Acer AS4738-372G50Mn   
Acer Aspire AS4738-372G50Mn
Spesifikasi Laptop Acer AS4738-372G50Mn
  • Processor: Intel® Core i3-370M processor (3 L3 cache, 2.4 GHz, DDR3 1066 MHz, 35 W)
  • Chipset: Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3 1066 MHz memory, upgradeable to 8 using two soDIMM modules
  • Graphics Engine: Intel® Graphics with 128 of dedicated system memory
  • Display: 14″ Acer CineCrystal™ LED-backlit TFT LCD
  • Audio: High-definition audio support
  • Hard Drive: 500GB Serial ATA 5400 RPM
  • Optical Drive: 8X - double-layer drive
  • Networking (Lan) : Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wifi: Acer InviLink™ Nplify™ 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth® 3.0+HS Integrated
  • webcam: Acer Crystal Eye 1.3 MP webcam, 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • Keyboard: 86-/87-/91-key Acer FineTip keyboard with international language support
  • Interface: 2-in-1 card reader, , 3x USB 2.0, Ethernet (RJ-45), , Audio
  • 2-in-1 card reader, supporting: Secure Digital™ (SD) Card and MultiMediaCard™ (MMC)
  • Operating System: Genuine Windows® 7 Home Basic
  • Battery: 48 Wh 4400 mAh 6-cell Li-ion standard battery pack, Battery life: 3 hours
  • Dimension: 341 (W) x 264.5 (D) x 26.7/33.5 (H) mm (13.43 x 10.41 x 1.05/1.32 inches)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (5.51 lbs.) with 6-cell battery pack
          By: Ed La Touf   
I purchased a eeE PC 9000. i continuously have to reload the operating system. It usually happens after I have received an automatic update to my Flash Player (needed to get to my favorite application on Facebook). I called ASUS who provides maintenance, they said the hard drive is too small and no updates can be applied(kind of makes the machine unusable). when I contacted WOOT they sent an Email with lots of information, but the last two bullets were telling: "If you receive your item and it doesn't work, contact the manufacturer first. They made the junk. Let them deal with it. If they turn out to be total tools, contact and we'll grudgingly provide some further assistance. " "If you receive your item and decide you don't like it, take it to eBay or pawn it off on one of your so-called friends. We don't want it, either." I will never use WOOT again and if you do, your doing it at your own risk!
          Harddisk Definition   

Hard disk drive (HDD)
A computer hard disk drive (HDD) is the mechanism that controls the positioning, reading and writing of the hard disk, which furnishes data storage. A hard disk drive -- often shortened to hard drive -- and hard disk are not the same thing, but they are packaged as a unit and either term can refer to the whole unit. Hard disk drives can be found in desktop computers, mobile devices, consumer electronics and enterprise storage arrays in data centers.
5 Data Storage Technologies to Watch in 2016
For the past 13 years, the experts at have honored the best and brightest technologies for the upcoming year. As always, we're proud to present a batch of technologies we believe will make a big impact on the data storage market.

History of hard disk drives
The hard disk was created in 1953 by engineers at IBM who wanted to find a way to provide random access to high capacities of data at a low cost. The disk drives developed were the size of refrigerators, could store 3.75 megabytes of data and began shipping in 1956. Memorex, Seagate and Western Digital were other early vendors of hard disk drive technology.
Hard disk drive form-factor size has continued to decrease as the technology evolves. By the mid-1980s, 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch form factors were introduced, and it was at this time they first became a standard in personal computers (PCs).
Hard disk drive density has increased since the technology was first developed. The first hard disk drives were able to store megabytes of data, while today they are in the terabyte (TB) range. Hitachi released the first 1 TB hard drives in 2007. In 2015, HGST announced the first 10 TB hard drive.

E3 2016 was packed with some of the biggest announcements in recent memory. For starters, Microsoft announced not one, but two new Xbox consoles. One was the Xbox One S, releasing on August 2nd, 2016, and the other was Project Scorpio (also known as Xbox 2).

We have to wait until holiday 2017 for Xbox Two, but with Xbox One S coming out very shortly, we ask the toughest question of all: "should you buy an Xbox One S, or wait for Project Scorpio (Xbox 2)?" Wonder no more my friends, it's time for us to find out!

Sizing Up The Xbox One S: Is it Worth Your Money?

Let’s start by looking at the Xbox One S in a world where Project Scorpio/Xbox Two hasn’t been announced. The Xbox One S offers a 40% smaller box with 4K video output, up to a 2TB hard drive, and HDR visuals.

It’s nice, and the larger hard drive option means you can finally have more than 500GB of internal space in a world where some games pass the 50GB mark on their own. Beyond these major features, the Xbox One S also adds a few other small tweaks:

  • A “robot white” color
  • A New Xbox controller with a Bluetooth connection
  • Physical power button instead of a touch-sensitive one
  • The device pairing button is on the front instead of the side
  • Anywhere from 500GB to 2TB of storage
  • Taking all of these thing into account, it’s not bad. If you’re a Kinect owner, though, you won’t be happy to find out the Xbox One S doesn’t have a port for it. You’ll have to purchase an adapter unless you already own a Kinect or Xbox One. The adapter is $49.99.

    On top of all this, the external power brick is now inside the system so you don’t have that extra burden. The HDR feature is the only real change in terms of hardware and only works on televisions that support it.

    This feature allows colors to be displayed in richer and more dynamic tones, but it’s possible that we won’t see this feature in every game because of its complexity. There are three models of the Xbox One S to choose from:

    • The 2TB version for $399 launching August 2nd
    • The 1TB version for $349 which is bundled with Madden NFL 17
    • The 500GB version for $299 which includes Halo 5 and the Halo: Master Chief Collection

    For someone who doesn’t own an Xbox One, this could be enticing. After all, Microsoft announced at there will be no Scorpio exclusives and that everything will be forwards and backwards compatible.

    Even so, you’d be doing yourself a favor by waiting. Let’s find out why you should wait for Xbox Two instead of buying an Xbox One S.

    3 Reasons to Wait For Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio)

    Let’s be honest here: Xbox One S is nothing more than a slim Xbox One with a larger hard drive. The hardware is almost 100% identical otherwise. If we turn our gaze toward Xbox Two, we’re seeing a huge leap in power and innovation.

    Here are three reasons why you should wait for Project Scorpio/Xbox Two:

    1. Xbox Two is The Future

    Xbox One S doesn’t offer enough of an upgrade to warrant buying it, not when Project Scorpio (Xbox Two) is coming out in holiday 2017. This slim upgrade offers 4K video, but the Xbox 2 promises 4K gaming.

    Virtual reality is the future, and yet Xbox One S has nothing of the sort. Meanwhile, Project Scorpio is promising some kind of VR support when it releases. Xbox One S has the same hardware as the original model, but Xbox 2 is promised to be “the most powerful console ever built.”

    This slim model doesn’t even fall into the same category as PS4.5, so it’s really just an oddity to fill the gap between Xbox One and Xbox 2. Gamers shouldn’t waste money on something that doesn’t change the game when the real leap forward is less than a year-and-a-half away.

    2. Everything Moves Forward

    While Microsoft is saying Scorpio won’t have any exclusives, they are also saying that all of your games and accessories will play on the new system. That means that your current Xbox One is just fine. All of those games, controllers, and accessories will move forward to Xbox Two without any trouble.

    There’s no need to refresh your hardware when everything moves forward. You don’t even need to sell your system or your games while you wait. This reason alone is enough to justify waiting for Xbox Two.

    3. Save Your Pennies For Project Scorpio (Xbox Two)

    We don’t know how much Xbox Two is going to cost when it releases in 2017, but if you drop up to $399 on an Xbox One S, you’re losing out on money you could be saving for Project Scorpio. If you buy one of these slim systems in the hopes of getting an upgrade, you’ll be wasting your money.

    Instead, you should set aside whatever money you planned on spending and when pre-orders open up, drop that cash on the Xbox 2. This makes a lot more sense than spending extra money on a console that is identical to the one you have, just smaller.

    Time to Decide

    The future of gaming is coming in holiday 2017 when Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) releases. The Xbox One S is for those who don’t own an Xbox One and are coming late to the party. For current owners, it makes a lot more sense to wait and purchase the next generation console from Microsoft.

    Will you be waiting so you can purchase Project Scorpio/Xbox 2? Let us know what you plan to do in the comments!

    Note: The thoughts expressed in this article are the opinions of the author (Bradley Ramsey) and do not yet represent facts or the opinions of Microsoft. Although it will probably be accurate, for now it is pure speculation. Thanks for reading!

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          VMware recovery methods   
Iv been using VMware server and player for a time now and usually the hosted OS is XP, it happens to be that iv had the "luck" to witness the crash/corruption of such images and have devised two nifty tricks/methods of data recovery that i think worth sharing.
The first is for data recovery for an unbootable image, it matches cases in which you don't seem to be able to boot XP up but the image itself is readable & loaded by VMware (you see the black screen loading), the basic idea is to change the first boot device of the image to a Linux live cd (Ubuntu works perfectly), after booting up all you need to do is to mount the NTFS folder and copy it out (by scp, thumb drive, etc..).
The second one is more complex and comes to handle a case in which the image dose not load at all (vmware complains about a corrupted vmx file), in order to recover from this state there are a couple of prequisits:

  • VMware server installed.

  • You have another working XP image with a vmx file.

  • The corrupted image has a snapshot of a working state

The solution in this case is to copy the working vmx file into the folder of the corrupted image, load this image in VMware server and replace all the hard drive entries with the corrupted machine images, now all that is done is to revert to the last saved snapshot and see how the system is restored!
I hope that these two little methods help you as much as they helped me.
          The best free disk imaging program: a comparative analysis (updated)   

What is the best way to safeguard your computer and undo a system disaster? Most would agree that is done best by making a  so called ‘disk image’, where your entire system partition is backed up and cloned, and the image saved on a different physical hard drive. Disk images are also an excellent way […]

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          7 Cara Percepat Kerja Komputer   
SEIRING berjalannya waktu, kecepatan komputer dengan sistem operasi Microsoft Windows mulai menurun. Ini akan terasa pada kenyataan bahwa sistem mengambil lebih banyak waktu untuk menanggapi tindakan Anda seperti membuka file, folder, berselancar di Internet dan tugas-tugas lain. Namun, ada hal yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk mempercepat komputer Anda.
Berikut ini adalah daftar cara yang dapat Anda tempuh untuk meningkatkan performa komputer Anda kembali.
1. Pastikan Hardware Anda
Apa artinya? Artinya bahwa memang sebelumnya komputer Anda cepat namun karena waktu maka menjadi lambat. Adalah hal yang mustahil untuk mempercepat komputer jika mainboard misalnya hanya mendukung Pentium 3. Jadi syarat pertama adalah hardware harus memungkinkan untuk lari kencang.
2. Bersihkan Desktop Anda
Apakah Windows Desktop Anda penuh dihiasi dengan file? Pernahkah Anda memperhatikan bahwa komputer Anda telah berjalan lebih lambat dan lebih lambat lagi? Apakah Anda melihat cahaya hard drive sering berkedip sementara Anda menunggu komputer untuk menanggapi tindakan? Ada beberapa langkah yang dapat Anda ambil untuk memperbaikinya. Jangan terlalu banyak file berserakan di desktop karena secara signifikan walaupun kecil akan mempengaruhi kinerja komputer. Jadi simpanlah file pada tempatnya. Apa bedanya menyimpan banyak file di desktop dengan di drive Data? Yaitu bahwa desktop adalah bagian dari drive C: (umumnya untuk sistem) sedangkan drive Data D: (umumnya untuk menyimpan pekerjaan).
3. Scan System Windows Anda untuk mengecek kesalahan
Sebuah sistem operasi adalah kumpulan file yang melakukan fungsi yang berbeda. Hal ini dimungkinkan, dari waktu ke waktu, bahwa satu atau lebih file-file sistem telah berubah atau menjadi rusak. Jika hal ini terjadi, kecepatan sistem Anda bisa berkurang. Dengan menggunakan utilitas yang disebut ” System File Checking”, dia akan memeriksa file-file dengan benar masalah bisa ditemukan.
4. Scan Virus, Spyware dan Adware
Setiap komputer Windows rentan terhadap virus apalagi yang basis Windows XP. Virus adalah program kecil yang jahat yang menyebabkan masalah baik besar dan kecil bagi pengguna. Spyware dan Adware adalah program yang dibuat oleh perusahaan untuk mengetahui informasi lebih lanjut tentang pelanggan. Biasanya program ini tidak dibuat untuk tujuan berbahaya. Spyware dan Adware berada dalam memori komputer dan akan memperlambatnya. Scanning berkala dan penghapusan Virus, Spyware dan Adware merupakan cara terbaik untuk meningkatkan kinerja komputer.
5. Uninstall Program yang tidak digunakan
Seiring waktu, Anda mungkin telah mengumpulkan program-program di komputer Anda yang tidak Anda gunakan. Ketika program terinstal, menciptakan hubungan antara program dan sistem operasi. Bahkan jika Anda tidak menggunakan program-program ini, mereka dapat memperlambat sistem Anda. Jika Anda memiliki disk instalasi program asli atau file, menghapus program ini akan membebaskan ruang pada komputer Anda dan dapat mempercepat kinerja sistem Anda.
6. Mengatur Efek Visual ke posisi Best Performance
Windows menyediakan beberapa efek visual yang menarik termasuk jendela animasi dan menu memudar. Jika Anda tidak memiliki cukup memori operasi (lihat nomor 1 di atas), efek ini dapat memperlambat komputer Anda. Menyesuaikan atau mengurangi efek visual dapat membuat perbedaan. Untuk mempercepat Vista di komputer tertentu Anda dapat menonaktifkan fitur dan fungsi yang tidak digunakan.
7. Jangan jalankan suatu Programs secara otomatis saat Start Up
Program menggunakan operasi memori (RAM, juga disebut sumber daya sistem). Kecuali Anda selalu menggunakan suatu program, Anda dapat menjaga mereka dari loading pada startup Windows. Tetapi jika jarang digunakan lebih baik non aktifkan saja dari auto start. Caranya adalah klik Start lalu pilih Run untuk XP lalu ketik msconfig.exe lalu Enter. Untuk Vista cukup ketik msconfig lalu Enter. Kemudian klik tab Start Up dan lihatlah mana saja program yang sangat jarang digunakan hapuslah tanda centangnya. [rika/islampos/ocankcay]

          My Computer Is Slow   
My Computer Is SlowProtect Your Computer With Anti Virus Computer SoftwareIn the computer age of today, anti virus computer software is perhaps the most important thing you can get for your computer. There are few things worse for people today, than the possibility that a virus may be transmitted to your computer, but if a virus harms or wipes out your hard drive, you are lost. This [...]
          Stream your music, playlists, podcasts to multiple PC’s and devices with AudioGalaxy   

Let’s say you’ve got a snazzy, large music collection on your hard drive at home, and that you would like to take it with you; get access to it from your computer at work, from your iPhone or Android device. And let’s say you want to do this without having to transfer and copy files […]

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          System Cleaner   
Remove old and unwanted files from your hard drive.
          SeaTools Disc Diagnostic   
Seagate freeware reliably finds hard drive faults on a number of hard drives.
The freeware tool SpaceSniffer traces space hogs on your hard drive.
          US Dedicated: Dual Intel Xeon L5630 | 8 cores | 32 GB RAM | 20 TB Bandwidth | $48.99/month   

Hi All,

Here at WiredBlade all our servers are fully customizable such as RAM space, hard drive space, the operating system (CentOS, Windows and more and bandwidth. Our dedicated servers are ideal for all types of businesses. We believe that a good strong support team available 24/7 to provide our users with solutions is a necessity. Here's a deal that's exclusive to LET.

-CPU: Dual Intel Xeon L5630 (8 Cores, 2.13 GHz)
-RAM: 32GB
-Storage: 1TB SATA
-IPv4 Address: 1 IP
-IPv6 Address: /64 Subnet
-Monthly Bandwidth: 20 TB
-Operating System: Linux, Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 or self-installed
-Remote Management: Dedicated KVM over IP / IPMI
-Premium Network Blend: Level3, Zayo, Comcast, Cogent and PCCW
-Datacenter Location: Phoenix, Arizona
-Price: $48.99/month after discount | Order Now
-Upgrades available for RAM, Disk Space, IP Addresses, Bandwidth


Q. How long does it take to provision my server?
A. New server orders are provisioned within 24 hours of payment. Q. Are the servers managed?
A. All of our services are normally self-managed. We provide the server, bandwidth, and hardware support. You can contact us for custom managed server quote.

Q. Is your bandwidth shared?
A. No! All of our servers are fully dedicated. You have access to the full amount of bandwidth 100% of the time, and you will not share a connection with any other customer or server.

Q. Do you offer KVM over IP?
A. Absolutely! All servers come with IPMI capability built in.

Q. What are your accepted user policy?
A. Warez-related, Bulk Mail, and Spam-related activities are strictly forbidden. CAN-SPAM, Copyright, DMCA, and other related US laws must be strictly followed. For more information, you can refer to our Term Of Use and Privacy Policy.

Why choose us?

-Over 15 Years of Experience
- Since 1997, we have been committed to providing innovative services along with rich features.

-24x7 On-Site Tech Support
- Zero Outsourcing In-house, around the clock support is available 24X7. We are always ready to resolve your issues.

-100% Network Uptime
- Our network is designed to be fully redundant. Downtime is not something that we will tolerate.

-Fast Server Deployment (within 24 hours)
- Your server will be well configured and ready for you to use within 24 hours of the order. We will take care of all your custom configurations.

- Your dedicated server will be hosted in our highly secured data center featuring 24x7x365 on-site security, mantraps with anti-tailgating technology, biometric and keycard access denial systems, CCTV throughout the facility interior and exterior, and data center access logs. Your data is safe with us. We protect it with our own server management expertise.

Payment Methods: PayPal & All Major Credit Cards.

All servers are located in our Tier 3+ Phoenix AZ data center. Please visit our website at to open a ticket with our Sales department for any custom quote or any questions you may have.

You can contact us by phone, email or through the ticketing system.

Feel free to also reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Timothy@Wired Blade

          On how to keep your real identity secret when browsing the web   
On how to establish a second
identity online and keeping it private.
Photo: Altrendo
On how to keep your online activities private from friends, family and colleagues.

People who visit TG sites and take part in forums where one discuss gender transformation and crossdressing may -- for obvious reasons -- feel the need to protect their real identity.

If you need to keep your other side a secret from family, friends, colleagues and other people, it is important to establish a good routine for reading and posting online.

Online life is becoming increasingly complicated. We often use several computers, smart phones and tablets at the same time, and the chances of someone finding out what you have been up to are increasing.

Outed by accident

I know of quite a few TG fiction fans who have had their secret "hobby" exposed to family and friends due to some accident:

1. They have been disturbed while reading and writing and left a Fictionmania story open in a tab.
2. There has been a computer crash and the PC has reopened the tabs from the previous session.
3. They have used their regular email instead of their dedicated TG email by mistake.
4. They have used their regular social media account instead of their dedicated TG one by mistake.
5. They have saved captions and stories in one of their regular document folders.
6. Family members have search the browser history in order to retrace a site and found World of TG in the list.


