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          Star Wars Characters for MSH   

Rescued from Ty States old site.
For Boba Fett and the other Bounty Hunters, see the previous post, here.


Jedi Knight
F- RM (30)
A- RM (30)
S- GD (10)
E- RM (30)
R- EX (20)
I- UN (100)
P- UN (100)
H- 100
K- 220
P- 20
Resist Domination, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Medicine, Occult, Thief, Vehicles, Weaponry- Firearms, Weapons Specialist- Light Saber, Astrogation, Computers, Repair/Tinkering, First Aid, Pilot.

New Republic, Solo's family.

Light Saber- RM (30) material strength
Energy Touch- Heat MN (75)
Reflection MN (75)
Blaster: EX (20) damage; range 5 areas
Mechanical Hand: RM (30) material strength; EX (20) strength


Control UN (100)
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Combat Trance
Control Disease
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attributes
Hibernation Trance
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun

Sense MN (75)
Blind Sense
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Hyperspace Tracking
Instinctive Astrogration
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy
Sense Disturbance
Sense Force
Sense Spirit
Time Sense
Truth Sense

Alter AM (50)
Blaster Combat
Lightsaber Combat Projective Telepathy
Accelerate Other's Healing
Force Lights
Inflict Pain
Affect Mind


F- EX (20)
A- EX (20)
S- GD (10)
E- EX (20)
R- GD (10)
I- EX (20)
P- EX (20)
H- 70
K- 50
P- 15

Acrobatics, Computers, Detective, Martial Arts B, E, Military, Thief, Vehicles, Guns, Gambling, Repair/Tinkering, Astrogation, Pilot.

Luke Skywalker, New Republic

Blaster EX (20) damage

SPEED: SH-X (Hyper-Space CL. 5000)
2 Quad Laser Cannons RM (30) Energy
Concussion Missles IN (40) Force
Sensor Dish IN (40)
Escape Pod  


F- GD (10)
A- GD (10)
S- TY (6)
E- EX (20)
R- IN (40)
I- IN (40)
P- AM (50)
H- 46
K- 130
P- 25

Diplomacy, Acrobatics, Engineering, Leadership, Law, Criminology, Guns, Law Enforcement, Detective/Espionage, Marksman, Pilot, Physics, Electronics, Martial Arts A, B, C, D, E, Military, Computers.

Lightsaber- RM (30) Material Strength
Energy Touch- Heat MN(75)
Reflection- MN(75)
Blaster Pistol- EX (20) force


Control- AM (50)

Sense- AM (50)
Danger Sense
Life Sense



F- EX (20)
A- GD (10)
S- RM (30)
E- RM (30)
R- GD (10)
I- RM (30)
P- RM (30)
H- 90
K- 70
P- 10

Hyper-Olfactory EX
Hyper-Hearing PR
Tracking EX
Claws RM (30)
Resist Cold FB (2)
Thermal Vision PR

Computers, Repair/Tinkering, Engineering, Martial Arts B, C, Vehicles, Guns, Astrogation, Gambling, First Aid, Pilot.

Han Solo, New Republic.

Crossbow EX (20) damage


F- EX (20)
A- EX (20)
S- TY (6)
E- GD (10)
R- EX (20)
I- EX (20)
P- GD (10)
H- 56
K- 50
P- 20

Acrobatics, Detective, Medicine, Military, Thief, Guns, Vehicles, Gambling, Mining, Business/Finance, Astrogation, Computers, Repair/Tinkering, Pilot.

Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, New Republic, Mining Industry.

Blaster EX (20) damage


F- FB (2)
A- FB (2)
S- PR (4)
E- EX (20)
R- EX (20)
I- TY (6)
P- TY (6)
H- 28
K- 32
R- N/A
P- 0

Claws GD (10)
Resist Cold GD (10)
Comprehend Languages TY (6)
Energy Sponge TY (6)
Heat Vision GD (10)
Circular Vision
Life Detection RM (30)
Radarsense IN (40)
Radio Communication MN (75)
Total Memory UN (100)
Body Resistance PR (4)
Communicate with Cybernetics MN (75)

Computers, Detective, Thief, Vehicles, Languages, First Aid, Pilot.

C3PO, Luke Skywalker

Grappling Hook & Line- 3 area range
Fire Extinguisher


F- FB (2)
A- PR (4)
S- TY (6)
E- EX (20)
R- EX (20)
I- TY (6)
P- TY (6)
H- 32
K- 32
R- N/A
P- 0

Resist Cold GD (10)
Comprehend Languages UN (100)
Hyper-Hearing GD (10)
Microscopic Vision GD (10)
Total Memory UN (100)
Communicate with Cybernetics UN (100)
Telescopic Vision PR

Computers, Languages, First Aid.

R2D2, Luke Skywalker, Ewoks


F- FB (2)
A- FB (2)
S- FB (2)
E- PR (4)
R- IN (40)
I- UN (100)
P- UN (100)
H- 10
K- 240
P- 50

Alien Species, Bureaucracy, Cultures, Languages, Planetary Systems, Astrogation, Bargain, Leadership, Gambling, Persuasion, First Aid, Jedi Lore.
Jedi Knights.

Control SH-Y
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attributes
Hibernation Trance
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun
Short-term Memory Enhancement

Sense SH-X
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Instinctive Astrogration
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy
Sense Disturbance
Sense Force
Sense Path

Alter UN
Lightsaber Combat Projective Telepathy
Accelerate Other's Healing
Control Another's Pain
Return Another to Consciousness
Transfer Force
Dim Other's Senses
Affect Mind
Control Mind
Force Harmony


Annakin Skywalker
F- IN (40)
A- RM (30)
S- RM (30)
E- IN (40)
R- EX (20)
I- UN (100)
P- UN (100)
H- 130
K- 220
P- (-75)

Leadership, Occult (the Force), Military, Space Pilot, Martial Arts D.


Light Saber Rem material strength
Energy Blade Psyche (UN-100) rank damage
Reflection Psyche (UN-100) energy reflection


Control SH-X (150)
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attributes
Hibernation Trance
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun

Sense UN (100)
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Instinctive Astrogration
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy
Sense Force

Alter MN (75)
Lightsaber Combat Projective Telepathy
Feed on Dark Side
Inflict Pain
Affect Mind
Telekinetic Kill


F- TY (6)
A- TY (6)
S- PR (4)
E- TY (6)
R- IN (40)
I- UN (100)
P- UN (100)
H- 22
K- 240
P- (-50)

Alien Species, Bureaucracy, Cultures, Intimidation, Law Enforcement, Military History, Planetary Systems, Archaic Library Systems, Arcane Technologies, Clone Vat Systems, Dark Side Lore, Jedi Lore, Lightsaber Histories, Fleet Tactics, Ground Assault Tactics, Leadership, Bargain, Detective/Espionage, Lightsaber Repair.



Control SH-Y
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Enhance Attributes
Hibernation Trance
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious
Resist Stun
Short-term Memory Enhancement

Sense SH-X
Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Instinctive Astrogration
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Receptive Telepathy
Sense Force

Alter UN
Lightsaber Combat Projective Telepathy
Accelerate Other's Healing
Control Another's Pain
Feed on Dark Side
Force Lightning
Inflict Pain
Return Another to Consciousness
Transfer Force
Affect Mind
Control Mind
Drain Life Essence
Enhanced Coordination
Telekinetic Kill
Transfer Life
Dim Other's Senses


F- TY (6)
A- TY (6)
S- TY (6)
E- GD (10)
R- IN (40)
I- RM (30)
P- IN (40)
H- 28
K- 110
P- 0

Artist, Detective, Martial Arts E, Military, Vehicles, Guns, Leadership.



F- EX (20)
A- GD (10)
S- TY (6)
E- GD (10)
R- RM (30)
I- IN (40)
P- IN (40)
H- 446
K- 110
P- 0

Guns, Martial Arts E, Acrobatics, Law, Law Enforcement, Pilot, Military, Criminology, Computers, Electronics, Leadership.

Blaster Pistol- EX (20) Force



H- 70
K- 36 Equipment: Blaster Rifle EX Energy damage or intensity stun
Armor GD vs. Physical; TY vs. Energy 


F- GD (10)
A- PR (4)
S- PR (4)
E- EX (20)
R- EX (20)
I- RM (30)
P- RM (30)
H- 38
K- 80
P- (-30)

Special Abilities:
Force Resistance
Hutts have an innate defense against Force based mind-manipulation techniques. They receive a +2CS to resist.

Resist Domination, Bereaucracy, Business/Finance, Cultures, Intimidation, Languages, Law Enforcement, Streetwise, Bargaining, Leadership, Gambling, Persuasion.

Galactic Underworld, Empire.

cannot move without assistance
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Under the Radar   
Or just CLICK THIS LINK to start shopping for anything. Don't worry - anything you buy through it will pay Daily Pundit a commission! Thanks! In a June 26 dissent that accompanied the Supreme Court of the United States' announcement that it would not hear Peruta v.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Grad Down The Track: Di Caplinska   
We haven't done one of these profiles for a while..

Hello all.

Something a little different today, but a feature that's something that (hopefully), older AdGrads readers will remember. We've got a fairly recent grad, Di Caplinska, who is a planner at Euro RSCG, to write for us about how she got into the business.

So, without further's Di's account:

"On a number of occasions recently I have found myself on the receiving end of questions from soon-to-be graduates about how to get into this tricky industry. A number of paths can be proffered, but how people get into their first advertising job are always interesting - and never straightforward. So with some encouragement from Will and AdGrads, whose contribution to my journey has been invaluable, I have decided to write up mine, as long-winded and frustrating at times as it was.

Coming from Latvia, a small country loved by British stag dos, feared by Scandinavian ice hockey teams, and hated by the IMF, advertising was never really on my radar. Being born in a family of Soviet engineers and spending summer holidays in Maths camps didn’t exactly further my exposure to the industry that is, frankly, still in its infancy anyway (as you’d expect from a country dealing with a communist hangover). My love affair with advertising kicked off when I moved to the UK for University and studied Business, later switching to Marketing - focusing on Brand Management in my final year. At the same time, suddenly finding myself in a new country provoked a deep interest in all things ‘culture, people, and the way they think’, so I started observing the world from an outsider’s perspective to an almost scientific degree. One would have said that is a pretty clear path into Planning, but not before I spent a year in the corporate world of B2B Marketing; something which helped to confirm that it’s not for me. 

My first exposure to advertising in practice (as opposed to through books, blogs, and newsletters – all in this deck) was with JWT London as part of their 2 week Account Management placement just before the start of my final year. Apart from meeting great people, having to squeeze a gigantic papier-mache cow into an elevator, and running 5k in holey Converse, it confirmed my intuitive leaning towards Planning, as well as teaching me very valuable lesson. Namely, that getting in was going to be painful, especially if you don’t have any relevant family contacts, and even more so if your alma mater is outside the Russell Group. And…let’s just say I felt like I was doomed as I wasn't born speaking English and wasn't able to master some eloquent assessment centre banter. With this positive outlook, I decided to harass the finest of JWT’s Planners for advice. Some shared interview wisdom, others bought me encouraging cups of coffee, and one pointed me towards Miami Ad School’s Planning Bootcamp in case graduate schemes didn’t quite work out.

And they didn’t. In the interests of putting my dissertation first, I limited my applications to Planning positions only and managed to secure two final rounds – at Dare and Leo Burnett, but sadly, I didn’t land the coveted gig. In parallel to this, in the climate when redundancies were far more popular than graduate schemes, I pulled out at all stops. I ran a cheeky recruitment Facebook ad that got blogging exposure and some LinkedIn introductions, I milked what advice my lecturers had to give, crashed semi-relevant industry events with a handful of (pretty embarrassing, frankly) business cards, and watched agency twitter feeds for internship opportunities. And when my university wasn’t part of the advertising recruitment milkround, I blagged my way into the one that was - Oxford, which was conveniently next door.

Unemployment panic aside, my graduation week culminated in shooting a cringeworthy video about how geeks are the new mainstream as part of my Miami Ad School application. Less than a month later I was in their Hamburg office trying to shake off that ‘Business School student’ look and soak in all the ideas flying around. Probably the most tangible thing I came out with a few months later was this ‘Junior Planner for Hire’ presentation that has been viewed over 1,000 times since. And then I came across The Planner Survey, an annual report on the state of Planning in the world lovingly crafted by Heather LeFevre, which provided a handy list of relevant recruiters in the UK. In the end I got a break with the help of wise, genuinely interested, and very well-connected people at Copper who helped me land an internship at EuroRSCG London which eventually led to a permanent position.

There it is, a very happy ending! And now, in the interests of keeping karma on my side, I’ve put together this presentation of ultimate tips on getting into the industry. Enjoy it, pass it on, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions."

Thanks very much, Di. I hope that was interesting for you, AdGrads folk.

          India and the Balance of Power   

India is arriving on the world stage as the first large, economically powerful, culturally vibrant, multiethnic, multireligious democracy outside of the geographic West. As it rises, India has the potential to become a leading member of the "political West" and to play a key role in the great political struggles of the next decades. Whether it will, and how soon, depends above all on the readiness of the Western powers to engage India on its own terms.


India's grand strategy divides the world into three concentric circles. In the first, which encompasses the immediate neighborhood, India has sought primacy and a veto over the actions of outside powers. In the second, which encompasses the so-called extended neighborhood stretching across Asia and the Indian Ocean littoral, India has sought to balance the influence of other powers and prevent them from undercutting its interests. In the third, which includes the entire global stage, India has tried to take its place as one of the great powers, a key player in international peace and security.

Three things have historically prevented India from realizing these grand strategic goals. First, the partition of the South Asian subcontinent along religious lines (first into India and Pakistan, in 1947, then into India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, in 1971) left India with a persistent conflict with Pakistan and an internal Hindu-Muslim divide. It also physically separated India from historically linked states such as Afghanistan, Iran, and the nations of Southeast Asia. The creation of an avowedly Islamic state in Pakistan caused especially profound problems for India's engagement with the Middle East. Such tensions intertwined with regional and global great-power rivalries to severely constrict India's room for maneuver in all three concentric circles.

The second obstacle was the Indian socialist system, which caused a steady relative economic decline and a consequent loss of influence in the years after independence. The state-socialist model led India to shun commercial engagement with the outside world. As a result, India was disconnected from its natural markets and culturally akin areas in the extended neighborhood.

Finally, the Cold War, the onset of which quickly followed India's independence, pushed India into the arms of the Soviet Union in response to Washington's support for Pakistan and China -- and thus put the country on the losing side of the great political contest of the second half of the twentieth century. Despite being the largest democracy in the world, India ended up siding with the opposite camp on most global issues.

The last decade of the twentieth century liberated India from at least two of these constraints; state socialism gave way to economic liberalization and openness to globalization, and the Cold War ended. Suddenly, New Delhi was free to reinvent its foreign policy -- positioning itself to face the rise of China, shifting its strategic approach to its other neighbors, and beginning to work closely with the world's existing great powers.


India's recent embrace of openness and globalization has had an especially dramatic effect on the country's role in the region. As the nations of the subcontinent jettison their old socialist agendas, India is well positioned to promote economic integration. Although the pace has been relatively slow, the process has begun to gain traction. The planned implementation of the South Asian Free Trade Agreement this summer signals the coming reintegration of the subcontinent's markets, which constituted a single economic space until 1947.

At the same time, optimism on the economic front must be tempered by an awareness of the problematic political developments in India's smaller neighbors. The struggle for democracy and social justice in Nepal, interminable political violence and the rise of Islamic extremism in Bangladesh, and the simmering civil war in Sri Lanka underscore the potential dangers of failing states on the subcontinent. There are also the uncertain futures of Pakistan and Afghanistan: defeating religious extremism and creating modern and moderate states in both countries is of paramount importance to India. A successful Indian strategy for promoting peace and prosperity within the region would require preventing internal conflicts from undermining regional security, as well as resolving India's own conflicts with its neighbors.

In the past, great-power rivalries, as well as India's own tensions with Pakistan and China, have complicated New Delhi's effort to maintain order in the region. Today, all of the great powers, including the United States and China, support the Indian objective of promoting regional economic integration. The Bush administration has also started to defer to Indian leadership on regional security issues. Given the new convergence of U.S. and Indian interests in promoting democracy and countering extremism and terrorism, New Delhi no longer suspects Washington of trying to undercut its influence in the region. As a result, it is more prepared than ever to work with the United States and other Western powers to pursue regional goals.

Meanwhile, the external environment has never been as conducive as it is today to the resolution of the Indo-Pakistani conflict over Kashmir. The conflict has become less and less relevant to India's relations with the great powers, which has meant a corresponding willingness on New Delhi's part to work toward a solution. Of particular importance has been the steady evolution of the U.S. position on Kashmir since the late 1990s. The support extended by President Bill Clinton to India in its limited war with Pakistan in 1999 removed the perception that Washington would inevitably align with Islamabad in regional conflicts. But India remained distrustful of the Clinton administration's hyperactive, prescriptive approach to Kashmir. It has been more comfortable with the low-key methods of the Bush administration, which has avoided injecting itself directly into the conflict. The Bush administration has also publicly held Pakistan responsible for cross-border terrorism and has extracted the first-ever assurances from Pakistan to put an end to the attacks. New Delhi does not entirely believe these promises, but it has nonetheless come to trust Washington as a source of positive of influence on Islamabad.

These developments have opened the way for a peace process between the two governments. With the growing awareness that the normalization of relations with Pakistan would end a debilitating conflict and help India's regional and global standing, New Delhi has begun to negotiate seriously for the first time in decades. Although the pace of talks has not satisfied Pakistan, the two sides have agreed on a range of confidence-building measures. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rejected the idea of giving up territory, but he has often called for innovative solutions that would improve living conditions and for common institutions that would connect Kashmiris across the Line of Control. Singh has made clear that the Indian leadership is ready to risk political capital on finding a diplomatic solution to Kashmir.

India's recent effort to resolve its long-standing border dispute with China has been just as bold. New Delhi decided in 2003 to seek a settlement with Beijing on a political basis, rather than on the basis of legal or historical claims. As a result, during Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to New Delhi in April 2005, India and China agreed on a set of principles to guide the final settlement. The two governments are now exploring the contours of mutually satisfactory territorial compromises.

India's search for practical solutions to the disputes over Kashmir and its border with China suggests that the country has finally begun to overcome the obsession with territoriality that has consumed it since its formation. Ironically, the nuclearization of India and Pakistan in 1998 may have helped in this regard: although nuclearization initially sharpened New Delhi's conflicts with both Islamabad and Beijing, it also allowed India to approach its territorial problems with greater self-assurance and pragmatism.


Progress on the resolution of either of these conflicts, especially the one over Kashmir, would liberate India's political and diplomatic energies so that the country could play a larger role in the world. It would also finally release India's armed forces from the constraining mission of territorial defense, allowing them to get more involved in peace and stability operations around the Indian Ocean. Even with all the tensions on the subcontinent, the armies of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have been among the biggest contributors to UN peacekeeping operations. The normalization of Indo-Pakistani relations would further free up some of the best armed forces in the world for the promotion of the collective good in the greater Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Even as the Kashmir and China questions have remained unsettled, India's profile in its extended neighborhood has grown considerably since the early 1990s. India's outward economic orientation has allowed it to reestablish trade and investment linkages with much of its near abroad. New Delhi is negotiating a slew of free- and preferential-trade agreements with individual countries as well as multilateral bodies including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and the Southern African Development Community. Just as China has become the motor of economic growth in East Asia, a rising India could become the engine of economic integration in the Indian Ocean region.

After decades of being marginalized from regional institutions in different parts of Asia, India is also now a preferred political partner for ASEAN, the East Asian Summit, the GCC, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the African Union. Moreover, it has emerged as a major aid donor; having been an aid recipient for so long, India is now actively leveraging its own external assistance to promote trade as well as political objectives. For example, India has given $650 million in aid to Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban. Meanwhile, the search for oil has encouraged Indian energy companies to tail their Western and Chinese counterparts throughout the world, from Central Asia and Siberia and to western Africa and Venezuela.

On the security side, India has been actively engaged in defense diplomacy. Thanks to the strength of its armed forces, India is well positioned to assist in stabilizing the Indian Ocean region. It helps that there has been a convergence of U.S. and Indian political interests: countering terrorism, pacifying Islamic radicalism, promoting democracy, and ensuring the security of sea-lanes, to name a few. The Indian navy in particular has been at the cutting edge of India's engagement with the region -- as was evident from its ability to deploy quickly to areas hit by the tsunami at the end of 2004. The Indian navy today is also ready to participate in multinational military operations.


The end of the Cold War freed India to pursue engagement with all the great powers -- but especially the United States. At the start of the 1990s, finding that its relations with the United States, China, Japan, and Europe were all underdeveloped, India moved quickly to repair the situation. Discarding old socialist shibboleths, it began to search for markets for its products and capital to fuel its long-constrained domestic growth. Economic partnerships were easy to construct, and increasing trade flows provided a new basis for stability in India's relations with other major powers. India's emergence as an outsourcing destination and its new prowess in information technology also give it a niche in the world economy -- along with the confidence that it can benefit from economic globalization.

Barely 15 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, India's omnidirectional engagement with the great powers has paid off handsomely. Never before has India had such expansive relations with all the major powers at the same time -- a result not only of India's increasing weight in the global economy and its growing power potential, but also of New Delhi's savvy and persistent diplomacy.

The evolution of Sino-Indian ties since the 1990s has been especially important and intriguing. Many see violent conflict between the two rising Asian powers as inevitable. But thanks to New Delhi's policy of actively engaging China since the late 1980s, the tensions that characterized relations between them from the late 1950s through the 1970s have become receding memories. Bilateral trade has boomed, growing from less than $200 million in the early 1990s to nearly $20 billion in 2005. In fact, China is set to overtake the European Union and the United States as India's largest trading partner within a few years. The 3,500-kilometer Sino-Indian border, over which the two countries fought a war in 1962, is now tranquil. And during Wen's visit to India in April 2005, India and China announced a "strategic partnership" -- even though just seven years earlier New Delhi had cited concerns over China as a reason for performing nuclear tests, prompting a vicious reaction from Beijing.

India has also cooperated with China in order to neutralize it in conflicts with Pakistan and other smaller neighbors. In the past, China tended to be a free rider on regional security issues, proclaiming noninterference in the internal affairs of other nations while opportunistically befriending regimes in pursuit of its long-term strategic interests. This allowed India's subcontinental neighbors to play the China card against New Delhi when they wanted to resist India's attempts to nudge them toward conflict resolution. But now, Beijing has increasingly avoided taking sides in India's disputes, even as its economic and security profile in the region has grown.

China is not the only Asian power that India is aiming to engage and befriend. Japan has also emerged as an important partner for India, especially since Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has transformed Japanese politics in the last few years. During a visit to New Delhi just a couple of weeks after Wen's in April 2005, Koizumi announced Japan's own "strategic partnership" with India. (This came despite Japan's harsh reaction to India's nuclear test in 1998, which prompted Japanese sanctions and an effort by Tokyo to censure India in the United Nations and other multilateral forums.) Amid growing fears of a rising China and the incipient U.S.-Indian alliance, Japan has elevated India to a key player in its long-term plans for Asian security.

Recognizing the need to diversify its Asian economic portfolio, Tokyo has also, for political reasons, begun to direct some of its foreign investment to India (which has overtaken China as the largest recipient of Japanese development assistance). Since the start of the Bush administration, Japan has also shown increasing interest in expanding military cooperation with India, especially in the maritime domain. India, too, has recognized that it shares with Japan an interest in energy security and in maintaining a stable balance of power in Asia. Japan actively supported India's participation in the inaugural East Asian Summit, in December 2005, despite China's reluctance to include New Delhi. Neither India nor Japan wants to base their political relationship exclusively on a potential threat from China, but both know that deepening their own security cooperation will open up new strategic options and that greater coordination between Asian democracies could limit China's impact.

India's relations with Europe have been limited by the fact that New Delhi is fairly unimpressed with Europe's role in global politics. It senses that Europe and India have traded places in terms of their attitudes toward the United States: while Europe seethes with resentment of U.S. policies, India is giving up on habitually being the first, and most trenchant, critic of Washington. As pessimism overtakes Europe, growing Indian optimism allows New Delhi to support unpopular U.S. policies. Indians consistently give both the United States and the Bush administration very favorable marks; according to a recent Pew Global Attitudes poll, for example, the percentage of Indians with a positive view of the United States rose from 54 percent in 2002 to 71 percent in 2005. And whereas a declining Europe has tended to be skeptical of India's rise, the Bush administration has been fully sympathetic to India's great-power aspirations.

Still, India does have growing economic and political ties with some European powers. Although many smaller European countries have been critical of the U.S.-Indian nuclear deal, the continent's two nuclear powers, France and the United Kingdom, have been supportive. Paris, in particular, bet long ago (well before Washington did, in fact) that a rising India would provide a good market for high-tech goods; with this in mind, it shielded New Delhi from the ire of the G-8 (the group of eight highly industrialized nations) after India tested nuclear weapons in May 1998. In the last several years, the United Kingdom has also started to seize economic opportunities in India and has been generally accommodating of New Delhi's regional and global aspirations.

In the wake of the Soviet Union's collapse, India also worked to maintain a relationship with Russia. The two states resolved residual issues relating to their old semi-barter rupee-ruble trading arrangements, recast their 1971 peace and friendship treaty, and maintained military cooperation. When President Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin, in 2000, India's waiting game paid off. A newly assertive Moscow was determined to revive and expand its strategic cooperation with India. New Delhi's only problems with Moscow today are the weakening bilateral trade relationship and the risk of Russia's doing too much to strengthen China's military capabilities.


At the end of the Cold War, the prospect of India's building a new political relationship with the United States seemed remote. Washington had long favored Pakistan and China in the region, India had in turn aligned itself with the Soviet Union, and a number of global issues seemed to pit the two countries against each other. Yet after the Cold War, India set about wooing the United States. For most of the Clinton administration, this sweet-talking fell on deaf ears, in part because Clinton officials were so focused on the Kashmir dispute and nonproliferation. Clinton, driven by the unshakable assumption that Kashmir was one of the world's most dangerous "nuclear flashpoints" and so needed to be defused, emphasized "preventive diplomacy" and was determined to "cap, roll back, and eventually eliminate" India's nuclear capabilities. Of course, Clinton's approach ran headlong into India's core national security concerns -- territorial integrity and preserving its nuclear option. Pressed by Washington to circumscribe its strategic capabilities, New Delhi reacted by testing nuclear weapons.

But even as it faced U.S. sanctions, New Delhi also began to proclaim that India was a natural ally of the United States. Although the Clinton administration was not interested in an alliance, the nuclear tests forced the United States to engage India seriously for the first time in five decades. That engagement did not resolve the nuclear differences, but it did bring Clinton to India in March 2000 -- the first American presidential visit to India in 22 years. Clinton's personal charm, his genuine empathy for India, and his unexpected support of India in the 1999 war with Pakistan succeeded in improving the atmospherics of the relations and in putting New Delhi on Washington's radar screen in a new way.

It took Bush, however, to transform the strategic context of U.S.-Indian relations. Convinced that India's influence will stretch far beyond its immediate neighborhood, Bush has reconceived the framework of U.S. engagement with New Delhi. He has removed many of the sanctions, opened the door for high-tech cooperation, lent political support to India's own war on terrorism, ended the historical U.S. tilt toward Pakistan on Kashmir, and repositioned the United States in the Sino-Indian equation by drawing closer to New Delhi.

India has responded to these sweeping changes by backing the Bush administration on missile defense, the International Criminal Court, and finding alternative approaches to confronting global warming. It lent active support to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan by protecting U.S. assets in transit through the Strait of Malacca in 2002, agreed to work with the United States on multinational military operations outside of the UN framework, and, in 2005 and 2006, voted twice with Washington against Iran -- an erstwhile Indian ally -- at the International Atomic Energy Agency. India also came close to sending a division of troops to Iraq in the summer of 2003 before pulling back at the last moment. Every one of these actions marked a big departure in Indian foreign policy. And although disappointed by India's decision to stay out of Iraq, the Bush administration recognized that India was in the midst of a historic transformation of its foreign policy -- and kept faith that India's own strategic interests would continue to lead it toward deeper political cooperation with Washington. New Delhi's persistence in reaching out to Washington since 1991 has been driven by the belief that only by fundamentally changing its relationship with the world's sole superpower could it achieve its larger strategic objectives: improving its global position and gaining leverage in its relations with other great powers.

But India's ability to engage everyone at the same time might soon come to an end. As U.S.-Chinese tensions grow and Washington looks for ways to manage China's influence, questions about India's attitude toward the new power politics will arise: Can India choose to remain "nonaligned" between the United States and China, or does India's current grand strategy show a clear bias toward the United States?

The nuclear pact unveiled by Bush and Singh in July 2005 -- and consolidated when Bush went to New Delhi in March 2006 -- was an effort by Washington to influence the ultimate answer to that question. Bush offered to modify U.S. nonproliferation laws (subject to approval by Congress, of course) and revise the global nuclear order to facilitate full cooperation with India on civilian nuclear energy. New Delhi, in return, has promised to separate its civilian and military nuclear programs, place its civilian nuclear plants under international safeguards, and abide by a range of nonproliferation obligations. India's interest in such a deal has been apparent for a long time. Having failed to test weapons before the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty was drafted, in 1968, India was trapped in an uncomfortable position vis-à-vis the nuclear order: it was not willing to give up the nuclear option, but it could not be formally accommodated by the nonproliferation regime as a nuclear weapons state.

India's motives for wanting a change in the nuclear regime are thus obvious. But for the Bush administration, the deal is less about nuclear issues than it is about creating the basis for a true alliance between the United States and India -- about encouraging India to work in the United States' favor as the global balance of power shifts. Ironically, it was the lack of a history of mutual trust and cooperation -- stemming in part from past nuclear disputes -- that convinced the Bush administration that a nuclear deal was necessary.


Many critics argue that the Bush administration's hopes for an alliance are misplaced. They insist that the traditionally nonaligned India will never be a true ally of the United States. But such critics misunderstand India's nonalignment, as well as the nature of its realpolitik over the past 60 years. Contrary to a belief that is especially pervasive in India itself, New Delhi has not had difficulty entering into alliances when its interests so demanded. Its relationship with the Soviet Union, built around a 1971 peace and friendship treaty, had many features of an alliance (notwithstanding India's claim that such ties were consistent with nonalignment); the compact was in many ways a classic response to the alignment of Washington, Beijing, and Islamabad. India has also had treaty-based security relationships with two of its smaller neighbors, Bhutan and Nepal, that date back to 1949-50 -- protectorate arrangements that were a reaction to China's entry into Tibet.

In fact, there is no contradiction between India's alleged preference for "moralpolitik" (in opposition to pure power politics, or Machtpolitik) and the Bush administration's expectation of an alliance with India. New Delhi is increasingly replacing the idea of "autonomy," so dear to Indian traditionalists, with the notion of India's becoming a "responsible power." (Autonomy is thought appropriate for weak states trying to protect themselves from great-power competition but not for a rising force such as India.) As India starts to recognize that its political choices have global consequences, it will become less averse to choosing sides on specific issues. Alliance formation and balancing are tools in the kits of all great powers -- and so they are likely to be in India's as well.

That India is capable of forming alliances does not, however, mean that it will necessarily form a long-term one with the United States. Whether it does will depend on the extent of the countries' shared interests and their political capacity to act on them together. The Bush administration expects that such shared interests -- for example, in balancing China and countering radical Islam in the Middle East -- will provide the basis for long-term strategic cooperation. This outcome is broadly credible, but it is by no means inevitable, especially given the United States' seeming inability to build partnerships based on equality.

When it comes to facing a rising China, India's tendency to engage in regional balancing with Beijing has not come to an end with the proclamation of a strategic partnership between the two nations. Indeed, preventing China from gaining excessive influence in India's immediate neighborhood and competing with Beijing in Southeast Asia are still among the more enduring elements of India's foreign policy. Despite Western concerns about the military regime in Myanmar, New Delhi has vigorously worked to prevent Yangon from falling completely under Beijing's influence, and India's military ties with the Southeast Asian nations are expanding rapidly. In 2005, when Pakistan pushed for giving China observer status in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, India acted quickly to bring Japan, South Korea, and the United States in as well. Given India's deep-seated reluctance to play second fiddle to China in Asia and the Indian Ocean region -- and the relative comfort of working with a distant superpower -- there is a structural reason for New Delhi to favor greater security cooperation with Washington.

In the Middle East, too, India has a common interest with the United States in preventing the rise of radical Islam, which poses an existential threat to India. Given its large Muslim population -- at nearly 150 million, the third largest in the world -- and the ongoing tensions stemming from the subcontinent's partition, India has in the past acted on its own to avert the spread of radical Islam. When Washington aligned with conservative Islamic forces in the Middle East during the Cold War, India's preference was for secular nationalist forces in the region. When the United States acted ambivalently toward the Taliban in the mid-1990s, India worked with Russia, Iran, and the Central Asian states to counter the Taliban by supporting the Northern Alliance. Now, although some in India are concerned that alignment with the United States might make India a prime target for Islamist extremists, there is no way India can compromise with radical Islam, which threatens its very unity.

But shared interests do not automatically produce alliances. The inequality of power between the two countries, the absence of a habit of political cooperation between them, and the remaining bureaucratic resistance to deeper engagement in both capitals will continue to limit the pace and the scope of strategic cooperation between India and the United States. Still, there is no denying that India will have more in common with the United States than with the other great powers for the foreseeable future.

While New Delhi has acknowledged that U.S. support is necessary for India's rise to be successful, Washington has recognized India's potentially critical role in managing emerging challenges to global order and security. As a major beneficiary of accelerating globalization, India could play a crucial role in ensuring that other developing countries manage their transitions as successfully as it has, that is, by taking advantage of opportunities while working to reduce the pain of disruption. Given the pace of its expansion and the scale of its economy, India will also become an important force in ensuring that the unfolding global redistribution of economic power occurs in an orderly fashion. Meanwhile, India could become a key player in the effort to modernize the politics of the Middle East. If nothing else, India's success in ensuring the rights and the integration of its own Muslim minority and in reaching peace with Pakistan would have a powerful demonstration effect.

To secure a long-term partnership with India, Washington must build on the argument of "Indian exceptionalism" that it has advanced in defense of the recent nuclear pact, devising a range of India-specific policies to deepen cooperation. India is unlikely, however, to become a mere subsidiary partner of the United States, ready to sign on to every U.S. adventure and misadventure around the world. It will never become another U.S. ally in the mold of the United Kingdom or Japan. But nor will it be an Asian France, seeking tactical independence within the framework of a formal alliance.

Given the magnitude of the global security challenges today, the United States needs more than meek allies. It should instead be looking to win capable and compatible partners. A rising India may be difficult at times, but it will act broadly to defend and promote the many interests it shares with Washington. Assisting India's rise, then, is in the United States' own long-term interest.

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Hot Stove Heating Up Under Tannehill   
The race for Tannehill is heating up as it comes down to the wire. The St. Louis Bishops have had their name cleared after inking C Alex Romo to a monster deal. But a few new teams are being circulated around the winter meetings as possible suitors for the crown jewel of the free agency market.

The Minnesota Lumberjacks have signed a few sizable 5-year deals already and now are getting some buzz as possibly pursuing Tannehill. The money is there, but will adding Tannehill to the other contracts anchor this team down in a few years?

The other team that fell under the initial radar sweep is the Los Angeles Aces. While Jacksonville remains the leading candidate, they would be happiest to see Los Angeles take home the trophy if they cannot. While Minnesota had an unprotected draft pick, they already forfeited it by signing SP Josias Estrada. Los Angeles' first round pick is unprotected, and as yet still their own.

There is not much time left, but the intrigue builds thicker than ever? Where will "Rolls" Royce Tannehill land?
          Resensi Film-Tugas Individu-Antara Keinginan dan Kenyataan   
Judul : Batas
Produser : Marcella Zalianty
Sutradara : Rudi Soedjarwo
Penulis :Slamet Rahardjo
Pemain : Marcella Zalianty, Arifin Putra, Piet Pagau, Jajang C Noer, Ardina Rasti, Otiq Pakis, Norman Akyuwen, Marcell Domits, Alifyandra, Tetty Liz Indriati.

Batas merupakan film yang menceritakan tentang seorang perempuan yang bernama Jaleswari, yang begitu ambisius dan totalitas dalam bekerja. Dia berani ditugaskan ke daerah pelosok Kalimantan yang terisolir dengan kondisi yang sedang hamil. Hal ini juga dilakukan untuk pelariannya melupakan kematian suami yang dicintainya, hingga ia berani mengambil segala resiko yang mungkin akan terjadi selama ia berada dalam daerah penugasan. Misinya yaitu untuk mencari tahu apa yang menjadi kendala sehingga program Corporate Social Responsibillity (CSR) di bidang pendidikan yang dilakukan oleh perusahaan tempatnya bekerja tidak berjalan dengan baik dan maksimal di Borneo, daerah perbatasan di pedalaman Kalimantan. Semua guru yang telah dikirim ke daerah perbatasan tersebut oleh perusahaannya, kembali lagi ke Jakarta dan hal ini berpengaruh terhadap proyek yang sedang dia jalankan. Hanya Adeus yang bertahan menjadi guru di sana, itupun karena dia adalah pemuda asli daerah itu. Untuk itulah, Jaleswari ditugaskan ke daerah tersebut untuk terjun langsung melihat sendiri apa yang terjadi sehingga program CSR perusahaannya tidak berjalan lancar. Kehidupan di pedalaman Kalimantan yang terisolir sangat jauh berbeda dengan kehidupannya di  Jakarta yang serba modern. Selain itu, masyarakat di sana juga memiliki cara pandang yang berbeda dalam memaknai arti garis perbatasan. Masyarakat Borneo lebih mementingkan anak-anaknya untuk bekerja daripada memperoleh pendidikan. Dengan segala kekurangan yang mereka miliki, mereka dihadapkan oleh sebuah perasaan apakah harus tetap tinggal di daerah kelahiran ataukah melewati batas perbatasan Indonesia-Malaysia untuk merasakan surga yang ditawarkan negara tetangga, ideologi bangsa pun diuji. Apalagi dengan batas teritori yang hanya ditandai dengan plang kecil, tanpa adanya pengawasan atau  monitor dari pemerintah, sehingga sangat mudah bagi mereka untuk keluar masuk perbatasan. Selama di sana, Jaleswari mengerti bahwa sistem pendidikan yang diinginkan perusahaannya tidak sesuai dengan keinginan masyarakat setempat.  Dia juga mengalami konflik batin saat berhadapan pada masalah kemanusiaan yang terjadi di daerah itu ataukah hanya terfokus pada misi awalnya yang ditugaskan oleh perusahaan. Persoalannya adalah masyarakat di sana lebih memilih bekerja daripada harus mengenyam pendidikan. Apalagi di sana ada Otik, salah seorang warga Borneo yang menginginkan warga di desa itu tetap bodoh, agar ia bisa dengan leluasa menjual perempuan-perempuan di tempat itu ke negara tetangga. Namun kehadiran Jaleswari yang penuh semangat dan optimistis telah membakar semangat anak-anak di sana, khususnya Borneo, untuk belajar. Tidak hanya itu, ia juga menularkan semangatnya pada Adeus, juga pada Panglima Galiong Bengker (Kepala Suku Dayak) untuk membuat warganya berpendidikan. Film ini juga mengajarkan tentang ideologi, bahwa realitanya banyak masyarakat Indonesia yang hidup di daerah perbatasan,  kemudian tergiur untuk hidup merantau ke negara sebelah yang lebih menjanjikan. Persoalannya adalah seberapa kuatkah kita untuk bertahan antara keinginan dan kenyataan. Selain itu film ini juga menampilkan sebuah daerah di pedalaman Kalimantan yang masih begitu kuat dengan nilai-nilai tradisional dan adat-istiadat yang kental, jauh dari peradaban dan kemajuan, dengan keterbatasan sarana dan prasarana, khususnya sarana pendidikan. Sebuah gambaran masyarakat dengan kondisi pendidikan yang sangat rendah. Para orangtua terkesan seperti membiarkan anak-anaknya tumbuh tanpa pendidikan, menganggap bahwa bekerja lebih penting daripada belajar, sebuah pemikiran yang sangat berbeda dari masyarakat kota. Tentunya mengubah cara pandang masyarakat yang seperti itu bukanlah hal yang mudah, butuh proses yang tidak sebentar dan tentunya dibutuhkan kesabaran dan pemahaman. Karena untuk bisa memahami orang lain maka harus dipahami dahulu cara berpikir orang tersebut. Padahal banyak anak di sana yang sebenarnya memiliki semangat untuk belajar dan bercita-cita tinggi, seperti Borneo misalnya, yang bercita-cita ingin menjadi presiden. Namun dengan kondisi daerah yang demikian, mereka tidak memiliki pilihan selain melakukan apa yang diharapkan orangtuanya. Terakhir adalah, film Batas ini memiliki makna batas yang beragam. Batas berarti sejauh mana batas seorang Jaleswari dalam mengenal lingkungan yang baru ia tinggali dan beradaptasi dengan segala perbedaannya, kemudian juga ada Adeus yang harus berhadapan dengan batas kemampuan dirinya dalam menghadapi masalah yang datang dari Otik, antara ingin memperjuangkan keinginan anak-anak untuk belajar ataukah menyerah pada tekanan-tekanan yang diberikan Otik untuk menghentikan langkahnya tersebut. Batas berarti  masyarakat yang hidup di daerah perbatasan Indonesia-Malaysia. Batas berarti hidup dalam keterbatasan pendidikan, sarana-prasarana maupun fasilitas. Batas berarti keterbatasan untuk memilih antara keinginan atau kenyataan.  Dan batas berarti betapa budaya dan adat istiadat menjadi batas dalam menjalani hidup. Secara keseluruhan, batas menggambarkan bagaimana sekelompok orang yang berusaha untuk keluar dari batas kenyamanan diri mereka ketika dihadapkan pada sebuah tantangan maupun permasalahan supaya bisa terselesaikan dengan segera. 

          Kritik-Tugas Individu-Batas Tak Berarti Terbatas   
Jaleswari suatu ketika ditugaskan oleh pimpinan perusahannya untuk menyelidiki penyebab gagalnya kegiatan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perusahaan mereka di sebuah daerah terpencil di perbatasan Kalimantan.  Dengan durasi tayangan yang hampir mencapai dua jam, Batas mencoba menceritakan mengenai banyak hal. Sejak awal, film ini diceritakan dengan begitu kompleks, dengan berbagai kasus, mulai dari menceritakan sosok Jaleswari dengan semangat dan optimistisnya, kemudian juga ada cerita daerah perbatasan Kalimantan yaitu wilayah Entikong, yang begitu terisolir dengan kualitas pendidikan yang begitu memprihatinkan, kemudian juga pemikiran masyarakat di sana bahwasanya anak-anak lebih baik bekerja daripada belajar. Lalu ada Otik, seorang warga Borneo yang menginginkan warga-warga  di sana agar tetap bodoh dan apatis terhadap pendidikan, supaya memuluskan jalannya untuk bisa memperjualbelikan para wanita di wilayah itu ke negara tetangga.  Juga ada Adeus, satu-satunya guru di Desa itu yang merasa  tertekan dengan ancaman dari Otik yang melarangnya untuk mengajar anak-anak di desa tersebut. Ada masalah Kepala Adat Dayak dan mantan istrinya yang hubungannya sudah tidak rukun lagi sejak kematian anaknya, dan terakhir tentang misteri kejadian yang dialami Ubuh, wanita misterius yang ditemukan warga setempat di Hutan dengan luka traumatiknya yang luar biasa. Film ini menceritakan banyak sisi dan begitu kompleks. Dan untuk menceritakan rangkaian konflik tersebut dengan lancar tentunya bukanlah hal yang mudah. Beberapa kali “Batas” terlihat seperti kehilangan fokus dalam penceritaannya. Dari satu cerita beralih ke cerita yang lain, dan perlahan-lahan setiap misteri dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang muncul dibenak penonton yang melihat film ini mulai terbuka dan terjawab. Walaupun saya merasa ada sedikit kebingungan dalam memaknai beberapa adegan dikarenakan ceritanya yang memuat beberapa sudut pandang, sehingga ada beberapa plot yang seakan tidak terselesaikan dengan baik. Walaupun begitu, sutradara film ini, Rudi Soedjarwo, mampu menghadirkan susunan cerita yang kuat dan menarik dengan menampilkan balutan gambar-gambar dengan panorama alam Entikong yang indah, adegan para tokoh yang begitu menjiwai setiap peran yang dimainkannya, mampu membuat penonton terhibur dan hanyut ke dalam alur cerita tersebut. Keunggulan dari film ini adalah walaupun cerita ini bukan berdasarkan kisah nyata, namun konflik yang dimunculkan dalam film ini merupakan fenomena atau realita yang kerap terjadi di wilayah perbatasan Kalimantan. Tentang nilai dan adat istiadatnya, sistem pendidikannnya, daerah yang terisolir dan jauh dari peradaban dan sentuhan kemajuan, serta tentang ideologi bangsa yang sering terkalahkan dengan realita bahwa masyarakat di wilayah perbatasan tersebut ingin hidup lebih baik dengan merantau ke negara tetangga yang lebih mampu menawarkan apa yang tidak mampu ditawarkan negaranya sendiri.

          Spy vs Spy: Stuck in the Funhouse   

Funhouses are only fun when you can leave them. When the distorting mirror images become your new, day-to-day reality construct, then it's not so much fun anymore. 

I dreaded the 2016 Election because I had a very strong feeling that no matter who won we'd be plunged into a dystopian paradigm in which major power blocs would erupt into all-out warfare. And I sensed that neither Trump nor Clinton possessed the political skills or the communicative powers to keep the carnage fully out of our view. Or our path.

And I was right.

Trump's only been in office for a little over two months and I'm exhausted already. I'm certainly not alone in this. It all feels like a TV sitcom in its seventh season, well after the writers ran out of story ideas. The shark has been good and jumped. And the ratings (the approval ratings, in this case) are plunging too.

What is truly demoralizing though is the utter transparency of the secret war playing out, the seemingly endless spy vs spy thrust and counter-thrust, and the obvious deceptions. Even more so is the Animal Farm-like metamorphosis of the Democratic Party into a full-blown, funhouse mirror of McCarthy-era Republicans, but with Glenn Beck-worthy conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure.

I don't know about you but all of a sudden the world seems especially cold, hard, gray, harsh. Masks are coming off, velvet gloves tossed into wastebins. It doesn't seem to matter who wins the scorpion fight, you're still stuck with a scorpion.  

We can't call out the play-by-play because it's largely being acted out behind closed doors. But we can look at the collateral damage and make certain speculations. There's no doubt that it would all be just as bad-- probably worse-- if Hillary won. Even so, this all feels especially grating.

You've probably seen this story:
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Friday apologized to the owner of a Washington pizzeria that became the subject of a conspiracy theory about human trafficking last year. 
Pizza shop Comet Ping Pong was thrust into the spotlight last year after a gunman allegedly fired a shot inside the restaurant. The suspect said he was investigating the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman, John Podesta, were operating a child sex trafficking ring out of the restaurant. 
The theory, which became known as Pizzagate, had circulated among far-right conspiracy theory websites and social media accounts. 
“In our commentary about what had become known as Pizzagate, I made comments about Mr. Alefantis that in hindsight I regret, and for which I apologize to him,” Jones, who runs Infowars, said in a video. James Alefantis is the owner of Comet Ping Pong. 
Jones said his website relied on reporters who are no longer employed by Infowars and that video reports about Pizzagate were removed from the website. He also invited Alefantis onto the show to discuss the incident.
It was preceded by this story:
According to McClatchy News, the FBI’s Russian-influence probe agents are exploring whether far-right news operations, including the pro-Donald Trump sites Breitbart News and Infowars, “took any actions to assist Russia’s operatives.”  Trump’s ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn and his son, a member of the Trump transition team, were among those who boosted the so-called “PizzaGate” pedophile conspiracy theory.
I doubt this will quell the fervor among the Pizzagaters on sites like 4chan and Voat. Given the suspicion many on the fringes regard Jones with it may in fact give the flagging movement a fresh jolt. Jones' apology may also have to do with the drive to purge YouTube of "extremist" content and the controversy over the use of advertising on videos corporate clients find objectionable. A World without Sin, as our Gordon might put it. 

Washington Post headline, pre-election.

So much for theories that the FBI was ready to make mass arrests of prominent Washington figures related to Pizzagate.  Has any "mass arrest" Internet story ever panned out?  

Maybe it has:
Donald Trump became president on Jan. 20. And in one short month, there were more than 1,500 arrests for sex crimes ranging from trafficking to pedophilia.  
Big deal? You bet. In all of 2014, there were fewer than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests, according to FBI crime statistics. Liz Crokin at has put together a great piece on the push by the Trump administration to crack down on sex crimes. And she notes that while "this should be one of the biggest stories in the national news... the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?
This may have nothing to do with Trump-- in fact, it's likely it doesn't-- since these kinds of actions are planned out months in advance. The arrests continue, in case you were wondering, with major busts going down on a near-weekly basis. Someone's cleaning house. 

For what it's worth, I always reckoned that Pizzagate was in fact cover/distraction for a more hidden struggle, one that would take place under the radar*. As I noted back in November:

No one is saying as much but this very much feels connected to a deeper, more covert war. 
Why would I say such a thing? Because at the same time the Pizzagate story went dark we've seen major strikes taken against international pedophilia, which actually is a global conspiracy, with its own networks, secret codes and moles within established centers of power such as schools, police departments and governments.  
With such combustible accusations-- and such potential for a scandal that could quickly spread out of control (ie., involve political figures you're not trying to destroy)-- you'd naturally expect the action to go dark and the fall guys to be placed pretty far down the foodchain. (Remember that a prior investigation bagged one of the most powerful people in Washington at one time, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert).†


It may be sheer coincidence, but James Alefantis' former partner suffered a major heart attack this week
Media Matters for America founder David Brock was rushed to a hospital on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. 
According to a press release from MMA, the founder of the liberal media watchdog and analysis website was rushed to the hospital early Tuesday afternoon and received treatment.
Sure, it may be coincidence. But I couldn't help but remember this story, published soon after the election
Dems to David Brock: Stop Helping, You Are Killing Us 
Democrats know they need someone to lead them out of the wilderness. But, they say, that someone is not David Brock.

As David Brock attempts to position himself as a leader in rebuilding ademoralized Democratic Party in the age of Trump, many leading Democratic organizers and operatives are wishing the man would simply disappear.
"Disappear." Huh. 
Many in the party—Clinton loyalists, Obama veterans, and Bernie supporters alike—talk about the man not as a sought-after ally in the fight against Trumpism, but as a nuisance and a hanger-on, overseeing a colossal waste of cash. And former employees say that he has hurt the cause.
It's worth remembering that Andrew Breitbart died of a heart attack at the age of 43. A year before he'd posted a cryptic tweet that some have since linked to the Pizzagate imbroglio.  Just before his death he hyped some revelation about Barack Obama's past. 

A coroner in the office handling Breitbart's body subsequently died of arsenic poisoning. The day Breitbart's autopsy results were revealed, in fact.


We also saw James Comey revive Russiagate, which had been flatlining after Vault 7. Any illusions among Trump fans that the FBI was secretly on their side were ground into powder, between this revelation and the Pizzagate conspiracy investigations. 

One can't help but wonder if the New Praetorians (I've noticed that the Praetorian meme has been picked up by more prominent commentators, but you heard it here first) are losing their last shred of patience with Donald Trump's shenanigans and are planning imminent regime change: 
WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI is investigating whether Donald Trump’s associates coordinated with Russian officials in an effort to sway the 2016 presidential election, Director James Comey said Monday in an extraordinary public confirmation of a probe the president has refused to acknowledge, dismissed as fake news and blamed on Democrats. 
In a bruising five-hour session, the FBI director also knocked down Trump’s claim that his predecessor had wiretapped his New York skyscraper, an assertion that has distracted White House officials and frustrated fellow Republicans who acknowledge they’ve seen no evidence to support it.
How surreal is the world in which you know live in? So much so that mainstream political site The Hill is comparing the action in Washington to a Stanley Kubrick film, one which has become notorious for the conspiracy theories that have been projected onto it (and is well familiar to Synchronauts):
On the 40th anniversary of the publication of The Shining, Stephen King must be wondering if Washington is working on its own sequel. For the last couple months, Washington has been on edge, like we are all trapped in Overlook Hotel with every day bringing a new “jump scare,” often preceded by a telltale tweet. Indeed, a Twitter whistle has replaced suspenseful music to put the entire city on the edge of their seats. 
In this Shining sequel, however, people are sharply divided on who is the deranged ax-wielding villain in this lodge, the president or the press. Ironically, with the recent disclosure that some of the Trump campaign may indeed have been subject to surveillance, the president is looking more like Danny Torrence, a character dismissed for constantly muttering “redrum, redrum” until someone finally looked in a mirror at the reverse image to see the true message.
Yeah, I'm not really feeling that metaphor there, but whatever. It's been that kind of year.

Now the Internet is burning up with theories that disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has "turned" and is going to testify against the Trump Administration, or at least figures attached to it. 

It's hard to imagine a three-star general can be stupid enough to be guilty of things Flynn's been accused of but that may speak to a culture of impunity in Washington, in which your misdeeds are only punished if you get on the wrong side of the wrong people.


One wonders if the secret war has spread outside Washington. Car service giant Uber seems to be having a major run of rotten luck lately: 
Uber Technologies Inc. is suspending its self-driving car program after one of its autonomous vehicles was involved in a high-impact crash in Tempe, Arizona, the latest incident for a company reeling from multiple crises. 
In a photo posted on Twitter, one of Uber’s Volvo self-driving SUVs is pictured on its side next to another car with dents and smashed windows. An Uber spokeswoman confirmed the incident, and the veracity of the photo, and added that the ride-hailing company is suspending its autonomous tests in Arizona until it completes its investigation and pausing its Pittsburgh operations.

The incident also comes as Uber, and Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick, are currently under scrutiny because of a series of scandals. The ride-hailing company has been accused of operating a sexist workplace. This month, the New York Times reported that Uber used a tool called Greyball to help drivers evade government regulators and enforcement officials. Kalanick said he needed "leadership help" after Bloomberg published a video showing him arguing with an Uber driver.
So who did Kalanick piss off? 

Coincidentally- there's that word again- the crash comes soon after Wikileaks revealed that CIA hackers had the ability to override the computer systems in automobiles. From Mashable:

WikiLeaks has published a trove of files it says are linked to the CIA's hacking operations — which apparently includes efforts to hack into cars.  
The first in a series called "Vault 7," "Year Zero" supposedly comprises 8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia.  
"Year Zero" details the CIA's malware arsenal and "zero day" exploits against Apple iPhones, Google's Android operating system, Microsoft Windows and even Samsung TVs.  
 According to a document from 2014, the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks. 
Oh, that's reassuring. Speaking of control systems, apparently pimps are controlling prostitutes with RFID chips:
It turns out this 20-something woman was being pimped out by her boyfriend, forced to sell herself for sex and hand him the money. 
 “It was a small glass capsule with a little almost like a circuit board inside of it,” he said. “It's an RFID chip. It's used to tag cats and dogs. And someone had tagged her like an animal, like she was somebody's pet that they owned.” 
This is human trafficking. It’s a marginal issue here in the U.S. for most of us. Part of that is because the average person isn’t sure what human trafficking – or modern day slavery – actually means.
Technology is our friend, right? And now this: 
Turkish Hackers Threaten To Wipe Millions Of iPhones; Demand Ransom From Apple 
Today, courtesy of CIO, we learn that a group of hackers referring to themselves as the "Turkish Crime Family", has been in direct contact with Apple and is demanding a $150,000 ransom by April 7th or they will proceed to wipe as many as 600 million apple devices for which they allegedly have passwords. 
The group said via email that it has had a database of about 519 million iCloud credentials for some time, but did not attempt to sell it until now. The interest for such accounts on the black market has been low due to security measures Apple has put in place in recent years, it said.

Since announcing its plan to wipe devices associated with iCloud accounts, the group claimed that other hackers have stepped forward and shared additional account credentials with them, putting the current number it holds at over 627 million.

According to the hackers, over 220 million of these credentials have been verified to work and provide access to iCloud accounts that don't have security measures like two-factor authentication turned on.
Of course, if credible, with an ask of just $150k, this is the most modest group of hackers we've ever come across.
Given the war that's erupted between the increasingly aggressive Turkish government and the EU, money may clearly not be the object here. Turkish PM Erdogan is clearly set on reconstructing the old Ottoman Empire and shivving Apple might just be part of the march.

Besides, Turkey is taking that recent coup attempt-- which is almost universally blamed on the CIA-- very personally.

Speaking of the EU, we've seen stories that Trump advisor Steve Bannon wants to dissolve the union. Which may be why Trump-adversary John McCain announced his unalloyed support for it- and the "New World Order" (his words, not mine):
The world "cries out for American and European leadership" through the EU and Nato, US senator John McCain said on Friday (24 March). 
In a "new world order under enormous strain" and in "the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can't stand by and lament, we've got to be involved," said McCain, a former Republican presidential candidate who is now chairman of the armed services committee in the US Senate. 
Speaking at the Brussels Forum, a conference organised by the German Marshall Fund, a transatlantic think tank, he said that the EU and the US needed to develop "more cooperation, more connectivity". 
"I trust the EU," he said, defending an opposite view from that of US president Donald Trump, who said in January that the UK "was so smart in getting out" of the EU and that Nato was "obsolete". 
He said that the EU was "one of the most important alliances" for the US and that the EU and Nato were "the best two sums in history", which have maintained peace for the last 70 years. "We need to rely on Nato and have a Nato that adjusts to new challenges," he said.
Would McCain speak this way to a domestic audience? Of course not. Or maybe he would- I can't tell which way is up anymore. But either way it's good to know where he really stands.

