Chris Paul thanks Clipper fans in online statement   
He also says he's remains committed to his key charity cause in Los Angeles.
          Random Superhero Adventure Generation   
These are from a couple old DC Heroes books.
First we have a random generator for adventures from the 1st Edition Gamemaster book.
Worth noting is that it needs some modifying to be perfected.

First, the villain list. Obviously, you'll want to put villains in that are appropriate for your campaign. Whether Marvel, DC or others. And then of course, ones that are the right power level. However, you also may want to ditch that chart altogether and make your own.
Because it's 2D10. Which means the ones in the middle will be more recurring and #s 2 and 20 will hardly ever appear. It's best to use 1D20, a percentile (1D100) chart or a chart with multiple 1D6 or 1D10 sub-charts.

Second, you may want to change the locations.
I recommend using Adamant Entertainment's Modern Dispatch #42: Pulp Adventure Generator for businesses and/or crimes.
Also, Adamant put out several other random generators in the Modern Dispatch, including one for Superheroes. Constructive GMs can utilize it with this to make some exciting adventures.

Something else I prefer to do is on the villain power list, roll 1D10: on a roll of 1-9 randomly select from any powers, on a roll of 10 randomly select two powers. These would be the main powers. Then do it again for secondary powers. This opens up more powers to use.

If your using DC Heroes, just put higher APs in the first set of powers. If you're using Marvel Super-Heroes, you may want to use two separate charts to randomly determine power levels. For instance, for primary powers, use one that ranges up to Amazing or Monstrous. And for Secondary powers, you could use one that stops at Excellent or Remarkable.

Plus, this is a random chart for urban crimes that appeared in Night in Gotham. The book, itself, is quite useful as it has a treasure trove of adventure seeds. The chart is set up with each district of Gotham having its own percentages for certain crimes. This could easily be translated into any large city like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. Or a fictional city from the comics or one you create, yourself.

And here's a random crime chart that appeared in an issue of Dragon Magazine. It can be inserted in to replace the DC Heroes crime list.

          Second Best   

CLEVELAND—Is John Kerry finally winning? His campaign, which only a week ago was defensive about the candidate's standing in the polls, is now more confidently asserting that he's pulled ahead. Before Friday, the Kerry campaign hadn't been willing to make that claim. Typically, the Bush campaign would argue that the president was leading in the race, and the Kerry campaign would respond by saying, no, it's a tie. But in a Friday afternoon conference call, Kerry's people finally started pointing to the scoreboard.

Here are the numbers outlined by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg on the latest Democracy Corps poll. The numbers are consistent with the latest polls from news organizations, most of which are in keeping with what the Kerry people have been saying all along, that the race is a toss-up. In Greenberg's poll, the horse race is a statistical tie, with Kerry at 49 and Bush at 47. The president's approval rating is 48 percent, "which is just at the edge of electability," Greenberg noted.

So why the confidence? Greenberg cited two internal numbers from the part of the poll that focused on "persuadable" voters. That group includes undecided voters, Bush and Kerry supporters who say their minds remain open, and a third group, Bush voters who say they want the country to go in a significantly different direction. The first number Greenberg cited was this: Fifty-seven percent of the persuadable voters in the Democracy Corps poll said they want to know how a candidate will "make the economy and health care better for people," while only 32 percent want to know "how you'll make us safe." The other number Greenberg highlighted: Given a choice between "I'm comfortable with changing to a new person if he has the right priorities" and "Bush has made us safer and I'm reluctant to change," 54 percent of persuadable voters said they were comfortable with changing, and 45 percent said they were reluctant. The responses to those two questions, Greenberg said, show that Kerry has "an audience" ready to listen to his message. He just has to "seal the deal."

With 11 days to go, that puts Kerry in the exact same place he was with more than three months to go, before the Democratic convention. He had a willing and persuadable audience then, and he proved unable to win them over. People preferred the "generic Democrat" to Bush, but they soured on the specific Democrat. Fortunately for Kerry, in the first debate, Bush reminded voters of what they don't like about him, and now we're back to square one again.

That dynamic is in keeping with the "spotlight" theory of the election being peddled by Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times. The theory goes something like this: Given that a slight majority of the electorate doesn't want Bush, and that a different but similarly slight majority doesn't want Kerry, the winning candidate will be the one who manages to keep the spotlight on his opponent's flaws, rather than his own.

Up to now, I've rejected Brownstein's theory and argued that Kerry has to do more than just watch Bush lose. He has to win the separate "referendum on the challenger" by persuading Americans that he's an acceptable replacement for the president. But if Brownstein is right, neither candidate should get too optimistic by polling data that shows him ahead. Because every time for the past few months that this race has been one man's race to lose, that man hasn't had any trouble finding a way to lose it.

          Kerry's Poll Position   

PALM BEACH, Fla.—John Kerry's campaign professes to be unconcerned about the multiple national polls that have shown a small but discernible downward movement for the Democratic nominee since the third presidential debate. But the campaign's studied nonchalance doesn't extend to how the press covers the polls. During Sunday's flight from Columbus, Ohio, to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., reporters on the Kerry plane receive a "Polling Update," a two-page explanation of how the campaign would like us to view the latest public polls. The very first sentence: "The race is tied."

The abbreviated Kerry spin: 1) Bush pollster Matthew Dowd told the Austin American-Statesman on March 21 that "presidents finish roughly the same as their job approval rating." Zogby has Bush's job approval at 47, Newsweek has it at 47, and Time has it at 49. 2) Among registered voters, the Zogby, Newsweek, and Time polls show a statistical tie. (The release doesn't mention it, but the same is true for the just-released Gallup Poll. President Bush leads Kerry among likely voters by 8 points, 52-44, but among registered voters it's Bush 49, Kerry 46, with a 3 percent margin of error.) 3) Kerry's ahead in the battleground states, which is what really matters.

The release isn't internally consistent. It treats Kerry's narrow deficit in national polls differently than his narrow lead in state polls: Kerry's one-point shortfall among registered voters in the Newsweek poll is called a tie, but Kerry's two-point leads in Minnesota and Pennsylvania are "consistent with repeated polls showing a Kerry edge." That, of course, is the Bush campaign's argument at the national level: Every poll released since the third debate has shown a Bush lead of between two points and eight points.

Until Sunday, that is. A new Democracy Corps poll conducted by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg shows the race as a statistical tie, but this time it's Kerry who has the higher horse-race number, 50 to Bush's 47, with a three-point margin of error. Greenberg and Joe Lockhart held a conference call to trumpet the results. The Kerry plane was in the air at the time, but the campaign released a transcript of the call. The message: At the third debate, Kerry consolidated his base. He gained among African Americans and union households. Greenberg calls this a "one-time consolidation of Democrats that is not going to be easily eroded."

Lockhart dismisses the Newsweek poll's fluctuations over the course of the past two months: "It's just not credible. The electorate has not swung 20 percent, from 13 down to one up to eight down. It's just not what's happening in the electorate, so it's just not something we take very seriously." Lockhart also emphasizes that in the 2000 election, polls of registered voters were more accurate than polls of likely voters. That echoes Ruy Texeira's Emerging Democratic Majority Weblog, which lately exists to argue that Kerry isn't doing as badly in the polls as he seems. And Lockhart emphasizes what Al Gore discovered: "This election is not going to take place nationally. It's going to take place in the battleground states."

Which raises the obvious question: Could Kerry win the presidency but lose the popular vote? At Daily Kos, political scientist Tom Schaller says it's unlikely but possible, particularly because Kerry is underperforming Gore's numbers in blue states, including Massachusetts and New Jersey. If that's not far-fetched enough for you, here's a scenario I discovered while playing with the Los Angeles Times' electoral map: Bush wins Ohio, Florida, and Colorado. Kerry sweeps the rest of the battleground: Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The result: a 269-269 tie. Democrats cry that Bush gets "selected" again, this time by the House of Representatives. Maybe that's the kind of trick fate plays when you nominate a fan of the Boston Red Sox.

          Kerry Puts the Gloves On   

SHEBOYGAN, Wisc.—If John Kerry loses the election, a reporter once told me, we'll probably be able to blame it on the mistakes he makes while trying to sprinkle local color into his speeches. The Badger State boasts Kerry's most famous slip of the tongue: the time he declared his love for "Lambert Field," suggesting that the state's beloved Green Bay Packers play their home games on the frozen tundra of the St. Louis airport. But there have been others: his shout-out to the "Buckeyes" while campaigning in Michigan, or his announcement in Canonsburg, Pa., that he would like to go to a local restaurant that doesn't let its customers choose their entrees, because he has a hard time making up his mind about what to eat. In a slightly different category, but in the same vein, was Kerry's request in Philadelphia for Swiss, rather than cheese whiz, on his Philly cheesesteak.

Here in Sheboygan, during a "Kerry-Edwards '04 Brat Fry," Kerry adds to the litany Friday by referring to the local food as a short-A "brat," the way you would refer to a spoiled child. "Brot!" yell members of the crowd. For good measure, Kerry makes the mistake at the end of his speech, too. "Before I get a chance to have some braaats ..." "Brots!!" some women near me shout in frustration.

OK, it's unlikely to have much resonance beyond Sheboygan, and neither will Kerry's reference to the women's soccer star "Brady" Chastain, beyond providing more fodder for Football Fans for Truth. But the press on one of the buses in Kerry's caravan through Wisconsin has fun with it anyway, imagining a new Kerryism at our next stop, Appleton: "Hello, Applebee's!" or, even better, "Who among us does not like Applebee's?"

Besides, things are looking up for Kerry, despite his miscue. The polls in the upper Midwest battlegrounds are trending his direction, and there's a positive spin that can be put on the fact that many of the most important swing states are ones that Al Gore won in 2000. Yes, it means that Kerry is playing defense on what is supposed to be his party's home turf, but on the other hand, surely Democrats would prefer the election hinge on their chances of winning Wisconsin and Iowa rather than, say, Colorado and Nevada.

The Democratic worries that filled the month of August and much of September have been replaced by Republican fretting. "If you don't have some anxiety you are not in touch with reality," Newt Gingrich told the Los Angeles Times. It wasn't a sign of confidence when President Bush decided Thursday to visit with the press on Air Force One for only the third time of his presidency. And although this election has been marked by an upending of all the normal political rules, a factoid identified by USA Today's Susan Page has to add to Republican unease: "In three elections—in 1960, 1980 and 2000—a presidential candidate has gone into the first debate trailing his opponent in the Gallup Poll and come out of the last debate ahead of him. Each went on to win." Kerry entered the first debate trailing Bush by 8 points. By the second debate, he'd tied the president. The first post-debate Gallup Poll will come out this week.

But what if Kerry isn't ahead? How dispirited will his supporters be if he can't pass Bush after winning all three debates? Next week's polls won't decide the election, obviously, but they'll go a long way toward measuring the effectiveness of Kerry's turn-it-on-late, Mayday Malone campaign strategy. During the summer months, when Kerry pretty much went into hiding while the Bush campaign was trying to bury him with millions of dollars in negative advertising, the strategy was dubbed the "rope-a-dope," after Muhammad Ali's strategy in the "Rumble in the Jungle" against George Foreman. Now, as if it were planned for the finale all along, Kerry has adopted Ali's query to Foreman in the seventh round: "George, is that all you've got?"

The other thing Kerry has been telling crowds for the past two days is that the eyes of the world will be on America on Nov. 2, that the world is "waiting for the United States to be the country they know us to be." This election isn't just about one country, Kerry says; it's about the fate of the entire world. It's a global test, in other words, though he's not stupid enough to phrase it that way. Bush says he doesn't like global tests, but even he wouldn't deny that no matter which man wins, he'll have the right to think, at least privately, that he's something else Muhammad Ali proclaimed: king of the world.

          Edwards' Table Manners   

CLEVELAND—Democrats who wanted John Kerry to select John Edwards as his running mate always cited the 90 minutes that will come Tuesday night as one of the most important reasons. The party faithful are still irked by Joe Lieberman's chummy disposition four years ago as Dick Cheney amiably disemboweled him during the vice-presidential debate. Edwards supporters believed that putting one of the nation's most effective trial lawyers on the ticket would stop Cheney from killing again.

But Edwards' performances were uneven in the debates held during the Democratic primaries in 2003 and 2004. Twice—in Iowa just before the caucuses and in Wisconsin—he won so decisively that he probably helped himself at the polls as a result. He also performed impressively in the youth debate held in Boston, when he marched toward Howard Dean and confronted him for saying he wanted the votes of people with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks. But on other occasions Edwards disappeared, or stumbled when forced to speak outside of his scripted talking points. Particularly worrisome for those rooting for him in the veep debate, two of Edwards' worst primary debates—the Larry King-moderated debate in Los Angeles and the Dan Rather-moderated debate in New York City—occurred when the participants were seated at a table with the moderator, just as Cheney, Edwards, and PBS's Gwen Ifill will be here on Tuesday night.

Here's a speculative explanation of why Edwards did poorly in those debates: Edwards is a highly theatrical performer on the stump. He is, at heart, an actor. That's how one member of the media who has followed Edwards this campaign described him to me. Bill Clinton, this person said, was no different in front of a crowd than he was on the campaign plane. But for Edwards, this reporter said, "It's acting." He's a different guy backstage. Maybe Edwards has a tough time "getting into character" when he is seated at a table with his opponent, instead of roaming free onstage as he would in a courtroom. He's one of those actors who looks great on a proscenium, but who doesn't translate to the quieter media of film and television.

Or maybe Table Edwards is closer to the private Edwards than Stage Edwards, his public persona. What little personal contact I've had with Edwards during the campaign has always led me to think that he's an intensely private man. His chosen sport is running, an activity that appeals to the solitary and the introspective. I was struck by how Edwards, during an interview with Fox News Sunday a few months ago, refused to discuss his consumption of copious amounts of Diet Coke, repeatedly smiling and saying, "We're not going to talk about that." An unimportant moment? Sure, but not a meaningless one.

In many ways, Edwards' desire to not give himself fully to the public is laudable, such as his refusal to discuss the death of his son Wade, "in the context of politics," as he put it in a profile in the October issue of Vogue. But the contradiction between Edwards' public persona and his private self always surprises people when I tell them about it, because he's so charismatic on the stump. That Vogue profile also noticed the differences between the public and the private man: "Edwards does not joke; despite his easy grin, he is described by close friends as 'serious,' 'solid,' 'quiet,' " wrote Julia Reed. "When I ask his best friend and former law partner David Kirby if Edwards is ever loose, he says, 'No, he is not. He runs an hour every day—that's what he considers relaxation.' "

Serious, solid, quiet: Those are words that most voters would apply to Dick Cheney, not John Edwards. Television fools us into thinking we know someone, when we really don't. The best politicians of the TV age have used that trick of the small screen to their advantage. Edwards, so far in his short political career, has impressed many observers with his ability to impress voters in courtroom-like settings, in small gatherings and one-on-one encounters. But he hasn't mastered television yet. Two of his biggest TV moments so far, his appearance on Meet the Press last year and his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, were both criticized.

But another great skill of plaintiffs' lawyers, and of John Edwards, is the ability to cram, to immerse themselves in a subject on deadline. Tuesday night, when Edwards sits down at that table, we'll learn how quick a study he really is.

          Paul Pierce Reportedly Waived by Clippers After Previously Announcing Retirement   

The Los Angeles Clippers reportedly waived longtime NBA forward Paul Pierce on Wednesday following his retirement after the 2016-17 season. 

Shams Charania of The Vertical passed along the news. Brian Windhorst of ESPN previously reported Pierce was willing to extend his contract deadline if the Clippers wanted an opportunity to move his salary as part of a potential trade.


This article will be updated to provide more information on this story as it becomes available.

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          Lakers News: David Nwaba's $1.3 Million Contract Exercised by LA   

The Los Angeles Lakers announced Wednesday they exercised their 2017-18 option for David Nwaba.

According to SpotracNwaba will earn a little over $1.3 million next year.

In 20 games for the Lakers last season, he averaged 6.0 points and 3.2 rebounds. The 24-year-old spent most of his season with the Los Angeles D-Fenders in what is now the NBA G League. He appeared in 40 games, averaging 14.1 points, 6.9 rebounds and 1.2 blocks.

Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus thought picking up Nwaba's option was the smart option for Los Angeles:

Nick Young declined his player option with the Lakers earlier this month. Assuming Young isn't a part of the Lakers in 2017-18, Nwaba will provide nice depth at shooting guard behind Jordan Clarkson, and given his age, he can position himself as part of the franchise's long-term plans.

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          I Love 9/11   

NEW YORK—If it's true that the better speech-giver wins in presidential elections, then it's going to be Bush in a landslide. In his speech accepting the Republican nomination for the presidency—particularly the powerful final third—the president provided the eloquence that the times demand. It's too bad he doesn't have the presidency to match his (or Michael Gerson's) rhetoric.

The inspiration the president provided, however, was overshadowed by the disturbing nostalgia for Sept. 11 that preceded it. The phenomenon of "faster nostalgia" keeps accelerating, and the decades we reminisce about grow closer and closer to the present with each passing year. But the two political conventions this August must be the first recorded instances of nostalgia for the 21st century.

During the Democratic convention, too many speakers looked back to 9/11 with fondness. They didn't recall the months after the worst foreign attack in American history as a sad and tragic time. Instead, they appeared to remember those days as a warm-and-fuzzy time of national unity, now lost because of Republican partisanship. But the GOP's wistful look back at the tragedy as a marvelous occasion that somehow justifies the re-election of President Bush was even more stomach-turning. The convention's final night had the air of a VH-1 special: I Love Sept. 11.

Before President Bush came out to speak, the convention's image-masters aired a hagiographic video, a 9/11 retrospective that was Field of Dreams as told by the narrator of The Big Lebowski, with a dash of the David McCullough sections of Seabiscuit. (Like The Dude's rug in Lebowski, 9/11 really tied Bush's presidency together.) The reason to re-elect Bush, actual narrator Fred Thompson implied, is not the foreign-policy actions he took after being saddled with a historic tragedy. No, Bush merits re-election because of his performance as an Oprah-like healer in chief. He placed a deceased New York cop's badge in his pocket. He jogged with a wounded soldier. And most of all, he went to a baseball game.

"What do a bullhorn and a baseball have in common?" Thompson asked, and soon we were told: The defining moment of the Bush presidency came not only on Sept. 14, as previously thought, when Bush stood at Ground Zero and proclaimed that the terrorists who struck New York and Washington would "hear from us." It also came a month later, when Bush marched to the mound of Yankee Stadium and boldly, decisively, resolutely tossed out the first pitch of the World Series. "What he did that night, that man in the arena, he helped us come back.That's the story of this presidency," Thompson said, as I wondered how many takes it took Thompson to do this without giggling. You keep pitching, no matter what, Thompson said. You go to the game, no matter what. "You throw, and you become who you are." The delegates went nuts. Remember that time Osama chased Bush's slider in the dirt?

The absurd film was actually Bush's second introduction. The first had come five minutes earlier, when New York Gov. George Pataki finished his speech, a repugnant politicization of Sept. 11. At first, like the video, Pataki's use of 9/11 was just laughable, such as when he took a moment to thank the good people of the swing states Oregon, Iowa, and Pennsylvania for their generosity in New York's hour of need. The despicable moment came later, when he blamed the Clinton administration for the terrorist attacks.

After 9/11, "The president took strong action to protect our country," Pataki said. "That sounds like something any president would do. How I wish that were so." Instead, Bill Clinton shamefully ignored the attacks on the World Trade Center, the embassies, and the U.S.S. Cole. "How I wish the administration at that time, in those years, had done something," Pataki said. "How I wish they had moved to protect us. But they didn't do it."

But, wait—didn't President Clinton strike at Osama Bin Laden's training camps in 1998? And didn't Republicans criticize him for doing it? I think it's misguided and pointless to discuss whether 9/11 was preventable, and it's a waste of time to ponder who is more blameworthy, Bush or Clinton. But since Pataki brought it up, isn't the fact that President Bush presided over the most catastrophic attack on the U.S. mainland in American history a strike against him, not a point in his favor? If it was so obvious that the nation needed to attack al-Qaida more forcefully in the 1990s, why did President Bush take nine months to pay attention to the threat? And didn't the Clinton administration disrupt the planned millennium bombing of Los Angeles International Airport? Wasn't that a move to protect us? Nothing Zell Miller said Wednesday was as loathsome as Pataki's speech.

There was an honest case to be made for war with Iraq: Saddam Hussein did not possess nuclear weapons, but he was pursuing them and needed to be toppled before he acquired them. President Bush never made that case, preferring instead to exaggerate the nature and immediacy of the threat and to link al-Qaida with Iraq in the public mind. This convention continued that disgraceful record, muddying the distinction between 9/11 and Iraq, conflating the war of necessity the nation faced after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon with the war of choice in Iraq, and repeatedly telling the lie that John Kerry wants to wait until the nation is struck again before crushing al-Qaida.

The president's defenders say he invaded Iraq with good intentions, and I believe them. But if President Bush didn't mislead us into war, he's misleading us during one, and he deserves to be defeated for it.

          Trading Places   

LOS ANGELES—John Kerry did something I thought was impossible tonight. He turned himself into John Edwards. This may be the secret of Kerry's success in the Democratic primaries: What Bill Clinton did to infuriate the Republican Congress during his presidency, Kerry does to his fellow candidates. He co-opts their issues, their message, even their language. When Howard Dean was the obstacle in Kerry's path, the Massachusetts senator talked about throwing the special interests out of Washington and putting the people back in charge. Now that Edwards is the lone serious contender, Kerry pitches himself as the positive, optimistic candidate with "real solutions."

"I've offered a positive vision of what we ought to be doing in America," Kerry declared in the opening moments of Thursday's debate. "Once we have a nominee, this country will have an opportunity to hear a positive vision of how we can offer hope to Americans, optimism about the possibilities of the future, not divide America but bring it together to find real solutions. And that's what I'm offering: real solutions." Edwards must have felt like a sitcom character, the candidate for student council president watching his classmate deliver a stolen version of his speech. The "Real Solutions Express" is the name of Edwards' campaign bus. "Real Solutions for America" is the name of Edwards' 60-page policy booklet. It's also the phrase plastered across the top of Edwards' campaign Web site.

But unlike the sitcom character, who takes the podium and falls flat on his face, Edwards dominated the early portion of the debate. He throttled Kerry—with an assist from an aggressive Ron Brownstein—after Kerry couldn't explain why he thought the Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional in 1996 but that a constitutional amendment isn't needed now to ensure that states are not forced to recognize gay marriages from other states. After Kerry's long-winded and unsatisfactory answer to whether he would vote for the Defense of Marriage Act today, Edwards jabbed, "I'm not sure what he said about that. But I would not vote for it." Then Edwards deftly moved to Kerry's left on the issue, saying he believes the federal government ought to be required to recognize gay marriages if they are recognized by a state. Edwards also looked strong when he confronted Al Sharpton to defend his support of the death penalty.

Despite the inclusion of Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich, they weren't much of a factor. They sat on the far end of the table away from the TV camera, and they were confined mostly to interjecting asides to the main debate between Kerry and Edwards. They seemed like the political debate version of the two grumpy old men who issue catcalls from the balcony during The Muppet Show.

But despite Edwards' strong start, by the end of the debate a second impossible transformation had occurred. John Edwards turned into John Kerry. Kerry answered a difficult question from Larry King about his opposition to the death penalty—"A person who kills a 5-year-old should live?"—clearly and directly. "Larry, my instinct is to want to strangle that person with my own hands," he said. But the system is flawed, it's applied unjustly, and as a matter of principle, "the state should not engage in killing." That's the best answer you can give to that unpopular position. Edwards, by contrast, sounded like the Kerry of old when he tried to explain why he supports a system that King said "nearly executed over 100 people who didn't do it." He talked about how "serious" the issue was, and how "serious steps" need to be taken, such as "making the court system work." Finally, King bailed him out: But why do you favor capital punishment? Oh yeah, Edwards seemed to think, that's what I should be talking about, and he brought up some liberal red meat: "Those men who dragged James Byrd behind that truck in Texas, they deserve the death penalty."

On another occasion, Brownstein had to repeatedly query Edwards to get him to explain whether there were any substantive differences between him and Kerry on the issue of reforming the way Washington works. "Do you view Sen. Kerry as part of the solution or part of the problem?" Brownstein asked. Edwards dodged the question. "Is there a difference in your commitment to this cause and what you see from Sen. Kerry?" Brownstein tried again. "Yes," Edwards said, because I'm an outsider. But that's not substantive, Brownstein objected. "He is saying many of the same things. Are you saying that he is less committed?" Edwards demurred.

Then Kerry swooped in to damn Edwards with praise. "I don't think there fundamentally is a difference," he said. "I mean, John has raised almost 50 percent of his money from one group of people in the United States"—"Is that the trial lawyers?" King interrupted—"That's correct. And I don't ever suggest that he is beholden to them," Kerry continued magnanimously. "Because I know he stood up on the patients' bill of rights."

The real Kerry returned a few moments later, with a preposterously unclear statement on his first executive order: "Reverse the Mexico City policy on the gag rule so that we take a responsible position globally on family planning." But then Edwards picked up the Kerry torch when Los Angeles Times editorial page editor Janet Clayton asked him how he can criticize the president for a war that he voted for. Edwards tried to appear thoughtful and serious, saying he gave "an awful lot of thought and study to it." Not only that, "I was worried about it. All of us were. I took this responsibility seriously." But why did you vote for it? "What we did is we voted on a resolution," Edwards stammered. And Bush didn't conduct the war properly. "So are you saying you were suckered?" Clayton asked.

King asked Edwards if he regrets his vote for the war. "I did what I believed was right at the time," Edwards said. "Do you regret it?" King asked again. "I did what I believed was right at the time," Edwards repeated. "Do you regret it?" King asked again, this time to laughter. "We don't get to go back, Larry," Edwards insisted. "Well, you can regret something," King said.

Kerry pounced on his chance to play Edwards to Edwards' Kerry. "Let me return a favor from the last debate to John," he said. "You asked a yes-or-no answer: 'Do you regret your vote?' The answer is: No. I do not regret my vote. I regret that we have a president of the United States who misled America and broke every promise he made the United States Congress." Substantively, this is the same answer Edwards gave, but it was clear instead of evasive and concise instead of tortuous.

It couldn't have been clearer: Edwards had become Kerry and Kerry had become Edwards. Kerry's critics will likely see this as more evidence of flip-flopping opportunism. Kerry will likely see it as victory.

          Dean Goes Offline   

MADISON, WIS.—If the "Wisconsin or bust" primary began as the bargaining stage of the Dean campaign's death, as one staffer told me, then by Election Day, everyone had settled comfortably into acceptance. It's not quite right to say that those in attendance at Howard Dean's primary-night rally at the Madison Concourse hotel appeared resigned in the face of their candidate's defeat. It's fairer to say that Dean's impending withdrawal from the presidential campaign felt irrelevant to the entire affair, as if it had already happened. Staffers openly discussed future plans—What are you doing tomorrow? Wanna party with me in New York this weekend?—in the press filing center. Hardly anyone watched the returns come in on CNN. In contrast to the sober yet chaotic feel of Wesley Clark's campaign in its death throes, what was almost certainly Dean's final presidential campaign event (other than his withdrawal speech) had a celebratory, even self-congratulatory air. They came to praise Caesar, not to bury him.

Dean knows how to give only one kind of speech, a victory speech, and that's what he delivered. You have "really worked hard to change this country and change this party," he told his assembled supporters. "And guess what? You have succeeded." It was a victory for a movement, not a campaign. "You have already written the platform of the Democratic Party for this election," Dean said. "A year ago, the Democrats were falling all over each other to vote for the war in Iraq. They sure don't talk like that now." Dean also claimed credit for getting the Democrats to stand up to "reckless budget deficits," "huge tax cuts," and "the president's education policies, which leave every child behind."

But the change in the Democratic Party, Dean declared, would be illusory if he and his supporters did not continue to challenge the Democratic establishment. "We together have only begun our work," he said. In what sounded like a shot at John Kerry, he continued: "The transformation that we have wrought is a transformation of convenience, not of conviction, and we have to fight, and fight, and fight until it becomes a transformation of conviction."

What does this mean, exactly? No one's certain. Other than Dean himself, "I don't think anyone but Roy Neel knows" what's going to happen next, an aide told me. But it's wrong to think that it means that Dean will continue campaigning. Instead, the smart money is that when Dean drops out of the presidential race, he will likely announce that he and his supporters will remain active in the campaign by transforming Dean for America into a political action committee or a 527 group, something that would allow him to try to become a power broker in Democratic politics.

If Dean dislikes Kerry as much as he is reported to, and if he really thinks John Edwards would be a superior nominee, then he's right to get out of the race quickly. I'm not convinced that Edwards is more electable than Kerry—with apologies to my colleague Will Saletan, so far the evidence for Edwards' electability is that he keeps losing elections—but a two-man race is Edwards' only chance. CNN and the Los Angeles Times will do voters a disservice if they invite Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton to their Feb. 26 debate. Kerry cited the fact that Kucinich and Sharpton were still in the race to dodge a question from Anderson Cooper about the prospect of a head-to-head debate with Edwards. But CNN shouldn't be asking Kerry whether he's going to debate Edwards one-on-one. They should be telling him.

One final thought about Tuesday's results: Isn't it possible that Matt Drudge, and not NAFTA, was the factor that led all those undecided voters to break for Edwards at the last minute? If a Wisconsin voter knew one thing about Kerry, a Dean staffer told me, it was that there was a rumor that the senator had an affair with a younger woman. It was all over local radio, not to mention the fact that Rush Limbaugh was flogging it for three hours each afternoon. Yes, the woman has denied it. Yes, there's no evidence for it. And yes, there is evidence that Drudge got the facts wrong in his report. But just because a rumor is unsubstantiated doesn't mean that voters aren't affected by it. Live by electability, die by electability. If the entire rationale of your campaign is that you can win in November, voters would be completely justified in rejecting you because of a rumor, even one that they believe is untrue, if they think that other voters might not vote for you because of it.

I can't quantify Drudge's impact on the campaign, but his rumor-mongering is the simplest explanation for the closeness of the race. I find it hard to believe that the independents and Republicans casting ballots for Edwards harbor deep anti-NAFTA feelings, while the Democrats voting for Kerry are ardent free traders.

The Internet couldn't win the presidency for Dean. But it's possible that the Internet almost lost Wisconsin for Kerry.

          Scires, Donica chosen as MLB Draft concludes Wednesday   
By MIKE MONTFORT   — One sophomore and a former Bulldog were selected Wednesday on the final day of the MLB Draft. Fairfield outfielder Caleb Scires was chosen in the 17th round with the 505th overall pick by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Scires, a 6-foot, 190-pound lefthanded batter, had a slash line of ...
          See Dick Run   

SIOUX CITY, Iowa—Dean season! Gephardt season! Dean season! Gephardt season! If any lingering debate remained over which presidential candidate is currently enjoying his media moment, my two days with Dick Gephardt settled it. The 20 national reporters who follow Gephardt for all or part of his campaign swing from Des Moines to Sioux City are the latest sign that not only have the leaves turned in late October, but so have the media.

I came along to witness firsthand the evidence for something I wrote earlier this month after the Phoenix debate, that Gephardt's hard-nosed and well-organized Iowa campaign presents, at the moment, the biggest obstacle to President Dean (or, to be fairer, Democratic Nominee Dean). But I missed the media conspiracy memo that told everyone else to show up, too. During Gephardt's weekend swing in Iowa two days before, only three national reporters trailed the candidate. But now, David Brooks is here. So are Mara Liasson of NPR and Carl Cameron of Fox News. Throw in reporters from ABC, MSNBC, Knight Ridder, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Christian Science Monitor, Newsweek, and the New York Times. (Counting Brooks, on Wednesday there are two New York Times writers following Gephardt.) Just for the sake of overkill, there are reporters from the British press and from Japanese television along for the ride. At one event in Pocahontas, Iowa—a town with an absolutely gigantic statue of the Indian princess outside her teepee welcoming visitors from the highway—the number of journalists nearly matches the number of prospective caucus-goers.

The Gephardt campaign pushes its slow-and-steady-wins-the-race angle (or is it a plea for votes from Maryland Terrapins alums?) by emblazoning "Fear the Turtle!" on the front of the press itinerary, complete with a little clip-art turtle on every page. The packet includes the latest Iowa poll results, which show Gephardt and Dean in a statistical tie for the lead, with Kerry and Edwards lagging behind. For good measure, the campaign throws in last week's favorable press clippings, including Des Moines Register wise man David Yepsen's assertion that Gephardt is the Iowa front-runner and that Dean has "plateaued" in the state. Also enclosed is a much-discussed Washington Post report—distributed, in truncated form, to voters at campaign events—that Gephardt is the candidate "many prominent Republicans fear the most." Not included is a delicious metaphor for Gephardt supporters to latch onto: While hurtling from campaign stop to campaign stop in Iowa over the past few months, the Dean van has been pulled over multiple times for speeding.

At his first stop, a senior center in Des Moines (the first of three consecutive senior centers visited by the campaign), Gephardt is supposed to deliver a "health policy address," but it turns out to be a rehash of old Howard Dean quotes about Medicare. (Later, while being ribbed by reporters about the false advertising, Gephardt's Iowa press secretary, Bill Burton, protests that he never called it a "major" policy address.) The newest wrinkle: Gephardt wants to paint the 1997 balanced budget accord—generally thought to be one of President Clinton's major accomplishments, and one supported by Dean—as a "deep, devastating cut" in Medicare.

While Gephardt speaks in front of a sign that reads "Protect Social Security" and "Protect Medicare" over and over, like computer-desktop wallpaper, I wonder: Does he really want to play this game? Dredging up old quotes and votes about Gephardt's onetime conservatism is what helped to derail his '88 campaign. He voted against the establishment of the Department of Education. He voted for a constitutional amendment to ban abortion. He voted to means-test Social Security and to eliminate cost-of-living adjustments from the program. He voted for Reagan's 1981 tax cuts. He opposed an increase in the minimum wage. Does a man with a legislative record this long and varied really want to ostentatiously declare, "There are life-and-death consequences to every position taken and every vote cast"? If that's so, how many times was Dick Gephardt on the side of death?

For now, however, it's a more recent House vote that's preventing Gephardt from running away with the Iowa race. At nearly every campaign event I attend, Gephardt is forced to deliver, in effect, two separate stump speeches. The first is the one he would like the campaign to be about: universal health care, jobs, and the immorality of rapacious multinational corporations. Gephardt's not anticapitalist: "Capitalism is the best system," he says in Pocahontas. "But capitalism has to have rules, so the capitalists don't destroy the very system" they benefit from.

He describes his visits to Mexico, China, and India, where workers live in the cardboard boxes used to ship the products they make. "I smelled where they live," he says. They live without electricity, without running water, with raw sewage running down the streets and next to "drainage ditches filled with human waste." "They live in worse conditions than farm animals in Iowa," he continues. "This is nothing short of human exploitation, that's what it is, for the profit of some special interests in the world." I'm not sure I agree with Gephardt's proposed solutions—though I'm intrigued by his notion of a variable international minimum wage—but there's no denying that he's a powerful critic of global capitalism's excesses.

Then, once Gephardt has finished and the applause has subsided, almost invariably a voter raises his hand to ask: What about Iraq? Was this war about oil? How can we recover the world's respect? How can we pay for all your programs with a war on?

At this point, Gephardt is forced to unveil stump speech No. 2. Sept. 11 changed everything, he says. Government's highest obligation is to protect American lives. In a Gephardt administration, the highest priority would be to prevent a nuclear device—"dirty or clean"—from going off in New York, Los Angeles, or Des Moines. That's why he decided Saddam Hussein needed to be removed. He supported the war because he believed the estimates of the CIA and the warnings of former Clinton administration officials, not because he listened to President Bush ("I would never do that").

Slowly, Gephardt's defense of his vote for the congressional war resolution transitions into a critique of the president. Though in an interview he insisted that the president was smart, on the stump he's not shy about insinuating that the president (whom he often refers to as "Dubya") is stupid. "He's incompetent," "He frightens me," "He's hard to help," I told him America founded the United Nations because "I wasn't sure he knew the history," and "If you'd been meeting with him every week since 9/11, you'd be running for president," too. Because Bush refused to negotiate with Kim Jong Il, North Korea is now "weeks away" from producing nuclear bombs. Bush abandoned the peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine, saying, "It's not our problem." He's arrogant. He doesn't play well with others. By the end, people are satisfied enough with Gephardt's explanation, and maybe even a little terrified, but you get the sense that they're not enthused by it.

But Gephardt isn't counting on enthusiasm. He has a couple edges on Dean, in addition to his obvious union support. For one, a surprising number of Iowa Democrats just don't like the former Vermont governor. The opposition to Gephardt tends to be substantive, based on his support for the war or his failure as Democratic leader to enact a more Democratic agenda. But the opposition to Dean is stylistic, or maybe even cultural. In socially conservative Iowa, sometimes you hear it whispered: Where's Dean's wife? Before Gephardt arrives at an event in the town of Ida Grove, I overhear a woman grumble about Judith Steinberg's refusal to campaign for her husband. "I can't get used to that," she tells her companion. "It's supposed to be a family thing."

By the same token, Gephardt never fails to mention the "church loans" and "church scholarships" that allowed him to attend Northwestern and then Michigan law school. He also refers to his son, Matt, who survived prostate cancer as an infant, as a "gift of God." I don't think I've ever heard Howard Dean say the word "God" in reference to anything.

Just before the last stop in Sioux City, I'm granted a 10-minute ride-along interview with Gephardt. I've got a number of questions, but the one I really want an answer to is this: If balanced budgets and free trade—two things that don't get a lot of emphasis in the Gephardt platform—weren't the secrets of the Clinton economy, what were? Higher taxes for the rich? Gephardt explains that the '97 budget accord wasn't needed to balance the budget, and then he tries to explain why Bush's steel tariffs—which Gephardt supported, and which made the United States lose manufacturing jobs—aren't analogous to the retaliatory tariffs Gephardt wants to be able to impose on foreign products or factories that don't comply with minimal labor and environmental standards. Soon enough, we're so sidetracked that I've forgotten entirely what we were talking about.

But afterward, when I'm once again following Gephardt in my rental car, I'm left with my question: Clinton balanced the budget and promoted free trade, and the economy boomed. President Bush ran up enormous deficits and put new restrictions on trade, and the economy sputtered. Isn't Dick Gephardt's plan closer to President Bush's?

          LOST 6.12 Everybody Loves Hugo – recap by Evie   
LOST 6.12 : Everybody Loves Hugo Los Angeles Pierre Chang is hosting an event honoring Hugo Reyes. Good old Hurley and his love for chicken, Pierre tells us, have enabled his franchise to prosper and his philanthropic activities to grow. Photos are shown to the audience of Mr. Cluck’s restaurants in Paris, Japan, and Cairo. Hurley used his lottery winnings to purchase a Mr. Cluck’s restaurant. Since his luck wasn’t bad after the win in this alternate reality, I’m guessing that Tricia Tanaka wasn’t killed when the meteor, and the restaurant wasn’t destroyed. Hurley has helped to fund parks, schools, hospitals, The Humane Society, zoos, an experimental farm, and a new wing on the anthropology museum. (Probably the same museum where Daniel spotted Charlotte.) Yes, all is well with millionaire Hurley. Except for his love life. At least that’s what his mom thinks. On the Beach Preparations are still being made to blow up the airplane ...
          Clippers show no love for Chris Paul in official press release detailing trade   
Chris Paul was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers for six seasons, all of which resulted in playoff appearances in the NBA’s competitive Western Conference. Now he’s a member of the Houston Rockets after a shocking trade went down Wednesday morning. He was the best player on the court all six years for the […]
          After 2018 in NYC, Grammys will return to LA in 2019   
NEW YORK (AP) — The 2018 Grammy Awards will be held in New York City, but the show will return to Los Angeles for four years beginning in 2019.
          #AmtrakVets Debuts on West Coast Today!   

Today our #AmtrakVets initiative is making its West Coast debut at a hiring event at Los Angeles Union Station. The event is part of a multi-year corporate commitment to ensure 25...

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          25, 25/7, I give you all my attention, baby you're my obsession; Daniel King   

25, 25/7, I give you all my attention, baby you're my obsession; Daniel King

25, 25/7, I give you all my attention, baby you're my obsession; Daniel King by ravenwood on

Daniel is often called what is known as an "overachiever". He was the one twelve year old in high school, the one sixteen year old in college, the one who was always bullied all because he was too smart. Daniel bounced foster homes as a kid, sometimes even sleeping in school. By the time he was in college, he lived off of scholarships and loans. He attended Princeton University, graduating with a flawless and pristine transcript. Since then, he had been on and off the rails, looking for a job, until Marshall Prep of Los Angeles invited him to teach at one of the most etiquette and high classed private high schools in the country. Daniel needed the money, and figured that this would only be temporary. He would be the arts and music counselor, and the core teacher for English. He has a pretty tall frame, of around 6'1", has a healthy tan, has a lean yet muscular build due to the years of swimming he had as a kid and as he did in his free time. He loves to read, listen to music, swim, and he sometimes does express his art on the walls and subways through graffiti. He has worked hard to improve himself from all the bullying- Daniel can not stand when someone is bullied. He has a chocolate colored brown hair complexion which is usually style up into a luscious quiff. He has the most stunning pair of light green eyes, which people often stare at, because it's so rare. Many girls throw themselves at him, but he doesn't really pay much attention to it. He's only ever been with three girls, who all used him or hurt him in some way. Daniel rarely goes out with girls, but when he does, it's now always for fun and not for meaning. That was until the 20 year old teacher met this one student... **** pm me if you'd like to roleplay! :) @txstrawberry @gypsyoccult @fiohelston @natasha-maree13 @slothwithablog @pitchslapped @amy1239 @amyburns567 @questing-witch @bxc0nsoda

          heartbreak is the national anthem, we sing it proudly; Veronica Taylor   

heartbreak is the national anthem, we sing it proudly; Veronica Taylor

heartbreak is the national anthem, we sing it proudly; Veronica Taylor by ravenwood on

Veronica, often called Ronnie or V, by her friends and her brother, if a worry-free, life enjoying, love searching maniac. She may be what people call a hopeless romantic, but in her senior year of high school, love is all she wants. She has a dirty blonde to a light blonde hair color, which is usually down in messy waves, and brown eyes. Ronnie think's they're really boring, but many people seem to disagree. She doesn't pay much attention to her looks, which some people seem to surprisingly like. She spends her time playing basketball with her older brother when he comes back from college, video gaming, making food, and of course having fun with boys. She gets a little self conscious when people look at her body, because she is quite skinny, but also muscular, tan, and curvy. She attends a private school down the coast of Los Angeles, along with her best friend. She spends her time partying, drinking, flirting, and having the time of her life, looking for the one... when maybe, he's been in front of her all along. Ronnie may be in love with her 20 year old brother... who may not even be her brother... **** pm me if you'd like to roleplay! :) @slothwithablog @fiohelston @txstrawberry @gypsyoccult @pitchslapped @hayley-177 @ironkyle @natasha-maree13 @amyburns567 @amy1239 @bxc0nsoda

          audition- Alaska Ryde   

audition- Alaska Ryde

audition- Alaska Ryde by ravenwood on

Name: Taruni Username: @ravenwood OC Name: Alaska Ryde Age: 16 Gender: Female Blood Status: Half-Blood Faceclaim: Phoebe Tonkins Sexuality: Straight House: Wampus Quidditch position: N/A Prefect: Not a prefect sadly Wand: Dragon string, 12-inch, Lilac Wood Patronus (keep in mind this is only mastered after the third year): Dolphin Pet (nothing bigger than a medium sized dog): White Cat with blue eyes, named Oceania Personality (include good and bad): + Always tries to make people laugh and smile + Stands up for her friends and what she believes in + Isn't afraid to take risks + Smart, witty, carefree, irresistible, and "impossible to kill," as a Wampus is. - Puts others before herself too much that she forgets to care for herself - Has a sassy attitude that gets her into trouble - She is a known troublemaker in her hometown - She tends to hurt a lot of people with her heartbreak ways Likes: + Boys + Music + Drawing + Exercising Dislikes: - Studying - Oranges - Running too much - Long-term relationships Bio (at least two paragraphs): Alaska is a very outgoing, sassy and hilarious person. She's got the looks that seem to get her out of every consequence, and the street smart brain from growing up in Los Angeles. She flirts with almost every guy, but she has her own reasons and limits. She is a known heartbreaker and troublemaker. Alaska has long, luscious brown air, and the most captivating blue-green eyes. She loves Ilvermorny- she feels it is the one place she can truly be herself, without the constant pressure she receives from her Dad-to be better. She acts as though she does not value education at all, but really, she is one of the smartest people in her class. Alaska tends to be well rounded, popular, and always happy looking. However, she has some really dark secrets that have wrecked her inside. Secret x 2 (if you want to be an animagus, please PM the mod as we cannot have a school full of them): Alaska has a dark past- her abusive father had killed her mother, and this a secret she has told nobody, and is something that she fears- turning into her dad. She fears long-term relationships because she is afraid that if she is with someone for too long, she will hurt them, as her dad did to her mother. She believes she doesn't deserve to be happy that way. @hayley-177 @fiohelston @seahorsewii @the-icon-cuties @fashion-and-cats Mod: @natasha-maree13

          Remy Ma beats Nicki Minaj at 2017 BET Awards   

Outspoken rapper Remy Ma was named the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist prize at the 2017 BET Awards in Los Angeles. Remy Ma beat her bitter rival Nicki Minaj to the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist...

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          More Previews   
AL East

Philadelphia Quakers

The Quakers head into the season with a very suspect pitching staff. The starters may struggle but the offense should help keep them in most games. They are led by one of the better young hitters in the game in Al Ordaz . Will Gardner , Trevor Sherman , and Esmerling Cano will also provide some offensive fireworks for the rookie GM. Their closer, Dave Hermida , is solid but is he being best utilized in that role? With this team’s starting pitchers likely to struggle, he may not have many opportunities to save games and therefore not as many innings pitched for this team that desperately needs as many solid innings pitched as possible.

New York Legends

My team is all about the starting pitching staff. The SP1 through 4 are all guys I gained through trades and are all pretty much number 1 guys. My lineup is built on power, having three 100 power guys and a few others in the 90s. My key additions are my top 4 starting pitchers, my key losses is my whole minor league system basically. I traded them all away for a chance to win now. My best prospect remaining is Tom Mann and he will be up in the majors after 20 or so minor league games. My key major leaguers are Angel Molina , Jhonny Johnson , Alvin Roberts , and Stubby West .

Boston Checkers

With the roll of the dice, the inaugural season of the Boston Checkers went down the drain. Their minors were decimated with early season callups to fill in for the absolutely horrible ML roster compiled by the SIM. There is some hope to meet the league minimum of wins if players such as former Indiana and Texas Tech head basketball coach Bob Knight and Eduardo Almanza put up the type of season they should be capable of. Pitching will be an issue this season in Beantown and they will rely heavily on the arm of Henry Mullens to bring home some victories this season. So if you plan on coming out to spend an evening at Fenway this season, come early and down a few on Lansdowne St., enjoy the experience of Yawkey Way or have a big bowl of chowdah. Chances are what you see on the field will be a bit disappointing.

Baltimore Ironclads

Baltimore should have one of the more potent offenses in the league. They are led by super star Jin Ho Yang who the GM thinks should contend for the MVP for ten years, and I agree, he should have an excellent career anchoring the Ironclads’ offense. Also contributing will be Lewis Tremie who may be a defensive liability at SS but can rake with the best of them. Vance Sosa is slated to be the teams #1 starter right now. Can his incredible splits overcome his low control? Baltimore sure hopes so as they will need him to perform as an ace if they are to compete for the title.

AL West

Seattle 747s

My team has a decent lineup with Chico Montanez & Jay Patrick leading the way. My rotation is going to be weaker after several big trades. Season one may not be my season, but with several very good young players in AAA and AA, the future is close. 3 Players to watch for are Edwin Walton , Ryan Frank & Ewell Osterbrock

San Francisco Slingers

The Slingers go into the season optimistic of their chances to compete for a division crown. They haven't had full backing from some of their fans however because they feel like the owners didn't open up their pocketbook enough in the offseason. With speedsters Vic Serrano and Parker Jacquez in the top of the order followed by some good power in Archie Coco and Armando Marrero, they could prove to be one of the stronger top of the orders in the league. Watch for Jacquez to have a breakout season as he is currently lighting up Spring Training with a .462 average and 3 home runs. The key for them will come in pitching and the ability of some good young minor leaguers to step up when called upon. Angel Espinosa at 31 will be looked upon as one of the elder leaders of the pitching staff and Tom Mora looks to be a big contributor as well. Regardless of the outcome, the Slingers feel that with their fans expectations being low and being tagged as an underdog in the league, they have nowhere to go but up.

Los Angeles Aces

The Aces will be anything but... This team has a good young nucleus to build around, but it will take a couple of seasons to become a viable contender in ULB.
[Editor's Note: I guess LA prefers to be shrouded in mystery.]

Portland Pioneers

We feel pretty confident in the team we have assembled. Veteran Tris Steenstra along with up and coming superstar Terry Thurman lead a potent offense, and old man Lyle Galloway leads a strong pitching staff. Several trades have brought in some fresh new faces and added some pop to the lineup and some gas to the staff. Once the season gets started, we will know more about our team, but fans and ownership alike are confident in the boys to come together and play winning baseball. The Pioneer faithful are ready to cheer their team to a pennant.
          Découvrez le tapis de souris Powerplay de Logitech pour souris sans fil   
Des problèmes d'autonomie avec votre souris sans fil ? Logitech vous propose une solution maison. Durant l'E3 de Los Angeles la marque a présenté son tapis de souris Powerplay connecté, un périphérique qui permet de...
          Hot Stove Heating Up Under Tannehill   
The race for Tannehill is heating up as it comes down to the wire. The St. Louis Bishops have had their name cleared after inking C Alex Romo to a monster deal. But a few new teams are being circulated around the winter meetings as possible suitors for the crown jewel of the free agency market.

