Social Media: Using Twitter to promote your Website   
What is Twitter? Twitter is a social media system where individuals and organisation post short updates (“tweets”) on their thoughts or activities, often with links to related web pages for further information. This is called “micro-blogging”. Being active online is important for your business and your website. Twitter is one of the great tools to help...
          Updating Your Website   
When updating your website you essentially have two options: Hire a professional to update your Static website Do it yourself or have a staff member update your Dynamic website. Hire a professional web designer If you have a static website (ie. one that is not driven by a database or a content management system), you will likely...
          Farming Simulator 2017 – wymagania, karta graficzna, procesor.   
Farming Simulator 2017 ma stosunkowo niskie wymagania sprzętowe. Nie ma konieczności kupowania wysokiej jakości karty graficznej czy procesora. Wystarczy średniej klasy grafika z serii GTX 500 lub Radeon HD 6000. Poniżej przedstawiamy listę wymagań do FS 2016. Farming Simulator 2017 wymagania: System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Procesor: Intel Dual-Core 2.0 GHz lub odpowiednik AMD Pamięć: 2 […]
          Grand Theft Auto V – wymagania, karta graficzna, procesor.   
W artykule przedstawimy wymagania Grand Theft Auto V – jednej z najbardziej popularnych gier wideo w historii, która należy do serii niezwykle lubianych gier gangsterskich. GTA V wymagania minimalne: System: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*karta graficzna NVIDIA zalecana przy Windows […]
          Total Mechanical Systems Limited v. Sheet Metal Workers' International Association, Local 30, 2017 ONCA 559 (CanLII)   
validity — motion — agreement — abuse of process — enforceability
          Blic: Junska klasa vojnika vs položila zakletvu   
Čestitajući vojnicima u valjevskoj kasarni "Vojvoda Živojin Mišić", načelnik Generalštaba Vojske Srbije general Ljubiša Diković kazao je da je vojnička zakletva u Srbiji "uvek zauzimala istaknuto mesto u sistemu vrednosti našeg naroda". - Vi od danas nastavljate tradiciju kojoj su pre vas, s [...]
          China's Xi sees 'challenges' in Hong Kong as Beijing dismisses any UK role   
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping, visiting Hong Kong for the 20th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule, said on Friday the city's "one country, two systems" formula faces "new challenges" as pro-democracy campaigners ramped up their protests.

          Commentaires sur Self-ownership par Jacques Attali’s interview: « Communication long term future lies with cognitive sciences » – 3 COM   
[…] should stay the owner of its data and be able to unplug the system [NDLR : cf. Self  ownership […]
          PHP - Codeigniter or Node.js >>>>>>>>>>>> by webleb   
Hello if you can complete one of my projects or all you are welcome to bid: 1.Framework used is codeigniter and you have to deal with google map and some payment gateway 2.Betting system - no experience... (Budget: $10 - $300 USD, Jobs: Codeigniter, node.js, Russian, Socket IO, Vietnamese)
          Stocks Going Ex Dividend the First Week of July   
Here is our latest update on the stock trading technique called ‘Buying Dividends,’ also commonly referred to as ‘Dividend Capture.’ This is the process of buying stocks before the ex dividend date and selling the stock shortly after the ex date at about the same price, yet still being entitled to the dividend. This technique generally works only in bull markets, and can work in flat or choppy markets, but you need to avoid the technique during bear markets.
In order to be entitled to the dividend, you have to buy the stock before the ex-dividend date, and you can’t sell the stock until after the ex date. The actual dividend may not be paid for another few weeks. has compiled a downloadable and sortable list of the stocks going ex dividend in the near future. The list contains many dividend paying companies, lots with market caps over $500 million, and yields over 2%. Here are a few examples showing the stock symbol, the ex-dividend date, the quarterly dividend amount, and annual yield.

J P Morgan Chase & Co (JPM) 7/3/2017 0.5 2.22%
American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) 7/5/2017 0.125 4.31%
American Express Company (AXP) 7/5/2017 0.32 1.51%
Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS) 7/5/2017 0.15 8.00%
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY) 7/5/2017 0.39 2.71%
Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) 7/5/2017 0.29 3.32%

The additional ex-dividend stocks can be found here at (If you have been to the website before, and the latest link doesn’t show up, you may have to empty your cache.) If you like dividend stocks, you should check out some of the other high yield stock lists at or Most of the lists are free.Dividend definitions:
Declaration date: the day that the company declares that there is going to be an upcoming dividend.
Ex-dividend date: the day on which if you buy the stock, you would not be entitled to that particular dividend; or the first day on which a shareholder can sell the shares and still be entitled to the dividend.
Monthly Dividend Stock List

Record date: the day when you must be on the company’s books as a shareholder to receive the dividend. The ex-dividend date is normally set for stocks at two business days before the record date.
Payment date: the day on which the dividend payment is actually made, which can be as long at two months after the ex date.

          Windows System Administrator - Zurka Interactive   
Washington, DC - Join a sharp, fun team doing challenging work supporting world class science and technology. At the Center for Computational Science at the US Naval Research Laboratory you'll be part of a team responsible for providing Windows platform administration.
          New: The Challenges of 'Improving' the Modern Death Penalty   
In his dissent in McCleskey v. Kemp, Justice William Brennan turned a famous phrase that has long resonated with criminal justice reformers. In upholding Georgia’s capital sentencing system, the majority expressed concern about Eighth Amendment claims based on statistics revealing racial disparities in the application of the death penalty, fearing that such claims “would open the door to widespread challenges to all aspects of criminal sentencing.” Justice Brennan lamented that “on its face, such a statement seems to suggest a fear of too much justice.” Disconcertingly, almost everyone seriously involved in debates over the modern administration of death penalty seemingly has a fear of too much capital justice. This essay seeks to explain this practical reality of modern death penalty advocacy in order to spotlight the problems it necessarily creates for any sustained efforts to improve the modern death penalty. By unpacking the fear of too much capital justice among capital ...
          Swarming the Skies   

As the drone industry continues to evolve, researchers and manufacturers are constantly looking for more cost effective, efficient ways to employ these systems in commercial applications—and that includes employing swarms.

The post Swarming the Skies appeared first on Inside Unmanned Systems.

          IT Support Specialist - TimeTrade Systems   
Tewksbury, MA - Tewksbury, MA

Job Description
IT Support Specialist

TimeTrade is looking for an IT Support Specialist for our Tewksbury headquarters. We are software-as-a-service development company with a wide range of IT needs. We have some users that could develop their own OS
          Beat Your Competition   

How to beat your competition into the ground...
and keep them there.

78% of salespeople say they wish they were more organized.

73% of sales are lost because of lack of follow-up.

  • What do you use to track your prospects?
  • A pile of scrap paper?
  • A spiral notebook?
  • A spreadsheet?
  • It is time to get real.

    You will salivate at the power The Ultimate Sales Tool gives you and your sales team.

    Our system requires very little setup and instant use. Go ahead and look at the other CRM products out there. Read their claims, even try their systems. And look to see if they certify instructors to help maximize their system. Our philosophy here is, If you have to certify instructors to help people use your system, it is TOO complex.

    Customer Resource Management (CRM) is THE way to increase sales and grow business.

    CRM is a buzz word in sales today. The reality is you must manage both customers AND prospects.

    Managing prospects is how you win customers.
    Managing customers is how you keep them and get them to advertise for you through word-of-mouth.

    Hey sales manager:
    We know you are not organized either. Get your exclusive invitation to use The Ultimate Sales Tool, and see how reporting by your salespeople is automated saving them time, and giving you real-time access to what is going on with your sales force.

    "I don’t need this."
    Here at The Ultimate Sales Tool, we rack our brains daily trying to figure out a business that could NOT benefit from better prospect and customer management. Do you think your business can not benefit?

    read more

          Director, Program Management - GreatCall   
San Diego, CA - Location
San Diego, CA
Req Department
600-Systems Development
Apply Now
POSITION : Director, Program Management

DEPARTMENT : Project Management (320)

REPORTING SUPERVISOR : VP, Engineering and Consumer Product


FLSA : Exempt

          Level 2 Support Engineer - VBrick Systems   
Herndon, VA -
23-May-2017 to 22-Aug-2017 (EST) Customer Support Herndon, VA, USA Full Time
Email Me Similar JobsEmail Me This Job

About the job:
The Level 2 (L2 Engineer) Support Engineer is the first point of escalation for all VBrick customer support inquiries. Inquiries may
          Manager, Software Quality Assurance - GreatCall   
San Diego, CA - Location
San Diego, CA
Req Department
600-Systems Development
Apply Now
POSITION : Manager, Software Quality Assurance

DEPARTMENT : ??Systems Development - 600?

REPORTING SUPERVISOR : Director of Software Engineering & Architecture


          Business Sales Executive - MegaPath   
Meriden, CT - All times are in India Standard Time.
Job ID 2017-5031
Location CT02-Meriden, CT
Posted Date 6/28/2017
Alternate Job Location(s) ..
More information about this job:


Business Sales Exec 2

Sells the company?s products, systems and/or services via
          Software Quality Assurance Technician - GreatCall   
San Diego, CA - Location
San Diego, CA
Req Department
600-Systems Development
Apply Now
POSITION : Software Quality Assurance Technician

DEPARTMENT : Systems Development (600)

REPORTING SUPERVISOR : Software Team Development Manager


FLSA : Non-Exempt

          Trump to meet Putin at G20 summit, White House says   
US intelligence agencies agree Russia was behind last year’s hack of Democratic email systems and tried to influence the 2016 election.
          How to Install Joomla with Apache on Debian 9 (Stretch)   
Joomla is one of the most popular and widely supported open source content management system (CMS) platform in the world that can be used to build, organize, manage and publish content for websites, blogs, Intranets and mobile applications. Thie tutorial describes the installation of Joomla with Apache web server and MariaDB on Debian 9.
          Webcam Simulator 6.645   
Simulates webcam on your system by broadcasting video files as webcam.
          Für alle zugänglich: Betatest von macOS High Sierra gestartet   
Wer bereits jetzt schon einen ausführlichen Blick auf Apples kommendes Betriebssystem macOS High Sierra werfen möchte, erhält mit der Beta-Version jetzt die Möglichkeit dazu. Die Software steht ab sofort zum Download bereit. Dieser Artikel wurde einsortiert unter Apple, Apple Siri, Betriebssysteme, Apple MacBook Pro (2016), macOS High Sierra.

          Publishing test app is deploying to production app even app id set to test environment   

The reported behavior started on Wednesday June 28th when we attempted to update our test app.  We confirmed the application identifier matched our test app.  The publish ended updating both the production app in App Distribution as well as downloading the test app to all our devices with the prod app installed hence causing disruptions for our prod users.  We addressed it by publishing another version of the prod app to bring our users back online.


Is it possible this is related to the system wide interruptions Telerik experienced at start of the week?  It appears the test app application identifier somehow was 'routing' to the prod app during publish on June 28th.  We've been hesitant to publish the test app again in the event it affects prod app.  We wanted to wait for your comments first before we try another approach.

          InkJet, Inc. Introduces The LDR 7100 All-Digital Laser Coding And Marking System Offering Greater Reliability, Speed, Serviceability And Value   

HOUSTON, June 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- InkJet, Inc., based in greater Houston, TX, and internationally recognized for marking and coding for over 25 years has announced the introduction of a new generation of all-digital laser coding and marking systems, designed and manufactured in the...

          ForeignKey dropdown column in PopUp editor   

I've set up a ForeignKey column with dropdown editor that works fine in GridEditMode.InLine but does not work at all in GridEditMode.PopUp

    Season ID
    @(Html.Kendo().DropDownListFor(model => model.Season)
        .Events(e => e.Change("onChange"))
        .BindTo((System.Collections.IEnumerable) ViewData["seasons"])
    @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Season_ID)


It creates a functioning dropdown Inline, but in PopUp the input field does not render, but rather shows the HTML:


Season ID
<input id="SeasonId_#=Season_ID#" name="SeasonId_#=Season_ID#" type="text" value="#=SId#" /><script>    kendo.syncReady(function(){jQuery("#SeasonId_#=Season_ID#").kendoDropDownList({"change":onChange,"dataSource":[{"SId":5,"Name":"1971-1972"},{"SId":6,"Name":"1972-1973"},{"SId":7,"Name":"1973-1974"},{"SId":8,"Name":"1974-1975"},{"SId":9,"Name":"1975-1976"},{"SId":10,"Name":"1976-1977"},{"SId":11,"Name":"1977-1978"},{"SId":12,"Name":"1978-1979"},{"SId":13,"Name":"1979-1980"},{"SId":14,"Name":"1980-1981"}......



          Screening, panel July 1 talk about black women's maternal mortality crisis   

To coincide with this weekend's Essence Festival, Black Mamas Matter Alliance and Planned Parenthood Federation of America host a screening of the documentary The Naked Truth: Death by Delivery Saturday.

The Fusion-produced film documents the rising maternal mortality rate for black women and babies, often attributed to problems with access to health care for women of color and systemic inequities in the greater health care system.…
          Webasto Roof Systems Americas CFO Philipp Schramm, PhD, Recognized as 2017 Workforce Game Changer   

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., June 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Workforce magazine awarded Dr. Philipp Schramm, CFO, VP of Human Resources and IT for Webasto Roof Systems Americas, the 2017 Workforce Game Changers award for workplace leadership. Webasto is the market leader for sunroofs, panorama...

          Präzise und wiederholbar Prozesstemperaturen messen   
An sofort können Anwender schnell zusätzliche Temperaturmesspunkte hinzufügen, wo immer dies notwendig ist, und sich entweder für eine konventionell verkabelte Hart- oder eine Wireless-Hart-Verbindung entscheiden. Hierfür hat Emerson Automation Solutions die Plattform für seine Rosemount X-well-Technologie zur Oberflächentemperaturmessung erweitert.
          Zeolith-Katalysatoren ebnen den Weg für dezentrale Chemieproduktion   
Immer mehr Strom wird dezentral erzeugt – durch Windräder, Wasserkraft und Solaranlagen. Da liegt es nahe, auch die Chemieproduktion zu dezentralisieren. Bisher ist dies nicht möglich, weil chemische Prozesse viel Energie benötigen. Mit einem neuen Katalysatorkonzept ist es Forscherinnen und Forschern der Technischen Universität München (TUM) jetzt gelungen, Temperatur und Energiebedarf eines wichtigen Schrittes im chemischen Prozess entscheidend zu senken. Der Trick: Die Reaktion findet auf engstem Raum, im Inneren von Zeolith-Kristallen statt.
          Se vende - Andara Departamentos en venta Mérida Yucatán Col.... - $ 1 255 990   

Mérida 97000, México cerrada equipada con A/C, muebles de lujo, barra con periqueras y sistema de sonido. - 18 Departamentos en planta baja - 18 Departamentos en planta alta Precios de preventa Cada ... ...

          2017-06-30 La Asamblea analiza reformas al sistema de admisión e ingreso a universidades   
Esta y más noticias de @elciudadano_ec siguiendo #AudioNoticiasEC
          Se vende - Departamentos de Lujo en venta al Norte de Mérida... - $ 5 900 000   

Mérida 97000, México
Departamentos de lujo en venta Mérida Yucatán 98 Departamentos Y 4 Penthouses de Lujo con precios desde $5,900,000 M.N. *Somos vendedores autorizados Un lugar privilegiado, lleno de sofistificación y exclusividad, un lugar único, donde el lujo y el confort de una ciudad cosmopolita se mezcla con la seguridad y magia que Mérida ofrece. Sistemas de seguridad. ...

          NAS-System: WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra mit 6TB ab 244,80€ (statt 344€)   
Autor: julia.xxl

Absoluter Hammerpreis!
Hier ein toller Testbericht:

          Mellodika: Салат "Пандора" очень нежный и легкий.   

Салат "Пандора" очень нежный и легкий.

Грибы с сыром идеально сочетание, а кукуруза это отличное дополнение к этому набору продуктов.

Для приготовления понадобится:

500 г шампиньонов;
150 г сыра;
1 банка сладкой кукурузы;
1 большая луковица;
майонез для заправки;

Лук обжариваем на растительном масле до золотистого цвета. Когда лук подрумянится добавляем шампиньоны предварительно измельчив. Жарим до готовности 5-10 минут.

К теплым грибам добавляем тертый сыр. Грибы должны быть теплые для того что бы наш сыр как следует расплавился.

Добавляем кукурузу и майонез.

Хорошенько перемешиваем, даем настояться и подаем к столу.


F-sCWg1Mv1I (604x402, 112Kb)


1. Залить 1 стаканом кипятка 3 ст. ложки измельченных огурцов, настоять 2-3 часа, процедить, отжать осадок и добавить 1 ч. ложку меда, размешав его до полного растворения. Смочить ватный тампон и протереть им лицо после умывания. Средство очищает кожу от угрей.

2. Жирную кожу рекомендуется очищать смесью меда (1 ч. ложка) и аптечной настойки календулы (1 ч. ложка), размешав их в стакане теплой кипяченой воды.

3. Для удаления прыщей надо 2-3 раза в день протирать кожу свежим соком ягод калины.

4. Натереть тщательно вымытый и очищенный сырой картофель, к 100 гр картофельной массы добавить 1 ч. ложку меда. Перемешать. Полученную смесь нанести на марлевую салфетку слоем 1 см и приложить к участку кожи, где появились воспаленные угри, зафиксировать повязку и снять ее не ранее чем через 2 часа. Если воспаление не прошло, приготовить новую смесь и повторить процедуру.

5. Листья алоэ промыть кипяченой водой, обсушить и в течение 10 дней хранить в темном прохладном месте, после чего их следует измельчить и отжать сок. Свежеприготовленным соком протирать кожу 2-3 раза в день. Очищает кожу от воспаления, угревой сыпи, раздражения. Применять при жирной коже, для сухой кожи сок алоэ надо развести водой 1:1.

6. Очищению кожи способствует умывание из сернистых источников (воспользуйтесь минеральной водой).

7. Желток яйца смешать со 100 гр сметаны или густых сливок, добавить сок 1/2 апельсина. Все взбить. Кожу очистить с помощью ватного тампона, затем ополоснуть прохладной водой. Сливки можно хранить в холодильнике не более 2 дней. Такой способ помогает очистить кожу, плохо переносящую перепады температур.
1MSHtFz_Ki4 (620x420, 134Kb)
          Mellodika: Куриная грудка с овощами и творогом   

Куриная грудка с овощами и творогом

Рецепт, который обязан быть в копилке тех, кто следит за фигурой! Ведь здесь целых 21 г белка и богатые витаминами овощи! Идеальное сочетание! 


● Куриная грудка 1,5 шт. 
● Творог обезжиренный 200 г 
● Зеленый горошек замороженный 150 г 
● Цветная капуста 100 г 
● Яйцо 1 шт. 
● Приправа, соль 


Куриную грудку нарезать кубиками. Цветную капусту разделить на соцветия. Соединить все ингредиенты вместе, ложкой выложить в форму, готовить в духовом шкафу при температуре 200 г до золотистой корочки.

k5CP8SKCTug (604x604, 251Kb)
          Mellodika: Лосьон от прыщей из лаврового листа   

Лосьон от прыщей из лаврового листа

Очень просто и эффективно!

Не хотелось бы, чтобы канул в прошлое рецепт удивительного лосьона, который за короткое время поможет вам избавиться от самой сильной угревой сыпи.

100 г лавровых листьев залейте 1 стаканом кипятка и варите на слабом огне в течение 5–7 минут. Затем процедите и немного охладите.

Готовым лосьоном протирайте лицо как можно чаще, вплоть до полного исчезновения прыщей.

Храните лосьон до каждого следующего приема в холодильнике, в плотно закрытой посуде.
d6Iw49w1S7k (700x349, 107Kb)
          NIK: System przechowywania dokumentów o przebiegu pracy jest nieskuteczny   

NIK: System przechowywania dokumentów o przebiegu pracy jest nieskutecznyMamy nieskuteczny system przechowywania dokumentów o przebiegu pracy Polaków - alarmuje Najwyższa Izba Kontroli. Efektem tej sytuacji mogą być kłopoty przy wyliczaniu emerytur.

          Khandu launches e-ILP system   
ITANAGAR, June 30 - In a digital step that would make possible a hassle-free entry into Arunachal Pradesh for domestic visitors, Chief Minister Pema Khandu today launched a new e-Inner Line Permit (e-ILP) system.
          Theoretical Scientists Gather For 35th Annual Symposium To Try To Determine How Gas Nozzle Knows When Tank Is Full   

PASADENA, CA—In hopes of better understanding a phenomenon that has vexed researchers for decades, hundreds of theoretical scientists have assembled at the California Institute of Technology for the 35th annual symposium on how gas nozzles know when a car’s tank is full, sources said Thursday.

The weeklong academic conference, which draws top experts in quantum physics, pure mathematics, systems theory, and numerous other scientific fields, will feature a variety of interdisciplinary panel discussions and collaborative workshop sessions, as well as dozens of presentations from theorists sharing their ideas about what kind of mechanism could possibly enable a gasoline pump to turn itself off at just the right moment and avoid spilling fuel all over the place.

“All we know for certain is that you leave the nozzle in there for a while, it makes this little popping sound, and then your tank is full. Maybe this is the ...

           Systematics of the commercially important prawns(crustacea, decapoda, subfamily penaeinae) from Goa    
George, M J (1980) Systematics of the commercially important prawns(crustacea, decapoda, subfamily penaeinae) from Goa. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 76 (3). pp. 297-304.
          Business Analyst Digital - Telenet - Mechelen   
Goesting in een nieuwe Job? Digital Ecosystem Expert Recruiter Sam Vandeput Als Expert Digitale Ecosystemen Expert maak je deel uit van de Omnichannel...
Van Telenet - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 06:40:10 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Mechelen
          Network/Systems Engineer   
MA-Boston, Network/Systems Engineer Network/Systems Engineer One of our clients, a financial services firm in Boston, is looking to bring on a Network and Systems Engineer. This Engineer will work primarily to integrate and manage the company's new network and system infrastructure. If you meet the following requirements and are interested in this role, please respond by submitting a copy of your resume toda
          Primary Care Positions with the VA in the Boston Area   
MA-Boston, Seeking Primary Care Physicians (Internal Medicine or Family Medicine) Boston and the Boston Suburbs – Multiple Clinical Settings from Which to Choose VA Boston Healthcare System – Veterans Health Administration Primary care at VA Boston is being redesigned to provideproactive, personalized and patient-driven care to optimize health status and to promote healthy living. Locations include Quincy, L
          Senior Database Architect   
MA-Boston, Overview The Senior Database Architect will be accountable for developing and implementing a data management strategy and framework, a governance model, business case, and processes for managing our data on an ongoing basis. Manages complex databases to conceptualize and develop solutions based on application requirements. Detailed Knowledge of a variety of database platforms and system interactio
          Acquisizione e implementazione…   
Acquisizione e implementazione di un sistema di gestione di documenti elettronici

          Sistema di comando…   
Sistema di comando, controllo e comunicazione nel settore del supporto medico multinazionale

          Assistenza sistemistica alla…   
Assistenza sistemistica alla realizzazione di due portali uno informativo e uno di transazioni (tedesco-francese)

          Kisah Anis Al-Idrus Minta Taja Kek Tapi Ditolak   
Perkara biasa sebenarnya bila selebriti mohon tajaan untuk hari perkahwinan mereka. Ada tajaan yang datang sendiri, ada tajaan yang kita kena mencari. Apa pun secara mudahnya, ia merupakan marketing dua hala yang memberikan faedah win win situation buat kedua belah pihak. 

Namun berbeza dengan kes yang terjadi kepada pelakon wanita, Anis Al-Idrus. Ringkasnya, melalui satu screenshot dari dari pemegang akaun @bubbleqa di Twitter, dia mendakwa pembantu pelakon berkenaan telah memohon tajaan sekotak cupcake.

Namun @bubbleqa ini tidak mengenali Anis Al-Idrus dan enggan menaja sekotak cupcake tersebut. Dalam masa yang sama, tindakan dia berkongsikan perbualan tersebut juga menimbulkan rasa tidak puas hati pembantu pelakon wanita berkenaan.
Malah perbualan mereka terus dikongsikan lagi di laman Twitter. Apa pun, @bubbleqa punya jawapan sendiri di atas tindakannya itu.
Okay, ceritanya belum habis di sini. Setelah wanita berkenaan enggan menaja permintaan pembantu Anis Al-Idrus, seorang lelaki menyatakan rasa berminat untuk menaja cupcake untuk pasangan selebriti ini. Baguslah bukan sebab ada orang mahu taja?
Tapi melalui screenshot @NiniNell di Twitter, lain pula ceritanya apabila wanita yang enggan menaja tadi mempersoalkan pula keikhlasan lelaki berkenaan yang mahu menaja permintaan pembantu Anis Al Idrus.
Perkara tersebut dalam masa yang sama menimbulkan pelbagai reaksi di kalangan pengguna laman Twitter. Ada yang berpihak kepada wanita berkenaan dan ada juga yang berpihak kepada Anis Al Idrus.
Lebih menarik lagi, nampaknya makin ramai yang berminat untuk menaja hari bahagia pelakon wanita berkenaan sementara lelaki yang berminat untuk menaja cupcake untuk Anis juga turut mendapat perhatian daripada warga laman sosial yang lain.
Inilah realiti di zaman berlandaskan sosial media ini. Elok cara guna, dapat benda baik dan begitulah sebaliknya. Apa pun, semoga majlis Anis dan pasangan nanti akan berjalan dengan lancar. Sekian sahaja drama di akhir Ramadan ini untuk tatapan anda semua.

          Ini Sebab Mengapa Anda Perlu Hentikan Tabiat Menyuap Anak Orang Lain   
Comel kan tengok budak-budak kecil dan baby-baby atas dukung mak ayah, merangkak-rangkak, bertatih-tatih atau jalan terkedek-kedek datang beraya.
Tapi… Tapi… Yang tak berapa comelnya apabila ada satu tabiat di kalangan segelintir daripada kita yang suka menyuap kanak-kanak dan bayi. Lemang, ketupat, rendang, kek, satay, air manis, minuman berkarbonat, sosej, nugget, coklat, aiskrim, tapai dan lain-lain.
Pendek kata, habis semua benda mahu dimasukkan ke dalam mulut si kecil ini. Asal nampak comel jer, mesti nak suap.

Elak Suap Anak Kecil

Tahukah kita bahawa perut anak-anak kecil ini (terutamanya bawah 1 tahun) sangatlah sensitif kerana sistem pencernaan dan penghadaman mereka masih belum ‘matang’ sepenuhnya?
Ditambah lagi dengan sejarah perubatan seperti lahir tidak cukup bulan (premature baby), penyakit jantung, asthma, alergik, ekzema dan sebagainya.
Ia boleh menambahkan lagi risiko bahaya (seperti kerosakan gigi, alergik, sesak nafas, diarrhea, muntah-muntah, dehydrationleaking gutnephrotic syndrome dan lain-lain) dek kerana apa yang disuapkan kita kepada mereka.
Dengan alasan “Alah, sikit je kot!” tidak timbul rasa risau atau bersalah dalam hati orang dewasa yang menyuap makanan dan minuman yang tidak sesuai dengan usia si kecil.
Masalahnya, sikit memang sikit tapi apabila orang-orang yang jumpa budak itu semuanya datang nak suap-menyuap, tak ke jadinya banyak? Tambah rasa nak menyuap budak apabila: “Kesian tengok budak tu teliuq!“. Adoi!
Kesian memang kesian tapi janganlah kesian tak bertempat; “Alah, mak bapak budak tu tak kata pape pun!” Tepuk dahi dengan orang yang ada seribu satu alasan ini. Ibu bapa memanglah tak kata apa-apa, sebab mereka nak jaga hati dan silaturrahim dengan tetamu.
Hentikan bermacam-macam lagi alasan yang diberikan untuk menghalalkan kelakuan ‘tak senonoh’ itu. Kasihani anak-anak kecil ini dengan membayangkan dirinya terlantar sakit di katil hospital.
Dan ingatlah, jikalau ada apa-apa yang berlaku kepada anak-anak syurga ini, mahukah kita bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang ditanggung oleh mereka dan keluarga mereka?
Kalau nak suap juga, tanya dulu ibu bapa anak kecil ini. Ambil tahu apa yang boleh dan tak boleh dimakan dan diminum agar dapat elak insiden tragedi berlaku ke atas anak kecil.
Kasihanilah mereka, sayangilah mereka.

          Systemic oppression of Indigenous peoples is no reason for celebration   
Systemic oppression of Indigenous peoples is no reason for celebration
- I don't remember learning much about First Nations, Inuit or Metis peoples at school. I know for a fact, I learned absolutely nothing about treaties, the ...

          Motores Bosch, batería integrada y multitud de modelos a elegir para la gama Trek Powerfly 2018   
Motores Bosch, batería integrada y multitud de modelos a elegir para la gama Trek Powerfly 2018

Trek renueva (otra vez) para 2018 su gama de bicicletas eléctricas de montaña Powerfly, tanto los modelos rígidos como de doble suspensión, con nuevas soluciones tecnológicas y algún que otro modelo añadido. ¿Las principales novedades? La fiabilidad de los avanzados sistemas de pedaleo asistido Bosch Performance CX Line con el recién estrenado modo automático de asistencia eMTB, la adopción de una batería integrada en el cuadro, y el montaje de componentes específicos para modelos eléctricos, tales como ruedas, horquillas y frenos.

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          Episode 79: interview with Toby Norman, cofounder & CEO of simprints   
Simprints is a nonprofit tech company from the University of Cambridge that is building an affordable, secure, rugged, open-source fingerprint system that works in the world’s toughest settings. According to the World Bank, an estimated 1.1 billion people, the majority of them living in Asia and Africa, struggle to access basic services and rights due...
          Senior Director of Maintenance - Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation - Brooklyn, NY   
Supervises elevator and sprinkler system maintenance contracts. Senior Director of Maintenance*....
From Indeed - Wed, 24 May 2017 21:35:56 GMT - View all Brooklyn, NY jobs
          S. Korea to deploy digital air defense early warning system in 2019   
Preview South Korea has developed a new modern air defense warning system, relying on digital communications. The will allow fast sharing, real-time battlespace images among military units.
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          2 dead, 4 critically injured in industrial accident at Florida power plant   
Preview Fire crews have confirmed two bodies were found and four people are currently in critical condition after a major burn incident stemming from an industrial accident at the Big Bend Power Station, a coal-fired power plant near Tampa, Florida.
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          FUP entra com dissídio coletivo para que Petrobrás negocie efetivos   
Diante da recusa sistemática da gestão da Petrobrás em discutir com as organizações sindicais os efetivos de trabalhadores necessários para garantir a segurança nas unidades, a FUP e seus sindicatos…

          Petroleiros reforçam greve geral com paralisações em todo o país   
  [Da Imprensa da FUP] Cresceu a participação dos petroleiros na greve geral desta sexta-feira, 30. Em todo o Sistema Petrobrás, os trabalhadores aderiram pela manhã à paralisação iniciada à zero…

          Greve dos petroleiros começa forte nas refinarias   
[Da Imprensa da FUP] Os trabalhadores das principais refinarias do Sistema Petrobrás já estão em greve desde o final da noite de quinta-feira, 29. Os petroleiros que substituiriam às 23 horas…

           Atrakcyjny dom z działką Podkowa Leśna/Brwinów    
cena: 799 000 zł, powierzchnia działki: 503 m², powierzchnia: 178 m², cena za metr: 4 488,76 zł/m², rynek: wtórny, liczba pokoi: 4, rodzaj zabudowy: bliźniak, liczba pięter: 2 piętra, rok budowy: 2009 , poddasze: użytkowe, dach: skośny, pokrycie dachu: dachówka, stan wykończenia: do zamieszkania, okna: plastikowe, położenie: miasto, rekreacyjny: Nie, dom parterowy: Nie, zabezpieczenia: system alarmowy, drzwi / okna antywłamaniowe, teren zamknięty, domofon / wideofon, monitoring / ochrona, ogrodzenie: murowane, metalowe, ogrzewanie: kominkowe, gazowe, media: prąd, gaz, internet, telefon, kanalizacja, woda, dojazd: utwardzony, okolica: las, informacje dodatkowe: klimatyzacja, strych, garaż,
<p>Podstawowe informacje:</p>
<li>dom (bliźniak) <strong>wybudowany z bardzo dobrych materiałów</strong> 2009, <strong>wy...
          Seagull USV Demo Unique Operational Capabilities in Belgian North Sea MCMTrials   
Seagull, Elbit Systems’ groundbreaking Multi-Mission USV,participated in the bi-national MCM trials for unmanned maritime systems that were organized by the Directorate General of Material Resources (DGMR) of the Belgian Defence Ministry.Taking part in the trials conductedat the beginning of June off the Belgian Zeebrugge Naval Base,were several companies operating different types of unmanned underwater and surface vehicles. Seagull isa 12-meter long USV that can be operated from a mo...
          Garry House posted a discussion   
Garry House posted a discussion

And then the GM said, “We used to do that!”

It was in late 1987, and I was conducting an in-dealership workshop focused on Financial and Operational Planning and Controls. I was describing an F&I process that I had recommended to increase service contract penetration, when the general manager said, “We used to do that.” In response to his statement, I asked, “Did it work?” “Absolutely,” he answered. I was tempted to say, “Then why did you stop doing it?”, but I was new to the consulting business and didn’t want to risk offending one of my few clients. As it turns out, it was probably just as well that I refrained from asking that question. Because in my 30 years of training and consulting, if I’ve heard a client-dealer or manager say, “We used to do that” once, I’ve heard it five hundred times. And in the numerous times that I’ve asked, “Why did you stop?”, I’ve never gotten a good answer (but rather mostly blank stares).Well, the two real reasons for why they stopped aren’t all that hard to identify:Either new people (managers, producers, or both) have joined the organization and brought with them their own way of doing things, orThe activity or process that was discontinued was never well-anchored in the organization to begin with.I’ve written previously about dealership cultural needs and deficiencies. One of the tenets of any strong business culture is Accountability Management. And one of the primary elements of effective accountability management in an automotive dealership is to:Develop and implement a systemic structure. (Because we know that dissimilar people operating within a systemic structure will produce similar results.)The “systemic structure” refers to clearly defined processes. So when we have a proven process that consistently produces measurable and predictable results, that process must become embedded within the culture of our dealership. It needs to be continually savored, enhanced, honored, and talked about.Would you like to improve your dealership culture so you’ll never get caught saying, “We used to do that?” Review my web site at and learn how Garry House & Associates provides Value First, and then call me at 561-744-2627. I’ll listen and recommend a solution that’s right for you and your team.Warmest regards,Garry House                                See More

          Rahul Khatri posted a discussion   
Rahul Khatri posted a discussion

How to Find the Best Android App for Mileage Tracking?

Despite your excellent accounting and bookkeeping skills, you may find it intimidating to track the business mileage when driving your car. This is where you need an efficient mile tracking app that can manage your mileage logs and save you from the IRS audit trap. An app can automatically track the miles covered for business purposes. When looking for a mile app, there are many factors that you should consider for making the right selection.They include:Customization of Business Mileage Rates:In the USA, the IRS or Internal Revenue Service issues the standard mileage rates that are used for calculation of business deduction of a vehicle used for business purposes. When these rates are used for deduction, you can’t include the vehicle-related expenses like repairs, maintenance, and registration charges in the calculation. Hence, many businesses use their own business mileage rates. To manage the deductions according to these rates, you need a mile app that allows customizable rates for mileage tracking.The Calculation of Mileage:The mileage tracking apps use GPS or Global Positioning Satellite system for tracking your exact location and distance travelled. An accurate app will use GPS coordinates to log this distance covered for the business trips in a precise manner. The app will log this complete data and compute the total miles traveled by you. This distance will be multiplied by the mileage rate for tax deductions or for employee reimbursement. When looking for a mile app, prefer an automatic tracking system to minimize the hassles.Automatic Triggers:There are some advanced Android-based apps that use automated triggers to start and stop the logging of distance traveled during business trips. If there is a Bluetooth device in your vehicle, your Android device will automatically start tracking the mileage whenever this device is paired to the vehicle’s Bluetooth. Also, these apps allow mileage tracking through the current charging state of your device. For instance, if your Android device is plugged into the vehicle’s charger, the app will start tracking the miles automatically. They reduce inaccuracies in the system.Accurate Log Management:An app can effectively track the business mileage and record this data at a centralized portal. Now, it is essential to manage this data for claiming deductions. Here, you need a system that allows exporting of this data to a spreadsheet. This sheet should be prepared in accordance with the specifications of employer or IRS. If you are a business owner, you must prefer an app with a rich account management system. An advanced app can synchronize the varied travel logs to manage this data on the web and prepares rich reports in a prescribed format.These are the factors to keep in mind when looking for a mile app to claim tax deductions.See More

           Dom dworek , 7 pokoi, ogród 2477 m2, Brwinów    
cena: 1 398 000 zł, powierzchnia działki: 2 477 m², powierzchnia: 295 m², cena za metr: 4 738,98 zł/m², rynek: wtórny, liczba pokoi: 7, rodzaj zabudowy: dworek/pałac, liczba pięter: 1 piętro, materiał budynku: cegła, rok budowy: 1930 , stan wykończenia: do remontu, okna: drewniane, dom parterowy: Nie, zabezpieczenia: system alarmowy, ogrzewanie: gazowe, media: prąd, gaz, dojazd: asfaltowy, informacje dodatkowe: piwnica, garaż,
<p>DWOREK BRWINÓW</p><p>Oryginalny zabytkowy dworek z pierwszej połowy XX wieku, położony na pięknej działce w kształcie regularnego prostokąta o powierzchni 2477m2.<br/>Ogród porośnięty starodrzewem, krzewami i drzewkami owocowymi.<br/>Bardzo ładna okolica i miłe sąsiedztwo, w odległości 4 minutowe...
          My dreams are finally coming true...   
Sometimes I get really nervous when strangers read my blog, some of the things I've written are so personal and endearing to me I wonder how will people react when they read it too personal to share, how do I draw the thin line of sharing my inner thoughts and trying to pick which ones get audited and then hidden somewhere else under my subconscious?

Bali..yes I've written a lot about Bali in my recent posts, the charm of the little island has finally come creeping into my soul and surprises me along the way. Traveling every other week to Bali at the beginning was painful, mentally than physically as I'm not used to shorts jolts of adjusting quickly to being in a new I recently learned too (I guess I thrived in a familiar place, my comfort zone and I'm sure most people are - as much as I want to be known as the adventurous Sagittarian). As a co-owner of a recent boutique in Potato Head Beach Club Bali called Eleven, officially opened two days ago, one of my responsibilities is to make sure everything is well placed, running in order and all merchandised accordingly. We all divide our jobs (four of us) pretty equal, however I on the other hand like being the queen bee and so everything has it's sacrifice. Being the queen bee means you are the first person everyone calls for when things does not go right, you get chased by both my partners and my brother and his partner. But being a queen bee gives you power over everyone else, and that I think that is an "evil" trait I can't let go... not yet at least...for now.

The opening of Potato Head Beach Club Bali on the 29th of December attracted 5000 people in and out throughout the night! It was one of the most anticipated party of the year and boy was it a success! All the VIP guests arriving from 8 to 10 pm had to go through Eleven and OMG I didn't realize Bali has a LOT of CHIC people, I thought they would all be wearing all these sandals and khakis (there are still some)..but wow some where wearing purple linen shirts over burgundy pants, beautiful silver necklaces, checkered preppy sports jackets, leather french soles, and ahh I can't wait to post the photos! (still being edited)

I think I gave about 500 - 800 Eleven business cards to all the guests and every time I handed a card I tell them "Come next time and shop cos Eleven is now opened!" and most of them were very enthusiastic. Most guests were in party mood so I knew as much as we want to sell and sell it will take a couple of days for them to come back again. I had a lot of fun just seeing all these mix of people from all the different races coming through... My creative juice is flowing and flowing, I can't wait to release my line, it'll be men shirts for now, with a strong emphasis on fabrics the patterns with checks, plaids and a few embroidered details. It will be called yes, you guess it right "EMMELYN". I'm proud of my name, and it's very unique...don't you think so? a feminine menswear line, for someone like my brother, who is more consciously aware of fashion than I am :)

I'll be flying to Bali again the next couple of days, to make sure everything is running in order. My mom is coming with me, she said she wants to learn how to surf, sure why not... and my brother is also moving out to a new villa, and yes that includes me and I'm really excited because it's our own place, and he's getting married so it's important that he has his own enclave when wifey comes with him. It didn't feel like I was working when I was in Bali, perhaps because I am now truly doing something I really love and I can't believe my dreams are finally coming true, I have it in my hands. I can touch it, feel it and I know it's up to me to make it successful. A lot of things had happened along the way, but it was all well worth it, and it made me and my partners closer and stronger as team. I also met a lot of new people, genuine individuals who are now good friends, some are visitors of the island, and some left already to fulfill their own dreams. I can only wish that they will find their own dream catchers, grab it and truly hold on to it. The hardest part is always the process of getting there, of the uncertainties not knowing whether you are on the right path, always doubting your decisions and losing sleep over it. I'm still learning and curving my way around juggling two equally challenging jobs of maintaining Potato Head Jakarta and running this new shop. Jakarta is so different to Bali, I arrived last night and find that the city is so flat, and yet I woke up this morning and when I looked into my garden and knowing I had a good night sleep on my own bed I felt refreshed again and Bali is now just a good memory, with sweet glimpses of the best times I had with new friends and my partners.

Close the chapter they say and move on. I will be back very soon, too soon I think but it's okay, I need to get my system used to all these sudden jolts. Jolts of joy I hope and more blood, sweat and tears to come...Let's play!

          Уязвимость в systemd представляет опасность для многих дистрибутивов Linux   

Разработчик Canonical обнаружил баг в составе systemd, который позволяет перехватить контроль над устройством посредством DNS-пакетов.
          Mengapa Yahudi?   

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa?

Oleh : Dr Farrukh Saleem
Semakan Oleh : Mohd Taha Hassan

There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas , five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa . For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?

Hanya ada 14 juta Yahudi di muka bumi ini; tujuh juta di Amerika, lima juta di Asia, dua juta di Eropah dan 100,000 di Afrika. Bagi setiap orang Yahudi ada 100 orang Muslim (1:100). Namun, jika dicampuri semua sekali, Yahudi lebih 100 kali berkuasa daripada orang Islam. Mengapa ini berlaku?

Jesus of Nazareth was Jewish. Albert Einstein, the most influential scientist of all time and TIME magazine's 'Person of the Century', was a Jew. Sigmund Freud -- id, ego, superego -- the father of psychoanalysis was a Jew. So were Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman.

Nabi Isa (Jesus of Nazareth) ialah Yahudi. Albert Einstein, saintis zaman moden paling terkemuka dan disebut oleh majalah Time sebagai 'Manusia Abad ini' ialah seorang Yahudi; Sigmund Freud - melalui teori id, ego dan super-ego ialah bapa psikoanalisis, juga seorang Yahudi; begitu juga Karl Marx, Paul Samuelson dan Milton Friedman.

Here are a few other Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole humanity: Benjamin Rubin gave humanity the vaccinating needle. Jonas Salk developed the first polio vaccine. Alert Sabin developed the improved live polio vaccine. Gertrude Elion gave us a leukaemia fighting drug. Baruch Blumberg developed the vaccination for Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich discovered a treatment for syphilis (a sexually transmitted disease). Elie Metchnikoff won a Nobel Prize in infectious diseases.

Selain mereka banyak lagi orang Yahudi yang hasil kebijaksanaan mereka berupaya menghasilkan keperluan untuk kita semua: Benjamin Rubin memperkenalkan jarum suntikan pelalian. Johas Salk mereka vaksin polio yang pertama. Gertrude Elion mencipta ubat melawan leukemia. Baruch Blumberg mencipta vaksin Hepatitis B. Paul Ehrlich menemukan rawatan untuk siflis. Elie Metchnikoff menang Hadiah Nobel untuk penyakit berjangkit.

Bernard Katz won a Nobel Prize in neuromuscular transmission. Andrew Schally won a Nobel in endocrinology (disorders of the endocrine system; diabetes, hyperthyroidism). Aaron Beck founded Cognitive Therapy (psychotherapy to treat mental disorders, depression and phobias). Gregory Pincus developed the first oral contraceptive pill. George Wald won a Nobel for furthering our understanding of the human eye. Stanley Cohen won a Nobel in embryology (study of embryos and their development). Willem Kolff came up with the kidney dialysis machine.

Bernard Katz menang Hadiah Nobel kerana kajian mengenai transmisi neuromuskular. Andrew Schally penerima Nobel dalam kajian endokrinologi (berkaitan sistem endokrin dan kencing manis). Aaron Beck menemui terapi kognitif (rawatan mental, kesugulan dan fobia). Gregory Pincus membangunkan pil perancang keluarga yang pertama. George Wald menang Nobel bagi kajian mata manusia, Standley Cohen dianugerahi Hadiah Nobel dalam kajian embriologi (kajian janin dan perkembangannya). Willem Kolff mencipta mesin dialisis (mencuci) buah pinggang.

Over the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 15-dozen Nobel Prizes while only three Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.4 billion Muslims (other than Peace Prizes).

Sejak 105 tahun, 14 juta Yahudi menang 15 dozen Hadiah Nobel, sementara tiga dimenangi oleh 1.4 bilion umat Islam.

Why are Jews so powerful? Stanley Mezor invented the first micro-processing chip. Leo Szilard developed the first nuclear chain reactor. Peter Schultz, optical fibre cable; Charles Adler, traffic lights; Benno Strauss, Stainless steel; Isador Kisee, sound movies; Emile Berliner, telephone microphone and Charles Ginsburg, videotape recorder.

Mengapa Yahudi Terlalu Berkuasa? Stanley Mezor mencipta mikrocip pertama. Leo Szilards membangunkan reaktor rangkaian nuklear pertama; Peter Schultz (kabel gentian optik); Charles Adler (lampu isyarat); Benno Strauss (besi tahan karat - stainless steel); Isador Kisee (sistem suara di pawagam); Emile Berliner (mikrofon untuk telefon) dan Charles Ginsburg (alat pita rakaman).

Famous financiers in the business world who belong to Jewish faith include Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskins & Robbins) and Bill Rosenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Saudagar jenama terkaya dunia juga dikuasai Yahudi iaitu Ralph Lauren (Polo), Levis Strauss (Levi's Jeans), Howard Schultz (Starbuck's), Sergey Brin (Google), Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Larry Ellison (Oracle), Donna Karan (DKNY), Irv Robbins (Baskin & Robbins) dan Bill Rossenberg (Dunkin Donuts).

Richard Levin, President of Yale University, is a Jew. So are Henry Kissinger (American secretary of state), Alan Greenspan (fed chairman under Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush), Joseph Lieberman, Maxim Litvinov (USSR foreign Minister), David Marshal (Singapore's first chief minister), Issac Isaacs (governor-general of Australia), Benjamin Disraeli (British statesman and author), Yevgeny Primakov (Russian PM), Barry Gold water, Jorge Sampaio (president of Portugal), John Deutsch (CIA director), Herb Gray (Canadian deputy PM), Pierre Mendes (French PM), Michael Howard (British home secretary) and Robert Rubin (American secretary of treasury).

Richard Levin, presiden universiti tersohor Yale Universiti ialah seorang Yahudi. Henry Kissinger, Joseph Lieberman dan Madeleine Albright (bekas-bekas Setiausaha Negara AS); Alan Greenspan (bekas pengerusi Rizab Persekutuan AS di bawah Reagan, Bush, Clinton dan Bush); Maxim Litvinov (bekas Menteri Luar Soviet Union); David Marshal (bekas Ketua Menteri pertama Singapura); Isaac Isaacs (bekas Gabenor Jeneral Australia); Benjamin Disraeli (negarawan dan penulis Britian); Yevgeny Primkov (bekas Perdana Menteri Rusia dan bekas jeneral KGB); Jorge Sampaio (bekas Presiden Portugal); Herb Gray (bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Kanada); Pierre Mendes (Perdana Menteri ke-143 Perancis); Michael Howard (bekas Setiausaha Negara British); Bruno Kreisky (bekas Canselor Austria) dan Robert Rubin (bekas Setiausaha Perbendaharaan AS).

In the media, famous Jews include Wolf Blitzer ( CNN ), Barbara Walters (ABC News), Eugene Meyer ( Washington Post ), Henry Grunwald (editor-in-chief Time), Katherine Graham (publisher of The Washington Post ), Joseph Lelyyeld (Executive editor, The New York Times), and Max Frankel (New York Times).

Dalam dunia media, orang Yahudi yang terkemuka ialah Wolf Blitzer (CNN); Barbara Walters (ABC News); Eugene Meyer (Washington Post); Henry Grunwald (Ketua Editor Time); Katherine Graham (penerbit The Washington Post); Joseph Lelyyeld (Editor Eksekutif, The New York Times) dan Max Frankel (The New York Times).

At the Olympics, Mark Spitz set a record of sorts by wining seven gold medals. Lenny Krayzelburg is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. Spitz, Krayzelburg and Boris Becker are all Jewish.

Di Olimpik, Mark Spitz membolot tujuh pingat emas. Lenny Krayzelburg ialah pemegang tiga kali pingat emas Olimpik. Spitz Krayzelburg dan Boris Becker adalah Yahudi.

Did you know that Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Crystal, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Cary Grant, William Shatner, Jerry Lewis and Peter Falk are all Jewish? As a matter of fact, Hollywood itself was founded by a Jew. Among directors and producers, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1/2/3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The thief of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) are all Jewish.

Tahukah anda bahawa pelakon pujaan Harrison Ford, George Burns, Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Sandra Bullock, Billy Cystal, Woody Allen, Paul Newman, Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley, Kirk Douglas, Willian Shatner, Jerry Lewis dan Peter Falk semuanya Yahudi? Tambahan lagi, Hollywood sendiri diwujudkan oleh orang Yahudi. Antara pengarah dan penerbit, Steven Spielberg, Mel Brooks, Oliver Stone, Aaron Spelling (Beverly Hills 90210), Neil Simon (The Odd Couple), Andrew Vaina (Rambo 1- 2-3), Michael Man (Starsky and Hutch), Milos Forman (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest), Douglas Fairbanks (The Thief Of Baghdad) and Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) - semuanya adalah Yahudi.

To be certain, Washington is the capital that matters and in Washington the lobby that matters is The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC. Washington knows that if PM Ehud Olmert were to discover that the earth is flat, AIPAC will make the 109th Congress pass a resolution congratulating Olmert on his discovery.

Washington yang merupakan ibu negara Amerika Syarikat, mempunyai satu pertubuhan lobi yang amat berkuasa. Ia dikenali sebagai Jawatankuasa Hal Ehwal Awam Amerika Israel (AIPAC) yang berupaya mempengaruhi Kongres meluluskan resolusi memuji dan 'membuat apa saja' demi Israel. Washington mengetahui bahawa jika PM Ehud Olmert sedar akan wujudnya bahawa bumi ini adalah rata, maka AIPAC akan mengadakan Kongres yang ke 109 untuk meluluskan resolusi bagi memberi ucapan tahniah pada satu pertemuan yang akan diadakan bersama Olmert.

William James Sidis, with an IQ of 250-300, is the brightest human who ever existed. Guess what faith did he belong to?

Tahukah lagi bahawa William James Sidis dengan IQ 250-300 ialah manusia tercerdik. Dia ialah Yahudi. Teka, apakah kepercayaan yang beliau miliki?

So, why are Jews so powerful? Answer: Education.

Oleh yang demikian, mengapa Yahudi terlalu berkuasa? Jawapannya: Pendidikan, pelajaran, ilmu.


Dermawan dan penyangak mata wang, George Soros ialah Yahudi. Dia menderma AS$4 bilion untuk membantu ahli sains dan universiti serata dunia.

Walter Annenberg menderma untuk membina ratusan perpustakaan berjumlah AS$2 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa mereka ini terlalu berkuasa? Mengapa umat Islam terlalu lemah?

Dianggarkan 1,476,233,470 Muslim di atas muka bumi Allah ini. Satu bilion di Asia, 400 juta di Afrika, 44 juta di Eropah dan enam juta di Amerika. Setiap lima insan manusia ialah Muslim. Setiap seorang Hindu ada dua orang Islam, setiap seorang Buddha ada dua orang Islam dan setiap seorang Yahudi ada beratus orang Islam. Mengapa orang Islam terlalu lemah?

Ini jawapannya: Terdapat 57 negara anggota OIC dan jika dicampur semua cuma ada kira-kira 500 buah universiti; atau sebuah universiti untuk setiap tiga juta orang Islam.

AS mempunyai 5,758 universiti dan India ada 8,407. Pada 2004, Shanghai Jiao Tong Universiti membuat kajian 'Kedudukan Akademik Universiti-universiti Dunia' - dan menakjubkan - tiada satu pun universiti-negara Islam yang berada di puncak 500.

Data yang dikumpul dari UNDP, tahap celik huruf di negara maju ialah hampir 90 peratus dan 15 negara itu mempunyai 100 peratus celik huruf. Negara majoriti penduduk Islam, purata kadar celik huruf ialah sekitar 40 peratus dan tiada negara yang mempunyai 100 peratus semuanya celik huruf.

Sekitar 98 peratus penduduk di negara maju menamatkan sekurang-kurang sekolah rendah, sementara hanya 50 peratus di negara majoriti Islam. Sekitar 40 peratus penduduk di negara maju memasuki universiti, sementara hanya 2 peratus di negara majoriti Islam.

Negara-negara majoriti Islam mempunyai 230 ahli sains bagi setiap (per) sejuta penduduk. Di AS 4,000 per sejuta, Jepun 5,000 per sejuta. Di seluruh negara Arab, penyelidik sepenuh masa ialah 35,000 dan hanya 50 juruteknik per sejuta (berbanding di negara maju 1,000 juruteknik per sejuta).

Negara Islam membelanjakan 0.2 peratus daripada KDNK untuk penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D) sebaliknya, di negara maju membelanjakan 5 peratus daripada KDNKnya.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam kurang keupayaan untuk menghasilkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Akhbar harian yang dibaca oleh setiap 1,000 orang dan jumlah judul buku yang dibaca oleh setiap sejuta orang adalah dua angka tunjuk bagi menentukan sama ada ilmu pengetahuan disalurkan ke dalam masyarakat.

Di Pakistan, hanya ada 23 akhbar harian per 1,000 rakyat Pakistan sementara nisbah di Singapura ialah 360. Di UK, jumlah judul buku per juta orang ialah 2,000 sementara di Mesir ialah 20.

Kesimpulan: Dunia Islam gagal menyalurkan ilmu pengetahuan.

Yang menariknya, jumlah terkumpul KDNK tahunan 57 buah negara ahli OIC ialah di bawah AS$2 trilion. Amerika sahaja, menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai AS$12 trilion, China AS$8 trilion, Jepun AS$3.8 trilion dan Jerman AS$2.4 trilion.