Like McCain, China continues to sound a similar note of support for globalization, on which its very economic survival so desperately depends:
Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli told a gathering of Asian leaders that the world must commit to multilateral free trade under the World Trade Organization and needs to reform global economic governance. 
“The river of globalization and free trade will always move forward with unstoppable momentum to the vast ocean of the global economy,” Zhang said. China will remain a strong force in the world economy and for peace and stability, he said, adding that countries must respect one another’s core interests and refrain from undermining regional stability. 
I suppose this is why China is off the target list for our new Cold (?) Warriors.

I've resisted posting on all this because it's all so depressing. I've actually written a few pieces on this chicanery that I ended up roundfiling. But I suppose I just wanted to go on the record about all this skullduggery, for posterity's sake.

UPDATE: Sex trafficking arrests and trials continue to proliferate. Most recent bust, an international ring in Minnesota. There is way too much activity going down in too short a time for this to be spontaneous.

* Which is exactly why I refrained from commenting on it here for the most part, instead noting that it had become a kind of memetic virus in much the same way that the Franklin/Boy's Town scandal had in the 90s. (Note that prior to the election-- and Pizzagate-- Trump nemesis the Washington Post was all over the issue of sex trafficking in the nation's capital). 

† The ongoing legal and police actions coinciding with the moves to shut down the Pizzagate fringes on the Web seem like the exact kind of action one would expect if there were a serious operation at work. Shutting down the Internet chatter makes perfect sense in this context because it can only complicate cases made by prosecutors. 
          Comment on The Spotify Blog by Spotify geht mit "Dein Mixtape" an den Start! -   
[…] den sehr sehr nützlichen “Dein Mix der Woche” und “Dein Release Radar” – Features präsentiert Spotify heute mit “Dein Mixtape” eine neue und auf […]
          GA5798 Radarider   
radariderGA5798 Omaggio ai Radariders di Padova Air traffic control

          Mystique Mystical Thread   
Reply #13,778
Enjoying your pick5 hits! Wow!

Got 11188 on radar,let's see where it lands :)

Tip:58 brings zeros...Maybe 00100 or 00005.
          Radar observation and aerial capture of mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopk. (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) above the forest canopy. 2008. Jackson, P.; Straussfogel, D; Lindgren, B.S.; Mitchell, S.; Murphy, B. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria B.C. Mountain Pine Beetle Working Paper 2007-02. 32 p.   
An outbreak of the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopk., in central British Columbia, Canada, has reached an unprecedented size and intensity, and has been spreading to the northeast. The ability of this insect to spread over large distances is known, but has not been studied directly. The 2005 emergence and subsequent flight of mountain pine beetle in central British Columbia was studied using direct observation of emergence, radar imagery, and aerial capture. Doppler weather radar was used to remotely observe the daily flight of beetles above the forest canopy. To verify that the daytime, clear-air radar returns seen during this period were indeed generated by airborne mountain pine beetles, aerial sampling in the area covered by the radar was performed using a drogue capture net towed by a single-engine light aircraft. Results from the aerial sampling verify that airborne mountain pine beetles are being detected by the Doppler radar, and that during the emergence period significant numbers of mountain pine beetles can be found at altitudes up to more than 800 m above the forest canopy. A conservative estimate of transport distance indicates that mountain pine beetles in flight above the forest canopy may move 40 to 100 km in a single day. Estimates of the instantaneous density of mountain pine beetles in flight above the canopy on flight days in 2005 indicate an average (maximum) density of 4950 (18 600) beetles per hectare.
          Comentario en EPN inició el Doctorado de Ingeniería Eléctrica por ING GUSTAVO ANDRADE   
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          دانلود آهنگ جدید حامد برادران به نام بعد تو   

دانلود آهنگ بعد تو از حامد برادران با لینک مستقیم دانلود آهنگ جدید حامد برادران به نام بعد تو از رسانه سخاموزیک Download Ahange Jadid Hamed Baradaran Baade To پنجشنبه ۸ تیر از رسانه سخاموزیک دانلود آهنگ بعد تو با دو کیفیت ۱۲۸ و ۳۲۰ به همراه پخش آنلاین متن آهنگ حامد برادران بعد تو […]

نوشته دانلود آهنگ جدید حامد برادران به نام بعد تو اولین بار در دانلود آهنگ جدید | سخاموزیک پدیدار شد.

          Comentari de Tura Calm a U2. Parlem de cultura   
En relació a què penseu de l òpera?, he de dir que no he tingut l oportunitat d´ anar-hi. És veritat que l´ he escoltat per la ràdio i a vegades he vist un trosset per la televisió però no tinc gaire afició. Tot i això m´ agraden algunes òperes conegudes com ara; la Marcha Triunfal de Giuseppe Verdi, la 5ª Sinfonia de Beetoven, les Quatre Estacions de Vivaldi el llac dels Signes de CHaikovski... Penso que són magnífiques, la música dels instruments ,les veus dels tenors i les sopranos són espectaculars. En fi, m´ agradaria poder gaudir alguna vegada de l´òpera en directe.
          Importancia en el Ámbito de la Navegacion, Aeronautica y Ciencia   

Ámbito de la Navegación

En el área marítima los computadores controlan la fijación de posiciones o situaciones geográficas mediante satélites. En los puertos, una gran parte de las operaciones de carga y descarga se realizan de acuerdo a un programa establecido por el computador.

Ámbito de la Aeronáutica:
El computador realiza funciones tales como: controlar el trafico aéreo, presentar la posición y altura de los aviones a través de las pantallas de radar, simular operaciones de vuelos especiales.
Ámbito de la Ciencia:
El computador es de gran ayuda para analizar los datos, almacenar y recuperar información, simplificar expresiones, controlar experimentos, identificar moléculas, medir áreas de figuras especificas, llevar información estadística de procesos, etc..

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Annual Leave 2011 Part 1   
On the 29th I returned to Abu Dhabi after over 3 weeks in the US. I had a good time and the trip was very productive for a change as I got a lot of business done as well as having some fun along the way. As always, it was great to see friends and family. It was almost like I never left as everyone looked and behaved the same. That was comforting as I need that consistency in my life. Some folks were undergoing changes because of some personal and/or financial reasons but overall things had not changed much.

The places I visited are on this link to Google Maps.

I arrived in New York, New York (the city so nice, they named it twice!) on the 9th and checked into a hotel room near the airport as it was too late to continue out West that night. I turned on the television and was shocked at the amount of advertisements! Ten minutes of content are interrupted by five minutes of commercials for medicines and food. I wondered if this was all people were interested in. One channel had what I consider one of the evils in the USA, the evangelistic, pseudo Christian "snake oil" preachers that sell false hope to people who are experiencing hard times.

Watch Your Wallet!

"Miracle" Spring Water

Wish it Was This Easy!
Anyway, this was entertaining for awhile thinking the Deity could erase my debts just by dripping some water on my noggin. May be worth a try! If it worked, I guarantee I would have a much happier expression on my face than the woman above.

New York was experiencing a record heat wave when I was there. It was 98 degrees F, the hottest since 1933. I was dripping sweat the whole time. I fared better than most as I am acclimated to the harsh UAE climate.

Ther next day I boarded a Delta Airlines flight to Salt Lake City and ultimately to St. George, Utah. The flights went uneventfully except the young lady sitting next to me slept on her tray table most of the way. When the tray tables were ordered up on descent, she slept against the seatback movie screen and I suggested to her friend that we secure a pillow in case of a rough landing so she won't bruise her rather attractive face. Must have been a long previous night!

I arrived in St. George and stayed at a friend's house. I was delighted that his two dogs remembered me and were happy to see me. For the next few days they were my constant companions.

Rayo the Boxer Dog

Bailey the Golden Retriever

Rayo and Bailey Clowning Around

Dogs have no sense of time. I could go outside for 3 minutes but when I came back in it was like I had been gone for ages and they would jump all over me like I was never coming back. I miss my furry buddies!

I flew back up to Salt Lake City to meet another friend and we went to Wendover, Nevada for some gambling and debauchery at the casinos there. Wendover is about 110 miles due west from Salt Lake City. It is where all the Mormons go to be naughty. Border towns in Nevada offer a stark contrast to the straight-laced Utah residents.

The way to Wendover is an arrow-straight interstate highway through some of the most unique lands in the world. It passes through the Bonneville Salt Flats which are well known for land speed record attempts. Every winter it rains and melts the natural salt. In the summer, the water evaporates and leaves a perfectly flat bed of bright white salt which covers hundreds of square miles.Good for racing!

Train on the Original "Gold Spike" Route
Bonneville Salt Flats
Bonneville Salt Flats
Strange Sculpture in the Desert
The ride to Wendover was fun. In addition to the above sights, I saw a weird airship hovering north of the motorway. It looked like a stationary radar blimp but no tethering lines were visible. I am not saying this craft is anything out of the ordinary but it is rumored that since Area 51 north of  Las Vegas got so much publicity, the government moved a lot of clandestine activities to the Dugway Proving Grounds in northwest Utah near where we were driving. As far as I know, the US military has not flown blimps since the 1930's. There are many restricted areas there and it is very remote.

WTF is This?
We got to Wendover successfully without being abducted and probed by Martians. I spent three days there in the Nugget and lost 2 weeks pay. I had fun anyway playing craps and blackjack. Wendover is  home to some very strange people due to the isolation and proliferation of drugs.There is nothing there but gambling.,alcohol and crystal meth which attracts the fringe.

The Nugget
Wendover Casino
Wendover Casino
I flew back to St. George after the junket and had to take care of some business there. I had to get the laptop repaired, new tires on the car, a visit to the bank, a haircut and meeting up with friends, not necessarily in that order.

Back to St. George, Great Salt Lake Below
Snow Still on the Wasatch Mountains
Part 2 will be my journey to Las Vegas and Florida. Much to tell there.

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Comment on Weekly Reading Round-Up by Lauren H   
Thanks for the tip! He's been on my radar for a while, so I was really hoping to love his books. I'll definitely look into his Medici and Isabella books.
          Pengisian aura Bidadari   

Mengisi aura adalah dengan mengirim warna-warna yang baik kepada seseorang yang akan dapat menambah daya tarikan magnet,pesona,kecantikan,daya tarik lawan jenis,pengasihan,pemikat,awet muda,karismatik,mudah jodoh,dan mengilangkan aura jahat pada seseorang. Juga dapat merawat aura negatif seseorang. Dengan ritual khusus tingkat tinggi kemampuan dan kecantikan pesona bawah lahir anda akan serta merta terbangkit. Getaran bio-elektrik tenaga dalam anda akan teralir dengan cukup kuat sekali. Segala kekusutan fikiran akan terlucut dengan sendirinya. Anda akan berasa seperti memiliki kekuatan supernatural yang luarbiasa dan AURA WAJAH anda akan bersinar seumpama bidadari

(Buktikan dengan foto aura sebelum dan selepas pengisian).

ENERGI FIZIK TUBUH ( Body Fizikal Power)fizikal,nafas, Darah, Panca Indera (seperti mata,telinga dll), daya fikir,daya Batin, Pengucap (Doa) dan wujudnya manusia.

ENERGI ROHANI TUBUH (Body Spiritual Power) yang meliputi pusat tenaga latoif Utama iaitu Qolbu, Ruh, Akhfa,Khofi,Sirri,Nafsu Natiq dan kullun jasad. Kemudian Energi ALAM SEMESTA / OUT OF BODY (Energi macrocosmos) yang meliputi anasir utama iaitu: Bumi, Air, Udara, api, Bintang, Matahari, Bulan, Langit,Pangan dan wujudnya alam seisinya.



Meningkatkan IQ (Kecerdasan otak) bagi menangkap suatu rahsia alam serta ESQ (kecerdasan Spiritual) bagi saranan diri dari perbuatan tercela.


Menangkis segala perbuatan dari Jin, Syaitan dan gejala makhluk halus.


Meningkatkan daya tarik tubuh (pesona,karisma,wibawa dll) serta mengatasi proses penuaan diri (awet muda tanpa menggunakan bahan kimia) , Meningkatkan rasa percaya diri dalam pergaulan dan lingkungan.

Work Produktivity Power

Berguna bagi suri rumah tangga, pelajar, pedagang, petani, pegawai, dll yang mengalami masaalah dalam keluarga, studi, bisnes, karier, jabatan, ataupun menurunnya semangat kerja kerana dengan metode Spektrum Energi dapat sebagai ikhtiar dalam mengembangkan potensi diri untuk meningkatkan keberuntungan, dan kerezekian.

Dapat juga sebagai proses ikhtiar dalam mejauhkan diri dari kebangkrutan usaha, kegagalan bisnes, ataupun bentuk kesialan lainnya sekaligus sebagai proses alamiah dan ilahiah secara sunnatullah melakukan ruwatan diri ( membuka pintu gerbang kesuksesan ).


Daya tahan tubuh,kekuatan fizikal dan mental dllDapat meningkatkan rasa percara diri, kesabaran, dan kedekatan dengan Allah serta memberikan ketenangan dalam hidup.


Body Health Power
Meningkatkan kualiti regenerasi sel-sel dalam tubuh yang berguna untuk meningkatkan stamina kesehatan tubuh jasmani dan ruhani, mental dan Spritual.

Di samping itu dapat juga sebagai pengubatan untuk ikhtiar awal penyembuhan penyakit yang bersifat fizikal maupun yang bersifat kerohanian sendiri dan orang lain.

Dapat Menghilangkan stress karena tekanan pekerjaan sekaligus meningkatkan immunitas tubuh & daya seks

Positive Self Intelligence (Mind Power) Plus Kunci Kecerdasan Spritual
Dapat membersihkan berbagai limpahan energi negatif dalam tubuh fisik, mental, dan spritual yang dapat membantu dalam proses peningkatan kualiti IQ ( Intelligencia Question ) dan ESQ ( Emotional Spritual Question ) sehingga berguna dalam pengambilan keputusan yang benar dalam setiap aksi

dan fikiran ( ketajaman insting ).Meningkatkan kebijaksanaan hati dan pikiran dalam memecahkan setiap persoalan hidup yang dihadapi.Melalui tanda di tubuh dapat meradar bahaya sebelum terjadi atau racun yang dibuat musuh dalam makanan ( dalam pengembangan tertentu gelas/piring yang diisi racun oleh musuh akan bergetar atau pecah sebelum diminum ).



Dulu sayang,sekarang benci. Aku nak tambah kasih sayang suami kepadaku.Seperti mula-mula kahwin dulu.

Dulu masa “susah” kita bersama, tapi kenapa sekarang bila dah mula “senang” kau mula nak kahwin lagi. Apa yang aku korbankan selama ini hanyalah sia-sia. Aku tidak dihargai lagi.

Suami aku pantang tengok perempuan berdahi licin, mulalah “ulat bulu naik daun”(curang). Suamiku, apa kekuranganku sehingga kau tergamak curang kepadaku?.

Suamiku kasihanilah aku, aku tidak rela dimadu. Kau milik aku seorang, aku sudah mengalami susah senang dalam kehidupan ini bersamamu.
Kenapa fikiran aku selalu berserabut?Tengok muka suami mula naik serabut dan nak marah tak tentu pasal (benci terhadap suami).
Dan lain-lain lagi……………………


Jantan jahanam. Habis ‘wang ringgit dan kehormatanku ‘kau kebas”. Sekarang kau nak melarikan diri. Dasar jantan tak nak bertanggungjawab.

Berkawan sudah lama,selalu putus ditengah jalan. Sidia mahu,aku pula tak nak,aku berkenan,sidia pula tak mahu.

Aku ni cantik sekali,tapi kenapa tidak ada orang yang meminang. Aku kurang diberi perhatian oleh kaum lelaki. “ Pelaris dan Pemanis Diri”.
Hidupku sentiasa ada penghalang dalam bercinta.

Sudah lama aku mencintainya, tapi kenapa kau buat-buat tak layan je.”Cinta tidak berbalas”.


Jaminan kami :

Anda akan mendapatkan perubahan pada lapisan tubuh energy dan fizikal selepas 30 min pengisian dan 45 min latihan.Insyaallah.

Mengisi Ilmu Aura Bidadari _ ( Anda Telah Mempelajari Ilmu Aura Bidadari )Baca selanjutnya aura bidadari......

          Iskreno (i neiskreno) sta mislite o osobi iznad   
radarka wink
          American Assassin   

Sinopsis American Assassin Sutradara Michael CuestaPenulis Stephen SchiffPemain Dylan O Brien Michael Keaton Taylor Kitsch Sanaa Lathan Scott Adkins David Suchet Navid Negahban Shiva Negar Trevor WhiteFilm aksi barat berjudul American Assas...
          The Foreigner   

Sinopsis The Foreigner Sutradara Martin CampbellPenulis David MarconiPemain Jackie Chan Pierce Brosnan Charlie Murphy Stephen Hogan Lasco Atkins Dino Fazzani Jane Thorne Niall McNamee Dermot CrowleyFilm aksi berjudul The Foreigner ini merup...
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          By: Michael Tsai - Blog - What No Indie Developer Wants to Hear About the App Store   
[…] (2016-03-30): See also: Under the Radar, Chris Adamson, Christopher Mims, Nick […]
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Technology And Cost Analysis Of Continental's ARS4A77GHz Radar - Bill-of-Material (BOM) And The Manufacturing Costs   

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.

Unfinished Business series, book 3
by Carole Ann Moleti

Genre: Light Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer: Wren Taylor

Mike and Liz thought they'd gotten control of the specters haunting the Barrett Inn. But things get very complicated when they're the ghosts from your past life. The Category Five Hurricane bearing down on Cape Cod appears to be headed directly for them--or has it been spawned from inside them? This may be their only chance to vanquish the specters--if they survive the storm.

Mike and Liz had survived the first round, and they’d remained hopeful the specters would settle down. But there was enough unfinished business for any cosmic disturbance to rile them up again. This storm watch was more than just a minor blip on the radar—or a coincidence. 

Noisy seagulls hunted as the storm with enough power to blow them to Rhode Island threatened. Mike rolled his shoulders, flexing the stiff muscles in his back, trying to imagine he could shed his wife and his son to escape the gaping jaws of Captain Edward Barrett’s legacy. Normally a lingering vague threat, it rubbed him raw at moments like this when he had nothing to do but wait for the bay to come in around him so he could go out and make a living. 

He rinsed his hands in a tide pool. The shadow sent hermit crabs scurrying. Brine stung his knuckles but stopped the oozing with that invisible layer of stickiness every saltwater fisherman learns to love. An incoming tide rolled across the flats as the storm clouds amassed.

The boat teeter-tottered on its keel as Mike climbed aboard and settled into a seat. Reassured by the glimmering water rippling in to release him from bondage, he readied his fishing gear. Chants of “ohmmmmm” from morning beach yoga carried in the breeze. At least that was connection with living spirits, as opposed to the dead, stale vestiges of lives ended too soon who were unable to give up and let go. 

A woman out for an early morning walk grew larger and larger. Her broad brimmed hat dipped so low over her eyes he couldn’t see her face, though her skinny legs, matchstick arms, and pigeon chest were unmistakable once she’d emerged from the glare. That, the jangling earrings, and the purple and pink broomstick skirt hitched up and secured with a silver belt. 

“Good morning, Mike.” Always oppositional, Sandra was headed out when everyone was on their way back. 

“Where’re you going, Sandra? Tide’s coming in.”

She flipped up the floppy brim and grinned. “I’m headed over to check on Harley.” 

The Whaler rocked in the surf. “Should be ready to roll in about twenty minutes. I’ll give you a ride over.” 

Sandra didn’t break stride. “That’s okay. I’ll be sitting on the beach with the old buzzard before you even pull up anchor.” 

They were both oddballs: He, wearing a Red Sox cap, a scruffy beard, a black tee shirt showing a bit of belly, while sitting like a bum in a beached boat. Sandra, like an escapee from a Harry Potter novel, headed over to check on a ninety-six-year-old hermit who lived on a dune that was cut off from the mainland at high tide.

Liz Levine is convinced her recently deceased husband is engineering the sequence of events that propels her into a new life. But it’s sea captain Edward Barrett, the husband that died over a century ago, who has returned to complete their unfinished business. Edward’s lingering presence complicates all her plans and jeopardizes a new relationship that reawakens her passion for life and love. What are Captain Barrett’s plans for his wife, and for the man who is the new object of her affections?

Mike and Liz Keeny are newlyweds, new parents, and the proprietors of the Barrett Inn, an 1875 Victorian on Cape Cod, which just happens to be haunted— by their own ghosts from past lives. The Barrett Inn had become an annex of Purgatory, putting Liz and their infant son in danger. Selling the historic seaside bed and breakfast was the only answer, one that Liz and her own tortured specter refused to consider. Were Mike and Liz doomed to follow the same path that led to disaster in their previous lives? Was getting out, getting away, enough?

Carole Ann Moleti lives and works as a nurse-midwife in New York City, thus explaining her fascination with all things paranormal, urban fantasy, and space opera. Her nonfiction focuses on health care, politics, and women's issues. But her first love is writing science fiction and fantasy because walking through walls is less painful than running into them.

Books One and Two in the Unfinished Business series, Carole's Cape Cod paranormal romance novels, Breakwater Beach and The Widow's Walk, were published by Soulmate. Book Three, Storm Watch, is due out June 28,2017. 

Urban fantasies set in the world of Carole's novels have been featured in Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts, Seers: Ten Tales of Clairvoyance, Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft, and Bites: Ten Tales of Vampires.

Carole also writes nonfiction that ranges from sweet and sentimental in This Path and Thanksgiving to Christmas to edgy and irreverent in the Not Your Mother's Books: On Being a Mother and On Being a Parent.

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Genre: Sweet Through Hot Romance
This sweet through hot collection of love stories includes contemporary, period, and historical romance, otherworldly romance, and romance with a touch of magic by eight Award-winning and Bestselling Authors.

Beltane Lion by Cindy Spencer Pape
Rhodri of Llyan has returned from the Crusades a cursed man. On the way home to Wales, a friend is injured. Rhodri seeks help from Selene, whose gift for healing is uncanny. Selene’s magic can cure wounds, but she isn’t sure she can break the curse or heal Rhodri’s heart?

Operation Man Hunt by Marianne Stephens
Chris Carlisle needs a man and Tony Davis becomes her goal. He learns the hidden reason for her enticing attempts to capture his attention. Both can’t deny the mutual, lusty attraction. Will true love follow?

Desire’s Dilemma by Jean Hart Stewart
Feeling long neglected by her new guardian, Lady Valanna’s resentment quickly turns to attraction when she finally meets the war-wounded Marcus, Marquis of Tendale. Once a British spy who barely survived interrogation at the hands of the enemy, Marcus believes his wounds forever stand in the way of his long-held love for Valanna. Valanna disagrees, emphatically. Will they ever reconcile their differences and find happiness?

Werecat Love by Janice Seagraves
Morgan Brookhaven isn’t expecting romance when she accompanies her friend for a week of skiing, but when she meets Jared all bets are off. Ski instructor Jared Catterick has secrets that he doesn’t mind sharing with a special lady, and he hopes Morgan is the one.

Riviera Rendezvous by Gemma Juliana
Amalie flees when she runs into danger on the cruise ship she calls home, but soon realizes she can’t afford a ticket to fly home. Xandros is more than the shipping agent everybody thinks he is, and he’s had his sights on Amalie for months. So when she suddenly becomes a stranded damsel in distress, he is quick to suggest a solution.

Something Moor by Denyse Bridger 
An unexpected trip to Ireland takes Caragh McCarthy back to her ancestral home, and the past collides with the present when car trouble strands her on the moors of Country Tyrone. When Kelan O’Shea comes to her rescue, a 300 year old injustice might yet be set right, and a promised future can be fulfilled.

I’ll Be Seeing You by Paris Brandon
Jack Howland, part of an elite group of special OSS agents, can’t resist the pull of the moon or widowed USO hostess, Lulu Lane. Separated after a night of passion, their paths cross again after the war, but will Jack’s dangerous secret send her screaming into the night, or back into his arms?
Capri Nights by Cara Marsi

A San Francisco sous chef discovers she might have bitten off more than she can chew when a scrumptious Italian man stirs up a recipe for romance on the delicious Isle of Capri.

Cindy Spencer Pape firmly believes in happily-ever-after and brings that to her writing. Multiple award-winning author of the best-selling Gaslight Chronicles, she has released almost sixty novels and stories, which blend fantasy, adventure, science fiction, suspense, history and romance. She lives in southeast Michigan and when not hard at work writing she can be found restoring her 1870 house, dressing up for steampunk parties and Renaissance fairs, or with her nose buried in a book.
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Marianne Stephens writes romance and nonfiction. She has self-pubbed/published books with Naughty Literati and Romance Books '4' Us. 
Naughty LiteratiRomance Book 4 UsMarianne Stephens

Jean Hart Stewart Love California, even though I’m a transplant. Love writing and all it entails, crazy characters demanding to be let loose on the page, long hours of research, every bit of it. I raised two children and spent about twenty years in real estate before I summoned the courage to quit and do what I always wanted to do, WRITE! While he was alive my husband was my first-stop editor and biggest fan. Now that my children are accustomed to my writing sexy novels they’re equally supportive. 
I’m currently finishing my 21st book, tentatively named Double Love and have four books coming out this year. I think I’m blessed as well as lucky. Do write me with any questions. I love to hear from readers!

Janice Seagraves grew up with a deep love of science fiction and adventure stories. Always the consummate artist, she traded in her paint brush for a desktop to write breathless life-affirming novels that celebrate enduring love.

Gemma Juliana loves playing matchmaker to her characters, and takes great joy in creating love stories where two hearts end up beating as one. She has traveled the world, and adds the extra spice of international settings to her stories. Gemma lives with her true love in a cozy Texas cottage along with their teen son and a crafty dog who rules them all. Her muse is nourished with the finest creativity fuels–chocolate and coffee. Gemma loves hearing from readers around the world. Stop by her website to sign up for her newsletter and see what she’s written, what’s coming soon, and to receive special offers.
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As an award-winning, best-selling author, Denysé Bridger writes about a multitude of things, always with a touch of romance, passion, and fantasy. Her heroes tend to be alpha men who are willing to do whatever it takes to win the heroine’s heart and trust, while her heroines are strong,
emotionally courageous women who put their hearts on the line for the men they love. Passionate, honorable characters drive Denysé’s stories, in whatever genre you find them in.
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A member of Romance Writers of America, and published since 2009, Paris Brandon writes contemporary, paranormal, erotic and historical romance, throwing in a little mystery and suspense for good measure. When not dreaming up stories featuring heroes who aren’t intimidated by strong heroines, she loves rummaging around antique stores for vintage clothes and jewelry. She lives in the mid-west with her husband of many years, and is currently enjoying all of the period dramas on Netflix, and wondering where she can find a hat that makes her look as stylish as Miss Phryne Fisher.

An award-winning and eclectic author, Cara Marsi is published in romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. She loves a good love story, and believes that everyone deserves a second chance at love. Sexy, sweet, thrilling, or magical, Cara’s stories are first and foremost about the love. Treat yourself today, with a taste of romance. When not traveling or dreaming of traveling, Cara and her husband live on the East Coast of the United States in a house ruled by two spoiled cats who compete for attention.

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Genre: Hot to Sweet Romance

Follow Your Cowboy Heart by Janice Seagraves
Max struggles daily to hide his psychic gift with animals. Being a hired hand at a local dairy probably wasn't his best idea, but his mom needs the money he brings in. And there's the dairy owner's sexy daughter he can't stop thinking about. Will he ever have anything other than himself to offer her?

Cowboys Only by Nicole Morgan
After running off an adorable brunette, Terry realizes he may have just run off the very woman he never knew he was looking for.

The Shadows in Our Past by Denyse Bridger
Enroute home to Gold Ridge, Colorado after their honeymoon, David and Hannah Logan are attacked by a pair of bandits who plunge them back into a past they shared, but never truly came to terms with together... It’s been almost a year since the nightmare of violence and assault tore Hannah from David’s side and left him bereft and angry. When she returned to him, determined to rebuild what they’d lost, the light of love had come with her. Now, a new torment threatens to destroy everything, and Hannah’s biggest enemy might just be David himself…

Love, Texas Style by Gemma Juliana
Amy Waterstone must return to the family ranch in Glen Creek, Texas because her father had a serious accident. Then she learns her father compromised the ranch by taking a loan he can’t repay from Chase Storm, the cowboy next door. He’s the one man she never wants to see again. Chase has waited seven years for Amy to come home, and for a chance to redeem himself in her eyes. They’re both older, but are they any wiser?

Bear Country by Michele Zurlo
Tasked with scattering the ashes of her beloved aunt at the source of the Big Bear River high in the mountains, Mallory must swallow her pride and ask Gavin, a laconic, sexy ranch hand, to guide her.

Whiskey’s Sweet Revenge by Krista Ames
A cocky cowboy. A petite woman vet. A beautiful horse. Garrett doesn’t need a woman in his life. Miranda doesn’t like cocky cowboys. When a horse goes missing, will they learn to work together or kill each other in the process?

Pleasuring Pandora by Tina Donahue
This luscious cowboy’s been on her radar for years, but he’s never noticed her. A speeding ticket changes everything, leading to a sultry weekend and no-holds-barred romance—Texas style.

Janice Seagraves grew up with a deep love of science fiction and adventure stories. Always the consummate artist, she traded in her paint brush for a desktop to write breathless life-affirming novels that celebrate enduring love.
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Nicole Morgan is a USA Today and International best-selling author who has written romance in various genres of romance. She is a proud member of Writerspace, a Romance Books ‘4’ Us Gold Author, as well as being a Sweet and Sexy Diva. Additionally, you will find Nicole writing under the names of Taylor Brooks and Nicki Day. 
When she isn't busy writing, Nicole also mentors authors, offers administrative services and is the founder of Romance Collections. Find out more about Nicole and her books by visiting her website, or any of her social networks.
InstagramTwitterFacebookAmazonWebsiteBlogPinterestTumblrServices by Nic

As an award-winning, best-selling author, Denysé Bridger writes about a multitude of things, always with a touch of romance, passion, and fantasy. Her heroes tend to be alpha men who are willing to do whatever it takes to win the heroine’s heart and trust, while her heroines are strong, 
emotionally courageous women who put their hearts on the line for the men they love. Passionate, honorable characters drive Denysé’s stories, in whatever genre you find them in.
Mobile Friendly website ✯ Twitter ✯ Facebook ✯ Blog ✯ Website

Gemma Juliana loves playing matchmaker to her characters, and takes great joy in creating love stories where two hearts end up beating as one. She has traveled the world, and adds the extra spice of international settings to her stories. Gemma lives with her true love in a cozy Texas cottage along with their teen son and a crafty dog who rules them all. Her muse is nourished with the finest creativity fuels–chocolate and coffee. Gemma loves hearing from readers around the
world. Stop by her website to sign up for her newsletter and see what she’s written, what’s coming soon, and to receive special offers.
Twitter ✯ Facebook ✯ Website

I’m Michele Zurlo, author of the Doms of the FBI and the SAFE Security series and many other stories. I write contemporary and paranormal, BDSM and mainstream—whatever it takes to give my characters the happy endings they deserve. I’m not half as interesting as my characters. My childhood dreams tended to stretch no further than the next book in my to-be-read pile, and I aspired to be a librarian so I could read all day. I ended up teaching middle school, so that fulfilled part of my dream. Some words of wisdom from an inspiring lady had me tapping out stories on my first laptop, so in the evenings, romantic tales flow from my fingertips. I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to big decisions, especially when it’s something I’ve never done before. Writing is just one in a long line of impulsive decisions that turned out to showcase my great instincts. 

Krista Ames was born and raised in Indiana. She now resides in Northern Michigan with the love of her life and their 4 children. 
She is a full time stay-at-home mom and pursues her writing career when she's not chasing kids, cooking or doing laundry.
GoodreadsTwitterFacebookAmazonWebsite ✯ Pinterest

Tina Donahue is an Amazon and international bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for traditional publishers and indie. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. She's won Readers' Choice Awards, RWA awards - Holt Medallion and NEC, and won a Book of the Year award. She’s featured in the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Before penning romances, she worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.


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Tami 1

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          PRF flagra carro trafegando a mais de 200 quilômetros por hora na BR 101   
A Polícia Rodoviária Federal (PRF) flagrou um carro trafegando a mais de 200 quilômetros por hora pela BR 101, em Campos, na tarde desta terça-feira (27). Mas, o motorista do veículo não foi o único autuado. Mais de 200 condutores foram multados por excesso de velocidade na rodovia em apenas duas horas.
O radar portátil da PRF foi utilizado na altura do km 106 da BR 101, na pista que segue em sentido ao Estado do Espírito Santo. Foram 225 veículos flagrados enquanto excediam o limite de 100 quilômetros por hora, estabelecido para veículos leves no trecho. Um Volkswagen Fusca com placa de Muriaé (MG) passou pelo radar a 210 quilômetros por hora.
Motoristas flagrados excedendo em mais de 50% o limite de velocidade máxima recebe multa de R$ 880,41 e tem o direito de dirigir suspenso. A PRF alerta sobre o perigo do excesso de velocidade, que coloca em risco não somente a vida do condutor, mas de todos os usuários da via.

Fonte: Ascom PRF

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Penemu Sepanjang Masa   

* Al-Jazari, (12th century), Mesopotamia — Crankshaft
* Archimedes, (c 287 BC-212 BC), Greece — Archimedes screw
* Ami Argand, (1750-1803), France — Argand lamp
* Edwin H. Armstrong,(1890-1954), USA — FM radio
* William George Armstrong, (1810-1900), UK — hydraulic crane
* Joseph Aspdin, (1788-1855), England — Portland cement
* John Vincent Atanasoff, (1903-1995), United States — modern programmable computer
* Neil Arnott, (1788-1874), UK — waterbed


* Charles Babbage, (1791-1871), UK — Analytical engine
* Roger Bacon, (1214-1292), England — magnifying glass
* Leo Baekeland, (1863-1944), Belgian–American — Velox photographic paper and Bakelite
* Ralph H. Baer, (1922-), German born American — video game console
* John Logie Baird, (1888-1946), Uk — an electromechanical television
* Donat Banki, (1859-1922), Hungary — inventor of the carburetor
* John Bardeen, (1908-1991), USA — co-inventor of the transistor
* Anthony R. Barringer Canadian – American — INPUT (Induced Pulse Transient) airborne electromagnetic system
* Earl W. Bascom, (1906-1995), Canada and United States — side-delivery rodeo chute, hornless rodeo saddle, rodeo bareback rigging, rodeo chaps
* Eugen Baumann, (1846-1896), Germany — PVC
* Trevor Baylis, (1937-), UK — a wind-up radio
* Francis Beaufort, (1774-1857), France — Beaufort scale
* Arnold O. Beckman, (1900-2004), USA — pH meter
* Alexander Graham Bell, (1847-1922), Canada — telephone
* Karl Benz, (1844-1929), Germany — the petrol-powered automobile
* Emile Berliner, (1851-1929), Germany and USA — the disc record gramophone
* Tim Berners-Lee, (1955-), UK — with Robert Cailliau, the World Wide Web
* Bi Sheng (Chinese:畢昇), (ca.990-1052), China — clay movable type printing
* Laszlo Biro, (1899-1985), Hungary — modern ballpoint pen
* J. Stuart Blackton, (1875-1941), USA — stop-motion film
* Otto Blathy (1860-1939), Hungary — co-inventor of the transformer, wattmeter, alternating current (AC) and turbogenerator
* Katharine B. Blodgett, (1898-1979), UK — nonreflective glass
* Nils Bohlin, (1920-2002), Sweden — the three-point seat belt
* Joseph-Armand Bombardier, (1907-1964), Canada — snowmobile
* Robert W. Bower, (1936-), USA — self-aligned–gate MOSFET
* Seth Boyden, (1788-1870), USA — nail-making machine
* Walter Houser Brattain, (1902-1987), USA — co-inventor of the transistor
* Louis Braille, (1809-1852), France — the Braille writing system
* Karl Ferdinand Braun, (1850-1918), Germany — cathode-ray tube oscilloscope
* Harry Brearley, (1871-1948), UK — stainless steel
* John Moses Browning, (1855-1926), USA — automatic handgun
* Edwin Beard Budding, (1795-1846), UK — lawnmower


* C`ai Lun, (50 AD - 121), China — paper
* Marvin Camras, (1916 - 1995), USA — magnetic recording
* Chester Carlson, (1906-1968), USA — Xerography
* Wallace Carothers, (1896-1937), USA — Nylon
* Dennis Charter, (1952-), Australia — Secure Electronic Payment System
* Adrian Chernoff, (1971-), USA — GM Autonomy, GM Hy-wire, Rubber Bandits
* Niels Christensen (1865- 1952), USA — O-ring
* Samuel Hunter Christie, (1784-1865), UK — Wheatstone bridge
* Christopher Cockerell, (1910-1999), UK — Hovercraft
* Jacques Cousteau, (1910-1997), France — co-inventor of the aqualung and the Nikonos underwater camera
* Aeneas Coffey, (1780-1852), Ireland, heat exchanger, inventor of the Coffey still
* Holger Crafoord, (1908-1982), Sweden — inventor of the artificial kidney
* János Csonka, (1852-1939), Hungary — co-inventor of carburetor
* Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, (1725-1804), France — automobile
* Juan de la Cierva, (1895-1936), Spain — the autogyro
* William Cullen, (1710-1790), UK — first artificial refrigerator
* Glenn Curtiss, (1878 - 1930), USA — ailerons
* Corliss Orville Burandt, USA — Variable valve timing
* Joseph Constantine Carpue, (1764-1846), France — rhinoplastic surgery
* Joseph Bienaimé Caventou, (1795-1877), France — caffeine, chlorophyll, strychnine
* George Cayley, (1773-1857), (UK) — tension-spoke wheels, Caterpillar track
* Georges Claude, (1870-1960), France — neon lamp
* Josephine Cochrane, (1839-1913), USA — dishwasher
* Cornelis Corneliszoon, (1550-1607), The Netherlands — sawmill
* Bartolomeo Cristofori, (1655-1731), Italy — piano
* William Cumberland Cruikshank, (1745-1800), UK — chlorinated water


* Gustaf Dalen, (1869-1937), Sweden — AGA cooker; Dalen Light; Agamassan
* Salvino D'Armate, (?-?), Italy — credited for inventing eyeglasses in 1284
* Joseph Day, (1855-1946), UK — the crankcase compression two stroke engine
* Lee DeForest, (1873-1961), USA — triode
* Sir James Dewar, (1842-1923), UK — Thermos flask
* Miksa Deri (1854-1938), Hungary — co-inventor of transformer
* William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, (1860-1935), UK — motion picture camera
* Rudolf Diesel, (1858-1913), Germany — Diesel engine
* William H. Dobelle, (1943-2004), United States — first functioning artificial eye
* Karl Drais, (1785-1851), Germany — dandy horse (Draisine)
* Cornelius Drebbel, (1572-1633), The Netherlands — first navigable submarine
* Richard Drew, (1899-1980), USA — Sticky Tape
* Charles Brace Darrow, (1889-1967). USA — Monopoly
* Jacob Davis, (1868-1908), USA — riveted jeans
* Edmund Davy, (1785-1857), Ireland — acetylene
* Humphry Davy, (1778-1829), UK — Davy miners lamp
* Bryan Donkin, (1768-1855), UK — print industry composition roller
* John Boyd Dunlop, (1840-1921) UK — first practical pneumatic tyre
* Karl Drais, (1785-1851), Germany — velocipede


* George Eastman, (1854-1932), USA — film-roll
* Thomas Edison, (1847-1931), USA — phonograph, commercially practical light bulb, motion picture projector, stock ticker, etc.
* Willem Einthoven, (1860-1927), The Netherlands — the electrocardiogram
* Douglas Engelbart, (1925-), USA — the computer mouse [1]
* Rune Elmqvist, (1857-1924), Sweden — implantable pacemaker
* John Ericsson, (1803-1889), Sweden — the two screw-propeller
* Lars Magnus Ericsson, (1846-1926), Sweden — the handheld micro telephone
* Ole Evinrude, (1877-1934), Norway — outboard motor


* Samuel Face, (1923-2001), USA — concrete flatness/levelness technology; Lightning Switch
* Philo Farnsworth, (1906-1971), USA — electronic television
* James Fergason, (1934-), USA — improved liquid crystal display
* Reginald Fessenden, (1866-1932), Canada — two-way radio
* Adolf Eugen Fick, (1829-1901), Germany — contact lens
* Alexander Fleming, (1881-1955), Scotland — penicillin
* Sandford Fleming, (1827-1915), inventor of Standard Universal Time (1879)
* John Ambrose Fleming, (1848-1945), England — vacuum diode
* Benjamin Franklin, (1706-1790), USA — the pointed lightning rod conductor, bifocal glasses, the Franklin stove, the glass harmonica
* William Friese-Greene, (1855-1921), England — cinematography
* Buckminster Fuller, (1895-1983), USA — geodesic dome
* Gerhard Fischer, Germany/USA — hand-held metal detector
* Augustin-Jean Fresnel, (1788-1827), France — Fresnel lens
* Jean Bernard Léon Foucault, (1819-1868), France — Foucault pendulum (earth rotation), gyroscope, eddy current
* Benoît Fourneyron, (1802-1867), France — water turbine
* Enrico Fermi, (1901-1954), Italy — nuclear reactor
* Michael Faraday, (1791-1867), England — rubber balloon, electric transformer


* Dennis Gabor, (1900-1979), Hungary — holography
* Elmer R. Gates, (1859-1923), foam fire extinguisher, electric loom mechanisms, magnetic & diamagnetic separators, educational toy ("box & blocks")
* William Henry Gates III, (1955-), Windows operating system, chief architect of Visual Basic
* Robert Goddard, (1882-1945), USA — liquid fuel rocket
* Heinrich Göbel, (1818-1893), Germany — first functional incandescent lamp
* Peter Carl Goldmark, (1906-1977), Hungary — vinyl record (LP)
* Gordon Gould, (1920-2005), USA — co-inventor of laser
* Richard Hall Gower, (1768-1833), England — ship's hull and rigging
* Bette Nesmith Graham, (1924-1980), USA — Liquid Paper
* Chester Greenwood, (1858-1937), USA — thermal earmuffs
* James Gregory, (1638-1675), Scotland — reflecting telescope
* William Robert Grove, (1811-1896), Wales — fuel cell
* Otto von Guericke, (1602-1686), Germany — vacuum pump, manometer, dasymeter,
* Johann Gutenberg, (c 1390s-1468), Germany — modern movable type printing press
* Hans Wilhelm Geiger, (1882-1945), Germany — Geiger counter
* Henri Giffard, (1825-1882), France — powered airship, injector
* Charles Goodyear, (1800-1860), USA — vulcanization of rubber
* Samuel Guthrie, (1782 - 1848), USA — discovered chloroform
* James Henry Greathead, (1844-1896), South Africa — tunnel boring machine, tunnelling shield technique


* John Hadley, (1682-1744), England — the sextant
* James Hargreaves, (1720-1778), England — invented the spinning jenny
* John Harrison, (1693-1776), England — marine chronometer
* Victor Hasselblad, (1906-1978), Sweden — invented the 6 x 6 cm single-lens reflex camera
* Rudolf Hell, (1901-2002), Germany — the Hellschreiber
* Avram Hershko, (1937-), Hungary — Ubiquitin
* Jozef Karol Hell, (1713-1789), Slovakia — the water pillar
* Joseph Henry, (1797-1898), USA — electromagnetic relay
* George de Hevesy, (1885-1966), Hungary — radioactive tracer
* Erna Schneider Hoover, (1926-), USA — computerized telephone switching system
* Frank Hornby, (1863-1936), England — invented Meccano
* Heron, Greece — invented Aeolipile
* Joseph Hon – book index thumb notch system for dictionaries Patent #561888
* Christopher Hansteen, (1783-1873), Norway — discovery of terrestrial magnetism
* William Harvey, (1578-1657), England — blood circulation in the human body
* Robert A. Heinlein, (1907-1988), USA — waterbed
* Henry J. Heinz, USA — tomato ketchup
* Joseph Henry, (1797-1878), Scotland — electromagnetic relay
* Heinrich Hertz, (1857-1894), Germany — radio telegraphy, electromagnetic radiation
* Rowland Hill, (1795-1879), UK — postage stamp
* Felix Hoffmann (Bayer), (1868-1949), Germany — Aspirin
* Herman Hollerith, (1860-1929), USA — mechanical tabulator based on punched cards
* Nick Holonyak, (1928- ), USA — LED (Light Emitting Diode)
* Robert Hooke, (1635-1703), England — balance wheel, iris diaphragm
* Coenraad Johannes van Houten, (1801-1887), Netherlands — cocoa powder, cacao butter, chocolate milk
* Elias Howe, (1819-1867), USA — sewing machine
* Christiaan Huygens, (1629-1695), Netherlands — pendulum clock


* János Irinyi, (1817-1895), Hungary — noiseless match
* Sumio Iijima, (1939- ), Japan — nanotubes


* Karl Jatho, (1873-1933), Germany — aeroplane
* György Jendrassik, (1898-1954), Hungary — turboprop
* Thomas Jefferson, (1743-1826), USA — swivel chair
* Steve Jobs, (1955-), Macintosh operating system
* Carl Edvard Johansson, (1864-1943), Sweden — Gauge blocks
* Johan Petter Johansson, (1853-1943), Sweden — the pipe wrench and the modern adjustable spanner
* Nancy Johnson, USA — American version of the hand cranked ice cream machine in (1843)
* Scott A. Jones, (1960-), USA — created one of the most successful versions of voicemail as well as ChaCha Search, a human-assisted internet search engine.
* Whitcomb Judson, (1836-1909), USA — zipper


* Dean Kamen, (1951-), USA — Invented the Segway HT scooter and the IBOT Mobility Device
* John George Kemeny, (1926-1992), Hungary — co-inventor of BASIC
* Charles F. Kettering, (1876-1958), USA — invented automobile self-starter ignition, Freon ethyl gasoline and more
* Jack Kilby, (1923-2005), USA — patented the first integrated circuit
* Fritz Klatte, (1880-1934), Germany — vinyl chloride, forerunner to polyvinyl chloride
* Margaret Knight, (1838-1914), USA — machine that completely constructs box-bottom brown paper bags
* Ivan Knunyants, (1906-1990), Ukraine — invented Nylon-6
* Willem Johan Kolff, (1911-), Netherlands — artificial kidney hemodialysis machine
* Gleb Kotelnikov, (1872-1944), Russia — knapsack parachute
* Stephanie Kwolek, (1923-), USA — Kevlar
* John Howard Kyan (1774-1850), Ireland — The process of Kyanization used for wood preservation
* Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, (1853-1926), Netherlands — liquify helium
* Theophilus Van Kannel, revolving door (1888)
* John Harvey Kellogg, (1852-1943), cornflake breakfasts
* Robert Koch, (1843-1910), method for culturing bacteria on solid media
* Willem Johan Kolff, Netherlands/USA, (1911- ) — hemodialysis, pioneer in the field of other artificial organs


* Hedy Lamarr, (1913-2000), Austria and USA — Spread spectrum radio
* Edwin H. Land, (1909-1991), USA — Polaroid polarizing filters and the Land Camera
* Irving Langmuir, (1851-1957), USA — gas filled incandescent light bulb, hydrogen welding
* Lewis Latimer, (1848-1928), — worked with Thomas Edison and patented an improved lightbulb manufacturing process
* Gustav de Laval, (1845-1913), Sweden — invented the milk separator and the milking machine
* Sergei Vasiljevich Lebedev, (1874-1934), Russia — synthetic rubber
* Tim Berners-Lee, (1955- ) England — World Wide Web
* Justus von Liebig, (1803-1873), Germany — nitrogen-based fertilizer
* Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist, (1862-1931), Sweden — Kerosene stove operated by compressed air
* Archibald Low, (1882-1956), Britain — Pioneer of radio guidance systems
* Giovanni Luppis, (1813-1875), Austrian Empire (ethnical Italian) — self-propelled torpedo
* René Laënnec, (1781-1826), France — stethoscope
* Karl Landsteiner, (1868-1943), Austria — classification of blood groups
* Samuel P. Langley, (1834-1906), USA — bolometer
* John Bennet Lawes, (1814-1900), England — superphosphate or chemical fertilizer
* Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, (1632-1723), Netherlands — development of the microscope, discovery of bacteria, spermatozoa and celled organisms
* Jean-Joseph Etienne Lenoir, (1822-1900), Belgium — internal combustion engine, motorboat
* Willard Frank Libby, (1908-1980), USA — Radiocarbon dating
* Otto Lilienthal, (1848-1896), Germany — air glider
* Hans Lippershey, (1570-1619), Netherlands — telescope
* Auguste and Louis Lumière, France — Cinématographe


* Ma Jun, (c. 200-265 AD), China, South Pointing Chariot (for navigation, see differential gear), mechanical puppet theater, chain pumps, improved silk looms
* Charles Macintosh, (1766-1843), Scotland — waterproof raincoat, life vest
* George William Manby, (1765-1854), England — Fire extinguisher
* Guglielmo Marconi, (1874-1937), Italy — radio, transatlantic radiosignals
* John Landis Mason, (1826-1902), USA — Mason jars
* Henry Maudslay, (1771-1831), England — screw-cutting lathe, bench micrometer
* James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) and Thomas Sutton Scotland — colour photography
* John McAdam, (1756-1836), Scotland — improved "macadam" road surface
* Elijah McCoy, (1843-1929), Canada — Displacement lubricator
* Hippolyte Mège-Mouriés, (1817-1880), France — margarine
* Antonio Meucci, (1808-1889), Italy — telephone (prototype)
* Edouard Michelin, (1859-1940), France — pneumatic tyre
* Narcis Monturiol i Estarriol, (1819-1885), Spain — steam powered submarine
* Robert Moog, (1934-2005), USA — the Moog synthesizer
* Montgolfier brothers, (1740-1810) and (1745-1799), France — hot-air balloon
* John J. Montgomery, (1858-1911), USA — heavier-than-air gliders
* Samuel Morey, (1762-1843), USA — internal combustion engine
* Garrett A. Morgan, (1877-1963), USA — inventor of the gas mask, and traffic signal.
* Samuel Morse, (1791-1872), USA — telegraph
* Jozef Murgas, (1864-1929), Slovakia — inventor of the wireless telegraph (forerunner of the radio)
* William Murdoch, (1754-1839), Scotland — Gas lighting
* Pieter van Musschenbroek, (1692-1761), Netherlands — Leyden jar, pyrometer


* Yoshiro Nakamatsu, (1928-), Japan — Floppy disk (world record holder for over 3,000 patented inventions)
* John von Neumann, (1903-1957), Hungary — Von Neumann computer architecture
* Isaac Newton,(1642-1727), England — reflecting telescope (which reduces chromatic aberration)
* Jun-Ichi Nishizawa, (1926-), Japan — Optical communication system, SIT/SITh (Static Induction Transistor/Thyristor), Laser diode, PIN diode
* Alfred Nobel, (1833-1896), Sweden — dynamite
* Carl Rickard Nyberg, (1858-1939), Sweden — the blowtorch
* John Napier, (1550-1617), Scotland — logarithms
* James Nasmyth, (1808-1890), Scotland — steam hammer
* Joseph Nicephore Niépce, (1765-1833), France — photography


* Theophil Wilgodt Odhner, (1845-1903), Sweden — the Odhner Arithmometer, a mechanical calculator
* Elisha Otis, (1811-1861), USA — passenger elevator with safety device
* J. Robert Oppenheimer , (1904-1967), USA — the father of the atomic Dome
* Hans Christian Ørsted, (1777-1851), Denmark — electromagnetism, aluminium


* Helge Palmcrantz, (1842-1880), Sweden — the multi-barrel, lever-actuated, machine gun
* Les Paul, (1915-), USA — Multitrack recording
* Spede Pasanen, (1930-2001), Finland — The ski jumping sling
* Slavoljub Eduard Penkala, (1871-1922), Croatia — mechanical pencil
* Gustaf Erik Pasch, (1788-1862), Sweden — the safety match
* Arthur Paul Pedrick, England — chromatically selective cat flap and others
* Henry Perky, (1843-1906), USA — Shredded wheat
* Peter Petroff, (1919-2004), Bulgaria — digital wrist watch, heart monitor, weather instruments
* Christopher Polhem, (1661-1751), Sweden — the modern padlock
* Olivia Poole, (1889-1975), USA, — the Jolly Jumper baby harness
* Baltzar von Platen, (1898-1984), Sweden — refrigerator
* Mihajlo Pupin, (1858-1935), Serbia — pupinization (loading coils), tunable oscillator
* Tivadar Puskas, (1844-1893), Hungary — telephone exchange
* Daniel David Palmer, (1845-1913), Canada — Chiropractic
* Luigi Palmieri, (1807-1896), Italy — seismometer
* Alexander Parkes, (1831-1890), England — celluloid
* Blaise Pascal, (1623-1662), France — barometer
* Charles Algernon Parsons, (1854-1931), British — steam turbine
* John Pemberton, (1831-1888), USA — Coca-Cola
* Joseph Plateau, (1801-1883), Belgium — phenakistiscope (stroboscope)
* James Leonard Plimpton, USA — roller skates
* George Pullman, (1831-1897), USA — Pullman sleep wagon



* Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, (1845-1923), Germany — the X-ray machine
* Josef Ressel, (1793-1857), Czechoslovakia — ship propeller
* John Roebuck, (1718-1794) England — lead chamber process for sulfuric acid synthesis
* Erno Rubik, (1944-), Hungary — Rubik's cube, Rubik's Magic and Rubik's Clock
* Karl von Reichenbach, (1788-1869), paraffin, creosote oil, phenol
* Ira Remsen, (1646-1927), USA — saccharin
* Charles Francis Richter, (1900-1985), USA — Richter magnitude scale
* Ernst Ruska, (1906-1988), Germany — electron microscope


* Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah, (1895-1935), Lebanon — solar power, cathode ray tube
* Kees A. Schouhamer Immink (1946- ), Netherlands Major contributor to development of Compact Disc
* Augustus Siebe, (1788-1872), Saxony&England Inventor of the standard diving dress
* Alberto Santos-Dumont, (1873-1932), Brazil — non-rigid airship and airplane
* Isidor Sauers, (1948- ), inventor of a process for measuring the degradation of SF6 in high-voltage systems
* Adolphe Sax, (1814-1894), Belgium — saxophone
* Christian Schnabel (1878-1936), German, designed simplistic food cutleries
* August Schrader, USA — Schrader valve for Pneumatic tire
* David Schwarz, (1852-1897), Croatia, — rigid ship, later called Zeppelin
* Bela Schick, (1877-1967), Hungary — diphtheria test
* Iwan Serrurier, (active 1920s), Netherlands/USA — inventor of the Moviola for film editing.
* Mark Serrurier, (190?-1988), USA — Serrurier truss for Optical telescopes
* William Bradford Shockley, (1910-1989), USA — co-inventor of transistor
* Werner von Siemens, (1816-1892), Germany — an electromechanical "dynamic"
* Sir William Siemens, (1823-1883), Germany — regenerative furnace
* Igor Sikorsky, (1889-1972), Ukraine — helicopter
* Charles Simonyi, (1948-), Hungary — Hungarian notation
* Aurel Stodola, (1859-1942), Slovakia - gas turbines
* Elmer Ambrose Sperry, (1860-1930), USA — gyroscope-guided automatic pilot
* Reverend Dr Robert Stirling (1790-1878), Scotland — Stirling engine
* Levi Strauss, (1829-1902), USA — blue jeans
* John Stringfellow, (1799-1883), England — airplane
* Almon Strowger, (1839-1902), USA — automatic telephone exchange
* Su Song, (1020-1101), China, invented the first hydraulic-powered astronomical clock tower that operated an armillary sphere with the escapement mechanism and chain drive
* Simon Sunatori, (1959-), Canada — inventor of Sunatori Pen
* Joseph Swan, (1828-1914), England — Incandescent light bulb
* Thomas Savery, (1650-1715), England — steam engine
* Marc Seguin, (1786-1875), France — wire-cable suspension bridge
* Henry Shrapnel, (1761-1842), England — Shrapnel shell ammunition
* Augustus Siebe, (1788-1872), Germany — standard diving dress
* Isaac Singer, (1811-1875), USA — sewing machine
* Percy Spencer, (1894-1970), USA — microwave oven
* George Stephenson, (1781-1848), England — steam locomotive
* Simon Stevin, (1548-1620), Netherlands — land yacht


* Bernhard Tellegen, (1900-1990), Netherlands pentode
* Edward Teller (Ede Teller), (1908-2003), Hungary — hydrogen bomb
* Nikola Tesla, (1856-1943), Serbian-Croatian-American — developer of the Tesla Coil and inventor of the induction motor, alternating current polyphase power distribution system, wireless communication, robotics, logic gates, the bladeless turbine, radio, VTOL aircraft, etc.
* Kalman Tihanyi, (1897-1947), Hungary — co-inventor of cathode ray tube and iconoscope
* Benjamin Chew Tilghman, (1821-1897), USA — sandblasting
* Alfred Traeger, (1895-1980), Australia — the pedal radio
* Franc Trkman, (1903-1978), Slovenia — electrical switches, accessories for opening windows
* Alan Turing, (1912-1954), England — the Turing machine


* Lewis Urry, (1927-2004), Canada — long-lasting alkaline battery


* Hub van Doorne, (1900-1979), Netherlands, continuously variable transmission
* Louis R. Vitullo, (1924?-2006), United States — developed the first sexual assault evidence kit
* Alessandro Volta, (1745-1827), Italy — battery
* Faust Vrancic, (1551-1617), Croatia — parachute


* Barnes Wallis, (1887-1979), England — bouncing bomb
* Robert Watson-Watt, (1892-1973), Scotland — microwave radar
* James Watt, (1736-1819), Scotland — improved Steam engine
* Jonas Wenström, (1855-1893), Sweden — three-phase electrical system
* George Westinghouse, (1846-1914), USA — Air brake
* Charles Wheatstone, (1802-1875), England — concertina, stereoscope, microphone, Playfair cipher
* Eli Whitney, (1765-1825), USA — the cotton gin
* Frank Whittle, (1907-1996), England — co-inventor of the jet engine
* Otto Wichterle, (1913-1989), Czechoslovakia — invented modern contact lenses
* Paul Winchell, (1922-2005), USA — the artificial heart
* Edmund Wingate, (c.1593-1656), England — straight slide rule
* A. Baldwin Wood, (1879-1956), USA — high volume pump
* Granville Woods, (1856-1910), USA — the Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph
* The Wright brothers, Orville Wright, (1871-1948) and Wilbur Wright, (1867-1912), USA — powered airplane
* Bruce Wydner, (1935-), USA — inventor of Cost-Effective Machine Translation
* Arthur Wynne, (1862-1945), England — creator of crossword puzzle
* Thomas Wedgwood, (1771-1805), England — first (not permanent) photograph


* Hidetsugu Yagi, (1886-1976), Japan — Yagi antenna
* Yi Xing, (683-727), China, invented the first hydraulic-powered armillary sphere that used the escapement mechanism
* Arthur M. Young, (1905-1995), USA — the Bell Helicopter


* Zhang Heng, (78-139), China, invented the first hydraulic-powered armillary sphere

Penemu Mesin uap Adalah James Watt Berasal dari Negara Inggris
Penemu Mesin 4 tak Adalah Nicolaus Otto Berasal dari Negara Jerman
Penemu Mesin diesel Adalah Rudolf Diesel Berasal dari Negara Jerman
Penemu Mesin cetak Adalah Johannes Guttenberg Berasal dari Negara Jerman
Penemu Mesin ketik Adalah Christopher Sholes Berasal dari Negara Amerika
Penemu Radio Adalah C. Marconi Berasal dari Negara Italia
Penemu Televisi Adalah J.L. Baird & C.F. Jenkins Berasal dari Negara Amerika
Penemu Telegrap Adalah Samuel F.B. Morse Berasal dari Negara Amerika Serikat
Penemu Telepon Adalah Alexander Graham Bell Berasal dari Negara Amerika Serikat
Penemu Dinamo Adalah Michael Faraday Berasal dari Negara Inggris
Penemu Elektromagnet Adalah Williarn Sturgeon Berasal dari Negara Inggris
Penemu Bola lampu Adalah Thomas Alva Edison Berasal dari Negara Amerika Serikat
Penemu Proyektor film Adalah Thomas Alva Edison Berasal dari Negara Amerika Serikat
Penemu Piringan hitam Adalah Alexander Graham Bell Berasal dari Negara Amerika Serikat
Penemu Batu baterai Adalah Volta Berasal dari Negara Italia
Penemu Termometer Adalah Galileo Galilei Berasal dari Negara Italia
Penemu Korek api Adalah Robert Boyle, John Walker Berasal dari Negara
Penemu Kapal api Adalah Robert Fulton Berasal dari Negara Amerika Serikat
Penemu Kapal selam Adalah Cornelius van Drebbel Berasal dari Negara Belanda
Penemu Sinar Rontgen Adalah Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen Berasal dari Negara Jerman
Penemu Stetoskop Adalah Rene Laennec Berasal dari Negara Perancis
Penemu Lensa Adalah Anthony Van Leuwenhook Berasal dari Negara Belanda
Penemu Mikroskop Adalah Zacharias Janssen Berasal dari Negara Belanda
Penemu Teleskop Adalah H. Lippershey Berasal dari Negara Belanda
Penemu Kamera Adalah Louis Jacques Monde da Guerre & Edwin Land Berasal dari Negara Amerika
Penemu Pesawat terbang Adalah Wilbur dan 0. Wright Berasal dari Negara Amerika
Penemu Kereta api Adalah Murdocks Berasal dari Negara Inggris
Penemu Sepeda Adalah Civrac Berasal dari Negara Prancis
Penemu Balon terbang Adalah Sir F. Whittle
Penemu Balon karet Adalah Josep dan J. Montgolfier
Penemu Ban karet Adalah Charles Goodyear Berasal dari Negara Amerika
Penemu Barometer Adalah Evangelista, Torricelli Berasal dari Negara Italia
Penemu Dinamit Adalah Alfred Nobel Berasal dari Negara Swedia
Penemu Lensa kaca mata Adalah Benyamin Franklin Berasal dari Negara
Penemu Mesin hitung Adalah Blaise Pascal Berasal dari Negara Prancis
Penemu Mobil Adalah Gottlich Daimler
Penemu Motor Adalah Nikola Tesla
Penemu Tank Adalah Sir Ernest Swinton Berasal dari Negara Inggris
Penemu Traktor Adalah Benyamin Holt
Penemu Tangga jalan Adalah Elis G. Otis Berasal dari Negara Amerika
Penemu Kawat pijar Adalah Irving Langmuir

Sadi Carnot 1796-1832/Prancis penemu Carnot cycle dan Hukum Thermodynamik II

Carl Friedrich Gauss 1777-1855/Jerman terlalu banyak utk disebutkan, paling banyak kontribusinya di teori2 matematika

Leonhard Euler 1707-1783/JermanSwiss sama kayak gauss, terlalu banyak kontribusinya dibidang ilmu pengetahuan alam dan matematik untuk disebutkan. yang paling kesohor, bilangan euler "e=2,71828..."

