12 Outrageously Delicious Hot Dog Toppings   

Summer is here. It’s time to do what men do: grill meat. That often includes some hot dogs, which is good because the hot dog is almost universally liked, generally fits anywhere on the grill, and is idiot proof. C’mon, has anyone ever messed up a hot dog on the grill? Here’s the best part […]

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          Probiotic beer created at Singapore university has 'commercial potential'   

Researchers in Singapore who have created a probiotic beer are on the lookout for industry partners to launch the product to consumers. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan from the National University of Singapore Food Science and Technology Programme, student Chan Mei Zhi Alcine has spent nine months creating a recipe that achieves the optimal count of live probiotics in the beer.

          (بدون عنوان)   

          (بدون عنوان)   

          (بدون عنوان)   


          (بدون عنوان)   



The Krewe of Kolossos canceled this year's annual Fourth of July flotilla on Bayou St. John, on which a parade of creative costumes and various floating devices travel the waterway. But progressive group Indivisible NOLA has announced it will host its own take on an Independence Day parade with a "patriotic evening of dissent" on the bayou.…

          Pobicie profesora UW w tramwaju. Jest prawomocny wyrok   

Pobicie profesora UW w tramwaju. Jest prawomocny wyrokPrawomocny jest już wyrok 10 miesięcy więzienia dla Piotra R., który jesienią zeszłego roku w tramwaju pobił profesora Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego Jerzego Kochanowskiego, który rozmawiał po niemiecku z profesorem z Jeny. Stołeczny sąd okręgowy utrzymał taki wyrok sądu I instancji.

          Merkel echa mano del patriotismo para ganar a la derecha   
El uso de los colores nacionales le sirve a la canciller para demostrar que no le asusta anteponer los intereses alemanes. Leer
          Employees From Other Department Announce Plan To Ramble On About Fucking Nothing Right Next To Your Desk   

SEATTLE—Declaring their intention to prevent you from getting any work done whatsoever, employees from another department announced plans Friday to ramble on about fucking nothing right next to your desk. “We intend to loiter directly adjacent to where you sit and loudly discuss some stupid bullshit while you’re trying to get something accomplished,” said the coworkers who, despite having their own desks in an entirely different section of your office, specifically chose the spot four feet away from your workspace to share idiotic observations about the most boring topics imaginable. “Furthermore, once it seems like our moronic exchange is about to come to its merciful end and allow you to finally concentrate on your work again, someone new will walk by, at which point we’ll essentially repeat the excruciatingly pointless conversation we just had. We’ll also make sure that at least one of us is loud ...

          249168-2017: Suède-Uppsala: Équipements de bibliothèque   
Date de publication: 30/06/2017 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché
          Systemic oppression of Indigenous peoples is no reason for celebration   
Systemic oppression of Indigenous peoples is no reason for celebration
- I don't remember learning much about First Nations, Inuit or Metis peoples at school. I know for a fact, I learned absolutely nothing about treaties, the ...

          This Report Says It's "Highly Possible" Scotland Is About To Enter A Recession   
This Report Says It's "Highly Possible" Scotland Is About To Enter A Recession
Scotland's economy is on the brink of recession and will take a "sharp turn for the worse" if the Brexit negotiations go badly, according to a new report ...

          Molotov cocktails vs tear gas: Athens police clash with protesters (VIDEO)   
Preview Tear gas was deployed in the Greek capital as protesters threw Molotov cocktails at riot officers. The stand-off took place after the authorities banned rival demonstrations by a police union and anarchists.
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          Riot police descend on squatter site in Berlin, remove protesters by force (PHOTOS, VIDEO)   
Preview Berlin police have forcibly removed activists protesting the eviction of the squatters’ community at the Friedel 54 center in the borough of Neukolln.
Read Full Article at RT.com
          Service Technieker - Mettler Toledo B.V. - Mechelen   
Of een opleiding (secundair onderwijs) in de richting van chemie/biochemie/biotechnische wetenschappen of aanverwant;...
Van Indeed - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 08:48:11 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Mechelen
          Field Service Engineer - Mettler Toledo B.V. - Mechelen   
Of een opleiding (secundair onderwijs) in de richting van chemie/biochemie/biotechnische wetenschappen of aanverwant;...
Van Indeed - Wed, 26 Apr 2017 08:44:35 GMT - Toon alle vacatures in Mechelen
          A Fifth-Generation Fight?   
I've been watching the media reports of the rioting in France and reading what analysis I can find. My knowledge of French culture, French law, French economics and French politics might fill a thimble on a good day, so I limit myself to the basic facts and try to take it from there.
          12 Massive Idiots Who Just Don't Get the Joke   

Think about posts before you comment on them, please.



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Massive Idiots Who Just Don't Get the Joke

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          體積更小更省電,高通推 Snapdragon Wear 1200 處理器   
很多人至今依然對智慧手錶相關產品有所抗拒,主要原因之一多數智慧錶續航力還不夠長,而高通日前發表、針對穿戴式裝置和 IoT(Internet of Things)設計的 Snapdragon Wear 1200 處理器,就是希望能夠進一步提高這些裝置的續航力表現。

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          The Little Acre - Point and click adventure The Little Acre charms   

Pewter Games has brought their charming point and click adventure The Little Acre to iOS. It’s an amazingly beautiful animated adventure set in a sort of hybrid magical / alien world. A great all ages adventure and very fun.

Available For: iOS

YouTube Video Preview :: $2.99 iOS :: More about The Little Acre »

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          Cassatt Quartet featured in 15th annual Seal Bay Festival, with world premiere of music by Elliott Schwartz, July 12-20   


Jul 18 2017 - 7:00pm

The Seal Bay Festival of American Chamber Music returns to Maine from July 12th - 21st, 2017. This year, the Festival explores the theme “Seeing Sound” and in addition to the public concerts for which it is known, there will be master classes for composers and a visual arts component. The featured guest composers this year are Augusta Read Thomas, Victoria Bond, Daniel Strong Godfrey, Elliott Schwartz, Vineet Shende , Peter McLaughlin and Delvyn Case. Music by Elliott Schwartz in a concert on July 12 (see full program here) will feature photographs/powerpoint video of artwork by Maine artist Deedee Schwartz.

artwork by Deedee (Dorothy) Schwartz
The featured string quartets are Thomas: Helix Spiral, Bond: Dreams of Flying, and Godfrey: Intermedio, which are all receiving their Maine premieres, and the world/US premiere of String Quartet No. 3: "For Deedee" one of the last works composed by Elliott Schwartz, प्काश आिण सावली (prakash ani saoli) by Shende  and  Not Sad Songs by McLaughlin.

Cassatt String Quartet will be performing these glorious works at the New Era Gallery on Vinalhaven, Waterfall Arts in Belfast and Portland's Space Gallery. In addition, there are four composer fellows whose music will be featured in a concert at the Vinalhaven school. 

          The Hero (The Orchard, PG-13)   
The Hero joins the ranks of recent releases that take seriously the concerns of persons outside the coveted 18-45 age range. Lee Hayden (Sam Elliott) is an aging actor, known for roles in Westerns, who’s [...]
          Intel kills 3 IoT product lines   
Intel is quietly discontinuing three product lines designed to tap into the growing maker movement.

          Intel kills 3 IoT product lines   
Intel is quietly discontinuing three product lines designed to tap into the growing maker movement.

          Comment on DRM Removal Tools for eBooks by ankhesenpaaten   
Thanks for your detailed help. I have fixed it by reverting to Kindle for PC 1.17 and unchecking the "I'm an idiot, just do what you want with my updates" box. I shall stick with this for the forseeable future. I'm not desperate to use updated Kindle for PC software as I don't ever use it other than to get the files to DeDRM through Calibre and then use my property in the manner of my choosing ;-) Maybe you need a banner or something saying "Don't upgrade to v1.19". Anyway, thank you once again for your help.
           ‘Mubarakan’ trailer: Uncle Anil’s punches overshadow twin Arjuns    
The first trailer of Anees Bazmee’s Mubarakan is out and it seems to be nothing short of a family entertainer. Like Bazmee’s previous blockbusters Ready, Singh is King, No Entry, Welcome and Welcome Back, Mubarakan, too, is a laugh riot. Featuring Arjun Kapoor in the lead role as identical twins – Karan and Charan, Mubarakan revolves around a dysfunctional family. Interestingly, Arjun’s real life chacha, Anil Kapoor also plays uncle to the twin Arjuns in the movie. Like Bazmee’s other films, Mubarakan’s trailer promises a double dose of romance and confusion. Ileana D'cruz and Athiya Shetty, who play love interests
          Anuncian asamblea para profesionales de la industria de bodas y eventos   
La cita es el martes, 18 de abril, a las 6:00 p.m., en el Hotel Marriot Courtyard de Isla Verde.
          Being queer in the jungle: The unique challenges of LGBTQ scientists working in the field   

This blog was written by BMC-series Editor Ben Ragen and was originally posted on BioMed Central blog. The Stonewall Riots occurred on June 28, 1969. It was this summer evening that sparked the Gay Rights Movement. Now, forty-eight years later, the world celebrates Pride Month every June to celebrate, honor, support, and fight for the... Read more »

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          Sądownictwo patentowe: jak poprawić jakość orzekania?   
Coraz częściej powraca temat potrzeby stworzenia w Polsce specjalistycznego sądownictwa patentowego. Zdaniem zainteresowanych takim rozwiązaniem, każdy sąd okręgowy lub rejonowy może nagle otrzymać do rozstrzygnięcia sprawę w sporze patentowym, którego przedmiotu w pełni nie rozumie.
          Sam Elliott On Career Longevity, Playing Tough And His Iconic Role In 'Lebowski'   
Copyright 2017 Fresh Air. To see more, visit Fresh Air . DAVE DAVIES, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. Sam Elliott has been acting in movies and television for nearly 50 years. You may have seen him in any number of Westerns such as "Tombstone" or playing a bouncer in "Road House" or in some memorable appearances like in the Coen brothers' film "The Big Lebowski." If you don't know Elliott's name, you might recognize his distinctive voice featured in a lot of commercials. (SOUNDBITE OF FILM, "THE HERO") SAM ELLIOTT: (As Lee Hayden) Lone Star barbecue sauce - the perfect partner for your chicken. Lone Star barbecue sauce - the perfect partner for your chicken - got it? UNIDENTIFIED MAN: (As character) Can you do one more? ELLIOTT: (As Lee Hayden) Do you want something different? DAVIES: Elliott's done plenty of voiceover work, but that's a clip from his new film, "The Hero," in which he plays an aging actor whose career is stalled. Elliott's career, by contrast, is surging. He got critical
          Full Time Academic Radiation Oncologist - McMaster University - Hamilton, ON   
We have an active Stereotactic Radiotherapy Program, and we have an established, vibrant HDR brachytherapy program involving lung, esophagus and gynecology...
From McMaster University - Mon, 08 May 2017 16:02:33 GMT - View all Hamilton, ON jobs
          Weekly Menu Plan Week 11   

Weekly Menu Plan Week 11 is all about the Red, White, and Blue–featuring fun twists on American favorites. Hot dogs dressed in gourmet toppings, caprese meets tortellini and egg plant, heirloom pizza, bacon potato salad, and patriotic fruit and yogurt popsicles.   The Weekly Menu Plan Week 11 is all about taking our tried and...

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          Strokes deixou suas boas cagadas brasileiras   
itunes pic
Quem nunca disse: “Isso parece Strokes”? 80% da população que sabe o que é Strokes, já falou isso...por mais que algumas vezes não a o menor sentido!. Outro dia vi alguém falando que Bravery parecia Strokes! Mas vamos falar do que REALMENTE parece Strokes, começaremos pelo obvio, o Moptop, banda carioca que faz plagio de Strokes e Franz Ferdinand, você vê a musica “O Rock Acabou” que respira Strokes logo no riff inicial, e no “pré-refrão” uma guitarra “The End Has No End” BEM DESCARADA. Agora vamos para os gaúchos do Stratopumas, que parecem realmente ser “Strokianos” ou “Franzferdinandos”, algumas pessoas não conseguem olhar mas eu olho claramente, “Paranóia de Freud” tem um riff igual a “Hard To Explain”, e “Graci e o seu Charme” já é um Franz Ferdinand misturado com Strokes, a unica diferença entre Moptop e Stratopumas(alem do sotaque) é que um gosta de soar retro mas com guitarras modernas(Moptop) e o outro tenta fazer ROCK RETRO(Stratopumas).Essas duas não vem ao caso até porque eles citam Strokes como influencia...vamos a que não citam. O Superguidis, banda gaúcha, sempre citou o indie rock dos anos 90 como influencia, o problema é que os coitados esqueceram que a musica “Discos Arranhados” poderia cair muito bem no primeiro disco dos “Golpes”(Strokes em português claro). Já o Banzé....coitados, não tem nada a ver com a história só citam que são Powerpops...MAS PORRA!!!! É STROKES NA VEIA ESSE DISCO DELES!!!!. Existem milhões de bandas que parecem Strokes, mas não vou citar aqui (obvio). Mas porque as bandas tem tanto medo de ser influenciadas pelo Strokes? Será que elas acham que pelo Strokes ter saído do cenário underground(uns fãs idiotas não se conformam ainda com isso, e acham que não votar neles pro DISK TV da MUSICA, vai chamar eles de voltar para o Underground)? Será que, pelo baixo rendimento que o Strokes esta tendo no 3 disco? Será que, pelo Strokes ser muito novo as pessoas preferem citar suas influencias? Mas calma, você ainda pode encontrar gente que cita Strokes como influencia: bandas de garotos de 15 anos.... HAHAHAH T FODA!!!
          Quando um "garage", não é "garage".. Sera um "Shoegaze Experimental"   
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Certo dia desses....eu postei na comunidade de Shoegaze do orkut, falei as 10 bandas nacionais shoegazer que eu mais gostava. Em 2º lugar ficou uma banda Fragile Arm, me arrependo...afinal to ouvindo o novo CD do Fragile Arm (This Shinning Youth Days Are Running Faster) e esta ultramegadupersupermariobros de bom, deveria estar em 1º. Porra, as pessoas que tão comigo agora tão falando que é muito "garage" o disco, MAS ESSE É O LEGAL! tem todo aquele clima "Foda-se tudo". Ok se você não concorda com o que eu to falando...o F.A(que é formado só por um integrante secretamente chamado d "Miu") vai assinar com a Midsummer Madness(mesma do Nervoso e os Calmantes, Vanguart...). Certas musicas do TSYDARF chega a soa como um Post-Rock(como em "Flores Mortas"), ou uma mistureba "Shoegaziana". Outra coisa que me chamou muito atenção foi os diversos vocais de Miu, e da musica "clinical death" que é mal-gravada...eu estranhei...achei que ele queria dar uma "estranheza" no som mas não conseguiu, depois ele me falou que era hum... que passese um odio idiota (o odio do timido). Isso pode parecer loucura, mas você fica muito mais drogado ouvindo Fragile Arm do que Radiohead. musica: In The Dark (do Fragile né !)
          Art Wave   
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Atualmente, o Indie pode ser qualquer coisa - Acústico, Emocore, Eletrônica (visa Cansei de Ser Sexy, Bravery...) e até PUNK ROCK Se você acha q a TV da MUSICA (me recuso a falar em ingles) só tem programas bons após 11:00 (tirando o jornal que tem aquela garota sardenta e loira) você ja ouviu essas bandas . Art Brut é uma banda cujo o vocalista Eddie Argos(um ex-gotico) é uma figura, o bichinha não canta,só fala, como se estivesse te contando uma história.Outro fator é que ele faz a incrível mistura do sincero, (como “I can’t the sound of Velvet Underground” na faixa 6 “Bang Bang Rock & Roll, eu concordei, isso pode parecer coisa de fã obeso de banda de rock, mas acho que Art Brut mudou um pouco meu rumo, antes eu era um sebinho viciado em Strokes e em tudo que os Strokes gostam) e do irônico (como em “We gonna be the band who save the world” ou “this is not my voice, this is not ROCK & ROLL” na faixa 1 “Formed a Band). Há também assuntos idiotas (My Little Brother) e assuntos sérios (  ) como saudade da antiga namorada(Emily Kane) e que da revolta do povo (18,000 Lira). O CD é ROCK & ROLL ou PUNK 77 tanto faz(há faixas acústicas como em “Moving To LA”). Ecos Falsos é um caso a parte, não tem a mesma ironia de Eddie Argos mas a sinceridade também é vista nessa banda em certas musicas(como na faixa “A Ultima Palavra em Fashion”) mas o que se realmente chama atenção nessa banda é o jeito engraçado que eles se revoltam (“Speedy Porco”, “Pensar é Um Saco e “Findo Milênio”) não sei se já fizeram isso mas se fizeram...eu fico triste  não vou poder falar que Ecos Falsos é original. (OBS: Os caras dos Ecos Falsos me conhecem via Orkut, eu sou o pentelho amigo da comunidade deles) musica: Bang Bang Rock & Roll - Art Brut (fico devendo uma do Ecos!)
          Eu faço, tu fazis, iii errei   
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Na teoria Rapture é Electroclash, Na pratica Rapture é ROCK & ROLL, Na festa Rapture é Dance, Na dancinha da Foquinha o Rapture é Funk. Pela 6167643264723423462346234626462346236427394283482349802347297842739472374239472379472934729932482834289409889018 sei la quantas vezes eu fico entorpecido tentando (GERUNDIO!) falar que estilo é uma banda mas essa eu consegui decidir, ela é...(você sabera se ler tudo). Bem o excelente disco "Echoes" foi lançado após o megaultragreatdupersupermariobros EP "Mirror" e que idiotice nós gostarmos! uma banda que faz letras toscas, com riffs toscos, com acordes toscos e com guitarras totalmente toscos, com show totalmente toscos. Mas esse tosco significa ruim? nhenhenheca amigo sebinho, esse tosco significa simplesmente "Extravagante","Alternativo","Genial", "Cult"... eu tenho uma guitarra tagima... e tenho guitar pro 4, AGORA eu posso fazer uma musica do mesmo jeito que o Rapture faria...mas não daria certo, sabe porque? porque o Rapture tem toda aquela tosqueira DANÇANTE, isso parece coisa do bonde do rolê mas ta (um pouco) longe Faz 3 anos que esses adolecentes que-iam-as-raves-da-virada-do-milenio-e-que-usam-roupas-urbanas-e-calças-jeans-fashions estão sem lançar um disco.(quem disse que tosqueira dançante é facil?) lançaram a pouco tempo o single "W.A.Y.U.H" e provavelmente sera lançado esse ano, um dos mais esperados do ano. Essa é uma das atitudes mais roqueiras, mais sex pistols e ramones (ELES TBM SÃO DE NOVA IORQUE) do mundo atualmente...uma banda super-hypada ficar um tempo sem lançar disco...isso mostra que a banda não lança disco só pra não se perder no tempo(até pq é dificil esquece-los) eles lançam disco achando que fizeram um bom trabalho, ou quer dizer, confiantes, não que nem alguns que lançam o disco ja com um pessimo presentimento. Ok, talvez eles acabem do mesmo jeito que os Stone Roses,musicas inovadoras, um disco G-E-N-I-A-L, um segundo disco que demora muito tempo pra sair e depois é DECEPCIONANTE. Mas quem liga se o Rapture faz musica ruim? da pra dançar? ja ta bom! Isso ja é um "Cull Status" que o Rapture conseguiu o primeiro disco conseguiu uma tosqueira tão grande que ninguem liga pra musica e só veem o aspecto dançante! sex pistols + cull status (1990s) + bonde do role = FUNK PUNK (merda falei era pra vcs descobrirem!) musica: W.A.Y.U.H o novo single que tambem é tosqueira pura!
          RIO vs. TRAMA -ou- SÃO PAULO = TRAMA   
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50% do meu tempo na internet é na tramavirtual, descubro bandas na tramavirtual, não seria um "indie" se não existisse um tramavirtual, aconselho sua bandinha de garagem vagabunda a se cadastrar na tramavirtual, mas uma coisa vem me chamando a atenção: 99,9% DAS BANDAS CONTRATADAS PELO SELO TRAMAVIRTUAL SÃO PAULO! (e 73% ja apareceram na TV da musica). Exemplos? pois meu caro amigo seboso: Cansei de Ser Sexy(obvio), Rock Rocket, Pullovers, Telepatas...(posso citar mais, mas seria uma lista gigante) Gosto dessas bandas (principalmente Pullovers) mas vamos combinar que a Trama não da uma certa atenção pros cariocas,porque sera? >porque nós temos tantas bandinhas "riocore"sem a minima originalidade? não, a Tramavirtual não diz que tem que contratar só bandas Indie, Punk Revival, Elêtronica, Garage Rock etc. >porque a tramavirtual não contrata banda de outros estados? obvio que não! eles contrataram o Zefirina Bomba e o Mombojó que são la do NORDESTE Sobre a primeira pergunta, tudo bem ela não tem o direito de escolher como critério estilo de musica! mas vou falar uma coisa: O RIO DE JANEIRO ESTA OCORRENDO O TAL RETROCESSO MUSICAL!. Poucas bandas se salvam aqui do Rio!(temos alguns artistas solos, mas eles só tocam MPB e como recompensa só ganham uma matéria no Segundo Caderno do jornal superpopular O GLOBO) o nivel de originalidade e inteligencia é pessimo! hoje, você vai no sarau de qualquer escola particular e ve aquelas bandas que imitam FORFUN e DIBOB, e com nomes simplesmente idiotas, usando a péssima tatica de usar numeros para fazer um tocadilho (Sun7,4ever...). As primeiras bandas boas do Rio de Janeiro que vem minha cabeça é: MOPTOP, SEX NOISE, HEREGES, NERVOSO E OS CALMANTES, PESSOAS DO SÉCULO PASSADO... musica:hum....acho que vou botar Zefirina Bomba, a bomba que me fez postar essa matéria (todo mundo ja conhece Rock Rocket, Cansei de Ser Sexy, eu tava em duvida em bota Zefirina, Mombojó ou Pullovers, escolhe a primeira porque eu descobri ela foi contratada antes da segunda, então ela que começou toda essa revolta!)
          RIO vs. TRAMA -ou- SÃO PAULO = TRAMA   
50% do meu tempo na internet é na tramavirtual, descubro bandas na tramavirtual, não seria um "indie" se não existisse um tramavirtual, aconselho sua bandinha de garagem vagabunda a se cadastrar na tramavirtual, mas uma coisa vem me chamando a atenção: 99,9% DAS BANDAS CONTRATADAS PELO SELO TRAMAVIRTUAL SÃO PAULO! (e 73% ja apareceram na TV da musica). Exemplos? pois meu caro amigo seboso: Cansei de Ser Sexy(obvio), Rock Rocket, Pullovers, Telepatas...(posso citar mais, mas seria uma lista gigante) Gosto dessas bandas (principalmente Pullovers) mas vamos combinar que a Trama não da uma certa atenção pros cariocas,porque sera? >porque nós temos tantas bandinhas "riocore"sem a minima originalidade? não, a Tramavirtual não diz que tem que contratar só bandas Indie, Punk Revival, Elêtronica, Garage Rock etc. >porque a tramavirtual não contrata banda de outros estados? obvio que não! eles contrataram o Zefirina Bomba e o Mombojó que são la do NORDESTE Sobre a primeira pergunta, tudo bem ela não tem o direito de escolher como critério estilo de musica! mas vou falar uma coisa: O RIO DE JANEIRO ESTA OCORRENDO O TAL RETROCESSO MUSICAL!. Poucas bandas se salvam aqui do Rio!(temos alguns artistas solos, mas eles só tocam MPB e como recompensa só ganham uma matéria no Segundo Caderno do jornal superpopular O GLOBO) o nivel de originalidade e inteligencia é pessimo! hoje, você vai no sarau de qualquer escola particular e ve aquelas bandas que imitam FORFUN e DIBOB, e com nomes simplesmente idiotas, usando a péssima tatica de usar numeros para fazer um tocadilho (Sun7,4ever...). As primeiras bandas boas do Rio de Janeiro que vem minha cabeça é: MOPTOP, SEX NOISE, HEREGES, NERVOSO E OS CALMANTES, PESSOAS DO SÉCULO PASSADO... musica:hum....acho que vou botar Zefirina Bomba, a bomba que me fez postar essa matéria (todo mundo ja conhece Rock Rocket, Cansei de Ser Sexy, eu tava em duvida em bota Zefirina, Mombojó ou Pullovers, escolhe a primeira porque eu descobri ela foi contratada antes da segunda, então ela que começou toda essa revolta!)
          Non-Boring #Tech4Good Meetings for Nonprofits   
NetSquared organizers bring together the nonprofit technology community for face-to-face meetings ... but we all know that meetings are boring! Admit it, you sometimes dread going to those all-staff assemblies. Luckily for you, our NetSquared leaders are super creative when planning their #Tech4Good events. "Meetings" come in diverse and innovative formats like Mississauga, Canada's Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo; Pangani, Tanzania's Social Media Surgery ; and Birmingham, United Kingdom's Summer Tech for Good Social in a local pub. Join us at your local group. It will be fun — we promise! Find your closest NetSquared group Upcoming Tech for Good Events This roundup of face-to-face nonprofit tech events includes meetups from NetSquared , NTEN's Tech Clubs , and other awesome organizations. If you're holding monthly events gathering the #nptech community, let me know , and I'll include you in the next community calendar. Or, apply today to start your own NetSquared group. Africa The targets need to be linked like so: --> Jump to events in North America or go international with events in Africa and Middle East Asia and Pacific Rim Europe and United Kingdom Central and South America ## North America ## Africa ## Europe ## Asia and Pacific Rim --> North America Monday, July 3, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Wednesday, July 5, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Thursday, July 6, 2017 San Francisco, California: Tech for Good Monthly Mixer Friday, July 07, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Tips and Tools to Doll Up Your Data | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Naples, Florida: How to use Technology to Communicate and Manage Volunteers Vancouver, British Columbia: Full Spectrum Civic Engagement Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Boston, Massachusetts: Tech Networks of Boston Roundtable: Nonprofit Organizations, Civic Data, and Civic Faith Phoenix, Arizona: Phoenix: QuickBooks Made Easy Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Los Angeles, California: Summer Social Phoenix, Arizona: Data Management: What Nonprofits Need to Know San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Monday, July 17, 2017 Kitchener, Ontario: Mail Management Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Westmoreland Marietta, Georgia: Easy SEO Fixes for Your Nonprofit Jasper, Indiana: Social Media Wednesday, July 19, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Portland, Oregon: QuickBooks Made Easy Thursday, July 20, 2017 Seattle, Washington: QuickBooks Made Easy Friday, July 21, 2017 San Francisco, California: Mobile Apps for Change Demo Day at the Salvation Army Monday, July 24, 2017 Nanaimo, British Columbia: "Free Money" (Microsoft Volume Licensing and Google for Nonprofits) Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Buffalo, New York: Why Nonprofits Should Use TechSoup and NetSquared Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, July 26, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Friday, July 28, 2017 Seattle, Washington: Roundtable for New Nonprofit Executives Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Naples, Florida: Tech4Good SWFL Meeting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Bagels and Bytes — Allegheny Wednesday, August 2, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Phoenix, Arizona: Defining and Targeting Your Audience: Marketing for Nonprofits Thursday, August 3, 2017 Cleveland, Ohio: How to Remarket to Website Visitors via Facebook and Twitter Monday, August 7, 2017 Mississauga, Ontario: Geek Talk — Coffee and Convo Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Columbus, Ohio: Nonprofit IT Forum Ottawa, Ontario: Review Progress on Data Analysis Projects Wednesday, August 9, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Los Angeles, California: Web Accessibility: Designing Inclusive User Experiences Friday, August 11, 2017 Saint Paul, Minnesota: Optimizing Your Communications for Mobile | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (Free) Wednesday, August 16, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Research Triangle Park, North Carolina: The Internet of Things: You Only Live Twice? Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Houston, Texas: Net2Houston Refresh! Wednesday, August 23, 2017 San Francisco, California: Code for America Civic Hack Night Asia and Pacific Rim Saturday, July 15, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia: Strategy of Data Collection for Nonprofits Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Jakarta, Indonesia: YouTube for Nonprofits Africa and Middle East Saturday, July 1, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Monday, July 3, 2017 Beirut, Lebanon: Lebanon's Digital Big Bang — An AltCity Info Session Friday, July 7, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Saturday, July 8, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Bamenda, Cameroon: How to Create Digital Stories Friday, July 14, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 15, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, July 21, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 22, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, July 28, 2017 Port Harcourt, Nigeria: Creating Apps and Other Tech Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, July 29, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Pangani, Tanzania: Social Media Surgery: WhatsApp for Farmers and Livestock Keepers Sunday, July 30, 2017 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Monthly Meeting of Local Members Friday, August 4, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Saturday, August 5, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Bamenda, Cameroon: How to Create Digital Stories Friday, August 11, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 12, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, August 18, 2017 Mukono, Uganda Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 19, 2017 Bunda, Tanzania: Microsoft Cloud Computing Friday, August 25, 2017 Mukono, Uganda: Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Kibiribiri Primary School Second Term 2017 Solar Mobile Computer Training Meetup for Saint John Kaama Primary Saturday, August 26, 2017 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Monthly Meeting of Local Members Sunday, August 27, 2017 Pangani, Tanzania: Social Media Surgery: Instagram for Farmers and Livestock Keepers Europe and United Kingdom Saturday, July 1, 2017 Saint-Étienne , France: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2017 Monday, July 3, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Leith Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Saint-Étienne , France: Rencontres Professionnelles du Logiciel Libre Monday, July 10, 2017 Birmingham, United Kingdom: Data Analysis for Nonprofits Tuesday, July 11, 2017 West Bridgford, United Kingdom: User Research and Service Design — Lunch and Learn for Nottinghamshire County Council Staff Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media Tech for Good — Law and Justice Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Bath, United Kingdom: Design for All — Technology for Everyone, Accessibility, and User Experience Thursday, July 20, 2017 Milngavie, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Milngavie Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Dublin, Ireland: Design Thinking For Good: IBM Health Corps Tuesday, August 1, 2017 West Bridgford, United Kingdom: Organisation Design — Lunch and Learn for Nottinghamshire County Council Staff Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Cambridge, United Kingdom: Social Media Surgery — Hands-on Help with Social Media Monday, August 14, 2017 Birmingham, United Kingdom: Summer Tech for Good Social Tuesday, August 29, 2017 Paudex, Switzerland: RdV4-0.ch: 2. Objets Connectés — IoT Renens, Switzerland: OpenLab: Visite du Fablab de Renens Thursday, August 31, 2017 Edinburgh, United Kingdom: One Digital Meetup Edinburgh Image : Michele Mateus / CC BY Siobhan Aspinall with Umbrella at The Digital Nonprofit 201 : Elijah van der Giessen via Michele Mateus / CC BY-NC 2.0 --> spanhidden
          Follow the History of Spider-Man Pt. 9   

For over 50 years, Spider-Man has been a sensational standout in the Marvel Universe, and this summer, the web-slinger swings onto the silver screen once more in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”! In celebration of this stories history, we present Spidey’s spectacular step-by-step story!

The X-Men’s Iceman clashed with Spider-Man in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #92, but after realizing his mistake, joined forces with our hero to put the kibosh on Sam Bullit, a crooked politician wooing Gwen Stacy following the death of her father. Spidey stood alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at a charity event in AVENGERS #85, but when Gwen announced a permanent move to London in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #93, he tried to drown his sorrows in a rematch with The Prowler.

After a bout with The Beetle in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #94, and making up his mind to fly to London to bring Gwen back, Peter Parker changed to his alter-ego in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #95 to put down some British criminals. Back home again in CAPTAIN AMERICA #137, the Web-Slinger held off an attack by The Falcon, then teamed with the high-flying hero and Captain America versus Stone Face in CAPTAIN AMERICA #138.

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #92

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #92

  • Published: January 10, 1971
  • Added to Marvel Unlimited: November 13, 2007
  • Penciller: Gil Kane
  • Cover Artist: John Romita
What is Marvel Unlimited?

Peter took a job with Norman Osborn in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #96, but the business tycoon allowed the pressures in his head to explode and reawaken his other self, The Green Goblin. He battled Spidey in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #97, while unbeknownst to the two combatants, Norman’s son and Peter’s friend Harry fell under the spell of a drug dealer. The Wall Crawler crashed the pusher’s party in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #98, and made Norman see the light of reason by forcing him to face his son’s pill problem.

Spider-Man helped out Daredevil in a fracas with Namor the Sub-Mariner in DAREDEVIL #77, then broke up a prison riot in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #99. Later, weary of his role as a super hero, Peter concocted a potion to be rid of his spider-powers in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #100, but instead gave himself an extra four arms. Now sporting as many limbs as an actual spider, the young hero stumbled into the path of Morbius the Living Vampire in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101, and felt immense relief when his friend Dr. Curt Connors cured him of his multiple arms in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #102.

Desiring nothing more than a chance to get away from it all, Peter flew with Gwen and his boss J. Jonah Jameson to the Savage Land in search of a legendary monster in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #103. When they found the creature, it took the timely intervention of Ka-Zar to unstick them from the web they’d fallen into.