Pengeluar minyak yang kaya, Arab Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar secara rangkuman menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan (rata-rata minyak) bernilai AS$500 bilion; Sepanyol sahaja menghasilkan barangan dan perkhidmatan bernilai lebih AS$1 trilion, Poland AS$489 bilion dan Thailand AS$545 bilion.

Jadi, mengapa orang Islam tidak berkuasa dan orang Yahudi paling berkuasa?

Jawapannya ialah: Kurangnya ilmu. Kurangnya pendidikan dan kurangnya pelajaran.


Daripada lingkungan 12 juta orang Yahudi, hanya 0,2 % sahaja populasi dunia. ( 2 setiap dari 1000 orang)


1910 - Paul Heyse
1927 - Henri Bergson
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1966 - Nelly Sachs
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2002 - Imre Kertesz
2005 - Harold Pinter

World Peace

1911 - Alfred Fried
1911 - Tobias Asser
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1973 - Henry Kissinger
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Daniel Kahneman
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Physiology / Medicine

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          Persefahaman dan Perselisihan?   
Allah SWT berfirman yang bermaksud: "Dan bahawa sesungguhnya, inilah jalanKu (Agama Islam) yang betul lurus, maka hendaklah kamu menurutnya dan janganlah kamu menurut jalan-jalan (yang lain dari Islam), kerana jalan-jalan (yang lain itu) mencerai-beraikan kamu dari jalan Allah, dengan demikian itulah Allah perintahkan kamu, supaya kamu bertaqwa." (Surah al-An'am, ayat 153)

Sayyiduna Rasulullah SAW juga pernah bersabda yang mafhumnya: "Sesungguhnya aku telah tinggalkan kamu (akan agama kamu) dalam keadaan terang-benderang, malamnya seperti siang, tidak tergelincir darinya setelah ketiadaanku kecuali yang celaka, dan barangsiapa yang hidup daripada kamu (pada akhir zaman), maka dia akan melihat banyak perselisihan pendapat, maka hendaklah kamu mengikut apa yang kamu ketahui daripada sunnahku dan Sunnah al-Khulafak ar-Rosyidin yang terbimbing ... "

Islam sebuah agama yang amat indah. Sifat kasih-mengasihi dan sayang-menyayangi sebagai tanda kehambaan kepada Allah SWT. Kebenaran diutamakan, tanpa mengira siapa kita. Kepelbagaian fikrah diterima, selagi mana ia tidak melanggar usul agama yang suci ini. Secara dasarnya, kepelbagaian pandangan sesama kita, tidak bertentangan dengan wujudnya konsep satu kebenaran, berlandaskan al-Quran dan Sunnah.

Namun persoalannya, mengapa masih terdapat lagi tuduhan bahawa kita golongan yang tidak toleran dan anti pluraliti? Dan mengapa apabila golongan Islamis memperjuangkan kebenaran Islam, mereka juga dituduh monolitik, tidak toleran dan fanatik? Adakah silapnya manhaj dakwah yang kita bawa? Lantas kita sendiri menjadi penyebab kepada hancurnya pandangan masyarakat terhadap Islam? Persoalan seperti ini tidak boleh diambil ringan (taken for grated) oleh kita sebagai al-azhari.

Ya, kita menyokong keterbukaan, tapi ini tidak bermakna kita mendukung subjektivisme atau relativisme! Islam menerima kepelbagaian pendapat, sebagai suatu yang lumrah kerana manusia diciptakan dengan kemampuan dan tahap keilmuan yang tidak sama.

Sejarah mencatatkan kepada kita bahawa Islam adalah agama yang sangat toleran. Sehingga penganut agama Yahudi dan Nasrani dapat hidup aman dan damai di bawah pemerintahan Islam. Sistem pemerintahan Islam pada zaman al-Khulafak ar-Rosyidin menunjukkan para khalifah tidak bersikap despotik.

Dewasa ini, kita melihat beberapa konsepsi yang salah terhadap para ulamak. Biasanya seorang ulamak itu diukur dengan title dan sijil yang dipegangnya. Ramai yang merasa dirinya seorang ulamak, walhal pengetahuannya tidak seberapa. Ada yang mempunyai pengetahuan yang tinggi, tetapi akhlaknya rendah. Mengkritik dan menghina tanpa usul kebenaran menjadi santapan harian.

Sememangnya, banyak perkara yang perlu diperbaiki. Mengajak manusia kepada Allah dan bukannya kepada diri sendiri.
          Si amas los tacos, ¡amarás la app Taco Guru! Por YellowLink   

3669MONTERREY, México, 30 de junio de 2017 /PRNewswire/ --  Ya miles de tacolovers se están dando un banquete con Taco Guru, una de las apps más comentadas en México en los últimos meses, y con la que los usuarios pueden no sólo buscar y encontrar sus tacos favoritos a través de un sistema de...

          Jessica Murphy United States   

 SFL SUCCESS STORY: Jessica Murphy SFL North America Campus Coordinator in Wisconsin gets threatened for speaking out Jessica Murphy, a Campus Coordinator in Wisconsin, recently had a blog post published by the MacIver Institute, a free market think tank based in Wisconsin. In her blog, Jessica highlighted the ‘Top Five Wasteful Classes’ provided by the University of Wisconsin system, which is a system of public universities funded by the Wisconsin taxpayer. One of the classes the blog targeted as wasteful was Teaching for Social Justice, a course whose syllabus specifically aims to instill in the teachers of tomorrow a sensitivity to address injustices viewed through a lens of identity politics giving sex/race/class/sexuality a prominent place in the course’s analysis. As Jessica said in her blog post, “A […]

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United States
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          Theater um Homo-Ehe: inszenierte Nichtigkeit oder Ablenkungsmanöver?   
Nun ist sie also beschlossene Sache: die "Homo-Ehe", oder "Ehe für alle". Der Freudentaumel im links-grünen ist enorm, heißt es doch, dass wir dem Stadium einer supra-offenen Gesellschaft wieder ein paar Schritte näher gekommen sind. "Ein buntes Ja für die Liebe" tönt die Klatschkanone gmx eifrig; auch hier wird der Beschluss wie ein lang umkämpfter Sieg gefeiert. Was zum Teufel aber soll dieses Theater? Haben wir nicht einen Berg anderer Probleme? Ich habe nichts gegen Homosexuelle und auch nicht gegen die Liebe. Es mutet jedoch absurd, beinahe pervers an, dass man angesichts einer inzwischen allgegenwärtigen Terrorgefahr, einem maroden Bildungssystem, einer hoffnungslos überforderten Polizei, no go areas, drohender Altersarmut, der Islamisierung und Entstehung von Parallelgesellschaften, der gestiegenen Kinderarmut, der EU-Krise, des wirtschaftlichen Bedeutungsverlustes und vielem mehr, ein derartiges Nischenthema zur einem Politikum von existenzieller Tragweite aufbläht. Wieviele Menschen in diesem Land werden davon überhaupt betroffen sein? Und wen interessiert es überhaupt? Der Fall Homo-Ehe ist ein exzellentes Exempel dafür, wie perfekt die Meinungsmache funktioniert. Kaum einen hat das Thema je gekratzt, aber innerhalb weniger Tage/Wochen ist es in aller Munde. Selbst ich habe heute Vormittag mit einer gewissen Spannung der mdr-Berichterstattung zu den Abstimmungsergebnissen gelauscht. "Wow" hab ich gedacht und mich gefühlt, als hätte ich nach drei Tagen Dauerwerbesendung endlich das neue Küchen-Multi-Tool bestellt. Wovon soll hier abgelenkt werden? Vom Durchwinken des Maas´schen Zensurgesetzes? Oder welch andere Unsäglichkeit wird uns bald wieder als diktatorisch anheimelndes Schmakerl vorgetragen? Worum geht es hierbei? Soweit ich weiß, waren homoseuelle Pärchen den "Normalos" in so gut wie allem gleichgestellt. Unterschiede liegen in diesem Fall ja wohl eindeutig in der Natur der Sache. Und Differenzierung sollte nicht automatisch mit...
          Verletzte bei Verkehrsunfällen und 34-jährige VW-Fahrerin unter Drogen   
Symbolbild Bei Verkehrsunfällen verletzt Weida: Am Donnerstag (29.06.2017), gegen 10:40 Uhr befuhr eine 71- jährige Honda Fahrerin den Parkplatz eines Verbrauchermarktes in der Geraer Straße. Auf der Suche nach einer freien Parkfläche übersah sie einen 85- jährigen Fußgänger und fuhr ihn von hinten an. Der Mann kam zu Fall und wurde verletzt.   Greiz: Am Donnerstag (29.06.2017), gegen 16:45 Uhr befuhr eine 19- jährige Peugeot Fahrerin die B92 in Richtung Greiz. In einer Rechtskurve am Gommlaer Berg verlor sie die Kontrolle über ihr Fahrzeug und geriet in den Gegenverkehr. Gleichzeitig befuhr eine 38-jährige Skoda Fahrerin die Gegenrichtung. Beide Pkw kollidierten miteinander. Durch den Unfall wurden beide Fahrzeugführerinnen verletzt, an den Kfz entstand Sachschaden. Die Unfallstelle musste gereinigt werden.   Pkw unter Einfluss von Betäubungsmitteln und ohne Fahrerlaubnis geführt Weida: Am Donnerstag (29.06.2017), gegen 15:30 Uhr kontrollierten Polizeibeamte die 34-jährige Fahrerin eines Pkw VW, die gerade auf die Gabelsberger Straße auffahren wollte. Grund der Kontrolle waren dabei die entstempelten Kennzeichentafeln am Fahrzeug. Während der Überprüfung stellte sich heraus, dass die Fahrzeugführerin keine Fahrerlaubnis besitzt, unter Einfluss von Betäubungsmitteln stand, (der Test verlief auf Amphetamine/Methamphetamine positiv), sowie das Kfz nicht zugelassen war. Die Weiterfahrt wurde untersagt, eine Blutentnahme veranlasst und entsprechende Ermittlungsverfahren eingeleitet.
          Gerente de Sistemas de Gestão - Hydro Aluminum - Paragominas, PA   
Garantir o cumprimento do valor orçado para o ano corrente. A empresa conta com 13.000 empregados envolvidos em atividades em mais de 40 países e em todos os...
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          Auxiliar de Informática - Brima Serviços - Belém, PA   
Formatação de computadores, instalação de sistemas operacionais (Windows/Linux), instalação de softwares, suporte técnico remoto e presencial....
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          Kommentar zu Hochrangiges Regierungsmitglied: “Spätestens im November geht es rund” von ich bin   
Erkenntnis und Verständnis eignet sich jeder selber an. Und das ist ein Prozess der über Jahre dauert, und es ändert sich auch ständig wenn wieder neue Informationen dazukommen (Die Wahrheit, oder was ihr damit bezeichnet, aus den vielen Artikeln im Internet herauszufiltern, wo das ganze so gemischt ist mit Halbwahrheiten und Desinformationen, tja, schwierig für die meisten und zeitaufwändig). Die Programmierung durch Schule, Erziehung, Fernsehen, Werbung usw. aus dem eigenen Energiesystem zu löschen muss jeder selber wollen. Es gibt natürlich viele Möglichkeiten dazu wie man es erreichen kann. So wie ich es geschrieben habe hat es sicher die richtige Kraft. Wer soweit ist, versteht es. Warum soll ich Erklärungen hier schreiben, hatte ich schon gemacht, ist halt zu oft nicht veröffentlicht worden durch die Bloginhaberin. Als aufgerichtete Seele mit den gebeugten zu kommunizieren - was meint ihr? Gedanken und Worte schafften die 3D-Realität - also damit aufpassen - Verstanden? Wer soweit ist findet seine Antworten.
          Dazenelevator you ambition to add a blow of affluence   
The Aging Assistance You Charge It’s important to you that you’re able to adore the home you’ve lived in a lot of of your developed lift. This is the home you aloft your accouchement in and that your grandchildren appointment on the approved basis. In adjustment to accept the accessibility you still charge for your home you charge to accept some advice to abide to accomplish use of your home as you get older. Custom Home Elevator can advice you with added than just the custom Elevator China lifts offered in the Muncie, IN breadth so that you can accumulate on active in the home you love. Custom Home Elevator has over 100 years of acquaintance in the acreage of elevators and lifts, but they aswell accept a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) on agents to aid you in the adeptness to abide to reside in the home you love. This specialist can appraise your home bearings and advice advance items you charge that will advice you break in your home including the bulk lifts that you can accept installed in your Muncie, IN home. With the advice of this specialist you can abide to adore the home you adulation for abounding added years. In adjustment to accompany you the alternative of lifts that are appropriate for your Muncie, IN home the Certified Accessibility Technicians (CATs) of Custom Home Elevator charge to appointment your home and appraise the stairs and areas of your home to advice you accept the appropriate way to admission every allowance in your home. With the advice of this team, you’ll be able to activity in the home you adulation for several years added and be able to admission every allowance with ease. Let Custom Home Elevator advice you adore the abandon you want.

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          Chinanitrogengenerator the bulk of change is zero the capital antecedent   
At present, there are two capital requirements for the acquirement of air purifiers, the aboriginal is the a lot of accepted anti-fog haze, the added is the anew adapted ancestors of formaldehyde as the Nitrogen Generator of abounding aerial amoebic (VOC). Of course, the air bactericide can break the botheration is not alone the two, but these two needs is absolutely the calm market, the a lot of boilerplate air bactericide demand, actuality to these two archetypal needs, for example, to explain why the air The bactericide is an able band-aid for advancement calm air quality.

The aboriginal is fog haze. The online analysis of air purifiers is varied, but it is still not a problem, for those who do not accept to buy air purifiers, it is still difficult to explain to them why air purifiers can actualize one in their home Can bear the brume of the haven. It is harder to explain why the air bactericide is not boring filtered once, and the charge to consistently broadcast the calm air. There is aswell an insurmountable mindset that we charge "fresh" air, and in actuality we charge apple-pie air afterwards boundless air.

Simple to accept that a bactericide can be absent into a aperture abeyant in the air, the aperture inhaled the aforementioned bulk of calm air complete contaminants, alarming out the complete cleanliness of the CADR bulk afterwards algae [1]. As apparent in the bulk below, the average box draws attenuated air from beneath and assault apple-pie air to the top. In the complete test, the CADR is aswell abstinent in a accepted apprehension environment, the connected aperture of the purifier, and connected almanac of the absorption of pollutants in the analysis chamber, and use this ambit to fit the bulk of the ideal archetypal to infer this ablution The agnate CADR value. So the CADR bulk is added absolute and able than the individual adeptness or air volume.

For a anchored room, if the alien altitude do not change, again the allowance will anatomy a activating balance, that is, the acceleration of ablution and abuse bulk is flat, the assemblage time into the arrangement of chapped bulk and acquittal arrangement particles equal, again the calm air The superior does not change, that is, the bulk of change is zero, that is, the sum of the sum of the ante of the two routes of abuse in the aloft 5 approaches is according to the sum of the ante of the three ablution paths.

In the case of astringent haze, the capital antecedent of calm chapped bulk is infiltrated by the outside, and the calm abuse antecedent apparent as No. 4 is altered from room, which is difficult to quantify and is not acceptable for abstract calculation. Nitrogen Generation System it is anon alone here. The activating calm declared aloft becomes the bulk at which the particles penetrate, according to the sum of the ante of sedimentation, bactericide purification, and accustomed acquittal of the three ablution pathways.
          Automotivedrivingbelt models for absolutely altered operations   
Conveyor units accept got a decidedly advanced arrangement of uses, so abundant so that a ample bulk of automatic sectors abacus on abounding kinds of agent models for absolutely altered operations, from accumulation to packing and supply. Two of the foremost Timing Belt Manufacturers uses of agent units will be in food administration added packaging. For absolutely possibly the a lot of part, agent systems are usually implemented in any operation that will absorb relocating some affair from 1 atom to accession in a ceaseless abiding stream. This agency food managed by agent systems may ambit from some affair as ample as cars in accumulation lines, to an account as ablaze as bare artificial containers and sticker labels. They're additionally active not alone for automatic acceptance about will aswell be apparent on a circadian base in affective walkways in arcade malls.

Conveyor systems are absolutely approved afterwards attributable to the abounding allowances they offer. One of the greatest advantages of agent systems is absolutely the automation of abstracts moving. Therefore beneath artisan handling, consistent in beneath absurdity or added productivity, appreciably beneath basal assurance fears, abbreviation plan expenses. However, this may aswell aftereffect in appreciably beneath chiral roles. The operated manually duties apropos to acrimonious up and alteration however, are in actuality replaced with a claim for added accomplished technicians that are alleged aloft in adjustment to accomplish the complete conveyors, accustomed that the majority of agent systems commonly are not absolutely automated, and in abounding cases some of those which are would charge the accepted administration of workers to authorize assurance added optimum all-embracing performance.

Colored accept straps are the appraisement affairs usually called for a lot of angry styles and angry techniques. It is accomplished to accept a ambition to accomplish towards, and if you accept able difficult and you accomplish that arise next atramentous belt you appointment a faculty of success. But, there are some out there that just appointment that the accomplished Elastic Timing Belt appraisement affairs in accepted has just gone downhill, or is at atomic a far cry from the times if Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee endemic the angry styles cine screen. If anyone was a atramentous belt you knew they had plan out difficult for years, and was mentally arduous and in actuality fit.

Timing belts began to alter chains in the backward 70's and aboriginal 80's as auto manufacturers were researching agency to aftermath lighter and beneath big-ticket vehicles. Lighter weight meant added mileage. There are abounding questions that are frequently asked about timing belts. Learning about what belts do and if they should be replaced will advice you in befitting your car active while alienated cher breakdowns. Accumulate in apperception that not all cars accept a timing belt. Timing chains are authoritative a improvement due to backbone so be abiding to analysis your vehicle’s architect adviser to actuate if you accept a belt or chain.

If in doubt, you should PK Belt alter your belt rather than cat-and-mouse to see if it lasts. The bulk of accepting a new timing belt adapted will be abundant lower than the bulk of acclimation a damaged engine if the belt snaps unexpectedly.
          Venezuela: La Fiscalía cita a otro alto funcionario del Gobierno por presunta violación de DD.HH.   
El Ministerio Público (MP) venezolano citó en calidad de imputado al director del Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional (Sebin), Gustavo González López. La Fiscalía publicó la citación al alto funcionario por “presuntamente cometer graves y sistemáticas violaciones a los derechos humanos”. González López, según el escrito, deberá presentarse ante el MP el próximo martes 4 de julio
          England could move to 'opt out' organ donation system, Downing Street says   
The Government is monitoring the results of changes in Scotland and Wales
          networx: Finance Analyst – Property Services / AAT / Housing / Rent Systems   
Salary £30,569 - £33,626pa: networx: Passionate about great places to live, our client develops a range of new homes. Chippenham, Wiltshire
          networx: ​Financial Analyst – Neighbourhoods / AAT / Housing / Rent Systems   
Salary £30,569 - £33,626pa: networx: Passionate about great places to live, our client develops a range of new homes Chippenham, Wiltshire
          sarcostemma sonocotra (12 réponses)   
[attachment 115224 sarcostemmasocotrana.jpg]
Bonjour les ami(e)s
Une p'tite asclep. rarement vue :
sarcostemma sonocotra. (floraison de ce jour)
Ce nom est celui sous lequel j'ai acheté cette plante, mais il n'est pas valide.
Si quelqu'un connait son nom officiel, (j'ai cherché en vain) cela serait très gentil de me le communiquer.
Bonne journée et Merci par avance.
          vakantiehuisje in Lunteren, Nederland : Wellnesshuis voor 6 personen   
vakantiehuisje : WellnesshuisDeze luxe woning bevindt zich op een ruim opgezet vakantiepark, midden in de bossen op de Veluwe in het buitengebied van het Gelderse Lunteren. Kom genieten van rust, ruimte en een bosrijke omgeving, maar ook van de vele faciliteiten die deze vakantiewoning te bieden. Het Wellnesshuis beschikt over een Schotse douche met voetenmassage, een Turkse sauna met lichttherapie, een Finse buitensauna, een whirlpool met acupuntuurmassage, een zonnebank en twee massagestoelen. Kortom, met al deze wellnessfaciliteiten kunt u ongetwijfeld heerlijk ontspannen en tot rust komen. Tijdens het verblijf kunt u ook gebruik maken van de gemeenschappelijke faciliteiten van het park, waaronder een zwembad, tennisbaan, jeux de boules baan en speeltuin. De plaats Lunteren is het geografische middelpunt van Nederland. Het wordt omgeven door bossen, zandverstuivingen en heidevelden. Een perfecte bestemming voor de echte natuurliefhebber. De bovenverdieping heeft een PVC vloer.
          vakantiehuisje in Zelhem, Nederland : Het Kruisselt voor 6 personen   
vakantiehuisje : Het KruisseltEen bijzondere en authentieke vakantiewoning in Zelhem door de rijke geschiedenis van dit gemeentelijk monument. Het vakantiehuis is een voormalige opzichterswoning uit 1920 en is gelegen aan de bosrand van landgoed ’t Zand in Zelhem. Het vakantiehuis heeft een enorme tuin waarin u veel vogels kunt horen fluiten. Vanuit de tuin kunt u direct uw boswandeling starten. Het huis heeft een authentieke keuken die voorzien is van alle luxe apparatuur van nu. De woonkamer is voorzien van een zithoek met houtkachel. Vanwege de landelijke ligging is het TV signaal onbetrouwbaar, vandaar dat u ook de beschikking heeft over een DVD-speler. Op het terras geniet u van het zicht op de enorme tuin en komt u helemaal tot rust met alle natuur om u heen. Zelhem staat bekend als het groene hart van de Achterhoek waar u kunt genieten van de rust en ruimte. In de regio kunt u prachtige wandel- en fietstochten maken. Bronckhorst, de gemeente waar Zelhem onderdeel van uitmaakt, wordt bestempeld als het kleinste stadje van Nederland. Hier vindt u veel gerestaureerde boerderijen die nu fungeren als galerie, winkel of restaurant. Ook de Hanzesteden Doesburg, Zutphen of Deventer liggen relatief dichtbij.
          NEWS: Quebec government doesn’t rule out Nunavik education audit   
Quebec’s education minister has invited Makivik Corp. to sit down and discuss how to address problems within Nunavik’s education system. The invitation comes as a response to Makivik President Jobie Tukkiapik’s request to Quebec to launch an independent audit of the education system. In a May 30 letter, Tukkiapik said an audit is needed to first understand and then resolve shortcomings in the delivery of Nunavik’s education, prompted by the recent admission that Kativik School Board high
          FEATURED ADVERTISEMENT: Nebo Comfort Systems: Don't Melt This Summer   

          Lead Business Analyst - General Electric - Jebel Ali   
Experience working to document processes and system requirements. Documents user manuals to describe application installation and operating procedures....
From GE Careers - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 10:23:56 GMT - View all Jebel Ali jobs
          Operations Manager - San Marco General Trading - Dubai   
Organization of fiscal documents. Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations mission -- specifically, support better... AED4,000 a month
From Indeed - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 11:26:16 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          System Engineer (m/f) Transportation Systems - Departer Deutschland GmbH - Dubai   
Assist in the preparation of testing documents and reports. Our German client is a well-known provider of transportation solutions....
From Worknet E-Cruiting Solutions GmbH - Sat, 17 Jun 2017 07:40:16 GMT - View all Dubai jobs
          Importante convenio firman autoridades y representantes del transporte   

La Prensa

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Representantes del transporte de carga del país firmaron este viernes un convenio con autoridades del Instituto Hondureño de Transporte Terrestre (Ihtt).

El convenio de cooperación contempla la instalación de básculas móviles en los principales ejes carreteros.

Se estiman 12 básculas móviles en la primera etapa.

Las primeras se instalarán en julio.

Cuatro heridos deja volcamiento en carretera hacia Valle de Ángeles"El Instituto Hondureño del Transporte adquiere una obligación en la Ley del Transporte Terrestre publicada el 30 de marzo de 2016, que establece que el instituto es el obligado a desplegar y operar un sistema de pesos y dimensiones a nivel nacional, esa obligación se le impone al Instituto porque actualmente no hay ni una tan sola báscula del Estado que esté prestando el servicio de pesaje en ningún eje carretero del país", dijo Roberto Zacapa, comisionado presidente del Ihtt.

Más de cien mil carros de carga pesada hay en el país.

          Aznar: "El desafío independentista es la prueba más seria a la que se va a someter nuestro sistema constitucional"   
El expresidente del Gobierno, José María Aznar, ha clausurado los Cursos de Verano FAES...
          JOH invita a demás países a una unión aduanera   

Encuentro. El presidente Juan Orlando Hernández junto a la canciller María Dolores Agüero y el mandatario salvadoreño
  Salvador Sánchez Cerén. En otras mesas el presidente Jimmy Morales de Guatemala y Guillermo Solís de Costa Rica . fotos: afp

San José, Costa Rica.

El presidente de Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández y su par salvadoreño, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, acordaron ayer “profundizar” la coordinación para la prevenir la violencia y controlar los delitos.

Los gobernantes sostuvieron una reunión bilateral durante la XLIX Cumbre del Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (Sica), que se desarrolló ayer en San José, Costa Rica, donde “coincidieron en intercambiar las buenas prácticas que se están realizando en materia de prevención de la violencia”.

Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala mantienen un plan de seguridad conjunto mediante el cual los cuerpos policiales y las fiscalías intercambian información para el combate de las peligrosas pandillas y el narcotráfico.


Sánchez Cerén y Hernández también discutieron sobre comercio y la necesidad de “facilitar” el intercambio de bienes.

“La unión aduanera es un paso bueno para todos”.

Con esas palabras, Hernández hizo un llamado a los presidentes y jefes de Estado de Centroamérica para que se sumen a la iniciativa que ya inició Honduras y Guatemala desde el pasado lunes.

“Les invitamos a que sean parte de la unión aduanera”, les dijo el presidente Hernández a los mandatarios de la región que asistieron a la cumbre del Sica.

“He tenido que ver con tristeza largas filas de furgones, contenedores, personas para transitar de un país a otro.

Somos centroamericanos”, dijo Hernández, quien a renglón seguido manifestó: “empezamos con esta idea (unión aduanera) antes que los europeos”.

“Que ya no nos siga avanzando el tiempo sin tomar las decisiones que debimos tomar hace mucho tiempo y creo que vamos por buena dirección”, dijo.

Aprovechó su disertación ante los países representados en la Cumbre para invitar, “al presidente (Danilo) Medina, al presidente (Juan Carlos) Varela, a ver cómo nos involucramos en la unión aduanera”.

Omar Halleslevens, el ministro delegado por el presidente nicaragüense, Daniel Ortega, abogó por “acelerar la integración” de la región, más allá de lo económico.

El exvicepresidente dijo que “la integración económica es importante, pero parcial en el desarrollo de Centroamérica, por lo que hay que excitar la voluntad política para acelerar la integración”.

Nueva etapa.

El presidente Hernández indicó que la Cumbre del Sica se destacó de otras por la toma de decisiones, marcando una nueva etapa del organismo regional, más positiva y de resultados necesarios para los pueblos de la región.

“Luego de cerca de 60 años de haber iniciado el proceso de unión regional, para Honduras y Guatemala es una realidad”.

          GMAT Verbal Section | Re: Past Perfect vs Past Perfect Continuous   

Why I asked this question was because I came across a Question from Veritas, in which they used past perfect and present perfect together in an option and removed the option because of the use of 2 tenses together. I removed the sentence because of some other error. Can you check?
Question ( to avoid repeating a question- I am just copying the question stem)
The rare bird, considered extinct for over fifty years and actually thriving in a remote part of the Andes, has made

          Non Destructive Examination (NDE) Senior Technician - NDT Global Inc. - Leduc, AB   
Founded by engineers and physicists with extensive experience in the field of automated non-destructive inspection systems for the steel and pipeline industries...
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          Gland Oil & Gas Recruitment Into Positions In Lagos   

Gland Oil & Gas (GOG) is an independent oil and gas company focused on production, development and gas exploration. We are oil finders, driven to unlock significant new petroleum systems, and to grow and mature discovered hydrocarbon basins through additional exploration success, as well as development and production .We are recruiting to fill the position […]

Gland Oil & Gas Recruitment Into Positions In Lagos

          Who won the latest Air Force launch contract? Colorado's ULA? Or SpaceX?   
United Launch Alliance won a $191 million space launch contract for an experimental Air Force project, beating out SpaceX to launch the STP-3 mission in two years. The U.S. Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center in Los Angeles on Thursday awarded Centennial-based ULA the contract after reviewing bids by ULA and Elon Musks’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX. STP-3 is slated to launch atop one of ULA’s Atlas V rockets from Cape Canaveral, Florida, with the mission occurring…

          macOS 10.13 High Sierra: Public Beta mit Dateisystem APFS zur Installation bereit   
Drei Tage nach der öffentlichen Beta von iOS 11 hat Apple auch die erste öffentliche Beta des Betriebssystems macOS 10.13 High Sierra zur Verfügung gestellt.
          @OperaKitty That's not what I call "decent healthcare" then. America needs a better system to provide healthcare th…   

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posted: June 23, 2017 at 11:18AM

          Stellvertretende Leiterin/Stellvertretender Leiter des Standortmanagements   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung (AWI) ist eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Die Forschungsstelle Potsdam befasst sich mit klimarelevanten Prozessen in den festländischen Dauerfrostregionen und in der polaren Atmosphäre der Arktis und Antarktis. Für unsere Verwaltung suchen wir zum 1. Oktober 2017 eine/n Mitarbeiter/in als Stellvertretende Leiterin/Stellvertretender Leiter des Standortmanagements
im Umfang von 100 % der regelmäßigen wöchentlichen Arbeitszeit.

Sie leiten, organisieren und beaufsichtigen die verwaltungstechnischen Aktivitäten an der AWI-Forschungsstelle Potsdam. Sie sind dem Potsdamer Forschungsstellenleiter und Standortmanager unterstellt, arbeiten jedoch in enger Abstimmung mit den administrativen Abteilungen am AWI-Hauptstandort in Bremerhaven. Zu Ihren Aufgaben gehören insbesondere: •  Beratung, Unterstützung und Vertretung des Forschungsstellenleiters bei der Strukturierung; Umsetzung und Qualitätssicherung der administrativen und betriebstechnischen Prozesse
•  Koordinierung und Fähigkeit zur Durchführung sämtlicher Verwaltungsprozesse am AWI-Standort Potsdam
•  Unterstützung bei der Finanz- und Investitionsplanung
•  Erstellung des Budgets, Überwachung und Abrechnung des Budgetplans
•  Administrative Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen der Nutzergemeinschaft mit benachbarten Forschungseinrichtungen am Standort Potsdam
•  Umsetzung des Betriebskonzepts
•  Regelmäßiges internes Berichtswesen: Kennzahlen, Kosten, Maßnahmen Voraussetzungen:
•  Abgeschlossenes Studium Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Allgemeine Verwaltung / Dipl.-Verwaltungsbetriebswirt/in (FH) bzw. vergleichbare Qualifikation
•  Kenntnisse im Finanz-, Vertrags- und administrativen Kontrollwesen
•  Kenntnisse in Personalwesen, Einkauf, Facility Management
•  analytische und konzeptionelle Fähigkeiten
•  Fähigkeit zur schnellen Einarbeitung in wechselnde Problemstellungen und Entwicklung von Lösungsvorschlägen
•  sicherer Umgang mit MS-Office und SAP/R3 Ü  gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift  Gelegentliche Reisebereitschaft zwischen dem Standort Potsdam und dem AWI in Bremerhaven wird vorausgesetzt. Die Stelle ist zunächst bis zum 30.09.2019 befristet. Eine Weiterbeschäftigung wird angestrebt. Das Arbeitsverhältnis richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Die Vergütung erfolgt gemäß individueller Qualifikation, Erfahrung und übertragenen Tätigkeiten und ist bis zu Entgeltgruppe 12 möglich. Der Dienstort ist Potsdam. Inhaltliche Auskünfte zur Stelle erhalten Sie bei apl. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Diekmann (,Tel.: 0331/288-2100. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres, internationales  Forschungs- und Arbeitsumfeld mit flexiblen Arbeitszeiten, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen Hochschulabschluss an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen mit der Standarddokumentation (Motivationsschreiben, Lebenslauf, Abschlusszeugnisse, Referenzen) bis zum 20.07.2017 unter Angabe der Kennziffer 87/G/Verw-P-tt per E-mail (alle Dokumente in einer PDF-Datei) an:
          Leiter/in der wissenschaftlichen Werkstatt   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Unsere Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler werden von der institutseigenen wissenschaftlichen Werkstatt unterstützt. Die wissenschaftliche Werkstatt ist zuständig für die Fertigung von technischen Teilen, Geräten und Anlagen, die unsere Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler für die Gewinnung von Proben oder die Erhebung von Daten insbesondere im Rahmen von Expeditionen benötigen. Wir suchen zum baldmöglichst eine/n

Leiter/in der wissenschaftlichen Werkstatt

Sie sind neben der Leitung und Organisation der wissenschaftlichen Werkstatt mit einem Team von derzeit fünf Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern auch für die strategische Weiterentwicklung verantwortlich und setzen diese und und treiben sie weiter voran  Darüber hinaus vertreten Sie die Werkstatt in internen und externen Fachgremien.  Voraussetzungen: • Abgeschlossenes Masterstudium in Maschinenbau, Konstruktionstechnik oder gleichwertige Kenntnisse • Expertenkenntnisse im Bereich
   - Personalführung und prozessorientierte Arbeitsorganisation  
   - Konstruktionslehre  
   - Technische Kommunikation 
   - Risikoanalysen und Risikobeurteilungen sowie Produktsicherheitsgesetz (ProdSG) • Sehr gute Kenntnisse im Bereich
   - Arbeits- und Produktionsplanung
   - Budgetierung und Auftragskalkulation
   - Projektmanagement
   - Maschinen und Werkzeugtechnologien
   - Materialtechnologie, u.a. Eigenschaften für  tiefe Minustemperaturen und Eigenschaften für große Meerwassertiefen (8.000 Meter)
   - CAD SolidWorks 3D-Konstruktion und -Zeichnung
   - Simultane Erzeugung von NC-Programmen mit SolidCAM für Dreh- und Fräsmaschinen in 3 Achs und 5 Achs
   - Englischer Sprache • Bereitschaft zu auch längeren Dienstreisen zur Erprobung und Abnahme technischer Produkte Sie verfügen über ein ausgeprägtes Dienstleistungsbewusstsein und kundenorientiertes Aufgabenverständnis und haben ein verbindlich-freundliches und sicheres Auftreten. Zu Ihren Stärken gehören Führungskompetenz, Organisationsgeschick sowie eine ausgeprägte Kommunikations- und Teamfähigkeit. Sie bewegen sich sicher in einem von internationaler Zusammenarbeit geprägten Umfeld. Die Stelle ist auf zwei Jahre befristet mit der Option auf Entfristung. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 14 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen im technischen Bereich an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 100/G/WW-tt bis zum 26. Juli 2017 auf dem Postwege an: Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Personalabteilung, Postfach 120161, 27515 Bremerhaven oder per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an:
          Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in, Bereich Aquakulturforschung   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Für unseren Bereich Aquakulturforschung suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine/n Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in Hintergrund:
Einen Projektleiter für die Betreuung von zwei laufenden Forschungsprojekten und für die Vorbereitung von 2-3 Projektanträgen wird gesucht.

1)    Entwicklung und Umsetzung einer nationalen Leitlinie zum einheitlichen Besatz von Edelkrebsen in Gewässern auf Basis bisheriger Initiativen und unter Einbeziehung aller relevanten Stakeholder. 2)    Integration von Detrivoren in existierende Aquakulturproduktionsanlagen, erprobung von Polykulturen um die traditionelle Süßwasser-Aquakultur in Teichsystemen in Deutschland nachhaltig ökologisch und ökonomisch umweltgerecht zu gestalten. 3)    Im Projekt SusAqua2 sind Zwei konkrete Projektideen ausgewählt und sollen zu erfolgreichen Vollanträgen gebracht werden.        1.     Crayling „Aufstellung einer Methode zur einheitlichen Reproduktion von Edelkrebsen (Astacus    astacus) in RAS mit Verfassung einer dazugehörigen Leitlinie sowie Konzepterstellung einer zentralen Zuchtanlage in Deutschland“.        2.     SouTerrFarm „Entwicklung eines unter der Erde (Souterrain Terra Farming) liegenden, energie-autarken Zuchtsystems in Kombination mit Solarenergieträgern“. Aufgaben:
  • Projektleitung von Forschungsprojekten
  • Einweisung und Anleitung von wiss. Hilfskräften und Techniker
  • Fachliche Betreuung/Unterstützung Projektmitarbeiter
  • die Absprache mit Projektpartnern, Unterauftragnehmern und Behörden
  • Erarbeitung von Projektanträgen
  • Verfassen von wiss. Publikationen in internationalen peer-review Fachzeitschriften
  • Bestellanforderungen für das Projekt Susaqua2
  • Wissenschaftler/in mit mind abgeschlossenem Studium in Biologie (Dipl. oder MSc)
  • Erfahrungen bei der Ausarbeitung von Projektanträgen
  • Erfahrungen bei Projektleitung
  • Sicheres Auftreten und Netzwerken mit verschiedenen Stakeholdern
  • Ausgeprägtes Kommunikations- und Planungstalent
  • Gute Kenntnisse in der Biologie und Limnologie von limnischen Gewässern und Wirbellosen vor allem Astacus astacus.
  • Erfahrungen bei Versuchsdurchführungen und in wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten
  • Erfahrungen in Statistik und Berichterstattung
  • Sehr gutes Schriftbild und Ausdruck
  • Kommunikations- und Teamfähigkeit im interdisziplinären Umfeld und eine selbstständige Arbeitsweise
Weitere fachliche Informationen erhalten Sie bei Dr. Matt Slater (0471/4831-2727; Die Stelle ist auf 18 Monate. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 13 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen im wissenschaftlichen Bereich an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise; Referenzliste) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 104/D/WT bis zum 26. Juli 2017 per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an:
          Diplom-Ingenieur /in oder Master of Science für die Sektion „Geophysik“   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Das AWI gehört zu den weltweit führenden Institutionen, die kontinuierlich Fächersonardaten in der Arktis und Antarktis erheben. Die bereits vorhandene umfangreiche bathymetrische Datenbank für beide Polarregionen soll auch in der Zukunft kontinuierlich ergänzt bzw. im Rahmen von internationalen Kooperationen zur Verfügung gestellt werden.  Aufgrund einer Neubesetzung im Rahmen der Haushaltsfinanzierung sucht der Fachbereich „Geowissenschaften“ für die Sektion „Geophysik“ ab sofort eine/n
Diplom-Ingenieur /in
oder Master of Science
in Geomatik, Geodäsie oder Geoinformatik (bevorzugt mit dem fachlichen Schwerpunkt Hydrographie) Aufgaben:
Durchführung bathymetrischer Vermessungen mit den Fächersonarsystemen der großen Forschungsschiffe des Institutes. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf Arbeiten in den Polargebieten mit FS Polarstern. Das Anforderungsprofil deckt den gesamten Workflow, von der Messung über die Datenbearbeitung/Datenvisualisierung bis hin zur dauerhaften Archivierung der Daten, ab. Im Detail ergeben sich folgende Aufgaben: • Technische Betreuung des Fächersonarsystems auf Polarstern • Planung und Durchführung der Vermessung, Bearbeitung der Daten und Erstellung von Arbeitskarten zur Unterstützung der weiteren wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten an Bord • Enge Zusammenarbeit mit marin-geologisch, geophysikalisch, biologisch und hydrographisch arbeitenden Gruppen im Rahmen der am AWI angesiedelten wissenschaftlichen Programme • Erstellung von bathymetrischen Karten aus digitalen Geländemodellen für weiterführende Interpretationen • Fortführung des IT-Konzeptes für die Erfassung und Bearbeitung der Sonardaten an Bord und für die Bearbeitung und Archivierung der Daten im Institut • Betreuung und Pflege der Hard- und Software der zugehörigen Rechnersysteme an Bord und im Institut Voraussetzungen:
Diplom oder Master of Science in Geomatik, Geodäsie oder Geoinformatik (bevorzugt mit dem fachlichen Schwerpunkt Hydro-graphie) • Erfahrung in der Durchführung von hydrographischen Vermessungen • Gute Kenntnisse der Softwareprogramme Caris HIPS/SIPS, IVS Fledermaus und ESRI ArcGis • Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift • Bereitschaft und Eignung zur Teilnahme an mehrmonatigen Schiffsexpeditionen • Gute Kenntnisse des Betriebssystems MS Windows sowie Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit Computern unter einem Unix oder Linux Betriebssystem • Kenntnisse mindestens einer Programmiersprache als Grundlage für die Pflege vorhandener Software und zur Erstellung eigener einfacher Programm Weitere fachliche Informationen erhalten Sie bei Herrn Boris Dorschel ( Die Stelle ist auf zwei Jahre befristet mit der Option auf Entfristung. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 13 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen mit (Fach-) Hochschulabschluss an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise; Referenzliste) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 99/G/Geo-tt bis zum 15. August 2017 per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an:
          Einkäufer/-in für Bauleistungen sowie Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen   
Das Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung ist  eine von der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, der Freien Hansestadt Bremen und den Ländern Brandenburg und Schleswig-Holstein getragene Forschungseinrichtung mit rund 1.000 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern. In einem breiten multidisziplinären Ansatz betreiben wir Polar- und Meeresforschung und leisten dabei im Verbund mit zahlreichen universitären und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen einen wichtigen Beitrag zur globalen Umwelt-, Erdsystem- und Paläoklimaforschung. Für unsere Abteilung Einkauf/Wirtschaft am Standort Bremerhaven suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine/n

Einkäufer/-in für Bauleistungen sowie Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen

Die Abteilung Einkauf/Wirtschaft ist u. a. zuständig für die Beschaffung von Lieferungen und Leistungen aller Art, einschließlich Bauleistungen, mit einem jährlichen Einkaufsvolumen von zurzeit ca. 50 Mio. Euro. Aufgaben:
Selbständige Vorbereitung und Durchführung von z.T. komplexen nationalen und EU-weiten Ausschreibungsverfahren für Bau- und Bauunterhaltungsmaßnahmen sowie Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen für unsere Standorte. Dazu gehören das selbständige Erstellen von Ausschreibungsunterlagen einschließlich Mitwirkung bei der Erstellung von Leistungsverzeichnissen/-beschreibungen sowie Verhandlungsführung mit Lieferanten/Dienstleistern und die Erarbeitung von Verträgen. Auch  die kaufm./rechtliche Begleitung der Fachabteilungen bei der Abwicklung der Leistungen und die laufende Überwachung der Umsetzung von Dienstleistungs- und Werkverträgen hinsichtlich Laufzeiten und Budget fällt in Ihren Aufgabenbereich. Mängel, Nachträge und Leistungsstörungen betreuen Sie ebenfalls. Darüber hinaus bilden Sie in Bezug auf die Beschaffungsvorgänge die kaufmännische Schnittstelle zwischen der Abteilung Bau und Facility Management, anderen technischen und wissenschaftlichen Bereichen im AWI und den Auftragnehmern und sorgen dort für einen fachlichen Know-how-Transfer. Des Weiteren ist die Mitarbeit in Projektteams gefordert, wobei die Anforderung besteht, sich schnell auf die sich in Bezug auf die einzukaufenden Leistungen ergebende Vielfalt einzustellen

  • Sie haben ein abgeschlossenes Studium im Bereich Bauingenieurwesen oder Architektur oder eine vergleichbare, ggf. auch kaufm. oder juristische Qualifikation, die zur Ausübung der beschriebenen Aufgaben befähigt.
  • Sie verfügen über mehrjährige Erfahrungen im Bereich der Vergaben von Bauleistungen sowie Architekten- und Ingenieurleistungen nach den Regeln des öffentlichen Vergaberechts.
  • Die Anwendung des Vergabehandbuches (VHB) des Bundes sowie der allgemein gültigen Gesetze und Verordnungen (VOB/GWB/VgV/BGB/HOAI) und die Anwendung der Regelwerke des Bundes (RBBau, RZBau) sind Ihnen vertraut.
  • Sehr gute kaufmännische und technische Kenntnisse werden vorausgesetzt und sind mit der Bewerbung zu erläutern.
  • Gute Englischkenntnisse, Team- und Kommunikationsfähigkeit, verhandlungssicheres Auftreten sowie Durchsetzungs- und Überzeugungskraft, werden ebenso erwartet.
  • Sie verfügen über ein ausgeprägtes Organisations- und Koordinationstalent.
  • Der Umgang mit MS-Office Produkten ist Ihnen vertraut.
  • Kenntnisse des SAP Einkaufs-Moduls sind wünschenswert.
Die Stelle ist unbefristet. Die Vergütung ist abhängig von Ihrer Qualifikation sowie den Ihnen übertragenen Aufgaben bis zu Entgeltgruppe 12 möglich und richtet sich nach dem Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst des Bundes (TVöD-Bund). Der Dienstort ist Bremerhaven. Wir bieten ein multidisziplinäres internationales und spannendes Arbeitsumfeld mit flexibler Arbeitszeit, modernstem Forschungsequipment und einer erstklassigen Infrastruktur. Das AWI strebt die Erhöhung der Anzahl unserer Mitarbeiterinnen mit (Fach-) Hochschulabschluss an und fordert daher Frauen ausdrücklich zur Bewerbung auf. Schwerbehinderte Bewerber/innen werden bei gleicher fachlicher und persönlicher Eignung bevorzugt. Über verschiedene Maßnahmen wird gezielt die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie gefördert. Aufgrund unserer familienbewussten Personalpolitik wurde uns das Zertifikat zum Audit „Beruf und Familie“ verliehen. Bitte richten Sie Ihre Bewerbung mit den üblichen Unterlagen (Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse und Tätigkeitsnachweise) unter Angabe der Kennziffer 101/G/Verw-tt bis zum 26. Juli 2017 auf dem Postwege an: Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Personalabteilung, Postfach 120161, 27515 Bremerhaven oder per E-Mail (alle Unterlagen in einer PDF-Datei kombiniert) an:
          PZPPF: projekt jednolitej ochrony patentowej trzeba zmienić   
Polski Związek Pracodawców Przemysł Farmaceutycznego apeluje do polskiego rządu o zmianę niekorzystnych zapisów w regulacjach dotyczących tzw. systemu jednolitej ogólnoeuropejskiej ochrony patentowej.
          On assignment: Advocacy support worker   
Angélica Rincón Alonso and Jenny Neme of MCC partner Justapaz and Anna Vogt

Name: Anna Vogt

Hometown: Dawson City, Yukon (Mennonite Church of Canada)

Assignment: To encourage and build bridges for advocacy on issues that affect the Latin American and Caribbean countries where MCC works.

          The pursuit of lasting peace in Colombia   

At this time last year Colombians were invigorated with hope for a lasting peace agreement between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

          Infarma o systemie ochrony patentowej w Unii Europejskiej i Polsce   
W lipcu 2009 Komisja Europejska przedstawiła sprawozdanie końcowe dotyczące badania sektora farmaceutycznego. - Związek Pracodawców Innowacyjnych Firm Farmaceutycznych Infarma z zadowoleniem przyjmuje zawarte w tym raporcie rekomendacje dotyczące sprawnego systemu patentowego - czytamy w komunikacie Związku.
          Building the future in a time of war   
Student in Lebanon practicing numbers on a white board

In Lebanon, MCC-supported education programs are reaching out to young Syrian refugees, providing space where they can continue to learn and grow.

At home in her village near Aleppo, Syria, Nisrine Issa had a clear vision of what she wanted for her young daughters.

          First person: Yasmin Al Soufi   

I was born in Idlib, Syria, close to the Turkish border.

We are a family of six daughters and three sons. My father was working in construction, and all of us were studying.

          Protecting childhood   

In Lebanon and elsewhere, MCC-supported programs help children heal from trauma they’ve experienced, educate them about their rights and strive to protect them from future harm.

          New skills, old phones   

In Cambodia, MCC-supported training in cell phone repair helps provide an alternative to migrating for work.

In Mesang, a rural village of rice fields and mango trees in Cambodia’s Prey Veng province, the high school is the biggest building by far, with 500 students enrolled.

          Welcoming the newcomer   
border wall

In the current climate of fear and unrest surrounding immigration, MCC is finding ways to welcome our neighbors in northern Indiana and Chicago.

          Meet the 2017 Summer Service Workers   
summer service participants

Serve, Learn, Grow, Share, Transform through MCC Summer Service

MCC Central States has thirteen young adults making an impact in their local communities and churches this summer through the MCC Summer Service program. Let’s meet them!

          Noticias Actualizadas de inmigración   

26 de junio de 2017

Oferują one pożyczki wśród poważnych ludzi. Decyzja na finansowanie mikro kredytów wśród ludzi. Jestem osoba, która udziela kredytów pełni człowiek poważnie i cała cześć. Przynoszę od €2000 € 500 000; Moja stopa procentowa wynosi 3%. Proszę o kontakt i może mnie na mój e-mail:
          Regis ‘rebuilds’ debut album Gymnastics for 21st anniversary reissue   

The new version adds two new tracks. Techno icon Regis has released a 21st anniversary edition of his debut album, Gymnastics. The new edition is described by Downwards as a “stronger, fitter version” of the original, with tracks ‘rebuilt’ from the original stems alongside “unreleased sequences”. It features two tracks not seen on the original album, ‘Model Friendship’ and ‘Allies’. […]

The post Regis ‘rebuilds’ debut album Gymnastics for 21st anniversary reissue appeared first on FACT Magazine: Music News, New Music..

          NRL Convention 2017 provides an antidote to anti-life rhetoric regarding stem cells   
By David Prentice Editor’s note. The National Right to Life Convention began today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of our many terrific speakers is David Prentice. This story is his most recent for NRL News. Stem cells. Those words can conjure up many images for those who hear them: cures, death of young human beings, millions
          Senior Hardware/System Design Engineer - Think Outside the Valley - Waterloo, ON   
A display panel with such technology offers unsurpassed image quality by offering wide gamut and sharp colors, true HDR, lowpower, and long life time which... $90,000 - $110,000 a year
From Indeed - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 13:43:44 GMT - View all Waterloo, ON jobs
          Photographer / Graphic Designer - - Vaughan, ON   
You will use the Planitar System for collecting iGuide data and standard HDR images for web use. Join a team that is revolutionizing real estate!*....
From Indeed - Mon, 06 Mar 2017 20:49:42 GMT - View all Vaughan, ON jobs
          Engineering specialist – Electrical Systems - Bombardier - Mirabel, QC   
Engineering specialist – Electrical Systems-MIR02234 Description BOMBARDIER the evolution of mobility At Bombardier Aerospace, 33,600 employees in 25
From Bombardier - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 22:32:01 GMT - View all Mirabel, QC jobs
          Indians Are Nervous And Confused Over Upcoming Tax Changes   
On Saturday, India rolls out what is being called a game-changing reform: an overhaul of the country's tax system. But many Indians say they're anxious and unprepared for the momentous occasion.
          Functional Jobs: OCaml server-side developer at Ahrefs (Full-time)   

What we need

Ahrefs is looking for a backend developer with a deep understanding of networks, distributed systems, OS fundamentals and taste for simple and efficient architectural designs. Our backend is implemented mostly in OCaml and some C++, as such proficiency in OCaml is very much appreciated, otherwise a strong inclination to intensively learn OCaml in a short term will be required. Understanding of functional programming in general and/or experience with other FP languages (F#,Haskell,Scala,Scheme,etc) will help a lot. Knowledge of C++ and/or Rust is a plus.

Every day the candidate will have to deal with:

  • 10+ petabytes of live data
  • OCaml
  • linux
  • git

The ideal candidate is expected to:

  • Independently deal with bugs, schedule tasks and investigate code
  • Make argumented technical choice and take responsibility for it
  • Understand the whole technology stack at all levels : from network and userspace code to OS internals and hardware
  • Handle full development cycle of a single component - i.e. formalize task, write code and tests, setup and support production (devops), resolve user requests
  • Approach problems with practical mindset and suppress perfectionism when time is a priority
  • Write flexible maintainable code and adapt to post-launch requirements’ tweaks

These requirements stem naturally from our approach to development with fast feedback cycle, highly-focused personal areas of responsibility and strong tendency to vertical component splitting.

Who we are

Ahrefs runs an internet-scale bot that crawls the whole Web 24/7, storing huge volumes of information to be indexed and structured in a timely fashion. Backend system is powered by a custom petabyte-scale distributed key-value storage to accommodate all that data coming in at high speed. The storage system is implemented in OCaml with thin performance-critical low-level part in C++. On top of that Ahrefs is building various analytical services for end-users.

We are a small team and strongly believe in better technology leading to better solutions for real-world problems. We worship functional languages and static typing, extensively employ code generation and meta-programming, value code clarity and predictability, and are constantly seeking to automate repetitive tasks and eliminate boilerplate, guided by DRY and following KISS. If there is any new technology that will make our life easier - no doubt, we'll give it a try. We rely heavily on opensource code (as the only viable way to build maintainable system) and contribute back, see e.g. . It goes without saying that our team is all passionate and experienced OCaml programmers, ready to lend a hand and explain that intricate ocamlbuild rule or track a CPU bug.

Our motto is "first do it, then do it right, then do it better".

What you get

We provide:

  • Competitive salary
  • Informal and thriving atmosphere
  • First-class workplace equipment (hardware, tools)
  • Medical insurance


Singapore : modern office in CBD

USA : cozy loft in San Francisco downtown

Get information on how to apply for this position.