Max Planck 1858-1947/Jerman Quantum Theori.

Carl Benz bersama Gottlieb Daimler / dua2nya Jerman penemu Autocar
Karlheinz Brandenburg 1954 /Jerman penemu MP3 format yg di pake sekarang di MP3 Player
Heinrich Hertz/ Jerman penemu Gelombang Mhz, Khz...
Manfred von Ardenne /Jerman penemu Televisi
Albert Einstein /Jerman Teori Relativitas
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Balon Udara Bahayakan Penerbangan, Cilacap Dapat Peringatan   
CILACAP- Pemerintahan Kabupaten Cilacap mendapat edaran peringatan dari pemerintah pusat. Peringatan tersebut berkaitan dengan tradisi penerbangan Balon Udara dari sejumlah daerah, yang dinilai membahayakan penerbangan.

Kepala Dinas Perhubungan (Dishub), Kabupaten Cilacap Tulus Wibowo mengatakan, terkait  Balon Udara Wonosobo diniali membahayakan penerbangan hingga Cilacap, pihak pemerintah  Cilacap memastikan bahwa Kabupaten Cilacap sudah mendapat surat edaran peringatan tersebut.

"Terkait itu, Pemerintah Kabupaten Cilacap, sudah ada surat edaran dari mendagri di tuju ke bupati," ungkap Tulus melalui pesan singkat, pada Radar Banyumas, Rabu (28/6).

Lanjutnya Tulus menjelaskan, bahwa pihaknya akan segera melakukan kordinasi dengan yang terkait, sehingga kemungkinan yang tidak dinginkan bisa diantisipasi sejak dini.

Sementara, berdasarkan informasi yang dihimpun Radar Banyumas, Tiap masuk lebaran, sejumlah warga di Provinsi Jawa Tengah memiliki tradisi melepas balon udara, ternyata balon tersebut dinilai membahayakan jalur penerbangan.

"Dia daerah Wonosobo, Cilacap, Kebumen, hingga Purworejo terdapat banyak balon berterbangan, bahkan ada beberapa balon pecah dengan ketinggian rute penerbangan," jelas Sekertaris Perusahaan Air Nav Indonesia, Bidiet KS Raditiyo.

Bahkan Perusahaan Umum Lembaga Penyelenggaraan Pelayanan Navigasi Penerbangan Indonesia (LPPVPI) mengeluarkan notice airmen, terkait dengan peredaran balon udara tersebut.
          Republic Day Parade   
Republic Day Parade
Republic Day is one of the national holidays in India celebrated on the 26th of January every year. It is considered as one of the most important days in the Indian history, as India adopted the Indian Constitution and became a sovereign, democratic and republic state on this day in 1950. The day is honored and celebrated with great joy, gusto, splendor and magnificence. The whole nation is engaged in true patriotic spirit by singing and playing patriotic songs and organizing cultural programs. However, the main event takes place at the Rajpath in New Delhi, the capital of India. People gather in large numbers at the India Gate to view the gorgeous parade. The entire parade is telecasted live on the national television. Read on to know the main highlights of the Republic Day parade that takes place annually.

Republic Day Parade At New Delhi

The day starts off with the Prime Minister laying a floral wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti to commemorate the martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for the nation. This memorial is situated at India Gate at one end of Rajpath. A two minute silence is observed in the memory of these unknown soldiers. The Prime Minister is then driven to the main dais at Rajpath, where he is joined by the President and other dignitaries. The President then unfurls the Indian flag which is immediately followed by the National Anthem. He is then accompanied by the honorable Head of State or Government from a foreign country as the Chief Guest. Soon after, a 21 gun salute is presented.

The President comes forward to award the medals for bravery, such as the Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra to the people who have shown exceptional excellence in their respective fields. This marks the beginning of the parade by the three regiments of the Armed Forces, namely the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. Dressed in their finery and official decorations, the soldiers march past, bringing down their weapons, while passing by the President as a gesture of respect towards the head. The President, who serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, comes forward and takes the salute. The winners of the gallantry awards also pass by in open jeeps. Kids, who have won National Bravery Awards, pass by on elephants.

The grand parade continues with the Indian Military showcasing its latest acquisitions, namely, tanks, missiles, radars, etc. Different helicopters from the Indian Air Force fly past the parade showcasing their stunts and showering rose petals on the audience beneath. This military parade is followed by a colorful cultural parade. Different tableaus display India’s rich cultural heritage from various states, with each one depicting its unique location, art and festivals. This section of the parade adds to the festivity of the occasion by exhibiting the diversity and richness of the Indian culture.

Various government departments and ministries also display their tableaus displaying new inventions and developments for the progress of the country. This is then followed by regional tableaus, with each region displaying its culture and heritage. School children perform different folk dances from across India on patriotic songs. This is followed by displays of dangerous and exciting skilful motor-cycle rides by the Armed Forces personnel. Last but not the least, jets and fighter planes from the Indian Air Force fly past the parade symbolically saluting the President thereby, traditionally concluding the Republic Day parade. The parade marches along the India Gate and ends into the Red fort in the walled city of Old Delhi.

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Yoshi, Peachy & Mo Rayon on Radar Radio – 19th February   

Our boys Yoshi and Peachy are joined by Tel Aviv's rising star, Mo Rayon for a special two hour show of music around the globe.

The post Yoshi, Peachy & Mo Rayon on Radar Radio – 19th February appeared first on .

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          HONDA FIREBLADE CBR1000RR   
          The Site Rush Review   
The Site Rush Review
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This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Freelancer – Tren Baru ‘Orang Pintar’ ;-)   
Dunia Freelancer bagi sebagian orang — terutama orang IT — mungkin sudah jadi sesuatu yang wajar di era milenium ini. Tapi bagi kebanyakan orang Freelancer jadi benda asing yang luput dari tangkapan radar. Info Frelancer Indonesia: Paradigma kebanyakan kita melulu adalah; Sekolah (kalau bisa di sekolah negeri) Kuliah (juga di PTN) Kerja Kantoran (apalagi PNS) …

Lanjutkan membaca Freelancer – Tren Baru ‘Orang Pintar’ ;-)

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          Tendencias y comparativa de los lenguajes de programación 2008   
TweetSe puede leer en una entrada en O’Reilly Radar, blog tecnológico del grupo editorial, un análisis de las ventas de libros realizadas durante 2008 categorizados por los lenguajes de programación que tratan… Una forma también de extraer conclusiones sobre las tendencias de interés, y utilización quizás, de los lenguajes de programación en los proyectos software.En [...]
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          Chord: Maudy Ayunda - Perahu Kertas   
[intro] F G F G Am

Am                  F
Perahu kertasku kan melaju
E                   Am
membawa surat cinta bagimu
G                  Dm 
Kata-kata yang sedikit gila
E        Am
tapi ini adanya

Perahu kertas mengingatkanku 
E                 Am
betapa ajaibnya hidup ini
Mencari-cari tambatan hati
    E         Am
kau sahabatku sendiri
Hidupkan lagi mimpi-mimpi
cinta-cinta... cita-cita ... 
       Am                G
yang lama ku pendam sendiri
     Dm      C G    C   F G C
berdua ku bisa percaya

   F       G                     C    G/B Am G
Ku bahagia kau telah terlahir di dunia
    F       G                  C    G/B 
Dan kau ada di antara milyaran manusia
    Am             F         G      C
Dan ku bisa dengan radarku menemukanmu

[int] F G Am

  F                 G
Tiada lagi yang mampu berdiri
     Am              Dm     E
halangi rasaku, cintaku padamu

   F       G                     C    G/B Am G
Ku bahagia kau telah terlahir di dunia
    F       G                  C    G/B 
Dan kau ada di antara milyaran manusia
    Am             F         G      
Dan ku bisa dengan radarku menemukanmu

   Am  F   G                     C    G/B Am G
Ku bahagia kau telah terlahir di dunia
    F       G                  C    G/B 
Dan kau ada di antara milyaran manusia
    Am    G        F         G      
Dan ku bisa dengan radarku menemukanmu

[outro] C
          Russia Isn’t on Radar for Haley at UN, She Tells Congress   

Jostled from her boast about preventing a chemical attack in Syria this week, United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley stunned members of Congress on Wednesday by saying she and President Trump have never discussed Russia’s 2016 election meddling.

The post Russia Isn’t on Radar for Haley at UN, She Tells Congress appeared first on .

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Fondo de escritorio Calendario Noviembre 2013   
Con el inicio de noviembre les traemos 5 calendarios correspondiente a este mes, los mismos podrán usarlos como fondos de escritorio en su computadora para no solo tener las fechas del mes a mano, sino que también por el colorido que ofrecen les pueden servir para adornar la pantalla de la pc. Los calendarios de noviembre 2013 son muy variados y coloridos, seleccionados para el gusto de cada persona que los quiera descargar, en ellos verán imágenes abstractas, animadas, de paisajes y otras más que seguramente les agradara. Ademas tengan presente que colocando uno de estos almanaques de noviembre en
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Siempre adelante: Un largo repaso a mi último año.   
Hay mucho que contar sobre todo lo que ha pasado desde la última vez que escribí sobre mi vida por aquí. Es lo malo que tiene no tener prácticamente tiempo libre, así que igual me sale un texto algo largo aunque intentaré hacerlo lo más ameno posible.

Sin revisar artículos anteriores creo recordar que lo último que escribí fue sobre lo más o menos regular que lo llevaba en el Bic Camera de Shinjuku donde acababa de comenzar y que iba a entrar a estudiar en HAL Tokyo, un Instituto de Diseño bastante conocido sobretodo por su situación: en la Cocoon Tower de Shinjuku, concretamente en la rama de Diseño Gráfico. Comencemos por el Bic Camera:

Estaba en la sección de Fotografía, y debido a algunos desencuentros con un encargado (alguno lo expliqué en su momento) que llevaron a degradar a ese encargado a “simple empleado”, pedí que me cambiaran de planta y me cambiaron a la quinta, donde habían las secciones de Belleza, Juguetes y Videojuegos. Y aquí comenzó mi historia de amor con Bic Camera.

Los intérpretes no teníamos sección en aquella época, estábamos por ahí rondando y si había que ayudar en caja se hacía y si teníamos que atender a japoneses (los que hablábamos correctamente japonés) pues también. En esa época, a mediados de febrero, en recursos humanos aún no me conocían mucho y estaban un tanto recelosos de hacerme un contrato a tiempo total aunque me lo habían prometido (aunque por horas, de “arubaito”, no fijo. Una de las claves de este artículo), pero mis compañeros jefes de planta y de sección me tenían mucho aprecio porque me atrevía a todo y siempre estaba presto a ayudar para lo que fuera, por lo que los jefes de planta hablaron directamente con todos los superiores posibles para que me dejaran trabajar a tiempo completo. Es más: el encargado de videojuegos les dijo que me quería para su sección y a tiempo completo, que era imprescindible para él. Le escucharon y me cambiaron el contrato con la condición de ser intérprete pero “residente” de la sección de videojuegos. Eso me emocionó mucho porque irse fuera y que confíen en así en uno, imaginaos…

Y allí estaba yo, empecé prácticamente en la sección de videojuegos a tiempo completo (de domingo a jueves alternando de tardes y de mañanas) y en el HAL a la vez (tres veces a la semana por las noches). Me hice mi hueco y me sentía la mar de bien. Estaba trabajando en una de las tiendas de electrónica más importantes de Japón y en la sección de videojuegos! y en perfecta sintonía con mis compañeros que a la postre se convertirían en grandes amigos. Mi “consagración” fue los días de la copa intercontinental (la que ganó el Barcelona en diciembre de 2015). Se corrió la voz de que había alguien que hablaba español y comenzaron a venir cantidades ingentes de argentinos… y yo corriendo de arriba a abajo para atender a toda la gente que pudiera, cosa que me encantaba.  
Atendí a tantos que incluso me hice “famoso” en algunos círculos y la gente venía directamente con una foto mía a información preguntando si “estaba Valo”. Hice unos cuantos amigos con los que aún mantengo el contacto actualmente.

Era muy feliz, pero me faltaba algo aparte del sueldo que era un poco bajo: un contrato fijo como empleado “normal”, no por horas, (cosa muy importante en Japón de cara al finado permanente y otro tipo de cosas más mundanas como alquilar un piso o ser más independiente), por lo que mientras trabajaba e iba a la escuela buscaba trabajo porque no me quedaba otra. No lo encontraba y me deprimí bastante. Pensaba que lo mío era imposible, que no iba a encontrar un buen trabajo en la vida y hasta tuve la tentación de echarlo todo por la borda (muy en serio, casi había tomado la decisión) pero un día de Mayo vino un cliente que trabajaba en una embajada de un país hispanohablante (en ese momento no lo sabía) y le ayudé con unos presupuestos y varios asuntos con toda mi dedicación, como siempre. Le caí en gracia y vino un par de veces e incluso vinieron más gente de esa embajada y me presentaban a sus familias y tal. Y en esas me dijo: el día que tenga vacante un puesto te llamaré y trabajarás conmigo. Me lo tomé a broma y mi calvario penal continuaba, pero al mes me llamó: “ha llegado tu momento”. Llevar papeleo y atender a japoneses básicamente. Me entrevisté en Junio con él y con el embajador y a principios de Julio me volvió a llamar para decirme que contaban conmigo. Había triunfado. Por fin todo el trabajo y esfuerzo había sido recompensado (de aquellas solo podia descansar un día a la semana, los sábados, y eso cuando no había clases extras en la escuela) y en el momento en el que peor lo estaba pasando salía airoso, como me ha pasado en multitud de ocasiones, aunque igual está relacionado con el hecho de ser constante y no rendirse nunca.

El día después hablé con mis compañeros y les expliqué todo y se alegraron por mí y tal, lo típico. Así que me pillé las vacaciones que me faltaban por hacer y dejé el trabajo. Fueron unos días muy felices porque estaba muy agradecido con mis compañeros, pero la vida sigue y necesitaba algo así. Por fin podría tener una vida normal. Todo era maravilloso otra vez. O no…

Los últimos días de Julio de 2016, 3 días antes de empezar en mi flamante nuevo trabajo en una embajada, me llamó el que iba a ser mi jefe y me dijo: “No sé cómo decirte esto, pero desde el gobierno central nos han dicho que no quieren darnos dinero para tu sueldo y el de otra persona que íbamos a contratar, por lo que no podrás trabajar aqu픅 no daba crédito (aún no sé si esa razón es real o era algo para quitárseme de encima ni quiero saberlo), me quería morir en ese momento. Del todo a la nada más absoluta. Me sentía traicionado, humillado, decepcionado, triste: la estocada definitiva. Qué podría hacer?

(Continuará… creo que mañana)

1 comentarios.
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          Airborne Fire Control Radar Market is Anticipated to Grow at a CAGR of 15.5% from 2016-2022   
Airborne Fire Control Radar Market is Anticipated to Grow at a CAGR of 15.5% from 2016-2022 Airborne Fire Control Radar Market Report, published by Allied Market Research, forecasts that the global market is expected to garner $198 billion by 2022, registering a CAGR of 15.5% during the period 2016-2022. X-band segment is expected to witness highest

          Intranets and social computing - first mover disadvantage?   
As you may know, in the past I worked at Ernst & Young in their Centre for Business Knowledge, the group who are responsible for the “KWeb” intranet. Outside of the top tier accounting firms (who have always understood they are involved in knowledge work), I’ve yet to find any large organisations with such a cohesive or advanced intranet, so I like to track public case studies and articles about Ernst & Young’s intranet and knowledge management program to see how it is progressing since I left in 2004.

Anyway, I was interested to read on the Intranet Benchmarking Forum’s blog that they had recently attended a leadership conference to provide a briefing on:
the latest trends amongst advance intranets and to parlay that information into a strategic roadmap for a next-generation intranet.
Alas, we don’t hear much about the audience’s reaction to these trends. I wonder how well E&Y’s intranet does benchmark against those trends, because there wasn’t really a lot there that struck me as new. I must admit this actually irritates me slightly - and I’ll apologies if there is a touch of arrogance here - but it really is time that the intranet industry takes a long hard look at itself and admits that its not really a case that some organisations are facing a set of new trends, they are really just catching up with innovation in other organisations that’s been taking place over the last decade or more.

Lets look at this apparently emerging issue about the “conflict between the desire to open up will be tempered by risk management and control”, as by its very nature the KWeb intranet is an open system that runs primarily on user-generated content. While I worked there, E&Y had hundreds of unmoderated, unfiltered discussion forums and thousands of project team databases. I don’t recall any major incidents, although I do remember some of the conversations about e-commerce getting quite heated! The only moderation processes that did exist was for the minority of ‘highly filtered’ knowledgebases, like PowerPacks - however, this moderation was for content quality.

Fast forwarding to the present day, this is only appearing to be a trend now in other less progressive organisations as Web-based collaboration tools (like SharePoint) have started to muscle into the traditional intranet space (e.g. static pages of content pushed at users to eagerly consume).

But its not a trend pointing to the future, its an indicator that you are lagging behind in how you imagine what an intranet should be. On the other hand I suspect Ernst & Young and those like it aren't lacking vision, but they may be struggling to take advantage of new Web 2.0 inspired enterprise technologies because of what’s in place already.

Another former employer, CSC, is a large organisation and presents another interesting case study from this point of view. They have a well established extranet, rather than an intranet, with a portal as a primary front end to multiple Web-based systems and sub-sites. However, while they are in the process of adopting social computing tools they face the challenge of integrating them into that existing Web 1.0-style extranet infrastructure.

I've seen similar situations in other large organisations I've worked with, particulary those that already valued collaboration and that had already deployed first generation Web-based collaboration tools.

From this I think there are in fact two key positions to understand:
  1. Progressive, early adopter organisations may now be at a disadvantage at a technology level, because they have lots of expensive legacy infrastructure to deal with - however, the culture is much better prepared to adopt a social computing-based intranet, so you can use that to your advantage. Luckily social computing can help make that transition in a cost effective way.
  2. Laggard organisations (and smaller organisations that never had access to enterprise groupware in the first place) have a temporary advantage to get ahead of the original early adopters if they can get past the cultural and business political issues that stop them from introducing new collaboration and social computing-based intranets. Its a lot harder to bootstrap culture change, but with a bit of effort you can fly under the radar at the technology level with social computing if you try. But fundamentally, you have to reinvent what the intranet means to your organisation in order to move forward.
So, what’s your organisation - an original early adopter or are a laggard?

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          Comment on Friday at 4: Under the radar notes on Notre Dame’s opponents by glowplugv   
I hear you on the bragging rights. I lived in LA for 35 years and my year depended on the results of the SC game! I'll be at the GA game. Go Irish!
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          Comment on Bully Movie Documentary 2012 should your Child See It? | Orlando Counselor on 3 Quick Tips for Parents of Victims | CBS 6 by Jim West   
Hey Bryan! I do a lot of interviews on Bullying and I have a Positive Bullying program where the student engaging in bullying has to apologize and make it up to the victim to repair the relationship. You can read about it at I've used it for years and seen bullying reduced by 50% and it also helps potential victims get tools to fly under the bullies radar. If you are interested in doing something together give us a call 407-248-0030 as I need help turning this into a video curriculum that we could make available to schools across the country.
          Comment on She Geek’s Movie Countdown to Halloween: Night 14 – Funny Games by Film Remake Hollywood Ini Digarap Oleh Sutradara Film Aslinya   
[…] Sumber: hegeekshegeek […]
          Comment on He Geek She Geek Closed for Repairs by TechCabal Radar will be back up shortly – appeNin   
[…] source – […]
          Automotive Radar Global Market Trend, Research Approach, Data Analysis and Forecast to 2022   
Automotive Radar Global Market Trend, Research Approach, Data Analysis and Forecast to 2022 According to Publisher, the Global Automotive Radar market is accounted for $1.2 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $3.9 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 18.7% from 2015 to 2022. The factors such as increasing advancements

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          For sale - humber 8M dive rib boat with 2 X 2016 suzuki 140... - £ 39995   

Humber TQ14, United Kingdom
2011 Humber 8m Rib – currently coded for commercial use2 x 2016 Suzuki df140tl Lean Burn outboardsray Marine A70D gps/Plotter/soundericom dsc vhfa-frame c/w nav lightsauto bilge pumpdive bottle racktwin battery system in rear bench seathydraulic steeringradar reflectorlife ringsanchor /chain / linetwin axle roller trailer (bearings good, brakes removed)Please call with any questions or would like to ...

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Take Control of Your Health with Holistic Homeopathy (Oodle)   
Looking to enhance and improve your health and general well-being? Not getting what you need from more conventional medical needs? Then holistic homeopathy might be the right solution for you! Holistic homeopathic practitioner Ariel Baradarian, can help you reach that goal with his client centered services aimed at relieving and getting rid of long and short term mental, emotional, and physical issues preventing you from being the best that you can be! Call 646-596-XXXX to learn more about Ariel's holistic services & his exclusive discounted package plans that can fit any budget for any individual or family! House & office visits as well as video chat consultations are available as well. The road to holistic wellness starts HERE!

          Renan Calheiros deixa liderança do PMDB no Senado e chama Temer de covarde   

iG São Paulo

Ex-presidente da Casa disse "não ter vocação para marionete" e afirmou que Eduardo Cunha, preso na Lava Jato, ainda exerce forte influência no governo

Senador Renan Calheiros diz que governo Temer ainda sofre forte influência do ex-deputado Eduardo Cunha

Senador Renan Calheiros diz que governo Temer ainda sofre forte influência do ex-deputado Eduardo Cunha

Foto: Ana Volpe/Agência Senado - 13.6.2017

O senador Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL) anunciou nesta quarta-feira (28) que está deixando a liderança do partido na Casa. O parlamentar, que é ex-presidente do Senado, acusou o governo do presidente Michel Temer (PMDB) de tratar a legenda como "um departamento do Poder Executivo", de perseguir políticos e de tentar impedir o debate de projetos, como o da reforma trabalhista.

Leia também: Fachin decide que denúncia contra Michel Temer será enviada direto à Câmara

Apesar de ser do mesmo partido de Temer, Renan Calheiros se opõe à atuação do governo. Ele afirmou em discurso na tarde de hoje que a postura do presidente é "é covarde" diante da consolidação do trabalho. “Cabe-nos aceitar a situação ou reagir a ela. De minha parte, não tenho a menor vocação para marionete. O governo não tem credibilidade para conduzir essas reformas exageradas, desproporcionais, que antes de resolver o problema, agravam a questão social.”

O ex-presidente da Casa se disse favorável a reformas que possam recuperar a economia do país, mas criticou a forma como as mudanças são conduzidas. Para ele, a reforma da Previdência é uma proposta para agradar ao sistema financeiro em detrimento dos pobres. Além disso, criticou, o governo tenta impedir o trabalho do Senado de fazer alterações no projeto da reforma trabalhista e quer que o texto seja aprovado exatamente como veio da Câmara dos Deputados.

“Estamos diante da degradação do bicameralismo, com a imposição da vontade de uma Casa à outra, sobretudo quando essa vontade é contrária aos direitos das pessoas mais pobres”, denunciou.

Leia também: Após ser criticado por Temer, Rodrigo Janot diz que ninguém está acima da lei

Renan disse que o PMDB sempre foi um partido que conviveu pacificamente com correntes ideológicas diferente em seus quadros. A situação, na sua opinião, mudou e houve a formação de um ambiente de intrigas, provocações, ameaças e retaliações do governo a parlamentares que "não seguem a cartilha governamental". O partido também estaria, de acordo com Renan, se desviando do seu programa, que prevê o compromisso de permanecer ao lado dos trabalhadores.

Eduardo Cunha

Outro ponto duramente criticado pelo ex-líder do PMDB foi a influência do ex-presidente da Câmara dos Deputados, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), no governo Temer. Para ele, é um engano achar que Cunha está politicamente morto depois de sua prisão já que o ex-parlamentar tem "total influência no governo", com poder inclusive para nomear ministros e dar ordens de dentro do presídio, "apequenando o presidente".

“Como mudar o pensamento de um governo comandado por Eduardo Cunha, que, mesmo na prisão, seguia influenciando e – os fatos demonstram – até recebendo dinheiro? Até recebendo dinheiro”, atacou o ex-presidente da Casa.


O senador classificou como gravíssima a situação econômica do país, com o aprofundamento da crise. Para ele, é preciso trocar a "ferocidade" por "serenidade e liderança". O Parlamento, disse, não deve se apegar a cargos e a situações passageiras de poder, mas sim defender os interesses do Brasil com um projeto que possa promover a retomada de investimentos e restabelecer a credibilidade interna e externa do país.

Renan se disse grato pela colaboração dos integrantes do partido enquanto foi líder e prometeu ajudar o próximo a ocupar o posto.

Leia também: Supremo nega novo pedido de liberdade a Rodrigo Rocha Loures

“Devolver a liderança do partido no Senado e aos meus pares, neste momento, não carrega nem sequer um milímetro de ressentimento. É decorrência da dinâmica política e da minha percepção do momento de passar o bastão para outra companheira ou outro companheiro, que, no que for possível, terá a minha total colaboração”, finalizou Renan Calheiros.

* Com informações da Agência Senado

          Film Jokowi    
Jakarta : Rumah produksi K2K Production selesai menggarap film berjudul Jokowi. Film disutradarai Azhar Kinoi Lubis ini mengisahkan perjalanan hidup Gubernur DKI Jakarta bernama lengkap Joko Widodo itu.

Jokowi mengatakan, sebelum film dibuat, Azhar telah menemuinya untuk meminta izin. Tapi mantan Walikota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah itu dengan tegas menolak kisah hidupnya difilmkan.

"Sudah sekali ketemu, sudah saya bilang nggak usah, karena saya siapa sih, orang kecil. Tapi tapi tetap terjadi, ya saya kaget, lah wong nggak pernah mengiyakan," ucap Jokowi di Balaikota Jakarta, Selasa (21/5/2013).

Menurut Jokowi, perjalanan hidup dirinya tak ada yang istimewa. Sehingga dia merasa tak pantas kehidupannya difilmkan.

film jokowi
film jokowi 

Kalau dibilang perjuangan hidup, perjuangan apa, malu dong. Lah wong hidup saya normal-normal saja," ujar Jokowi.

Walau menceritakan riwayat hidupnya, Jokowi mengaku tak tahu-menahu tentang penayangan film yang akan diluncurkan pada Kamis 20 Juni. "Saya belum tahu, belum ketemu lagi sama sutradaranya. Kayak apa filmnya saya nggak mengerti juga," kata dia.

Film berjudul Jokowi akan ditayangkan perdana pada 20 Juni nanti, menyambut ulang tahun Jokowi 21 Juni dan Ibukota Jakarta 22 Juni. Perjalanan hidup Jokowi sejak masih kecil hinga dewasa dan menikah dengan Iriana dikemas dalam film yang dibintangi Teuku Rifnu Wikana dan Prisia Nasution. Artis lain turut meramaikan film yaitu Ayu Diah Pasha, Ratna Riantiarno, dan Landung Simatupang
          Multi-Function Modules feature removable SMA connectors.   
Providing gain control, amplification, coupler and/or detection for ALC function, Multi-Function Modules are available in attenuator-amplifier-coupler-detector, coupler-sampler with multiple sample ports, and coupler-coupler-detector types. Used on printed circuit board based system, units come with improved isolation and available in different sizes. Modules are suitable for radar and microwave test instruments.

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          TAKO TO RADI PRODANOVIĆ! Otac dva bolesna deteta žrtva partijskog kadriranja   

Goran Aleksić, čija oba sina boluju od autizma, nedavno je proglašen tehnološkim viškom u šabačkom javnom preduzeću “Toplana” čiji je direktor Aleksandar Prodanović, samozvani lider mitrovačke opozicije. „Živeti sa decom koja imaju autizam, može da se opiše u tri reči – to je tuga, patnja i očaj“. Tako svoju priču počinje Goran Aleksić, otac dva decaka obolela od autizma, koji je do pre nekoliko dana bio jedini hranitelj porodice. Sada mu je uručen otkaz, a agonija i neizvesnost traju od 2009. godine, kada se posle stečaja u firmi gde je radio, preko agencije zaposlio na mesto portira u šabačkoj Toplani. Za sedam godina, dok je radio na određeno vreme, promenilo se pet direktora, a u iščekivanju stalnog zaposlenja, u njegovom sektoru, posao su dobila tri radnika koje je on obučavao, i to, kako tvrdi Aleksić, zahvaljujući politici. Njegova supruga je bez zaposlenja jer brine o bolesnoj deci, a sada je i on ostao na ulici. „Te 2010. godine muž tadašnje direktorke Predškolske ustanove „Naše dete“, Marice Vuletić, koji je u mesecu junu počeo da radi, posle šest meseci dobio je posao za stalno“, priča Goran i pokazuje dokumentaciju. Sa ugovorom na određeno vreme Goran je sačekao novog direktora, u nadi da će konačno dobiti sigurniji status. Međutim… „Početkom 2013. godine, u januaru, sin Salka Karadarevića, koji je u tom momentu bio okružni menadžer LDP-a, posle šest meseci rada, dobio je, takođe, posao za stalno“, objašnjava Goran. Goran je sa portirskog mesta, gde je radio četiri godine bez dana odmora, prebačen da čisti podstanice. Onda je, kako tvrdi, došao novi direktor iz SPS-a. Ne zadugo, usledilo je cepanje lokalnog SPS-a i imenovanje novog direktora, Srećka Đurića, koji mu nije dao novu šansu po isteku ugovora. „Ja sam pre toga pisao gradonačelniku i poslao mu medicinsku dokumentaciju o bolesti moga sina. Kada mi nisu produžili ugovor, ja sam se raspitivao da li će mi iz opštine neko pomoći. Sledećeg dana pozvao me je šef pravne službe, Dragomir Nikolić, i saopštio da je stigao odgovor da je na moje mesto zaposlen odbornik Lekić Suljo, iz SPS-a“, kaže Goran. Pisao je gradonačelniku, ministru Aleksandru Vulinu, zaštitniku građana, ali niko nije imao razumevanja niti rešenje za njegov problem. Onda je potražio pravdu na sudu. Apelacioni sud iz Novog Sada posle 14 meseci vratio ga je na posao, a onda ga je sačekao novi direktor, mitrovačke gore list – Aleksandar Prodanović. „Ja sam se na osnovu rešenja suda vratio na posao 7. novembra, radio sam petnaest dana, da bi mi posle toga bilo uručeno rešenje otkaza ugovora o radu i proglašen sam tehnološkim viškom“, priča Goran uz obrazloženje da je to rešenje potpisao privatni advokat Aleksandra Prodanovića, direktora JKP “Toplana“. Ni sa jednim direktorom, posle otpuštanja, nije bio u prilici da porazgovara. Nažalost, nismo uspeli ni mi. Srećko Đurić, koji je i posle smene ostao da radi u Toplani, kako nam je rekao, ne sme da priča bez odobrenja novog direktora. Novi direktor Aleksandar Prodanović nije se javljao na telefon, niti odgovarao na poruke, tako da nismo saznali da li je Goran Aleksić bez posla ostao po zakonu. Sve ovo zakonski možda i jeste, a da li je ljudski?   M.Č.Guberlić / Foto. J.Gubelić IZVOR:  (preuzet deo teksta)

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          Resumo da novela "Rebelde" [dia 24 a 28 de setembro]   

Segunda-feira, 24/09/2012 - capítulo 140
Lucy rouba roupas em uma loja

Miguel fica aturdido diante da notícia de que Lucy fugiu. Miguel diz a Leila que vai atrás de Lucy. As crianças tiram satisfação com Pingo após o inspetor recolher os ossos espalhados pelo colégio. Lucy rouba roupas em uma loja. Miguel diz a Alice que Lucy fugiu da clínica. As crianças choram em volta de Pingo enquanto Márcia e Téo tentam consolá-los. Artur fica feliz após ler a carta. Leila diz aos rebeldes que Lucy fugiu da clínica.

Alice oferece ajuda a Miguel. Tatiana fica surpresa ao saber que Lucy fugiu. Pingo se fantasia de Roberta para agradar as crianças. Artur novamente pede ajuda a Ofélia. Pedro e Alice discutem. Tadeu dá aula para a turma de Raul. Lucy consegue fugir dos seguranças da loja. Artur conta a Ofélia que leu a carta e se emociona. Cilene fica chateada ao ver Artur conversando com Ofélia. Cilene se desespera ao ver que a torneira da cantina não está funcionando.

Jonas coloca máscara de teatro e dá susto em Cilene. João e Ofélia conversam sobre Dadá. Leila desabafa com Ofélia e diz que Jonas não quer mais saber de ser diretor. Leila dá bronca em Jonas. Maria fica assustada ao saber que Lucy fugiu da clínica e aproveita para contar a novidade aos amigos. Miguel e Tatiana vão até a clínica em que Lucy estava internada. O médico da clínica diz a Miguel que Lucy furtou uma loja e roubou o celular de um homem.

Terça-feira, 25/09/2012 - capítulo 141
Lucy rouba novamente e foge da polícia

Alice diz a Pilar que Lucy fugiu da clínica. Tatiana e Miguel conversam sobre Lucy. Raul e Lucas fazem pacto e se unem. Mariana diz a Beatriz que planeja conquistar todos os garotos do terceiro ano. Miguel pega o carro e dirige atrás de Lucy. O Zimmer lembra dos momentos em que passou com a irmã. Ofélia enche Tomás de beijo e conversa com o neto. Lucy fica irritada após não conseguir falar com Miguel. Vitória pega um papelão improvisado e monta a rádio corredor. A aluna entrevista os amigos sobre a fuga de Lucy.

Miguel recebe uma visita surpresa de seu pai enquanto Binho observa tudo. Após chegar da clínica, Tatiana conta a Leila como Lucy conseguiu fugir. Jonas brinca com um carrinho de bombeiro. Lucy rouba novamente e foge da polícia. Os professores do colégio ficam assustados com a notícia da fuga de Lucy. Leila diz a Pingo e Cilene que as crianças não podem saber da fuga de Lucy. Miguel chama Binho até o sótão e diz que precisa achar sua irmã. Miguel chantageia Binho e ordena que o rival consiga um rádio da polícia.

Tomás e Carla ficam em clima de romance. Diego folheia uns livros sobre vampiros e lembra de Roberta. Pedro e Roberta conversam sobre seus problemas e se abraçam. Binho e Miguel procuram por Lucy. Alice e Diego conversam sobre as brigas. Arturzinho conversa com seu pai sobre Cilene. Miguel vai até a casa de Eva e diz que pretende ressarcir os prejuízos do incêndio. Binho e Miguel procuram por Lucy na Vila Lene. Fátima pergunta a Miguel se ele estuda no Elite Way.

Quarta-feira, 26/09/2012 - capítulo 142
Miguel e Binho tentam localizar Lucy

Fátima conversa com Miguel e Binho. Pilar fica aflita após não conseguir falar com Miguel. Arturzinho e Nina ficam felizes após plano da carta dar certo. Cilene destrata Artur e deixa o professor perdido. Pedro, Diego e Tomás conversam sobre a fuga de Lucy. Miguel e Binho usam um rádio amador para localizar Lucy. Lucy liga para Miguel e deixa o Zimmer muito preocupado. Pilar e Leila tentam convencer Jonas a mudar de comportamento. Ofélia fica cada vez mais encantada por Tadeu.

Becky diz a Vicente que ele tem talento para fotografia. O professor fica animado ao saber que Eva arrumou novos clientes para ele. Artur vai até o bistrô de Ofélia para desabafar. Milena, Arturzinho, Luana, Caíque e Nina formam o clubinho dos cinco. As crianças brincam na casa de Cilene. Ofélia ajuda Marcelo em um novo plano para reconquistar Cris. Ela diz ao professor que ele deve fazer ciúmes em Cris. Tadeu fica incomodado ao saber que Marcelo quer falar com Cris. Cilene se irrita novamente ao ver Artur com Ofélia. A inspetora entende a situação de forma errada e acha que o ex-marido está tendo um caso.

As crianças pensam em um novo jeito de achar o cãozinho perdido. João conversa com Diego e tenta consolar o amigo. Ofélia ensina Artur como beijar. Pedro fica desconfiado ao saber que Miguel ajudou Binho a voltar para o Elite Way. Os pais dos rebeldes se reúnem na casa de Franco para conversar sobre a banda. Roberta e Maria se desentendem. A rebelde bagunça o cabelo da colega. Pedro desabafa com Diego e Tomás. Ele acredita que Miguel e Binho estão escondendo algo. Téo mostra as imagens da pichação de Lucy a Pedro. Roberta e Diego conversam sobre a briga.

Quinta-feira, 27/09/2012 - capítulo 143
Empresário se preocupa com briga dos rebeldes

Roberta e Diego discutem. Pedro pede ajuda a Téo para descobrir a verdade sobre Miguel. As crianças ficam preocupadas com a tristeza de Cilene. Pilar e Binho conversam. Eva e Silvia ficam surpresas com o comportamento de Jonas. Os pais dos rebeldes conversam sobre a banda e o futuro de seus filhos. Márcia tenta consolar Roberta após a briga com Diego. João fica preocupado com Diego. Bernardo tenta se aproximar de Pedro. Ele diz ao rebelde que não tem sido um bom amigo. Os pais dos rebeldes conversam com o empresário da banda. Fátima visita novamente o bistrô de Ofélia. Vitória tenta entrevistar Alice.

Tatiana diz a Diego que a segurança do colégio foi reforçada por causa de Lucy. O empresário da banda se preocupa com a briga dos rebeldes. Diego vai até sua casa e recolhe todos os presentes que ganhou de Roberta. Lucy se esconde na Vila Lene. Leonardo fica surpreso ao saber que Diego pretende devolver os presentes que ganhou de Roberta. Tadeu e Marcelo voltam a se estranhar. Lucy dorme na rua e é acordada por Fátima. Fátima chama Lucy para passar uma noite em seu quarto alugado. Leonardo tenta acalmar Diego. Tatiana e Marcelo fazem ciúmes em Cris e Tadeu. Pilar faz uma visita surpresa a Miguel. Diego devolve os presentes para Roberta e tira o anel de compromisso.

Sexta-feira, 28/09/2012 - capítulo 144
Roberta fica magoada com Diego

Roberta fica magoada após Diego devolver os presentes. Penélope diz a Alice que deseja conhecer Franco. A estudante quer se encontrar com o pai da rebelde. Marcelo pede a Becky para ser o padrinho de casamento. Márcia vê Roberta chorando e tenta ajudar a amiga. Cris sente ciúmes de Marcelo. Pilar tenta entrar no sótão mas Miguel a impede. Leila cobra mais responsabilidade de Jonas. O diretor continua com seu comportamento estranho.

As crianças percebem a tristeza de Cilene. Diego fica chateado após discutir com Roberta e deixa Tomás e Pedro preocupados. Tomás dá bronca em Diego por ele ter faltado o ensaio. Fátima paga um café para Lucy. Ela fica intrigada com a aluna fugitiva. Binho esbarra com Miguel e Pilar no corredor do colégio enquanto Pedro vê tudo escondido. O rebelde desconfia do novo comportamento de Binho. Pedro diz a Téo que Binho está muito estranho.

Márcia pergunta a Diego o que ele fez para deixar Roberta triste. Miguel e Binho conversam sobre o plano. Miguel se irrita ao ver Lucy como fugitiva em jornal. Fátima descobre que Lucy é herdeira de uma família rica. Leila e Tatiana conversam sobre o vazamento da notícia de Lucy. Miguel tenta tirar satisfação com Leila após ver sua irmã no jornal. Jonas diz a João que Marcos Mion dará uma palestra no Elite Way. Vitória e Bernardo ficam felizes com o sucesso do vídeo. Márcia diz a Diego que está decepcionada com seu comportamento perante Roberta.

Serginho deixa uma caixa de bombom na mesa de Cris. Milena tenta consolar Serginho. Alice se irrita ao ver o vídeo de Vitória. Murilo fica preocupado com a visita de seu pai. Estela, nova aluna do colégio, chega ao Elite Way. Pedro e Miguel conversam sobre Binho. Maria e Murilo ficam chocados com o visual de Estela. Alice fica irritada com Vitória após ser interrogada sobre Pedro. Carla e Alice ficam surpresas ao saber que Diego devolveu a aliança de compromisso para Roberta. Lucy liga para Miguel.
          Resumo da novela "Lado a Lado" [dia 24 a 29 de setembro]   

Segunda-feira, 24/09/2012 - capítulo 13
Albertinho destrata Isabel

Neusinha fica sabendo que Quequé descobriu seu plano. Berenice observa Zé Maria e a namorada. Isabel recebe um recado de padre Olegário para comparecer à igreja. Teresa pede para Praxedes conseguir um emprego para Sandra. Frederico e Mário discutem sobre a peça que será encenada no teatro. Neusinha seduz Quequé. Albertinho destrata Isabel na frente de Constância. Guerra sugere que Edgar se declare para Laura. Jurema orienta Berenice a não fazer nada contra Zé Maria e Isabel. Eulália reclama de Teresa para Sandra.

Isabel percebe o interesse mútuo entre Laura e Edgar. Eliete convida Mário para jantar. Edgar se surpreende ao saber que Bonifácio arrumou um cargo para Assunção no governo. Neusinha ouve Frederico combinando de jantar com Diva e sugere que Eliete vá com Mário ao mesmo lugar. Isabel diz a Jurema que não contará para Zé Maria que se envolveu com Albertinho. Berenice molha o vestido de noiva de Isabel. Alice conta para Constância que Isabel esteve na casa de Laura. Edgar ouve os elogios que Laura lhe faz.

Terça-feira, 25/09/2012 - capítulo 14
Berenice tenta provocar Isabel

Edgar afirma para Constância que Laura continuará recebendo Isabel em sua casa. Jurema repreende Berenice por deixar o vestido de noiva de Isabel no varal. Eulália se faz de vítima durante uma discussão com Teresa, ao ver Praxedes chegar. Neusinha faz Diva contar sobre seu encontro com Frederico. Zé Maria discursa em favor da capoeira. Edgar e Laura se declaram um para o outro. Berenice tenta provocar Isabel.

Praxedes briga com Teresa por causa de Eulália. Caniço provoca um acidente com o vestido de noiva de Isabel. Albertinho se irrita com os elogios que recebe dos amigos por humilhar Isabel. Guerra desconfia de que Fernando tenha inveja de Edgar. Constância fala para Assunção que ele precisa agradar a família Vieira para conseguir um cargo melhor. Praxedes tenta conversar com Eulália. Constância descobre que Laura e Edgar dormem em quartos separados.

Quarta-feira, 26/09/2012 - capítulo 15
Fernando discute com Bonifácio

Constância afirma a Celinha que impedirá que Laura acabe com seu casamento. Isabel fica receosa quando Zé Maria fala de casamento. Zé Maria ironiza a presença de Praxedes na barbearia. Constância obriga Celinha a levar Laura a um médico. Madame Besançon resolve dar um aumento a Isabel. Fernando discute com Bonifácio por causa de Edgar. Laura descobre a intenção de Constância com o seu exame médico e fica furiosa.

Neusinha avisa ao gerente da confeitaria que Mário Cavalcanti e sua acompanhante ficarão na mesma mesa em que Diva e Frederico. Sandra e Teresa tentam convencer Eulália a sair de casa. Caniço se enfurece com Berenice por não cumprir a promessa que fez a ele. Isabel fica nervosa com a irritação de Afonso ao vê-la beijar Zé Maria na rua. Mário e Eliete chegam à confeitaria. Constância pergunta a Laura se ela consumou seu casamento.

Quinta-feira, 27/09/2012 - capítulo 16
Constância arma para uma mulher seduzir Edgar

Constância não se conforma que Laura não tenha consumado seu casamento. Quequé surpreende Neusinha e a tira de perto da confeitaria. Diva avança contra Eliete, mas acaba atingindo o gerente da confeitaria. Eulália estranha a insistência de Teresa e Sandra para que ela saia de casa. Eulália flagra Teresa e Sandra tentando abrir o seu baú. Constância tenta conversar com Laura. Madame Besançon pede para Isabel se afastar de Jurema. Teresa descobre o conteúdo do baú de Eulália e fica indignada.

Mário convence Diva a deixar que Eliete continue na companhia. Constância manda Matilde ser sua espiã na casa de Laura. Padre Olegário repreende Eulália pelas provocações a Teresa. A pedido de Constância, Luiza paga uma mulher para seduzir Edgar. Mário e Frederico declaram seu amor por Diva. Edgar conta para Laura sobre o flerte que recebeu. Zé Maria não gosta de saber que madame Besançon quer que Isabel se afaste de Jurema. Laura e Edgar ficam juntos.

Sexta-feira, 28/09/2012 - capítulo 17
Isabel sente-se mal durante o jantar

Zé Maria reclama por Isabel pagar sua conta na confeitaria. Teresa pede para Praxedes conversar com Eulália sobre Sandra. Constância instrui Luiza com os preparativos para o jantar. Laura ouve Constância contar para Carlota sobre a moça que se ofereceu para Edgar. Isabel sente-se mal durante o jantar e Zé Maria fica preocupado. Madame Besançon reclama da comida de Isabel.

Bonifácio não permite que Fernando dirija seu carro novo. Albertinho aposta que Teodoro não consegue conquistar uma garota. Laura tenta convencer Assunção a ajudar o Morro da Providência. Carlota insinua que Constância deve agradar Bonifácio para conseguir um carro. Edgar leva Laura para visitar a redação do jornal. Jurema consulta os búzios para Isabel.

Sábado, 29/09/2012 - capítulo 18
Frederico dá flores falsas para Diva

Isabel fica abalada com as revelações de Jurema e Berenice ouve. Albertinho escolhe Alice como a menina que Teodoro tentará conquistar. Constância reclama com Assunção por não ter um carro. Mário corteja Diva e lhe entrega um buquê de flores. Isabel sai cedo da casa de Jurema para não se encontrar com Afonso. Edgar decide assistir a uma aula de Laura. Assunção e Praxedes sobem o Morro da Providência. Eliete comenta que Mário deu flores a Diva e Frederico fica enciumado.

Constância não se conforma de ver Assunção chegar à confeitaria sujo de lama. Frederico dá flores falsas para Diva. Guerra insinua que Bonifácio esteja enriquecendo por meios ilícitos. Madame Besançon flagra Isabel chorando e a deixa sair cedo do trabalho. Berenice conta para Zé Maria a conversa que ouviu entre Isabel e Jurema.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Leia's Future   

Today on the 5: Disney has confirmed that there will be no change to Carrie Fisher's role in The Last Jedi. What might that mean for the character?

          Today's Hotness: Ski Saigon, Urusei Yatsura, Mincer Ray   
Ski Saigon -- Brings The Storm Cloud (detail)

>> One of the more mysterious and evocative projects we've followed here at Clicky Clicky in recent years has been Mooncreatures. Although the music and premise of its final long-player was exciting, we were disappointed when the London band and the LP's fictive narrative intersected in reality, and Mooncreatures announced (sort of?) it was no more. Anyway, band mastermind Rhys Griffiths has returned with the even higher-concept project Ski Saigon, whose debut release Brings The Storm Cloud is due toward the end of the summer. The six-song set is inspired by '60s Cambodian pop music and concerns a fictional historical (wait, what?) narrative about French soldiers tiring of the tropical climate of Cambodia in the mid-20th century and setting about creating indoor snow skiing facilities in Saigon and Phnom Penh. Really, you just read that. Brings The Storm Cloud opens with a short, shimmering audio approximation of those blurry scene transitions in film and TV that suggests the commencement of a flashback. As soon as listeners have oriented themselves to the tune, "Wintergarden," it vanishes, and then the EP begins in earnest with the ensuing, fully realized "Sweet Dreams In The Botanics." The mid-tempo swayer rides a steady canned beat, above which sustained synth and simple guitar chords and a pleasantly lazy lead guitar obscure hushed lyrics. The tune's escapist fantasia is amplified by a 45-second coda wherein the aforementioned synth chords give way to an insectoid drone and -- curiously -- the sound of water (although we expect it is easier to present the sound of water than snow). Art Is Hard Records issues Brings The Storm Cloud Aug. 26 in a limited edition of 100 32-page book/CD bundles, as well as a digital download. Pre-order the book here, and click through the embed below to acquire the digital files. The demise of Mooncreatures felt very premature, and we're quite excited by the possibilities presented by Ski Saigon, either as an ongoing project or at least as a sign that Mr. Griffiths has no intention of quitting music any time. Stream the aforementioned "Wintergarden" and "Sweet Dreams In The Botanics" via the Bandcamp embed below.

>> We've been holding out hope for a good six years that the mighty Glaswegian indie rock combo Projekt A-Ko would return to us. Imagine our surprise when we received word in our inbox earlier this spring that not Projeckt A-Ko, but the trio's notable, '90s-spawned (and we suppose better-known) precursor Urusei Yatsura, would beat the three to the new release bin in September. Well, technically, it's old music, but it is nonetheless exciting. On Sept. 2, the choicest cuts from Urusei Yatsura's highly regarded BBC recordings (which included, among others, five sessions for John Peel and three for Steve Lamacq) will be released as an LP via London's Rocketgirl. The press materials accompanying the announcement speak, with the benefit of distance and hindsight, of Urusei Yatsura's music shining particularly bright when recorded under the constraints radio sessions necessarily present. And it is hard to argue with the results. Fans can hear a particularly fizzing iteration of the rocking 1996 A-side "Phasers On Stun" below. Rocketgirl will release You Are My Urusei Yatsura on 12" vinyl, CD and as a digital download Sept. 2. The LPs are pressed to snappy neon pink media and available in a very limited edition of 300 pieces, so you had better get to pre-ordering if you want this. To be fair to Urusei Yatsura/Projekt A-ko's Fergus Lawrie, he has produced new music over the last seven years, including some engaging "haloed guitar" guitar noise pieces with his project Angel of Everyone Murder. But given the blinding excellence of Projekt A-Ko's sole LP, 2009's Yoyodyne [hypertext!], we remain hopeful that that...erm... project will also be resuscitated. In the meantime, we've the Urusei Yatsura collection to look forward to: stream the aforementioned "Phasers On Stun," recorded for the BBC Evening Session May 8, 1996, via the Soundcloud embed below. Speaking of, fans should pay VERY close attention to the UY Soundcloud, as it features a trove of material, including some cuts found too late to be considered for inclusion on You Are My Urusei Yatsura, like this magical acoustic take on "Burriko Girl."

>> The charm of lo-fi, and particularly '90s lo-fi, is that it characteristically sounds thrown together, but still sometimes fumbles its way to transcendence. Sometimes that's just the sound (the example we think of it this Perfect Pussy interview that describes recording clean basic tracks and then layering noise), and sometimes things are actually, you know, thrown together (see every live thing Crazy Horse did with Neil Young). Although we've previously deemed the act mid-fi, Mincer Ray's delightful, be-flanneled recent digital EP Early Morning Am Moritz firmly falls within the latter category. A brief note at the Berlin-based act's Soundcloud reports the short stack of songs was "[c]onceived & recorded to cassette in 3 hours & 47 minutes (more or less)." The collection commences strongly with the yearning, mid-tempo, and alt.-countrified strummer "Everything Is Green," a should-be hit whose straightforward presentation can't hold down the sweeping melody of the big, lovelorn verse. With almost no warning the verse become its chorus, which points to an anthemic, ripping guitar solo that aspires towards David Pajo's amazing face-melter from Palace Brothers' epic "Horses." The balance of Early Morning Am Moritz isn't quite as memorable, although the concise basher "Ned Norris" is bracing to the point of infectious and the loose and gritty "Dine" wouldn't feel entirely out of place on Viva Last Blues. Mincer Ray's EP hit the Internerds in late June, and you can stream the entire thing via the Soundcloud embed below (click through to download all five numbers as .wav files). The set is also now available on cassette via the Chicago and Berlin-based Shaky Tooth Tapes. We last wrote about Mincer Ray right here in 2014.