The trick to avoiding this kind of calamity is to keep your online TG identity completely separate from your regular identity.

Compartmentalization is key. The best would be to use a separate computer, but since that is not often possible, you can do the following instead:

1. Establish a separate email address. Gmail or Yahoo Mail works well. Use a different password from the ones you are using for your ordinary mail and sites. Use this email address when signing up to sites.

2. Use a separate browser for your second life. Do not add this browser to desktop shortcuts. Note that there are alternative browsers for smart phones and tablets as well. Here are some popular alternatives to Explorer and Safari: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Seamonkey and Citrio.

3. Alternatively: Always use incognito/private browser windows when surfing as your second self. The advantage of doing so is that the browser will delete your history as soon as you close that window. Most browsers have this feature, but please note that this method is not 100 percent fool proof. 

4. When signing up for online forums, services or stores, use your second identity, and use a separate password.

5. If your second identity email contains references to your real life identity, make sure that you use a complex password combining, for instance, a long word phrase and a number. Do not use the same password for other sites online.

6. If you are writing TG stories or captions, save them on a separate password protected hard drive. Hard disks are very cheap these days. There is really no excuse for not doing so.

You can password protects hard drives using Bitlocker in Windows and Disk Utility in MacOS. Disconnect the hard drive and remove it when you have finished working.

7. Alternatively you may password protect a virtual disk image on a Mac or a folder in Windows. This is not equally safe, however, as you may leave it open by accident.

8. On smart phones and tablets: Keep shortcuts to TG relevant sites and apps in a separate folder and give this folder a non-revealing name.

9. If you want to protect your IP address from being tracked by sites, you need to invest in some kind of VPN solution or a specialized browser (Tor for Windows and Mac; Opera has a free one for smart phones and tablets, and for the Opera browser).

Note, however, that as long as you use one of the larger Internet Service Providers it is hard to use your IP address to find out who you are. At best, web site owners will find out what country or region you are in while surfing. (The ISP can find out, however.)

None of these solutions are hacker proof, but they will stop most people from discovering your other identity.

Thanks to the good people over at the Crossdream Life forum for crossdressers and crossdreamers for helping me with this blog post!
          My TV has its own computer   

Kent Newsome: "No one other than a honking nerd wants to watch TV in a little window on a computer, when a big screen HDTV plasma is sitting 20 feet away."

A picture named ohRudyIsntThisAFunPlace.jpgI have a 46 inch LCD TV, made by Sony, and it's great, and it does HDTV, and I watch broadcast stuff on it regularly, like the World Series (Game 3 starts in a few hours) and serials like Studio 60 and Lost. I said it before, HD changes not only the way you look at TV, it changes the way you look at everything. I've been struggling to find a way to explain this, and haven't come up with one yet, but I recommend if you want to find out more, find a friend with an HD setup and watch one of your favorite shows at his or her house. It's not enough to go to a store to get a demo, or to see a quick demo at a friends' house. For me, it was watching Phantom of the Opera at Scoble's house in Half Moon Bay that made the difference. Two weeks later I had my own HD setup. Yes, it happens that quickly.

But Kent is missing something that I think a lot of other people miss. His big honkin plasma TV probably has a PC video-in jack on the back, and while the UI to switch between the cable box and PC is klunky, once you learn how to do it, it's not difficult, and it opens another door that's totally worth opening. I know, because in addition to HD, I also bought a Mac Mini with a 120GB hard drive to watch movies that come from its hard disk. I'm developing quite a collection, thanks to Netflix and Handbrake. But it also means I don't need an aggregator from Tivo, I just use the same one I always use, a copy of Radio running on one of my servers in Dallas. Why? Because my TV (through the Mac) also has a net connection.

A picture named handbrake.gifI think maybe I should write a book about how you invent and promote standards for fun and profit, because what I'm doing here is exactly what I did when I started blogging, or publishing in XML and then RSS, or started pushing audio blog posts as enclosures in my RSS feeds. You start by putting two things next to each other that you think should work together. Then you shorten the distance, and shorten it again, and keep optimizing until you have something that other people could use. Then you tell them about it, and tell them again, and again and so on until you have a standard.

HD and Macs and cable, Bluetooth (for the keybaord and mouse), RSS and TCP/IP. All these techonologies come together in my home entertainment center. I don't watch TV on my computer screen, but I do watch my computer on my TV screen, if you get what I mean.

BTW, Engadget has an excellent HD website, they tell you what's on, and about new technology that's relevant to HD users.

Dave Zatz wonders whether it's time to get HD. Yes, yes, yes. If you want to help figure all this stuff out, we need you to have the new eyes that you get from HD. Think about it this way. If there was an upgrade available for your eyes that gave you 3D vision when you just had 2D, would you pay $1500 for that? Yes, it is that big a difference, imho.

A 67MB movie demo of my entertainment system.

          Access Files Anywhere: The Benefits Of Cloud Storage   
Laptops can be lost. External hard drives can be damaged. Protect your business by learning about cloud storage.
          Instructions for users affected by Trojan.Encoder.12544   

June 28, 2017

Trojan.Encoder.12544 spreads by exploiting the SMB v1 vulnerability - MS17-010 (CVE-2017-0144, CVE-2017-0145, CVE-2017-0146, CVE-2017-0148), which can be leveraged using the NSA "ETERNAL_BLUE" exploit. TCP ports 139 and 445 are used to disperse the Trojan. This “remote code execution” vulnerability enables attackers to remotely infect targeted computers.

  1. To regain access to Windows, you need to recover the MBR (you can use the standard procedure in the Recovery Console and launch bootrec.exe /FixMbr).

    You can also restore the boot record using Dr.Web LiveDisk — create a bootable CD or USB drive, boot up from that media, launch the Dr.Web scanner, check the compromised hard drive for viruses, and choose Cure for all the infected files.

  2. After that disconnect your PC from the network, boot up, and apply the patch MS17-010

  3. Then install Dr.Web, establish a connection to the Internet, update the virus databases, and run a full system scan.

Trial for home users Trial for businesses

The Trojan replaces the MBR (Master Boot Record), and schedules and executes a system restart task. After that the OS won't boot up because the Master Boot Record has been compromised. Data starts being encrypted as soon as the system restart is scheduled. A separate AES key is generated for each drive. The key persists in the memory until the disk is completely encrypted. It is encrypted using a public RSA key and then deleted. If the MBR is replaced successfully, the MFT file is also encrypted once the system restarts. The file contains information about all the files on an NTFS drive. Once all these procedures are complete, the data can only be recovered using a private key. Therefore, without that key no files can be recovered.

As of now, decryption is not available. Our analysts are researching the problem and looking for a solution. We will notify you once a final determination has been made.

          I know when I leave a job, the one thing I want to take with me is my hard drive -...   

I know when I leave a job, the one thing I want to take with me is my hard drive -

          HP/Intel Core i3 5005u Wifi/W-LAN Driver Download Free   
From this site you can download latest Wifi driver of Intel core i3 5005u absolutely. You will need to just follow the simple download links below. This package provides the Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver that enables the Realtek Network Interface Card (NIC) Chip in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. The driver which we have shared can support for several OS. Intel or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may not provide technical support for all issues with generic software and drivers found on Download Center. We recommend that you use the software provided via your laptop manufacturer. Troubleshooting typically involves uninstalling a driver. Uninstalling can help you isolate an issue to a specific driver. A simple software or driver update may resolve the issue. Other issues may require a complete uninstall of the existing wireless software and drivers and then a fresh install of the latest versions. Wifi driver comes with best features.
  • Can support for several OS
  • Allows you to use wireless networks on your system
  • Free available for download
  • Takes little bit time during download
If you wish to get more features with your PC, you will need to update your OS regularly.

Now just download the file by clicking the "Download" or "Obtain Software" button and save the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved). If driver pack can't support for your OS, try another setup.
Download links
Intel Core i3  5005u Wifi Driver Download

          LG G3 (D855) USB Debugging Driver Download Free For Windows XP/7/8   
The latest USB driver of LG G3 has been released yet and free download links are available for download. Before connecting your phone or new tablet with PC, you will need to install USB driver or PC suite. The both software's helps you to connect your phone with PC via USB data cable. USB driver always helps you in flashing of your phone. If you haven't installed USB driver of your phone you are unable to connect your with PC. You can use your mobile as a modem for internet or exchanging of files any time any where. If you wish to flash your phone manually please try the following procedure to repair your device in a software way. First charge your battery, backup your important data if possible and in most cases take out SIM and SD card before doing factory reset. It is impossible to recover your data after doing a hard reset, so online backup is always important. For all of your data, a backup should be done on an external device, hard drive, raid system or media. With or without insurance, if your cell phone lost, damaged or stolen at least your invaluable data is backed up in a safe place.

If you are about to sell your phone and you want to wipe your personal data, or if your phone affected with virus you have to do a hard reset. In some cases, you can delete the forgotten password or lock pattern from your device as well. All information is for devices with stock based ROMs. If you are using rooted device, always back up your EFS folder first, containing your IMEI info, etc.! Please also note, that a hard reset operation will not unlock your mobile phone's SIM lock or network lock, but it will remove the unlock pattern, remove the user password or PIN password (NOT the SIM card's 4 digit PIN code). Also note that the firmware version will not be affected in any way, it will not be downgraded, it will remain the same you are using and if you have rooted your device, root privileges remain also unaffected. Now you can download latest USB driver of LG G300 from below download links. The download links are absolutely free and scanned by viruses.
Download links
LG G3 USB Debugging Driver Download

          Lenovo G550 Lan - Wifi Driver For Windows XP/7/8 And 10 Download Free   
Lenovo G550 is a piece of its 'Esteem Line' range, was planned in view of the cost cognizant shopper. At 15.6 inches it gives you a serenely substantial desktop work space, in spite of the fact that its polished screen makes it less reasonable for long haul office utilize, or for portable use in poor lighting conditions. Its specs recommend that it will convey well regarding execution, however it was not intended for illustrations escalated applications. The G550's qualities and shortcomings are investigated thoroughly in this survey. There are likewise a few distinct adaptations of the G550 on offer. Our test show has an indistinguishable parts from the US base model (the 29582DU), which has an Intel T4200 double center Pentium processor, a GMA 4500M illustrations chip incorporated into a GL40 chipset, and 3GB of RAM, alongside a 250GB hard drive. Different renditions of the G550 offer 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive.

We are sharing free and official site download links so you can manage it easily. One form likewise has a Nvidia GeForce G105M design card. Nonetheless, past this there are very few choices when purchasing your G550. Not at all like the greatly adaptable Dell note pads, the inward workings are for the most part settled and the main decisions identify with guarantee and frill. Now you can download latest Wifi Driver of Lenovo G550 from below download links. The download links are absolutely free and scanned by viruses. If you are facing trouble during download, just contact us via commenting.
Download links
Lenovo G550 Wifi Driver Download

          Registry Winner   
Registry Winner is a top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system speed. Various annoying problems will gradually appear like slow speed, crashing or freezing, blue screen, deadlock, error messages etc. after your computer being used for a period of time. Registry Winner uses the most advanced technology to scan your hard driver and give you a comprehensive diagnosis in seconds. Once the problems have been located, Registry Winner? offers you a professional and highly-efficient solution to set your PC in a fantastic state! By using Registry Winner? regularly, your system should not only be more stable but it will also help streamline your pc registry without expensive hardware upgrades. Registry Winner Features and Advantages: - Check Invalid User Settings - Check Invalid System Settings - Check Invalid Application Paths - Check Recently Used Files - Check Invalid Class Keys - Validate Active-X, OLE & COM Objects - Check Uninstall Sections - Check Invalid Fonts - Runtime Errors - DLL Errors - Windows Startup Errors - Internet Explorer Errors - Java Errors - JavaScript Errors - Check Shared DLLs - Validate Startup Programs - Check Invalid Shortcuts - Check Invalid File Associations - Check Invalid Start Menu Items - Check Recently Used Files - Delete Empty Registry Keys - Checks System Services - Blue Screen - Driver Errors - System Crashes - Task Manager Related - Most Registry Problems - Organize Quicker Startup Programs Tag:registry registry cleaner registry repair registry winner registry clean registry tool
          Instant Registry Cleaner   
As a FREE but competent and reliable registry cleaner, Instant Registry Cleaner can help you settle the following problems so as to improve your PC performance and stability. Registry Cleaning With normal use of your PC, not only numerous registry errors will creep into your Windows system, but also a great deal of unused registry keys will be left after uninstallations. They would seriously influence the stability and speed of your PC. Instant Registry Cleaner is designed to help you remove all these registry trashes thoroughly and streamline your system. Privacy Sweeping To protect your Internet privacy, Instant Registry Cleaner ensures you that all traces of your online Internet and computer activities are permanently erased and unrecoverable on your PC. Junk File Removing Instant Registry Cleaner will perform an all-round scan of your system to remove all junk files which occupy much space of the hard drive. Without those junk files, your PC can run at a higher speed. System Optimizing Instant Registry Cleaner can help you repair and optimize configuration by defragmenting your system without expensive hardware upgrades. Your computer can work with the maximal efficiency after applying this app. In addition, Instant Registry Cleaner is easy to download and 100% clean. Significantly, it is free. Tag:Instant Registry Cleaner Freeware registry cleaner registry fix registry repair registry mechanic speed up computer speed up pc optimize pc Security windows 7 windows vista
          A Western Digital firmware update issue goes very wrong on a Mac Mini   
I just got off the phone with a client who has a Mac Mini and four external hard drives. Three Western Digital and one Seagate. Based on our brief conversation it sound like one of the Western Digital MyBook drives might have had an issue which triggered an unfortunate series of events. I frequently see problems in the shop with these WD MyBook drive cases.
          Bad FireWire cable in some Western Digital hard drives   
Some Western Digital MyBook hard drives were released into the channel with defective FireWire cables. Using included cables will cause damage to computer’s FireWire ports, as well as to your other connected FireWire devices. We’ve heard that Western Digital is paying for repairs and replacing cables.
          Custom built external hard drives from MacMedics   
For the last year or so, MacMedics has been providing our clients with built-to-order external hard drives. Before you buy a drive off the shelf at Best Buy or Office Depot, be sure you know what you’re getting. Almost all external hard drives come with a 1-year warranty. Why go with only 1-year when you have 3 or 5 years. When you buy a drive that is pre-made you often won’t know what type of drive is inside or where it came from. With a MacMedics drive, you’ll know what brand and type of drive is installed inside the case, and you’ll receive a high quality metal case. Does it cost extra? Maybe a little bit, but not by much. If you need a new back-up drive, give us a shout, and we’ll send a quote to you.

          iPod data recovery from   
As experts in Macintosh Data Recovery, MacMedics has the ability to recover data that has been accidentally erased or restored on all types of iPods. Today we were able to recover about 2000 songs off an iPod that had been accidentally overwritten. In most cases, we can recover your missing music, videos, and photos, and put them right back on your iPod or onto a separate hard drive. Prices for this service range from $100 to $250. Losing music off a manually synced iPod can be a major problem, since each song generally represents $1. Since iPods have grown in size, more and more people have been manually managing their music, which means they only store it on their iPod to free up space on their laptop’s hard drive. A good solution to this problem is to buy a small size hard drive, and tell iTunes to store your iTunes library there, and not on your primary hard drive. That setting is in the iTunes preferences under “Advanced”. Get in touch with us at MacMedics or to discuss your iPod data recovery situation.
          Don't erase that data yet!   
Everyone has lots of data, and now with the size of hard drives getting larger, and prices going lower then ever, we all seem to have more, and more data stored locally. Here’s a lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way: If you've decided it’s time to move up to next largest back up hard drive size, WAIT before you erase your older, smaller hard drive. When we see hard drives fail, we see them die at three different times. They can fail as soon as they are installed (or within 30 days), at the end of their duty cycle (several years after they were deployed), or at some random time. Today we helped a client who moved from a 200-gigabyte drive to a 500-gigabyte drive. He deleted the data off his old drive, and as soon as he did that, the new drive died. We’re still working on getting the data back. I’ll keep you posted. Also, you never want to have all of your data in one place. Even if you have an archive drive, you need to have two archive drives. If you don’t have two archive drives, you need to back up to tape, or to CDs or DVDs. Please be careful with that data!
          Summer is coming. Is your computer protected?   
A recent report from a well-known data recovery company states that hard drive recoveries “spike” by 20% during summer months. It is thought that the brownouts caused by air conditioning units harm the motors in hard drives. We feel that alls Macs should be protected, and for about $150 you can have UPS protection as well as filtered, constant power, and a $25,000 connected equipment warranty. (Need a system to protect your investment? Drop us a line to request a quote.) Read the report here:
          What’s your back up plan?   
With hard drive prices continuing to drop, all of us here at MacMedics would like to encourage you to install an automated back-up system. Just yesterday we had to inform a new client that all of his data was lost. His hard drive had physically failed (see our article about air conditioning). Everyone has dragged-n-dropped data to back it up, but folks often to forget to do that or accidentally drag it to the wrong place and overwrite the wrong files. To be truly protected, your back up needs to be automated and checked regularly to ensure your data is fully protected. Call us, and we’ll quote you a customized system for your situation and machine type.
          Is your iPod sick or broken? Is your battery running out?   
MacMedics started fixing our client’s iPods last year. We have seen a ton come through the door in the last few months. We’ve fixed broken screens, replaced hard drives, and installed hundreds of new batteries. Out of all the iPods we’ve seen almost all of them had been misdiagnosed with a major problem. Just because your iPod is clicking it does not mean that you automatically have a bad hard drive. Some iPods cost upwards to $400, so when it breaks you don’t have to accept a $300 repair from Apple, nor do you need to run out and buy a new one. If we’ve worked our MacMedics magic on your Mac, and you’ve got a sick iPod, let us have a shot at it. If you’re a MacMedics client we’re happy to give your iPod a check up. Call our Baltimore office for more info on iPod repairs, service, and battery upgrades or check our webpage for more info.
          Back up your data!   
A New Year is a great time to turn over a new leaf. Many folks make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, and generally take better care of themselves. We hear you; our resolution is to drink less coffee. The point here is don’t forget your computer when making plans for the New Year. Nothing breaks our heart more than to tell someone that his or her data is gone. If you don’t have a back up in place now, this is great time to get one. It does not have to be expensive, complicated, or hard to understand. Simple fact is that hard drives die, it’s not a matter of if, and it’s a matter of when. When your drive checks out, make sure your precious data is backed up. We can install an extra hard drive so you can always ensure your data is in two places for as little as $99. Having a simple automated back up is great way to go, but you can take simple steps on your own as well. For example, when you import photos into iPhoto take the time to turn around and burn that data right to a CD-ROM right then and there. Don’t wait for enough photos to accumulate so you can fill a CD. Media is cheap, and isn’t it worth a dollar to make sure you have your photos backed up. While you’re at it take a moment to back up your e-mail data to a DVD or CD. It’s even helpful just to duplicate your e-mail data and move it to another part of your hard drive. E-mail data is frequently corrupted and often overlooked as data that is important and needed to be included in your everyday back up.
          can you copy ps3 games? - make working copies of ps3 games   
Is it possible to copy PS3 games? That is the question on many peoples lips when finding out ways to exploit the power and potential of this engaging console machine. Well thanks to never-ending testing and research there is a way to backup PS3 game discs just like you can burn XBox and PS2 games in the past. All you need is a {computer|P. Computer, blank dvd discs, dvd burner and some PS3 copy software.
The method of copying ps3 games is quite simple and there's just a couple of things you must complete the task.
The software works just like your conventional burning applications that people use for making DVD and Music cd backups. Just grab a PS3 game you want to copy and pop it into the dvd burner tray. The software will prompt you to select and option to form an image of the game, click'Yes' and then chill out and let it do its work, the program will copy over all the PS3 games information to your computers hard drive.

