General Electric   

PETERBOROUGH, N.H.—The metaphorical moment of my first 24 hours on the Clark trail took place late Tuesday, when a college student handed her résumé to a Clark aide and asked for a job. The objective emblazoned across the top of the page stated that she wanted a position with the Kerry campaign, except the word "Kerry" was scratched out and "Clark" was hand-written below it in ink. If that's not proof of Clark's newfound No. 2 status in New Hampshire, Howard Dean's campaign produced still more evidence when it authorized volunteers to distribute anti-Clark flyers at a Clark town-hall meeting Wednesday here in Peterborough.

On one side, the flyer reads "WESLEY CLARK: PRO-WAR," followed by a list of the general's much-discussed statements in support of the congressional Iraq war resolution. It's the stuff that gave Clark grief when he entered the race in the fall: He advised Katrina Swett, campaigning at the time *, to vote for the resolution, and he told reporters this past September that "on balance, I probably would have voted for it." On the other side, the flyer reads "WESLEY CLARK: REAL DEMOCRAT?" followed by Clark's much-discussed statements in praise of President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and the Bush Cabinet, plus evidence of his pro-Republican voting record in presidential elections (until 1992).

Clark strategist Chris Lehane paints this as hypocrisy on Dean's part. After calling on Terry McAuliffe to put a stop to intra-party bickering, the former Vermont governor aims his guns at his fellow Democrats when the tactic serves his interests. Fair enough, but who cares? More important is Clark campaign's sense of pride that it has arrived as a serious Dean rival. No campaign has ever been happier to have a target on its back.

Just as a press release at the Oct. 9 Phoenix debate showed that the Dean campaign considered Dick Gephardt its main obstacle of the moment, these flyers, however mild, demonstrate that Clark has become a big enough irritant to merit a swat of his own. "The Howard Dean campaign is starting to get a little nervous," Mo Elleithee, the campaign's New Hampshire communications director, crows at a conference call slapped together to gleefully respond to Dean's "negative attack flyers." "They're hearing our footsteps."

The Clark campaign insists that it was never engaged in any negative campaigning, and it's true that Clark has refrained from explicitly attacking Dean or any of his opponents at the three events I've attended so far. But there's no disputing that a healthy anti-Dean undercurrent runs through Clark's events. "You want to find the candidate you like, and you want to find the candidate who can win," says the man who introduces Clark in Peterborough. President Bush will run for re-election on national security and tax cuts, and Wesley Clark, he says, unlike Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean, can win on both.

Clark himself is even vaguer, but it's clear to whom he is referring when he opens each stump speech with a declaration that the party must rise above its anger in this election. "I'm not running to bash Bush," he says. "I'm running to replace him." The rest of the speech focuses on his patriotism, his faith, and his policies, but I wonder if this is another quiet shot at Dean. During Vietnam, "Every man in America understood that he had a military obligation," so it's no big deal that Clark served his country, Clark insists. (Did Dean understand his obligation?) And then, at a quick press conference after the town hall, a reporter asks Clark to respond directly to the flyers. Sounding more than ever like the man who just attacked him, Clark replies, "I guess that's what professional politicians do."

Correction, Jan. 9, 2004: In the original version of this article Chris Suellentrop referred to Katrina Swett as "Representative," when in fact she was merely campaigning for Congress at the time. Return to the corrected sentence.

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          India and the Balance of Power   

India is arriving on the world stage as the first large, economically powerful, culturally vibrant, multiethnic, multireligious democracy outside of the geographic West. As it rises, India has the potential to become a leading member of the "political West" and to play a key role in the great political struggles of the next decades. Whether it will, and how soon, depends above all on the readiness of the Western powers to engage India on its own terms.


India's grand strategy divides the world into three concentric circles. In the first, which encompasses the immediate neighborhood, India has sought primacy and a veto over the actions of outside powers. In the second, which encompasses the so-called extended neighborhood stretching across Asia and the Indian Ocean littoral, India has sought to balance the influence of other powers and prevent them from undercutting its interests. In the third, which includes the entire global stage, India has tried to take its place as one of the great powers, a key player in international peace and security.

Three things have historically prevented India from realizing these grand strategic goals. First, the partition of the South Asian subcontinent along religious lines (first into India and Pakistan, in 1947, then into India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, in 1971) left India with a persistent conflict with Pakistan and an internal Hindu-Muslim divide. It also physically separated India from historically linked states such as Afghanistan, Iran, and the nations of Southeast Asia. The creation of an avowedly Islamic state in Pakistan caused especially profound problems for India's engagement with the Middle East. Such tensions intertwined with regional and global great-power rivalries to severely constrict India's room for maneuver in all three concentric circles.

The second obstacle was the Indian socialist system, which caused a steady relative economic decline and a consequent loss of influence in the years after independence. The state-socialist model led India to shun commercial engagement with the outside world. As a result, India was disconnected from its natural markets and culturally akin areas in the extended neighborhood.

Finally, the Cold War, the onset of which quickly followed India's independence, pushed India into the arms of the Soviet Union in response to Washington's support for Pakistan and China -- and thus put the country on the losing side of the great political contest of the second half of the twentieth century. Despite being the largest democracy in the world, India ended up siding with the opposite camp on most global issues.

The last decade of the twentieth century liberated India from at least two of these constraints; state socialism gave way to economic liberalization and openness to globalization, and the Cold War ended. Suddenly, New Delhi was free to reinvent its foreign policy -- positioning itself to face the rise of China, shifting its strategic approach to its other neighbors, and beginning to work closely with the world's existing great powers.


India's recent embrace of openness and globalization has had an especially dramatic effect on the country's role in the region. As the nations of the subcontinent jettison their old socialist agendas, India is well positioned to promote economic integration. Although the pace has been relatively slow, the process has begun to gain traction. The planned implementation of the South Asian Free Trade Agreement this summer signals the coming reintegration of the subcontinent's markets, which constituted a single economic space until 1947.

At the same time, optimism on the economic front must be tempered by an awareness of the problematic political developments in India's smaller neighbors. The struggle for democracy and social justice in Nepal, interminable political violence and the rise of Islamic extremism in Bangladesh, and the simmering civil war in Sri Lanka underscore the potential dangers of failing states on the subcontinent. There are also the uncertain futures of Pakistan and Afghanistan: defeating religious extremism and creating modern and moderate states in both countries is of paramount importance to India. A successful Indian strategy for promoting peace and prosperity within the region would require preventing internal conflicts from undermining regional security, as well as resolving India's own conflicts with its neighbors.

In the past, great-power rivalries, as well as India's own tensions with Pakistan and China, have complicated New Delhi's effort to maintain order in the region. Today, all of the great powers, including the United States and China, support the Indian objective of promoting regional economic integration. The Bush administration has also started to defer to Indian leadership on regional security issues. Given the new convergence of U.S. and Indian interests in promoting democracy and countering extremism and terrorism, New Delhi no longer suspects Washington of trying to undercut its influence in the region. As a result, it is more prepared than ever to work with the United States and other Western powers to pursue regional goals.

Meanwhile, the external environment has never been as conducive as it is today to the resolution of the Indo-Pakistani conflict over Kashmir. The conflict has become less and less relevant to India's relations with the great powers, which has meant a corresponding willingness on New Delhi's part to work toward a solution. Of particular importance has been the steady evolution of the U.S. position on Kashmir since the late 1990s. The support extended by President Bill Clinton to India in its limited war with Pakistan in 1999 removed the perception that Washington would inevitably align with Islamabad in regional conflicts. But India remained distrustful of the Clinton administration's hyperactive, prescriptive approach to Kashmir. It has been more comfortable with the low-key methods of the Bush administration, which has avoided injecting itself directly into the conflict. The Bush administration has also publicly held Pakistan responsible for cross-border terrorism and has extracted the first-ever assurances from Pakistan to put an end to the attacks. New Delhi does not entirely believe these promises, but it has nonetheless come to trust Washington as a source of positive of influence on Islamabad.

These developments have opened the way for a peace process between the two governments. With the growing awareness that the normalization of relations with Pakistan would end a debilitating conflict and help India's regional and global standing, New Delhi has begun to negotiate seriously for the first time in decades. Although the pace of talks has not satisfied Pakistan, the two sides have agreed on a range of confidence-building measures. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has rejected the idea of giving up territory, but he has often called for innovative solutions that would improve living conditions and for common institutions that would connect Kashmiris across the Line of Control. Singh has made clear that the Indian leadership is ready to risk political capital on finding a diplomatic solution to Kashmir.

India's recent effort to resolve its long-standing border dispute with China has been just as bold. New Delhi decided in 2003 to seek a settlement with Beijing on a political basis, rather than on the basis of legal or historical claims. As a result, during Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to New Delhi in April 2005, India and China agreed on a set of principles to guide the final settlement. The two governments are now exploring the contours of mutually satisfactory territorial compromises.

India's search for practical solutions to the disputes over Kashmir and its border with China suggests that the country has finally begun to overcome the obsession with territoriality that has consumed it since its formation. Ironically, the nuclearization of India and Pakistan in 1998 may have helped in this regard: although nuclearization initially sharpened New Delhi's conflicts with both Islamabad and Beijing, it also allowed India to approach its territorial problems with greater self-assurance and pragmatism.


Progress on the resolution of either of these conflicts, especially the one over Kashmir, would liberate India's political and diplomatic energies so that the country could play a larger role in the world. It would also finally release India's armed forces from the constraining mission of territorial defense, allowing them to get more involved in peace and stability operations around the Indian Ocean. Even with all the tensions on the subcontinent, the armies of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have been among the biggest contributors to UN peacekeeping operations. The normalization of Indo-Pakistani relations would further free up some of the best armed forces in the world for the promotion of the collective good in the greater Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Even as the Kashmir and China questions have remained unsettled, India's profile in its extended neighborhood has grown considerably since the early 1990s. India's outward economic orientation has allowed it to reestablish trade and investment linkages with much of its near abroad. New Delhi is negotiating a slew of free- and preferential-trade agreements with individual countries as well as multilateral bodies including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and the Southern African Development Community. Just as China has become the motor of economic growth in East Asia, a rising India could become the engine of economic integration in the Indian Ocean region.

After decades of being marginalized from regional institutions in different parts of Asia, India is also now a preferred political partner for ASEAN, the East Asian Summit, the GCC, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the African Union. Moreover, it has emerged as a major aid donor; having been an aid recipient for so long, India is now actively leveraging its own external assistance to promote trade as well as political objectives. For example, India has given $650 million in aid to Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban. Meanwhile, the search for oil has encouraged Indian energy companies to tail their Western and Chinese counterparts throughout the world, from Central Asia and Siberia and to western Africa and Venezuela.

On the security side, India has been actively engaged in defense diplomacy. Thanks to the strength of its armed forces, India is well positioned to assist in stabilizing the Indian Ocean region. It helps that there has been a convergence of U.S. and Indian political interests: countering terrorism, pacifying Islamic radicalism, promoting democracy, and ensuring the security of sea-lanes, to name a few. The Indian navy in particular has been at the cutting edge of India's engagement with the region -- as was evident from its ability to deploy quickly to areas hit by the tsunami at the end of 2004. The Indian navy today is also ready to participate in multinational military operations.


The end of the Cold War freed India to pursue engagement with all the great powers -- but especially the United States. At the start of the 1990s, finding that its relations with the United States, China, Japan, and Europe were all underdeveloped, India moved quickly to repair the situation. Discarding old socialist shibboleths, it began to search for markets for its products and capital to fuel its long-constrained domestic growth. Economic partnerships were easy to construct, and increasing trade flows provided a new basis for stability in India's relations with other major powers. India's emergence as an outsourcing destination and its new prowess in information technology also give it a niche in the world economy -- along with the confidence that it can benefit from economic globalization.

Barely 15 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, India's omnidirectional engagement with the great powers has paid off handsomely. Never before has India had such expansive relations with all the major powers at the same time -- a result not only of India's increasing weight in the global economy and its growing power potential, but also of New Delhi's savvy and persistent diplomacy.

The evolution of Sino-Indian ties since the 1990s has been especially important and intriguing. Many see violent conflict between the two rising Asian powers as inevitable. But thanks to New Delhi's policy of actively engaging China since the late 1980s, the tensions that characterized relations between them from the late 1950s through the 1970s have become receding memories. Bilateral trade has boomed, growing from less than $200 million in the early 1990s to nearly $20 billion in 2005. In fact, China is set to overtake the European Union and the United States as India's largest trading partner within a few years. The 3,500-kilometer Sino-Indian border, over which the two countries fought a war in 1962, is now tranquil. And during Wen's visit to India in April 2005, India and China announced a "strategic partnership" -- even though just seven years earlier New Delhi had cited concerns over China as a reason for performing nuclear tests, prompting a vicious reaction from Beijing.

India has also cooperated with China in order to neutralize it in conflicts with Pakistan and other smaller neighbors. In the past, China tended to be a free rider on regional security issues, proclaiming noninterference in the internal affairs of other nations while opportunistically befriending regimes in pursuit of its long-term strategic interests. This allowed India's subcontinental neighbors to play the China card against New Delhi when they wanted to resist India's attempts to nudge them toward conflict resolution. But now, Beijing has increasingly avoided taking sides in India's disputes, even as its economic and security profile in the region has grown.

China is not the only Asian power that India is aiming to engage and befriend. Japan has also emerged as an important partner for India, especially since Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has transformed Japanese politics in the last few years. During a visit to New Delhi just a couple of weeks after Wen's in April 2005, Koizumi announced Japan's own "strategic partnership" with India. (This came despite Japan's harsh reaction to India's nuclear test in 1998, which prompted Japanese sanctions and an effort by Tokyo to censure India in the United Nations and other multilateral forums.) Amid growing fears of a rising China and the incipient U.S.-Indian alliance, Japan has elevated India to a key player in its long-term plans for Asian security.

Recognizing the need to diversify its Asian economic portfolio, Tokyo has also, for political reasons, begun to direct some of its foreign investment to India (which has overtaken China as the largest recipient of Japanese development assistance). Since the start of the Bush administration, Japan has also shown increasing interest in expanding military cooperation with India, especially in the maritime domain. India, too, has recognized that it shares with Japan an interest in energy security and in maintaining a stable balance of power in Asia. Japan actively supported India's participation in the inaugural East Asian Summit, in December 2005, despite China's reluctance to include New Delhi. Neither India nor Japan wants to base their political relationship exclusively on a potential threat from China, but both know that deepening their own security cooperation will open up new strategic options and that greater coordination between Asian democracies could limit China's impact.

India's relations with Europe have been limited by the fact that New Delhi is fairly unimpressed with Europe's role in global politics. It senses that Europe and India have traded places in terms of their attitudes toward the United States: while Europe seethes with resentment of U.S. policies, India is giving up on habitually being the first, and most trenchant, critic of Washington. As pessimism overtakes Europe, growing Indian optimism allows New Delhi to support unpopular U.S. policies. Indians consistently give both the United States and the Bush administration very favorable marks; according to a recent Pew Global Attitudes poll, for example, the percentage of Indians with a positive view of the United States rose from 54 percent in 2002 to 71 percent in 2005. And whereas a declining Europe has tended to be skeptical of India's rise, the Bush administration has been fully sympathetic to India's great-power aspirations.

Still, India does have growing economic and political ties with some European powers. Although many smaller European countries have been critical of the U.S.-Indian nuclear deal, the continent's two nuclear powers, France and the United Kingdom, have been supportive. Paris, in particular, bet long ago (well before Washington did, in fact) that a rising India would provide a good market for high-tech goods; with this in mind, it shielded New Delhi from the ire of the G-8 (the group of eight highly industrialized nations) after India tested nuclear weapons in May 1998. In the last several years, the United Kingdom has also started to seize economic opportunities in India and has been generally accommodating of New Delhi's regional and global aspirations.

In the wake of the Soviet Union's collapse, India also worked to maintain a relationship with Russia. The two states resolved residual issues relating to their old semi-barter rupee-ruble trading arrangements, recast their 1971 peace and friendship treaty, and maintained military cooperation. When President Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin, in 2000, India's waiting game paid off. A newly assertive Moscow was determined to revive and expand its strategic cooperation with India. New Delhi's only problems with Moscow today are the weakening bilateral trade relationship and the risk of Russia's doing too much to strengthen China's military capabilities.


At the end of the Cold War, the prospect of India's building a new political relationship with the United States seemed remote. Washington had long favored Pakistan and China in the region, India had in turn aligned itself with the Soviet Union, and a number of global issues seemed to pit the two countries against each other. Yet after the Cold War, India set about wooing the United States. For most of the Clinton administration, this sweet-talking fell on deaf ears, in part because Clinton officials were so focused on the Kashmir dispute and nonproliferation. Clinton, driven by the unshakable assumption that Kashmir was one of the world's most dangerous "nuclear flashpoints" and so needed to be defused, emphasized "preventive diplomacy" and was determined to "cap, roll back, and eventually eliminate" India's nuclear capabilities. Of course, Clinton's approach ran headlong into India's core national security concerns -- territorial integrity and preserving its nuclear option. Pressed by Washington to circumscribe its strategic capabilities, New Delhi reacted by testing nuclear weapons.

But even as it faced U.S. sanctions, New Delhi also began to proclaim that India was a natural ally of the United States. Although the Clinton administration was not interested in an alliance, the nuclear tests forced the United States to engage India seriously for the first time in five decades. That engagement did not resolve the nuclear differences, but it did bring Clinton to India in March 2000 -- the first American presidential visit to India in 22 years. Clinton's personal charm, his genuine empathy for India, and his unexpected support of India in the 1999 war with Pakistan succeeded in improving the atmospherics of the relations and in putting New Delhi on Washington's radar screen in a new way.

It took Bush, however, to transform the strategic context of U.S.-Indian relations. Convinced that India's influence will stretch far beyond its immediate neighborhood, Bush has reconceived the framework of U.S. engagement with New Delhi. He has removed many of the sanctions, opened the door for high-tech cooperation, lent political support to India's own war on terrorism, ended the historical U.S. tilt toward Pakistan on Kashmir, and repositioned the United States in the Sino-Indian equation by drawing closer to New Delhi.

India has responded to these sweeping changes by backing the Bush administration on missile defense, the International Criminal Court, and finding alternative approaches to confronting global warming. It lent active support to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan by protecting U.S. assets in transit through the Strait of Malacca in 2002, agreed to work with the United States on multinational military operations outside of the UN framework, and, in 2005 and 2006, voted twice with Washington against Iran -- an erstwhile Indian ally -- at the International Atomic Energy Agency. India also came close to sending a division of troops to Iraq in the summer of 2003 before pulling back at the last moment. Every one of these actions marked a big departure in Indian foreign policy. And although disappointed by India's decision to stay out of Iraq, the Bush administration recognized that India was in the midst of a historic transformation of its foreign policy -- and kept faith that India's own strategic interests would continue to lead it toward deeper political cooperation with Washington. New Delhi's persistence in reaching out to Washington since 1991 has been driven by the belief that only by fundamentally changing its relationship with the world's sole superpower could it achieve its larger strategic objectives: improving its global position and gaining leverage in its relations with other great powers.

But India's ability to engage everyone at the same time might soon come to an end. As U.S.-Chinese tensions grow and Washington looks for ways to manage China's influence, questions about India's attitude toward the new power politics will arise: Can India choose to remain "nonaligned" between the United States and China, or does India's current grand strategy show a clear bias toward the United States?

The nuclear pact unveiled by Bush and Singh in July 2005 -- and consolidated when Bush went to New Delhi in March 2006 -- was an effort by Washington to influence the ultimate answer to that question. Bush offered to modify U.S. nonproliferation laws (subject to approval by Congress, of course) and revise the global nuclear order to facilitate full cooperation with India on civilian nuclear energy. New Delhi, in return, has promised to separate its civilian and military nuclear programs, place its civilian nuclear plants under international safeguards, and abide by a range of nonproliferation obligations. India's interest in such a deal has been apparent for a long time. Having failed to test weapons before the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty was drafted, in 1968, India was trapped in an uncomfortable position vis-à-vis the nuclear order: it was not willing to give up the nuclear option, but it could not be formally accommodated by the nonproliferation regime as a nuclear weapons state.

India's motives for wanting a change in the nuclear regime are thus obvious. But for the Bush administration, the deal is less about nuclear issues than it is about creating the basis for a true alliance between the United States and India -- about encouraging India to work in the United States' favor as the global balance of power shifts. Ironically, it was the lack of a history of mutual trust and cooperation -- stemming in part from past nuclear disputes -- that convinced the Bush administration that a nuclear deal was necessary.


Many critics argue that the Bush administration's hopes for an alliance are misplaced. They insist that the traditionally nonaligned India will never be a true ally of the United States. But such critics misunderstand India's nonalignment, as well as the nature of its realpolitik over the past 60 years. Contrary to a belief that is especially pervasive in India itself, New Delhi has not had difficulty entering into alliances when its interests so demanded. Its relationship with the Soviet Union, built around a 1971 peace and friendship treaty, had many features of an alliance (notwithstanding India's claim that such ties were consistent with nonalignment); the compact was in many ways a classic response to the alignment of Washington, Beijing, and Islamabad. India has also had treaty-based security relationships with two of its smaller neighbors, Bhutan and Nepal, that date back to 1949-50 -- protectorate arrangements that were a reaction to China's entry into Tibet.

In fact, there is no contradiction between India's alleged preference for "moralpolitik" (in opposition to pure power politics, or Machtpolitik) and the Bush administration's expectation of an alliance with India. New Delhi is increasingly replacing the idea of "autonomy," so dear to Indian traditionalists, with the notion of India's becoming a "responsible power." (Autonomy is thought appropriate for weak states trying to protect themselves from great-power competition but not for a rising force such as India.) As India starts to recognize that its political choices have global consequences, it will become less averse to choosing sides on specific issues. Alliance formation and balancing are tools in the kits of all great powers -- and so they are likely to be in India's as well.

That India is capable of forming alliances does not, however, mean that it will necessarily form a long-term one with the United States. Whether it does will depend on the extent of the countries' shared interests and their political capacity to act on them together. The Bush administration expects that such shared interests -- for example, in balancing China and countering radical Islam in the Middle East -- will provide the basis for long-term strategic cooperation. This outcome is broadly credible, but it is by no means inevitable, especially given the United States' seeming inability to build partnerships based on equality.

When it comes to facing a rising China, India's tendency to engage in regional balancing with Beijing has not come to an end with the proclamation of a strategic partnership between the two nations. Indeed, preventing China from gaining excessive influence in India's immediate neighborhood and competing with Beijing in Southeast Asia are still among the more enduring elements of India's foreign policy. Despite Western concerns about the military regime in Myanmar, New Delhi has vigorously worked to prevent Yangon from falling completely under Beijing's influence, and India's military ties with the Southeast Asian nations are expanding rapidly. In 2005, when Pakistan pushed for giving China observer status in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, India acted quickly to bring Japan, South Korea, and the United States in as well. Given India's deep-seated reluctance to play second fiddle to China in Asia and the Indian Ocean region -- and the relative comfort of working with a distant superpower -- there is a structural reason for New Delhi to favor greater security cooperation with Washington.

In the Middle East, too, India has a common interest with the United States in preventing the rise of radical Islam, which poses an existential threat to India. Given its large Muslim population -- at nearly 150 million, the third largest in the world -- and the ongoing tensions stemming from the subcontinent's partition, India has in the past acted on its own to avert the spread of radical Islam. When Washington aligned with conservative Islamic forces in the Middle East during the Cold War, India's preference was for secular nationalist forces in the region. When the United States acted ambivalently toward the Taliban in the mid-1990s, India worked with Russia, Iran, and the Central Asian states to counter the Taliban by supporting the Northern Alliance. Now, although some in India are concerned that alignment with the United States might make India a prime target for Islamist extremists, there is no way India can compromise with radical Islam, which threatens its very unity.

But shared interests do not automatically produce alliances. The inequality of power between the two countries, the absence of a habit of political cooperation between them, and the remaining bureaucratic resistance to deeper engagement in both capitals will continue to limit the pace and the scope of strategic cooperation between India and the United States. Still, there is no denying that India will have more in common with the United States than with the other great powers for the foreseeable future.

While New Delhi has acknowledged that U.S. support is necessary for India's rise to be successful, Washington has recognized India's potentially critical role in managing emerging challenges to global order and security. As a major beneficiary of accelerating globalization, India could play a crucial role in ensuring that other developing countries manage their transitions as successfully as it has, that is, by taking advantage of opportunities while working to reduce the pain of disruption. Given the pace of its expansion and the scale of its economy, India will also become an important force in ensuring that the unfolding global redistribution of economic power occurs in an orderly fashion. Meanwhile, India could become a key player in the effort to modernize the politics of the Middle East. If nothing else, India's success in ensuring the rights and the integration of its own Muslim minority and in reaching peace with Pakistan would have a powerful demonstration effect.

To secure a long-term partnership with India, Washington must build on the argument of "Indian exceptionalism" that it has advanced in defense of the recent nuclear pact, devising a range of India-specific policies to deepen cooperation. India is unlikely, however, to become a mere subsidiary partner of the United States, ready to sign on to every U.S. adventure and misadventure around the world. It will never become another U.S. ally in the mold of the United Kingdom or Japan. But nor will it be an Asian France, seeking tactical independence within the framework of a formal alliance.

Given the magnitude of the global security challenges today, the United States needs more than meek allies. It should instead be looking to win capable and compatible partners. A rising India may be difficult at times, but it will act broadly to defend and promote the many interests it shares with Washington. Assisting India's rise, then, is in the United States' own long-term interest.

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          Quantum Computing: Its Emergence and Implications on Information Security   

Mark Pecen is the Chairman, ETSITC Cyber Working Group for Quantum Safe Cryptography (QSC) (France), Chief Operating Officer, ISARA Corporation, and Board member, Institute for Quantum Computing (Canada). He is currently the CEO of Approach Infinity, Inc. and a member of the Safeguard advisory board. Leading governments around the globe, along with major corporations, including…

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          National Business Expo 8-9th March   

Get startup and exporting advice for free! It is our privilege to be able to announce that the Irish Export Cooperative will be taking part in getting SME’s exporting at the RDS for Amongst many of the opportunities available, the Export Coop will be in the ‘Export Pavilion’ assisting the attendees of the exposition to find out more information and to get exporting. This incredible initiative, the National Business Expo, is an unmissable event for anyone thinking of starting up or already involved in a small, medium or micro enterprise in Ireland. The show ranges from start up supports to finance workshops to incredible speakers and events. For just two days, the RDS will be a showcase for everything positive with the sector and a guide for those who have questions about running a small business. And all of this is for free! Registering tickets couldn’t be easier and we would encourage all members to avail of the opportunity to view all that there is on offer. Click here to register for your free tickets to the National Business Expo 2013 If you are interested in the supports that are available, check out the list of those that will be on stand: InterTrade Ireland, Management Works, LIT, Enterprise Ireland, FR Kelly, Credit Review Office, County Enterprise Boards, Bank of Ireland, Microfinance Ireland, Vodafone, 11890, UPC, Kernel Capital, Sage, Grant Thornton, Irish Times and RTE Radio One amongst many other exhibitors and speakers. Amongst many of the workshops and seminars that are offered are: new market entry, e-commerce, mobile marketing, social media, business productivity, space as a service, selling online, product protection, cloud computing, digital mentoring, business model development, senior enterprise, women in business, exporting, credit clinics, setting up a company and r&d tax credit amongst a host more over 2 days. Also, why not check out and share our micro site on the main site.

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          The Cold War Kabuki   

Well, you all know what the big story was this past week. I wasn't going to post on it but enough people have asked and it seems germane to the ongoing Reality Show we're all unwitting (and unwilling) extras in. In case you've been on media blackout or a vision quest, here's a brief thumbnail sketch:
The United States launched a military strike Thursday on a Syrian government airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians earlier in the week. 
On President Donald Trump's orders, US warships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the airbase that was home to the warplanes that carried out the chemical attacks, US officials said.
As it happens, the airstrikes apparently didn't even seem to have the desired deterrent effect. The air base was up and running soon after the strikes:
Syrian warplanes took off from the air base hit by US cruise missiles yesterday to carry out bombing raids on rebel-held areas, in a defiant show of strength. 
Just hours after the al-Shayrat airfield was bombed with 59 US Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from warships in the Mediterranean, aircraft struck targets in the eastern Homs countryside, according to a monitoring group. 
The airstrikes were carried out on Khan Sheikhoun - the same town Bashar al-Assad’s regime is accused of attacking with chemicals - and seven other towns around eastern Homs, some of which controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).
This rebound seemed to catch the War Party off guard, since CNN reported on the same story but appeared to ascribe the airstrikes to phantom warplanes. I mean, it couldn't be the Syrians or the Russians, right?:
(CNN) New airstrikes targeted a town in Syria that was hit by a chemical attack earlier this week, activists said, less than a day after the US bombarded a Syrian air base to "send a message" to the Assad regime. 
It wasn't immediately clear who conducted the strikes on Khan Sheikhoun, which was hit on Friday and Saturday, though only Russian and Syrian regime aircraft have been bombing that area of rebel-held Idlib province.
CNN, who've been hammering Trump around the clock since he humiliated their network head in a post-election tantrum, suddenly changed their tune when he started raining bombs on Syria. Sam Kriss reports:
The media was kind to Trump’s attack on Syria. Every pompous outlet that has spent the last five months screaming incessantly about the threat to democracy, the inevitable deaths and the terror of wars, had nothing but applause as soon as the wars and the deaths actually got going. 
 A fleshy and dangerous idiot, a vulgarian, an imbecile – until those first perfect screaming shots of Tomahawk missiles being fired were broadcast – that’s our guy, you show them Donny! This is when, as Fareed Zakaria put it on CNN, Trump ‘became the president.’
The same mainstream media, which has become a hornet's hive of conspiracy theorizing since the election, was quick to shoot down any conspiracy theories about the Syria Bombshow.
A volley of US cruise missiles had barely been launched into Syria before the internet filled up with fact-free theories about the real reason for the international crisis.
A popular one on the right-most fringes: the US government actually carried out the chemical weapons massacre in Syria last week - a "false flag" to trick President Donald Trump into retaliating, thus entangling himself in a foreign war. 
A slightly more convoluted strain on the left: Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the chemical weapons massacre to help Trump - distracting Americans from an investigation into Trump's campaign ties to Russia by provoking the missile strike.
Alt-left conspiracy theorists prefer the idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the chemical weapons massacre to help Trump - distracting Americans from an investigation into Trump's campaign ties to Russia.
Ron Paul, whose son Rand is now a rising star in the Senate, was perhaps the most prominent public figure to cast shade on the Syria op:
“Before this episode of possible gas exposure and who did what, things were going along reasonably well for the conditions,” the former Texas congressman stated. “Trump said let the Syrians decide who should run their country, and peace talks were making out, and Al Qaeda and ISIS were on the run.” 
“It looks like, maybe, somebody didn’t like that so there had to be an episode, and the blame now is we can’t let that happen because it looks like it might benefit Assad.”
For his part, Doctor Bones speculates that the real mark for a possible elaborate sting wasn't Assad or Putin, but in fact another player altogether. The timing seems hard to argue with:
A gas attack launched by the fleeing Syrian rebels, a side quickly losing it’s CIA-sponsorship and well aware it’s continued health depends on American funds, sure has a shit-ton more to gain from wide swathes of civilians dying on camera. Even better if they die particularly gruesomely and in a way the rebels claim they couldn’t be responsible for despite being photographed with all the tech to do so. 
How does Trump’s seemingly pointless explosion-show play into this? The answer: perfectly...
Consider also that the Chinese President was in Mar-a-Largo when the strike was underway, that Trump not only told him it was going to happen but actually ate dinner with him as it went on and the event spirals into even greater significance. A show of force full of technical prowess in a contested warzone while the Russians stood back and watched sends a powerful message to a foreign leader currently dining in enemy territory.
Is this just swivel-eyed speculation? Is there any reason to believe this wasn't all some improbable coincidence, that Xi Jinping was indeed dining with Trump while the Bombshow began? Because if it's not a coincidence then it's one hell of a psyop; running a mindfuck on your most dangerous frenemy during a state visit. What's this all about then? Joseph Farrell reports:
While there have been a spate of articles recently about growing Russo-Chinese defense and security ties, matching their growing financial and economic ties, this one left me stunned, for there was a statement within it that caught my eye, and Mr. B's as well, and I'm sure the reader saw it as well. As one can imagine, this one fueled my "high octane speculation" mode to the nth degree. Here's the statement, and a bit of surrounding context:
Russia and China are tired of Washington's "defensive" military installations in their backyards — and they're already taking action. 
According to the Atlantic Council and other responsible thinkers, the Untied States reserves the right to park its missile shields anywhere it wants, whether it be in Europe, East Asia, or the dark side of the Moon.  
I guess we should have seen all this coming, no? Shortly before the Bombshow, Trump's top Praetorian removed Trump's assumed consigliere from the NSC:
President Trump on Wednesday removed controversial White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon from the National Security Council, part of a sweeping staff reshuffling that elevated military, intelligence and Cabinet officials to greater roles on the council and left Bannon less directly involved in shaping the administration’s day-to-day national security policy. 
The restructuring reflects the growing influence of national security adviser H.R. McMaster, an Army three-star general who took over the post after retired general Michael Flynn was ousted in February and who is increasingly asserting himself over the flow of national security information in the White House. 
Do yourself a favor and set a news alert for "McMaster." That's a name you're going to be hearing more of in the days ahead. Or you won't. Which is probably the more troubling scenario.

And with Bannon off the NSC there's apparently an effort to shuffle him off to some fat-salaried thinktank glue factory.  The not-news of Bannon's interest in The Fourth Coming was dragged out yet again, this time by The New York Times. But the article planted a helpful hint of why Bannon is on the elbow list and might be giving us a grim preview of the year ahead:
Bannon’s Views Can Be Traced to a Book That Warns, ‘Winter Is Coming’

WASHINGTON — Stephen K. Bannon has read the book three times. He still keeps a copy of it — one that’s creased and copiously underlined — in a library with the rest of his favorites at his father’s house in Richmond, Va. 
The book, “The Fourth Turning,” a 1997 work by two amateur historians, Neil Howe and William Strauss, lays out a theory that American history unfurls in predictable, 80-year cycles of prosperity and catastrophe. And it foresees catastrophe right around the corner. 
It also leads to unavoidable questions about war and whether Mr. Bannon, who has recommended the book to countless friends and made a film about it in 2010, is resigned to catastrophic global conflict. He says he is not. 
And he remains unconvinced that the United States can effectively intervene in overseas conflicts like the one unfolding in Syria. As one of the voices in the administration who expressed skepticism about a military strike in response to the Assad regime’s chemical attack on its own citizens, Mr. Bannon insists he is no warmonger.
Well, there you have it.

Is the Syria proxy war threatening to heat up again, or is this all just another dance in the Cold War Kabuki? Have actions like the Bombshow  become like sacrificial actions in ongoing magical actions? Or is the real war is for your mind and is playing out in thousands of manufactured headlines, blizzards of 30 second videos with deceptive text crawls and the endless babbling of overpaid talking heads?

I feel stupid even asking the question.

Just in case you're worried that this is all leading to nukes raining down on American cities,  the cognitive warriors seem to be trying to defuse any expectations of impending Armageddon: 
White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster says that while the U.S. would push for regime change in Syria, “We’re not the ones who are going to effect that change.” 
“What we’re saying is, other countries have to ask themselves some hard questions,” McMaster said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." “Russia should ask themselves, ‘What are we doing here?’ Why are we supporting this murderous regime that is committing mass murder of its own population and using the most heinous weapons available?’”
Translation: No way in Hell we have the readiness needed for a hot war with a military superpower.

And since the mindfuck is the mother's milk of Cog-War, the careful inoculation of mixed messages into the mediafeed becomes just as vital a weapon as a cruise missile. Scratch that- much, much more so.
Trump Administration Is Contradicting Itself On Regime Change In Syria 
The Trump administration appears divided on whether the U.S. is pursuing a policy of regime change in Syria, days after the first direct American military attack against the Syrian government. 
Thursday’s strike “was related solely to the most recent horrific use of chemical weapons,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday. The goal of the attack was to send a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad and its ally Russia that the U.S. wouldn’t tolerate the use of chemical weapons, he continued. “Other than that, there is no change to our military posture.”
But United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said there can be no peace in Syria with Assad in power. “There’s not any sort of option where a political solution is going to happen with Assad at the head of the regime,” she told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. “Regime change is something that we think is going to happen because all of the parties are going to see that Assad is not the leader that needs to be taking place for Syria.​”​
Though Haley stopped short of indicating the U.S. would take military action to overthrow the Syrian dictator, her comments reflect a sharp change from the administration’s previous position.
The difference here, of course, is that Tillerson sets and executes policy and Haley sits in a glorified debating society and blows smoke and fairy dust for a bunch of bored bureaucrats wishing they had their real government jobs back, the ones they enjoyed before being pushed upstairs to their present posts. The media only pays attention when bombs are falling.

It's all black magic, make no mistake about it. There are different terms and epithets for it all now,  but when you strip all the twenty-dollar words and the credentials and the technology away the intent and the effect is no different than a witch doctor's curse. 

William S. Burroughs understood this, since his uncle Ivy Lee was the creator of one of these modern strains of black magic, so-called "public relations." Burroughs considered his uncle a bonafide "evil genius." And Lee was a piker compared to the algorithm-fired masters of the dark arts striding the globe today.

Here's a story that probably won't pop up on your Facebook feed. Anyone paying attention to the Russia hacking story probably knows how incredibly weak the hacking evidence actually is,* but now Wikileaks is teasing out the Seth Rich mystery again.
‘Guccifer 2.0’ Chat With Nude Model Sparks New Conspiracy Theories About Murder of DNC’s Seth Rich 
New chat logs between alleged Democratic National Committee hacker Guccifer 2.0 and a Playboy centerfold model surfaced today via Wikileaks on Twitter, throwing more fuel on the conspiracy theories surrounding murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. The Twitter conversation, conducted via direct messages, purports to reveal Rich as the primary leaker of the DNC e-mails that proved highly disruptive during the 2016 presidential election. 
In direct messages dated August 25, 2016, Guccifer 2.0 mentioned having a whistleblower at the DNC, and said he was looking for a “person of trust who can be a guarantee in case anything happens.”
When Young suggested trusting Julian Assange, Guccifer 2.0 called him “unsafe” and that he “may be connected with Russians” despite being his hero. 
“I’d like to find a journalist who can do an investigation and teel [sic] the real story of his life and death,” he said, and revealed that the whistleblower he was referring to was none other than a person named “Seth.” 
“I suppose u know who I’m talking about,” he said, adding that he felt sorry about the murdered DNC staffer’s parents and that he wished for journalists to uncover the truth of his murder.
Seth Rich, a 27-year-old mid-level DNC staffer, was shot and killed in the early morning of July 2016 in Washington DC, while he was walking home from a bar and talking with his girlfriend on his mobile phone. Rich’s killers left his watch and wallet untouched on his body. 
This wasn't floated by Alex Jones or David Icke, it popped up on Heat Street, which is owned by the Dow Jones Company and Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp. This story looks like it's going to grow some legs yet.

So are you sick of the Cog-War and the Cold War Kabuki yet? Tired of your social media hijacked by proxy warriors fighting battles for cliques within the Intelligence community? Burnt out on the whole Reality Show Presidency and its discontents altogether?

Start looking into ashrams in Sri Lanka, then. This machine is just getting warmed up. 

*Maybe some bright young spark should see if maybe the hacking an inside job by intel people who correctly judged a Trump White House would be easier to dominate than a bloated, top-heavy Clinton one. Just throwing that out there for giggles and grins.

          Petitia "CCR vrea prag pentru abuz. Sa fie 1 leu!" a ajuns la 20.000 de semnaturi   
Peste 20.000 de cetateni au semnat in mai putin de 24 de ore de la lansare petitia “CCR vrea prag pentru abuz. Sa fie 1 leu!”. Semnaturile vor fi depuse la Ministerul Justitiei maine, in cadrul consultarii publice cu societatea civila organizata de Tudorel Toader, ministrul interimar.

          Pianis Klasik Van Cliburn Tutup Usia   

New York (ANTARA/Kyodo) - Van Cliburn yang dikenal sebagai pianis klasik ternama di Amerika Serikat, tutup usia pada usia 78 di kediamannya di Texas, setelah menjalani perawatan kanker tulang.

Nama Cliburn menanjak setelah memenangkan kompetisi piano internasional Tshaikovsky di Uni Soviet pada masa "perang dingin" tahun 1958 kemudian namanya diabadikan sebagai ajang kompetisi piano internasional yang bergengsi, Van Cliburn International Piano Competitian yang diselenggarakan di Fort Worth, Texas sejak 1962.

Pianis tuna netra Nobuyuki Tsujii memenangkan kompetisi Van Cliburn tahun 2009 dan menjadi pianis Jepang pertama yang meraih prestasi tersebut.

Cliburn lahir tahun 1934 di Louisiana, belajar musik di Jilliard School di New York dan dielu-elukan setelah meraih kemenangan pada kompetisi Tshaikovsky, sampai-sampai ia disambut sekitar 100 ribu orang dalam pawai di Manhattan untuk merayakan kepulanganya, tulis The New York Times edisi online.

Cliburn menerima Medali Kebebasan dari Presiden AS pada 2003, yang merupakan penghargaan tertinggi bagi warga sipil di AS, dan tahun berikutnya memperoleh penghargaan Persahabatan dari Presiden Rusia, Vladimir Putin.(rr)

          Putin’s Cock, Colbert’s Mouth, and Pai’s Tongue   
The FCC is back in the news—this time for a possible action to fine late night funny man Stephen Colbert for lewd humor aimed at the President. The FCC almost certainly isn’t fining CBS or its affiliates over Colbert’s tirade, … Continue reading
          Comment on You Don’t Know Jack – A Second Take on Jack Pickford – Part III by Steve   
I don't think anyone is disputing that sex, drugs, scandals and powerful family cover ups were, and remain a part of Hollywood (and everywhere else for that matter.) But if this was a cover up, I'm very disappointed in Charlotte Pickford! Not her usual level of finesse. The truth is no one knows, and probably never will know, what really happened with certainty. As such, it has generated endless speculation and theories. And you're right. the theories can keep going on and on. And that's fine except when they start morphing from theories into "facts." That's why I wrote this piece up. I wanted to point out that much all of what is accepted as fact about Jack and Olive is really only based on speculation. In the end, boring as it may sound, it was probably just a stupid accident.
          AMF serialization from Java to Flex and back   
There are some scenarios in which you want to pass objects to and from a Flex application to a Java back end, if your using an Adobe framework (LCDS or BlazeDS) than you get this functionality out of the box however there are some cases that you wish to escape Adobe's grip and uses some third party technology.
Some solutions that may come to mind are JSon or XML, the problem with these solutions is that they may require a lot of bandwidth and even lots of computing power for complex objects graphs, AMF to the rescue.
AMF is a binary protocol which is used natively by the flash player, with the release of BlazeDS it was made accessible to any Java client that wishes to use it, in order to use AMF we need to serialize an object into bytes and pass it as the payload of any protocol that we choose, the easiest way to do so is to encode the resulting AMF bytes into BASE64 encoding (a format that transforms byte arrays into a readable string form) and append it to the existing payload.
Ill start with the Java side first:

import flex.messaging.endpoints.BaseHTTPEndpoint;
import sun.misc.BASE64Decoder;
import sun.misc.BASE64Encoder;

* @author ronen
public class AmfSerializer {

private SerializationContext context;

public <T> String toAmf(final T source) throws IOException {
final StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer();
final ByteArrayOutputStream bout = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
final Amf3Output amf3Output = new Amf3Output(context);
final BASE64Encoder encoder = new BASE64Encoder();
return encoder.encode(bout.toByteArray());

public <T> T fromAmf(final String amf) throws ClassNotFoundException, IOException {
final BASE64Decoder decoder = new BASE64Decoder();
byte[] input = decoder.decodeBuffer(amf);
InputStream bIn = new ByteArrayInputStream(input);
Amf3Input amf3Input = new Amf3Input(context);
return (T) amf3Input.readObject();

This code uses BlazeDS API (the messaging-core, messaging-common and messaging-remoting jars) in order to serialize an object of type T into AMF byte array the bytes are encoded to a Base64 string, encoding result of an instance of the following VO:

package com.jdftm.vo;

import java.util.Date;

public class CurrentDayVO {

private Date now;

public CurrentDayVO() {

public void setNow(Date now) { = now;

public Date getNow() {
return now;

might look something like ChMzY29tLmpkZnRtLnZvLkN1cnJlbnREYXlWTwdub3cIAUJrjUw54AAA.

Now lets turn to the Flex side:

package com.jdftm.stomp.interop {
import flash.utils.ByteArray;
import mx.utils.Base64Encoder;
import mx.utils.Base64Decoder;

public class AMFSerializer {
public function serializeToString(value:Object):String{
throw new Error("null isn't a legal serialization candidate");
var bytes:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
bytes.position = 0;
var be:Base64Encoder = new Base64Encoder();
var res:String = be.toString();
return res;

public function readObjectFromStringBytes(value:String):Object{
var dec:Base64Decoder=new Base64Decoder();
var result:ByteArray=dec.drain();
return result.readObject();

The logic is quite similar to the Java side code however when using the AMFSerializer we must register the serialized classes prior to serializing them:

registerClassAlias("com.jdftm.vo.CurrentDayVO", CurrentDayVO);

Failing to so will cause the de-serialization process (on both sides) to fail since it uses the alias in order to create the resulting instance object, its also required that the serialized classes on both ends to be in the same package as implemented in the CurrentDayVO Flex class:

package com.jdftm.vo{
public class CurrentDayVO{
private var _now:Date;

public function get now():Date{
return _now;

public function set now(value:Date):void{

As youv seen AMF isn't to hard to use and may prove to be a powerful contender in the crowded integration protocols market.

Updated 2/09/08
Here is the SerializationContext implementation which is used in the Java serialization class


public class SerializationContextProvider implements Provider<SerializationContext> {

public SerializationContext get() {
SerializationContext serializationContext = SerializationContext.getSerializationContext();// Threadlocal SerializationContent
serializationContext.enableSmallMessages = true;
serializationContext.instantiateTypes = true;
serializationContext.supportRemoteClass = true;// use _remoteClass field
serializationContext.legacyCollection = false;// false Legacy Flex 1.5 behavior was to return a java.util.Collection for Array, New Flex 2+ behavior is to return Object[] for AS3 Array
serializationContext.legacyMap = false;// false Legacy flash.xml.XMLDocument Type
serializationContext.legacyXMLDocument = false;// true New E4X XML Type
serializationContext.legacyXMLNamespaces = false;// determines whether the constructed Document is name-space aware
serializationContext.legacyThrowable = false;
serializationContext.legacyBigNumbers = false;
serializationContext.restoreReferences = false;
serializationContext.logPropertyErrors = false;
serializationContext.ignorePropertyErrors = true;
return serializationContext;

serializationContext.enableSmallMessages = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(ENABLE_SMALL_MESSAGES, true);
serializationContext.instantiateTypes = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(INSTANTIATE_TYPES, true);
serializationContext.supportRemoteClass = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(SUPPORT_REMOTE_CLASS, false);
serializationContext.legacyCollection = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(LEGACY_COLLECTION, false);
serializationContext.legacyMap = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(LEGACY_MAP, false);
serializationContext.legacyXMLDocument = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(LEGACY_XML, false);
serializationContext.legacyXMLNamespaces = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(LEGACY_XML_NAMESPACES, false);
serializationContext.legacyThrowable = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(LEGACY_THROWABLE, false);
serializationContext.legacyBigNumbers = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(LEGACY_BIG_NUMBERS, false);
boolean showStacktraces = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(SHOW_STACKTRACES, false);
if (showStacktraces && Log.isWarn())
log.warn("The " + SHOW_STACKTRACES + " configuration option is deprecated and non-functional. Please remove this from your configuration file.");
serializationContext.restoreReferences = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(RESTORE_REFERENCES, false);
serializationContext.logPropertyErrors = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(LOG_PROPERTY_ERRORS, false);
serializationContext.ignorePropertyErrors = serialization.getPropertyAsBoolean(IGNORE_PROPERTY_ERRORS, true);

This is the guice provider which is used when creating such contexts.
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Are you ready to pursue some of the hardest scalability, performance, and distributed computing challenges in AWS? You will be at the forefront from an
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          The End of an Era?   
At the end my last post, I wrote briefly about some signs I noticed that seem to signal the general decline in the American spirit. The economy is in the crapper, unemployment is high, many people have lost their life savings and the government is more unresponsive and corrupt than I have ever seen. I saw first-hand on my trip last month how these things have a negative effect on the individual citizen's and the national collective psyche. The whole country is in a blue funk.

An event happened last week that twisted the knife of despair a bit more; the last US manned space flight mission ended as the Space Shuttle touched down at Kennedy Space Center. It was a good 50 year run that I personally thought would never end.

Final Space Shuttle Landing at Cape Canaveral

I have enough years under my belt to remember most of the manned space program, it was always an interest of mine and I assumed it would always be around to innovate, explore and inspire. Mercury, Gemini and Apollo......those names were known by all and generated excitement all over the world. Obviously, the lunar landings were the pinnacle of the manned missions.

Schematic of Mercury Spacecraft

Original Mercury Astronauts
Gemini Space Capsule
Apollo Schematic
Lunar Excursion Module. Your mobile phone has more computing power than this thing did! Yet they pulled it off!
The Eagle has Landed
Us Americans just HAD to get a car up there

The moon shots would prove hard acts to follow. The Space Shuttle was already on the drawing board during the Apollo program. It was conceived as a vehicle to usher in the next phase of space exploration, sustainability.. The design was to contain many reusable parts. Compared to the sleek Saturn V rockets of the Apollo program, the Shuttle was chunky and utilitarian as befitted its mission of hauling stuff into low Earth orbit.

The Space Shuttle failed to captivate the imagination of the public.The mission was boring but ended up productive.
Saturn V used in the Apollo Program

Saturn V Liftoff, Loud and Sexy!

Predictably, as the excitement and danger of the previous far reaching missions gave way to a "space truck" taking lab rats into low orbit, public interest waned even though a lot of valuable research was done that resulted in many things we take for granted today. The Shuttle program, although productive, just wasn't sexy.

The Space Shuttle needed to be retired. It was old technology even when it was new and proved to be way more troublesome and expensive than imagined. It never achieved the goal of almost monthly launches as envisioned by its architects.We lost two of them, Challenger and Discovery.. Challenger from brittle O rings and Discovery from some bad ceramic heat tiles. Time to put the old girl back in the barn.

Challenger Explosion

What upsets me is that there is no replacement on the horizon. For the first time in 50 years, the US is incapable of sending a human into space. Now we have to hitch a very expensive ride on Russia's Soyuz capsule that was designed in the 1960's. The Soyuz is currently the only game in town.

Russian Soyuz in Orbit
Soyuz Schematic
A Not so Subtle Soyuz Landing in Kazakhstan, Hey, But It Works!!!

Soyuz Post Landing. Vodka consumption  is part of the re-entry checklist.

If they pull the plug on that relic, I hope the last astronaut leaving the multi-billion dollar International Space Station remembers to turn the lights off as it will be awhile before anyone steps foot aboard again.

International Space Station, hide the keys under the doormat when you leave..

The rocket scientists at NASA knew the Shuttle retirement was coming at least 15 years ago and just sat on their hands. Oh, they did waste $9 billion trying to develop potential replacements such as the Constellation and other programs but when things got too difficult for them, progress was not made and the money dried up, they just said "screw it" and went back to whatever rocket scientists do when they are not making rockets. There was much motion but little progress.

Once an Icon,  but has recently lost their way.

NASA has become as bloated and inefficient as the US government so I am not surprised talent and innovation do not thrive there anymore. Too bad, that wasn't the case at one time. It looks like as the NASAsaur fades into irrelevance, we have to look toward the movers and shakers in the private sector to pick up the baton to keep manned space flight alive, Profit is a strong motivator and if there is money in it for these entrepreneurs, they will make it happen. There are already some bright spots on the horizon.

Well, to make a long story short (I know, too late), America's abandonment of its manned space flight program is just another symptom of a general malaise that is lingering in the country.  For 50 years these programs were a source of pride, inspiration, and a large part of America's identity.. The manned space programs motivated people from all over the world to look up to the night sky and maybe forget for a time the dreary details of daily life. We dropped the ball.

It doesn't bother me so much that the Space Shuttle program is no more, its that there were no replacement vehicles seriously considered.  This indicates an abandonment of the pioneer and "can do" attitudes of the past that the US and Americans are known for. Lately it has seemed we are just consumers of Chinese imports, producers of dodgy financial instruments, whiny wards of the State, world policemen and contemplators of our own belly button lint. Not a good path to follow. Remember what happened to Rome when Emperor Nero was plucking his fiddle

 In general, the US has been declining in spirit and purpose for awhile now. Maybe it is the inevitable maturing of a society. We have seen this before with other countries and empires in the past. America's heyday of the 1800s -1900s are over and maybe it is time to take a breather and hopefully we will rediscover the values and drive that made the US and Americans a unique country and culture. I am intolerant of mediocrity and hope that I can see a positive change in my country soon. There is still so much potential there.

          NATO Must Learn From Ukraine War To Counter Putin   
          Bye bye books   
My computer literacy moves forward in fits and starts. I'm above average for my age group in some things. On the other hand, it was only yesterday that I first used the resource "Hein Online," a web-based archive with PDF images of something close to every page of every law review ever published.

Previously, I'd either used LEXIS or Westlaw, the two longstanding online legal databases. These are not always the best way to retrieve scholarly legal articles. Their html reformatting is not nearly as readable or visually pleasing as the original published formatting, and they don't reproduce charts and tables. Also, of course, I'd go to the actual books, though it has been some time since I got my butt out of my office and into the library stacks.

When I did that yesterday, I learned that my institution has gotten rid of almost all back issues of legal periodicals predating 1990. (Not actually thrown away, thank goodness, but moved into offsite storage.) Hein Online made the books obsolete, in the library's view. I guess shelf space is too valuable to keep dusty ol' books around.

It's true that I can browse on line and then download and print stuff I "need" to have on paper -- I just don't read with as much comprehension on the computer, and I like to mark up the texts. The latter point meant that I needed to get photocopies of the old law reviews, and now I can just print out downloads much more conveniently (and at the cost of no more trees than photocopies).

But I have great nostalgia for my scholarly immersion experiences of sitting at a carrell deep in the library stacks surrounded by piles of old law reviews. That will never happen again -- not as long as I want to look at pre-1990 stuff, anyhow.

I wonder whether other libraries are actually getting rid of books -- throwing them away. That would be short-sighted. What if in the near future, our society undertakes major energy conservation measures, including placing restrictions on computing time?

I take consolation in thinking that, if the lights go out in a big way, then old legal scholarship won't be very important anyhow.
          Putin: Rusia continua consolidarea capacitatilor militare, pentru contracararea agresorilor   
"Rusia continua consolidarea acestor capacitati pentru a-si apara suveranitatea nationala si pentru a contracara agresorii", a declarat presedintele rus. 
          Gobierno electrónico en la palma de la mano   
Crece en la Argentina el despliegue de soluciones para la gestión gubernamental basadas en celulares. Experiencias locales y un modelo en Brasil.

El m-gov o gobierno móvil llegó este mes de abril a la tapa de los diarios argentinos con el inicio de la prueba de controles de tránsito basado en celulares que realiza el Gobierno bonaerense. La solución (ver más sobre ella en la sección Entrevista en esta edición de PuntoGov) es un ejemplo de una tendencia creciente: la llegada de aplicaciones móviles al gobierno electrónico en diferentes instancias del Estado en la Argentina.
En un país con casi 58 millones de líneas telefónicas móviles, de acuerdo al Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (INDEC), de las cuales hay alrededor de 37 millones en actividad, según consultores privados, es lógica la aparición de experiencias como las de la provincia de Buenos Aires, que se vienen dando en otras escalas y niveles en otras ciudades del país.
El gobierno móvil puede ser entendido como un canal más de comunicación con el ciudadano (G2C) y como una herramienta para facilitar el trabajo de los funcionarios (G2G). Aunque el dispositivo que más actúa en el “m-gov” es el celular, también se incluyen a las computadoras portátiles, como notebooks, netbooks y tabletas.
Los mensajes hablados o de texto (SMS), e-mail móvil, envío de datos en forma inalámbrica son algunas de las vías de comunicación entre el ciudadano y el Estado en el marco de estas aplicaciones “wireless”.
Los módulos y servicios en principio son similares a los del gobierno electrónico tradicional: la búsqueda de información y participación por parte del ciudadano; los modelos transaccionales, como el pago de impuestos o la reserva de turnos de atención médica; y los modelos integrados a la gestión interna del Estado.
Sin embargo, el gobierno móvil abre la posibilidad a una contribución distintiva a las formas ya existentes, basadas en las computadoras, porque el ciudadano se puede conectar desde cualquier lugar con dispositivos personales que están siempre con él las 24 horas los siete días de la semana y que está siempre disponible.
Aunque la computadora ofrece más posibilidades y una mejor interface que el celular, gracias al teclado, los teléfonos inteligentes (“smartphones”) ya ofrecen esas mismas capacidades, por lo cual terminarán inclinando la balanza para el lado del Gobierno móvil.
Móviles bonaerenses
Un ejemplo a nivel municipal de aplicaciones móviles se da en las ciudades bonaerenses de Mercedes y Marcos Paz. Maximiliano C. Chisnerman, subsecretario de Reforma y Modernización del Estado del rimero de esos distritos y coordinador del área de Modernización y Digitalización del segundo, y responsable del plan “Marcos Paz Digital”, explicó a PuntoGov que hay dos tipos de programas: los de gestión interna y los que están relacionados con los ciudadanos. Dentro del segundo grupo están los siguientes ejemplos:
Alertas vecinales: cualquier vecino puede suscribirse a informaciones de cultura, turismo, ambiente, seguridad, etc.
Avisos de movimientos de reclamos, expedientes, contravenciones, que se avisan por mensaje de texto.
Avisos de recordatorios de turnos médicos, de tratamientos o de la ingesta de algún medicamento.
Alertas por SMS, ante un accidente de tránsito o una consulta a guardia de urgencia de algún menor escolarizado hacia los padres.
Las tabletas de servicios, que permiten consultar libremente y a cualquier ciudadano el estado de los expedientes iniciados, los reclamos, las contravenciones, información general como farmacias de turno, horarios de trenes, partidas, deuda y pagos de rentas, planes sociales, etc. etc.
Consultas sobre códigos QR en las credenciales de los inspectores, por las cuales el ciudadano con su celular puede chequear si el carnet del funcionario o empleado municipal es verdadera o falsa.
A nivel interno, los funcionarios disponen de acceso desde sus móviles a una clave única de identificación municipal, que permite a los funcionarios con solo poner el DNI de la persona, si posee reclamos y su estado, si inicio expedientes y donde se encuentran, si tiene contravenciones, etc.
También les llegan a los funcionarios en sus celulares alertas sobre ausentismo, sobre contravenciones al área de transito, juzgados y Gobierno, en forma automática y por SMS y por e- mail. Con los teléfonos móviles se pueden realizar foto multas de transito.
Pero el gobierno móvil en estos distritos no son propiedad exclusiva de celulares. Por ejemplo, las ambulancias están equipadas por tabletas o netbooks (según el caso) para consultas en el lugar de accidentes.
Todas estas aplicaciones están desarrolladas por las dos áreas que están a cargo de Chisnerman, que corren en los sistemas operativos BlackBerry, iOS (Apple) y Symbian (Nokia).
El funcionario enumeró estos beneficios del m-gov: el bajo costo de mantención de los equipos, la penetración en la ciudadanía, el dato en tiempo real y la automatización de los procesos llevados a cabo.

Otros ejemplos de m-gov se dan en tres ciudades muy alejadas entre sí, pero con elementos en común: los mensajes cortos de textos. Se trata de San Juan, Tandil y Río Gallegos. En la capital cuyana, la ciudad bonaerense y el principal centro urbano de Santa Cruz, los automovilistas pueden a través de los SMS descargar una tarjeta prepaga para las máquinas tickeadoras del estacionamiento de vehículos en la vía pública.
Esta solución, provista por Telefónica, les permite a las comunas de esas ciudades ordenar el tránsito y el espacio público y generar una fuente de ingresos, según señaló a PuntoGov Carolina Brunatti, jefa de TI y Móviles en la Gerencia de Marketing de Desarrollo de Productos del Segmento Empresas de la filial argentina del grupo español.
La solución consiste en un sistema de gestión de estacionamiento medido. Este sistema permite a los automovilistas registrar el estacionamiento utilizando su teléfono móvil o contactando a operadores en la vía pública:
Otros beneficios son un mejor servicio al ciudadano, tarifas diferenciadas (zonas u horarios de más demanda), labrado de infracción en tiempo real, toma de infracciones con foto y coordenadas geográficas (GPS), y se elimina vandalismo y mantenimiento de los parquímetros. Para el ciudadano, se brinda comodidad, porque no necesita monedas, y hasta puede programar su estacionamiento.
Telefónica Segmento Empresas es el encargado de este servicio que está instalado en el centro de datos de la compañía y que se brinda en modalidad de “cloud computing”. Al estar basado en SMS funciona en todos los teléfonos.
En San Juan hay otro servicio, de localización y gestión vehicular en taxis y remises, que presta la municipalidad de San Juan, para actuar y evitar casos delictivos. Los dispositivos móviles están integrados con el servicio de emergencia 911 que frente a una situación de riesgo, el conductor puede activar el botón del equipo para dar automáticamente el alerta al 911, permitiendo la localización del vehículo y la escucha dentro del móvil.
La particularidad de este proyecto es que los equipos tienen doble SIM, una para enviar coordenadas geográficas, otra para activar escuchas. Se brinda así seguridad para taxistas y pasajeros, control de emergencias; y se consigue una reducción en el tiempo de respuesta, e información para toma de decisiones operativas.
Un modelo brasileño
Una experiencia consolidada de m-gov está más cerca de lo pensado de la Argentina. El Gobierno del estado brasileño de Paraná, a través de la Sociedad de Tecnología de la Información y la Comunicación estadual (Celepar) es uno de los precursores en m-gov en Brasil. Allí se trabaja en gobierno móvil desde el año 2000 y fue reconocido con premios en Canadá, Corea, Holanda y Austria.
En la plataforma de portal funcional en dispositivos móviles ( ) se encuentran 167 servicios seleccionados de entre más de 1.500 servicios del portal del Gobierno de Paraná ( ).
La selección de estos servicios pasa a través de los criterios definidos por el Comité de Movilidad del Celepar tales como la urgencia, la movilidad, el volumen de la información y asegurar el uso eficaz de la usabilidad de la interfaz apropiada, informó a PuntoGov una fuente ligada a este programa gubernamental.
En Paraná no dejan de lado a los SMS, porque hay algunos servicios que se adhieren más a esta tecnología y es apta para todos, independientemente del dispositivo que el usuario tenga.
Las acciones que definen las prioridades del gobierno del Estado de Paraná se basan en la mejora de la calidad de los servicios; la velocidad de acceso, y la reducción del movimiento físico de las personas. Y sobre estas premisas, se trataban en soluciones móviles para el ciudadano y para la gestión gubernamental.


          Azure Tools   

Azure tools Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a game changer and Microsoft’s Azure is the leading provider of cloud infrastructure and services. Whether you require Platform as a Service (PAAS), Software as a Service (SAAS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) it is hard to go past the suite of products that Microsoft’s Azure cloud provides. Tools SmiKar Software has developed the following Azure Tools to allow the Administrator or Developer recover costs and time; Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler – AVMS Virtual machines are billed within Microsoft Azure every minute they are on and running. Simply shutting down those virtual machines within Azure and not deallocating them you will still end up being charged. You need to take one further step and deallocate those virtual machines to not keep incurring charges. The Azure Virtual Machine Scheduler (AVMS) connects to your Microsoft Azure subscriptions and...

The post Azure Tools appeared first on SmiKar Software.

          Putin's satellite-tracked dog not a harbinger for anything   

Oh, Russia.


MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's black labrador dog, Koni, Friday was given a collar that will allow her master to track her movements by satellite. ... "She looks sad," Ivanov said. "Her free life is

          Extracting Frequency Response data of Cantilever Beam   

I am trying to get the frequency response and deformation of a simple 2D cantilever beam that has an edge load and is fixed on the opposite end. I assigned the material as structural steel and set the physics using the ‘beam’ module under structural mechanics. For study, I used the frequency domain with a range from 1 to 1000 and under 'Dependent Variables' I have 'Displacement Field' with components 'comp2.u, comp2.v, comp2.thz' being listed as field components. Using the default mesh settings, I ran the analysis and after computing the results, when I try to export the data for plotting using Matlab, I cannot get the deformation and frequency values. Using any of the 'comp2.u, comp2.v, comp2.thz' as expressions for data under export generates an error message, 'Cannot Evaluate Expression'. I would like to know why this happens, and how I can successfully export the frequency and deformation data.

Thank you.

          Самое сильное государство: зачем героическая страна побеждала и побеждает беззащитных женщин. Дмитрий Быков о том, для чего наказали Варвару Караулову   

22 декабря Владимир Путин заявил, что сегодня «мы сильнее любого потенциального агрессора». В это же время Варвару Караулову приговорили к 4,5 годам лишения свободы — вместо 5 лет, которые просил для нее прокурор. Одновременно с этим воспитательницу детского сада в Кургане отправили в колонию за репост.

Дмитрий Быков рассказывает о том, что такое уже было, и Россия всегда была сильнее не только потенциальных агрессоров, но и сильнее здравого смысла.

          «Никаких переговоров» — теперь не только с террористами. Дмитрий Быков о том, почему президент Путин отказался говорить с «нормандской четверкой»   

В среду, 10 августа, президент Владимир Путин назвал запланированную встречу с «нормандской четверкой» в Китае бессмысленной — это после предотвращения терактов в Крыму, якобы подготовленных диверсантами с Украины. А Дмитрий Быков как всегда доказал, что и это уже было — и не только у президента России, но и у героев романа «Анна Каренина» или сериала «Богатые тоже плачут».

          25 Raksasa Penghasil Minyak Terbesar Dunia   

Minyak dan gas (migas) sudah menjadi bagian kebutuhan energi bagi masyarakat di dunia sejak dahulu kala. Mulai dari kebutuhan rumah tangga, hingga pasokan energi bagi industri.

Komoditas alam ini ikut menjadi pusaran prioritas bisnis pencetak uang di dunia. Suka tidak suka, perusahaan-perusahaan penggali migas yang ada di seluruh dunia membuat bumi tetap berputar dan akan terus berjalan selama beberapa tahun ke depan. 

Di antara perusahaan-perusahaan tersebut bahkan ada yang mampu memproduksi minyak hingga jutaan barel setiap hari.

Ingin tahu perusahaan minyak mana saja yang menjadi penopang kebutuhan energi dunia. Berikut 25 perusahaan  minyak terbesar di dunia, mengacu pada kapasitas volume produksi per hari seperti melansir laman Forbes, Rabu, (12/6/2013):

1. Saudi Aramco 
Produksi: 12,5 juta barel per hari

Sejauh ini, Saudi Aramco merupakan perusahaan energi terbesar di dunia dengan pendapatan lebih dari US$ 1 miliar per hari. Lahan tambang terbesar Saudi Aramco bisa menghasilkan 5 juta barel per hari.

2. Gazprom

Produksi: 9,7 juta barel per hari

Gazpum, perusahaan asal Rusia merupakan produsen gas alam terbesar di dunia. Keuntungannya bisa mencapai lebih dari US$ 40 miliar per tahun.

3.  Iranian Oil Co

Produksi: 6,4 juta barel per hari

Iran dipaksa menghentikan produksi minyaknya menyusul sanksi internasional.  Meski begitu, Iran tetap menjadi produsen minyak dan gas terbesar di dunia.

