Scott Sanborn Discusses the Future: On Demand Credit   

A decade ago we set out to re-imagine the banking industry. We started by making credit more attractive for…

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          Branch Manager -24-28 34th Avenue, Long Island City, NY   
NY-Long Island City, Branch Manager -24-28 34th Avenue, Long Island City, NY-1705472 Description Asa member of Santander’s retail banking division you’ll help serve Santander’sretail and small business customers as part of one of the top banks in theUnited States based on deposits. With principal presence in the northeastU.S., Santander’s retail division offers consumer and lending products to helpour customers reach
          Teller- Grasmere- Staten Island West, NY   
NY-Staten Island, Teller- Grasmere- Staten Island West, NY-1704759 Description As a member of Santander’sretail banking division you’ll help serve Santander’s retail and small businesscustomers as part of one of the top banks in the United States based ondeposits. With principal presence in the northeast U.S., Santander’sretail division offers consumer and lending products to help our customersreach their financial
          Teller, Brooklyn/Queens Area, NY   
NY-Brooklyn, Teller, Brooklyn/Queens Area, NY-1705232 Description As a member of Santander’sretail banking division you’ll help serve Santander’s retail and small businesscustomers as part of one of the top banks in the United States based ondeposits. With principal presence in the northeast U.S., Santander’sretail division offers consumer and lending products to help our customersreach their financial goals.
          Teller- Castleton Corners- Staten Island West, NY   
NY-Staten Island, Teller- Castleton Corners- Staten Island West, NY-1705205 Description As a member of Santander’sretail banking division you’ll help serve Santander’s retail and small businesscustomers as part of one of the top banks in the United States based ondeposits. With principal presence in the northeast U.S., Santander’sretail division offers consumer and lending products to help our customersreach their
          Financial Outreach Analyst   
NY-New York, Looking for a seasoned professional in KYC and CDD specifically in the banking environment for corporate entities with a minimum of 3-4 years of experience. Outreach to clients to obtain necessary customer forms and related information, while also providing regulatory information to clients. Unable to work with Third Parties or provide sponsorship at this time. Contract: 6 Months Location: New Yor
          Bank of America shares rise in after-hours trade after passing Fed test   

Bank of America shares climbed more than 1.3% in after-hours trading on Wednesday, following the Charlotte, N.C. lender's passing of a broad test of the banking systems' ability to withstand a big market shock. The bank's passage on Wednesday garnered it approval from the the Federal Reserve to lift its dividend 60% to 12 cents and announce a $12 billion share repurchase plan. All 34 of the financial-service firms tested passed their so-called stress test and received green lights for plans to return capital to shareholders. The exchange-traded Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF , a popular way to invest in the biggest U.S. banks, rose 1.1% in after-hours trade. Check out a live blog of the results from the stress test.

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          The Iowa Primary?   

DES MOINES, IOWA—So, who's going to win? Believe it or not, the question hinges on whether Iowa Democrats are holding a caucus or a primary on Monday night. Yes, I know that New Hampshire, not Iowa, is supposed to hold the nation's first primary (at least the first primary that counts), while Iowa conducts the first-in-the-nation caucuses. But lock Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi and Gephardt campaign manager Steve Murphy in a room and ask them what they're worried about, and it's whether Iowa's caucuses are going to unexpectedly turn into a primary.

That's what Trippi was saying late Saturday night outside the bar at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. What did he mean? If Iowans vote in numbers that would be unsurprising for the Iowa caucuses—say, 120,000 or 130,000 voters—then Trippi is confident that the Dean campaign will win. Caucuses are time-consuming, they take place at a specific time instead of throughout the day (and you can't vote early or use an absentee ballot), and they're more intimidating for new voters than going behind a curtain and casting a ballot. As a result, they have a lower participation rate than primaries do. But if Iowans shock everyone this year and turn out at a level that's closer to the participation rate of a primary than a caucus (say, 180,000 voters?), it's a good sign for the campaigns of John Kerry and John Edwards.

That contradicts the judgment of many observers that the Dean campaign is banking on a high turnout. I saw Mort Kondracke say on Fox News that the Dean campaign is hoping for a turnout of 160,000. But that's not what Trippi said Saturday night (well, it was after 2 a.m., so maybe it was Sunday morning).

Dick Gephardt's Iowa campaign manager, John Lapp, sounded just like Trippi on Sunday after Gephardt's evening rally at the Renaissance Savery Hotel. If there's a "primary-type turnout" of 180,000 people, Lapp said, one of the "momentum guys"— Edwards or Kerry—will win. But if there's a turnout in a more expected range, such as 115,000 or 120,000, the Gephardt people think they have a shot.

The universe of expected caucus voters is so small that campaigns can tally up their "hard count," a list of the voters that they are certain will caucus for them. Once you know your hard count, you can make a rough calculation of the maximum number of voters that the other campaigns can turn out without beating you. And although campaigns won't disclose their hard-count number to prying reporters, Lapp said that John Norris, Kerry's Iowa campaign manager, said that 36,000 votes would be enough to win the caucuses. On Meet the Press, Gephardt said 35,000 to 40,000 votes would win.

There's a rumor (cited in the Boston Globe) that Dean has a hard count of 50,000, but Lapp doesn't believe it. Nor does Shari Fitzgerald, one of Gephardt's two Iowa campaign chairs. "If they turn out 50,000, they deserve to win," she said. "But they're not going to." (Fitzgerald also said that the assertion by Dean's Iowa field director, Tim Connolly, that 65 percent of Dean's solid supporters are new caucus-goers was "ridiculous.") And I heard a different but pretty reliable rumor that Dean's hard count isn't nearly as high as people think.

Trippi told a cautionary tale about hard counts from the 1980 caucuses, which he said had a higher turnout than 1988, the year that is usually cited for peak participation. That year, Trippi was working for the Kennedy campaign and was told to get a hard count of 1,000 voters in a certain area. Unbeknownst to Trippi, more than 600 voters had never participated in the caucuses in that area before. But Trippi busted his hump, found 1,200 names for Kennedy, and he was certain his man was going to win. Then the Carter people rolled in with 1,600 voters.

The Dean campaign is hoping to supplement its hard count by sending its 3,500 out-of-state volunteers into precincts Monday and asking them to find five additional votes for Howard Dean. Trippi said they're going to look for votes on the street, at the grocery store, at Starbucks, wherever. The "Perfect Storm" volunteers probably won't find five votes apiece, but Trippi said that "Fritz's Blitzers," the 1,000 out-of-state volunteers for Walter Mondale in 1984, managed to pull in about 2½ additional votes each for Mondale. If that ratio holds up, that's nearly 9,000 extra votes for Dean.

First-time caucus-goers like those are central to Dean's strategy for victory, and the hopes of the Dean campaign rest on a tremendous number of new voters turning out for the caucuses. Just not too many of them.

          Organization Man   

DES MOINES, IOWA—Tim Connolly should be scared, maybe even terrified, that Howard Dean is going to lose and lose big. Not because of the much-touted polls that show Dean sinking to a four-way tie in Iowa with the caucuses less than 48 hours away, but because Connolly, the Dean campaign's Iowa state field director, has seen the campaign's internal numbers. And using traditional Iowa math, the numbers don't look good.

"We did an analysis of our 'ones' "—the voters the campaign has determined are committed to caucusing for Dean (a "two" is a leaner, and a "three" is undecided), Connolly says. "Sixty-five percent of them have never caucused before, which is an extremely high number and would scare the shit out of most campaigns," because they'd be worried that the voters wouldn't show up Monday night. But Connolly's not scared. "Common sense would say I should be, but I'm not," he says. "We have the organizational strength to meet that challenge."

Organization. It's the mantra of every pundit on television and every campaign on the ground two days before the caucuses. At most of the candidate events I've attended since arriving in Iowa Thursday, I had the feeling I was watching a sideshow from the real campaign that was taking place somewhere else: on the streets and in people's homes. The story of the final days of Dean's Iowa campaign isn't his bus trip or his stump speeches. It's his 3,500 out-of-state volunteers who've come from all over the country—and farther, including three expatriates from Tokyo—to canvass the state. Over the course of the campaign's final three days, they're knocking on more than 200,000 doors. If Dean wins Monday, Connolly and the campaign will have proved that the Internet's effect on politics isn't just about fund-raising or Meetup or blogging. The Internet can win the ground war.

"We did an analysis of every precinct that is walkable, which is not a precise science," Connolly says. Those walkable precincts make up only about a third of the state's 1,993 precincts, but they include probably 85 percent to 90 percent of the delegate total. The Dean campaign mapped each one using computer software, and it determined the address of every registered Democrat and independent voter in the precincts. Suitably armed with the map, the addresses, and the right amount of Dean paraphernalia, the volunteers are swarming the state. Even if they don't convert a single voter, they return with important information—who's supporting Kerry or Edwards or Gephardt, who's undecided but going to the caucuses, who likes Dean but needs a babysitter to be able to caucus—that the campaign can use to fine-tune its strategy up to the final hours.

What does this have to do with the Internet? The vast majority of the volunteers who make up this weekend's "Perfect Storm" for Dean signed up online, transmitting their names, their housing needs, their flight information, and more. "We could not do the Storm without the Internet," Connolly says. Nor could the campaign have been prepared well enough to have specific jobs ready for each volunteer as he or she arrived. "It's still just the Stormers knocking on a door. But the back end—they would not be here and effectively employed and utilized were it not for the Internet."