          Today' Hotness: Eros And The Eschaton, Ghost Orchard, Landing   
Eros And The Eschaton -- Weight Of Matter (detail)

>> Inspired dream-pop concern Eros And The Eschaton's second LP, due later this summer, is heralded by the surprisingly brash and altogether thrilling preview rocker "Rxx." After a bright, uptempo introduction, the song deftly shifts into a spiky, punky verse featuring an arresting vocal by co-founder Kate Perdoni, whose delivery ranges from delightfully bratty to pensive as she mythologizes a restless life on the road and the band's conception (at the climax she erupts "I started this band from a traffic jam when I was trying to find my way back to Canada!"). Formerly based in North Carolina but now operating out of Colorado Springs, Colo., Ms. Perdoni and partner Adam Hawkins now count among their number drummer Alex Koshak, bassist Ryan Spradlin and keyboard player Mitch Macura. The quintet's forthcoming album Weight Of Matter is said to be strongly influenced by Neil Young & Crazy Horse, but if "Rxx" takes a cue from Mr. Young's wide-ranging career, it would have to be Young's weird, new wave and experimental pop phase (he was a proponent of and sometime collaborator with DEVO, our older readers might recall). Even that feels a stretch, though, and it really makes no difference, as "Rxx" is so potent a single that it needs no RIYLs to prop it up. While the subdued dream-pop of songs like "You Know I Do" and "Don't Look So Sad" from Eros And The Eschaton's early day feels remote here, the big dynamic drumming, anthemic synth lines, spindly guitars and rich feedback in "Rxx" make for a very potent sound that presents exciting opportunities for the band. Bar/None releases Weight Of Matter Aug. 19 on vinyl and CD and pre-orders are being taken for the set right here. The band celebrates the record with two shows at the end of August in Colorado Springs and Denver and also performs in Denver this Saturday; all dates available at press time are listed below. Stream "Rxx" via the Soundcloud embed below. In related news, Weehawken, NJ-based Bar/None this past March celebrated its 30th anniversary, a very notable achievement indeed, and there are retrospective blog posts and a link to a label comp that are definitely worth checking out right here.

06.25 -- Denver, CO -- Westword Music Festival
07.30 -- Denver, CO -- Underground Music Fest
08.05 -- Colorado Springs, CO -- Fine Arts Center
08.26 -- Colorado Springs, CO -- Flux Capacitor (Record Release Show)
08.27 -- Denver, CO -- Larimer Lounge (Record Release Show)

>> Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Ghost Orchard's latest set, Bliss, is a veiled and smothered bedroom dream-pop wonder that has already soundtracked many a late night to devastating and lonely effect. Led by Sam Hall, the project enlarges the scope of similarly bleary solo work of artists like Astrobrite, Atlas Sound and the recently reviewed Flout for an adventure in woozy, driving sound design, not to mention yearning and youthful lo-fi contemplation. Short and sweet songs like "Seperate" and "Sorry" pair distant percussion to textured and tasteful guitar chords for a contemporary take on the "hypnagogic pop" genre which came to the fore with rise of Ariel Pink and other deconstructed songsmiths. Mr. Hall's mid-range vocals serve as another yawning instrument more than a direct lead, but his pleasant tones nonetheless complement the auditory universe he contrives. Loveless-styled instrumental segues bookend "I Saw You Floating," "Sleepover" and "Wisher," and these run into other pieces, adding to the intimate, toy-instrument song-cycle vibe conjured here effectively. While this style of music has been tackled by many, Hall's inoffensive and rounded mid-heavy production and original instrumentation prestidigitate a boyish wonder that circulates through much of Bliss' 13 songs, making the collection an ideal choice for lazy, searching summer evenings. Take this moment to act decisively, however, as Orchid Tapes' recent second pressing of 100 cassettes is likely to disappear as quickly as this piece can be read. Do it: grab Bliss now on tape or as a digital download right here, lest you have to wait for round three. -- Edward Charlton

>> While the name of Connecticut-based drone-rock four Landing has registered on this reviewer's radar in years past -- perhaps due to its prior association with labels as esteemed as K and Geographic North -- its music had eluded our ears until the recent lead-up to its latest album, Third Sight. That collection hit racks earlier this month on CD and green vinyl LP via El Paraiso Records, but indeed the band's legacy stretches back almost two full decades to 1998. Third Sight is a four-song platter of head music characterized by a psychedelic and ambient narcotic lull, one akin to those conjured by legendary hitmakers Spacemen 3, Stars of the Lid and The Warlocks. Landing achieves this through the use of pristine and full production, as well as a distinct, major-key howl. The collection, recorded as part of El Paraiso's Impetus series, aims for the tranquil yet hallucinogenic side of Landing's sound with protracted, ruminative songs and serious pedal work. The lead preview track "Delusion Sound/Third Site" (split into two tunes on Spotify) presents soft, delayed vocals that intertwine within a drift of synthesizer patches and slow-burning feedback. "Facing South" highlights spewing, long-timed drone pedals and bongo-esque percussion to establish a meditative, instrumental trance, while closer "Morning Sun" aims for middle ground between the two, before female vocals pour a little bit of light into the composition. Much of Third Sight comes across as tempered experimentation and improvisational, but the focus with which Landing tackles its craft makes for a compelling album that, we'll speculate, likely sounds massive on vinyl, the manner of consumption this music seems clearly intended for. Order Third Sight here or check out Landing’s impressive and substantial body of work at their Bandcamp page. -- Edward Charlton

          Asian Cash Losing Its Cachet? A Vancouver Realtor offers comfort to Reuters American readers   

On a day when all the local attention is focused on the release of the BC Provincial Budget, let's turn our attention to a small news item that probably slipped under your radar today. posted an article by Reuters news service titled "Chinese investors find their cash is losing its cachet".

Apparently China's tightening capital controls are beginning to be felt in North America as Chinese firms struggle to close deals owing to lack of FX. As a result,  overseas direct investment is dropping sharply.  North American sellers want Chinese buyers to provide proof of funds and such deal scrutiny is hurting investor confidence.

According to Reuters:
"Chinese investors have been highly sought after the world over. Now, their cash is losing its cachet. China's increasing efforts to prevent capital from leaving the country are eroding the confidence of domestic and foreign investors about getting deals done inside and outside of the world's second-biggest economy. Chinese bidders had become ubiquitous in deals in the past two years and were welcomed, said Severin Brizay, head of Europe, the Middle East and Africa mergers and acquisitions for the investment bank UBS. 'Clients were asking if it would be possible to make sure they are involved. Now, we are seeing the reverse: some clients are asking if we can do it without Chinese bidders because of the domestic challenges they face,' he said.
Those at the heart of brokering investment deals with Chinese investors say that many Chinese firms are unable to close deals because they can not secure official permission to transfer yuan into foreign exchange.

This, of course, follows a series of capital control measures China implemented late last year to tighten restrictions on capital outflows and rein in what officials have called "irrational" outbound investment.

The Institute of International Finance estimated capital outflows surged to a record $725 billion last year and it expects even higher outflows this year. The yuan fell more than 6.5% last year against the US dollar, its steepest decline since 1994, prompting the central bank to spend hundreds of billions of dollars in reserves to prevent the slide from turning into a slump.

The most interesting of the facts presented are that Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) by Chinese in December fell almost 40% from a year earlier to $8.41 billion, the lowest monthly level in 2016.

In January, overseas property purchases by Chinese corporations plunged. In one case, a Chinese investor was unable to get permission from authorities to exchange yuan into $30 million to close a U.S. deal, a consultant involved in the project said. The planned $100 million investment in a U.S. residential property portfolio fell through.
"Sellers nowadays will request certain proof," said Jeffrey Sun, a Shanghai-based partner at the legal practice of Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe. "From the sellers' side, the worry is justified."
Reuters goes on to outline how fund managers that help Chinese investment abroad are "freaking out" and are searching for creative ways to circumvent capital control regulations.

But perhaps the best part of the article is the ending, which turns to the Village on the Edge of the Rainforest for reassurance and I'm sure will warm the hearts of all local real estate agents... and infuriate many frustrated with government complacency:
"Chinese conglomerate HNA Group announced about $20 billion in outbound deals last year. Thomson Reuters data shows it raised at least $17.05 billion in loans abroad in 2016. Overall, China's outbound investment hit a record last year but could have been much higher, said the Rhodium Group, a consultancy that tracks direct investment from China. It said a record 30 deals worth $74 billion and involving Chinese companies were cancelled in the United States and Europe in 2016.
"Right now everybody is thoroughly freaked out by capital controls," Daniel Rosen, a Rhodium partner and adjunct professor at Columbia University, said. Still, on Vancouver's upscale West Side, a neighborhood popular with foreign buyers where the price of homes runs in the millions of dollars, realtor Tom Gradecak was less worried about Chinese demand. In the past, Chinese investors have tended to find ways around capital controls, he said. "It won't take them long," he said. "The people that really want to come here, I don't think it's going to stop them."
Of course Gradecak would say that. Krusty just gutted the Foreign Buyers Tax to help make that happen, didn't she?


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Please read disclaimer at bottom of blog.

          Comentario en Profesiones de Futuro – Radar o Radarman por Como una paloma puede amargarte el día. | Pepitu   
[…] es Showman Remi Gaillard ha rizado el rizo con una de sus fantásticas bromas, se ha disfrazado de paloma y nada más ver […]
          DIY de reciclar latas   
Ya sabéis que todo lo que sea reciclar no nos puede gustar más; darle una segunda vida a objetos destinados a estar miles de años esperando a biodegradarse es una... Read The Rest → - Fuente:
          Uncovering a Hidden Story in U.S.-China Trade   

There is a surprising story that is flying under the radar in almost all of the reporting on the United States' trade with China in April 2017. To see what we mean, here is are some key excerpts from a recent news report following the U.S. Census Bureau's reporting of its foreign trade balance data for the month (emphasis ours):

The U.S. trade deficit widened more than expected in April amid a surge in cellphone imports, suggesting trade could be a drag on economic growth in the second quarter....

Exports to China increased 2.2 percent, but the value of goods shipped to Mexico and Canada dropped 10.3 percent and 9.0 percent, respectively. Exports to Germany tumbled 13.3 percent....

Imports of goods and services increased 0.8 percent to $238.6 billion. Cellphone imports jumped $1.8 billion, accounting for the bulk of the increase in consumer goods imports. Imports of industrial supplies, however, fell $1.5 billion, with crude oil imports declining $1.9 billion.

The country imported 229 million barrels of oil in April, the smallest amount since October 2016. Imports of goods from China jumped 9.6 percent. Imports from Germany fell 4.1 percent.

The politically sensitive U.S.-China trade deficit increased 12.4 percent to $27.6 billion in April, while the trade gap with Germany rose 4.3 percent to $5.5 billion.

We selected these particular excerpts because we want to focus in on two aspects of the reporting.

  • The trade balance between the U.S. and China.
  • Oil imports and exports.

If you read the article in full, you would never know that U.S. exports to China increased in April 2017 by 20.8% over their April 2016 level, which is faster that the 13.6% year over year rate of growth for China's exports to the U.S.

Year over Year Growth Rate of U.S.-China Exchange Rate-Adjusted Trade in Goods and Services, January 1986 through April 2017

Despite the U.S.' faster rate of export growth, the U.S.-China trade deficit widened because the base value of the goods and services that China exports to the U.S. is nearly four times as large as the value of what the U.S. exports to China. If however the U.S. can continue to grow its exports to China at a faster rate than it grows its imports, that gap will narrow.

That brings us to oil, which has recently become a major export product for the U.S. economy, where China is becoming a very large consumer. [If you're reading this article on a site that republishes our RSS news feed, please either click here to access a static copy of the interactive image showing the volume of oil exported from the U.S. to China in each month from January 1993 through March 2017 below, or just click through to the version of the article that appears our site.]

If you go back to the article we quoted at the beginning of this analysis, since it only discusses U.S. oil imports without any mention of U.S. oil exports, you might never know that that increased U.S. exports of oil to China accounted for 43% of the $1.2 billion year over year increase in the value of the U.S.' total exports to that nation for April 2017.

And that's the hidden story in U.S.-China trade. In becoming a major oil-exporting nation over the last year, the U.S. has the means to significantly shrink its trade deficit with China, thanks to that nation's growing appetite as the world's largest consumer of petroleum and other hydrocarbon products, where oil has the potential to replace soybeans as the U.S.' top export product to China.

That new trade can also provide a more direct indication of the relative health of China's economy, which we'll explore in greater detail in the future.

Data Sources

U.S. Census Bureau. Trade in Goods with China. Accessed 5 June 2017.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. China / U.S. Foreign Exchange Rate. G.5 Foreign Exchange Rates. Accessed 5 June 2017.

Energy Information Administration. U.S. Exports to China of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (Thousand Barrels). [Online Database]. Accessed 5 June 2017.

          The S&P 500 in Week 5 of May 2017   

The fifth and final trading week of May 2017 was shortened by the Memorial Day holiday weekend, but one thing clearly stood out about it. Investors are tightly focused on 2017-Q2 in setting today's stock prices!

Alternative Futures - S&P 500 - 2017Q2 - Standard Model - Snapshot on 02 June 2017

The reason for that is straight forward - it has almost everything to do with the expected timing of the Fed's next rate hike in short term U.S. interest rates. But, you don't have to take our word for it - in addition to the S&P 500 tracking our dividend-based model's projections for the path that the S&P 500 would follow if investors are focused on the soon-to-end quarter of 2017-Q2, that assessment also directly correlates with what the headlines of the week revealed about the forward-looking expectations of investors....

Tuesday, 30 May 2017
Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Thursday, 1 June 2017
Friday, 2 June 2017

Elsewhere, Barry Ritholtz summarizes the week's markets and economic news into positives and negatives.

We'll close with two observations. First, the ticking clock problem that we've mentioned in recent weeks for the S&P 500 is alive and well, where investors will be shifting their attention to some other point of time in the future within the next two weeks, with the expiration of options and futures contracts on 16 June 2017 marking the longest that investors will maintain any of their attention on 2017-Q2. Second, the first week of June 2017 will contain a potential geopolitical noise event in the form of the U.K.'s snap elections and their uncertain outcome that might contribute to triggering a sudden shift in the forward-looking focus of investors.

Update: Speaking of potential geopolitical noise events with market-moving potential (at least for petro-markets), how highly did Qatar rank on anyone's forward-looking radar before this weekend?

          Task Reset Without Bankruptcy   

I try to maintain a decent level of productivity discipline. I use Getting Things Done as a baseline of operations, but like most every GTD user, I have shamelessly bastardized it to my specific needs, pulling in other ideas from sources ranging from agile to energy mapping to child management to god knows what.

It largely works well. It’s still a bit weak on the self-directed writing projects, where I can’t break it down into word count goals the same way I can with contracted work, but other than that, it generally keeps me moving, with a few caveats.

I tend to suffer from an accumulation of cruft. Tasks that I really intend to do but never get around to. Emails I need to keep track of. Just a backlog of stuff that slows down the system and makes me feel less on top of things[1].

In the past, I’ve dealt with the the cruft through bankruptcy. I archive all my mail, delete all my outstanding tasks, and restart with a fresh capture of what I need to do. This works ok, but it has obvious risks - it’s very easy to drop something on the floor if you haven’t been diligent, and the very nature of the problem makes diligence difficult.

This week I found myself in a similar situation, but I have approached it differently with two tricks.

The first is that I finally broke down and tried the mailbox app. This has been a big help for me, but it’s not necessarily going to be a similar help to everyone. It’s an ok email client for gmail, lacking in a number of features (robust tag support, search and the ability to mark as spam are the big ones) and if it was judged solely by that it would be a real dud. However, while it’s only so good at handling email, it excels at managing email. It uses really clever gestures, but just saying that helps no one, so let me describe it.

When mail arrives, swipe right to archive it, swipe all the way right to delete it. Good start, yes, but the killer app happens when you sweep left - a choice of times pops up (like, later today, this evening, tomorrow morning and so on). You tap one, and the mail message vanishes until the time you selected.

So, if you’re like me, and your email box is full of implicit to dos, you can get them off your immediate radar to come back when convenient. Yes, this totally lets you keep kicking things forward (which I do), but it clears your mind while you do it. I love this function, and it’s pretty much the sole reason I’m excited to use this app. I really hope that other apps (including maybe to do apps) start adopting this technique.[2]

So, that cleaned out my inbox in short order, but that left my to do list, which had gotten pretty sprawly. So I took a tip from a Marc Andreessen post[3] where he suggested maintaining only 3 to do lists, one of things you need to do now (DO), one of things you need to do at some point (REVIEW) and one of things that can wait (HOLD). This simplicity was pretty much exactly what I needed, and I ran through my tasks, dumped them in the right buckets, and carried on quite successfully.

Curiously, the only speed bump was when I chose software. This method seemed simple enough that I figured I’d just use OSX Reminders, since it has iCloud sync to my iDevices. Sadly, iCloud proved frustrating and unreliable, so I tried other things. Lots of good todo apps out there (and I own many of them) but surpisingly few of them worked well for this particular system. I needed syncing and the ability to easily move items from one list to another, and finding that combination was surprisingly elusive. The best match actually looked to be the things app (which I had on my phone), but if I wanted sync, it would have been pretty expensive to get it on desktop and iPad. Given that I had already shelled out for the full Omnifocus suite, I couldn’t really justify that.

Thankfully, I found a solution using Omnifocus (thouse three lists are now my working contexts) and I’ve since been very happy with it. I dunno how long it wil be before complexity creeps back in, but in the short term, this has allowed me to simplify my system without the kind of interruption that bankruptcy tends to entail. That’s a big win. It’s also useful to boil the system down to the smallest possible set from time to time, so that I can be thoughtful about what I add back in.

In any case, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, and your system is offering you no relief, you might want to consider a similar paring down to essenetials. It might be just the thing to break th elogjam without sacrificing your work.

  1. And yes, I know, if I were a better disciplined GTD’er, the weekly review would address a lot of these things, but I’m not. I’m working on it, but I wouldn’t hold your breath  ↩

  2. If you live out of email, the Mailbox is not going to be an all in one solution for you. But it might be an effective doorman for when you’re managing your mail on the road.  ↩

  3. No link because the service it’s hosted on disapears in about a day.  ↩

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Review Film: Kartini (2017) - Sisi Lain Kartini   

Sebelumnya produksi film Indonesia berhasil membuat film yang beraliran biopict yaitu film tentang B.J. Habibie (Habibie & Ainun - 2012; Rudy Habibie - 2016) dan Soekarno - 2013. Kali ini di tahun 2017, diproduksi film biopict yang disutradarai oleh Hanung Bramantyo berjudul "Kartini". Dari judulnya sudah bisa ditebak kalau film ini akan mengangkat kisah dari tokoh pahlawan nasional Raden Ajeng Kartini, yang diperani oleh aktris Dian Sastrowardoyo. Aktor dan aktris terkenal lainnya yang ikut berperan dalam film ini yaitu Deddy Sutomo, Christine Hakim, Acha Septriasa, Ayushita, Reza Rahardian, Djenar Maesa Ayu, Adinia Wirasti, Denny Sumargo dll.

Disamping dari para aktor dan aktris terkenal yang menarik penonton untuk menonton, film ini dirilis pada 19 April 2017 didekat Hari Kartini. Sehingga feel menonton film ini semakin bisa didapatkan. Hanya saja, sayangnya gue baru sempat menonton seminggu setelah film ini dirilis, tapi setidaknya gue sudah kesampaian untuk menonton film biopik dari salah satu pahlawan nasional Indonesia ini. Sebenarnya film ini sempat tertunda selama setahun yang direncanakan rilis pada tahun 2016 kemarin, tetapi karena keperluan data yang belum cukup, maka film Kartini ini ditunda supaya dapat membuat script yang lebih matang.

Secara singkat, film ini menceritakan kisah perjuangan Kartini di zaman tradisi Jawa Kuno yang masih sangat kental untuk memperjuangkan emansipasi perempuan, supaya memiliki kesetaraan hak seperti laki-laki untuk mengenyam pendidikan. Kartini tumbuh dengan melihat langsung bagaimana ibu kandungnya, Ngasirah menjadi orang terbuang di rumahnya sendiri, dianggap pembantu hanya karena tidak mempunyai darah ningrat (bangsawan). Ayahnya, Raden Sosroningrat, yang merupakan Bupati Jepara juga tidak berdaya melawan tradisi tersebut.

Kartini sangat tersiksa dengan kehidupan tradisi dimana perempuan tidak bisa bebas dan hanya terlahir untuk menikah dan menjadi istri laki-laki. Karena sejatinya, Kartini hanya ingin hidup bebas serta mengenyam pendidikan tinggi seperti kakak laki-lakinya, Raden Mas Panji Sosrokartono yang dapat belajar ke negeri Belanda. Kartono yang iba pada penderitaan Kartini akhirnya memberikan sebuah kunci kepada adiknya itu. Kunci tersebut merupakan kunci lemari Kartono yang berisi buku-buku berbahasa Belanda yang membuat wawasan Kartini berkembang. Disinilah awal mula kisah perjuangan Kartini dimulai.

Sepanjang hidupnya, Kartini memperjuangkan kesetaraan hak bagi semua orang, tidak peduli ningrat atau bukan, terutama hak pendidikan untuk perempuan dan orang miskin dengan mendirikan sekolah untuk kaum miskin dan menciptakan lapangan kerja untuk rakyat di Jepara. Film ini juga menceritakan Kartini bersama kedua saudarinya, Roekmini dan Kardinah, yang disebut sebagai Trio Semanggi.

Filmnya sungguh diluar ekspektasi, sangat bagus dan bisa menyaingi atau mungkin lebih bagus dari film Habibie & Ainun. Film ini benar-benar menanamkan banyak makna dan pesan moral kehidupan. Dari film ini juga, gue jadi sangat terpesona dengan sosok Kartini, hal tersebut karena peran Dian Sastro yang sangat maksimal dan total memerankannya. Aktor dan aktris lainnya seperti Deddy Sutomo (Raden Sosroningrat), Christine Hakim (Ngasirah), Acha Septriasa (Roekmini), Ayushita (Kardinah), Djenar Maesa Ayu (Moeryam), Denny Sumargo (Slamet) dan Adinia Wirasti (Soelastri) juga memerankan tokohnya dengan baik. Cuman disayangkan, tokoh Kartono (Reza Rahardian) hanya tayang dalam waktu yang cukup singkat. Namun dalam hal akting, gak perlu diragukan lagi, karena semua aktor dan aktris dalam film ini adalah juara akting.

Hanung Bramantyo mampu merangkum kisah Kartini menjadi cerita yang sangat elok, sehingga dapat ditangkap dan dinikmati para penonton. Di film ini juga memperlihatkan sisi lain Kartini yang agak tomboi yang selama ini belum kita ketahui dalam buku sejarah. Setting tempat dan tata rias yang lengkap dan tepat membuat penonton benar-benar terbawa pada suasana Jawa di tahun 1800-1900. Secara garis besar, selain ceritanya yang mengagumkan, film ini ditampilkan dengan sinematografi yang apik, serta diiringi musik dan artistik yang indah.

By the way, official soundtracknya keren lho! Judulnya "Memang Kenapa Bila Aku Perempuan?" yang dinyanyikan oleh Melly Goeslaw & Gita Gutawa:

Gue yang menonton film ini sungguh terharu dan hampir mau nangis melihat perjuangan Kartini. Dari film ini selain mengenal sosok Kartini, kita juga menjadi lebih mengapresiasi sosok perempuan pada kehidupan kita.

Namun disayangkan, peminat dari film ini masih sedikit. Seperti dikutip di Instagram Hanung Bramantyo, dimana dalam 6 hari film Kartini hanya mampu mencapai 300.000an penonton.

Padahal gue rasa film ini seharusnya lebih banyak ditonton, karena mengisahkan tentang salah satu tokoh pahlawan nasional Indonesia. Tapi disayangkan, karena sepertinya para penonton Indonesia lebih tertarik dengan film beraliran komedi, action, romansa atau horror dibandingkan biopik. Hal itulah yang mungkin membuat film ini sulit mendapat penonton.

Persaingan pula bertambah berat dikarenakan dirilis berdekatan dengan film Marvel "Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2" pada 26 April 2017. Selain itu, kurangnya penonton pada film ini kemungkinan karena isu gosip yang menerpa aktris Dian Sastro sebagai pemeran tokoh utama pada film Kartini, yang katanya "menepis" tangan fans di salah satu event. Namun disamping hal itu, film ini perlu lebih diapresiasi, karena memang kisah dari filmnya ini yang overall bagus.

Menurut gue, film ini wajib ditonton oleh seluruh kalangan maupun perempuan atau laki-laki. Dijamin gak bakal nyesel deh nonton film Kartini ini!

Ibu Kita Kartini, Putri Sejati, Putri Indonesia, Harum Namanya...
Sungguh besar cita-citanya, bagi Indonesia!
          Comment on Halfway House 2017 by Cumbrian   
Thanks to Spotify's New Release Radar playlist, I've heard more new stuff than I have in some time this year. Not a lot of it has really stood out, but I have listened to a lot more new stuff. Things I did like, in no particular order: "Mirage" by Josefin Ohrn "Drunk" by Thundercat The Glok remix of "All I Want" by Ride "Internet" by All Them Witches "Dreaming In The Non-Dream" by Chris Forsyth and The Solar Motel Band "Mother" by IDLES (though following the election, the line "the best way to scare a Tory is to read and get rich" appears to already by dated - apparently, the best way to scare the leader of the Tories is approach her with a microphone and a member of the public). Also would second Steve's shout out to "In My World" from the Buckingham/McVie album.
          The Digital Wave & Business Leverage   

It is now common knowledge that digital is changing the fortunes of many business – impacting both positively and negatively, depending on their level of preparedness to embrace digitalization. In every industry, competing business leveraging digital technologies, platforms and relationship to win over rivals, get more customers and their business and loyalty, and thereby rewriting the rules of competing in business, is perhaps the order of the day.

Reimagining the possibilities for business by becoming a digital enterprise is a key expectation for survival in the future for many businesses around the world. That calls for going beyond creating revenue by mere digital substitution. A digital strategy that focuses on specific business outcomes leveraging various forms of digital technologies can create an edge for the enterprise and in many cases, a sustainable edge comes in where the inane physical resources mutate with the vibrant digital information to create new value. Winners in doing this get there by thinking big and small together transforming processes, creating/validating/rebooting business models and enabling new waves of customer experience. The reality is that any company large or small, old or new can leverage digital technology and principles to create a winning edge for its business and perhaps, its industry. Your customers, your competitors, and your suppliers are all digital now. You can’t address this change with a bolt-on strategy that adds an app here or a site there. You need a comprehensive strategy that embraces both digital markets and digital operations.

Firms like Amazon and Netflix, were born digital — they find embracing these digital principles far easier. Most others strive to have significant digital business and imbibe /embrace digital DNA as their core mantra. For some of them, who were not tuned in, a near extinction threat could be shaking them up. The good news is that, with the body of expertise and collected wisdom available, survival and being competitive is possible like Kodak and Burberry with varying motivations and expectations were able to reorient and restructure their commercial business and have created formidable digital business. The old and well established business of last century or the ones started in the century before are totally capable of successful digital transformation.

Being self-aware is the key to reinventing oneself – this universal principle holds good for enterprises as well. At whatever level of maturity an organization is, digital journey for enterprises would call for substantial degree of change with respect to organizational DNA – this would permeate the culture, organizational structure, operations and governance. As I wrote here, “digital transformation, for a company board or a transformation council could look like a large scale revamp, but in reality, it is a series of coordinated number of changes – on multiple dimensions - across various attributes covering some planned, known unknowns, unknown unknowns - the coming together of this creates a deep impact and effects change, leading into a converged advantage. One can say that the commonality across different true transformation initiatives would rest on ability to think differently about set ways of functioning and willingness and ability to revisit all known models and think and act on them to change to deliver different results”.

There are multiple ways to measure an enterprise maturity and determine the strong and weak points (the most common way to measure is to plot a two- by-two with internal capability vs delivered excellence or capability vs maturity etc). Digital Babies” Digital Natives”, “Digital Phoenixes”, “Digital Masters” etc. are some of the terms used to denote categories, depending on whom you choose to listen to. From Slow moving to Wannabe leaders to Visionaries to Path breaking leaders, the different players can be classified through an assessment. My preferred assessment, as a next step is to chart radar diagrams covering the entire customer lifecycle journey measuring the efficiencies of various attributes along the way and using the outcome to rate against overall expectations. With such classification at hand, depending on the industry trends, a rapid path - either as a protective measure or as a winning measure need to be laid out. The important thing to notice here is no enterprise needs to be left behind in this digital journey lest they suffer extinction over time.

The successful undertakers of the digital journey need to look beyond bolt-on initiatives and look at transformation possibilities holistically, covering digital experience, digital operations and process outcomes. The nature of digital business is such that there are a lot of players/processes that need to be aligned – and some of them could be internal and some could be external involving partners, customers etc. So, the overall ecosystem would matter to get the best experience and outcome to customers. Think travel business or something like how ozon, the leading ecommerce player in Russia achieved success.

The need for holistic view cannot be under emphasized. With the proliferation of digital touch points and increased range of services that customers are beginning to expect, it is unwise to look at each of these as discrete or sequential projects – as such an approach would lead to increased cost and take a long time to deliver overall best results for the enterprise. In an age where time-to-market is a key determinant of success, such approaches are not in tune delivering for the needs of the day for enterprises.

When we digitalize enterprises, we set the seed for destruction of the old practices and policies and instead embed new age practices and leading edge policies. The customer expectations, service levels, support mechanisms etc. substantially change in the digital age and as such, those types of changes cannot be avoided. How do we conceptualize and validate such changes? The answer lays in being able to think for digital solutions wearing the shoes of the customer. Should services be delivered separately or in combinations – should we restrict the combined services to what can be natively delivered by the enterprise or combine them with external services. These types of questions need to be objectively assessed and answers though through – the answers will in turn shape the contours of digital transformation covering both strategy and operations.

One of the defining characteristics of cutting edge digital solutions is the ability to seamlessly weave associated services available with a bevy of partners made into a seemingly single stranded service for the customers – imagine airline ticketing service or financial services like Intuit(Mint) or Amazon marketplace. This is both an opportunity and a challenge – opportunity is to provide service under one virtual roof, challenge lies in integrating a variety of services real time. The customer expectations would not care for challenges though – so long as some other enterprise is able to provide similar integrated services, the baseline of expectations get already set in. The key to note here is that by offering such services leveraging relevant partners/services, an enterprise protects itself from the competitive effects of digital disruptors.

Such an ecosystem of partners sharing data and services protects the players within, overall from competitive onslaught. In every industry, digital thinking for business forces non-linear thinking and the can provide disproportionate returns to the enterprise. As the Ozon case illustrates, the partners can be sometimes competitors but such arrangements done through smart working relationship frameworks can provide great agility and scalability to business and can provide endearing value to customers.For some, such outcome may not be magical – remember, it’s a journey and the game keeps improving. It’s truly transformative for some, but in ways that will feel right and sometimes may not even look so special, given that these may become second nature. Many times, we don’t realize that the future that we envisaged in the past, when it arrives look so reachable and understandable – every enterprise embarking on a digital journey, can feel that along the way, if digitalization is pursued in a vigorous way with discipline inside their respective enterprise.

          Enterprise IT : Future Proofing Vs Failure Proofing - Part II   

Look at this – like the proverbial death by thousand cuts – the cloud services can really disrupt the carefully laid out enterprise IT strategy much to the discomfort of the IT department – the disruption can range from enterprise IT strategy leading to shared services mechanisms. Everything changes from sourcing to provisioning to metering through consumption. It’s needless to emphasize that the cloud services can be made operational for enterprises rapidly and in many cases more economically. In the journey of cloud adoption inside enterprises, it must be noted that in a number of cases that the business executives can, and do, buy them independently of their IT department’s plan. This is partly accentuated by the fact that there exists an ever widening gulf between the innovation cycle-time of the IT department and of cloud services providers. One should see this in the background of constraints centered on budgeting inside enterprises.

There are well meaning advise being dished out by the experts – essentially advocating that enterprises first get their feet wet with cloud services, gain a reasonable perspective of where cloud services could fit in for their needs – fully understand their risks and benefits.. This is well meant as sometimes in their over enthusiasm they evangelists tend to created many solutions that may be fragmented with unmanageable information flows. Sometimes, an inelegantly architected solution could create fragmentation in the landscape, accentuating the challenges of information flows and vendor relationships. On the other hand, a well thought out cloud solution can provide an elegant architecture that can help organizations scale well and provide consistently reliable performance. IT department inside enterprises should regularly factor-in the strategic leverage of such solutions that should take stock of big picture thinking and long term plans for the enterprise. This in turn would enable the IT departments to feel on top of IT Management. The key strategic perspective here is that cloud services would imbibe the benefits and wisdom of looking outward at the sea of opportunities.

Like any major initiative, no doubt, cloud services will benefit a set of users and may provide disappointing results to another set of users. From a strategic standpoint, it may be even be the cases that while a majority adding cloud services as part of their IT strategy will yield good results, but for a small number of players, it may pose greater threat than providing an upside. A structured framework should be used in assessing cloud readiness inside an enterprise to align them into a coherent IT strategy. Well thought out cloud services within the enterprise would bring more clarity and method in assessing their effectiveness therein. All these clearly point to the fact that the chariots of cloud are hitting enterprises around the world and an unexpected casualty in this process happens to be the traditional IT department. With business and external service providers beginning to play such an important role inside the enterprises, should this trend continue and become a mainstay practice, the role of the IT department gets more and more tough to retain their crucial positioning inside the enterprise, and would force them to act in way more and more strategic to retain their standing.

Forward looking IT departments address these challenges as opportunities to get more strategic to the enterprise – one of the most common approach employed by these firms is to either on its own or in tandem with business initiate a detailed assessment of the enterprise cloud strategy – what part of the business and IT could leverage cloud services , what part of the IT portfolio could get affected, what should be done short term, medium term and long term, what type of risks and benefits would different scenarios provide and what type of governance would best suit the enterprise. By being in the forefront of such strategic planning initiatives, and thereby putting themselves in the center stage of things, some IT departments manage to retain their positioning inside their enterprise.

If IT can position the company for a transition, it can rightfully take the role of an anchor facilitating change to make business successful rather than a drag holding back progress . Contextually, if it can be determined early enough that leveraging cloud services can provide flexibility and be more economic overall, and with the right security models of implementation then it actually provides IT a big opportunity to make such services become a platform of growth for the enterprise and if IT can push such an agenda and deliver successfully, it becomes that much more strategic to the enterprise. End f it all, cloud is a democratizing force where access to resources gets more widespread and readily available at typically lesser cost of access. IT will have to recognize this shift and make the right moves.

Every CIO and business leader inside enterprise would want their IT organization to be more proactive and get outside of being in the reactive mode. The ability to shift gears to move from being in a reactive mode to get to a proactive mode is generally a very carefully calibrated journey. Every IT department inside enterprises that have been in existence for a while faces simmering tension with business over complex systems, inflexible, inextensible and come in the way of enterprise getting agile. While business expectations have by-and-large grown from looking at IT to support their operations – it’s moving towards enabling more rapid delivery of services and applications to powering or enabling business. The classic ratio of investments to support past decisions vs investments needed to provide innovation/new lines of service is always a hut button issue inside enterprises. Its well known that reactive organizations end up spending more than 2/3rds of their IT investments in managing legacy infrastructure and applications and the remaining budget mostly get consumed in expansions/extensions/upgrade, leaving very little resources to support building new expertise to support emerging opportunities.

Globally, business is challenged on cost, time-to-market and on being able to adjust to market realities at a rate faster than the rate of change seen in the marketplace. New business models, innovative services, self service mechanism, online order fulfillment – most of these heavily rely in IT and would not be possible without IT contribution. It’s not uncommon to see cloud making its footprint inside enterprises very opportunistically (many times under the radar that IT doesn’t get to know after these are up and running inside enterprises). In such cases, it is noticed that business functions directly have procured cloud services including consulting support from external partners. Typically, it can be seen that business teams indulge in such practices, owing to perceived inefficiency /poor service level adherence of IT inside enterprise. Many times, IT architecture team use their architecture and stack standardization as a defense weapon to block external partners providing new types of service that business find attractive to leverage. Sometimes, IT is not even ready to structurally accommodate new cloud service partners –as it may call for changes to their processes, support levels and in some case contractual adjustments tied to support functions and financial models in place.

It then begs the question what can be done make IT move away from being reactive to be proactive. Redefining the ways of working, leveraging the foundation of cloud services for making business get flexible and grow faster, nailing down the right security model and architectural fitment will provide IT with huge headstart in changing itself and in changing the impact that can be made to business. Some of the specific ways in which these can be build include but not limited to are as under: • Actively continue making investments in cloud services and work towards creating a cloud services centric foundation for growth; • Proactively co-opt external partners in the growth, innovation story of the enterprise; • Actively enable more and more self service functions, that provides business with lot more benefits that would catapult IT to be a larger strategic partner for the enterprise; • Innovate around the charge mechanisms – by changing the measurement mechanisms and move towards more and more variable pricing model – the benchmark here would be to identify cost of service that business consumes; • Heavy automation of IT functions with ability to self monitor and correct thereby increase IT reliability that business experiences. Forward looking enterprises have their IT focused on leveraging cloud to create more value for business by changing the processes, technologies, level of dependence on IT

A combination of factors like new investments, higher degree of automation, new business models etc go towards getting more value from IT. True cost of operations that can come out of redefining the measurement system helps both business & IT to optimize resource allocations and plan better for growth. The loft goals set by CIO’s in general revolve around being the change agent for growth and being able to transparently provide benefit analysis enhances the stature of IT inside enterprises and play a defining role in future –proofing their roles inside enterprise.

The first part of the article appeared here
          CIOs & Cloud Centric IT Organization Refresh Strategies   

As enterprises concentrate on growth, they remain vigilant about costs and operational efficiencies – coming out of recession, even in times of high growth and radiant optimism. Such a model of growth provides IT with a lot of fresh opportunities to adapt and innovate . More than ever, this new model of growth mandates IT to raise its strategic importance to the business rather than just be content to focus on delivery of generic business plans. In many ways the tenor of change is set in with such changing context – With the continuing tight budgets, the CIO’s are now getting forced to” think and act different” – one of the critical ways that can be tried is to follow the time tested model of being creative in discarding the past while taking a bold and fresh approach in creating a new future of IT within enterprises.

The classic way of looking into conceptualizing a new IT organization and its contribution to the enterprise starts by thinking aloud typically by asking the question “What If?” Now in the radar of every CIO and IT organization, Cloud happens to be mostly at the top where some expect more than half of new workloads to naturally move to the cloud besides the expectation that a majority of applications and infrastructure inside the enterprises would move to the cloud over the next few years. That forces the hand of enterprises in ensuring quick think through of the future possibilities for IT in terms of alternate models and the cloud.

Let’s face the facts : CIO’s of large organizations have to manage the burden of the past in terms of legacy systems, data and the processes set in there. They come with huge costs in terms of maintenance and in many cases impose restrictions on flexibility and extensibility. More importantly, in many cases, these systems come in the way of contributing to business agility in an increasingly dynamic world of business across industries,

The cloud model is increasingly being adopted by companies looking to lower cost and improve scalability and enhance flexibility. Many different models of cloud adoption abound varied by size, maturity, expectations, nature of the industry etc. But all agree on one need – cloud services need to be well integrated with existing legacy systems. Some are choosing a hybrid approach between online and on-premise services as a low-risk way to test the benefits. To work, these cloud services need to be well integrated with existing legacy systems.

Possibilities include selectively letting go of the past and unlocking resources and in realigning priorities and setting new directions towards creating more space for innovation and greater business value. Some CIO’s see this as an opportunity to look beyond delivery models towards getting strategic advantage to business through sophisticated information and insights. Cloud centric technologies are a big driver in enabling IT to take center stage in support of innovation, business growth and delivered value.

For enterprises and the CIO, this journey is replete with possibilities, challenges where the upside swing could be alluringly high but the downside fall could be steep if not carefully strategized and executed on those strategies well enough. After all, we are living in an era where technology edge is almost equivalent to business edge and this warrants a new approach to business technology architecture and strategy. That’s when Saugatech came with the interview with Mike Wilens, on Fidelity’s cloud journey , I got real interested.

In a very detailed discussion Mike covers a series of topics and brings out the fact that while people talk a lot about lock-in, reliability, and security in the cloud , these are manageable with good engineering and good planning and it’s not really all that scary – cloud is indeed doable and can be a key enabler for business innovation and enterprise agility. The key here is that the cloud is indeed revolutionary in how we think about application delivery and infrastructure.

In discussions published as part of cloud leadership strategies, Mike outlines the approach to the cloud, the execution plan and alignment to business needs. Covering all aspects of cloud journey within Fidelity, there are lots of important insights coming out of actual experience. Starting with foundational issues, such as standards, cost avoidance and experimenting with new capabilities in the Cloud, the discussion then extends to centralization versus decentralization. Inside Fidelity, the cloud model is slowly altering the degree of decentralization with a view to lower costs but not compromise on ability to innovate around business needs. The key insight here is dealing with reducing risk and cost while not inhibiting innovation that can lead to top line growth.
Moving onto the more interesting aspects of cloud and business the discussions revolve around business innovation, governance frameworks and balancing opportunity and risk. In areas like collaboration and social computing tools, the logic behind determination of what can be used internally and taking into account the regulatory standards, the usage of such tools externally requires very carefully considered solutions. Wilens points out that the standards that are evolving to help public clouds power down the economies of scale are now becoming available for private clouds as well.

Cloud can be a big platform for testing out /piloting new ideas and can be scaled out and scaled up – at any point in time this pilot footprint on cloud should be actively pursued. For example, he believes that migration to mobile devices and the related implications for the presentation layers of any technology infrastructure will be implemented within the cloud based technologies, private or public. Similarly co-opting the startup partners to try out new operational/innovative models and make them scale up on the cloud infuses new dynamics in developing partnerships and new offerings. Fidelity has found that private Cloud portals can deliver to its clients access to financial information, while still maintaining the on-premise, legacy, mainframe record keeping systems. Here comes the reinforcement, that hybrid solutions leveraging the data of on-premise systems will soon become the norm.

The best practices talked about ranges from adopting de-facto cloud standards, for example cloud infrastructure could be coalescing around the LAMP stack. Some other notable insights include:
- Creating shared services with a common platform, look and feel
- Use of cloud as testing environment
- Portioning of clouds – confidential /mission critical data where to keep -on-premise or outside
- What volumes of new workloads to be pushed onto the cloud – particularly in long standing industries like financial services where lot of data tend to be in old but reliable platforms

Operating at both ends of the stacks with a robust risk management plan and governance makes cloud an indispensable framework for IT, Innovation and Business Agility. I recommend reading this for demonstrating that with a good strategy and well laid out execution on such strategy, even in a fast moving but highly regulated industry with a lot of legacy system in place, clouds can be successfully and progressively deployed with demonstrable results in providing flexibility and making business agile.

Cuanta razón tenia ella al decirme que la había abandonado, un dia que podria documentarse como una jodita para El cabezon tinelli!
Y esta claro que persigo mis sueños con lo que me ha costado volverlo a imaginar.

Todo por el amor por mi milagro porque es la unica forma que encuentro en agradar a Dios de la misma forma cai en in abismo de egoismo, ojala regresara ese instante solo me toca mirar hacia adelante confe

Fe de que venceremos, que quiza sea nuestra unica meta en la vida y por la que dejo absolutamente too

Mas ke un post fue un desahogo personal suerte mi gente

          Post Dominguero   
Giorgio!!! al fin aprendiste a dar la pata

Giorgio has madurado, has aceptado encantar al público para culminar tu plan maestro, te has olovidado por segundos de tu ideología pero no importa Giorgio, ahora podrás nadar en esas cálidas termas en las que todos exudan su "Majestuosidad" son solo lípidos los que arrojan y aunque seas hidrosoluble de alguna manera sabras destacar, porque hoy eres lo que todos soñaron, creo que incluso te pondré en la universidad, para que te acepten en toda reunión social, y en esas mismas termas llenas de grasa tu puedas tener un Pedigree.

Te lo has ganado mio Giorgito, ya no te orinas sobre mi cama ni muerdes mi zapato, ahora eres un grande, y todos me envidian por ser tu AMO..


Primero: POr DIos escucha esto servil humano

Te quiero con todo mi ser humano discapacitado, paso horas eperando por un plato de comida, pero a la final tu solo miras los modos y no la escencia, pero te amo tanto por haberme salvado de la furia de mi madre, que debo recordarte ciertos puntos que al parecer aun no los tienes claros, pero que yo ya los traje en mi codigo genético, es la única razón por la que decidi encarnar en perro, y por la que necesito de ti para expresarme porque pensé que entenderías como es esto, sin embargo una vez más es mi deber aclararte que.

Cuando uno se embarca en una espiral enorme, tiene que de algun modo parecer lineal para el resto, porque ellos que se han condenado a nacer, reproducir, morir, siempre te veran y juzgaran de la misma manera, a tal punto que tu te cuestionaras si estas montando una espiral o en verdad solamente quemando tiempo en la linealidad, para agradar a otros. NUestra espiral es enorme mi estimado humano, hemos llegado tan lejos en realidad que ni siquiera hoy te puedes percatar, que en verdad mientras más grande es la espiral, es más paciente el ascenso, es incluso imperceptible, y peor aún para quien de esto no conoce, asi que mi Broder, no sufras, no te dejes, simplemente se tú y no te preguntes si estas dando la pata, si estas siendo un buen tipo, no te estreses solo se, y solo enfocate en que algun momento, esa espiral va a ser tan enorme, que vas a acarrear incluso a lo lineal, porque lo lineal es algo que no existe, es algo que no se mueve, algo que se pudre en la abulia, es agua que se estanca, pero es agua que en algun momento tambien debe, necesita y llegará al mar.

TE quiero mucho broder, mientras pueda estar contigo aki estaré!

PD: a propósito, hoy no aguanté más y me oriné sobre tu cama....

          "The car industry is slowly but surely engineering me out of the process of driving"   
Richard Meaden
28 Jun 2017

It stands to reason that a magazine dedicated to The Thrill of Driving should find the growing industry (and media) obsession with the autonomous car profoundly unsettling. Rarely a day goes by without a press release or statement from a major manufacturer proudly proclaiming greater and greater commitment to a self-driving future. If news from the US is anything to go by, that’s only set to ramp up further now that the artificial intelligence system piloting Google’s  self-driving car could be considered as the driver under federal law. 

Law, not tech, has always been the single biggest barrier to autonomous vehicles gaining approval for use on public roads, but it seems that even that hurdle has been at least partially removed. Confirming as much in a recent letter to Google, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it agreed with Google that its self-driving car will not have a ‘driver’ in the traditional sense that vehicles have had drivers for the last hundred years or more.

There are still many legal questions to be answered and precedents to be set before cars can become truly autonomous. Knowing the legal profession’s propensity to drag things out for as long as possible, this gives me some hope that humans won’t be entirely legislated off the roads any time soon – but still there’s a horrible feeling of inevitability about the rise of the machines. Or, rather, the rise of Google. 

I love cars and I love driving, but of course there are times when I wish I could get in, fall asleep and wake up at my destination. Jet-lagged returns to Heathrow spring to mind. Or soul-destroying commutes. But having the occasional rotten journey is a price worth paying for the freedom to drive where I wish, when I wish, as fast or as slowly as I wish.  

The question that keeps churning in my head is who asked for autonomous cars? Did you? Nope, me neither. Yet such is the extraordinary amount of energy, investment and fevered conversation in the industry and media, you’d think we’d all been lobbying for them for years. Of course, the challenges of making the technology work are intoxicating catnip to scientists, programmers and engineers, whether they work for Google, Apple or Audi. For them it’s an Earthbound space race, the final frontier. 

> Roborace: an autonomous racing series

There’s been a drip-drip-drip of autonomous technology for years, but it’s only now that the apparently innocent introduction of parking assist, self-parking, radar cruise control and lane departure and blind-spot monitoring can be seen for what they are: a suite of ‘semi-autonomous’ driver aids to soften us up for fully autonomous vehicles. Being old-school, I despise things like lane assist, but, being contrary, I quite like blind-spot monitoring. Do I rely solely on a little yellow warning light to tell me I’m about to change lanes into a hidden car? No, I still turn my head and use my eyes. Just as I look as far down the road as possible to see how the traffic is flowing and adjust my speed accordingly without panic braking. It’s called being in control. 

The problem with driving is, it’s a skill. And, like any skill, you need to practice it, not just to improve, but simply to maintain a certain level. That’s what you and I love about driving, but most couldn’t care less. As the process of driving is dumbed down, so, inevitably, are most drivers, for the less we have to think about, the less we seem to think. That would certainly explain why driving standards are slipping further as mainstream cars are fitted with more and more semi-autonomous technology. 

It all leaves me feeling a bit confused. Betrayed, actually, for it’s the car industry – creator of the machines I love with a passion – that is slowly but surely engineering me out of the process. Road fatalities are frequently touted as grounds for taking drivers out of the loop. It’s hard to argue with the human cost of the estimated 1.2 million who died in road  accidents globally in 2010. But it’s developing countries with poor infrastructure, non-existent driver training, ageing cars and less advanced emergency health care that account for the majority of these deaths. 

Look a little closer to Silicon Valley and you learn that last year guns killed more Americans under 25 than cars. In England, donuts are the danger, obesity accounting for 6 per cent of deaths compared with 1 per cent for road accidents. And this from data gathered in 1998, since when cars have become safer and people fatter. Cars have become the target because it’s easier than tackling the tougher social – and therefore political – issues.   

No-one really knows quite what the autonomous future holds, but we do know Google has a habit of getting its way. Just look at its HMRC tax returns. I’m the first to concede driving isn’t always a pleasure, but it’ll be a cold day in Hell before I’m convinced by a future where autonomous cars turn us all into passengers.

          Quanto petróleo há em estoque no planeta? Ninguém sabe   
A queda histórica registrada nos preços do petróleo provocou um grande aumento dos estoques do combustível. A maior parte dele se acumula nos EUA e outros países industrializados, mas milhões de barris também estão fluindo para locais fora do radar dos profissionais que monitoram o setor.
          Deadly MRSA tainted MEAT Products being sold to consumers; government forms 'work group'   
Meat contaminated by a potentially lethal infection is being sold to consumers -- creating a public health threat that has largely flown under the the radar due to powerful industry interests and lax accountability at the federal agency in charge of ensuring food safety, according to recent studies and a prominent investigative journalist.
          Brisbane weather   

Brisbane weather radar

Satellite cloud map

          Detonation In Downtown   

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          Nossa Senhora de Achiropita   
"O culto a Nossa Senhora Achiropita teve início na cidade de Rossano, na região da Calábria, Itália. Nesta vila, numa pequena gruta, no final do século VI, morava eremita santo Efrém, devotíssimo da Virgem Maria. No ano de 590, ele conseguiu do imperador Maurício, imperador de Constantinopla, autorização para transformar a gruta num Santuário dedicado a Nossa Senhora.O governador Filípico, cunhado do imperador, visando agradar o monarca, trouxe competentes artistas de Bizâncio a fim de pintarem uma imagem da Virgem Maria no fundo do templo.

Certa noite, o guarda cumpria seu dever em frente à gruta, quando vê surgir do nada uma jovem senhora, de rara beleza, trajando uma túnica de seda pura, muito alva, resplandecente de luz. A senhora pediu ao guarda para que se afastasse do local. Informado do ocorrido, na manhã seguinte, o governador dirigiu-se à igreja e, para sua surpresa e de todos que o acompanhavam, deparou-se com uma bela imagem da Mãe de Deus pintada exatamente no lugar onde os artistas, em vão, tentatam elaborar a imagem. Nossa Senhora havia pintado a sua própria imagem! A notícia difundiu-se por toda a vila. Os fiéis começaram a chegar ao lugar do milagre e aclamavam entre lágrimas e cânticos de louvor: "Achiropita! Achiropita", que quer dizer: "imagem não pintada por mãos humanas!"





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          Doomed By Doritos   

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          Reply #157   
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs D money money money! FINALLY! Thank you NY Lotto Stats magazine .....right on the front cover SUM 25 889. Now got the Double 11's on my radar! 115 811

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          H2 : Portals To Porno   

It's Show 34, and we're doing a sort of revisit on a theme we did way back, a look at news stories that have flown mostly under the radar. These are events that we feel need more attention than what they're currently getting, if any at all. Censorship, sinister government, injustice, crazy astronauts, and letting everyone be Keanu Reeves...we've got it all baby!

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          Freelancer sports scout in Burundi   
Freelancer sports scout in Burundi - IT

Sports Data AG is one of the world's leading suppliers for sport-related live data. Our system is based on our unique, fully automated data extraction and supervision technology for highest quality standard, combined with a complex scout and video signal monitoring system.

We are currently providing the most reliable live data available worldwide for the sports organizations and media industry for all relevant distribution channels.

We have got our own network with 2500 scouts worldwide, who forward us live statistics directly from the venues.

The sports events we are covering include Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball ,Beach volleyball,Handball, Futsal, Inc Hockey ,etc,etc

We are currently looking for live sports reporter (Scout) in Burundi. If you are sports enthusiastic, and willing to earn return by your efforts, this will be a fantastic opportunity for you. We will offer you a long-term, reliable part-time job.

Job description:

After proper online training, scouts need to go to stadium which is close to their own live place to report match in live by using own mobile phone keypad. Take soccer match as example: scout need to input all relevant statistics like attacking, corner, yellow (red card), goal, etc. Sportradar’s unique automated system will call scouts mobile phone 15 minutes before match start. There is no any phone cost on scout’s side.


1, scouts must have basic knowledge on soccer and other relevant sports, but soccer is always priority.

2, Certain English communication and listening skill.

3, Reliable, honest as well as good time conception.

4, Must have mobile phone and handset.


Payment will be paid on time monthly.via Moneybookers.

Please contact Jerry for further information:

MSN & Email: […]

    Gehalt notizen: scouting fee will be varied according to the match level
    Branche: Informations- und Telekommunikationstechnologie

          Berry season begins!   
Berry season is upon us once again and family farms and fruit stands can be found across Arkansas for the fruit you seek. Below are four fabulous finds to put on the radar!   1. The Reagan Family Farm is a family-owned and operated, 10-acre farm in the heart of Fayetteville. This urban farm sells …
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          دانلود آهنگ جدید حامد برادران بنام بعد تو   

دانلود آهنگ جدید حامد برادران بنام بعد تو + متن آهنگ Download New Music Hamed Baradaran – Bade To بعده تو خیلی حالم خرابه و دنیا همش عذابه و بعده تو … برای دانلود آهنگ به ادامه مطلب مراجعه کنید دانلود آهنگ جدید حامد برادران بنام بعد تو متن آهنگ بعد تو حامد برادران بعد […]

نوشته دانلود آهنگ جدید حامد برادران بنام بعد تو اولین بار در دانلود اهنگ جدید | دانلود موزیک پدیدار شد.

          Atletico Madrid star Saul Niguez responds to Manchester United transfer speculation   
He's been on United's radar for a very long time.
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It's too much to ask for tonight's number to be 661, so maybe 161 straight? 161 is definitely on my radar for tonight.

This is strictly for funsies, but here is a little of the Florida Cash 3 DNA that lines up with what I'm after.

07/09/1999 XXX,287

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07/11/1999 XXX,... [ More ]
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          Destiny 2: Die größte Neuerung ist wohl die Einbeziehung einer Story   
"Was ist die größte Veränderung bei Destiny 2 im Vergleich zum Vorgänger?" - diese Frage beantwortete Luke Smith (Game Director bei Bungie) in einem Interview bei Gamesradar. Smith sagte: "Ich denke, im Großen und Ganzen ist es wahrscheinlich die Einbeziehung einer Geschichte." Er erklärte, dass sie sich diesmal auf eine Form der Erzählung konzentrieren würden, bei der man der "großen Story" in dem "epischen Szenario" besser folgen könne.

Außerdem würde das Spiel mehrere "Story-Ebenen" bieten. Damit ist gemeint, dass es neben der Hauptgeschichte bzw. der Kampagne rund um die Rotlegion noch diverse andere Geschichten geben wird. Diese "Abenteuer" spielen abseits der großen Bedrohung ("Red War") und sollen weitere Geschichten erzählen, die sich um die Spielwelt, die Planeten oder spezielle Gegner drehen werden. Smith meinte, dass sie mit der Geschichtenerzählung gerade neue Spieler ansprechen wollen, die sich eine zusammenhängende Story wünschen würden. Bei Destiny: König der Besessenen hätten sie bereits erste Schritte unternommen, aber in Destiny 2 wollen sie ausbauen.