          Strokes deixou suas boas cagadas brasileiras   
itunes pic
Quem nunca disse: “Isso parece Strokes”? 80% da população que sabe o que é Strokes, já falou isso...por mais que algumas vezes não a o menor sentido!. Outro dia vi alguém falando que Bravery parecia Strokes! Mas vamos falar do que REALMENTE parece Strokes, começaremos pelo obvio, o Moptop, banda carioca que faz plagio de Strokes e Franz Ferdinand, você vê a musica “O Rock Acabou” que respira Strokes logo no riff inicial, e no “pré-refrão” uma guitarra “The End Has No End” BEM DESCARADA. Agora vamos para os gaúchos do Stratopumas, que parecem realmente ser “Strokianos” ou “Franzferdinandos”, algumas pessoas não conseguem olhar mas eu olho claramente, “Paranóia de Freud” tem um riff igual a “Hard To Explain”, e “Graci e o seu Charme” já é um Franz Ferdinand misturado com Strokes, a unica diferença entre Moptop e Stratopumas(alem do sotaque) é que um gosta de soar retro mas com guitarras modernas(Moptop) e o outro tenta fazer ROCK RETRO(Stratopumas).Essas duas não vem ao caso até porque eles citam Strokes como influencia...vamos a que não citam. O Superguidis, banda gaúcha, sempre citou o indie rock dos anos 90 como influencia, o problema é que os coitados esqueceram que a musica “Discos Arranhados” poderia cair muito bem no primeiro disco dos “Golpes”(Strokes em português claro). Já o Banzé....coitados, não tem nada a ver com a história só citam que são Powerpops...MAS PORRA!!!! É STROKES NA VEIA ESSE DISCO DELES!!!!. Existem milhões de bandas que parecem Strokes, mas não vou citar aqui (obvio). Mas porque as bandas tem tanto medo de ser influenciadas pelo Strokes? Será que elas acham que pelo Strokes ter saído do cenário underground(uns fãs idiotas não se conformam ainda com isso, e acham que não votar neles pro DISK TV da MUSICA, vai chamar eles de voltar para o Underground)? Será que, pelo baixo rendimento que o Strokes esta tendo no 3 disco? Será que, pelo Strokes ser muito novo as pessoas preferem citar suas influencias? Mas calma, você ainda pode encontrar gente que cita Strokes como influencia: bandas de garotos de 15 anos.... HAHAHAH T FODA!!!
          Rock 'n Roll (é) Alternativo   
itunes pic
Alguem se lembra da epoca de Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC....ou da epoca do Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols, ou da epoca do....bah.....deixa. Não existe mais o termo "Sexo, drogas e Rock 'n Roll", o unico lugar que vc pode achar isso atualmente são em filmes pornos de bandas de bandas que nós diriamos Rock'n Roll hoje seriam: Subways, Wolfmother... mas não me lembro delas causando estragos, vc pode ter sitado o Oasis, é ai que nós entramos nesse assunto Como ja falei as bandas Rock & Roll, com aquele som sujo e guitarras vigorosas, até existem hj mas não podem botar o "& Roll" no estilo, e sim um "Hard" ou um "Garage". Até onde eu sei esse "& Roll" só entra se a banda tiver o tal bordão "Sexo, Drogas e Rock n Roll" ou quer dizer "Faça merda e um Rock pesado" duas primeiras caracteristicas, não existem mais...Ninguem tem coragem de ser um mongolóide. Esse tal bordão hoje: "Lutar Contra o Sistema e Rock" (opa, o Bono entrava nessa) só que não tem nenhuma graça...todo mundo luta contra o sistema, mas sem saber oq faz. Então poderemos mudar esse bordão para "Polêmica, Lutar Contra o Sistema e Rock" que ai entraria quem? quem? OS IRMÃOS GALLAGHER! não só ele entraria tambem, entraria tambem: Thom Yorke, Johnny Borrell, Eddie Argos, Pete Doherty (esse até entraria no primeiro bordão, mas só quando era do Libertines) etc. OLHA SÓ TODOS SÃO DE BANDAS DE ROCK ALTERNATIVO (Oasis, Radiohead, Razorlight, Art Brut, Babyshambles....) é por isso que é assim o titulo desse texto! o "Rock" que conhecemos não é nada mais que uns indies mandando todo mundo se fude! HA! quem disse que o olho esquerdo de Thom Yorke não servia para nada ein? musica: Rock 'n' Roll Star do Oasis, afinal é isso que eles são!
          IT Specialist - Hi-Tech Business Systems Ltd - Dawson Creek, BC   
We are seeking an IT specialist to support our growing client base in the Dawson Creek area. Applicant must have minimum 3 years experience supporting servers
From Indeed - Tue, 20 Jun 2017 23:49:31 GMT - View all Dawson Creek, BC jobs
          Store Systems Tech Support Analyst - Roots Canada - Ontario   
The Store Systems Tech Support Analyst is responsible for planning and providing support services to POS systems. WHY JOIN ROOTS?...
From Roots - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:15:49 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Call Centre Representative: - The ALEA Group - Ontario   
Tech savvy – Knowledge of information technology systems and/or telecommunications highly desirable....
From The ALEA Group - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 08:37:28 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Business Development Specialist: - The ALEA Group - Ontario   
Tech savvy – Knowledge of information technology systems and/or telecommunications highly desirable. The role of the Business development specialist is to...
From The ALEA Group - Sun, 11 Jun 2017 08:37:22 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Senior Project Manager - JBT Corporation - Stratford, WI   
Experience at working both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment is essential. A&amp;B Process Systems, a business unit of JBT Corporation...
From JBT Corporation - Mon, 26 Jun 2017 20:33:45 GMT - View all Stratford, WI jobs
          System Administrator - Moab Regional Hospital - Moab, UT   
*System Administrator* *at Moab Regional Hospital* Moab Regional Hospital is seeking a System Administrator to join our team. As a System Administrator at MRH... $23.50 - $30.00 an hour
From Indeed - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 17:44:06 GMT - View all Moab, UT jobs
          General Manager - Comfort Inn Winnipeg Airport - Winnipeg, MB   
Reviews and approves all invoices and assigns batches for Night Auditor to enter in Accounts Payable system. Orderly operations, proper maintenance of the hotel...
From Indeed - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 14:04:45 GMT - View all Winnipeg, MB jobs
          Office Assistant 5 - DIRECTOR ASSISTANT - University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, MB   
Utilizes the EPIC system, prepares orders and submits invoices for payment. Invoices external agencies for shared expenses incurred in the operation of the...
From University of Manitoba - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 00:18:40 GMT - View all Winnipeg, MB jobs
          Admin. Assistant 1 - FINANCIAL ANALYST - University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, MB   
Assisting in the planning of the implementation of new systems or processes. Strong communication skills (both oral and written) are required, and the ability...
From University of Manitoba - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 18:17:48 GMT - View all Winnipeg, MB jobs
          Bookkeeper - Playgrounds-R-Us - Winnipeg, MB   
Safe and challenging playgrounds don’t just happen, they require planning. Our success as the leading provider of public play environments stems from our...
From Indeed - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 12:43:49 GMT - View all Winnipeg, MB jobs
          Easy Time Control Free   
Easy-to-use time tracking system and time management solution
          Metadefender Cloud Client   
Free malware analysis tool that scans your system with 40+ anti-malware engines.
          X-Men: Gold – Young Mutants in Love (or Love Is Golden)   

The on-again-off-again roller-coaster romance of Kitty Pryde and Peter Rasputin’s become the stuff of legend among X-Men fans, and it’s about to receive a new wrinkle in X-MEN: GOLD #9, out August 8.

The two star-crossed lovers first met in UNCANNY X-MEN #129 when Kitty first walked into the original X-Mansion and met the man-mountain mutant called Colossus. An inauspicious beginning to such a star-crossed love story, to be sure, but by UNCANNY X-MEN #174 they’d recognized their attraction to each other and shared a kiss or three.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Peter threw the first monkeywrench into the mix right around the time he’d returned from the first Secret Wars in UNCANNY X-MEN #183 and declared his love for the alien Zsaji to Kitty, though said Zsaji’d perished by that time. Ms. Pryde ratcheted up the anti-feels by joining Excalibur and heading into a hot-and-heavy thing with a guy named Pete Wisdom—a relationship Peter gave his “blessing” to, but also kept one metallic eye on. 

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #183

What is Marvel Unlimited?

When the Legacy Virus later tore apart the mutant population, Colossus seemingly sacrificed his life during the chaos in X-MEN #110, prompting Kitty to sort out her feelings for the big lunk and insure his ashes traveled back to Russia. Imagine her surprise when Peter turned up hale and hearty in ASTONISHING X-MEN #14, strange situation which led to a passionate reunion and a new outbreak of dating. 

X-Men (1991) #110

X-Men (1991) #110

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Alas, right around the time of the X-Men’s latest disagreement with the Juggernaut and his power source Cyttorak in UNCANNY X-MEN #543, Kitty broke it off again with Peter when she disagreed with his well-intentioned noble thoughts to die for her in battle. Sadly, that meant that she and Colossus’ couple-ness still existed in a state of suspension when Kitty got stuck in a giant bullet traveling around the solar system in GIANT-SIZE ASTONISHING X-MEN #1. Peter tried to move on with his life, but to his credit, he tattooed “Katya” in her memory on his chest in UNCANNY X-MEN #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #507

  • Published: March 18, 2009
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: February 11, 2011
  • Rating: T+
  • Writer: Matt Fraction
  • Penciller: Terry Dodson
What is Marvel Unlimited?

No good mutant hero ever stays lost, though, and so Kitty Pryde returned to Earth, thanks to Magneto, in UNCANNY X-MEN #522 and reclaimed her claim to the big metal guy in UNCANNY X-MEN #522…which of course hit the skids by UNCANNY X-MEN #543. The former Shadowcat struck up a few new relationships in the aftermath, in particular with Iceman in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #14, and with Star-Lord in X-MEN: THE TRIAL OF JEAN GREY #1-6

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #14

  • Published: July 25, 2012
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: April 08, 2013
  • Rating: Rated T+
  • Writer: Jason Aaron
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Today, Kitty’s done with star-hopping scoundrels and Peter’s, well, Peter, and the two of them, as seen in X-MEN: GOLD #1, believe they can fight alongside each other as “just friends.” But, anybody who’s ever been in their position knows that trick never really works, right?

Stay tuned…we should be finding out whether or not our beloved Kitlossus will ever be a thing again very, very soon.

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          Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Louisiana Water System   
A deadly amoeba has been discovered in the Terrebonne Parish, LA water system. Officials claim the tap water is safe to drink, but they are cautioning people against getting it in their noses. The Louisiana […]
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          What To Do About Obamacare   
Republican voters mostly aren't against it for reasons other than the fact that it was championed by the black Muslim guy from Kenya. They don't like the as-yet-unenforced mandate, and they don't like it for all of the reasons that few people actually like our health care system - at best it's needlessly a pain in the ass, at worst, well, you know the worst. A lot of them are pissed off because they think the blahs got the secret welfare ACA (Medicaid) while they got Obamacare (the exchanges), even though a big reason (not the only one!) a lot of them didn't get Medicaid was they yelled and screamed for their states to "reject Obamacare" and, thanks to Roberts, what they could reject was the Medicaid expansion.

Hospitals hate the idea of repeal. Insurance companies mostly don't like it. For people with employer insurance, people who got Medicaid, and people who can kinda sorta afford the individual plans, it's mostly better (and since the mandate isn't even enforced, it's basically better for anyone who chooses to buy it).

Ultimately any "Republican healthcare plan" is basically Obamacare, but shittier. Even my glibertarian college facebook friend who HATES OBAMACARE earnestly described what the health care system should be, and it really was Obamacare without the mandate, to the letter.

The sociopaths in Congress wants to take away Medicaid, make it less affordable and with fewer benefits (at worst, completely fake insurance, at best something slightly better than that). Remove revenue from insurance companies and hospitals, including forcing them to eat more emergency room bills. Oh, and people don't get needed care and go bankrupt and die.

The leading liberal think tank has decided to make another stab at bipartisan fixes to Obamacare because I guess whatever was in the water that made Obama think elected Republicans were interested in such a thing is still in the water in DC. I'm not sure why "here's a really complicated plan that people won't like much more than the status quo and has no chance of passing" is better than "here's a really simply-sounding (nothing is simple, of course, but the bureaucracies should handle the bureaucracy, not us) idea that would be popular and better and universal and has no chance of passing right now" but centrists gotta centrist I guess.

          AI End Game: The Automation of All Work   

Last week we reported from ISC on an emerging type of high performance system architecture that integrates HPC and HPA (High Performance Analytics) and incorporates, at its center, exabyte-scale memory capacity, surrounded by a variety of accelerated processors. Until the arrival of quantum computing or other new computing paradigm, this is the architecture that could […]

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          SPEC/HPG Hardware Acceleration Benchmark Adds OpenMP Suite   

GAINESVILLE, Va., June 28, 2017 – SPEC’s High-Performance Group (SPEC/HPG) has released a new version of its SPEC ACCEL software that adds a suite of OpenMP applications for measuring the performance of systems using hardware accelerator devices and supporting software. SPEC ACCEL also measures performance for computationally intensive parallel applications running under the OpenCL and OpenACC […]

The post SPEC/HPG Hardware Acceleration Benchmark Adds OpenMP Suite appeared first on HPCwire.

          Exclusive: India presses Microsoft for Windows discount in wake of cyber attacks   

By Euan Rocha

MUMBAI (Reuters) - India is pressing Microsoft Corp to offer a sharply discounted one-time deal to the more than 50 million Windows users in the country so that they can upgrade to the latest Windows 10 operating system in the wake of ransomware attacks.

Microsoft officials in India have "in principle agreed" to the request, Gulshan Rai, India's cyber security coordinator, told Reuters over the phone on Friday.

A spokeswoman for Microsoft in India declined to comment on the matter. Officials at the company's headquarters in the United States and regional headquarters in Asia also declined to comment.

If Microsoft agreed to such a discount, it could open up the global software giant to similar requests from around the world. Rai said the government was in talks with Microsoft management in India. It is not immediately clear whether any other countries were seeking similar deals.

Rai said India began talks with Microsoft after the WannaCry ransomware attack last month, noting that both WannaCry and this week's attack, dubbed by some cyberexperts "NotPetya", exploited vulnerabilities in older iterations of the Windows OS.

"The quantum of the price cut, we expect some detail on in a couple of days," Rai said, adding the Indian government expected the company to offer the software at "throw-away prices."

"It will be a one-time upgrade offer to Windows 10 and it will be a discounted price for the entire country," said Rai, who was hand-picked by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be the country's first cyber security chief.

Rai declined to be more specific, but said he was confident that it would be "less than a quarter of the current price."

Rai, who has over two decades of experience in different IT areas including cyber security, said his team began coordinating with government agencies and regulators to push for OS upgrades soon after the WannaCry attack began on May 12.

The government's quick action helped minimize the impact of the NotPetya attack, which affected two of India's container port terminals, he said.

The government has also worked with banks to ensure that some 200,000 of the more than 240,000 ATMs in the country, most of which run on older Windows XP systems, have been upgraded with security patches released by Microsoft following the WannaCry attack, Rai said.

This is just an interim solution, however, said Rai, because although the patches fix vulnerabilities in older OS versions, they retain the limitations of those versions.

"New OS versions have different architecture, much improved architecture and much more resiliency," said Rai.


Windows 10 Home currently retails for 7,999 rupees ($124) in India, while the Pro version of the software typically used by large companies and institutions costs 14,999 rupees ($232).

Roughly 96 percent of an estimated 57 million computers in India currently run on Windows, according to Counterpoint Research. Apple- and Linux-based systems account for the rest.

Given that only a small minority of Windows users in India already have Windows 10, Microsoft could be forgoing several billion dollars of potential revenue if they agreed to sell just the more widely used Home version of Windows 10 at a quarter of its current Indian retail price.

In the price-sensitive Indian market, people using computers in households or small businesses often do not upgrade their OS given the steep costs. The wide use of pirated Windows OS versions, which would not automatically receive security patches, exacerbate the vulnerabilities.

In light of the attacks, Rai said, the government "wants to incentivise the common man to upgrade their systems".

The WannaCry attack in May affected a state-run power firm in western India, while the NotPetya attack this week crippled operations at two port terminals in India operated by shipping giant AP Moller Maersk, which was affected globally.

($1 = 64.5175 Indian rupees)

(Additional reporting by Sankalp Phartiyal in Mumbai, Salvador Rodriguez in San Francisco and Jeremy Wagstaff in Singapore; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall)

          Global shipping feels fallout from Maersk cyber attack   

By Jonathan Saul

LONDON (Reuters) - Global shipping is still feeling the effects of a cyber attack that hit A.P. Moller-Maersk two days ago, showing the scale of the damage a computer virus can unleash on the technology dependent and inter-connected industry.

About 90 percent of world trade is transported by sea, with ships and ports acting as the arteries of the global economy. Ports increasingly rely on communications systems to keep operations running smoothly, and any IT glitches can create major disruptions for complex logistic supply chains.

The cyber attack was among the biggest-ever disruptions to hit global shipping. Several port terminals run by a Maersk division, including in the United States, India, Spain, the Netherlands, were still struggling to revert to normal operations on Thursday after experiencing massive disruptions.

South Florida Container Terminal, for example, said dry cargo could not be delivered and no container would be received. Anil Diggikar, chairman of JNPT port, near the Indian commercial hub of Mumbai, told Reuters that he did not know "when exactly the terminal will be running smoothly".

His uncertainty was echoed by Maersk itself, which told Reuters that a number of IT systems were still shut down and that it could not say when normal business operations would be resumed.

It said it was not able to comment on specific questions regarding the breach of its IT systems or the state of its cyber security as it had "all available hands focused on practical stuff and getting things back to normal".

The impact of the attack on the company has reverberated across the industry given its position as the world's biggest container shipping line and also operator of 76 ports via its APM Terminals division.

Container ships transport much of the world's consumer goods and food, while dry bulk ships haul commodities including coal and grain and tankers carry vital oil and gas supplies.

"As Maersk is about 18 percent of all container trade, can you imagine the panic this must be causing in the logistic chain of all those cargo owners all over the world?" said Khalid Hashim, managing director of Precious Shipping, one of Thailand's largest dry cargo ship owners.

"Right now none of them know where any of their cargoes (or)containers are. And this 'black hole' of lack of knowledge will continue till Maersk are able to bring back their systems on line."


The computer virus, which researchers are calling GoldenEye or Petya, began its spread on Tuesday in Ukraine and affected companies in dozens of countries.

Maersk said the attack had caused outages at its computer systems across the world.

In an example of the turmoil that ensued, the unloading of vessels at the group's Tacoma terminal was severely slowed on Tuesday and Wednesday, said Dean McGrath, president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 23 there.

The terminal is a key supply line for the delivery of domestic goods such as milk and groceries and construction materials to Anchorage, Alaska.

"They went back to basics and did everything on paper," McGrath said.

Ong Choo Kiat, President of U-Ming Marine Transport, Taiwan's largest dry bulk ship owner, said the fact Maersk had been affected rang alarm bells for the whole shipping industry as the Danish company was regarded as a leader in IT technology.

"But they ended up one of the first few casualties. I therefore conclude that shipping is lacking behind the other industry in term of cyber security," he said.

"How long would it takes to catch up? I don't know. But recently all owners and operators are definitely more aware of the risk of cyber security and beginning to pay more attention to it."

In a leading transport survey by international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright published this week, 87 percent of respondents from the shipping industry believed cyber attacks would increase over the next five years - a level that was higher than counterparts in the aviation, rail and logistics industries.


Apart from the reliance on computer systems, ships themselves are increasingly exposed to interference through electronic navigation devices such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) and lack the backup systems airliners have to prevent crashes, according to cyber security experts.

There were no indications that GPS and other electronic navigation aids were affected by this week's attack, but security specialists say such systems are vulnerable to signal loss from deliberate jamming by hackers.

Last year, South Korea said hundreds of fishing vessels had returned early to port after its GPS signals were jammed by North Korea, which denied responsibility.

"The Maersk attack raises our awareness of the vulnerability of shipping and ports to technological failure," said Professor David Last, a previous president of Britain's Royal Institute of Navigation.

"When GPS fails, ships' captains lose their principal means of navigation and much of their communications and computer links. They have to slow down and miss port schedules," said Last, who is also a strategic advisor to the General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland.

A number of countries including the UK and the United States are looking into deploying a radar based back up navigation system for ships called eLoran, but this will take time to develop.

David Nordell, head of strategy and policy for London-based think tank, the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace and Security Science, said the global shipping and port industries were vulnerable to cyber attack, because their operating technologies tend to be old.

"It's certainly possible to imagine that two container ships, or, even worse, oil or gas tankers, could be hacked into colliding, resulting in loss of life and cargo, and perhaps total loss of the vessels," Nordell said.

"Carried out in a strategically sensitive location such as the Malacca Straits or the Bosphorus, a collision like this could block shipping for enough time to cause serious dislocations to trade."


Cyber risks also pose challenges for insurance cover.

In a particularly secretive industry, information about the nature of cyber attacks is still scarce, which insurance and shipping officials say is an obstacle to mitigating the risk, which means there are gaps in insurance cover available.

"There has been a lot of non-reporting (of breaches) on ships, and we’re trying efforts where even if there could be anonymous reporting on a platform so we can start to get the information and the data," said Andrew Kinsey, senior marine consultant at insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.

There is also a gap in provision, because most existing cyber or hull insurance policies - which insure the ship itself - will not cover the risk of a navigation system being jammed or physical damage to the ship caused by a hacking attack.

"The industry is just waking up to its vulnerability," said Colin Gillespie, deputy director of loss prevention with ship insurer North.

"Perhaps it is time for insurers, reinsurers, ship operators and port operators to sit down together and consider these risks in detail. A collective response is needed - we are all under attack."

(Additional reporting by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen in Copenhagen, Keith Wallis and Carolyn Cohn in London, Euan Rocha in Mumbai, Miyoung Kim in Singapore, Alexander Cornwell in Dubai, Michael Hirtzer in Chicago, Noor Zainab Hussain in Bangalore, Adam Jourdan and Shanghai newsroom; Editing by Pravin Char)

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          Take That "Cultural Appropriation" Ban All The Way   
Take That "Cultural Appropriation" Ban All The Way I've had this idea, vis a vis the college students and others screeching that Israel must be boycotted. I strongly suggest they take the first step and toss their iPhones (Israeli technology within) and refuse life-saving medical care that stems from Israeli researchers' discoveries. At Foundation for Economic Education, Pierre-Guy Veer applies this to those seeking to ban "cultural appropriation" -- which I like to think of as human cultural and intellectual progress. Imagine, "No, no, that fire thing is our shit -- don't be cooking your meat or we'll come club you with big rocks." Veer writes:
After years of complaining about such "problems" as a white chef cooking Mexican food or about "insensitive" Halloween costumes, it looks like Social Justice Warriors have finally prevailed. The United Nations will soon discuss, at the demand of indigenous groups, a ban on so-called cultural appropriation in order to "expand intellectual-property regulations to protect things like Indigenous designs, dances, words and traditional medicines." It is rather ironic that those Natives would only want to ban "appropriation" of "their" culture. Why not push it to its logical conclusion and call for a ban on all cultural appropriation? This means that they would have to forgo every single technology that was imported from the rest of the world since 1492. In other words, they would have to abandon mathematics, writing, any form of metal casting, currency, all languages not originally from Pre-Columbus America, modern medicine, etc.
They would also not have beer. Any takers? Yoohoo? Veer traces what I think of as Canadian cheese fries:
Through contacts with other people from other cultures, any given cultural idea or tradition has become better. Take poutine for example. This meal composed of French fries, curd cheese and brown gravy has become a cultural symbol of Quebec. Some Quebecers are complaining that Canada is "appropriating" it as a national symbol and that there are poutine festivals from coast to coast. This is a rather strange way to celebrate the fact that what used to be seen as vulgar junk food is now seen as almost a delicacy with many variations - with sausage, chicken, hot sauce, etc. This "appropriation" should be celebrated because it shows that "poutine culture" is alive and well. Had it been kept within the border of Quebec, it might not even exist today since stagnation and lack of evolution is what kills ideas. Imagine for a moment that Céline Dion had decided not to start singing in English because she wanted to remain "Québécoise pure laine". Despite all her talents, she would have likely run out of authors to interpret and would unlikely have become one of the best-selling artists on the planet of all time.A slow death is what awaits Native culture if they have it their way And considering that narrower range of French-speaking culture, she might even have stopped singing. This slow death is what awaits Native culture if they have it their way. Keeping "non-Natives" from using traditions not typically associated with them means that only a handful would be exposed to it. Fewer people showing an interest means that their products and ideas will get less exposure and will, therefore, become a sociological or archaeological artifact rather than a living idea, limited to a few multicultural festivals.
I tweeted this and got this back: My reply to Clay:
@amyalkon @clayroutledge
That is hilarious. Also all the MacBooks & iPads at Occupy Wall Street. (Shouldn't you people be using *cuneiform* tablets?)

          Canonical warnt vor gravierender Sicherheitslücke in Linux   
Unter Umständen lässt sich darüber Schadcode einschleusen und ausführen. Die Schwachstelle ermöglicht aber auch Denial-of-Service-Angriffe. Sie steckt im Hintergrundprogramm systemd. Ubuntu und Debian bieten bereits Patches an
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CO-Colorado Springs, CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is a global communications and IT services company focused on connecting its customers to the power of the digital world. CenturyLink offers network and data systems management, big data analytics, managed security services, hosting, cloud, and IT consulting services. The company provides broadband, voice, video, advanced data and managed network services over a robust 265,
          The Myth of Water Wasted to the Sea   
The mouth of mad river at sunset

Rivers that flow to the sea bring a host of benefits to people and ecosystems. A scientist explains.

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          Water Law Aided Ecosystems in Drought   
South Fork of the Yuba River, California.

A look at how laws designed to protect California’s aquatic environment functioned during this drought.

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          Software Engineer   
Colorado Springs, If you are a Software Engineer with experience, please read on! Based in beautiful Colorado Springs, we are a forward thinking and ground breaking engineering firm that delivers technical and operational solutions to our customers in the government sector. Our exceptional team helps customers address near-term issues through rapid prototyping, as well as refine concepts to optimize future systems.
          Better Information Can Help the Environment   
Salmon, Lake Tahoe

Better water accounting systems, such as those used in other arid places, could improve our understanding and management of California's aquatic ecosystems.

The post Better Information Can Help the Environment appeared first on PPIC.

          Program Management SME (Government)   
CO-Colorado Springs, This position is requires subject matter expert (SME) program management support to the United States Air Force, Space and Missile Systems Center, Space Superiority Systems Directorate, specifically the Sustainment of Optical Telescopes and Radars (SOAR) program office (SMC/SYGI) at Peterson Air Force Base, CO. The candidate must demonstrate applicable program management skill level and experience
          Software Engineer   
CO-Colorado Springs, If you are a Software Engineer with experience, please read on! Based in beautiful Colorado Springs, we are a forward thinking and ground breaking engineering firm that delivers technical and operational solutions to our customers in the government sector. Our exceptional team helps customers address near-term issues through rapid prototyping, as well as refine concepts to optimize future systems.
I have said before that RISC OS has found itself colliding with modern requirements, causing a lot of comparison with Windows and other operating systems. I believe that this kind of comparision is a detriment to the platform. RISC OS isn't Windows or Linux or OS X, it shouldn't try to be those things. Once you start trying to be Windows, you will fall short and feel that things are indaequate. I don't think that RISC OS is inadequate. It's a very nice Operating System, good for emebedded spaces and very low power consumption / cooling. It runs on ARM chips, available in many PDAs. I feel that if RISC OS tries to be Windows, it will die or stay in a perpetual state of inadequancy (Amiga). RISC OS should instead be focusing on doing what it does best, Castle and ROS could be making mintage off of expensive embedded computer contracts in the industrial manufacturing industry. edit: PS. Good article, the author is honest but humble in his opinion. Windows/Mac/Linux users could learn something here. The author should have linked to the specific RISC OS browsers though, instead of bypassing them for Firefox. For example, this article on Drobe, compares and contrasts the main browsers for RISC OS: 2006-12-07 12:48
          ARX and other thoughts   
To me the biggest problem with RISC OS as a modern platform is its fragility. The lack of pre-emptive multi-tasking and decent memory protection are big problems. These problems IMHO limit its usefulness as an embedded or PDA OS. Indeed IMHO RISC OS is probably a worse starting point for a PDA OS than Linux. The GUI is not at all suited to pen-based working, so it would need to be replaced. (PDA pens don't have buttons, so what do you do for menus?) What that leaves you with that is of use is the kernel, Filer, Font Manager, and Draw Module. Whilst the Font Manager used to kick arse, it's now looking quite dated, and the Draw Module was always lacking. What's sad is that Acorn were developing another OS for the Archimedes. It was called ARX, and was being developed at the Acorn Palo Alto Research Centre. It was to be a modern OS, with memory protection and pre-emptive multi-tasking like Unix, with a GUI similar to Mac OS - the guys working on it were experts in OS design. Unfortunately the project was poorly managed (as most Acorn projects were). Management decided to kill the project because the predicted finish date was long after the launch date for the Archimedes - Arthur was thrown together in a hurry, and the rest is history. For those that don't know, Arthur was essentially developed by a bunch of BBC Micro games developers who had little experience in OS design. I believe that none of the folks that had been working on ARX worked on Arthur. It was designed to be compatible (to an extent) with the earlier BBC Micro OS - much of the early software on Archimedes machines was ports of BBC Micro apps. It was never really designed to be a serious OS. IMHO what Acorn should have done was get in some decent management for the ARX project. Had they done that they'd have ended up with a serious computer system and things may have turned out differently. They could potentially have competed in the spaces that Unix and Mac OS were dominating. Unfortunately Arthur meant they were only suited to the education and hobbyist market.
The last for sale Acorn operating system was 3.7. It's funny with this PC in front of me I get programs getting into difficulty (crashing) and it means the PC is practically useless until I get into the task manager and kill them or reboot. My old RiscPC hardly every had a program that crashed (unless it was in development).
          How do I try it out?   
I keep hearing so much about RiscOS and I am really interested in trying it. What's the best way to try out the system without having to buy anything?
          RE: How do I try it out?   
Ask for one for Xmas! Seriously, if you want to "try out the system without having to buy anything", probably the only way is to clean-room reverse-engineer it.
          RE[2]: How do I try it out?   
"Seriously, if you want to "try out the system without having to buy anything", probably the only way is to clean-room reverse-engineer it." Thanks for the help! But seriously, are there any good emulators out there?
I am not Admin/Owner

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          What RISCOS needs...   
It needs a huge injection of cash that's what. Anyone got £200 Million going spare? It needs a 3GHz ARM chip to overcome the use of ports like FireFox or Open Office which run far to slow to be useable just now. If it had a fast ARM system with a modern 3D graphics chip and hardware FPU then it could just about survive. Once it has the right hardware for the current level of demand that users would like, then the software from Linux could be ported and still run at a decent rate. But as this it isn't going to happen, so why don't we just let this wonderfully old OAP OS live out the rest of its life in a Home and die gracefully? I for one will miss it.
          RE: Changing floors relative elevation   

It doesn't cause any problems - It's required in case things changed between the Release Candidate and the official Release.
Do you get items like Walls, Doors, and Windows for placement?  If so, then Marc's suggestion for you to look at the Migration Wiki article is recommended.


          RE: ARX and other thoughts   
Perhaps Acorn could have kept developing RISCOS at a pace equivalent to their initial efforts. I'm not expert enough to make any authoritive determination on the matter but I wonder if pre-emptive multi-tasking could be /added/ to a co-op system. Surely the existing apps would still be fed their expected message sequence? I sometimes wonder if there is some clever business rule that I don't understand that states: Develop an absolutely massive lead and then stop improving your tech. Amiga, OS/2, 3DFX, Altavista spring to mind. Mike
          NieR: Automata y Batman: Arkham Knight funcionan en Switch gracias a una app   
Así es Rainway, que se sincronizará con nuestro PC.

Durante nuestra cobertura del E3, os hablamos de Rainway. Rainway es una app que nos permitirá disfrutar de nuestros juegos de PC en varios dispositivos como consolas. Ahora, su creador, nos ofrece un vistazo a cómo funciona en Nintendo Switch.

Streaming de juegos con hasta 60fps y 1080p de resolución

Andrew Sampson, desarrollador a la aplicación, ha mostrado dos juegos concretos en funcionamiento: NieR: Automata y Batman: Arkham Knight. En dos vídeos cortos que ha distribuido en su cuenta de Twitter, Sampson nos ayuda a comprender el sistema de la aplicación, que ejecuta los videojuegos en PC y los retransmite a otro dispositivo, en este caso, Nintendo Switch. Más allá de las configuraciones gráficas que tengamos en nuestro PC, lo cierto es que Rainway -que usa el navegador de la consola en estos momentos-, presentará el juego a 1080p o 720p y es capaz de mostrar hasta 60fps en su streaming.

Su desarrollador confía en que Nintendo apruebe la aplicación en la eShop, pero se mantiene bastante escéptico dado los antecedentes de la firma japonesa, muy recelosa con este tipo de contenido. No obstante, hoy se había mostrado reticente a llevar sus sagas al PC.

NieR: Automata y Batman: Arkham Knight funcionan en Switch gracias a una app
          RE: System fault 126   
Is it possible that your machine is running out of memory when you switch to Cached drawing view? Have you had a chance to try it on the new ABD CONNECT Edition since it is 64 bit? If you want to file a service request and send in the model I can take a look at it.

          RE: System fault 126 SS6

          RE: System fault 126   
Hello Patrick. Which version of AECOsim do you have installed?

          RE[2]: ARX and other thoughts   
Acorn were busy working on their Galileo OS when they folded. The plan for RISC OS was to replace the kernel with the new Galileo kernel, which would have supported pre-emptive multi-tasking and memory protection. I can see no reason why this wouldn't have worked and maintained application compatibility. The way that RISC OS apps work is by running in a loop continuously asking the windowing system what's happening, and it's at this point that the windowing system gives control to other applications before responding. A pre-emptive aware version of the RISC OS windowing system potentially wouldn't need to give control over to other applications. Unfortunately a project like Galileo is a major undertaking - almost certainly beyond the abilities of Castle or RISC OS Ltd, even if they put their differences aside and worked on it together.
          Llega la expansión Héroes de Skyrim a The Elder Scrolls: Legends   
Incluye nuevas mecánicas, habilidades y personajes.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends es un juego de cartas que sigue el modelo free-to-play. Hoy da la bienvenida a Héroes de Skyrim, la primera expansión que se encarga de añadir nuevas mecánicas y habilidades al título.


Entre las nuevas características que pueden encontrar los usuarios gracias a esta expansión, se suman 150 cartas nuevas inspiradas en The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: los jugadores podrán hacerse con personajes como Alduin y Paarthurnax, así como Aela la Cazadora, J'Zarg o Delphine.

A su vez, podrán canalizar el poder del Dovahkiin y emplear las cartas de Gritos para derrotar a los enemigos.

The Elder Scrolls en una baraja


The Elder Scrolls: Legends se puede conseguir en PC y los sistemas iOS y Android, a través de Steam, App Store y Google Play. El título ofrece a los jugadores partidas tanto rápidas como de larga duración, donde tendrán que poner en práctica sus estrategias ayudándose de las habilidades de las cartas.

Desde Vandal le dedicamos un análisis que podéis leer en el siguiente enlace.

Llega la expansión Héroes de Skyrim a The Elder Scrolls: Legends
          Tai Chi Class   
When: Thursday, July 06, 2017 - 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Where: Long Branch

Integral Tai Chi is a series of exercises, relaxation technique and meditation that combine Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and meditation into a self-healing system that integrates body, mind and spirit. Participants start with a warm up before the movement exercises and then follow up with a cool down, relaxation, and meditation.

✔ Avoid eating right before class because it is difficult to exercise with a full stomach.
✔ Please wear comfortable clothing for stretching and moving.
✔ Bring a yoga/ exercise mat, water, and a towel.
✔ Please arrive 5 minutes early.

All Tai Chi classes are free and open to the public.

          Bungie da más detalles sobre los clanes en Destiny 2   
Se podrán transferir los equipos del primer juego.

La desarrolladora Bungie sigue ofreciendo detalles sobre el sistema de clanes de Destiny 2, que incorporará novedades con respecto a la primera parte para ofrecer un sistema de juego más social.

Los clanes en Destiny 2

Según se ha detallado desde la web oficial del juego de acción que llega en septiembre a consolas y en octubre a PC, los jugadores podrán transferir sus equipos de Destiny a Destiny 2 con un procedimiento.

Para ello, es necesario que acudan a la web del título desde el 25 de julio para realizar la transferencia de equipos desde la cuenta del líder, que podrá asignar un nuevo mandatario si es necesario.

Si no quieres que el clan tenga presencia todavía en la secuela o prefieres hacerlo en el futuro, podrás cuando Bungie active el sistema de creación y gestión de clanes para Destiny 2.


Este sistema previo tendrá una duración de un mes y tiene como objetivo hacer que los jugadores del primer juego puedan reservar sus nombres de grupos para usarlos en los clanes de la secuela.

Los clanes son uno de los contenidos sociales más destacado para Destiny 2. Los jugadores podrán asociarse a ellos de forma prolongada o alistarse a equipos para realizar misiones de manera específica.

Bungie da más detalles sobre los clanes en Destiny 2
          (IT) Architect - Cyber Security - Contract - London   

Location: London   

An exciting FinTech start-up focused on the Financial sector is currently looking for an experienced Architect to join and support the Cyber Security team. The role will focus on design and architecture across all aspects of cyber-security. In order to be considered for this role, as an experienced cyber-security architect, you will have had experience of: Authentication, authorisation and application security; Cryptography and PKI Network security (with a focus on cloud); Multiple detection systems exposure; Mobile and web security; and Payments systems The cyber-security architect will be able to demonstrate hands on technical strength as well as the ability to engage with multiple stakeholders across all necessary teams. For more information and a confidential discussion, please apply with an updated CV.
Type: Contract
Location: London
Country: UK
Contact: Michael Nsiah
Advertiser: Trilogy International
Start Date: ASAP
Reference: JSARC30

          (IT) Security Analyst - SIEM tools   

Rate: Market Day Rate   Location: London   

Security Analyst required for 10 week contract in Inner London to develop plans to safeguard computer files against accidental or unauthorised modification, destruction, or disclosure and to meet emergency data processing needs. Confer with users to discuss issues such as computer data access needs, security violations, and programming changes. Monitor current reports of computer viruses to determine when to update virus protection system. Modify computer security files to incorporate new software, correct errors, or change individual access status. Coordinate implementation of computer system plan with establishment personnel and outside vendors. Experience required: Experience working with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) tools Significant experience of system operational security, network and/or application security Technical knowledge in security engineering, system and network security, (authentication and security protocols, cryptography), operation of a PKI, and application security Knowledge of system security vulnerabilities and remediation techniques Analytic skills to understand security implications of technical events Extensive troubleshooting and research skills with a positive and proactive approach to customer service and getting things done Strong experience working in an operational role in a secure environment Knowledge of network and web related protocols (eg TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTP, HTTPS, routing protocols) Strong Scripting skills in at least one of the following is highly desirable: Ruby, Python, Shell (bash, ksh, csh). Working knowledge of Linux Clearance Level Required: BPSS (DS) - Baseline Personnel Security Standard (with a Disclosure Scotland) IR35 Scope: Outside If deemed inside IR35 - Please note that the client has determined that the off-payroll working rules will apply to this assignment and where a worker elects to provide their services through an intermediary (such as a personal services company) then income tax and primary national insurance contributions will be deducted at source from any payments made to the intermediary. If deemed outside IR35 - Please note that the client has determined that the off-payroll working rules will not apply to this assignment. CV closing date is Friday 30th June at 3.00 pm. GSA Techsource Ltd operates as an Employment Agency when recruiting for permanent vacancies, and an Employment Business when recruiting for contract vacancies. All contract rates quoted are to Ltd companies.
Rate: Market Day Rate
Type: Contract
Location: London
Country: UK
Contact: Jackie Dean
Advertiser: GSA Techsource Ltd
Start Date: July 2017
Reference: JSJD/C/16866

          (IT) Security Developer - Cryptography   

Location: Northern Germany   

Security Developer - Cryptography Task: Work in German/Japanese projects with a focus on the development of security and safety functions for In Vehicle Infotainment systems Requirement engineering, architecture and design of the corresponding components Implementation in the team and protection function and quality up to product maturity Skills: Very good degree in (technical) computer science or electrical engineering Experience in embeded Linux, cryptography Professional experience in security, especially 'Secure Linux' necessary Very good C/C ++ programming skills, Self-employed and goal-oriented work, teamwork Very good knowledge of English. Willingness to international project work, travelling (Japan, India)
Type: Contract
Location: Northern Germany
Country: Germany
Contact: Simon Gould
Advertiser: Jet Consulting
Start Date: ASAP
Reference: JSSG_SECDEV

          Windows Vista dentro de una partición del disco no arranca   

Windows Vista dentro de una partición del disco no arranca

Hola gente del foro.
Le compré una PC usada a mi hermano que tiene un disco rigido de 500 gigas y esta particionado a la mitad en Windows 7 Professional SP1 ...... y Windows Vista.
Cuando enciendo la PC me da la opcion de con qué Windows arrancar: puedo hacerlo con el Windows 7; también me dá la opción de arranque con el Vista: pero no arranca el Sistema Operativo.
Le pregunté a mi hermano pero no recuerda nada.
Como tengo intenciones de instalar donde se encuentra al...

Publicado el 24 de Mayo del 2017 por Juan Thiago

          Nuevos dueños de la energía: cuáles son los nombres que se reparten el negocio estrella del modelo macrista (iProfesional)   

Las inversiones en producción y transporte de gas y electricidad se suceden mientras crece la lista de empresarios que apuestan por un segmento antes alicaído. La decisión oficial de avanzar con las centrales nucleares eleva las expectativas. Los protagonistas que picaron en punta en un nicho clave

El atractivo volvió con el cambio de Gobierno, casi de forma automática. En medio de promesas de políticas orientadas a sumarle valor a la producción y transporte de los insumos, y una modificación en el esquema de tarifas, el segmento energético rápidamente derivó en un magma de inversiones, compras y ventas.

Y comenzaron a aparecer nombres de empresarios y compañías que entendieron al nuevo clima político como un escenario de oportunidades.

De Marcelo Mindlin a Eduardo Eurnekian, pasando por la familia Werthein y más de un "tapado", un estamento de inversores nacionales movió rápido sus fichas para hacer de la energía una opción de rédito en alza. Para el Gobierno, cada uno de las apuestas que llevan adelante hombres y compañías locales representa otra forma de atraer el interés internacional.

"Que empresarios como Mindlin lleven a cabo compras de envergadura, o que se conozcan inversiones de relevancia en el sector, es una manera de reposicionar a la Argentina en el mapa de los mercados atractivos. Son acciones que nos vuelven competitivos", sostuvo ante iProfesional una fuente cercana al ministro Juan José Aranguren.

En torno a los equipos oficiales predomina el optimismo ante una perspectiva positiva dada la riqueza que posee la Argentina en combustibles como el gas o el aprovechamiento que todavía queda por realizar en lo que hace a la generación hidroeléctrica.

"Tenemos una situación auspiciosa en energía. Tras algo más de 15 años de malas decisiones, hay un interés creciente de los privados, sobre todo en la producción y el transporte del gas. También interesa la distribución de la electricidad. En ese sentido, Mindlin está marcando el ritmo por ser unos de los primeros que entendió que hay que apostar por el sector energético", comentó a iProfesional Emilio Apud, asesor de Cambiemos y actual director en YPF.

Para el experto, las compras y ventas de los últimos meses muestran que el empresariado ha dejado de "sufrir las inseguridades que generó el kirchnerismo". Al respecto, destacó al gas como el activo que marcará los tiempos de la inversión en el mediano plazo.

"La electricidad es importante y un negocio de relevancia, pero el gas es el futuro energético de la Argentina y el mundo. Esto lo están entendiendo empresarios como Eurnekian, que prefieren resignar posiciones en la distribución para direccionar los esfuerzos a la extracción del combustible", ejemplificó.

Justamente la expectativa que genera el futuro mayor consumo de gas es la variable que mejor explica el permanente interés por invertir en Vaca Muerta, en la provincia de Neuquén, que vienen sosteniendo compañías internaciones como Chevron, Shell, Petronas o Dow, además de la estatal YPF.

Mindlin, en punta
Si hay un auténtico protagonista del segmento tras la irrupción de Cambiemos, ese es Marcelo Mindlin. El mercado energético, ahí donde supo hacerse fuerte en tiempos de otro viento político, sigue siendo su principal ámbito de apuestas.

De ahí que, en mayo del año pasado, la compra de los activos de la brasileña Petrobras en la Argentina a través de Pampa Energía lo colocó en el pelotón de los que deciden el escenario de las naftas a nivel nacional.

Y algo más: la operación también le aseguró el control de más de 30 reservas hidrocarburíferas, una red de estaciones de servicio, dos instalaciones petroquímicas y hasta una refinería ubicada en la ciudad bonaerense de Bahía Blanca.

Hoy por hoy, Mindlin genera casi el 10% del gas que se produce en la Argentina.

Al mismo tiempo, mantuvo su participación en CIESA, la compañía que controla los destinos de TGS, considerada la mayor transportadora de gas doméstica. En tanto, septiembre del año pasado fue el mes elegido para la compra, previo desembolso de u$s100 millones, del 100% de Albares Renovables Argentina, adjudicataria de licitaciones gubernamentales en materia de energía térmica.

Dueño de Edenor, Mindlin posee más de 20.000 kilómetros de líneas de provisión de energía al controlar las firmas Transener y Transba. En paralelo, el titular de Pampa es un "peso pesado" de la generación dado que posee las hidroeléctricas Los Nihuiles y Diamante, y las centrales térmicas Loma de la Lata, Piedrabuena y Güemes.

A través de la compra de la ex IECSA -rebautizada Sociedad Argentina de Construcción y Desarrollo Estratégico (SACDE)- a Ángelo Calcaterra, primo de Mauricio Macri, Mindlin también se hizo con un activo que le abre las puertas del renovado negocio de la energía nuclear. SACDE ya participa de la licitación para la construcción del edificio donde se desarrollarán los reactores CAREM en Lima, provincia de Buenos Aires, y también podría salir a pelear contratos para lo que será el diseño de Atucha III.

"Tiene un auténtico ejército de ingenieros con todas las especialidades posibles. Es una empresa en permanente expansión, por lo que de seguro también estará entre las candidatas a las principales obras", comentó una fuente vinculada al Ministerio de Energía.

Siempre Caputo
Otro de los nombres que pisa fuerte en el ámbito energético es el de Nicolás Caputo. De la mano de SADESA, participa en la generación de electricidad a través de Central Puerto y Central Mendoza. También posee participación en distribuidoras de gas en el centro del país y la región de Cuyo.

Al mismo tiempo, Caputo cuenta con una porción muy amplia en Edesur adquirida a la brasileña Petrobras en enero de 2013. En ese momento, la petrolera vendió su participación del 48,5% en u$s35 millones. Dichas acciones las adquirieron Hidroeléctrica Piedra del Águila (HPDA) y La Plata Cogeneración, ambas bajo control de SADESA.

En enero de 2017, la firma presentó proyectos para levantar una planta de ciclo combinado de 1.600 megavatios en el complejo industrial de Zárate y Campana. En simultáneo, el empresario ha triunfado en algunas de las principales licitaciones que el Gobierno llevó a cabo en materia nuclear.

Por poner un caso, a principios de este año se quedó con la construcción de un sistema de almacenamiento en seco de combustibles atómicos para la central de Atucha I. La obra está valuada en algo más de $500 millones.

Ya en enero de 2016, Caputo se alzó con la construcción de la obra civil de los edificios del reactor RA-10, en un contrato valuado en casi $800 millones. Al momento de informar los resultados de la compulsa, la CNEA argumentó en un comunicado que el empresario obtuvo "la ejecución del proyecto de diseño, construcción y puesta en marcha del reactor de investigación multipropósito RA-10, fundamentalmente, para aumentar la producción de radioisótopos destinados al diagnóstico de enfermedades".

Por estos días, Caputo está entre los finalistas de la competencia por la obra civil del edificio que albergará a toda la producción de CAREM. El presupuesto para dicho emprendimiento alcanza los $1.300 millones.

Pagano: el tapado
Más allá del despliegue de Mindlin y el movimiento creciente de Caputo, una de las movidas más significativas en tiempos de macrismo corrió por cuenta de un "tapado": Rogelio Pagano, un empresario del "riñón" del titular de Pampa Energía y que a fines de mayo de 2016 compró una serie de compañías que lo transformaron en una suerte de "zar" de la electricidad bonaerense.

En ese momento, el empresario pagó u$s250 millones para quedarse con Edelap, la firma que brinda electricidad a más de 400.000 usuarios en La Plata y su área de influencia, además de garantizarse también el dominio de EDEA, la empresa que provee de suministro a casi 530.000 clientes en Mar del Plata.

Al frente de Desarrolladora Energética (DESA), Pagano también opera EDESA, clave en la provisión de electricidad en la provincia de Salta, y las distribuidoras EDEN y EDES, con operaciones en el centro y sur de la provincia de Buenos Aires.

Pagano no es ningún improvisado en el negocio energético: integró el directorio de Edenor entre 2005 y 2012 y acompañó a Mindlin en Pampa Energía durante varios años. También ocupó diferentes cargos en Citibank y Bank Of America. Producto de sus últimas maniobras, Pagano pasó a disponer de una cartera de usuarios que supera con comodidad los 1,5 millones de clientes.

Macfarlane y Werthein
La venta de Edelap a Pagano corrió por cuenta de otro "viejo" conocido de Mindlin: Alejandro Macfarlane, titular del grupo Disvol y también con pasado en Pampa Energía.

A principios de mayo de este año, Macfarlane hizo un uso concreto de los fondos que recibió del actual dueño de Edelap al cerrar la compra del 31,5% del capital social y los votos de Camuzzi Gas Inversora, controlante de Camuzzi Gas Pampeana y su homónima Gas del Sur CGP.

Camuzzi Gas Pampeana distribuye gas natural a 1,3 millones de clientes residenciales e industriales en las provincias de Buenos Aires y La Pampa. En tanto, Camuzzi Gas del Sur asegura el suministro a 650.000 usuarios en toda la Patagonia.

Otro actor que se sumó en el último tiempo corresponde a la familia Werthein, que a mediados del año pasado generó una de las mayores sorpresas del segmento tras desembolsar unos u$s240 millones por la mitad de CIESA, la compañía que controla TGS y aún cuenta con participación de Mindlin.

"Se trata de una empresa que, sin problemas, debería facturar por los menos unos $3.500 millones anuales. Capacidad industrial no le falta", comentó a este medio una fuente cercana al ministro Aranguren.

La compra de TGS les aseguró el control del principal distribuidor de gas domiciliario y para complejos industriales, con monopolio del fluido que proviene principalmente de la cuenca Austral.

Asimismo, la firma es la mayor procesadora de líquidos derivados del gas, actividad que la compañía desempeña en la planta que posee muy cerca de Bahía Blanca, en la localidad de General Daniel Cerri.

En concreto, TGS produce a razón de 300.000 toneladas de etanol, 550.000 de propano y butano, además de 150.000 de naftas. Las principales productoras químicas de la Argentina operan en vínculo con la transportadora, que además cuenta con una potente instalación de poliductos en Puerto Galván, siempre en el sur de la provincia de Buenos Aires.

Eurnekian, en retirada
La contracara de estas expansiones corresponde a Eduardo Eurnekian, que en los últimos meses hizo evidentes sus movimientos para salir de Transportadora Gas del Norte (TGN).

A través de Compañía General de Combustibles (CGC), el empresario posee la mayoría accionaria de Gasinvest, controlante de la transportadora.

TGN cuenta con una de las mayores redes de gasoductos de la región, con una extensión que alcanza los 6.000 kilómetros distribuidos mayormente en el centro y norte de la Argentina. Ocho distribuidoras, diversas generadoras y múltiples industrias dependen del fluido que acerca este entramado de alcance nacional. El negocio de la firma está valuado en algo más de u$s750 millones.

La retirada de Eurnekian no concluye ahí: a mediados de mayo intensificó las conversaciones con Gas Natural Fenosa, controlante de Gas Natural BAN, para transferirle su participación en el gasoducto GasAndes, un tendido que hace dos décadas permitió la exportación del combustible a Chile. Este proceso se realiza en coordinación con el Banco Itaú.

Fenosa cuenta con más de 1,6 millones de clientes en el Norte y también provee de luz a miles de hogares en San Juan, Jujuy y Tucumán. En el ámbito energético aseguran que Eurnekian impulsa la venta de estos activos para, fondos frescos mediante, intensificar su apuesta por la producción de gas, sobre todo en la cuenca Austral.

En definitiva, el ámbito energético aparece como uno de los segmentos que mayor expansión viene exhibiendo desde que Cambiemos define el rumbo económico del país. La decisión del macrismo de profundizar la generación nuclear deja en claro que la política dista de ser momentánea.

Y para el empresariado nacional semejante apuesta representa la certeza de que es un buen momento para volver a hacer negocios de envergadura en la Argentina.


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The AAVSO will issue a call for observations at its discretion, but any well-justified program is eligible for AAVSO support.  If you have questions about establishing an AAVSO Observing Campaign, or if you believe your research program would benefit from the participation of the AAVSO observer community, please contact the AAVSO Campaign Coordinator.  The AAVSO can assist with campaigns beyond announcing them; if your project requires substantial assistance of AAVSO staff, we may request grant support for staff activities.  Also, please consider becoming a member if you are not one already!

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          Article: Developing a Secure and Scalable Web Ecosystem at LinkedIn   

LinkedIn’s hyper-growth placed strains on the organization’s infrastructure. A new release model was instrumental to scale and led to increased code quality, security, and member satisfaction.

By James Baker
          Article: Enabling IoT Ecosystems through Platform Interoperability   

The fragmentation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the lack of interoperability prevent the emergence of broadly accepted IoT ecosystems. The BIG IoT (Bridging the Interoperability Gap of the IoT) project aims to ignite such an ecosystem

By Arne Bröring
          Presentation: How to Backdoor Invulnerable Code   

Josh Schwartz takes a look at the real tactics, with examples, used to compromise and backdoor seemingly secure products by exploiting the humans and systems that create them.

By Josh Schwartz



me esta molestando el sistema operativo que estoy usando de esto solicito

Publicado el 02 de Julio del 2014 por jose

          Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3   

Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3

Respuesta a Problema con formateo Toshiba Satellite A300-1H3

Otra sugerencia que se me ha planteado, es que probablemente el controlador que se me pidiera fuera el del disco SATA.

La URL para bajar el driver es:

Para buscar el controlador correspondiente al disco se me ha sugerido entrar a la BIOS por F2-> Setup Utility y buscar en el submenú "Main".

Esto es lo que aparece:

System ...

Publicado el 29 de Junio del 2014 por BrainCrash

          acer aspire 3650 con vista   

acer aspire 3650 con vista

Respuesta a acer aspire 3650 con vista

buenas tardes antes que nada la educacion es primero, he visto tu rpoblema y curiosamente tengo la misma maquina y mi mejor opcion en sistema operativo a sido siempre Windows xp con service pack 3, pero ya me hace falta una actualizacion de sistema operativo el vista es un poco pesado si tienes la posibilidad de adquirir una memoria ram de 1 gb adelante colocala y prueba a instalar el windows 7 desde una memoria usb para ello t recomiendo descargues algunos programas que he utilizado y la verdad...

Publicado el 22 de Junio del 2014 por Christian Vasquez




Hola, he seguido todo tal cual lo explicas y he conseguido ver la particion oculta, con los archivos de Sistema en un Portatil Acer Extensa 5630EZ: es la particion que se usa con el Recovery, para dejar el PC como viene de fabrica, la particion se llama PQSERVICE.
Ahora la quiero oculta, cambiando el. Set ID 07, que es para hacerla visible; por el Set ID 27, para que no se vea, pero se sigue viendo, me puedes decir que es lo que hago mal.
Muchas gracias.