The Net is the tool that's enabled the Dean campaign to capitalize on the grass-roots energy created by its candidate. In the past, an insurgent candidate like Dean would generate excitement, but he wouldn't be able to turn it into an organization. "This happened with Gary Hart," says Connolly, who worked for Hart's '84 campaign. "You got excited about the guy named Gary Hart, you liked what he was saying, but there was no local office to call, you couldn't go to a Meetup, etc."

The Internet excels at just keeping people involved with the campaign. "A volunteer who has nothing to do will become discouraged and no longer volunteer," Connolly says. "You used to do things. You'd have cases of envelopes, and you'd have people address them. And when they're done, you'd throw them away." Or you'd have volunteers enter unnecessary data into computers. Just to keep people involved and interested in the campaign and the candidate. The Dean blog serves the same function, while also serving as a communications medium and a fund-raising tool. The role of the Internet and the blog in the campaign's ground organization is what Dean's skeptics haven't understood, Connolly says. "They think that the Dean campaign is simply a cybercampaign. They don't realize that each of those people also lives in the analog world."

Just a couple of hours after I finished talking with Connolly, the Dean campaign was hit with its latest piece of bad news: the latest Des Moines Register poll, which shows Kerry in the lead with 26 percent, followed by Edwards at 23 percent, Dean at 20 percent, Gephardt at 18 percent, and a 4 percent margin of error. Connolly told me he doesn't "lose any sleep over the Zogby poll or any other poll," because he knows their strength on the ground.

Of course, every campaign hails its organizational strength. Gephardt spokesman Bill Burton told the Des Moines Register of his candidate's campaign, "This has been an organizational force in the state that has never been seen before by anybody, Democrats or Republicans." I asked Connolly what he'd be banking on if he were Gephardt's field director. Organized labor, the fact that he's won Iowa before, "and just the general denial that goes on in campaigns," he said. Monday night, we'll see who's in denial.

          China: Global economy still not out of the woods, says regulator   
The financial crisis has proved the financial services sector to be dysfunctional and the current economic situation remains "tough", according to Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission.
          Hong Kong: HKMA chief says China not hiking bank capital requirements    
The head of Hong Kong's central bank was quoted in reports Tuesday as saying banking regulators in Beijing aren't currently planning to raise Chinese banks' capital adequacy ratios.
          LBi need YOU...   
The lost boys need you...

Hello all.

There's a new opportunity from LBi that you guys should be aware of. They've sent through quite a detailed graduate spec, with a few questions to answer. Have a look, and get involved:

"LBi is a global marketing and technology agency blending strategic, creative, media and technical expertise to create business value.  We help our clients to understand ‘What’s next?’ on their digital journey to ensure their customer’s needs are being met in an ever evolving marketplace.

We call what we do ‘Building Exceptional Things’. What that means is that we’re set up to solve our client’s business problems using a number of different digital initiatives.  We develop creative concepts that translate into digitally led advertising campaigns, transactional websites, loyalty programmes and social media campaigns and anything else along the way.  Our client list includes some of the UK’s biggest and most exciting brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Coca-Cola, Compare the Market, BT, Lloyd’s Banking Group and many, many more.

The Opportunity

To manage such high profile clients, we need exceptional people to join our 600 strong UK team, the majority working from our Brick Lane office in London.  We’re looking for up to 4 amazing graduates to become part of our Client Services department.  You’ll join our graduate training scheme where you’ll develop your skills over a 9 month period with a view to becoming a fully-fledged member of the team working as an Account Executive within one of our portfolio of clients. As part of our structured programme you’ll be given a background in all of our departments, work with some high profile clients and be sponsored through an industry recognised professional qualification with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

Given our dedication to developing new talent, we’re not solely looking for applicants with a background in marketing or digital (although this would be a bonus).  We’ll ensure that through training and on-the-job learning, LBi will help you become a well-rounded member of the agency with a solid background in all the essentials it takes to become an account management guru.  

The Application Process

In order to be considered for this opportunity we need you to send us your CV along with your responses to the questions outlined below by 25th June 2012.

1. At LBi we help our clients through their digital journey, describe some of the key challenges you think they may face and how we could help. (200 words) 
2. Our Client Services team are considered to be the face of the agency both to our clients and to our internal teams.  Why do you think you’d be a fantastic addition to our client services team? (200 words) 
3. What excites you most about working in the digital industry?  (200 words) 
4. Our values are expert, collaborative and provocative.  Give us an example of when you have embodied one or all of these values. (200 words) 
5. We are known for putting on amazing parties.  If you were to be in charge of our next party, what would be the theme and how would you ensure it would be a success? (200 words) 

You can either apply directly via our website at or email your application to careers at with the subject header ‘Client Services graduate scheme’. If your application is successful you will be invited to take part in an assessment day in our Brick Lane offices on 17th July 2012."

Sound interesting, gang? Good luck.

          Cash Audit Manager - Nemacolin Woodlands Resort - Farmington, PA   
Must be able to work flexible hours including holidays and weekends. Receives all banking and checks, including those received in the mail....
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          Euro sees a roller-coaster ride post-Draghi as dollar bulls start to throw in the towel   
The currency markets experienced some major moves this week, causing one major banking institution has decided to ditch its parity call on the euro and the dollar.
          Software Development Resume   

Samuel Abebe

        12028 NE 8th St,Bellevue, WA 98005

  • 4 years experience in full SDLC with multi-tiered architectures with C#, ASP.NET and ADO.NET.
  • 4+ years experience in web application development using different web technologies.
  • 4 years experience in designing, implementing and optimizing relational databases and working on stored procedure, triggers and views with SQL Server.
  • 3 years MS SQL Server Integration and Reporting Services (SSIS and SSRS).
  • 3 years of experience in HTML, DHTML, XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS, XML, XSL, XSLT, XPATH.
  • 3 years of experience in writing Test Plan, Test Case Development and Test Automation.
  • Experience in functional, Unit, Integration, System, performance, Stress, Regression, Black box, White box, Localization, Globalization and UI Testing.
  • 1+ year experience in latest .NET technologies WCF, WPF, LINQ, and Silverlight.
  • In-depth knowledge of data Structures, algorithms, and design patterns. Strong analytical skills with ability to work independently or in a team environment
  • Highly innovative and adaptive learner, able to quickly grasp complex systems and identify areas of possible improvement.

LanguagesC#, Java, C++,ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Java EE, WCF, WPF , LINQ, Silverlight
DatabaseSQL Server 2005/08, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Optimization
Web/App ServerASP.NET, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, Silverlight
IDEVisual Studio, SQL Server Mgt Studio, Eclipse, Net Beans
OtherRational Unified Process (RUP), Agile, Rational Rose , UML, IIS, Tomcat, Crystal Reports, Power Shell, NUnit , JUnit, MVC


Software Engineer
Global Knowledge Initiative, Washington DC, USA     01/2010- 10/2010
The Global Knowledge Initiative is an NGO which build global knowledge partnerships between individuals and institutions of higher education and research. They help partners access the global knowledge, technology, and human resources needed to sustain growth and achieve prosperity for all.

Involved in a team of three on migrating and upgrading the organization site to build a dynamic from the existing static website. Responsibilities: 
  • Designed and implemented the user interface.
  • Maintained, updated, and enhanced the organization site.
  • Designed and implemented the relational database
  • Writing Test Plan, Test Case Development and Test Automation.
  • Functional, Integration, performance, Stress, Regression, Black box, White box, and UI Testing. 
Technical Environment: C#, ASP.Net, Silver light, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visio, HTML, XML, Java script, CSS, IIS and  FileZilla.

Software Engineer
“HAFSAM P.L.C” Garment Shopping Company, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia     09/2007- 05/2008
Involved in a team of three on design and implementation of e-Commerce website to enable users to shop online for traditional clothing they like. The customers will search through company’s inventory by different categories, add the item to shopping cart and, finally, check out. Responsibilities:
  • Designed the management of administrative tasks, such as pricing and discounts when needed, upload images of clothes and manage orders status
  • Implemented creation of a profile for users and set up a username and password
  • Implemented feature for users to step through the shopping process such as searching for products, add or delete items to shopping cart, and finally check out
  • Implemented feature for users to check out and asked for their billing, shipping and payment method information. 
Technical Environment:   C#, ASP.Net, ADO.NET, SQL Server, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS and Visio.

Software Engineer
NIB International Bank, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia     01/2005- 08/2007
Involved in a development of banking application used to cut down communication gap between the bank and its customers. The customers can directly communicate with the bank online with the user friendly interfaces. The application handles online money transactions by the customer which includes withdrawal, deposit and money transfers to another account, and accessing online statements. Responsibilities:
  • Participated in the design of use case, association, class and activity diagrams using UML
  • Worked on  creation of  .Net framework customized classes that would be used later for the application
  • Worked on the SQL queries, stored procedures & functions using SQL server
  • Prepared Test plan, Test cases and other documentations.
  • Used Nunit for our unit test cases.
  • Functional, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Stress, Performance and UI Testing.
Technical Environment:  C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server, ADO.NET, Rational Rose, HTML, Java Script, CSS, and XML.