4. ExxonMobil 

Produksi: 5,3 juta barel per hari

Keuntungan tahunan Exxon sebesar US$ 40 miliar terlihat sedikit dibandingkan transaksi penjualan yang melambung hingga US$ 400 miliar. 

Exxon saat ini tengah membahas kerjasamanya dengan produsen minyak raksasa Rusia, Rosneft.

5. PetroChina 

Produksi: 4,4 juta barel per hari

Perusahaan minyak milik negara ini merupakan yang ketiga terbesar di China. PetroChina juga memiliki catatan pasar tertinggi dibanding penjualan dari produsen lain. 

Saat ini China sudah memproduksi lebih banyak minyak daripada ExxonMobil.

6. BP

Produksi:  4,1 juta barel per hari

Saat ini BP tengah kewalahan mempertahankan jumlah produksi 4,1 juta barel per hari. Perusahaan tengah membahas penjualan 50% sahamnya di TNK-BP Rusia atau setara dengan sepertiga hasil produksi.

7.  Royal Dutch Shell 

Produksi : 3,9 juta barel per hari

Shell berharap musin panas ini bisa mulai mengebor minyak di pantai Chuckchi Alaska. Selama bertahun-tahun Shell terus menyempurnakan rencana pengeboran minyaknya di beberapa lokasi tambang.

8. Pemex

Produksi: 3,6 juta barel per hari

Hasil produksi lahan tambang terbesar di Mexico, Cantarell anjlok sebanyak 2 juta barel per hari. Sisanya saat ini hanya sekitar 600 ribu barel per hari. 

Pemex berperan menutupi kelangkaan akibat kurangnya pasokan minyak dari pertambangan lain.

9. Chevron

Produksi : 3,5 juta barel per hari

Chevron membeli Atlas Petroleum pada 2010 seharga US$ 4,3 miliar untuk menambah lahan di Marcellus dan shale Utica. Dengan harga gas yang rendah, sebagian mengharapkan kesepakatan yang lebih besar.

10. Kuwait Petroleum Corp

Produksi: 3,2 juta barel per hari

Perusahaan minyak Kuwait ini berdiri pada 1934 oleh perusahaan yang saat ini dikenal sebagai Chevron dan BP. Pada 1975, perusahaan kemudian dipatenkan menjadi milik negara. 

Saat ini, operasi tambang di Burgan yang merupakan lahan terbesar Kuwait dilanjutkan Chevron.

11. Abu Dhabi National Oil Co
Produksi: 2,9 juta barel per hari

Abu Dhabi merupakan pusat kekuatan Uni Emirat Arab. Posisinya yang strategis dimanfaatkan untuk membangun saluran pipa minyak ke Fujairah guna memudahkan ekspor ke luar.

12. Sonatrach

Produksi; 2,7 juta barel per hari

Gas alam mendominasi hasil produksi perusahaan energi nasional Algeria ini. Kebanyakan hasil produksinya di ekspor ke Eropa.

13. Total

Produksi:  2,7 juta barel per hari

Presiden Prancis Francois Hollande mengenakan jenis pajak baru pada inventasi minyak terhitung Juli 2012. 

Dalam tanggapannya, CEO Total Christophe de Margerie mengatakan, tindakan ini akan menguras US$ 200 juta pendapatan Total pada 2012 dan mengganggu sektor penyulingan minyak yang sedang tak baik.

14. Petrobras 

Produksi: 2,7 juta barel per hari

Mantan CEO Petrobas Sergio Gabrielli menyerahkan jabatan pada bos baru Maria das Gracas Silva Foster Februari lalu. 

Perusahaan sedang berupaya untuk mengembangkan lahan minyak raksasa dengan kedalaman tinggi di luar negeri.

15.  Rosneft 

Produksi: 2,6 juta barel per hari

Sama dengan Gazprom, Rosneft adalah perusahaan minyak milik Russia. Presiden Rusia Vladimir Putin terlihat menghadiri diskusi yang menandakan kerjasama Rosneft dan ExxonMobil untuk mengeksplorasi pantai-pantai di negaranya.

16. Iraqi Oil Ministry 

Produksi: 2,3 juta barel per hari

Peringkat Irak sebagai produsen minyak terbesar di dunia bisa terus meningkat karena lahan-lahan tambang raksasanya terus berproduksi.

Pengeboran tahap 2 di Qurna Barat, proyek yang dioperasikan Lukoil milik Rusia menghasilkan sekitar 13 miliar barel.

17. Qatar Petroleum
Produksi: 2,3 juta barel per hari

Mayoritas produksi Qatar adalah gas alam yang tersebar ke seluruh dunia sebagai gas alam cair (LNG).  Qatar menyediakan lahan gas alami terbesar di dunia yang di bawah tanah Persian Gulf dengan Iran.

18. Lukoil 

Produksi: 2,2 juta barel per hari

Lukoil didirikan tahun 1991 oleh Mantan Wakil Menteri Vagit Alekperov yang masih menjalankan perusahaan hingga saat ini. Dirinya memiliki 20% saham perusahaan seharga US$ 13 miliar.

19. Eni 

Produksi: 2,2 juta barel per hari

Eni adalah produsen minyak unggul di Italia. CEO Eni Paolo Scaroni dalam beberapa tahun menyusun landasan kerjasama dengan perusahaan-perusahaan seperti Pdvsa, Venezuela dan Rosneft, Rusia.

20. Statoil 

Produksi:  2,1 juta barel per hari

Pemerintah Norwegia memiliki 67% saham di Statoil. Investasi perusahaan di Amerika sudah mencapai lebih dari Us$ 20 miliar termasuk akuisisi Bakken-focused Brigham Exploration sebesar US$ 4,7 miliar pada 2011.

21. ConocoPhillips 

Produksi: 2 juta barel per hari

Tahun ini ConocoPhillips meluaskan bisnis kilang minyaknya menyusul keinginan Phillips 66 untuk fokus pada operasi-operasi di permukaan.

22. Petroleos de Venezuela

Produksi: 1,9 juta barel per hari

Perusahaan minyak Venezuela yang lebih dikenal dengan sebutan Pdvsa ini, lebih terlihat sebagai bank pribadi Presiden Hugo Chavez yang membuat perusahaan menderita karena harus membayar program-program sosialnya. Hasil produksi sendiri sudah menurun sejak 1998.

23. Sinopec 

Produksi: 1,6 juta barel per hari

Sinopec merupakan kilang minyak terbesar China. Tahun ini Sinopec menghentikan usaha shale-nya dengan Devon Energy.

24. Nigerian National Petroleum 

Produksi: 1,4 juta barel per hari

Di tengah-tengah kehancuran ekonomi akibat korupsi di industri minyak negara Nigeria, Presiden Goodluck Jonathan juga diketahui melakukan korupsi pada beberapa eksekutif.

25. Petronas 

Produksi: 1,4 juta barel per hari

Perusahaan minyak raksasa Malaysia membangun markasnya di menara kembar Petronas. Petronas belakangan melebarkan sayap bisnisnya ke luar negeri dan saat ini sedang dalam proses negosiasi dengan perusahaan gas Progress Energy Kanada untuk memperoleh dana sebesar Us$ 5,4 miliar. (Nur)

          Tizen or Tizen't?   

KDE Project:

I'm not sure really. We have been discussing this question on the Codethink irc channel today, and I think probably Tizen't.

I think the main point of HTML5 is that it runs everywhere and is platform independent. Once you create a platform that uses HTML5 plus its own extensions it really isn't HTML5 anymore. Giving up on Qt and going for some as yet unspecified native toolkit doesn't seem to be a good way to please and developers who have commited to MeeGo.

When it comes down to it, one of the only really innovative community based post PC projects is Plasma Active. It is still there after the sudden 'MeeGo axed' announcement. It isn't subject to the whims of large corporations like Intel. It isn't subject to patent attacks (yet). It is a perfect platform for ubiquitous computing - it runs on every device from large desktop flat screens, to tablets, and down to smart phone scale and below. It is activity and not application based with a foundation of the Nepomuk semantic desktop. Instead of being 'a bucketful of apps' as an interaction designer at the Berlin Desktop Summit described Android, iOS, WP7 and the others, it knows about what you are doing and why. It moves beyond the simple 'game console/app store' style environment of the competion to provide a very different take on what a 21st century computing environment should look like.

Not only is Plasma Active/Contour technically advanced, but it is very advanced socially in that it is an integral part of KDE. The KDE community have shown themselves to be an exemplary Free Software project. We have many countries involved, we have all types of people involved, young and old, men and women, gay and straight, Christian, Muslim and Aethiest - they are all there. We have careful governance provided by the KDE eV organization who are in it for the long term. If you use KDE technology you know you can rely on it to have a consistent long term roadmap.

Aaron Seigo and the other Plasma Active and Contour participents have been careful to make sure that the project has good business connections right from the start. Companies like Basyskom are keen to create a common eco-system where 'a rising tide floats all boats'.

So what's not to like about Plasma Active. Have we taken a hit by the sudden cancelation of the MeeGo project. I don't think so, Tizen't likely.

          Multiple everything - using VMWare, VirtualBox and Multisystem usb drives   

KDE Project:

Recently there was an post on Hacker News about collective nouns for birds in English. I run loads of virtual machines on my computer and I wonder what they should be called - 'a herd of virtual machines'? I have the mediocre Windows 7 Home Premium, and I wonder if that should be called a 'A badling of windows' after the phrase 'A badling of ducks'.

The big change for me in my computing evironment recently has been using virtual machines all the time instead of setting up my computers with multiple boot options. For work I use a 27 inch Macintosh with 8 GB of memory, running Windows 7 Home Premium and Kubuntu 11.04 under VMWare as guests under Mac OS X as the host. We have moved from scarcity in computer resources for programmers to a world where even the most under powered netbook can handle most of the things I need to do.

I spent most of last weekend preparing my HP 2133 netbook for use at the forthcoming Desktop Summit. I wanted to get it working well in advance as I had a lot of trouble with my netbook at the recent Qt Contributors Summit. At that conference I couldn't even get WiFi working for the first day or two, and it was only because I happened to bump into the awesome Paul Sladen from Canonical that I managed to get it working to a reliable standard at all.

Talking to Paul he didn't think he was any kind of power user (he works for Canonical as a UI designer), and that his suggestions to me about how to sort out my machine should be obvious. I'm not sure about what exactly I'm good at, but I think it is only programming and I am not a very good systems administrator (or a UI designer for that matter). But if I have a lot of trouble doing obvious things with my Linux portable I think you can assume anyone at all normal with be having even more trouble.

I found out about the Multisystem project, and managed to create a USB stick with Kubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 11.04, OpenSUSE 11.4, Mandriva 2010, Mandriva 2011 RC2, Fedora 15, Debian Squeeze 6.0.1. Then I tried running each of these distributions in turn and trying to install them onto my HP 2133.

My Great White Hope was SUSE because that was the distribution that my HP 2133 originally came with. I never got it running when I first tried to boot my new HP 2133 because I got a 'grub error 18' or similar, after i got it home and tried to boot it - that would have put off 99% of potential Linux users straight away. The install of OpenSUSE 11.4 started and then after a while it died. Oh dear.

Next up was Fedora 15, and I got as far as the initial screen after being warning that my machine wasn't powerful enough to run Gnome 3. I started the 'install to hard disk' tool, and it died after a minute or two. Not enough memory, some other problem? I've no idea.

I was beginning to run out of ideas and then I thought of Mandriva and tried to install Mandriva 2010. That went well until I tried to boot and the Mandriva grub 1.0 install clashed with the grub 2.0 install of Kubuntu that I had on the second partition in my netbook. The naming scheme for partitions has changed between grub 1.0 and grub 2.0 and it isn't a good idea to combine them.

Large parts of my weekend were beginning to disappear even though it should be simple for an expert user to set up a netbook. Then I found out that Mandriva 2011 uses grub 2.0 and installing that worked great.

Back to bird collective nouns - I clearly had a 'flight of Mandrivas' here. I like the changes that Mandriva have made to the KDE UI. They have their own custom Plasma panel. It is black and doesn't look horrible like the default grey Plasma panel does. It doesn't have multiple virtual desktops by default. I thought I should just try the default UI at the Desktop Summit and see how I got on with it.

I wonder what has gone wrong with KDE Usuability considering we have a usuability expert on the KDE eV board. I find trivial usuabiltiy problems with KDE really annoying. For instance, if I set up KDE Wallet why do I have to give it a different password once I have logged in? Why doesn't it trust me?

If I try and make my laptop suspend while it is still connected to the mains power by shutting the lid, why doesn't it just suspend? I have to disconnect the power cable and then shut the lid again. Then plug the mains cable back in to ensure the laptop doesn't run out of power. Why do I get a completely useless notification about 'your laptop has had its power removed'? Of course I know that because I just removed the power cord to get round the problem of the laptop not suspending properly.

When my laptop wakes up it asks me for a password before it unlocks the screen. Why does it lock my screen by default? I don't know. I used to work on real time trading systems at a bank, and there was certainly a policy there of using screen lockers. But banks must be about 1% of KDE's users and so I have no idea why locking the screen is something a non-expert user should be confronted with. I haven't worked out how to disable screen locking even though it is a complete pain in the arse.

I have no idea why the KDE menus still have underlines in them to allow you to navigate without a mouse. That made sense when mice were rare things in the early eighties and power users without mice could navigate through Windows 1.0, but now about 1% of people use that option why are the other 99% being exposed to such an ugly UI.

I'm looking forward to the Berlin Conference and I hope we can make it an opportuntity to sort out KDE's 1980s and 1990's UI problems like I've just described. Clearly Plasma Active is in advance of everything else in my opinion, but the normal widget based normal KDE UI isn't. I still think we can do better than Mac OS X Lion and I look forward to hearing the opinions of KDE UI experts at the conference.

           Teaching and Professional Fellowship Report 2002/3: Colour and Computing    
Lewis, Garth (2003) Teaching and Professional Fellowship Report 2002/3: Colour and Computing. Project Report. University of the Arts London, London.
          Linkpost | 7.4.2012   
• Here Comes Nexus 7 Nightmare: The IPad Mini – Bloomberg is one of several outlets reporting on supply chain sources saying a 7.85-inch iPad is coming in October. • New patent shows Apple is at least thinking about wearable computing devices like Google Glass – I suspect every major tech company is looking at
          The Data Forecast: There is No Such Thing as the “Private” Cloud!   
Free lunch. Unicorns. Automatic faucets that actually work. None of these exist. “Private” Cloud also belongs on this list. To understand this bold claim, let’s break down the argument. First, we will refresh our understanding of Public Cloud, and look at why this is such a valuable addition to the computing landscape. We’ll then dive deeper […]
          Daewoo Matiz Matiz 2004   
Pret: 1000 Euro
Hatchback, Normala, 51000 km
Benzina, 50 CP, 800 cm³
Culoare: alb
primul proprietar, putin rulata, al doilea proprietar, carte service
Proprietar,aer conditionat,servofrana,cd+radio,alarma,inchidere centralizata,baterie nou,consumabile schimbate,ITP 2018,masina functioneaza foarte bine,arata bine,rulata ocazional,a fost a mamei

          Opel Astra G 2001   
Pret: 2700 Euro
Hatchback, Normala, 217000 km
Diesel, 105 CP, 1700 cm³
Culoare: argintiu
clima manuala, geamuri electrice, oglinzi electrice, oglinzi incalzite, inchidere centralizata
Masina este adusa din Germania si inscrisa pe Ro de mai putin de un an. Taxa platita si nerecuperata. (350-400 euro) A fost cumparata de la proprietar din Germania nu de la bijnitar, a fost adusa cu

          Mercedes-Benz 190E 1990   
Pret: 1700 Euro
Berlina, Normala, 200000 km
Benzina, 90 CP, 1977 cm³
Culoare: alb
inchidere centralizata, servo directie, radio-casetofon, ABS
adusa din italia nu are rugina perfecta de funtionare o mica gaura pe canapea sofer si pe usa are deslipit putin piele,inchidere centralizata geam eletric,oglinda reglabile adusa recente

          putinho no frango assado   

          Bitcoin Engineer - Kid Koderz City Inc. - Toronto, ON   
KKC is responsible for the exploration of emerging technologies, which includes Blockchain, drones, cognitive computing, AR / VR and other areas of interest....
From Indeed - Tue, 27 Jun 2017 23:09:24 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs
          Open Thread For June 28, 2017   
Baynard Stadium, Sallies Deal Moves Forward. No thanks to Charles Potter, who stuck his nose into the deliberations back in November. Manafort Retroactively Files As Foreign Agent. Represented Ukraine officials closely aligned with Putin. Hey, it was merely a $17.1 million oversight. Nothing to see here, folks. Jay Sekulow Funneled Millions From Christian Charity To–His […]
          Open Thread For June 24, 2017   
Putin was Directly Involved In Electing Trump.  Simply one of the most important stories of this or any other year. Read it, even if it means subscribing. In fact, you should subscribe. As the Washington Post’s masthead reads, “Democracy Dies In Darkness”. But the Trump Administration Isn’t Concerned, Even If Intelligence Agencies Are.  It doesn’t help that […]
          Fallon Brainfood: Fallon Blog Secrets Revealed! (and the death of Fallon Planning Blog)   
Its been 2 years since we launched the Fallon Planning Blog and 2 years since Ed Cotton and I did our "Blogging The Agency" presentation at AAAA Planning Conference which tried to assess the value of account planners' blogging.

At the time, questions were just starting to arise about agency bloggers and the role we should be playing on the burgeoning social web. I distinctly remember some big name planners insisting that all this bloggery and twittering was a waste of our time and we should get back our proper surveys and focus groups like a good puppy. Interestingly, not a day goes by that a client isn't asking the Insight dept for a POV on social media. Then, social media was a hobby, now its become the job.

What prompted the Fallon Planning Blog? Fallon Planners were asking a philosophical question: Are we merely our work, or are we our ideas and thinking, too? And if we're ideas and thinking, where does all that get expressed and workshopped beyond our client decks? Younger planners were asking how might they learn and hear from experienced planners beyond the annual conference? Other questions abounded about what effect social media might play on us, our industry, our work, our clients? We were beginning to see the seismic shifts that social computing was having on retail, media consumption, music, creative production, distribution, etc. A partial answer to this conundrum was to participate. We started a blog.

The blog launched with little fanfare (or even official sanction) we simply started and assumed to sort it out as we went.

So years later, what has it gotten us? What have we learned from blogging and Brainfooding and Tweeting and social networking?

Highlights about Fallon Planning Blog
-Over 170,000 pageviews and over 27,406 unique visitors since launch in 2006
-Average 600 RSS subscribers a day
-Ranked #142 on AdAge Power 150 - top media and marketing blogs
-over 12,000 pageviews in Feb 2009, this year may be reaching a tipping point!
-Fallon Worldwide/Fallon Minneapolis receives an average blog mention every 11 days
-Fallon Planning receives an average blog mention every 12 hours

Highlights about Fallon Brainfood:
-over 52,000 total views of Brainfood on Slideshare plus countless live webcam views, blog posts, and Tweets
-over 4600 views of Brainfood in Q109 so far
-28,905 Twitter impressions

So you might wonder why all the reflective tone in this post? It probably sounds like something is ending. And well, it is...or rather, something new is soon to begin. But for now, consider the Fallon Planning Blog experiment successfully ended.

          Opinion: Microsoft’s Windows Azure more dangerous than you think   

There’s something afoot. Microsoft is trying to sell the world a service. It’s packaged under the innocuous name: “cloud computing”. But, it’s nothing short of something harmful to people, businesses, and maybe even […]

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          Tom Igoe-Open Source Design: Camel or Unicorn?   

Open source development has taken hold in software design, and is beginning to show up in electronics hardware design as well. Open source for design, however is behind. What incentives do designers need to work on open source projects?


Tom Igoe is an Associate Arts Professor at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). Coming from a background in theatre lighting design, he teaches courses and workshops in physical computing and networking, exploring ways to allow digital technologies to sense and respond to a wider range of human physical expression. Current research focuses on ecologically sustainable practices in technology development and how open hardware development can contribute to that. Igoe has written two books on physical computing: Physical computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers, co-authored with Dan O'Sullivan, and Making Things Talk both have been adopted by digital art and design programs around the world. He is a regular contributor to MAKE magazine on the subject as well. He is also a member of the core development team of Arduino, an open source microcontroller environment built for non-technicians. He is currently realizing a lifelong dream to work with monkeys as well.

Cast: Interaction Design Association

          Pizde se fut pe patura   

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          Happy New Year and a few resolutions   
Happy New Year to all. Hopefully, 2008 will be a successful and prosperous one for you all, and your resolutions are achievable. In that sense, here are some of mine:

  • Get to the gym more, and not just weights but cardio as well
  • Update this more

So not many, so hopefully I will be able to keep them going for more than a month.

I read today that TIME has awarded Vladimir Putin the Man of the Year award. At first I thought it was a practical joke given that Russia have started sending out their long range bombers to probe the Western air defences (something that has not happened since the height of the Cold War in the 1980s).

However a review of the TIME's Man of the Year awards shows that this is not entirely without precedent. Previous recipients have included notables such as:
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Harry Truman (in the year that Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bombed)
  • Nikita Kruschev
  • Lyndon B Johnson (in the year prior to the Vietnam war escalation)
  • George W Bush (enough said)
As such, Putin joining such a list is therefore not entirely out of character for the editors of TIME. Here's hoping that Putin does not join his Russian predecessors...

          Who can I abuse now?   
Well, after much procrastinating our wonderful Prime Minister has thrown in the towel and is going to leave office in June. Obviously this is not too soon for the country as it is being dragged further and further down by his vain-glorious policies designed to leave a "legacy". One of the most expensive has been the imposition of a major IT programme that is not only is way over budget, but is also failing to meet the key targets. Not too great a legacy...

But what about peace in Northern Ireland? I'm sorry but if a group of power-mad Islamic terrorists had not started trying to pick fights with the US, there would likely be no power-sharing, NORAID will still provide funding to the republican terrorists and sectarian killings would likely be happening. Blair thinking that he has a special touch and can apply that to bring peace to the Middle East is just delusional.

Maybe if he hadn't been so quick to follow GW down the road to war could he have been taken seriously...
          Corno Libera Esposa Putinha para Comedores   
          Namorada Branquinha e Puta – Parte 3   
continuação da minha putinha, alguém ai a fim de foder com ela? o que fariam?
          El monstruo tecnológico IBM cede a las presiones de Putin.   
Cisco, IBM y SAP se unen a HP y McAfee, dándole vía libre al gobierno de Putin para inspeccionar su código fuente. Bajo la premisa de evitar el espionaje y posibles ataques en Rusia, el presidente Vladimir Putin solicita a todas las compañías de software acceso directo a su código fuente para poder realizar cualquier […]

          Putin Accuses "Foreign Spy Agencies" Of Supporting Terrorism To Destabilize Russia   
Putin Accuses Foreign Spy Agencies Of Supporting Terrorism To Destabilize Russia In the first public accusation that "foreign spy agencies" are seeking to destabilize Russia made in recent years, during a meeting with Russia's foreign intelligence agency President Vladimir Putin said that "some foreign special services" are directly supporting extremist and terrorist groups to destabilize the situation near Russia’s borders, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Russia’s foreign intelligence agency.

“In general, the growing activity of foreign special services against us and our allies is obvious,” Putin said quoted by Bloomberg during the televised speech in Moscow on Wednesday, without specifying which nations he was referring to. *“There are operations to influence the domestic political and social processes in our country.*”

Tangentially, the AP reported that according to an unclassified report by the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency, released on Wednesday, *Kremlin leaders are convinced America is intent on regime change in Russia, *"a fear that is feeding rising tension and military competition between the former Cold War foes."

"The Kremlin is convinced the United States is laying the groundwork for regime change in Russia, a conviction further reinforced by the events in Ukraine," the report says, referencing the claims by President Vladimir Putin's government that the U.S. engineered the popular uprising that ousted Ukraine's Russia-friendly president, Viktor Yanukovich, in 2014. Russia responded by annexing Ukraine's Crimea region and supporting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Thursday's report, prepared long before Trump's election, reflects the Pentagon's view of the global security picture shifting after nearly two decades of heavy American focus on countering terrorism and fighting relatively small-scale wars across the Middle East. Russia, in particular, is now at the center of the national security debate in Congress, fed by political divisions over how to deal with Putin and whether his military buildup, perceived threats against NATO and alleged election interference call for a new U.S. approach.

According to the AP, the 116-page report portrays Russia as increasingly wary of the United States. It cites Moscow's "deep and abiding distrust of U.S. efforts to promote democracy around the world and what it perceives as a U.S. campaign to impose a single set of global values." One almost wonders why.

"Moscow worries that U.S. attempts to dictate a set of acceptable international norms threatens the foundations of Kremlin power by giving license for foreign meddling in Russia's internal affairs," the report says. Titled "Russia Military Power," it is the agency's first such unclassified assessment in more than two decades.

The report also discusses recent military developments, with a focus on the middle east.

It cites the example of Moscow's 2015 military intervention in Syria. The Kremlin cast the effort as designed to combat Islamic State fighters. Washington saw Moscow largely propping up Assad by providing air support for the Syrian army's offensive against opposition forces.


The report says the Syria intervention is intended also to eliminate jihadist elements that originated on the former Soviet Union's territory to prevent them from returning home and threatening Russia. In any case, the report credits the intervention for having "changed the entire dynamic of the conflict, bolstering the Assad regime and ensuring that no resolution to the conflict is possible without Moscow's agreement."


"Nevertheless, these actions also belie a deeply entrenched sense of insecurity regarding a United States that Moscow believes is intent on undermining Russia at home and abroad," the report says.

The report harkens to Cold War days when the intelligence agency published a series of "Soviet Military Power" studies that defined the contours of the superpower rivalry. Those reports ended with the 1991 demise of the Soviet Union. Now they return, DIA's director, Marine Lt. Gen. Vincent R. Stewart, says, with an eye on the future of U.S.-Russian relations.

"*Within the next decade, an even more confident and capable Russia could emerge," *Stewart wrote in a preface to the report. No new, global ideological struggle akin to the Cold War is forecast, but the report cautions that Moscow "intends to use its military to promote stability on its own terms."

Which is why the "deep state", the Military-Industrial Complex. the neo-cons or whatever one wants to call the permanently bellicose wing in control, will *never *allow Trump to pursue a detente with Putin. To be sure, while Trump's campaign rhetoric was widely seen as sympathetic to Russia, ties have not improved in his first six months of his presidency. In April, *Trump said U.S.-Russian relations "may be at an all-time low." *Trump is expected to meet Putin for the first time at an international summit in Germany next week.

Meanwhile, to perpetuate the anti-Russia witch hunt, on Wednesday Rep. Adam Smith, the House Armed Services Committee's top Democrat, issued a "national security manifesto" on Russia. *He and a group of lawmakers writing in Time magazine cited the threat of "Putinism," which they termed "a philosophy of dictatorship" that seeks to extinguish democratic ideals such as government transparency by exploiting "discontented facets of democratic polities worldwide.*"

Which, of course, is not to be confused with CIA-ism, which is a philosophy of suberting any government around the globe with promises of globalist, credit-card driven expansion, and if that fails, with outright threats (and actions) to overthrow the existing regime by supporting its closest adversaries, both domestic and foreign.

Taking McCarthyism to the next level, at a Senate intelligence committee hearing Wednesday, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the panel's ranking Democrat, said Russia is becoming more brazen.

*"Russia's goal is to sow chaos and confusion - to fuel internal disagreements and to undermine democracies whenever possible, and to cast doubt on the democratic process wherever it exists," *Warner said.

In other words, Russia is becoming just like the US... One can see why the Deep State and Democrats are so terrified. Reported by Zero Hedge 16 minutes ago.
          Czym jest wojna przypomina Wojtek Miłoszewski   
Trochę się obawiałem tej książki, bowiem tematyka, jaką porusza wywołuje lekkie ostrzeżenie. Zawsze tak mam: jeśli bohaterami powieści okazują się faktyczni, znani nam ludzie, szczególnie ci decyzyjni, obawiam się o jakość lektury. Jakbym się spodziewał, że skoro autor zaczyna wsadzać w usta Hollande’a, Merkel czy Putina słowa prowadzące do czynów, to jedynym celem książki będzie...
          Cisco Unified Computing Overview - 03/16/09   
David Lawler, Vice President of Marketing, Server Access Virtualization Business Unit
          Salesforce Account Executive   
NY-New York City, Account Executive This position is focused on selling professional services for Salesforce cloud apps for sales, service, marketing, community, and analytics, all on the Salesforce1 Platform-providing services engagement for companies of every size and industry. Company Overview: EMS Consulting is a Salesforce Silver Partner focused on delivering proven business solutions leveraging cloud-computin
          penyebaran agama islam di dunia   

2012 - 2013
Islam di Rusia adalah agama terbesar kedua setelah Kristen Ortodoks, yakni sekitar 21 – 28 juta penduduk atau 15 – 20 persen dari sekitar 142 juta penduduk. Kehidupan Muslim di Rusia saat ini juga kian membaik dibanding masa Komunis dulu. Untuk pertama kalinya dalam sejarah Rusia, pemimpin Rusia (Vladimir Putin) memasukkan menteri Muslim dalam kabinetnya dan mengakui eksistensi Muslim Rusia.
Islam masuk di Rusia pada masa Bai Umayyah. Di kota Bukhora pernah lahir seorang ulama besar ahli hadis yaitu Imam Bukhori yang menulis kitab hadis Shoheh Bukhori. Islam di Rusia mengalami kejayaan ketika Dinasti Samanid berkuasa. Akan tetapi ketika Jengis Khan menggempur Asia Tengah banyak penduduk muslim yang dibunuh, masjid dan sekolah-sekolah dibakar.
Di Rusia saat ini telah memiliki Direktorat Utusan Islam di Departemen Luar Negeri Urusan Asia. Dengan adanya lembaga ini hak-hak dan kewajiban-kewajiban umat muslim dilindungi negara. Di negeri ini terdapat hampir 400 masjid dan 190 madrasah sebagai pusat syiar dan pendalaman Islam. Studi Isalam dan bahasa arab kini menjadi bagian kurikulum Islam di Rusia.

Daftar isi
Pendahuluan  .............................................................................................................
            Daftar isi ....................................................................................................................
            Permasalahan ..............................................................................................................
            Sejarah masuknya islam di rusia ...............................................................................
            Penganut ajaran agama islam .....................................................................................
            Mesjid di rusia ...........................................................................................................
            Organisasi keagamaan muslim di rusia .....................................................................
Bukti – bukti masuknya islam di rusia ......................................................................
            Kesimpulan ................................................................................................................
            Daftar pustaka ............................................................................................................

Pokok  permasalahan :
1.      Bagaimana Sejarah masuknya islam di rusia?
2.      Bagaimana Penganut ajaran agama islam di rusia?
3.      Bagaiman Mesjid - mesjid di rusia ?
4.      Bagaimana Organisasi keagamaan muslim di rusia?
5.      Apa yangmembuktikan masuknyaajaran islam di rusia?

Sejarah Masuknya Islam Di Rusia
Muslim pertama di wilayah Rusia terkini adalah masyarakat Dagestani di (kawasan Derbent) selepas pentaklukan Arab (abad ke-8). Negeri Muslim yang pertama adalah Volga Bulgaria pada tahun 922. Kaum Tatar mewarisi agama Islam dari negeri itu. Kemudian kebanyakan orang Turki Eropa dan Kaukasia juga menjadi pengikut Islam. Islam di Rusia telah mempunyai kewujudan yang lama, melebarkan ke seawal penaklukan kawasan Volga Tengah pada abad ke-16, yang membawa orang Tatar dan berkenaan Orang Turki di Volga Tengah ke dalam negeri Rusia. Pada abad ke-18 dan ke-19, taklukan Rusia di Caucasus Utara membawa orang-orang Muslim dari kawasan ini– Dagestan, Chechen, Circassia, Ingush, dan lain-lain ke dalam negara Rusia.
Kievan Rus juga telah dapat kesempatan untuk memeluk Islam dari misionaris Volga Bulgaria, tetapi orang Slavia Timur menerima agama Kristen.
Mayoritas Muslim di Rusia mengikuti ajaran Islam Sunni. Dalam beberapa kawasan, terutama di Dagestan dan Chechnya, ada tradisi Sufisme, yang diwakili oleh tarekat Naqsyabandi dan Shazili dipimpin oleh Shaykh Said Afandi al-Chirkawi ad-Daghestani. Amalan sufi memberikan orang Kaukasus semangat kuat untuk menolak tekanan orang asing, dan telah menjadi legenda di antara pasukan Rusia yang melawan orang Kaukasus pada zaman Tsar. Orang Azeri juga pada sejarah dan masih lagi pengikut Islam Syiah, disaat republik mereka terpisah dari Uni Soviet, banyak orang Azeri yang datang ke Rusia untuk mencari pekerjaan.
Qur’an pertama yang dicetak diterbitkan di Kazan, Rusia pada 1801. Satu lagi fenomena yang terjadi adalah gerakan Wäisi.
Pada era 1990-an, jumlah percetakan risalah Islam telah meningkat. Antaranya ialah beberapa buah majalah dalam bahasa Rusia, “Ислам” (transliteration: Islam), “Эхо Кавказа” (Ekho Kavkaza) dan “Исламский вестник” (Islamsky Vestnik), dan beberapa suratkhabar berbahasa Rusia seperti “Ассалам” (Assalam), dan “Нуруль Ислам” (Nurul Islam), yang diterbit di Makhachkala, Dagestan.

Penganut ajaran agama islam
Menurut United States Department of State, terdapat sekitar 21-28 juta jumlah penduduk Muslimdi Rusia, sekurang-kurangnya 15-20 persen jumlah penduduk negara ini dan membentukkan agama minoritas yang terbesar. Masyarakat besar Islamdikonsentrasikan di antara warga negara minoritas yang tinggal di antara Laut Hitamdan Laut Kaspia: Avar, Adyghe, Balkar, Nogai, Orang Chechnya, Circassian, Ingush, Kabardin, Karachay, dan banyak bilangan warga negara Dagestan. Di Volga Basintengah ada penduduk besar Tatardan Bashkir, kebanyakan mereka Muslim. Banyak Muslim juga tinggal di Perm Kraidan Ulyanovsk, Samara, Ernst & Young in their Centre for Business Knowledge, the group who are responsible for the “KWeb” intranet. Outside of the top tier accounting firms (who have always understood they are involved in knowledge work), I’ve yet to find any large organisations with such a cohesive or advanced intranet, so I like to track public case studies and articles about Ernst & Young’s intranet and knowledge management program to see how it is progressing since I left in 2004.

Anyway, I was interested to read on the Intranet Benchmarking Forum’s blog that they had recently attended a leadership conference to provide a briefing on:
the latest trends amongst advance intranets and to parlay that information into a strategic roadmap for a next-generation intranet.
Alas, we don’t hear much about the audience’s reaction to these trends. I wonder how well E&Y’s intranet does benchmark against those trends, because there wasn’t really a lot there that struck me as new. I must admit this actually irritates me slightly - and I’ll apologies if there is a touch of arrogance here - but it really is time that the intranet industry takes a long hard look at itself and admits that its not really a case that some organisations are facing a set of new trends, they are really just catching up with innovation in other organisations that’s been taking place over the last decade or more.

Lets look at this apparently emerging issue about the “conflict between the desire to open up will be tempered by risk management and control”, as by its very nature the KWeb intranet is an open system that runs primarily on user-generated content. While I worked there, E&Y had hundreds of unmoderated, unfiltered discussion forums and thousands of project team databases. I don’t recall any major incidents, although I do remember some of the conversations about e-commerce getting quite heated! The only moderation processes that did exist was for the minority of ‘highly filtered’ knowledgebases, like PowerPacks - however, this moderation was for content quality.

Fast forwarding to the present day, this is only appearing to be a trend now in other less progressive organisations as Web-based collaboration tools (like SharePoint) have started to muscle into the traditional intranet space (e.g. static pages of content pushed at users to eagerly consume).

But its not a trend pointing to the future, its an indicator that you are lagging behind in how you imagine what an intranet should be. On the other hand I suspect Ernst & Young and those like it aren't lacking vision, but they may be struggling to take advantage of new Web 2.0 inspired enterprise technologies because of what’s in place already.

Another former employer, CSC, is a large organisation and presents another interesting case study from this point of view. They have a well established extranet, rather than an intranet, with a portal as a primary front end to multiple Web-based systems and sub-sites. However, while they are in the process of adopting social computing tools they face the challenge of integrating them into that existing Web 1.0-style extranet infrastructure.

I've seen similar situations in other large organisations I've worked with, particulary those that already valued collaboration and that had already deployed first generation Web-based collaboration tools.

From this I think there are in fact two key positions to understand:
  1. Progressive, early adopter organisations may now be at a disadvantage at a technology level, because they have lots of expensive legacy infrastructure to deal with - however, the culture is much better prepared to adopt a social computing-based intranet, so you can use that to your advantage. Luckily social computing can help make that transition in a cost effective way.
  2. Laggard organisations (and smaller organisations that never had access to enterprise groupware in the first place) have a temporary advantage to get ahead of the original early adopters if they can get past the cultural and business political issues that stop them from introducing new collaboration and social computing-based intranets. Its a lot harder to bootstrap culture change, but with a bit of effort you can fly under the radar at the technology level with social computing if you try. But fundamentally, you have to reinvent what the intranet means to your organisation in order to move forward.
So, what’s your organisation - an original early adopter or are a laggard?

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          I got the, don’t take the Web 2.0 out of Web 2.0 blues   

To me, discussing Web 2.0 in an abstract way without reference to technology is an odd thing to do.

I should premise this statement that in IMHO, no technology exists in a vacuum. However, my viewpoint has been influenced by systems thinking and socio-technical systems theory. In this complex view of the world, technology is as much related to its environment as what we might traditionally think of as the separate social or organisational parts.

So for me, Web 2.0 has never just been about the technology. And its why I get little confused when I hear people talking about Web 2.0 and related themes, like Government 2.0, in an abstract way that attempts to push the technology into the background. Neither the social or technical parts of the system take priority, because they are related.

However, on one level this desire to push the technology of Web 2.0 into the background can be understood by observing how the meaning of ‘2.0’ has changed over time. While Tim O’Reilly might have assigned quite a specific meaning to Web 2.0, the only commonality left in how we all use it now is that “two do oh” might be best described as short hand for ‘paradigm shift’ (and yeah, its quickly become past its marketing sell by date).

Listening to people to discuss the meaning of Government 2.0 for example, I can see how it can be either read as Web 2.0 in Government or as a broader paradigm shift in our approach to Government (or perhaps somewhere in between). There is no right or wrong answer here of course... its always about how people use it and interpret meaning.

But even if we stick with a meaning that is closer to the original, I can also see that there are a number of good reasons why people want to down play the technology - for example:

  • As part of the change process for adopting Web 2.0, its better to talk about the organisational benefits and social outcomes first, and introduce the technology later;
  • So that Web 2.0 can be conceptualised and discussed in a broader organisational or social context, e.g. Human Resource Management or Open Government.

However, I sense there are others that simply believe ‘people’ are a more important factor than ‘technology’ (the get the people right and the technology will follow theory - as bad as the other side of the coin, build it and they will come theory) or that it is easier to work at an abstracted level that is focused on manifest behaviours and outcomes (the Web as a black box theory of social media).

The trouble with abstracting the technology out of Web 2.0 for those reasons only becomes a problem when you try to take action on strategies or plans based on those assumptions. Unfortunately if this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t see failed examples of social media and social computing out there (and I suspect its one reason why there is storm brewing for reductionist social media consultants).

So, what can we do to bridge this gap between not getting technical but appreciating the relationship with the technology? Here are three suggestions:

  1. Talk in patterns, not specific tools or platforms;
  2. Use real life examples and stories to demonstrate the technology, but explain the outcomes and benefits of that particular technology (but be careful never to pitch them as ‘solutions’); and
  3. Let people learn by doing - let them use social software to solve a real problem.

Don't hide Web 2.0 away like some embarrassment. Eventually, that skeleton in the closet will get out, and its not going to be pretty (I’m talking about, selling the idea of ‘participation’ but then simply pointing them at Wikipedia and telling them to just go do it).

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          Consuming conversations and information - guess what, we have choice   

If you missed it, Lee wrote a great response to what (to be frank) was a pretty dumb post from Steve Gillmor about the death of RSS (again). I think the majority of people interested in this stuff understand that RSS is an essential part of the plumbing, but I think what Gillmor really missed was that just because he uses it one way that doesn't mean that's how everyone else wants to use it (a point central to Lee's argument) or will in fact end up using it as these social techologies continue to evolve and become more broadly adopted. The wonderful thing about RSS of course is that it doesn't matter how people access it - we have a common'ish enough protocol in RSS (and other standards) to help us join data, information and all these wonderful social tools together. Choice is great isn't it?

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          Time for an upgrade? Wiki 2.0   

It probably won't come as any surprise to hear that I agree with this point made by Gil Yehuda in a recent post* about the take up and maturity of Enterprise 2.0:

"For me at least, having a wiki, forum, blogs, etc. on the intranet and using a wiki, forum, blog effectively to improve the transparency and productivity of collaboration are very different indicators of progress."

I'm just waiting for other people to 'get it' that not only does simply installing the odd social computing application mean very little, but they can also be used in very different ways - a while ago I called this the grey area problem. It doesn't mean using social computing tools this way is useful or beneficial, its just not really what we imagined Enterprsie 2.0 would be like.

Similarly, Yehuda also points to a new wiki case study on Boxes and Arrows, where Matthew C. Clarke draws distinction between public, team and enterprise wikis. Yehuda chips in his two cents worth again and puts forwards an alternative break down of:

"1. enterprise-wide transparency 2. departmental-wide unity 3. team-wide coordination 4. project-wide activity (which may or may not be the same as team) 5. individual productivity enhancement tools (profile, streams, bookmarks, etc.)".

These are nice break downs, even if some what two-dimensional, but I'll support any kind of thinking that takes us beyond thinking that a wiki is a wiki is a wiki. What I mean is that its a combination what (is the tool), how (are they using it) and who (is using it).

Clarke also makes a good point about wikis disappearing:

"I predict that Wikis will disappear over the next 5 to 10 years. This is not because they will fail but precisely because they will succeed. The best technologies disappear from view because they become so common-place that nobody notices them. Wiki-style functionality will become embedded within other software – within portals, web design tools, word processors, and content management systems. Our children may not learn the word “Wiki,” but they will be surprised when we tell them that there was a time when you couldn't just edit a web page to build the content collaboratively."

Really what he is saying that wiki will become more of a verb and less a noun. However, again I'm not sure its good enough to add wiki-like page editing functionality to an information tool and expect it to behave like a social computing tool suddenly (if that's your intent). I think what's more interesting is the evolution of enterprise wikis, as they add other types of social computing features. Other social computing platforms may also threaten these wiki-based solutions by adding the capability to manage pages and documents. But in the race to be all things to all people, I really hope that the social computing technology thought leaders don't lose their way.

Hmm. Wiki 2.0 anyone?

*Hat tip to Greg Lloyd on the Social Media Today blog.

UPDATE: Nice response post from Mark Gould.

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          Don't just spend less on IT, spend smart   

Last Friday, writing for the Australian Financial Review (AFR) (“Anxious CIOs keep tight hold of the purse strings”, 8/5/09, p.53), Mark Jones reported on what he called “a dramatic downturn in corporate and government IT spending.

Mark included some quotes from a recent interview with Fiona Balfour, former Qantas and Telstra CIO, and Steve Hodgkinson, research director at Ovum, for his The Scoop podcast. However, listening to the podcast its not just simply a case of no spending. Instead, as Mark hints at in the headline for his article, these IT commentators suggest that its more about tightening controls on how and where money is spent. In practice, they say, this means organisations need to revise their plans to suit the new financial environment by focusing on delivering business outcomes (although you have to wonder what they were doing before, then?) and controlling the complexity of their IT systems.

Personally, when ever I hear talk about ‘standardisation’ and ‘out of the box’ I immediately think of the impact on end-users (or if you want to take a more hard nosed perspective, lets call it a negative outcome for group and individual productivity). While this won’t show up on the business case or the IT budget, I have no doubt that it will come down to people to fill the gaps in these apparently economically sound solutions. This means email volumes will continue to grow, more spreadsheet-based applications will appear and in the worst cases - where users are left with no options to ‘hack’ their solutions together - these systems will actually fail to meet their objective. And along the way, you’ll probably end up with a bunch of frustrated and ultimately unproductive people. Some of those unhappy people will be your customers too.

At the end of the podcast, Hodgkinson suggests enterprises look at the Web 2.0 cloud computing model and bring that approach inside the firewall, in terms of ideas like light touch, self-provisioning, etc. Unfortunately, Mark didn’t have time explore this line of thought but I think an enterprise Web 2.0 inspired approach is the counter balance to the problems a tightly constrained IT system will create.

This will require a little bit of out of the box thinking (dare I say it, ‘innovation’). This doesn’t mean you need to rip out your ERP system and replace it with Facebook. If this is what you think, then you really are missing the point. Its actually about enhancing and augmenting complex transactional systems with lightweight solutions so that the productivity gap I describe above can be managed as an above the line item in terms of:

  • Supporting conversational collaboration (to help with problem solving and dealing with the bumps rigid transactional systems create or have been designed to support);
  • Enhancing information management, by adding social networking and social information discovery layers; and
  • Leverage data and information from underlying transactional systems into these social computing layers.

If you happen to be a CEO reading this and your CIO gives a business case or plan based on constraint and control, make sure you ask them what’s their strategy for helping staff and customers deal with the rigid, narrow systems they are proposing. Maybe that great TCO isn’t so attractive after all?

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          Can you help - where did all the old laptops go?   

As you might be aware, I spent a couple of days at Connecting Up Australia 2009 this week (you can read my notes from day 1 and day 2 over on the HOZ blog). I spoke briefly, between sessions, with Richard Stubbs from the Victorian-based Beyond Disability Inc. who:

"assist wheelchair school children ( Wheelie Kids programme) and the housebound mobility disabled (through "Housebound & Elderly Citizens Online") and their carers to have access to the Internet so they can be better informed about advocacy, home help and in house care, professional services, living skills, support groups, chat groups, online education and leisure."

Unfortunately, as Richard explained during the conference, they are finding it increasingly difficult to source the additional donated laptops that they need for their programs. They wrote this on their Website back at the end of last year:

"BDI's first laptop to NSW has gone to a 13-year-old disabled girl. TAD NSW informed us by phone that they no longer have their computer loans scheme and TAD NSW has the same issues as Beyond Disability in sourcing these disappearing laptops. Where do they go?"

It appears that as more organisations have moved to leasing, it means that rather than donating these laptops to organisations like BDI at the end of their corporate working lives, they are instead being sold or auctioned off as second hand laptops. This is causing them real problems, on top of the costs and challenges of finding other suitable computing peripherals that they already have to deal with.

So, can anyone out there help BDI or provide some assistance with finding companies that are willing to donate old laptops?

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          Keeping the Enterprise RSS Dream Alive   

Today, it is one year since we held the global Enterprise RSS Day of Action - with the help from many people, including vendors like Attensa and Newsgator, the aim was to raise awareness of this critical element of back end plumbing for Enterprise 2.0. I'm not going to make a big deal about the day of action today or suggest we hold another one (unless you really want too!). But, if you missed it the first time around, have a look around my blog or search the Web for further coverage.

Things finally came to head earlier this year when ReadWriteWeb posted what many thought was a premature obituary for Enterprise RSS. You can see my response post here. I still don't think Enterprise RSS is dead - personally I couldn't live without my RSS reader. But its more than that: when ever I feel overloaded by email, every time I subscribe to a search result or mashup something using Yahoo! Pipes, I imagine what the future enterprise could be like if only we had the same access to Enterprise RSS as we do email in the workplace.

BTW Don't forget to check out Newsgator's new whitepaper on the ROI of Enterprise Social Computing.

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          Fâl - Fâl   

N-am avut niciodata ce mi-am dorit. N-am avut parte de o copilarie fericita, n-am avut parte de dragoste, n-am avut parte de-o casa a mea, de un sot cu dus si intors. N-am avut parte de copii, de calatorii ......
Intr-un cuvant, eh sau doua, n-oua, n-am fost niciodata fericita. Nici macar de atat de obisnuitii prieteni adevarati n-am avut parte.
O singura asa zisa prietena, demult tare demult. Tot eu o cautam, mi-era draga. Ei nu-i pasa!
De fapt cuvantul care mi s-a pus pe o pancarda in fata ochilor a fost NEPASARE.
Acum am ajuns si eu acolo unde erau toti demult. Acum am si eu ridicata pancarda cu nepasarea de poveste.
Pur si simplu mi se falfaie. Mai putin de mine. 
Dar putzan cam tarziu. 


Ma zbat ca pestele pe uscat .... si ma buseste plansul. Unul cu sughituri. Unul din toata inima, sau din tot sufletul care mi-a mai ramas ..... sau urma de el. Ati jucat vreodata hora? batuta? sa se ridice praful din podea? Asa!

Virtualul este extraordinar. Am blamat mult si tare feisbucul, si sus, dar ce-i al lui, al lui ramane.

Virtualul e de rahat.
Te indragostesti. Pentru ca poti. A incercat cineva de pe aici, daca mai exista cineva, dragostea fantasmagorica?
Doare ca naiba!!!
Si totusi e bine sa te doara. Inseamna ca simti. Si e atat de bine sa nu te mai simti decat lut, pe cale spre pamantul mama, sau tata, iubit, frate, sora ..... pamantul atotputernic.

Iubesc cum n-am iubit niciodata. Sa vedem:
E la mii de km distanta, in suflet, in ani, in situatie sociala ..... si nici nu bese de mine. N-o sa stie vreodata.
Si totusi iubesc imposibilul. Chiar atat de orb, mindless este sentimentul asta de iubire?
De ce? Ce se produce in minte, cel putin in a mea de simt asa?
Complet hopeless, fara speranta, lipita cu ochii de un desktop rece. Dar probabil ca-i obisnuinta! De a simti numai rece, nimic aproape, numai singuratate.
Sunt constructor de ceva timp incoace. Unul de lumi virtuale, imaginare, in care traiesc, iubesc. Tot corpu-mi freamata sub atingerea calda a ochilor lui.
Apoi se termina. Trebuie sa dorm, sa mananc, sa ma pun pe tron .... si toate edificiile mi se darama.
Ramane fum si moloz. Si eu zdrobita de asfaltul giulgiu.
Cazuta din nori. Cu creierii imprastiati, clocotind inca.
          Întrebări fără răspunsuri   

Când mă gândesc că există oameni, poate chiar mulți, care trăiesc fără, nu grija, ci frica zilei de mâine.
Nu-mi mai aduc aminte, sau poate n-am știut niciodată, de când am început să fiu conștientă deeee, deeee realitate, cum e să te simți în siguranță.
De fapt sentimentul de siguranță nici nu e realizat, la fel ca și cel de sănătate. Până când nu te lovesc, nu-ți dai seama pur și simplu ce înseamnă liniștea și nu zbuciumul, calmul și nu stresul, liberarea și nu apăsarea, mintea clocotind de neputință. Parcă ești într-o cămașă de forță care te strânge ca o menghină și peste plămâni. Încerci să respiri cât ai nevoie, dar cutia toracică nu se poate extinde la maxim.
Sunt extrem de obosită de cubulețul ăsta de zahăr gol și fără dulce în care stau înghesuită. Îmi place lumea și locurile pe unde te poți preumbla pe pământ, îmi plac frumusețile care le poți vedea aici. Dacă ne-au fost date de Dumnezeu, atunci de ce nu mă pot bucura și eu de ele ..... Doamne?


          Oh Tiyuhin Ko   


Noong una kong makita si Maryann sa bahay ng kanyang inang si Loren na aking nililigawan ay di ako makapaniwalang meron palang anak si Loren na napakanganda at batang batang bagong sibol, katamtaman ang kanyang pangangatawan na medyo balangkinitan dahil sa murang edad. Ang kanyang inang si Loren na aking nakikilala sa kanyang lugawan sa Munoz Market ay akala koy sa kanya ko lang mararamdaman ang kakaibang pagmamahal at libog, sa ganda ni Loren ay marami rami rin akong naging karibal na mga manliligaw, kaya talaga naman sa todo ang pagka “Jawo” ko sa pagbantay sa kanya. Sa edad ni Loren na 33 ay wala akong makitang parte ng kanyang katawan na rejected sa aking criteria sa babae, bukod sa mala Jean Saburit na kanyang mukha ay talaga namang pang derby ang kanyang katawan, plus. . ang kanyang kutis na nakakapaglaway sa kinis at maputing kulay ng kanyang balat.

Si Maryann ay edad magke kense na sa sunod na buwan na anak ni Loren sa pagkadalaga. Bago pa man ako nanligaw kay Loren ay nasabi na nya sa akin na meron syang anak sa pagka dalaga, at dahil sa “pagmamahal” at “libog” ko ay banaliwala ko sa aking sarili na meron na syang anak. Hindi ako talaga maniniwala na meron na syang anak kung di nya sa akin pinakilala noong isang beses akong dumalaw sa kanya araw ng linggo sa kanilang bahay sa Project 8. Hindi ako makatingin ng diretso kay Maryann dahil sa kanyang maganda at napakaamong mukha na may malalim na dimple sa kanyang kaliwang pisngi. Sa kanyang suot na manipis na kamison ay bakat na bakat ang bagong sibol na suso at maliit na mga utong at habang pabalik sya sa kusina ay natanaw ko ang kanyang mauumbok na puwet na bakat na bakat ang kanyang cotton panty. Patay malisya akong nakikipag usap kay Lorena na alam ko na napapamahal na rin sa akin. At di nagtagal ay sinagot na nya rin ako. Minsan tinutulungan ko si Lorena sa pamamimili at pagdala ng mga lulutuing pagkaing paninda sa kanyang maliit na karendereya, dahil meron din naman syang ibang katulong sa lugawan ay nagkakaroon kaming pagkakataon na umuwi or mamasyal at mag check-in sa hotel dahil sa ang kanyang matandang ina at si Maryann ay palagi sa kanyang bahay sa Project 8.

Minsan nagkaroon kami ni Loren na pagkakataong magkantutan habang wala sa bahay ang kanyang ina na umuwi sa Lopez Quezon ay dito kami nag pasarap ng kantutan ni Loren. Bagamat nasa kabilang silid si Maryann ay patay malisya akong sinabi kay Loren na . . “walang problema, wag ka lang masyadong maiingay”.

Pagkatapos naming maghapunan ng gabing iyon ay kaagad akong naligo habang ang mag inang si Loren at Maryann ay nagliligpit ng aming pinag kainan. At pagkatapos kong maligo ay ako naman naiwan sa sala at si Loren naman ang naligo. Habang nanonood ako ng tv sa salas habang si Maryann naman ay lumapit sa aking tagiliran at umupo sa sopa ng sala at akoy namangha sa aking nakita sa batang ito, di yata marunong mag suot ng bra ang batang ito, kahit na medyo sumisibol na ang kanyang dalawang cute na suso sa kanyang suot na puting kamison ay naaaninag ko ang kurba ng kanyang murang katawan na halos pantay na pantay ang kanyang mga kalamnan. Umigkas kaagad ang tarugo ko at di maitago kay Maryann sa suot kong shorts ay parang napahalang na kamao sa aking harapan, pilit kong itinatago pero huli na dahil sa napagmasdan na pala niya, wala akong nagawa kundi suklian sya ng simpleng ngiti. At habang tinititigan ko si Maryann ay talaga naman nag aaburido ang aking tarugo sa galit na gusting gusto ng kumantot. Dito ko nalaman na okay lang kay Maryann ang pagpantsyahan ko sya ng harapan dahil sa titig na titig ako sa kanyang hitsura at habang siya naman ay simpleng naka tingin sa akin. At dito naputol ang aming pagtitinginan ng lumabas ang kanyang inang si Loren na galing sa banyo na bagong paligo, tuloy tuloy si Loren sa kanyang kwarto at dito ko na sinundan si Loren upang simulan ang aming napipintong kantutan. Bago ko sinara ang pintuan ng kwarto ni Loren ay tinapunan ko pa si Maryann ng isang sulyap na mas lalong nagpagana sa aking kamunduhan at doon na rin mas lalong nag aburido ang burat ko para ibuhos kong ang lahat kung libog kay Loren.

Umupo ako sa kama ni Loren at habang nilalagyan nya ng body lotion ang kanyang katawan ay aking pinagmamasdan ang buong kagandahan ni Loren, bilog na bilog pa rin ang kanyang mga hita, napaka puti at napaka kinis talaga ng singit ni Loren, habang tinatangal ni Loren ang kanyang duster upang ang kanyang katawan naman niya ang kanyang lalagyan ng body lotion ay nagkakaunawaan na kami ni Loren kung ano ang susunod na mangyayari. Napakaganda talaga ni Loren, sobrang tigas ni Junior ko, na para bang isang warrior na gustong lumaban sa umaatikabong bakbakan. Hindi ko na hinintay pa na ilapag ang hawak na damit ni Loren ay dito ko na sinimulan ang “Laban”. .

Nilapitan ko si Loren at aking hinawakan ang kanyang batok sa ulo at siniil ko sya ng halik sa kanyang manipis na manipis na lips, . .” . . uummmmmm, sarap nito fresh na fresh ang labi ni Loren” ang sabi ko. . .habang naglalaplapan kami ni Loren ay sinimulan ko na ring haplusin pababa sa bandang itaas ng kanyang puwet, pinsadahan ko ng aking kamay sa kanyang puwet na katambukan, napa ungol ako sa sarap dahil sa ganda ng kurba ng puwet ni Loren, habang nagpapalitan kami ni Loren ng laway at sipsipan ng aming mga bibig ay sinimulan kong ipataas ang aking mga kamay sa kanyang dalawang susong na parang suso ni Angel Locs.., . .“sssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrraapppppp namammmmmmmn” . . . . “uuuuooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” ang halinghing ni Loren, doon ko na pinababa ang aking mga halik kay Loren. . .sa may leeg, sa bandang ilalim ng kanyang dalawang teynga, pababa ng pababa, hanggang umabot ako sa kayang dalawang pinkish na utong, at doon ko na sya dinilaan ng husto, sinipsip ko ang kanyang dalawang utong, at dito ko nakita na sobrang libog ni Loren dahil sa suso pa lamang ay nanginginig na sya sa sarap. . .”Chriss` ang sssarap naman nyannnnnnn” . . “Sigeeeee pha! Chrisssssss. . sige ppppppaaaaaa”. . pinagpalitan ko ang kanyang dalawang suso dinilaan at sinipsip habang ang aking kanang kamay ay ipinagitna ko sa kanyang hita na nag sisimulang bumaha ng katas. . binuhat ko na si “Jean Saburit” ng buhay ko at dinala ko na sya sa kanyang malambot at napakabangong kama, binababa ko sa pinaka kanto ng kanyang kama at ang dalawa niyang talampakan ay nakalapat sa sahig at doon ko napagmasdan lalo ang kanyang namumula mulang kepyas. . . “ooooh shittt!, ang ganda ganda ng kepyas ni Loren!!” bukod sa cute na clitoris ay iilang lamang ang kanyang layer ng “lambe” na nakikita. Parang puke ng dalaga ang hugis ng kepyas ni Lorennn! Hinawakan ko paitaas ang kanyang dalawang hita at dito ko na sya hinawakan habang dinidilaan ko ang kanyang hiwa na rumaragasa ang mga katas! Habang paitaas at paibaba ang aking dila ay dito na inimagine na si Maryann na kanyang anak ang aking kinakain ang puke!. . .panay na ang liyad ni Loren habang abala naman ako sa pag sipsip, at paghimod sa kanyang kepyas! . . .” yyyesssss! sige pppppaaaa Chrisssssss!!!!!” . .. . “ddddyyyyyyyaaaaan nga Chrissssss” . . “haaa! haaaa! haaaa! haaaayyyyaannnnn nggggaaa. . . dddddyyyyyaaaaaannn nnnnggggggaaa Chriiiiiissssss. . .panay ang hingal ni Loren” . . .”ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh” shit Chris aangggg shaaarrraappppp saaarraaaaaaaapp naaammmman nyaaaaaaaann”. .”aaangggg gggaaaaliiingg mo cccchhhrrriiissssss” .dito na si Loren nagkikikisay sa sarap at langhap na langhap ko ang aroma ng kanyang mga tamod galing sa kaloob looban kanyang mabangong pekpek, rumaragasa ang kanyang mga katas at tamod at sinipsip ko lahat ang mga ito, halos kaiinin ko lahat ng kanyang katas habang nilalalmas ko naman ang kanyang dalawang bilogang mga suso! Di ko nilubayan si Lorena habang siyang siya naman akong kainin ang pekpek nya, di ko sya tinigilan himurin habang itinaas ko ang kanyang dalawang bilogang hita sa isinampay sa aking likuran, panay pa rin ang lamas ko sa kanyang napakakinis na suso. . . .”sssshiiit! taannngnaa Chrissssssss, ssssaaaarappppp talagaaaaaaaaa ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh!”. . . . Crriiiiissss! Aaannnnnnooo baaa yannnnn!!!1 gggrabbbeeeng saraaaappppppp nnnaaammman nyannnnnn CCRrrrrrriiissss!” alam kong dinig na dinig ni Maryann ang halinghing at mga mahabang pag ungol ng kanyang mala “Jean Saburit” na ina. .hinayaan kong lakasan pa ni Loren ang kanyang mga halinghing at kahit na makaabot pa sa kabilang kwarto o sa sala man ay wala akong pakialam! “buti nga yon marinig ni Maryann para magkaroon sya ng idea kung ano an gaming ginagawa ng kanyang maganda at sexing ina”. . dito ko nalaman na sobrang libog rin ni Loren dahil sa dina nya alintana ang kanyang anak na dingding lang pagitan at tyak na dinig na dinig ni Maryann ang aming pagkakakantutan. . . .”Sigeeeee pa Chriiissss, siggggeeeee paaaaaa sabiiiiiiii!, siggggggeeeee himurin mong lahatttt lahattt na yyyyaaaannn”. . .” ayaaaannn naaa syaaaaa Crisss!. . . ayaaannnnn na syaaaaaaaaaa!mmmmaallllllaaapppit naa sssssyaaaaaaaaa!. .. .dito ko mas lalong pinagbuti ang paghimud at pagbrutsa sa kanyang napaka bangong pekpek. . .”Ayyyy!...aaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaannnnn nnnnnnaaaaa akkkkkkkkoooooooo! Chriss!!!!” um!! ummmm!! ummmmmmm! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooohhhhh! Sabay bitaw ng hangin papalabas sa kanyang inipong hininga!!! aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! hhhhaaaa! hhhaaa!

Binuhat ko ang kanyang katawan at humawak sya sa aking mga braso at ipinagitna ko sya sa kanyang malambot at mabangong higaan., lumuhod ako at pinagitna ko ang kanyang katawan sa dalawa kong mga hita, habang ang kanyang dalawang mga kamay ay ipinahawak ko sa aking nag aalburotong sa tigas na burat, at dito na Loren at isinubo ni Loren ang ulo ng aking tarugo. .sabay urong sulong ng kanyang ulo habang ang isang kamay ay nilalapirot dahan dahan ang dalawang kong bayag. . “yesss!!Lorennnnnn annng saarraaap nyannnn”!!!! annng galing nyannnn Lorennnn!” . . hinawakan ko ang kanyang malambot sa puno ng buhok habang panay naman ang urong sulong na pag tsupa sa galit galit at mala aserong burat. . . napapatingala ako sa sarap habang tinititigan ko ang mala Jean Saburit na mukha ni Loren. . .”ooooooohhhhhhh shhittttt! Lorennnn sarapppppp nyannnnn”!. . .sigggggeeee pa Lorennnnn sigggeee paaaaa” angggg ssaaarrrraaaaa taaalgaa nyannnnn!”. . .ssssssiiiiiiigggggeeeeeeee pppaaaaaaa! Dito na nagsipag labasan ang lahat na litid ng burat ko sa sobrang galit!!!!! At inilipat ko ang dalawa kong hita sa pagitan ng kanyang mga hita, pinaiibabaw ko ang dalawa nyang hita sa ibabaw ng hita at ibinuka ko para bigyan ng daan ang galit na galit na burat ko papasok sa kanyang naglalawang kepyas, ang naghalong mga laway ko at ang kanyang katas ang syang mas lalong nag padulas sa kanyang puke ng ipasok ko sa kanya ang malaki at may kahabaan na burat. Bago ko ibinaon lahat ang burat koy ipinahawakan ko sa kanyang mga malasutlang palad ang natitirang kahabaan ng aking burat upang kanyang laruin at hugutin, kayurin ang kanyang clitoris sa pammagitan ng ulo ng aking burat! Dito na mas lalong nag huhumiyaw si Loren sa sarap.. . .”pleaseeee Chrriiisss! Wag na wag mong titigilan, sigggeeee paaaa!kantutin mo paa! Kantutin mo ng kantutin ang tigang na tigang at masikip na puki kooooo!pleaseeeee Chrriiiisss sigggeeee paaaaa! Kantut paaa! Kantut pa!!!! isagaaddddddd mmmmmmmmmo naaaaaaaaaa hhhhhaaaaaayyaaannnnn ngaaaaaa Chrriissss ggggaaannnnyaaannnn nggaaa!! Ouuuuuuuhhhhhh!!sssaraaaaaapppp Chrissss!!!!ssssarrraaaapppppppp nyyannnnn!! Habang ako naman ay parang kumakayug pasagad ng pasagad sa kanyang sinapupunan!!!(para akong si jockey J.Guci kung kumayug ng kabayo) “sigeeeeeee pa Chriiiissssss ssssiiiggggeeeeee paaaaaaaa haaayyyyyyaaannn ngggggaaaaaaa gggaaaannnnyyyaaaaannnn ngaaaaaaa eeeeeehhhhhhhh! Napapahiyaw si Loren sa mga sagad na kantot ko at ako naman ay mas lalo kong pinagbubuti ang pagkantot sa mala Jean Saburit na mukha ni Loren.

Ngunit ikana bigla ko ang aking nakita sa pagitan ng siwang ng wood ventilation sa bandang kanto ng kesame na may isang tao na nag mamantyag sa aming pagkakantutan at tyak ako na kanina pa ito nanonood sa aming pagkakakantutan ni Loren, sa halip ay mas lalo pa akong ginanahang kumantot kay Loren, at natitiyak ko rin na walang ibang taong nandito sa loob ng bahay kundi si MARYANN!