The Minnesota Lumberjacks have signed a few sizable 5-year deals already and now are getting some buzz as possibly pursuing Tannehill. The money is there, but will adding Tannehill to the other contracts anchor this team down in a few years?

The other team that fell under the initial radar sweep is the Los Angeles Aces. While Jacksonville remains the leading candidate, they would be happiest to see Los Angeles take home the trophy if they cannot. While Minnesota had an unprotected draft pick, they already forfeited it by signing SP Josias Estrada. Los Angeles' first round pick is unprotected, and as yet still their own.

There is not much time left, but the intrigue builds thicker than ever? Where will "Rolls" Royce Tannehill land?
          Budgets by Division   
The budgets have come across the wire for each of the 32 teams preparing to launch their innaugural season in the United League of Baseball. Here is a breakdown by division of player payroll budget. Which teams will be making runs at expensive free agents in an attempt to wear the crown first?

AL North
Toronto Mounties, $85M
Buffalo Mammoths, $82M
Montreal Hilltoppers, $80M
Cleveland Crows, $75M

Pretty reasonable payrolls from the only division to feature Canadien teams.

AL East
Baltimore Ironclads, $96M
New York Legends, $91M
Philadelphia Quakers, $78M
Boston Checkers, $73M

The Yankees they are not--the Legends don't even have the highest payroll in their own division.

AL South
Jacksonville Sharks, $97M
Kansas City Bolts, $80M
Louisville Thoroughbreds, $79M
Houston Vultures, $74M

The Sharks left themselves plenty of financial wiggle room only to trade away 2 big contracts this morning--pending league approval.

AL West
Los Angeles Aces, $102M
Seattle 747s, $90M
Portland Pioneers, $90M
San Francisco Slingers, $79M

The AL West is the only division to feature 3 teams with over $90M. Can the Slingers keep pace?

NL North
Milwaukee Wolves, $105M
Minnesota Lumberjacks, $94M
Chicago Hitmen, $84M
Detroit Roadsters, $78M

The Wolves are the second predatory animal to have the highest payroll in their division, after the Sharks.

NL East
Cincinnati Tall Stacks, $125M
St. Louis Bishops, $116M
Indianapolis Racers, $85M
Pittsburgh Phantoms, $72M

Indeed, the two highest payrolls reside in the same division. This could be quite a heated battle on the open free agent market. It will be interesting to see what kind of coaches Cincinnati ends up with given their $6M available to spend on them.

NL South
Atlanta Fireballs, $108M
New Orleans Jesters, $89M
Charlotte Cavalry, $69M
Tampa Bay Barracuda, $61M

The anti-NL East, the NL South features the two teams with the lowest payrolls.

NL West
Las Vegas Daredevils, $89M
Arizona Geckos, $87M
Salt Lake City Miners, $84M
Oklahoma City Kingfishers, $77M

We finish as we began, with a lot of middle-of-the-road payrolls. Who can emerge from the pack?
          June 28th – Hour 1   

Felger and Massarotti opened up the show discussing the Los Angeles Clippers trade of Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets. Mike and Tony also got into the offseason options for the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks mutual agreement to part ways with Phil Jackson.

          This is the Water: Twin Peaks, Roswell and the Siren's Song (UPDATE)   

Please tell me you're watching the new season of Twin Peaks. 

Like nearly everyone else my jaw is still on the floor after last night's episode. All the more so since it seems to very closely align with a topic I explored in great detail last year and that's the explosion of the atom bomb seeming to open some kind of doorway that allowed something dangerous to enter into our reality.

And whatever it is that crossed over seems to possess us and use us to its own ends, as we seem to be seeing in recent posts.

Lynch paints this picture in a way that simultaneously feels like a fever dream, Stanley Kubrick's lost masterpiece and some kind of bizarre MK Ultra conditioning session. As we'll see, this episode drew heavily on the work of Leslie Stevens and Joseph Stefano's Outer Limits, so much so that it played like a tribute.

It's going to take time to sort through but this series seems like a oracle. It feels less like television and more like revelation. Lynch is tapped into something very deep, very dark and very important.  

And it's only because of the conjunction of Chris Cornell's death and the return of Twin Peaks that I got thrown back down the Siren's well. I really thought I was done and good with the story but it so happened that the story wasn't done with me. 

It wasn't until I started putting some of the pieces together that I began to see how Twin Peaks, Chris Cornell and the Siren's song have been locked in a spiderweb of synchronicity since the very beginning.

Pay attention here- someone may be trying to tell us a story in the same nonlinear manner David Lynch is telling the new Twin Peaks.

Chris Cornell 's only acting credit is the Cameron Crowe film Singles. He appears onscreen with Bridget Fonda.

Bridget Fonda also appears onscreen with Bill Pullman in Singles.

Bill Pullman appears in the David Lynch film, Lost Highway, which features Elizabeth Fraser's version of 'Song to the Siren'

UPDATE: Still don't believe in the dark power of the Siren's Song?

In Lost Highway, Bill Pullman plays a musician falsely accused of murdering his wife, played by Patricia Arquette (who was cast as Jeff Buckley's mother in an unproduced biopic). Though never really explained it's implied that the Mystery Man, played by Robert Blake, is responsible for the murder.

In May 2002- same month the Jeff Buckley biography Everyone Here Wants You aired on British television- Robert Blake was accused of murdering his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakely, in back of a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Just months after David Lynch's Mulholland Dr - a film about an actress (Naomi Watts†) who has her lover killed - had depicted a memorable scene about a looming horror in back of a Los Angeles restaurant.

Mulholland Dr was originally produced as a TV movie after Lynch made Lost Highway.

Blake was acquitted on account of there was no evidence to tie him to the crime, and the only testimony came from two stuntmen associated with Bakely's former lover, the convicted murderer Christian Brando.

Brando shot and killed his sister's lover at Marlon Brando's residence on- wait for it- Mulholland Dr.

And "Bakely?"
The name Bakley belongs to the early history of Britain, its origins lie with the Anglo-Saxons. It is a product of their having lived in any of the places named Buckley, or Buckleigh, in England.
Bakely's daughters later successfully sued Blake for wrongful death. 

Lost Highway was Jack Nance's last role. He died under mysterious circumstances before the film was released. David Lynch produced a documentary in his honor, released 2002.

A special thanks to longtime Shemsu Sunner Devin. I knew there was something I was overlooking.

Patricia Arquette is featured in the Lost Highway's 'Song to the Siren' scene.

Arquette also stars in True Romance, which she plays the lover of a young man who is channeling Elvis Presley, who died in Memphis and whose statue overlooks the site of Jeff Buckley's death. Arquette was cast to play Jeff Buckley's mother in the unproduced docudrama Mystery White Boy.

True Romance also features Brad Pitt and this memorable use of Chris Cornell's MDD anthem, 'Outshined'. 

Brad Pitt appears in Jeff Buckley documentary Everybody Here Wants You, which also features Elizabeth Fraser. 

Chris Cornell's tribute to Jeff Buckley, 'Wave Goodbye,' is played on the TV series Roswell, set (of course) in New Mexico 

Roswell star William Sadler played Death in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, starring Keanu (or Ki-Anu) Reeves

Keanu Reeves played Buddha in Little Buddha, with Bridget Fonda and Chris Isaak 

Chris Isaak starred in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the franchise's last chapter until 2017.

Ben Rosenfield appears in its next chapter. 

Rosenfield's first feature film role is portraying Tim Buckley in the Jeff Buckley biopic, Greetings From Tim Buckley.

Roswell's William Sadler portrays Lee Underwood (the guitarist on the Starsailor version of 'Song to the Siren') in Greetings from Tim Buckley.

Tim Buckley's first public recording of 'Song to the Siren' first heard on the "Frodis Caper" episode of The Monkees, whose plot revolved around the capture of a flying saucer. 

The 1994 TV movie Roswell revolved around the capture of a flying saucer in New Mexico. 

It aired the very same day Soundgarden played the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Cornell died after Soundgarden played the Fox Theater in Detroit.

Soundgarden performs live in Singles, playing 'Birth Ritual'. Singles co-star Bill Pullman later stars in Independence Day which centers on a UFO captured at Roswell. 

Roswell starred Kyle MacLachlan, who portrays Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks. 

Cooper emerges from the Black Lodge into a storeroom where characters played by Rosenfeld and Madeline Zima were last seen. 

Madeline Zima starred on Californication (itself loaded with Siren symbolism) alongside David Duchovny. 

David Duchovny played a cross-dressing FBI agent on Twin Peaks. He'd later play another FBI agent on The X-Files.  

Duchovny would later be replaced on The X-Files by Robert Patrick, brother of original Nine Inch Nails guitarist Richard Patrick (whose band Filter recorded the rock theme for the first X-Files movie). 

Robert Patrick first appears on X-Files same episode 'Scully's Theme' first heard, which was based on Elizabeth Fraser's 'Song of the Siren'.


Don Davis, who portrayed Major Garland Briggs on Twin Peaks, appeared as Scully's father on The X-Files. Davis's first appearance on The X-Files was in 'Beyond the Sea', which also guest-starred Brad Dourif. 

Brad Dourif appeared in Blue Velvet, the film where Lynch tried and failed to secure rights to Elizabeth Fraser's version of 'Song to the Siren'. That film starred Laura Dern, who also appears on the new Twin Peaks. 

Laura Dern first appears in Episode 6, which also features this very Blue Velvet-like performance by Balthazar Getty, Patricia Arquette's lover during Lost Highway's playing of  'Song to the Siren'.

'Song to the Siren' was produced by John Fryer, who also produced the prophetic 'In the Gold Dust Rush.'  

Fryer also produced the first Nine Inch Nails album.

Nine Inch Nails toured with David Bowie in 1995.

David Bowie appears in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.  

Nine Inch Nails appear on Twin Peaks episode that centers around a locust chimera that possesses a girl through the mouth.

The Nine Inch Nails' album The Downward Spiral was released the same day as Soundgarden's Superunknown

Trent Reznor appears in 2014 documentary Beautiful Noise, about Cocteau Twins and the movement they inspired.

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden toured together in 2014. They opened in Las Vegas.

Downward Spiral, which was recorded at Manson-massacre house 10050 Cielo Drive, features a sample from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the song 'Reptile'.*

Texas Chainsaw Massacre's 2003 remake features cover of Fraser's cover of "Song to the Siren."

David Bowie and Trent Reznor sang "Reptile" as a duet on their 1995 tour.

Three days before Downward Spiral released Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser began their love affair in Atlanta, sparked by Fraser's version of 'Song to the Siren'.

Fraser is from the Falkirk council area of Scotland, which boasts two enormous statues of the Kelpie, the Scottish water-demon version of the Siren, that shapeshifts from horse to human. 

Falkirk is a half-hour's drive from Rosewell, the town that borders the Rosslyn Chapel.

 There's locusts in her honey mouth 

In the final scene of Episode 8, the possessed young girl is mesmerized by the incantation of a demon who chants an incantation that wouldn't sound out of place on Garlands: 

"This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend.  The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within."

Like the Sirens and the mermaids, the entity is a chimera of a frog and a locust, both plagues that Moses brought down on Egypt in Exodus. 

Elizabeth Fraser's only solo releases are the singles 'Underwater' and 'Moses'. 

The girl in Twin Peaks is played by Tikaeni Faircrest. Tikeani is an Inuit word meaning "Wolf."

After the girl is possessed you hear horses in the desert. Or perhaps it's the Kelpie.


• Blue Velvet released. Includes 'Mysteries of Love', song written when Lynch was unable to license 'Song of the Siren'. September 1986 

• Ccoteau Twins release Love's Easy Tears EP September 1986. 


• Elizabeth Fraser's first child born September 1989

• Soundgarden release first major label album Louder than Love, September 5, 1989

• Julee Cruise releases her first album Floating into the Night, featuring debut of Twin Peaks theme 'Falling'. Also features 'Mysteries of Love'. Released September 12, 1989

• Nine Inch Nails releases first single, 'Down in It', September 15, 1989


• Jeff Buckley moves to New York February 1990

• Andrew Wood dies of overdose March 1990

Twin Peaks premieres April 1990

Lynch's Wild at Heart is shown at Cannes. Laura Dern stars. May 1990


• Elizabeth Fraser and Jeff Buckley first meet in New York's Roseland Ballroom, April 1991

• Jeff Buckley makes his public debut at a tribute to late father Tim Buckley in April 1991

• Chris Cornell releases Temple of the Dog, tribute to late friend Andrew Wood, in April 1991

• Twin Peaks put on hiatus April 1991 (canceled June)


• Elizabeth Fraser and Jeff Buckley begin relationship March 5, 1994 in Atlanta.

•  Superunknown by Soundgarden and The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails released March 8, 1994

• Kurt Cobain is murdered April 5, 1994. Body is discovered morning of April 8, 1994. Cocteau Twins tape appearance on Tonight Show that same afternoon.

• Soundgarden play in Paris that night, where Cocteau Twins' death-omen "Road, River and Rail" is set.

Holy Matrimony opens same day, starring Lost Highway's Patricia Arquette and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Levitt would later star in UFO-themed Mysterious Skin which features Cocteau Twins' 'Crushed' and score by Cocteau Twin (and Fraser's ex-husband) Robin Guthrie 


• Trent Reznor clashes in media with Courtney Love over liaison, Spring 1995

X-Files airs Roswell-themed 'Anasazi', set in New Mexico, featuring actor Bernie Coulson, who former roommate Brad Pitt based his character in True Romance onSpring 1995

• Courtney Love and Jeff Buckley date, Spring- Summer 1995

• David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails tour begins featuring duet on 'Reptile'
early September 1995 

• Cocteau Twins release Elizabeth Fraser's love letters to Jeff Buckley, Twinlights and Rilkean Dreams, September 1995


Lost Highway, featuring 'Song of Siren' released February 1997

The X-Files airs UFO-capture two-parter in March 1997, guest-starring Tom O'Brien, who later stars on The Dead Zone, whose theme song is Jeff Buckley's 'New Years Prayer', from album co-produced by Chris Cornell.

• Chris Cornell quits Soundgarden in April 1997

• Elizabeth Fraser records 'Teardrop', a love letter to Jeff Buckley, same day he drowns in May 1997

Air Force Roswell Report released June 1997


Twin Peaks revival announced 2014

• Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails tour together 2014

• Cocteau Twins documentary Beautiful Noise released 2014


X-Files Season 11 schedule announced May 15, 2017 

• Chris Cornell dies near site of Siren-like legend May 18, 2017

Twin Peaks, the Return Premieres May 21, 2017, featuring Cocteau Twins wannabe's Chromatics

•  70th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting, June 24, 2017

• Nine Inch Nails appear on interdimensional-themed episode of Twin Peaks, June 25, 2017

• Elizabeth Fraser to make first public appearance in 5 years, July 23, 2017, the day of the   rising of Sirius, to talk about Blue Bell Knoll, whose title comes from fairy lore.

The published lyrics for the song NIN played on Twin Peaks reuses a lyric from 'Reptile': "she leaves a trail of honey to show me where she's been." That line is not on the final recording. 

Spirit possession, honey, mouth, locusts. Oh, plus gold that isn't really gold. Why does that all sound so familiar?

† Naomi Watts is married to my wife's second cousin, Liev Schreiber. Bonnie Lee Bakely is from my old stomping grounds Morristown, which is also Richard Hoagland's birthplace.

          Twin Peaks and the Metaphysics of Evil   

Well, after 27 years of waiting and a good 18 months of hype it's finally here. Showtime aired the two-hour Twin Peaks reboot premiere and posted the first four episodes (the premiere was broken in two) online. I binged the first three as soon as they went up and the last episode the following morning.

My first impression? Ye gods, it's weird.

I mean, even on the David Lynch sliding scale, it's weird. How weird? Well, it makes the weird bits of Mulholland Dr and Inland Empire play like Days of Our Lives. Some door in Lynch's unconscious seems to have gone well off its hinges. 

It's also maddeningly inconsistent, veering from long, flabby scenes where nothing seems to happen to random bursts of truly disturbing horror and violence. There are a number of high profile cameos that range from the numinous (the more-radiant-than-ever Madeline Zima) to the far less-so (Michael Sera comes across as the pretentious kid in your ninth grade drama club) and an extremely confusing subplot with a Dale Cooper-alike in Las Vegas, not to mention the actual Dale Cooper and his demonic doppelganger.

But you know me, this shit's right up alley. I was at turns bored, riveted, horrified and embarrassed but I'm counting the hours to the next episode (which will go live on June 4th).

But the rest of the country? Maybe not so much.

Since we live in a culture that measures the quality of art in dollars and demos the big story on Twin Peaks was the tepid ratings it got. From Vulture:
The owls are not what they seem, and neither was viewer interest in a Twin Peaks revival — at least if Nielsen ratings are your metric for success. Per the ratings giant, Sunday’s quarter-century-in-the-making Twin Peaks: The Return attracted just 506,000 same-day viewers to Showtime via the network’s main linear channel.
But same-day is an archaic metric, isnt it? I'm sure the overwhelming majority of the audience will be consuming Twin Peaks online. We cut the cord a while back and haven't missed it. No one was actually watching the cable feed anyways. Vulture again:
First, it’s worth remembering the 506,000 viewer number reported by Nielsen Tuesday represents only a fraction of the audience that will ultimately consume Peaks across various Showtime linear and digital platforms. When measured over the course of weeks, rather than a single night, it’s quite common for premium cable series to end up with three, four, or even five times as many unique viewers as the same-day Nielsen ratings suggest. The actual audience for Sunday’s Twin Peaks resurrection will likely end up in the 2–3 million viewer range — no doubt less than what Showtime execs hoped for when they green-lit the project, but not quite as minuscule as these early numbers suggest.
But do note that the Twin Peaks premiere was watched by a mind-staggering 34 million Americans. But the blush came off that rose fairly quickly, especially during the second season when the series was relegated to the death slot. Even so, it has to be said that David Lynch has never been box office. Instead his audience is "more selective," as Ian Faith might have it. From Forbes.
Although David Lynch has always been something of a critical darling and a cult hero, the quality of his work hasn't necessarily translated into box office dollars. Yes, Mulholland Drive got rave reviews and was even voted best film of its decade by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (full disclosure: I'm a member and did not vote for it, feeling that as a rejiggered TV pilot it wasn't as deep as people were giving it credit for). But in terms of box office, it only generated $20 million international. His follow-up,Inland Empire, was way down from even that, at merely $4 million international, less than $1 million of which was domestic.
Just how selective it can be is evidenced by this frankly arrogant passage in the Variety review, written by Sonia Saraiya:
The bankable popularity of “Twin Peaks” also makes for an inexplicably stupid scene at the Bang Bang where the indie-electronic band Chromatics performs to a room of middle-aged townies taking tequila shots. Nothing says rural, small-town, faded glory like an impossibly cool synthpop band.  
What time period is Saraiya living in? First of all The Chromatics are an 80s revival band so it goes without saying that they would appeal to the "middle-aged townies" who grew up on synthpop. Second, Twin Peaks is set in the Pacific Northwest, which last time I checked was pretty hep to pop culture. Third, Lynch has been using synthpop in his projects since Blue Velvet. 

The Forbes review seems to get it:
 (The)Chromatics, as well as whatever industrial band it is that plays underneath footage of a car journey at night, fit effortlessly into the Lynchian soundscape.
But overall I think the more savvy viewers will adjust themselves to the jumbled narrative Lynch is putting on the table. As agog as I felt during long stretches of my binge I came out of it with a strong sense of theme. 

Lynch sets up a number of different arcs in different settings. The story ranges from Twin Peaks to Manhattan to South Dakota to Las Vegas. Plus, what looks like outer space but may be some other dimension entirely. And oh yeah, the Black Lodge.

In Twin Peaks a phone call from the Log Lady to Deputy Sheriff Hawk reopens the Laura Palmer case. It's here where we get the strongest hit of that old time Peaks religion and a serving of familiar faces (maybe a little too generous a serving in some instances). We also get some rather stunning photography that would fit proudly on anyone's demo reel. Plus, an owl.

The story in Manhattan centers on a young man whose job it is to sit in a secure room and stare at a glass box on behalf of some shadowy billionaire. He's being courted by a gorgeous young woman (Zima, turning on her native charm like a flamethrower) who is inexplicably curious about his job.

Unlike some other reviewers I won't spoil this arc. But I will say you could cut out those sequences and have yourself a very fine Stevens-Stefano Outer Limits tribute on Lynch's part. I'm thinking "The Galaxy Being", "OBIT" and "Don't Open 'Til Doomsday" were spinning in very heavy rotation somewhere in Lynch's head, unconsciously or otherwise.

The South Dakota storyline updates us on the Dale Cooper doppelganger introduced in the final moments of the original series. There's another murder mystery on the menu and a very Twin Peaks undercurrent of small town sexual intrigue when a high school principal is accused of murdering his mistress. 

The Cooperganger comes across like Frank Booth on Xanax but no less lethal. To show us just how lethal he's featured in a murder scene that is frankly pretty hard to watch.

We encounter the original Cooper, still trapped in the Black Lodge. Which seems only to have gotten more insane in the intervening 27 years. Michael Anderson has been replaced by the One-Armed Man so you don't really miss a beat (Anderson disqualified himself after hurling some pretty wild insinuations against Lynch on his Facebook).

And plus there's a talking brain-tree thing which refers to itself as "the evolution of the arm" (Michael Anderson's character referred to himself as the Arm). Which is probably the least bizarre thing in the Cooper arc.

I mean, strap yourself in because the Cooper-Black Lodge arc goes absolutely bugshit, even more so than anything Lynch has ever filmed. If you thought the lodge stuff was crackers, you literally have seen nothing yet.

Although all these arcs might seem unrelated-- and most probably completely bewildering to anyone not acclimated to Lynch's surrealist vision-- I am sensing a very strong thruline here.

I may be projecting all over it but it feels to me that Lynch is presenting a new metaphysics for evil. 

There's been a debate as old as humanity about the origin of evil, whether it's an innate reality or an invader from without. With the Bob arc from the first series and now with the juxtaposition of the Black Lodge and the Glass Box Lynch appears to arguing that evil is in fact a foreign presence, a metaphysical force that intrudes into our reality to look for hosts. 

As if to concretize this we see that the evil Cooper is not of our Earth and once the real Cooper escapes from his imprisonment (a spoiler, but come on) he is weakened and himself imprisoned.

I would argue then that Twin Peaks is a narrative about the flowering of evil. 

It presents evil as an outside force that invades and sets up shop into our environment then goes about finding suitable hosts to express itself through. It destroys lives, ruins families and communities for no apparent reason then moves on. 

This theme was explored in the thorny and divisive Fire Walk With Me, with Laura Palmer's descent prefigured by her dream of the Black Lodge and with her father's possession by the evil spirit Bob (what a great name for a demon).

Of course, Lynch may well move onto other themes before the series is finished so this is a provisional analysis. But Lynch seems to be fairly consistent in his fixations if you get past the whimsy. 

A lot of people accused Mulholland Dr and Inland Empire of incoherence but they both make perfect sense when you figure out their secrets. They're also essentially the same film told from two different perspectives.

Anyhow, I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts on the series so far and any speculations you might have where all this is headed. I just hope the media doesn't just see it all as a numbers game.
          Allen Ginsberg: Naked Poet   
...all before the mind wakes, behind shades and closed doors in a darkened house
where the inhabitants roam unsatisfied in the night,
nude ghosts seeking each other out in the silence.
Love Poem on a Theme by Whitman, Allen Ginsberg

Never heckle a nonconformist.
A drunk started to heckle Allen Ginsberg during a reading of his poem Howlin Los Angeles in 1956.
“Allen politely asked him to hear out the reading and said he would be pleased to hear his opinions afterward,” biographer Barry Miles noted. “That stopped the heckler for a bit, but when Gregory (Corso) got up to read, the drunk interrupted. ‘What are you guys trying to prove?’ he demanded.
“Allen immediately yelled out, ‘Nakedness!’
“ ‘What do you mean, nakedness?” asked the drunk.
“ ‘I meant spiritual nakedness,’ Ginsberg explained later. ‘Poetic nakedness — candor. Then I suddenly realized what I had said. Inspired, I started taking off my clothes.’
“‘All right,’ Allen challenged the drunk. ‘You want to do something brave, don’t you? Something brave? Well, go on, do something really brave. Take off your clothes!’
The man was speechless. Allen advanced on him, tearing off his shirt. ‘Come on and stand here, stand naked before the people. I dare you! The poet always stands naked before the world.’ Allen threw his shirt and undershirt at the man’s feet, and he began to back away. ‘You’re scared, aren’t you?’ asked Allen. ‘You’re afraid.’ Allen kicked off his shoes and socks and pulled down his pants. Doing a little hopping dance, he kicked them off... He was now completely naked. The drunk had by now retreated to the back of the room. The audience sat in stunned silence.
“Suddenly the room exploded in cheers, jeers, applause and angry argument. The drunk was booed and hissed until he left. Anaïs Nin was impressed and wrote in her journal; ‘The way he did it was so violent and direct, it had so much meaning in terms of all our fears of unveiling ourselves.’”
Miles’ bio of the poet and his fellow Beat musketeers documents their intellectual insights and/or pretensions, drugs and more drugs, petty crime, sex of all sorts, doomed love affairs, cross-country wanderings, abandoned wives, automobile and mental breakdowns, jails, colleges, psychiatric hospitals, poetry, novels, a murder and various other accidental, if predictable, deaths: one when a drunk happily leaned out a train window, and another when a guy decided to “William Tell” a water glass off his wife’s head with a Star .380 automatic.
All the panoramic stupidity of young midcentury Americans, as fascinating as the rhythmic sway of a cobra.
Over all, I found Ginsberg and his self-absorbed comrades to be at least as exasperating as they were intriguing. People who’ve had experience with mental illness, as I have, may fail to see the charm in drug-induced psychosis.
And yet Ginsberg shares my birthday, June 3, and the insights it took him decades to discover — an appreciation of the deep psychological well of Buddhism, a suspicion of the tyranny of self — were the same ones I found, after a long search. My feelings about him are almost as complex as my feelings about myself.
On the plus side of the ledger, Ginsberg became a courageous voice against the deep-rooted hypocrisies of his time, a gay pioneer and a reflexively honest man who did much to popularize Buddhist thought in America.
The 17-year-old Allen Ginsberg had fallen for an 18-year-old cerebral charmer, his fellow Columbia University student Lucien Carr, at once.
Ginsberg’s infatuation with 21-year-old Jack Kerouac, a sensitive and articulate merchant seaman, was equally instant.
All three were also in the giddy early stages of a love affair with intellectual enlightenment. Carr later called it the rebellious students’ search for valid values.
“Their walk had taken them to the Union Theological Seminary; they stood on the corner of West 122ndStreet and Broadway and looked down the hill to the gray spread of Harlem,” wrote Miles. “Allen was moving out of the seminary and still had a few things to collect. He and Jack had discussed their admiration of Lucien, so there was a mutual understanding when Allen pointed out the door where he had first heard the Brahms Quintet (that had introduced him to Carr) six months earlier.”
“Allen collected the few books and belongings he had come for, and as he turned from the dormitory suite he bowed to it, made a gesture of farewell, and said, ‘Goodbye, door.’ He continued down the stairs, saying goodbye to each step as he went. He bade farewell to the seventh-floor landing, the sixth-floor landing and all the rest, like a poem, all the way down.
“Kerouac was struck by this: ‘Ah, I do that when I say goodbye to a place.’ They had a long, excited conversation about the recognition of each of the stairs as the final stair and about Allen’s realization of the changes in himself since he first climbed them six months before.
“‘That struck him as an awareness of a soul in space and time, which was his nature,’ Ginsberg said later. Jack asked him if he knew any other people with the same awareness. Was it awareness? Was it poetry? They decided that everyone had it who was in any way conscious or sensitive.
‘Everyone has the same soul. We’re all here together at once in the same place. Temporarily, with a totally poignant tearful awareness that we’re together,’ they decided. This recognition became the basis of their deep and lasting understanding of each other.”
Ginsberg was a tireless promoter of his fellow beat writers — Kerouac, Burroughs, Corso and others. “I wasn’t just plugging and promoting my friends,” he explained. “I had a larger agenda.”
He saw the literary establishment — Partisan Review, Kenyon Review, and so forth — as finally reactionary. “They were liberal but in the long run they would go along with a police state if it happened — they wouldn’t go to jail.”
Ginsberg wanted to promote writers made of sterner stuff, namely “philosophical anarchism.”
In 1965, jazz musician Jack Martin was arrested for marijuana possession in New York, and four narcotics agents had a little talk with him.
“(T)hey told him that his bail would be raised from five to ten thousand dollars and that additional charges would be added to his indictment unless he helped them out,” Miles wrote.
“Agent Bruce Jensen acted as their spokesman. ‘We want Ginsberg,’ he said. ‘How would you like to see your wife in jail? … We don’t want you, we want the guy you get it from … Do you know Ginsberg? … Can you get him for us? … Can you set up Allen Ginsberg?’
“To the enforcers, it was inconceivable that Ginsberg would advocate for marijuana (legalization) unless he was somehow involved in its sale and trafficking.”
In fact, Martin had never met Ginsberg, who was in California and knew nothing of these events.
Later, at a benefit for a friend, Martin rose and made a speech describing how Jensen had tried to force him to entrap Ginsberg. Three undercover agents in the crowd jumped him, and others — thinking the agents were mere thugs — scuffled with them.
It all ended up in court later, and by then Ginsberg had learned of the matter and appeared there, telling the New York Times: “I feel like the noose of the police state is closing in on me. I’ve had experience of police states in Prague and it’s very similar here.”
The accomplishment of which Ginsberg became proudest was helping to spread the knowledge of Buddhism in America.
About taking his Bodhisattva Vows, Ginsberg said he admired, “…the notion of relating to any situation and not boycotting any situations. Not avoiding, but trying to alchemize every situation, by skillful means to turn to advantage … To turn it from shit to roses.”
“It is easy to see why Ginsberg should be attracted to the Bodhisattva ideal, since one of his great strengths was always his willingness to take a difficult or painful situation and try to salvage something from it, whether it was dealing with his mother’s madness, becoming involved with the lepers and dying beggars in India, or taking amiably with street people and bag ladies,” Miles wrote.
“He would intervene in street arguments, talk to belligerent drunks and spaced-out junkies. If someone had a bad skin condition or disfigurement, Ginsberg would immediately ask about rather than pretend it was not there. His enormous inquisitiveness and almost complete lack of embarrassment sometimes led him to quiz complete strangers about their income or sex life and volunteer the same, uncalled-for information about himself.”
I can understand and appreciate that kind of honesty. Ginsberg once pointed toward the need for it in talking to the Washington Post: “The condition of society is one of homogeneity and hyper-industrialism, so the individual perceptions of body and mind are not valued. Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It’s that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that’s what the poet does.”

          Lucille Ball: Only One Place to Go   
Lucille Ball’s step-grandparents once sent her to bed without dinner for looking at herself in a mirror. Think about that.
Apparently because he ate the wrong dish of ice cream, Lucy’s father died of typhoid fever in 1915, when she was 3 years old — an event that shuffled her from relative to relative for years and forever marked her psyche.
“There was a touch of Cinderella in all this, except that there was no handsome prince to ride up and rescue the waif,” wrote Stefan Kanfer in Ball of Fire: The Tumultuous Life and Comic Art of Lucille Ball. “All the ingredients for misery were now in place: self-doubt, obsessive-compulsive behavior, insecurity — the sort of psychological afflictions that attend a deprived childhood. As we will see, one way or another she carried these difficulties intact, from her early years to her old age. Yet in her nervous accommodations with the past she came to regard this as the Making of Lucille Ball.”
Lucy concluded that followers had happy young lives, while leaders suffered early trauma.
At 13, Lucy went to New York and landed a chorus line job in the Schubert musical Stepping Stones, only to be sent back home when the producers discovered her age. At 15, she was dating a 21-year-old armed bootlegger, and to get her away from him, her mother DeDe scraped together the money to send Lucy to the prestigious Minton-Anderson School of Drama in New York for a semester’s humiliation.
“In another period, the school might have carried her for a second term, until she acquired some polish and timing,” Kanfer wrote. “But it was Lucille’s misfortune to be there at the same moment another young actress was making her mark. Bette Davis arrived as a powerhouse with more gifts than the rest of the pupils combined.”
The bitterness of that rejection remained with Lucy. “All I learned in drama school was how to be frightened,” she said.
After her grandfather was bankrupted and lost everything because of a shooting accident, Lucy tackled New York again, working in musicals, never for long.
“She began to patrol short-order joints, seeking a ‘one-doughnut man’ — an individual who sat at a counter, ordered doughnuts and coffee, downed the cup, and left a nickel tip after eating only one doughnut,” Kanfer noted. “ ‘I’d do a fast slide onto his stool,’ she said, yell for a cup of coffee, pay for it with his nickel and eat the other doughnut.’ Her finances hit rock bottom the day she reached into her purse and found four cents, one short of the subway fare. ‘So I panhandled for a penny. One well-dressed older gentleman stopped to listen, then offered me a $10 bill. ‘Listen, mister,’ I told him with a withering look, ‘all I want is one penny.’
“Thoughts of suicide entered her head. ‘I thought, ‘I’ll get killed faster in central Park because cars go faster there. But I want to get hit by a big car — with a handsome man in it.’ Then I had a flash of sanity. I said to myself, ‘If I’m thinking this way, maybe I don’t want to die.’ So I regrouped my forces.’”
And found work as a model, posing for, among other things, a topless photograph that would dog her for decades.
Around the time Lucy was shooting the MGM film Du Barry Was a Lady with Red Skelton in the fall of 1942, she had some dental work done.
“A few days after a dentist put in some temporary fillings she heard music inside her convertible,” Kanfer wrote. “She swiveled the dial on the car radio, then realized that the sound was not issuing from the loudspeaker. It was coming from inside her mouth: the fillings were picking up a broadcast from a local station.’
“I even recognized the tune,” Lucy recalled. “My mouth was humming and thumping with the drumbeat, and I thought I was losing my mind. I thought, ‘What the hell is this?’ Then it started to subside.”
“Some days later, an odd rhythm sounded in her molars again,” Kanfer noted. “No music this time — it seemed to be Morse code.” She said the signal was strongest near a particular house. She reported the incident to MGM security officers, who told the authorities, who reportedly discovered an underground radio station run by a Japanese gardener.
“Lucy dined out on the story for months,” Kanfer noted. “She related the incident to Ethel Merman — the stage Du Barry — and Merman passed it along to Cole Porter. It became part of the plot for his next Broadway show, Something for the Boys.”
But was the fantastic story true? The debunker site Snopes says that remains undetermined.
“It would be odd for Lucy to have invented a story about picking up radio signals via her fillings; she was too honest and had plenty of genuine anecdotes of her own to tell,” Snopes said. “Still, the tale is pretty implausible, and documentation about the discovery and arrest of Japanese spies in California in 1942 is curiously lacking. (It’s also unlikely that ‘Japanese spies’ would have been transmitting in Morse code, that the signals would have been received through dental work, or that Lucy could have recognized whatever she was picking up on her fillings as such if they were).”
“During the last months of 1948, as the (radio) scripts (for My Favorite Husband) went in for revisions, Lucy began working on a new film with Bob Hope, Sorrowful Jones, based on yet another Damon Runyon tale,” Kanfer wrote. “Filming during the day and rehearsing at night frazzled her nerves and upset her judgment. As one deadline approached, the story line was still in trouble. ‘(writers) Bob (Carroll) and Madelyn (Pugh) and I worked practically all night,’ (Jess) Oppenheimer wrote. ‘We were confident that we had saved the script. We weren’t too proud of the very last line, but the rest of it was good, and we had all day to work on that one last line.’
“At daybreak Lucy and Don Sharpe arrived. She sank into an overstuffed chair and went through the script, laughing at regular intervals as she turned the pages. According to Oppenheimer, ‘I thought we were home free, until she came to that last line. Well, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were identical twins compared to the transformation Lucy served up.’ She rose, threw the script across the room and yelled, ‘I won’t do this shit!’
“Oppenheimer waited for her to finish. Then he responded: ‘I thought we had a team effort going here. We’re happy to stay up all night or all week, and break our butts to make the script right for you. But not if you’re going to ignore a major rewrite which you loved, and crucify us over one little line, which can easily be fixed. We need quite a bit more respect than that. He took Lucy’s hand and shook it. ‘I can’t say it’s been a pleasant experience working for you, but at least it’s over.’”
Oppenheimer left the building and got halfway down the block before agent and show packager Don Sharpe caught up with him and told him that Lucy was crying and hysterical, and wanted to apologize.
Lucy and Desi created I Love Lucy as a means of keeping their marriage intact, and that’s the one area in which the hit sitcom finally failed.
Desi’s skirt-chasing had been an issue from the first, and the problem was particularly acute when, before the TV show, he’d been on the road with his band.
“One evening Lucy spent an entire phone call accusing her husband of disloyalty, and he yelled at her for being over-suspicious,” Kanfer wrote. “She slammed down the phone. It rang in her room and she picked up the receiver, ready to resume her argument. The voice was not Desi’s; it was the operator’s. She had eavesdropped on the conversation. ‘Why haven’t you called him back?’ she demanded. ‘I know he’s in his room feeling miserable, waiting for you to call him. He didn’t mean any of the things he said and I’m sure you didn’t either, so why don’t you just call him back and make up with him? He’s just a baby.’ Lucy laughed, and did as asked. For that evening, at least, the conversation was filled with apologies and pledges of commitment.”
When I Love Lucy began, the wealthiest person on the set was the cameraman.
Well, the director of photography, anyway. German native Karl Freund had filmed Dracula and Murders in the Rue Morgue, and won an Oscar for The Good Earth. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz knew him from Du Barry Was a Lady, and knew he’d invented a popular light meter, and that he certainly didn’t need to do a sitcom. Yet that’s what Desi wanted him to do.
Kanfer noted that Desi wanted to stage the show as a play, filmed in front of a live audience of 300 with three cameras that were to be synchronized on one sound track. The film could therefore be easily edited from master shot to medium shot to close-up.
That couldn’t be done, Freund told him. Those shots would all have to be lit differently for decent quality.
“Well, I know that nobody has done it up to now, but I figured that if there was anybody in the world who could do it, it would be Karl Freund,” Desi replied.
Intrigued by the project, “Papa” Freund ultimately signed on for union scale. “Papa was loaded anyway,” Desi said. “He could buy and sell Lucy and me three or four times. The money he had made out of the light meter alone, plus a lot of acreage in orange trees he owned in the San Fernando Valley, made him a man of considerable means. The challenge was what got him, and that’s what I was counting on.”
At 24, Lucille Ball had signed a Communist Party membership card to please her socialist grandfather, Fred Hunt. Unknowingly, she had also signed on for a nightmare.
The I Love Lucy show aired during the McCarthy era, and in 1953 ruthless right wingers were determined to use the “scandal” to destroy the show and its star. It took all of Desi Arnaz’s PR wiles to quell the storm. He joked that “The only thing red about Lucy is her hair, and even that isn’t legitimate.”
Kanfer wrote, “Lucy and Desi made no more public statements, going about their business as if nothing had happened, resentful of fair-weather friends and acquaintances who made themselves scarce, and grateful to the handful who went out of their way to express their support. First to pay a call was comedian Lou Costello. Lucy thought of him as an acquaintance more than a pal; she had only been on his radio show a few times. But there he was sitting in the garden, and when Lucy asked him why he was in evidence, Costello replied: ‘You just go about your business. I’m just hanging out here for the day. I thought you might need a friend about now.’ Jack Oakie, Lucy’s costar in the old days, showed up; so did Lionel Barrymore, crippled by arthritis, who visited in a wheelchair.”
A force more powerful than even the House Un-American Activities Committee finally vaporized the storm clouds entirely, and that was the Nielsen and Trendex overnight ratings. I Love Lucy was still the number one show, and a Los Angeles Times headline cheered: “Everybody Still Loves Lucy.” President Eisenhower invited the couple to the White House, and all was well.
But not with Lucy, not entirely. “She could never quite relax after her experience with the congressmen and the fallout that came from their investigation,” Kanfer wrote. “A signature on an old piece of paper had been enough to justify her most pathological fears: one’s livelihood and social position could indeed vanish overnight, and in the end (not) money nor love nor public relations would be powerful enough to keep the jackals away.”
Vivian Vance played sidekick to Lucille Ball all through I Love Lucyand partway through The Lucy Show, then departed, demanding a salary increase she knew would be rejected.
“I was sure she felt I was deserting her,” Vance wrote. “She had a tremendous fear of rejection, and unless she thought it through, it could seem that I was rejecting her, giving her up after 14 years of closeness and clowning, for a husband and a home I wanted to share with him.”
Lucy had other priorities. “Marriage, motherhood, leisure — all were subordinated to the main concern of putting on a good show and turning a profit for the Desilu stockholders,” wrote Kanfer. “Though she determined to get along without her feminine foil, Vivian’s departure did make an enormous difference, not only in the scripts but in Lucy’s outlook. In her view, she had been dropped twice, by her husband and by her closest professional friend.”
“’On the set, she could be a holy terror,’ said one of the technicians who watched Lucy in action. She summarily fired a New York Method actor who mumbled his lines; intimidated directors and cameramen; and sought confrontations, even when the star was as big as she was.
“When she gave Danny Kaye instructions on how to do humor, he snapped, ‘Just who the hell do you think you are?’ Lucy shot back, ‘You’re full of shit, that’s who I am.’ She was not smiling.
“Joan Blondell, who had known Lucy since their starlet days in the 1930s, had become a first-class film and stage comedienne in middle age. Lucy booked her on the show, then expressed dissatisfaction with the way Blondell read her lines. After one take, her friend Herb Kenwith reported, the director yelled ‘Cut!’ and “Lucille pulled an imaginary chain … as if flushing an old-fashioned toilet.’ Blondell turned away but caught the tail end of the gesture. ‘What does that mean?’ she demanded. Lucille said, ‘It means that stunk!’ Joan looked her right in the eye and said, ‘Fuck you, Lucille Ball!’ The studio audience was stunned. You didn’t hear words like that in those days.’ Kaye and Lucy were to make up their differences. Blondell never came back.”
In 1970, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, then the world’s most famous couple, appeared on Lucy’s CBS sitcom Here’s Lucy. Lucy and Liz exchanged increasingly large bunches of roses, but all was not so rosy after Lucy insisted on giving the famous Welsh actor line readings.
Amused, Burton noted that Lucy referred to Liz as “…for the most part as Mrs. Burton or Miss Taylor and occasionally Elizabeth but (she) corrects it to the more formal immediately.” Liz, meanwhile, formally referred to Lucy as “Miss Cunt.”
Lucy overheard her mother warning a director that her daughter was in fact the bitch everyone said she was. Lucy replied, “I am not! Only when I’m working.” Her mother replied, “But that is when people see you.”
Lucy’s state of mind may be deduced from this line, which she was fond of repeating: “When you’re Number One, there’s only one place you can go.”
Here’s a fact I found fascinating, in part because it has been buried beneath the lavish and well-deserved praise Lucy earned for her genius as a comic actor. As president of Desilu, Lucy personally green-lighted both the Mission: Impossible and Star Trek TV series. Without her, those two mini-media empires would likely never have existed.

          Life as a VCHS Club President   
Jessica Reid is a senior who has been going to VCS for six years.  In September of 2017, Reid will be attending the University of California Los Angeles.  She will join her older sister Katelyn there. Reid participates in four AP classes (5 if you separate Economics and Government) while balancing being a part of four clubs […]
          Almost 100 Veterans Died Waiting For Health Care At Los Angeles VA Hospital   
President Donald J. Trump signed into law a Veterans Affairs reform bill that will streamline the firing process for bad employees and shield whistleblowers.
          Herding Sheep in Hanover: The Premiere of 'Doggie Hamlet'   
Here's a quiz: What world-premiere performance in Hanover, N.H., this week was inspired by William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book and David Wroblewski's 2008 novel The Story of Edgar Sawtelle? No clue? Try this: It involves five people, a couple dozen sheep and a few border collies. Hmmm... OK, the answer is Doggie Hamlet. Presented by Hopkins Center for the Arts, the unique work combines dance, theater and sheepherding, and will be performed twice on Thursday, June 29, on the Dartmouth College campus green. Imagine choreographed swooshes of fluffy white sheep against the verdant backdrop, accompanied by highly trained dogs to keep them from succumbing to stage fright and running willy-nilly. And, yes, there will be a fence. The performances are free and open to the public. (No food or other dogs are allowed.) The visionary behind Doggie Hamlet is Ann Carlson, a Los Angeles-based, internationally lauded choreographer and performance artist whose work has long included unconventional participants and locations. In fact, notes Hop programming director Margaret Lawrence, Carlson was one of the first people she commissioned when she arrived at Dartmouth some 20 years ago. "That piece was about, and starred, the custodial staff of the college," Lawrence says. "Ann has an incredible view of people. She's very interested in the ways humans and animals interact." Carlson has worked with other animals before, Lawrence says, but not sheep. A different breed would like to see the choreographer's work put out to pasture. As New York Times dance critic Gia Kourlas noted in April, Doggie Hamlet earned Carlson scorn from the flock of conservatives who would dismantle the National Endowment for the Arts. Kourlas references an article on right-wing site the Washington Free Beacon that witheringly sums up Doggie Hamlet as "actors yelling and running at sheep in a field in Vermont." (That commentary, by writer Elizabeth Harrington, was based on a brief promo video for the piece; a preview presentation took place last September in Westminster West.) For her part, Kourlas defends Carlson the artist, whose work, she declares, "poignantly explores social issues through the lens of performance." In her nonlinear piece, Carlson raises thoughtful questions, Kourlas argues: "What does it mean to follow? What is instinct, and how does that differ from a reaction? What is our relationship to animals and to land?" Such thematic concerns aside — and regardless of one's opinions on…
          LA Casting Calls for Music Jobs Now Posted on Explore Talent announced today that they have signed a deal to post LA casting calls on their roster of jobs in Los Angeles

(PRWeb August 29, 2012)

Read the full story at

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          If you're going to steal a car, that's the one to steal. Maybe.   
Ouch. Daily Bulletin:

A Los Angeles gang member in police custody on a drug violation kicked through the metal cage of an Ontario police squad car, jumped in the driver's seat and led officers on a high-speed chase late Wednesday.

Jose Mora, 24, was arrested in the 5000 block of Flora Street in Montclair after he abandoned the patrol car and ran.

According to the article, Mora reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour during the chase.

Well, the good thing about stealing a police car is that it goes really fast, and it has sirens that you can turn on to help you go faster.

The bad news about stealing a police car? The police REALLY want to get that car back. And in this case, they did.
          Isn't it a little too early to declare success?   
Louis Brewster wrote about the Citizens Business Bank Arena, which isn't scheduled to open in Ontario until October. But it's already a success, according to Mayor Paul Leon:

"This is money we've saved," Ontario Mayor Paul Leon said Monday at the unveiling of the Ontario Reign logo. "We are not spending taxpayers' money as it's being built."

The Ontario Reign is a minor league hockey team, and they issued their own press statement about the event:

Logo Unveiling Ceremony Conjures Up Excitement Over Impending Season
03/17/2008 2:54 PM

ONTARIO, Calif. – The Ontario Reign Professional Hockey Team of the ECHL and affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings, formally unveiled their official logo today at a press conference at the Hilton Ontario Airport Hotel. The historical event marks the official debut of Ontario, California’s first-ever professional sports team.

Today’s ceremony served as an induction of the Reign into the history books of Ontario and included over one hundred and sixty representatives from local cities and organizations throughout the Inland Empire. Speakers included Reign president Barry Kemp and Executive Vice President of Business Development Justin Kemp, Los Angeles Kings President of Business Operations Luc Robitaille, Ontario Mayor Paul Leon and Senator Bob Dutton.

The ceremony unveiled the Reign’s first advertising campaign as well as the team’s primary and secondary logos which will be used for all future branding and marketing initiatives.

Designed by Keith Flynn of Flynnagain Productions out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the logo incorporates the Reign’s colors of navy, orange and silver into the design which will be used to brand the team’s image in the Inland Empire.

The logo depicts a sleek, but menacing dragon grasping a hockey stick, set atop an iron shield. The body of the image, the dragon, is colored navy with highlights of orange outlining the wings and head. ‘Ontario Reign’ sits across the middle of the logo in white lettering accented in silver and orange, while the shield in the background is colored silver and rimmed in navy.

The Reign believes that the logo will command a presence in the Inland Empire that promotes a sense of strength, honor and pride of being a part of an outstanding community and encourages an on and off-ice attitude of dedication, determination and action.

“This logo represents everything the Ontario Reign stands for”, said Justin Kemp, Executive Vice President of Business Development for the Ontario Reign. “The fierce image signifies strength, intimidation and power carrying on the Los Angeles Kings’ royal tradition.”

The name ‘Reign’ came from a team naming contest that was held from November through December, 2007 with over 600 entries submitted. The winning entry was submitted by Mike Brewster of Fontana, Calif.

The Reign will begin play of the 2008-2009 season in October at the state-of-the-art Citizens Business Bank Arena with the schedule to be released to the public in the near future.

Can’t wait to check out all the excitement of Ontario Reign Hockey? Season ticket deposits are now being taken for only $25 per seat! For more information contact the Ontario Reign office at (909) 941-PUCK (7825) or log on to

The history books of Ontario? Promotion of on and off ice attitudes? I know that you have to talk your product up, but southern California is not really noted for its support of ice hockey. It may be a little premature to declare an Ontario Reign of ice hockey. (And anyway, I'm the emperor around here.)

