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          The Fair Representation Act has been introduced to Congress   

I’m sponsoring the Fair Representation Act because Congress is broken. It is hyper-partisan. It is far too polarized. The FRA creates a structure where members of Congress are incentivized to work together. This is the right thing to do to give voters the strong voice that they deserve in our elections.

--Congressman Don Beyer (VA-08)

On June 26, 2017, Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) introduced H.R. 3057: The Fair Representation Act. He was joined by co-sponsors Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Ro Khanna (D-CA). This is a historic moment. The Fair Representation Act is the most comprehensive approach to reforming congressional elections in United States history. It would truly realize the vision of the House of Representatives as “The People’s House.”

The Fair Representation Act

FairVote has called for expanding the use of multi-winner ranked choice voting in United States elections since its founding 25 years ago. Ranked choice voting can replace the broken, zero-sum, winner-take-all system - in which the biggest group of voters in a district are the only ones earning representation - with fair representation for all. In this era of fierce partisan divisions, nowhere needs this change more than the House of Representatives.

RCV-ballot-09.pngUnder the Fair Representation Act, every state would use ranked choice voting to elect its Representatives. Voters would be free to rank their choices without fear of “spoilers.” Instead of only one candidate winning with the most votes, several candidates would win based on how many votes they earn. For example, in a state like Oklahoma or Connecticut that elects 5 winners, 17% of voters can elect 1 of the 5 winners; 34% of voters can elect 2 of the 5 winners; and so on. A majority of voters can always elect a majority of seats, and everyone earns their fair share.

States that elect up to 5 winners will not need any districts at all. Larger states will use districts, but the districts will elect 3, 4, or 5 winners each. That means that a state like Massachusetts that elects 9 Representatives will divide into equal thirds, with each of the three districts electing 3 winners with ranked choice voting. To adopt a district map, these states will form independent redistricting commissions composed of ordinary state citizens (not politicians or lobbyists) who will operate transparently and hold hearings around the state to find the district map that makes the most sense for their state.

The use of ranked choice voting in multi-winner elections will transform the House of Representatives. The current system only allows the biggest group of voters in each district to win representation, all other voices are silenced. As a result, there are millions of voters who prefer Democrats stuck in safe Republican districts and millions of voters who prefer Republicans stuck in safe Democratic districts, women and people of color are under-represented, and everyone has too few choices. The Fair Representation Act can elevate those voices, giving them more power to elect candidates they support and who will go to Congress to work for them.

A Historic Moment

Under the Constitution, Congress has the responsibility to act when our federal elections are not working. It has acted on that responsibility many times in the past, passing laws changing how we elect Congress in 1842 (requiring single-winner districts), 1872 (equal populations per representative), 1901 (requiring that districts be “compact”), 1929 (repealing the requirement to use districts), and 1967 (re-imposing the requirement to use districts). It has been 50 years since Congress has acted in this arena, even as the current system fails to deliver on the promise of a representative House.

Representative Beyer has shown tremendous leadership in holding Congress to its constitutional responsibilities. The attention it attracted from the public demonstrates the hunger that voters have for a more empowering system. FairVote livestreamed Rep. Beyer’s press conference, which was viewed over 44,000 times and ultimately reached over 554,000 people.


The day after the bill’s introduction, Rep. Beyer published an opinion piece in the Washington Post explaining why he introduced the Act. It begins “Democracy is in crisis. Even as the country is deeply divided along class and ideological lines, it seems to be unified in its frustration with our current brand of politics.” Other voices have also weighed in on the need for the Fair Representation Act, including:

As more media coverage happens in the coming days and weeks, we'll add it to the list on our website.

You Can Help the Fair Representation Act Gain Momentum

Now that the vehicle for transforming elections to the U.S. House of Representatives is a bill in Congress, you can help to move the conversation forward. Contact your Representative today to ask them to support the Fair Representation Act. You can find your Representative here, and email them a letter supporting the Fair Representation Act. A sample letter is provided here. You also could consider calling your Member, which increases their likelihood of responding. Better still would be to form a group to have a meeting with your Member and their district office staff. 

Finally, we want to keep adding names to our petition in support of the Act. We currently have over 1500 signatures. Please consider sharing the petition online and drawing people’s attention to our new video and our public resources, at FairRepresentation.com

          Practical Ed Tech Live - Episode 10 - ISTE Recap + Q&A   
Just a few minutes ago I wrapped-up the tenth episode of Practical Ed Tech Live. Most of the time was spent on my ISTE recap, but I did answer a couple of reader questions at the end. Next week I will cover more questions. The video of the episode is embedded below. You can get the outline and resource links here.


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          ISTE 2010: Schrock, "A Dose of Twitter for Every Day of the Year"   
A Dose of Twitter for Every Day of the Year
Presented by Kathy Schrock

Ways to integrate Twitter into the Classroom:
  • Choose a historical figure and tweet as if you're that individual.
  • Provide a summary of a chapter or lesson.
  • Share a link relating to the topic of the week.
  • Do collaborative writing.
  • Post a question each night.
  • Have students follow a breaking news story.

30 Interesting Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom (Tom Barrett offers suggestions for using Twitter in public schools. These are available at

The Twitter Song by Ben Walker
          AEE Bonus! What Special Skills Do You Want to Build   

Go here to fill out our survey for a chance to win 15 minutes on Skype with Lindsay

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When their neighbor is found dead, the headlines read, "It doesn't pay to be a lottery winner." It gets you nothing but an endless line of crazies at your door, greedy relatives and acquaintances. Sleuths Madison and Fab don't have time to be concerned about the latest murder; they have problems of their own trying to figure out why their house has suddenly become the focus of several attempted break-ins. The duo are off on more adventures -- what could go wrong chauffeuring a limousine full of college girls? Or chasing after a custom Ferrari? Along the way, there's a break-up, a wedding, and the usual run-ins with the law.

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          Chief Executive’s Report, 29th June 2017   

Maren Deepwell at ALT conference 2016Dear Members

I’d like to start this report with a warm welcome to everyone who’s joined ALT this year. It’s great to see the number of Learning Technology professionals growing across sectors and we are pleased to have you on board!

As a Member we’d like to encourage you to get involved and we are currently inviting expressions of interest for a range of different roles, including our governance, events, publications, professional development and accreditation. Following the launch of our strategy for 2017-2020 earlier this year, there are a lot of new initiatives getting underway as well, so whether you have just joined or are an established member there is, I hope, a rewarding way for you to engage.

Further particulars are available on ALT’s website and you can also to sign up specifically for Pathways to CMALT, expanding the accreditation framework .

I’d also like to use this opportunity to give particular thanks to Members who edit and run this blog. Since its transition from newsletter to blog the readership and output has increased significantly and from event reports to case studies and reports the blog is going from strength to strength. I invite you to meet the editors and consider joining the editorial team or to write for the blog.

Another important development in the last month has been around ALT’s journal, Research in Learning Technology, and our new partnership with Open Academia.

As a Member you also have the right to vote in the elections run by the Electoral Reform Services which determine who becomes a Trustee of ALT and joins the Central Executive, the committee that governs the Association. Look out for an email with details of who is standing for election and how to vote. The results will be announced at the AGM on 6 September.

As I am writing this we are also preparing for what looks like a busy Annual Conference in Liverpool in September. The largest of our three annual events, with the OER Conference in April and the online conference in December, has received a record number of submissions this year, 230 in total, which is the biggest number in five years. Full information, the programme and registration is on the conference platform.

As a staff team we look forward to supporting the conference this year and since my last report we have welcomed our new Events Manager, Jane Marsh, who will be running the event this year. We are also pleased to be supporting one of our senior staff, Martin Hawksey, through a period of research leave, and you can read more about what Martin will be doing on his blog.

Together with my colleagues and Trustees I am heartened to see our work make a difference and our community grow despite the significant challenges we are facing as individuals, within institutions and on a national scale. I look forward to meeting many of you in Liverpool and more online as we gather, discuss and critically reflect on the role of Learning Technology in our future – ‘beyond islands of innovation’.

 Maren Deepwell, Chief Executive of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), @marendeepwell

If you enjoyed reading this article we invite you to join the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) as an individual member, and to encourage your own organisation to join ALT as an organisational or sponsoring member

          Seminário na Fafich discute desafios da TV latino-americana   

Como pensar a TV latino americana contemporânea e suas novas tendências? Essa será a discussão em pauta no Seminário América Latina de Comunicação e Cultura, agendado para os dias 5 e 6 de julho, no Auditório Professor Baesse, da Fafich. O evento é gratuito, e os interessados devem se inscrever por meio de formulário eletrônico.

Para a terceira edição do evento, os eixos escolhidos são Temas e agendas, Perspectivas e TV Pública. O intuito é promover o entendimento das televisões produzidas na América Latina no cenário atual, diante da sua importância cultural e política e dos inúmeros desafios que enfrentam num ambiente híbrido de mídia – marcado pela ascensão da internet.

Pesquisadores do Brasil, Colômbia, Argentina, Chile e Estados Unidos estão entre os palestrantes convidados. O evento é uma realização do Grupo de Pesquisa Comunicação e Cultura em Televisualidades (Comcult) do Departamento de Comunicação Social da UFMG.

Mais informações podem ser obtidas pelo e-mail selaccult@gmail.com. O evento pode ser acompanhado em sua página no Facebook.

          Vodafone refuerza su televisión con más contenido 4k y nuevos canales deportivos   

Vodafone Futbol 4k

Vodafone sigue reforzando su servicio de televisión para destacar sobre Movistar y Orange, sobre todo en lo que a contenido 4k se refiere, pero también puliendo su oferta con nuevos canales deportivos que no suponen ningún aumento de precio de los diferentes paquetes ya existentes.

En consonancia con su apuesta por ser el único operador que de momento emite contenidos en 4k desde que en febrero estrenara su nuevo descodificador compatible, Vodafone sigue completando su parrilla en ultra alta definición desde que hace cuatro meses iniciara su andadura con cuatro canales y compatibilidad con Netflix, poco después emitiera en exclusiva la final de la Champions en 4k, sumara películas 4k a su videoclub el mes pasado y ahora empice a sustituir canales en FHD por UHD.

De esta manera, los clientes que cuenten con un deco 4k, podrán disfrutar desde hoy de los contenidos de los canales decasa y Canal Cocina en ultra alta definición, de manera que no solo se apuesta por esta resolución en su paquete televisivo más completo sino que comienza a extenderse esta posibilidad al paquete TV Extra, aún disponible para su contratación aunque no se publicite si tienes TV Esencial.

Iberalia y Betis TV, ahora también en Vodafone One TV

Además de la mayor apuesta por el 4k, Vodafone también incluye desde hoy dos nuevos canales deportivos a su parrilla, complementando diferentes paquetes sin que la novedad suponga ningún cambio en el precio. Los nuevos canales y condiciones quedan de la siguiente manera:

  • Betis TV es el canal oficial del Real Betis Balompié con entrevistas exclusivas, reportajes y programas de cada una de sus secciones, así como retransmisiones en directo de los partidos de sus equipos durante los fines de semana. Estará disponible en exclusiva en Vodafone One TV, en los paquetes TV Total, ‘Vodafone Sport’ y ‘Vodafone Bares’.

  • Iberalia TV, el canal dedicado al mundo de la caza, pesca y naturaleza llega a Vodafone para dar forma al nuevo Pack Caza que incluye además al canal cazavisión por un coste que mantiene el precio de 7,14 euros mensuales durante tres meses pero se redondeará a 8 euros al mes el resto, es decir, por casi el mismo precio contarás con con dos canales en lugar de uno. Iberalia es el único canal temático que ofrece 5 estrenos semanales de producción propia sobre la caza y la pesca, siendo su objetivo comunicar las bondades de estas dos grandes aficiones, teniendo un papel determinante en el éxito de la conservación y sostenibilidad de la flora y fauna.

Así queda la oferta completa de Vodafone TV

En rojo estarán resaltados los canales 4k.

Nuevos Canales Vodafone Tv Julio 2017

En Xataka Móvil Actualizamos | ¿Qué se puede hacer con cada servicio de televisión de pago? Diferencias entre Movistar, Vodafone y Orange.

También te recomendamos

Vodafone sube la apuesta por el motor: Formula1 o MotoGP gratis online con tarifas RED/One M o L

Vodafone emitirá en exclusiva la final de la Champions en 4k

Ni Twitter ni Facebook ni Google, ¿cómo se lo montan los chinos en Internet?

La noticia Vodafone refuerza su televisión con más contenido 4k y nuevos canales deportivos fue publicada originalmente en Xataka Móvil por plokiko .

          El 4G llega a las tarifas prepago de Suop, de manera transparente para los usuarios    

El 4G llega a las tarifas prepago de Suop, de manera transparente para los usuarios

Los virtuales están obligados a moverse constantemente, renovando sus tarifas e incluyendo nuevos servicios, si no quieren verse devorados por la convergencia y la fuerza de las segundas marcas de los grandes operadores. En los últimos meses han sido numerosas los virtuales que han renovado sus tarifas, avivando una guerra de tarifas móviles que estaba bastante muerta.

Suop ha estado entre ellos, renovando tanto su oferta de prepago como la de contrato, con bajadas de precios y nuevas opciones. Pero hay algo que muchos usuarios demandan y Suop no ofrecía al completo: el 4G. El LTE llegó a sus tarifas de contrato el año pasado, dejando fuera a las de prepago, que hoy por fin disfrutan del 4G de Orange.

Gratis y de manera transparente, así ha llegado el 4G a Suop. Sus clientes de prepago pueden disfrutar desde hoy mismo sin cambios de tarjetas SIM ni del APN, con un reinicio del móvil será suficiente para acceder al 4G de Orange. Los clientes de contrato ya disfrutaban de él desde julio de 2016 y ante las demandas de sus clientes, que publican propuestas en la comunidad Suop, el 4G en prepago es ya una realidad.

La llegada del 4G al prepago de Suop coincide con una promoción que ofrece datos gratis con cada recarga. Así, las de 10 y 12 euros ofrecerán 100 MB de regalo, las de 15 y 18 euros 300 MB, las de 20 y 25 euros 650 MB y las de 30 euros 1 GB. Los bonos extra, acumulables, estarán disponibles durante 30 días a partir de la recarga y se ofrecerán hasta el 31 de julio, con un límite de 5.000 recargas.

Tarifas de prepago y contrato de Suop

Nuevas Tarifas Contrato Suop Junio 2017

Accede A Todas Las Comparativas De Tarifas Moviles Actualizadas

Más información | SUOP

También te recomendamos

Ni Twitter ni Facebook ni Google, ¿cómo se lo montan los chinos en Internet?

Suop sigue completando su oferta con nuevos bonos de voz y datos, además de rebajas y mejoras

SUOP también apuesta por tarifas con más datos en prepago y lanza 3 GB combinables

La noticia El 4G llega a las tarifas prepago de Suop, de manera transparente para los usuarios fue publicada originalmente en Xataka Móvil por Mikel Cid .

          Fri, Jun 30, 2017 -- GPA Enrichment for 6th Grade    

For 6th Grade

Summer enrichment classes for students going into 6th grade. This tutoring course focuses on the science, math, and English skills needed to be successful students during the upcoming school year. For more information about the program visit:


The 6th-grade session runs for two weeks from June 19-30, 2017. The class will meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 1:00-4:00 pm.

Space is limited and registration is necessary. Online registration is open now.

To enroll as a student, go to: https://tinyurl.com/gpastudents

To enroll as a tutor, go to: https:/tinyurl.com/gpatutors

For further assistance, ask at the Children's Information Desk.

Contact: Children's Information Desk (510) 745-1421

Location: FREMONT BRANCH - Get Directions

          #40938: Add npm `package-lock.json` for npm v5.x   

npm v5 now by default generates a package-lock.json file

Some paraphrased notes from the announcement post: http://blog.npmjs.org/post/161081169345/v500

  • package-lock.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json are aware of each other and happy to coexist
  • package locks no longer exclude optionalDependencies that failed to build. This means package-lock.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json should now be cross-platform.
    • This will hopefully mitigate the optionalDependencies issue with our build server in #38657 / r39368, when the build server is bumped to use the upcoming Node.js v8.x LTS release this can be tested and confirmed.
  • Running npm while offline will no longer insist on retrying network requests. npm will now immediately fall back to cache if possible, or fail, npm's caching is vastly improved in npm 5
  • On performance, NodeJS 6.9.1 and NPM 3.10.8 running npm install in tests took ~67.39 seconds on average, with NodeJS v7.10.0 and npm v5.0.0 this is halved to ~28.938 seconds on average, once npm modules are cached reinstalling node_modules averages 23.091 seconds, just shy of a 3x speed boost
    • Detailed bbPress, BuddyPress, and WordPress performance tests can be seen in this spreedsheet
    • The performance boost is comparable to that of Yarn, initial install 21.40 seconds, and subsequent installs 18.82 seconds, see #38603

Related: #38603 Explore adding Yarn and a yarn.lock file for NPM module management

          New World Order / End Game   

I myself, was dumb founded by this concept of the New World Order. I said to myself, how can it be done, how can the few control the many ?

How many People are alive world wide, now in /1/1/ 2011-...7.018 Billion People. Another 1.2 Billion un-documented people who stay out of this world.

Only around 1.7 Billion Federal Personal within each country / World Wide.

 New World Order / End Game

a F.A.S.C. Concepts News Release

June 4, 2012

by Henry Massingale

World population

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

World population estimates from 1800 to 2100, based onUN 2010 projections (redorangegreen) and US Census Bureau historical estimates (black).

The world population is the sum total of all humans on Earth. As of today, it is estimated to number 7.018 billion by the United States Census Bureau(USCB).[1] The USCB estimates that the world population exceeded 7 billion on March 12, 2012.[2] According to a separate estimate by the United Nations Population Fund, it reached this milestone on October 31, 2011.[3][4][5]


 According to information around the 1960"s certain people saw a way to create world wide economic failure. But still how to control the mass of people world wide. To many people for a World War, 6 Billion against 1 Billion....?

 The use of Poppy back around the 12th. Century, was brought into play to enslave Nations and the People. Introduced to children at a early age as young as 1 year old, to help bind the mind to a way of a people. But later, the use of this plant, was give to these young adults, and because of this Poppy at a young age,  addiction and slavery of heart and soul was found....

 I have also found out that China and the British, had a War because the British tried to enslave China....with this poppy.

 As of now world wide under a pharmaceutical concept this opioid based heroin is world wide. I said to myself, " Would the building block of the New World Order use heroin to control the mass of people ?

so lets ask the Google Internet a truth.....

How many people world wide addicted to drugs...from google.com


Jan 6, 2012 – Roughly 200 million people worldwide use illicit drugs such as ... manyas 203 million people use marijuana, 56 million people use amphetamines including meth, 21 million people use cocaine and 21 million people use opioids like heroin. ...If you are an addict it dose not matter if it is marijuana,alcohol, ...


how many people world wide are addicted to pharm opioid : from google.com



Illicit Opiate Abuse


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
by OFIO USE - Related articles
opium) and diverted pharmaceutical opioids (such as buprenorphine, methadone, and morphine) (see annex 48.A). Worldwide, 185 million people were ..


Thirty years ago the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that Ritalin was ...given the already documented warnings about methylphenidate by federal ... Twenty percent - one of every five children in school - have been doped with the ... of theAmerican Mind, tells Insight, "The agenda is to dope as many kids as ...

By Kelly Patricia O'Meara
Insight Magazine

A recent study reveals that the drug being prescribed to tens of millions of school-age children for a scientifically unproved mental disorder is more potent than cocaine.
Thirty years ago the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that Ritalin was pharmacologically similar to cocaine in the pattern of abuse it fostered and cited it as a Schedule II drug - the most addictive in medical use. The Department of Justice also cited Ritalin as a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act, and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) warned that "Ritalin substitutes for cocaine and d-amphetamine in a number of behavioral paradigms."

Is Ritalin Overprescribed


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
by R Bromfield - Cited by 2 - Related articles
too many children, and more and more adults, are being given Ritalin inappropriately.... the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which have written or ... I know of children who have been given Ritalin ...

Is Ritalin made from opioid ?

Sep 2, 2011 – ... when they drink Alcohol,there is Opiates which is made from Opioid,... Ritalin is a medication prescribed for people (usually kids) who have .


Liu Xiaobo and his wife, Liu Xia.

© 2010 Reuters

(New York) – The Chinese government should immediately lift all restrictions on Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo and his wife, Liu Xia, Human Rights Watch said today. The couple should be able to go where they wish for medical treatment, and have unfettered access to family, friends, journalists, and foreign diplomats. Chinese authorities should also stop harassing and intimidating Liu’s friends and others who have voiced support for him.

“Chinese President Xi Jinping has shown astonishing disdain for Liu Xiaobo’s life, from his wrongful imprisonment to his treatment after being transferred to a hospital,” said Sophie Richardson, China director. “President Xi could still mitigate some of the harm to his reputation by allowing Liu and his wife to go wherever – and meet with whomever – they wish.”

On June 26, 2017, Liu Xiaobo’s lawyers told the media that Liu, who had been imprisoned since 2009 for his pro-democracy activities, had been “released on bail for medical treatment” and transferred to a hospital in Shenyang, Liaoning province, for treatment of advanced liver cancer. Liu was admitted to the hospital under a pseudonym, preventing journalists and others from locating him.

Other than Liu Xia and her brother, Liu Hui, it is unclear whether family members have been allowed to visit Liu at the hospital. Several people who have tried to visit the hospital describe security as extremely tight. Authorities have told Liu’s family and friends that they are prohibited from speaking to the media. A lawyer for Liu said the authorities had rejected Liu’s request to go abroad for treatment, but the Chinese government has not confirmed this.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has shown astonishing disdain for Liu Xiaobo’s life, from his wrongful imprisonment to his treatment after being transferred to a hospital.

Sophie Richardson

China Director

Since Liu’s illness became public, more than 1,500 people in China and abroad have signed an open letter calling for his full freedom, despite stringent censorship of news about him on Chinese social media. Police across the country have harassed more than 20 people who signed the letter, ordering them not to speak publicly about Liu, Human Rights Watch has learned.

Fei, a businessman in Zhejiang province, was detained in a police station for nearly 20 hours after he signed the petition in support of the couple. Police in Guangdong province raided a law office and installed a surveillance camera in front of the home of poet Wu Mingliang, known as Lang Zi, after two lawyers and the poet added their signatures to the petition. Guangdong authorities also blocked the incoming phone calls of Wu Yangwei, a dissident writer known by his pen name Ye Du, preventing him from giving interviews about Liu to foreign media.

Beijing police went to the home of Bao Tong, former secretary of the deceased premier Zhao Ziyang, warning him not to publish articles or give interviews to the media. Beijing police also forced activist Zhou Tuo and his wife out of the city. Hu Jia, another Beijing activist, said he has been under house arrest since the morning of June 27 to prevent him from trying to visit Liu Xiaobo in Shenyang. He too had signed the open letter.

Authorities have released little information about Liu’s medical condition. The Shenyang City Bureau of Justice issued a notice stating that prison authorities discovered Liu’s cancer following a routine physical on May 31, and that Liu had been treated by a team of eight experts. On June 28, a video of edited clips surfaced on the internet showing Liu receiving medical exams. In it, Liu praised prison officials and said that he is “very grateful” for the attention paid to his health. The circumstances surrounding the clips are unclear, including whether Liu had consented to the filming, when they were taken, or the precise nature of the exams.

In recent years, media outlets linked to the Chinese government have released videos showing purported confessions of detained activists or clips of them appearing physically well, to dispel criticism of their arrests or suspicions that they were tortured. Some activists, after being released, denounced their statements as forced. Such videos violate basic due process rights and may be connected to torture or other ill-treatment.

“Liu Xiaobo will be remembered for promoting freedom, democracy, and human rights in China,” Richardson said. “President Xi should demonstrate basic human decency and end these cruel, baseless restrictions.”

          Simplicity Caftan Pattern No 9426 Vintage 1970s Size Small 8-10 Bust 31 1/2" 32 1/2" Maxi Beach Cover Up With or Without Hood by CaliforniaSunset   

9.00 USD

Vintage 1971 Simplicity caftan pattern #9426 in a size small (8-10). Measurements:

Bust - 31 1/2" 32 1/2"
Waist - 23" 24"
Hip - 33 1/2" 34 1/2"

"Misses' Caftan in Two Lengths: The caftan with high round neckline has extended shoulder line, long sleeves and front opening fastened with hooks and thread loops. V1 features embroidered braid or ribbon trim. V1 & 2 are above knee length. V2 features frogs. V2 & 3 have self fabric hood with optional tassel. Ankle length V3 has ribbon bows."

This pattern has been used but is complete with all pattern pieces and instructions. The envelope has edge wear, taped together tears and light age-related discoloration.

My home is smoke-free.

Shipping costs have been calculated from CA to NY with delivery confirmation. Your shipping costs may be less. Any overage more than 25 cents will be promptly refunded.

International buyers: Yes, I do ship internationally--just contact me for a shipping quote.

Not your size? Here are a couple of links that will help you re-size your pattern:

          Butterick Dress Pattern No 5173 Vintage 1960s Size 10 Bust 32 1/2" Sleeveless or Short Sleeve Shift A Line Easy to Sew Back Zipper Mod by CaliforniaSunset   

9.00 USD

Vintage 1960s Butterick dress pattern #5173 in a size 10. Measurements:

Bust - 32 1/2"
Waist - 24"
Hip - 34 1/2"

"Misses' One Piece Dress: Semi-fitted slightly A-line dress with front seaming detail, has slightly standing neckline with front slit. Short sleeves or sleeveless. Purchased scarf."

This pattern has been used but is complete with all pattern pieces and instructions. The envelope has age-related discoloration/spots, edge wear and one taped together tear.

My home is smoke-free.

Shipping costs have been calculated from CA to NY with delivery confirmation. Your shipping costs may be less. Any overage more than 25 cents will be promptly refunded.

International buyers: Yes, I do ship internationally--just contact me for a shipping quote.

Not your size? Here are a couple of links that will help you re-size your pattern:

          Vogue Dress Pattern No 8676 UNCUT Vintage 1970s Size 14 Bust 36" Princess Seams Sleeveless or Short Sleeves Tunic and Pants Back Zipper by CaliforniaSunset   

10.00 USD

Vintage 1970s Vogue dress or tunic & pants pattern #8676 in a size 14. Measurements:

Bust - 36"
Waist - 28"
Hip - 38"

"Misses' Dress, Tunic & Pants: Semi-fitted A line dress in mid-knee length or tunic, sleeveless or with short sleeves, has princess seaming, round neckline and patch pockets. Topstitch trim. Straight-legged pants dared into inside elastic or ribbon waistband have side zipper closing. Purchased blouse and belt holding in slight fullness at waistline."

This pattern is uncut, in factory folds, and complete with instructions. The envelope has light edge wear and light age-related discoloration.

My home is smoke-free.

Shipping costs have been calculated from CA to NY with delivery confirmation. Your shipping costs may be less. Any overage more than 25 cents will be promptly refunded.

International buyers: Yes, I do ship internationally--just contact me for a shipping quote.

Not your size? Here are a couple of links that will help you re-size your pattern:

          McCalls Separates Pattern No 6653 Vintage 1960s Size 16 Bust 36" Slim Skirt Straight Leg Pants Shorts Blouse Top Shirt by CaliforniaSunset   

8.00 USD

Vintage 1962 McCall's separates pattern #6653 in a size 16. Measurements:

Bust - 36"
Waist - 28"
Hip - 38"

"Misses' Separates: Skirt, Blouse, Ascot, Pants and Shorts: Pullover or tuck-in blouse, slim three-gore skirt, dart fitted pants or shorts and ascot. Blouse may be sleeveless or have set-in short or three-quarter length sleeves. Short sleeves are faced and turned back to form cuffs. Vents in side seams, decorative stitching. Skirt has side front pleats, low back pleat, left side zipper. Pants or shorts have pockets in side seams, center back zipper. Ascot is faced with self fabric."

This pattern has been used but is complete with all pattern pieces. The pants have been cut for the shorts but the pieces are there. The envelope has edge wear, taped together tears, is missing half of the flap and it has light age-related discoloration.

My home is smoke-free.

Shipping costs have been calculated from CA to NY with delivery confirmation. Your shipping costs may be less. Any overage more than 25 cents will be promptly refunded.

International buyers: Yes, I do ship internationally--just contact me for a shipping quote.

Not your size? Here are a couple of links that will help you re-size your pattern:

          McCalls Dress Pattern No 3411 UNCUT Vintage 1970s Size 12 Bust 34" Maxi Mini Dress Long Sleeves Sleeveless Tunic Pants A Line Back Zipper by CaliforniaSunset   

9.00 USD

Vintage 1972 McCall's dress or tunic and pants pattern #3411 in a size 12. Measurements:

Bust - 34"
Waist - 26 1/2"
Hip - 36"

"Misses' Dress or Tunic & Pants: Dress or tunic has shaped front seaming. Button trimmed tunic C has scarf drawn through front opening. Pants have left side zipper."

This pattern is uncut, in factory folds and complete with instructions. The envelope has age-related discoloration, edge wear, taped together tears and writing on the front.

My home is smoke-free.

Shipping costs have been calculated from CA to NY with delivery confirmation. Your shipping costs may be less. Any overage more than 25 cents will be promptly refunded.

International buyers: Yes, I do ship internationally--just contact me for a shipping quote.

Not your size? Here are a couple of links that will help you re-size your pattern:

          Simplicity Dress Pattern No 9824 Vintage 1970s Size 8 Bust 31 1/2" Super Jiffy Easy to Sew Sleeveless Two Lengths Back Zipper by CaliforniaSunset   

7.00 USD

Vintage 1972 Simplicity dress pattern #9824 in a size 8. Measurements:

Bust - 31 1/2"
Waist - 24"
Hip - 33 1/2"

"Misses' Super Jiffy Dress in Two Lengths: The sleeveless dress, without side seams has back zipper and fastens at shoulders with loop and button. Mini length V1 has scallop trim. V2 is ankle length."

This pattern looks unused and is complete with all pattern pieces and instructions. The envelope has edge wear, taped together tears, and age-related discoloration.

My home is smoke-free.

Shipping costs have been calculated from CA to NY with delivery confirmation. Your shipping costs may be less. Any overage more than 25 cents will be promptly refunded.

International buyers: Yes, I do ship internationally--just contact me for a shipping quote.

Not your size? Here are a couple of links that will help you re-size your pattern:

          A Nobelist’s Energy Pitch for Obama   

A recipient of the  1976 Nobel Prize in physics, Richter was a signatory on a letter from 34 Nobel laureates to Obama last year pushing for a big and sustained rise in the  federal investment in energy research. (He told me he is unaware of any response from the White House.) He also has written “ Beyond Smoke and Mirrors,” a cogent road map for facing the daunting long-term challenge of cutting emissions of greenhouse gases even as humanity’s growth spurt crests in the next few decades.

 blog it
Original content Bob DeMarco, All American Investor

          Take action on health care over July 4th Recess!   

Your calls, letters, signatures, stories, visits and loud, outraged voices are helping to slow down (and hopefully stop!) the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and massive cuts to Medicaid! U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was trying to rush his terrible, horrible, no good ‘health care’ (really, wealth care) bill, The Better Care Reconciliation Act/Trumpcare, through the U.S. Senate before the 4th of July recess, but on Tuesday he said he was delaying the vote because he doesn’t have support.

But to be very, very clear: we have won a very small battle—not the war. This is just a delay. They are going to rewrite some of the bill in an attempt to build support from key senators and schedule a vote in the coming weeks.

We can’t let up! We need to keep speaking out for our families’ health care!

While our Senators are home for July 4th Recess we want to make sure we are seen and heard. Here are a few ways you can make sure you stand up for health care over the next week:

1. Send a Letter to the Editor! Letters that are submitted this week to your local newspapers are likely to be published next week when Senators are back in their home states.  Perfect timing!  Senators and their staff pay close attention to letters to the editor in local newspapers as a way to gauge the opinions of constituents. Just click here and we’ll walk you through the whole process (including sample language and sending your letter directly to your local newspaper!).

2. Bring a MomsRising health care sign to your local 4th of July parade or make your own. These parades are often attended by local elected leaders and the press. Holding a sign to speak out for health care is a great way to show your support for you community and patriotism!

3. Tweet at your Senators about your health care story, local articles about how the Senate bill is damaging, or your disapproval of the Senate plan. You can find a full list of Senator’s twitter handles here.

4.  Attend a town hall meeting or a local event sponsored by one of our partner organizations. Countless local groups are mobilizing across the U.S. this July 4th recess to #RESIST the terrible, horrible, no good cuts and caps to our health care. There’s too many to list, so we encourage you to connect with other health care advocates in your community and speak out locally. You can find some of the hundreds of events here:

-Center for Public Representation


-Planned Parenthood


Families USA Rally to Protect Health Care

Time: Wednesday, July 5th at 11 AM- 1 PM AKDT

Location: Senator Lisa Murkowski’s Office

Location 1: 805 Frontage Rd Ste 105, Kenai, AK, 99611

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1928131477426193/

Location 2: 800 Glacier Ave, Juneau, AK 99801

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1894233367510874/

Location 3: Ketchikan, AK

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1882162828667236/

Location 4: Wasilla, AK

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/450611868636512/

Location 5: Fairbanks, AK

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/155744078304476/



Rally to Stop the GOP Health Care Bill

Time: Monday, July 3 at 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

Location: Harbor- UCLA Medical Center 1000 W Carson St, Torrance, California 90502

Host: SEIU 721

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1389124424468664/

Health Care Action at Rep. David Valadao District Office

Time: Thursday, July 6, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM PDT

Location: 101 N Irwin St, Ste 110B, Hanford, CA, 93230

Host: SEIU Local 2015

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/118576435416803/

Health Care Action at Rep. Steve Knight’s Office

Time: Thursday, July 6, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM PDT

Location: 26415 Carl Boyer Dr, Ste 220, Santa Clarita, CA, 91350

Host: SEIU Local 2015

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/114552089161549/



Let’s Tell Mitch to Dump Trumpcare

Time: Thursday, July 6, 11:15 AM CDT

Location: T.J. Health Pavilion, 312 N L Rogers Wells Blvd, Glasgow, KY, 42141

Host: Terri Jo Harris

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/121131838489193/


Bill Cassidy Town Hall

Time: Friday, June 30 3pm CDT

Location: EBRPL- Central Branch Library: 11260 Joor Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70818


Save Our Health Care Rally

Time: Saturday, July 1, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM EST

Location: Post Office Paw-Paw, 125 N Kalamazoo St, Paw Paw, MI, 49079

Host: Vanburendems, Paw Paw Area Democrats

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/114616535818410/

People Over Profit Rally: Health Care is a Right-Pinery Park

Time: Wednesday, July 5, 5:30-7:00 PM EST

Location: 2301 De Hoop Ave SW, Wyoming, MI, 49509

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/245723385832674/

Health Care Town Hall w/Dan Kildee

Time: Sunday, July 16, 11:00 AM- 1:00 PM EST

Location: Plymouth-Ann Arbor Elks 325, 41700 Ann Arbor Rd E, Plymouth MI, 48170

Host: Indivisible Michigan-District 11

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1914030515517745/


Health Care Town Hall

Time: Wednesday, July 5, 6:00-8:00 PM PDT

Location: Northern Nevada HOPES, 580 W 5th St, Reno, NV, 89503

Host: Indivisible Northern Nevada

Action Together Nevada

Organizing for Action
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1944840062430709/


Corvallis 4th of July Parade

Time: Tuesday, July 4, 9:30-11:30 AM PDT

Location: Gazebo at Central Park, Corvallis, OR

Host: Mid-Valley Health Care Advocates

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1914473315495787/

Flash Protest Against Trumpcare

Time: Thursday, July 6, 2:00 PM PDT

Location: Near Three Rivers Community Hospital

Hosts: Rogue Indivisible

Health Care for All-Oregon


ORD2 Indivisible

The Josephine County Democratic Party’s Resist Committee

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/320569815060828/


Farmers Against the AHCA press conference and tractor march.