“Oo nga! Si Maryann ang nanonood! Natiyak ko sa kanyang may kahabaang buhok na nakasilip sa siwang ng room ventilation. . . .panay na ang pagkikisay kisay ni Loren sa multi orgasm na inabot nya sa sobrang sagad na kantut ang inabot sa akin. . “hhhhyaaaayyy!chrissss!hhhhhhaaaaayayyyyyannnnnnnn oooooooohhhhhh yyyaaahhhhh” . . uuuummmmmm ooooooohhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhh oooohhhhhhhhh ooohhhhhhh siggggeeeeee ppaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhyaaaan nnnnaaaaa nnnamammmmmm aaaakoooooooo chriisssssssss hhhhhhhhaaaaynnnnn annnnnnaaaa sssssyaaaaaaa mmaaaalllllaaapiiiittt naaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccchhhrrriiiiiisss!!!!! Uuhhhhh! uuuugghhhhh! Uuuuhhhhgghhhhhh! Habang ako naman ay tinatanaw tanaw ko ang lugar ni Maryann na di umaalis sa kanyang kinatatayuan kahit na alam nya na nakatingin rin ako sa kanya habang kinakantut ko ang kanyang maganda at seksing inang si Loren.. . . dito ko na binuhos lahat ang aking lakas, ng humarap ako sa direksyon ni Maryann upang di masyadong mahalata ni Loren na pinapanood kami ng kanyang batang batang anak na si Maryann. Habang nakatingala ako at nakatingin kay Maryann ay hinawakan ko ang batok ng ulo ni Loren upang di nya maabot ng tingin si Maryann sa bandang itaas ng ventilation. Dito na sya nagpakita sa akin habang inaararo ko ng kantut ang kanyang ina ay sya naman ang pag pakita nya sa akin, at dito ako mas lalong nag ulol sag alit ang burat ko na habang kinakantot ko ang kanyang inang si Loren ay kaming dalawa ni Maryann ang nagtitinginan mata sa mata, dito ko na isinagad lahat lahat ang natitirang kahabaan ng burat ko sa kalooblooban ng puke ng kanyang inang si Loren. . “Loooorrreeennnnn….iimmmmm cccommminggggggg, haaayyyyyyyaaannnn na ako Lorennnnnn haaynnnnn naaaaa syyyaaaaa Lorennnnnnn” saaalubungin mo Loreeenn lahat lahat hayaaannnnn na syaaaaaaaa Loreeennnnnn!!!!at halos magkasabay kami ni Maryann na kinilig sa sarapppp at habang ang kanyang inang si Loren ay halos mawalan ng malay sa sarap dahil sa sobrang kantot ang inabot sa akin. . . hanggang sa pinakahuling sirit ng tamod koy di umalis si Maryann sa kanyang lugar, hanggang magbago ako ng posisyon para magpahinga doon ko nalaman na umalis na si Maryann sa kanyang kainatatayuan. . . magkahalong sarap at ngiti habang nakatingala ako sa kesame ng kwarto ni Loren dahil sa di kapani panilawalang pangyayari sa loob lamang ng isat kalahating oras na pagkakantutan namin ni Loren. Ibinalik ko ang aking mga mata kay Loren pero si Loren ay heto lupaypay na sa sobrang sarap na kantot ang inabot sa akin.

Pagkaraan ng mga limang minuto at bumalik sa akin ang alala ang mukha at batang batang katawan ni Maryann, habang umiikot ang aking paningin sa sarap ay di pa rin mawala sa akin ang napaka among mukha ni Maryann na halos magkamukha sila ni Rox G. sa kutis pa lang ay tyak na babalik sa pagka ulol ang aking burat. Naiisip isip ko na siguro sobrang puti ng singit ng pekpek ni Maryann dahil sa kanyang kili kili pa lamang ay makikita ko na ang hitsura ng pekpek ng batang si Maryann.

Dina ako nag paabot pa ng pagsikat ng araw sa umaga, nagpaaalam ako kay Loren na naka tihaya pa rin ang kahubdan ng kanyang mala porselanang katawan. Iniwanan ko ng halik si Loren. . “. . ren, aalis na ako` I lock ko na lang sa labas ang pintuan ha?” . . .di na sya sumagot dahil alam ko na wala pa rin sya sa katinuan at lupaypay pa rin sa sobrang sarap na kantot ang inabot nya kagabi.

Habang papalabas ako ng pintuan ng bahay ay dito ko nabanaagan na si Maryann ay nasa may pintuan ng kanyang kwarto at nakatingin sa akin, dito ako huminto at nilapitan si Maryann, walang boses na lumabas sa bibig ko, ang mga kamay ko lamang ang gumalaw at ang mga mata ko lamang ang tumingin sa hitsura ni Maryann na naka suot na maiikling kamison na halos makita ko na ang lahat lahat na cotton panty ni Maryann, ang pagkatulis ng kanyang mga murang murang suso ay di nakalampas sa aking uhaw na uhaw na mga mata at ang burat koy umigkas na naman at gustong gusto makantot ng batang si Maryann. Ang kanyang amoy dalagita ang syang nagpatirik ulit sa aking kargada, inamoy amoy ko ang kanyang mga buhok, tinitigan ang kanyang maamong mukha mula noo hanggang sa baba ng kanyang mala berheng kagandahan, dito ko na sya sinumulan halikan “ sssshhhhhhhaaanep sa sarap ng kanyang laway, at amoy ng hininga nakaka libog talaga”!!! habang hinahaplos ko ang kanyang katawan na halos wala pang masyadong buong kalamnan ay nararamdaman ko ang buong kurba ng kanyang katawan. “ . . .tito Chriiss baka magising si Mama`”. . . sabi nya sa akin, bagkus ay siniil ko sya ng halik sa leeg at pagkatapos ay ibinababa ko sa kanyang dibdib na halos sinlaki lang limang pisong coin ang laki at tumatayo tayo na dalawang utong, dinilaan ko at sinipsip ng bahagya upang pasarapin si Maryann ng husto at di naman ako nabigo sa mga narinig kong boses at ungol niya. . “ttttito chrissss, oooooohhh, ttttttitoo chrisss, bbbbaakka masggising si mama. .aaahhhh”. . .at din a ako nag aksaya ng panahon at di ko na sya dinala sa higaan at dito ko na sya inilapag sa may likuran ng pintuan. . “sssshit! hanep din sa libog ng batang ito, tumulo na ang katas sa kanyang mga hita sa halik pa lang???” . . ipinaghiwalay ko ang kanyang dalawang hita at dito ko na sya sinimulang himurin ang pataas ang bawat katas na nanggaling sa kanyang halos wala pang buhok na pekpek. Hinimud ko ang kanyang kaliwat kanang singit ng hita ni Maryan at siyang siya naman sa sarap ang bata sa aking ginagawa, ng makarating ako sa kayang singit ay di nya maiwasang umiktad sa sarap ng hagud ng aking dila papunta sa kanyang munting hiwa na nakatikop pa lamang. Hinawakan ko ulit ang kanyang dalawang hita pataas upang mas lalong bumuka at lumitaw ang aking hinahanap na munting clitoris ng batang si Maryann. Dito ko nasilayan ang kanyang ma rosas na kepyas, sinimulan kong hagurin ng aking mahabang dila mula sa pagitan ng kanyang puwet at papunta sa kanyang munting kepyas, “haayy! Hhhhaaaayayyy oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tito Chris! Sabi nya sa akin, bilisaaan mo baaakkkaaa magising na si Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa” di ko pinansin yon kundi mas lalo kong pinagbuti ang pag himud pababa at paitaas sa kanyang munting puke, sarap na sarap ako sa mga katas na lumalabas sa kanyang mapulang puke, “ssshhhuurrpppp sshhhuuurpppp” sarap talaga ng fresh na fresh na puke kahit na maalat alat ay sulit ka naman sa kabanguhan ng munting pekpek na ito . . . “Tttiiito ..aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh anoooooo pooo baaayyyyyyaannnnnnn angg sobrannnnnnnnngggggssssssaaaaaaraaaappp” Titooooo Chrisssssssss ssss anooooooo poooooo baaaaaa yannnnnnn” panay ang igtad ni Maryann ay heto na sya nararamdaman ko na meron ng kasunod itong pagkikisay ni Maryann. . . . .” Tiiiitooooooo Chrrriiiiiisssss! Tttttttiiiittoo sabiiiiiiiii eehehhhhhhh”. . . “eeeehhhhhhhh! Mmmmmaaaaaaakkkkkaaaaaakkkaaa ihiiiiiii naaaa kaooooooooo tiiittttoooo chrriiiissssss”…… aayyyy!hhhaaaayaannnnnnnn ang ihiiiiiiii kooooooooooooooo! nggeeeeewwww!ssssssssaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssaaaaaaaaaarraaaaaaaaappppppppp nammmmmmaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn mmmaaanggggg chrrrriiissss” lahat ng katas na lumabas sa munting puki ni Maryann ay aking hinimud at nilulon lahat lahat. . . at sobrang sarap na manamis namis ang lasa ng katas ng berheng si Maryann. . . . panay pa rin ang kisay ni Maryann habang di ko nilulubayan ang paghimud sa mga natitirang katas na lumabas sa munting pekpek ni Maryann. . . . . “ tttiiitooooo, sigeee na tito, umalis ka na baka magising na ang Mama ko” . . . dito ako nahimasmasan at tumayo habang pinupunasan ko ang aking bibig sa mga natirang katas ni Maryann. . . Bago ko isinara ko ang pintuan ay di pa rin umaalis si Maryann sa kanyang kinatatayuan hanggang maisara ko ang pinaka pintuan ng bahay.

Part 2

“Loren, mukhang maganda ang dating ngayon ng benta natin ah`” . . . “Oo nga` dumarami kasi ang mga parokyano natin, kasama na rin ang mga kapwa mo tricycle drive, kaya salamat ha? sa hakot mong ibang driver ay dito na sila kumakain” . . .”Ikaw kasi ang sarap mong magluto ng pagkain. . . sssshhhh!, ano kaya kung ikaw naman ang kainin ko mamaya? ha Loren?” ang pabulong kong sabi kay Loren. . . “huh! Andyan ka na naman! Ke aga aga eh, hayan tingnan mo nga ang ibaba mo?” . . . . huh! Sus! Ginoo! Naka 12 oclock na naman ang burat ko. . . “O` sya sige na at pipila pa ako. “ . . .”Chris, sandali lang!” sabi ni Loren . . .”pwede bang pakihatid na rin ang kakainin ni Maryann sa bahay?, kasi parating na rin yon sa bahay galing sa eskwela, pwede ba?” . . .”dami kasing costumer ngayon, sige na naman pleaseeee” . . . mas lalong nagalit ang burat ko ng sinabi ni Loren na parating na si Maryann sa bahay at ako pa ngayon ang maghahatid ng pagkain ni Maryann. . “hala, sya sige na nga! Akin na nga yang nakabalot na yan?” . . .”mag papalista muna ako kay Alix sa pilahan, saka ko dadalhin ang pagkain ni Maryann”. . .sabay talikod ko at heto na po syaaaaa……. Nagagalit na naman sya, hanep talaga itong burat na to! mukha yatang gusto ng makatikim ng birhen. . .

Di ko na nagawang mag palista sa pilahan at dumeretso na ako sa bahay nila Loren. Ipinarada ko ang aking tricycle sa labas bilyaran at habang pinapasok ko ang eskenita papunta sa likuran ng mga apartment dito sa Project 8 ay palinga linga ako sa likuran para masigurado ko na walang sumusunod sa akin at walang makakakita sa akin na pumasok sa pinaka pintuan ng bahay nila Loren. At di nga ako nagkamali, dahil sa nandito na si Maryann sa bahay dahil nakita ko ang kanyang sapatos pang eskwela sa may pintuan ng kanilang bahay na nangangahulugan na nasa loob na si Maryann. Habang kumakatok ako sa sa pintuan ng sala ay nanginginig na ang aking mga kamay sa libog na aking nararamdaman, kasabay na rin yon ang pagtaas ng init sa aking katawan at pag igkas ng aking burat pataas. . .”tok, tok, tok! Maryann?. . . si Tito Chris mo to!”. . . tumunog ang siradura ng pintuan at binuksan ni Maryann ang pintuan. . . nabigla ako at di ako ngayon makapag salita sa nakita kong batang dalagita sa aking harapan na naka suot na pulang pantyshort na bumagay sa kanyang maputi at makinis na balat, mas lalong naging mala bakal ang burat ko ng masilayan ko ang kanyang murang dibdib sa kanyang suot na sandong puti na ginagamit nyang pang ilalim na damit sa kanyang uniform sa school. Ang kanyang straight na buhok ang syang nagpabagay sa kanyang balangkinitang katawan at halos makita ko ang buong hugis ng kanyang beywang at murang suso na nakikita ko sa maluwag na cleavage ng kanyang sandong damit. . . Alam ni Maryann kung papano ko sinilayan lahat ng parte ng kanyang dibdib, dahil sa hinayaan nya akong tingnan at silipin lahat na nasa harapang dibdib niya. Di ko na talaga makayang mag salita pa, kundi ang nabigkas ko lang ay “. . . .heto nga pala ang padalang pagkain ng Mama mo” . . pagkaabot nya ng binalot ay saka nya dinala sa lamesa at sinimulang ihanda. . habang papunta si Maryann sa lamesa ay mas lalong tumaas ang presyon ng libog sa aking nakita na halos lumuwa na ang kanyang kasingit singitan dahil sa pantyshort na suot nya. napaka ganda ng batang si Maryann, wala akong nakitang kagaspangan ng kanyang kutis mula sa legs hanggang sa pinaka puwet niya. . . .habang inaayos nya ang platong gagamitin ay sya naman ang pag tingin sa akin at sabay sabing “Tito Chris, lika! Saluhan mo ako. . “ . . . di na ako nag paligoy ligoy pa nilapitan ko sya at sabay hinawakan ko sya sa kanyang magkabilang pisngi at sinabi ko sa kanya na . . . “Maryann, ikaw ang gusto kong kainin”. . . sabay halik ko sa kanyang mula mulang lips at napaka lambot na labi. . . siniil ko sya ng halik at dahan dahan nya rin ipinaiikot ang kanyang dila sa dila ko, marahan di niyang inilalaban ang kanyang dila sa dila ko na halos lahat nap arte ng kanyang bibig ay pinasadahan ko ng mala G. Estregan na halik. . . . shiiit! ang bango bango ng kanyang hininga at ang sarap sarap talaga ng kanyang laway, laway ng isang dalagita ay sarap mag pa arouse ng burat. . halos lumuwa na sa may zipper ang burat ko sa sobrang katigasan, sinimulan kong ipasok sa kanyang sando ang aking kanang kamay sa bandang likuran ng kanyang damit at hinawi ko paibaba ang kanyang damit at bumulaga sa akin ang kanyang murang mura at kasisibol pa lang na suso, mamula mula an gang kanyang utong at napapalibutan ng kulay rosas ang kanyang pinaka korona, pinababa ko ang aking halik hanggang masumpungan ko ang kanyang munting utong na nagsisimulang manigas dahil sa sarap ng aming halikan at sa nararamdaman nyang palapit ng palapit ang aking dila sa kanyang korona na ubod ang tigas. . sinimulan kong sipsipin at himurin ang kanyang utong at dito ko na ulit narinig ang munting ungol at halinghing ng batang si Maryann. . .”pleeaaaase Tito, pppllleaseeee aaoooooo ooohhhh Titoooooo pleaseeeeeee wag po ditooooooo….. pleaseeee Titoooo doon po tayo sa loob baka may makakita sa atin sa labas” , aking kinalong si Maryann sa aking mga bisig at binuhat ko sya papunta sa kanyang sariling kwarto. . . “Titooo, alam mo ba na ikaw palagi ang nasa isipan ko mula ng matikman ko ang sarap na ipinagkaloob mo sa akin noon?” . . . “ang sarap sarap mong humalik Titooooo” . . .”halos maubos ang lahat na lakas ko kapag ipinapasok mo ang iyong dila sa loob ng aking puke” . . . . “Tito, pleaseeeeee kainin mo ulit ang puke ko Titoooooooooooooo pleasssseeeee” . . . di ko na pinatagal pa at sinimulan kong tanggalin ang kanyang nagiisang pantyshort pababa at sya mismo ang huling kumalas sa kanyang binti ng kanyang pantyshort pababa. . . . O shitttt! kayganda talaga ang puke ng batang ito, halos wala pang kabuhok buhok at medyo naka usli ang kanyang clit. . .itinaas ko na rin ang kanyang suot na puting sando at kanyang itinaas ang kanyang dalawang kamay para bigyan daan ang pagtanggal ko sa kanyang sando, mas lalong nagbigay sa akin ng ibayong kalakasan at katigasan ng aking burat ng makita ko ang kanyang napaka kinis at pantay na pantay na kili kili, ganito pala talag ang kili kili ng batang batang dalagita sabi ko sa sarili ko.

Pinagpalit palitan kong sipsipin at himurin ang kayang mga munting suso at gayon na rin ang pinaka utong at doon talaga sya bumibigay sa sarap at halinghing. . .”. . .t t t i iiiiit t t ooooooo” . . .” . . ssarappp niyann Toooooo” . . . halos mabali ang kanyang likuran sa sobrang pagbigay sa akin ng kanyang dibdib na para bang sinasabi nya na “sige Tito sipsipin mong lahat lahat na yan” . .niyapos ko sya ng aking isang kamay paikot sa kanyang beywang habang ang isang kamay ko naman ay sinimulan kong ipababa papunta sa kanyang murang kepyas. . .”. . .Tiitttttoooooooo anggggg shharrraaaaapp saraaaaaappp talaaaaaagaaaa baanggg ganiiittoooo itooooooo Tiiiitooo???” …. Pleaseeeee sigeeee pa Titttttttooooooo sigeeeee paaaa! Titooooooo ganyaaaaannn ngaaaaa huwag mong titigilannnnnnng sipsipin yannnnnnn.” . . . sinimulan ko na rin laruin ng aking hintuturo ang kanyang maliit na tinggil, halos di ako makahinga ng kanyang higpitan ang yakap sa mukha ko na abala naman sa pag sipsip sa kanyang murang suso. . “nakuuuuuu Titooooooo! Hayaaaaaan naaaaa meronnnnnn na nnamannnn akong ihi na ilaallllaaaabasssssss” malllllaapit na Titoooooo” . . . “ pleeaseee Titooo Chris, halikan mo na sysssaaayyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa pleaseeeeeee” . .tinanggal ko ang aking daliri sa ibabaw ng kanyang tinggil at sinimulan ko ng dilaan paibaba sa kanyang munting kepyas. . . “hhhhaaaayyyy Titttttooooooooooo, bakkkkittt ang sarapppp sarrraappp ng mgaa halikkkk mo” . . . “titooooooo sigeeee paaaa titoooooo, sigeeeeee paaaaaaplesssssssssssssss,. . . aaaaaaaayyyyyyyaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnaaaaaaa ssssyyyyyaaaaa titoooooooo, aaaayaaaaannnnn naaaaaa syyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhiiiiiiii naaaaa poooooo aaakooooooo Tiiitooooooooooooooooooooooo” . . .”ttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooooo… ayaaaaan! Naaaaa!!!! Annnnnnng ihiiiiii kooooo!” ohhh! Ohhhh! Oooooohhh ooooooooooopoooooooo Ttttttttttttttttttooooooo!” . . . sa pangalawang pagkakataon natikman ko ulit ang tamis at sarap ng kanyang katas na halos sumirit papalabas papunta sa dila at bibig ko. . . At sa pangalawang pangkakataon ay dito ko na naman sya hinimud at sinipsip ang lahat ng kanyang katas na lumabas sa kanyang napaka bangong pekpek . . . tiningnan ko ang kanyang hitsura na sobrang pungay ng kanyang mga mata na tanda ng grabeng sarap na kanyang natikman sa aking pagkain sa murang pekpek ng anak ni Loren. . . aking hinubad ang aking pantalon at tshirt saka ko ibinababa ang aking underwear, at dito nakita muli ni Maryann ang nangingintab na ulo ng aking burat na kanina pa gustong kumawala sa aking suot na pantalon. . . “Tito Chris, ang laki laki naman nyan. . . pleaseeee wag mong ipapasok yan sa akinnnn pleaseeee titooooo pleaaseee.” . . .di ko pinansin ang sinabi ni Maryann kundi ay habang nilalagyan ko ng aking laway ang pinaka ulo ng nagagalit na burat koy sabi ko sa kanya . . “wag kang mag alala di ito masakit, at ito ang pinaka masarap na papasok sa puke mo magmula ngayon, . . . dadahan dahanin ko lang at kung di mo kaya talaga ay saka natin ihihinto ang pagpasok”. . . “pero Tito, sobrang laki naman nyan at ang haba haba pa naman” . . .”`Ann` di ko ipapasok ito kung masasakatan ka, relax ka lang at akong bahala” . . .halos bumalik sa pagkaka bukaka nya ng dumantay ang pinaka ulo ng burat ko sa pwerta ng kanyang puke. . . .hinawakan ko sa may pinaka ulo ng burat ko at pinunterya ko ang pinakbutas ng kanyang murang murang puke. .”Ayyy, Titoo dahan dahan lang pleaseeee” . . di ko pinansin ang salita nya kundi ay sinimulan ko na rin syang halikan sa kanyang maliit at matulis na suso, . .habang dahan dahan ko naman ipinapahid paibaba at paitaas ang nag lalaway na ulo ng burat ko. . . dito ko nalaman na sobrang sarap sa kanya ang aking ginagawa dahil sa panay ang halinghing ni Maryann at minsan tumitigil pakatapos ay ililiyad ang kanyang katawan palapit sa aking dibdib . . “Ttttiiioooo, suuuuuussss kopo ang saaarrrapp pala ng ganitooooooo tiiiiopooo ko pooooo” . . .”Titooooooo” sige pa poooo Titoooo.” Ipahid mo pa ang burat mo sa puke ko ttittooooooo” . . . dito ko na sya pinasok ng dahan dahan at nakapasok na rin sa wakas ang pinaka ulo nya sa pwerta ng kanyang puke. . . “Tito! Ooooohhhhh, pleaseee dahan dahannnnn” . . . inihinto ko at saka ko naman pinag buti ang pagsipsip sa kanyang murang murang at namumulang mga suso. . . hanggang sa dahan dahan kong hinugot at ibinaon papasok ang aking galit na galit na burat “ hanggang sa si Maryann na mismo ang sumasalabong sa aking mga dahan dahang pag ayud sa kanyang murang puke. . .”titooo chrissss, dyosss ko pooooo ganito ba talaga kasarap itooooooo haaa Titoooooo?”. . . “sige pa Tito, ipasok mo pa, ipasok mo pa, wag mong titigilll pleaseeeee” . . . “ sigee ahyyyyyy nakkkkkkooooo pooooo ang saraaaapppp paaaalllllaaaa niyannnn Titooooo” . . .”sige Maryann salubungin mong lahat na mga sulong ko, sige paaaaa, malapit na rin ako Maryann, siggeeeee pa. . . .” Titooooo sigeeee malapit na rinnnn ako, gumuguhitttttt na ang angggggg ihiiiiii koooooo” . . .”haaaaaynnnnn na syaaaaa Titoooooooo, ayaaaaaan nnnaaaaa po syaaaaaa titooooo” . . . ayannnnnnn pooooooo Titooooooooo” . . . . “hayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn poooooo!” . . .”heto na rinnnnn ako Maryannnnnnnnnnnnn, hayyyaaaaannnn na rinnnnnn akooooooo’ . . ..”saabaaaaaaaayyyyaan na tayooooooooooooooooo Titoooooo!” “Owwwww!owwwww!owwwww!!!!! ooooowwwwtttttiiiiiiioooooooooooooo!” . . .magkahalong impit at mga ungol ang narinig namin sa loob ng kwarto ni Maryann. . di ko nagawang hugutin ang aking burat sa loob ng kanyang nagdurugong puke kasama ang aming pinaghalong mga katas at tamod. . .hinayaan kong lumabot ang aking burat saka ko sya dinahan dahang hinugot . . “a a a aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Tittttoooo Chrisssss…” . . . “Ang sarap ng puke mo Maryannnnn” . . . .”Tito ang daming dugong lumabasss, ang hapdi sa loob parang nahiwa ang balat, Titoo paano? Anong gagawin ko?” . . .”I relax mong katawan mo at magpahinga ka na”.. . .”palitan mo ang bedsheet mo at ibabad mo sa tubig para matangal kaagad ang dugo” . . .”wag kang magpapahalat sa Mama Loren mo, dahil parehas tayong lagot, di lang ako pati ikaw na rin” . . .”opo Tito, pero ang sakit sakit ng aking katawan” . . .”magpahinga ka na at matulog ka, pakatapos mong magising ay saka ka maligo ulit”. . .”sige na po Tito, baka umuwi si Mama Loren” . . .”Siniil ko ulit sya ng halik at bago ko sya binitiwan ay pinagmasdan ko muli ang kanyang cute na suso at sabay hinalikan ko, . . .ma mimiss kita sabi ko” . . .Maryann love kita muah!” bago ako lumabas ako ng bahay at ganun pa rin tiningnan ko muna ang paligid at saka ako lumabas ng kabahayan habang ang aking pinag mamasdan ang natuyong dugo ng berhin sa aking daliri, dugo galing sa puki ni Maryann. . .

Makaraan angtatlong araw ay dati pa rin ang galaw ni Loren at ganun din si Maryann, halos di ko mapigilan ang sulyapan si Maryann habang naguusap kami ni Loren sa kanilang bahay. Wala akong nakitang pagaalala ni Maryann, kundi ang pasulyap sulyap din na may simpleng ngiti na binibitawan sa akin kapag alam nya na di naka tingin sa kanya si Loren.

Isang hapon tinawagan ako ni Loren sa telepono at sinabing “Chris, pakisundo nga ako ang masama yata ang pakiramdam ko nahihilo ako” . . .dali dali akong sinundo sa sa Munoz Market at sabay inihatid ko sa kanyang bahay, inalalayan ko si Loren na pumasok sa bahay at hanggang makarating kami sa kanyang kuwarto. . . “inilalayan ko syang makahiga at dahil sa maiikling miniskirt lang ang kanyang pang ibabang damit ay nasilayan ko ang kanyang napakaputing hita at ang sobra sa kinis, di ko pinansin ang pag igkas ng burat ko dahil sa libog at tinanggal ko ang kanyang tshirt para maginhawahan ang kanyang pakiramdam. Halos lumuwa sa kanyang bra ang bilog na bilog na suso ni Loren at doon na kami nagkakatitigan at sabay kong siniil ng masarap na halik si Loren. Nag eskremahan an gaming mga dila sa aming mga bibig habang ang isang kamay ko naman ay sinimulang tanggalin ang kanyang bra. Dahan dahan kong tinanggal ang bra at habang abala ang aking dila sa pag sipsip sa laway ni Loren ay pinagmamasdan ko ang pag bulaga sa akin ng kanyang swabeng suso at pinkish na mga utong at dito ko na sya inulaol ng mga halik, sipsip at himud ang kanyang mga utong at suso. . . .”Shit ka Chris!!. . . mas lalo mong pasasamain ang pakiramdam ko nyan ah`” . . .”Loren, pang alis ito ng stress, relax ka lang dyan at ako ang bahala na alisin lahat ng pagod mo” . . .hanep talaga sa kutis nito, parang si Osang noon ang super kinis at kaputian ang buong katawan ni Loren. . .hinalikan ko sa sya sa ilalim ng kanyang suso, paibaba sa may pusod at tyan at habang panay ang hagud ng dila ko sa sa kanyang puson ay ibinababa ko naman ang kanyang t-back na panty. . .”Shit Loren! Ang sarap sarap naman himurin ang ganitong klasing puki, ang puti at ang kinis kinis”. . bukod pa sa trimmed ang bulbol ni Loren ay super ang korte ng puke niya sarap talagang himurin. . .pinagbuti ko ang pag sipsip sa kanyang clit at sinasabayan ko rin ng konting hihip para mas presko ang dating ng aking pag brutsa sa super gandang si Loren. . . .habang hinihimud ko sya ay panay ang pagsabay pagliyad ng kanyang likuran at dito na sya nagsimulang humalinghing. . .”Shiiittt ka Chrissss! Ang galinnnnnng mo talagaaaaaa!. . .Chrisssss sssssshhhhittttt sobraaaaa ka taalallllaaagaaaaaa” halus magkanda utal si Loren sa pag salita habang pinagbubuti ko naman ang aking paghimud sa bumabahang puke ni Loren. . .” Chrriiiiiissssssss, . . . pleaseeeee wagggg mo akonggggg iiiwwwaaanan pleaseeeeee ang sarappppppp mong bumurutsa ng pukeeeeee” . . .”Chrrriiiiiiiiiiiisssssss sigeeeeee paaaaaa, hayannnnnnn sige eeeeee ppppaaaaa!. . ……sssigggggeeeeee haaaaaayyyyyyyaaan paaaaaaa, waaag monnngggg ttttitttittigggiiilaaaaannnnn, sheeeegeeeeeeeeee paaaaaaa, ssssaaaaraaaaaappppp nyannnnnn Chhhrrrrissssss!, ippppasoook mo llllaaaahaaaattttt ng dilllllllll aaaaaaaaa…..aaaaaa…. mo Chhhhrrriiiis saa loooooob!saaaaaaaa looooobbbbb!ppppppaaaaa Chhrissssssss ssssiiiigeeeee kaiiininnnn mo ang pukkkkkeeeee ko Chriiiisssss, sisssssgggggeeee haaaaayanannnnnn ngaaaaaa gaannnyaaaaan nggggggaaaa Chrisssss, gannnnyaaaaannnnn paaaa siisssseeeeeeeegggggeeeeeeeee paaaaaaaaaaa. . . . mallllaaaapit nana mallllllaaaapiiit anannaaaaa malapitttttttta nnnaaaaaaa kaaaakkkooooo Chriissssssss haayaaaaannnnn naaaa syaaaaaaaaaaaaa Chrissssss…… hayannnnnnn na syaaaaaaaa………….. Chrissssssssssssssssssss hetttttoooooo na nnnnnnaaaaaaa syyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” owwww!oooooooowwwwwwww!oooooooowwwwwwwww!ooooooohhhhhhhhh. . . . . .sssssssaaaaaaarrrrrrrrppppppppppppp naaaaaaaaauyyyaaaaaaannnnnnn”. . .di ko na hinintay pa ang sya ang humila pataas kundi hinugot ko ang aking espada para gapiin ang kalaban! . . .Hinagud kong palabas ang aking naghuhumindig sa galit na burat at sa isang kadyot pataas sa kanyang puke ay bumulwak ang kanyang katas sa pwerta ng kanyang puke at dahan dahan kong ibinaon ang aking burat sa naglalawang at pulang pulang puke ni Loren . . .”Ohhhhh Chrisssssssssssshhhiiit!aaannnnnonggggg klaseng burat na meronnnnn kaaaaaaa”….. “sarraaaaap ng burat mo Chrisssssss”. . .ang kanyang mga halinghing ang syang nagpagana akin ng husto para kantutin si Loren ng sagad na sagad. . . .ibinabaon ko sagad sa kailaliman at huhgutin ko ng mahabang hugot at saka ko na naman isasagad at huhugutin papalabas. . .maya maya pay, binibilisan ko at sabay kong dadahan dahanin, at bibilisan, bilis na bilis at sabay sagad na sagad sa dulo ng kanyang matres. . .”Shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiitttttt ka Chrriiiiiiiisssssssss, wag mo akong takamin! Isagad mo at doon mo ako ayudin ng hustoooooo” . . doon ko na sya kinayod kayod ng husto sa kanyang matres na nagbigay sa kanya ng pangalawa at napakahabang orgasm . .”Ooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww sssssshhhhhhhhhiiiiitttttttt” … .”Hayaaaaaaaaannnnn nnnnna nnnnaaaaman aaakkkkkkopopppooooo Chrisssss”. . . hayannnnn na namannnnnnn akoooooo” …. Salubungin mo pa Chrisssssssss”. . . hayannnnnn na syaaaaaaa, mallllllaaaaapittttt na aaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyaaaaaaaannnnnnnna!” habang nagkikikisay si Loren sa mahabang orgasm nya ay saka ko hinapin ng dalawa kong malaking palad ang kayang puwet at doon ko na ibinuhos ang aking natitirang lakas para “kayurin” ang kanyang kaloblooban at dooon ko na rin sya susumpitin ng aking nagraragasang malapot na malapot na mga tamod. . . . .” Loren, hetooooooo namannnnn akooooooooo!Loreeeennnnnnnnnnnnn hetoooooo naaaaaaaa syyyyyyyyyaaaaaaa kantutin mo ako Loren!salubungin mo ang aking kantot Lorennnnnnnn” . . .”ayannnnnn na syaaaaaaa Lorennnn” di ko na pinatagal pa ang at sa lakas ng pressure ng pagbulwak ng aking tamod ay napapa kisay si Loren sa sobrang sarap at maiinit init na tamod ko ang pumulatdit sa kanyang kailaliman. . . “ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmyyyyy gooooooodddddddddddddd! . . . . . sabay kaming nahilo at nanghina sa paglabas ng mga katas naming at habang hinahalo ng aking burat ay panay pa rin ang dahan dahan liyad ni Loren. . . . kumuha ako ng maiinom na malamig na tubig at bumalik ako sa higaan upang magpahinga. . . gayun na rin si Loren na nakapikit ang kanyang mga mata at nagsasabing “sssaaarrrrrrraaaaaapppppp”. .naka idlip ako sa sobrang sarap at ganun na rin si Loren.

Alas 6 na ng hapon ako nagising at saka ako bumuhat sa kama ni Loren at pinag masdan ko pa rin si Loren habang ako ay nag bibihis ng aking baro. ‘hanep talaga ang katawan ni Loren, . . .superrrr ganda pa rin”. . .”di talaga nagpapanglayo ang mukha nila ni Jean Saburit. . . . lumapit ako sa kanya at humalik sa kanyang labi. . .”bye Loren. . .uwi muna ako” . . . . “uuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm, ang sabi lang ni Loren” na talaga naman na doble ang pagod nya sa aming pagkakatutan. . . .habang papalabas ako sa pinaka pintuan ng bahay ay napansin ko ang sapatos na pang eskwela ni Maryann sa labas ng pintuan. . .dito ako naghinala na nasa loob na si MARYANN? . . .di na ako bumalik sa loob dahil sa baka may makakita pa sa akin. . . kaya inisipisip ko na lang kung bakit at papaanong nangyari na halos magsisigaw kami ni Loren sa sarap ay nandoon na pala si Maryann sa loob ng kanilang bahay! . . .”aaaah! di bale na nga kung ano man ang kanyang nakita, narinig at naramdaman ay bahala na sya ang mahalaga ay tulad din sya ni Loren na pinaligaya ko at higit sa lahat ay dinala ko sila sa langit na magkailang ulit. . .

Part 3

“Chris, pwedeng makisuyo?, sa byernes na gabi ay pupunta sana kami ni Maryann sa Lopez para sunduin si Nanay pero alam mo naman na marami ring costumer kapag sabado at linggo sa lugawan” . . .”eh, sana kung pwede samahan mo na lang si Maryann sa byahe tutal limang oras lanng naman ang byahe doon” . . . “kesa naman ako pa, ay tyak na matatagalan na naman ako doon na makabalik dahil alam mo na rin ang mga kapatid ko kapag nandoon ako ay halos ayaw na akong pabalikin dito sa Manila” . . “sige naman Chris` pleaseee???”. . . kahit gusto ko ng sabihin na “OO” ay di ko pa rin dineretsang sang-ayunan ang lambing ni Loren. . .basta ang nasabi ko na lang ay ”Eh` papano naman ang kikitain ko? kaya mo bang bayaran yon` ha?” . . . . (Pakipot!!!) . . para di masyadong halata na GUSTO KO RIN!!!. . . “O sya` sige na nga pero sana balikan din ang byahe naming ni Maryann para naman sa lunes ay makapag pasada ako dahil sa maraming pasahero kapag lunes okay?” . . . .”hay naku! Salamat Chris! Hulog ka talaga ng langit sa amin. . . tsup! tsup!” . .sabay sabay na halik ang inabot k okay Loren. . .na di nya alam na na ako ang mas masaya dahil sa meron na naman kaming pagkakataon ni Maryann na makarating ulit sa langit ng sarap. . .

Habang pumapasada ako biglang nag ring ang aking cellphone . . .” rrrrriiiinnng! rriiiiiiinngggg!” . . .aking tiningnan kung sino ang tumatawag . . .”Ohh shit! si Maryann!” . . .”. . .Helllo?” . . . .”hello? Maryann?” . . .”Tito, hi! kumusta ang pasada?” . . .”mapagod ba? marami bang pasahero?” . . . “tito, dito pa ako sa school at pauwi na, tumawag kasi si Mama na pupunta raw tayo sa Lopez” . . .”Oo nga` Maryann. . yon ang sabi ni Loren kahapon sa akin at pumayag naman ako dahil sa missed na talaga kita” . . “alam mo bang palagi kitang naaalala?” . . .”missed na kitang makita Maryann” . . .”ako rin Tito, kung wala nga lang si Mama dyan sa pilahan ay tyak na dadaan ako dyan para man lang makita kita”. . . “Missed rin kita Tito!. . . .gabi gabi na lang akong nananaginip na magkasama tayo, ang sarap sarap mong katabi Tito” . . . .”pleaseee. . .Tito gusto na kitang makita at makasama ulit pleaseee Tito Chrisss” . . .sa boses pa lang ni Maryann sa telepono ay ramdam na ramdam ko na missed nya na ang aking “kantut” . . . hanep di talaga sa libog ng batang si Maryann. . .”. . Maryann, ako rin akala mo ba, miss din kita, kung pwede nga lang na puntahan kita sa bahay nyo ay pupuntahan kita. . .pero nag aalala ako kay Loren baka malaman nya ang relasyon natin” . . . “Tito Chris, relasyon? . . anong relasyon?” . . . .”Maryann, please saka na natin pagusapan yan kapag kaharap kita please, marami rin akong dapat sabihin sayo” . . . “talaga lang ha? Tito?”. . . “Oo, Maryann, di bale bukas ay magkikita na rin tayo” . . .”Ok, Tito bye bye na muna ako ha?” …”bukas na lang tayo ulit mag usap” . . .”O` sige bye na Maryann” . . .”sandali, Maryann, meron akong request sayo! please….” . . .”ano yon Tito?” . . . . . .”tagal naman Tito, ano ba yon?” . . .”O` sige na nga! Ann, please pwede bang suotin mo sa byahe ay palda?. . ha? Maryann?. . .pwede ba?” . . .”Tito, bakit naman? . . ayaw mo ban a naka jeans ako?” . . di nakuha ni Maryann ang gusto kong mangyari . . “ . .basta yon lang ang request ko please Maryann, okay?” . . .”O` sige na nga! Ang dami naman request eh`. . “ . . . .”Okay, hala sige na at baka maubos na yang load ng cellphone mo”. . . “ikaw pa naman ang tumawag sa akin” . . .”Sige Ann, miss you bye. . . .” . . .”bye Tito Chris. . .” . . matapos kong isarado ang cellphone ko ay pinagmasdan ko ulit ang aking alaga na talaga naman na nag aalburuto na naman sa galit. . .dahil sa narinig na naman nya ang boses ng batang dalagitang si Maryann. . . pinaandar ko ang aking triclycle at dumiretso na ako sa pilahan para makakuha ng pasahero at makauwi ng maaga para mas kondesyon ako kinabukasan. . .

Pag karating ko sa lugawan ni Loren ay agad sinabi sa akin ni Loren na . . . “Chris, pwede bang . . . ang dami ko nang utang sayo Chris, . . .pero wala akong magawa tutal ikaw naman ang nag iisang lalaki sa bahay at ikaw na rin ang parang ama ni Maryann” . . .”Chris, pwede bang daanan mo na lang si Maryann sa bahay at dumiretso na kayo sa Cubao bukas na 6 pm?” . . .”hoyyy! Chris! ano ka ba? bat parang ang layo ng iniisip mo ha Chris?. . “ . . .”Wala, Loren pagod lang yata ako” . . .”Sige, mamaya uuwi na ako ng maaga para makapag pahinga na rin ako sa bahay ko para mas maganda ang byahe naming” . . . .”syanga pala Chris, kung pwed ay yong last trip na lang ang kunin nyo para madaling araw na ang dating nyo sa Lopez” . . “Sige, Loren subukan namin kong meron kasi, Friday maraming pasahero kaya ewan ko basta! bahala na”. . .”Kunin mo nga itong pera para kay Nanay at ito naman ang pamasahe nyo ni Maryann” . . “tama na ba yan? Ha Chris?” . . .”Tama na to, Loren sobra na nga to eh`”. . .”O sige Chris, sunduin mo sya ng maaga pa sa 6 para di kayo ma traffic sa daan” . . .umuwi na ako ng maaga at nag pahinga na rin ako. . .

Kinabukasan, maaga akong lumabas at pumasada at maaga rin akong umuwi, dumaan muna ako sa lugawan ni Loren at humalik at nagpaalam sa kanya. Pagdating ko sa bahay nila Loren ay nakita ko na si Maryann na nakatayo sa may pintuan at akoy namangha sa kanyang kagandahan . . .sa suot niyang sports jacket na blue ay mas lalong naging mukhang mala “Gretch B” nabigla ako sa aking nakita dahil sa naka palda sya na kulay puti na mas lalong nagbigay ganda sa kanyang maputi at makinis na legs. . .naka rubber shoes sya at naka “pigtail” ang kanyang buhok na mas lalong lumabas ang pagka inosente at pagka dalagita ang kanyang hitsura. . .Di ko na sya hinintay pa na makalabas sa pintuan at ako ang unang pumasok sa pintuan ng bahay at sabay kong isinara ang pintuan. . .dito ko sya niyakap at hinalikan “Maryann, miss kita. . .srrlllppp! ssssllllrrppp!” sarap ng kanyang hininga bagong paligo at bagong toothbrush ang presko ng kanyang bibig, sarap talaga ng batang ito . . .”Tito, lika na alis na tayooo…:” . . . halos ayaw ko pa umalis at panay ang hapit ko sa puwetan nya dahil sa sobrang kalibugan ang aking nararamdaman. . .kund hindi nga lang tumahol ang mga aso sa kabilang apartment ay tyak na dito palang sa bahay na ito ay may mangyayari na sa amin ni Maryann. . . .”hay naku! swerte mo Maryann kung di lang dahil sa kobrador ng tubig na ito tyak na kinain na naman kita” . . .”Titooo, miss din kita. . . .gustong gusto ko at palagi kong naaalala ang mga ginawa mo sa akin, kahit nga ngayo pa lang ay namamasa masa na ang puke ko” . . .”talaga? ha Maryann? sarap naman nyan himurin ulit”. . .”Huwag na dito Tito, baka biglang umuwi si Mama pleaseee”. . .”O` sige, halika na alis na tayo” . . .bago pa man kami lumabas ng pintuan ng bahay ay siniil ko ulit sya ng mga halik na sya naman ang nag paungol ulit sa kanya ng ibang klaseng sarap. . .”Titoooo, saraapppp mong humalikkkkk”. . . “Titooooooo, plsssss wag ditttttttttoooooo”…(huwag ditooo?) ano ang ibig sabihin nitong si Maryann?

Kahit bitin na bitin ang alaga ko ay, nilisan naming ang kanilang bahay at pumara kami ng taxi sa daan . . .”Mama` pwede bang Cubao???”. . . sabay sakay at habang dumidilim dilim na sa daan ay di ko mapigilan ang aking KALIBUGAN na simulan at di dapat simulan, dahil sa may kahabaan ang kanyang laylayan ng kanyang sports jacket ay doon ko isinout ang aking kamay para makarating sa malabot at makinis na hita ni Maryann, bago pa man kami dumaan sa SM City sa EDSA ay alam kong bibigay sa aking mga haplos si Maryann. . . kusang bumuka ang kanyang hita para bigyan daan ang aking mapangahas na kamay papunta sa kanyang singit at gitnang hiwa. . . .ng makarating ako sa kanyang singit ay nabigla ako dahil sa doon ko nalaman na wala pala syang suot na panty at ang kanyang palda lamang ang nagiisang kasuotan pang ilalalin!!!. “shiiitttt! Maryann, mababaliw ako sa ginagawa mo sa akin,. . . ang sarap haplosin ng hita at singit moooooo” . . bulong ko kay Maryann . ..”Maryann, para sayo ito. . .pleaseee , . . ilayo mo pa at ibuka mo pa para mas lalong makapasok ng mabuti ang aking daliri. . .sige pa Maryann. . ganyan ngaaa” . . sa wakas ay nakapa ko ang kanyang kaselanan at napa igtad sya ng aking sinimulang ipasok ang pang finger kong daliri . . .di ako nahirapang ipasok dahil na rin sa mga katas na lumabas sa kanyang murang ari mula pa doon sa bahay ng maghalikan kami. . .”Tito, . . baka makita tayo ng driver at saka marami rin tao sa bus baka masilip nila tayo”. . . .”Hindi. . Maryann . .tinted ang kulay ng salamin ng saksakyan natin di nila tayo makikita sa loob” . . . . .wala na syang nagawa at hinawakan nya ang aking bisig ng kanyang dalawang munting kamay at pilit at gustong kalmutin habang sinisimulan kong dahan dahan ipasok at ipalabas ang aking pang gitnang daliri saw ala pang bulbul ng puke ni Maryann. . .”Titoooo. . .oooowwwwww sarapppppp namannn niiyyyyaaannnnn ahhhhhhh haa Titooooooo Chrissssss”. . . pilit kong pinapalabas ang mga katas ni Maryann sa pwerta ng kanyang masikip na puke para simulan ko na ang aking balak para mas lalong masarapan si Maryann sa aking pag finger sa kanya. . . “Ooohhhh Titoooooo Chrisssss, ooooooohhhhh . .ohhhhhhhhh. ooooohhhhhh.” Humihigpit ang pagkakahawak ni Maryann sa aking bisig kapag ipinapasok ko sa kaloob looban ng kanyang murang puke. . .tuloyan ng ibinuka ni Maryann ang kanyang mga hita upang bigyan niya ng daan aking pag finger sa kanyang masikip at mabangong puke. .panay na ang pag kikilig ni Maryann habang labas pasok na aking daliri sa kanyang masikip na puke. . .at parang nagdidileryo na sya at napapa nganga ang kanyang bibig sa sarap na nararamdaman . . . halos marinig namin ang tunog ng kanyang basang basang puke at dito ko naramdaman na malapit na sya sa kalangitan . . .at dito ko na sya sinimulang paikotin at kalabit kalabitin ang kanyang munting tinggil ng kaligayahan. . .”Ooooohhhh my god Titooooo Chriiissss, angssss ssaaraaaap saaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrap naman nyannnn”. . . .”Tiiiiitttoooooooooooooooooo kooooooooo angggg saraaaaapppp ttaaaalllllaaagggggaaaaaaa nyyyaaannnng ginnnagawaa mo Titooo Chrissss”. .. . . kung di ko nakita ang karatula ng Q-Mart sa EDSA ay tyak na ihihinto ng driver ng taxi ang aming sasakyan . . kaya bigla kong nasabi sa driver na . . .”`Ma`ma` pwedeng pakideretso na lang po sa Pasay Terminal?” . . .”Okay, no problem boss” . . . . sabi ng taxi driver habang panay ang pagkikisay ni Maryann sa sobrang sarap na kanyang nararamdaman sa paghugot at pagsulong ng aking daliri sa kanyang maliit na puke. . . at halos mapunit ang ang mangas ng aking tshirt sa higpit at paghila ni Maryann dahil sa malapit na syang labasan . . . .”Titoooo. . . .tiiitttooooo … . .titttoooooo koooooo. . . .tiitttooooo….” . . .alam kong nasa rurok na sya ng sarap at kahit na halos ipag siksikan nya ang kanyang ulo sa likuran ng aking kili kili ay alam ko na saglit lang ay ilalabas nya na ang naiipong sarap sa kanyang sinapupunan. . .sa pag baba namin sa ilalim ng EDSA Cubao ay biglang nadaanan namin ang isang malaking lubak at doon ko si Maryann nasagad sa pagpasok ng aking daliri at kasabay naman ang pagbulwak at pag agos ng kanyang masaganang katas galing sa kanyang masikip at munting puke ni Maryann. . .”Ow w w w w. . oooohhhhh. . ow w w oohhhhhh. . . . Titoooooooooooooooooooo koooooo”. . .kinilig kilig si Maryann habang pinagmamasdan ko ang kanyang naka ngangang bibig dahil sa sobrang sarap na kanyang naranasan sa aking mapangahas na daliri ng KALIBUGAN. . .

Lumampas na kami ng tulay ng Guadalupe ng manumbalik ang katinuan (kalibugan) ni Maryann. . . sabay bulong sa akin ni Maryann. . “Tito Chris. . . .I love you. . . . mahal kita Tito . . gabi gabi kitang iniisip at iniimagine ang lahat lahat na ginawa natin at lalong lalo na kung paano mo ako pinaliligaya” . . .”ang sarap sarap mong mag mahal, kahit na si Mama ang kinakantut mo gabi gabi ay ang mga halinghing nyong dalawa ay syang nagpapaligaya sa akin para makarating din ako sa sarap at langit”. . . .”Tito, sana wag kang magbabago sa amin ni Mama Loren, pleaseee” . . . .”Sige Maryann, nauunawaan kita, pero sana wag mong ipagsasabi kahit kanino ang relasyon natin dahil tyak na malaking eskandalo ito at bak di matuloy an gaming kasal ng Mama mo”. . . .”nandito lang naman ako at kapag may oras tayo ay pwede naman tayong magkita at magkausap” . . .”Titoo, salamat ha? ang sobrang bait mo ang syang dahilan kung bakit di ako natakot na sumama sayo at ibigay sayo ang aking pagkababae” . . .naputol ang aming pauusap ni Maryann ng tumunog ang cellphone ni Maryann . . .”Heloooo, Ma`. . .dumretso kami ng Pasay Terminal dahil sa punuan sa Cubao” . . .”Mabuti sa Pasay dahil maraming extrang sasakyan sa labas kapag punuan sa loob ng terminal” . . . .”Opo Ma` tawag kami ni Tito kapag nakasakay na kami sa bus”. . . .”bye Ma`. . .ingat ka rin” . . .habang tinititigan ko ang kanyang maamong mukha at napaka inosente pa nito para makaranas sa akin ng super kantut. . .kaya ang nasabi ko na lang sa aking sarili na “dadahan dahanin kitang dadalhin sa kalangitan, . . . sa tuktok ng kalangitan” . . .

“Mamang kondoktor, meron pa po bang byaheng Santa Elena? . . .” . . . “meron pa pero madaling araw na, saan ba ang punta nyong dalawa?” . . . “sa Lopez ho” . . .”eh` dito na lang kayo, kasi dadaan din naman ito sa Lopez, at saka meron pang upuan sa pinaka dulo, kaya lang masyadong maalog doon dahil nasa bandang dulong upuan” . . .”byaheng Daet po ito kaya wag kayong mag alala, ibaba po naming kayo sa Lopez” . . .Tuloy tuloy kami sa likuran at . . . .”Weeeewww sobrang lamig naman dito” ang lakas ng aircon” . . .”Maryann di ka ba nilalamig? Ha?” . . .”Tito may baon akong maliit na blanket” . . .”share na lang tayo mamaya” . .shhhiiittt! heto na nga ang sinasabi ko eh . . .mukha yatang may paglalagyan ng mabuti si dayonyor ko. . . “Ok, Maryann, mamaya na lang kapag nilamig na ako ay saka ako makiki gamit ng blanket mo”. . .pero gusto ko ng sabihin kay Maryann na . . . kapag ikinumot mo na ang blanket mo ay saka mo na tanggalin ang bra mo para sya naman ang mahalikan ko!!!! . . . “O` wala na bang pasahero? “ . . . .ang sabi ng kondoktor . . . . panay ang wish n asana walang sumakay sa kahilera naming upuan!!!! . . .shitttt okay talaga ang byahe naming ah! Masyadong exciting. . . .sa wakas dininig ni KALIBUGAN ang aking wish . . .wala ngang umupo sa katabi namin upuan . . . at nasabi ko sa sarili ko na dito na tatapusin ang naputol na LABAN!!!. . .

Part 4

Sa pagliko ng Magallanes habang binabagtas namin ang South Expressway ay sumandal si Maryann sa tabi ng bintana, hinawi niya ang kurtina upang tingnan nya ang lugar na aming tinatahak. Habang ang kondoktor naman ng bus ay abala sa pag kolekta ng mga ticket sa mga pasahero at pag bigay naman ng ticket sa mga pasageherong walang ticket. . . .”Brod, saan kayo? Magkasama ba kayong dalawa?” . . tanong ng kondoktor. . .” . . .dalawa kami ng kasama ko, at bababa sana kami ng Lopez lang” . . .”saan ba kayo sa Lopez? . .wala pa kasi kaming terminal doon” . . .tanong ng kondoktor. . . “Di bale, sa paglampas ng proper ay saka kami bababa sa Barangay Bebito”. . . .

Sa pag akyat ng bus sa Alabang flyover, at nakatapos na rin ang kondoktor ng bus ang kanyang pangongolekta ng pasahe at pag bigay ng ticket ay tumunog ang hudyat ng kondoktor para patayin na ang ilaw sa pamamagitan ng pag toktok ng perang coin sa tubo ng estrebo ng bus. . . “YES!!!!!!” ang mahina kong nasabi na di naka ligtas kay Maryann ang katagang iyon. . . .”Tito, anong yes?” . tanong ni Maryann. . .” sabi ko yes, tulogan na!. . .” . . .sabay sandal ni Maryann sa aking dibdib at doon ko na naamoy ang ang kanyang buhok na napaka bango dahil sa ginamit nyang conditioner na _reamsilk. . . .habang ang kanang kamay ko naman ay sinimulan kong yakapin sya na mas lalong nagdikit aming mga katawan sa bawat isa. . . . di ko talaga inaasahan na sasandal sya sa akin at yayakapin nya ako ng kanyang dalawang kamay sa aking beywang. . . “Ann, pwede bang ilabas mo na sa bag ang blanket mo? medyo malakas kasi ang AC ng bus” . . . kahit na halos pawisan ako sa init dahil sa KALIBUGAN na gumuguhit sa aking puson at tubo ng burat ko. . . . pansamantalang inalis ni Maryann ang kanyang dalawang kamay at kinuha sa bag ang dala niyang blanket. . . . “ang laki naman ng blanket na dinala mo ha Maryann?” . . .”Tito, nasa labahan kasi ang blanket ko kaya ito na lang dinala ko ang blanket ni Mama”. . . shiittt! tyak na amoy ni Loren ang maamoy ko nito mamaya. . . .”Tito, usog ka dito sa akin” . . . ang masarap na boses ni Maryann na nagyayaya na dalhin ko sya sa sulok ng bintana ng bus. . . .”sandali lang at aayusin ko an gating upuan at ipapatagalid ko para mas lalong komportable tayong matulog” . . . .Shit! matulog? or matuhog?. . . .inislant ko ang upuan namin at mas lalong napaganda ang pwesto ni Maryann dahil sa makakaderetsong higa na si Maryann . . . habang pinipwesto ko ang blanket sa aming mga katawan ay dito ko na naramdaman ang halos lumuwa sa zipper ng aking pantaloon ang aking galit na galit burat. . . .at sumandal ulit si Maryann sa aking dibdib at sinimulan na nya akong yakapin sa pagitan ng aking dibdib at ng aking beywang . . . ang kanang kamay ko naman ay aking hinapit ang kanyang kumukurba pa lamang na beywang at ang kaliwang kamay ko naman ay nagsimulang hawiin ang kanyang straight at malsutlang buhok . . .”Maryann ang bango bango mo naman . . . .” . . .sabay tingala nya sa akin at sinabing . . . “Tito, papano kung malaman ni Mama ang mga nangyari sa atin? ha Tito?. .” . . .”Maryann, alam mo naman na magpapakasal na kami ng Mama mo, at saka alam mo naman na mahal na mahal ko rin sya” . . . .”siguro kung ito ang magiging dahilan ng aming pagaaway at paghiwalay ay siguro dapat nating itigil ito” . . . sabi k okay Maryann kahit na alam kong baka mapurnada aking “BALAK” kapag umayon sya sa aking sinabi. . . .”Tito, . . .alam mo ba ng mula ng makita kita ay halos di ako makatulog sa kakaisip sayo, at kahit na alam kong magkarelasyon na kayo ni Mama ay di ko mapigilan ang aking sarili na magisip at pagnasaan kang katabi gabigabi habang kayo ni Mama ay sarap na sarap sa pag kakantutan . . .” . . . “Alam mo ba yon ha Tito?. . .halos di ako makatulog sa mga halinghing at ungol ni Mama habang dinadala mo sya sa sarap ng kalibugan” . . .”minsan nga sa kaligatnaan kayo ng inyong pagtatalik ay makailang ulit akong na ihi sa sarap?. . . .ha Tito?” . . .”dinig nd dinig ko ang mga mahahabang impit ni Mama na halos sa akin tumatalab ang mga kantot mo sa kanya at halos di ko mapigilan ang pag labas ng mga katas sa aking kaselanan?” . . . . “ngunit, Maryann, napakabata mo pa para sa mga bagay na ito at baka pagdating ng panahon ay mag hiwa hiwalay tayong tatlo dahil sa bawal ng relasyong ito” . . . .”ewan ko Tito Chris, ewan ko . . .basta ang alam ko mahal kita at ikaw ang lagging laman ng isip ko kahit nasa school ay ikaw pa rin ang gumugulo sa isip ko . .” . .itinaas ko ang baba nya at aking tinitigan ang kanyang napakaganda at napakaamong mukha . . . .” Ann, isisekreto natin lahat ng ito hanggat kaya natin kapag nagkataon na nalaman nila ay . . . bahala na. . .kasabay non ay hinalikan ko sya at ninamnam ko ang bango at kasariwaan ng kanyang hininga. . .habang padalang ng padalang na makita namin ang mga ilaw sa kabahayan sa labas ng bus ay mas lalong nagiging madilim ang loob ng bus. . .ay habang panay ang hagud ng aking dila sa kanyang munting bibig ay aking inayos ang aming blanket upang masiguradong matakpan ang aming mga katawan. . . .kahit medyo malakas ang ugong ng makita sa aming bandang likuran ay sa aking mga halik pa lang kay Maryann ay nag marinig ko na ang mahinang halinghing ni Maryann. . . .”a aa.a..aaaa aaah h hhhhhh, … titoooo” . . . .” o o o o o o oooooohhhh Titooooooooo” . . . .halos malunok kong lahat ang laway ni Maryann na kusang lumalabas sa kanyang mabangong at napalambot na bibig . . .”Ann, . . . .tanggalin mo ang strap ng bra moooo pleaseee`. . . .” . .tinanggal ko na rin ang kanyang sports jacket at natira na lang kanyang manipis at maluwang na tshirt . . . .habang tinatanggal ni Maryann ang hook ng kanyang bra ay itinataas ko ng dahan dahan ang laylayan ng kanyang maluwang tshirt. . . at heto napo sya . . . ang pinaka gusto kong mahalikan ang munting at kauusbong pa lang na mapula pulang suso ni Maryann. . . . . bahagya akong pumaibaba sa kanyang dibdib at itinaas ko ang aming blanket para matakpan ang aming mga ulo at dito ko na hinawakan ang magkabilang tagiliran ni Maryann kapantay ng kanyang mga manipis at makinis na suso. . . pansamantala kong ipinababa ang aking mga halik sa leeg pababa sa dibdib at di ako nagkamali sa aking tinahak ang munting ka uusbong pa lang na suso ng dalagitang si Maryann. . .sinimulan kong sipsip sipsipin ang kanyang makinis at malambot na korona. . .. .aking pinalipat lipat ang aking gutom na gutom na bibig sa isang munting korona ni Maryann. . . “ . . .Titoooo o o o ooooooo o o oo, . . .tiiitttttoo o o ooooooo o o o hhhhhh h” . . . .”. . . .ti i ito o o oooooo. . .a nn nn ng g g sar rrrrrap na m maaaannn nyannnnn”. . . . .habang panay ang impit at halinghing ni Maryann ay mas lalo ko pang pinagbuti ang pagsip sip, himud at pagdila dila sa munting mga utong ni Maryann ay aking sinimulang itaas ang laylayan ng kanyang palda ng aking kaliwang kamay, habang ang aking kanang kamay naman ay pilit na hinahawakan ang di halos mahawakan dahil sa kaliitan ang munting makinis na suso ni Maryann. . . .ng ma tiyak ko na nasa tiyan na nya ang laylayan ng kanyang palda ay aking ibunuka at pinaghiwalay ang dalawa nyang hita upang mabigyan laya ang aking kaliwang kamay na puntahan at damhin ang sigurado akong mamasa masang puke ng batang si Maryann. . . .di nga ako nagkamali dahil sa kanyang hita pa lang ay naramdaman ko na ang kanyang mainit init na katas na galing sa kanyang puke na wala pang bulbol. . . . kinapa ko ang kanyang munting puke at ng masigurado ko na sapat na ang pagitan ng kanyang hita ay aking nilawayan ang aking pang gitnang daliri, laway na
Ang kwentong ito ay hango sa totoong pangyayari. Ito ay isinalaysay sa akin ng isang babaeng naging bahagi ng buhay ko. Siya si Rhea 14 taong gulang pa lamang siya, tubong Abra at kasalukuyang third year high school sa kanilang probinsya. Nakilala ko siya sa pamamagitan ng “texting”, naging textmate sa simula hanggang sa nauwi kami sa pagiging sexmate. Sa edad na katorse, naging palaisipan sa akin kung bakit tila sanay na sanay na siyang makipagsex sa cellphone at dahil dito tinanong ko siya kung meron na ba siyang totoong karanasan sa sex. Noong una ay ayaw niyang umamin, subali’t sa isang phonesex sesyon namin ay binitin ko siya at hindi ako pumayag na ipagpatuloy ang phonesex namin hangga’t di siya umaamin kung paano siya natuto sa sex. Napilitian naman siya na ipagtapat sa akin kung paano siya natuto at kung sino ang unang nagturo sa kanya. Ang kanyang mga ipinagtapat sa akin ang siya kung ikukwento sa inyo:

Araw ng lunes, nagmamadaling maligo si Rhea dahil mahuhuli na siya sa pagpasok sa kanyang klase. Pagkatapos niyang tuyuin ang kanyang katawan ay agad itong nagsuklay. Nagsuot ng puting panty at agad na nagtapis ng puting twalya at iniwang nakasiksik sa kanyang mga buhok ang pink na suklay. Dahil sa hapit na hapit ang twalyang nakatapis sa katawan, bumakat ang magandang hubog ni Rhea lalo na ang nagtutumulis na mga tayong-tayong suso ng dalagita dahil wala itong suot na bra. Litaw na litaw din ang makinis at mabibilog na mga hita dahil di kayang takpan ng tapis na tuwalya.

Nagmadali siyang lumabas sa banyo at agad na tinungo ang kanyang silid. Ngunit bago makarating sa kanyang silid ay kailangan niyang dumaan sa salas na kung saan naroon ang kanyang amang si Roni na kasalukuyang nagbabasa ng diyaryo. Dahil walang malisya, balewala kay Rhea kung makita man ng ama ang kanyang ayos. Nagpatuloy itong lumakad malapit sa harapan ng ama ngunit sa kanyang pagmamadali ay nalaglag sa sahig ang suklay na nakasukbit sa kanyang mga buhok. Narinig ni Roni ang pagbagsak sa sahig ng suklay na siya nitong ikinagulat at agad napatingin sa kinaroroonan ng anak. Eksakto namang napaupo si Rhea upang damputin ang suklay. Ngunit sa kanyang pag-upo ay nalilis ang dulo ng twalya at agad na nakita ni Roni ang katambukan ng anak na dalagita sa suot nitong puting panty. Di naman nalingid kay Rhea ang nakita ng ama, ngunit sa halip na takpan ang kanyang harapan ay tila natuwa pa ito sa napansing malagkit na pagkakatingin ng ama sa kanyang katambukan. Pagkadampot sa suklay ay dahan-dahan itong tumayo at nagpatuloy lumakad at pumasok na sa kanyang silid.

Habang lumalakad papunta sa silid ang anak na dalagita, di naman napigilan ni Roni na mapamangha sa ganda ng alindog na anak. Ngayon niya lamang napansin na nagdadalaga na ito. Napansin niyang ganap na ang hubog ng makurbang katawan ni Rhea, mabilog at makinis ang mga hita, malusog na mga suso na halos umalpas sa tapis na tuwalya. Higit sa lahat, di niya makalimutan ang maumbok na pagkababae ng anak na nasilip niya sa pag-upo ni Rhea upang damputin ang suklay.

Habang iniisip niya ang mga nakita, di niya naiwasang makaramdam ng pag-iniit ng katawan. Pilit niya itong iwinawaksi sa kanyang isipan at nilalabanan niya rin ang unti-unting pagtigas ng kanyang pagkalalaki. Para sa kanya, di niya dapat bigyan ng malisya ang nakitang kagandahan ng anak. Nguni’t di niya mapigilan ito, patunay ang tayong-tayo niya ng pagkalalaki na tumutukod na sa suot na shorts.

Pagkatapos magbihis, lumabas na si Rhea mula sa kanyang silid. Dala na nito ang mga gamit pang-eskwela at agad na lumapit sa ama upang magpaalam. Napansin niyang nakatayo ang ama at nagpapaypay at tila tulala ito na medyo pinagpapawisan. Nagpatuloy ito sa paglapit sa ama at “Pa, may sakit po ba kayo?”, tanong ni Rhea. “Ah, eh wala anak. Medyo mainit lang kasi”, ani Roni. Yumakap naman si Rhea sa ama at humalik sa pisngi nito upang magpaalam, “Sige po pa, alis na po ako, tsuupp!!”. “Yumakap din si Roni sa anak, ngunit kumabog ng malakas ang kanyang dibdib dahil sa nadamang kalambutan ng mga suso ng anak. Dahil dito di niya na napigilan ang sarili na higpitan ang yakap sa anak. Nguni’t naramdaman nila pareho ang katigasan ni Roni na tumukod sa puson ni Rhea. Medyo napahiya si Roni at pinakawalan na ang anak.

Nang makaalis na ang anak, agad tumungo si Roni sa banyo upang maligo. Nais niyang mapawi ang init ng pagnanasa na kanyang naramdaman para sa anak na dalagita. Ngunit kahit anong buhos ng tubig sa kanyang katawan ay di nito kayang pahupain ang init ng nag-aalimpuyong pagnanasa. Di na nito namalayan na hinihimas na niya ang kanyang nag-uumigting na pagkalalaki, sinasalsal nya na ito habang iniisip niya ang alindog ng anak.

Si Rhea naman ay hindi rin makapagconcentrate sa kanyang klase. Lumilipad ang kanyang isip, di niya makalimutan ang mapagnasang tingin ng ama, at ang tumukod na katigasan nito sa kanyang puson. Nakaramdam siya ng kakaibang init, pakiramdam niya ay para siyang sinisilihan at hindi nya maintindihan kung bakit. Di rin siya mapakali sa kanya upuan, parang may kakaiba siyang nararamdaman sa pagkababae niya. Para siyang nakikiliti at tumatayo ang kanyang mga balahibo habang iniisip niya ang katigasan ng ama na tumusok sa kanyang puson. Nagsimula siyang mamasa at pakiramdam niya ay para siyang naiihi kung kaya’t dali-dali siyang nagpaalam sa kanyang guro at agad na tumungo sa CR. Pagkababa ng kanyang panty ay agad siyang umupo sa toilet bowl sa pag-aakalang naiihi nga siya. Ngunit kahit anong pilit niya ay walang ihi na lumabas sa kanyang pagkababae. Dahil dito, sinubukan niyang haplusin ang kanyang hiwa, at di niya na napigilan ang umungol “ohh anoh ba itoh, bakit ang sarrap hah?”. Paulit ulit niya ng hinahaplos ang kanyang Puday.

Si Roni naman ay patuloy sa kanyang ginagawa. Paspasan na ang kanyang pagsalsal, nasa isip niya kinakantot niya na si Rhea. “oohhh Rhea, anak oh ang sarraap mo kantutin oohh!”, pag-iimadyin ni Roni. Sumasabay naman si Rhea sa pagpapaligaya sa kanyang sarili. Ngayon ay nilalamas niya na rin ang kanyang malulusog na mga suso, palipat lipat sa mga ito ang kanyang kaliwang kamay habang naglalabas-masok na ang hinlalato ng kanang kamay sa kanyang masikip ngunit madulas na Puday. “hahh! papahh ooohhh unnnggg angg saarrapph pappah oh”. Halos tumirik na pareho ang kanilang mga mata dahil sa sobrang sarap na nararamdaman.

Sa bahay, “ooohhh Rheaa anak, malapit na labasan si papa ohhh, pupunuin ko ng tamod ang matambok mong Pudayeeee ooohhh!”, pasigaw na ungol ni Roni.