And as for the Citizens Business Bank Arena, while it's wonderful that I haven't had to pay anything for it yet, we still have to see if people will come to the new arena.

Set for a Fall 2008 opening, Citizens Business Bank Arena will be a state-of-the-art facility that will play host basketball, ice hockey and a variety of other sporting competitions, concerts, family shows, special events, and community activities as well as private events. The venue will be the biggest and most modern arena within the Inland Empire.

Citizens Business Bank Arena will be the centerpiece of Piemonte at the Ontario Center, a massive mixed-use project, with large-scale office, retail, hotel, entertainment and urban living components. Built on a 37-acre footprint in the middle of the project between Haven Avenue and Milliken Avenue and Fourth Street and the I-10 Freeway...

Let me interject something here for those who aren't familiar with the area. Years ago, there was another wonderful sports facility at this same location; namely, the Ontario Motor Speedway. It's gone now. Continue:

...Citizens Business Bank Arena will include 9,500 fixed seats with additional "portable" seating risers to accommodate capacities of 11,089 for concerts, 9,736 for ice hockey and 10,832 for basketball. The 225,000 square foot venue will also feature 36 suites located on two levels and a continuous concourse hosting a variety of refreshment stands and merchandise kiosks, a VIP club and other fan amenities.

Now I've been known to drink the Kool-Aid from time to time. I hope that my mayor and city manager aren't doing the same.
          Los Angeles Times Reports on Tent City   
In a March 6, 2008 article, the Los Angeles Times states that the city of Ontario is now ticketing and towing away vehicles from Tent City.

Only problem is, people were living in them at the time.

Deputy City Manager Al Boling pointed out that Tent City was never meant to be permanent, and also points out that the city is being overwhelemed with people from other cities.

According to the article, "any camper or motor home that wasn't able to move, was missing major parts or had registration expired longer than six months would be towed in three days unless moved."
          Finding friends: Lonely elephant arrives at Los Angeles Zoo   
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Los Angeles Zoo has a new elephant - a lonely pachyderm from Fresno....
          Battle : Los Angeles (Xbox 360)   
          Beckham, Drogba, Sneijder ve Diğerleri   
Bir forma sattırma hamlesi ve reklam yüzü olarak Beckham transferi ... diye başlaması lazım David Beckham'ın PSG transferi. Yaş olmuş 37, ama hala en popüler reklam yüzü, en popüler futbolcu - yalan değil - olduğu takımda forma, ürün vs. sattıracak en popüler yüz yine o. Pek ahım şahım bir futbolcu olmasada kendisi, adı ve yakışıklılığı sayesinde zaten kazandı kazanacağını. Ahım şahım derken yanlış anlaşılmasın, kendi zamanında mevkisinin en iyilerindendi, ama şimdiki şezlong futbolseverlerinin istediği gibi hareket yapsın pas manyağı olalım minvalinden değildide işte. Açtığı ortalar, çaktığı frikikler yetti ona. Saha içinde pek kötü hareketinide görmedik açıkcası, saha dışında da aynı. Gittiği kulüpler ve yaşadığı şehirler hiç bir zaman paspal bi yerde değildi. Bu bakımdan bakarsak istatistiği baya sağlam. Manchester, Madrid, Los Angeles, Milano şimdide Paris. Sponsoru fazla olunca büyük ihtimal bu son transferide hani meşhur söz var ya modanın kalbi Paris diye ondan olabilir, bu da diğer bi tez. Aslında bu postta neden Beckham'dan girdik olaya, Beckham transferini yorumluyorum anlamış değilim. Bleacher Report sitesi ara transfer dönemindeki ses getiren yani önemli olan 25 transferi dizmiş. Sakatlanan Casillas'ın yerini doldurma, Fransa'nın yeni sömürgesi Newcastle United, Liverpool'a gelenler, gidenler, Rusya ve Ukrayna'daki nereden buluyolar oğlum bu paraları dedirten transferler, memleket özlemi bitmeyen Brezilyalılar kervanına katılanlar, geldiği gibi 2 gol atıp San Siro'yu yıkanlar falan ve bizim topraklardan da var bu 25'in içinde. Emre, Webo, Ziegler yok şimdiden söyleyim boşuna heveslenmeyin, transfer dedim eve dönüş demedim. Ama en pahalı transfer Ruslarda. Parası hiç bitmeyen Anzhi 35M € verdi Willian için Shakhtar'a;

25. Willie Overtoom - Heracles Almelo > AZ Alkmaar
24. Nicolas Anelka - free > Juventus
23. Loic Remy - Olympique de Marseille > QPR
22. Moussa Sissoko - Toulouse > Newcastle United
21. Diego Lopez - Sevilla > Real Madrid
20. Yoan Gouffran - Bordeaux > Newcastle United
19. Taison - Metalist Kharkiv > Shakhtar Donetsk
18. Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa - Montpellier > Newcastle United
17. Mateo Kovacic - Dinamo Zagreb > Inter
16. Coutinho - Inter > Liverpool
15. Wilfred Zaha - Crystal Palace > Manchester United
14. Demba Ba - Newcastle United > Chelsea
13. Christopher Samba - Anzhi > QPR
12. Daniel Sturridge - Liverpool > Chelsea
11. Mathieu Debuchy - Lille > Newcastle Uited
10. Yann M'Vila - Rennes > Rubin Kazan
9. Giuseppe Rossi - Villarreal > AC Fiorentina
8. Nacho Monreal - Malaga > Arsenal
7. Lewis Holtby - Schalke 04 > Tottenham Hotspur
6. Alexandre Pato - AC Milan > Corinthians
5. Willian - Shakhtar Donetsk > Anzhi
4. Wesley Sneijder - Inter > Galatasaray
3. Didier Drogba - Shanghai > Galatasaray
2. Mario Balotelli - Manchester City > AC Milan
1. David Beckham - LA Galaxy > PSG
          January 31st with Sheena Metal of The Sheena Metal Experience   
We are joined by Sheena Metal of the Sheena Metal Experience. Sheena is also the Executive Producer of Montgomery House – The Perfect Haunting, . Sheena Metal is a Los Angeles entertainment icon.  She has anchored numerous radio shows for over ten years in Los Angeles–six of which were spent on top-rated talk […]
          The politics of wedding cake: ‘This Is Us’ writer Bekah Brunstetter ices a big year with a timely play – Los Angeles Times   

Los Angeles Times The politics of wedding cake: ‘This Is Us’ writer Bekah Brunstetter ices a big year with a timely playLos Angeles TimesWhen Bekah Brunstetter needs to think through an issue, she starts writing. Sometimes she keeps at it until she’s come up with a play, such as her new comic drama “The Cake.”…

link: The politics of wedding cake: ‘This Is Us’ writer Bekah Brunstetter ices a big year with a timely play – Los Angeles Times

          Chris Paul sends heartfelt thanks to Clippers fans after trade to Rockets   
Chris Paul said thank you to Clippers fans after six seasons in Los Angeles.
          Michael Jackson Wafat   

Michael Jackson meninggal dunia pada hari Kamis, 25 Juni 2009. Ia tidak sadarkan diri setelah menderita cardiac arrest atau mendadak terhentinya kerja jantung. Jacko langsung dilarikan ke UCLA Medical Center sekitar jam 13.00 waktu setempat, Kamis (25/6/2009)

Saat peristiwa tersebut, Michael didampingi dokter pribadinya yang setiap hari mengunjungi kakak kandung Janet Jackson tersebut.

Sekitar jam 13.14 waktu setempat, Michael dalam keadaan tak sadarkan diri tiba di rumah sakit. Sejumlah dokter dan personel gawat darurat langsung melakukan CPPR dan mencoba menyadarkan raja pop tersebut.

Akan tetapi upaya tersebut tidak berhasil, selanjutnya sekitar jam 14.26 waktu setempat, Michael Jackson diumumkan telah meninggal dunia.

Michael Jackson wafat di Los Angeles, Amerika Serikat, pada umur 50 tahun (tepatnya jumat ini, dini hari pagi waktu indonesia). Jacko dikenal sebagai penyanyi dan penulis lagu dari Amerika Serikat. Ia terkenal sebagai "Raja Pop" dan mempopulerkan gerakan dansa "moonwalk" yang telah menjadi ciri khasnya. Albumnya yang dirilis pada tahun 1982, Thriller, adalah album terlaris di dunia, Jacko mulai bernyanyi pada usia lima tahun sebagai anggota kelompok vokal keluarga Jackson yang kemudia dikenal dengan nama The Jackson Five, salah satu lagu andalannya 'BEN' tetap menjadi lagu termanis yang banyak dinikmati orang.

Lagu2 Jacko pada awal tahun 1980-an menanjak saat ditayangkan di MTV, yang kemudian banyak digemari anak muda saat itu (termasuk saya) seperti : "Beat It", "Billie Jean" dan Thriller dianggap telah mengubah video klip menjadi sebuah bentuk karya seni dan sebagai alat promosi untuk mempopulerkan sebuah channel tv.

Gaya Jacko dalam video-videonya seperti "Black or White" dan "Scream" membuat Jaco menjadi andalan utama MTV pada tahun 1990-an. Vocal dan gaya jacko seperti robot dan moonwalk menjadi inspirasi bagi banyak penyanyi hiphop, pop dan R&B.

Banyak isu negatif yang datang padanya, salah satunya adalah penyalahgunaan sexual terhadap anak-anak, yang kemudian pernah menghantarnya ke meja hijau.

Isu selanjutnya yang berkembang adalah tentang pindah keyakinannya.

Rencana Michael Jackson yang tidak terealisasi adalah tour keliling pada bulan Juli ini.

Selamat jalan Raja POP, selamat jalan sang legendaris. Terlepas dari apapun Jacko, lagu2nya tetap enak untuk di dengar dan di nikmati hingga kini.
          From the Los Angeles Times (1977)   

          From the Los Angeles Daily News (1989) (and +)   

Il telefilm diventa un film

Regia di Dax Shepard. Con Dax Shepard, Michael Peña, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jessica McNamee, Adam Brody, Ryan Hansen, Justin Chatwin, Kristen Bell, Angelique Kenney, Rosa Salazar, Jane Kaczmarek.
Genere Azione - USA, 2017. Durata 100 minuti circa. Da giovedì 20 luglio al cinema.

Jon Baker e Frank "Ponch" Poncherello entrano a far parte della California Highway Patrol (CHP) di Los Angeles, spinti da motivazioni diverse. Baker è un ex motociclista professionista che si è arruolato per rimettere apposto la sua vita e il suo matrimonio. Poncherello è un agente federale sotto copertura piuttosto arrogante, che ha il compito di scoprire se una recente rapina multimilionaria è stata compiuta da agenti della CHP.

Scheda | Critica | Trailer | Locandina

          Los Angeles Travel Guide   
It's show time! Insiders help you navigate Los Angles traffic and sprawl to make the most of the entertainment capital of the Western world.

          What to do in L.A.: Chef Curtis Stone's picks   
Australian-born Los Angeles chef Curtis Stone maps out his ideal day for friends and family and other visitors to La La Land.

          Post E3 2017, un evento a Palermo   

Vi siete persi l’E3 2017 di Los Angeles per colpa anche degli orari impossibili? Volete riassaporare i momenti migliori o conoscerli? Bene, venerdì prossimo (30 giugno), presso i locali... Vai all'articolo

L'articolo Post E3 2017, un evento a Palermo sembra essere il primo su

          Art as Prophetic Subversion   
banksy_christI have already stated emphatically that art is good simply because it is creative. Art glorifies God simply by being imaginative and original. Art’s value is not based on its instrumentality or on its commercial value. What proceeds below must not serve to undermine this foundational assertion: Good art is good art; it glorifies God “as is.”

Beyond the inherent goodness in art, there are also other ways that art can bring glory to God. Today we will look at how art can be both creative and prophetic. Tomorrow we will see how art can be redemptive and restorative.

Art can be prophetic, creating critical awareness of injustice, brokenness, oppression, and the need for action to alleviate suffering.
“Using the arts to create critical awareness is not new. In the Old Testament Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos, and other prophets used drama, allegory, and poetry to jolt people and nations into thinking about their lives in the world. Jesus, by his presence and his storytelling, often confused and angered those around him who did not want to recognize their own role in oppressing the poor. He created critical awareness among the poor by causing them to see and act on the new life of freedom that was possible outside the accepted cultural boundaries based on status, wealth, power, religion, gender, and ethnicity.” (Taking it to the Streets: Using the Arts to Transform Your Community, by J. Nathan Corbitt and Vivian Nix-Early, p. 129)
In the movie, Exit Through the Gift Shop, an eccentric Frenchman Thierry Guetta has an obsession to videotape the secret lives of the most famous street artists as they create their art. Even though he tells the street artists he is making a documentary, he in fact has no ability to do so, he simply collects box after box of unmarked videotapes. In his exploits, Guetta meets many of the most famous street artists in the world, including Space Invader, Shephard Fairey (known for his Andre the Giant stencils and made famous through his colorful Barack Obama posters during the 2008 election) and the most famous and most mysterious street artist of them all, Banksy, whose legendary art mysteriously appears on walls, bridges, and streets throughout the world. All we know of Banksy’s identity is that he is a 30-something male from the Bristol area of England. In the film, Banksy’s face is obscured in black while he wears a hoody as he is speaks to the camera.

Banksy - No_LoiteringBanksy is one of today’s greatest creative geniuses. Most of his art is created through a unique stenciling technique (though he also creates physical props) and these masterpieces are often satirical and subversive, using irreverent dark humor to offer insightful social commentary.
banksy - palestinian wallHis art has appeared throughout the world, including buildings made derelict by Hurricane Katrina (one painting depicted an old man sitting on a rocking chair waving a small American flag under spray-painted words “No Loitering”), the wall that divides Israel and Palestine (where he created nine provocative paintings depicting escape, freedom, and beauty on an object that represents imprisonment and the ugly reality of political faction), and even Disneyland (where he placed a life-sized replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee next to a roller coaster). When an art museum commissions Banksy to display his art, the museum is vacated while he secretly comes in and installs his art. One of his most provocative paintings depicts Christ crucified, but instead of being on a cross, his spread arms and hands are carrying shopping bags full of Christmas presents. The street prophet is asking us, “What is Christmas really about today? How has commercialization and commodification usurped the real story of Christ?”

banksy-disneylandIn Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy realizes that Thierry Guetta is not really a creative artist capable of making the movie and therefore takes over the direction of the documentary. Flipping the script on Guetta, Banksy suggests to the crazy Frenchman to become a street artist himself, which he excitedly does. Guetta takes the alter ego “Mr. Brainwash” and mass-produces street art for a big debut show in Los Angeles.

Banksy successfully transforms the movie into the story of Thierry Guetta, whose only talent is to copy the art of those he admires for commercial monetary success. “Mr. Brainwash’s” show is a success, as people line up and pay a lot of money for pieces of pop-art that are totally derivative of the true street artists.

Bansky’s film shows, through the character of the shallow Guetta, that not all art is authentically creative. Banksy also exposes the desire in our culture to commodify everything, even art.
So, in the film, we get insight into both the creative and the prophetic aspects of art that glorifies God.
Art is art when it is not derivative, when it is done with authenticity, and when it is not subsumed under the weight of commercialization. This is art that is done by image-bearers reflecting the creative imagination of the Creator.

Art can also be prophetic, as exemplified by the work of Banksy, whose subversive creations speak against injustice and unrighteousness. While the authorities paint over his art because they are classified as “defacing graffiti,” Banksy continues his defiant agitation of the status quo.

What would it look like if a new generation of Christians took seriously the task of being subversive prophetic voices in their culture?
          Swine Flu   
The fear of Swine Flu entering schools is increasing as the return on school approaches many student and teachers. According to NSW health, "there have been 3,648 confirmed cases of swine flu and a total of 17 people have died from swine flu." It is important for parents and teachers to work together as school approaches for the fall to avoid an increase in swine flu among the students. Schools play an important role when teaching children how to maintain a good hygiene and and how to understand the ways to minimize the spread of infections. This summer there have been hundreds of children sent home from overnight camps because of the rapid increase of swine flu like symptoms. Number of officials think that the number of swine flu like symptoms that have been seen in camps across the U.S. this summer is just a preview of what is going to partake in elementary and secondary schools and for students that are moving into dormitories. Health officials are predicting the increase of the flu in the fall with the U.S. population having to wait until long after the start of school for the treatment of swine flu to exist. Schools districts and universities are working towards ways to alert the public on swine flu before the school year approaches. They are going to to this by holding education campaigns with updated statistics, discuss worst-case scenarios, and how to prevent these worst-case scenarios. "School closures would occur only by order of the superintendent or the county health department and only if so many children were sick that it was impractical to keep classes running," said Dr. Kimberly Uyeda, director of student medical services at the Los Angeles Unified School District. Many campuses are stocking up on supplies like paper masks, hand sanitizer, food, and water. After many camps were cancelled and had to send campers home the increase of Tami flu among the campers increased. Many campers were required to bring Tami flu and this might be something that is seen in schools if swine flue continues. Schools are educating students on how to properly cough and sneeze so it does not spread bacteria. How to prevent the spread of the virus in schools can be educated, however it is important to take personal responsibility and take care of your hygiene.
          1916-01-03 Sam Langford L-PTS20 Harry Wills [Tulane Athletic Club, New Orleans, LA, USA]   
1916-01-03 The Daily States (New Orleans, LA) (page 11)
Negroes In Good Shape and Promise Fast Bout, Says Promoter Burns

Harry Wills and Sam Langford will enter the ring at the Tulane Club arena Monday night in good condition to furnish the local boxing fans with the first negro heavyweight scrap seen here in several months, according to word forthcoming from the local promoters of the scheduled twenty-round bout.

When the two last met here, the bout only went ten rounds, the decision going to the local negro. This was more than a year ago. Since then the Boston "Tar Baby" dropped Wills for the count in a bout on the coast. In this last scrap Wills floored Langford twice before the Boston negro packed the fatal wallop.

While showing here in but very few bouts, Wills is said to have made a big improvement in the past year. His fight here with Battling Jim Johnson was too one-sided to determine whether or not he has improved to any great extent.

Sport writers from the various sections have boosted Wills and fans will see for themselves just how good he is when he meets the most experienced negro fighter in the game at the Howard street arena.

Langford has been fighting for years during which time he has bested some of the best in the heavyweight division. Of late, Wills seems to be the only fighter in his class to give him trouble. Langford has trained hard for this mill and is looked for to put up his best fight against the local negro. Wills has been made the favorite.

1916-01-03 The New Orleans Item (New Orleans, LA) (page 8)
Wills Has Chance To Show He's Best Of All the Heavies
(By Ham.)

The assertion frequently is made that Harry Wills, either now or in a year from now, will be the world's best fighter--in other words, will stand just where Jack Johnson stood just after he defeated Jeffries.

Joe Woodman, manager of Sam Langford, will not admit that Wills has much of a chance to beat Langford in their 20-round fight Monday night, but he does say that in one more year Wills should beat Langford and the rest of the blacks, and he intimates very strongly that he believes Wills, if properly handled, will develop into a better man than Willard.

They have been saying such things about Wills for more than a year. He hasn't developed as rapidly as was expected of him, but now that Jim Buckley, the man who contributed largely to the making of a near-champion out of Gunboat Smith, has him, the New Orleans negro may show surprising improvement over his last fight here, which was with black Jim Johnson.

This Was a Bad One.

That fight, by the way, left a dark brown taste in the mouths of local fans. Johnson was hog fat and had to stall his way through. It takes two to make a fight and Wills had no chance to show anything that night.

Langford will enter the ring considerably to the fat himself, but Sambo has had three experiences with Wills and the last, which was a boxing session of ten rounds, was so much of a Wills nature that Sambo has taken no chance this time, and is said to have trained harder for this engagement than for any in a long time. Sam probably knows he's sliding, and knows that this tall young copper-shade will get him if he is not very careful.

But Sam knows how to be careful. He hasn't been in the game for nothing all these years, beating some of the best men in the ring. He went down five times before Wills in their Los Angeles fight, but Sam was crafty and Wills wasn't and the result was that Wills took the full count in the fourteenth round.

Black Hope Needed?

Many wise fans fight shy of the black squadron, knowing that a lot of stuff has been pulled in the past year that wouldn't bear close scrutiny. Most of it has been in the 10-round no-decision bouts, however, and Wills and Langford showed in Los Angeles what is likely to happen in a longer fight.

Wills has a chance to stop Langford if he keeps a cool head. If he doesn't Langford will stop him again. Either outcome would not be entirely unexpected.

If Langford is knocked out Joe Woodman will have to start a search for a black hope. The only classy negro of the old brigade left besides Langford is McVea, and he is going. Wills would have no real competition as he is the only young one coming up.

1916-01-04 The Daily States (New Orleans, LA) (page 12)
Negroes Fight Fastest Twenty Rounds Seen In An Orleans Ring In Recent Years--Local Negro Is Now Top of His Race.

Jess Willard, heavyweight champion of the world, is fortunate Harry Wills of New Orleans and Sambo Langford of Boston are negroes. If they were any other color, the celebrated "wild west hero" would be forced to defend his title against either man with a possibility of being bumped off the Queensberry throne.

In earning a twenty-round decision over Langford Monday night at the Howard-street arena, Wills convinced a majority of the big assemblage he is championship material. Langford, too, showed himself a great fighter, for in keeping Wills busy from start to finish, the defeated negro put up a very creditable scrap.

The black men, contrary to the word passed down the line, "who's turn is it?" gave a corking-good crowd a run for its money. It is doubtful if any heavyweight scrap of recent years measured up to it for speed. And as for the blows traded, something more than a wallop is necessary to put Sambo down for the count of ten.

With the possible exception of the twelfth when Sambo tried every trick he knew to ease the dreamland wallop over and had Wills worried, and in the eighteenth, Wills sending the Boston black to his corner partly groggy, there was not the least semblance of a knockdown.

Wills Loses Head When He Is Hurt.

Wills, however, is an improved fighter. He lacks experience to cope with a man of Langford's ability. His biggest fault is the same as when he fought McVey, losing his head when hurt. Langford peppered Wills with slashing rights and lefts to the jaw at different periods and in almost every instance, the native black opened up and narrowly escaped the deciding swing.

For the first ten rounds, and it is doubtful if two middleweights could have gone the same pace as the negroes, Wills, because of his advantage in height and reach, stabbed Langford with a left jab, using his right at times for a cross and hooking it to the wind. Wills showed a variety of punches that if used by Willard or some other fighter, would make him the best touted man in the heavyweight division.

In the second half of the scrap, though a trifle slower, excelled any black bout staged here in the past four years. Langford realized his only chance to earn the decision was by dropping his opponent to the cloth and the Tar Baby began a systematic attack, loafing one round and cutting loose with everything he had in the next.

Wills Shows Respect For Sambo's Left.

Wills continually retreated during the twenty periods and in the closing number hardly tried to land a blow. The local negro was also guilty of an unusual lot of holding, especially in the last half of the mill. Another referee would have probably penalized him for these tactics. It was evident throughout that Wills had a lot of respect for Langford's left, as every time the men locked, Harry tucked Sambo's southpaw lunchhook beneath his arm and held it as tight as if it were in a vise.

Just how much stamina Langford possesses, even though he is supposed to be a "fat old man" who has seen his best days in the ring, isn't difficult to imagine when he assimilated all of Wills' wallops to the midsection and continued to carry the fight to his opponent.

If Sambo is ready for the scrap heap, he surely must have been a great fighter when at his best.

In the preliminary mill, Young Kid Green lost a decision to Eddie Palmer.

According to the announcement made from the ringside, Langford and Wills fought for a $1,000 side bet. The currency posted was in the shape of a check. Tommy Burns handed it over to Wills at the conclusion of the mill.

1916-01-04 The New Orleans Item (New Orleans, LA) (page 8)
Wills Is Another Black Peril to White Heavies

The black squadron has an admiral. Another Jack Johnson has come out of the colored population of Louisiana and boxed himself to the front through the ranks of the Langfords, the Jeannettes and the McVeas--all good ringmen and better than the run of white heavyweights.

One or two of these still may be good enough to win a decision over Harry Wills, but his improvement, as shown in his 20-round victory over Sam Langford Monday night, means eventual command of the situation, and that very soon. He has been beaten by the entire trio of black rivals, but in his last three times out against them he has outboxed McVea in 12 rounds, and outpointed Langford both in ten and in twenty.

Langford has been the best of the negro fighters, Johnson excepted, for a long time, and a decisive victory over him even at this late day is quite enough for the fans of ebony hue in New Orleans and vicinity to rave about.

Will History Repeat?

Such a feat establishes Wills as the best heavyweight in the world, barring Jess Willard, and a little development may soon make him a better man than the white champion.

This comparison may be distasteful to many followers of fighting, but who knows that the time isn't far off when this brown-skinned negro of New Orleans and the giant of Kansas will meet to settle the supremacy of the races just as Jeffries and Johnson did--when the black man won?

It doesn't take a great stretch of the imagination to picture this in the face of ring history that is not seven years old. The then invincible Jeffries retired and bestowed his title on another white man, Tommy Burns, who refereed last night's fight, came along and won it.

How Demands Started.

Burns was a good fighter, but a small man. He would have been a great champion of light heavyweights. Everywhere the fight fans and experts of the game said there lived a better fighter than the champion himself. Eventually Burns agreed to defend his championship against the black man and the black man won.

Then the call for Jeffries to come out of retirement. The title must be restored to the white race. Wasn't Jeffries the real champion, anyway--only in retirement?

Public appeal and the false confidence that has carried nearly all champions to their defeat brought Jeffries out of retirement--but the black man won again. It took a young Lochinvar to come out of the west to restore the title.

Is It the Last?

Jack Johnson's reign was thorn enough in the sides of white men, but it was more odious because of his criminal character. An exile from the United States it was necessary for Willard to meet him in Cuba.

"Well, that's the last. There'll never be another fight between a white man and a negro for the championship," declared the sporting public with great relief from its agony.

Willard declared he would not meet a negro as long as he held the title, and recently when he signed for a championship fight here he demanded that the phrase "any white man" be inserted in the articles.

Let's hope sentiment will always stand as an effective barrier against "mixed fighting." If there should be a return to it for only a few matches there same condition that prevailed when Burns was champion might arise again. Wills probably could beat the Morans and Coffeys, and the fighting world doesn't yet look upon Willard as a great champion.

Wills Sambo's Master.

From the time Wills shot a straight right to Langford's nose in the first round and sent him half-way across the ring until the twentieth round, Wills was master of the situation. There were isolated instances of Langford's superiority, but it would be hard to give the Boston tar baby more than four rounds of the entire twenty.

Though in the early rounds Langford's hitting was the cleaner, and though he carried the fight in the majority of rounds, Wills scored point after point when his shorter opponent was unable to reach him at all. It suited Wills for Langford to carry the battle to him. Inexperience might have led the local negro into many an error had he been compelled to force the fighting.

Sam Can't Put It Over.

Langford had only one effective weapon in his attack, and that was a vicious lightning left hook, which sometimes rocked Wills' head, but more often was dodged or blocked. Wills surprised the ringsiders several times by ducking under this blow, and Langford had trouble measuring it.

The tar baby sacrificed boxing and all else to land a knockout via this punch. He took blow after blow hoping to "get one over." Had he landed half the punches that Wills scored the local negro never could have weathered the 20 rounds.

Wills was content with his boxing, and only now and then traded blow for blow. His long left, which he sometimes used in a sort of corkscrew jab, worried Sambo considerably, but Harry's only drive of any force was his straight right, which would have been more punishing had he not drawn his body from it as he shot it.

There was no lack of speed or action. It was the fastest and best heavyweight fight staged in any New Orleans ring in years.

1916-01-04 The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA) (page 11)
Local Negro Proves Himself Peer of All Fighters of His Color.
After one of the greatest ring contests ever seen in New Orleans, Harry Wills, local negro heavyweight, was awarded the decision over Sam Langford, of Boston, in twenty rounds at the Tulane Athletic Club last night, and thereby established himself as the peer of all negro heavyweights.

Wills earned eleven of the twenty rounds, while Langford could claim but five. And when the final gong sounded the end of what probably was the fastest heavyweight battle ever held in a roped arena, there was not one of the 4000 spectators that packed the arena who was not of the opinion that the verdict of Referee Tommy Burns was a just one.

None was more convinced of Wills' right to the victory than the veteran fighting machine, Langford, who showed as early as the twelfth round that he realized his only chance of winning lay in a knockout. This frank admission on the part of the great little Boston fighter, coming in the form of a throwing off of all intentions of trying to win on points, was well received by the fans, who appreciated that "Short Sam" was acknowledging that he must win by a knockout or lose.

For twelve rounds Langford used every bit of his remarkable boring-in defense to cover him while he attempted to penetrate Wills' guard, with unsatisfactory results. The giant New Orleans negro was Langford's master at the finer points of the game, and the Boston "Tar Baby," whose experience as a ring gladiator extends through nearly fourteen years, made no attempt to evade the issue by hiding the fact that he knew he was being outpointed.


And it was this willingness on Langford's part to toss aside the chance of getting a draw anyhow by slowing up and making Wills lead, which made the struggle one which long will be remembered by those who saw it. Throughout the entire twenty rounds the Boston negro kept after Wills with bull dog tenacity, forcing the fighting as fast after he dropped his guard as when he was picking off Wills' blows coming in.

At the end of the twenty rounds, Langford was beaten, but not disgraced.

There were no knockdowns, but this must not be taken to mean that there were no hard blows landed. There hardly was a second during the whole contest when mighty blows were not being exchanged, in the clinches, which were few and of short duration, as well as out of them. That there were no knockdowns, can be attributed to the fact that both men were in remarkable condition.

Never did Harry Wills fight as he fought last night. Only once during the whole battle did he appear to be facing defeat. This was in the twelfth round, when Langford shook him up considerably with a stinging left hook and a mighty right cross to the jaw, causing Wills' knees to sag.

Outside of that spell, however, the local heavyweight seemed one of the most confident fighters in the world, and though there were other rounds in which he was bested by his stocky antagonist, he always walked to his corner with the bearing of one who was sure of victory.

Seldom missing his punches, Wills pecked away at Langford's guard in the early rounds, sometimes raining ineffective fusillades on Langford's gloves and arms, but at other times beating down the Easterner's defense and peppering Langford's face with left jabs and hooks and right crosses and uppercuts.


While in the clinches and in most of the toe-to-toe bees, Wills held his own in the majority of cases and in some fought the ever-coming Boston negro to a standstill and momentarily checked "Short Sam's" advance.

Langford could have made a better showing if he had cared to wait for Wills to come for him. He could have kept covered for twenty rounds and probably would not have been outpointed so far.

But the Boston negro considered himself champion fighter of the negro heavyweights, and he was out to prove it. He had knocked Wills out once, and he was anxious to show that this victory was no fluke, and though he did not accomplish his end, he at least proved that it was through no fault of his own but solely because in the Wills of last night he met a greatly improved fighter from the Wills he knocked out in fourteen rounds at Los Angeles, and because the Wills of last night proved himself one of the greatest heavyweight fighters the ring has known in recent years.

As has been said, the end of the twelfth round found Langford with a little the worst of things as far as points were concerned, though he had been the aggressor throughout.

At this stage of the game, the Boston "Tar Baby" decided he had waited long enough to begin his real battle.

So he bored in even faster than he did before, only he decided to devote more of his attention to landing blows than to blocking them.

While he did not altogether quit picking off all the dangerous wallops he could, Langford obviously showed that he was out to land a decisive wallop if he had to take a hundred. And right here let it be said that Joe Woodman's veteran battler stopped many a blow with his face during those last eight rounds. His left eye, which had been badly puffed since the early innings, closed altogether in the fourteenth, while his right eye, lips and nose were considerably battered up.

From the thirteenth round on, every move of Langford's was pointed toward one goal--a knockout. His vicious left hooks to the body, and his right and left hooks to the head carried worlds of steam, and once or twice he rocked Wills.

But Wills remained cool and collected, and showed lots of stamina in assimilating Langford's hardest punches, at the same time keeping a volley of left jabs and right crosses in Langford's face as he stepped around and landing many a terrific right swing and uppercut to Langford's kidneys and ribs in the clinches.

So anxious was Langford to turn the tide of battle that as the rounds wore on he became wild, and Wills' advantage stood out in stronger contrast.

Wills enjoyed every physical advantage, being more than a head taller than his opponent, and thereby being able to reach over Langford's shoulder and deal telling blows to Sam's kidneys.

Langford was much faster than when he fought Wills here before, sometimes dancing in like a flash with a left jab to the wind, and with left hooks to the jaw.

Wills weighed about 210 pounds, while Langford scaled in around 190.

The men fought for a side bet of $1000, which was handed to the winner by Tommy Burns after the fight.
          Sneak Preview of ‘In This Corner of the World’   
Japan Foundation Los Angeles will present a special sneak preview of the animated feature “In This Corner of the World” (129 minutes) on Saturday, July 1, at 1:30 p.m. at 5757 Wilshire Blvd., M101, in Los Angeles. Director Sunao Katabuchi and producer Taro Maki will be present for Q&A. An empowering coming-of-age tale based on [...]
          Six Top LA Wine Bars: Where to Wine Like a Pro in Los Angeles   

People say that one of the best things about living in LA is that at any given moment, you’re about an hour away from every natural playground you could ever want — the seasonally snowy mountains, the forest, the desert, the beach, and Santa Barbara’s thriving wine country. Yes, we are counting any and all wine growing regions as natural playgrounds. With some of the country’s best wines within reach, including Napa and Sonoma, and easy access to a dizzying portfolio of international wines, it’s no wonder that Los Angeles restaurants are boasting some of the best wine programs in the country. We’ve rounded up six of the city’s top wine bars in restaurants with programs as progressive and exciting as they are approachable. So whether you’re a newbie who’s never ventured far from Franzia or a hardcore oenophile who’s watched Somm 100 times, there is something here for every palate […]

The post Six Top LA Wine Bars: Where to Wine Like a Pro in Los Angeles appeared first on OpenTable Blog.

          'All Star Chris Paul verruilt LA Clippers voor Houston Rockets'   
Houston Rockets neemt Chris Paul over van Los Angeles Clippers. De 32-jarige point guard verkast naar de ploeg uit Texas in ruil voor vier andere spelers.
          Battle Los Angeles 2011 R5 XViD IMAGiNE   
          5 Reasons to See Adele Live in 2016 [VIDEO]   
Adele will hit the road for the first time in over four years. The Adele Live Tour 2016 will support her new album 25. The tour will kick off in the UK, beginning on February 29 in Belfast. In July, Adele will bring her tour stateside with stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and even close to us in Philly. Continue reading…
          Foster Youth Tutor - Future Stars Tutoring Services Center - Torrance, CA   
We are a state approved SES provider located in Lakewood, CA and we work with Los Angeles County Office of Education to provide Foster Youth Tutoring services... $15 - $18 an hour
From Indeed - Thu, 16 Mar 2017 02:44:33 GMT - View all Torrance, CA jobs
          Taylor Talk CLASSIC - Episode 190 - Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast   

Episode 190 - Swifties, this week we bring you the first Taylor Talk Classic! As Adam so charismatically explains in this episode’s introduction, we have years worth of content we want to share with you (just in case you haven’t listened to every single episode!) Adam chose one of his favorites this week, the “All The Guys” episode, which was originally released in March 2013. Listen up to gain some insight on what it’s like to be a male Swifty. (And fun fact: this was Steve’s first Taylor Talk episode!) Enjoy!


Highlights from Episode 190 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast

Main Discussion: Taylor Talk Classic “All The Guys Episode”

– The guys discuss how they discovered Taylor Swift.

– How can male listeners relate to songs written from a female perspective?

– What’s it like being a guy in a predominantly female fanbase?

– Are you ever uncomfortable being a guy in a crowd of teenage girls at a Taylor Swift concert?

– Sponsorship from Diet Coke vs Covergirl: Why should a guy care who sponsors Taylor?

– Flash forward to 1989… we now have more gender neutral merchandise!

– Do you ever think Taylor unfairly represents males in her songs?

Other Topics:


– Our all-male panel discusses the highly controversial quote from Taylor Swift’s April 2013 Vanity Fair article:

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

– Find out why our male cast thinks this quote was taken out of context, who ACTUALLY said it and more.

– To keep in touch with our guys, follow them on Twitter: Agustin (@TheSwiftAgency), Eric (@Spielerman), and Steve (@SteveDitch)


– August 17 & 18: The 1989 World Tour – Glendale, AZ

– August 21-22, 24-26: The 1989 World Tour – Los Angeles, CA


– August 29: The 1989 World Tour – San Diego, CA

          The Taylor Swift Experience - A Walk Through The Grammy Museum - Episode 187 - Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast -- Swifties are also listening to Hurricane by Bridgit Mendler   

Episode 187 - The GRAMMY Museum provides the ultimate Taylor Swift Experience. On Episode 187 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, your hosts, Adam and Diane, visit the very special Taylor Swift exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles, California. We know that not many Swifties will make it all the way to California to see this exhibit, so it is our goal this episode to make you feel like you were there! We discuss the pieces Taylor chose to include in the displays and the unique interactive activities at the exhibit. After listening to the episode and viewing the photos and videos from the exhibit below, which piece of the exhibit would you take home with you? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy the show!

The Taylor Swift Experience will be at the GRAMMY Museum until October 4th, 2015.

Highlights from Episode 187 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: The Taylor Swift Experience at the GRAMMY Museum
– We recorded on location in Los Angeles, CA after visiting the Taylor Swift exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum.
– Fun fact: Taylor’s exhibit takes up 1/3 of the GRAMMY museum. (1/3 is pretty close to 13, eh?)
– You know you’re famous when they put your street clothes on display at a museum.
– Even Baby Taylor had a knack for business and the creative. (Her snowman artwork is to die for!)
– Adam tells you about the most underrated part of the museum that no one is talking about. Like, ever.

Other Topics:

– Adam has a joke. Adam has joke (oh no).
– The 1989 World Tour is going to Singapore and China!
– Did you love Taylor’s acoustic version of “Holy Ground”? I’m not crying, you are.
– Swifties are listening to “Hurricane’ by Bridgit Mendler.
– Clarkie the pup shares what he thinks of Taylor Swift! (woof)

– July 6: The 1989 World Tour – Ottawa, ON, Canada
– July 7: The 1989 World Tour – Montreal, QB, Canada
– July 10 & 11: The 1989 World Tour – East Rutherford, NJ
– July 13 & 14: The 1989 World Tour – Washington, DC
– July 18 & 19: The 1989 World Tour – Chicago, IL

          What's Going On, Taylor Swift? - Episode 163 - Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast ---- Swifties are also listening to The Hanging Tree by James Newton Howard & Jennifer Lawrence   

Episode 163 -- Who else has won Billboard Woman of the Year TWICE? No one, just Tay. In Episode 163 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast, we discuss all the latest goings-on in Taylor’s life, from the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles and London, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, her Grammy nominations, and Taylor’s Woman of the Year interview with Billboard. What do you think of Taylor’s recent accomplishments? They keep racking up! Enjoy the episode!

Highlights from Episode 163 of Taylor Talk: The Taylor Swift Podcast
Main Discussion: Taylor News – Billboard to Jingle Ball
– Scott Borchetta, the President of Big Machine Records, will be a mentor on the next season of American Idol.
– Taylor Swift performs at three Jingle Ball events around the world. Is her setlist a hint at what she’ll perform on the 1989 tour? Taylor gave KIIS FM the details on her 1989 tour.
– Look out, Tay, three Grammy nominations coming your way!
– Taylor Swift becomes the two-time winner of Billboard’s Woman of the Year. Read her cover story on Writing Her Own Rules, Not Becoming a Cliche and the Hurdle of Going Pop.
– “I wouldn’t be a singer if I weren’t a songwriter. I have no interest in singing someone else’s words.” – TS
Other Topics:
– Get ready Aussies, Taylor Swift is bringing the 1989 tour to Australia!
– Taylor filmed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show this week. Be sure to tune in on Dec. 9th on CBS!
– I don’t know about you, but Taylor Swift will be feeling TWENTY FIVE on Saturday!
– You know you’re a Taylor Swift when…
– What would Taylor do if she showed up to a concert and there were only guys in the audience?
– Swifties are listening to “The Hanging Tree” from the Hunger Games soundtrack.

          Winners at Sunday night's BET Awards in Los Angeles   
A list of winners of the 2017 BET Awards, presented Sunday at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles
          BET Awards winners & highlights   
<p>We take a look at the winners and highlights of the 2017 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday June 25, 2017 in Los Angeles.</p>
          ICYMI: All the looks from the MTV Movie and TV Awards red carpet   
Check out all of the hot stars on the red carpet for the MTV Movie &amp; TV Awards in Los Angeles on May 7, 2017.
          Lil Kim a person of interest in Los Angeles robbery   
The whole fiasco centers on a house she rented for the BET awards.
          Kendall Jenner See-Through Boobs Public   
Kendall Nicole Jenneris an American fashion model and television personality.Jenner was born in Los Angeles, California, to retired Olympic decathlete champion Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner after a 2015 gender transition)and television personality Kris Jenner. Jenner’s middle name was a tribute to her mother’s best friend Nicole Brown Simpson, who died just before Jenner was […]
          Nikki Cox Leaked Nudes   
Nicole Avery "Nikki" Cox is an American actress and comedy writer known mostly for her roles on the television series Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas, and Nikki. Nikki Cox was born in Los Angeles, California. Nikki's father is Meredith Avery Cox and her mother is Terry Kay Cox, who was her personal manager. She was […]
          Bernie Mac, Snoop Dogg to get Hollywood Walk of Fame stars   
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Snoop Dogg, Shonda Rhimes, "Weird Al" Yankovic and late entertainers Bernie Mac and Steve Irwin will be receiving stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame next year.
          Connect with Cleaning Pros via   

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          Nintendo and Super Mario Odyssey sweep the E3 Game Critic Awards   

Nintendo walked away with a lot of the awards for the best games of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the big game industry show in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey won all three of its nominations for the prestigious Game Critics Awards, including best game of the show, best console […]

          A Conceptual Paper on Factors That Affect Public Perceptions of Welfare   
A Conceptual Paper on Factors That Affect Public Perceptions of Welfare Yarborough, Connie This is a conceptual paper to study the effects of external factors on public perceptions of social welfare. The study reviews literature on the history of social welfare during the presidencies of Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, and William Clinton. The paper goes on to analyze three factors that play role on perceptions. These factors are values, environmental factors (economics and politics), and the media. Studies and surveys from Gilens, Gilliam, Los Angeles Times, and the National Election study were analyzed and discussed throughout the paper in the context of factors that influence perceptions. The factors outlined in the paper are analyzed using the theoretical framework of symbolic-interactionism. Symbolic-interactionism states that people act toward things based on the meaning those things have to them; and these meanings are derived from social interaction and modified through interpretation (Blumer, 1969).The model is appropriate for this inquiry because it allows the reader to understand how public perceptions are influenced. Minimal biased methods were used for acquiring literature for the paper. A number of databases in fields such as sociology, social sciences, psychology, and economics were used to acquire literature on the topic. Methods for conducting future research on the effects of experience on perceptions and attitudes towards welfare are provided. The findings of the paper include the types of factors that play a role on perceptions (values, environmental factors, and media), what factor appears to be most influential (media) and whether public perceptions of welfare has changed over time. Conclusions from the literature are drawn that states that living in society plays a key role in how perceptions are made, but the individual’s interpretation of the information should be taken into consideration. The paper ends with recommendations on future research on how experience with welfare affects perceptions and attitudes towards welfare; and future research to better public perceptions of welfare.

Tempting the Rancher, book 1
by Joya Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rancher and single father Reed Montgomery is a master at French braiding and princess tea parties. He’s also the most eligible bachelor in Cheyenne, Wyoming. So when he stumbles upon a flashy, sexy city girl, he knows two things: 1) she’s a walking disaster, and 2) he needs to stay far, far away.

But she needs him more than he wants to admit…

Charlotte Gram knows what it’s like not to be wanted. She’s in Cheyenne for the summer to help her grandmother heal after surgery, but the farmhouse “chores” are proving much harder than she thought. If her day couldn’t get any worse, the sexiest man she’s ever seen strolls up to save the day...
...and he definitely doesn’t seem happy about it.

“You are the worst car in this hellhole town and I swear—to—God…” Charlotte Gram kicked the driver-side tire of her rental car with her favorite stiletto. The dry summer air blew hot against her skin, and a small film of dust settled on her neck.


Was dust a thing out here?

She was used to the Los Angeles smog and clutters of asshole people. She’d never thought she’d step foot in Wyoming. Ever. But this was the prairie state her grandmother had chosen to retire in, so that’s where Charlotte needed to be.

Wilma Gram had moved to Cheyenne five years ago when she’d inherited her family farm. Something about a great-uncle who had died and left it to her. Apparently Grammy took really well to the country life, because even at seventy-plus years old, she was thriving. Up until this summer, at least. She’d needed ankle surgery that would leave her in a cast.

With Charlotte the only one left who stayed in touch with Grammy, it was up to her to see the older woman through her recovery. Which meant several weeks of summer in this tiny town, working remotely from the house, and attempting to help Grammy run the farm and all the chores that went with it.

Not Charlotte’s specialty.

Still, a simple enough plan.

She could continue building websites, earn a living, and get back to her life in L.A. in no time. Besides, it wasn’t like her grandma had a massive farm operation…she didn’t think. Charlotte hadn’t gotten out to visit the great state of Wyoming since Grammy had settled in. Between building her career and surviving a string of bad relationships, Charlotte was happy just keeping her head above water and being the forever bachelorette.

Every time she got past date number three, she started to feel like the man she was with never wanted her in the first place. And it wasn’t just romantic relationships, either. Charlotte never seemed to fit anywhere or in anyone’s ideals. She wasn’t successful enough—yet—to be “accomplished,” and wasn’t creative enough to be “small-business hipster woman.” She was also too blunt to be ladylike, and too prudish to be a vixen. It wasn’t like she could help it. Her mother had done a shit job raising her, and her father bailed when she was young. She sure as hell hadn’t been able to count on anyone.

Basically, she’d spent her life in a constant state of unclassified and unwanted.

Commitment wasn’t something she was interested in chasing. Ever. Doing so would mean trusting someone to want her completely, preferably long term, which wasn’t likely. No, better to stick to her rules of no strings, no commitment, no family. Grammy was the only exception. No way would she have her own kids, no matter how many busybody women in Spin class told her that her eggs would dry up soon. She was only thirty, for Christ’s sake.

So yeah. She worked alone, lived alone…

…and would probably die alone.

It was kind of depressing, actually.

Charlotte blew a lock of dark hair out of her face and glanced around. The town was cute, at least. Downtown Cheyenne was basically sandwiched between an old-looking bank made of all brick and an antiques shop. There weren’t many people milling about, let alone the floods of people she was used to.

Everything felt still. Calm.


She shuddered. “I bet this place doesn’t even have triple-A,” she said, eyeing her newest enemy, the rental car she knew nothing about that was making a pained, gasping sound. A soft rise of smoke billowed out from under the hood. Charlotte frowned. Day one and she couldn’t even get through this hillbilly town.

She kicked it again, letting another round of curses fly. She just needed this piece of crap rental to get to her grandma’s. It couldn’t be too much farther, could it? “Piece of shhii—”

“Excuse me, ma’am?” a husky voice rumbled behind her.

Charlotte stalled midkick and looked up to see a very tall, very strong, very cowboy man staring at her.

“It—shit—I mean, yes?” Her skin went hot, even though Mr. Cowboy was shadowing her in his capable frame. Could she possibly sound more like an idiot who didn’t know how to speak?

“I wonder if I could assist you?” he asked, pinching the tip of his Stetson and keeping those crystal blue eyes locked on her.

Mr. Cowboy was wearing a crisp white T-shirt that clung to chiseled abs and a broad, solid chest. The bits of dirty blond hair sticking out from under his hat matched the several-day-old stubble on his face.

She didn’t know if it was the jet lag or the altitude that made it difficult to swallow.

She looked down, her gaze devouring him like a life-size Snickers bar, repeating the mantra in her head when she hit his narrow hips…

Hungry? Why wait?

“Ma’am?” he asked again.

She snapped out of her ogling and grimaced when she realized her own mind and body had betrayed her. Sure, it had been a while since she’d had sex last, but she needed to get a grip. Wasn’t like she’d never seen a cowboy before. Because she had…in the movies.

“I apologize,” she said, harnessing all her assertive grace. “I’m a hot mess because of this car and I’m—”

“A city girl,” he finished for her with a smile, then effortlessly rounded the car and popped open the hood.

“You say ‘city girl’ like it’s a bad thing,” she responded.

That smile stayed on his face as he shook his head and looked over the engine.

“Not a bad thing. Cities can be fun. Lots of flash.” He glanced her way, only his eyes started at her feet and slowly slid up her legs. Her skirt felt tight against her thighs, her button-up top suddenly constricting. Or maybe Mr. Cowboy’s eyes were making her flush.
“Nothing flashy around here, it seems,” she said, breaking his gaze on her.

“That’s not true. This place puts on a hell of a rodeo show every summer.”

She laughed.

He blinked.

Oh, he was serious?

“That sounds like…something,” she said, trying to polite, but the way Mr. Cowboy bent over the engine and messed with God-knew-what under the hood made his tan arms flex and that shirt of his pull tight over his shoulders. Well-defined shoulders. Shoulders that could handle fingernail scratches…

She shook her head again and reasoned that she was hungry and just needed an actual Snickers bar. That was it.

“Looks like you’re overheating,” he said, and stood to face her.