Master of Science in Computer Science                                         May 2008 – Jan 2010 Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa                                          Bachelor of Science in Computer Science                                       Sept 2000 - Jan 2005 Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

          Senior Analyst, Predictive Modeling & Data Science - BMO Financial Group - Toronto, ON   
Lev. The Advanced Analytics & Journey Science group partners with internal Personal and Commercial Banking Canada partners, and various lines of business across...
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          Junior Compliance Analyst (Contract) - CACEIS (Canada) Limited - Mississauga, ON   
Assist the Head of Compliance in overseeing the FATCA and CRS ‘program. CACEIS is a banking group dedicated to institutional and corporate clients....
From Indeed - Fri, 28 Apr 2017 12:54:06 GMT - View all Mississauga, ON jobs
          Ebook Download More Money Than Brains: Why School Sucks, College is Crap, Idiot Think They're Right (Globe and Mail Notable... Free PDF Online   

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          Office of Business Management Associate - Morgan Stanley - Purchase, NY   
Partner with and collect business requirements from business units across Wealth Management including Banking and Lending, Field Management COOs, Product Areas,...
From Morgan Stanley - Wed, 28 Jun 2017 18:15:14 GMT - View all Purchase, NY jobs
          HR Coordinator - Sionic Advisors - New York, NY   
Our senior staff is composed of previous CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CROs, CAOs who bring deep experience from the global investment banking world....
From Sionic Advisors - Sat, 17 Jun 2017 12:13:20 GMT - View all New York, NY jobs
          Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) is More Powerful Than PS4 Pro, But What About The Time Gap?   

Xbox 2 Scorpio vs PS4 Pro

After months of rumors, Sony finally confirmed the existence of the PS4 Pro at an event called The PlayStation Meeting in September of 2016. This new system boasts numerous hardware boosts that will result in 4K gaming, HDR support, and better graphics/frame rate for current and upcoming titles. Of course, Microsoft was quick to remind us that Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) will still be much more powerful.

That’s all well and good, but Sony has a massive head start. PS4 Pro is releasing in November of 2016, while Xbox 2/Project Scorpio isn’t coming until holiday 2017. Join us as we look at Microsoft’s comments and what we think they should do during this time gap to keep people excited about Scorpio.

Microsoft: Scorpio (Xbox 2) Will ‘Obviously’ be More Powerful

Looking at the raw numbers, PS4 Pro outputs 4.3 teraflops of processing power. In contrast, Microsoft’s Project Scorpio (Xbox Two), is promised to bring 6 teraflops of power. This means that, at least in raw data, Scorpio is way more powerful in terms of CPU capacity.

Of course, we still don’t know how the RAM and GPU stack up, but Microsoft isn’t too worried about it judging by the public comments they’ve been making. In a phone interview with Polygon, Microsoft’s director of product management and planning, Albert Penello, seemed unphased by PS4 Pro.

"I feel pretty good about the decisions we’ve made," he said. He went on to say that Microsoft is also confident in Xbox One S as an entry-level option. In regards to power, Pennello said “the performance delta will be obvious,” but declined to say more about the unknown aspects of the system’s specs.

When asked about the year between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio), Penello said,

"We announced this year to give developers more time to familiarize themselves with the hardware. It’s interesting that we’ve arrived in a similar place. The PlayStation Pro gives developers a road map for 4K Gaming."

Microsoft’s stance is that developers will be able to, essentially, work out the kinks with 4K gaming during this year and come to Scorpio with fresh eyes. Despite their confidence, there are still several things Microsoft needs to do during this year to keep gamers from losing interest and jumping ship.

3 Things Microsoft Must Do During The Year-Long Gap

Give or take a few weeks, we essentially have a year to wait for Scorpio. During that time, Sony will be selling the PS4 Pro and continuing to add to their lead over Xbox One. While it’s clear there’s an interest in Xbox 2/Project Scorpio, Microsoft can’t simply sit by and wait for their console to release.

Here are three things I believe Microsoft must do to keep gamers interested in their new console:

• Keep Scorpio in the Public Eye

• Leverage the Power Difference

• Give People (Compelling) Reasons to Buy Xbox One S

These three things will allow Microsoft to give gamers the information and the hardware they need to keep them happy and on the Xbox side of things until Scorpio's release in holiday 2017. Let's take a deeper look into these points:

1. Keep Scorpio in the Public Eye

Their original announcement at E3 2016 was very vague and simply made the promise that it would be “the most powerful console ever built.”

While that’s impressive, we’ve seen little to nothing about the system since that announcement. Sony’s confirmation of PS4 Pro brought Microsoft back out to remind everyone that they still have the edge, but we’re still not seeing details.

There’s something to be said about mystery, but Microsoft’s complete silence on the particulars of Scorpio makes it hard for gamers to find a reason to wait and save their cash for another year when Sony is promising a 4K system in a few months.

I’m not saying that Microsoft should just go and reveal everything at once, but even just a little tidbit every few weeks would keep gamers interested and engaged. Rumors and speculation can only carry them so far.

The biggest mistake they can make right now, is to let people forget about Scorpio. It should be on the minds of gamers as much as possible, not just when Sony does something new.

2. Leverage The Supposed Power Difference Between Pro and Scorpio

Moving on, our second point involves. We know there’s a good sized gap in processing power, but there are still plenty of mysteries to solve.

One thing we do know, is that Xbox 2 (Project Scorpio) is set to deliver native 4K gaming experiences. This is important to hardcore 4K gamers as it represents the difference between a true 4K image and an upscaled one from 1080p.

The PS4 Pro does not produce native 4K, which is something the Xbox 2 is promising. This is a major factor that could give Microsoft an edge with the higher resolution audience.

You’ve also got the major controversy surrounding Sony’s decision to not support 4K UHD Blu-ray in the PS4 Pro. As the creators of Blu-ray, it seems like an odd decision, but Sony claims that users would rather have streaming 4K content.

Even so, it’s left many 4K enthusiasts frustrated. Microsoft’s response was that they have an "intention to deliver it" with Scorpio. Beyond these 4K details, we don’t know how much Xbox Two/Project Scorpio will affect those who play in 1080p.

Phil Spencer has said in the past that if you own a 1080p television, then you should just get an Xbox One S, because Scorpio isn’t for you. His exact words during an interview with Eurogamer were as follows:

"Scorpio is designed as a 4K console, and if you don’t have a 4K TV, the benefit we’ve designed for you, you’re not going to see. Clearly you can buy Scorpio and if and when you decide you want to buy a 4K television to take advantage of the increased performance, obviously the console will be ready for you."

Driving away 1080p owners isn’t the best idea when Sony is saying that they too will see improvements to their games, even if they play in 1080p. I can’t imagine developers won’t be able to use the extra power in Xbox 2/Scorpio to improve game experiences, and if that’s the case, Microsoft should make that a focus as well.

Then there’s VR, which Sony is bringing in October of 2016. Microsoft has said that Xbox Two/Project Scorpio will support high-fidelity VR, but they’ve said nothing beyond this. How does it compare to PlayStation VR? What’s in it for gamers who wait? These are the questions we need answers for.

3. Give Gamers (Compelling) Reasons to Buy Xbox One S

For now, Phil Spencer is telling us to buy an Xbox One S, which brings me to my last point. If Microsoft wants to keep gamers on their side of the fence, they need to give them.

Right now, the Xbox One S exists in kind of a middle-state. As a current Xbox One owner, I don’t see a ton of incentive to upgrade. While Xbox One S does support HDR and 4K video, those things alone aren’t enough.

Now, if you own a 4K TV, those are compelling reasons to stay with Xbox during this next year, but what about the games? Well, we know that everything you own will carry over to Xbox 2/Project Scorpio, which is great.

Microsoft would do well to partner with retailers to offer upgrade plans for those who own Xbox One S when Scorpio is coming out. If you can soften the blow when it comes time to upgrade, people will be far more inclined to do so.

To further sweeten the deal with Xbox One S, Microsoft needs to start talking about big gaming experiences that bring people over to Xbox.

I know they can’t wave a magic wand and make better exclusives, but Sony is crushing it with their titles lately and Microsoft is really just banking on Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 this holiday season. Great titles, but not enough to make Xbox stand out from PlayStation as much as it should.

Even if it’s something in early 2017, Microsoft should showing gamers why they should be gaming on their platforms. The addition of backwards compatibility is another point in their favor, but with exclusives like ReCore failing to meet expectations and critical praise, they need to find new titles in their catalogue to win over the gamers.

If Microsoft can convince gamers to hang out with the Xbox One S crowd, they’ll secure them for the Scorpio upgrade in holiday 2017 when it releases.

Do you own an Xbox One S or a 4K TV? What does Microsoft need to do to keep you on their side and upgrade to Scorpio? Let us know in the comments!

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          Customer Service Representative- Banking Industry - Toronto   
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Job Category:
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Career Level:
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Date Posted: 06/28/2017
Company Name: RANDSTAD
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          Favor Thoughtful Adherence Over Blind Adherence   

Far be it from me to put words in Phil's mouth, but I hope that folks recognize that his post about favoring composition over inheritance is not specifically about that one best practice (the comments seem to indicate this is being missed).  It's pretty clear to me that the thrust of that post is around a philosophical approach that he thinks the ALT.NET community should make.

Two things stand out from Phil's post in this respect: 1) don't appeal to authority, and 2) don't organize yourself around a set of technical principles (best practices), but rather organize yourself around the non-technical values of independent thinking and desire to improve.  I hope that everyone can agree that these latter two values are good ones that should indeed be encouraged.

That said, should a community like ALT.NET eschew forming a more formal consensus on technical best practices?  I tend to think not.  While independent, critical thinking is valuable, it is not the summit of perfection.  The summit of perfection, in the realm of ideas at least, is conformance with truth (what actually is versus what I think is), and independent thinking at odds with what is true is not only not valuable in itself, it can be downright detrimental. 