Publicado el 05 de Abril del 2014 por GAFOTA

          Re: City cuts a check, takes ownership of Missoula's water system   
I would title the story, "At What Price?". The Mayor was either an idiot or pretended to be an idiot (when it comes to his cost prediction).
Posted by glen bumgardner
          A Proto-Environmentalist   
Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, "Pliny the Elder and Man's Unnatural History," Greece & Rome 37.1 (April, 1990) 80-96 (at 85-86):
It is a little bit tempting to represent him as a sort of proto-environmentalist. Certainly there is at points an unmistakeably green tinge to his ideas. He squarely accuses man of poisoning his environment. His contemplation of the variety of plants, their number, flowers, colours, scents, and juices, leads him to champion the cause of Nature. Are not poisons a design fault of Nature? But it is man who discovered poisons. Animals use their natural weapons (tusks, etc.), but only man uses poison. We poison our arrows, we poison our rivers and the very elements of nature, we turn the means of life to destruction (18.1-3). Even worse than the abuse of poison, in Pliny's view, is mining.
We excavate every fibre of the earth, and live above the cavities. Can we be surprised if it occasionally gapes open and quakes? As if this couldn't be a sign of indignation expressed by our sacred parent. (33.1)
Or again, he contrasts the rest of the natural world, which has been created for the sake of man, with the mountains, which nature created for her own sake, as a framework to give solidity to the guts of the earth, and to control the force of rivers and seas. Yet man by mining quarries away this protective frame (36.1).

Environmentalism is a useful analogy. It serves to remind us that the issue of man's relationship with nature is one which may properly engage a scientist, and which may indeed fuel some of the passion behind his work. But the Plinian framework is different. Pollution is not the issue, the ozone layer is not under threat. And though in part the antitheses are the same, of the natural balance of a self-regulating ecological system versus human greed, profit-making, and abuse, the key element in Pliny's equation is one of little importance to us, namely luxury.

          El atraco a cara descubierta de la Seguridad Social   

Se está perpetrando un nuevo atraco a los pensionistas actuales y a los futuros, a los que se intentará convencer que el sistema no es financiable y que sólo puede sostenerse con pensiones de miseria. Corregir el rumbo es posible. Basta con dejar de esquilmar la caja, aumentar los ingresos eliminando los topes de cotización de los salarios más altos y perseguir el fraude en las contrataciones. Y para ello es imprescindible salarios dignos y no tercermundistas.

etiquetas: atraco, seguridad social, fondo de reserva

» noticia original (

          Top ERP Systems for Manufacturing 2017--Expert Reviews and Pricing--Free Analyst Report   

Unlike some ratings, SelectHub product scores are taken from multiple sources including top analysts and actual buyers of the software—ideal for your shortlist.

Get everything you need to make right ERP decision:

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SelectHub is an intelligent platform for Technology Selection Management (TSM). The platform provides competitive solution analysis across key selection criteria. These built-in analyst ratings are combined with subjective user ratings in on-going selection projects to create SelectHub ratings reports.

Want help with your shortlist? Connect with SelectHub to expedite your enterprise software search with free recommendations based on our expert software evaluations and actual selection projects.

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          How eCitation Improves Officer Safety and Increase Revenue   

During a traffic stop, officers are most vulnerable on the roadway—while writing citations or moving to and from vehicles to check information. But an electronic ticketing system can reduce the time officers are exposed while writing tickets by more than 50%, while delivering a range of other benefits as well. 

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          The Smart Guide to Migrating Your Enterprise OS & Apps   

This eGuide from breaks down the challenges and opportunities related to what many are calling the Enterprise Mobility Revolution. Support for Windows CE and Windows Embedded mobile platforms is ceasing in 2020.

We’ll breakdown your options moving forward from an OS, device, and application migration standpoint, clearly laying out the elements to consider and next steps to take.

Rugged enterprise devices have come a long way in terms of usability and functionality. Your enterprise has new choices of modern operating systems that your workforce is already using in their personal lives. Support for Windows CE and Windows Mobile is coming to an end in 2020, which means enterprises need to take action to migrate their devices and apps to operating systems that will be supported in the future.

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          Jaguar prezentuje system zarządzania temperaturą I-PACE   
Jaguar postawił na solidny system zarządzania temperaturą pakietu akumulatorów i kabiny modelu I-PACE, dzięki czemu osiągi, zasięg i trwałość powinny być możliwie wysokie niezależnie od warunków
          проблемы с установкой!   
Скачанный с вашего сайта StatBar в конечной фазе установки на 77 % прерывается ошибкой такого содержания:
C /WINDOWS/system 32 / OLEAUT 32.DLL
The existing file is newer than the ohe Setup is trying to instal.It is recommended that you keep the existing file.
Do you want to keep the existing file?
И два варианта выбора : Да . : Нет
Подскажите что с этим делать,и почему установка не происходит гладко на все 100%
Я уже пробовал выбирать : Да . За тем выскакивает следующий диалог, и так несколько раз. В итоге она устанавливается не корректно(данные трафика не отображаются корректно, это первое что я заметил,после чего удалил)
У меня XP Profesional 3 sp 2 G оперативки .
До этого у меня стоял StatBar более ранней версии и все работало отлично.
Что я делаю не так ? Подскажите! StatBar 2.406
          La presidenta del PSOE Crisitina Narbona ve urgente crear impuestos que eviten una situación límite en las pensiones   

La presidenta del PSOE, Cristina Narbona, aseguró hoy, en el marco del Fórum Europa, que le parece "urgente" crear impuestos con los que se sufrague el sistema público de pensiones, para evitar una "situación límite".

etiquetas: narbona, urgente, crear, impuestos

» noticia original (

          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Hasselt: Zwaardridders van Livland sturen hulpgoederen naar Hongarije   

Ingestuurd door Jos Kuppers Op woensdag 31 mei en 21 juni vertrok telkens een vrachtwagen met humanitaire hulpgoederen naar verschillende bestemmingen in Hongarije. De Orde der Zwaardridders van Livland Hasselt stond in voor de verzameling en de...
          Charting Russia’s most dangerous cities for LGBT people   

Here are the towns where it’s dangerous to be gay in Russia. A culture of silence and a law “against propaganda” are keeping them that way. Русский

An LGBT pride parade in St Petersburg, 2014. Photo CC BY-NC-ND 2.0: Maria Komarova / Flickr. Some rights reserved.

It’s become a tradition across the globe to celebrate LGBT Pride in the last days of June. Usually, such events are held on the weekend closest to the 28 June, as it was on that day that the modern LGBT movement in the USA began in earnest. It was an initiative that inspired strategies and tactics of human rights advocacy in many other countries. Although it takes different forms across the world, LGBT pride raises issues of freedom of expression, human rights, and healthcare for LGBT people. In some cities Europe and the USA it has turned into something of a commercial event or cultural festival for the wider public. In other locations, LGBT people march under the threat of police brutality.

In Russia, the first LGBT pride march was held in 1991 on the square before Moscow’s Bolshoi theatre as part of the Soviet Union’s first LGBT festival. The more modern history of LGBT parades in Russia began in 2006 when LGBT activist Nikolay Alekseyev attempted to officially organise a pride march in Moscow. Years passed, and the city authorities still haven’t found the guts to permit a march for LGBT human rights through the capital’s streets and provide security for its participants. However, other banned marches have been successfully challenged in the European Court for Human Rights and Alekseyev has generated support in other regions of the country. He and his colleagues have applied for permission to hold pride marches in Blagoveshchensk, Cherkessk, Cherepovets, Kazan, and Nizhny Tagil among many other cities across Russia, though they have always been rejected and sued city governments in response. A notable exception came in 2013, when the governor of St Petersburg did not forbid the city’s LGBT pride parade, although it did encounter violently homophobic protesters who tried to obstruct the march.

The metrics of hatred

In fact, these violent far-right groups keep close tabs on LGBT activists in Russia and the events they hold – or try to. While the government fights some homophobic campaigners and inciters of hatred, it supports others. After all, instigating violence against LGBT people is essentially the Russian state’s official policy towards sexuality. For example, the 2013 law banning “propaganda” of “non-traditional sexual orientations” sparked a wave of hatred against LGBT people across the country. As we discovered from court decisions last year, after the “propaganda” bill was signed into law, the number of hate crimes against lesbians and gay men doubled. 

In 2012, we found 33 examples of such hate crimes, while 2013 saw 50 hate crimes against LGBT citizens. By 2015 there were 65. We registered not only a common rise of LGBT hate crimes, but also the rise of homicides: following the enactment of the “propaganda” bill, there were more and more murders of people simply for being LGBT.

The growth in hate crimes against LGBT people across Russia. Image courtesy of the authors.

Of course, these are only the recorded crimes – many LGBT people may not dare approach the authorities after harassment, humiliation, or worse. These data are based on official court statistics, though we had to dig through the results ourselves. Nobody officially collects information on violence against LGBT people in Russia. On the contrary, the authorities pretend that nothing is happening. This attitude sometimes reaches absurd extremes when government officials claim that LGBT citizens simply do not exist.

After facts came to light about the systematic torture of gay men at secret detention camps in Chechnya, the republic’s press secretary immediately retorted that “you cannot repress those who are not and cannot be here in the Chechen Republic.” Despite the justified focus on Chechnya, these claims are hardly specific to one culture or region within the Russian Federation – officials in other regions speak in much the same manner. For example, the mayor of Svetogorsk in Leningrad Region declared his city “free from gays.” He subsequently argued that LGBT issues and rights are irrelevant there, neither an LGBT community nor LGBT people exist in the small city.

This imagined absence of LGBT people constitutes an active policy of silencing and excluding some citizens from the wider national community on the grounds of their sexuality

This imagined absence of LGBT people constitutes an active policy of silencing and excluding some citizens from the wider national community on the grounds of their sexuality. These comments certainly reinforce existing prejudices and reproduce violence against vulnerable groups. But what is the real picture? Let’s say that the authorities of a Russian city actually permitted an LGBT march to go ahead? Would these violent protectors of a false morality then take to the streets to fight those marching, to stop their fellow citizens expressing their point of view and standing up for their rights?

It depends on where you are. In other words, how dangerous is it to be gay in different Russian cities?

A “sexual stratification” of Russian cities

Media doesn’t simply inform society about current affairs; it also provides frames for understanding social problems, rendering some topics more important than others by virtue of generating discussion around them. Violence against LGBT people may be a key cause for concern in the human rights movement, but that urgency is lost in public discussions.

But media can also remedy societies from oblivion by sharing stories which are otherwise forgotten or ignored, and spark positive change. For example, the murder of gay teen Matthew Sheppard was one of the most publicised hate crimes in the US history. The furore in the press eventually led to changes in hate crime law.

One of the effects of Russia’s “propaganda” law was not simply the rise in violence against LGBT people. It also led to more frequent ewspaper publications on LGBT topics, hence public discussion on a topic which still remains taboo for many people. This was not entirely what legislators intended. We benefitted from this situation by researching the details and contexts of violence against LGBT in Russia as they were reported in media. The Sexuality Lab studied almost 4,500 media publications about violence against LGBT people in Russia between 2011 and 2016. We categorised all newspaper articles in accordance with the sexuality of the victims reported and the locations of crimes committed. All cities were then classified by population, making it possible for us to calculate an index of safety for every urban settlement.

The data reveal that the most dangerous places for LGBT people are villages in the countryside and small towns with a population below 100,000: they are characterised by the highest rates of violence against LGBT people per 1,000 persons. The safest locations are the largest cities (Moscow and St Petersburg): despite the greater number of crimes against LGBT in these cities, their relative indexes are actually the lowest. This can be explained by understanding the circumstances of these hate crimes.

Statistically, a gay person is safer in St Petersburg than in a smaller city like Nizhnevartovsk

Very often, hate crimes are committed as soon as perpetrators learn about the victim’s sexuality, which is usually revealed in a conversation in a private space over a drink or meal. These social gatherings occur more frequently in smaller settlements, because that way of life is simply more common there: there are fewer bars to go to, fewer crowds to blend into, and more free time to kill. People drink alcohol and talk about their personal lives as there’s no other way to spend one’s spare time. Alhough many people in Russia actually do not give a damn about LGBT issues, some still react violently to a person’s coming out – and such reactions are more common in smaller towns and cities.

The graph below shows incidents of violence against LGBT people in different towns and cities of Russia. We compare capital cities, big cities (of 500,000 people and above) and smaller cities (of between 100-500,000 people). This graph shows that the smaller a city, the bigger the probability of violence against LGBT people. Statistically, a gay person is safer in St Petersburg than in a smaller city like Nizhnevartovsk. This could explain why the mayor of Svetlogorsk thinks there are no gay men in his town – anybody with half a mind in that position would leave the place as soon as they felt threatened. 

Violence and hate crimes against LGBT people across Russia, by city size. Image courtesy of the author.

These results aren’t surprising; they just prove once again that homophobia is on the rise in Russia and that hate crimes are supported in its remote regions. We have based our claims on a survey of media publications, which limits the whole picture only to material in the public domain. As a result, there will be many hate crimes which went unreported, and some remote regions not covered in our media survey. However, it is no exaggeration to say that there are parts of the country which are simply not safe for LGBT citizens.

One of the ways to protect oneself is to keep silent about one’s sexuality, concealing it from the public in order not to become a victim of violence. So this secrecy around the existence of homosexuals is reinforced not only by political decisions, but also by individual moves as many LGBT people opt to hide their sexuality. While their response contributes to a culture of silence, they cannot and must not be blamed for it – simply put, they fear for their lives.

The LGBT pride parades pursue a radically different approach: a public and full-throated political demand to recognise that LGBT people exist. Do our data confirm that Russian cities are not ready to host such events on their territories? If our goal is to fight the silence, the data show exactly the contrary: as long as anybody suffers and is killed because of their sexuality, it is important to shout at the top of our voices to try and stop the murders and political climate in which they are tacitly tolerated. Human rights marches across towns and cities of all sizes are one way of articulating this; a means to make violence visible and demand that it stop.

CC by NC 4.0

          6/30/2017: Het Belang Van Kortessem: Pastoor Vandermeulen gevierd na laatste mis   

Ter gelegenheid van de laatste weekendmis in de SintAgapituskerk van Vliermaal nam de parochiegemeenschap afscheid van hun 84-jarige priester Paul Vandermeulen. Na de mis klonken er niets dan ontgoochelende stemgeluiden over het verdwijnen van de...
          Comentário sobre BaianaSystem lança novo disco, “Duas Cidades”, com dancehall e cumbia por BaianaSystem: “temos um vício em buscar caminhos diferentes” – M.O.V.I.N [UP]   
[…] mais recente disco, Duas Cidades, temos um debate bem racional sobre exclusão social, o lado nada bonito do capital acabando com a […]
          Supervisory Policy Statement - Domestic Systemically Important Banks (“D-SIBs”)   
Supervisory Policy Statement - Domestic Systemically Important Banks (“D-SIBs”)
 removal steps – What is it? is a new threat to your safety. Usually, the pest may sneak into your system without your knowledge/solution. One nice morning you may open your web browser and detect that your a regular homepage is changed to Of course, it is not a … Continue reading

The post removal steps appeared first on Malware Removal Solution.

          The Future Of Law And The Demise Of The Midsize Firm   
Since 1980, there has been a systemic supersizing of business enterprises, the growth of sovereign wealth, and the emergence of international businesses. The pressure this has put on national and regional law firms to go global or go home is enormous...(read more)
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: Dag moeder!   

Als er één rode draad te trekken was door dag één van Rock Werchter 2017, dan was het wel dat de dames op de bühne voor het verschil zorgden. Zij, maar ook enkele venten met stemmen die een blinde niet met die van een madam zou kunnen onderscheiden....
          Speedway Reaches Hess Halfway Mark   

UPDATE: According to data provided by GasBuddy, the current Speedway count is 2,156, while the current Hess count is 645 (see map below for the conversion progress).

FINDLAY, Ohio --Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC) has now converted more than half of the 1,250 Hess gas stations and convenience stores it acquired in October 2014 to its Speedway brand, Gary Heminger, president and CEO, said in reporting MPC’s second-quarter 2015 financial results.

It has converted more than 650 of the retail sites to the Speedway brand since the acquisition, said Heminger on the company’s earnings call.

According to data provided by GasBuddy, the current Speedway count is 2,156, while the current Hess count is 645 (see map below for the conversion progress).

Speedway, MPC's retail segment, performed well and continues to make tremendous progress integrating the East Coast and Southeast retail locations, he said.

"We are on pace to achieve the expected synergies for 2015 from light-product supply, as well as from operating and administrative expense savings. Further, the accelerated progress for store conversions and subsequent remodels has allowed us to more rapidly implement Speedway's industry-leading Speedy Rewards loyalty program. This program and other marketing enhancements are expected to drive the anticipated synergies to the business over the next several years."

Tony Kenney, president of Speedway, said. “We're moving along at an accelerated pace in converting the [Hess] brand to Speedway. … The important thing there is it's more than just the brand. What's going inside the store is all of our technology that is the platform for our marketing programs, primarily our loyalty program, all of our inventory management, other things that drive savings and synergies for us as we operate convenience stores. … As we begin to bring on all of the marketing enhancements through the conversions inside the store, then we'll start to realize those benefits down the road.”

Speedway segment income from operations was $127 million in second-quarter 2015, compared with $94 million in second-quarter 2014. This increase was primarily the result of higher merchandise and light-product margins and the addition of the newly acquired locations, partially offset by higher operating and administrative expenses. Speedway's consolidated light-product margin increased to 13.51 cents per gallon in second-quarter 2015, from 12.82 cents per gallon in second-quarter 2014.

Speedway's income from operations was $33 million higher in the quarter as compared to second-quarter 2014. Speedway's newly acquired locations contributed income of approximately $14 million to the quarter's results or approximately $45 million of EBITDA.

For the legacy Speedway sites, the merchandise gross margin was $23 million higher in second-quarter 2015 compared to the same quarter last year, and the light-product gross margin was about $16 million higher.

Speedway same-store gasoline sales volume was down two-tenths of a percent versus same quarter last year compared to estimates of U.S. demand growth in the second quarter of approximately 3% higher. Overall, gasoline sales volumes for legacy Speedway locations were up 3% in the quarter, reflecting the impact of investments in new, rebuild and remodel locations.

“Another key performance metric for our retail group is same-store merchandise sales,” said Timothy Griffith, CFO, “and we're continuing to see strong demand for our in-store offering as our same-store merchandise sales in the quarter excluding cigarettes were up 4.6% versus same quarter last year. So far in July, we've seen a 1.6% increase in same-store gasoline volumes compared to last July.”

MPC is the nation's fourth-largest refiner. Approximately 5,460 independently owned gas stations across 19 states sell the Marathon-brand. In addition, Speedway owns and operates the nation's second-largest convenience-store chain, with approximately 2,750 convenience stores in 22 states. MPC also owns, leases or has ownership interests in approximately 8,300 miles of pipeline. Through subsidiaries, MPC owns the general partner of MPLX LP, a midstream master limited partnership (MLP). MPC's fully integrated system provides operational flexibility to move crude oil, feedstocks and petroleum-related products efficiently through the company's distribution network in the Midwest, Southeast and Gulf Coast regions.

Greg Lindenberg

          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: “Nog niet onder de indruk van favoriet Froome”   

2Fabiola heeft gistermiddag 600 personeelsleden van de UHasselt op de campus in Diepenbeek de zomervakantie op de meest foute wijze doen inzetten. De anders zo academische sfeer sloeg snel om in een feeststemming door het bezoek van de Foute Week van...
          6/30/2017: Hbvl2: Adele heeft genoeg van wereldtournees   
Bewondering voor de superstem van Adele? Dan is de handgeschreven brief die de zangeres aan haar fans richt ook voor u bedoeld. Daarin bedankt de Britse zangeres niet alleen haar fans, tussen de regels staat ook minder goed nieuws. “Op tournee gaan is...
          Reform Roundup: June 30th, 2017   

Catch up on the week’s electoral reform news with our round up of folks across the country writing and talking about FairVote reform vision. This week, Congressman Don Beyer introduced the Fair Representation Act (FRA), H.R. 3057.

  • Congressman Don Beyer wrote for The Washington Post about needing to change how we elect the House of Representatives. “Applied nationally, we would have more moderate Democrats from districts leaning Republican, and vice versa, creating a type of politician — now nearly extinct — known as a ‘bridge builder.’ Many members would share constituents with members of the other major party, creating incentives to work together on legislation affecting the district.”

  • Anita Earls wrote for The Nation about how the Fair Representation Act would put an end to gerrymandering and improve representation for communities of color. “There is a way forward. If we want to stop gerrymandering, and move beyond constant litigation over how lines are drawn, we must rethink the way we do districting itself. That’s why the Fair Representation Act creates such an exciting path forward. In states like Texas, for example, where black and Latino populations live close together, those communities are often pitted against each other for the one majority-minority seat. A multi-winner district, and a genuine multi-racial slate, would decrease tension between racial minorities, while increasing their voice.”

  • FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie and Board Chair Krist Novoselic spoke to Pedro Echevarria of the Washington Journal C-SPAN about FairVote’s 25th Anniversary year and the introduction of the Fair Representation Act. “With multi-member districts, you don’t need to receive 50% of the vote, which is what you do when you’re just electing one person like president. You can lower that share to whatever is proportionate to the number of seats, so if you have 5 seats it will take about a 5th of the vote. And by doing that, it opens up every single corner of every single state to meaningful engagement and participation and representation. One party would not sweep all of the seats anywhere.” 

  • The American Prospect reported on the Fair Representation Act and its potential to end Congressional Dysfunction. "The bill would not only institute nonpartisan redistricting commissions and a new voting system designed to create a proportionally representational Congress, but also aims to dramatically reduce the number of safe seats for each party and eliminate the unopposed re-election of representatives. In 2014, 31 congressional representatives were re-elected unopposed."

  • Lanae Erickson Hatalsky and David De la Fuente of ThirdWay wrote in U.S. News & World Report about why voters need the Fair Representation Act. “If policymakers don’t offer solutions to fix our electoral system and restore faith that our representative democracy is working the way it should, voters will continue to react with anger and deliver wave elections where they “throw the bums out” every other year. As we’ve seen over the past few election cycles, these reactive waves make it even harder to govern, further contributing to the cycle of frustration that led to them in the first place.”

  • The Alexandria News reports on the introduction of the Fair Representation Act, introduced by Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia’s 8th district. “The Fair Representation Act is the most comprehensive approach to improving congressional elections in American history,” said Rob Richie, the executive director of FairVote. “It creates an impartial, national standard that gets at the core of FairVote’s mission: Giving voters greater choice, a stronger voice, and a representative democracy that works for all Americans.”



          The Fair Representation Act has been introduced to Congress   

I’m sponsoring the Fair Representation Act because Congress is broken. It is hyper-partisan. It is far too polarized. The FRA creates a structure where members of Congress are incentivized to work together. This is the right thing to do to give voters the strong voice that they deserve in our elections.

--Congressman Don Beyer (VA-08)

On June 26, 2017, Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) introduced H.R. 3057: The Fair Representation Act. He was joined by co-sponsors Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Ro Khanna (D-CA). This is a historic moment. The Fair Representation Act is the most comprehensive approach to reforming congressional elections in United States history. It would truly realize the vision of the House of Representatives as “The People’s House.”

The Fair Representation Act

FairVote has called for expanding the use of multi-winner ranked choice voting in United States elections since its founding 25 years ago. Ranked choice voting can replace the broken, zero-sum, winner-take-all system - in which the biggest group of voters in a district are the only ones earning representation - with fair representation for all. In this era of fierce partisan divisions, nowhere needs this change more than the House of Representatives.

RCV-ballot-09.pngUnder the Fair Representation Act, every state would use ranked choice voting to elect its Representatives. Voters would be free to rank their choices without fear of “spoilers.” Instead of only one candidate winning with the most votes, several candidates would win based on how many votes they earn. For example, in a state like Oklahoma or Connecticut that elects 5 winners, 17% of voters can elect 1 of the 5 winners; 34% of voters can elect 2 of the 5 winners; and so on. A majority of voters can always elect a majority of seats, and everyone earns their fair share.

States that elect up to 5 winners will not need any districts at all. Larger states will use districts, but the districts will elect 3, 4, or 5 winners each. That means that a state like Massachusetts that elects 9 Representatives will divide into equal thirds, with each of the three districts electing 3 winners with ranked choice voting. To adopt a district map, these states will form independent redistricting commissions composed of ordinary state citizens (not politicians or lobbyists) who will operate transparently and hold hearings around the state to find the district map that makes the most sense for their state.

The use of ranked choice voting in multi-winner elections will transform the House of Representatives. The current system only allows the biggest group of voters in each district to win representation, all other voices are silenced. As a result, there are millions of voters who prefer Democrats stuck in safe Republican districts and millions of voters who prefer Republicans stuck in safe Democratic districts, women and people of color are under-represented, and everyone has too few choices. The Fair Representation Act can elevate those voices, giving them more power to elect candidates they support and who will go to Congress to work for them.

A Historic Moment

Under the Constitution, Congress has the responsibility to act when our federal elections are not working. It has acted on that responsibility many times in the past, passing laws changing how we elect Congress in 1842 (requiring single-winner districts), 1872 (equal populations per representative), 1901 (requiring that districts be “compact”), 1929 (repealing the requirement to use districts), and 1967 (re-imposing the requirement to use districts). It has been 50 years since Congress has acted in this arena, even as the current system fails to deliver on the promise of a representative House.

Representative Beyer has shown tremendous leadership in holding Congress to its constitutional responsibilities. The attention it attracted from the public demonstrates the hunger that voters have for a more empowering system. FairVote livestreamed Rep. Beyer’s press conference, which was viewed over 44,000 times and ultimately reached over 554,000 people.;overflow:hiddenno0truetrue

The day after the bill’s introduction, Rep. Beyer published an opinion piece in the Washington Post explaining why he introduced the Act. It begins “Democracy is in crisis. Even as the country is deeply divided along class and ideological lines, it seems to be unified in its frustration with our current brand of politics.” Other voices have also weighed in on the need for the Fair Representation Act, including:

As more media coverage happens in the coming days and weeks, we'll add it to the list on our website.

You Can Help the Fair Representation Act Gain Momentum

Now that the vehicle for transforming elections to the U.S. House of Representatives is a bill in Congress, you can help to move the conversation forward. Contact your Representative today to ask them to support the Fair Representation Act. You can find your Representative here, and email them a letter supporting the Fair Representation Act. A sample letter is provided here. You also could consider calling your Member, which increases their likelihood of responding. Better still would be to form a group to have a meeting with your Member and their district office staff. 

Finally, we want to keep adding names to our petition in support of the Act. We currently have over 1500 signatures. Please consider sharing the petition online and drawing people’s attention to our new video and our public resources, at

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The new system will replace a welter of taxes from around the country that were seen as a major impediment to growth. But will it be any simpler?
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The names of the Sefirot: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut refer to the inner content of the connections in the creation. Sometimes we meet another Sefira in the plan called Daat. Two directions stem from Keter, Hochma, and Bina, which under the impact of Keter create the Sefira of […]
          Reward And Punishment In Our Lives, Part 5   
Question: From the perspective of nature, which of our actions are considered correct and beneficial and can lead us to a good life so we don’t receive punishment from nature? Answer: All of nature is a closed, integral system, all parts of which—inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human—are bound by the same network. The law of an […]
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Question: If we live in a system of nature that trains us like a mother bringing up little children, then do rewards and punishments for our actions really exist in this world? Society conditions a person by defining rewards as good fortune, success in family, work, and money. All of reality is divided into winners and losers; […]
          Cutting A Pindo Palm Back: When Do Pindo Palms Need To Be Pruned   
By Liz Baessler The pindo palm (Butia capitata) is a thick, slow growing palm tree that is popular in zones 8 through 11, where it’s winter hardy. Palm trees come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and species, and it’s not always clear how much each tree needs to be pruned, if at all. Keep reading to learn more about how and when to prune a pindo palm tree. Do I Prune a Pindo Palm? Do pindo palms need to be pruned? If you are lucky enough to have a pindo palm growing in your garden, you might be tempted to cut it back. As the palm grows, it does have a tendency to get a little ragged looking. Each year the tree will produce eight new leaves. The leaves actually consist of a 4 foot (1.2 m.) long stem that’s covered in spines and 10 inch (25 cm.)

          Four Powerful Tricks for Successful Lucid Dreaming   

By definition, Lucid Dreaming means "conscious awareness during the dream state." But how can this be? Every book I've ever read on dreaming has described the dream state as being an entry into the unconscious, so how can you possibly be conscious during dreaming, and be able to enter your dreams. It's an interesting theory, and I've discovered some very positive information that will help you in your Lucid dreaming attempts.

Can you be Conscious while Accessing the Subconscious?

According to Charles McPhee in his book "Stop Sleeping Through your Dreams," the answer to the question on consciousness during sleep is a resounding NO! "Our ability for consciousness-our ability to achieve reflectivity in our minds-is specifically denied us during dream sleep. Single-mindedness is a quality that defines dream experience." If you had the ability to reflect in a dream, you would recognize instantly that you were dreaming, and wake-up, and this is why it becomes difficult to judge and evaluate our dream experience.

An important event occurs with our muscle system with the onset of dream sleep. The main motor neurons of the body are inhibited, which prevents us from "physically" acting out dreams - you wouldn't want to actually leap out of bed and start flying around the house; this would create chaos everywhere at night and you would wake up exhausted. Unfortunately, after the motor neurons are shut down, so is the ability for consciousness during dream sleep.

100 Minutes a Night for Lucid Dreaming

When we first awaken from dream sleep, we will have a good chance of recalling our dreams, whereas if awakened from any other stage, we will not even remember dreaming. We enter various stages of sleep during 90-minute cycles all through the night (you can test this by checking the clock before you go to sleep at night, and again when you awaken during the middle of the night.) This means that if you sleep for six hours a night, you will have four "dream cycles" which you can access for information or fun (most people dream an average of 100 minutes a night). In the book "Directed Dreaming," you discover how to ask the proper questions of your dreams in order to receive problem solving information and direction for your life; now you can go one step further and discover how to step into random dreams to find out what clues they are trying to give you.

Trick # 1 - The First Step

The first step to becoming lucid during dreaming is to start trying to recall the previous nights dreams. This takes practice, but it can be accomplished. You will soon find out that if you work backward from the dream, it is easier to piece it together. This is easiest to do, of course, right after you wake up. If a dream is not written down, or recalled quickly, it will be lost forever. When you achieve the ability for lucid dreaming, you will find out that these dreams are recalled easier and do not vanish as quickly; that's where the fun in lucid dreaming comes from! What good is it if you are able to jump into your dreams and "play," then not remember anything about the experience. Remembering your lucid dreams can give you a calming feeling and something to smile about during the day. Soon, you will become aware of what you want to find out in your dreams, and you can tell yourself that the next time you have the dream where you are flying, you will remember that you are dreaming and want to participate in that adventure.

Trick #2 - The Best Time to Become Lucid

One important thing to remember about our dream cycles is that during the night, the time spent dreaming grows progressively longer with each cycle. This means that the longest stretch of dreamtime occurs just before awakening. This is the time you should concentrate on trying to become lucid. You should have tracked your dream cycles (as explained above), and determined approximately when you will reach the 4th cycle, then, when you awaken after the 3rd cycle, you can consciously tell yourself that next time you see or hear something, you will be dreaming, and you would like to be aware of this dream and enter into it.

Trick #3 - Not Sleeping!

It has been found that if you do not get enough sleep, and haven't had time to dream, your body will compensate by dreaming more! It is almost as if it's essential for us to have dream experiences. Therefore, if you are having a hard time becoming lucid in your dreams, you might want to try staying up later for a few nights, and then you will have more dream cycles as you try to "catch-up." When you have these extra dream cycles in the catch-up phase, it's a great opportunity to practice your lucid dreaming, as your cycles will be long, intense, and deep. It is more difficult to wake yourself out of sleep when the body is very tired, making this an excellent opportunity for lucidity!

Trick #4 - Associations

After you have become accustomed to writing down your dreams, it's time to pick out a few common things in the dream that will remind you that you are dreaming. For example, if you commonly dream that you are driving various kinds of sports cars, the thing to tell yourself when you are awake is that the next time you are driving a fancy car you will be dreaming. That way, you create the association in your mind to trigger the unconscious to recognize that as a dream, and help you participate. If you commonly dream of flying, that's also a good clue that you are dreaming, and if you consciously make a note of it, the next time you find yourself flying, you will wonder what you were supposed to remember about flying. If luck is on your side, this association will trigger your thinking that if you're flying, you must be dreaming, and with that instant thought, you will be able to start your adventure into that dream.

The first few times you attempt to do this, the awareness that you are dreaming may wake you up! This is because your consciousness has been activated, and in order to keep dreaming you need to stay in the subconscious. It takes practice to make the acceptance that you are dreaming into a passing thought, and just go with the flow. If you think about it too much, you will wake up (and, of course, will need to try it all over again). Again, according to McPhee, "Whatever you choose as a clue to identify your dreams, the association will carry over to your dreams. As you keep a dream journal and familiarize yourself with the content of your dreams, you can experiment with clues. Before long, the next time you take off in flight or are pursued by some familiar tormentor, there is an exceptionally good chance that you will have the associated thought, "Oh! I must be dreaming." And with this awareness, you will have successfully identified the dreamscape.

What do You Want to Find Out

After you have successfully entered your dreams, the next step is to find out what you want to accomplish by being there. Do you want to make your lucid dream into a fantasy where you physically fight off attackers, or do you want to be the fastest runner in the world and successfully outrun anything that comes after you, or would you rather have fantasies of a sexual nature? This fantasy type of lucid dreaming is fine, but what purpose does it serve? It does not help us resolve anything in real life; but it can be a good stress-reliever. A better way to work with lucid dreaming is to try to get some insight into why the conflict is occurring. If you were to stop those people who are chasing you in your dreams and talk to them, what would they say? Could they reveal to you why you are running and open up the opportunity to explore unconscious fears in real life? Since the unconscious is probably trying to tell you something, it would be best to find out what it is, so you can act on it when you wake up, and resolve these difficult situations. The more you practice, the closer you will get to resolving your issues -- and then you can go back to fantasy dreaming (my guess is that that's probably what you want to do anyway), but since you are taking your time to practice becoming lucid, you might as well make it work to your advantage every now and then.

Technology Can Help As technology advances, so does the opportunity to get help with your Lucidity. There are now high-tech devices that you can use to induce lucid dreams. Most of them can be found in New Age bookstores, or you can go to the library and find mail order catalogs that carry these devices. You can now find popular devices such as eyeshades that detect rapid eye movement and blink a red diode when you start to sleep. This red light is incorporated into the dream, and reminds the dreamer to clue in that he or she is dreaming. If you want to see more Hi-Tech devices, visit:

Lucid Dreaming - a Gift for Certain People?

It was once thought that lucid dreaming was a gift given only to certain people, much like true Psychics have; but this is not the case. Anyone can learn lucid dreaming; it just takes practice and time. According to Charles McPhee, you must spend the time to identify when your sleep cycles are, and when your dream cycles come. Then, as you become more aware of your sleep cycles, you can prepare mentally for those times. "When you awaken early in the morning, before you roll over and close your eyes for another cycle, be confident that your dreams are on their way. In the early morning hours, you stand on the brink of thirty to forty-minute blocks of nonstop dreamscape action. The trick, of course, is to recognize the dreamscape." (103).

By Evelyn Grazini

          High-tech dashboards signal big changes for auto parts suppliers   

Alexandra Schaefer, head of the SmartCore-Centre of Competence, and her colleague Hector Zarate of US automotive supplier Visteon working on a set-up to demonstrate their new SmartCore dashboard in Karlsruhe, Germany. Photo: Reuters

Peer at the instrument panel on your new car and you may find sleek digital gauges and multicoloured screens. But a glimpse behind the dashboard could reveal what US auto supplier Visteon Corp found: a mess. As automotive cockpits become crammed with ever more digital features such as navigation and entertainment systems, the electronics holding it all together have become a rat’s nest of components made by different parts makers. Now the race is on to clean up the clutter. Visteon is among a slew of suppliers aiming to make dashboard innards simpler, cheaper and lighter as the industry accelerates towards a so-called virtual cockpit – an all-digital dashboard that will help usher in the era of self-driving cars. What’s at stake is a piece of the $37 billion cockpit electronics market, estimated by research firm IHS Market to nearly double to $62 billion by 2022. Accounting firm PwC estimates that electronics could account for up to 20 per cent of a car’s value in the next two years, up from 13 per cent in 2015. Meanwhile, the number of suppliers for those components is likely to dwindle as automakers look to work with fewer companies capable of doing more, according to Mark...
          AT&T to launch software-based 10G XGS-PON trial   
AT&T announced it will conduct a 10 Gbit/s XGS-PON field trial in late 2017 as it progresses with plans to virtualise access functions within the last mile network.

The next-generation PON trial is designed to deliver multi-gigabit Internet speeds to consumer and business customers, and to enable all services, including 5G wireless infrastructure, to be converged onto a single network.

AT&T noted that XGS-PON is a fixed wavelength symmetrical 10 Gbit/s passive optic network technology that can coexist with the current GPON technology. The technology can provide 4x the downstream bandwidth of the existing system, and is as cost-effective to deploy as GPON. As part of its network virtualisation initiative, AT&T plans to place some XGS-PON in the cloud with software leveraging open hardware and software designs to speed development.
AT&T has worked with ON.Lab to develop and test ONOS (Open Network Operating System) and VOLTHA (Virtual Optical Line Terminator Hardware Abstraction) software. This technology allows the lower level details of the silicon to be hidden. AT&T stated that it has also submitted a number of open white box XGS OLT designs to the Open Compute Project (OCP) and is currently working with the project to gain approval for the solutions.

The company noted that interoperability is a key element of its Open Access strategy, and prompted the creation of an OpenOMCI specification, which provides an interoperable interface between the OLT and the home devices. This specification, which forms a key part of software-defined network (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV), has been distributed to standards and open source communities.

  • AT&T joined OCP in January 2016 to support its network transformation program. Earlier this year at the OCP Summit Edgecore Networks, a provider of open networking solutions and a subsidiary of Accton Technology, announced design contributions to OCP including a 25 Gigabit Ethernet top-of-rack switch and high-density 100 Gigabit Ethernet spine switch. The company also showcased new open hardware platforms.
  • At the summit, Edgecore displayed a disaggregated virtual OLT for PON deployment at up to 10 Gbit/ based on the AT&T Open XGS-PON 1 RU OLT specification that was contributed to the OCP Telco working group.
  • Edgecore's ASFvOLT16 disaggregated virtual OLT is based on the AT&T Open XGS-PON 1 RU OLT specification and features Broadcom StrataDNX switch and PON MAC SOC silicon, offering 16 ports of XGS-PON or NG-PON2, with 4 x QSFP28 ports and designed for next generation PON deployments and R-CORD telecom infrastructure.

          Cavium and China Unicom trial 5G user cases on M-CORD   
Cavium, a provider of semiconductor products for enterprise, data centre, wired and wireless networking, and China Unicom announced a targeted program for the testing of 5G use cases on a M-CORD SDN/NFV platform leveraging Cavium's silicon-based white box hardware in M-CORD racks populated with ThunderX ARM-based data centre COTS servers and XPliant programmable SDN Ethernet-based white box switches.

Under the program, China Unicom and Cavium plan to shortly commence trials in a number of locations across mainland China to explore the potential of the new service.

Cavium and China Unicom are specifically demonstrating multi-access edge computing (MEC) use cases developed through a previously announced collaboration based on the ON.Lab M-CORD (Mobile Central Office Re-architected as a data centre) SDN/NFV platform at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai.

The demonstration involves a M-CORD SDN/NFV software platform and hardware rack integrated with virtualised and disaggregated mobile infrastructure elements from the edge of the RAN to distributed mobile core and the ONOS and XOS SDN and orchestration software.

The companies stated that this architecture is designed to enable turnkey operation in any central office or edge data centre for a full NFV C-RAN deployment. The solution is based on a Cavium-powered rack that combines the ThunderX ARM based data centre servers with the programmable XPliant Ethernet leaf and spine SDN switches to provide a full platform for M-CORD.

Regarding the latest project, Raj Singh, VP and GM of the network and communication group at Cavium, said, "Cavium is collaborating with China Unicom to explore 5G target use cases leveraging the M-CORD SDN/NFV platform and working towards field deployment… a homogenous hardware architecture optimised for NFV and 5G is a pre-requisite for field deployments".

  • Earlier this year, Radisys and China Unicom announced they had partnered to build and integrate M-CORD development PODs featuring open source software. For the project Radisys, acting as systems integrator, used the CORD open reference implementation to enable cloud agility and improved economics in China Unicom's network. The companies also planned to develop deployment scenarios for the solution in the China Unicom network.
  • The resulting platform was intended to support future 5G services by enabling mobile edge services, virtualised RAN and virtualised EPC. The companies also planned to develop an open reference implementations of a virtualised RAN and next-generation mobile core architecture.

          Juha Saarinen: Stop the cyber war now   
Evidence is forming that this week's Petya/NotPetya or GoldenEye malware attack wasn't an attempt by criminals at ransoming users, but an act of sabotage against Ukrainian IT systems.What's more, the malware campaign was a fiasco...
          Silicon Labs launches XOs for 100/400G line cards   
Silicon Labs, a supplier of silicon, software and solutions for networking applications, has introduced a new family of crystal oscillators (XOs), the Si54x Ultra Series, that is claimed to offer the lowest jitter frequency-flexible solution on the market.

The new Si54x Ultra Series XOs deliver jitter performance down to 80 femtoseconds (fs) for both integer and fractional frequencies across the entire operating range. The devices provide leading frequency flexibility and jitter margin performance and target demanding applications including 100/200/400 Gbit/s line cards and optical modules, hyperscale data centres, broadband, wireless infrastructure, broadcast video, industrial and test and measurement systems.

Silicon Labs' Si54x Ultra Series XOs are available with single, dual and quad frequency options and offered in an industry-standard 3.2 x 5 mm package, providing drop-in compatibility with traditional XO devices, as well as fast lead times and high reliability.

Silicon Labs noted that its PLL-based approach to oscillators is designed to enable efficient manufacturing and simplified factory programming to reduce lead times compared with custom oscillator products. Silicon Labs claims that this approach allows it to ship samples of any frequency XO within 1 to 2 weeks, and to deliver production quantities wthin four weeks.

The company's new Si54x oscillators employ Silicon Labs' advanced fourth-generation DSPLL technology to provide an ultra-low-jitter clock source at any output frequency. The device can be factory-programmed to any frequency from 200 kHz up to 1.5 GHz with <1 ppb resolution. In addition, on-chip power supply regulation allows noise rejection and enables consistent, reliable low-jitter operation in noisy scenarios such as high-speed networking and data centres.

The Si54x XOs also offer a drop-in replacements for low-jitter surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based oscillators while delivering superior frequency tolerance and temperature stability. The devices provide support for common output formats including LVDS, LVPECL, HCSL, CML, CMOS and Dual CMOS. Samples and production quantities of the Si54x Ultra Series oscillators are available immediately, and Silicon Labs offers a range of free web-based tools to support design and customisation.

          Spirent supports testing of New H3C 100 GBE switch   
Spirent Communications, a supplier of network test and measurement solutions, announced that it supported New H3C in conducting what is believed to be the highest density 100 Gbit/s data centre switch test.

Spirent also announced it had partnered with the China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) to demonstrate automated testing of virtual core networks.

100 Gbit/s switch testing

The test, completed by Spirent and the New H3C Group and moderated by independent test lab Network Test, demonstrated the line-rate forwarding capacity and hyper-scale IP route announcement capacity of the H3C S12500X-AF chassis loaded with 100 Gbit/s ports and achieving a density of 768 x 100G ports per chassis. The S12500X-AF switch can support 48 x 100 Gbit/s QSFP28 pluggable optical modules per slot.

The test involved Spirent TestCenter and the N11U chassis, representing Spirent's flagship network performance test solution, equipped with the high density dX3 12-port 100 Gbit/s test modules designed to verify next-generation data centre architectures and routers.

For the testing, Spirent TestCenter generated 100 Gbit/s line-rate transaction traffic of various frame lengths and provided packet loss, latency, jitter, frame sequence, code errors and FCS error analytics to reflect the quality of transmission in real time.

The Spirent dX3 quint-speed test module can support twelve 100 or 40 Gbit/s ports per slot, 25 x 50 Gbit/s ports, or 48 x 25/10 Gbit/s ports per slot. It also supports key interface features such as FEC, auto-negotiation and Link Training. The module can be used to verify data plane QoS for hyper-dense network devices at line-rate, and for testing complex routing, data centre and access protocols on switches and routers.

Virtual core network testing

Separately Spirent announced a collaboration with the China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) to demonstrate automated testing of virtual core networks at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai. Spirent noted that the demonstration is part of a joint effort to develop a methodology for automated testing of the functionality and performance of the China Mobile TIC (Telecom Infrastructure Cloud).

The partners plans to incorporate the test methodology into an automated testing system developed by CMRI to speed testing of services in operational virtual core networks and to form part of the complete vEPC environment developed by CMRI.

At MWC, Spirent has provided the test engines for the demonstration, including the virtualised mobile core network emulation and performance testing tool, Landslide Virtual, and the automated testing platform, iTest. The solutions automate performance and functionality tests used to develop, spin-up and monitor the vEPC. In addition, devops models have been developed for the test methodologies, allowing tests to be automated and incorporated into the virtualised network.

          Keeping an eye on Alibaba Cloud, Aliyun – Part 1   
Alibaba's Jack Ma made headlines across the world last week by laying out a plan for rapid global expansion of China's e-commerce behemoth. In an Investor Conference held at the company's Xixi headquarters in Hangzhou, China, Ma made the bold claim that Alibaba could reach $1 trillion in gross merchandise value by 2021 by becoming the primary online store for 2 billion people, as well as by expanding into new areas, one of which is the international public cloud services business. While Alibaba's investor event was overshadowed somewhat by the news that Amazon will spend $13.7 billion in cash to acquire Whole Foods, the premium U.S. grocery store chain, Jack Ma unveiled a strategy with clear potential to disrupt the cloud market.

Meanwhile, business at Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) is 'fantastic' and is only going to get better this year, according to the company CFO. For the most recent fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2017, the company reported revenue of RMB 38,579 million ($5,605 million), an increase of 60% year-over-year, including:

•   Revenue from core commerce of RMB31,570 million ($4,587 million), up 47% year-over-year.

•   Revenue from cloud computing of RMB 2,163 million ($314 million), up 103% year-over-year.

•   Revenue from digital media and entertainment of RMB 3,927 million ($571 million), up 234% year-over-year.

Growth at the parent company is primarily being driven by the steady increase in active buyers on its ecommerce platforms, both in numbers and in the value of goods and services being transacted. Annual active buyers reached 454 million, an increase of 31 million from the 12-month period ended on March 31, 2016. Mobile monthly active users (MAUs) on Alibaba Group’s China retail marketplaces reached 507 million in March, up 97 million over March 2016. Gross merchandise volume (GMV) transacted on Alibaba’s China retail marketplaces in fiscal year 2017 was RMB 3,767 billion ($547 billion), up 22% compared to RMB 3,092 billion in fiscal year 2016.

Alibaba Cloud, or Aliyun as it is known in Chinese, is firmly established as the leading infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud in mainland China and is moving rapidly to become a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider and a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retailer. Some important Aliyun metrics emerged from the Investor presentation, including (with additional commentary):

·         Public cloud is growing: based on Gartner's figures from March 2017, Aliyun estimates the global public cloud market will amount to $245 billion in 2017, growing to $436 billion in 2021, a 15.9% CAGR.

·         China’s public cloud market is growing even faster, with Gartner figures showing China’s public cloud market, valued at $14 billion this year, growing to $25 billion in 2021, a 17.2% CAGR; by 2021, China’s share of the global public cloud market would still be under 6%, which seems odd given the country's share of global GDP is much higher and that ecommerce, social media and mobile technologies are booming in China - why so low versus the U.S. market?

·         Aliyun cited figures from IDC Tracker 2016 H1/H2 Global Cloud Market (IaaS), indicating it currently is the No.4 player in public cloud services worldwide, but with only a 3.2% share; No.1 was AWS, $8.4 billion, 46.1% share; No. 2 Microsoft, $1.4 billion, 7.6% share; No.3 IBM, $1.0 billion, 5.8% share; No.4 Alibaba, $0.57 billion, 3.2% share; No.5 Google, $0.519 billion, 2.9% share.

Clearly, AWS is dominating the public cloud market, especially in the U.S. The other U.S. public cloud players are investing aggressively to catch up and they too seem to have ambitions that reach to the sky. Alibaba's Jack Ma has previously been quoted in the press as saying that Alibaba would catch and surpass Amazon. When it comes to cloud services at least, this will be extremely difficult given its current 3.2% share versus AWS’ 46.1% share, and a capex budget that appears decisively smaller.

In its home market of China, Aliyun's IaaS revenue is equivalent to the next seven players combined. The numbers cited in IDC Tracker 2016 H1/H2 Global Cloud Market are as follows:

·         No.1 – Alibaba Group, $587 million, 40.7% market share

·         No.2 - China Telecom, $123 million, 8.5%

·         No.3 – Tencent, $106 million, 7.3%

·         No.4 – Kingsoft, $87 million, 6.0%

·         No.5 – Ucloud, $79 million, 5.5%

·         No.6 – Microsoft, $72 million, 5.0%

·         No.7 – China Unicom, $67 million, 4.6%

·         No.8 – AWS, $55 million, 3.8%

In addition, as of March 31, 2017 Aliyun had 874,000 paying customers, had 15 data centres worldwide and had 186 cloud service offers. It also claims a 96.7% retention rate amongst its top paying customers in Q1 2017 compared to a year earlier.

Over one-third of China’s Top 500 companies are on Alibaba Cloud, including China's Public Safety Bureau (PSB), CCTV, Sinopec, Sina Weibo, Xinhua News Agency,Toutiao, Geely, Mango TV, CEA, Quanmin Live, Panda TV and DJI, while two-thirds of Chinese Unicorn companies are on Alibaba Cloud. Global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) now available on Aliyun include Accenture, SAP, Docker, here, SUSE, Haivision, Wowza, AppScale, AppEX, Hillstone, Checkpoint Software Technologies, Hitachi Data Systems and Red Hat.

Aliyun’s Computing Conference 2016 was attended by over 40,000 developers in person, with more than 7 million viewers online. At its investor conference, Aliyun also disclosed a number of major international brands that are now using its services, including Schneider Electric, Shisheido, Philips, Nestle and Vodafone, which is a good start. Nevertheless, attracting international companies will be harder, first, because Alibaba has only just recently begun building data centres outside of China, and two, they will be much less known and trusted than established brands such as IBM.

          Nokia – IP networks re-imagined   
Recently we have seen Cisco predict that busy hour global IP traffic will grow 4.6-fold (35% CAGR) from 2016 to 2021, reaching 4.3 Pb/s by 2021, compared to average Internet traffic that will grow 3.2-fold (26% CAGR) over the same period to reach 717 Tb/s by 2021. The latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report, released earlier this week, calculates that the total traffic in mobile networks increased by 70% between the end of Q1 2016 and the end of Q1 2017. And now, Nokia Bell Labs has just announced its own prediction: IP traffic will more than double in the next five years, reaching 330 exabytes per month by 2022 while growing at a 25% CAGR. The company anticipates that peak data rates will grow even faster at nearly 40% annually. Nokia Bell Labs also predicts that 3D/4K/UHD will experience a 4.79x growth from 2017 – 22, that wireless traffic will experience 7.5x growth from 2017 – 22, and that worldwide IoT devices to grow from 12bn in 2017 to 100bn in 2025.

Nokia unveils next gen networking processing engine

Nokia's processing engine sets the stage for perhaps the most significant announcement from the company since the merger of Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Networks in 2015. In a press event entitled 'IP networks reimagined', Nokia unveiled its FP4 silicon, featuring the 'first' 2.4 Tbit/s network processor, up to 6x more powerful than processors currently available. The proprietary chipset is designed for a new class of petabit-class routers.

Core routers traditionally have been the 'big iron' that powers the heart of the Internet. It is a product category dominated by Cisco, Huawei, Juniper and Nokia, including via its existing 7950 XRS routing platform. However, the market has been in flux. Earlier this month, Dell’Oro Group reported a significant break in Q1 17 with Huawei taking the top spot from Cisco in the core router market for the first time. The report also found Huawei taking over second spot from Nokia in the SP edge router and CES market. The primary reason cited for this shift is that the SP core routing business is only growing at a low single-digit rate, while China Mobile is defying the trend with significant investments in their IP core backbone, for which Huawei is the lead supplier. Nevertheless, the overall predictions for rapid growth in IP traffic over the coming five years makes it more likely that service providers will need a significant refresh of their core backbones to handle hundreds of 100 or 400 Gbit/s connections at major nodes.

Nokia's previous generation FP3 chipset, unveiled by Alcatel-Lucent in June 2011 and launched in 2012, packed 288 RISC cores operating at 1 GHz and leveraged 40 nm process technology; the FP2 chipset offered 112 cores at 840 MHz and was built in 90 nm. This network processor lineage can be traced back to TiMetra Networks, a start-up based in Mountain View, California that launched its first carrier-class routing platforms in 2003.

TiMetra, which was headed by Basil Alwan, was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent later in 2003 for approximately $150 million in stock. The product line went on to become the highly successful 7450, 7750 and eventually 7950 carrier platforms - the basis for the IP division at Alcatel-Lucent. Not bad for an idea from a small start-up to grow into the star platform underpinning all of Alcatel-Lucent + Nokia Siemens Networks.

In a launch day webcast, Basil Alwan, now president of Nokia's IP/Optical Networks business group, said we are moving into a new phase of the Internet requiring 'cloud-scale routing'. First, he noted that there is market confusion between Internet-class routers and core data centre switches, which are being used to power the hyperscale infrastructure of the Internet content providers. High-end, data centre spine switches are capable of routing packets at high rates and can handle access control lists (ACLs). Likewise, conventional big iron core routers can switch data flows, and are sometimes deployed in data centres. However, there have been tradeoffs when this role reversal happens. Nokia's new FP4 chipset aims to fix that.

First multi-terabit NPU silicon

Six years have passed since the FP3, or roughly two cycles in the evolution of Moore's Law, so naturally one would expect the new silicon to be smaller, faster and more powerful and efficient. But Alwan said the company took its time to rethink how the packet processing works at the silicon level. To begin with, Nokia redesigned the onboard memory, employing 2.5D and 3D layouts on 16 nm Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) technology. The single chip contains 22 dies, including memory stacks and control logic. It runs at 2.4 Tbit/s half-duplex, or 6x more capacity than the current generation 400 Gbit/s FP3 chipset. The FP4 will support full terabit IP flows. All conventional routing capabilities are included. Deep classification capabilities include enhanced packet intelligence and control, policy controls, telemetry and security.

The FP4 could be used to provide an in-service upgrade to Nokia's current line of core routers and carrier switches. It will also be used to power a new family of 7750 SR-s series routers designed for single-node, cloud scale density. In terms of specs, the SR-s boasts a 144 Tbit/s configuration supporting port densities of up to 144 future terabit links, 288 x 400 Gbit/s ports, or 1,440 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Absolute capacity could be doubled for a maximum of 288 Tbit/s configuration. It runs the same software as the company's widely-deployed systems. The first 7750 SR-s boxes are already running in Nokia labs and the first commercial shipments are expected in Q4.