          Spider-Man Returns as Vulture Attacks ‘Marvel Avengers Academy’   

Spider-Man and some of his spectacular friends swing back to “Marvel Avengers Academy” as Peter’s other school—the Midtown School of Science and Technology—prepares for their homecoming celebration. But the villainous Vulture has other ideas! He launches an attack on both learning institutions and it’ll take everyone at the Academy—plus some new pals Peter’s made over the last year—to thwart his plan and save the dance.

We sat down with Allen Warner, Lead Narrative Designer at TinyCo, to learn everything Spidey brings with him in this latest event.

Marvel.com: What’s bringing the web-head and his spider-powered crew back to “Avengers Academy”?

Allen Warner: At the end of our previous Multiverse event, we learned that someone had been scavenging Maestro’s collection of “trophies” for tech and weapons, along with various labs and superhuman battle sites across New York. Nick Fury tasked Spider-Man with finding the perpetrator, and he’s coming back to report what he’s found. It also coincides with the homecoming dance at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, so Spidey will be bringing the party to Avengers Academy, and bugging everyone for dating advice.

Marvel.com: Why is Vulture so set on laying waste to Midtown Sci-Tech and the Academy?

Allen Warner: Vulture is a brilliant scientist and inventor, but was turned down by both Avengers Academy and Midtown Sci-Tech after being accused of stealing other students’ tech and ideas to further his own goals. He feels like his fellow super-scientists don’t respect him, and the entire world is conspiring against him, so he starts using tech and weapons found in various superhuman battle sites to rebuild and repurpose mechanical monstrosities into things like an army of Vulture-ized Octobots. He wants power and respect, and he’ll destroy everyone and everything at both Avengers Academy and Midtown Sci-Tech to get it.

Marvel.com: The event district gives us a peek at Peter’s life outside the Academy; what new things will players discover?

Allen Warner: The event district is Midtown Sci-Tech itself, decked out for homecoming. It’s completely different than anything we’ve done before, and really cool because it brings a lot of fun, school flavor the campus. Unfortunately, Vulture shows up to ruin the party, so he’s perched atop the school with his prisoners and minions, plotting his attack on Avengers Academy.

Marvel.com: And the event building carves out a space for one particular Spider-heroine…

Allen Warner: Yes, we’re big Spider-Gwen fans over here too, so we wanted her to share the spotlight. The event building is a multi-tiered punk rock venue where Gwen and some surprise guests are going to perform, and throw their own brand of homecoming bash. The building represents Gwen really well with its gleaming white exteriors, colorful neon blue and pink graffiti, a unique stage and dance floor, and some other really cool surprises.

Marvel.com: How will players battle Vulture and his refurbished Octobot army?

Allen Warner: Players will battle Vulture’s tech on the campus as a team, while battling Vulture himself, and a couple of foes he’s tricked into fighting by his side. Part of his plan is to create chaos and keep the heroes busy by setting Symbiotes loose in New York, so your heroes will also battle in the streets of New York to protect the city.

Marvel.com: What new faces will join the Academy—and the fight against Vulture—as Peter calls on more of his friends from across the multiverse?

Allen Warner: A really cool collection of various Spider-Heroes, amazing friends, and one grumpy newspaper publisher. Players will be able to recruit Silver Sable, Spider-Girl, Agent Venom, J. Jonah Jameson, and Silk. J. Jonah Jameson was really popular as a cameo character during our first Spider-Man event, and I’d forgotten how fun he is to write until this event came around. His personality is great to bounce off of the students, and I can’t wait for everyone to see his visual upgrades. Silver Sable is one of my favorite Spidey characters. She looks amazing, and is a cool fit alongside some of the spies and mercenaries running around the school. Agent Venom is one of the most awesome Symbiotes, and he brings something completely unique to the table, and of course [his alter ego] Flash [Thompson] and Peter Parker have a classic rivalry. Spider-Girl and Silk are two of the coolest spider-powered characters in my opinion. They both were very close to making the cut in our first Spider-Man event, so I’m really excited to see them finally make it into “Avengers Academy.” As always, our art and animation teams have knocked it out of the park with everyone’s designs and actions, and I think players are going to love having all of these characters at their school.

Marvel.com: And there must be some cool new outfits on the way as well…

Allen Warner: Definitely. There are new outfits for Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Mary Jane, Venom, and Doctor Octopus. It’s a cool mix of some iconic looks, some seldom-seen but awesome outfits from the comics, and a couple of classics given fun Avengers Academy-style re-imaginings. It’s a really cool group that I think people will love.

Marvel.com: With the second Guardians of the Galaxy event, players were able to recruit the heroes from the previous event; will we see something similar here?

Allen Warner: Yes, we got a really positive response from players during the Guardians 2 event who enjoyed that opening week featuring characters from the original event because it gave them a first or second chance at characters they’d missed out on before, so we decided to do a similar thing here. The opening week will give new and longtime players the chance to get one of the outfits and a few of the characters from the original event, as well as a new character and outfit. Over the course of the event, players will have a chance to get every single character and outfit from the original Spider-Man event, including Miles Morales, Mysterio, Black Cat, Electro, Green Goblin, and many more.

Marvel.com: Once the Vulture is thwarted, what new adventures will players be able to look forward to?

Allen Warner: We’re going to find that Vulture isn’t the only person who’s secretly holding a grudge against Avengers Academy. He’s been sharing his scavenged tech and weapons with some faraway enemies, and they’re ready to go to war.

For all the latest on “Marvel Avengers Academy,” stay tuned to Marvel.com and @MarvelGames on Twitter!

          Air Canada va inaugurer le vol Montréal-Alger ce samedi   
Le premier vol direct d’Air Canada entre Montréal et Alger sera inauguré demain à partir de l’aéroport Pierre Elliott Trudeau, annonce la compagnie canadienne par voie de communiqué. « Air Canada est ravie de proposer un service sans escale au départ de Montréal et à destination d'Alger, une nouvelle destination attrayante qui renforce la place de l'aéroport Montréal-Trudeau en tant que plaque tournante stratégique pour l'ensemble de l'est du Canada et du nord-est des États-Unis, a affirmé Benjamin Smith, président – Transporteurs de passagers d'Air Canada. Misant sur le succès du service d'Air Canada Montréal–Casablanca maintenant assuré toute l’année, le service à destination d'Alger sera le seul vol sans escale exploité par un transporteur canadien entre Montréal et cette ville d'Afrique du Nord, établissant Air Canada comme un acteur de premier plan dans le marché important et grandissant entre le Canada et l'Algérie. Ce sera notre deuxième destination en Afrique, ce qui fait d'Air Canada l'un des rares transporteurs internationaux qui exploitent des vols à destination des six continents habités. » « Grâce à ce nouveau vol saisonnier, il sera maintenant possible de voyager et de transiter par Alger sans escale. Cela permettra d’élargir l’éventail d’opportunités des voyageurs, en plus de faire rayonner le Québec à l’étranger. En effet, je suis certaine que ce vol aller-retour favorisera l’attraction touristique vers notre belle métropole montréalaise. Finalement, ce vol est une bonne nouvelle pour les gens d’affaires et facilitera les relations commerciales, entre le Québec et l’Algérie, a déclaré Lise Thériault, vice-première ministre, ministre responsable de la Condition féminine, ministre responsable des PME » « L'horaire des vols est prévu de façon à optimiser les correspondances à la plaque tournante d'Air Canada à Montréal », selon la même source. La nouvelle liaison saisonnière sera assurée par Air Canada Rouge, la filiale low cost de la compagnie canadienne. La desserte se fera au moyen d’appareils Boeing 767-300ER de 282 places avec trois options de confort, selon la même source : la classe économique;  la place Préférence, offrant plus d’espace pour les jambes; et Premium Rouge, offrant plus d’espace personnel et un service supérieur.  A rappeler qu’Air Canada dessert déjà Alger à partir de Montréal via Francfort (Allemagne) en partenariat avec Lufthansa. De son côté, Air Algérie a une ligne directe depuis juin 2007.  
          Football : L’équipe de de Palestine ne fera pas de stage en Algérie   
L’équipe de football Palestine n’effectuera pas de stage en Algérie, comme c’était prévu dans le programme de cette sélection. Les dirigeants de la Fédération palestinienne de football avaient sollicité leurs homologues algériens pour un stage en Algérie. La Fédération algérienne de football (FAF) et le ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports (DJS) avaient donné leur accord, selon une source palestinienne, et il ne manquait que le feu vert du ministère des Affaires étrangères. Les Palestiniens l’ont longuement attendu avant de déchanter. La sélection que dirige notre compatriote Noureddine Ould Ali devait être dans nos murs le 1er juillet (demain). Il n’y a pas eu de réponse du côté du plateau des Annassers. Déçus, les Palestiniens ont décidé, la mort dans l’âme, de chercher un autre lieu de regroupement pour leur sélection. Il y a quelques semaines, le Maroc avait accueilli avec faste l’équipe nationale pour un regroupement dans le royaume avec une prise en charge totale de son séjour. Pourquoi l’Algérie n’a pas fait de même ? Y a-t-il un problème ? Autant de questions auxquelles doivent répondre les parties concernées par ce dossier. L’occupant israélien ne manquera pas d’exploiter cette affaire pour monter l’opinion palestinienne contre l’Algérie.
          Where to eat, drink, and be 'Merican in Charleston this Fourth of July weekend   

Sometimes partying like a patriot can really make you hungry. We've rounded up some parties and make-your-own picnic deals from local restaurants to stave off holiday hunger this weekend. more…

          Monitoring-Lösung PRTG jetzt auch On-Demand   
Das verbreitete Netzwerkmonitoring PRTG ist derzeit in einer Beta-Version auch als SaaS-Version verfügbar. Eine Kooperation führt die Nürnberger Software in das Zeitalter des IoT.
          Tollé à l’assemblée : Macron veut-il les pleins pouvoirs ?   

Il est d'usage de laisser à l'opposition, au sein de l'assemblée nationale, la présidence d'une des questures. La majorité en marche en a décidé autrement en faisant élire Thierry Solère contre le républicain historique Eric Ciotti.

Cet article Tollé à l’assemblée : Macron veut-il les pleins pouvoirs ? est paru initialement sur Contrepoints - Journal libéral d'actualités en ligne

          Convergence technologique : l’homme, la machine et la société   

L'avenir de la connaissance est à la convergence des domaines technologiques NBIC (nanotechnologie, biotechnologie, informatique, sciences cognitives).

Cet article Convergence technologique : l’homme, la machine et la société est paru initialement sur Contrepoints - Journal libéral d'actualités en ligne

          GTA Online recibe los contenidos por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU.    
Los añadidos incluyen armas patrióticas.

Hace unos días os comentábamos la posibilidad de que GTA Online recibiera nuevos contenidos con motivo de la celebración de un nuevo evento por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU. dentro del juego.

4 de Julio en GTA Online

Ahora se ha confirmado que el evento tendrá lugar, pues los contenidos ya están disponibles dentro de la faceta multijugador del videojuego desarrollado por Rockstar Games para consolas y PC.

Los contenidos para celebrar la fiesta de los norteamericanos están vinculados a Tráfico de Armas, el último gran descargable lanzado para GTA Online, e incluyen armas con skins especiales y otros extras.

Previo pago de dinero virtual, los jugadores pueden conseguir tanto armas personalizadas con barras y estrellas como elementos de personalización para nuestra base de operaciones central en el nuevo descargable.

Los precios varían en función de los accesorios y los diseños, pero te adelantamos que vas a necesitar desembolsar entre 100.000 y 200.000 dólares de moneda del juego para ser un verdadero patriota.

Los nuevos contenidos también incorporan el supercoche Dewbauchee Vagner y la variante Asalto al Alba para el Modo Adversario.

GTA Online recibe los contenidos por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU.

GTA Online recibe los contenidos por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU.

GTA Online recibe los contenidos por el Día de la Independencia de EE. UU.
          Elliot nok   
van 1982 tot 1984
          Chambre meublée à Lausanne   
Grande chambre meublée à Lausanne ( La Sallaz ) en sous-location et en colocation pour 3 mois:\r\n( novembre, décembre 2017 et janvier 2018 ).\r\nGrand lit, armoire, bureau, bibliothèque, télévision. Proche des commerces et des transports publics
Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:21:52 -0400
          Cyber-attacks on the IoT   
The internet of things offers a surprising range of possibilities for this kind of attack
          Article: Enabling IoT Ecosystems through Platform Interoperability   

The fragmentation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the lack of interoperability prevent the emergence of broadly accepted IoT ecosystems. The BIG IoT (Bridging the Interoperability Gap of the IoT) project aims to ignite such an ecosystem

By Arne Bröring
          Presentation: Building Secure Player Experiences at Riot Games   

David Rook talks about the Riot Games Application Security program and how they define Application Security at Riot, how they’ve grown to meet the demands of their fast paced engineering organization, why they’ve hired software engineers into their team and the tools they’ve developed to help Rioters globally build fun and safe experiences for their players.

By David Rook
          加拿大超模Anais Pouliot时尚大片 带你领略古巴风情   

加拿大超模Anais Pouliot(阿娜依斯·波略特)为《VOGUE》杂志台湾省版2017年6月号拍摄「Cuban Carnival热艳古巴」主题时尚大片。
          Re: City cuts a check, takes ownership of Missoula's water system   
I would title the story, "At What Price?". The Mayor was either an idiot or pretended to be an idiot (when it comes to his cost prediction).
Posted by glen bumgardner
          Deține 3 RECORDURI mondiale! Cel mai mare lac helioterm din lume se află în Transilvania.   
Trei recorduri mondiale definesc Lacul Ursu din stațiunea Sovata, judetul Mureș: este cel mai mare lac helioterm din lume, este singurul lac cu apă sărată înconjurat de o vegetație bogată, lucru datorat solului vulcanic...
          As the dust settles: Russian authorities move against protesters and campaigners   

New evidence of police violations against protesters emerges, and regional authorities take aim at Alexei Navalny's campaign offices. 

Conditions for people detained at anti-corruption protests have been poor. Image: Polina Kostyleva.

We continue our partnership with OVD-Infoan NGO that monitors politically-motivated arrests in Russia. Every Friday, we bring you the latest information on freedom of assembly. 

We have collected and analysed a large number of reports of violations by Russian police officers at anti-corruption rallies held on 12 June. Now we are able to say with certainty there have been 109 violations. Police officers exceeded the permitted time for administrative detention, wrote official reports with numerous mistakes, and did not allow lawyers to visit those detained. In one of the St Petersburg police stations, a detainee contracted pneumonia after spending the night in a cold cell. This was despite the fact that he had warned the police officers he was in poor health and should not get cold. The list of violations with legal commentaries can be seen here.

This week a number of individuals requested political asylum abroad. Krasnodar artists Lusiney Dzhanyan and Aleksei Knedlyakovsky requested asylum in Sweden. The artists said that their telephones had been tapped, and in 2013 Dzhanyan was dismissed from Krasnodar University of Culture for supporting Pussy Riot and exhibiting in a gallery owned by Marat Gelman. But it’s not only those who create modern art who can fall victim to persecution. Children’s drawings in chalk can also evoke the dissatisfaction of the authorities. Mikhail Petrov, a martial arts trainer from Pskov, has left Russia because he feared persecution by the authorities. It is thought the authorities’ interest in the trainer was related to the fact that he and his students had drawn anti-military drawings on the walls of buildings belonging to a military air assault division. He has requested political asylum in Estonia. 

Supporters of Alexei Navalny continue to be persecuted. In the town of Cherepovets, writer and journalist Elena Kolyadina was dismissed by the newspaper Golos Cherepovtsa for giving a lecture to staff of Navalny’s local election campaign office. In the Siberian city of Barnaul, the coordinator of the campaign office was injured with a knife, while earlier someone set fire to one of the office’s windows. In Vladimir, the local branch of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network asked its chief engineer to resign because he had headed Navalny’s local campaign office. Meanwhile, in Rostov-on-Don a car belonging to the head of Navalny’s office was covered with paint and its tyres were punctured.

The Investigative Committee completed its investigation into one more defendant in the “26 March case”. Dmitry Krepkin is charged with using force against a police officer during the anti-corruption protest in Moscow. Krepkin maintains his innocence. Moreover, he has said that he was himself assaulted at the time of his detention at the 26 March protest. Doctors at the emergency medical centre recorded bruising all over his body. He had been struck at least six times.   

The pre-trial detention of mathematician Dmitry Bogatov was extended until 31 August. Bogatov has been charged with incitement to riot on the grounds that he had posted appeals on the SysAdmins.ru forum to go out on to Red Square on 2 April 2017 under the pseudonym of “Airat Bashirov”. The appeals were sent from Bogatov’s IP address. However, since Bogatov operates a Tor exit node, any user could have posted the materials using his IP.

Thank you              

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          Food4Patriots 3-Month Supply   

Enjoy real food security and peace of mind with our best-selling Food4Patriots 3-Month Kit. You’ll get a delicious variety of meal selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s never been easier to protect your family when a crisis hits (and you know it will) than with our survival food kits, good for an astonishing 25 years! Some of the meals you’ll enjoy include: Strawberry Fields Cream of Wheat, Liberty Bell

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          Food4Patriots 72-Hour Kit   

Looking to try Food4Patriots first? Our 72-Hour survival food kit will show you first-hand how delicious being prepared with enough food can be. You’ll get 16 whole servings of mouth-watering dishes like: Granny’s Home Style Potato Soup, Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice and Maple Grove Oatmeal. You can even stash these Food4Patriots meals for on the go, your car, cabin, or bug out bag. We don’t stop there. You’ll get

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For those folks wanting solid food security, try our Food4Patriots 4-Week Kit. It’s chock full of delicious meals that’ll really “stick to your ribs!” Some favorites include: Maple Grove Oatmeal, Country Cottage Mac & Cheese, Sweetly Coated Banana Chips, and Chocolate Pudding. As with all our Food4Patriots survival food kits, the 4-Week kit has a shelf life of 25 years, and comes packaged in re-sealable Mylar pouches, tucked into stackable totes.

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          Food4Patriots Breakfast Kit   

Get your most important meal of the day with the Food4Patriots Breakfast Kit —
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“Supercharge” your survival food stockpile and get all the plant based nutrition you need with Food4Patriots Fruit, Veggie and Snack Mix – wholesome, delicious, and good for 25 Years! Packaged in convenient and lightweight mylar pouches, our emergency survival food seals in the flavor and retains a high-nutritional value. The Fruit, Veggie and Snack Mix Includes: Freeze Dried Corn – 24 Servings Freeze Dried Green Beans – 24 Servings Freeze

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          Food4Patriots 1-Year Kit   

  Get the ultimate in survival food security. With Food4Patriots 1-Year supply, you get a whopping 1800 servings of the most delicious, nutritious long-term emergency food on the market. You’ll enjoy an amazing variety of easy to prepare favorites like: Maple Grove Oatmeal, Traveler’s Stew, and Traditional Fettuccine Alfredo. One of these kits for every member of your household will give you true disaster-proof peace of mind. With your Food4Patriots

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          Franklin’s Finest Coffee   

In a crisis, it’s important to stay alert. With our new Franklin’s Finest Survival Coffee, you’ll get the rich, robust flavor that only the best Arabica beans can provide, with an incredible shelf life of 25 years! That’s right! You can savor the comforting richness of a hot, strong cup of coffee without sacrificing a long storage life. Available in space age Mylar pouches and stackable totes, just like our

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          Food4Patriots 1-Week Kit   

Don’t worry any longer about going hungry when all hell breaks loose and stores are stripped bare. Try our Food4Patriots 1-Week Kit and get on the road to food independence! You’ll savor home-cooked goodness like Heartland’s Best Mashed Potatoes, Traveler’s Stew, and Maple Grove Oatmeal. These survival food meals will keep you feeling full, satisfied, and ready to face any crisis with confidence! And let’s not forget all your free

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          Start-up : l’IoT au cœur de l’appel à projets Usine 4.0   
Le groupe Total a annoncé le lancement de la deuxième édition de l’appel à projets « Usine 4.0 », qui se concentrera cette année autour de l’univers de l’IoT. Plusieurs acteurs de l’industrie et du BTP dont Eiffage et Vinci Energies se sont (...)
          Lead Clinical Research Associate - Biotech - Germany - Rare Disease   
Salary: On Application (GBP)
Benefits: Great Benefits
Location: Germany, Germany
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 16:57:27
Expiry: 30 July 2017 16:54:43
          Lead Clinical Research Associate - Biotech - Bulgaria - Rare Diseases   
Salary: On Application (GBP)
Benefits: Great Benefits
Location: Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 16:53:50
Expiry: 30 July 2017 16:50:22
          Clun Forest Sheep Washed Fleece by MarkreeWoolCraft   

8.00 EUR

Offering some lovely Clun Forest fleece. I have washed using the fermentation method which leaves most of the lanolin in and uses no chemicals or detergents.
The fleece is not totally clean, the tips still have a little mud but this works out really easily as you use the fleece.
These sheep are kept in Co. Carlow Ireland and the farmer asked me to take some fleece as he wanted it used for something better than insulation. He uses no wormers, insecticides, sprays or antibiotics on his sheep
Clun Forest produce very good quality fleece excellent for felting and dyes easily.
It is rarely available to hand spinners or felters.
I am selling it 100 gram lots. Please contact me if you are looking for larger quantities.

          Regulatory Affairs Director with a Global Top 20 Biotech company - Team leading or GRL role covering EU & FDA Liaison and Strategy - Brussels    
Salary: Negotiable (GBP)
Benefits: On Application
Location: Belgium, BELGIUM with Relo
Company: Advanced Regulatory (UK & Europe)
Posted: 30 June 2017 10:57:50
Expiry: 30 July 2017 10:48:26
          Senior Clinical Project Manager/Leader - Growing Biotech - Switzerland   
Salary: Competitive (GBP)
Location: Switzerland,
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 09:49:39
Expiry: 30 July 2017 09:46:59
          Specjalista w Zespole Serwisu, Kraków   
Instytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej Państwowy Instytut Badawczy Oddział w Krakowie zatrudni pracownika na stanowisko: specjalista w  Zespole  Serwisu Liczba etatów: 1 Miejsce pracy: Dział Służby Pomiarowo-Obserwacyjnej ul. Piotra Borowego 14, 30-215 Kraków   Wymagania: Wykształcenie średnie, wyższe – elektronika, elektrotechnika lub pokrewne Znajomość języka angielskiego minimum na poziomie czytania dokumentacji technicznej Prawo jazdy kat. B; Brak przeciwwskazań zdrowotnych do […]
          Senior Clinical Study Manager/Study Leader – Niche Biotech - Belgium   
Salary: Competitive (GBP)
Location: Belgium,
Company: Barrington James Clinical
Posted: 30 June 2017 09:46:27
Expiry: 30 July 2017 09:43:01
          AT&T and China Telecom sign partnership deal   
AT&T and China Telecom announced they have signed a framework agreement that strengthens their cooperation to support the development of advanced network services for multinational companies operating in China.

Through the agreement, the companies will help multinational customers leverage secure global communications to support business growth in China and worldwide. AT&T and China Telecom will also jointly work to create new services in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based big data, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) roaming, and software-defined networks (SDN).

The companies noted that the new agreement renews the 20-year authorisation under which Shanghai Symphony Telecommunications (SST), the joint venture formed bAT&T, China Telecom and Shanghai Information Investments, was established in 2000. As part of the new agreement, the parties intend to expand the scope of SST and the locations it serves to enable the delivery of new business services and technologies to customers.

Specifically, under the renewed agreement the companies plan to:

1.         Help establish industry standards for SDN and support their adoption.

2.         Launch bilateral roaming tests, as contemplated in a previously executed roaming agreement for business customers.

3.         Explore the potential of VoLTE roaming.

          IoT forecasts come into focus   
For years now there has been forecast after forecast predicting the size of the IoT market by the end of the decade or ten years hence. There is always a big number of connected things and impressive valuation for the sum of the whole market, and with the large mobile operators such as AT&T and Verizon now including connected things in their quarterly reports there is hard data to back up the rosy forecasts. At an editorial briefing in San Jose last month, Qualcomm executives said it is now shipping one million wireless connections per day - this certainly gives a perspective on how fast IoT can grow. The company has hundreds of OEM design wins for its MDM9206 LTE modem for IoT.

As of June 15th, the GSMA Intelligence services says there are 8,132,111,132 mobile connections, including M2M. The GSMA's online tracker further reports 5,016,263,289 unique mobile subscribers, which are assumed to mean people with at least one mobile phone and SIM card. By subtraction, this means 3.1 billion M2M connections tracked by the GSMA via their mobile operator members.

This piece collects newly published data from several sources. First, IDC recently reported that worldwide spending on the IoT will reach nearly $1.4 trillion in 2021. Second, the Cisco Visual Network Index (VNI) found that M2M connections globally will grow from 780 million in 2016 to 3.3 billion by 2021, a 34% CAGR or fourfold growth. Third, the newly published Ericsson Mobility Study finds that 70% of wide-areas IoT devices will use cellular technology in 2022. While studies from different authors will never precisely line up, this collection of data agrees that real and significant revenue from IoT for carriers has started to materialize and will grow quickly in the near term.

Highlights from IDC’s Worldwide Semi-annual IoT spending guide

The first big finding to notice in IDC's report is that worldwide spending on IoT will reach $800 billion this year, up 16.7% year over year, which means that the market this month must be worth tens of millions of dollars. These numbers are spread out amongst the hardware, software, services and connectivity that enable the IoT. This means splitting the pot between vendors such as Qualcomm, Sierra Wireless, Cisco Jasper, integration specialists, and of course carriers such as AT&T, Orange and Vodafone. There are many others that could be included on this list, especially when considering the global market.  In that sense, the $800 billion is just a starting point. IDC's forecast says that by 2021, global IoT spending will total nearly $1.4 trillion. In a press release announcing the study, IDC's Carrie MacGillivray, vice president, Internet of Things and Mobility, stated that the true value of IoT is realised when the software and services come together to enable the capture, interpretation, and action on data produced by IoT endpoints.

IDC breaks down 2017 investments in IoT as follows: manufacturing operations ($105 billion), freight monitoring ($50 billion), and production asset management ($45 billion), smart grid technologies for electricity, gas and water and smart building technologies ($56 billion and $40 billion, respectively). Looking to 2021, IDC expects these use cases will remain the largest areas of IoT spending. Smart home technologies are forecast to experience strong growth (19.8% CAGR) over the five-year forecast. The use cases that will see the fastest spending growth are airport facilities automation (33.4% CAGR), electric vehicle charging (21.1% CAGR), and in-store contextual marketing (20.2% CAGR).

IDC sees hardware as the largest IoT spending category to 2021, the last year of the forecast, when it is overtaken by the services category. This is to be expected as the various physical sensors and connectivity units must be deployed first before a service can be offered. IDC says hardware spending will be dominated by modules and sensors that connect end points to networks, while software spending will be similarly dominated by applications software. In addition, IDC says services spending will be about evenly split between ongoing and content services and IT and installation services. The fastest growing areas of technology spending are in the software category, where horizontal software and analytics software will have five-year CAGRs of 29.0% and 20.5%, respectively. Security hardware and software will also see increased investment, growing at 15.1% and 16.6% CAGRs, respectively.

Regional highlights:

•   Asia Pacific (excluding Japan, APeJ) will be the IoT investment leader throughout the forecast with spending expected to reach $455 billion in 2021.

•   The U.S. will be the second largest region with IoT spending reaching $421 billion in 2021.

•   Western Europe will reach $274 billion in 2021.

The IDC Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide is quite comprehensive, covering IoT spending for 12 technologies and 54 use cases across 20 vertical industries in eight regions and 52 countries (for more details see here: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS42799917).

Cisco looks wide with its VNI forecast

Generally speaking, Cisco's forecasts have tended to be the most optimistic. This year’s Cisco VNI indicates that its IoT coverage includes both M2M and emerging category of wearable IoT devices. M2M connections, which Cisco defines as home and office security and automation, smart metering and utilities, maintenance, building automation, automotive, healthcare and consumer electronics, are predicted to grow from 780 million in 2016 to 3.3 billion by 2021, a 34% CAGR or fourfold growth.

Wearable devices, which Cisco notes could connect and communicate to the network either directly through embedded cellular connectivity or through another device (primarily a smartphone) using WiFi, Bluetooth, or another technology, include such things as smart watches, smart glasses, heads-up displays (HUDs), health and fitness trackers, health monitors, wearable scanners and navigation devices and smart clothing. The Cisco VNI predicts that by 2021 there will be 929 million wearable devices globally, growing nearly threefold from 325 million in 2016 at a CAGR of 23%. By 2021, Cisco expects that 7% will have embedded cellular connectivity, up from 3% in 2016. As AR/VR headsets enter the market, they could start to have a tangible impact on mobile traffic.

Ericsson looks to short-range and wide-range IoT connectivity

The newly published Ericsson Mobility Report finds that at the end of 2016 there were around 0.4 billion IoT devices with cellular connections. Ericsson's study divides IoT into short-range and wide-area segments, and it provides some guidance as to how IoT is impacting the network. For instance, the report says use cases with VoLTE calls for IoT (Cat-M1) are starting to emerge. This could extend mobile voice service to IoT devices, an interesting possibility.

By 2021, Ericsson expects there will be 2.1 billion devices connected via LTE-M and NB-IoT networks, roughly a 30% CAGR from today. This trend has already started. This year, several prominent mobile operators have rolled out commercial LTE-M networks. For instance, in March, Verizon announced the commercial launch of its nationwide 4G LTE Category M1 (or Cat M1) network. The coverage spans 2.4 million square miles. Verizon will introduce low rate, multi-year plans to match the longer useful life of Cat M1 devices, including data plans that start at $2 per month per device, with customised options available for bulk activations and volume purchases. In May, AT&T followed suit by announcing the deployment of its nationwide LTE-M network ahead of schedule.

          Nokia – IP networks re-imagined   
Recently we have seen Cisco predict that busy hour global IP traffic will grow 4.6-fold (35% CAGR) from 2016 to 2021, reaching 4.3 Pb/s by 2021, compared to average Internet traffic that will grow 3.2-fold (26% CAGR) over the same period to reach 717 Tb/s by 2021. The latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report, released earlier this week, calculates that the total traffic in mobile networks increased by 70% between the end of Q1 2016 and the end of Q1 2017. And now, Nokia Bell Labs has just announced its own prediction: IP traffic will more than double in the next five years, reaching 330 exabytes per month by 2022 while growing at a 25% CAGR. The company anticipates that peak data rates will grow even faster at nearly 40% annually. Nokia Bell Labs also predicts that 3D/4K/UHD will experience a 4.79x growth from 2017 – 22, that wireless traffic will experience 7.5x growth from 2017 – 22, and that worldwide IoT devices to grow from 12bn in 2017 to 100bn in 2025.

Nokia unveils next gen networking processing engine

Nokia's processing engine sets the stage for perhaps the most significant announcement from the company since the merger of Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Networks in 2015. In a press event entitled 'IP networks reimagined', Nokia unveiled its FP4 silicon, featuring the 'first' 2.4 Tbit/s network processor, up to 6x more powerful than processors currently available. The proprietary chipset is designed for a new class of petabit-class routers.

Core routers traditionally have been the 'big iron' that powers the heart of the Internet. It is a product category dominated by Cisco, Huawei, Juniper and Nokia, including via its existing 7950 XRS routing platform. However, the market has been in flux. Earlier this month, Dell’Oro Group reported a significant break in Q1 17 with Huawei taking the top spot from Cisco in the core router market for the first time. The report also found Huawei taking over second spot from Nokia in the SP edge router and CES market. The primary reason cited for this shift is that the SP core routing business is only growing at a low single-digit rate, while China Mobile is defying the trend with significant investments in their IP core backbone, for which Huawei is the lead supplier. Nevertheless, the overall predictions for rapid growth in IP traffic over the coming five years makes it more likely that service providers will need a significant refresh of their core backbones to handle hundreds of 100 or 400 Gbit/s connections at major nodes.

Nokia's previous generation FP3 chipset, unveiled by Alcatel-Lucent in June 2011 and launched in 2012, packed 288 RISC cores operating at 1 GHz and leveraged 40 nm process technology; the FP2 chipset offered 112 cores at 840 MHz and was built in 90 nm. This network processor lineage can be traced back to TiMetra Networks, a start-up based in Mountain View, California that launched its first carrier-class routing platforms in 2003.

TiMetra, which was headed by Basil Alwan, was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent later in 2003 for approximately $150 million in stock. The product line went on to become the highly successful 7450, 7750 and eventually 7950 carrier platforms - the basis for the IP division at Alcatel-Lucent. Not bad for an idea from a small start-up to grow into the star platform underpinning all of Alcatel-Lucent + Nokia Siemens Networks.

In a launch day webcast, Basil Alwan, now president of Nokia's IP/Optical Networks business group, said we are moving into a new phase of the Internet requiring 'cloud-scale routing'. First, he noted that there is market confusion between Internet-class routers and core data centre switches, which are being used to power the hyperscale infrastructure of the Internet content providers. High-end, data centre spine switches are capable of routing packets at high rates and can handle access control lists (ACLs). Likewise, conventional big iron core routers can switch data flows, and are sometimes deployed in data centres. However, there have been tradeoffs when this role reversal happens. Nokia's new FP4 chipset aims to fix that.