Destiny 2 wird am 6. September 2017 für PlayStation 4 und Xbox One erscheinen. Die PC-Version soll am 24. Oktober 2017 folgen.

Weiter zum Video

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          IBM® QRadar Network Security Technology Introduction: XGS 7100 Stacking    

IBM® QRadar Network Security Technology Introduction: XGS 7100 Stacking 

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          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez, de casta le viene al galgo   
De casta le viene al galgo. Y ahí estaba Cayetano para demostrarlo, tan Rivera por momentos, tan Ordóñez en otros. Con el mejor toro de la parte inicial del festejo, se entregó al máximo en una faena vivida con enorme pasión en los tendidos, prácticamente llenos. ¡Qué maravilla de entrada! Miles de pupilas se imantaron a las telas del dinástico torero desde el emocionante prólogo, sentado en el estribo primero y de rodillas después en una interminable e intensa ronda, en la que toreó de verdad. ¡Cómo embestía este montalvo! «Cívico» se llamaba y de ídem era su gran viaje, que permitió a Cayetano coser series de hasta media docena de muletazos, rematados con personales pectorales. La ligazón y la persecución del temple presidieron la buena faena, en la que buscó también la complicidad de un sector con un trío de molinetes, coronados con un señorial pase de pecho rodilla en tierra. No fue la perfección técnica, pero sí la raza y la disposición, que suplían cualquier otra carencia. Con las gradas enloquecidas, enterró un espadazo con su sello, pero cayó tendido y necesitó del uso del verduguillo. No importó: la moderna cubierta de asientos «espinaca y yema» se pobló de pañuelos de todos los colores, como un arco iris de anticipo al «Orgullo», a juego con las camisetas de las peñas: rosas, verdes, violetas, amarillos, azules, blancos... Pidieron con fuerza las dos orejas, pero el presidente solo concedió una. Anhelaba el triunfo Cayetano y salió a por todas en el sexto, al que dio la bienvenida con una larga cambiada de hinojos. El brindis fue para la terna de banderilleros que ocupaban un burladero: Padilla, Ferrera y El Fandi. Mucha movilidad tenía este «Caradura», que no paraba, pero siempre rebrincado y geniudo. Sin lograr domeñarlo al completo, Cayetano se mostró deseoso desde el inicio al «the end», esforzándose por agradar y con pasajes que calaron en los espectadores. Cuando se perfilaba para matar, la gente buscaba el moquero, pero esta vez falló reiteradamente con el acero, mácula mayor de su enrazada tarde. Miguel Ángel Perera contó con un lote con opciones, pese a no andar sobrado de fuerzas, tónica general de la corrida de Montalvo, con toros que querían embestir con calidad y nobleza, pero con algunos que apenas podían con su alma... Mucha clase lució el buen cuarto, con el que el extremeño empezó con sus característicos cambiados por la espalda. El de La Puebla del Prior lo entendió con técnica, administrando tiempos y distancias, en una faena con asiento y algunos muletazos al ralentí. Acabó su estimable labor entre los pitones, en esos terrenos ojedistas que domina, pero mató mal. También pinchó al primero, que se dejaba en su ir y venir hasta que se aburrió. Alejandro Talavante dibujó muletazos sueltos con autenticidad ante el lote más deslucido. A media altura cuidó a «Platero», tan blando por fuera que parecía de algodón, siguiendo la estela del juanramoniano. Hubo poco convencimiento en la hora final, como con el quinto, en el que había sido pura entrega en el desafiante comienzo de rodillas, con pases mirando al tendido, y con una soberbia tanda al natural. Pero se esperaba más en tarde de gran expectación. FICHA PLAZA DE TOROS DEL PLANTÍO. Miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017. Tercera corrida. Lleno aparente. Toros de Montalvo, justos de fuerzas, con calidad y nobleza; mejores 3º y 4º. MIGUEL ÁNGEL PERERA, de verde botella y oro. Pinchazo y estocada desprendida (silencio tras leve petición). En el cuarto, dos pinchazos y estocada trasera caída. Aviso (silencio). #ALEJANDRO TALAVANTE, de turquesa y oro. Dos pinchazos y estocada desprendida (silencio). En el quinto, pinchazo y estocada corta baja (silencio). CAYETANO RIVERA ORDÓÑEZ, de azul pavo y azabache. Estocada tendida y descabello (oreja con fuerte petición de la segunda). En el sexto, dos pinchazos y cuatro descabellos (silencio).
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          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Pack On Radar Of Virginia Wideout   
NC State has ground to make up with 4-star Virginia WR Dillon Spalding but they're hoping to get him on campus in the coming months. Pack Pride has the latest.
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          The Wire Troll: Jed Lowrie on Fire in Oakland   
Even though it slipped last year, Anderson has always had solid command. And although he had really struggled in his previous five starts, he reminded us Saturday that he's a pitcher that needs to be on your radar, taking a no-hitter into the eighth inning en route to seven shutout innings of one-hit ball with 11 strikeouts against one of the top hitting teams in the bigs (Arizona). Anderson is durable, and in well on his way to shattering his career high in innings pitched, so give him a look if you need pitching help.
          On My Radar, Vol. 1   
I've been playing around with the idea of doing a weekly snapshot of life after coming across this fun snapshot format my friend D.O.N. posted a few months ago.  Here's a little catch up of my first week as a 32 year old:
Watching:  Peppa Pig and Sid the Science Kid streamed onto our Smart TV via YouTube.  Peg + Cat and too much Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on Netflix.  My old Fantasia 2000 DVD, finally discovered by the kiddos.  (Thinking I need to throw in a good old fashioned Netflix documentary so I can say I watched ONE thing this week that wasn't developed for a primary audience under the age of 12.)

Reading: French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billion

This book was an impulse purchase made during a 2am nursing session during Wilder's first few sleepless weeks of newborn life.  I'm only 1/3 of the way through, but I'm really enjoying the story and subsequent "Food Rules" Le Billion has laid out thus far.  I have not actually reached the part where one learns how to make your own child eat everything though, so will reserve final praise until I've finished.

Wanting: An entire new closet (I'm just being honest here).  In all seriousness, I'm working on slowly transitioning my closet into a capsule wardrobe.  It's a great concept - a small amount of clothing you mix and match to create a larger number of outfits (think those chic 'how to pack for Europe in a carry-on suitcase' pins you see on Pinterest, only using that as your full-time closet for the season).

Fantastic Capsule Wardrobe Example courtesy Color Me Courtney

The hard thing about paring down to the essentials in your closet is realizing how many pieces you own that you'd like to swap for more useful items when your shopping budget is $0.  Pulling a Tim Gunn here and "making it work".  More on this later. 

Needing: To not want to buy new clothes.  The kids to both sleep through the night more than once every 6 weeks.  To finally create a good house cleaning schedule.

Buying: I was a good mom and put all of my birthday money towards Waverly's new school uniforms (hello,  cutest toddler saddle shoes on the planet!), but did splurge on a neon pink messy bow head wrap for Waverly from Ruby Blue.

{image here}

I discovered the brand after seeing my blog friend Fancy Ashley's daughter rocking some amazing messy bows on Instagram over the past month.  It turns out that they're water/pool safe too, so I decided to get myself an adult sized head wrap to hold back my hair when I wash my face.  So fun.

Listening To:  Jamie Cullum Pandora station.  Wilder crying through the baby monitor because he's refusing to go down for an afternoon nap (for the 4th time this week).

Planning: Waverly's first day of school next week.  Setting up my own printed weekly calendar/planning binder, as my Whitney English Day Designer finished in July.  While I loved (looooved) my Day Designer, I need something smaller/lighter to tote around in my purse/diaper bag for 2 still in diapers.  Also, I'm trying to spend money more responsibly (aka not buying something just because I want it).  I already have a printer, paper, and access to the Internet (all wonderful things I'm trying not to take for granted), so will just go with a pretty, free printable until I come up with a better solution.

So far, this free printable from The Handmade Home takes the cake.

Googling:  Recipes for easy to make party hors d'oeuvres made with ingredients that are supposed to be "good for your skin".  I'm hosting a little cocktail hour and fundraiser this weekend with some sorority sisters to celebrate the launch of my Rodan + Fields business.  The idea of skin-friendly apps to go along with the skincare party theme could either be really adorable, or really dumb.  The jury's still out.  I'll keep you posted.

Cooking:  I've been working on some simple, delicious rotisserie chicken crock pot projects that I hope to blog about soon.

Experimenting: With making my own chicken stock from scratch.  Trying to blog every day.

Dreaming:  Life in London.  This Phoenix heat is really starting to cramp my style, so I find myself mentally relocating my family to a rainy, drizzly fall afternoon in England at least 10 times a day.  Loving the idea of moving back to Cambridge and walking the banks of the River Cam with my wellie-clad littles.  Bliss.

What has been on your radar this week?  I'd love to hear from you!  xo

          The Wire Troll: Cards Have Star on the Way in Oscar Mercado   
Miami's first round pick from last year finally made his pro debut last week, tossing 4 2/3 shutout frames at Low A. Garrett definitely got a bit lucky with the goose egg given the control issues, but overall, it was worth the wait. Keeper league owners need to have this dude on their radar.
          Prefeitura de SP lança Campanha de Prevenção às Drogas inspirada em histórias reais   
A Prefeitura de São Paulo está passando por momentos difíceis, seja por desagradar boa parte dos moradores, ou por conter representantes que não são bem vistos pela sociedade. No dia (24) a Prefeitura publicou em seu Twitter um filme para promover a Campanha de Prevenção às Drogas. O enfoque do comercial é retratar a destruição … Continuar lendo Prefeitura de SP lança Campanha de Prevenção às Drogas inspirada em histórias reais
          MGTOW Defeats Jezebelism   

If there is one Princess that can not rescued it's the Jezebel.

The Jezebel is far more dangerous to men than the most hardcore Feminist is. Although every Feminist aspires to be a Jezebel not all Feminists can be one. While they all possess the prerequisite hatred of men not all of them have the physical attractiveness necessary to disarm unsuspecting men of their better judgment.

This by the way is the only exception to the "AWALT" rule in which "NAWALT" does apply.

The goal of the Jezebel is the destruction of good men. She targets those men simply because they are good and naïve to her deception. Religious and political organizations are magnets for Jezebels.

Jezebels are in a permanent state of rebellion against themselves, against men and even their own children. They perceive themselves to be victims therefore rationalize that anything they do to anyone "had it coming him". In that way all the wrong they do to others is justified in their minds having placed themselves in the right.

Psychological justification is the essential component that enables the bad behavior.

With this attitude that they are always right comes an arrogance that does not allow for any criticisms of their actions. For those who have fallen under their control one must simply do as the Jezebel says without question and even worship them for the privilege getting bossed around. To do anything less will trigger a vindictiveness that will not rest until adequate punishment can be metered out.

This retaliation will be accomplished with passive aggressive hostility or malicious gossip intended to damage that person by discrediting them in some other way.

For those not under her control they must be either taken over or destroyed. Depending on if the target has something the Jezebel wants or is perceived as a threat.

The usual objects of desire the Jezebel is looking for are status and wealth. This is where they use sex as tool for control on men to get what they want. Once a man is stung he will be bled dry until he has nothing left to offer. Afterwards she will simply dismiss him as someone she is no longer "in love" with.

Anyone perceived as a threat or has rejected her sexual advances can expect the full force of the dark side to be thrown at them. There will be far more than malicious slander involved. It will be false accusations designed to get that person killed if possible through the use of proxy violence.

This is where the life of MGTOW is effective in defeating the Jezebel.

The MGTOW has nothing a Jezebel wants to begin with which puts him off her radar for the most part. He doesn't exhibit the usual indicators of wealth, power or status that she is hunting for. Expensive clothes, vehicles and homes are nothing more than shark bait to a MGTOW.

In addition MGTOW do not seek high Religious, Political, Institutional or Corporate positions which covers almost the rest. I say almost because there are circumstances when a MGTOW can find himself elevated closer to powerful positions by virtue of the fact that he is trusted over time not having any desire to take these position. If a Jezebel is nearby or materializes on the scene it will invoke her immediate wrath to divide and conquer.

She can't not allow someone like that around who may be able to see through the fog of her confusion.

In which case it will be up to the individual MGTOW to determine whether or not he has anything in his personal life which can be used against him. False accusations will fly and if there is even a hint that there may be some truth to it he is doomed. The powers that be will seek to protect their own positions at the expense of the accused.

At the same time if a MGTOW is bullet proof in his ways the attacks will be her own undoing. It will even be an opportunity for him to strengthen any areas of weakness that come under fire. Eventually others will become weary of her escalating troublemaking at that will be the end of her.

The Jezebel always overplays her hand.

The rest of the way MGTOW will have to avoid all contact when possible. Any communication which is less than worshipful or isn't in total agreement with them can result in an attack. Even unknowingly coming into a too close of proximity gives them an opportunity to point the finger instigating violence.

These evasive maneuvers would not be necessary if it wasn't for the White Knighting that is still very prevalent in the real world. Because of men's need for female approval they somehow believe assaulting other men to gain it is perfectly heroic. Those are just the kind of Blue Pill men the Jezebel seeks out to do her bidding.

A MGTOW maintaining his indifference, his emotional detachment from the provocation of being fingered while standing his ground as the moment passes is enough for the White Knight to realize there was no real threat involved. Our hero sulks away reflecting on what just happened while she is pissed that her ploy failed to achieve it's desired end... Let's you and him fight.

It's a win / win for MGTOW.

A Jezebel is defeated, a Blue Pill wannabe hero moves a little closer to the Red Pill and a MGTOW glows with the satisfaction of knowing he is winning the war without fighting the battles.

MGTOW... Wining Without Fighting.
          Feminists Mysteriously Silent About "Rape Culture" In The Middle East   

Particularly surrounding some of the more horrific stories I'm hearing about ISIS.

Nun pleads for Christians raped, sold, killed by ISIS

“The most beautiful ones they take for their wives and say ‘now you have to be Muslim,’” said Sister Hatune. The others are forced to convert or die. Many have been slaughtered in front of their parents

“Muhammad came and he brought killing, beheading, pedophilia. He slept with a 9-year-old girl, he married when she was 6 years old. We know because she says it herself in the Hadith. In Yemen today, where Shariah is the law, they have to marry the girl before her first menstruation, maximum of age 13, because it is written.”

The Quran also gives Muslim men permission to rape girls and women who are held captive as slaves (Sura 23:5-6).

In conquered cities, ISIS has marked the homes of Christians with a red symbol of the Nazarene. They are then visited by ISIS militants who bring unspeakable horrors upon the families

Muslim apologists in the West say the verse is taken out of context by “Islamophobes,” but Sister Hatune believes otherwise.

“Those of us Christians from Middle East. We know them. We know their rules,” she said.

“Education is not allowed for the girls. The women are created for the sex for the gents,” she said. “If she becomes raped she has to bring four men with her as witness. Of course it is impossible, so she will be stoned. There are so many women and girls who die from stoning.”

“America is inviting its own slaughterers to its door,” she said, referring to the U.S. policy of taking in Muslim refugees through the United Nations refugee program.

That’s a message many churches in Minnesota were not ready to hear, said Debra Anderson, who heads a local chapter of ACT! For America and sponsored Sister Hatune’s recent visit.

“She wanted to do something active. She felt faith without works was dead,” Anderson said. “But it was rough trying to get her invited to speak at the churches in Minnesota. Some of it was her message. She is very critical of the Muslim governments.”

One church group that invited her to speak gave her a reception that Anderson described as “cool.”

They visited an order of Catholic nuns and “five or six of them walked out near the end of her presentation,” she said.

(Catholic nuns have become some of the more radical Feminists in the US.)  Which probably had more to do with them walking out than getting their delicate sensibilities upset. Their victim bubble was getting busted right in front of them by another Sister and they weren't having it.

“Some of the photos of human suffering she showed in her presentation; I think they were really shaken,” Anderson said. “I don’t know that they had ever been challenged in their way of thinking like that. But it was all facts. We told them to check out other experts.

“But I had this one nun just interrupt me and say, ‘I am not going to listen to her anymore,’” Anderson said. “I had a hard time getting her into the churches. I really did.”

One of the nuns from the convent in Minnesota interrupted Sister Hatune’s presentation with a specific concern.

“Sister, that’s enough,” she said, voicing her concern about a potential backlash against Muslims in the community if Sister Hatune’s documentation were to ever get widely disseminated.

The nun says Islamic culture is basically “like a dog,” in that it must be confronted. If there is a void or a weakness in the Christian culture, the Muslims will sense that weakness and continue to march through and intimidate the native culture.

“You cannot be afraid of Islam culture,” she said. “If you run, they will come after you like dog culture. You must stand your ground. I don’t say fight. I say resist. I say to them, ‘Stop. I don’t want you. I have my own God.’ They come here thinking to conquer the country. If they don’t accept the American way of life, go back to your home. The government has to understand this.”

Sounds more like a pack of wolves but is any of this of any concern to the Feminists?

Let's take a look at a few of the popular Feminist sites and see what the general focus of their attention is on.

From Feministe:

Rolling Stones Dismisses Rape Story

Rape Culture In Gaming

Yes Means Rape In CA

From Bitch Media:

More Sex Workers Are Killed in the US Than Any Other Country

Misogyny Kills

NFL wives speak to how the organization encouraged them to keep their abuse secret and offered no support for leaving.

From Feministing:

Rape Culture Dismisses Bill Cosby

Sexual Violence of CIA Torture Program

Rolling Stones Doesn't Trust Rape Story

Girl Gamer Gets Rape Threats

That was a couple of hours worth of searching and it seem to me what they thought applied to their subject of Rape Culture in the world. No mention of ISIS atrocities in any of those places. Just as I was about to give up though I did find one singular story on the topic.

And the winner goes to Jezebel:

ISIS Using Rape, Torture and Sexual Slavery Against Women and Girls

Terrorist group du jour and demonic pieces of chit ISIS — also known as Isil and the Islamic State — have had a busy year, beheading journalists and aid workers and terrorizing large portions of Iraq and Syria. The group is also systematically raping, torturing and enslaving hundreds of women and girls, a new report from Amnesty International finds.

Now I'm not one to give the Feminists any advice but if they want to be taken seriously in terms of fighting for the cause of women worldwide I would think they would have a little bit more to say about this than in one post.

What were some of their more popular posts recently?

Some details are off, therefore the victim lied!

I Read 50 Books By People of Color This Year.

On Rolling Stone, lessons from fact-checking, and the limits of journalism

Dog Runs Alongside Ambulance To Stay With Ailing Owner

While they were ticked off about the Rolling Stones issue they do like their romance novels but in the end it was the doggy they were most excited about.

Ok, so that's it... I can't take looking at their trash anymore. Whatever floats their boats I guess but you see how it is. My conclusion is that they can't say anything about this.

They are so completely invested in the idea that America is the worst place on earth that any woman can live in that if they were to acknowledge what was going on around the world they would also have to own up that life in the US really isn't all that bad.

Hell will freeze over before that happens.

Problem is if this trend continues that may be what they get. The Sister called it already. The communities from over there have already been transplanting here and it's even worse in Europe. Before long it could be equal opportunity Sharia Law for all of them.

In which case that glass ceiling will finally get smashed in a hail of stoning... directed at them.

Good luck with that ladies, I'll be watching the show from a distance.

          MGTOW Crossing The Red Pill Sea   

There is an article over on Breibart London concerning men dumping society in general and women in particular that has attracted quiet a bit of attention. As of this morning it has some 14,000 comments and going. I wasn't going to do a post on it because I thought someone else would pick up on it and the stupid page kept crashing from all the ads loading anyway but since I don't see anyone else flagging it I'll put it up here.

I did manage to grab the article in between crashes so I'm going to put the thing up without my interruption just because of the fact that it is attracting enough attention that the Feminazis in their zeal for equality may attempt to have it removed.

Some speech is more equal than others.

The Sexodus, Part 1: The Men Giving Up On Women And Checking Out Of Society

"My generation of boys is f**ked," says Rupert, a young German video game enthusiast I've been getting to know over the past few months. "Marriage is dead. Divorce means you're screwed for life. Women have given up on monogamy, which makes them uninteresting to us for any serious relationship or raising a family. That's just the way it is. Even if we take the risk, chances are the kids won't be ours. In France, we even have to pay for the kids a wife has through adulterous affairs. 

"In school, boys are screwed over time and again. Schools are engineered for women. In the US, they force-feed boys Ritalin like Skittles to shut them up. And while girls are favoured to fulfil quotas, men are slipping into distant second place.

"Nobody in my generation believes they're going to get a meaningful retirement. We have a third or a quarter of the wealth previous generations had, and everyone's fleeing to higher education to stave off unemployment and poverty because there are no jobs.
"All that wouldn't be so bad if we could at least dull the pain with girls. But we're treated like paedophiles and potential rapists just for showing interest. My generation are the beautiful ones," he sighs, referring to a 1960s experiment on mice that supposedly predicted a grim future for the human race.

After overpopulation ran out of control, the female mice in John Calhoun's "mouse universe" experiment stopped breeding, and the male mice withdrew from the company of others entirely, eating, sleeping, feeding and grooming themselves but doing little else. They had shiny coats, but empty lives.

"The parallels are astounding," says Rupert.

Never before in history have relations between the sexes been so fraught with anxiety, animosity and misunderstanding. To radical feminists, who have been the driving force behind many tectonic societal shifts in recent decades, that's a sign of success: they want to tear down the institutions and power structures that underpin society, never mind the fall-out. Nihilistic destruction is part of their road map.

But, for the rest of us, the sight of society breaking down, and ordinary men and women being driven into separate but equal misery, thanks to a small but highly organised group of agitators, is distressing. Particularly because, as increasing numbers of social observers are noticing, an entire generation of young people—mostly men—are being left behind in the wreckage of this social engineering project.

Social commentators, journalists, academics, scientists and young men themselves have all spotted the trend: among men of about 15 to 30 years old, ever-increasing numbers are checking out of society altogether, giving up on women, sex and relationships and retreating into pornography, sexual fetishes, chemical addictions, video games and, in some cases, boorish lad culture, all of which insulate them from a hostile, debilitating social environment created, some argue, by the modern feminist movement.

You can hardly blame them. Cruelly derided as man-children and crybabies for objecting to absurdly unfair conditions in college, bars, clubs and beyond, men are damned if they do and damned if they don't: ridiculed as basement-dwellers for avoiding aggressive, demanding women with unrealistic expectations, or called rapists and misogynists merely for expressing sexual interest.

Jack Rivlin is editor-in-chief of student tabloid media start-up The Tab, a runaway success whose current strap-line reads: "We'll stop writing it when you stop reading it." As the guiding intelligence behind over 30 student newspapers, Rivlin is perhaps the best-placed person in the country to observe this trend in action. And he agrees that the current generation of young men find it particularly difficult to engage with women.

"Teenage boys always have been useless with girls, but there's definitely a fear that now being well-intentioned isn't enough, and you can get into trouble just for being clumsy," he says. "For example, leaning in for a kiss might see you branded a creep, rather than just inept."

The new rules men are expected to live by are never clearly explained, says Rivlin, leaving boys clueless and neurotic about interacting with girls. "That might sound like a good thing because it encourages men to take the unromantic but practical approach of asking women how they should behave, but it causes a lot of them to just opt out of the game and retreat to the sanctuary of their groups of lads, where being rude to women gets you approval, and you can pretty much entirely avoid one-on-one socialising with the opposite sex."

"There are also a lot of blokes who ignore women because they are scared and don't know how to act. It goes without saying that boys who never spend any time alone with women are not very good at relationships."

Rivlin has noticed the increased dependence on substances, normally alcohol, that boys are using to calm their nerves. "I've heard a lot of male students boast about never having experienced sober sex," he says. "They're obviously scared, which is natural, but they would be a lot less scared and dysfunctional if they understood 'the rules.'"

The result? "A lot of nice but awkward young men are opting out of approaching women because there is no opportunity for them to make mistakes without suffering worse embarrassment than ever."
Most troublingly, this effect is felt more acutely among poorer and less well educated communities, where the package of support resources available to young men is slight. At my alma mater, the University of Cambridge, the phenomenon barely registers on the radar, according to Union society president Tim Squirrell.

"I don't think I've really noticed a change recently," he says. "This year has seen the introduction of mandatory consent workshops for freshers, which I believe is probably a good thing, and there's been a big effort by the Women's Campaign in particular to try and combat lad culture on campus.
The atmosphere here is the same as it was a year ago - mostly nerdy guys who are too afraid to approach anyone in the first place, and then a smaller percentage who are confident enough to make a move. Obviously women have agency too, and they approach men in about the same numbers as they do elsewhere. There certainly haven't been any stories in [campus newspaper] The Tab about a sex drought on campus."

"I think that people are probably having as much sex as ever," he adds. At Cambridge, of course, that may not mean much, and for a variety of socioeconomic and class-based reasons the tribes at Oxford and Cambridge are somewhat insulated from the male drop-out effect.

But even at such a prestigious university with a largely middle- and upper-class population, those patronising, mandatory "consent" classes are still being implemented. Squirrell, who admits to being a feminist with left-of-centre politics, thinks they're a good idea. But academics such as Camille Paglia have been warning for years that "rape drives" on campus put women at greater risk, if anything.

Women today are schooled in victimhood, taught to be aggressively vulnerable and convinced that the slightest of perceived infractions, approaches or clumsy misunderstandings represents "assault," "abuse" or "harassment." That may work in the safe confines of campus, where men can have their academic careers destroyed on the mere say-so of a female student.

But, according to Paglia, when that women goes out into the real world without the safety net of college rape committees, she is left totally unprepared for the sometimes violent reality of male sexuality. And the panics and fear-mongering are serving men even more poorly. All in all, education is becoming a miserable experience for boys.

In schools today across Britain and America, boys are relentlessly pathologised, as academics were warning as long ago as 2001. Boyishness and boisterousness have come to be seen as "problematic," with girls' behaviour a gold standard against which these defective boys are measured. When they are found wanting, the solution is often drugs.

One in seven American boys will be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at some point in their school career. Millions will be prescribed a powerful mood stabiliser, such as Ritalin, for the crime of being born male. The side effects of these drugs can be hideous and include sudden death.

Meanwhile, boys are falling behind girls academically, perhaps because relentless and well-funded focus has been placed on girls' achievement in the past few decades and little to none on the boys who are now achieving lower grades, fewer honors, fewer degrees and less marketable information economy skills. Boys' literacy, in particular, is in crisis throughout the West. We've been obsessing so much over girls, we haven't noticed that boys have slipped into serious academic trouble.
So what happened to those boys who, in 2001, were falling behind girls at school, were less likely to go to college, were being given drugs they did not need and whose self-esteem and confidence issues haven't just been ignored, but have been actively ridiculed by the feminist Establishment that has such a stranglehold on teaching unions and Left-leaning political parties?

In short: they grew up, dysfunctional, under-served by society, deeply miserable and, in many cases, entirely unable to relate to the opposite sex. It is the boys who were being betrayed by the education system and by culture at large in such vast numbers between 1990 and 2010 who represent the first generation of what I call the sexodus, a large-scale exit from mainstream society by males who have decided they simply can't face, or be bothered with, forming healthy relationships and participating fully in their local communities, national democracies and other real-world social structures.

A second sexodus generation is gestating today, potentially with even greater damage being done to them by the onset of absurd, unworkable, prudish and downright misandrist laws such as California's "Yes Means Yes" legislation—and by third-wave feminism, which dominates newspapers like the Guardian and new media companies like Vox and Gawker, but which is currently enjoying a hysterical last gasp before women themselves reject it by an even greater margin than the present 4 out of 5 women who say they want nothing to do with the dreaded f-word.

The sexodus didn't arrive out of nowhere, and the same pressures that have forced so many millennials out of society exert pressure on their parent's generation, too. One professional researcher in his late thirties, about whom I have been conversing on this topic for some months, puts it spicily: "For the past, at least, 25 years, I've been told to do more and more to keep a woman. But nobody's told me what they're doing to keep me.

"I can tell you as a heterosexual married male in management, who didn’t drop out of society, the message from the chicks is: 'It's not just preferable that you should fuck off, but imperative. You must pay for everything and make everything work; but you yourself and your preferences and needs can fuck off and die.'"

Women have been sending men mixed messages for the last few decades, leaving boys utterly confused about what they are supposed to represent to women, which perhaps explains the strong language some of them use when describing their situation. As the role of breadwinner has been taken away from them by women who earn more and do better in school, men are left to intuit what to do, trying to find a virtuous mean between what women say they want and what they actually pursue, which can be very different things.

Men say the gap between what women say and what they do has never been wider. Men are constantly told they should be delicate, sensitive fellow travellers on the feminist path. But the same women who say they want a nice, unthreatening boyfriend go home and swoon over simple-minded, giant-chested, testosterone-saturated hunks in Game of Thrones. Men know this, and, for some, this giant inconsistency makes the whole game look too much like hard work. Why bother trying to work out what a woman wants, when you can play sports, masturbate or just play video games from the comfort of your bedroom?

Jack Donovan, a writer based in Portland who has written several books on men and masculinity, each of which has become a cult hit, says the phenomenon is already endemic among the adult population. "I do see a lot of young men who would otherwise be dating and marrying giving up on women," he explains, "Or giving up on the idea of having a wife and family. This includes both the kind of men who would traditionally be a little awkward with women, and the kind of men who aren't awkward with women at all.

"They've done a cost-benefit analysis and realised it is a bad deal. They know that if they invest in a marriage and children, a woman can take all of that away from them on a whim. So they use apps like Tinder and OK Cupid to find women to have protected sex with and resign themselves to being 'players,' or when they get tired of that, 'boyfriends.'"

He goes on: "Almost all young men have attended mandatory sexual harassment and anti-rape seminars, and they know that they can be fired, expelled or arrested based more or less on the word of any woman. They know they are basically guilty until proven innocent in most situations."
Donovan lays much of the blame for the way men feel at the door of the modern feminist movement and what he sees as its disingenuousness. "The young men who are struggling the most are conflicted because they are operating under the assumption that feminists are arguing in good faith," he says, "When in fact they are engaged in a zero-sum struggle for sexual, social, political and economic status—and they're winning.

"The media now allows radical feminists to frame all debates, in part because sensationalism attracts more clicks than any sort of fair or balanced discourse. Women can basically say anything about men, no matter how denigrating, to a mix of cheers and jeers."

That has certainly been the experience of several loose coalitions of men in the media recently, whether scientists outraged by feminist denunciations of Dr Matt Taylor, or video gamers campaigning under the banner of press ethics who saw their movement smeared as a misogynistic hate group by mendacious, warring feminists and so-called "social justice warriors".

Donovan has views on why it has been so easy for feminists to triumph in media battles. "Because men instinctively want to protect women and play the hero, if a man writes even a tentative criticism of women or feminism, he's denounced by men and women alike as some kind of extremist scoundrel. The majority of "men's studies" and "men's rights" books and blogs that aren't explicitly pro-feminist are littered with apologies to women. 

"Books like The Myth of Male Power and sites like A Voice for Men are favourite boogeymen of feminists, but only because they call out feminists' one-sided hypocrisy when it comes to pursing 'equality.'"

Unlike modern feminists, who are driving a wedge between the sexes, Men's Rights Activists "actually seem to want sexual equality," he says. But men's studies authors and male academics are constantly tip-toeing around and making sure they don't appear too radical. Their feminine counterparts have no suchforbearance, of course, with what he calls "hipster feminists," such as the Guardian's Jessica Valenti parading around in t-shirts that read: "I BATHE IN MALE TEARS." "I'm a critic of feminism," says Donovan. "But I would never walk around wearing a shirt that says, "I MAKE WOMEN CRY." I'd just look like a jerk and a bully."

It's the contention of academics, sociologists and writers like Jack Donovan that an atmosphere of relentless, jeering hostility to men from entitled middle-class media figures, plus a few confused male collaborators in the feminist project, has been at least partly responsible for a generation of boys who simply don't want to know.

In Part 2, we'll meet some of the men who have "checked out," given up on sex and relationships and sunk into solitary pursuits or alcohol-fuelled lad culture. And we'll discover that the real victims of modern feminism are, of course, women themselves, who have been left lonelier and less satisfied than they have ever been.

A little bit of shaming going on here but overall it's true. Men do get confused by all the conflicting messages and I think that is intentional. It is designed that way so men can be taken advantage of in their confusion or Blue Pill state but sooner or later every man does do his own cost benefit analysis, swallows that Red Pill and figures out that it isn't worth all the trouble.

"I can tell you as a heterosexual married male in management, who didn’t drop out of society, the message from the chicks is: 'It's not just preferable that you should fuck off, but imperative. You must pay for everything and make everything work; but you yourself and your preferences and needs can fuck off and die.'"

That dude is right, that is exactly their attitude and exactly the attitude I was running into and as a result of this prevailing attitude The Exodus by men is what follows.

All that shaming and manipulation to keep men on the plantation does work at first but inadvertently results in them leaving it. It gets to be too much, too soon and too obvious. Again, I think that is intentional but on a level higher than societal where women and society are just the useful idiots in the process to keep men and women at war with one another.

My war is over though and that is the brilliant part of MGTOW. By simply leaving the battlefield I win and so does each man that does the same. That doesn't mean the parasites won't come after us, they most certainly will but they will have to catch us first and we already have a head start on them.

MGTOW... OMW To The Promised Land.


Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars picks up on the story.

Yes he does use the term White Knight and gets that it doesn't work for men. I suspect he has been researching the Man-O-Sphere and will likely out it at some point. He certainly isn't a Feminist Mangina and understand how Feminism with all it's insanity is the tip of the spear in the Divide and Conquer strategy for those determined to destroy humanity.

          Maori exodus from Otautahi under the radar   
Christchurch-based social scientist Rawiri Taonui says more people, including more Maori, appear to be leaving Christchurch than is being officially acknowledged.

The Government will today reveal which parts of the city may not be rebuilt.

Mr Taonui says not enough has been done to support the city's Maori population, and the rolls at kura kaupapa have more than halved.

“People who have less money invested in Christchurch have less that they are attached to and where people don’t own their homes and they have whaanau in the north, a lot of them have uprooted and moved on and will continue to do so. The numbers kind of dwindle by the day,” he says.

Mr Taonui says people are questioning how they can invest in a city where it could be up to a decade before things can be expected to return to normal.


The Greens aren't contesting the Te Tai Tokerau by-election, but co-leader Metiria Turei is keen to see Mana's Hone Harawira back in Parliament.

Ms Turei says the only candidates the party endorses are its own.

But she says Mr Harawira has been strong on environmental issues, including his opposition to deep sea oil drilling.

“From a kaupapa point of view I have a lot in common with Hone and his views and his campaigns and the way he goes about his campaigning so having another voice like that in parliament is critical for the kaupapa we are fighting for which is Maori and the environment and taking care of people who need us the most,” she says.

Ms Turei says the political establishment, including some iwi leaders, is frightened of Mr Harawira being an independent Maori voice in parliament.


People are gathering about now in Tokoroa to open a new Maori-themed supermarket.

Countdown operating manager Dave Chambers says the chain likes to reflect the communities it serves ... and in the south Waikato that includes a large Maori content.

He says as well as the store's internal signage being in both Maori and English, local master carver Lionel Matenga has created a 5 metre long carving for the store entrance.

Mr Chambers says the carving has been donated to the community.

Countdown will again mark Maori language week this year with special events and publications.


Former Labour MP John Tamihere says Saturday's Te Tai Tokerau by-election is about one candidate ... Hone Harawira.

He says the by-election has concentrated opposition against the veteran protest leader, with the leaders of National and New Zealand First virtually telling their members to get out and vote against him, and Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia having to apologise for ruling her candidate out.

He says it's unprecedented in New Zealand political history.

“Now does that mean Hones doing things good, or does it mean he’s so polarized people he’s doing things bad. That’s what the electors in Tai Tokerau have to come to terms with. I think it’s an amazing tribute to him that he’s brought this convergence on,” Mr Tamihere says.

He won't be endorsing Hone Harawira or anyone else in the by-election.


A Hutt Valley marae is among nine community providers who will share $730,000 set aside to find new ways to help youth offenders.

Spokesperson Henrietta Gemmell says Koraunui Marae Association has run alternative education, training and wrap-around services since the 1970s, and 90 per cent of the rangatahi it works with are Maori.

She says the Fresh Start Innovation Fund will allow the marae to reach more rangatahi with its tikanga Maori-based approach.

“Once they get a feel and a sense of belonging, because a lot of children come here without whakapapa, our children start to want to learn and they want to move on,” Mrs Gemmell says.

Offenders are getting younger, with some seen by the marae as young as 8 years old.


Te Arawa wahine will be out in force tonight to celebrate their women artists and musicians.

Veteran musicians Ardijah and friends will headline the Matariki concert, while Maisey Rika, Ria Hall, Te Matatini star Miriama Hare will be up for awards.

Organiser Te Ringahuia Hata says the event was driven by the concept of the Matariki star constellation, which to Maori represents a mother and her six daughters.

Te Arawa mothers will present taonga to six Te Arawa daughters excelling in kapa haka, arts and the music industry.
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          #142: Fan Questions Answered!   

Marc Evan Jackson and Paul F. Tompkins answer real questions submitted by real fans. In this episode, how to get on our radar, what happens to used scripts, notorious drunken bacchanals, and lots more!

          What to Watch: Colony Finale, Scandal Search Is On, Dark Robot Sex and More   
On TV this Thursday: Colony wraps its sophomore run, Mom deals with (another) death in the family and one of Scandal‘s own remains in limbo. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar:
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          What to Watch: Josh Holloway's Colony, Blacklist's Ultimatum and More   
On TV this Thursday: A Lost vet forms a promising Colony, the Workaholics face new upper management, Mom‘s latest romance is a family affair and Hillary Clinton visits Jimmy Fallon. Here are 12 programs to keep on your radar:
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Szekeres - Szomor: Radarhajózástan - Jelenlegi ára: 8 000 Ft   
Szállítási, fizetési feltételek:
Személyesen hétfőtől péntekig 10 és 18 óra között, a VI. kerületben, az Oktogon közelében vehetők át a termékeim.
A hét egyik napján tovább, 19 óráig tartok nyitva, erről a napról ide kattintva tájékozódhat:
Postai úton sima vagy ajánlott levélként - 2 kg felett csomagként - küldöm, miután bankszámlámra megérkezett a vételár és a postaköltség. A postaköltség pontos összegét a "Szállítási és garanciális feltételek" fül alatt találja. Lehetőleg a pénz megérkezésének napján, de legkésőbb a következő munkanapon postázok.
Bp., 1969. MAHART. Félvászon kötésben, jó - a képeken látható - állapotban. Sajnos számos helyen aláhúzogatták, beleírtak. 310 példányban jelent meg! 405 oldal, 21×29 cm.
Tekintse meg további könyveimet, képeslapjaimat, kottáimat  is:
Szekeres - Szomor: Radarhajózástan
Jelenlegi ára: 8 000 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2017-07-06 07:37
          Comment on Circulati in siguranta! Politia Rutiera vegheaza la neregulile voastre. by Myriam   
Pai si normal ca nu se deplaseaza nimeni. La noi e mish mish si cam atat. Nu iese coco, nu ne miscam fizicul. Ma dezgusta sincer. Si atata am citit de cazuri din astea, dar sunt numai confirmari al stadiului de degradare in care s-a ajuns in sectorul asta in general. Politia e acolo sa ne protejeze, dar sa nu-l trezesti pe seful de post la miez de noapte, ca poti muri linistit. Dar hei, ei sunt viitorul, ei sunt exemplele. Vezi...acolo trebuie sa tanjesti, ca tanar, sa ajungi, ca acolo se fac banii...Ce mai conteaza juramintele? Ca la medici, banul mai presus de om, restul sunt de forma....
          Comentário sobre Dias perigosos ainda virão por GILSON NOGUEIRA ALMEIDA   
As instituições não confiáveis assistem o poder que vem das mudanças profundas ... afasdtar das guerras, dos custos altíssimos, proteger seu povo, e permitir que os Americanos sejam americanos diante da expansão da invasão internacional que continua a modificar a vida antiga e tradicional de ser um Americano ... lutar contra as forças de ocupação que surgem para impor seus regimes, suas vontades e desejos de ter o que antes não possuíam ... ter vida fácil, país de nível que não ajudaram a ter e monopolizara vida, colocando-a do jeito que desejam. Os Estados Unidos em breve começa a ser doutrinado em todos os aspectos, e mudanças no social, politico e no espiritual será uma faca de dois gumes. A luta pelo poder, não mais une quem perdeu, pois a derrota é unir com forças opositoras que num futuro cobrará o alto preço dos legítimos americanos ... Trump caminha diante dos problemas mundiais, dos problemas internos que representará a maior guerra já enfrentada e o pior dentro de seu Pais. Modelo para o Mundo, será se o povo souber lidar com a situação e permitir que o atual Presidente mostre a capacidade de colocar seu amor a Pátria, a Bandeira e o Povo como resultado de vitoriosos seremos. Não é só eles, pois aqui no Brasil será assim também ... a luta pelo continuísmo nunca agradará os esquerdistas e os buscadores de lucros e vantagens diante da classe operária e dos ditames das igualdades em nome das responsabilidades e do progresso ... que Deus abençoe o Trump, pois o mundo jamais poderia continuar como estava ... que as grandes Nações se unam pela Paz, e que os fomentadores das guerras e lucros fáceis sejam destruídos, pois todos já conhecem quem ostenta o desapontamento pela vitória da Justiça, da Democracia e da Liberdade.
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          10 Film Terlaris Sepanjang Tahun 2011   
Banyak film Hollywood yang dirilis pada tahun 2011 ini. Mulai dari kisah cinta vampir dengan manusia, hingga kawanan monyet yang berusaha menguasai dunia. Film apa saja yang masuk daftar sebagai film terlaris tahun 2011
sebagai berikut :

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Spoiler for :

Film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 sukses meraup pendapatan pendapatan lebih dari 1 miliar dollar AS dalam 17 hari masa penayangannya di seluruh dunia.

Di akhir pekan lalu saja, film tentang bocah penyihir ini mampu meraup pemasukan sampai 66,4 juta dollar AS. CEO Warner Bros Jeff Bewkes, Selasa (2/8/2011) di Los Angeles, mengatakan, film Harry Potterand the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 yang dirilis pada 13 Juli ini sudah memecahkan rekor pendapatan perusahaan pada tanggal 31 Juli.

Film yang banyak digemari oleh remaja dan orang dewasa itu juga turut mendongkrak pemasukan Warner Bros di kuartal II-2011 sebesar 9 persen, menjadi 3,5 miliar dollar AS

2. Transformers: Dark of The Moon

Spoiler for :

Transformers: Dark of the Moon melesat ke puncak box office dengan perolehan USD97,4 juta. Angka itu mencetak rekor baru box office Amerika dan menggeser dominasi Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon mencetak rekor baru perolehan pendapatan USD97,4 hanya seminggu sejak dirilis. Itu membuat film fiksi ilmiah ini membukukan pendapatan terbesar sepanjang tahun ini dan menggeser Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides dengan USD90,2 juta.

Film Transformers ketiga itu juga mengukuhkan diri sebagai film dengan pendapatan terbesar di hari peringatan ulang tahun Amerika (mengalahkan Spider-man 2 dengan USD88,2 juta) dan film dengan pendapatan terbesar di pekan awal Juli (mengalahkan The Dark Knight dan Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest).

Transformers 3 yang menelan biaya produksi USD195 juta diharapkan mengantongi perolehan USD116 juta dalam empat pekan liburan ke depan dengan akumulasi USD181 juta. Walau begitu, Transformers 3 ini tetap tidak bisa mengungguli pendahulunya, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, yang meraup USD214,9 juta hanya di enam hari pertama sejak dirilis.
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Spoiler for :

Seri keempat dari film Pirates of the Caribbean yang berjudul On Stranger Tides, sesuai prediksi langsung berhasil menjadi jawara di puncak box office chart.
Bahkan film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides berhasil mendapatkan pendapatan $90.1 juta diminggu yang pertama. Jumlah yang lebih besar dari film yang sudah lebih dahulu masuk chart seperti Bridesmaids, Priest, Jumping the Broom, Something Borrowed, Water for Elephants dan Madea’s Big Happy Family.
4. kungFu Panda 2
Spoiler for :

Kung Fu Panda 2 awalnya memiliki judul Kaboom of Doom, yang merupakan sebuah film animasi asal amerika serikat.filem animasi 3D ini mulai di putar pada 26 Mei 2011 kemaren. film kung fu panda 2 ini sebenarnya adalah lanjutan dari seri sebelumnya yang juga bernama Kung Fu Panda. dan orang-orang yang ada dibalik layar pun juga banyak yang masih sama pada saat pengerjaan film kung Fu Panda pertama.Sutradara = Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Produser = Melissa CobbGuillermo Del Toro
Penulis = Jonathan AibelGlenn Berger
Pemeran Jack BlackMusik oleh Hans ZimmerJohn PowellStudio DreamWorks
Animation Distributor Paramount Pictures
Tanggal rilis = 26 Mei 2011(Amerika Serikat)27 Mei 2011(Kanada)
Durasi = 90 menit
Negara = Amerika Serikat
Bahasa = Bahasa Inggris
Anggaran = AS$150 juta
Pendapatan kotor $5,800,000.
5.The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
Spoiler for :

Seri paling akhir franchise film “Twilight Saga” telah mengejutkan industri perfilman pada akhir pekan lalu, dengan perkiraan penghasilan 139,5 juta dolar AS dari berbagai bioskop Amerika Utara, dan berakhir sebagai film dengan penghasilan tertinggi.
6. Fast Five
Spoiler for :

Film beranggaran besar pertama pada musim panas, “Fast Five”, memecahkan rekor baru saat mengumpulkan 83,6 juta dolar AS pada akhir pekan pertamanya di berbagai gedung bioskop, demikian perkiraan industri perfilman Minggu (1/5).

Penjualan tiket buat volume kelima dalam serial kejar-kejaran mobil dengan kecepatan tinggi menandai premier terbesar buat film apa pun sepanjang tahun ini, dan melampaui penghasilan film baru lain pekan lalu.
7. The Hangover Part II
Spoiler for :

The Hangover-Part II melesat ke puncak box office Amerika akhir pekan ini dengan meraih pendapatan tertinggi senilai USD86,4 juta (Rp734,6 miliar).

Film komedi yang dirilis dua tahun setelah film pertama itu dirilis pada Kamis lalu, dan diperkirakan telah meraup pendapatan USD118 juta selama empat hari. Dari hasil tersebut, The Hangover-Part II menjadi debut komedi terbaik yang pernah ada selama akhir pekan.

Kung Fu Panda 2 adalah film yang juga baru dan langsung bertengger di posisi kedua dengan pendapatan USD48 juta (Rp410 miliar).

Tak ketinggalan film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides yang duduk di posisi ketiga setelah hanya seminggu di tempat teratas dengan perolehan USD39,3 juta.
8.The Smurfs
Spoiler for :

Hollywood tak pernah menyangka jika film animasi ‘The Smurfs 3D’ mendapat sambutan yang luar biasa dari penikmat film di seluruh dunia. Sony Pictures baru saja mengumumkan pendapatan total film tersebut yang mencapai US$ 500,28 juta atau sekitar Rp 4,5 triliun.

Sejak pertama dirilis di bioskop Amerika Serikat pada 29 Juli lalu, film yang disutradarai Raja Gosnell itu langsung berada di puncak box office bersama dengan ‘Cowboys & Aliens’. Demikian dilansir Deadline, Senin (26/9/2011).

Selain karakter animasi, ‘The Smurfs 3D’ menampilkan Neil Patrick Harris, Hank Azaria, Jayma Mays, dan Sofa Vergara. Penyanyi Katy Perry mengisi suara si pirang Smurfette tanpa proses audisi.

Melihat kesuksesan itu, tim produksi langsung berencana membuat sekuelnya. Nama Jordan Kerner santer disebut sebagai produser, namun plot film tersebut masih dirahasiakan. ‘The Smurfs 2′ rencananya akan dirilis di bioskop Amerika Serikat pada Agustus 2013.

‘The Smurfs’ pertama kali muncul dalam komik garapan Pierre Culliford. Sekumpulan makhluk berwarna biru yang tinggal di tengah hutan itu semakin populer ketika tampil di serial animasi yang diputar pada dekade 80-an.

9. Cars 2
Spoiler for :

Film animasi produksi Pixar, ‘Cars 2′ menduduki peringkat pertama box office Amerika Serikat di minggu pertama pemutarannya. Dengan pendapatan US$ 68 juta, film petualangan komedi itu berhasil melampaui prediksi sebelumnya yang diperkirakan menghasilkan US$ 55 juta.

‘Cars 2′ yang merupakan sequel ‘Cars’ juga digarap oleh sutradara John Lasseter. Film tersebut menampilkan aktor Owen Wilson sebagai pengisi suara Lightning McQueen.
10. Rio
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Tahta Box Office periode Jum’at hingga Minggu menempatkan film Rio sebagai jawara.Film Animasi komedi ‘Rio’ menjadi film dengan pendapatan terbesar dalam minggu pertama pemutarannya di seluruh dunia. Film tersebut berhasil meraih 35 juta poundsterling atau sekitar Rp 493 miliar.

Film garapan sutradara Carlos Saldana itu dibuat sebagai tribute untuk kota asalnya di Brazil. Cerita dalam film itu diadaptasi dari petualangan burung macaw lokal yang kembali ke rumahnya.

          Marian Gaborik’s return to Minnesota bound to be boo-filled   
This hockey homecoming might not quite land on your radar, but expect Marian Gaborik’s return to Minnesota to be an interesting one. Gaborik spent the first eight seasons of his career with the Minnesota Wild. In that time, when he was healthy, he was the one dynamic offensive presence the Wild could count upon when […]
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
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1997 Maxum LOA 43'7" electronics include Radar, GPS, plotter, Auto pilot, A/C, generator-diesel, great interior for cruising. One of the largest express cruisers having a 13'6" beam, feature a large cockpit for entertaining. 370 HP Cummins Diesels with only 50 hours on a replacement engine in 2012. Call 401 338 XXXX to inspect, we are open 7 days a week by appointment.

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2003 Boston Whaler 240 Outrage for sale in San Diego. Powered by a Mercury/Yamaha F225 4stroke engine with 1,037 hours. Recent electronics include Simrad NSS touchscreen display with GPS/Radar/Fishfinder, Standard Horizon VHF radio, and marine stereo. Setup to fish with 2 separate Bait Tanks, In-deck Fishboxes, and T-top with Rod Holders. Also great family boat with plenty of Seating and a Head in the Console. All pictures are of the Actual Boat taken on Thursday 7/28/16. Visit our Website for More Photos and Details on this Boat: www . BallastPointYachts . com Call: Joel Swan / Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. Cell (619) 952-XXXX

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
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Nuestro amigo Luis Figueroa que es un experto en programación web, nos ha recomendado que probemos y compartamos un moderno framework web para Ruby llamado Hanami que cuenta con múltiples características, una excelente portabilidad y usabilidad, además de una interfaz web que agradará a más de uno. ¿Qué es Hanami? Hanami es un framework web […]

El artículo Hanami: un moderno framework web para Ruby aparece primero en Hanami: un moderno framework web para Ruby.

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Ik neem je mee in mijn ervaringen bij Radar. We schoten tekort door eenzijdig de dialoogstrategie te volgen. We gooiden het roer om. Hoe werkte dat?
          Bonjour à tous! Buna ziua ! Jurnal Olivia, spitalizare tata la Sf.Luca Berceni 27 iunie 2017   

Objet :Bonjour à tous! Buna ziua ! Jurnal Olivia, spitalizare tata la Sf.Luca Berceni 27 iunie 2017
De :Olivia Marcov (
À :
Date :Mardi 27 juin 2017 15h16

Bonjour à tous! Buna ziua ! Jurnal Olivia, spitalizare tata la Sf.Luca Berceni 27 iunie 2017

Despre tata nu am nicio veste.
Din dimineata zilei de luni, practic de luni, nu am mai vorbit cu mama deloc, deci cand m-am trezit, nimeni nu era acasa, plecasera cu tata, si mama si Silviu, eu nestiind unde s-au dus, am sperat in inima mea, ca poate la control medical. Dar nu a fost asa.
Cu Silviu am vorbit cand s-a intors el, la 9h40 dimineata acasa, se vede treaba, obosit, pentru ca s-a culcat dupa aceea si a dormit bine.
Am vorbit ca sa aflu CE AU FACUT CU TATA.
Duminica pe 25 iunie 2017 : tata mi-a spus : " Noi trebuie sa vorbim mai putin !!!"
Duminica seara s-a enervat, prima data ca il vad nervos dupa AVC-ul suferit, veioza mea nu functiona, eu am vrut sa vad daca e becul de vina, insa tata s-a enervat a spus ca " Trebuie sa o repar eu cumva !" si ca " nu e becul de vina, las-o, las-o !", i-am propus sa ii aduc din dormitor veioza albastra reparata de el, ca sa pot eu sa fotografiez carti, stie ca folosesc lumina multa, si el i-a schimbat tot firul, pentru ca, cel vechi se vede, nu era bun, din piata a cumparat fir nou si l-a inlocuit, a demontat si remontat veioza.
La inceput, tata a fost de acord si s-a bucurat sa ii aduc veioza albastra pe noptiera in sufragerie, imediat insa apoi a spus ca nu o vrea si s-a iritat ca am insistat : " Lasa asa cum zic eu !"

Cu Silviu am vorbit deci numai luni pe 26 iunie 2017, cand el s-a intors primul acasa, iar mama a revenit la ora 15h00 acasa.

Astazi nu am vorbit nici cu mama, nici cu Silviu.
INSA AZI, LA ORA 14H15 CAND A SOSIT MAMA, l-a intrebat cred ce fac eu, sau daca sunt bine, si Silviu, ce credeti ca i-a dat drept raspuns ?  NU MI-A VENIT SA CRED TONUL LUI CONVINS, DUSMANOS, AGRESIV CHIAR , i-a spus mamei despre mine : ' NU, CA DACA MA INJURA O IA SALVAREA !!!!!! "

Pai asa, din senin ?!
Deci eu nu am mai vorbit cu mama de luni, luni toata ziua, deloc nu am vorbit cu ea, iar azi nu am vorbit DELOC, DELOC NICI CU SILVIU.

MAI MULT, EU STAU NUMAI IN DORMITOR LA COMPUTER, sau prin camera, si ma duc la baie cel mult, si cam atat am facut azi.
Mai tarziu, m-am dus si la bucatarie, unde am spalat putine vase.
Mi-am facut ceai de galbenele.

Cred ca ieri seara, - am auzit si eu cate ceva din bucatarie unde erau ei doi -  Silviu a intrebat-o pe mama ceva, sau mama i-a spus : " E suparata ca l-am luat pe tatal ei. "

Stau amandoi in bucatarie si discuta.

Pe mine a inceput sa ma doara inima, mi-am luat polenul si tinctura pentru inima, azi ma refer, acum putine minute.
Seman cu tata si familia Marcov, cat priveste inima, dar si sistemul circulator.

ASTAZI marti 27 iunie 2017 : la ora 14h15 a intrat mama pe usa, s-a intors.
Dimineata gatea spanac, si eu am stat la computer, nu stiu la ce ora a plecat de acasa, eu pe la ora 12h00 m-am dus abia la bucatarie si nu stiu cand a plecat ea. Silviu dormea, ieri a fost la serviciu.
Silviu si-a luat apa calda de pe aragaz, eu am pus alta sa se incalzeasca in oala, in cratita mare rosie, ca asa e modern la bloc, sa avem apa calda pregatita.
Mie nu imi place sa ma spal asa, nu am apa suficienta sa dau pe tot corpul ca lumea, sa spanuesc si sa limpezesc tot ca lumea....
Imi displace profund sa ma spal cu apa putina, insuficienta, ca nu e apa curgatoare... si unde s-o pui ? In lighean.
S-a imbracat Silviu, s-a parfumat si cand era pe picior de plecare, apare mama care isi descuie usa singura.
Ii lasase pe masa lui Silviu orez cu ciuperci in borcan si cateva felii de paine, mancare pentru la serviciu, si separat intr-o cratita scria pe capac " Orez cu ciuperci ".
Nu m-am atins de mancarea mamei.
Am luat putina turta dulce, mai aveam niste paine bagheta si am prajit-o, si abia am mancat doua feliute.

In ziua in care am fost pana la piata, dupa Biserica, in piata m-am oprit si am cumparat o paine de 1,5 lei, bagheta, imi place bagheta, cu susan.
M-am gandit sa ma intorc la Biserica sa i-o dau Lilianei-Clementa Budinei.
Dar apoi am trecut prin parc, si nu stiu cum, m-am intrebat daca o mai gasesc, cum necum m-am gandit ca poate nu e acolo, sau se supara preotii si nu m-am mai dus.
Acasa i-am aratat mamei painea, ca nu o ascundeam, si i-am spus ca mi-a facut pofta.
Mama nu s-a atins de paine, asa face cand eu cumpar ceva.
A mai ramas si azi inca, o bucata destul de buna, cam intarita, am taiat-o in felii mici si in tigaie pe aragaz am prajit-o.
Sunt oameni la Biserica ca nu au o bucata de paine, zau, nu e gluma !

