-SCI Corp.
- Cytos Biotechnology AG
- GlobeImmune Inc.
- NewLink Genetics Corp.
- NovaRx Corp.
- Oncothyreon Inc.
- TVAX Biomedical Inc.
- TapImmune Inc.
- Vical Inc.
- Vaccinogen Inc.

Similar Report:
NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (NVP): http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/neurovive-pharmaceutical-ab-nvp-pharmaceuticals-and-healthcare-deals-and-alliances-profile-market

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/global-therapeutic-vaccines-market-to-grow-at-a-cagr-of-6281-percent-over-the-period-2013-2018-548939.htm

Media Relations Contact

Cathy Viber
International Accounts Manager
Reports and Intelligence
Telephone: 617-674-4143
Email: Click to Email Cathy Viber
Web: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/

          Global Generic Drugs Market 2014-2018   

Global Generic Drugs market to grow at a CAGR of 11.02 percent over the period 2013-2018

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2014 -- TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Generic Drugs market to grow at a CAGR of 11.02 percent over the period 2013-2018. The patent expiry of top-selling drugs is one of the major drivers contributing to the growth of this market. The market is also witnessing an increase in mergers and acquistions. However, intense competition among vendors could squeeze profit margins, increase pricing pressure, and pose a challenge to the growth of this market.

Get full access to report at:

TechNavio's report, the Global Generic Drugs Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the market in the Americas, and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global Generic Drugs market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.
Key vendors dominating this space include Actavis plc, Mylan Inc., Novartis International AG (Sandoz), STADA Arzneimittel AG, and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Other vendors mentioned in the report are 3SBio Inc., Amgen Inc., Apotex Inc., AstraZeneca plc, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd., Baxter International Inc., Berlin-Chemie AG, Biocon Ltd., Biogen Idec Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Celltrion Inc., Cipla Ltd., Coherus Biosciences Inc., Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd., Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Gedeon Richter plc, GlaxoSmithKline plc, Hospira Inc., Impax Laboratories Inc., Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Lupin Ltd., Merck & Co. Inc., Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp., Par Pharmaceutical Inc., Pfizer Inc., Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., Roche Holding AG, Sanofi S.A., Wockhardt Ltd., and Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Similar Report
Global Antiepileptic Drugs Market:

Key questions answered in this report:

What will the market size and growth rate be in 2018?
What are the key market trends?
What is driving this market?
What are the challenges to market growth?
Who are the key vendors in this market space?
What are the market opportunities and threats faced by key vendors?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these key vendors?

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/global-generic-drugs-market-2014-2018-547661.htm

Media Relations Contact

Cathy Viber
International Accounts Manager
Reports and Intelligence
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          Global and China Potassium Perchlorate Market, Trend, Forecast, Research Report, Size, Share   

Report title '2014 Market Research Report on Global and China Potassium Perchlorate Industry' is published at Reports and Intelligence

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2014 -- Research Report on Global and China Potassium Perchlorate Industry Market 2014 was a professional and depth research report on Global and China Potassium Perchlorate industry that you would know Global and China Potassium Perchlorate Industry market conditions. The report firstly introduced Potassium Perchlorate basic information including Potassium Perchlorate definition classification application and chain overview.

Get full report at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/2014-research-report-on-global-and-china-potassium-perchlorate-industry-market

Then introduced 2009-2014 Global and China Potassium Perchlorate capacity production market share supply demand shortage import export consumption etc. It was also listed Potassium Perchlorate upstream raw materials , downstream analysis and Potassium Perchlorate marketing channels industry development trend and proposals. In the end, The report introduced Potassium Perchlorate new project SWOT analysis Investment feasibility analysis investment return analysis and also given related research conclusions and development trend analysis on China Potassium Perchlorate industry. In a word, it was a depth research report on China Potassium Perchlorate industry.

The report including five parts, the first part mainly introduced the product conception and market conditions; the second parts mainly demonstrated the market condition about the top 5 in the industry; the third part mainly analyzed the chain structure about the up and down Stream; the fourth part mainly analyzed the market entry and feasibility; the fifth part is the report conclusion chapter.

Table of Contents:

Part I 
Chapter One Potassium Perchlorate Industry Overview
1.1 Potassium Perchlorate Definition
1.2 Potassium Perchlorate Classification Analysis
Chapter Two International Potassium Perchlorate Market Analysis
2.1 Potassium Perchlorate International Market Development History
2.2 Potassium Perchlorate Product and Technology Developments
2.3 Potassium Perchlorate Competitive Landscape Analysis
Chapter Three China Potassium Perchlorate Market Analysis
3.1 Potassium Perchlorate China Market Development History
3.2 Potassium Perchlorate Product and Technology Developments
3.3 Potassium Perchlorate Competitive Landscape Analysis

Part II
Chapter Eight 2009-2014 Potassium Perchlorate Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast
8.1 2009-2014 Potassium Perchlorate Capacity Production Overview
8.2 2009-2014 Potassium Perchlorate Production Market Share Analysis
Chapter Nine Potassium Perchlorate Key Manufacturers Analysis
9.1 Jieguang Chemical
9.1.1 Company Profile
9.1.2 Product Picture and Specification

Part III
Chapter Eleven Up Stream Industry Analysis
11.1 Upstream Raw Materials Price Analysis 
11.2 Upstream Equipments Market Analysis 
11.3 Upstream Raw Materials Market Analysis

Part IV
Chapter Fourteen Potassium Perchlorate Industry Development Proposals
14.1 Macroeconomic Development Countermeasures
14.2 New Firms Enter Market Strategy
14.3 New Project Investment Proposals
14.4 Marketing Channel Strategy Proposals

Get full Table of Contents at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/2014-research-report-on-global-and-china-potassium-perchlorate-industry-market/table-of-contents

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Cathy Viber,
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          ÚVAHA: Jaká bude společnost digitální revoluce?   
Všechny tak zvané technologické revoluce byly doposud vlastně evolucemi, protože probíhaly desítky let, ne-li celé století.
          Global PVA Drugs Market 2014-2018   

PVA is defined as the decrease in estrogen after the menopause

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2014 -- Vaginal atrophy is defined as decrease in estrogen production. Less estrogen leads to thinning, drying, and decreased elasticity of the vaginal tissues. PVA is defined as the decrease in estrogen after the menopause. Up to 40 percent of postmenopausal women have symptoms of atrophic vaginitis. In PVA there are symptoms of redness, burning, itching, dryness, irritation, and dyspareunia. HRT, estrogen creams, and other topical preparations are used in the treatment of PVA.

Get detailed report at:

TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global PVA Drugs market will grow at a CAGR of 7.1 percent over the period 2013-2018.

Covered in this Report
The Global PVA Drugs market can be divided into two segments: Topical Estrogen and Systemic Estrogen. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of various drugs (creams, tablets, and rings) used in the treatment of PVA.

TechNavio's report, the Global PVA Drugs Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global PVA Drugs market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key Regions:

- Americas

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For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/global-pva-drugs-market-2014-2018-544512.htm

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          Global Advanced Wound Care and Closure Market   

Global Advanced Wound Care and Closure Market (Types, Applications, End User and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2014 -- Traditional wound care & closure and advanced wound care & closure products are used to treat acute and chronic wounds. Chronic wounds are hard to heal wounds, which take substantial time to heal and are expensive to treat. Advanced wound care & closure products are emerging as a standard solution for treating chronic wounds. Traditional wound care & closure products are being increasingly substituted with advanced wound care & closure products due to their efficacy and effectiveness in managing wounds by enabling faster healing.

Attempts to reduce the duration of hospital stays in order to limit surgical healthcare costs, and the rising inclination towards products that enhance therapeutic outcomes are driving the demand for advanced wound care & closure products. The risks associated with ineffective wound healing promote the demand for combination dressings, which is a modern trend in the market that is replacing traditional wound dressing methods.

Get detailed report at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/wound-closure-wound-care-market

Smith and Nephew, Kinetic Concepts, 3M, BSN medical, Covidien, ConvaTech, Derma Sciences, Integra LifeSciences, Baxter International and Coloplast are some of the major players in the global advanced wound care and closure market.

The global advanced wound care and closure market has been segmented based on type, application, end users and geography. Based on type, the global market is segmented into advanced wound closure market and advanced wound care market. According to applications, the market is segmented into Burns, Ulcers and Surgical Wounds. Based on end users, the market is segmented into hospitals & community healthcare services and home healthcare. Geographically, the market is segmented into four regions, namely North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA.

Key Benefits:

- An in-depth analysis of the current advanced wound care, and wound closure market scenario is strategically dealt to provide future market trends that would facilitate decision making

- Quantitative analysis of the current market trends and estimations through 2013-2020 would help strategists to design business strategies to capitalize on the prevailing opportunities in the market

- Analysis of the market factors in various regions would bestow a deeper understanding of demographical dynamics that would influence expansion decisions.

- Identification of key application segments based on their potential and growth prospects would throw light on the most profitable segments to capitalize on

- Analysis of key strategies adopted by market players will assist in understanding the inherent business rivalry and intensity of competition prevailing among the top brands

- Emphasis is laid on key factors affecting the growth of the global advanced wound closure and advanced wound care market. These factors are critically analyzed to gain a futuristic view of the market

- SWOT and competitive analysis of key players is conducted to help stakeholders to understand the inherent trends followed by their competitors and make the necessary amendments to the existing expansion plans

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For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/global-advanced-wound-care-and-closure-market-543387.htm

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          TS281: Baking, HB2, Male Contraception   
This week Bryan gets revolutionary news from Derrick, while Erin shares her disastrous one day Palm Springs adventure. Also, North Caroline Governor Roy Cooper finally showed his true colors and instead of repealing HB2 like promised created a compromise bill instead, and a new male contraception technique called RISUG is getting ignored by every drug manufacturer in the US. 
          Global Synthetic Biology Market (Products, Technologies, Applications and Geography) - Reports and Intelligence   

Global Synthetic Biology Market (Products, Technologies, Applications and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2014 -- Synthetic biology is a novel field that finds its origin at the intersection of biology and engineering. It's a multidisciplinary effort made by scientists to understand the functioning of biological organisms, cells & genes and implementation of artificial genetic processes to give specific characteristics to an organism. It can even be used to develop a completely new biological system. Global synthetic biology market was valued at $3.0 billion in 2013 and it is estimated to reach $38.7 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 44.2% during the forecast period.

Get full report at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/synthetic-biology-market

Synthetic Biology Technology market is segmented into enabling technology and enabled technology. Synthetic Biology Enabling technologies segment is growing at a faster rate, and growing at a CAGR of 48.6% during the forecast period.

Synthetic Biology Application market is segmented into research & development, chemicals, agriculture, pharmaceuticals & diagnostics, biofuels and others (biotechnology and biomaterials). Biofuels is the fastest growing segment at a CAGR of 85.2% during the forecast period.

Request for Sample Report at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/request-sample/18079

Synthetic Biology product market is segmented into enabling products, enabled products and core products. Enabling product is the fastest growing segment at a CAGR of 53.7% during the forecast period.

Assistance from government and private organizations, rising number of entities conducting research and declining cost of DNA sequencing and synthesizing are key driving factors of the market. Governments are providing funds to research organizations, assisting them to find novel applications of synthetic biology. Bio-safety & bio-security issues, ethical issues and regulations are key retraining factors of the market. The fact that synthetic biology can be misused has raised concerns all around the world. Further, there are possibilities of accidental release of pathogens or genetically modified organisms into free atmosphere.

Visit at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/

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          Global Silicon Carbide (SIC) Market (Product, Technology, Power Semiconductors, End-User, Geography)   

Global Silicon Carbide (SIC) Market (Product, Technology, Power Semiconductors, End-User, Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 – 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2014 -- Silicon carbide (SiC) is a chemical compound of silicon and carbon and it is also known as carborundum. SiC belongs to the semiconductor market that is expected to attain revenue of $394 billion by 2017. It is projected that SiC has the potential to displace other silicon based transistors and semiconductors; therefore, it is expected to have high revenue share. The key factors driving the SiC market growth is that it can decrease the size of semiconductors and reduce the power system loss by 50%.

Get full report at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/silicon-carbide-market

The cost of SiC material ranges from $800 to $2,000 per ton, which is very costly as compared to other materials used for manufacturing semiconductor. Therefore, the high cost of these semiconductors is a major restraint for the growth of the market. Material defects and packaging issues are some of the other challenges for the market growth. Researches that are being conducted to overcome these challenges have been slow-moving. However, key players are seeking collaborations to increase investments in the SiC based electronic goods.