Sa eskwelahan naman, “ooohhh papahh kohh uuunnngg aangg saaarrrrrrappp namannnn unnngg ooohh papah hahhh ohh ahh!”, pigil ngunit mahabang ungol ni Rhea. Halos mamilipit ang kanyang katawan na sinasabayan niya ng tuloy tuloy na pagliyad at pagkadyot upang masalubong ng madulas na madulas niyang Puday ang kanyang malikot na daliri.

Patuloy sa kanilang ginagawa ang mag-ama. Hindi lang nila alam na pareho silang may pagnanasa sa isa’t-isa. Di pa nakuntento si Roni, kinuha nito ang bote ng shampoo at halos ibuhos lahat ang laman nito sa kanyang titi. Gusto niyang padulasin ng husto ang kahabaaan para mas masarapan siya sa pagsalsal at lalo niyang maisip na madulas na Puday ng anak ang kanyang kinakantot. Si Rhea naman ay lasing na lasing na sa bagong tuklas na kaligayahan sa piling ng kanyang mga kamay na walang sawang nagpapala sa maseselang bahagi ng kanyang katawan. Nilalapirot na maging ang ga-munggong mga utong at paikot-ikot na ang dila sa mga maninipis at mapupulang labi. Si Roni naman ay panay-panay na ang pagkadyot. Pareho ng nasa kasukdulan ang mag-ama, nasa pintuan na sila ng kalangitan at tanging pagpapalabas na lamang ng kani-kanilang katas ang kulang upang ganap na maabot ang dulo ng langit.

”oohh anakh aannggg dullllaaasss nggg puuukkeee mooo ooohhh! Saluhiinn mooo laahhaat anngg taamoodd nii pppaaaaapppa aaaaahhhhhh!”. “ooohhh papaaahhh anggg saaarraappp, oooohhh uuuunnggggg!”. Magkapanabay na ungol ng mag-ama.

Inagasan si Rhea ng maraming katas na kumulapol sa kanyang maliit na daliri at umagos naman ang iba sa kanyang puwetan. Si Roni naman ay nagpakawala ng malapot na dagta na tumalsik sa pader ng banyo.

Natapos ang sabay ngunit magkahiwalay na pagpaparaos nag mag-ama. Pumasok na si Roni sa trabaho at si Rhea naman ay agad na bumalik sa loob ng classroom na kung saan ibang asignatura na ang kanyang inabutan. Tsaka niya lang napagtanto na inabot pala siya ng halos isang oras sa loob ng CR. Naging abala sila sa maghapon, si Roni sa kanyang gawain at si Rhea naman sa iba pa niyang asignatura.

Halos hindi na nakafocus si Rhea sa kanyang pag-aaral ng hapong iyon. Di mawala sa isip niya ang mga pangyayari at sa kanyang bagong tuklas na kaligayahan. Si Roni naman ay hindi pa rin makapaniwala na nagawa niyang pagnasaan ang sariling anak. Bagama’t sa isip lamang naman niya nagawa ang pagnanasa, para sa kanya ay isa na itong malaking kasalanan. Pinilit niya na lamang libangin ang sarili sa trabaho upang makalimutan ang nagawang pagkakamali.

Dumating ang oras ng uwian sa eskuwelahan, nagmamadaling lumabas ng gate si Rhea at agad na sumakay sa jeep pauwi sa kanilang bahay. Wala itong naabutang tao sa kanilang bahay. At dahil nanlalagkit ang kanyang pakiramdam sa kanyang pagkababae agad siyang naghubad ng uniform at muling nagtapis ng tuwalya upang maligo. Pagkasara ng pinto ng banyo ay agad nitong itinutok ang katawan sa shower. Sa unang buhos ng tubig ay nakaramdam na agad siya ng ginhawa. Hinayaan niya lang muna ang sarili na nakababad sa tumutulong tubig. Nakapikit ito habang dumadaloy ang tubig na tila sinusundan ang kurbada ng kanyang katawan mula sa ulo, leeg, mga matatayog na mga suso hanggang sa kanyang mga makikinis na hita pababa sa kanyang paanan. Muli siyang nakaramdam ng kiliti ng paminsan-minsang nasasapol ng mga humihiwalay na patak ng tubig mula sa shower ang kanyang mga utong. Ngunit pinigilan niya ang naramdaman, sa halip kinuha niya na ang sabon upang linisin na ang katawan. Nagsimula siya sa pagsasabon sa kanyang mga mamula-mulang pisngi, pababa sa kanyang leeg at ng dumako ang kanyang mga kamay sa malusog na mga suso ay tumindi pa ang kiliting naramdaman. Sinubukan niyang haplusin pa ang mga suso at paminsan-minsan pipigain. Hanggang sa tuluyan na siyang nadarang at nilaro na ang kanyang mga utong.

Noong mga oras na iyon ay nakauwi na rin pala si Roni. Pagpasok sa bahay ay agad na nagtungo sa banyo upang sana ay umihi. Ngunit sa kanyang paghawak sa door knob ay narinig niyang may tao sa loob. Alam niyang ang dalagitang anak ang nasa loob nito dahil nakita niya ang hinubad na sapatos na nakakalat pa sa salas. Hindi na sana siya tutuloy, ngunit parang may kung ano’ng tumutulak sa kanya upang pihitin ang door knob. Laking gulat niya ng malamang hindi ito naka-lock. Sinubukan niyang itulak ng bahagya ang pinto upang masilip ang anak. Lalo siyang namangha ng makitang naglalaro ang mga kamay ng anak sa kanyang mga kaselanan. Ang kaliwang kamay ni Rhea ay nilalamutak ng salitan ang kanyang dalawang bundok habang ang kanang kamay naman ay nilalaro ang nakapikit pang hiwa na humahati sa matambok na mga pisngi ng kanyang Puday. Kitang-kita lahat ito ni Roni dahil nakasandal na sa pader si Rhea paharap sa pintuan ng banyo. Para nang nagdidileryo sa sarap si Rhea. “Ahhhhh annggg saaarraapp ooooohhh”, anas niya. Dali-dali namang ibinababa ng ama ang zipper ng kanyang pantalon at agad na inilabas sa brief ang kanyang naghuhumindig na pagkalalaki. Hindi na siya nag-aksaya ng panahon at agad na nilarong muli ang kahabaan nito habang patuloy na pinagmamasdan ang dalagitang nagpapaligaya rin sa sarili. “Ohhhh Rhea annngg sarraaappp moooh um um umum um ohhhhh saaannnaaa matikmaann kitaaaa aannnakk koooo um um um um”, buong pagnanasang bulong ng ama sa sarili habang binabayo na ang kanyang matigas na titi.

Hindi pa nakuntento sa paghaplos ng kanyang hiwa, ipinasok pa ni Rhea ang isang daliri sa loob ng kanyang Puday at paulit-ulit itong inilabas pasok. Noong umpisa ay mabagal subalit naging mabilis ng makaramdam siya ng sobra-sobrang kiliti, “uunngg aahhh bakiiittt annggg saaarrrraappp taaalllaagaaa niiiitttooo ooohhhhh!”, hibang na hibang na ungol ng dalagita. Si Roni naman ay pakadyot kadyot na, sinasabayan ang pag-alon-alon ng katawan ng anak. Iniimagine nya na totohanan ang pagkantutan nilang mag-ama. “ooohhh pappaaahhhh annnggg sarrrappp nggg titttiiii mooooohhh uuunnnngggg aahhhh”, halos pasigaw na ungol ng anak habang paulit-ulit na kinakanti ang kanyang tinggil. Gulat na gulat naman ang ama sa narinig na ungol ng anak na dalagita. Parang di siya makapaniwala sa narinig, ang kanyang pinagnanasaan na anak ay nagnanasa rin pala sa kanya. Nakikita ba siya nga anak? ang tanong niya sa sarili. Pero alam niyang hindi dahil mariing nakapikit ang dalagita habang walang humpay ang paglabas masok ng daliri nito sa kaloob-looban ng kanyang masikip ngunit madulas na Puday. Hindi niya malaman ang gagawin, parang may tumutulak sa kanya na tuluyang pasukin ang anak pero hindi rin niya gustong tuluyang babuyin ang anak na matagal inaruga at pinalaki sa pagmamahal. Hihinto na sana siya sa pamboboso at hayaan na lamang matapos ang anak sa ginagawa nito ngunit, “aaaahhhh papaaahhh maaalllaaapppiiiitt nnnaaa akkooooohhh uuuunnnngggg ahhhahahhhh oohhhhh”. Muling pasigaw ng malibog na dalagita. Ah, hindi na talaga makayanan pa ni Roni ang pagnanasang makantot ang anak dahil sa mga naririnig na tila musikang mga ungol na lalong nagpapasidhi sa kanyang kalibugan. Para sa kanya lalaki lamang siya at nasa harapan niya ang isang masarap na pukeng hindi niya pa natitikman kelan man. Marahang inilock ang door knob at hinatak pasara ni Roni ang pinto ngunit hindi upang pigilan ang sarili kungdi upang hindi malaman ng anak na kanina pa siya namboboso. Pagkasara’y agad siyang kumatok. “Tok tok tok Rhea anak pakibuksan ang pinto!”, masuyong pakiusap ng ama.

Nagulat ang dalagita at biglang napatigil sa kanyang ginagawa. “Naku, lagot narinig yata ako ni papa. Naku, paano kaya ito baka pagalitan ako…tsk tsk!”. Kinakabahan man, may bahid pa rin ng kalibugan ang kanyang isip. Iniisip niya na baka tuluyan din siyang galawin ng ama dahil sa mga narinig nito. Pero alumpihit pa rin siya. Litung-lito at di makapagdesisyon. “Anak, Rhea pakibuksan si papa?”, malambing na tinig ng ama. Tila wala naman sa sarili na lumapit sa pintuan ang anak at pinihit ang door knob. At ng mabuksan ang pinto ay tumambad sa paningin ng mag-ama ang mga hubo’t-hubad nilang mga katawan. Dahil medyo napahiya, sabay nilang itinaas ang kanilang mga paningin at nang magtama ang mga ito sabay silang nakaramdam ng pagkabog ng kanilang mga dibdib. Humahangos ang kanilang mga hininga at para silang mga nakahinang sa kanilang kinatatayuan. Naunang kumilos si Roni, pagkapasok sa loob ng banyo ay agad na hinagkan ang labi ng anak. Marahan at masuyo ang paglapat ng labi na ama sa mga mamula-mulang labi ng anak. Marahan nyang isinara ang pinto at ini-lock at agad na niyapos ng buong higpit ang anak na buong pusong nagpapaubaya sa kapangahasan ng ama. Ang masuyo at banayad na paglapat ng mga labi ng mag-ama ay nauwi sa lamukusan na mga labi at laplapan ng dila. “Tsup tsup tsup ummpp ooohhh ummmp hah tsup tsup tsup umpph hah”, huni na mula sa mag-amang naglalaplapan ng mga labi at nagsusupsupan ng mga dila. Labi sa labi, dila sa dila at laway sa laway na ang labanan ng mag-ama. Pareho na silan lasing sa tamis ng bawal na pagnanasang sa kanila ay dumadarang.

Kumilos ang dalawang kamay ni Roni. Ang kanan ay humaplos pababa sa katawan ng anak upang daklutin ang mga pisngi ng puwet nito na kanyang pinanggigilan. Ang kaliwang kamay naman ay humahaplos pataas pababa sa buong likod, leeg at ulo ng anak. Pagkaminsan idinidiin nito ang ulo ng anak upang maipasok ng husto ang kanyang dila sa bibig ni Rhea. Nais ng dila ni Roni na makapa at makanti ang lahat ng parte ng loob ng bunganga ng anak. Si Rhea naman ay naging mahusay na mag-aaral dahil kaagad siyang natuto sa pakikipaghalikan sa ama. Ang dila niya’y patuloy sa pakikipag-eskrimahan sa dila ng ama at walang humpag ang pagpapalitan nila ng kanilang mga laway.

Dahil magkadaiti ang kanilang mga katawan, ramdam ng dalagita ang katigasan ng ama na tumutukod sa kanyang puson. Lalo tuloy siyang nag-init at sa hindi niya malamang dahilan ay hinanap ng kanyang kamay ang titi ng ama at agad na hinawakan. Bahagyang napakislot ang ama sa naramdamang paghawak ng anak sa kanyang titi. Inilihis niya ang ibabang bahagi ng katawan upang ganap na mahawakan ni Rhea ang buo niyang pagkalalaki. Kasabay nito ang pag-alis niya sa kanyang mga labi sa pagkakahinang sa mga labi ng anak upang mahagkan ang leeg nito, punog tenga, leeg, punong tenga, paulit-ulit nitong pinasadahan ng mainit na dila ang kabuuan ng leeg at mga punong tenga ng anak na kasalukuyang nakapikit at nakakagat-labi habang ninanamnam ang sarap ng mga halik at paghaplos ng ama. “Ohhh, sshhiiittt papaaahhh annnngg sssarraapppp mooonnngg huummmaalllikkkk, sssiiigggeee pppaa ppaaapphhhaaaahhh oooohhhhhh”, ungol ng dalagita. “hmm annakk ang sarapp moo rinn, hinding hindii kita pagsasawaan hmmm tsupp tsupp!”, ganting ungol ng ama.

Darang na darang na ang dalawang nilalang sa isinasagawang bawal na ritwal. Ang ama ay patuloy na pinaiinit ang anak na dalagita sa pamamagitan ng walang humpay na paghaplos sa buong katawan at sa mga maiinit na mga halik sa leeg, pisngi, labi, at mga balikat ni rhea. Ang dalagita naman ay wala na sa katinuan, panay ungol na lamang ang maririnig mula sa kanyang mga labi at sinasambit na ang pangalan ng ama na ngayon ay patuloy na nagpapasasa sa kanyang murang katawan. “Ahhhahhayyy pahpahh ang sarrrrappp poohh ooohhhh, siiggee pappahh ohhh!”, ungol ni Rhea habang panay na rin ang paghimas ng kanyang kamay sa titi ng ama.

Di na mapigilan pa ang mga kamay ni Roni, agad na lumipat ang mga ito sa mga malulusog na suso ng anak. Bagamat malulusog ang mga laman ng suso, subalit medyo may katigasan pa rin at tila lumalaban sa bawat paghaplos at pagpiga ni Roni dahil ito pa lamang ang unang pagkakataon na nahawakan ang mga ito ng mga kamay ng isang Adan.

Lalong naulol si Rhea sa ginagawang pagmasa ng ama sa kanyang mga dibdib. Para na siyang bibingka na hindi malaman kung saan nagmumula ang apoy na siyang nagpapaliyab ng kanyang pagnanasa. At ng simulang lapirutin ng ama ang kanyang mga utong ay pinaspasan na rin niya ang pagmasahe sa tigas na tigas na titi ng ama. Lalo lamang natuwa si Roni sa ginawa ng anak kayat lalo pang ginalingan ang pag-abuso sa mga susong tila gusto nyang patagin sa kamamasa.

Mula sa paglamas-lapirot sa mga matatayog na dibdib ng anak, ay patuloy na bumababa ang mga halik ni Roni, at ngayon nga ay nasa kaliwang suso na ni Rhea ang malikot nitong dila. Buong suyo na pinapasadahan ang gamunggong butil na pinalilibutan na malarosas na korona. “Ahh, anaakk anngg gaganddaah ng mgah suusso mo hhhmmmmm, hindihh koh akkalaainn naa akoohh anng makkaakaaunnang huumaallikk dittoo hmmm tsup tsup sweerpss sweerpss sariwwangg-sarriwwaaahh hah tsup sweerpss tsuppp tssupp!”, buong kalibugang papuri ng ama habang walang humpay ang pagdial at pagsupsop sa kaliwang suso ng anak kasabay ng patuloy na paglamas at paglapirot ng kaliwang kamay sa kanang suso ni Rhea.

Ang kaninang balisang katawan ay lalo lamang naging malikot, umaalon-alon na ang katawan ni Rhea at pakiramdam niya ay para na siyang lalabasan dahil sa ginagawang pagpapala ng ama. “Oohhhhhhhhhhh papahhhh hahhhh ooooohhhhhhhhh hhhhmmmmmmm”, mahabang ungol ng dalagita ng maramdaman ang malikot na kamay ng ama na humaplos sa kanyang katambukan habang walang puknat ang salitang pagdede ng ama sa magkabilaang mga suso nito. Inaagasan na ang dalagita ng paunang mga katas at patuloy na nagdedileryo ang kanyang pakiramdam. Tila siyang nasa langit at ayaw niyang matapos agad ang sarap na nadarama.

Dahil sa pangininig ng katawan at sa magkahalong sarap na nadarama, nabitawan ni Rhea ang titi ng ama dahil kinailangan nitong yumakap sa katawan ni Roni upang humingi ng suporta at ng di siya matumba. Para namang nanghinayang ang ama at binitiwan ng anak ang kanyang titi, subalit agad siyang nakaisip ng gagawin. Agad niyang hinawakan ang katawan ng titi niya at siyang ikiniskis sa hiwa ng anak. Pataas-pababa at paulit-ulit niya itong isinagawa at kung minsan ay nasasabit ang ulo nito sa bukana ng matambok na pekpek ng anak dahil bahagya niyang ipinapasok. Hindi naman nakitaan ng ama ng kahit konting takot o kaba ang dalagita ng maramdaman ang bahagyang pagpasok ng ulo ng titi ni Roni. Sa isip niya ay bahala na ang ama sa kung ano ang nais nitong gawin sa kanya dahil lahat naman ng ginagawa ni Roni ay kanyang nagugustuhan. “Ohhh paapaahh siggeeh pah poohhhhh, angg sarrapp sarrappp ppoooo paaahhhh hhmmm oohhhhh”, patuloy na ungol ng anak habang tuloy-tuloy ang paglabas ng masaganang katas. “Hmmm rhea, annakk anng sarrapp mooo palaaa, napakakatasss mooo anak kohhhhh”, ganting ungol ng ama habang patuloy na kinikiskis ang ulo na titi nito sa basang-basang Puday ng anak. Lalo namang napaliyad at napakadyot-kadyot ang dalagita na nagiging dahilan rin kung bakit nakakapasok ang ulo ng titi ni Roni sa kaumbukan ng Puday ng anak.

Halos gusto na ring ipasok ni Roni ang kabuuan ng titi niya, subalit pinigil niya ang sarili dahil naisip niyang hindi pa niya natitikman ang sariwang katas ng anak. Kaya inihinto muna niya ang pagkiskis ng kanyang titi sa hiwa ni Rhea at muling ipinagpatuloy ang paghalik sa katwan ng anak. Unti-unti siyang lumuhod at pinababa sa katawan ng anak ang kanyang dila. Sinuyod ng pinatigas na dila ang bahagi ng katawan ng dalagita mula sa mga suso nito patungo sa pusod at ng matagpuan ay di rin pinaligtas na sisirin ng dila ang may kalalimang pusod ng anak.

Kanina, ang buong akala ni Rhea ay tuluyan ng ipapasok ng ama ang matagal niya ng minimithing matigas na titi nito. Subalit, hindi niya maintidihan kung bakit tila sumuko ang ama at sa halip na ipasok ang titi nito sa naghihintay niyang madulas na Puday ay tinigilan nito ang pagkiskis at sa halip ay ang pusod naman nito ang pinaglaruan at pinaliguan ng halik. Dahil sa hindi pagtuloy ng panauhin sa kanyang basal na pagkababae, ay bahagyang napahinto ang paglabas ng kanyang katas dahil nabawasan ang kanyang pag-iinit at para itong nanghinayang.

Nguni’t bahagya lamang naman ang kanyang pagkawala ng gana dahil muli na namang nabuhay ang kanyang kalibugan ng maramdaman pinaghiwalay ng ama ang kanyang mga hita. Ipinapatong nito sa toilet bowl ang kanang paa at ang kaliwa naman ay bahagya pang inilayo pabuka upang ganap na tumambad sa ama ang kanyang kaselanan, at ngayon nga ay nasa harapan na ni Roni ang nakapikit ngunit nangingintab na matambok na Puday ng anak na mayroong manipis at mamula mulang labi. Daig pa nito ang kasariwaan ng di pa napipitas na hinog na mansanas. Ah anong ganda ng tanawing siya pa lamang ang nakakakita. At muling nagkakandakadyot si Rhea ng kanyang madarama ang mainit, matigas at magaspang na dila ng ama na naglulumikot sa kanyang hiwa. Tinatahak nito ang linya ng hiwa na naghihiwalay sa matambok na mga pisngi ng kanyang Puday. Sa simula ay pataas at pababa lamang ang ginagawa ng dila ni Roni ngunit ng lumaon ay naramdaman niyang bahagya na itong pumapasok sa bukana ng kanyang pekpek at tila hinahanap ang kanyang kuntil.

“Unnnnnggg uunnnggg ohhhhhh papahhh kooooohhhh, anggg saarrrrappp ppooooohhhhhhh!”, mahabang ungol ni Rhea ng masumpungan at paglaruan ng dila ni Roni ang kanina pang namamagang tinggil. Napaliyad lalo si Rhea at napasabunot sa ama upang lalo pang idiin ang kanyang pagkababae sa malikot na dila at mga labi ng ama. “Ohhhh, paphaaahh hah ohh ohh hahahhhayayyyy ohhhhhh mmmmm!”. Di na halos maintindihan ang mga litanya ng anak dahil sa sobrang pangingilong nararamdaman habang walang puknat ang pagdila, supsop, at paminsan-minsang marahang pagkagat ng ama sa kanyang tingil. Dala nito ay lalo pang dumaloy ang katas ng anak na siya namang ikinasiya ni Roni. “Hmmm ang sarrapp ng lasaa ng kaataass moo anaakk, ohhh hmmm tsup sweerpss tsssuppp sweerrspppss! ieenjoy mo lang hmmmm angg sarrap ng romansa ni papa ohh tsup tsup tsup swerrrpss!”.

“Papahhh ayaannn naa naaammannn akoooo ohhohhhhhhhhhhhh”, pasigaw na halinghing ng anak ng maramdamang ang pagragasa ng masaganang katas sa kanyang pagkababae. Kahit nakakadalawa na, hindi pa rin humupa ang init ng katawan ni Rhea at pakiramdam niya parang di pa rin siya natutuyuan.

Bagamat may pagtataka sa panig ng ama, hindi pa rin ito tumititigil sa pagsupsop at paglaplap sa mga dumadaloy na katas ng dalagita. Nais niyang simutin lahat ang lumalabas sa Puday ng anak bago niya nais na pasukin ang pagkababae nito. Subalit pakiramdam niya ay mabibigo lamang siya dahil habang patuloy siya sa pagdila at paglaplap ng tinggil at labi ng Puday ng anak ay lalo lamang itong umaagos.

Kung kaya’t naisip nyang kantutin na si Rhea. Ngunit meron pa siyang nais ihanda. Tiningnan niya ang kanyang kanang kamay.Sinipat kung alin sa mga daliri ang mas angkop sa kasikipan ng Puday ng anak. Nakita niyang mas angkop ang gitnang daliri dahil ito ang pinakamahaba at medyo may kalakihan. Nais niyang ihanda ang anak sa pagpasok ng mas malaking panauhin sa kanyang birheng pagkababae at ang gitnang daliri ang makakatulong upang mabanat ng bahagya ang masikip na langit at ganap na maibsan ang kasikipan ng anak kapag ipinasok na niya ang kanyang titi.

Sinimulan niya ang bahagyang pagpasok ng gitnang daliri sa Puday ni rhea na siya namang napamangha ng maramdaman ang masakit na bahagyang pagkapunit ng kanyang hymen. “Ayy, array ko poo… medyo masakit po papa. Dahan dahan lang po please.” Pakiusap ng anak sa ama. Hindi naman nag-alinlangan na ipagpatuloy ng ama ang pagfinger sa anak na dalagita, bagkus marahan pa niyang isinagad ang pagpasok ng daliri at ng maabot ng nito ang kalooblooban ng sinapupunan ng dalagita, ay paikot na sinalat ang buong paligid na siyang naging dahilan upang lalo pang magkakakadyot at mapahalinghing ng malakas si Rhea. Bagamat nasasaktan ngunit nanaig sa kanya ang pakiramdam ng walang katumbas na sarap. At para maibsan pa ang sakit na nadarama ng anak, ipinagpatuloy ni Roni ang pagdila at paghimod sa tinggil na nagyon ay magang-maga na at bahagya ng nakausli mula sa pikit na butas. Patuloy ang ginagawang pagdila at pagsupsop ni Roni sa tinggil habang walang humpay ang paglabas pasok ng kanyang daliri sa bahagyang dumudugo na pekpek ng anak. Halos wasakin na ng daliri ni Roni ang pekpek ng dalagita. Nais nyang maunat ang buong kasikipan ni Rhea upang sa pagpasok ng kanyang sandata ay hindi na ito mahihirapan pa. Hanggang sa, ”Oohhhh masarap na papa, ohhh sige pohhh isagad po ninyo ang daliri ninyo ohhhh papah angg saraapp ppoo ng ginagawa ninyo ayyyyiiiiii hahhhh ohhhhhh hmmmm unnnnngg hayaannn na naamaaannn, lalabassann nnaa naammann akooo ohhhh papppaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”. Kasabay ng mahabang hiyaw, ay ang pagkapit ng dalawang kamay ng dalagita sa kanang kamay ng ama. Halos idiin niya ang gitnang daliri nito paloob sa Puday niya at ayaw niyang bitawan hanggat hindi natatapos ang panginginig ng kanyang buong kalamnan. At ng matapos ay halos manlupaypay siya kung kaya’t agad na tumayo ang ama upang buong pagmamahal na alalayan ang nauupos na anak.

Dahil hindi pa nakakaraos si Roni, di niya napigilan ang sarili na siiling muli ang mga labi ng anak. Halos lamukusin niya ang bibig ng dalagita na ngayon ay hinihingal pa. “Ummmpp ppaaaa mmmmmp”, ani Rhea. “Ohhh anak mppppmmm psi papa namanmmmppp ang pagbigyan mo mmmpp… matagal nammmppp hangad nimmppp papa na makantot ka ohhhh”. “Ummppp, siggee lanng mmmpphaahh sayoo nammpppoohh anggmmppp pagkababae kooomppppp!”. Pag-uusap ng mag-ama habang patuloy na naghahalikan.

Bagamt tatlong beses ng nilabasan, hindi pa rin humuhupa ang libog ng dalagita. At ganap na siyang nakabawi ng lakas ng magsimula ng itutok ng ama ang mahaba at matigas na titi sa bukana ng kanyang Puday. Sa unang paglusong ng malaking titi ay muling naramdaman ni Rhea ang hapdi sa kanyang pagkababae. Ngunit bago pa siya makapagreklamo ay muling sinuso ng ama ang kanyang mga dibdib at marahang kinagat kagat ng salitan ang kanyang mga utong na naging sanhi upang mabalewala ang hapdi sa kanyang pagkababae at ganap na sarap ng kalibugan ang muli nyang naramdaman.

Nagsimula ng umindayog ang balakang at puwitan ni Roni. Napakaganda namang tingnan ang puwet ni Roni na nag-uurong sulong sa katawan ng anak na nakasandal pa rin sa pader ng banyo. Labas pasok na ang malaking titi ni Roni sa ngayon ay unti-unti ng lumuluwag na Puday ng anak. Ganap ng nilalamon ng masikip na Puday ang matigas, malaki at mahabang titi ng ama. Tuluyan ng naganap ang pag-iisang katawan ng mag-ama at ang kaninang mga tunog ng ungol at halinghing ay nahaluan pa ng kakaibang tunog. “Plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak!”. Ito ang mga tunog na nagmumula sa nagsasalpukang mga kaselanan ng mag-ama. At maya-maya pa,”Oooohhhhh papaphhh malapitt na pooooh akooongg llabaassaann ohhhhh”. “Akkhhhooo rinnnn annaakkk hah huh ohhhh hmmm um um um”. Plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak. “Ooohhh annaakk koooo aanakan ka ni papa ooooohhhhhhh”. Plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak plak!”. “Uuunnnn papapahh ayaannn naaa poo akoooo ooooohhhhhhhhhh!”. “Ayann na rinn akooooo annaakkkk ooohhhh saluhinnn mo lahhaaat ang tammooood ni ppapappaa oooooooohhhhhhhh um um um! hahhhh aaanng saarrappp mooo annnnnaakkk ayaannn nnaaa anng annnaakk nnatinn oohhhhhhh”, libog na libog na sigaw ng ama habang pumupulandit ang kanyang masaganang katas.

Hingal na hingal ang mag-ama ng matapos ang kanilang mainit na pagtatalik. Magkasabay silang naligo at nagromansahan pa. Nais pa sana nilang sundan subalit alam nilang parating na si Sandra, ang asawa ni Roni, at si Sarah, ang labindalawang taong gulang na kapatid ni Rhea na sinundo ng ina mula sa bahay ng kanilang lola sa karatig bayan. Alas nuwebe na ng gabi ng makalabas ng banyo ang mag-ama at agad silang naghanda ng hapunan para sa kanilang apat.

Ayon kay Rhea, doon nagsimula ang kanyang pagkahilig sa sex. Ang papa niya ang nagmulat sa kanya at siyang nagpakasasa sa mura niyang katawan. Ngunit di naman daw siya nagsisisi dahil mahal na mahal niya ang kanyang ama. At maraming beses pa raw silang nagsex ng kanyang papa bago nakabalik ang huli sa UAE noong August ng nakaraang taon. Doon kasi ito madalas nagtatrabaho bilang isang project engineer.

Marami pang naikwento si Rhea lately, pati na rin ang tungkol sa ninong niya na nakasama ng kanyang papa sa UAE noong nakaraang taon at umuwi dito sa Pilipinas nitong October lamang.

Sa ngayon ay wala pa ring pormal na bf ang dalagitang ito kung kaya’t ako ang kanyang madalas na nakakasex, sa text at call nga lang. Sayang nga at masyadong malayo ang Abra dahil kung hindi totohanan sana ang pagsisex namin ngayon.
          Naadik sa Tsupa   
Trese na ako at masasabi kong eksperto na ako sa pagsuso sa titi ng lalaki. Araw-araw ko ba namang susuhin ang titi ni Marc. Pero nakakaramdam pa rin ako ng pangungulila sa burat ng iba. Simula ng makita ko at matikman ang titi ni Marc, mas gusto ko na ngayon ang titi ng mga mas matatanda sa akin. Nahinto na ako sa panghihipo ng mga batang kalaro ko na ikinatuwa naman ng mga magulang ko. Pero ang hindi nila alam, mas matindi naman ngayon ang tawag ng laman sa akin.
Sa mga lalaking nakapaligid sa akin, mas nabigyan ko ng pansin ang aking pinsan na si Roman. Mas matanda sya sa akin ng limang taon. Disiotso na yata sya noon. Tuwing makikita ko sya, lagi kong tinititigan ang nakabukol sa salawal nya. Sa tingin ko ay mas malaki iyon kaysa kay Marc. Pag nakaka tyempo ay pa-simple kong dinidikit ang kamay ko sa harap ng salawal nya upang madama ang titi nya. Noong una ay hindi nya nahahalata pero ng magtagal ay napansin na yata nya na tsinatsansingan ko na sya.
Doon nagsimulang iwasan ako ni Roman. Pero habang tumatagal ay mas lalong tumitindi ang pagnanasa kong makita, mahawakan at maisubo ang titi nya. Isang araw ay pumunta ako sa bahay nila ng alam kong nag-alisan ang aking mga Tita at alam kong sya lang ang naiwan doon. Tinatawag ako ni Marc noon upang ipa-tsupa ang titi nya pero mas gusto kong malasahan ang titi ni Roman. Nagalit pa nga sa akin si Marc pero hindi ko pinansin.
Dire-diretso ako sa kwarto ni Roman at swerte naming hindi naka-lock ang pinto. Pagbukas ko ay nabungaran ko syang nakahiga at natutulog. Marahan pa syang naghihilik. Salawal na manipis lamang ang suot nya. Dahan-dahan akong pumwesto sa ilalim ng kama at pinagmasdan ang gwapo kong pinsan. Mabalbon ang katawan pati na ang hita, binti at braso nya. Siguro makapal din ang bulbol nya. Pagkatapos ay marahan kong inangat ang laylayan ng shorts nya at nakita ko ang isang itlog nya.Wala syang suot na brief!
Nanginginig ang kamay ko sa sobrang pagnanasa na mahawakan ang titi nya. Dahan-dahan kong iginapang ang aking kamay sa hita nya at nasalat ko ang makapal na balahibo. Habang tumataas ang aking kamay ay mas lalong kumakapal ang nasasalat kong bulbol. Hanggang mahawakan ko na nga ang malambot pa nyang titi. Pinaglaro ko ito sa aking kamay hanggang unti-unting tumigas.
Sabik na akong makita ang titi ni Roman kaya binitawan ko muna ang titi nya. Kumilos sya at ang akala ko ay magigising na pero mas lalo pa syang tumihaya. Dahan-dahan kong hinawakan ang garter ng shorts nya at hinila pababa. Medyo sumabit pa nga ang titi nya kaya hinugot ko to.
Hanggang sa natambad na nga sa akin ang matagal ko ng inaasam na titi ni Roman. Nakahiga ito sa kanyang puson at abot hanggang pusod ang haba. Mas mahaba at mas mataba ito sa titi ni Marc kaya lalo akong na excite. Hindi na ako nag-aksaya ng panahon at dagli kong sinubo ang titi nya. Nakakadalawang taas-baba pa lang ako ng bigla syang magising. "Hector? Ano yan? Bakit mo ginagawa yan!" Gulat na gulat ako at parang maiiyak dahil sa nakitang galit ni Roman. "Tsutsupain ko lang naman!" Hawak ko pa rin ang titi nya na pilit nyang inaalis ang kamay ko. "Ayoko! hindi pwede." Matigas na sabi nya. Pilit kong sinusubo muli ang titi nya pero pilit din syang umiiwas. Hanggang sa naibalik na nya sa shorts nya ang titi nya. "Gago ka ba??? Mag-pinsan tayo! Saka lalaki ako!"
Doon na ako napa-iyak. As in iyak talaga. Medyo nataranta yata si Roman dahil baka may makarinig sa iyak ko. "Wag ka ngang umiyak dyan! hindi pwede yang gusto mo. Mali yan." Hindi ko sya pinakinggan at patuloy pa rin ako sa pag-iyak.
"Oy, tama na ang iyak dyan!baka may makarinig sa 'yo. Baka kung ano ang isipin na ginagawa ko sa yo." Mga limang minuto na yata akong nag-iiyak noon at talagang nataranta na si Roman. "Tahan na! baka madinig ka ng Nanay mo. lagot ako."
"Sige na Roman! tsu-tsupain ko lang. Kahit isang beses lang" pakiusap ko sa kanya. Napa-iling sya. "Kaya ka tinutuksong bakla eh. Kanino mo ba natutunan yan ha Hector? Ang bata-bata mo pa! Hindi tama yan." At umupo sya sa tabi ko habang hinahagod ang likod ko.
Hinawakan ko uli ang titi nya at napansin kong matigas pa rin. "Bitawan mo nga yan. Sabi na sa yong mali yan." Pero hindi naman nya inaalis ang kamay ko. Patuloy ko pa ring hinihimas ang ari nya at tumigil na ako sa pag-iyak. "Bakit mo ba gustong tsupain ako ha?"
"Matagal ko ng gusto. Masarap naman yon di ba? Na-tsupa ka na ba?" hindi sya sumagot at naipasok ko na nga ang kamay ko sa loob ng shorts nya. Malakas ang hininga nya. Halata kong kinakabahan. Tapos ay humarap sya sa akin. "Pagbibigyan kita pero, wag mong sasabihin kahit kanino ha?" tumango ako. "At isang beses lang ha, hindi na mauulit ito?" tumango ako muli kahit alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi pwedeng hindi maulit kung papayagan nya akong susuhin ang titi nya. Ako pa.
At nahiga na nga sa kama si Roman. Kumuha sya ng unan at itinakip sa kanyang mukha. Hindi na ako nag-aksaya ng panahon at hinila ko muli pababa ang shorts nya. Hinawakan ko ang titi nya at dinilaan ko ang katawan. Dinilaan ko rin ang dalawang itlog nya at pagkatapos ay sinubo ko na nga ang titi nya. Lahat ng natutunan ko sa nakalipas na ilang buwan na pagtsupa kay Marc ay ginamit ko upang masiyahan si Roman. Pati ilalim ng itlog nya at butas ng puwit nya na gustong-gustong ipagawa sa akin ni Marc ay ginawa ko rin. Napapa-angat ang puwitan ni Roman habang napapasadahan ng dila ko ang bukana ng puwit nya. Alam kong pilit nyang pinipigilang umungol pero sigurado akong sarap na sarap sya sa ginagawa ko.
Nasa anim na pulgada ang haba ng titi ni Roman kumpara sa limang pulgadang haba ng titi ni Marc. Mas mataba rin ang titi ng pinsan ko at halos mangawit ang panga ko na pilit pagkasyahin at masubo ng buong-buo ang kahabaan at katabaan ng kanyang burat.
Pero gustong-gusto ko ang mas mahaba at mas matabang titi. Kahit mahirap tsupain, mas masarap na may dambuhalang burat ng lalaki na nakapasak sa bunganga ko.
Gusto ko sanang upuan ang burat ni Roman pero gusto ko ring malasahan ang tamod nya kaya naisip ko na sa ibang araw na lamang ako magpapakantot sa kanya. Alam ko namang hahanap-hanapin nya ang serbisyong binibigay ko sa kanya.
Nakatakip pa rin ng unan si Roman pero ngayon ay kinakantot na nya ang bunganga ko. Siguro ganoon talaga pag tunay na lalaki, ayaw nilang makita na tsinutsupa sila ng bakla. Sino kaya ang ini-imagine nyang sumususo sa kanya? Wala akong pakialam kung sino man ang iniisip nya ng mga oras na yon, ang importante sa bunganga ko
nakasalaksak ang mahaba nyang burat.
Bumilis ng bumilis ang pagkantot ni Roman. Palatandaan na malapit na syang labasan. Excited akong malasahan ang tamod nyang ibibigay sa akin. Bigla nyang tinanggal ang unan sa ulo nya at nagsalita!"Lalabasan na ako!" akala nya siguro ay iluluwa ko ang burat nya pero mas ginalingan ko pa ang pagsuso. Nakita kong pinapanood na nya ang ginagawa kong pagtsupa sa titi nya kaya mas ginanahan ako. At hindi na nga sya nagpasabi ng biglang pumutok ang kanyang tamod sa loob ng aking bibig. Ang dami halos umapaw sa bibig ko ang pinakawalan nya kaya naman napilitan akong lumunok. Buti na lang maraming 'aftershocks' yung pagpulandit ng katas nya kaya nakapagtira pa ako ng mumumugin sa bibig ko upang malasahan. Manamis-namis na maalat-alat ang tamod ni Roman at amoy Clorox din. Noon ko napagtanto na lahat yata ng tamod ng lalaki ay amoy Clorox.
Nanatiling nakasubo ang titi ni Roman sa bibig ko. Masuyo kong pinapasadahan ng dila ito dahil matigas pa rin. Iniluwa ko ito at pinagmasdan. Si Roman, nakatingin sa kisame. Ako naman, nakatutok ang mata sa burat nya na parang kinakabisa ang hugis, korte, haba at taba ng burat ng aking pinsan.
Para syang nahimasmasan ng ilang sandali at inabot ang t-shirt nya na nakasampay sa poste ng kama at pinunasan ang titi nya. Pinanood ko lamang sya. Pagkatapos ay muli nyang sinuot ang shorts nya at tumayo.
"O, ayan pinagbigyan na kita ha. Wag mong iku-kwento kahit kanino 'to ha?" paalala nya sa akin. "Kailan uli kita tsu-tsupain?" parang nagulat sya sa tanong ko. "Anong kailan? Hindi na mauulit 'to. Pinagbigyan lang kita." Hindi na ako kumibo at pinahid
ko ang aking bibig at lumabas ng kwarto nya.
Akala ko talaga ay hindi na mauulit ang nangyari sa amin ng pinsan kong si Roman kaya naman balik uli ako sa pagtsupa at pagpapakantot kay Marc. Pero isang gabi ay sinundo nya ako sa bahay at magpa-pasama daw sa kanila dahil umalis ang magulang nya na Tita at Tito ko. Pumayag naman ang nanay ko at alam kong may mangyayari sa amin ni Roman. Pagdating sa kanila ay binuksan ko ang tv at nanood. Pumasok naman sya sa banyo at naligo. Paglabas nya ay naka puting brief na lang sya at naka marka ang galit nyang burat na halos lumabas na ang ulo sa garter. Lumapit sya sa akin at kinuha ang
kamay ko. Pinahawak nya ang burat nya. Pinisil ko lang ng isang beses pero binawi ko agad ang kamay ko. "Ayaw mo ba?"
"Mamaya na, nanonood pa ko eh." Kunwari ay hindi ako interesado pero ang totoo excited na ako pero naiinis kasi ako sa kanya dahil more than two weeks na noong una at huli ko syang tsinupa.
"Mamaya na yan Hector... tingnan mo o galit na ang alaga ko" tiningnan ko nga at nakamarka na nga ang matigas nyang titi. Yung ulo ay nakalabas na sa garter ng brief nya. Inabot ko ng kamay ko ang titi nya at pinisil-pisil uli.
"Doon tayo sa kwarto para mas malamig. Buhayin ko yung aircon." Hindi na ako kumibo at naglakad na papuntang kwarto nya. Sya na ang nagpatay ng tv at sumunod ako sa kanya. Halos hanggang kili-kili lang ako ni Roman dahil matangkad sya. Pagdating sa kwarto nya ay kasunod ko na si Roman. Hindi ko napansin na may dala pala syang maliit na botelya.
Naupo ako sa kama at humarap sya sa akin. "Hector, hubarin mo ang brief ko." utos nya sa akin na mabilis ko naman ginawa. Umalagwa na ang naglalaway nyang titi. Hindi na ako nag-atubili at sabik na sabik kong inulaol ng halik ang bulbol at burat nya. "Sandali lang! may mas masarap akong plano." Pinagmasdan ko lamang kung ano ang susunod nyang gagawin. Ang ganda talaga ng katawan ni Roman, nakakalibog lalo na at hubot-hubad syang nakaharap sa akin. Binuksan nya ang botelyang dala at nahiga sa kama. Pagkatapos ay may ibinuhos syang kulay pula sa burat nya. "Ano yan?" tanong ko. "Strawberry Jam. Gusto ko, himurin mo ang jam sa katawan ko. Dilaan mo at sipsipin mo. dapat walang matira". Napangiti ako. Bago na namang karanasan para sa akin ito. Sabik na sabik kong dinilaan na parang pusa ang burat ni Roman. Lahat ng parteng may jam ay pinasadahan ng aking labi at dila. Matamis at masarap ang jam pero
mas lalong sumarap dahil habang subo-subo ko ang titi ni Roman ay tila isang higanteng lollipop ito na ubod ng sarap.
Hawak ni Roman ang ulo ko at sya ang nag gi-giya kung alin ang dapat kong dilaan. Ngayon ay umuungol na sya at lantaran ng pinakikita sa akin na gusto nya ang ginagawa ko. Ng masimot ko ang strawberry jam ay hinalikan ko ang ilalim ng itlog nya. Gusto kong maranasan nya ang madalas na ginagawa ko kay Marc na pagkalikot ng dila ko sa
butas ng kanyang puwit. Itinaas pa nya ang kanyang balakang upang mas malaya kong madilaan ang bulbol na nasa ilalim ng itlog nya at ang bukana ng puwit nya. "Sige !dilaan mo ang tumbong ko!. ang sarrraaaappppp!..ooohhhhhh!!."
Halos maipit ang ulo ko kapag nagsasalikop ang dalawang hita nya pag nadidilaan ko ang sensitibong parte ng puwit nya. "tsupain mo na ko Hector!please!" At sinubo ko na nga ang burat ni Roman. Nagtaas-baba na ang aking ulo at to do higop ako sa kanyang mahaba at matabang titi.
"Ang sarrrraaappp!..Hector!." Muli ay umindayog sya at kinantot ang aking bunganga. Mga bente minutos ko na rin siguro syang tsinutsupa ng labasan sya sa loob ng aking bunganga. Plakda sya sa kama at habol ang hininga. Bilib talaga ako kay Roman dahil gaya noong unang pagtsupa ko sa kanya, nanatiling matigas na matigas pa rin ang
titi nya kahit nilabasan na sya. Si Marc kasi pagkatapos labasan, nangunguluntoy na ang titi nya. Nakaisip ako ng pagkakataong magpakantot sa kanya. Gusto kong masubukan kung kakayanin ko ang laki ng burat nya.
Naghubad ako ng damit at naghubo ng salawal. "O, bakit ka naghuhubad?" tanong ni Roman. "Kantutin mo ako." Medyo nagulat yata sya sa sinabi ko. "Ha? Paano?" nakangising tanong nya. "Kantutin mo ko sa puwit."
"Hindi ba marumi yon?" mukhang hindi sya papayag. "Hindi, mas masarap yon. Sige na kantutin mo ko."
"Nakantot ka na ba?" pag-uusisa nya sa akin. Hindi ako makakibo. Ayokong sabihin na napakaraming beses na akong kinakantot ni Marc. "Sige Hector, kakantutin kita pero sabihin mo muna sa akin kung sino ang unang nakakantot sa 'yo."
"Wala. Hindi pa ako nakakantot sa puwit." Pasinungaling ko. "Eh bakit ang sabi mo sa akin, mas masarap pag kinantot sa puwit? Sige ka, pag di mo sinabi, hindi kita kakantutin." Nakaramdam ako ng panghihinayang kaya nagpasya akong sabihin na. "Si Marc! sya ang unang nakakantot sa akin."
Nagulat yata si Roman. "Kinakantot ka ni Marc?" kasubuan na kaya umain na ako. "Oo, sya rin ang unang na-tsupa ko. Pero kayong dalawa pa lang ang na-tsupa ko. Tapos si Marc pa lang ang naka-kantot sa akin."
"Ilang beses ka ng nakantot ni Marc ha?"
"Maraming beses na. Kaya sige na, kantutin mo na ko. Gusto ko kasing masubukan kasi mas malaki ang titi mo kay Marc." Parang nakaramdam ng pagkayabang si Roman dahil sa sinabi kong mas malaki ang titi nya. "Eh kaninong mas mataba?" hirit nya. "Syempre sa yo." sagot ko naman. "Eh kaninong mas masarap?" hirit uli nya. "Sa yo nga. Sige na kantutin mo na ko." Tatawa-tawa si Roman dahil sa sinabi ko.
At humiga na ako sa kama at itinaas ang aking dalawang hita. Kumuha ng baby oil si Roman at pinahid sa burat nya. Pagkatapos ay pumwesto sya sa pagitan ng dalawang hita ko at itinutok ang titi nya. "Masikip ah. Baka masaktan ka?" tanong nya.
"Kaya ko yan. Dahan-dahanin mo lang ang pasok." pasiguro ko sa kanya. At muli syang umindayog at naipasok na nga nya ang ulo. "Ang sikip pala! ang sarap!" sabi nya.
Isa pang ulos at nakapasok na ang katawan ng ari nya. Nang maipasok na nya ng tuluyan ang buong titi nya ay saglit syang huminto at ninamnam ang sikip ng aking butas. "Puta parang sa babae.. ang sikip! sinasakal ang burat ko!"
Tapos ay nagsimula na nyang hugutin ang titi nya. Naglabas masok sya at ramdam ko ang mas matinding kiliti dulot ng mas malaking titing nakapasak sa butas ng aking puwit.
Butil-butil ang pawis ni Roman habang inaararo ako ng kantot.
Halso trenta minutos nya akong binarurot ng kantot bago sya nilabasan ng sandamukal na namang tamod. Sa loob nya pinalabas lahat ng katas nya. At napadapa sya sa akin habang patuloy na pumipintig-pintig ang kanyang titi sa aking kaloob-looban.
Dinilaan ko ang pawisan nyang noo pati na ang gilid ng kanyang labi. Napatingin sya sa akin at ngumiti. "Tama ka..ang sarap-sarap nga. Grabe ka. Ang bata-bata mo pa pero sanay na sanay ka na." Nginitian ko lamang sya sa kanyang sinabi.
Nang hugutin ni Roman ang burat nya ay umagos din ang tamod nya sa aking puwitan. "Puta, nakadalawang putok na ako ah." Pagkatapos ay tumayo sya at naglakad syang hubot-hubad papuntang banyo upang maglinis.
Dalawang beses pang nagpalabas si Roman ng gabing yon. Doon na kasi ako 'natulog'. Isang beses sa bunganga ko at isang ulit nya akong kinantot. Kinaumagahan ay nagising ako na parang may dumudunggol sa bibig ko. Yun pala ay gising na sya at kinikiskis sa labi ko ang matigas na naman nyang titi. Sabik na sabik kong tsinupa ang burat ni Roman. Napansin ko ang tila isang anino sa pintuan na biglang umalis. Medyo nagulat ako pero hindi ko pinansin. Baka namalikmata lamang ako. Pagkatapos muling labasan ni Roman ay nagpaalam na akong uuwi. Bumalik naman sa pagkakatulog si Roman at diretso na ako sa sala at lumabas pauwi.

Simula noon ay halinhinan ko ng tsinutsupa at nagpapakantot kay Roman at Marc. Dumating pa nga sa puntong nagkakaselosan ang dalawa. Feeling ko tuloy, ang ganda-ganda ko. Ha-ha-ha! Kung wala ako sa bahay ni Roman, nadoon nama ako kina Marc. Kung minsan pagkagaling ko kina Marc, didiretso ako kina Roman. Dalawang burat ang aking pinagpapasasahan, pero gusto ko pa. Gusto ko pa ng ibang burat maliban sa kanilang dalawa.

          Unang Lasap   
First time ko itong magshare nang aking sexperience. I am not good in story telling so bahala na kayong magcorrect ng mga mali if there is any.
Nangyari ito noong first year college ako, nakitira ako sa pinsan ko sa Paranaque. Probinsyano nga pala ako. Lima ang anak ng pinsan ko, sina Jerry, Jessa, Jessie, Jack at James. Bale kasintanda ko ang eldest na si Jerry, 5′5″ ang height medyo chubby pero maganda ang mga mata, kulot ang buhok at may makinis na may kaputiang kutis. Dahil sa kaliitan ng bahay nila, hindi na praktikal na bumili ng folding bed dahil hindi kami magkakasya. Sa isang room natutulog ang mag-asawa at sa napakalit na isang room naman ay si Jessa. Bale ang mga lalaking anak ni kuya at ako ay tabi-tabing kung matulog sa salas. Si Jerry magmula noong dumating ako ay sa sofa na natulog pero sakop pa rin siya ng isang malaking kulambo. Medyo mahigpit si kuya kaya’t maagang nagsisi-uwi ang mga anak niya. Itong si Jerry na isang drop-out ay
mahilig tumakas kung gabi at sumasama sa kanyang mga barkada kapag tulog na ang lahat. Nakaugalian ko na ang mag-aral ng lessons ko kung gabi sa dirty kitchen para ‘di maabala ng ilaw ko ang mga natutulog. Ito naman ang sinasamantalang pagkakataon ni Jerry para makauwi siya ng late na. Inuuwian na lang niya ako ng kahit anong suhol para ‘di ako magsumbong. Nakaugalian na niyang maligo nang hubu’t hubad bago matulog ng nakabriefs lang. Ang mga ibang kapatid na lalaki ay mga nakabriefs din lang kung matulog. Sa tutoo lang ay medyo mahirap ang sitwasyon ko dahil mayroon akong namuong pagnanasa kay Jerry. Lagi ko siyang binubusohan sa tuwing maliligo siya sa gabi. Medyo may kahiligan din siya kaya’t ilang beses ko rin siyang nahuhuli na nagsasariling sikap.

Siguro pasado 11 pm na nung minsang umuwi si Jerry at nagtaka ako na walang inabot na pasalubong. Binulungan niya ako nung dumaan sa tabi ko na mamaya na daw niya ibibigay ang suhol niya. ‘Di ko siya pinansin at gaya ng dati pumasok na siya sa banyo na naka briefs lang at bibit ang towel. Pagkalipas ng 15 minuto nakaramdam ako ng antok so niligpit ko na ang mga gamit sa school. Nakaramdam ako noon ng pag- ihi so diretso pasok ako sa banyo na bukas ang ilaw at pinto, nagulat ako sa aking nakita, si Jerry ay hubo’t hubad pulos sabon ang katawan pati mukha, nakapikit ang mga mata at hinahagod ang may katabaang alaga. Dahil sa pagkagulat ‘di ako nakakibo at nakapagsalita. Nung bigla siyang nagbuhos ng tubig na ikinabasa ko naman ay saka lang ako nagsalita. Nag excuse ako kung pwedeng maki-ihi muna. Napangiti lang siya at biglang inilock ang pinto pinasakan ng briefs niya ang butas ng pinto at saka ako binigyan ng space para maka ihi. Nung lalabas na ako bigla na lang niyang hinawakan ang kanang kamay ko ay inilagay sa tumatango tango niyang alaga. Pumiglas ako at nagmadaling lumabas ng banyo at dumiretso na sa higaan. Pagka ilang minuto naman pumasok na rin ng kulambo si Jerry na nakaputing bikini briefs na halos lumabas na ang ulo ng alaga. Alam kong tinitingnan at inaaninag niya ako dahil nakatagilid siya sa sofa paharap sa akin. Ibinaba niya ang isang paa niya at ipinatong sa aking hita. Inalug alog niya ito na parang ginigising ako. Labas ka at magdala ka ng gamit mo sa school mag-usap tayo bulong niya sa akin. Bumangon ako at kinuha ulit ang mga gamit sa school at lumabas sa dirty kitchen. Dali-daling sumunod si Jerry. Sinabi niya na matagal na raw niyang alam na binubosohan ko siya at halata din daw niya na may pagnanasa ako sa kanya. ok lang daw sa kanya. Sapat na iyon kaya’t nung niyakap ako sa likod sabay pisil sa dibdib ko, ako na ang kusang humarap at pumikit na lang. Naramdaman ko na lang ang kanyang mainit na labi sa labi ko, ang mainit niyang katawan na nakadikit sa katawan ko. Hinawakan niya ako sa balikat at pilit na ibinababa ang mukha punta sa kanyang matigas na harapan. Nung ‘di ako sumunod dinilaan niya ang tenga ko, naramdaman ko ang mainit niyang hininga, tinaas niya ang t-shirt ko at dinilaan ang dibdib ko, napasinghap ako sa sarap. Hinawakan niya ulit ako sa balikat at pinababa, napasunod na ako, hinalikan ko siya sa leeg pababa na sa dibdib at pusod. Napakabango niya. Nang bumaba ang aking halik sa alaga niya napakapit siya ng mahigpit. Nilaro ko ang aking dila sa ulo ng matigas niyang ari. Nalasahan ko ang likido na nagsimulang lumabas. Nakiusap siya na ipasok ko sa bibig ko ang alaga niya, na ginawa ko naman. Pumapasok pa lang ang ulo ng alaga niya nang maramdaman ko ang panginginig niya sabay sumpit ng masaganang katas. Sa pagkagulat ay bigla kong iniluwa ang alaga niya, kaya’t sa leeg ko sumabog ang ibang katas at ang iba ay sa dibdib at t-shirt ko. ‘Di ako makapagsalita, nakangiti siya sa akin at sinabihan akong kami na daw dalawa. Aaminin kong nasarapan ako at ‘di ko maalis sa isip ko ang nangyari. “Di ko mapaniwalaang nangyari na ang aking pantasya.”

Pag gising kinaumagahan, parang walang nangyari normal pa rin ang sitwasyon. Nadagdagan mula noon ang pagiging malambing ni Jerry. Magmula noon gusto ko ng hilahin ang araw para maging gabi ulit. Naging gabi-gabi ang aming pagsasalo. Natutuhan ko na halos lahat ng klaseng pagpapaligaya sa lalaki dahil sa pag eksperimento naming dalawa. Kung ano ang inaakala namin na masarap ay ginagawa namin. Andung mag French kissing kami, minsan kung may pagkakataon, dinidilaan ko naman ang buong katawan niya. Gustong gusto niya yung mula sa leeg pababa sa dibdid, pusod, hanggang sa masanay na rin akong isubo nang buong buo ang kanyang ari at lunukin lahat ng katas na inilalabas niya. Kapag malapit na siyang labasan hinahawakan niya ang ulo ko at iniipit ng kanyang dalawang hita ang aking balikat para maisagad niya ang kanyang ari sa aking bibig na umaabot sa lalamunan ko. Parang nasa ulap siya habang idinidilig niya ang kanyang katas sa kalooblooban ng aking bibig. Naluluha naman ako sa sarap at kaligayahan na aking nadarama. May mga pagkakataon na kapag nagigising siya sa madaling araw dumadalawang round pa kami kahit katabi ang tatlong nakababatang kapatid.
Naging madalang lang ang aming pagsasalo nung makapagtrabaho na siya bilang waiter sa isang club sa Baclaran. Panggabi ang trabaho niya, kung araw siya umuuwi ng bahay at ako naman ay nasa eskwela. Minsan naman sa panahon ng pangangailangan niya umuuwi pa rin siya nang madaling araw para lang mairaos ang libog na nararamdaman. Kung minsang ako naman ang nag-iinit sinasabihan ko na lang siyang umuwi sa madaling araw para ako’y madiligan. Dahil na rin siguro sa aming kabataan kaya walang kapaguran at hindi na rin kami naging maingat, basta may pagkakataon hindi namin sinasayang ang mga sandali.
Nung magkasunod-sunod ang big night nila sa club, kinailangan na rin siyang mag stay in. Lalong naging madalang na ang kanyang pag-uwi na labis ko na ring pinanabikan. Nabalitaan ko rin sa kanyang mga kasama sa trabaho nung minsang mag-inuman sila sa bahay, na nahuhumaling siya sa isang receptionist na hindi naman niya inamin sa akin.May mga pagkakataon na nagpaparaos na akong mag-isa dahil na rin sa pangungulila sa kanya. Lagi rin akong late na natutulog sa pag-aakalang darating siya. Napapansin ito ng kanyang nakababatang kapatid na si Jessie na noon ay first year high school. Medyo matagkad siya ng kaunti sa kuya niya, medyo payat pero napakaganda ng hugis ng puwit. Medyo kayumanggi ang balat at kung lumalakad siya at talagang lilingunin ng mga kabataang babae at mga bading. Kakaiba ang dating niya parang maginoo pero medyo bastos. Hindi ko maiwasang minsan ay pumatak ang aking luha na hindi ko naipagkaila sa kaniya. Very supportive si Jessie kahit talagang may kabataan pa, minsan ay nagulat na lang ako sa kanyang pagbibiro sa akin. Nasabi niya na alam niya na hinihintay ko ang pagdating ng kaniyang kuya at alam din daw niya ang nangyayari sa amin. Maraming pagkakataon na pala niya kaming nakikita habang nagpapakaligaya kami. Hindi nga lang daw siya nagpapahalata na marami na siyang alam dahil maayos daw naman ang takbo ng aming pagsasama. Pero ngayong naging malungkutin na ako kinakailangan na daw malaman ko ang lahat. May kung ilang beses din niyang inalok ang kanyang sarili para daw sumaya at maging masigla ako pero nagdalawang isip pa rin ako. Nung umabot na ng tatlong buwan na hindi na ako nadidiligan ni Jerry, napag isip-isip ko na tama si Jessie. Bakit nga ba ako maghihintay samantalang meron namang ibang pwedeng magbigay ng aliw sa akin.
Nung mag Christmas break at umuwi ako sa probinsya, pilit na sumama sa akin si Jessie. Nagpaalam na daw siya kay itay at inay niya. Doon ko nalasap ang ikalawang yugto ng kabaklaan ko. Pagdating naming sa probinsya niyaya ko siyang mamasyal sa palayan kung saan ay may isang dampa na walang nakatira. Pagpasok pa lang naming doon, niyakap na agad niya ako at hinalikan ng matindi. Kinagat-kagat pa niya ang mga labi ko. Habang magkayakap kami, damang-dama ko ang matigas na niyang alaga na nasa loob ng stretch niyang maong pants. Dahil sa napakabata pa ni Jessie at dahil na rin sa kapapanood niya sa amin ni kuya niya, mas naging madali para sa kanya ang matutuhan ang gawain. Nang maghiwalay ang aming mga labi, dalidali kaming naghubad ng aming sasuotan. Pinahiga ko siya sa sahig na kawayan at sinimulan kong dilaan ang kanyang tainga, leeg dibdib pababa sa kanyang pusod. Naaliw ako sa nakita kong manipis na balahibo sa bumabalot sa kayang katawan, gayun din ang kanyang may kanipisan pang bulbol pero nagulat ako nang dumako ang aking dila sa matigas na niyang alaga. Medyo ‘di gaanong malaki pero grabe ang haba. Sinubukan kong ipasok sa aking bibig ang kabuuan pero parang nababarahan ang aking paghinga. Kumadyot siya habang nasa loob ng aking bibig, hinawakan niya ang aking ulo at naramdaman ko ang panginginig ng kanyang katawan kasabay ang pagsumpit ng malabnaw pa pero napakaraming katas. Lalo niyang isinagad ang pagkakabaon na kinaduwal ko naman. Tumabi ako sa kanya ng paghiga at pinikit ang aking mga mata para namnamin ang katatapos na ligaya. Pumatong siya sa akin at ikiskis ang kanyang matigas pang pagaari sa pagitan ng aking pinagdikit na hita na nilagayan niya ng baby oil para dumulas. Masarap ang aking nalasap sa piling niya, kung humalik siya ay halos hindi na ako makahinga, dinidilaan at kinakagat- kagat niya ang aking utong.
Hindi naging one way ang pagpapaligaya tulad naming noon ni Jerry, si Jessie ang nagtatrabaho rin ng husto kaya’t pinag-ibayo ko naman ang aking ginagawa para di na siya maghanap ng iba. Magmula noon kapag walang ginagawa, tumatakbo lagi kami sa dampa at nagpapakalunod. Nung bisperas ng bagong taon may hiniling siya sa akin, ito daw ang Christmas at New Years’ gift na gusto niya. Medyo nagulat ako nung habang nasa kainitan kami ng romansa nilagyan niya ng napakaraming baby oil ang aking likuran at ganun din ang kanyang may kahabaang ari. Ipinasok niya ang kanyang isang daliri sa butas ng aking puwit. Nakaramdam ako ng sakit pero tiniis ko lang tutal gusto ko rin namang makatikim ng bago sa panlasa at isa pa kaya ko namang tiisin ang sakit. Naramdaman ko na lang na dalawang daliri na niya ang naglalaro sa butas ko pero hindi ko na nararamdaman ang sakit dahil medyo nasanay na sa kanyang paglulumikot. Nung pumatong siya sa akin nanibago ako dahil sa halip na ang dating ginagawa na ipitin niya ang ari niya sa aking mga hita ay ibinuka niya ang mga ito at ipinatong sa balikat niya ang isa. Hindi ko pa rin alam kung anong gagawin namin, pero nung itinutok na niya ang kanyang nagngangalit na alaga sa butas ng puwit ko, doon ko lang nalaman ang gift na kayang hinihingi sa akin. Nagpaubaya na lang ako, ipinikit ang aking mga mata at inabangan ko ang susunod na mangyayari. Naramdaman ko na unti-unting kumakadyot siya at kapag natatapat ang ulo ng ari niya sa butas ko, kumakadyot siya ng todo. Ilang beses din niya itong ginawa pero dahil sa sikip ng butas, laging dumulas palabas ang kanyang alaga. Hinawakan ko ang ari niya at tinulungan ko siyang maitama sa butas ko. Naramdaman ko na lang ang unti-unting pagpasok ng kanyang ari. Isang matinding kadyot ang kanyang pinakawalan at tuloy-tuloy na nakapasok ang ulo ng ari niya. Gumuhit ang matinding sakit na hindi ko makayanan, kumadyot siyang muli at pumasok ang kabuuan ng napakatigas niyang ari sa kaloobloban ko. Halos napasigaw ako sa sakit pero hinalikan agad niya ako ng todo at hindi niya kinikilos ang kanyang balakang.Nung maghiwalay ang aming mga labi ay binulungan niya ako. Matagal na daw niya akong minahal kaya nga lang hindi ko daw siya pinapansin. Nakikita daw niya ang pag-aasikaso ko sa kuya niya, na hindi naman nito pinahalagahan. Tumulo ang aking luha sa kaligayahang nadama. Nakalimutan ko tuloy ang sakit sa aking puwit. Nung igalaw na niya ang kanyang balakang bumalik ulit ang sakit, hindi na ako gumalaw at nagreklamo pa para madali siyang labasan. Pabilis ng pabilis ang kanyang indayog, hinawakan ko na rin ang aking alaga na nanlupaypay sa sakit, sinimulan kong laruin ito para makaramdam ako ng ginhawa. Habang pabilis ng pabilis ang kadyot niya binilisan ko na rin ang galaw ng aking kamay. Nung pumulandit ang aking katas na umabot sa kanyang dibdib naramdaman ko ang mainit niyang katas na dumidilig sa aking kalooblooban. Nagyakap kami at naghalikang muli, ang aking katas ang nagpadulas sa aming pagitan. Hindi pa rin lumambot ang kanyang alaga pero nakiusap ako na hugutin na niya dahil nararamdaman ko na ulit ang sakit. Natakot kami pareho dahil nung hugutin na niya ang matigas pa rin niyang ari, ay pulos dugo na pala ang lumalabas sa akin kasama ang ibang katas na idinilig niya. Ang sandong puti na suot niya ang ginamit kong pansalo sa aking nagdurugong puwit. Isang linggo ko ring dinamdam ang sakit na yun, pero tuloy pa rin ang aming pagsasalo sa ligaya. Hindi nga lang niya ginagalaw ang aking likuran.
Matapos ang break, bumalik na ulit kami sa kanila sa Paranaque. Pagkalipas ng isang buwan saka ulit siya humiling na gamitin ulit ang aking puwit. Nasasaktan ako sa tuwing ipapasok niya ang kanyang alaga pero kapag nasa loob na, at kumakadyot na siya, nakakaramdam na ako nang kakaibang sarap. Dahil magkatabi kami sa higaan kaya’t gabi-gabi ang aming pagsasalo sa kaligayahan na kalimitan ay dalawang beses ang pagpapalabas niya. Isa sa aking bibig at isa sa aking puwit. Wala ring kapaguran si Jessie dahil na rin siguro sa kabataan niya. Naging napakaligaya ng aming pagsasama. Minsan ay kinausap ako ni Jerry dahil nung umiuwi siya sa bahay hindi ko na ginawa ang ginagawa ko sa kanya dati. Inamin ko sa kanya ang relasyon naming nang batang kapatid niya. Pinaalalahanan lang niya ako na mag-ingat na may iba pang makaalam ng tungkol na mga nangyari lalong lalo na ang itay at inay nila at ang iba pang kapatid nila na katabi naming natutulog. Tuloy ang ganung relasyon naming ni Jessie hanggang matapos siya sa high school at ako naman ng college.