Ieri am cautat prin sifonier, si am gasit - cam putin, dar voi mai vedea - cate ceva, sa ii dau Lilianei Clementa, nu e mare lucru, dar ma rog, sunt niste perechi de sosete mai mult, care arata bine, curate normal !, si am pus si niste chilotei noi, nepurtati, normal, si acuma problema e ca nu stiu ce ii vine ei, ca e diferit proportionata de mine.
Am observat ca ar avea si putina cocoasa la spate, pentru ca ma gandeam ce bluza sau daca gasesc ceva bluzite sau maieuri sa ii dau.
Dar eu adesea sunt mai mica decat alte fete sau femei.
Multe sunt mai " generoase" in bust, sau nu se potrivesc proportiile, lungimea toracelui, soldurile mai inguste, sau mai late dimpotriva, picioarele mai lungi, eu sunt cam incurcata ca nu pot spune ca nu am niste hainute care nu imi mai vin, mai ales pantaloni, insa ma tot uitam la Liliana cat puteam si ma uit la blugii mei si pantalonii mei, care arata bine, insa nu ma mai cuprind pe mine, si pentru Liliana nu stiu daca i-ar veni, daca ar incapea-o in talie, in solduri, nu stiu daca nu i-ar veni cam scurti....
Pentru moment am pus deoparte intr-o punga de la Cora, ce vreau sa ii ofer Lilianei Clementa.
I-am spus mamei, am apucat, cand inca vorbeam cu ea, la intoarcerea mea intr-o zi de la Biserica, si mama nu s-a opus, a spus ca " Cred ca ii vin [ hainele de la tine ] , pentru ca ea e slabuta !"
I-am spus ca i-am dat si eu 5 lei Lilianei Clementa, pe moment a fost ok mama.
Mai tarziu insa, cand am spus ca vreau tampoane din Cora, pentru menstre, mi-a spus ca " Oamenii nu ii dau atata [ atat de mult ] Nimeni nu ii da atata Lilianei !!!", adica suma simbolica de 5 lei !!!!
Si uite asa, se suceste mama cu mine.
Asa imi face INTOTDEAUNA.
Nu imi gasesc in casa, perechea de sandale albe, sandale, sandale, insa nu e chip sa le gasesc !!!!

In clipa asta eu sunt in dormitor si scriu acest mesaj, si ei doi, mama si Silviu au plecat cred, mama i-a spus : " Hai ca vin si eu cu tine pana la piata !", vazand ca el era pe picior de plecare.
Abia sosise mama, i-a dat niste iaurturi lui Silviu sa le puna in frigider si o cutie de Colebil, care stiu ca e pentru mine, ca eu iau pentru vezica biliara.
Eu am plecat in dormitor.

Daca faceti un "Search", o Cautare pe : " spitalul sfantul luca berceni ", sa vedeti CE TITLURI DE ARTICOLE GASITI SCRISE DESPRE SPITALUL CE POARTA NUME DE SFANT !!!!

M-am uitat si eu pe site-ul lor care este, si au acolo  GERIATRIE si au si SECTIE RECUPERARE NEUROLOGIE.
Acuma mie Silviu Marcov mi-a spus ca tata Nicolae Marcov este internat la  GERIATRIE - LA SPITALUL SFANTUL LUCA, a doua parte am aflat-o dupa cateva ore, cand am pus iar intrebarea, ca prima data a refuzat sa imi spuna.
Oare l-au internat la Sectia de Geriatrie ?
Sau la Sectia de recuperare neurologica?- cum ar fi logic.

Tot acolo am gasit Legea 46/ 2003 privind drepturile pacientului, publicata in Monitorul Oficial nr.51 din 29 ianuarie 2003.
La Sectia recuperare neurologie sunt 56 de paturi.
Ce sa zic ?
Unii apreciaza conditiile de CAZARE, care, se pare, ar fi ok, comparativ cu Spitalul Municipal - scriu asta pentru ca asa rezulta din lectura unor comentarii facute de cei care au fost pe acolo, - pe pagina Facebook a spitalului in cauza, pe care v-am aratat ca am gasit-o.
Dimpotriva, dupa Galeria Foto de pe pagina mi s-a parut ca la Municipal era mai frumos, cel putin coridorul cu saloane sau alte incaperi, locurile acolo, spatiul, pare cam stramt la Sf. Luca.... inclusiv birourile.
Dar arata coridorul, un birou, o planta verde in ghiveci, niste scari interioare.....

Si acum sa vad, azi trebuie sa imi scriu Pomelnicul pentru slujba de miercuri de Paraclisul Maicii Domnului, sa imprim Liturghia data duminica trecuta pentru a o lipi in Caietul meu de Rugaciuni.
Scrie pe pagina FB a spitalului sf. luca, ca asistentele NU LE DAU MEDICAMENTELE PACIENTILOR, deci nu au grija de ei, nu le dau apa si ei mor de sete, nu ii schimba, unii mergeau la internare, pe picioare, si acolo au cazut, nu mai mergeau... ASTA E RECUPERARE ??????????
La Oncologie, o asistenta garda noaptea la 30 - 34 pacienti !
DOAMNE !!!! Dar nici daca se bilocheaza sau biloca, nu poate sa faca fata !!!!
Ar trebui sa se imparta in 34 de  oameni, asistenti, pentru 34 de pacienti !


Am vazut comentariul scurt al unui domn, spunea ca la recuperare neuromotorie post AVC, CONDITIILE SUNT FOARTE BUNE, adica cazarea, si restul, DAR RESTUL ??? Cat priveste recuperarea in sine ? Si urmarirea starii de sanatate post AVC a pacientului ???

Pe urma, nu stiu la ce Sectie e tata internat, chiar o fi la GERIATRIE ???? CAND EXISTA SECTIE DE RECUPERARE NEUROLOGIE ?

Am cautat si adresele pe internet, sa vedeti :
Spitalul Obregia de Psihiatrie : soseaua Berceni nr.10, sector 4 ;
Spitalul Bagdasar-Arseni : soseaua Berceni nr.12, sector 4 ;
Spitalul Sf. Luca : soseaua Berceni nr. 12, sector 4.

Din nefericire pentru mine, cunosc locurile !
Pe soseaua Berceni, acolo unde se afla spitalul Bagdasar, o cladire cu multe etaje, inalta, exista o poarta cu grilaj si pe acolo intra masinile, exista si portar cu ghereta.....
Pe aceeasi poarta intri, si imediat cum intri vezi daca te uiti in stanga ta, spitalul inalt, Bagdasar, daca insa privesti drept inaintea ta, din poarta, tot din poarta cu grilaj, ai in fata ta o alee si mergi pe ea si in fata, - treci de niste chioscuri si un butic si treci DE MICUTA CAPELA, MICA DE TOT unde am plans eu de ma mir ca mai traiesc !!! unde IISUS HRISTOS e zugravit pe pereti, e goala capela, peretii sunt zugraviti si Iisus se roaga Tatalui Ceresc in dreapta cum intri, daca ridici capul....
Treci si de Capela si in stanga vezi cladirea Pavilionului de RE-SOCIALIZARE, al spitalului Obregia de Psihiatrie, unde din pacate am stat eu din dimineata zilei de 18 iunie pe la ora 11h00 sau 11h00 si ceva, pana in 26 iunie 2003 la pranz. Pe 17 iunie 2003 la ora 19h00 ajunsesem reclamata fiind de ai mei la Camera de Garda a Spitalului Obregia.
De la poarta de la intrare, cea din soseaua Berceni, si in dreapta sunt cladiri ale spitalului Obregia.
Pe aceeasi poarta cu grilaj, intri si mergi, dupa cum ai nevoie, fie in stanga la spitalul Bagdasar, fie inainte si apoi in dreapta ( pentru alte cladiri, pavilioane ), la spitalul Obregia de Psihiatrie.
Si spitalul Obregia e la nr. 10, iar Bagdasar IMPREUNA SI CU SF. LUCA sunt la nr. 12, pe soseaua Berceni in sectorul 4 Bucuresti.

Nu imi dau seama unde este exact, spitalul Sf. Luca ?!

Am tot amanat, poate imi cos, trebuie sa insailez, sa cos putin vreun tiv sau cordon descusut... haine facute la norma.... nu mai zic nimic, ca stiu ca nu se poate munci si mult si bine, decat prea rar si atunci tot nu te apreciaza nimeni, dimpotriva....

Pe 26 iunie 2003 la pranz, am plecat din spitalul Obregia, unde nu inteleg ce cautam, sau ce au vrut altii sa caut, m-a luat, ca acolo in spital PARCA ESTI OBIECT, m-a luat tata saracul, si am iesit pe poarta si am plecat acasa cu un taxi !
Mama s-a intors cu fata la geam, la balcon, cu spatele la mine si a intrebat : " DE CE AI ADUS-O ? DE CE I-AU DAT DRUMUL ? "

Pe 26 iunie 2017, dimineata, Magdalena si Silviu Marcov, l-au LUAT PE TATA NICOLAE MARCOV SI L-AU INTERNAT LA SPITALUL SF. LUCA, pe aceeasi poarta pe care venea tata cu 14 ani in urma exact, sa ma viziteze zi de zi, sa imi aduca schimburi curate, la spitalul Obregia !!!!

Ce ziceti de asta ?

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          189-4 Air Traffic Controller - Approach Radar - International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO - Canada   
Assess performance of the trainee controllers and recommend, or otherwise, their rating as approach controllers....
From International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO - Thu, 18 May 2017 09:34:42 GMT - View all Canada jobs
09/01/2011 - 06h00


Na Marinha, o submarino de propulsão nuclear. Na Aeronáutica, o projeto de uma nova frota de caças. Agora, vem a "contrapartida" do Exército no processo de modernização das Forças Armadas: o Sisfron (Sistema Integrado de Monitoramento de Fronteiras), orçado em US$ 6 bilhões (R$ 10 bilhões).

A reportagem, da colunista da Folha Eliane Cantanhêde,

O Sisfron deve ser implantado em três etapas até estar concluído, em 2019, com custo de manutenção anual estimado em até 10% do total do investimento. A expectativa do governo é obter os recursos com financiamento externo de longo prazo.

O projeto original inclui radar de imagem, radares de comunicação de diferentes graus de sofisticação, vants (veículos aéreos não tripulados) e blindados para abranger a fronteira terrestre, com o foco na Amazônia.

A base operacional do projeto serão os Pelotões Especiais de Fronteira (PEF), que passarão gradualmente dos atuais 21 para 49. O custo médio de cada pelotão é de R$ 35 milhões, incluindo pista de pouso (que tem orçamento independente do Sisfron).

Na avaliação do governo, a porosidade das fronteiras (onde o Exército tem poder de polícia desde 1999) é o problema número um de segurança do país. Com o monitoramento do espaço aéreo na região, iniciado com o Sipam (Sistema de Proteção da Amazônia), o contrabando e o tráfico de armas migraram para as vias terrestres e fluviais e é por aí que chegam aos grandes centros, como as favelas do Rio de Janeiro.

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Veja abaixo as 26 infrações que preveem a apreensão do veículo:    
1) Dirigir sem possuir CNH ou permissão para dirigir 

2) Dirigir com CNH ou permissão cassada ou com suspensão do direito de dirigir 

3) Dirigir com CNH ou permissão de categoria diferente da do veículo que esteja conduzindo 

4) Disputar corrida 

5) Promover, na via, competição, eventos organizados, exibição e demonstração de perícia em manobra de veículo, ou deles participar, como condutor, sem permissão da autoridade de trânsito com circunscrição sobre a via 

6) Utilizar-se de veículo para demonstrar ou exibir manobra perigosa, mediante arrancada brusca, derrapagem ou frenagem com deslizamento ou arrastamento de pneus 

7) Transpor, sem autorização, bloqueio viário policial 

8) Transitar em velocidade 50% superior à máxima permitida para o local 

9) Portar no veículo placas de identificação em desacordo com as especificações e modelos estabelecidos pelo Contran 

10) Usar indevidamente no veículo aparelho de alarme ou que produza sons e ruído que perturbem o sossego público, em desacordo com normas fixadas pelo Contran 

11) Conduzir o veículo  com qualquer uma das placas de identificação sem condições de legibilidade e visibilidade  

12) Conduzir o veículo com o lacre, a inscrição do chassi, o selo, a placa ou qualquer outro elemento de identificação do veículo violado ou falsificado; 

 13) Conduzir o veículo transportando passageiros em compartimento de carga, salvo por motivo de força maior, com permissão da autoridade competente e na forma estabelecida pelo Contran 

14) Conduzir o veículo com dispositivo anti-radar 

15) Conduzir o veículo sem qualquer uma das placas de identificação

16) Conduzir o veículo que não esteja registrado e devidamente licenciado 

17) Conduzir o veículo sem portar a autorização para condução de escolares, na forma estabelecida no art. 136 

18) Transitar com o veículo em desacordo com a autorização especial, expedida pela autoridade competente para transitar com dimensões excedentes, ou quando a mesma estiver vencida 

19) Falsificar ou adulterar documento de habilitação e de identificação do veículo 

20) Recusar-se a entregar à autoridade de trânsito ou a seus agentes, mediante recibo, os documentos de habilitação, de registro, de licenciamento de veículo e outros exigidos por lei, para averiguação de sua autenticidade 

21) Retirar do local veículo legalmente retido para regularização, sem permissão da autoridade competente ou de seus agentes

22) Conduzir motocicleta, motoneta e ciclomotor efetuando transporte remunerado de mercadorias em desacordo com o previsto no art. 139-A desta Lei ou com as normas que regem a atividade profissional dos mototaxistas

23) Conduzir motocicleta, motoneta e ciclomotor rebocando outro veículo 

24) Conduzir motocicleta, motoneta e ciclomotor sem segurar o guidom com ambas as mãos, salvo eventualmente para indicação de manobras;

25) Conduzir motocicleta, motoneta e ciclomotor transportando carga incompatível com suas especificações ou em desacordo com o previsto no § 2o do art. 139-A do Código de Trânsito

26) Bloquear a via com veículo

          É legal o agente de trânsito apreender o veículo pela falta do pagamento do licenciamento anual. A apreensão é uma medida administrativa que só pode ser executada pela autoridade de trânsito. Não estaria o agente realizando o julgamento que é de competência da autoridade de trânsito ao apreender o veículo?   
A medida é legal, mas não se trata de apreensão, mas remoção (art. 230, inciso V)

O ato deflui do poder de polícia e tem presunção de veracidade e de legitimidade.

É bem verdade que a apreensão propriamente dita é realizada pela autoridade de trânsito, mas esta apreensão nada tem a ver com a “MEDIDA ADMINISTRATIVA” de remoção do veículo realizada pelo agente da autoridade de trânsito (ato precário).

A apreensão é penalidade e só pode ser aplicada pela autoridade de trânsito (tem prazo determinado – ATÉ TRINTA DIAS –, ver resolução 53 do CONTRAN, infra)

Veja as disposições pertinentes, especialmente os grifos meus em caixa alta:

I - com o lacre, a inscrição do chassi, o selo, a placa ou qualquer outro elemento de identificação do veículo violado ou falsificado;
II - transportando passageiros em compartimento de carga, salvo por motivo de força maior, com permissão da autoridade competente e na forma estabelecida pelo CONTRAN;
III - com dispositivo anti-radar;
IV - sem qualquer uma das placas de identificação;
VI - com qualquer uma das placas de identificação sem condições de legibilidade e visibilidade:
Infração - gravíssima;
Penalidade - multa e apreensão do veículo;
Medida administrativa - remoção do veículo;

Art. 262. O veículo apreendido em decorrência de penalidade aplicada será recolhido ao depósito e nele permanecerá sob custódia e responsabilidade do órgão ou entidade apreendedora, com ônus para o seu proprietário, PELO PRAZO DE ATÉ TRINTA DIAS, conforme critério a ser estabelecido pelo CONTRAN. 
§ 1º. No caso de infração em que seja aplicável a penalidade de apreensão do veículo, o agente de trânsito deverá, desde logo, adotar a medida administrativa de recolhimento do Certificado de Licenciamento Anual. 
§ 2º. A restituição dos veículos apreendidos só ocorrerá mediante o prévio pagamento das multas impostas, taxas e despesas com remoção e estada, além de outros encargos previstos na legislação específica. 
§ 3º. A retirada dos veículos apreendidos é condicionada, ainda, ao reparo de qualquer componente ou equipamento obrigatório que não esteja em perfeito estado de funcionamento. 
§ 4º. Se o reparo referido no parágrafo anterior demandar providência que não possa ser tomada no depósito, a autoridade responsável pela apreensão liberará o veículo para reparo, mediante autorização, assinando prazo para a sua reapresentação e vistoria. 

Estabelece critérios em caso de apreensão de veículos e recolhimento aos depósitos, conforme artigo 262 do Código de Trânsito Brasileiro.
O CONSELHO NACIONAL DE TRÂNSITO – CONTRAN, usando da competência que lhe confere o art. 12, inciso I, da Lei nº 9.503, de 23 de setembro de 1997, que instituiu o Código de Trânsito Brasileiro – CTB, e conforme Decreto nº 2.327, de 23 de setembro de 1997, que trata da coordenação do Sistema Nacional de Trânsito, resolve:
Art.1º Os procedimentos e os prazos de custódia dos veículos apreendidos em razão de penalidade aplicada, obedecerão ao disposto nesta Resolução.
Art. 2º Caberá ao agente de trânsito responsável pela apreensão do veículo, emitir Termo de Apreensão de Veículo, que discriminará:
I – os objetos que se encontrem no veículo;
II – os equipamentos obrigatórios ausentes;
III – o estado geral da lataria e da pintura;
IV – os danos causados por acidente, se for o caso;
V – identificação do proprietário e do condutor, quando possível;
VI – dados que permitam a precisa identificação do veículo.
§ 1º O Termo de Apreensão de Veículo será preenchido em três vias, sendo a primeira destinada ao proprietário ou condutor do veículo apreendido; a segunda ao órgão ou entidade responsável pela custódia do veículo; e a terceira ao agente de trânsito responsável pela apreensão.
§ 2º Estando presente o proprietário ou o condutor no momento da apreensão, o Termo de Apreensão de Veículo será apresentado para sua assinatura, sendo-lhe entregue a primeira via; havendo recusa na assinatura, o agente fará constar tal circunstância no Termo, antes de sua entrega.
§ 3º O agente de trânsito recolherá o Certificado de Registro e Licenciamento de Veículo (CRLV), contra entrega de recibo ao proprietário ou condutor, ou informará, no Termo de Apreensão, o motivo pelo qual não foi recolhido.
Art. 3º O órgão ou entidade responsável pela apreensão do veículo FIXARÁ O PRAZO DE CUSTÓDIA, tendo em vista as circunstâncias da infração e obedecidos os critérios abaixo:
I – de 01 (um) a 10 (dez) dias, para penalidade aplicada em razão de infração para a qual não seja prevista multa agravada;
II – de 11 (onze) a 20 (vinte) dias, para penalidade aplicada em razão de infração para a qual seja prevista multa agravada com fator multiplicador de três vezes;
III – de 21 (vinte e um) a 30 (trinta) dias, para penalidade aplicada em razão de infração para a qual seja prevista multa agravada com fator multiplicador de cinco vezes.
Art. 4º Em caso de veículo transportando carga perigosa ou perecível e de transporte coletivo de passageiros, aplicar-se-á o disposto no § 5º do art. 270 do Código de Trânsito Brasileiro.
Art. 5º Esta Resolução entra em vigor na data de sua publicação
Ministério da Justiça

Ministério dos Transportes

Ministério da Ciência e Tecnologia

Ministério do Exército

Ministério da Educação e do Desporto

Ministério do Meio Ambiente, Recursos Hídricos e da Amazônia Legal

Ministério da Saúde

          Private Passenger Aircraft- A Greater Level of Convenience   

Now day’s private passenger aircraft has become more popular in reaching a special occasion with family, friends or business partners. A private passenger aircraft will make your journey full of happiness and also increases freedom of movement. Renting a private aircraft is always a fabulous option if you are in need to have complete oversight of the destination. It is an efficient service for the people who want to enjoy the luxury, privacy and convenience that private air travel affords.

A private passenger aircraft reduces the hurdle of waiting in line for commercial aircrafts to reach the destination. These aircrafts assures you nonparallel professional ethics and courtesy from trained private charter staff. Traveling with private passenger aircraft is a rewarding experience as your guests enjoy more time at the resort rather wandering in airport premises. Traveling on a private passenger aircraft is completely comfortable and intimate experience and in addition it makes you relax while working in complete privacy. Here you’ll never feel terrible while going on a business trip and your holiday pleasure will begin the moment your board private passenger aircraft.

A good private passenger aircraft is equipped with the comprehensive security mechanism, safety and can be integrated easily with any services desired, from hairdressers to masseuses, with full service catering and entertainment. These aircrafts are the best options for the esteemed clients and executives that value their time and wish to travel according to their time schedule to their destination. Chartering private passenger aircraft is a practical solution in busy and hectic environment when airports are jammed with delays, flight cancellations security problems and various other hassles.

Private passenger aircraft is a next door fast, cost effective way to charter private aircraft for small or mid size journey. It can be any aircraft including light jets, prop planes or helicopter that provides short and medium travel luxury for number of passengers. These aircraft are normally lashed with advanced safety devices such as weather radar, anti-icing equipment, oxygen, traffic alerting systems and ground proximity warning systems.

As trade practices become more global, private passenger aircraft is going more popular, with corporations becoming more aware of these aircrafts as an important business tool. The advantages of hiring a private passenger aircraft are clearly visible. It will take you to any destination in the world without concerning flying objective and it also confers the comprehensive range of travel happiness and peace of mind in affordable cost.

cheap tickets air travel

Aircraft Charters Services India

Private Aircraft Charter Service

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cheap tickets air travel: Chartering private passenger aircraft

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          Cat Lady Activities   

Every once in a while, a fabric collection appears on my radar and I fall in love with it.  Yes, it's true -- although I have plenty of fabric in my stash, I do keep an eye out for enticing new pieces!  This "Cat Lady" collection from Cotton & Steel just charmed me. And what could I do? It arrived at my door a few days ago.

After a frustrating morning of too much stuff at the computer and not enough progress, I decided on the perfect antidote: cutting this up for a fun new project.  What will it be, you ask?  Stay tuned! 

          Ouça "Still Echoes", novo single do Lamb Of God   

Uma das bandas mais aguardadas no festival Rock In Rio, a Lamb Of God, disponibilizou ontem uma das músicas que fará parte se seu novo álbum chamado "VII: Storm And Drang". É "Still Echoes", que você ouve logo abaixo.


          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Dānijas preses fotogrāfu apvienība diskvalificējusi Klava Bo Christensena darbus   
Klavs Bo ChristensenPreses fotogrāfijā ļoti svarīgi ir attēlot notikumus patiesi un manipulācijas netiek pieļautas, jo tad tas nav dokumentālais foto. Par populārākajām manipulētajām fotogrāfijām jau rakstījām un arī karadarbībā izmantotās manipulētās fotogrāfijas saņēma savu daļu ievērības. Ja tur ir acīmredzami viltojumi - fotogrāfijas koriģējumi, tad tagad jaunākais atgadījums ir ar Klavu Bo Christensenu, kura darbus diskvalificējusi Dānijas preses fotogrāfu apvienība dēļ pārliekas "fotošopošanas" (par daudz apstrādāts ar programmu Photoshop).

          How Indian media rated Union Budget 2017   
With the country set for crucial assembly elections and yet dealing with the continuing effects of demonetisation, this year’s budget was much anticipated. Here is a round-up of what editorials of some of the leading dailies had to say.

The Hindu

The Hindu lauded the Finance Minister for managing to bring about the right balance – one which would provide solutions to the reduction in economic activity, particularly in the informal sector post demonetisation, as well as provide long term solutions to ensure that black money is not regenerated. This has been done by reducing the income tax rates from 10% to 5% for the lowest income bracket as well as halving tax rates for small and medium enterprises.

There may be no big new schemes or dramatic reforms; the big bang in this Budget is the shift from unfettered populism. On the flip side, the promise to confiscate assets of defaulters such as Vijay Mallya who flee the country and, separately, clean up electoral funding — the most potent root of corruption — appear to be red herrings at best.

The Business Line

Echoing these sentiments, this editorial also praises Jaitely for not making unrealistic growth and revenue projections given that there are several factors which will lead to uncertainty in the coming year.

Gross tax revenues are projected to rise by about 12 per cent over this year’s revised estimates, implying a realistic tax buoyancy (tax growth as a ratio of nominal GDP growth) of less than one. This budget has wisely not overestimated ‘compliance’, which has been a failing of many recent budgets — this is despite the fact that demonetisation has expanded the tax base and demonstrated its effects in terms of higher tax collections.

The Indian Express

As some of the states prepare for Assembly elections in just a few weeks, there was an anticipation of various sops to woo voters. However, the Indian Express editorial notes that Budget 2017 did not play to the gallery and focused on maintaining fiscal prudence without going overboard to contain fiscal deficits.

Since November, foreign portfolio investors have pulled out over $10 billion from India, on the back of rising interest rates in the US and the prospect of their rising further because of the Federal Reserve’s likely response to an expansionist fiscal stance of the Trump government. The Modi government’s tenure so far has been notable for a commitment to macroeconomic stability — reining in inflation as well as the twin deficits — which was the bane of the previous regime.

However, the editorial concludes that this budget alone is unlikely to bring about economic growth. It also remains to be seen if the next budget, given that it will be the last one before the general elections, will be along the same lines.

The Hindustan Times

On the tone of the budget, the Hindustan Times editorial points out that there were three important aspects – growth, sentiment and relief. Relief, particularly because the economy is not prepared to handle any drastic changes given that the nation is still reeling from the effects of demonetisation. There is a feeling that some push for economic growth has been given through infrastructure and banks.

By promising almost Rs 4 lakh crore of investment in creating infrastructure, the budget may have done enough to ensure public investment keeps the wheels of the economy turning till such time private investment is ready to take over. There was enough in it for housing and banks (expectedly, stocks of companies in the two businesses did very well, and drove growth in stock market indices), two sectors that have the ability to amplify, or at the least, transmit growth.

The New Indian Express

According to this one, the only surprise in the budget was that there were no surprises. While echoing sentiments that the budget’s focus was on fiscal discipline, there were some problem areas pointed out, particularly measures to repair ailing public sector banks.

Budget was a failure in expectation management. Public sector lenders are crumbling under the weight of bad loans, banks need over $1.6 trillion capital and Jaitley’s Rs 10,000 crore fire-fighting fund looks like a water pistol. Increased NPA provisions will reduce tax liability, but are inadequate. Jaitley’s fourth Budget contains economic logic embroidered with political poetry, but falls short of decisive action plan just where it’s needed.

The Deccan Chronicle

One of the other areas of criticism is that income from agriculture has been exempted from tax. In a certain sense, this is contradictory to the government’s stated commitment to attack black money given that it is a well known fact that urban rich uses this loophole to evade taxes. It also notes that farmers feel short changed.

The higher allocation for rural India hasn’t enthused farmers, who note that of the Rs 21.47 lakh crore Budget, Rs 1 lakh crore was for government staff under the 7th Pay Commission award. By that yardstick, the 60 per cent of the population living in rural areas should get Rs 60 lakh crores!

The Times of India

This paper remained critical of the budget for its failure to boost economic growth and pointed out various similarities to the budget of the UPA regime. However, one positive aspect has been the boost to transport and infrastructure, including the railways. Direct tax incentives have been given to the construction sector.

However, the higher spending in railways, with a commendable emphasis on creating a new fund to enhance safety, does not paper over problems. In 2016-17, railways is unlikely to meet its revenue targets even as payouts for salaries and pensions creep up. Total spending thus increased by 6.5% to Rs 21.46 trillion with interest payments on past debts accounting for 30% of the additional increase.

The Telegraph

Demonetisation and black money was of course the recurring theme in the Budget. Given its adverse effects, the move needed to be legitimised by the government through this budget. However, the Telegraph is sceptical about the Finance Minister’s claims.

The finance minister is obviously banking on the fear factor, that is, after the demonetization scare, more and more people will declare their true incomes. The rise of around 14 per cent in direct tax collections this fiscal that he claimed was owing to demonetization is an obvious exaggeration, since the scheme was announced only in November 2016. 

The Wire

Siddharth Varadarajan writes that the government’s move to limit anonymous cash donations to parties to Rs.2000 per person is merely an eye wash and may not result in the intended objective of rooting out big money from politics.

so long as the veil of anonymity is not removed, this reform will be of little practical consequence. Just as large cash donations today are booked as hundreds of smaller donations that are shown as less than Rs 20,000, the same exercise will continue, except that parties will now claim thousands of even smaller donations. If they are not obliged to record the details of each donor, the potential for black money finding its way to their coffers remains.

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News that made headlines in 2016

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Ammu to Amma: The best tributes to Jayalalithaa

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Does the Supreme Court ruling force-feed nationalism?

How has the Opposition reacted to demonetisation?

Trump Sarkar it is: How India reacted to the US results

Some concerns about Modi's demonetisation move

Politicising a veteran's suicide over OROP

What the Yadav family feud is all about

          Modi's New Year speech - Shuddh Yajna or Damp Squib?   
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New Years Eve address to the nation has been the subject of much debate. Following the demonetisation announcement in November, the government was under a lot of pressure to justify the difficulties that ordinary people went through. In his address, the full text of which can be found here, Modi repeatedly praised sacrifices of common people and called it an unparalleled fight of 125 crore people against the internal evil of corruption. He also said that all government officers have been instructed to take the banking system to normalcy as fast as possible in the new year and prioritise rural and remote areas.

The Economic Times editorial noted - As far as New Year bounties go, this is a bounty. At the same time, the speech did not claim final success for the cleansing ritual launched on November 8, as the prime minister chose to describe demonetisation.

Instead Modi reiterated that the fight against corruption would be a continuing process and went on to announce various sops for farmers, women and small businesses. These include, A 4 per cent reduction in the interest rate on housing loans up to .Rs 9 lakh, a 3 per cent reduction in housing loans up to Rs 12 lakh, 8 per cent assured rate of interest to senior citizens on their deposits, larger volumes of credit to small and medium enterprises, loan writeoffs for farmers, additional paperwork on enhanced credit guarantee for small businesses and an expansive mandate to lend the larger deposits

Shoaib Danyal writes in The Scroll that some of these announcements are banal and only show that Modi has resorted to a welfarist approach to curb anger against demonetisation. It is also apparent that Narendra Modi has by now completely given up on his minimum government programme. Sops is what the prime minister turns to as a crutch in times of need. The fact that the prime minister had to now pull out a provision of the United Progressive Alliance’s 2013 Food Security Act – which both the UPA and his government had denied to women – is telling.

According to The Wire’s Siddharth Varadarajan, Modi’s speech focused more on the welfare schemes because he realised that demonetisation is not a silver bullet to fight corruption. He also says that the Prime Minister’s understanding of the cash economy was based on faulty economic reasoning. Apart from this claim that only 24 lakh citizens are on record with incomes over Rs.10 lakh per annum, much of the rhetoric was not necessarily backed up with evidence. This includes the assertion that a majority of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes were used for illegitimate purposes. Making another case for demonetisation, Modi claimed that excess cash leads to inflation. Varadarajan calls this “poor knowledge of basic economics” and says that in reality, bank deposits are more inflationary. –

When the public deposits cash, either voluntarily or, as is currently the case, under duress, banks keep only a portion of this with the RBI as reserve (depending on the ‘cash reserve ratio’) and lend the rest. If the CRR is, say 10%, and an individual deposits 1 lakh with her bank, this leads to an expansion of bank deposits by a factor of 9. This increased money supply is bound to be more inflationary than if the individual had held on to her cash.

This editorial in the LiveMint also notes that the speech lacked any coherent data based on which the success of the demonetisation move could be assessed. Although Modi said that a large amount of money has been deposited in banks like never before, no official data was been provided.Neither the government nor the Reserve Bank of India has released updated information about either the quantum of deposits or an estimation of how much of the deposits are black money. It should be noted here that finance minister Arun Jaitley had earlier admitted a lack of certainty about the latter.

Despite criticisms, the government has defended the move as part of a larger plan. In response to critics, The Hindu Business Line quoted Union Minister Venkiah Naidu as saying

It is a major relief to the people. There are benefits of demonetisation to the poor, middle classes and the honest tax-payers. The PM will not rest till the last reform is implemented.

He also justified the sops as a wake-up call to the banks, he said bank credit so far has been extremely concentrated and only 300 companies were getting it. The announcements by the Prime Minister will seek to rebalance this and encourage loans to small businesses.

In his article in The First Post, Seemoy Takuldar also offers a different perspective on the critiques that have emerged. According to him, the demand for specifics is premature.

If that is true — and this assumption has been borne out by economists, various think tanks, research groups and credit rating agencies — then these demands that the PM specify right now how much damage the economy has suffered or how much black money the RBI has mopped up, are premature.

On the welfare measures announced, Takuldar writes –

While some ideas like the interest subvention on loans for home loan borrowers that may facilitate affordable housing and change the game in terms of financial inclusion are original, some ideas such as financial assistance for pregnant women are not, but here too Modi has brought a scheme out of UPA's cold storage (the 2010 Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana was subsumed under the National Food Security Act in 2013) and promised its national rollout across 650 districts.

Towards the end of the speech, Modi also asked political parties to stop their holier-than -thou approach and to work together for the greater good of the country. Making a case for simultaneous elections, he said –

In our country, people ranging from the common man to the President, have at some point or another, advocated simultaneous conduct of state and national elections. This is to break the endless cycle of elections, reduce election expenditure, and minimize pressure on the administrative machinery.

Political parties however responded quite harshly. The Times Now has a compilation of reactions from AAP, Congress and others. Even the Shiv Sena, an ally of the BJP has been critical of the demonetisation move. Despite the Prime Minister’s efforts to bring them around, the party termed Modi’s announcement as stale pakoras. According to The Free Press Journal, the Sena said -

We have full regard for Modi, but when it is a question of the financial crisis gripping the country, we shall speak the truth… which is not a crime but ‘patriotism’ in our view

In an interview to India Today, Modi responded to the critics –

I pity some of our opponents, especially the Congress leadership, for the desperation they have been exhibiting. On the one hand, they say I took this decision for political dividends, and on the other, they say the people have been troubled and are deeply unhappy. How can the two go together?

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          Preston Jackson: Escultor, pintor, guitarrista, maestro y por encima de todo...una persona maravillosa.   

Preston Jackson desde muy temprana edad, se hizo artista y contador de historias. Su arte expresa esa necesidad de entregar información, de quienes somos, de donde venimos y hacia donde vamos. Todo esto, bajo la perspectiva americana y sobre todo, de sus raíces afroamericanas. Su obra es narrativa y enfatiza, relatando personalidades del pasado y sus detalles.

Prolífico, creativo y con una sorprendente versatilidad; pasa de la escultura a la pintura, utilizando una variedad de materiales y todos ellos, manipulados con bastante maestría. En la escultura predomina el manejo del bronce, pero también utiliza metales ferrosos, acero y acero inoxidable.

Preston proviene de una familia de diez hermanos. Creció en una pequena ciudad de Decatur Illinois, sin embargo su persona altruista y su arte, han traspasado y son parte importante del arte americano.

Indagando sobre él, de muchos artículos, encontré uno con alma, con fotografías y palabras, que  le refieren mejor. El artículo fue realizado por Joyti Srivastava, quien desarrolla con pasión y especialización documentar arte público, especialmente de Chicago. Su trabajo va más allá de publicar fotografías; conoce a los artistas, visita su estudio y observa su arte. Nos telegrafía en sus blogs y sitios, el gusto por éstas expresiones artisticas.

Me puse en contacto con ella y con gusto nos permitió transcribir su artículo y fotografías sobre Preston Jackson.


por Joyti Srivastava

Algunos días resultan ser mejor de lo que uno espera. Allí estaba yo, en el estudio de Preston Jackson, rodeada de sus notables esculturas de bronce y sus pinturas, tomando fotografías de lo que siempre había deseado, y ahí estaba Preston Jackson, sentado en su sofá, tocando la guitarra, con las notas más melodiosas que jamás había escuchado. !Creanme, jamás habia imaginado este día!

Entonces, mi conversación con él, fue mucho más significante que ésta puesta a punto. Pronto, me di cuenta que el dia era mucho más consecuente, que solo una sesión fotográfica de su obra, cuando él habló acerca de su arte y para mi sorpresa, dijo: Muchas personas gustan de mi trabajo, pero pocas lo entienden... Y luego pasó a elaborar como su arte és, acerca de lo que ve...Muchas de sus obras están relacionadas con asuntos de la mujer, y como el siente, que las mujeres en nuestra sociedad a menudo son vestidas y preparadas para agradar al hombre y como a menudo, las mujeres lo hacen.

El habló también de las póliticas en el arte y de como pueden matar al "artista" en una persona.

Sus propias luchas y decepciones al ser llamado un "extranjero", al mundo del arte.

Preston me aconsejó cubrir más artículos de mujeres escultoras de Chicago.

Curiosamente, Preston recaba mug-shots (fotografías de ficha de los presos) y con frecuencia los pinta, dando vida, a sus vidas.

Preston en su estudio
Despues de visitar su estudio, volví a encontrarme con él, pero ésta vez, en la escuela del Instituto de Arte de Chicago, donde ha estado enseñanado durante los últimos veinte años. Hablé con sus estudiantes y tengo que decir, que lo aman.

Preston Jackson trabajando en su escultura CakeWalkers, con sus estudiantes Jason Hawk Y Erick Gushee.
---Cake Walkers, es una especie de marcha o paseo, con parejas danzantes, donde los pasos más excéntricos o intrigantes son premiados con un pastel.

Ahora me gustaría ir a su estudio en BartonVille, en el cual, esta trabajando en su último proyecto "Save our Planet", (Salvar nuestro Planeta), y me enseño un sketch de su trabajo.

Un tiempo despues....
Viajé a Peoria, para ver el último trabajo de Preston, cuyo proyecto, tuve la fortuna de ver el sketch con anterioridad. La escultura de una ballena, con el tema "Save our planet". He visto a Preston algunas veces, y siempre me he preguntado...¿Cual será su principal interés: pintura, escultura, o música? Y cada una de éstas he llegado a la conclusión, que totalmente las tres formas de de arte desempeñan un papel dominante en la definición y comprensión de Preston. Y si pudiera añadirle a la misma frase: cada vez que me reuno con él, me pide que escriba más, acerca de las mujeres escultoras. 

Aunque Preston, viene con frecuencia a Chicago, ya que es Profesor Emérito del Instituto de Arte de Chicago, (SAIC) donde enseña escultura figurativa, Peroria es su ciudad base. Peoria tiene muchas instalaciones esculturales al exterior de la autoría de Preston y me llevó alrededor de la ciudad para un tour de esculturas.

Knockin on freedoms door

Flight of the cake walkers
Outside History


La pinturas de Preston Jackson son extremadamente detalladas y cada rincón, esta lleno de simbolismo, metáforas y emblemas. 

Algunos hechos interesantes sobre Preston: 

- Con frecuencia encontraras cuervos en su obra, lo que él llama: su espíritu .. 
- Siempre lleva un medallón que significa "larga vida" .. 
- Ha sido un profesional de Artes Marciales por mucho tiempo  .. 
- A pesar de que sus obras tienen temas afro-americanos dominantes, está muy influenciado por la cultura oriental, y con frecuencia, habla de la India.. 
- Él está muy a gusto con la generación más joven, entiende su manierismo, moda, estilo y facilmente  los dirige a su arte.

Enlaces relacionados: 
ted Links..

Fotografías y textos , tienen derechos reservados de Joyti Srivastava, no se permite su copia y utilización.


          Front Porch Books: June 2017 edition   

The Ninth Hour
by Alice McDermott
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

Any good and proper Most-Anticipated-Fiction list of mine will always start with Alice McDermott. I have been an earnest fan since reading That Night one night in grad school. Though I haven’t read all of her most-recent work, I will always be the first in line to snatch-grab her newest release. The Ninth Hour is no exception. To the top of the To-Be-Read pile, buster!

Jacket Copy:  On a dim winter afternoon, a young Irish immigrant opens the gas taps in his Brooklyn tenement. He is determined to prove―to the subway bosses who have recently fired him, to his badgering, pregnant wife―“that the hours of his life belong to himself alone.” In the aftermath of the fire that follows, Sister St. Savior, an aging nun, a Little Sister of the Sick Poor, appears, unbidden, to direct the way forward for his widow and his unborn child. In Catholic Brooklyn, in the early part of the twentieth century, decorum, superstition, and shame collude to erase the man’s brief existence, and yet his suicide, although never spoken of, reverberates through many lives―testing the limits and the demands of love and sacrifice, of forgiveness and forgetfulness, even through multiple generations. Rendered with remarkable lucidity and intelligence, Alice McDermott’s The Ninth Hour is a crowning achievement of one of the finest American writers at work today.

Opening Lines:  February 3 was a dark and dank day altogether: cold spitting rain in the morning and a low, steel-gray sky the rest of the afternoon.

Blurbworthiness:  “Partly told by a voice from the future who drops tantalizing hints about what’s to come—for example, a marriage between the occupants of the baby carriages—this novel reveals its ideas about love and morality through the history of three generations, finding them in their kitchens, sickbeds, train compartments, love nests, and basement laundry rooms.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Wolf Season
by Helen Benedict
(Bellevue Literary Press)

Another author and her books who will always take a seat in the crowded front row of my new books to read: Helen Benedict. She’s written seven novels—most notably Sand Queen—and has emerged as one of our most thoughtful and provocative writers of war literature. Wolf Season, which comes out in October, brings the war home to the United States from the Middle East, not in a “deranged veteran can’t re-adjust to society and takes a sniper rifle to a tower” sort of way, but in the more-realistic depiction of characters leading “lives of quiet desperation.”

Jacket Copy:  After a hurricane devastates a small town in upstate New York, the lives of three women and their young children are irrevocably changed. Rin, an Iraq War veteran, tries to protect her blind daughter and the three wolves under her care. Naema, a widowed doctor who fled Iraq with her wounded son, faces life-threatening injuries. Beth, who is raising a troubled son, waits out her Marine husband’s deployment in Afghanistan, equally afraid of him coming home and of him never returning at all. As they struggle to maintain their humanity and find hope, their war-torn lives collide in a way that will affect their entire community.

Opening Lines:  The wolves are restless this morning. Pacing the woods, huffing and murmuring. It’s not that they’re hungry; Rin fed them each four squirrels. No, it’s a clenching in the sky like a gathering fist. The wet heat pushing in on her temples.

Blurbworthiness:  “No one writes with more authority or cool-eyed compassion about the experience of women in war both on and off the battlefield than Helen Benedict. In Wolf Season, she shows us the complicated ways in which the lives of those who serve and those who don’t intertwine and how―regardless of whether you are a soldier, the family of a soldier, or a refugee―the war follows you and your children for generations. Wolf Season is more than a novel for our times; it should be required reading.” (Elissa Schappell, author of Use Me)

To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts
by Caitlin Hamilton Summie
(Fomite Press)

Talk about most anticipated....Caitlin Hamilton Summie’s first book, a collection of short stories, has been on my radar ever since it was the tiniest green blip on the edge of the screen. I’ve known Caitlin (in the virtual sense of the word) as a book publicist extraordinaire for about two decades (and still we’ve yet to meet!), and wrote about it earlier here at the blog. But it wasn’t until about six months ago I learned she had a book of her own coming out. So, yes, any book of Caitlin’s earns an automatic position near the top of my ever-growing TBR stack (aka Mount NeveRest). And that’s before I open the book and clap my eyes on that powerful, poignant first paragraph in the first story.

Jacket Copy:  In these ten elegantly written short stories, Caitlin Hamilton Summie takes readers from WWII Kansas City to a poor, drug-ridden neighborhood in New York, and from the quiet of rural Minnesota to its pulsing Twin Cities, each time navigating the geographical boundaries that shape our lives as well as the geography of tender hearts, loss, and family bonds. Deeply moving and memorable, To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts examines the importance of family, the defining nature of place, the need for home, and the hope of reconciliation.

Opening Lines:  Jimmy Weston had his Dad’s dog tags. He wore them around his next on a steel chain and had this funny habit of rubbing them back and forth between his fingers. We’d be playing marbles or collecting tin for the war effort; we’d be jumping on cracks to break Hitler’s back or be waiting, just waiting for the whole thing to end, and Jimmy would talk and rub those dog tags together, and I’d listen, That’s mostly how I remember those days: Jimmy and me sitting on the curb, tired of marbles, tired of tin, him with that sound of his father, and me with nothing of mine but his name.

Blurbworthiness:  “To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts is nothing short of magnificent. After reading the vivid and powerful opening story, I thought Well, this is a smart writer―she’s obviously led off with her best. Then I found that if anything I liked the next story even better, and by then I knew I was reading something special. These stories are realist fiction at its finest. The author’s sense of place is extraordinary, and it informs every word she writes. Her characters are as real as anybody you know in the town where you live, and their lives are depicted with quiet dignity. The stories are both intense and economical. I’ve gotten very hard to please, but I loved this book.” (Steve Yarbrough, author of The Realm of Last Chances)

It’s My Country Too
by Jerri Bell and Tracy Crow
(Potomac Books)

Since reading Studs Terkel when I was a teenager, I’m convinced of one thing: history is best told by the voices of witnesses. In Studs’ case, that could be about labor, urban life, or economic hard times. Now, thanks to the brilliant editing skills of military veterans Jerri Bell and Tracy Crow, a choir of female voices is singing about war. At various times, that singing can be a running cadence, an aria from a tragic opera, or a peppy rendition of “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” (with, in this case, the bride being the one who marches off to battle). For years, the gravelly voices of men have dominated the ranks of war literature (reflecting the sexual demographics of the military), but now it’s time to hear from all uniformed members in those ranks. There have been various accounts of female service (from Memoirs of a Soldier, Nurse, and Spy by Sarah Emma Edmonds to Love My Rifle More Than You by Kayla Williams), but Bell and Crow have brought so many stories together in one place―from the American Revolution to the battles of Afghanistan―that It’s My Country Too is bound to become an indispensable member of every military historian’s bookshelf.

Jacket Copy:  Serving with the Union Army during the Civil War as a nurse, scout, spy, and soldier, Harriet Tubman tells what it was like to be the first American woman to lead a raid against an enemy, freeing some 750 slaves. Busting gender stereotypes, Josette Dermody Wingo enlisted as a gunner’s mate in the navy in World War II to teach sailors to fire anti-aircraft guns. Marine Barbara Dulinsky recalls serving under fire in Saigon during the Tet Offensive of 1968, and Brooke King describes the aftermath of her experiences outside the wire with the army in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In excerpts from their diaries, letters, oral histories, and pension depositions―as well as from published and unpublished memoirs―generations of women reveal why and how they chose to serve their country, often breaking with social norms, even at great personal peril.

Blurbworthiness:  “This compendium of women’s bravery and accomplishments is a compelling read of firsthand accounts in U.S. military conflicts. No American woman should raise her right hand and swear to ‘support and defend’ without these haunting voices urging her to walk the trail where few have gone. Every American history syllabus should include this book as a requirement. A true inspiration!”  [Maj. Gen. Dee Ann McWilliams, U.S. Army (Ret.), president of Women in Military Service for America]

by Daisy Johnson
(Graywolf Press)

Earthy, organic, twisted, wry, fractured fairy tales were the hallmark of Angela Carter’s work (The Bloody Chamber, Nights at the Circus, etc.), and I’m glad to see some of that same spirit in newcomer Daisy Johnson’s fiction. As Evie Wyld (All the Birds, Singing) notes, this debut collection of short stories promises “lush language, ever-surprising characters” and a crooked path taking readers “through the rooty tangle of human love and desire.”

Jacket Copy:  Daisy Johnson’s Fen, set in the fenlands of England, transmutes the flat, uncanny landscape into a rich, brooding atmosphere. From that territory grow stories that blend folklore and restless invention to turn out something entirely new. Amid the marshy paths of the fens, a teenager might starve herself into the shape of an eel. A house might fall in love with a girl and grow jealous of her friend. A boy might return from the dead in the guise of a fox. Out beyond the confines of realism, the familiar instincts of sex and hunger blend with the shifting, unpredictable wild as the line between human and animal is effaced by myth and metamorphosis. With a fresh and utterly contemporary voice, Johnson lays bare these stories of women testing the limits of their power to create a startling work of fiction.

Opening Lines:  The Land was drained. They caught eels in great wreaths, headless masses in the last puddles, trying to dig into the dirt to hide. They filled vats of water to the brim with them: the eels would feed the workforce brought in to build on the wilderness. There were enough eels to last months; there were enough eels to feed them all for years.

Blurbworthiness:  “Fen is a lusty, voracious beast. It will tie you up, rip off your boots, and throw them off the balcony. These stories are charged by an undercurrent of crouching energy that waits, waits, waits....and then, delightfully, pounces. There's a calm feralness to Daisy Johnson's writing that is as refreshing as it is invigorating.”  (Kelly Luce, author of Pull Me Under)

Eat Only When You’re Hungry
by Lindsay Hunter
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

From the title to the first sentence to that unappetizing clutter of half-eaten snacks on the cover, food is everywhere in Lindsay Hunter’s new novel. Though the Pringles, jelly donuts, Circus Peanuts and fruit pies may be low in nutritional value, Hunter’s writing is reliably fortified with 11 essential minerals and vitamins, so I’m looking forward to her latest literary feast. I can’t wait to eat this book.

Jacket Copy:  In Lindsay Hunter’s achingly funny, fiercely honest second novel, Eat Only When You’re Hungry, we meet Greg an overweight fifty-eight-year-old and the father of Greg Junior, GJ, who has been missing for three weeks. GJ’s been an addict his whole adult life, disappearing for days at a time, but for some reason this absence feels different, and Greg has convinced himself that he’s the only one who can find his son. So he rents an RV and drives from his home in West Virginia to the outskirts of Orlando, Florida, the last place GJ was seen. As we travel down the streets of the bizarroland that is Florida, the urgency to find GJ slowly recedes into the background, and the truths about Greg’s mistakes as a father, a husband, a man are uncovered. In Eat Only When You’re Hungry, Hunter elicits complex sympathy for her characters, asking the reader to take a closer look at the way we think about addiction why we demonize the junkie but turn a blind eye to drinking a little too much or eating too much and the fallout of failing ourselves.

Opening Lines:  It was too late to be a lunch, too early to be a dinner, this disappointing collection of food Greg was packing. He was leaving in the odd smear of time between the markers of his day. Not in the morning, not in the night. Not even in the midday. After lunch, before dinner. The sun was out but getting lazy. Everything started to give over, accepting that this day’s moment was swiftly passing. Maybe that was why he finally left. He had to get away from the giving over, for once. His son had been missing three weeks.

Blurbworthiness:  “The frailties of the human body and the human heart are laid bare in Lindsay Hunter’s utterly superb novel Eat Only When You’re Hungry. There is real delicacy, tenderness, and intelligence with which Hunter tackles this portrait of a broken family of people who don’t realize just how broken they are until they are forced to confront the fractures between them and within themselves. With this novel, Hunter establishes herself as an unforgettable voice in American letters. Her work here, as ever, is unparalleled.”  (Roxane Gay, author of Hunger)

The Wrong Way to Save Your Life
by Megan Stielstra
(Harper Perennial)

I had the pleasure of meeting Megan Stielstra in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin at this year’s Midwest Independent Booksellers Association spring meeting and I was immediately struck by her passion, her sense of humor, her down-to-earth...realness. There are some people whose electric personalities vibrate off the surface of their skin even from the most regrettably-short meetings (which ours was...regrettably). Those same qualities pour from the pages of her new collection of essays, The Wrong Way to Save Your Life, like heat from a humming engine. Megan hooked me into her book with the simple elevator-pitch summary of one of her essays in the book (“Here Is My Heart”): “My father had his third heart attack while hiking up a mountain in Alaska.” I may have put words in Megan’s mouth, but that’s the gist of the story and it went straight to my chest for three reasons: 1. I have a history of heart disease in my family; 2. I used to live in Alaska; 3. I like to hike. Yep, it was  booklove at first sight. Now, if only our hearts were as simple, as shiny, and as easy to reassemble as the plastic heart model on the cover of this book!

Jacket Copy:  In this poignant and inciting collection of literary essays, Megan Stielstra tells stories to ward off fears both personal and universal as she grapples toward a better way to live. In her titular piece “The Wrong Way To Save Your Life,” she answers the question of what has value in our lives—a question no longer rhetorical when the apartment above her family’s goes up in flames. “Here is My Heart” sheds light on Megan’s close relationship with her father, whose continued insistence on climbing mountains despite a series of heart attacks leads the author to dissect deer hearts in a poetic attempt to interrogate her own feelings about mortality. Whether she’s imagining the implications of open-carry laws on college campuses, recounting the story of going underwater on the mortgage of her first home, or revealing the unexpected pains and joys of marriage and motherhood, Stielstra’s work informs, impels, enlightens, and embraces us all. The result is something beautiful—this story, her courage, and, potentially, our own.

Blurbworthiness:  “In The Wrong Way to Save Your Life, Megan Stielstra takes a core sample of her life, like a core sample of a glacier, and subjects it to her great punk-rock sensibility. What happens? It melts beautifully! There are fires and guns and knives in these terrific essays, and heavy metal and bloody hearts on cutting boards, and Stielstra handles it all with humor and expert humanity.”  (Eula Biss, author of On Immunity)

Strangers in Budapest
by Jessica Keener
(Algonquin Books)

Prior to my recent river cruise in Europe, which began on the Danube in Budapest and ended on the Rhine in the Netherlands, I set about trying to find some reading that would serve as a literary soundtrack for my trip. I eventually settled on two books by Patrick Leigh Fermor: A Time of Gifts and Between the Woods and the Water (the latter which I still need to read). Fermor’s memoirs of his walk across Europe in the 1930s were quite good and illuminated much of my route. I received a copy of Jessica Keener’s new novel in the mail earlier this week, long after I’d returned from Hungary, et al. I wish I’d had Strangers in Budapest with me earlier, so I could have a sense of verisimilitude while walking the streets of the two halves of the city: Buda and Pest. Keener’s earlier books, Night Swim and Women in Bed, received glowing reviews but never really found the number of readers the Boston author deserves. If there’s a just and righteous god in charge of publishing, Strangers in Budapest will be her breakout book. I can’t wait to revisit the enigmatic city through Keener’s imagination.

Jacket Copy:  Budapest is a city of secrets, a place where everything is opaque and nothing is as it seems. It is to this enigmatic city that a young American couple, Annie and Will, move with their infant son, shortly after the fall of the Communist regime. Annie hopes to escape the ghosts from her past; Will wants to take his chance as an entrepreneur in Hungary’s newly developing economy. But only a few months after moving there, they receive a secretive request from friends in the U.S. to check up on an elderly stranger who also has recently arrived in Budapest. When they realize that his sole purpose for coming there is to exact revenge on a man who he is convinced seduced and then murdered his daughter, Will insists they have nothing to do with him. Annie, however, unable to resist anyone she feels may need her help, soon finds herself enmeshed in the old man’s plan, caught up in a scheme that will end with death. Atmospheric, secretive, much like the old Hungarian city itself, Strangers in Budapest is an intricately woven story of lives that intersect and pull apart, perfect for fans of Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You and Chris Pavone’s The Expats. Keener has written a transporting novel about a couple trying to make a new life in a foreign land, only to find themselves drawn into a cultural, and generational, vendetta.

Opening Lines:  She’d grown used to calling the Danube by its Hungarian name—Duna. In fact, she preferred it over the American version. The whimsical sound—Duna—felt light on her tongue, fanciful and upbeat, a spirit rising. But, like all things in this city, the river that glittered at night concealed a darker surface under the day’s harsh sun. The water looked sluggish and dull from this high point on the bridge.
       “How much farther?” Annie asked. They had walked a mile, but it felt longer to her.
       “Almost there,” Will said, waving his well-worn map. “A few more blocks.”
       “Good, because this whole thing feels crazy.”

Blurbworthiness:  “What do we run away from? And what do we run toward? Two American expatriates in Budapest, a lonely young mother with a devastating secret, and an old man desperate to discover the truth about his daughter’s death, forge a shattering connection. Gorgeously told and deeply moving, Keener’s brilliant new novel is a bold, brave and dazzlingly original tale about home, loss and the persistence of love.”  (Caroline Leavitt, author of Cruel Beautiful World)

Front Porch Books is a monthly tally of booksmainly advance review copies (aka “uncorrected proofs” and “galleys”)I’ve received from publishers. Because my dear friends, Mr. FedEx and Mrs. UPS, leave them with a doorbell-and-dash method of delivery, I call them my Front Porch Books. In this digital age, ARCs are also beamed to the doorstep of my Kindle via NetGalley and Edelweiss. Note: many of these books won’t be released for another 2-6 months; I’m here to pique your interest and stock your wish lists. Cover art and opening lines may change before the book is finally released. I should also mention that, in nearly every case, I haven’t had a chance to read these books.

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Loving Society Social   
Are you loving Society Social as much as me? Since the launch of this company in August of 2011 it has been on my radar screen. Society Social offers fun pieces for the home at an affordable price point. Roxy, the gal who followed her passion in creating Society Social is someone that I look forward to meeting...she signs all her emails with "cheers" and has a zest for life that I feel through our email communications. Believing that life was too short to continue the rat race of the corporate world she had been living, she ventured out on her own...kudos to that spirit!

With her passion, Hollywood smile and colorful offerings, Roxy's Society Social is off to a running start.
The Darlington set of chairs offers thirteen different color choices and each one is a winner. I'd love to see  these around a kitchen table, at a desk, in a foyer or placed in a living room for extra seating...the pops of color are perfection yet the classic black one is eye catching too. Where would you use this chair?    