See similar report- Global Green Building Materials Market @

Some of the key companies profiled in this report are AGSCO Corporation, Entegris Inc., Carborundum Universal Ltd., ESK-SIC GmbH, Grindwell Norton Ltd., Saint-Gobain Ceramics Materials GmbH, The Dow Chemical Company, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Company Ltd., Timcal Ltd., and Snam Abrasives Pvt. Ltd.

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          Global Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market (Applications and Geography) - Reports and Intelligence   

Global Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market (Applications and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2012 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2014 -- IVIG is a blood product which is administered in the body through veins. These are used in the treatment of three major categories of diseases, namely immune diseases, autoimmune diseases and acute infections. These are administered in patients to maintain an optimum level of antibodies so as to upgrade immunity or avoid infections. The factors driving this market are increasing number of patients with bleeding disorders, autoimmune diseases and asthma, increasing awareness and expenditure on health products and technological developments. The resulting side effects with the use of intravenous immunoglobulin such as venous thrombosis, dermatitis and acute kidney disorders and high cost involved in treatment are restraining the growth of this market. The introduction of improved therapies for the treatment of these diseases would provide opportunity for growth of this market.

Get detailed report at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/intravenous-immunoglobulin-IVIG-market

On the basis of application, this market can be classified into neurology, haematology, dermatology, nephrology and ophthalmology. Among all areas where intravenous immunoglobulin is used, its application is maximum in heamatology. This is due to the increasing number of people with bleeding disorders.

On the basis of geography, this market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world (RoW). Presently, North America is the major contributor to the market of IVIG followed by Europe. This is due to increasing number of people suffering from autoimmune diseases.

The major players in this market are Biotest AG, Octapharma AG, CSL, Baxter International, Inc., Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd., Talecris, Grifols S.A., OMRIX Biopharmaceuticals Ltd, and Kedrion Biopharma. The companies in the report are seeking approval as a strategy for the commercialization of their in the pipeline drugs. Therefore, the companies are adopting approval and clearance as key developmental strategies.

The Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) market is an emerging field of therapeutics. The market is facing challenges due to stringent regulations. However, these regulations are strategically dealt in this report and more emphasis is given on the commercial polices available for the Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) Market. The clinical trials conducted for the development of novel therapies are critically analyzed so that key players competing in this market can take strategic decisions. . The market dynamics show that the impact of drivers is more in the market compared to the restraints.

- The estimations in the report are made by considering present market scenario and future market potential for the period of 2014-2020
- Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business are described so that companies involved in development of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) can get competitive intelligence about their competitors
- Market estimation for geographic segments is derived from current market scenarios and forecasted market trends.
- Market attractiveness analysis has been included for geographic regions with detailed analysis of factors responsible for rapid growth of the market segments
- In-depth analysis of market drivers, restraints and opportunities of the market is dealt in the report.

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For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/global-intravenous-immunoglobulin-ivig-market-applications-and-geography-reports-and-intelligence-542257.htm

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          Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics and Technologies Market   

Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics and Technologies Market - Global Share, Industry Overview, Analysis, Growth, Trends Opportunities and Forecast 2012 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2014 -- Non-invasive diagnostic is a process of identifying the disease conditions with minimal incision in body during diagnosis. The global market for diagnostic/in-vitro diagnostics valued at $49.2 billion in 2012, which shows potential for market growth, especially in chronic diseases. Non-invasive cancer diagnostics is gaining importance over conventional diagnosis due to increase in incidences of chronic cancer such as breast cancer, and lung cancer. According to American Cancer Society, there were more than 1,660,290 new cases diagnosed in 2013.

Get detailed report at:

Commercialization of non-invasive cancer diagnosis is possible due to completion of Human Genome Project (HGP) that gives enormous diagnostic information based on genomic and proteomic. Increase in stringent regulatory guidelines and cost associated with diagnostics is hindering the growth of non-invasive cancer diagnostic market. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance regulations for monitoring non-invasive diagnostics are issued by FDA, Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Social Security Administration (SSA).

The global non-invasive market has a huge potential in developing countries; however, cost of diagnosis is creating hurdles to tap this market. Hence, to overcome this problem, the diagnostic market has to be analyzed by the developing countries such as China, Japan, and India. This report provides key market drivers that are driving the market with impact analysis. The report gives intelligence about key regulatory guidelines issued by respective governments.

Key companies included in report are Precision Therapeutics, A&G Pharmaceutical, Affymetrix Inc., AVIVA Biosciences Corporation, BIOVIEW Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp), Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Cancer Genetics Inc., Digene Corporation, Gen-Probe Incorporated


-Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business so that companies involved in development non-invasive cancer diagnostic device can get competitive intelligence of their competitors

-Market estimation for therapeutics techniques and geographic segment is derived from current market scenario and expected market trends

-Market attractiveness analysis has been included for various product segments, therapeutics, techniques and geographic regions with detailed analysis of factors responsible for rapid growth of the market segments

-In depth analysis of key market drivers, restraints and opportunities of non-invasive cancer diagnostic market with impact analysis

-Value chain analysis, Porter's five force model, top investment pockets (GE9 Cell Matrix) are analyzed and presented in detail in the report so that the decision makers can receive clear picture of cancer diagnosis market



- Solid tumors
- Blood cancer
- Lung Cancer
- Breast Cancer
- Others


- Clinical Chemistry
- Immunochemistry/Immunoassay
- Molecular Diagnostics
- Other Clinical Instruments


- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- RoW


- Medical devices manufacturing companies
- Pharmaceutical companies
- Government and Private Research Institutes
- Academic Institutes

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For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/noninvasive-cancer-diagnostics-and-technologies-market-541401.htm

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          2014 Market Research Report on Global LED Display Industry - Reports and Intelligence   

According to Reports and Intelligence, Research Report on ‘Global LED Display Industry market 2014’ was professional and depth research report on Global LED Display industry.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2014 -- According to Reports and Intelligence, Research Report on 'Global LED Display Industry market 2014' was professional and depth research report on Global LED Display industry that you would know the world's major regional market conditions of LED Display industry, the main region including North American, Europe and Asia etc, and the main country including United States,Germany,Japan and China etc.

Get full report at:

The report firstly introduced LED Display basic information including LED Display definition classification application and industry chain overview; LED Display industry policy and plan, LED Display product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. Then we deeply analyzed the world's main region market conditions that including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and industry growth rate etc.

Visit at: http://www.reportsandintelligence.com/

In a word, it was a depth research report on Global LED Display industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from LED Display industry chain related technical experts and marketing experts during Research Team survey and interviews.

The report including six parts, the first part maainly introduced the product basic information; the second parts mainly analyzed the Asia LED Display industry; the third part mainly analyzed the North American LED Display industry; the fourth part mainly analyzed the Europe LED Display industry; the fifth part mainly analyzed the market entry and investment feasibility; the sixth part was the report conclusion chapter.

Request for sample report at:

In the end, the report introduced LED Display new project SWOT analysis, investment feasibility analysis, and investment return analysis and Global LED Display industry.

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.releasewire.com/press-releases/2014-market-research-report-on-global-led-display-industry-reports-and-intelligence-540899.htm

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          دانلود پروژه افتر افکت ویدیو تبلیغاتی – طرح تکنولوژی خطوط شبکه ای   

دانلود پروژه افتر افکت ویدیو تبلیغاتی - طرح تکنولوژی خطوط شبکه ای

پروژه افتر افکت ویدیو تبلیغاتی – طرح تکنولوژی خطوط شبکه ای با طراحی زیبا و حرفه ای که می توانید از آن به عنوان ویدیو تبلیغاتی برنامه های علمی، بازی تکنولوژی، آموزشی و… استفاده نمایید. ویژگی های پروژه افتر افکت ویدیو تبلیغاتی – طرح تکنولوژی خطوط شبکه ای : * ویرایش آسان و کامل * ...

نوشته دانلود پروژه افتر افکت ویدیو تبلیغاتی – طرح تکنولوژی خطوط شبکه ای اولین بار در فرا گرافیک پدیدار شد.

           Expression, intracellular targeting and purification of HIV Nef variants in tobacco cells    
Marusic, Carla, Nuttall, James, Buriani, Giampaolo , Lico, Chiara, Lombardi, Raffaele , Baschieri , Selene, Benvenuto, Eugenio and Frigerio, Lorenzo. (2007) Expression, intracellular targeting and purification of HIV Nef variants in tobacco cells. BMC Biotechnology, Vol.7 (No.12). ISSN 1472-6750
          TS268: New Years, Gordon James Klingenschmitt, Women in Tech   
This week Bryan explains how Mamma Mia is the modern day Cats, while Erin shares about her eventful New Years Eve with a bunch of dead rats. Also, Religious TV Show host Gordon James Klingenschmitt recently defended a stationary store that was discriminating against gay people, and The New York Times published an article about tech companies recruiting women candidates for positions of power to help enact change. Happy New Year!
           Emerging prenatal genetic tests : developing a health technology assessment (HTA) framework for informed decision-making    
Szczepura, Ala, Freeman, Karoline, Osipenko, Leeza and Hyde, Julia (2005) Emerging prenatal genetic tests : developing a health technology assessment (HTA) framework for informed decision-making. [Coventry]: University of Warwick. (Initial report).
          TS259: PBS Skills, Washington Blade, A.I. Discrimination   
This week Erin uses her PBS knowledge to defeat the moths infesting her home while Bryan deals with the great lakes flowing out of his nostrils. The Washington Blade posts an article on gay partners who are voting for opposite candidates, D-R-A-M-A, and Tech companies have found in studies that people prefer young female voices as personal assistants. Happy November honeybuns!
          12265 Senior Programmer Analyst - CANADIAN NUCLEAR LABORATORIES (CNL) - Chalk River, ON   
Understanding of server technologies (Internet Information Server, Apache, WebLogic), operating systems (Windows 2008R2/2012, HP-UX, Linux) and server security....
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          Program Director - Wipro Limited - Ontario   
Expertise in various technical aspects of API Architecture, Design and Development Experience in end-to-end delivery with distributed teams in development,...
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          Network administrator - ICO Technologies - Quebec   
ICO Technologies Inc. 2843, Beaudry-Leman Ave. Shawinigan, QC, G9N 3H7 Summary description Start date: As soon as possible Number of vacant position(s):
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          Customer Readiness Testing Engineer 2 (CACS551) - Fortinet - Ontario   
A minimum of 4-6 years experience in a technical role in a networking/security company, preferably with Fortinet products Strong understanding of Service...
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          Security Analyst - Eagle Professional Resources - Ontario   
Banking / Financial Industry experience. Providing leadership for the provision of technical expertise in development and support of activities, processes,...
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          Technical Support Engineer 1 (CACS547) - Fortinet - Ontario   
At least 2+ years experience in a technical support role in a networking/security company or equivalent education Strong understanding of TCP/IP, routing...
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          251130-2017: France-Rouen: Services d'assistance technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Senior EPM Solutions Architect - AstralTech - Ontario   
Solid understanding of Linux and Microsoft Windows Server operating system. Senior EPM Solutions Architect....
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          EVGA GTX Titan: флагманская видеокарта с водоблоком   
Компания EVGA готовится выпустить флагманскую видеокарту SC Hydro Copper Signature, построенную на базе ускорителя nVidia GTX Titan. Сообщается, что ускоритель получит заводской разгон и будет комплектоваться водоблоком Swiftech
          Développeurs - Intégrateurs techniques Java J2EE (H/F) Expertise technique - ON-X - Ontario   
Windows, Linux, VMWare. Vous serez en charge du développement de solutions innovantes d'authenfication forte....
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          Développeur J2EE (H/F) Expertise technique - ON-X - Ontario   
Windows, Linux, VMWare. Dans le cadre de notre développement, nous sommes à la recherche d'un(e) Ingénieur Etudes et Développement JAVA J2EE....
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          251111-2017: Roumanie-Petrosani: Services d'assistance technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 25-07-2017 | Document: Informations complémentaires
          OCZ Vertex 3.20: 2,5-дюймовые SSD на базе MLC NAND   
Компания OCZ Technology Group анонсировала серию 2,5-дюймовых SSD-накопителей Vertex 3.20, построенных на базе 20-нм флеш-памяти типа MLC NAND. В основу SSD положен контроллер SandForce SF-2200; для подключения к ПК используется интерфейс Serial ATA 3.0
          Indian-Americans and Spelling Bees: Adding some nuance   
It's that time of the year again. The only night of the year when desi people dominate ESPN primetime in the United States. The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Yet again, the winner...or rather co-winners..came from the families of Indian immigrants.