First multi-terabit NPU silicon

Six years have passed since the FP3, or roughly two cycles in the evolution of Moore's Law, so naturally one would expect the new silicon to be smaller, faster and more powerful and efficient. But Alwan said the company took its time to rethink how the packet processing works at the silicon level. To begin with, Nokia redesigned the onboard memory, employing 2.5D and 3D layouts on 16 nm Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET) technology. The single chip contains 22 dies, including memory stacks and control logic. It runs at 2.4 Tbit/s half-duplex, or 6x more capacity than the current generation 400 Gbit/s FP3 chipset. The FP4 will support full terabit IP flows. All conventional routing capabilities are included. Deep classification capabilities include enhanced packet intelligence and control, policy controls, telemetry and security.

The FP4 could be used to provide an in-service upgrade to Nokia's current line of core routers and carrier switches. It will also be used to power a new family of 7750 SR-s series routers designed for single-node, cloud scale density. In terms of specs, the SR-s boasts a 144 Tbit/s configuration supporting port densities of up to 144 future terabit links, 288 x 400 Gbit/s ports, or 1,440 100 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Absolute capacity could be doubled for a maximum of 288 Tbit/s configuration. It runs the same software as the company's widely-deployed systems. The first 7750 SR-s boxes are already running in Nokia labs and the first commercial shipments are expected in Q4.

Nokia is also introducing a chassis extension option to push its router into petabit territory. Without using the switching shelf concept employed in the multi-chassis designs of its competitors, Nokia is offering the means to integrate up to six of its 7750 SRS-s routers into a single system. This results in 576 Tbit/s of capacity, enough for densities of up to 2,880 x 100 GBE ports or 720 x 400 Gbit/s ports. Adding up the numbers, it is not truly petabit-class, but at 576 Tbit/s it is more than halfway there.

Network telemetry leads to security
Another interesting twist concerns security and petabit-class routing. In December 2016, Nokia agreed to acquire Deepfield, a start-up specialising in real-time analytics for IP network performance management and security. Deepfield, founded in 2011 and based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has developed an analytics platform that identifies over 30,000 popular cloud applications and services. Its Internet Genome tracks how traffic runs to and through networks to reach subscribers, in real time, and without the need for probes, taps and monitors in the network itself. At the time of the deal, Nokia said it would integrate Deepfield big data analytics with the dynamic control capabilities of open SDN platforms, such as the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) and Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP).

Expanding on this idea, Alwan said Deepfield can really leverage the routers rather than probes to understand what is happening to the traffic. Fewer probes mean lower investment. More importantly, Deepfield could be used to track DDoS attacks passing through the core of the network rather than at the edge destination target. The new FP4 silicon is said to be a very good match for this application.

          China Telecom and Orange Business Services Target IoT   
China Telecom and Orange Business Services announced the extension of their strategic partnership into the IoT space during the launch event of eSurfing on the Silk Road, IoT with the World in Shanghai, China, with the new cooperation designed to enable the companies to serve enterprise customers via a combined footprint across three continents.

Through the expanded agreement, multinational customers of China Telecom and Orange will be able to deploy IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) services across each other's networks.

China Telecom enterprise customers with outbound IoT businesses can deploy their assets and offerings on the Orange networks in Europe and Africa, while Orange's global enterprise customers can access the Chinese market utilising China Telecom's IoT network resources and business capabilities. In addition, both partners propose a global solution to address local IoT connectivity requirements leveraging eUICC capabilities and the commonly deployed Device Connectivity Platform from Ericsson.

China Telecom and Orange plan to cooperate commercially and technically to create new service models designed to address global IoT opportunities. Under the agreement, Orange will become one of China Telecom's preferred partners for connectivity in Europe and Africa, while China Telecom will support Orange in delivering connectivity in China.

The agreement also encompasses joint exploration of the potential for enhancing existing IoT capabilities and the application of new technologies such as mobile IoT in the global market.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Deng Xiao Feng, MD of global business department of China Telecom, said, "China is one of the fastest growing markets for IoT applications, China Telecom is working with Orange to push for the building of an advanced IoT solution to capture global IoT opportunities… China Telecom (and) Orange will address the increasing IoT demand and… support enterprise customers with the IoT Open Platform".

          Polcevera e Oltregiogo, presentazione del volume di Balestrino   
La biblioteca di Voltaggio e il giardino del Comune ospiteranno la presentazione del libro "San Martino di Paravanico, Casa Rossi e il Gran Bosco fra Polcevera e Oltregiogo: resti di un archivio di nobiltà valligiana" di Roberto Balestrino
          Coding4Fun Second Quarter 2017 Round-Up   

Scanning this past Quarter's posts, it's pretty easy to see some meta-themes. IoT, VS 2017, UWP and lots of Pi... :)

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Just June's Posts...

Coding4Fun Blog

ToDo - Voice Activated IoT RPi ToDo List
Don't Skimp Code Security, Check Out DevSkim
Leveling Up with MonoGame and XML
iBeacons and UWP
CodeMaid Gets Some VB Loving and more...
From 0 to 100 with this ASP.NET Core/AngularX Project Template
Raspberry Pi Online Simulator and Azure IoT
Code Analysis at Compile? Why? Do it Live!
VSCode Your Next PWA
Getting Started with Azure IoT
Remarkable Comments with Remarker
Windows Template Studio (WTS) 1.1 Now Available

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Kinect to Bouldering Pong
Kinect to Joints... Rotations that is...
Kinect to Zen Meditation
Kinect to at Home Rehab
HoloToolkit Setup - June Edition

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          Maintenance - Marriott International, Inc - Toronto, ON   
Tester, dépanner et effectuer les réparations de base sur tous les types d’équipement, de plomberie (p. Climatisation et réfrigération, électricité, mécanique,...
From Marriott International, Inc - Wed, 17 May 2017 16:39:33 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Maintenance-Responsable - Marriott International, Inc - Toronto, ON   
Effectuer le dépannage avancé de la mécanique, de l’électricité et de la plomberie (MEP) de l’hôtel. Climatisation et réfrigération, électricité, plomberie,...
From Marriott International, Inc - Fri, 30 Jun 2017 04:00:20 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Re: Multnomah County Republicans Formally Allow Militia Groups to Run Security   
"The volunteers are afraid of going to Portland street fairs and Portland events because of what happened to them,"

'What happened to them' being that some of the Oath Keeper's friends in Patriot Prayer sent an anonymous letter to threaten themselves to claim victim-hood, misunderstanding that Antifa would never deign to send a missive to public entities, since, you know, they don't beleive public institutions are legitimate.
Posted by The Beans
          Program Manager   
MD-Germantown, Whisker Labs is seeking to hire a Program Manager that is interested in and familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT) space to join our expanding team. The Program Manager will report in to the Operations team and be based in Germantown, MD. The Whisker Lab Program Manager will be responsible for managing and supporting partner programs from time of proposal through program implementation. Respon
          Augmenix debuts SpaceOar in Israel   

Augmenix Inc. said this week that it launched its SpaceOar hydrogel device in Israel. The Bedford, Mass.-based company’s absorbable prostate-rectum spacer is designed to reduce rectal injury during prostate radiotherapy. Get the full story at our sister site, Drug Delivery Business News.

The post Augmenix debuts SpaceOar in Israel appeared first on MassDevice.

          IoT Google and the Connected Car   

Collaboration focuses on the next generation of connected car systems, using the Android open-source platform Google and FCA will showcase the seamless integration of Android with the award-winning Uconnect 8.4-inch connected system Android offers automakers user interface customization, a full-featured automotive infotainment stack and ability to integrate Android apps into the vehicle’s infotainment system Hands-on […]

The post IoT Google and the Connected Car appeared first on Live Trading News.

          What Patriotic Means in Branding   

What Patriotic Means in Branding $FACU, $DIS, $KO, $T, $GOOGL, $AMZN, $F, $AAPL This Presidential election year is raising interest in and discussion about Patriotism and what it means. Most Americans believe they are Patriotic in 1 form or another, and while people react to Patriotic appeals in different ways, marketers hope that they buy […]

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          Técnico Nivel MedioTitulado Electrónica, Electricidad   
Técnico Titulado Deseable en Electrónica o Electricidad Interesados que cumplan absolutamente con todos los requisitos sin excepción: Presentarse a entrevista con CV Impreso y Copia de Certificado de Título en: HUÉRFANOS 1117 Of. 711 piso 7 Esquina Calle......
          New Zealand vs. British & Irish Lions: Start Time, Live Stream for 2017 2nd Test   

New Zealand can end the British and Irish Lions' hopes of a series victory on Saturday with a win in the second Test at Wellington's Westpac Stadium.

The Lions made a bright start at Auckland's Eden Park last Saturday as they looked to surprise the All Blacks in Game 1 of this summer's series, but the visitors ultimately ran out of steam en route to a convincing 30-15 loss.

Preventing New Zealand from gaining their usual second wind in the last 30 minutes of Saturday's Test will be a chief priority for the travelling outfit this time around, although many have tried and failed in that regard.

Lions coach Warren Gatland has changed up the team ahead of Game 2, however, and his side need a win if they're to keep alive any hopes of stopping New Zealand from finishing the series in early fashion.

We take a look at some of the players likely to play key roles in Saturday's crunch encounter, complete with all the fixture details and live-stream information you'll need to tune into the action. 


Date: Saturday, July 1

Time: 8:35 a.m. BST/3:35 a.m. ET/7:35 p.m. local time

Venue: Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Live Stream: Sky Go app (UK)


Sonny Bill Williams

One of the key areas of debate this week has oddly enough been the midfield, where England centre Ben Te'o has dropped to the bench, with compatriot Owen Farrell taking his place while Johnny Sexton slots in at fly-half.

It's a bold move for Gatland to make considering one of Te'o's primary roles last Saturday was caging New Zealand behemoth Sonny Bill Williams, and the Telegraph's Paul Hayward thought he did a fine job in that regard:

Indeed Farrell doesn't pose the same hulking figure as compatriot Te'o in the centre, and there is the added risk of Williams running riot should the sometimes No. 10 lose out by a wide margin in the physicality department.

But the prospect of seeing Farrell trampled into the Westpac Stadium soil hasn't crossed the mind of Gatland, who has insisted the Englishman and Ireland's Sexton can stop the Kiwi crusher, per Nick Purewal of the Evening Standard:

"Johnny and Owen haven't started but have had quite a bit of time together. It's just given us two ball players and two kicking options at first and second receiver, so we're happy with the mix.

"One concern we might have is that looking at the long-range weather forecast it doesn't look too great for Saturday night. So we may have to change how we play tactically."

"And of course defensively we'll have to do a job on Sonny Bill Williams, too. He came pretty direct at us and got away a couple of offloads, so it's going to be important we shut him down."

Gatland touched on the added dynamism his backs will likely have as a result of swapping Farrell in for Te'o, but ex-England centre and former Lion Mike Tindall has also warned of the imbalance that could follow:

It's not as though Farrell hasn't played and taken down big centres in the past, but Williams isn't only big and as athletic as they come, he also boasts some of the silkiest hands in the game.

Therefore, Gatland could either outwit New Zealand counterpart Steve Hansen as a result of his changes, or he could have just handed Williams the keys to the kingdom as he looks to run riot from the All Blacks' core.


Maro Itoje

Though some of Gatland's decisions during this summer's tour have been contentious, not many can argue the point that England star and first-time Lion Maro Itoje isn't deserving of his place in the XV.

He's only recently begun to make strides on the international stage, but he's already established himself as one of the northern hemisphere's greatest talents, one that should have started Game 1, according to ex-England lock Ben Kay:

Wales second-row Alun Wyn Jones will be an unfamiliar partner for the 22-year-old, but Itoje's maturity beyond his years was recently illustrated by Murray Kinsella of The42.ie:

The fact Itoje could have his chance to make an impact across 80 minutes this time around, as opposed to his 30-minute stint off the bench in Auckland, could make a difference to the Lions' hopes in itself.

That's the unique talent Gatland has opted to trust from the beginning this time around, although a big task awaits the Saracens star in ensuring the occasion doesn't become too overwhelming.

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          Gormley: Canada at 150 worth celebrating   
Most baby boomers will not be around for Canada’s 200th birthday party in 2067, so tomorrow’s Canada 150 birthday bash is our last big symbolic patriotic party. While governments have promoted the sesquicentennial, the whole thing seems to lack the enthusiasm and panache that Canada’s Centennial had in 1967. That year, Canada also hosted Expo […]
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Marusic, Carla, Nuttall, James, Buriani, Giampaolo , Lico, Chiara, Lombardi, Raffaele , Baschieri , Selene, Benvenuto, Eugenio and Frigerio, Lorenzo. (2007) Expression, intracellular targeting and purification of HIV Nef variants in tobacco cells. BMC Biotechnology, Vol.7 (No.12). ISSN 1472-6750
          Indian-Americans and Spelling Bees: Adding some nuance   
It's that time of the year again. The only night of the year when desi people dominate ESPN primetime in the United States. The Scripps National Spelling Bee. Yet again, the winner...or rather co-winners..came from the families of Indian immigrants.

This has been happening for over a decade now, and every year, the aftermath of the Bee in Indian media and Indian and Indian-origin social media follows a similar pattern. There are a few think pieces about why Indian-Americans are so good at spelling bees. Some folks go all uber-patriotic extolling the superior virtues of our intellectual tradition and what not (cue...Bhaaaaarrrraat maaata kiiii.......). And some folks sneer, indulging in a mild form of communal self-loathing. I don't have kids but my close Indian-American friends who do are very emphatic about how they will not make...or even let their kids participate in something as nerdy and inherently uncool as a spelling bee.

Through Twitter I came across this post that quotes Varun Grover's interview in the excellent excellent documentary I Am Offended (do watch if you haven't) which references spelling bees. That blog, and Varun in that documentary, are making a larger point about how the Indian education system is centered around rote learning, stifling creativity and basically preparing "middle managers". And that the success in spelling bees is a symptom of that.

While I agree with Varun and Auctorly on the larger problem, I don't think it is correct to link spelling bees to that problem. I see where they are coming from, and the reason for that is a couple of myths about spelling bees in general which merit some attention.

Myth #1 Spelling Bees are all about memorizing thousands and thousands and thousands of words, and regurgitating them on stage.

I used to think the same way, but it's not really that way. A few years ago, I had a long chat with a student of mine (I am a college professor) who in her school days had participated in the spelling bee. She didn't win, but talked to me about how much fun it was, and ended up giving me a different perspective on this activity that I too once sneered at. Then I read some more about it, watched the documentary Spellbound, talked to some more students over the years, and I think it is necessary to add some nuance to how we view the "sport".

Spelling bee as a contest is more about pattern recognition than just rote memorization. Don't get me wrong. Of course it is important to know and remember many many words to participate in a spelling bee. But the same is true of scrabble. Or crosswords. Or trivia quizzing. Heck, memorization is key even in chess. A serious chess player will have thousands of moves and games memorized.

Just like all those activities/sports, spelling bee is about, yes, having a memory bank of relevant information, but at the top level, it is often about recognizing patterns, working out clues, and then formulating an answer by accessing the relevant information from your brain.

You know how the kids ask for meaning, language of origin, use it in a sentence etc etc? It is not for theater. It has important information, and many times, can even help you make an educated guess at the spelling of a word you've never heard of by using what is basically pattern recognition.

Let me give you an example about how I, without memorizing any words, was able to correctly guess one of the words in the final this year. The word was chremslach. When it was first uttered, I thought it would start with "Kr" and maybe end with "che" or "kh". Then I heard that the word was Yiddish. And the meaning was a kind of passover pastry. Instantly I thought of a pastry that a Jewish deli near my house excels at - rugelach. The end sounded the same. So it had to end in -lach. And the different pronunciations of the starting syllable suggested chr not Kr. The repeated usage by the moderator further confirmed what I had in my mind. A pattern emerged and voila. There the spelling was.

I felt thrilled at having worked it out before the contestant answered. It was a thrill similar to the one I get as a trivia quizzer when I crack a cleverly framed Final Jeopardy style "workout-able" question. Or the thrill I get when I crack a particularly cryptic clue in crosswords.

The aforementioned student kept stressing about how much fun the whole thing was for her. She said it was a form of solving puzzles. And I saw what she meant. I asked her, isn't it boring to memorize thousands and thousands of words. She said no, she LOVES words (sidenote - she always wrote the most well-crafted and thoughtful term papers in my class). And again, I see her point.

When you enjoy any activity built on pattern recognition so much that you want to seriously compete in it, you don't think of the underlying memorization as a drab chore. I like to play scrabble semi-competitively, and it is fun for me to have those cruel 2 letter words memorized so I can gain advantage on the board despite not having great tiles. And I'm sure poker players don't think of probability calculations as mundane.

Myth #2 These desi spelling be winners will most likely end up as middle managers, code coolies, cogs in the corporate machine....just total drones.

Although it seems like Indian-Americans have been winning the bee for ages, in reality, it's been less than two decades that it has been happening consistently. So the sample of winners is not statistically significant, but from whatever I read in "where are they now" type stories, I saw very few, if any, ending up in those drone type jobs.

A lot of them were in some form of research, which to me, as an academic researcher, makes sense. Research is like the rigorous grown-up impactful form of pattern recognition that is built upon a deep memory bank of knowledge about a subject. A bunch of them were doctors and lawyers. One was a professional poker player (again, pattern recognition and memory). And so on. I even googled a few names of winners and always found that the person was doing something really cool.

Maybe a systematic study will throw up more details.

Myth #3 We Indians are just awesome at English and we are such brainiacs and we have the bestest education-centric culture so we are awesome at Spelling Bees

While the first two myths were in the self-loathing category, this one is in the uber-patriotic category. I have no problem with Indians or Indian-origin feeling proud or elated or whatever at this dominance, although I am personally from the Bill Hicks school of thought when it comes to patriotism.

But let us dispel with this notion that there is something really inherently culturally genetically special about Indians that our kids just go to America, show up at spelling bees, and start winning them left and right. There is actually a pretty strong and well-organized training infrastructure that is making all this possible. Remember that these contestants train with the rigor and discipline of athletes. It is not done in isolation, but requires broader support like with any sport or activity.

What you see on ESPN is the culmination of a year of smaller contests, local spelling bees, practice bees, and other such events on the local circuits. And there's a kind of feedback loop that forms. Successive generations build on the success of previous generations. Legacies and even "dynasties" are created and inspire some to adhere to it. I could keep going, but I came across this article that explains the quasi-institutional reasons behind the dominance in more detail.

If some other community starts taking such a deep interest in the sport and organizes in such a serious grassroots way, other communities could start dominating too.

One thing to note is that the winners have all been kids of Indians who migrated to the United States. Recent Indian immigrants, much like recent immigrants of other communities, tend to socialize more with their compatriots and do so in a very community-based way, with associations and groups and mandals and so on. But second generation Indian-Americans are more assimilated in the American mainstream. So when they grow up and have kids of their own, they are not as plugged into the Indian-American groups and associations as their parents were.

So you don't see many (or even any?) third generation Indian-American children winning the spelling bee or even making it to the national finals, because they don't have automatic access to that community-based infrastructure.

The best way to end this post is to quote a now-grown-up Nupur Lala, the star of the Oscar winning documentary who arguably started this Indian-American phenomenon.

“Having watched Spellbound, I realized that several of my competitors weren’t any worse than me ability-wise, but they didn’t have the same advantages—economic privilege, educational background, family dynamics,” she says. “I know that played a big, big role in my success. As a 14-year-old, I really thought I was one of the best spellers out there. In hindsight, I think, yeah, I was a very good speller, but I also had some of the best preparation and resources out there. I had a mom who had a graduate degree in linguistics. Parents who have literally hundreds of books in the house, and who were very motivated to help me succeed.”

          "The Flight" Chapter 2 of Apurvai, a travelogue by P.L. "PuLa" Deshpande   
Many years ago, I translated chapter 1 from the 1960 book. You don't HAVE TO read it to follow this chapter, but it is recommended. Unlike my other translations which were done from audio files of PuLa narrating his work, this one has been done from the actual book. So even Marathis who've never read the book will find something new here. 

To set the stage a little, in this chapter, PuLa describes the experience of his first ever international flight. Based on the references to the Suez Crisis, I'm guessing it happened in 1956 or 1957. So almost 60 years ago! I was surprised to learn of the sheer number of stopovers flights had to make in those days. It is indeed a different era. But so much of what he writes resonated with me in terms of my experiences with international flights. Which is why I chose to translate this although it isn't as ROFLMAO funny as the previous chapter.

Usual caveats - Much of PuLa's humor comes from how he played with the Marathi language, and it can get lost in translation. But his observations and descriptions stay relevant even 55 years later.

Our flight to London from Santa Cruz airport was scheduled for 11 PM on August 20th. It wasn't my first time flying, but it was the first time I was flying to another country, that too on a huge airplane. I had been told to reach the airport about an hour before the flight. Even if I hadn't been told this, I would've gone there two hours before. Because even when I am taking an M.S.M. train (or as you kids today call it, Southern Railway), I go to the station an hour early. Even if I have a reserved seat. 

I find it convenient to allow that buffer for unforeseen but predictable events like getting on the wrong train, not being able to find my compartment, taxi to the station breaking down, heavy rain causing waterlogging, forgetting some important stuff at home and realizing it halfway to the station, forgetting to fill the water bottle, and of course, panicking every few minutes thinking that I have either forgotten the ticket at home or lost it. 

And of course, Indian Railways regularly contributes with unforeseen but predictable events of its own. Just as you've spread out a sheet on your berth and laid down, a railways employee comes and says the compartment has some problems, so we need to shift to another one. It takes about 45 minutes to find a porter, find the replacement compartment, and move all the luggage. It turns out that if you turn the lights on, the fan stops working, and if you turn the fan on, the lights stop working. Finally both are fixed, and when you go to the bathroom, there is no water in the compartment. So you have to stay awake till Lonand to find a guard and complain about it. If you're lucky, it'll get fixed by the time the train reaches Nira. Or then wait till Miraj at 5 AM so you can use the bathroom on the station. 

So even if you go very early to the station, there's no guarantee that your rail journey will be pleasant. I wonder if we are destined to ever get railways that take the responsibility of passenger comfort seriously. Until then, there are only two ways to travel without any problems - on foot like Vinoba Bhave or by air.

Or so I thought.

When I bought my tickets at the Air India office, the lady behind the counter had told me to reach the airport at 9 PM. And then, flashing me a disarming smile, suggested that I call the airline before leaving to make sure the plane wasn't delayed. So just as we were about to leave, I remembered that smile and mentioned this to the huge contingent of friends, family, and neighbors gathered at our house to bid us farewell.

"Haha, don't be an idiot! It's a plane, not an ST bus to be delayed. Airlines operate with second-by-second precision!"

A friend, who had never traveled an inch north of Malad or south of Kala Ghoda, said making me feel like an idiot in front of everyone. This guy has always had this publicly dismissive attitude towards me. I don't know why I am still friends with him. When I told him I was being sent to England by Doordarshan, his first reaction was,

"You??? Why??? Looks like the government has too much money to waste!"

When I first wore the suit mentioned in the previous chapter, he laughed and said I looked like a trumpeter from one of the Dhobi Talao wedding bands. Totally unnecessary snark. But he can't help it. So even though he had no first hand experience on the matter, he stayed true to his nature and ridiculed me for wondering if I should call the airline to check the flight status.

My wife called the airline office anyway. And we came to know that because the incoming plane from Tokyo hadn't reached yet, our flight was delayed by two hours. 

I winced. The idea of sitting in Mumbai's humidity for two more hours wearing a three piece suit, that noose-like tie, those damned expensive Chinese shoes, the nylon socks bought after the Middle East cooled down, and a thick coat meant for England's cold weather, was unbearable. I was tempted to take off all my clothes (except for one) and cal the whole thing off. 

"So....will the plane depart exactly two hours later than scheduled?"

Someone from the annoyingly large farewell contingent asked, and that question suddenly made our house explode into a pointless deliberation that made it resemble a legislative body debating a useless resolution.

"Will the plane leave two hours later or do you go to the airport two hours later?"

"But does two hours really mean two hours?"

"But what does a plane coming from Tokyo have to do with an Air India flight going to London?"

"Let's say the plane reaches earlier than estimated......will it still leave two hours late or earlier than that?"

"Let's say that Tokyo flight is delayed by four hours instead, will your flight leave two hours late or four hours late?"

"Someone told me that last week a flight scheduled for midnight eventually departed after dawn. Is that true?"

"Are you sure it's a plane from Tokyo? Maybe it's Kyoto."

"I just called a friend of mine who works in a restaurant at the airport. He says there is some mechanical problem in this plane, and the Tokyo plane thing is just an excuse."

"So the flight might get cancelled?"

"Do they have a replacement plane? How many planes does All India Radio have anyway?"

"It's Air India, not All India Radio."

"Yeah, same difference."

"Mechanical problems......that's scary!"

"You both have life insurance, right?"

"Remember the plane that crashed at Cairo five years ago? My boss' nephew was on it. His wife got two million as compensation!"

"I've heard you can buy life insurance at the airport."

All this nonsense from people who had nothing to do with our travel whatsoever. I prayed to god to rescue me from this plane chaos by sending the plane he sent for Sant Tukaram. 

"I'm telling you guys. Instead of spending the two hours sitting at home, spend them sitting at the airport. Let's say they repair the plane early and it leaves before time. What are you going to do? It's not like you can catch it on the way. It's not the Barshi-Pandharpur passenger train. Hehehehe!"

So finally, following the over-cautious traditions of my train journeys, we reached the airport at 9:30 PM for a plane that was scheduled to depart at 1:30 AM. Some of my other friends and colleagues were at the airport already to see me off. They either didn't know that the plane was delayed, or even if they knew, they were aware of my over-cautious traditions. 

All my friends at the airport made me feel very awkward and also emotional by showering me with so many garlands and bouquets, that the airport officials thought I was a politician. And I had an epiphany at that moment - the greatest wealth in my life is my friends. If wealth were to be measured in friendships, I am probably richer than Tata-Birla combined. I have so many dear friends in so many walks of life! And so many of them had come late at night and out of the way to the airport to see me off. 

I felt touched but also embarrassed. Firstly, I still wasn't sure I could pull off the suit-boot look. Having such a huge audience for it felt weird. And then there were these garlands and bouquets. I was overwhelmed. I have gotten used to getting such attention at functions and award shows and suchlike. But on this occasion, I was feeling like I had an emotional debt to pay off. Just popping by to say goodbye is one thing, but these guys had come all the way to the airport!

My embarrassment was compounded by the fact that I hadn't really done or achieved anything to deserve all the attention that night. When I get such attention after a successful theater performance, it's okay. At least I gave them some happiness, and they are appreciating it. But that night, my wife and I were just flying to England like thousands of people do everyday. And yet my mob of friends at the airport had made me feel like I was doing something special. With a luggage full of such love and good wishes, I started feeling confident that even if all the engines of the plane failed, I could fly anywhere I wanted. 

The crowd of friends and all the flowers being heaped on me made the press photographers hanging around think that I was some big deal. They suddenly started snapping our pictures like paparazzi. In all this chaos, one of my friends went to the airport officials and convinced them to open a "VIP Lounge" for me. A sturdy fellow in a crisp uniform politely asked us to follow him to the VIP lounge. 

At that moment, my wife looked at me happily with an expression that said - "all these years that I have put up with you are finally paying off!"

As we were led into the imposingly plush VIP lounge, I started feeling even more awkward. Given our colonial history, I know that "England returned" has a certain halo attached to it. But I had no idea that the halo starts appearing even before you leave India. I started feeling worried about the possibility of a real VIP showing up and frowning at how our raucous farewell contingent had made the VIP lounge resemble Khandke's chawl. 

Even in all that chaos, I overheard one of the uniformed guys whispering to the other,

"Nowadays, any random person can become a VIP."

His colleague responded,

"Hoga koi Minister ka baccha nahi toh jamai!"

and walked away.

So I tried to appear and act as VIP-ish as possible. I went around folding my hands and solemnly thanking all the people who had come to see me off. Then I started giving away the garlands and bouquets to kids and being unnecessarily nice to them. Basically, emulating every aspect of VIP behavior that I could remember. 

A few of the professional photographers kept taking pictures of all this, and then offered to send them to me. They helpfully quoted a "professional" rate for it that was ten times what it would cost to get a photo taken in my neighborhood studio. But I was pretending to be a VIP and had to play the part. Once I parted with all the advance payments for the photos, the expression on my face finally came to resemble something that actually deserved to be photographs. I have no idea where those expensive photos are now, by the way.

Eventually there was an announcement that the customs check process had started, and we finally prepared to leave that VIP cell....I mean lounge. While leaving, I handed a generous tip to the uniformed guys standing at the door. The astounded expressions on their faces made me realize that real VIPs probably never hand out any tips. They hand out only two things - promises or threats.

We left the lounge and walked straight to the weighing scales near the customs area. I put our bags on it one by one and felt relieved when each of them were a pound or so less than the 44 pound limit. My wife on the other hand seemed a little disappointed and said,

"Hmpf, I guess we could have taken a few more papads then."

I ignored her and walked to the customs booth, standing in front of the officer with an appropriately guilty expression on my face.

This was the second time in my life that I had faced a customs officer. A few years ago, when returning from Goa (then a Portuguese territory) I stood in front of a customs officer for the first time. Everyone in front of me had been questioned extensively and had their bags checked thoroughly. So I was already terrified. Even though there was no reason to be terrified. In the entire crowd there, we were probably the only ones returning from Goa without as much as a tiny piece of chocolate. But customs booths are one of those weirdly imposing places where I feel nervous by default.

Some people are scared of a dentist's chair. Not me. I have been to dentists many times. One dentist actually turned my simple complaint of an aching tooth into an imperative to extract it with the glee of a professional sadist. It hurt so much, I think I actually saw a few angels waiting to welcome me into heaven. But even then, the next time I went to a (different, obviously) dentist, I went with the ease with which I go to Kulkarni's restaurant to eat bhajiyas. No fear or worries. But put me in front of a custom's officer and my heart starts racing.

There are many random entries in my list of "people I am irrationally scared of". For some reason, I am terrified of every liftman. Not afraid of the actual lift, mind you. It's not like I am scared that the lift will plummet to the basement or anything. I am just scared of the liftmen, at least in Mumbai, where almost all of them seem to have a cold blank expression on their face. I am also terrified of waiters in fancy restaurants. If one is standing next to me, I feel so nervous that I invariably spill something. I was never scared of male teachers, but female teachers always petrified me. And I can slap a doctor on his back and sing songs with him even when he is in the middle of surgery, but when it comes to nurses, my hands start trembling even if I am handing them a note. I have no idea why I carry these bizarre fears in my heart.

That customs officer I encountered when returning from Goa had insulted me rather painfully! I still shudder and shed a tear when I think about it.

When it was my turn, he asked me my name, address, and profession. Those days, I earned my living in a college fostering deep hatred for literature among the students. As soon as I told the officer that I was a Professor, and that too of Marathi, he just looked straight into my eyes, and with an expression conveying immense pity, said,

"You can go."

He didn't ask to search my luggage, didn't ask me if I was carrying any contraband, didn't even ask me if I had anything to declare. With utter conviction that I lacked the ability or the means to smuggle in alcohol, gold, cigarettes, or anything like that, he sent me on my way. I have never felt more humiliated. I would've preferred it if he had instead put me through a two hour long interrogation under a bright lamp.

So that day in Mumbai airport, I was wondering if the customs officer in charge of examining departing passengers would be more respectful. He looked at my bags, then glanced at my face, and then wordlessly made some chalk markings on the bags and waved me through. Rude, isn't it?

Next my wife and I went to Passport Control. Our passports had been issued two years ago and were valid for three more years. But one of my friends in the farewell party had authoritatively said, 

"Ohhhh.....just three years validity left? That might create problems. Good luck!"

I nervously handed over the passports to the officer. He glanced at them for a nanosecond and returned them to me. I was less worried about the validity and more worried about the passport photo. But the officer had evidently discovered some similarity between my passport photo and the way I actually look. Once we were done with that, a health officer quickly made sure we had taken the necessary vaccinations and we were done.

Once we got the "worthy of traveling abroad" certification from Pandit Nehru's people, all we could do was wait for the plane to leave. It was past midnight. The departure area at Santa Cruz is decorated and furnished in a very modern way. There are lots of comfortable couches and chairs for passengers to relax in. But my wife and I were sitting there uncomfortably, feeling out of place.

There was a European couple sitting in front of us. They seemed confused by Indian currency. These were the days when paisa coins co-existed with anna coins and the poor visitors had no idea if the many coins they had were worth five rupees or five annas. Hoping to give them a happy memory of Indian hospitality, I jumped in to offer unsolicited advice and ended up compounding their confusion even more. Finally my better half stepped in, sorted the whole thing out, and informed them that Indian women have a much better understanding of money than Indian men. 

The European couple left for their flight and I started looking around at other fellow-passengers. With a parochial mindset, I went around to see if there were other Marathi folk there, and soon met a man named Patil and a student named Joshi. I was there representing the Deshpande name. All we were missing was a Kulkarni. If we had found one, we would have had Patil-Joshi-Deshpande-Kulkarni, the four pillars of the ancient Marathi administrative set-up. Sadly there was no Kulkarni on that flight, but it did end up having a pilot named Nadkarni. Nadkarni is essentially the South Kannada version of Kulkarni, so I guess we ended up with the full set eventually.