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Beberapa waktu yang laluKami pernah memberitakan kehadiran Next Unit Of Computing (NUC) dari Intel dan kali ini produk tersebut telah mendarat ke lab pengujian kami. Penasaran untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai inovasi terbaru dari Intel ini? Silahkan simak review kami mengenai varian DC321BY dari hardware yang lebih sering disebut dengan singkatan NUC ini!
          5 Trends Shaping the Way Marketers Work Now   

In a world where just about everything is expected to be measured for the sake of ROI, the expression “time is money,” has become even more meaningful. As such, cloud computing has become an expectation as a means of work … read more »

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          Home Game #38: Caps v. Wild, 3/25/12   


Holtby and Neuvirth



Defending Heatley

Semin and Clutterbuck



Skating in sunlight

Facing off

Disputing the call



          System Integration Market to Progressing with Communication Applications   
System Integration Market to Progressing with Communication Applications System integration enables to build computing systems for end users by combining hardware and software products from several vendors. By implementing systems integration, a company can gain low cost, pre-configured components of software. These small components of software help company

          Global Platform as a Service (PaaS) Market to Expand at 25.7% CAGR, Driven by Outstanding Performance by Leading Vendors   
Global Platform as a Service (PaaS) Market to Expand at 25.7% CAGR, Driven by Outstanding Performance by Leading Vendors Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) in combination with IaaS and SaaS is a cloud computing service model. The global Platform as a Service (PaaS) market was valued at USD 1.60 billion in 2013 and is forecast to grow at a

          Classic Figures - By Evan Hammonds   

A sport as unpredictable as Thoroughbred racing does not fall into a rut often, but every once in awhile the results become a little predictable. Sifting through the outcomes from the stakes action last weekend in May provided several cases of déjà vu.

While he’d rather win on the First Saturday in May—wouldn’t we all—trainer Chad Brown was a major force from coast to coast over the three-day Memorial Day weekend, winning four black-type stakes. Three of the four came on the grass, which is humorous considering he just shook free of his “turf trainer” status the weekend before when he won his first classic with Cloud Computing in the Preakness Stakes (G1).

During the run-up to the May 6 Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (G1), Brown was interviewed at the Kentucky Derby Trainer’s Dinner in downtown Louisville. As the trainer of starter Practical Joke, last year’s Eclipse Award-winning trainer was asked about his previous Derby experiences.

“It sucks if you are one of the 19 horses that lose,” the competitive trainer said candidly.

The holiday weekend was much kinder to Brown than Derby weekend when Practical Joke finished fifth. The longtime darling of his stable, Lady Eli, shipped to California to win the grade 1 Gamely Stakes May 27 saddled by assistant trainer Cherie DeVaux. Brown tended to his barn at Belmont Park in New York and wound up spending most of the afternoon in the winner’s circle after three of the six stakes winners on the Big Apple Showcase program for New York-breds came out of his barn May 29.

Brown swept both turf races with Offering Plan in the Kingston Stakes and Fourstar Crook in the Mount Vernon Stakes, and also landed the $200,000 Critical Eye Stakes with the unbeaten Kathryn the Wise, yet another stakes winner from Uncle Mo’s first crop.

Through the holiday Brown has won with 70 of 241 starters and ranks fourth nationally in earnings. He has the second-lowest number of starts among the leaders. (Bob Baffert has 115 starts this year, but does have $17 million earner Arrogate on his ledger.) Brown’s stats in stakes races are even more impressive, with 14 graded stakes wins from 57 tries so far—that’s a 25% win strike rate. According to an report, 45% of Brown’s starters so far this year have gone off as the favorite.

While Brown had an enriching weekend, it pales in comparison to the haul brought in by trainer Aidan O’Brien in Ireland. After the Coolmore team had won both the QIPCO Two Thousand Guineas (G1) and QIPCO One Thousand Guineas (G1) at Newmarket on the first weekend in May with the O’Brien-trained Churchill and Winter, respectively, the duo made short work of the Irish versions sponsored by Tattersalls at the Curragh May 27 and 28. Oh, and by the way, O’Brien also won the Seamus & Rosemary McGrath Memorial Saval Beg Stakes May 26 with Order of St George and the Airlie Stud Gallinule Stakes (G3) May 28 with Homesman.

O’Brien’s run is not only a testament to his training talents but to the never-ending bench of talented runners by Galileo, the sire of Churchill, Winter, and Order of St George.

European correspondent Julian Muscat has long since exhausted his considerable vocabulary attempting to keep us apprised of the stallion’s successes. Already the sire of 262 stakes winners (from 2,613 foals; 10%), the season has yet to get warmed up in Europe, and he already has 16 stakes winners of 21 black-type stakes wins on the year.

Will the winning outcomes for Brown, O’Brien, and Galileo continue throughout 2017? Of course not. “They all get beat” is the truest of racing’s adages. But for one weekend in May...

          The Pay Off - By Evan Hammonds   

On the morning of May 20 John Sikura and his 13-year-old son, Jackson, were handicapping the Preakness Stakes (G1). “This is going to sound ridiculous, Jackson, but I’m looking at the form…this horse can win the race.”

Sikura was talking about Cloud Computing, a colt he bred from the first crop of Maclean’s Music who stands at his Hill ‘n’ Dale Farms near Lexington.

Sikura’s son agreed with his father’s assessment. “The Derby winner will be tough to beat, but if he bounces off that race and Cloud Computing moves forward, he can win.”

“It might not sound like validation when a 13-year-old says something, but he’s smarter than me,” Sikura reported two days later after Cloud Computing edged past Classic Empire to win the second leg of the Triple Crown. “I know the sheets guys and the real handicappers thought he was the horse to beat, so there was a depth of support.”

Sikura had a depth of conviction when he purchased an interest in Maclean’s Music from Barbara Banke’s Stonestreet operation following his one and only start in 2011.

“There are two horses I’ve seen run that I was just drawn to and thought I had to put something together and stand these horses,” he told us. “The first horse was Candy Ride, whom I saw run in Argentina and saw him win a group 1 there by open lengths. There was an excitement of the people around him at the time and I said, ‘Wow, this horse is different.’ The other was Maclean’s Music.

“I just saw a horse of a different caliber,” he said. “He had such great, fast action. Every time he bounced he opened up on the field. I was convinced he was a superstar racehorse.”

Although injury concluded Maclean’s Music’s racing career after that one outing, Sikura gave him every chance to be a stallion.

It wasn’t easy in 2013 as the market was still reeling from the Great Recession and the foal crop was falling, but Sikura is known as a man of great conviction. He invested in buying mares to breed to him and enlisted several mares from his stellar broodmare band in trying to make the stallion.

Sikura is the first to tell someone it’s nearly impossible to have success with a stallion in Central Kentucky that stands for less than $10,000. Maclean’s Music stood for $6,500 in his first season.

“You have to be prepared to provide a third or half of the mares yourself and have  the partners do the same,” he said. “You can twist a few arms, and get some friends that might owe you a few favors to do the same, and then there you are: at $6,500 and hoping.

“I’m not an over-the-top salesman,” he continued. “I speak what I think is the truth, and I’m not effervescent in that ‘everything’s great,’ so the people I did talk to that I respect and do lots of business with…I told them how I really felt, and I got lots of support from great horsemen like Bill Betz and Craig Bernick. We had serious people. They didn’t breed their best mare, but at least they sent mares. I hoped that over the years I had enough credibility capital that if I told someone I thought this horse was the real deal, even though we had our doubters, we’d have plenty of people support us.”

That support was well-founded as Maclean’s Music’s yearlings generated enough buzz to average $37,952 (5.8 times his initial stud fee). The sire’s highest-priced yearling was Cloud Computing. Maclean’s Music also led the freshman sire’s list by winners with 19, and now he joins a growing list of stallions to get a classic winner with his first crop.

“You have to take strong stands on horses,” Sikura said. “I have an expression I always say to myself: ‘When everybody’s in agreement, then it’s too late.’”

The bet back in 2013 has paid off just like his bet Preakness afternoon.

          Avast! Free Antivirus   

Avast! Free Antivirus è una soluzione antivirus che fa dell'efficacia e della semplicità d'uso i suoi principali cavalli di battaglia. L'interfaccia utente, completamente rinnovata a partire dalla release 5.0, risulta infatti particolarmente adatta ai meno esperti, ma consente anche un facile accesso alle impostazioni più avanzate.

Per quanto riguarda la sicurezza, l'efficacia dell'engine antivirus di Avast! Free Antivirus è provata dalle certificazioni ICSA Labs e VB100, oltre che dagli interessanti risultati fatti registrare nel corso di alcuni test comparativi messi a punto da laboratori di ricerca indipendenti come e

Sotto il profilo prestazionale, Avast! Free Anvirus utilizza un quantitativo limitato di risorse del sistema e risulta estremamente leggero, pertanto rappresenta una valida soluzione anche per i computer meno potenti. Avast! Free Antivirus è utilizzabile liberamente per fini non commerciali, ma in alternativa sono disponibili a pagamento le due edizioni Avast! Pro Edition e Avast Internet Security; per ulteriori informazioni a riguardo, vi rimandiamo alsito ufficiale di Avast!

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          Post re: microaggression? or having the overreaction?   
the schmuck wrote:

Rubles? Aren't you from Norway?  I smell a rat!  :-/

climbing friend,

is this not your new currency with the donald and the putin?

Submitted By: Aleks Zebastian
Location: General Climbing

          Top Stories: Latest On London Fire; Putin's Yearly Call-In Show   
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- Putin Offers Political Asylum To James Comey, Citing Potential Prosecution In U.S. -- At Least 7 Killed, 59 Injured In Blast At Kindergarten, Chinese State Media Say. -- Death Toll In London Apartment Building Fire Rises To 17. And here are more early headlines: Jurors Continue To Deliberate In Cosby Sexual Assault Trial. ( ) Jurors May Be At Impasse In Minn. Officer's Shooting Trial. ( Minneapolis Star Tribune ) Federal Judge Orders New Review Of Dakota Access Pipeline. ( The Hill ) Stalemate Between Army, Militants In Southern Philippines. ( VOA ) Japan To Use Swimming Robot To Probe Fukushima Damage. ( AP ) Erendira Wallenda To Hang By Teeth From Helicopter Over Niagara Falls. ( Buffalo News ) Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit
          Top Stories: Arab Nations Cut Ties With Qatar; Trump On London Attack   
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- Saudi Arabia, Egypt And Other Arab Nations Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar. -- Trump Vows Protection From 'Vile Enemy'. -- 'Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly' Makes A Tepid Debut. And here are more early headlines: Trump To Focus On Infrastructure This Week, Starting With Air Traffic Control. ( Washington Post ) As Cosby Sexual Assault Case Opens, Here's A Timeline. ( ) FARC Rebels Claim Colombia Breaking Treaty, May Halt Demobilization. ( VOA ) PHOTOS: Deadly Sri Lankan Flooding That Killed 200. ( Guardian ) Putin Again Rejects Charge Of Russian Meddling In U.S. Election. ( NBC ) International Space Station Gets Latest SpaceX Supply Capsule. ( NASA ) PHOTO: Man Calmly Mows Lawn As Tornado Swirls. ( CBC ) Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit
          iPhone- und iPad-Apps entwickeln   
- Literatur / Programmierung

Neuartige Ideen im Online-Zeitalter zu finden ist die eine Sache, sie dann aber auch noch erfolgreich umzusetzen - daran soll es nun nicht mehr scheitern. Zumindest nicht wenn es um App-Entwicklungen für iPhone und iPad geht. Das Lehrbuch zu diesem Thema gibt es vom Galileo Computing Verlag und bindet grundlegende Kenntnisse und praktische Übungen ein. Aktuell bezieht sich die Auflage auf den Aufbau des neuen Apple Betriebssystems iOS 7.

Theorie gepaart mit Workshops geben Aufschluss über alle wichtigen Funktionen einer App, welche Hard- und Software sinnvoll ist und welche Möglichkeiten aus einem Programm lukrative Erfolge ziehen können. Damit soll der Leser anhand eines durchgehenden Beispiels von der Idee bis in den App Store begleitet und gefördert werden.

Schritt für Schritt erklären die beiden professionellen Autoren Klaus M. Rodewig und Jörg Brunsmann worauf es beim Programmieren in C bei einer App ankommt und welche Problematiken zu beachten sind. Vom Objective-C und Cocao Touch über Navigationselemente, Lokalisation und Fotos lernt der Leser nützliche Wissensgrundlagen, bis hin zu interaktiven Einbindung auf Twitter, Facebook und iCloud.

Nachdem das Speichern von Benutzerdaten und der Zugriff auf das Adressbuch integriert sind, kann die App schließlich an das iPad angepasst werden. Einzelne Abschnitte beziehen sich außerdem auf Oberflächengestaltung, App-Design mit Storyboard, Newsfeed und Sensorentechnik. So soll der Leser einen tiefgreifenden Einblick in die Architektur der Systeme bekommen und leicht und verständlich an die erste eigene Entwicklung herangeführt werden.

Klaus M. Rodewig, der als Senior Consultant in den Bereichen Mobile Security und Software-Entwicklung tätig ist, und sein Autorenkollege Jörg Brunsmann, freier Journalist und Radiomoderator, ergänzen sich dabei zu einem effektiven Team, von dessen ausgewogenen Schreibstil der Leser profitieren kann. Sie vermitteln das komplexe Gebiet fachspezifisch und dennoch umgänglich, damit auch Programmierneulingen der Einstieg gelingen soll.

Mit der beiliegenden DVD liefert der Verlag alle Beispieldateien und Video-Lektionen zum Buch gleich mit. So kann der Leser direkt loslegen, das Erlernte auszuprobieren. Dabei widmet sich die Lektüre auch der beratenden Funktion und präsentiert hilfreiche Tipp und Tricks zur Themenfindung, wie die Marktchancen richtig einzuschätzen sind, den technischen Voraussetzungen und den häufigsten Stolpersteinen, die auf dem Weg zur eigenen App liegen können. Zum Beispiel werden Apples strenge Richtlinien erläutert und wie Planungsfehler zu vermeiden sind.

Dieses Buch vermittelt einen umfassenden Eindruck zum Bereich der App-Entwicklung für iPhone und iPad und wendet sich damit explizit an Programmiereinsteiger. Erste Kenntnisse in dem Gebiet sind natürlich hilfreich, dennoch bieten die beiden Autoren didaktisch gut aufgearbeitete Kapitel und spannende Übungen, die den Leser beim Selbststudium unterstützen.

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          Better Not Own Land Than Disputed Land   

September 10, 2010. I called a Muslim friend to wish him ‘Barka Da Salla’. It was a holiday, a public holiday for the Ghanaian Muslim community.
As a Christian I taught I was going to be free, lie in bed the whole day and relax. I was wrong. A close lady friend of mine asked me out, not to a restaurant, not to a bar, but to accompany her inspect and investigate the genuineness of some plots of land she was thinking to buy. I accepted the invitation.
The site inspection was schedule for midday. She was on time. I was on time. The estate agent too was on time. The agent said there were four plots available for sale but when I did my professional checks, I realised two of the plots had uncompleted buildings on them and their prices outrun my friend’s budget.  Secondly, she was only interested in undeveloped plots. So we settled on only two plots.
We chartered a KIA Pride taxicab. The driver’s price was moderate but we bargained for a reduction.
Our first visit was at Atwima Amanfrom, a fast developing residential neighbourhood near Denkyembuoso in Kumasi. The agent said the owner wanted GH¢4,500 but will be willing to take GH¢4,300. Judging with the eyes, the plot was ok. My friend taught it was too close to a stream, the kind she had always disliked. I didn’t argue. I only asked the agent if we could see the other plot.
The second place we went was Ampabame No. 1 New Town. There too, judging with the eyes, the plot was perfect. Instantly, my friend fell in love with it. She said, ‘Kwaku, this is the kind of plot I want’. And I said ‘that’s fine’ and then I asked the agent to take us to the owner of the plot. The price was GH¢3,500.
On our way, the agent told us the owner of the land was the chief of the town. He said a certain woman abroad wanted to buy but this woman had not paid for the land. It was not long when we reached the man’s house. He wore some dirty cloths, as if he was from the farm. Nevertheless, we did not look down on him. We performed the necessary custom of handshaking and were offered seats.  
The man confirmed that the plot was indeed his but a certain woman abroad was interested in buying it some six months ago. So he requested her to pay GH¢500 to enable him prepare the Allocation Note and the site plans in her name. The woman did as he requested. He too prepared the documents in her name but since that time the woman was yet to send money towards payment for the land.
He removed the allocation note and three site plans from a black polythene bag, which was on a wooden table and handed it to me for us to see. I took it. Looked at it, took note of some key requirements and handed it over to my friend. Then I asked, ‘so Nana, how do we get papers to show that the land is now ours?’
Quickly, he said, ‘oh that’s simple. I only have to do an affidavit that the land is now yours. In addition, I will give you the Allocation Note and the site plans.’
I took his words in, quickly assessed the situation but asked. ‘But Nana, isn’t you who signs the allocation note?’ He said it was he who signs. ‘Then she will like a new Allocation Note in her name instead of the Affidavit.’ I said.
The man looked perplexed, then said, ‘I will tell you the truth’.
He started narrating that he was just a sub-chief of the town but there was a dispute between his faction and that of the substantive chief. That they were disputing over the land at the Asantehene’s Palace because the substantive chief was wantonly selling their lands without accounting or having any recourse to them. So the reason he wanted to do an affidavit was that the substantive chief might not sign a fresh Allocation Note from him. But since he had already signed one in respect of the same plot, which was in his custody, and the woman who wanted to buy the land was no more showing interest in it, he thought it would be fine to do an affidavit.
What the man didn’t know was that the affidavit had to be done by the person whose name was on the allocation note for it to be valid. Unfortunately, the woman was abroad. We informed the chief that thought we were interested in the plot but will call him through the agent on the next Monday.
When we left the man’s house, my friend said, ‘Kwaku am confused’. Then I said, ‘it’s better not to buy land than a dispute land.’
That brings me to what Reverend Dr. Mensah Otabil said on Sunday, September 12, 2010, on one of the Radio stations in Kumasi that people shouldn’t wait for dispute free land before they buy land. Mensah Otabil is one of the pastors in Ghana that I respect so much. I like and listen to his motivational gospel messages on TV and Radio almost every week. But I disagree with him when he said that people shouldn’t wait for dispute free land before they buy land.
I believe with diligence and the service of land professionals such Land Economists people can buy dispute free land in Ghana. That is why I always advise people to solicit the services of Land Economists and Real Estate Consultants who have the right knowledge, skill and experience to aid them acquire dispute free land.

          Suggested Russian presidential election slogan: “Vote Putin: You Already Have Anyhow”   

Suggested Russian presidential election slogan: “Vote Putin: You Already Have Anyhow”

          Ultra Low Power Benchmarking: Is Apples-to-Apples Feasible?   

I noticed some very interesting news last week, widely reported in the technical press, and you can find the source press release here. In a nutshell, the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) has formed a group to look at benchmarks for ultra low power microcontrollers. Initially chaired by Horst Diewald, chief architect of MSP430TM microcontrollers at Texas Instruments, the group's line-up is an impressive "who's who" of the microcontroller space, including Analog Devices, ARM, Atmel, Cypress, Energy Micro, Freescale, Fujitsu, Microchip, Renesas, Silicon Labs, STMicro, and TI.

As the press release explains, unlike usual processor benchmark suites which focus on performance, the ULP benchmark will focus on measuring the energy consumed by microcontrollers running various computational workloads over an extended time period. The benchmarking methodology will allow the microcontrollers to enter into their idle or sleep modes during the majority of time when they are not executing code, thereby simulating a real-world environment where products must support battery life measured in months, years, and even decades.

Processor performance benchmarks seem to be as widely criticized as EPA fuel consumption figures for cars - and the criticism is somewhat related. There is a suspicion that manufacturers can tune the performance for better test results, rather than better real-world performance. On the face of it, the task to produce meaningful ultra low power benchmarks seems even more fraught with difficulties. For a start, there is a vast range of possible energy profiles - different ways that computing is spread over time - and a plethora of low power design techniques available to optimize the system for the set of profiles that particular embedded system is likely to experience. Furthermore, you could argue that, compared with performance in a computer system, energy consumption in an ultra low power embedded system has less to do with the controller itself and more to do with other parts of the system like the memories and mixed-signal real-world interfaces.

EEMBC cites that common methods to gauge energy efficiency are lacking in growth applications such as portable medical devices, security systems, building automation, smart metering, and also applications using energy harvesting devices. At Cadence, we are seeing huge growth in these areas which, along with intelligence being introduced into all kinds of previously "dumb" appliances, is becoming known as the "Internet of Things." Despite the difficulties, with which the parties involved are all deeply familiar, I applaud this initiative. While it may be difficult to get to apples-to-apples comparisons for energy consumption in these applications, most of the time today we don't even know where the grocery store is. If the EEMBC effort at least gets us to the produce department, we're going to be better off.

Pete Hardee 


          Air Force Research Lab teaming with IBM on advanced neural-network chips   
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio and ARMONK, N.Y. The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has announced that it is collaborating with computing giant IBM on a novel brain-inspired supercomputing system powered by a 64-chip array of the IBM TrueNorth Neurosynaptic System.

          Para russos, Stalin e Putin são os dois "líderes mais importantes da História"   

iG São Paulo

Lista das "pessoas mais ilustres da História mundial" é realizada desde 1989; nomes de pessoas não russas aparecem apenas depois da 14ª posição

Putin aparece em segundo lugar na lista, mas

Putin aparece em segundo lugar na lista, mas "popularidade" do presidente russo cresceu nos últimos 17 anos

Foto: Presidência da Russia - 26.5.17

Uma pesquisa realizada na Rússia, divulgada nesta segunda-feira (26), mostra que, para a maioria dos russos, Joseph Stalin é a figura “mais ilustre da História mundial”, sendo seguido pelo atual presidente, Vladimir Putin.

Leia também: "A Terra é plana e tudo o que conhecemos é mentira", garante Anonymous em vídeo

O estudo realizado pelo “Levada Center” questionou uma amostra de 1,6 mil cidadãos da Rússia, pedindo para que elegessem o “top 10: pessoas mais marcantes de todos os tempos e todas as nações”. Do total, os 20 mais citados foram compilados e divulgados. Vale destacar que os nomes citados não foram sugeridos na pesquisa. Nos três primeiros lugares ficaram: Stalin (38%), Putin (34%) e, em seguida, o poeta russo Alexander Pushkin, considerado “o Shakespeare russo”.

Aliás, na lista do Levada Center, que acontece anualmente desde 1989, os 34% de Putin equivalem ao percentual mais alto desde que ele chegou ao poder, há 17 anos. Já o ditador soviético Stalin teve queda em sua popularidade, já que, em 2012, teve 42% dos votos. Mas, há uma dúvida sobre a relação entre a popularidade do ex-líder e o atual.

Na Rússia, Stalin é frequentemente retratado – não como o arquiteto de políticas assassinas, de fome em massa e outros problemas –, mas como o responsável pela vitória na Segunda Guerra Mundial, que é chamada de “A Grande Guerra Patriótica” no país.

Uma pesquisa realizada na Rússia mostra que%2C para a maioria dos russos%2C Joseph Stalin é a figura “mais extraordinária da história mundial

Uma pesquisa realizada na Rússia mostra que%2C para a maioria dos russos%2C Joseph Stalin é a figura “mais extraordinária da história mundial

Foto: Reprodução/Wikipedia

Por exemplo, várias cidades russas revelaram monumentos a Stalin nos últimos meses. Segundo uma pesquisa da Levada, publicada em maio, o número de russos que consideram as repressões de Stalin como "crimes políticos" caiu de 51%, em 2012, para 39% em 2017. Além disso, o número de russos que não sabiam nada sobre as repressões realizadas durante seu governo dobrou de 6% a 13% no mesmo período.

Leia também: Girl Power: mulher dá risada após se safar de tiro do Estado Islâmico; assista

Vladimir Putin já fez críticas ao líder soviético em algumas entrevistas. Para o diretor norte-americano Oliver, o presidente russo disse que Stalin “é uma figura complexa” e que reconhece "os horrores do stalinismo", mas também defende que "a demonização excessiva de Stalin é uma das formas como os inimigos atacam a Rússia".

Na mesma entrevista, Putin compara Stalin com o imperador francês Napoleão Bonaparte, afirmando serem “líderes que vieram ao poder pela revolução e acabaram concentrando forte autoridade”.

Raros estrangeiros

Napoleão, aliás, aparece na pesquisa da Levada, sendo considerado a 14ª “pessoa mais extraordinária da História mundial” (com 9% dos votos). Ele é o primeiro não russo (ou soviético) da lista. As únicas figuras estrangeiras que foram mencionadas por mais de 6% dos russos foram Albert Einstein (16ª posição) e Isaac Newton (19ª posição).

As respostas refletidas pela pesquisa não são incomuns. Segundo o “The Washington Post”, as pessoas tendem a nomear as pessoas e os eventos mais próximos de suas vidas, o que explica como o tiroteio de Orlando, nos Estados Unidos, ocorrido no ano passado, acabou em uma lista dos eventos históricos mais significativos nas vidas dos americanos, publicada em dezembro.

Leia também: Maduro pede que apoiadores "peguem em armas" em resposta a ataque de helicóptero

Outros nomes citados na pesquisa fora: Yury Gagarin (6º), o primeiro homem no espaço; Leo Tolstoy (7º) e Dmitry Mendeleev (13º), que desenvolveram a classificação periódica dos elementos; Vladimir Lênin (4º) e Pedro, o Grande (5º), modernizador do estado medieval da Rússia, certamente são figuras de grande importância histórica. Nenhum presidente ou líder dos EUA teve mais de 6% dos votos.

          Scientific Linux 7.3 Released   
  • Scientific Linux 7.3 Officially Released, Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3

    After two Release Candidate (RC) development builds, the final version of the Scientific Linux 7.3 operating system arrived today, January 26, 2017, as announced by developer Pat Riehecky.

    Derived from the freely distributed sources of the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 operating system, Scientific Linux 7.3 includes many updated components and all the GNU/Linux/Open Source technologies from the upstream release.

    Of course, all of Red Hat Enterprise Linux's specific packages have been removed from Scientific Linux, which now supports Scientific Linux Contexts, allowing users to create local customization for their computing needs much more efficiently than before.

  • Scientific Linux 7.3 Released

    For users of Scientific Linux, the 7.3 release is now available based off Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3.

          Open source machine learning tools as good as humans in detecting cancer cases   
  • Open source machine learning tools as good as humans in detecting cancer cases

    Machine learning has come of age in public health reporting according to researchers from the Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. They have found that existing algorithms and open source machine learning tools were as good as, or better than, human reviewers in detecting cancer cases using data from free-text pathology reports. The computerized approach was also faster and less resource intensive in comparison to human counterparts.

  • Machine learning can help detect presence of cancer, improve public health reporting

    To support public health reporting, the use of computers and machine learning can better help with access to unstructured clinical data--including in cancer case detection, according to a recent study.

          TensorFlow/Google: Latest Moves   

          Accelerating Scientific Analysis with the SciDB Open Source Database System   

Science is swimming in data. And, the already daunting task of managing and analyzing this information will only become more difficult as scientific instruments — especially those capable of delivering more than a petabyte (that’s a quadrillion bytes) of information per day — come online.

Tackling these extreme data challenges will require a system that is easy enough for any scientist to use, that can effectively harness the power of ever-more-powerful supercomputers, and that is unified and extendable. This is where the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center’s (NERSC’s) implementation of SciDB comes in.

Read more

          Mattis: Syřané vzali varování USA před novým chemickým útokem vážně   
Sýrie bere podle všeho americké varování před novým použitím chemických zbraní vážně. V Bruselu to ve středu řekl americký ministr obrany James Mattis. USA v úterý oznámily, že mají informace o přípravách nového chemického útoku na syrské základně Šajrát.
          ‚Milovat matičku Rus až do hrobu.‘ Rusové vymýšlí text přísahy přijetí občanství   
Vřelou odezvu u ruské veřejnosti vyvolal návrh prezidenta Vladimira Putina provázet udělení ruského občanství také složením přísahy. Během krátké doby do ruského parlamentu dorazila skoro stovka návrhů, jak by slib věrnosti Rusku měl vypadat.
          Kommentar zu Die Bundestagswahl ist längst egal von Conrath   
@Libelle & @Lampe Libelle, Ich stimme Ihnen zu, was die fehlende Begründung zu diesem 'Komplott' betrifft: "Mit dem Merkel-Regime der britisch-jesuitischen Fabianer, dass seine schwerste Legitimationskrise kaum überleben dürfte, hat der Vatikan keine Machtbasis mehr.“ Zitatende D.L. Wenn, dann müsste es ein 'Neo-Neofabianismus' sein der in den Britischen Machtzirkeln dann doch eher eine Außenseiterposition hätte. Die CoL ist mAn nicht mit Fabianismus zu verbinden, nicht wirklich. Sicherlich hängen alle Machtträger irgendwie näher zusammen, aber da würde mich eine Ergänzung durch @Lampe auch interessieren. Und Merkel und der Vatikan? Eher nicht oder? Aber Libelle, die RF und VCH, agieren sehr überlegt und langfristig einschätzbar. Natürlich sichern sie ihre Einfluss- und Handelssphären, wissend, das sie unter Beobachtung der Weltöffentlichkeit stehen und ein sehr hohes Vertrauen erarbeitet haben im krassen Gegensatz zum gesamten Werte-Kriegswesten. So auch bei den jüngsten Grenzscharmützeln zwischen Indien und China. Auch hier können wir von Proxykräften ausgehen, die nun durch den CIA-Pentagon angestachelt, alles aufbieten um den kürzlich erfolgten parallelen Gemeinschaftsbeitritt von Indien und Pakistan zur SCO, zu torpedieren. Vielleicht wäre es besser die Thematik zu unterteilen, wegen der sehr hohen Komplexität zurzeit. So kann der neuerliche Giftgasvorwurf an Assad auch als eine bewusste Übertreibung, also für die Öffentlichkeit fortgespielt, gedacht werden, Basisabstimmung Trump - Putin im Hintergrund und vorne lautes Gebell der Pentagon-Falken (Wag the Dog Drehbuch). Ein Verwirrspiel das die Trumpgruppe dann angenommen hätte von ihren inländischen Gegnern und trickreich mitspielt. Die Nordostrecke Syriens ist vom Pentagon nicht mehr zu halten und Trump könnte durchaus die abtrünnigen Falken in eine Schlacht mit den S-400 Systemen führen, das sind starke Argumente. Weil es aggressiv ist können die Falken Trump nicht öffentlich dafür attackieren und verlieren zugleich die eigenen Leute, im nächsten Schritt. Das / wäre, extremes 3D-Schach! Also lieber Herr Lampe, helfen Sie uns aus der Erkenntnis- und Fragennot zu den Neofabianisten. Ich hoffe ja, Sie sind nicht auch ein 'Sozialismus-Hetzer', wie Forist @Hubi und unterscheiden zwischen geheucheltem und verdrehtem, Gemeinwohltheater, als Sozialismus verkleidet und der echten Gemeinwohlorientierung der Mehrheit. Letztere braucht keine besonderen Namen, verdient aber all unseren Respekt und alle Anerkennung. Grüßend
          Kommentar zu Die Bundestagswahl ist längst egal von Libelle   
Da frage ich mich doch ob der Autor auch mit dieser rosaroten Brille ins Bett geht. Sorry, ich kann das nicht nachvollziehen. Vielleicht wäre das anders wenn der Autor einige Quellenangaben hinzufügen würde um seine Einschätzungen und Meinung zu untermauern. Auszüge: Wenn dann auch noch Putin zeitgleich den kaputten Euro lobt, der auch nichts anderes ist als Fiatmoney, dann akzeptieren offensichtlich auch die obersten Banker des Vatikan, Familie Rothschild, der er de facto über Goldmann-Sachs ja gehört, dass das letzte Stündlein des Dollars als Weltleitwährung auch für die EU geschlagen hat. ???????????????????????? Der Euro aber hat als Reservewährung nur dann noch eine Zukunft, sofern sich die EU von ihrer Sanktionspolitik, die ihr von den USA aufgezwungen wird, verabschiedet. Das kann ihr nur recht sein. Damit wird aber der politische Einfluss der Neocons auf die EU weiter schwinden. ???????????????????????? ------------------------------------- Ja wer ist denn nun der Befehlshaber der EU? Der Vatikan? Oder die Amis? Oder der Vatikan über die Amis? ------------------------------------ Denn auch der Vatikan wäre nicht der Vatikan, wenn er nicht längst erfasst hätte, was da läuft. Folglich steuert er machtpolitisch um. Seine Annäherungen an Russland und China sind nicht zu übersehen. Denn er hat begriffen, dass sein EU-Imperium, das ihm noch verbleibt, politisch gerade gnadenlos auseinanderfällt und schon jetzt der Einfluss der Russen und Chinesen auf dem europäischen Finanzmarkt so gewaltig ist, dass der macht- wie raffgierige Franziskus die USA und mit ihr seine militärische Filiale „Pentagon“ nicht mehr länger zum Niederhalten der europäischen Völker missbrauchen kann und sie nun aufgeben muss. ??????????????????????? Die USA werden nicht umhin können, die BRD als ihr Besatzerkonstrukt genauso aufzugeben, wie ihre hier stationierten Atomraketen und die völkerrechtswidrige Rammsteinbasis. Damit verlieren der Vatikan und seine Malteser das NATO-Spiel um Deutschland. ???????????????????????????????? Denn Katars Gaslieferungen werden künftig nicht mehr nur in Petrodollar, sondern in den jeweiligen Landeswährungen seiner neuen Handelspartner beglichen. ????????????????????????????? Denn auch die Saudis werden – wenn auch etwas leiser (was aber nicht heißt, unwirksamer) von den umsichtigen Chinesen knallhart bearbeitet und konsequent von der Leitwährung des Imperiums abgekoppelt.[ ??????????????????????????? Ganz abgesehen von der rosaroten Brille, finde ich den Artikel völlig unstimmig zusammengemarmelt.
          Kommentar zu Die Bundestagswahl ist längst egal von Uwe   
Warum so viele Vorurteile? Eine Folge der jahrzehntelangen Propaganda? Das heutigen Russland unter Putin ist nach meiner Überzeugung sehr an einer zusammenarbeit mit Deutschland interessiert und würde uns bei allen Problemen unterstützen - nicht zuletzt beim Migrantenproblem, das wir aus eigenen kräften wohl gar nicht mehr lösen könnten. Übrigens kann man auch aus russischem Erdgas Wasserstoff gewinnen.
          Blaming Obama   
A couple of months ago, on May 10, President Trump invited two Russian diplomats into the White House to celebrate his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

A couple of months ago, on May 10, President Trump invited two Russian diplomats into the White House to celebrate his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Having boasted on national TV that he'd removed Comey as a means of relieving pressure from the "fake news" investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Trump greeted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak like old friends.

Although U.S. news media weren't allowed into the Oval Office, the Russian news agency TASS published photos of the three men smiling broadly, backslapping and shaking hands. That's how American reporters learned of the controversial Kislyak's presence. The White House neglected to mention it, presumably because his clandestine talks with fired National Security Director Michael Flynn lay at the heart of the FBI probe.

Lavrov even made heavy-handed jokes about Russian meddling, expressing mock surprise at Comey's firing and observing sarcastically that it must be "humiliating for the American people to realize the Russian Federation is controlling the situation in the United States."

The episode struck me at the time as an astonishing gesture of contempt, if completely in keeping with Trump's furious denials that Russian skullduggery had anything to do with his election. In her Salon column, Heather Digby Parton compiled a short list of the president's Twitter posts on the subject. According to Trump, the FBI investigation has been dismissed as a "Witch Hunt!", a "a total hoax," "an excuse used by the Democrats as justification for losing the election" and so on. We've all heard it 50 times.

If he's been consistent about nothing else, Trump's been consistent about that: Vladimir Putin's spies had no role whatsoever in his mighty victory.

That is, until last week.

Following The Washington Post's publication of a highly detailed blockbuster about what the Obama administration knew about "President Vladimir Putin's direct involvement" in the conspiracy to damage Hillary Clinton and make him president, Trump came up with a whole new story: Yes, Russian cyberhackers and spies interfered directly in an American presidential election — but it was all Barack Obama's fault.

"Just out," the president tweeted, "The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?"

Trump soon came up with an answer: "The reason that President Obama did NOTHING about Russia after being notified by the CIA of meddling is that he expected Clinton would win ... and did not want to 'rock the boat.' He didn't 'choke,' he colluded or obstructed, and it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no good."

It's almost hysterically false — the Obama administration made repeated attempts to inform the voting public about Russian interference, most explicitly, as bad luck would have it, on Oct. 8, 2016, the day Trump's boasts about grabbing women's genitals first aired — but there's a half-truth there, too.

President Obama did, indeed, "choke," as one anonymous administration official told Post reporters, and we're all paying the price.

As happened more than once during his presidency, Obama appears to have over-thought the situation to the point of paralysis — pursing the will-o'-the-wisp of patriotic bipartisanship long after it had become obvious that not only Trump, but key Republican leaders had long since put party above country.

Could anybody be surprised that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), for example, would stonewall any effort to inform voters that a hostile foreign power was brazenly taking Trump's side in the election?

Obama was.

In effect, congressional Republicans had chosen Putin over Hillary Clinton. By August, let us recall, Trump himself was not only openly urging Russian hackers to search for Clinton's emails — barefaced collusion — but predicting that the election was going to be rigged against him.

Obama could have done in August what he did after the election in December: hit Russia with sanctions, expelled Russian diplomats. But he reportedly feared that without GOP support, any vigorous action could easily backfire.

"Obama's approach," sources told the Post, "often seemed reducible to a single imperative: Don't make things worse. As brazen as the Russian attacks on the election seemed, Obama and his top advisers feared that things could get far worse."

"They were concerned that any pre-election response could provoke an escalation from Putin. Moscow's meddling to that point was seen as ... unlikely to materially affect the outcome of the election. Far more worrisome to the Obama team was the prospect of a cyber-assault on voting systems before and on Election Day."

Supposedly, no vote rigging happened after Obama warned Putin to his face that dire consequences would follow.

Or at least so we're told.

Instead, Kislyak and Lavrov yukking it up in the Oval Office happened.

This happened, too: Obama presided over a political Pearl Harbor — an unprovoked assault on American democracy, and with no compelling reason to believe that it won't happen again.

          Incontrare il Mistero    

C'è un po' di mistero nella vita di ognuno di noi: fuggevoli sensazioni significative, improvvise e immotivate certezze di fatti imminenti, percezioni telepatiche, singolari stati modificati di coscienza... Misteri del quotidiano su cui si sofferma Fulvia Cariglia, autrice ben nota per la serietà di ricerca e per l'obiettività con cui da anni affronta questi temi, qui documentati anche attraverso i meno noti tratti biografici di grandi della letteratura come Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain o Victor Hugo; ma, ancor più in particolare, mediante la storia personale della famosa chiaroveggente marchigiana Pasqualina Pezzola, di cui si offre la prima e unica biografia esistente.

E, poiché il fascino per indefinite capacità occulte, non disgiunto dalla speranza di potersene giovare, ha da sempre attirato i potenti della Terra, la dissertazione dell'autrice si spinge ad analizzare l'ambiguo rapporto che intercorse, ad esempio, fra la Corte di Francia e Cagliostro, i reali dell'Impero Russo e Rasputin, nonché l'interesse che Hitler, Mussolini e Stalin accordarono a controverse consultazioni.

Un libro che esorta a guardare agli infiniti eventi dell'universo umano con la disponibilità ad accettare l'inconsueto.

          Putin And Erdogan: Addicted To Power   
For the two geopolitical heavyweights, absolute power is the key to personal -- and national -- survival.
          Comment on Courses Offered In Canadian Institutes For 2017 Intake by Pankaj Sharma   
I have done Btech in Computer science.I got 6 band overall not less then 5.5 i have 65% marks in btech am i eligible for cambrian in cloud computing program ?
          What's Next?   

Today on the 5: Watching the AMC series Halt And Catch Fire made me doubt if there's any magic left in computing. If not, what's the next big thing?

          Google Cloud Platform : Good Times Ahead   

The tech behemoths Amazon, Microsoft & Google are established players in one of the battes that will change the future of customers view and investments of computing. This is an area with a potential hundred billion dollars plus that can be secured for the vendors – a lucrative space that each one wants to corner : the cloud. For a quick recap of the dollars under consideration - read here. Cloud lets business tap on demand the processing, storage and software over the web. Tall, powerful and cool servers with gargantuan memory onboard installed inside enterprises now are gradually giving way to tap on need model –use when needed and shut them down in other times. The vast data centers and governance brought in by these tech behemoths make them ideal partners for business to tap such services on a need to have basis – whenever and wherever required.

Amazon is by far the well-established leader here with a revenue that far exceeds the combined revenue of all competitors put together. Amazon partly achieved this by bringing a single-minded focus to this space to scale up and win and it paid back handsomely. Amazon’s first-mover advantage coupled with slow reactions from competition has now made Amazon an almost insurmountable lead in business in this space. That’s the focus and attention of the next two players. Microsoft has been pushing Azure extensively last 2-3 years and clocking impressive success. The lesser known of the trio in this space – Google is now flexing its muscle and is now focused on striking it big here. Google is recognized primarily as the early proponent of cloud computing – after all, Google built huge date centers in its early days and ran services like search, gmail and maps , available around the world and with unthinkable scale in action. Alongside, developers build other applications on top resulting in an expanding google universe. Google has the strong reputation of running scalable, secure services and recognized as one delivering successfully for a long time. By being late and remaining indifferent to this space, Google lost out on big time opportunities that were out there and Amazon happily grabbed these. Now, Google wants to get back aggressively and be counted as large player in this space and is increasing its investments, market messaging and outreach efforts. Last week the company hosted an event to talk about their upcoming plans around the Google cloud platform and talk loudly about some notable success that they have notched thus far. I listened to the webcast and followed the announcements keenly to see how Google is planning to move things here and I heard good actionable things.

Google’s overall messaging shows that the momentum in the business continues and the focus to scale this platform with enterprise as a key segment to focus on for adoption. Google positioning is getting better to take a sizable chunk of business in the ever growing public cloud space over the next few years. The overall market is projected to have 50% of the enterprise workloads moved into overtime. Google paraded customers/customer stories – the likes of Spotify, Coca-Cola, Disney etc. as proof of successful adoption of their services.

The emphasis on a move forward basis is positioned around:

A. Machine learning as a cornerstone of their approach and hence drive the attendant benefits for customers.

B. Monetization/Commercialization of native security tools used within Google to make these available to customers.

C. Make ease of deployment and migration more easy.

In terms of upcoming innovation, consistent with its focus on enterprise adoption, Google talked about the lofty vision of No-ops goal for enterprises. This will be an ideal demonstration of the power of cloud computing and if Google and others are able to make it happen everywhere, it’s a true sign of the changed paradigm here.Another important facet of the evolution of the cloud revolved around the extreme emphasis on machine learning and the Google cloud platform’s leverage of this. A new product called Tensorflow has been open sourced by Google and it is their core belief that embracing machine learning will become a non-negotiable for innovative startups focused on scaling globally and offering sophisticated services.Add into the mix cloud monitoring tools working across clouds – enterprises can hardly resist massive cloud adoption with these. And in order to keep helping enterprises adopt and scale faster, Google wants to focus on the three important aspects of cloud computing – data centers, security and containers.

I drilled into these a little more to find what could be differentiated in offering such services and what I could recollect from the conference webcast included the following, which Google finds as the drivers for increasing enterprise adoption of their services.

1. Better value: GCP can cost up to 50% less than competitors. Google provides automatic discounts as customers consume higher volumes. And GCP also offers custom machine types (i.e., cores or gigabytes), which helps save customers versus static instance types from other vendors that often lead to overprovisioning.

2. Accelarate innovation: Google’s approach here is to allow customers to run applications with no additional operations staff needed. For example, Google showcases Snapchat here - grew from zero to 100mn users without hiring an operations team (just two people).

3. Risk Management : Google shall be focused on providing best-in-class security for customer’s data and digital assets, protect privacy and help in conforming to compliance and regulatory needs.

4. Open Source adoption –leading to better management by customers for products like Kubernotes( focused on managing data containers).

I got the feeling that the GCP was comparable to Amazon’s fabled AWS services for the purpose of enterprise adoption. While the engineering and under the hoods battle is one part of the equation, the real determinant of success and also ran lay in shaping market forces – GTM, Solutions, Partnerships, support and ease of doing business – an area that Google will have to heavily focus on. With Google’s stated plans to triple their data center regions and with some good early demonstrated success, the market should begin to warm up for Google.Enterprise success depends not just on what’s available from a service provider – determination of what and how to move to cloud, transforming IT landscape, flipping over the governance model and change management – all these have a say in the eventual success of any cloud initiative. With substantial progress and focus on this space with the tech giants competing aggressively for their pie in this fast growing space, the competition expands the market, services get more sophisticated and yet mature fast and the industry improves and courtesy of Moore’s effect, the customers get superior services at a lower cost. It’s a win-win situation for all.

          Redefining Digital Enterprise(s) by Reimagining Possibilities   

Karl Heinz Streibich is the CEO of Software AG – a very well-known name in the technology industry has now come up with a book titled- The Digital Enterprise, bringing out the moves and motives of Digital Leaders.

Fellow Enterprise Irregular and a great friend Vinnie Mirchandani has narrated this impressive book due for release shortly. Vinnie shared an author copy of the book weeks back and I was so impressed by the book - read and reread the book and I feel good sharing my thoughts on the book – topic and details therein.

The present era of business is seeing lot of excitement and promise all around. Around the world, every day in our lives bring lot of changes – fast, unpredictable and may times we have to struggle hard to understand what the change stands for. Globalization, technology has transformed the playing fields across continents, industries and sectors. Very powerful forces of change have shaken the beliefs in many aspects of governance and social thinking. Fortune 500 companies list is changing faster than the fast pace that we have seen in the past. Powerful brands have suffered huge damages and many industries have gotten transformed substantially so much so that many successful leaders today claim their business need to adapt and transform faster than ever. Leading edge corporations run faster in this direction to ensure that their rate of change inside is ahead of the change seen in their external environments. Looking at these developments, it’s clear that the time to re-imagine the future is now, and it is best done by a fresh school of thought that governs our thinking frameworks to enable a fundamental rethink and envision what is desirable and sustainable. It’s in this context that this book and the examples therein make such a powerful effect.

Karl-Heinz Streibich in the opening chapter makes a passionate plea as to why every enterprise should become a digital enterprise. He points out that for several decades IT was used to make business operations efficient and over time felt the need to create systems of differentiation, typically achieved by integrating the enterprise and extending the integration to its ecosystem thereby reducing the barriers to conduct business.More recently, we see leading edge enterprises around the world focus on creating systems for competitive advantage by embracing digitization. Such enterprises, Karl-Heinz points out are embedding technology in their products and services, moving to technology - enabled business models and utilizing technologies to redefine business models and utilizing technology to redefine their distribution channels. And Karl-Heinz emphasizes that this happens in every industry. All IT products are today becoming digital products leveraging the technology growth from internet to data explosion to in-memory computing, big data, digital collaboration platforms and business process management. The entire chain of data generation, data analysis, data based decision making are enabled through digitization and with collaboration and machine-to-machine communications, enterprises gets enhanced power to execute business processes with unprecedented speed and insight, in real time. With the proliferation of cloud technologies, scale out and scale ups of digital programs are becoming an easy option to exercise for most to the enterprises and the journey of IT products to digital products happen rapidly, a phenomenon well exploited by leaders in unique ways across industries.

Focused on enterprise class innovation, the book is littered with powerful showcases – 22 guest perspectives and more than 300 innovation cameos representing more than 20 industries in more than 25 countries – end of reading the book, one gets the feeling of having gone around the world - for a change, across planets. Its magnitude and range is really wide and deep. The range of themes extend from creating smarter products to inventing new go-to-market models to transforming your value chain to reexamining your stakeholders and there are many more that I have not included herein .

Some cases therein:

- Coca Cola Enterprises talks about mobility and crowd sourcing being brought together to create new industry frameworks to monitor inventory, shape merchandizing and improve service levels, while increasing operational efficiencies.

- Nissan talks about how by Steering –By- Wire, an aviation feature is brought onto their Infiniti range of vehicles

- A Spanish Auto Insurer shares how satellite technology leverage is transforming their Insurance industry

- Deutsche Telecom talks about how it is transforming itself from a pure communication provider into a new future centric business with innovative offerings

- Siemens AG highlights how Germany’s concept of “Industrie 4.0”leveraging continuing transformations of the internet into a network that lets objects, devices, machines and systems communicating with one another driving fundamental changes and how this could lead to the integration of digital and real worlds on a Digital Enterprise Platform.

- Dr Henning Kagermann, former CEO of SAP and currently president of Acatech, the German National Academy of Science & Engineering talks about how more stakeholders are influenced by technology than in the past and how digital enterprises would need to factor in a much wider set of stakeholders.

The exhaustive cases mostly presented by the enterprises directly make deep impact and helps visualize a variety of possibilities. The best part is that these do not necessarily come from the Silicon Valley, where I live but from industries located across the developed world. These Main Street logo’s are indeed taking “digital” to a whole new level – way, way beyond the plain interplay of social, mobile, analytic and cloud computing.

Marc Benioff in his brilliant preface to the book brings out the point that digitization helps the enterprises to get closer to the customers and are redesigning the future of business. He talks about how GE ‘s GEnx engine –currently flying on Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner is a connected product that provides real time data about engine performance from both GE and the airline customers to communities of service technicians. Service teams on the ground can access the data while the plane is still air-borne , facilitating a new range of services .Philips , Toyota are all leveraging unique models of digitization to serve their customers better/enable new lines of business for them.

The magnitude of this becomes apparent when a top GE executive writes in the book that in a few years from now 50 billion devices could get interconnected, making giant strides in remote monitoring , self-healing etc. , thereby improving the overall quality of business. These trends will provide for massive paybacks and GE sees US$15 trillion added to global GDP in the next 15 years. That’s the approximate size of US economy today!How can enterprises start their digital journey is a natural question in the mind of everyone reading this – the book promises that any enterprise can master the challenge of reinventing itself as a digital enterprise, The concept of “Digital Babies” Digital Natives” and Digital Phoenixes” provide a context to check an enterprise’s digital journey. The Digital enterprises, the book closes by arguing have to be continuously thinking about their “Next Big Thing”. With increasing customer expectations, competition catching on capabilities faster, ever evolving industry standards and government regulations The pace of technological progress is relentless and the resultant digital enterprise landscape in future will look very different from what it’s today and claimants to the future need to start their journey today and pace up.. or will run the risk of getting grounded fast.

Though a lot of attention these days seems to go to innovation in mobile and social technologies, plenty of complex, hairy “industrial innovation” is also going on. This is encouraging because we face a daunting series of challenges at the global, enterprise, and individual level. We need winners leveraging digital forces and come out successfully to help deal with a range of challenges – big and small, of various size and structures and across geographies. Let's looks at the new business that are shaping many emerging industries - The successful enterprises spanning established corporations to upcoming start-ups—are creating incredible value by succeeding in a new way: by bringing together various streams of technology to create new form of processes, products and services to create value . These are the poster child of digital enterprise success.

The key learning’s for me out of reading the book is the need to completely re-visualize the possibilities by becoming a digital enterprise. That calls for going beyond creating revenue .by mere digital substitution. A digital strategy that focuses on specific business outcomes leveraging various forms of digital technologies can create an edge for the enterprise. It must be noted that a sustainable edge comes in where the inane physical resources mutate with the vibrant digital information to create new value. Winners in doing this get there by thinking big and small together transforming processes, creating/validating/rebooting business models and enabling new waves of customer experience. Any company large or small, old or new can use this digital technology to create a winning edge for its business and perhaps, its industry.

What I see in the book,The Digital Enterprise are a rich set of examples and metaphors that talk the story of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and multinational companies innovatively leveraging technology to tackle big problems, “grand challenges,” In their own ways, these big and small enterprises in their spheres of influence are reshaping the world

          iSalute : Remembering Steve Jobs   

I was about to board my flight at Chicago's O’Hare when the news of Steve Jobs passing away broke. When I landed in San Fran (My United flight did not have Wi-Fi)- my thoughts were with the family, Apple colleagues and the huge number of Steve Jobs and Apple supporters. Innumerable iPads, Macs, iPods inside the aircraft symbolized everything that Apple got out to the world. As I landed in San Francisco, nothing prepared me to see the huge global outpouring of affection for Steve Jobs. Today as I drove past Infinite Loop @ Cupertino, I just couldn’t stop recollecting the fact that From Tokyo and Paris to San Francisco and New York, mourners created impromptu memorials outside Apple stores, from flowers and candles to a dozen green and red apples on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.

The speed and reach amazed me – not in a way surprising given the reach of the electronic media and social tools but what did surprise me was the fact that in this age where scandals, misdeeds make huge news, for news of Steve’s demise to make such an impression, completely swept me off my foot.

A creative genius, a perfectionist, someone who keeps pushing the boundaries of innovation, keep improving the state of the art in technology and provide flawless value to people and win their hearts and gain walletshare consistently is perhaps an unparalleled phenomenon in the world. That Steve could do this in this century – when choices abound and consumers are so picky and promiscuous is an incredible, unmatched saga of achievement.

Steve and Apple stood for unadulterated class. What to pick and what to ignore. From his legendary presentation skills to the new industry models that he created to the array of products that symbolized the very best of its genre stands testimony to his genius. From converting a consumer product space from a volume play centered around margin outreach, he proved that volume play can be done with very respectable margins and still make each and every consumer feel very proud of their status symbol as consumer of Apple products, While people may debate for ever whether Apple is a media company or an entertainment company or a company playing in the consumer non-durable space etc.. he truly made Apple as a lifestyle for its countless number of consumers around the world. In his recent presentation to the Cupertino city council on Apple new campus plans, he said that the architecture would be of so high standards that all students of architecture around the world would plan a visit to see the campus when it is brought up. I have seen in countless occasions the sort of work culture, full of focus and energy that Steve had brought inside Apple. For several years continually, he defined the norms through his products, the definition of what could be done in the high tech consumer space.
Its Jobs’ vision, and the design of Apple’s products — the touch interface, the easy to navigate non-computer-like operating system, the ease of use — and the well designed and now robust Apple ecosystem, the iPod and the iPhone and the iPad have each played a role in disrupting virtually every form of entertainment – the consumable media, from music to text to video.

Not for nothing people call him the best CEO in the world, which he proudly occupied or for some he is the greatest industrialist that America has produced. In and of itself, Steve proved to be the defining standard here. While the world was broadly aware of the deep set of concerns around Steve’s health for the last few years, not many would have expected the end to happen so soon. For many of his admirers, he could pull that magic out that so famously espoused in his product launch presentations. For several decades, the world will recollect the fact that while fighting these personal setbacks, that Steve and his team could keep rolling out category killers/creating products so consistently, create the volumes, maintain healthy margins (in a very tough business and competitive environment), making Apple in the process the top valued technology company in the world. A truly awe inspiring phenomenon ,indeed. The fighter and winner that he is nothing (except those who could have known his medical condition well enough) could make it look that he himself could fall soon.

Ever since he came back to lead the reigns of Apple, Steve and Apple were synonymous with success, His master set of strategies that helped turn around the prospects of Apple would be part of textbook history for ever. Why is it that in his passing away, there’s so much of feelings all around? Steve Jobs stood for the user in a computing world where missteps and mishaps get tolerated across the board. He single mindedly advocated the cause of users as seen from the range of Apple products that got launched - for a majority of Apple users he through magic worked to get whats in their minds and roll out not only products that meet their needs but provide more than those – teens, moms, father and older generation – virtually all strata of society shared similar adulation for Steve.

The PC industry’s most fascinating grandfather who also brought out the post PC–World into reality is clearly the greatest visionary and creative mind that unfortunately just moved into the shadows. In the last few weeks, ever since Steve announced that he is moving out of the CEO role citing his health concerns, some wrote premature obituaries, citing their personal admiration and the impact that Apple products have made in their lives. Some would like to see him as a combination of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Mozart. While some of my choice of technology usage could be different from that of Apple, Steve jobs never ceased to excite and create awe and inspiration in my mind.

That the world could see a 56 year old man in the most technological advanced nation on earth and for somebody who practically had all the global resources at his disposal could lose a fight against cancer( as widely reported), leaves a chilling feeling in the minds and hearts of his followers. There’s anger behind all the praise and sorrow that one man who has done so much to advance the state of the art , who could have given so much had he lived longer could be taken away right in front of our eyes.

Am sure Apple management would continue to take his journey forward, but what stands out is the fact that in this world innovators are always outnumbered and being a successful innovator and a business man is a deadly combination -that’s available only in its rarest forms – symbolized as with Steve Jobs. There is no substitute for Steve – its truly the end of an era. Hopefully this would be part of a continuum, where the new takes over from where where he left and keep running.

Words from Steve Job’s commemorative speech at Stanford rings resplendent with widom,” “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” From Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech, 2005

Steve leaves us with this thought : A true hero in life who could change so much in the world leaves a great thought of substantive force in our minds.- at everyone’s level, given the vision, determination and energy, all of us can make a difference in what we set out to do – small or big. The world will never ever see another Steve Jobs – he is truly unique – one who cared about liberal arts and technology together keeping user needs in mind. It's still difficult for me to see how this great smart computing world would maintain its growth and innovation without a Steve Jobs touch to its advancement. Hope is the answer and as Steve has shown in resurrecting the prospects of Apple, for the determined, it is always possible to achieve. He started his business journey from a garage with a friend. How destiny shaped him & how he shaped his destiny.

As someone said to me in the words of Steve –“iCame, iCreated, iWent. And my legacy will live on.

          AWS Outage & Customer Readiness   

Reddit, Foursquare, EngineYard and Quora were among the many sites that went down recently due to a rather prolonged outage of Amazon's cloud services. On Thursday April 21, When Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) went offline, it took many of its Web and database servers depending on that storage down. With Amazon working aggressively to set this back right, on Sunday April 24, most of the services were restored back . As promised and as would be expected, Amazon has now come out with a detailed explanation describing what went wrong, and explaining why the failure was so widely felt and why it took that much time to restore back all the services. Some say that measured against Amazon’s promised availability, this lengthy outage would mean that Amazon may need to maintain full availability for more than a decade to adhere to their promised availability service level commitments.

Now, let’s examine what happened and how this happened. To start with some basics: Amazon has its facilities spread out around the world. Most users would know that its cloud computing data centers are in five different locations. Virginia, Northern California, Ireland, Singapore, and Tokyo. These centers are so architected that within each of these regions, the cloud services are further separated into what Amazon calls Availability Zone. The availability zones are within themselves self contained with physically and logically separate groups of computers setup therein. Amazon explains that such an arrangement helps customer choose the right level of redundancy as appropriate to their win needs. Such a design with a spectrum of options helps customers choose the right level of robustness also when they for a premium choose to host them in multiple regions. The logic here is that hosting in multiple availability zones within a same region must provide comparable robustness (as in hosting across multiple regions) but would come with a much better economics benefitting the customer.

Amazon offers several services as part of this arrangement. Amongst those services, Elastic Block Store(EBS) is an important service. With EBS, Amazon provides mountable disk volumes to virtual machines using the more well known Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2). This is quite attractive to customers, as Amazon with this service, provides the virtual machines with huge amount of reliable storage – typically this gets used for database hosting and the like. The powerfulness of this feature can be seen by the fact that while this can be used from EC2, another Amazon feature called Amazon Relational Database Service( RDS) also uses this as a data store. As an added feature for its services, Amazon has designed this feature for high availability purposes and replicates data through EBS between multiple systems. Given the volume and variety involved therein, this process is highly automated. In such an arrangement, if for some reason an EBS node loses connection form its replica, instantly an alternate storage within the same zone is made available to maintain connectivity.

As per Amazon, while doing routine maintenance operations in Virgnia operations on April 21, engineers were trying to make a change in network configuration to the zone. As part of the process, traffic to the routers affected apparently got moved into a low capacity network as against getting moved onto a backup. The low capacity network, is meant for handling inter node communication and not large scale replication/data transfer internally between the system and so the additional traffic made the network malfunction. With the primary network brought down for maintenance and the secondary network completely mal-functioning the EBS nodes lost their ability to replicate for want of nodes. This is where the unintended consequence of automation began to rear its ugly head. Every system in this network acted as if they are at risk and began to frenetically look for available nodes with free space for replication. While Amazon tried to restore the primary network, damage has been by then done, with all the available space within the cluster were already used, while some remaining nodes continued their search for nodes with free space available – while such nodes with free space were not available.

With a massive deadlock of nodes trying to find replicas, while there were not nodes with free space, impacted the control system’s performance. The control system performance issue severely impacted execution of new service requests like creating a new volume. A long back up began to get created for the slow control system to act upon and this with time reached catastrophic proportions, with some requests beginning to get returned with fail messages. Now, comes the second but the most crucial part of the outage – unlike other services, the control systems span across the region and not the individual availability zones. The net impact was therefore experienced across different availability zones. Remember the idea of Single Point Of Failure? That was proven here in its full might.

Slowly and deliberately, Amazon began the course correction – by beginning to tend to the control system and by adding more nodes to the cluster. Over time, the backlogs on the control system began to get cleared and this took painful efforts and a lot of time in the process. Outages of public cloud systems have made news in the past but clearly with time, the body of knowledge and maturity levels ought to improve things. Cloud service providers make high availability as the cornerstone of their offerings but this outage would in many ways, put such claims to question. Even while this outage happened with Amazon Virginia operations, there were many users of AWS, who managed to maintain availability of their system. A majority of those installations had fall back in terms of multiple regions, multiple zone coverage. Such moves necessarily bring cost, complexity equation into consideration.

It’s a little odd to see that when the problem of non availability of nodes happened, Amazon almost began to get into a denial –of-service attacks within their environment . Amazon now claims that this aspect of crisis related actions have been set right but one may have to wait till next outage to see what else could give way It may be noted that Amazon cloud services suffered a major outage in 2008 – the failure pattern looks somewhat similar upon diagnosis.Clearly, the systems need to operate differently under different circumstances – while it’s normal for nodes to keep replicating on storage/access concerns, the system ought to exhibit different behavior with a different nature of crisis. With the increasing adoption of public cloud services, certainly the volume, complexity and range of workloads would increase and the systems would get tested under varying circumstances for availability and reliability. All business and IT users would seek answers to such questions as they consider moving their workloads onto the cloud

It is interesting to see how Netflix, a poster user of Amazon cloud services managed to survive this outage. Netflix says,” When we re-designed for the cloud this Amazon failure was exactly the sort of issue that we wanted to be resilient to. Our architecture avoids using EBS as our main data storage service, and the SimpleDB, S3 and Cassandra services that we do depend upon were not affected by the outage”. Netflix admits that their service ran without intervention but with a higher than usual error rate and higher latency than normal through the morning, which is the low traffic time of day for Netflix streaming. Amongst the major engineering decisions that they implemented to avoid such outages includes designing things as stateless applications and maintain multiple redundant hot copies of the data spread across zones. Netflix calls their solution –“ Cloud Solutions for the Cloud” as the claim here is that instead of fork-lifting the existing applications from their data centers to Amazon's and simply using EC2, with their approach they believe that they have fully embraced the cloud paradigm. Essentially, Netflix has automated its zone fail-over and recovery process, hosted its services in multiple regions while reducing its dependence on EBS.

Clearly there are ways to get the best of cloud – except that some of these may have different economics and would call for greater ability to engineer and manage the operations. Amazon may have to increase the level of transparency in terms of their design and the operational metrics need to cover many more areas of operations as against the narrow set of metrics that users get to see now. To sum up , I would hesitate to call AWS as failure of the cloud but this journey into the cloud would call for more preparation and better thought out design to be in place from user’s side.

          CIOs & Cloud Centric IT Organization Refresh Strategies   

As enterprises concentrate on growth, they remain vigilant about costs and operational efficiencies – coming out of recession, even in times of high growth and radiant optimism. Such a model of growth provides IT with a lot of fresh opportunities to adapt and innovate . More than ever, this new model of growth mandates IT to raise its strategic importance to the business rather than just be content to focus on delivery of generic business plans. In many ways the tenor of change is set in with such changing context – With the continuing tight budgets, the CIO’s are now getting forced to” think and act different” – one of the critical ways that can be tried is to follow the time tested model of being creative in discarding the past while taking a bold and fresh approach in creating a new future of IT within enterprises.

The classic way of looking into conceptualizing a new IT organization and its contribution to the enterprise starts by thinking aloud typically by asking the question “What If?” Now in the radar of every CIO and IT organization, Cloud happens to be mostly at the top where some expect more than half of new workloads to naturally move to the cloud besides the expectation that a majority of applications and infrastructure inside the enterprises would move to the cloud over the next few years. That forces the hand of enterprises in ensuring quick think through of the future possibilities for IT in terms of alternate models and the cloud.

Let’s face the facts : CIO’s of large organizations have to manage the burden of the past in terms of legacy systems, data and the processes set in there. They come with huge costs in terms of maintenance and in many cases impose restrictions on flexibility and extensibility. More importantly, in many cases, these systems come in the way of contributing to business agility in an increasingly dynamic world of business across industries,

The cloud model is increasingly being adopted by companies looking to lower cost and improve scalability and enhance flexibility. Many different models of cloud adoption abound varied by size, maturity, expectations, nature of the industry etc. But all agree on one need – cloud services need to be well integrated with existing legacy systems. Some are choosing a hybrid approach between online and on-premise services as a low-risk way to test the benefits. To work, these cloud services need to be well integrated with existing legacy systems.

Possibilities include selectively letting go of the past and unlocking resources and in realigning priorities and setting new directions towards creating more space for innovation and greater business value. Some CIO’s see this as an opportunity to look beyond delivery models towards getting strategic advantage to business through sophisticated information and insights. Cloud centric technologies are a big driver in enabling IT to take center stage in support of innovation, business growth and delivered value.

For enterprises and the CIO, this journey is replete with possibilities, challenges where the upside swing could be alluringly high but the downside fall could be steep if not carefully strategized and executed on those strategies well enough. After all, we are living in an era where technology edge is almost equivalent to business edge and this warrants a new approach to business technology architecture and strategy. That’s when Saugatech came with the interview with Mike Wilens, on Fidelity’s cloud journey , I got real interested.

In a very detailed discussion Mike covers a series of topics and brings out the fact that while people talk a lot about lock-in, reliability, and security in the cloud , these are manageable with good engineering and good planning and it’s not really all that scary – cloud is indeed doable and can be a key enabler for business innovation and enterprise agility. The key here is that the cloud is indeed revolutionary in how we think about application delivery and infrastructure.

In discussions published as part of cloud leadership strategies, Mike outlines the approach to the cloud, the execution plan and alignment to business needs. Covering all aspects of cloud journey within Fidelity, there are lots of important insights coming out of actual experience. Starting with foundational issues, such as standards, cost avoidance and experimenting with new capabilities in the Cloud, the discussion then extends to centralization versus decentralization. Inside Fidelity, the cloud model is slowly altering the degree of decentralization with a view to lower costs but not compromise on ability to innovate around business needs. The key insight here is dealing with reducing risk and cost while not inhibiting innovation that can lead to top line growth.
Moving onto the more interesting aspects of cloud and business the discussions revolve around business innovation, governance frameworks and balancing opportunity and risk. In areas like collaboration and social computing tools, the logic behind determination of what can be used internally and taking into account the regulatory standards, the usage of such tools externally requires very carefully considered solutions. Wilens points out that the standards that are evolving to help public clouds power down the economies of scale are now becoming available for private clouds as well.

Cloud can be a big platform for testing out /piloting new ideas and can be scaled out and scaled up – at any point in time this pilot footprint on cloud should be actively pursued. For example, he believes that migration to mobile devices and the related implications for the presentation layers of any technology infrastructure will be implemented within the cloud based technologies, private or public. Similarly co-opting the startup partners to try out new operational/innovative models and make them scale up on the cloud infuses new dynamics in developing partnerships and new offerings. Fidelity has found that private Cloud portals can deliver to its clients access to financial information, while still maintaining the on-premise, legacy, mainframe record keeping systems. Here comes the reinforcement, that hybrid solutions leveraging the data of on-premise systems will soon become the norm.