This has been happening for over a decade now, and every year, the aftermath of the Bee in Indian media and Indian and Indian-origin social media follows a similar pattern. There are a few think pieces about why Indian-Americans are so good at spelling bees. Some folks go all uber-patriotic extolling the superior virtues of our intellectual tradition and what not (cue...Bhaaaaarrrraat maaata kiiii.......). And some folks sneer, indulging in a mild form of communal self-loathing. I don't have kids but my close Indian-American friends who do are very emphatic about how they will not make...or even let their kids participate in something as nerdy and inherently uncool as a spelling bee.

Through Twitter I came across this post that quotes Varun Grover's interview in the excellent excellent documentary I Am Offended (do watch if you haven't) which references spelling bees. That blog, and Varun in that documentary, are making a larger point about how the Indian education system is centered around rote learning, stifling creativity and basically preparing "middle managers". And that the success in spelling bees is a symptom of that.

While I agree with Varun and Auctorly on the larger problem, I don't think it is correct to link spelling bees to that problem. I see where they are coming from, and the reason for that is a couple of myths about spelling bees in general which merit some attention.

Myth #1 Spelling Bees are all about memorizing thousands and thousands and thousands of words, and regurgitating them on stage.

I used to think the same way, but it's not really that way. A few years ago, I had a long chat with a student of mine (I am a college professor) who in her school days had participated in the spelling bee. She didn't win, but talked to me about how much fun it was, and ended up giving me a different perspective on this activity that I too once sneered at. Then I read some more about it, watched the documentary Spellbound, talked to some more students over the years, and I think it is necessary to add some nuance to how we view the "sport".

Spelling bee as a contest is more about pattern recognition than just rote memorization. Don't get me wrong. Of course it is important to know and remember many many words to participate in a spelling bee. But the same is true of scrabble. Or crosswords. Or trivia quizzing. Heck, memorization is key even in chess. A serious chess player will have thousands of moves and games memorized.

Just like all those activities/sports, spelling bee is about, yes, having a memory bank of relevant information, but at the top level, it is often about recognizing patterns, working out clues, and then formulating an answer by accessing the relevant information from your brain.

You know how the kids ask for meaning, language of origin, use it in a sentence etc etc? It is not for theater. It has important information, and many times, can even help you make an educated guess at the spelling of a word you've never heard of by using what is basically pattern recognition.

Let me give you an example about how I, without memorizing any words, was able to correctly guess one of the words in the final this year. The word was chremslach. When it was first uttered, I thought it would start with "Kr" and maybe end with "che" or "kh". Then I heard that the word was Yiddish. And the meaning was a kind of passover pastry. Instantly I thought of a pastry that a Jewish deli near my house excels at - rugelach. The end sounded the same. So it had to end in -lach. And the different pronunciations of the starting syllable suggested chr not Kr. The repeated usage by the moderator further confirmed what I had in my mind. A pattern emerged and voila. There the spelling was.

I felt thrilled at having worked it out before the contestant answered. It was a thrill similar to the one I get as a trivia quizzer when I crack a cleverly framed Final Jeopardy style "workout-able" question. Or the thrill I get when I crack a particularly cryptic clue in crosswords.

The aforementioned student kept stressing about how much fun the whole thing was for her. She said it was a form of solving puzzles. And I saw what she meant. I asked her, isn't it boring to memorize thousands and thousands of words. She said no, she LOVES words (sidenote - she always wrote the most well-crafted and thoughtful term papers in my class). And again, I see her point.

When you enjoy any activity built on pattern recognition so much that you want to seriously compete in it, you don't think of the underlying memorization as a drab chore. I like to play scrabble semi-competitively, and it is fun for me to have those cruel 2 letter words memorized so I can gain advantage on the board despite not having great tiles. And I'm sure poker players don't think of probability calculations as mundane.

Myth #2 These desi spelling be winners will most likely end up as middle managers, code coolies, cogs in the corporate machine....just total drones.

Although it seems like Indian-Americans have been winning the bee for ages, in reality, it's been less than two decades that it has been happening consistently. So the sample of winners is not statistically significant, but from whatever I read in "where are they now" type stories, I saw very few, if any, ending up in those drone type jobs.

A lot of them were in some form of research, which to me, as an academic researcher, makes sense. Research is like the rigorous grown-up impactful form of pattern recognition that is built upon a deep memory bank of knowledge about a subject. A bunch of them were doctors and lawyers. One was a professional poker player (again, pattern recognition and memory). And so on. I even googled a few names of winners and always found that the person was doing something really cool.

Maybe a systematic study will throw up more details.

Myth #3 We Indians are just awesome at English and we are such brainiacs and we have the bestest education-centric culture so we are awesome at Spelling Bees

While the first two myths were in the self-loathing category, this one is in the uber-patriotic category. I have no problem with Indians or Indian-origin feeling proud or elated or whatever at this dominance, although I am personally from the Bill Hicks school of thought when it comes to patriotism.

But let us dispel with this notion that there is something really inherently culturally genetically special about Indians that our kids just go to America, show up at spelling bees, and start winning them left and right. There is actually a pretty strong and well-organized training infrastructure that is making all this possible. Remember that these contestants train with the rigor and discipline of athletes. It is not done in isolation, but requires broader support like with any sport or activity.

What you see on ESPN is the culmination of a year of smaller contests, local spelling bees, practice bees, and other such events on the local circuits. And there's a kind of feedback loop that forms. Successive generations build on the success of previous generations. Legacies and even "dynasties" are created and inspire some to adhere to it. I could keep going, but I came across this article that explains the quasi-institutional reasons behind the dominance in more detail.

If some other community starts taking such a deep interest in the sport and organizes in such a serious grassroots way, other communities could start dominating too.

One thing to note is that the winners have all been kids of Indians who migrated to the United States. Recent Indian immigrants, much like recent immigrants of other communities, tend to socialize more with their compatriots and do so in a very community-based way, with associations and groups and mandals and so on. But second generation Indian-Americans are more assimilated in the American mainstream. So when they grow up and have kids of their own, they are not as plugged into the Indian-American groups and associations as their parents were.

So you don't see many (or even any?) third generation Indian-American children winning the spelling bee or even making it to the national finals, because they don't have automatic access to that community-based infrastructure.

The best way to end this post is to quote a now-grown-up Nupur Lala, the star of the Oscar winning documentary who arguably started this Indian-American phenomenon.

“Having watched Spellbound, I realized that several of my competitors weren’t any worse than me ability-wise, but they didn’t have the same advantages—economic privilege, educational background, family dynamics,” she says. “I know that played a big, big role in my success. As a 14-year-old, I really thought I was one of the best spellers out there. In hindsight, I think, yeah, I was a very good speller, but I also had some of the best preparation and resources out there. I had a mom who had a graduate degree in linguistics. Parents who have literally hundreds of books in the house, and who were very motivated to help me succeed.”

          Customer Success Engineer - Stratoscale - Ontario   
Extensive experience troubleshooting remote Linux system issues. As a Customer Success Engineer, you will be providing technical assistance to Stratoscale...
From Stratoscale - Thu, 09 Mar 2017 21:32:53 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          FPGA High Level Design Developer - Intel - Toronto, ON   
Job Description As part of Intel, we will continue to apply Moore's Law to drive the future of field-programmable gate array FPGA technology. The
From Intel - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 10:28:58 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Advice for International Masters Students Cold-Call Emailing Business School Professors   
It is that time of the year again for me as an assistant professor in an American business school. August-September, the start of the academic year. When I get at least a handful of emails everyday from just-arrived international Masters students, typically from India and China, asking about Research Assistant (RA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) positions. I usually send a prompt reply telling them I have no positions available and wish them luck. Most other people in my place in business schools just ignore the mails and/or delete them.

This post is meant to explain why I almost always send summary rejections and why most others ignore or delete the emails.

The key to this explanation is the almost unique nature of the microcosm that are business schools. Specifically, research-oriented business schools that co-exist with prestigious engineering schools in the same university such as mine.

Research in business schools is very different from research in engineering schools. In engineering schools, research has a lot to do with winning 6-7 figure grants and patents. That is the nature of the engineering world. In business schools, the incentives for tenure-track research professors are different. The nature of our field is such that there are few, if any, opportunities for patents and big grants. In our field, research productivity is measured by publications in top level journals.  

The other aspect of business research is the cost element. The reason we don't care as much about grants is that our research is nowhere as expensive to conduct as engineering research. We don't need expensive equipment, months long experiments, and suchlike. Most business research is conducted using secondary data or individual behavioral experiments. The most expensive equipment we need is limited to powerful computers to do our analysis. 

We don't have as many conferences to go to. In each of the sub-fields of business (such as Finance, Marketing, Management etc), there are two, maybe three MUST-ATTEND conferences each year. Our conferences aren't as selective as engineering conferences in terms of who gets to present. Obviously, "conference proceedings" are a non-factor in tenuring decisions when it comes to business school faculty. What matter are publications.

Basically, our research doesn't cost that much. That's the cost side.

Now on to the revenue side. Most business schools have MBA programs that charge tuition way higher than the average program. Most MBA programs don't offer any funding. MBA programs earn business schools a lot of money. Then there are undergraduate programs. Undergrad business programs are very popular in most schools in the US. So business schools get a decent chunk of change from the universities for that. Then there are endowments, consulting fees, and other revenue opportunities.

So to summarize what I have said so far, business schools in the US have a higher revenue than other schools, and have lower research costs than other schools. And, to reiterate, faculty research is measured in terms of publications in top journals, not patents, conference proceedings, or grants. Not that there are that many business-centric grants anyway.

As a result, here is how the typical contract for a typical tenure-track faculty member in a research-oriented business school works. We get a salary. And we get a research budget from our business school that is roughly $10,000-50,000 per year. 

These amounts might be relatively paltry for engineering professors who need to buy expensive equipment and need to hire several grad students to take care of the equipment and run experiments. But in business schools, that amount is plenty. 

Then there's the unique nature of business school PhD programs. They are geared exclusively towards academia. Which means the program is designed only to send graduates into academic positions, NOT industry positions. 99.9% of marketing PhDs will become marketing professors, not work in marketing jobs in the industry. 99.9% of management PhDs will become management professors, not work in management jobs in the industry. And so on.

PhD programs in business schools will also have a tiny intake compared to engineering schools. In a typical top-50 or even top-100 research business school in the US, the total incoming PhD class size every year will be about 15, with 2-3 students dedicated to sub-fields such as finance, marketing, management, etc.

In business schools, these PhD students are fully funded and paid a stipend by the business school. In return, they have to work 20 hours a week each for tenure track professors.

(Sidebar: the most "privileged" international grad students in any school are business school PhDs. They are assured of tuition waivers and stipends for at least 4 years from the school itself, and not tied to any Professor like in engineering schools. They also get academic positions relatively easily without having to do postdocs.)

Now, each department will have a roughly 1:1 ratio between tenure track professors and PhD students. Part of each tenure track professor's contract is 10 hours or "free" RA work from an assigned PhD student. Free as in, the professor doesn't pay the student. The business school does. And the business school pays for the tuition.

So now we come to the main point. Most of us business school professors have a PhD student assigned to work with us without us paying anything. Our research budgets, given by the school not from grants, are in the 10-50K range to buy computers, buy data, go to conferences, etc....generous but not enough to fund a grad student, which including tuition and stipend, will use up the entire budget.

When a Masters student from engineering or quasi-engineering (Information Systems, Technology Management etc) fields sends a cold-call email to a typical business school professor, he is making a pitch to someone who has neither the requirement nor the budget to hire him.

That's maybe 99% of business school professor. The 1% who might have RA/TA positions for you are the rare minority of business school professors who got a grant or got an extra endowment for a research lab or something. They might just have positions that Masters students can fill. They tend to advertise their positions well in advance. But even if cold-calling works for them, it needs to be very specific.

Many international students make the mistake of composing one utterly general boilerplate email and sending it to all professors. See this for instance.