Nashville-Thursday, July 6. 12:30-4:30pm. https://www.facebook.com/events/1526572824049039/


Town Hall: Impact of Trumpcare on Working Families

Time: Thursday, July 6, 5:30-7:00 PM PDT
Location: Town Hall Seattle, 1119 8th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98101

Host: Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1768897790022377/

West Virginia:

Community cookout and potluck in support of quality, affordable health care and immigration

WHERE: Ritter Park, Shelter 1, near the tennis courts at the end of the park

            1340 Eighth Street, Huntington, WV

WHEN: July 3, 2017, 10:30am

WHO: Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, moms, kids, caregivers and community members


FamiliesUSA Rally to Protect Health Care

Time: Wednesday, July 5th at 11 AM- 1 PM

Location 1: 220 N Kanawha St, Beckley, WV 25801

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/818065641704752/

We appreciate you continuing to use your voice to speak out for the health and well-being of our families! If you have events you want to share or ways you are speaking out, please feel free to share that info in the comments.

          Practical Ed Tech Live - Episode 10 - ISTE Recap + Q&A   
Just a few minutes ago I wrapped-up the tenth episode of Practical Ed Tech Live. Most of the time was spent on my ISTE recap, but I did answer a couple of reader questions at the end. Next week I will cover more questions. The video of the episode is embedded below. You can get the outline and resource links here.


Related Stories


          II Международная научно–техническая конференция «Энергетические системы» пройдет в Белгороде в декабре 2017 года   

Белгородский государственный технологический университет им. В.Г. Шухова (БГТУ, г. Белгород) приглашает к участию во II Международной научно–технической конференции «Энергетические системы», которая пройдет в декабре 2017 года (точная дата пока не определена).

Форма проведения мероприятия - очно/заочная.

Основные направления конференции:

1 – Теплоэнергетика и теплотехника;

2 – Электроэнергетика и электротехника;

3 – Энергетическое машиностроение;

4 – Энергосбережение и энергоэффективность;

5 – Альтернативные и возобновляемые источники энергии;

6 – Экология энергетики

Сборнику трудов конференции будет присвоен ISBN, статьи сборника будут размещены в РИНЦ, печатная версия сборника будет разослана в российские библиотеки по списку обязательной рассылки. Публикация в сборнике без получения его печатной версии – бесплатная. При желании получить печатный экземпляр авторы оплачивает его стоимость и стоимость пересылки.

В сборник трудов конференции принимаются оригинальные статьи, теоретической и практической направленности, соответствующие принятым требованиям к научным публикациям. Если авторами статей являются студенты или аспиранты, статьи будут проверены в системе «Антиплагиат», статьи с оригинальностью менее 80% приняты не будут.

Контрольные сроки проведения конференции:

30 мая – 9 июля – прием заявок на участие;

1 сентября – рассылка второго информационного письма и требований к оформлению статей;

1 сентября–31 октября  – прием статей по электронной почте;

1 декабря – подготовка электронного макета сборника и рассылка его  авторам;

25 декабря – выпуск печатных экземпляров сборника.

Просьба заявки на участие присылать до 9 июля, заполнив «Форму заявки» или направив заявку на электронный адрес EnergoBGTU@mail.ru по следующей форме:

1. Фамилия, инициалы, ученая степень и звание (присвоенные ВАК)  авторов (для неостепенных указывается должность);

2. Наименование статьи;

3. Номер секции;

4. Наименование вуза или организации, которую авторы представляют;

5. Контактные тел.  и e-mail.

Дополнительная информация и разъяснения могут быть получены через электронный адрес EnergoBGTU@mail.ru.

          Calls: 7th International Scientific Conference Linguistic, Educational and Intercultural Research 2017   
Final Call for Papers: Submit abstracts here: https://docs.google.com/a/linguistlist.org/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScz93-O_LmhCGSMwjYB_mV-C4sX6FxEgdqBl_EepLpng9hJ5Q/viewform?c=0&w=1 Main topics: Linguistic Research (Cognitive Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, Corpus Linguistics, etc.) Language Learning and Teaching (Language Acquisition, Language Testing and Assessment, CLIL, ESP, Teacher Training, Teaching New Generation) Multilingualism and Language Policy Literary an
          Auditions - MEAN   
Youth Performance CompanyEmail/contacthttp://www.youthperformanceco.org

Youth Performance Company Auditions


DATE: Monday, July 24, 2017

TIME: 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

LOCATION: YPC - 3338 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis 3rd floor of the "Art & Architecture Building"

CAST: 20 actors ages 13 - adult

Multiracial cast Especially need plus size actress

Schedule an appointment

SHOW RUNS: September 29 – October 15

Please prepare a short monologue (no longer than 2 minutes), and a song that can be sung a’ cappella (no more than 16 bars).

Bring headshot and resume’

Non stipend positions.

Rehearsals begin August 21.


Written by Rita Cannon, Music by Kymani Kahlil

Taylor wears plus-size clothing. Inam wears a hijab. Nick doesn't have a girlfriend.  And that's all it takes for these three teens to be singled out as victims by school bullies. But, despite what they think, they're not alone.  Supporting them in their struggles, their teachers, parents, and friends slowly show them that it's okay, even good, to be different.

More info

Wednesday, July 26MenWomenChildrenNon-UnionAbility inclusiveColor inclusiveCross-genderAuditions612-623-9180
Thursday, July 27, 2017
          Projetos para Raspberry Pi - Sobrecarregue o seu PI   

Sobrecarregue seu Raspberry Pi


Prepare seu ferro de solda




Nota: Nosso supercarregar seu artigo Raspberry Pi foi totalmente atualizado. Este recurso foi publicado pela primeira vez em fevereiro de 2013.


Adoramos o Raspberry Pi em todas as suas formas desde que ele foi lançado em 2012. E é cada vez mais óbvio que o resto do mundo adora esses dispositivos também. Quando o Pi apareceu pela primeira vez, não pensamos que ninguém além de entusiastas e educadores ...



O Raspberry Pi atingiu um acorde com hobbyistas em todo o mundo, de forma que nenhum outro dispositivo nos últimos anos tem. A produção inicial de todos os vários modelos - desde o original Raspberry Pi até o modelo Pi Zero mais recente - vende-se tão rapidamente que a maioria de nós tem que aguardar alguns meses antes de serem geralmente disponíveis, embora mesmo assim eles vendam Tão rápido quanto as fábricas podem fazê-los.



Isso não é surpreendente, dado que é um computador totalmente funcional capaz de executar o Linux e - no caso do Pi 2 - até o Windows 10. O Pi Zero pode ser comprado por cinco libras, enquanto por £ 30 (cerca de US $ 45, AU $ 60) você pode obter um quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 com 1GB de RAM e toda a conectividade que você precisa em uma placa de tamanho de cartão de crédito. Não é de admirar que o objetivo do projeto de revolucionar a educação informática desatualizada no Reino Unido parece estar funcionando.

Uma coisa é certa, porém - o mundo do hacker de hardware amador nunca foi o mesmo desde que o Pi apareceu pela primeira vez. Esses sistemas diminutivos, mas totalmente funcionais, são perfeitos para adicionar energia de processamento a locais incomuns, onde o espaço e a eletricidade são excelentes.


Descubra o que mais você pode fazer com o pequeno PC, explorando nossa coleção de Projetos Raspberry Pi


O recente projeto Astro Pi é apenas o último exemplo de Pi ser enviada para o espaço, enquanto a FishPi os vê preparados para atravessar o oceano, mas eles também estão encontrando usos em ambientes mais mundanos, ajudando a preparar cerveja doméstica ou a conduzir carros de controle remoto. Vamos analisar alguns projetos legais para o Pi e apresentá-lo às técnicas que você precisa para transformar o seu no dispositivo de seus sonhos.


Graças à versatilidade e à profundidade das ferramentas Linux, é fácil sintonizar o seu Pi para ser qualquer coisa, desde um computador de mesa até um centro de mídia ou controlador de hardware.



Guia Distro


Como você provavelmente espera, há uma ampla gama de sistemas operacionais - conhecidos como distros - disponíveis no Pi, e os novos parecem aparecer todas as semanas. Aqui, vamos dar uma olhada em alguns dos mais populares, bem como em alguns dos novos.

Você instala uma distro de maneira ligeiramente diferente do que em um computador normal. Uma vez que tudo funciona com um cartão SD, tudo o que você precisa fazer é escrever o novo sistema operacional neste cartão. A maneira mais simples é usarNOOBS, ou você também pode gravar imagens de outras distribuições compatíveis no cartão.

Se você estiver executando o Windows, Win32DiskImager é seu melhor amigo, enquanto os usuários do OS X e Linux podem usar a ferramenta de linha de comando dd. Esta ferramenta faz uma cópia bit-for-bit de dados entre um dispositivo e um arquivo (ou para esse assunto, dois arquivos ou dois dispositivos).

As distros são fornecidas como arquivos de imagem (um pouco como arquivos ISO para CDs) que podem ser gravados no disco, depois de serem descompactados, se necessário, com:

$ sudo dd if= of= bs=4k 
$ sudo sync


A segunda linha garante que todos os dados estejam escritos no cartão e não estão presos em quaisquer buffers. Assim, por exemplo, no nosso computador de teste, que possui dois discos rígidos (sda e sdb), o cartão SD aparece como dev / sdc, então substitua por dev / sdc. Se você não tiver certeza de qual dispositivo seu cartão SD é, rundf -h no terminal, e irá listar todos os dispositivos. Você deve poder ver qual é.

Da mesma forma, refere-se ao caminho completo e nome do arquivo do seu arquivo de imagem - por exemplo / home / nick / downloads / 2015-11-21-raspbian-jessie.img.

Para fazer backup de sua configuração do Raspberry Pi, você pode criar um novo arquivo de imagem ao inverter o código do arquivo if (arquivo de entrada) e do arquivo de saída no comando dd. Isso é:



$ sudo dd if= of= bs=4k

Esta imagem pode então ser comprimida, usando gzip ou bzip para que não ocupe muito espaço no disco rígido.

A maioria das pessoas usam Raspbian




Esta é a distribuição recomendada pela Fundação Raspberry Pi. A menos que você tenha um bom motivo para usar um diferente, provavelmente é sua melhor aposta. A última versão é baseada no Debian 8 (codinome 'Jessie'), e assim você pode instalar facilmente qualquer coisa dos enormes depósitos Debian.

O ambiente de trabalho padrão é o LXDE, que é muito leve, mas um pouco básico para alguns gostos. O Xfce está disponível para pessoas que gostam de mais algumas vantagens gráficas. Raspbian também possui o programa raspi-config, que provavelmente é a maneira mais fácil de configurar seu Pi.

O Raspberry Pi foi projetado para levar as crianças à programação, e Raspbian foi projetado com isso em mente. Você encontrará Idle (um Python IDE) e Scratch (um ambiente de programação para crianças pequenas) na área de trabalho - veja o guia do iniciante para programação para mais detalhes. Você pode baixar o distrohere.


Arch Linux


Enquanto o Raspbian foi criado para tentar proteger os usuários da configuração interna do sistema operacional, o Arch Linux foi projetado para ajudar os usuários a entender como o sistema funciona. Versões especiais para o processador ARP do Pi podem ser baixadas da archlinuxarm.org - escolha ARMv6 para Pi e Pi Zero original e ARMv7> Broadcom para o Raspberry Pi 2.

A imagem inicial inclui apenas o sistema básico para que seu Pi seja executado e conectado à rede. Não inclui muito do software que você pode precisar para usar o sistema, como, por exemplo, um ambiente gráfico. Você deve encontrar todas as informações que você precisa no Arch Linux Wiki.

Tirá-lo desse estado inicial para um sistema de trabalho exigirá um pouco de trabalho, mas ao longo do caminho, você aprenderá sobre como os internos de uma distro Linux se encaixam. Seja ou não isso vale a pena todo o trabalho, é claro, depende de você.




O Raspberry Pi pode ter sido projetado como uma ferramenta educacional, mas os hobbyists foram bastante rápidos para torná-lo um brinquedo. Esta distro foi projetada para transformar seu Pi em um centro de mídia que pode ser usado para controlar sua TV.

É baseado no Kodi, que permite que você reproduza músicas e vídeos que você tenha como arquivos, ou transmita-os pela internet. A imagem pode ser baixada de: https://osmc.tv/download. Quanto aos detalhes de como instalar e configurá-lo, abordaremos isso um pouco mais tarde neste artigo.

Se você tiver uma configuração de back-end MythTV, você pode usar o Kodi para fornecer uma interface frontal. Dependendo do que você quer jogar, talvez seja necessário comprar os pacotes de codecs que fornecem acesso a algoritmos de áudio e vídeo protegidos por patente.




Uma versão oficial do Android - aprovada pela Fundação Raspberry Pi - morreu uma morte tranquila depois de ter sido anunciada pela primeira vez em 2012. No seu lugar, a comunidade vem trabalhando em uma versão não oficial. O desempenho é dificultado pela falta de suporte de aceleração de hardware (os desenvolvedores descrevem isso como "pouco utilizável"), mas está disponível agora. 



Instalando o Raspbian


Para a maioria das pessoas que o usam, Raspbian será o rosto gráfico do Raspberry Pi. Pode ser obtido e instalado em um cartão SD seguindo as instruções na página anterior.

Uma vez que está funcionando, é uma boa idéia pegar as versões mais recentes de todo o software conectando seu Pi à Internet e fazendo uma das duas coisas - abra Menu> Preferências> Adicionar / Remover Software e escolha Opções> Atualizar listas de pacotes Seguido de Opções> Verificar atualizações ... ou abrir um Terminal e digitar os dois comandos a seguir:


$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get upgrade


O recurso assassino do Raspbian é o programa raspi-config, que pode ser executado a qualquer momento digitando sudo raspi-config em um terminal. Mais uma vez há um front-end mais amigável disponível através do ambiente de trabalho padrão - clique em Menu> Preferências> Configuração do Raspberry Pi para acessar a GUI.


Tem algumas opções, mas as mais importantes são:


Expandir o Sistema de Arquivos - por causa do modo como o Raspbian está instalado, ele só criará um sistema de arquivos de 2 GB, portanto, se você tiver um cartão maior, qualquer espaço restante permanecerá não utilizado. Você pode usar essa opção para expandir o sistema de arquivos para tirar proveito de qualquer espaço desperdiçado. Clique em Expandir o Sistema de Arquivos na guia Sistema para conseguir isso na GUI.


Opções de inicialização - isso muda se o seu Pi se inicia em um ambiente gráfico ou um texto. Escolha "Para Desktop" ou "Para CLI", respectivamente, da guia Sistema da GUI para obter o efeito desejado.


Overclock - obtenha um desempenho extra sem custo extra! Veja a seção abaixo para obter mais detalhes - esta opção está na guia Desempenho da GUI.


Opções avançadas>  Overscan - esta opção pode ser usada em alguns displays para expandir os gráficos para preencher a tela inteira. Você pode ignorá-lo com segurança, a menos que tenha problemas.


Opções avançadas> Divisão de memória - o Raspberry Pi usa o mesmo pedaço de memória tanto para o processador principal quanto para o chip gráfico. Usando esta opção (memória GPU sob a guia Desempenho na GUI), você pode especificar o valor a alocar aos gráficos. Normalmente, você diminui essa figura se você estivesse executando o Pi sem cabeça, permitindo que você liberasse mais memória para o processador principal.


O software instalado foi reduzido ao mínimo. Esta é uma boa idéia, mas você pode achar que as ferramentas que você usa em outras distros de desktop não estão lá. Felizmente, como o Raspbian está vinculado aos repositórios Debian Armhf, você tem acesso a mais programas do que provavelmente você precisará. Basta abrir o Menu e escolher Preferências> Adicionar / Remover Software.





O processador no coração do Raspberry Pi é projetado para ser executado em qualquer coisa, desde 700MHz (modelos mais antigos) até 900MHz (o novo Pi 2 e Pi Zero). Em outras palavras, para realizar entre 700.000.000 e 900.000.000 de operações por segundo nos modelos monocêntricos e - em teoria - até 3.600.000.000 de operações por segundo no modelo quad-core do Pi 2 (na prática é improvável que faça isso).



Você pode overclockar seu Raspberry Pi diretamente da área de trabalho LXDE


Claro, 'projetado para executar' não significa 'tem que executar'. Você pode aumentar essa velocidade. No entanto, fazer isso aumentará o consumo de energia, o que, por sua vez, aumenta a quantidade de calor gerada. Se ficar muito quente, é susceptível de acabar com uma pilha de silício de fumo, em vez de um processador funcional.

Felizmente, as versões posteriores do Raspbian agora incluem uma ferramenta para ajudá-lo a acelerar a velocidade enquanto mantém um olho na temperatura. Uma vez que esta é uma ferramenta oficial, o uso dela não invalidará sua garantia (ao contrário dos métodos não oficiais anteriores). Tenha em atenção que isso não se aplica ao Pi Zero - já está no seu máximo teórico, e a tentativa de overclock ele irá diminuir a velocidade.


O overclocking do seu Pi é simplesmente uma questão de abrir a ferramenta Configuração Raspberry Pi no Menu> Preferências, alternando para a guia Desempenho e selecionando a velocidade de clock mais rápida no menu suspenso Overclock.

Se você achar que seu Pi se torna instável, reinicie com a tecla [Shift] pressionada para desativar o overclocking, então mude a opção novamente. A configuração máxima deve dar aos proprietários do modelo original Pi uma enorme velocidade extra de 50%, que encontramos, faz uma diferença real na experiência do usuário da área de trabalho, especialmente para a navegação na web.

Se você quiser manter o olho na temperatura do seu núcleo, você pode adicionar o widget de temperatura ao painel LXDE. No entanto, seu Pi desligará automaticamente o overclocking uma vez que ele atinja 85 graus C.




Você pode instalar um media player, como o VLC, no Raspbian e usar isso para reproduzir vídeos. Isso funciona bem se você estiver usando seu Pi como um computador geral e dando-lhe funções multimídia ocasionais. No entanto, o pequeno tamanho do hardware, e o fato de que ele é executado silenciosamente, faz dele uma boa opção para construir seu próprio centro de entretenimento.



As novas placas da revisão 2 têm furos de montagem para ajudá-lo a manter seu centro de entretenimento arrumado


Você pode começar com o Raspbian e personalizá-lo para suas necessidades, e esta é uma boa idéia se você tiver alguma função incomum em mente. No entanto, se você estiver olhando para pressionar um Pi para o serviço como um centro de mídia exclusivo, a vida não poderia ser mais simples do que usar o OSMC.

O OSMC é construído no centro de mídia de fonte aberta do Kodi e é incrivelmente fácil de instalar. Vá para a página de download para pegar o instalador para Windows, Mac ou Linux, o que fará o trabalho duro de copiar o OSMC para seu cartão microSD. Uma vez feito, coloque-o no seu Pi e arranque.

Você será levado direto para a interface de desktop Kodi, onde você pode começar a configurá-lo e adicionar suas próprias bibliotecas de mídia usando a mídia armazenada localmente em uma unidade USB ou de rede (veja abaixo). Você também pode instalar complementos para acessar a mídia de outros lugares - incluindo fluxos de TV catch-up e mais além.


Uma vez que o seu centro de mídia equipado com Pi esteja sob sua TV, controlá-lo usando um mouse e teclado não será prático - você poderia usar um modelo sem fio, é claro, ou simplesmente instalar um controle remoto amigável para o seu smartphone Android ou Apple.


Esteja ciente de que o OSMC pode desenhar o máximo de energia que seu Pi pode reunir - antes de conectar qualquer periférico USB. Faz sentido, portanto, anexar um hub USB alimentado ao seu Pi e, em seguida, conectar qualquer unidade externa a isso.


O OSMC permite que você acesse toda a coleção de mídia digital na torneira




It's possible to take complete control of your TV viewing using Linux, including watching live TV, and recording shows for later. This can be done using MythTV.


You'll need a separate computer with the appropriate cable connections to act as the server. A word of warning, though: MythTV is renowned for its pernickety installation. The stresses of this procedure are responsible for more than a few grey hairs.

You can play video files that you have stored on other computers on your network, for example those on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) box. The exact method for doing this will vary depending on how you share the files, but they are configured through the Add Sources buttons. For more information on this, check out the Kodi wiki.



Faça backup de suas fotos usando seu Pi


O tamanho do Raspberry Pi significa que podemos usá-lo para assumir o controle de outros dispositivos embutidos. Isso pode parecer um pouco redundante - os dispositivos incorporados, obviamente, já possuem alguma forma de controlador - mas isso significa que podemos script e estendê-los de maneiras que não são possíveis (ou são, pelo menos, muito difíceis) sem o dispositivo extra.

Quase tudo o que você pode conectar a uma área de trabalho normal pode ser roteado por um Pi, mas vamos olhar as câmeras por alguns motivos. Em primeiro lugar, há suporte para a maioria no Linux e, em segundo lugar, há uma série de projetos úteis que você pode fazer uma vez que você compreendeu o básico.




Nessa forma, não é muito portátil, mas com um pouco de DIY judicioso, você poderá empacotar seu Pi mais convenientemente

A melhor ferramenta de linha de comando para manipular câmeras no Linux é Gphoto2. Obtenha com:


$ apt-get install gphoto2


Antes de ficar preso ao projeto, vamos dar uma olhada nesta ferramenta útil para ver o que pode fazer.

O ambiente de trabalho pode tentar montar a câmera, e isso pode causar Gphoto2 alguns problemas, então a coisa mais fácil é executar sem ela. Abra um terminal e execute sudo raspi-conf e, em Opções de inicialização, selecione Console B1 e reinicie.


No nosso sistema de teste, descobrimos que, funcionando dessa forma, poderíamos executar tudo fora da fonte de alimentação do Pi, mas se tentássemos usar um mouse também, precisávamos atualizar para um hub alimentado. Obviamente, isso dependerá dos detalhes dos seus periféricos e da fonte de alimentação.

No novo ambiente somente de texto, conecte sua câmera e execute:


$ gphoto2 --auto-detect


Isso tentará encontrar qualquer câmera conectada ao Pi. Felizmente, ele vai pegar o seu. Embora suporte uma série impressionante, existem algumas câmeras que não funcionarão. Se o seu for um dos poucos desafortunados, você precisará implorar, roubar ou emprestar um de um amigo antes de continuar.

Nem todas as câmeras suportadas são iguais, e o próximo passo é ver o que a câmera pode fazer. Para listar as ações disponíveis, execute:


$ gphoto2 --auto-detect –abilities


Há, em termos gerais, duas classes principais de habilidades: captura e upload / download. Os primeiros permitem tirar fotos com seus scripts e estão presentes principalmente em câmeras de alta qualidade. O último permite lidar com fotos armazenadas no cartão de memória e estão presentes na maioria das câmeras suportadas. Neste projeto, lidamos apenas com o segundo conjunto de habilidades.

O comando mais simples que podemos enviar para a câmera é obter todas as fotos armazenadas nele. Isto é:


$ gphoto2 --auto-detect --get-all-files



A execução deste irá baixar todos os arquivos da câmera para o diretório atual. Isso seria bom em um computador normal, mas talvez você não queira fazê-lo em um Pi, pois corre o risco de preencher seu cartão de memória muito rapidamente. Em vez disso, nós os copiaremos em uma chave USB.

Para fazer isso em uma sessão interativa, você pode simplesmente usar uma ferramenta GUI para montar o stick e depois executar df -h para ver onde a placa USB está montada e cd para o diretório.


No entanto, uma vez que isso será executado automaticamente, precisamos saber onde o dispositivo será.


Existem algumas maneiras de fazer isso, mas vamos manter isso simples. Vamos montar a primeira partição do primeiro disco serial e armazenar as fotos lá. Aqui, assumimos que você está usando o usuário padrão pi. Se você não estiver, você precisará ajustar o script.

Primeiro, precisamos criar um ponto de montagem para a unidade. Esta é apenas uma pasta, e pode ser colocada em qualquer lugar - vamos invadir a convenção e colocá-la em nossa pasta inicial. Então, antes de executar o script, execute:


$ mkdir /home/pi/pic_mount


Com isso feito, estamos prontos para ir. O script para montar a unidade e obter as fotos é:



if mount /dev/sda1 /home/pi/pic_mount ; then 
echo "Partition mounted" 
cd /home/pi/pic_mount 
yes 'n' | gphoto2 -- auto-detect --get-all-files 
umount /dev/sda1 
echo "/dev/sda1 could not be mounted" 


yes 'n' É um comando que simplesmente emite um fluxo de n caracteres. Isso significa que quando o Gphoto2 solicitará substituir os arquivos baixados anteriormente, ele irá diminuir. O umount é essencial, porque garante que o drive esteja corretamente sincronizado e possa ser removido.

Chamamos o script get-pics.sh e o guardamos no diretório inicial do Pi. Para torná-lo executável, execute:


$ chmod +x /home/pi/get-pics.sh


Agora você deve poder executá-lo manualmente. Você precisará usar sudo porque precisa montar a unidade.

A peça final do quebra-cabeça é fazer com que o script seja executado automaticamente. Para fazer isso, adicione-o ao arquivo /etc/rc.local. Este script é executado quando você inicializa e ele é executado como root, então não há necessidade de se preocupar com as permissões.

A maneira mais rápida de abrir o arquivo como root é a seguinte:

$ sudo nano /etc/rc.local


Uma vez feito, adicione esta linha imediatamente antes da saída da linha 0:


///end code///


Agora, tudo o que você precisa fazer é ligar a sua câmera (certificando-se de que ela está ligada) e USB stick, e ele irá fazer backup de suas fotos quando você inicializar.


Se você quiser executar o dispositivo sem cabeça, como provavelmente será o caso, você poderia anexar LEDs aos pinos GPIO, conforme mostrado mais adiante neste artigo, e use estes para indicar os status. Além de salvar imagens na placa USB, você pode enviá-las para um serviço on-line, como o Flickr. Consulte a seção sobre redes sem fio na próxima página para obter informações sobre como conectar seu Pi ao seu telefone.

Você poderia incluir algum tipo de opção para dizer ao seu Pi quais fotos para carregar e para armazenar na placa USB - por exemplo, carregar imagens de baixa resolução e armazenar de alta resolução. Ou você pode criar versões de baixa resolução das imagens e carregá-las.

Gphoto2 tem muito mais recursos do que usamos aqui, incluindo ligações para Java e Python. Para obter detalhes completos, confira o site do projeto aqui.


Claro, você não precisa parar por aí. Se você tiver um dongle sem fio no seu Pi, você poderia usá-lo para executar um servidor HTTP. Com algum script PHP (ou outro idioma da web), você pode criar uma interface para GPhoto2 que permitirá que você se conecte a partir do seu celular.

Tomando-o em uma direção diferente, se sua câmera suportar opções de captura, você pode usar seu Pi para tirar fotos e copiá-las.



Alimentando seu Pi


O Raspberry Pi obtém o poder da sua porta microUSB. Isso fornece 5V, e a Fundação Raspberry Pi recomenda uma corrente disponível de pelo menos 700mA. Isso pode ser facilmente entregue através de um adaptador de rede ou um cabo USB de um computador.

Se você deseja que seu Pi seja portátil, então há outras opções. Quatro baterias AA devem fornecer energia suficiente, desde que você tenha a caixa apropriada e os cabos para obter a energia na porta microUSB.

No entanto, achamos que a melhor solução foi obter uma fonte de alimentação de backup para um telefone celular que se conecta diretamente ao Pi.


Lei de Ohm


Existem duas formas principais de medir a eletricidade - tensão e corrente. A tensão (medida em volts) é a quantidade de energia que uma dada quantidade de elétrons possui, enquanto a corrente (medida em amperes) é a quantidade de elétrons que passam por um ponto. Os dois estão intimamente conectados pela lei de Ohm que afirma: Voltagem = Corrente x Resistência, ou V = IR.

Você pode usar essa conexão para se certificar de que não brinde acidentalmente o seu Pi, pressionando muita corrente nele. A configuração exata do Pi é um pouco complexo. Se você quiser aprofundar, Gert van Loo (um dos designers) juntou uma explicação, que pode ser encontrada aqui.

Como uma regra geral, você pode tentar tirar a tensão de um pino GPIO em 3.3V e não deve desenhar mais de 16mA, ou empurrar mais do que isso para um pino de entrada. Lembre-se, esta é a corrente máxima, então você deve tentar usar menos.

Então, com a lei de Ohm, conhecemos V = IR, então R = V / I. Se colocarmos os dados do Pi e queremos garantir que não o prejudiquemos, sabemos que R deve ser maior que 3.3 / 0.016, o que é 206.25 Ohms. Lembre-se, esta é a menor quantidade de resistência que é segura usar com uma saída GPIO.

Você deve apontar para uma margem de segurança várias vezes acima disso, a menos que seja absolutamente necessário. Em nossos circuitos, usamos 1,000 Ohms, o que nos dá um fator de segurança de quase cinco.




Conecte seu telefone Android ao seu Pi e você pode usá-lo para redes sem fio




Todos os modelos Raspberry Pi - com exceção do Pi Zero - vem com uma conexão Ethernet com fio, o que é bom para a maioria das ocasiões, mas às vezes o cabo simplesmente não alcançará. Você poderia usar um dongle sem fio USB. No entanto, se você tiver um telefone Android e sua operadora não desativou o recurso, você pode usar isso como seu dispositivo de rede.

Isso tem uma vantagem extra de não tirar tanto poder do Pi, e assim torna mais fácil ao correr de baterias. Você deve poder compartilhar a conexão do seu telefone com o Wi-Fi, bem como com a 3G, portanto, ele não irá necessariamente comer na sua reserva de dados.

Claro, é melhor verificar o tipo de conexão antes de baixar arquivos grandes. Para fazer isso, conecte seu telefone ao seu Pi e ative o armazenamento USB do seu telefone em Configurações> Sem fio e Redes> Tethering e Mobile Hotspot. Se permanecer aceso, tente um cabo diferente.

De volta ao Pi, se você digitar sudo ifconfig, então você deve ver a interface usb0 listada, mas não terá necessariamente um endereço IP. As interfaces de rede são controladas pelo arquivo / etc / network / interfaces. Por padrão, pode não haver uma entrada aqui para redes USB, então você precisará configurar uma.

Abra o arquivo com seu editor de texto favorito como sudo - por exemplo, sudo nano / etc / network / interfaces - e adicione as linhas:


iface usb0 inet dhcp 


Isso usa os servidores de nomes OpenDNS, mas você pode usar outros se desejar. Agora você pode reiniciar as interfaces ou reiniciar seu Pi para escolher as mudanças. Você deve ter uma conexão com a internet funcionando.


Use os pinos GPIO para acender alguns LEDs


O tamanho diminutivo da framboesa Pi significa que é ideal para criar seus próprios dispositivos embutidos. Esta pode ser uma ótima maneira de criar pequenos dispositivos de computação para resolver problemas específicos, como vimos com o controlador da câmera anteriormente.



figura 1: isso mostra como metade dos LEDs estão ligados. Os mais importantes são adicionados exatamente na metade



No entanto, existe o pequeno problema de que pode ser difícil saber o que está acontecendo dentro do seu Pi sem tela. Felizmente, os designers do Pi pensaram nesse problema e adicionaram as facilidades para obter informações sobre e fora de um Pi sem a maior parte dos periféricos de PC habituais. Isso é feito através de entrada e saída de uso geral (GPIO).

(Nota: se você tiver um Pi Zero, então o seu cabeçalho GPIO está despoblado - você precisará soldar isso em você).

Você pode ter se perguntado quais são os pinos espinhosos perto do leitor de cartão SD - bem, você está prestes a descobrir. Este circuito básico pode ser usado para exibir informações de qualquer fonte, mas aqui vamos usá-lo para resolver um problema que freqüentemente temos no techradar - encontrando o byte final do endereço IP.


Isso é útil se você quiser acessar seu Pi remotamente, mas não pode configurá-lo com um IP estático porque, por exemplo, você deve movê-lo entre as redes. Normalmente, você pode descobrir os três primeiros bytes da máscara de rede, mas o final pode ser evasivo a menos que você tenha um monitor.

Vamos usar o programa gpio, que é parte do WiringPi. Você pode descobrir mais sobre isso no siteWiringPi.

Ele vem como código fonte, então nós teremos que descompactá-lo e compilá-lo com:

$ tar xvf wiringPi.tgz 
$ cd wiringPi/wiringPi 
$ make 
$ sudo make install 
$ cd ../gpio 
$ make
$ sudo make install

Nós também usaremos bc, então instale-o com:

$ sudo apt-get install bc

Agora, basta o software - com o hardware! Apenas uma rápida palavra de aviso antes de começar - é possível quebrar o seu Pi conectando os fios errados em conjunto, então certifique-se de verificar novamente antes de ligar.



Figura 2: conecte a placa de pão a esses pinos. Utilizamos conectores de um único pino comercialmente disponíveis, mas você também pode soldar conectores ou usar um cabo IDE antigo

O circuito para isso é muito simples - você só precisa conectar cada saída à perna positiva de um LED, então a perna negativa do LED (mais curto) a um resistor de 1K Ohm e, finalmente, a outra perna do resistor ao comum Chão. Veja os números 1, 2 e 3 nesta página para obter detalhes. Uma vez que você tenha sua placa totalmente configurada conectada ao seu Pi, você pode fazer as coisas acontecerem.

Para começar, usaremos o pino final. Este é o pino 7 (o layout dos pinos não segue um padrão de numeração). Abra um terminal e configure-o para sair com:


$ gpio –g mode 7 out

Então você pode ativá-lo com: gpio-g escreve 7 1

E novamente com: gpio-g escreve 7 0

Se você é como nós, você fará isso repetidamente até a novidade desaparecer.

Uma vez que estiver, você está pronto para executar o script. Contém quatro partes. O primeiro apenas define os pinos no modo certo e garante que eles estejam desligados:


pins="7 8 25 24 23 18 15 14" 

for x in $pins 
gpio -g mode $x out 
gpio -g write $x 0 

O segundo pega o endereço IP de ifconfig, converte-o em binário, depois pads com zeros avançados, se necessário.


ipaddress='ifconfig eth0 | grep 'inet ' | awk '{print $2}' | cut -f4 -d'.'' 
binary='echo "ibase=10;obase=2;$ipaddress" | bc' 
paddedBinary='printf %08d $binary'

A próxima parte usa o corte para extrair a parte que queremos dessa string binária e a emite para o pino apropriado.

for x in $pins 
out='echo $paddedBinary | cut -b$bit' 
gpio -g write $x $out 

E finalmente, dizemos ao script para dormir por cinco minutos, depois desligue os LEDs.

sleep 5m 
for x in $pins 
gpio -g write $x 0 

Isso é tudo !



Figura 3: o circuito simples em toda a sua glória

Crie o script showIP.sh, faça com que ele seja executável com:

$ chmod a+x showIP.sh

Em seguida, digite sudo ./showIP.sh para exibir seu IP. Para que isso seja executado automaticamente na inicialização, basta adicionar esta linha ao rc.local:



/home/pi/showIP.sh &

Consulte a seção anterior do Controlador de Câmera para obter detalhes sobre como fazer isso.


Nós mostramos como enviar saída através do GPIO, mas, como o nome sugere, eles também podem receber entrada. Com isso, é ainda mais importante garantir que você não envie muita energia para os pinos.

Para obter entrada, basta configurar o modo para entrar com o modo gpio -g, então leia o valor com o gpio -g lido.

Este hardware pode exibir quaisquer oito bits de informação, portanto, você não precisa limitar a exibição de apenas endereços IP. Por exemplo, você pode fazer uma versão modificada do script anterior do controlador de câmera para usar os LEDs para indicar seu progresso. Você pode encontrar detalhes sobre a seleção completa de pinos GPIO aqui.

Os pinos que usamos são os mesmos nas revisões 1 e 2 do Raspberry Pi, mas alguns mudaram entre as duas versões. Se você projetar seus próprios circuitos, ou usar os da web, certifique-se de usar os pinos certos para o seu quadro.

Você não precisa se limitar a simplesmente ligar e desligar os pinos. O Pi suporta alguns métodos para passar quantidades maiores de dados através do GPIO. Os dois mais comuns são o barramento de interface periférico serial (SPI) e o circuito inter-integrado (I2C).

Há uma série de dispositivos disponíveis que usam estes, e muitas informações on-line para ajudar você a começar. Então, o que está parando você? Saia do seu ferro de solda e construa um exército robótico.