Her eyes shot wide and she smoothed her hands down her skirt. “I’m perfectly fine,” she defended.  
He chuckled. “Nah, I mean your car. You’re low on coolant. I have some in my truck.” With that, he walked about fifty feet up the street to a massive truck and grabbed something out of the back. She thought she’d appreciated the front view of him? The back was even better. And those jeans? She didn’t know who designed Wranglers, but she was going to write that genius a letter because damn, they showcased Mr. Cowboy’s ass to perfection.

Maybe she could enjoy the sights of Wyoming just a little. She was set to be farm-locked for the summer. Maybe she had time to take advantage of the town before all the work and caretaking started?

Cowboy walked back to her with a jug of what she assumed was coolant in his hand and went back under the hood.

“Tough way for a lady to meet Cheyenne,” Cowboy said, focusing on the pouring he was doing.

“I must admit, this first experience could skew my judgment of Cheyenne from here on out.”

“Aw well, I hope you can leave with only a positive view of things,” he said, standing and brushing off his hands.

Positive view, indeed.

“Start her up and see if that helped,” he instructed.

She got in the car, and with the driver-side door open, he stood at the hood and she yelled, “Okay, going to start it up now…”

She did.

It did.

“You’re amazing,” she let slip out before she could think better of it. When she got out, she caught him smiling.

“No ma’am, just helping a woman in need.”

Speaking of a woman in need… 

“I’d love to buy you a drink to repay you,” she said.

“No, ma’am,” he said quickly, and her internal balloon deflated. But he leaned against the car and grinned. “I’d love to buy you a drink and show you a kinder side of Cheyenne. No repayment necessary.”

Her entire chest lit up with happy sparks, and she tried not to dance like a tween goof at the thought of a date with Cowboy. Apparently she had a thing for country boys, because she hadn’t been this attracted to a guy in a long time.

“When?” she asked.

He smiled and tilted his chin toward the bar on the corner, just a block down from where they stood. “The Cadillac Bar right there has live music tonight. You free around eight?”

“I’ll meet you there,” she said.

He pinched the brim of his hat again. “Pleasure meeting you…?”

“Charlotte,” she said.


Of course his name was Tripp. A man like him would never be a Blain or an Andrew. No, he was Tripp. Rustic, a little dirty, and all kinds of perfectly wrong for her. But perfectly right for a minimalist situation. She didn’t have to worry about long term or her heart with this man; she had to worry about her panties.

She had a sneaking suspicion they wouldn’t survive.

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National and International Bestselling Author. Break Me Slowly: #1 Bestselling book in Contemporary Fiction and Women's Fiction!

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          'Game of Thrones' comes to Comic-Con—as a musical   

HBO's Game of Thrones is usually filled with blood and gore, but at Comic-Con in San Diego, it’ll be packed with jokes and musical numbers.  

SEE ALSO: Here's how they make the 'Game of Thrones' music so spine-tinglingly epic

Game of Thrones: The Musical - A Song of Nice Satire includes 12 original songs about your favorite Starks, Lannisters, and other Westeros inhabitants. Be prepared for tons of spoilers and moments like this from Film School Rejects' review of the the musical that premiered in Los Angeles earlier this year: "A stark-white Arya raps to what sounds like old school nineties beats while sporting a hipster crop top." Read more...

More about Parody, Comic Con, Game Of Thrones, Theater, and Entertainment
          Lin Manuel-Miranda's new charity challenge has inspired celebrities to sing some 'Hamilton' hits   

A new challenge from Lin Manuel-Miranda was meant to inspire Hamilton covers from the people of the world. And a lot of celebrities wanted to jump on the bandwagon. 

SEE ALSO: Riz Ahmed, K'naan and more star in a new music video from 'The Hamilton Mixtape'

On Monday, Miranda launched a Prizeo charity challenge encouraging fans to raise money for The Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition. The coalition, launched this year, provides, "services to immigrants, refugees, and asylees, including legal representation, advocacy, and awareness campaigns," according to the website.

Donors will have the chance to win a VIP experience to see the opening-night performance of Hamilton in Los Angeles. Read more...

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          Hottie of the Day: Constance Nunes   
Hottie of the Day: Constance Nunes Constance Nunes is an up-and-coming model from Portugal. These days, she lives in Los Angeles and says she's obsessed with muscle cars, driving fast and wearing daisy dukes. Oh, and she gets nude quite often. Sounds like our type of girl.

(Source: Instagram)

          Anaheim Ducks & ESPN Los Angeles - NHL Ice Hockey   

The Ducks played their first homestretch this week and gained some momentum after a poor start to the year. The team now hits the road. Stay updated with the scores, stats, photos, and rumors by visiting the >> DUCKS HOCKEY BLOG for an in-depth analysis and discussion. Ducks rookie defenseman Cam Fowler probably will play in Anaheim's next game despite breaking his nose in a collision with Phoenix's Shane Doan. To get a cool wallpaper to slap on your desktop, hit up this link to the The Official Site of the Anaheim Ducks >> DESKTOP WALLPAPER and download.
*Oct 20 Anaheim vs. Columbus @ Nationwide Arena 7:00 PM ET face-off.

hockey sports ducks

          AVEY TARE ist zurÜck mit neuem album "eucalyptus"    

Avey Tare, bürgerlich David Portner, ist den meisten als Mitglied der amerikanischen Elektro- und Psychedelic-Experimentalisten Animal Collective bekannt. Seinem letzten Solo-Album "Enter The Slasher House" von 2014 folgte 2016 das Animal Collective Album "Painting With". Nun sind wir stolz, Tares neues Solo-Album "Eucalyptus" für den 21.07. anzukündigen! Aufgenommen hat es sein alter Freund und Animal Collective Bandkollege Josh Dibb alias Deakin. 

Die Spannung bleibt erhalten, denn noch dürfen wir keinen der 15 Albumtracks teilen. Das Albumcover-Artwork wird jedoch schon denjenigen gelüftet, die ein Puzzle auf lösen! Dieses kurze Album-Begleitschreiben wollen wir außerdem schon vorweg schicken:

Recommended listening for dawn or dusk. An electroacoustic movement through leaves, rocks and dust. Written on sunlit bedroom afternoons in Los Angeles, practiced in the dark early hours of the California twilight, and slept on under Big Sur skies.

"Eucalyptus" wird als CD und als Deluxe Doppel-LP erscheinen. Letztere Version ist auf 180g Heavy Weight Vinyl gepresst und enthält ein 16-seitiges Lyric-Booklet, das mit dem Kunstdesign der renommierten Künstlerin Paige Cleveland aus Los Angeles gespickt ist.

L.A. Takedown, das sind sechs Musiker die sich, natürlich in Los Angeles lebend, um den Multiinstrumentalisten und Filmkomponisten Aaron M. Olson versammelt haben, um dessen Vision von rockigen Film Soundtrack Texturen und melodischem Pop zu einem Album zu vereinen. Aufmerksamen Kennern der Instrumental Musikwelt wird Olsen's Solo Album L.A. Takedown, das 2015 erschien, noch in Erinnerung sein.
Olsen erinnert sich: “Bjorn Copeland of Black Dice once described L.A. Takedown to me as ‘Baywatch Krautrock'. I found myself saying, ‘Well, you know…it’s not not that—works for me!” 
Der "Baywatch Krautrock" von L.A. Takedown vertraut auf den Hörer und dessen ganz eigenes Kopfkino. Mal ätherisch, mal fieberhaft, mal heftig groovend und dann wieder betäubend wie Rauschgift vertraut das Album schlussendlich doch immer wieder auf die Harmonien der Gitarrenwelt. Inspiration holten sich Olsen und seine Mitmusiker bei Künstlern wie King Crimson’s Robert Fripp, dem Japanischen Komponisten Tori Kudo oder dem Nigerianischen Musiker King Sunny Adé.

Der Nachfolger von L.A. Takedown’s selbstbetitelten Album ist das erste Album von Olsen, für das er eine ganze Band mit sich bringt. Da wären Keyboarder Ryan Adlaf und Jonah Olson, Gitarrist Miles Wintner (Girlpool) und Stephen Heath (Paul Bergman), Schlagzeuger Mose Wintner und Bassistin Jessica Espeleta (Weird War, Love as Laughter). L.A. Takedown nahmen II in einem Heimstudio in Los Angeles zusammen mit dem Produzenten Shane Stoneback auf (Sleigh Bells, Cults, Vampire Weekend). Den Prozess beschreibt Olson als “seven goofballs eating snacks and watching Columbo and making music.”
Olsen weiter: “We live in a world where we’re so inundated with all these pieces of pop culture that they just become part of us,” sagt Olsen. “I like to try to find new ways to present things that are already familiar to everyone.” 
Vorbestellen: Digital / CD & LP / LPX

LA Takedown II artwork

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          An idea worth spreading   

The Los Angeles City Council approved a resolution last night that ought to be a model for governmental bodies throughout the country. It calls for an amendment to the United State Constitution ending so-called “corporate personhood” and making clear that money is not speech — thus, in effect, overturning the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling. ...

The post An idea worth spreading appeared first on The Progressive Pulse.

          Los Angeles, 2005   
Los Angeles, 2005 A new Roberto Cavalli boutique opens on Rodeo Drive. Attending the cocktail party to celebrate the opening are, among others, Christina Aguilera and (pictured from left with Roberto Cavalli) Jack Nicholson, Donald Soffer, Salma Hayek, and Cindy Crawford.
          Los gemelos de Beyoncé ya están aquí... pero siguen en el hospital    


Todo apuntaba a que los gemelos de Beyoncé iban a llegar estos días. La pareja se había trasladado a vivir más cerca del hospital, y había en general un clima de espera en torno a ellos que nos dejaba claro que era cuestión de horas. Ha sido un embarazo muy distinto al de Blue Ivy, en el que los rumores acosaron a la cantante desde el primer día, y quizá para evitar pasar por ese trago por segunda vez, Beyoncé se ha dejado ver en casi todas las etapas durante los últimos meses.

El nacimiento se produjo a principios de la semana pasada, concretamente el lunes, aunque la noticia saltara a la palestra este finde. Los gemelos, niño y niña, han nacido en un hospital de Los Angeles, y fue su abuelo, el padre de Beyoncé, quien anunció la buena nueva a través de Instagram.

Una publicación compartida de Beyoncé (@beyonce) el

Sin embargo, parece que no todo va sobre ruedas. Los peques siguen en el hospital y hay fuentes que apuntan a que se trata de una pequeña complicación en su salud. Nada grave, se apresuran a afirmar, pero los médicos han preferido dejarlos ingresados durante esta semana y no se sienten cómodos dándoles el alta a los pocos días, como suele ser habitual.

No sabemos si es un problema de peso —al ser parto múltiple, es posible que hayan nacido pequeñitos y necesiten unos días de incubadora—, o si se trata de algo un poco más serio, pero por lo pronto, Beyoncé tampoco ha recibido el alta, imaginamos que para poder permanecer con ellos hasta que se solucione el problema.

Una publicación compartida de Beyoncé (@beyonce) el

Tampoco sabemos cuándo van a poder irse a casa los tres, pero lo cierto es que, de momento, los gemelos de Beyoncé —que todavía no tienen nombre, aunque estamos deseando conocerlos— van a tener que estar un poquito más en el hospital hasta que estén fuertotes.

Vía | Aceshowbiz
Foto | Instagram de Beyoncé
En Poprosa | Entre rumores de que Beyoncé ya es mamá y la primera foto familiar de Irina Shayk y Bradley Cooper
En Poprosa | Beyoncé, que está que explota, amasa dinero hasta límites insospechados

          Beyond Sushi, a Vegan and Vegetarian Favorite, Opens in Midtown   
A date for Daniel Humm and Will Guidara’s summer pop-up, a name for Dominique Ansel’s Los Angeles project, and more restaurant news.
          Testing the Limits of Trust, and Sushi, at Sugarfish   
The New York branch of a Los Angeles chain has plenty of efficiency and customers, but the fish options can be limited.
          Workbench #5: Check Please   

I now have essentially all the wood for the bench, at least the major pieces. I still lack a chop for the leg vise and I am not sure what I want to use for that. The legs have been hanging out for over 6 months and everything else has been around for about 2 months so far.

Everything is construction grade Douglas Fir from Home Depot and Lowes. It actually took me a while to gather up all the wood and I feel like I visited just about every store in the Los Angeles area. 1st of all, most places don’t carry 6×6 in stock and I wanted a place with stock that I could pick and choose. I found the legs and after about 5 months I realized I chose “poorly”. The wood is probably fine but… I thought I was doing good by finding pieces that were quartersawn. While these will be nice and stable and probably remain pretty square I wasn’t paying too much attention to the grain pattern. I kind of wish I had gotten some rift sawn boards instead so I had a consistent grain pattern on all 4 sides of the legs.

The main reason it took so long to find boards for the top is that by that time I had started to pay more attention to the grain pattern. At 1st I thought I was going to have to live with a flatsawn looking top, which I don’t particularly care for, but then I saw a great piece of rift sawn wood with nice straight grain along the side that would end up being the top/bottom. I also noticed a huge difference in how tight the growth rings were from board to board. Once I realized that some great looking boards were possible I then made it my mission to search the area even if it meant buying 1 piece of wood from each store I went to until I had enough. You can see how tight the grain is in these pieces compared to the 6×6 above.

I went with 4×6 boards for the top to minimize on the glue joints as well as the jointing and planing. At 1st I was going to try to find two 6×12 or 6×14 boards so there would only be 1 glue joint. This sounded good and there were lumber yards in the area that stocked them but the price was a little higher and I figured it would be darn near impossible to sort through the pieces to find what I wanted.

The biggest drawback I saw in using large construction grade boards is they had a tendency to check as they dried out. I decided to fill the checks and cracks as well as the knots with epoxy similar to how Chris Schwarz did his last bench. I used some cheap “Lamp Black” oil paint that came in a set of oil colors from Michaels to tint the epoxy black. This is a batch I just let cure in the cup to see if the oil paint would cause any curing problems. It seemed to work just fine.

I masked off different areas and some of it made sense and some of it didn’t. It didn’t do anything to mask off on the top surface of the boards but it made a huge different along the edges. For example, when filling knots near the edge, the epoxy just ran down the inside of the knot and would have just leaked out the side and all over everything if I hadn’t built up some dams on the sides. In the photo, the epoxy is not all black. I started off thinking I could color match to the wood and when that didn’t look like it would work I just turned it black and stuck with that for all 4 sides.

I just kept adding more epoxy to the knots until they were full and also poured some along the checks in the faces. The checks ended up drawing in the epoxy into the wood and really sealed it up.

It will be nice to see what the boards look like after I plane them down. I used a carbide paint scraper on some dried epoxy to see how it might plane, fearing that it would be really hard and dull the knives on my jointer and planer, and it was fine. The epoxy didn’t cure super hard like I am used, instead, it still felt a tiny bit flexible and scraped off really well. I am not sure if the softness was due to the type of epoxy I used (West Systems with slow hardener) or the fact that I added oil paint to it but it was perfect. It was the 1st time I have used West Systems epoxy in about 10 years so I don’t remember how it cured back then.

Stay tuned to see what the jointed and planed legs look like…

          Dell Wyse stick, Project Ophelia   
Ved årets store Citrix Synergy event i Los Angeles fik jeg forsmag på, hvad Dell’s nye tynde klient/MiniPC, i form af en HDMI pen, har gjort for at gøre android OS mere anvendeligt.  Dell’s bud på en tynd klient, Ophelia, kan blandt andet bruges til fjernadgang eller som kioskløsning. Gaming-mulighederne er blevet nedtonet, men det tror jeg kun er midlertidigt. […]
          T-Mobile Launches LTE-U, Completes Test of License Assisted Access (LAA)   
USA carrier T-Mobile has completed live field testing of mobile broadband data session using License Assisted Access (LAA) on its commercial network. The field testing, which began in Los Angeles yest ... - Source:
          Top 5 Songs for Week Ending July 1    
We’re lighting up the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles chart, for the week ending July 1, 2017. To paraphrase a famous lyric from The Who: “meet the new chart, same as the old chart.” Well, with one small exception. Number 5: Kendrick Lamar "Humble" Kendrick Lamar spends another week in fifth place with his former title-holder “Humble.” On June 25, Kendrick took home the Best Male Hip-Hop Artist prize at the BET Awards in Los Angeles....
          'Petya' Computer Virus Spreads From Ukraine to Disrupt World Business   
A new cyber virus spread from Ukraine to wreak havoc around the globe on Wednesday, crippling thousands of computers, disrupting ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles and halting production at a chocolate factory in Australia. The virus is believed to have first taken hold on Tuesday in Ukraine where it silently infected computers after users downloaded a popular tax accounting package or visited a local news site, national police and international cyber experts said. More than a day after...
          Justin Bieber se envolve em mais uma polêmica.   
Justin Bieber mais uma vez é alvo de polêmica… Dessa vez o astro se irritou com paparazzo e fez gesto obsceno com as mãos para o fotógrafo. O cantor chegou, como forma de protestar,  a levantar a blusa contra a presença de um helicóptero com fotógrafo sobre a sua casa em Los Angeles, nos Estados Unidos. (Privacidade […]
          Federal Judge Dismisses Class Action Alleging Bank Allowed Unauthorized Payments   
LOS ANGELES - A federal judge in California on Feb. 1 dismissed a putative class action accusing Bank of America Co. and an affiliate insurer of pulling money from customers' bank accounts to pay for insurance policies that customers did not request or approve (Jerome White, et al. v. Bank of America Corp., et al., No. 11-06797, C.D. Calif.).
          Los Angeles Dodgers: Injury Claim Should Be Disallowed In Chapter 11 Case   
WILMINGTON, Del. - The Los Angeles Dodgers, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, on Feb. 3 moved in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware for an order disallowing a personal injury claim against the club brought by a man who suffered injuries from an attack after attending a baseball game at Dodger Stadium (In Re: Los Angeles Dodgers LLC, No. 11-12010, Chapter 11, D. Del. Bkcy.).
          Let's Pretend: A Civil Health Care Discussion   

I should probably accept that corporate and deeply entrenched political interests would not allow a comprehensive health care system to gain traction in the United States. Yet I can’t let go. One of the things that hurt me deeply is the lack of civil public discourse. It could have been different. Come with me to the set of the imaginary Vixen News Network as Becky Glenne shows us how it could have been possible for pundits to peacefully share differing opinions on health care reform.
Stethoscope on Indian banknotes of different denominations

Becky Glenne/VNN: Thank you H.C. Andersen for that follow-up report on the tragic situation the nation has come to know as “The Little Match Stick Girl.” Her identity is still unknown at this time. I have been joined by a panel of bloggers who have strong opinions and, at times, the facts to back them up.

Each of the panelists has been given the question “How does the death of The Little Match Stick Girl relate to the health care debate in the United States?" The order of the panelists has been selected by random draw to prevent accusations of favoritism.

VNN: Fulvia Tiberius, how does this tragic incident relate to the health care debate?

Fulvia: Well, Becky, as far as I can see it has nothing to do with it. It does speak to a higher natural law of survival of the fittest. It is indeed a shame a life has been lost, but I nor should anyone else feel that they have a so-called moral obligation to help, aid or assist another human being unless it is in that specific person’s vested interest to do so.

I reject the intervention of the government into private matters. I oppose the use of any federal state or local taxes to help or prolong the existence of vulnerable or unproductive members of the society. Let the market and environmental forces regulate the health care needs and wishes of the nation. Allow the forces of nature to adjust the population accordingly.

VNN: Germana Servius, your response to the relationship between The Little Match Stick Girl and health care reform, please.

Germana: When compassion is measured in dollars and cents terms, I am deeply saddened. It is not that we are incapable of designing a fair and equitable heath care system, it is that we are profoundly selfish and unwilling to provide the quality of services that members of Congress have currently enjoyed for years. I believe that no child or adult for that matter should be denied affordable health care.

If we seriously looked at waste and fraud within the federal budget, we could have the kind of coverage we could be proud to have as citizens. Stopping an illegal war would go a long way to providing health care funding.

VNN: I wish to remind the panel that the subject is health care, and to the extent possible please confine your responses to that topic. The next name to be drawn is Sabina Aculeo.

Sabina: Socialism! The victim mentality will destroy the nation. Give me my country back!

VNN: That is it? That is your entire response?

Sabina: Yes.

VNN: Moving on, up next is Claudia Laterensis.

Claudia: Glad to be here, Becky. Look,  there is a finite amount of money. We as a nation cannot fund every well meaning but financially unrealistic desire each citizen might want to have in terms of governmental services. Just as in our personal lives, we have to be fiscally prudent in our national spending.

However, there does need to be some form of a health support system. It would be unrealistic and in fact dangerous not to have a base level of health care resources as the incident with The Little Match Stick Girl illustrates.

Is this the time to implement a full-scale health delivery system? I don’t think so, but it might be a time of public/private option that does not require the full engagement of government support.

VNN: Finally we have Marcella Plauta to give her response to the topic.

Marcella: Thank you, Becky. It is the gift of passion and concern that has engaged the nation in this debate. Quite honestly, it has been a challenge to hear authentic and not politicized voices. I want no less than what the majority of industrialized nations have, an equable and accessible health care system.

It does not make me disloyal to my country to want to be able to obtain health treatment without losing my home, my stability or my piece of mind. It should not be a reflection of my character if I believe the interference for profit of the health insurance companies is not the best way to administer health treatment in this country.

I am profoundly disappointed that Congress and both political parties could not create a cohesive workable solution for the nation. There is only one approach at this time; a single-payer plan that does not involve the health insurance industry. This will happen, maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen.

And so another dream of an engaged population rising above partisanship is once again deferred. Perhaps the next time.

Blogs to Consider If You Are Looking for Alternate Views:


Liberal/Progressive Blogs on Health Care


Gena Haskett is a BlogHer CE. Blogs:Out On The Stoop and Create Video Notebook

          Sustainable Architecture and A Bit of Hope for Haiti   

I am interested in living in a circular or dome shaped home. I like the idea of not living in a box. I researched the concept and found that there were companies that constructed geodesic and dome homes. The problem came when trying to figure out if a city or county would permit the building of a non-traditional home.

Depending where you live in the United States, it could be an uphill fight. Even if you could prove that the home was built to withstand hurricane, fire, or earthquake conditions, it could be denied a permit. If the structure was not in the building codes book or there was no one on staff capable of evaluating the viability, it wasn't going to be built.

Arizona Dome Home

If I somehow made it past code enforcement bureaucrats then there would be the neighbors. You can't forget about the NIMBYs, - not in my back yard, city or county people who want to maintain the area as they currently know it. NIMBYs do have the right to speak up about anything that could affect the value in their homes.

Home owners certainly should have a say as to the look of their environment or to maintain a stylistic cultural heritage. Yet there are times when NIMBYs can be as dogmatic as a political bureaucrat; no change unless it is in my direct vested interest to do so. 

Environmentally speaking, holding on to traditional building techniques can be dangerous. No, I'm not talking about climate change.

I'm talking about building square and rectangular wood homes in areas know for fires. Or building a home on stilts next to the ocean is not such a good idea. Not to say that you can't build a home near a coastline but the needs of the environment should probably take more precedence than design considerations.

Yet we continue to re-build the same old boxes. It is very easy to find video of people vowing to rebuild their homes exactly as they were before the tremblers, tornados and storms of the century. Do we really need to make the same mistakes over and over again?

What Is Sustainable Architecture?

According to the Living with Nature web site:

We define sustainable architecture (often referred to as "green" architecture) as buildings that incorporate materials and practices that, at a minimum, have lower impact on the environment than conventional materials and practices.

Sand, Sun and Architecture for Humanity

Carina at CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities blog gave me a glimpse into why the buildings fell as the did in Haiti:

Much of the built environment was lacking structurally sound components. Buildings with too much sand in the concrete mix were the norm. Reinforcement beams were scarce.

As a person who lives in earthquake country, I understand about retrofitting, re-enforcement and being aware of a building's composition. You really pay attention when the freeway near you shows a crack or two more than you think necessary. I don’t want to imagine a place where human lives were traded for short term financial advantage. Sadly, I don’t have to, that is the reality.

Carina's focus of her post was on building upon the solar energy potential of Haiti and transitioning from petroleum usages when possible. There is an opportunity to build according to the needs of the island and the environment. 

Carina’s post also introduced me to Architecture for Humanity.

I encourage you to read the long term plan to assist in Haiti’s reconstruction. On first glance I’m thinking “Yes, let’s do this.” On the second read through I question "How are you going to do this with the distance between resources, assistance and institutionalized neglect?”

The questions come faster and faster with concerns about colonialism vs. the “sh*t has hit the fan, do something!”  Can they get large scale cooperation from a traumatized community or is this just going to be big promises with one or two demonstration homes as a best result?

I do not want to make light of the enormous reconstruction that will have to occur in Haiti. Given a choice, a square roof will do much better than no roof at all. There are also governmental pressures and predatory opportunists to contend within the mist of that situation.

Still, my heart leans toward the dreamers that create. Maybe we can put some of the questions off to the side and be willing to see a different path. Not a quick fix but a plan that respects the environment, the people and the vision.

I’m ready. How about you?

Other Readings about Architecture, Design and Sustainability

Anne Thorpe of Design Activism writes about how design can be used to move folks closer to reduced consumption and re-visioning use.

Marjanne Pearson at Next Moon blog deals with design ideas as it pertains to architects, engineers and marketing concerns.

Gena Haskett is a BlogHer CE. Blogs:Out On The Stoop and Create Video Notebook

          What I Learned About Communicating Today - Ouch!   

It was her face that communicated, “Look you old fart I don’t have time for all this yack-yack; tell me what to do. Let’s end this tedious conversation as soon as possible. I have a life. I do not want to prolong the veneer of pretending to share a part of mine with you.”

The woman had a pseudo smile that was neither friendly nor inviting. Somehow I have crossed over into the undesirable zone. I was explaining a concept to a person approximately 30 years younger than myself. I looked at her face. The woman was more than bored, she was pissed.

In an instant I understood. The reality was that I was trying to communicate cover your assets type of information. The young woman was in “just tell me what do” mode. Her face caused me to instantly stop talking. I took a breath, mechanically answered her question and sent her on her way.

I wasn’t angry. I was more amused and a little sad. I wondered how to communicate with a person or a generational group of people that honestly doesn’t believe I have anything to offer but a time sink.

I do sometimes give overly detailed explanations. I try not to because I know 97.3 percent of the people I meet don’t want to hear it. I live in a world of sound bites, clips and short attention span measured in electronic units.

I slip up. I forget that unless I am in the right clique with language pre-approval then what I have to say is not warranted or receivable. Only when I package my communication in an acceptable format can it be heard. Sometimes. Not this time though.

Boomers and Echo Boomers

Technically, I am an Echo Boomer, I was way too young to participate in the things blamed on and held accountable for by my older Boomer cohorts. I’m a tail-end Boomer into almost proto-Gen X. I was in my 40s before I set foot in San Francisco and that was six years ago.

There are a clump of young people that really want Boomers to go away, as in die. This is nothing new. There has always been a portion of the prior generation that wished the older generation to hurry up and shuffle off the mortal coil and be quick about it. Most of us grow out of it when the reality of living an adult life hit us full force.

Sometimes talking with an older person can give you peace of mind. Or a piece of junk. Being older does not mean you are graced with having a lick of sense. Don't waste time talking to a young or old fool. But listen to the person before deciding, ok?

There are other folks that just want the prior generation to fess up to hypocrisy. In June 2009 Little Isis has valid points in her post:

Who is going to inherit your debt? Us. Who’s futures are in jeopardy? Ours. So own up to it. Be responsible. Be adults. Suck it up. We’re your children, and we didn’t ask for any of this.

I felt the same way 35 years ago! I did not ask for any of this crap that has happened. The thing is, unless you are a non-profit psychic, you deal with what comes your way.

The hypocrisy? Yes, tons of it. From the mutation of political correctness to the current “Don’t tax me bro” followed by complaints about the deficit. Which we should complain about, but a little consistency would be nice. Like how to fix it? Deal with it? A national honesty about a balance between military, corporate and domestic spending excesses?

That would take a conversation longer than 140 characters. It would take a range of diverse people talking and not screaming, debasing or wishing the other dead because there is a different point of view. It requires a bit (not much) of history and a shared understanding of problems and potential solutions.

It Starts With the Willingness to Learn

Honestly, I don't want to hold one person up as the representative for all of Gen X and Y. If she could tell her side of the story it would be a tale of woe, having this woman repeat the same thing she said last week and more besides.

However, it did get me thinking about how there are communication differences between Boomers and the Generationals.

I'm willing to try to cut down on my spoken verbiage. In addition, I found some resources to help me understand better how to communicate.

My starting steps include reading a good explanation of the differences between the generations called Tips to Improve Interaction among the Generations. Originally created by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association Office of Diversity, I found this version at the College of Business at Colorado State University.

Another source of information is an article by Jenna Reith on Understanding the Communication Styles of the Millennial Generation(Adobe pdf).

Amy Lynch of Bottomline Conversations is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who has written about generational communication issues. Sometimes it is the mental old dusties that are perpetrators of ageism.

Well I have plenty of reading to do and I need to find a mental balm for my ouchie.

Gena Haskett is a BlogHer CE. Blogs:Out On The Stoop and Create Video Notebook

          Brain and Cognitive Science Podcasts   

I have been known to drift to sleep with my media player filled with episodes of science and speculative fiction podcasts. I do confess that in between the twilight and the snoozing I’m picky about what I put into my brain. You’d think I’d seek out boring speakers to help me sleep but my mind does not like the idea of forced ennui.

Not to say that science is boring. People are boring, not the topic. I have some art lectures that are natural sleep aids. Still, I should make more of an effort to keep up on the science news not filters by sound bites. So I’m waving the metaphorical finger at myself to at least make an effort to find science podcasts that are informative and accessible.

A few months back I wrote about Dr. Ginger Campbell and her podcast Brain Science. Dr. Campbell and other like minded science folks now have a centralized meeting point called quite sensibly Science Podcasters.

If you have a thing for viruses and parasites this could be your kinda place. Science Podcasters has links to all kinds of shows ranging from space, nature and psychology.

Brain and Cognition Sciences

Kerri Smith hosts Neuropod that looks at the brain from the cell up and the chemicals, transmitters and genes that can affect our behavior. At NeuroScene there is an interview with Dr. Judith Lauter who talks about how hormonal balances in the brain develops during gestation may predispose certain brain types.

Natasha Mitchell at All in the Mind looks at the relationship of the mind to topics such as psychology, artificial intelligence and pop culture. The program originates from Australia’s ABC Radio and there is a blog to support the podcast.

Other Science Podcast of Interest

Not all of the discussions about the brain take place in academia. Sometimes they are as close as your public library. In this case, the Los Angeles Public Libraries Aloud series are public gatherings of discussions about engaging topics such as George Lakoff’s The Political Mind: A Cognitive Scientist’s Guide to Your Mind and Its Politics.

Explo.TV is the video and podcast channel of the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception in San Francisco. There are many great audios and videos and I can’t pick just one but under the Cognitive Science section I would take a listen to musician Laurie Anderson or Julie Yu on her explanation on what is a stem cell.

Are We Alone looks at science issues with a critical, as in analytical, point of view. In the episode Eureka, the program takes a look at what it takes to be innovative thinker like Archimedes.

Leaning Opportunity

If you really want to dive deeper into what make a brain function and you don’t have the time or money to attend a university class might I suggest a visit to the MIT Open Courseware on Brain and Cognition. MIT has free class material and audio recording of lectures and classes on psychology, neuroscience and behavior and brain structures and their origin.

All of these podcasts and recordings leaves me in a state of panic. I think I’m gonna have to get a larger media player.

Gena Haskett is a BlogHer CE. Blogs:Out On The Stoop and Create Video Notebook

          STEM Education - The Power of the Investment   

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is getting a lot of attention from the White House and from private industry. As a non-parent, I really do have a stake STEM education. On the surface it seems like a good idea to invest $250 million dollars, since most of it is coming from Intel. Why should I care? The most basic reason? My own safety and survival.

I have seen the eradication of entry level employment. I look at industrial employment and it is a fraction of what it was 40 years ago. We can't run an economy on just service jobs or service entrepreneurs. Even contemporary vocational education is caught between providing a necessary skilled workforce and lack of resources to train those students interested in paraprofessional training.

There are increasing groups of young people who have never held a job or had access to employment. I also know that those same young people face increasing competition from middle age and older folks who have no choice but to continue working because there are no retirement funds available for their future.

I don’t want to do the doom and gloom scenario. We have had enough of that. But first, I need to tell you a memory.

Long Ago A Teacher Tried To Tell Me...

School did one of two things to me; either bored me or made me feel incompetent. On the first day of junior high I came prepared. I had comic books, magazines and a newspaper for backup. You see, after six years of public school education I was resigned in my 7th grade to the idea that school was a major waste of my time. I was better served by day dreaming and catching up on the essential information that 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat provided.

I visualized my strategy. I had competition for the back row so I had to bust a move to make sure I got my seat. The back row in a crowded class was the perfect place to study the graphic artistry of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four.

The one thing I did not count on was my science teacher, Mr. Halverson. For one thing, he wasn’t old or crusty. No matter. I wasn’t going to let youth and good looks get between me and Dr. Doom snatching Sue Storm. I was studying page 3 when I sensed something was wrong.

The room was too quiet. People were paying attention. The class clown was silent. The Princess, whose nails must be inspected every fifteen minutes, was looking like she might be interested in something other than herself. Even the tough guys were checking him out; their Jeff caps were actually above their eyes.

This was not normal. I came up for air long enough to hear Mr. Halverson talking about expectations. What he wanted from us. What he was prepared to do to show that science was more than just a bunch of facts. That man was giving the pitch any sales man would have been proud to deliver except that he was selling access to knowledge.

I looked around. There were 34 other students in the room. I was the last skeptic. I held out for another five minutes and somehow, he made me believe.

Mr. Halverson was a good as his word. There were no new science books so he photocopied our current science reading material. He didn’t use the old-timey 1950 science slide strips or movies. We generally started class with the daily science news and how we were involved or where this was going. A lot of what he provided came out of his paycheck or his imagination.

There were no prepackaged science lab kits or a list of experiments to perform. We made our science projects with whatever we had around the house. I am proud to say that a project of mine caught on fire. Or did it blow up? Anyway it was unintentional. He made me feel good about the importance of failure.

We learned many lessons but being prepared for what life brought you, even if unexpected, that was ultimately his biggest lesson.

Did we turn into perfect students? No. There was a constant effort made to get him off track just to hear him talk about the future. He was on to us fairly quick and suckered us back to the lesson of the day. We worked it out. I can’t remember anyone voluntarily cutting his class. And yes, he did have to kick us out at the end of the period.

The Big Pay Back

I needed to tell you this memory because what Mr. Halverson brought into the classroom, besides his enthusiasm and actual regard for his students, was that he paid for what little extra we had in class. Many teachers, past and present, make this kind of investment for their students. I know many teachers do this because they don’t want to hear the crap about not in the budget or it is not going to be appreciated.

I think that Mr. Halverson would want to remind his former students that he was serious about preparing for the future. He would tell the administrator that teachers shouldn’t have to subsidize classroom education (or parents either). I think he and I would be asking with a calculator in hand where exactly did all that money go and who is spending it?

Well, he knows I’d ask. Some things and people just don’t change.

I think he would want to know that the focus would be on the needs of the students first and everything else is structured in service of the student’s education. We never talked about that, but I don’t think he would object too much. It is what I observed from him and it worked so yeah, I’ll bring that forward on his behalf.

Moving Forward, Again.

Over the next year it will be important to keep an eye on the many STEM initiatives and funding. My skeptical side feels like there is a gold rush warming up. That is not necessarily a good or bad thing.

What is important is that education will change. It has to because an educated, inventive work force is one of the means any country stays competitive in a global market. Intel, Cisco Systems and other industry contributors know this and that is part of the reason they are forking up cash money and their talent to make this happen.

Ok, it is good for their future business too. Let me put it another way. Ask India and China if their investments in education are paying off. Where are your computer or credit card customer support calls going? When you buy apple juice is it made in Oregon, Brazil or China? Last week I discovered my apple juice came from China.

It isn’t like there isn’t a world of things to create, repair and restore. Besides movies and music what else can we bring to the world? It is not impossible but we do have to get started.

Different Voices About STEM

There are dozens of stakeholders who have or are making an investment in technology education.

The Project Tomorrow - Speak Up is one of those places where students, parents and teachers have really good ideas on what a contemporary school needs. You can view a video of high school students sharing what they feel would be helpful in a school situation. Stories From School has a great post on the reality of implementing a requirement that might increase the drop out rate. The Learning Out Loud blog does have a questions about the STEM focus.

The Public Broadcasting System is working to provide a variety of STEM projects. One of the ways they are involved is through the program SciGirls. The show is targeted to girls aged 11-14. There is also the STEM Resource Center for Teachers and, I would assume, home schooling parents to show how their current programming can be adapted for additional educational resources.

On the academic side, many institutions are presenting themselves as portals to STEM education. Mary Bart of Faculty Focus takes a look at African American, Native American and Hispanic colleges and universities to see how they are implementing STEM instruction as well as honoring their chartered educational missions. Teachers.TV and Classroom 2.0 look at the ways that collaborative learning among teachers and education professional can be supported and resources obtained both within and outside of the traditional structures.

The new tools and resources don’t always cost an arm and a leg. At eLearn Tools for STEM take a look at some of the resources that could be put into place such as equation writers, videos and screen recorders.

Cisco Systems is the main supporter of a conversation with educational leaders talking about leadership, mission and global education. GetSchooled is funded by Viacom and supported by a number of other corporations. The goal is to find ways to reduce the drop out rate.

I hope that I and my classmates have paid the investment forward or at least try too. It is never too late and around here all voices are welcomed.

Gena Haskett is a BlogHer CE. Blogs:Out On The Stoop and Create Video Notebook

          “My Soul Has Been Kissed” – The Power of the Pentatonic Scale   

A video has been traveling around since June 2009. It moves from ear to brain to eyes and then passed along to the next person. I’ve seen all kinds of words to describe it from “Wait, no you really should see this.” to “My soul has been kissed.” There are lessons in science, music, community, shared knowledge and perhaps just a little fun.

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.

If you made it to the end of the video you probably have sympathy for the gentleman sitting next to Bobby McFerrin. Professor Lawrence Parsons was asked the question "Larry, what the hell just happened here?" For his answer you can view video four on the session page.

Daniel Levitin was one of the participants of the panel. PRI’s The World Science talks with Daniel about the science cognitive aspect of music.

So is it really just a demonstration of auditory pattern recognition? Maybe. I know that when I watched it multiple thoughts were romping in my head.

When I first viewed the video I was a participant understanding what the next tone would be and I was pleased to find out that I'm not tone deaf. I loved that he demonstrated his point visually and physically.

Mr. McFerrin is a one of those undercover teachers who plants seeds of thought about how to express an idea. He is a conductor and performer so he also knows how to engaging a diverse audience.

I viewed the video a second time with the sound off. Yep, he is "conducting" or instructing the expectations of the audience. Bobby is also teaching what the pentatonic scale. And he conducts class in three minutes. Not to mention instant community building, uniting the group in a shared experience with a bit of pleasure and learning.

When all three come together there is a bit of magic. Music and the brain is one of those long term multifaceted discussion that are taking place in science, psychology and the arts. The Library of Congress hosted a hour long discussion with Michael Kubovy and Judith Shatin of the University of Virginia about the meaning of music beyond the sound properties.

It Takes Every Kind of People

To quote a lyric from a Robert Palmer song, it does take every kind of people. We all get different inspirations from patterns and music patterns are no exception.

Brenda Gael Smith from the Serendipity Patchwork used musical scales as an inspiration for a quilt and an audio composition.

Diana K. Gibson is a painter using DuMond color palette. She poses the question what if you looked at color patterns like a music scale.

In the past, many music lessons were culturally based on traditions. Some music instruction is faith based and others music patterns are a part of survival skills. Much of that environmental music training has been stripped away from us. It is really hard to compete with a generation of kids body linked to cell phones.

At Music Teacher Helper they look at the various ways music instruction can take place. One of those ways may be via video. There is an interview with Kathy Parsons who actually conducts piano classes via video.

So maybe there is hope. What lack of educational funding and the selling of process music stripped from us culturally might be replaced by easier accessibility to music instruction on our terms.

In the meantime, I think I need more observation of this pentatonic scale vibe so I'm going to study up with bit with a classic from Salt and Pepper's Expression. I also need the cognitive inspiration I get from hearing the lyrics.

Gena Haskett is a BlogHer CE. Blogs:Out On The Stoop and Create Video Notebook

          Re: Mautner Family Tree   
Anybody out there doing research on my part of the Mautner clan? This family includes:

*William Mautner born 1856 in Barcs, Hungary (died 1892)

*His wife, Fanny Miller/Muller Mautner born 1856 Tarany, Hungary (died 1944 in Los Angeles)

*Their 12 children, including William (my grandfather), Rose Mautner Gyarmati, Sigmund, Joseph, Euqene, Bertha, Ilka and Gisella? All 12 children were born in Barcs or Tarany.

I'd love to hear from you....
Dear Terry:

I hope the little knowledge I have will be of help to you.

My great grandfather is Ignatz Mautner. I am told he was born in Czechloslovakia and moved and married in Austria. His first wife died and he remarried. I do not know which wife was first but here are the names;
Jettie Mautner born Okt. 14, 1865 and Henrietta Lederer. Ignatz came to the U.S (via England) in 1894. He resided in Chicago, IL and bore seven children ... Florence, Milton, Harry, Harold, Joe, and Arthur. Harry, Harold, and Milton remained in Chicago while Florence, Joe, and Arthur later resided in Los Angeles. Milton was my grandfater (now deceased). He had two children - Milton Jr., and Lorraine. Milton Jr. is my father who resides in Sarasota, Fla. with my mother. I still live in the Chicago area. Please let me know if this information is of help. Good luck.

Joanne (Mautner) Renaghan
Dear Beate:

I hope you are a relative. I will be happy to give you the information that I have.

My great grandfather's name is Ignatz Mautner. I have been told that he was born in Czechloslovakia but moved to Austria and married. His first wife died and he remarried so I am not sure who was first and who was second but here are the names; Mrs. Jettie Mautner born Okt. 14, 1865 (I don't know her maiden name) and Henrietta Lederer.
Ignatz came to the United States (via England) in 1894. He resided in Chicago, Illinois and had seven children; Florence, Milton, Harry, Harold, Joe, and Arthur. Joe and Arthur (now deceased) resided later in life in Los Angeles, Calif. Milton Mautner lived in Chicago and had two children, Milton Jr., and Lorraine. My father is Milton Jr. He is still alive and resides in Florida with my mother. I still live in Illinois. Please let me know if this helps you.

Dear Laurie:

I will tell you what I know and hope it is of help to you. My great grandfather, Ignatz Mautner, was born in Czechloslovakia but moved to Austria where he married. He came to the U.S. (via England) in 1894. He had seven children: Florence, Milton, Harry, Harold, Joe, and Arthur. Ignatz resided in Chicago, Illinois and his son Milton was my grandfather. Milton had two children; Milton Mautner, Jr. born Oct. 16, 1923 and Lorraine who was younger. Joe and Arthur resided in Los Angeles until their death and Harry and Harold resided in Chicago until their death. My parents retired and are living in Sarasota, Fla. I still live in the Chicago area. Let me know if this is of any help.

Dear William:

I will tell you what I know. My great grandfather was Ignatz Mautner born somewhere in Czechloslovakia and he married a woman from Austria. His first wife died and he remarried. His wive's names were Henrietta Lederer and Jettie ?? born Okt 14, 1865. Ignatz came to America (via England)and resided in Chicago, IL. He had seven children; Florence, Milton, Harry, Harold, Joe, and Arthur. Joe and Art lived in Los Angeles. Milton was my grandfather. He had two children; Milton Mautner, Jr. and Lorraine. Milton Jr. is my father who is still living and is retired in Sarasota, Fla. I still live in Illinois. I hope this helps you. Please let me know if it does.

          New Virmach Special

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          Harper | Morey goes to Take 2 for putting another star next to Harden   
Houston Rockets guard James Harden, right, drives as Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Wednesday, March 1, 2017. The Rockets won 122-103. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)

Four years ago, Daryl Morey brought Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets to be James Harden’s running mate. After acquiring Harden from Oklahoma City and unleashing his talents into NBA stardom, Morey knew he had his first superstar in the puzzle. But one superstar doesn’t cut it anymore in today’s NBA. The scouting and strategy […]

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          Report | Clippers waive Paul Pierce   
Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul Pierce shoots around prior to an NBA basketball game against the Dallas Mavericks in Los Angeles, Calif., on Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015.

The Los Angeles Clippers have waived veteran forward Paul Pierce on Wednesday, according to Shams Charania of The Vertical. Pierce had already decided that his 19-year NBA career would come to a close at the conclusion of the 2016-17 season, with his release merely becoming a formality. The Los Angeles Clippers have waived Paul Pierce, […]

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          Lakers pick up option of David Nwaba   

The Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday announced that they have exercised their team option for the 2017-18 season on 24-year-old guard David Nwaba. The team had until Thursday to decide whether to keep the guard, or let him walk in free agency. Back in March, the two parties agreed to a multiyear contract. Nwaba has made […]

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          Reports: Los Angeles Clippers to trade Chris Paul to Houston Rockets   
SiriusXM NBA Radio reacts to the blockbuster trade sending CP3 to Houston.
          TV, films turning to young girls for their new action stars   
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- From the murderous Laura in &quot;Logan&quot; to the mysterious Eleven in &quot;Stranger Things&quot; to the audacious determination of Mija in &quot;Okja,&quot; opening Wednesday, powerful young girls are starring in mainstream action fare like never before....
          Film academy invites Leslie Jones, Dwayne Johnson, Riz Ahmed   
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The film academy is inviting 774 new members to join its ranks, including actors Leslie Jones, Dwayne Johnson, Riz Ahmed, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris....
          R2-D2 droid used in Star Wars films sells for $2.76m   
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An R2-D2 unit that was used in several &quot;Star Wars&quot; films has sold at auction for nearly $3 million....
          Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jason Statham welcome a baby boy   
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It&apos;s a boy for model-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her fiancé, Jason Statham....
          The Steve Miller Guitar Collection - For Sale at the Music Zoo.   
Some people call him the space cowboy yeah, 
Some call him the gangster of love, 
Some people call him Maurice, 
'Cause he speaks of the pompitous of love. 

Steve Miller
Over the years, guitarist, singer, and songwriter Steve Miller has amassed a collection of more than 450 guitars. The Music Zoo in Long Island, New York is selling about 25 instruments from his collection. Most notably are his Les Paul guitars.

Miller with Les Paul

Steve Miller gets his affection for Les Paul honestly since Les was his godfather.

Miller’s father was a jazz aficionado who met Les in 1948 when Les Paul and Mary Ford were playing at a Milwaukee jazz club. Dr. George Miller aka Sonny asked Les Paul if he would mind if he recorded his show on his tape recorder. (In addition to being a pathologist, Dr. Miller was a recording engineer).

Afterward, Les listened to the recording with Sonny and Bertha Miller and a friendship developed. It is worth noting that Steve's mother, Bertha, was a gifted jazz singer.) In fact Les and Mary spent the night at the Miller’s house.

As early as age 4, Les Paul encouraged Steve Miller to play guitar. The two men maintained contact with each other up though Les' passing.

Miller LP Recording
One of the first items to be sold was Miller’s 1976 Les Paul Recording guitar. Though this guitar never became a hit with players, it was an instrument that Les Paul personally designed and was one of his favourites.

This guitar featured low impedance pickups for recording that could changed to high impedance with the flip of a switch. These low impedance pickups were Les’ ticket to getting all those guitar overdubs back in the early days of multi-track recording.

By bouncing from track to track, the original signal dissipates with each successive pass. This does not happen with a low impedance signal.

The guitar could get a sound like a Rickenbacker, or back it off and it sounded like Wes Montgomery’s Gibson L-5.

Les Paul's personal
Recording Model
Les’ own Gibson Recording guitar sold at auction for $180,000 after his death. The buyer must have known it was Les’ favourite guitar.

In addition to Steve Miller's Les Paul Recording guitar, the Music Zoo is offering twenty-five of Miller’s personal instruments for sale to the public, and some are being sold at a very reasonable price.

Miller's 3 Eric Clapton Beano Les Pauls
Miller is parting with several replicas from the 2010 limited run of Eric Clapton’s famous 1959 Gibson “Beano” Les Paul. Clapton used this guitar when he played with The Blues Breakers.

Blues  Breaker cover -Clapton with Beano comic
The cover photo of LP, Blues Breakers With John Mayall, features a young Clapton reading The Beano comic book. The Beano was a popular collection of comic strips that was available in the U.K. and is still in publication. Guitarists knew about the Les Paul that Clapton used during this era, hence the name. Unfortunately the original Beano guitar was stolen in 1966.

Les Paul Beano

Since then Gibson’s custom shop has made some replicas. Miller’s four Gibson Beano Les Pauls range from an asking price of $10,000 to $30,000 USD.

The Joker

There are also two Miller “Joker” Standard black Stratocasters for sale at $5,000

The Joker

Each guitar has a harlequin-like representation of The Joker on their bodies.

Four other Fender Stratocasters are offered.

Children of the Future

One is called Children of the Future. This was a guitar has a unique design on the front that is based on the cover of Miller’s Children of the Future LP.

Museum Stratocaster

The other strat is a Fender Museum American Standard model in Olympic White with a maple neck and is autographed by other guitarists. Etched in the top of the body is the Fender Museum logo.

Miller Stratocaster

The third strat is a black Fender of unspecified vintage. It has a maple neck and the body is tastefully bedecked with a white/black emblem from the end of the bridge unit to the back of the guitar, and an orange Fender sticker that says “I’m a Champion” with Steve Miller’s autograph.

Bolin Stratocaster
The fourth Stratocaster style guitar that was made by John Bolin guitars of Boise Idaho. The body one this instrument is finished in white, and the neck is made of birdseye maple. There is no logo on the headstock.