In this case, even if I was a professor with an opportunity for this student, I wouldn't contact him. Because the email is so general. If I want to hire a Masters student, I would like that student to be genuinely interested in what I am doing.

So even if you do send cold-call emails to business school professors, make sure they are individually customized and reflect their particular research interests. 

And of course, make sure you really are interested in the research of the professor you are pitching your services to. We professors do talk to each other, you know? If during a coffee chat, we discover that Masters Student XYZ sent an email to me saying "I am really passionate about Marketing and hope to make a career in it", and also to my Finance colleague saying, "I am really passionate about Finance and hope to make a career in it", it not only gives us something to chuckle about, but also destroys your credibility in our eyes forever.

I'll end by saying that in general, the strike rate for an engineering or quasi-engineering MS student getting RA/TA positions from individual professors in business schools are low. And I hope this post informs incoming Masters students about this and saves them some wasted effort. 

          Recipe for Egg Salad Sandwich On Toast - Slightly Indian   
When I moved from India to the United States in 2006, I encountered a multitude of food items I had never tasted in India. I could readily understand why I had never tasted most of those items in India, due to Indian conventions, habits, and availability of ingredients, such as ribs or steak tartare. But there was one item whose sheer simplicity astounded me. And which, by rights, should have been really popular in India. That item was the egg salad sandwich. I couldn't figure out why I had never encountered it in India.

The egg salad sandwich is so simple, even minimal. So elegant. So tasty. And so ideal for spicier Indian variations. And yet, almost completely absent from menus in India. Why? I have no idea!

Most chicken sandwiches you get in India are cousins of the egg salad sandwich - shredded chicken mixed with mayonnaise and mustard, served on toasted or untoasted bread. Another popular item in India, the Russian salad (which results in Russian salad sandwich or Rusian salad roll) is also similar. So why is the egg salad sandwich not available in India? I have no idea! But I hope it becomes popular.

Here's the most basic recipe for an egg salad sandwich. Take hard-boiled eggs. Shell them. Mash them. Add mustard, mayo, salt, pepper. Make a sandwich using toasted bread. Enjoy!

Another reason this sandwich should, by rights, be extremely popular in India, is the fact that you can easily add quintessentially Indian spices and make it more flavorful. You can also add different veggies to it, to play around with the texture. That's what I do. I love experimenting with the basic egg salad. I have tried various combinations over the years. Here is my favorite recipe for what is (for me) the perfect Egg Salad Sandwich on Toast:

Recipe (makes 2 sandwiches of 2 toasted bread slices each)

4 slices of bread
2 eggs hard boiled
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tbs mustard (I prefer Dijon, but french mustard works well too)
1 tbsp chopped onion (optional)
1 tbsp chopped bell pepper/capsicum (optional)
Paprika/cayenne/red chili powder (to taste, optional)
Cumin powder (to taste, optional)
Black pepper (to taste)
Salt (to taste)


Egg salad is among the easiest sandwiches to make. You don't need to be an expert on cooking by any means. Even the novice-est of novices can get it right.

The first step is to hard boil eggs.

The perfect timing and technique for this varies based on the freshness of your egg (surprising fact - slightly stale eggs when boiled are easier to peel than fresh eggs), its size, and how hard you like your egg boiled.

Peel the egg. Put the peeled eggs in a bowl.

Now we need to mince the eggs. There are different ways of approaching this. You can just crush a whole egg with a spoon or a spatula.

Or you can use an egg slicer to first make elegant slices and then mince the egg.

Eventually, you mince them with a spoon or a spatula. Go to town on 'em. Crush them the way Assad crushes protesters in Syria.

Now whether you want to go as far as Assad or dial it back like Mubarak depends on your taste. I like to leave some pieces of the egg white intact, roughly 1 cm in size. Personally, I prefer slightly chunkier versions to an egg salad where the entire egg is minced like keema. So my ideal minced eggs look like this.

From here on, it's as easy as silencing protesters in Bahrain. Let me tell you about the basic ingredients first. You first add 1 tbsp each of mayonnaise and mustard.

Then you add salt and pepper. Nothing like a pepper grinder to bring out the freshest flavors!

At its most basic, this is egg salad. You can mix the whole shebang, put it between toasts, and you're good to go. But I also like to add onions. And red or green bell pepper (aka capsicum). This time, I added red peppers because that's all I had at home. They tend to be slightly sweet.

I also like to add red chili powder (or paprika or cayenne depending on your taste) because I like a little heat in my egg salad. Not too much. Just a pinch. I also add a pinch of cumin powder because based on all my experiments, I think that's a spice that goes best with egg salad.

Then you mix the whole thing together. Stir it, stir it, stir it, stir it, like a polaroid picture! And this is how it looks.

I know, not very appetizing. But as Shrek said, don't judge me before you taste me.

Next, we toast the bread. You can use a toaster, but I prefer toasting them on a pan, girdle, or as I have done here, a tava. I like 'em nicely browned and crisped!

Done toasting? Now take a toast, and add a generous helping of the egg salad.

And when I say generous, I mean really generous! It's egg salad not butter. Lay it on as thick as Fox News. It should be a thick layer, well thicker than the bread itself.  Cover the bread entirely, without letting any salad spill out the edges. Like this. The spartan toast should look overwhelmed by the rich gooey mixture.

But don't worry about the spartan toast. Its Leonidas is on its way (when the heck did the Arab Spring similes turn into Ancient Greek similes!??). Put the other toast on top. And make sure the egg salad layer is thick like this.

Next, you can either pounce on the sandwich like the Persians pounced on the Spartans at Thermopylae. Or you can cut the sandwich in two, like Xerxes wanted done with Leonidas.

There it is. Beautiful, tasty, simple, and nutritious Egg Salad on Toast. Enjoy! I like to position my diagonally cut sandwiches like in the image above and imagine it is the globe from Pacman that I Binky, am attacking. As you can see, all my cooking similes and metaphors have to do with wars and bloodshed. What do to? I am Gandhian that way. Anyway, enjoy the sandwich.

Oh, and if you're like me and savor licking remnants of food off utensils, don't forget the bowl you made the egg salad in.  See this?

Don't throw it in the sink. Long after you've polished off the sandwiches, working on the remains of that great civilization in the bowl can bring you greater please than archaeologists relishing Greek ruins.

          Ever Wonder How Wizards Used the Bathroom in Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling Has the Answer   

As someone who is constantly rereading the Harry Potter series, I still have a lot of unanswered questions. What did the veil in the Department of Mysteries actually do? Just how annoying was it to be a Hogwarts student while Harry Potter went there? Never did I think about how wizards and witches used the bathroom to poop. However, J.K. Rowling thought otherwise and clarified the matter on Pottermore.

Spotted by Reddit user Moriar-T, the passage from Pottermore comes from the Chamber of Secrets section, where Rowling breaks down the poo situation. In it, Rowling explains that it wasn't until the 18th century that wizards "copied" Muggles and made better plumbing. How did they use the bathroom before this progress in plumbing? They just went whenever they had to go and "vanished the evidence." Yes, you read that right, and if you want to read the entire passage, just take a look at the screenshot below.

Umm really J.K Rowling...?

Well, there you go! Now we know that wizards and witches used to just use the bathroom when they needed to and used their magic to clean up. File this under things we might've not needed to know about our beloved Harry Potter universe.

          A Husband Made a Lego Dress Out of 12,000 Pieces, and the Result Is NUTS   

If you think you've seen the biggest Lego fan ever, think again. A very talented husband and devotee of Legos made a dress and purse out of a whopping 12,000 pieces.

The mastermind behind the two creations is Brian D'Agostine, also knows as Dag's Bricks in the Lego community. He created the "Little Black Dress" for Bricks Cascade, a yearly Lego convention and exposition. At this event, adult fans of Legos (AFoL) came together to show their own creations as well as build fun, unique Lego objects. For D'Agostine, it meant using 12,000 pieces to make an epic two-part dress.

As D'Agostine strolled around the event with his wife, they were constantly asked if it was actually Legos - and if it was comfortable (the verdict is that it's "relatively" comfortable). Their most popular fans were teen girls, older women, and a few men who were extremely courteous. "Many of the guys were reasonable enough to ask first before snapping photos or feeling the dress," D'Agostine said. To top it all, D'Agostine made a Lego bow tie, belt, and glasses to match.

For now, the two don't have any plans to show off the dress nationally. It might appear in a local shop and Lego store, but no other requests have been made. Check out the photos of the dress and bow tie ensemble - they'll astound you.

          Za schvalování smrti Roma hrozí tři roky, za schvalování justiční vraždy Horákové nic   
MILAN RADEK Zatímco v USA už potvrdili že hate speech nebude nadále trestný jelikož i blb má právo se vyjádřit, a někdy není jasno kdo je blb a kdo inteligent, vrchnost u nás to stále to posuzuje podle svého.   Však pamatujeme za socíku se za nesprávné mínění chodilo v 50. letech do uranových dolů, […]
          The Biggest Dravid Myth   
Rahul Dravid has retired. The end of an era. A lot is being written about him, and will be written about him. I am not interested in writing a comprehensive tribute to his illustrious career. I want to address the biggest Dravid myth that keeps cropping up in most tributes.

In an otherwise well-written article on Dravid at The Guardian, Rob Smyth writes

Though Dravid was technically beautiful, his often weary face
betrayed the fact that batting rarely came easy to him. He did not
have the brutal audacity of Virender Sehwag, the poetic elegance of
Laxman, the unfathomable, enduring genius of Tendulkar or the sublime
cover drive of Ganguly.

I could not disagree more. Dravid had loads of natural flair, and all this talk of his technique trumping all else, making him out to be a dour but determined grifter is the result of cricket fans wanting to neatly pigeonhole batsmen into pre-conceived slots. Lazy cricket fans think of those slots as Richards or Boycott, and put Dravid quite unfairly in the Boycott slot. I also think his "technique" was vastly exaggerated, and is the result of people forgetting what the copybook actually says and equating a slow scoring rate and a solid defense with textbook technique.

I am not saying he was a technique maverick and mostly freakish natural ability like Laxman or Sehwag. But his success wasn't all technique or even mostly technique. He had a few shots, especially in the 90s, that would have made an orthodox coach cringe, but looked absolutely beautiful. His drives square of the wicket on the off side were essentially similar to Sehwag's - no foot movement, and taking a chance against balls in or just outside the corridor of uncertainty, and relying mainly on balance and hand-eye co-ordination. Most other batsmen most of the times would have nicked those to slips or scooped them to gully. He got away with those shots, with a few lives during his 148 in SA and 190 in NZ in his early years. But he batted pretty much the same way in Aus in 99 and failed miserably, because luck wasn't on his side. His swivel pull shots looked beautiful too, but he very often fetched balls way outside the off stump line, something a technical coach would have been aghast at. I even remember him losing his wicket, when very close to a century, to Greg Blewett of all people, to such a pull shot. He often played almost compulsively against the spin, something that got him into trouble against Shane Warne for a while, because Warne's line was often so far away from the stumps. But helped him attack other spinners with relative ease.

And his timing was phenomenal! That was sheer natural talent. I remember watching him once against Pakistan, when he had let his hair down by his standards and was going for his shot. Orgasmic batting that was! I remember texting Amit Varma that this was the most beautiful attacking innings I had ever seen him play. It was his 110 in the 1st innings against Pakistan at Eden Gardens in 2005. He truly must have been at the top of his game, because he followed it up with a vital century in the 2nd innings. But that 110 was REALLY enthralling to watch! Dravid playing purely on instinct, without inordinate fear of losing his wicket,

The thing is, Dravid curbed his natural flair more than the average natural flair Indian batsman. He defended and played it safe more often than he needed to. Not that there's anything wrong with that. That helped him convert several possible 75 off 110 balls into 125 off 250 balls. And his "technique" evolved through the years, like any quality batsman's technique should. He consciously became more solid in defense as the years went by. Often exactly when the team needed him to, but also occasionally when him playing with gay abandon would've given us a better result. So the only reason Dravid is seen as this guy to whom "batting didn't come easy", is that he consciously cut down on his easy shots in the 2000s, when he was at his peak. I know he himself has said that batting didn't come easy to him. But that might have to do with his own lofty standards of ease and strict quality control when it came to shots, than anything else. And it made perfect sense, given that he was in the same team as Sehwag, Tendulkar, and Laxman for those years. With all those aggressive stroke makers in the team, it made sense for him to be the circumspect one.