Gertboards and Arduinos

A conexão direta com os pinos GPIO do seu Pi pode fornecer controle básico de entrada e saída, mas há limitações. Existem dois itens adicionais que você pode obter para ajudá-lo a interagir mais precisamente com o mundo ao seu redor.

O Gertboard é um pacote de expansão bastante completo para conexão entre o seu Pi e o mundo real, incluindo um microcontrolador e uma variedade de opções de entrada e saída. Ele vem como um kit não montado, então você terá que colocar as mãos em um ferro de solda para juntar.


Enquanto isso, o Arduino é um microcontrolador que pode se conectar ao seu Pi (ou a qualquer outro computador) através da porta USB. Normalmente, ele vem montado, mas os formulários do kit também estão disponíveis. Em sua forma bruta, tem menos recursos do que o Gertboard (que inclui um microcontrolador Arduino), mas pode ser expandido com uma enorme variedade de escudos.





O Sentido HAT permite que seu Raspberry Pi detete o que está acontecendo no mundo ao seu redor


Verifique também o Sense HAT oficial, uma placa de conexão que fornece seus sensores Pi para monitorar o mundo exterior. Incluso vem com uma matriz LED para permitir que você exiba dados sem a necessidade de um monitor.


Por último, mas não menos importante, o RasWIK é um kit sem fio projetado especificamente para ensinar-lhe como criar sensores e atuadores sem fio - e muitos dos seus projetos incluídos nem exigem soldagem.



          Yocto Project Compilation by tingtexh   
Please read text, I need customize OS for toradex ARM Board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ5QzhRyw7LnNd3rbe64CfsAYsnbS1Df33Zy23CkT4M/edit?usp=sharing (Budget: $150 - $450 ARS, Jobs: Arduino, C++ Programming, Embedded Software, Linux, Raspberry Pi)
          Friday Frivolity - Wedding Edition   
It's time for this week's edition of Friday Frivolity - the blog party for all things fun, funny, hopeful & happy!

Just wait until you see what we dug up for this week's theme...

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At last week's party, we woofed it up with the pooches for Take Your Dog to Work Day.

This week, we're hearing the wedding bells ring as we close out the month of June -- the traditional month for brides.

I've been hearing lately that so many of you enjoy seeing the personal posts that give you a little peek into our lives, so I figured it might be fun to share a few photos of the day we became the Healys:

With my fabulous parents

Our little set up in the gazebo

As you can see, we're in a park. The park where we had the second half of our first date (the first half was church) and where we also camped for our wedding night!

G wrote the entire ceremony, although I contributed a few quirky additions.

It's official!

Cutting the cake in my (now our) home.

The happy couple

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Host, Audrey, Friday Frivolity Superbowl / Football Memes Edition! (Sort of, Not Really...  ;P) Plus the Friday Frivolity LINKY PARTY - the blog link-up for all things Fun, Funny, Happy, and Hopeful!
Audrey is a wonderfully eclectic blogger, who not only can cook up a storm over on That Recipe, but also writes at Munofore - "MUsings NOt FOod RElated." Munofore touches on humor, parenting, crafting, holiday ideas, tutorials, and more! Audrey recently shared 10 Funny Coffee Mugs for February -- even though I don't drink coffee, some of these really cracked me up!

Jessica is an amazingly funny and smart blogger from Wales who writes at Babi a Fi on a whole range of topics -- from entertaining vintage nostalgia, to technology tutorials, to book reviews, to raising her adorable munchkin, and so much more! She recently shared all about her job over at her Licensing Committee Explained post!

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Amethyst is a fantastically encouraging and thoughtful blogger, who shares new-mama adventures, self-care advice, book and product reviews and so much more over at One Sage Mama. Her most recent post is a review of a new subscription service called BinkyBoxes.  

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          CP CE1 Numération : la dizaine , la centaine GROUPEMENT, ECHANGES...   

Je regroupe ici tout sur la dizaine et un peu sur la centaine

  • Une liste d'idées du matériel utilisable pour manipuler la dizaine.
  • Un rituel mis en place en classe.
  • Des exercices (fichier)
  • Des activités (fichier avec divers liens) (févriier 2017)
  • Des liens vers :
                   Un diaporama animé sur la dizaine (du blog)
             Une vidéo CANOPE 
             Des ateliers "comptage" groupements  (du blog)

Pour en voir plus cliquez ici . . .
          Yocto Project Compilation by tingtexh   
Please read text, I need customize OS for toradex ARM Board: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ5QzhRyw7LnNd3rbe64CfsAYsnbS1Df33Zy23CkT4M/edit?usp=sharing (Budget: $150 - $450 ARS, Jobs: Arduino, C++ Programming, Embedded Software, Linux, Raspberry Pi)
          Muddy Pumpkin Internship Program   

          Episode 97: The novel strategy of making money, and investing to do so - Amazon + Whole Foods   
Looks like we’ll be getting cheaper organic food what with Amazon buying Whole Foods. What exactly is the strategy at play here, though? Other than the obvious thing of doing online groceries, how is Amazon advantaged here such that others (like Wal-mart), can’t simply do this themselves. We go over these questions and how they related to M&A in general. Plus recommendations and some podcast meta talk. Mid-roll This episode is sponsored by Casper, who’s looking for some good senior SREs (https://boards.greenhouse.io/casper/jobs/649758?gh_jid=649758). If you’re into building out and managing infrastructure that keeps code running and makes sure you can sleep soundly at night, check out the job listing, apply (https://boards.greenhouse.io/casper/jobs/649758?gh_jid=649758), and be sure to mention that you heard about it on Software Defined Talk. According to Glassdoor reviews (https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Casper-EI_IE990859.11,17.htm), it’s a damn fine place to work. You can also just email jobs@casper.com and browse all their openings at casper.com/jobs (https://casper.com/jobs/). LOOK, MA! I PUT IN DATES! DevOpsDays Minneapolis, July 25 to 26th: get 20% off registration with the code SDT (https://devopsdays-minneapolis-2017.eventbrite.com?discount=SDT) (Thanks, Bridget!). SpringDays (https://www.springdays.io/ehome/index.php?eventid=228094&) - Atlanta (July 18th to 19th) (https://www.springdays.io/ehome/spring-days/atlanta) Matt will be at: DevSecOps at RSA Conf APJ (http://www.alldaydevops.com/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-devops-connect-devsecops-at-rsac-singapore) Sydney Chef Meetup August 1st (https://www.meetup.com/Chef-Sydney/events/240660647/) Auckland AWS User Community August 3rd (https://www.meetup.com/AWS_NZ/events/237833579/) Brisbane Azure User Group October 11 (https://www.meetup.com/Brisbane-Azure-User-Group/events/240477415/) Podcast meta-talk Podcasts.app to be able to track what you listen to (https://cote.io/2017/06/28/apple-makes-major-podcast-updates/). Just paying for podcasts. $220m+ estimated TAM (https://cote.io/2017/06/28/podcast-market-estimated-at-over-220m/). We have a Casper ad! Amazon Buys Whole Foods This was not covered in the Mary Meeker slide-fest. Coté’s notebook on the topic (https://cote.io/2017/06/28/amazon-buying-whole-foods-notebook/). Stratechery on WF Acquisition (https://stratechery.com/2017/amazons-new-customer/) Exponent Podcast (http://exponent.fm/) What exactly are the barriers to entry here for other grocery stores. The business: online, and just the grocery store on it’s own...plus the 460+ physical stores for other goods? Barriers to entry, Amazon buyers (Whole Foods looks good now?), culture clash?, HEB love, private label BONUS LINKS! Not covered in episode. Gartner Magic Quadrant for IAAS is Here! Larry D. (http://www.zdnet.com/article/gartner-puts-aws-microsoft-azure-top-of-its-magic-quadrant-for-iaas/) Once again, what a change from way back when: CRN (http://www.crn.com/slide-shows/cloud/300087321/heres-who-made-gartners-2017-magic-quadrant-for-cloud-iaas.htm) The Register (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/06/19/gartner_confirms_what_we_all_know_aws_and_microsoft_are_the_cloud_leaders_by_a_fair_way/) Johnny Leadgen can get a copy (https://pages.awscloud.com/mq-download-report.html). On Oracle: “Gartner warns potential customers to be cautious of high-pressure sales tactics.” How Microsoft Is Shifting Focus to Open Source Link (https://thenewstack.io/microsoft-shifting-emphasis-open-source/) “Chef is used to manage thousands of nodes internally across Azure, Office 365 and Bing.” Amazon Eyeing Slack? Link (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-15/messaging-startup-slack-said-to-draw-interest-from-amazon-com) “Buying Slack would help Seattle-based Amazon bolster its enterprise services as it seeks to compete with rivals like Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google.” Walmart Buys Bonobo I’ve got a Bonobo suit I really like (https://www.geekwire.com/2017/walmart-buy-bonobos-310m-continues-e-commerce-battle-amazon/). They had ModCloth and some others. Their M&A strategy has really shifted of late. Walmart Sez Get Off the AWS Finally a reason for multi-cloud (https://thenewstack.io/wal-mart-kicks-partners-off-amazons-cloud-implications-organizations/) BigCo’s gonna bully that supply-chain. What’s Wrong with Jenkins? Jenkins is the Nagios of CI/CD (https://thenewstack.io/many-problems-jenkins-continuous-delivery/) “No toolchain is perfect, but you can achieve software delivery perfection (or something close to it, at least) when you implement the right culture.” Tools don’t substitute culture. Oracle’s Swinging For the Fences (and missing) Link (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/06/13/specsavers_says_no_to_oracle_cloud/) “He was also unwilling for Specsavers to become a guinea pig for Oracle's cloud.” Ubuntu Mobile Post Mortem Not much strategy… (http://www.lieberbiber.de/2017/06/20/my-ubuntu-for-mobile-devices-post-mortem/) Serverless and the Death of DevOps Link (http://redmonk.com/jgovernor/2017/06/02/serverless-and-the-the-death-of-devops-can-you-not/) Spoiler: “DevOps is the ultimate reactive, or event-driven, tech use case. It’s not going anywhere” State of DevOps 2017 Report Johnny Leadgen to the rescue (https://puppet.com/resources/whitepaper/state-of-devops-report)! Commercial Open Source Software Companies Link (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/17nKMpi_Dh5slCqzLSFBoWMxNvWiwt2R-t4e_l7LPLhU/htmlview#gid=0) A bit of sourcing on the numbers would be valuable Glad Chef’s not on the list, wouldn’t want to comment on the numbers Cloud Foundry Summit A whole mess of videos! 121 of them. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLhuMOCWn4P9hTlDEWJZV8JbVsW01avHF1&v=em-W0rVbCLc) Heptio Out of Stealth Mode with K8s Management Tool TheNewStack covere (https://thenewstack.io/heptio-comes-stealth-mode-ksonnet/) Official page (http://ksonnet.heptio.com/) File under “It didn’t already do that. I see.” Not sure this qualifies as “coming out of stealth”, everyone knows they work on open source K8s. I’m not seeing a monetization strategy yet beyond support & training. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they raised $8.5 for their A-round BMC Software Exploring Merging with CA STOP THE PRESSES! TERRIBLE MEETS TERRIBLE (https://mobile-reuters-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN19C036)? So far, no confirmation, but (https://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst+Comments/CA+Technologies+%28CA%29%3A+Anti+Trust+Should+Not+Prevent+CABMC+Merger+-+Bernstein/13052376.html): “While the two companies were once dominant in the systems management industry, the analyst notes that CA and BMC have 7.5% and 8% share respectively as of FY16 which combined would put them on a near even footing with IBM, the largest vendor, at 15%.” “There are also many other vendors in the market including MSFT (7%) and NOW (5%) so anti trust concerns should not be an issue.” High Level Kubernetes Overview Link (https://jvns.ca/blog/2017/06/04/learning-about-kubernetes/) “Basically Kubernetes is a distributed system that runs programs (well, containers) on computers. You tell it what to run, and it schedules it onto your machines.” More on Service Meshes From James Governor, RedMonk (https://redmonk.com/jgovernor/2017/05/31/so-what-even-is-a-service-mesh-hot-take-on-istio-and-linkerd/) Recommendations Brandon: The Scholar and the Drop Out podcast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-scholar-and-the-drop-out/id1143931540?mt=2); Coté’s add-on: Karl Lagerfella’s day (http://www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/trends/a865/24-hours-with-karl-lagerfeld-0412/), no exercise and long night-shirts. Matt: Commando: Johnny Ramone’s Autobiography (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007IV89TS/) Coté: Gulf Shores, Alabama; Hillbilly Elegy (http://amzn.to/2tpO6Gm) and “The Dead Pig Collector.” (http://amzn.to/2tpoU2L)
          The future of array-oriented computing in Haskell — The Result!   

I recently posted a survey concerning The future of array-oriented computing in Haskell. Here is a summary of the responses.

It is not surprising that basically everybody (of the respondents — who surely suffer from grave selection bias) is interested in multicore CPUs, but I’m somewhat surprised to see about 2/3 to be interested in GPGPU. The most popular application areas are data analytics, machine learning, and scientific computing with optimisation problems and physical simulations following close up.

The most important algorithmic patterns are iterative numeric algorithms, matrix operations, and —the most popular— standard aggregate operations, such as maps, folds, and scans. (This result most surely suffers from selection bias!)

I am very happy to see that most people who tried Repa or Accelerate got at least some mileage out of them. The most requested backend feature for Repa are SIMD instructions (aka vector instructions) and the most requested feature for Accelerate is support for high-performance CPU execution. I did suspect that and we really like to provide that functionality, but it is quite a bit of work (so will take a little while). The other major request for Accelerate is OpenCL support — we really need some outside help to realise that, as it is a major undertaking.

As far as extending the expressiveness of Accelerate goes, there is strong demand for nested data parallelism and sparse data structures. This also requires quite a bit of work (and is conceptual very hard!), but the good news is that PLS has got a PhD student working on just that!

NB: In the multiple choice questions permitting multiple answers, the percentages given by the Google Docs summary is somewhat misleading.

          I'm building an Army #1: Designing the pieces   

With all the chess talk in the youtube woodworking world the last couple of weeks, my son asked “That’s cool, Can you make me a chess board?” Sure!

“Oh, and wooden pieces, has to have wood or metal pieces.”

Hmm. What did I sign up for here? As an educational tip to other woodworkers, when a child asks a question like this, “Nope” should be a perfectly reasonable answer. After searching wood chess sets on google and yahoo images, my masochism kicked in, and I started getting excited about giving this a try.

I don’t own a lathe. At this point in my woodworking, turning seems to be what golf is to sports – lots of special equipment and unitaskers, a need for both precision, patience, and attention to detail. I don’t golf, for good reason. So I had to come up with another way to make the pieces. There are several books with patterns for chess sets using compound cuts on the scrollsaw. I like scrollin’, and decided that was the way to go. Steve Good has a freebie pattern, but it’s simplicity was kind of a turn-off, since I knew I would end up with probably 30+ hours in this by the time I was done.

So what to do? I didn’t want to spend a lot of time ending up with something ordinary, nor did I want something exotic or visually confusing to a casual player, I decided to go ahead and design my own set in a somewhat traditional style with enough complexity to hide my craptastic scroll skills. <->m already thinking about doing a curved set next. Need to figure out how to attach pictures – hold on, might have figured it out. Nope, nothing seems to be working out for me here.


          Terpaku Pontianak full - Books Filem Melayu Online Untuk Anda!   

Kategori: Telemovie | Tahun: 2014 | Download: Klik di sini

Terpaku Pontianak mengisahkan Salman Al-Farisi, yang menghadapi kesukaran mendapat jodoh kerana fizikal dan tabiat buruknya iaitu “mengeluarkan gas” yang terlalu busuk sehinggakan ditinggalkan teman wanita. Dia mula berputus asa apabila setiap usahanya untuk mempunyai isteri gagal sehinggakan rakan sekerjanya kerap memerlinya. Safuan membuat keputusan untuk berhenti kerja dan pulang ke kampung bagi mencari jodoh.
          Vote Picks for 2016 for Santa Clara County, Assembly District 28, Willow Glen (ish)   
As many of you know, I obsess about politics the way other people do about sports. This has been the most interesting election cycle of my lifetime, both good and bad. I've been pouring over the my ballot, and I get excited when I get my State Voter Guide, which is online. and below are my picks for 2016 all the way down. Feel free to start a conversation on this.

My Picks:

  • President/VP: Clinton/Kaine
  • Senator: Kamala Harris. Look, I love Loretta Sanchez as a person, and I recognize and appreciate what she's done in Garden Grove. But Harris is a serious candidate, and a historic candidate
  • Congress: Zoe Lofgren, now and forever. Proud to have her as my representative in Congress.
  • State Senator: Jim Beall.
  • Assembly: Evan Low
  • San Jose Unified School District: Pam Foley.
  • East Side Union School District. Pattie Cortese
  • City Council: Helen Chapman. Dev Davis is a Republican.
  • Open Space District: Dorsey Moore. PLO is just ballot riding.
  • Prop 51: Yes. Its the only way we can legitimately fund schools in California
  • Prop 52: Yes. Why is this not in the legislature?
  • Prop 53: No. Would make raising revenue for worthy projects harder
  • Prop 54: Yes. Seems reasonable that legislation should be public 72 hours ahead of time.
  • Prop 55: Yes. Proud to extend this, and to pay it. We have to find education somehow.
  • Prop 56: Yes. Leads to a healthier population
  • Prop 57: Yes. Part of the on-going criminal justice reform
  • Prop 58: Yes. Preserves the status quo. Common language is a unifier. I'd also like to see mandatory Spanish as well. Maybe in the future.
  • Prop 59: Yes. Allowing for proposal and ratification of an amendment to overturn Citizens United
  • Prop 60: Blank. Ummm, really? I have to vote on this?
  • Prop 61: Yes. Lowers drug prices. 
  • Prop 62: Yes. End the Death Penalty. Seamless Garment.
  • Prop 63: Yes. Background check for ammo. Guns don't kill people, bullets do.
  • Prop 64: Yes. 420 dood. Then tax it. See Aquinas: "lex humana dicitur aliqua permittere, non quasi ea approbans, sed quasi ea dirigere non potens." (ST 1-
  • Prop 65: Yes. Grudgingly. The bag ban is an example of the nanny state. Do you know how many groceries I have left in the parking lot because of this ban? But this redirects money to environmental causes.
  • Prop 66: No. Seems to me like taking away due process rights
  • Prop 67: No. See Prop 65. How much pasta sauce do I need to leave in the Safeway parking lot?
  • Measure A: Yes. We have the largest per-capita homeless population. We need to fix it.
  • Measure B: Yes. Traffic is a mess, future generations need BART. Yes to the sales tax.
  • Measure E: Yes. Be fair on offering extra hours. I have seen this abused.
  • Measure F: Yes. Its a decent compromise. Lets rebuild SJPD.
  • Measure G: Yes. Yes to Business Tax.
  • Measure X: Yes. Supports Job Training
  • Measure Y: Yes. More Property Tax to improve San Jose Schools.

My Current Senate map:

As extra credit: At this writing, my Senate Map looks like this. My current prediction is  50/50 split with VP breaking tie.

          Additional Clarification on PVT Manning's Request   
On Thursday, August 22, 2013, a day following the sentencing verdict for the court-martial of United States v. PFC Bradley E. Manning, PVT Manning, who has experienced gender dysphoria and gone through a process of gender questioning and exploration for years, announced that she would like to begin to be known publicly by the name of Chelsea Elizabeth Manning, pursue hormone therapy and be referred to with female pronouns.

While PVT Manning wants supporters to acknowledge and respect her gender identity as she proceeds into the post-trial state of her life, she also expects that the name Bradley Manning and the male pronoun will continue to be used in certain instances.  These instances include any reference to the trial, in legal documents, in communication with the government, in the current petition to the White House calling for clemency, and on the envelope of letters written to her by supporters.  She also expects that many old photos and graphics will remain in use for the time being.

In response to PVT Manning's announcement, the Bradley Manning Support Network is changing its name to the Private Manning Support Network, and will work on changing other frequently used parts of its website and materials to incorporate the name Chelsea and the female pronoun.  However, completing this process may take some time.

The Support Network has played an important role in organizing public support for PVT Manning since her arrest, and in raising funds to cover 100% of her legal fees.  The Support Network will continue its political advocacy efforts to support PVT Manning through this new phase of her life by raising money for the appeals process, advocating for clemency from the Convening Authority and the President and supporting PVT Manning's right to appropriate medical treatment while imprisoned.

Thank you all for supporting our efforts over the years.  The fight for PVT Manning's freedom is far from over, but we take hope from the many caring and compassionate people who have taken time out of their day to write to her, to sign petitions, to attend the court-martial and to join protests and other actions around the world.  We hope you will help us continue this important work to bring truth and transparency to the forefront of America's conscious.  And we hope you will continue to support PVT Manning, a humanist that we have already learned a great deal from, and who we believe still has much to offer this world.


David Edward Coombs and the Private Manning Support Network

          Defense Renewed Motion for Mistrial   
The Defense has filed a renewed motion for a mistrial on all of the 18 U.S.C. Section 641 offenses.  This motion argues that the Defense was not on notice that when the Government charged that PFC Manning stole or converted certain "databases" this really meant that he stole or converted "records" or "information."  The Defense believes that allowing the Government to now prove and value original records and information will cause irreparable prejudice to the Defense.  Accordingly, in the interest of justice, these charges must be dismissed. 
          Oral Argument and Reply Motion   
The Defense has requested oral argument on each of its R.C.M. 917 motions (Article 104, Section 1030, and Section 641).  The oral argument is scheduled to begin at 3:00 Monday afternoon.  Additionally, the Defense has filed a reply motion dealing with the Section 641 offenses.
          Defense Motions to Dismiss   
The following motions have been approved for public release:

1)  Defense Motion For Directed Verdict on 18 U.S.C. Section 641 Offense

2)  Defense Motion For Directed Verdict on Article 104 Offense

3)  Defense Motion For Directed Verdict on 18 U.S.C. Section 1030 Offense

4)  Defense Motion For Directed Verdict on GAL Offense
          PFC Bradley Manning's Statement   
The Defense has been given permission to publish a redacted version of the statement PFC Manning read during his providence inquiry on 28 February 2013 where he pled guilty to certain lesser included offenses. 

PFC Manning wrote his statement over the course of several days while in pretrial confinement.  Although the confinement facility authorized PFC Manning access to a computer to type the statement, he was not permitted to save any information on the computer.  This restriction required PFC Manning to print whatever he had typed at the end of each day.  Accordingly, there are several pages where the typed information ends prior to the bottom of the page.   
          Defense Reply - Defense Motion to Dismiss for Lack of a Speedy Trial   
The Defense has received authorization to publish the following motion: Defense Reply to Government Response to Defense Motion to Dismiss for Lack of a Speedy Trial, dated October 17, 2012.
          LVO Results - A chance to look at the 40k meta (Beware: Mild Number Crunching)   

The LVO (Las Vegas Open) Results are out, and as it's one of (if not the) largest tournaments in the world it's always nice to crunch the numbers and see does the meta of that tournament follow our thinking of which armies are the top dog.

First some pretty huge caveats:

  • This is one tournament, and even if it is large it is still a small sample size as any statistician would tell you.
  • With most tournaments having comp that will always change slightly which armies are good, with some armies being able to adjust to the comp better than others.  For the comp in this tournament, please look up the ITC (Independent Tournament Circuit) Rules
  • Results can be skewed by several factors, eg. some people do not complete all their games leading to them having a lower placing than someone who does complete all their games, an army's primary detachment may be a very small portion of the overall army.
So while we should treat all such analysis with a pinch of salt, hopefully the above factors in some cases even themselves out with a large number of competitors.

The full results of the tournament can be found here.

So lets start off my with my predictions (honest I did these before the analysis):

  • All the analysis tables will be dominated by the top 4 Codexs (Eldar, Necrons, Marines for which I include Dark Angels & and finally Tau), ie. the recent codexs with Decurian type detachments (although in the case of Eldar I think their detachment is not their strength, which I think is the base unit cost of their units meaning a CAD with an allied Aspect Host(s) being very powerful for them.  Mainly the top 4 are the most recent codexs
  • They will be some placings for some armies, such as Daemons & Khorne Daemonkin, but the results will show the rest of the codexs are definitely chasing the top 4 in terms of performance, however good generals can get good results.
  • The last stat I like to do, which shows how widespread an armies results are, which to me shows how much a good or bad general can influence the army, I'm not to sure on what this will show.  People like to say that anyone can win with Eldar, but to me they are becoming (like Marines) an army that everyone knows because they are so powerful and becoming so popular.  When I'm playing my Necrons or Tau I feel I know the Eldar better than my opponents know Tau or Necrons and that I have less to fear if I'm playing a worse player.  However in general I still see Eldar smash average generals with average armies whoever they are piloted by.  I think Marines will still have a wide spread of results as they are a popular army and many beginners start with them.
Well onto the stats, and lets take a look at army popularity:
Well no surprises here with my view of the top armies dominated both the field and also the top 50 placings.  A shout out to Dark Angels which got 10% of the top 50 placings while being only 4% of the field.

A stat that starts to shows the power of a codex is to look at how much more they factor in the Top 50 compared to the overall field.  If we ignore the armies with less than 10 armies, we get the following table:
A bit of a surprise (for me anyway) with Dark Angels topping the list, I suppose I need to pay more attention to them.  Apart from that things were as expected apart from Marines, which had nearly the same percentage in the top 50 as they had in the entire field.  Cult Mech and Nids also did well (however the Nids sample is very small, eg. it could have been just 2 armies with loads of Flying Hive Tyrants making the top 50, which would say much for the rest of the codex).

Now lets look at the average placing:
Eldar still dominate along with Marines, Tau & Necrons, but Cult Mech gets a good showing.  I particularly like to look at the stats for the top 50, as this shows what a good general can get out of the army, and also gets rid of the newer players bringing marines.  This brings up a few things, first being the Necrons did very well in the top 50 along with Daemons (although a very small number, 3, made the top 50).  The Chaos Marines, Nids and Daemons armies indicate that is may have been a very specific build that made the top 50 as the overall performance of the three armies was very low.

And now we come to the last stat, which tries to represent the spread of the armies.  To calculate this I looked at each player and how far their position is away from the average for their army, and then divide this by the number of players.  Again just looking at the armies which had 10 or more entrants we get the following table:

At the top of the list we have the armies which had the narrowest spread in the army placings.  In the case of the top three I think it's because it's hard (not impossible) to place in such a competitive field regardless of how good a general you are.  Another view could be that people who take the weaker armies are there more to have fun and socialise, my counter is that even if you are there to have fun and socialise a good general should do better than a worse, and although this is true with these weaker armies it isn't as much as other armies.

Next we have Cult Mech and Eldar.  It may be controversial to some, but it can be hard to pick a weak list for Eldar once you don't pick silly choices, a complaint I've even heard from Eldar players trying to tone down their list when playing against some of the lower tier armies.

Next we have the middle of the road (in terms of spread), here we have Space Marines (being a very popular first army, so can have lots of newer players as well as experienced players), Daemons & Dark Angels.

Lastly we have a big surprise, in the bottom three we have both Tau and Necrons, which had bigger spread of performance than the average, only beaten by Nids.  The new Tau codex might have had an impact with people trying out the new toys and formations, and not having enough practice time with them, but the Necrons is definitely a surprise.  My only idea is that Necrons can be a win big or lose big army, in that they are very resistant to most shooting, but can be susceptible to some types of firepower and can get sweep easily in close combat.  Examples include a Cavalry and Beasts Space Wolf army could go throw a Necron force like a knife through butter, sprinkle in some allied firepower or a Knight and it could be very tough prospect for a Necron force.  Even though these two armies being low on the spread chart is surprising, and I'm sure the Tau will improve as people get used to the new options in the new codex, or maybe even realise that some of the old ones are still good (I'm doing well and i haven't built my Ghstkeel yet or even purchased a Stormsurge)..

So did anything surprise you ?  Why do you think Tau & Necrons had such a huge spread (I may expand on my thoughts in a future post) ?  Personally I'm going to have another look at the Cult Mech codex and the nasty formation that combined Cult Mech with Skitarii and Imperial Knights.

Lastly this was the meta at this one tournament, and is irrelevant for your local meta, and more importantly the group of mates you play with.  The meta in the UK will be different, the meta in the north US, the meta in the next tournament will be different, however I think it does give an indicator of what codexs are the most powerful, and wasn't toooo far out on my initial predictions, but even I will be doing a bit more research to be more familiar with Dark Angels and Cult Mech.

          Iran Presidential Election 2013 Vote Count per County   
Just finished downloading the 125 pages of vote counts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs portal, massaged them into usable data and put into a public spreadsheet. Will add extra sheets for analysis in the coming days. Feel free to clone, do your own analysis, and share back with me to integrate. May Mebane run with it...
          Salade de quinoa, pois chiches et légumes grillés avec halloumi, vinaigrette moutarde et érable   
J'aime les salades repas. Pas besoin de se casser le bicycle à manger autre chose, les légumes sont là, la protéine (les protéines ici en l’occurrence pois chiches & fromage) est là, le goût est là, bref, que du bonheur quoi. En cette saison estivale (quoique que ce ne soit pas la grande chaleur encore c'est tout de même l'été!), les légumes du Québec sortent en fou, je suis au comble du bonheur. J'apprécie particulièrement la touche du fromage salé halloumi qui, grillé dans une poêle devient totalement irrésistible, je le mangerais à la petite cuillère tellement c'est bon! La vinaigrette moutarde et érable vient compléter le tableau à merveille. En bref, une salade repas comme je les aime, rempli de bonnes choses, de bons grains, de bons légumes, de bonnes protéines et d'une vinaigrette irrésistible, essayez la pour être convaincu à votre tour! :-) Bon appétit!

Pour 4 portions:

1 tasse de quinoa CUIT

Légumes grillés à la poêle

1 c. à soupe huile d'olive ou huile de noix de coco
1 courgette en cubes (avec la pelure)
1 tasse de tomates cerises coupées en deux
1 poivron rouge (ou orange) en cubes
2 gousses d'ail hachées
1 échalote française hachée finement
1 tasse de pois chiches égouttés puis rincés 
sel et poivre, au goût (un peu)
1 c. à thé de CHAQUE: poudre d'ail, poudre d'oignon et basilic

200g fromage halloumi coupés en tranches
1/4 tasse persil frais haché
2 tasses de roquette (ou bébés épinards)

Vinaigrette moutarde et érable

1 gousse d'ail émincée
3 c. à soupe huile d'olive
1 c. à soupe moutarde de Dijon
3 c. à soupe sirop d'érable
2 c. à thé jus de citron
1 c. à thé vinaigre balsamique blanc
sel et poivre, au goût

Légumes grillés

Verser 1 c. à soupe d'huile d'olive dans une grande poêle et y déposer tous vos légumes. Faites cuire jusqu'à ce que ceux-ci soient "al dente". Ajouter les pois chiches puis les épices, bien mélanger, écraser avec le dos d'une fourchette les tomates cerises pour qu'elles rendent leur jus et laisser refroidir presque complètement avant d'ajouter ceux-ci à la salade.

Sauce moutarde et érable

Dans un petit bol, mélanger les ingrédients de la vinaigrette moutarde et érable ensemble. Déposer la roquette dans un grand saladier, le quinoa refroidi puis recouvrir des légumes grillés et des pois chiches (refroidis également). Couper votre fromage halloumi en tranches et faites le griller dans une poêle avec un peu d'huile de noix de coco fondu de chaque côté. Retirer le fromage de la poêle, le couper en petits cubes puis ajouter la vinaigrette moutarde et érable ainsi que le persil frais haché et bien mélanger. Se mange tiède ou froide (je la trouve particulièrement meilleure tiède).

Imprimer la recette
          High Performance Computing & Google Cloud Webinar 7/13   


The Higher Education & Research Google Cloud Platform team would like to invite you to a 45-minute webinar next month to learn about how Google’s public cloud can complement and extend your campus HPC to best serve the campus research community.  You have made significant investments in high performance computing, however meeting ever expanding computing needs and supporting the latest technologies available can be difficult and expensive. Join us to learn how GCP can further enable your campus community to think bigger and reach insights faster.


The webinar will take place on Thursday July 13th at 1pm EST/10am PST. Click here to register.


During this webinar we will cover the following:

·  Why Google’s Cloud?

·  High Performance Computing & GCP

oExtending your environment for batch processing

oInnovative Technologies: GPUs, TPUs

oPrice to Performance Advantage: Preemptible Machines, Custom Machines, Discounts

·  Spotlight: MIT Principal Research Scientist, Andrew Sutherland,  shares his GCP experience

·  Answers to your questions

          Ku Kirim Cinta Episod 24   

          Datanotations don't work very well.   


I created annotations:

public string Descripcion { getset; }
       [Required(ErrorMessage = "El importe máximo en soles es un valor obligatorio.")]

But It doesn't show the mistake message , instead of it shows "You should insert value"

And client vaidation dont work. What is the problem?

My model..