There are only two acoustic instruments being offered. Both guitars are 12 string models made by Martin.

Martin J-12 40e

One is a Martin Grand J-12 40E, that has a bound neck, and headstock, and lovely rosette work. The top is made of solid Sitka spruce, while the bookmatched back, and sides are solid east indian rosewood. The Martin logo is inlaid in abalone in the headstock. At $5,000 it is a bargain.

Martin J-12SO
The other Martin is a 12 string Martin Sing J-12SO 60th Anniversary Pete Seeger model baritone guitar meant to be tuned from low to high C. This guitar was based on Pete’s personal 12 string guitar made by luthier G. Stanley Francis of Liverpool, UK, that had unusual pickguards. The top is solid Sitka spruce, while the back and sides are east Indian rosewood. The 27.5” scale neck is made of mahogany with an ebony fretboard. The headstock veneer appears to be made of polished ebony with Seeger’s signature and his sketch of a banjo. It is also selling at $5,000.

Vallee electric
The most unusual instrument being offered is Miller’s 5-string electric mandolin that was made by Joe Vallee. This electric mandolin has a unique shape and comes with a single lipstick pickup and a tune-o-matic bridge. The instruments top is a lovely red-orange burst, while the back shows the natural wood patina. The fitted neck is made of three pieces. Because of the mandolins unusual shape, instead of a case, it comes with a padded “Wilson” brand tennis racket soft case.

Bolin Pegasus
Miller’s collection includes one archtop, jazz style model, which was made by Bolin guitars. It is called The Pegasus. The top appears to be spruce, with maple used for the sides, back, and neck. The “F” holes are done in an unusual Pegasus design. This guitar has twin EMG pickups with one volume and two tone controls. The bound maple neck is topped with a rosewood fretboard with unique position markers. The headstock shape is also quite unique and topped with birdseye maple veneer. The strings go over and ebony bridge with adjustable saddles and are attached to an ebony violin style tailpiece.


Miller's collection includes two other Bolin model. This one is in the shape of a Gibson ES-335. The bound top is flamed maple that is book matched with a sunburst style. The guitar includes two humbucking pickups, with only a single volume and tone control, plus a selector switch. The bound back is equally impressive with book matched flamed maple. The flamed maple neck has a single skunk stripe. It is offered at $5,000.

Bolin Les Paul Style Guitar
The other is a gorgeous Les Paul style guitar in a cherry sunburst finish with Seymour Duncan 50th Anniversary pickups. It is priced at $5,000.

2011 Lou Pallo

Another one of Miller's Gibson Les Paul is available for $5,000. This is a 2011 Lou Pallo Signature model. It has a beautiful black top and a natural back. Lou Pallo was the guitarist that played in the Les Paul Trio.

Gibson EDS-1275

The Miller collection includes not one, but two Gibson EDS-1275’s, The first custom shop double six 12 string has an all white finish. It is wired in the same manner as Don Felder of the Eagles had his guitar wired, and is even autographed by Felder on the back of the headstock and numbered. It comes with a certificate and a copy of sheet music for Hotel California that is signed by Felder.

Gibson EDS-1275

The other EDS-1275 is a 2008 custom shop version of the famous double neck used by Jimmy Page on Stairway to Heaven. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and is one of 250 instruments produced. Both double necks come with the original hard-shell cases.

Gibson Les Paul Jr.

Steve Miller is also offering his White Les Paul Jr that was made by Gibson’s custom shop.

Aside from the Clapton Beano replica Les Paul’s, Miller has three other excellent Les Paul guitars.

Pearly Gates LP

Two of them are Gibson Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates Les Paul guitars with VOS (vintage original spec) nitrocellulose finishes.

Pearly Gates LP

Both are 2009 models that were produced in limited editions from Gibson’s custom shop and are replicas of the Reverend Gibbons famous 1959 Les Paul right down to the exact neck profile. Both guitars contain twin Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups with vintage hardware.

Haynes LP
The final Les Paul is a Gibson custom shop recreation of Warren Hayne’s 1958 Les Paul in what is described as “Haynes-burst”, which is a faded out cherry sunburst finish that has been faithfully  recreated on this instrument. The guitar is autographed by Haynes on the back of the headstock.

It features all the changes that Warren Haynes included on his own instrument. The frets come over the binding, which most professional luthiers and guitar techs would frown upon, but this is Haynes’ preference.

The pointer under the controls lay flat against the body, and this instrument is equipped with Gibson’s CAE sound-unity gain buffer, which keeps the levels consistent on both pickups when raising or lowering volume. The Haynes Les Paul is equipped with twin Burstbucker pickups.

Asher Tele style

The final guitar offered from the MIller collection is a black 2010 Asher Telecaster style guitar. This is a custom made guitar from Los Angeles luthier Bill Asher. The body is made of alder and the 22 fret neck is Birdseye maple, with a six on a side headstock. The pickups are hand wound Asher T-blade models. It features a Glendale bridge and chrome hardware. It is offered at $3,500 USD.

Click on the links under the pictures for sources. Click the links in the text for additional information.

©UniqueGuitar Publications (text only)

          Double Neck Guitars   
The first multi-neck guitars were more than likely harp guitars. These instruments sometimes had an additional neck used to attach the bass strings, harp or sympathetic string and the tuning pegs.  
The earliest example of a true double neck guitar is from the year 1690. A guitar of that era, small by today’s standards, was built by luthier Alexandre Voboam of Paris. This unique guitar had a smaller sized guitar jutting out of the instruments lower portion. Both guitars/necks had five courses of gut strings; however the smaller guitar/neck was tuned to a higher pitch. This allowed the player to play in a low key or a high key and use similar fingerings.

Harp guitars and other multi-neck instruments were not produced on a large scale until the late 19th Century. These were instruments that allowed an individual player the ability to produce a much broader sound due to the addition of bass strings or sympathetic strings. 

The sympathetic stringswere not strummed or plucked, but naturally made sound based on the vibrations of the fingered strings.  There were few mandolin/guitar combinations produced in this era that allowed the player to change instruments during a song or saved them from having to carry two different instruments. Plus a double neck guitar looks great on stage.

One impetus that may have caused the creation of double neck guitars was the rise of interest in the steel or Hawaiian guitar.  

During the late 18th Century, Spanish speaking Mexican cowboys arrived in Hawaii bringing with them their guitars. The arrival of the guitar in Hawaiicould also be attributed to missionaries. 

Hawaiians took to the instrument andmade the guitar their own by tuning it differently and often to open chords.  

As the years progressed, we can turn to the early 20th Century when Hawaiian music became popular inthe United States

During this fad, guitar companies including Martin built instruments that were meant to be played on a persons lap. Instead of fingering chords and notes these guitars were played by use of a metal bar pressed against the strings.  It wasn’t too long before the lap steel became electrified.

Since a lap steel player was limited to keys within the open chord which the instrument was tuned, the obvious answer was to add another neck that was tuned to a different chord. By the 1920’s and 1930’s folks like Alvino Rey were playing multi neck electric steel guitars with popular orchestras. Rey had Gibson Guitars build a double neck steel guitar for him and not long after he was playing three and four necksteel guitars.

During the era of World War II, much of the guitar building business was halted as manufacturers turned their attention and fabrication to building weapons and vehicles for the United States armed forces.  

By the end of the war, Leo Fender had his own radio and television business in California.  He also repaired guitar amplifiers. 

It was not long before he realized a profit could be made by building amplifiers forthe electric steel guitar players from nearby Los Angeles and the surrounding area.  He teamed up with his friend, Clayton “Doc” Kauffmann who had worked for Rickenbacker Guitars. The two men began designing and building steel guitars, and electronic pickups.  

Traveling musicians stopped by and provided ideas of their needs. Fender went on to build two and three neck steel guitars, before turning attention to the electric Spanish guitar.

Meanwhile in another part of California, motorcycle enthusiast, Paul Bigsby, was casting his own parts for his bike. He began building his own version of the electric Spanish guitar. Though his instruments may have looked like solid body instruments, they were actually hollow to hold the wiring. Bigsby also built a vibrato unit that gave players an added dimension to their sound. His version of the guitar vibrato was built out of motorcycle parts including piston springs.

Guitarist Grady Martin asked Bigsby to build him a guitar that also had a mandolin-like neck. What resulted was an instrument which had a guitar neck, with three pickups and a Bigsby vibrato and a smaller neck with six individual strings tuned an octave higher. It wasn't a mandolin, as the strings were individual and not in courses, but itdid give Martin a unique sound

Apparently Grady Martin’s Bigsby Double Neck was not the first that Paul Bigsby built. He built at least six double neck instruments. In those days, production records were at best sketchy.

$266 K Bigsby

It is worth noting that recently a 1949 Bigsby guitar sold at auction for over a quarter of a million dollars.

One of Bigsby’s employee’s was Semie Moseley. This is the same Semie 
Moseley that went into business in a Bakersfield Californiagarage, building his own brand and naming it Mosrite Guitars. 

Around this same time, the early 1950’s, Joe Maphis was a popular Country and Western guitarist and was a regular performer on a television show produced out of Los Angeles called TownHall Party. Maphis’ style was playing blazing fast arpeggios on the guitar. 
Semie Moseley struck up a friendship with Joe Maphis and his wife Rose. Rose Maphis played rhythm guitar with her husband.  Moseley built several beautiful personalized double neck guitars for Maphis. He even took Rose’s Martin guitar and customized it with a handmade Mosrite neck and he added a fancy large pickguard to the dreadnoughts body.

The exposure Maphis brought to Mosrite guitars paid off big time. A similar double neck instrument was custom made for pint-sized Larry Collins who was Maphis’ protégé and could match Joe note for note. All of the early double neck guitars Semie Moseley made had a guitar neck and an octave guitar neck.

Moseley did create one triple neck guitar in 1954. This instrument included a guitar neck, an octave guitar neck and a mandolin neck. 
While on that subject, it is possible that Doc Kauffmann, who was Leo Fender’s long time business partner might have built a triple neck guitar under the brand Kremo Kustom. It is known that Kauffmann didbuild some guitars using that brand name.
Another builder was a South Carolina fellow named Pee Wee Melton. He built a triple neck guitar for himself, but later sold it to Johnny Meeks. Meeks claim to fame was as one of the guitarist who played for Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps. It was an attention-getter. Meeks eventually sold the guitar to Vincent. 

But here I am digressing from the topic of double neck guitars.

In the mid 1960’s when Semie Moseley’s Mosrite Guitar Company was doing a brisk business, the company did offer a production twelve/six string double neck guitar for sale to the public. This guitar featured a twelve string neck on the guitars top and a six string neck underneath. Both sported twin Mosrite single coil pickups with black covers. The twelve string utilized Mosrite’s version of tune-o-matic bridge and the strings were anchored onto a chromed bar held into the body by three wood screws. 

The six string neck featured Mosrite’s classic vibramute vibrato. The necks had micro-dot position markers on the rosewood fretboard. All Mosrites had a zero fret. These guitars were offered in various colors, with the most popular being sunburst.

Hallmark Guitars are stillin business. This company was started by Joe Hall. This story about Hall’s relationship with Semie Moseley is very interesting. He had asked Semie to build him a guitar. Somehow Hall wound up working at Mosrite and learned to build guitars using Semie’s methods.

Joe Hall left Moseley’s employment and building guitars under his own brand, that bore Mosrite traits. Hall’s most popular model was called the Swept Wing. 

I do not know how many double necks he built. This guitar was specially built for Deke Dickerson.

After Moseley and Bigsby’s creations, it was not too long before other guitar companies began to eyeball the prospect of making double neck guitars.

One of the first that I came across was Carvin Guitars of California. Lowell C. Kiesel’s company first offered double necked electric guitars in their 1959 catalog. Long before the internet this company based their sales on catalogs. They still do. I recall ordering a Carvin catalog around 1963. What I received was a very plain document with black and white pictures of the guitars, guitar kits and amplifiers that Carvin offered. 

I also received a typewritten page of price updates. During the early days of Carvin some of the guitars featured necks and bodies made by the Hofner Company of Germany.

Their first double neck offering was a guitar and bass. The necks were the same length, so the bass was short scale. The body was made of maple. The guitar had twin single coil pickups that were about the size of P-90’s, while the bass had just one pickup. 

Their other double neck was a guitar and an eight string mandolin combination that came with a similar set up. These guitars were very plain and had a natural finish. The small bodies on these guitars were unusual  

These styles were offered through 1967.

By 1968, the Carvin double neck had more of a guitar shaped body with necks probably imported from Hofner. By 1971, the guitar neck was similar, but the bass neck had a more refined headstock. In 1972, Carvin changed the shape of the twelve/six model.   
It was in 1976 that the Carvin double neck guitar had a body that looked more like a small Les Paul. The necks were bound and topped with an ebony fretboard. The large rectangular position markers were made of mother-of-toilet seat. The humbucking pickups came with a chrome cover. The 1978 catalog shows a similar body with open humbucking pickups. 

These instruments looked more like the guitars that we now associate with the Carvin Company. 

By 1979 the double neck was no longer offered. By 1980, the double neck was back with a new improved shape.  

In 1990-91 Carvin offered a twelve/six model. Both had pointy headstocks and tuner on one side. By 199, Carvin discontinued their line of double neck guitars as a standard option.
Jimmy Bryant was a well known guitarist in the 1950’s.  Much like Maphis, Bryant’s style was fast, but more in the jazz and swing realm. Early on Bryant was one of the first Fender endorsers playing a Fender Broadcaster. But he was looking for a new sound and came upon a guitar builder from Springfield Missourithat was building guitars under the name Stratosphere Guitar Company.  

They built a Six and Twelve String double neck for Bryant. He used this guitar throughout his career. The Stratosphereguitar was rather unusual looking. It sported the maple twelve string neck on top and the maple six string neck underneath. Oddly, the headstocks for both necks were slotted. The body was offset and small. There were two single coil pickups for each neck. The neck pickups were parallel and the bridge pickups were slightly slanted. 

Both necks had steel offset bridges and stop plates to attach the strings. A switch was near the stop plates that allowed the player to switch the necks on or off. There were two sets of controls, volume and tone for each neck as well as selector switches. There is also a slider switch on the lower side of the instrument.  

Bryant tuned the six string neck in a normal manner; however, he tuned the twelve string neck to major and minor thirds.

1958 was a risky year for Gibson guitars. This was the year they introduced their ‘Future guitars’ lineup which included the Flying Vee, the Explorer and the elusive Futurama. But Gibson spotted the double neck trend and jumped into the market with two different double neck guitars.

The first was called the Double Twelve. This was later designated the EDS-1275 (Electric Double Spanish.) 

The Double Twelve was a beautiful instrument. The body on these instruments was different than the SG shape we associate with the EDS-1275. The Double Twelve came with two humbucking pickups per neck. 

A switch near the bridge plate provided the option of switching the electronics to either neck. The electronics were two volume and two tone controls and a pickup selector switch that controlled the pickups on either neck. The twelve string neck was on top with the six string neck on the bottom. In my opinion this was possibly the finest looking of all the twelve string double necks. The double cutaway body was thicker than the SG and it was bound in white trim.

The company also offered the Double Mandolin. This later was named the EMS-1275 (Electric Mandolin Spanish). This was similar to the double necks that Moseley and Bigsby had made in that it came with a guitar neck and an octave guitar neck. The guitar neck sported twin humbuckers, while the mandolin neck only had a single humbucker. Once again, the body shape was much different than the SG shape. 

The controls for each neck were mounted on the lower bout under each neck. Both featured a single volume and tone control per neck. The switches were mounted near the string stop plate. The one for the guitar side controlled the neck and bridge pickups, while the switch mounted near the octave guitar neck controlled which neck was active. This instruments body was also bound in white trim.

1965 EDS 1275
It was in 1962-63 both of these double neck instruments were reinvented using the SG shape. Gibson also added EBS-1250 to the line up. This was a combination of a six string guitar and a four string bass guitar. The bass guitar came with a built-in fuzztone. This line up was offered through 1967, with the double bass being offered through 1968.
The EDS-1275 was revived in 1974 and offered through 1998. The Nashville factory continued to build the EDS-1275 through 2003. The Gibson Custom Shop began building the EDS-1275 in 2006. 

The Epiphone version has been available for many years under the model G-1275. I believe the initial models sold under the Epiphone brand had bolt-on necks. The current production model comes with set necks.

1963 Danelectro

Nate Daniels had been building amps since 1948. His amplifiers were mainly sold through catalog companies such as Sears and Roebuck and Montgomery Wards. 

It was not until 1956 that he introduced the Danelectro line of guitars. 

Danelectro entered the double neck market with its 1959 advertisement of Stan and Dan; two clean-cut young men of the day both decked out with white shirts, Hagar slacks and DanelectroShorthorn double neck guitars. The top neck was a six string guitar and the bottom neck was a bass guitar. 

While the guitar was a normal 24.75” scale with 21 frets, the bass had a short scale of 29.5” with only 15 frets. The Danelectro double neck was also available as a six string guitar and six string baritone guitar. 

As usual, both necks had two Dano lipstick pickups. 

The Masonite Danelectros lasted until 1966 when Daniels sold the company.  In 1998 the company was resurrected under new ownership. This company made guitars through 2001.  They offered two versions of the double neck. One was a six/twelve string model and the other was a six string guitar and a six string baritone guitar. Both were nice instruments with a great price. 

Danelectro guitars looked cheap, but sounded great and were used on countless recordings.

In 1961 Gretsch Guitars was looking for new ideas and came up with the Gretsch Bikini Guitar. This was one very odd concept. It was sold as a guitar or a bass guitar or as a double neck bass and guitar. The neck/pickup/bridge unit was mounted so it could slide out of the body. The body had a hinged back and could be folded down the middle. The player could fold back the body of the separate instruments and combine them into a double neck. This was one of those gems that looked good in theory, but was not at all practical.

This is a Gretsch Anniversary double neck. Gretsch currently offers a guitar/baritone guitar doubleneck.

After the British Invasion a flood of Japanese and Korean made guitars arrived in the United States. As you may have guessed some of these were double neck guitars. Greco/Kawai was a Korean manufacturer. This is a 1968 Bass/Guitar double neck.
This is a 1970 Aria copy of a Gibson double neck.

I have noted that some early Carvin guitars were made of Hofner parts. Note the similarity between this Hofner double neck from the very early 1970’s and Carvin’s double neck of the same era.
Another German guitar manufacturer named Hoyer built this 1970’s model.

Rickenbacker built and offered several models of double neck guitars including a bass/six string using their 4001 template and a twelve/six string using their 360 design.
The B.C. Rich, Ibanez and Kramer guitar companies have all built special order guitars for artists, such as Eddie Van Halen, Michael Angleo Batio, and Dave Mustaine. 

Often these guitars have two six string necks and are played by using the tapping method.
There were and are a few companies that make acoustic double neck guitars. For years Ovation guitars offered a twelve/six model. This is now made offshore under their Celebrity brand.

1979 Yairi DY 87

Around 1979 Yairi guitars offered the model DY 87. This was a wonderful guitar. It sounds great and very easy on the fingers. 

In the late 1990's, the Washburn Guitar Company offered a twelve / six string guitar designated the model EA220 six/twelve string guitar in
their Festival Series.

I have recently profiled Blueberry Guitars. They make some fine instruments with intricate inlay and wood carving designs. All their guitars are handmade. 

They offer several double neck models which include a six / twelve string guitar, a double neck with two six string necks and fan frets, as well as a six string / 4 string acoustic bass guitar. Blueberry does not sell it’s instruments in stores. Business is done only online. 

A group of player with  their
Terry Neil McArrthur Double necks

Terry Neil McArthur is a luthier that has been around for a while building double neck guitars in the style of Semie Moseley. He has built instruments for many, many players including Deke Dickerson. He sure makes some beautiful handmade guitars.

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Here is a Martin Double Neck Guitar made by their custom shop.

The clip below will give a better understanding of Jimmy Bryants odd 12 string tuning on his Stratosphere double neck. On the 12 string neck each string has two pitches that mimic the sound of two guitars. A guitarist today could use a harmonizer for the same effect. In 1956 that technology did not exist.

          James Jamerson's 1961 Fender Precision Bass Auction   
1961 P Bass

A bass guitar owned and played by Motown legend James Jamerson will be up for auction later this month. This is the instrument was not the original that Jamerson played during his years with Motown’s Funk Brothers, as the label’s go-to session bass player. It is apparently a second bass that he owned. It is a 1961 Fender Precision Bass.

'57 Black Beauty

Jamerson’s first electric bass was a 1957 Precision Bass, refinished in black, with a gold-anodized pickguard and maple fretboard, which he nicknamed "Black Beauty". That bass was a gift from his fellow bass player Horace "Chili" Ruth. It was eventually stolen.

Jamerson with '62 Funk Machine
His most famous bass guitar was the 1962 Fender Precision Bass which was he dubbed "The Funk Machine." This Fender bass had a three-tone sunburst finish, a tortoiseshell pickguard, rosewood fretboard and chrome pickup and bridge covers. The bridge cover contained a piece of foam used to dampen sustain and some overtones, which was standard to the models of that era.

Jamerson with 1962 Fender P Bass

Jamerson had carved the word “Funk” on the the heel of the instrument. He typically set its volume and tone knobs on full. Sadly this bass was also stolen sometime in 1983 at a time when he was in the hospital and dying.

1961 Fender P Bass
Jamerson had lent his second 1961 bass to his aforementioned friend, Horace “Chili” Ruth sometime in 1967 or 1968  at a time when Ruth needed a bass. Jamerson never asked him to return it, so it has been in his procession ever since.

Jamerson left Detroit and moved to Los Angeles when Motown Records moved their headquarters to California. Apparently the bass was forgotten by Jamerson.

This bass is being offered by Heritage Auctions, with bidding starting on May 29th. The official dates are June 17th and 18th. There is a $12,000 premium. Click the link to register.

The bass is completely original. Only one of the La Bella strings has been replaced.

Jamerson is one of the best known and most influential electric bass players of all time. He was inducted posthumously into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. His playing can be heard on at least 30 Number 1 hit recordings and more than 70 R&B hit recordings.

Jamerson's bass

Jamerson started his career by playing in Detroit clubs and later found session work with the Motown Record Company. He began by playing string bass, but switched to electric bass during the 1960’s.

Funk Brothers, Jamerson  in the back

As mentioned before, James Jamerson was part of a core group of Motown Session player that came to be known as The Funk Brothers. In addition to session work, he sometimes toured with the artists. Though the musicians did not receive credit on the singles or albums for their work until sometime in the 1970’s,

Jamerson with Marvin Gaye

Jamerson’s playing can be found on such hits as Just Like Romeo and Juliet, You Can’t Hurry Love, My Girl, Shotgun, For Once In My Life, I Was Made To Love Her.

Jamerson in the studio

That is him playing the bass lines on  Going to a Go-Go, Dancing In The Street, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, What’s Going On, Reach Out, I’ll Be There, and Bernadette. When Motown ended in 1973, Jamerson performed on such songs as Neither One Of Us, Boogie Down, Boogie Fever, You Don’t Have To Be A Star, and Heaven Must Have Sent You.

Jamerson's Obituary
James Jamerson played on albums by Robert Palmer, Dennis Cofey, Al Wilson, Smokey Robinson, Ben E. King and many others. When bass styles changed, Jamerson, who was a pioneer, found himself out of work. His 1983 death was attributed to liver failure, resultant from alcoholism.

Jamerson with '62 Funk Machine
On his Fender Precision bass, Jamerson favored La Bella heavy-guage flatwound strings (.052 - .110). He never replaced these strings unless they broke. He did not take particularly good care of his instruments. In fact he once said, “The gunk keeps the funk.” He believed this improved the quality of the tone.

It was suggested to Jamerson that he switch to brighter sounding roundwound strings, but he declined.

Jamerson with Funk Machine

In an interesting 2015 article from the Talkbass forum titled, James Jamerson's Funk Machine - Wrong Year, the editor of Bass Magazine and a reader discuss the fact that the famous Funk Machine may not be a 1962 Fender Precision bass, but rather a model created between 1964 and 1967, based on the transition logo decal, created in 1964, and the pearloid dot fret markers.

Bridge Cover Foam Mute
Another indicator that it may be a bass made later than 1962 is the foam mute pad under the bridge cover. These were not introduced until 1963. Prior to that the mutes were made of felt.

Jamerson on upright bass

When playing upright bass, he used his index finger to pluck the strings. On electric and acoustic bass, he favoured utilizing open strings. This technique helped give his playing a fluid feel. He subsequently got the nickname; The Hook.

On studio recordings James Jamerson plugged directly into the mixing console. He adjusted the console so his sound was slightly overdriven. The tubes in the mixer gave him a little compression. 

Jamerson with Ampeg B-15 amp

When he played in clubs he used an Ampeg B-15 amplifier with an older Kustom speaker cabinet loaded with twin 15” speakers and covered in blue Naugahyde. He always played with the volume control turned up fully and the treble control turned only half way up.

Click on the links below the pictures for the sources and the links in the text for additional information. For a real treat, click on the links on any of the songs mentioned to hear some of the best Motown music ever recorded.

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          B.C Rich Guitars   
Bernardo C. Rico
One of the most unusual guitars that I ever played was also one of the best guitars I’ve ever played. This was an original B.C. Rich Seagull built back in the mid 1970’s when Bernie Rico and his staff were making them in his Los Angeles shop. That guitar was expensive, but it played and sounded like a dream.

Bernardo Chavez Rico aka Bernie learned about guitars from his father. Bernardo, or Bernie, was an accomplished Flamenco guitarist.

His father, Bernardo Mason Rico had purchased the store from Candelas Brothers guitar shop. The Candelas Guitar store is a legend all to itself. The store was re-christened Bernardo’s Guitar Shop.

Although Bernardo Senior was not a luthier, he was a business man. And he hired luthiers and craftsmen to do the work. It was from these men that Bernie learned his craft. The shop offered Flamenco and Classical guitars along with other stringed instruments.

'71 Rico acoustic
Many of their original guitars were made of bodies imported from Mexico which the workers sanded, finished, stained, and painted before offering them for sale. As the years rolled on, The Folk Music Craze of the early 1960’s changed the focus of the shop from nylon string instruments to steel string acoustic guitars. These were handmade using choice materials such as Brazilian rosewood, Sitka spruce, Honduran mahogany, and ebony.

Around 1968 Bernie made his first electric solid body guitar and topped it with a Fender neck.

1974 Rico Bass
This guitar and subsequent attempts had Les Paul shaped bodies. He also made bass guitars with a design based on the Gibson EB-3.

1974 B.C. Rich Seagull

Within four years Rico and a fellow employee named Bob Hall came up with the original Seagull design. By 1974 this became their first offering. Another employee named Mal Stich, inadvertently answered the phone one day by saying, “B.C. Rich”, instead of “Bernardo’s Guitar Shop”. The name stuck. Bernie Rich’s goal was to make a production line guitar with custom shop quality.

By 1977 the retail price was just under $1000 USD. But they were scarce.

The music store I frequented back in those days had 2 B.C. Rich guitars; the Seagull and the Mockingbird. Both guitars were excellent.

'74 Seagull
Oddly enough the Seagull was based on a wooden toilet seat. The body and neck were made of mahogany with neck-thru construction. The body had an exaggerated cutaway that ended in a sharp point. On the top side of the body between the upper and lower bouts was a sharp point. Rich used a Badass bridge/saddle unit. The guitar had twin humbucking pickups and the electronics were designed by Neal Moser. These included an active preamp, a Varitone control, a phase switch, coil taps, and master volume and tone controls.

'74 Seagull with Gibson pickups

At first the pickups were made by Gibson. This is because B.C. Rich guitars were originally distributed by L.D. Heater, which was a subsidiary of Gibson. This allowed them to obtain Gibson parts. However due the fact that Rich was utilizing coil taps and phase reversal on each model each Gibson pickup needed to be dissembled to be reconfigured to use four wires then put back together.

Eventually Gibson realized their pickups were being used by a competitor and put a halt to the practice.

Later models used Guild pickups, until Rich contacted Larry DiMarzio and asked if his company could produce a four wire model. From that point on B.C. Rich guitars and basses used DiMarzio pickups.

1976 B.C. Rich Eagle
The next instrument was the Eagle, which also had the neck-through-body construction and was made entirely of mahogany.. Early models included the three-on-a-side headstock, an unbound neck with rosewood fret board and inlaid position markers. The Eagle included an onboard preamp with a separate volume control and all the bells and whistles that were to be found on the Seagull. The body was more Strat-like with a double cutaway. Later models were stripped down, with a single humbucking pickup, a six-in-line headstock, and a vibrato unit.

'77 B.C. Rich Advertisement
On some instruments the body was painted with a custom colours. By this time, electric players were simplifying the guitars and relying more on pedal boards. Although the newer Eagle had the same shape, the only built-in effect was the on-board preamp, a switch to activate it, and a separate volume control.

1977 Mockingbird
The BC Rich Mockingbird was based on a shape by a guy named Johnny “Go-Go” Kessel and named by Neal Moser. The double-cutaway shape is like nothing else out there. The guitar was popularized by Joe Perry of Aerosmith. The original models were, once again, neck-through-body, and made of mahogany. The original models were gorgeous and featured twin humbucking pickups with coil tapping capability, and a built-in preamp. The six-on-a-side headstock topped the unbound neck, which had a rosewood fret board with mother of pearl inlays.

1982 Rich Bich
The Rich Bich, was another guitar based on a drawing by Johnny “Go-Go” Kessel and designed by Neal Moser. This guitar was originally offered in 1978 and like the Mockingbird, it was a truly original design. The upper bout featured twin offset pointy cutaways on the instruments neck-through-body. What set the guitar apart was the large V-shaped wedge cut out of the lower section of the guitars bottom nearest the player, The remaining section after this house the larger control section which had a small ovular cutout..

Rich Bich Electronics
Once again the guitar housed an active pre-amp and all the features found on the previously mentioned guitars. Like most of the vintage B.C. Rich guitars, this featured the three-on-a-side tuners, a rosewood neck with mother-of-pearl inlay, a Leo Quan Bad Ass bridge.

1978 Rich Bich 10 string

The reason for the large V shaped cutaway was due to the fact that this guitar was offered as a 10-string model. The wedge was designed to hold four Grover tuning pegs so that the upper four strings had double courses. These four strings had their end pieces strung into 4 metal grommets in the center of the headstock that were then attached to the pegs on the bottom of the guitar.

Bottom view of '78 Rich Bich

This upside-down concept was copied in later years by Steinberger (although his design was much different) and other manufacturers.

Trey Azagthoth Ironbird

The B.C. Rich Ironbird was designed by Joey Rico in 1983. It was in-my-opinion, a heavy metal version of the B.C. Rich Mockingbird. This instrument had a small cutaway on the upper bout and an exagerated, and pointy cutaway on the lower bout. The bottom of the guitar had two offset and pointy terminal points. The headstock was made rosewood. This guitar was popular endorsed by Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel.

Trey Azagthoth's
personal Ironbird
His personal instrument included a Dimarzio X2N in the bridge position, which was the company’s highest output pickup and a Dimarzio twin blade minihumbucker in the neck position. The strings attached to a Floyd Rose tremolo. The original Ironbird had a reverse headstock. The guitar was available with a variety of pickup configurations.

B.C. Rich Acrylic
The B.C. Rich Acrylic guitar was based on the Ampeg Dan Armstrong Lucite guitar concept. B.C. Rich took a number of their models, including the Mockingbird and the Warlock and used acrylic material for the bodies instead of wood. While the Dan Armstrong model only came in a clear transparent model, the B.C. Rich transparent models had different colours for their guitars. These guitars were manufactured in Korea and did not have all the features of the earlier B.C. Rich models.

An interesting feature of the Acrylic guitars is the neck joint. This was called IT (invisibolt technology) which allowed the neck to be bolted inside the body, to give it the appearance of a neck-through, however the neck was actually a bolt-on type.

BC Rich Warlock prototype
The B.C. Rich Warlock was designed by Bernie Rico in 1981 and based on the Bich. The original model came with a mahogany body and neck, which was topped with a three-on-a-side headstock.

1988 BC Rich Warlock
Some models did have a six-on-a-side reverse headstock. This was later changed to a unique headstock design. The neck was bound on the rosewood fretboard and topped with mother-of-pearl inlays. Some models came with a Floyd Rose Trem system. All came with twin Dimarzio humbuckers.

Warlock II

The Warlock II came out the following year.

BC Rich Wave

The BC Rich Wave guitar was designed by Martin Evans and made for only a brief period of time. It was reminiscent of the Mockingbird, but with exaggerated features such as a small wave-like cutaway on the instruments bottom.

BC Rich Stealth 7

The unique B.C, Rich Stealth guitar was designed by Rick Derringer. It featured twin Dimarzio pickups, a reverse headstock and the usual features found on earlier models. Subsequent production Stealth guitars deleted most of these features and came with only a bridge humbucking pickup.

Widow Bass

The B.C. Rich Widow bass was designed by Blackie Warless. It resembled an insect with its twin symmetrical upper and lower horns. The bottom section of the body needed an additional block section to hold the bridge saddle unit.

Some significant events for the company occurred in 1984.

1984 BC Rich US Series Mockingbird

The Korean connection led to the introduction of the U.S. Series. These were essentially Korean manufactured guitar kits, with bolt-on necks, that were shipped to California for assembly.


This was the year that the Condor was also introduced. This was a lovely guitar with a flamed maple top on a mahogany body. It was made in Japan.

BC Rich Fat Bob bass and guitar
The bizarre Fat Bob guitar and bass were introduced this same year. This guitar may have been a product of Bernie Rico’s love of motorcycles and motorcycle embellishments, as it resembled the flamed design decals found on hot-rodded motorcycles.

This guitar had an odd triangular shape, with a single Dimarzio pickup, a six-on-a-side headstock, and a Floyd-Rose tremolo.

Mel Stich
It was in 1984 that Mel Stich left the company. The following year Neal Moser left.

In 1987 Bernie Rich entered into an agreement with Randy Watuch’s company called Class Axe. This allowed Class Axe to market and distribute some of Rich’s guitar lines, thus leading to some foreign made models.

By 1989 Rich had turned over all of the licensing rights.

That year B.C. Rich guitars moved from California to New Jersey. The guys that were working at the L.A. shop continued to make handmade guitars under the logo LPC Guitars. This venture failed.

BC Rich Virgin Guitars and Basses
Though the majority of Class Axe made B.C. Rich guitars were outsourced, the company did produce The Virgin, which was handmade. Dealers and customers were begging for handmade products.

In 1993 Bernie Rico returned to making handmade guitars when the licensing agreement ran out. Ed Roman of Roman Guitars of Las Vegas purchased the left over stock from Class Axe.

He relocated the shop to Hesperia California.

By 1995 Bernie returned to making acoustic guitars, including the B-41C.

The Ignitor

In 1995 the Ignitor and the V were added to the line up.

1998 Victor Smith Commemoritive

In 1998 the Exclusive, the Victor Smith Commemorative Model, and the Beast were added.

The following year, B.C, Rich added a seven string version of the Warlock.

On December 3rd of 1999, Bernie Rico died of a heart attack.

The company was taken over  to his son Bernie Jr. Under his direction control of the company, B.C. Rich, was sold given to the Hanser Music Group in 2001. They began making guitars under the Rico Jr. name.

Bernie Rico Jr.
Bernie Rico Jr is still involved with some current B.C. Rich custom-shop guitars. In 2014, JAM Industries of Quebec Canada took over Hanser Incorporated, aka Davitt and Hanser.

Asian manufactured B.C. Rich guitars are still being distributed by Davitt and Hanser, as a subsidiary of JAM Industries.

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          The Gibson ES-335    
Mark Knopfler's '58 ES-335
The 1950’s were essential years in perfecting the design of the electric guitar. For Gibson Guitars, under the leadership of Ted McCarty, 1958 was a magical year. He and his team had come up with a series of futuristic solid body guitar designs, which included the Flying Vee, the Explorer and the elusive Moderne, but they also created one of the most original and iconic electric guitars of all time; The ES-335TD, or Electric Spanish model 335 Thin - Double Pickups. Or as it is more commonly known; the Gibson ES-335.

1958 ES-335

McCarty felt the ES-335 was right behind the Les Paul solid body as the companies most important body design. He stated, “I came up with the idea of putting a solid block of maple in an acoustic model. It would get some of the same tone as a regular solidbody, plus the instrument's hollow wings would vibrate and we'd get a combination of an electric solidbody and a hollow body guitar.”

In 1952 Gibson had taken a chance on production of Les Paul’s concept of a solid body guitar which would eliminate the electronic feedback that was common to hollow body electric guitars when they were amplified loudly.

Les Paul with The Log
To prove this point, in 1941 Les Paul had created “The Log” which was a solid piece of 4 x 4 pine wood on to which he had attached an Epiphone Broadway guitar neck. Two single coil pickups were mounted to the wooden frame, along with a tailpiece to attach the strings. To make it appear to be a guitar, Paul had sawed the body of an Epiphone guitar in half and bolted the “wings” on either side of the pine plank. And that instrument did not feed back.

A modern ES 335 with maple block

This concept was essentially repeated with the Gibson ES-335. Its body had wings that were hollow shells of maple with F-holes over those chambers, but a significant maple block  separated the two sides and it was routed out to contain the pickups and anchor the neck.

'48 L-5
In the 1950’s Gibson had its feet staunchly planted in the hollow body guitar market manufacturing some of the finest electric and acoustic instruments. Up until the production of the ES-335, all the Gibson guitars with cutaways had only been manufactured with one either Venetian or Florentine cutaway, but never with two cutaways.

'49 Bigsby Guitar

Fender had been making its double cutaway Stratocaster since 1954. Surprisingly enough Paul Bigsby had built double cutaway guitars as early as 1949. And Bigsby’s guitars, though solid in appearance were actually hollow body instruments.

'55 Mousegetar
Now this may sound far fetched, but in the year 1958 one of the most popular television shows was The Mickey Mouse Club. Host Jimmy Dodd played a tenor guitar that Walt Disney commissioned to be produced by Candeles Guitars of East Los Angeles. Walt wanted that guitar to appear as if it had “mouse ears”. So the Mousegetar was built with double cutaways in 1955, three years before the ES-335. I have to wonder if this particular guitar inspired anyone in the Gibson design department.

By 1958 Gibson had latched on to the double cutaway concept.

An original 1958 Gibson ES-335 was given a suggested retail price of $335. Although in 1958 most were selling at around $267.50. By the way, in today's money $267.50 is equivalent to around $4,000 USD.

1958 Gibson ES-335
In 1958 the ES-335 body was 1 3/4” deep and had the usual Gibson scale of 24 3/4”. The top and back on the double cutaway body were made of laminated maple as was the center block. The body had single white binding around its perimeter. The neck was also made of laminated maple, for added strength and on original models, it was not bound and had a rather large feel to it. The fretboard was made of rosewood with pearl dot inlays.

1958 ES-335 Neck view
The original ES-335 guitars came with either a stop tail piece or a Bigsby B7 vibrato tail piece, which sometimes came with a sticker that said “CustomMade” to hide the routing holes for the stop bar. The bridge/saddle was a tune-o-matic model with adjustable nickel saddles.

PAF Stricker from 1958 humbuckers
This guitar came with twin PAF humbucking pickups and each had an individual volume and tone control in a gold finish with gold tops. Nearby was a three-way selector switch with an amber plastic top. The original models came with the long beveled pickguard. The strap button was made of plastic.

This year the ES-335 was only available with a sunburst or natural finish.

1959 ES-335 Cherry finish
A year later the familiar cherry red finish was added as an option. This year binding was added to the neck. Some of the 1958 models had irregularities in the shape of the neck. By 1959, these issue were resolved. A 1959 ES-335 is considered to be a very desirable guitar to collectors.

1960 ES-335

A few changes occurred in 1960. This year the neck was given a thinner feel to the back shape. The volume/tone knobs have a chrome reflector top. The pickguard was shortened this year and does not extend past the bridge.

1961 ES-335

In 1961, Gibson discontinued the ES-335 with a natural finish. This year the strap button were changed to metal. The selector switch tip colour was gradually changed to white. Most notably the serial number was stamped into the back side of the head stock.

1962 ES-335
Big changes occurred in 1962. Instead of pearl dot inlaid fret markers, the markers were now small block inlays. The shape of the cutaways have a slight change in that they are now rounder instead of being more pointed. The saddles in the tune-o-matic bridge are now made of white nylon. Most of us will never see this, but the PAF sticker on the back of the humbucking pickups now shows the patent number.

By 1963 the neck shape gradually got larger again.

1965 Gibson ES-335 
In 1965 Gibson changed the stop tailpiece to a chrome trapeze model. This may have been the most visible change. However the most dramatic change was the width of the neck at the nut. It changed from 1 11/16th” to 1 9/16th”.

1966 ES-335

By 1966 the Brazilian rosewood on the fretboard was changed to Indian rosewood. The neck angle decreased from 17 degrees to 14 degrees. The bevel of the pickguard was also changed making the black/white/black layers less noticeable.

1968 Gibson ES-335

By 1968 Gibson resumed making the nut and neck slightly wider by going back to the 1 11/16th” spacing.

1969 ES-335 Walnut Finish

It was not until 1969 that any more changes occurred. That year the guitar was offered with a walnut finish.

1977 ES-335 with coil tap switch

In 1977 Gibson, now owned by Norlin added a coil tap switch on the upper treble cutaway to keep up with the trends of the day.

1981 ES-335DOT

In 1981 the ES-335TDC was discontinued, but replaced with the ES-335DOT. These were made through 1985 and were very good guitars.

1990 Gibson ES-335

By 1990 the Gibson ES-335DOT was discontinued and replaced with the Gibson ES-335 reissue which remains in production.

ES-335 Artist
Through the years Gibson issued some variants on the ES-335 model including a 1981 model called the ES-335 Artist, or more properly, ES Artist, which came with a large headstock logo, no F-holes, a metal truss rod cover, gold hardware, and 3 knobs. The circuit inside the guitar was developed by Moog.

1987 ES-335 CMT

From 1983-1987 the ES-335 CMT was available. A very similar guitar to the ES-335DOT, but with a curly maple top and back and with gold hardware.

1990 ES-335 Studio

I recall the music store I used to spend time at had a Gibson ES-335 Studio model. It was Gibson’s effort to update and offer a lower price point. This guitar had no F-Holes, and came with twin Dirty Finger humbucking pickups. These were made from the mid 1980’s through 1991.

1988 ES-335 Showcase Edition

The Gibson ES-335 Showcase Edition lasted only a year. The hardware was black. It came with two EMG pickups. The guitar was either white or beige. Only 200 units were made in 1988.

'94 ES-335 Centennial

1994 gave us the Gibson ES-335 Centennial model to celebrate the company’s founding. This also was a limited edition of only 100 units. This guitar came with a gold medallion on the headstock and the tailpiece had diamond inlays.

1998 ES-335 Historic '59

Four years later Gibson came out with the ES-335 Historic Collection, which was a replica of their original 1959 ES-335.

'85 ES-335 Nashville made
By 1984 Gibson had moved all electric guitar production our of Kalamazoo, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee. The ES-335 was then being made at the Nashville factory.

However in 2000 Gibson opened a facility in Memphis, Tennessee. This is where ES-335’s are built today.

Through the years following 1958, Gibson made other models that were either based on the model ES-335, such as ES-330, which was a hollow body guitar, or the ES-345 and ES-355, which had a broader tonal palette and were fancier guitars, and even the Trini Lopez Standard, which had a similar body, but different sound holes, inlays, and headstock, the ES-335 is the original starting point for all similar models.

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          Multiple Arrests in Los Angeles after Leftists Threaten Trump Supporter Who Pulls Gun   
Cudahy incident (Julia Wick / Screenshot / YouTube)
A Trump supporter who is also a licensed to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) was arrested Monday in a tiny town in southeast Los Angeles County known as Cudahy for allegedly pulling a gun and brandishing it as a left-wing mob surrounded his car at a gas station after a protest rally outside the city hall.
          Book Review: The Forgotten Flapper   
The idea of novelizing a real person’s life intrigues me, especially when it involves one of my favorite topics, women’s history. THE FORGOTTEN FLAPPER: A NOVEL OF OLIVE THOMAS by Laini Giles uses the construct of a first-person ghost story as the author takes the bare facts of Olive Thomas’ life and weaves them into a juicy celebrity tell-all from the dawn of the silent movie era.

Thomas went from innocent artists’ model to Ziegfield Follies showgirl and followed a path of sex, booze, drugs and luxury to become one of the best-known actresses in the “flickers” before her sudden death at 25. Famous in her own right, Thomas married into the Pickford family, becoming sister-in-law to Mary Pickford but never retaining her place in pop culture history as Mary did. 

Giles paints a complex picture of a complicated woman who was uneducated yet curious, loyal but quick-tempered and impressively independent in an age when women were fighting for the right to vote.  Thoroughly researched and historically accurate, the book recaptures the voice and feel of a long forgotten chapter in show business, and the period settings come alive. It's easy to see turn-of-the-century New York City and Los Angeles in your mind, thanks to Giles' detailed and vibrant sense of place.

THE FORGOTTEN FLAPPER was an enjoyable read, and apparently is the first of a historic series from Giles. Somewhere in the Great Beyond, Olive Thomas is celebrating being in the spotlight again.

          San Francisco Gay Pride, Like Los Angeles, Is About ‘Resistance’   
San Francisco Gay Pride parade resist (Elivah Nouvelage / Getty)
The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade this past weekend was just as political as the Los Angeles "#ResistMarch" the week before, fueled by the left's hatred for President Donald Trump.
          Early Joint Replacement May Mean Better Results   

Orthopedic surgeons at La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles explains a new study that suggests early joints replacement surgeries are more successful.

(PRWeb August 21, 2014)

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          Top Surgeon Explains the Importance of Thoracic Outlet Surgery for Athletes   

Ali Mahtabifard, MD, of La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles spoke recently about St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jaime Garcia and his decision to undergo thoracic outlet surgery.

(PRWeb August 04, 2014)

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          George W. Bush’s Surgery Highlights the Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement   

Surgeons at La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles explain how George W. Bush’s knee replacement surgery highlights the of advantages total knee replacement.

(PRWeb July 31, 2014)

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          La Peer Welcomes Two New Gastroenterologists   

La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles, California is proud to welcome two new doctors to its team of medical experts.

(PRWeb July 30, 2014)

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          Los Angeles Doctor Launches Brand New Website for Colorectal Surgery and Treatment   

Allen Kamrava, M.D., a Board-certified colorectal surgeon in Los Angeles, has launched a website devoted to the treatment of colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and other colorectal conditions.

(PRWeb July 22, 2014)

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          Breastfed Infants Have Higher Quality of Life Thanks to Friendly Gut Bacteria, Says Technical University of Denmark Study   

Dr. Farshid Sam Rahbar of Los Angeles Integrative Gastroenterology and Nutrition explains the implications of a new study linking infant health to beneficial gut bacteria to breastfeeding.

(PRWeb June 09, 2014)

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          Shock Wave Therapy May Soon Treat Shoulder Pain   

Orthopedic surgeons at La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles discuss a promising new treatment for shoulder pain.

(PRWeb June 05, 2014)

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          Joint Preservation Helps Patients Avoid or Delay Joint Replacement Surgery   

Steven W. Meier, MD, a surgeon at La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles, is now offering a variety of procedures to help preserve the body’s natural joints and delay the need for joint replacement surgery.

(PRWeb May 28, 2014)

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          Link Found Between Menopause and Heavy Menstrual Bleeding   

Peyman Banooni, MD, a gynecologist at La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles, explains heavy bleeding during menopause and other causes of menorrhagia.

(PRWeb May 26, 2014)

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          Surgeon Travels to Guatemala to Help Those in Need   

Surgeon from La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles announces he will be traveling to Guatemala in May to provide care for underserved communities.

(PRWeb May 20, 2014)

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          미상 눈의 김 먼저 잘 미국 TV 드라마에 태양처럼   

미상 눈의 먼저 미국 TV 드라마 태양처럼 그녀의 역할에 대한 미국 관객에게 알려지게되었습니다 "손실"하지만 그녀 "여성 전사"이미 기반으로 그녀의 별명 그녀의 네이티브 한국에서 대스타가 됐죠 여러 스파이 - 요리에 어울릴 영화에서 그녀 또한 그녀는 뛰어난 댄서 무술 예술 인치 별표이야

김 윤 - 진 (B를 1973년 11월 7일)와 고등 학생으로 공연 예술의 뉴욕 학교를 나중에 보스턴 대학에서 연기 공부하고, 뉴욕시에서 자랐습니다. 셰익스피어를 마스터하기 위해서는, 또한 그녀는 옥스퍼드 대학에서 특별한 행동이 학교에서 시간을 보냈다. 김가되기 위해 그녀의 열성에 신속하게 Americanized 것을 말했다, 그녀는 동등한 강도와 행동, 학계와 발음을 공부했다.
1997 년 이후 수많은 브로드 웨이 프로덕션과 ABC 방송과 MTV에서 작은 역할을 찾는 캐스팅되고, 그녀는 화려한 휴가, 뉴욕에있는 위치에 한국 TV 드라마당하는 출연. 부분이 경험으로 인해, 김 한국에 반환하기로 결정했다. 그녀는 신속하고 TV 드라마 웨딩 드레스 차림으로 캐스팅되었다 또한 내 고향에 리 Kwangmo의 기능은 스프링의 행동에 초대되었다, 그녀는이 역할을 데려갈 수 없어 결국지만. 그녀의 혁신적인 데뷔는 전국적으로 그녀의 즉각적인 스타를 만드는 Shiri 1999 필름에 왔어. 2000 년 11 월 그녀는 큰 예산 은행나무의 전설에 KangJeGyu 필름으로 그녀의 연관을 계속했다.
일본의 영화 및 로스 앤젤레스에서 설정 로우 프로파일 기능 행동 후, 김 상자 사무실에서 화려 폭격 임무를 다한 큰 예산 공상 과학 기능 어​​제에 나타났습니다. 그렇다면 2002 년, 김 열정, 명성 documentarist Byun 영 광주 (습관적인 슬픔)의 기능을 영화 데뷔에 선도적 역할을했다. 이 영화는 2003 년 베를린 영화제에서가 아닌 경쟁 섹션의 화면으로 초대 김 연기는 광범위한 칭찬을 받았습니다.
몇 조용한 년 후에, 2004 년에 김 미국에서 관객에게 그녀를 소개하는, 분실 인기있는 미국 TV 시리즈에 나타나는 시작했다. 곧 그 이후, 그녀는 또한 미국과 미국에 움직임과 사랑에 내리는 그 여자에 대해, 헐리우드 영화 조지아 더위에 반대 빌리 밥 손튼을 표시 제의를 받았다. 동시에, 김 구경꾼, 즉 그녀는 인기 가수 / 배우 에릭과 함께 나타나는 스릴러 곧 한국어 생산의 주인공에 동의했다.
완료 filmography

          Dr. David Savar Awarded Top Doctor Recognition by Castle Connolly   

Los Angeles oculoplastic surgeon, David Savar, MD of La Peer Health Systems honored for extraordinary work in the field of ophthalmology.