The best practices talked about ranges from adopting de-facto cloud standards, for example cloud infrastructure could be coalescing around the LAMP stack. Some other notable insights include:
- Creating shared services with a common platform, look and feel
- Use of cloud as testing environment
- Portioning of clouds – confidential /mission critical data where to keep -on-premise or outside
- What volumes of new workloads to be pushed onto the cloud – particularly in long standing industries like financial services where lot of data tend to be in old but reliable platforms

Operating at both ends of the stacks with a robust risk management plan and governance makes cloud an indispensable framework for IT, Innovation and Business Agility. I recommend reading this for demonstrating that with a good strategy and well laid out execution on such strategy, even in a fast moving but highly regulated industry with a lot of legacy system in place, clouds can be successfully and progressively deployed with demonstrable results in providing flexibility and making business agile.

          Cloud & Outsourcing Service Providers   

Far too often, am asked the question – Won’t cloud disrupt the outsourcing vendors in a big way. My answer is Yes & No. Yes. The cloud will definitely impact those outsourcing vendors who just wait and watch or do superficial adjustments to the emergence of cloud. For those outsourcing vendors (just like in the case of all the players in the software ecosystem), trying to understand the impact of the cloud and proactively embracing the cloud, the impact is going to positively felt. Let’s examines this further. It’s clear: The cloud’s impact on outsourcing over the next five years will be profound because “it will significantly influence the demand made on the nature of services and the type of expertise built by service players as seen in the industry today. On an As-Is scenario, one of the key changes would be that the demand on labor will go down – as cloud could cut down need for support processes while enabling near real-time data processing across the value chain for business”. At the same time, the disruptive cloud technology can enable whole host of new business opportunities centered on new business and technology and support execution models hitherto just dreamt of.

Zoom forward: The beauty of the cloud technologies is such that overtime, it would be seen that cloud technologies will enable IT service providers to deliver end-to-end services regardless of the various platforms, applications, and technologies involved. Extend the thought – one can easily see that within enterprises the classification of core/non-core would begin to diminish overtime as cloud enables Enterprise IT to act as a hybrid environment of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud services.
The cloud-based services will change outsourcing contract methodologies. “Buyers will move away from long-term contracts where the return on investment depended on continuous improvement, and move to shorter-term contracts with more flexibility to quickly buy new services. In respect of some business functions, the complexities involved in structuring a deal centered around cloud would encompass requirements like providers promising to take over customer infrastructure and run it from their shared centers to minimize multiple cloud vendor management for customers”. Cloud-based services will also cause an evolution and huge change in the way outsourcing providers price their services.

There are various types of cloud-related services that outsourcers will typically provide:
• Consulting around integrating enterprise IT with private and public clouds to create a hybrid environment
• Organization change management & risk management
• Implementing and managing private clouds to consolidate and optimize infrastructure
• Developing custom applications for the emerging cloud software platforms
• Developing new applications that integrate collaboration, communication, and cloud platforms
• Migrating enterprise applications to the cloud and the related testing, certification, and governance for risk and compliance
• Offering many commonly used functions as –a –service
• Governance mechanisms, regulation compliance
• Making Business –IT alignment realized over time.

In its fully evolved state, service providers will take on the role of a trusted partner to integrate cloud services of multiple service providers with Enterprise IT. Outsourcing providers are going to move up the value chain, offering consulting and information management services — not in the actual delivery of IT but in how buyers should provision and organize their systems and business process workflows.

Services providers that focus on providing services at the lower levels of the infrastructure and platform stack will need to become more agile and nimble to new technologies and faster technology cycles. They will have to provision new services as quickly as their cloud computing alternatives. The ease with which users can access social technologies, mobile devices and SaaS technologies will mean that IT and outsourcing partners will be bypassed, leaving a myriad of contract support challenges. Inevitably, outsourcers will have to support new technologies and do so in a far more rapid manner. This will lead to tactical responses by outsourcing providers for example leveraging service catalogs to provide a range of computing alternatives and service options to business users (including dedicated, shared and cloud services at different prices and service alternatives). But the real change is one of drastic business model change from hierarchical command structures to a modularized, configurable set of services that can be provisioned to clients in a rapid fashion.

Cloud Computing challenges services providers to sell beyond IT - . Service providers that own the IT budget do not have the relationships to effectively sell many of the cloud enabled business services that are emerging, as they require IT, business and executive relationships – and of course process knowledge. “Upwardly mobile” services providers capable of selling at the process layer will become aggregators of on-premise and Cloud IT technologies within hybrid environments.

If a service provider’s revenue is dependent on increased resource consumption as defined by resource units (e.g., managing more servers) any move to the Cloud most likely will result in a net reduction in resource consumption as infrastructure is consolidated, automated and virtualized.
Overall, I think Cloud Computing is about to bring a lot of changes to the traditional Outsourcing world with a few challenges such as security which is slated to have crossed the tipping point and is poised to put customers at greater risk at the cost of low-cost cloud alternatives that today present themselves as the new-world outsourcing parties.
Nevertheless it will accelerate offshoring / outsourcing, in my opinion because:
- It will drive the traditional outsourcing parties to adopt faster nimble methods

- Contract cycles and agreements will have to be revisited as niche core cloud service players will go after the buyers as contract renewal approaches.

- Fixed Contracts will come under fire as demand of variable contracts will increase. Traditional vendors will have a problem as their models are based of one-time fixed with incremental charges while with hardware/software costs dropping dramatically customers will end up paying more

Cloud computing is surprisingly incremental – software provides a potential risk, hardware provides a potential risk but platform as a service offerings and ability to tap huge new markets tilt the scale. We believe cloud models, like SaaS, will take more years to go mainstream in a true sense of the term, ie, relative to the size of the overall software market. This implies that while SaaS has already displaced traditional software in some categories (eg, CRM), a widespread shift will only be gradual. This provides a window of opportunity for IT-services vendors. Newer offerings like platform BPO adds to the service provider pie. Platform BPO can be described in many ways. For example, it can be considered a SaaS model implemented across a business process, or something akin to “process as a service”.

In effect, platform BPO is about:
- Automating a business process to ensure lower dependence on manpower resources;
- Hosting that process on shared infrastructure (of the vendor or rented by the vendor) rather than on the customer’s premises;
- Pricing the offering on a transaction-based model rather than on a cost centric - people deployed model;
- Sharing of the core platform across many customers (multi-tenant) rather than proprietary to a single customer. Platform BPO is, thus, a new way to deliver processes that have already been around, and it is much influenced by the emerging cloud-computing concept.

Three years from now I would say a good number of enterprises will have their strategies in place for how they plan to use the cloud. The smaller the enterprise the greater the potential exploitation of a third-party cloud will happen. The larger customers will likely use cloud-like technologies, but internally private clouds. Our customers are unlikely to use any public platforms except for what they would deem as commodity activities, such as payroll, F&A, HR, etc (not core strategies). How does that impact companies like us? Large enterprise market, our predominant market space, is likely to adopt cloud technologies internally, and try to charge back their internal clients/departments on a cloud-like billing pattern. Therefore, they would like to reduce the complexity of what they have to take advantage of the variable costs from a costing perspective. In a three-year timeframe that will be a substantial transformation for a lot of companies, which translates into opportunities for people like us.

On a three to five-year perspective, most of the enterprises will be transitioning to a cloud-based delivery strategy for tech and services. Not likely too big, as big a transformation as ERP, CRM, etc as it will be technology-driven transformation on the inside. Business benefits that the end user will see will be greater efficiency, from infrastructure, hardware perspective. There will be a better sharing of resources. What we are seeing in a lot of pilots is speed. Change and speed will be much better in a cloud environment.

And that provides an opportunity for outsourcing service providers when it comes to cloud integration, cloud enablement of existing applications or creating new applications all together on the cloud.

As long as the outsourcing partners’ providers continue to be innovative, and adapt themselves to the market conditions, there should be no room to get worried. After all, the outsourcing service providers do carry with us the knowledge of the applications, ecosystem and architecture for the customers we operate with. Value gets created only by assisting the end client in their business process. In its true sense, value is not just created by cloud infrastructure providers, as they are only going to commoditize the data centre service.

So, overall, well run offshore headquartered firms shall see net positive opportunities with large enterprises embracing the cloud.

          The Cloud & Enterprises   

This is in continuation of the previous note:

Thomas Friedman makes the case that Value creation is becoming so complex that no single firm can master it without closely collaborating with a wide set of partners. John Hagel brings this up :” We are shifting from a world where the key source of strategic advantage was in protecting and extracting value from a given set of knowledge stocks — the sum total of what we know at any point in time, which is now depreciating at an accelerating pace — into a world in which the focus of value creation is effective participation in knowledge flows, which are constantly being renewed”. All these thoughts presuppose or recognize the role that information technology plays in making this shift happen. Extending the thought, once can see that from an infrastructural perspective, externalization of data and processes, for example through cloud computing, can create a secure foundation for collaboration that will eventually be indispensable. This flow and collaboration – critical components in the shift becomes so important that it is worth dwelling a little more into this theme.

With the global competitive forces getting more and more powerful one case that business around the world are keen to get more agile and more lean. With dependence in IT increasing with time, solutions centered on IT get more significant. With cloud as an enabler to such a change, one can see many things are coming together to make benefits get realized. As business tends to focus on getting the easy to do business with tag, the ease of provisioning extranets makes the organization more agile as it establishes lightweight, short term partnerships and outsources granular services to external providers. When information and goods flow across borders and enterprises, the concern of rising transactional cost is bound to arise. With well designed cloud solutions , transaction costs can be actually managed better. And by reducing the transaction costs of contractual collaboration the company can effectively leverage external resources without engaging in full scale mergers and acquisitions or setting up joint ventures.

How to engineer a seamless and reliable experience that can not only absorb changes in the external environment but also function as a critical enabler of such change? Look carefully and we can see that at the operational level , an increasing number of data sources are becoming available in the form of web services, truly interoperable and are easy to integrate. Enterprises move really aggressively to make gains on this count – some of them are able to leverage these effectively have an advantage over their competition. The real advantage comes by being able to extract context sensitive, pattern based business intelligence by combining the data sources with their internal information and that of their partners.

This in essence sets the stage of preparing to not only take advantage of emerging technology to stay competitive but also potentially help a set of enterprises to create new standards of competing and thereby create competitive advantage through differentiation. Talking of differentiation, form the perspective of business enabled through the cloud it can be seen that the increased service orientation of cloud squarely uplifts the importance of identifying and analyzing competitive differentiation. Once core functions are established inside enterprises likely centered around core competencies the next question to seek is : determining whether they lead to a business benefit and the larger question therein is whether they are indeed unique and whether the uniqueness is sustainable in the fast changing world?

In such critical turns and decisions, enterprises need to take a far more involvement in activities that may look too mundane and operational. For example, it is a perfectly valid question to ask and keep asking at regular intervals as to how much of IT should be delivered by internal sources. As the technology and technology enabled markets and business services mature, many viable and economical solutions become available for enterprises to consider. And if standardized services (preferably configurable) are available on the market on a more economical footing, then it is obligatory on the part of enterprises to investigate whether it would be possible to leverage them. There may also be alternate forms of delivering the services. Let’s see from an IT perspective - in such a scenario, very effective solutions delivered over the cloud are becoming more and more commonplace. For example, self service portals can reduce human involvement overhead and can thereby lower the costs of basic services. Add ability to configure and integrate – the potential multiplies. Such decisions help enterprises move resources to focus on efforts inside the enterprise that could yield far better returns and may help enterprises become more lean and efficient and in some cases can make them more innovative as well.

Then where does it leave genuinely core processes that are supposed to provide differentiation by design? Where these processes begin to get intertwined with undifferentiated tasks, the effectiveness definitely goes down. Many of the generic IT solutions with customized overlays clearly fall into this category. Such a scenarios also provides enterprises to examine objectively if it would be possible to isolate the generic functions and have them sourced from the most effective and efficient source. Obviously there may not be standard answers for every conceivable scenario but enterprises can think through and decide on embracing appropriate choices.

Now comes the question of horizontal scalability – can the core competencies be looked as a platform to provide a base for a broad range of solutions? Can most of the solutions be plausibly monetized? Too often we see that the competitive advantage can begin to help in gaining business in related areas as well – there cloud solutions can provide can help in providing quick entry and act as a simulation media before eventually becoming a core infrastructure for leverage in steady state on scale up. Similarly IP that can be enabled through cloud can facilitate embracing new business models for cross domain/ cross enterprise usage. Obviously these things don’t happen just by chance – every such possibility needs to be thought through and details worked out in a rigorous manner. When competencies get stretched to serve a more broad base of services, it would invariably call for a realignment of resources and focus inside enterprises. Enterprises then get sucked into taking decisions on designing organization structures ranging from divisions to horizontals.

With market shifts happening more frequently – the dynamism with which enterprises monitor and prepare for them increase more rapidly. Too often, today we see that corporate strategies are reflecting upon changes across all stakeholders – competition, suppliers, customers besides geographies and market segments. This is a more complex game but technology and cloud by extension can provide more strategic enabling support. Such changes can foist huge demands on enterprises –some of them could be very direct and some of them could bring in an indirect but overbearing expectations on the business. The utility model is not just limited to computing CPU cycles and counts the saving. Its actually about making a range of services available on demand – information consulting, data streams, business processes, real time collaboration etc. The reality is that almost all the industries would have a need to consume such services as they begin to navigate the effects of changes that are happening in their industries and in some case extend such services when they act the role as providers. The lesser recognized part of the equation viz. the indirect impact : this can be more powerful and with a larger reach. How? In this complex web of business, enterprises which don’t provide such services may have to engage in transactions with others that do provide such services. Now one will have run as fast as the ecosystem to at least hold on to the current competitive position ( in some cases –in fast changing industries, one will have to run faster to hold on to the position). So the moral here is : no enterprise is likely to be immune from this sort of change and this is going to create a series of cascading changes across the business landscape.

The fact remains cloud provides a very huge canvas. By its huge capabilities and reach , the cloud can effectively change the business dynamics along with the progressions that it creates and this can simply dominate careful setups laid inside enterprises. By attacking the cost structure of IT operations and being seen as business friendly, it can find more support in its absorption. And, the truly disruptive phenomenon that cloud is - shall influence this business ecosystem more rapidly and with greater reach : net result – cloud could become the harbinger of change that will accelerate the changes in the partner landscape in this interconnected world.

          The Cloud & Its Impact!   

Was on a long flight to Asia, when conversation with the co-passenger began to get centered around cloud computing and what could be its impact that an educated executive ought to know. I have seen the various definitions of cloud computing that include elements of the varied description of the term, yet they typically do not address every single aspect that is associated with cloud computing. The definitions vary from being seen as IT as a service independent of location by IT resources to massive scalable IT capabilities provided as service across the internet to multiple customers to infrastructure hosting of customer applications and billed by consumption.

My intent here is not to add confusion with yet another attempt at fine tuning the various definitions that are currently available. Each and every thought strand provides a good job at giving an idea of what is involved. Nothing of importance suggests to me that there is any particular value in having an authentic/authoritative/cardinal definition. The attributes provide a more meaningful way to provide a near close authentic touch : off premise, elasticity, pay-as-you go billing, virtualization, service delivery, universal access, centralized and distributed management, multi- tenancy etc.

For me, the way I see it, the innovation of the internet from a technical perspective lies in identifying the confluence of several technical trends , look forward and visualizing how these can combine with improving cost factors, a changing environment and evolving societal needs can combine to create a virtuous cycle that generate an ever increasing economies of scale and benefits from network effects. Look carefully. One can see that cloud computing is similar in nature while admittedly its difficult to isolate a single grain of technology strand triggering the cloud’s advent and progress. A number of incremental improvements in various areas ( notable among those fine grained metering, flexible billing, virtualization, broadband, SOA, service management) have all come together recently. Combined together they enable new business models that can dramatically affect cost and cash flow patterns and are therefore of direct great interest to the business . In the backdrop of economic changes affecting the business environment and a investment overhang of IT , cloud and the opportunities it presents look very significant to business.

If we examine further, the combined effect has reached a critical threshold by achieving sufficient scale to dramatically reduce prices, thus leading to a virtuous cycle of benefits (cost reduction for customers, profits for providers), exponential growth and ramifications that may reverberate across many of our lives, including technology, business, economic, social & political dimensions. As cloud computing establishes itself as primarily a service delivery channel, its likely to have a significant impact on the IT industry ( by maximizing service interconnectivity), by stimulating requirements that support it.

The Capex Vs Opex discussion is well known and I won’t repeat it here but would like to point out that the reduction in fixed costs also allows the company to become much more agile and aggressive in pursuing new revenue streams. Since resources can be elastically scaled up and down they can take advantage of unanticipated high demand but without being burdened with the excess costs when the market softens. The outsourcing of IT infrastructure reduces the responsibilities and help organizations focus in the area of delivering true value of IT. The shift can help IT to focus from Plan-Build-Run onto Source-Integrate- Manage mode of functioning.

Another form of business impact may be that the high level of service standardization that cloud computing brings may blur the traditional market segmentation. The conventional distinction that separates small and medium businesses from enterprises, based on their levels of customization & requirement for sales and service support may fade in favour of richer set of options & combinations of service offerings. Let’s zoom out and come back. In some ways, cloud computing is only a small part of a much larger trend that is taking over the business world. The transition to services centered economy is gaining momentum over the decades - the critical constraint had been on collaboration - if we do a root cause analysis we can find that the constraint is rooted on trans- enterprise barriers and a cohesive well geared technical infrastructure.

The difficulty rests on the fact that unlike in a tangible product, it is very difficult for one to break services into its elemental components that come together to provide a seamless efficient service. The transaction costs that are associated with identification, contracting, monitoring and collection were far too high to justify bringing different entities together. A s we progress towards an ecosystem where everything –as-a-service becomes a defined norm, the gamut expands to include a lot of business as well. From Human resources management to finance to logistics to manufacturing all can be potentially handled by a strategic partner. And cloud here can play a critical enabling role of providing an infrastructure that acts as a critical component of this transformation.

Regardless of whether a company seeks to adopt cloud computing, the technology may have a significant impact on the competitive landscape of many industries. Some enterprises may be forced to look at cloud computing simple keep pace with external efficiencies in their ecosystem. And for some, it could be the case that their core business is being eroded by the arrival of newer agile competitors. As a result, I think that it very likely that there will be a market shift as some companies leverage the benefits of cloud computing better than others. These may trigger a reshuffling of the competitive landscape, an event that may harbor high risks and huge opportunities. More on this theme later

          Robert Břešťan: Zeman u Putina. Přijetí v Moskvě je plánované na listopad   
Zatímco termín přijetí českého prezidenta Miloše Zemana v Bílém domě se tak dlouho upřesňoval, až byl zrušen úplně, v Kremlu by podobný problém nastat neměl.
          Nutanix introduces two new tools in quest to simplify hybrid cloud management   
 Nutanix was born in 2009 as a storage company, but always had a broader view of the computing world. As company president Sudeesh Nair told me, they started with storage because they believed legacy storage was holding back data center transformation. Today the company made another step beyond that initial vision introducing two new products that they see as part of a larger hybrid cloud… Read More

          Safe Computing   

Why Should I Keep My Computer Secure?

The purpose of many security threats today is to allow a hacker to gain access to your computer. The hacker can then:

  • Gather your personal and business information such as passwords for accessing your bank account on-line, credit card details (when you enter them into a web page), business accounts, etc.
  • Use your Internet connection to spread spam.
  • Use your computer for other malicious purposes.

Many computers today have been compromised in this way and their owners are not even aware of it. The problem is so widespread that hackers, aided by the proliferation of Broadband, even hire out "networks" of compromised computers for relaying spam!

How Can I Tell If My Computer Has Been Infected?

If you have an Internet Security program suite, such as Norton Internet Security installed on your computer, you should make sure that it is working and up-to-date. Have the program scan your computer for viruses and spyware on a scheduled basis. If you have separate anti-virus and anti-spyware software you should do the same with both these programs.

If you don’t have any up-to-date, working security software installed on your computer but you do have Internet access, you can use an on-line virus scanner. You can try the on-line scanner provided by Symantec (the makers of Norton software) by going to and clicking the Check For Security Risks link. You may also try using Trend Micro's Housecall located at:

If you don’t have any up-to-date, working security software and you don’t have reliable Internet access, one or more of these symptoms may indicate that your computer has been infected or compromised:

  • Your computer generates one or more errors when it starts up.
  • Your computer is very sluggish.
  • You can’t update your security software or access certain web sites.
  • Your Internet connection is very active when you are not doing anything on the Internet.
  • Strange pictures have appeared on your computer desktop.
  • When you are browsing the Internet you are continually directed to pages you have not chosen to go to.
  • You experience a large amount of pop ups.

In our experience, around 75% of computer problems are caused by virus infections or other computer security issues.

What Should I Do If I Think My Computer Has Been Infected?

If you think your computer may have been infected or compromised, or if you try to remove viruses or other threats from your computer but it is continually getting re-infected:

  • Do not use your computer to access bank accounts on-line, to buy anything on-line or to access any on-line accounts that contain your bank account details, credit card details, or any other personal information.
  • Disconnect your computer from the Internet or network.
  • Shut your computer down.
  • Seek professional help (you can contact us for advice).

Basic Computer Security Advice

There are 3 basic steps to keeping your computer safe:

  • Install an Internet Security program suite, e.g. Norton Internet Security, that contains anti-virus, Spyware and firewall protection. (See our Useful Links page for details of where to buy Internet Security suites.)
  • Check for updates for your Internet Security suite every day before you surf the Internet or download email. (To see how to do this view our tutorial.)
  • Check for Microsoft Windows critical updates manually if you have turned off Windows Automatic Updates or if you don’t have broadband. (To check for Windows updates open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu and then click Windows Update.) You should do this manual check at least once a month.

General Tips

  • Use your anti-virus software to scan your computer for viruses weekly. Most anti-virus software will allow you to schedule weekly scans that will run automatically. (If your computer misses its weekly scan, do a manual scan yourself as soon as possible thereafter.)
  • If you have separate spyware and adware protection software scan weekly with these programs as well.
  • Take regular backups of your important files. As a general rule of thumb, the more important the information is and the more frequently it changes or is added to, the more frequent should be the backups.
  • Never use a computer to access any web site that has your credit card or bank account details unless you know for sure that the computer you intend to use is completely virus free.
  • Regularly review your credit card and bank statements.


  • Never open any email attachment unless you are expecting it and you know what it contains. If you are unsure, contact the sender by e-mail, text, phone or some other method to confirm that what they sent was not a virus.
  • Never click on a link in an email message unless you are expecting it and you are 100% sure of its authenticity. If you are unsure, contact the sender by e-mail, text, phone or some other method to confirm that they sent it to you. Clicking on a link to a web site, amusing video clip, etc can install a Trojan Horse on your computer.
  • Never run any program that is emailed to you, no matter who has sent it to you. "Free" screen savers and games are used to infect computers with viruses, Trojan Horses, Spyware, etc. These screen savers and games can work perfectly well and the infection that they carry may not become obvious for months.

Beware of email scams and hoaxes - they come in many forms but you should never respond to any of them. Some pretend to be from your bank or other organization and ask you to click on the link in the email and re-enter your account information, including your PIN or credit card details. Clicking the link takes you to a web site that will look like your bank or other organizations web site but is designed to capture your account details. These details are then used to empty your bank account or charge items to your credit card.

Other hoaxes purport to be from Microsoft and request that you click a link in the email to update your security protection. When the link is clicked a Trojan Horse is downloaded on to your computer and installs itself. Remember, reputable organizations like banks, Internet service providers, Ebay, etc who hold details of your bank account or credit card will never email you to ask you to re-enter your account details. Microsoft also never send emails about security updates.

Instant Messaging

  • Be careful downloading files in Instant Messaging (IM) programs such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. Never open, accept, or download a file in IM from someone you don’t know. If the file comes from someone you do know, don’t open it unless you know what the file is and you were expecting it. Contact the sender by e-mail, text, phone or some other method to confirm that what they sent was not a virus.
  • Block messages from anyone not already in your contact/buddy list to prevent spim, the IM equivalent of spam, which is increasingly being used to propagate phishing scams.
  • Never click on a link in IM unless you are expecting it and you are 100% sure of its authenticity. If you are unsure, contact the sender by e-mail, text, phone or some other method to confirm that they sent it to you. Clicking on a link to a web site, amusing video clip, etc can install a Trojan Horse on your computer.
  • Links in away messages can be used by IM worms so it is advisable not to click them.
  • Make sure that you use the most up-to-date version of your IM program so that your computer is better protected.


  • Be suspicious of every web site that isn’t well known to you. Does the web site address or web site name seem suspicious? Does the site look right? Does it feel right? Things to look out for include predominantly black or very dark colored web sites, text styles that don’t seem right, information that seems to serve no particular purpose or that doesn’t tie in with the purpose of the site, and so on. If you feel at all uneasy about a web site, leave it immediately by clicking the Back button on your web browser or by closing your web browser.
  • Don’t click on any link that you feel uneasy about or that seems to have no plausible purpose.
  • If you are asked to download and install any Applet, ActiveX Control or anything else, don’t do it! Click the Cancel button or go to another web page immediately.

The 3 Internet related activities that are almost guaranteed to get your computer infected are music downloading, file sharing, and playing on-line games. Here are our tips:

Music Downloading and File Sharing – Use well known sites such as iTunes, MSN Music, etc for your music downloads. Don’t download any music software or player that is not from a well-known company. If you see a site advertising unlimited free music beware! The only way to get an unlimited supply of free music is to file share and every computer we have examined that has been used for file sharing has been so riddled with viruses, Trojan Horses, etc that it has greatly degraded the performance of the machine.

On-Line Games – We have seen a lot of cases of computers that have been infected by downloading and installing ActiveX Controls, Java Applets or other software for playing on-line games. We therefore urge extreme caution when downloading anything to play on-line games. Is it worth the risk?

Mobile Devices (including Mobile Telephones, Smartphones and PDAs)

Currently, smartphones using the Symbian operating environment and PDAs with the Windows CE or Palm operating systems are the main targets for these viruses. They spread by messages sent via Bluetooth or MMS, within programs and games downloaded via MMS or from the Internet, and by infected emails.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the existence of these viruses and forgetting about basic security guidelines. They can cause significant damage and inconvenience, e.g. one virus, called Commwarrior, can run up your telephone bill as it attempts to spread by MMS.

Preventative measures that can be taken include:

  • Don’t open suspicious or unsolicited messages.
  • Only download programs and games from the official websites.
  • Use anti-virus software that has been specifically designed for mobile phones or PDAs.
  • Review the Bluetooth section below for Bluetooth security measures.


  • Consider disabling Bluetooth if you don’t use it.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth enabled device when it is not with you. Thieves are now using Bluetooth technology to scan parked cars for mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  • Consider setting your Bluetooth device to undiscoverable mode which will still allow you to keep your headset connection while not broadcasting your presence. This helps protect against virus transmission and will also protect you from Bluesnarfing.

Wireless Networking

Security problems can arise with wireless enabled devices when they are configured to seek out and connect automatically to any wireless base station, leaving them open to attack and infection.

To help secure a wireless enabled device:

  • Consider disabling your wireless card if you don’t use it.
  • Ensure that your wireless card is not configured to seek out and connect automatically to unknown wireless base stations.

Security problems can also arise when home or small business wireless networks are installed but not secured. If the precautions listed below are not taken, anyone with a wireless device within range of an unsecured wireless base station or wireless Router could connect to the wireless base station/Router and access the other computers connected to it, use the Broadband Internet bandwidth and even re-configure the wireless base station/Router. Additionally, if wireless network traffic is not encrypted the base station/Router can be subject to eavesdropping.

To help secure a wireless base station or Router:

Change the manufacturer’s standard login information and Wireless Network Name (SSID). Set up a Wireless Access List restricting the list of computers able to connect to the network to your own computers. Encrypt the network traffic with at least WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption and preferably WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key) encryption to ensure a better level of protection.

Hard Drive Disposal

In its 14th August 2006 episode the BBC's Real Story highlighted the fact that the bank account details of thousands of Britons are being sold in Africa for less than $20. Old computers taken to local council waste disposal sites are often sent to Africa where the hard drive can be removed and sold. The people who purchase these hard drives can then access the information on them, even if they have been wiped.

Real Story bought 17 hard drives from Nigeria at $15 each and, using a computer expert, found the owners' addresses, bank account numbers, sort codes, passwords and other highly confidential information.

To dispose of your old computer hard drive securely you can use one of these alternative methods:

  • Use commercial erasing software to completely erase your hard drive. The best hard drive erasing software is based on Peter Gutmann's algorithm and/or the U.S. DoD's method.
  • Pay a computer professional to securely erase your hard drive.
  • Sign-up for a recycling service run by your hard drive or PC manufacturer.
A learning tool with information and advice

          Citizens vs. geniuses   

Citizens vs. geniuses

It is a characteristic of our culture that we glorify scientific genius. Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman and Stephen Hawking are just a few of the illustrious names from the canon of physics saints. Other disciplines have their own haloed ones. The role of the amateur scientist, in comparison with these greats, seems to vanish into insignificance.

The power of citizen cyberscience
Figuratively, citizen cyberscience today is primarily about harnessing the power of dray horses. Not just a hundred, but - thanks to Web - sometimes a hundred thousand, to tackle a problem that involves a lot of intellectual hauling.

Of course there are many examples of volunteer computing, such as the recently released LHC@Home 2.0 project, but I'm thinking here in particular of that strain of citizen cyberscience, volunteer thinking, represented by projects such as Stardust@Home, GalaxyZoo or FoldIt, where it is human brainpower that is being aggregated, and not just processor power on volunteer PCs.

But citizen cyberscience can be a lot more than this. Because the whole premise that there are only steeds and drays, brilliant professional scientists and ordinary citizens, and a factor of a hundred or more between them in intellectual capacity, is fundamentally flawed.

Fast drays and blinkered steeds
We live in a world where a staggering amount of people have studied science at a very high level, many even obtain a PhD, without becoming professional scientists.

And we live in a world where, due to specialization, professional scientists can only filter a fraction of the information that might be relevant to their research. In other words, a world where many drays can gallop fast, and most steeds are blinkered.

The famous American hat-throwing celebration of graduation. Today, there are many people who are highly educated in science, some may even hold a PhD, without being a scientist or actively engaged in research. Nevertheless, they are specialists who could contribute to their field. Image courtesy Wikimedia.
We can add to that the many steeds that have been put out to pasture - retired scientists with time on their hands and years of experience, who still have much to contribute. And then there are those passionate amateurs who spend all their free time practicing the science they love, the growing ranks of autodidact drays.

The long tail of talent
The whole point of this rather labored equine analogy is just this: the difference between professional scientists and amateurs is blurring.

This is happening for myriad reasons. Thanks to the Internet, but also to radical changes in education opportunities and life expectancies in the developed and much of the developing world.  The net result is that there is not a binary world of geniuses and ordinary mortals, but rather – to use an Internet analogy – a long tail of talent.

This long tail ranges from the many volunteers who can do things such as catalogue galaxy images, the task set by the project GalaxyZoo, to the very few who might be able to spontaneously team up and develop completely new strategies for folding proteins, as scientists behind the computer game FoldIt documented, to their own surprise. (See "Citizen cyberscience: the new age of the amateur" in the CERN Courier for more examples).

The audience joins the show
What will this mean for citizen cyberscience? The most insightful analogy for understanding the implications of this gradual blurring between professional and amateur scientist is not horses, I would argue, but journalists.

The world of journalism has been turned upside-down in recent years by social media technologies which allow a much wider range of people to take part in gathering, filtering and distributing news. Though some professional journalists at first resisted this trend, most now appreciate the likes of Facebook, Twitter and myriad blogs in expanding the sources of news and opinion and accelerating dissemination: the audience has become part of the show.

Could the Internet one day wreak the same sort of social change on the world of science, breaking down the distinction between amateur and professional? In my view, it is not a question of whether, but of when.

A prediction for the future of science
I'm going to venture a guess. By 2020, we will see a significant amount of real, breakthrough science being carried out by online communities - similar to the open source communities that develop complex software packages.

By far the largest fraction of the work will be done by amateurs. Not only that, the amateurs will have the biggest say in exactly what questions are tackled by the community. They will actively help to define the research agenda.

Professional scientists will still play a role, as professional journalists do today, of going into the field - or rather into the lab - in search of new data. This is something that cannot easily be distributed, especially for research that involves expensive experimental equipment.

Scientists will still play a role in vetting results, as journalists and their editors do today, when dealing with information that has been crowdsourced. Scientists will still play a role in shaping the research agenda, much as the benign dictators in open source projects do. But they will have to compromise with the aspirations of the rest of the community in order to get results.

In science as in journalism
That this will happen, I am in little doubt. Even the Royal Society, a pillar of the traditional scientific establishment, has been promoting a major policy discussion on the role of science as a public enterprise, which touches on the issue of citizen participation in science.

How this will impact the scientific establishment in the long run, however, is another question entirely. Judging by the major upheavals that the world of print journalism is going through, I expect the impact to be enormous. And yes, it may not all be nice. A lot of scientists - especially expensive ones in industrialized countries - may find themselves out of work, in the same way that the livelihoods of many journalists have become more precarious in the Web 2.0 era.

I am not saying Galileo's elitist view is wrong - it accurately describes the past. Nor am I suggesting that in future, individual geniuses will become superfluous. Many scientific problems will no doubt remain easier for a gifted individual or a small team of professionals to tackle, in much the same way as there will probably always be problems that supercomputers can better tackle than networks of ordinary computers. Horses for courses.

But in the next 10 years, I contend, the scope for citizen contributions to real science is going to expand radically. And in many cases human genius - embodied in the individual brains of exceptional people such as Galileo - will be supplanted by the genius of interconnected humans. In science as in journalism, the audience will become part of the show.

This opinion is based on a recent entry on François Grey'sblog,

          Citizen Science: Climatology for Everyone   
Citizen Science: Climatology for Everyone

With recent posts addressing personal action in the fight to combat global warming, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate a post to ways in which the average citizen can help global warming by directly contributing to our scientific understanding of it. That is, becoming a ‘citizen scientist’.

Citizen science projects date back hundreds of years, with many of the first projects involving citizens keeping track of wildlife populations. The Audubon Christmas Bird Count is perhaps the most famous in the United States and dates back to 1900. With help from the internet, and a growing recognition of the value that citizens are capable of contributing, citizen science projects have been rapidly growing.

The range of subjects that are covered by citizen science projects is vast. Here are just a few of them, which directly relate to climate change:
Computational projects
The majority of activities that we use our computers for actually require less than 1% of our computer’s available processing power. Using one of today's new computers to browse the internet is like using a forklift to hang a potted plant. Why not get the most out of that expensive hardware under the hood, by putting it to work to help the planet? – Using the popular BOINC grid computing software, allows you to harness unused processing power to run global climate models on your home computer. Several scientific papers have already been published based on results from the project.

The Clean Energy Project – Part of IBM’s World Community Grid, and also running on the BOINC platform, it uses the powerful Q-Chem® quantum chemistry software to explore new molecular structures for use in potential low-cost “organic” solar panels.

Hydrogen@home – A new project, similar to the Clean Energy Project, but seeks new ways to create and store hydrogen as part of a clean fuel economy.

The projects listed above may be considered 'passive' citizen science, in that they don't require any real effort to carry out. Once you download and get the software running to your preferences, you can essentially ‘set it and forget it’. The software is fully customizable with respect to how much of your processor/memory you want to allocate to the projects, when the computations run, and which projects you would like to contribute to (if climate science isn't your greatest passion, there are several other projects out there ranging from the search for aliens to discovering new protein folding techniques.)

Active Participation
For those who are motivated to do a bit more, there are many 'active' participation projects out there. Some of these can be quite involved, but typically don't require any minimum time commitment--work as often as you like and as hard as you like.
Old Weather – Read old navy logbooks and digitize their historic weather information, in order to gain a better understanding of past weather and climate patterns and enhance the accuracy of modern day predictions. A talent for reading handwriting is required.

Data rescue at home – Similar to Old Weather but with a wider range of sources, involves digitizing handwritten atmospheric conditions for computational analysis. Currently working on German radiosonde data from WWII.
CoCoRaHS (USA) —Measuring precipitation in “your backyard”, with the goal of creating an ongoing, ultra-high resolution data set of precipitation events, which will contribute to scientific understanding of weather and climate patterns.

Opal Climate Survey (England) – Requests that citizens observe and report several climate factors, such as aircraft contrails and wind speed. Related surveys such as air quality and biodiversity are also featured.
Students’ Cloud Observations On-Line – A NASA program, geared towards kids but with the very important purpose of cross-checking satellite cloud measurements. Students visually classify clouds by altitude, type, cover percentage, and opacity. (USA) – Seeks volunteers to photographically document the status of official temperature stations throughout the United States.
ClimateWatch (Australia) – Track populations of an insect, animal or plant species through time within a certain region, to better understand how the biosphere reacts to climate change and other long term trends.
ClimateWatch is similar in nature to the earliest type of citizen science project discussed above, that of keeping track of species number and behavior in their natural environment (formally known as phenology). While most do not officially take tracking climate change to be their primary goal, there is no doubt that this data will be helpful in tracking how the biosphere is reacting in response to regional or global climate forcings. Knowing how the natural world will react to a rapid climate shift lists among the biggest and most important uncertainties still plaguing climate predictions, and lack of data is a limiting factor. Imagine how much more informed our policy actions could be if we knew exactly how populations and behaviors of all of the key species on earth were trending.

There are hundreds of similar projects involving tracking the natural world; it is almost certain you will be able to find one involving whichever plant, animal, or insect species you may especially hold dear. Many of these projects can be found at the excellent database for citizen science There are even iPhone apps to let you participate on the go.

So why not start giving scientists a hand? Virtually anyone, including kids, can get involved in these projects and know they are making a real difference. Many feature some kind of participation-based points system for fun and to encourage some friendly competition. And they can also be a great way to meet people—whether your passion lies in developing clean energy to save the world, or simply the intricacies of the swallowtail’s mating cycle, there is no shortage of passionate citizens out there working hard to improve our scientific understanding of the natural world.

Green Internet Consultant. Practical solutions to reducing GHG emissions such as free broadband and electric highways.
twitter: BillStArnaud
skype: Pocketpro
          Democrats don't want to get rid of their embattled boogeyman   

nancy pelosiDemocrats aren't ready to rally around a new figure to lead their party in the House of Representatives, despite recent soul searching that has led some to believe that current Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may be hurting the party's electoral prospects.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll released Wednesday showed that although a plurality of voters believe Pelosi should step aside as House minority leader, among Democratic voters, only 27% want new leadership, compared to 41% who want her to stay, and 31% who have no opinion.

As Democrats have lost a series of special House elections in red districts, some Democrats have worried that their opportunity to capitalize on President Donald Trump's historic unpopularity could be squandered by Republicans' successful ability to link any Democratic candidate with Pelosi.

Rep. Tim Ryan, who unsuccessfully challenged Pelosi for minority leader last year, told Business Insider earlier this month that he did not know how Democrats could win in the 2018 midterm elections if Republicans were able to convince skeptical independent and Republican-leaning voters that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Pelosi's agenda.

"I don't know if there is a solution in the short term," Ryan said. "It's clear that tactic still works, still packs a punch, and it's part of a broader toxicity of being part of the Democratic brand regardless of where you are."

Other Democrats and some commentators have defended the minority leader, noting her successful ability to pass major legislation through the House — as speaker, she was the highest-ranking female government official in American history during a time of consequential legislative action.

"They've spent over $100 million dollars demonizing me," Pelosi said during a press conference last week.

"I believe one of the reasons they did it is I'm an effective leader. We passed the Affordable Care Act, we passed Dodd-Frank," she added.

NOW WATCH: 'Do you even understand what you're asking?': Putin and Megyn Kelly have a heated exchange over Trump-Russia ties

See Also:

SEE ALSO: Some Democrats are starting to turn their ire toward Nancy Pelosi

          Citizens are playing an increasing important role in cyber-science   
[Great article in iSGTW about how the Internet and clouds are allowing citizens to play a more direct role in scientific discovery. I believe that we have only scratched the surface on the potential of citizens and students to be more active participants in science. I think this could also be a very “green” approach to science if all the thousands of PCs that are used in such work, were powered solely by small renewable resources using 400 HZ connectivity. For example it would be easy to configure a PC that to be powered by the electrical grid when a user was interacting with the machine – but in sleep mode the computer could be powered by 400 Hz power which could be delivered by roof top solar panel or micro wind mill over existing copper wire in the home. If there was no renewable power available the machine simply shut down and go off line, as there are thousands of other machines elsewhere in the world that could still the processing. This would enable the millions of computers around the world to provided distributing computing capability for all sorts of scientific experiments without increasing the carbon footprint of the machines. -- BSA

Opinion - Scientists, meet the citizens

François Grey is the coordinator of the Citizen Cyberscience Center.

In a week’s time, an unusual meeting of minds will occur in London.
Billed as a Citizen Cyberscience Summit, it will bring together scientists from a range of distributed, volunteer computing and volunteer thinking projects, to mingle with some of the volunteers who participate in these online projects.

The upshot of the event, hosted by King’s College London on 2-3 September, should be a stimulating dialogue about how to make citizen cyberscience even more compelling for the public and even more useful to science.
The timing of the event could not
be better. August saw a bumper crop of major scientific results from online science projects involving public participation. An article in Naturedescribed progress made in protein folding using an online multiplayer game called Foldit. The game allows participants to pull, twist and shake a 3D rendering of a given protein in a variety of ways, just using a mouse and a simple web interface.

Players score according to how energetically stable the resulting protein structure is. Fascinatingly, the scientists discovered that the players spontaneously team up sometimes to try to find new strategies for folding the proteins. This exploration of strategy space, not just the molecular conformation space, puts the human solvers streets ahead of standard computer algorithms, which just plod along with same old strategy.

The Einstein@home screensaver. The Einstein@home project is analysing both gravitational wave detector data and radio astronomy data. Image courtesy Einstein@home

Wave of the future?
This sort of volunteer thinking may well be a wave of the future, but there is still lots of mileage in volunteer computing, which invites participants to simply run scientific software in the background on their PCs or laptop. There are already dozens of such projects online, and one of these, Einstein@home, made waves two weeks ago with a publication in the journal Sciencewhich described the first pulsars to be discovered through public participation.

Over 250,000 volunteers contributed to this research, providing supercomputing-level processing power of 0,25 Petaflops. Over 100 pulsar candidates were discovered, including a highly unusual specimen which is probably the fastest spinning pulsar of its kind, rotating on its axis 41 times a second.
Speakers from research groups behind both Einstein@home and FoldIt are scheduled to speak at the London Summit. And they are also going to listen to a number of the volunteers, and learn about their perspective on participating in such projects.
One celebrated volunteer who will be there, Hanny van Arkel, discovered a mysterious astronomical object in 2007. Since she is Dutch, she referred to it as a “Voorwerp” — Dutch for “object” — when drawing other participants’ attention to it. The name stuck, and as a result, Ms van Arken – —who is a school teacher and also plays guitar in a band — is forever immortalized in the night sky as Hanny’s Voorwerp.
The Summit will feature several such stories of discovery by amateurs, providing a reminder that thanks to the internet, citizens are playing an increasingly direct role in science.
—François Grey for iSGTW

twitter: BillStArnaud
skype: Pocketpro
          Human Computing - Distributed Thinking - new age of Citizen Science

By using the strengths of distributed computing technologies, both specialized researchers and citizens have the opportunity to participate in a new way of doing science.

We live in a time when nearly all information is available to nearly all people everywhere.

We are entering an age where all types of people can also contribute to many types of information. A school bus driver in rural Romania may be part of a biomedical research project. Or a banker in Los Angeles might moonlight as a collaborator in an astronomy project – classifying galaxies in her spare time.

This new movement in science, called “citizen science,” allows non-specialist volunteers to participate in global research. The projects are as diverse as backyard insect counts (the Firefly citizen science project), studies of how malaria develops and is transmitted ( or prime numbers searches (through PrimeGrid).

The marriage of distributed computing techniques with citizen science represents a potential revolution. It gives scientists access to more resources and makes “cybercitizens” participants in the research process. With a few mouse clicks and 20 minutes to spare a person can elect to aid scores of projects. They can aid as many or as few projects as they like, and their involvement does not damage the performance of their own computer.

Considering the average desktop is idle about 80% of the time, its spare computing cycles represent a large resource. After downloading the needed software, a computer’s spare analytical power is harvested to work on small pieces of a large problem that has been sent from the project’s server. Once completed, the results are sent back to the project. By sharing out large tasks to many computers a distributed “grid” of computers can reduce the time needed to solve complicated problems.

In the Galaxy Zoo project, everyday citizens can help astronomers do things such as catch exploding stars, or supernovae. Data for the site is provided by an automatic survey in California, at the world-famous Palomar Observatory. Image courtesy Galaxy Zoo Supernovae

Where to start

Many of these projects use the common software platform BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing). The BOINC webpages point to nearly 50 projects, coming many domains including climate change, astrophysics, earthquake monitoring, epidemiology and searches for extraterrestrial life. These count among them Rosetta@home, Climate, Einstein@home, LHC@home, Chess960@home including the well-known SETI@home. BOINC’s volunteers, number about a third of a million people, donate an average of 4,540.83 TeraFLOPS in 24 hours.

Other portals leading to multiple applications include World Community Grid and EDGeS. World Community Grid, sponsored by IBM, with nearly half a million members, collects humanitarian and medical applications such as Nutritious Rice for the World and FightAIDS@home.

The EDGeS project, or Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science, allows information to pass between desktop grids based on BOINC, and service grids (publicly funded grids of connected computing clusters) such as Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE.) This makes it possible both for volunteers to contribute to applications on service grids and for researchers to put their service grid applications on volunteer, desktop grid systems.

Human computing – distributed thinking

An intriguing sub-variety of volunteer projects call for “volunteer thinking.” These projects that share out tasks which require human intelligence for accurate processing.

Through Galaxy Zoo, volunteers classify images of the near quarter million galaxies that have been collected through the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The human brain is able to recognize shape and type much more quickly and accurately than any computer. This work helps astronomers understand how galaxies form.

AfricaMap, a UNOSAT project (the United Nations Institute for Training and Research Operational Satellite Applications Program), will give volunteers satellite images of rural Africa, who will mark roads, bridges, human settlements, rivers, agriculture fields, barren fields and more. This will update old maps and create maps for areas where they did not exist before.

This project, and others like it, are being collected under the umbrella of the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, a partnership of the University of Geneva, the UN Institute for Training and Research and CERN, Europe’s center for physics research, to help regional authorities, humanitarian workers and scientists. Accurate maps will help aid workers reach needy areas and will track the progress of climate change.

Specialized researchers and volunteer citizens can now collaborate on some of the world’s most serious problems. The internet and the Web led to a revolution in the way we access and use information. These tools, coupled with distributing computing technologies, may be ushering in a research revolution as well.

—Danielle Vention, EGEE, is a former iSGTW editor
          CERN launches citzen cyber-infrastructure project

UNITAR, UNIGE and CERN Collaborate on a Citizen Cyberscience Centre

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR, the University of Geneva, UNIGE, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN (hereafter referred to collectively as "the Partners") have formally agreed to collaborate on a Citizen Cyberscience Centre Project.

Citizen Cyberscience
The Partners have a common interest in, and experience of, developing Citizen Cyberscience applications for humanitarian and fundamental research.

Citizen Cyberscience provides scientists with an inexpensive form of distributed computing power that is complementary to Grid technology. This is especially true for processing-intensive problems, as illustrated by the LHC@home project developed by CERN and partners for Large Hadron Collider beam studies.


The areas of collaboration include:

* use of Citizen Cyberscience to help local authorities and humanitarian workers in developing regions to use earth imagery acquired from space for emergency response and improved territorial planning and management, including disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change;
* use of Citizen Cyberscience to help scientists discover new drugs for infectious tropical or neglected diseases using computer-aided screening of potential drug compounds, as well as to predict the impact of using such drugs in large-scale epidemiological simulations.
* use of Citizen Cyberscience to enable scientists in developing countries with limited resources to contribute in meaningful ways to international collaborations in fundamental science, such as particle physics and astrophysics.
          The age of Citizen cyber-infrastructure   
[For more examples of citizen cyber-infrastructure please see Some excerpts from iSGTW--BSA]
Opinion - The age of citizen cyberspace

Using LHC@home, particle beam dynamics can be studied with volunteer computing. Image courtesy CERN
(François Grey, one of the key people behind the founding of the present-day iSGTW and a frequent contributor to these pages, argues that with volunteer computing, we are about to embark upon a new era of “citizen science.”)

….PrimeGrid, is tackling a host of numerical challenges, such as finding the longest arithmetic progression of prime numbers (the current record is 25). Professional mathematicians now eagerly collaborate with Rytis to analyze the gems that his volunteers dig up. Yet he funds his project by selling PrimeGrid mugs and t-shirts. In short, Rytis and his online volunteers are a web-enabled version of a venerable tradition: they are “citizen scientists.”
There are nearly 100 science projects using such volunteer computing. Like PrimeGrid, most are based on an open-source software platform called BOINC (see 15 October 2008 iSGTW, “Reaching for the Exa-scale”) with volunteer computing. Many address topical themes, such as modelling climate change with, developing drugs for AIDS with FightAids@home, or simulating the spread of malaria with (See 7 May 2008 iSGTW, “WISDOM unplugged: Malaria drug-leads graduate to the wet lab”)

Fundamental science projects are also well represented. Einstein@Home (iSGTW 14 May 2008) analyzes data from gravitational wave detectors, MilkyWay@Home simulates galactic evolution, and LHC@home studies accelerator beam dynamics. Each of these projects has easily attracted tens of thousands of volunteers.

A new wave of online science projects, which can be described as “volunteer thinking,” takes the idea of participative science to a higher level. A popular example is the project GalaxyZoo, where volunteers can classify images of galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey as either elliptical or spiral, via a simple web interface. In a matter of months, some 100,000 volunteers classified more than 1 million galaxies. People do this sort of pattern recognition more accurately than any computer algorithm. And by asking many volunteers to classify the same image, their statistical average proves to be more accurate than even a professional astronomer.

Going one step farther in interactivity, the project Foldit is an online game that scores a player’s ability to fold a protein molecule into a minimal-energy structure. Through a nifty web interface, players can shake, wiggle and stretch different parts of the molecule. Again, people are often much faster at this task than computers, because of their aptitude to reason in three dimensions. And the best protein folders are usually teenage gaming enthusiasts rather than trained biochemists.

Who can benefit from this web-based boom in citizen science? In my view, scientists in the developing world stand to gain most by effectively plugging in to philanthropic resources: the computers and brains of supportive citizens, primarily those in industrialized countries with the necessary equipment and leisure time. A project called Africa@home, which I've been involved in, has trained dozens of African scientists to use BOINC. Some are already developing new volunteer-thinking projects, and the first African BOINC server is running at the University of Cape Town.

A new initiative called Asia@home was launched last month with a workshop at Academia Sinica in Taipei and a seminar at the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing, to drum up interest in that region. Asia represents an enormous potential, in terms of both the numbers of people with internet access (more Chinese are now online than Americans) and the high levels of education and interest in science.

To encourage such initiatives further, CERN, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research and the University of Geneva will establish a Citizen Cyberscience Center on 2 July. This will help disseminate volunteer computing in the developing world and encourage new technical approaches. For example, as mobile phones become more powerful they, too, can surely be harnessed.
There are about one billion internet connections on the planet and three billion mobile phones. That represents a huge opportunity for citizen science.
          Free storage in the cloud for scientific datasets   
[A number of cloud organizations are offering free hosting for open scientific datasets. If this trend continues to develop it will create a further impetus for “open” data which is a result of government funded research as well as the architecture of research networks and the need for large physical scientific computational facilities. One of the challenges facing researchers in the use of clouds or virtualization is the high cost of storage and the time it takes to ship large datasets over the network. Free storage and collocating large datasets with the computational cloud eliminates both challenges. Here are some pointers to initiatives in this area. Thanks to Richard Ackerman’s blog for this pointer – BSA]

Google provides free storage for datasets
Under Project Palimpsest, Google will be providing free storage and public access to large scientific data sets in what could be a major data organization challenge.
The storage would fill a major need for scientists who want to openly share their data, and would allow citizen scientists access to an unprecedented amount of data to explore. For example, two planned datasets are all 120 terabytes of Hubble Space Telescope data and the images from the Archimedes Palimpsest, the 10th century manuscript that inspired the Google dataset storage project.
The challenge would be in the ways in which Google is able to represent the data to the public. Also, the Trendanalyzer acquisition would come really handy here. The data source is open to the public which means that additions can be made to it as well.
There is also a presentation available at SearchEngineJournal on the talk delivered last May. And if you have huge datasets that just won’t get uploaded, Google is providing 3TB disk arrays for shipping them whole file system for the dataset.
Talis Connected Commons
Talis Connected Commons is about fostering the Linked Data community, by providing a rich hosting service:
For qualifying data sets, Talis will provide, through the Talis Platform:
• Free hosting of up to 50 million RDF triples and 10Gb of content
• Access to data access services that operate on that data, including data retrieval and text search
• Free access to a public SPARQL endpoint for each dataset.
I asked Leigh how this fits with the Talis Project Xiphos initiative, and he explained that Xiphos is a more focussed initiative around "data in the education, library and publishing sectors", whereas Connected Commons is about any kind of data.
Talis, like Amazon, understands that a modern business is about fostering an ecosystem, a combination of shared data and services that can be used as a platform for software development and business development.

Amazon Public Datasets service
Public Data Sets on AWS provides a centralized repository of public data sets that can be seamlessly integrated into AWS cloud-based applications. AWS is hosting the public data sets at no charge for the community, and like all AWS services, users pay only for the compute and storage they use for their own applications.
Previously, large data sets such as the mapping of the Human Genome and the US Census data required hours or days to locate, download, customize, and analyze. Now, anyone can access these data sets from their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and start computing on the data within minutes. Users can also leverage the entire AWS ecosystem and easily collaborate with other AWS users. For example, users can produce or use prebuilt server images with tools and applications to analyze the data sets. Users can also discuss best practices and solutions in the dedicated Public Data Sets forum.
By hosting this important and useful data with cost-efficient services such as Amazon EC2, AWS hopes to provide researchers across a variety of disciplines and industries with tools to enable more innovation, more quickly.
          Armchair Astronomer - Galaxy Zoo   
[Extracts from the Economist magazine article -- BSA]

An armchair astronomer discovers something very odd

THE task of peering into the cosmos and discovering strange new galaxies sounds like a job for astronomers armed with big and very expensive telescopes. But almost a year ago that all changed when a group of stargazers decided to ask the public to help in a project to explore the northern sky.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey had been looking in this part of space for 16 years, producing so much information that astronomers assumed they would never get through it. So the public was let loose, to help sort what they had found. The scheme is called the Galaxy Zoo project.

...within a month of the opening, Hanny van Arkel, a physics teacher from the Netherlands, posted a message on the zoo’s forum about some strange blue stuff she had spotted and asked what it might be.

By January the zoo’s professional keepers had started to pay attention to what the teacher had called a voorwerp, the Dutch word for object. Now it is becoming famous.

What this object might be was a complete mystery at first. It was initially thought to be a distant galaxy, says Chris Lintott, an Oxford University astronomer involved in the project. But after further study astronomers realised that there were no stars in it, and so it must be a cloud of gas. But why the gas was so hot (about 15,000ºC) was a mystery, because there seemed to be no stars to heat it up.

The weird blob could become immortalised as Hanny’s Voorwerp, the name given to the object in a paper Dr Lintott and his colleagues are submitting to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. And towards the end of the year, if the mission to service the Hubble telescope goes as planned, a high-quality image of the voorwerp could emerge.

Earlier projects in distributed computing, such as SETI@home, which searched for extraterrestrial life, have used the power of millions of home computers. But more recently, scientists have begun to realise that distributed human brain power itself can be a useful commodity, as in working out the shape of proteins. Dr Szalay says that the voorwerp episode has shown how immensely valuable the public can be.

When the data were put online Dr Szalay thought it was only a matter of time before someone made a big discovery. “It just happened much faster than we thought.” In the past year 40m classifications of galaxies have been submitted on 1m galactic objects in the Galaxy Zoo. Dr Lintott says that the project has proved that the public en masse is as good as professional astronomers at classifying galaxies.

The next step is to ask people to do more complicated things, such as keeping an eye out for weird objects, which is bound to appeal to armchair astronomers. Hanny’s object had been there for decades, unnoticed in the astronomical archives. The idea now is for the public to explore strange new galaxies; to seek out new voorwerps and to boldly go where no amateur has gone before.

          Distributed Computing for Eartquake Monitoring   
[Here are too cool distributed computing applications (similar in operation
to SETI@Home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~

Distributing Computing Project For Earthquake Monitoring Coming Soon Levi Beckerson (Blog) - April 3, 2008 9:23 AM

UC Riverside researcher's earthquake monitoring system via distributed computing will soon be a reality.

Many computer enthusiasts as well as casual users are familiar with the various distributed computing projects such as Folding@home and SETI@home. And if there weren't enough familiarity for PC users, Sony's PlayStation 3 can also run Folding@home and does so very well thanks to its Cell Broadband Engine.
The magic behind distributed computing is in using all those unused processing cycles where computers lie semi-inert, simply passing time by spinning cooling fans. The various clients utilize unused cycles by crunching numbers for a given project.

The Quake-Catcher Network will use spare processing power as well as already installed accelerometers in laptops to monitor for seismic activity.

The accelerometers in modern laptops are used to help protect hard disk drives from suffering mechanical failure due to sudden impacts. As they are designed to measure vibration, they are a perfect fit for the Quake-Catcher Network's monitoring system.

Unlike the underground seismic sensors that dot southern California, which,after the data is transferred to one of several universities, takes 15 to 20 seconds to analyze, the network's seismic monitoring would happen in
real-time thanks to the way distributed networking works. The monitoring network could be used as an early warning system to give people in neighboring towns 10 to 15 seconds to prepare for the shock waves.

The data gathered by a dense network of monitoring stations could also be used to map the seismic data from the event, giving scientists a time line as well as information about material density and distance. The gathered
results will be freely available to the public and researchers.

          Join the hunt to feed the world's hungry through broadband Internet   
[Another good example of citizen science. Excerpts from NY Times article -- BSA]

Join the Hunt for Super-Rice

There is no quick fix to the world food crisis, but a project getting underway Wednesday could make a difference in the long run. Rice

A team of researchers at the University of Washington are putting a genomics project on the World Community Grid in the computational search for strains of rice that have traits like higher yields, disease resistance and a wider range of nutrients.

The purpose is to hasten the pace of modern rice genetics, which since the 1960s has delivered a series of new strains, starting with higher-yielding semidwarf varieties, a breakthrough that was hailed as the Green Revolution.

But the demand — all those mouths to feed — keeps rising. Rice is the main staple food for more than half the world’s population. In Asia alone, more than two billion people get up to 70 percent of their dietary energy from rice.

The World Community Grid, begun in 2004, gives selected humanitarian scientific projects access to massive computing resources. It taps the unused computing cycles of nearly one million computers around the world — much like SETI@home, the best-known distributed computing effort, which claims it has harnessed more than 3 million PCs in the search for extraterrestrial life.

The World Community Grid places a small piece of software on your PC that taps your unused computing cycles and combines them with others to create a virtual supercomputer. Its equivalent computing power would make it the world’s third-largest supercomputer, according to I.B.M., which has donated the hardware, software and technical expertise for the project.

The grid will run a three-dimensional modeling program created by the computational biologists at the University of Washington to study the structures of the proteins that make up the building blocks of rice. Understanding the structures provides clues to their functions, interactions between the molecular parts and how certain desired traits are expressed.

          Researchers Launch Online Protein Folding Game   

[Another great example of the potential of Citizen Science. Extracts from Slashdot and original article--BSA

Researchers Launch Online Protein Folding Game

Multiplayer online gaming brings to mind fabulously successful titles, such as “World of Warcraft” and “Ultima.” On May 8, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) researchers at the University of Washington are bringing the arcane world of protein folding to the online gaming arena with the launch of “Foldit,” a free game in which players around the world compete to design proteins. The real world benefit: Scientists will test proteins designed by the game's players to see if they make viable candidate compounds for new drugs.

Users can access the game via the web at

The development of the online game is a natural extension of HHMI investigator David Baker's quest to understand how proteins - the building blocks of cells — fold into unique three-dimensional shapes. Over the past decade, Baker and his colleagues have made steady progress in developing computer algorithms to predict how a linear string of amino acids will fold into a given protein's characteristic shape. A detailed understanding of a protein's structure can offer scientists a wealth of information — revealing intricacies about the protein's biological function and suggesting new ideas for drug design.

Predicting the shapes that natural proteins will take is one of the preeminent challenges in biology, and modeling even a small protein requires making trillions of calculations. Over the last three years, volunteers around the globe — now numbering about 200,000— have donated their computer down-time to performing those calculations in a distributed network called Rosetta@home. The computing logic behind the network is an algorithm called Rosetta that uses the Monte Carlo technique to find the best “fit” for all of the parts of a given protein.

But as the Rosetta volunteers watched their computers blindly trying to work out a solution by methodically testing every possible combination and shape to find the best fit, they began to think that a little human intervention might speed things up. “People were writing in, saying, `Hey! The computer is doing silly things! It would be great if we could help guide it,'” remembers Baker, who is based at the University of Washington (UW) where he developed the Rosetta algorithm and network.

Baker didn't know how he could make that happen until about 18 months ago, when he went hiking on Mt. Rainier with his neighbor David Salesin, a University of Washington computer scientist who also runs a research laboratory at nearby Adobe Systems. Baker and Salesin began discussing ways to make Rosetta more interactive. With the inherent fun of competition, Salesin thought a multiplayer online game was the way to go. By the time they got back to the car, they had settled on that idea. Salesin provided Baker with the names of three colleagues, led by UW computer scientist Zoran Popović, who could help Baker create the game.

Over the next several months, Popović, and his students Adrien Treuille and Seth Cooper, created the program, and the team tested it in small venues. One match between teams from the University of California and the University of Illinois aroused unexpected fervor and cheering among spectators. “30 or 40 people participated,” says Baker. “The competition was very intense.”

“Foldit” takes players through a series of practice levels designed to teach the basics of protein folding, before turning them loose on real proteins from nature. “Our main goal was to make sure that anyone could do it, even if they didn't know what biochemistry or protein folding was,” says Popović. At the moment, the game only uses proteins whose three-dimensional structures have been solved by researchers. But, says Popović, “soon we'll be introducing puzzles for which we don't know the solution.”

Baker has high hopes that the game will speed up the sometimes tedious business of structure prediction. But the part of the game that excites him most is scheduled to debut this fall, when gamers will be able to design all-new proteins. Novel proteins could find use in any number of applications, from pharmaceuticals to industrial chemicals, to pollution clean up. With the ability for any person with a computer and an internet hookup to start building proteins, Baker thinks the pace of discovery could skyrocket. “My dream is that a 12-year-old in Indonesia will turn out to be a prodigy, and build a cure for HIV,” he says.

writes "Tired of justifying your gaming addiction? Now you can really help accomplish something while you play... thanks to Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher David Baker at the University of Washington." In collaboration with others, Baker has designed a game, called "Foldit," with a practical outcome: players manipulate on-screen images of protein chains and attempt to predict their folding patterns. From the article: "'Our main goal was to make sure that anyone could do it, even if they didn't know what biochemistry or protein folding was,' says [co-creator Zoran] Popovic. At the moment, the game only uses proteins whose three-dimensional structures have been solved by researchers. But, says Popovic, 'soon we'll be introducing puzzles for which we don't know the solution.'"

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          Rasputin's Bastards   

Today on the 5: Boing Boing had a series of books that were described as "enthralling", and one title in particular jumped out at me. My review of the psychic novel Rasputin's Bastards.

          LSST Receives $30 Million   
Via Interactions.Org

LSST Receives $30 Million from Charles Simonyi and Bill Gates

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) Project is pleased to announce receipt of two major gifts: $20M from the Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences and $10M from Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Under development since 2000, the LSST is a public-private partnership. This gift enables the construction of LSST's three large mirrors; these mirrors take over five years to manufacture. The first stages of production for the two largest mirrors are now beginning at the Mirror Laboratory at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. Other key elements of the LSST system will also be aided by this commitment.

The LSST exemplifies characteristics Simonyi and Gates have exhibited in their successful lives and careers – innovation, excitement of discovery, cutting edge technology, and a creative energy that pushes the possibilities of human achievement. The LSST leverages advances in large telescope design, imaging detectors, and computing to engage everyone in a journey of cosmic discovery.

Proposed for "first light" in 2014, the 8.4-meter LSST will survey the entire visible sky deeply in multiple colors every week with its three-billion pixel digital camera, probing the mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and opening a movie-like window on objects that change or

"This support from Charles Simonyi and Bill Gates will lead to a transformation in the way we study the Universe," said University of California, Davis, Professor and LSST Director J. Anthony Tyson. "By mapping the visible sky deeply and rapidly, the LSST will let everyone
experience a novel view of our Universe and permit exciting new questions in a variety of areas of astronomy and fundamental physics."

The LSST will be constructed on Cerro Pachón, a mountain in northern Chile. Its design of three large mirrors and three refractive lenses in a camera leads to a 10 square degree field-of-view with excellent image quality. The telescope's 3200 Megapixel camera will be the largest digital camera ever constructed. Over ten years of operations, about 2000 deep exposures will be acquired for every part of the sky over 20,000 square degrees. This color "movie" of the Universe will open an entirely new window: the time domain. LSST will produce 30 Terabytes of data per night, yielding a total database of 150 Petabytes. Dedicated data facilities will process the data in real time.

"What a shock it was when Galileo saw in his telescope the phases of Venus, or the moons of Jupiter, the first hints of a dynamic universe" Simonyi said. "Today, by building a special telescope-computer complex, we can study this dynamism in unprecedented detail. LSST will produce a database suitable for answering a wide range of pressing questions: What is dark energy? What is dark matter? How did the Milky Way form? What are the properties of small bodies in the solar system? Are there potentially hazardous asteroids that may impact the earth causing significant damage? What sort of new phenomena have yet to be discovered?"

"LSST is just as imaginative in its technology and approach as it is with its science mission. LSST is truly an internet telescope, which will put terabytes of data each night into the hands of anyone that wants to explore it. Astronomical research with LSST becomes a software issue - writing code and database queries to mine the night sky and recover its secrets. The 8.4 meter LSST telescope and the three gigapixel camera are thus a shared resource for all humanity - the ultimate network peripheral device to explore the universe" Gates said. "It is fun for Charles and me to be a team again supporting this work given all we have done together on software projects."

"The LSST will be the world's most powerful survey telescope. This major gift keeps the project on schedule by enabling the early fabrication of LSST’s large optics and other long-lead components of the LSST system," said Donald Sweeney, LSST Project Manager.

LSST is designed to be a public facility - the database and resulting catalogs will be made available to the community at large with no proprietary restrictions. A sophisticated data management system will provide easy access, enabling simple queries from individual users (both professionals and amateurs), as well as computationally intensive scientific investigations that utilize the entire database. The public will actively share the adventure of discovery of our dynamic Universe.

More information about the LSST including current images, graphics, and
animation can be found at

In 2003, the LSST Corporation was formed as a non-profit 501(c)3 Arizona corporation with headquarters in Tucson, AZ. Membership has since expanded to twenty two members including Brookhaven National Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Google Inc., Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Johns Hopkins University, Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology - Stanford University, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network, Inc., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, National Optical Astronomy Observatory, Princeton University, Purdue University, Research Corporation, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, The Pennsylvania State University, The University of Arizona, University of California, Davis, University of California at Irvine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Washington.