And my view and partial view:_DatosPerfil

@model Web.Comercios.Models.PagoRapido.PagoRapidoModel
@using Web.Common.HtmlHelpers
@using Web.Comercios.Constants
    ViewBag.Title = "Modificar Perfil Pago Rápido";
@section head {
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="@Url.Content("~/Content/themes/base/jquery-ui.css")" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="@Url.Content("~/Content/themes/base/ui.jqgrid.css")" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="@Url.Content("~/Content/themes/base/jquery.ui.all.css")" />
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="@Url.Content("~/Content/themes/cupertino/jquery.ui.datepicker.css")" />
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/ui/jquery.ui.tabs.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/plugins/jValidacionesExtensions.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/jquery.unobtrusive-ajax.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/MicrosoftAjax.debug.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/MicrosoftMvcAjax.debug.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/trirand/i18n/grid.locale-sp.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/trirand/jquery.jqGrid.min.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/trirand/jquery.jqDatePicker.min.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/trirand/jquery.jqAutoComplete.min.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/plugins/jqGridExtensions.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/plugins/grid.grouping.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/ui/jquery.ui.core.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/ui/jquery.ui.widget.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/ui/jquery.ui.datepicker.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/Base/BaseWeb.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/BlockUI/jquery.blockUI.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/plugins/jquery-scrolltofixed-min.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/jquery.form.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/jquery.validate.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
@section titulo {
@section menuHerramientas{
@using (Ajax.BeginForm("Editar"new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "tabs-0", HttpMethod = "POST", InsertionMode = InsertionMode.Replace }))
    @Html.HiddenFor(model => model.IdPagoRapido)
    if (ViewBag.MaxNumUbigeos != null)
        @Html.Hidden("MaximoNumUbigeos", (int)ViewBag.MaxNumUbigeos)
    <div id="tabs" style="min-width:1024px;widthauto!important;display:none;">
            <li><a href="#tabs-0">Datos del Pago R&aacute;pido</a></li>
            <li><a href="@Url.Action("TabComerciosMascaras""PagoRapido"new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">M&aacute;scaras Comercio&nbsp;<img id="uitab1" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="displaynonemarginautoheight14pxvertical-alignbottom" /></a></li>
            <li><a href="@Url.Action("TabComerciosParticipantes""PagoRapido"new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">Comercios Participantes&nbsp;<img id="uitab2" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="displaynonemarginautoheight14pxvertical-alignbottom" /></a></li>
            <li><a href="@Url.Action("TabComerciosExcluidos""PagoRapido"new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">Comercios Excluidos&nbsp;<img id="uitab3" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="displaynonemarginautoheight14pxvertical-alignbottom" /></a></li>
            <li><a href="@Url.Action("TabMccParticipantes""PagoRapido"new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">MCC Participantes&nbsp;<img id="uitab4" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="displaynonemarginautoheight14pxvertical-alignbottom" /></a></li>
            <li><a href="@Url.Action("TabMccExcluidos""PagoRapido"new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">MCC Excluidos&nbsp;<img id="uitab5" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="displaynonemarginautoheight14pxvertical-alignbottom" /></a></li>
            <li><a href="@Url.Action("TabUbigeos""PagoRapido"new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">Ubigeos&nbsp;<img id="uitab6" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="displaynonemarginautoheight14pxvertical-alignbottom" /></a></li>
            @*<li><a href="@Url.Action("TabUbigeosExcluidos", "PagoRapido", new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">Ubigeos Excluidos&nbsp;<img id="uitab7" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="display: none; margin: auto; height: 14px; vertical-align: bottom; " /></a></li>*@
            <li><a href="@Url.Action("TabRucsParticipantes""PagoRapido"new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">Rucs Participantes&nbsp;<img id="uitab8" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="displaynonemarginautoheight14pxvertical-alignbottom" /></a></li>
            <li><a href="@Url.Action("TabRucsExcluidos""PagoRapido"new { id = Model.IdPagoRapido })">Rucs Excluidos&nbsp;<img id="uitab9" src="@Url.Content("~/Content/images/progressbar.gif")" alt="Recuperando información..." style="displaynonemarginautoheight14pxvertical-alignbottom" /></a></li>
        <div id="tabs-0">
            @Html.Partial("_DatosPerfil", Model)
        <tr style="height30px;">
            @if ((bool)ViewData["modificar"])
                <td style="text-alignleft">
                    <input id="btnGrabarPagoRapidoMain" type="button" value="Grabar" style="width100px" />
            <td style="width5px"></td>
            <td style="text-alignleft">
                <input type="button" id="btnRegresar" value="Regresar" onclick="Visualizar();" style="width100px" />
                <input type="hidden" id="tipoaccion" value="@ViewBag.TipoAccion" />
@if (ViewBag.MensajeSatisfactorio != null)
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {
        var mensajeRespuesta = '@ViewBag.MensajeSatisfactorio';
        if (mensajeRespuesta.length > 0) {
            mensajeRespuesta = CorregirTildesEnMensaje(mensajeRespuesta);
        var url = '@Url.Action("Visualizar""PagoRapido")' + "/" + "@Model.IdPagoRapido";
        if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Explorer") != 1) {
            window.location.href = url;
        else {
    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(document).ready(function () {
<script type='text/javascript'>
    function guid() {
        return 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'.replace(/[xy]/g, function (c) {
            var r = Math.random() * 16 | 0, v = c == 'x' ? r : (& 0x3 | 0x8);
            return v.toString(16);
    $(document).ready(function () {
        $("#Codigo").attr("readonly", "readonly");
		$("#btnGrabarPagoRapidoMain").live("click", function (event) {
        $(".calendario").datepicker({ showOn: "button", buttonImage: '@Url.Content("~/Content/themes/base/images/calendar.png")', buttonImageOnly: true, changeMonth: true, changeYear: true });
        $(function () {
                cache: true,
                select: function (event, ui) {
                    var nombretab;
                    var nomactionresult;
                    switch (ui.index) {
                        case 0:
                            nombretab = "#tabs-0";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("Editar""PagoRapido")';
                        case 1:
                            nombretab = "#tabs-1";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("Editar""PagoRapido")';
                        case 2:
                            nombretab = "#ui-tabs-2";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("TabComerciosParticipantes""PagoRapido")';
                        case 3:
                            nombretab = "#ui-tabs-3";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("TabComerciosExcluidos""PagoRapido")';
                        case 4:
                            nombretab = "#ui-tabs-4";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("TabMccParticipantes""PagoRapido")';
                        case 5:
                            nombretab = "#ui-tabs-5";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("TabMccExcluidos""PagoRapido")';
                        case 6:
                            nombretab = "#ui-tabs-6";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("RegistrarUbigeos""PagoRapido")';
                        @*case 7:
                            nombretab = "#ui-tabs-7";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("RegistrarUbigeosExcluidos", "PagoRapido")';
                        case 7:
                            nombretab = "#ui-tabs-7";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("TabRucsParticipantes""PagoRapido")';
                        case 8:
                            nombretab = "#ui-tabs-8";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("TabRucsExcluidos""PagoRapido")';
                            //FIN IPR-11790
                            nombretab = "#tabs-0";
                            nomactionresult = '@Url.Action("Editar""PagoRapido")';
                    $("#form0").attr("data-ajax-update", nombretab);
                    $("#form0").attr("action", nomactionresult);
                    if ($.data(ui.tab, 'load.tabs')) {
                        if ($(ui.panel).html() == "") {
                            var pestaniaelegida = "#uitab" + ui.index;
                            $(pestaniaelegida).css('display', 'inline-block');
                load: function (event, ui) {
                    var pestaniaelegida = "#uitab" + ui.index;
                    $(pestaniaelegida).css('display', 'none');
    var limInsertarBin = 0;
    var limInsertarComercio = 0;
    var limInsertarComercioExcluido = 0;
    var limInsertarTipoTratamiento = 0;
    function Visualizar() {
        var url = '@Url.Action("Visualizar""PagoRapido")' + "/" + $('#IdPagoRapido').val();
        if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Explorer") != 1) {
            window.location.href = url;
        else {
    function RedireccionarCopia() {
        var url = '@Url.Action("Copiar""PagoRapido")' + "/" + $('#IdPagoRapido').val();
        if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Explorer") != 1) {
            window.location.href = url;
        else {
    function GrabarPagoRapidoMain() {
        var theform = document.forms["form0"];
        if (!theform) {
            theform = document.formmain;
    function Cerrar() {
		var url = '@Url.Action("Listado""PagoRapido")' + "/" + "Regresar";
        if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Explorer") != 1) {
            window.location.href = url;
        else {
    function floatValue(value) {
        if (value == '')
            return '';
            return parseFloat(value.replace(",", ""));
    function CargaCompleta() {
    var limInsertarTarjeta = 0;

2. PARTIAL:_DatosPerfil
@model Web.Comercios.Models.PagoRapido.PagoRapidoModel
@using Trirand.Web.Mvc
@using Web.Comercios
@using Web.Common.Extensions
@using Web.Common.HtmlHelpers
@using Web.Common.Multiuso
<script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/trirand/i18n/grid.locale-sp.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/trirand/jquery.jqGrid.min.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/trirand/jquery.jqDatePicker.min.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/trirand/jquery.jqAutoComplete.min.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <legend>Datos Iniciales</legend>
    @Html.HiddenFor(model => model.IdPagoRapido)
    <table id="datosPerfil">
                <span class="display-label">
                    Código<br />
                    <span class="edit-field" id="spancodigo">
                        @Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Codigo, new { @style = "text-align:center", @MaxLength = 7 }, Helpers.TipoValidacion.AlfaNumericoNiTildeNiEnieNiEspeciales)
                        <span class="valerror-field">@Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Codigo, "*")</span>&nbsp;
                <span class="display-label">
                    Estado<br />
                    <span class="edit-field">
                        @Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.Estado, (SelectList)ViewBag.Estados, @ComboValorDefecto.Seleccionar, new { @style = "width:100px" })
                        <span class="valerror-field">@Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Estado, "*")</span>&nbsp;
                <span class="display-label">
                    Id Interno Autogenerado<br />
                    <span class="display-field">
                        @Html.DisplayFor(model => model.IdPagoRapido, new { @style = "width:100px;text-align:center", @disabled = "disabled" })
          Programa para Apoyo de Escuelas Internacionales de Formación Avanzada   

Una Escuela Internacional de Formación Avanzada - EIFA, es un espacio de formación y perfeccionamiento en distintas áreas del conocimiento, organizado por profesores de las diferentes facultades e institutos académicos de la Universidad.

El programa para el apoyo de Escuelas Internacionales de Formación Avanzada, es apoyado por la Vicerrectoría de Investigaciones y tiene como objetivo ofrecer a profesores, investigadores, estudiantes y profesionales de otras universidades tanto nacionales como internacionales, la oportunidad de actualizarse en temas especializados de gran importancia dentro del conocimiento global o en áreas multi y transdisciplinarias que hacen parte de los objetivos misionales de la Universidad del Valle.

Este programa corresponde a políticas de retorno y propósitos institucionales para la investigación, de manera que vela por la coherencia entre la investigación, academia e internacionalización. Es un apalancamiento de recursos para la movilidad de profesores y estudiantes internacionales que participen en las Escuelas.

Está dirigido a profesores, investigadores, estudiantes y profesionales de otras universidades tanto nacionales como internacionales.

Los interesados en participar deberán seguir el siguiente proceso para realizar su postulación:
  • Presentación de la propuesta al Consejo de Facultad. 
  • Remisión de las propuestas aprobadas a la DRI por parte del Consejo de Facultad correspondiente. 
  • Recepción, estudio y selección de las propuestas remitidas a la DRI según los requisitos. 
  • Comunicación a la Facultad de la aprobación o no aprobación de la propuesta (por parte de la DRI). 

Tener la aprobación del Consejo de la Facultad según los siguientes criterios: 
  • Calidad científica y académica. 
  • Articulación con el plan de desarrollo de la Facultad o Instituto académico. 
  • Certificación de la trayectoria científica de los profesores invitados. 
  • Propuestas que cuentan con otros recursos económicos. 
  • Promoción de la colaboración interinstitucional. 
  • Para registrar a los profesores visitantes internacionales que impartirán la Escuela Internacional de Formación Avanzada – EIFA, se requiere gestionar ante el Consejo de Facultad la resolución del profesor visitante honorario. 
  • Diligenciar el formato de solicitud, anexando los documentos requeridos completos. 
  • Enviar desde la decanatura de la Facultad o Dirección del Instituto Académico, el formato y los documentos, con 45 días de anticipación a la realización de la Escuela. 
Para quienes deseen obtener información completa sobre la documentación a diligenciar y los requisitos pueden comunicarse con la Dirección de Relaciones Internacionales.

Puede descargar la guía de realización de EIFA Aquí 

Puede descargar el formato para presentación de propuestas Aquí 

Dirección de Relaciones Internacionales
Correo Electrónico: dri@correounivalle.edu.co
Teléfono: (057 2) 3212100 ext 2709
Edificio 301 Oficina 3027
Calle 13 No. 100-00
Ciudad Universitaria - Meléndez
Cali, Colombia

          Drupal 8 All-weekend Sprint (part of Drupal Sprint Weekend 2014)   
Drupal 8

Global Drupal 8 Sprint...

Please sign up here: http://goo.gl/a6ZKA6

Everyone is welcome; if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute. We will split into pairs and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. If possible, install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on Drupal.org and taking a look at the Drupal Ladder http://drupalladder.org/

Looking forward to your effort...


Please note that we will be holding the Drupal 8 All-weekend Sprint at Amazee Labs, Zurich !


Amazee Labs, Förrlibuckstrasse 30, CH-8005 Zürich http://goo.gl/lUy1qZ

          D8 Module Sprint   

D8 is stable and developed enough to start working on module development. Needless to say that it is the modules that make Drupal so powerfull. Thus it is logic that we need to start thinking about the many modules that make a Drupal site great.
Therefore, we like to organize a sprint to get a large group of developers, testers, documenters etc... together, working on porting - as many as possible - popular modules to D8 such that these are available from the earliest moments on.

We will do this on Friday 9. August 2013

Drupal Users, this is your call to arms. Please sign up, Please let us know what module you would like to work on. Please provide some reasoning for your module selection so there is no second guessing.

If you join, please also add yourself to the Google doc spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjbTWnTTF3ildDE3MHh2WVdQelR....

Please also specify which project you want to work on, if you know that already (If not, we'll find something for you to work on). And add if you will be sprinting locally in Zurich or remote.

The location of the sprint in Zurich is: Hermetschloostrasse 77, CH-8048 Zürich. Google Map link


Looking forward to your signup and suggestions...

Cheers Jos

          Badcamp Switzerland 2012-11   

There's a lot buzz around http://badcamp.net/ and many of us thought about going there.
Most finally stay at home, because of e.g. travel time and possibly also expenses.

In addition to the Badcamp (2012-11-01 .. 04) gabor organized a sprint (2012-11-05 .. 06). Find more about D8MI and all other Drupal 8 Core initiatives.

Thus we decided to announce

Badcamp Switzerland

Date: 2012-11-04 .. 06 (SUN - MON - TUE)
Location: MD Systems, Hermetschloostrasse 77, Zürich

Click here to signup for this event

The community will meet and focus on D8 core topics. We will participate Badcamp remotely and join sprinting for the goals.

Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to Drupal. Feature freeze is coming soon (dec 1)!

We are also looking forward to new contributors and will help you to start.

          Bergin Book - Chapter 15   
Chapter_15 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

Bergin Book - Chapter 15 (PDF) in Google Documents link for those who need it.

Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think. =)

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          Bergin Book - Chapter 14   
Chapter_14 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

Bergin Book - Chapter 14 (PDF) in Google Documents link for those who need it.

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          Bergin Book - Chapter 13   
Chapter_13 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

Bergin Book - Chapter 13 (PDF) in Google Documentslink for those who need it

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          Bergin Book - Chapter 12   
Chapter_12  - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

Bergin Book - Chapter 12 (PDF) in Google Documents link for those who need it
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          Bergin Book - Chapter 11   
Chapter_11 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway                                                            

Bergin Book - Chapter 11 (PDF) in Google Documents link for those who need it
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          Bergin Book - Chapter 10   
Chapter_10 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway                                                            

Bergin Book - Chapter 10 (PDF) in Google Documents link for those who need it
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          Bergin Book - Chapter 9   
Chapter_9 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

Bergin Book - Chapter 9 (PDF) in Google Documents link for those who need it
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          Bergin Book - Chapter 8   
Revised blog post view

Chapter_8 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway  

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          Bergin Book - Chapter 7   
Revised blog layout

Chapter_7 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

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          Bergin Book - Chapter 6   
Revised blog layout

Chapter_6 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

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          Bergin Book - Chapter 5   
Revised blog layout

Chapter_5 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

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          Bergin Book - Chapter 4   
Revised blog layout

Chapter_4 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

To read Bergin Book - Chapter 4 (PDF) in Google Documents, please click the link.
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          Bergin Book - Chapter 3   
Revised blog layout

Chapter_3 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

To read Bergin Book - Chapter 3 (PDF) in Google Documents, please click the link.
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          Bergin Book - Chapter 2   
Revised blog layout

Chapter_2 - Bergin Book, The Hideaway

To read Bergin Book - Chapter 2 (PDF) in Google Documents, please click the link.
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Previously on Bergin Book - The Hideaway

          The Cellular Business Model   
I've just published my first white paper which might be seen as a bit "left-field" but sometimes its nice to read something different.

It's free to download via Linked In Slide Share at http://www.cellularbusinessmodel.com/
or via Google Docs at http://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0B7WeMa-zlDRuNzRiNDRmNzctMjhkZi00MWMzLTg1NmEtNmVlMzhjZWY3ZDI4&hl=en_GB

Here's an abstract to whet your appetite!

In my opinion, last year, the two biggest news items were the banking collapse and its impact on the economy and businesses, and the terror threat and terrorist organisations. I remember thinking at the time that some of the businesses making cuts were taking preventative action and trimming their fat. This led me to think that this should be a continuous activity not just initiated when major threats appear.

Additionally, I recognised that although the terrorist actions are despicable and cowardly, they are successful, and the terrorist organisations are winning the battle. They have global coverage and continue to disrupt normal life, whilst working against the considerable resources of western governments.

In concert with thinking about these news items, I found myself focussing on the abundance of waste within large corporations and comparing that with the efficiency of some of the agile software teams and military teams I’ve worked with in the past.

From considering the combination of these thoughts and concerns, the Cellular Business Model has evolved. The paper sets out the tenets of the Cellular Business Model which takes lessons from the structure of terrorist cells and small teams, and aims to achieve the same level of effectiveness at the enterprise level.

Following an introduction to the Cellular Business Model, the paper goes on to introduce lean thinking, scrum, pattern theory, open book management and cloud computing as a means to establish the Cellular Business Model.

Through publishing this paper I hope to spark ideas, energy and thought around corporate agility.
          Macam - Macam Antena   

Untuk yang mau copy ke blog. tolong sertakan link blog saya. etika blogger
          Perbedaan WiFi-Wimax dan LTE   

Untuk yang mau copy ke blog. tolong sertakan link blog saya. etika blogger

Isi makalah dibawah :
Untuk yang mau copy ke blog. tolong sertakan link blog saya. etika blogger
          Contoh FORMAT Penulisan Data Siswa SD   

          contoh Surat Permohonan Ijin Belajar PNS/Guru   


          Tugas IPS : MENGENAL KELAS Casbog dan Casper    

          Contoh SURAT PENAWARAN RUMAH   
Berikut adalah contoh Surat Penawaran Rumah

Like FansPage untuk mendapatkan update.

          Contoh Proposal Rekreasi Karang Taruna   
Berikut ada lah contoh proposal Rekreasi Karang Taruna .

Like FansPage untuk mendapatkan update.

          યોગવાસિષ્ઠમાં-શિવજીએ કરેલું ભગવાનનું અને તેમના પૂજનનું વર્ણન   

Volia compartir amb vosalters uns consells per l'utilització segura en internet pels més petits

Extret del web Internet Segura

Segueix aquests passos senzills i tindràs accés al món i recorda que quan naveguis per Internet, els teus millors amics poden ser els teus pares, tutor o professor.

Internet és un lloc on pots parlar amb gent de tot arreu i fer nous amics i amigues, aprendre coses sobre qualsevol tema que t'agradi,

......Però quan navegues per Internet, hi ha molta gent entrant i sortint lliurement. Hi ha persones de tota mena, com a tot arreu: algunes amb bones intencions i algunes altres que potser et poden enredar.

Per això et donem alguns passos senzills que t'ajudaran a estar més segur:

No donis mai les teves dades personals ( nom, cognoms, adreça o telèfon) a ningú sense el permís dels pares. Seria com si donessis les claus de casa teva.

La teva contrasenya és la teva pròpia identitat. Per tant, guarda-la en secret i no la donis absolutament a ningú. Algú la podria utilitzar i fer-se passar per tu.

És molt divertit fer nous amics navegant per Internet, però explica als teus pares a qui has conegut i presenta'ls els teus nous amics.

Si vols conèixer en persona a algú que has conegut al ciberespai, vés a la primera cita amb algun amic o algú dels teus pares.

Estaràs més segur si us trobeu en un lloc públic.

A la Xarxa hi ha moltíssimes coses bones: intenta identificar el que és bo i el que no ho és. Si en un web trobes alguna cosa que et resulta desagradable surt de la pàgina, perquè et podria perjudicar. Explica-ho a algun dels teus pares o mestres.

Fer un xat pot ser super divertit, però no et quedis en una sala de xats si algú et fa sentir incòmode o preocupat. Recorda que en un xat la teva seguretat depèn bàsicament de tu.

El correu electrònic és un gran invent. Però per a la teva seguretat, no obris ni llegeixis missatges o fitxers que t'enviï alguna persona desconeguda: podrien enviar-te virus informàtics o informació que et podria molestar.

Si vols comprar o fer alguna cosa per Internet que pugui costar-li diners a la teva família, consulta-ho abans amb els pares.

Els teus pares i tu sou un equip. Els pots ensenyar a utilitzar Internet i mostrar-los les pàgines web que visites i què fas quan navegues. Ells et poden ajudar a seguir unes pautes perquè t'ho passis bé i estiguis segur mentre navegues. Els equips guanyen quan treballen plegats. Confia en els teus pares i professors.
Quan naveguis per Internet i algú et proposi fer alguna cosa, no ho facis si creus que no és adient.

Ets una persona forta i responsable, i de vegades és millor dir "no".

D'altrabanda volia compartir amb vosaltres els seguents enllaços de pàgines per ajudar-vos a la tasca de donar-lis seguretat a les xarxes socials.

          ExxonMobil Talks a Good Game, but It’s Still Funding Climate Science Deniers   
Execs claim support for a federal carbon tax and the Paris agreement, but the checkbook ledger tells a different story.

ExxonMobil executives repeatedly claim their company supports a federal carbon tax and the Paris climate agreement. The company’s checkbook ledger, however, tells a far different story.

Yesterday, the company released its annual list of its “public information and policy research” grantees, which shows that it spent $1.65 million in 2016 on a dozen think tanks, advocacy groups and associations that contest climate science and oppose both the Paris accord and a carbon tax—the very policies the company professes to endorse. Last year’s outlay boosted the total of the company’s expenditures on climate disinformation over the last two decades to $34.6 million.

Chamber of horrors

Most of ExxonMobil’s spending on denier groups last year—87 percent—went to four organizations: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Enterprise Institute, Manhattan Institute and American Legislative Exchange Council.

ExxonMobil gave more than half of last year’s kitty, a cool $1 million, to the Chamber, which provided President Trump with a key, but fraudulent, rationale for pulling out of the Paris agreement. Parroting a recent report funded by the Chamber and the American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF)―which received $1.78 million from ExxonMobil between 2000 and 2015―Trump claimed that over the next several decades the accord would cost the U.S. economy nearly $3 trillion and, by 2040, eliminate 6.5 million industrial sector jobs.

The Associated Press, Politifact and the Washington Post fact-checked the speech and arrived at similar conclusions: The Chamber and ACCF cooked the books.

“The study makes worst-case assumptions that may inflate the cost of meeting U.S. targets under the Paris accord while largely ignoring the economic benefits to U.S. businesses from building and operating renewable energy projects,” AP reporters Michael Biescker and Paul Wiseman pointed out. “Academic studies have found that increased environmental regulation doesn’t actually have much impact on employment. Jobs lost at polluting companies tend to be offset by new jobs in green technology.”

The Chamber, which has a long history of denying climate science, made similar dire warnings about job losses in a 2014 report analyzing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. That report used flawed assumptions to magnify the carbon rule’s cost and exaggerate job losses and, like its recent report on the Paris agreement, didn’t factor in the carbon rule’s considerable benefits.

The market will take care of it

The next biggest ExxonMobil grant last year, $235,000, went to the American Enterprise Institute, which had already received $4.1 million from the company between 1998 and 2015. AEI economist Benjamin Zycher addresses climate issues more than anyone else these days at the free-market think tank, and his views are diametrically opposed to ExxonMobil’s professed positions. He disputes the conclusions of mainstream climate science, insists a carbon tax would be “ineffective,” and calls the Paris agreement an “absurdity.”

Zycher’s colleague Mark Thiessen, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, is also no fan of the international accord. In a June 2 essay, he cited numbers from the Chamber’s discredited report and maintained that “our emissions will arguably decline faster because of Trump’s withdrawal—because our free market economy will be stronger and more innovative without it.”

Wind energy blows

The Manhattan Institute, which received $705,000 from ExxonMobil between 2006 and 2015, pulled in another $135,000 from the company last year. Staffers there aren’t too keen on the carbon tax or the Paris agreement, either. Senior Fellow Oren Cass, who previously worked at Mitt Romney’s old firm Bain & Company, calls the accord a “fraud” and argues that a carbon tax would be “bad for the country” and “bad for the economy.”

Another senior fellow at the libertarian think tank, Robert Bryce, previously worked as a newspaper reporter and for the Institute for Energy Research, a former ExxonMobil grantee that is largely underwritten by the Koch brothers. A self-styled agnostic about climate change, Bryce regularly attacks renewable energy. He especially loves to bash wind, carping about the industry’s temporary federal tax breaks over the last 20 years and its threat to birds. Never mind that the oil and gas industry received an average of $4.86 billion a year (in 2010 dollars) in permanent federal subsidies between 1918 and 2009 (that continue to today), or that oil and gas industry fluid waste pits kill roughly three times more birds a year than wind turbines. Bryce never mentions either of those salient facts.

Not-so-smart ALEC

Between 2006 and 2015, ExxonMobil gave $600,000 to the American Legislative Council, a secretive lobby group that drafts sample corporate-friendly legislation for state lawmakers. Last year, the oil company gave ALEC another $76,500.

Does ALEC also oppose a carbon tax and the Paris accord? You bet.

In 2013, ALEC drafted a sample resolution for state legislators to reject “all federal and state efforts to establish a carbon tax on fuels for electricity and transportation.” More recently, the director of ALEC’s Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force slammed the Paris agreement as a “bad deal” for America. “The Paris agreement is little more than an effort by the previous president to lend some international legitimacy to his destructive regulatory campaign against affordable domestic energy,” Kenneth Stein, a former legislative aide to Sen. Ted Cruz, wrote in May 25 essay on ALEC’s website. “As has been seen in any number of U.S. industries, regulation and rulemaking stifle progress and innovation—much more so when the regulations become part of an international treaty regime.”

Why bother with a carbon tax or an international carbon-reduction agreement if, as ALEC erroneously maintains, scientists haven’t determined the role human activity plays in global warming? “Climate change is a historical phenomenon,” its website states, “and the debate will continue on the significance of natural and anthropogenic contributions.”

More than 100 corporations have quit ALEC for a number of reasons, notably its scientifically indefensible position on climate change. Those companies include a number of energy sector heavyweights, including American Electric Power, BP, ConocoPhillips and Shell. But not ExxonMobil.

Meet the new boss...

The fact that ExxonMobil’s grantees contradict the company’s avowed positions on climate science and policy should come as no surprise. Its funding pattern in Congress is analogous. Over the years, the company has consistently rewarded legislators who reject mainstream climate science and vote against carbon tax resolutions by funding their reelection campaigns. Half of the nearly $1.45 million it spent on candidates in the 2016 election cycle, for example, went to 81 climate science deniers in the House and 24 in the Senate. And 18 of the 22 senators who sent a letter to President Trump urging him to abandon the Paris agreement collectively received $371,000 in campaign contributions from ExxonMobil between 2011 and 2016.

Rex Tillerson began playing this game soon after he became the company’s CEO in 2006. In January 2007, the Union of Concerned Scientists published a report documenting that between 1998 and 2005, ExxonMobil had spent at least $16 million on a network of more than 40 anti-regulation groups to manufacture doubt about climate science. A week after its release, Tillerson acknowledged that his company had a PR problem. “We recognize that we need to soften our public image,” he said, according to a January 10 story in Greenwire, a trade publication. “It is something we are working on.”

Ten years later, ExxonMobil’s PR offensive continues. Publicly, company officials repeatedly assure the news media and the general public they have seen the light. Climate change is indeed real and we need to address it. At the same time, however, ExxonMobil is still bankrolling climate disinformation groups and deniers in Congress to stymie government action.

In January, Darren Woods, who has been working for ExxonMobil since 1992, replaced Tillerson as CEO. So far, he’s the same as the old boss. His inaugural blog post, which champions natural gas as “powerful tool” to reduce carbon emissions and stresses the challenge of “managing the risks of climate change” while meeting growing worldwide energy demand, could have easily been written by Tillerson. And, like his predecessor, Woods dutifully reiterated ExxonMobil’s nominal support for a revenue-neutral carbon tax and the Paris agreement. But until the company stops funding climate science denier groups and the members of Congress standing in the way, it will remain a major obstacle to saving the planet from the worst consequences of climate change.



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          Fall Is in the Air and Learning is All Around   
The few weeks have been full, full, full and very busy.  We continuing to learn rock star style and have a great time while we are doing it.  Since I am so far behind on my posting.  Sorry guys.... here is a look at some of the cute things we have made and patterns to go with them.

5 Senses

5 Senses Labeling.  This was a fun a activity that the kids really loved making.  To get your body and shirt click here. To get labels click here.

Counting Caterpillar
We have been talking about counting and putting numbers in order.  So we made a number order caterpillar.  As you can see they glue them in all kinds of directions, but all were able to put the numbers in or 1-10.  Get you pattern here

O..... How we can count.  This is my favorite counting activity/letter O.  I made the octopus with the numbers 1-8 on it.  The students clued strips of paper under each number.  We then took dot stickers, and they put the amount of stickers needed for each number.  They turned out adorable and  were so easy to make.  We have had so many complements from these adorable counting octopuses.  Run them off on colored construction paper or copy paper.  Have the kids cut them out and do the rest.  Get your pattern here.  

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492
This last week we talked about Christopher Columbus.  We sang songs and learned of how he discovered that the Earth was round and not flat in 1492.  He also discovered America.  We made this cute Columbus.  It was quick and easy.  So cute. Get your pattern here.  Get the Christopher the Sailor saying for the hat here.  

Happy Fall Everyone!
K-Crew Kids Rock

          Shape Monster, Shape Monster I love You   
We have just ended our Geometry Unit in Math and are moving onto working with with numbers.  What a better way to end it by making a fun activity shape monster, and monster starts with m.  So we covered both, a letter craft and math.  I made the pattern and Mrs. Rogers cut lots of pieces from the pattern.  They got to create him or her however they wanted.  I think they turned out so cute. Take a look at our adorable creations.

Get Your pattern here

K-Crew Kids Rock

          Lf alola ash pika, National Arcanine FT events w/proof   
hello LF Alola Hat pika (no Spa) _My events are in this link_ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gsqQEogQw9wUWJk...
          May 2017 - Low Cost Portfolio Scorecard   
It's been five month since my last equity purchase. For the past five months, I was just sitting tight and collecting dividends as the market continued to go up. May was a bumper dividends month for me, as I received a total dividends of $1,494.91:

  • GBP 18.10 from British Land Co Plc
  • EUR 66.28 from Bayer Motoren WK
  • MYR 474.33 from Heineken Malaysia Bhd
  • MYR 596.17 from Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd
  • JPY 9,215 from Toyota Motor Corp
  • GBP 46.69 from Greggs PLC
  • EUR 32.89 from Deutsche Bank
  • $108 from Starhub
  • $108 from Keppel Corp
  • $60 from Sembcorp Industries
  • $53.50 from First REIT
  • $300 from Venture
  • $114.66 from Capitaland Mall Trust
  • $59 from Starhill Global REIT

I also contributed $4,000 worth of fresh fund into the portfolio. Total portfolio value as of 31st May was $579,961.02. Return YTD was 4.07%, XIRR YTD was 10.73%, and XIRR since inception was 7.36%. Equity vs bond/cash allocation was 45.08% vs 54.92%.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of May 2017
          April 2017 - Low Cost Portfolio Scorecard   
As market continue it's momentum to the upside, return YTD was inching towards 3.42%, while XIRR YTD was 11.51% and XIRR since inception was 7.31% as of end April 2017. A significant fresh fund injection of $36,000 was made in April.

April was also a month with bumper dividends. Total dividends and interests received were $880,86 from:
  • AUD 116.54 from Telstra Corporation Limited
  • GBP 42.63 from BP PLC
  • HKD 1,288.31 from HSBC Holdings Plc
  • HKD 229.80 from Vanguard FTSE AS
  • EUR 73.39 from Daimler AG
  • HKD 990.40 from PCCW
  • CNY 144.68 from CSOP China Ultra Short Term Bond ETF
  • $94.40 from M1
Portolio allocation was 45.58% equities and 54.52% bonds and cash.

Chow Tai Fook was the top performer from total return perspective. It gapped-up on 13 April and broke out it's HKD 8.00 resistance, as the multiyear sales decline had finally shown sign of turn around. Retail sales in mainland China increased 16%, with same-strore sales rising 12% during the three months that ended March 31. Overall retail sales in Hong Kong and Macau grew 1%, and same-store sales rose 4% — the first quarterly increase in three years in Hong Kong and Macau. I sat on +88.95% return from capital appreciation and dividends received. Should I sell and take profit or stand still on the soon-to-be double bagger in my portfolio?

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of April 2017
          March 2017 - Low Cost Portfolio Scorecard   
My low cost portfolio continued to do well in March 2017. Return YTD as end of March was 2.24%, XIRR YTD was 9.56%, and XIRR since inception was 6.4%. Total dividends received in March was $434.92:
  • $274.34 from Capitaland Retail China Trust
  • GBP 34.16 from Royal Dutch Shell PLC-B
  • GBP 58.67 from BHP Billiton PLC
The month of March was also the month of rights issue. I applied for a total of 2100 rights (1,044 rights and 1,056 excess) from Ascott Residence Trust, and I was granted 1,900 rights at $0.919 per unit. I also applied for the rights issued by Deutsche Bank and received 80 units at EUR 11.65 per unit.

In term of portfolio component stock performance, Global Logistic was the star performer based on CAGR calculation (+101.10%), and Chow Tai Fook from total return perspective (+65.14%). BT Group PLC was the bottom performer from both CAGR (-33.62%)  and total return (-21.39%).

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of March 2017
          February 2017 - Low Cost Portfolio Scorecard   
Boring market with no buying opportunity, so I do not have much to update. The only consolation in February was bumper dividends. I received a total of SGD 1,001.29 in dividends from the following:
  • GBP 27.52 from BT Group P
  • USD 59.74 from ABF PAIF
  • GBP 18.09 from British Land Co PLC
  • SGD 328.60 from STI ETF
  • SGD 112.56 from Capitaland Commercial Trust
  • SGD 53.25 from First REIT
  • SGD 63.00 from Starhill Global REIT
  • SGD 158.12 from Ascott REIT
  • SGD 120.96 from Capitaland Mall Trust
Total dividends received as of 28 Feb 2017 was SGD 1,153.15, a +121.18% growth compared to SGD 521.36 in the same period last year. Portfolio return YTD was 1.75%, XIRR YTD was 11.45%, and XIRR since inception was 6.43% as of 28 Feb 2017. Equity allocation was 47.89%, and bond allocation was 52.11%.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of February 2017
          January 2017 - Low Cost Portfolio ScoreCard   
I had been super busy with work and didn't really have the time to update my portfolio. From the way this year started, it seemed I would have less time to blog this year.

January 2017 started with a bang. My portfolio grew by a decent SGD 7,379.14 including dividend. Return YTD was 1.46%, XIRR YTD 18.61%, and XIRR since inception at 6.68%. Will the portfolio grow in this rate for the remaining of the year? I doubt it will.

I received dividends of:
  • SGD 95.20 from Singtel
  • HKD 309.96 from Vanguard FTSE AS High Dividend
I have no transactions in January and I may be looking at selling some if market continues to go up. Portfolio allocation was 47.92% equity vs 51.28% bond/cash.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of January 2017
          December 2016 - Low Cost Portfolio ScoreCard   
The final scorecard for my low cost portfolio is out. XIRR for 2016 was 7.85% and XIRR since inception increased to 5.25%. Total dividend in December was HKD 1,795.51 and GBP 74.28. This brought total dividend for 2016 to $3,665.85.

The portfolio started with a value of $107k in January and ended in December with a value of $505k. Most of the portfolio growth came from re-investment of proceeds from Unit Trust portfolio liquidation (~$279k) and fresh fund injection ($98k). Net profit was $20K from both capital gain and dividends.

I have 2 buy transactions in December:
  • Singtel 1100 shares @ $3.65
  • Ascott REIT 3600 shares @ $1.135

I'm grateful that God allows my investment portfolio to exceed the targeted 4% long term return in 2016. I'm also glad that my investment portfolio reached the half million mark for the first time, which was a significant milestone for me.

I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2017!

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of December 2017.
          November 2016 - Low Cost Portfolio Scorecard   
Many medias spread fears during the US president election, by injecting a market sell-off expectation should Donald Trump became the elected president of US. What happened eventually was the reverse. Markets rallied strongly, especially US. DJI is just a few points away from 20,000 psychology resistance. Even the lackluster STI breached 2900 as a result.

Will the rally continue in 2700? Only God knows! My part is to stick with the plan and probably be slightly defensive in my portfolio management.