 Around 1 AM, the plane's wings must have fluttered because suddenly, there was a lot of activity around us. The crowd started walking in one direction, and we went along. I looked at the glass barrier at the customs desk and saw our contingent was still patiently waiting. The elders had tears in their eyes and the younger lot looked like they were cracking stale jokes at our expense and passing them off as new. 

When we eventually reached the gate, I confirmed three times that it was the right plane. Or else we'd wake up the next morning in Cochin instead of Cairo. I still carried emotional scars from the night at Pune station that I got on a train to go to Kolhapur and woke up the next morning to find I was in a compartment parked in the Pune railway yard. I have always had the kind of luck where I take a girlfriend to watch a movie on the sly and run into a nosy old relative who decided to come watch the same movie. And I couldn't afford to let that luck mess up international travel. 

There was an air hostess standing at the door, welcoming us with an unnaturally wide smile. The rest of the crew, dressed in crisp dark trousers and skirts and blindingly white shirts, sporting wing shaped lapel pins and painstakingly groomed mustaches, was darting about doing their work. We reached our seats and stared out the tiny oblong window at the terminal, wondering if our friends and family were still there. 

Once I was in the seat, I assured myself that despite all apparent obstacles, it now seemed like I would definitely go to England, and fastened the seat belt around my stomach. The engines started humming and the fans started rotating one by one.   The plane got going. After zooming along the ground for a mile or so, it slowed down and stopped at the other end of the runway. 

As soon as it stopped, I started fearing the worst. The plane had already been delayed by mechanical problems. I wasn't sure if they had fixed the problems completely or had postponed some repairs. Maybe now they'd discover more problems. I also carried emotional scars from bus drivers who'd make passengers board on a scorching hot day, bake them in that tin box for an hour while they waited, and then open the bonnet of the bus to examine what's wrong with the engine. 

Luckily, nothing like that happened. In a couple of minutes, the plane started moving again, then sped up, and eventually left terra firma in a graceful glide. I watched the airport rapidly disappear from my view and before I knew it, Mumbai started resembling a gem-laden ornament below us. In that ornament, four million people were probably dreaming as they slept, while I sat with wide open eyes, realizing my childhood dream of foreign travel. 

And next to me was my soul mate and my life partner accompanying me on this adventure. Over the previous twelve years, we had built many castles in the air together, while never feeling tempted to build a house on the ground. We never stayed in one place for more than 2-3 years anyway. We had in common a huge appetite for new challenges and new experiences. And the latest one was to be living in England for 5-6 months.

Our flight had been in the air for a while, and the plane was completely dark as was the sky outside, but I still couldn't sleep. The plane was completely packed and experienced travelers were already snoring. Our air-hostess was Japanese. She was promptly and efficiently offering candy and nuts to travelers with a studied smile straight out of the training syllabus. Her walk was brisk and her voice had the crispness of springtime. 

I was feeling really hot. That damned suit on my body started feeling like clunky armor and I again cursed myself for wearing it on the plane. I looked around and was taken aback when I noticed at an Englishman sitting in front of me. Here I was, wearing a brand new three piece suit because I was going to his snooty country. And this dude was sitting there looking very relaxed in khaki shorts, a flannel shirt with some twenty five pockets, and a flimsy felt hat that did not match.

So I discreetly looked around at the other white people on the flight. Not a single one of them was dressed even as remotely formally as I was. Sitting there overdressed in that damned suit in the middle of the night, I started feeling like even more of a neophyte than I already was. 

Suddenly the Japanese air-hostess appeared with a small wet towel on a plate. I eyed the towel suspiciously for a second. I had no idea what purpose a wet towel was supposed to serve at two in the morning. But I was brought up never to turn a plate away, so I picked up the towel and thanked her. I looked at my wife to see if she had any suggestions, but she was fast asleep. I slowly glanced across the aisle and saw that the guy there was gently rubbing the towel on his face. I did the same, and the cool cologne scented fabric gave me some relief from the intense heat I was experiencing. 

Our massive jumbo jet was slicing through the darkness leaving cities and mountains behind. I was finally feeling a little drowsy. Almost everyone around me, including my wife, was already asleep. That Englishman with the khaki shorts was in fact trying to drown out the noise of the engine with his own booming multi-octave snores with his mouth open. The ex-subject of Her Majesty's realm inside me felt relieved to observe first-hand that even the English can snore with their mouths open. Because once our travel plans were made, I was a bit worried about that. 

You see, I am one of "those" too. But over the course of my life, I have come across some impressively loud snorers. My grandma says that people with big hearts and minds snore the most. I don't know if there is any correlation between big bodies and big hearts and minds - I won't mind if there is. I started thinking a lot about snoring and hearts and minds. I do remember that I spent a lot of time thinking about it. But I don't know for how long, because the next thing I knew, I was waking up to the dawn's early light.

Our plane was flying over a huge desert. I noted how different this dawn was from any other dawn I had experienced in my life, thousands of miles over a limitless desert. This experience, coming right after I had experienced a darkness so different from any other darkness I had experienced in my life, spurred some philosophical and metaphorical thoughts. It felt like I was witness to the dawn of a new phase of my life. I thought about my recent years and realized that I hadn't really experienced real dawn in years. In Mumbai's fast-paced hectic life, by the time my day ended, it was usually well past midnight. So by the time I usually woke up, dawn would have given up on waiting for me and slid away, making way for harsh sunlight. 

Our Japanese air-hostess, still looking as fresh as a dew-kissed flower, was making the rounds with hot fortifying beverages for the morning. I have never found those beverages particularly fortifying immediately after waking up, so I politely declined her offer of tea or coffee. Instead, I got up and headed to the bathroom. Taking care not to wake up or bump into any of the other passengers, I tiptoed my way to the front, and slowly opened the door to what I thought was the bathroom. Instead I found myself face-to-face with the fine gentlemen flying the plane. It was the cockpit door! I guess the expression on my face gave away what my need was because the co-pilot, without saying anything, pointed me to the correct door. 

I finished my morning ablutions and returned to the seat to find the "fasten seatbelts" sign flashing. By the time I was able to find the belt and buckle it up, the plane had started its rapid descent. I looked out the window and saw that we were headed to a desert island surrounded by more desert. I assumed it was Cairo, our first stopover. I started looking around the landscape in the hopes of spotting some pyramids. By the time I spotted a bump that I thought was a pyramid and was about to point it out to my wife, the plane was touching down, and before I knew it, it was standing stationary in a foreign land.

I looked at the dinky terminal outside the window and was a little disappointed that a city as renowned as Cairo should have an airport that looks more like an ST bus stand. But once we got off the plane, I learned that we were not in Cairo, but in some place called "Bahrain" instead. I felt a bit like Columbus who reached land confident that he was in India but then discovered that he was instead in some strange land he did not know anything about. And I felt relieved that I had not pointed out those supposed pyramids to my wife.

I had never heard of Bahrain before and had no idea where the hell it exactly was or why we were there instead of Cairo. But we walked into the terminal and headed for the restaurant. I learned that there were oilfields nearby and that Bahrain is a small island nation that is known for its oilfields. That was pretty much all we learned about the place. 

We sat in the restaurant, ordered tea, and waited while the plane was refueled. The tea arrived after a long time. One sip of that concoction and I was convinced that in Bahrain, they used dried date palm leaves in lieu of tea leaves and the milk probably came from a camel instead of a cow. Over the course of my life, I have tasted many different kinds of tea......except of course the spilled tea from Mongini's mentioned in the previous chapter. Tea served in small glass tumblers in Mumbai, tea served in mud bowls on the banks of the Narmada, tea served in metallic cups in Madras, masala milk tea, railway station tea flavored with charcoal, tea without milk, tea without sugar, and even Chinese tea made from jasmine flowers. But I will never EVER forget that horrible tea from Bahrain airport. I will happily drink the bitterest castor potion than drink that tea again.

Well, at least the tea was free, because it was paid for by the airline.

Pretty soon, the plane was ready and we all climbed back into its belly. The plane took off soon and headed for Cairo. The flight from Bahrain to Cairo was essentially just desert after desert after desert. Once in a while, just as a change of scenery, there would be a small strip of water. But otherwise, totally barren. Not a single glimpse of green. 

And that's when I really understood why the green flag of Islam came was hoisted in these deserts first. The prophet was very clever in choosing the color green for his flag. It is obvious why millions of Arabs enthusiastically followed that rare pleasant colored flag. I'm sure that the green flag was as instrumental in the spread of Islam as the Koran was. Add to it the moon that the desert dwellers probably equated with the relief provided by night, and I felt I had to applaud the prophet for his grasp of semiotics. 

It was about 8:30 in the morning. I was staring at the desert out the window hoping to spot a camel train. But in vain. I did spot a lot of dry river beds though. Soon the sun got really bright and the glare made it difficult to keep looking outside. Soon our plane moved from the sea of sand to a sea of water. Being geographically challenged, I first decided it was the Red Sea, then the Caspian Sea, then the Black Sea, and then the Dead Sea. I still have no idea which one it was.

A while later, there were murmurs all around that we were flying over the Suez Canal. All passengers looked out the windows, identified the first strip of water they could find, and assured themselves that it was the Suez Canal. Again, no idea if any of those were actually the Suez Canal. From the height we were flying at, every strip of water looked as tiny as the Fergusson College canal in Pune. But in one strip, I spied some dots that seemed like boats and I silently convinced myself that it was indeed the Suez Canal. It was hard to believe that this tiny strip of water was responsible for almost starting World War 3 and almost sinking my travel plans.  

When your plane is flying so high that you can only see the sky and clouds above you as well as below you, you can't help but get philosophical. You forget any fears you have about the plane crashing. Looking at creation from a height that makes even seas look like saucers of water makes you realize how insignificant you are in the whole scheme of things. As our plane flew towards Cairo, I couldn't help but realize that I was looking at the cradle of civilization. These deserts were where the Babylonian, Sumerian, and Assyrian civilizations had once bloomed. Where the library of Alexandria was once home to millions of of books that were burned. I'm assuming some Big Four or Big Five must have had a summit even then and decided that burning books was in the best interests of the world.

As impressive as the sights of great oceans, great skies, and great lands is while flying, one look at the great space when flying above clouds make them all pale in comparison. And you start wondering what the whole point of creation is, and whether you make any difference to it whatsoever. 

Our plane was about to reach Cairo soon and I started thinking about it. Egypt is an ancient civilization, much like India. Historians have discovered that trade and cultural links between Egypt and India date back millenia. This is the land that saw rich culture flourish for millenia even before Christ was born. And when Christ was born, the bright star that shone was above these lands too. This is the land where Jews, Christians, and Muslims found their faiths and then unfurled the blood-soaked flags of those faiths.

I was in the middle of these thoughts and didn't even realize when I dozed off. The next thing I knew, someone was yelling "KAHIRO!!!!", waking me up.

The first sight I saw at Cairo airport was of battle-ready fighter jets. Next to them were imposing anti-aircraft guns with their barrels pointed to the sky. The stage seemed to be set for the next big war. The only question seemed to be which actors would enter the stage first and who the director would be. Actors from dozens of countries seemed to be ready, with war-paint on, or make-up on. Who knew when the final act would start and when it would end.

When I read a big sign that said, "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT", I felt like someone had sprayed a stream of cold water on my face on an oppressively hot day. Why shouldn't all human beings be welcomed heartily all over this little planet of ours? Although as long as there exist things like passports and visas, built on an assumption of distrust of fellow human beings, can we really expect true expressions of such humanity? The sign that said "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT"....to any "you" who reached there, regardless of race, religion, gender, creed.....why shouldn't such signs and more importantly sentiments, be displayed everywhere?

The funny thing is, this "WE WELCOME YOU TO EGYPT" sign was right next to the massive anti-aircraft guns and the irony endemic to human existence tickled me and troubled me in equal amounts.

We headed to the restaurant inside the terminal. The waiters there were very friendly and polite, and served us some divine Egyptian coffee. Compared to Mumbai airport, I thought Cairo airport was small. There was a lot of new construction happening around us though. Egypt is currently in the midst of writing a new chapter in its history. Everybody is watching carefully to see which way their new statesman (Nasser) takes them.

It was in Cairo airport that I first encountered Egyptian people. And as I examined their appearance carefully, I wondered how many Egyptians there might be in Mumbai too. Because in terms of appearance, I didn't really see any major differences between Egyptians and Indians. Beyond the facts I had memorized in my childhood to score 2 marks in the history exam, such as pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and the Nile river, my knowledge about Egypt was as barren as their desert. I had never even thought about anyone living in Egypt other than Cleopatra, General Najeeb, and now this Nasser fellow.

Suddenly, I was overcome by a profound sense of ignorance and curiosity as a foreigner in a foreign land. And sitting there in the Cairo airport, I started thinking about how day-to-day life in Egypt must be and how I knew nothing about it. How do school teachers, lawyers, and bureaucrats here dress? Is it similar to how those folks dress in India? What is the most popular item in a typical restaurant in Egypt? Do wives here refer to their husbands by name or is there some tactful pronoun that has been coined for the purpose like in India? With each passing second, the expanse of my ignorance about this fascinating culture seemed to exceed the expanse of the desert.

Then I started thinking about the people who worked at that airport. For them, a typical day consisted of interacting with travelers from dozens of different countries, for maybe an hour or two at a time, before they went on their way and were replaced by a different set of foreigners. Do they feel the same sense of curiosity and note their ignorance about other cultures? Or has it become just a mundane feature of their lives by now? Do they actively notice the multi-colored lattice of different races and nationalities or does it just pass by in the blink of an eye like a frame from a cinema reel?

I spent the rest of the time in Cairo thinking about all this before we were called back to the plane. The next stopover was Geneva in Switzerland. As our plane surged through the clouds, we gradually left the desert behind and were soon traveling over Europe. Specifically, Italy, as the pilot informed us.

While I was almost entirely ignorant about Egypt except for its ancient history and contemporary politics, I at least knew more about Italy thanks to all the books I had read. Names like Rome, Venice, and Naples started swimming around in my head. I decided that if the plane had to crash right now, I would want it to do so near Naples. I had read that Naples was home to some of the most awe-inspiring sculptures in the world. So if my plane crashed in Naples, I could drag myself to those sculptures, see them first hand, and then die happy.

Yes, I know it is morbid to keep pondering the possibility of the plane crashing but that's how I am and be honest, aren't you too?

But the plane kept going. I kept looking at the Italian landscape underneath and we didn't see Naples or Venice. But we did fly over Rome. It was hard to miss. As I looked at the distant but clear images of various buildings and cathedrals in Rome, I first felt a great sense of satisfaction at seeing them first hand. Then I compensated for the unfamiliar bliss by berating myself for still not having read Gibbon's "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" even after buying it years ago. I made a mental note to read it as soon as I returned home.

When you're flying over different countries of the world, you think more about what you haven't read about those lands than what you have read. In another hour or so, our plane was flying over the gorgeous alps and I realized we were in Europe's Eden.

Soon the plane touched down in Geneva. I had heard a lot of cautionary tales about how the cold in Europe is way worse than anything I might have experienced in India. I experienced it first hand as I walked into the Geneva airport and felt like I had walked into a massive refrigerator. And this was just August! So I shivered a little and prepared for six more months of this inhumanly cold weather. No wonder these white folks ran away and captured our warmer lands.

As soon as I stepped into the chilly Geneva airport, my brain initiated a flashback from 20 years ago from my college days in Pune. I had grown up in Mumbai, where it never gets even remotely chilly. Then in Pune in the winters, every so often, I would wake up to such a chilly morning. It felt more bracing than oppressive, making me feel like running all the way across the world. I had always thought cold weather would make me feel like a shriveled old man, but instead, it made me feel like a daring young man, ready to achieve anything!

Anyway, we walked into the restaurant at the Geneva airport and it looked more like a flower shop than a restaurant. The faces of all the staff members were fresh and enthusiastic like recently bloomed lilies. There was a spring in their step. It didn't look like anyone could ever age, and everyone looked like they were in their 20s even though they probably weren't. We were served coffee in a very elegantly crafted glass cup. And it tasted divine and almost intoxicating. I wondered that if even the coffee here gets my pulse racing so much, what will stronger beverages do? I had heard that Switzerland is a place where extreme beauty and extreme pleasure is the default and my experiences at their airport confirmed it.

I didn't even realize when that stopover at Geneva ended. It was cold, but I was surrounded by beauty, human and non-human, and I felt more alive than I ever had. Before I got back on the plane, I turned around and took a 360 degree mental picture of all I could see of Switzerland from that terminal. The tall trees sheltering cute little houses, the snow-covered peaks of the Alps kissing the deep blue sky. I promised myself to return for a more leisurely visit. When the plane took off, I was looking at a meandering little river as it flowed through the verdant Swiss countryside, when suddenly, our plane ascended above the clouds. And those fluffy white things that a few hours earlier had seemed gorgeous, now seemed like villains for blocking my view of the Swiss landscape. Our journey continued.

The next stop was to be at Dusseldorf in Germany, It had been over 20 hours since we took off from Mumbai. The hands of my watch had already been rotated many times by then. Every hour, the pilot made announcements about how high we were flying, what the temperature outside was, what the local time was, and so on. Passengers around us were saying random things in response to those announcements like, "Oh! 18,000 feet? That's nice! Very high!"

We were flying through clouds at that moment, so I personally couldn't tell the difference between 18,000 feet and 18 million feet. Honestly, this whole thing of estimating distances has been a challenge for me, whether I am in the air or on the ground. Whenever I read about some witness in court say stuff like "the accused was 19 feet away from me", I feel jealous of his ability to express distance so precisely. Because I absolutely suck at it. I can't even remember the inches in my own measurements for shoes, hats, collars, socks, and so on. When a shoe salesman asks what size I want, I just give him the chappals I am wearing then and ask him to figure it out. I have immense respect for people who go shoe shopping and say stuff like "Bring me Number 8 pairs".

And when someone remembers the precise date on which something happened, I feel overcome enough with admiration to go hug them. When I hear someone say stuff like, "I remember it was July 17th...", I am amazed. I suck at dates too. Which is why I always sucked at history in school. Even now, I remember only three dates - Shivaji Maharaj died in 1680, the 1857 uprising happened in 1857, and using multiple reminder mnemonics, my wife's birthday. Other than these three, I have no idea of any other dates. You can ask me when India gained independence and I will try to hedge between 1947 and 1950.

Anyway, the point is, I am horrible with anything that is expressed numerically. So even before I could figure out how high 18,000 feet exactly is, our plane was touching down in Dusseldorf. Before I knew it, we were surrounded by cries of "Achtung! Achtung!" and "Gut! Gut!". My wife and I walked to the terminal, now sick of this sequence of stopovers. Yes. I was in Germany with its rich history and culture and intriguing contemporary split between East and West, but I didn't give a damn. The aforementioned Joshi and Patil left us here and we sat there hoping that we'd reach London before we died of boredom.

Why does the final stretch of the journey always seem to last the longest? Even when I am traveling from Pune to Mumbai by train, it is the same. The time from Pune to Thane or Kalyan seems to breeze by in a happy procession of vada, omelets, chikki, etc. But from there, Mulund, Bhandup, Vikroli, Dadar, etc seem to take an eternity to pass by. Very annoying! It's the same with other trips too. When you're taking a train from Mumbai to Delhi, everything seems great until you reach Mathura, and then after that, things seem to slow down. If you're going from Mumbai to Nagpur. it is Wardha that is the tipping point after which it is all yawns and polite curses.

The flight from Dusseldorf to London seemed similarly annoying and yawn-inducing. Finally, after about the hundredth yawn, the plane started barreling downwards. All the passengers around us seemed to have perked up as the plane continued descending. Finally there was a bump and the plane started slowing down. And a few passengers around me echoed my thoughts,

"Ah! London!"

          Antu Barva by P. L. "PuLa" Deshpande   
Fourteen years ago today, Purushottam Laxman Deshpande, arguably the most influential and beloved person from Maharashtra, died at the age of 81. He left behind a gargantuan legacy in the form of his books, plays, songs, movies, essays, social work, but more than that, the lasting impact he has had on Maharashtra. Every couple of years, I translate one of his essays or short stories on this blog. This time, I have chosen Antu Barva, a fictionalized life sketch that he created as an amalgam of several people he knew in Konkan. It is not exactly LOL funny, but is light-hearted while still tugging at your heart-strings. It is meant as a depiction of the tough life in Konkan in the middle of the 20th century, and the sort of complex and poignant characters such a life spawns.

But as somber as the basic subject matter is, PuLa manages to inject humor into it, even if the humor is dark. When I first read Antu Barva, I just read it as a slightly humorous life sketch. As I have re-read it and re-heard its narration over the years, I have come to recognize it as something beyond just that. It is one of PuLa's best allegorical social commentaries in my opinion. He was duly recognized for Vyakti Aani Valli, the book that this sketch appears in, with a Sahitya Akademi Puraskaar. In that book, I think this is THE most impressive and multi-layered sketch.

For years, I considered translating Antu Barva here but was too intimidated given how nuanced it is. PuLa gave Antu a specific Konkani "voice" (in text form as well as when he narrated the sketch for TV) that is impossible to translate. No matter how well I tried, I thought I would end up doing injustice to the original work. This is in addition to the usual difficulties in translating PuLa's wordplay and nuanced observations. So it is with a great sense of trepidation that I am even attempting this today. A LOT will get lost in translation. But I hope PuLa's fans will forgive me any errors. Because I think this particular piece is one of the greatest literary achievements from an Indian and it deserves a wider audience.

Miss you, PuLa. Bhool-chook maaf kara.

Ratnagiri's middle lane has been home to some towering personalities over the years. God used a unique formula when creating these people. These people tend to be a metaphorical amalgam of Ratnagiri's most famous products - sweet mango, rough jackfruit, hard coconut, irritating colocasia leaves, and intense betel nuts whose one bite will make your heart jump up your throat.    

It is in this unique Ratnagiri soil that Antu Barva grew and ripened. Actually, Antu's age doesn't really justify people casually calling him just "Antu". When I first met him 12-14 years ago, not just his stubble, but even the hair on his ears and chest had turned white. His teeth had mostly gone "Annu Gogtya".

Going Annu Gogtya = falling.

This is an idomatic phrase that Antu Barva coined. A lawyer from Ratnagiri named Annu Gogte has been standing in the local elections for many years. Standing and then falling. Repeatedly, without even coming close to winning. So even if a bucket falls in a well, Antu asks "has the bucket gone Annu?"

When someone is talking about old Antu, they just refer to him in the singular casual "Antu". As it is, characters from Konkan are quite singular. But no one calls Antu just "Antu" to his face.  They call him Antu sheth!

True blue Brahmin Antu got this trader caste suffix "sheth" decades ago. After all Antu himself had committed a sin justifying this demotion. During the first world war, Antu started a shop near the docks. It failed spectacularly even before the Treaty of Versailles. But that short-lived stint as a shopkeeper was enough to turn Antu into Antu sheth.

After that, no one remembers Antu doing anything specific to make a living. He manages to somehow score at least two square meals a day from somewhere. He has a little plot of land with a garden that has a couple of dozen coconut and Alphonso mango trees, sprinkled with the odd jackfruit and tamarind tree. He has a little single-room shack on that land. He has the right to draw water from the nearby well. Antu sheth manages to get by on all this.

I first met Antu at Bapu Hegishte's store. I had gone there to buy some cigarettes when Antu's face peered out from behind a newspaper. He slid his reading glasses up his forehead and said,

"You're Lawyer saheb's son-in-law, right?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Ahha! I recognized you right away! Please, have a seat, please. Bapu, some tea for our jawaibapu (a respectful term for son-in-law)!"

I had no idea who this guy was, suddenly acting so familiar. Antu sheth himself explained,

"Your father-in-law is a good friend of mine. Tell him Antu Barva said hello."


"Hmmm....when did you come from Pune?"

"Two days ago."

"Of course....the first Diwali after you got married....haha...ask him for a Ford car!"

"He is your friend. Why don't you tell him?"

"Haha, you're from Pune after all. Can't get the last word with you." he laughed. "So...staying long or just a flying visit?"

"Just a short trip. I'm leaving in a couple of days."

"Excellent! It's always good to keep such visits short. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that. Don't end up like that Kasopkar's son-in-law. He set up camp for six months. Finally Kasopkar lost his patience and made him plow his land! When a son-in-law stays with you for too long, he starts feeling like a pain in the neck, right?"

"You're right." I nodded.

"Bapusheth, I hope you recognized our lawyer's son-in-law. We are both your father-in-law's clients, jawaibapu."

Bapu Hegishte smiled and folded his hands in greeting.

"Welcome. Would you like to have some tea?" he asked.

"No, it's okay. It's really hot right now."

"Of course, it's always going to be hot in Ratnagiri!" Antu jumped in. "You can't sleep in a cowshed and then complain about the stink of cow piss! If Ratnagiri had cool weather, they'd have called it Shimla, not Ratnagiri!"

Before I could say anything, Antu continued,

"But the heat is way worse in your neighborhood with all those houses next to each other. Come to my garden near the beach. My garden is...how do you say...."aircondition"!"

Antu sheth said the last words in English and laughed, and then added,

"That's our country joke, jawaibapu!"

Then he addressed Hegishte again.

"Bapusheth, did you know our jawaibapu here is a writer? Writes plays and movies and what not. Behave properly when he is around or he'll write a hilarious farce about you."

The pride I felt on my fame having spread even to someone like Antu Barva was dashed by Bapu Hegishte's next question. Bapusheth looked me up and down carefully for a few seconds and said,

"What do you do?"

"What the hell do you mean what does he do?" Antu thundered. "Are you insane, Hegishte? Take out that pile of raddi old newspapers and open them. You'll see his name and picture in dozens of places! He makes movies!"

"Movies!!?? Really??" Hegishte's expression changed to one of wonderment and he looked at me as if I was God.

"Jawaibapu, speaking of movies, can I ask you a question if you don't mind?"

I could see the naughty expression on Antusheth's face as he asked me this.

"Sure, go ahead."

"How much money do you make from one movie?"

This wasn't my first trip to Konkan. So by now, I had gotten used to dealing with such intensely personal questions.

"That really varies from movie to movie." I deflected.

"But still....I mean I have read that you get like a million or a million and a half."

"No way! There isn't nearly that kind of money in Marathi films."

"Yeah, but still. Even if you don't get fistfuls, you must be getting at least 2-3 pinchfulls?"

"You get it sometimes, and also lose it sometimes." I stuck to being vague.

"Well of course, it's a business after all. When it comes to business, you win some, you lose some. It's all part of the game."

Antu sheth got philosophical. But only for a moment.

"Can I ask you one more question? Only if you don't get angry."

"What's there to get angry about? Go ahead."

"Well..you know....whatever we read about these film actresses in magazines and all....is that real or is it fake like Gangadhar Basthe's "real" Belgaum butter?"

"What do you mean all this about film actresses?" I kept a straight face and pretended to not get what he was saying.

"Quite a skillful guy you are, jawaibapu. Skillful! You'll make a great witness in court!" Antu sheth was having none of it. "All this about film actresses as in...the whole index finger nostril thing."

I didn't immediately get what he meant by the whole index finger nostril thing. So Antu sheth gently tapped his index finger against his nostril and winked. Fortunately, before I had to say anything, a waiter arrived with the tea Hegishte had ordered.

"Looks like all the cows in Ratnagiri are still pregnant, Jhampya!" Antu made a sarcastic remark to the waiter on the color of the tea. And then he poured the tea in the saucer and started slurping it.

Actually, Antu sheth could have just said to the waiter in plain words that the tea was low on milk. But he preferred the "all the cows are still pregnant" phrasing. Why just Antu sheth? Almost everyone from that middle lane in Ratnagiri spoke in that sarcastic obtuse way.

By now, Antu sheth and I have become good friends. In the last decade or so, whenever I have gone to Ratnagiri, I have spent time with him. He always included me in his group of friends, taught me the ganjifa card games they played. And over the years, I heard a lot monologues on the odd philosophy of life that those men in their 60s had developed.

I even learned all the idiomatic phrases the group had come up with. They all dressed similar. A cotton loincloth from the waist below, a small cotton scarf on the shoulder, worn-out sandals, one hand holding a walking stick, and the other holding a jackfruit. Dressed like that, Antu sheth would roam around in the neighborhood calling his friends to join him every afternoon.

"Govindbhat! Wanna play a couple of hands?"

"Paranjape? Are you awake or have you turned into a python?"

I too became a part of their card game gang. If once in a while, the card game wasn't really panning out well, Antu would put the cards down and say to me,

"Jawaibapu, why don't you sing a Malkauns or something? Godbolya, bash a little tabla with our guest. Khaju sheth, open your decrepit harmonium."

And then we'd have an impromptu jam session for a bit at Antu sheth's orders.

"Jawaibapu, your pipes are kick-ass!" he'd compliment my singing in his unique way.

Every other year or so, I'd visit Ratnagiri and attend Antu sheth's court. But with each visit, the court seemed to be getting smaller.

"Antu sheth, haven't seen Damu kaka around." I asked once.

"Who? Damu Nene? He is living it up! I am told Rambha is rubbing oil on his bald head, and Urvashi is airing him with a fan!"


"What do you mean what? Damu Nene got transferred from Ratnagiri!" and Antu Sheth pointed to the sky.

"Oh!" I finally understood what he meant. "I am so sorry. I had no idea."

"Why would you have any idea about it? Do you think that they're going to announce on the radio that Damu Nene has croaked? His family did pay for an obituary in the newspaper though. Heh, they wrote he was loving, caring, friendly, pious, and what not. What do the newspaper folks care? As long as you are paying, they will publish any nonsense."

Antu continued in his characteristic manner.

"Damu Nene and loving? Hmpf! Even when he was lying dead on the pyre, the furrow on his brow was intact! One day he decided to sleep outdoors because it was too hot. They found him dead the next morning. Lucky bugger. Died on Ashadhi Ekadashi too! So there were two processions from Ratnagiri that day. One for Lord Vithoba and another for Damu Nene. Damu died on Ashadhi. And then on Dussehra, Dattu Paranjape crossed the border and did seemolanghan. The first guy croaked, the second guy croaked.....now waiting for the third. They say things happen in three."

Antu looked at me mischievously and shrugged.

And that's the essence of Antu Barva for you. Standing at less than 5 feet, bronze-fair complexion, small pockmarks on his face, small gray eyes, creased skin belying his advanced age, half his teeth fallen....or "gone Annu"...leading to a new habit of poking his tongue through the gaps while talking.... and with all this, weighing in at barely 100 lbs.

Every aspect of Antu Barva's earthly existence was getting worn out with each passing year except for two - the nasal booming voice and the slick intelligence fed by decades of rubbing coconut oil on his head.

It wasn't just Antu sheth. Almost all the men his age from that part of Ratnagiri were of a similar bent....which was a crooked bent. Their language was unnecessarily complex and their attitude exceedingly cynical. They didn't feel happy if someone did well, and didn't feel sad if a tragedy befell someone. There was no joy for births, no mourning for deaths. Most of them apart from Antu didn't really like music, but didn't dislike it either. And when it came to food, the taste and flavors didn't matter, as long as their belly got filled. The engine of their life never really faltered when it ran out of steam, nor did it go fast when it did have some steam. But the road their lives took was like every road in Konkan- serpentine.

That's the hand life had dealt them. Even though their lives were full of the wholesome coconut tree, their fates and thus their tastes leaned less towards the sweet creamy inside of the coconut, and more towards its tough shell.

One summer, a second-rate theater company from Mumbai was touring Ratnagiri staging Ram Ganesh Gadkari's famous play Ekach Pyala. I went to watch it. The production was barely competent in the first act. At intermission, I walked outside to the hissing clinks of soda bottles being opened. Under a Kitson lamp, I saw Antu sheth's diminutive form. He was talking to the fur-cap clad manager of the theater company.

"So....how's the attendance?" Antu sheth asked.

"Not bad." the manager gruffly replied.

"Not bad? Most of the chairs seem empty. Why don't you let me in for half price?"

"No way!" the manager shook his head rudely.

"Why are you brushing me away like a lizard? I heard the first act from out here anyway. The guy playing Sindhu doesn't seem to be very good."

[aside - in the early-to-mid 20th century in orthodox Maharashtra, it was taboo for women to perform on stage. So much like in Shakespeare's days, female parts were usually played by men. The legendary Bal Gandharva excelled at this and one of his most famous roles was playing Sindhu in the first staging of Ekach Pyala.]

"The guy playing Sindhu doesn't seem to be very good." Antu sheth said. "He sang 'lage hridayi hurhur' like a squeaking mouse. Did you ever hear how Bal Gandharva sang it?"

The manager got pissed off.

"I'm not begging you to come watch it!" he thundered.

"But the town is full of your advertising boards begging us to come watch it." Antu sheth instantly replied. "And yesterday your people were going door to door with fliers. As it is, it's mainly empty chairs you are showing this play to. How about four annas?"

"Four annas? What is this? A monkey performing on the street?"

"That's better than this! They perform first and then circulate a plate for money. Why don't you try that? If the next act is better than the first one, I'll pay you an extra four annas!"

The people standing around them started laughing and the manager got even more upset. That's when Antu sheth noticed me.

"Namaskar, jawaibapu! How's it going? How's Ekach Pyala?"

"It's okay." I said.