But batting did come easily to him. He just chose, almost always, to not give in to his natural instincts, and instead relied on his judgment. But the rare occasion when he did give in to his instincts could be brutal. I remember watching with awe an ODI against New Zealand back during my MBA days (2003 or so) when he came out to bat in the slog overs after centuries by Sachin and Sehwag. He absolutely mauled the Kiwi bowling line-up and got to a half-century in 24 balls or so. The friends I was watching the match with kept saying "Who is this guy? this isn't Dravid!" And my response was, "this IS the real Dravid. He just chooses not to be that most of the time."

To sum it up, I think "Though Dravid was technically beautiful, his often weary face betrayed the fact that batting rarely came easy to him." is IMHO the worst and most inaccurate insult you can heap on Dravid on the day of his retirement.
          251040-2017: Italie-Milan: Services de conception technique pour la construction d'ouvrages de génie civil   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          251025-2017: Estonie-Tallinn: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Should I Use Ceiling Speakers in a 5.1.2 Atmos Setup?   
Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at AskSandV@gmail.com

A A recent firmware update for my Onkyo receiver added Dolby Atmos processing, but the receiver only accommodates two height speakers. Is it worth cutting into my ceiling for such a minimal setup? If so, where should the speakers be positioned? —Peter Noris / via e-mail

          Service Technician - Rainbow Lake, AB - StreamFlo - Rainbow Lake, AB   
Ability to work in a team environment. Strong work ethic, mechanical aptitude and commitment to safety. Stream-Flo offers a competitive salary, profit sharing...
From StreamFlo - Sun, 21 May 2017 05:15:08 GMT - View all Rainbow Lake, AB jobs
          Vědci nalezli v tůni kriticky ohroženého potápníka dvojčárého   
V pískovně Cep II u Suchdola nad Lužnicí nalezli vědci kriticky ohroženého potápníka dvojčárého. Tento vodní brouk byl u nás v 50. letech 20. století poměrně častý, zejména v rybníkářských oblastech. Vlivem navýšení živinové zátěže ve vodách, znečištění povrchových vod a především zintenzivnění rybníkářství došlo k jeho vyhynutí či ústupu v celé střední a západní Evropě. Informují o tom ve společné tiskové zprávě vědci z Jihočeské univerzity, Akademie věd, Agentury ochrany přírody a krajiny a spolku Calla.
          Federated Search – The Killer iWatch App?   
This post was re-published with permission from the Deep Web Technologies Blog. Please view the original post here. The Beagle Research Group Blog posted “Apple iWatch: What’s the Killer App” on March 10, including this line: “An alert might also come from a pre-formed search that could include a constant federated search and data analysis […]
          250928-2017: Allemagne-Dorsten: Services de conception technique pour installations de transport   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Deep Web:  Legal Due Diligence   
Editor’s Note: This post is re-published with permission from the Deep Web Technologies Blog. This is a guest article by Lisa Brownlee. The 2015 edition of her book, “Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Corporate Transactions: Investment, Risk Assessment and Management”, originally published in 2000, will dive into discussions about using the Deep Web and the Dark […]
          Microsoft Case Study – Bridging the Gap Between Language and Science   
On January 8, 2015, Microsoft published a new, Customer Solution Case Study about Deep Web Technologies’ innovative search technology developed in collaboration with the WorldWideScience Alliance.  Using the Microsoft Translation services, the search application WorldWideScience.org allows users to search in their native language, find results from sources around the world, and read the results translated […]
          Science.gov mobile app among 10 best according to GCN   
[ Editor’s Note: This post first appeared in the Deep Web Technologies Blog. ] Government Computer News (GCN) recently reviewed mobile apps developed by the federal government. Science.gov Mobile was among the top 10 listed. GCN gave the Science.gov Mobile app (which runs on the Android and on the Mobile Web) scores of 7 for […]
          Systematic Literature Review and Federated Search   
The International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications has published the article: “A Federated Search Approach to Facilitate Systematic Literature Review in Software Engineering.” Here’s the abstract: To impact industry, researchers developing technologies in academia need to provide tangible evidence of the advantages of using them. Nowadays, Systematic Literature Review (SLR) has become a prominent […]
          Abe Lederman gets in the (mobile) groove   
Abe Lederman, founder and CEO of blog sponsor Deep Web Technologies, recently got a couple of exposures at MobileGroove, a site which provides analysis and commentary on mobile search, mobile advertising, and social media. The two MobileGroove articles cover Deep Web Technologies’ Biznar mobile federated search app. Mobile Search App Review & Road Test: Biznar […]
          How do the millennials search?   
[ Note: This article was first published in the Deep Web Technologies Blog. ] Here’s a paper worth reading: “A study of the information search behaviour of the millennial generation.” No, not because there are any earth-shattering conclusions, but you may want to read the article to confirm that what you already suspect to be […]
          250906-2017: Belgique-Bruxelles: Services de contrôle et d'essais techniques   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 24-08-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          le Mossad va investir dans des start-ups - Israel-o-fil   
Systèmes miniaturisés, silencieux, technologies innovantes de cryptage, reconnaissance faciale… Le service de renseignements israélien a annoncé mardi la création d’un fonds d’investissement dans des entreprises de haute...
          250887-2017: Pologne-Varsovie: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 08-08-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          250882-2017: Roumanie-Bucuresti: Services d'analyse technique ou services de conseil   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 03-08-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          AARP Presents Technology Education Knowledge (TEK - Spanish)   
Event date: July 14, 2017
Event Time: 09:00 AM - 03:30 PM
301 NW 103rd Avenue
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
Join us for an AARP technology workshop in Spanish.
Únete a nosotros para un taller de AARP sobre tecnologia en Espanol.

Introduction to the iPad / Introducción al iPad
9:00am and / y 1:30pm

Online Safety / Seguridad en las redes
11:30am and / y 3:30pm

Devices will be provided for practice.
Proveemos teléfonos móviles para que puedan practicar.

For reservation call / Para reservar llamar

          OSS Leftovers   
  • AT&T Passive Optical Network Trial to Test Open Source Software

    AT&T is set trial 10-gigabit symmetric passive optical network technology (XGS-PON), tapping its growing virtualization and software expertise to drive down the cost of next-generation PON deployments.

    The carrier said it plans to later this year conduct the XGS-PON trial as part of its plan to virtualize access functions within the last mile network. Testing is expected to show support for multi-gigabit per second Internet speeds and allow for merging of services onto a single network. Services to be supported include broadband and backhaul of wired and 5G wireless services.

  • Intel Begins Prepping Cannonlake Support For Coreboot

    The initial commit happening this morning that is mostly structuring for the Cannonlake SoC enablement and some boilerplate work while more of the enablement is still happening. Landing past that so far is the UART initialization while more Cannonlake code still has yet to land -- this is the first of any post-Kabylake code in Coreboot.

  • Windstream Formally Embraces Open Source

    Windstream is dipping its toe into the open source waters, joining the Open Network Automation Project (ONAP), its first active engagement in open source. (See Windstream Joins ONAP.)

    The announcement could be the sign of broader engagement by US service providers in the open source effort. At Light Reading's Big Communications Event in May, a CenturyLink speaker said his company is also looking closely at ONAP. (See Beyond MANO: The Long Walk to Network Automation.)

    Windstream has been informally monitoring multiple open source efforts and supporting the concept of open source for some time now, says Jeff Brown, director of product management and product marketing at Windstream. The move to more actively engage in orchestration through ONAP was driven by the growing influence of Windstream's IT department in its transition to software-defined networking, he notes.

  • Why Do Open Source Projects Fork?

    Open source software (OSS) projects start with the intention of creating technology that can be used for the greater good of the technical, or global, community. As a project grows and matures, it can reach a point where the goals of or perspectives on the project diverge. At times like this, project participants start thinking about a fork.

    Forking an OSS project often begins as an altruistic endeavor, where members of a community seek out a different path to improve upon the project. But the irony of it is that forking is kind of like the OSS equivalent of the third rail in the subway: You really don’t want to touch it if you can help it.

  • Mozilla Employee Denied Entry to the United States [iophk: "says a lot about new Sweden"]

    Daniel Stenberg, an employee at Mozilla and the author of the command-line tool curl, was not allowed to board his flight to the meeting from Sweden—despite the fact that he’d previously obtained a visa waiver allowing him to travel to the US.

    Stenberg was unable to check in for his flight, and was notified at the airport ticket counter that his entry to the US had been denied.

  • Print your own aquaponics garden with this open source urban farming system

    Aquapioneers has developed what it calls the world's first open source aquaponics kit in a bid to reconnect urban dwellers with the production of their food.

  • The story behind Kiwix, an offline content provider

    Kiwix powers offline Wikipedia and provides other content to users, like all of the Stack Exchange websites.

  • Systemd flaw leaves many Linux distros open to attack

          Events: openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017, Diversity Empowerment Summit North America, Technoshamanism in Aarhus, ELC Europe   
  • openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo, Japan

    It is our great pleasure to announce that openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 will take place at the University of Electro Communications, Tokyo, Japan on October 21 and 22.

    openSUSE.Asia Summit is one of the great events for openSUSE community (i.e., both contributors, and users) in Asia. Those who usually communicate online can get together from all over the world, talk face to face, and have fun. Members of the community will share their most recent knowledge, experiences, and learn FLOSS technologies surrounding openSUSE.

    This event at Tokyo is the fourth in openSUSE.Asia Summit. Following the first Asia Summit in Beijing 2014, the Asia Summit has been held annually. The second summit was at Taipei in Taiwan, then in Yogyakarta in Indonesia last year. The past Asia Summits have had participants from China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Germany.

  • Program Announced for The Linux Foundation Diversity Empowerment Summit North America

    The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the program for the Diversity Empowerment Summit North America, taking place September 14 in Los Angeles, CA as part of Open Source Summit North America. The goal of the summit is to help promote and facilitate an increase in diversity, inclusion, empowerment and social innovation in the open source community, and to provide a venue for discussion and collaboration.

  • Technoshamanism in Aarhus – rethink ancestrality and technology
  • Last Chance to Submit Your Talk for Open Source Summit and ELC Europe

          Blender – The Perfect 3D Creation Tool for Linux   

At this point in time, it can be argued that Blender needs no formal introduction, but for the sake of Linux users who are new to the community, I will introduce it anyway.

Blender is a 3D creation suite with support for the entire 3D pipeline – modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing, and game creation.

As a free and open-source project, its code is contributed by hundreds of professionals, hobbyists, students, VFX experts, animators, professionals, scientists, and studios from all over the world.

It has become such a technological sensation that it is being used for various TV shows, short films, advertisements, and feature films now.

Read more

          Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator   
Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator

Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator

he Grundfos ALPHA2 L is an advanced energy efficient domestic circulator that meets EuP legislative requirements. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of domestic circulation heating systems. The ALPHA2 L achieves the highest possible energy savings in comparison to older technology fixed speed pumps. The reduction in power consumption has been achieved by using the latest permanent magnet motor technology and this power consumption can be as low as 5 watts. The variable speed modulating modes allows the pump to match its performance to the system requirements, helping to reduce noise when thermostatic valves are closing down. The ALPHA2 L models are simple to install in new or existing systems, and are 130mm between ports. Features and benefits Meets EuP legislative demands Energy efficient pump - significant energy savings Variable and fixed speed operation – one pump for all jobs Plug and Pump – no need to open terminal box 5 year warranty   Technical data Liquid Temperature: +2°C @ 110°C  Maximum Ambient: 37°C @ 82°C Flow Min Inlet Pressure: 1.3m @ 82°C Flow Maximum System Pressure: 10 Bar Mean Sound Pressure Level: Control of heating systems The heat requirements of a building vary greatly and today thermostatic radiator valves efficiently control the system output. This can lead to excessive pump pressure and valve noise. ALPHA2 L can not only adapt to these variable conditions but reduce electrical energy consumption.   Fixed speed pump mode With a fixed speed pump, as the radiator TRV’s close, the system resistance increases causing an increase in pump pressure which can lead to TRV noise.   Pressure controlled mode As the TRV’s close the pump pressure is controlled according to the selected mode. At the reduced pressure the TRV’s then re-adjust to maintain the required output. The pump pressure reduces radiator valve noise and power consumption. Installation and operating guidance When installing the ALPHA2 L, please refer to the Installation and Operating Instructions, if using pump in either constant pressure or proportional pressure mode. *Please refer to the boiler manufacturers minimum flow rate requirements when setting bypass valves.