This procedure can take some time depending on your computers processing power so to be certain it works correctly leave your computer to do its thing and go find something else to do.
When the task has been finished the software wil tell you that all the files have been transfered to your PC as an image or .ISO file. The very next step is to burn the image to a blank disc, so take away the game dvd and place a blank disc into your burner, then click the choice to'Burn Image to Disc'. Usually you would employ a separate piece of software to perform this operation. But now you have PS3 copy software that will do it all for you.

So there you have it! You can now burn and play PS3 games and have the comfort that your originals that your acquired are safe from harm!

To learn more about this PS3 copy software then please visit - How to Burn PS3 games
          7 Step eradicate virus' Conficker '   

Jakarta - Virus' Conficker.DV 'using the distribution method that is different from preceding. With the powerful, the virus tries to access the network using a slit windows' Default Share '(ADMIN$ \ system32) with the administrator password.

In addition, 'Conficker.DV' also create a file on removable media such as flash, hard drive and card reader to save the file in the hidden root drive.

While the action preceding the same, that is trying mengexploitasi MS08-067 security slit or Windows, or Windows Server Service SVCHOST.exe. Many of the infected user does not activate because Automatic Updates feature and does not do windows patch MS08-067.

If you are like, see step 7 short of the virus analyst Adi Saputra Vaksincom to eradicate the virus' Conficker.DV 'received detikINET, Wednesday (28/1/2009):

1. Disconnect the computer that will be cleared from the network / Internet.
2. Turn off system restore (Windows XP / Vista).
3. Turn off the virus is active in the services. Use Norman's removal tool to clean the virus is active. If you do not have, can be downloaded at the site norman.
4. Delete service svchost.exe enter in a fake virus on the registry. You can search the registry manually.
5. Remove Task Schedule made by the virus. (C: \ WINDOWS \ Tasks)
6. Remove string registry created by the virus. To facilitate the registry can use the script below:

Provider=Vaksincom Oyee


HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced,
Hidden, 0x00000001,1
HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced,
SuperHidden, 0x00000001,1
CheckedValue, 0x00000001,1
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\BITS, Start, 0x00000002,2
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ERSvc, Start, 0x00000002,2
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wscsvc, Start, 0x00000002,2
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wuauserv, Start, 0x00000002,2

HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets, dl
HKCU, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets, ds
HKLM, SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets, dl
HKLM, SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets, ds
HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters, TcpNumConnections

Use notepad, then save with the name 'repair.inf', then 'Save As Type' to 'All Files' so that the error does not occur. Repair.inf run with the right-click and select install.

Meanwhile, for the active file on startup, you can mendisable through 'msconfig' or you can manually delete the string: 'HKLM, SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run'

7. For cleaning the virus W32/Conficker.DV optimally and prevent re-infection, you should use antivirus and update the virus is able to detect and properly patch your computer with the official patch from Microsoft to prevent re-infection.

          Safe Computing   

Why Should I Keep My Computer Secure?

The purpose of many security threats today is to allow a hacker to gain access to your computer. The hacker can then:

  • Gather your personal and business information such as passwords for accessing your bank account on-line, credit card details (when you enter them into a web page), business accounts, etc.
  • Use your Internet connection to spread spam.
  • Use your computer for other malicious purposes.

Many computers today have been compromised in this way and their owners are not even aware of it. The problem is so widespread that hackers, aided by the proliferation of Broadband, even hire out "networks" of compromised computers for relaying spam!

How Can I Tell If My Computer Has Been Infected?

If you have an Internet Security program suite, such as Norton Internet Security installed on your computer, you should make sure that it is working and up-to-date. Have the program scan your computer for viruses and spyware on a scheduled basis. If you have separate anti-virus and anti-spyware software you should do the same with both these programs.

If you don’t have any up-to-date, working security software installed on your computer but you do have Internet access, you can use an on-line virus scanner. You can try the on-line scanner provided by Symantec (the makers of Norton software) by going to and clicking the Check For Security Risks link. You may also try using Trend Micro's Housecall located at:

If you don’t have any up-to-date, working security software and you don’t have reliable Internet access, one or more of these symptoms may indicate that your computer has been infected or compromised:

  • Your computer generates one or more errors when it starts up.
  • Your computer is very sluggish.
  • You can’t update your security software or access certain web sites.
  • Your Internet connection is very active when you are not doing anything on the Internet.
  • Strange pictures have appeared on your computer desktop.
  • When you are browsing the Internet you are continually directed to pages you have not chosen to go to.
  • You experience a large amount of pop ups.

In our experience, around 75% of computer problems are caused by virus infections or other computer security issues.

What Should I Do If I Think My Computer Has Been Infected?

If you think your computer may have been infected or compromised, or if you try to remove viruses or other threats from your computer but it is continually getting re-infected:

  • Do not use your computer to access bank accounts on-line, to buy anything on-line or to access any on-line accounts that contain your bank account details, credit card details, or any other personal information.
  • Disconnect your computer from the Internet or network.
  • Shut your computer down.
  • Seek professional help (you can contact us for advice).

Basic Computer Security Advice

There are 3 basic steps to keeping your computer safe:

  • Install an Internet Security program suite, e.g. Norton Internet Security, that contains anti-virus, Spyware and firewall protection. (See our Useful Links page for details of where to buy Internet Security suites.)
  • Check for updates for your Internet Security suite every day before you surf the Internet or download email. (To see how to do this view our tutorial.)
  • Check for Microsoft Windows critical updates manually if you have turned off Windows Automatic Updates or if you don’t have broadband. (To check for Windows updates open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu and then click Windows Update.) You should do this manual check at least once a month.

General Tips

  • Use your anti-virus software to scan your computer for viruses weekly. Most anti-virus software will allow you to schedule weekly scans that will run automatically. (If your computer misses its weekly scan, do a manual scan yourself as soon as possible thereafter.)
  • If you have separate spyware and adware protection software scan weekly with these programs as well.
  • Take regular backups of your important files. As a general rule of thumb, the more important the information is and the more frequently it changes or is added to, the more frequent should be the backups.
  • Never use a computer to access any web site that has your credit card or bank account details unless you know for sure that the computer you intend to use is completely virus free.
  • Regularly review your credit card and bank statements.


  • Never open any email attachment unless you are expecting it and you know what it contains. If you are unsure, contact the sender by e-mail, text, phone or some other method to confirm that what they sent was not a virus.
  • Never click on a link in an email message unless you are expecting it and you are 100% sure of its authenticity. If you are unsure, contact the sender by e-mail, text, phone or some other method to confirm that they sent it to you. Clicking on a link to a web site, amusing video clip, etc can install a Trojan Horse on your computer.
  • Never run any program that is emailed to you, no matter who has sent it to you. "Free" screen savers and games are used to infect computers with viruses, Trojan Horses, Spyware, etc. These screen savers and games can work perfectly well and the infection that they carry may not become obvious for months.

Beware of email scams and hoaxes - they come in many forms but you should never respond to any of them. Some pretend to be from your bank or other organization and ask you to click on the link in the email and re-enter your account information, including your PIN or credit card details. Clicking the link takes you to a web site that will look like your bank or other organizations web site but is designed to capture your account details. These details are then used to empty your bank account or charge items to your credit card.

Other hoaxes purport to be from Microsoft and request that you click a link in the email to update your security protection. When the link is clicked a Trojan Horse is downloaded on to your computer and installs itself. Remember, reputable organizations like banks, Internet service providers, Ebay, etc who hold details of your bank account or credit card will never email you to ask you to re-enter your account details. Microsoft also never send emails about security updates.

Instant Messaging

  • Be careful downloading files in Instant Messaging (IM) programs such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. Never open, accept, or download a file in IM from someone you don’t know. If the file comes from someone you do know, don’t open it unless you know what the file is and you were expecting it. Contact the sender by e-mail, text, phone or some other method to confirm that what they sent was not a virus.
  • Block messages from anyone not already in your contact/buddy list to prevent spim, the IM equivalent of spam, which is increasingly being used to propagate phishing scams.
  • Never click on a link in IM unless you are expecting it and you are 100% sure of its authenticity. If you are unsure, contact the sender by e-mail, text, phone or some other method to confirm that they sent it to you. Clicking on a link to a web site, amusing video clip, etc can install a Trojan Horse on your computer.
  • Links in away messages can be used by IM worms so it is advisable not to click them.
  • Make sure that you use the most up-to-date version of your IM program so that your computer is better protected.


  • Be suspicious of every web site that isn’t well known to you. Does the web site address or web site name seem suspicious? Does the site look right? Does it feel right? Things to look out for include predominantly black or very dark colored web sites, text styles that don’t seem right, information that seems to serve no particular purpose or that doesn’t tie in with the purpose of the site, and so on. If you feel at all uneasy about a web site, leave it immediately by clicking the Back button on your web browser or by closing your web browser.
  • Don’t click on any link that you feel uneasy about or that seems to have no plausible purpose.
  • If you are asked to download and install any Applet, ActiveX Control or anything else, don’t do it! Click the Cancel button or go to another web page immediately.

The 3 Internet related activities that are almost guaranteed to get your computer infected are music downloading, file sharing, and playing on-line games. Here are our tips:

Music Downloading and File Sharing – Use well known sites such as iTunes, MSN Music, etc for your music downloads. Don’t download any music software or player that is not from a well-known company. If you see a site advertising unlimited free music beware! The only way to get an unlimited supply of free music is to file share and every computer we have examined that has been used for file sharing has been so riddled with viruses, Trojan Horses, etc that it has greatly degraded the performance of the machine.

On-Line Games – We have seen a lot of cases of computers that have been infected by downloading and installing ActiveX Controls, Java Applets or other software for playing on-line games. We therefore urge extreme caution when downloading anything to play on-line games. Is it worth the risk?

Mobile Devices (including Mobile Telephones, Smartphones and PDAs)

Currently, smartphones using the Symbian operating environment and PDAs with the Windows CE or Palm operating systems are the main targets for these viruses. They spread by messages sent via Bluetooth or MMS, within programs and games downloaded via MMS or from the Internet, and by infected emails.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the existence of these viruses and forgetting about basic security guidelines. They can cause significant damage and inconvenience, e.g. one virus, called Commwarrior, can run up your telephone bill as it attempts to spread by MMS.

Preventative measures that can be taken include:

  • Don’t open suspicious or unsolicited messages.
  • Only download programs and games from the official websites.
  • Use anti-virus software that has been specifically designed for mobile phones or PDAs.
  • Review the Bluetooth section below for Bluetooth security measures.


  • Consider disabling Bluetooth if you don’t use it.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth enabled device when it is not with you. Thieves are now using Bluetooth technology to scan parked cars for mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  • Consider setting your Bluetooth device to undiscoverable mode which will still allow you to keep your headset connection while not broadcasting your presence. This helps protect against virus transmission and will also protect you from Bluesnarfing.

Wireless Networking

Security problems can arise with wireless enabled devices when they are configured to seek out and connect automatically to any wireless base station, leaving them open to attack and infection.

To help secure a wireless enabled device:

  • Consider disabling your wireless card if you don’t use it.
  • Ensure that your wireless card is not configured to seek out and connect automatically to unknown wireless base stations.

Security problems can also arise when home or small business wireless networks are installed but not secured. If the precautions listed below are not taken, anyone with a wireless device within range of an unsecured wireless base station or wireless Router could connect to the wireless base station/Router and access the other computers connected to it, use the Broadband Internet bandwidth and even re-configure the wireless base station/Router. Additionally, if wireless network traffic is not encrypted the base station/Router can be subject to eavesdropping.

To help secure a wireless base station or Router:

Change the manufacturer’s standard login information and Wireless Network Name (SSID). Set up a Wireless Access List restricting the list of computers able to connect to the network to your own computers. Encrypt the network traffic with at least WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption and preferably WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key) encryption to ensure a better level of protection.

Hard Drive Disposal

In its 14th August 2006 episode the BBC's Real Story highlighted the fact that the bank account details of thousands of Britons are being sold in Africa for less than $20. Old computers taken to local council waste disposal sites are often sent to Africa where the hard drive can be removed and sold. The people who purchase these hard drives can then access the information on them, even if they have been wiped.

Real Story bought 17 hard drives from Nigeria at $15 each and, using a computer expert, found the owners' addresses, bank account numbers, sort codes, passwords and other highly confidential information.

To dispose of your old computer hard drive securely you can use one of these alternative methods:

  • Use commercial erasing software to completely erase your hard drive. The best hard drive erasing software is based on Peter Gutmann's algorithm and/or the U.S. DoD's method.
  • Pay a computer professional to securely erase your hard drive.
  • Sign-up for a recycling service run by your hard drive or PC manufacturer.
A learning tool with information and advice

          what is iPhone?   

iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple that combines an iPod, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a cellular phone. The device includes Internet browsing and networking capabilities.

iPhone is extremely thin (only 11.6 millimeters thick) but wider and longer than many comparable devices. The display area is a 3.5-inch wide screen multi-touch interface with unusually high resolution (160 pixels per inch). Unlike most other smartphones, iPhone does not use a hardware keyboard or a stylus. To navigate, a user uses multiple taps and drags to navigate through a mobile version of Apple's OS X operating system. Like iPod, iPhone synchronizes data with a user's personal computer, using iTunes as a client software and Apple's proprietary USB port. iPhone
is compatible with Microsoft's Windows operating systems, including Vista.
iPhone's networking features include:
  • Automatic detection of WiFi networks.
  • Support for the 802.11b and 802.11g standards.
  • The use of quadband GSM and SIM cards to access cellular networks.
  • EDGE support for high-speed data transfer where available.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for short range networking with peripherals, other iPhones and PCs.
Apple says that iPhone carries 8 hours of life on the internal lithium-ion battery for talk or video, and up to 24 hours for music mode. The device ships with either a 4 or 8 GB hard drive, an Intel CPU and Apple's OS X operating system, modified for mobile use.
iPhone comes preloaded with a suite of media management software and communications software, including iTunes, the Safari Web browser and iPhoto. iPhoto may be used in combination with the 2 megapixel camera on the back of the device. Google's search and mapping services are fully integrated, including the ability to initiate phone calls from within Google Maps. Users can also view YouTube videos on the device, along with Microsoft Office documents and most imaging formats, including .JPEG, .GIF and .TIFF. A partnership with Yahoo allows iPhone users to send and receive rich HTML email. Other IMAP or POP3e-mail services are integrated as well, along with webmail access in the browser.
While iPhone was released under an exclusive two-year partnership with AT&T Wireless, it took less than three months for hackers working in concert worldwide to unlock the device for use on any GSM network, though the process involved a level of technical sophistication well beyond the consumer level.

          4000th POST!   
Just over a month ago, I celebrated GDB's 11-year anniversary. Today I am celebrating post number 4000 - four times what I had originally intended to share back when I started this cockamamie endeavor (my original goal was to somehow reach 1000 posts). Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been unable to scan anything new for a while (long story), and I wasn't sure how to best celebrate today's milestone; so I decided to go back through what I laughingly call my "archives" (dozens of barely-organized folders on an external hard drive) and re-post some of my favorite images from the past - generally scans from the early years, and in some cases from years before the blog even existed.

I'll begin with this fun photo - the second image to ever appear on GDB - showing  a rare look at the interior of the Upjohn Pharmacy. The little boy with the Donald Duck cap is gazing intently at a classic Japanese tin robot, while a man (not the boy's father - he  appeared in other photos) seems to be purchasing a swell-looking Mickey Mouse toy.

I love this great shot of the Plantation House (circa 1956), taken from the Mark Twain; I can't decide if I'd rather be up on the balcony (imagine the view!), or down below, closer to river and the action.  If you look between the first and second columns of the house, to the left, you can just see the old well that was only there for a brief time.

Meanwhile, over at the Disneyland Hotel... we get this wonderful, dynamic shot looking down on the Hotel Tram, with the yellow Monorail heading into the station, looking about as cool as possible. Just visible in the distance is the dome of the Anaheim Convention Center - not to mention acres and acres of cars to our left.

Here's a 1963 slide that I wish I could rescan - I did this one back in 2004, and while it is pretty, I think I could do a better job now. Something to do in the future! Anyway, it's a lovely view of the Matterhorn, with the Yacht Bar to our left. For some reason the Matterhorn's waterfall, splashing down to the ground, looks especially cool here. 

This one has so much going for it - intense Kodachrome hues, crystal clarity, and the late afternoon sun shining on Main Street Station and the Disneyland Railroad. And the posters - so many classics. Imagine having never been to Disneyland before, or even knowing much about it, and seeing this tableau as your introduction!

I always love a good night shot, and this photo of the "America the Beautiful" show building (from 1960) is pretty sweet. It almost looks like a stained glass window, with those rich vibrant colors. In the foyer is a map of some country. BUT WHICH ONE? If only there was a clue.

Check out this amazing photo from July of 1956! The Tomorrowland Autopia looks so great, with the curving roadways and multicolored cars that look like Matchbox toys. Almost as interesting is the view of rural Anaheim, with very little development as far as the eye can see.

Here's a fun, rare view taken inside the Kaiser Aluminum Telescope, from one of the sponsored exhibits in Tomorrowland. The telescope was angled upward (where the "Mighty Microscope" from Adventure Thru Inner Space would eventually go), and guests entered from the lower part and walked up a ramp to enter the exhibit - it looks like we are looking back down the ramp. This was one of the cooler finds in my time collecting. And it's a stereo slide to boot!

This one seems to pop up somewhat regularly on Disneyland fan sites; folks have fun with the crude and possibly frightening appearance of these early character costumes. I find the weirdness to be appealing, but... it's not for everyone.

Here's another favorite of mine, with the brave li'l Viewliner cruising (Viewliners don't chug!) through a rather barren landscape, about to cross a lake that is almost pure sulphuric acid. OK, that's a lie, but wouldn't that be cool? Fans of telephone poles will be happy today. I think that's the Junior Autopia in the distance.

If you like the Disneyland and Santa Fe Railroad (Railway?) you will enjoy this fun photo from 1955, as the Passenger Train scoots past the Freight Train - this is presumably from the days when the Passenger Train only stopped at Main Street Station, while the Freight Train only stopped at Frontierland Station, making the siding necessary. It's so odd to see the people standing in the open-topped cars! Somehow the gentleman's straw hat is the perfect touch.