Nokia is also introducing a chassis extension option to push its router into petabit territory. Without using the switching shelf concept employed in the multi-chassis designs of its competitors, Nokia is offering the means to integrate up to six of its 7750 SRS-s routers into a single system. This results in 576 Tbit/s of capacity, enough for densities of up to 2,880 x 100 GBE ports or 720 x 400 Gbit/s ports. Adding up the numbers, it is not truly petabit-class, but at 576 Tbit/s it is more than halfway there.

Network telemetry leads to security
Another interesting twist concerns security and petabit-class routing. In December 2016, Nokia agreed to acquire Deepfield, a start-up specialising in real-time analytics for IP network performance management and security. Deepfield, founded in 2011 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has developed an analytics platform that identifies over 30,000 popular cloud applications and services. Its Internet Genome tracks how traffic runs to and through networks to reach subscribers, in real time, and without the need for probes, taps and monitors in the network itself. At the time of the deal, Nokia said it would integrate Deepfield big data analytics with the dynamic control capabilities of open SDN platforms, such as the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) and Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP).

Expanding on this idea, Alwan said Deepfield can really leverage the routers rather than probes to understand what is happening to the traffic. Fewer probes mean lower investment. More importantly, Deepfield could be used to track DDoS attacks passing through the core of the network rather than at the edge destination target. The new FP4 silicon is said to be a very good match for this application.

          Huawei Marine Selected for Cameroon-Brazil Subsea cable   
Huawei Marine, the joint venture between Huawei Technologies and UK-based Global Marine Systems, announced it has been contracted by China Unicom and Cameroon government-owned infrastructure operator Camtel to construct the South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL), marking the official commencement of the SAIL cable system implementation phase.

Funded with investment from China Unicom and Camtel, the SAIL system will link Cameroon and Brazil and span around 6,000 km. The cable system will comprise 4 fibre pairs and offer a design capacity of 32 Tbit/s based on Huawei Marine’s advanced 100 Gbit/s technology.

The SAIL system will be the first direct access cable to connect Africa and South America, and on completion is designed to provide a reliable, high-quality intercontinental communications infrastructure between the two developing regions.

  • Huawei Marine originally announced that it had been commissioned to construct the Cameroon-Brazil cable system, initially called Cameroon-Brazil Cable System (CBCS), in October 2015.
  • Also in 2015, Huawei Marine announced it had started marine installation of the Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System (NCSCS), Cameroon's first wholly-owned submarine cable and part funded by the Cameroon government. Spanning around 1,100 km, the NCSCS directly connects Kribi in Cameroon with Lagos in Nigeria and will deliver 12.8 Tbit/s of capacity.
  • Camtel states that to date it has deployed more than 8,000 km of fibre that connects the ten regional chief towns in Cameroon, as well as around 60 divisional/sub-divisional chief towns and hundreds of rural communities; it also provides connectivity to CEMAC region countries including Chad. The company is aiming to build a network spanning over 20,000 km.

          Tecnico en Computacion   
Se requieren los servicios de un Técnico de Computación, con conocimientos en Sistemas Microsoft, PC y Servidores, Internet, Redes, con la finalidad de dar soporte técnico a nuestros Clientes. Por favor enviar curriculum con pretensiones de renta. ...
          Spectra7, providing chips for high-speed connectivity, raises $4.6m   
Spectra7 Microsystems of San Jose, California, a developer of high performance analogue semiconductors, announced that it has closed its previously announced bought deal offering of 11,500,000 units at a price of 40c per unit, including the full exercise of the over-allotment option, for aggregate gross proceeds of $4.6 million.

Spectra7 stated that the public offering was underwritten by a syndicate of underwriters led by Canaccord Genuiy and including Eight Capital and Echelon Wealth Partners.

In addition to the public offering, the company announced that it has closed the first tranche of its private placement of units, as previously announced on June 7th, pursuant to which it issued 3,280,750 units for additional gross proceeds of $1.31 million, including subscriptions by its CEO and certain directors of the company.

Each unit issued through the offerings comprises one common share and one-half of a common share purchase warrant, with each warrant entitling the holder to acquire one common share for 55c per share for a period of two years after closing of the offerings.

Spectra7 stated that the net proceeds from the offerings will be used to fund R&D and for working capital and general corporate purposes.

Separately, the company announced amendments to its $6.50 million senior secured term loan facility with MidCap Financial. The amendments include extending the commencement date for principal payments under the loan facility by a year to June 1, 2018, and the option to extend the maturity date of the facility by a further year upon satisfaction of certain conditions.

In relation to the amendments, Spectra7 has issued warrants to purchase up to 750,000 common shares, with each warrant exercisable for a period of five years into one common share at a price of 39c.

For its most recent quarter ended March 31, 2017, Spectra7 reported revenue of $2.7 million, up 8% versus $2.5 million a year earlier, with gross margin as a percentage of revenue for the quarter at 60%, flat sequentially.

* In January, Spectra7 demonstrated what it claimed as the first QSFP28 Double Density (QSFP28-DD) active copper cable (ACC) integrating its new GaugeChanger Plus GC2502 silicon. It also stated it would begin sampling GaugeChanger Plus QSFP28-DD active copper modules to data centre cable assembly companies during the quarter.

Using the linear design of its GC2502, Spectra7 noted that the modules can support both NRZ and PAM4 signalling, enabling 200 or 400 Gigabit Ethernet transmissions over the same cable.

* Spectra7 also announced sampling of IEEE COM-compliant SFP28 and QSFP28 active copper modules to Tier 1 cable assembly and data centre customers in North America and Asia. It noted the modules were available for evaluation and qualification by customers such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu and Alibaba, as well as data centre equipment manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, Dell and Hauwei.

* Spectra7 is an analogue semiconductor company delivering solutions enabling high bandwidth, speed and resolution for electronics manufacturers addressing broadband connectivity markets. Based in San Jose, the company has design centres in Markham, Ontario, Cork, Ireland and Little Rock, Arkansas.

          PacketFabric partners with Internet exchanges   
PacketFabric, provider of a scalable network-as-a-service platform and a NantWorks group company, announced it has partnered with multiple Internet exchanges (IXs) to extend Internet exchange services to users across the PacketFabric network.

Under the agreements, PacketFabric is initially partnering with multi-metro IXs including AMS-IX and DE-CIX, as well as regional organisations IX-Denver and United IX's Chicago Internet Exchange (ChIX) to launch its IX extension service.

The partnerships will allow PacketFabric to offer an expanded range of interconnection services via its network, as well as enabling its ecosystem partners to reach additional markets and new customers.

Recently, Netrality Properties, owner and operator of network-neutral carrier hotels and colocation facilities, announced that PacketFabric had established a presence at four of its data centre properties nationwide.

Netrality specifically announced the deployment at the following locations: 325 Hudson Street, New York City; 401 North Broad Street, Philadelphia; 717 South Wells Street, Chicago; and 1301 Fannin Street, Houston.

* PacketFabric's software-defined networking (SDN) platform is designed to allow instant, reliable, scalable and secure connectivity between two or more locations. Under the agreement, Netrality customers at the four locations can dynamically design and deploy any network configuration leveraging cloud-based network connectivity to meet their unique and growing network demands.

* PacketFabric, which launched in January this year, offers coast-to-coast connectivity between 130 key colocation facilities across 13 U.S. markets and enables cost-effective and scalable network deployment via its advanced API and web-based portal.

          Cavium unveils FastLinQ 41000 10/25/40/50 GBE NIC   
Cavium announced the introduction of the FastLinQ 41000 Series products, its low power, second generation 10/25/40/50 Gigabit Ethernet NIC that is claimed to be the only such adapter to feature Universal RDMA.

Cavium's FastLinQ 41000 Series devices are designed to deliver advanced networking for cloud and telco architectures; the products are available immediately from Cavium and shortly due to be available from Tier-1 OEMs/ODMs in standard, mezzanine, LOM and OCP form factors.

The FastLinQ QL41000 family of standards-compliant 25/50 Gigabit Ethernet NICs offer support for concurrent RoCE, RoCEv2 and iWARP - Universal RDMA. The FastLinQ adapters, coupled with server and networking platforms, are designed to enable enterprise data centres to optimise infrastructure costs and increase virtual machine density leveraging technologies such as concurrent SR-IOV and NIC Partitioning (NPAR) that provide acceleration and QoS for tenant workloads and infrastructure traffic.

The new FastLinQ adapters also support network function virtualisation with enhanced small packet performance via integration into DPDK and OpenStack, enabling cloud and telcos/NFV customers to deploy, manage and accelerate demanding artificial intelligence, big data, CDN and machine learning workloads.

For telco and NFV applications, the products provide improved small packet performance with line rate packets per second for 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet, MPLSoUDP offload and integration with DPDK and OpenStack using the Mirantis FUEL plug-in. This allows telco's and NFV application vendors to deploy, manage and accelerate demanding NFV workloads.

Additionally, integrated storage acceleration and offloads such as NVMe-oF, NVMe-Direct, iSCSI, iSER and FCoE enable upgrades from existing storage paradigms to next generation NVMe and persistent memory semantics.

The products also offer zero-touch automatic speed and FEC selection via Cavium's FastLinQ SmartAN technology, which is designed to significantly reduce interoperability challenges in physical layer networks.

Further Features of the FastLinQ 41000 Series inlcude:

1.         10/25/40/50 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity across standard and OCP form factors.

2.         Stateless offloads for VxLAN, NVGRE and GENEVE.

3.         SmartAN to provide seamless 10/25 Gigabit Ethernet interoperability.

4.         Storage protocol offloads for iSCSI, FCoE, iSER, NVMe-oF and SMB Direct.

5.         Management across heterogeneous platforms with QConvergeConsole GUI and CLI.

Regarding the new products, Martin Hull, senior director product management at Arista Networks, said, "Arista… has partnered with Cavium to ensure availability of tested and interoperable solutions for hyperscale data centres… Cavium's FastLinQ 41000 Series of NICs and Arista’s portfolio of 25 Gbit/s leaf and spine systems deliver backward compatibility and investment protection with standards compliance".

Reconocida empresa multinacional, necesita incorporar con urgencia a un “Analista Contable” para que se pueda desempeñar en departamento de contabilidad. Dentro de sus funciones principales se encuentran: -Manejo de sistemas contables. -Análisis de cuen......
          Tassal waste disposal system in Macquarie harbour gets the all clear   

Tasmania's Environment Protection Authority gives the green light to salmon giant Tassal's waste disposal system in Macquarie Harbour.

          ABI forecasts $1.7bn market over 5 yrs for unlicensed/shared spectrum   
According to ABI Research's latest Network Evolution in Unlicensed and Shared Spectrum report, which explores the use of unlicensed and shared spectrum, technologies enabling the utilisation of this spectrum type are not only attracting interest from established mobile network operators for low cost network densification, but also from new entrants to the market.

ABI finds that this interest is due to the opportunities that the network technologies offer for densification, neutral hosts, as well as enterprise and private network operators. The research firm predicts that new LTE unlicensed and shared spectrum technologies will create a $1.7 billion hardware market over the next 5 years encompassing LTE Unlicensed, CBRS (citizens broadband radio service) and MulteFire technology.

ABI notes that as a result of the power restrictions inherent with unlicensed and shared spectrum, the technologies are most suitable for small cell indoor or venue deployments. Based on low or no spectrum acquisition costs, plus deployment economics comparable to WiFi, ABI forecasts that demand for in-building wireless penetration in the mid-sized and enterprise verticals will increase dramatically and account for more than half of in-building small cell shipments in 2021.

The research firm reports that numerous companies are developing in technology in this area, ranging from the Spectrum Access System (SAS) providers and Environmental Sensing Capability (ESC) operators for CBRS, including Alphabet, CommScope, Federated Wireless, to small cell and infrastructure vendors such as BaiCells, Casa Systems, Ericsson, Huawei, ip.access, Nokia, Ruckus and SpiderCloud.

With regards to CBRS, which uses the 3.5 GHz band, ABI notes that an indication that the technology will transform the in-building wireless and mobile industries is that the CBRS Alliance, which advocates for CBRS technology, counts as members all four major U.S. mobile operators, namely AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, as well as major MSOs, Comcast and Charter Communications, plus Google, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm.

Commenting on the report, Nick Marshall, research director at ABI Research, said, "LTE-U/LAA appeals to MNOs planning to densify but with insufficient spectrum or the capex to acquire it… while MulteFire and CBRS promise low network build-out costs with economics that threaten to disrupt the DAS market... the technologies appeal to service providers as CBRS pioneers a significant change in spectrum management…. (and) traditional spectrum refarming cannot match the mobile broadband throughput demands with the migration to 5G".

          LuxNetwork picks Ciena    
Ciena announced that LuxNetwork of Luxembourg has selected its 6500 Packet-Optical Platform with integrated WaveLogic Encryption for a new 100 Gbit/s network designed to increase network capacity to support the growing bandwidth and security demands of the major financial sector companies, large enterprises and international wholesale customers.

LuxNetwork, a subsidiary of the NomoTech Group, specialises in providing high-speed, secure optical WAN connectivity to connect businesses to data centres and interconnect data centres. The service provider also offers a suite of managed services for enterprise customers and international telecom operators.

Operating its upgraded network that provides ten times the capacity of its previous system, LuxNetwork can offer higher-capacity services including 10 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, 8 and 16 Gbit/s Fibre Channel, as well as encryption for protection of in-flight data. Additionally, enterprise and carrier customers are able to leverage dedicated, secure, high-bandwidth and scalable connectivity without the need to own the infrastructure.

The network upgrade will also allow LuxNetwork to consolidate and modernise its infrastructure and to realise operational efficiencies following the acquisition and integration of Telecom Luxembourg.

  • Last week, Ciena announced that Bouygues Telecom of France had selected the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform to enhance the efficiency, scalability and reliability of its network backhaul and aggregation infrastructure, as well as provide the foundation for its new SuperCore network.
  • The deployment was designed to increase capacity to 400 Gbit/s to support growing capacity demand and new high-bandwidth services, as well as allow Bouygues Telecom to expand its mobile and ISP offerings support future 5G services.

          CP-TEL rolls out FTTx using Champion GPON   
Champion ONE, an open networking company and supplier of optical transceivers, announced it has partnered with CP-TEL, a communications service provider in Louisiana, to enable the deployment of cost effective FTTx services to its customers.

CP-TEL serves rural residents and businesses in Louisiana's Natchitoches, Sabine, and DeSoto parishes, offering high-speed Internet, digital TV and telephone services.

Champion ONE noted that with increasing demand for FTTP services across parishes in north central Louisiana, CP-TEL was faced with the challenge of turning up new services quickly. However, optical transceivers from its legacy provider proved prohibitively expensive, so the company was seeking a partner that was able to supply a cost-effective solution.

Champion ONE stated that it had previously helped CP-TEL double its fibre utilisation by providing 10 Gbit/s single-fibre, bi-directional SFP+ transceivers to support backhaul traffic. Therefore CP-TEL was confident that Champion ONE optics would be compatible with its OEM equipment.

For the new deployment, Champion ONE supplied high-performance SFP GPON OLT optics at lower cost than other solutions. In addition, due to the significantly lower cost CP-TEL was not only able to turn up new FTTx services quickly, but also stock additional optics as spares to help reduce future downtime.

  • In May, Champion ONE introduced a new line of low-cost open network Ethernet switches offering features including SDN and NFV functionality. The Broadcom-based optical and copper switches offer up to 54 ports, with full L2/L3 line-rate switching at data rates of 1, 10 and 40 Gbit/s initially.

  • Champion ONE noted it has partnered with software vendors including IP Infusion, Pica8 and Cumulus Networks to offer a diverse range of operating systems to meet the requirements of service provider and data centre environments and different network topologies.

          Is hearing loss the biggest Aboriginal justice issue in the Top End?   

Hearing-impaired Indigenous prisoners are falling between the cracks in the Northern Territory justice system. A few officers are trying to change that.

          Coding4Fun Second Quarter 2017 Round-Up   

Scanning this past Quarter's posts, it's pretty easy to see some meta-themes. IoT, VS 2017, UWP and lots of Pi... :)

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Coding4Fun Blog

ToDo - Voice Activated IoT RPi ToDo List
Don't Skimp Code Security, Check Out DevSkim
Leveling Up with MonoGame and XML
iBeacons and UWP
CodeMaid Gets Some VB Loving and more...
From 0 to 100 with this ASP.NET Core/AngularX Project Template
Raspberry Pi Online Simulator and Azure IoT
Code Analysis at Compile? Why? Do it Live!
VSCode Your Next PWA
Getting Started with Azure IoT
Remarkable Comments with Remarker
Windows Template Studio (WTS) 1.1 Now Available

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Kinect to Bouldering Pong
Kinect to Joints... Rotations that is...
Kinect to Zen Meditation
Kinect to at Home Rehab
HoloToolkit Setup - June Edition

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          FINALLY! Trump & Congress Moving Toward First Full Repeal And Replace Later   
Repeal and Replace

President Trump’s most recent comments on the GOP attempts to fix our nation’s failing healthcare system is music to conservative ears. First repeal and replace later.  If healthcare is done that way, “repeal” would mean get rid of every last sentence, every punctuation, of that freedom-killing Obamacare bill and toss it in the nearest fireplace. Conservative […]

The post FINALLY! Trump & Congress Moving Toward First Full Repeal And Replace Later appeared first on The Lid.

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          Alborosie – Freedom In Dub   
Image: 1610208 Mit einer fulminanten Dub-Version zum gefeierten Album von 2016 meldet sich Alberto D'Ascola aka Alborosie zurück. "Freedom In Dub" ist nach dem Kollabo-Album mit King Jammy "Dub Of Thrones" von 2015, "Dub The System" von 2013 und "Dub Clash" von 2010 bereits der vierter Longplayer bei dem das Multiitalent seiner Leidenschaft frönt und nachhaltig seine ausgewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten demonstriert, dass er eben nicht nur die Fähigkeit besitzt als Sänger & Deejay ein Top-Act zu sein und als Produzent und Toningenieur für erfolgreiche Musik und fetten Sound verantworlich zu sein, sondern als ein weiteres Alleinstellungsmerkmal viele der Instrumente selbst einspielt. Die zehn Dubs von "Freedom In Dub" wurden in Alborosies eigenem Studio, den Shengen Studios in Kingston Jamaika eingespielt. Dabei kamen diverse Schätze an Equipment und Instrumenten zum Einsatz, u.a. King Tubbys Bandmaschine, Gitarrenverstärker aus dem Studio One, das legendäre Vistalite Ludwig Schlagzeug oder das Mischpult das zuletzt im Tuff Gong Studio genutzt wurde, um nur einige Soundingredienzien zu nennen. Aus zehn der Top-Songs des Originalalbum, u.a. "Can't Cool", "Fly 420", "Rocky Road", "Poser", "Carry On", werden "Dub Can't Cool", "Dub 420", "Rocky Dub Road", "Dub Posers" "Carry On Dub" - aus "Strolling", der Komibination mit Gaststar Protoje und aktuelle Single / Video, wird "Strolling Into Dub" usw. Mit diesem Longplayer hat sich der 40-jährige Alborosie in dem Kreis der ganz großen Namen des Dub-Universum etabliert. Der "Freedom In Dub" Longplayer erscheint als CD-Digipak und als LP-Vinyl. Available from 11.08.2017
          Cuomo is no MTA hero just yet   
Midtown’s Hammerstein Ballroom used to be an opera house. Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo showed up there to act out his favorite part, the hero. He declared New York’s subway system to be in “a state of emergency.” Cuomo promised to rescue New Yorkers from the MTA’s “deplorable,” “tortured” system. It’s still too early to tell...
          Casa en venta en VALENCIA, , 190000 euros y 4 dormitorios   
Casa en Alfauir, 325 m. de superficie, 4 habitaciones dobles, 2 baños, propiedad seminueva, orientación este oeste, suelo de mármol.Extras: + info, aire acondicionado, alarma robo, armarios empotrados, balcon, chimenea, luminoso,...
4 habitaciones 2 baños 325 m² 584 €/m² aire acondicionado balcón terraza chimenea sistema de alarma aparcamiento
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 17:42:43 -0400
          Re: Local Attorney John Schlosser is Pushing a Better Court System for Immigrants   
Paying for an Illegal's attorney with Oregon Taxpayer money is the height of insanity. Let the Mexican Consul pay for it - they are Foreign Nationals here *illegally*.

For Christ's sake, we can't even get the potholes fixed without the politicians demanding a tax increase. We have money to piss away like this?

If this Officer of the Court thinks this work is so vital, let him do it Pro bono publico.
Posted by Jarhead
          Septic Tank Komunal Permudah Pembangunan Sanitasi   
CIMAHI, (PRLM).- Tujuh septic tank komunal dan infrastruktur lain yang sudah ada bisa mempermudah pembangunan sistem sanitasi terpadu di Kota Cimahi. Dengan modal itu, diharapkan anggaran untuk pengembangan tidak akan terlalu besar. Team Leader PT Sinclair Knight Merz yang mewakili … Continue reading
          membuat septic tank – Septic tank berkaitan erat dengan aktivitas biologis seluruh penghuni rumah. Agar tidak mudah penuh dan mampat, diperlukan rancangan yang tepat. Rancangan dan pemeliharaan yang tidak tepat, dapat membuat septic tank tidak berfungsi dengan baik. Septic tank adalah sistem … Continue reading
          Pois eu, com vossa licença, se fosse ao Costa, demitia o Ministro da Defesa Azeredeo Lopes. E, naturalmente, se eu fosse o Ministro, antes que fosse preciso chegar a esse ponto, demitia-me eu.   

Não sou de reacções emocionais que se sobreponham à racionalidade -- ou, pelo menos, acho que não sou. Acho que se devem perceber as razões, avaliar as responsabilidades, perceber se há ou não negligência ou culpa antes de desatar a clamar pelo pescoço de alguém. Até prova em contrário, toda a gente é inocente e há causas naturais de tal intensidade ou extensão que os meios dimensionados para situações dentro da média não podem dar resposta -- por exemplo. Ou seja, não é o primeiro que caíu em desgraça junto de alguns jornalistas ou que se chegou à frente numa situação de tragédia que deve arcar com culpas que, se calhar, não são de ninguém em particular.

Por isso, não condeno na praça pública José Sócrates já que ainda nem acusado foi (quanto mais condenado) e, também por isso, não ando para aqui a pedir a demissão da ministra Constança Urbano de Sousa.

Contudo, há situações e situações. Por exemplo, acho que o que se passou nisto do roubo de armamento é de tal forma grave, aberrante, incompreensível e perigoso que acho que o responsável pela área deve assumir as suas responsabilidades. Deve. Não digo que 'tem que', digo que 'deve'. É uma questão moral face à gravidade e ao risco potencial do que está em causa.

Numa altura em que se sabe bem da difusa ameaça terrorista, não posso entender nem aceitar que armazéns carregados de munições de toda a espécie e feitio estejam sem videovigilância nem, tão pouco, com um banal alarme. Os meliantes entraram, circularam, roubaram tanta e tanta coisa e não disparou uma buzina, não há um vídeo, não há nada. Um paiól com uma protecção à Pai Adão. Surreal. Ridículo. Dramático.

Se não tinham dinheiro para montar um sistema capaz, fizessem um contrato com a Prosegur ou com a Securitas. E pode parecer que estou a ironizar mas não estou. Proteger uma casa, um armazém ou o que for não é nenhuma fortuna. Não é, mesmo. E que fosse. Os riscos de haver granadas, lança-morteiros, munições de calibre não sei quantos e sei lá que mais nas mãos sabe-se lá de quem são imensos. E imensamente graves.

Pode ser que a culpa seja dos militares. E os responsáveis bem podiam pôr as barbas de molho. Mas, independentemente disso, a responsabilidade primeira por tão absurdo e grave roubo é do Minsitro.

Tenho pena mas é isto. Não confio num ministro em cujas barbas é cometida tal coisa. E pode ele nem ter barba ou não ter estado lá dentro a facilitar as movimentações dos ladrões: não interessa. Com uma coisa destas não se brinca e os paóis têm que estar bem guardados, à prova de bala --  e não vulneráveis e desprotegidos como provaram estar. Ou seja, e uma vez mais: ou o ministro Azeredo Lopes deverá sair pelo seu pé ou o Costa deve indicar-lhe o caminho da porta. 

          Technical Writer   
MD-Germantown, Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar Company, (Hughes) is the world's leading provider of satellite broadband for home and office, delivering innovative network technologies, managed services, and solutions for enterprises and governments globally. HughesNet® is the #1 high-speed satellite Internet service in the marketplace, with offerings to suit every budget. To date, Hughes has shipped mor
          China's Xi sees 'challenges' in Hong Kong as Beijing dismisses any UK role   
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese President Xi Jinping, visiting Hong Kong for the 20th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule, said on Friday the city's "one country, two systems" formula faces "new challenges" as pro-democracy campaigners ramped up their protests.

          CHF Solutions wins IDE for pediatric trial of Aquadex FlexFlow aquapheresis system   

CHF Solutions (NSDQ: CHFS), formerly known as Sunshine Heart, said today that researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine’s dept. of pediatrics won FDA investigational device exemption approval to initiate a study of its Aquadex FlexFlow aquapheresis system. The Aquadex FlexFlow is an aquapheresis system designed for diuretic-resistant fluid overload in children with decompensated heart […]

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          Corporate staff IT and SP support   
VA-Herndon, Occam Solutions Corporate Staff IT SME/SP Support: In corporate office, Monday to Friday From 9 am – 5 pm position (no telework available) IT Roles and Responsibilities: - Installing and configuring Laptop hardware, software, systems, networks and printers. Managing Norton Antivirus installations, renewals and updates. Managing office 365 Exchange (create /delete email id’s, manage spam, manage di
          Staffing Assistant/Secretary - Nursing Administration - Full Time Evenings - Olean General Hospital - Olean, NY   
This includes maintenance of master files, daily operations and auditing of reporting mechanisms of the acuity/staffing systems for Nursing Services....
From Upper Allegheny Health System - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 17:51:43 GMT - View all Olean, NY jobs
          Report: Intuitive Surgical won’t sell in Pakistan until da Vinci devices back on line   

Intuitive Surgical (NSDQ:ISRG) is reportedly refusing to sell any more of its da Vinci robot-assisted surgery platforms in Pakistan until the two it’s already got on the market there are brought back on line. The Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation in Karachi asked to acquire a da Vinci system, according to The News of Pakistan, […]

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          Analista Servicio al Cliente - Novaventa - Grupo Nutresa - Bogotá, Cundinamarca   
Fecha: 28-jun-2017 Ubicación: Bogotá, CUN, CO Empresa: Nutresa DIRECCIÓN Dirección de Servicios Comerciales CRÍTICO EN EL SISTEMA INTEGRADO DE GESTIÓN...
De Grupo Nutresa - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 15:19:19 GMT - Ver todos: empleos en Bogotá, Cundinamarca
          Shareholders revive class-action kickbacks suit against Cardiovascular Systems   

Shareholders revived a purported class-action kickbacks lawsuit against Cardiovascular Systems (NSDQ:CSII) that was dismissed without prejudice earlier this year, citing in the new complaint a $25 million judgment against the company in a related case. St. Paul, Minn.-based CSI paid $8 million to settle a federal False Claims Act suit in July 2016 that accused it of […]

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          Casa en alquiler en VALENCIA, , 550 euros y 4 dormitorios   
Casa en Alfauir, 325 m. de superficie, 4 habitaciones dobles, 2 baños, propiedad seminueva, orientación este oeste, suelo de mármol.Extras: + info, aire acondicionado, alarma robo, armarios empotrados, balcon, chimenea, luminoso,...
4 habitaciones 2 baños 325 m² 1 €/m² aire acondicionado balcón terraza chimenea sistema de alarma aparcamiento
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 17:20:22 -0400
          Ingeniero de Desarrollo Junior - Soft Management S.A - Bogotá, Cundinamarca   
1.3 Nivel 3 e IT Mark Nivel Élite, contamos con un Sistema de Gestión Ambiental basado en la norma ISO 14001:2015 y un Sistema de Gestión de Seguridad y salud...
De Fedesoft - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 02:49:46 GMT - Ver todos: empleos en Bogotá, Cundinamarca
          Senior Assistant Restaurant Manager - Chuck E. Cheese - Bakersfield, CA   
As the award-winning, number-one, kid-friendly restaurant for millions of families across the world, the company and its franchisees operate a system of more...
From Chuck E. Cheese - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 21:30:10 GMT - View all Bakersfield, CA jobs
          LivaNova wins FDA nod for VNS therapy neurostim for young epilepsy patients   

LivaNova (NSDQ:LIVN) said today it won FDA approval of its Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy system for patients as young as 4 years of age with partial onset seizures that are refractory to antiepileptic medications. The London-based company touted that with the clearance, its VNS Therapy system is the only FDA-approved device for drug-resistant epilepsy in the pediatric […]

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          IoT Google and the Connected Car   

Collaboration focuses on the next generation of connected car systems, using the Android open-source platform Google and FCA will showcase the seamless integration of Android with the award-winning Uconnect 8.4-inch connected system Android offers automakers user interface customization, a full-featured automotive infotainment stack and ability to integrate Android apps into the vehicle’s infotainment system Hands-on […]

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          DePuy Synthes launches Viper & Expedium fenestrated screw systems   

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) subsidiary DePuy Synthes said today it it launched its Viper and Expedium fenestrated screw systems. The company said the systems are designed to be used with its Confidence high viscosity spinal cement to restore the integrity of the spinal colum in patients with advanced stage spinal tumors. The screw systems are intended to […]

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          Farm Labourer/System Assembler - Poultry Farm - Watford, ON   
Must provide own transportation to work site. Provide your own impact gun and nail bag if possible. Must be able to follow detailed assembly instructions....
From Indeed - Wed, 14 Jun 2017 13:36:33 GMT - View all Watford, ON jobs
          IT System Administrator - Smart Dog Services - Austin, TX   
VPN client software implementation and support including Cisco, Nortel, Checkpoint, Sonicwall, Cisco Anyconnect ad Microsoft VPN....
From Smart Dog Services - Sat, 27 May 2017 08:44:36 GMT - View all Austin, TX jobs
          Linux Plumbers Conference: Containers Microconference accepted into Linux Plumbers Conference   

Following on from the Containers Microconference last year, we’re pleased to announce there will be a follow on at Plumbers in Los Angeles this year.

The agenda for this year will focus on unsolved issues and other problem areas in the Linux Kernel Container interfaces with the goal of allowing all container runtimes and orchestration systems to provide enhanced services.  Of particular interest is the unprivileged use of container APIs in which we can use both to enable self containerising applications as well as to deprivilege (make more secure) container orchestration systems.  In addition we will be discussing the potential addition of new namespaces: (LSM for per-container security modules; IMA for per-container integrity and appraisal, file capabilities to allow setcap binaries to run within unprivileged containers)

For more details on this, please see this microconference’s wiki page.

We hope to see you there!

          Unix System Admin II - Glen Raven, Inc. - Glen Raven, NC   
Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Tape backup systems; Ability to maintain confidentiality with sensitive customer and internal information....
From Glen Raven, Inc. - Thu, 04 May 2017 20:46:09 GMT - View all Glen Raven, NC jobs
           consultor ASP - ESTANDAR -BD ORACLE    
consultora requiere contratar profesional con mas de 8 años de experiencia para adecuar sistema desarrollado en ASP - ESTANDAR con base de dato ORACLE para asignación de 6 meses *lugar de trabajo santiago centro *disponibilidad inmediata interesados envi......
          Digital Experience & Analytics Metrics Lead - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
3+ Years of business consulting or similar work experience turning transformative business recommendations into successful....
From Cisco Systems - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 20:34:10 GMT - View all San Jose, CA jobs
          Asistente Contable para Renca   
Importante empresa del rubro impresión digital, ubicada en la comuna de Renca, requiere ASISTENTE CONTABLE POR REEMPLAZO LIc. PRE-NATAL Funciones: Recepcionar Facturas de compra. Registrar facturas en Sistema Cuentas por Pagar. Archivar facturas Pendiente......
          Technical Leader II-Orchestration and Controller - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
About Cisco The Internet of Everything is a phenomenon driving new opportunities for Cisco and it's transforming our customers' businesses worldwide....
From Cisco Systems - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 08:29:23 GMT - View all San Jose, CA jobs
          Product Manager-1208318 - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. You must possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy; You will be Identifying and assessing opportunities – interface directly with...
From Cisco Systems - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 11:14:23 GMT - View all San Jose, CA jobs
          Machine Learning Systems Developer - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. Overall, your role will be to ensure the smooth operation of our internal data and machine learning systems....
From Cisco Systems - Tue, 06 Jun 2017 17:10:47 GMT - View all San Jose, CA jobs
          Senior Software Engineer - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. Strong background in Linux internals *. In depth understanding of virtualization technologies including Docker, KVM, VMWare, Why Cisco We connect...
From Cisco Systems - Mon, 05 Jun 2017 23:10:46 GMT - View all San Jose, CA jobs
          Data Scientist - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. Excellent written and oral communication skills, able to communicate with all levels of SSO internal technology teams and business....
From Cisco Systems - Tue, 18 Apr 2017 00:04:32 GMT - View all San Jose, CA jobs
          Sr. Data Scientist - Cisco - San Jose, CA   
We Are Cisco. Excellent written and oral communication skills, able to communicate with all levels of SSO internal technology teams and business *....
From Cisco Systems - Thu, 23 Mar 2017 23:32:26 GMT - View all San Jose, CA jobs
Se requiere contratar Técnico Titulado en carreras como Informática, Telecomunicaciones, Redes u otras afines, para realizar mantención y optimización de los distintos sistemas informáticos que funcionan en la empresa (de forma remota y en terreno), asist......
          Pennsylvania's best high schools for STEM   
As technology continues to evolve, the demand for skills within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields become greater with each passing year. Philadelphia area universities continue to expand STEM programs and majors, mirroring the ongoing growth within the area's job market. The foundation for these skills is often set during the high school years, where math and science classes have become increasingly rigorous, with Advanced Placement classes continually becoming more competitive.…

          Nutrisystem CEO Dawn Zier: Engineering a turnaround, engineer or not   
Ask engineers what they do and they’ll likely tell you they solve problems. That’s true whether they’re trying to shrink the size of a smartphone or turn around a struggling Fortune 500 company. They’ll also tell you there’s never just one “right” way to solve any particular problem. But no matter the challenge, the goal is always the same: come up with solutions that work — efficiently, reliably and with a manageable margin of error. Engineers also know, regardless of how big or…

          Desk Side Engineer - XL Catlin - New York, NY   
Cisco IP Phone Systems. Provide IT support that enables colleagues to achieve their team and business goals/objectives....
From XL Catlin - Thu, 29 Jun 2017 15:09:55 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Decent Launches Global Media Distribution Platform   
Decent Launch

Free and open communication has long been an essential component of a successful democracy. Unfortunately, money, power and influence over time have stifled today’s media environment adversely impacting both content producers and consumers alike.

In an effort to democratize creative content, DECENT has officially launched its blockchain-based, global media distribution platform. The name is an acronym for Decentralized Network; Encrypted & Secure; Content Distribution System; Elimination of 3rd Parties; New Way of Online Publishing; Timestamped Data Records.

Designed to bring more transparency and fairness to the media industry, DECENT allows artists to seamlessly distribute digital content for immediate payment and without hefty fees. Peer-to-peer in its orientation, consumers decide the merits of a certain piece of content posted through a Yelp-like community rating system. The content, however, cannot be censored or removed.

This blockchain initiative endeavors to disrupt the legacy world of media distribution by allowing artists more freedom and control over the ownership and distribution of their content, all without compromising on security. It represents a potential gamechanger for the massive global media and content distribution industry — one that’s estimated to grow from $1.7 trillion in 2016 to over $2 trillion in 2019.

DECENT was founded in 2016 by two friends, Matej Michalko and Matej Boda, from Slovakia. It sprouted from a shared vision that blockchain technology could fuel a coordinated system of digital content publishing and sharing throughout the world.

Funding for DECENT was fueled by an ICO campaign last summer, which raised more than 5,881 BTC, at that time valued at $4.2 million USD. There were 4,300 ICO participants in total and no other key funding partners.

Michalko recounted the journey leading up to his own personal discovery of blockchain technology and its potential uses for the content distribution space. “I’ve been extensively involved in Bitcoin since 2011, even mining it from my own laptop at the beginning. I quickly realized that the innovative technology behind Bitcoin had the potential to change the modern world.”

When Michalko started to delve further into blockchain technology, he found a seemingly endless list of use cases the new technology could support. “I became determined to use blockchain technology to create something revolutionary that would be beneficial for people on a global scale. A short time later ongoing discussions between myself and our future co-founder Matej Boda quickly led to DECENT being born.”

He says that DECENT Network is a reaction to the issues that the majority of content producers face nowadays in the entertainment and media industry. “There is too much artificial complexity and too many barriers in the industry affecting both the access to market and income of the content owners.”

DECENT’S digital model allows artists to distribute any form of content, including written, music, videos, ebooks and pictures. These distribution channels are free of third-party influence, meaning that artists can also manage their intellectual property rights and set their own pricing.

One of the innovative adaptations that distinguishes DECENT from other blockchain platforms is the network’s reputation management system. This allows content creators who share their digital work on the platform to build a lifetime reputation, based on ratings from those who purchase content on the platform. DECENT Network also allows content creators to instantly receive payment when someone downloads their content, without any middleman interference.

Michalko believes that DECENT can break the trajectory in which a majority of power is concentrated in the hands of a few players controlling the industry. “Artists, filmmakers and writers lose control over their work and depend on the mercy of the ‘big guys.’ We designed DECENT Network to do away with all that and bring more transparency and fairness to the digital content industry.”

DECENT estimates that writers, for example, lose a healthy 30–75 percent chunk of their earnings when publishing with Amazon. Similarly, musicians, through licensing agreements, lose around 30 percent when selling a track on iTunes. Blockchain technology therefore serves as a mechanism that helps writers and musicians keep more money, while connecting with their audiences directly.

Michalko says that artists will be paid for their downloaded content through DECENT’s own cryptocurrency called “DCT,” which will be launched together with DECENT Network. Other payment options, he says, will be available in the future. “Artists will no longer have to wait months before seeing a penny from their work. And at the time of launch, DECENT Network will be a completely free-of-charge service for artists.”

Michalko hopes that by  2020, DECENT Network will have become the number one worldwide media sharing platform. “We hope to bring more transparency and fairness to the digital content industry for both creators and consumers. I hope that with our launch people will realize the advantage of DECENT Network over other content distribution platforms.”

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          Auxiliar de Mantención   
La Dirección de Atención Primaria del SSMC, requiere un Administrativo de Mantención 44 hrs. contrato a honorarios, para realizar funciones de mantención general de sistemas eléctricos, reparación llaves, luces, bodega dentro de un Cesfam ubicado en la co......
          5 helpful ways to use your GPS during your summer adventures   
If you've ever been lost on the road, you probably appreciate the power of the Global Positioning System — commonly known as GPS.Originally built for tracking using a satellite-based navigation system, GPS has become an integral part of many people's day-to-day lives. Since the launch of the first GPS satellite in 1978, the technology has evolved to be highly [...]
          Pantone colorcue tm digital   
Maquina para sacar colores clasificados en superficie y material varias cartas y sistemas la más principal pantone da todos los datos de composición de tonalidad ideal pintores, decoradores y artes graficas
          Martínez - Lote en Venta USD 740.000   
11866135 precio antes: 11866136
MUY BUEN LOTE EN MARTINEZ Med del Terr: 11.42 x 48 Sup Terr: 871.69 Sup Cub: 466.29 m2 / Sem: 30 m2/Total: 493 m2 Jardin,quincho y pileta. [ Provista por | Código 4706293 ]
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 13:50:51 +0200
          Massively improved changes to our quality control system!   

You might already know that in order to prevent mistakes, and halt shipping snafus in our doll orders, we use a long checklist, which has to be gone over step-by-step before a doll can ship. This checklist works well, but we still had the occasional ding that slipped through. It has no problems checking things like joints, movement and function, body and head types, and physical flaws, but some things could be missed. We didn’t like that – we know you deserve the very best for your hard-earned money, and we are determined to make sure that happens!

We’ve added a crucial final step to this checklist, which has proven over the last few weeks to catch every possible issue. Now each inch of your doll is photographed at the factory before she, or he, is shipped. We then review the photographs and confirm the colors and options, making sure the doll matches the order. We look for visual issues such as problems with fingernails, toenails, makeup, pubic hair, hair, eyes, eyebrows, areola, labia colors and sizes. Only when we are sure that everything is just perfect, do we allow a doll to ship to you.

Of course, this doesn’t stop the shipping company from making a mistake, or Customs being rude and snooping, leaving a mess. But we can handle that problem, if it happens. We always stand behind our product, and we’ll always support you, our customer. If you ever have any problem with a doll that arrives at your door, please contact us immediately and we’ll take care of you.

You’re not just our customer, you’re a part of a huge family of realistic love doll owners and admirers –just as we are. This isn’t just a business, but a passion for love dolls. We want to be sure that all of our dolls are just right and perfect for you, and this new quality control system is taking a huge step in the right direction.

           Not just a "second order" problem in a wider economic crisis: systemic challenges for the global trading system    
Higgott, Richard A.. (2009) Not just a "second order" problem in a wider economic crisis: systemic challenges for the global trading system. Business and Politics, Vol.11 (No.3). Article 5. ISSN 1469-3569
           The sub-Jupiter mass transiting exoplanet WASP-11b    
West, Richard G., Collier Cameron, A., Hebb, L., Joshi, Y. C., Pollacco, Don, Simpson, E., Skillen, I., Stempels, Eric, Wheatley, P. J., Wilson, D. M. et al. <#>. (2009) The sub-Jupiter mass transiting exoplanet WASP-11b. Astronomy & Astrophysics, Vol.50 (No.1). pp. 395-400. ISSN 0004-6361
          Global Automotive Market Is Expected to Reach over $245 Billion by 2020   

Automotive Refinish Coatings Market 2012-2020, report published by Allied Market Research at ReportsandIntelligence

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2014 -- The automotive refinish coating market provides for coating of automotives. The global automotive market is expected to reach over $245 billion by 2020; therefore, the market for refinish coating can expect good revenue. The key driver for the market is increase in the number of vehicles in operation. It is expected that the number of car users in developing countries would reach around three to four billion in the next 30 years.

Get full report at:

However, the North American and European market is expected to be flat due to the economic downtimes and enhanced road safety parameters. The automotive market is not expected to grow in these regions until the recession settles down; therefore, the automotive refinish market is dependent on developing economies. The major challenge for companies in the market is to overcome the refinish coating requirements of two-wheelers and heavy commercial vehicles as the market is largely dependent on car markets.

The key companies profiled in the report are DuPont Performance Coating, Axalta Coating Systems, BASF SE, Kansai Paint Co. Ltd, Akzo Nobel N.V, KCC Corp, Noroo Paint Coatings Co. Ltd., PPG Industries Inc., and Matrix System Automotive Finishes.


-This report provides market intelligence with respect to solvent type, vehicle refinish type and geographies

-Deep dive of top factors impacting the market growth

-Value chain analysis, Porter's five forces, top investment pockets are analyzed and presented in detail in the report

-SWOT analysis and strategic developments are included in the report for key players

-Study of the challenges and opportunities available in the automotive refinish coatings market

-Market estimates for automotive refinish coatings market and its sub-segments

-Identification of the key strategies adopted by major market players engaged in the market

Get full access of report with 'Table of Contents' at:

Market Segments are:

-Global Market, By Solvent Type
-Global Market, By Vehicle Refinishing Type
-Global Market, By Geography

See similar reports at:

About Reports and Intelligence
Reports and Intelligence is an online library for research reports in numerous sectors and their verticals. This is the one stop destination for well researched reports with exact market analysis.

We have a well-known clientele lists who are master in preparing research reports. We make sure that all our clients adopt a rational and scientific approach in order to sell their reports on our webs tie. Thus, every report that we sell are well studied and based on accurate facts and figures.

For more information on this press release visit:

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Cathy Viber
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Reports and Intelligence
Telephone: 617-674-4143
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          Good Foods For Health and Keeping the Weight Off   
Here are five "good for you" foods that will fill you full of nutrients, fill you up (to help you lose weight easier and quicker), and provide plenty of antioxidant fighting power to help prevent disease -- even the simple common cold.

1. Papaya

An untapped treasure of nutrients. One-half of this exotic fruit provides almost as much potassium as a banana and more than 100% of the USRDA for vitamin C. It's also a good source of the cancer-fighting beta-carotene. Plus, papaya is also low in calories for its bulk and size. 1 papaya = only 58 calories, 15 grams of carbohydrates, and plenty of fiber (1 papaya has over 12% of your daily recommended allowance).

Papaya is also an excellent source of natural digestive enzymes. Giving your digestive system a little help with your 5-6 meals a day eating pattern is a smart thing to do. Folic acid is another strong point for papaya as it contains 15% of the USRDA.

2. Kiwi

The strange little fruit in the fuzzy brown wrapper imported from New Zealand proves that good things come in small packages. Each sweet and tangy kiwi fruit provides 100% of the USRDA for vitamin C and 12% of your daily fiber requirement. For a powerful antioxidant punch, kiwi fruit is right up there at the top of the list.

3. Essential Fats

The best sources of this "can't live without" nutrient are fish and plant sources (such as flax seed). Also, another great way to get it is to supplement with carefully pressed oils. The FLORA COMPANY makes the best ones; they invented the extraction process of getting oil from the seeds without using heat (heat destroys the beneficial effects of essential fats).

Finally, don't be scared of the word fat. This type of fat actually helps you lose fat. Salud!

4. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese has long been known as the "dieter's friend". And it deserves its reputation as the one food a dieter should never be without. It is one of the most bioavailable sources of protein available. There are few better protein sources for building muscle and helping you lose fat.

And it's in the "helping you lose fat" department where it shines. You see, almost all dairy foods contain a very powerful substance called CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Numerous studies have revealed the powerful fat-inducing and muscle building effects of this compound.

However, with the push for lower fat foods over the past couple of decades, including low-fat dairy, the amount of CLA we get today pales in comparison to what we used to receive. You see, CLA is found in high concentrations in the fat of dairy products. And with the push to lower our overall fat intake we inadvertently are also lowering our CLA intake as well.

This is not insignificant, as the studies on CLA have shown it is a very powerful fat loss stimulator. Animals and human subjects supplementing with CLA have shown over a 60%+ decrease in body fat.

This is one of the reasons I recommend full-fat, not low-fat, cottage cheese. The fat in the cottage cheese contains high amounts of the CLA that will help you lose body fat and gain lean muscle (another beneficial effect the studies discovered).

If your overall diet is derived from mostly natural foods that contain little fat then eating full-fat cottage cheese will still place you far below the amounts typically eaten by most people. Plus, the fat it does contain promotes fat loss.

Finally, the protein found in cottage cheese contains 2 important muscle-building properties.

First, it contains high amounts of Glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid in your body. It is extremely important to make sure you get enough glutamine in your diet because of the high demand for it by your body. If not supplied by your diet your body will pull it from other areas in your body high in glutamine. And this is practically any muscle group in your body. This can potentially compromise the lean muscle you're trying desperately hard to increase.

Finally, cottage cheese is composed of effective combinations of whey and casein protein. Whey is a fast acting protein that, when eaten, gets into your bloodstream very quickly. Casein is a much slower, timed-release type of protein. It's important to get both of these as they each have unique benefits that will help build muscle quicker and more effectively than most any other natural protein source.

5. Protein Powders

Protein powders are probably the food product most responsible for building better bodies than any other supplement in the world. And I say this with conviction. From numerous studies and real-world experience, an increased protein intake ALWAYS leads to greater muscularity and increased lean muscle mass, especially for those that were not supplementing with protein powder supplements before. The effect, in most cases, is very dramatic.

Increasing one's protein intake is a very reliable way to increase lean muscle accretion on your body. Most people don't take this serious enough. They think, "I get plenty of protein from the foods I eat."

Nothing could be further from the truth. In order to put serious amounts of lean muscle on your body you have to supplement with much more protein than the USRDA recommends (and even women want to build as much lean muscle tissue as they can - more muscle helps burn more fat).

Of course it's assumed you're also employing a serious weight-training program as well. Extra protein all by itself will do very little to build more muscle tissue. You have to create the demand in the weight room in order to use the extra protein to rebuild your muscles.

Even if you've been taking in 1 gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight in the past, once you up your protein intake into the neighborhood of 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, you should see immediate results.

Your muscles will feel fuller and harder, and you should also feel leaner. A higher protein intake (as long as carbohydrates are kept in check) almost always leads to increased muscularity and reduced body fat.

Next, get the hypnosis program that allowed me to focus and achieve my goals quickly, easily, and automatically. Imagine finally getting the body you've always wanted!

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natural cure of yeast infection: natural cure of yeast infection

Article Source:

          Global PVA Drugs Market 2014-2018   

PVA is defined as the decrease in estrogen after the menopause

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2014 -- Vaginal atrophy is defined as decrease in estrogen production. Less estrogen leads to thinning, drying, and decreased elasticity of the vaginal tissues. PVA is defined as the decrease in estrogen after the menopause. Up to 40 percent of postmenopausal women have symptoms of atrophic vaginitis. In PVA there are symptoms of redness, burning, itching, dryness, irritation, and dyspareunia. HRT, estrogen creams, and other topical preparations are used in the treatment of PVA.

Get detailed report at:

TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global PVA Drugs market will grow at a CAGR of 7.1 percent over the period 2013-2018.

Covered in this Report
The Global PVA Drugs market can be divided into two segments: Topical Estrogen and Systemic Estrogen. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of various drugs (creams, tablets, and rings) used in the treatment of PVA.

TechNavio's report, the Global PVA Drugs Market 2014-2018, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global PVA Drugs market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.

Key Regions:

- Americas

Similar report:
Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market:

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          Global Advanced Wound Care and Closure Market   

Global Advanced Wound Care and Closure Market (Types, Applications, End User and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2014 -- Traditional wound care & closure and advanced wound care & closure products are used to treat acute and chronic wounds. Chronic wounds are hard to heal wounds, which take substantial time to heal and are expensive to treat. Advanced wound care & closure products are emerging as a standard solution for treating chronic wounds. Traditional wound care & closure products are being increasingly substituted with advanced wound care & closure products due to their efficacy and effectiveness in managing wounds by enabling faster healing.

Attempts to reduce the duration of hospital stays in order to limit surgical healthcare costs, and the rising inclination towards products that enhance therapeutic outcomes are driving the demand for advanced wound care & closure products. The risks associated with ineffective wound healing promote the demand for combination dressings, which is a modern trend in the market that is replacing traditional wound dressing methods.

Get detailed report at:

Smith and Nephew, Kinetic Concepts, 3M, BSN medical, Covidien, ConvaTech, Derma Sciences, Integra LifeSciences, Baxter International and Coloplast are some of the major players in the global advanced wound care and closure market.

The global advanced wound care and closure market has been segmented based on type, application, end users and geography. Based on type, the global market is segmented into advanced wound closure market and advanced wound care market. According to applications, the market is segmented into Burns, Ulcers and Surgical Wounds. Based on end users, the market is segmented into hospitals & community healthcare services and home healthcare. Geographically, the market is segmented into four regions, namely North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and LAMEA.

Key Benefits:

- An in-depth analysis of the current advanced wound care, and wound closure market scenario is strategically dealt to provide future market trends that would facilitate decision making

- Quantitative analysis of the current market trends and estimations through 2013-2020 would help strategists to design business strategies to capitalize on the prevailing opportunities in the market

- Analysis of the market factors in various regions would bestow a deeper understanding of demographical dynamics that would influence expansion decisions.

- Identification of key application segments based on their potential and growth prospects would throw light on the most profitable segments to capitalize on

- Analysis of key strategies adopted by market players will assist in understanding the inherent business rivalry and intensity of competition prevailing among the top brands

- Emphasis is laid on key factors affecting the growth of the global advanced wound closure and advanced wound care market. These factors are critically analyzed to gain a futuristic view of the market

- SWOT and competitive analysis of key players is conducted to help stakeholders to understand the inherent trends followed by their competitors and make the necessary amendments to the existing expansion plans

Similar report:
Global Medical Laser Systems Market:

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          Global Synthetic Biology Market (Products, Technologies, Applications and Geography) - Reports and Intelligence   

Global Synthetic Biology Market (Products, Technologies, Applications and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2014 -- Synthetic biology is a novel field that finds its origin at the intersection of biology and engineering. It's a multidisciplinary effort made by scientists to understand the functioning of biological organisms, cells & genes and implementation of artificial genetic processes to give specific characteristics to an organism. It can even be used to develop a completely new biological system. Global synthetic biology market was valued at $3.0 billion in 2013 and it is estimated to reach $38.7 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 44.2% during the forecast period.

Get full report at:

Synthetic Biology Technology market is segmented into enabling technology and enabled technology. Synthetic Biology Enabling technologies segment is growing at a faster rate, and growing at a CAGR of 48.6% during the forecast period.

Synthetic Biology Application market is segmented into research & development, chemicals, agriculture, pharmaceuticals & diagnostics, biofuels and others (biotechnology and biomaterials). Biofuels is the fastest growing segment at a CAGR of 85.2% during the forecast period.

Request for Sample Report at:

Synthetic Biology product market is segmented into enabling products, enabled products and core products. Enabling product is the fastest growing segment at a CAGR of 53.7% during the forecast period.

Assistance from government and private organizations, rising number of entities conducting research and declining cost of DNA sequencing and synthesizing are key driving factors of the market. Governments are providing funds to research organizations, assisting them to find novel applications of synthetic biology. Bio-safety & bio-security issues, ethical issues and regulations are key retraining factors of the market. The fact that synthetic biology can be misused has raised concerns all around the world. Further, there are possibilities of accidental release of pathogens or genetically modified organisms into free atmosphere.

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Registration Deadline: Sep 30, 2017; Submission Deadline: Sep 30, 2017

Paris and the entire country of France is world-famous for its cuisine, with a non-exhaustive list of delicacies and culinary systems. The culinary reputation of Paris is very rich, cultured and diverse. French food culture,  according to UNESCO, is important for 'bringing people together to enjoy the art of good eating and drinking' and the power to create 'togetherness, the pleasure of taste, and the balance between human beings and the products of nature'.

French food culture includes such wonders as the croissant, éclair, bouillon, crepe, and, of course, the baguette. Wine (there are as many types of wines as there are regions in France), bread (usually eaten in some form with each meal) and cheese (there are over 400 types of cheese in France made from all types of milk, including goat) are the staples of French food culture and French life.