          Big Tech's Effect on Blue Apron's IPO   
Meal-kit delivery company Blue Apron had a disappointing IPO and the Wall Street Journal's Miriam Gottfried says the lackluster investor demand may stem from the influence of Big Tech, particularly companies like Amazon.com.
          250777-2017: Roumanie-Bucuresti: Services de conception technique pour la construction d'ouvrages de génie civil   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 19-07-2017 | Document: Informations complémentaires
          Comment on A View on the Nature of Consciousness by Mind the Leap   
Hi Morgan, Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully approaching the study of consciousness from scientific perspective will one day answer the question of what it is and how it occurs. I may start writing some speculations of how scientific answers to these questions might lead to new technologies. I've had a look at your blog, you write posts on a great range of topics and at an impressive frequency! Keep up the good work! Toby
          Green Cars   
Hybrid cars are the most fuel efficient and new environmentally aware way to drive. Hybrid cars are priced three to seven thousand dollars more than similar standard versions of the same vehicle.
Hybrid cars are one among the promising types of new generation cars.
Hybrid cars are fast becoming more and more popular due to the rising fuel costs and the prices of hybrid cars are becoming more and more affordable.
Hybrid cars are efficient and save money on fuelling.
Hybrid cars are seen as a stepping stone to the ultimate green car, a car fuelled by a hydrogen fuel cell which will produce zero emissions.
Hybrid cars are a fusion of technologies.
Hybrid cars are not the final answer, but they are a good start.
Hybrid cars are more reliable than electric cars from what we are seeing to date and they have gasoline as an alternate fuel.
Hybrid cars are more expensive to buy, but cheaper to own over the long run especially for local commuting trips where the electric engine is used more often than the gas powered engine.
Hybrid cars are not cheap but they are affordable.
Hybrid cars are not so fast as cars that run on only gas.
Hybrid cars are arguably the most innovative automotive vehicles of our generation. Hybrid cars are a cross between an electric car that operates on batteries and a gasoline-powered engine.
Hybrid cars are increasingly popular with celebrities and those who want to demonstrate their commitment to a cleaner environment.
Hybrid cars are at the centre of a green car revolution. With these configurations, hybrid cars are able to have a fuel mileage of 60-70 mpg as compared to 20-40 in conventional cars.
However, while hybrid cars are jam packed with all the merits that might instantly bowl the discerning consumer over, it is not without its share of faults and disadvantages.
Maintenance tools for hybrid cars are also pretty rare, so expect to spend more on checkups and fix-its when the car bogs down.
Hybrid cars are popular with governments and people who drive hybrids in the UK will benefit from reduced tax discs.
Unlike standard cars moving on a single propulsion system, hybrid cars are driven by the power of multiple propulsion.
However, some feel that Hybrid cars are a just a transitional step before we move to Hydrogen cars, or some other fuel that isn’t oil based.
Some hybrid cars are also experimenting with lead acid.
Electric-petrol hybrid cars are energy- efficient and produce fewer emissions.

Mark Boardman

          Comment on I spy with my computer vision eye… Wally? Waldo? by Mind the Leap   
Those articles do a good job of summarising the positive side of what has been achieved (improved classification and prediction) and presenting the point that there is a lot more to intelligence than has been demonstrated so far. Though, as I mention above, a great thing about Hinton's deep learning systems is that they can generate images (and probably sounds) from incomplete or noisy input images, or by exciting high-level neurons that represent that class. Although being able to recognise images or sounds alone makes for pretty shallow "understanding". I think further advances might start to occur when they start trying to mix multiple sensory streams: particularly vision and sound, but eventually tactile senses as well. This could easily be achieved with the minimal changes to the current designs of deep learning architectures. If we can have the machine be shown an image, and it spontaneously generate speech that says what object it recognises, some people would find that a bit eerie. This would approximate playing the naming game with a child. If we could tell the robot a story, and in its "mind" it spontaneously starts generating images that represent the story, we could say that the machine is actually on the way to having a genuine "understanding" of the story. As I describe in this post, advances might also be achieved by expanding the perceptual applications to include things like motion perception: often visible as objects changing position, scale or rotation. One thing that is less obvious, is how to apply deep learning to motion control of robots. That's something I'm still thinking about. Even though I can see great potential in deep learning, I can still see some significant obstacles. Deep learning still uses iterative training techniques, which despite being quicker than they were, are still a far cry from being able to briefly see a person or object once, and then recognising that person or object from obscure angles and distances moments later. Something that people can (sometimes) do very well. Though this might be easily taken care of with some complementary memory processes (much as it seems to be in the brain). And even if current systems for deep learning turns out to have some fatal flaw in being applicable to simulating intelligence, I think the cat is very nearly out of the bag. The neocortex has largely the same structure all over the brain, and we have reasonably good approximations for many of the less regular areas of the brain. So, in my opinion it is only a matter of time before we have intelligent machines. Or machines "intelligent" enough to do most of what we've ever wanted them to, though with certain physical constraints withstanding.
          QA Tester - Noviur Technologies - Vaughan, ON   
Extracting data from database to cross reference against expected results within test scripts Design, develop and maintain test plan and test cases utilizing...
From Noviur Technologies - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 04:21:22 GMT - View all Vaughan, ON jobs
          software quality assurance (QA) analyst - Bravo IT Consulting - Maple, ON   
Develop and implement policies and procedures throughout the software development life cycle Computer and Technology Knowledge.... $36.92 an hour
From Canadian Job Bank - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:27:09 GMT - View all Maple, ON jobs
          Industrial Hygienist - Goldcorp - Red Lake, ON   
Closely track emerging trends and techniques in the field of Industrial Hygiene. Reporting to the Safety Coordinator, the Industrial Hygienist will demonstrate...
From Goldcorp - Fri, 14 Apr 2017 06:01:24 GMT - View all Red Lake, ON jobs
          Sr. Citrix Technical Contractor - Eagle Professional Resources - Toronto, ON   
Hardware, citrix software, network, browser, java specifications) and associated configuration for future use requesting access to the connecting service, so as...
From Eagle Professional Resources - Mon, 20 Mar 2017 18:48:42 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Electronics Repair Technician - Ratech Electronics Ltd. - Concord, ON   
Major Functions include electronics assembly repair, control-unit electronics repair, lateral and mainline inspection systems repair, provide technical support...
From Indeed - Fri, 26 May 2017 19:45:42 GMT - View all Concord, ON jobs
          Guidewire Technical Lead - Brainhunter Systems Ltd - Toronto, ON   
BRAINHUNTER is a Microsoft Certified Partner, HP Alliance One Partner, Telus Business Solutions Partner, Oracle Partner, and ranked among the top Global...
From Brainhunter Systems LTD - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 16:15:39 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          Silversphere Goes Purple To Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness On The Longest...   

Senior living technology provider, Silversphere, raised Alzheimer’s awareness by decorating their offices in purple in conjunction with the Volusia County chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

(PRWeb June 30, 2017)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/06/prweb14469290.htm

2017-06-30 - more details
          2012 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          250428-2017: Allemagne-Hambourg: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Modification d'un marché /d'une concession en cours
          2014 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          250426-2017: Hongrie-Sopron: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 13-07-2017 | Document: Informations complémentaires
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          2015 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          250418-2017: Pologne-Varsovie: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 08-08-2017 | Document: Informations complémentaires
          2015 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2016 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2010 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          2011 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2012 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          250373-2017: Pologne-Varsovie: Services de technologies de l'information, conseil, développement de logiciels, internet et appui   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          250368-2017: Allemagne-Francfort-sur-le-Main: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 28-07-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          2013 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          250361-2017: Pologne-Varsovie: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 11-08-2017 | Document: Avis de marché
          Blockchain Energizer Vol. 7 - JD Supra (press release)   

Blockchain Energizer Vol. 7
JD Supra (press release)
There is a lot of buzz around blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries from finance and healthcare to real estate and supply chain management. Reports estimate that over $1.4 billion was invested in blockchain ...

          Renaissance Technologies LLC Buys 267400 Shares of Energizer Holdings, Inc. (ENR) - Markets Daily   

Renaissance Technologies LLC Buys 267400 Shares of Energizer Holdings, Inc. (ENR)
Markets Daily
Energizer Holdings logo Renaissance Technologies LLC increased its stake in Energizer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:ENR) by 99.6% during the first quarter, according to its most recent 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The institutional ...

and more »

          Board Mechanics   
Post by Henry J
For a technical term, how about "SNAFU"?
          SERVICE TECH - CenturyLink - Mount Vernon, OH   
Active Listening (ability to take input from customers, APS and co-workers to problem solve and improve skills....
From CenturyLink - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 01:41:43 GMT - View all Mount Vernon, OH jobs
          Инверторен климатик Kaisai ECO KED-12KTA   


Цена: 699.00

          Съдомиялна машина за вграждане Electrolux ESL4201LO   


Цена: 605.00

          Volkswagen to make pWLAN standard in 2019   
Starting with 2019, the German automaker is going to fit most of its models with standard pWLAN technology, which should enable better communication between its vehicles. The technology is “an additional communication technology for the exchange of selected information relevant to traffic between cars made by different manufacturers.” This means […]
          Principal Application Engineer - Cadence Design Systems - California   
Technical Product Application Engineer working with Cadence Analog Simulation and Environment Products, including but not limited to AMS Designer, Spectre,...
From Cadence Design Systems - Sat, 11 Mar 2017 14:50:21 GMT - View all California jobs
          "Clea cuisine" déménage !    


Eh oui, voilà ce qui se tramait depuis plusieurs semaines... "Clea cuisine" déménage, loin de canalblog et de sa sublime bannière publicitaire (n'est-ce pas !) !

Comme Ester et Mercotte avant moi, j'ai souhaité quitter canalblog pour ne plus subir l'affichage publicitaire qui devenait envahissant au possible (trop c'est trop pour moi en tout cas !).
Et puis pour d'autres raisons aussi : pour sortir d'un format imposé et créer celui qui me ressemble...
Par envie de changement et par défi aussi, tout simplement :)

J'ai donc un nouveau chez moi... C'est un peu intimidant, il faut que je termine de déballer les cartons et de tout ranger. Vous m'excuserez donc, si tout n'est pas encore bien comme il faut !

Ce nouveau chez moi, je ne l'ai pas construit toute seule, vous vous en doutez bien. Ludo en a été le grand maître d'oeuvre, aidé par les connaissances techniques d'un Bricol' Boy ou d'un Elgjyn et les compétences graphiques de Boo Louis, sans qui rien n'aurait été possible... ou en tout cas pas comme ça ! Un grand merci à eux tous !!!

Allez, maintenant, une page se tourne... Je ferme les commentaires ici-même et vous propose d'aller faire un tour là-bas, pour voir à quoi ça ressemble !

          Cuccio Professional Acrylic Brush - Ultimate Big Boy   
Cuccio Professional Acrylic Brush - Ultimate Big Boy

Cuccio Professional Acrylic Brush - Ultimate Big Boy

A Professional quality brush perfect for applying gel on for your clients needs. With a extra-large round, tapered head, this brush has the finest quality bristles and is excellent for collecting beads of acrylic. Thick brush easy to handle with grip An ideal brush to have for all nail technicians Seamless metal ferrule to keep the bristle firm.

          Do Evropského týdne udržitelného rozvoje 2017 se opět zapojili členové Národní sítě Zdravých měst   
Stejně jako v minulých letech proběhl od 30. května do 5. června Evropský týden udržitelného rozvoje (ETUR). Jedná se o celoevropský projekt, jehož cílem je šířit myšlenku udržitelného rozvoje a podpořit iniciativy, které k němu přispívají. Aktivními realizátory akcí v této kampani byly již tradičně Zdravá města, obce a regiony ČR. Organizátoři mohli akce registrovat na stránkách www.tydenud ...
          Centrum pro plazmové úpravy MU vyvíjí nové možnosti úpravy papíru a skla   
Na dvou mezinárodních projektech, jejichž výsledkem má být změna ve výrobních úpravách povrchu papíru a skla v současnosti spolupracuje Regionální centrum pro nízkonákladové plazmové a nanotechnologické povrchové úpravy CEPLANT Masarykovy univerzity (MU). Centrum se dlouhodobě věnuje aplikovanému výzkumu a za sedm let své existence již vyvinulo několik užitných vzorů a patentů. Plazmový ...
          lagos: day two + three   

On my second Lagos day I saw more of the city walls, more of the Forte da Ponta da Bandeira, and also visited the Mercado dos Escravos. The Mercado dos Escravos - or Slave Market Museum - used to be the first slave market in Europe. It was quite cool, fascinating and fairly informative, I did like the style of exhibition and incorporation of new technology, and would recommend going if you're in Lagos. Yet, to me it felt as if it was less condemning of the past and instead a bit exploitative. Then again, I don't know what would be the best way of exhibitioning slavery, I've only barely scratched the surface of the subject of slavery in my studies of history, and platitudes of saying slavery was awful aren't really that helpful.