Sticking with the train theme, I wanted to share this warm and lovely shot of the Nature's Wonderland Mine Train as it returns to Rainbow Ridge under the golden afternoon sunlight. This one is dated "July, 1960", so Nature's Wonderland was brand-new, and the trains were sporting the wonderful yellow hue (which was dark green in the earlier incarnation).

I generally love photos of the old Monsanto Plastic House of the Future, and this one is a great example. It's funny to think that this house was futuristic - but not crazy futuristic. I think that the designers hoped that ideas like this might catch on over the next decade or two, though they were probably resigned to the fact that people would always want "traditional" homes, and not a giant plastic mushroom.

I buy lottery tickets about twice a year, and know that the odds of winning are incredibly small, BUT... if I strike it rich, I want to build a house like this!

As wonderful as they were, the Disneyland Stagecoaches only ran for 4 years. They suffered from low rider capacity, and occasionally had a tendency to tip over. Their removal was sad, but the addition of the fantastic Nature's Wonderland made it all better.

And finally, here's a beautiful photo of Tomorrowland, taken from the queue of the months-old Skyway. (this picture was taken on December 29, 1956). There's so much to look at! The Autopia, the lake where the Phantom Boats occasionally plied the waters, the Fantasyland train station (with the Passenger Train stopped there), the Yacht Bar (in its original location?), "Holiday Hill" and the Skyway tower... so wonderful.

Well, there you have it; 15 greatest hits for post #4000. I can hardly believe it! There won't be another 4000, I'm sorry to say, though if I owned enough photos, I'd give it a shot. As always, thanks to all of you who comment and contribute to make GDB such a fun little community.

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          Getting started with Developing for the AGENT SmartWatch   

Updated to include screenshots from the read Agent Installer, and project templates, and a few Amazon book references.

Prerequisites : Tools and SDK’s

Now that the AGENT : The World’s Smartest Watch has been successfully funded with Kickstarter its time for the developer community to kick into gear and start writing watch faces and apps so when the time comes for the release of the store we can have hundreds of not thousands of available applications ready for mass consumption!

If you are a hobbyist, or a new developer that has that killer idea for a face or app for the AGENT, or you just want to tweak someone else's idea this post is for you!

First and foremost you will need a Windows machine.  I prefer Windows 8 but Windows 7 will do just fine. 

If you already have Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET) installed, skip over this step.  Otherwise Download Visual Studio Express 2012 from here. (Direct) –Start it now and then read on…

A bit of nomenclature:

VS.NET is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment – picture notepad on steroids).   It allows you to author applications using a variety of languages (most common is C#) for a variety of scenarios.

.NET is a Framework.  It provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications – a set of APIs.  It can be consider it as an abstraction above other lower level API’s.

.NET Micro Framework is a tiny subset of the .NET Framework which is targeted and streamlined for Micro (tiny) devices.  It does not include many, many features, and API’s from the larger .NET Framework - keep this in mind when you are reading online documentation; you will soon find out that the .NET Framework supports a much needed API call but find out that it has NOT been ported to the .NET Micro Framework.  This can be confusing for many folks that are new to the .NET Micro Framework.

C# is a programming language.

Essentially you will use VS.NET, write code in C#, and target the .NET Framework and in our case here we will be targeting the .NET Micro Framework.

If you are looking for an introduction to C#, consider these resources:

  1. MSDN Introduction to C#
  2. Introduction to the C# Language and the .NET Framework
  3. CSharp Book by Christoph Wille
  4. CSharp Station’s Tutorial
  5. Pluralsite : C# Fundamentals Part 1
  6. Embedded Programming with the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework
  7. Expert .NET Micro Framework (Expert's Voice in .NET)

More specifically if you want a beginners guide to C# and the .NET Micro Framework here is a PDF to download.

So by now your download should be finished.  At the time of writing this, the download was an ISO.  Since I’m using Windows 8 I’m able to right click that ISO and mount it as a DVD right there. 


For Win 7 users you may need to download a tool like UltraISO, Gizmo, or Virtual CloneDrive which will be able to take that ISO that you downloaded and “mount” it (or treat it) as a DVD drive on your system.  If that doesn’t work for you, go old school and burn the ISO to a DVD.

Start the installer by double clicking the wdexpress_full application on the DVD.




Once the installer is ready you will be prompted with the installation tool:


Be sure to hit the “I agree…” checkbox and optionally check the checkbox to Join the Customer Experience Improvement program if you like and the hit INSTALL.



Now its time to go for a coffee, or you could use the time that it takes to install VS.NET to review the sites above get (re)acquainted with C# and the .NET Micro Framework!



Hi Launch.


Click the “Register Online” button to launch your browser for registration.  You will be required to have a Microsoft Live account to proceed, so either login or create a new account.

Once you are logged in, fill out the required information in their registration tool and finally you will be given your product key.



Copy and paste your key, and allow for VS.NET to apply the product key to your installation.


And finally success!


NOTE: Typically VS.NET will ship periodic updates.  The version of the express SKU we just downloaded included the most recent update (Update 2); so we will NOT need to also download and install that.  Further updates should ship via the normal Windows Update process; you should be notified via that channel.   Good news!

Now that you have Visual Studio fully installed, lets proceed to get the .NET Micro Framework SDK installed.  If you also have this installed (make sure it is the MICRO framework installed), skip this step.

Download .NET Micro Framework SDK v4.3 from here and start the installation.  Be sure to WAIT until VS.NET is installed completely along with any Updates prior to installing this SDK – and also make sure that you completely exit VS.NET prior to running this installation.

Side Note:

SDK means “Software Development Kit”.  Typically SDK’s provide a set of software development tools that allow for the creation of applications for a certain software package, service framework, hardware platform, etc.. In this case we will be giving VS.NET the ability to work with our custom hardware platform – Micro devices. 

In fact this SDK gives you the ability to work with a plethora of Micro devices from NetDuino’s, the Gadgeteer platform and a whole laundry list of other hardware!

Lets get the SDK installed.


Hit Next, and choose “Complete” and then hit Next again.  Finally the SDK will be installed.



Lastly, the team behind the AGENT SmartWatch have shipped their own specific SDK which adds on the ability for a custom (and cool) emulator, not to mention some cool Project Templates for VS.NET; download it here and install it.





Here is a screen shot of the emulator in action (more on this in a bit):


Now that we have all of the prerequisites ready, lets move onto the development environment!

Sample Watch – Big Digits Watch Face

Very early on, the guys behind the AGENT project made available some source code for a sample Watch Face called “Big Digits”, we will use it as our starting place to work from. Download it here, unzip it and double click the BigDigitsWatchface.sln file which should open VS.NET Express 2012.

Lets take a quick trip around the Solution, top to bottom just to familiarize yourself with what is at your finger tips.  On the right hand side, you should see the “Solution Explorer” if it is not visible, you may need to go to the View menu and choose “Solution Explorer”.

At the top of the Solution Explorer you should see our BigDigitsWatchFace solution, and just under it you should see the BigDigitsWatchFace project.  Right click the project node and go to properties.

Pro Tip: You can get to a project properties window by double clicking the “Properties” node under the Project node as well.


The only real thing to take note of on this first screen is the "Target framework” drop down list, it should be set to “.NET Micro Framework 4.3”.  If you also installed any other previous or later versions of the SDK, they should be available in this drop down.

Feel free to take a look at each other tab down the list on the left; there is sufficient documentation online describing what each and every option is if you are curious enough.

Open up the last tab, “.NET Micro Framework”.


First notice the options for the Transport.  If you actually have an Agent Device, and it is plugged in to the USB port you should be able to choose it now (or choose USB).  If not, just use the Emulator.  At the time of writing this I have a pre-release version of the Emulator and the device (as seen above) is listed as the “AGENT Emulator”.  The important thing to really take away from this screen is this is the place where you change change where you want to debug your application with; the emulator or the real device, etc..

Feel free to close this window now.

Next up, if you expand the Properties folder in the Solution Explorer you should see a file “AssemblyInfo.cs”, double click to open it.  Update the Description, Company name, product name, and version information in this file.  This data will be used to identify your application, and its version moving forward.  Once your satisfied with the values, close the file.

Right click the References folder, and choose “Add Reference”.  References are additional files which we can optionally import into our project which give us greater abilities through the .NET Framework API. 

Pro Tip: The general rule of thumb is to ONLY include references to other files that you actually need.   If your project does NOT need these other API’s, don’t include them.  Less is better!


Also notice that you have a variety of options for references.  The .NET Tab represents the libraries that are available and are installed into your system.  The Projects tab represents libraries that exist in the same solution that you are currently using.  Finally the Browse tab allows you to search your local hard drive for a file to be added as a reference – the typical use case for this is if you download a 3rd party library from the web that you want to include.

Hit the Cancel button, and then lets skip all the way down to the “Resources.resx” file.  Double click to open it.


Since we downloaded this project from the web, the creators already packed in a set of images for each number.  We will soon see how to use these resources to render the clock face.  For now, consider the “Add Resource” button at the top.  This is the way you import resources into your project to be used by your code.  For example Images, Fonts, Icons, or if you plan on localizing your application into multiple languages you can manage the Name/Value pairs for each language.

Pro Tip: Typically localization is done using multiple projects, one for each language –which ONLY contain the strings resources.  Then you can load in that other file at runtime, and read these resource strings for that language – a topic for another day.

Once you add in a resource you should also notice that the actual file is also added under the “Resources” folder.  Expand that now, and you should see corresponding files for each number as we saw in the Resources.resx file.

When adding your own artwork, you really need to pay attention to size, bit depth, etc..  Since the screen is only 128x128 pixels in size, and only supports 1bit depth you wont be able to get any grey scaled images, etc..  Just plain black and white images.  Pre-scale any images to fit what you need; don’t rely on the framework for scaling either.

Show me the Code!

Now that you have the brief tour, lets dig into some of the code behind this watch.  Start off by double clicking “Program.cs”.

Lets walk through each set of related code here.


The “using” statements are used to “Import” other API’s from our list of references for the application.  It’s an easy way to make those namespaces available to the current code in this file and if you are trying to import a reference and intellisense is generally not working double check that you do have the actual reference added to the project, and that the version that reference targets is the version of the Micro Framework your working with (in our case here it is 4.3).

A “namespace” is a way to logically divide your code, and can be any arbitrary value. 

Pro Tip: It is best practice to keep the namespace to match the Project and Folder structure.  For example if we add a folder into this project called “API”, the namespace should be BigDigitsWatchFace.API.

A class is a way to encapsulate a set of code in your application, generally referred to as being an “object”.  In our example our class name is “Program”.

Pro Tip: It is good practice to have a single class per file, and the name of the class should match the name of the file.



This next set of code sets up some global variables in our class which are shared.  In our case we set some useful constants which relate to the specifications/limitations of the device -the screen height and width, also if we should show 12 or 24 hour time, and if a bottom border should be shown, etc…

Ever application needs an entry point, and that is typically a method that is marked with static, has a return type of void and is typically called Main (can also be set in project, properties).  This is where our code starts to be executed once our watch face is started.


The first thing we need to do is create a new Bitmap object.  We pass in the MaxWidth and MaxHeight variables in order to get a full screen image.  Consider this as our canvas, we will paint everything the user sees on this canvas.

The call to UpdateTime() we will cover in a second.

As the comments indicate, we setup a timer to automatically call the “UpdateTime” method once every minute.  Notice the _updateClockTimer = new Timer…. call.  This is instructing the app to call that “UpdateTime” method once every “period” – more on this in a second.

Lastly we instruct our application to just go to sleep for an infinite amount of time.  Without this, our app will just exit.  What we need to do is keep the app alive, and allow for the Timer to keep ticking away calling our Update method.


The last set of code (and scroll all the way down) deals with how we update the screen every “period” as discussed above.  There are a few essential details to be aware of:

// clear our display buffer

This will clear out the entire screen, leaving it empty.



This is how we are drawing our images.


And finally we make a call to Flush().

// flush the display buffer to the display

This will force the screen to update.

Do take time to review the rest of the code in the Program.cs file, although much of it is around just getting the values to display on the screen, you will familiarize yourself with the style and abilities of the framework.

Now that you have had a look around, hit the F5 Key on your keyboard.  F5 is a short cut which will actually build all of this code, resources, etc.. and package them; gets them ready to run on our emulator.  Once the build is complete it will launch the emulator (or connect to your actual watch) and then deploy the watch face on to it.  If your using the Emulator it should just automatically pop open!


Tip: I noticed that after lots of usage the emulator will not really start (the debugger doesn’t actually attach).  In this case just hit F5 again and retry.  If it persist exit VS.NET and try it all over again.  If it persist even further you may have reached your memory limit for the device.

Now that all of the pieces are together, hit the close button on the emulator to exit and return to VS.NET.

Lets customize it!

I’m sure most of us would love a super cool, customized watch face with our own name on it, right?  Lets do that now.

The first thing we will need to do is import a font into the project resources, so double click Resources.resx and hit the “Add Resources” drop down, and choose “Add Existing File…”


Browse to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.3\Fonts

or if you are on a 32 bit OS

C:\Program Files\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.3\Fonts

In the File Name text box at the bottom, put a * and hit enter.


The fonts should show up now.

Double click the “small.tinyfnt” file, and it will automatically be added into your project – hit save now.

Tip: Keep in mind that like references you do not want to add very many “large” resources.  They will take up the very minimal and valuable space on your device!

In some cases, if your application or watch face is too large it might not even deploy to the emulator or watch, it will just seem like it exit’s!


At or about line 92 of Program.cs, lets add some code which will display our name.  Lets first bring in our font:

var smallFont = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.small);

And then draw some text on the canvas:

_bitmap.DrawText("Rob", smallFont, Color.White, 0, SCREEN_HEIGHT - smallFont.Height);

Lets break this down…

_bitmap is our canvas.

DrawText() allows us to literally draw arbitrary text on the canvas.

“Rob” is the text we are going to draw.

smallFont is the font we want to use when drawing.

Color.White – draw the text with a white brush.

0 is the X or (left and right) coordinate on your device to start drawing

SCREEN_HEIGHT - smallFont.Height is the Y or (top to bottom) coordinate on the device to start drawing.  So what we do here is take the entire screen height 128 minus the height of the font, and start drawing from there down.

This will place the text “Rob” at the bottom left side of the screen, like so:


Its hard to see, but notice that our name is now painted over the minute value on the screen.  Take time now to change the above code to write it on the top left of the screen instead of the bottom left.

Pro Tip: Order does matter.  Since we painted “Rob” after the minutes above it was literally painted on top of the 2 in the above screen shot.  Try changing the Color to Black and you will see it in action.  If we were to paint “Rob” first and then the 2, the 2 would cover our text.  This matters when painting a variety of other things on the screen and you need to have one thing painted on top of the other.

VS.NET Templates

Previously we installed the AGENT SDK and along with the new cool emulator, pictured above, you will find two additional project templates to get you started.  In VS.NET, go to File, New Project… and on the left choose Visual C#, Micro Framework you will find the two new templates.



The Watch face sample running in the Emulator:



and the Watch Application sample:





This should give you a decent understanding of how to get started using VS.NET and the .NET Micro Framework to develop watch faces and applications for the AGENT SmartWatch.

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- Extensive typographic control
- Create backgrounds and patterns with included Geomancy plug-in

PlaneSpace 1.4
Instantly arrange and animate 3D layers in After Effects.

- Create cubes, cylinders, spheroids or complex matrices
- No keyframes necessary
- Unlimited number of layers

System Requirements:

PC / Windows:
- Windows 7 64-bit
- Windows 8 64-bit
- Windows 10 64-bit
- Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent)
- 1 GB of RAM
- 30 MB of Hard Drive space

Download:  Link 1  -  Link 2  -  Link 3

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          Starbolts #342: Rise of the Machine   


It turns out that Clive has been a robot all along! Or has he? The first rule of villains is to never kill off a main one. Bring them back to torture the hero again and again. Especially if they are pretty damn awesome. Clive is that. Where is he the real one, though? We'll find out sooner or later. Right now our heroes are still in a bit of a jam. It doesn't help that Tornado still seems to have the hots for Crystal. Man, is he in for a rude awakening. As my editor said, he needs to get punched. A LOT! I think Bluestreak'll do it eventually.

You may also have been wondering where Syntax has been during all this. Well, he was living in a hard drive all this time. Now he's back and is in control of the station. What does he have planned? Who knows. I'm so tempted to make some references to Skynet and Hal 9000.

In other news, I am planning out my next reviews. They will be for X-Men Prime, X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue and this new mysterious X-Men book coming out. Gotta make up for the lack of X-Men books I've covered. I read Extraordinary X-Men, sure. But, it will be nice to see the X-Men back on track for once in the wake of the Inhumans vs X-Men event comic.

Until then enjoy the comic! Someone's gonna get punched! =D
          How do I lock a hard drive with hdparm? :: Kernel & Hardware   

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          How iTunes works under the (file) covers   
If you're like me, you have a bunch of mp3s (that you legitmately obtained from your CD's - ahem) in a neatly organized directory tree on your hard drive. And it's a breeze to navigate, play, backup, and share.
Now you've got an iPod and/or a Mac, and you want to take the plunge and use iTunes - but your puny little file-based UNIX-loving brain can't handle the transition. Well, neither could I at first, but now I've finally unraveled the how the "file system" of iTunes works.

Here are the juicy nuggets that will help you understand:

About authorization:
1) Instead of an .mp3, purchased songs from iTunes are .m4p files. They are similar to mp3s but they are essentially encrypted with your AppleID as a key. (In fact, if you open up the .m4p file in a text editor, you can see your email address!)

2) Apple allows you to copy those .m4p files to as many computers/ipods as you like.

3) But you can't play an .m4p file unless that computer is "authorized" by your AppleID. You can have up to 5 computers authorized at one time. The "authorize" and "deauthorize" options in iTunes do the trick. (Note: it doesn't touch your library or files.)

Where is all the data?
1) When iTunes starts up, it looks at the iTunes/ directory (inside ~/Music in OSX, somewhere in your Documents & Settings in Windows). This contains a few importants files:
- iTunes Music Library.xml - this single file has all your playlists, and playcounts, and has the file paths of your actual music files.
- There is a similar file (without the .xml) which is a binary version of the .xml file. From my understanding, the xml file is for reading convenience, but this file is what iTunes really uses. The two files are kept in sync by iTunes.
- The Album Artwork/ directory is where the album image files are stored.

2) In iTunes->Preferences->Advanced there is an option for the "iTunes Music Folder". This directory contains all the .m4p and other raw music files. The song title and other text is metadata is inside the .m4p file.

Note that this directory has a Artist/Album/Song directory structure inside it. (This is what the iTunes->Preferences->Advanced->"Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized" option enforces.) You're not meant to touch this directory yourself - the iTunes program manages these subdirectories for you.