For instance, what if you independently and critically think that security and privacy are not important aspects of the online banking application you are tasked with building?  Is that kind of independent, critical thinking valuable in itself?  Or will it potentially lead to great harm?  Independent, critical thinking is valuable only in as much as it deepens one's understanding of and conformance to truth.

So I think that there is value in a community such as ALT.NET expending the effort to define principles through critical thinking and argumentation that it will hold up as ideals, i.e., things that seemed to be most in accord with the truth as we know it.  This is where things like patterns and best practices come into play; it is the shared, accumulated wisdom of the technical community.

Now what about the broader idea of eschewing appealing to authority?  Far be it from me to claim to be an authority in logic, but it seems to me that all appeals to authority are not invalid (the wikipedia article Phil links to discusses this to some degree but does not go far enough, in my estimation).  The valid reasons for appealing to authority are discussed at the bottom of that article: 1) not enough time and 2) concern at one's ability to make the other understand the reasoning underlying the truth being expressed.

In terms of logic, it is not a fallacy to appeal to an authority on a topic that is accepted by all those involved in an argument.  We're talking about presuppositions here, and without them, we'd never get anywhere in our search for truth.  If you always have to argue from first principles (if you even acknowledge those), you simply get stuck in a quagmire.  In terms of the topic at hand, if folks accept (as they generally do) that the GoF et al are authorities on the subject of OOD, then it is valid, logically speaking, to appeal to their authority to establish the principle that you should favor composition over inheritance.

The thing to watch out for in appeals to authority is 1) thinking that the authority is incapable of being wrong and 2) ensuring that the parties involved accept the authority.  With the latter, you simply cannot argue (or at least the argument won't carry weight) from authority if the authority is not accepted.  With the former, unless it is a presupposition shared by those involved that the authority is indeed infallible, you should keep in mind that even if you buy into the authority's credentials, it is still possible that the authority can be wrong.

So I would nuance what Phil says and say that if the ALT.NET community agrees that GoF is an authority, it is valid to appeal to them, while remaining open to criticism of the concepts involved (even those backed by an authority).  The authority adds logical weight; it does not impose absolute authority.

We just don't have time to argue everything from first principles.  Others who are generally acknowledged to be qualified have already taken the time to research, think about, and propose some good patterns and practices, and unless there is good reason to object, there is no need to rehash those.  Instead, I'd suggest that the community focus on spreading knowledge of these patterns and practices all the while refining them, functioning essentially as a group in the way that Phil recommends individuals function--thinking critically and always working to improve.  Doing this will help ensure that the community does not fall into a quagmire of unnecessary argumentation, and it will ensure that the patterns and practices that they agree upon can be continuously refined and enhanced as new technologies emerge and greater wisdom is gained over time. 

Further, it gives the group a purpose that has meaning.  After all, if the group's message is only "think for yourself and be all that you can be," there isn't much of substance to say after that.  On the other hand, because it is a technical community that espouses that philosophy, it should take that philosophy on itself (as a group, not just the individuals in it).  I would suggest this includes establishing greater consensus on best practices and patterns and then spreading the word about them to others.  Be better together. :)

You see, it is not about setting down an infallible manifesto and excluding those who disagree, which is I think more than anything what Phil is concerned about.  However, it also isn't about best practices just being true for you but not for me (best practices relativism?).  Put another way, I suggest ALT.NET should favor thoughtful adherence to best patterns and practices, not blind adherence.

          Reflections of Re-Entry   
OK, I have bashed the UAE for some things such as internet censorship, Sharia Law, telecommunications monopoly, banking and labor abuses and being a "Plastic Banana" country. The place sucked me dry after awhile. Now it is time to reflect on my thoughts of my own country after being away for over 3 years.

First of all, the US is very expensive. Food and ordinary items that used to cost 2X+ what I remember. What used to be an in and out at a grocery store for $50 now cost more than $100. Not only that, there are bills in my mailbox everyday from people and organizations that want money. Setting up a new household over here costs an exhorbitant amount of money considering deposits, leases, auto registration, utilities, taxes, etc. Everyone has their hands out and wherever I leak, someone has a bucket.

Second, there are retail outlets everywhere for anything one could want or hope for, acres (or hectares) of strip malls that sell everything from hamburgers to massages to bankruptcy lawyers. It is quite overwhelming but convenient, maybe too convenient. After the financial bubble burst, there are a lot of broke folks here and the last thing they need are more temptations.

Crime in the US is an assumed risk but I consider that as the price to pay for a free society. It was safe in the UAE but I am one of the last ones that seem to refuse to trade security for freedom.

That being said, driving in the murderous motoring maelstrom on the UAE roads just might entail more risks than the US crime rate would. 

Although the US is not perfect, it is still home to me and theoretically I have a say in the operation of my governmental representatives. In Abu Dhabi, I was a guest that could thrown out on my head just for flipping the "bird" to someone. That type of  stress in addition to the "saving face" culture where nobody can seem to lose wore me down to where everyday seemed an excercise in frustration. I can finally call someone an ASSHOLE and not be arrested for committing a crime against the State..

Anyway, no place is perfect. I enjoyed living in Abu Dhabi for awhile but it was not "home".I knew I had to come back to America someday. I was only a guest that could be evicted at anytime for any reason.

I am now settled in Las Vegas, Nevada, arguably one of the most exciting cities in the world and diametrically opposite of the faux venues in the UAE. Gambling, alcohol and debauchery are openly encouraged in "Sin City." and folks seem just as happy here as they are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I guess that is because gambling, alcohol and prostitution are equally available in both places but those activities are not advertised as much in the UAE..

Even though I am living back in the US for now, I will continue this blog as people are curious and interested in working in the sandpit. I will continue to give advice to those wannabes. I have lived there and have lots of hints and advice.

I am building a new blog, to chronicle the good and the bad of the world's "Sin City". It will be up and running in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to the friends I met overseas. I appreciate you as the adventurers you all are. It takes big balls to do what we did and kudos to those who still live and thrive over in the Sandpit. I am glad I did it but I wouldn't do it again. Best Regards to my buddies and readers I left behind and I hope our paths will cross again. I will never forget you all!



          Adios, Abi Dhabi!   
After I arrived at JFK and went through US Customs and Immigrations, I went outside the terminal into the unseasonably warm weather in New York. I was eager to to contact my family and friends but immedeately found out that my domestic mobile carrier (Verizon) had cancelled my account for some reason. My Visa card proved to be inactive too.

So there I was without communications and USD$. I had a pocket full of UAE Dirhams and was lucky to find a booth to change them to the current coin of the realm. I was happy to finally be back in my home country but was unhappy that things had degraded to the point where the basic services one would expect were no longer available to me partly due to my absence from the domestic US mainstream banking and communication system for almost 3 1/2 years.

That afternoon, despite my problems I felt a huge comfort to finally be back in the US. I was home for good. I got on the hotel phone and solved most of my recent problems with the credit cards and phone. The next day I flew down to the Southeast to see Family and Friends. I went from JFK to Birmingham, Alabama to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, then back to Birmingham, then to Las Vegas, Nevada, then to Phoenix, Arizona, then to Tucson, Arizona, back to Phoenix and then Las Vegas. I was fortunate to get a good job in the meantime. I now currently reside in a suburb of Las Vegas and am cool with that.

My exit from Abu Dhabi was not so good. To start with, I had to give a 2 MONTH FUKKING NOTICE to my employer! I am sure that is designed to hobble any chance with a future employer. Then, I had a 32 point checklist to complete before I was cleared to leave the country. One of which was a letter from the bank stating I owed no money. If I did owe, I would not be allowed to leave the country and would end up in a shitty UAE jail just because I bought an X-Box on the credit card and was late on a payment. Don't do that, beware!!! That didn't happen to me but it could happen to anyone. Sharia Law rules over in the UAE and as an expatriate, you just ain't gonna win.

I was given 30 days to get out of the country. The employer took my passport, health cards and ID days after my resignation so I was not free to go anywhere When you arrive in the UAE, they take care of everything, when you leave they are much less helpful. I spent the entire month of January trying to get the official stamps and clearances to get out of the country. The stress made me sick and I couldn't even keep a soda cracker down.

I found out I would not get my passport returned until my day of departure, which I was concerned about. All went well at the airport and I relaxed as the aircraft's wheels left the ground.

To those that fantasize about living in the Middle East, think again. My pay wasn't that good and you are owned by the employer without any rights whatsoever. Contracts are changed by employers at whim You get rear-ended at a traffic light by an Emirati and you will be charged for backing into him/her.

I have more to say, and I will, but I cannot recommend living in the UAE unless you are part of an organization with a fat US government contract.

The Arab, Pakistani and/or Indian way of doing business is disgusting. Telling the truth is looked upon as a sign of weakness. Shake hands and count your fingers!

The traffic is deadly, customer service is non-existant, rude people are common and there are no street addresses. Hell, they won't even transport you in an ambulance if the paramedics think Allah has willed you to die.

The internet is censored in the UAE, just like China and North Korea so it is refreshing to tell the truth from the USA without using a VPN or face prison time. I have an opinion that ANY country that restricts the internet has something to hide or doesn't trust its citizens with unfettered access to the rest of the world. The UAE is fucked up in that way. The media is similarly controlle.

I discovered that the UAE ( especially Abu Dhabi & Dubai) are constructs of a very insecure patriachal group of Sheikhs who are desperate to earn respect from the Western world. They are way behind and are trying to play "catch-up". They also play the "my dick is bigger than yours" game. Arab men seem very insecure. There is plenty of evidence of a national inferiority complex despite the vast wealth.