Just like I merely touched upon the subject now, after my visit to the museum I obviously went to the beaches again. Most of the beach photos here are from Praia do Camilo that I only visited on my second day. It's a bit further away, but it's my favourite. I think it's become clear that I'm a fan of a good beach. (I mean, aren't most people?) On my third day, I woke up early to go for a swim and sadly had to head back to Faro quite soon afterwards, from where I even more sadly headed back up north.

That's the last of my Algarve posts - and I already miss it. Doesn't it sound and look pretty decent, though? And if you've not seen it yet, you can find my firt post on Lagos here.
          Voting Fights in the States   
AP Photo/Andrew Selsky

Oregon Governor Kate Brown, at podium, celebrates Oregon's first year of an automatic voter registration program with a news conference, where she said that in the November election, over 97,000 ballots were cast by new voters registered by the so-called motor voter program. Hazelnuts contained in the bags in the foreground represent the 270,000 Oregonians who were registered to vote by the program. 

The national battle over voting rights and “voter fraud” will play out in Washington over the next months in relation to the Kobach-Pence commission and the resistance to it. But in the meantime, issues have been joined this spring in state legislative sessions around the country. And the resulting scorecard may surprise you.

Back in November, when the dust settled after the election, the numbers on partisan control of legislatures seemed stark and frightening for advocates of voting rights and election reform. Republicans controlled both chambers in 31 states, and had the full “trifecta,” including the governor, in 24. In sharp contrast, Democrats controlled both houses in only 13 states, and had trifectas in a mere six. Looking at these numbers, at the post-Shelby decision absence of Voting Rights Act preclearance protections, and at the radically changed posture of the Justice Department, many feared an onslaught of voter-suppression legislation that would create an even more diminished electorate for the elections of 2018.

Well, it’s now the end of June, and while some legislatures are still in session, the great majority have finished their business for the year. Several states have indeed passed bad bills. But, overall, the results are significantly better, both in staving off voter-suppression efforts and in expanding voting rights and voting access, than one might have expected as the sessions began.

First, A Few Real Successes

Perhaps the most remarkable outcome this year is in Illinois, which has a Democratic legislature and a conservative Republican governor, Bruce Rauner. Last year, the legislature passed an automatic voter registration (AVR) bill with bipartisan support, but Rauner vetoed it. 

Under automatic voter registration, people who go to the DMV, and potentially other agencies as well, are automatically put on the voter roll, unless they opt out. In Oregon, which was the first adopter, AVR has added several hundred thousand voters to the rolls.

In Illinois, an AVR bill was reintroduced this year and, remarkably, passed both chambers with unanimous votes. While Rauner has 60 days to sign the bill, all indications are that he will, joining Illinois with eight other states and the District of Columbia where AVR is being implemented, and showing that maybe, at least in Illinois, encouraging people to register and vote doesn’t seem like a partisan trick.

The victory was also the work of a broad and determined coalition of voting-rights and election-reform advocacy groups, under the rubric of Just Democracy. Brian Gladstein, Executive Director of Common Cause Illinois and one of the leaders of the coalition said:

This bill will bring over one million eligible voters into the electoral process in Illinois. During a time of heightened partisanship in Springfield and across the nation, we have demonstrated that breaking down barriers to the ballot box can be achieved and supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

AVR still has a good chance to pass in other states. In Rhode Island, an AVR bill passed the House unanimously and a positive vote in the Senate is expected shortly. Governor Gina Raimondo has said she will sign it if it comes to her desk. In Massachusetts, where the legislative session goes on all year, an AVR bill with 102 legislative sponsors has been heard in committee (23 speakers in favor and none against), and could be before the full legislature in the fall.

In some other states, AVR made headway but was eventually blocked. These include Maine, New Mexico, and Nevada. In Nevada’s case, the bill passed both houses, but was vetoed by Republican Governor Brian Sandoval. A ballot initiative on AVR now goes to the voters, who will have the chance to approve it in the November 2018 general election.

In addition to automatic voter registration, other real gains were made. Utah expanded opportunities for early voting and absentee voting. New Jersey improved its processes for military voters and Indiana improved its registration process at the motor vehicle department.

Another issue where progress was made, though halting and slow, is restoration of the right to vote for citizens with felony convictions. Forty-nine bills were introduced in 16 states to restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated people who have served their sentences. A real victory occurred in Wyoming, which enacted a bill providing that people who completed their sentence after January 1, 2010, do not need to submit an application for restoration of voting rights and will automatically be issued a certificate of restoration.

In Florida, where 1.7 million citizens can’t vote due to the state’s lifetime ban on voting by people with felony convictions (1.5 million have fully completed their sentences), the broad and bipartisan Florida Rights Restoration Coalition has made major strides. The Florida Supreme Court has approved language for a proposed ballot initiative to restore voting rights to ex-felons; now the job is collecting 700,000 signatures on the petition in order to be on the ballot in November 2018.

In Minnesota, the Restore the Vote Coalition got a bill to more effectively restore voting rights through one house of the legislature. And in Nebraska, the state’s conservative unicameral legislature passed a bill to restore voting rights to citizens upon release from incarceration by a 27-13 margin, but the bill was vetoed by Governor Pete Ricketts. (Nebraska voting-rights advocates also derailed a proposed constitutional amendment requiring voter ID.)

Now for the Bad News

To be clear, and clear-eyed, the move to make voting more difficult and restricted continues, and several states enacted laws designed to limit the vote in one way or another. The forces bent on restricting the vote have won significant victories over the last several years, though many of the laws have been successfully challenged in court. In fact, of the worst voter-restriction bills that passed this year, a majority were actually efforts to re-pass laws struck down in court, altered in order to make them more judicially acceptable.

·      Iowa enacted a law, championed by Secretary of State Paul Pate, which includes restrictions on voter-registration drives; hindrances to Election Day, early, and absentee voting; strict voter-ID requirements; and—most troublesome—the right to purge voter rolls of “non-citizen” names without any clarity on who and how such decisions to purge are made. This could lead to significant numbers of eligible voters being disenfranchised.

·      New Hampshire passed a bill restricting registration for students and low-income voters by requiring proof of residency for those who register 30 days before the election, with investigation and criminal penalties for failure to comply. (A component to eliminate same-day registration was dropped from the bill.)

·      In Arkansas, a voter-ID law, modified after courts struck down an earlier, similar law, was passed and signed. The law reinstates the requirement that a voter must provide one of a narrow choice of IDs at the polls. In addition, the legislature put a constitutional amendment requiring voter ID on the 2018 ballot.

·      In North Dakota, the only state that doesn’t require voter registration at all, the governor signed strict voter-ID requirements into law. The bill was softened somewhat, particularly in regard to the Native American community, to avoid the fate of the 2016 version of the law, which was struck down in court.

Why Less Carnage?

No one wants to be naïvely optimistic, or to underestimate how much damage has already been done in states by determined efforts at voter suppression. Racially charged and politically motivated efforts continue at every level to find ways to discourage people from registering and voting. In the wake of Shelby, these efforts have multiplied and will continue to do so.

But, overall, the results in the 2017 legislative sessions were not nearly as bad as seemed likely last November. There was not a deluge of major voter-suppression legislation. Some bad bills were passed, a number were weakened as they made their way through the legislative process, and a significant number were sidetracked along the way. Two main reasons for this seem clear.

First, the courts, both state and federal, have played a significant role in preventing extreme assaults on voting. Prodded by strong litigation efforts from voting-rights organizations, in state after state, courts have found voter-suppression efforts unconstitutional, blocking their implementation. In addition to the direct effects of the cases, their cumulative impact has been to caution and restrain advocates of restrictive legislation from overreaching.

Second, it is deeply encouraging to see the growing power, sophistication, and rapid response capabilities of the movement for an inclusive democracy. In state after state, coalitions were activated, or created, to fight back against the efforts to stifle, shrink, and bleach the vote. 

And the advocates didn’t just play defense. Despite the potentially unfavorable partisan makeup in so many states, the affirmative action for expanding the right and ability to vote continues to make headway—winning in some states, gathering momentum for future victories in others. 

And there is one other cause for optimism worth noting. I recently attended a conference of 200 legislators and election officials from around the country, co-convened by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) and the Democracy Fund. The focus of the event was election technology and administration. There was strong and bipartisan support for improving election machinery, combating the challenges of cybersecurity, and fighting for adequate funding to run elections in the best way possible. This is one of the reasons that online registration and automatic voter registration are making real progress; they are technical improvements as well as access expansions. The election officials take their responsibilities seriously, and if legislators, state and national, would take their cues, bipartisan progress just might become more possible.

Thanks to Cecily Hines for research and perspective for this column.

          250155-2017: Pologne-Września: Services de conception technique pour la construction d'ouvrages de génie civil   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 10-07-2017 | Document: Informations complémentaires
          Comment on Oak Park Bloods (Sacramento) by southsacreppin   
4th Avenue side along Broadway to McClatchy Park is considered Midtown, not just North Oak Park. Curtis Park is also considered Midtown. The side off MLK towards 47th and 2x Streets where the OPN's hang is technically South Sac. Zilla started in South Sac but South Sac Irag/Stars/Sus/30 boys...all dropped the Zilla from their name. None of them claim Zilla anymore, period. They rep zK. A lot of the older generation of Oak Park and Meadowview share family but they don't all get along. I don't know how old you are but if you're old enough to remember the Marv Mitch incident back in '96 you'd know that OP and the View never really got along for the most part. A lot of the 33rd st cats like the Crumps have family from Meadowview. The younger generation don't get along at all. Zilla is NOT a movement for all Sac bloods, only Oak Park. Last but not least, RIP Wesley.
          250148-2017: République tchèque-Prague: Services d'ingénierie géotechnique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: 11-07-2017 | Document: Informations complémentaires
          Global shipping feels fallout from Maersk cyber attack   

Global shipping is still feeling the effects of a cyber attack that hit A.P. Moller-Maersk two days ago, showing the scale of the damage a computer virus can unleash on the technology dependent and inter-connected industry. About 90 percent of world trade is transported by sea, with ships and ports acting as the arteries of the global economy.

          PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players debate aim assist after dev mentions prospect of cross-platform play   

The company behind Steam phenomenon PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has announced cross-platform play is under consideration, but this has sparked a debate over whether it's possible to achieve the balance between PC and console play competitive players demand.

Speaking to VG247 earlier this week, executive producer Chang Han Kim revealed cross-platform play between PC and console is "definitely" something Battlegrounds wants to do. Though the team doesn't anticipate it will have any issues on the technical side, there is the glaring issue of balance considering the competitive nature of the game.

"That's what's making it difficult for us to do right away," he said. "If we're going to allow players to use controllers we need to have the aim assist added in and things like that. We're not going to be supporting it right away, but it's something we'd like to look into later."

Read more…

          through the years: march   
Time for another look into my past outfits of the 2010s:

2012:  I didn't have any posts, never mind outfit posts, from 2011, so here's two from the year after it. I really like the first picture and still wear this vintage dress - although not as often as I should! On the other hand, I only own the cardigan anymore from the second outfit. The cardi was made by my grandma so I don't think I'll ever throw it away. I used to wear lace tops like this all the time, and only recently sold/donated them (surprised I'm wearing an another top underneath, haha!). I kind of want to introduce a denim skirt back into my wardrobe and the shoes (that are part of both outfits) were a favourite that I would not mind owning again. I like March 2012 Laura!

2013: Outfits, cemeteries and Doctor Who references - has anything changed from this? Not noticeably, I think. Still wear my vintage leather jacket all the time, still wear the headband when it's cold, and still wear the wellies when it rains. Even though I don't have the bag and the heart-print skirt anymore, I find them cute. I don't even hate the white tights with this outfit! (Don't think I'd buy white tights again, though.)