3) When you import music via iTunes->"Add to Library" (or when you purchase music, for that matter) then it:
- Adds those raw music files to your iTunes Music Folder. (If you have iTunes->Preferences->Advanced->"Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" unchecked, it will skip this step.)
- Adds the filepath of those files to the xml database mentioned above.

1) If you copy an raw music file into your iTunes Music Folder, that doesn't do anything - your iTunes library (the xml database) doesn't know about it.
2) If you move your iTunes Music Folder, your library will be broken, since that xml-database is pointing to file locations that don't exist. You'll have to move them back, or re-import those files.
3) The "Consolidate Library..." action copies all the music files pointed to by your library (where-ever they are) to your current iTunes Music Folder.

Well, I hope that helps! Let me if there are any important parts I've left out.

Oh, and if you're curious here's a writeup on how to share an iTunes library across multiple users on the same computer

          Gmail Backup To PST 2.0   
We are providing you a reliable Gmail backup tool to create backups of Gmail including emails, contacts, calendars, documents and along with saving your email backup to PST or EML file format on your local hard drive.
          Save 17% Off the Toshiba Canvio Desktop 2TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive + Free Shipping!   
Pocket-sized and Easy to Carry, PC and Mac Compatible, with USB-powered Plug-and-Play Operation.
          Save 15% Off the Toshiba Canvio Desktop 1TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive + Free Shipping!   
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Featuring Super-fast USB 3.0 Transfer Speeds in a Compact and Anti-slip Design, USB-powered for Easy Plug-and-Play Operation.
          Year One   
I can't believe it's been one year already. One year since I started my blog! I've had so much fun taking pictures of our life and writing about it. Admittedly, there have been times when I slacked off and couldn't get the energy or the creative juices flowing to write a post, but that doesn't mean I stopped taking photos.

I have thousands of pictures that need to be gone through. When I pick up the camera I don't take just one picture. I take hundreds. Hundreds of pictures of the same thing. Just trying to get that one good shot. And that means I have to go through them, find the photos I want to use, edit them, resize them and then delete the junky ones. And if there are photos I'm not going to use, but don't want to delete, I have to edit and resize those ones too. Because the photos I take are huge files and more than once I've run out of space on my laptop. Like today. So then I have to move them over to the external hard drive and hope that I remember where all the pictures are.

I need to be more organized with my photos!

So here is what I'm getting at. I don't have time today, (Happy Easter everyone!) to put together a post to celebrate my blogs first anniversary. So instead, I'm just going to show you images from some of the posts I've been wanting to write about in the past year, but haven't found the time. Yep, I'm a slacker!

Enjoy the photos below and hopefully before another year passes I'll have blogged about each one of them.

The Minnow Catcher

The Wedding Cabin



Old MacDonalds Putt Putt

Tennessee Aquarium



Ring Ceremony

The Whatnot Shop

The Trampoline

Fun on the Farm Day

The Baton Rouge Zoo

Easter Eggs

Thank you to everyone who stops by. It's been a blast and I really appreciate that you keep coming back to see what we've been up to!

          Desktop Support Technician (Job #6423)   
SLAIT Consulting is currently seeking a Desktop Support Technician for our client in the Suffolk, VA area.

The desktop support technician provides day-to-day, hands-on support to the organization?s end user laptops, desktops, printers, and applications. This includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all computer hardware and equipment to ensure optimal workstation performance. This position is also responsible for installing, repairing, and performing preventative maintenance on a variety of personal computers and peripheral devices.

* Uses automated tools to image workstations to departmental specifications
* Installs any client software or applications as needed
* Migrates user data, settings, and applications from old hardware to new hardware
* Assists with the migration and integration of newly acquired companies into the organization
* Verifies that users have access to any network resources as required
* Provides updates for inventory controls
* Provides antivirus management and support
* Installs, upgrades, and troubleshoots all computer hardware and software
* Sets up and tests workstations, peripherals, and printers for Windows and/or MAC environments
* Performs onsite analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of complex desktop problems for end users
* Recommends and implements corrective solutions, including offsite repair for remote users
* Implements performance upgrades to computers, including the installation of CPUs, I/O and NIC modules, hard drives, RAM, etc.
* Updates and maintains an inventory of all computers, monitors, keyboards, hard drives, modems, network cards, and other components and equipment
* Logs all hours in time tracking system in order to assess workflow process

* A minimum of 3 years in an IT support position (technical help desk/support center, end-user training, etc.) with at least 2 years in a formal help desk organization
* Operating Systems - Windows XP/7, MAC OS
* Proven ability to troubleshoot complex issues as they relate to Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems
* A thorough understanding of PC hardware and OS architecture
* Proficiency using and supporting Microsoft Office products
* Experience using various types of remote control and call-tracking support tools
* Flexibility to work overtime and on weekends in support of special projects and rollouts
* The ability to lift a minimum of 40lbs, which will be required for moving various types of hardware (laptops, desktops, monitors, etc.)

We have been growing since 1990 with offices in Virginia, Gaithersburg, MD., New York, Raleigh, NC, and Austin TX. For over twenty three years, we have delivered customized, creative IT solutions for customers in the commercial, and state and local government sectors.
*Staff Augmentation *Managed Services *IT Outsourcing *IT Consulting

Thank you for your consideration, please submit your resume today! Visit us at

**Must be able to work for any employer in the United States. No Visa sponsorship.**

SLAIT Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer
          The TR Podcast 133: Iris graphics and the Radeon HD 7990   
Jordan, Geoff, and Cyril kick off this episode with listener mail, answering a question about DDR4 memory and the best hybrid hard drives. Then, our team navigates a slew of Intel Haswell stories ahead of the June 4 launch. Geoff and Cyril go on to discuss two exciting new cases from BitFenix and Corsair, after which Cyril reviews the Asus VivoTab Smart tablet and shares his poetic ode to the Kindle Paperwhite. Finally, Scott joins us from his press trip in San Jose, California to give us a deep dive on the powerful Radeon HD 7990 from AMD.
          The TR Podcast 121: APUs, GPUs, and SSDs   
This episode starts off with Jordan's harrowing tale of bird wranglers and avian escapes, followed by three listener mail questions, including one from a graphic designer who's chewing through hard drives. (Jordan suspects a unsafe home environment.) Another listener dares to ask two questions in the same episode, both of which we answer, because we're nice. Then, after a quick revisitation of the iPhone 5, it's back-to-back AMD talk with a look at the tablet-targeted Z-60 APU, Scott's deep-dive review of the Trinity desktop APUs, and an overview of desktop CPU prices throughout the past three years. Then, Cyril breaks down the performance of Nvidia's GeForce GTX 650 Ti, Geoff rounds out the episode with a look at the latest SSD price declines.
          The TR Podcast 110: The lowdown on Ivy Bridge and her mobos   

Intel's long-awaited Ivy Bridge processors (and our review) come out in concert with this latest episode of the TR Podcast. Before diving into the new Intel gear, our hosts discuss the beautiful CryEngine 3, our trepidation about the teased Crysis 3, and an upcoming title that Geoff is very excited about.

Then, it's right into the scoop on Ivy Bridge. Scott and Geoff discuss the performance of the new chips (in both stock and overclocked configurations), and Geoff evaluates the new array of Z77 motherboards with unpronounceable. To round out the episode, we have pricing updates on AMD's Radeon HD 7900-series GPUs, a look at two mechanical keyboards from Corsair, and a 10,000 RPM hard drive from Western Digital. Finally, Cyril and the gang talk about how TR gets its beautiful product photos.

          The TR Podcast 69: Answering the mailbag, living with the Pre, and the terabyte showdown   

We start this week's episode by answering a healthy helping of listener mail questions, covering everything from home file servers to e-books. Geoff and Scott follow with parallel smartphone stories Geoff pleased with his new Palm Pre, while Scott is somewhat disappointed with his iPhone 4.
Later, Geoff summarizes his roundup of an assortment of 7200-RPM terabyte hard drives. Then, after our panel covers three Nvidia-related news stories, Scott takes a look at Intel's newest Xeon processors, and Cyril has our latest GPU value article results.

          The TR Podcast 66: Computex, hybrid hard drives, and iPhone 4   

With Cyril fresh from Computex, Scott and Geoff primed with new reviews, and Jordan armed with lame jokes... there's plenty going on in this episode of the podcast. After a few listener mail shoutouts, we kick things off with a slice of Computex, relaying the experience of one of the world's largest tech tradeshows and looking at the highlights. Dovetailing with the discussion of Asus's Eee Pad, Geoff explains what he believes makes the perfect tablet.
Now that the iPhone 4 is finally here, our panelists all have something to say about Apple's newest smartphone. To wrap things up, Scott and Geoff detail their findings in their latest reviews. Scott has been overclocking Intel's new unlocked Core i5-655K and i7-875K processors, while Geoff has put a hybrid hard drive from Seagate to the test.

          The TR Podcast 62: Fermi in the flesh, new VelociRaptors, and emptying the mail bag   
This episode of the TR podcast is a bang-for-buck compilation of listener mail and hardware reviews. To top it off, we're delivering it to you four days earlier than usual! Jordan, Scott, Geoff, and Cyril start off with several listener questions covering everything from USB 3.0 to the progression of CPU technology and the latest GPU drivers. In the second half of the episode, Scott delves deep inside Nvidia's latest graphics architecture, and Geoff gives us the lowdown on Western Digital's newest 10,000-RPM hard drive.
          The TR Podcast 55: Phantom Menace II, the Christmas '09 system guide and a pair of pairs   
The fall movie season is well under way, and Scott starts this episode by asking the panel whether $500-million megafilm Avatar> will be worth the cost of a ticket and popcorn. Jordan and Cyril suggest James Cameron will score another hit, while Scott and Geoff are dubious and draw parallels with Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1998—a lot of hype and a big letdown. Scott goes on to relate the woes of giving tech buying advice to friends and family. Moving on, it's time for another TR system guide, and our Christmas '09 edition is rife with compromises to combat the RAM price hikes and GPU shortages. We talk about the possibility of GPU scarcity continuing well into 2010, as well. Also in this episode: Microsoft is trying to combat Steam, we pit two 2TB hard drives against each other, and choosing between Dell and Asus for a 14" notebook turns out to be somewhat complicated.
          The TR Podcast 46: The Google OS, browser wars, and all things storage   
This week's episode starts off with a bang. Damage Labs adds a new member to the team, and Scott and Jordan discuss the joys of patriotic explosions. For the most part, the remaining episode tackles software and storage. We discuss Google's just-announced Chrome OS, Firefox 3.5, and VLC 1.0.0. We even take a look at our own web server stats to see which browsers you, the readers and listeners, use the most. To break things up, we have another MSI sponsored segment, which includes motherboard tech discussion and an interview with competitive overlocker Gautam Bhatnager. We also answer two listener mail questions. Finally, a veritable pod of storage stories finishes up the show, as we talk SSDs, hard drive history, and backup strategy.
          The TR Podcast 23: Windows 7, the end of the giveaway, and the real Geoff Gasior   
Clocking in at under an hour, our shortest episode ever still manages to pack a punch. TR biz guy Adam Eiberger starts us off with a quick recap of our recent Acer Aspire One netbook giveaway. We reveal both the winner (for those that haven't read the news) and the official answers to our three entry questions. Geoff, Cyril, Jordan, and Matt have a little round-table chat about the fresh Windows 7 news coming from PDC2008. Cyril follows up by sharing first impressions of his new MacBook, after which Geoff summarizes his thoughts on Western Digital's latest Caviar Green hard drive. Finally, the podcast gets up close and personal as Jordan quizzes Geoff about his childhood, likes and dislikes, and non-tech hobbies.
          The TR Podcast 22: A product opportunity, speedy video encodes, and bringing SLI up to snuff   
We have a nice cross-section of topics for you this week. We kick off this episode of the podcast with a question from an inebriated reader, then we delve behind the scenes of our new, overhauled system guide. After a look at the "product opportunity" AMD filled with its Radeon HD 4830 graphics card, we go over Seagate's new 1.5TB monster hard drive, and we chat about two new goodies awaiting GeForce users: the upcoming ForceWare 180 driver release and Elemental's Badaboom video transcoder. The episode closes with a discussion of the latest games, where Geoff explains what makes Dead Space so scary and Scott gives his impressions of Far Cry 2
          The TR Podcast 4   
In this episode, we start off with lots of great listener mail covering GX2 and SLI, future technology that makes us giddy, and our favorite freeware. Asus and Creative dominate the tech news section, and in the tech topics, we go from the fastest hard drives to mobile processor technology
          HP TouchSmart 320 Review: Great Value for an All-in-One, Touchscreen Is a Nice Extra   
The HP TouchSmart 320 makes for a great value thanks to the impressive AMD Vision chipset, easy setup, spacious hard drive and excellent display. It holds up pretty well as a standard all-in-one, and the addition of the touchscreen makes it even more compelling.
          Wondershare Data Recovery Full Version   

Wondershare Data Recovery Full Version – Wondershare Data Recovery is safe and effective Windows data recovery software, retrieves your lost videos, photos, music, documents, emails, etc. from your Computer’s hard drive as well as from USB drives, external hard drives,...

The post Wondershare Data Recovery Full Version appeared first on

          Getting Creative With Data Advice   
Factors to Take Into Account When Buying a Portable Hard Drive Due to our busy lives filled with tons of information that we need to store, a portable hard drive has become a necessity and not just an accessory for just about anyone out there that constantly manage and store data. A regular PC or...

          Success! ASUS A7N8X + terabyte hard drive   
Tnir, my household Linux box, has been down for a couple of weeks now. I hit a bit of a roadblock when the motherboard erfused to recognize a new hard drive I had bought. It was too big — 1 TB (which is 1000 GB, or perhaps 1024 if you’re a programmer, or 999 if […]
          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

Thanks for all the imput. I will start with the 36Gb drives and see how far it takes me.

          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

I have a similar setup.  If you don't count the backup, dmp and sys_backup directories I'm only using 800 mb.  I'm using 21 gb if I include those directories.  If you monitor those 3 folders and tidy up once in a while you really need very little space.

          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

Any harddrive made this decade will be fine.

          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

Well, it really depends to your usage. How many documents will be attached to assets ...., how many assets, tickets, people will be handled

SW uses currently ~1.5GB at my environment (~200 assets, ~60 people, ~150 tickets, 2 years running)

          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

check the rest of the spec as well, the scanning needs reasonably fast CPU and recommended 1-2GB ram.

          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

My install is a little smaller than Justin's but running on a 2008 64 bit server in a virtual environment and on a 24GB drive.

          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

My spiceworks is vm'd with a 10gb drive on Win XP, 2gb ram and works like a charm

          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

I have 250 users, 320 devices, 6000 tickets, and my install is under 3GB. I have it on a 25GB drive. Spiceworks is not disk space intensive.

          How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks?   

How large of a hard drive do I need to run Spiceworks? I do not see this information on the specs page.

I am testing on an old server with a 36 GB hard drive. Is this large enough? How long will it last me?

This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community
          newby / asm system safety   
(I'm rather new to x86 asm but know m.f. asm)

I "damaged" my system a year ago and I don't know if asm programming was at fault.

I did not wipe out my hard drive - Just on Win'98, all the items in the start menu disappeared one evening.

I was /not/ doing any asm disk processing programs. Only MASM611, print, and.... also Javascript.

Hardware: Gateway Astro w/ Celeron processor. (Mac-style entry level pc.) - Running AOL.

Any tips?


          How Sony Is Making a Comeback   
How Sony Is Making a Comeback
Just as we were beginning to think Sony was slipping away, they appear to be coming on strong with some new products and a profitable quarter to boot. We think it’s partly due to some exciting new products and aggressive stance on 4K TV. Here’s a list of some Sony products we think are pretty cool, but first a little history. Around 1960, U.S. manufacturers turned down a new aperture grille TV technology that made for a brighter and sharper image, which became Sony’s flagship TV technology called Trinitron. It looked better than shadow mask CRTs and was used not only in TVs, but high end computer monitors. The Trinitron color TV helped put Sony on the consumer electronics map. Sony went on to popularize the personal music player with the Walkman and game consoles with the PlayStation. In recent years Sony has struggled to compete with consumer electronics giants like Samsung and Apple, but is now starting to show its old brilliance with some very appealing new products.
Sony’s New 4K TV Uses Quantum Dots for a Better ImageSony has invested heavily in 4K TV technology making it part of every new XBR TV. Whether you think 4K TVs are ready for prime time or only make sense for very large TVs, Sony TV sets like the 65-inch XBR65X900A is a state-of-the-art TV that includes new quantum dot nanotechnology. One of the problems with LEDs as backlights is that white LEDs are made from combining blue and yellow exploiting a property called metamerism to trick our eyes into seeing white. Quantum dots are nanocrystals that emit light in different frequencies when energized and can add missing red and green to backlights resulting in better contrast and color fidelity. Although they have never explicitly stated it, to the best of our knowledge, quantum dots are the technology behind Sony’s trademarked TRILUMINOUS TVs. Sony has also added lots of processing power in the form of their X-Reality™ PRO chip used to upscale HD content to 4K content so you can take advantage of 4K resolution without having to wait for native 4K programming to be delivered to your TV.
Lots More 4K Home Entertainment Products

Sony has many other 4K products to go along with their 4K TVs. They offer a range of 4K receivers including the $699 STR-DA1800ES 7.2 channel Wi-Fi A/V to the $2099 STR-DA5800ES 9.2 channel receiver that offers 130 watts per channel and all kinds of connectivity options including the ability to use your smartphone as a remote control.

Until native 4K programming can be delivered to your set from a cable or satellite provider, on an optical disc, or by some other means, Sony is offering the $699 FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player with 2 TB of storage that comes pre-loaded with 10 in 4K movies along with some bonus material. At some point you’ll be able to download more content or have the media player reloaded.

Okay, we admit at $24,999 is a little out of range for the average consumer, but if you want the same 4K experience you get in many movie theaters today, the VPL-VW1000ES 4K Home Theater ES Projector with its ability to light up a 200-inch screen, you might want to consider one of these devices instead of that new car you were planning on buying.