Sure, the shiny facades, big buildings and the vulgar displays of wealth may impress the trailer trash, but the truth is that these folks are but 35 years from living in desert tents, washing their eating utensils in camel urine and wiping their asses with their left hand.  Don't be fooled, if you scratch a little beneath the surface, the 15th century is still alive and well in the UAE!

I saw many lives ruined over there, mine included, almost!

If you can, stay in the US, EU or Australia. Those places are not perfect by any means but are far better than most of the rest of the world.

Your freedom and life may depend on it. Life in the UAE was nice in a lot of ways, but one wrong move and you can be in a very bad situation. You can be imprisoned for merely flipping the bird or insulting someone.

I am going to start a new blog about Las Vegas. This is my new home. It is an exciting city and there is a lot to talk about so stay tuned and I will provide a link in a few days. Life continues!

          Shearing the Sheep   
For the last 3+ years I have lived in a relatively insulated area of the world and I have had the unique opportunity to see Western culture and specifically the USA from the outside. Most in America have never heard of Abu Dhabi and assume it is some place in Africa due to the exotic sounding name, they know of Dubai, though. The 2 cities are but 50 miles apart. The UAE is a benevolent monarchy which in the most part takes care of its residents and citizens. Things are not perfect here but this area seemed to largely escape the degree of economic carnage that befell the rest of the world.
As you know I have recently decided to return to my homeland and I fear I will not be so happy about some things happening there. I consider the bank bailouts on the taxpayers' dime a travesty which will haunt middle class Americans for generations to come. Uncounted trillions of dollars literally evaporated overnight and it will take decades to recover.

It has affected me personally as I own real estate and have investments that have losses in the tens of thousands of dollars in value. The economic crisis was a huge "pump and dump" by the international bankers. I am pissed off as I did not get a government bailout because I am not "too big to fail" so I have to just take it in the shorts, I guess.

The international banks (Goldman Sachs, et al) made out like bandits with the cooperation of the US government and the Federal Reserve which is just another private bank. They all caused the problem which is reverberating worldwide, yet the whole situation remains opaque and the same players remain in power within the US government and Wall Street. They should be in prison as it seems the whole scheme was orchestrated years ago with the lobbying away of financial rules and safeguards that allowed certain toxic financial instruments to be created for the sole purpose of wealth transfer.

When this house of cards collapsed, the players were inexplicably rewarded with an unprecedented bounty of public funds from the federal government instead of well deserved sanctions. Common sense would dictate letting these private banking organizations rot on the vine from their irresponsible actions, instead they were given a "mulligan" at taxpayers' expense. This suggests a much too cozy of a relationship between the robber-barons of Wall Street and the US government that has the responsibility of regulating them.

Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and even France are facing financial meltdowns and the bankers are at the ready to step in and "help" these beleaguered economies by buying assets for pennies on the dollar. It seems to be all about the money. Trace the new leaders of Greece and Italy and you will find they have backgrounds with the same international banking organizations. As always, follow the money

I am not a tin foil hat wearing guy but I can put 2+2 together. You do not have to agree with me but the puzzle pieces are self-evident. Everyone should be a critical thinker and question authority.

Below are some thought provoking videos I found. The first 2 are from the prophetic movie Network (1976) and one from critical thinker, social analyst and part-time comedian, George Carlin.

AddStructure provides Artificial Intelligence powered conversational commerce services Image Credit: YouTube/AddStructure/Jarrod Wolf

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          Guarding against hacker attacks   
The recent hacker attacks against The New York Times and Twitter are a reminder that the Internet has become a battleground for global conflict with businesses and consumers as collateral damage. It doesn’t matter whether the “Syrian Electronic Army,” which took credit for the attacks, has anything against those organizations. If its goal is to have maximum impact and get lots of attention, than going after a major media company or a highly popular social networking platform is certainly an effective tactic. No one died in these attacks and, for the most part, there is little risk of loss of life from hack attacks as long as they’re are aimed at websites or social networks. But the millions of people who depend on those services for news, information or, in some cases, their livelihoods were impacted. And it brings up worries about possible cyberattacks on our physical infrastructure, such as power or water treatment plants, hospitals, transportation systems and emergency services as well as possible disruption of banking and financial services. Security researchers have even demonstrated how it’s possible for attackers to break into home security systems or — worse — attack implanted medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps, so [...]
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Although the warning stories of Bradford and Bingley, RBS and Lehmann Brothers might have us all quaking in our boots when it comes to investment funds and even the regular current bank account, now is not quite the time to return to the kind of activities usually perpetrated by gangster movies and start keeping your life savings shoved under your mattress in a shoebox. Whilst many of us don't care about gaining masses of interest on our bank balance, it does at least serve to keep your cash in a secure place.

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          Billing/Filing Clerk (Law Office) - Gaertner Baron Professional Corporation - Toronto, ON   
Responsibilities will include invoicing clients, managing payables, banking, organizing and filing client documents, and assisting lawyers and law clerks with... $15 - $17 an hour
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Curriculum Vitae

1.   Biodata
Name                                  : Fihrisani Rahmah                                        
Date/Place of birth             : Bekasi,March 30th  1993
Address                              : Jalan Salak 1 No.4
                                                RT 001/RW 07 Harapan Baru
                                                Kel.Kota Baru,Kec.Bekasi Barat 17133
Religion                              : Moslem
Nationality                          : Indonesia
Blood Type                         : B
Sex                                      : Female              
Marital Status                     : Single
Phone                                  : 085772200038

2.      Education
1999-2000                         : TK Harapan Bekasi
2000-2006                         : SDN Kota Baru IX Bekasi
2006-2009                         : SMPN 13 Bekasi
2009-2012                         : SMAN 11 Jakarta
2012-Now                         : Gunadarma University

3.      Seminar & Workshop Attended
Seminar : 
Syariah Banking     Gunadarma University                 2011           Certified            
Tax                          Gunadarma University                  2012                       Certified
Motivation              Gunadarma University                  2012                       Certified
Capital Market        Gunadarma University                  2013                       Certified

Workshop :
Enterpreneuship with blog      Gunadarma University          2013               Certified

Course :
Retail Bisnis          Gunadarma University                        2013                Certified

4.       Organization
Paskibra (2006-2007) Of SMPN 13 Bekasi
Marching Band (2007-2008) Of SMPN 13 Bekasi
Rohis (2010-2011) Of SMAN 11 Jakarta

          10. Kenyamanan Bertransaksi   
Kasus pembobolan sejumlah mesin anjungan tunai mandiri (ATM) milik sejumlah bank jelas sangat merisaukan pengguna jasa perbankan. Apalagi, modus dan polanya sudah sangat canggih. Pemakaian mesin ATM oleh para nasabah kemudian bisa direkayasa pelaku dengan cara sendiri. Akibatnya banyak nasabah yang mengeluh, sebab mengalami kerugian yang besar. Mereka merasakan bahwa kenyamanan bertransaksi melalui mesin ATM sudah berkurang dan meresahkan.

Di penghujung tahun 2009 yang silam hingga saat ini, modus pembobolan rekening bank, utamanya dengan menggunakan mesin ATM banyak terjadi. Para korban pun sudah banyak yang melaporkan peristiwa demi peristiwa kepada pihak bank maupun pihak kepolisian. Nyatanya, hasil maksimal yang memuaskan belum juga didapatkan. Pihak kepolisian kesulitan untuk mendeteksi dan mengejar si pelaku. Sementara pihak bank lebih sering menyalahkan nasabah yang kurang hati-hati menjaga kerahasiaan bertransaksi.
Banyaknya kasus yang terjadi hendaknya menyadarkan semua pihak yang betapa pentingnya menjaga dan memberi kenyamanan bagi para konsumen. Baik keamanan fisik, maupun keamanan dalam menggunakan teknologi dan informasi perbankan. Utamanya pihak bank jelas berada di garda terdepan termasuk dengan menggunakan jasa pihak keamanan. Sementara seluruh perangkat transaksi yang ada mesti bisa dijaga kerahasiaanya tentu dengan trik dan cara yang lebih canggih.

Keamanan bertransaksi harus dijaga betul. Sebab sekali ada modus kejahatan seperti yang terjadi selama ini, maka kenyamanan para nasabah sudah tercabik. Tidak aman lagi seratus persen. Padahal, kenyamanan nasabah merupakan unsur yang dominan dalam dunia perbankan. Dan patut dipahami, bahwa kejahatan seperti ini masih satu modus. Patut diduga masih banyak modus kejahatan lainnya. Kejahatan ini membuktikan bagi kita bahwa kenyamanan pemanfaatan fasilitas perbankan dan transaksi keuangan semakin tidak nyaman lagi. Dan untuk mengembalikan kepercayaan para konsumen bukan pekerjaan mudah dan singkat.

Persoalannya, apakah kondisi seperti ini sulit dituntaskan? Apakah kenyamanan bertransaksi menjadi barang yang langka bagi para konsumen? Atau, benarkah kondisi perbankan kita secara umum sudah tidak aman lagi?
Maraknya bentuk kejahatan ini telah membuat masyarakat resah. Buktinya, beberapa saat setelah kabar pembobolan rekening bank milik nasabah melalui manipulasi kartu ATM, para nasabah berbondong-bondong mengambil uangnya. Ada kepanikan. Ada kekhawatiran bahwa kejahatan seperti itu akan menimpa dirinya. Inilah yang penting dipikirkan secara matang bagaimana jalan keluarnya dengan cepat dan tepat untuk bisa membawa ketenangan bagi para nasabah. Kepanikan politik yang terjadi selama akhir-akhir ini, semestinya ditambah lagi dengan kepanikan di dunia perbankan kita.