(PRWeb May 13, 2014)

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          La Peer Orthopedic Surgeon Named Top Doctor by Castle Connolly   

Eric S. Millstein, Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgeon at La Peer Health Systems, has been commemorated for excellent work and patient care.

(PRWeb May 12, 2014)

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          Milk May Help Knees Stay Healthy Longer   

Orthopedic surgeons at La Peer Health Systems’ Knee Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles discuss new evidence that milk helps hold off osteoarthritis of the knee.

(PRWeb May 02, 2014)

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          Testicular Cancer Screenings Offer Life-Saving Results   

Kia Michel, MD, of Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles comments on the importance of seeking testicular cancer treatment after a 21-year-old’s life is saved thanks to social media platform Reddit.

(PRWeb May 01, 2014)

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          Grief Support Charity Our House Featured in HBO Documentary   

Mani Zadeh, MD, FACS, a surgeon at La Peer Health Systems in Los Angeles and Our House board member, discusses the new HBO documentary featuring the charity.

(PRWeb April 29, 2014)

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          Chris Paul Reportedly Wanted A Trade Because He Hated Doc’s Relationship With Austin Rivers   
  This morning, news broke that the Clippers traded Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets for several players and a protected first round pick. Los Angeles will lose one of […]
          Lakers exercise contract option on David Nwaba   
The Los Angeles Lakers have exercised their team option for the 2017-18 season on David Nwaba, it was announced today by General Manager Rob Pelinka. Nwaba played in 20 games (two starts) for the Lakers, averaging 6.0 points (.580 FG%) and 3.1 rebounds in 19.9 minutes. The Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo product signed the first of [...]
          Houston Rockets officially acquire Chris Paul   
HOUSTON Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey announced today that the team has acquired guard Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for guard Patrick Beverley, forward Sam Dekker, forward Montrezl Harrell, guard Darrun Hilliard, guard DeAndre Liggins, guard Lou Williams, forward Kyle Wiltjer, a future first round pick, and cash considerations. "Since winning back-to-back championships, the pursuit of a third title has remained the ultimate goal for our franchise," said Rockets owner Leslie Alexander.
          Lakers exercise David Nwaba's $1.3 million contract option   
The Los Angeles Lakers have exercised their $1.3 million contract option on guard David Nwaba for the upcoming season. Nwaba earned a job with the Lakers after they called him up from their D-League affiliate on Feb. 28. The rookie averaged 6.0 points and 3.2 rebounds per game while impressing Luke Walton's coaching staff with his hustle and defensive play.
          Brown says state shouldn’t legislate diaper-changing stations   
With a couple of vetoes, Jerry Brown reminded the GOP why he’s probably the best Republican governor they can hope for these days. SB1350 by state Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, and SB1358 by Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens (Los Angeles County), called for businesses across the state to install baby-changing stations in their restrooms, both
          CostTree Founder and CEO Selected As Expert Panelist At 2016 Uniform Guidance Training in Los Angeles, California   

CostTree, LLC Founder and CEO, Nicolie Lettini, MBA, was selected as a guest speaker on the panel for the Los Angeles 2016 Uniform Guidance Training: Promising Practices. In the 2nd year, the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200) has developed several promising practices while also creating questions surrounding indirect cost negotiations and management.

(PRWeb September 15, 2016)

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          Comment on Andrew, Graphic Designer, Los Angeles, California by Nico Nico   
Extremely nice story! Straight to the soul. Did you finally become architect? I'm an architect as well.
          Cyber attack continues its destructive world tour   
The cyber attack that started Tuesday is wreaking havoc across the globe Wednesday, crippling thousands of computers, disrupting operations at ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles and halting production at a chocolate factory in Australia.

          Ship traffic, June 28   
Ship traffic Due to arrive today SHIP FROM PORT ANL Barwon Tauranga, New Zealand OAK Bay Bridge Long Beach OAK Glovis Countess Ulsan, South Korea BNC Grand Phoenix San Diego RCH Kauai Honolulu OAK Kristina Los Angeles OAK Sheila Ann Port Hardy, British Columbia SFO Texas Highway Long Beach BNC Due to depart today SHIP TO PORT Bay Bridge Tokyo OAK CSCL Autumn Xingang, China OAK CSL Frontier Port Unknown ANZ Glovis Countess Port Unknown BNC Grand Phoenix Yokohama, Japan RCH Harbour Bridge Tokyo OAK KM Vancouver Coronel, Chile SFO Warnow Moon Port Unknown SFO Source: S.F. Marine Exchange
          VIDEO BRITISH Boeing 747 Sunset takeoff at Los Angeles (2001)   
JustPlanes filmed right from the runways at Los Angeles LAX International Airport as you can see this British Airways nice sunset takeoff. For the full 3 hour film visit
          Correction: U2-Malibu Development story   

In a story Sept. 20 about a compound of mansions proposed near Malibu by U2 guitarist The Edge, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the California Coastal Commission staff reached a settlement agreement Friday with the musician. The settlement was reached in 2013. The agency staff recommended approval of the five-home project Thursday and posted its report online Friday.

A corrected version of the story is below:

U2 guitarist gets boost in bid for Malibu mansions

U2 guitarist agrees to scaled-down Malibu development with California Coastal Commission

MALIBU, Calif. (AP) — The guitarist for U2 finally has an edge in getting his long-planned compound of mansions built in the mountains above Malibu.

The California Coastal Commission staff recommended approval Thursday of the project headed by David Evans, better known as The Edge, for a downsized version of the development that was objected to by neighbors and environmentalists.

Evans has tried since 2006 to build five mansions on 150 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

"From Day 1, I had told these guys that the one way to get to approval" was to make these changes, said Jack Ainsworth, the commission's senior deputy director. "And here we are back at that same place many years later."

The project still needs approval by the full commission, which is scheduled to vote next month.

"It's not a slam dunk by any means," Ainsworth told the Los Angeles Times (

Backers of the project sued the commission after staff rejected plans in February 2011.

Neighbors had complained the project would ruin their views, and environmentalists said it would harm habitat. The commission staff said the homes would mar an undeveloped ridgeline visible from the coast and destroy vegetation.

The staff also asserted that Evans attempted to circumvent environmental rules by submitting five applications under different corporate names.

Lobbyists for Evans unsuccessfully pushed a bill in Sacramento that would have made it easier to develop the parcel. A Senate committee rejected the bill after environmentalists said it was a power grab by developers and special interests

The revised plans are dramatically different, and the homes, including one for the musician, would be built into hillside contours, a project spokeswoman said.

Compared to the original proposal, the agreement calls for less grading, a smaller development, clustering homes on a lower plateau, shortening an access road and devoting more land for conservation.

Jefferson "Jay" Wagner, a former Malibu councilman who criticized the project, said he was surprised to learn it was still on the table.

Wagner said neighbors would be upset if Evans and his partners sold easement rights for access to nearby lots that could be developed.

          roommates/coinquilini Nicola Pecoraro/goldiechiari - E-Flux   
roommates/coinquilini Nicola Pecoraro/goldiechiariE-FluxHe took part in many group exhibitions â€" Bellavita at the New Chinatown Barbershop Gallery in Los Angeles (2007), Emerging Talent at Palazzo Strozzi in ...
          Los Angeles, 2005   
Los Angeles, 2005 Se inaugura la boutique Roberto Cavalli en Rodeo Drive. Al cóctel para festejar la apertura participan entre otros Christina Aguilera y (de izquierda en las fotografías junto a Roberto Cavalli) Jack Nicholson, Donald Soffer, Salma Hayek y Cindy Crawford.
          FairVote Reformer: Winner-Take-All Electoral System is a Loser for Democracy   

Spotlight: President Obama, Red & Blue America & and the Perils of Winner-Take-All 2011 State of the Union

In his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, President Barack Obama put particular stress on the theme that launched him into national prominence in 2004 at the Democratic Party convention, declaring “that we are still more than a collection of red states and blue states; that we are the United States of America.” Later in the week, he visited two strongly Republican states, Idaho and Kansas, to explain his policy proposals.

The fact that it was the president’s first visit to Idaho of his presidency tells us how his vision of a “united states” clashes with the unforgiving logic of winner-take-all elections. The three, remaining unvisited states -- South Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah, -- are also firmly “red,” underscoring how the White House political team has prioritized swing states in his first team. In 2008, for example, Obama won 49.7% of the vote in North Carolina and 44.7% in South Carolina. That may look a small difference, but he visited North Carolina 18 times in his first term and held the 2012 Democratic convention there; yet he hasn’t been back to South Carolina since his key primary win there in January 2008.

Why? There simply is no way his campaign could turn 44.7% into a win in 2012. Today, nearly all competition between the major parties only takes place within the 47% to 53% spectrum of partisanship. Outside that narrow range, you’re almost certainly wasting money, whether running for president with winner-take-all rules for allocating electors or running for U.S. Congress.

In presidential elections, winner-take-all voting means that the White House is effectively elected by the small - and ever shrinking - number of swing states, rather than by the voters in all 50 states. Citing FairVote’s research, The Los Angeles Times’ George Skelton in a new column favoring the National Popular Vote plan for president writes that: “Under a winner-take-all system, the vast majority of states are shunted to the sidelines, forced to watch from afar as the candidates fight it out in a few battleground states.” The Washington Post last week used FairVote data to show visually how partisan lines are dividing America.

The same is true of congressional elections. Winner-take-all is so decisive, in fact, that FairVote was able to project the outcomes for the 2014 congressional elections for 370 out of 435 races – missing only one. The same goes for the 2016 congressional election outcomes, which FairVote projected only two days after the 2014 elections in more than 85% of U.S. House Seats.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to winner-take-all. The National Popular Vote plan for president would make every vote in every state in every election count equally, creating new incentives for equitable campaigning. With fair representation voting for Congress, the left, right and center of every region of the country while ensuring that every voter can take part in a meaningfully contested election. This is something President Obama has a record of supporting: as a state senator, he introduced a billto bring fair representation voting to Illinois and another bill to establish ranked choice voting (“instant runoff”) for primaries.

That reform history is consistent with his call during the State of the Union speech to uphold voting rights, when he stated “surely we can agree that the right to vote is sacred." Such statements are an encouraging sign that the president will once again address fair representation and voting rights, issues that he was generally a champion for during his early days as a politician in Illinois. Reaching across the aisle for support to change winner-take-all elections is the best say to end the political dead zones in red and blue states, which leave voters helpless and resulting in less fair representation. (See our summary of 2016 dead zones that underscores how much of the country is stuck in a false “red” or “blue” reality based on winner-take-all voting.)

News on our Feb. 5-6 conference, Ranked Choice Voting campaigns and more

•           Attend our Conference! FairVote is co-sponsoring the ninth annual Voting and Elections Summit, Feb. 5-6 at George Washington University. The first day will include a keynote address done by Congressman Keith Ellison and a FairVote plenary with a great lineup of 20-minute dialogues. The second day will include FairVote-run workshops on getting involved in our Promote our Vote project and our full reform agenda.

•           Right to vote amendment reintroduced: US Congressmen Mark Pocan and Keith Ellison introduced a Right to Vote constitutional amendment at a press conference on Thursday morning, and FairVote staffer Dania Korkor spoke in support. Watch the video here, and call for a constitutional Right to Vote here.

•           Ranked choice voting advocacy and news: Ranked choice voting (RCV, or “instant runoff”)- made headlines this month, with a new editorial endorsement from the Washington Post, in support of new RCV legislation in Washington, D.C and with ”don’t miss” comments from Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges in a prominent event in DC (see Hodges talk about RCV at the 29 minute mark). In Maine, the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting has collected more than 60,000 signatures to put RCV on the November 2106 ballot and won support from Maine’s largest newspaper. The system will also be used to determine the winner for Best Picture category at the Oscars. Take the poll here to show us how you would rank the contenders.

•           FairVote analyses garners attention: FairVote’s work has been getting attention recently, with a piece from Aaron Blake in the Washington Post on the decline of swing states, a prominent citation from Dylan Matthews at Vox that stirred vigorous debate (to which our Nathan Nicholson responded in posts here and here.), and the George Skelton Los Angeles Times column on the National Popular Vote plan.

•           Thank you! Our thanks to all of our supporters and donors for their generous year end support. We surpassed our end-of-year goals, but it’s not too late to help make a difference in 2015 with a new donation!


Highlights from the FairVote Blog


See more from our blog at, and also see longer form blog posts by clicking here.

          The Reformer: Encouraging Examples of All-Partisan Support for Reform   

The Reformer, July 30, 2014: Encouraging Examples of All-Partisan Support for Reform

With political polarization at its highest point in more than a century, observers often assume opposition to reform is inevitable. Election reform is no exception; when one major party supports a proposal, the other often opposes it. But as Ciara Torres-Spelliscy explains on the Brennan Center blog, some reform efforts earn cooperation, as evidenced by the Presidential Commission on Election Administration Reform and the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Commission on Political Reform. This ability to find across-the-aisle cooperation is reflective of recent developments for FairVote’s Reform 2020 agenda that we spotlight below.


  • National Popular Vote’s big win in New York State 
  • Voter turnout task force in large county recommends ranked choice voting
  • Both Virginia Democrats and Utah Republicans use ranked choice voting in key state legislative nomination contests
  • Louisiana governor signs groundbreaking voter pre-registration bill
  • Major parties finally put forward nominees for Election Assistance Commission
  • Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ben Cardin (D-MD) lead push to restore voting rights for people with felony convictions, and a Bipartisan Policy Center commission earns unanimous support for significant reforms
  • Both major parties back ranked choice voting ballots for overseas voters in congressional elections in five states
  • Rest of the News:
  •    Remembering Kathleen Barber 
  •    Primary turnout plummets
  •    FairVote in major media
  •    Norm Ornstein: Top 4 improves Top 2
  •    Hendrik Hertzberg’s Birthday


Win for National Popular Vote in New York State

In April, New York became the 11th jurisdiction to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, giving backers a total of 61% of the electoral votes needed to activate the compact and ensure that the candidate who wins the most popular votes in all 50 states and DC is always elected president. With overwhelming support from both major parties in the legislature (including 27-2 among Republican state senators and 30-2 among Democratic state senators), this victory demonstrates emerging bipartisan support for a national popular vote. Read Rob Richie’s Reuters’ article here and his piece with Andrea Levien in Presidential Studies Quarterly here.

All-partisan task force in Maryland County backs ranked choice voting

Montgomery County (MD), with more residents than six states, has a history of national leadership. Last year it passed one of FairVote's Promote Our Vote resolutions, affirming support for a constitutional right to vote and a commitment to improve voter turnout. The resolution resulted in a 12-member voter turnout task force, composed of an all-partisan mix of Republicans, Democrats, minor party backers, and independents. Its impressive collection of recommendations includes FairVote ideas like moving toward 100% voter registration, a lower voting age, and independent redistricting. The task force supported adoption of ranked choice voting for all county elections 11-1 to ensure more representative outcomes and less mudslinging in campaigns. The task force proposed the instant runoff form of ranked choice voting for single member districts and fair representation version for at-large seats. The report was presented to the county council and will be the subject of hearings this fall.

Virginia Democrats and Utah Republicans use ranked choice voting in key party elections

Rip Sullivan became the Democratic nominee for Virginia's 48th state House of Delegates District - and the strong favorite to win the seat - after the Democrats used the instant runoff (IRV) form in their firehouse primary. The district includes part of Arlington County where Democrats used IRV twice this year for county nomination contests that each drew more than 3,000 voters. In Utah, Republicans have used IRV for many key nomination contests since 2002, including the nomination of Jon Huntsman for Governor and the selection of replacements for state legislators in at least five districts. Given Republicans’ fractured 2016 presidential field and the chance to implement IRV in early caucus states like Iowa, FairVote’s Drew Spencer suggests that Republicans use IRV in more of their presidential nomination contests.

Louisiana governor signs groundbreaking voter pre-registration bill

In Louisiana, voter pre-registration earned bipartisan support this year. Governor Bobby Jindal, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, signed a youth pre-registration bill into law this May. The new legislation requires 16- and 17-year-old citizens to be automatically pre-registered to vote unless they choose not to register. It received strong bipartisan support, with a unanimous vote in the state senate, and features an innovative “opt-out” approach to registration, which will facilitate more complete and accurate voter rolls once young Louisianans reach voting age.

Bipartisan recommendations on voting from Rand Paul, Ben Cardin, and Bipartisan Policy Center

We applaud two recent national calls for reform across the aisle. Two Senators, Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ben Cardin (D-MD), are leading a drive to restore voting rights for citizens with felony convictions, as explained on the FairVote blog. Senator Cardin’s bill, S. 2235, and Senator Paul’s bill, S. 2550, would expand voting rights in federal elections to citizens with felony convictions and establish a system to notify them of this change. In addition, both bills grant the Attorney General, the Department of Justice, and private citizens a framework to sue for full and equitable application of the law.

Last month, the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Commission on Political Reform took on a full range of issues, with a number of substantive calls for change that have unanimous backing from a commission that included former U.S. Senator Majority Leaders Tom Daschle and Trent Lott. They called for redistricting reform, early voting, changes in campaign finance, and reform of Congressional procedures. One particularly promising reform is the establishment of a single election day for congressional primaries. This would allow for more focused media coverage and greater public awareness.

Promised revival of Election Assistance Commission: Major parties supply nominees

Created by the Help America Vote Act in 2002, the Election Assistance Commission provides a means to achieve more national coherence in our election administration through research, promotion of best practices, and certification of recommendations for voting equipment standards. As FairVote has reported, partisan bickering has left the commission without a quorum for nearly the entire Obama presidency. Finally, the major parties have both put forward two nominees to fill the long-time empty positions on the EAC board. We hope to see confirmation votes in September, and with it, the return of a fully functioning EAC.

Bipartisan support leads to five states using ranked choice ballots in congressional elections

FairVote has helped win ranked choice voting (RCV) for municipal elections in more than a dozen American cities and in dozens of major associations and universities. We expect more chances to win RCV reform in states and cities, and we are encouraged that both major parties are using RCV in various elections. This year, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and, South Carolina provided ranked choice voting ballots to all their overseas voters in runoffs, which ultimately boosted primary voters’ participation. Louisiana's overseas and out-of-state military voters will use ranked choice ballots for congressional elections in November. See FairVote’s recent blog post and congressional testimony on the proposal.

Electoral Roundup

Thank you, Kathleen Barber: We were saddened to hear about the death of Kathleen Barber, author of one of the most important books about changing winner-take-all elections to American forms of proportional representation. A former city councilor, professor at John Carroll University, and a FairVote founding advisory committee member who spoke at our founding meeting in 1992, Dr. Barber edited a collection about the use of ranked choice voting in five Ohio cities and then a stand-alone volume. She will be missed.

Plunging primary voter turnout draws Dan Balz’s welcome attention: The Committee for the Study of the American Electorate has given a mid-term report card for turnout in congressional and state primary elections this year – and we’re flunking! In the 25 states with statewide primaries for Senate and/or governor, turnout has declined from 18.3% of eligible voters in the 2010 midterm elections to just 14.8% this year. Turnout in 15 states was the lowest ever. The Washington Post’s senior political reporter Dan Balz highlighted the CSAE report, calling on candidates to say more about their plans to encourage participation. See our web resources on voter turnout and Promote Our Vote project to learn more.

FairVote in the media: Our executive director Rob Richie has recently been quoted in publications like the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and The Boston Globe. Richie and FairVote's research intern Duncan Hosie also published Huffington Post articles about low and unrepresentative turnout in California and reforms to boost turnout. Hosie also commemorated the 166th anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention in a post on our Representation 2020 website. Our board chair Krist Novoselic talked about FairVote during an hour-long interview on Reason TV, and board member Michael Lind featured fair representation voting in Salon.

Norm Ornstein touts Top Four with ranked choice voting over Top Two: Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called for the nation to adopt California-style Top Two primaries in a New York Times commentary. While we congratulate Schumer for seeking to change our broken system, our recent California primary analysis shows how the Top Two system is problematic due to split votes and low turnout in primaries that reduce November choices to just two candidates. A better alternative is the Top Four system, which would advance four candidates and use ranked choice voting in November. We were pleased to see prominent scholar Norm Ornstein tout this idea in detail on the Diane Rehm show on National Public Radio.

Happy birthday, Hendrik Hertzberg: We toast our long-time board member Hendrik Hertzberg, who celebrated his birthday this month. Rick has written eloquently in The New Yorker and The New Republic about proportional representation, instant runoff voting, and the National Popular Vote plan; keep up with his latest on his New Yorker blog.

          The Nash Announces July Lineup of Artists   
The Nash announces its calendar of shows for July. The live jazz club features a wide array of jazz styles, jam sessions, lectures and matinee shows to appeal to all tastes and ages.

The Nash is located at 110 E. Roosevelt St on Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix. Tickets for all shows and jam sessions are available at or by calling 602-795-0464.
Advance tickets are on sale at or may be purchased at the door.
The Nash offers extensive wine and beer service at all shows with a wonderful selection of full and half bottles of wine as well as an assortment of craft beers for our patrons' enjoyment.

July 1: Pete Pancrazi Quartet @ The Nash 7:30 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004Tickets: $20 adults/$10 students or 602-795-0464
Pete Pancrazi-guitar/vocals, Claudia Bloom-piano, Vic Kottner-bass, Todd Chuba-drums
Pete Pancrazi has studied and performed music for most of his life. He graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of music degree in jazz performance. Being named by Downbeat Magazine as "one to watch" and a guitar player "deserving greater attention" is no surprise to those who have heard him perform.

July 2: Dr. Chris Wells Jazz History/Culture Discussion @ Freedom Now: Jazz and The Civil Rights Movement 3:00 - 5:00 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004Tickets: $30 or 602-795-0464
Join Dr. Chris Wells for a discussion of jazz history and culture and its relationships to time and place. No prior knowledge of jazz or instrumental experience is required. All are welcome! Freedom Now: Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement This workshop will focus on Max Roach and Oscar Brown's groundbreaking composition We Insist!: The Freedom Now Suite as both a breathtaking piece of art and a window into jazz musicians' broader involvement in the civil rights movement during the 1960s. We will discuss the Freedom Now Suite's history and genesis and listen closely to its many striking features with a special emphasis on the work of singer Abbey Lincoln. Christopher J. Wells is Assistant Professor of Musicology at Arizona State University's Herberger Institute School of Music and Managing Editor of the Journal of Jazz Studies.

July 2: Sunday Jam Session @ The Nash6:00 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004Tickets: $8 general, $5 students, free for instrumentalists and vocalists who sit in or 602-795-0464
Stan Sorenson - guitar/bandleader
Every Sunday the true spirit of jazz plays out on stage at The Nash, as student and pro musicians play together, unrehearsed, in a variety of combinations. There's always a solid core trio. Student jazz musicians are welcome, with house band, grand piano, guitar and bass amp, drum set and sound all provided. Singers welcome. Event open to all ages! Great opportunities for audiences to enjoy 3 hours of jazz.

July 7: FIRST FRIDAY John Ettinger @ The Nash
7:30 PM
The Nash 110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Tickets: FREE or 602-795-0464 John Ettinger-violin, Bryon Ruth-saxophones, Ted Sistrunk-bass, Jacob Eary-drums With three well-received recordings under his own name featuring Tony Malaby, Todd Sickafoose, Scott Amendola, Devin Hoff, Art Hirahara, and Pete Forbes, John Ettinger has also performed and recorded with an array of noteworthy artists over the years, including Honeycut (on DJ Shadow's Quannum Records); composer/clarinetist Beth Custer (on her CD Vinculum Symphony and the Hans Wendl-produced soundtrack to the 1929 Russian silent film My Grandmother); and vocalist PerCy Howard (Incidental Seductions with Living Colour's Vernon Reid, King Crimson's Trey Gunn and This Heat's Charles Hayward). Ettinger served as a co-founding member of several bay area bands, including eclectic improv groups Overdriven Cultists (with Grassy Knoll members Dave Revelli and Jonathan Byerly) and electric jazz-jam band Hurlo Thrumbo (with Jon Preuss, Andrew Luthringer, and Tod Preuss).

July 8: Jimmy Nistico & Jazz Express 7:30 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004Tickets: $20 adults/$10 students or 602-795-0464
Jimmy Nistico-sax, Denny Monce-trumpet, Dave Henning-piano, Selwyn Reams-bass, Bruce Stodola-drums Jim Nistico was born in Syracuse, NY, and raised in a musical home with older brother Sal Nistico paving the way on saxophone. Jim got started on clarinet at age 10, switching to tenor sax (Sal's hand me down) at age 15. He played his first professional gig at 16 and continued playing in local clubs until age 21, when he landed a "pit band "gig at 3 Rivers Inn in upstate NY, backing Patti Page, Jerry Vale, Al Martino , and several other music legends of the day. From there, he joined Stan Collela and the official N.Y.State band playing for Bob Hope, Rosemary Clooney, Maxine Sullivan, Jack Jones, Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole and the whole Motown Circuit.

July 9: Jazz Matinee - Mary Patrick & JeAnne Newhall @ The Nash 3:00 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004Tickets: $15 adults/$12 seniors/$5 students with IDYouth under 12 FREE or 602-795-0464
JeAnne Newhall-vocals/piano, Mary Petrich-saxophones

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, pianist JeAnne Newhall returns to her native Phoenix to team up with local jazz saxophonist Mary Petrich for an afternoon of original compositions, pop tunes and standards. Both musicians have been pushing the boundaries of their individual creativity and now reunite to collaborate in a new musical project

July 9: Sunday Jam Session @ The Nash6:00 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004Tickets: $8 general, $5 students, free for instrumentalists and vocalists who sit in or 602-795-0464
Russ Schmidt- piano/bandleader
Every Sunday the true spirit of jazz plays out on stage at The Nash, as student and pro musicians play together, unrehearsed, in a variety of combinations. There's always a solid core trio. Student jazz musicians are welcome, with house band, grand piano, guitar and bass amp, drum set and sound all provided. Singers welcome. Event open to all ages! Great opportunities for audiences to enjoy 3 hours of jazz.

July 14: Catch a Rising Star
Eric Nakamoto, bass
7:30 pm

The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Road, Phoenix, AZ 85004 602-795-0464

Tickets: $15 adults/$8 students
Alex Price-trumpet, Joe Thomas-saxophone, Greg Hasson-guitar, Ben Cortez-piano, Eric Nakamoto-bass, Sam Russo-drums

Eric Nakamoto is a bass player from Phoenix, Arizona who has been an active participant in the local scene since he was 15. Formerly a guitar player, Eric started playing the violin in elementary school. Shortly after, he switched to the double bass, primarily studying classical music. Eric discovered jazz during his sophomore year of high school. Since then, he has participated combos at Scottsdale community college, the Young Sounds of Arizona, The Nash Legacy Ensemble Blue, and the All-State jazz bands. Eric has studied and been mentored by many Phoenix musicians such as Eric Rasmussen, Will Goble, Dr. Ben Hedquist, Andrew Gross, and Chris Finet. Currently, Eric studies classical bass with Dr. John Ebinger of the Phoenix Symphony. This fall, he will continue his studies at Northern Arizona University as a music major. Eric's musical influences include Ray Brown, Charles Mingus, Jaco Pastorius, and James Jamerson.

July 15: Pam Morita @ The Nash 7:30 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004Tickets: $20adults/$10 students or 602-795-0464
Pam Morita got hit with the jazz bug as a graduate classical piano student when she heard Joe Williams sing with the Count Basie Band at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The band swung so hard that it influenced Pam to pursue a career in jazz piano and voice. At that moment she knew she had to play jazz!

July 16: Sunday Jam Session @ The Nash6:00 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004Tickets: $8 general, $5 students, free for instrumentalists and vocalists who sit in or 602-795-0464
Beth Lederman- piano/bandleader
Every Sunday the true spirit of jazz plays out on stage at The Nash, as student and pro musicians play together, unrehearsed, in a variety of combinations. There's always a solid core trio. Student jazz musicians are welcome, with house band, grand piano, guitar and bass amp, drum set and sound all provided. Singers welcome. Event open to all ages! Great opportunities for audiences to enjoy 3 hours of jazz.

July 20: 3rd THURSDAYS JAZZ HAPPY HOUR @ The NashWE 35:00 PM
The Nash
110 E. Roosevelt Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85004

          Regional Roundup: Top New Features This Week Around Our BroadwayWorld 6/22 - MATILDA, OKLAHOMA, and More!   

BroadwayWorld presents a comprehensive weekly roundup of regional stories around our Broadway World, which include videos, editor spotlights, regional reviews and more. This week, we feature MATILDA, OKLAHOMA, CHICAGO, and more!

Check out our top features from around the BroadwayWorld below!

Australia: Contributor Barry Lenny reviews MATILDA at the Adelaide Festival Theatre. He writes "Lucy Maunder plays the appropriately named, Miss Honey, all sweetness and light, without allowing her performance to descend into syrupy sentimentality. Maunder creates the teacher whom we all wish we had had in out first years at school, warm, gentle, supportive, and caring, the complete opposite of the headmistress. James Millar is hilarious as Miss Trunchbull, the villain of the piece. He struts, growls, shouts, and mentally and physically abuses the children. His Miss Trunchbull is an arrogant tyrant, charging through the students like a combine harvester in a wheat field, with audience laughter following him every step of the way."

Los Angeles: Contributing Editor Don Grigware reviews 3-D Theatricals' OKLAHOMA! He writes "The ensemble headed by Aks and Zachary Ford as Curly are magnificent triple threat performers. Aks has an operatic voice that dazzles and Ford has grown over the years into an exceedingly fine singer and actor. Tom Berklund as Will Parker makes his acrobatic dance moves look second nature and gives a superb performance. In line with the American Dream, both Will and Curly as played by Berklund and Ford show strength and determination in getting ahead and settling down with the women of their choice. Aks as Laurey is a much more complex character than previous Laureys we have seen. Dawson keeps the emphasis throughout on her tomboyish quality and her great outer strength in helping Aunt Eller ( the terrific Tracy Rowe Mutz) run the farm ... and on her fear of commitment to a relationship. When she pushes Curly aside, rejecting his advances, she is deeply struggling to understand her feelings and also her other unusual emotional connection to Jud Fry. Aks is as wonderful with Laurey's inner consternations as Kelly Dorney is with Ado Annie's openly aggressive reactions to the male element. Dorney's is a delicious performance full of feistiness and fun. Bonds is a sensation as Fry, exuding at times a brutal coldness, yet underneath we sense that there's a lot going on, some of which entails a sort of kind intent, apart from the expected cruelty. Boudreau as Hakim is hysterically delightful as the devious merchant, and E. E. Bell as Andrew Carnes, Ado Annie's pa, is simply great in a smaller role, as is Matt Merchant who stands out from among the 40+ ensemble as the stubborn, outspoken Cord Elam."

New Zealand: Contributing Editor Monica Moore reviews The Pumphouse Theatre's BRING IT ON. She writes "All cast members performed with a credibility beyond their years. Samantha Campbell was the anchor of the show and kept it moving along with her very talented performances. Comedic side kick Xanthe Pavlovich provided plenty of laughs as did Jaymee Brearly along and Kristin Paulse provided a fresh and earthy stage presence winning the audience over with her originality. The choreography (Gemma Boswell) was great and the cheerleading moves were creatively worked in. The basketball number was a personal favourite and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Phoenix: Contributor Herbet Paine reviews THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT TIME. He writes "The supporting performances in this production are crisp and engaging. Gene Gillette cuts a sympathetic figure as Christopher's overbearing and protective father, desperately seeking to connect with his son while keeping a secret that may alienate him. Felicity Jones Latta is gripping as the mother whose frustration and guilt tear at her heart. Maria Elena Ramirez is perfect and relatable as Christopher's teacher who understands him better than anyone, provides moral support, and, as a play within a play, narrates the book he's written about his journey."

Chicago: Contributor Rachel Weinberg reviews MOBY DICK at Lookingglass Theatre Company. She writes "While the story may lag in places, MOBY DICK is consistently well-acted. As Ishmael, Jamie Abelson (who performs at all evening shows) embodies the earnest outsider in every way. Abelson's performance is endearing and slightly perturbed, which mirrors the dark overall tone of the tale. Anthony Fleming III is exceptional and often quite funny as Queequeg, Ishmael's fellow outsider on the Pequod. Fleming is not only a superb actor, but also one of the most accomplished acrobats on board the ship. Kareem Bandealy is consistently wonderful as the pragmatic shipman Starbuck. And as the infamous Captain Ahab, Nathan Hosner paints a disturbing portrait as an off-kilter man consumed by an unceasing thirst for revenge."

Central New York: Contributor Natasha Ashley reviews CHICAGO at the Central New York Playhouse. She writes "Shannon Tompkins' (also cast as Velma Kelly in select performances) choreography, based on Bob Fosse's original choreography, is some of the best that I have seen at this theatre. The Fosse-style dance expertise of ensemble member and Assistant Choreographer Stephfond Brunson also brought a wow factor to the proceedings. His solo dance in "Tap Dance" is a standout moment in the show. The choreography for this number is intricate, seductive, and intense."

Niagara on the Lake: Contributor Michael Rabice reviews THE MADNESS OF GEORGE THE III at the Shaw Festival. He writes "Director Kevin Bennett moves the evening along swiftly, but at the times the complexity of the dialogue as well as the various accents and dialects made the long first act a challenge. Mr. Bennett novelly chose to have the actors interact with the audience before each of the two acts. Subtle lighting changes make you unaware that the play begins with full house lights up, but then slowly dim as the action melds from off stage to onstage. Set designer Ken MacDonald has created an ingenious unit set that cleverly mirrors the actual interior of the Royal George Theatre. Box seats have been built on either side of the playing area, where actual theatre goers are seated. This brings an immediacy to the play, allowing these audience members to be embedded in the action, giving them a few bits of business to complete the staging."

New York / Dance: Contributor Christina Pandolfi reviews SWAN LAKE at American Ballet Theatre. She writes "And yet, all of that changed in the best way at the start of Act III in the great hall. The drama unfolded as von Rothbart appeared on the scene, introducing partygoers to his daughter, Odile. This time, Seo - dancing the iconic dual role of Odette/Odile - was edgy, sharp, and biting, as she bourréed with cutting intent and determination. Gomes matched her intensity, but offered a more subtle approach, lending her the steadfast guidance and support she deserved. The only time Seo showed her humanity was during the BLACK SWAN variation, where a repeated series of pirouettes tripped up her stability."

Cleveland: Contributor Roy Berko reviews AN AMERICAN IN PARIS at State Theatre. He writes "The elegant, artsy projections by 59 Productions create a cityscape of Paris, that makes the smell of baguettes baking, the trickling sound of the meandering Seine River, and the illuminating gaslights of the city live. The effect is aided by the lighting of Natasha Katz and the scenery and costumes by Bob Crowley. The orchestrations are both lush and, at times, jazzy. The musical sounds are full, enhancing the singing and dancing. The triple threat cast is generally strong. The petite, lovely, Sara Esty, a Leslie Caron look-alike, who was the understudy for the Broadway run, captivates as Lise. Her dancing, singing and acting are top-notch. (BTW, her sister, Leigh-Ann plays the roll on Sunday evenings during the Cleveland run)."

Chicago: Contributor Rachel Weinberg reviews THE KING AND I at Broadway in Chicago. She writes "Sher has assembled a talented and powerful ensemble for this tour. In Laura Michelle Kelly's self-assured Anna, Sher has found a tremendous leading lady for the tour. Not only is Kelly a perfectly expert vocalist, but she gives freely to her performance. Her Anna strikes the balance between firm and tender. Kelly's performance of the showstopper "Shall I Tell You What I Think of You" is particularly interesting; it's softer and less outright angry than other takes I've seen, but in a way that grants the number even more power for we see how deeply Anna feels in that moment. Kelly is well-matched by José Llana as the King of Siam. Llana's King is less severe than others I've seen, and one of the strongest singers I've seen in this role. That's an added benefit, especially because it makes Anna and the KIng's iconic duet "Shall We Dance?" all the more enjoyable."

Regional Editor Spotlight:

Don Grigware
Los Angeles Contributing Editor

Don Grigware is an Ovation nominated actor and journalist/writer whose contributions to theatre through the years have included 6 years as theatre editor of NoHoLA, a contributor to LA Stage Magazine and currently on his own website:

Don hails from Holyoke, Massachusetts and holds two Masters Degrees from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in Education and Bilingual Studies. He is a teacher of foreign language and ESL.

"I enjoy meeting people at shows who recognize me and tell me that they read my reviews. I'm always surprised....happy, but surprised. Having a direct effect on people and their theatre choices is what it's all about for me. We as writers do make a difference. I love the theatre as an actor, a writer and want to support good theatre in Los Angeles.Actors and their creative teams desperately need our support. I am lucky to have a terrific writing team and we work well together to get the word out. BWW is the largest online outlet to promote theatre all over the world and I am honored to be a part of it."

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          Regional Roundup: Top New Features This Week Around Our BroadwayWorld 6/8 - THE MAN IN THE CEILING, JOSEPH, and More!   

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Washington DC: Contributor Jenny Minch reviews THE SCHOOL FOR LIES at the Shakespeare Theatre Company. She writes "The stage is full of stereotypes but Woodell's tongue-in-cheek portrayal of Frank, the typical boisterous male in charge, is the most obvious of all. There is no doubt that Frings and Wooddell have onstage chemistry and make a handsome Celimene and Frank. There is a lot of relatable material in The School for Lies, which is part of what makes it a successful production. If you don't recognize yourself up there, you recognize someone you know and in the dark theatre, it's ok to laugh at them."

Long Island: Contributor Melissa Giordano reviews THE MAN IN THE CEILING at the Bay Street Theatre. She writes "The first thing your eyes immediately go to as you walk into the theatre is the set by Tony nominee/Emmy winner David Korins' (and this is not only because you walk next to it going to your seat). They make fantastic use of the intimate stage. Uncle Lester's work area - consisting of a piano - is on a second level and some interesting steps lead down onto the main part of the stage. White walls raise behind them in the form of graph paper and projections - by Daniel Brodie and Mr. Feiffer - are utilized for the different rooms of the house. This is stunningly enhanced by Tony winner Howell Binkley's lighting design and Emmy nominee Spencer Liff's entertaining choreography that well accommodates the stage."

Salt Lake City: Contributor Tyler Hinton reviews JOSEPH at Hale Centre Theatre. He writes "The choreography by Cory Stephens, and its execution by the cast, is legitimately impressive. The whirl of color is snappy, precise, and joyful. Jennifer Parker Hohl's direction pulls all the chaos together while allowing room for the few emotional moments to breathe and shine through. Occasionally it is difficult to hear the lead vocals through the overpowering ensemble and accompaniment. However, that is the only technical misstep. The candy-colored visuals, including a number of brilliant surprises, are a true delight from start to finish. The contributions of production and set designer Kacey Udy, properties designer Michelle Jensen, costume designer Joy Zhu, and hair and makeup designer Krissa Lent cannot be overstated. Especially delightful is the lighting design from Brian Healy, which features substantially more shades than even the average rainbow."

Costa Mesa: Contributor Michael Quintos reviews THE BODYGUARD at the Seagerstrom Center. He writes "The stage iteration's many featured songs, as presented under the baton of musical director Matthew Smedal, are mostly vivid, high-octane concert performances with cool, well-lit sets and costumes (by Tim Hatley), lots of slick, Vegas-like choreography (by Karen Bruce), and in many occasions, an army of eye-candy back-up dancers and singers. Thus Cox and company's versions of "How Will I Know," "I'm Every Woman," "Queen of the Night," and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" feel like buoyant nostalgic trips fashioned into fun little concert numbers that had the audience bopping their heads and lip-syncing along. Like MAMMA MIA, the musical even ends with an audience-sing-along just to punctuate it even more."

Toronto: Contributor Taylor Long reviews A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE at the National Ballet. He writes "If you've read the play, the second act will seem more familiar. Blanche travels to New Orleans to visit her sister, discovering a bustling and unfamiliar world. The big city doesn't have an ounce of the old money elegance that Blanche identifies with - its moved on without her. Neumeier enhances this conflict by choreographing Blanche stylistically at odds against an ensemble of young, jazzed up New Orleanians. Blanche stands out - she's out of place in a changed world. Alfred Schnittke's Symphony No. 1 accompanies this memory with sustained chords and elaborate horn lines that help to create the hectic, urban atmosphere. The second act is a bit too busy. It almost makes you feel a tad mad by the end of it."

Los Angeles: Contributor Gil Kaan previews The Geffen's CONSTELLATIONS. He talks with Ginnifer Goodwin and Allen Leech. Goodwin told him "I truly stalked everyone at The Geffen Playhouse for this job. I had been starving for theatre. I mentioned this to a director friend who asked, "In what plays are you interested? Are there characters you are itching to play-stories you are dying to tell?" I was stumped. I also realized I was completely out of touch. I called The Drama Book Shop in NYC and ordered boxes of contemporary plays and classic pieces I had missed along the way. I fell hard for CONSTELLATIONS. Then the LA Times suddenly published an announcement about The Geffen's upcoming production. That was last summer or fall, some time. I immediately called my manager and agents and asked, "Can you please get me into a room with the director?" I hopped a plane to LA, I wrote letters, and here we are!"

Regional Editor Spotlight:

Gil Kaan
Los Angles Editor

Gil Kaan, a former Managing Editor of the now-defunct Genre magazine, has had the privilege of photographing and interviewing some major divas in his career, including Ann-Margret, Diana Ross, Faye Dunaway, Carol Channing, Shirley MacLaine, Catherine Deneuve, Liza Minnelli, Sandra Bernhard, Anna Nicole Smith, Margaret Cho, and three Catwomen-Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar. He had the fortuitous opportunity to conduct Lily Tomlin's coming out interview. Gil has since reviewed film and theatre for an array of local and national outlets.

"I have been contributing to BroadwayWorld for three years now this June. My, how time flies! I've gotten the chance to cover some incredible theatre in Los Angeles. For those who say theatre is not thriving in Los Angeles, they simply are not looking or venturing out.

Besides reviewing a wide assortment of LA theatre productions, I have had the wonderful opportunities to interview some amazing theatre luminaries, as well as, some up-and-coming talents. The stories I have gotten from such theatre stalwarts have been priceless! Penny Fuller remembered every actor, every detail of her 1963 Broadway debut in BAREFOOT IN THE PARK with Robert Redford, Mildred Natwick and Kurt Kasznar. Understudying Elizabeth Ashley, she had to go on with just a half-hour notice. Needing a wedding ring to wear, Elizabeth lent Penny her wedding ring from her ex, James Farentino.

Baayork Lee shared her memories of working with Yul Brenner, the first time she met Michael Bennett, and her mission to keep Michael's iconic A CHORUS LINEchoreography alive for generations to come.

My latest interview's with Ginnifer Goodwin and Allen Leech currently starring in Nick Payne's CONSTELLATIONS at The Geffen Playhouse. Another fun, informative experience!

I look forward to continuing contributing coverage of our vital Los Angeles theatre scene, and restarting my Dinner & Show column (in the BWW Food & Wine section) featuring restaurants in nearby theatre vicinity for a more complete evening out."

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Certain popular fashionistas need wore by themselves with the huge rimmed dark colored rectangle presented glasses furthermore, as then an common muscle size additionally used that. This kind of spectacle style published out of The show biz industry special gems, for instance Demi Moore, Jennifer Take pleasure in Hewitt as well as Scarlett Johansson, that definitely have flaunted them selves basic serious specs, somewhat flippantly. Should you browse video not to mention newspapers frequently, then simply I'm certain you might be rather at home with George McFly, Dude Jonas in addition to Josh Hartnett donning these kinds of amazing spectacles. Typically the styles of the eyeglasses fluctuate, while the in general motive will be to help you become glimpse very much like an important nerd, intered in books, portable computers and also succeed! The flexibility of the geek window casings have elected these individuals favorite among women and men of just about most of age ranges. The commonest styles are usually pillow, quadratique not to mention circular. Many people look like a horn-rimmed spectacles which has been poised to enjoy a high fashion quotient.
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          The Return of SLASHERMANIA!   


1983. Troubled teens from New York and Los Angeles are taken to a summer camp facility
to be trained as counselors and mix safely with other people their own age.
Little do they know they are being watched by an audience hungry for sex & violence.
They are the designated victims for a bizarre contest of murder and mayhem –


Masked maniacs from across the USA, Canada, Italy & the UK compete in various categories:
Best Male Solo Death! Best Female Solo Death! Coitus Interruptus! Sin Punishment!
Most Creative Kill! Biggest Multiple Death! The coveted Slasher of the Year award!

“And the slashie goes to...”

Written by Russell Hillman. Pencils by Ron Joseph and CJ Camba.
Inks by Ron Joseph, Jake Isenberg and CJ Camba. Colours by Harry Saxon. Letters by Sergio Calvet.

Slashermania is an original graphic novel in the tradition of films such as Scream, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, The Final Girls and Cabin in the Woods. Functioning both as a tribute to, and an examination of, the eighties slasher movie phenomenon, it’s mostly played straight but with an undercurrent of post-modern self-awareness and some appropriately inappropriate laughs along the way - carefully designed not to undercut the scares.

It should appeal to readers of titles such as Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash, Williamson/Henderson’s Nailbiter and Alex de Campi’s Grindhouse miniseries.

 You may recall I did a post on this two years ago.
Sadly the Kickstarter campaign for it fell through,
but a new one started today and runs to Sept. 13th.
Check it out and back it here!

Want to know more before you go?

Download a FREE preview here!

Listen to the soundtrack playlist on YouTube here!

And follow Freaktown Comics on Twitter for teasers and polls here!
I enjoyed the workprint edition and am eager to see more of him:

By the way, August 22nd to 28th will be Wonderland Week here!