I am wild about the Draper end or accent fabulous are these? Available in ten colorways this accent table can be used anywhere in a home.  
Society Social's pillow collection  makes a wow statement!  

All images were used by permission and can be found on Society Social 
Society Social is not a to-the-trade only have fun shopping! See anything you like?

          Crash du MH17: impossible que les radars aient manqué un potentiel missile   
Face aux propos du ministre néerlandais de la Sécurité et de la Justice Stef Blok, le directeur adjoint de l'agence du transport aérien Rosaviatsia Oleg Stortchevoï a déclaré à Sputnik que les localisateurs des radars russes n'auraient pas pu ne pas enregistrer un missile se dirigeant vers l'avion MH17, abattu en 2014 dans la région de Donetsk.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Radar Garmin Varia - 166,02 €    

Garmin Varia es un avisador-luz trasero que sirve para ser más visible en la carretera.

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Extra - E11 - Eileen Younghusband WAAF Veteran   
November 2012 This week we have a talk recorded at this year’s Veterans Day. WAAF Veteran & author Eileen Younghusband gives a first-hand account of The Vital Role of the Secret Filter Room in Air Defence in WW2. Hear about the part they played in the Battle of Britain & later as the tide of war turned, against the V1 & V2 attacks. Eileen sadly passed away on the 2nd of September 2016. RIP Find more information about Eileen & her two autobiographies at #BPark, #Turing, #WW2, #BattleofBritain, #Radar, #VRockets
I was surprised to learn, on Doc Searls's blog, that the TechCrunch party in August was a $50K money-maker. There's no link on Doc's post so it's not clear what the source is. No, I'm not against it, remember I said next time they had the party it would be at Moscone and it would be called a trade show. That's very much what it felt like. And then O'Reilly anounced that there would be a Web 2.0 Expo at Moscone. There you have it. So will Mike join up with O'Reilly or will he compete? Another ominous sign (a sell signal?) on TechMeme this morning -- a headline with Arrington's name in it. "Times Reader looks slick, but Arrington appears unimpressed." That's pretty darned meta.
          Rheinmetall Wins EUR280 M in New Air Defence Orders    
The Rheinmetall Group has recently booked a number of important air defence contracts. Malaysia, Kuwait and one other Asian country have all ordered air defence hardware and/or services from the Düsseldorf, Germany-based company, with a total value of around €280 million. The orders encompass solutions for ground, air and naval units. Rheinmetall will be equipping Malaysia with a total of twelve fire control radars (TMX/EO Mk2) and six electro-optical systems (TMEO Mk2) for six ...
          Comentario en Programa de Actos para celebrar la Navidad 2012-2013 por Marina Gómez   
Som tres noies que ens dedicam a fer joieria i ens agradaría participar a la fira de Nadal de dia 9 de decembre. Ens podríeu dir els requisits per formar part. Una salutació cordial
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          1/72 Lockheed Martin F-16CG/CJ Fighting Falcon Armament Set for Academy   
1/72 Lockheed Martin F-16CG/CJ Fighting Falcon Armament Set for AcademySet contains photo-etched and resin parts for fuselage mounted gun, including its bay and covers and opened radar installation for modern US jet fighter.

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          1/72 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter Interior Detail-up Set for Revell kit   
1/72 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter Interior Detail-up Set for Revell kitSet contains highly detailed pilot?s cockpit and opened nose mounted radar including its cover for US jet fighter. Set includes color photo-etched parts.

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          Episode #138: Public Speaker Secrets with Michael Hudson   
Today, my guest is someone who’s been on my radar for quite some time.  His name is Michael Hudson. I’ve never met him face-to-face, however, because of a number of mutual connections, we’re “friends” on Facebook.  Michael stood out to me in part because I saw him as someone who consistently contributed within my community. He’s […]
          John Petrucci in Total Guitar (Issue 226)   

John Petrucci and Periphery's Misha Mansoor are featured in issue 226 of Total Guitar, where they talk about tone, technology and technique. Click here for more information.

          Ladão de Raios - O livro   
Fãs de Percy Jackson trago uma ótima novidade para vocês a partir de agora estou trazendo todos os livros da serie para o blog, ai vai o Ladrão de Raios, em breve os outros...

Capítulo 1 - Sem querer, transformo em pó minha professora de iniciação à Álgebra

Olhe, eu não queria ser um meio-sangue.
Se você está lendo isto porque acha que pode ser um, meu conselho é o seguinte: feche este livro agora mesmo. Acredite em qualquer mentira que sua mãe ou seu pai lhe contou sobre seu nascimento, e tente levar uma vida normal.
Ser meio-sangue é perigoso. É assustador. Na maioria das vezes, acaba com a gente de um jeito penoso e detestável.
Se você é uma criança normal, que está lendo isto porque acha que é ficção, ótimo. Continue lendo. Eu o invejo por ser capaz de acreditar que nada disso aconteceu. Mas, se você se reconhecer nestas páginas – se sentir alguma coisa emocionante lá dentro –, pare de ler imediatamente. Você pode ser um de nós. E, uma vez que fica sabendo disso, é apenas uma questão de tempo antes que eles também sintam isso, e venham atrás de você.
Não diga que eu não avisei.
Meu nome é Percy Jackson.
Tenho doze anos de idade. Até alguns meses atrás, era aluno de um internato, na Academia Yancy, uma escola particular para crianças problemáticas no norte do estado de Nova York.
Se eu sou uma criança problemática? Sim. Pode-se dizer isso.
Eu poderia partir de qualquer ponto da minha vida curta e infeliz para prová-lo, mas as coisas começaram a ir realmente mal no último mês de maio, quando nossa turma do sexto ano fez uma excursão a Manhattan – vinte e oito crianças alucinadas e dois professores em um ônibus escolar amarelo indo para o Metropolitan Museum of Art, a fim de observar velharias gregas e romanas.
Eu sei, parece tortura. A maior parte das excursões da Yancy era mesmo. Mas o Sr. Brunner, nosso professor de latim, estava guiando essa excursão, assim eu tinha esperanças.
O Sr. Brunner era um sujeito de meia-idade em uma cadeira de rodas motorizada. Tinha o cabelo ralo, uma barba desalinhada e usava um casaco surrado de tweed que sempre cheirava a café. Talvez você não o achasse legal, mas ele contava histórias e piadas e nos deixava fazer brincadeiras em sala. Também tinha uma impressionante coleção de armaduras e armas romanas, portanto era o único professor cuja aula não me fazia dormir.
Eu esperava que desse tudo certo na excursão. Pelo menos tinha esperança de não me meter em encrenca dessa vez.
Cara, como eu estava errado.
Entenda: coisas ruins me acontecem em excursões escolares. Como na minha escola da quinta série, quando fomos para o campo de batalha de Saratoga, e eu tive aquele acidente com um canhão da Revolução Americana. Eu não estava apontando para o ônibus da escola, mas é claro que fui expulso do mesmo jeito.
E antes disso, na escola da quarta série, quando fizemos um passeio pelos bastidores do tanque dos tubarões do Mundo Marinho, e eu de, alguma forma, acionei a alavanca errada no passadiço e nossa turma tomou um banho inesperado. E antes disso... Bem, já dá para você ter uma ideia.
Nessa viagem, eu estava determinado a ser bonzinho.
Ao longo de todo o caminho para a cidade aguentei Nancy Bobofit, aquela cleptomaníaca ruiva e sardenta, acertando a nuca do meu melhor amigo, Grover, com pedaços de sanduíche de manteiga de amendoim com ketchup.
Grover era um alvo fácil. Ele era magrelo. Chorava quando ficava frustrado. Devia ter repetido de ano muitas vezes, porque era o único na sexta série que tinha espinhas e uma barba rala começando a nascer no queixo. E, ainda por cima, era aleijado. Tinha um atestado que o dispensava da Educação Física pelo resto da vida, porque tinha algum tipo de doença muscular nas pernas. Andava de um jeito engraçado, como se cada passo doesse, mas não se deixe enganar por isso. Você precisa vê-lo correr quando era dia de enchilada na cantina.
De qualquer modo, Nancy Bobofit estava jogando bolinhas de sanduíche que grudavam no cabelo castanho cacheado dele, e ela sabia que eu não podia revidar, porque já estava sendo observado, sob o risco de ser expulso. O diretor me ameaçara de morte com uma suspensão “na escola” (ou seja, sem poder assistir às aulas, mas tendo de comparecer à escola e ficar trancado numa sala fazendo tarefas de casa) caso alguma coisa ruim, embaraçosa ou até moderadamente divertida acontecesse durante a excursão.
– Eu vou matá-la – murmurei.
Grover tentou me acalmar.
– Está tudo bem. Gosto de manteiga de amendoim.
Ele se esquivou de outro pedaço do lanche de Nancy.
– Agora chega. – Comecei a levantar, mas Grover me puxou de volta para o assento.
– Você já está sendo observado – ele me lembrou. – Sabe que será culpado se acontecer alguma coisa.
Quando me lembro daquilo, preferia ter acertado Nancy Bobofit no ato. A suspensão na escola não teria sido nada em comparação com a encrenca que eu estava prestes a me meter.
O sr. Brunner guiou o passeio pelo museu.
Ele foi na frente em sua cadeira de rodas, conduzindo-nos pelas grandes galerias cheias de ecos, passando por estátuas de mármore e caixas de vidro repletas de cerâmica preta e laranja muito velhas.
Eu ficava alucinado só de pensar que aquelas coisas tinham sobrevivido por dois mil, três mil anos.
Ele nos reuniu em volta de uma coluna de pedra com quatro metros de altura e uma grande esfinge no topo, e começou a explicar que aquilo era um marco tumular, uma estela, feita para uma menina mais ou menos da nossa idade. Contou-nos sobre as inscrições laterais. Estava tentando ouvir o que ele tinha a dizer, porque era um pouco interessante, mas todos ao meu redor estavam falando, e cada vez que eu dizia para calarem a boca, a outra professora que nos acompanhava, a Sra. Dodds, me olhava de cara feia.
A Sra. Dodds era aquela professorinha de matemática da Geórgia que sempre usava um casaco de couro preto, apesar de ter cinquenta anos de idade. Parecia má o bastante para entrar com uma moto Harley bem dentro do seu armário. Tinha chegado em Yancy no meio do ano, quando nossa última professora de matemática teve um colapso nervoso.
Desde o primeiro dia, a Sra. Dodds adorou Nancy Bobofit e concluiu que eu tinha sido gerado pelo diabo. Ela me apontava o dedo torto e dizia: “Agora, meu bem”, com a maior doçura, e eu sabia que ia ficar detido depois da aula por um mês.
Certa vez, depois que ela me fez apagar as respostas em antigos livros de exercícios de matemática até meia-noite, disse a Grover que achava que a Sra. Dodds não era gente. Ele olhou para mim, muito sério, e disse:
– Você está certíssimo.
O Sr. Brunner continuou falando sobre arte funerária grega.
Finalmente, Nancy Bobofit, abafando o riso, falou algo sobre o sujeito pelado na estela, e eu me virei e disse:
– Quer calar a boca?
Saiu mais alto do que eu pretendia.
O grupo inteiro deu risada. O Sr. Brunner interrompeu seu história.
– Sr. Jackson – disse ele -, fez algum comentário?
Meu rosto estava completamente vermelho. Eu disse:
– Não, senhor.
O Sr. Brunner apontou para uma das figuras na estela.
– Talvez possa nos dizer o que esta figura representa.
Olhei para a imagem entalhada e senti uma onda de alívio, porque de fato a reconhecera.
– É Cronos comendo os filhos, certo?
– Sim – disse o sr. Brunner, e obviamente não estava satisfeito. – E ele fez isso porque...
– Bem... – eu quebrei a cabeça para me lembrar. – Cronos era o deus-rei e...
– Rei? – perguntou o sr. Brunner.
– Titã – eu me corrigi. – E... ele não confiava nos filhos, que eram os deuses. Então, hum, Cronos os comeu, certo? Mas sua esposa escondeu o bebê Zeus e deu a Cronos uma pedra para comer no lugar dele. E depois, quando Zeus cresceu, ele enganou o pai, Cronos, e o fez vomitar seus irmãos e irmãs.
– Eca! – disse uma das meninas atrás de mim.
– ...e então houve aquela grande briga entre os deuses e os titãs – continuei – e os deuses venceram.
Algumas risadinhas do grupo.
Atrás de mim, Nancy Bobofit murmurou para uma amiga:
– Como se fôssemos usar isso na vida real. Como se fossem falar nas nossas entrevistas de emprego: “Por favor explique por que Cronos comeu seus filhos.”
– E por que, Sr. Jackson – disse o Sr. Brunner -, parafraseando a excelente pergunta da Srta. Bobofit, isso importa na vida real?
– Se ferrou – murmurou Grover.
– Cala a boca – chiou Nancy, a cara ainda mais vermelha que seu cabelo.
Pelo menos Nancy também foi enquadrada. O Sr. Brunner era o único que a pegava dizendo algo errado. Tinha ouvidos de radar.
Pensei na pergunta dele, e encolhi os ombros.
– Não sei, senhor.
– Entendo. – O sr. Brunner pareceu desapontado. – Bem, meio ponto, Sr. Jackson. Zeus, na verdade, deu a Cronos uma mistura de mostarda e vinho, o que o fez vomitar as outras cinco crianças, que, é claro, sendo deuses imortais, estavam vivendo e crescendo sem serem digeridas no estômago do titã. Os deuses derrotaram o pai deles, cortando-o em pedaços com sua própria foice e espalharam os restos no Tártaro, a parte mais escura do Mundo Inferior. E com esse alegre comentário, é hora do almoço. Sra. Dodds, quer nos levar de volta para fora?
A turma foi retirada, as meninas segurando a barriga, os garotos empurrando uns aos outros e agindo como bobões.
Grover e eu estávamos prestes a segui-los quando o sr. Brunner disse:
– Sr. Jackson.
Eu sabia o que vinha a seguir.
Disse a Grover para ir andando. Então me voltei para o professor.
– Senhor?
O Sr. Brunner tinha aquele olhar que não deixa a gente ir embora – olhos castanhos intensos que poderiam ter mil anos de idade e já ter visto de tudo.
– Você precisa aprender a responder à minha pergunta – disse ele.
– Sobre os titãs?
– Sobre a vida real. E como seus estudos se aplicam a ela.
– Ah.
– O que você aprende comigo – disse ele – é de uma importância vital. Espero que trate o assunto como tal. De você, aceitarei apenas o melhor, Percy Jackson.
Eu queria ficar zangado, aquele sujeito me pressionava demais.
Quer dizer, claro, era legal em dias de torneio, quando ele vestia uma armadura romana, bradava “Olé!” e nos desafiava, ponta de espada contra o giz a correr para o quadro-negro e citar pelo nome cada pessoa grega ou romana que já viveu, o nome de sua mãe e que deuses cultuavam. Mas o Sr. Brunner esperava que eu fosse tão bom quanto todos os outros a despeito do fato de que tenho dislexia e transtorno do déficit de atenção, e de que nunca na vida tirei uma nota acima de C–. Não – ele não esperava que eu fosse tão bom quanto; ele esperava que eu fosse melhor. E eu simplesmente não podia aprender todos aqueles nomes e fatos, e muito menos escrevê-los direito.
Murmurei alguma coisa sobre me esforçar mais, enquanto o Sr. Brunner lançava um olhar longo e triste para a estela, como se tivesse estado no funeral daquela menina.
Ele me disse para sair e comer meu lanche.
A turma se reuniu nos degraus da frente do museu, de onde podíamos assistir ao trânsito de pedestres pela Quinta Avenida.
Acima de nós, uma imensa tempestade estava se formando, com as nuvens mais escuras que eu já tinha visto sobre a cidade. Imaginei que talvez fosse o aquecimento global ou qualquer coisa assim, porque o tempo em todo o estado de Nova York estava esquisito desde o Natal. Tivemos nevascas pesadas, inundações, incêndios nas florestas causados por raios. Eu não teria ficado surpreso se fosse um furacão chegando.
Ninguém mais pareceu notar. Alguns dos garotos estavam jogando biscoitos para os pombos. Nancy Bobofit tentava afanar alguma coisa da bolsa de uma senhora e, é claro, a Sra. Dodds não via nada.
Grover e eu nos sentamos na beirada do chafariz, longe dos outros. Pensamos que, se fizéssemos isso, talvez ninguém descobrisse que éramos daquela escola — a escola para esquisitões lesados que não davam certo em nenhum outro lugar.
– Detenção? – perguntou Grover.
– Não – disse eu. – Não do Brunner. Eu só gostaria que ele às vezes me desse um tempo. Quer dizer, não sou um gênio.
Grover não disse nada por algum tempo. Então, quando achei que ele ia me brindar com algum comentário filosófico profundo para me fazer sentir melhor, ele disse:
– Posso comer sua maçã?
Eu não estava com muito apetite, então a entreguei a ele.
Observei os táxis que passavam descendo a Quinta Avenida e pensei no apartamento de minha mãe, na área residencial próxima ao lugar onde estávamos sentados. Eu não a via desde o Natal. Tive muita vontade de pular em um táxi e ir para casa. Ela me abraçaria e ficaria contente de me ver, mas também ficaria desapontada. Imediatamente me mandaria de volta para Yancy e me lembraria que preciso me esforçar mais, ainda que aquela fosse minha sexta escola em seis anos e que, provavelmente, eu seria chutado para fora de novo. Não conseguiria suportar o olhar triste que ela me lançaria.
O Sr. Brunner estacionou a cadeira de rodas na base da rampa para deficientes. Comia aipo enquanto lia um romance. Um guarda-chuva vermelho estava enfiado nas costas da cadeira, fazendo-a parecer uma mesa de café motorizada.
Eu estava prestes a desembrulhar meu sanduíche quando Nancy Bobofit apareceu diante de mim com as amigas feiosas – imagino que tivesse se cansado de roubar dos turistas – e deixou seu lanche, já comido pela metade, cair no colo de Grover.
– Oops. – Ela arreganhou um sorriso para mim, com os dentes tortos. As sardas eram alaranjadas, como se alguém tivesse pintado o rosto dela com um spray de Cheetos líquido.
Tentei ficar calmo. O orientador da escola me dissera um milhão de vezes: "Conte até dez, controle seu gênio." Mas estava tão furioso que me deu um branco. Uma onda rugia nos meus ouvidos.
Não me lembro de ter tocado nela, mas quando dei por mim Nancy estava sentada como traseiro no chafariz, berrando:
– Percy me empurrou! A Sra. Dodds se materializou ao nosso lado. Algumas das crianças estavam sussurrando:
– Você viu...
– ...a água...
– ...parece que a agarrou...
Eu não sabia do que elas estavam falando. Tudo o que sabia era que estava encrencado outra vez.
Assim que se certificou de que a pobre Nancy estava bem, prometendo dar–lhe uma blusa nova na loja de presentes do museu etc. e tal, a sra. Dodds se voltou para mim.
Havia um fogo triunfante em seus olhos, como se eu tivesse feito algo pelo ela esperara o semestre inteiro:
– Agora, meu bem...
– Eu sei – resmunguei. – Um mês apagando livros de exercícios.
Não foi a coisa certa para dizer.
– Venha comigo – disse a Sra. Dodds.
– Espere! – guinchou Grover. – Fui eu. Eu a empurrei.
Olhei para ele perplexo. Não podia acreditar que estivesse tentando me proteger. Ele morria de medo da Sra. Dodds.
Ela lançou um olhar tão furioso que fez o queixo dele tremer.
– Acho que não, Sr. Underwood – disse ela.
– Mas...
– Você... vai... ficar... aqui.
Grover me olhou desesperadamente,
– Tudo bem, cara – disse a ele. – Obrigado por tentar.
– Meu bem – latiu a Sra. Dodds para mim. – Agora.
Nancy Bobofit deu um sorriso falso.
Lancei-lhe meu melhor olhar de "vou acabar com a sua raça". Então me virei para enfrentar a Sra. Dodds, mas ela não estava lá. Estava postada à entrada do museu, lá no alto dos degraus, gesticulando impaciente para mim.
Como ela chegou lá tão depressa?
Tenho milhares de momentos desse tipo – meu cérebro adormece ou algo assim e, quando me dou conta, vejo que perdi alguma coisa, como se uma peça do quebra-cabeça desaparecesse e me deixasse olhando para o espaço vazio atrás dela. O orientador da escola me disse que isso era parte do transtorno do déficit de atenção, era meu cérebro que interpretava tudo errado.
Eu não tinha tanta certeza.
Fui atrás da Sra. Dodds.
No meio da escadaria, olhei para Grover lá atrás. Ele parecia pálido, movendo os olhos entre mim e o Sr. Brunner, como se quisesse que o Sr. Brunner reparasse no que estava acontecendo, mas o professor estava absorto em seu romance.
Voltei a olhar para cima. A Sra. Dodds desaparecera de novo. Estava agora dentro do edifício, no fim do hall de entrada.
Certo, pensei. Ela vai me fazer comprar uma blusa nova para Nancy na loja de
presentes. Mas aparentemente não era esse o plano.
Eu a segui museu adentro. Quando finalmente a alcancei, estávamos de volta à seção greco-romana.
A não ser por nós, a galeria estava vazia.
A Sra. Dodds estava postada de braços cruzados na frente de um grande friso de mármore com os deuses gregos. Ela fazia um mulo estranho com a garganta, como um rosnado.
Mesmo sem o ruído, eu teria ficado nervoso. É esquisito estar sozinho com uma professora, especialmente a Sra. Dodds. Algo no modo como ela olhava para o friso, como se quisesse pulverizá-lo...
– Você está nos criando problemas, meu bem – disse ela.
Fiz o que era seguro. Disse:
– Sim, senhora.
Ela ajeitou os punhos de seu casaco de couro.
– Você achou mesmo que ia se safar desta? A expressão em seus olhos era mais que furiosa. Era perversa. Ela é uma professora, pensei, nervoso. Não é provável que vá me machucar. Eu disse:
– Eu... eu vou me esforçar mais, senhora. Um trovão sacudiu o edifício.
– Nós não somos bobos, Percy Jackson – disse a Sra. Dodds. – Seria apenas uma questão de tempo até que o descobríssemos Confesse, e você sentirá menos dor.
Eu não sabia do que ela estava falando.
Tudo o que pude pensar foi que os professores haviam descoberto o estoque ilegal de doces que eu estava vendendo no meu dormitório. Ou talvez tivessem descoberto que eu pegara meu trabalho sobre Tom Sawyer na Internet sem ter nem lido o livro, e agora iam retirar minha nota. Ou pior, iam me obrigar a ler o livro.
– E então? – exigiu.
– Senhora, eu não...
– O seu tempo se esgotou – sibilou ela.
Então algo muito estranho aconteceu. Os olhos dela começaram a brilhar como carvão de churrasco. Os dedos se esticaram, transformando-se em garras. O casaco se fundiu em grandes asas de couro. Ela não era humana. Era uma bruxa má e enrugada, com asas e garras de morcego e com uma boca repleta de presas amareladas – e estava prestes a me fazer em pedaços.
Então as coisas ficaram ainda mais esquisitas.
O Sr. Brunner, que estava na frente do museu um minuto antes, foi com a cadeira de rodas até o vão da porta da galeria, segurando uma caneta.
– Olá, Percy! – gritou ele, e lançou a caneta pelo ar.
A Sra. Dodds deu um bote para cima de mim.
Com um gemido agudo, eu me esquivei e senti as garras cortando o ar ao lado do meu ouvido. Agarrei a caneta esferográfica no alto, mas quando ela atingiu minha mão já não era mais uma caneta. Era uma espada – a espada de bronze do Sr. Brunner, que ele sempre usava em dias de torneio.
A Sra. Dodds virou-se na minha direção com uma expressão assassina nos olhos. Meus joelhos ficaram bambos. As mãos tremiam tanto que quase deixei a espada cair.
Ela rosnou:
– Morra, meu bem!
E voou para cima de mim.
Um terror absoluto percorreu meu corpo. Fiz a única coisa que me ocorreu naturalmente: desferi um golpe com a espada.
A lâmina de metal atingiu o ombro dela e passou direto por seu corpo, como se ela fosse feita de água: Zás!
A Sra. Dodds era um castelo de areia debaixo de um ventilador. Ela explodiu em areia amarela, reduziu-se a pó, sem deixar nada do cheiro de enxofre, um grito estridente que foi sumindo e um calafrio de maldade no ar, como se aqueles olhos vermelhos incandescentes ainda estivessem me olhando.
Eu estava sozinho.
Havia uma caneta esferográfica na minha mão.
O Sr. Brunner não estava lá. Não havia ninguém lá além de mim.
Minhas mãos ainda estavam tremendo. Meu lanche devia estar contaminado com cogumelos mágicos ou coisa assim.
Será que eu havia imaginado tudo aquilo?
Voltei para o lado de fora.
Tinha começado a chover.
Grover estava sentado junto ao chafariz com um mapa do museu formando uma tenda em cima de sua cabeça. Nancy Bobofit ainda estava lá, encharcada do banho no chafariz, resmungando para as amigas feiosas. Quando me viu, disse:
– Espero que a Sra. Kerr tenha chicoteado seu traseiro.
– Quem? - respondi.
– Nossa professora. Dãã!
Eu pisquei. Não tínhamos nenhuma professora chamada Sra. Kerr. Perguntei a Nancy de quem ela estava falando.
Ela simplesmente revirou os olhos e me deu as costas.
Perguntei a Grover onde estava a Sra. Dodds.
– Quem? – respondeu ele.
Mas Grover primeiro fez uma pausa, e não olhou para mim, portanto, pensei que estivesse me enganando.
– Não tem graça, cara – disse a ele. – Isso é sério. Um trovão estourou no alto.
Vi o Sr. Brunner sentado embaixo do guarda-chuva vermelho, lendo seu livro, como se nunca tivesse se mexido. Fui até ele. Ele ergueu os olhos, um pouco distraído.
– Ah, é a minha caneta. Por favor, traga seu próprio instrumento de escrita no futuro, Sr. Jackson.
Entreguei a caneta ao Sr. Brunner. Não tinha notado que ainda a estava segurando.
– Senhor – disse eu –, onde está a Sra. Dodds? Ele olhou para mim com a expressão vazia.
– Quem?
– A outra professora que nos acompanhava. A Sra. Dodds. Professora de iniciação à álgebra.
Ele franziu a testa e se inclinou para a frente, parecendo ligeiramente preocupado.
– Percy, não há nenhuma Sra. Dodds nesta excursão. Até onde sei, nunca houve uma Sra. Dodds na Academia Yancy. Está se sentindo bem?

Capítulo 2 - Três velhas senhoras tricotam as meias da morte

Eu estava acostumado a uma ou outra experiência esquisita, mas normalmente elas passavam depressa. Aquela alucinação 24 horas por dia e sete dias por semana era mais do que podia encarar. Durante o resto do ano escolar o campus inteiro parecia me pregando algum tipo de peça. Os alunos agiam como se estivessem completa e totalmente convencidos de que a Sra. Kerr – uma loira alegre que eu nunca tinha visto na vida até o momento em que ela entrou no nosso ônibus no fim da excursão – era nossa professora de iniciação à álgebra desde o Natal.
De vez em quando eu soltava uma referência à Sra. Dodds para cima de alguém, só para ver se conseguia fazê-los titubear, mas eles me olhavam como se eu fosse louco.
Acabei quase acreditando neles: a Sra. Dodds nunca tinha existido.
Mas Grover não conseguiu me enganar. Quando eu mencionava o nome Dodds ele hesitava, depois alegava que ela não existia. Mas eu sabia que ele estava mentindo.
Alguma coisa estava acontecendo. Alguma coisa havia acontecido no museu.
Eu não tinha muito tempo para pensar no assunto durante o dia, mas, à noite, visões da Sra. Dodds com garras e asas de couro me faziam acordar suando frio.
O tempo maluco continuou, o que não ajudava meu humor. Certa noite, uma tempestade de raios arrebentou a janela do meu dormitório. Alguns dias depois, o maior tornado jamais visto no vale do Hudson tocou o chão a apenas trinta quilômetros da Academia Yancy. Um dos eventos correntes que aprendemos na aula de estudos sociais era o número inusitado de pequenos aviões que caíram em súbitos vendavais no Atlântico naquele ano.
Comecei a me sentir mal-humorado e irritado a maior parte do tempo. Minhas notas caíram de D para F. entrei em mais atritos com Nancy Bobofit e suas amigas. Era posto para fora da sala e tinha de ficar no corredor em quase todas as aulas.
Finalmente, quando nosso professor de inglês, o Sr. Nicoll, me perguntou pela milionésima vez por que eu tinha tanta preguiça de estudar para as provas de ortografia, eu explodi. Chamei-o de velho dipsomaníaco. Não sabia direito o que aquilo queria dizer, mas soou bem.
O diretor mandou uma carta para minha mãe na semana seguinte, tornando oficial: eu não seria convidado a voltar para a Academia Yancy no ano seguinte.
Ótimo, disse a mim mesmo. Simplesmente ótimo. Eu estava com saudades de casa. Queria ficar com minha mãe no nosso pequeno apartamento no Upper East Side, mesmo que tivesse de freqüentar uma escola pública e aturar meu padrasto detestável e seus jogos de pôquer estúpidos.
E no entanto... havia coisas em Yancy de que eu sentiria falta. A vista da minha janela para os bosques, o rio Hudson a distância, o cheiro dos pinheiros. Sentiria falta de Grover, que tinha sido bom amigo, mesmo com seu jeito meio estranho. Fiquei pensando como ele iria sobreviver ao próximo ano sem mim.
Também sentiria falta da aula de latim – os dias malucos de torneio do Sr. Brunner e sua confiança em que eu poderia me sair bem.
Quando a semana de exames foi se aproximando, latim era a única prova para a qual eu estudava. Não tinha me esquecido que o Sr. Brunner falara, sobre essa matéria ser questão de vida ou morte para mim. Não sabia muito bem por que, mas acreditar nele.
Na noite anterior ao meu exame final, fiquei tão frustrado que joguei o Guia Cambridge de mitologia grega do outro lado do dormitório. As palavras tinham começado a flutuar para fora da página, dando voltas na minha cabeça, as letras fazendo manobras radicais como se estivessem andando de skate. Não havia jeito de eu me lembrar da diferença entre Quíron e Caronte, ou Polidectes e Polideuces. E conjugar aqueles verbos latinos?
Nem pensar.
Fiquei indo de um lado para outro no quarto, com a sensação de que havia formigas andando por dentro da minha camisa.
Lembrei a expressão séria do Sr. Brunner, de seus olhos de mil anos. De você, aceitarei apenas o melhor, Percy Jackson.
Respirei fundo. Peguei o livro de mitologia.
Eu nunca havia pedido ajuda a um professor antes. Se falasse com o Sr. Brunner, quem sabe ele me daria algumas dicas. Poderia, pelo menos, pedir desculpas pelo grande F que ia tirar na prova. Não queria sair da Academia Yancy deixando-o pensar que eu não tinha me esforçado.
Desci a escada para os gabinetes dos professores. A maioria estava vazia e escura, mas a porta do Sr. Brunner estava entreaberta e a luz que vinha da sua janela se estendia ao longo do piso do corredor.
Eu estava a três passos da maçaneta da porta quando ouvi vozes dentro da sala.. O Sr. Brunner tinha feito uma pergunta. Uma voz que, sem sombra de dúvida, era a de Grover disse: "...preocupado, senhor."
Eu gelei.
Normalmente não sou bisbilhoteiro, mas desafio alguém a não tentar ouvir quando seu melhor amigo está falando sobre você com um adulto.
Cheguei um pouquinho mais perto.
– ...sozinho nesse verão — Grover estava dizendo. – Quer dizer, uma benevolente na escola! Agora que sabemos com certeza, e eles também sabem...
– Só vamos piorar as coisas se o apressarmos – disse o Sr. Brunner. – Precisamos que o menino amadureça mais.
– Mas ele pode não ter tempo. O prazo final do solstício de verão...
– Terá de ser resolvido sem ele, Grover. Deixe-o desfrutar sua ignorância enquanto ainda pode.
– Senhor, ele a viu...
– Imaginação dele – insistiu o Sr. Brunner. – A Névoa sobre os alunos e a equipe será suficiente para convencê-lo disso.
– Senhor, eu... eu não posso fracassar nas minhas tarefas de novo. – A voz de Grover estava embargada de emoção. – Sabe o que isso significaria.
– Você não fracassou, Grover – disse o Sr. Brunner gentilmente. – Eu deveria tê-la visto como ela era. Agora vamos apenas nos preocupar em manter Percy vivo até o próximo outono...
O livro de mitologia caiu da minha mão e bateu no chão com um ruído surdo.
O Sr. Brunner silenciou.
Com o coração disparado, peguei o livro e voltei pelo corredor.
Uma sombra deslizou pelo vidro iluminado da porta da porta de Brunner, a sombra de algo muito mais alto do que meu professor de cadeira de rodas, segurando alguma coisa suspeitamente parecida com o arco de um arqueiro.
Abri a porta mais próxima e me esgueirei para dentro.
Alguns segundos depois ouvi um lento clop-clop-clop, como blocos de madeira abafados, depois um som como o de um animal farejando bem na frente da minha porta.
Um grande vulto escuro parou diante do vidro e depois seguiu adiante.
Uma gota de suor escorreu por meu pescoço.
Em algum lugar no corredor, o Sr. Brunner falou.
– Nada – murmurou ele. – Meus nervos não andam to bons desde o solstício de inverno.
– Nem os meus – disse Grover. – Mas eu podia ter jurado...
– Volte para o dormitório – disse-lhe o Sr. Brunner. – Tem um longo dia de provas amanhã.
– Nem me lembre.
As luzes se apagaram na sala do Sr. Brunner.
Aguardei no escuro pelo que pareceu uma eternidade. Por fim, me esgueirei para o corredor e subi de volta para o dormitório. Grover estava deitado na cama, estudando as anotações para a prova de latim como se tivesse estado lá a noite inteira.
– Ei! – disse ele, com olhar de sono. – Vai estar preparado para a prova?
Não respondi.
– Está com uma cara horrível. – Ele franziu a testa. – Tudo bem?
– Só estou cansado.
Virei-me para que ele não pudesse perceber minha expressão e comecei a me preparar para dormir.
Não entendi o que tinha ouvido lá embaixo. Queria acreditar que havia imaginado aquilo tudo.
Mas uma coisa estava clara: Grover e o Sr. Brunner estavam falando de mim pelas costas. Achavam que eu corria algum tipo de perigo.
Na tarde seguinte, quando estava saindo da prova de latim de três horas, atordoado com todos os nomes gregos e romanos que tinha escrito errado, o Sr. Brunner me chamou de volta.
Por um momento, fiquei preocupado achando que ele descobrira minha bisbilhotice na noite anterior, mas não parecia ser esse o problema.
– Percy – disse ele. – Não fique desanimado por deixar Yancy. É... é para o seu bem.
Seu tom era gentil, mas ainda assim as palavras me deixaram sem graça. Embora ele estivesse falando baixo, os que terminavam a prova podiam ouvir. Nancy Bobofit me lançou um sorriso falso e, fez pequenos movimentos de beijo com os lábios.
Eu murmurei:
– Está bem, senhor.
– Quer dizer... – O Sr. Brunner andou com a cadeira para trás e para frente, como se não tivesse certeza do que falar. – Este não é o lugar certo para você. Era apenas uma questão de tempo.
Meus olhos ardiam.
Ali estava meu professor favorito, na frente da classe, me dizendo que eu não era capaz.
Depois de falar o ano todo que acreditava em mim, agora me dizia que eu estava destinado a ser expulso.
– Certo – disse eu, tremendo.
– Não, não – disse o Sr. Brunner. – Ah, que droga. O que eu estava tentando dizer... é que você não é normal, Percy. Não é nada ser...
– Obrigado – soltei. – Muito obrigado, senhor, por me lembrar.
– Percy...
Mas eu já tinha ido.
No último dia de aulas, enfiei minhas roupas na mala.
Os outros garotos estavam fazendo piadas, falando sobre os planos para as férias. Um deles ia fazer trilha na Suíça. Outro faria um cruzeiro de um mês pelo Caribe. Eram delinquentes juvenis como eu, mas delinquentes juvenis ricos. Os papais eram executivos, embaixadores ou celebridades. Eu era um joão-ninguém, de uma família de joões-ninguém.
Eles me perguntaram o que ia fazer no verão, e eu disse que voltaria para a cidade.
O que não lhes contei foi que ia arranjar um trabalho de verão passeando com cachorros ou vendendo assinaturas de revistas, e passar o tempo livre pensando em onde iria estudar no outono.
– Ah – disse um dos garotos. – Legal.
Eles voltaram à conversa como se eu não existisse. A única pessoa de quem tinha medo de me despedir era Grover, mas do jeito como as coisas aconteceram, eu nem precisei. Ele havia comprado uma passagem para Manhattan no mesmo ônibus Greyhound que eu, então lá estávamos nós, juntos outra vez, indo para a cidade.
Durante toda a viagem de ônibus, Grover olhava nervoso para o corredor, observando os outros passageiros. Ocorreu-me que ele sempre agia de modo nervoso e inquieto quando saíamos de Yancy, como se esperasse que algo ruim fosse acontecer. Antes, eu achava que ele tinha medo de que o provocassem. Mas não havia ninguém para fazer isso no ônibus.
Finalmente, não pude mais aguentar.
– Procurando Benevolentes?
Grover quase pulou do assento.
– O que... o que você quer dizer?
Confessei ter ouvido a conversa dele com o Sr. Brunner na noite anterior ao dia da prova.
O olho de Grover estremeceu.
– Quanto você ouviu?
– Ah... não muito. O que é o prazo final do solstício de verão?
Ele se esquivou.
– Olhe Percy... Eu só estava preocupado com você, entende? Quer dizer, tendo alucinações com professoras de matemática demoníacas...
– Grover...
– E eu estava dizendo ao Sr. Brunner que talvez você estivesse muito estressado, ou
coisa assim, porque não havia uma pessoa chamada Sra. Dodds e...
– Grover, você mente muito mal mesmo.
As orelhas dele ficaram cor-de-rosa.
Do bolso da camisa, ele pescou um cartão de visitas encardido.
– Pegue isto, certo? Para o caso de você precisar de mim este verão.
O cartão tinha uma escrita floreada, que era um terror para os meus olhos disléxicos, mas por fim consegui identificar coisa como:

Grover Underwood
Colina meio Sangue
Long Island, Nova York
(800) 009 -0009

– O que é Colina Meio...
– Não fale alto! – ganiu. – É meu, ah... endereço de verão.
Meu coração desabou. Grover tinha uma casa de veraneio. Eu nunca imaginara que a família dele poderia ser tão rica quanto as dos outros em Yancy.
– Certo – falei, mal-humorado. – Tá, se eu quiser uma visita à sua mansão.
Ele assentiu.
– Ou... ou se você precisar de mim.
– Por que iria precisar de você?
Saiu mais rude do que eu pretendia.
Grover ficou com a cara toda vermelha.
– Olhe, Percy, a verdade é que eu... eu tenho, de certo modo, que proteger você.
Olhei fixamente para ele.
Durante o ano inteiro me meti em brigas para manter os valentões longe dele. Perdi o sono temendo que, sem mim, ele fosse apanhar no ano que vem. E ali estava Grover agindo como se fosse ele a me defender.
– Grover – disse eu –, do que exatamente você está me protegendo?
Houve um tremendo barulho de algo sendo triturado embaixo dos nossos pés. Uma fumaça preta saiu do painel e o ônibus inteiro foi tomado por um cheiro de ovo podre. O motorista praguejou e levou o ônibus com dificuldade até o acostamento.
Depois de alguns minutos fazendo alguns sons metálicos no compartimento do motor, o motorista anunciou que teríamos de descer. Grover e eu saímos em fila com todos os outros.
Estávamos em um trecho de estrada rural – um lugar que a gente nem notaria se não tivesse enguiçado lá. Do nosso lado da estrada não havia nada além de bordos e lixo jogado pelos carros que passavam. Do outro lado, depois de atravessar quatro pistas de asfalto que refletiam uma claridade trêmula com o calor da tarde, havia uma banca de frutas como as de antigamente.
As coisas à venda pareciam realmente boas: caixas transbordando de cerejas e maçãs vermelhas como sangue, nozes e damascos, jarros de sidra dentro de uma tina com pés em forma de patas, cheias de gelo. Não havia fregueses, só três velhas senhoras sentadas em cadeiras de balanço à sombra de um bordo, tricotando o maior par de meias que eu já tinha visto.
Quer dizer, aquelas meias eram do tamanho de suéteres, mas eram obviamente meias. A senhora da direita tricotava uma delas. A da esquerda a outra. A do meio segurava uma enorme cesta de lã azul brilhante.
As três mulheres pareciam muito velhas, com o rosto pálido e enrugado como fruta seca, cabelo prateado preso atrás com lenço branco, braços ossudos espetados para fora de vestidos de algodão pálido.
A coisa mais esquisita era que elas pareciam olhar diretamente para mim. Encarei Grover para comentar isso e vi que seu rosto tinha ficado branco. O nariz tremia.
– Grover? – disse eu. – Ei, cara...
– Diga que elas não estão olhando para você. Estão, não é?
– Estão. Esquisito, não? Você acha que aquelas meias serviriam em mim?
– Não tem graça, Percy. Não tem graça nenhuma.
A velha do meio pegou uma tesoura imensa — dourada e prateada, de lâminas longas, como uma tosquiadeira. Ouvi Grover tomar fôlego.
– Vamos entrar no ônibus – ele me disse. – Venha.
– O quê? – disse eu. – Lá dentro está fazendo quinhentos graus.
– Venha! – Ele forçou a porta e subiu, mas eu fiquei embaixo.
Do outro lado da estrada, as velhas ainda olhavam para mim. A do meio cortou o fio de lã, e posso jurar que ouvi aquele ruído cruzar as quatro pistas de trânsito. As duas amigas dela enrolaram as meias azuis e me fizeram imaginar para quem seria aquilo – o Pé Grande ou o Godzilla.
Na traseira do ônibus, o motorista arrancou um grande pedaço de metal fumegante do compartimento do motor. O ônibus estremeceu e o motor voltou à vida, roncando.
Os passageiros aplaudiram.
– Tudo em ordem! – gritou o motorista. Ele bateu no ônibus com o chapéu. – Todo mundo para dentro!
Quando já estávamos a caminho, comecei a me sentir como se tivesse pego uma gripe.
Grover não parecia muito melhor. Estava tremendo e batendo os dentes.
– Grover?
– Sim?
– O que me diz?
Ele enxugou a manga da camisa.
– Percy, o que você viu lá atrás, na banca de frutas?
– Você quer dizer, aquelas velhas? O que há com elas, cara? Elas não são como... a Sra. Dodds, são?
A expressão dele era difícil de interpretar, mas tive a sensação de que as velhas da banca de frutas eram algo muito, muito pior do que a Sra. Dodds. Grover disse:
–Só me diga o que você viu.
– A do meio pegou uma tesoura e cortou o fio.
Ele fechou os olhos e fez um gesto com os dedos parecido com o sinal-da-cruz, mas não era isso. Era outra coisa, algo um tanto... mais antigo.
Ele disse:
– Você a viu cortar o fio?
– Sim. E daí? – Mas mesmo enquanto dizia isso, já sabia que era algo importante.
– Isso não está acontecendo – murmurou Grover. Ele começou a morder o dedão. – Não quero que seja como na última vez.
– Que última vez?
– Sempre na sexta série. Eles nunca passam da sexta.
– Grover – disse eu, porque ele estava realmente começando a me assustar –, do que você está falando?
– Deixe que eu vá com você da estação do ônibus até sua casa. Prometa.
Aquele me pareceu um pedido estranho, mas prometi.
– É uma superstição ou coisa assim? – perguntei.
Nenhuma resposta.
– Grover... aquele corte no fio. Significa que alguém vai morrer?
Ele olhou para mim com tristeza, como se já estivesse escolhendo o tipo de flores que eu gostaria de ter em meu caixão.

Capítulo 3 - Grover de repente perde as calças

Hora da confissão: descartei Grover assim que chegamos ao terminal rodoviário.
Eu sei, eu sei. Foi rude. Mas Grover estava me deixando fora de mim, me olhando como se eu fosse um homem morto, murmurando: “por que sempre tem de ser na sexta série?”
Sempre que Grover ficava nervoso, sua bexiga entrava em ação, portanto não fiquei surpreso quando, assim que descemos do ônibus, ele me fez prometer que o esperaria e foi direto para o banheiro. Em vez de esperar, peguei minha mala, saí discretamente e tomei o primeiro taxi saindo do Centro.
– Cento e quatro Leste com a Primeira Avenida – disse ao motorista.

Uma palavra sobre a minha mãe, antes que você a conheça.
Seu nome é Sally Jackson e ela é a melhor pessoa do mundo, o que apenas prova minha teoria de que as melhores pessoas são as mais azaradas. Os pais dela morreram em um desastre de avião quando estava com cinco anos, e ela foi criada por um tio que não lhe dava muita bola. Queria ser escritora, assim passou o curso de ensino médio trabalhando e economizando dinheiro para pagar uma faculdade com um bom programa de oficinas literárias. Então o tio teve câncer e ela precisou abandonar a escola no último ano para cuidar dele. Depois que ele morreu, ela ficou sem dinheiro nenhum, sem família e sem diploma.
A única coisa boa que lhe aconteceu foi conhecer meu pai.
Não tenho nenhuma lembrança dele, apenas essa espécie de sensação calorosa, talvez o mais leve resquício de seu sorriso. Minha mãe não gosta de falar sobre ele porque isso a deixa triste. Ela não tem fotografias.
Veja bem, eles não eram casados. Ela me contou que ele era rico e influente, e o relacionamento deles era um segredo. Então um dia ele zarpou pelo Atlântico em alguma jornada e nunca mais voltou.
Perdido no mar, minha mãe me contou. Não morto. Perdido no mar.
Ela vivia de trabalhos esporádicos, estudava à noite para tirar o diploma de ensino médio e me criou sozinha. Nunca se queixava ou ficava zangada. Nem uma só vez. Mas eu sabia que não era uma criança fácil.
Acabou se casando com Gabe Ugliano, que foi simpático nos primeiros trinta segundos em que o conhecemos e depois mostrou quem realmente era, um imbecil de marca maior. Quando eu era pequeno apelidei-o de Gabe Cheiroso. Sinto muito, mas é a verdade. O cara fedia a pizza de alho embolorada enrolada num calção de ginástica.
Em nosso fogo cruzado, tornávamos a vida da minha mãe bem difícil. O modo como Gabe Cheiroso a tratava, o jeito como ele e eu nos relacionávamos... bem, um bom exemplo é minha chegada em casa.
Entrei em nosso pequeno apartamento, esperando que minha mãe já tivesse voltado do trabalho. Em vez disso, Gabe Cheiroso estava na sala de estar, jogando pôquer com seus cupinchas. Na televisão, o canal de esportes estava no voluma máximo. Havia batatinhas e latas de cerveja espalhadas pelo tapete.
Mal erguendo os olhos, ele disse com o cigarro na boca:
– Então você está em casa.
– Onde está a minha mãe?
– Trabalhando – disse ele. – Você tem alguma grana?
E foi isso. Nada de Bem-vindo ao lar. Bom ver você. O que fez nos últimos seis meses?
Gabe tinha engordado. Parecia uma morsa sem tromba com roupas de brechó. Tinha uns três fios de cabelo na cabeça, todos penteados por cima da careca, como se isso o deixasse bonito ou coisa assim.
Era gerente do Hipermercado de Eletrônica, no Queens, mas passava a maior parte do tempo em casa. Não sei por que ainda não tinha sido demitido. Ele só fica recebendo o pagamento, gastando o dinheiro em charutos que me dão náuseas e em cervejas, é claro.
Sempre cerveja. Toda vez que eu estava em casa ele esperava que eu lhe fornecesse fundos para jogar. Chamava isso de nosso “Segredo de Homem”. Isto é, se eu contasse para minha mãe, ele me quebrava a cara.
– Não tenho grana nenhuma – falei.
Ele ergue uma sobrancelha oleosa.
Gabe era capaz de farejar dinheiro como um cão de caça, o que era surpreendente, já que seu próprio cheiro deveria encobrir qualquer outro.
– Você pegou um taxi no terminal de ônibus – disse ele. – Provavelmente pagou com uma nota de vinte. Recebeu seis ou sete dólares de troco. Alguém que espera viver embaixo deste teto deveria ser capaz de se sustentar. Estou certo, Eddie?
Eddie, o síndico do prédio, olhou para mim com uma ponta de solidariedade.
– Vamos, Gabe – disse ele. – O garoto acabou de chegar.
– Estou certo? – repetiu Gabe.
Eddie fez uma careta para sua tigela de pretzels. Os outros dois caras soltaram juntos seus gases.
– Tudo bem – disse eu. – Tirei um maço de dólares do bolso e joguei o dinheiro em cima da mesa. – Tomara que você perca.
– Seu boletim chegou, Geninho! – gritou ele às minhas costas. – Eu não ficaria tão metido!
Bati a porta do meu quarto, que na verdade não era meu. Durante os meses de aulas era a “sala de estudos” de Gabe. Ele não “estudava” coisa nenhuma lá, exceto revistas de automóveis, mas adorava socar as minhas coisas no armário, largar as botas enlameadas no peitoril da janela e fazer o possível para deixar o lugar com cheiro de sua colônia detestável, charutos e cerveja choca.
Larguei a mala em cima da cama. Lar doce lar.
O cheiro de Gabe era quase pior que os pesadelos com a sra. Dodds ou o som da tesoura daquela velha enrugada cortando o fio de lã.
Mas assim que pensei naquilo, minhas pernas bambearam. Lembrei-me da expressão de pânico de Grover – como ele me fez prometer que não iria para casa sem ele. Um calafrio repentino me percorreu. Era como se alguém – alguma coisa – estivesse procurando por mim naquele momento, talvez subindo pesadamente a escada, com garras compridas e horrendas crescendo.
Então ouvi a voz da minha mãe.
– Percy?
Ela abriu a porta do quarto e meus medos se foram.
A simples entrada de minha mãe no quarto já consegue me fazer sentir bem. Seus olhos brilham e mudam de cor com luz. O sorriso é quente como uma manta. Ela tem alguns poucos fios grisalhos misturados com os longos cabelos castanhos, mas nunca penso nela como uma pessoa velha. Quando me olha, é como se estivesse vendo todas as coisas boas em mim, nenhuma das ruins. Nunca a ouvi levantar a voz ou dizer uma palavra indelicada para ninguém, nem mesmo para mim ou Gabe.
– Ah, Percy. – Ela me abraçou apertado. – Eu não acredito. Você cresceu desde o Natal!
O uniforme vermelho, branco e azul, da Doce América, tinha cheiro das melhores coisas do mundo: chocolate, alcaçuz e tudo o mais que ela vendia na doceria da Grande Estação Central. Tinha levado para mim um belo saco de “amostras grátis”, como sempre fazia quando eu ia para casa.
Sentamos juntos na beirada da cama. Enquanto eu atacava os doces de mirtilo, ela passava a mão no meu cabelo e queria saber tudo o que eu não havia escrito nas cartas.
Nada mencionou sobre o fato de eu ter sido expulso. Não parecia se importar com isso. Mas eu estava ok? Seu menininho estava bem?
Eu disse a ela que estava me sufocando, pedi que desse um tempo e tal, mas, secretamente, estava feliz demais em vê-la.
Do outro cômodo, Gabe berrou:
– Ei, Sally! Que tal um pouco de pasta de feijão, hein?
Eu rangi os dentes.
Minha mãe é a mulher mais gentil do mundo. Deveria ter se casado com um milionário, não com um imbecil como Gabe.
Por ela, tentei parecer otimista em relação aos meus últimos dias na Academia Yancy.
Disse-lhe que não estava muito chateado com a expulsão. Dessa vez, conseguira durar quase o ano inteiro.
Eu havia feito novos amigos. Tinha me saído muito bem em latim. E, honestamente, as brigas não tinham sido tão ruins com disera o diretor. Eu tinha gostado da Academia Yancy. De verdade. Enfeitei tanto os acontecimentos do ano que quase convenci a mim mesmo. Comecei a ficar com a voz embargada só de pensar em Grover e no Sr. Brunner.
Até Nancy Bobofit de repente não pareceu assim tão má.
Até aquela excursão ao museu...
– O quê? – perguntou minha mãe. Seus olhos puxaram pela minha consciência, tentando arrancar os segredos. – Alguma coisa assustou você?
– Não, mamãe.
Eu me senti mal por mentir, queria contar a ela sobre a Sra. Dodds e as três velhas com o fio de lã, mas achei que aqui ia parecer bobagem.
Ela apertou os lábios. Sabia que eu estava escondendo alguma coisa, mas não quis me pressionar.
– Tenho uma surpresa para você – disse ela. – Nós vamos à praia.
Meus olhos se arregalaram.
– Montauk?
– Três noites... no mesmo chalé.
– Quando?
Ela sorriu.
– Assim que eu me trocar.
Mal pude acreditar. Minha mãe e eu não tínhamos ido a Montauk nos últimos dois verões porque Gabe dissera que não havia dinheiro suficiente.
Gabe apareceu no vão da porta e rosnou.
– Pasta de feijão, Sally. Você não ouviu?
Tive vontade de dar-lhe um soco, mas meus olhos encontraram os de minha mãe e entendi que ela estava me oferecendo um acordo: ser gentil com Gabe só um pouquinho. Só até ela estar pronta para ir para Montauk. Então sairíamos dali.
– Eu já estava a caminho, meu bem – disse ela a Gabe. – Estávamos só conversando sobre a viagem.
Os olhos de Gabe se apertaram.
– A viagem? Você quer dizer que estava falando disso a sério?
– Eu sabia – murmurei. – Ele não vai nos deixar ir.
– É claro que vai – disse minha mãe calmamente. – Seu padrasto só está preocupado com o dinheiro. É tudo. Além disso – acrescentou –, Gabriel não terá de se contentar com pasta de feijão. Vou fazer para ele uma pasta de sete camadas suficiente para todo o fim de semana. Guacamole. Creme azedo. Serviço completo.
Gabe amaciou um pouco.
– Então esse dinheiro para viagem... vai sair do seu orçamento para roupas, certo?
– Sim, meu bem – disse minha mãe.
– E você não vai com meu carro para nenhum lugar, só vai usar na ida e na volta.
– Seremos muito cuidadosos.
Gabe coçou seu queixo duplo.
– Talvez se você andar logo com essa pasta de sete camadas... E talvez se o garoto pedir desculpas por interromper meu jogo de pôquer...
Talvez se eu chutar você no seu ponto sensível, pensei. E fizer você cantar com voz de soprano por uma semana.
Mas os olhos da minha mãe me advertiram para não deixá-lo zangado.
Por que ela aturava aquele cara? Eu quis gritar. Por que ela se importava com o que ele pensava?
– Desculpe – murmurei. – Sinto muito ter interrompido seu importantíssimo jogo de pôquer. Por favor, volte a ele agora mesmo.
Os olhos de Gabe se estreitaram. O cérebro minúsculo provavelmente estava tentando detectar o sarcasmo na minha frase.
– Está bem, seja lá o que for – convenceu-se.
E voltou para o jogo.
– Obrigada, Percy – disse minha mãe. – Depois que chegarmos a Montauk, vamos conversar sobre.. o que quer que você tenha se esquecido de me contar, certo?
Por um momento, pensei ter visto ansiedade nos olhos dela – o mesmo medo que vira em Grover na viagem de ônibus –, como se minha mãe também tivesse sentindo um estranho calafrio no ar.
Mas então o sorriso dela voltou e concluí que devia estar enganado. Ela despenteou meu cabelo e foi fazer a pasta de sete camadas para Gabe.

Uma hora depois estávamos prontos para partir.
Gabe interrompeu o jogo de pôquer por tempo suficiente para me observar arrastando as malas da minha mãe para o carro. Ficou se queixando e se lamentando por ficar sem a comida dela – e mais importante, sem seu Camaro 78 – durante todo o fim de semana.
– Nem um arranhão nesse carro, Geninho – advertiu-me quando eu estava carregando a última mala. – nem um arranhãozinho.
Como se eu fosse dirigir aos doze anos. Mas isso não importa para Gabe. Se alguma gaivota fizesse coco na pintura, ele arranjaria um jeito de me culpar.
Observando-o voltar em seu passo desajeitado para o prédio, fiquei tão zangado que fiz uma coisa que não consigo explicar. Quando Gabe chegou à porta de entrada, fiz um gesto com a mão que tinha visto Grover fazer no ônibus, uma espécie de gesto para afastar o mal, a mão em garra sobre o coração e depois um movimento de empurrar na direção de Gabe. A porta de tela bateu tão forte que o acertou no traseiro e o mandou voando até a escada, como se tivesse sido disparado por um canhão. Talvez tenha sido apenas o vento, ou algum acidente maluco com as dobradiças, mas não fiquei lá tempo suficiente para descobrir.
Entrei no Camaro e disse para minha mãe pisar fundo.