Secara khusus, agar tidak meluas, aparat kepolisian mesti melacak pelaku kejahatan ini hingga tuntas. Jangan dibiarkan berlalu begitu saja. Sebab, hanya dengan cara kerja keras dari aparat kepolisian untuk mengusut suatu bentuk kejahatanlah maka duduk perkara menjadi jelas dan memberi efek jera bagi setiap pelakunya. Dan disamping itu, belajar dari pengalaman ini, langkah antisipasi bisa dilakukan dikemudian hari. Modus dan karakter masalah mesti dipelajari dengan seksama sebagai cerminan pembelajaran.
Undang-Undang Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik (UU ITE) telah mengatur soal transaksi elektronik, termasuk dalam perbankan. Produk konstitusi ini mestilah dimanfaatkan dengan maksimal. Artinya, produk perundang-undangan tersebut bisa menjadi pegangan dalam menindak setiap bentuk kejahatan di dunia perbankan kita.
Akan tetapi, prinsip kewaspadaan dan kehati-hatian oleh pihak bank berikut para nasabah merupakan unsur yang tak boleh ditanggalkan. Pihak bank harus meningkatkan pengawasannya atas serangkaian tindak kejahatan yang bisa merugikan nasabah. Sementara para konsumen juga harus mawas diri.

Sumber :

Analisis :
                Saya sependapat dengan artikel diatas, karena saya merasa kurangnya keamanan dan kenyamanan saat menggunakan mesin ATM akhir-akhir ini. Jangankan ruang untuk mesin ATM yang hanya diisi oleh satu orang,ruangan bank saja kadang sering didatangi oleh para penjahat yang nekat mengambil sejumlah uang secara paksa.

                 Sebaiknya saat melakukan transaksi elektronik, nasabah harus diawasi oleh pihak keamanan bank (satpam) bukan hanya dengan cctv saja. Nasabah yang ingin melakukan transaksi sebaiknya juga waspada dan lebih berhati-hati, karena tindak kejahatan seperti ini sudah banyak terjadi bahkan sampai mencelakai korbannya. 

          Top Ten Largest Banks in the World   
Banks are the backbone for economic development and currency flow in a country. For running financial procedures correctly, more and more banks are being incorporated around the world. With the increasing ratio in banking institutions in world, now people can manage their financial matters with convenience and ease. Some banks operate within a country while […]
          How Indian media rated Union Budget 2017   
With the country set for crucial assembly elections and yet dealing with the continuing effects of demonetisation, this year’s budget was much anticipated. Here is a round-up of what editorials of some of the leading dailies had to say.

The Hindu

The Hindu lauded the Finance Minister for managing to bring about the right balance – one which would provide solutions to the reduction in economic activity, particularly in the informal sector post demonetisation, as well as provide long term solutions to ensure that black money is not regenerated. This has been done by reducing the income tax rates from 10% to 5% for the lowest income bracket as well as halving tax rates for small and medium enterprises.

There may be no big new schemes or dramatic reforms; the big bang in this Budget is the shift from unfettered populism. On the flip side, the promise to confiscate assets of defaulters such as Vijay Mallya who flee the country and, separately, clean up electoral funding — the most potent root of corruption — appear to be red herrings at best.

The Business Line

Echoing these sentiments, this editorial also praises Jaitely for not making unrealistic growth and revenue projections given that there are several factors which will lead to uncertainty in the coming year.

Gross tax revenues are projected to rise by about 12 per cent over this year’s revised estimates, implying a realistic tax buoyancy (tax growth as a ratio of nominal GDP growth) of less than one. This budget has wisely not overestimated ‘compliance’, which has been a failing of many recent budgets — this is despite the fact that demonetisation has expanded the tax base and demonstrated its effects in terms of higher tax collections.

The Indian Express

As some of the states prepare for Assembly elections in just a few weeks, there was an anticipation of various sops to woo voters. However, the Indian Express editorial notes that Budget 2017 did not play to the gallery and focused on maintaining fiscal prudence without going overboard to contain fiscal deficits.

Since November, foreign portfolio investors have pulled out over $10 billion from India, on the back of rising interest rates in the US and the prospect of their rising further because of the Federal Reserve’s likely response to an expansionist fiscal stance of the Trump government. The Modi government’s tenure so far has been notable for a commitment to macroeconomic stability — reining in inflation as well as the twin deficits — which was the bane of the previous regime.

However, the editorial concludes that this budget alone is unlikely to bring about economic growth. It also remains to be seen if the next budget, given that it will be the last one before the general elections, will be along the same lines.

The Hindustan Times

On the tone of the budget, the Hindustan Times editorial points out that there were three important aspects – growth, sentiment and relief. Relief, particularly because the economy is not prepared to handle any drastic changes given that the nation is still reeling from the effects of demonetisation. There is a feeling that some push for economic growth has been given through infrastructure and banks.

By promising almost Rs 4 lakh crore of investment in creating infrastructure, the budget may have done enough to ensure public investment keeps the wheels of the economy turning till such time private investment is ready to take over. There was enough in it for housing and banks (expectedly, stocks of companies in the two businesses did very well, and drove growth in stock market indices), two sectors that have the ability to amplify, or at the least, transmit growth.

The New Indian Express

According to this one, the only surprise in the budget was that there were no surprises. While echoing sentiments that the budget’s focus was on fiscal discipline, there were some problem areas pointed out, particularly measures to repair ailing public sector banks.

Budget was a failure in expectation management. Public sector lenders are crumbling under the weight of bad loans, banks need over $1.6 trillion capital and Jaitley’s Rs 10,000 crore fire-fighting fund looks like a water pistol. Increased NPA provisions will reduce tax liability, but are inadequate. Jaitley’s fourth Budget contains economic logic embroidered with political poetry, but falls short of decisive action plan just where it’s needed.

The Deccan Chronicle

One of the other areas of criticism is that income from agriculture has been exempted from tax. In a certain sense, this is contradictory to the government’s stated commitment to attack black money given that it is a well known fact that urban rich uses this loophole to evade taxes. It also notes that farmers feel short changed.

The higher allocation for rural India hasn’t enthused farmers, who note that of the Rs 21.47 lakh crore Budget, Rs 1 lakh crore was for government staff under the 7th Pay Commission award. By that yardstick, the 60 per cent of the population living in rural areas should get Rs 60 lakh crores!

The Times of India

This paper remained critical of the budget for its failure to boost economic growth and pointed out various similarities to the budget of the UPA regime. However, one positive aspect has been the boost to transport and infrastructure, including the railways. Direct tax incentives have been given to the construction sector.

However, the higher spending in railways, with a commendable emphasis on creating a new fund to enhance safety, does not paper over problems. In 2016-17, railways is unlikely to meet its revenue targets even as payouts for salaries and pensions creep up. Total spending thus increased by 6.5% to Rs 21.46 trillion with interest payments on past debts accounting for 30% of the additional increase.

The Telegraph

Demonetisation and black money was of course the recurring theme in the Budget. Given its adverse effects, the move needed to be legitimised by the government through this budget. However, the Telegraph is sceptical about the Finance Minister’s claims.

The finance minister is obviously banking on the fear factor, that is, after the demonetization scare, more and more people will declare their true incomes. The rise of around 14 per cent in direct tax collections this fiscal that he claimed was owing to demonetization is an obvious exaggeration, since the scheme was announced only in November 2016. 

The Wire

Siddharth Varadarajan writes that the government’s move to limit anonymous cash donations to parties to Rs.2000 per person is merely an eye wash and may not result in the intended objective of rooting out big money from politics.

so long as the veil of anonymity is not removed, this reform will be of little practical consequence. Just as large cash donations today are booked as hundreds of smaller donations that are shown as less than Rs 20,000, the same exercise will continue, except that parties will now claim thousands of even smaller donations. If they are not obliged to record the details of each donor, the potential for black money finding its way to their coffers remains.

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          Modi's New Year speech - Shuddh Yajna or Damp Squib?   
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s New Years Eve address to the nation has been the subject of much debate. Following the demonetisation announcement in November, the government was under a lot of pressure to justify the difficulties that ordinary people went through. In his address, the full text of which can be found here, Modi repeatedly praised sacrifices of common people and called it an unparalleled fight of 125 crore people against the internal evil of corruption. He also said that all government officers have been instructed to take the banking system to normalcy as fast as possible in the new year and prioritise rural and remote areas.

The Economic Times editorial noted - As far as New Year bounties go, this is a bounty. At the same time, the speech did not claim final success for the cleansing ritual launched on November 8, as the prime minister chose to describe demonetisation.

Instead Modi reiterated that the fight against corruption would be a continuing process and went on to announce various sops for farmers, women and small businesses. These include, A 4 per cent reduction in the interest rate on housing loans up to .Rs 9 lakh, a 3 per cent reduction in housing loans up to Rs 12 lakh, 8 per cent assured rate of interest to senior citizens on their deposits, larger volumes of credit to small and medium enterprises, loan writeoffs for farmers, additional paperwork on enhanced credit guarantee for small businesses and an expansive mandate to lend the larger deposits

Shoaib Danyal writes in The Scroll that some of these announcements are banal and only show that Modi has resorted to a welfarist approach to curb anger against demonetisation. It is also apparent that Narendra Modi has by now completely given up on his minimum government programme. Sops is what the prime minister turns to as a crutch in times of need. The fact that the prime minister had to now pull out a provision of the United Progressive Alliance’s 2013 Food Security Act – which both the UPA and his government had denied to women – is telling.