"I'm sure you got a complimentary pass. You're from the same community. I have heard that barbers don't charge each other for shaves."

"No, nothing like that. See, I bought a ticket."

"Then why a wishy-washy response like "it's okay"? You've paid hard-earned money for this, haven't you? Assert your rights as a paying customer. Call it what it is. Utter crap. Especially that guy playing Sindhu is totally useless!"

"What do you mean the guy playing Sindhu? It's a woman playing the role." I told him.

"WHAT??" Antu sheth looked genuinely shocked. "You're kidding me! That voice and that built! If she decides, she can lift Sudhakar up like a baby! Sindhu indeed.......more like Sindhudurg!"

"So you watched the play after all?"

"For a few minutes. Moved the curtains from the window and had a peek. Hmpf! Even gypsy performers are better than these idiots."

Antu sheth spat out another unsolicited opinion and walked away.

But that's pretty much what his life was - spitting out unsolicited opinions. I knew Antu for so many years, but I never found out much about his family situation. Once Anna Sane from Antu's court had let slip a mention of his son.

"What? Antu sheth has a son?" I asked.

"Of course he has a son. Not only that, his son is a Collector!" Anna Sane nonchalantly said.


"Yup. He's in charge of collecting tickets on Byculla station." he deadpanned without letting a single muscle move.

"Doesn't look like he helps out his father financially."

"He does sometimes. When he can. He has his own family. Besides, a Western Railway compartment has been attached to a Central Railway train."

A PhD student could do a dissertation on those guys' peculiar idioms and phrases. I was well-versed in the language by now but it took me a few moments to realize that this was code for an inter-religion marriage.

"So you see, Antu sheth has trouble with his post-bath rituals at his son's place. Plus apparently his son is also into some other Anglicized habits if you know what I mean. So how can Antu sheth spend too much time there? Still, once Antu sheth swallowed all the insults and went to Mumbai to see his grandson. Came back looking like he had messed up a math problem."

"Every Dussehra and Diwali, Antu gets his son's love in the form of a money order. Not much, maybe 5-10 rupees. For a few days after that, Antu acts like he's won the lottery and splurges as much as he can. Which isn't much."

"Understandable." I said. "After all, how much can a ticket collector's pay be?"

"Yeah, the pay is pretty meager. But one hears that a ticket collector can also make a little more on the side, especially in holiday season if you know what I mean." Anna said. "Nothing wrong with it of course. If he has an opportunity to make some money, why shouldn't he? You know how it is in this country. If you get caught taking a ten rupee bribe, they put a striped cap on your head and send you to prison. But if you get caught taking a million rupee bribe, they put a Gandhi cap on your head and send you to Parliament! Democraticaly elected people's representative!"

Politics was the most favorite topic for Antu sheth and his buddies to express their unique opinions on. They had profound thoughts on every politician and party. One year, there was a famine in Konkan. Konkan is always facing a famine as it is. But this particular one was so bad that in Antu sheth's words it had "been approved under the Famine Act".

Nehru was touring the famine-hit parts of Konkan. He visited Ratnagiri for a speech and the whole town was caught up in Nehru-mania. One evening, someone asked Antu sheth,

"Antu sheth, I didn't see you at the speech?"

"Whose speech? Nehru's? Hmpf!" Antu sheth's disdain was obvious. "What nonsense. There's a famine here. Stop giving speeches. Give us food! This is like seeing a man drowning and instead of saving him, reading from the Quran to ensure that he doesn't end up in hell. Utterly useless. But everyone else is stupid. Oh, Nehru is here? He is giving a speech? He gives great speeches! Let's go! Bloody lemmings!"

"And now that Nehru is in Ratnagiri, what did they do? Idiots took him to show the house, room, and bed where Lokmanya Tilak was born! Morons. Tell me, did god appear in Gangadhar Tilak's dreams and tell him that your wife is going to give birth to a great leader? How would anyone even remember what bed Tilak was born on? But who cares? They just showed Nehru some random room and bed and bluffed - this is where Tilak first went WAAAAAAAAAA."

"Morons! Where's the proof? Where's the proof? Did they get the midwife from Tilak's birth to certify the bed? Hmpf! Forget Tilak. It's been a 100 years since he was born. You tell me. Can your own mother confidently identify the room and the bed where she gave birth to you? Go ask her and then tell me about Nehru and Tilak."

And so ended the rant.

I always wondered if there was anything or anyone in the world that Antu sheth and his friends had respect for. If they ever had a polite dignified response for anything at all.      

Somebody's son became a Professor. And Antu's response,

"Professor? In a circus?There used to be this Professor Chhatre in circuses performing magic tricks."

Someone opened a new store. And Antu's response,

"Tell him to have a bankruptcy form ready. It'll save time when the inevitable happens."

Who knows what school of philosophy these guys followed. More than half of them survived on money orders from children and relatives. They saved money from that and file lawsuits for the strangest reasons. Every lawsuit is stuck in delayed hearing dates. These guys have a big beautiful sea coast, coconut trees, gardens, everything you could reasonably hope for to be happy. But that apparent prosperity gets punctured by an occasional bout of misfortune and all that remains is an impenetrable shield of gallows humor.

Somehow the topic of Gandhi came up. And Antu sheth got on his soap box.

"Gandhi? What Gandhi? Traveled all over the world, but never came to Ratnagiri! Because he was smart. He knew that here, no one gives a damn about his loincloth or his walking stick. We are all just as naked and just as skinny. And his obsession with spinning khadi. It's all useless. Our own Shambhu sheth. All his life, he followed Gandhi's teachings and spun khadi for his clothes. Forget the British government, even Ratnagiri's Collector Gilligan didn't fear his "civil disobedience". And you're talking about Gandhi."

"Then there are all his hunger strikes and fasts. Half of Konkan is hungry and fasting, and not by choice. Someone who is well-fed will find something remarkable about hunger strikes. What do we care? Don't get me wrong. I am not saying Gandhi wasn't a great man. He was. But in our books, under what column should we make an entry for his greatness? And if you are talking about independence, then that had nothing to do with Gandhi, or Tilak or Savarkar."

"So did independence just fall out of the sky?" I asked him.

"It's up to you to find out where it fell out of." Antu replied. "One thing I am sure of is that the Brits left because they got bored. What more was left for them to loot? Their Raj business started making a loss, so they effectively declared bankruptcy and went home. The potter left with his pottery, and we sit here cradling his leftover broken pieces. This is all just a cycle of life and bigger than anything we can comprehend. It's not British rule, nor is it Nehru's rule, nor people's rule, nor anyone's rule. It's the creator's rule."  

"So how did your creator end up siding with the British?" I asked.

"Don't be silly. The creator is sitting pretty on his throne. He just played a small game."

"A game that translated into 150 years of slavery?"

"It's 150 years for you and me." Antu sheth was steadfast. "The almighty's wrist watch doesn't move forward by even one second unless a thousand years go by for us. In his eyes and on his scale, all this is just a minor game that lasted barely a millisecond."

When these emaciated old men started spouting this philosophy on the front yards of that impoverished middle lane in Ratnagiri, with dark shadows formed by the dim light of their age-worn oil lamps dancing on their wrinkled faces, my heart couldn't help but shudder.

"Socialism? What socialism? All nonsense, I tell you. Not even two mango leaves are alike. And these guys want to pretend all men are equal. In the creator's eyes, each individual is unique. How are they going to have equal opportunities or equal outcomes? But everyone is just blabbering....socialism is coming. Just like that Ratnagiri's legislator is saying...Konkan Railway is coming, Konkan Railway is coming. Sure, Konkan Railway is coming. And it's tracks are going through where one-armed Pandu Gurav's toilet used to be. Even if it does, is it going to make Pandu's shoulder stump sprout an arm? What difference will it make?"

"And without an arm to plow his field or pick his crops, no matter what you do with that damn railway, what good is it going to do him? He is still the same. Just because India became independent, does not mean that Hari Sathe's lazy eye got fixed. Nor did Mahadev Godbole's paunch disappear.  Nothing really changed. Even in the fabled Ram Rajya, Ram didn't uproot Hanuman's tail and attach it to his own ass. No. Ram stayed a man, and Hanuman stayed a monkey."

At such times, it almost seem like the Goddess of Wisdom Saraswati is sitting on Antu sheth's tongue.

"You're right." I said.

"Don't just say I am right for the heck of it to be polite. If I am wrong, say that and correct me. You might be younger than me when it comes to age, but when it comes to education, you are my elder, jawaibapu!"

Once in a while, Antu sheth will say something genuinely from his heart, without any sarcasm. But there is always some burning issue close to his heart underlying what he says.

The last few years, I could not go to Ratnagiri as often as I used to. In the meanwhile, Ratnagiri finally got electricity, its own college, tar roads, and all other features of 20th century life. When I met him after that, I said,

"Antu sheth, your Ratnagiri has now become posh! Electric lights and everything. Did your house get an electric connection?"

"No, not yet. But it's good that it's dark. Tomorrow even if I do get electricity, what is there to look at in that bright light? A penniless life? Who needs electricity to look at chipped walls and leaking shingles? It's better that my poverty stays hidden in darkness."

And then he laughed loudly for a full minute like it was a joke.

This time I saw that his teeth had gone almost completely Annu Gogte. I also learned that a couple of more friends of his had passed on and that the card game court was emptier than ever. For a change, I spotted a sense of love, longing, and kindness in the way Antu sheth spoke. I guess the empty seats at his card games were starting to make a place in his heart.

"Joglekar's son got a big promotion and moved to Delhi!" Antu sheth voluntarily shared some pleasant news without his customary sarcastic rejoinder. "Took his old man to Kashi, Haridwar, Vishweshwar, Hrishikesh and all. Fed a 100 brahmins there. Old man Joglekar was thoughtful enough to get me a small sealed pot with water from the Ganga. When you come visit next time, jawaibapu, you'll probably see that the seal has been broken and the water was poured down my throat if you know what I mean."

The next time I visited Ratnagiri, fortunately Antu sheth's Ganga water pot was still sealed.

"Wow, jawaibapu, wow! Congratulations! I heard you're going to England! Congratulations! Have a great trip. Just one "request" for you. Now I have to speak with you in English. So a "request"."

"What request?"

"Go see the Kohinoor diamond once. For some reason, it's an obsession I have always had, the Kohinoor diamond. I can't go see it, but you do it on my behalf. And then come back and tell me how it looks. See all the sights in London and Paris and everything!"

For some reason, I was overcome with a desire to touch his feet, something I had never done before. Right there on the street, I bent down and touched his feet.

"Live a long life!" Antu sheth touched my head gently. "You are a good person, which is why you are so successful."

I said goodbye and started to leave. I had barely gone four steps when I suddenly heard the familiar


"Yes, Antu sheth?" I turned around.
"Forgot to ask you one thing. Are you going alone or with your wife?"

"Both of us are going."

"That's good. Don't mind me, I just had a nagging doubt, so I asked. You are going far away to learn something new. So I was reminded of Devayani's tale from mythology. Hahaha. Convey my blessings to your wife too. I am telling you, your good fortune is all because of her. That's all life is eventually about - the right woman."

Antu sheth paused and continued.

"Let me tell you something. Just between us. My wife passed away 40 years ago. Since then, the alphonso mango tree near my door has stopped flowering. When she was around, the tree yielded hundreds of mangoes every year. But since she left.....you know....fate can take really strange turns. Sorry, I am rambling. Anyway, safe travels. So when are you leaving from Ratnagiri?"

"Tomorrow morning by bus."

"Direct Ratnagiri to Mumbai?"


"Good call. Once someone completes that journey, then even traveling around the world seems easy in comparison. The other day Tatya Jog made the trip. He is still trying to locate all his bones.  Told me some 7-8 bones are missing!"

And he started laughing hard with his mouth wide open. I noticed that there was only one tooth remaining that hadn't gone Annu Gogte.

The next morning at 5 AM at the bus stand, I again heard the familiar cry,


Antu sheth approached me and gave me a small paper pouch.

"I know you don't believe in god, jawaibapu, but do me a favor and keep this in your pocket. It is holy ash. It will keep you safe. You are going to London by air, so this small pouch shouldn't add too much weight to your luggage."

I put the pouch in my pocket. As the bus got going, I saw Antu sheth lift his shirt and gently wipe tears from his small blinking gray eyes. In that dim dawn light, seeing his bony chest and his concave stomach which had all but touched his back suddenly tugged at my heart.

Just like Konkan's jackfruit, it's people taste sweet only when they ripen for a long time.


          Typology of the Indian Fan in the context of the FIFA World Cup.    
I don't really follow soccer*. So I don't know much about soccer. But I follow a lot of Indian soccer fans. I view them with mild amusement mixed with scientific curiosity. I study them. I try to find patterns in their bizarrely enthusiastic behavior. And I love doing pop-socio and pop-psych analysis of their behavior and their attitudes towards a game where India ranks even lower than countries smaller than my apartment building in Pune.

So I present here a typology of the Indian Fan in the context of the upcoming World Cup. The typology is arranged according to which country they support or bet on to lift the cup.

BRAZIL: This one is a no-brainer really, so let's get it out of the way. Everyone loves Brazil. It's a country that has won the cup the most often. They always have some of the best players, a style of play which is considered exciting, and wear really eye-catching yellow-and-green colors. So even someone with or without the most rudimentary knowledge of the game feels comfortable saying "Brazil of course!" when someone asks "Which team do you support?" It's like picking the Patriots at the beginning of the NFL season.

But it goes beyond just how good the team is on average (here comes the pop-socio and pop-psych). Brazil is "nice". Brazil is "safe". Other than soccer, what is Brazil associated with? Carnivals, pretty people, beaches, being part of the fashionable BRIC block, and again, carnivals. If countries were brands, Brazil would be like Linux - not really that relevant to your life but easy to love. It's the kind of country that if you visit as an Indian, you expect to love.

So might as well support them. Plus they are the hosts this time. Western media is being mean to them just like they were mean to India in the run-up to the 2010 Commonwealth Games. They have messy social inequality issues just like us. Yes, Brazil is safe to support.

BEST 2 EUROPEAN UNION TEAMS: At any given time, at least 2 of the 3 objectively best teams in the world are from the EU. So the self-proclaimed "knowledgeable" soccer fan from India will be telling anyone willing to listen that one of those two teams is SURE to win. One of the two is always ALWAYS Germany. And the other is some country whose economy Germany has bailed out or will be bailing out soon. Right now it's Spain. A decade ago, it was France. In between, Italy took a break from electing Caligula-esque Prime Ministers to occupy that spot.

So Germany and "Another EU country" are the best bets for Indian soccer pundits who want to set themselves apart from the bandwagon Brazil supporters and maintain a chance for gloating when the dust settles.

ARGENTINA: Ah, Argentina! The most bizarre underdog-favorite combinations in the history of sport. I say this because some of my friends who support Argentina are genuinely convinced that Argentina is THE best team, regardless of the FIFA rankings. These verbose justifications start with "Messi is...." and then meander into incomprehensibility. Other friends supporting Argentina are steadfast about the team's underdog tag. "I always support an underdog, yaar!"

The media helps in whipping up support for Argentina too, given that Argentina is to FIFA what Notre Dame is to college football in America. Every damn year when the college football starts, there will be pundits in the media saying "OH NOTRE DAME HAS A FINE FINE TEAM THIS YEAR!". Most years, they stay in the rankings for three weeks before dropping out. Once in a couple of decades, in the vein of a stopped clock being right twice a day, Notre Dame will indeed have a great season. And then the pundits preen. And Hollywood makes an atrociously weepy movie starring a hobbit. But I ramble.    

So it goes with Argentina. Call it the continuing halo effect of bad boy Maradona. Or maybe the current halo effect of some guy named Messi who's done diddly-squat in two World Cups, but apparently does great in domestic soccer matches in Europe.

HOLLAND: The Dutch team is for true-blue underdog supporters. Again, I don't know much about soccer. But from what I am told, this team has choked more times than the South African cricket team, the 1990s Buffalo Bills, and Ivan Lendl combined. Which makes them particularly alluring for people who just love supporting an underdog in the faint hope that they will be proven right. Last time, these fans were rewarded by having to wait as long as the finals to have their hearts broken.

But still, for these folks, it is HUP HOLLAND HUP. A friend of mine says that the bright orange jerseys appeal to the latent Hindutva tendencies in some Indian fans, but we'll put a pin in that for now.

ANOTHER EU TEAM: The previous four categories take care of 90% of Indian soccer fans. Which brings us to self-proclaimed "knowledgeable" fans of the game who don't like being lumped with the conventional wisdom. They need to cogently claim that a different underdog is actually going to take home the cup, but the heathen masses are too blinded by media tropes to see it. So they pick a team which is ranked somewhere from 4th to 8th in the FIFA rankings and which has a player they have watched in one of the domestic soccer leagues from Europe.

"Of course it'll be Portugal yaar! That Cristiano Ronaldo I tell you...."

For the last 3 World Cups, the top choice for these people has been Portugal, thanks to this Ronaldo fella. Never mind that he and his team have shown the poor judgment of associating themselves with the New York Jets to practice for the World Cup. That anyone can think that a guy who voluntarily decided to learn something from Rex Ryan has any chance of winning anything shows how little soccer fans know about real football. But I troll. And I digress.

When it's not Portugal, it is some other European country that yes, Germany will also have to bail out.  

ENGLAND: Don't ask me why. Seriously don't. I know very little about soccer but even I know enough to know that the chances of England winning the cup are only negligibly higher than an Indian winning the Olympic 100 meter gold. And yet a few Indians will be steadfast in their support of England.

One guy I knew used to base his support on the supposedly "under-appreciated talents" of David Beckham. This was before Beckham became known as the guy who sells underwear on giant hoardings in Times Square. These days, I suspect the support for England is driven by the fact that so many Indians spend so much money on low quality made-in-Bangladesh jerseys of teams from the EPL, that they feel obliged to go all the way.

But seriously Indian supporters of England soccer, what are the chances that an England cricket team will win an ICC title AND a notionally English guy will win the Wimbledon AND England will win the FIFA World Cup, all within 5 years?

USA: The only Indians who support the US are a) Indians who live in the US, and b) follow only cricket and/or American sports. Yes, this includes me, ok? The rest of the time, we are happy with our WillowTV subscription, our NFL fantasy football leagues, out March madness brackets, our opinions on LeBron and the Heat, our love or hate for the Yankees or the Red Sox. We look at MLS ads and go "lulz". We see European soccer matches on our cable guide menu and go "WTF?".

But then once every four years, this damn World Cup thing comes along. And everyone is talking about it. Not just CNN, who will usually talk about the most vapid things. So what do we do?


We google furiously to find out who our players are. We try to figure out what the hell "Group of Death" means. We practice our pronunciation of Klinsmann. And we set a countdown clock to the start of the NFL season.

* "SOCCER? IT'S FOOTBALL BRO!!!" you say? Read this.  

          "Khana Mat Khao" or In Telugu, Rice = Food?   
Thanks to the harsh winter we are having, I have been battling cold, cough, and fever for over a week now. Last night, during a particularly phlegm-infested sleep cycle, I had a dream. A nostalgic dream, I dreamed of something from 28 years ago in Andhra Pradesh. Something that had baffled me for years.

In 1986 when I was 6 years old, my dad was transferred to Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh for a year. A couple of months after we move there, I fell ill. Fever, cold, cough, same as now. My dad took me to the neighborhood doctor (the neighborhood was Aryapuram, if memory serves). The doctor was a native Andhra-ite with a very rudimentary grasp of Hindi. We were Maharashtrians who spoke Hindi but with very little knowledge of Telugu. So we spoke in Hindi.

The good doctor examined me, wrote up a prescription for what I assume were antibiotics (that's the trusted way to treat the flu in India), and then proceeded to give me some dietary advice in Hindi.

Doc: Teen din ke liye, khana mat khao (For three days, don't have any food (or so it literally translates))
Dad: Kya? Kuch bhi nahi? (What? Eat nothing?)
Doc: Nahi nahi, khao. Bread khao, roti khao, dal khao, khana mat khao. (No No, you must eat. Eat bread, roti, dal, but don't eat food.)
Dad & Me: ???????????????????????
Doc: (also confused, but repeating) Bread khao, roti khao, khana mat khao (Eat bread, roti, but don't eat food.)
Dad: Lekin........ bread aur roti bhi toh khana hi hai. (But.....bread and roti is also food)
Doc: (looks at me and dad for a few minutes, thinks, and then suddenly smiles) Rice! Rice mat khao! (Rice! Don't eat rice!)
Dad: Rice?
Doc: Haan, bread khao, roti khao, rice mat khao (Eat bread, roti, but don't eat rice)

Now, the medical validity of the doctor's dietary advice aside, for almost three decades, this incident has been stored in my memory banks. I occasionally remember it and am confused. Today after I had dreamed of it, I thought of an explanation. Maybe in colloquial/spoken Telugu, in some parts of Andhra Pradesh (especially Rajahmndry), the word for rice is similar to the word for food/meal. The good doctor wasn;t exactly fluent in Hindi. So maybe it was a translation error.

So I turned to twitter for answers. Based on the responses I got, the verdict is mixed. Half the people say that the words are indeed used interchangeably. Others disagree.

I don't know. But it was fun to get a humorous blast from the distant past.     

          Translating a Raj Thackeray Speech   
I don't agree with Raj Thackeray's stance against immigrants from UP and Bihar. I can sort of, kind of, see where he is coming from, but I don't agree with the conclusion. And I find his forcible and occasionally violent methods to have his way (especially against powerless shopkeepers and job applicants) abhorrent.

However, as a Marathi person, I find the gap between what he says in Marathi and what is reported in the national media to be suspiciously wide. There are two problems. First, they wrongly translate a lot of what he says. Second, they seem to pick and choose the most provocative bits that can be spun into an attention-grabbing soundbite. I have written about the dangers of this phenomenon before.

Today Raj Thackeray led a rally to Azad Maidan (without permission from the police top brass) as a protest against the August 11 incident. He gave a speech there. Again, I marveled at the difference between what he was saying and what the national media was reporting he was saying.

So I had an idea. I have translated PuLa Deshpande's work before. Surely I can translate a speech. So here it is, the speech in Marathi, and then, what I think is an objective, unbiased, and direct translation in English. This is not an endorsement of what he said. Just a translation for illustrative purposes. I agree with some parts, and disagree with some. I'll leave you to judge it for yourself.

Note - I am translating it in a bit of a hurry. So please forgive any typos or inadvertent grammatical errors.

When it's an institution from Maharashtra, be it a police department, a media company, or anything else.... even just a person from Maharashtra....we should demonstrate the strength to ensure that no one ever looks askance at them again with the intention of harming them.

For the last two days, this has been going on... police officials come to me and ask, how will you take the rally from Girgaum chaupatty? I told them we'll walk.

(crowd laughs)

Then they're like, you can't go from here, you can't go from there...all these efforts at putting obstacles in our way have been spearheaded by Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. I found out the other day..... in fact a few police officials told me this...that they'll try to stop our cars, and try other things to stop us. I called the Chief Minister right away, and asked him, what is this? What happens or doesn't happen (at the rally) is something we can deal with later. But can't we express our protest in a democratic way with a rally?

Why stop us at every point? I assured them at our rally will be a peaceful one, and they still refused us permission for it? And they had no problems giving permission for that Raza Academy rally? But here we are, with a rally to protest what happened the other day right here, and they refuse us permission?

Then there's (Home Minister) R.R. Patil who says - we won't spare anyone who threatens the law and order of the city. Really? So what happened that day? Was his tail between his legs?

(crowd laughs)

The other day he calls up (MNS MLA from Mumbai) Bala Nandgaonkar and says, "What could I do? What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to take a big stick and stand there?"

(crowd laughs)

There is this one boundary line....one border....one line that cannot be crossed. I have never crossed that line, and will never cross that line. Never raise your hands against the police.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

If you demoralize the police to such an extent, then where will the common man go with his problems? Where will he go? If this keeps happening, tomorrow even the police will say "we don't want to get involved here, do whatever you want".

Is this how a state is run? And this Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik. The cops caught the guilty people. And what does he say to the DCP who arrested the guilty people? He says, "You bastard, let them go!" He tells him to let the criminals go!

Our policewomen sisters were tormented here... they were pulled aside and beaten up and molested......all these guys, our Marathi police constables, were getting beaten up... and they weren't getting any orders?

Oh, and these (police head honchos) knew everything from the beginning. They knew that there were trains full of these goons coming for the rally. And they had choppers, and rods and everything else... tell me, are there ever any rocks lying around here (in Azad Maidan)? Where did the rocks come from?

These people had advance warning of all these facts, and they still ignored them. And they refuse permission for my peaceful rally? The other day, when some police officials came to meet me, I told them. I told them that the 11th August rally at least had targets. That mob knew that it was supposed to target the police and the media.

Who do we want to target (in this rally)? I have already declared our targets. Arup Patnaik, resign! R.R. Patil, resign! I declared this in the beginning itself.

We have not come here to destroy cars or set something on fire. We don't even wish to do all that. Even if we were to, whose cars would we destroy and whose property would we set on fire? Our own? Those belonging to our citizens from Mumbai and Maharashtra? This rally isn't for such purposes.

But how else are we supposed to express our anger? They won't let us express our anger at whatever happened. And they say, please respect democracy. This is democracy?

Go and look at the track record of Raza Academy and its rallies. A few years ago, this same Raza Academy had a rally in Bhiwandi. This bhadva (translates to 'pimp' but pimp doesn't have the same punch :)) Abu Asim Azmi went to that rally. He gave a speech there, that too an inflammatory speech. And they're sending me notices - "don't make inflammatory speeches". That Abu Azmi went there, made an inflammatory speech in Bhiwandi. You know what happened next?

The mob killed two police constables by bashing their heads in with big rocks. Then they cut off their private parts and threw their corpses into burning buses..... the government had no problems with that. And they refuse me permission for a rally?

Whoever came here (on 11t August) had no connection with Maharashtra. They all came from outside Maharashtra.

(crowd applauds and cheers)

After everything that went down here that day, this passport was found, a Bangladeshi passport...

(shows a Bangladeshi passport to the crowd)

This was found right here. Single entry passport (I assume he meant visa). Needed only to come into India. No intentions of going back, so it was thrown away here...

(throws it away)

There are countless such people coming into Maharashtra... they are all setting up their bases in Maharashtra. Tell me something....they say 'coincidence'....what coincidence?

In 1992 when the Babri Masjid was demolished, where was its retaliation felt instantly? In Mumbai! There was no violence anywhere else in the country (GS: this isn't true...there were riots in many other cities)...only in Mumbai! And when this incident happened during the rally on 11th August, its reaction happened in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. So something happens in Uttar Pradesh, there's a reaction in Mumbai, and something happens in Mumbai, there's a reaction in Uttar Pradesh. Doesn't India have any other states???

The reason is, all these people are coming here from there. All these Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who have infiltrated and set up bases in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and Jharkhand, they're all coming here by the trainfuls. And the bases that they are setting up here in Mumbai, those are going to create trouble for us in the future.

Otherwise tell me, this Abu Azmi is elected from two different constituencies in Maharashtra. Two different constituencies? Should any politician from Maharashtra get elected from two different constituencies? He gets elected from two constituencies because all the people in those two constituencies have all come from outside, and they vote for him.

That day, it finally came to the police (couldn't understand the word he said here despite re-playing it many times, at 12:20)...then they had to do it. While doing that, the guy who died, Abu Azmi announced 1.5 lakh rupees for him. So why not for our policemen?

(crowd applauds and cheers)

Even the state government hasn't announced anything yet. No announcements from the state government that they are going to provide compensation for those who were hurt or troubled in those events. Nothing. Nope, just get beaten up.

Why didn't R.R. Patil speak up then? He threatens us.... anyway, what's the point in threatening us? It's almost time for us (and him...a pun) to leave now.

(crowd laughs)

They don't think about anything that has already happened or what may happen. They don't do anything useful. Just get the cops beaten up. Anyone will come, drag our cops away, and beat them up?

The other day when they had that rally in Uttar Pradesh, rioted, destroyed property and all. The ones who did that were also all from outside - Pakistani Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims. They all poured out into the streets. And what did they do? They defaced a statue of Gautam Buddha. Everyone saw it. Everyone saw pictures, saw it on TV.

Where is Mayawati? Where is that Ramdas Athavale? Where is R.S. Gavai? Where is Prakash Ambedkar? Why are they all silent? All they're obsessed with, as if possessed by a ghost, is Indu Mills Indu Mills Indu Mills Indu Mills. Don't they have anything else to do? What do they want to build in Indu Mills - a bungalow?

Why aren't they talking now? But no one will talk about these things now. They're not ready to utter a word. It's been so many days since the (11th August) incident. But there has been no statement about it from Ramdas Athavale. No statements from R.S. Gavai or Prakash Ambedkar or Mayawati, or anyone else. Nothing. Cat's got everyone's tongues.

This Mumbai Police Comissioner.....he has a "favorite" (that's the word he used) officer Dhoble. The other day, he takes a hockey stick and goes to that...what was that..juice center bar... juice center something...where did he go?

(crowd prompts)

Yes, Amar Juice Center. Is that a place to take a hockey stick to? Take your wife, your kids, I can understand, but a hockey stick? He takes a hockey stick there and beats up innocent people with that hockey stick? And what's his defense? He found drugs there....then why didn't he shut it down?

And this idiot...Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik....what's his explanation? He says Dhoble was on his way to play hockey and stopped over at the juice center. Tomorrow, if someone has gone for his honeymoon. So will he just turn up there naked?

(crowd laughs and cheers)

So Patnaik will go out of his way to protect Dhoble! Because Dhoble is his "favorite". And here (in Azad Maidan) when cops were waiting for orders to tackle the mob.....if not firing, at least give us orders for a lathi charge.... at that time Patnaik had nothing to say. And when our police officers were catching the guilty culprits, Patnaik abuses the officers, calling them "bastards"? He is demoralizing cops to such an extent?

This won't be allowed to happen in Maharashtra anymore. I only want to say one thing to R.R. Patil and Arup Patnaik. Even if you have a little bit of shame left...even a minuscule amount of shame left.... then resign. If you have even the slightest bit of shame left.

For the last two days, some newspapers have been saying - "Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena is now moving towards Hindutva". Whoever raises his hands against a cop, whatever his religion, he should be bashed up wherever he is.

When my own party's MLA was bashed up....Harshavaradhan Jadhav.....is he here?  When Harshavardhan was bashed up.... I gave the orders for him to be bashed up... would he have been bashed up otherwise? When I gave a speech at that time, I said the same thing. Harshavaradhan, no matter what happens, you DO NOT raise your hands against a policeman. Never raise your hands against a cop.

This has nothing to do with religion. All the constables who were here, all my policewomen sisters...the female cops... I consider them all my Marathi brothers and Marathi sisters. I have come out on the streets here for them.

The rally that day (11th August) was organized by Muslims and today I have organized a protest rally against it.... so immediately they're jumping to the conclusion that I am "moving towards Hindutva"? I only understand...this Raj Thackeray only understands one religion...and that is Maharashtra religion. I don't understand any religion except that one. No one dare cross this Maharashtra religion. No one dare think of harming it.

And today's rally is only to boost the morale of the police and to provide wholehearted support to the police.  Along with them, we have people from the media here. Media vans were attacked, burnt, photographers were beaten up.... this rally is to express support for all of them too.

I thank you all for the tremendous response to this rally. If ever such events reoccur, we must stand together in strength like this.

When you're going back...all of you, when you're going back...keep in mind and make absolutely sure that you don't indulge in any sort of untoward activities. Go back in an orderly and peaceful manner to wherever you came from.

I hope that in the future whenever I call upon you, you will return with the same enthusiasm. And now I take your leave.

Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra!


          Hari Tatya by P. L. "PuLa" Deshpande   
It's been a couple of years since I translated anything by PuLa. While considering different options about what to translate next, Hari Tatya stood out as a particular appealing candidate. He is so universally identifiable. Hari Tatya - the eccentric but genial family friend with one foot firmly in the distant past that all kids have encountered growing up. Your Hari Tatya might not have been interested in history. Maybe he was into politics, or science, or even astrology. But that does not take away from the HariTatyaness of all Hari Tatyas.
Usual caveats apply - I cannot even pretend to be a good enough translator to keep most of PuLa's magic intact. But even a fraction of the essence of the character sketch should make it readable. And I have changed or omitted some references to make the essay accessible. And used contemporary phrases and expressions.

A couple of days ago, I heard someone use the phrase "irrefutable proof", and I was suddenly reminded of Hari Tatya. I had heard him say "I have irrefutable proof of this!!" hundreds of times during the course of my childhood in Mumbai. So had everyone else who knew him. So much so, that my grandma's nickname for Hari Tatya was "Mr. Irrefutable Proof". 

There was nothing surprising about his penchant for that phrase, because he is always making claims that can't be justified without irrefutable proof. The guy refuses to inhabit the present. And describes the past as if he can see it unfolding in front of his eyes. He's been like that for as long as I can remember. Obviously, I can't remember the first time I saw him. But I am sure he remembers it vividly.

"Purushottam! Come on, son! How can you not remember? It was a Saturday. Late in the afternoon. How can you not remember?"

That's how he's sure to chide me for forgetting the details of my birth.