As a result of the rally in equities, low cost portfolio XIRR YTD was 7.4% as of 30 November. XIRR since inception went back above 4% at 4.54%, beating CPF SA return, which I used as a benchmark for my low cost portfolio.
  • CapitaRetail China Trust 5800 shares @ $1.3875
  • CapitaMall Trust 4200 shares @ 1.9075
  • SIA Engineering 1200 shares @ 3.45
  • VanEck Vectors Gold Miners UCITS ETF (GDX.L) 140 shares @ USD 21.56
  • Heineken Malaysia Bhd (2836.KL) 800 shares @ MYR 15.7275
  • Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd (3255.KL) 900 shared @ MYR 13.78

I injected $4,000 fresh fund and received total dividends of $214.00 and GBP 18.09 in November. Dividends received were:
  • GBP 18.09 from British Land Co PLC  
  • $36.00 from SIA
  • $60.00 from Starhub
  • $53.00 from First REIT
  • $65.00 from Starhill Global REIT

Total portfolio value as of 30 November was about $3,000 shy of the half million mark, with 46.53% in equity and 53.47% in bonds & cash.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of November 2016
          October 2016 - Low Cost Portfolio Scorecard   
Low cost portfolio XIRR YTD was 6.82% as of 31 October 2016, while XIRR since inception was 3.66%. In October, I injected $4,000 fresh fund and I received:
  • 7 DBS shares from DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan). 
  • HKD 1,417.42 dividend from Vanguard FTSE Asia Pacific High ex Japan Dividend ETF
  • HKD 423.79 dividend from CNOOC
  • CNY 144.77 distribution from CSOP China Ultra Short Term Bond ETF
  • HKD 210.88 dividend from Sinopec Engineering

I also bought a REITS and stocks in Oct to increase my equity allocation:
  • Starhill Global REIT 5000 shares @ $0.81
  • Starhub 1200 shares @ $3.36
  • Telstra (TLS.AX) 760 shares @ AUD 4.97

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of October 2016
          Portfolio Statistic as of 21 October 2016   
Equity allocation 38.54%
Number of stocks / equity ETF = 36
Number of winners = 25
Number of losers = 11
Winning rate = 69.44%
Losing rate = 30.56%
Average winning value = $506.38
Average losing value = -$520.54

          September 2016 - Low Cost Portfolio Scorecard   
My low cost portfolio received a significant injection of cash from unit trust portfolio liquidation. A total of $221,000 was added in the month of September alone. Because of the cash injection, equity allocation decreased from 47% to 26%. To re-balance the portfolio, I planned to make a number of purchases with the intention to increase the equity allocation gradually to around 50% in the next few months. The September purchases increased my equity allocation from 26% to 33%:
  • Sembcorp Industries 1500 shares @ $2.69
  • M1 1600 shares @ $2.53
  • PCCW (0008.HK) 5000 shares @ HKD 5.01
  • BT Group PLC (BT-A.L) 580 shares @ GBP 3.864
  • BP PLC (BP.L) 530 shares @ GBP 4.2475
  • Global Logistic Properties (GLP) 2200 shares @ $1.835
  • HSBC (0005.HK) 400 shares @ HKD 57.95 (add to existing position)
  • Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGAS.JK) 11000 shares @ IDR 2,690.00
  • Toyota Motor Corp (7203.JP) 100 shares @ JPY 5,756.00
  • Malayan Banking (1155.KL) 1600 shares @ MYR 7.62
  • Greggs PLC (GRG.L) 220 shares @ GBP 10.0272
  • Hugo Boss AG (BOSS.DE) 55 shares @ EUR 47.685

Aside of equity purchase, I also bought Fullerton Short Term Interest Rate Fund C and United SGD Fund Cl A (Acc) to increase my fix income allocation. In September, I received dividends of GBP 18.40 from BHP Billiton PLC, HKD 303.38 from HSBC, $70 from UOB, and HKD 659.52 from China Mobile. XIRR YTD was at 7.91% and XIRR since inception was at 3.78%.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of September 2016
          How Does Yaruzi's Low Cost Portfolio Stack Up?   
I was curious on how my low cost portfolio has performed, compared to similar fund managed by professional fund managers. As my portfolio was incepted on 30 March 2015, I used 2 year annualized return of balanced funds for bench-marking. Balanced fund invest in both equities and fix income.

The result is rather encouraging, as my portfolio rank #14 and beat 70% of professionally managed balanced fund (see table below). Balanced funds that was less than 2 years were excluded. On a YTD basis, my low cost portfolio with return of 9.76% will rank #4 and beat 94% of the other 58 balanced fund. On a longer term basis e.g. 10 years, there is only 1 fund that return more than 4%, which is First State Bridge. I guess overall not too bad huh?

          Unit Trust Portfolio - The Finale   
I liquidated all my unit trusts in Fundsupermart on 29 Aug 2016. I received sale proceeds of $279,816.26. XIRR YTD was 8.32% and XIRR since inception was 2.52%. Not impressive, but the positive thing was I didn't lose money and I felt liberated from the need to pay platform fee! After about 4 years and 2 months investing in unit trusts, I finally decided to consolidate my investment fund in my very own portfolio.

Dividends and distributions received in August was $268.61. All proceeds will be re-invested in my low cost portfolio. With this significant cash injection, my low cost portfolio equity allocation dropped to a low of 20%. That was the reason I made quite a number of purchase in September.

Link to Yaruzi's unit trust portfolio allocation as of August 2016
          Escrito Planilla de Calculo   

          Grasshopper-Anwendertreffen am 23. November in London   

Neuer Flughafen für Mexico City - Bildmaterial mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Foster + Partners

Mittwoch, 23. November 2016
18:30 - 20:30
Foster & Partners, Riverside, 22 Hester Road, London, SW11 4AN

Simply Rhino UK lädt Sie herzlich zu einem weiteren Grasshopper-Anwendertreffen in London ein.

Die Teilnahme am Grasshopper-Anwendertreffen in London ist kostenfrei bei begrenzter Teilnehmerzahl, daher ist es wichtig, dass Sie sich hier anmelden. Eine Bestätigung per E-Mail erhalten Sie bis 16. November.


          Greetings from Idaho-ho-ho   
Merry Christmas from the Anderson Family!
To find out what we've been up to in 2011 please read our annual letter available here.

Jeff, Darcy, Noah and Lucy

Or if photos are more your thing... 

You are invited to view Jeff and Darcy's photo album: Best of 2011
Best of 2011
Dec 20, 2011
by Jeff and Darcy
If you are having problems viewing this email, copy and paste the following into your browser:

          JigSpace: A New Free Application for Making 3D Presentations   

3D optical illusion

In my opinion, one of the functions of libraries and librarians is to facilitate the sharing of ideas, particularly ideas that can move the world forward. In that spirit, I want to tell everyone about a new free downloadable application named JigSpace. With this Window or Mac desktop app, anyone can create 3D animated presentations called Jigs. Jigs can explain, show, or teach anything in an intuitive and memorable way.

If a Picture Is Worth 1,000 words, a Jig Is Worth 1,000 Pictures

The people who invented JigSpace describe its advantages in this way: "We learn better in 3D. Jigs are better. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a Jig is worth 1,000 pictures. Jigs will reach your audience faster and make a bigger impact than any other media." This might be overstating the case some, but the only way to find out is to see what Jigs are about.

  • First, here's a 4-minute video on the AngelList website introducing JigSpace.
  • Check out Zac Duff's tweet from April 2017. The high school student within me jumps up and down when seeing that. Zac Duff is a JigSpace co-founder and also an artist, a programmer, and a designer — a rare combination of creative traits.
  • To see how JigSpace might be put to use, see my YouTube video of a wacky idea of mine to Cool Chicago Using Saved Winter Ice. I created this presentation using LibreOffice and recorded it for YouTube with Simple Screen Recorder, on my Linux laptop.
  • Now, look at the Jig on my idea that was produced by the folks at JigSpace. I've had better success viewing this Jig with Firefox than with Chrome.

Notice how you can move through the 17 slides in this digital presentation. And you can also grab any slide with your mouse and view the scene from different angles — somewhat like the orbit tool in the 3D modeling software SketchUp.

To get going with JigSpace, see their simple Quickstart Guide. You can also ask any question in their discussion forum.

Everyone Can Be an Inventor

When I was in high school, I was constantly thinking of inventions I wanted to build. Having a tool like JigSpace would have allowed me to communicate what I was thinking to others. I'd venture to say that skill at building Jigs would boost the inclination of people to think of new ideas in 3D. We need all ideas on deck these days.

My Hopes for JigSpace

I want to note that JigSpace is very new. The application called Jig Workshop is alpha-stage software and so is still under development. The downloadable desktop app is for Windows and Mac, but I hope it will also be available for Linux clients as well.

If you know any youngsters who love using SketchUp, Blender, and other 3D tools, tell them about JigSpace. While it is intended for youth and adults, I see JigSpace developing a strong following with the younger set. It might even be fun for school districts, cities, and states to run contests to see which schools (and individual students) can create the best Jigs in a fixed amount of time. Maybe we could even have FIRST Robotics teams compete against each other to describe ideas in 3D using JigSpace.

A Software Tool That Works Well with JigSpace

Keep in mind, too, that skill at using other software, such as drawing applications like Inkscape, might come in handy when building Jigs. Inkscape is free software that runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is a favorite of schools and school districts teaching digital design. The best place I know of to learn Inkscape skills are the 100 high-quality screencasts here.

About the Author

Phil ShapiroPhil Shapiro is a librarian, educator, and technology access activist in the Washington, D.C., area. He has found inspiration in the learning that goes on at after-school programs, adult literacy organizations, public libraries, and organizations bringing music instruction and the arts to children. He is a true believer in public libraries as the central social, educational, and creative institutions in our communities.

Image: Fred the Oyster / CC0

          Archivos sonoros de Mataparda: Un cochino suelto y un perro pequeño 1986   
1986. C1.Un cochino suelto y un perro pequeño 01.Presentación 

C1: Usa el autorreverse
Un proyecto de Anton ignorant. En esa época yo vivía en Barcelona. No recuerdo cómo nos conocimos, solo sé que es una persona extremadamente abierta y generosa. Como músico exploraba una extensión de territorio muy amplia.
La propuesta eran cintas de dos caras que duraban 1 minuto, 30 segundos por cara, pensadas para escuchar en casettes autorreverse, que daban la vuelta automáticamente al llegar al final, en un loop infinito.
1986. C1.Un cochino suelto y un perro pequeño 02. Original portada  
El caso es que me animé a hacer dos piezas de 30 segundos. No fue nada difícil, algunos de los estilos que más me interesaban eran minimalistas y de conceptos breves, como The Commercial Álbum, Miniatures, Young Marble Giants.

A la izquierda, el original a lápiz de la portada de esta C1. En concepto y dibujo, fue una colaboración con Javier Eloy.

Al igual que los otros trabajos de este archivo sonoro, fue remasterizado y digitalizado por Jorge. Puedes ver el post del blog Spain in Pain: C1 serie "Usa el autorreverse" (8 of 13) ( Grand mal edicions, 1986)
La lista de cintas que digitalizó Jorge es la que yo conservo (8 de un total de 13). Además de la mía:
  • Anton Ignorant. C1 
  • Físodo 13.4 . Intitulada 
  • Juan Crek. la lengua 
  • Luis Mesa . Arqueotomía 
  • Víctor Nubla. PRNN 
  • Francisco Felipe. Anyoranza 
  • Félix Ménkar. Ortopoema 

En el blog de ÅƯŤØÐØĻØŘ no hay acceso ahora a las grabaciones ya que estaban alojadas en Megaupload. Las he subido a un nuevo almacenamiento. La licencia de estas obras la puedes ver al final de este post:

Un cochino suelto y un perro pequeño: la música
  • Un cochino suelto y un perro pequeño 1 .ogg .mp3 
  • Un cochino suelto y un perro pequeño 2 .ogg .mp3 
  • LOOP 1+2 Un cochino suelto y un perro pequeño .ogg .mp3


Boceto portada C1 2 perritos. MatapardaPara finalizar, este boceto de portada para una cinta C1 que nunca terminé, titulada 2 perritos.

Serie C1 por Grand mal edicions /Antón Ignorant se encuentra bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 3.0 Unported. Basada en una obra en spainpain.blogspot.com.
          Archivos sonoros de Mataparda: Ris Ras 1986   
1986 RisRas 01 

Aproximadamente entre 1977 y 1988 dediqué una buena parte de mi tiempo a grabaciones sonoras. No soy músico, y mis grabaciones fueron siempre experimentos de estudio. En esa época -tenía 14 años- me influyó poderosamente el punk y el after-punk en su actitud y la música techno-industrial en sus formas. escuchaba entre otros a Kraftwerk, Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, The Residents, SPK, Chris and Cosey, Throbing Gristle, Tuxedomoon, Cabaret Voltaire, Aviador Dro, Esplendor Geométrico, Macromassa, Neo Zelanda, Comando Bruno, Interacción, La Otra Cara de un Jardín, Melodinámika Sensor. Un artículo bastante completo sobre la escena de la música industrial española de esos años se puede leer aquí.
Fue una época de muchos experimentos personales, la primera recopilación grabada con resultados mínimamente audibles llegó en 1984. Pero como escribió Domi en la cinta Vakaciones en Afrika vol.2 citando a Robert Fripp:
Donde haya una buena grabación casera pasa de todas esas mierdas industriales fabricadas en serie.
En el momento es que tenía construido un sonido personal utilizaba una serie de instrumentos electrónicos, sobre todo un sintetizador Korg MS20, mi primer teclado: el VL1, varios sampler como el Casio SK1, o el SK5, un Roland MC202, pedales, guitarra eléctrica, radio, percusiones analógicas y electrónicas, etc.
Tascam Ministudio PortaOne Las grabaciones las hacía en un Miniestudio TASCAM casero de 4 pistas.

En 2009 tuve un fructífero intercambio con Jorge, del extinto blog Hand Beanies (ahora Spain in Pain): yo le cedí una pequeña colección de cintas del panorama de la electrónica española de los años 1980 que le interesaban para digitalizar y publicar, y entre ellas digitalizó y remasterizó las 6 cintas que forman mi historia sonora. Además fue publicando los archivos digitalizados en su blog. Como aquí: Mataparda - Ris Ras (Autoedición, 1986, C30). Su blog es un sitio imprescindible si te interesa la música electrónica underground en España.
Quiero agradecerle, de nuevo, su trabajo. No fue solo digitalizar las viejas cintas de casette, remasterizar es un trabajo de creación. Esa restauración sonora de mis casettes solo podía haberlos hecho alguien como él, que ama la música electrónica.

Ris Ras 
Es una colección de piezas explorando ritmos y texturas sonoras. Fue un paso intermedio, sin muchas pretensiones, un poco minimalista pero muy personal. Al final es uno de mis trabajos preferidos, por eso mismo y por su brevedad (30 minutos). Sin textos que acompañen y con un solo gráfico, la letra G saliendo de un volcán. La portada fue un pirograbado directamente sobre la tapa de la cinta.
Utilicé casettes totalmente transparentes.

1986 RisRas 03 

Lista de archivos:
01. La Mandolina al revés
02. Suaves golpes de ruido blanco
03. Los toletes
04. Tenerife 0 - Las Palmas 2
05. Las Palmas 2-Tenerife 1
06. Dominguito y Javier
07. Por las fronteras de Mozambique
08. Barco Manche
09. T.V
10. El goro de cochinos
11. Guitarra rascada
12. Tasagaya
13. El rápido
14. Santa Cecilia
15. No convence del todo
16. Don Ángel
17. Me llena la cachimba
18. Uno-dos
19. Dibujos animados
20. Ritmo marcado variaciones
21. Mozambique de fronteras las por
22. Melodía mandolina
23. Improvisación
24. Revés al mandolina la

Los archivos sonoros se pueden escuchar en el reproductor incrustado o bien descargándolos desde aquí:


Mataparda - Ris Ras por José Mesa / Remaster Jorge J. Soler Molina se encuentra bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 3.0 Unported. Basada en una obra en handbeanies.blogspot.com
          La ética del hacker y el espíritu de la era de la información   

La ética del hacker y el espíritu de la era de la información es un libro escrito por el finés Pekka Himanen y cuyo título en inglés es The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age. El libro (que contiene un prólogo de Linus Torvalds y un epílogo de Manuel Castells), analiza la ética hacker. (Wikipedia)

En el centro de nuestra era tecnológica se halla un grupo fascinante de personas que se autodenominan hackers. No se trata de celebridades televisivas con amplia fama y reconocimiento, pero todos conocen sus logros, que constituyen la nueva base tecnológica de la sociedad emergente: Internet y la Red de redes (lo que en conjunto podríamos llamar la Red), el ordenador personal, así como una parte importante del software utilizado para que todo ello funcione. El diccionario del argot hacker, el “jargon file”, compilado de forma colectiva en la Red, define a los hackers como personas que se dedican a “programar de forma entusiasta” y creen que “poner en común la información constituye un extraordinario bien, y que además para ellos es un deber de naturaleza ética compartir su competencia y pericia elaborando software gratuito y facilitando el acceso a la información y a los recursos de computación siempre que ello sea posible”
Linus Torvalds

Versión online (Google Docs)
Descarga de versiones en epub, mobi, odt (archivo zip, 1155k)
Descarga en formato pdf (1311k)
          Biography/Backstory | William Anthony Nericcio   
Last Updated April 27, 2010 | Recently Updated Friday, May 12, 2017

nota bene: a less wordy, image-saturated alternative to this site is here.

eliable dispatches from elite, clandestine West Coast intelligence agents reveal that Dr. William Anthony Nericcio (aka "Memo," aka "Bill") directs an eclectic and innovative cultural studies graduate program at San Diego State University, aka MALAS, the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and SciencesHe also serves as a Professor of English and Comparative LiteratureOther stealthy West Coast snoops confirm that he labors at SDSU in various academic disguises including: digital humanities lead faculty, cultural studies scholar, American and Latin American literature prof, Chicana/o Studies devotee, ALA/Choice Award-Winning Film Studies maven, American Studies lackey, and last, but not least, feverish rasquache Tejano acolyte of deconstruction 
(the Jacques Derrida t-shirt always gives it away). Other embedded, shady scouts contend Nericcio's diverse academic pursuits are merely an ivory-tower nested front, a nefarious cover for the Chicano writer's true obsessions: graphic design, web-surfing, Man Ray's photography, Euro/Indy movies, Bill Elder, Remedios Varo, Jacques Derrida, Severo Sarduy, Rosario Castellanos, and Meret Oppenheim (of late, Haruki MurakamiTara McPherson, and Darren Aronofsky also draw his eye).

Before joining SDSU's crack team of talented, hermeneutic misfits, Nericcio held earlier postings at The University of Connecticut, his first, most infamous English Department posting, and at Cornell University, where, working with taskmaster mentors (Carlos Fuentes, Dominic LaCapra, Edgar Rosenberg, Wolfgang Holdheim, Nelly Furman, Enrico Mario Santí, Gayatri Spivak and Henry Louis Gates Jr.), he completed his doctoral degree in Comparative Literature with a dissertation entitled The Politics of Solitude: Alienation in the Literatures of the Americas

Our well-paid East Coast gumshoes and informants tell odd, whispered tales regarding Nericcio's time in Ithaca: his enigmatic midnight chats with Vladimir Nabokov's surly ghost in Zeus's cafe, Goldwyn Smith Hall, far above Cayuga's waters; his now epic 2am street-fight with four drunk Cornell gringo frat-rats in a snowstorm near the corner of Court and Tioga; his critical theory lucha libre disputes with Derrida-glosser Jonathan Culler and Culler's curious better-half, Cynthia Chase (a relative of once-funny, SNL-alum Chevy Chase), who deemed Nericcio's hieroglyphic notetaking a mark of incipient moronity (opposite); his legendary tequila-induced, body-sculpture-snow-angel-making with LA playwright Oliver Mayer at the top of the Buffalo St. hill; and lastly, his boisterous conjunto dancing alongside Carlos Fuentes in an Ithaca Union hall. Sadly, our usually reliable 'townie' snitches loitering outside the Haunt have failed to document these claims. 

However, not all is lost, as our diligent Northern Mexican agents, not at all resembling Mikey Vargas (Charlton Heston) from Orson Welles's Touch of Evil, recently discovered that Nericcio, a recovering Catholic school boy from South Texas (seized 1st-grade snapshot to your left), received
his Bachelor's of Arts degree in English from the University of Texas at Austin (1984), this while working part-time at the Texas Tavern (now demolished) and The Cactus Cafe as a barrista/bartender and prowling posh 6th Street cocktail lounges. This was also the time when Nericcio, along with Jay Whitley aspired to 80s, new-wave, music stardom in the indy, third-coast, rock combo, The Dyed Blondes--de rigueur recording studio snapshot to your right.

Now headquartered near the California/Mexico border with SDSU, he serves on the faculty of the Center for Latin American Studies, The Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences (MALAS) and the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies in addition to his English and CompLit teaching shenanigans. A native son of Laredo, Texas, with assorted ancestors hailing from General Téran (near Monterrey, México), Partanna, Sicily, and (it is silently whispered) the merry ol' island of England, (and maybe even Tunis!) Nericcio tells anyone willing to listen that he is a post-Movimiento Chicano. In this vein, the testimony of well-placed former students is useful, with numerous depositions existing that attest to Nericcio being a 'a Sicilian Tejano' or to him publicly declaiming nostalgic, nationalistic odes to Flaco Jimenez, La Llorona, 'Tejas' and the Rio Grande river. Other witnesses speak of overhearing eloquent soliloquies in San Diego dive bars wherein Nericcio, between sips, confesses his obsessions with Sleestaks, The Get-Away Chase Game, Al Jaffee, Monty Python, Kurt Wiese, Captain Kangaroo, Mannix, The Banana Splits, Medical Center, Wacky Packages, La India María, Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster, Land of the Lost, Dean Martin, Los Polivoces, Mil Mascaras, the late Edward Said, Gamera, and H.R. Pufnstuf.

Nericcio has published articles on Orson Welles's proto-Chicano masterpiece Touch of Evil (in Chicanos and Film: Representation and Resistance), Octavio Paz's shrouded schizophrenic political oscillations (Siglo XX/20th Century: Critique & Cultural Discourse, 10:1-2 1992-93), and Jorge Luis Borges's, Eugène Delacroix's, and Jacques Derrida's unlikely textual mènage-á-trois in Susan Daitch's LC. In 1996, Nericcio's "Artif[r]acture: Virulent Pictures, Graphic Narrative, and the Ideology of the Visual" appeared in the pages of Mosaic--the sprawling, illustrated essay was one of the first scholarly pieces to appear on comics in academe. In 1998, his illustrated exposé on Speedy Gonzales, "Autopsy of a Rat: Odd, Sundry Parables of Freddy Lopez, Speedy Gonzales, and Other Chicano/Latino Marionettes Prancing about Our First World Visual Emporium," was brought kicking and screaming into the world by Camera Obscura, A Journal of Feminism Culture and Media Studies--now distributed by Duke University Press.

2002 saw the appearance of three publications: 1) a revised and expanded essay on Rita Hayworth, electrolysis, and the existential in Violence and the Body: Race, Gender, and the State; 2) a gratuitously illustrated meditation on Gilbert Hernandez's illustrated biography of Frida Kahlo in NYU Press's Latino/a Popular Culture; and 3) a short rant on anti-undocumented worker violence, the Marquis de Sade, and California law enforcement for BAD SUBJECTS, UC Berkeley's HOT Lefty rag. Another piece from that era (2004), ten years in the making, for The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies examines the Paul Reubens' masturbation scandal back in the 1990s and is entitled "Watching Critics, Watching Journalists, Watching Sheriffs, Watching Pee-wee Herman Watch: The Extraordinary Case of the Saturday Morning Children's Show Celebrity Who Masturbated"--reliable snitches claim the highlight of the opus is some odd revelation about transvestites, transgendered bodies, Medical Center (The Fourth Sex, 1975), and Robert Reed (opposite), the pater familias on the Brady Bunch. 

Other noteworthy scholarly gigs include Nericcio's London lecture, "In the Storm of the Eye: Pages Torn From a Voyeur Semiotician's Diary During the Plague of Bad Theory"(1998), for Goldsmith College and the Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA) and "Cinematography, Photography and Literature: Robert Frank's Aesthetic Triptych" (2000) for the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA), San Diego. Nericcio's also has lectured abroad at the Freud Museum in London where he spoke on the 'fertile' connection between Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic work and the Viennese wizard's collection of erotic antiquities--this took place during a Fall 2001 Semester in London where Nericcio worked as a Visiting Senior Lecturer in Literature for the Foundation for Interational Education and SDSU (note the surveillance photo to your right, that's him with the strange expression standing by Freud's infamous couch). Apparently the Freud Museum guards failed to inform London authorities of various improprieties with Herr Sigmund's couch as in San Diego, Spring 2002, this candid shot was taken of Nericcio ranting about Nietzsche at a pacific REVIEW public reading. 2003 opened with Nericcio joining the editorial advisory board of Gobshite Quarterly an independent international literary magazine.

Travel also seemed to be on the agenda with lectures at NEMLA, The University of Connecticut's Department of English, and Brown University's Department of Africana Studies, topped off with a visit to the Netherlands where Nericcio chaired a panel and delivered a lecture at the first Congress of the International Association of American Studies in Leiden. Summer 2003 found him once again leading a group of adventurous SDSU students to London for the 1st annual LONDON CALLING, SDSU Summer Program. He has subsequently led UK-junkets in 2005, 2007, and 2009.

November 2003 saw Nericcio working as the warm-up act (spycam shot opposite) for the Ballet Nacional de Cuba for the La Jolla Music Society. December 2003, Nericcio delivered a harangue for Affirmative Action at the San Diego MLA for its ADE/ADFL enclaves. In February 2004, Nericcio enjoyed his Spring sabbatical--but took a break from

occasional naps by jetting up to the East Coast in February for a cool Gangster Symposia at the SUNY Stony Brook Humanities Research Institute--click young John Gotti's mug to your right for more info.

In Summer 2004, Nericcio, taking a break from the vagaries of the University Lecture Hall, traded chalk for pine tar as he played utility outfielder for the league-leading National City Dukes in the San Diego Adult Baseball League. Fall 2004 he started up with his Sinematic Bodies: Intro to Lit and Film circus (which featured, among other things, a mad dash across campus by mimes (chapeau Antonioni) and started overseeing the production of cultural studies tomes with Harry Polkinhorn for Hyperbole Books--touted by the one and only, notorious and untoward Playboy Magazine as one of the reasons SDSU won best "party school" in 2005. Spring 2005 saw the startup of his Freud's Bastard Children class and the Literature After Derrida lecture series. Fall 2005 saw Nericcio lead a graduate seminar on his fallen guru Jacques Derrida (Chasing Derrida) and teach a comedy seminar (Naked, Loud, & Broken) in honor of his mentor, Richard Simon. 2006 was filled with flights of sinemadness with Michael Powell and Walker Percy; frolics in the imperial bedroom, with James Joyce, Homer and Carlos Fuentes; prowls down the alleyways of film noir and pulp fiction with Orson Welles and Quentin Tarantino; and ended explosively with seductive hallucinations with a 500 student introduction to literature delirium in Wiik Auditorium.

Original cover proposal, Tex[t]-Mex

2007 began with a bang as Nericcio finally finished his 16-years-in-the-making magnum opus for the University of Texas Press, Tex[t]-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the "Mexican" in America--it appeared January 15, 2007. Since 2007 and into 2008, the Laredo ex-patriot has been spotted at Oberlin College, Purdue University, USC, Los Angeles's Skylight Books, The Universty of Texas at Austin, the University of Texas, San Antonio, and the University of San Diego hawking his wares and generally trying to invoke academic mischief. In October 2010, Nericcio invaded Ohio State University for a lecture and book-signing; Janurary 2011 found him hanging with donkeys in Santa Monica while March was spent talking about televisual psyches at the University of Michigan and April sped by with Nericcio talking space and Mextasy at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Latest rumors center around the existence of some character named Guillermo Nericcio García and an traveling art show named "Mextasy" and "Xicanoholic"--but reliable sources for these shadowy whispers are proving hard to find.

Indulgent visitors to this page waiting for hell to freeze-over can peek at online syllabi from Nericcio's collection of past courses or sample this alternative index of WWWeb-based mischief where many of his essays are available in Adobe's ubiquitous pdf format. Also available are two illustrated fragments from his theoretical memoir on the US/Mexico border: "Re-membering Laredo" and "Almost Like Laredo"; book reviews of Charles Bukowski's finale Pulp, Rudolfo Anaya's new age weeper Jalamanta, and Richard Rodriguez's bizarre smash bestseller Days of Obligation (these pieces originally appeared in World Literature Today);an illustrated transcript of Nericcio's Museum of Photographic Art introduction to Pull my Daisy (a collaborative oddity by Robert Frank, Alfred Leslie, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg); and lastly, a scathing send-up of Ray Bradbury's, Edward James Olmos's and Disney's cine-chimera, The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit.

Lastly (for the poor, misbegotten soul who has scrolled this far down the page!), do please click below to view the birth of Nericcio's efforts as a Ford Focus Spanish-language voiceover star and would-be commercial actor--directed by Print Magazine superstar Sean Desmond. Or, alternatively, click this link to see a San Diego City Beat story for which Nericcio SWEARS he did not pay or another yellow press wonder that documents the trials and tribulations of teaching 500 student classes at SDSU.

Ford Focus Commercial | Student Film from Mextasy on Vimeo.
Me and Sean Desmond and his crew got together in 2009 to film this student film/commercial. One of the best shoots ever!

Lastly, there's more information, here, from wikipedia.

Photo by Duncan Hull on Flickr.

Next year DC students will be taking new standardized tests aligned to the Common Core. Some are urging education officials to adopt a test that will provide a more accurate measure of student growth, but DCPS is reluctant, saying the switch might undermine confidence.

DC’s Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) recently suggested considering a Common-Core-aligned test that would enable it to measure student growth more precisely than the assessment it’s currently planning to use.  According to the minutes of a recent meeting, however, DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson objected because the teachers’ union and the public might see the switch as an opening to attack the concept of the Common Core and testing in general.

DCPS Chief of Data and Strategy Pete Weber disputed OSSE’s characterization, saying in a statement they were “surprised” OSSE wanted to consider switching tests and that such a switch would “undermine the confidence we have worked so hard to build” in all stakeholders, including unions.

DC, along with a number of states, is currently scheduled to replace its local standardized tests with tests created by the PARCC consortium in the spring of 2015. OSSE made that decision several years ago. PARCC is one of two organizations that are preparing standardized tests to assess students on the basis of the Common Core standards.

Some other states have chosen to use tests from the second consortium, Smarter Balanced.  Unlike the PARCC test, the Smarter Balanced test is “computer-adaptive,” meaning that the questions change depending on a student’s level of ability. Many advocates believe the promise of data-driven school quality and accountability hinges on the ability to measure student growth in this way.

The tests being created by PARCC are similar to the local test, the DC CAS, in that there is a different test for each grade. Because the different tests can’t be compared, they don’t measure a student’s actual growth from year to year. Instead we have to settle for a measure known as percent proficiency.

(PARCC disputes this characterization of their test.  See update below.)

We hold schools accountable by comparing different groups of students from year to year based on the percent who achieve a designated proficiency score. That makes it difficult to determine whether gains in test scores are due to improvements in student achievement or to gentrification and rising incomes, since more affluent students generally get higher scores on standardized tests.

Last year 39 DC education activists, including myself, signed a letter arguing for a switch to computer-adaptive assessments that measure student growth, like the tests being developed by Smarter Balanced. 

A computer-adaptive test can determine that an 8th-grader has a 4th-grade reading level and provide questions geared to that student’s level. It can also identify a student performing above grade level and determine how advanced that student is.

The PARCC test, on the other hand, is a “fixed-form” test, with a set number of unchanging items. It can work well for assessing students who are on grade level, but experts say it doesn’t do a good job of measuring the knowledge of students at one extreme or the other. Many students in DC’s high-poverty schools perform below grade level.

Advocates of computer-adaptive testing say it equips teachers with individualized data about each student’s growth.  Teachers and schools that struggle with low-income populations would finally get credit if they advance their students’ performance, whether or not the advancement moves them to a designated proficiency level.

Discussion at OSSE meeting

On February 3rd, OSSE officials met with representatives from 3 charter networks and an unnamed DCPS official. In testimony before the DC Council, State Superintendent Jesus Aguirre identified the official as Chancellor Henderson.

Those present at the meeting discussed testing alternatives, among other topics.  Minutes of the meeting that were recorded by an OSSE official were provided to Greater Greater Education and were confirmed as being accurate by a charter representative who was at the meeting.

According to the minutes, “OSSE discussed their intentions to engage in a series of stakeholder discussions with regards to the choice of common core next generation assessments available to the District.  OSSE stated that it will make a public decision by March 3rd.”

The minutes record that a representative from KIPP DC said that “PARCC will be a disaster,” in KIPP’s view. But Henderson stated “that they [DCPS] remain committed to PARCC.”  The minutes go on to explain Henderson’s concerns.

DCPS is concerned that switching or publicly contemplating a switch will make the District look “wishy-washy”, and is concerned that a switch would be a moment of weakness that the unions may capitalize on to argue against common core and assessments in general.

Henderson’s concern about union opposition appears misplaced, given that Washington Teachers Union president Elizabeth Davis signed the letter from education activists supporting a move to computer-adaptive testing and growth metrics.

DCPS Data Chief Pete Weber replied in a statement that OSSE’s minutes do “not capture DCPS’ concerns related to PARCC”.

As an organization, we continually work to build confidence in our staff, parents, teachers, union stakeholders, and students.  We are worried that making changes in assessments without a clearly articulated reason for making those changes will undermine the confidence we have worked so hard to build.  We have repeatedly expressed these concerns to the OSSE and it is unfortunate that they did not provide full context for our concerns in discussing our beliefs.

Weber went on to list several steps that show they “have already invested heavily in time and resources that are specific to PARCC,” including teacher training and technology procurement.  He also said that “the OSSE has not been able to articulate a specific reason to make a change now,” and that DCPS has consulted “national experts” who “have echoed our opinion that there is no new information at this time to inspire a change in decision.”

Problems with fixed-form tests

The activists identified several problems caused by static assessments like DC CAS and PARCC.

  • Without growth metrics on a student level, teachers and principals can’t see when students begin to slip in their performance and target their interventions accordingly.
  • Teachers know which students are closest to the percent proficiency bar, and are strongly incentivized to focus on those students over others.  Extensive research has confirmed that static metrics can lead to this result.  It’s known as “parking,” because students whose scores are far from the next rung on the ladder are “parked” while others are advanced.
  • A teacher who works hard to move a 10th-grader from a 5th- to an 8th-grade reading level gets no credit for this achievement. In fact, focusing on such students may actually result in a loss of compensation.
  • Until we have growth metrics, we don’t know which schools and which classrooms are actually adding value and which ones are simply benefiting from rising average incomes of families in DC.

Some PARCC advocates claim that its more traditional fixed-form model does allow for growth metrics, albeit with broader margins of error than computer-adaptive testing. And PARCC Director of Policy Jeff Nellhaus says Smarter Balanced is using the greater number of questions available on its tests to more precisely measure students who are on grade level, not to ask students questions geared to different grade levels.

However, an official with the Educational Testing Service, Nancy Doorey, was more cautious.  In an email, Doorey said that ETS will “need to see the results of the field tests before they can determine whether [the PARCC] approach will suffice.”

So far, OSSE has held no public hearings on which type of test to use, and neither has DC’s State Board of Education. The CEO of PARCC, Laura Slover, is also the Ward 3 representative to the DC State Board of Education, though she has recused herself during discussions of PARCC.

Shying away from a conversation about the testing options makes no sense. And while DCPS may have invested in preparing teachers, students, and the public for PARCC, that doesn’t justify sticking to a decision if it’s the wrong one. The best approach, and the one that is fairest to students, is to have a discussion that provides the public with an opportunity to compare all “next generation” testing methods.

Update: PARCC officials dispute the characterization of their test, saying that they will report a growth metric using data from fixed form tests.  According to Communications Director David Connerty-Marin, “PARCC does not compare proficiency from one year to the next as a way of measuring growth. There are a number of accepted ways it can be done. One is to chart where a student is expected to be based on two or three years of test data and then see how the student does compared to that expectation. There are other methods, too, that are more than simply a comparison of proficiency scores.”

Top image: Photo by Duncan Hull on Flickr.