          Cara asyik bermain payudara   

wow,payudara! Sungguh ciptaan yang sangat cantik dan erotis! Payudara tercipta dengan sempurna untuk membawa si empunya juga pasangan cintanya melayang nikmat dalam kebahagiaan, saat payudara “dimainkan”

para soba pria pria,semoga tips berikut ini akan mengajarkan anda bagaimana menyenangkan pasangan anda saat anda memainkan payudaranya, khususnya saat mengawali momen hubungan intim .
Rekan wanita, sensitivitas dan rasa nikmat yang menjalar sekujur tubuh akan membuat anda semakin terlihat manja dan menggemaskan.

khusus yang Yang boleh praktek hanya yang telah menikah. Jika belum menikah, jadikan isi tulisan ini sebagai persiapan.

1. Beri Sentuhan Menerus ke Payudara
Sama dengan variasi bentuk dan ukuran payudara, terdapat juga variasi dalam permainan sex yang tiap-tiap pasangan sukai. Sebagian wanita senang ketika dirangsang dengan sangat hebat, sebagian lain lebih senang dengan sentuhan-sentuhan ringan dan lembut.
Penting untuk diingat: mainkan payudara secara simetris.
Payudara harus dimainkan secara bersama atau dengan lama waktu yang sama agar “tidak jealous” . Wah wah…jangan sampai si payudara satunya merasa diabaikan. Akibatnya gairah bercinta bisa padam.hehe
Mulailah dengan menyentuh dan meremas payudara dengan perlahan dan lembut. Dengan menyentuhkan telapak tangan secara terbuka ke seluruh area payudara. Cara ini cukup manjur untuk mengetahui kondisi payudara pasangan anda. Tapi yang pasti, memberikan kenikmatan padanya. Gunakan waktu anda saat itu untuk juga menikmati “rasa-rasa aneh” yang anda rasakan. Boleh anda gunakan minyak esensial untuk memijat agar gerakan anda lebih smooth, licin, dan hangat.
Lanjutkan dengan gerakan yang ritmis, berirama. Ulangi gerakan anda beberapa kali secara konsisten. Jika anda melakukan gerakan searah jarum jam, lakukan itu di kedua payudara. Atau coba gerakan ini: letakkan telapak tangan ke payudara dengan pusat telapak tangan tepat di putting dan areola. Gerakkan jari-jari tangan dengan gerakan memutar, kemudian gerakkan jari-jari ke arah puting dan akhiri dengan gerakan cubitan nakal ke putting. Ulangi beberapa kali. Ditanggung pasangan anda akan sangat senang dengan apa yang anda lakukan
Cermati bahasa tubuh pasangan anda. Bertahan dan terus berikan perhatian pada suara dan gerak tubuhnya. Dari sini anda dapat mengetahui seberapa besar rangsangan yang anda berikan mampu memberikan kenikmatan pada pasangan anda. Anda dapat lakukan gerakan lain yang anda nilai pas dengan momen tersebut.
Jangan menduga, bertanyalah! Jangan ragu untuk bertanya pada pasangan anda, apakah yang anda lakukan “enak” menurut dia. Bertanyalah seperti: “ Sayang, lebih suka remasan lembut atau lebih kuat?”. Penting bagi anda untuk mengetahuinya agar acara ranjang anda tetap “HOT!”

2. Enak Juga Untuk Dimakan
Payudara begitu lezat, hingga anda selalu ingin memasukkannya ke mulut anda. Sekali anda telah “berkenalan” dengan payudara pasangan melalui sentuhan tangan, suasanapun menjadi hangat dan basah. Ya, Mulailah mengeksplor payudara pasangan dengan mulut

Mulailah dengan jilatan kecil di sekitar areola, lihat antisipasi yang diberikan pasangan anda. Kemudian perlahan bergeraklah menuju puting.
Secara bertahap ubahlah gerakan mulut dari menjilat ke menghisap – hmm, yummy!
Eksperimen dengan gigitan-gitan kecil yang nakal. Jika pasangan anda telah ‘turn-on”biasanya akan meminta hisapan yang lebih kuat dan atau diselingi gigitan.
Hembuskan nafas anda ke puting. Buat pasangan tesenyum. Kembali anda hisap dan gigit payudaranya. Sayang, geli akh…!
Dalam waktu yang sama! Saat mulut anda menikmati satu payudara, jangan abaikan payudara satunya. Gerakkan tangan anda untuk menggodanya. Dengan “menyayang” payudara pasangan dengan mulut anda, dia akan tahu bahwa payudaranya “memang enak untuk anda makan.”

3. Permainan Ekstra Sensorik
Rekan pria, kreativitas merupakan kunci sukses anda dalam menggugah gairah bercinta pasangan. Dan…gawatnya, ibarat seniman, payudara pasangan merupakan kanvas ideal untuk menuangkan ide-ide kreatif anda.
Pada permainan ekstra sensorik ini anda akan membutuhkan beberapa alat pendukung:
. Bermain geli-gelian. Goda payudara dan puting pasangan dengan mainan yang berbulu-bulu, Sentuhan yang sangat lembut dari bulu akan membuat pasangan sangat senang. Apalagi kalau anda memasangkan blindfold (kain penutupp mata). Sentuhan yang tiba-tiba, tanpa dia ketahui sungguh merupakan rangsangan yang hebat. Dia akan minta ampun kegelian yang justru membuat anda lebih gemas untuk menggodanya.

. Bermain panas-dingin. Tuangkan sedikit minyak pijat yang menghangatkan dipayudara pasangan. Pijatlah dengan perlahan dan lembut. Percayalah, si dia akan mendapatkan pengalaman erotik yang hebat. O iya, anda juga dapat bermain di temperatur rendah. Usapkan es di puting payudaranya. Bibirnya pasti berbisik, aah….eehh… Dinginnya es ternyata mampu menyengat syaraf puting payudara sampai ke sekujur tubuhnya. Putingnya pun segera ereksi dan mengeras. Pakai ice-cream juga oke, segera setelah anda oleskan ice-creamnya, nikmati payudara with ice-cream topping! Hmmm…very delicious!

. Bermain rasa buah dan cokelat. Anda dapat berikan krim cinta (love cream) ke areola dan puting payudara pasangan. Jangan banyak-banyak, nanti malah belepetan. Setelah itu mulailah anda jilati payudara pasangan. Sruup…strawberry, chocolate, grape, mixed fruit! Terserah anda. Atau kalo tidak ada krim cinta, boleh dicoba, selai roti atau klo lagi musim buah duren juga boleh,huahaha

. Permainan Mendandani Payudara
Rekan pria, jika payudara dibawa ke ranah fesyen, pastilah payudara senang menjadi Si Bola-bola Cantik. Nah…penjepit payudara (sex toy) merupakan satu permainan yang dapat dipakai saat bermain”dandan-dandanan” dengan obyekpayudara pasangan.

Jepitan dan tekanan yang diterima puting akan memberikan pengalaman sensasional. Perlu anda ketahui bahwa saat tubuh kita terangsang (pria dan wanita), maka tubuh akan lebih mampu menahan rasa sakit. Puting sebagai contohnya – banyak wanita yang meminta pasangannya untuk memencet atau menghisap putingnya dengan sangat kuat saat mereka benar-benar telah “turn-on” dan siapberhubungan intim.
          Tips merawat PC   
Sebuah komputer baru tentunya akan bekerja pada kondisi kemampuan maksimalnya, namun seiring berjalannya waktu pemakaian menyebabkan performa terus menurun.

Tips Merawat Komputer PC
Pada kenyataannya, banyak pengguna komputer atau PC (Personal Computer) cenderung “malas” untuk melakukan perawatan rutin baik terhadap Software maupun hardware yang digunakan di komputer tersebut.
Mungkin karena sebagian pengguna belum tahu, tidak familiar dan takut “merusak” PC itu sendiri padahal hal ini sangat penting. Mengapa sangat penting? Karena dengan dengan rutin melakukan maintenance tersebut, komputer kita diharapkan kembali ke performa yang maksimum selain terhindar dari dari kerusakan yang tidak diinginkan. Berdasarkan kegiatan perawatan yang dilakukan, maintenance Tips Merawat Komputer PC dapat dibagi menjadi dua bagian, yaitu:

1) Maintenance Hardware
Secara umum, maintenance hardware ini adalah dengan membersihkan bagian-bagian komponen CPU PC kita. Yang sering terjadi adalah debu yang sering menempel di kipas pendingin power supply atau kipas pendingin lainnya. Untuk itu, bersihkan dengan kuas pada bagian tersebut dan juga bagian-bagian lain di dalam casing CPU tersebut, seperti slot memory, harddisk, power supply dan motherboard.
Tergantung dari penempatan CPU tersebut, setiap beberapa bulan atau setahun sekali sebaiknya kondisi dalam casing CPU dibersihkan. Lebih baik lagi apabila kita bisa melepas semua komponen yang bisa mudah dilepas, dibersihkan dan dikembalikannya satu persatu, namun tentunya bagi orang yang sudah berpengalaman atau familiar dengan komputer.
Tips Merawat Komputer PC 
Namun perlu diingat jangan menggunakan cairan pembersih apapun untuk membersihkan hardware, khusus komponen hardware berbahan kuningan seperti bagian dari memori, maka kita dapat menggunakan penghapus pensil untuk membersihkannya.

2) Maintenance Software
Selain hardware, perawatan rutin yang harus lebih sering kita lakukan adalah Software maintenance. Mengapa? Karena dengan melakukan perwatan Software secara rutin, maka seluruh program yang ada di komputer kita dapat bekerja dengan baik dan meningkatkan performa PC pada umumnya, selain itu perwatan Software ini cenderung lebih mudah dan kita tidak harus berkotor-kotor ria karena debu dan sebagainya. Berikut hal-hal yang bisa kita lakukan:

Disk Cleanup
Hal ini paling mudah kita lakukan, dengan melakukan disk cleanup space harddisk kita akan terpakai secara optimal, juga membersihkan file-file yang tidak berguna. Caranya adalah (Pada Windows OS) dengan klik My Computer>pilih salah satu drive>klik kanan>Properties>Disk cleanup atau Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk cleanup.
Tips Merawat Komputer PC 

Disk Defragment
Disk Defragment merupakan satu langkah maintenance yang perlu rutin dilakukan untuk menjaga performa komputer anda tetap sehat dan terjaga.
Fragmentasi terjadi ketika sistem operasi memisahkan file-file ke dalam beberapa bagian karena tidak cukupnya space harddisk yang tersedia di lokasi dimana file tersebut tersimpan. Kemudian sistem akan terus mengingat pola bagaimana menyimpan file tersebut.
Yang menjadi masalah, ketika sistem operasi memanggil file sistem (FAT/NTFS) ternyata lokasi tersebut sudah digunakan oleh file temporary lainnya, ini akan berakibat sistem operasi yang bereaksi tidak sewajarnya akibat salahpaham tersebut.
Tips Merawat Komputer PC 
Untuk itulah, perlu di lakukan disk defragment secara berkala dengan tujuan agar sistem operasi menata ulang file dan tempat semestinya mereka berada. Untuk melakukan defragment, dapat dilakukan dengan cara:
Klik Start Menu>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Defragment atau My Computer, pilih salah satu drive dan lanjutkan dengan klik kanan, Properties>Tools>Defragment.

Hapus program dan file yang sudah tidak digunakan lagi
Untuk menghapus program yang sudah tidak digunakan dengan cara Start Menu>Setting>Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs.

Meng-update antivirus 
Apabila komputer kita terkoneksi dengan internet, kita patut untuk selalu meng-update antivirus kita dengan update terbaru, Karen setiap hari beragam jenis virus terus bermunculan, sehingga perlu dilakukan update antivirus agar sistem komputer kita tidak mudah terserang virus.

Menggunakan Utility Software
Selain menggunakan utilty bawaan sistem operasi Windows, kita juga dapat menggunakan utility Software seperti system mechanic, cc cleaner, registry cleaner, dan lain-lain untuk meningkatkan kinerja komputer kita.

Backup data penting
Semua langkah perawatan sederhana di atas sudah kita lakukan, namun ada baiknya kita backup data-data penting kita, jika terjadi hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan, seperti kebakaran, komputer kita rusak, dan lain sebagainya. Backup dapat kita lakukan dengan membuat duplikat data kita di beberapa partisi drive yang ada, menyimpan data kita di flashdisk , cd, ataupun dengan menyimpan data kita lewat cloud computing.

Dengan beberapa Tips Merawat Komputer PC tersebut, dipastikan komputer anda akan lebih awet dan terhindar dari bahaya yang tidak dinginkan. Jika anda punya pengalaman lain tentang bagaimana merawat komputer dengan baik, jangan lupa untuk meninggalkan komentar di bawah ini.

Sumber :

          Three Overlooked Statements By Comey That Blow Apart The Russian Collusion Narrative   
The beneficiary of the extreme politicization of Russia’s role in the 2016 election is Putin. He faces a paralyzed American democracy in which political actors jockey for political gain rather than public interest. The American political system has given Putin an outcome beyond his wildest dreams.
          It's Not Trump, But Public Intellectuals & Lobbyists Who Are Advancing Putin's U.S. Agenda   
Putin’s fear is not an invasion by some nonexistent European military powerhouse but that a liberal democratic and prosperous Ukraine and Georgia would reveal to the Russian people what Putin is denying them.
          Authoritative Putin Think Tank Could Not Choose Between Clinton And Trump   
We should ask who these “informed sources” are and what their agenda is before jumping to conclusions about Russia's intentions. I suspect they are Democratic loyalists, who have found an effective way to vent their frustrations. Trump will find it difficult to purge them from his government.
          Truckers' Strike Pits The People Against The Kremlin   
Putin has reached into the pockets of ordinary workers and pensioners to pay for his foreign ventures, and the platon truckers strike is a result that pits the Kremlin against the people.
          Putin Applies MH17 False-Flag Template To Syria's Gas Attack To Convince Russian Public   
With anti-Trump supporters the world over potentially on his side, Putin has a chance of winning not only Russian minds but Western minds as well concerning responsibility for the sarin massacre at Idlibe.
          The Kremlin Claims Trump Has Joined The Terrorists With An Invented WMD Excuse To Strike Syria   
With Assad as a key client, Putin does not have a good comeback against Trump's missile attack. He can only create smokescreens that he knows the world will reject but his own people may swallow.
          Our Politics Has Given Putin The Weapon To Create A Constitutional Crisis   
Knowing Putin, he will wait for the right moment to say without offering any proof: “Of course I helped Mr. Trump win. He is a good man, and I knew that he would do a far better job than Hillary. I did this to help both our countries." Remember my words when Putin pulls this rabbit out of his hat.
          Nationwide Protests Against Corruption Catch Russia's Authorities Off Guard   
If nationwide demonstrations accelerate and people are indeed “no longer afraid,” could this be the beginning of the end of the Putin regime?
          Putin Plans For Reelection Without Crimea Euphoria And The Trump Bubble   
Donald Trump must be on Putin’s mind. Trump supposedly had no chance to win. Putin should be a shoo-in. Life and politics occasionally play tricks.
          Is Putin Preparing To Admit Guilt For MH17?   
A financial settlement and an apology may hold the keys to sanction relief, but Putin must consider the reaction of the Russian people to learning they have been lied to. If Putin admits and settles, this means he believes he has such a grip over his people that even MH17 cannot break.
          Putin Changes Course As He Gives Up On Trump   
Can Putin really hope to compete with a country two and a half times Russia’s population and a GDP a small fraction of the US? Can he sacrifice his peoples’ living standards, health, and education even more?
          It's Time For Trump To Call Ukraine's 'Pro-Russian Rebels' What They Are: Russian Invaders   
Trump can ignore the political correctness of separatists independent of Russia and no lethal weapons for Ukraine. Trump's most important card is a Ukrainian army of 200,000 armed by the U.S. and hopefully a Ukraine making its way towards the prosperity increasingly out of reach of Putin’s Russia.
          Putin Claims The CIA Hacked The Kremlin -- But Did It?   
Putin's assertion that American spies stole his regime’s most intimate secrets will be played and replayed by the Russian media and will make him the victim and the FBI/CIA the perpetrator.
          Why Russia Cannot Become Our Friend: Memo to President Trump   
No, Russia will not become America’s friend. Vladimir Putin’s regime is based on the US being enemy number one, while Donald Trump cannot enter into any deal that makes him look weak, or worse, like Putin’s puppet.
          Trump's Election Spoils Putin's Narrative To The Russian People   
The unanticipated consequence of Trump's unexpected victory shows that in America, a candidate can come out of nowhere – a David to slay the Goliath of crooked American politics. This is the last message Putin wants delivered to the Russian people with his own election scheduled for 2018.
          Putin Already Playing Nuclear Poker With Trump   
Vladimir Putin will shortly face a Donald Trump as President in a game of the highest stakes poker possible. Putin has fired his first shot in his press conference, and Trump has answered via his tweet. What will happen next?
          The 'Putin Directed The Leaks' Story Is Less Than It Appears   
The Kremlin holding back Hillary’s private emails could be interpreted as a sign the Kremlin wanted her to win. The non-use of Clinton's "private" emails remains one of the great mysteries of 2016.
          Does Putin Not Understand That Trump Not Clinton Threatens His Petrostate?   
What we do know is that Clinton lost and Trump won. We do not know what was going on inside Putin’s head. If Putin’s emotional demon dominated, he would be happy when Hillary lost. If his rational-choice side prevailed, he would be unhappy with Trump’s victory.
          The Battle Over Russian Hacking Is Over The Legitimacy Of The Trump Presidency   
As Putin followed the drip-drip of disclosures, he would have concluded that Hillary Clinton would enter office as a severely wounded US President. He may have begun to relish the prospect of Hillary sitting opposite him at the negotiating table.
          Media Wakes Up To Russia's 'Fake News' Only After It Is Applied Against Hillary   
Putin’s “fake news” has justified the first change in national borders by force of the postwar period, for invading two sovereign nations (Ukraine and Georgia), for Russian intervention in the Middle East, and for staging nuclear missiles on NATO borders. Putin’s “another world” has brought the world dangerously close to nuclear confrontation. “Fake news” attacks on Clinton are small fry by comparison.
          Putin appeals to voters ahead of next year's election   
Russian President Vladimir Putin visits voter's rundown home as part of his campaign for the 2018 general election. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

          More on Computing History   
I am excited about the Vintage Computer Festival, the Sun Founder's Panel and General Magic. Continue reading

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          By: Randall Hunt   
an easier way to decorate the fence is with Put-In-Cups .. they light up and and are reusable
          The Silver Lining


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          Dead Chicken Computing

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          Manager, IAAS Cloud Infrastructure DevOps / Request Technology - Stephanie Baker / Chicago, IL   
Request Technology - Stephanie Baker/Chicago, IL

Prestigious Professional Services Organization is seeking multiple Cloud Infrastructure DevOps Specialists. Candidate will act as a Subject Matter Expert in area of expertise and support clients to design, build and run an agile, scalable, standardized and optimal IT infrastructure to deliver operational efficiencies, drive workplace productivity and meet dynamic business needs.

Apply infrastructure improvements and contribute to assets/offerings and thought leadership. Enhances marketplace reputation. This role works with companies to make them more productive, mobile, and collaborative by using cloud computing to get their work done. You drive business relationships by analysing business performance, identifying methods to improve or scale Legacy cloud applications, and pitch ideas to identify opportunity to deliver results. You will be asked to drive business relationships with customers and establish technical integrations and set clear expectations. You will be key in managing these projects throughout the life from business planning to cloud migration, to customer adoption and client benefit. Your depth of experience in the cloud ISV ecosystem will give you first-hand insights into the vendors and industry trends that will enable your success in driving associated partnerships and deliver technical solutions for the benefit of our customers. You would have a passion for building technology-driven partnerships with strong business potential that can be measured by the customer adoption of the solutions you and the teams create, and seeking daily engagement, you'll provide seamless supporting extending the client preference. We are focused on cloud, Legacy application migration expertise, and a high performance delivered solution to delight our customers.


Eagerness to participate on a team designing, building and/or testing cloud infrastructure focused solutions.

Develop and deliver strategies and solutions for enterprise infrastructure - including Servers, databases, storage devices, etc. - that handle the data necessary for enterprise operations.

Thoroughly document all facets of the infrastructure solution.

Apply methodology, reusable assets, and previous work experience to delivery consistently high quality work.

Deliver written or oral status reports regularly.

Stay educated on new and emerging market offerings that may be of interest to our clients.

Depth of expertise in Cloud ISV ecosystems

Extensive travel may be required.

Adapt to existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Understand the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

Use considerable judgment to define solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within.

Establish methods and procedures on new assignments with guidance.

Manage small teams and/or work efforts (if in an independent contributor role) at a client or within.

Establish a deep understanding of customer needs for your area and leverage those insights to champion partner integrations with our technologies for maximum partner and customer success

Develop partner strategies, strategic account plans, and key executive relationships, including growth opportunities, action planning, and business growth forecasting.


Minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in all aspects of cloud computing (infrastructure, storage, platforms and data), as well as cloud market, competitive dynamics and customer buying behavior.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in partner management or business development.

Minimum of 4 years of technical architecture design, evaluation, and investigation.

Minimum of 4 years of Project Management experience (Project and Resource planning using MS Project).

Minimum of 4 years of professional experience in 5 of the following 8 areas:

Server Operating Systems (eg Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.).

Virtualization Platforms (eg VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.).

Cloud Computing and Storage, Cloud-Based Technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Workload Migration Automation Tools (Double-Take, Racemi, etc.)

Cloud Management Platforms (vRealize, Gravitant, etc.)

Infrastructure provisioning and management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

Data center infrastructure expertise (Equinix, Teradata)

Platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service markets

Preferred Skills:

Google Cloud Platform certification

Previous Consulting or client service delivery experience.

Infrastructure (Server, Storage, and Database) discovery, design, build, and migration experience.

Experience with private and public cloud architectures, pros/cons, and migration considerations.

Architectural exposure to Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, IIS Server, SAN, NAS, VCE/FlexPod, and other technologies.

Hands-on experience with VBScript, TCP/IP, XML, C++, JavaScript.

Technical/Team Leadership Experience.

Personnel Development Experience (hiring, resource planning, performance feedback, etc.).

Adapts existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Experience with Strategy Development, Partnership Management or Business Development experience in high technology.

Deep experience in the development a dev ops technology space.

Background in software engineering or product management.

Success managing and building strong working relationships with cross-functional teams internally and externally with executives at partner organizations.

Proven ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational level and to launch new products successfully in the marketplace.

Demonstrated success at working with cross-functional teams and building strong relationships across departments.

Ability to solve problems quickly and resourcefully with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Employment Type: Permanent
Work Hours: Full Time
Other Pay Info: DOE + bonus

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          Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professional or Manager / Request Technology - Anthony Honquest / Columbus, OH   
Request Technology - Anthony Honquest/Columbus, OH

Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professional or Manager

*Managers must have experience leading teams on Client engagements*

*Must have a Bachelors Degree, and be open to travel Monday thru Thursday each week*

Prestigious Global Company is currently looking for Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professionals at the Manager and Consultant level. Individual will act as a Subject Matter Expert in area of expertise and support clients to design, build and run an agile, scalable, standardized and optimal IT infrastructure to deliver operational efficiencies, drive workplace productivity and meet dynamic business needs. Apply infrastructure improvements and contribute to assets/offerings and thought leadership. Enhances marketplace reputation. This role works with companies to make them more productive, mobile, and collaborative by using cloud computing to get their work done. You drive business relationships by analysing business performance, identifying methods to improve or scale Legacy cloud applications, and pitch ideas to identify opportunity to deliver results. You will be asked to drive business relationships with customers and establish technical integrations and set clear expectations. You will be key in managing these projects throughout the life from business planning to cloud migration, to customer adoption and client benefit. Your depth of experience in the cloud ISV ecosystem will give you first-hand insights into the vendors and industry trends that will enable your success in driving associated partnerships and deliver technical solutions for the benefit of our customers. You would have a passion for building technology-driven partnerships with strong business potential that can be measured by the customer adoption of the solutions you and the teams create, and seeking daily engagement, you'll provide seamless supporting extending the client preference. We are focused on cloud, Legacy application migration expertise, and a high performance delivered solution to delight our customers.


Eagerness to participate on a team designing, building and/or testing cloud infrastructure focused solutions.

Develop and deliver strategies and solutions for enterprise infrastructure - including Servers, databases, storage devices, etc. - that handle the data necessary for enterprise operations.

Thoroughly document all facets of the infrastructure solution.

Apply methodology, reusable assets, and previous work experience to delivery consistently high quality work.

Deliver written or oral status reports regularly.

Stay educated on new and emerging market offerings that may be of interest to our clients.

Depth of expertise in Cloud ISV ecosystems

Extensive travel may be required.

Adapt to existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Understand the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

Use considerable judgment to define solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within. Establish methods and procedures on new assignments with guidance.

Manage small teams and/or work efforts (if in an independent contributor role) at a client or within.

Establish a deep understanding of customer needs for your area and leverage those insights to champion partner integrations with our technologies for maximum partner and customer success

Develop partner strategies, strategic account plans, and key executive relationships, including growth opportunities, action planning, and business growth forecasting.


Minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in all aspects of cloud computing (infrastructure, storage, platforms and data), as well as cloud market, competitive dynamics and customer buying behavior.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in partner management or business development.

Minimum of 4 years of technical architecture design, evaluation, and investigation.

Minimum of 4 years of Project Management experience (Project and Resource planning using MS Project).

Minimum of 4 years of professional experience in 5 of the following 8 areas:

Server Operating Systems (eg Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.).

Virtualization Platforms (eg VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.).

Cloud Computing and Storage, Cloud-Based Technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Workload Migration Automation Tools (Double-Take, Racemi, etc.)

Cloud Management Platforms (vRealize, Gravitant, etc.)

Infrastructure provisioning and management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

Data center infrastructure expertise (Equinix, Teradata)

Platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service markets

Preferred Skills:

Google Cloud Platform certification

Previous Consulting or client service delivery experience.

Infrastructure (Server, Storage, and Database) discovery, design, build, and migration experience.

Experience with private and public cloud architectures, pros/cons, and migration considerations.

Architectural exposure to Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, IIS Server, SAN, NAS, VCE/FlexPod, and other technologies.

Hands-on experience with VBScript, TCP/IP, XML, C++, JavaScript.

Technical/Team Leadership Experience.

Personnel Development Experience (hiring, resource planning, performance feedback, etc.).

Adapts existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Experience with Strategy Development, Partnership Management or Business Development experience in high technology.

Deep experience in the development a dev ops technology space.

Background in software engineering or product management.

Success managing and building strong working relationships with cross-functional teams internally and externally with executives at partner organizations.

Proven ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational level and to launch new products successfully in the marketplace. Demonstrated success at working with cross-functional teams and building strong relationships across departments.

Ability to solve problems quickly and resourcefully with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Employment Type: Permanent
Work Hours: Full Time

Pay: $100,000 to $200,000 USD
Pay Period: Annual
Other Pay Info: Bonus

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          Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Manager / Request Technology - Anthony Honquest / San Jose, CA   
Request Technology - Anthony Honquest/San Jose, CA

*Need to be located in the San Francisco or San Jose area*

*Must have a Bachelor's Degree*

.*Should be working in the Bay area for the first year or so and then after that need to be open to travel Monday through Thursday each week*

Prestigious Global Company is currently looking for Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professionals at the Manager and Consultant level. Individual will act as a Subject Matter Expert in area of expertise and support clients to design, build and run an agile, scalable, standardized and optimal IT infrastructure to deliver operational efficiencies, drive workplace productivity and meet dynamic business needs. Apply infrastructure improvements and contribute to assets/offerings and thought leadership. Enhances marketplace reputation. This role works with companies to make them more productive, mobile, and collaborative by using cloud computing to get their work done. You drive business relationships by analysing business performance, identifying methods to improve or scale Legacy cloud applications, and pitch ideas to identify opportunity to deliver results. You will be asked to drive business relationships with customers and establish technical integrations and set clear expectations. You will be key in managing these projects throughout the life from business planning to cloud migration, to customer adoption and client benefit. Your depth of experience in the cloud ISV ecosystem will give you first-hand insights into the vendors and industry trends that will enable your success in driving associated partnerships and deliver technical solutions for the benefit of our customers. You would have a passion for building technology-driven partnerships with strong business potential that can be measured by the customer adoption of the solutions you and the teams create, and seeking daily engagement, you'll provide seamless supporting extending the client preference. We are focused on cloud, Legacy application migration expertise, and a high performance delivered solution to delight our customers.


Eagerness to participate on a team designing, building and/or testing cloud infrastructure focused solutions.

Develop and deliver strategies and solutions for enterprise infrastructure - including Servers, databases, storage devices, etc. - that handle the data necessary for enterprise operations.

Thoroughly document all facets of the infrastructure solution.

Apply methodology, reusable assets, and previous work experience to delivery consistently high quality work.

Deliver written or oral status reports regularly.

Stay educated on new and emerging market offerings that may be of interest to our clients.

Depth of expertise in Cloud ISV ecosystems

Extensive travel may be required.

Adapt to existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Understand the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

Use considerable judgment to define solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within. Establish methods and procedures on new assignments with guidance.

Manage small teams and/or work efforts (if in an independent contributor role) at a client or within.

Establish a deep understanding of customer needs for your area and leverage those insights to champion partner integrations with our technologies for maximum partner and customer success

Develop partner strategies, strategic account plans, and key executive relationships, including growth opportunities, action planning, and business growth forecasting.


Minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in all aspects of cloud computing (infrastructure, storage, platforms and data), as well as cloud market, competitive dynamics and customer buying behavior.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in partner management or business development.

Minimum of 4 years of technical architecture design, evaluation, and investigation.

Minimum of 4 years of Project Management experience (Project and Resource planning using MS Project).

Minimum of 4 years of professional experience in 5 of the following 8 areas:

Server Operating Systems (eg Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.).

Virtualization Platforms (eg VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.).

Cloud Computing and Storage, Cloud-Based Technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Workload Migration Automation Tools (Double-Take, Racemi, etc.)

Cloud Management Platforms (vRealize, Gravitant, etc.)

Infrastructure provisioning and management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

Data center infrastructure expertise (Equinix, Teradata)

Platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service markets

Preferred Skills:

Google Cloud Platform certification

Previous Consulting or client service delivery experience.

Infrastructure (Server, Storage, and Database) discovery, design, build, and migration experience.

Experience with private and public cloud architectures, pros/cons, and migration considerations.

Architectural exposure to Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, IIS Server, SAN, NAS, VCE/FlexPod, and other technologies.

Hands-on experience with VBScript, TCP/IP, XML, C++, JavaScript.

Technical/Team Leadership Experience.

Personnel Development Experience (hiring, resource planning, performance feedback, etc.).

Adapts existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Experience with Strategy Development, Partnership Management or Business Development experience in high technology.

Deep experience in the development a dev ops technology space.

Background in software engineering or product management.

Success managing and building strong working relationships with cross-functional teams internally and externally with executives at partner organizations.

Proven ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational level and to launch new products successfully in the marketplace. Demonstrated success at working with cross-functional teams and building strong relationships across departments.

Ability to solve problems quickly and resourcefully with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Employment Type: Permanent
Work Hours: Full Time

Pay: $150,000 to $200,000 USD
Pay Period: Annual
Other Pay Info: bonus

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          Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professional or Manager / Request Technology - Anthony Honquest / Philadelphia, PA   
Request Technology - Anthony Honquest/Philadelphia, PA

Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professional or Manager

*Managers must have experience leading teams on Client engagements*

*Must have a Bachelors Degree, and be open to travel Monday thru Thursday each week*

Prestigious Global Company is currently looking for Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professionals at the Manager and Consultant level. Individual will act as a Subject Matter Expert in area of expertise and support clients to design, build and run an agile, scalable, standardized and optimal IT infrastructure to deliver operational efficiencies, drive workplace productivity and meet dynamic business needs. Apply infrastructure improvements and contribute to assets/offerings and thought leadership. Enhances marketplace reputation. This role works with companies to make them more productive, mobile, and collaborative by using cloud computing to get their work done. You drive business relationships by analysing business performance, identifying methods to improve or scale Legacy cloud applications, and pitch ideas to identify opportunity to deliver results. You will be asked to drive business relationships with customers and establish technical integrations and set clear expectations. You will be key in managing these projects throughout the life from business planning to cloud migration, to customer adoption and client benefit. Your depth of experience in the cloud ISV ecosystem will give you first-hand insights into the vendors and industry trends that will enable your success in driving associated partnerships and deliver technical solutions for the benefit of our customers. You would have a passion for building technology-driven partnerships with strong business potential that can be measured by the customer adoption of the solutions you and the teams create, and seeking daily engagement, you'll provide seamless supporting extending the client preference. We are focused on cloud, Legacy application migration expertise, and a high performance delivered solution to delight our customers.


Eagerness to participate on a team designing, building and/or testing cloud infrastructure focused solutions.

Develop and deliver strategies and solutions for enterprise infrastructure - including Servers, databases, storage devices, etc. - that handle the data necessary for enterprise operations.

Thoroughly document all facets of the infrastructure solution.

Apply methodology, reusable assets, and previous work experience to delivery consistently high quality work.

Deliver written or oral status reports regularly.

Stay educated on new and emerging market offerings that may be of interest to our clients.

Depth of expertise in Cloud ISV ecosystems

Extensive travel may be required.

Adapt to existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Understand the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

Use considerable judgment to define solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within. Establish methods and procedures on new assignments with guidance.

Manage small teams and/or work efforts (if in an independent contributor role) at a client or within.

Establish a deep understanding of customer needs for your area and leverage those insights to champion partner integrations with our technologies for maximum partner and customer success

Develop partner strategies, strategic account plans, and key executive relationships, including growth opportunities, action planning, and business growth forecasting.


Minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in all aspects of cloud computing (infrastructure, storage, platforms and data), as well as cloud market, competitive dynamics and customer buying behavior.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in partner management or business development.

Minimum of 4 years of technical architecture design, evaluation, and investigation.

Minimum of 4 years of Project Management experience (Project and Resource planning using MS Project).

Minimum of 4 years of professional experience in 5 of the following 8 areas:

Server Operating Systems (eg Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.).

Virtualization Platforms (eg VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.).

Cloud Computing and Storage, Cloud-Based Technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Workload Migration Automation Tools (Double-Take, Racemi, etc.)

Cloud Management Platforms (vRealize, Gravitant, etc.)

Infrastructure provisioning and management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

Data center infrastructure expertise (Equinix, Teradata)

Platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service markets

Preferred Skills:

Google Cloud Platform certification

Previous Consulting or client service delivery experience.

Infrastructure (Server, Storage, and Database) discovery, design, build, and migration experience.

Experience with private and public cloud architectures, pros/cons, and migration considerations.

Architectural exposure to Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, IIS Server, SAN, NAS, VCE/FlexPod, and other technologies.

Hands-on experience with VBScript, TCP/IP, XML, C++, JavaScript.

Technical/Team Leadership Experience.

Personnel Development Experience (hiring, resource planning, performance feedback, etc.).

Adapts existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Experience with Strategy Development, Partnership Management or Business Development experience in high technology.

Deep experience in the development a dev ops technology space.

Background in software engineering or product management.

Success managing and building strong working relationships with cross-functional teams internally and externally with executives at partner organizations.

Proven ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational level and to launch new products successfully in the marketplace. Demonstrated success at working with cross-functional teams and building strong relationships across departments.

Ability to solve problems quickly and resourcefully with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Employment Type: Permanent
Work Hours: Full Time

Pay: $100,000 to $200,000 USD
Pay Period: Annual
Other Pay Info: Bonus

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          Cloud Infrastructure DevOps Specialist / Request Technology - Craig Johnson / Reston, VA   
Request Technology - Craig Johnson/Reston, VA

*Must have a Bachelors Degree, and be open to travel Monday thru Thursday each week*

Prestigious Global Company is currently seeking Cloud Infrastructure DevOps Specialists at all levels. Candidate will act as a Subject Matter Expert in area of expertise and support clients to design, build and run an agile, scalable, standardized and optimal IT infrastructure to deliver operational efficiencies, drive workplace productivity and meet dynamic business needs. Apply infrastructure improvements and contribute to assets/offerings and thought leadership. Enhances marketplace reputation. This role works with companies to make them more productive, mobile, and collaborative by using cloud computing to get their work done. You drive business relationships by analysing business performance, identifying methods to improve or scale Legacy cloud applications, and pitch ideas to identify opportunity to deliver results. You will be asked to drive business relationships with customers and establish technical integrations and set clear expectations. You will be key in managing these projects throughout the life from business planning to cloud migration, to customer adoption and client benefit. Your depth of experience in the cloud ISV ecosystem will give you first-hand insights into the vendors and industry trends that will enable your success in driving associated partnerships and deliver technical solutions for the benefit of our customers. You would have a passion for building technology-driven partnerships with strong business potential that can be measured by the customer adoption of the solutions you and the teams create, and seeking daily engagement, you'll provide seamless supporting extending the client preference. We are focused on cloud, Legacy application migration expertise, and a high performance delivered solution to delight our customers.


Eagerness to participate on a team designing, building and/or testing cloud infrastructure focused solutions.

Develop and deliver strategies and solutions for enterprise infrastructure -- including Servers, databases, storage devices, etc. -- that handle the data necessary for enterprise operations.

Thoroughly document all facets of the infrastructure solution.

Apply methodology, reusable assets, and previous work experience to delivery consistently high quality work.

Deliver written or oral status reports regularly.

Stay educated on new and emerging market offerings that may be of interest to our clients.

Depth of expertise in Cloud ISV ecosystems

Extensive travel may be required.

Adapt to existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Understand the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

Use considerable judgment to define solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within. Establish methods and procedures on new assignments with guidance.

Manage small teams and/or work efforts (if in an independent contributor role) at a client or within.

Establish a deep understanding of customer needs for your area and leverage those insights to champion partner integrations with our technologies for maximum partner and customer success

Develop partner strategies, strategic account plans, and key executive relationships, including growth opportunities, action planning, and business growth forecasting.


Minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in all aspects of cloud computing (infrastructure, storage, platforms and data), as well as cloud market, competitive dynamics and customer buying behavior.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in partner management or business development.

Minimum of 4 years of technical architecture design, evaluation, and investigation.

Minimum of 4 years of Project Management experience (Project and Resource planning using MS Project).

Minimum of 4 years of professional experience in 5 of the following 8 areas:

Server Operating Systems (eg Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.).

Virtualization Platforms (eg VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.).

Cloud Computing and Storage, Cloud-Based Technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Workload Migration Automation Tools (Double-Take, Racemi, etc.)

Cloud Management Platforms (vRealize, Gravitant, etc.)

Infrastructure provisioning and management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

Data center infrastructure expertise (Equinix, Teradata)

Platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service markets

Preferred Skills:

Google Cloud Platform certification

Previous Consulting or client service delivery experience.

Infrastructure (Server, Storage, and Database) discovery, design, build, and migration experience.

Experience with private and public cloud architectures, pros/cons, and migration considerations.

Architectural exposure to Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, IIS Server, SAN, NAS, VCE/FlexPod, and other technologies.

Hands-on experience with VBScript, TCP/IP, XML, C++, JavaScript.

Technical/Team Leadership Experience.

Personnel Development Experience (hiring, resource planning, performance feedback, etc.).

Adapts existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Experience with Strategy Development, Partnership Management or Business Development experience in high technology.

Deep experience in the development a dev ops technology space.

Background in software engineering or product management.

Success managing and building strong working relationships with cross-functional teams internally and externally with executives at partner organizations.

Proven ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational level and to launch new products successfully in the marketplace. Demonstrated success at working with cross-functional teams and building strong relationships across departments.

Ability to solve problems quickly and resourcefully with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Employment Type: Permanent
Work Hours: Full Time
Other Pay Info: Open + Bonus

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          Cloud Infrastructure DevOps Specialist / Request Technology - Craig Johnson / New York, NY   
Request Technology - Craig Johnson/New York, NY

*Must have a Bachelors Degree, and be open to travel Monday thru Thursday each week*

Prestigious Global Company is currently seeking Cloud Infrastructure DevOps Specialists at all levels. Candidate will act as a Subject Matter Expert in area of expertise and support clients to design, build and run an agile, scalable, standardized and optimal IT infrastructure to deliver operational efficiencies, drive workplace productivity and meet dynamic business needs. Apply infrastructure improvements and contribute to assets/offerings and thought leadership. Enhances marketplace reputation. This role works with companies to make them more productive, mobile, and collaborative by using cloud computing to get their work done. You drive business relationships by analysing business performance, identifying methods to improve or scale Legacy cloud applications, and pitch ideas to identify opportunity to deliver results. You will be asked to drive business relationships with customers and establish technical integrations and set clear expectations. You will be key in managing these projects throughout the life from business planning to cloud migration, to customer adoption and client benefit. Your depth of experience in the cloud ISV ecosystem will give you first-hand insights into the vendors and industry trends that will enable your success in driving associated partnerships and deliver technical solutions for the benefit of our customers. You would have a passion for building technology-driven partnerships with strong business potential that can be measured by the customer adoption of the solutions you and the teams create, and seeking daily engagement, you'll provide seamless supporting extending the client preference. We are focused on cloud, Legacy application migration expertise, and a high performance delivered solution to delight our customers.


Eagerness to participate on a team designing, building and/or testing cloud infrastructure focused solutions.

Develop and deliver strategies and solutions for enterprise infrastructure -- including Servers, databases, storage devices, etc. -- that handle the data necessary for enterprise operations.

Thoroughly document all facets of the infrastructure solution.

Apply methodology, reusable assets, and previous work experience to delivery consistently high quality work.

Deliver written or oral status reports regularly.

Stay educated on new and emerging market offerings that may be of interest to our clients.

Depth of expertise in Cloud ISV ecosystems

Extensive travel may be required.

Adapt to existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Understand the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

Use considerable judgment to define solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within. Establish methods and procedures on new assignments with guidance.

Manage small teams and/or work efforts (if in an independent contributor role) at a client or within.

Establish a deep understanding of customer needs for your area and leverage those insights to champion partner integrations with our technologies for maximum partner and customer success

Develop partner strategies, strategic account plans, and key executive relationships, including growth opportunities, action planning, and business growth forecasting.


Minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in all aspects of cloud computing (infrastructure, storage, platforms and data), as well as cloud market, competitive dynamics and customer buying behavior.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in partner management or business development.

Minimum of 4 years of technical architecture design, evaluation, and investigation.

Minimum of 4 years of Project Management experience (Project and Resource planning using MS Project).

Minimum of 4 years of professional experience in 5 of the following 8 areas:

Server Operating Systems (eg Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.).

Virtualization Platforms (eg VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.).

Cloud Computing and Storage, Cloud-Based Technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Workload Migration Automation Tools (Double-Take, Racemi, etc.)

Cloud Management Platforms (vRealize, Gravitant, etc.)

Infrastructure provisioning and management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

Data center infrastructure expertise (Equinix, Teradata)

Platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service markets

Preferred Skills:

Google Cloud Platform certification

Previous Consulting or client service delivery experience.

Infrastructure (Server, Storage, and Database) discovery, design, build, and migration experience.

Experience with private and public cloud architectures, pros/cons, and migration considerations.

Architectural exposure to Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, IIS Server, SAN, NAS, VCE/FlexPod, and other technologies.

Hands-on experience with VBScript, TCP/IP, XML, C++, JavaScript.

Technical/Team Leadership Experience.

Personnel Development Experience (hiring, resource planning, performance feedback, etc.).

Adapts existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Experience with Strategy Development, Partnership Management or Business Development experience in high technology.

Deep experience in the development a dev ops technology space.

Background in software engineering or product management.

Success managing and building strong working relationships with cross-functional teams internally and externally with executives at partner organizations.

Proven ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational level and to launch new products successfully in the marketplace. Demonstrated success at working with cross-functional teams and building strong relationships across departments.

Ability to solve problems quickly and resourcefully with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Employment Type: Permanent
Work Hours: Full Time
Other Pay Info: Open + Bonus

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          Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professional or Manager / Request Technology - Anthony Honquest / New York, NY   
Request Technology - Anthony Honquest/New York, NY

Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professional or Manager

*Managers must have experience leading teams on Client engagements*

*Must have a Bachelors Degree, and be open to travel Monday thru Thursday each week*

Prestigious Global Company is currently looking for Cloud and DevOps Infrastructure Professionals at the Manager and Consultant level. Individual will act as a Subject Matter Expert in area of expertise and support clients to design, build and run an agile, scalable, standardized and optimal IT infrastructure to deliver operational efficiencies, drive workplace productivity and meet dynamic business needs. Apply infrastructure improvements and contribute to assets/offerings and thought leadership. Enhances marketplace reputation. This role works with companies to make them more productive, mobile, and collaborative by using cloud computing to get their work done. You drive business relationships by analysing business performance, identifying methods to improve or scale Legacy cloud applications, and pitch ideas to identify opportunity to deliver results. You will be asked to drive business relationships with customers and establish technical integrations and set clear expectations. You will be key in managing these projects throughout the life from business planning to cloud migration, to customer adoption and client benefit. Your depth of experience in the cloud ISV ecosystem will give you first-hand insights into the vendors and industry trends that will enable your success in driving associated partnerships and deliver technical solutions for the benefit of our customers. You would have a passion for building technology-driven partnerships with strong business potential that can be measured by the customer adoption of the solutions you and the teams create, and seeking daily engagement, you'll provide seamless supporting extending the client preference. We are focused on cloud, Legacy application migration expertise, and a high performance delivered solution to delight our customers.


Eagerness to participate on a team designing, building and/or testing cloud infrastructure focused solutions.

Develop and deliver strategies and solutions for enterprise infrastructure - including Servers, databases, storage devices, etc. - that handle the data necessary for enterprise operations.

Thoroughly document all facets of the infrastructure solution.

Apply methodology, reusable assets, and previous work experience to delivery consistently high quality work.

Deliver written or oral status reports regularly.

Stay educated on new and emerging market offerings that may be of interest to our clients.

Depth of expertise in Cloud ISV ecosystems

Extensive travel may be required.

Adapt to existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Understand the strategic direction set by senior management as it relates to team goals.

Use considerable judgment to define solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Primary upward interaction is with direct supervisor. May interact with peers and/or management levels at a client and/or within. Establish methods and procedures on new assignments with guidance.

Manage small teams and/or work efforts (if in an independent contributor role) at a client or within.

Establish a deep understanding of customer needs for your area and leverage those insights to champion partner integrations with our technologies for maximum partner and customer success

Develop partner strategies, strategic account plans, and key executive relationships, including growth opportunities, action planning, and business growth forecasting.


Minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in all aspects of cloud computing (infrastructure, storage, platforms and data), as well as cloud market, competitive dynamics and customer buying behavior.

Minimum of 4 years of experience in partner management or business development.

Minimum of 4 years of technical architecture design, evaluation, and investigation.

Minimum of 4 years of Project Management experience (Project and Resource planning using MS Project).

Minimum of 4 years of professional experience in 5 of the following 8 areas:

Server Operating Systems (eg Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.).

Virtualization Platforms (eg VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.).

Cloud Computing and Storage, Cloud-Based Technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Workload Migration Automation Tools (Double-Take, Racemi, etc.)

Cloud Management Platforms (vRealize, Gravitant, etc.)

Infrastructure provisioning and management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

Data center infrastructure expertise (Equinix, Teradata)

Platform- and infrastructure-as-a-service markets

Preferred Skills:

Google Cloud Platform certification

Previous Consulting or client service delivery experience.

Infrastructure (Server, Storage, and Database) discovery, design, build, and migration experience.

Experience with private and public cloud architectures, pros/cons, and migration considerations.

Architectural exposure to Windows, Linux, UNIX, VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, IIS Server, SAN, NAS, VCE/FlexPod, and other technologies.

Hands-on experience with VBScript, TCP/IP, XML, C++, JavaScript.

Technical/Team Leadership Experience.

Personnel Development Experience (hiring, resource planning, performance feedback, etc.).

Adapts existing methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

Experience with Strategy Development, Partnership Management or Business Development experience in high technology.

Deep experience in the development a dev ops technology space.

Background in software engineering or product management.

Success managing and building strong working relationships with cross-functional teams internally and externally with executives at partner organizations.

Proven ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational level and to launch new products successfully in the marketplace. Demonstrated success at working with cross-functional teams and building strong relationships across departments.

Ability to solve problems quickly and resourcefully with excellent communication and presentation skills.

Employment Type: Permanent
Work Hours: Full Time

Pay: $100,000 to $200,000 USD
Pay Period: Annual
Other Pay Info: Bonus

Apply To Job
          My reflection/learning's on Technopreneurship 1   
Certainly Technopreneurship 1 was one of the most challenging subjects for me for the last semester. Perhaps this subject counts as one of my focused subject. Although it can be considered as one of the most exigent subjects yet it relinquished lessons and knowledge for me to develop myself to be an effective technopreneur and to be a better student. The subject and of course our instructor taught me of observing time management and meeting deadlines. 

Now, let us go to the main point. What have I learned? What are my reflections? Last Semester as what I have mentioned I took up Elective 1 which happened to be Technopreneurship 1. On our first meeting I was very nervous knowing Dr. Gamboa was our instructor because based on what I have heard from our seniors he is really one of the terminators among the teachers in the Institute of Computing. Based on his tradition all the so called “virgins” or the first timers in his class will be performing something that would give entertainment to the class. Unfortunately I was one of the so called “virgins” so I was forced to dance even though I was not at ease that time since I was shy. On our first class we had a quiz in which we were instructed to connect the dots without raising our hands. There were 9 dots and we were instructed to connect in just 4 strokes I suppose. Unluckily I wasn’t able to get the correct way of connecting all of the dots because of the not exploring too much. With the kind of activity we had, we were given the lesson of being able to think beyond the box. In any situation we have to think beyond the box. We should not be limited on things we know instead we have to explore for us to see a better view and a larger opportunity. I also learned something that changed my approach to studies in connection to the future. It was all about our mindset. Typically we envision of landing into the employment world as employees so our parents send us to school to achieve this goal. We also do well on our studies for us to have good jobs after we graduate. In which this kind of mindset was discouraged on the subject Technopreneurship. Instead of holding this way of thinking we have to level up and change our mindset into something better. It should be, my parents work hard for me go to school, i must have a good performance on my studies and lastly for me to achieve my objective of being an employer someday. This is how technopreneurship wants us to be.

The next thing is about knowing what Technopreneurship is. Technopreneurship is the way or essence of making money out of technology. It is a business which is incorporated with technology. Since nowadays our world is getting more high-tech, business in merged with technologies plus the skills would be a great source of power in creating a competent business. Technopreneurship goes with 4 important points. It is called the SEED acronym which stands for Self Mastery, Environment Mastery, Enterprise Mastery and Development of a Business Plan.

For the concept of Self Mastery we took some tests to identify and know more facts about ourselves. These tests include personality test, intelligence quotient, adversity quotient and emotional quotient. With the help of these tests we were able to determine on what fields we excel, what fields we have are needed to improve and on what fields we have to work on. Of course each of us persons possesses different personalities. We have unique way on dealing with the situations around us. We have various ways on treating our comrades and family. We respond distinctively on things we experience and encounter. Some traits can help us to be better and some don’t. Being aware of yourself is very vital for you to become an effective technopreneur. On our journey of being a technopreneur struggles may come our way such as criticisms. Criticisms can sometimes aid us or break us. In my case as of now I am still sensitive to this issues in which I have to work on for the reason that a god technopreneur must possess a strong personality that can handle heavy problems and can easily solve problems. Last semester I also learned and realized that reaching a high IQ test result is not that important in business. Emotional aspects in particular handling risks and being able to handle disapprovals is more important. Skill is also one of the most essential parts that a technopreneur must encompass.

With the test that we had taken, I also realized that to be a good technopreneur you don’t just have to think of your business alone or technical matters. You don’t need to focus on producing money and becoming very rich. You must also consider your own life, think of yourself and not just only on your business. You have to be emotionally strong and have a good relationship towards others. You must also posses these kinds of personalities in order to be effective on your endeavors.

Emotional Stability, it is important that an entrepreneur have the stability because along the way they will meet problems. They must be firm in handling the stress and pressure from business. Not only from business matters also for their personal parts of their lives. Their problems that are unrelated to their business must not affect their performance. They must not be easily worn out and be discouraged but instead see setbacks as challenges and be their motivation to do better. Charismatic this is one of the personalities that an entrepreneur must possess. They must have good communication skills that can convince customers and clients. He or she must possess good interpersonal skills. You must be productive most of the time. “Time is gold as they say”. You should make sure that you will not waste any time. If there’s an opportunity then better grab it immediately. Also, as the saying goes “The early bird gets the early worm”. To be a good entrepreneur you should be productive always and be first in producing good qualities to be able to get the customers or clients first. An entrepreneur also must be passionate. An entrepreneur must have the passion for the business to be effective and successful. It is nice to have a business while enjoying it. Also as what I learned from a prominent technopreneur, he says, “People with passion can change the world for the better. This statement shows that we must have an outlook of considering passion as a big factor to great change and in achieving the triumph we all want.

With the things I stated above, Thus, our personalities contribute a big factor on achieving success. It is an aspect on being a good technopreneur. The daily situations we come across and how we are able to positively respond to those can be a step on molding ourselves to be strong enough in facing greater responsibilities ahead.

We also watched the movie “Pirates of the Silicon Valley” where I learned a lot of things about two of the most successful business man in the world. I was amazed with Steve Jobs’ ability and facilities that made him achieve his greatest objectives but on the other hand he showed some negative sides that brought him some lost. In Steve Jobs’ case I can consider intelligence as one of the dynamics of his success and also his interpersonal skills. I can see how he considers efficient factors. The way he decided to sell his products, his way of reasoning and convincing large companies is amazing. He also has the ability to foresee future demands of technology. He also thinks systematically in which he can incorporate elements and ideas to make a product or project effective. He was able to grasp the essentials in a given situation and can respond appropriately to them. Perhaps these factors should be the aspects that I must possess. By watching the movie I have also reflected that Passion and confidence is truly important in dealing with business matters. We got to find what we love in order to achieve success. In the movie I can observe the love Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have for their job. They get involved with something that coincides with their interests. In the movie I can see how much they exerted efforts to finish the computers they made. Even if it seemed to be tiring and difficult, they never gave up which made me realize that I must not give up easily on things. I must possess confidence and I must believe in myself and in what I can do. It is important to have the trust for yourself in order to pursue and defend your ideas. With the confidence you have you can also deal with other people effectively which may be a big help for your business. You should be the kind of person that would take risk because of you know you can do it. You must trust in your intuition and have to be prepared to lose something to have the possibility of gaining what you want or more. 

One of the most inspiring speeches I have read is of Steve Jobs’. Last semester on Technopreneurship 1, one of the assignments given to us is to read the commencement address of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is such an inspiration, indeed! Every word that comes out to his speech imparts bunches of learning and knowledge that marks a scar on whoever reads or hears. A lot of statement struck me. The first and perhaps the most important thing he said is “you’ve got to find what you love”. As I can remember he mentioned three stories that elucidate his hardships and path as he takes on his journey to attain triumph. These stories bring different lessons that made me realize of many things.

In the story, the first part was about connecting the dots. Steve Jobs as I didn’t expect went through different hardship that include family desertion. Steve Jobs had no idea on what he really wanted to do with his life so he decided to drop out on a course that gives him no interest and drop in to something that caught his attention. I learned that I must have the courage and self-confidence in order to reach the peak of success. Right now, I may not know the purpose of enrolling to this course but soon I may be able to connect the dots and know the reason and purpose behind the hardships that I had and will undergo through. I must trust the dots that will somehow connect my future. The next thing was about love and lost. Hardship do really comes our way but like Steve Jobs, even if we will be down we must still know how to stand up again and continue the fight. I have failed two times in this college life. The first time disappoints me a lot. When I reach college I didn’t expect to fail. I wasn’t able to prepare myself on the kind of adversity that I will face. It was awful tasted medicine but I really needed it. I needed to fail to bring out more effort and to let me realize to give my best shot on whatever I am doing. I must not get easily discourage and I should not lose hope easily. I must have the passion because it is one of factors that can make you reach your goals in life. Lastly, it was all about death. Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer. It was definitely a very hard situation to accept. Death is something we can’t escape. It is something that enforces him to think of living each day as if it is the last day. In our daily journey, we have to think of giving our best. I was really struck with what he said. I realize that each moment is important. We don’t know maybe tomorrow or the next day we will be facing the destination we all share. I must treat each day as if it is the last day. We have given limited time on this earth so as long as I’m here I must know my purpose, do my best to reach my goals. I should not be afraid to take risks. I am afraid of rejections but I learned that I must face my fears and be ready on everything because the story of my life may end anytime and I may not have much time to do things that I must. Don’t live with results of others. Honestly, I am also conscious on other’s words and sometimes I do get affected easily especially if it hurts. But I learned from Steve Jobs speech, I must let the noise of others’ opinions to drown out my inner capabilities. I must have the courage to speak out and show what I can do. I must follow my heart and be who really I am and I what I truly want to become.

Steve Jobs inspires me in many ways. He let me realize many things. I know time will come I will be able to reach my goals. Also by the help of the people around me I already found what I love and I’m sticking to the anticipation of reaching the peak of success. 

I also realized about the things I love, the things I am best at and the things that irritate me the most. It was one of the activities we did for us to determine things regarding our likes and dislikes for use to lead into a better idea of what business we must propose. This could help us on creating a good idea because as what I have mentioned above being able to seek what you love can help you go on and break through any barrier that would possibly come along the way to your success. Lastly, as an inspiration from what I have learned. I can say that I must stay hungry. I must stay foolish. Do my best and God will do the rest.
          Origins of my Egotistical Evangelism   

Sunday is upon us and I have some “wisdom” to impart.

You may wonder what the title of this blog means. Sur Cette Roche. It is, in fact, a bad pun. According to Google Translate it means Upon This Rock an hilarious, and obscure, reference to the fact that I grew up attending an evangelical Baptist church.

From what I remember, apart from one particular event that I may write about in the future, the religious element of the church kinda went over my head a little. By the time I was old enough to make my own choice about attending I had no belief or faith in the existence of God, and at that point I suppose I became a non-theist. The one thing that I have absorbed from my time amongst God's flock is the spirit of evangelism, so much so that I constantly have to keep a check on how much I rave on about certain subjects, especially Apple. Luckily for you, dear reader, I will leave the coverage of the saviour of modern computing to the much more able John Gruber. That being said, this blog may at times degrade into non-evidence based proselytising.

Oh yes, and apparently I look like Jesus.

          Scratching The Surfaces   

This week we're talking about what seems to be the latest trend in personal computing, the magical touchscreen. Microsoft has their table, the iPhone was the rage 2 months ago, and now the seemingly invulnerable iPod has gone button-free with the new iTouch. But is the touchscreen the future, or are we just seeing the latest in a long line of overhyped but underadopted technologies? Will touchscreens dominate our lives from now on, or are we looking at another product architecture that will fail to impress the masses?

Opening Music: "Fire In The Sky" by Dave London
Closing Music: "ET" by Peplab


          Home at last   
London, UK, 1997: I’m an Applied Computing student at Middlesex University, mainly on the course for the third year module on computer graphics, which involves programming on the Sony PlayStation. One of my fellow students introduces me to MUDs, and after a while playing, I become bored of interacting in someone else’s world and decide […]
          By: Mark N. Katz   
Recent events in Georgia show that Moscow is determined to restore its sphere of influence in countries that the Kremlin believes rightfully belong in it. Despite President Bush's statements that South Ossetia and Abkhazia are part of Georgia, Russia now has firm control over them. The relatively mild Western response to the crisis may well serve to stoke Putin's appetite for similar adventures elsewhere. Even more than they blame the United States, Russians blame the loss of their empire on Gorbachev and Yeltsin. These two men, they believe, willingly surrendered the empire for "promises" from the West that were never fulfilled. (They overlook the fact that the West never made the "promises" to Russia that Russians think it did.) If the collapse of the empire, then, was the foolish act of "weak" leaders, then its resurrection can also be accomplished through the determined act of a strong leader. Recent events in Georgia will only confirm Russian belief that this is possible. It would not be surprising if Moscow arranged for "patriotic forces" to invite Russian intervention in southern and eastern Ukraine, oil-rich Azerbaijan, the rest of Georgia, or elsewhere in the former Soviet Union outside the Baltic states (which are NATO members). Further, these efforts may well be successful—or at least appear to be so initially since America and the West are unlikely to go to war to protect any of these places. But will this lead to increased Russian influence in the Middle East? At first glance, the answer may appear to be "yes." Much of the Middle East is anti-American. Russia is anti-American. So it would appear that the Middle East would welcome the rise of Russian influence. This view, however, is mistaken. Radical Islamists who hate the United States also hate Russia. Al Qaeda has certainly not forgotten about the Chechens and other Muslims in Russia. Further, whatever differences those in the Middle East (both Muslim and non-Muslim) who fear radical Islamists have with the United States, they are well aware that Russia will neither be willing nor able to replace the U.S. as a protector. Further, forceful efforts by Russia to rebuild the USSR will only serve to rekindle age-old fears of Russia in Turkey and Iran over Russian expansionism. Nor has the Muslim world forgotten how the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan—or how it was forced to withdraw from there. It is one thing for Russia to take over South Ossetia and Abkhazia—the equivalent of a couple of counties—where ethnic hatreds have given them allies. But can Russia win a long, drawn-out conflict in the Middle East? Many, including some Russians, would point to Chechnya as a Russian military success story. But Russian success there is mainly due to Moscow having outsourced the war to the Kadyrov clan—former Islamist insurgents who became allies with Moscow in exchange for being allowed to do whatever they want in Chechnya except declare independence. If Moscow ever tried to replace the Kadyrovs, it is highly likely that a full-scale insurgency would quickly break out again in Chechnya. Moscow's action in Georgia may appear to be a victory in the short-run but prove to be a blunder in the long-run. For there are many Muslim nations in the North Caucasus and elsewhere in Russia that might also like to secede. Moscow may see a sharp difference between those seeking to secede from Georgia on the one hand and from Russia on the other. But it is not at all clear that the peoples of the region do. If South Ossetia and Abkhazia can become independent, then why not Chechnya, Ingushetia, Tatarstan, or other Muslim regions inside Russia? Putin's war in Georgia may presage a new wave of Russian expansionism. But it may also trigger a new wave of ethnic conflict in the Caucasus that threatens to unravel the Russian Federation. Instead of Russia expanding into the Middle East, parts of Russia may become part of the Middle East. <i><a href="" rel="nofollow">Mark N. Katz</a> is a professor of government and politics at George Mason University.</i> <em><strong>MESH Pointer:</strong> See the earlier MESH thread, </em><a href="" rel="nofollow">Debacle in the Caucasus</a>, and the later posts, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Putin's war and the Middle East</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow">Turkey's troubles in the Caucasus</a>.
          Programming with Glitch: microservices and serverless computing   

LgbNpkq 400x400Yes, this post is indeed an attempt to fit as many buzzwords that I don't really understand into the title. I've been playing around with Glitch, which is a delightful project from Fog Creek (makers of Trello and co-creators of Stack Overflow).

On first glance Glitch looks weirdly retro, and it took a little while for me to get the hang of things. Bit it's fun and very powerful. Basically it's a place where you can start creating web apps in your browser, and each app is automatically hosted online. If you see an app that you like you can see the source code (just like you can see HTML using "view source" in your browser). if you want to hack on the code you can simply create a copy and it's yours to play with (this is called "remixing", like forking on GitHub). Your copy gets a cute name (possibly annoyingly cute) and away you go.

If you're a developer, then at this point you're probably wondering what is actually happening under the hood. Each Glitch app is a node.js app, which means you're programming in Javascript (you can just use HTML and client side Javascript if you want to avoid node.js). I'm very new to node.js, so Glitch has been a fun way to experiment.

There are two things which make Glitch very powerful. The first is the "remix" feature. Don't know where to start? Find an app that looks like it might do something you want to do, remix it, and hack away. The code is edited online, and the editor works very well. It also checks your code for Javascript errors as you type, which is helpful (usually).

The second great feature is that you get built in hosting for free. As soon as you remix an app you have a functioning web site. Remixing is very like forking in GitHub, and if you're running node.js on your local machine then the benefits of Glitch might not seem obvious. But hosting is often a pain, either you need to set up your own servers, or use a hosting service. Glitch takes care of this for you, so your app is instantly available for others to use.

So, what can you do with Glitch? There's some great examples on the Glitch site, but I want to show an almost trivial example. I've created an app called "enchanting-bongo" (yes, the name is a bit irritating) that does one simple thing. You give it a DOI for an article and enchanting-bongo tells you whether any of the authors of that work have an ORCID. For example, try the DOI 10.3897/zookeys.555.6173. Why did I write this? I'm interested in ways to link people to the work that they've done, especially work that ends up being aggregated in large-scale biodiversity databases like GBIF (see Possible project: #itaxonomist, combining taxonomic names, DOIs, and ORCID to measure taxonomic impact).

Screenshot 2017 05 31 17 09 32

The app does one thing. It takes the DOI and calls the ORCID API to see if anyone has claimed authorship of the paper with that DOI. You can use the app with a web browser, or you can use an HTTP client and call the API (e.g.,

Glitch is an example of servers computing, where you don't have to worry about physical servers or the software infrastructure that runs on them (e.g., the web server itself), you just write code. Like any buzzword, there is some pushback, see for example What Is “Serverless”? An Alternative Take, but for a fascinating essay I recommend Why the fuss about serverless?. But the notion that I can simply hack away on some code and have an instantly available web app is very attractive.

The other buzzword is "microservices". I'm forever needing to do tasks such as find a DOI for a paper, match a "microcitation" to the enclosing article, locate a specimen in GBIF based on catalogue number in a paper, parse some text into structured data, such as a reference, geographic coordinates, etc. These are tools that I need in lots of contexts, and I've written software to do this on my machine, often as part of larger projects. "Microservices" is the idea that instead of large, monolithic apps we write a series of minimal tools that typically do one thing, and do it well. We then chain the together to do various tasks. Having small tools means that we can treat each problem independently, and if the tools communicate over the web (HTTP) then it doesn't matter what programming language we use. I've started thinking more and more about adopting this model and developing a bunch of small services to perform many of the tasks I need. Hosting these services then becomes in issue, I have web servers in my office but they are a pain to maintain (my university is forever insisting that I upgrade their software), so cloud-based hosting seems the obvious way forward. Free-hosting looks ideal, so Glitch is looking very attractive.

So, I'm hoping to experiment more with this approach. One thing I might do is create a series of services very like enchanting-bongo, have a simple web interface and an API that the web interface calls. That way users can play with it in their web browser, then call the service via the API if it does something useful. As a more sophisticated example of a service, I'm working on tools to parse Wikispecies reference strings, and link specimen codes to records in GBIF.

One reason I'm enthusiastic about Glitch is that it is fun!. Some of the best shifts in technology that I've made have been because a tool made something easy and fun to do. For example, CouchDB made working with structured data fun, and that was a revelation (databases, fun, surely not). Fun is a much neglected characteristic of the tools we use.

          This is what phylodiversity looks like   

Following on from earlier posts exploring how to map DNA barcodes and putting barcodes into GBIF it's time to think about taking advantage of what makes barcodes different from typical occurrence data. At present GBIF displays data as dots on a map (as do I in But barcodes come with a lot more information than that. I'm interested in exploring how we might measure and visualise biodiversity using just sequences.

Based on a talk by Zachary Tong (Going Organic - Genomic sequencing in Elasticsearch) I've started to play with n-gram searches on DNA barcodes using Elasticsearch, an open source search engine. The idea is that we break the DNA sequence into every possible "word" of length n (also called a k-mer or k-tuple, where k = n).

For example, for n = 5, the sequence GTATCGGTAACGAACTT would look like this:



The sequence GTATCGGTAACGAACTT comes from Hajibabaei and Singer (2009) who discussed "Googling" DNA sequences using search engines (see also Kuksa and Pavlovic, 2009). If we index sequences in this way then we can do BLAST-like searches very quickly using Elasticsearch. This means it's feasible to take a DNA barcode and ask "what sequences look like this?" and return an answer qucikly enoigh for a user not to get bored waiting.