The remarkable thing about Hari Tatya was how informally he addressed everyone, be they younger or older than him. He is the only person I ever knew who spoke to my generally feared and respected grandpa like an old chum. Of course, we knew him as grandpa's friend. But he was obviously several years younger. Because he generally treated grandpa with respect and veneration. In his own way. He never used the respectful pronoun as is the norm when speaking to elders in India. But whenever grandpa entered the room,  Hari Tatya would sit up straight. Maybe because grandpa gave him some pocket money to tide him over every month. And often provided him with seed funding for his latest entrepreneurial venture.   

No one in the family can remember exactly when this creature named Hari Tatya became a part of our extended household. My grandfather was a very generous man, and a friend to anyone who tried to be his friend. So it was difficult to predict exactly how many people he'd bring home any given evening to have dinner with the family. Of course, in those days of the big joint family, the occasional dinner guest or two didn't really bother those minding the kitchen. In those days, rice, dal, and flour for a meal were measured not by cupfuls, but by fistfuls. The dinner table was populated by not just immediate family, but also uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins once, twice, several times removed. There was also the occasional son or daughter of a family friend studying in the city, in addition to ABC's brother-in-law and XYZ's neighbor's son-in-law. So at pretty much any meal, there were always a few unexpected guests present. I don't recall many evenings when our joint family of 12 had less than 25 plates laid out for dinner.

My grandma seemed to me like Annapoorna (the goddess of nourishment) reincarnated. Her hands were blessed with some magical touch that imparted rich flavor even on a glass of water she served. So you can imagine how tasty and welcoming any dinner table she laid out was. Hari Tatya joined our family by turning up at one such dinner table. After that, he kept turning up. He was there with us at joyous occasions. He was with us at sad moments. 

But all those years, even as I grew up and looked different every year, Hari Tatya always looked the same. A simple cotton shirt, modest dhoti, and a rarely-washed Gandhi cap. We kids referred to his style of wearing the cap as "Compass Fashion". If his nose pointed east, then the two ends of his cap seemed to align with the North-South axis, like a compass needle.   

I never had any idea what Hari Tatya did for a living. I only knew that grandpa kept helping him start some "promising new business" every few months. Grandpa had always had a dream of owning and running his own business. But his stable and respected position in society, the steady income his job brought him, and the large family depending on that income, made taking any big risks all but impossible. So he lived his entrepreneurial dream vicariously through Hari Tatya by funding Hari Tatya's ambitious albeit modestly scaled business ideas. 

I remember one monsoon season when grandpa gave Hari Tatya money to start a business selling umbrellas. For the next couple of years, everyone in the family got a new umbrella for free in the first week of June. But I doubt Hari Tatya's umbrella business was profitable any longer than an umbrella mushroom's lifespan. It seemed like grandpa was more devoted to making the umbrella business succeed. I remember he would come home from work in the evening every day and hand Hari Tatya a sheet of paper,

"Here are orders for some umbrellas. Be sure to deliver them to these addresses right away."

Then we kids would accompany Hari Tatya, brand new umbrellas stacked on our heads, making deliveries to customers that grandpa has managed to canvas during his day job. We kids usually didn't move a muscle for anyone else. We'd disappear if anyone else tried to give us a chore. But for Hari Tatya, we didn't mind looking ridiculous walking the streets with those umbrellas on our heads. We loved his company so much, we'd have walked on coals with umbrellas on our heads if he had asked us to.

Hari Tatya told us absorbing stories and taught us fascinating poems and shlokas as we accompanied him. That too at the top of his voice while walking on the street without any regard to passers by. I remember an anecdote from one of our umbrella sorties. We were all walking with those umbrellas stacked on our heads. Hari Tatya told us to put the umbrellas down, and join him on a stone bench on a street square, and regaled us with the story of Sant Ramdas.

He had a truly unique narrative style. As a result of that narrative style, for many years, we kids were under the impression that Hari Tatya, Sant Ramdas, Moropant, Sant Tukaram, Vaman Pandit, Shivaji Maharaj etc. all once lived together in the same neighborhood. Because no matter how far back in the past the event he was narrating had occurred, he effortlessly injected himself into the proceedings. The way he recounted those stories convinced us that he had seen it all unfold in front of his eyes.

"Kids, I tell you, this Ramdas, even as a kid, was quite the character! He would run away and hide somewhere. We'd keep searching, keep seeking, but couldn't find him! His mother would ask us - have you seen my little Narayan anywhere? We'd say, sorry ma'am, we have no idea. Poor woman, she'd keep looking for him all over the village."

"Once she asked the village chief - have you seen my Narayan anywhere? The village chief had the habit of pouncing on any opportunity to be arrogant. He said - Narayan? Which Narayan? There are hundreds of Narayans in this village! Mother said - Please help me, sir. My Narayan. Narayan Thosar. Have you seen him?"

"Poor lady. There were tears in her eyes. And with good reason. Tell me Purushottam, if you go missing some day. And your mother is looking for you everywhere. Won't she tear up? Tell me, Purushottam! Won't she??"

Hari Tatya would narrate this story with so much pathos, that all our eyes would moisten up as well. Then we'd start walking again to make sure the umbrellas were delivered on time. But as our hands held the umbrellas on our heads, our shirt sleeves would be busy wiping our tearful eyes as Hari Tatya continued with Sant Ramdas a.k.a Narayan Thosar's story.

"Narayan's mother was terrified! Fair good-looking little boy. I tell you guys, this Narayan looked so beautiful as a child. Positively radiant.  Plus he'd just had his threading ceremony, and wore a pearl earring. She was aghast - did those Muslim invaders kidnap him to convert him to Islam??? Oh my god!!!"

"And kids, I tell you....those damned Muslim invaders in those days....they weren't decent like Muslims we know today. No! They were just so damn #$%%*&^$#......"

And he'd unleash a barrage of expletives that any other adult would've deemed inappropriate for our supposedly innocent young ears. Maybe it's because of these expletives he let loose so readily, but to our pre-pubescent minds, Hari Tatya seemed like the epitome of valor and courage. 

"So then, hours ticked by. And soon it was afternoon. Still no sign of Narayan! Mother ran home and spread her arms in front of Lord Ram's idol. Ah, how beautiful that idol was, kids, believe me! So divine...."

And Hari Tatya folded his hands to pay respects to that imaginary idol of Lord Ram floating in the air in front of him. We all were still carrying umbrellas. But still, we did our best to twist our arms and pay our respects to the imaginary idol too.

"She said - Goddess Sita, please find me my Narayan, and I will give you an offering of my best clothes and a coconut! Mother said that, and opened the closet to take out her best clothes to offer to the goddess. And lo! Narayan was sitting in the closet!"

"Mother wailed in delight - NAAARAAYANAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!"

And Hari Tatya yelled so loudly, that everyone around us on the street stopped whatever they were doing and started staring at us.

"Mother took Narayan in her arms and said - My son, I have been looking for you all over the village. What are you doing here? .... Do you know Purushottam, what Narayan's response was?"

I shook my head.

"Yeah, well, it's difficult for you to know. How would you know? An innocent little child like you can't even imagine what the future Sant Ramdas said. Narayan said...get this, kids.... Narayan said - Mother, I was pondering the fate of the world"

"That's what he said - I was pondering the fate of the world."

Hari Tatya finished the story. He blew his nose. Then he wiped his eyes with his shirt sleeves. All us little umbrella carriers, or chhatrapatis, had no idea what to do next. Hari Tatya regained control of his demeanor and said,

"Just think Purushottam.... he was about your age. And what did he say? I was pondering the fate of the world! Unbelievable! Simply divine! Tell me Purushottam, do you have such a boy in your class? A boy who will hide in the closet? And say - I was pondering the fate of the world?? Is there? Tell me!"

I meekly shook my head.

"Yeah! So that was Ramdas! Saintly right from his childhood. I have irrefutable proof of this. He went on to become Ramdas Swami.... Sant Ramdas. But just because he was a Sant, don't think he was a softie. You should've seen him flex his muscles. The way his biceps sprang up, almost jumping out of his skin, I tell you! All he had to do was bend his arm ever so slightly, and his bicep would spring up. If you struck his bicep with an iron bar, the iron bar would bend! But Sant Ramdas would barely notice the blow. Barely...."

Hari Tatya kept staring into nothingness for a couple of minutes as if he had just seen Sant Ramdas in the flesh. He smiled a little and gradually shook his head in admiration. 

Then suddenly, as if waking up from a dream, he shook his shoulders. And in a voice completely devoid of the narration-specific baritone,  he said,

"Umm....Purushottam....tell me...Nerulkar...Nerulkar is the guy who lives around the corner from the grocery store, right? How many umbrellas has he ordered? Three, right? Let me check..."

Hari Tatya fished out the sheet from his pocket, verified the order, and led our umbrella-bearing procession to the Nerulkar residence. 

No one in that procession had yet truly returned to the present, to the real world. One kid was visualizing the full scale and strength of Sant Ramdas' legendary biceps. Another was wondering how a well-built 10 year could fit inside a 17th century closet in a poor Brahmin family's house. Yet another was promising himself that when he grew up, he'd work out so intensely that an iron bar would bend when struck on his biceps. With all these anachronistic thoughts in our minds, dreamy expressions on our faces, and umbrellas on our heads, we were helping Hari Tatya run his business.

It goes without saying that the umbrella business didn't last long. None of Hari Tatya's businesses did. The reason was obvious to me. Hari Tatya aspired to run those businesses. But his passion and dedication towards running them was nothing compared to the passion and dedication grandpa had for those businesses. But grandpa's passion and dedication was moot, since he couldn't practically quit his job. And Hari Tatya, who was supposed to run the business, usually inhabited a completely different reality.

Later, grandpa gave Hari Tatya money to start a business selling agarbattis (incense sticks). So Hari Tatya started walking around with a big bag of agarbattis hanging from his neck. Grandpa and Hari Tatya would discuss the sales of the day every evening. Often, it'd turn out that Hari Tatya had taken 1 rupee from a customer for an agarbatti pack worth 75 paise, and returned 50 paise instead of 25 paise. And on most days, the bag hanging from his neck was as full in the evening as it had been in the morning. 

But still, after all these discussions, on his way out, Hari Tatya would open the door and happily yell at us kids,

"Jai Jai Raghuveer Samartha!" 

That's a line from the Dasbodh - Sant Ramdas' treatise on spiritual and practical matters. It is particularly known among Marathi people for its guidance on practical matters, a ready reckoner for success, if you will. Hari Tatya was a man who kept quoting that practical treatise at every possible opportunity, but remained utterly and truly impractical. He never reached an appointment on time, never left an appointment on time.

Grandpa and Hari Tatya clearly loved each other, cared for each other. But they also spent several nights arguing with each other. Random corners of various rooms in our house were stacked with unsold inventory from Hari Tatya's failed ventures - from umbrellas to agarbattis to books to backpacks. Once in a while, when we eavesdropped on the arguments, what Hari Tatya said was oddly but somehow appropriately unrelated to the business at hand and more relevant to arcane Maratha history,

"Dude, I have irrefutable proof of this! Come with me to Maval right now! I can literally see where that horse Krishna's hooves landed!" 

And truly, Hari Tatya could probably see where those hooves has landed centuries ago. I often wonder if Hari Tatya's default existence was in the distant past, in the golden age of the Maratha empire. The odd occasion when he acknowledged the 20th century was probably like a dream to him.

"So there we all were. Standing in the royal court with Shivaji Maharaj on the throne. And they brought in the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor. Oh wow! She was absolutely gorgeous! A true beauty if I ever saw one! And as the victorious king, Shivaji Maharaj had the right to have his way with her. She was his for the taking. She was so damn beautiful, I tell you guys! And her flawless milky white complexion! She was at least 6 times as fair as this girl Yami everyone thinks is so fair. And I'm not making this up, boys. I have irrefutable proof of this!"

When I was a kid, our neighbor Yami Gokhale was the benchmark of fair complexion. She had the whitest skin we ever saw. The Gokhales were the only Konknastha Brahmin family in our neighborhood, and Konknastha Brahmins are reputed to have fair/white skins. The rest of us were mainly Deshpande-Kulkarni types with wheatish-to-dark skins. Hari Tatya himself was as dark as the iron pillar in Delhi. So when he said "6 times as fair as this girl Yami", we had genuine trouble imagining how fair the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor must have been. But Hari Tatya had no trouble embellishing his story.

"We were all standing there, staring, admiring her beauty. Maharaj himself was stunned by her beauty..... tell me kids.... Maharaj who???"

We had all memorized the answer to this question thanks to several prior lessons from Hari Tatya,


We kids yelled out the official complete title for Shivaji as if we were orderlies in the Maratha court of the 1600s. When we said this correctly, Hari Tatya regally looked at us with an expression of pride and humility, as if he were Shivaji himself!

"Well done, boys! So anyway....where was I?"

"6 times as fair as Yami" one of us piped up.

"Okay, you idiot. Who was 6 times as fair as Yami?"

"The wife of Kalyan's vanquished governor."

"WIFE????????" Hari Tatya screeched.

We all took a step back.

"You idiot! Where did his wife come from? There in Kalyan, the vanquished governor is splayed out dying, yelling YA ALLAH! YA ALLAH!"

And Hari Tatya laid down on the ground with his limbs flailing in the air, invoking the Koranic almighty.

"He is dying! His wife is next to him, crying! The one they brought to Shivaji Maharaj's court was his beautiful daughter-in-law!" 

"6 times as fair as..."

"YES!" Hari Tatya thundered, "Will you stop obsessing over Yami, for crying out loud?"

The boy looked away and Hari Tatya continued,

"So we were all staring at this exquisite beauty that was the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor. And Maharaj was looking at her too. Oh, and how handsome Maharaj himself looked, I tell you, boys! Eyes like an eagle. Sharp straight nose. Thick flowing beard. Rich well-defined sideburns....."

Whenever Hari Tatya narrated a story about Shivaji Maharaj, this effusive description of his appearance was bound to turn up sooner rather than later. As soon as Hari Tatya mentioned the sideburns, we'd complete the remaining description -

"...the regal crown on his head, the divine Bhavani sword at his waist, a pearl necklace hanging against his chest, a tilak on his forehead....."

When we completed this description, Hari Tatya looked at us all with an expression of genuine bliss and satisfaction.

"Well done, boys!" Hari Tatya nodded and continued, "So Maharaj said to the beauty - betaa, pardaa nikaalo, darney ki koi baat nahin (Child, take off your veil. There is no need to be afraid.)"

All of us had heard the story of the daughter-in-law of Kalyan's vanquished governor dozens of times. But every time, this particular line was delivered in Hindi for some reason.

"So that beauty raised her veil. Maharaj looked at her. And said - Wow! Goddess Bhavani has made you extremely beautiful!"

Because of Hari Tatya's numerous renditions of this story, all us kids grew up assuming that the job of making someone beautiful had been assigned to Goddess Bhavani. In fact, we were so convinced of it, that for many years afterwards, whenever I saw a beautiful woman, I'd think to myself - Goddess Bhavani has done a good job on her!

"Maharaj then said - If my mother had been as good looking as you, then maybe I too would have been good looking! Hearing this, I swear you Purushottam, that lady was so touched, tears started flowing from her eyes. Then Maharaj gave her a sari as a gift, and respectfully sent her back to Kalyan, untouched and unmolested. That's how wise and decent our Maharaj was!"

Just as Hari Tatya finished narrating the story, grandpa showed up. Suddenly, Hari Tatya's demeanor changed, and he earnestly said,

"Listen Purushottam, tomorrow morning, we must leave really early to sell those agarbattis, understand? Later on, the streets get so crowded, that it's difficult to move about!"

Of course, all us kids understood the sudden change in Hari Tatya. In fact, we had an unspoken arrangement with him, in which, if we saw grandpa approaching, we would quietly tell Hari Tatya about it.

This arrangement worked great when we were kids. But kids don't always stay kids. They grow up.

We grew up too. Lost our wide-eyes innocence, and developed a healthy sense of cynicism and sarcasm. We went from revering Hari Tatya to poking fun at Hari Tatya. Once we started making fun of the guy, we realized that grandma had been doing it for ages. If he occasionally turned up late for dinner, grandma would say,

"Oh, you still haven't had dinner, Hari Tatya?? When you didn't show up at the usual time, I thought Shivaji Maharaj insisted you stay over at his palace for dinner!"

Hari Tatya would say nothing.

"Or maybe at Peshwa Bajirao's table tonight.... in a silver plate!"

I don't think the ridicule mattered to Hari Tatya. In fact, I am sure that in his mind, he really had dined with Shivaji Maharaj thousands of times. Once he entered the idyllic world of the past, he completely immersed himself in it. 

Once, our entire family went to Pune for a function. Hari Tatya came with us. For him, Pune, steeped in Maratha history, was Valhalla. Not only did he come with us, but he took all us kids for several walks around the city all week, and all but recounted the history associated with every tiny rock we encountered.

When Hari Tatya took us to the bare spartan innards of the historic Peshwa palace Shanivaarvaada, he told us the story of Peshwa Narayanrao's murder. And of course, he ran around the place yelling,


Be it the reign of Shivaji or the reign of Peshwas, this man was always there. 'How was Hari Tatya present at every historic event related to the Maratha empire in the 17th, 18th, and 19th century?' - was a question we never asked ourselves when we were children. And when we grew up, although we poked a little fun at him, we never asked him that uncomfortable question to force him to confront the fact that his fantasy world was just that - a fantasy.

Hari Tatya led us through the streets of Pune, reliving several processions full of elephants and horses. His eyes had apparently seen the first ever public Ganpati, in Kasba. He didn't just know the details of everything that went on at Lal Mahal; he could even identify the window from which Shaistekhan was hanging when he lost his fingers to Shivaji's sword. 

"And the bugger went to the Mughal emperor Delhi and greeted him with his chopped up fingers!" Hari Tatya told us with ill-concealed glee, "The emperor said to Shaistekhan - Sir Uncle, where are your fingers? Khan said to the emperor - that bastard Shivaji, that rat of the hills, he cut them off! Imagine that! This no-good Shaistekhan called Maharaj a bastard! That damn #$%%@#$$#@@@..."

Hari Tatya, in the presence of us kids, fired at Shaistekhan a colorful expletive of such unbridled hostility, that if the Khan had heard it, he would've presented his hands to Hari Tatya and said, "if you want, cut off my remaining fingers, but please, stop with the profanity!"   

Hari Tatya often turned up when least expected. Similarly, he often disappeared when least expected. On Chaturthi (a holy night for Marathis), if Hari Tatya didn't show up for dinner, even grandma would wonder,

"Where the heck is Hari Tatya? Has he gone to Panipat to wage another ill-advised war?"

Hari Tatya was sorely missed on every holy occasion that he didn't show up, solely for his flair at leading aarti (public prayer). He knew hundreds of of aartis. He seemed to know by heart the aarti for every god and goddess in the Hindu pantheon. When a shirtless Hari Tatya, with tilak on his forehead would start the aarti of the Dashaavtaars in his booming voice, everyone's hands instinctively came together in devotion. And when I say his voice boomed, I mean it! Even the person holding the pooja plate would put it down, probably worried about it vibrating because of the voice.


When that "AAAAA" started, all us kids would have bets on who could keep going the longest without stopping for breath.


By the time he was halfway through the 10 avatars, Hari Tatya's own delirious avatar was worth marveling over. We kids would get caught up in the fervor too. Whenever Hari Tatya became engrossed in the aarti, his right eye developed an odd squint. On such occasions, we kids would turn our back on the holy idols and stare at the divine Hari Tatya instead.


At this line, he'd spin on the spot a couple of times. We kids would spin too.


I can still picture the imaginary dip he would take in the imaginary holy river at this line.

Towards the end of the aarti, his voice got even louder at the DEVAAAA.... and of course, all us kids would join in. That was the only moment in the whole year when we had a license to scream as loudly as we wanted. That's what made Hari Tatya so special to us kids - in his company, we could be what we wished we could be all the time.

Today, after remembering Hari Tatya after all these years, I can't help but get a little choked up. Dozens of people of all ages, appearances, and backgrounds came to visit grandpa when I was growing up. I can remember some of them well, can't even picture the faces of many others. But no one was as memorable as Hari Tatya.

When Hari Tatya walked into the compound of our house, he'd first stop and talk to us kids playing in the yard, and only then go greet the adults. He was popular not only among the kids in my family, but also other kids in the neighborhood, who had no compunctions in calling out his name when they saw him,

"Hariii Taatyaaaaaa!"

Hari Tatya would acknowledge the kid who had called out his name and do his best to entertain. He'd pretend to jump up and down like a monkey, make funny faces, march around like a drummer boy until everyone was laughing. He'd stop whatever he was doing to entertain kids.

Sometimes he'd do this when he was walking with grandpa, engaged in some serious discussion about their latest business venture. Grandpa would discover that he was talking to fresh air, and Hari Tatya had stopped several steps back to make faces at some kid. On such occasions, grandpa scolded him in public, asked him to behave like a grown-up.

But grandpa did love Hari Tatya a lot, like a brother. I never fully understood why the bond between them was so strong, because you couldn't find two men more unlike each other. But the bond was strong. If grandma made some special dessert, grandpa would always remind her to set some aside for Hari Tatya. Not that grandma needed any reminders. She cared about him too. Often she'd tell other women in the kitchen to make sure there's enough food set aside for "that old crow Hari Tatya" in case he dropped by.

Hari Tatya resembled a crow in many ways. When he moved his gaze, he moved not just his eyes, but even his neck, like a crow does. His eyes had a slight squint, like crow's eyes. But his squinted gaze had seen a lot of things that others with a normal gaze missed. He had seen Shivaji's coronation, the third battle of Panipat, the Buradi Ghat skirmish...

"Even if we die, we'll keep fighting on!" Hari Tatya, down on the ground in our front yard with  limbs flailing, hollered Dattaji Shinde's dying words.

Even today when I read Dattaji's tragic death, I see him as Hari Tatya in my front yard. Over the years Hari Tatya got me intimately acquainted with Shivaji, Tanaji, Tukaram, and everyone of any importance in Maratha history.

I never really liked history lessons at school, nor did I fully understand them. School history was infested with dates that had to be memorized. Hari Tatya's history wasn't tangled in the cobwebs of distant dates; it was as alive as he was. And he brought it to life for me.

As a child when I made my first trip to Pune, I was surprised not to see Shivaji or Sambhaji Maharaj there. When the train passed through the Sahyadris, I hoped to catch the glimpse of the Marathi army crossing the hills in full battle gear. Hari Tatya's refusal to think of history in past tense had rubbed of on me. His tendency to inject himself into any event and narrate in first person made it seem like all those events had occurred just before Hari Tatya came to our house.

People often personify History when they say things like "History will remember", "History will note", "History tell us", and so on. Today I realize that the "I" in Hari Tatya's stories was never meant to be Hari Tatya himself, but that personification of History.

"All us soldiers on Sinhagad were terrified by the enemy's swollen ranks, and started running away from battle, when Suryaji stood in our way. WAIT, he shouted at us, I HAVE CUT OFF THE ROPES THAT WE USED TO CLIMB UP. Well, what could we do? There was no way to run. So we turned around and joined the battle again. A sword through an enemy's throat, a spear through another's stomach, we kept going!"

"Tanaji had already been martyred. Shelarmama was wounded, but still fighting. I tell you, Purushottam, I have never seen a man bleed as much as Shelarmama did that night. His clothes were completely red. But oh, when he finally landed a blow on that Udaybhaan.... that was all it tok. Udaybhaan was flat on his back. Soon the tide turned, and we had won. We lit up the signal torches. Shivaji Maharaj saw our signal and reached Sinhagad in an hour."

"When he learned that Tanaji had died, Maharaj started bawling like a baby! Like a baby, I tell you! He said in a broken voice - "I got my gad (fort) back, but I lost my sinha (lion)". Oh, the plaintive voice when he said it, I swear to you Purushottam, I couldn't bear to hear it. I had never and have never since heard Maharaj sound like that. And I have irrefutable proof of this. Not making it up. Even the stones on Sinhagad melted at the intensity of Maharaj's sorrow. That's how Maharaj was. Which Maharaj?"

"GoBrahminPratipalak........" we'd break into our well-rehearsed chant.

As time went by, my childhood too became history. Most of the elders in the family passed away. The house also aged. Maintaining the yard became too much of a hassle, so it was tiled. The little flower garden was gone, as were grandpa, grandma, and dad. I lost touch with most other members of the family as well. There was no way to always keep in touch with Hari Tatya.

Once in a while, the clock turns back, and in the broken glasses of the old house's windows, I see countless reflections from my childhood. Occasionally the scent of an agarbatti, or the first drop of rain on a new umbrella makes me think of Hari Tatya. And his voice starts echoing in my head.

That man, no relation of mine, gave me more than most of my close relatives ever did. He'd take us kids high in the open skies of fantasy on his wings of history. Bring to life everyone from history. He made sure that the roots of the tiny saplings that were our childhoods were buried deep in a glorious past. Hari Tatya never gave us snacks or candy that money could buy, but instilled in us a sense of pride for our heritage that no treasure in the world can.

He strengthened our tiny wrists with the character of the past. I never realized it then, but can see the true value of his efforts now. Those wrists don't always turn the way they are supposed to. But Hari Tatya instilled in us the confidence that if need be, they can turn the course of history.

Now Hari Tatya himself is part of history. Old age made him a shadow of his former self. It was much later, during his last and eventually fatal bout of illness, that I learned Hari Tatya had a grown-up son. He worked in some trading firm in East Africa.

In those final days, when I went to meet him, I couldn't bear to look at what old age had done to him. He was almost fully blind. As he laid there looking weak, his shriveled body didn't even cover half the bed. I sat next to him.

"Hari Tatya, it's me Purushottam."

"Oh Purushotam! Great!" he smiled in the direction of my voice, "As you can see, I am now Surdas! So how have you been? You're in Delhi these days, right?"


"Ah, never got to see Delhi."

"Why don't you come with me?"

"There's no use now. I may be able to visit Delhi, but won't be able to see it, which is the whole point. No, I'll just admire it in my mind."

Hari Tatya felt silent. I felt tempted to gather all my childhood friends, including the 1/6th fair Yami Gokhale, and holler,


Maybe it would have brought life back to his eyes, put some meat on his bones, and maybe he'd have said,

"I tell you, Purushottam! We were all standing there dumbfounded in the court at Delhi. And Sadashivrao Bhau was chipping away at the golden throne! With his bare hands! Pieces of gold flying all around, as the rest of us watched, unable to move!"

Come to think of it, Hari Tatya didn't need to see Delhi for all this. Whatever he had seen of history, he hadn't seen with the eyes he lost to old age. I spent several hours with him and left, aware that this might be the last time I get to meet him.

A few days later, Hari Tatya's obituary appeared in the newspaper with the cliched salutations and praises - affectionate, kind, loved by all, etc etc. As I read the obituary, I realized it didn't even come close to capturing the essence of the man. It was the first and last printed record my old childhood friend, who usually lived in the distant past, having any contact with the present. All it did was offer "irrefutable proof" that a man called Hari Tatya had existed in our times.

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          Crystal-chemical relations and classification problems belonging to the oxy-schorl – oxy-dravite – bosiite – povondraite series (no replies)   
▪ Bosi, F., Cámara, F., Ciriotti, M.E., Hålenius, U., Reznitskii, L., Stagno, V. (2017): Crystal-chemical relations and classification problems in tourmalines belonging to the oxy-schorl – oxy-dravite – bosiite – povondraite series. European Journal of Mineralogy, 29, 445-455.

Two oxy-tourmalines showing intermediate compositions between the oxy-schorl and oxy-dravite series (sample from Sludyanka crystalline complex, Baikal, Russia) and the oxy-dravite and bosiite series (sample from the Valletta mine, Piedmont, Italy) were structurally and chemically characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, electron microprobe analysis, optical absorption and Synchrotron Mössbauer source spectroscopy. A comparative analysis of the results, along with data from literature on additional samples corresponding to the species oxy-schorl, oxy-dravite, bosiite and povondraite, show that the main structural variations within the Fe-bearing, Na-dominant oxy-tourmalines are related to variations in the content of Fe, which is incorporated into the structure via substitution mechanisms that involves Al. The results also show the occurrence of a complete substitution series from oxy-schorl via oxy-dravite and bosiite to povondraite, but no (or a limited) direct substitution series between oxy-schorl and bosiite (or povondraite). The substitution of Al by larger cations causes changes in ⟨Y–O⟩ and ⟨Z–O⟩ distances as well as in the unit-cell parameters. The effect of ⟨Y–O⟩ on the a-parameter is evident in the oxy-schorl–oxy-dravite series, but it is of marginal significance in the oxy-dravite–bosiite–povondraite series. On the other hand, a good correlation exists between ⟨Z–O⟩ and the a-parameter only in the oxy-dravite–bosiite–povondraite series. The c-parameter is strongly correlated with ⟨Z–O⟩ along the entire substitution series.
Classification problems related to the naming of Fe-bearing, Na-dominant oxy-tourmalines are discussed. Application of the nomenclature rules in force resulted in ambiguous naming of the studied samples. This makes, for example, direct comparisons of physical and chemical properties of tourmalines originating from different deposits difficult.
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An inmate was brutally assaulted in an Indian prison, sparking a riot. But media coverage has turned her death into a footnote.

          university of coimbra   

 Denim shirt&body - 2nd hand
Skirt - Bershka
Shoes - Vagabond
Sunglasses - Citymarket

I am so glad to be attending the University of Coimbra for this spring semester. It isn't on the UNESCO World Heritage List for nothing, because the buildings from the 12th century onwards are just so fantastic and so full of history. Traditional Portuguese things, Roman influences, and all the prettiness. Despite the fact that you can't take pictures inside most of the buildings, I have no lack of photos. As a student there's no entrance fee for me (hooray!), but it is totally worth paying for as well to see the whole university. I certainly would (but getting told it's free was a pleasant surprise as well). My favourite is the Biblioteca Joanina. Again; no pictures, but it is stunning. And most recently it has been used as inspiration for the library in the new Beauty and the Beast film, if that's something you're into. Other than that, I've also enjoyed learning a bit more about Portuguese history, which has not been and still isn't my area of expertise. For example, before getting here, I certainly did not know that Coimbra used to be the capital! Or that its university is the oldest academic institution in the Portuguese-speaking world. All in all, it's such a cool place for anyone to see and visit. The only thing I'm struggling with is walking up the university hill pretty much on a daily basis, haha..
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The post Patriotic Haystacks Recipe appeared first on Just Plum Crazy.

          Piso en venta en GRANADA, , 86000 euros y 1 dormitorio   
Apartamento en Avenida de Cadiz, un dormitorio, salon, cocina amueblada, garaje cerrado y a escasos metros del nuevo hospital Campus de la Salud, Carrefour y su entorno se integran Facultad de Medicina, Fisioterapia, etc... Ademas de amplias...
1 habitación 1 baño 73 m² 1.178 €/m² cocina amueblado
Fri, 30 Jun 2017 15:28:30 -0400
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World No. 1 Andy Murray could face Stanislas Wawrinka in the quarter-finals of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships after being drawn in the upper end of the men's singles bracket on Friday.

Murray will face either a qualifier or a lucky loser in the first match of his Wimbledon title defence, and the competition's official Twitter account teased some of the prospective fixtures in the final eight:

Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic will be looking to put some of this year's disappointments behind him as he prepares to open his campaign against Martin Klizan.

In the women's singles, top seed Angelique Kerber and Karolina Pliskova were drawn in the top half of the bracket, while Simona Halep and Elena Svitolina took their spots in the bottom half.

Ben Rothenberg of the New York Times provided a look at the men's draw in full:

Read on for a more detailed breakdown and preview of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships' first round following Friday's draw announcement.

Visit the official Wimbledon website for a look at the tournament schedule and the order of play in full.



Murray may be ranked as top seed in the men's singles entering his Wimbledon title defence, but spirits are hardly at their strongest after he exited this month's AEGON Championships in the opening round.

The Scot has appeared in two ATP finals this year, and although he's yet to add any silverware to his collection in 2017, coach Ivan Lendl is confident regarding his charge's chances, per BBC Sport's David Ornstein:

Djokovic will be another high-profile star seeking at least some redemption at SW19, although world No. 44 Klizan is among the more difficult fixtures he could have been handed outside the seeded ranks.

The Serb's run through England's capital won't be an easy one, either, as Reem Abulleil of Sport 360 illustrated he won't have to wait long before the competition really begins to heat up:

Seven-time champion Roger Federer will begin his search for an all-time record eighth Wimbledon crown against Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov, with hopes high after enjoying something of a resurgence in 2017 so far.

Nadal has exhibited a rejuvenation of monstrous proportions in recent months and tightened his grip as the French Open's all-time most successful star after adding an unprecedented 10th Roland Garros title to his trophy cabinet.

But the clay season has made way for grass, meaning the Spaniard may no longer be the frontrunner to run riot as he has done at recent competitions.

The women's bracket also features a selection of tantalising potential fixtures as early as the round of 16, as Jose Morgado of Portuguese daily Record posted the women's singles bracket in full:

Serena Williams' pregnancy means the reigning champion will not return to defend her Wimbledon crown, but as was shown by Jelena Ostapenko's shock victory at the French Open, women's titles seem there for the taking.