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          Some musings on University Life (and other random things) [UPDATED]   

I’ve been here for about 2/3 weeks now and I’m enjoying it.  There’s a lot of freedom and you don’t have people constantly nagging at you.  The course moves much more quickly too, they literally throw you into the deep end.  Well anyway, here’s some thoughts on my life here:

uni life

Yea, this picture is totally irrelevant but it was one of the first things to come up after searching “university life” on Google images.
  • My dorm shower is weird.  It has two turney knob things, the one above controls the pressure of the water and the one below controls temperature.  Simple, right?  Well, no.  The pressure is highly adjustable, which is good, gives some great showers.  The temperature knob has a sticker on that goes from red to blue, obviously red means hot and blue means cold in this context.  That’s a given.  So the first time I get in, I put it to about half-way which sounds logical; then I’d adjust the temperature from there.  The shower’s built so you have to close the shower door or water goes everywhere, so there’s no escaping the shower water either.  At first, the water was cold (which is predictable because most showers start of cold then get warmer), I let it get warmer then start showering.  But then something strange happens… it continues to get hotter.  To the point where it’s scaldingly hot, no kidding.  I immediately dial it down a notch, but it’s still hot.  This repeats a few times until I reach the very blue end where it’s meant to be cold.  It’s not.  It’s actually still hot.  So basically, the shower goes from HOT –> SCALDING –>THE TEMPERATURE WATER BOILS AT (100 degrees) –> SKIN-MELTINGLY HOT –> MIDDLE OF THE SUN HOT.  They should replace the sticker on it with a one that goes from red to black, the current one is much to deceptive.  To add insult to injury, after I come out my dorm-mate tells me: “Oh yea, the shower is really hot BTW.”  *cue ¬¬ face*
  • The university campus is big.  And I mean REALLY BIG.  So big, that I had to emphasise this with bold capital SHOUTY letters.  I was there the other day and was walking around with a friend and we walked while talking, then after some time we looked up and both said:  “Where the f*ck are we?”  We had never seen this before, which was a bit unnerving although it was quite cool looking.  And yes, we did get out alive.
  • Apparently the dorm blocks Xbox Live, which sucks.  Even though I didn’t bring my Xbox with me; I’ve been meaning to but never got around to doing it and would also need a TV/Monitor.
  • I’ve started learning two new programming languages: Python and Haskell (with OpenGL).  I had heard of Python before, mainly through Google’s efforts on their Google Apps and Google App Engine.  But I was WTF with Haskell at first, having never heard of it.  I thought there was some relation to PASCAL but turns out there’s no connection whatsoever.
  • PsychoDuck is back.
  • The computers they have at the computer labs in the Computer Science block are SWEEEEETTT.  Too bad they run Linux which means a lot of games don’t run on them (I’ve already tried my RTW flash pen drive).
  • I’ve joined a few societies including BBCSoc (British Born Chinese Society) and HKSoc (Hong Kong Society).  I’m thinking of joining CompSoc (Computer Society) as they hold LAN nights (followed by curry apparently) and y’know, who wouldn’t wanna be cool and join the computer society?
  • Speaking of societies, I now play for the HKSoc football team.  It’s currently just 5-a-side but there’s gonna be 11-a-side matches soon.  But having tried out playing in the league last week, it seems to be a step down from the league I was playing back at my home town.  Well, it’s a lot less ferocious anyway.  Oh and the game I played last week was for SPARTA FC.  No kidding.  Turns out HKSoc weren’t playing –and the guy forgot to text me *shakes fist angrily*- and SPARTA FC were down a player so I joined them temporarily.  Against BBCSoc.  Oh, the irony.  We (as in, mostly the members of SPARTA FC) utterly trounced BBCSoc.  It’s quite befitting to call them SPARTA FC I think.  Apparently the name came out when they spent a wild night in Prague together… Yea, I pictured it turning out somewhat like The Hangover but X-rated.


Again, no relation to what I’m actually saying.  I bet it got your attention though.
  • Surprisingly, I haven’t been living off pure noodles.  I’ve hardly touched the box of 30 noodles underneath my bed, sort of depressing really.
  • It’s warmer here than my home town, I sleep with the window open.
  • My university has a clock tower and I’ve always wanted to see what was at the top of it.  Unfortunately, I don’t see any clear instructions to get up there.  Damn.  They also project movies (or video, at least) on it at night.  Somehow I managed to miss this totally until about 2 hours ago.
  • Living 5/10 minutes away from university rules.
  • I like programming.
  • Somehow I found this on Brad’s website (bornegames.com).  Don’t ask me how, or I’ll have to kill you.  No seriously, I would.
  • A lot of American shows have started up again.  Currently watching: How I Met Your Mother (LEGEN- wait for it –DARY), Heroes (it’s got off to a good start for this season), Big Bang Theory (you just gotta love those nerds).
  • Morrisons has been having a really big sale lately, I managed to get a 35p loaf of bread.  35p!  It was so cheap that I’m now comparing that to everything, annoying a friend of mine to no end.  Seriously though, I’ve made the comparison like twice today.  There’s also 60p packs of Hula Hoops!
  • It’s about a 15/20 minute walk to town, which isn’t very far.  But I find myself procrastinating and putting off shopping anyway.
  • The University Student Union is AMAZING.  I love it.  Watched a show called Hypnodog and laughed my ass off.  Not to mention there are quite a few bars and a pub there.
  • Got part of my student loan.  Still somewhat worried that I won’t have enough money to make it through the year with rent and the need for food.  Oh wait, silly me, who needs food?  At least electricity and water is free, I’ve been abusing it to no end.
  • Speaking of abusing free electricity, a friend of mine borrowed a rice cooker (from my sister, weirdly) and cooked 15 cups of rice –which was over the limit it provided- then left it on “WARM” for a whole weekend.  His room now smells like a paddy field and he wants to move rooms.
  • A kettle and some tea does wonders for thirst.


  • I miss playing on my Xbox.  Good thing I get to play it when I get home.  Seriously considering getting a TV and bringing it over.  Anyone wish to donate some money to me?
  • LittleKuriboh is beyond awesome.  He's super-special awesome.
  • At a forum I go to they’re getting a bit frustrated at my continued teasing of something I tested that they didn’t get to test.  They’re still trying to probe me for information, little do they know that I’ve posted about it here somewhere.
    waste of time

    My sentiments exactly.

  • Spotify is awesome, I love it.  The ads can get a bit annoying (especially when a few come at once), but hey: it’s free!  What do you expect?
  • It feels weird learning a (two, in fact) programming languages from scratch.  There’s a lot of stuff I could bring from my VB experience but it’s hard to apply to it.  Not to mention I’m still extremely hazy on Haskell.
  • I’m also told to do some HTML and CSS stuff for Computer Science.  It feels weird to do this again after so long.  We’re not allowed authoring tools like Dreamweaver either (thank god, it cranks out some weird broken code).
  • Derren Brown does a mean accent:



I think that about sums up my random thoughts.  I may post some more later.  I understand it would probably be easier if I just used Twitter to do random musings like this… But I refuse.


[UPDATE]  Another good one:

  • The most depressing scene I’ve seen is just as I get through the ticket gate, I watch the train I need to catch pull away from the station.  ;(


Oh and I found this while digging around my laptop:

This was the original essay.

Link to this essay



This is the revised version for media after my teacher said it was to “Computer Science-y”.

Link to this essay


They’re quite long, aren’t they?  I have a (much) trimmed down version of this somewhere.  But I can’t be bothered to look for it.  And man this post has past 1500 words.  Man.

          A Level Results Day 2008   

I had been meaning to post for a while now.  But I've been putting it off repeatedly because... well... I'm lazy.

"Hard work pays off over-time.  But procrastination pays off NOW."  - A wise man

Ok, enough talk.  Let me cut to the chase (in this case: the results).




Subject Award


Unit Grade

COMPUTING   221 B    
  Computer Sys, Prog & Netwk Concepts (105)     70 C
  Princ of Hardware, Software & Applic (105)     74 B
  Practical Systems Development     77 A
  Conflict (100)     100 A
  Power (100)     58 D
  Space (100)     83 A
  Reading the Media (90)*     62 C
  Textual Topics in Contemporary Media (90)     47 D
  Practical Production (120)     114 A


*If you recall this post.  They lost the results for Reading the Media, so it's an average of my other grades.  Damn, I think I would've got quite a lot in Reading the Media too.


Well, there are the results.  It looks about right, although the D in Textual Topics in Contemporary Media totally blind-sided me.  I was expecting much better.  I'll most likely resit that one.


Maths?  Where is the maths?

Well that came on a different piece of paper:




Advanced Sub. GCE    
Mathematics A 273/300
Advanced GCE Unit    
Core Mathematics 1 A 96/100
Core Mathematics 3 B 79/100
Core Mathematics 4 C 67/100
Decision Mathematics 1 A 87/100


Well, there are all my results.  Overall most of it was expected and some were not.  I think the only resits I'm going to do are for C4 (Maths module) and the Textual Topics in Media one.  Good thing I did good in D1, that was the one thing I didn't want to resit.

In other news, I partook in a badminton tournament the other day (Tuesday, I believe).  And if you remember this post from about a year ago, I placed 5th last time.  This time, I skipped the singles and just played doubles.  And came... wait for it... wait for it... SECOND.  Yes, runner-up in Mens Doubles.  Sweet.  Frankly we pretty much had no chance at winning the final since we up against the two best guys there.  The trophy is now stored at the now-infamous trophy cabinet.  Not much to report after that, except the final was phenomenal and you should have been there.  Despite being the definite under-dogs we got perilously close to winning it.

Here's just a quick update on two projects I'm working on.  First the media project for the Meniscus Film Festival that I may or may not have mentioned before.  We're pretty far into the project, the script is 80/90% done and all that's left is really the filming and preparation for filming.  I'm not going to spoil it since it's actually rather good, despite the whole plot line being conceived on a drowsy Thursday afternoon at Starbucks with Jamie.


Another little project I have going is an appropriately-named: FUCKTARD.  Which is the current codename it seems.  This idea was conceived in a more crazy way, which consists of me, Gavin and Ashley just randomly coming up with storyline's one day and this one came up.  And Ashley decided to start a script.  So now we're passing it along and adding things to it.  Here's the latest iteration(that I have) of it (I thought might as well seeing as the chance of it being made into film is severely slim).


NOTE:  It's work in progress.

          Voting Rights Roundup: Trump's 'Election Integrity Commission' signals upcoming voter suppression   

Leading Off

Voter Suppression: In May, Donald Trump created a “Voting Integrity Commission” that we knew was purely a pretext to promote voter suppression nationwide. Now this panel has launched its opening salvo and confirmed its true purpose. The board is proposing to scrutinize each state’s voter registration records and intimidate the states into conducting voter purges—and it’s named America’s most prominent voter-fraud scaremonger to the commission itself. These actions are designed to give Trump and congressional Republicans an excuse to impose new voting restrictions at the national level.

Led by vice chair Kris Kobach, Kansas’ Republican secretary of state and one of the country’s foremost crusaders for voting restrictions, Trump’s commission has requested that every state send in its voter registration records in their entirety. For some states, these records would include voters’ names, addresses, birth dates, the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, party affiliation, the history of which elections they’ve voted in over the last decade, their registration status in another state, their military status, and whether they have felony convictions—in other words, quite a lot of personal information.

Although registration information is technically public, states have restrictions on with whom it can be shared and how, given the obvious privacy concerns with such sensitive data. While the federal government already has access to some of these statistics for every voter, the commission itself is required to make all documents it receives available to the general public, which would effectively defeat the attempts that the states have made to safeguard this information.

Kobach will likely abuse these registration records to demonstrate examples of the same person voting more than once in an attempt to claim that voter fraud is widespread. These examples will be bogus, though. Kobach has done this very same thing with his national “Crosscheck” system, which he’s convinced over 30 states to adopt. Crosscheck is notoriously riddled with inaccurate information, since it often compares just a few data points to suss out duplicate registrations, such as name and birthdate, leading to many false positives. (How many guys do you want to bet are named James Smith with a birthday of April 20? A lot, no doubt.) Election experts have estimated that Crosscheck could disenfranchise 200 valid voters for every one actual case of double registration that it eliminates.

Many Democratic state elections officials have refused Kobach's request, while even a few Republicans have said they will only comply with the legal bare minimum and won't submit private data. (Operative Matt Berg is keeping track of all the responses.) In a fitting ironic twist of incompetence, Kobach himself is unable to supply all of the requested information because of Kansas state law. Unfortunately, Kobach will likely enough get the information he needs from more pliant Republican officials in order to be able to falsely claim that voting irregularities are widespread.

DJ Yasuさんの選曲で素敵な二時間をお過ごしください。

もちろん、あのSilvio Grandも参加してます!

20:00 以降のミロンガのみのご参加


          Silvio Grand Arrived in Japan   

Incredible Silvio Grand!  Arrived in Japan.
After a long meeting with the Producer Irene, he finally had his first lunch in Japan.


It is so surprising to know that there ever exist such a dancer with a perfect technique and beautiful personality.

If you are in Japan, you should come and meet him.
Tandrago Exclusive Tango Events

AUG 8th OSAKA Hyatt Regency Osaka.

Purchasing The Ticket



Yasu de TANGO 88, Japan

Trevor de TANGO CORAZON, Taiwan











8/6 木曜日 18:00~ ヒルトン東京


8/8  土曜日 18:00~ ハイアットリージェンシー大阪


当日 6,500円 (ワンドリンク・フリー)










          Small Caps Get Their Bounce   
The last few months have seen Small Caps trade inside a lengthy sideways pattern but its moment in the shade maybe coming to an end.  Today's rally in the Russell 2000 was a picture perfect bounce off rising support.  Not only that, it mounted a strong challenge on the early June 'bull trap'.  This improved strength has been represented by the continued uptick in relative performance against the Nasdaq. The next watch area will be a new MACD trigger 'buy' to coincide with a negation of the 'bull trap'.  Once it gets out of the range it will open up for a new round of speculative investing.

The S&P made back all of yesterday's losses but it hasn't gone as far as to challenge the 'bull trap'. Volume was lighter but the 'buy' trigger in On-Balance-Volume remains intact. The MACD trigger 'sell' remains with the ADX experiencing whipsaw. Watch for a move to challenge the 'bull trap', above which is room to move to channel resistance.

The Nasdaq still has the large bearish engulfing pattern to undo in addition to a recent 'bull trap'.  However, today's action was a solid recovery off channel support and the 50-day MA.  Technicals are a little mixed with a 'sell' trigger in the MACD and ADX with weakening stochastics offset by a recent 'buy' trigger in On-Balance-Volume.

Tomorrow will be about holding existing positions and seeing what evolves. Longs will have the 2-day low (as of from today and yesterday) to use for stop protection. Shorts will want to see how rallies evolve from here - the Semiconductor Index in particular - before looking to enter new positions.

You've now read my opinion, next read Douglas' blog.

I trade a small account on eToro, and invest using Ameritrade. If you would like to join me on eToro, register through the banner link and search for "fallond".

If you are new to spread betting, here is a guide on position size based on eToro's system.

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          KANJAVA PARTY 2017を開催しました&発表資料まとめ #kanjava #KanJavaParty   


私が代表を務めている関西Javaエンジニアの会(関ジャバ)の、過去最大規模のイベント"KANJAVA PARTY 2017"を開催し、無事終了することができました!


  • 初の複数トラック
  • 初の100人規模







前説 『関ジャバとJava』 関西Javaエンジニアの会 会長 じゅくちょー(@jyukutyo)

私の開会の前説資料です。連絡事項等のスライドは削除したものです。関ジャバの歴史、KANJAVA PARTYの狙いについて話しました。

KANJAVA PARTY 2017 前説 from Koichi Sakata

B1 「Spring Security にできること・できないこと」 opengl_8080さん


A2 「普段使いのDDD」 haljikさん


B2 「JUnit5の味見」山根英次さん


A3 「Introduction to JShell: Official REPL Tool for Java Platform」吉田真也(@shinyafox)さん

Java Day Tokyo 2017と同じセッション内容のため、その際の資料です。

Introduction to JShell #JavaDayTokyo #jdt_jshell from bitter_fox

B3 「ストリーム処理ことはじめ ~ Akka Streams と RxJava」 にしかわささきさん


A4 「Kafkaを使ってイベントを中心にしたアプリケーションを作ってみる。Spring Cloudにのせて。」  椎葉 光行(@bufferings)さん


B4 「Microservicesアーキテクチャに取り組んでみえたこと」 藤井善隆さん


A5 「DevLOVE関西からギルドワークスへの越境(仮)」 中村 洋(@yohhatu)さん


B5 「関西Java女子部ショートセッション大会」 関西Java女子部(Abe Asami (きの子) 他3名)


A6 『オフショア開発にも応用可能!? リモートチームの道具箱』 粕谷大輔(@daiksy)さん


B6 『はてなブックマークAndroidアプリへのKotlinの導入について』 西林 拓志 (takuji31)さん



JDK9の真の目玉機能はこれだ! from Hiroyuki Ohnaka




          Skiing the Bell Cord   

My partner and I set off from the closure at Maroon Creek Road with full packs for our weekend adventure in the Elks. The plan was to camp at Maroon Lake Friday night, ski the East Face of Maroon Peak to the Bell Cord on Saturday, and then climb Pyramid Peak and ski the Landry line on Sunday. Maroon Creek Road was closed 6.3 miles from Maroon Lake and we had received beta the night before that only the first mile was melted out enough to bike. That was not the case. We ended up walking 4.2 miles on pavement before the snow became consistent enough for the final skin to the campsite. The hike and skin to camp took an hour.

At 3 a.m. on Saturday morning we woke to tackle Maroon Peak. With two groups in front of us, we were in no hurry get started. We finally motivated to leave camp at 3:50 and began the 5 mile skin to the base of the peak. The approach took an hour and was relatively flat. We were able to skin all the way up to the garbage chute before we switched to crampons and began the long boot pack to the summit. At this point we could see the two other parties above us. One party was climbing the Y chute and the other was heading up the Bell Cord. As planned, we continued to boot up the Bell Cord route. The snow was firm but there was a lot of recent avalanche debris in the apron. At 8:30 we reached the top of the couloir and looked at our options. We elected to traverse the East Face to the summit. This route was exposed at certain parts but with the great snow conditions, we summited by 9:05.

After about 15 minutes the party that was climbing the Y chute topped out and 20 minutes later the party that climbed the Bell cord joined us on the summit. We waited until 10:00 before dropping in. The first pitch off the summit was 55 degrees but relatively short. After that all of the skiing was 45 degrees at the steepest and there was even some soft wind blown powder. The rest of the line was just starting to corn. I would recommend this line to any advanced skier looking for a beautiful climb and descent. There are high consequence, no fall zones so be sure to pack tools for self arrest. The descent took 30 minutes and we were back in camp by 11.

We spent the rest of the day in camp drying out gear, eating and hydrating. Exhausted from the climb, we did our best to recover so that we could ski Pyramid. After dinner, however, we both realized that we were not going to be adequately recovered to ski a line as committing as Landry and thus decided to hike out. The Elks remain among my favorite mountain ranges in Colorado, both in winter and in summer. We’ll be back for the Landry Line one day - and this time it will be our first order of business.


Beste Ouders,

De officiële uitnodiging voor kamp zal, in de vorm van het kampboekje, eind juni in jullie brievenbus te vinden zijn. Maar aan de hand van dit formulier willen we toch al een goed beeld krijgen, wie wel en wie niet mee op kamp gaat. De voorbereidingen zijn namelijk al volop aan de gang en hierbij is het handig als we al een beeld hebben met hoeveel we zijn! Met behulp van deze lijst kunnen we ook makkelijk alle betalingen opvolgen. Gelieve daarom kort deze vragenlijst in te vullen. De volledige medische fiche volgt later nog bij het kampboekje.
De kampen gaan door op volgende datums:

Jong-Givers en Givers => van 17 juli tot en met 29 juli
Kawellen => van 21 juli tot en met 29 juli
Kapoenen => van 25 juli tot en met 29 juli

Voor zij die willen, kunnen ook al de betaling in orde brengen. Deze bedraagt zoals elk jaar het volgende:
Kapoenen => 80 euro
Kawellen => 140 euro
Jong-Givers => 180 euro
Givers => 180 euro
Deze mag gestort worden op het volgende rekeningnummer: BE42 7340 2245 0354 met melding "de tak + naam van het lid"

Hopelijk komen jullie allemaal mee!


De leiding!


          Pocket Poems Activity with A Sock is a Pocket for Your Toes   

I have to confess I have not been keeping up very well with National Poetry Month.

Probably because my school celebrates poetry in February, but no matter!

Every month is poetry month!

Yesterday I did an activity with my second graders that, um, I did with them last year as first graders.

They were very forgiving and hey, they came up with some new pocket poems.

I always enjoy reading them - they are so clever!

Start by reading A Sock is a Pocket for Your Toes:  A Pocket Books by Liz Garton Scanlon.

Then, copy and cut these strips, having the students create their own pocket poems.  

Here are some great examples from my second graders:

A Desk is a Pocket for Your Pencil 
A Body is a Pocket for Your Life
A Book is a Pocket for Your Learning
A Head is a Pocket for Your Brain
A TV is a Pocket for Your DVD

          The SpoilerTV 2017 Episode Competition - Day 12 - Round 2: Polls 13-16   

DAY 12! (Results from yesterday can be found here.)

The rules are as follows:
1. Two episodes go head to head for 24 hours, going live and closing at 12pm ET each day. The episode that emerges as the winner will go through to the next round.
2. Vote for your favourite episode, and tell us what you voted for.
3. Tell others about the competition! Social media is your best friend in this competition if you want your favourite episode to win.
4. Be respectful. This is a competition, but be friendly. Let's not have any abuse directed at any person, fandom or show, as we've had on occasion in the past.

The Librarians' "And the Rise of Chaos" - which shockingly beat reigning champion Person of Interest in the opening round - kicks off the final day of round two as it faces Wynonna Earp's first season finale. Supernatural's "Stuck in the Middle (With You)" is next up, and the joker to the right of it in today's poll is Timeless' "Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde". Strangely, no clowns to the left of it. Supergirl's "Changing" then takes on Orphan Black's fourth season finale, before Brooklyn Nine-Nine's "Moo Moo" - which did well to progress past How to Get Away With Murder - is up against Shadowhunters' "Parabatai Lost".

The draw:

Full spreadsheet link

Don’t forget to share the post; the more people vote, the more chance your episode has of winning!

Check back tomorrow for the start of round 3!

          Comic-Con 2017 - Show Attendance Table *Updated - 30th June 2017*   

Which shows will be at Comic-Con 2017?

Now that some shows have started to confirm if they will be attending Comic-Con this year, we thought it would be a good idea to collate all these for you. If a show is NOT listed in the table, then we don't know either way. After the shows name we will try to include the day of the panel where known.

Comic-Con 2017 runs from 19th July (Preview Night) through to 23rd July.

And don't forget you can follow our special Comic-Con Twitter Account for all Comic-Con related news and info as we get nearer to the event.

If you know of any errors/omissions please let us know in the comments below so that we can update our table.

Green = Completed

Full Schedule for Thursday - TBA
Full Schedule for Friday - TBA
Full Schedule for Saturday - TBA
Full Schedule for Sunday - TBA

          Leo Arias: User acceptance testing of snaps, with Travis   

Travis CI offers a great continuous integration service for the projects hosted on GitHub. With it, you can run tests, deliver artifacts and deploy applications every time you push a commit, on pull requests, after they are merged, or with some other frequency.

Last week Travis CI updated the Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) machines that run your tests and deployment steps. This update came with a nice surprise for everybody working to deliver software to Linux users, because it is now possible to install snaps in Travis!

I've been excited all week telling people about all the doors that this opens; but if you have been following my adventures in the Ubuntu world, by now you can probably guess that I'm mostly thinking about all the potential this has for automated testing. For the automation of user acceptance tests.

User acceptance tests are executed from the point of view of the user, with your software presented as a black box to them. The tests can only interact with the software through the entry points you define for your users. If it's a CLI application, then the tests will call commands and subcommands and check the outputs. If it's a website or a desktop application, the tests will click things, enter text and check the changes on this GUI. If it's a service with an HTTP API, the tests will make requests and check the responses. On these tests, the closer you can get to simulate the environment and behaviour of your real users, the better.

Snaps are great for the automation of user acceptance tests because they are immutable and they bundle all their dependencies. With this we can make sure that your snap will work the same on any of the operating systems and architectures that support snaps. The snapd service takes care of hiding the differences and presenting a consistent execution environment for the snap. So, getting a green execution of these tests in the Trusty machine of Travis is a pretty good indication that it will work on all the active releases of Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and even on a Raspberry Pi.

Let me show you an example of what I'm talking about, obviously using my favourite snap called IPFS. There is more information about IPFS in my previous post.

Check below the packaging metadata for the IPFS snap, a single snapcraft.yaml file:

name: ipfs
version: master
summary: global, versioned, peer-to-peer filesystem
description: |
  IPFS combines good ideas from Git, BitTorrent, Kademlia, SFS, and the Web.
  It is like a single bittorrent swarm, exchanging git objects. IPFS provides
  an interface as simple as the HTTP web, but with permanence built in. You
  can also mount the world at /ipfs.
confinement: strict

    command: ipfs
    plugs: [home, network, network-bind]

    source: https://github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs.git
    plugin: nil
    build-packages: [make, wget]
    prepare: |
      mkdir -p ../go/src/github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs
      cp -R . ../go/src/github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs
    build: |
      env GOPATH=$(pwd)/../go make -C ../go/src/github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs install
    install: |
      mv ../go/bin/ipfs $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/bin/
    after: [go]
    source-tag: go1.7.5

It's not the most simple snap because they use their own build tool to get the go dependencies and compile; but it's also not too complex. If you are new to snaps and want to understand every detail of this file, or you want to package your own project, the tutorial to create your first snap is a good place to start.

What's important here is that if you run snapcraft using the snapcraft.yaml file above, you will get the IPFS snap. If you install that snap, then you can test it from the point of view of the user. And if the tests work well, you can push it to the edge channel of the Ubuntu store to start the crowdtesting with your community.

We can automate all of this with Travis. The snapcraft.yaml for the project must be already in the GitHub repository, and we will add there a .travis.yml file. They have good docs to prepare your Travis account. First, let's see what's required to build the snap:

sudo: required
services: [docker]

  - docker run -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) snapcore/snapcraft sh -c "apt update && snapcraft"

For now, we build the snap in a docker container to keep things simple. We have work in progress to be able to install snapcraft in Trusty as a snap, so soon this will be even nicer running everything directly in the Travis machine.

This previous step will leave the packaged .snap file in the current directory. So we can install it adding a few more steps to the Travis script:


  - docker [...]
  - sudo apt install --yes snapd
  - sudo snap install *.snap --dangerous

And once the snap is installed, we can run it and check that it works as expected. Those checks are our automated user acceptance test. IPFS has a CLI client, so we can just run commands and verify outputs with grep. Or we can get fancier using shunit2 or bats. But the basic idea would be to add to the Travis script something like this:


  - /snap/bin/ipfs init
  - /snap/bin/ipfs cat /ipfs/QmVLDAhCY3X9P2uRudKAryuQFPM5zqA3Yij1dY8FpGbL7T/readme | grep -z "^Hello and Welcome to IPFS!.*$"
  - [...]

If one of those checks fail, Travis will mark the execution as failed and stop our release process until we fix them. If instead, all of the checks pass, then this version is good enough to put into the store, where people can take it and run exploratory tests to try to find problems caused by weird scenarios that we missed in the automation. To help with that we have the snapcraft enable-ci travis command, and an upcoming tutorial to guide you step by step setting up the continuous delivery from Travis CI.

For the IPFS snap we had for a long time a manual smoke suite, that our amazing community of testers have been executing over and over again, every time we want to publish a new release. I've turned it into a simple bash script that from now on will be executed frequently by Travis, and will tell us if there's something wrong before anybody gives it a try manually. With this our community of testers will have more time to run new and interesting scenarios, trying to break the application in clever ways, instead of running the same repetitive steps many times.

Thanks to Travis and snapcraft we no longer have to worry about a big part of or release process. Continuous integration and delivery can be fully automated, and we will have to take a look only when something breaks.

As for IPFS, it will keep being my guinea pig to guide new features for snapcraft and showcase them when ready. It has many more commands that have to be added to the automated test suite, and it also has a web UI and an HTTP API. Lots of things to play with! If you would like to help, and on the way learn about snaps, automation and the decentralized web, please let me know. You can take a look on my IPFS snap repo for more details about testing snaps in Travis, and other tricks for the build and deployment.

screenshot of the IPFS smoke test running in travis

          Tara Robertson: How to organize an inclusive and accessible conference   

I was asked by Brady Yano to offer feedback on the awesome OpenCon Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report that will be publishing as a PDF document in the second week of July.

I love that OpenCon is making their values explicit and transparent and connecting them to how they do their work:

Central to advancing Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education is the belief that information should be shared in an equitable and accessible way. It is important to us that OpenCon reflects these values—equity, accessibility, and inclusion—both in our communities and in the design of our conference. We recognize that although the Open movements are global in nature, privileged voices are typically prioritized in conferences while marginalized ones are excluded from the conversation. To avoid creating an environment that replicates power structures that exist in society, OpenCon does its best to design a meeting that (1) is accessible and inclusive, (2) meaningfully engages diverse perspectives, and (3) centers conversations around equity.

I also love that they’re being transparent about their process and self assessment publicly. I’d love to see more organizations do this.

In preparing feedback on this document I found myself referencing other documents that I’ve found useful. April Hathcock recently seeded a list of women who work in “open” and put it out for the wider community to add to.

Inspired by April’s approach I’ve put some resources for event organizers on inclusion and accessibility together in a Google Doc. This is open for editing, so please add other resources, beef up the annotations or organize the content in a more useful way.


          Белый дом назвал зарплаты сотрудников администрации Трампа   

Белый дом раскрыл зарплаты сотрудников администрации президента США Дональда Трампа. Об этом сообщается на сайте Белого дома.

          Школа Свідомого Громадянина, 09-10.04, Бердянськ   
          Школа Свідомого Громадянина, 02-03.04.2016 р., Тернопіль   
          Школа Свідомого Громадянина, 26-27.03.2016 – Житомир   
          Стан подання заяв абітурієнтами до ВКНЗ "Володимир-Волинський педагогічний коледж ім. А.Ю. Кримського"   

Посилання на документ прикріплене внизу публікації. Стан подання заяв абітуєнтами оновлюється щоденно після 18 години.

          June 2017 - Low Cost Portfolio Scorecard   
Finally, market seemed to take a breather in June. This could be a very initial stage for a short term equity market correction in a rather long bull run. Prices were still inflated, but I would be an eager buyer if equity market was to correct by 20% or more.

I received total dividends of $966.77 (excluding DBS dividend) in June. I opted for DBS scrip dividend, which entitled me to received 5 DBS shares.

DateSecurities NameFCYSGD
1-Jun-2017Hugo Boss (EUR)104.16161.27
8-Jun-2017Perusahaan Gas Negara (IDR)67.4467.44
8-Jun-2017Malayan Banking Berhad (MYR)506.25163.06
21-Jun-2017Prada Spa (HKD)751.19133.19
23-Jun-2017Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa (IDR)145.50145.50
28-Jun-2017Royal Dutch Shell PLC-B (GBP)32.8158.08
29-Jun-2017China Mobile (HKD)549.9996.91
29-Jun-2017BP PLC (GBP)40.5071.32

I added $4,000 fresh fund into the portfolio. Total portfolio value as of 30 June 2017 was $583,292. Return YTD was 3.92%, XIRR YTD 8.52%, and XIRR since inception was 6.67%.

Link to Yaruzi's low cost portfolio as of June 2017
          #Sorteio 71: 02 Kits com 06 Gorros da ACTION CLOTHING   
Fala TIME, tudo certo com vocês? :) OPA, tem Sorteio pra essa Sexta Feira, é isso mesmo Coloral? É isso mesmo, já estava com saudades de mandar ver um Sorteiozinho por aqui no Macho Moda, né? hahaha Então pra matar essa Saudades, bora chutar o pau da barraca com 02 Kits de Gorros, cada um com 06 Toucas Diferentes? Eitaaaaaaaa! Todos os modelos da Action Clothing, várias cores e com modelagem Dual. Bora pro post AGORA participar TIME? GO \o
A Action Clothing é uma Marca própria da Action Shop, Loja Virtual focada em trazer Marcas Gringas pro Brasil, com Seções Especiais da Dickies, Stance Socks, Famous Stars and Straps, Bleed American e muitas outras. Mas, para sua produção própria, a Action trabalha com Linha de Vestuário, Gorros, Camisetas, Raglans e Regatas. Conheça mais sobre a Action Clothing, só Clicar AQUI.

02 Kits com 06 Gorros da Action Clothing cada (01 Kit para cada Ganhador)
► Modelagem Dual: Todos os modelos da Coleção 2017 de Gorros da Action Clothing são na modelagem Dual, podem ser usados de 2 maneiras: com a Borda Dobrada, forma mais compacta, ou então sem Dobra, o que os deixa mais Soltos, mais caídos. Conheça a Coleção Completa, só Clicar AQUI.

Kit 01) 
06 Gorros Dual

Kit 02)
06 Gorros Dual

Preencha o Formulário abaixo para validar sua participação:

PRONTO! Já está concorrendo! Participação válida até 14/07/2017 às 14hrs :)
Resultado será postado até às 20hrs do dia 14/07/2017 na fan page do Macho Moda no Facebook.
  • Obs1: O sorteio será rodado pelo sistema randômico http://www.random.org/ no dia 14/07/2017 e o resultado será divulgado até às 20hrs desse dia na fan page do Macho Moda no Facebook.
  • Obs2: O Macho Moda será responsável pelo acompanhamento, contato e envio da premiação aos Ganhadores. 
  • Obs3: O Contato com os Ganhadores para colher as informações necessárias será feito via email, se os mesmos não responderem e passarem seus dados, no período de 72 horas úteis, os próximos Sorteados da Lista serão automaticamente contemplados.
  • Obs4: A premiação não pode ser trocada por outro produto ou por dinheiro. 
  • Obs5: Válido em Território Nacional.
  • Obs6: Ao participar do Sorteio, você concorda em receber Comunicação via email da marca.
  • Obs7: Só é permitido o cadastro 1 vez por email, emails repetidos serão desclassificados.

Separei abaixo, no detalhe, os Gorros de cada Kit pra vocês verem TIME! Quem quiser conhecer toda a Coleção de Toucas da Action, só Clicar AQUI, são mais de 20 cores diferentes.

Kit 01)
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.

Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.

 Kit 02)
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.
Clique AQUI para ver a Coleção Completa de Gorros da Action Clothing.

► Vale a pena ler também:
Action Clothing apresenta Nova Coleção de Gorros Dual
Cachecol Masculino: Dicas para Homem usar Cachecol
Touca Masculina com Borda Dobrada, dicas para usar

Boa Sorte TIME \o

Inscreva-se no Canal do Youtube do Macho Moda: 

Curta a Fan Page do Macho Moda: 

          🚹 Look do Leitor Macho Moda JUNHO - Temporada 2017 🚹   
Fala TIME, tudo certo com vocês? :) Eita, hoje é Quinta Feira, né? E Quinta Feira acontece o que, hein? Tem VÍDEO NOVO no Canal do Macho Moda, é lógico! E pra hoje vamos de Look do Leitor Macho Moda?

Pra encerrar essa temporada no Primeiro Semestre, o 5º vídeo da série esse ano, com votação rolando aqui no Post. Então bora acessar abaixo, dar o PLAY no Vídeo e votar nos Looks Favoritos de vocês? GO \o
Boa, entenderam como funciona, né TIME? Só dar o Play no vídeo abaixo, ver os Looks que vocês mais gostaram e votar no Formulário que eu coloquei no final desse post (pode votar em mais de 01, ok?). Bora escolher os mais bacanas desse vídeo? Agora em Julho vai rolar o #LookDoLeitorMM com os mais votados de cada Edição, então não deixem de participar \o

Coloquei as fotos dos Looks por aqui também, no detalhe, pra vocês escolherem melhor haha

Participe, seu Visual pode ser comentado no próximo vídeo:
  1. Poste uma foto no seu Instagram pessoal vestindo um Look que você ache bacana.
  2. Marque o Instagram do Macho Moda - @blogmachomoda
  3. Na descrição, coloque a hashtag #LookDoLeitorMM
01) @_vantuil

Votem nos Favoritos de vocês no Formulário abaixo: 

Até o próximo vídeo TIME \o

Inscreva-se no Canal do Youtube do Macho Moda: 

Curta a Fan Page do Macho Moda: 

          El 4G llega a las tarifas prepago de Suop, de manera transparente para los usuarios    

El 4G llega a las tarifas prepago de Suop, de manera transparente para los usuarios

Los virtuales están obligados a moverse constantemente, renovando sus tarifas e incluyendo nuevos servicios, si no quieren verse devorados por la convergencia y la fuerza de las segundas marcas de los grandes operadores. En los últimos meses han sido numerosas los virtuales que han renovado sus tarifas, avivando una guerra de tarifas móviles que estaba bastante muerta.