2014: I love this outfit. So much so, that my sidebar picture is still from 2014.. I was really sad when I didn't fit into these shorts anymore and I was really sad when these shoes got holes in them. I do usually love and wear my clothes until there's nothing left of them, to be honest. I don't wear the top as much as I used to but my grandma's scarf is my go-to scarf and brings colour to a lot of my current outfits, and, again, this cardi made by my grandma is the prettiest and warmest thing in the world. I also really like my eyeliner and hair here. It's almost making me want to go short again, but am trying to stay determined to grow my hair.

2015: This is cute as well - all my March outfits I've chosen are quite cute. I don't think I've worn the braces since 2015, but they may make a comeback at some point. You never know. This top was one of my favourite crop tops and these were probably my all-time favourite jeans. (The hair I had for most of 2015 reminds me of how tedious it is to grow out a pixie and makes it easier to remember that it's not a good idea to go for the chop right now.)

2016: This one doesn't feel like it was a year ago. Time flies - whether or not you're having fun. I still like the colour combination and would possibly wear it again. I'm going on and on about my hair which isn't very interesting, but look at it! It's almost doubled in length since this was taken.

2017: Technically, this one's from February, but I posted it only a couple of days back so we shall count it as a March outfit! Do go and check out my previous post with lots of pictures of my new uni!

I feel like March has possibly been one of my best months for outftits so far. I only have autumn and winter months of these left to do, but I'll be back with these posts in September! These are always so much fun for me and it's also always lovely to hear you lot like these:-) Do you have a favourite or least favourite March Laura outfit?

And if you haven't yet, you can read my other "through the years" posts here: AprilMayJuneJuly & AugustJanuaryFebruary |
          review: Foundations of Drawing   
Foundations of Drawing: A practical guide to art history, tools, techniques, and styles by Al Gury Looking for a book to use as a text while teaching yourself to draw (or to improve your drawing skills)? This one is designed for that purpose. Starting off with a history of drawing, Gury moves through prehistory, ancient, […]
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          Volnými hráči v NHL mohou být od soboty i Jágr, Hanzal či Vrbata   
New York - V sobotu v 18:00 SELČ se otevře v NHL trh s volnými hráči a o nových působištích či kontraktech se bude rozhodovat i u řady českých hokejistů. Pětačtyřicetiletý útočník...
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          Piso en venta en CADIZ, , 75000 euros y 3 dormitorios   
Piso en buen estado,cerca de la Avenida de la Liberta. La vivienda consta de hall de entrada,salón comedor amplio y luminoso,cocina con salida a un patio en el que la mitad lo compone una habitación y la otra mitad patio techado privado tres...
3 habitaciones 1 baño 82 m² 914 €/m² cocina apto para discapacitados
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 17:50:42 -0400
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Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          250045-2017: Pologne-Jeleśnia: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          250042-2017: Pologne-Jeleśnia: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Heckyl#39;s News Sentiment Index for Nifty turns bearish, signals peaking of bull run   
Heckyl#39;s News Sentiment Index for Nifty turns bearish, signals peaking of bull run While investors and experts look for indicators which might give the direction in which the market is heading, Fintech firm Heckyl#39;s news sentiment index for Nifty has turned bearish for the 50-share index ending the two-month long bullish phase, pointing towards a market correction.
          250029-2017: Pologne-Bolesławiec: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          250017-2017: Pologne-Wrocław: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Comment on Augmented reality technology has power to make people better drivers by Sam   
Visible information will help ADAS more trustable and popular.
          Comment on Study concludes augmented reality technology under development at BMW will improve driver attention by Juliana   
The BMW engineers are relying on the German Tier 1 suppliers to deliver small form factor, wide Field of View, augmented reality HUD. Very intelligent fellows at BMW obviously. The leader in developing the *exquisitely* arcane, delicate hardware and middleware needed to provide those big FoV with a small package is actually a small California company, currently deep in pre-production with various large Japanese car makers. The Germans have been reluctant to empower their California R&D teams to work directly with us, although they've all been very appreciative. Sadly, it's looking like BMW will not be first to market with what they call "Contact Analog" HUD. That honor is likely to go to one of our huge Japanese customers, who took the risk to engage a small company early in its development. Sometimes, the small team builds the "better mouse trap" as it were. Love your blog. Smart analysis, lay-reader friendly but also quite expert.
          249980-2017: France-Annecy: Services de contrôle et d'essais techniques   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          249960-2017: France-Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse: Services de contrôle et d'essais techniques   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          249943-2017: France-Calais: Services de contrôle et d'essais techniques   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          TECRO in the US - MK 54 Lightweight Torpedo (LWT) Conversion Kits   
The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the United States of MK 54 Lightweight Torpedo (LWT) Conversion Kits. This request provides the recipient with MK 54 LWTs in support of their LWT program. This sale will include LWT containers, torpedo support, torpedo spare parts, publications, training, weapon system support, engineering and technical assistance for the upgrade and conversion...
          TECRO in the US - MK 48 Mod 6AT Heavyweight Torpedo (HWT)   
The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the United States for forty-six (46) MK 48 Mod 6AT Heavyweight Torpedoes (HWT). This sale will include HWT containers, torpedo support, torpedo spare parts, publications, training, weapon system support, engineering and technical assistance. The total estimated program cost is $250 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the ...
          Talk about cutting-edge technology! Boffins fire world's sharpest laser   

Stable for up to 10x the distance from Earth to Moon

A team of physicists claims to have created the world's sharpest laser, with a line width frequency of only 10 millihertz – opening up the possibility of improving the accuracy of optical clocks and radioastronomy experiments.…

          In touching tribute to Samsung Note 7, fidget spinners burst in flames   

Hang on, there's a tech angle in here somewhere... IoT, right?

Fad-crazed parents have something new to worry about, as reports suggest that fidget spinners can pose a fire risk.…

          249912-2017: Allemagne-Boppard: Services de conception technique   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          GDC 2013 Technik-Video Activision: Echtzeit-Gesichtsanimation   
Im Technik-Video von der Game Developers Conference 2013 zeigt die Research tags: 2013ActivisionEchtzeit-GesichtsanimationeindrückeentwicklergamesGDCGDC 2013 Technik-Video Activision: Echtzeit-Gesichtsanimation
Gamestar by castaclip
          Ecommerce Web Page Design   
Running a successful business requires savvy ecommerce web page design.

          History Of Computers   
Does the history of computers, those wonderful, information rich tools that bring the world to our fingers and sometimes aggravation to our lives have any interest to us? It probably ought to because the computer has been voted one of the most influential inventions of the last one hundred years, although this writer's choice is the air conditioner which has sucked everybody back in our cool houses and away from relationships that were born on front porches during long summer evening walks.

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Home burglar alarm systems can provide security for the family, discounts on home insurance, and protection for assets.

          SMTP Email Server   
Accessing emails via a SMTP email server is simple and convenient.

          How To Make Better-than-the-Box Rice Krispies Treats — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn   
(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Rice Krispies Treats, when prepared according to the recipe on the box, are pretty close to perfection. For many years I saw no need to change them, but simplicity has its own way of inviting change, so I started tweaking the recipe, adding ingredients and changing some of the techniques to make a Rice Krispies Treat that's better than any I've ever eaten. That's the recipe I'm sharing here.


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Digital photo picture frames, available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, are certainly the best photograph technology since digital cameras.

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If you're intimidated by the idea of indoor gardening, don't be! We've been working with green-thumbed pro Amy Pennington, author of Apartment Gardening, to come up with a list of the four easiest things you could possibly grow in your kitchen. She's got all sorts of tips, tricks, and techniques — and she was willing to share them!

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          Google Desktop Search   
The Google Desktop search software enables a person to make searches among his or her own computer's files in much the same way that one would perform a regular search on the Web.

          Exclusiva Residencia C/s Muebles, El Olviar San Isidro   
Casa residencial en la mejor zona de san isidro, en el olivar, remodelada hace 5 años de 2 plantas, consta de sala con chimenea, comedor, escritorio, baño de visita, terraza techada, tres dormitorios el principal con baño incorporado, pisos de...
3 dormitorios 500 m² 32 S//m² terraza jardín
Wed, 28 Jun 2017 16:03:22 -0400
          Venta De Casa En La Molina, La Planicie – Hermosa Casa Moderna En Alquiler   
Código:ca. 210217.. Antes $ 4, 000.. At. 1, 083 m2. Ac. 470 m2. Dormitorios:4. Estacionamiento 3.. Linda casa al estilo minimalista, con excelente distribución e iluminación, con hall de ingreso con plantas lindas, tiene 2 salas con techos altos...
4 dormitorios 5 baños 1083 m² 11 S//m² garage
Sat, 27 May 2017 16:00:28 -0400
          Alquiler De Casa En La Molina, La Planicie – Residencia Completamente Remodelada   
Código:ca. 050216. At. 1480 m². Ac. 620 m². Dormitorios:4. Baños:4. Estacionamiento:4.. Residencia completamente remodelada, piso de mármol y madera, techos altos, bastante iluminación, 4 dormitorios todos con baño incorporado, w. C y el...
4 dormitorios 4 baños 1480 m² 9 S//m² garage piscina terraza cocina equipada
Fri, 05 May 2017 15:56:46 -0400
          Alquilo Casa En San Borja, 300 Mt2 4 Dormitorios, Jardin   
Alquilo casa en san borja, con las siguientes características. Primer piso:sala, comedor, cocina amoblada con comedor de diario, 3 dormitorios, 1 baño completo, 1/2 baño de visita, lavandería amplia con tendal, patio, cochera techada, jardín...
4 dormitorios 3 baños 290 m² 21 S//m² garage jardín
Sat, 07 Jan 2017 18:59:27 -0500
          9114-7413 Québec inc. (Entreprise Affut-Mill) c. Aiguisa-Tech inc., 2017 QCCQ 7155 (CanLII)   
concurrence déloyale — mèches — clients — affutage — reconventionnelle
          249840-2017: France-La Rochelle: Études techniques   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          249837-2017: France-Nîmes: Services d'essais techniques, services d'analyses et services de conseil   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Software Development Specialist - Amdocs, Inc. - Manila   
You will represent/lead discussions related to product/application/modules/team (for example, leads technical design reviews). Organizational Level 2 :....
From Amdocs - Sun, 25 Jun 2017 08:04:43 GMT - View all Manila jobs
          Alquilo Casa En Chorrillo Urblos Laureles 168mt2 At 254mt2 Ac 5 Dor 5 Baños...   
40 años de antigüedad, vista a la calle, en buen estado, distribución:sala, comedor, comedor de diario, cocina, 5 dormitorios, 5. 00 baños, lavandería, pisos de madera en área privada. Tuberías desagüe remodelada exteriores:cochera tipo techada....
5 dormitorios 4 baños 254 m² 13 S//m²
Thu, 09 Mar 2017 16:06:19 -0500
          249802-2017: Pologne-Koszalin: Services de conception technique pour la construction d'ouvrages de génie civil   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
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Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
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Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Marine Environmental Technician - Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. - Vallejo, CA   
Deploying, retrieval, and processing of sorbent materials; Global Diving &amp; Salvage, Inc (Global) is the largest diving contractor on the West Coast, based out...
From Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 05:46:45 GMT - View all Vallejo, CA jobs
          Rinconada Baja Preciosa Casa Moderna En Exclusiva Zona Cerrada   
At. 1000m2. Ac. 520m2. Dormitorios:4. Baños:4. Estacionamientos:2.. Preciosa casa exclusiva de dos plantas con muy buena distribución en una zona segura de la molina estructura moderna con techos de doble altura, terrazas techadas. Tiene...
4 dormitorios 4 baños 1000 m² 12 S//m² terraza
Wed, 09 Nov 2016 20:18:00 -0500
          RF Countermeasure Systems Engineer - DHPC Technologies - Township of Woodbridge, NJ   
DHPC IS Growing! DHPC Technologies has immediate openings for Radar Countermeasure (RFCM) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) engineers in Woodbridge, NJ. In...
From DHPC Technologies - Fri, 17 Mar 2017 02:09:27 GMT - View all Township of Woodbridge, NJ jobs
          Technical Coordinator, Regulatory Reporting - Northern Trust Corp. - Manila