An open field has emerged in Williams' absence, and Johanna Konta worsened world No. 1 Kerber's 2017 woes with a win at the AEGON International on Thursday, per WTA Insider:

Konta beat Kerber and French Open-winner Ostapenko in the same day to prove her Wimbledon credentials just days prior to the tournament getting underway in earnest, and she'll face Su-Wei Hsieh in the first round.

However, that's provided she's fit to feature in the competition. BBC Sport reported on Friday that Konta was forced to withdraw from the semi-finals in Eastbourne due to a back injury she suffered from a fall during her clash with Kerber.

It's also been reported fourth seed Svitolina is an injury doubt heading to London after she picked up a foot concern at the AEGON Classic, per the official WTA website. She's due to take on Australian Ashleigh Barty in the first round.

At least one American will drop at the first hurdle after Shelby Rogers was drawn against compatriot Julia Boserup.  

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          Acupuntura NÃO é Ato Médico!   
Diante das informações errôneas divulgadas pela mídia, que possui o papel de "instruir" a população, muitos leigos e até mesmo profissionais mau informados acham que atualmente a Acupuntura é exclusiva da classe médica. 

Infelizmente não podemos mais confiar naquilo que a mídia diz, porque seja por falta de informação (e de interesse em buscar a verdade) ou por interesse em beneficiar uma determinada classe ou grupo (no caso os médicos que contribuíram bastante para divulgar informações erradas), o conteúdo daquilo que é divulgado já não é mais selecionado, prejudicando a população e como no atual caso, diversos profissionais, em prol de sabe-se lá o que.

O ato médico (sim, em letras minúsculas) é um projeto de lei que irá regulamentar a medicina (por incrível que pareça, a medicina ainda não é regulamentada) e precisa ser aprovado em algum momento, porém não da forma que está, já que lesaria milhares de pessoas aumentando consideravelmente o índice de desemprego no nosso país e prejudicando em proporções absurdas a saúde da população.

Projetos de leis precisam ser aprovados diversas vezes antes de serem sancionados pela Presidência. E o ato médico não virou lei, não foi sancionado! 

O Conselho Nacional de Saúde deixa claro que as práticas integrativas e complementares a saúde, como a Acupuntura, são de caráter multiprofissional. Não há lei que regulamente a Acupuntura, e também não há lei que regulamente o seu uso exclusivamente pelos médicos.

Como não há lei, há Portarias, e em 3 de maio de 2006 foi criada a Portaria do Ministério da Saúde nº 971 que aprova a Política Nacional de Práticas Integrativas e Complementares no SUS; sendo que o TRF-1 afirmou através da sua imprensa que essa portaria está válida lembrando que a mesma segue a orientação da Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS) que considera a Medicina Chinesa de caráter multiprofissional.

A prática da Medicina Chinesa tem esse caráter definido pela OMS, e tem sido assim pelo mundo afora. Mas então vem o brasileiro dizendo-se "preocupado com o bem-estar do povo" e decide monopolizar  algo que existe há mais de 5.000 anos e que nunca foi exclusivo de uma categoria profissional. Vale lembrar a esses pequenos "profissionais" que a Acupuntura vai MUITO além de inserir agulha!

Imagem: internet.

Abaixo, segue a matéria sobre o assunto publicada na Fisioterapia em Revista, pelo Crefito-3.

          Lombalgia: entenda os mecanismos que a causam e como o tratamento conservador pode ajudar.   
Atualmente a lombalgia, popularmente conhecida como dor lombar, afeta mais da metade das pessoas de forma constante. E até 85% da população terá essa dor em algum momento da vida.

Embora existam fatores psicológicos e sociais por trás de tal problema, o estresse mecânico sempre tem um papel importante no desenvolvimento do mesmo, e a fisioterapia é de extrema importância na atuação desse fator.

Mais da metade das lombalgias são idiopáticas, ou seja, sem causa definida. Mas dentro dos fatores que podem causá-la, podemos citar as hérnias de disco entre as principais causas, sendo a maior incidência na coluna cervical e lombar.

A hérnia ocorre quando as fibras do disco intervertebral, que contém o núcleo pulposo (substância que os forma), se rompem. A função dos discos é  absorver impactos do dia-a-dia, e podemos compará-los a uma bolsa de gelatina entre cada vértebra.


    Disco Intervertebral                                             Hérnia de disco
Independente de fatores externos, os discos começam a degenerar-se a partir dos 20 anos de idade. Mas fatores como o peso corporal, tensão nos ligamentos e músculos, pressão intra abdominal (conseguida também através de fortalecimento) e cargas externas contribuem para a preservação discal.

As sobrecargas na coluna fazem os discos perderem água (90% da sua composição) como um mecanismo de auto proteção. Ao aliviar a carga, a água é reabsorvida. Porém a sobrecarga contínua e o envelhecimento tornam esse mecanismo cada vez mais ineficaz, e os discos passam a diminuir sua capacidade de reabsorção de água (ficando desidratados e suscetíveis a lesões) e consequentemente de absorção de impactos.

Ao contrário do que se imagina, ficar sentado gera mais carga de compressão sobre a coluna do que manter-se em pé, sendo que manter a postura desleixada, mesmo que agradável, é um agravante para tal.

A nutrição dos discos é feita através de mudanças posturais. Por isso, manter-se fixo, independente do conforto, por longos períodos, é prejudicial.

Além da postura inadequada, movimentos súbitos ou excessivos, e o uso de apenas uma mão constantemente para carregar pesos predispõe a lesões na coluna. Um único e simples movimento com uma carga elevada pode ser o suficiente para que a lesão ocorra; ou ainda diversos movimentos com cargas pequenas.

Dentre os movimentos mais agressivos para os discos encontram-se os de rotação da coluna. Não que não devam ser feitos, mas durante exercícios é preciso a orientação de um bom profissional e no dia-a-dia devem ser realizados da forma menos brusca possível e nunca carregando-se cargas elevadas.

Aliás, a velocidade é praticamente decisiva na incidência da lesão discal. Quanto mais lento um movimento, menor a carga compressiva sobre a coluna.
E vibrações também são prejudiciais aos discos. Comuns em cadeiras de massagem, provocam uma piora considerável em quem se arrisca a resolver o problema sem orientação profissional.
Sendo assim, após explicações básicas sobre o mal que acomete uma boa parte da população, torna-se necessário explicar qual é o papel da fisioterapia dentro da lombalgia.

Pode-se dizer que a base para uma coluna sem dor é a estabilidade e a flexibilidade. Mas infelizmente o que parece simples não pode ser realizado de qualquer forma, porque o que é benéfico para uma pessoa sem dor pode piorar e muito um quadro onde já existe um problema.

O princípio do tratamento é o ganho de estabilidade para a coluna, que ocorre através da ativação de músculos específicos que irão aumentar a pressão intra abdominal (lembrando que essa pressão em excesso também provoca dor).

Vale explicar que esses músculos devem ser ativados o tempo todo, e para que isso ocorra faz-se necessário um foco em resistência (que fará com que mantenham-se contraídos por muito tempo sem fadigar) e não força, o que explica o índice de dor e lesões em atletas e praticantes de exercícios como musculação.

O famoso abdominal é importantíssimo para o ganho desse aumento de pressão. Entretanto, os convencionais, onde se realiza uma flexão total de tronco, independente das pernas estarem dobradas ou esticadas, geram uma carga de 3.000 Newton na coluna, o equivalente a 305,91 Kg (imagem 1). Em contrapartida, esses mesmos exercícios com o tronco fletido parcialmente diminuem a carga compressiva gerada (imagem 2).


Já a flexibilidade, ao contrário do que se pensa, não é sinônimo de alongamento. Ser flexível é conseguir mover todas as partes do seu corpo no limite máximo (o que não se consegue de um dia para o outro). O alongamento é um exercício para ganho de flexibilidade, porém implica em sustentar a posição por no mínimo trinta segundos. Mas quando o tecido neural (o tecido que recobre o nervo) ou o próprio nervo estão acometidos, fato comum nas hérnias discais, o alongamento agrava o quadro uma vez que estira o tecido e diminui o suprimento de sangue para uma região muito sensível e já danificada. Portanto, é preciso outro recurso, como a mobilização neural, para o retorno da flexibilidade sem danos adicionais.

Além das técnicas e recursos convencionais que a fisioterapia tem a disposição para o tratamento da dor lombar, seja ela idiopática ou secundária as hérnias por exemplo, pode-se citar o método Pilates, tão divulgado atualmente, como um excelente coadjuvante, desde que adaptado para cada necessidade e aplicado por um fisioterapeuta nos casos em que o objetivo é a reabilitação. Esse método trabalha com foco na ativação da musculatura profunda que estabiliza a lombar, movimentos suaves, e uma gama de abdominais com flexão parcial de tronco. Todavia, possui alguns exercícios agressivos e prejudiciais quando a instabilidade da coluna ainda é grande; além do foco em alongamentos que podem ser contra indicados.

Sendo assim, é de fundamental importância uma avaliação fisioterapêutica minuciosa para traçar-se o plano de reabilitação, além da adaptação de métodos parcialmente benéficos como o Pilates e a adição de outros recursos que se fazem necessários. Portanto, cuide da sua saúde buscando um tratamento individual e personalizado que fará toda a diferença no futuro.

Referência Bibliográfica:
Hall J, Susan. Biomecânica da coluna vertebral; 277 - 317. In: Hall J, Susan. Biomecânica Básica. Editora Manole. 2009: 5ª edição.

Referência para a conversão de Newton em Quilograma:

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          Hábito X Vício: entenda as diferenças e cuide melhor da sua saúde!   
Saber se um comportamento é hábito ou vício pode ser o diferencial para um tratamento eficaz. Entenda a seguir cada um deles.

O hábito ocorre quando um comportamento aprendido é repetido frequentemente, de forma consciente ou inconsciente. Hábitos podem ser bons ou ruins, como o hábito da leitura ou o hábito de roer as unhas, respectivamente.

Já o vício é uma tendência habitual para o "mal", o "ruim"; e a real necessidade faz com que o indivíduo o repita constantemente.

Mas qual a relação disso com o trabalho do fisioterapeuta?

Em poucas palavras, o hábito é muito mais fácil de ser "corrigido" quando se faz necessário. Tanto do ponto de vista orientativo quanto através da medicina chinesa - acupuntura, auriculoterapia.
Já o vício demanda um esforço e tempo maior.

Quando a pessoa senta em uma posição prejudicial para a coluna, músculos e articulações pelo simples fato de estar habituada a isso (Imagem 1) a correção é mais fácil do que para aquela que adota essa postura por um vício, uma real necessidade (Imagem 2), porque sente dores ao corrigir a postura por exemplo (dores ao adotar uma boa postura indicam fraqueza, encurtamento muscular, diminuição da flexibilidade), ou porque possui deformidades já instaladas, hereditárias (sem relação com hábito e vício) ou adquiridas (podem ter relações com hábitos inadequados por tempo prolongado).

(Imagem 1)

(Imagem 2)

Pensando em algo mais cotidiano, podemos falar sobre o fumo. 
Aquele que faz uso do cigarro por hábito acaba fumando em momentos em que a vontade nem se faz presente; já o que possui o vício sente necessidade de fumar, com crises de abstinência que geram sintomas como irritabilidade, ansiedade, tremores, sudorese, alterações no sono e hábitos intestinais. 
Para o viciado, fatores como estar em locais inapropriados ou doença não o impedem de arrumar um jeito para saciar sua vontade.

E qual a importância dessas diferenças no tratamento?

Sempre há um grande probabilidade de um hábito se tornar um vício quando repetido constantemente por um longo período de tempo. E uma vez que o primeiro é mais fácil e rápido de tratar, o ideal é que ao notar-se a presença de hábitos "ruins", que não são saudáveis, um tratamento seja procurado de imediato.

Vale lembrar também que o vício nos consome, tira nosso controle e nos domina. Por isso, nenhum tipo de vício é bom, porque o equilíbrio se faz necessário em todos os aspectos da vida. Ser viciado em um legume como vagem, por exemplo, ainda assim é ruim, porque o excesso sempre faz mal.

Portanto, procurar um tratamento ao notar hábitos prejudiciais ou vícios é fundamental para garantir uma vida mais saudável e com qualidade. Para aqueles que acometem a estrutura do corpo, como a postura, a fisioterapia e o método pilates apresentam grandes resultados. Já para aqueles mais ligados a fatores emocionais, como dependência química (lícita ou ilícita), a acupuntura e os demais métodos que compõe a abordagem através da medicina chinesa proporcionam um tratamento eficaz.

Não deixe a sua saúde em segundo plano! Os benefícios ao adotar-se bons hábitos são inúmeros e sentidos em pouquíssimo tempo.

Imagens: Internet.

          Fisioterapia e a solicitação de exercícios domiciliares   
Essa semana estava aguardando minha consulta na recepção de uma clínica médica e não pude deixar de ouvir duas pessoas conversando. E o assunto era a fisioterapia e os exercícios domiciliares.

A pessoa em questão dizia que essa solicitação domiciliar era incabível porque o seu tempo era precioso e não podia desperdiçá-lo fazendo aquilo que o fisioterapeuta pedia. 

E infelizmente na minha prática clínica me deparei com muitos que pensavam dessa maneira. Então eu pergunto: a sua saúde não vale o desperdício do seu tempo?

Sinceramente, acho que falta conscientização da população mas também explicação por parte do profissional do porque fazer os exercícios solicitados.

Particularmente, evito uma sobrecarga de exercícios para casa porque sei que quando demanda muito tempo, poucos fazem; além da possibilidade de fazerem errado, compensando músculos, ligamentos, tendões e articulações, e prejudicando ainda mais o problema. 

Mas sempre indico orientações, que devem ser seguidas. E a explicação é muito simples: não importa a frequência e o tempo da  sessão, as horas restantes serão sempre maiores.

Todo o trabalho feito em 5 horas semanais pode ser perdido quando o indivíduo passa 20 horas nessa mesma semana, por exemplo, em uma posição ou atividade prejudicial. E sem essa conscientização a população estará cada vez mais fadada as doenças e dores crônicas.

O maior exemplo é o tempo que passamos em frente ao computador e a postura que adotamos.
A sobrecarga nesse caso não é só na coluna, como muitos pensam, mas também em ombros, cotovelo e punhos. Além de comprometer a musculatura das pernas, que ficam muito tempo em uma mesma posição.

Não dar continuidade a um tratamento solicitado pelo fisioterapeuta em casa funciona mais ou menos como ir a academia 2 horas por dia, todos os dias, mas alimentar-se de forma totalmente inapropriada no restante do tempo. Ou ir ao médico e não usar a medicação prescrita.

Por isso, coloquem sua saúde sempre em primeiro lugar.
E profissionais, expliquem a importância daquilo que se pede. Isso facilita a adesão. Mas cuidado: mudanças comportamentais dependem de cada um, e explicar os benefícios de algo não muda a concepção de ninguém. O importante é atentar-se a estratégias motivadoras (ver mais em: http://www.fisioterapianatalia.blogspot.com/2011/03/para-seguir-um-tratamento-preocupe-se.html).

Fica a dica!

Imagem: internet.

          Blog de cara nova!   
Olá queridos leitores!

Já faz um tempo que queria modificar o visual do meu blog e depois de muitas tentativas consegui deixá-lo da maneira que queria. Mas desde o último post, no mês passado, não escrevi novas matérias. Estou escrevendo hoje justamente para esclarecer o motivo do meu "sumiço".

Sempre gostei de lutas mas desde a faculdade deixei as tarefas do meu dia-a-dia profissional dominarem meu tempo. Porém, para cuidar de outras pessoas precisamos cuidar de nós mesmos, e foi assim que decidi arrumar um tempo para mim.

Quando comecei a trabalhar com o Pilates passei a praticar o método, e os benefícios começaram a aparecer. Diante de mais resistência muscular e consciência corporal voltei a lutar, intercalando o treino de luta com o Pilates e um trabalho de força muscular.

Mas tenho uma predisposição genética, que não é modificável com exercícios, a lesão ligamentar. A algum tempo atrás, ao subir num banco para alcançar um objeto escorreguei e minha primeira reação foi me segurar onde pude, mas meu ombro (esquerdo) não estava preparado para segurar todo o peso do meu corpo de forma tão abrupta. Isso foi suficiente para lesionar minha articulação. Passados alguns meses já não sentia mais dor e conseguia praticar exercícios na mesma intensidade que antes. O resultado foi uma luxação de Hill Sachs no ombro esquerdo durante a luta.


RX de ombro sem luxação

RX de ombro com luxação

Para quem não sabe, luxação significa a perda de intimidade entre o osso e a articulação. A fratura de Hill Sachs é um afundamento da cabeça do úmero e lesão da cápsula articular (que mantém os ossos unidos), lesando junto alguns ligamentos. Sendo assim, perdi a estabilidade da minha articulação glenoumeral (ombro) e infelizmente meu caso é cirúrgico. Minha idade, profissão e a extensão da lesão corroboraram para que eu decidisse pela operação.

      (1) Fratura de Hill Sachs                   (2) Cápsula articular
É engraçado como tantas pessoas entendem como surreal uma fisioterapeuta se machucar como aconteceu comigo mas o fato é que meu corpo tem a mesma constituição de qualquer outro ser humano. Sou tão disposta a me acidentar e adoecer quanto um marceneiro, uma dona de casa, um gerente de banco, um jogador de futebol (de final de semana) ou um colega de luta. Ainda mais quando fatores genéticos ou externos (acidentes) determinam o problema.

Diante desses fatos, minha vida está uma loucura porque tenho ido a diversos médicos, próxima semana tenho cardiologista, alergista e exames ... tudo isso para fazer a cirurgia em janeiro. Sem contar as sessões de fisioterapia diárias.

Pretendo postar em breve no blog já que todo o tempo livre que tenho tido venho dedicando aos estudos.

Esse post foi mais um desabafo, uma forma de justificar minha ausência.

Um grande abraço a todos e até breve!

          Você sabe o que é estabilização segmentar?   
A estabilidade segmentar consiste em deixar um segmento do corpo, como a coluna, estável. Mas o que é isso?

Estabilidade é um processo dinâmico que envolve três sistemas do nosso corpo: o ativo, o passivo e o neural.

O sistema ativo é constituído de músculos e tendões, responsáveis pelo suporte e rigidez gerado nas articulações para sustentar as forças que impomos ao nosso corpo. É dividido em local e global.
O sistema ativo local é composto de pequenos músculos ligados às vértebras, que promovem estabilidade da coluna e controle do movimento. Já o global é constituído de músculos de grande torque (força X braço de alavanca) não ligados a coluna.

O sistema passivo é formado pelas vértebras, discos, articulações, ligamentos. Esse sistema é responsável pela maior parte da estabilidade de uma articulação, já que limita a amplitude do movimento evitando exacerbações, como uma hiperextensão do joelho ou cotovelo.

O sistema neural é formado pelo sistema nervoso central (SNC) e sistema nervoso periférico (SNP), ou seja, encéfalo, medula espinhal e nervos.Esse sistema coordena as contrações musculares, sendo responsável pelo controle motor.

Se uma pessoa possui alinhamento postural na posição estática, conseguido através de estabilidade, as contrações musculares se tornam mais eficazes e os movimentos são realizados de forma suave, controlada e sem tensões ou compensações.

Normalmente os músculos responsáveis por estabilizar a coluna devem manter-se levemente contraídos  (ativados) para promover a estabilização. Mas diversos processos fazem com que o indivíduo perca essa capacidade, já que os músculos ficam fracos e atrofiam com o sedentarismo ou processos de lesões e dor. E o segmento lombar é o mais acometido, já que absorve grande parte do impacto gerado na coluna no nosso dia-a-dia.

Estudos já comprovam por exemplo que os multífidos, músculos da coluna responsáveis pela ESV, atrofiam em processos de dor como lombalgia e hérnia discal, e essa má funcionalidade gerada pela fraqueza é responsável pela recorrência da dor. E ganho de força muscular não é suficiente para cessar esse processo, já que apenas resistência é profilaxia para dor.
Mas como o fisioterapeuta promove a estabilização segmentar lombar (ESL)?
Atuando no sistema ativo, e indiretamente, no sistema passivo e neural.

A ES é subdividida em 3 fases:
1ª - Cognitiva - o paciente aprende de forma consciente a contrair os músculos responsáveis pela ES
2ª - Associativa - junto com essa contração consciente movimentos são realizados de forma controlada
3ª - Automatismo - o paciente é capaz de realizar todas as atividades diárias mantendo os músculos que estabilizam a lombar ativados.

Uma vez mantido o automatismo com a prática diária do aprendizado e exercícios que beneficiem a postura, a recorrência de dor e lesões será mínima.

Tranverso do abdome, multífidos (eretor da espinha) e quadrado lombar - principais músculos envolvidos na ESL.
Oblíquo externo, reto do abdome, reto femoral, glúteo médio e glúteo máximo - músculos secundários envolvidos na ESL.
(Clique na imagem para ampliar)

Fonte: Estabilização Segmentar da coluna lombar nas lombalgias: uma revisão bibliográfica e um programa de exercícios. Fisioterapia e Pesquisa, v15, n2, p 200-206, Abr/Jun 2008.

Imagem: internet.

          Por que usar a bola no Pilates?   

O Pilates com a bola tem sido divulgado tão amplamente que poucos sabem que o criador do método, Joseph Pilates (1880 - 1967), não usava esse acessório nas suas aulas. O uso da bola passou a ser difundido na reabilitação por terapeutas da América do Norte que viram seu uso em 1960 na Suíça (daí o nome "bola suíça). Nessa época, as bolas eram vendidas apenas para fisioterapeutas, hospitais e clínicas. Sua aplicação em treinamento de elite e fitness em geral, incluindo o Pilates, são extremamente recentes embora muito bem divulgadas. 

Mas se o uso da bola não consta na criação do método, quais são os benefícios de adaptá-lo para o seu uso?

Por ser uma superfície instável requer equilíbrio corporal, o que faz com que músculos profundos entrem em ação para manter a postura. Essa musculatura profunda ativada é fundamental para a prevenção de dores e lesões.

Exercícios na bola também exigem mais concentração e percepção dos movimentos, melhorando o controle e ativação muscular, coordenação e consciência corporal. Isso é importante para que evitemos tensionar músculos desnecessários durante determinados movimentos, como a elevação do ombro ao digitar no computador (imagem 1), que tensiona o músculo trapézio (imagem 2).

Imagem 1
Imagem 2

Outro fator a ser levado em consideração são as questões emocionais impostas no uso da bola. Por ser algo que remete a nossa infância, velhas feridas podem ser trazidas a tona, sejam elas traumáticas ou apenas saudosas. E é por isso que algumas pessoas sentem-se tão desconfortáveis diante da bola. Entender essa ligação é fundamental para que o profissional identifique esses incômodos e realize um processo de adaptação.

Além disso, como os níveis de controle e concentração são elevados, não conseguir realizar determinados exercícios pode levar a um nível de frustração muito ruim. Por isso é importante propor movimentos mais simples sobre a bola para posteriormente avançar no nível e/ou intensidade.

Diante de todos esses benefícios, considero importante a adaptação do método Pilates para a bola, sendo de extrema valia utilizá-la em todas as aulas mesmo que por um tempo curto. Seu uso não deve ser subestimado diante da aparelhagem desenvolvida pelo criador do método. Mas cuidado: exercícios feitos sem orientações podem gerar compensações musculares (uso de músculos inapropriados para conter um movimento) que desencadeiam lesões. Procure sempre um profissional!

Referência: Pilates com a bola, Colleen Craig, 2ª edição (São Paulo: Phorte, 2005).

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          Venda de serviços de fisioterapia em sites coletivos está proibida   

A venda de pacotes de serviços de fisioterapia e terapia ocupacional, por meio de sites de compras coletivas foi proibida pelo Conselho Federal de Fisioterapia e Terapia Ocupacional (Coffito). A medida foi publicada no Diário Oficial da União (DOU) nesta quarta-feira (24). Segundo informações do Coffito, até o momento, não foi registrada nenhuma morte ou problema de saúde grave devido à venda indiscriminada dos serviços. No entanto, a ideia é fazer um trabalho preventivo.

A Resolução nº 391, de 18 de agosto de 2011, alerta que nessas ofertas os usuários podem adquirir um procedimento sem a avaliação de um profissional. Segundo o presidente do Coffito, Dr. Roberto Cepeda, a comercialização desses pacotes sem diagnóstico pode por em risco a saúde dos indivíduos. “É uma questão de saúde. O profissional deve fazer primeiro uma avaliação e, só depois, indicar o tratamento mais adequado”, explica. 

Entre os tipos mais comuns de tratamentos oferecidos nos sites de vendas coletivas estão a drenagem linfática, radiofrequência e a aplicação de Manthus. A fiscalização será realizada pelos Conselhos Regionais de Fisioterapia e Terapia Ocupacional (Crefitos) e por meio de denúncias. O CrefitoSP solicita aos profissionais do Estado de São Paulo que se abstenham de oferecer seus serviços em sites de compra coletiva, cumprindo o determinado na Resolução do Coffito. A punição para quem desrespeitar a resolução vai de advertência até a suspensão do exercício profissional.

Fonte: http://www.crefito.com.br/admin/m_noticia.asp?not=962

Imagem: internet.

"Como fisioterapeuta, admiro e parabenizo a decisão do Coffito. Um tratamento só pode ser prescrito após uma avaliação, e até mesmo os mais aparentemente inofensivos possuem contra-indicações. Cuidar de pessoas é algo sério e não deve ser banalizado."

          Here’s A Bunch Of Patriotic-Ish Movies You Can Stream This Fourth Of July   
For many people, this Fourth of July long weekend is sure to be a busy one — Parades! Picnics! Parties! But when the fireworks have all stopped and you’ve been rendered immobile after consuming too many grilled things — or if you just need a few hours to not talk to your family and friends about the definition of “patriotism” …
          Pilates Clínico: saiba escolher de acordo com suas necessidades.   
Atualmente a modalidade Pilates tem sido amplamente divulgada, mas poucos sabem as diferenças entre a prática na academia e a prática clínica, assim como as indicações de cada uma.

As aulas de mat Pilates oferecidas na academia são realizadas com o auxílio de acessórios como bola e faixas elásticas e abrangem um público amplo, não diferenciando as necessidades individuais, uma vez que as mesmas são realizadas em grupos. Todos realizam os mesmos exercícios, havendo apenas algumas adaptações caso algum praticante tenha dificuldade na realização do exercício proposto.

Já o Pilates Clínico, quase sempre oferecido em estúdio, possui o diferencial de atender um grupo pequeno de pessoas, normalmente no máximo três por aula, proporcionando maior individualidade, essencial para quem busca objetivos mais específicos, como o tratamento de dores e lesões reabilitados por um fisioterapeuta.

Tendemos a achar que todo e qualquer tipo de exercício é benéfico, mas infelizmente isso não é verdade. Cada um possui necessidades específicas, que variam de acordo com a concomitância de problemas físicos, atividade profissional, hábitos diários, entre outros.

Alongamentos, por exemplo, são contra indicados em caso de irritabilidade neural (inflamação dos nervos, como na síndrome do túnel do carpo e hérnia discal com compressão do nervo isquiático). Já as dores na coluna, seja por fraqueza muscular ou alterações estruturais como hérnias discal, exigem um trabalho mais focado em resistência do que força muscular. E todos esses fatores são levados em consideração no tratamento através do Pilates Clínico após uma avaliação específica.

Sendo assim, torna-se claro a importância de considerar seu principal objetivo e necessidade a fim de escolher uma das modalidades desse método tão divulgado. 

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          Quem pode ministrar aulas de Pilates?   

Hoje falarei de um assunto que tem causado muita polêmica. Pelo menos é o que vejo nas páginas da internet, além da confusão entre clientes interessados em praticar o método. Afinal, quem pode ministrar aulas de Pilates?

Atualmente, a maioria dos cursos nacionais são apenas aos Educadores Físicos e Fisioterapeutas. Mas provavelmente ainda existam cursos para Bailarinos e outros profissionais da saúde. Porém independente disso, desde que o profissional tenha um certificado válido ele pode ser Intrutor de Pilates. Devemos apenas nos atentar com certificados estrangeiros não validados no Brasil, e isso vale para qualquer profissional.

Vale lembrar que a sucessora de Joseph Pilates foi bailarina, escolhida pelo próprio criador do método. Então precisamos aprender a respeitar os diversos profissionais ao invés de nos julgarmos melhores.

De qualquer forma, falarei quanto a fisioterapia, que é minha área de atuação. A maior briga que tenho visto são entre Educadores Físicos e Fisioterapeutas, que deveriam ser aliados e não inimigos. Mesmo porque quando uma pessoa recebe um atendimento interdisciplinar (diferentes profissionais interagindo entre si), ela passa a ter muito mais benefícios à saúde.

Toda a briga tem sido causada porque a Resolução CFEF nº 201, de 18 de março de 2010, diz que as evidências históricas e metodológicas definem Pilates como método e modalidade de ginástica, e usado da maneira original ou como modalidade de ginástica, atende aos propósitos da promoção, prevenção, proteção e recuperação da saúde, enquadrando-se portanto no controle ético profissional regulamentado da Educação Física. Sendo assim, essa resolução define o Pilates como método privativo do Professor de Educação Física. 

Porém a Resolução CREFITO nº 28, de 29 de janeiro de 2009, define que o uso do método Pilates como técnica de cinesioterapia (terapia através do movimento) requer conhecimentos que fazem parte das diretrizes curriculares dos cursos de Fisioterapia e Terapia Ocupacional. Sendo assim, a utilização clínica do método se enquadra no âmbito do controle ético e profissional dessas profissões. Portanto, a utilização do Pilates como tratamento cinesioterapêutico funcional, mesmo que preventivo, cabe as Fisioterapeutas e Terapeutas Ocupacionais.

Antes que alguém comente que a Resolução do CREFITO é mais antiga, devo deixar claro que a data de uma Resolução não a torna inválida.

Li também alguns comentário de profissionais dizendo que para fazer Pilates com Fisioterapeuta é preciso pedido médico, e outros dizendo que nós não podemos atuar na prevenção. Ressalto que como vocês podem ler na matéria que postei neste blog denominada "Fisioterapia", nossa profissão é independente e o paciente não precisa de pedido médico para nos procurar (embora por burocracias isso aconteça nos planos de saúde, no atendimento particular não é necessário), lembrando que o mesmo têm uma diferença imensa com diagnóstico médico, fundamental para focar o tratamento e/ou excluir doenças e lesões. Ainda nessa matéria fica explícito nossas funções regulamentadas por Lei, e dentro delas a prevenção faz  parte tanto quanto a reabilitação.

E para finalizar esclareço que cabe a cada um, dentro da sua profissão, aplicar com competência métodos ou técnicas, com conhecimentos específicos, para atingir os objetivos do cliente.

Educador Físico e Fisioterapeuta atuam com prevenção, Educador Físico com condicionamento físico, e Fisioterapeuta com reabilitação. Cabe ao cliente procurar um profissional que possui competência para focar em seus objetivos, e principalmente cabe ao profissional indicar outro quando o objetivo do cliente não abrange a sua atuação. Infelizmente nem sempre isso acontece, mas atuar com responsabilidade traz muito mais satisfação, seja profissional, pessoal ou financeira, do que atuar com egoísmo fazendo aquilo que não lhe competi.

Fonte: http://www.tributosdodf.com.br/index.php/content/view/10406.html

Fonte: http://semesp.org.br/portal/pdfs/juridico2009/resolucoes/04.03.09/28_29.01.09.pdf

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          Para seguir um tratamento, preocupe-se em como e não no por que fazê-lo   
Li uma matéria no Portal de Educação Física e achei muito interessante, já que posso aplicar as informações ao Pilates ou até mesmo às sessões de Fisioterapia.

Essa matéria diz que embora a maioria das pessoas conheçam os benefícios do exercício físico, as taxas de sedentarismo e obesidade estão extremamente altas. Sendo assim, cientistas da Universidade de Missouri (EUA) resolveram estudar por que as pessoas não fazem o que sabem que deve ser feito.

Nesse estudo, foi constatado que adultos saudáveis aumentaram seus níveis de atividade física quando as intervenções foram focadas na mudança de comportamento. Já as abordagens cognitivas, que tentam alterar nosso conhecimento sobre algo (por exemplo nos instruir da importância e benefícios gerados pelo exercício), não produziram efeitos sobre o nível de atividades físicas praticadas.

Um dos autores da pesquisa afirma que o foco precisa deixar de ser aumentar o conhecimento sobre os benefícios dos exercícios físicos. Essa  abordagem tradicional de tentar mudar as convicções ou atitudes das pessoas sobre os exercícios mostrando o quanto eles são importantes não funciona porque não é motivadora. Ao invés disso, é muito mais eficaz discutir estratégias que mudem o comportamento. 

Mas quais são essas estratégias motivadoras?

Feedback, definição de objetivos, automonitoramento, prescrição de exercícios e estímulos ou sugestões fazem parte das estratégias de mudança de comportamento.

Feedback significa "retorno". Exemplo: Dou um comando para você pegar o copo que está na mesa. Se você pegar a caneta, eu direi que está errado porque pedi o copo. Isso é um feedback negativo. Se você pegar o copo, eu irei elogiar dizendo que está correto. Isso é um feedback positivo. Portanto, dar um feedback de como você está alcançando seus objetivos, ou quanto a melhora na postura, alivio da dor, é extremamente motivador. E o feedback não precisa ser apenas verbal. Pode ser na forma de uma avaliação escrita, fotos, entre outras maneiras.