Suop ha estado entre ellos, renovando tanto su oferta de prepago como la de contrato, con bajadas de precios y nuevas opciones. Pero hay algo que muchos usuarios demandan y Suop no ofrecía al completo: el 4G. El LTE llegó a sus tarifas de contrato el año pasado, dejando fuera a las de prepago, que hoy por fin disfrutan del 4G de Orange.

Gratis y de manera transparente, así ha llegado el 4G a Suop. Sus clientes de prepago pueden disfrutar desde hoy mismo sin cambios de tarjetas SIM ni del APN, con un reinicio del móvil será suficiente para acceder al 4G de Orange. Los clientes de contrato ya disfrutaban de él desde julio de 2016 y ante las demandas de sus clientes, que publican propuestas en la comunidad Suop, el 4G en prepago es ya una realidad.

La llegada del 4G al prepago de Suop coincide con una promoción que ofrece datos gratis con cada recarga. Así, las de 10 y 12 euros ofrecerán 100 MB de regalo, las de 15 y 18 euros 300 MB, las de 20 y 25 euros 650 MB y las de 30 euros 1 GB. Los bonos extra, acumulables, estarán disponibles durante 30 días a partir de la recarga y se ofrecerán hasta el 31 de julio, con un límite de 5.000 recargas.

Tarifas de prepago y contrato de Suop

Nuevas Tarifas Contrato Suop Junio 2017

Accede A Todas Las Comparativas De Tarifas Moviles Actualizadas

Más información | SUOP

           BOLETÍN N° 105: JUNIO - JULIO 2016   

Todo el mundo volverá
Ricardo Chávez Castañeda
Ilustraciones de Mónica Weiss
Ed. Comunicarte.
Nº de páginas: 109
Córdoba, 2014

Una novela de título sugerente y esperanzador, remite a un tema delicado y doloroso para los seres humanos, la desaparición de personas.
Dos historias sucedidas en dos países, con personajes dolidos a quienes se les hace poco posible sobrellevar la situación, relatos de búsquedas intensas, de convencimientos, resistencias, abandonos, soledades…mantienen la intriga y el misterio proponiendo más de un final posible. 
Una novela atrapante, en parte basada en un hecho real que sucede en Estados Unidos y en México y nos recuerda que las desapariciones siempre dejan un lugar para la esperanza, para esa maravillosa esperanza de que al final todo el mundo volverá.


EDELIJ participa de la 
"La magia de leer" 
Del 10 al 17 de julio en la Nave Cultural, MENDOZA 

-Entrada libre y gratuita-

La Ciudad de Mendoza organiza una nueva edición de la Feria de libros para chicos en donde participarán nueve librerías locales.  Se realizarán diversos talleres, narraciones, presentaciones de libros y encuentros con autores mendocinos como Liliana Bodoc, Chanti, Fabián Sevilla, Teresita Saguí, entre otros.
La apertura será el domingo 10 de julio a las 16hs y durante todos los días de 14.30 a 20 horas en la Nave Cultural. 
Consultá la programación día a día en nuestro facebook (Edelij)


26.° Feria del Libro Infantil y Juvenil!

Entrada gratuita para todas las edades.
Organizada por la Fundación El Libro
Sedes 2016
CCK (ex Correo Central): Sarmiento 151, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Fecha: 11 al 31 de julio de 2016.
– 11 al 15 de julio de 9 a 18
– 16 al 31 de julio. Días de semana de 11 a 20 y fines de semana de 13 a 20.
Tecnópolis: Av. Gral Paz entre Balbín y Constituyentes, Provincia de Buenos Aires.
Fecha: 16 al 31 de julio de 2016.
Horario: todos los días de 12 a 20.

Imagen de "Noticias editoriales"

Hoy recordamos especialmente a Pedro Vilar (1936- 2016)  ilustrador, dibujante y humorista, conocido internacionalmente por sus trabajos realizados junto a María Elena Walsh. 


Un MIME (Mercado de Ilustración de Mendoza) independiente lanza su convocatoria

La feria de ilustradores tendrá su primera versión autogestiva. 
Inscripciones hasta el 16 de julio.
INSCRIPCIÓN: Completando el formulario en: 

¡Itaú Cultural Argentina lanzó un concurso de cuentos para adolescentes! Se puede participar hasta el 29 de agosto de #ItaúCuentoDigital
Bases y condiciones: http://goo.gl/rlzfc1


Las bases se encuentran disponibles en www.sigmar.com.ar
Para mayor información escribir a premiosigmar@sigmar.com.ar

 15° Premio El Barco de Vapor. 

Bases clic aquí  
Los trabajos se recibirán de 8.30 a 17.30, de lunes a viernes, hasta el viernes 19 de agosto de 2016.


Premio de Ilustración Fundación SM tiene ganador, mirá en: 

Dictamen Premio de Ilustración SM Argentina

Curso "Mundos fantásticos. Narrativas para la infancia y la juventud" (modalidad virtual) 

¡Inscripciones abiertas! 


Jornada CEDILIJ 2016 

OJO ILUSTRADO: la lectura en el centro de la imagen. 
Este año lo que convoca es la imagen en los libros para niños. 
inscripciones y un adelanto del programa en: 
También pueden inscribirse personalmente en la sede del CEDILIJ: Pasaje Revol 56.


II Jornada de Literatura para Niños y su Enseñanza 
7 y 8 de octubre de 2016 en dos sedes de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata



+Juegos a cargo de María Soledad Nadalich y Magda Lucero 
+Creamos “El gran monstruo” (junto a Paulina Berdichevsky)
+Maquillaje de horror…junto a Maru Santilli (y Amadeo)
+Cine + Pororó (colabora Camila Flan) 
+Cuentos (en Edelij  – Antisopa)
Nos acompaña “La Banda” del taller de música de chicos y chicas… junto a la profe Maria Belen Larroulet
y la cocina que espanta de Pini...
¡Los esperamos!!!

Roque S. Peña 878. MENDOZA.


Celebración de las 10 ediciones del Máster LIJ en: 



Mariona Martínez Dorado nos acerca su Guía de lecturas para el verano 2016


Las noticas de Pencil ilustradores en:

          Minneapolis - 2017 Summer Welcome Party, Jul 29   
CAA Alumni Chapters across the country organize Summer Welcome Parties for incoming Cal students in their area. These alumni-organized parties are a great way for local Alumni Chapters to congratulate incoming Cal students and share some Blue and Gold spirit. These events are also great for new Cal students and parents to meet one another and become familiar with the Cal Family.

RSVP: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScmy4Jg10wSZlW6Eu7ckHZg_RHDs8IA9zlufe5lRto6iEGUFQ/viewform?c=0&w=1
          R21: Cake Wars, Galactic, Galactic High Times   

Please join our main FB group and/or our adults only FB group if you are purchasing from a presale round

Digital Print on 95/5 Cotton/Lycra Jersey 220gsm $22yd - Panel Set $15

Digital Print on 95/5 Double Brushed Poly/Lycra Jersey 210gsm $17yd


Tax: WA residents must pay 9.2% sales tax

Fees: NO FEES!!!!Payment due date and options: Presale will remain on the website until 7/15 @ 11:59pm PST.

Please DO NOT purchase in stock goods with pre-sale items. If you do, your presale items will be refunded, and your retail items will be shipped to you.


The website will charge you actual shipping up to 14 yards. If your order is more than 14 yards, please fill out the form in this post. I will charge your shipping at the time of invoicing, so you will not have to wait to be invoiced for shipping when the fabric arrives to me. It will be ready to go out as soon as I have it packaged. This will also save you from paying too much shipping, and losing money on the exchange rate if I have to refund the difference.


All orders $50+ qualify for layaway.

You will need to place your order through the website, and use the coupon code “R21LAYAWAY”. You will be charged a non-refundable deposit of 30% of your order total at the time of purchase.

Please make sure you create an account so you will have access to your order at all times.

Please register your PayPal email address on your account.

You will be invoiced for the remaining 70% of your order total.

You will receive one invoice for the remaining 70%, and you will have the ability to make payments to the same invoice. You can pay as you go, but must be paid in full by 8/12. You will receive reminder emails through PayPal.

All unpaid invoices will be tagged in the group one week prior to the due date.


If you want to purchase in stock items, you will need to make a separate regular order for them.

I WILL NOT HOLD UNPAID ORDERS. If your invoice is not paid in full on time, your order will be cancelled, and you will be refunded minus the 30% deposit. The deposit is non-refundable.

Layaway orders over 14 yards, placed through the google form below.

You will receive one invoice for the total of your order, and you will have the ability to make payments to the same invoice. 30% of the total will be due within 24 hours of being invoiced, the rest is set to “pay as you go”, but must be paid in full by 8/12. You will receive reminder emails through PayPal. All unpaid invoices will be tagged in the group one week prior to the due date.



Shipping rates are subject to change per USPS

Shipping will be charged at the time of purchase through the site. This is subject to change if I am unable to use the expected shipment type. Changes over $1 in either direction will either be invoiced or credited to your account. I expect the be able to ship according to the following:

1 yard - First Class - $5.00
2-3 yards – Padded flat rate envelope $7.00
4 to 8 yards – MFRB $13.00
9 to 14 yards – LFRB $17.50

Over 14 yards I will research the options to determine the best shipping method.

If you have been charged too much shipping through the site, the difference will be credited to your account as I print shipping labels. If the different exceeds $8.00, you will be refunded directly. If you were not charged enough, you will be invoiced for the difference at the time I package your order.


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Shipping insurance is optional, but recommended.

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          A closer look at the UFA class: Who to target, and who to avoid   
The 2017 free agent class is weaker than usual, so here's what advanced stats has to say about the big ticket guys, big value guys, big mistake guys, and under-the-radar guys.

Things are about to get crazy. The Free Agent Frenzy is about to begin and this year feels like it could get really weird. The group of players available looks much weaker than usual and parity is at an all time high. That’s a recipe for overpayment for the wrong players from teams that feel like they’re a piece or two away which is, well, 80 percent of the league. There’s probably around 24 teams that can realistically compete for a playoff spot and without many great options available, the contracts might get a little crazy.

That doesn’t mean everybody out there is bad, there’s still some decent talent that can help teams take that next step. Writer-Editor Matt Larkin went through the Top 30 available players and today we’re going to dig into the numbers behind those players: how good they were last season, how much value they bring to their teams next season, and how much they might cost. That should give a good benchmark for whether a player is worth acquiring and whether a team overpaid for his services.

Here’s how Matt’s Top 30 list looks along with some key numbers, followed by a look at big ticket guys, big value guys, big mistake guys, and under-the-radar guys.



Role is where a player’s ice time ranks relative to the rest of the league.

Corsi is net shot attempt impact relative to teammates via puckalytics.com.

GS is Game Score, a combination of various box score stats.

GSVA is projected wins added to a team based on a player’s last three seasons of Game Score.

Trend is how their projected play compares to their last season.

Projected salary is via Matt Cane’s salary prediction model.

Big Tickets

Guys who are getting the most money and/or attention.

Kevin Shattenkirk: No team is improving in free agency more than the team that signs Shattenkirk, especially if that team has a struggling power play. There are some lapses on defense and a legitimate concern on whether he can handle tough minutes, but very few defensemen can move the puck like he can. He’ll fetch a big price tag, probably the biggest of any player available, but he’ll likely be worth it with his ability to drive play and put up numbers on the scoresheet. I know there’s some concern with him after a shaky playoff showing, but I’d take him on my team any day.

San Jose: It could be the end of an era in San Jose as both Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau may find new homes on July 1. They’d be great additions to any team, especially Thornton who is still a beast at influencing shot rates. His point production took a massive hit last season and off-season surgery makes his addition a bit riskier, but if teams are looking to take the next step he’s a very intriguing piece, especially since he should be better than he was last season. I’m more lukewarm about Marleau whose point production has dipped toward the 45 point range, not to mention his two-way game has never been as strong as Thornton’s. Term is everything for guys at this age, anything above two years is probably a bad bet, but they can definitely contribute for a contender next season.

Montreal: The Canadiens might be losing their own duo as Alex Radulov and Andrei Markov head for free agency. Markov had a great season at 38 and he looks as good as ever. He may be old, but he’d be a great back-up plan to any team that loses out on Shattenkirk. Radulov made a big impression in his first season since his NHL comeback and offers some great scoring punch on the wing, though he does have some discipline issues. Losing both players would be devastating to Montreal as their time to win is now and both guys are important pieces. They can’t afford to lose five points from their lineup which is what these two are approximately worth combined. That could mean a big gain for another team though.

Martin Hanzal: The man that ruined Minnesota’s season is the best non-Thornton center on the market. That says a lot about the weakness of this year’s crop, but also about Hanzal’s skill. Hanzal is a terrific and underrated player that would be a perfect fit on a second line and would provide a lot of value as a third line center. He’s better than most people think, but as the next guy in line after Thornton there’s a big concern of what his contract could look like. Cane’s projections have him at four million which feels just right, but anything over, with big term, would be less than ideal.

Big Value

Guys who should be cheaper than their projected production.

Cody Franson: He's fallen out of favor greatly since his time with the Leafs, but Franson can still be a very useful piece on any blueline. His point totals have taken a hit since he stopped getting power play time, but he’s still crushing in the shot attempts department, especially on the defensive side of things where he gave up nine fewer shot attempts relative to his teammates last season. He’s never posted a negative relative Corsi for his career and while he’s mostly played a sheltered role the fact that he does so well in that role can’t be discounted. He’s probably one of the best third pairing D-men in the league, he can slide up the lineup if necessary and he’ll be much more affordable than other options.

Patrick Sharp: This one is a bit of a risk and really depends on what he gets, but if teams are turned off by last year’s 18 point effort then Sharp can be a steal. At 35, his 2016-17 campaign might be a sign of things to come, but I think there’s still some gas left in the tank and he can bounce back with a much better season. He shot 5.5 percent last season, almost half of his career percentage, while maintaining his usual shot volume. He should be fine if he can keep getting pucks on net. A lot of his struggles last season were injury related and as long as he’s healthy he would make a great add to a team’s middle six.

Big Mistakes

Guys teams will regret giving a lot of money to.

Defensive defensemen: The biggest mistake made during free agency is giving too much money and/or term to a one-dimensional player. This is a big sticking point when that dimension if offense, yet strangely okay when it’s defense. I’m not sure why that is. It would be fine if these players were proven to be good defensively, but most of them bleed shots against and only look good because they spend so much time in their own zone.

The leader of this year’s crop is Karl Alzner, who had a terrible season and may get five or six years on a new contract anyway. He isn’t as bad as he was last season (and he’s probably above replacement level if usage is accounted for), but he’s still a guy who provides zero offense and who made his team nearly 15 shots worse whenever he was on the ice last year. That’s the worst of anyone on the Top 30 list. He was plus-23 by goals this season, but he also had the highest PDO of his career at 104. Alzner is probably fine as a third pair guy, but he’ll be paid like a top four D-man for a long time and is in over his head in that role.

That’s not the only potential landmine on the backend. Michael Stone has shown he isn’t much without Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Johnny Oduya is a shade of what he used to be, and Ron Hainsey might be fine in softer minutes, but I still wouldn’t want to pay what he’ll get on the market. Worst of all though is Dmitry Kulikov. Last season was a nightmare scenario, but he wasn’t all that good before that either. That’s a lot of defensive defensemen ready to be overpaid. Be concerned if it’s your team doing the overpaying. The market is super thin for blueliners so they might cost even more than their market price, making them even riskier.

Nick Bonino: A good player, but he’s a troublesome consolation prize at center to Thornton and Hanzal, and is getting more hype than he deserves. His numbers last year were alarming and though he should be better next season, it’s still a cause for concern. One of the reasons Pittsburgh’s possession numbers weren’t as dominant as they were in 2015-16 was because Bonino’s line went completely in the tank. He’s a decent option as a third line center, and he’s fine at a projected three million, but I have to assume he gets a bit more than that. And with rumours that he’s looking for big term close to five years, this contract can potentially be a day one disaster.

Under The Radar

Guys who didn’t make Matt’s list that are worth a flier.

Ales Hemsky: When he’s healthy – and that’s a big if – there are few players in the league with his sublime playmaking ability. He’s not what he used to be, but he can provide solid secondary scoring at 33 and his two-way game is far from a burden.

Scott Hartnell: I get the cap hit was an issue, but I’m still not sure why Columbus bought Hartnell out. He’s still a very good player who’s aging pretty well for a guy who plays with an edge. Don’t be fooled by dropping point totals, it’s a byproduct of lower minutes. Last season he put up a 5-on-5 points-per-60 of 2.42, the highest of his career.


          "ΕΓΚΛΗΜΑ ΚΑΙ ΤΙΜΩΡΙΑ" (Φιοντόρ Ντοστογιεφσκι)   
Κατεβάστε το από ΕΔΩ:

Έγκλημα και τιμωρία - Φιοντόρ Ντοστογιέφσκι
          Tutorial Membuat Sequence Diagram Menggunakan Rational Rose   
Tutorial membuat sequence diagram menggunakan rational rose, bisa download disini.  Semoga bermanfaat :)

Nb: Tutorial tsb ditujukan untuk newbie pengguna rational rose, dan sifatnya hanya step by step membuat sequence, bukan bersifat teoritis yang mendeskripsikan apa itu sequence, dsb. Terimakasih.

          Help us out with our marketing!   
Hi everyone! Sorry for bothering you with this on the RUSH page. We're just really proud of our latest (and last) game, the shooter/platformer RIVE, and we want to spread the word!

Besides updates, we've been working on RIVE's marketing recently. So far, we've reached a core group that's very enthusiastic (with a 95% positive rating here on Steam!), but we hope to find a broader audience in the coming months.

You can help us a lot by filling out the RIVE Marketing Questionnaire we've prepared. It doesn't matter whether you're familiar with RIVE, or have played it or not. We'd just like to get as much input as possible!

Hopefully this will give us some insights into how to talk about the game better. Completing the form should only take a few minutes, so don't hold back :-)

It also helps us if you share the above link with your friends and relatives. Thanks a bunch!
          I like using holistic doctors. Do I really need Medicare Part B?   
Rising inflation could spell trouble for retired folks living on a fixed income. Photo by Flickr user Thanasis Zovoilis</a>/Getty Images.

More and more older Americans are being squeezed between inadequate retirement finances and a health care system that is unable or unwilling to provide them the care they need at a reasonable price. As a result, many seniors are asking, do I really need Medicare? Photo by Flickr user Thanasis Zovoilis/Getty Images.

Editor’s Note: Journalist Philip Moeller is here to provide the answers you need on aging and retirement. His weekly column, “Ask Phil,” aims to help older Americans and their families by answering their health care and financial questions. Phil is the author of the new book, “Get What’s Yours for Medicare,” and co-author of “Get What’s Yours: The Revised Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security.” Send your questions to Phil.

Alara – California: I am 64 and have to decide by August whether to get Medicare. I only have $1,845 a month to live on. I was a nurse and massage therapist, which led me to becoming a natural health expert. This also allows me to get my Ayurvedic herbs and mushrooms wholesale. I rarely need a doctor. I’m debating whether or not to sign up for Part B of Medicare. It’s $134 a month, which is a lot of money to pay for something I may not need. Many doctors have a cash price. So do testing places. I like holistic doctors. OK, now it’s your turn!

Phil Moeller: Alara’s question, I fear, will be asked by more and more older Americans who are being squeezed between inadequate retirement finances and a health care system that is unable or unwilling to provide them the care they need at a reasonable price. I do have what I’ll call my textbook answer for her. But this is not to deny that she asks a very reasonable question and that she might be better off taking a pass for now, and perhaps forever, on Medicare.

And now, to the textbook. Forgoing health insurance is fine until you get sick. In your case, you can defer this moment of truth or perhaps avoid it altogether by taking fantastic care of yourself.

Health insurance is not for the “current” you, but the “future” you, and the odds are that the future you will need considerable health care.

However, as my broken-record advice always points out, health insurance is not for the “current” you, but the “future” you, and the odds are that the future you will need considerable health care.

If you avoid Medicare for the time being, you can get it whenever you want, but there might be a lag of several months or more depending on when in the year you apply. So you would either need to self-insure for those months or go without care.

When you did sign up, you would face late-enrollment penalties for Part B (doctor, outpatient and durable medical equipment expenses) and Part D (prescription drugs).

The Part B penalty tacks 10 percent onto your premiums for every year you’re late in enrollment, measured from the date you first became eligible for Medicare and were not covered by employer group insurance.) The monthly Part B premium is now $134, as you note.

The Part D premium penalty is 1 percent a month or 12 percent a year. A typical Part D drug plan has a premium ranging from $40 to $60 a month.

Both penalties last for the rest of your life.

Alternatively, you could spend down your money and assets, and if you weren’t making much money, you could see if you qualify for Medicaid. Of course, as I lamented yesterday, it’s not clear what Medicaid might look like if this takes place.

Anonymous – Pennsylvania: My husband was approved for Social Security disability in October 2015. We received notification that he will be eligible for Medicare 24 months after this date. Should I remove him from my employer’s health insurance coverage or can he use both?

Phil Moeller: He certainly can use both, but he’d then pay for both. So this is normally an “either-or” decision. However, given the range of different employer health plans and employee payment terms, there is no standard answer to your question.

The first thing I would do is compare the coverage and cost of the employer plan versus the type(s) of Medicare policies available. This would be the either-or approach.

As you may know, your husband is entitled to premium-free Part A of Medicare, which covers hospital and nursing-home care. He then can buy Part B, which covers doctors, other outpatient expenses and durable medical equipment. It costs $134 a month for most people.

READ MORE: Should you stay on your employer health insurance or get Medicare?

Parts A and B are known as basic or original Medicare. Once he has basic Medicare, he has a choice of other private insurance plans. He can get a Part D drug plan and also a Medigap supplement policy, which plugs a lot of holes for things that basic Medicare either does not pay or does not pay completely. Alternatively, he could get basic Medicare and then buy a Medicare Advantage plan, which must cover what basic Medicare covers, usually includes a Part D drug plan, and also has out-of-pocket spending limits that make a Medigap plan unnecessary.

After you’ve taken a look at employer coverage versus Medicare, you then can look at having both. If you like the terms and cost of your employer plan, you can always keep him on it. Then, if he also gets Medicare, it would normally become the secondary payer of covered health claims.

In this case, your decision would be driven by how well his employer insurance covered his expenses and the value of having Medicare as a secondary insurer. In this case, you would likely use only basic Medicare and wouldn’t also need a private Medicare insurance plan.

Donna: My ex-husband died in August 2012. When I went to apply for my Social Security in 2014, they advised that I collect his since I was still working. They started paying me in 2014 on his account until I switched to my own Social Security in February 2016 when I lost my job. My question is, could I have gotten retroactive payment of his Social Security from the time he passed away in 2012? I did not know he had passed until the time I wanted to start collecting. If I could have collected a retroactive payment, could I still pursue this?

Phil Moeller: Sadly, there is a limit on retroactive payments, and Social Security has no obligation to tell you that your ex-husband had died. In fact, it doesn’t have a way of linking a beneficiary to an ex-spouse’s earnings record until you apply for a survivor’s benefit.

You might be entitled to up to six months of retroactive benefits, but only if you filed for the survivor benefit after you had reached full retirement age. In that case, you’d be entitled to one month of retroactive benefits for each month past full retirement age that you filed, up to a maximum of six months. Benefit claims filed before full retirement age do not qualify for retroactive payments.

If you are entitled to a retroactive payment, you can still request it. I know of no “statute of limitations” on such entitlements.

Chuck – Pennsylvania: I was just wondering what the financial status is of Social Security and when it is expected to go broke if no changes are made?

Under present laws, Social Security will be able to continue paying 100 percent of its benefit obligations until the year 2035, at which time it would exhaust its trust fund reserves.

Phil Moeller: Under present laws, Social Security will be able to continue paying 100 percent of its benefit obligations until the year 2035, at which time it would exhaust its trust fund reserves. Thereafter, it would be able to continue paying 77 percent of benefit obligations, based on expected levels of payroll tax revenues flowing into the program at that time.

These projections come from the 2016 Social Security trustees’ report, which was issued last summer. This annual report is considered the official source of Social Security solvency projections.

Silvia – Connecticut: My mother is 90 years old and has congestive heart failure. She was hospitalized in December in the Bronx and discharged to a nursing home rehabilitation facility. Upon discharge from this facility, the social workers promised all steps were taken for her to get home-based care and the equipment that she needed in her apartment. An agency was sent to make an evaluation the day after her discharge to her home.

This person never opened her case, my mother never got any home care at all, and she had to be hospitalized four days later. This ordeal continued for several months of nursing homes and hospital stays, until we, her family, helped her choose a nursing home for long-term care. After reading your article, I realized our ordeal with my mom was not an isolated case. We were frustrated by having to make calls to agencies begging for help that was never provided. My question is, do we have any recourse, and can we apply to be reimbursed for all the private care our mom received? Is there any way to fix such a complex and corrupt system? A person who worked more than 50 years and paid taxes should have had the help they needed in their old age at home, as that was her wish.

READ MORE: Many seniors who qualify for home-based care under Medicare aren’t receiving it. Why?

Phil Moeller: Thank you so much for sharing your mom’s story. Home-based care for older Americans is a crisis in the making. As to being reimbursed, I am afraid I don’t see this as a possibility.

Trying to establish that your mother was entitled to Medicare’s home-health benefit would also require that you found a home-health agency willing to provide that benefit, but that it failed to do so or that the Medicare agency itself somehow fell down on the job. It does not sound like you ever made it to that stage of the care process. Like a lot of other people, you just assumed that the social workers would “do the right thing.”

I am so sorry this happened to you mom. She deserves better, and so do millions of other moms.

The post I like using holistic doctors. Do I really need Medicare Part B? appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

          Учителям математики нужен новый подход   

Евангелист IT в образовании Людмила Рождественская рассказывает, как даже небольшая сеть учителей-волонтёров может изменить преподавание математики.

Людмила Рождественская — образовательный технолог из Таллина. Она занимается просвещением своих русскоязычных коллег (по обе стороны границы) в сфере использования информационных технологий в школе. Это евангелист продуктов Google для образования, автор многочисленных статей в учительских сообществах и, мало того, создатель таких сообществ.

В конце мая Людмила Рождественская с единомышленниками начала новый проект для учителей математики — «Быстрый старт с Desmos». Здесь предлагается научиться создавать и организовывать активности для своих уроков с помощью графического онлайн-калькулятора и конструктора учебных активностей Desmos, завоевавшего популярность у 300 миллионов пользователей по всему миру.

«Откройте для себя прекрасную и свободную математику», — призывают создатели Desmos.
(источник: desmos.com)

Это не значит, что учителей ждёт блюдечко с голубой каёмочкой, на котором разложены примеры использования инструмента и подробные инструкции. Нет, им предлагается самостоятельно переводить с английского языка задания (activities), разработанные англоязычными учителями, делиться своими переводами с сообществом, выступать в роли тестировщика чужих переводов — и всё это без каких-либо «коврижек» в виде сертификатов. Только ради собственного опыта и приобщения к большому общему делу.

А дело и правда большое. Людмила Рождественская уверена, что такие проекты по самообучению учителей способны изменить школьную математику, которой давно пора обновиться. О том, как это работает, она рассказала Newtonew.


Людмила Рождественская

учитель математики, образовательный технолог, сертифицированный учитель Google

Проект «Быстрый старт с Desmos» появился, потому что в какой-то момент для меня совпало два фактора.

Во-первых, я пишу о применении этого инструмента на уроках математики уже четыре года, и он мне ужасно нравится. В математическом образовании не все интернет-сервисы одинаково хороши из-за того, что нужны редакторы формул и «живая» среда. И команда молодых разработчиков, закончивших лучшие университеты США, такой сервис сделала.

У него есть ещё одно направление — Teacher Desmos, онлайн-среда, где организуются различные активности для учеников. Эти активности придумывают обыкновенные учителя по всему миру, большинство из них живут в США. Они делятся своими разработками друг с другом, можно найти целые коллекции ссылок на различные активности. Сервис «подхватили» довольно популярные преподаватели-блогеры — в сети всегда находятся евангелисты, которые продвигают технологии. А недавно я нашла информацию, что в этом году Desmos стал официальным инструментом для проведения итогового годового тестирования в школах пятнадцати американских штатов, среди которых штат Калифорния, например.

Что же в нём такого хорошего?

Конечно, Desmos — не единственный сервис, который позволяет осваивать математику в виртуальной среде. В мире школьной математики есть несколько крупных сервисов, получивших широкое распространение. Это, прежде всего, GeoGebra — среда динамической геометрии. Она может всё, что может Desmos, и даже больше, и вокруг неё тоже сформировалось и развивается сообщество учителей. Но у Desmos есть инструмент для создания активностей, а у GeoGebra пока ещё нет. И интерфейс Desmos прост, как лист бумаги: только клетчатое поле и поле для ввода формул.

Нужно быть не за тот или другой сервис, а за изменения в образовании. И с точки зрения образования работа с активностями в Desmos может продвинуть нас далеко вперёд.

Всегда есть люди, которые будут говорить: зачем нам американский калькулятор, давайте делать свой. Но если годы уйдут на разработку своего, можно и опоздать. Мир изменился, надо работать с тем, что появляется интересное и перспективное.

У меня 25-летний стаж преподавания математики в математических классах. И когда я стала знакомиться с разработками американских учителей, я увидела, что задачи в активностях Desmos абсолютно не такие, как те тесты по математике, которые можно встретить в русскоязычном интернете. Они вообще для другого.

У английского activities даже нет точного русского аналога. Это не задания, не уроки, а вот — activities.

В нашей системе образования слово «контроль» звучит как определяющее. И задания по математике — они для контроля знаний, для контроля усвоения, для проверки чего-то ещё.

Ученик, погружаясь в школьную математическую культуру, становится исполнителем, который действует по образцу. Это главная догма: повторяй за учителем, отрабатывай навык решения типовых задач. Но типы задач меняются, потому что меняется мир. Сейчас актуально, например, моделирование, и это отражено в тестах PISA.

Что такое моделирование — наши учителя математики будут открещиваться от него до последнего, потому что сами этого не понимают.

А среди активностей Desmos есть задания на моделирование, когда дети экспериментируют, работая с ползунком, и видят изменения непосредственно на этой интерактивной «клетчатой бумаге». Там нет ничего типового, а есть поиск и эксперимент.

Я проводила различные курсы для учителей по работе с этим инструментом, в начале которых предлагала учителям такое упражнение: открываешь поле, на нём фигура-звёздочка, заданная таблицей с координатами, и надо построить ещё несколько таких же фигур. Любой современный пятиклассник для начала стал бы тыкать во всё, что тыкается. А учителя впадают в ступор — и ни одной идеи.

В то же время профессиональные американские ассоциации учителей массово проводят курсы по Desmos для американских «марьиванн», те используют этот инструмент на своих уроках и не боятся называть активности, например, «Охота на зомби», а не «Решение линейных и квадратных неравенств».

Полагаю, что в среднем американские учителя не умнее любых других. Но их лучше учат и переучивают те, кто проводит исследования в сфере образования.

Скорее всего, «другой» подход к заданиям в американских школах берёт начало в таких местах, как Стэнфордский университет. Чтобы убедиться в этом, можно послушать лекции на YouTube профессора методики математики Джо Боулер (Joe Bowler). Мы сделали на основе её лекций презентацию, которая знакомит наших учителей с методологией этой «другой» математики.

(источник: слайд презентации «Другая математика с teacher.desmos»)

В итоге мы имеем удобный инструмент для визуализации математики и огромное англоязычное сообщество, которое этот инструмент подхватило и использует на уроках. В сети лежат целые коллекции со ссылками на разные апплеты и активности — бери, переводи и используй, что я и начала делать, накопив таким образом внушительный контент.

Второй фактор, который привёл к созданию «Быстрого старта» — это закрытие «Образовательной галактики Intel», огромного сетевого проекта, объединявшего заинтересованных, активных учителей. К сожалению, такое случается с корпоративными проектами — они рано или поздно перестают существовать. С апреля сайт «Галактики» доступен только для чтения, а очень скоро вовсе закроется.  

В «Галактике» сложилось уникальное сообщество людей, и у них остаётся желание не просто общаться, но и работать над каким-то общим делом. Ведь это одна из важных потребностей, которая реализуется в Сети — принадлежать к чему-то большему, к сообществу, которое позволяет тебе развиваться.

О сетевых сообществах уже написано очень много, впервые о сообществах на русском я узнала из текстов Евгения Патаракина. Когда я нашла его статьи десять лет назад, то поняла:

Сообщество — это то слово, которое приходит на замену методическим объединениям, формальным структурам, где учителя могут общаться и профессионально развиваться.

И вот, с одной стороны, был свой контент по Desmos с огромным списком ещё непереведённых активностей от американских учителей, с другой стороны — многочисленные участники исчезающей «Галактики», у которых есть привычка заходить в сеть и делать там что-то не для развлечения, а для профессионального развития. И когда учитель из Москвы Анна Котельникова, которая вместе со мной начала эти активности переводить, запостила в Фейсбуке фотографию домашнего пирога с надписью «Desmos», я подумала: а чего мы ждём?

Уже всё есть для этого «пирога» — и контент, и сайт (сообщество учителей математики Signum, которое давно существует), а теперь и аватарка.

Автор пирога и фотографии — учитель математики Анна Котельникова

Так, больше месяца назад мы открыли «Быстрый старт в Desmos» — по сути, это сообщество для учителей, которые не боятся «тыкаться».

В нашем проекте нет заранее определённой учебной программы, как бывает на онлайн-курсах для учителей. Она нарабатывается путём генерации идей для каждого нового этапа. Например, в самом начале проекта у меня было ощущение, что было бы неправильно переводить активности самой. Поэтому первый этап проекта — это совместный перевод.

По моему опыту, учителя математики не очень-то знают английский. Но оказалось, что знание предмета на школьном уровне, переводчик Google и помощь сообщества — достаточные условия для хорошего результата.

За месяц у нас появилось около 15 рьяных «переводчиков», было переведено более 50 активностей.

И вот появляется первый эффект — мы вдруг обнаруживаем, что работаем в открытой, быстро меняющейся среде. У Teacher Desmos полностью англоязычный интерфейс, и для наших учителей это зачастую оказывается психологическим барьером. Но вот мы перевели несколько активностей — и в Teacher Desmos уже появился поиск на русском. Маленькие усилия способны менять что-то в Сети!

К тому же мы поняли, что сами вполне способны понимать математические задачи на другом языке, и можем сами, не дожидаясь отмашек от каких-либо институтов, брать и использовать то, что существует в мире.

Активность «Охота на зомби» переведена на русский семиклассником, который «заразился» интересом к Desmos от мамы, учителя математики Анны Котельниковой.
(источник: teacher.desmos.com)
Второй эффект заключается в том, что учителя видят: это — другая математика. Они переводят и понимают, что ни в одном учебнике не видели таких задач.

И переводы, и активности обсуждаются в сообществе. Именно в обсуждении суть этого этапа: мы проверяем качество перевода и прорешиваем задания — получается, что учителя тут сами выступают в роли учеников.

Проект развивается и получает новые направления. Сейчас мы тестируем активности типа «полиграф» — совершенно новый для нашей культуры тип парной активности. Почти спонтанно возникла активность по созданию коллективных картин, где мы «рисуем» функциями. Это ещё одно из творческих применений сервиса.

Но, чтобы перейти к созданию своих активностей, надо хорошенько самим эту «другую» математику порешать.

Не хочется, чтобы было, как в анекдоте: за что ни возьмись, получается автомат Калашникова. Очень легко снова начать клепать тесты по проверке знаний.

Я уверена, что такие проекты могут изменить преподавание математики в школе. Люди, которые пришли в проект, переводят не для того, чтобы просто осчастливить мир. Они понимают, как сами будут это использовать на своих уроках. Они имеют достаточный опыт, «парят» над программой и понимают, какие активности в какую часть программы вписываются.