Too Bad the New PS4 Game Console Won’t Play 4K GamesThe successor to the Sony Playstation 3, the PS4 is waiting in the wings. We understand that it will support 4K video and photos but 4K games aren’t going to be part of the equation when it goes on sale. We can sort of understand that it would require a very large hard drive and high data rates, but wouldn’t 4K games look great on a new 4K XBR TV. We also wonder if there will be support for 3D games on 4K TVs.
New VAIO Laptops Also Use Quantum Dots
The new $1249 Sony VAIO Pro 13 Ultrabook at 2.34 lbs. claims to be the lightest Ultrabook (a 13-inch MacBook Air is 2.96 lbs.). The new VAIO Pro uses a touchscreen version of the TRILUMINOUS display similar to the one used in their new 4K XBR TVs. Although the VAIO’s resolution is 1920 x 1080p, a 4K display would probably not make sense on a display this size.
Handhelds, Smartwatch and a Bluetooth Handset
If there’s one complaint we have heard about all the cool new mobile gear from Sony, it’s their naming system; too many things named Xperia and too many letters to remember. For example the 5-inch, 13MP Xperia Z bears almost the same name as the brand new 6.4-inch phablet called the Xperia Z Ultra. We’re especially interested in the Ultra with its TRILUMINOUS 344 ppi display and super light 212 grams and super thin 6.5 mm case (a 4-inch iPhone is 7.6 mm and 112 grams). The optional Sony Bluetooth handset pairs with any Xperia Z using NFC so you can leave the phablet or smartphone in a pocket or pocketbook. The new Sony Smartwatch 2 will go nicely with an Xperia Z or any Android phone allowing you to handle phone calls, email, social media or other functions from your wrist.
New Sony Cameras Are Different

The Sony Alpha NEX cameras with their big sensors and interchangeable lenses have received high marks from users and experts, but the new DSLT cameras with their translucent mirrors offer an interesting alternative to the traditional DSLR. Translucent mirrors don’t have to physically move out of the way of the sensor. DSLTs, as they are called, use a translucent mirror that transmits around 70% of the light onto the imaging sensor while reflecting the remaining light up to the camera's phase detection autofocus (AF) sensor. What you see on a high resolution electronic viewfinder comes from the digital image. The Sony Alpha SLT-A58K is a 20.1MP, 5 fps DSLT with a high resolution OLED display that costs around $600 the top of the line $2800 SLT-A99V offers 35 mm full-frame format and 14-bit RAW output.

Bottom Line: This Was Not a Fan Letter
We’ve been watching Sony for the last several years as it struggled to regain its footing under leaders like Sir Howard Stringer. Yes Samsung, LG, Apple and others have cool products but it just seemed like it was time to recognize Sony for, what appears to be a big comeback.

          For sale - 2 x hp touchsmart tm2 12.1" Touch Intel Dual Core... - £ 199   

Brimsdown EN3, United Kingdom
Welcome to totallystocked 2 x hp touchsmart tm2 12.1" Touch Intel Dual Core 1.20ghz 4gb 320gb hdd Win10Perfect for Youtube, Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, Word Processing, Multi tasking ...1.20ghz Intel Dual coreram 4gbhard Drive 320gbscreen 12.1" Optical Drive dvd-R/cd-rwebcam integratedsd Card Reader yesconnections Mains/3 x usb 2.0 Port/Touch Screen/Finger ... ...

          HP Pavilion 15-au070sa Drivers Windows 10 64Bit Download   
HP Pavilion 15-au070sa laptop is powered by Intel Core i3-6100U 2.3 GHz dual-core processor with integrated Intel HD Graphics 520 video card. It comes with 15.6-inches diagonal HD SVA BrightView WLED-backlit screen dispay with 1366 by 768 pixels resolution. This mobile computer features 8 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM system memory, 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA hard disk drive, SuperMulti DVD burner, Intel 802.11ac wireless LAN WLAN, Bluetooth 4.2 Combo, multi-format SD media card reader, HDMI port, HD webcam, stereo speakers with B&O PLAY HP Audio Boost technology. It's bundled with Windows 10 OS. Download and update latest HP Pavilion 15-au070sa drivers for Windows 10 64Bit to optimize its performance.

HP Pavilion 15-au070sa Drivers


Processor: Intel Core i3-6100U with Intel HD Graphics 520 (2.3 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores)
RAM: 8 GB DDR4-2133 SDRAM (1 x 8 GB)
Video graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
Hard drive: 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA
Optical drive: SuperMulti DVD burner
Display: 39.6 cm (15.6") diagonal HD SVA BrightView WLED-backlit (1366 x 768)
Keyboard: Full-size island-style keyboard with integrated numeric keypad
Pointing device: HP Imagepad with multi-touch gesture support
Wireless connectivity: Intel 802.11ac (1x1) Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 Combo (Miracast compatible)
Network interface: Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet LAN
Expansion slots: 1 x multi-format SD media card reader
External ports: 1 x HDMI; 1 x headphone/microphone combo; 1 x USB 2.0; 2 x USB 3.0; 1 x RJ-45
Dimensions: 38.3 x 24.3 x 2.25 cm (W x D x H)
Weight: 2.04 kg
Power supply type: 45 W AC power adapter
Battery type: 2-cell, 41 Wh Li-ion
Webcam: HP Wide Vision HD Camera with dual array digital microphone
Audio features: B&O PLAY; HP Audio Boost; Dual speakers
Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64bit
HP apps: HP CoolSense; HP Lounge; HP 3D DriveGuard
Software included: McAfee LiveSafe
Pre-installed software: CyberLink PowerDirector; Netflix
Software - Productivity & finance: 1 month trial for new Microsoft Office 365 customers



Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver
Version: Rev.A
File size: 3.0 MB
File name: sp76608.exe

Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Client Driver
Version: 8.1.10608.329 Rev.C
File size: 17.8 MB
File name: sp76611.exe

Intel Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Driver
Version: 30.63.1519.7 Rev.A
File size: 4.0 MB
File name: sp75339.exe

Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver
Version: Rev.C
File size: 94.9 MB
File name: sp76615.exe


Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
Version: Rev.C
File size: 24.1 MB
File name: sp76619.exe


Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver
Version: Rev.C
File size: 203.5 MB
File name: sp76612.exe

NVIDIA Graphics Driver
Version: Rev.D
File size: 718.0 MB
File name: sp77716.exe


Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver
Version: Rev.D
File size: 326.2 MB
File name: sp77717.exe


Synaptics TouchPad Driver
Version: Rev.C
File size: 199.5 MB
File name: sp77155.exe

HP Wireless Button Driver
Version: Rev.A
File size: 3.9 MB
File name: sp77381.exe


Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver
Version: 7.35.344.0 Rev.A
File size: 45.3 MB
File name: sp75249.exe

Intel Wireless LAN Drivers
Version: Rev.P
File size: 113.9 MB
File name: sp77954.exe

Realtek RTL8723BE/RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Drivers
Version: 2023.27.1230.2015 Rev.A
File size: 40.7 MB
File name: sp75236.exe


Broadcom Bluetooth Driver
Version: Rev.A
File size: 21.1 MB
File name: sp75330.exe

Intel Bluetooth Driver
Version: 19.0.1621.3340 Rev.A
File size: 10.2 MB
File name: sp76732.exe

Realtek RTL8723BE Bluetooth Driver
Version: Rev.A
File size: 58.6 MB
File name: sp75238.exe
Other HP Laptop: HP Pavilion 15-au070sa Drivers


HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors)
Version: F.09 Rev.A
File size: 15.6 MB
File name: sp76810.exe

HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI
Version: Rev.A
File size: 22.5 MB
File name: sp78036.exe

HGST Hard Drive Firmware Update
Version: A7L0 Rev.A
File size: 2.4 MB
File name: sp76532.exe

ENERGY STAR Qualified Power Plan
Version: 1.10 Rev.A
File size: 4.1 MB
File name: sp74487.exe

HP 3D DriveGuard Software (HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection)
Version: Rev.A
File size: 46.2 MB
File name: sp78033.exe

HP Support Assistant
Version: Rev.A
File size: 41.5 MB
File name: sp77062.exe

HP System Event Utility
Version: 1.40 Rev.A
File size: 18.0 MB
File name: sp76383.exe

HP Sure Connect
Version: Rev.
File size: 3.4 MB
File name: sp77876.exe

          Stupid Cron Tricks   
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          Family tree!   
I recently inhereted my father's computer and found some images that were stored on the hard drive. He is very much interested in making the most comprehensive family tree that he can via scrap booking.

It's actually all really amazing and he has some very beautiful photographs of my distant relatives from when they arrived in the United States from Ukraine. As well as a photograph of my mother's extended family, whom all live in Panama City, Panama. Other than that I can't tell you the details about most of the photographs or when my family made it over to the United States because I don't really know. But I'd like to share the photographs that I have found.

          Muffle the ball gown    
One of the maximum undisputed dilemmas for patients who are concerned beside their body part is whether they would be finer served beside a Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty or Liposuction.While a Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty is planned to uproot loose body part tegument and to fasten the belly, Liposuction is designed single to relocate too much of a good thing fat. A Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty will not muffle the ball gown bulkiness in a female of magnitude 14 who has by a long chalk fat say her abdomen. Likewise, a female person who has vanished all her overflow weight after physiological condition and is larboard with loose, slack abdominal skin will not be able to fasten her abdomen or displace the stretch simon marks next to Liposuction.There are both grouping who are "in-between" these two groups - who have some overegging the pudding fat and a decoration "spare tire." These populace will original necessitate to go through Liposuction to rid themselves of the fat. They will next necessitate a Tummy Tuck to uproot the too much of a good thing skin tone and to tighten their body part muscles.Post ads:Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB SATA III 7200 RPM 16 MB / OtterBox Defender Series Protective Case for Kindle Fire / PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller (Red) / Western Digital Red 2 TB NAS Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, SATA / Coby Kyros 10.1-Inch Android 4.0 8 GB 16:9 Capacitive / Toshiba Canvio 500 GB USB 3.0 Basics Portable Hard Drive - / Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (16GB, Deep Grey) / MoKo Slim-fit Folio Cover Case for Amazon Kindle Fire HD / SanDisk Cruzer 16 GB USB Flash Drive (SDCZ36-016G-AFFP) / VIZIO Co-Star Stream Player With Google TV - VAP430 / ASUS Transformer TF300 T-B1-BL 10.1-Inch 32 GB Tablet / Elgato Game Capture HD PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Recorder forA Mini Tummy Tuck or Mini-Abdominoplasty is not as large as a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, requiring sole one 60 minutes of medical science as opposing to the iii to four hours necessary for a Tummy Tuck. Since it does not normally affect alteration of the body part muscles, it is set aside single for those who one and only have constrained magnitude of voluminous buckskin or stretch simon marks in the subjugate body part or preceding the os bony. Also, it does not change the stature of the venter fastening. A Mini-Tummy Tuck does not demand an extended undermining and modification of the body part skin, so it can be safely conjunctive with untouched Liposuction of the belly and flank. Therefore, the aggregation of Mini-Tummy Tuck near Liposuction may perhaps be a finer prime for those next to steep fat, but controlled movableness of the tummy.
          Few guidelines that you    
Spine decipherment is a caste of surgery performed to dislocate threat applied on the spike or impudence core. This medical science plant by removing the lamina to widen the spaces in the backbone or fasciculus roots, to divest all symptoms that are concerned to skeletal structure twine irritation and concretion. Such symptoms include numbness, pain, delicateness and glowing sensations. This is a terribly strong way in treating a herniated disc, connective tissue formation, prepare spurs and tumors and it can be performed in varied sections of the spine, the collar and the aft (thoracic and lumbar).Spine Decompression Surgery Preparation:You should not eat or brew the period antecedent to your medical science not unless you are oriented to do so by your gp. You can unmoving disseminate with your medications in the morning of the spine decoding medical science with a dwarfish sip of marine. Also, it is immensely considerable to consult to your physician if you are taking absolute medicines for diabetes and hypertension.Post ads:Light Weight Shark Back Pack / Dakine Small Campus Pack / KHOMO Blue Rubberized Satin Soft Touch Hard Shell Case / Piel Leather Three-Way Envelope Padfolio / LaCie Set of 3 Sleeves for Rugged Hard Drives 130752 / SwissGear Laptop Backpack with Water Bottle Pocket / Visconti VT-5 Soft Leather Vintage Messenger Bag Holds / CaseCrown Horizontal Mobile Messenger Bag (Black) for 11 / Travelpro Crew 8 Business Backpack / Dakine Women's 31-Litre EQ Duffel Bag / Antler Camden Town 30'' Hardside Spinner / Mobile Edge ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly Onyx Briefcase- / Jansport Backpack Superbreak Navy Blue for School Work or / Premium New Apple Iphone 5 Crystal Transparent Phone / Case Star Quality Pink and White Color Keyboard Silicone / Eagle Creek 2011 Tarmac 20 Wide Body Wheeled Luggage / 15" - 15.4" Laptop Notebook Sleeve Case for Fujitsu, / Eagle Creek Travel Gear Hidden Pocket / Petunia Pickle Bottom Organic Cotton Convertible SashayRecovery Expectations:
          Newegg End-of-June Savings: Sony Bluetooth TV Speaker $150, Kingston 240GB SSD $105, WD Black 1TB Mobile Hard Drive $85 + More   
Newegg End-of-June Savings: Sony Bluetooth TV Speaker $150, Kingston 240GB SSD $105, WD Black 1TB Mobile Hard Drive $85 + More    

Say goodbye to June with the End-of-June Savings Sale at, where you can save on a number of computer components and peripherals!

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          Dell 24 Hour Sale: Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 Laptop $920, Dell 27" HDR Monitor $330, Seagate Portable 1TB Hard Drive $70 + More   
Dell 24 Hour Sale: Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 Laptop $920, Dell 27    

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Peripherals and Accessories

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          Re: Backing up your photographs and more – Why I don’t recommend a Drobo   

There are several factors here. The post I wrote is really about storing photos, not really for Time machine backups, which can be sort of fixed in size. For each Mac on Time Machine, I'd go with 3x the hard drive size. And unless you upgrade the drive(s), the size you need, depending on how far back in time you might need to go, doesn't change a whole lot.

There are a few other thoughts on this. If your Drobo FS fails, at either the chassis level, or, depending on how you have it configured, a single or dual drive failure, what is the replacement cost of all that, and can you buy one "down the street" if needed? Yes, where I am, I can walk into B&H and buy one, but it isn't exactly something you can get in a inch from a local store in most cases.

Lastly, Crash Plan, Mozy, Carbonite, it doesn't matter. That is my backup of last resort - I like to have a near same speed backup/restore as a local drive. But for the purposes that time machine covers, having a secondary copy of the time machine backup drive may be overkill for some.

I have Time Machine, on each of my Macs, going to single, standalone 2TB USB drives hanging off an Airport Extreme, and, I use Carbon Copy Cloner to a different 2TB partitioned to match the Mac's drive structure, and it is that CCC drive that I swap in and out.

Happy to discuss/explain further if you like.


          Re: Linux on the desktop: what went wrong?   

Um, pre-installations of Windows by hardware manufacturers is also the main reason Windows is on 95% of _reported_ desktops (some people do buy these cheap PCs and though they wipe them and put Linux on it, it counts as a Windows sale either way).  BTW, your average person cannot handle installations of any kind, be it Linux, Windows, or OS X.  This is why hardware manufacturers give people a restore disc that automates the whole process or have "Genius Bars" to do the installations for them.  Hardware manufacturers could do the same thing with a Linux pre-installation but at this point in the game, they're too addicted to give up the Microsoft fix.

As for Windows working great on open architecture and being guaranteed to work, take that hard drive and move it from one "open architecture" configuration to another one.  Let's see how Windows fares with that.  This is something that, with most Linux distributions, is a transparent process.  Everything under the hood on a Linux distribution today will detect the hardware and load the proper module (or "driver" if you will) with rarely an issue.  It pretty much just works.

You mention Windows exceptional compatibility.  If so, then how come I could not downgrade an HP system to Windows XP Pro from Vista Home due to drivers that were non-existent for XP?  I couldn't use the Vista driver for it either.  Neither HP nor the device manufacturer had an XP driver available for people looking to downgrade.  So much for compatibility.  However, the Linux installation that it eventually got detected everything without a problem, and no proprietary modules were even necessary.  No more missing drivers and the machine was running like a champ.  That's the compatibility I expect to see from an OS.  And yes, even the upgrade.....the _in-place_ upgrade (something that most modern Linux distros do)... went smoothly.

          That Happy Feeling #49   

Back after delays caused by a busted hard drive on the iBook G4. The replacement came with an upgrade from Panther to Tiger, but I've changed Podcast aggregators and am still mucking around importing data.

Its footy finals fever weekend in Sydney and Melbourne this weekend. Grand finals in Aussie Rules and Rugby League.

Music by Ann Marita.

          Download official Nokia firmware without Navifirm+   



1) Latest version of Nokia Suite (version 2013_13_4_4)
2) usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file

You can download both files from Here----------->"Click Here"


STEP 1: 

First install Nokia Suite. Do not run after the installation is finished


                        After Nokia Suite installs, copy and replace the usergroupsconfiguration.cfg file to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0
if you’re running a 64-bit version of Windows.
Or C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Product Support Tool For Store 5.0 if on 32-bit.

Running Nokia Suite and Downloading the firmware:

STEP 1:   Open Nokia Suite. And select ‘Product Support Tool For Store 5.0′

STEP 2:    When prompted, select ‘CareSuite External’ then hit ‘Sign-in’ button.

STEP 3: From the Menu, select Tools, then "Firmware Download"

STEP 4:  Now enter the product code of your device, hit ‘Check Online’ button, to check the latest firmware version of your product code

STEP 5:  

Then ‘tick’ ‘Optional Content Files and ‘Download’ to save your firmware.

STEP 6:  

Wait a few minutes for your files to download 

STEP 7:  

You may now manually flash your Nokia device with the firmware you just downloaded.


  • Your firmware should be stored in the C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products folder of your hard drive.
  • If you need to download a different firmware version for the same product code, I suggest you wait for your first download to finish, save all the downloaded files in a marked folder, then proceed with your next download.
  • Partial List of Nokia Lumia product codes. 

Happy Downloading......

          FREE Windows 10..   
The more that you read, the worse it all gets, but as I see it, the picture is quite clear. SO.. After July 29th, assuming that your PC was running Windows 7 or 8 from the hard drive, and you find yourself running Windows 10 from the VERY SAME hard drive, you have a free […]
          From Soup to Nuts: Using VirtualBox with Windows 8 Developer Preview   


I am like everyone else when it comes to Preview OS Software. I don’t want it on installed on my primary machine and I don’t want to lug around another laptop to try stuff. I am not a fan of booting of VHD (which I will explain in a second). Scott Hanselman made a great post on how to do this if you are interested however. The main issue that I see with this approach is that the bootloader on my MAIN MACHINE is replaced with the Windows 8 Preview one. Yikes! I don’t want any preview software with that kind of control of my system. So, what did I do? I installed VirtualBox and then installed Windows 8 Developer Preview onto it. I captured almost every screen, so it may be helpful to even a beginner.

Let’s get started.

Update: If you want to use a adjust the resolution to something like 1920x1080x32 then follow Mister Goodcat’s tutorial located at

Step 1

Before you download any software, go ahead and make sure you have Virtualization Technology turned on in your BIOS. Here is a great guide on how to do that.

Step 2

Install and download VirtualBox 4.1.2 or later (if it exist).

Go ahead and double click on the installer and go through the following screens:


I left this page at the default settings.


Same on this page.


This next page will warn you that it will reset your Network Interfaces:


..almost finished.


And your done.


Step 3

Now would be a great time to download the .ISO if you haven’t already. There are a couple of different versions of the .ISO. Since you are reading a developers blog then I would assume you want the one on the top that comes with the Developer Tools.


The other versions do not include the tools, but Microsoft has provided a x64 / x32 as well.

Step 4

Brett Stanley – gave a great tip that I failed to mention: I wanted to add that in the First Run Wizard, Select Installation Media screen you can choose an .iso directly, negating the need to mount the image with another tool. :-)


Once that is downloaded, then you might want to go ahead and mount the .ISO using CloneDrive.