Another nice feature of Elasticsearch is that it supports geospatial queries, so we can ask for, say, all the barcodes in a particular region. Having got such a list, what we really want is not a list of sequences but a phylogenetic tree. Traditionally this can be a time consuming operation, we have to take the sequences, align them, then input that alignment into a tree building algorithm. Or do we?

There's growing interest in "alignment-free" phylogenetics, a phrase I'd heard but not really followed up. Yang and Zhang (2008) described an approach where every sequences is encoded as a vector of all possible k-tuples. For DNA sequences k = 5 there are 45 = 1024 possible combinations of the bases A, C, G, and T, so a sequence is represented as a vector with 1024 elements, each one is the frequency of the corresponding 5-tuple. The "distance" between two sequences is the mathematical distance between these vectors for the two sequences. Hence we no longer need to align the sequences being comapred, we simply chunk them into all "words" of 5 bases in length, and compare the frequencies of the 1024 different possible "words".

In their study Yang and Zhang (2008) found that:

We compared tuples of different sizes and found that tuple size 5 combines both performance speed and accuracy; tuples of shorter lengths contain less information and include more randomness; tuples of longer lengths contain more information and less random- ness, but the vector size expands exponentially and gets too large and computationally inefficient.

So we can use the same word size for both Elasticsearch indexing and for computing the distance matrix. We still need to create a tree, for which we could use something quick like neighbour-joining (NJ). This method is sufficiently quick to be available in Javascript and hence can be computed by a web browser (e.g., biosustain/neighbor-joining).

Putting this all together, I've built a rough-and-ready demo that takes some DNA barcodes, puts them on a map, then enables you to draw a box on a map and the demo will retrieve the DNA barcodes in that area, compute a distance matrix using 5-tuples, then build a NJ tree, all on the fly in your web browser.

Phylodiversity on the fly from Roderic Page on Vimeo.

This is all very crude, and I need to explore scalability (at the moment I limit the results to the first 200 DNA sequences found), but it's encouraging. I like the idea that, in principle, we could go to any part of the globe, ask "what's there?" and get back a phylogenetic tree for the DNA barcodes in that area.

This also means that we could start exploring phylogenetic diversity using DNA barcodes, as Faith & Baker (2006) wanted a decade ago:

...PD has been advocated as a way to make the best-possible use of the wealth of new data expected from large-scale DNA “barcoding” programs. This prospect raises interesting bio-informatics issues (discussed below), including how to link multiple sources of evidence for phylogenetic inference, and how to create a web-based linking of PD assessments to the barcode–of-life database (BoLD).

The phylogenetic diversity of an area is essentially the length of the tree of DNA barcodes, so if we build a tree we have a measure of diversity. Note that this contrasts with other approaches, such as Miraldo et al.'s "An Anthropocene map of genetic diversity" which measured genetic diversity within species but not between (!).

Practical issues

There are a bunch of practical issues to work through, such as how scalable it is to compute phylogenies using Javascript on the fly. For example, could we do something like generate a one degree by one degree grid of the Earth, take all the barcodes in each cell and compute a phylogeny for each cell? Could we do this in CouchDB? What about sampling, should we be taking a finite, random sample of sequences so that we try and avoid sampling bias?

There are also data management issues. I'm exploring downloading DNA barcodes, creating a Darwin Core Archive file using the Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) data standard, then converting the Darwin Core Archive into JSON and sending that to Elasticsearch. The reason for the intermediate step of creating the archive is so that we can edit the data, add missing geospatial informations, etc. I envisage having a set of archives, hosted say on GitHub. These archives could also be directly imported into GBIF, ready for the time that GBIF can handle genomic data.


  • Faith, D. P., & Baker, A. M. (2006). Phylogenetic diversity (PD) and biodiversity conservation: some bioinformatics challenges. Evol Bioinform Online. 2006; 2: 121–128. PMC2674678
  • Hajibabaei, M., & Singer, G. A. (2009). Googling DNA sequences on the World Wide Web. BMC Bioinformatics. Springer Nature.
  • Kuksa, P., & Pavlovic, V. (2009). Efficient alignment-free DNA barcode analytics. BMC Bioinformatics. Springer Nature.
  • Miraldo, A., Li, S., Borregaard, M. K., Florez-Rodriguez, A., Gopalakrishnan, S., Rizvanovic, M., … Nogues-Bravo, D. (2016, September 29). An Anthropocene map of genetic diversity. Science. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
  • Yang, K., & Zhang, L. (2008, January 10). Performance comparison between k-tuple distance and four model-based distances in phylogenetic tree reconstruction. Nucleic Acids Research. Oxford University Press (OUP).

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          Business journalism: Math is hard!   
As a buyer, I hate price increases as much as the next consumer. As a business professor for the past 17 years, I have tried to develop (and encourage) economic literacy among future employees, entrepreneurs and voters.

Thus, as a parent about to shell out $200 for Disneyand tickets for two teenagers, last weekend I had decidedly mixed feelings as I read an article in the Washington Post:
How theme parks like Disney World left the middle class behind
By Drew Harwell
June 12

When Walt Disney World opened in an Orlando swamp in 1971, with its penny arcade and marching-band parade down Main Street U.S.A., admission for an adult cost $3.50, about as much then as three gallons of milk. Disney has raised the gate price for the Magic Kingdom 41 times since, nearly doubling it over the past decade.

This year, a ticket inside the “most magical place on Earth” rocketed past $100 for the first time in history.

Ballooning costs have not slowed the mouse-eared masses flooding into the world’s busiest theme park. Disney’s main attraction hosted a record 19 million visitors last year, a number nearly as large as the population of New York state.

But looking closer at the article, I found two math errors — both obvious to someone of my generation (but perhaps not a 30-ish graduate of U. Florida’s j-school). The net result was an apples and oranges comparison that undercut the core premise of the breathless 1,730-word exposé.

As a former newspaper reporter, I thought I'd follow procedure — by writing to the ombudsman to request a correction. Here is the letter that I sent:
Subject: Inaccurate statistic in Disney story
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 22:03:06 -0700
From: Joel West

Dear Reader Rep,

I am writing to call attention to the inaccurate (or at best misleading) story and graph in the story on Disneyland.

The story says:
When Walt Disney World opened in an Orlando swamp in 1971, with its penny arcade and marching-band parade down Main Street U.S.A., admission for an adult cost $3.50, about as much then as three gallons of milk.
This number is highly misleading because today's $99 admission includes unlimited rides, and the 1971 admission included no rides whatsoever. Instead, (when I was a kid) we had books of A- through E-tickets, or just E-tickets -- an additional amount that always totaled more than the amount of admission.

Wikipedia and this local TV station explain it clearly:

In the story's graph, the "price" jumps in 1982 because 1982 was when (according to Wikipedia) admissions included unlimited rides. So the 1982 price is not directly comparable to the 1971-1981 price

This website estimates that the actual net cost in 1971 was $10.25, or almost 3x as much as your newspaper reported:

According to this inflation calculator, that would be $59.88 in today's dollars:†

So yes, Disney pushed through a 65% price increase ($59.88 to $99) in an era when the real price of air travel, computing, TVs and other products fell. (California and Northern Virginia real estate probably increased faster than inflation during this period).

Still, the claim the price went from $3.50 to $99 is inaccurate, since today's readers would assume the admission prices would include unlimited rides (as it has for the past 40+ years).

Joel West
…, California
(I have never worked for Disney Co nor has any member of my family)
† With the June CPI update, the website now says the present value is $60.19.
The ombudsman didn't think the criticism was important enough to investigate (let alone publish):
Subject: RE: Inaccurate statistic in Disney story
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 19:43:59 +0000
From: Readers Internet DropBox <>
To: 'Joel West'

Hi Mr. West,

Thanks for taking the time to write. I’ve forwarded your feedback along to the author of the piece.


Alison Coglianese
Reader Representative
The Washington Post
As I suspected, when asked to self-police, the reporter neither published a correction (or clarification) or even bothered to reply to my correspondence.

The article overstates the increase in the out-of-pocket price by a factor of three: as someone who went to Disneyland before Disney World opened, I can testify first hand as to how much parents had to feed the mouse to satisfy teens and pre-teens. The 6x increase in the CPI is also not negligible: a gallon of gas that today is $3.50/gallon was 25¢/gallon up until the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo. So the 28x increase is less daunting when there’s an 18x correction needed for a mouse-to-mouse comparison.

Now I get that business skills and journalism skills are a rare combination. When in my 20s as a (small-town) reporter, I had two years of college calculus, one semester of upper division math (tensor calculus) and a degree from a prestigious technical university. Despite that, I didn’t really understand business or economics until I left journalism — starting my own company in 1987 and getting an education from the school of hard knocks. Still, a cable TV station in Orlando (the 19th largest TV market) managed to get it right — in a story written by their “web content editor”.

This is not rocket science, folks. The reality is that the Walt Disney Company charges all the traffic will bear because it can. Knott’s, Six Flags and other amusement park are pale imitations of Uncle Walt’s original. It’s much more than the proprietary IP, as teens really don’t care about mice and princesses — but the imagination and creativity that make the rides more than just spin-until-you-puke physical entertainment. (Universal Studios —with its Wizarding World of Harry Potter — seems to be the only park operator who seems interested in competing in this segment of the market).

Overall, one would think that America’s seventh largest newspaper — one with a historic disproportionate policy influence — would be able to hire more qualified business reporters in what is clearly a buyer’s market. (Or at least one will derive the story from the facts rather than the other way around.) For example, the WSJ is laying off a veteran business reporter who’s knows a lot about pharma and has a bachelor’s in accounting.

That’s why I usually find more insightful and accurate coverage from industry professionals (and part-time columnists) at sites such as Forbes or Seeking Alpha. For example, more than any other news source, I learn the more about the pharma industry from Scott Gottlieb (who brings both FDA and Medicare/Medicaid experience to his MD).
          More about the Silicon Valley legend   
My friend Shane Greenstein this week wrote a book review of Moore’s Law, a biography of the famous Silicon Valley chemist, entrepreneur, billionaire, philanthropist and visionary. As Shane opened his Wall Street Journal commentary:
Fifty years ago, Gordon Moore formulated his famous “law,” typically summarized as “the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit will double every two years.” The accumulation of exponential improvements that he foresaw has indeed ushered in perpetual reductions in the cost of computing and the size of computers. And it’s at the core of the information technology revolution.
Even before his famous 1965 paper, Moore was a Silicon Valley pioneer, there when they put the silicon in Silicon Valley. After attending SJSU, Cal and Caltech, in 1956 Moore went to work for (later Nobelist) Bill Shockley, working on the technical challenges of adapting silicon (rather than germanium) to construct reliable semiconductor devices.

The next year, Moore and others of the Traitorous Eight set the pattern for the Valley when they Shockley Semiconductor to found Fairchild Semiconductor — the Valley’s first (unsanctioned) spinoff. In 1968, two of the eight — Moore and Robert Noyce — took Andy Grove to start Intel. (Four years later, fellow Traitor Gene Kleiner joined Tom Perkins to found the Valley’s legendary VC firm)..

Never fired and married to the same woman for 60+ years, Moore was neither a showman nor celebrity like the late Steve Jobs. Arguably, he and his compatriots did more than anyone else to set the pace of Silicon Valley (at least during the five decades when there was still silicon in Silicon Valley).

The authors of this latest biography — “a chemist, a historian and a journalist” — offer the definitive story of the 86-year-old chemist. As Shane concludes:
The authors have material on just about everything in Mr. Moore’s life—his relationships with his wife and children, the Porsche he drove, even his childhood adventures with nitroglycerin. The detail, on occasion, becomes overwhelming.

Yet the book brings an insider’s perspective into the discussion of Moore’s law. What became the law first emerged in 1965, in an article modestly titled “Cramming More Components Onto Integrated Circuits,” published in the journal Electronics. By the authors’ account, nobody paid much attention to it at the time. Why do we know it today? Mr. Moore revisited the idea in 1975, updated it and devoted public speeches to it. Others began to notice its deep foundations at the boundaries of science and production; Carver Mead, a longtime professor at Caltech, was the one who actually coined the term “Moore’s Law.”

Gordon Moore’s forecast was spectacularly right. Yet, as this compelling biography proves, even if he had never hazarded it, he would remain a legend in Silicon Valley.
Alas, it’s hard to deny the passing of this era. Moore is the only one of the Intel founders still alive, and one of only two (with Jay Last) of the Fairchild founders. Despite its continuing microprocessor monopoly, nearly 15 years later Intel stock is still only half its peak level of August 2000. Internet software — not electronics — is where Kleiner Perkins is making its money nowadays.
          Upstream vs. downstream complementarities in Apple-IBM deal   
Despite coverage to the contrary, Tuesday's announcement that IBM will help sell Apple products to enterprise customers is long overdue and merely the latest example of cooperation between the firms spanning more than two decades.

The new thing is that — unlike previous deals — the cooperation announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook and IBM CEO Virginia Rometty reflects downstream complementarities rather than upstream ones.

In their seminal book Co-opetition, Brandenburger and Nalebuff defined complementarity between products X and Y as meaning that if someone bought X, then Y would be more valuable (and vice versa). This basic principle is behind nearly any positive-sum (“win-win”) strategic alliance today.

Yes, Apple’s early successes began to fade when IBM introduced its PC in August 1981, and its 1984 Macintosh introduction was aimed squarely at Big Blue and its user-unfriendly DOS PC. But the two companies have been cooperating far longer than they competed, largely through their cooperation in upstream components.

The big cooperation surprise came not in July 2014 but October 1991. Then Apple CEO John Sculley and IBM President Jack Kuehler announced that Apple would be using PowerPC CPUs based on IBM's proprietary RISC chips (Motorola was the third partner in the alliance).

At the same time, Apple and IBM launched two Silicon Valley-based software joint ventures based on a common rivalry with Microsoft. Taligent nearly killed Apple (and thus helped me find a new career) by siphoning off Apple’s top engineers to work on an operating system that it never shipped. Kaleida was intended to solve CD-ROM scripting challenges, but was swept aside by the emergence of Java and the commercial Internet.

A few years later — at the depth of Apple’s self-inflicted slide towards irrelevance — IBM helped Apple with problems creating hardware in its fastest-growing and most profitable segment, laptop computers. It sold its unique laptop hard disk to Apple (but not to HP) and also built the 1997 PowerBook 2400c for Apple at its IBM Japan division.

Fast forward to the 21st century. IBM could have begun selling Apple's hardware at any point since it divested its PC division in 2005. This is exactly why the company exited the market segment that it had created 24 years earlier: to get rid of a low-margin commodity hardware business and give it more flexibility to sell higher-margin integration services to large corporations.

The question is: what took them so long? The iPad came out in April 2010 and Steve Jobs has been gone for nearly three years. Ever since the Macintosh (1984) and particularly the LaserWriter (1985), Apple has been making products that would appeal to large companies, but lacked the sales, support and integration capabilities needed to address their customer’s complete requirements. (Only us Mac graybeards remember the 1988 Apple/DEC alliance that was intended to address these problems.)

Today, the two companies are not just looking over their shoulders at Microsoft, but also Google as well. The iPhone and iPad have already been widely adopted in big companies — spawning the IT acronym BYOD — but the new alliance should (like other successful downstream complementaries) generate incremental revenue growth for both parties.

However, there was one glaring omission in the latest Apple-IBM collaboration announcement: cloud computing. Apple has a retail presence with its true believers that is central to its integration strategies, but lacks the scale to compete with the industry leaders, Amazon and Google. IBM is their major competitor as a wholesale supplier, but (unlike Amazon and Google) does not compete with Apple’s retail offerings.

In the long run, Apple will unable to go it alone in cloud computing. We’ve all seen the risks that companies take relying on Amazon (cf. Netflix) or Google (cf. Samsung) as a supplier who is also a competitor. As in the PowerPC days, Apple should not only be leveraging IBM’s scale but working to attract others to its platform as the last honest broker in cloud computing.
          Lucrarile de taiere de la A la Z   

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          Bolile si Daunatorii Plantelor. Diagnostic si Tratament   

Putine lucrari pot sa iti fie de folos asa cum reuseste aceasta carte! De ce se detaseaza clar in fata altor lucrari pe aceeasti tema? Contine peste 850 de fotografi color ce te vor ajuta sa identifici problemele si bolile plantelor. Este de asemenea foarte bine structurata, prezentand clar modul in care se poate pune un […]

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          How iPhone is different from other devices?   

iPhone vs Cell Phone
Seriously, who doesn’t have a cell phone or any type of a communication device nowadays? There was a time when cell phones are only a status symbol and only people with enough resources can afford the luxury of mobile communication. However, today, price is not a big issue anymore. Sure, there are a lot of expensive cell phones in the market but many can be bought with a cheap price.
The phrase cell phone is just a short terminology for cellular phone. Cellular phones are mobile phones that use cellular technology. They are basically electronic devices that allow users to communicate on the go over a cellular network. Don’t confuse cellular phones with cordless telephones as they are completely different from each other. Cordless phones have limited range via a single base station while cell phones work with numerous base stations called cell sites strategically scattered in different locations to provide extensive coverage.
Cell phones are also called mobile phones and it had gone through a lot of innovations. The evolution of cell phones has been a stunning one and we are now in the 4th generation (4G) that is capable of many things. It is almost like a personal computer at the palm of your hands.
At first, people were merely satisfied of the cell phone’s crude ability to transmit and receive calls while moving around. However, due to fierce competition between manufacturing companies and improvements in computing technology, cellular phones have improved by leaps and bounds. For three decades, many people had witnessed the almost incredible evolution of cell phones.
Now, most cell phones are expected to have the basic features of SMS, bluetooth, MMS, camera (video and still), recorder, multimedia player, and lots more. Yet, it had never ceased to improve and in 2001 — the 3rd generation (3G) of cellular technology — high-end and hi-tech cell phones emerged. Such phones are labeled as smartphones and many would agree that the current king of smartphones is the iPhone.
iPhone has set the standard and it has been set so high that many iPhone challengers failed miserably. iPhones have the capability to utilize the internet to connect with other people ‘“ e.g. browsing the web, emails, and instant messaging. Multimedia storage and playback is excellent and with countless of applications to choose from. We could go on and on, the features are seemingly infinite.
iPhone is an Apple Inc. product and it is currently on its 3rd upgrade, the iPhone 3GS.
1. Categorically, the iPhone is considered a cell phone but more suitably a smartphone.
2. Cell phone is a general term for any device that uses cellular technology to transmit and receive data while the iPhone is a specific type of device that features the use of cellular technology.
iPhone vs Windows Mobile
Since the appearance of the iPhone, there has been much debate about which one is actually better, the iPhone or Windows Mobile smartphones. Probably the biggest difference between these two devices is in their general approach. The iPhone focuses on simplicity and letting its users do what they want to do without much fuss. Windows Mobile on the other hand, focuses more on productivity and allowing the user to do more complex things than what you can achieve on the iPhone. Because of this, Windows
Mobile phones are much harder to learn and get used to when compared to iPhones.
Just to prove a point, the iPhone uses a single home screen, which is easily recognizable to most users. For Windows Mobile, there are a variety of third party applications that let you install and customize your home screen depending on your needs. It is a bit more complicated but should yield a more personalized device.
One major gripe that a lot of people have with the iPhone is the lack of true multi-tasking capabilities. Despite the introduction of multi-tasking in iOS4, this is a very limited feature and not all applications would be able to take advantage of it. Windows Mobile has had true multi-tasking even before the iPhone came to the market.
When it comes to applications for your phones, Apple has total control over which one can be published and which ones cannot. Some developers even refuse to speak out against Apple in fear that their next app would no longer be approved. Microsoft does not exercise any control over any third party software. As long as you have an installer, you can use the application on your phone.
Lastly, iPhones do not allow user replacement of certain parts like batteries or memory. You are therefore limited to what the iPhone has. In case you run out of battery, there is no other option but to plug-in to the nearest wall socket. Windows Mobile phone allows easy access to the battery and memory so that you can replace them anytime you want and carrying spares is a good option when on long trips.
1. The iPhone touts simplicity and ease of use while Windows Mobile banks more on flexibility and customizability
2. There is only one home screen for the iPhone while you can have a multitude of other interfaces for Windows Mobile
3. The iPhone is not able to multi-task while Windows Mobile phones can
4. Apple has tight control over what you can install on your iPhone while Windows Mobile users can install pretty much what they want
5. The iPhone does not have replaceable memory or batteries while most Windows Mobile phones do.
Apple iPhone 4 vs SnapDragon
Although the iPhone is still the best selling smartphone with its latest version, the iPhone 4, there are a lot of new products that offer better features. Most of these new smartphones flaunt having something called the SnapDragon. The SnapDragon is actually a line of processors, and not a complete phone like the iPhone, which is the single most important component in any computer or smartphone. The reason why the SnapDragon is very popular is because of its excellent capabilities that can rival and even exceed the capabilities of the A4 processor found on the iPhone 4.
The biggest difference between the two is speed. The SnapDragon operates at a much higher frequency of 1Ghz with newer processors operating at up to 1.2,1.3, and even 1.5GHz. While the A4 processor of the iPhone can also reach clock speeds of 1Ghz, as demonstrated by the iPad, it is rumored that the A4 in the iPhone 4 is underclocked in order to reduce battery consumption and improve battery life. Apple has also created some shortcuts in order to avoid hitting performance issues, like the limited multi-tasking ability. New developments in the SnapDragon include a dual core version with each core running at whooping 1.5Ghz. This processor far exceeds the underclocked single core processor found on the iPhone. Although there are still doubts as to how this much power would translate in terms of power consumption and battery life.
As the A4 is proprietary to Apple and is only used on their products, a lot of Apple competitors like HTC, Sony Ericsson, Google, and LG have employed the SnapdDragon in some of their newer models. Because of the wide number of manufacturers who are employing the SnapDragon, it is also called upon to run different operating systems; Windows Mobile and Google Android to name two. The A4 is custom fitted to the iOS which is used with both the iPhone and iPad.
1. The iPhone 4 processor is clocked much lower than most SnapDragons
2. The iPhone 4 is a phone while the SnapDragon is a processor
3. The iPhone 4 uses a single processor architecture while new SnapDragons are using the dual processor architecture
4. The SnapDragon is commonly used by a lot of the iPhone’s competitors
5. The SnapDragon is used by phones that run WM and Android while the iPhone 4 only runs the iOS
Apple iPhone 4 vs Motorola Droid X
The iPhone 4 and the Droid X are very similar when it comes to specs but there are subtle differences between them, which may sway one over the other. The most significant difference is probably the operating system. The iPhone 4 sticks with the Apple iOS while the Droid X uses Google’s Android. The apps for both are not usable on the other so if you like an iPhone app, the best you can do is look for an Android app that does the same thing.
With the hardware, we start with the screens. Although both device uses a capacitive multi-touch screen, that of the Droid X is significantly bigger than the iPhone’s by 0.8 inches. Despite this, the iPhone’s screen has a much higher resolution compared to that of the Droid X. The camera of the Droid X is also superior to that of the iPhone when it comes to resolution. The Droid X sports an 8 megapixel camera while the iPhone is only equipped with a 5 megapixel camera. But both cameras are able to record HD quality video.
iPhone models have a fixed amount of memory of either 16GB or 32GB. In comparison, the Droid X only has 8GB of internal memory but comes with a 16GB memory card. This is even expandable to 32GB for a total of 40GB. The battery of the iPhone is also in the same state. It is internal and cannot be replaced by the user. The Droid X’s battery is user replaceable and you can even opt to replace its stock battery with third party offerings with higher capacities.
Lastly, the iPhone is only compatible with GSM networks while the Droid X only works with CDMA networks. The iPhone is still better for travelling outside the US as most parts of the world use GSM rather than CDMA.
1. The iPhone 4 uses the iOS while the Droid X uses Google Android
2. The iPhone 4 has a smaller screen but with higher resolution than the Droid X
3. The iPhone 4 camera has a lower resolution than that of the Droid X
4. The iPhone 4 has a fixed amount of memory while that of the Droid X is expandable
5. The iPhone 4 has a built-in battery while the Droid X battery is user replaceable
6. The iPhone 4 only works with GSM networks while the Droid X is meant for CDMA networks
iPhone vs. Android
iPhone is Apple’s touch screen mobile phone (also known as a smart phone). Its newest permutation, iPhone 3.0, offers a wider range of features than its predecessors, and offers formidable competition on the market. The iPhone offers an expansive Applications Store, full of features that users are able to download for a fee, or gratis. This smart phone comes complete with a comprehensive search feature, that seems far more sophisticated than its competitors, including Spotlight search engine, and the ability to search within mail, contacts, and the calendar.
The Android (also known as the Google G1) is Google’s first smart phone controlled through an Android. This smart phone also comes with its share of applications, though not contesting the Apple iPhone. The Android comes complete with a pull down ‘window shade’ notification area, which makes users privy to multiple alerts. Basically, any number of virtual alerts – Twitter replies, missed calls, an upcoming appointment, etc.- can all be drawn up at the same time using the drop down shade feature. On the contrary, the iPhone offers a pop up screen when such alerts occur; forcing the user to have to end whatever activity he or she is performing – including a phone call.
As Apple controls all the hardware of its iPhone market, it can perform any number of tasks to improve the use of the phone. Quite simply, this means that the iPhone comes with standard accessory support. Google’s Android is simply an operating system that, while able to run on multiple platforms, doesn’t give the user access to any sort of complimentary support for any of the accessories themselves. The Android, therefore, can run on a multitude of handsets, all with differing configurations, making control difficult.
Though lacking in the proper control to give users accessory support, the Android comes with comprehensive MMS support. There are also stellar background processes; however, these processes tend to overexert the battery. Apple’s iPhone comes with its own set of background processes that aren’t as intense, therefore spare the battery a great deal of wear and tear.
1. The Apple iPhone comes with an expansive set of applications, available for free or for a small fee; the Google Android comes with a smaller package of applications.
2. The Apple iPhone comes with a feature to alert the user of any missed instances, though this feature forces the user to prematurely end whatever action he is performing; the Google Android comes with a drag and drop screen that alerts the user of any occurrences ,but allows him to continue his actions.
3. Apple controls all of its hardware, and it is therefore simple to perform the necessary accessory maintenance; Google’s Android is simply a platform that functions on different platforms, and doesn’t allow for easy accessory support.
iPhone vs. BlackBerry
Mobile phone wars have  been ongoing for quite some time. But ever since the iphone was introduced, it has gotten much worse. The iphone has grabbed a chunk of probably every single category in the mobile industry. Here we will differentiate an iphone from a blackberry.
The blackberry was introduced in 1999 not as a phone but as a two way pager. The more popular smart phone format was released later in 2002 and has gained instant popularity among businessmen due to its heavy concentration on email services. As of that time, only the blackberry has push email capabilities, sending and receiving emails as if they were text messages.
The iphone was released around five years later than the blackberry and was introduced as a phone with multiple capabilities. There was so much hype around the release of the iphone due to its innovative features and very intriguing design that have redefined the look of a smart phone since then. The iphone has lived up to the hype for most parts and is still a very prominent style icon.
It is quite difficult to compare the two since they are meant for different segments of the market. The iphone can do what the blackberry does but not so well, the same could also be said about the opposite. The focus of email writing in the blackberry meant that the qwerty hardware keyboard is always present. The speed and tactile feel of buttons is simply unmatchable by the touch screen interface of the iphone. The supporting servers of RIM, the makers of blackberry, also prove to be a big plus in its dominance amongst the businessmen who needs their emails fast. But we can now see that blackberry is beginning to lose its market share in hardware, giving other mobile makers permission to use their software like Nokia, Motorola, and HTC.
It is so hard to list all the advantages of the iphone over the blackberry, that’s why I started with telling the upsides of blackberry. Since those two are the only things that it has over the iphone. Typing with the iphone on screen keyboard is just not as fast as a hardware keyboard, although the iphone wouldn’t be as it is if it had a hardware keyboard. The lack of push email functionality also means that you must constantly check if new mail has arrived. Aside from that, everything is far superior in the iphone. Not to mention the fact that the blackberry is nowhere near the cool factor of the iphone, not even in the same ballpark.
iPad vs iPhone vs MacBook

iPad and iPhone and Macbook are all products of Apple which are extremely popular electronic devices selling millions of units around the world. People are often confused concerning the difference between an iPad and iPhone and MacBook as they are not aware of their features and the facilities which they get with each of them. This article intends to highlight the features as well as pros and cons of all three so that consumers can buy a gadget depending upon his requirements and usage.


This is the latest offering from Apple and is actually a tablet PC that has many features of a laptop in a smaller and thinner gadget while at the same time offering some of the multimedia experience which users get through their smartphones. iPad has a slate like form as it does not have a physical keyboard like a MacBook and the users have to make do with the virtual full QWERTY keyboard which is quite sensitive to touch. It makes use of the same super fast processor as the one in iPhone and has the same operating system that is used in iPhone, which is iOS.

iPad was launched in April 2010 and sold millions of units. Its popularity prompted Apple to come up with iPad 2 in March 2011 which has a faster processor and processes graphics 9+ times faster than iPad. It is basically a platform for audio visual experience such as reading e-books, watching videos and listening to music. It also allows web browsing, and when one looks at its size, it falls between an iPhone and MacBook. It even allows users to play games. iPad uses an LCD display of 9.7 inches at a resolution of 1024X768 pixels and the screen is fingerprint and scratch resistant. ipad comes in different versions with internal storage capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB, and even 64 GB with prices varying from $499 to $829. While iPad had 1GHz A4 processor, iPad 2 has a faster 1Ghz Dual core A5 processor. For connectivity, iPad is Wi-Fi and has Bluetooth, and some models provide for 3G connectivity as well.

iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that combines an iPod, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a cellular phone. The device includes Internet browsing and networking capabilities.

iPhone is extremely thin (only 11.6 millimeters thick) but wider and longer than many comparable devices. The display area is a 3.5-inch wide screen multi-touch interface with unusually high resolution (160 pixels per inch). Unlike most other smartphones, iPhone does not use a hardware keyboard or a stylus. To navigate, a user uses multiple taps and drags to navigate through a mobile version of Apple's OS X operating system. Like iPod, iPhone synchronizes data with a user's personal computer, using iTunes as a client software and Apple's proprietary USB port. iPhone
is compatible with Microsoft's Windows operating systems, including Vista.
iPhone's networking features include:
  • Automatic detection of WiFi networks.
  • Support for the 802.11b and 802.11g standards.
  • The use of quadband GSM and SIM cards to access cellular networks.
  • EDGE support for high-speed data transfer where available.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for short range networking with peripherals, other iPhones and PCs.
Apple says that iPhone carries 8 hours of life on the internal lithium-ion battery for talk or video, and up to 24 hours for music mode. The device ships with either a 4 or 8 GB hard drive, an Intel CPU and Apple's OS X operating system, modified for mobile use.
iPhone comes preloaded with a suite of media management software and communications software, including iTunes, the Safari Web browser and iPhoto. iPhoto may be used in combination with the 2 megapixel camera on the back of the device. Google's search and mapping services are fully integrated, including the ability to initiate phone calls from within Google Maps. Users can also view YouTube videos on the device, along with Microsoft Office documents and most imaging formats, including .JPEG, .GIF and .TIFF. A partnership with Yahoo allows iPhone users to send and receive rich HTML email. Other IMAP or POP3e-mail services are integrated as well, along with webmail access in the browser.
While iPhone was released under an exclusive two-year partnership with AT&T Wireless, it took less than three months for hackers working in concert worldwide to unlock the device for use on any GSM network, though the process involved a level of technical sophistication well beyond the consumer level.

          Very good insight into the importance of hybrid cloud: Service management in the age of hybrid cloud - …   

Very good insight into the importance of hybrid cloud: Service management in the age of hybrid cloud - …

          Беременная теннисистка Серена Уильямс снялась обнаженной    

Теннисистка Серене Уильямс, не раз становившаяся первой ракеткой мира, недавно снялась в фотосессии для журнала Vanity Fair обнаженной. Об этом сообщает

Беременная теннисистка Серена Уильямс снялась обнаженной (фото)


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Беременная теннисистка Серена Уильямс снялась обнаженной (фото)


Отца своего будущего ребенка, основателя Reddit Алексис Оганян, Серена встретила в 2015 году в отеле в Риме.

Беременная теннисистка Серена Уильямс снялась обнаженной (фото)


Полтора года пара встречалась, Алексис сопровождал по всему миру возлюбленную на чемпионаты и наблюдал за ее игрой, а в декабре 2016 года они обручились.

Беременная теннисистка Серена Уильямс снялась обнаженной (фото)


В следующем месяце Серена объявила прессе о своей беременности. Выяснилось, что свой рекордный 23-й турнир серии Большого шлема в одиночном разряде, она выиграла, будучи на восьмой неделе.

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Беременная теннисистка Серена Уильямс снялась обнаженной (фото)


Уильямс подтвердила, что планирует вернуться в тур после родов.

Беременная теннисистка Серена Уильямс снялась обнаженной (фото)


"Не думаю, что моя история завершена", – заявила теннисистка

          Wait Statistics in Microsoft SQL Server    

 (Originally appearing at


When it comes to troubleshooting in relational databases, there's no better place to start than wait statistics.  In a nutshell, a wait statistic is an internal counter that tells you how long the database spent waiting for a particular resource, activity, or process.  Since wait statistics are categorized by type, one look will quickly tell the variety of problem that needs your attention, assuming you know meaning for Microsoft's lingo for each wait type.

(As an aside, wait stats were implemented in the earliest days of relational database computing because the early RDBMSes ran on multiple operating systems. So the database vendors needed a reliable method of troubleshooting database performance which was independent of the OS).

Wait stats help you clue in to the best approach and path for troubleshooting.  For example, if your top wait stat showed a lot of time spent on acquiring locks, you could pretty well rest assured that trying to tune networking latency would be a total waste of your time.  Conversely, wait stats could also help you understand that perhaps the 'usual suspects' of poor database performance (IO, CPU, etc) weren't actually worth consideration.

Because wait statistics are broad, they're typically where you start your troubleshooting process but not where it ends.  That's because wait statistics don't actually point to the smoking gun that's causing the true performance problem.  For example, let's say your SQL Server is experiencing an unusually high amount of RESOURCE_SEMAPHORE waits.  Resource semaphores relate to query compilation and reserving memory for queries as they're being compiled.  But on a busy system,WHICH of your queries are contributing to this wait?  It can require a lot more investigation to figure that part out.  (I've considered spending some more time in future posts walking through the entire troubleshooting process. If you're interested let me know in the comments).

Now, in SQL Server, it is possible to determine the wait stats accrued by a given thread or even a specific query or transaction.  But this information is only retained by SQL Server while "in flight".  Long-term retention of wait stat information is only for the broad categories.


For some historical perspective, you have to go back to the white paper SQL Server 2005 Waits and Queues (By Tom Davidson) to see where it all began for SQL Server.  (

Prior to SQL Server 2005, wait stats of a sort where identifiable using the DBCC SQLPERF(UMSSTATS) and DBCC SQLPERF(WAITSTATS).  These commands are still around, btw.  You can see these early indications of UMSStats (User Mode Scheduler) and wait stats in Microsoft KB articles like Description of WAITTYPE and LASTWAITTYPE ( and other early blog posts.

Wait Stats started to come into major prominence when folks like Joe Sack (blog | twitter)
( and Jimmy May (blog | twitter)  started to write about them (

And if you didn't get them then, you definitely need the SQL Server Diagnostic Queries by Glenn Berry (blog | twitter) , which have a number of wait stat queries already written for you.  Glenn started this collection of queries back in 2005 and has kept it up to date ever since.  The latest version of queries are at

I also started to put a lot of attention on them, such as when MCM and UK MVP Christian Bolton (Blog | Twitter) and I did the webcast The 5-Minute SQL Server Health Check (


Nowadays, wait stats are quite well documented.  You can get a great review of all of the wait stats for SQL Server simply by looking at the Books Online (BOL) topic (

The downside of Microsoft's documentation in BOL is that it tells you a nice bit of info about each of the wait stats, but not how to remediate them if they are turning into a problem on your SQL Server.  But times have changed - there's so much good information that all you need (most of the time) is to perform an internet search for 'SQL Server my_problem_wait_stat' and you'll probably get at least one good hit by Microsoft customer support or an MVP blogger.  All you need to do before the search is to find the type of wait stat that's causing the problem.


These days, all you need to

solve a wait stat problem is an

internet search for 'SQL Server



There are also a couple good books and eBooks on the topic.  Kalen Delaney's Inside SQL Server books, especially Chapter 2 in the edition sitting on my shelf, are outstanding.  Joes2Pros also has a nice, succinct book on wait stats here (

Jonathan Kehayias (blog | twitter), of, has a great eBook in short form for free and a longer, more comprehensive version for a small fee. ( at Simple-Talk.

What are your favorite wait stat resources? Have you written a blog post that broadens or deepens our knowledge of wait stats in SQL Server? If so, I'd love for you to post a comment here with a link back to your article!  Let me know what you think.  Thanks,


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          Professional-Big Data Software Eng - BIG DATA - Plano, TX   
Overall Purpose: Responsible for the development of high performance, distributed computing tasks using Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL, text mining and other distributed environment technologies. Familiarity with JVM-based function languages including Scala...
          MateBook E: Huawei’s Premium Hybrid Device   

You may like or loathe the idea of a hybrid device, but Huawei aims to bring portability in mind. The MateBook E was part of Huawei’s marked up MateBook line, aside from the ultrabook MateBook X and MateBook D laptop. The company has made notable gains in the Smartphone market and has decided to venture into computing. The MateBook E boasts an undoubtedly Surface-heavy concept in its design, but how do this hybrid device differ from its competitors when it runs Windows 10 at its size? As of now, it is still unclear whether the MateBook E will be released in the UK, but Huawei announced that it will be in summer 2017. Though there is no actual release date yet, it was reported that the price will start at €999, which is quite expensive for a Core M3 processor (base version) with 4GB of RAM. For the Core i5 with 8GB of RAM, it will retail at €1299, which describes better value considering a boost in specifications. In terms of price, Huawei can compete with Microsoft Surface Pro that cost £1249. The MateBook E is a premium quality device; it seems that the Chinese company has given extreme attention […]

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          Role models to counter attacks on teachers   
The president of the Secondary Principals' Association, Partick Walshe, says the answer to students assaulting teachers in low decile schools is more Maori and Pasifika teachers.

A teacher was assaulted and injured by a student at decile 1 Southern Cross Campus in Mangere last week.

Mr Walsh says when he taught at neighbouring De La Salle College, he saw the respect that Maori and Pacific Island teachers automatically attain with pupils.

He says many students come from dysfunctional homes, and the presence of such teachers gives them role models.

Patrick Walsh says he'd like to see more scholarships to encourage Maori and Pacific Islanders to enter the teaching profession.


A trust which runs anti-violence programmes for Maori and Pacific men feels short-changed by a new funding formula.

166 organisations are sharing the $13 million set aside in budget for family violence services.

Friendship House Trust director Vicky Sykes says her south Auckland-based roopu got $80,000, which is half what it got under the previous formula.

Friendship House is still waiting for clarification on what the money can be spent on.


Te Tai Tokerau candidate Hone Harawira says he's confident he can stand up against the Labour clobbering machine.

Mr Harawira is disputing a Maori Television poll putting him only a whisker ahead of Labour's candidate Kelvin Davis.

He says while Labour is trying to paint him as unreliable and untrustworthy, Maori in the north know different.

His plan for winning over the hearts and minds of voters in the final week of campaigning is to propose solutions which will help them on issues like poverty and jobs.


Greens' co-leader Meteria Turei says the planned Sky City convention centre deal shows that cash means more than the rule of law to National.

The Government is talking to the listed company about extending the licence on its Auckland casino and allowing more pokies if it carries the $350 million cost of the project.’

Metiria Turei says it's a rerun of the change to the labour laws to meet the demands of the American studio funding the Hobbit moves.

“The only difference between what National’s doing and all sorts of dodgy government around the world do is they are doing it oput in the open. Everyone in New Zealand knows they are selling off the law. But it’s immoral and it's unethical,” she says.

Ms Turei says the number of Maori problem gamblers has jumped sharply since the casino was opened, and its expansion will make things worse.


Labour Maori affairs spokesman Parekura Horomia wants to see programmes put together to help Christchurch Maori households face the future.

The Ikaroa Rawhiti MP says the greatest suffering seems to be in places like Aranui, which have high Maori populations.

He says this many have become even more demoralised by this week's earthquakes, and they need a way to get the minefield of rebuilding.

Mr Horomia says the Government is failing to provide the sort of clear and timely leadership that would help Christchurch people make decisions and get on with their lives.


A six time finalist in the Pikihuia Awards for Maori writers says a good story comes from the heart.

Ann French of Tauranga has two entries in contention this year.

Her novel extract is about solo parents whose children encounter problems with gangs and drugs, while her short story, Treading on Eggshells, is about the confrontation when a mother finds out her son is using drugs.

The Pikihuia winner will be announced August 27, with the finalists published in Huia Short Stories 9.
          Sometimes use place selling    
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          Term in bidding to    
Watching satellite TV on PC no longest requires you to buy those PCTV card game any longest. Unless you privation get a short linkage to cable TV or outer crockery at familial. However if you impoverishment to get satellite TV from your PC, after the solitary entity you may condition is to download a TV software. You will be correct and ripe in 2 written record dead flat.One of the unexceeded buy satellite TV on PC software system is the PC 2007 Elite Edition which is presently merchandising at $49.95, one clip arrival up fee. The information processing system outer TV software system comes with 3000 channels of intercontinental TV channels. This is the cheapest TV code I have previously owned that provides privileged competence TV. If you ask me, it's a quibble of a asking price given the vast listings of sport, films TV channels you get to monitor. Hooking up your electronic computer to satellite TV simply requires an cyberspace association and the computer code term.In bidding to view satellite TV on PC, your computing machine will call for to have at the smallest a Pentium 3 mainframe for easier display. A data processor beside vigour of almost 300 MHz is suggested for seamless TV access. The package building complex with literally all Windows programs near the optimal anyone WIN 2000 and XP. You demand not be afraid now since maximum computers are up to Pentium 4 and speeds of even 500 MHz. You may download the latest versions of Media recitalist for the ultimate feel in computing machine TV. Media musician too helps you perform functions right like you would your inbred TV.Post ads:Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion 4 oz, Spray / The First Years Sit and Store Parent Bathing Seat and / Youngland Baby-girls Infant Animal Print Floral Border / Graco Sweet Snuggle Infant Soothing Swing, Oasis / Juvenile Solutions Thermobaby Bath Ring - Blue with Green / Taggies Bear Stacker / Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test 3 Count / Tiny Love Gymini Monkey Island Activity Gym / Gerber Baby-Girls Newborn 5 Pack Solid Onesie / RoomMates RMK1158SCS Barbie Deco Peel & Stick Wall Decals / Similac SimplySmart On The Go Powder Cap / Bob Weather Shield for Single Sport Utility / Fisher-Price Discover 'n Grow Activity Bouncer / Learning Curve Dinosaur Train Collectible Dinosaur With / Plan Toys City Series Tanker TruckA DSL cyberspace connection has evidenced to be the most perfect although wireless is besides utile. When watching TV on the internet, you will have need of a few minutes on linking to the TV channels for what is titled buffering. After the pilot buffering, which takes 5-10 minutes; you will be able to timepiece outer TV seamlessly.
          Merkel Tells Putin: Implement Minsk To Get EU Sanctions Lifted   
"The aim is to reach the point in the implementation of the Minsk accords."
          The Brazen Killing Of A Putin Critic Fuels Suspicion Of The Kremlin   
The former Russian member of parliament was fatally shot in broad daylight in Ukraine's capital.
          Looking At A Trump-Putin Relationship Timeline   
Certainly as time goes on, more and more questions arise.
          Why Trump Will Put Putin In His Place   
US President Donald Trump returns a salute as he boards Marine One upon his departure from the White House in Washington
          Ukraine Is Worried About The Cost Of Trump And Putin's Special Relationship   
Russia’s neighbor is slated to be a big loser of the new U.S. president’s foreign policy, but Ukrainians are waiting to see if his actions match his words.
          Facts and Lies in the World of Trump and Putin   
 What’s one to make of the recently published document alleging that the Russian secret service has compromising material
          Putin rok pred voľbami navštívil voličku v jej chatrnom dome   
Moskva 28. júna 2017 (TASR/HSP/Foto:TASR/AP-Alexei Druzhinin) Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin urobil rok pred prezidentskými voľbami dobre zrežírované, láskavé gesto a odletel do 1200 kilometrov vzdialeného mesta Iževsk na návštevu ženy žijúcej v špinavom spustnutom dome. Nariadil tamojším úradom, aby jej okamžite poskytli nové bývanie.Informovala o tom dnes tlačová agentúra Reuters Na snímke ruský prezident Vladimir ...
          Mediation of Business Disputes   
Mediation offers a process for disputing parties to work collectively with the aid of an impartial, third-party REALTOR® volunteer to resolve their dispute. Mediation offers: Speedier results than the hearing process Participants create their own mutually agreeable settlement More amicable results Sense of personal accomplishment Compare Different Dispute Resolution Approaches Resolution Approach Mediation Arbitration Hearing […]
          Mediation of Ethics Disputes   
Mediation offers a process for disputing parties to work collectively with the aid of an impartial, third-party  REALTOR® volunteer to resolve their dispute. Mediation offers: Speedier results than the hearing process Participants create their own mutually agreeable settlement More amicable results Sense of personal accomplishment Compare Different Dispute Resolution Approaches Resolution Approach Mediation Hearing Voluntary […]
          RFE/RL: Pentagon Chief accuses Putin of international ‘mischief’   

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of making international “mischief.” Read more here.

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          Associated Press: Putin says foreign agencies attacking Russia   

Russian President Putin says foreign intelligence agencies are conducting cyberattacks against Russia. Read more here.

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          RFE/RL: Lavrov assumes Putin, Trump will meet during G20 summit   

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says he assumes Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump will on the sidelines of the July 7-8 Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Read more here.

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          Business in the cloud : what every business needs to know about cloud computing / Michael Hugos, Derek Hulitzky.   
Hugos, Michael H.
          Green home computing for dummies / by Woody Leonhard and Katherine Murray.   
Leonhard, Woody.
          Mark Shuttleworth ยืนยัน Ubuntu ไม่ทิ้งเดสก์ท็อป แต่จะโฟกัสที่ Cloud/IoT มากกว่า   

หลัง Ubuntu พับแผนการด้านเดสก์ท็อป-มือถือครั้งใหญ่ ก็เกิดคำถามตามมามากมายว่าอนาคตของ Ubuntu จะเป็นอย่างไรต่อไป ล่าสุด Mark Shuttleworth ซีอีโอจึงให้สัมภาษณ์ในประเด็นนี้

Shuttleworth เล่าว่าโลกคอมพิวเตอร์ในปัจจุบันแบ่งออกเป็น 3 ขาคือ personal computing, data center/cloud และ edge/IoT ซึ่งตอนนี้ Ubuntu กลายเป็นระบบปฏิบัติการมาตรฐานสำหรับโลก data center/cloud ไปแล้ว และในโลกของ edge/IoT ก็น่าจะมีบทบาทไม่น้อย

เขายอมรับว่าวางแผนผิดพลาดไปในตลาด personal computing ที่พยายามควบรวมพีซี-มือถือ-แท็บเล็ต แต่ก็ยืนยันว่าเดสก์ท็อปยังเป็นตลาดสำคัญที่ Ubuntu จะไม่ทิ้ง อย่างไรก็ตาม ในแง่ธุรกิจแล้ว Ubuntu จะโฟกัสไปที่ตลาด data center/cloud ที่เข้มแข็ง และตลาด edge/IoT ที่กำลังอยู่ในช่วงเริ่มต้น

ที่มา - OMG Ubuntu

          The dark side of software engineering : evil on computing projects / by Johann Rost, Robert L. Glass.   
Rost, Johann.
          Daily Mail: pozváním Asada na svou leteckou základnu "ukázalo Rusko Trumpovi prostředníček"    
27. 6. 2017    zdroj a zdroj
Ten den, kdy USA upozornily na přípravy Damašku k chemickému útoku v Sýrii, pozvalo Rusko "diktátora" Bašára Asada na svou leteckou základnu v Hmeymim, píše Daily Mail. Moskva tak "ukázala americkému prezidentovi Donaldu Trumpovi prostředníček", je přesvědčen list. V době, kdy Američané upozornili na to, že syrský prezident Bašár Asad připravuje nový chemický útok, "putinské síly" pozvaly "zářícího diktátora" k návštěvě ruské letecké základny, píše Daily Mail. Tímto, soudí list, Rusko "ukázalo Trumpovi prostředníček".

Na letecké základně v Hmeymim Asada přivítaly oficiální osobnosti VKS Ruska. Během návštěvy pohovořil s náčelníkem Generálního štábu Ozbrojených sil RF Valerijem Gerasimovem. Objevily se také záběry, jak Asad vstupuje do kabiny Su-35.

Všechno se to stalo ve ten den, kdy Pentagon oznámil zjištění "aktivních příprav" Damašku na chemický útok. Rezort obrany USA, jak poznamenává Daily Mail, tímto dodal váhu varování, které zaznělo v Bílém domě několik hodin před tím, o tom, že syrská vláda "zaplatí vysokou cenu", pokud tento útok uskuteční.

Tato obvinění a zlověstné varování ze strany USA znamenají další zesílení napětí v zemi, kde Amerika k boji proti skupině DAEŠ používá Kurdy a syrské Araby, ale Rusko a Írán, je uvedeno v článku, působí tak, aby podpořily prezidenta Bašára Asada, který získal převahu ve vleklé občanské válce.

Pro Novou republiku vybrala a přeložila PhDr. Vladimíra Grulichová

          Zbraně do ústavy   
Jiří Jírovec
27. 6. 2017
Teď zrovna, tedy v 10 hodin 28.6. 2017 žvaní ve Sněmovně militantní blondýna. Podle ní se o nic nejedná. Prý jde o symbolický krok, tak nějak proti směrnici EU, která omezuje držení zbraní. Skáče od historických bitev (jak zábavné je hrát si na válku!) přes muzea až ke chrabrosti občanů, kteří se nechtěli vzdát zbraní v době nesvobody. Nemluví o tom, že zbrojní lobby nemůže dostat lepší dárek než několik řádek o právu občana na držení zbraně. To známe z USA, kde si president může strčit svou světomoc za klobouk. Na šílenství, které v jeho zemi zabije kolem 30000 mrtvých ročně nemá drápy. Ano, je v tom asi 12000 sebevražd, ale ten zbytek zahrnuje "omyly" a trestné činy.

Nic se neděje, nic se nezmění, to jen bráníme svoji národní suverenitu proti EU žvandají další poslanci. Suverenita a bezpečnost jsou před volbami velmi silné karty. Žádná strana nebude riskovat obvinění, že se nestará.

V záplavě slov se tulí myšlenka, že se někteří držitelé legálních zbraní stanou pomocníky policie a budou s kvéry za pasem zasahovat dřív než policie. Kdysi byla v Československu Pomocná stráž veřejné bezpečnosti (PSVB) a pomocníky měla i pohraniční stráž.

President Zeman přišel po střílení v Paříži s geniální představou, že kdyby tam byli bývali ozbrojení statečníci, mohli teroristy včas oddělat. Jak to bude v reálu? Jak projde statečný pistolník přes detektory a různé vstupní kontroly?

Někteří poslanci se shlížejí v Izraeli a historkami z této země: Kdosi prý vjel autem do davu a hle, jakýsi člověk (možná policajt v civilu?) se objevil, vyhodnotil situaci a když viděl, že řidič couvá, aby mohl znova najet, zastřelil ho. Zase, jak to bude u nás?

Kdosi pak zmíní jména Lenin, Stalin a Hitler. Připomenout historicky zakotvené zloduchy nikdy neškodí. Na Putina se nedostalo.

Plká se o neexistujícím nebezpečí. Objevuje se jméno Orel a někde hluboko možná doutná jiskérka vzpomínky na Svaz pro spolupráci s armádou.

Začíná to být takměř humorné. Něco na způsob jednání branických otužilců, kteří byli všichni nadšeni nápadem magistra Šofra dobýt Severní pól. Nikdo se ale nechtěl zúčastnit. Většinou z rodinných důvodů.
           Trump vyhrožuje Asadovi, toho Rusové pozvali do kokpitu Su-35S (VIDEO)   

Napsal/přeložil: ea24
28.6. 2017   Eurasia24
Když se nedávno setkal čínský vůdce Si Ťin-pching s americkým prezidentem Donaldem Trumpem, těsně po večeři obou státníků začaly létat na syrskou základnu Šarjat americké střely. Před setkáním Trumpa s jeho ruským protějškem Vladimirem Putinem nyní zazívají z Bílého domu další varování.
Trump v dubnu nařídil úder na Šarjat „v reakci“ na chemický útok v syrském městě Chán Šajchún. Přestože je naopak řada indicií naznačujících, že útok byl zinscenovaný a že o něm západní sponzoři teroristů přinejmenším dobře věděli, Trump se nyní neostýchá znovu vyhrožovat útokem na suverénní zemi.

Bílý dům vydal v úterý 27. června prohlášení, v němž tvrdí, že USA údajně vědí o „potenciálních přípravách dalšího chemického útoku“, který by mohly vyústit v „masovou vraždu civilistů, včetně nevinných dětí“. Varoval, že v případě provedení útoku bude „cena pro syrskou vládu vysoká“.

Syrský ministr pro otázky usmíření Ali Hajdar v odpovědi prohlásil, že Damašek nepoužil a nepoužije chemické zbraně. Prohlášení Bílého domu podle něj předznamenává „diplomatickou bitvu“, která se povede proti Sýrii na půdě OSN.

Nicméně ještě během úterý se prezidenti Francie a USA Emmanuel Macron a Donald Trump dohodli, že budou „pracovat na společné odpovědi v případě nového chemického útoku v Sýrii“.

Tlak na Sýrii teď znovu rychle roste, stejně jako se zintenzivňuje příprava světové veřejnosti na možnou další provokaci a následnou agresi proti válkou zmítané blízkovýchodní zemi.

Tento vývoj předchází možnému setkání Donalda Trumpa s ruským prezidentem Vladimirem Putinem – hlavy dvou velmocí se pravděpodobně sejdou na summitu zemí skupiny G20, který se bude konat 7. a 8. července v Hamburku.

Rusko mezi tím dál vyjadřuje pevnou podporu i důvěru legitimnímu syrskému vedení v čele s prezidentem Bašárem Asadem, a to i symbolicky: poprvé od zahájení ruské vzdušné kampaně syrský prezident navštívil ruskou základnu Hmejmím, kde si prohlédl vojenskou techniku používanou v boji s teroristy.

Posadil se do kokpitu nejmodernější sériové ruské stíhačky Su-35S a prohlédl si také zbraň, jejíž přítomnost v Sýrii byla dosud pouze předmětem dohadů. Řeč je o bojovém vozidle palebné podpory tanků BMPT-72 neboli Terminator 2, charakteristickém mimořádnou palebnou silou.

Fotografie z Asadovy návštěvy na základně Hmejmím stejně jako satelitní snímky základny z konce května naznačují, že Rusko posiluje své vzdušné obranné kapacity v Sýrii. Z celkových 25 bojových letadel, přítomných na základně, bylo už šest typu Su-35S. Nyní byl v Hmejmím poprvé vyfotografován další typ – modernizovaný stíhací letoun Su-27SM3, určený především k vzdušnému boji.

          What’s New in the Xen Project Hypervisor 4.9?   

The Xen Project Hypervisor 4.9 release focuses on advanced features for embedded, automotive and native-cloud-computing use cases, enhanced boot configurations for more portability across different hardware platforms, the addition of new x86 instructions to hasten machine learning computing, and improvements to existing functionality related to the ARM® architecture, device model operation hypercall, and more.

We are also pleased to announce that Julien Grall, Senior Software Engineer at ARM, will stay release manager for Xen Project Hypervisor 4.10 release.

          Rasputin e la fine degli zar   

Visita la nostra categoria dedicata ai Documentari >> o la categoria Youtube TV per ore e ore di trasimissioni. Clicca qui se vuoi scaricare questo video. Qui se vuoi scaricare l’audio mp3.

L'articolo Rasputin e la fine degli zar sembra essere il primo su ANDROMEDA FREE BLOG.

          From 'sublime to ridiculous:' Endowed 'Rasputin' and Emperor Napoleon/King Farouk 'Teeny Weenies!'   
I am fed up with 'politics' and 'Theory of Relativity,' I thought to deal for a change from 'sublime to ridiculous. ' I thought it would be nice to talk about the 'Small Penis Contest In Denmark' which according to Sex Experts 
          Bonsoir à tous! Buna seara! Paraclisis de la Mère de Dieu 28 juin 2017, mercredi   

Objet :Bonsoir à tous! Buna seara! Paraclisis de la Mère de Dieu 28 juin 2017, mercredi
De :Olivia Marcov (
À :
Date :Mardi 27 juin 2017 22h22

Bonsoir à tous! Buna seara! Paraclisis de la Mère de Dieu 28 juin 2017, mercredi

Ci-joint vous pouvez voir ma Liste des noms ou mon Pomelnic pour l'office de la Paraclisis de la Mère de Dieu du mercredi 28 juin 2017, à 17h20 environ.

Puteti vedea mai jos, Pomelnicul meu pentru slujba de maine, miercuri 28 iunie 2017, Paraclisul Maicii Domnului, pe la ora....17h20, ca data trecuta a inceput cred la 17h25 cam asa....

Mama mea a fost astazi la COAFOR si s-a tuns !
La fel ca si dna Cornelia Stanescu care ieri, luni 26 iunie 2017 fusese dimineata la Coafor si se tunsese !
Insa mama s-a tuns dupa-amiaza mi se pare.

Ma intreb insa, astazi CAND SI CAT A STAT MAMA CU TATA la spitalul Sf.Luca, ca zicea Silviu Marcov ca " mama sta cu el ", adica pe durata spitalizarii lui tata, intrucat :
La 9h03 mama gatea in bucatarie, acasa.
Cand anume a plecat, presupun ca plecand, s-a dus la spital la tata.
La ora 14h15 mama s-a intors acasa, a intrat pe usa, si facuse si niste cumparaturi, iaurturi si Colebil pentru mine.

Pana in soseaua Berceni, faci, stiu din experienta o ora si vreo 15 minute, oricum, pe drum, cu autobuzul din Drumul Taberei si cu Metroul de la Eroilor pana la Aparatorii Patriei, exact o ora si 15 minute, daca ai norocul sa iti vina autobuzul repede, sa mearga repede, sa nu prinda trafic si semaforuri si metroul sa vina si el repede.
Sau, daca coboara la statia Piata Sudului, din metrou, Piata Sudului este o statia de metrou inainte de statia Aparatorii Patriei, dar de la Piata Sudului te intorci inapoi, traversezi si o iei pe jos pe soseaua Berceni si mergi, si mergi si mergi.... pana la spitalul despre care v-am spus ca stiu, Obregia + Bagdasar, la numarul 12 pe soseaua Berceni.
Daca coboara la statia de metrou Aparatorii Patriei, nu am mers pe jos niciodata, dar o iei pe jos de la metrou, tot inainte si mergi, si mergi.
Stiu ca pe acolo plecam de la examen, de la facultatea de Drept, cand o colega, Gabriela Dumitrescu ma lua cu ea, cu masina ei, un 4X 4 ( quatre x quatre ) si de la facultatea noastra din soseaua Berceni 24, sector 4, cu masina ei, care mergea perfect, tot mergeam si mergeam pe soseaua Berceni.
Spitalul Obregia si Bagdasar, deci si Sfantul Luca, trebuie sa se afle undeva pe la mijlocul soselei Berceni, intre cele 2 statii de metrou, dar, parca mai aproape de Aparatorii Patriei putin.

De aceea ma intreb cat a stat astazi mama cu tata, la spital, la sf. Luca, si daca a fost la el ?
Daca a fost, a stat putin cu tata.
Pe pagina, scrie ca VIZITELE SUNT INTRE ORELE 15H00- 20H00, de Luni pana Vineri, si sambata + duminica de la 10h00 - la 20h00.
Daca s-o respecta acest program, mai precis, daca e valabil !
O fi mers la tata, o fi intrat mai devreme, dar tot nu inteleg cat a reusit sa stea cu el !

Azi m-a durut inima, si acum ma doare.
Pana la urma am ramas azi la turta dulce si feliutele de paine prajita si ceai de galbenele.
Am ramas mai mult in camera mea, am cusut o parte din lucrurile pe care intentionam sa le cos, pe unele e drept, le repar.
Unele de casa.
Am cautat ce ii mai pot darui Lilianei Clementa, pentru moment am ales putine lucruri, pentru ca as vrea sa o vad, sa imi dau seama daca am ceva pe masura ei, sosetele cred ca ii vor veni bine insa, macar o parte din ele.
Am ales si un sapun - daca va spun ! - se topeste in sifonier, nu imi vine sa cred... nu s-a topit, dar promitea...
Dupa ce le scoti din cutia sau din ambalajul lor, unele sapunuri isi mai pierd din miros, eu asez sapunuri printre rufe...
Si ele raman acolo mult timp....
Am ales un sapun din SUA, ia te uita, poate vi-l arat, mi l-a daruit un coleg de facultate care nu prea venea la cursuri, de fapt eu l-am intalnit la examen decat, si l-am sustinut si eu cum am putut, adica i-am mai spus niste raspunsuri cand era la computer, si el mi-a facut cadou o trusa cu un sapun si o cutie cu unt de corp, da, cred ca acestea doua erau, untul de corp si sapunul ambalat, si ambele intr-o cutie pe care o am sus pe biblioteca din dormitor, a pastrat-o tata.
untul de corp l-am folosit, ca pe atunci inca foloseam, acum nu prea mai am nevoie, eu am avut pielea uscata foarte multi ani, mai ales in adolescenta si tinerete, dar si mai tarziu, si in facultate, dar de cativa ani nu mai am pielea asa uscata....
Nu mai am nevoie adica, cum aveam inainte de crema de corp si pe brate si pe picioare ( coapse )....
Untul de corp era un amestec de multe plante, combinate, dar aveau un efect ciudat, nu stiu ce contineau sau ce mai contineau, pentru ca eu ma ungeam pe corp, imi intarea puternic pieptul, sanii, direct spus, sanii, parca aveam pietre in ei dupa ce ungeam cu acest unt de corp si efectiv actiona instanta...
Dar efectul il simteam mai ales in corp, in piept... intr-un fel nu era prea confortabil....

Si sapunul l-am tinut intre rufe absolut curate...
L-am ales, pentru ca sapunul este ambalat frumos si niciodata nu i-am scos ambalajul, pe el scrie  " G " pe o parte, e un rotogol de sapun, si pe partea opusa " Fringe STUDIO " Made in USA, pe o eticheta ovala alba.
Miroase suav si destul de pregnant in acelasi timp, un miros totusi mai mult neutru, dar se simte.
Cutia cu sapun si untul de corp mi-a daruit-o, si a fost amabil eu nu m-as fi asteptat la asa gest, uj coleg Valentin Chifu, era - adica exista - un domn Chifu functionar al Ministerului Afacerilor Externe, nu vreau sa spun nimic decat ca numele de Chifu m-a dus cu gandul la acel " personaj" despre care mai scria in ziare, in rest nu vreau sa spun nimic, ca nu am ce.
Acest coleg Chifu fusese plecat in Italia, chiar intr-un satuc, ii placea mult, dar pana la urma prefera tot la Bucuresti, si cred ca mai fusese plecat, parca mi-a povestit putin la un suc la Spring Time in str. Academiei, langa facultate.
Da, exact si nu putea veni la examene ca era mult timp plecat, poate chiar din tara, de fapt din tara, sau lucra si nu putea.
Imi spunea " Domnisoara Olivia" si m-a sfatuit sa beau suc natural de portocale, pentru ca ma vaitam de faptul ca nu mai am vigoare, gafai cand alerg...
Sa am grija de sanatatea mea...
Dupa un examen m-a condus cu masina din Aparatorii Patriei pana la Universitate, pe partea cu spitalul Coltea, dar mai sus, aproape in intersectia unde la dreapta se face drumul spre Rosetti si la stanga e Universitatea ( pe diagonala, la stanga ), in fata mergi in directia Piata Romana desi mai ai mult, mult pana acolo...

Era un baiat inalt, inca tanar, brun totusi, destul de brun la ten, nu ? sau mai brun oricum, si cu parul fin, neted, castaniu, cu ochii caprui, slabut, drept, inalt, inalt...
As vrea sa o pot rasfata putin pe Liliana Clementa si mai mult chiar, pentru ca la ea cine se gandeste biata fata ? Mi-e mila de ea, asa mila.
Nu stiu daca ce ii ofer eu acum va fi chiar ok, ii vor veni toate, insa pe parcurs, daca ma ajuta Dumnezeu poate o mai pot ajuta si mai mult inca.
Cred ca are nevoie sa fie ajutata sa mearga la doctor sau dentist, asa cred....
Doamne, ce lipsita este ! Si de oamenii acestia, cine are grija ????

Sa atasez pomelnicul pentru maine 28 iunie 2017 la Paraclis !!!!


†Paraclis. Acatist†

Se roaga Olivia-Maria Sfintei Treimi si Maicutei Domnului pentru
ridicarea din patul suferintei, pentru insanatosirea si sanatatea si
ajutor in viata, a tatalui ei
NICOLAE (bolnav, internat la spitalul Sf.Luca, sos.Berceni 12,
la Geriatrie), si pentru :
Stelian (bolnav, din Bragadiru) [ Signeanu ]
Maica Iustina (manastirea Ciorogarla)
Liliana-Clementa (fata de la lumanari) [ Budinei ]
Maria (scleroza in placi, din Onesti) [Cuciulatean]
Maria-Tereza (scleroza in placi) [Deloly ]
Adrian (doctor, din Galati ) [Tatu ]
Cornelia (gonartroza) [ Stanescu-Bogdan]
Neagu (bolnav)
Oprea (bolnav)
Elena (bolnava) [Vlad]
Elena [ Sofonea ]
Claudia [ prietena dnei Sofonea, mama lui Seby ]
Magdalena (mama mea)
Silviu (fratele meu)
Iulia [Tilvescu]
Valerica [Dobromir, din Ramnicu-Sarat]
Silviu ( autism ) [fiul Valericai, Ramnicu-Sarat]
Genoveva [ dna Genoveva din Buzau si acum din blocul M 9]
Ion (bolnav) [ sotul dnei Genoveva]
Bratu (bolnav) [ Agurida, tatal Laurei Adriana Agurida]
Elisabeta (bolnava) [Agurida, mama Laurei Adriana Agurida]
Maria (din Sibiu, nasa ) [ Craciunas ]
Pr.Emilian Tincu
Sora Emanuela [Sr.Emmanuel Maillard de Medjugorje ]
Pr.Ioan [ care slujeste Sf.Maslu vinerea ]
Pr.Dominic-Carol [Hirja, din Buzau, Biserica Sf.Iosif]
Sora Agata Burca
Leon [Zagrean]
Laura-Adriana [Agurida]
Cecilia [Cornitescu]
Marius-Laurentiu [Dumitru] [colegul nostru de clasa din liceu 9-12 V, Balcescu]
Iulia-Antoanella [ Motoc ]
Elena-Florentina [Balas, fosta Ciocarlan ]
Sorin [Radnef, INCAS ]
Razvan [Paraschiv, vecinul nostru de la etajul 7 ]
Olga [dna care tine Pangarul Bisericii Nasterea Maicii Domnului, Drumul Taberei]
Livia [ Jurjeu, din Siclau, Graniceri, judetul Arad ]