The word and idea of a restaurant, which really came into modern times at the end of the French Revolution when the nouveau riche (newly rich) had more money to spend, come from French. From cafes to bistros, the world owes a lot to the French for the commercialization of specialty foods and making them available to the public. The first Parisian restaurant was founded by Beauvilliers in 1782 in the Rue de Richelieu, called the Grande Taverne de Londres. He introduced the novelty of listing the dishes available on a menu and serving them at small individual tables." Following the revolution, the abolition of the guild system made it easier to open restaurants. Also, since so many aristocrats fled or were executed, their former cooks and servants found new employment and Paris became the center of the new restaurant scene, which, to some degree, it remains today.

The aim of this architecture competition is to design a new 21st century restaurant and wine bar on the promenade along the River Seine in Paris. The restaurant should be unique and innovative in all respects and should invent new ways to provide an overall sensory experience to the customers. The restaurant should experiment with unique materials, volumetric compositions layout systems and other transitional spaces to make it a new prototype and exemplary typology that will become an active gastronomical hub in the heart of the French capital. The participants should:

Create an architectural icon along the River Seine, that will become a popular destination for the residents and everyone who visits the city.  The participants must consider the attributes of light, color, materiality, aesthetic quality that will add a sense of identity to the restaurant, eventually creating a landmark along the picturesque context of River Seine. The participants are free to create their own design language, ranging from contemporary to traditional but should be able to merge the shell with the existing context in a respectful and additive fashion.

Create an experience within a restaurant shell that adds to the programmed interior space. The participants must try to create a wholesome experience for the end user rather than just a self-referential interior space. The participants are free to design a thematic or a generic interior environment but it should have an immersive effect on the customers, stimulating their sensory experience.

Maximize the use of the waterfront context and the promenade into the architectural concept for the restaurant. The participants are required to use the unique nature of the site into their design proposal and architectural built form. The participants can use the water element and picturesque surroundings and develop the restaurant as an open, semi-open seating zone. The quai or the dock-promenade can be used as an extension of the restaurant and cultured into a social and leisure zone.



  • Start of Competition and Early Registration: 1st July 2017
  • Early Registration ends: 31st August 2017
  • Standard Registration starts: 1st September 2017
  • Deadline for Questions: 10th September 2017
  • Standard Registration ends: 30th September 2017
  • Closing day for Submissions 30th September 2017
  • Announcement of Winners: 24th October 2017

*Note: All deadlines are 11:59 pm - 00:00 IST (India).



Winning participants will receive prizes totaling INR 2,00,000 with the distribution as follows:

First prize- INR 1,00,000/- + Certificate

Second prize- INR 60,000/- + Certificate

Third prize- INR 40,000/- + Certificate

10 Honorable mentions

Winners and honorable mentions will be published on archasm’s website and several international architecture magazines and websites partnered by us.



Early Registration:

From 1st July 2017 to 31st August 2017

  • For Indian nationals- INR 1500 (per team)
  • For Foreign nationals- EUR 60 (per team)


Standard Registration:

From 1st September 2017 to 30th September 2017

  • For Indian nationals- INR 1800 (per team)
  • For Foreign nationals- EUR 80 (per team)

Entrants may register by filling the registration form and submitting it with the appropriate payment through our secure gateway on our website



Group discounts apply for a minimum of 5 teams from one particular architecture school/university as our initiative to promote more participation from students.

Send us the following details at to avail the offer.

  • Names of all the participating teams members and their respective team leaders.
  • Name of the university.
  • School ID proofs of the team leaders.



It will not be possible to amend or update any information relating to your registration including the names of team members once validated.



  • Participant teams will be disqualified if any of the competition rules or submission requirements are not considered. Participation assumes acceptance of the regulations.
  • Team code is the only means of identification of a team as it is an anonymous competition.
  • The official language of the competition is English.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Contacting the Jury is prohibited.
  • archasm as the competition organizer, reserves the right to modify the competition schedule if deemed necessary.


Terms and Conditions                                          

Please see the terms and conditions section on


Competition project disclaimer

This is an open international competition hosted by archasm to generate progressive design ideas. There are no plans for the riverside restaurant to be built. The competition is organized for education purpose only.


Other details




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          Global Silicon Carbide (SIC) Market (Product, Technology, Power Semiconductors, End-User, Geography)   

Global Silicon Carbide (SIC) Market (Product, Technology, Power Semiconductors, End-User, Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 – 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2014 -- Silicon carbide (SiC) is a chemical compound of silicon and carbon and it is also known as carborundum. SiC belongs to the semiconductor market that is expected to attain revenue of $394 billion by 2017. It is projected that SiC has the potential to displace other silicon based transistors and semiconductors; therefore, it is expected to have high revenue share. The key factors driving the SiC market growth is that it can decrease the size of semiconductors and reduce the power system loss by 50%.

Get full report at:

The cost of SiC material ranges from $800 to $2,000 per ton, which is very costly as compared to other materials used for manufacturing semiconductor. Therefore, the high cost of these semiconductors is a major restraint for the growth of the market. Material defects and packaging issues are some of the other challenges for the market growth. Researches that are being conducted to overcome these challenges have been slow-moving. However, key players are seeking collaborations to increase investments in the SiC based electronic goods.

See similar report- Global Green Building Materials Market @

Some of the key companies profiled in this report are AGSCO Corporation, Entegris Inc., Carborundum Universal Ltd., ESK-SIC GmbH, Grindwell Norton Ltd., Saint-Gobain Ceramics Materials GmbH, The Dow Chemical Company, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Company Ltd., Timcal Ltd., and Snam Abrasives Pvt. Ltd.

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          Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics and Technologies Market   

Noninvasive Cancer Diagnostics and Technologies Market - Global Share, Industry Overview, Analysis, Growth, Trends Opportunities and Forecast 2012 - 2020

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/28/2014 -- Non-invasive diagnostic is a process of identifying the disease conditions with minimal incision in body during diagnosis. The global market for diagnostic/in-vitro diagnostics valued at $49.2 billion in 2012, which shows potential for market growth, especially in chronic diseases. Non-invasive cancer diagnostics is gaining importance over conventional diagnosis due to increase in incidences of chronic cancer such as breast cancer, and lung cancer. According to American Cancer Society, there were more than 1,660,290 new cases diagnosed in 2013.

Get detailed report at:

Commercialization of non-invasive cancer diagnosis is possible due to completion of Human Genome Project (HGP) that gives enormous diagnostic information based on genomic and proteomic. Increase in stringent regulatory guidelines and cost associated with diagnostics is hindering the growth of non-invasive cancer diagnostic market. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance regulations for monitoring non-invasive diagnostics are issued by FDA, Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Social Security Administration (SSA).

The global non-invasive market has a huge potential in developing countries; however, cost of diagnosis is creating hurdles to tap this market. Hence, to overcome this problem, the diagnostic market has to be analyzed by the developing countries such as China, Japan, and India. This report provides key market drivers that are driving the market with impact analysis. The report gives intelligence about key regulatory guidelines issued by respective governments.

Key companies included in report are Precision Therapeutics, A&G Pharmaceutical, Affymetrix Inc., AVIVA Biosciences Corporation, BIOVIEW Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (LabCorp), Quest Diagnostics Incorporated Cancer Genetics Inc., Digene Corporation, Gen-Probe Incorporated


-Key developmental strategies adopted by top market players engaged in this business so that companies involved in development non-invasive cancer diagnostic device can get competitive intelligence of their competitors

-Market estimation for therapeutics techniques and geographic segment is derived from current market scenario and expected market trends

-Market attractiveness analysis has been included for various product segments, therapeutics, techniques and geographic regions with detailed analysis of factors responsible for rapid growth of the market segments

-In depth analysis of key market drivers, restraints and opportunities of non-invasive cancer diagnostic market with impact analysis

-Value chain analysis, Porter's five force model, top investment pockets (GE9 Cell Matrix) are analyzed and presented in detail in the report so that the decision makers can receive clear picture of cancer diagnosis market



- Solid tumors
- Blood cancer
- Lung Cancer
- Breast Cancer
- Others


- Clinical Chemistry
- Immunochemistry/Immunoassay
- Molecular Diagnostics
- Other Clinical Instruments


- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
- RoW


- Medical devices manufacturing companies
- Pharmaceutical companies
- Government and Private Research Institutes
- Academic Institutes

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Global Medical Laser Systems Market (Product Types, Application and Geography)

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          gpsprune 18.6-2 any   
View, edit and convert coordinate data from GPS systems
          Vaccines - Top 5 European Markets Package   

This market research report package offers a perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for vaccines in the top 5 European countries.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2014 -- This market research report package offers a perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for vaccines in the top 5 European countries. The studies provide essential market information for decision-makers including:

- Overall market for vaccines in top 5 European countries
- Market for vaccines by product type
- Forecasts and future outlook of the market
- Macroeconomic indicators

Get detailed report at:

These market studies answer to questions such as:

- What is the size of the vaccine markets in top 5 European countries?
- How are the markets divided into different types of products?
- Which products are growing fast?
- How the markets have been developing?
- How does the future look like?
- What is the potential for the markets?
- How the macroeconomic indicators look like?

Product types discussed in the studies:

- Human vaccines
- Veterinary vaccines

Years covered: 2006 - 2017

Countries included in the package:
Germany, Russia, France, Italy and United Kingdom

Similar Report
Global Fluid Management & Visualization Systems Market

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          TS272: Executive Orders, Women in Stem Fields, Guests Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova   
This week Bryan shares about Toaster Strudel being an aphrodisiac, while Erin shockingly retweeted Kim Kardashian for the first time.  Also, Executive orders have historically been a way to discriminate and incite fear in people and Trump’s Immigration Ban continues the trend, and a recent Scientific research shows a lack of women in Stem jobs due to constant years of being made to feel not smart enough. Plus, guests gay-legend-icon-star Trixie Mattel and sweatiest woman in show business Katya Zamolodchikova are here to discuss International Business Class travel, the painter of light Thomas Kinkade, and the importance of Prostate exams. Follow Trixie and Katya on Social Media. @trixiemattel and @katya_zamo
          2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Disposable PE Gloves Industry   

2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Disposable PE Gloves Industry was professional and depth research report on Global and China Disposable PE Gloves industry.

Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2014 -- 2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Disposable PE Gloves Industry was professional and depth research report on Global and China Disposable PE Gloves industry. The report firstly introduced Disposable PE Gloves basic information included Disposable PE Gloves definition classification application industry chain structure industry overview, international market analysis, China domestic market analysis, Macroeconomic environment and economic situation analysis and influence, Disposable PE Gloves industry policy and plan, Disposable PE Gloves product specification, manufacturing process, product cost structure etc.

Get full report at:

Then statistics Global and China key manufacturers Disposable PE Gloves capacity production cost price profit production value gross margin etc details information, at the same time, statistics these manufacturers Disposable PE Gloves products customers application capacity market position company contact information etc company related information, then collect all these manufacturers data and listed Global and China Disposable PE Gloves capacity production capacity market share production market share supply demand shortage import export consumption etc data statistics, and then introduced Global and China Disposable PE Gloves 2009-2019 capacity production price cost profit production value gross margin etc information.

In the end, the report introduced Disposable PE Gloves new project SWOT analysis Investment feasibility analysis investment return analysis and also give related research conclusions and development trend analysis on Global and China Disposable PE Gloves industry.

Get Similar Report:
Global Medical Laser Systems Market:

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          دانلود وکتور طرح های منظومه شمسی و سیاره – شماره 3   

دانلود وکتور طرح های منظومه شمسی و سیاره - شماره 3

وکتور طرح های منظومه شمسی و سیاره – شماره 3 شامل 25 طرح وکتور بسیار زیبا و حرفه ای از طرح های وکتور منظومه شمسی، خورشید، سیارات، ماه در حالت های مختلف و…  (مجموعه ای از سایت فوتولیا) مناسب برای استفاده در انواع طرح های گرافیکی و تبلیغاتی. با فرمت eps قابل ویرایش در نرم ...

نوشته دانلود وکتور طرح های منظومه شمسی و سیاره – شماره 3 اولین بار در فرا گرافیک پدیدار شد.

          دانلود وکتور طرح های منظومه شمسی و سیاره – شماره 2   

دانلود وکتور طرح های منظومه شمسی و سیاره - شماره 2

وکتور طرح های منظومه شمسی و سیاره – شماره 2 شامل مجموعه ای بسیار زیبا و حرفه ای از طرح های وکتور منظومه شمسی، سیارات، صور فلکی، ماه در حالت های مختلف و… . (مجموعه ای از سایت فوتولیا) مناسب برای استفاده در انواع طرح های گرافیکی و تبلیغاتی. با فرمت eps قابل ویرایش در ...

نوشته دانلود وکتور طرح های منظومه شمسی و سیاره – شماره 2 اولین بار در فرا گرافیک پدیدار شد.

          Estate & Trust Representative - Innovation Credit Union - Saskatchewan   
Experience with AOS and banking system. Informal Leadership &amp; Flexibility to perform other duties as assigned.... $44,440 a year
From Innovation Credit Union - Thu, 08 Jun 2017 00:02:47 GMT - View all Saskatchewan jobs
          consultor ASP-ESTANDAR, BD ORACLE    
consultora requiere contratar profesional con mas de 8 años de experiencia para adecuar sistema desarrollado en ASP - ESTANDAR con base de dato ORACLE para asignación de 6 meses *lugar de trabajo santiago centro *disponibilidad inmediata interesados envi......
          12265 Senior Programmer Analyst - CANADIAN NUCLEAR LABORATORIES (CNL) - Chalk River, ON   
Understanding of server technologies (Internet Information Server, Apache, WebLogic), operating systems (Windows 2008R2/2012, HP-UX, Linux) and server security....
From Indeed - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 17:50:30 GMT - View all Chalk River, ON jobs
          Embedded Electrical Engineer - Littelfuse - Saskatchewan   
Real Time Operating System (RTOS) experience such as FreeRTOS, MQX, or Embedded Linux. If you are motivated to succeed and can see yourself in this role, please...
From Littelfuse - Thu, 15 Jun 2017 23:12:35 GMT - View all Saskatchewan jobs
          Solution Architects - Managed Services - OnX Enterprise Solutions - Ontario   
Working knowledge of both Windows and Linux operating systems. OnX is a privately held company that is growing internationally....
From OnX Enterprise Solutions - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 20:52:05 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Comment on Minister: Committed To Our Children’s Education by Day   
It is rarely the teachers who are at fault, most of the problems come from students from broken homes and/or parents who do not invest the time and effort into their children's education. There's a direct correlation between student success and parental involvement. The issue is teachers are always blamed for the so called "failed system" when in actuality the solution begins in the home.
          IT Lead, Server Support - Toronto Hydro - Ontario   
Knowledge of server and storage systems such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server 2008 and 2012 Operating Systems, Active Directory, Virtual Desktop...
From Toronto Hydro - Mon, 12 Jun 2017 19:52:14 GMT - View all Ontario jobs
          Firefox 54.0.1 Released June 29, 2017   
Version 54.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on June 29, 2017 Today’s release is the first to run Firefox using multiple operating system processes for web page content, making Firefox faster and more stable than ever. Learn more about how multiple processes strike a “just right” balance between performance and memory use on the […]
          Senior EPM Solutions Architect - AstralTech - Ontario   
Solid understanding of Linux and Microsoft Windows Server operating system. Senior EPM Solutions Architect....
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          Crushing and recycling factories make building waste into treasure   

Our company has developed and developed a series of construction waste crusher, which has greatly expanded the concept of coarse crushing and fine crushing operations. The modular installation mode maximizes the user's needs. Greatly reduce the energy consumption at startup. The crushing station can be combined into two crushing systems of coarse crushing and fine crushing according to the actual demand, and can be combined into three crushing systems of coarse, medium and fine, which has high flexibility.
The disposal of construction waste is becoming a new hot market, in order to better city building garbage disposal service, combined with our many years of international break the latest concept of crushing equipment in the development of the concept, the development of a new generation of portable crusher plant with independent intellectual property rights. Equipped with efficient diesel electric dual power system, the main engine starts with electric power, long service life and high reliability. Truly provide customers with simple, efficient, low-cost project operating hardware facilities. Simple and compact layout of facilities, expanding the space of materials stacking and transshipment. Think about what kind of life it would be if one day you were surrounded by solid waste and no flowers. Only a trailer traction, you can quickly enter the market, greatly eliminating the initial infrastructure investment, reduce the additional costs of material transportation.
Construction waste landfill is one of the most primitive and the most backward practices, lost not only farmland, homes, but also a resource. It is a product of international competitiveness. It can achieve high yield, good grain size and excellent grading effect. At the same time, it can greatly improve the recycling efficiency of solid waste, and promote the sustainable development of economic recycling. The purpose of this concept is designed with the client's position, to eliminate the broken ground leveling, environmental pollution, after the completion of the land rehabilitation, complicated and complex logistics base Jian to customers breaking barriers, as the primary solution.

          Indian-Americans and Spelling Bees: Adding some nuance   
It's that time of the year again. The only night of the year when desi people dominate ESPN primetime in the United States. The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Yet again, the winner...or rather co-winners..came from the families of Indian immigrants.

This has been happening for over a decade now, and every year, the aftermath of the Bee in Indian media and Indian and Indian-origin social media follows a similar pattern. There are a few think pieces about why Indian-Americans are so good at spelling bees. Some folks go all uber-patriotic extolling the superior virtues of our intellectual tradition and what not (cue...Bhaaaaarrrraat maaata kiiii.......). And some folks sneer, indulging in a mild form of communal self-loathing. I don't have kids but my close Indian-American friends who do are very emphatic about how they will not make...or even let their kids participate in something as nerdy and inherently uncool as a spelling bee.

Through Twitter I came across this post that quotes Varun Grover's interview in the excellent excellent documentary I Am Offended (do watch if you haven't) which references spelling bees. That blog, and Varun in that documentary, are making a larger point about how the Indian education system is centered around rote learning, stifling creativity and basically preparing "middle managers". And that the success in spelling bees is a symptom of that.

While I agree with Varun and Auctorly on the larger problem, I don't think it is correct to link spelling bees to that problem. I see where they are coming from, and the reason for that is a couple of myths about spelling bees in general which merit some attention.

Myth #1 Spelling Bees are all about memorizing thousands and thousands and thousands of words, and regurgitating them on stage.

I used to think the same way, but it's not really that way. A few years ago, I had a long chat with a student of mine (I am a college professor) who in her school days had participated in the spelling bee. She didn't win, but talked to me about how much fun it was, and ended up giving me a different perspective on this activity that I too once sneered at. Then I read some more about it, watched the documentary Spellbound, talked to some more students over the years, and I think it is necessary to add some nuance to how we view the "sport".

Spelling bee as a contest is more about pattern recognition than just rote memorization. Don't get me wrong. Of course it is important to know and remember many many words to participate in a spelling bee. But the same is true of scrabble. Or crosswords. Or trivia quizzing. Heck, memorization is key even in chess. A serious chess player will have thousands of moves and games memorized.

Just like all those activities/sports, spelling bee is about, yes, having a memory bank of relevant information, but at the top level, it is often about recognizing patterns, working out clues, and then formulating an answer by accessing the relevant information from your brain.

You know how the kids ask for meaning, language of origin, use it in a sentence etc etc? It is not for theater. It has important information, and many times, can even help you make an educated guess at the spelling of a word you've never heard of by using what is basically pattern recognition.

Let me give you an example about how I, without memorizing any words, was able to correctly guess one of the words in the final this year. The word was chremslach. When it was first uttered, I thought it would start with "Kr" and maybe end with "che" or "kh". Then I heard that the word was Yiddish. And the meaning was a kind of passover pastry. Instantly I thought of a pastry that a Jewish deli near my house excels at - rugelach. The end sounded the same. So it had to end in -lach. And the different pronunciations of the starting syllable suggested chr not Kr. The repeated usage by the moderator further confirmed what I had in my mind. A pattern emerged and voila. There the spelling was.

I felt thrilled at having worked it out before the contestant answered. It was a thrill similar to the one I get as a trivia quizzer when I crack a cleverly framed Final Jeopardy style "workout-able" question. Or the thrill I get when I crack a particularly cryptic clue in crosswords.

The aforementioned student kept stressing about how much fun the whole thing was for her. She said it was a form of solving puzzles. And I saw what she meant. I asked her, isn't it boring to memorize thousands and thousands of words. She said no, she LOVES words (sidenote - she always wrote the most well-crafted and thoughtful term papers in my class). And again, I see her point.

When you enjoy any activity built on pattern recognition so much that you want to seriously compete in it, you don't think of the underlying memorization as a drab chore. I like to play scrabble semi-competitively, and it is fun for me to have those cruel 2 letter words memorized so I can gain advantage on the board despite not having great tiles. And I'm sure poker players don't think of probability calculations as mundane.

Myth #2 These desi spelling be winners will most likely end up as middle managers, code coolies, cogs in the corporate machine....just total drones.

Although it seems like Indian-Americans have been winning the bee for ages, in reality, it's been less than two decades that it has been happening consistently. So the sample of winners is not statistically significant, but from whatever I read in "where are they now" type stories, I saw very few, if any, ending up in those drone type jobs.

A lot of them were in some form of research, which to me, as an academic researcher, makes sense. Research is like the rigorous grown-up impactful form of pattern recognition that is built upon a deep memory bank of knowledge about a subject. A bunch of them were doctors and lawyers. One was a professional poker player (again, pattern recognition and memory). And so on. I even googled a few names of winners and always found that the person was doing something really cool.

Maybe a systematic study will throw up more details.

Myth #3 We Indians are just awesome at English and we are such brainiacs and we have the bestest education-centric culture so we are awesome at Spelling Bees

While the first two myths were in the self-loathing category, this one is in the uber-patriotic category. I have no problem with Indians or Indian-origin feeling proud or elated or whatever at this dominance, although I am personally from the Bill Hicks school of thought when it comes to patriotism.

But let us dispel with this notion that there is something really inherently culturally genetically special about Indians that our kids just go to America, show up at spelling bees, and start winning them left and right. There is actually a pretty strong and well-organized training infrastructure that is making all this possible. Remember that these contestants train with the rigor and discipline of athletes. It is not done in isolation, but requires broader support like with any sport or activity.

What you see on ESPN is the culmination of a year of smaller contests, local spelling bees, practice bees, and other such events on the local circuits. And there's a kind of feedback loop that forms. Successive generations build on the success of previous generations. Legacies and even "dynasties" are created and inspire some to adhere to it. I could keep going, but I came across this article that explains the quasi-institutional reasons behind the dominance in more detail.

If some other community starts taking such a deep interest in the sport and organizes in such a serious grassroots way, other communities could start dominating too.

One thing to note is that the winners have all been kids of Indians who migrated to the United States. Recent Indian immigrants, much like recent immigrants of other communities, tend to socialize more with their compatriots and do so in a very community-based way, with associations and groups and mandals and so on. But second generation Indian-Americans are more assimilated in the American mainstream. So when they grow up and have kids of their own, they are not as plugged into the Indian-American groups and associations as their parents were.

So you don't see many (or even any?) third generation Indian-American children winning the spelling bee or even making it to the national finals, because they don't have automatic access to that community-based infrastructure.

The best way to end this post is to quote a now-grown-up Nupur Lala, the star of the Oscar winning documentary who arguably started this Indian-American phenomenon.

“Having watched Spellbound, I realized that several of my competitors weren’t any worse than me ability-wise, but they didn’t have the same advantages—economic privilege, educational background, family dynamics,” she says. “I know that played a big, big role in my success. As a 14-year-old, I really thought I was one of the best spellers out there. In hindsight, I think, yeah, I was a very good speller, but I also had some of the best preparation and resources out there. I had a mom who had a graduate degree in linguistics. Parents who have literally hundreds of books in the house, and who were very motivated to help me succeed.”

          Customer Success Engineer - Stratoscale - Ontario   
Extensive experience troubleshooting remote Linux system issues. As a Customer Success Engineer, you will be providing technical assistance to Stratoscale...
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          On IIPM "Shutting Down"   
Recently a friend pointed out that next month would be 10 years since I made a post titled "The Fraud that is IIPM" on my little-read blog. He asked if I planned to make a 10 year anniversary post of sorts. I said I'd think about it. And now comes the news that IIPM is shutting down their campuses.
When I met Rashmi Bansal (who owned JAM whose post I linked to) in Manhattan earlier this year, she mentioned the possibility of something like this happening. She said the relentless bad press is taking its toll and some campuses were being closed even then.
It is difficult to put into words the full range of emotions I feel hearing this news. But the foremost is that this "victory", if you call it that, belongs primarily to people like Rashmi Bansal, Maheshwar Peri, and Anant Nath. They actually WERE sued by that odious company and they fought the legal battle without choosing to take the easy way out. They paid a lot, monetarily and emotionally, to expose the fraud.
I really didn't do too much. I wrote a post linking to a JAM story by Arjun Ravi on a blog that was read by maybe 2-300 people. When IIPM sent me a standard email they sent to threaten all bloggers who wrote against them, I ridiculed it on my blog. And when IIPM sleazily tried to drag my then employer IBM into it, I quit my job.
The "IIM dude quits IBM" factoid made for a catchy headline and the news went viral. Mainly because IIM and IBM are such huge brands. But the development didn't really "harm" me in the way a cursory reading of the headlines might suggest. Yeah, I quit that job, but within hours, I had two dozen interview calls and a few job offers, all of them unsolicited. Let's be honest. I was (am?) a privileged upper caste English speaking male in India with a prime resume painted as some sort of a hero by the media and the blogosphere. I was bound to land on my feet. And I did, really fast.
Eventually, as Arindam said last year to Shivam Vij on a news show, they chose NOT to follow through on their threat to sue me. If they had, I most certainly would've fought the case. Some reputed lawyers had offered their services pro bono if it came to that. And even if I had to do it on my own, I would've. As my mom and wife will tell you, I am very stubborn. smile emoticon
But it didn't happen. So other than the few hours of mild uncertainty after resigning from IBM, I came out of the experience unscathed and more or less smelling of roses. And with this "giant slayer" reputation that has continued since, and which has always made me very uncomfortable.
I took up a well-paying part-time job with IMS at an office 5 minutes from where I lived, making it clear to them that I'd be leaving for a PhD soon. The PhD plan is something I had made way back in my MBA days (in fact my IIML yearbook even mentions it). The IIPM threat just made me advance it to 2006 instead of 2008 when I had originally scheduled it for.
I got into a great PhD program at Penn State, and moved to the US, starting a new chapter of my life. IIPM became just a thing that I'd get emails and text messages about whenever they were in the news because of their latest PR disaster. Yes, I still got an occasional email threatening a lawsuit or an arrest (the last was in 2010 i think), but I just ignored them all and nothing really materialized.
Meanwhile, Rashmi, Maheshwar, Anant, and many wronged and cheated students fought on. They were made to navigate the complex and sometimes corrupt labyrinth of the Indian judicial system, responding to complaints from remote locations like Silchar! They kept the battle going.
So this news today of IIPM essentially shutting shop is their win. They deserve the credit, the kudos, the accolades, and everything else. In 2015, I'm as much of a bystander as the rest of you.

          Identity is not always Community   
A few days ago, Rajdeep Sardesai, generally a liberal, reasonable and likable voice in the Indian TV media, tweeted,

Big day for my goa. Two GSBs, both talented politicians become full cabinet ministers. Saraswat pride!! @manoharparrikar and Suresh Prabhu.
I cringed. And not just as someone who, through the random genetic lottery, was born in a family whose caste label reads Goud Saraswat Brahmin (GSB). I was particularly disappointed that an otherwise progressive voice was echoing such medieval sentiments. I tweeted back my disagreement and gave in to the hashtag impulse, labeling it #SaraswatShame. The hashtag was half in jest, half in disappointment, and not exactly accurate, but we'll come to that later.

I was not the only one who found fault with his tweet. Many people pushed back, with the responses ranging from outright abuse to expressions of disappointment. Rajdeep doubled down, responding,

 proud GSB, proud Goan, proud Indian. No contradiction.
And yesterday, he defended himself at length in a column in Hindustan Times titled Identity is not always destiny.

The title of the column is perfect, because identity may not always be destiny, but identity is not always "community" either. In fact, the core of my disagreement with Sardesai lies in conflating caste with community, and placing caste identity in the same bracket as being from a state or a country.

I hate writing stuff like "Oxford/Webster's dictionary defines community as....." so I'll leave it to you to look up exactly what the definition is. But the way I see it, a community is shaped and defined through some common experience or attitude/outlook.

I consider myself a part of many many communities. I am part of Indian, American, Indian-American, Punekar, Mumbaikar, New Yorker, Maharashtrian, Marathi, etc. communities as a result of sharing geography or language and/or nationality with others in that group. I am part of Engineer, IIM, MBA, PhD, Penn State, Academia, Marketing, etc, communities as a result of sharing my education or career related experiences with others in that group. Thinking test cricket is the best sport ever makes me part of the test cricket puritan community. Loving the Pittsburgh Steelers team and cheering it on every season makes me part of the Steeler Nation.

I am not sure what experience or attitude or outlook would or should make me consider myself (and with unabashed pride) part of the GSB community, at least in the 21st century. I can understand caste being considered a source of community identity a century or two ago, when people lived more or less segregated into those castes. But then we all generally realized that the caste system isn't the best topology to adopt if we want to build a good society, because the system seeded and engendered discrimination on the basis of birth.

Almost all Indians I know think (or at least say) that the caste system is a relic that should be relegated to irrelevance in an ideal society. Then a good start would be to think of caste as irrelevant, not as a specious source of pride. And that's where Sardesai's tweet had a problem - by perpetuating that which should ideally be irrelevant.

Sardesai drops a lot of names, from Sachin Tendulkar to Deepika Padukone, when enumerating the "enormous contributions" of our supposed community. But what exactly do Rajdeep or I as GSBs have in common meaningfully with Sachin Tendulkar as a GSB, that we don't with Ajinkya Rahane, also from Mumbai and not (as far as I can tell) a GSB? What have we as GSBs shared with other GSBs other than simply the label of being called GSBs?

Is it the most commonly defined culinary feature of GSBs - we have religious sanction to eat fish? Heh! We do not have religious sanction to eat steaks but clearly both Sardesai and I enjoy a good slab of succulent cow meat.

I don't really consider myself part of the Saraswat "community" and so don't really feel #SaraswatShame in Sardesai's bizarre views. I know being Saraswat is a tiny irrelevant trivial part of my identity, but it's no more defining of me than my identity as a guy with black hair. And I am surprised that someone like Sardesai is conflating such an irrelevant expression of identity with community.

What is the basis of defining this community other than just the label identifying ourselves as such?

Shared history? I won't go into the specifics of the problems with the history-based argument Sardesai makes in his column, mainly because Kaustubh has done it splendidly already.

But history brings me to the other problem with the "Saraswat Pride" sentiment that Sardesai espouses. And that's the history of the privileged and powerful position that brahmins in general, including GSBs, used to hold in the caste system with legal sanction until recently. We had a monopoly on education and on running the religion. We were the "haves" in a system that perpetrated the vilest atrocities, violent as well as insidious, on a large swathe of the population we defined as lower caste or caste-less.

As Sardesai notes a little fallaciously

In this political milieu, the Brahmins have usually lost out because their numerical strength doesn’t justify greater political representation. Which is why it is significant that Parrikar and Prabhu made the cut.
This is a point on which I recently had an argument with some fellow Marathi Brahmin friends as well. This weird self-pitying victim mentality that many Brahmins have about not being uber-dominant in politics the way we are in almost every other aspect of Indian society, from industry to academia to entertainment. Never mind that the proportion of Prime Ministers, Presidents, Chief Ministers, and Governors over the years from the Brahmin community is probably at least 3 times the proportion of Brahmins in the general population (caveat - I haven't crunched the numbers, but I strongly suspect this to be the case based on what I could remember).

But we still love indulging in this weird victim mentality in the "political milieu". Never mind that both guys Sardesai mentions have held positions of political power in the past. Parrikar was the Chief Minister of Goa and Prabhu was a cabinet minister in the last BJP government as well.

Regardless of all this, even if you grant the factually questionable premise that Brahmins are deprived of political power as a result of caste-based politics prevalent in many parts of the country, this cannot be viewed as divorced from history, especially in a democracy. Autocratic rule allowed higher castes to monopolize power, resources, and education for centuries. If 6 decades of democracy has resulted in a backlash electorally, well, suck it up.

Related to this, someone asked me online, "Why do you have problems with Sardesai touting Saraswat pride but you have no problems with people celebrating historic Dalit or OBC achievements in politics?"

I couldn't believe that I had to actually explain it, but here is what I said. Dalit or OBC leaders achieving a position of power after centuries of discrimination and systematic disenfranchisement is actually bucking the trend of history. Righting old wrongs in a way. In terms of a sports metaphor, it's like cheering the underdog. On the other hand, when people from a caste that held power, enjoyed monopoly over intellectual resources and were complicit in perpetuating discrimination until recently start gloating about their achievements, it almost suggests they are implying supremacy again.

It's many commentators, black and from other races, expressed pride and satisfaction in a black man becoming President of the United States. In the historic context, it makes perfect sense. Your expressions of community pride, to not seem distasteful, have to gel with the historic context.

Let's say the next President of America is white. What Sardesai tweeted was the equivalent of a white news anchor like Brian Williams tweeting "White pride!" in response. And responding to criticism with "Proud white guy, proud Jersey guy, proud American! No contradictions."

Because identity is not always community.

          Advice for International Masters Students Cold-Call Emailing Business School Professors   
It is that time of the year again for me as an assistant professor in an American business school. August-September, the start of the academic year. When I get at least a handful of emails everyday from just-arrived international Masters students, typically from India and China, asking about Research Assistant (RA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) positions. I usually send a prompt reply telling them I have no positions available and wish them luck. Most other people in my place in business schools just ignore the mails and/or delete them.

This post is meant to explain why I almost always send summary rejections and why most others ignore or delete the emails.

The key to this explanation is the almost unique nature of the microcosm that are business schools. Specifically, research-oriented business schools that co-exist with prestigious engineering schools in the same university such as mine.

Research in business schools is very different from research in engineering schools. In engineering schools, research has a lot to do with winning 6-7 figure grants and patents. That is the nature of the engineering world. In business schools, the incentives for tenure-track research professors are different. The nature of our field is such that there are few, if any, opportunities for patents and big grants. In our field, research productivity is measured by publications in top level journals.  

The other aspect of business research is the cost element. The reason we don't care as much about grants is that our research is nowhere as expensive to conduct as engineering research. We don't need expensive equipment, months long experiments, and suchlike. Most business research is conducted using secondary data or individual behavioral experiments. The most expensive equipment we need is limited to powerful computers to do our analysis. 

We don't have as many conferences to go to. In each of the sub-fields of business (such as Finance, Marketing, Management etc), there are two, maybe three MUST-ATTEND conferences each year. Our conferences aren't as selective as engineering conferences in terms of who gets to present. Obviously, "conference proceedings" are a non-factor in tenuring decisions when it comes to business school faculty. What matter are publications.

Basically, our research doesn't cost that much. That's the cost side.

Now on to the revenue side. Most business schools have MBA programs that charge tuition way higher than the average program. Most MBA programs don't offer any funding. MBA programs earn business schools a lot of money. Then there are undergraduate programs. Undergrad business programs are very popular in most schools in the US. So business schools get a decent chunk of change from the universities for that. Then there are endowments, consulting fees, and other revenue opportunities.

So to summarize what I have said so far, business schools in the US have a higher revenue than other schools, and have lower research costs than other schools. And, to reiterate, faculty research is measured in terms of publications in top journals, not patents, conference proceedings, or grants. Not that there are that many business-centric grants anyway.

As a result, here is how the typical contract for a typical tenure-track faculty member in a research-oriented business school works. We get a salary. And we get a research budget from our business school that is roughly $10,000-50,000 per year. 

These amounts might be relatively paltry for engineering professors who need to buy expensive equipment and need to hire several grad students to take care of the equipment and run experiments. But in business schools, that amount is plenty. 

Then there's the unique nature of business school PhD programs. They are geared exclusively towards academia. Which means the program is designed only to send graduates into academic positions, NOT industry positions. 99.9% of marketing PhDs will become marketing professors, not work in marketing jobs in the industry. 99.9% of management PhDs will become management professors, not work in management jobs in the industry. And so on.

PhD programs in business schools will also have a tiny intake compared to engineering schools. In a typical top-50 or even top-100 research business school in the US, the total incoming PhD class size every year will be about 15, with 2-3 students dedicated to sub-fields such as finance, marketing, management, etc.

In business schools, these PhD students are fully funded and paid a stipend by the business school. In return, they have to work 20 hours a week each for tenure track professors.

(Sidebar: the most "privileged" international grad students in any school are business school PhDs. They are assured of tuition waivers and stipends for at least 4 years from the school itself, and not tied to any Professor like in engineering schools. They also get academic positions relatively easily without having to do postdocs.)

Now, each department will have a roughly 1:1 ratio between tenure track professors and PhD students. Part of each tenure track professor's contract is 10 hours or "free" RA work from an assigned PhD student. Free as in, the professor doesn't pay the student. The business school does. And the business school pays for the tuition.

So now we come to the main point. Most of us business school professors have a PhD student assigned to work with us without us paying anything. Our research budgets, given by the school not from grants, are in the 10-50K range to buy computers, buy data, go to conferences, etc....generous but not enough to fund a grad student, which including tuition and stipend, will use up the entire budget.

When a Masters student from engineering or quasi-engineering (Information Systems, Technology Management etc) fields sends a cold-call email to a typical business school professor, he is making a pitch to someone who has neither the requirement nor the budget to hire him.

That's maybe 99% of business school professor. The 1% who might have RA/TA positions for you are the rare minority of business school professors who got a grant or got an extra endowment for a research lab or something. They might just have positions that Masters students can fill. They tend to advertise their positions well in advance. But even if cold-calling works for them, it needs to be very specific.

Many international students make the mistake of composing one utterly general boilerplate email and sending it to all professors. See this for instance.

In this case, even if I was a professor with an opportunity for this student, I wouldn't contact him. Because the email is so general. If I want to hire a Masters student, I would like that student to be genuinely interested in what I am doing.

So even if you do send cold-call emails to business school professors, make sure they are individually customized and reflect their particular research interests. 

And of course, make sure you really are interested in the research of the professor you are pitching your services to. We professors do talk to each other, you know? If during a coffee chat, we discover that Masters Student XYZ sent an email to me saying "I am really passionate about Marketing and hope to make a career in it", and also to my Finance colleague saying, "I am really passionate about Finance and hope to make a career in it", it not only gives us something to chuckle about, but also destroys your credibility in our eyes forever.

I'll end by saying that in general, the strike rate for an engineering or quasi-engineering MS student getting RA/TA positions from individual professors in business schools are low. And I hope this post informs incoming Masters students about this and saves them some wasted effort. 

          K-pop sensations Monsta X set their sights on the West   
In March 2015, South Korean clothing company Litmus announced an endorsement deal with Monsta X, a K-pop group that had been a unit for a handful of months and had only a couple singles to their name. Such is the way of K-pop’s assembly-line system, an art in its own right, and Monsta X are among the latest by-products on the rise, a seven-piece boy band with a hip-hop twist that came together on a reality program called No Mercy.…
          Cara Membuat Website Yang Cepat Dan Mudah   
Website merupakan alat komunikasi melalui jaringan internet yang bisa diakses oleh semua orang di dunia hanya dengan bermodal jaringan internet. Dengan seperti itu, peluang dari website sangatlah besar. Tak heran jika saat ini website telah dikembangkan untuk kepentingan berbagai bidang.

Cara Membuat Website Yang Cepat Dan Mudah

Informasi berita, jual beli online, sistem pertahanan, pendaftaran online dan masih banyak lagi kegiatan yang telah dilakukan secara online. Hal tersebut tentunya atas dasar efisiensi waktu dan bisa menghemat biaya. Namun, sayangnya masih banyak yang belum bisa membuat website.

Orang-orang awam masih sekedar sebagai pengguna dan hanya orang-orang tertentu yang memiliki keahlian lah yang bisa menciptakan sebuah website. Padahal jika semua orang bisa membuat website, ini bisa bermanfaat sekali untuk perkembangan informasi di berbagai kalangan.

Nah, kali ini akan diinformasikan mengenai cara membuat website yang cepat dan mudah. Kami akan memberikan Anda sedikit tips yang bisa Anda lakukan sekarang juga agar mampu memiliki website untuk Anda gunakan berbagi informasi maupun untuk kegiatan lain seperti jual beli online.

Bagaimana caranya? Simak!

1. Anda bisa membuka
2. Lalu Anda bisa mendaftar dengan akun Gmail Anda.
3. Website ini berjenis blog, dan layanan ini gratis. Anda bisa menggunakannya untuk berbagi informasi

Caranya sangat mudah kan. Anda hanya bermodal jaringan internet, maka sudah bisa membuat website jenis blog. Nah, jika Anda ingin memiliki website yang lebih profesional dan lebih terstruktur, Anda bisa memesannya di jasa pembuatan website. Di tempat itu, Anda akan dibuatkan website yang lebih leluasa untuk dikendalikan. Biayanya pun juga tidak mahal. Silahkan Anda coba!
          Bagaimana Website Yang Bagus?   
Memiliki website yang optimal tentu menjadi keinginan bagi semua pemilik website. Namun terkadang keinginan tersebut harus kandas karena ketika build website tidak sesuai dengan harapan. Sehingga website pun tidak optimal.

Banyak yang menyangka kalau website yang bagus itu memiliki fitur yang canggih, memiliki desain yang menarik. Namun sebenarnya bagaimana sih website yang bagus itu? Mari kita jabarkan masing-masing.

1. Sisi Desain
Desain disini meliputi desain front end maupun back end. Website yang bagus memiliki desain yang sesuai dengan tema dan fungsi website tersebut. Dari segi warna, font, dan tata letak konten juga eye catching.

2. Sistem Yang Powerfull
Website yang bagus juga harus memiliki sistem yang powerfull yang mampu memanajemen script dan konten dengan baik. Sehingga ketika dijalankan tidak terjadi error atau trouble.

3. Akses Yang Cepat
Website yang bagus juga harus memiliki kecepatan akses website yang cepat ketika dibuka oleh pengunjung. Kecepatan disini yang perlu diperhatikan adalah performa sistem dan lokasi server. Kedua itu yang mempengaruhi cepat lambatnya ketika website di buka.

4. Struktur Konten Yang Mudah
Struktur konten harus berkolaborasi dengan desain. Penempatan konten seperti menu, dll harus diperhatikan akan pengunjung nyaman dalam melihatnya.

Bagi Anda yang ingin membuat website namun bingung bagaimana memulainya, silahkan hubungi jasa pembuatan website di solo yang memiliki pengalaman bertahun-tahun dalam bidang jasa pembuatan website.

Itulah beberapa hal yang menentukan bagus atau tidaknya website. Namun ini juga hanya sebatas dari kacamata saya, apabila Anda memiliki kriteria lain silahkan komentar di bawah ini.
          Systematic Literature Review and Federated Search   
The International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications has published the article: “A Federated Search Approach to Facilitate Systematic Literature Review in Software Engineering.” Here’s the abstract: To impact industry, researchers developing technologies in academia need to provide tangible evidence of the advantages of using them. Nowadays, Systematic Literature Review (SLR) has become a prominent […]
          Hedonisme, perbedaan Manusia dengan monyet bin simpanse   
Hedonisme. apa itu hedonisme? Hedonisme ialah faham atau sistem etis yang mengutamakan kesenangan dan atau kenikmatan di atas yang lain. apa bedanya dengan Islam? kaum muslim juga menginginkan kesenangan dan kenikmatan? Bedanya ialah kaum muslimin memandang kenikmatan hidup di akhirat lebih utama, mereka mengorbankan kenikmatan di dunia untuk akhiratnya. Sementara kaum hedonis tidak
          OSS Leftovers   
  • AT&T Passive Optical Network Trial to Test Open Source Software

    AT&T is set trial 10-gigabit symmetric passive optical network technology (XGS-PON), tapping its growing virtualization and software expertise to drive down the cost of next-generation PON deployments.

    The carrier said it plans to later this year conduct the XGS-PON trial as part of its plan to virtualize access functions within the last mile network. Testing is expected to show support for multi-gigabit per second Internet speeds and allow for merging of services onto a single network. Services to be supported include broadband and backhaul of wired and 5G wireless services.

  • Intel Begins Prepping Cannonlake Support For Coreboot

    The initial commit happening this morning that is mostly structuring for the Cannonlake SoC enablement and some boilerplate work while more of the enablement is still happening. Landing past that so far is the UART initialization while more Cannonlake code still has yet to land -- this is the first of any post-Kabylake code in Coreboot.

  • Windstream Formally Embraces Open Source

    Windstream is dipping its toe into the open source waters, joining the Open Network Automation Project (ONAP), its first active engagement in open source. (See Windstream Joins ONAP.)

    The announcement could be the sign of broader engagement by US service providers in the open source effort. At Light Reading's Big Communications Event in May, a CenturyLink speaker said his company is also looking closely at ONAP. (See Beyond MANO: The Long Walk to Network Automation.)

    Windstream has been informally monitoring multiple open source efforts and supporting the concept of open source for some time now, says Jeff Brown, director of product management and product marketing at Windstream. The move to more actively engage in orchestration through ONAP was driven by the growing influence of Windstream's IT department in its transition to software-defined networking, he notes.

  • Why Do Open Source Projects Fork?

    Open source software (OSS) projects start with the intention of creating technology that can be used for the greater good of the technical, or global, community. As a project grows and matures, it can reach a point where the goals of or perspectives on the project diverge. At times like this, project participants start thinking about a fork.

    Forking an OSS project often begins as an altruistic endeavor, where members of a community seek out a different path to improve upon the project. But the irony of it is that forking is kind of like the OSS equivalent of the third rail in the subway: You really don’t want to touch it if you can help it.

  • Mozilla Employee Denied Entry to the United States [iophk: "says a lot about new Sweden"]

    Daniel Stenberg, an employee at Mozilla and the author of the command-line tool curl, was not allowed to board his flight to the meeting from Sweden—despite the fact that he’d previously obtained a visa waiver allowing him to travel to the US.

    Stenberg was unable to check in for his flight, and was notified at the airport ticket counter that his entry to the US had been denied.

  • Print your own aquaponics garden with this open source urban farming system

    Aquapioneers has developed what it calls the world's first open source aquaponics kit in a bid to reconnect urban dwellers with the production of their food.

  • The story behind Kiwix, an offline content provider

    Kiwix powers offline Wikipedia and provides other content to users, like all of the Stack Exchange websites.

  • Systemd flaw leaves many Linux distros open to attack

          Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator   
Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator

Alpha2L Pumps Domestic Circulator

he Grundfos ALPHA2 L is an advanced energy efficient domestic circulator that meets EuP legislative requirements. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of domestic circulation heating systems. The ALPHA2 L achieves the highest possible energy savings in comparison to older technology fixed speed pumps. The reduction in power consumption has been achieved by using the latest permanent magnet motor technology and this power consumption can be as low as 5 watts. The variable speed modulating modes allows the pump to match its performance to the system requirements, helping to reduce noise when thermostatic valves are closing down. The ALPHA2 L models are simple to install in new or existing systems, and are 130mm between ports. Features and benefits Meets EuP legislative demands Energy efficient pump - significant energy savings Variable and fixed speed operation – one pump for all jobs Plug and Pump – no need to open terminal box 5 year warranty   Technical data Liquid Temperature: +2°C @ 110°C  Maximum Ambient: 37°C @ 82°C Flow Min Inlet Pressure: 1.3m @ 82°C Flow Maximum System Pressure: 10 Bar Mean Sound Pressure Level: Control of heating systems The heat requirements of a building vary greatly and today thermostatic radiator valves efficiently control the system output. This can lead to excessive pump pressure and valve noise. ALPHA2 L can not only adapt to these variable conditions but reduce electrical energy consumption.   Fixed speed pump mode With a fixed speed pump, as the radiator TRV’s close, the system resistance increases causing an increase in pump pressure which can lead to TRV noise.   Pressure controlled mode As the TRV’s close the pump pressure is controlled according to the selected mode. At the reduced pressure the TRV’s then re-adjust to maintain the required output. The pump pressure reduces radiator valve noise and power consumption. Installation and operating guidance When installing the ALPHA2 L, please refer to the Installation and Operating Instructions, if using pump in either constant pressure or proportional pressure mode. *Please refer to the boiler manufacturers minimum flow rate requirements when setting bypass valves.

          Big Tech's Effect on Blue Apron's IPO   
Meal-kit delivery company Blue Apron had a disappointing IPO and the Wall Street Journal's Miriam Gottfried says the lackluster investor demand may stem from the influence of Big Tech, particularly companies like
          Green Cars   
Hybrid cars are the most fuel efficient and new environmentally aware way to drive. Hybrid cars are priced three to seven thousand dollars more than similar standard versions of the same vehicle.
Hybrid cars are one among the promising types of new generation cars.
Hybrid cars are fast becoming more and more popular due to the rising fuel costs and the prices of hybrid cars are becoming more and more affordable.
Hybrid cars are efficient and save money on fuelling.
Hybrid cars are seen as a stepping stone to the ultimate green car, a car fuelled by a hydrogen fuel cell which will produce zero emissions.
Hybrid cars are a fusion of technologies.
Hybrid cars are not the final answer, but they are a good start.
Hybrid cars are more reliable than electric cars from what we are seeing to date and they have gasoline as an alternate fuel.
Hybrid cars are more expensive to buy, but cheaper to own over the long run especially for local commuting trips where the electric engine is used more often than the gas powered engine.
Hybrid cars are not cheap but they are affordable.
Hybrid cars are not so fast as cars that run on only gas.
Hybrid cars are arguably the most innovative automotive vehicles of our generation. Hybrid cars are a cross between an electric car that operates on batteries and a gasoline-powered engine.
Hybrid cars are increasingly popular with celebrities and those who want to demonstrate their commitment to a cleaner environment.
Hybrid cars are at the centre of a green car revolution. With these configurations, hybrid cars are able to have a fuel mileage of 60-70 mpg as compared to 20-40 in conventional cars.
However, while hybrid cars are jam packed with all the merits that might instantly bowl the discerning consumer over, it is not without its share of faults and disadvantages.
Maintenance tools for hybrid cars are also pretty rare, so expect to spend more on checkups and fix-its when the car bogs down.
Hybrid cars are popular with governments and people who drive hybrids in the UK will benefit from reduced tax discs.
Unlike standard cars moving on a single propulsion system, hybrid cars are driven by the power of multiple propulsion.
However, some feel that Hybrid cars are a just a transitional step before we move to Hydrogen cars, or some other fuel that isn’t oil based.
Some hybrid cars are also experimenting with lead acid.
Electric-petrol hybrid cars are energy- efficient and produce fewer emissions.
Mark Boardman
          Comment on A View on the Nature of Consciousness by dobsonmorgan   
Hello. I'd like to advertise my Philosophy blog here; I'm a philosophy major student, and I share my thoughts both creatively and rationally on this blog, which focuses of subjects from Epistemology to Freedom. Check it out, and be sure to tell your friends if you like it. Thanks in advance, Morgan Dobson P.S. I liked your post. Consciousness and general brain/mental activity is a very scientific subject, a subject which still eludes modern scientists, and some people like to correlate the concept of a Soul to that of consciousness. It's an interesting thing to study.
          Career Management System Aims to Launch SEMBA Students Into Dream Jobs   
A new breed of business student – one more concerned with solving the world’s sustainability issues than just turning a profit – is showing up at MBA programs across the country. These so-called “impact students” have college career counselors reeling when it comes to finding them jobs that don’t fit within the ...
          Comment on I spy with my computer vision eye… Wally? Waldo? by Mind the Leap   
Those articles do a good job of summarising the positive side of what has been achieved (improved classification and prediction) and presenting the point that there is a lot more to intelligence than has been demonstrated so far. Though, as I mention above, a great thing about Hinton's deep learning systems is that they can generate images (and probably sounds) from incomplete or noisy input images, or by exciting high-level neurons that represent that class. Although being able to recognise images or sounds alone makes for pretty shallow "understanding". I think further advances might start to occur when they start trying to mix multiple sensory streams: particularly vision and sound, but eventually tactile senses as well. This could easily be achieved with the minimal changes to the current designs of deep learning architectures. If we can have the machine be shown an image, and it spontaneously generate speech that says what object it recognises, some people would find that a bit eerie. This would approximate playing the naming game with a child. If we could tell the robot a story, and in its "mind" it spontaneously starts generating images that represent the story, we could say that the machine is actually on the way to having a genuine "understanding" of the story. As I describe in this post, advances might also be achieved by expanding the perceptual applications to include things like motion perception: often visible as objects changing position, scale or rotation. One thing that is less obvious, is how to apply deep learning to motion control of robots. That's something I'm still thinking about. Even though I can see great potential in deep learning, I can still see some significant obstacles. Deep learning still uses iterative training techniques, which despite being quicker than they were, are still a far cry from being able to briefly see a person or object once, and then recognising that person or object from obscure angles and distances moments later. Something that people can (sometimes) do very well. Though this might be easily taken care of with some complementary memory processes (much as it seems to be in the brain). And even if current systems for deep learning turns out to have some fatal flaw in being applicable to simulating intelligence, I think the cat is very nearly out of the bag. The neocortex has largely the same structure all over the brain, and we have reasonably good approximations for many of the less regular areas of the brain. So, in my opinion it is only a matter of time before we have intelligent machines. Or machines "intelligent" enough to do most of what we've ever wanted them to, though with certain physical constraints withstanding.
          Regional Roundup: Top New Features This Week Around Our BroadwayWorld 6/29 - THE LITTLE MERMAID, RAGTIME, NEWSIES, and More!   

BroadwayWorld presents a comprehensive weekly roundup of regional stories around our Broadway World, which include videos, editor spotlights, regional reviews and more. This week, we feature THE LITTLE MERMAID, RAGTIME, NEWSIES, and more!

Check out our top features from around the BroadwayWorld below!

Central Pennsylvania: Contributor Marakay Rogers reviews NEWSIES at the Fulton Theater. She writes "Matt Farcher, who plays Jack Kelly, leader of the newsboy throng, is certainly energetic as well as a fine vocalist; local audiences will possibly not recognize him, though they've seen him before - as the Beast at Fulton's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. His performance here may be a bit more informed, however, by his prior performance as Che Guevara in EVITA in Maine, as well as having played revolutionary Enjolras in LES MIS in the past. (That "LES MIS turns positive" vibe is strong with this show.) Kate Fahrner makes for a tough, but charming, potential love interest as Katherine Plumber, intrepid early female reporter who is trying hard to not be her father's daughter - a major plot point of the show. If there's a real criticism to be had of the book, it's Katherine's part; the amazement over a female journalist shouldn't have been so great, given that Nellie Bly was a major expose writer for Pulitzer (the big bad of the show) in 1887 and that her famous Around The World stunt was done for Pulitzer in 1888. The historic newsboy strike was in 1899, when Bly had only recently (and temporarily - she did war correspondent work in World War One) retired. Writer Fierstein presumably based Katherine on Bly, but the show is set just late enough that anyone relatively familiar with history will find the lack of prior existence of Bly irritating."