The process is simple as it’s just a right click on Mount Drive then browser to the .ISO Image.

Step 5

Now it is time to setup VirualBox. Go ahead and run it and select “New”…



On the OS Type, I selected Windows and Vista 64-bit as obviously VirtualBox does not support Windows 8 yet. Other people have commented that Windows 7 x64 works as well.


The next screen is Memory. I actually have 8GB in this machine but wanted to see the performance of 512mb. I would recommend setting this to at least 1-2GB.


For Hard Disk, I simply created a new one.


I set this to VDI as I never plan on using this VM with other virtualization software.


I opted for dynamically allocated because it will only use my physical hard drive if the VM requires it. (such as adding new programs, etc)


For this next screen, you DO NOT want to make this around 10GB as the install will alert you it needs more space. 15GB is the minimum but I would recommend at least 20GB.


After clicking Next, you will have a VM ready to use.


Before we run the VM, go ahead and right click it to make a few adjustments to the settings.


Go ahead and click on System and make sure you Extended Features looks like the following:


Make sure the next tab called Processor has the following checkbox checked.


On the last tab, called “Acceleration” Make sure it looks like the following:


One last tweak is to enable 3D Acceleration on the Display Menu.


Step 6 – Liftoff

We are finally ready to run our machine. Hit the Start button.


You will get the following screen. You may want to read it if your not used to virtualization software.



You should point it to the drive letter assigned to the .ISO image you mounted.



After you hit “Start” it should start copying files over…


Finish up with clicking next and the rest is as they say history.


After it finishes installing, you can start enjoying Windows 8.


Pro Tip: For those having troubles with Win 8 apps running in VirtualBox: Increase your screen resolution to at least 1024x768. Thanks to @ArielBH for the tip.


Some keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8.

You also may enjoy reading my blog post titled, “Bullet Points from Build Day 1”.

mike_new_avatar_thumb[1] Michael Crump is a Silverlight MVP and MCPD that works for Telerik as a XAML Evangelist. He has been involved with computers in one way or another for as long as he can remember, but started professionally in 2002. After spending years working as a systems administrator/tech support analyst, Michael branched out and started developing internal utilities that automated repetitive tasks and freed up full-time employees. From there, he was offered a job working at McKesson corporation and has been working with some form of .NET and VB/C# since 2003.

You can follow Michael on Twitter or keep up with his blog by subscribing to his RSS Feed.

          The Dreaded Startup Repair Loop on Win 7   

For most people, upgrading to Windows 7 has been a relatively painless process. 

Not me.  I am in the unlucky 1% or less who had a somewhat less pleasant experience.  First, I cloned my entire hard drive onto a larger (and much faster) solid state hard drive, only experiencing minimal problems.

Then, I bought the Retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate, took a deep breath and... oh yeah, I almost forgot - BACK UP THE COMPUTER.  The next morning I upgraded to Win 7 and everything seemed fine, until...

I rebooted the system, the nice Windows 7 launch graphics come up, it's about to launch and AWWW, are you kidding me?!?!  Back to the BIOS splash screen?  Next comes the sequence of failure - attempt repair - unable to repair - do you want to wipe your hard drive decisions.

Because I purchased the retail version, a number is provided where I could call Microsoft Tech support.  When I did, they instructed me to click "Install" from my installation CD, which did not work.  When I tried the "Upgrade" option, it reaches an impasse, saying you have a newer version of Win 7, and thus cannot Upgrade.  If you choose "Install" you willl lose everything... files, programs, EVERYTHING.  Or at least this is what it tells you.  Not willing to take the risk, I took them at their word.

To make things worse, I had installed a new antivirus software application before I realized my system was unstable (Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security), and this was causing additional problems.

One interesting thing, and the only saving grace as it turns out, was that my system WOULD successfully reboot into the OS if I chose to restart it, rather than shut it down.  If I chose to shut down, I would have to go through the loop again until I was given the option to restart.

As it turned out, I needed to update my BIOS.  I assumed that since I had updated my BIOS a long time ago to settings that were stable under Windows Vista Ultimate x64, Win 7 would adopt the same settings and didn't expect there to be any problems.  WRONG.

My BIOS had a setting to halt the boot cycle if various kinds of errors were detected.  Windows Vista didn't care about this, but forget it under Windows 7.  Needless to say, I immediately corrected that BIOS setting.  Next, there were the two separate BIOS settings: enable USB mouse and enable USB keyboard.  The only sequence of events that would work were to start my reboot process over from stratch with a hard-wired non-usb keyboard and mouse.  Whent the system booted under these settings, it didn't detect any errors due to either the mouse or keyboard, and actually booted for the first time in a long while (let me tell ya, that's an aaamazing experience after fiddling with settings for two entire weekends!)

Next step: leave your old mouse and keyboard connected, but also connect your other two devices (mouse, keyboard) that use USB connections.  During the boot cycle, the operating system will not fail due to missing requirements atstartup, and it will then pick up the new drivers necessary to use your new hardware.

If you think you are in the clear here, you are wrong.  The next VERY IMPORTANT step is to remember to change your settings in the BIOS upon next startup.  Specifically, you will need to change your BIOS to enable USB mouse and USB keyboard input.  If you don't, Windows will detect an incompatibility upon the next startup, and you will be stuck once again in the endless cycle of reboot/Startup Repair/reboot/Startup Repair, without ever reaching a successful boot.

Here's the thing - the BIOS and the drivers registered in Win 7 need to match.  If they don't, you're going to lose another weekend worrying and fiddling, all the while wondering if you've permanently damaged your hard drive beyond repair.

(Sigh).  In the end, things worked out. 

I must note that it is saddening to see how many posts there are out there that recommend just doing a clean install, as if it's the only option.  How many countless poor souls have lost their data, their backups, their pictures and videos, all for nothing other than the fact that the person giving advice just didn't know what to do at that point?

My advice to you, try having a look at your BIOS settings first and making sure Win 7 can detect the BIOS settings it expects, and also disabling in your BIOS anything that might halt your system boot-up process if it encounters errors.

For additional information, have a look at MicroSoft's explanation of possible errors you may find in the SrtTrail.txt file, which logs boot problems and such:

For me, all I found was:

Root cause found:
Unspecified changes to system configuration might have caused the problem.

          From the Archives: Digitizing   
This arrived in the mail today. This unassuming hard drive contains more than 500 GB of audio, the digital representation of 280 tape reels. A couple...
          Let me explain this slowly   

Rex Hammock: "Another person in my office lost all of her Apple iTunes store purchases when her PowerBook's hard drive crashed. Despite the obvious fact that Apple knows she has purchased these tunes and that her problem was caused by an Apple hardware problem, their response is: You should have backed it up. Huh? To what?"

A picture named ipod.jpgSeems like some folks aren't understanding what Rex is saying, and maybe I don't either, but here's my take. The user interface on iTunes is awful. It's the worst piece of crap I've ever used. People would tell me when I was a Windows user that it was because the Windows version of iTunes is crap but the Mac version is easy. Well, both programs are head-up-butt impossible to figure out. The user model makes no sense. When is something on the iPod? How many copies of the music do I have? Where the fcuk are they? How do you delete something? Is it really gone? Why does it wipe out the contents of the iPod when I don't say it's okay to?

I don't understand how they get people to buy so much music on their store, I wouldn't give them a dime. I buy the CDs and scan em in. Someone bought me a copy of Alice's Restaurant as a present when I got the new iPod. Well that was gone in less than a week, never got to play it once. What did I do wrong? I swear, I have no idea, and I'm a professional software designer. What about the poor schnook who is just a user?

So maybe this has something to do with the reason Rex says you gotta burn the CDs or else you'll be sorry. I go one step further. Skip the store, buy the CDs, and rip them into the iPod. That way when you lose the iPod all you'll have to do is waste a bunch more time scanning the CDs.

However, lest you think I don't like Apple, you should know I just gave Uncle Steve about $1000 for Christmas presents. I can't say more or else I might spoil the surprise for some deserving folk. ";->"

          Why does my hard drive make that churning sound?   
Inside the hard drive of many computers, a small arm moves across the face of the hard disk. Tune in to this podcast from to discover how the movement of this arm produces sound -- and why the arm must move to load files.
          The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing    

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (2013) Pc Game

Release Name: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Eng) RePack By Audioslave | Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 3rd Person | Developer: Neocore Games | Publisher: Neocore Games | Publisher in Russia: Buka | Platform: PC | Publication Type: RePack
The game is “Van Helsing. New History” is a dark gothic world, reminding Europe of the XIX century, but with monsters, magic and fancy technology. In this dark tale, full of black humor and lively dialogue, you will play the role of the son of the famous hunter Van Helsing – the outstanding character endowed with a dark mystery and charm. Your path will be in dire Borgovii land where former enemies mystical hero called upon him to help together to overcome the new threat hanging over the city in Western Europe. Vivid characters, exciting plot and a stunning gothic macabre style of play “The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing” return the lovers of classic RPG combat system and send them to a new unforgettable experience.

* Enter a memorable gothic-noir universe filled with monsters, magic and weird science.
* Play through a refreshingly unique story, spiced up with wry humor and snappy dialogue.
* Fight fierce battles against supernatural foes with diverse skills and abilities.
* Use the special abilities and tailor the skills of your remarkable follower.
* Customize your character through a detailed level-up system where you decide which skills and abilities you ll need for the hunt.
* Modify your skills on the spot with a unique power-up system.
* Learn the secrets of mystical alchemy and forge powerful items.
* Build and develop your hideout and place traps to defend it from waves of terrible monsters.
* Become the greatest monster slayer of all time while playing a cooperative multiplayer monster hunt up to four players.
Minimum System requirements:
System: Microsoft Windows Vista / Seven
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz
Memory: 2 Gb
Video Card: 512 Mb, Shader Model 3.0, c support for DirectX 9.0c
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 20 Gb
Warning: We Don’t Provide Any Tech Support If Game Doesn’t Work Don’t Ask Us For Help. You’ll Have To Fix Problem On Your Own, Download At Your Own Risk. You System Might Have Any Problem Old Drivers Graphics Card etc. We Don’t Know About That. Game Runs Fine According To Releasers We’re Just Reuploading It On Fast Servers.
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (2013) Full PC Game Mediafire Resumable Download Links
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          GTA IV    

GTA IV Highly Compressed Pc Game Free Download

Download GTA IV Full Version Pc Game Free
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World OF GTA IV Free Download Full Version For PC
Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz
Memory: 1.5GB
Free Hard Drive Space: 16GB
Video Card: 256MB NVidia 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900
DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card
GTA IV Screenshoot:-
GTA IV Download Free
GTA IV Free Game
GTA IV full version game

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Mirror :

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          Spine Health at the Range   
I was browsing through my hard drive a few days ago when I found an article about spine loads during a golf swing. Since I have a delicate lower back, I thought I would read this article again to see if had missed anything when I read it the first time some years ago. Indeed, I had.

While loads on the lumbar (lower) spine are considerable during the swing, especially in the late downswing, they are not damaging. The caveat is that the discs between the vertebra are viscoelastic and time-rate dependent.

This means they deform when stressed (viscoelastic) and need time to get back to their original shape (time rate dependent). The article noted that “accumulated stress due to repeated swings may lead to disc degeneration, and even submaximal exertions may lead to structural deformation of the lumbar spine.”

What they’re telling us not to do is hit one ball after the other like there’s a race going on. Maybe your back doesn’t feel sore after you do that, but you are putting undue stress on it in any event and not letting it recover. It you do hit balls rapid fire and you do feel your back getting a little sore, that’s a big warning sign.

All of us should hit balls slowly. Rest between each shot. Take some time to review in your mind why the ball you just hit did what it did, and what you want to do with your next swing. Or take a few easy partial swings to rehearse a move you’re working on. Then hit another ball.

At the range, when it is possible to take a swing every fifteen seconds, instead of every five minutes, like out on the course, slow down. It can only help to keep your lower back healthy while playing a sport that challenges it.
          Change Filenames being saved in the incorrect case.   

Change Filenames being saved in the incorrect case. This sometime occurs when downloading files from a host server to a local hard drive. It will mainly cause problems with Linux hosting because filenames with different case are seen a different files in the Linux System whereas in Windows there are seen as the same file. Sometimes this may also affect folder or directory names as well. This is how I solved this problem. Made using Instant Video Suite. Finalised in Movie Maker

Added by: Films4You
Tags: file names, saved, incorrect case, linux, unix, host, case, hosting, windows, directories, folders, filenames, hosting
Date: 2008-02-13

          Cara Menginstal Steam OS di VirtualBox   
Blog Microsoft Indonesia, Seperti yang Anda sudah tahu, SteamOS Linux telah resmi dirilis pada tanggal 13 Desember dan didasarkan pada sistem operasi Debian GNU/Linux, menggunakan GNOME sebagai lingkungan desktop (opsional).

SteamOS sangat mudah untuk menginstal jika Anda memiliki komponen perangkat keras yang tepat, yang melibatkan komputer berkemampuan UEFI dengan kartu video yang kuat untuk bermain game. Namun, ketika katup tidak melakukan mempublikasikan ISO image dari SteamOS, banyak mengalami kesulitan menginstal sistem.

Tutorial berikut ini terdiri dari dua bagian penting, yang akan membantu Anda menciptakan sebuah ISO image dari file disediakan oleh Valve, dan kedua yang mana Anda belajar bagaimana untuk menginstal SteamOS di VirtualBox jika Anda tidak ingin menginstalnya pada komputer nyata.

Untuk memulai, Anda perlu instalasi perangkat lunak VirtualBox terbaru yang bekerja. Juga, Anda perlu menginstal software yang disebut GNU xorriso, yang akan Anda gunakan untuk menghasilkan citra ISO dari SteamOSInstaller folder.

Langkah 1-Buat SteamOS ISO image

Download dari Softpedia, Simpan di folder asal Anda, dan mengekstrak file. Folder bernama "SteamOSInstaller" akan output. Sekarang, Buka terminal di folder rumah dan eksekusi perintah berikut:

xorriso-sebagai mkisofs - r-checksum_algorithm_iso md5, sha1 -V 'Uap OS' -o ~/SteamOSInstaller.iso -J-joliet-lama - cache-inodes-tidak-emul-boot - boot-load-ukuran 4 - boot-info-meja boot/grub/efi.img - eltorito-alt-boot - efi-boot-append_partition 2 0x01 ~/SteamOSInstaller/boot/grub/efi.img-partition_offset 16 ~/SteamOSInstaller

SteamOS.iso file akan dibuat dalam beberapa detik pada folder asal Anda dan akan memiliki sekitar 1GB dalam ukuran. Itu semua, Anda sekarang dapat melanjutkan ke langkah berikutnya.

Langkah 2-Instal SteamOS di VirtualBox

Mengingat fakta bahwa Anda sudah memiliki kerja VirtualBox instalasi dan bahwa Anda sudah tahu bagaimana menggunakan perangkat lunak, Anda harus membuat mesin virtual baru dengan dukungan UEFI. VirtualBox di jendela utama, tekan tombol baru untuk memulai proses pembuatan mesin virtual baru.

Di bidang Nama Ketik SteamOS, memilih Linux sebagai jenis sistem operasi, pilih Debian 64-bit dari kotak drop-down versi Linux, dan klik Next untuk melanjutkan. Tetapkan 1024 atau 2048 untuk ukuran memori (hal ini tergantung pada berapa banyak RAM fisik komputer Anda memiliki), menciptakan virtual hard drive dari jenis file VDI dan tetap ukuran dengan 15GB. Klik tombol Lanjutkan dan menunggu proses pembuatan harddisk untuk menyelesaikan.

Sekianlah artikel mengenai Cara Menginstal Steam OS di VirtualBox, semoga artikel ini dapat memberikan informasi yang bermanfaat untuk anda semua, Jangan lupa tetap update artikel terbaru hanya di BMI.

          Lima Tips Untuk Cepat Jaringan Pada Windows 8   
Blog Microsoft Indonesia, Lima Tips Untuk Cepat Jaringan Internet Pada Windows 8, Windows 7 dan 8 memungkinkan Anda untuk dengan cepat membuat jaringan rumah, atau "Homegroup." Melalui penggunaan Wi-Fi dan kata sandi, Anda dapat jaringan dengan remaja Anda terkunci di kamarnya di lantai atas dan pasangan Anda di den sementara Anda kunjungi dengan teman Facebook di ruang!

Meminta bantuan dalam mendirikan jaringan

Beberapa ISP akan menyediakan Anda dengan modem/router nirkabel, dan mereka bahkan akan mengirim seorang teknisi untuk rumah Anda untuk mengatur jaringan Anda untuk Anda. Tidak ada salahnya untuk bertanya.

Ada tempat seperti Homegroup

Ketika Anda bekerja di Homegroup, Anda tidak perlu mengingat password. Jika Anda tidak tahu sandi Homegroup, terbuka any folder, klik kanan kata Homegroup, dan pilih View Homegroup Password.

Anda tidak dapat pergi Homegroup lagi

Homegroups bekerja hanya dengan Windows 7 dan Windows 8 PCs. Jadi, jika ada mesin yang lebih tua Anda "rumah" menjalankan Windows XP, atau sebelumnya, hard drive tidak dapat diakses melalui Homegroup pengaturan.

Membuat Homegroup dengan password yang sama

Membuat Homegroup semudah memasukkan password yang sama pada setiap PC yang terhubung.

Berbagi printer pada Homegroup

Anda harus mengaktifkan Homegroups jika Anda ingin semua PC Anda untuk memiliki akses ke printer Anda.

Sekianlah artikel mengenai  Lima Tips Untuk Cepat Jaringan Pada Windows 8, semoga artikel ini dapat memberikan informasi yang bermanfaat untuk anda semua, Jangan lupa tetap update artikel terbaru hanya di BMI.

A picture named vaio.jpgNews.Com: "Sony on Monday revamped and expanded the scope of its Vaio computer line. Additions to the line include a new portable hard drive-based music player, a diminutive Windows XP PC and new PCs with enhanced AV functions. Also, the company revealed the development of a hard-disk recorder with more than a terabyte of storage capacity."
          Surface Surprise, New MacBooks, Vine is Dead – This Week in Tech   

It has been a really busy week in the tech space. A lot of big news and one of them was especially shocking to many. Microsoft Event – Surface Surprise Surface Studio, Surface Dial, Surface Book and Windows 10 Updates Microsoft was in rare form this week, blowing some minds (and expectations) with the reveal of their new Surface Pro Studio, their new all-in-one PC. The Surface Studio (or as I like to annoying call it—“The SStu”), comes with a skinty 28” PixelSense display. When it comes to storage it offers up to a 2TB hybrid hard drive (a mix […]

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          Transfer Photos from Cell Phone to PC   

Barbara asks, "How do I get photos from my phone to my computer?"

Android phones and Apple's iPhone line have dramatically simplified the process of moving photos around from the time that I originally answered this question back in 2006. Instead of needing complicated third party software, in most cases you can simply connect your phone to your computer and transfer the images. If you have an older feature phone that isn't an iPhone or Android phone, I have some suggestions at the end of this article.