Automonitoramento é um método em que o indivíduo registra e acompanha a sua atividade ao longo do tempo. Esse método parece aumentar muito a conscientização, além de proporcionar motivação suficiente para o engajamento nas atividades físicas regulares. 

Com tudo isso, um dos autores da pesquisa sugere que os profissionais da saúde questionem seus pacientes sobre hábitos de atividades e ajudem-os a estabelecer metas específicas e fáceis de administrar. As dicas propostas são tentar estratégias diferentes constantemente como controlar o progresso, agendar os exercícios para aumentar o comprometimento, colocar pedômetros nas roupas (instrumentos que medem distância e velocidade percorridos); além de discutir recompensas para a realização de metas.

Ao meu ver, essas informações obtidas nessa pesquisa podem e devem ser aplicadas a todos os profissionais da saúde, independente do tipo de tratamento que o paciente realiza. Vemos muitas pessoas iniciarem um tratamento de fisioterapia por exemplo e desistirem após alguns meses. E todo o esforço do profissional em explicar o quanto as sessões são importantes é em vão. Porém se nos preocuparmos em mostrar a melhora, que por vezes é sutil e por isso passa desapercebida, teremos muito mais pessoas cuidando da própria saúde. Fica essa dica!

Fonte: http://www.educacaofisica.com.br/noticias/para-se-exercitar-concentre-se-no-como-e-nao-no-porque

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          Fisioterapia na Saúde da Mulher   

A fisioterapia voltada à saúde da mulher atua na prevenção ou reabilitação em diversas áreas como ginecologia (dor pélvica crônica, disfunções sexuais, endometriose etc), uroginecologia (incontinência urinária e fecal), oncologia (mamária e ginecológica), obstetrícia (gestação, parto e pós-parto), climatério e menopausa. 

Foto: internet

          Postura no dia-a-dia   
Adotar posturas básicas nas atividades diárias e profissionais faz total diferença na prevenção de disfunções na coluna ou manutenção de um quadro sem dor após tratamento. Isso sem contar os benefícios para outras articulações, muitas vezes acometidas por osteoartrite (conhecida como artrose), tendinite, bursite.

Na imagem acima, bursa inflamada - bursite - na primeira foto. Na segunda, bursa normal.

Inflamação no tendão do calcâneo – tendinite

A postura correta nada mais é do que manter o corpo alinhado para obter mais eficácia nas aquisições fisiológicas e biomecânicas, minimizando estresses e sobrecargas impostas ao nosso corpo. Para simplificar, imagine o ato de respirar como uma aquisição fisiológica, em que preciso da expansão da caixa torácica (costelas) de forma adequada. Uma postura ruim interfere nesse processo, diminuindo essa expansão por exemplo.
Note como as costelas precisam se mover para inspirarmos e expirarmos. Esse movimento é denominado expansibilidade torácica.
Essa imagem mostra uma escoliose, que é a rotação junto com a inclinação das vértebras. Isso acontece devido a diversas causas (como distrofias neuromusculares), mas pode ser ocasionado pela má postura durante a fase de crescimento, e é irreversível. Porém a fisioterapia pode atenuar essa curvatura e aliviar as dores através de exercícios específicos. 
Nessa imagem, a coluna está inclinada a esquerda, comprimindo órgãos e músculos e diminuindo a capacidade das costelas se expandirem durante a inspiração.

Do ponto de vista biomecânico (mecânica do corpo), podemos citar como exemplo o quanto uma postura inadequada prejudica as articulações, interferindo nos movimentos e levando até mesmo a lesões.

Note a diferença entre as posturas inadequadas, que levam a alterações no nosso corpo, e a postura correta (última foto).
As setas em vermelho simbolizam para onde estamos forçando as articulações do nosso corpo.

Para adotar as seguintes posturas diariamente, é necessário constante foco e atenção até a adaptação do corpo. Com o tempo você irá perceber que não precisa mais se auto corrigir com tanta freqüência. E lembre-se: você não precisa de esforços físicos para manter o corpo em uma posição correta. Não é normal sentir dor para manter-se em um bom posicionamento.

Agora, vamos à prática:


Para quem dorme de barriga para cima, usar travesseiros embaixo dos joelhos. Ao dormir de lado, use um travesseiro entre as pernas dobradas. Não durma de lado com as pernas estendidas. Dormir de bruços é muito ruim. Mas para quem não consegue uma opção é não usar travesseiro na cabeça e sim embaixo da barriga – isso diminui a nossa curvatura lombar que fica prejudicialmente aumentada nessa posição.

Para deitar-se e levantar-se da cama, vire sempre de lado, apóie os braços e enquanto coloca as pernas para fora vá subindo o tronco até ficar sentado. E nunca levante de maneira brusca.

Você pode fazer um rolinho de toalha, ou usar uma almofada no formato de rolo, para apoiar a região lombar. Cuidado para não deixar a sua coluna em uma posição muito para frente.


Nessas imagens, uma complementa a outra quanto à postura adequada na frente do computador.
Lembre-se que podemos improvisar o descanso para os pés com uma caixa de sapatos. Mas cuidado para não deixar suas pernas em uma posição inadequada, já que pés muito acima do chão elevam os joelhos também.

Durante a leitura, também devemos manter essa postura. O livro, jornal ou revista devem ser segurados na altura dos olhos. Quando formos ler um livro muito pesado, ou escrever, devemos mantê-los semi verticalizados. Uma dica é adaptar um apoio para livros com uma prancheta de madeira: retire a parte que prende o papel, e com a prancheta na horizontal cole com cola de madeira uma ripa na parte de trás, como se fosse um porta retrato. Mas não deize a prancheta muito elevada. Deve ficar algo em torno de 10 cm da prancheta à mesa, dependendo da sua altura. Ajuste para uma posição que durante a leitura ou escrita a sua cabeça não precise ficar flexionada, para frente. Com uma ripa firme, ou mais de uma (grussura de aproximadamente 6 cm), essa adaptação aguenta livros grandes e pesados.

Segure o telefone corretamente, e evite apoiá-lo nos ombros.

Ao pegarmos um objeto acima do nível dos olhos, devemos subir em um banco ESTÁVEL ou uma escada. Sendo assim, evite colocar objetos de uso diário em armários altos.

Lembre-se de carregar o peso junto ao corpo.
Bolsas devem ser trocadas de lado constantemente. Mochilas sempre carregadas da maneira correta.

Sempre que formos fazer uma atividade por muito tempo em pé, devemos deixar uma perna na frente da outra, já que isso aumenta a nossa base de apoio e diminui o impacto sobre a coluna. Quando possível (isso dependerá da atividade), apoiar o membro que está na frente sobre um algo da altura de uma caixa de sapato. Manter a postura ereta é fundamental. Ao varrer a casa, por exemplo, devemos dobrar os joelhos e não a coluna.

LEMBRE-SE: embora essas posturas sejam fundamentais para evitarmos algias (dores) e maiores complicações articulares, é preciso a prática de exercícios específicos com o acompanhamento de um profissional qualificado. Porque para mantermos essas posturas precisamos de força, flexibilidade e da constante ativação de músculos específicos da região abdominal. Portanto, corrija-se agora mesmo quanto a postura e procure um profissional que realizará uma avaliação postural e um programa de tratamento qualificado.

CURIOSIDADE: a carga sobre a coluna é muito maior na posição sentada do que em pé. Temos a impressão de aliviar nossas dores ao sentar porque a falta de força em músculos das pernas e da coluna faz com cansemos na posição em pé. Ao sentarmos aliviamos essa fadiga (cansaço) porque descansamos as pernas e encostamos a coluna. Mas como a carga que incide principalmente na região lombar é maior, precisamos de atenção redobrada na postura ao sentar.

A explicação para essa carga maior é que a ação da gravidade fica comprimindo a coluna contra a cadeira, e o apoio dos glúteos (bumbum) não é tão grande para suportar essa carga. Isso nos faz mudar de posição constantemente, muitas vezes para posturas largadas que ao nosso ver estão "relaxando" o corpo.

Já em pé a carga sobre a lombar diminui porque a gravidade comprime todo o corpo (e não só a cabeça e coluna) no chão. Ao deixar os pés juntos essa carga aumenta porque o apoio é menor. Ao manter um pé na frente do outro, e/ou sobre uma caixa, eu aumento mais ainda a base de apoio e consequentemente diminuo a carga sobre a coluna.

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A truly moronic comment from KQED's village idiot. No one is denying that Trump has a 1st amendment right to tweet as he likes as long as he refrains from divulging classified information which, in case you'e not aware of it, Mike, is not covered by the 1st amendment. The debate is whether his tweets are "presidential". I guess the gist of the debate escaped you. Keep showing off your ignorance, Mike. Apparently that's all you've got for us.
          Economia: Veículo do gabinete do prefeito de Picuí custará 74% menos em relação gestão passada; o mais barato dos últimos 13 anos   
Ascom -

O prefeito Olivânio surpreendeu os picuienses quando abriu mão do luxo do gabinete e disponibilizou um ônibus de qualidade aos estudantes universitários.
Sem ostentação, nos 6 meses de gestão, o prefeito tem gerado baixo custo a máquina pública. Ao longo desse período, realizou dezenas de viagens a capital do estado, a cidade do Recife e a capital Federal, mesmo assim, foram poucas as diárias recebidas em relação aos dois últimos gestores que o antecederam. A situação não é diferente em relação ao veículo que passará a ser usado pelo chefe do executivo em suas viagens oficiais, o valor será o menor da região e o menor dos últimos 12 anos.
Após organizar a máquina pública e sistematizar as prioridades da gestão, o prefeito autorizou a realização da licitação para locação do veículo que servirá ao seu gabinete e também outras demandas do centro administrativo, ao custo de R$ 2.900,00 o veículo ficará 74% mais barato em relação ao histórico do que vinha sendo praticado na prefeitura de Picuí que chegou a custar R$ 7.500,00 aos contribuintes.
Calculando em salários mínimos, de 2005 até 2012 a prefeitura de Picuí desembolsava mensalmente 11 (onze) salários mínimos todo mês para custear o veículo do prefeito. Com essa redução, o prefeito Olivânio economizará mais de 8 (oito) salários mínimos mensais.
O prefeito já informou que usará esse dinheiro para alugar dois veículos com capacidade de sete lugares ou superior para tender as demandas da saúde do município, principalmente aos pacientes de hemodiálise e da quimioterapia que viajam diariamente até Campina Grande. A licitação para os veículos da saúde ocorrerá na segunda feira dia 03 de julho.
O prefeito informou que acabou a geração do prefeito ostentação e do desperdício, e fez referência a um trecho passagem de um texto do escritor Rubem Alves.
“O político por vocação é um apaixonado pelo grande jardim para todos. Seu amor é tão grande que ele abre mão do pequeno jardim que ele poderia plantar para si mesmo. De que vale um pequeno jardim se à sua volta está o deserto? É preciso que o deserto inteiro se transforme em jardim”.

 Leia mais notícias em diariodocurimatau.com, siga  nossas páginas no Facebook, no Twitter,  Instagram e veja nossos vídeos no Youtube. Você também pode enviar informações à Redação do Jornal Diário do Curimataú pelo Whatsapp (83) 9 8820-0713.

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  LUXOR, EGYPT—Thousands of stone blocks being kept in storage near Luxor turn out to be remains of the temple of the 18th-Dynasty pharaoh Thutmose I (r. ca. 1504-1492 B.C.), according to a report from Science & Scholarship in Poland. Egyptologist Jadwiga Iwaszczuk of the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences first identified some of the fragments, which were housed in a tomb that is used as a storage facility by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. The fragments were excavated in the 1970s, and at the time were thought to belong to a temple built during the reign of Hatshepsut, who was Thutmose I’s daughter. In fact, that temple was discovered in recent years in the Ramesseum, the memorial temple of Ramesses II. Iwaszczuk identified the fragments as belonging to the temple of Thutmose I because the temple’s name appeared on some of them. Iwaszczuk and her team have now identified thousands of stone blocks that are part of the temple. Among their notable finds is an early portrayal, for the area, of a battle scene featuring chariots. For more, go to “Egypt’s Final Redoubt in Canaan.”
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          Neolithic Figurine Found in Polish Village    
RZESZOW, POLAND—While while on vacation in the village of Kosina in southeastern Poland, an archaeologist stumbled upon a clay figurine that he believes dates back to around 5000 B.C. Science and Scholarship in Poland reports that Piotr Alagierski was walking in a cultivated field when he came across the nearly 3-inch-long clay figure that appears to have been made by some of the first farming communities in the region. According to Alagierski, the figurine is reminiscent of similar artifacts found in Slovakia and Romania but differs from known Polish examples in its lifelike rather than exaggerated depicition of the human form. Alagierski plans to conduct excavations at the site, where he also found fragments of ceramic vessels and obsidian, and the object will undergo chemical tests that may help to determine the origin of the clay. For more on archaeology in Poland, go to “Letter from Poland: Warsaw Remembers.”
          Album Review: Prong - "Ruining Lives"   

Heads up, fans of early 90's metal. Prong is back with a new album. But before we get to just how awesome the new album is (sorry for the spoiler), I have my very own, albeit unexciting to anyone but me, Prong story.

It was back in late January, 1992. Bill Clinton was the new President, glam metal was dying a slow, painful death and "alternative music" was beginning to take hold. I had just hooked up with a local band as their biggest fan/roadie when we had the opportunity to open for Prong at the Lost Horizon club in Syracuse, NY. The trip from Albany to Syracuse is not a particularly taxing event unless, of course, you're driving through a blizzard, which we were. The drive took quite a while and we almost died once or twice but, as they say, the show must go on. Suffice it to say, we made it in one piece and the band did, in fact, open for Prong while they were supporting their "Prove You Wrong" album. Rock and roll!

The drive back to Albany was even worse but I'll save that for another day.

Since we're talking about the "Prove You Wrong" album, we might as well mention "Beg To Differ" and "Cleansing" also. These three albums, for me, put Prong near the top of the class when it came to the new face of metal in the early 90's along with Pantera and Sepultura. Prong's music was sparse and aggressive and, in my less-than-humble opinion, "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" is still one of the greats.

I am super excited at the opportunity to review the newest Prong album, "Ruining Lives". It has been nearly 24 years since "Beg To Differ" came out and the band has changed personnel a number of times since then. This time around, it's founding member Tommy Victor on vocals and guitar, Jason Christopher on bass and Art Cruz on the drums.

As far as the new album goes, it's freakin' Prong! The drums are a bit more produced than previous albums but Victor is still nailing it with his guitar sound. The music has also matured quite a bit. Where the riffs and lyrics were more minimalistic in the past, "Ruining Lives" is much more melodic in both the music and the vocals. Where Tommy Victor used to just shout (see "Prove You Wrong"), he now sings from time to time. You'll still hear some of Prong's signature sound, especially on "Absence of Light", but it has been augmented with more melodious choruses throughout.

When a band, especially a metal band, spreads its wings and ventures outside its box, an argument almost always ensues. If this album were made by a new band you had never heard of before you would think, "This is great. It sounds a little like Prong". But since Prong did, in fact, make it, I'm afraid fans of their older material will say, "Why is he SINGING? Why aren't they more pissed off?".

Make no mistake, they're still pissed off but maybe not quite AS pissed off as they were 24 years ago. Tommy Victor and Prong are a New York City band. Remember what New York was like 24 years ago? It was dirty and gritty and Prong's music reflected that grittiness. Now, we have in many places, a kinder, gentler, slightly less gritty New York and Prong's latest album seems to reflect that as well.

The album starts with a handful of kick ass songs but really shifts into high gear in the middle of the record beginning with "Absence Of Light", "The Book Of Change" and "Self Will Run Riot".

Prong really stretches its legs with the poly-rhythmic "Come To Realize". As far as I know, this is a pretty radical departure for the band and is not unwelcomed. This is the maturity of the music I spoke of earlier. As Tommy Victor himself says, "It really is math-metal meets pure hardcore with a crazy-ass riff" and I couldn't agree more.

I didn't love, love, love everything on "Ruining Lives" but I did like it all a lot. It's the same Prong you know and love with a few added features for those of us who have grown along with the music. My days of roadie-ing have long since passed but Prong will always have a special place in the old memory banks. And now, thanks to this new album, we can start a whole new chapter. Rock on!


          Comment on Patriotic Banner with the Mini Alphabet Punch Board by Nita K.   
This is so awesome!
          Frozen shoulder bombshell: it ain’t self-limiting   

Everyone who knows anything about frozen shoulder knows that it goes through three phases, even without treatment — a painful phase, a stiff phase, and recovery/thawing phase. And then you’re good. It’s “self-limiting.” Right? This is in all the textbooks! Dr. Christopher Kevin Wong found convincing evidence that it’s all wrong:

It turns out… not so much. In fact, while no evidence supported the natural history theory, evidence from multiple randomized control trials with longitudinal data directly contradict the theory of a recovery phase that leads to complete resolution for frozen shoulder. That the findings so starkly contradict the accepted view of frozen shoulder, as reflected by clinical reviews, research article introductions, textbooks, and reputable health websites has prompted reflection on how such an assumption made it into the medical knowledge base.

In other words, how the #%!*& did this happen? Basically it was a mistake that just got repeated until it was entrenched. Once it’s in a few textbooks, it’s game over for the truth.

So frozen shoulder probably does not consistently “thaw.” This is a bombshell, and a credible one, and bad news. I’ve always thought frozen shoulder is an interesting mess of a topic. It just got even more interesting and messy.

And how long will it be until most physiotherapists know about this? Start your timers. Bet it takes 20 years.

[Go to this post on PainScience.com]

          New Year, New Predictions   
Happy New Year! 2011 was a pretty momentous year for those of us working in the public sector with cuts, strikes, riots, redundancies, rising demand for our services and a surrounding narrative that pitted those who work in the public services against those who use those services. For those of us working in local government […]
          Syracuse's Jim Boeheim calls ex-Indiana coach Tom Crean 'idiot' for Tyler Lydon comments   
Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim didn't appreciate former Indiana coach Tom Crean's comments about Tyler Lydon during the NBA draft.

          Frederick Law Olmsted   
AVI has a good piece on the famous designer's early travels. I have nothing of value to add to what he says, but I do have a relevant story of roguery and mis-spent youth.

Way back in mumble-mumble I graduated from High School. This was at a school in Atlanta, Georgia. Naturally, we gave some attention to the "senior prank" that might have been better spent on preparing for the SATs. In fact, we planned the thing months in advance. It was decided that we would steal a desk from the school, one of the proprietary ones that obviously belonged to a school, spray paint it with "Kilroy was Here!" graffiti, and then hang it in a big oak opposite the school's main building.

The operation was divided into three phases. Mine was the first phase, the stealing of the desk. Needless to say this had to be done in such a way that the hanging of the desk would later seem to be a tremendous surprise. Thus, it had to disappear long before the prank, and in such a way that no one would be sure where it had come from. For that reason, I arranged to defeat the school's security systems -- both lock and electronic -- so that we could spirit out a desk in the middle of the night, in the winter-time long before graduation. We also rearranged the desks in the room during the operation so that no one would notice a missing one.

That was effected before Christmas. We then had plenty of time to paint the desk appropriately, concealing it for months in a secret location.

Near graduation day we had one of our comrades who was an expert tree-climber sneak into the park opposite the high school headquarters at night, and toss lines over the high tree limbs. Assuming his success -- this was before everyone had a cell-phone -- we arrived about 2 AM with the desk, so that it could be hoisted and secured in position. After that, it was a simple matter of removing the lines and exfiltrating the park before police noticed our activity. It was thus secured well above where anyone would be able to simply remove it.

Here is the tie-in: unbeknownst to any of us, the next day was the 100th anniversary of that park, which was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The mayor of Atlanta came down to give a speech at the very spot where we'd secured the "Kilroy was here!" desk.

Our comrade the tree-climber was immediately captured, as his hobby was too well-known for him to avoid detection. He was a stand-up guy, however, and the rest of the team escaped unpunished. I'm sure we're well past the statue of limitations now.
          L’isola misteriosa. La Biblioteca dei libri inutili. N. 5   
  Come per l’idea rimasta incompiuta di realizzare un Catalogo delle idee chic, che avrebbe dovuto essere il seguito e la conclusione del romanzo Bouvard e Pécuche di Flaubert, letture e proposte di libri singolari eppure dimenticati. Il maestro di Vigevano, Lucio Mastronardi (1962) Il maestro è un mi… E’ un mi…», il maestro chiama […]
          New Java Magazine Edition about UI Tools    

From Chief Editor of Java Magazine Andrew Binstock

Coding UIs used to be an awful chore, with endless minute adjustments having to be constantly recorded. Fortunately, JavaFX greatly facilitated UI construction by scripting it with FXML, which is discussed in our first article. Our second article explores the drag-and-drop design tool, Scene Builder, which can generate FXML. Scene Builder was originally an Oracle tool that was released to open source and taken over by Gluon, which has been maintaining it ever since.

Front ends to web applications have their own unique needs, and we cover those too in a pair of articles: one on MVC 1.0, a web framework that at one time was considered for inclusion in Java EE 8, and another on a JavaScript toolkit, Oracle JET, which provides among many resources a large palette of useful controls with easy ways to wire them together.

If UIs are not your favorite topic, we have other subjects of interest: a detailed discussion of using MQTT, one the main messaging protocols in IoT. You'll also find an interesting dive into how the up-and-coming build tool Gradle uses libraries. And finally, we revisit a topic we've covered before: Compact Profiles in Java 8. In addition, of course, we offer our usual quiz —this time with the inclusion of questions from the entry-level exam—our review, and other goodness, such as readers' views on whether to include JavaScript in future issues. 

Previous edition was about Java and JVM tools 

          New Java Champions: Emmanuel Bernard, Chris Newland and Bert Jan Schrijver   

Welcome three new Java Champions: Emmanuel Bernard, Chris Newland and Bert Jan Schrijver


Emmanuel Bernard is a data platform architect at JBoss. He has been a contributor and lead of open source projects for over 15 years and has led the Hibernate portfolio since 2008. He also contributed to JPA specs as JCP EG member and the Bean Validation spec as JSR Spec Lead. 

He is the author of Hibernate Search in Action, a reference guide for Hibernate Search. Aside from speaking at Java conferences around the world, he runs two podcasts, JBoss Community Asylum, and the French podcast, “Les Cast Codeurs”.

Chris Newland is a senior developer and team lead at ADVFN using Java to process stock market data feeds in real time. In his spare time, he invented and still leads developers on the JITWatch project, an open source log analyzer to visualize and inspect Just-In-Time compilation decisions made by the HotSpot JVM.

Chris is also a JavaFX developer and built a performance benchmark called DemoFX.  He set up a community OpenJFX backend at http://chriswhocodes.com/ for cross-platform builds so that OpenJFX can be used with ARM JDKs and OpenJDK-based builds from other vendors such as Azul Systems' Zulu JDK.


Bert Jan Schrijver is a senior developer at JPoint. A tireless community organizer, he organizes J-Fall, the biggest Java conference in the Netherlands as well as the IoT Tech Days, a one-day conference on smart technologies. He is the chief editor of Java Magazine in the Netherlands, which has 4,000 subscribers. 

 Bert Jan worked with the JCP to have NLJUG join the Adopt-a-JSR program. The NLJUG was nominated as ‘outstanding adopt-a-jar participant’ for the JCP awards this year. Just in the past year, Bert Jan helped the Utrecht and Amsterdam JUGs start up their user groups. Bert Jan is always eager to share experiences with other JUG leaders and he helps out at Devoxx4Kids workshop to teach kids how to code. 

The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Learn more about Java Champions 

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          Two local biotechs raise $131M in IPOs, but hit choppy waters   
Cambridge cancer drug developers Mersana Therapeutics and Aileron Therapeutics are trading below their offering prices this week, even as investor confidence in the industry remains strong.

          Monfils y Djokovic se citan en la final   
El tenista francés Gael Monfils se ha clasificado para disputar la final del torneo de Eastbourne frente a Novak Djovokic, tras imponerse a su compatriota Richard Gasquet por 6-2, 6-7 y 7-6 en la segunda semifinal del torneo. Durante el segundo set,...
          Sugita-Mannarino final en Antalya   
Redacción Deportes, 30 jun (EFE).- El francés Adrian Mannarino y el japonés Yuichi Sugita disputarán mañana sábado la final del torneo ATP de Antalya (Turquía). Mannarino derrotó al italiano Andreas Seppi, por 6-4 y 6-4, y Sugita al chipriota Marcos...
          Queda KO en la pista víctima de un golpe de calor   
Con el termómetro coqueteando con el nivel de los 40º C. Partido intenso en el tercer set, tras 2h.18’ de juego sobre la hierba del Antalya Open, nuevo torneo 250 del ATP Tour. Y de repente el veterano chipriota Marcos Baghdatis ya no puede más...

Это цитата сообщения Ольга_Счетовод Оригинальное сообщениеЧто значат надписи на иконах?

5561066_origigavpnal (543x678, 96Kb)

Надписи на иконах – принятые в русской православной иконописи условные обозначение и сокращения. 
Надписи могут быть выполнены как на церковнославянском языке, так и на греческом. В иконных надписях широко применяется контрактура (лат. contractura – стягивание) – сокращенное написание слова с помощью начальной и конечной букв. Над контрактурами ставится надстрочный знак сокращения – титло ( ҃ )

Сокращенное надписание имени Иисус Христос, составленное из двух пар букв под титлами: Что значат надписи на иконах?. Крещатый нимб (так называемое крестообразное простертие), напоминающий о крестной смерти Спасителя, искупительное действие которой обнимает весь мир, — «крестообразно, яко изволи крестом мир спасти». Число 4 — образ пространственной полноты. Четыре «конца», составляющие в пересечении крест, соединяют в нем четыре стороны света.

В трех видимых сторонах креста нимба пишутся буквы греческого слова Что значат надписи на иконах?, что значит Сущий. Прием появляется примерно в XI веке. Этим надписанием подчеркивается Божество Иисуса Христа, согласно откровению, бывшему Моисею из купины: «Я есмь Сущий» (Исх. 3:14).

В русской иконописной традиции греческая буква Что значат надписи на иконах? (омега) часто заменяется буквой Что значат надписи на иконах? (от).

На греческих, болгарских иконах буква Что значат надписи на иконах? (омикрон) располагается слева, Что значат надписи на иконах?(омега) — вверху, Что значат надписи на иконах? (ню) — справа, и надпись читается по кругу слева направо.

На русских иконах чаще встречается другой буквенный порядок: слева Что значат надписи на иконах? (о) илиЧто значат надписи на иконах? (от), вверху Что значат надписи на иконах? (он), справа Что значат надписи на иконах? (наш). Надпись читается построчно, начиная сверху и затем слева направо во второй строке.

Стоит заметить, что библейское объяснение букв на Руси не являлось единственным. Из старообрядческой литературы известно иное их толкование, возможно несколько наивное, но не нарушающее догматических положений Церкви. В соответствии с ним, три буквы выражают, во-первых, триипостасность Бога; во-вторых, Божество Иисуса Христа: Что значат надписи на иконах? (от) — «еже есть отчески». Что значат надписи на иконах? (он) — «оум» (ум), Что значат надписи на иконах? (наш) — «непостижим сый»; и, в-третьих, воплощение Сына Божия и Его страдания: Что значат надписи на иконах? (от) — «от небес приидох», Что значат надписи на иконах? (он) — «они же Мя не познаша», Что значат надписи на иконах? (наш) — «на кресте распята».

Как следует из этих толкований, порядок чтения букв на Руси также не был единообразным и мог изменяться, совершенно разрывая с греческой традицией и заменяя слово «сущий» сокращением Что значат надписи на иконах?.

Надписи на иконах

Надписи на древних иконах были простыми. Некоторые общеизвестные слова на иконах сокращались. Кроме Ιησους Χρηστος, Μητηρ Θεου сокращались и Αρχαγγελος, ο Δικαιος, ο Προφητης, ο Αγιος и η Αγια, причем нередко до иероглифического знака.
Имена на иконах писались четко читаемыми, но у святых Иоаннов (Предтечи, Златоуста) часто значимо сокращали и имя (Ιωαννης), и именование Предтеча (ο Προδρομος), Златоуст (ο Χρυσοστομος).

Греческое написание Церковнославянское написание Перевод, расшифровка
Θεος Бгъ Бог
Гдъ Господь
ΙΣ ΧΣ IС ХСIИС ХСIСЪ ХСЪ Греч.: сокращенное написание имениΙησουσ Χριστος
Церковнослав.: Иисус Христос
ΙΧΘYΣ Дословно «рыба», греческий акроним отΙησουσ Χριστος Θεου Yσιος, Σωτηπ — Иисус Христос Сын Божий, Спаситель
ο ων Сокращенное написание именования Бога «Сущий», «Аз есмь Сый» — «Я есть Сущий»(Исх.3:14). Надпись имени Пресвятой Троицы на кресчатом нимбе на иконах Иисуса Христа
Црь слвы Царь Славы
ΜΠ ΘY МН БЖН Греч.: сокращение от Μητερ Θεου.
Церковнослав.: Матерь Божия
1. Б. М. 
2. БЦА
3. П. Б.
1. Божия Матерь
2. Богородица
3. Пресвятая Богородица
I. Н. Ц. I Сокращенная надпись на Крестах, знак слов, написанных на трех языках (еврейском, греческом и латинском) Понтием Пилатом на табличке, прибитой над головой Спасителя: «Иисус Назорянин, Царь Иудейский»
ΤΚΠΓ МЛ РБ Греч.: сокращение от Τουτο Κρανιον Παραδεισος Γεγονε 
Церковнослав.: Сокращение от «место лобное рай бысть», либо «место лобное распят бысть» надпись на изображении Креста
ГГ Гора Голгофа, надпись у подножия изображения Креста
ГА Голова Адама, надпись при черепе, изображаемом у подножия Креста
К Копие — одно из орудий страстей, изображаемое при Кресте
Т Сокращение от «трость» — одно из орудий страстей, изображаемое при Кресте
КТ Сокращение от «копие» и «трость», подпись у орудий страстей на изображениях Креста
ΟΚΑΟΑΚ Праведник
ПРO Пророк
АПЛЪ Апостол
СТЛЬ Святитель
МЧМЧНК Мученик
ПР Преподобный


Надпись Страна Перевод
Что значат надписи на иконах? Псков. XV в. Иисус Христос
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Иисус Христос
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVI в. Иисус Христос
Что значат надписи на иконах? Византия. XIV в. Матерь Божия
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVI в. Матерь Божия
Что значат надписи на иконах? Сербия. XIV в. Матерь Божия
Что значат надписи на иконах? Византия. XII в. Архангел
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Архангел
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Архангел
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Праведник
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Праведник
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XV в. Пророк
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Пророк
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XV в. Пророк
Что значат надписи на иконах? Болгария. XIV в. Святой
Что значат надписи на иконах? Сербия. XIV в. Святой
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVII в. Святой
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. ХII-ХIII в. Святой
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Святой
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVI в. Святой
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVI в. Апостол
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVII в. Апостол
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVII в. Святитель
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVII в. Святитель
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVI в. Мученик
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVII в. Мученик
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVII в. Преподобный
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVII в. Преподобный
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XV в. Иоанн
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Иоанн
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVI в. Иоанн
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Предтеча
Что значат надписи на иконах? Русь. XVI в. Предтеча
Что значат надписи на иконах? Византия. XI в. Златоуст
Что значат надписи на иконах? Греция. XVI в. Златоуст

 Шрифт в русских иконах

Русские домонгольские иконы подписывались уставом — симметричным, статичным, торжественным письмом. Позже начинает применяться полуустав — письмо с большим количеством асимметричных элементов. Надписи моленных образов и клейма, небольшие иконы Праздников нередко начинают подписывать различно: большие образы — торжественной вязью, а клейма — полууставом, напоминающим книжные тексты. К середине XVI в. вязь начинает изменяться, усложняться, и она нередко читается хуже. Буквы удлиняются, многие круглые элементы букв строятся на основе вертикальных прямых линий. Клейма начинают подписываться беглым полууставом, почти скорописью. В XVII в. читаемость шрифта часто еще более ухудшается: буквы нередко значительно вытягиваются, и надпись на иконе — это множество вертикальных линий с различными соединениями. Усложнялись буквы и по-другому. В середине XVII в. в связи с проверкой и иконописания относительно греческой традиции на русских иконах появляются заимствования новых греческих шрифтов. В XVIII—XIX вв. шрифт на традиционных иконах значимо не меняется. 


Что значат надписи на иконах? Новгород. XII в. Прославление Креста. Оборот иконы «Спас Нерукотворный».
Что значат надписи на иконах? Новгород. XIV в. Апостол Петр
Что значат надписи на иконах? Тверь. XV в. Святая Троица
Что значат надписи на иконах? Москва. XV—XVI вв. Дионисий. Митрополит Петр с житием.
Что значат надписи на иконах? Вологда. XVI в. Похвала Богородице
Что значат надписи на иконах? Москва. XVII в. Мария Магдалина и Евдокия
Что значат надписи на иконах? Палех. XVIII в. Рождество Христово
Что значат надписи на иконах? Мстера. XIX в. Паисий Великий


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