According to The Wire’s Siddharth Varadarajan, Modi’s speech focused more on the welfare schemes because he realised that demonetisation is not a silver bullet to fight corruption. He also says that the Prime Minister’s understanding of the cash economy was based on faulty economic reasoning. Apart from this claim that only 24 lakh citizens are on record with incomes over Rs.10 lakh per annum, much of the rhetoric was not necessarily backed up with evidence. This includes the assertion that a majority of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes were used for illegitimate purposes. Making another case for demonetisation, Modi claimed that excess cash leads to inflation. Varadarajan calls this “poor knowledge of basic economics” and says that in reality, bank deposits are more inflationary. –

When the public deposits cash, either voluntarily or, as is currently the case, under duress, banks keep only a portion of this with the RBI as reserve (depending on the ‘cash reserve ratio’) and lend the rest. If the CRR is, say 10%, and an individual deposits 1 lakh with her bank, this leads to an expansion of bank deposits by a factor of 9. This increased money supply is bound to be more inflationary than if the individual had held on to her cash.

This editorial in the LiveMint also notes that the speech lacked any coherent data based on which the success of the demonetisation move could be assessed. Although Modi said that a large amount of money has been deposited in banks like never before, no official data was been provided.Neither the government nor the Reserve Bank of India has released updated information about either the quantum of deposits or an estimation of how much of the deposits are black money. It should be noted here that finance minister Arun Jaitley had earlier admitted a lack of certainty about the latter.

Despite criticisms, the government has defended the move as part of a larger plan. In response to critics, The Hindu Business Line quoted Union Minister Venkiah Naidu as saying

It is a major relief to the people. There are benefits of demonetisation to the poor, middle classes and the honest tax-payers. The PM will not rest till the last reform is implemented.

He also justified the sops as a wake-up call to the banks, he said bank credit so far has been extremely concentrated and only 300 companies were getting it. The announcements by the Prime Minister will seek to rebalance this and encourage loans to small businesses.

In his article in The First Post, Seemoy Takuldar also offers a different perspective on the critiques that have emerged. According to him, the demand for specifics is premature.

If that is true — and this assumption has been borne out by economists, various think tanks, research groups and credit rating agencies — then these demands that the PM specify right now how much damage the economy has suffered or how much black money the RBI has mopped up, are premature.

On the welfare measures announced, Takuldar writes –

While some ideas like the interest subvention on loans for home loan borrowers that may facilitate affordable housing and change the game in terms of financial inclusion are original, some ideas such as financial assistance for pregnant women are not, but here too Modi has brought a scheme out of UPA's cold storage (the 2010 Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana was subsumed under the National Food Security Act in 2013) and promised its national rollout across 650 districts.

Towards the end of the speech, Modi also asked political parties to stop their holier-than -thou approach and to work together for the greater good of the country. Making a case for simultaneous elections, he said –

In our country, people ranging from the common man to the President, have at some point or another, advocated simultaneous conduct of state and national elections. This is to break the endless cycle of elections, reduce election expenditure, and minimize pressure on the administrative machinery.

Political parties however responded quite harshly. The Times Now has a compilation of reactions from AAP, Congress and others. Even the Shiv Sena, an ally of the BJP has been critical of the demonetisation move. Despite the Prime Minister’s efforts to bring them around, the party termed Modi’s announcement as stale pakoras. According to The Free Press Journal, the Sena said -

We have full regard for Modi, but when it is a question of the financial crisis gripping the country, we shall speak the truth… which is not a crime but ‘patriotism’ in our view

In an interview to India Today, Modi responded to the critics –

I pity some of our opponents, especially the Congress leadership, for the desperation they have been exhibiting. On the one hand, they say I took this decision for political dividends, and on the other, they say the people have been troubled and are deeply unhappy. How can the two go together?

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          Pressconference @diamantis banking insurance healthcare education wordt de-monitized (gratis). Hoe gaan institutions down? Shoot 'n Share

          IT Business Analyst   
Our Esteemed Client is the fastest growing financial network in the country with 3000 members ? almost a quarter of the banking industry. Our client is the leading provider of FDIC-insured deposit placement services that enable banks and other financial institutions to:
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You would be a key member of our client?s IT development team, which is responsible for the definition and development of internal and external business applications. Your primary role will be to support new services and products, and the diverse needs of a growing network of customers. Working with both the development and operations teams, you will help define the tools and strategies used by IT to foster a culture that embraces automation and DevOps processes. Our client?s combine the attractive traits of a smaller company (e.g., a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment where ?the sky?s the limit?) with the sought-after resources and funding of a much larger company?and add an open culture that?s filled with high energy, intellectual challenge, and lots of fun.

You should possess the experience and qualifications to perform the core responsibilities, such as:

? Serve as a liaison between the business and technical teams and perform requirements analysis activities.
? Independently complete functional analysis for new features; document functional and system requirements and solution designs.
? Design, develop and implement solutions using commercial and custom tools to facilitate participation in our services.
? Be able to operate across multiple projects simultaneously and perform a variety of tasks from addressing production issues to designing new applications

What Qualifications Are Required?
? Experience: Demonstrated experience with Agile methodologies specifically Scrum. Ability to independently create user stories, manage a product backlog and ensure that regular backlog grooming is effectively performed. A Business Analyst at Promontory is truly a Solution Architect and must be able to define technical solutions to complex business challenges.

? Abilities: Exceptional written and oral skills sufficient to communicate effectively with non-technical and technical business clients and team. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. Outstanding customer and interpersonal skills. Self directed.

? Technical Skills: Strong Oracle PL/SQL skills required. Hands-on experience with MS Office, especially Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint. Ability. Previous hands on development experience a plus.

? Education: Bachelor?s Degree or equivalent experience.
We are an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to disability or protected veteran status.
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Do you have a degree in Finance or Accounting, + 3 years financial analysis experience with familiarity in cash processing? We've already placed several candidates in this position, and have a need for at least one more!

We're looking for people with strong financial analysis capabilities, the ability to drill down into root cause, understand & articulate underlying business reason.

Working Knowledge of Unified Oracle & TM1 tools, general understanding of Investment systems such as BlackRock preferred.

Develop monthly, quarterly, and multi-year financial forecasts while linking functional and business decisions to financial outcomes.

Accounting Knowledge including - understanding basic accounting principles used in financial statement preparation, knowledge of accrual accounting, and understanding financial statements.

Treasury & Cash Management Knowledge including: Knowledge of short term & long term debt markets along with economic indicators and other economic triggers; Knowledge of security settlement processes, regulations & reporting requirements; and Knowledge of treasury management products including Treasury Workstation, online banking systems and Settlement systems.

Ability to work successfully on cross-functional teams and / or projects

The Financial Analyst, Cash Forecasting temporary position is a member of a small team in the Cash & Liquidity Management department responsible for ensuring efficient Liquidity Management.

Partner with business and functional areas in the development of cash and collateral forecasts and ongoing review and refinement of the USLI cash forecasting processes to provide senior leadership with insight on cash positions and facilitate efficient, timely, and profitable investment of available funds.

Duties include the following: ? Assist with the ALM Cash Forecasting Project, including report testing and file reconciliations ? Assist with the Cash Forecast for various legal entities ? Build relationships with forecast suppliers and customers ? Monitoring cash and collateral liquidity demands surrounding Trust, Reinsurance, Derivative, Repo and other secured programs ? Complete ad hoc financial analysis utilizing financial models and support ongoing process improvement initiatives

Apply today! We are an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to disability or protected veteran status.
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This Customer Service Call Center Position Features:
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If you?re looking for temporary call center work close to Glen Allen, VA then this could be the position for you. Dynamic Fortune 500 Banking and Consumer Lending company is aggressively seeking customer service call center representatives who demonstrate punctuality, attention to detail, and empathetic customer service. Will be responsible for answering inbound calls, assisting customers with their accounts, and maintaining metrics/performance. Apply for this great position as a customer service call center representative today! We are an equal employment opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates without regard to disability or protected veteran status.
          Corporations, governments hit by cyberattack   

A global wave of cyberattacks that began in Russia and Ukraine on Tuesday wrought havoc on government and corporate computer systems as it spread to Western Europe and across the Atlantic.

Several multinational companies said they were targeted, including US pharmaceutical giant Merck, Russian state oil giant Rosneft, British advertising giant WPP and the French industrial group Saint-Gobain.

The first reports of trouble came from Ukrainian banks, Kiev's main airport and Rosneft, in a major incident reminiscent of the recent WannaCry virus.

Some IT experts identified the virus as “Petrwrap”, a modified version of the Petya ransomware which hit last year and demanded money from victims in exchange for the return of their data.

But global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab said: “Our preliminary findings suggest that it is not a variant of Petya ransomware as publically reported, but a new ransomware that has not been seen before,” which it named “NotPetya”.

The cyberattack also recalled a ransomware outbreak last month which hit more than 150 countries and a total of more than 200,000 victims with the WannaCry ransomware.

'Spreading round the world'

The virus is “spreading around the world, a large number of countries are affected,” Costin Raiu, a researcher at the Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab said in a Twitter post.

In the United States, Merck was hit as was New York law firm of DLA Piper.

“We confirm our company's computer network was compromised today as part of a global hack. Other organisations have also been affected,” Merck said on Twitter.

“It seems to be done by professionals criminals, and I think money is the motivation,” said Sean Sullivan, a researcher at the Finnish cybersecurity group F-Secure.