New Zealand: Contributor Monica Moore reviews BONNIE AND CLYDE. She writes "Bonnie, played by Nicolette Nes is superb. She has the look, the voice and the style. And the top quality performances just keep coming at you. Blanche (Katrina McConnell) is excellent along with Buck (Brian Wolfman) Preacher (Simon Chapman) and well, actually they're all pretty darn good! Special mention to the young Bonnie (Samara Bayliss and Medody Lui-Webster) and Clyde (Tim Cloves) who deliver Great Performances. The set is engaging and designed by the well-known John Fausett who cleverly incorporates and ensures the story is kept interesting."

Minneapolis: Contributor Karen Bovard reviews SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE at the Guthrie Theatre. She writes "Crucial to the success of any production of this show are the two leads. Randy Harrison is suitably difficult and awkward in Act 1 as Seurat, and far slicker as his great grandson George in Act 2, where he seems more in command. Act 1 belongs to Erin Mackey as Dot, who is sexy and sympathetic and sly and sings with great feeling. She's also fully credible as the elderly wheelchair bound Marie in Act 2; it's a startling, funny, and moving transformation. All the members of the strong ensemble take on new roles in Act 2, and part of what makes this second act work so well are the bold choices they've made in sketching in their characters. The music swells with real grandeur, thanks to their ensemble power, an excellent mic system, and a full 13 piece orchestra behind them, helmed by conductor and pianist Mark Hartman."

Oklahoma: Contributor Ronn Burton reviews MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET at the Lyric Theatre. He writes "Director Dave Steakley wisely steps back and lets his boys go to town when necessary, yet his subtle guidance of the tone and flow of the show does not go unnoticed. The costumes by the reliably-proficient resident designer Jeffrey Meek are period-perfect yet fashion-forward. Helena Kuukka's lighting and Adam Koch's sets work hand-in-hand seamlessly - the colors and patterns playing off each other consummately. Important to note: the musical performances wouldn't be as impeccable as they are without Anthony Risi's sound design, which subtly yet perfectly enhances the recording studio vs. live performance effects throughout the evening."

Long Island: Contributor Melissa Giordano reviews RAGTIME at East Islip's BayWay Theatre. She writes "Among the talented cast, Chazmond Peacock makes a superb Coalhouse; intense, great voice... he's a natural for the role. Coalhouse is the beau of Sarah (and father of her child) portrayed exquisitely by Amanda-Camille Isaac. Ms. Isaac's striking portrayal of poor Sarah is a roller coaster of emotions including a gorgeous rendition of the hopeful song "Wheels Of A Dream" with Mr. Peacock. Additionally, kudos to Mike Press who is an outstanding Booker T. Washington, Coalhouse's mentor. On Ms. Waller's clever creative team, Bob Butterley's bi-level set ideally fills the open stage. Rolling pieces, tucked away on the sides, are used throughout. Also, the fun here is that you get to use your imagination a great deal. The music, on tracks, is coordinated by Eizabeth DeGennaro who is also part of the cast. This is enhanced beautifully by Jessy Gill's choreography and Joseph Kassner's stunning costumes."

Kansas City: Contributor Alan Portner reviews JERSEY BOYS at Starlite Theatre. He writes "Jersey Boys offers up super production values with this touring show. Portrayals of Massi and DiVito are a little one dimensional, but the singing, acting, production, and dancing make up for any lack. The supporting cast is excellent. Jersey Boys is a little strange to get used to. It is an excuse for a concert of great music. The music does not advance the story much except in parallel in the documentary. Most of the first act is required for the audience to get used to the style, but the final forty minutes grabs the audience and transports them back to the golden age just prior to the Beatles in the Doo Wop period. The audience ends up loving the performance."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews SEUSSICAL at Stages St. Louis. He writes "Ryan Cooper is a perfectly disarming and amusing Cat in the Hat, with nimble movements and well-timed comic delivery of lines that bring forth smiles and laughs from young and old alike . You can just see that he's having fun. Cooper and Company draw the audience into the tale immediately with the rousing opening number "Oh! The Things You Can Think," and Cooper takes on several different comedic roles throughout the proceedings. As JoJo, Colton James Kastrup is a very believable little boy, and definitely possesses just the right voice and enthusiastic innocence that fit the part. Anthony Arpino absolutely shines as Horton, with a warm and deeply concerned performance that makes you genuinely care about his plight. April Strelinger is delightfully vainglorious as Mayzi and oozes attitude to spare. Leah Berry is simply terrific as Gertrude McFuzz, a single-feathered bird who's in love with Horton, but having trouble getting him to realize it. Her take on "Notice Me, Horton" is a sad and sweet delight."

Rhode Island: Contributor Andira Tieman reviews THE DIANA TAPES. She writes "The Diana Tapes is a tightly-written one act with just four actors. Playwright James Clements takes on the role of biographer Andrew Morton with Sam Hood Adrain as Michael O'Mara, his publisher. The two of them receive and transcribe recordings made by Princess Diana's friend James Colthurst, played by Jorge Morales Pico. The attention to detail with the sets and costumes is impressive for a production barebones as this. Battered chairs are swapped for fancy ones when the scene changes from the office where Morton and O'Mara frequently meet to Diana's residence where she talks with Colthurst. Diana's iconic wedding ring, now Kate Middleton's, is replicated. While the men's costumes are necessarily basic, Diana gets several glamorous outfit changes that suit the scenes perfectly."

St. Louis: Contributor Chris Gibson reviews THE LITTLE MERMAID at The Muny! He writes "Emma Degerstedt is delightful as Ariel, effectively conjuring up the image of a young mermaid who wants more out of life, and is positively driven to do so. Her voice is splendid as well, as would befit a character who uses it as a bargaining chip so she can gain her true love. Jason Gotay does fine work as the object of her affections, Prince Eric, and you genuinely root for them to connect. Emily Skinner is perfectly menacing as Ursula, creepily costumed and brimming with malevolent intentions, Skinner makes a memorable impression. Jerry Dixon is commanding and surly as King Triton, bringing plenty of bluster to the role. James T. Lane is enthusiastic as Sebastian, the red Jamaican crab who is also a composer. The undeniably catchy "Under the Sea" gets a great workout under his guidance. Jeffrey Schecter is funny and friendly as Scuttle the seagull, and Spencer Jones is awfully cute as Flounder. Kevin Zak and Will Porter are quite good as Ursula's moray eel minions; Flotsam and Jetsam, respectively. Frank Vlastnik is also sharp as Chef Louis/Pilot, specializing in seafood dishes as the Chef, which naturally rubs Sebastian the wrong way. Richard B. Watson rounds out the cast as Eric's manservant/confidante, Grimsby. Of course, the large ensemble also adds to the merriment, and gives the show an even wider scope."

Chicago: Contributor Rachel Weinberg reviews MOBY DICK at Lookingglass Theatre Company. She writes "MOBY DICK also features three extraordinary female actors in its ensemble: Kelly Abell, Cordelia Dewdney, and Mattie Hawkinson. While each essays various roles, they also come together as the three Fates-an inventive and eerily effective device. Decked out in Sully Ratke's magnificent and haunting costumes, they provide the warning of what's to come upon the play's conclusion. At various points in the production, Abell, Dewdney, and Hawkinson also embody various elements of nature: the ocean, a whale carcass, and even Moby Dick himself. Outside of the skeletal structure of the set, there is no literal whale onstage-but that is perhaps one of the most striking representations of Moby Dick in the production."

Regional Editor Spotlight:

Christy Brooks
Los Angeles Contributing Editor

Christy Brooks is a teaching artist, actor and scriptwriter located in South Central Pennsylvania. She works as an independent contractor in producing and directing small and large-scaled performing arts productions. In addition, Christy has created curriculum, focusing on Reader's Theatre, Acting Workshops, and Scriptwriting, for public and private school districts. She donates a portion of proceeds from theatrical work to local non-profit organizations. Christy is a proud graduate of The Pennsylvania State University.

Writing for Broadway World has been a wonderful and fulfilling complement to my involvement in the performing arts. It brings me joy to watch a live performance and absorb the many facets involved in producing and acting in a performance. Whether I am reviewing a show or interviewing actors, my focus is on what I might learn from each theatrical encounter. Theatre is ever-evolving and I want to contribute to it in a passionate way that promotes constructive, not destructive, dialogue.

Join Team BroadwayWorld! Interested in joining our team, but not exactly sure what we do? All of your questions are answered, along with every open position from guest and student bloggers, Regional Editors, and more! Find out where we have open positions available here!

          Vigilantes Privados Calama, (con o sin experiencia)   
Vigilantes Privados Calama, (con o sin experiencia) Importante empresa de servicios de recaudación y pagos requiere integrar a su departamento de seguridad vigilantes privados que cuenten con disponibilidad para trabajar bajo sistema de turnos, quienes te......
          House Panel Advances Air Traffic Control Privatization Plan   
The Trump administration’s plan to privatize the nation’s air traffic control system moved forward in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Tuesday, despite concerted opposition from Democratic members of Congress.
          Jobs - Electrical Maintenance Engineer - £ 4   
Fort William PH33, United Kingdom
Electrical Maintenance Engineer Excellent Salary Plus Overtime Fort William Aspirare Recruitment and currently recruiting for a Electrical Maintenance Engineer for our client who are leaders in their field of ...workforce over 3,000 Time served Electrical Engineering knowledge Experience of maintenance / repair of heavy machinery , plant equipment , tools and systems used in manufacturing. 17th edition certified Knowledge of plc ... ...

          Chicago police, feds team up on new effort to curb violence   
CHICAGO (AP) -- Chicago police, federal agents and prosecutors launched an initiative Friday aimed at stemming the flow of illegal firearms in the city as part of efforts to curb rampant gun violence that President Donald Trump says is at &quot;epidemic proportions.&quot;...
          For sale - Peugeot Partner - € 7990   

Salisbury SP2, United Kingdom
1.6 hdi Tepee S mpv egc 5dr (start/stop) Auto, Grey, 2014, 1600cc, Diesel, Automatic, People Carrier, 24000 miles, Shark Grey Metallic, low mileage, rare diesel auto, full peugeot service history, one owner from new, looks smart in shark grey metallic, 1 owner, Full dealership history, Black Cloth interior, Cruise Control with Speed Limiter, Start/Stop System, Computer (...

          Guardias de Seguridad. Puerto Varas   
Empresa Líder en Seguridad requiere contratar a guardias de seguridad residentes de la Comuna de Puerto Varas para trabajar con sistema de turnos Full-Time o Part-Time en instalación de la zona respectiva. Requisitos: - Enseñanza Media Completa. - Cur......
          For sale - Nissan X Trail - € 10500   

Bootle L30, United Kingdom
2.0 tekna dci 5dr Manual, Silver, 2011, 2000cc, Diesel, Manual, Estate, 98854 miles, 1 Previous Owner, full service history, 98854 miles. Drives superb, in excellent condition inside and out, long mot, free 12 month rac national breakdown recovery with car, Electric Sunroof, Navigation System, Cruise Control, Heated Front Seats, Reverse Parking Aid, Climate Control, Leather Seat Trim, Radio/...

          Electronics Repair Technician - Ratech Electronics Ltd. - Concord, ON   
Major Functions include electronics assembly repair, control-unit electronics repair, lateral and mainline inspection systems repair, provide technical support...
From Indeed - Fri, 26 May 2017 19:45:42 GMT - View all Concord, ON jobs
          Guardias de Seguridad, Viña del Mar   
Empresa Líder en Seguridad de la V Región requiere contratar guardias de seguridad para trabajar por sistema de turnos de 6x1 horas en instalación de Viña del Mar. Requisitos: Enseñanza Media Completa. Curso OS10 vigente. Antecedentes Intachables. Reside......
          Move to block Nicole’s candidacy   

Legal moves have been initiated against the Congress of the People (COP) giving the party until today to halt the candidacy of Nicole Dyer-Griffith in the party’s July 9 leadership election.

If not, court proceedings will commence to secure this, according to a pre-action protocol letter from attorney Alvin Ramroop to COP↔Leader Dr Anirudh Mahabir and COP↔general secretary Clyde Weatherhead. It was sent on Tuesday. Responses were sought from them by yesterday but a requested extension shifted that deadline to today.

Griffith -Dyer is contesting the poll along with Carolyn Seepersad- Bachan and Sharon Gopaul- McNichol.

However, attorney Ramroop, representing COP member Kirt Francis , a former executive officer, wrote the party regarding alleged unlawful ratification of new members and ineligibility of new members to vote at/ to contest leadership election.

The letter claimed COP’s ratification of Dyer-Griffith’s membership in COP↔was null and void since it didn’t meet party constitutional rules. It called for the party to bar Dyer- Griffith from contesting or voting in the election and to have systems in place for a national executive to be elected.

Mahabir said, “I’m not commenting on any letter or whether we received it..... we have no reason to postpone the election at this time,”

McNichol, who said she’d heard of the legal moves , but was not part of it , said she resigned as COP deputy leader and from the COP’s interim “lead team” on February 13 following concerns on “many matters including unorthodox” procedures.

However ,support for Dyer-Griffith has come from Opposition↔Senator Rodger Samuel who said, Her candidacy brings freshness to the party’s helm and she has the propensity to draw youths.,”

COP’s founder, Winston Dookeran, said Dyer- Griffith contacted him on Tuesday asking to speak with her and he confirmed he would be speaking with her .

On Monday, Carolyn Seepersad- Bachan indicated she had support from Dookeran. He’d endorsed her in the 2014 leadership poll.

Dookeran,who’s working overseas, told the T&T Guardian on Wednesday, “Carolyn did speak to me about her candidacy and I told her that I was happy there is a contest and that she has offered herself to stay in the politics. “

“Yesterday (Tuesday), Nicole e-mailed me a request to talk, and I will be more than pleased to do so. Other than that, I have been very much out of T&T, and do hope that the COP may again initiate a healthy, not fake, political narrative that touches the young persons of our country. Although, I am now far off, my hope is that a ‘team effort’ will emerge in our politics.”

Former leader Prakash Ramadhar said he didn’t think former leaders “should get involved in elections save in extreme circumstances , so if I have personal views, I’m not sharing them. But I won’t allow the party to fall,”

“Many clamoured for leadership for years, but weren’t willing to do the work and criticised without assisting. I saw it fit for those clamouring to take leadership to see what improvements they may or can bring until the next election.”

“ I learned we must always bring together all who are interested in improving citizens’ lives. That includes people you may not wish to befriend, but if we have a common goal, I’m willing to work with anyone on ideals COP espouses. In politics, you have the good, the bad and the ugly and you have to be able to work with as many to achieve power to make the necessary changes.”

          12265 Senior Programmer Analyst - CANADIAN NUCLEAR LABORATORIES (CNL) - Chalk River, ON   
Remains current with industry trends and best practices as they relate to their IT specific area. Develops and/or configures and delivers information systems....
From Indeed - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 17:50:30 GMT - View all Chalk River, ON jobs
          Business Systems Analyst - Brainhunter Systems Ltd - Toronto, ON   
BRAINHUNTER is a Microsoft Certified Partner, HP Alliance One Partner, Telus Business Solutions Partner, Oracle Partner, and ranked among the top Global...
From Brainhunter Systems LTD - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 16:16:49 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          New Senator to focus on taxes   

Newly appointed Government Senator Allyson West says she will focus on tax administration after she is sworn in as Minister in the Finance Ministry today.

West, in her first interview since being appointed, said her ministerial appointment was taking place at “a very difficult time in the country (and) I have a tough task ahead of me.” She said, however, she has “quite a lot of experience in the tax area (and) that will be my focus and I am very hopeful that I can make a positive difference.”

Asked if citizens should be fearful of her appointment because of her focus on taxes, West smiled and said ,”No, my objective would be to ensure that taxes are fairly and properly applied (and) I really want to bring the concept of service to the tax area and ensure that the administration recognises that the taxpayers are our clients, so that we deal with them more efficiently , we give them their refunds but we collect the taxes that are due to the Government.”

She also worked previously at the Board of Inland Revenue as a State Counsel. She said she had “short stints in teaching” and was part of the implementation team for the VAT system- which was introduced under former prime minister Arthur Robinson during the 1985 to 1991 term. She was also a representative on the permanent and negotiating double taxation treaty committees.

West insisted yesterday she remains committed “to the tax system and getting it working properly.”

She said she was not surprised by the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint her as minister, adding that she knew the Prime Minister “for quite some time and I do know he appreciates my knowledge in the area (tax administration), so it didn’t shock me .”

She said, however, that she was “hoping to avoid a political post because I have shied away from politics all my life but Prime Minister Rowley said if we need to get it done properly this is how we need to do it , so I accepted the challenge.”

Asked to elaborate, West said she is “happy with the Ministry of Finance but the position of senator is not something I would have gravitated towards but I was called to serve and I have decided to take up the challenge.”

She said her first priority will be to gather information on the BIR. West said she wants “to see where the BIR is at with their challenges to determine what we can do differently as soon as possible.”

She said the establishment of the Revenue Authority is also on the agenda.

West said she “always thought that was the way to go. We have lost too many good people from the BIR because of the inflexibility of the public service, so if we create

some more flexibility in terms of remuneration , hiring and firing people, promotion based on merit rather than seniority , I think we will produce a better organisation.”

West said taxpayers should “recognise that we all have a responsibility , we are placing great demands on the Government and the demands don’t decrease with the government’s revenues.”

She also said: “To enable the Government to meet those demands we need to play our part, and if we all play our part then the burden is spread more evenly and it doesn’t fall on a few of us . So the issue of increasing tax rates should not arise if everybody is paying the correct amount of taxes, so that will be my focus.”

          Integration Architect - Brainhunter Systems Ltd - Toronto, ON   
BRAINHUNTER is a Microsoft Certified Partner, HP Alliance One Partner, Telus Business Solutions Partner, Oracle Partner, and ranked among the top Global...
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          Project Coordinator - Brainhunter Systems Ltd - Toronto, ON   
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          Resetting Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS on Saab 9-7X   
Resetting Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS on Saab 9-7X – The Saab 9-7X is a sports utility vehicle produced by the large Swedish automaker Saab in 2005 at the General Motors plant in Ohio, United States. Much of the production is over
          Inside Sales Executive (B2B) - Sales For Life - Toronto, ON   
Our clients include Juniper Networks, Kofax, ADP, Xerox, Sprint, Telus, Dassault Systemes, Thomson Reuters and many more. Why We Exist....
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          High Level Design Applications Engineer - Intel - Toronto, ON   
Remain informed and knowledgeable on OpenCL, C/C++, FPGA, CPU, GPU and Embedded Systems trends through research and participation in forums and industry events....
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          SailPoint IIQ 6.4 Implementation Specialist - Brainhunter Systems Ltd - Toronto, ON   
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          Geneva College Introduces Computer Information Systems Degree Program   
Geneva College introduces a new undergraduate degree program in Computer Information Systems, which is immediately accepting new and transfer students for the fall 2017 semester.

          Lead Guidewire Application Architect - Brainhunter Systems Ltd - Toronto, ON   
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          Guardias Seguridad Part Time / V Región.   
Empresa Líder en Seguridad de la V Región requiere contratar guardias de seguridad Part-Time para trabajar por sistema de turnos de 8 o 12 horas en distintas instalaciones y comunas de la V Región,entre ellas, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso y Los Andes. Requis......
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          Guardias Seguridad. San Antonio   
Empresa de Seguridad requiere contratar guardias de seguridad para trabajar en instalación de San Antonio con sistema de turnos 6x1 de 24 horas. Requisitos: -Preferentemente hombres -Curso OS10 vigente. - Disponibilidad inmediata. - Residencia en la zona......
          DJ-MegaMenu update to 3.5.3 version!   
Our menu system solution for Joomla was just updated. The latest version brings some fixes and a new option - off-canvas position. It allows displaying now the off-canvas menu on the right side of the window when browsing the page on mobile. We've also prepared a video explaining how it works.
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          Vigilantes Privados Coquimbo (con o sin experiencia)   
Vigilantes Privados Coquimbo (con o sin experiencia) Importante empresa de servicios de recaudación y pagos requiere integrar a su departamento de seguridad vigilantes privados que cuenten con disponibilidad para trabajar bajo sistema de turnos, quienes t......
2017-06-30 - more details
          2012 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          Vigilantes Privados Centro de Pagos R.M. (JUNIO 2017)   
Vigilantes Privados Centro de Pagos R.M. (JUNIO 2017) Importante empresa de servicios de recaudación y pagos requiere integrar a su departamento de seguridad vigilantes privados que cuenten con disponibilidad para trabajar bajo sistema de turnos, quienes ......
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          2015 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2015 RANGE ROVER EVOQUE   
2017-06-30 - more details
          Asistente de Clientes Full Time y Part Time. Viña del Mar.   
Empresa de Servicios de la V Región, requiere contratar asistentes de clientes Part-Time y Full Time para trabajar en instalaciones de Viña del Mar. Información Respecto Jornada Laboral Full Time: - Lunes a Viernes - Sistema de Turnos Rotativos Semana......
          2016 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER   
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          2014 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2010 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
Empresa líder en servicios de seguridad integral de Viña del Mar, dedicada a proveer a sus clientes asesoría integrada y equipos tecnológicos para la protección y seguridad de residencias, empresas e instituciones; requiere integrar a su equipo de trabajo......
          2011 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          2012 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
2017-06-30 - more details
          2013 LAND ROVER LR4   
2017-06-30 - more details
          Disable system apps on the Samsung Galaxy S8 without root using these apps   
Up until very recently the only way to disable system apps that come bundled as bloatware with Android devices was using a method that required root access. This is especially relevant on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ that come with some apps that are less than desirable. Rooting Samsung devices is still possible and a […]
2017-06-30 - more details
          Google Home can finally act as a Bluetooth speaker   
Announced back at the Google I/O 2017, Bluetooth streaming for the Google Home speaker is now rolling out to users of the device. Google hasn’t made an official announcement, but Android Police spotted the new feature lodged within the Home app’s device setting. The option becomes available with the new system firmware version 90387. Previously […]
          Sika Roofing Powers Up With Revolutionary New Solar System   

The Sika SolaRoof system is a non-penetrating, integrated solar solution for thermoplastic roofs that goes above and beyond the traditional racking system.

(PRWeb June 29, 2017)

Read the full story at

          Guardias de Seguridad. Puerto Montt   
Empresa Líder en Seguridad requiere contratar a guardias de seguridad residentes de la Comuna de Puerto Montt para trabajar con sistema de turnos Full-Time o Part-Time en instalación de la zona respectiva. Requisitos: - Enseñanza Media Completa. - Cur......
          Abschied vom Zirkeltraining: Pixformance soll Franchise-System Mrs. Sporty bis zu 300 neue Clubs bringen   
Die Frauen-Fitness-Kette Mrs.Sporty wurde im Jahr 2004 gegründet. Im Zentrum des Franchise-Konzepts stand bis 2014 ein Zirkel-Trainings-Konzept mit hydraulischen Trainingsgeräten. 2014 hatte das ...
          Vigilantes Privados Castro, (con o sin experiencia)   
Vigilantes Privados Castro, (con o sin experiencia) Importante empresa de servicios de recaudación y pagos requiere integrar a su departamento de seguridad vigilantes privados que cuenten con disponibilidad para trabajar bajo sistema de turnos, quienes te......
          Erfolgreich oder durchwachsen? Systemgastronomie Vapiano startet an der Börse   
Bereits im Frühjahr waren die Pläne bekannt geworden, nun hat das Gastronomie-System Vapiano am Dienstag, den 27. Juni, mit dem Verkauf von Aktien an der Frankfurter Börse begonnen - laut ...
          Ing. Civiles Informáticos para proyectos de Implementación de Sistemas   
¿Quieres ser parte de una empresa que está mejorando la forma en que el mundo vive y trabaja? ¿Valoras equipos de trabajo donde se celebra y potencia la diversidad? Accenture, empresa líder mundial en servicios de Consultoría de gestión, tecnología y Ou......
          Ingenieros Civiles Informáticos para proyectos de Implementación de Sistemas   
¿Quieres ser parte de una empresa que está mejorando la forma en que el mundo vive y trabaja? ¿Valoras equipos de trabajo donde se celebra y potencia la diversidad? Accenture, empresa líder mundial en servicios de Consultoría de gestión, tecnología y Ou......
          A Separate Thread for Gary Gaulin   
Post by GaryGaulin
I just went over the article, and can add:

Relatedly, Penfield observed that spontaneous electrical discharges in the brain cause involuntary sensations and movements and even emotions, but never abstract reasoning or calculation. There are no “calculus” seizures or “moral” seizures, in which patients involuntarily take second derivatives or ponder mercy.

The above is expected, from a vector mapped movement based system.

Similar observations emerge from Roger Sperry’s famous studies of patients who had undergone surgery to disconnect the hemispheres of the brain. This was done to prevent seizures. The post-operative patients experienced peculiar perceptual and behavioral changes, but they retained unity of personal identity—a unified intellect and will. The changes Sperry discovered in his research (for which he won a Nobel Prize) were so subtle as to pass unnoticed in everyday life.

It is not normal for one hand to keep trying to light a cigarette while the other hand keeps throwing it away. That and other examples of the known side effects of corpus callosotomy surgery indicates that the patients did not fully retain their "unity".

In the past decade, British researcher Adrian Owen has found using fMRI imaging that some patients with such severe brain damage that they are considered to be in a persistent vegetative state are actually capable of sophisticated thought. The “comatose” patients’ brain scans show that, in reply to questions by an examiner, the patients are in fact thinking and imagining.

The above is also expected, from what at least I have for a model. The important part needed for imagination is at the end of the brain stem, not all the optional add-ons that surround it.
          Diseñador Web   
Importante institución de educación superior ofrece vacante para su planta administrativa el cargo de Diseñador Web. El objetivo del cargo es Diseñar, desarrollar y actualizar websites, sistemas o desarrollos afines para comunicar la Universidad Mayor, lo......
          Principal Application Engineer - Cadence Design Systems - California   
Technical Product Application Engineer working with Cadence Analog Simulation and Environment Products, including but not limited to AMS Designer, Spectre,...
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          Bridging the Mind-Body Gap in Health Care   
(Photo: Shutterstock)

After the birth of her youngest son nearly 20 years ago, Elay Nantz of Colorado developed carpal tunnel syndrome in her right hand, sank into post-partum depression, and attempted suicide. After a three-month stay at a Colorado psychiatric hospital, she endured a carousel of specialists who only wanted to know “What do you want?” or “What do you need?” and then wrote countless prescriptions. If she stood her ground and said the pills weren’t working, they would refer her to another doctor. Two of her four psychiatrists even fell asleep during her counseling sessions. Eventually, she stopped seeking treatment.

Nantz has struggled with depression for most of her life and has bounced in and out of doctors’ offices. She felt that the mental health system just saw her as a wallet to rifle through. “None of them gave a crap about me,” she says.

After she had surgery on her hand in 2009 and began physical therapy, her health improved. But after Nantz got divorced in 2010, she lost her private insurance and went on Medicaid—which her physical therapist did not accept. Her hand grew weak and shook so much that she could not hold a fork. It would tumble to the ground and stay there until one of her three children picked it up. A bad day would lead to deeper depression. She felt worthless.

The combination of depression and carpal tunnel meant she could not work and provide for her children. Her thoughts turned to suicide again: “I felt like the only exit I could see was me dying—my head was a mess—like I was in a cave and I couldn’t get out,” she told The American Prospect. “I was getting ready to kill myself.”

Nantz believed that the health-care system simply viewed her as a depressed woman with shaky hands rather than a 45-year-old mother of three who wanted to work and care for her family. But after running out of other options, she decided to try counseling one more time. In 2015, she met Dr. Yaira Oquendo-Figueroa, a staff psychologist at a Salud Family Health Center in Denver.  

Oquendo-Figueroa took an “integrated care” approach to Nantz’s problems that focused on breaking through the institutional barriers that separate mental and physical health care.  In integrated care settings, behavioral health specialists work together with primary-care doctors to treat individual patients. An ongoing relationship between physicians and a patient is the basis of primary care, and it provides a pathway for coordinating mental health treatment.

Oquendo-Figueroa listened carefully to Nantz’s problems and helped her develop the mental “tools” to steer her thoughts in a positive direction. She also connected her with an acupuncturist to treat her carpal tunnel. “She changed my life and the perception of everything,” Nantz says of Oquendo-Figueroa. “I think she’s a magician.”

Mental and physical care have long occupied distinct silos in the American health-care system. However, if Congress has its way, the treatment gulf between these two areas could become even wider, particularly for poor and low-income people who rely Medicaid, the largest health insurer in the United States.

Medical professionals like Oquendo-Figueroa have redoubled their efforts to offer a program of treatment that addresses psychological issues and physical ailments in tandem—which can go a long way to helping patients like Nantz. “You can’t separate the head from the body,” the doctor says.

Primary-care physicians see the majority of patients with mental health problems in the United States, but they are not trained to provide specialized treatment for mental illnesses. According to Benjamin Miller, a University of Colorado’s School of Medicine psychologist who specializes in linking mental and physical care, fewer than 4 percent of primary-care physicians accurately screen for depression. There has been little change in the percentage of adults who use mental health services, or who report an unmet need for mental health services. Two-thirds of doctors say that they can’t get their patients access to outpatient mental treatment because of a shortage of workers, lack of coverage, or inadequate coverage.

Meanwhile, suicide rates in America have risen by nearly 25 percent over the past 15 years and, of the 20 percent of Americans who suffer from mental illness, only about one-fifth get treatment. “The U.S. health-care system [has] two cultures of care that isolate the mind from the body, and mental health has fallen victim to that,” says Miller.

In the 1970s, Salud Family Health Center opened in northeast Colorado to serve patients who were historically underserved or completely uninsured, like the state’s migrant farm workers. In 2013, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recognized Salud as a “patient-centered medical home,” a health-care delivery model that promotes strategies like integrated care. This model upends the traditional health-care system by providing mental health care in primary-care settings, where it is most accessible.

For many people, primary-care clinics and doctors’ offices are a safe haven. “People want an [ongoing] relationship with someone, they want to feel connected [and] to know you’re they’re for them,” Miller says. He believes that nurturing these relationships provides patients with an avenue to discuss and manage mental health issues before they become serious.

The Colorado health center includes a mobile legal team that advocates for patients, especially undocumented immigrants or Medicaid recipients who live paycheck to paycheck. The center also sends behavioral health professionals around the clinic to meet patients in other departments. “Let’s say that a patient is coming for a dental cleaning, and the hygienist concludes that the patient may be anxious or depressed,” says Oquendo-Figueroa. “I go there and do a consult right there in the dental area.”

While that practice may seem invasive to people who have health-care plans that cover behavioral therapy, a dental clinic might be the only time that some Medicaid or Medicare recipients can talk to a mental health professional.

Washington State’s Mental Health Integration Project features telepsychiatry to help treat low-income patients on Medicaid and Medicare. Encouraging patients to stay in touch with care managers and consulting psychiatrists over the phone allows those health centers to reach more people, and not just during regular visits.

Anne Shields, the associate director of the University of Washington’s Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions program sees e-medicine as one possible solution to a shrinking, aging workforce of psychiatrists, especially in rural areas of the country where there were never many specialists to begin with. From 1995 to 2014, while the total number of physicians in the United States grew by 45 percent, the number of psychiatrists only increased by 12 percent. In 2010, 59 percent of psychiatrists in the United States were 54 years old or older. “Primary-care settings are very diverse, small practices,” Shields says. “Rural health centers have no more than three people working and they’re not going to be able to hire a behavioral health-care manager.”

While health-care staffing often determines the number and types of services a hospital provides, integrated care relies on coordination between doctors to identify the specific treatments that will work for an individual patient. Using this approach, a small rural health center can strive to provide the same high-quality integrated care that an urban hospital system does.

Yet despite the health benefits that integrated care provides, the American health-care system continues to rely on traditional strategies. Treating mental and physical conditions separately has not only prevented vulnerable populations from accessing treatment, but it has also driven up those costs. Miller has calculated that, on average, physical conditions cost twice as much per person per month to treat when there is a mental illness present as well.

Moreover, mental health crises often play out in emergency rooms, which are the least efficient and most expensive care locations. Integrated care has reduced the patients’ reliance on emergency room treatment by focusing on preventative services, and targeting mild or moderate symptoms before they become severe.

The Cherokee Health System in Tennessee found that integrated care patients used emergency services 68 percent less than the regional average; specialty care 42 percent less; and hospital care 37 percent less. These savings amounted to a 22 percent discrepancy between CHS’s total cost and the regional average.

Most health-care networks prioritize people with serious mental illnesses over patients with mild or moderate symptoms, which prevents people from getting the help they need earlier. “The bulk of mental health services are in the public system, but people can’t get those services until they have had many crises,” says Debbie Plotnick, a vice president of Mental Health America, one the nation’s leading mental health advocacy groups.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress could tear wide open the existing gap between having insurance that covers mental health treatment and having access to that treatment with their plans to undo the Affordable Care Act. The ACA repeal proposals fail the two-step process Miller of the University of Colorado uses to evaluate potential reforms: “Does this continue to further fragment our experience with health?” he says. “And does this limit my patient’s ability to get access to mental health treatment where they want it?”

Moreover, transforming Medicaid into a block grant program means that mental health programs would take a significant hit as state officials search for savings to offset the federal cuts. Miller believes that integrated care programs would be the first to go, forcing medical professionals to make difficult decisions about whether they can marshal the resources to help people like Nantz. Repealing the ACA would simply take programs designed to bridge the gap between mental and physical illnesses backward—states, Miller says, “can’t take a chance on this right now.” 

          6/29/2017: YOUR PAPER, YOUR PLACE: Digital school shake-up   

The school curriculum is in for a shake-up with the Government proposing to shift education into a ‘‘digitally oriented system’’. Education Minister Nikki Kaye announced the proposal on June 28 and said it would break new ground. But she acknowledged...
          Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes spark pay-to-win fears   

Earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay footage surfaced online that showed the sci-fi shooter's loot box system.

Unlike its predecessor, Battlefront 2 has randomised crates of Star Cards that offer gameplay-affecting power-ups.

These can give you more health, power up weapons, boost damage or grant other special abilities - such as a healing effect for nearby allies.

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          London Borough of Merton: Planning Officer (Future Merton)   
£27,801 - £34,338 per annum: London Borough of Merton: The successful candidate should be a strong written and verbal communicator and have a good working knowledge of the UK planning system. Morden, London (Greater)
          The Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy is nostalgia done right - and that includes the irritations   

This one comes at you in waves. On first loading the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, my initial thought was: Oh, this is definitely how they should reissue old games. N Sane Trilogy, which bundles the first three Crash Bandicoot games into one package, adding quality of life stuff like a decent save and checkpoint system alongside time trials, online leaderboards and the chance to play most levels as Coco, has had a lot of work put into it. The soundtrack's been remastered, the cinematics have been entirely redone, the whole thing cruises by at 30fps. The elbowy channels of this trench platformer are still rather poky, but they're fringed with glorious wildlife and delightful texturing as a complete art overhaul has taken place. Ice is gemlike and wonderfully glossy, tar pits are filled with thick black goop, and the jungles! You never saw such jungles! Big fat rubbery leaves, the fraying trunks of palms, the ruffle of a breeze as you race past, smashing crates and collecting fruit.

That's the first wave. The second is quite different. After initially firing the collection up, I poked around in the original game for an hour or so. It's cludgy and fiddly and rather unforgiving. Years after making this, Naughty Dog would perfect the unmissable ledge: the ledge that you leap towards and absolutely cannot avoid connecting with, as Nathan Drake is drawn towards cinematic just-made-it safety as irresistibly as dust bunnies disappearing down the spout of a Dyson DC32 (The Animal - never bettered IMHO). Here, though, if you misjudge a jump by a millimeter, Crash falls into the abyss. No mantling. No hedging. It's actually kind of reassuring: games used to demand this kind of perfection. Through its overuse, the unmissable ledge is one of the more annoying artefacts of modern gaming, but away from the odd pitfall the supremely missable platform of the first Crash game is also kind of annoying. N Sane Trilogy swaps out the graphics but seems to retain the original geometry and the original character of the controls - even though it now supports analogue sticks. This means you get a lavish looking game that often plays in a very rickety manner. Race a tiger over the Great Wall in Warped, for example, and the whole scene is so bright and crisp and lively-looking that it's just weird the way the camera bucks and stumbles behind you, the way you move in humpty, weighty lurches, the way that dragons, who will swoop across the map as you pass, are visibly waiting in the wings as you approach, like soap actors having one last cigarette before nailing their walk-on. Reworking the surface of these games so laboriously but leaving the sometimes-jumbled guts intact feels a little like cruelty on occasion.

But there is a third wave, thankfully, and the third wave crested slowly as something kind of amazing happened to me. As I played through the Crash games on the big 4K telly in the office, the PS4 Pro whirring nobly underneath, people started to gather behind me. This almost never happens. "Oh man, I love Crash," said someone who shall remain nameless. And then another person said: "Go back a few steps, there's a secret crate you missed." This is the kind of game where people remember where the secret crates are kept.

Read more…

          73V111000 - 1973 EL DORADO SAN JUAN   
Nov 17, 2007 - more details
          73V111000 - 1973 EL DORADO KEY WEST   
Nov 17, 2007 - more details
          73V111000 - 1973 EL DORADO BOCA RATON   
Nov 17, 2007 - more details
          AIDS-aware, Indian sex workers ignore their children's health - study   

Sex workers in India often give birth in their brothels then ignore the health needs of their growing children for fear of meeting prejudice in the medical system, new research shows. The study interviewed tens of prostitutes servicing the busy west Indian city of Pune, a major IT and auto hub that draws skilled workers from across the country.

          Companies, governments assess damage from latest malware   

Companies and governments around the world on Wednesday counted the cost of a software epidemic that has disrupted ports, hospitals and banks. Logistics firm FedEx says deliveries by its TNT Express subsidiary have been "slowed" by the cyberattack, which had "significantly affected" its systems.

          Commented Issue: System.Threading.ThreadAbortException [1]   
In my mvc web application a 'System.Threading.ThreadAbortException' was thrown in the Send401 method.

I changed this:
private static void Send401(HttpContext context)
. . .

private static void Send401(HttpContext context)
. . .

to solve this issue.

See also this [link]( for more details.
Comments: I will have a look at the problem. Thank your or the link. This is really an awesome article. Just added it to my bookmarks.
          Updated Wiki: Documentation   


The current state of documentation is based on the fact YOU know some details of authentication and IIS configuration. Sorry, but that's it for now.

Also check out the FAQ.



The assemblies are not signed and therefor are not deployable to deploy to GAC. The Installation is a simple XCOPY to the application BIN folder. Check out the IIS configuration and find the application to run the code in. Copy the DLL (and PDB if you like) into the BIN directory.
-> c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bin
--> GK.IIS.SignInAsADifferentUser.dll
--> GK.IIS.SignInAsADifferentUser.pdb


We need another handler entry in "system.webServer" (see minimal configuration)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <add name="GK.IIS.SignInAsADifferentUser" path="*.signinas" verb="*" type="GK.IIS.SignInAsADifferentUser.SignInAsHandler" resourceType="Unspecified" preCondition="integratedMode" />


The current version is tested using the following parameters:
  • IIS 7
  • Windows Authentication (Anonymous disabled)
  • App Pool settings
    • .NET Framework 2.0
    • Manged Pipeline as Inetgrated


The usage is based on a set of known urls that are described in the next sections. Access the solution using your browser an start like this:
Switch user with:


This will Display the current username, auth scheme and server Name


This will Redirect to the auth page with a unique id that is needed to avoid the usage of session state. The request is using the HTTPCache to Keep some information.

auth.signinas (+ request param with guid)

This will send the 401 until the user has switched. If the user is authenticated with a different identity the page will Redirect to the current dir's default page (using ./ as the url)


This will display th cache used for the solution to avoid sessionstate config


This will delete the cache to start fresh

          Nintendo Switch leak reveals potential guest logins, save data transfers   

Nintendo documents designed for Switch developers have been published online and sparked debate around references to as-yet unrevealed features such as save data transfers and guest logins.

Eurogamer has verified the document as legitimate but it is now at least six months out of date - from late 2016.

Despite widespread speculation these system features will be added imminently, more up to date versions of the docs lack word of these details.

Read more…

          Comment on Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 3 – The Experiential Metafunction) by Systemic Functional Grammar – Part 4 (The Textual Metafunction & Conclusion) – chiasuanchong   
[…] the first part for an overview of SFG. The second part examined the Interpersonal Metafunction and the third part considered the Experiential […]
          Kornfeil by v úvodních trénincích na Sachsenringu jedenáctý   
Sachsenring (Německo) - Český motocyklový jezdec Jakub Kornfeil zahájil přípravu na víkendovou Velkou cenu Německa jedenáctým místem v úvodním dnu tréninků. Po zlepšení ve druhé...
          Comment on Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 2 – The Interpersonal Metafunction) by Systemic Functional Grammar – Part 4 (The Textual Metafunction & Conclusion) – chiasuanchong   
[…] final part of a series on Systemic Functional Grammar. Read the first part for an overview of SFG. The second part examined the Interpersonal Metafunction and the third part considered the Experiential […]
          Comment on What is Systemic Functional Grammar? (Part 1) by Systemic Functional Grammar – Part 4 (The Textual Metafunction & Conclusion) – chiasuanchong   
[…] post is the final part of a series on Systemic Functional Grammar. Read the first part for an overview of SFG. The second part examined the Interpersonal Metafunction and the third part […]
          Comment on Systemic Functional Grammar – Part 4 (The Textual Metafunction & Conclusion) by Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 3 – The Experiential Metafunction) – chiasuanchong   
[…] In my fourth and final post, I will be examining the Textual Metafunction and considering how SFG applies to our language classroom. […]
          Comment on Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 2 – The Interpersonal Metafunction) by Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 3 – The Experiential Metafunction) – chiasuanchong   
[…] the basic concepts of Systemic Functional Grammar. The first post was a overview of SFG, the second post looked at the Interpersonal Metafunction, this post will be looking at the Experiential […]
          Comment on What is Systemic Functional Grammar? (Part 1) by Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 3 – The Experiential Metafunction) – chiasuanchong   
[…] is the third part of a series summarising the basic concepts of Systemic Functional Grammar. The first post was a overview of SFG, the second post looked at the Interpersonal Metafunction, this post will be […]
          Comment on Systemic Functional Grammar – Part 4 (The Textual Metafunction & Conclusion) by Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 2 – The Interpersonal Metafunction) – chiasuanchong   
[…] Interpersonal Metafunction, and in Part 3, we shall look at the Experiential Metafunction, and in Part 4, we will be examining the Textual Metafunctions and I will also be suggesting some ideas as to how […]
          Comment on Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 3 – The Experiential Metafunction) by Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 2 – The Interpersonal Metafunction) – chiasuanchong   
[…] into different metafunctions. This post will explore the Interpersonal Metafunction, and in Part 3, we shall look at the Experiential Metafunction, and in Part 4, we will be examining the Textual […]
          Comment on What is Systemic Functional Grammar? (Part 1) by Systemic Functional Grammar (Part 2 – The Interpersonal Metafunction) – chiasuanchong   
[…] my last post, we looked at an overview of what Systemic Functional Grammar is. Halliday divides the way we use […]
          Comment on Systemic Functional Grammar – Part 4 (The Textual Metafunction & Conclusion) by What is Systemic Functional Grammar? (Part 1) – chiasuanchong   
[…] 2, I will look at the Interpersonal Metafunction, in Part 3, the Experiential Metafunction, and in Part 4, the Textual Metafunction. The final part would also contain some applications of SFG to EFL […]
          Piso en venta en ALICANTE, , 380000 euros y 3 dormitorios   
Vivienda de Obra Nueva a estrenar de 3 dormitorios y 2 baños.Calidades de lujo con bañera de hidromasaje, alarma, pintura lisa, parquet, sanitarios y pavimentos de 1ª calidad, electrodomesticos incluidos y domótica.Promoción situada en una de las...
3 habitaciones 2 baños 106 m² 3.584 €/m² hipoteca parquet sistema de alarma cocina equipada bañera obra nueva
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 15:21:40 -0400
          Cuccio Powder Polish Dip System - Light Pink With Rainbow Glitter 45g (5550)   
Cuccio Powder Polish Dip System - Light Pink With Rainbow Glitter 45g (5550)

Cuccio Powder Polish Dip System - Light Pink With Rainbow Glitter 45g (5550)

  Shade: A light tone pink with rainbow glitter Only suitable for powder polish dipping system The dipping powder is a highly pigmented powder which is a finely milled powder. It works with a formulated resin and state of the art activator, which helps produce a strong, durable finish with a flawless rich colour Their are no initiators , which means it will not cure with acrylic liquid and can only be used with the powder polish and the brush on activator. To view the Powder Polish Collection click here To view the entire Cuccio Collection click here  

          Piso en venta en ALICANTE, , 380000 euros y 3 dormitorios   
Vivienda de Obra Nueva a estrenar de 3 dormitorios y 2 baños.Calidades de lujo con bañera de hidromasaje, alarma, pintura lisa, parquet, sanitarios y pavimentos de 1ª calidad, electrodomesticos incluidos y domótica.Promoción situada en una de las...
3 habitaciones 2 baños 106 m² 3.584 €/m² hipoteca parquet sistema de alarma cocina equipada bañera obra nueva
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 15:14:08 -0400
          OHSU researchers: New discovery on obesity-high blood pressure relationship   
Obesity contributes to high blood pressure, but why and how this happens remains unclear. One of the major causes of high blood pressure — or hypertension — is the inappropriate activation of the fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system response, and most obesity researchers have focused on factors that increase sympathetic activity. Virginia Brooks, Ph.D., however, has been investigating mechanisms that inhibit this activity. A team led by Brooks, professor of physiology and pharmacology at OHSU, identified a neuromodulator, neuropeptide Y (NPY), that inhibits sympathetic activity in a specific area of … Read More
          Você sabe o que é estabilização segmentar?   
A estabilidade segmentar consiste em deixar um segmento do corpo, como a coluna, estável. Mas o que é isso?

Estabilidade é um processo dinâmico que envolve três sistemas do nosso corpo: o ativo, o passivo e o neural.

O sistema ativo é constituído de músculos e tendões, responsáveis pelo suporte e rigidez gerado nas articulações para sustentar as forças que impomos ao nosso corpo. É dividido em local e global.
O sistema ativo local é composto de pequenos músculos ligados às vértebras, que promovem estabilidade da coluna e controle do movimento. Já o global é constituído de músculos de grande torque (força X braço de alavanca) não ligados a coluna.

O sistema passivo é formado pelas vértebras, discos, articulações, ligamentos. Esse sistema é responsável pela maior parte da estabilidade de uma articulação, já que limita a amplitude do movimento evitando exacerbações, como uma hiperextensão do joelho ou cotovelo.

O sistema neural é formado pelo sistema nervoso central (SNC) e sistema nervoso periférico (SNP), ou seja, encéfalo, medula espinhal e nervos.Esse sistema coordena as contrações musculares, sendo responsável pelo controle motor.

Se uma pessoa possui alinhamento postural na posição estática, conseguido através de estabilidade, as contrações musculares se tornam mais eficazes e os movimentos são realizados de forma suave, controlada e sem tensões ou compensações.

Normalmente os músculos responsáveis por estabilizar a coluna devem manter-se levemente contraídos  (ativados) para promover a estabilização. Mas diversos processos fazem com que o indivíduo perca essa capacidade, já que os músculos ficam fracos e atrofiam com o sedentarismo ou processos de lesões e dor. E o segmento lombar é o mais acometido, já que absorve grande parte do impacto gerado na coluna no nosso dia-a-dia.

Estudos já comprovam por exemplo que os multífidos, músculos da coluna responsáveis pela ESV, atrofiam em processos de dor como lombalgia e hérnia discal, e essa má funcionalidade gerada pela fraqueza é responsável pela recorrência da dor. E ganho de força muscular não é suficiente para cessar esse processo, já que apenas resistência é profilaxia para dor.
Mas como o fisioterapeuta promove a estabilização segmentar lombar (ESL)?
Atuando no sistema ativo, e indiretamente, no sistema passivo e neural.

A ES é subdividida em 3 fases:
1ª - Cognitiva - o paciente aprende de forma consciente a contrair os músculos responsáveis pela ES
2ª - Associativa - junto com essa contração consciente movimentos são realizados de forma controlada
3ª - Automatismo - o paciente é capaz de realizar todas as atividades diárias mantendo os músculos que estabilizam a lombar ativados.

Uma vez mantido o automatismo com a prática diária do aprendizado e exercícios que beneficiem a postura, a recorrência de dor e lesões será mínima.

Tranverso do abdome, multífidos (eretor da espinha) e quadrado lombar - principais músculos envolvidos na ESL.
Oblíquo externo, reto do abdome, reto femoral, glúteo médio e glúteo máximo - músculos secundários envolvidos na ESL.
(Clique na imagem para ampliar)

Fonte: Estabilização Segmentar da coluna lombar nas lombalgias: uma revisão bibliográfica e um programa de exercícios. Fisioterapia e Pesquisa, v15, n2, p 200-206, Abr/Jun 2008.

Imagem: internet.

          19 Years Ago: System of a Down Release Self-Titled Debut Album   
On June 30, 1998, System of a Down made their presence felt with their self-titled debut disc.
          Comment on Alto K10 crash test highlights how India car industry neglects safety by Tristan Honeywill   
Hmm. If that table is correct, then you'd think that standards have somehow been introduced but aren't being applied/enacted. I'm really no expert on India's regulatory system though. I'll see if I can pick that up for a future post. That is pretty confusing
          Casa en venta en MALAGA, , 295000 euros y 5 dormitorios   
Es un precioso chalet de 183 m2 piscina, garaje, con una vivienda anexa y totalmente independiente situada en la planta de abajo a nivel de calle. El chalet tiene en la planta principal 3 dormitorios, un baño, el salón, cocina y altillo (estudio)...
5 habitaciones 2 baños 183 m² 1.612 €/m² televisor aire acondicionado cocina piscina orientación sur lavadora trastero cocina equipada sistema de alarma amueblado
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 14:15:03 -0400
          Not that scary or that hard: Two decades of VLANS   

Classic or encapsulated? You choose

Sysadmin blog Next year will see the 20th anniversary of IEEE 802.1Q, the standard that defines the tagged VLAN for Ethernet networks. Despite it being two decades since modern VLANs started being used in anger a significant number of systems administrators remain afraid of them. Unfortunately, the time is upon us where VLANs are becoming a necessity even in small businesses.…

          TECRO in the US - MK 54 Lightweight Torpedo (LWT) Conversion Kits   
The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the United States of MK 54 Lightweight Torpedo (LWT) Conversion Kits. This request provides the recipient with MK 54 LWTs in support of their LWT program. This sale will include LWT containers, torpedo support, torpedo spare parts, publications, training, weapon system support, engineering and technical assistance for the upgrade and conversion...
          TECRO in the US - MK 48 Mod 6AT Heavyweight Torpedo (HWT)   
The State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the United States for forty-six (46) MK 48 Mod 6AT Heavyweight Torpedoes (HWT). This sale will include HWT containers, torpedo support, torpedo spare parts, publications, training, weapon system support, engineering and technical assistance. The total estimated program cost is $250 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the ...
          Recipe: Slow-Cooker Ratatouille — The Summer Slow Cooker   
(Image credit: Diana Yen)

You might not think "summer" and "stew" belong in the same sentence, but stewing and braising aren't winter-exclusive cooking methods. The colorful spectrum of summer vegetables can be slow-cooked until meltingly tender and sweet — and it's quite easy to do with the help of a slow cooker. Ratatouille, the classic French vegetable stew, is a perfect candidate for this hands-off cooking method.


          Recipe: Grilled Parmesan Broccoli — Quick and Easy Weeknight Sides   
(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Want to know the secret to getting my daughter to eat her broccoli? Marinating it in lemon juice and olive oil, then showering it in lots of Parmesan cheese before grilling it into tender submission. We polished off the whole bowl of florets covered in crisp, cheesy bits, fighting over the last little pieces that were extra-smoky and charred. If you want a grilled vegetable side dish that might potentially outshine any meaty main it's served next to, this recipe is it.


          Home Burglar Alarm Systems   
Home burglar alarm systems can provide security for the family, discounts on home insurance, and protection for assets.

          How To Make Better-than-the-Box Rice Krispies Treats — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn   
(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Rice Krispies Treats, when prepared according to the recipe on the box, are pretty close to perfection. For many years I saw no need to change them, but simplicity has its own way of inviting change, so I started tweaking the recipe, adding ingredients and changing some of the techniques to make a Rice Krispies Treat that's better than any I've ever eaten. That's the recipe I'm sharing here.


          The 4 Easiest Things to Grow in Your Indoor Garden — Simple Gardens   

If you're intimidated by the idea of indoor gardening, don't be! We've been working with green-thumbed pro Amy Pennington, author of Apartment Gardening, to come up with a list of the four easiest things you could possibly grow in your kitchen. She's got all sorts of tips, tricks, and techniques — and she was willing to share them!

Keep reading to check out the four easiest things you can grow indoors.


          7 Way to Make Pork on the Grill — Recipes from The Kitchn   

As summer heats up, take this opportunity to leave the oven off and bring your favorite cuts of lean, juicy pork out to the grill. Because the only thing better than a roasted pork tenderloin is one painted with grill marks and flavored with an irresistibly smoky char. From tenderloins to roasts to Thai-spiced burgers, here are seven ways to cook pork on the grill this summer.


          Watch All the Food Scenes from Harry Potter in Just 3 Minutes — Pop Culture   

The Harry Potter franchise turned 20 on June 26, leaving fans nostalgic for when the first book in the series originally released. The 20th anniversary marked the U.K. release of the first novel in the cult-favorite J.K. Rowling series: Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. To commemorate the occasion, Digg made a video featuring all the delicious (and unappetizing) foods featured in the films, from mundane moments to unforgettable ones.


          How To Make Any Fruit Galette — Baking Lessons from The Kitchn   
(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Everyone makes beautiful galettes. That's because this rustic summer dessert is as simple as pastry dough wrapped around fresh fruit. Much like making a fruit pie, but with quite a bit less effort, turning summer fruit into a galette will make you feel like a home-cook hero. You'll still get the same toothsome, flay crust and tender filling of pie, but without all the fuss and worry over torn dough.

Now, there are a few pie-making rules that will help you make the most gorgeous and scrumptious galette of this summer, but don't worry — we'll tell you about all those too, so you can make this stone fruit stunner whenever the craving strikes.