Надеюсь, что такие сообщества, построенные на личной активности каждого, изменят в лучшую сторону культуру профессионального русскоязычного интернета. Есть миф о лучшем в мире советском математическом образовании. И оно было «лучшим в мире» — я сама закончила физмат-школу, я дитя этой системы. Так должно же это находить какое-то воплощение в интернете? Нет, не находит. Если ищешь математический блог в русскоязычном и англоязычном интернете, то видишь, что мы отстаём лет на десять.

Многие коллеги-учителя не воспринимают работу в сети как нечто, достойное поощрения. Им может нравиться то, что ты делаешь, но в голову не придёт поставить «лайк». Между тем, любая деятельность в сообществе требует затрат. В нашем случае даже когда ты не переводишь сам, а тестируешь чужое — это незаметная, но очень нужная работа.

Есть волонтёры, которые переводят лекции TED, и вообще тема волонтёрства в сети очень интересна. Но учителя обычно ощущают, что они и так загружены, и так перерабатывают. Поэтому я рада, что у нас волонтёры появились именно среди учителей.

К нашему проекту по-прежнему может присоединиться любой заинтересованный человек. И это не только о том, как пользоваться инструментом, это об отношении к тому, что можешь сделать конкретно ты.

          Empire - GoodGame Empire - Jak se stát nesmrtelným   
Zdravím všechny mé čtenáře. Nejprve zde uvedu tabulku veškerých našich záznamů ve hře Empire. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d /1YB1RY-m6_OedDlYEX18coLLHYPbB i74u7sDC1zduZs4/edit...
          El BAM busca projectes musicals relacionats amb l'economia solidària   
Imatge principal a portada: 
Cultura Viva

Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació obre la convocatòria per a projectes artístics que vulguin participar a BAM - Cultura Viva, que tindrà lloc el 22 i 23 de setembre, en el marc de les festes de La Mercè 2017.

El Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM) d'enguany anirà de la mà de l'economia social i solidària. Així ho ha anunciat Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació, que ha publicat la convocatòria per a projectes que hi vulguin participar.

L'espai BAM inclourà un escenari musical i un programa d’activitats. Vol ser un punt de trobada i experimentació per donar suport i visibilitat al teixit musical de base, tant en l’àmbit artístic i organitzatiu, com dels processos d’innovació socioeconòmica en l’ecosistema cultural. S'hi treballaran els punts de connexió entre música i economia social i solidària i les noves formes d’entendre la relació entre música i comunitats.

Vol ser un punt de trobada i experimentació per donar suport i visibilitat al teixit musical de base

Per poder donar forma a aquest espai, Fabra i Coats ha obert una convocatòria. S'hi poden presentar propostes tant artistes com organitzacions i col·lectius que puguin garantir l’exhibició d’un espectacle. Les propostes han d’incloure una presentació del projecte, una explicació sobre les motivacions per participar en aquest espai i la fitxa artística.

Per optar a la convocatòria cal emplenar aquest formulari, abans de diumenge 2 de juliol a les 23.59 h.

La programació l’elaborarà una comissió de persones proposades pels col·lectius que han obert aquesta convocatòria.

Imatges secundàries: 
Cultura Viva
Anunci BAM 2017

Tipus de notícia:

Àmbit de la notícia:

Peu de foto: 
--Peu de foto--
--Peu de foto--

          Recopilatorio I: Wallpapers para Android [Actualizado]   
[Actualizado] Hoy en AndroConsejos les compartimos un pequeño Recopilatorio de Wallpapers, en esta primera parte les dejamos los links de los Fondos de Pantalla de los terminales con Android más populares para poder personalizar tu dispositivo y darle un toque diferente, pronto estaremos publicando 2 partes más referidas a las mejores Aplicaciones para descargar Wallpapers y otra con las mejores páginas para descargar Wallpapers.

Como ya sabemos, una de las características de Android es su potencial de personalización, por ello hemos decidido recopilar un serie de Packs para que puedas descargarlos y luego guardarlos en la sd de tu dispositivo, desde donde podrás aplicar el fondo de pantalla que más te guste. Sin más preámbulo acá les dejo este pequeño listado:

1. Wallpapers Material Design

- Android 6.0 Marshmallow Wallpapers: Aquí
- Android 5.0+ Lollipop Ultimate Collection: Aquí
- Android Lollipop: Aquí
- 142 Wallpapers con estilo Material Design:
  Para ver y descargar de forma individual: Aquí
  Para descargar el Pack en zip: Aquí
- Wallpapers Xperia con estilo Lollipop: Aquí

2. LG Wallpapers Oficiales:

- LG V20: Aquí ó Aquí
- LG G5: Aquí ó Aquí
- LG V10: Pulsar sobre la imagen para descargar:
- LG G4: Aquí ó Aquí
- LG G Flex 2:  Aquí
- LG G3: Aquí
- LG G2: Aquí
- LG Optimus G: Aquí
- LG G Pro 2: Aquí
- LG G Pro  Aquí
- LG G Flex: Aquí
- LG Nexus 6: Aquí
- LG Nexus 5 : Aquí
- LG Nexus 4: Aquí
- LG L70: Aquí
- LG Optimus 3D: Aquí

3. Sony Wallpapers Oficiales:

- Xperia XZ: Aquí ó Aquí
- Xperia X: Aquí ó Aquí   

- Xperia XA: Aquí ó Aquí 
- Xperia Z5: Pulsar sobre la imagen para descargar:
- Xperia Z4 y Z3+: Aquí
- Xperia Z3: Aquí
- Xperia Z2: Aquí
- Xperia Z1: Aquí
- Xperia Z: Aquí
  Pack Completo: Aquí
- Xperia T: Aquí
- Xperia S:
  - Wallpapers: Aquí
  - Live Wallpapers (Cosmic Flow): Aquí

4. HTC Wallpapers Oficiales:

- HTC One 10: Aquí
HTC One A9: Pulsar sobre la imagen para descargar

- HTC One M9: Aquí
- HTC One M8: Aquí
- HTC One M7: Aquí ó Aquí
- HTC One X: Aquí
- HTC Droid DNA:  Aquí ó Aquí

5. Samsung Wallpapers Oficiales:

- S7 y S7 Edge: Aquí ó Aquí
- Galaxy Note 5 y S6 Edge Plus: 

- Galaxy S6- S6 Edge: Aquí
- Galaxy Alpha: Aquí
- Galaxy Note 4: Aquí
- Galaxy Note 3: Aquí
- Galaxy S5: Aquí
- Galaxy S4: Aquí
- Galaxy S3: Aquí

6. Motorola Wallpapers Oficiales:
- Moto X Force: Pulsar sobre la imagen para descargar:
- Droid Turbo 2: Aquí
- Moto X PlayAquí
- Droid Turbo: Aquí
- Moto X (2014): Aquí ó Aquí 
- Moto X: Aquí
- Moto G: Aquí
- Motorola Droid Ultra: Aquí
- Motorola Droid MAXX: Aquí
- Motorola RAZR HD: Aquí
- Motorola RAZR M: Aquí

7. Huawei Stock Wallpapers:

- Huawei Mate 9: Aquí ó Aquí ó Aquí
- Honor 8: Aquí ó Aquí ó Aquí 
- Huawei Mate S: Pulsar sobre la imagen para descargar

- Huawei Ascend P8Aquí
- Huawei Ascend P7 Wallpapers: Aquí
- Huawei Ascend P6 Wallpapers: Aquí

8. OnePlus Stock Wallpapers:
- OnePlus 3T: Aquí ó Aquí ó Aquí
- OnePlus3:
- OnepPlus 2: Aquí
- OnePlus X: Aquí
- OnePlus One:   
  - CM12S (Android KitKat): Aquí
  - Oxygen OS (Android 5.0+): Aquí

8. Wallpapers oficiales de otros dispositivos Android:

- Google Pixel X/XL: Aquí ó Aquí 
- Asus Zenfone 3: Aquí
- BlackBerry Priv: Aquí

- Xiaomi Mi Note Pro: Resolución 2K  Resolución FullHD
- Xiaomi Mi4: Aquí
- Xiaomi Mi3: Aquí
- Oppo Find 7Aquí
- Oppo Find 5: Aquí
- CoolPad F2: Aquí

9. Packs de Wallpapers variados:
- MIUI v8: Aquí ó Aquí ó Aquí
- MIUI v7: Pulsar sobre la imagen para descargar
Google Now WallpapersAquí ó Aquí ó Aquí
- MIUI V6: Aquí
- iOS 10 (iPhone 7/7 Plus): Aquí ó Aquí
- iOS 9: Aquí
- iOS 8: Aquí
Nokia Lumia 1520: Aquí
- Nokia X Stock Wallpapers: Aquí
- Blackberry OS 10/ 10.3 y BlackBerry Passport Stock Wallpapers: Aquí
- YounOSAquí

10. Bonus: http://s.imgur.com/a/Ltr19/zip

Espero que estos fondos de pantalla sean de su agrado y les ayude a darle un toque distinto a su dispositivo, si tienen alguno que no esté en la lista pásennos el link y con gusto lo publicamos. No olviden compartir en sus redes sociales favoritas.

A Marcos Eliseo Camisay
A Tomas Ramírez

XDA Developers

PD: Artículo publicado originalmente el 23 de junio del 2015.

          Xtreme Music, mejora la calidad de audio en tu dispositivo Android [Root + Recovery]   
[Actualizado] Si cuentas con acceso Root y algún Recovery modificado, esto te va a interesar, pues hoy en AndroConsejos les presentamos una de los mejores paquetes —sino el mejor— para potenciar y optimizar la calidad del audio en vuestro dispositivo Android, se trata del Mod Xtreme Music.

¿Qué es Xtreme Music? Básicamente se trata de un Paquete que recopila lo mejor de varias aplicaciones (Beats Audio, Viper4Android, SoundAlive de Samsung, Xloud de Sony, entre otros), con el cual mejorará de forma brutal el sonido en su dispositivo. Este Mod o Paquete ha sido creado por el desarrollador androidexpert35, y es algo así como el the best of the best de los sistemas de audio.
¿Para qué sirve Xtreme Music? Básicamente este Mod lo que hace es modificar varios parámetros del sistema en el apartado de audio, con la enorme cantidad de características que se encuentran dentro de este Mod notarás una mejora sustancial en la potencia y calidad del audio en cualquier aplicación multimedia (música, vídeos, películas, etc.), mejorando y potenciando todo el sonido tanto de los auriculares (fuerza la capacidad de audio a 6144 khz - 64 bits) como en los altavoces externos (a 129 khz - 24 bits). También tiene soporte para los dispositivos con doble altavoz.

Características de este Súper Mod: Como les mencionaba anteriormente, Xtreme Music contiene lo mejor de los principales sistemas de audio, los cuales se detallan a continuación (si desean conocer todas las funciones de cada uno pueden visitar el Post de XDA, el enlace está al final del Post):
- Beats Audio:
- Viper4Android:
- Sound Alive del Galaxy S7
- Snapdragon HW Effects
- Dirac HD Sound
- DTS HD Master Audio
- Sony:
   - Xperia Z5 Premium Sound Processing 
   - Xloud, Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, Clear Phase
   - DSEE HX
   - High-Res Audio
- PonAudio 3
- Pure Audio Engine 2.0
- SRS Processing 2.3
- HTK Audio Engine
- MegaBass
- AwesomeBeats
- Vivo Hi-Fi™ 2.0 libs

Opcionales (Addons): También se pueden instalar de forma independiente y son perfectamente compatibles con Xtreme Music pero no forman parte del paquete estos excelentes paquetes de audio adicionales:
- Dolby Atmos
- Lenovo MaxxAudio
Advertencia: Este procedimiento si bien no requiere altos conocimientos y es relativamente sencillo de llevar a cabo, requiere acceso root y recovery modificado, por tanto ni este Blog ni yo nos hacemos responsables si algo sale mal y se daña su dispositivo, así que si deciden probarlo es bajo responsabilidad única y exclusiva de ustedes. Yo lo he probado en mi Galaxy A5 con ROM Stock 5.0.2 Deodexada y funciona perfecto. (Por el momento este Mod no funciona en la serie Xperia Z5)

- Android 4.3 y versiones superiores.
- Root
- Recovery Modificado (TWRP, CWM, PhilZ, CTR, etc.)

Nota Importante (LEER ANTES DE PROCEDER): Según se comenta en el foro original de XDA Developers, las últimas actualizaciones de Xtreme Music han traído muchas complicaciones y problemas a muchos usuarios, por ello, es altamente recomendable tener a la mano el firmware oficial o el zip de la ROM que estén usando antes de instalar este Mod. Desde el Recovery modificado pueden crear una copia de seguridad de su ROM actual por si les da problemas luego de instalar. 

Enlaces de descarga [Actualizados al 08/11/2016]:
1. Xtreme Music:
  1.1 Para Android 5.0+:
 Esta versión se recomienda instalar solo en Custom ROMs (como CM13, Resurrection Remix, AICP, etc.), NO instalar en ROMs Stock:  Aquí
Solo es compatible con Systemless Magisk (si no sabes lo que es, es porque no lo tienes): Aquí
- Compatible con cualquier dispositivo  con ROM Stock: Aquí
- Compatible solo con los dispositivos Sony con ROM Stock: Aquí

   1.2 Para Android 4.3 y 4,4: Aquí

2.  SELinux Changer.apk [Sólo para dispositivos con Android 5.0+ Lollipop]: Aquí

3. Opcionales (add-ons):
- Dolby Atmos: Aquí
- MaxxAudio: Aquí
- Sound Explosion: Aquí

4. Desinstalador:
Para cualquier versión (excepto la v7.9 y la v7.5.9): Aquí

Pasos de Instalación:
1. [Sólo para dispositivos con Android Lollipop] Instalar SELinux Changer, luego lo abren y seleccionan Permissive.
2. Guardar el zip de Xtreme Music (y de los Add-ons de ser el caso) en la sdcard (interna o externa), luego reiniciar el dispositivo en Modo Recovery.
3. De acuerdo al Recovery que tengan instalado:
3.1 Si tienen CWM Recovery: Seleccionan Install zip, luego choose zip from sd y luego buscan el zip de Xtreme Music y le dan en Install.
3,1 Si tienen TWRP Recovery seleccionan Install, luego seleccionan la memoria donde guardaron el zip de Xtreme Music (en mi caso lo guardé en la externa):
Luego buscan el zip de Xtreme Music y deslizan hacia la derecha para instalar:
Verán en la pantalla que el archivo zip se está instalando, esto no tarda ni 1 minuto, una vez que sale la palabra done regresan al menú principal.
4. [Opcional] Si han descargado alguno de los Addons repetir el paso 3.
5. [Sólo para dispositivos Sony y Samsung con ROM Stock] Desde el menú principal del Recovery seleccionan la opción Wipe, luego Advanced Wipe y luego marcan las casillas Dalvik Cache y Cache, por último deslizan a la derecha hasta que vean en pantalla que se han ejecutado los wipes.
4. Seleccionan Reboot/System (TWRP) o Reboot System Now (CWM).
5. A disfrutar.

- Después de instalar el Mod las únicas aplicaciones que se verán en el cajón son Viper4Android y XtremeMusic, Los otros mods están dentro de los archivos del sistema y se activan de forma predeterminada y trabajan en cada sonido emitido, en todas las aplicaciones, en los auriculares bluetooth, en los altavoces, etc.

- Si desean tener al 100% Viper4Android lo abren, y siguen los pasos:
- Luego ya podrán configurar Viper4Android a su gusto (en la web y en YouTube hay un montón de Tutoriales con los cuales se pueden guiar):
- Para ver si el mod está funcionando o no, abran la aplicacion XtremeMusic que está en el cajón y ahí les muestra si el Mod trabaja corectamente.
- Si por algún motivo Xtreme Music causa problemas en vuestro dispositivo y desean desinstalarlo, sólo tienen que descargar este archivo zip: Aquí y ejecutarlo desde el Recovery tal cual como hicieron al momento de instalar.
- Si instalaron Dolby Atmos y por alguna razón desean desinstalarlo, descargan de acá el zip y lo ejecutan desde el Recovery: Aquí
- En los dispositivos Samsung con ROM Stock deben congelar o deshabilitar las aplicaciones SoundAlive y Package Adapt Sound, (lo pueden hacer con alguna aplicación como Link2SD o Titanium Backup) de lo contrario les puede salir un aviso de que SoundAlive se ha detenido (Gracias a Tote Ortega por el dato):
Como siempre el eterno agradecimiento a la gran Comunidad de XDA Developers que siempre nos traen herramientas, ROMs y muchas cosas más para hacernos la vida más sencilla y poder sacarle todo el potencial a nuuestros dispositivos, espero que les haya servido este pequeño Tutorial.

Y ustedes estimados lectores ¿Ya probaron este genial Mod? ¿Qué les ha parecido? ¿Han notado alguna diferencia en la calidad y potencia del audio de su dispositivo después de probarlo? Esperamos sus comentarios, vuestra opinión siempre es importante para nosotros.

Este Post fue publicado originalmente en AndroConsejos el 27/11/2015.

Fuente: XDA

          Vinhomes Central Park - The most modern urban in Vietnam   
REIC - Vinhomes Central Park is the first 'Vinhomes' project in Saigon, developed by Tan Lien Phat JSC, a member of Vingroup, Vietnam's largest real estate company. The project is located in a prime location right the east gate of Saigon CBD (930 hectare), connects directly with Tan Cang station of the metro Line 1, the first metro project of Saigon City.

Giới thiệu Vinhomes Central Park

Project summary:

- The total land area: 43.91 hectares 
- 'Own' over 1km of Saigon River for marina
- Construction density of whole project: approximately 16%
- Green area: approximately 14 hectares 
- The high-rise buildings: 10,000 apartments and officetels (from 1-4 bedroom, area from 50m2 to 200 m2)
- Villa: land area of 3.65 hectares, including 80 single and detached villas
- Shopping center, food court, entertainment: 59.000 m2 (not include shophouse)
- Vinschool, Vinmec, Vinpearland,...
- Completion plan: Villa and Vinmec is planned for 2015; Apartments and Vinschool is planned for 2016;  the whole project is planned for 2017.

Giới thiệu Vinhomes Central Park

Landmark 81 is the tallest building in Vinhomes Central Park, also the tallest building in Vietnam. Its function is premium office for lease, five-star hotel, serviced apartment.

Vinhomes Central Park is a unique project in Vietnam that has full system backup power system to use air-conditioner for all villas and apartments.

Fly video

Special present for customer

Buy a house or invest, please register here:

          Actividad 2. El polímero sediento   

Antes de iniciar esta actividad responde las siguientes preguntas (si estás trabajando en grupo utiliza el formato de ideas previas sobre pañales para escribir tus respuestas).

  1. ¿Cuál es la mayor ventaja que tienen los pañales desechables sobre los de tela?
  2. ¿Cómo funcionan los pañales desechables que resultan mucho más efectivos que los de tela?
  3. ¿Existe algún problema debido al uso masivo de los pañales desechables? ¿Cuál?
Material necesario:
  • 1 pañal desechable
  • 2 vasos desechables transparentes
  • 1 pipeta con capacidad entre uno y cinco mililitros
  • 1 balanza digital
  • 1 gramo de algodón común
  • 1 bolsa de plástico
  • 1 frasco pequeño con tapa limpio y seco
  • 1 tijeras
  • 1 cucharita de plástico o espátula
El poliacrilato de sodio es una sustancia sólida cristalina (con un aspecto parecido al de la sal de mesa) que se emplea como absorbente en los pañales desechables. Se obtiene a partir del petróleo y es quizás la sustancia más absorbente que existe actualmente.

En esta actividad conocerán más acerca de las propiedades de este polímero y para realizarla primero necesitan  extraer el poliacrilato de sodio de un pañal desechable siguiendo las siguientes indicaciones:
  1. Reúnanse en equipos de 3-4 integrantes.
  2. Corten por la mitad un pañal desechable, justo en la parte más angosta (la que queda justo entre las piernas), e introduzcan las dos mitades dentro de una bolsa de plástico que esté completamente seca y sin agujeros.
  3. Sacudan la bolsa enérgicamente para que salga el polvo cristalino que se encuentra en el interior del pañal, estrujándolo de vez e n cuando con las manos para que salga todo el poliacrilato.
  4. Además del poliacrilato (que tiene la consistencia de la sal de mesa) también saldrá algodón. Separen éste con cuidado para que obtengan el poliacrilato lo más puro que sea posible.
  5. Guarden el polvo en un frasco completamente seco y tápenlo bien para evitar que el polímero se humedezca.
Conociendo al poliacrilato

Con el propósito de que se den una idea sobre la capacidad de absorbencia que tiene esta sustancia polimérica, en equipo comparen de forma experimental la cantidad de agua que puede absorber medio gramo de algodón común y medio gramo de poliacrilato de sodio. Para ello sigan las siguientes indicaciones:
  1. Pesen en la balanza un vaso desechable tansparente, taren la balanza y agreguen medio gramo de algodón común. Vuelvan a tarar y agreguen agua poco a poco dando tiempo para que se absorba entre cada adición. Consideren que han llegado a la capacidad máxima de absorbencia cuando al inclinar el vaso empiece a escurrir agua sobrante. Registren la cantidad de agua absorbida.
  2. Repitan el procedimiento anterior usando medio gramo de poliacrilato de sodio y registren la máxima cantidad de agua absorbida.
  3. Comparen los dos valores y comenten en grupo la diferencia observada.
Investigación sobre el poliacrilato

Tomando en cuenta las propiedades que ahora conocen del poliacrilato traten de dar respuesta al menos a una de las siguientes preguntas:
  1. ¿Existe alguna relación entre la pureza del agua y la cantidad de líquido que puede absorber el poliacrilato?
  2. ¿Existe alguna relación entre la temperatura del agua y la cantidad de líquido que puede absorber el poliacrilato?
  3. Una vez que ha absorbido el agua, ¿es posible regenerar el polímero para volver a utilizarlo?
Para contestar llevarán a cabo una investigación científica, lo cual implica que en conjunto plantearán hipótesis, diseñarán uno o varios procedimientos experimentales y los llevarán a cabo. Finalmente analizarán los resultados obtenidos para establecer conclusiones, todo ello con el fin de dar respuesta a cada uno de los cuestionamientos.
El informe correspondiente a esta actividad lo irán estructurando conforme avanzan y mediante el uso del formato para el informe

Para iniciar la investigación primero decidan qué pregunta les parece más interesante para contestar primero. Después, en equipo, discutan las respuestas que piensan serían factibles, es decir, planteen sus hipótesis para esa pregunta. Recuerden que las investigaciones se realizan para responder preguntas o para resolver problemas y también que al experimentar ponemos a prueba nuestras hipótesis.
Posteriormente y de acuerdo con el formato, planeen y escriban detalladamente el procedimiento experimental que van a seguir, identifiquen las variables independiente y dependiente, así como los parámetros que permanecerán fijos. Hagan la lista del material necesario, dispongan todo incluyendo el lugar en donde realizarán los experimentos y pongan manos a la obra.

Con los resultados que obtengan completarán el formato de informe en el orden indicado. Ahí escribirán una conclusión parcial para cada una de las hipótesis  y una general que constituye la respuesta final que dan a la pregunta a partir de sus resultados experimentales.

Cada equipo presentará los resultados de su trabajo al resto del grupo y será evaluado por los otros equipos mediante la rúbrica de evaluación de los trabajos experimentales.

          Actividad 3. La historia de los polímeros   

En esta actividad vas a conocer y a reflexionar un poco acerca de la historia de los polímeros.

Organícense en equipos de 3 o 4 integrantes.

Lo primero que tienen que hacer es leer los artículos que se les proporcionaron en forma de archivos PDF: “Los plásticos: materiales a la medida” de Ana María Sosa; “Plásticos biodegradables” de Roselia Medina Tinoco; y “Referencias históricas y evolución de los plásticos” de Sergio García.

De lo que leyeron, elaboren una lista de los eventos que han delineado la historia de los polímeros, cuidando de anotar el año, quién participó y qué polímero o producto se desarrolló o se le encontró un nuevo uso. En paralelo, elaboren también una lista de polímeros que se mencionen en los artículos pero de los que no se diga en qué año se inventaron, quién los inventó o para qué se han utilizado.

Ahora que ya cuentan con un cúmulo de fechas y acontecimientos, van a crear una línea del tiempo usando el programa Timetoast. Este programa nos ahorra el engorroso proceso de recortar y pegar letreros en una cartulina. Timetoast nos permite además crear líneas del tiempo interactivas que podemos compartir con nuestros compañeros vía Internet.

Para que puedan usar Timetoast, sigan los pasos de la guía en formato PDF que hemos preparado: “Cómo construir y compartir una línea del tiempo con Timetoast”.

Incorporen a su línea del tiempo los eventos históricos sobre polímeros que hayan recopilado, incluyendo el nombre del polímero, la fecha de su descubrimiento (y/o comercialización), los investigadores responsables, el país y algunos de los usos del polímero o clase de polímeros.

Investiguen los datos faltantes de aquellos polímeros de los que no se menciona su fecha de invención, su inventor o sus usos, e incorpóralos a tu línea del tiempo. (Pueden enriquecer su línea del tiempo con los datos presentados en las páginas 5 y 6 del libro Introducción a la química de los polímeros de Raimond B. Seymour y Charles E. Carraher Jr., disponible en Google Books.

Ya que hayan terminado tu línea del tiempo, contesten y discutan las siguientes preguntas (Si están trabajando en grupo pueden contestarlas en el formato en línea: 
  1. ¿Cuál ha sido la tendencia histórica en lo referente a la invención de nuevos polímeros?
  2. ¿Ha habido años en los que ha aumentado o disminuido notablemente la invención de nuevos polímeros?
  3. ¿Cómo explicarías la tendencia histórica en lo referente a la invención de nuevos polímeros?
  4. ¿Encuentras alguna diferencia entre los polímeros más recientes con respecto a los desarrollados a lo largo del siglo XX? ¿Cuál?
  5. ¿Cuáles de los grandes acontecimientos del siglo XX creen que se beneficiaron de —o motivaron— la invención y desarrollo de nuevos polímeros?
  6. ¿Cuáles creen que son los problemas o retos que enfrenta la invención y desarrollo de nuevos polímeros?

          ➤➤➤ Лучшие Книги для Вас! Акция Пеликан! Лабиринт, Речь, Нигма! Махаон! Ранок-Креатив! Азбукварик! Старый Лев! ИДМ! Розовый жираф! [440]   
Это продолжение темы, старая тема 1724869 Изображение: http://s020.radikal.ru/i706/1404/cd/58429b0e33fa.jpg (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFdhcDg3d1hLS0cxZG9IVENIZ0ZES3c6MA)Изображение: http://s017.radikal.ru/i432/1203/4e/a83d6f43242c.gif ...
          Topcoder Site Styling Challenge - New SCSS for Challenge Details   
Challenge Overview

Topcoder is in the process of rewriting the challenge details page (i.e., the page you're reading about this challenge on). We're starting this process by redoing the styling of this page.

For this challenge, we'd like to completely rewrite the stylesheets for this page using SCSS according to the live spec designs attached to this challenge.

SCSS Guidelines

You'll need to make sure the SCSS you write matches our SCSS guidelines. Notice that these guidelines reference shar...

Platforms: HTML
Technologies: CSS / JavaScript
Prize: 650 (450)
Registration Period: 2017-06-29 04:38 +00:00 - 2017-07-04 04:38 +00:00
Open for registration: Yes
Submissions Due: 2017-07-04 04:38 +00:00
Type: Code / develop

          Flowers by Color - PINK   

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo 2012_04_18_zpsdwtfvr06.jpg
Flowers by Color - PINK

I am about half way through this post series featuring flowers by color.  For a total of nine weeks I will pick a different color and share my favorite flowers of that color (these lists are NOT a complete list of all flowers of that color, simply just my favorites).  This week is PINK flower week.

Certain featured flowers have links to previous posts on this blog - please feel free to click on these links to view the entire posts (they will be how-to-grow or maintenance posts).

Firstly, you will need to know the difference between annual, perennial & biennial:

Annual Plant - completes its lifecycle in one season/year.  By "lifecycle" I mean from germination to seed formation.  Here are some examples of annual plants:  green beans, petunia, sage, sunflower, morning glory and so much more.

Perennial Plant - lives for more than 2 years but produces seed in one season without dying afterward.  Some examples of perennials: most fruit trees like apple, vegetables like asparagus or leeks, day lilies, peonies and so much more.

Biennial Plant - 2 years to complete its lifecycle.  Examples are: parsley, caraway, foxglove, parsnips and so much more.

Rose of Sharon
click HERE to view
This is a flowering shrub and different varieties are available in white and purple also.
 photo 008_zpsc5f35a8d.jpg
Actually, Rose of Sharon and Hibiscus belong to the same family.  However, the varieties of Rose of Sharon that I grow in my garden are very different from the hibiscus.

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo 0052_Sept 27 2015_zpsz2q91a7x.jpg
Photo by Angie Ouellette-Tower
This is technically a tender perennial (which means that it is a perennial in warmer climates). HOWEVER, my dad (who lives in Canada) has grown these as perennials for my entire life.  This flower brings back wonderful childhood memories - I used to play with these flower heads because they could talk back (see the bottom two pictures below).
by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo DSCF8755_zpsmhe1afql.jpgby Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo DSCF8760_zpsbdl76enc.jpg by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo DSCF8759_zpsgnjqh2fj.jpg

Calla Lily
click HERE to view
This is considered a perennial but unfortunately I have not had any success growing this lovely flower outside since I am in growing zone 5.  These bulbs are hardy perennials in zones 7 to 10.
Calla Lily Birthday by Angie Ouellette-Tower for godsgrowinggarden.com photo 005_zpsa9dfaf82.jpg

These beautiful lilies are very easy to grow in my growing zone.  Maintenance is also very minimal.
by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo DSCF1368_zps4hso70zy.jpg
Morning Glory
click HERE to view
This is an annual flower that grows as a vine.  It can overtake other plants if you are not careful.  I usually save these seeds each year.
by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo DSCF1717_zpsexgfcdfs.jpg
This beauty is considered a flowering shrub or small tree.  It is very picky when it comes to soil.  They also require the exact partial shady/sunny spot.  This is NOT an easy one to grow and maintain.

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo DSCF0463_zps83c9xmdw.jpg

Rose Hip
click HERE to view
All roses produce fruit called "hip" but one specific variety has the largest and most flavorful rose hip: Rugosa Rose.

Rose Hip Woner by Angie Ouellete-Tower for godsgrowinggarden.com photo 003_zpsac6f5306.jpg
Photo by Angie Ouellette-Tower
Climbing Rose
Certain rose varieties are climbers.  This pale pink beauty is a climbing rose.
by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo DSCF0538_zpsn7agwcda.jpg"Eiffel Tower" Rose
click HERE to view
This is one of the beautiful roses in my dad's rose garden.  Not only is it visually stunning but the scent is also one of my favorites.

Photo by Angie Ouellette-Tower

3 Mystery Plants
A few years ago I did a series on the Toledo Zoo.  While I was at the zoo I found myself looking more at the plants grown there than the animals (lol - a gardener at heart I guess)
If you know the name/variety of these plants please let me know in the comment section - Thank you.

First Mystery
click HERE to view
This was such a unique and fun flower.  It was grown in the greenhouse so I am assuming that it is a tropical plant - do you know the name of this pant?

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo 0240_Sept 27 2015_zpsedv8wrjg.jpg
Photo by Angie Ouellette-Tower
Second Mystery
click HERE to view
I have never seen such a light colored pink berry.  Do you know the name of this plant? (please answer in the comment section).

 photo 0408_Sept 27 2015_zpsv7htix7u.jpg
Photo by Angie Ouellette-Tower
Third Mystery
click HERE to view
This was a tree but I'm not sure if these pink growths are fruit or nuts.  Can you identify this tree?

by Angie Ouellette-Tower for http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/ photo 0479_Sept 27 2015_zpsbzzoxgyf.jpg
Photo by Angie Ouellette-Tower

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We learned how essential oils are extracted from flowers/leaves/roots.
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          Weekly Thankfulness & Growth Report #72   
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#72 - Weekly Thankfulness & Growth Report

If you were following this blog in 2015 then you will be familiar with my "365 Days of Being Thankful" challenge.  I have missed reporting on my thankfulness since I finished my challenge last year, so I decided to at least give a weekly Thankfulness Report & include a Growth Report also.  Growth in our Christian walk, growth in the garden & growth on this blog.  Finally, I am also including a "Posts From the Past" feature - ENJOY!

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This week I have been thankful that my mom is home from the hospital.  I am thankful that I was able to be there for her surgery and I am so thankful for my parents and my sister.  I am most thankful to my protecting God - I am so amazed at how perfectly everything unfolded - God is so awesome!

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"When he came to his senses, he said, 'How many of my father's hired men have food to spare, and here I am starving to death!'  I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: 'Father, I  have sinned against heaven and against you.  I am no longer worthy to be called your son;  make me like one of your hired men.'  So he got up and went to his father.  But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him;  he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.  The son said to him, 'Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you, I am no longer worthy to be called your son.'  But the father said to his servants, 'Quick!  Bring the best robe and put it on him.  Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet.  Bring the fattened calf and kill it.  Let's have a feast and celebrate.  For this son of mine was dead and is alive again;  he was lost and is found.'  So they began to celebrate." 

Luke 15:17 - 24
There are 3 aspects to the Parable of the Prodigal Son:  from the prodigal son himself, from the son who stayed home and from the father.  This featured post focuses on the son who ran away: 

Read: The Son Who Ran Away

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It has been weeks (almost a month actually) since we have had a significant rainfall - praying for rain.

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5 Years ago I shared with you this fun way of using lavender:
Woven Lavender Closet Bundles

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          SDR Eine Einführung   
Am Wochenende um den 4 bis 7. Juni fand wieder mal die Gulaschprogrammiernacht statt, ausgerichtet vom Entropia e.V. in Kalrsruhe. Weitere Info siehe hier: gulas.ch

Ich hatte die Freude dort mit meinem Vorschlag für einen Talk zum Thema Software Defined Radio akzeptiert zu werden. Danke an den CCC und Entropia e.V. für die Ausrichtung, die GPN15 war toll und hat mir wie letztes Jahr schon viel Spaß gemacht =)

Hier gibt es die Videoaufzeichnung zum GPN15 Talk Software Defined Radio im Web, bereitgestellt vom Videoteam des CCC.

Und hier sind Slides zum Vortrag auf der GPN 15 Software Defined Radio (Google Docs).

Die Slides zum Vortrag unterliegen der Creative Commons Lizenz CC-BY-SA 3.0, wer gerne eine editierbare Version der Slides haben möchte kontaktiere mich bitte per Mail oder twitter (@Ekki_df4or).

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The list of undelivered International Inbound articles sent by various Office of Exchanges in india (whose delivery information’s are yet to be updated by respective delivery post offices through IPS web client) and list of delivered articles at delivery post offices in the month of  November-2013 and December-2013 in ZIP format is enclosed at below mentioned link for kind perusal and necessary action please. --
Please open all the below mentioned list in Excel-2007 and above format.
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The International Postal System Web Client ( IPS Web Client ) designed to faciliate data entry of booking, attempted delivery and final delivery particulars of International Registered, EMS articles and International Parcels.
The list of undelivered International Inbound articles sent by various Office of Exchanges in india (whose delivery information’s are yet to be updated by respective delivery post offices through IPS web client) and list of delivered articles at delivery post offices in the month of  November-2013 and December-2013 in ZIP format is enclosed at below mentioned link for kind perusal and necessary action please. --
Please open all the below mentioned list in Excel-2007 and above format.
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The International Postal System Web Client ( IPS Web Client ) designed to faciliate data entry of booking, attempted delivery and final delivery particulars of International Registered, EMS articles and International Parcels.
The list of undelivered International Inbound articles sent by various Office of Exchanges in india (whose delivery information’s are yet to be updated by respective delivery post offices through IPS web client) and list of delivered articles at delivery post offices in the month of  November-2013 and December-2013 in ZIP format is enclosed at below mentioned link for kind perusal and necessary action please. --
Please open all the below mentioned list in Excel-2007 and above format.
Kindly find below 04 download links to see the lists of Undelivered / Delivered International IPSWEB articles.