Copying files via USB

Smartphones typically come with a USB cable you can connect to any computer for both charging and transferring files. When you connect the phone to your computer, you will probably see it as a hard drive. Depending on how your computer is configured, the operating system will launch software that automatically prompts you to copy photos and videos from the phone to your computer. If this doesn't automatically show up, you can browse to the phone, just like you browse through other folders and find the photos you want to copy.

Automatically backup your photos

Even though you can simply connect your phone to your computer to transfer images over, my personal preference for keeping my photos synchronized between my phone and my computer is to use an app on the phone. Apple users can sign up for iCloud, which automatically backs up photos and makes them available from any computer or any other device connected to the iCloud account. Android users can automatically back their photos up to Google Plus. Both default options have some downsides.

I don't like Google+ as a backup solution because it's connected to a social network account. Your photos are backed up privately by default, but they are a click away from being public to everyone on Google Plus. iCloud is accessible from both Windows and Mac computers, but if you decide to trade your iPhone for an Android phone, you won't have easy access to iCloud anymore.

Amazon Cloud Drive My personal favorite solution is Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon offers 5GB of free storage on Cloud Drive or larger plans starting at $10 per year for 20GB. Amazon makes their software available across all platforms. Cloud Drive automatically backs up your photos, if you configure the service to back them up. Photos are then available on any device.

Using one of these apps has the advantage of making sure your photos don't get lost. If you lose your phone or something happens that causes it to be reset, anything you didn't backup is gone. By using a cloud app, your photos are backed up giving you both a convenient way to access them from your computer and an insurance plan for when things go wrong.

Feature Phones and Older Cell Phones

If you have an older cell phone or a feature phone that isn't running Android, transferring photos is a little more complicated. If your phone has email capabilities, you can email the photos to a service that supports email attachments. This requires a data plan from your cell phone provider and some basic configuration on your phone, but it also allows you to immediately send the photos.

Another variation on emailing is to send your photos to your Facebook account via email or set up an online account with Flickr (for free) and email your photos to the site. Both of these solutions share the same reservation I have about Google Plus, in that they are connected to a public social network. I operate on the assumption that anything that goes to a social network site has the potential to end up being public. There are some family photos I'd prefer to keep private. At the same time, many photos we take are meant to be shared, so this serves the dual purpose of getting the photos to your computer and making them easy to share with friends.

For more on sending images to Facebook check out this article on configuring your Facebook account for receiving photos.

          EliteBook Folio 1020 First Look   

I see literally dozens of new notebook computers over the course of a year. Between looking at review units and examining the new devices my coworkers choose from corporate procurement, I find that there is little variation in business class options.

HP changed my expectations when I got the chance to take an early look at the new EliteBook Folio 1020. This is by far the most drool-worthy notebook computer I've used in years.

The first thing you will notice about the EliteBook 1020 is the size. It's got a 12.5-inch display in a compact 12.2 inch wide case. The 1020 weighs a mere 2.2 pounds in the Special Edition thanks to a shell made from a combination of magnesium-lithium alloy and carbon fiber and 2.68 pounds for the standard version. For me, this is the sweet spot for notebook computers. Something light enough to barely notice in a bag in a form factor that takes up little space. It's impossible not to draw comparisons to the MacBook Air, but the specs on the unit I tested put the EliteBook 1020 in a class of its own.

Below you can see the size of the EliteBook Folio 1020 relative to the EliteBook 1040.

EliteBook 1020 on top of an EliteBook 1040

You can see a summary of my thoughts about the EliteBook 1020 in the following video or read on for more details.

Typically small form factors result in a trade off in features I consider important. The EliteBook 1020 doesn't skimp anywhere. In the configuration I tested, the touch-enabled screen has an amazing 2560x1440 resolution. Nobody else has a notebook computer with a screen that comes close. Some configurations of the EliteBook 1020 offer a 1920x1080 screen, but I couldn't imagine not choosing the higher resolution.

Hard drives are SSD in all versions, with options for 128GB, 180GB, and 256GB. I used think I couldn't survive with a drive that small, but after spending a year with a 256GB Surface Pro 2, it's actually the perfect size, particularly when paired with a large SD card in the micro SD slot included on the EliteBook 1020.

This is the first laptop I've used with a Broadwell processor - my test unit has the Core M-5Y51, which is the latest mobile Core i5. It performs nicely and brings the power consumption advantages of a 14nm chip. The Core M also makes it possible for the EliteBook 1020 to be fanless.

EliteBook Folio 1020

Keyboard and Trackpad

I type thousands of words every single day. This makes keyboard performance a factor I consider more than the average user. The keyboard on the EliteBook 1020 is the best notebook keyboard I've ever used. I'm hopeful that what HP is calling the new HP Premium Keyboard trickles down into other parts of their notebook lineup over time. It's a game changer.

The trackpad is also best in class. It's the first trackpad that works the way I expect. Most Windows notebooks require me to relearn how to use a trackpad each time I try a new device, this one was intuitive.

Battery Life of the EliteBook 1020

HP is promising up to 9 hours of battery life for the version of the EliteBook Folio 1020 with the 1920x1080 display. The higher resolution option and other configuration factors like touch screen and processor speed, along with the apps you use will play into how long the battery lasts in your own usage.


In the video I said I only had one complaint about the EliteBook 1020. I actually have two complaints, but they are both fairly minor. The one I mention in the video is the number of USB ports. I'd love to see at least four USB ports on every device I travel with. My second complaint is around memory - all versions of the EliteBook 1020 come with 8GB of RAM. As someone who edits video on the go, I'd always love to have more RAM, so an upgrade to 16GB would have been nice.

All in this is the best notebook computer I've seen for my usage needs. It meets all the requirements I look for in a new notebook. The case is under 13 inches and the unit weighs less than three pounds. The screen resolution is better than 1920x1080. The hard drive is solid state. There's an SD card slot. The screen is touch enabled. The keyboard is designed for people like me who type.

In a business context, I'd say this is the notebook computer that should be on every manager and executive wishlist for the coming upgrade cycle. As someone who uses a notebook for business, creative projects and travel, I'm going to be first in line to get an EliteBook 1020 when they become available starting in February 2015.

You can find out more on the EliteBook 1020 on

          Episode 076 - Partitioning and Filesystems   

In this episode: contest and guest podcasts; a discussion about certain considerations to take into account when partitioning a hard drive for a Linux install, and then a talk about various Linux filesystems, including Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, XFS, JFS, Ext4, Reiser4, and ZFS; audio and email listener feedback.

          Episode 020 - Ubuntu Linux 6.06 Part 2   

In this episode: three audio feedbacks; new segment “Listener Tips”; Listener Tips from Anita of regarding exporting a partition table to a text file and using a rescue disk; a walk-through of an installation of Ubuntu Linux 6.06 “Dapper Drake” onto a hard drive; a discussion of two scripts created by the Ubuntu community, Automatix and Easy Ubuntu, that help Ubuntu users install a variety of third-party free and non-free software.

          Episode 016 - SUSE Linux 10.1 Part 1   

In this episode: GParted Live CD; listener feedback; an audio walk-through of a SUSE Linux 10.1 hard drive installation. Additionally, you may want to see a screencast of the installation here. A particularly good review of this distribution is from Tuxmachines. Next week, we will be using some of things described in this guide to help tweak the installation.

          Episode 015 - Partitioning and Bootloaders   

In this episode: listener feedback; an overview discussion of hard drive partitioning, including a look at primary, logical, and swap partitions; brief mentions of third party partitioners like PartitionMagic, Acronis, and the GParted live CD; a look at how Linux designates hard drives and hard drive partitions; a review and explanation of bootloaders, including the Linux bootloaders GRUB and LILO, as well as third party bootloaders; a discussion of alternative locations where a bootloader can be installed, such as the Master Boot Record or the boot sector of the Linux partition.

          5 Simple Tips To Prevent The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death   
The Xbox 360 has been known since its release in 2005 for having problems with performance and system errors that end up leaving the 360 unplayable.

Because this issue is very common as laid out in this article here, it’s important that Xbox 360 owners have some knowledge into how to prevent the red ring of death so that they don’t end up having to deal with it at some point in time in the future.    
  • Make sure your Xbox 360 is on it's side, is you put it vertically, it covers one of the 360's main vents at the bottom, this will result in a lot more heat, what I like to do is put it on two piles of video tapes so the side that's facing the floor is not covered by the floor.
  • Make sure your Xbox 360 has enough free space, make sure your Xbox is not in a case beneath your DVD player or anything, the best place for it is on the floor with two piles of video tapes under it. And make sure it's out of direct sunlight. This will make the chance of overheating minimal.
  • Make sure your game CD's are clean, dusty and dirty CDs can create friction between the Xbox 360 and the game causing disk read errors and maybe a problem with the disk tray laser. Make sure your game CD is free of dust and dirt.
  • Switch off your Xbox 360 via dashboard, rather than using the button on your Xbox hold the Guide button on you controller until it gives you the option of switching it off, then switch it off, then make sure it's fully switched off. Switching it off via the button can make the hard drive put too much effort into switching off. Also never switch off the Xbox 360 using the mains, doing so will make your Xbox 360 flash the red rings of death, if this happens switch it off and switch it back on, it may be OK or you may have the red rings of death permanently
5 Simple Tips To Prevent The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death
  • Never put your Xbox 360 inside your entertainment center.(not enough air flow)
  • Never place your Xbox 360 on a carpet floor. (The carpet absorbes heat and doesnt let the Xbox 360 disipate the heat as fast as it should)
  • Never place your Xbox 360 in a closed cabinet while playing.
  • Keep you Xbox 360 away from any other heat source. ( computer, dvd player, Back of TV (dont ask) or any other electrical devices.
  • Use compressed air to blow dust out of your Xbox 360.

Visit the best Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Repair Guides Reviews!
I'm not sure what to write at this point in time. After my last optimistic post, my poker play has taken a turn for the worse. Or perhaps it'd be more correct to say that my poker results haven't taken any turns lately, up or down. I picked up some great video games for my PS3 and left the "misery" of poker behind. There was a time when poker was fun. I'm sure it'll be fun to play poker again in the future. But for now, I'm not too keen on banging my head against the wall in an effort to beat the small stakes online games.

When I first started playing online poker, I easily had a few hours a night that I could devote to the game without sacrificing my other hobbies. But kids and other responsibilities quickly turned poker into an all-or-nothing proposition. And I hate being "forced" to do anything.

The UIGEA also made online poker a little worse by reducing the pool of casual players willing to throw money away. And the advent of instructional poker sites, videos, and thousands of books available for a few bucks on Amazon meant that even the newest poker players were able to ramp up their skills very quickly and give me a sound beating at the tables.

I guess I'm just unhappy to admit that I don't have the time or the passion to be a great poker player anymore. It's a lot of work to make a half-decent amount of money in online poker nowadays. I'm busy enough as it is and I just don't feel like studying the game right now. I lost my entire poker video collection when two backup hard drives failed. I'm sick of re-watching the poker videos that I've got on my Zune. And I just don't feel like reading any poker books. I've been reading McManus' Cowboys Full for a long time and can't seem to get through it. It's probably one of the more boring books that I've ever read. In McManus' defense, I've always been uninterested geography, history, or current world events.

I'm considering pulling out most of my bankroll from the two or three sites currently holding my funds. I'll likely leave a little money online just in case I feel like starting again from near-scratch. Perhaps $200 at Full Tilt, $200 at Stars, and another couple hundred at some other sites like Titan and Cake. Maybe I'll try playing some $5 PLO, $5 SNGs, and $2 heads-up SNGs. It's so depressing to see things turn out this way for poker.

But on the plus side, I'm very happy with how my life has turned out otherwise. Believe it or not, poker has played a roll in my success as a husband and father. And if my destiny is little more than providing a stable and happy home for family, I have no reason to complain.

I'll see you at the tables...eventually.
          A little taste of almost home   
welshcakes by hallucygenia
welshcakes, a photo by hallucygenia on Flickr.

One of the things that the Chinese don’t really do is ovens. Big industrial ones, yes, but not little domestic ones for home baking. There are times when one feels the urge for a home-made cake or a quick batch of rock buns, and this is of course impossible without an oven. So, on fieldwork this summer, we invested in a copy of “Welsh Bakestone Cookery” by Bobby Freeman. Bakestones (or griddles) are a way of cooking cakes on the stovetop – perfect for our situation.

Needless to say, actually making something wasn’t quite as simple as reading the recipe book, deciding which one sounded yummiest, and doing it. For a start, most of the recipes involve baking powder, which of course isn’t available here, because no-one has an oven. This difficulty was solved by a quick trip to the supermarket on our visit to the US in October last year (which also yielded ground coffee, hot chocolate and an external hard drive for backing up all our data). I bought what is probably wheat flour in the local supermarket here in Nanjing – I can’t read the label, but it’s the right colour and isn’t made from rice (I know that character). The local supermarket also yielded the other necessary ingredients, with the exception of mixed spice (I found time to visit a supermarket in the UK over Christmas).

So, ingredients gathered, we decided to make welshcakes. This is the first recipe in the book, so presumably the simplest, and Joe has often eaten them so he knows what they’re supposed to be like. Lacking a mixing bowl or pair of scales, we used the bowl of the rice cooker and the “oh it looks about right” method. Instead of a griddle, we used the wok. Amazingly, the cakes turned out delicious, although Joe says that they’re not really Welshcakes. Obviously more practice is needed!

          SchilliX is real now   
SchilliX is an OpenSolaris-based live CD and distribution that
is intended to help people discover OpenSolaris. When installed
on a hard drive, it also allows developers to develop and compile
code in a pure OpenSolaris environment.

After 4 months of hard work, the first OpenSolaris based
UNIX distribution is ready for download at

Well, I should mention that the project started in December 2003
with the first discussions with Sun about a Solaris Live CD.
Then in September 2004, there was a OpenSolaris summit in
Santa Clara and the OpenSolaris Piolot started with a growing
number of people (at last ~150) talking about the background.
We needed to find a License and Sun did make a great job
with cheking more than 9 million lines of code for encumberences.

Let me describe what OpenSolaris is and what the differences
to Schillix are. OpenSoplaris is currently the Sun O/N Source
tree for Solaris. This source tree is much more than a kernel
but a few things are missing in order to allow a boot to the
multi user mode. The following pieces of code are missing:

The source is part of the Sun Compiler suite but Sun
did OpenSource a 1993 version for BSD-4.4Lite.
The effort to port a recent FreeBSD version was 5 days.

These programs are free software and needed for Solaris, so
they need to be added

The Netscape LDAP libs
They are needed for PAM and must be compiled from sources...

This lib is a major prerequisite for SMF and needs to be
compiled from sources.

Some of the SMF tools
are part of the Suninstall sources and needed to be replaced.

Some small programs
needed to be devloped to make a CD boot with few RAM possible.

is of couse also needed

The NIC drivers from Masayuki Murayama
are nice to have and have been added

is nice to have and has been added

is nice to have and has been added

is nice to have and even needed for some of the
Sun Replacements. As /usr/ccs/bin/make is part
of the Sun Compiler Sources, it had to be replaced
by my 'smake' that is _the_ OpenSource "make"
implementation that is closest to Sun Make.

The main goal was to implement as much source/binary
compatibility to Sun Solaris as possible. Something
that was not simple, giving the fact of the missing

Load SchilliX from Berlios and enjoy
SchilliX. If you like it and if you like to help
bus as a volunteer, please send me a mail...
          13 Years Later   
I am nearly positive that I have posted something of the same nature before, so I do apologize that I am too lazy to look for my past post and just link it here. 

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. I was was only 9 years old. A fourth grader at Boulton Elementary in Bountiful Utah. I was in Mrs. Rices' class, and wore dresses to school practically every single day. I was quiet, and reserved, but not a good student. In fact I didn't horribly in elementary school, and turned in the majority of my assignments late or not at all.

My first memory of the attacks was in my Daddy's 1998 silver Honda Accord on the way to school. I don't know if my Daddy had heard about them before we left, but I'm fairly positive that he heard about it on the radio. He used to always listen to NPR even when he drove us to school, and with my young age and short attention span I could not have cared less about the "old people" chattering on the radio. I remember we were driving down North Canyon Road, toward Orchard drive (where we would turn left and approach Boulton) when we were driving past Davis Blvd, I remember my Dad turning up the radio. I remember the sense of confusion in the car. I could tell something important had happened. I don't remember if I asked my Dad, or if I started to tell me about it. But I didn't understand fully what was the big deal. I remember my dad saying "oh, they are definitely going to talk about this in your classes today." To which I responded "no. They really aren't. They don't talk about anything in the news." And then I proceeded to go into some conversation with myself about how awful my teachers were. 

That day is a haze, partially because I was so young and mostly because I just couldn't comprehend that kind of evil in the world. Not at that age. I remember we watched a lot of TV that day. My teacher would constantly be "checking up" on what was going on. I remember almost a frenzied feeling. 

As I was standing in the lunch line, not quite in the cafeteria yet, there were some 5th and 6th graders (oh so old to my little 4th grade self) talking about what had happened. They were saying that before they had left to school they didn't know about it, but that the attacks happened at like 9:00. (8:46 Mountain Time to be precise.) I stood quietly until one of my friends asked me when I heard about it, and I relayed my car story. I remember telling my friend "I told my Daddy that we wouldn't talk about it, because we never talk about anything but we are talking about it! That's all today has been--talking about it!"

The next thing I remember is being at home, that evening. It was dark outside, and past my bedtime. It was cool staying up even just a little past my bedtime. My parents gathered me and my brother and possibly my sister around our little kitchen table. My dad brought in a couple of candles and they both started to talk to us about what had happened. I don't recall exactly what they said, but you can imagine what a loving parent would say to their 9 and 6 year old kids... My dad then brought over a couple of candles and matches. He proceeded to light them, which was weird to me. "What was going on?" I thought. My Mom and Dad then continued  to tell us that we were safe, but lighting the candles was a symbol of our love for those who had died that day. I remember the flickering flames of those candles against the darkness outside the windows. 

I lay worried in my bed that night. I had been told about Osama Bin Laden, and possibly seen pictures. I just remember the image of an old, middle-eastern, long bearded man haunted me that evening. Was he going to attack me? What was going to happen? The fear finally set in. 

I remember in coming months I would day dream about capturing this "evil old man." I didn't quite understand that there were others like him. I would imagine in my head President Bush approaching me and asking me to give my life in order to capture Bin Laden. There were always different scenarios, but every time I chose to give my life to capture him. (I was a weird child, eh?) 

It's hard to believe how fast I've grown, and that the war in the middle east has been going on so long, but it is important that we as a society remember those feelings. The feelings of dread, and fear, and patriotism, that we felt that day in 2001. We need to come together, to help globally in the fight against hate and terror. It will never end, but we as individuals can make a difference and an impact-no matter how small. 

My mother posted this video on her facebook today, and I find it touching. The power of music is so amazing to me, and this particular piece was orchestrated in England just 4 days after the attacks.