Nosso chalé alugado ficava na margem sul, lá na ponta de Long Island. Era uma pequena cabana de cor clara com cortinas desbotadas, quase enterrada nas dunas. Havia sempre areia nos lençóis e aranhas nos armários, e na maior parte do tempo o mar estava gelado demais para nadar.
Eu adorava o lugar.
Íamos lá desde que eu era bebê. Minha mãe ia ainda havia mais tempo. Ela nunca disse exatamente, mas eu sabia por que a praia era especial. Era o lugar onde conhecera meu pai.
À medida que nos aproximávamos de Montauk, ela parecia ir ficando mais jovem, os anos de preocupação e trabalho desaparecendo do rosto. Os olhos ficavam da cor do mar.
Chegamos lá ao pôr do sol, abrimos todas as janelas do chalé e passamos por nossa rotina de limpeza. Caminhamos pela praia, demos salgadinhos de milho às gaivotas e mascamos jujubas azuis, caramelos azuis e todas as outras amostras grátis que minha mãe levara do trabalho.
Acho que eu deveria explicar a comida azul.
Veja bem, Gabe uma vez disse à minha mãe que isso não existia. Eles tiveram uma discussão, que pareceu uma coisinha de nada na época. Mas, desde então, minha mãe fez tudo o que era possível comer em azul. Ela assava bolos de aniversários azuis. Batia vitaminas com mirtilos azuis. Comprava tortilhas de milho azul e levava para casa balas azuis da loja. Isso – junto com o fato de conservar o nome de solteira, Jackson, em vez de se chamar Sra. Ugliano – era prova de que ela não tinha sido totalmente domada por Gabe. Tinha uma inclinação para rebeldia, como eu.
Quando escureceu, acendemos uma fogueira. Assamos o cachorro-quente e marshmallows. Minha mãe contou histórias sobre quando ela era criança, antes de os pais morrerem no acidente de avião. Contou-me sobre os livros que queria escrever um dia, quando tivesse dinheiro suficiente para largar a doceria.
Finalmente, reuni coragem para perguntar sobre o que sempre me vinha à cabeça quando íamos a Montauk – meu pai. Os olhos dela ficaram cheios d’água. Imaginei que iria me contar as mesmas coisas de sempre, mas nunca me cansava de ouvi-las.
– Ele era gentil, Percy – disse ela. – Alto, bonito e forte. Mas gentil também. Você tem o cabelo dele, você sabe, e os olhos verdes.
Mamãe pegou uma jujuba azul do saco de doces.
– Gostaria que ele pudesse vê-lo, Percy. Ficaria muito orgulhoso.
Eu me perguntei como ela podia dizer aquilo. O que havia de tão bom a meu respeito? Um menino disléxico, hiperativo, com um boletim D+, expulso da escola pela sexta vez em seis anos.
– Que idade eu tinha? – perguntei. – Quer dizer... quando ele se foi?
Ela olhou para as chamas.
– Ele só ficou comigo por um verão, Percy. Bem aqui nesta praia. Neste chalé.
– Mas... ele me conheceu quando eu era bebê?
– Não, meu bem. Ele sabia que eu estava esperando um bebê, mas nunca o viu. Teve de partir antes de você nascer.
Tentei conciliar o fato de que eu parecia me lembrar de... alguma coisa sobre meu pai.
Uma sensação calorosa. Um sorriso.
Sempre presumira que ele havia me visto quando bebê. Minha mãe nunca dissera exatamente isso, mas ainda assim eu achava que tinha acontecido. Saber agora que ele nunca me viu...
Fiquei com raiva do meu pai. Talvez fosse uma bobagem, mas eu me ressenti por ele ter partido naquela viagem oceânica, por não ter tido coragem para se casar com minha mãe. Ela nos deixara e agora estávamos presos ao Gabe Cheiroso.
– Você vai me mandar embora de novo? – perguntei a ela. – para outro internato?
Ela puxou um marshmallow do fogo.
– Eu não sei, meu bem. – Sua voz soou muito séria. – Acho... acho que teremos de fazer alguma coisa.
– Por quê você não me quer me ver por perto? – Eu me arrependi das palavras assim que elas saíram.
Os olhos de minha mãe ficaram marejados. Ela pegou minha mão e apertou com força.
– Ah, Percy, não. Eu... eu preciso, meu bem. Para seu próprio bem. Eu tenho de mandar você para longe.
Suas palavras me lembraram o que o Sr. Brunner tinha dito – que era melhor para mim deixar Yancy.
– Porque eu não sou normal? – disse eu.
– Você diz isso como se fosse uma coisa ruim, Percy. Mas não se dá conta do quanto você é importante. Pensei que Yancy seria bastante longe. Pensei que você finalmente estaria em segurança.
– Em segurança de quê?
Os olhos dela encontraram os meus, e me veio uma enxurrada de lembranças – todas esquisitas, assustadoras que sempre aconteciam, algumas que eu tentara esquecer.
Na terceira série, um homem de capa de chuva preta me seguiu no recreio. Quando os professores ameaçaram chamar a polícia, ele foi embora resmungando, mas ninguém acreditou em mim quando contei que, embaixo do chapéu de aba larga, o homem tinha um olho só, bem no meio da testa.
Antes disso – uma lembrança realmente antiga. Eu estava na pré-escola, e uma professora acidentalmente me pôs para dormir em um berço para dentro do qual uma cobra se arrastara. Minha mãe gritou quando foi me buscar e me encontrou brincando com uma cobra flácida cheia de escamas, que eu de algum modo conseguira estrangular até a morte com as minhas mãos gordinhas de bebê.
Em cada uma das escolas, algo de horripilante acontecera, algo perigoso, e fui forçado a sair. Eu sabia que devia contar à minha mãe sobre as velhas na banca de frutas e a Sra. Dodds no museu de arte, sobre a estranha alucinação em que eu havia transformado a professora de matemática em pó com uma espada. Mas não consegui me forçar a contar. Tinha a sensação esquisita de que a noticia iria acabar com nossa viagem a Montauk, e isso eu não queria.
– Tentei manter você tão perto de mim quanto pude – falou minha mãe. –Eles me disseram que isso era um erro. Mas só havia uma outra opção, Percy... o lugar para onde seu pai queria mandá-lo. E eu simplesmente... simplesmente não poderia aguentar ter de fazer isso.
– Meu pai queria que eu fosse para uma escola especial?
– Não uma escola – disse ela suavemente. – Um acampamento de verão.
Minha cabeça estava girando. Por que meu pai – que nem sequer ficara por perto tempo suficiente para me ver nascer – teria falado com minha mãe sobre um acampamento de verão? E, se isso era tão importante, por que ela nunca mencionara antes?
– Desculpe, Percy – continuou ela ao ver a expressão em meus olhos. – mas não posso falar sobre isso. Eu... eu não podia mandar você para aquele lugar. Significaria dizer adeus a você para sempre.
– Para sempre? Mas se é apenas um acampamento de verão...
Ela se voltou para o fogo, e eu percebi pela sua expressão que, se fizesse mais perguntas, ela começaria a chorar.

Naquela noite eu tive um sonho muito real.
Havia uma tempestade na praia, e dois belos animais, um cavalo branco e uma águia dourada, estavam tentando matar uma ao outro à beira-mar. A águia mergulhou e fez um talho no focinho do cavalo com suas garras enormes. O cavalo empinou e escoiceou as asas da águia. Enquanto eles lutavam, o chão retumbou e uma voz monstruosa riu em algum lugar embaixo da terra, incitando os animais a lutarem arduamente.
Corri até eles, sabendo que tinha de impedir que se matassem, mas eu corria em câmera lenta. Sabia que iria chegar tarde demais. Vi a águia mergulhar, o bico apontado para os grandes olhos do cavalo, e gritei: Não!
Acordei assustado.
Do lado de fora, havia realmente uma tempestade, o tipo de tempestade que racha árvores e derruba casas. Não havia nenhum cavalo nem águia na praia, somente relâmpagos que criavam uma falsa luz do dia e ondas de seis metros golpeando as dunas como artilharia.
Com o trovão seguinte, minha mãe acordou. Ela sentou na cama, os olhos arregalados, e disse:
– Furacão.
Eu sabia que aquilo era loucura. Nunca houve furacões em Long Island tão cedo no verão. Mas o oceano parecia ter esquecido isso. Por cima dos rugidos do vento, ouvi um bramido distante, um som furioso, torturado, que fez meus cabelos se arrepiarem.
Depois um ruído muito mais próximo, como de malhos na areia. Uma voz desesperada – alguém gritando, esmurrando a por
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Que tipo de música tocar no chá de fraldas?   
Assim como aniversários, casamentos e reuniões de amigos, o chá de fraldas é um momento bastante especial. Sendo assim, é natural que quem organiza queira que tudo saia perfeitamente. Isso passa, claro, pela música que vai embalar o evento, e é aí que surge a dúvida: que estilo musical tem mais chances de agradar a […]
          10 Buses burnt in Dhaka,RAB guarding street in combat fashion   
UNB, Dhaka, 11 June : Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and riot police were guarding the streets in the capital as pre-hartal violence marked by burning buses seemingly marred the normal life late Saturday afternoon.
Police and fire brigade sources confirmed that at least 10 vehicles, including passenger buses, auto rickshaws and yellow cabs, were burnt in different parts of the capital since Saturday afternoon to 10:00pm allegedly by hartal activists to create panic among the city dwellers and force them to stay inside. Fire Brigade sources said 10 vehicles were set to afire at Motijheel, Chawkbazar, Agargaon, Pallabi, Bangla College, Badda and Kakrail areas in between 1:30 pm to 10 pm.
Opposition BNP and its allies including Jamaat-e-Islami called for 36-hour marathon hartal across the country from Sunday morning to protest the government move to cancel the system of non-party caretaker government to oversee the general elections. The shutdown was also called to protest the price-hike of essentials, deteriorating law and order situation and the government’s failure to resolve gas-electricity-water crises and its failure to make the share market stable.
Witnesses said most private buses and cars went off the streets after the burning of buses in the afternoon. RAB and riot police in combat fashion either took positions at different strategic points or patrolling the streets in a bid to maintain order. Police said so far 54 pro-hartal activists were arrested from different parts in the capital including Ramna, Tajgaon, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Adabar, Shahbagh and Sabujbagh areas and punished them with one month to three months in jail on charge of ‘obstructing police duty.’
BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that police have started searching and raiding the houses of BNP leaders and workers across the country. He claimed more than 100 opposition leaders and workers were arrested till Saturday afternoon.
The 36-hour shutdown would be the first of its kind by the opposition party against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s two and a half years old government. Sunday-Monday hartal comes within a week as BNP enforced the last hartal on 5 June on the same issue. File Photos : AP

Mamta's cabinet to meet on Monday to discuss Singur 'bill'
Kolkata, 11 June : The West Bengal state cabinet will meet on 13 June to discuss the Singur 'Bill' before it is tabled in the Assembly, with the draft submitted to the Chief Minister's Office today, state Law Minister Maloy Ghatak told Bengal Newz over phone.
The Bill, being prepared by the Industry Department, would seek to revoke the lease agreement between the Tatas and WBIDC by virtue of which nearly 1,000 acre would be reclaimed by the state at Singur, the site of the abandoned Tata Motors Nano project.

UNFPA approved Bangladesh's $70 M Country Programme
Dhaka, 11 June : A country programme for Bangladesh has been considered and approved today during the Executive Board meeting of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
The purpose of the programme is to continue UNFPA's work in the areas of population development, reproductive health and gender equality, according to a release of Bangladesh Permanent Mission in New York.
The programme will focus on reducing inequalities, improving health human resources, improving the quality of emergency obstetric care and providing youth friendly services. It is based on the situation analysis, the programme evaluation and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), 2012-2016.
The approved country programme is $70 million, of which $40 million from regular budget. This is in line with the Bangladesh government's commitment to double the percentage of skilled birth attendance, reduce the rate of adolescent pregnancies and to halve the unmet need for family planning by 2015.
The USA, Sweden and Tanzania appreciated the work being done in Bangladeshand reiterated their support for the country programme. The US delegate stressed the need to work with vulnerable groups such as commercial sex workers and drug users in order to tackle the problem of HIV/AIDS. Sweden emphasized the need to involve all stakeholders to be more effective.

Grenade explodes in front of Assam Rifle unit in Meghalaya
Shillong, 11 June : A grenade blast occurred in front of the main gate of an Assam Rifles unit here today but there was no casualty.
An Assam Rifles spokesman said a 42-year-old civilian, apparently in inebriated condition, allegedly lobbed the grenade at a drain in front of the unit gate located at Madanriting in the city this evening.

Let black money flow : Dhaka Stock Exchange's chief Rizvi
Dhaka, 11 June : Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) wants the provision to legalise black money to stay for the companies listed in the share market.
“The opportunity to invest unaccounted income in government treasury bonds should be given to the companies listed in the share market,” DSE president Shakil Rizvi told a post-budget press conference on Saturday.

73,000 villages to have banking facility by 2012: FM Pranab
Raghunathganj, 11 June : Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today said 73,000 villages in the country would have banking facility by next year.
"By 31 March, 2012, banking facility will be available in 73,000 villages across the country going by the current pace of work," Mukherjee said after inaugurating a Punjab National Bank (PNB) branch at Talai under Raghunathganj police station area in Murshidabad district.
Mukherjee said the government wants to enable every citizen of the country to avail banking facility in future. He said Talai was among the 117 villages of the country to have been chosen by the PNB to mark its 117th year, where branches were being set up and local development projects undertaken.
Pranab Mukherjee also inaugurated an agri-training centre in the village and hoped it would help farmers acquire modern farming skills for better yield.

PM Hasina inaugurates two power plants at Meghanaghat
UNB, Narayanganj, 11 June : Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated a 100 MW furnace oil-fired Quick Rental Power Plant at Meghnaghat today.
She also laid the foundation of a 335-MW duel-fuel combined cycle power plant at the same place. Hasina inaugurated the 25.17 MW captive power plant, set up by Everest Power Generation Company, a sister concern of Meghna Group.

It's a good decision : Min Pranab on the bill on Singur land
Kolkata, 11 June : Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today made light of the criticism being faced by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for first announcing an ordinance and then saying a bill would be moved in the assembly to reclaim the 400 acre at Singur.
"So what? It's a good decision," Mukherjee told reporters in reply to a question before leaving for his Jangipur Lok Sabha constituency in Murshidabad district.

Khaplang issues counter expulsions, splits in NSCN group
PTI, Kohima, 11 June : Two days after his expulsion from Khole-Kitovi group of NSCN, its former chairman has come up with counter-expulsion orders against senior functionaries of GPRN/NSCN terming it as an "unification group", indicating further splits in the Naga insurgent outfit.
Using the nomenclature of National Socialist Council of Nagaland and addressing himself as its chairman, S S Khaplang yesterday issued two expulsion orders -- one for general secretary N Kitovi Zhimomi and the other for 'kilo kilonser' (home minister) Azheto Chophy and six other functionaries of GPRN/NSCN.
The expulsion orders, issued to the media through P Tikhak who termed himself as "spokesperson of NSCN(K)," described the expelled functionaries as "members of the unification camp" and said they were expelled for their "anti-party activities".

Monsoon likely to advance to Indian North-east in two days
Kolkata, 11 June : Conditions are favourable for the Southwest Monsoon to advance to the northeast and some parts of north Bengal in the next two days, the weathermen said today.
Director of the regional meteorological centre G C Debnath told Bengal Newz that radar watch of the monsoon current confirmed the existence of favourable conditions for its advance to the northeast and north Bengal.
Thereafter, Debnath said, the flow would somewhat weaken causing delay in its arrival in eastern India. However, good rainfall activity will continue along the west coast and northeastern states.

Manipur fixes urea price at Rs 400 per Bag to help farmers
PTI, Imphal, 11 June : In a move to help farmers, Manipur government has decided to provide them urea at Rs 400 per bag of 50 kg, official sources said today.
The decision to reduce the price from about Rs 600 per bag was taken during a cabinet meeting presided over by the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh yesterday, sources said. The amount of Rs 2 crores, sanctioned by the state cabinet, would be used in giving subsidy to 10,000 metric tonnes of urea to ensure urea to farmers at Rs 400 per bag, the sourced added.

Amitav Ghosh comes out with second of his Ibis Trilogy...
PTI, New Delhi, 11 June : The Ibis after its tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean to the Mauritius Islands has now moved to Canton in China in a fascinating build-up to the Opium Wars.
Three years after the internationally-acclaimed beginning to his masterful epic, the Ibis Trilogy with the Man Booker Prize-shortlisted "Sea of Poppies", author Amitav Ghosh returns with another engrossing novel depicting the further adventures of those aboard the Ibis.
"River of Smoke" is second of the trilogy of Ibis, is published by Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin.
In September 1838, a storm blows up on the Indian Ocean and the Ibis, having a motley array of sailors and stowaways, convicts and indentured labourers and moving from Kolkata to Mauritius, is caught up in the whirlwind. When the seas settle, five men have disappeared - two lascars, two convicts and one of the passengers.

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          A Pair of Air to Air Firsts: Part One Spark Vark 1, Mirage F.1EQ 0   

Photo U.S. Air Force Museum

The F-15C was the “premier” air to air fighter in OPERATION DESERT STORM.  Actually both the U.S.A.F and the Royal Saudi Air Force scored kills in the conflict. While the F-15s were not new to combat, the first F-15 kill occurred 1979 by the IDFAF,  33 of 36 U.S.A.F.  air to air victories were by the F-15C.  However they weren’t the only aircraft to score a shoot down on day one.

The first kill of that January 17th morning was by the most unlikely of aircraft an unarmed EF-111A Raven!   Yes, the Spark Vark was the first aircraft to be engaged by  a Dassault  Mirage F.1EQ.  The F.1 was configured for air to air with two Matra R.550 Magic air to air missiles, a French short range AAM, similar to AIM-9 Sidewinders. 

The Spark Vark was over the western desert of Iraq orbiting. Its mission was to create a corridor for the air armada streaking overhead into Iraq, by jamming the Iraqi radars.   The Vark was crewed by Pilot Capt. Jim Denton with Electronic Weapons Officer Capt Brent Brandon.  The Mirage broke out of a flight of four after being engaged by F-15C vectored by an AWACS.  The Mirage broke, popped flares and the F-15Cs missile missed. 

The Iraqi pilot then saw the unarmed aircraft and engaged.   The Magic came off the wingtip rail and headed directly at Denton and Brandon in AF 66-0016.   Denton began evasive action and Brandon popped flares in defense.   The Magic missed.   Denton decided to use the Vark’s advantage and dove the beast to the deck.

 The Iraqi pilot decided to follow.  He was going to take out that aircraft.   Denton began using his Terrain Following Radar to evade the hostile behind him.   Screaming across the desert he finally jinked right and pulled up, pushing the throttles. The TF-30s pushed the craft to over Mach 1.   Behind them the Mirage pilot, wasn’t so lucky he did not make the pull out in time, plowing his aircraft into the desert sand.  

Though there is much documentation about the incident Denton and Brandon were not given credit officially by the U.S.A.F.  I think the idea that an unarmed mudmover was the first kill of the war did not sit well with the Fighter Mafia.

AF 66-0016 survived and is serving gate guard duty at Cannon Air Force Base, in New Mexico.  It carries the names of Capt Douglas L. Bradt and EWO Capt Paul R. Eichenlaub, who were the only combat casualties in the EF-111.  Bradt and Eichenlaub lost their lives on February 14, 1991, when their Spark Vark, AF 66-0023, took evasive action and flew into the ground.

          TASK FORCE NORMANDY 20 Years Ago today   

The desert is dark, cold, and flat on moonless nights. There are no landmarks for navigation. The sand rises and falls and there is no real way to tell how high or low you are. You have no depth perception. Just vast amounts of nothing. On January 17th 1991 it was no different. In the western desert of Iraq there were some important targets; these targets did “light” the skies with RADAR. The Soviet designed RADARs were scanning the skies over the border with Saudi Arabia. These RADARS were constantly tested over the previous weeks. Allied forces would do what was called a “Fence Check” in the Cold War. They would streak towards the border, heading for Baghdad then, just before crossing into Iraq and would break off the attack. This happened so frequently that the Iraq RADAR operators got lulled into a sense of security. However these RADARs needed to be taken out.
Originally, the plan was to insert special operations forces to take over the RADAR sites. That was overruled by General H. Norman Schwarzkopf in November of 1990. The replacement mission became known as TASK FORCE NORMANDY. It was a joint service operation. In 1991, the AH-64As did not have the sophisticated navigation the current generation has. They could not find their targets easily in the dark nothingness of the Western Iraqi Desert. It was decided that USAF MH-53J PAVE LOW IIIs could act as navigators with their large all weather RADARs, and new-fangled Global Positioning System.
After practicing for three months, 12 aircraft, 10 United States Army and 2 United States Air Force, were prepositioned at Al Jouf Airport on January 14 from King Fahd International Airport. The MH-53s were from the 1st SOW 20th SOS; the 9 Apaches and 1 UH-60H were from the 1-101st Airborne.
The team did not wait too long. A day and a half later, they would be taking off in two groups. The AH-64s were given asymmetric load on their stub wings—with a rack of 4 AGM-114 HELLFIRE on each rack. On the left wing, a Fuel Tank; the right, a 70 mm HYDRA unguided rockets. The 30 MM chain gun was loaded with its full 1,200 rounds of ammo. One AH-64 would be a spare. The UH-60H would be set up, should there be a loss and a need to recover the crews. CH-47 Chinooks would take off and act as “Fat Cows;” they would be loaded with fuel to gas up the teams on the return, hot fueling the ships in the middle of the dark Iraqi desert.
Since there were two targets the team was divided into two flights, Red Flight and White Flight. Four AH-64s with its shepard MH-53 took off and headed northwest; 12 minutes later, the process was replicated but headed southwest.
The Flights were done with little to no communications. When there was a waypoint change, the MH-53 Crews came up with a novel way to point it out to the other Helos. They would drop out chemical lights (large light sticks) onto the desert floor.
Anyone who has ever heard a 53 will know the big Sikorsky isn’t quiet. They would not go all the way to prevent detection. So thirty nautical miles from the targets, the AH-64s surpassed the 53s and proceeded to approximately 2 miles from the RADAR sites; H HOUR was 3 AM local time. The Two flights of 64s split again into 4 flights with a mile separation, settled into a hover, and waited.
What the Army didn’t know was 37th TFW F-117s, lead by Col. Alton “Al” Whitley, had already snuck by the RADARS and were well on their way “Downtown.”
At precisely 2:38 AM Local time TASK FORCE NORMANDY released HELL FIRE on some poor unassuming Iraqi RADAR operators.
The Attacks lasted approximately 2 minutes. The Electrical generations were destroyed first. The RADARs went dark; next were the manned communications buildings and lastly were the RADARs themselves. In two minutes, 27 HELLFIRES, 100 HYDRAs and 4000 rounds of 30 Mike Mike were expended. The Iraqis had two new smoking ruins added to the landscape. The Corridor for the largest Air Armada in modern history had been opened. The Army had been the battering ram on Saddam’s Fortress Iraq. The door was down and now the troops were flooding through the door.
The Apaches headed back to friendly territory; however, even with the extra tank of gas, they were low on fuel. They needed to rendezvous with a Fat Cow; CH-47 had been prepositioned in the desert. It was loaded with precious gas. After the bloodied helos tanked up, they flew back to Al Jouf untouched.
As a side note, the Cow wasn’t so lucky. It took ground fire on its return home and lost its aft landing gear, from a shoulder launched surface-to-air missile. It did return safely and no crew was lost. A testament to the quality built in Ridley, PA!
It was only the beginning of the Apache in Iraq—a mission that still exists today.

Also check the posting time!

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          Establish Your Job Search Credibility on LinkedIn – Job Search Tactic #6   
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This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
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          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
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Shakespeare wasn’t on the radar for Humber professor Tatiana Jennings and the members of her theatre company, Kadozuke Kollektif.

After all, the group – which is made up entirely of Humber grads –specializes in devised theatre, which is a form of drama that doesn’t rely on a traditional script, but takes form through creative collaboration and improvisation among performers.

Traditional scripted plays, like A Streetcar Named Desire or Our Town just weren’t part of Kadozuke’s repertoire.

Until now.

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Rescat el conill és un encantador punt i clic tipus nou joc d'escapament desenvolupat per jocs ENA de franc. Somiar amb una situació que hi havia un noi i una noia. La noia tenia un conill. El noi també va agradar aquell conillet molt. Un dia, va robar el conill quan no hi havia ningú a la casa. Però va ser notat per la noia. Així previst rescatar el seu conill. Com a jugador, cal ajudar-la en rescatar el conill. Com ets una persona amb capacitats fent bona decisió, és segur que tindr
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This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
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          Sohn + l i m / acieloaperto   
05/07/2017 - Acieloaperto e RADAR concerti presentano SOHN in concerto special guest: L I M Mercoledì 5 luglio 2017 BIGLIETTI 20 euro + d.d.p. in prevendita online qui, oppure nei punti vendita TicketOne e rivenditori autorizzati. SOHN "SOHN has thankfully managed to poke his head above the saturated market. Why? Because of his sheer talent, grit and distinctive electronic sound". Rennen, pubblicato lo scorso 13 Gennaio via 4AD e anticipato dai singoli “Signal”, con un video diretto e interpretato da Milla Jovovich, “Conrad” e “Hard Liquor”, ha ricevuto un’accoglienza entusiastica da parte della stampa internazionale e ha coinvolto e fatto innamorare un pubblico sempre più vasto, permettendogli di collezionare sold out dopo sold out grazie a un disco “contro la noia”, come lo ha definito RollingStone Italia, un “follow-up that interlocks with the debut perfectly” ( TURISMO Per l'occasione, lo IAT di Cesena promuove pacchetti turistici speciali. Contatta lo IAT al numero 0547 356327, oppure scrivi una mail a per saperne di più. LOCATION Rocca Malatestiana Via Cia degli Ordelaffi 8, Cesena (FC) CONTATTI Info line: +39 339 214 0806 - acieloaperto acieloaperto ha il patrocinio e contributo della Regione Emilia-Romagna, e il patrocinio del Comune di Cesena e del Comune di San Mauro Pascoli
          La notte ha i tuoi occhi   
14/07/2017 - Tania Bacchiega da Lendinara (Rovigo), scrittrice conosciuta ed apprezzata, è al suo terzo romanzo (non ultimo!) e coglie l'occasione di presentare il suo nuovo libro proprio a Riccione che già l'aveva ospitata nel 2015 in collaborazione con l'Associazione LE NUVOLE presso la Galleria d'Arte "Lo Specchio di Narciso". Sergio Accardi lavora come guardia notturna presso una società privata. Ha richiesto di svolgere le sue mansioni solo durante le ore notturne a causa di una forte fotosensibilità, che gli rende difficile esporsi alla luce del sole e lo obbliga a condurre una vita con pochi contatti sociali. Una notte, mentre si trova solo, piantonato davanti al deposito di un vecchio magazzino viene avvertito dai colleghi della centrale di alcuni movimenti sospetti all'interno dell'edificio, identificati dalle telecamere. È così che recatosi per scrupolo anche sul retro dell'edificio, tra l'erba umida della notte estiva, inciampa in qualcosa. Si tratta del corpo senza vita della giovane Alice Zamboni, poco più che adolescente. Da quel momento la vita del protagonista cambia. Avverte il bisogno di conoscere Alice, di scoprire la verità sulla sua morte. Decide così di condurre una sua personale indagine, parallela a quella ufficiale della polizia, nel corso della quale si imbatte nella migliore amica di Alice, Lara, anche lei in pericolo di vita che gli rivela i retroscena di un grosso giro di prostituzione minorile di alto borgo in cui entrambe erano rimaste coinvolte. Sergio, miracolosamente, inizia a tollerare la luce del giorno e ad apprezzarne l'esperienza ma allo stesso tempo si trova a dovere fronteggiare una insolita paura della notte, che lo costringe a prendere dei calmanti. Nel suo percorso verso la verità, Sergio dovrà confrontarsi con personaggi grotteschi e luoghi degradati fino a degradare e corrompere sé stesso.
          Atelier delle Arti 2017 I arte, musica, scrittura   
22/07/2017 - ATELIER DELLE ARTI arte, musica, scrittura Rimini | Bertinoro |22 - 25 luglio 2017 Un viaggio in compagnia di artisti e maestri Un’occasione per conoscere e incontrare compagni d’avventura Direzione artistica | Davide Rondoni Il Centro di poesia contemporanea dell’Università di Bologna e la Fondazione Claudi, propongono l’Atelier delle Arti, alcune giornate di incontri e laboratori con artisti di varie discipline (poeti, scrittori, fotografi, musicisti, pittori, attori, performer). Un’opportunità per vivere l’esperienza dell’arte e confrontarsi in maniera diretta e informale con i maestri. Un invito al risveglio, per conoscersi, sperimentare, e tenere acceso il fuoco della bellezza. L’Atelier è un’iniziativa rivolta a ragazzi delle scuole superiori, studenti universitari e tutti gli interessati. La giornata del 22 luglio si svolgerà presso il Festival “Parco Poesia” di Rimini. Nei giorni successivi l’Atelier delle Arti si svolgerà presso il Museo Interreligioso di Bertinoro e gli iscritti alloggeranno presso il Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro (Ce.U.B.). Quota di partecipazione: € 240,00 * Iscrizione: entro e non oltre le ore 12:00 di venerdì 7 luglio 2017 * Per informazioni: Centro di Poesia Contemporanea dell’Università di Bologna Via Ugo Foscolo, 7 – 40123 Bologna - Tel 051 2094645 - * La quota comprende: vitto, alloggio, lezioni, presenza costante di tutor, partecipazione a gite e attività organizzate. Se non si ha bisogno di vitto e alloggio, la quota per la partecipazione agli incontri è di 100 euro. * Per ragioni di spazio e organizzazione il numero dei partecipanti sarà limitato PARCO POESIA FESTIVAL Uno dei più "vecchi" festival italiani è proprio quello dedicato ai giovani. Da dodici anni è il punto di riferimento per la poesia contemporanea ed esordiente, radar per le nuove generazioni e luogo di serio ascolto per i giovanissimi che scrivono. Parco Poesia è stato il primo festival in Italia dedicato alla poesia giovane ed esordiente e nel 2013 ha compiuto 10 anni. Ogni anno a fine luglio, nella corte del castello malatestiano di Rimini, arrivano quasi 100 poeti, dai grandi maestri agli autori contemporanei più importanti, dai giovani autori più affermati alle promesse che il festival scopre in tutta Italia, attraverso un costante lavoro di scouting. Readings, laboratori, conversazioni, per incontrare da vicino la poesia del nostro tempo e anche quella del futuro. Parco Poesia è nato nel 2003 da un'idea di Isabella Leardini. Dal 2011 grazie alla Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini il festival è arrivato a Castel Sismondo, nel cuore del centro storico di Rimini, ed è cresciuto aprendosi a nuovi progetti. Non più soltanto un festival ma un osservatorio costante, alla ricerca di nuovi talenti da coinvolgere, di autori da scoprire, di iniziative da seguire in tutta Italia grazie a Un sito dedicato soprattutto ai più giovani, perché possano incontrare la bellezza della poesia contemporanea e diventare lettori. MUSEO INTERRELIGIOSO DI BERTINORO Il Museo Interreligioso nasce ufficialmente nel 2005 sulla scia dell’accordo interuniversitario del 1995 Mediterraneum, sottoscritto tra gli atenei di Bologna, Tessalonica, Tunisi, Ankara, Heidelberg, Gerusalemme, la Pontificia Università Gregoriana e l’Università Pontificia Antonianum e a seguito del quale si fece palese l’esigenza di creare uno spazio dove le culture e le religioni monoteistiche potessero incontrarsi, conoscersi e dialogare, coniugando il valore della tolleranza e del rispetto. Da allora la sede del Museo si trova all’interno delle parti più antiche della Rocca Vescovile di Bertinoro: le segrete e la cisterna, risalenti al XII secolo. Museo Interreligioso di Bertinoro Via Frangipane, 6 - 47032 Bertinoro (FC) CENTRO RESIDENZIALE UNIVERSITARIO DI BERTINORO Il Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro (Ce.U.B.) opera dal 1994 nel settore dell’Alta Formazione e delle attività congressuali. Ce.U.B. è situato all’interno dell’area monumentale costituita dalla Rocca Vescovile, dal Rivellino e dall’Ex-Seminario, che dominano il vicino borgo medievale di Bertinoro. Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro Via Frangipane, 6 – 47032 Bertinoro (FC)
          Escapar de la frontera   
Escapar de la frontera és un apassionant punt i clic tipus nou joc d'escapament desenvolupat per ENA jocs gratuïts. Visualitzar una situació que es practiquen constantment en helicòpter a un campament militar prop de la frontera. Malauradament, el radar en el seu helicòpter té funcionava malament i va entrar en la frontera d'adversari. Així, un míssil colpir el seu helicòpter. D'alguna manera, li va sobreviure. Ara és la seva responsabilitat vital per escapar de la frontera d'adversari. Per la seva brillantor i experiència, que ha de fugir tan aviat com sigui possible. Això no ha de ser més f
Escapada de Castell fosc 2 és un punt interessant i clic tipus nou joc d'escapament desenvolupat per jocs ENA de franc. És una seqüela de fuga fosc castell 1. Somiar amb una situació que hi ha un castell fora la ciutat fosca. Ningú va a aquest lloc. Fins i tot si algú hi va, ningú ha tornat. Però per curiositat, t'agradaria anar a aquell castell fosc i demostrar que vostè és el primer a tornar d'aquell castell fosc. Això podria ser assolible només si té el coratge per fer-ho. Segurament vostè tindr
          Salsedine on stage | folk, jazz & world music a bellaria   
Da 09/06/2017 a 30/06/2017 - Salsedine on stage | folk, jazz & world music al salsedine di bellaria igea marina Comincia la stagione estiva al Salsedine di Bellaria Igea Marina con una nuova programmazione musicale. A partire dal 9 giugno, ogni venerdì un concerto, un vero viaggio, un percorso artistico molto particolare pensato e realizzato dall’associazione culturale ATTIVA. Si parte il 9 giugno con STRANGEBOAT, duo acustico formato dalla chitarra di Roberto Farabegoli e dal violino di Alessia Ridolfi, che si fondono per dare vita ad originali reinterpretazioni di famose ballate del rock, folk irlandese e country. Dai dubliners agli U2, dagli Eagles a Neil Young, gli StrangeBoat affrontano l'oceano musicale senza paura, cercando di scivolare sulle note come un buon marinaio affronta anche le più alte onde del mare. Il 16 giugno saremo accompagnati in un viaggio nel vero jazz da grandissimi musicisti del panorama nazionale, il GIULIO ANGRISANI TRIO, con Giulio Angrisani alla tromba, Andrea Atto Alessi al contrabbasso e Gennaro Cirillo alla batteria. Il 23 giugno, il viaggio continua FUNKIER THAN A MOSQUITO'S TWEETER, con la voce di Lisa Manara, Federico Squassabia al pianoforte/rhodes e Youssef Ait Bouazza alla batteria, con un progetto che nasce dalla passione comune per la musica africana e in particolare per Miriam Makeba - intramontabile Mama Africa - grande cantante sudafricana che per decenni ha inondato il mondo dei suoi canti di gioia e dolore, ispirati dalla condizione della popolazione nera in Sudafrica. Dall’“Urlo dell’Africanità” il progetto si allarga, introducendo brani originali di sonorità capoverdiane e facendo del groove la linfa vitale della loro musica. Il 30 giugno, a chiudere il mese, si esibiranno TRIO TEBATAKI, nuovo gruppo musicale jazz composto da Mayumi Okada al pianoforte, Eros Rambaldi al contrabbasso ed Enrico Rò alla batteria. Si conoscono all’interno del conservatorio di Pesaro e formano un repertorio di brani jazz, con influenze di musica classica, arrangiato con cura. Atmosfere moderne e antiche si incrociano e rendono variopinto e intenso ogni live, tra grandi classici (Ellington, Bill Evans, per citarne un paio), colonne sonore (Lupin, La città incantata) e musica contemporanea. Il SALSEDINE è una bellissima realtà del territorio, che da sempre lavora sulla qualità, cibo e musica in particolare. “Ci piace l’idea – dice Massimo Gradara, gestore del locale – di dare un nuovo spazio a musicisti ed artisti del territorio, qualcosa di particolare ed unico. Siamo sicuri, SALSEDINE ON STAGE sarà un successo.”. Organizzazione a cura dell’associazione ATTIVA, con la collaborazione dell’associazione culturale STUDIO. info & prenotazioni SALSEDINE | Viale Alfredo Panzini 73/b | BELLARIA IGEA MARINA RN | +39 333 3650183 associazione culturale ATTIVA | +39 340 8772379 |
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Escapar de lloc abandonat   
Escapar de lloc abandonat és un punt interessant i clic tipus nou joc d'escapament desenvolupat per jocs ENA de franc. Somiar amb una situació que hi ha un lloc abandonat fora de la ciutat. Ningú va a aquest lloc. Fins i tot si algú hi va, ningú ha tornat. Però per curiositat, t'agradaria anar a aquest lloc abandonat i demostrar que vostè és el primer a tornar d'aquell lloc abandonat. Això podria ser assolible només si té el coratge per fer-ho. Segurament vostè tindr
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Barbie disseny i nadó vestit de joc   
Hola noies, li agradaria ajudar Barbie Dissenyem i creem un joc vestit motherdaughter. Barbies bonics filla, Lilly, és una bella dama jove ara i Barbie la portar
          Uber self-driving Volvos use Nvidia Tegra   
Uber self-driving Volvos use Nvidia Tegra

Incredibly important win

Back in January,  Nvidia  revealed that it had a two Parker SoCs on a board that it calls Drive PX 2 and that the Volvo XC90 will be the first car to use it. A few days back, Uber revealed that customers in down town Pittsburg will be able to use Volvo XC90 cars for their Uber rides. 

The important thing to mention is that Nvidia technology is inside as the Volvo XC90 is using DRIVE PX 2 as the heart of the self-driving vehicle. Tesla which was seen as a leader in the self-driving arena was using Mobileye and it plans to end this relationship as soon as it can, due to a death. Most cars today including expensive BMWs which have the highway autopilot feature use Mobileye.

Nvidia Drive PX 2 is much more powerful as it  has two  Parker CPUs and two 256-core Pascal based Cuda cores and it can deliver 24 trillion deep learning operations per second to run the most complex inference algorithms. If that is not re-assuring enough, the Drive PX 2 system has three teraflops of performance for  deep learning. In case you don’t speak geek language, Fudzilla spent a lot of time investigating technologies crucial to self-driving including object detection, Lidar, RADAR, ultra-sonic sensors and all in all, self-driving cars are on their way to be safer than humans.

Uber is a smart business and it wants to get rid of the most expensive part of its transportation business model, a human driver. This won’t happen overnight as the Pittsburg trials will require all Volvo cars to have a person in the driver seat that will sit there “just in case”. The car will drive itself, but the person in the driver's seat will be able to take control at any given moment.

Nvidia and Volvo expect that self-driving cars should hit the streets by 2020 while Mobileye was targeting 2021. Both of these dates are closer than most of you think, and it will make everything safer. Most daily commuters spend an awful lot of time on their phones, not paying attention, and the self-driving car will watch the street all the time, refreshing information in milliseconds and being able to react much faster than any human.

Volvo said that combined with Uber, both companies spent some $300 million on a Volvo based self-driving Uber car. Volvo will make the car and Uber will buy it.

Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars, said:

“Volvo is a world leader in the development of active safety and autonomous drive technology and possesses an unrivaled safety credibility. We are very proud to be the partner of choice for Uber, one of the world’s leading technology companies. This alliance places Volvo at the heart of the current technological revolution in the automotive industry.”

It looks like that Uber, Volvo and Nvidia will profit, as essentially this is Nvidia’s biggest win to data, and the self-driving powered by the Nvidia Drive PX 2 will happen much sooner than anyone expected. The first ride will mark the day when Nvidia finally stops being a GPU-graphics cards company. The change of Tegra strategy we mentioned back in 2014 is finally paying off. 

          Comment on Cat seizures by Melissa   
My cat Squeak is 17.5, and had his first seizure about 6 months ago. I didn't see it, but my husband said he fell off the ottoman, appeared to be unable to get up, struggled and panted, and was very weak on one side. Eventually he was able to walk, but we took him to the ER. Tests showed there was nothing wrong. Took him to our vet and again, there seemed to be nothing wrong. Last month (5 months after the first seizure) he had another: same symptoms. Again, our vet said it was probably a blip on the radar screen, and advised us to just watch and observe. Yesterday he had a grand mal seizure right in front of me: he leaped off the couch, began running in circles, then fell on his right side and began thrashing violently. His head jerked repeatedly to the left, and his eyes were enormously dilated. His mouth was open wide but was not crying, panting or drooling. He did not lose control of his bladder of bowels. This all lasted about 2-3 minutes while I held him gently on the floor and spoke quietly to him. Afterward he seemed dazed and disoriented. I raced him to the vet, had a full blood workup done, and this morning the vet said there seemed to be nothing to indicate a metabolic disorder or anything organic that would cause seizures. Meanwhile, Squeak seems normal and alert. At this point I am planning to take a wait-and-see attitude rather than starting him on drugs. If he has another seizure in the next month, we'll re-evaluate. Thanks to everybody for providing so much anecdotal info and for passing on your experiences.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          NYC Rapper Princess Nokia Lets Loose New Single 'G.O.A.T' + Video   
New York native Princess Nokia (aka Destiny Frasqueri) has unleashed her first single for Rough Trade Records. Produced by Wally West, 'G.O.A.T' is the rapper's first drop since her 1992 mixtape which she self-released last year and comes accompanied....
          First Line-Up For Northern Bass Festival 2017 Revealed   
The first line-up for Northern Bass Music Festival has been revealed and it features a solid mix of international and local talent. The seventh iteration of the New Year's dance party will see Goldie once again hitting these shores, as well as....
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Report: Middlesbrough's Marten de Roon on Manchester United radar   
A report claims that Middlesbrough midfielder Marten de Roon is a target for Manchester United, who are willing to pay £8.8m for his services.
          Barbie a Instagram: Tumblr desafiament   
Hola noies Barbie últimament començava a utilitzar Instagram i Tumblr. Li encanta descobrir noves idees d'equip i Tumblr és seu núm. 1 font d'inspiració quan arriba sobre moda en aquest joc de Barbie a Instagram Tumblr repte que ha decidit recrear alguns equips que ella veu en Tumblr, però li agradaria alguna ajuda. Són que per a aquest repte ajuda bella Barbie triar el millor vestit
          Corrent Fred Lite   
Li agradaria enfonsa el perill real aquesta masmorra, que vostè tindr
          Dovanojamas gyvūnas   

Graži, aukšta, liekna, meili, protinga katytė ieško sau mylinčių šeimininkų. Katytė buvusi naminukė į namų globa buvo paimta kai nėščia buvo. Nes kažkokie „geradariai“ ją nėščia išmetė į lauką. Po 2 savaičių jau saugioje aplinkoje ji pasigimdė tris kačiukus „milžiniukus“. Vaikams jau suradome namus, o dabar laikas mamytei iškeliauti į pastovius namus. Katytei gal 3-4 metai. Sterilizuota, paskiepyta, čipuota. Katytė norėtų pas šeimininkus gyventi viena, nenorėtų kitų kačių draugijos. Kaunas Tel. 8686-32673

          Conte de fades d'Elsa   
Ajudar a la princesa de gel en aquest joc de conte de fades Elsa on li agradaria mirar ella molt millor. Canviar els seus cabells i la roba per aconseguir-ho tan aviat com sigui possible.
          Princesa gatet Spa cura   
Aquest preciós gatet és la mascota d'una princesa i és la mascota més mimat en la terra. T'agradaria tenir tal un gatet com la seva mascota ens far
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
           Aeroflex IFR RD-301A Sale price: $49,782.00    

Aeroflex IFR RD-301A

Sale price

Weather Radar Test Set Tracking System The RD301A tracking system enables the test set to automatically acquire and track the transmitter frequency. This basic feature eliminates the need for constant re-tuning to compensate for transmitter or signal...(Continue to site)

          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Peppys cuinar pastís nabius de classe   
T'agradaria aprendre que la recepta preferida nabius per Thanksgiving Day Aquí est
           Aeroflex IFR RDX-7708 Sale price: $19,992.00    

Aeroflex IFR RDX-7708

Sale price

Weather Radar Test Set. Comprehensive RF Test Set for ARINC 708 Solid State Coherent Weather Radar Systems. Endorsed by OEM Weather Radar System manufacturers. Contact us today for quality new and used avionics equipment. If you are upgrading to ne...(Continue to site)

          Flappy Rush   
T'agrada ocell flappy llavors definitivament t'agradar
          Valent gosset cura   
Aquí és un valent gosset pelut, cal tenir cura d'un dia. Cal despertar-lo, donar-li un bany al sentir fresca. Després d'un bany que aconsegueix famolenc, tan alimentar-lo i finalment donar joguines per jugar. Li agradaria gaudir el dia amb un cadell aquí és
          0 - 10000   
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Flappy Rush   
T'agrada ocell flappy llavors definitivament t'agradar
          Skomentuj Sygnalizacja na skrzyżowaniach z ul. Teligi pilnie potrzebna?, którego autorem jest Jadwiga   
Mieszkam w okolicy od kilku lat i wielokrotnie pokonywałem to skrzyżowanie pieszo, rowerem jak i samochodem. Zgodzę się "Po co nazwa", że progi to zły pomysł. p. Diana też ma rację, że światła tylko zwiększyłyby korki a pewnie piratów za bardzo nie powstrzymały. Najlepszym rozwiązaniem wydaje się rondo - tym bardziej, że rozwiązałoby temat wjazdu i wyjazdu do "Grubego Benka". Jeśli to zbyt drogie rozwiązanie to może fotoradar, albo policjanci z radarem by pomogli. Na odcinku do Milanówka, zwłaszcza wieczorami niektórzy potrafią szaleć a i w kierunku dworca mało kto przestrzega ograniczeń prędkości do 40.
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
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          Trollface Quest   
Vostè vol batre el trollface o acaben sent controlat LOL vostè segurament agradar
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Tresors de Moctezuma 2   
Una seqüela de la popular PC joc tresors de Montezuma agradar
          The Million Dollar Man?   
*There is speculation that Kao-Yuan IF Tzu-Wei Lin is set to receive the highest signing bonus for an amateur non-pitcher from the island.      The toolsy Lin should garner a seven figure signing bonus as he is reportedly receiving serious interest from the Rangers, Yankees, Indians, Red Sox, Twins, Pirates, A's, Padres, and Softbank Hawks (NPB).   He's eligible to sign upon the completion of his HS career in a matter of months.

CFC received $680,000 back in 1999 with the Dodgers.

If and when Lin signs, he'll be able to live down this potential blunder made back in 2010.

*There are rumors that the A's reportedly made an offer to Ku-Pao RHP Ping-Hsueh Chen.

*Remember the 2009 Little League World Series?  
Well, the star player from that Taiwanese team, Wen-Hua Sung is on all scouts' radars with his impressive development.     The 15 year old is set to finish "middle school" and begin HS in the fall.   He's now grown to 6'1" and weighs 187 pounds.   He's been clocked at a high of 92 mph. 

* The Cubs released RHP Hung-Wen Chen.
Several other minor league washouts are playing in the Atlantic League.   Ching-Lung Lo is with the Lancaster Barnstormers.  Chin-Lung Hu failed his physical with the Phillies and is on the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs roster.  Sheng-An Kuo is also supposedly in the Atlantic League.

          Zoe Flappy Rush   
T&59;agrada ocell flappy llavors definitivament t&59;agradar
          Your Local Doppler Radar   
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          Agen Yakin Dolberg Tertarik Merumput di Italia   

Amsterdam – Agen Jens Steffensen meyakini striker muda Ajax Amsterdam, Kasper Dolberg, akan kesulitan menampik tawaran dari tim elit asal Italia, AS Roma. Sebelumnya, kabar memberitakan, Dolberg telah masuk radar Manchester United dan beberapa klub besar Eropa lainnya. Sementara sang pemain adalah andalan Ajax di lini serang. Tampil di skuad utama, pemain berusia 19 itu […]

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          Your Local Doppler Radar   
This map shows the location and intensity of precipitation in your area. The color of the precipitation corresponds to the rate at which it is falling. This map is updated every 15 minutes.
          Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist: Natural, Organic, Eco-Friendly   
For the holidays, my friends Fintan and William gave me as part of my gift a Jurlique makeup case filled with travel size Jurlique skincare products. Jurlique was on my radar for some time, but I always have so many skincare products to test for review that it didn’t make sense for me to go out and buy it. I was happy to have a chance to try Jurlique skincare in the mini or travel sizes. When Jeff and I went to New Hampshire for the weekend at the end of the winter, I took the Jurlique makeup case of samples along with me. Frankly, the eye cream and moisturizer samples were not hydrating enough for my winter-dry skin especially since it was absolutely frigid that weekend – the low was 14 degrees below zero! Nevertheless, one of the samples really was a hit with me: Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. The makeup case included a travel size spray bottle of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. I’ve been using it since the first weekend in March and I’m almost finished with it. I liked it so much I bought a large size bottle. The rose scent is delicate but strong enough to [...]
          Lluita final d&59;una sola peça   
Tria el personatge que li agradaria lluitar llavors lluitar contra ells amb el seu amic o l&59;ordinador.
          Creuar la serp de foc   
Matar tots els enemics en el seu camí. Jugador pot comprovar posicions enemigues a través del radar de l&59;esquerra cap amunt de la cantonada i enderrocar tots els enemics. Disparar amb precisió com headshot li donar
          Interview of Frederick E. Crory by Brian Shoemaker   
Interview of Frederick E. Crory by Brian Shoemaker Crory, Frederick E. Mr. Crory (Fred) grew up as a Massachusetts farm boy. At age 15 he joined the Massachusetts National Guard and at age 17 joined the Marines – serving in Guam and Japan. He also served during the Korean War. Upon discharge he used the G.I. Bill and attended the University of Massachusetts graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering. During his senior year one of his professors, Karl Hendrickson, introduced him to soil mechanics in the Polar Regions. This led to a job at the Army Corps of Engineers at their Arctic Construction and Frost Effects Laboratory (ACFEL). Fred describes his experiences in doing basic research for construction projects in the Arctic. Early on he began to work on developing adequate piling supports for the Distant Early Warning System (DEW) Line bases. Later it was on towers that oscillated due to the wind and affected their foundations. He explains frost heaving in airfields constructed on permafrost. This work took him to Fairbanks for a two-year (1956-59) assignment where he traveled the entire north Alaskan Coast conducting Arctic construction studies. Back in Massachusetts he took over the pile-testing program at ACFEL. He explains the merger of ACFEL and the Snow, Ice, Permafrost Research Experiment (SIPRE) to the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) in 1961 and the move to Hanover. Fred took over the Foundations Group of CRREL in the early 1960’s. With the development of the oil industry on the North Slope of Alaska, Fred became involved with development of foundations for oil-rigs, roads, airstrips, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and etc. He explains his work studying how to protect the tundra and permafrost at test sites at Inagok, Tunaluk and Lisburne. He visited the USSR three time s to learn from their methods. He also traveled to Thule in Greenland to develop “refrigerated foundations” for the radars, the Ballistic Missile Warning System in Clear, Alaska and DEW line stations across the north slope of Canada and the United States when they were upgraded to automated sites of the North Warning System. Along the way he picked up a Master of Science degree from the College of Applied Sciences of the University of New Hampshire. Fred retired in 1990 and conducted Arctic consulting work until 1995. He is fully retired today and lives in Hanover, New Hampshire.
          Interview of Earl R. Hillis by Brian Shoemaker   
Interview of Earl R. Hillis by Brian Shoemaker Hillis, Earl R. 1. Born in Campaign, Tennessee 9/15/33. Grew up in Chattanooga, TN. 2. Attended David Lipscomb College (now Lipscomb University) for one year and Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Auburn University) for one year before entering the NAVCAD Flight Training program of the Navy. 3. Commissioned Ensign and Received wings in June 1956. 4. First duty was with VX-6 for Antarctic research support. 5. Checked out in the Otter and picked up one squadron Otter at DeHaviland factory in Toronto. 6. Otters shipped as deck-load on ships to Antarctica. 7. Hillis sailed on USNS Joseph F. Merrell from Davisville, RI to Antarctica. Merrell escorted through the ice pack by USS Eastwind and USS Glacier. Spent Christmas 1956 in McMurdo . 8. In January 1957 he traveled to Little America where he was assigned. 9. ENS. Hillis flew with LCDR Harvey Speed and ENS. Bill Schick as a co-pilot/navigator. Their plane that they wintered-over with was the Que-Sera-Sera the plane that previously was the first ever to land at the South Pole. Their main responsibility was to support the tractor trains from Little America to Byrd Station (80 degrees south and 120 degrees west). 10. LCDR Hillis gives a good account of the use of the various navigational instruments used to fly around Antarctica – radar (APS-42), N-1 Gyro, Periscopic Sextant, Sun Compass, Ground Patterns in the ice surfaces, RACON Beacon, ADF, and Magnetic compass (“useless in polar regions”). He also comments on the Grid Navigation System in use. 11. Plane hauled fuel to the tractors. 12. Discusses ski landings and ski construction. 13. He was part of three flight crews that wintered-over at LA V. 14. Flew over to LA I, LA II and LA III and opened the tunnels to the old Byrd camps. 15. Flew many cargo flights to South Pole. “All flights were way over-grossed.” ie overweight with cargo ED. 16. Capt Dickey was C.O. of LA V 17. Pilots who wintered-over at LA V: LCDRs Jim Waldron (O-in-C), Harvey Speed, and Bill Schick and Lt Anderson and ENS Aygarn as well as Hillis. 18. Says HAM Radio was extremely important to morale. 19. August 1957 Speed, Schick and Hillis flew back and forth to McMurdo before the sun came up. 20. Describes Otter crash at McMurdo by winter-over crew just before sundown. Said it was probably “avoidable!” 21. Remained “on the ice” until December 1957. Supported science traverses as well as the Byrd Station tractor trains. 22. Orders to FASRON 102 at NAS Norfolk. Flew WV/R7V C-121) for project Magnet for Naval Oceanographic Office in the Arctic. Explains the project. 23. Worked from Thule April 1964 flying infra- red photography of ice pack. 24. Flew ice reconnaissance for submarine USS Sargo’s winter transit through the Bering Strait in Arctic in 1960 using C-121 (WV/R7V) . 25. Flew over North Pole as well as the South Pole. This interview is particularly good in that the interviewee gives a very detailed primer on navigation in the Antarctic. LCDR Hillis was one of the authorities on Antarctic aerial navigation in the IGY era and is eloquent in his explanation on how the different elements of navigation work.
          Interview of Craig W. Brown by Brian Shoemaker   
Interview of Craig W. Brown by Brian Shoemaker Brown, Craig W., 1937- Mr. Brown graduated from the University of Iowa in 1960 with a degree in electrical engineering. He was in graduate school at the University of Idaho when he read a U.S. Weather Bureau recruitment brochure for work in Antarctica. He answered the advertisement and was accepted by the USWB in 1962. In June of 1962 he was sent to the USWB Station in Kansas City, KS where he was trained to maintain and repair the parabolic tracking radar to track weather balloons. From there he went to Herndon, VA where he learned to us the Dobson Ozone Spectro-Photometer and the Regener Chemiluminescent Ozone detector. The Dobson measured upper atmosphere ozone and the Regener measured surface ozone. The final training leg was at Scripps Institute of Oceanography where he was trained to measure carbon dioxide concentrations. From there he proceeded to McMurdo Sound via Christchurch and after one day there was flown to the South Pole Station on the 12th of November 1962. He noted that it was 39 degrees below zero at the time. He describes the South Pole Station - the only evidence was a doorway arch sticking up above the terrain leading down to the station which was about 12 feet below the surface due to drifting snow. The scientists who spent the prior year left the day after he and other scientists arrived. His partner from the USWB was Ken Jensen. He and Ken shared 24 hour per day scientific data-collection duties for a year. He describes his research measurement of upper atmosphere ozone using Ultra-Violet radiation via the Dobson Ozone Spectrophotometer year around, surface ozone via chemiluminesce, and carbon dioxide measurements day-in and day-out. He briefly describes other scientific research that was taking place at South Pole at the time: - Aurora studies by Bob Fries for the Arctic Institute of North America under the direction of N. J. Oliver of the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory. - Ionospheric studies of the D, E F1 and F2 layers by Bill Burgess for the Nationa Bureau of Standards under the direction of a Mr. Hough.. - VLF (Very Low Frequency) radio studies by Jim Petlock for Stanford University directed by Robert Helliwell - Seismology research by Ron Davis for the US Coast and Geodetic Survey under the direction of Captain Robert A. Earle. - Surface radioactivity by Jack Falkenhoff of the Weather Bureau for the U. S. Naval Research Laboratory under the direction of Dr. L. B. Lockhart, Jr. - Weather by Charlie Roberts, Harry Spohn, and Ken Jensen of the U. S. weather Bureau. Mr. Brown covers station life – movies at night, the food, a typical day in his life, the library, “house mouse” duties. He describes the sundown, lack of storms, temperature record of 110 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, auroras and other weather phenomena including the sunrise after a six-month absence. He was replaced after a year and describes the experience of arriving in Christchurch and seeing green grass, fresh food and women in November of 1963. After a short stay at Scripps Institute of Oceanography writing up his research on carbon dioxide and publishing a paper with Dr Charles Keeling (The Concentration of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide in Antarctica