          Lakers exercise David Nwaba’s $1.3 million contract option   
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — The Los Angeles Lakers have exercised their $1.3 million contract option on guard David Nwaba for the upcoming season. The Lakers announced the move Wednesday. Nwaba earned a job with the Lakers after they called him up from their D-League affiliate on Feb. 28. The rookie averaged 6.0 points and 3.2 […]
          Piso muy amplio con terraza y luminoso   
Salón muy amplio con terraza y vistas a todo trujillo. sala de tv. cocina totalmente equipada. 3 dormitorios con armarios empotrados. 1 baño con ducha. trastero situado a 500 mts de la plaza mayor alquiler 400€ fianza 400€ c/ cruz de los angeles, 1 trujillo - cáceres precio venta 90.000€
Cuando secó la pintura naranja, mientras sus ayudantes pintaban de negro la parte inferior de la fachada, don Nepomuceno Pintado procedió a ejecutar él mismo, el letrero que lo identificaría como un local comercial. Las grandes letras rojas fueron brotando de los pinceles con una velocidad que sólo pueden tener los profesionales en el oficio de la rotulación.
El local estaba ubicado en una esquina, así es que en la parte de la Avenida ”Polleros”, pintó la palabra "Rotulos"; y en la pared que daba a la Avenida "Mártires de la Frontera", la palabra "Pintado". Cruzó la calle para mirar desde la contraesquina, y se dio cuenta de que las letras rojas se perdían en el fondo naranja, por lo que decidió perfilarlas con pintura blanca. También agregó el acento que le faltaba a la palabra "Rótulos".
Al quedar satisfecho del resultado, sacó del interior del local, un bastidor de madera que medía aproximadamente dos metros de alto por uno y medio de ancho, y que tenía montada la imagen de su hija Celeste, como muestra de una de las modalidades del tipo de trabajo que era capaz de realizar.
La foto le había sido tomada a Celeste precisamente durante su fiesta de quince años, cuando ya se había cambiado el vestido de quinceañera, y el de india sioux con el que bailó la polka, y tenía puesta una blusita de terciopelo azul cielo y una mirada de princesita inca. No se alcanzaba a ver en la enorme amplificación si tenía falda o pantalón, pues la foto era de medio cuerpo, pero los que asistieron a esa fiesta, recuerdan que traía una falda negra muy cortita, que hacía que llamara muchísimo la atención. Fue precisamente la misma noche en que se hizo novia de Rames Colorado, alias “El Colorín”. Simplemente el chavo más grueso del barrio.
La contemplación de su local, ya con la enorme foto de Celeste, le dio tanto gusto, que fue a llamar a toda la familia para que saliera a dar su opinión. Al día siguiente, como era de esperarse, un sacerdote acudió a bendecir el local, y por la tarde se organizó una sencilla fiesta entre los conocidos, familiares y futuros clientes del nuevo negocio.
Durante la reunión, todos los asistentes preguntaban extrañados por la inexplicable ausencia de Celeste, quien aunque ahora ya no se parecía nada a la chica del cartel por haber engordado mucho, tenía que estar presente por ser la modelo del local.
Don Nepomuceno justificó la ausencia de su hija diciendo que se había ido a estudiar a Hungría, aprovechando un intercambio cultural; porque no quería que nadie se enterara de que la había obligado a irse a la casa de su tío Pompeyo, en Querétaro; al enterarse de que al “Colorín” lo había agarrado la Migra, y estaba a punto de aparecerse por la colonia.
A nadie de la familia le caía mucho en gracia la inminente presencia del “Colorín”, pues durante el tiempo que duró de novio de Celeste, todo había sido bronca tras bronca, por la inclinación de éste a entrarle al cemento y a la mariguana, y a capitanear una banda de chavos igual de ingobernables que él, que conseguían el dinero para sus vicios asaltando comercios y transeúntes. Incluso se llegó a rumorar que él había sido el que se había "echado" a un peligroso sujeto llamado Hermógenes Goyconechea, apodado el “Cavernoso Mayor”, líder de una banda rival, conocida como “Los Cavernosos del terror”.
Después de varias semanas de permanecer expuesta día y noche la enorme foto de Celeste, a la gente le parecía muy raro que no hubiera sido víctima de los grafiteros locales, que tenían pintarrajeadas todas las paredes del barrio. Ya era hora de que le hubieran pintado los dientes negros para que pareciera chimuela, o que le hubieran agregado cuernos como habían hecho con todas las imágenes de los candidatos a diputados, senadores, e incluso a la presidencia de la República. Pero nada.
Nadie se explicaba el porqué del respeto de gente tan irrespetuosa a una simple niña bonita vestida de azul.
En realidad, ya la habían pintarrajeado sin piedad, agregándole toda suerte de garabatos, leperadas y alusiones sexuales, pero al día siguiente, todo había desaparecido y la imagen se veía impecable y sin rastro alguno de esos ataques.
Los mismos que habían dejado su marca en la imagen estaban sorprendidos y frustrados, y llegaron a suponer que había alguna capa protectora o un vidrio muy delgado e imperceptible, pero unos navajazos en el pecho de la imagen, los convencieron de que era papel común y corriente montado en aglomerado de madera de muy baja calidad.
Pero lo que nadie sabía, era que don Nepomuceno, cada vez que se deterioraba la foto de su hija, la cambiaba por una nueva. Así llevaba casi un mes, cambiando la foto por lo menos dos veces por semana. Había sido un golpe de suerte debido a la borrachera de Esiquio Tinajero, el encargado de la imprenta en la que le habían hecho las enormes fotos, quien confundió su modesto pedido de dos muestras, con el pedido del PRI, que había mandado a hacer quinientos posters de su fallido candidato a la presidencia de la república.
De esa manera, con quinientas fotos de su hija, Don Nepomuceno se divertía cambiando la foto cada vez que era necesario, y al mismo tiempo practicaba el montaje, pues era lo que más le había dado problemas para dominar durante su época de aprendiz.
Las señoras de la Comunidad Religiosa "Barrio Unido por la Salvación de las Almas de Todos los Vecinos Piadosos que Comulgan todos los Domingos", comenzó a tomar cartas en el asunto, pues todo apuntaba hacia un milagro.
Hacía tanto tiempo que no se daba un milagro en la comunidad; - desde el caso del niño Manuelito, que lloraba lágrimas de cajeta -, que este hecho empezó a causar revuelo entre las sencillas gentes de la colonia.
Los ataques a la imagen continuaron durante algunos días, siendo el más terrible el que llevó a cabo la Banda “Grafiteros Grifos”, quienes colocaron explosivos adheridos a la imagen, y la volaron con todo y bastidor. Pero al día siguiente, ahí estaba como si nada, impecable y reluciente.
Al poco tiempo los ataques cesaron, pues el convencimiento de la gente de que la niña bonita era una santa, hacía peligrosísimo acercarse a ella con malas intenciones. Hasta los mismos sujetos que antes se habían ensañado en sus ataques, ahora hasta limosna depositaban en la gran alcancía que la parroquia había colocado junto a la imagen.
Los fondos que se recaudaran, se repartirían por partes iguales. Una parte le tocaría a Don Nepomuceno por ser el padre de la santa; y con la otra se constituiría un fondo para levantarle una capilla para su adoración, en el terreno baldío de enfrente.
Como ya casi no había necesidad de cambiar la foto del bastidor, Don Nepomuceno guardó celosamente las cuatrocientas doce imágenes que le sobraban, para poderlas comercializar más tarde, cuando el fervor por su hija aumentara,
Con el paso de los meses, a la gente le dio por llamar a ese lugar “La esquina de la Niña Bonita”, y todo el que pasaba por ahí, se hincaba un rato ante la imagen, rezaba un poco y después dejaba unas monedas, ante la vigilancia de los grafiteros, quienes la habían adoptado como su patrona.
Cuando Rames Pintado alias "el Colorín" llegó a su casa en el barrio, sus familiares le platicaron todo lo que había pasado con su amada, del fervor que se había desatado por ella en la colonia; de la fama que le había dado a esa esquina, y del interés de la delegación por "recuperar para los vecinos esos espacios de meditación que tanta falta les hacía, para que a partir de una espiritualidad sana, accedieran a los más altos niveles de la democracia", según palabras del delegado.
Rames sabía que no podía llegar como si nada a la colonia, pues la familia del Cavernoso Mayor iba a tratar de vengar su muerte, ya que siempre habían estado de necios de que él lo había matado. Por eso se escondió unos días en la casa de “La Güera Balín” mientras se enteraba de todo lo que pasó durante los 9 años que estuvo en Los Angeles.
Una noche, Rames de atrevió a salir de su escondite y fue precisamente a la famosa esquina, para cerciorarse de todo lo que le habían contado. Como eran las tres de la mañana el lugar estaba desierto. La luz de la luna iluminaba, ayudada por los faroles que para eso estaban, la enorme foto de Celeste Pintado.
Quedó parado frente a la imagen de su ex novia, y los recuerdos invadieron esa esquina. Los ojos se le humedecían al contemplar a la mujercita por la que se había ido al otro lado, con la misión de conseguir lo suficiente para ofrecerle mejores condiciones de vida, y no huyendo como pensaba la mayoría.
No se dio cuenta de que los hijos del Cavernoso Mayor, avisados por la Güera Balín lo habían seguido con intenciones de matarlo. Como estos jóvenes no eran de la misma madera de su padre, habían tenido que tomar mucho tequila para darse valor. Tan borrachos estaban los pobres, que estuvieron a punto de ser descubiertos por Rames, cuando uno de ellos se cayó dos veces.
Tan absorto estaba contemplando y diciéndole cositas lindas a la niña bonita, que no se dio cuenta de que Heriberto, Hilario y Hermenegildo Goyconechea, se encontraban a sus espaldas tratando de no hacer ruido y preparándose para irse sobre de él con los machetes que les heredó su difunto abuelo.
Rames hablaba con ternura a la imagen como si ésta lo pudiera escuchar, mientras tres machetes temblorosos se levantaban sobre su cabeza.
No se sabe si fue la borrachera que traían, o fue la fuerza de la creencia popular, pero los machetes se detuvieron cuando los tres hermanos vieron que la niña bonita le sonreía a Rames y le contestaba con su vocesita chillona tan particular: “Si me quieres ver, estoy con mi tío Pompeyo en Querétaro”
Fue hasta ese momento cuando Rames se dio cuenta de que había estado en peligro, pues vio correr en círculos a los tres borrachos, machete en mano, ululando frenéticos y gritando incoherencias entre las que se alcanzaba sólo a identificar la palabra “milagro”.
A pesar de que los testigos estaban ahogados de borrachos, se les creyó todo cuanto dijeron, pues en esas cosas de la fe, no hay que escatimar esfuerzos, según dijo el Padre Anselmo al enterarse de los hechos.
Desde esa noche, la fama de la imagen creció, y se empezaron a dar los primeros pasos para que la niña bonita fuera reconocida por la iglesia como Santa Celeste.
Rames encontró a Celeste en Querétaro, y aunque ya está mucho más gorda, y tiene un espeso vello en el labio superior que la hace verse feísima, además de que le faltan dos dientes de enfrente, a él parece no importarle pues se ve muy emocionado y desea vivir con ella, tal y como lo soñó en sus años de chavo banda.
Y a manera de explicación les dice a sus amigos: “Es que ninguna de las gringas con las que anduve por allá, tiene lo que tiene mi chata”
Como “el papá de la santita” – sobrenombre con el que ya es conocido Don Nepomuceno - le prohibió terminantemente a Celeste que se volviera a aparecer por la colonia, no puso objeción a Rames cuando éste le manifestó su deseo de desposarla y llevársela a vivir a Anaheim, y hasta le dio dinero para los gastos.
Para Celeste si fue un verdadero milagro que el hombre de sus sueños hubiera venido a sacarla del aburrimiento en el que se encontraba, y se la llevara a vivir con él. Y lo más milagroso de todo, es que su padre lo hubiera consentido, y hasta los hubiera apoyado con unas palabras muy sentidas de aliento y comprensión.
Ahora, con su hija lejos y segura, don Nepomuceno ha empezado a pregonar que su niña bonita falleció durante el viaje de regreso de Hungría, pues unos terroristas afganos secuestraron el avión, y las autoridades tuvieron que hacer explotar el avión en pleno vuelo.
Y es que sólo a un hombre tan ofuscado por la ambición, se le puede ocurrir que cosas tan inverosímiles como esa, sucedan en nuestro mundo.
          Laughter over Siri’s struggles with Scottish accents   
Siri, ye cannae kin Scottish at aw. The Los Angeles Times reports that the iPhone 4S has become a top seller in Scotland despite its voice feature’s inability to decipher the accent of Robbie Burns, Sean Connery and Montgomery Scott. “What’s the weather like today?” Darren Lillie said hopefully into his iPhone recently here in
          Laughter over Siri’s problems with Scottish accents   
Siri, ye cannae kin Scottish at aw. The Los Angeles Times reports that the iPhone 4s has become a top seller despite its voice feature’s inability to decipher the accent of Robbie Burns, Sean Connery and Montgomery Scott. “What’s the weather like today?” Darren Lillie said hopefully into his iPhone recently here in the Scottish
          SAG Awards: William H. Macy Wins Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Comedy Series   

The awards are being handed out Sunday night in Los Angeles.

read more

          $2,228.00 - Canoga Park - ALTA WARNER   
Covered Parking, air conditioner, Welcome to the new Alta Warner, a sleek, intimate and modern community featuring 1- and 2-bedroom luxury apartment homes in Warner Center. Located 25 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and centered within a vibrant community of convenient luxury, youll now be within walking distance of the gorgeous Westfield Promenade and the upscale Westfield Topanga, anchored by Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Rent $2,228.00 to 3369.00, Deposit 0.00, Available Now!
          Los Angeles: 238 arresti connessi a una rete di pedofilia dell’Elite Hollywoodiana.   

Il Dipartimento di Giustizia ha condotto una serie di raid in tutta Los Angeles arrestando 238 persone in connessione con una rete di pedofilia di Hollywood. Secondo quanto ci arriva dalle dichiarazioni della polizia, tra gli arrestati ci sono alcuni “investitori importanti di Hollywood”, così come politici, professionisti dai colletti bianchi, un monaco, e altri […]

L'articolo Los Angeles: 238 arresti connessi a una rete di pedofilia dell’Elite Hollywoodiana. sembra essere il primo su Complottisti.

          $2,011.00 - Canoga Park - ALTA WARNER   
Covered Parking, air conditioner, Welcome to the new Alta Warner, a sleek, intimate and modern community featuring 1- and 2-bedroom luxury apartment homes in Warner Center. Located 25 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and centered within a vibrant community of convenient luxury, youll now be within walking distance of the gorgeous Westfield Promenade and the upscale Westfield Topanga, anchored by Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Rent $2,011.00 to 3055.00, Deposit 0.00, Available Now!
           Twitter reacts to Chris Paul's trade to Rockets    
NBA players offer thoughts on CP3's exit of Los Angeles.
          Women Directors Enjoying Success in Hollywood   


The movie Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, has earned over $600 million worldwide since its opening day on June 2.

That broke the record for a movie with a female director.

Jenkins’ film now tops a list that includes other successful movies like Fifty Shades of Grey, Frozen, Shrek, What Women Want, Sleepless in Seattle and A League of Their Own.

Wonder Woman sold over $100 million in tickets on its opening weekend. That was more than both Transformers: Age of Extinction and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Jenkins says her first priority was to make the best Wonder Woman movie she could.

“So the fact that I’m a woman, or she’s a woman, or we’re all women, or whatever, was a wonderful deep part of it. But you just tune it out completely because I’m just a filmmaker trying to make a film that I care about that much, anyway.”

Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is a superhero. She is strong, fearless and has special powers.

Her name is Diana. She leaves her perfect world on an Amazon island to fight evil during World War I.

But Wonder Woman does not only solve problems with force like some male superheroes do. Jenkins says her Wonder Woman, played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, is more complex than that.

“It ends up being much more on an everyday scale about understanding and love and forgiveness and the complexity of life.”

Gadot says she and Jenkins had the same idea of what they wanted from Wonder Woman.

“I am so lucky that Patty was the one to direct me. Her vision for Diana was in line with mine.”

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman.' (Warner Bros. Entertainment) Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman.' (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

Female actors and directors making headlines

Jenkins and Gadot are not the only female directors and actors making headlines in Hollywood.

At the recent Cannes Film Festival, director Sofia Coppola won the best director award for her film The Beguiled. It comes out later this month in the U.S.

Coppola’s movie is a remake, which means someone else made a version of the same movie in the past. But Coppola tells the story from the perspective of the women in the story, instead of the men.

Coppola’s version focuses on the characters played by Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst. They play teachers at a girls’ boarding school during the U.S. Civil War. Their lives are changed when one of the girls finds a wounded soldier from the Union Army and brings him into the school to heal.

Kidman says just because Jenkins and Coppola have been successful, that does not mean women are getting enough work in Hollywood.

“Still only four percent of women directed, I think, the major motion pictures of 2016.”

And, there continues to be the question of whether female actors and directors are earning enough money compared to their male counterparts.

That came up in 2015 when it was revealed that Jennifer Lawrence earned much less money than her male co-stars in the film American Hustle.

Recently, a story that Gadot only earned $300,000 for playing Wonder Woman went viral on social media. People could not believe the actress from the biggest movie of the summer earned millions of dollars less than Henry Cavill did for playing Superman. Cavill is said to have earned $14 million.

It was a big headline, but it was not completely accurate. The Hollywood-focused publication Variety explained that $300,000 was Gadot’s base pay. She will likely earn millions of dollars more from bonuses due to Wonder Woman’s success this year and in the future.

Even with Jenkins and Coppola’s recent success, it is not clear that women will get to direct more major movies.

Nicole Kidman is doing her part, however. While she was at Cannes in May, she made a promise to do at least one film every 18 months with a female director.

Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, writer/director Sofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst seen at the U.S. premiere of 'The Beguiled' after-party at Sunset Tower, June 12, 2017, in Los Angeles. Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, writer/director Sofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst seen at the U.S. premiere of 'The Beguiled' after-party at Sunset Tower, June 12, 2017, in Los Angeles.

“We, as women, have to support female directors. That’s just a given, now. Hopefully that will change over time, but everyone keeps saying ‘oh it’s so different now, oh it’s so different now.’ It isn’t. Listen to that.”

I’m Dan Friedell.

Dan Friedell wrote this story for Learning English based on reports by, Reuters, Variety and The Guardian. Hai Do was the editor.

Will you try to see more movies made by women? We want to know. Write to us in the Comments Section or on our Facebook page.

Words in This Story

record – n. a performance or achievement that is the best of its kind

tune out – v. to stop paying attention to what other people are saying or doing : to become unaware of what is happening around you

scale – n. the size or level of something especially in comparison to something else

visionn. something that you imagine : a picture that you see in your mind

beguilev. to attract or interest someone

boarding schooln. a school where students can live during the school term

hustlev. to get (something, such as money) in an illegal or improper way

viraladj. spreading very quickly to many people especially through the Internet

basen. the bottom or lowest part of something

bonusn. an extra amount of money that is given to an employee

          False Earthquake Alarm Sends Tremors Across Twitter   


This is What’s Trending Today….

Earthquakes are not uncommon in southern California. Citizens there know how to react and respond if the ground starts shaking.

On Wednesday night, many of them received an email from the U.S. Geological Survey that warned of a large earthquake. The message reported a powerful, 6.8-magnitude quake. Many people also saw similar Twitter messages from the government agency that follows seismic activity around the world.

So, they expected to feel the earth shake.

But nothing happened.

It turns out Wednesday’s message was sent by mistake.

So, how did this happen? Researchers from the California Institute of Technology say they had been using new information to relocate the center of a 1925 earthquake off Santa Barbara, California. That quake severely damaged buildings and killed 13 people.

The new information somehow caused an automated message to be sent out to email accounts and Twitter.

A statement from the USGS said the research “was misinterpreted by software as a current event.” It said it is working to fix the issue.

The fake quake report even affected newspaper writers in California and other places. They often use alerts from the USGS to begin their reports. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times, for example, sent out a story on the quake that it had to quickly correct.

It later explained on Twitter that the newspaper has a computerized system that produces stories about earthquakes based on the USGS alerts.

But, the Times said, “The USGS alert was incorrect.”

The USGS does sometimes release false alarms. But they rarely are for quakes so big or in areas with so many people.

Wednesday’s false alarm listed the quake as taking place on June 29 -- the same day as the 1925 event. However, it reported the year as 2025.

Such an early prediction would truly shake up the field of seismology.

And that’s What’s Trending Today.

I’m Dan Friedell.

The Associated Press reported this story. Ashley Thompson adapted it for VOA Learning English. Mario Ritter was the editor.

Words in This Story

magnitude –n. a measure of an earthquake’s strength or power

seismic –adj. relating to or caused by earthquakes; seismology –n. the study of earthquakes and their processes

automated –adj. made or carried out by a machine rather than a person

misinterpret –v. to not understand correctly

alarm –n. a warning, usually with sound

shake up –v. to make many changes in (something, such as a company or organization)

          LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 6/28/17 -- Is it time for the Lakers to offer up more in a trade for Paul George?   
Rumors continue to swirl around the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George, who is now reportedly attempting to get LeBron James and Klay Thompson to join him in purple and gold, all while the Boston Celtics, Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers plot to swipe him in a trade. All of the new rumors gave host Harrison Faigen and Silver Screen and Roll’s own Gary Kester a ton to discuss (Anthony Irwin was once again a DNP-OLD). Do the other teams creating a feeding frenzy make it more necessary for the Lakers to offer up more assets for George? Harrison and Gary debated that question as well as whether or not Larry Nance, Jr.’s Dunk of the Year loss was the biggest snub of the year and their favorite Marcelo Huertas memories on the latest episode of Locked on Lakers.
          Making Sense of Color - NOW AVAILABLE in print!   

So it's finally here!

It's not easy putting a book together but thanks to some helping hands and some fine artists we've finally got round to putting all of color class info into print.

So now you can have the manual that we essentially have used for the class. Hopefully it is as helpful as the class. At least you can go over and over it again...and for those getting started it sure is nice to have a reference book even if you are taking the class.

If you wish to purchase it or preview a couple of pages see the links on this blog to the CreateSpace E-store. It will hopefully be available on Amazon too, for those that may not come across this blog or our classes in San Diego or Los Angeles. But, if you come here first, please go through CreateSpace as it benefits us more so we can start on part 2...

But for those who just have to buy it from Amazon..I'll be putting a link up when it's available there!!

          Top Stories: Poll Shows Disapproval Of Trump, GOP Health Plan; Venezuela Attack   
Good morning, here are our early stories: -- Just 17 Percent Of Americans Approve Of Republican Senate Health Care Bill. -- Trump Fails To Reach Beyond Base, As Independents' Disapproval Grows. -- Venezuelan Police Helicopter Fires On Supreme Court, Interior Ministry. -- Sarah Palin Sues 'New York Times', Says Editorial Defamed Her. And here are more early headlines: Enormous Wildfire Still Out Of Control In Utah. ( KUER ) Safety Questions After N.Y. Subway Car Derails, Injuring Several. ( New York Times ) Cyber Attacks Around The World; Ransom Demanded. ( Washington Post ) Islamist Militants Force Southern Filipino Women Into Sex Slavery. ( Telegraph ) Border Wall Prototype Construction Underway In Calif. ( San Diego Union-Tribune ) Germany Clears Building; Siding Similar To That In Deadly London Fire. ( Sydney Morning Herald ) VIDEO: Man Rescued From River By California Highway Patrol. ( Los Angeles Times ) Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit
          Canucks vs Kings Game Preview – January 13, 2013   

The Vancouver Canucks play the Los Angeles Kings for the 2nd time in less than two weeks...

The post Canucks vs Kings Game Preview – January 13, 2013 appeared first on Rob The Hockey Guy.

          First Responders Need Reliability of FirstNet Network, Los Angeles Sheriff Says   

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Chief Scott Edson talks about the need for an LTE broadband network that gives priority to first responders.

          ​Robert Durst's pals resist testifying at California hearing   
Imprisoned Real Estate Heir Robert Durst Appears In Court For Hearing In Murder Case

File: Real Estate Heir Robert Durst appears in the Airport Branch of the Los Angeles County Superior Court during a preliminary hearing on December 21, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. ; Credit: Jae C. Hong-Pool/Getty Images

Frank Eltman | AP

Two of Robert Durst's longtime friends are fighting in a New York court to avoid being sent to testify at a pretrial hearing in the millionaire's murder case in California next month.

Stewart Altman, who graduated from high school with Durst nearly 60 years ago, and his wife, Emily, appeared Wednesday in a Long Island courtroom, where their attorneys said a request by the Los Angeles district attorney to testify at a July 24 pretrial hearing was unnecessary because the case has yet to come to trial.

Durst, an eccentric millionaire who was featured in the HBO documentary "The Jinx," is facing murder charges in Los Angeles in the 2000 killing of his longtime friend, Susan Berman.

Prosecutors suspect Durst shot Berman because he feared she might divulge incriminating information regarding the 1982 disappearance of Durst's first wife, Kathleen.

Durst, 74, was never charged in Kathleen Durst's disappearance and has denied killing either Berman or his first wife.

In the HBO documentary "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst," he is heard muttering that he "killed them all." He was arrested in New Orleans in 2015 just before the final episode aired.

Attorneys for the Altmans argued that their testimony is not necessary at a pretrial hearing.

"It's just something they want to have," attorney Lawrence Goldman said of the prosecutors.
Los Angeles prosecutors say they want to question them about their friendship with Durst, including his state of mind when the millionaire fled to Galveston, Texas, in 2000, amid questions about Kathleen Durst's disappearance.

In 2001, Durst was charged with killing a 71-year-old neighbor in Galveston, where Durst was living disguised as a mute woman. While conceding he chopped up neighbor Morris Black's body and tossed it in the sea, Durst was acquitted of murder after testifying that he was defending himself.

Stewart Altman's attorney also contends his client, who is a labor attorney, may be entitled to claim attorney-client privilege about conversations he had with Durst. An assistant Nassau County district attorney, arguing on behalf of colleagues in Los Angeles, said Altman would have to make those claims once at the pretrial hearing.

Prosecutors also want to question Emily Altman about a 33-page document Durst prepared for his Galveston trial. At Durst's request, she turned the document over to the filmmakers who produced the HBO documentary, according to court papers.

Veronica Guariglia, the Nassau prosecutor, countered, "This is a criminal proceeding. It's not for us to say this is not necessary."

Goldman and another attorney for the Altmans declined to answer on the record at the end of the court proceeding when Guariglia asked whether Durst was paying their legal fees.

The judge said he will rule before July 5.

This content is from Southern California Public Radio. View the original story at

          Port of LA affected by European ransomware attack   
Port Stock Photos -

Cargo ships are loaded at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Friday, Feb. 19, 2016.; Credit: Maya Sugarman/KPCC

KPCC Staff

A container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles remains down for a second day after a cyberattack infected computers in Europe.

Officials from Danish company A.P. Moller-Maersk shut down operations at their terminal Tuesday and it remained out of commission Wednesday.

The port's seven other terminals are operating normally.

Port of L.A. spokesperson Phillip Sanfield says the ransomware attack had little impact here, in part because no ships were scheduled to come into the APMT terminal on either day.

"It's not unusual for a terminal to have one or two days, particularly mid-week, to not have ships at their terminal," Sanfield tells KPCC.

But trucks filled with cargo still aren't able to come into or out of the APMY terminal.

Earlier this week, a new strain of ransomware hit several European companies including pharmaceutical giant Merck. The attack eventually spread to the United States.

This content is from Southern California Public Radio. View the original story at

          Crime's rise in DTLA has residents, businesses worried   

The intersection of Broadway and 4th street in downtown Los Angeles' Historic Core neighborhood.; Credit: Flickr user Juan Monroy (Creative Commons)

Take Two®

Listen to the full conversation using the audio player above.

The revitalization of downtown is one of the biggest success stories in Los Angeles.

DTLA has grown to become a top destination for shopping, restaurants and nightlife.

But that rise might turn into a fall because of crime.

Between 2014 and 2016, violent and property crimes increased by over a third.

That has stakeholders in the neighborhood worried about its future, says Eddie Kim with LA Downtown News.

This content is from Southern California Public Radio. View the original story at

          Who's affected as partial travel ban is poised to roll out   
LAX protests over Trump executive order on immigration

FILE PHOTO: Protesters convened outside the Tom Bradley International terminal at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017, following implementation of President Donald Trump's initial executive order effectively banning travel from seven majority Muslim nations.; Credit: Brian Frank/KPCC

Leslie Berestein Rojas

The U.S. Supreme Court’s order implementing parts of President Trump’s revised travel ban is set to kick in Thursday, but questions remain whether the implementation will be smooth or bumpy.

Legal experts say the high court's order allows many travelers to enter the country. U.S. residents and people with valid visas should not be impacted, according to the experts.

“I think anybody prior to this order who has a visa should be fine," said Los Angeles immigration attorney Stacy Tolchin.

That said, Tolchin said she anticipates problems at the airport for some, especially for people without U.S. ties who are arriving on tourist visas.

"Our worst-case scenario is someone that literally wants to come to Disneyland, to come to the theme parks, to come to see Hollywood, and has no ties here," Tolchin said. "Those are the ones I’d be most worried about."

The court order will temporarily stop people applying to travel from six Muslim-majority countries and refugees who have no visas yet and have no established, bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.

Those ties can be to family members, a university, or a U.S. refugee resettlement agency. 

While those who have visas are not covered by the ban, Tolchin suggests that travelers from the targeted countries — Syria, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia — who are arriving this week with valid visas in hand should be prepared.

“At this point, I would certainly advise people that if they do have ties to the U.S. then they bring evidence of that," she said. "So if you have a close familiar relationship, then you want to bring documents showing a letter from your family member, that sort of thing."

Evidence of a relationship with an employer, a university or other documents could be helpful, too, Tolchin said.

The biggest impact will be on those who plan travel but don’t have visas yet. People applying for tourist visas from the targeted countries who don't have a U.S. tie could be out of luck during the 90 days that the travel ban is in effect.

Also affected would be refugees in the pipeline who are at an earlier stage in the application process and have yet to be connected with a U.S. resettlement agency.  For them, the ban extends to 120 days.

Refugees who are arriving through a U.S. resettlement agency should be alright, said Jose Serrano with the Garden Grove office of World Relief, itself a resettlement agency. But much depends on whether U.S. customs officials are well prepared to implement the new rules, he said.

"A refugee under the current ban, because they have linkage to the U.S. via their refugee status and their connection with a resettlement agency — and perhaps they also have a U.S. tie — they should have no problem upon entering the United States," Serrano said.

"The only issue that we have actually witnessed and seen when the past ban was put into effect was that a lot of folks, who were not listed on the six or seven countries, were actually having difficulty."

Serrano said one family from Afghanistan that his agency represented earlier this year was detained for four days upon arrival, although Afghanistan was not among the targeted countries. The family was arriving with special immigration visa status, which is reserved for those who have worked for the U.S. military or government.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials did not respond Tuesday to a query from KPCC about how officers were being trained to implement the travel ban as it is applied under the court's order.

On Monday, the U.S. State Department issued a statement saying the agency would keep "those traveling to the United States and partners in the travel industry informed as we implement the order in a professional, organized, and timely way."

The statement went on to say that the agency was "in contact with our partners in the implementation of the United States Refugee Admissions Program, and will keep them apprised of changes as they take effect."

Some who support President Trump's initial travel ban, created with the aim of keeping terrorists out of the country, say the court did not go far enough in reinstating it.

“We’d like to see the original executive order imposed, except as it may apply to existing green card holders who are overseas," said Joe Guzzardi with Californians for Population Stabilization, an immigration-restriction advocacy group.

Guzzardi said he also objected to the court's exemption for people with bona fide U.S. ties because it may cause confusion as the ban is implemented.

The president's original travel ban was imposed in late January and caused chaos at LAX and other the airports as travelers, including legal permanent residents, were delayed and detained. Some travelers were sent back to their countries of origin.

After a court put the initial travel ban on hold, the Trump administration issued a revised version that exempts legal residents and people with current visas.

Both the original and revised versions of the travel ban had been challenged in lower courts and placed on hold. The Supreme Court plans to review those decisions and hear full arguments on the travel ban in October.

Tolchin, the Los Angeles attorney, said she expects more lawsuits as the partial ban takes effect.

"We are going to see people that, just as it happened in January, are going to be turned away and essentially physically deported," she predicted.

With this in mind, legal advocates who set up camp at LAX in January to counsel detained travelers and their families are planning to return to the airport on Thursday.

There's been no immediate word on protests and demonstrations similar to those that ensued in January and disrupted traffic at the airport. 

This content is from Southern California Public Radio. View the original story at

          LA campaign to eliminate traffic deaths raises concerns over policing, gentrification   
Vision Zero South LA 1

South Los Angeles resident James Harris stands at the intersection of Manchester and Western avenues, two of the most dangerous corridors in the city, according to L.A. Department of Transportation data. He hopes Vision Zero projects will make his neighborhood streets safer.; Credit: Meghan McCarty/KPCC

Meghan McCarty Carino

The city of Los Angeles' ambitious program to reverse a rising trend of traffic deaths and eliminate road fatalities by 2025 is having unintended consequences in communities sensitive to increased traffic enforcement and mistrustful of street improvements seen as signs of gentrification.

Los Angeles embraced an international initiative to cut traffic fatalities started in Sweden called Vision Zero as it tries to grapple with traffic crash fatalities that have risen by 43 percent between 2015 and 2016.

With an average 6.27 traffic deaths per 100,000 residents each year, L.A. has the highest traffic death rate of any major city in the country. Last year, 260 people died in L.A. street crashes, about 30 fewer than died in homicides in the city in 2016.

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for children between 2 and 14 in L.A. and kill cyclists and pedestrians at a disproportionately high rate. Despite being involved in only 14 percent of collisions, walkers and bikers make up half of those killed.

While the toll from traffic deaths cuts across all sectors of society, many of the most dangerous streets in the city are concentrated in low-income communities of color like South L.A., home to 16 of the 40 most dangerous corridors identified by the city Department of Transportation.

Local resident James Harris lives near the intersection of Manchester and Western Avenues, two of the most dangerous corridors in L.A, according to the city. He needs no convincing that traffic safety initiatives like Vision Zero are needed.

"It’s an issue. People are dying, people are getting hurt, their lives are never the same. This is another tool to address the violence in our community," said Harris.

Hardly a week goes by that he doesn't see a horrible crash in his neighborhood, he said.

He has a running bet with his neighbors: "That this weekend who can guess the closest number to the cars that’s gonna get crashed on those corridors. Somebody always wins because the number is never zero."


So far this year, 13 people have died in traffic crashes in South L.A. City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson's district.

"Black lives matter, right? I think they matter in a lot of ways," said Harris-Dawson, who has championed the Vision Zero effort. 

"I don’t want to be here three years from now still getting emails that people are getting killed at the same spot. It’s unacceptable to me, and I think it’s unacceptable to the community," he said.

During recent budget negotiations, Harris-Dawson pushed for more funding for the program that aims to save lives. The council eventually agreed to allocate about $27 million to Vision Zero-related projects, a nine-fold increase over the previous year's funding, but still less than the $80 million that the Department of Transportation said is needed to meet the program's stated goal of reducing traffic deaths by 20 percent this year.

In early June, Harris-Dawson led one of several community open houses held in South L.A. to highlight Vision Zero projects in the area. He invited community members to offer their feedback on proposed safety measures like longer pedestrian signals and curb bulb-outs that force cars to make wider, slower turns.

Harris-Dawson acknowledged there are obstacles to getting buy-in from his constituents. Historically, city planning efforts — building the freeways, for example — have not been kind to neighborhoods like South L.A., and improvements like bike lanes are sometimes viewed suspiciously as the first signs of gentrification.


One major component of the plan is proving especially controversial: increased policing of traffic violations. There is concern that this part of the Vision Zero plan could do more harm than good in neighborhoods like South L.A.

The city is spending an extra $1.5 million to beef up traffic policing on the most dangerous streets, which are concentrated in low-income communities of color.

"For black people, for people in color, if you’re undocumented – there is this feeling of when you get pulled over how that can escalate quickly," said Tamika Butler, the director of the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition.

Her organization is working with the city through the Vision Zero Alliance, a coalition of community groups providing guidance and feedback on implementing the safety program.

Butler has argued that an emphasis on traffic stops will sow more fear and distrust of law enforcement in neighborhoods where relations are already strained.

"That might have a lot to do with the fact that I’m a black person who continues to see people on TV who look like me who have been shot by cops," she said.

Lt. Dave Ferry with the Los Angeles Police Department said if giving tickets is needed to save lives, his department will do that. 

"We’re not gonna pick and choose where we do lifesaving measures like traffic enforcement," he said. The department adheres to a no-bias policing policy and racial profiling is against state and federal law, he added.

But Butler wants to see L.A. go further in addressing community concerns by following the lead of cities like Portland. That city's Vision Zero plans prioritize street redesign and education rather than increased traffic enforcement because of concerns over racial profiling.

In San Francisco, police are directed to focus on the five most dangerous driving behaviors, like running red lights. The department generates monthly reports to monitor the percentage of citations given out for those infractions.

Lt. Ferry said LAPD currently does not have the capacity to do similar tracking in a timely manner because citations are not digitized in real time. However, the department has applied for a state grant that would make such monitoring possible.

Some cities are also using automated speed cameras and alternatives to hefty traffic fines, like education programs or income-based fees, to ease the burden on people with lesser means.

"A small fine for folks in low-income communities is the difference between being able to feed their kids, being able to pay rent," said Butler.

South L.A. resident Harris sees an opportunity in Vision Zero for his community and law enforcement to come together, despite the challenges.

"To get people to agree with the police over here is like pulling a tooth from a 800-pound gorilla," he said. "This just happens to be one of the ones where we on the same page."

One change Harris would like to see is LAPD placing as much emphasis on community policing as traffic enforcement. And, most of all, he wants to see action soon.

"We have so many problems here in South Los Angeles and we always have to be watchdogs on any place where we get a opportunity to reduce violence. We have to jump on it," he said.

This content is from Southern California Public Radio. View the original story at

          Meet the SME’s – Senior Law Enforcement Advisor Mike Bostic    

FirstNet is pleased to have Mike Bostic on board as our new senior law enforcement advisor.  Chief Bostic has been an advocate for FirstNet’s vision since even before there was a FirstNet. He spent 34 years in the Los Angeles Police Department before starting a second career in the telecommunications industry. From being a beat cop to a chief, Chief Bostic witnessed, firsthand, the make-or-break impact of communications on police work. During his time in the department, Chief Bostic oversaw information technology and facility development used to create a new command and control system. From there, he worked in Raytheon’s open architecture and systems integration division and most recently served as Director of Customer Advocacy at Nokia.

          Early Builders Blog: Harris County Demo at the Houston Rodeo   

By Lynn Bashaw, Director of Network Operations
This blog is the latest in a series on FirstNet’s role in and observations from the five “Early Builder” (EB) public safety Long Term Evolution (LTE) network projects. The EB projects consist of four National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grantees that include the States of New Jersey and New Mexico, Adams County, Colorado, and the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System Authority (LA-RICS), as well as The State of Texas and Harris County, which is being funded through other federal grants and local contributions.

          The Evolution of EMS   

MORE THAN 40 YEARS have passed since the first episode of “Emergency!” aired on television, and in some ways, things haven’t changed all that much. In the January 1972 pilot episode, which offers a dramatized account of the early days of Los Angeles County paramedics, emergency physicians are skeptical that paramedics can safely provide medical care in the field. Frustrated firefighters wonder why they try so hard to save lives when they don’t have the necessary tools and training for the situation. And legislators grapple with how to regulate these new healthcare providers.

          Early Builder's Blog: Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA RICS)   

This is the third in a series of blog reports on FirstNet’s role in and observations from the five “Early Builder” (EB) public safety Long Term Evolution (LTE) network projects.

          Early Builders Blog: New Jersey’s Deployable Public Safety Broadband Network    

This is the first in a series of blog reports on FirstNet’s role in and observations from the five “Early Builder” (EB) public safety Long Term Evolution (LTE) network projects. The EBs include four NTIA Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grantees in New Jersey, Adams County (Colo.), the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System Authority (LA-RICS), and New Mexico, as well as Harris County (Texas), which is being funded through other grants and local contributions.

          Io ti Salverò   

La storia di Rin Tin Tin, un cane che divenne una star, raccontata dalle sue stesse parole.

Halloween. Parigi. Cimitero dei cani. Notte di strani movimenti… Come ogni anno, uno di noi racconterà la sua storia. Questa volta è il mio turno.

Dunque, sono nato durante la prima guerra mondiale, in Lorena. Non fosse stato per Duncan, un soldato americano, sarei morto di stenti.

Finita la guerra, mi si era così affezionato che volle portarmi con sè, a Los Angeles.

Ero bravo a fare gli esercizi che Duncan mi insegnava, e se ne accorsero anche quelli di Hollywood. Mi ci volle poco a diventare una star…

          Trees Beat Lawns for Water-Hungry L.A.   
Evaporation from overwatered lawns cost the city of Los Angeles 70 billion gallons of wasted water a year. But the city's trees were much thriftier. Christopher Intagliata reports.

--

          Están preparados   

La glamurosa ciudad de Los Angeles cuenta con dos equipos que, como buenos hermanos, comparten el nombre de su querida madre: L.A.
Pero la devoción de la ciudad por sus dos hijos no es equitativa, nunca lo fue. Siempre ha habido un hijo predilecto, un equipo ganador y exitoso; un equipo campeón.

Mientras a uno le dan todo, el otro no recibe nada. Los Lakers tienen la fama, el glamour, el calor de la afición, el respeto de la liga y algo indispensable: las estrellas. Su camiseta ha lucido por todos los rincones del globo con orgullo, grandes leyendas la han convertido en su uniforme de trabajo y Phil Jackson, el creador de dinastías, en su talismán.
En el pasado, las comparaciones entre los dos hermanos siempre fueron odiosas, pues siempre había un perdedor; y siempre era el mismo. Sin embargo, en esta ocasión la comparación es justa, y el vencedor, por ahora, distinto.
El equipo que la misma ciudad de L.A ha ninguneado, está haciendo méritos suficientes para recibir sus mimos. Los Clippers se están ganando el respeto de la nación y, por fin, el de su ciudad.
Acaparan flashes y portadas, su juego ya es marca registrada. El seguidor Clipper empieza a sentirse orgulloso de serlo.

¿A qué responde tal cambio? Pues está claro: victorias. Y es que con el conglomerado de jugadores que han unido, pueden tutear a cualquier grande de la liga.
Para elaborar la receta del éxito, el primer ingrediente que añadieron fue la mejor semilla del draft del 2009, Blake Griffin. Con su irrupción en la liga, los Clippers empezaron a practicar un juego vistoso y espectacular. De pronto, el otro equipo de Los Angeles empezó a copar las listas de las mejores jugadas del día, de la semana o del mes. Los Clippers le dieron la vuelta a la tortilla y empezaron a llenar estadios, se convirtieron en un equipo agradable de ver, de disfrutar. Un producto escaso que a todo el mundo parecía gustar.
Llegados a ese punto, los Clippers entendieron que les faltaba un ingrediente y el año pasado se hicieron con él. Obtuvieron a un líder, aquel que cualquier equipo que pretende ganar el anillo debe tener; obtuvieron a Chris Paul.
Con él alcanzaron los Playoffs y derribaron el primer escollo, y aunque en el segundo fueron barridos por San Antonio, el objetivo estaba cumplido; experimentar Playoffs. 

Pero este año los Clipppers tienen eso y mucho, muchísimo más. A un equipo eminentemente físico, le han añadido las necesarias inyecciones de calidad y experiencia que le faltaban. Además, están teniendo la paciencia de esperar a Chauncey Billups, hecho por el cual serán recompensados más adelante. 
La adquisición de jugadores como Grant Hill, Lamar Odom o Jamal Crawford aportará veteranía, experiencia y temple; elementos que se tornan indispensables en territorio Playoffs.

Estos Clippers son distintos y lo están demostrando. Ya han sido capaces de ganar a cocos como Chicago, Lakers, San Antonio o Miami, es decir, pueden ganar a cualquiera. Este año lo tienen todo, pues en el banquillo también tienen mucho. La justa mezcla de juventud y veteranía, mucho físico, pero mayor calidad.
Porque la calidad que han añadido es mucha, y el máximo exponente de ese concepto es Jamal Crawford. El talentoso escolta siempre ha sido un buen jugador en malos equipos, el sexto hombre con capacidad de cambiar un partido, de detener en seco el grito de “defense”, de anotar tras falta; de decidir un partido.
Su calidad está muy por encima de su físico, de su sitio en el banquillo y de sus minutos fuera de él. Eso sí, los Clippers han de saber darle el nivel de importancia que requiere tal nivel de calidad; confío en que lo harán.
Ahora mismo está promediando 19.7 puntos por noche, pero lo verdaderamente increíble es su eficiencia, pues los está consiguiendo con una media de tan solo 28 minutos por partido. Ya hubo temporadas en las que Crawford alcanzó esa cifra, y no es nada sorprendente en un jugador de su calidad, pero lo que convierte esta temporada en distinta, es que los está consiguiendo en 10 minutos menos de juego.

Crawford es un jugador que se ha mostrado grande jugando para medianías cuyo objetivo más ambicioso era alcanzar Playoffs o superar primera ronda. Ahora es distinto. En los Clippers, en estos Clippers, su objetivo es otro. Por fin ha encontrado un objetivo a la altura de su calidad, ahora forma parte de un equipo en el que es y será factor diferencial para hacer diferencia, la más grande de la historia Clipper.

Quizá el último ingrediente que necesite este grupo de grandes jugadores sea uno que jamás ha tenido la franquicia para la que juegan. Podríamos hablar de suerte, pero a mi entender la palabra fortuna es más acertada, pues mientras unos han contado siempre con ella (en el doble sentido de la palabra) los Clippers la siguen esperando.
Hartos de esperar, este año han decidido salir a por ella; ganársela. Eso han hecho con todo lo que han conseguido hasta ahora.

Lo tienen todo.

          Mobley at Maxine's   
Also, Pyro Science at Science After Dark, Goatwhore, Dave Rosen Big Band, Ginsu Wives, Arkansas Travelers vs. San Antonio Missions, Live Cinema from Brent Green and Sam Green, Dick Gregory at Mosaic Templars Cultural Center



6 p.m. Museum of Discovery. Free-$5.

If there's one thing Hollywood does a fine job at teaching us summer after summer, it's that explosions are fun to watch. There are all sorts of them, too — ones that flare up on the sun, manmade nuclear explosions, explosions from boiling liquid's expanding vapor (think: pressure cooker nightmare) and volcanic eruptions. Eucalyptus trees can even up and explode during a bushfire; the oils in the trees are highly flammable, so a spark from a wildfire can wreak serious havoc. The Museum of Discovery is breaking down all things pyrotechnic at this week's "Science After Dark," so you can join in the throngs of buzzed adults wandering around in a museum uttering "whoa" and "what the hell?" There will be Damgoode Pizza, cocktails, wine and Stone's Throw beer for sale, and the museum's staff will probably blow some things up for your amusement and general enlightenment. After you've paid due reverence to fiery explosions (which have, after all, given us bottle rockets, sparklers and Michael Bay movies), you can see the rest of the place; admission gets you into all museum galleries and exhibits.



9 p.m. Maxine's, Hot Springs. Free.

Austin-based Anthony Watkins II, known on stage as Mobley, is big in Mexico. His single "Swoon" went over wildly there. Mobley attributed this in part to the fact that his drummer, Alfredo Rios, is from Monterrey, but to be fair, it's also just super fun listening. The video is a single shot of Mobley's head underwater, the surface level gradually receding over the course of the two minutes and 45 seconds, ending with Mobley's (inaudible) gasps and sputters. "The goal in making 'Swoon,' " he said in an interview with Afropunk Magazine, "was to capture the feelings of anxiety, isolation and suffocation that are, for too many, a part of the experience of being a black person in this country. Like a lot of people, I was stunned by the murder of Eric Garner," who died while police held him in a chokehold in New York in 2014, "but what terrified and spurred me to action was the overwhelming, collective sigh of indifference with which it was greeted by a large portion of the country. In the making of the music and the video, Garner's dying words, 'I can't breathe,' were never far from my mind." Mobley's got pipes for miles and often performs solo, sliding his way around the stage to a self-designed light show and cycling through three or four instruments in the span of a song. It's synth-driven, peppered with countermelodies and electronic accents courtesy of laptops and an Akai drum machine. What to call it? Mobley talked a little about genre in between songs at an Audiotree session. "R&B is kind of a problematic genre label because it's so racialized. It's really amazing what a segregated industry music is, and what the color of the skin of a performer does to the way people hear music. ... Listeners can decide for themselves.I've been places and played ["Tell Me"] and had it called rap, which makes no sense." He's touring as a one-man band in support of his newest EP, "Some Other Country," and his forthcoming full-length album, "Fresh Lies," both of which use the love song as a conceit, "thinking of it as being a metaphorical conversation between myself and America as lovers, as people in a relationship — a dysfunctional relationship," as he told Austin Monthly.



7:10 p.m. Thu.-Fri., 6:10 p.m. Sat. Dickey-Stephens Park. $7-$13.

The baseball season at Dickey-Stephens Park is just past its midway point, and it's been a pivotal one, logistically speaking. For one thing, the park has extended the safety netting — that mesh stuff that protects fans from getting knocked in the head by a stray ball (or that keeps you from nabbing a foul ball in your glove from the bleachers, depending on how you look at it) — to the ends of the dugouts. More notably, though, the Travs broke up with their longtime Major League affiliate, the Los Angeles Angels, and started going steady with the Seattle Mariners — only the Travs' second affiliate change in half a century, and one both teams hope to leverage in developing AA-level players for the big time. In a doubleheader last week (a twin bill to make up for the Father's Day game that got rained out), the Northwest Arkansas Naturals overtook the Travs — the team's fifth consecutive loss. But who knows? Maybe the fireworks show set to blast away at game's end on Friday will inspire, or maybe the six Travelers chosen to represent Little Rock at the Texas League's annual All-Star game (June 27) will pull the team through with a win. On Saturday night, the first 1,000 fans in the gate will score a Travs golf towel.



7 p.m. Ron Robinson Theater. Free.

It's a shame the aisles at the Ron Robinson Theater aren't just a tad wider. Chances are good, after all, that patrons attending the Arkansas Sounds concert there Friday night might be predisposed to use them for a Lindy hop or the jitterbug, or just to sway a little during the slow jams — "Bye Bye Blackbird," for one. Dave Rosen, the trumpeter and bandleader at the helm of the David Rosen Septet and its outsized correlate, the Dave Rosen Big Band, is the son of Rosen Music founder Marty Rosen. The Rosens have been a mainstay of music shops in Little Rock since 1955; as Arkansas Sounds curator John Miller noted before the big band's 2014 concert, "Dave Rosen joined his father at the store in 1972 and continues the Rosen music tradition to this day." The band was a 17-piece for that concert — 18 if you count the moments when Rosen stopped conducting long enough to take a bar or eight on the trumpet. If you've never caught Rosen's trumpet swing, saxophonists Matt Dickson and Dave Williams II or the rest of the band, swing by for this one.



7 p.m. Mosaic Templars Cultural Center. $40.

Whether it's his stubbornness or the strict health food diet he's been on for years, the legendary comedian and activist Dick Gregory has been poking and prodding the establishment since 1961. Gregory's all over YouTube, riffing on everything from "Get Out" to the Bill Cosby scandal to Prince's death. The night Hugh Hefner watched him from the front row at Chicago's black-owned Roberts Show Bar, Gregory was turning out punchlines like, "Last time I was down South I walked into this restaurant and this white waitress came up to me and said, 'We don't serve colored people here.' I said, 'That's all right. I don't eat colored people. Bring me a whole fried chicken.' " White people loved it, which was pretty groundbreaking for that time, as Gregory pointed out in an interview with the Huffington Post in 2013. "Blacks could sing and dance in the white night clubs but weren't allowed to stand flat-footed and talk to white folks, which is what a comic does." Gregory got a job at the Chicago Playboy Club, and he's been pushing buttons (and going to jail for it) ever since. He spoke for two hours in Selma, Ala., as part of the 1963 Freedom Day voter registration drive, marched to the U.S. Capitol in 1978 with Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan to push for the Equal Rights Amendment, and went on a hunger strike in Tehran to try and negotiate hostage releases during the Iran hostage crisis of 1980. The man's a master of speaking truth to power, cracking jokes about utterly serious things and demanding due parity from people in positions of authority, as he famously did by refusing to appear on "The Jack Paar Tonight Show" until he was offered to come and chat in the chair on-air, as was the custom for white comedians. He returns to Little Rock for a show with England (Lonoke County) native and comedian Nate Williams.