          Customer Service Representative-Supply Chain- Full Time/Days - Oceanport, NJ   
RWJBarnabas Health is the most comprehensive health care delivery system in New Jersey, treating over 3 million patients a year. The system includes eleven acute care hospitals, three acute care children's hospitals and a leading pediatric rehabilitation hospital...
          EMT Dispatcher-PD (NIGHTS) - Jersey City, NJ   
You are in demand everywhere..but it pays to come here! Jersey City Medical Center - EMS Department Provides Advanced Life Support for Jersey City and Greater Hudson County, in a high paced urban 9-1-1 EMS system. JCMC EMS has been recognized as being a premier EMS...
          EMT Dispatcher-FT (DAYS) - Jersey City, NJ   
You are in demand everywhere..but it pays to come here! Jersey City Medical Center - EMS Department Provides Advanced Life Support for Jersey City and Greater Hudson County, in a high paced urban 9-1-1 EMS system. JCMC EMS has been recognized as being a premier EMS...
          Linda Casa Con Amplio Jardín Y Piscina Casa Con Sistema De Seguridad   
Sin muebles, frente a parque, remodelada, dos plantas. Hall de ingreso, sala, comedor, comedor de diario, cocina, escritorio, 3 dormitorios, 3. 00 baños, 1 baño incorporado, 1 cuarto de servicio, 1 baño de servicio, lavandería, pisos de madera en...
3 dormitorios 3 baños 581 m² 15 S//m² garage piscina jardín
Thu, 27 Apr 2017 15:51:22 -0400
          Casa Para Oficina En Exclusiva Zona De San Isidro   
Casa acondicionada para oficina de dos niveles, sistema de alarmas, cableado para teléfonos, cableado para equipos de cómputo, riego tecnificado, equipos de aire acondicionado (central y split), diseño de iluminación decorativa, pisos de...
9 dormitorios 8 baños 379 m² 64 S//m² aire acondicionado
Sat, 24 Dec 2016 20:05:44 -0500
          La Citroen Jumpy llegará en octubre a Argentina   
Es la versión furgón del SpaceTourer y cuenta con una capacidad de carga de 1.500 kg -con un volumen de 6,3 mts, ampliable mediante el sistema Moduwork-. Impulsada por un motor HDI de 115 CV y caja manual de sexta, ofrecerá un completo equipamiento de confort y seguridad.
          36514 / Casa Mz B Lote Urb Valle Escondido Arequipa   
Espectacular casa ubicada en una de las mejores zonas de cayma, amoblada y equipada, cuenta con 4 dormitorios cuarto y baño de servicio, duchas españolas con vidrio templado, acabados de lujo, hermosa vista a los andenes seguridad privada y...
4 dormitorios 5 baños sistema de alarma
Fri, 07 Oct 2016 20:08:39 -0400
          Before the UK parliament debates the affirmative S...   
Before the UK parliament debates the affirmative SI , would it not make sense for the JCSI to first check whether there is any possibility of the UK staying in the UPC post-Brexit?

Even if one assumes that Gordon and Pascoe are correct and that the UK's continued participation is possible, there are a number of preconditions that must be met. The problem for the government is that some of those preconditions might be (politically or practically) impossible, or inconsistent with the government's Brexit policy in another area.

Problematic areas that immediately spring to mind are the jurisdiction of the CJEU (both Mrs May and, more worryingly, Mr Hunt have said that this must come to an end) and the time that it will take to get all relevant parties to agree upon and ratify a revised version of the UPC Agreement. The latter point is particularly challenging, as I would question whether there is already too little time - and there will certainly be too little by the time that we might actually know what the UK's exit agreement looks like (and so precisely how the UPCA needs to be re-written).

To me, it would seem to be the worst of all possible worlds for the UK to help bring the UPP to life, only then to (shortly afterwards) exit the EU and (likely) both leave the unitary patent system and bring into doubt the continued validity of anything done under the UPC Agreement. That would take the levels of uncertainty for rights holders and third parties to truly stratospheric levels.

Of course, to take any of this into consideration would require joined-up thinking within government... and so I guess that I had better not hold my breath waiting for that to happen!
          Regulation respecting a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emission allowances, CQLR c Q-2, r 46.1 [Modified on Jun 23, 2017]   
Regulation respecting a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emission allowances was modified or came into force on 2017-06-23
          RF Countermeasure Systems Engineer - DHPC Technologies - Township of Woodbridge, NJ   
DHPC IS Growing! DHPC Technologies has immediate openings for Radar Countermeasure (RFCM) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) engineers in Woodbridge, NJ. In...
From DHPC Technologies - Fri, 17 Mar 2017 02:09:27 GMT - View all Township of Woodbridge, NJ jobs
          Team Member Overnight - Burger King | Ghai Management - Bakersfield, CA   
To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of Order processing systems. Gives a high level of customer service by performing the...
From Burger King - Sat, 17 Jun 2017 06:05:41 GMT - View all Bakersfield, CA jobs
          Team Member - Burger King | Ghai Management - Bakersfield, CA   
To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of Order processing systems. Gives a high level of customer service by performing the...
From Burger King - Sat, 17 Jun 2017 06:05:41 GMT - View all Bakersfield, CA jobs
          Install only the driver for Nvidia graphics cards   

When it comes to drivers for Nvidia graphics cards, most computer users probably either use the drivers that are included with their operating system, or install a driver package for the card from Nvidia. These driver package has grown over the years. It includes the driver that is required, and then other components that may […]

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          HamMultiPlayer: play multiple videos at the same time   

HamMultiPlayer is a free software program for Microsoft Windows computer systems that lets you to play multiple videos at the same time. The application uses mplayer and the MediaInfo library for that which means that it can play most video files out of the box. It is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of […]

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          BM Works Delta Caddy Smartphone Holder Regular   

Universal Fit: Can be used with almost all smartphone cases mounted
A stem cap and a mountable handlebar bar are included.
The stem mount may not be mountable depending on the compression plug type
A waterproof package is included.
It is more securely fastened with double lock.
Bring the dynamic sound through the bottom sound booster.


          Veteran Pipeline Infrastructure Engineer Shannon Rasmussen Joins QS Energy To Lead Global Commercialization of AOT Flow Assurance Technology   

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - June 30, 2017) - QS Energy, Inc. (OTCQB: QSEP), a technology solutions provider for the energy industry, today announced it has named Mr. Shannon Rasmussen as its new Vice President of Engineering, adding a key industry veteran who, along with new CEO Jason Lane, will help lead commercialization efforts for QS Energy's Applied Oil Technology (AOT) -- an integrated system that improves critical operational efficiencies for pipeline operators worldwide.

          BM Works Delta Caddy Smartphone Holder XL   

Universal Fit: Can be used with almost all smartphone cases mounted
A stem cap and a mountable handlebar bar are included.
The stem mount may not be mountable depending on the compression plug type
A waterproof package is included.
It is more securely fastened with double lock.
Bring the dynamic sound through the bottom sound booster.


          Senior Systems Administrator   
NJ-Caldwell, The Senior Systems Administrator supports and maintains a global infrastructure comprised of both on-premise and cloud based systems. Responsibilities include: Working closely with the IT teams to provide a robust and stable infrastructure on which to build our products. Configuration and maintenance of the network including maintaining connectivity and communications between global offices. Admin
          Systems Specialist, Global IT Infrastructure   
NJ-Linden, - Global End User Services team - Supporting and problem solving complex issues in a dynamic enterprise desktop environment - Exploit latest Microsoft technologies for improving Windows desktop environment for reliability and end user effectiveness - Contribute effectively to projects and initiatives within and outside of the Infrastructure service teams. Client Details Chemicals industry Descript
          Comment on Fueled by $100 Million Donation, San Francisco Aims to Reduce Chronically Homeless Population by Half by John   
The homeless should get better organized and lead an armed rebellion against the capitalist system.
          Uke to Your Heart's Content   
A wistful ukulele song with a dose of hope... The stems are available dry, just EQ, and with EQ/chorus/reverb. Hope you dig!
          Agile Coach   
NJ-PARSIPPANY, Role Agile Coach Mandatory Technical / Functional Skills Looking for an Agile Coach to coach and enable our product delivery teams to work efficiently and effectively together. You will collaborate with cross functional, highly skilled engineering teams. The Enterprise Agile Coach is an individual who has achieved advanced systems, individual and team coaching, organizational development, cultural
          Head of Business Systems - Dynamics A   
Nigel Frank International - Aberdeen - Job Description Head of Business Systems - Dynamics AX2012A leading global organisation are seeking an Aberdeen-based Head of Business...
          Electrical System Engineer - Conmed Corporation - Milford, CT   
Be rewarded CONMED offers competitive compensation. CONMED Corporation is a progressive, global medical device company....
From Conmed Corporation - Fri, 26 May 2017 01:43:52 GMT - View all Milford, CT jobs
          Post Office Assistant - Term - Canada Post - Arborg, MB   
Understanding of general or post office accounting systems. Applicants outside the community in which the Post Office is located may be considered as needed.... $16.42 an hour
From Canada Post - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 18:35:38 GMT - View all Arborg, MB jobs
          Head of New Bank Operations   
Head Resourcing - Edinburgh - : Use our drag & drop system to customise your view in My Account Head of New Bank Operations Vacancy posted: Wednesday, 21 June 2017 Salary: £70000... Financial Services organisation as Head of New Bank Operations where you will be responsible for the design and delivery of the Bank's in-house...
2016-05-20 - more details
          GMC GMC TRUCK   
2016-05-20 - more details
          2004 TOYOTA CAMRY   
2016-04-27 - more details
          Adolescente autodidata de São José do Egito leva música do Sertão ao Canadá   
Quando era pequeno, o pernambucano Everson Heleno Aguiar costumava garimpar discos e filmes nas feiras livres de São José do Egito, no Sertão pernambucano, onde ele nasceu. Pechinchava junto aos comerciantes, recolhendo os vídeos de apresentações de violeiros e teleaulas de dedilhado ao violão. Nas noites de domingo, enquanto colocava as últimas aquisições do dia para tocar, começava a esperar pelo fim de semana seguinte. Vendo filmes e ouvindo discos, semana a semana, Everson aprendeu a tocar violão. Não imaginava que as cordas um dia o levariam ao Canadá.

Aos 17 anos, o mais novo dos três filhos de um casal de agricultores cursa o terceiro ano do ensino médio na Escola Técnica Estadual Célia Siqueira, em São José do Egito, no Sertão do Pajeú. Há anos, todas as manhãs, chega para a aula com o violão sobre os ombros. O instrumento só é deixado no armário quando a chuva desaba sobre a região, cobrindo de lama a Zona Rural do município, onde ele vive com a família - antes do rapaz lançar-se sobre os mais de 20 km que separam a residência e o centro de ensino, na garupa da motocicleta do pai. "O violão foi presente do meu irmão mais velho e não me separo dele para nada", conta. Foi em um de seus dias comuns, o violão nas costas, que recebeu a notícia: seria um dos dez primeiros estudantes pernambucanos contemplados pelo Programa Ganhe o Mundo Musical, oferecido pelo governo do estado a alunos da rede pública com habilidades musicais, e estudaria por cinco meses em Manitoba, no Canadá.

"O lugar mais distante de casa que eu conhecia era o Recife, porque uma das etapas de seleção para o intercâmbio foi uma entrevista no Conservatório Pernambucano de Música, na capital. Nunca imaginei viajar para fora do Brasil", lembra o estudante, que embarcou para o país estrangeiro em agosto de 2016. Para quem cresceu tomando emprestados violões de vizinhos e familiares na tentativa de desenvolver um talento inato, Everson se adaptou com facilidade às primeiras aulas formais de música na Brandon University - oferecidas em paralelo aos estudos regulares. "Ganhei técnica e teoria. É como se agora eu fosse capaz de realmente sentir a música, as notas, muito mais do que antes", avalia. O pernambucano foi acolhido pelo casal canadense Jennifer e Jared Jaffray e viveu com os filhos deles, os pequenos London e Paige, de 4 e 3 anos, respectivamente - 'eles me deram meses inesquecíveis", lembra.
A mais de 8 mil quilômetros da cidade de Brandon, o agricultor Heleno Cícero de Aguiar, 53, e a esposa, a agricultora Maria do Socorro da Conceição Aguiar, 50, aprenderam com o filho a manusear um tablet antes da partida dele – foi o canal de comunicação da família durante o intercâmbio. "Criei os perfis deles no Facebook, para me enviarem mensagens. De primeira, não queriam que eu fosse. Eles tinham muito medo, era tudo novo, desconhecido. Depois concordaram, ficaram mais tranquilos porque prometi me comunicar. Mas foi muita saudade...", conta. Ele ainda se emociona ao resgatar a separação da família, sobretudo do pai, a quem é especialmente apegado.

A permissão para o carimbo no passaporte de Everson teria sido, além de um gesto de esperança quanto aos sonhos do filho, um voto de confiança na escola em que ele estuda: o gestor da ETE Célia Siqueira, Niedson Amaral, tornou-se agente decisivo na missão de convencer o casal de agricultores sobre o valor daquela oportunidade. Foi Niedson quem conduziu o garoto muitas vezes ao Recife nos meses anteriores à viagem, a fim de resolver toda a burocracia necessária ao embarque internacional. "Acompanhei os pais na partida e no retorno, no aeroporto. Nesse intervalo, Everson amadureceu longe de casa de maneira perceptível. Sempre foi um menino curioso, interessado em aprender. Mas agora é menos tímido, tem mais segurança para tomar decisões. Isso transformou o receio dos pais em gratidão", testemunha. Na Célia Siqueira, três estudantes participaram do Ganhe o Mundo em 2015, outros três embarcaram em 2016. Em 2017, serão 13 representantes em países como Canadá, Chile e Estados Unidos, entre os 450 alunos.

"Eu tenho o sentimento de quem não sabe nem como agradecer a Deus. Não existem as palavras para isso... para um pai que sempre foi agricultor, que sempre foi pobre, e ver seu filho ganhar uma chance que ele mesmo nunca poderia dar", diz Heleno Cícero, escolhendo as frases com cuidado, cutucando a emoção. "Com pouca instrução", como ele descreve a si mesmo e a esposa, Heleno e Maria do Socorro criaram três filhos em São José do Egito. O mais velho, Emerson Heleno, estuda engenharia em São Paulo, enquanto o filho do meio, Vanderson Heleno, cursa engenharia no Recife. "Eu quero ser engenheiro também. Ou talvez eu seja repórter, porque sempre gostei das coisas que um repórter faz", diz Everson, reestabelecido em casa após o intercâmbio, de onde regressou em janeiro, assim como outros mais de mil estudantes da rede estadual de ensino contemplados no programa em 2016.

E a música? A pergunta surge inevitável e flutua à sua frente. "Sobre a música eu nem tenho o que dizer. O violão é a única coisa de que eu tenho certeza nessa vida. O violão me deu tudo isso, essa aventura toda. Independentemente de ser engenheiro ou jornalista, nunca vou deixar de tocar", reflete. É com o instrumento nos ombros que Everson volta todas as noites ao Sítio Borges, onde sua viagem a outro mundo virou lenda e onde seu domínio sobre as seis cordas encanta os agricultores de São José do Egito, preenchendo o silêncio que têm as noites do Sertão. (Diário de Pernambuco/ Fotos: Rafael Martins DP)

          2005 TOYOTA CAMRY   
2016-04-27 - more details
          2004 TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA   
2016-04-27 - more details
          2005 TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA   
2016-04-27 - more details
          vakantiehuisje in Selva, Spanje : Alzina voor 8 personen   
vakantiehuisje : AlzinaIn het zonnige Mallorca vinden we op een kleine heuvel dit mooie landhuis. Bij de eerste blik op het landhuis kan men al genieten van het harmonieuze, Mediterraanse karakter van het landhuis, welke is afgestemd op de eisen van vandaag. Dit wordt benadrukt door zijn stenen gevel die naadloos integreert in de omgeving. Het Landhuis is omringd met een prachtige tuin, gelegen in een van de mooiste plekken in het Mallorcaanse platteland, waarin je kunt genieten van een authentieke sfeer. Het Landhuis bestaat uit een combinatie van prachtige, moderne elegantie gemengd met een stijlvolle afwerking, die het verblijf erg comfortabel kan maken en een genot is voor de zintuigen. Het landhuis heeft vier ruime slaapkamers, drie badkamers waarvan een en suite, een kleedkamer, een volledig uitgeruste keuken en een ruim overdekt terras. Het gehele Landhuis is gemeubileerd met prachtige meubels en is smaakvol ingericht. Het heeft ook een barbecue voor de smaakvolle maaltijden die je kunt delen met familie en vrienden. Voor de nodige ontspanning kun je genieten van het zwembad en het zonnedek.
          Clever Watering Technique   
So here’s a clever method for watering your plants — bury a plastic bottle! That’s right. Think of this method as recycling at its finest. You consume the contents of, say, a water bottle, then you poke holes in the sides, bury it next to your plant and ta-da! You have a root watering system. VERY important(...)
          How Brexit, Immigration and Housing Became Political Flashpoints   
Britain is experiencing profound political changes, going by the outcome of the general election, but new trends are shadowy, developing below the surface. It may be that Labour’s relative success – achieved amid confident predictions by pundits of annihilating defeat – stemmed from a last-minute change of direction by voters, or simply because pollsters vastly More
          Economia: Veículo do gabinete do prefeito de Picuí custará 74% menos em relação gestão passada; o mais barato dos últimos 13 anos   
Ascom -

O prefeito Olivânio surpreendeu os picuienses quando abriu mão do luxo do gabinete e disponibilizou um ônibus de qualidade aos estudantes universitários.
Sem ostentação, nos 6 meses de gestão, o prefeito tem gerado baixo custo a máquina pública. Ao longo desse período, realizou dezenas de viagens a capital do estado, a cidade do Recife e a capital Federal, mesmo assim, foram poucas as diárias recebidas em relação aos dois últimos gestores que o antecederam. A situação não é diferente em relação ao veículo que passará a ser usado pelo chefe do executivo em suas viagens oficiais, o valor será o menor da região e o menor dos últimos 12 anos.
Após organizar a máquina pública e sistematizar as prioridades da gestão, o prefeito autorizou a realização da licitação para locação do veículo que servirá ao seu gabinete e também outras demandas do centro administrativo, ao custo de R$ 2.900,00 o veículo ficará 74% mais barato em relação ao histórico do que vinha sendo praticado na prefeitura de Picuí que chegou a custar R$ 7.500,00 aos contribuintes.
Calculando em salários mínimos, de 2005 até 2012 a prefeitura de Picuí desembolsava mensalmente 11 (onze) salários mínimos todo mês para custear o veículo do prefeito. Com essa redução, o prefeito Olivânio economizará mais de 8 (oito) salários mínimos mensais.
O prefeito já informou que usará esse dinheiro para alugar dois veículos com capacidade de sete lugares ou superior para tender as demandas da saúde do município, principalmente aos pacientes de hemodiálise e da quimioterapia que viajam diariamente até Campina Grande. A licitação para os veículos da saúde ocorrerá na segunda feira dia 03 de julho.
O prefeito informou que acabou a geração do prefeito ostentação e do desperdício, e fez referência a um trecho passagem de um texto do escritor Rubem Alves.
“O político por vocação é um apaixonado pelo grande jardim para todos. Seu amor é tão grande que ele abre mão do pequeno jardim que ele poderia plantar para si mesmo. De que vale um pequeno jardim se à sua volta está o deserto? É preciso que o deserto inteiro se transforme em jardim”.

 Leia mais notícias em, siga  nossas páginas no Facebook, no Twitter,  Instagram e veja nossos vídeos no Youtube. Você também pode enviar informações à Redação do Jornal Diário do Curimataú pelo Whatsapp (83) 9 8820-0713.

          Prefeito de Picuí acompanha engenheiros da Sudene em vistoria nas obras do programa água para todos   
Ascom -

Na manhã dessa quinta-feira 29, o prefeito Olivânio juntamente com o líder da bancada na câmara, vereador Ranieri, estiveram acompanhando os engenheiros da SUDENE na vistoria das obras do sistema de abastecimento singelo do Programa água para todos nas comunidades Quixaba, Massapê e Lajedo do Tomaz. 
Orçado em R$ 390.000,00 o projeto teve início em 2014 por meio de um processo de dispensa de licitação, tendo como contratada a empresa U.s. Matic que chegou a instalar bombas e placas de energia solar nos três poços já existentes, a mesa recebeu a importância de R$ 78.000,00 o que corresponde a 15% do valor do convênio. 
Por meio de uma nova licitação, tendo como vencedora a empresa Polyefe, a obra ficou parada até o final de dezembro de 2016 e retomada pós ordem de serviço concedida pelo prefeito Olivânio. O sistema é composto de poço artesiano, extensa rede de canos, chafariz espalhados pela comunidade, casa de cloração, bomba d’água, caixa d’água principal de 10 (dez) mil litros que recebe a água e alimenta todo sistema e caixa d’água secundária de 5 (cinco) mil litros. O sistema é simples, porém de grande serventia quando concluído. 
Devido à demora na execução da obra que se arrasta a quase 4 (anos), a prefeitura vai ter que arcar com os danos ao sistema, a exemplo de comprar bombas elétricas, tendo em vista que, as bombas instaladas na primeira etapa, não possuem capacidade de abastecer os sistemas. No término da visita, os engenheiros ficaram satisfeitos com a conclusão dos serviços. A prefeitura deverá colocar o sistema para funcionar nos próximos dias.

Leia mais notícias em, siga  nossas páginas no Facebook, no Twitter,  Instagram e veja nossos vídeos no Youtube. Você também pode enviar informações à Redação do Jornal Diário do Curimataú pelo Whatsapp (83) 9 8820-0713.

          Is Korea another Turkey?   
Are hopes for a Korean Grand Prix in 2012 disappearing down the plughole? Last weekend saw the second Korean Grand Prix. Already there are murmurs that it may be the last. Autosport are today reporting that the Korean Grand Prix organisers are seeking to renegotiate their contract with Bernie Ecclestone in order to stem their […]
          Bundesrat bewilligt E-Voting in Kantonen Aargau und St. Gallen   
Ab dem Urnengang vom 24. September können rund 102'000 in der Schweiz wohnhafte und 75'000 im Ausland lebende Stimmberechtigte per Mausklick abstimmen. Der Bundesrat hat kantonale Gesuche von Aargau und St. Gallen für die nächsten zwei Jahre genehmigt. Damit ist die elektronische Stimmabgabe bei eidgenössischen Vorlagen nun in acht Kantonen möglich, wie der Bundesrat am Mittwoch mitteilte. Bereits bewilligt hatte er E-Voting-Versuche in Bern, Luzern, Freiburg, Basel-Stadt, Neuenburg und Genf. Auslandschweizer, die in diesen Kantonen heimatberechtigt sind, dürfen per Mausklick ihre Stimme abgeben. In St. Gallen werden zudem ab der nächsten Abstimmung im September fünf ausgewählte Pilotgemeinden in die Versuche miteinbezogen. Bei der elektronischen Stimmabgabe kommen zwei verschiedene Modelle zum Einsatz: Genf wird sein eigenes System einsetzen. Auf dieses setzen auch Bern, Luzern, Basel-Stadt, St. Gallen und Aargau. Der Kanton Neuenburg wird das System der Post verwenden, das ...
          Cuccio Professional Silk Repair Kit (Set Of 3)   
Cuccio Professional Silk Repair Kit (Set Of 3)

Cuccio Professional Silk Repair Kit (Set Of 3)

Kit Contains: Professional Brush on Resin 6gm,  Pro Silk Strip 180cm , Pro Resin Activator Spray 50ml, The Fibreglass Silk Nail Wrap system is a specially formulated resin that works perfectly with either fibreglass or silk strip mesh to create thin, flexible but strong nail enhancements. Cuccio Fibreglass system is ideal to use over any type of nail tip or as an over lay on the natural nail to reinforce weak nails.The Fibreglass Silk Strip is the finest mesh and totally invisible when applied. Silk Mesh reinforces and strengthen nails with a natural looking transparent finish. Repair Cracked Nails  Used by professional nail techniques.

          Re: During test FTM 2017 phase, my tree was unlinked from Ancestry   
I have not used FTM 2017. As noted in my first post, I have the Windows 2014.1 edition and am waiting for the upgrade. The "unlinking" of my 2014.1 tree occurred during the 2017 testing phase. I recognize that those of us with the old system can't sync right now. Were all of the 2014.1 trees "unlinked" pending the upgrade? Will the trees automatically be re-linked once the 2017 edition is launched and downloaded, or will I have to do a manual re-link? (Hope this clarifies my question/concern!)
          Baltimore County school superintendent lands new job   

Baltimore County School Superintendent Dallas Dance ends his five-year tenure leading one of the largest systems in the nation on Friday and begins a new consulting job on Monday.

The 36-year-old superintendent said he will become a senior vice president at MGT Consulting Group, a large Florida-based...

          Part time Office Cleaning - Floating Cleaner - Building Care Systems, Inc. - Albany, NY   
A valid driver’s license and a vehicle is required. Driving directions will be sent in an e-mail to all qualified candidates.... $12.25 an hour
From Indeed - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 17:17:01 GMT - View all Albany, NY jobs
          Parisa Tabriz, "Hacker" Wanita yang Jadi Bos di Google -  Google merekrut banyak peretas untuk melindungi sistemnya dari gangguan pihak luar. Tugas mereka adalah mencari lubang keamanan dalam sistem sebelum ditemukan peretas jahat.

Salah satu peretas yang direkrut Google adalah wanita 31 tahun bernama Parisa Tabriz yang di kalangan karyawan Google dijuluki sebagai "Security Princess." Kenapa bisa dijuluki seperti itu?

Menurut Parisa yang kini menjabat sebagai Head of Security di tim peramban Google Chrome mengatakan bahwa ia memang meminta mendapatkan nama jabatan yang tidak terlalu serius.

"Saya rasa gelar Information Security Engineer kedengarannya membosankan, semua pria-pria di Google kerjanya sangat serius, karena itu julukan "Security Princes" rasanya lebih cocok," ujar wanita keturunan Iran-Amerika ini kepada Telegraph (4/10/2014).

Gelar Security Princess itu pun dipakai Parisa di dalam kartu namanya.

Parisa kini menjadi salah satu anomali di Silicon Valley, bukan hanya karena ia seorang wanita, namun juga menjadi bos dan memimpin 30 ahli yang tersebar di AS dan Eropa.

Parisa yang pada tahun 2012 pernah masuk dalam daftar 30 orang di bawah umur 30 tahun yang layak diperhatikan yang dibuat oleh Forbes itu mengatakan bahwa masih sediktinya wanita dalam industri teknologi juga disebabkan karena wanita masih meremehkan dirinya masing-masing.

Äda studi yang dilakukan beberapa tahun lalu yang mempertanyakan mengapa orang-orang meninggalkan kuliah ilmu komputer mereka," katanya.

"Wanita yang drop-out cenderung memiliki nilai rata-rata B minus dan alasan utamanya adalah pelajaran yang susah, sementara pria yang keluar rata-rata memiliki nilai C dan alasan mereka adalah ilmu itu tidak menarik," lanjut Parisa.

"Di industri keamanan komputer, keahlian itu lebih penting daripada jenis kelamin, pria atau wanita, untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan itu, kita harus berusaha semaksimal mungkin," demikian tegasnya.

Sebagai white-hat hacker, Parisa merasa keberadaan mereka perlu lebih dipromosikan. Ia mencontohkan kasus pembobolan iCloud yang mengakibatkan beredarnya foto-foto bugil artis-artis Hollywood.

" Hacker butuh publikasi yang lebih baik, semua harus tahu bahwa tidak semua dari kami berperilaku negatif seperti itu," ujarnya.

          "Hacker" Tak Selalu Jahat, Contohnya Pemuda 13 Tahun Asal Pakistan Ini - Ahsan Tahir bukan remaja sembarangan. Di umur yang baru genap 13 tahun, ABG asal Karachi, Pakistan ini sudah menemukan aneka macam celah sekuriti di sistem komputer berbagai perusahaan besar.

Untunglah, Tahir tak berniat jahat. Dia adalah hacker putih alias “ethical hacker” yang mencari kelemahan sistem, lalu memberitahukannya ke perusahaan terkait supaya diperbaiki. Atas jasanya ini, Tahir kemudian diberikan imbalan berupa uang.

Mekanisme pelaporan celah keamanan oleh pihak luar tersebut sudah jamak diterapkan perusahaan-perusahaan teknologi di AS lewat serangkaian program “ bug bounty”. Penemu bug akan diganjar hadiah apabila melaporkannya.

Tahir sang hacker muda berkiprah di ranah “ bug bounty” ini. Perusahaan-perusahaan teknologi yang pernah dibantunya menemukan bug termasuk para raksasa seperti Google dan Microsoft.

 “Semakin banyak hacker yang bekerja, semakin banyak bug ditemukan, semakin aman pula perusahaan-perusaan itu. Sederhana saja sebenarnya,” ujar Tahir menjelaskan motivasinya, sebagaimana dirangkum KompasTekno dari NBC News, Senin (15/5/2017).

Belajar sendiri

Kedua orang tua Tahir tidak memiliki latar belakang teknologi. Tahir pun awalnya tak tahu menahu soal peretasan komputer. Ketertarikannya terhadap dunia hacking berawal ketika situsnya sendiri menjadi korban peretasan.

“Saya kemudian memutuskan untuk mencari bug di situs milik saya,” kata Tahir. Dia belajar hacking secara otodidak, dengan menonton video tutorial di YouTube, membaca blog, dan bereksperimen.

Tahir kemudian menemukan situs yang menerangkan bahwa seorang hacker bisa mendapat bayaran dengan meretas situs perusahaan, kemudian melaporkan celah keamanan yang ditemukan. Itulah yang kemudian dia lakoni.

Di usia yang masih belia, Tahir kini menjadi seorang rising star di industri cyber security. Casey Ellis, pendiri dan CEO perusahaan crowdsourcing sekuriti Bugcrowd, mengatakan bahwa remaja seperti Tahir adalah pejuang masa depan di ranah keamanan digital.

“Digital native (orang yang sejak kecil familiar dengan teknologi komputer dan internet) berpotensi besar untuk menjadi hacker yang mahir. Mereka bisa memberi sumbangsih luar biasa untuk perusahaan yang hendak menjaga keamanan bisnis dan konsumen,” kata Ellis.

Program bug bounty kini sudah banyak digelar oleh banyak perusahaan, mulai dari Apple hingga Pentagon. Maklumlah, hacker luar biasanya bisa memberikan masukan tentang celah keamanan yang luput dari pengamatan tim sekuriti internal perusahaan.

Besarnya hadiah uang yang ditawarkan bermacam-macam, tergantung kebijakan perusahaan dan tingkat kegawatan bug. Rentangnya bisa antara 50 dollar AS hingga 350.000 dollar AS.

Ingin bantu mengamankan internet

Tiap hari usai bersekolah, Tahir pulang ke rumah untuk hacking selama enam jam. Setelah itu dia mengerjakan PR dan tugas-tugas lain.

Penghasilannya dari berburu bug terbilang besar dibanding remaja seusianya yang menempuh jalan lain untuk mencari sampingan.

Tahir bahkan bisa membeli iPhone 7 dan sedang menabung untuk membeli mobil. Rencananya mobil akan dibeli ketika dia sudah berusia 18 tahun dan boleh memiliki SIM.

Usia Tahir yang masih belia kadang menjadi kendala dalam mengikuti program bug bounty. Microsoft, misalnya, menetapkan usia minimal 14 tahun buat hacker yang ikut serta. Tahir pun baru bisa menarik bayaran sebesar 500 dollar AS dari Microsoft pada Juli nanti, saat dia genap berusia 14 tahun.

Saat dewasa nanti, Tahir bercita-cita ingin menjadi software engineer sambil terus terus melakoni bug bounty sebagai pekerjaan sampingan.  Dia ingin bantu membuat internet jadi tempat yang lebih aman dan menyebarkan ilmu hacking yang dimilikinya lewat tutorial YouTube.  

“Saya bangga bisa ikut membantu mengamankan internet dan dunia,” kata Tahir. “Ini karena mungkin peperangan berikutnya akan berlangsung di jagat cyber.”

          Tom Waits - Raindogs   
La voce roca e profonda, uno stile unico e inimitabile, una passione per storie a tinte forti, per il jazz ed il rumore, per i suoni che graffiano l’anima e colpiscono il cuore, Tom Waits è un cantautore che non segue altre regole che le sue. E lo ha sempre fatto, dai suoi esordi ad oggi, allontanandosi in maniera sistematica da mode e tendenze, provando a far crescere l’arte dello storytelling in maniera esponenziale, utilizzando a questo scopo ogni formula, ogni invenzione, ogni suono, ogni rumore, ogni melodia. E’ così che nasce Rain Dogs, capolavoro del 1985, una raccolta di storie di perdenti e di reietti, di avventure picaresche e romantiche, di alcol e di amore, scritte e cantate da Waits con il suo classico, inarrestabile, inconfondibile stile.
          Atari Lynx Warbirds Users Manual - 10.26.2008   

Atari Lynx Warbirds Users Manual - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx Warbirds Users Manual - 10.26.2008

User's Manual belonging to the game WarBirds for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System.

          Atari Lynx WarBirds game manual a look inside - 10.26.2008   

Atari Lynx WarBirds game manual a look inside - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx WarBirds game manual a look inside - 10.26.2008

A peek inside the manual for the game WarBirds for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System. This page reads: AERIAL ARMAGEDDON! It's World War I and you are the newest pilot in the Army Air Force. Your eyes almost bug out as you are led to your aeroplane, an awesome biplane fresh from the factory. You look with amazement at the twin front-mounted rapid-fire machine guns. You hear the crackling of the guns, the rip of a hit, and the screaming whine of a crashing enemy plane. The time has come to put your training to the test, to find out what you're really made of. It's time to join the WarBirds! WarBirds is a simulation of aerial combat. You may play alone and hone your skills, but the real thrills come when you engage your friends in deadly dogfights.

          Europameister - Amiri & Toljan holen den U21-Titel   

Die deutsche U21-Nationalmannschaft ist Europameister. Im Endspiel in Krakau gewinnt das Team mit den Hoffenheimern Jeremy Toljan und Nadiem Amiri mit 1:0 gegen Spanien. Toljan bereitet das Tor des Tages von Mitchell Weiser in der 40. Minute mit einer präzisen Flanke vor.

Spanien startet in Krakau gut in die Partie und wird seiner Favoritenrolle in den ersten fünf Minuten gerecht. Dann übernimmt aber die deutsche Mannschaft das Final-Kommando. Weisers Schuss pariert Arrizabalaga in der sechsten Minute. Nur 60 Sekunden später trifft Max Meyer per Kopf den Außenpfosten und wieder nur zwei Minuten später hält Maximilian Arnold aus 25 Metern einfach mal drauf - Flatterball, knapp vorbei.

Auch in der 15. Minute wird der deutsche Nachwuchs gefährlich. Serge Gnabry trifft als elf Metern volley das Außennetz. Wieder Gnabry prüft Spaniens Hintermannschaft in der 21. Minute bei einer Doppelchance. Sein erster Versuch wird geblockt, der zweite landet aus kurzer Distanz in den Armen von Arrizabalaga. Chancenlos ist Spaniens Keeper dann in der 40. Minute - Jeremy Toljan flankt fast von der Eckfahne und findet im Zentrum Mitchell Weiser. Kopfball. Bogenlampe. Drin. Die Führung. Das 1:0. Wie sicher später zeigen soll, das Tor zum EM-Titel.

Spanien übernimmt die Initiative

Die hoch gelobten Spanier um Marco Asensio von Champions-League-Sieger Real Madrid und Saul Niguez finden in der ersten Halbzeit offensiv kaum statt. Deutschland ist das klar bessere Team und Julian Pollersbeck erlebt im deutschen Tor erstaunlich ruhige 45 Minuten.

Nach dem Seitenwechsel ein anderes Spiel. Spanien drückt und drängt. Die deutsche U21 muss vor allem in den ersten 15 Minuten der zweiten Halbzeit einen Sturmlauf der Spanier meistern. Danach findet das Kuntz-Team wieder besser in die Partie, erspielt sich eigene Chancen und hat auch wieder Ballbesitz-Phasen, die für Entlastung sorgen.

Ab Minute 75 kämpft Deutschland dann mit großem Willen gegen immer stärker werdende Spanier, die nun ihr Spiel aufziehen, die Tempo aufnehmen, den Ball laufen lassen und Deutschland unentwegt in der Defensive binden. In der 81. Minute wird Nadiem Amiri eingewechselt. Der Hoffenheimer soll helfen, den Vorsprung über die Zeit zu bringen. Es sollte klappen. Toljan, Amiri & Co. stemmen sich mit aller Macht gegen die anstürmenden Spanier und bringen den Sieg über die Zeit.

Zum zweiten Mal holt der deutsche Nachwuchs damit den U21-EM-Titel. Das bisher einzige Mal hatte der DFB den kontinentalen Nachwuchsvergleich 2009 gewonnen. Damals unter anderem im Team - Manuel Neuer, Mesut Özil und Manuel Neuer. Zwei Tore im damaligen Finale erzielte der heutige TSG-Stürmer Sandro Wagner.

          New operating system launches with creators in mind   
Pop!_OS for desktops offers development tools hefty enough to create sophisticated 3D models.
          A peek inside the manual for WarBirds for Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008   

A peek inside the manual for WarBirds for Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008

A peek inside the manual for WarBirds for Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008

A look inside the users manual for the game WarBirds for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System.

          Road Blasters Screen shot Atari Lynx Game - 10.26.2008   

Road Blasters Screen shot Atari Lynx Game - 10.26.2008

Road Blasters Screen shot Atari Lynx Game - 10.26.2008

Old shcool video game RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          RoadBlasters Atari Lynx Out of Fuel - 10.26.2008   

RoadBlasters Atari Lynx Out of Fuel - 10.26.2008

RoadBlasters Atari Lynx Out of Fuel - 10.26.2008

Fuel Empty! Press A or B for Continue. Screenshot from the game RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx handheld gaming system.

          RoadBlasters Screen Shot Accelaration - 10.26.2008   

RoadBlasters Screen Shot Accelaration - 10.26.2008

RoadBlasters Screen Shot Accelaration - 10.26.2008

Race vehicle accelarating in this screenshot from RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          1977, il suono della rivoluzione   
Un intero appuntamento di Lezioni di Rock dedicato a un anno di grandi sconvolgimenti politici e sociali, il 1977. Nascono fra i giovani nuove forme di contestazione rispetto ai precedenti movimenti studenteschi. Il movimento del 1977 è caratterizzato dalla dichiarata contestazione al sistema dei partiti e dei sindacati e dalla proposta di tematiche nuove, come la difesa dei diritti umani e civili, la lotta contro l’autoritarismo, il pacifismo, il femminismo, il sostegno alla cultura underground, la controinformazione. Nel ’77 nascono le radio libere che rivoluzionano l’ascolto musicale dei giovani. Ma è anche la stagione della disco music e del celebre film “La febbre del sabato sera”. Inoltre nello stesso anno arriva dall’Inghilterra e dagli Stati Uniti la "prima ondata" di cultura punk. Il panorama musicale rispecchia il fermento della società: Clash, Talking Heads, Ramones, Bob Marley, Sex Pistols, Joy Division sono alcuni dei gruppi che scrivono la colonna sonora di questo anno rivoluzionario.
          RoadBlasters for Atari Lynx Screenshot from game - 10.26.2008   

RoadBlasters for Atari Lynx Screenshot from game - 10.26.2008

RoadBlasters for Atari Lynx Screenshot from game - 10.26.2008

Screenshot from the game RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008   

RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008

RoadBlasters Blast into the Future - 10.26.2008

Back of the original box for RoadBlasters for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System. Description reads: Blast Into The Future In the distant future the ultimate race will occur. Half race and half battle. Grab the controls and accelarate to reach the rally points, Dodge mines and toxic spills, blast Rat Jeeps and Darting Cycles. Acquire weapons like Cruise Missles and U.Z. Cannons. Explore 50 levels of mind blowing authentic arcade action! Bottom right corner has the seal of the FBI with the message "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS William S. Sessions, Director, FBI

          Atari Lynx Handheld Pac-Land Screenshot - 10.26.2008   

Atari Lynx Handheld Pac-Land Screenshot  - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx Handheld Pac-Land Screenshot - 10.26.2008

Screenshot from the game Pac-Land for the Atari Lynx system

          Pac-Land Screen shot Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008   

Pac-Land Screen shot Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008

Pac-Land Screen shot Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008

Pac-Man surrounded here in this screenshot from the game Pac-Land for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          Pac-Land Atari Lynx Programmer Art Music Credits Screen - 10.26.2008   

Pac-Land Atari Lynx Programmer Art Music Credits Screen - 10.26.2008

Pac-Land Atari Lynx Programmer Art Music Credits Screen - 10.26.2008

Programming and art credits from the game Pac-Land for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System. Credit reads: Programming and Art by Joel Seider. Music and Sound by Jason Stephenitch

          Ms. Pac-Man Intro Screen Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008   

Ms. Pac-Man Intro Screen Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008

Ms. Pac-Man Intro Screen Atari Lynx - 10.26.2008

Intro screen from the old school video game Ms. Pac-Man for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          Introducing the One, the Only... Ms. Pac-Man! - 10.26.2008   

Introducing the One, the Only... Ms. Pac-Man! - 10.26.2008

Introducing the One, the Only... Ms. Pac-Man! - 10.26.2008

Back of the original Box for the game Ms. Pac-Man for the Atary Lynx Portable Entertainment System. Description reads: Introducing the One, the Only... Ms. Pac-Man! With classic style and tradition, Ms. Pac-Man munches her way through maze after maze. She must consume all the dots in a level before she can progress to the next level. That can be pretty tough, because at the same time she must dodge those devious gobbling ghosts!

          Atari Lynx WarBirds evasive maneuvers - 10.26.2008   

Atari Lynx WarBirds evasive maneuvers - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx WarBirds evasive maneuvers - 10.26.2008

Evasive maneuvers being performed in this screenshot from the game WarBirds for the Atari Lynx portable entertainment system

          Irony Maiden   

Until recently, I had put off watching The Handmaid’s Tale on HULU because I knew it would make me angry. I read Margaret Atwood’s book of the same name in the mid-1980s, and remember how the story – centered in a world run by pious bullies – made my blood boil. Now, dystopian stories of religion-based mind control hit close to home for those of us at CFI. We probably hear more true-life religious horror stories than the average citizen.


When I read the book 30 years ago, I thought some of the plot seemed a bit far-fetched. No way could things get so out of control. But as I work my way through the first few episodes of the TV series, I’m unpleasantly surprised at how plausible some of the series storylines sound in the wake of our recent elections. Three shows in, the series has already depicted: open and widespread intolerance, the objectification of women, religious fundamentalism, and massive protests.


Any of that sound familiar?


The other surprise was that the series star – Elizabeth Moss— who I think is a talented actor with solid credits to her name, is a practicing Scientologist.  (Moss, by the way, is also listed as a producer on the show and identifies as a feminist on her Wikipedia page. Ok that fits.)


What doesn’t fit is that the Church of Scientology (CoS) could be a central character in The Handmaid’s Tale TV series. For decades we’ve been hearing real-life stories from ex-Scientologists that sound like they could be plots in the series. The examples below apply to both the Church of Scientology and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Ø  Church makes pregnancy decision for a woman

Ø  Individuals virtually held prisoners

Ø  Leaders use fear and brutality to keep underlings in line

Ø  It’s dangerous to contradict sacred text

Ø  Anyone can be an informer


I’m sure that list could be much longer if I really gave it some thought and saw more episodes.


Moss has been a working actor since she was a kid, so she may have been feted by the CoS big cheeses from an early age and sheltered from the volumes of bad press the church has been getting for most of her life. And Scientology typically paints their apostates as disgruntled or vengeful to dodge the real issues of whether the complaints are true or not. The point is that she may not be exposed to her cult’s nefarious practices as fully as the rest of us, or if she was, the stories were probably poo pooed as the ravings of cranks.


Scientologists are not alone in being blinded to the insanity of their own beliefs, but the sheer volume of criticism and tales of mistreatment should give Moss and other high-profile scientologists pause and spark them to ask some questions of their leadership. Seems like every year it would get harder and harder to dodge the growing mountains of evidence that point to major problems in this “religion.”


It’s time to wake up.


Someone should nudge Elizabeth Moss and tell her that it becomes especially imperative to inquire about your own highly-criticized, authoritarian religion when you star in a TV series that highly criticizes authoritarian religion.


Maybe a chat with Leah Remini would help…


          Atari Lynx Warbirds Plane Cockpit - 10.26.2008   

Atari Lynx Warbirds Plane Cockpit - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx Warbirds Plane Cockpit - 10.26.2008

Cockpit view from game WarBirds for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System by Atari

          Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008   

Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008

Atari Lynx Warbirds back of box - 10.26.2008

Warbirds for the Atari Lynx Handheld system. English description reads: BATTLE FOR THE SKIES! It's the First World War and the conquest of the sky is your mission. Battle your way to the target with WarBirds, the totally three-dimensional, fly by the seat of your pants, dog fight game. Pick from any of six missions from Milk Run to The Swarm to dog fight one-on-one or fill the sky with war planes. Fight against a computer-controlled squadron or link with up to four Lynx friends to determine who is the greatest World War I Flying Ace. French Description reads: LUTTE A MORT DANS LE CIEL Premiere guerre mondiale. Votre mission: Conquerir l'espace aerien. WarBirds, jeu en trois dimensions, va vous fairee decoller de votre siege dans une lutte a la vie a la mort. De Milk Run (duel aerien sans merci) a Swarm (bataille aerienne grandiose), suivant le genre de sensations que vous desirez revivre, choisissez l'une des six missions qui vous sont offertes. Mesurez vous a l'ordinateur ou bien connectez 2, 3 ou 4 Lynx pour jouer a plusieurs ... et tentez de devenir l'As des As de cetter grande bataille. Bottom right corner has FBI seal and message "WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS, William L. Sessions, Director, FBI"

          Atari Lynx Qix - 10.25.2008   

Atari Lynx Qix - 10.25.2008

Atari Lynx Qix - 10.25.2008

QIX for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          Atari Lynx Game Screen Shot Klax - 10.25.2008   

Atari Lynx Game Screen Shot Klax - 10.25.2008

Atari Lynx Game Screen Shot Klax - 10.25.2008

Gameplay screenshot from the game Klax for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          Плёсский веломарафон 2017   
Нам очень тяжело говорить о том, что «Плёсский веломарафон 2016» стал последним.

Друзья, пожалуйста, поделитесь этим видео, чтобы как можно больше велосипедистов и небезразличных к велоспорту узнали что произошло.

Команда «Плёсского веломарафона 2011-2016»

          Klax for the Atari Lynx - 10.25.2008   

Klax for the Atari Lynx - 10.25.2008

Klax for the Atari Lynx - 10.25.2008

Klax, a game for the Atari Lynx Hand Held game system. This is the original box

          Atari Lynx Checkerd Flag Poster - 10.25.2008   

Atari Lynx Checkerd Flag Poster - 10.25.2008

Atari Lynx Checkerd Flag Poster - 10.25.2008

Poster/Instructions for the Game Checkered Flag for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Game Screenshot - 10.25.2008   

Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Game Screenshot - 10.25.2008

Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Game Screenshot - 10.25.2008

This screenshot from the game Checkered Flag for Atari Lynx system shows a curve in the road in the racnig track

          Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Game Options Screen - 10.25.2008   

Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Game Options Screen - 10.25.2008

Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Game Options Screen - 10.25.2008

Game options screen from the game Checkered Flag for the Atari Lynx video game system. This menu lets you configure several options: Race options, Star Position, Drones, Laps, Course, Transmission, Color and Driver. Also displayed is a diagram of the race course

          Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Intro Screen - 10.25.2008   

Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Intro Screen - 10.25.2008

Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Intro Screen - 10.25.2008

Intro Screen with copyright notice from the game Checkered Flag (1989) by Atari for the Atari Lynx Portable Enterainment System

          ATari Lynx Checkered Flag Screen Shot - 10.25.2008   

ATari Lynx Checkered Flag Screen Shot - 10.25.2008

ATari Lynx Checkered Flag Screen Shot - 10.25.2008

Screen shot from the game Checkered Flag for the Atari Lynx video game handheld system

          Atari Lynx Warranty Card - 10.24.2008   

Atari Lynx Warranty Card - 10.24.2008

Atari Lynx Warranty Card - 10.24.2008

Reads: ATARI (R) (U.S.) CORPORATION LIMITED 90-DAY WARRANTY FOR THE LYNX ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM AND PERIPHERAL PRODUCTS LIMITED 90-DAY WARRANTY Atari (U.S.) Corporation ("Atari") warrants to the original consumer purchase that this Atari product is free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from date of purchase. If any defect covered by this warranty is discovered within the first thirty (30) day period, the unit should be returned to the place of purchase together with original proof-of-purchase. The place of purchase will replace the defective unit. In the event this unit fails after the initial thirty (30) day period, but within the ninety (90) day warranty, the unit should be returned to Atari at the address below for in-warranty service. In the unlikely event that your retailer is unable to replace your unit, you may return the unit with freight prepaid, together with your sales slip or similar proof-of-purchase to: Atari Service Center, 390 Caribbean Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, for repair or replacement at Atari's option. Warranty service can only be performed if proof-of-purchase is received with the product by Atari during the ninety (90) day warranty period and the product has been carefully packed by you to avoid transit damage. This warranty does not cover damage or malfunction resulting from improper handling, accident, misuse, abuse, failure of electrical power, use with other products not manufactured or approved by Atari, damage while in transit for repairs, repairs attempted by an unauthorized person or agency, or any other reason not due to defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is also void if the serial number has been altered, defaced, or removed.

          Trump to meet Putin at G20 summit, White House says   
US intelligence agencies agree Russia was behind last year’s hack of Democratic email systems and tried to influence the 2016 election.
          Comment on Get Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sun Protection From Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream by Moisture Blog   
<strong>Cellular Laboratories Deaging Sunscreen Broad Spectrum</strong> [...] ream contains some powerful age-defying ingredients that are great to counter fi [...]
          Back of box for Atari Lynx Pouch - 10.24.2008   

Back of box for Atari Lynx Pouch - 10.24.2008

Back of box for Atari Lynx Pouch - 10.24.2008

Back of box for Atari Lynx Pouch. Reads:Pouch For All Lynx Systems. The Lynx pouch let you take all the fun and excitement of your Lynx system with you. It comfortably holds the portable Lynx, several game cards and your comlynx cable too. The holster-styled case is constructed of rugged 420 denier nylon with the added protection of a durable acryluc coating. The large system pocket has a velour-like tricot lining. All flap pockets have vectro covers. Heavy luggage stitching assures long wear. There is a thick webbed nylon wrist strap that tucks neatly away when not in use. The handsome case, which is dark gray with blacktrim, also features a convenient belt loop. Heavy datk acrylic coated420 denier nylon. Tough luggage stitching throughout. Comlynx Cable Pocket. 2 Multi-use pockets for game cards and batteries. Webber nylon wrist strap and belt loop on back. Size: 10 3/4 inches tall 2 3/4 inches thick 5 inches wide

          Atari Lynx Pouch Box - 10.24.2008   

Atari Lynx Pouch Box - 10.24.2008

Atari Lynx Pouch Box - 10.24.2008

Box of the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System Pouch. For all Lynx Systems. Take Arcade Excitement with you... wherever you go

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          Atari Lynx Owners Manual - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Owners Manual - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Owners Manual - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System Owner's Manual

          Atari Lynx inside box - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx inside box - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx inside box - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System inside its packaging

          Atari Lynx - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx - 10.23.2008

Behold! The Atari Lynx console. Very cool system but not as successful as other handhelds such as the Game Boy. Perhaps reason is that the Lynx was too big and too heavy for a handheld.

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          Bottom of an Atari Lynx Console - 10.23.2008   

Bottom of an Atari Lynx Console - 10.23.2008

Bottom of an Atari Lynx Console - 10.23.2008

This is the bottom of the Atari Lynx Portable Enterainment System from 1989. Knobs and switches include volume, headphones, power and brightness

          Back of Atari Lynx System Handheld - 10.23.2008   

Back of Atari Lynx System Handheld - 10.23.2008

Back of Atari Lynx System Handheld - 10.23.2008

Back of the ATari Lynx Portable Entertainment System. This specific machine unit has a serial number of Y21510005454

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Ideally looking for someone who has worked with Detica Norkom (part of BAE Systems), which is a vendor software.... $65 an hour
From Nexstaf - Fri, 12 May 2017 06:25:32 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Box packaging for Checkered Flag for the Atari Lynx - 10.23.2008   

Box packaging for Checkered Flag for the Atari Lynx - 10.23.2008

Box packaging for Checkered Flag for the Atari Lynx - 10.23.2008

Checkered flag box for the Atari Lynx gaming handheld system

          Atari LYnx Checkered Flag Game Cart - 10.23.2008   

Atari LYnx Checkered Flag Game Cart - 10.23.2008

Atari LYnx Checkered Flag Game Cart - 10.23.2008

Video Game Cartridge: Checkered Flag, a Racing game from 1991 by Atari for the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System

          Atari Lynx Case. Pouches for Game Cartridges - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Case. Pouches for Game Cartridges - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Case. Pouches for Game Cartridges - 10.23.2008

This is a case of the Atari Lynx system. Has several popuces for games and other accessories

          Atari Lynx Box Side with power specifications - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Box Side with power specifications - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Box Side with power specifications - 10.23.2008

This side of the Atari Lynx box has power specifications: AC Adaptor (not included with system), 6 "AA" batteries (not included), Cigarette lighter adaptor (optional- not included)

          Atari Lynx Handheld Box Side - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Handheld Box Side - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Handheld Box Side - 10.23.2008

This side of the Atari Lynx Handheld System has screenshots of different games: Blue Lightning, Electrocop, Gates of Zendocon, Chip's Challenge and Klax

          Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System Box Side - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System Box Side - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System Box Side - 10.23.2008

Side of the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System (In French: Console De Jeux Couleur Portable). Enjoy Super Full Color Video Game Action Wherever You Go. (A Tout Moment et Partout, Vous Pouvez Passer un Bon Moment Avec un Jeu D'action Video en Couleur!)

          Atari Lynx Box Back View - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Box Back View - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Box Back View - 10.23.2008

Back of the Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System package box

          Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System box - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System box - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Portable Entertainment System box - 10.23.2008

Box of the Atari Lynx Portable Enterainment System released by Atari on 1989

          Atari Lynx Qix Manual - 10.23.2008   

Atari Lynx Qix Manual - 10.23.2008

Atari Lynx Qix Manual - 10.23.2008

Manual for the game QIX for the Atari Lynx Handheld system. Has an Atari Official Seal of Quality

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How to grow Bergenia (ber-gen-i-a) Named for Karl August von Bergen, 1704-60, German botanist (Saxifragaceae). These hardy perennial herbaceous plants with large evergreen leaves were at one time called megasea, and were at another time included with the saxifrages. The flowers which come in early spring are showy in white, pink or red-purple, borne in large heads on long stems. […]
          Manufacturing Technician   
DE-Newark, Superior Group is looking for Manufacturing Technician for our Client located in Newark, DE. Formulates reagents and calibrators for Dimension, Vista, Stratus CS and Atellica product lines. Follows production worksheets and area procedures. Properly documents production steps in batch records by following GDP. Complies with quality system and regulatory agencies: FDA, DEA, ISO, OSHA, etc. Interact
          Oxfam welcomes independent process to address community grievances in Uganda land dispute