8 p.m. Vino's Brewpub. $10.

Now here is a band that knows how to give some accurate signals to its potential audience with its name. I mean, if your catalogue of lyrics includes the phrase "like blood and fire in the sacred chalice of Satan I hail the blood-stained horns, the goat of a thousand young," then you had better not be called Ben Falgoust & the Bourbon Street Revivalists, right? The New Orleans band hardly needs to signal, though — they've been ripping out death metal odes to horned beasts and severed limbs since the late-'90s, and last Friday's release, "Vengeful Ascension," will not depart from that formula. As Loudwire notes, though, the band's latest does experiment with some downtempo segments and drum intros, trying to mimic its live sound by putting its live sound engineer, Jarrett Pritchard, in the producer's chair in lieu of longtime producer Erik Rutan. "The whole idea of a 'Vengeful Ascension,' " frontman Falgoust noted, "is built on being at the bottom, working your way to the top, and realizing along the way that there's other facets to the journey aside from just pure retribution. Within negativity there can exist a positive angle as well." And working one's way up from the bottom, Falgoust told the blog Toilet Ov Hell last year, is actually a pretty American idea. "If you look at it, there are a lot of positive things in Satanism. Satan and the Antichrist is very much the antihero. He was cast from heaven into hell and he has to fight his way back up. ... The funniest thing about it is that Satanism is basically the idea of America. You wanted to be free and you fought this war to be free." Goatwhore is joined by Vancouver's Anciients, Houston's Venomous Maximus and local sludge rockers Sumokem.



8 p.m. Walker Landing, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Free.

As any performer who's attempted to synchronize two pieces of media will attest, the potential for something to go disastrously awry is great, so the result is thrilling to behold. Self-taught animator Brent Green and Academy Award–nominated filmmaker Sam Green (no relation) are taking the pairing of film and live music a half-step further with this performance at Crystal Bridges, in which they, as well as an onstage band — Brendan Canty (Fugazi) on drums and guitar, James Canty (The Nation of Ulysses) on guitar, Becky Foon (Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra) on cello and Kate Ryan on drums and live sound effects — make "live cinema." It's a mash-up of live sounds, narration and music with photos, interview clips and short bits of footage that Sam and Brent created and will string together into cohesive pieces right in front of the audience. The production appeared at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's 2016 New Waves Art Festival, and this time around they're taking it outdoors to the museum's waterside Walker Landing.



9 p.m. Maxine's, Hot Springs. $5.

Here are four examples of times when cueing up Ginsu Wives' "Hospital Vibes" is a terrible idea: if you are alone in the woods late at night; if you are alone and have just watched "Seven," "Saw" or "Silence of the Lambs"; if you have consumed any hallucinogens; if you are on a first date. That record — the band's latest — and its predecessor "Sex Symbol" are simultaneously sexy and terrifying, the kind of stuff I imagine is eternally playing in the hallways of secret underground fetish clubs. Or the basement laboratories of serial killers. Here's the good news, though: It's super fun to hear live. Danceable, even. As far as I can tell, that danceability and some well-earned reverence from the Central Arkansas music community (and, OK, also a penchant for cover art featuring animal heads dissociated from their original bodies) are all that this Friday night bill has in common. Despite Brother Andy's (Andy Warr) claim in a 2010 interview with the Arkansas Times that he is "just trying to write songs and make them sound like 'Master of Puppets' as much as possible," Warr's a chameleon, backed by two guys he's been playing with forever. They're capable of crafting everything from desert ballads ("Coyote Love Song") to sludgy, foreboding anthems ("Mona's Song") to raunchy rockers ("Rot Gut Redemption") and uptempo romps ("Big Ass Blue Piano"). There are lyrical references to smoking ice, riverboat culture and dirty deeds in baptistries, and you can best prepare yourself for all that by checking out the band's video for "Shit to Face," which looks like what might happen if a reality show teamed up Sid and Marty Krofft with the creators of Showbiz Pizza and asked them to make a three-minute music video with $50 and a box of Jell-O.

          2011 List   
I've decided to keep up the Daily Shill by continuing to review all of the movies promoted within the interviews on The Daily Show. (Plus, I may review some of the books, TV shows, and albums too, you never know.) So, now that I've made that decision, it's time to start up a new list. Everything on the list is a film unless otherwise marked.

1/3: Barney's Version
1/11: The King's Speech
1/13: The Dilemma
1/25: 127 Hours

2/15: Unknown

3/9: Battle: Los Angeles
3/30: Source Code

4/13: Rio: The Movie

5/9: Last Night
5/10: Everything Must Go

          Border wall prototypes could start going up in San Diego this summer, U.S. official says (Joseph Tanfani/Los Angeles Times)   

Joseph Tanfani / Los Angeles Times:
Border wall prototypes could start going up in San Diego this summer, U.S. official says  —  Construction of up to eight prototypes for a border wall could begin by late summer.  —  The Trump administration is at least two months away from starting construction of prototypes for a wall along …

          La Spirale del Tempo   

Los Angeles, terzo millennio della nostra era: Leoni, un’adolescente ribelle finisce in overdose e sperimenta un’esperienza di premorte. La sua anima viene catapultata in una realtà parallela collocata nel passato di 24.000 anni fa.

Qui il suo destino si lega indissolubilmente a quello di Ria, una giovane donna dell’Età della Pietra nel pieno della sua battaglia contro i feroci Illimani, un popolo guidato da Sulpa, il potente demone deciso a distruggere l’umanità.

Mentre i guerrieri condotti da Ria stanno per soccombere all’impeto del nemico spietato, Sulpa muove i suoi passi verso lo scopo finale: manifestarsi fisicamente nel ventunesimo secolo per condannare l’umanità alla schiavitù perenne.

L’ora è ormai vicina e ogni speranza sembra perduta. Ma forse non del tutto se Leoni e Ria, come è scritto nel loro destino, riusciranno a unirsi al di fuori del flusso del tempo e, avventurandosi oltre i confini del conoscibile, a combattere la loro grande battaglia finale...

Un Brano:

"Leoni poteva ancora vedere la sala operatoria dietro di sé, e avvertire l’affanno e il caos che circondavano il suo corpo sulla barella; ma tutto andava dissolvendosi... Davanti a lei, sempre più vicino, l’altra uscita del tunnel era velata da una nebbia luminosa e volteggiante attraverso la quale apparivano e tornavano a sparire allettanti scene di verdi pascoli assolati e alberi sparsi.

Poi, tra la nebbia che riempiva l’uscita del tunnel, si materializzò la figura di una donna alta, bellissima, che le faceva cenno di venire avanti... Le pareti del tunnel si dissolsero, il ricordo si affacciò con chiarezza, e Leoni si trovò in presenza dell’essere misterioso che chiamava l’Angelo Blu.

Si trovavano scalze sull’erba bagnata di rugiada, al centro di un grande pascolo. Un branco di strani animali, come lei non ne aveva mai visti, brucava all’ombra di un boschetto vicino e nel cielo c’erano due soli, uno quasi allo zenit, l’altro basso all’orizzonte.

«Dove siamo?» domandò Leoni.

«Questa è la terra dove ogni cosa è nota» rispose la donna. «Facciamo due passi?»"

          Andrew Fuchs   

A native of Kansas City, MO, tenor Andrew Fuchs made his Lincoln Center debut in Bach’s Magnificat with the American Classical Orchestra. Recent solo performances include Steve Reich’s Three Tales with Ensemble Signal presented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic; Brahms’ Liebeslieder and Neue Liebeslieder Waltzes with the Mark Morris Dance Group; the Evangelist in both St. Matthew and St. John Passions with the Canticum Novum Singers and Saint Andrew Chorale, with whom he also performed Haydn’s Creation and Britten’s Saint Nicolas; Misael in Britten’s The Burning Fiery Furnace with Ballet-Opéra-Pantomime (Montreal); Elijah with the Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra; recitals of American art song with Lyric Fest; Monteverdi madrigals with ARTEK; the world premiere of Goehr’s Verschwindendes Wort for Juilliard’s Focus Festival; and Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli with New York Polyphony. An avid recitalist, Andrew was a finalist in the 2015 Joy In Singing competition, spent two summers as a Vocal Fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center, was in the Professional Singers program at SongFest, was a Finalist in the 2013 Liederkranz Competition, and was a Fellow at the Fall Island Vocal Arts Seminar led by Stephanie Blythe and Alan Louis Smith. Also a sought-after professional ensemble singer, he regularly performs with the Choir of Trinity Wall Street, the Choir of Men and Boys at Saint Thomas Church, New York Polyphony, the New York Virtuoso Singers, Musica Sacra, and the Clarion Music Society. Andrew completed his DMA at Stony Brook University where he also earned his MM. He received his BM from the University of Kansas.

          Compagna Marilyn   

La storia della vita e della morte dell'attrice più famosa del mondo raccontata sulla base di documenti inediti, finora secretati. L'FBI, sotto la guida di Edgar Hoover, nemico giurato dei Kennedy, fece una scoperta sensazionale: Marilyn era comunista. Dopo storie d'amore con toreri e attori del cinema, arrivò la notizia-bomba: Marilyn era l'amante di un ricco signore americano, fuggito dagli Stati Uniti per evitare le inchieste delle commissioni governative contro i comunisti.

Quel signore era Frederick Vanderbilt Field, erede del commodoro Cornelius Vanderbilt, a capo della famosa dinastia di ricchi e potenti industriali che aveva condizionato almeno due elezioni di presidenti degli Stati Uniti. Frederick fondò il Partito comunista americano, sostenitore di una politica di apertura verso l'Unione Sovietica e la Cina, e di sostegno a Cuba. Rifugiatosi in Messico, dove incontrò Fidel Castro e Che Guevara, Vanderbilt passava al nemico notizie riservate di prima mano. L'FBI scoprì che la gran parte delle esclusive gli venivano riferite proprio dalla sua amante Marilyn, che nello stesso tempo aveva una relazione intima con il presidente degli Stati Uniti.

Edgar Hoover concluse che la Monroe collaborava regolarmente con il capo dei comunisti americani e che era diventata un pericolo pubblico per l'America. Nel giugno del 1962 John Kennedy interruppe bruscamente l'idillio con l'attrice. Due mesi dopo, nella notte del 5 agosto, moriva nella sua villa di Los Angeles.

          Cowboy Cantor 288ª Emissão   
1. The Blazing Rays of the Sun – Closer (Los Angeles, E.U.A.) Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes, Loja oficial 2. Malpas – Charlemagne (Londres, Inglaterra) eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 3. Dylan Mondegreen com Maria Due – Every Little Step (Oslo, Noruega) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 4. A Novel Resort – Olympia (Copenhaga, Dinamarca) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 5. Line And Circle – Split […]
          Cowboy Cantor 283ª Emissão   
1. The Pines – Hanging From the Earth (Minneapolis, E.U.A.) Google Play, iTunes, Loja oficial 2. Adam Busch – River of Bricks (Austin, E.U.A) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes, Meno Mosso Records 3. Melaena Cadiz – At the Symphony (Los Angeles, E.U.A.) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes, Misra Records 4. Odetta Hartman –  Batonebo (Nova Iorque, E.U.A.) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 5. Suuns – Paralyzer (Montreal, Canadá) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes, Secretly Canadian […]
          Cowboy Cantor 281ª Emissão   
1. Horse Party – Receiver (Bury St. Edmunds, Inglaterra) [artista do mês de Março] Bandcamp 2. The Wooden Sky – Saturday Night (Toronto, Canadá) eMusic, Google Play, iTunes, Loja oficial 3. Hero Fisher – Break My Heart And Mend It (Londres, Inglaterra) eMusic, Google Play, iTunes, Loja oficial 4. MALKA – Into the Night (Londres, Inglaterra) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 5. Girl Meets Bear – Ignore (Toronto, Canadá) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 6. Shana Halligan – Been Waiting (Los Angeles, E.U.A.) Google Play, iTunes, Loja oficial 7. John Mark Nelson – I’ll […]
          Cowboy Cantor 279ª Emissão: Tremor 3   
1. Surma – Maasai (Leiria, Portugal) iTunes 2. Radiation City – Milky White (Portland, E.U.A.) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes, Polyvinyl Records 3. Astronauts, etc. – I Know (Oakland, E.U.A.) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, Hit City, iTunes 4. Peirson – Wild Ones (Toronto, Canadá) Bandcamp 5. Line And Circle – Roman Ruins (Los Angeles, E.U.A.) eMusic, Google Play, Grand Gallop, iTunes […]
          Auckland street photography   
A while back I asked a professional photographer some advice on street photography. Before giving me two cents he laughed and said there's no street photography in Auckland. What he meant by this is our small metropolitan area, relatively small population base and density makes it difficult to get the kind of street scenes you'd see in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Istanbul, Hong Kong, etc I took a look online for any Auckland street photography sites or blogs, I found a couple of discontinued blogs about street fashion in Auckland . It's not exactly what I like to snap when I'm out and about and frankly with my sense of style it would be pretty hypocritical to be writing about what's in and what's not. I've been taking a few photos with my Olympus OM-D E-M5 and sticking it on a Tumblr ( . It's nothing fancy just me learning the ropes of photography and taking photos on the street. I realise New Zealand is pretty small and landscape photography is a lot easier for some than street photography, but I love being able to tell stories about the city I live in through the people walking on its streets. If you want to join me on Saturdays when I go for random wanders around town, different flea markets, and events taking photos, or if you have cool photos you want to share - get in touch:
          Cowboy Cantor 274ª Emissão   
1.  Johan Rodrigues – Park (Estocolmo, Suécia) eMusic, Soundcloud (mp3 grátis) 2. Groves – Send High (Londres, Inglaterra) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 3. Dylan Reynolds – Spanish Civil War (Pittsburgh, E.U.A.) eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 4. Gun Outfit – Compromise (Los Angeles, E.U.A.) Bandcamp, eMusic, Google Play, iTunes 5. Bed Legs – Wrong Man (Braga, Portugal) [artistas do mês de Janeiro] Bandcamp 6. Youth Model – […]
          “The Big Bang Theory” star Johnny Galecki’s ranch property destroyed in wildfire   

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc./Michael Yarish(LOS ANGELES) — The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki’s ranch home burned […]

The post “The Big Bang Theory” star Johnny Galecki’s ranch property destroyed in wildfire appeared first on 93.3 The Drive.

          Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Garcetti Pitch Better ‘Narrative’ Around Climate Action at CAA Event   
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared at CAA on Wednesday to talk about the path forward for climate change activism in the wake of President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accords. Garcetti and Schwarzenegger each said that despite the withdrawal, cities and states have long... Read more »

          Iron Man has upgraded armour in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’   
Los Angeles, June 29 (IANS) The famous character Iron Man will have a new costume with the arc reactor in the center of the chest with an altered triangle design. The armour also appears to have movable shoulder pads. While filming of “Avengers: Infinity War” continues in Atlanta, more set photos have surfaced online. On […]
          'John Wick,' 'Dragon Tattoo' star Michael Nyqvist dies at 56   
LOS ANGELES (AP) " Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist, who starred in the original "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" films and often played villains in Hollywood movies like "John Wick" has died. Nyqvist's representative Jenny Tversky...
          The GRAMMYs Set to Return to Staples Center in Los Angeles   
After a detour to New York City's Madison Square Garden, music's biggest night will return to the west coast in 2019.
          Cidade Richmond, EUA, paga "bolsa-bandido para aliviar violência    
Cidade paga “bolsa-bandido” para manter jovens longe do crime.
(Entenda Richmond dá dinheiro para jovens com histórico violento não cometerem crimes. A controversa iniciativa está dando certo 1   
Saiba quem dos seus amigos leu
Tiago Cordeiro especial para a Gazeta do Povo [23/06/2017] [17h14] 
Para receber o dinheiro, não basta apenas não cometer crimes. É necessário cumprir uma lista de metas que inclui, por exemplo, parar de suar drogas, voltar a estudar, tirar carta de motorista, ajudar algum membro idoso da família, e conseguir um emprego Reprodução [3] ↑ TOPO Pense na violência como uma doença. Ela surge em regiões específicas do corpo (ou, no caso, em determinadas áreas de uma cidade) e se alastra a partir daí. É possível neutralizar seus agentes causadores, que, em geral, são homens jovens que vivem em bairros dominados pelo crime organizado. Mas não é necessário neutralizar matando, ou colocando na cadeia, até porque geralmente os mesmos jovens também são vítimas. É possível curar essas pessoas, dando a elas novas oportunidades de estudo e carreira. E, assim, recuperar o corpo todo. Dezenas de programas de redução da violência e da criminalidade trabalham com esses pressupostos: em vez de operações policiais massivas e agressivas, ações pontuais junto a pessoas selecionadas. Há pelo menos 20 anos cidades americanas como Chicago, Boston, Nova York e Detroit mantêm programas que investem na abordagem dos indivíduos específicos que fazem parte de um ciclo vicioso: eles crescem em lugares violentos, perdem amigos e familiares em situação violenta e acabam envolvidos em atividades violentas que fazem outras pessoas perderem amigos e familiares. PUBLICIDADE 
 Richmond, na Califórnia, também tem uma iniciativa desse gênero. Com uma diferença: ali, parte da recuperação consiste em dar dinheiro para jovens de comportamento agressivo reorganizarem sua vida. É isso mesmo: a cidade paga para possíveis bandidos não cometerem crimes. Os valores partem de US$ 300 e chegam a um teto de US$ 1000. São concedidos por nove meses seguidos, no máximo, para os jovens que participam do programa e não se envolveram em confusão por seis meses. E mais: neste período, os garotos são orientados por ex-criminosos – é um dos poucos empregos do mundo em que ter ficha policial é pré-requisito. Eles comunicam a experiência de quem já passou por problemas parecidos até encontrar um caminho de reabilitação. Um dos instrutores, por exemplo, é James Houston, que cumpriu 18 anos de pena por duplo homicídio. Resultados expressivos O programa gera polêmica nos Estados Unidos.
Em 2016, Washington anunciou que adotaria uma iniciativa parecida, mas voltou atrás porque a ideia encontrou resistência ferrenha do prefeito. Sacramento, Toledo, Los Angeles e Filadélfia ainda observam Richmond com atenção, sem começar seus próprios programas. A insegurança é razoável. Por enquanto, além da cidade californiana, a ideia só foi aplicada uma vez, e por apenas poucos anos, em Baltimore, a partir de 1972 e até que um novo prefeito cancelou a iniciativa por não concordar com as mesadas. Mas a questão é que, por mais difícil que seja aceitar a iniciativa, ela parece estar funcionando: os índices de homicídio de Richmond vêm caindo. Em 2014, chegaram a 11, o menor número em quarenta anos, uma queda de 77% em relação a 2007. O total tem se mantido na média de 15, contra 47 há dez anos. Pode-se alegar que Richmond pode ter alcançado tal avanço porque, nos últimos anos, também reorganizou suas delegacias e instituiu o policiamento comunitário. Além disso, a crise econômica americana diminuiu e a população envelheceu. Mas Oakland, outra cidade californiana marcada pelos assassinatos, também mudou a estrutura da força policial, passou pelas mesmas mudanças econômicas e demográficas, e ainda assim não atingiu os mesmos resultados. Parece mesmo que pagar pela paz compensa. Ou, pelo menos, é um recurso útil de prevenção, que funciona em paralelo ao trabalho da polícia.
 Na verdade, a iniciativa é mais complexa do que simplesmente dar dinheiro para jovens ficarem quietos. Os garotos também participam de atividades variadas, que incluem desde tratamentos de controle de raiva e conversas com mães de jovens assassinados até visitas a campi universitários e a outras cidades. Alguns dos jovens já foram à Disney, a Washington, ou mesmo ao México, à Arábia Saudita e à África do Sul. Membros de diferentes gangues viajam juntos e assim têm a oportunidade de se conhecer melhor. Além disso, para receber os US$ 1000 mensais, não basta apenas não cometer crimes. É necessário cumprir uma lista de metas, estabelecidas caso a caso, mas que inclui, por exemplo, parar de suar drogas, voltar a estudar, tirar carta de motorista, ajudar algum membro idoso da família, conseguir um emprego. “Nossa ação é baseada em práticas tradicionais, de eficácia comprovada, como o contato pessoal nas ruas, o trabalho com conselheiros e a terapia”, diz o idealizador da iniciativa, DeVone Boggan. “O resultado é uma redução significativa da violência urbana com armas de fogo”. Iraque na Califórnia A Operação Peacemaker começou a partir de 2007, quando a cidade estava em pânico. Com pouco mais de 100 mil habitantes, era a 9ª mais perigosa para se viver nos Estados Unidos. Nada parecia funcionar. Os políticos locais a comparavam a viver no Iraque. Em setembro de 2006, por exemplo, um homem levou um tiro no rosto durante o funeral de um adolescente que havia sido morto a tiros. Foi quando a comunidade aceitou contratar DeVone Boggan. Ele criou um departamento municipal, o Office of Neighborhood Safety, para sustentar a operação. Se decidiu dedicar sua vida a recuperar jovens, é porque DeVone foi um deles. Nascido em Michigan, chegou a ser detido por tráfico de drogas. Dois conselheiros o ajudaram a mudar de vida. “Foram pessoas mais velhas, que se interessaram por mim e investiram tempo, energia e recursos”, o ativista conta. “Eles viram algo positivo em mim num momento em que muitos outros não viam, nem mesmo eu”. O jovem acabou por cursar direito na Universidade da Califórnia-Berkeley. Um de seus irmãos se tornou treinador de futebol americano. Outro, Dhanthan, morreu assassinado em agosto de 2008. DeVone já estava envolvido com iniciativas contra a violência (era diretor de uma consultoria da área em Oakland) e havia acabado de começar o trabalho em Richmond quando chegou para o enterro e os amigos disseram que sabiam quem eram os culpados pela morte de Dhanthan. “A polícia não vai fazer nada. Se você quiser, podemos nos vingar deles”, afirmaram. O ativista teve que manter o autocontrole e dizer não. Foi embora da cidade rápido, antes que mudasse de ideia e deixasse o desejo de vingança falar mais alto do que seus ideais.
 Nos primeiros dois anos em Richmond, DeVone criou um sistema de ronda nos bairros violentos. Em 2008, os homicídios caíram para 27. Mas, em 2009, chegaram a 47 de novo. Foi quando ele, contando com a consultoria do especialista em criminologia Barry Krisberg, desenvolveu o formato atual do programa, com os conselheiros com ficha criminal e o pagamento de mensalidades. Dessa vez, o trabalho começou com uma análise dos arquivos da polícia. DeVone concluiu que, da cidade inteira, havia 17 jovens suspeitos de terem participação em 70% dos 47 homicídios de 2009. Começou então a pesquisar a vida um a um, para conhecer seus hábitos antes de fazer o primeiro contato. O trabalho demorou três meses. Neste meio tempo, a equipe descobriu que o número era maior: 28 suspeitos de envolvimento, ainda que sem provas contra eles. Antes mesmo do primeiro contato, três deles já tinham sido assassinados. Dos 25 que sobraram, 21 toparam conversar. Todos homens, com mais de 16 e menos de 26 anos. Começava assim a nova etapa do programa. Até hoje, foram convidados 93 garotos, dos quais 84 aceitaram. Nenhum desistiu durante os 18 meses de programa, que custa US$ 3 milhões anuais, divididos meio a meio entre a prefeitura e a iniciativa privada. Críticos e defensores Em outubro de 2011, dois grupos de jovens, de gangues rivais, chegaram ao Office of Neighborhood Safety ao mesmo tempo. Começaram a se agredir logo no estacionamento. Algumas fraturas (mas nenhuma morte) depois, todos fugiram. DeVone se recusou a fornecer qualquer tipo de informação à polícia sobre o incidente. Diz que foi neste dia que ganhou a confiança dos jovens. Desde então, mantém a política: não colabora com dados, nem obriga seus jovens a testemunhar contra ou a favor de ninguém. Os críticos da iniciativa são muitos. “Concordo com a ideia de focar as ações nos indivíduos com maior risco de cometer atos violentos ou se tornar vítima de crimes. Mas acredito que existem ações mais eficazes do que o pagamento aos participantes”, diz John Roman, professor da Universidade de Chicago e especialista em violência urbana do Urban Institute, de Washington. Para ele, fornecer educação e treinamento profissional não deixa de ser uma forma de investir nos garotos, mas funciona melhor. “Pequenas mesadas por um curto período de tempo não dão conta de mudar o comportamento no longo prazo.” Também é comum que programas desse tipo sejam obrigatórios e voltados para os jovens que estão em condicional. Em Richmond, é voluntário. O jovem pode sair quando quiser. Mas DeVone tem seus defensores. Uma entidade dedicada ao problema, a National Council on Crime & Deliquency, publicou em julho de 2015 um levantamento a respeito do impacto do programa de Richmond. Identificou que, das 68 pessoas que participaram até 2014, 66 eram negros, 30 tinham filhos e 14 já tinham sido baleados. Entre os 68, 54 se mantiveram longe de problemas com a lei. Quatro morreram baleados. Será que o programa funcionaria em cidades maiores? Mesmo no Brasil? DeVone acredita que sim: “Desde que replicado na escala apropriada e com fidelidade ao programa, pode funcionar até mesmo em cidades com o tamanho e os problemas do Rio de Janeiro.” 

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          Álmok regénye (hatodik rész)   

Végre a gépen ültem, az ablaknál, szerettem nézegetni, már ha volt mit. Az óceánt ritkán láttam a felhők és a nagy magasság miatt, nem mintha érdekelt volna a hatalmas, de unalmas víz. Amint elhagytuk a szárazföldet, és elértük a repülési magasságunkat, elővettem a könyvet és olvastam. Szerencsére a könyv lekötötte minden figyelmemet, érdekfeszítő történet, jó ötlet volt ezt elhoznom. Soha nem olvastam a saját történeteimhez hasonló regényeket, azok nem érdekeltek. Ezek a reáltörténetek, ezek jók, de nehéz úgy megírni, hogy széles olvasótáborra tegyenek szert, de úgy tudom ez a könyv világsiker lett.
Egy idő után elfáradt a szemem, az álmosság is rám tört, pedig már kávéztam is, most teázom, hiába, leragad a szemem.  A légi kísérő kisasszony ébresztett fel, egy étellel teli tálcát tolt elém, és érdeklődött, mit kérek inni. Éhes voltam és szomjas, keveset ettem ma, az idegesség miatt. A vacsora után végignéztem egy filmet, kértem egy pohár whiskyt, és megpróbáltam újra elaludni, de hiába számoltam a bárányokat, már nem jött újra álom a szememre
Dr. Lewinre gondoltam. Mágus, ez a szó jutott róla eszembe, igen, minden olyan misztikus körülötte, mert semmit sem tudok róla. Vajon nős lehet? Lehetnek gyerekei? Miért gondolok rá ilyen sokszor?
Éreztem, ezzel a találkozással fordul sorsomnak kereke, minden elváltozhat, vége is lehet, az eddigi életem nyugodt folyásának, már-már vénkisasszonyos rigolyáimnak. semmivé válhatnak a szokásaim. Milyen marhaságokon morfondírozok, hagymázas ökörségek ezek. hiszen még egy fél szóval sem közeledett az orvos úgy hozzám, mint nőhöz. Csak, mint egy pacienst, csak úgy kezelt.
A pilóta beszélt, rövid fél órán belül leszállunk. Huhh! Most átrepültem néhány órát, gyorsítottam az időn vagy öt órát. De jó, már látom a partot, mindjárt földet érünk. Kézipoggyászommal a kezemben tülekedtem előre, ismerős arcot keresve, mikor végre megláttam az öcsémet. Már nem is tudtam volna elképzelni, hogy más várjon a repülőtéren, mindketten szerettük a viszontlátás örömét. Mióta a szüleink meghaltak, sokkal szorosabb lett a kapcsolatunk. Szinte nem múlt el hét skypolás, vagy telefonálás nélkül. Mindig naprakészek vagyunk egymás életéből, de mindketten ezt érezzük tökéletesnek.
– Brandon! De jó színben vagy, nem öregszel öcsém!
– Miriam! Te sem panaszkodhatsz, mint egy fiatal lány, a szerelem tart ilyen fiatalon?
– Te! Te! Úgy beszélsz, mintha nem ismernél. Menjünk a bőröndjeimért. Ha hazaérünk, alszom egy nagyot. Mi lesz a program? Mit találtál ki nekem?
– A program?  Hát elárulhatom, bár meglepetésnek szántam, Chinatown negyed megismerése, nem fogod megbánni. Jókat eszünk, úgyis szereted a kínait, és ráadásul jól szórakozunk majd.  Az itteni kínai negyed egzotikus, és nagyon ismert a különleges látnivalóiról. Továbbá strandolás, és nem utolsósorban Anne nénénk köszöntése. Nem fogsz unatkozni.
– Ajánlom is, mert hosszú és fáradságos volt az út. Carina és Morris?
– Morrist vitte el az iskolai ünnepségre, mire hazaérünk ők is otthon lesznek.
Az este jó hangulatban telt, megvacsoráztunk, jól kibeszélgettük magunkat. Fáradt voltam, de az időeltolódás miatt nem jött álom a szememre. Elővettem a könyvet, de végül letettem, és csak bámultam a mennyezetet. Elterveztem, hogy mit, mikor nézek meg, gondolkodtam Lily ajándékán, hiába, fogalmam sincs, hogy mit vegyek neki. Chrisnek mindig parfümöt viszek. Álomba meditáltam magamat. Jót tett a hosszú alvás, elűzte a fáradtságot, ebéd után indultunk is Anne nénénkhez.
Los Angeles városa számomra beláthatatlanul hatalmasnak tűnt. A nyüzsgés, a zaj elviselhetetlen, több autópálya is átszeli várost, vannak napszakok, amikor állandósulnak a dugók a város forgalmasabb részein. A helyiek ismerik a dugó elkerülő mellékutakat. Itt, a távolságok miatt, vagy autóba, vagy villamosra kell ülni. A fontosabb látnivalók között nagy távolságok vannak. Érdekes időjárású a város, a tél rendkívül kellemes, de ködös, főleg a tengerpart. A nyár forró, száraz, poros, és szmogos. Los Angeles fölött örökké kavarog a szmog. Az öcsémék a város szívében, a belvárosban laknak, de szerencsére Anne, a Bewerly Hills közelében, kertvárosi környezetben él, egy csinos kis házban, itt az utcákon fák adnak árnyat, üde zöld, öntözött a gyep, és sok a virág. Ez a környék emlékeztet Brisbane-re. Egyszóval, ez a város nem unalmas, sőt elég biztonságos is, bár vannak veszélyes, lepusztult részei is, de a többi, tiszta, rendezett, de korántsem nevezném turista barátnak. Az óceánpart meseszép, és csodálatos strandjai vannak.
Anne boldogan szaladt ki elénk, amikor leparkoltunk a bejárónál. Mindig elcsodálkoztam, hogy őrzi így meg a fiatalos külsejét, nem látszik hatvan évesnek, aki pár hónap múlva nyugdíjba vonul. Egy közeli állami iskolában tanít már vagy harmincöt éve. Furcsa lesz számára majd az időtlenség. Elhatározta, hogy utazgatni fog, erre kevés ideje volt eddig. Nyaranta Morris töltötte nála a nyári szünetet, már ez sem lesz, megnőtt, nem igényel felügyeletet. Megígérte, hogy a következő évben meglátogat Brisbane-ben.
A hétvégét Anne-nál töltöttük. Az öcsémék szinte minden pihenőnapon itt felejtik el a városi rohanást, a munkát. Kellemesen árnyas a ház mögötti kert, egy kis medencével, tökéletes a pihenésre, de legfőbb erénye a csend.
Hétfőn Carinával a belvárost jártuk be, vásárolgattam, nézelődtünk. Délután felmentünk a The Standard hotel tetején lévő bárba, lenyűgöző a kilátás innen a belvárosra. A belváros szép rendezett, de zavart az a sok hajléktalan, akik ott élnek, még sátrat is vernek néhol. A következő napokat a Santa Monica Beach-en töltöttük, vagy Anne-nál. China Town-ba csak az elutazás előtt jutottunk el, különleges, üdítő élmény volt. Gyorsan telt az idő, hihetetlennek tűnt, de újra a gépen ültem, és fentről bámultam a várost. Most tényleg, határozottan az volt az érzésem, hogy utoljára látom. A hazaút java részét átaludtam. Lily, mint mindig, várt rám, a hétvégét együtt töltöttük. Jót tett mind a kettőnknek ez a vidám, kötelezettségek nélküli csajos hétvége, és a csinos karkötőnek nagyon örült, amit végül a Kínai negyedben vettem meg neki.
A következő hétnek frissen, kipihenten vágtam neki, szinte minden napomra esett valami kötelezettség, tennivaló. Restanciáimat, most sietve pótolnom kellett. Könyvbemutatók, megbeszélések a kiadóval, és nem utolsó sorban szerdán délután jelenésem volt Dr Lewin-nél. Nem tudta titkolni az örömét, amikor meglátott. Ez, mit tagadjam hízelgően hatott rám. Már nem éreztem ellenszenvet vele szemben. Ültem a földöntúli békét árasztó rendelőjében, amit csak így hívnak, de nem arra hasonlít. Hátradőlve a kényelmes fotelben, kibámultam a kertbe, és meséltem.

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          34 Hours to Departure for PDC 2003   

My flight leaves at 0535 Monday morning from Akron-Canton, getting me into Los Angeles at 0951.  I figure I'll probably make it to the hotel by 11am and the convention center by noon, which means I'll miss the keynotes.  :(

I'm looking forward to meeting a ton of folks at PDC this year.  I think I've got more meetings set up than sessions to attend, so I guess I'd better order the DVD with the slides.  I can't wait to be able to write some articles about Whidbey on  I got the latest issue of aspNetPRO, in which I wrote an article for this month's issue (being released at PDC and devoted to Whidbey), and there is a lot of great content in it (Paul Wilson, G. Andrew Duthie, Stephen Walther also contribute, and there is an interview with Scott Guthrie that should definitely not be missed.)  So anyway, reading that has me itching to publish some v2 stuff on, so look for some good stuff next week.

Stop by Wednesday in the exhibit hall from 2pm-2:45pm.  Rob Howard and I will be signing copies of our book, the ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook.  You can sign up for the 2.0 cookbook, which will be full of all-new recipes for Whidbey, and receive a discount when it's published.

I also got an 'I'm Blogging This' T-Shirt for PDC which reminds me quite a bit of the McDonald's 'I'm Lovin' It' campaign that they're running now.  I'll be sure to wear the shirt at least one day this week.

I'm in town until Thursday night - my flight is at 2255 (10:55pm), which gets me home at 0950 Friday.  Humorously, I have an appointment Friday morning at 1030 that I'm supposed to be awake for - we'll see how that goes.

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Um novo empreendimento apoiado por três estúdios e pelo diretor de cinema Steven Spielberg levantou US$ 11 milhões e agora se prepara para abrir sua primeira loja de RV em um shopping de Los Angeles no terceiro trimestre, com planos para um lançamento mais amplo no próximo ano.
          Human Computing - Distributed Thinking - new age of Citizen Science

By using the strengths of distributed computing technologies, both specialized researchers and citizens have the opportunity to participate in a new way of doing science.

We live in a time when nearly all information is available to nearly all people everywhere.

We are entering an age where all types of people can also contribute to many types of information. A school bus driver in rural Romania may be part of a biomedical research project. Or a banker in Los Angeles might moonlight as a collaborator in an astronomy project – classifying galaxies in her spare time.

This new movement in science, called “citizen science,” allows non-specialist volunteers to participate in global research. The projects are as diverse as backyard insect counts (the Firefly citizen science project), studies of how malaria develops and is transmitted ( or prime numbers searches (through PrimeGrid).

The marriage of distributed computing techniques with citizen science represents a potential revolution. It gives scientists access to more resources and makes “cybercitizens” participants in the research process. With a few mouse clicks and 20 minutes to spare a person can elect to aid scores of projects. They can aid as many or as few projects as they like, and their involvement does not damage the performance of their own computer.

Considering the average desktop is idle about 80% of the time, its spare computing cycles represent a large resource. After downloading the needed software, a computer’s spare analytical power is harvested to work on small pieces of a large problem that has been sent from the project’s server. Once completed, the results are sent back to the project. By sharing out large tasks to many computers a distributed “grid” of computers can reduce the time needed to solve complicated problems.

In the Galaxy Zoo project, everyday citizens can help astronomers do things such as catch exploding stars, or supernovae. Data for the site is provided by an automatic survey in California, at the world-famous Palomar Observatory. Image courtesy Galaxy Zoo Supernovae

Where to start

Many of these projects use the common software platform BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing). The BOINC webpages point to nearly 50 projects, coming many domains including climate change, astrophysics, earthquake monitoring, epidemiology and searches for extraterrestrial life. These count among them Rosetta@home, Climate, Einstein@home, LHC@home, Chess960@home including the well-known SETI@home. BOINC’s volunteers, number about a third of a million people, donate an average of 4,540.83 TeraFLOPS in 24 hours.

Other portals leading to multiple applications include World Community Grid and EDGeS. World Community Grid, sponsored by IBM, with nearly half a million members, collects humanitarian and medical applications such as Nutritious Rice for the World and FightAIDS@home.

The EDGeS project, or Enabling Desktop Grids for e-Science, allows information to pass between desktop grids based on BOINC, and service grids (publicly funded grids of connected computing clusters) such as Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE.) This makes it possible both for volunteers to contribute to applications on service grids and for researchers to put their service grid applications on volunteer, desktop grid systems.

Human computing – distributed thinking

An intriguing sub-variety of volunteer projects call for “volunteer thinking.” These projects that share out tasks which require human intelligence for accurate processing.

Through Galaxy Zoo, volunteers classify images of the near quarter million galaxies that have been collected through the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The human brain is able to recognize shape and type much more quickly and accurately than any computer. This work helps astronomers understand how galaxies form.

AfricaMap, a UNOSAT project (the United Nations Institute for Training and Research Operational Satellite Applications Program), will give volunteers satellite images of rural Africa, who will mark roads, bridges, human settlements, rivers, agriculture fields, barren fields and more. This will update old maps and create maps for areas where they did not exist before.

This project, and others like it, are being collected under the umbrella of the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, a partnership of the University of Geneva, the UN Institute for Training and Research and CERN, Europe’s center for physics research, to help regional authorities, humanitarian workers and scientists. Accurate maps will help aid workers reach needy areas and will track the progress of climate change.

Specialized researchers and volunteer citizens can now collaborate on some of the world’s most serious problems. The internet and the Web led to a revolution in the way we access and use information. These tools, coupled with distributing computing technologies, may be ushering in a research revolution as well.

—Danielle Vention, EGEE, is a former iSGTW editor
          Why CBRE Global Investors wants to upgrade this North Central Expressway office tower   
The Los Angeles-based real estate investment firm has acquired a North Central Expressway office tower, with plans to unleash a multimillion-dollar upgrade on the building. CBRE Global Investors is seeking out other buildings to buy in North Texas.

          Comment on Radio Station Tour #137 – College Radio Station KXLU at Loyola Marymount University by MisterFantasy   
What a great article on a great station! I was part of the 1973 team that transformed KXLU from a classical music only station that was on the air from 6pm to 11:00pm to a full time independent power house that really did impact the music scene in Los Angeles. Along the way I got to work with some amazing people at the station and in music, many of whom are still friends and colleagues many years later. While at LMU, I studied to be a television writer and spent countless hours at KXLU. For a year I wrote and produced a weekly radio program that most of the staff provided voices for. It was and evidently still continues to be an amazing place for creative people that love music to gather and share their passion. I graduated in 1977 and when I am asked what I remember most about my time at LMU, it is KXLU!
          McConnell's Reputation as a Master Tactician Takes a Hit - New York Times   

New York Times

McConnell's Reputation as a Master Tactician Takes a Hit
New York Times
Senator Mitch McConnell on Tuesday delayed a vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times. WASHINGTON — Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, has long enjoyed a reputation as a master ...
McConnell is trying to revise the Senate health-care bill by FridayWashington Post
Polls show GOP health bill bleeding outPolitico
Healthcare debate highlights the split that threatens to paralyze RepublicansLos Angeles Times
The Hill -Fox News -ABC News
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          Cyber attack continues its destructive world tour   
The cyber attack that started Tuesday is wreaking havoc across the globe Wednesday, crippling thousands of computers, disrupting operations at ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles and halting production at a chocolate factory in Australia.

          Homeland Security will tighten airport security - but won't ban laptops - Los Angeles Times   

Los Angeles Times

Homeland Security will tighten airport security - but won't ban laptops
Los Angeles Times
Homeland Security officials said Wednesday they will order stricter passenger screening and other new security measures for all flights entering the United States but will not bar laptop computers in carry-on luggage as airlines and passenger groups ...
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          FBI agent indicted, charged with lying about shooting during encounter with Oregon refuge occupier - Washington Post   

Washington Post

FBI agent indicted, charged with lying about shooting during encounter with Oregon refuge occupier
Washington Post
PORTLAND, Ore. — A special agent with the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team has been indicted and accused of trying to cover up the firing of gunshots during an encounter with a member of an armed group who occupied an Oregon wildlife refuge last year.
FBI agent pleads not guilty to lying about shooting at rancher in Oregon standoffLos Angeles Times
FBI Agent Charged With Lying About Fatal Oregon Refuge
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          Senior Java Engineer - Talener - Los Angeles, CA   
Required Skills6+ Years of Java ExperienceJMS / Queuing /Messaging experience – Artemis Preferred (open to ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ &amp; KafkaMQ)Relational Databases...
From Dice - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 14:20:20 GMT - View all Los Angeles, CA jobs
          Brie Larson Stands By Casey Affleck Oscars 2017 Snub: Move ‘Speaks For Itself’   

Brie Larson gave Casey Affleck the Oscar for Best Actor at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony that was held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California in February and she refused to clap for him. Many expected Affleck to [...]

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          Los Angeles To Host Team USA Awards Presented By Dow, Best Of The Year   
The star-studded live show will record on Nov. 29 at UCLA; the show will air Dec. 24 on NBC.
          Shabbat shalom! @juliarmoss #nofilter #challah #beforeandafter ...   

Shabbat shalom! @juliarmoss #nofilter #challah #beforeandafter (à Los Angeles, California)

          R2-D2 droid used in Star Wars films sells for $2.76m   
LOS ANGELES (AP) — An R2-D2 unit that was used in several “Star Wars” films has sold at auction for nearly $3 million. The auction house Profiles in History says the 43-inch tall unit that was compiled from parts used throughout filming of the original trilogy sold for $2.76 million at an auction Wednesday. There was no information about who purchased the droid, which was the most expensive item offered in a movie memorabilia auction that included numerous props from […]
          Chris Paul, Derrick Rose Reportedly Targets for Spurs in 2017 Free Agency   

The San Antonio Spurs are reportedly interested in signing either Chris Paul or Derrick Rose in free agency if they can clear the cap space to do so, according to Ramona Shelburne of

The Spurs may be seeking a bit of a facelift this offseason. According to Shelburne and Michael C. Wright of, the team is also shopping veteran forward LaMarcus Aldridge on the trade market in the pursuit of a top-10 pick in advance of Thursday night's NBA draft.

And Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News reported on Wednesday that the team reportedly is "open to trading guard Danny Green, though no deal is close as of yet." That deal likely would be in an effort to shed salary to attract Paul to San Antonio in free agency.

The salary shedding is already underway, as Pau Gasol declined his $16.2 million option for the 2017-18 season, per Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical. Wojnarowski added that Gasol "intends to work with Spurs on a longer term deal to remain with team."

Like the rest of the NBA, the Spurs find themselves looking up at the Golden State Warriors. San Antonio was swept by Golden State in the Western Conference Finals, albeit without Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard for the majority of the series. 

Pairing Paul with Leonard in San Antonio would certainly make the Spurs a greater threat in the West. Paul, 32, remains one of the league's premier point guards, averaging 18.1 points, 9.2 assists and 5.0 rebounds per game in 61 contests last season. 

Paul is expected to remain with the Los Angeles Clippers in free agency, however, according to Young. But with the Clippers' future uncertain—Blake Griffin is also set to become a free agent—the Spurs would be among the more attractive suitors for Paul if he decided to leave L.A.

Rose, 28, would be a less impactful addition. The veteran guard, who has struggled to stay on the court due to injuries, averaged a solid 18.0 points and 4.4 assists in the 2016-17 season with the New York Knicks, appearing in 64 games. But he lacked the explosiveness that made him one of the NBA's best players earlier in his career, and while he could undergo a revival in San Antonio, he would be a clear downgrade to Paul.

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          Heat vs. Lakers Tonight!   
The Miami Heat will play the Los Angeles Lakers tonight in a rematch of the unbelievable Christmas Day game. Just want you all to watch because last time these two guys played (without the old All Star Starter??? Shaq) Wade completely dominated in a great game that the Heat won. Round 2 goes tonight and […]
          Evacuations ordered as brush fire burns in Burbank   

Authorities issued mandatory evacuation orders in Burbank on Wednesday afternoon as a brush fire burned in the hills above a neighborhood there.

The fire was burning in the 1000 block of Hamlin Place and was reported just before 3 p.m., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department, which was assisting...

          Mercato NBA – CLAMOROSO! Chris Paul agli Houston Rockets: si chiude un’era in casa Clippers!   

Vera e propria bomba nel mercato NBA: Chris Paul passa agli Houston Rockets. Con il possibile addio di Blake Griffin i Clippers ne escono fortemente ridimensionati Mercato NBA: Chirs Paul agli Houston Rockets – Doveva essere un serio obiettivo di mercato dei San Antonio Spurs pronti ad accoglierlo in Texas, ma così non è stato. Chris Paul in Texas ci è andato lo stesso, ma niente San Antonio: come riportato da ‘The Vertical’, il playmaker ormai ex Clippers è volato a Houston per firmare il suo passaggio ai Rockets. La squadra di coach D’Antonio si affiderà dunque alla coppia James Harden- Chris Paul per un backcourt da sogno. Paul che aveva rinunciato ad usufruire della player option per la prossima stagione, con questo cambio di casacca potrà adesso avvalersi di tale opzione e mantenere un annuale da 24,2 milioni di dollari. Mercato NBA: Chirs Paul agli Houston Rockets – In casa Clippers finisce un’era. Va via Chris Paul e partirà forse anche Blake Griffin, deciso ad esplorare la free agency. Dei big-3 di Los Angeles resta il solo DeAndre Jordan, di certo il meno necessario e quello meno propenso a risolvere le partite da solo. Nella trattiva sono sbarcati a [...]

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          Комментарий к записи Участником на форум в Германии (los angeles court records)   
how to get a background check on myself il criminal records instant background check il court records how to get a personal background check internet people search how to get my court records
          Dodgers vs Angels Live Stream: Watch MLB Online, Team News   

Dodgers and Angels face off in the third of the four-game series tonight. The game tips off at 10:00 PM EST in Angles Stadium, Los Angeles, California. FS West will be doing the TV coverage while the game can be watched online live on FuboTV. The Angles won the first game 4-0 but the Dodgers evened it out […]

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          By: Stefano A   
Yes. But Florida is only about 2% short of having met that bar in the latest polls. Also, Florida has a much larger historical record of passing anti-gay legislation (or at least stalling it) and, I think, a much more anti-gay prone population in general excepting some proactive civil-rights politics in Broward County (i.e. Miami) than either Arizona or California. Both Arizona and California have strong conservative influences, but they seem to be at least less "mean" about it (i.e., "I don't like but I'm not going to write it into the constition" attitude — think SD mayoral comments) than Florida . And the GOP party itself in Florida funded what(?) 50% (or more) of the money for the pro-amendment press? I think re: Florida, people are looking at those poll results and saying they'll never make 60%. I'm not so sure about that. One thing encouraging about California is the major papers (the <i>Times</i>, <i>Union-Trib</i> e.g.) and all three mayors of San Francisco (I think), Los Angeles, and San Diego coming out against Prop 8... and the "terminator" himself. I'm not sure of any major players that way in Florida coming out against their amendment, excepting maybe the city of Miami politcos.
          The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki Loses House to California Wildfire   

Summer in Southern California means it’s wildfire season, and Big Bang Theory actor Johnny Galecki just lost his house to one. A blaze eating up more than 1,600 acres around the San Luis Obispo area (about 200 miles north of Los Angeles) burned down Galecki’s ranch and several other buildings. ... More »

          Expect Extraordinary Updates In 2016 From AMP, Starting With The Los Angeles Release That Debuts Today   

The first release of the year brings an entire new experience as AMP blends digital integration and updated dashboards, completely reinventing real-time access to key insights for Commercial Real Estate. This is the first of many powerful releases to be revealed in 2016.

(PRWeb January 06, 2016)

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          CASTING MOTION PICTURE: Johnny Depp Film (Los Angeles) - $ 200   
Reply here: We are looking for various actors and actresses for background in crowd scenes as well as f...
          Child Care Centers Often Don't Hire The Most Qualified Teachers, Study Shows   
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: So many studies have found that early childhood education makes a big difference in the lives of youngsters, we collectively consider it so important. Given that, you might expect that child care providers would be actively looking for teachers who are highly qualified. But new research shows something different. And Shankar Vedantam, NPR's social science correspondent, is here to tell us about it. Hi, Shankar. SHANKAR VEDANTAM, BYLINE: Hi, Steve. INSKEEP: What do you mean child care providers don't want the best teachers? VEDANTAM: Well, this comes from a very interesting study conducted by Chris Herbst at Arizona State University, Steve. Along with Casey Boyd-Swan, Herbst conducted what's called a resume audit study.