He said that unlike the recent WannaCry attack, this “Petrwrap” attack has sophisticated elements that could make it easier to rapidly infect many more systems.

'Powerful' attack

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman wrote on Facebook that the attacks in his country were “unprecedented” but insisted that “important systems were not affected.”

However, the radiation monitoring system at Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear site has been taken offline after it was targeted in the attack, forcing employees to use hand-held counters to measure levels, officials said Tuesday.

The technological systems were working “as usual” at the plant that exploded in 1986, however.

The attacks started around 2:00 pm Moscow time (1100GMT) and quickly spread to 80 companies in Ukraine and Russia, said cybersecurity company Group IB.

The companies affected were hit by a type of ransomware that locks users out of the computer and demands purchase of a key to reinstate access, Group IB said.

The cryptolocker demands $300 in bitcoins and does not name the encrypting program, which makes finding a solution difficult, Group IB spokesman Evgeny Gukov said.

Ukraine's central bank said several lenders had been hit in the country, hindering operations and leading the regulator to warn other financial institutions to tighten security measures.

Banks were experiencing “difficulty in servicing customers and performing banking operations” due to the attacks, the bank said in a statement.

Rosneft said earlier that its servers suffered a “powerful” cyberattack but thanks to its backup system “the production and extraction of oil were not stopped.” The wave of cyberattacks also impacted Maersk, a global cargo shipping company; Saint-Gobain, a French company producing glass and other construction materials; and British-based WPP.

In Amsterdam, the Dutch parcel delivery company TNT, which operates in 200 countries around the world,said its systems had been affected. “We are assessing the situation and are implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible,” the company, part of FedEx, said in a statement to AFP.

Signs of sophistication

Experts also said this latest attack could heighten fears that companies may be more vulnerable to cyberattacks than suspected, potentially putting personal data at risk.

“This will undeniably affect trust in these organisations and raise questions of competency,” said Louis Rynsard, a director at the corporate communications agency SBC London.

“The long-lasting impact of a cyberattack cannot be overstated,” he said.

The fight against cyberattacks has sparked exponential growth in global protection spending, with the cyber security market estimated at $120 billion this year, more than 30 times its size just over a decade ago. But even that massive figure looks set to be dwarfed within a few years, experts said, after ransomware attacks crippled computers worldwide in the past week.

          Entry-level Direct Sales Executive at Workforce Group (30 Positions) – Ekiti   

Workforce Group – Our client, a Financial company with strength in payments systems offering advanced, secure, integrated and cost effective electronic payment processing solutions and service to Banks and non-Bank clients in the worldwide market place, is recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Direct Sales Executive Industry: Banking Slots: 30 Responsibilities Identify Client […]

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          Entry-level Direct Sales Executive at Workforce Group (30 Positions) – Kwara   

Workforce Group – Our client, a Financial company with strength in payments systems offering advanced, secure, integrated and cost effective electronic payment processing solutions and service to Banks and non-Bank clients in the worldwide market place, is recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Direct Sales Executive Industry: Banking Slots: 30 Responsibilities Identify Client […]

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          Entry-level Direct Sales Executive at Workforce Group (30 Positions) – Osun   

Workforce Group – Our client, a Financial company with strength in payments systems offering advanced, secure, integrated and cost effective electronic payment processing solutions and service to Banks and non-Bank clients in the worldwide market place, is recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Direct Sales Executive Industry: Banking Slots: 30 Responsibilities Identify Client […]

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          Entry-level Direct Sales Executive at Workforce Group (30 Positions) – Ogun   

Workforce Group – Our client, a Financial company with strength in payments systems offering advanced, secure, integrated and cost effective electronic payment processing solutions and service to Banks and non-Bank clients in the worldwide market place, is recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Direct Sales Executive Industry: Banking Slots: 30 Responsibilities Identify Client […]

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          Entry-level Direct Sales Executive at Workforce Group (30 Positions) – Oyo   

Workforce Group – Our client, a Financial company with strength in payments systems offering advanced, secure, integrated and cost effective electronic payment processing solutions and service to Banks and non-Bank clients in the worldwide market place, is recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Direct Sales Executive Industry: Banking Slots: 30 Responsibilities Identify Client […]

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          Entry-level Direct Sales Executive at Workforce Group (30 Positions) – Ondo   

Workforce Group – Our client, a Financial company with strength in payments systems offering advanced, secure, integrated and cost effective electronic payment processing solutions and service to Banks and non-Bank clients in the worldwide market place, is recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Direct Sales Executive Industry: Banking Slots: 30 Responsibilities Identify Client […]

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          Bilingual Credit Effectiveness Review Associate - RBC - Canada   
You will be responsible for day to day credit risk mitigation and post loan reviews for Credit Adjudication, Canadian Banking Retail and Small Business...
From RBC - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 22:43:58 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Business Analyst - Citi - Canada   
Candidate should have knowledge of Core banking systems, Accounting, and Loans platforms. For new countries being rolled out to Core Banking & Loans Platform,...
From Citi - Thu, 22 Jun 2017 06:18:17 GMT - View all Canada jobs
          Checking if form is submitted   

This answer explains why very well. The $SERVER method is more robust, but not precise. The $SERVER method is good if you do not care what was posted to the server. The $_POST method s great if there are multiple submissions and it matters what was picked. As long as you sanitize then either method is good in my opinion. For example:

$submit = filter_input(INPUT_POST, 'action', FILTER_SANITIZE_FULL_SPECIAL_CHARS);

if (isset($submit) && $submit === 'login') {
    $username = filter_input(INPUT_POST, 'username', FILTER_SANITIZE_FULL_SPECIAL_CHARS);
    $password = filter_input(INPUT_POST, 'password', FILTER_SANITIZE_FULL_SPECIAL_CHARS);

    $result = $users->read($username, $password);
    if ($result) {

I take it one step further by doing this in my forms ->

<input type="hidden" name="action" value="login">

instead of the relying on the submit button. However, if you want to be 100 percent sure (well nothing on the net is 100 percent) then just stick to $SERVER. I'm personally not doing any banking transactions or something that requires NSA type security, so I just use $POST for my websites. I do my due diligence with other security measures that I have learned from reputable online resources ( and

          Relationship Manager I - Business Banking - PNC - Mount Vernon, OH   
Knowledge, insight, and understanding of business concepts, tools, and processes that are needed for making sound decisions in the context of the company's...
From PNC - Fri, 23 Jun 2017 12:00:37 GMT - View all Mount Vernon, OH jobs
          Financial Analyst - HHM - Harrisburg Region - Harrisburg, PA   
Work Environment and Context. This position’s primary responsibilities will include compile, review, analyze, interpret and report banking, operational and...
From Hersha Hospitality Management - Wed, 07 Jun 2017 01:53:37 GMT - View all Harrisburg, PA jobs
          Wanted: Project Manager (Digital) - Preferably Hamilton Based, but Auckland a possibility.   
My employer is looking for a Project Manager (Digital), so I thought I'd pop it here... In the first instance, send (PM) your applications to me and I'll happily pass them on...

Project Manager - Digital

MEA is global, tech-loving agency. We're a 60-strong team of problem-solving creatives and developers with a proven history of delivering great work for great clients. With five offices across New Zealand and the United States we're both a full-service creative agency and a digital product lab. To date, we have developed and released over 300 apps and websites with millions of downloads.We work with top businesses and institutions in New Zealand and internationally with brands such as Levis, Samsung, ESPN, Intel, Blackberry and RipCurl. We are extremely proud to have worked on great projects over multiple industries including agri-business, education, science, banking, engineering and entertainment.Joining this business means that you will have an opportunity to work within a multi skilled, cross-functional team of designers and developers and be part of a business that's making waves. You will be managing a variety of projects and it is an excellent environment to develop your project management skills and work on some exciting new developments.Here's what we need:

Three to five years' experience in the management of projects in a multi project, software environment

A tertiary qualification in computer science or equivalent

Project management certification or proven results in industry

Excellent customer service and communication skills

Great organisation skills and time management ability

A passion for the industry and new technologies

Ability to work with a diverse team

A flexible approach and the ability to use initiative and think well on your feet

Must be a permanent NZ resident.

Preferably this position will be Hamilton based, but Auckland applicants are invited. There is scope to base this position in our Auckland office.

          Green Mountain Hopes To Beat Starbucks In The U.S. With One Simple Ingredient   
Keurig's new Rivo machine is banking on one key ingredient to conquer the U.S. market: fresh milk.
          Banca March, reconocida mejor entidad de banca privada por la revista 'The European'   

La revista 'The European' ha reconocido a Banca March como mejor entidad de banca privada en la edición de 2017 de los 'Global Banking and Finance Awards'.

          Banca March, reconocida mejor entidad de banca privada por la revista 'The European'   

La revista 'The European' ha reconocido a Banca March como mejor entidad de banca privada en la edición de 2017 de los 'Global Banking and Finance Awards'.

          KTCC가 전하는 태국 경제 & NEWS – 504호   
<태국경제단신> Amro 경제연구소(Asean+3 Macroeconomic Research Office)는 태국의 금년 GDP 성장을 3.4%, 2018년 성장을 3.5%로 전망하였습니다. JSCCIB(Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking)는 금년도 수출 2.0~3.5%, GDP는 예상보다 높은 3.5~4.0% 성장할 것으로 전망한다고 밝혔습니다. 태국 소비자확신지수 CCI는 작년 12월 73.7 이후 매달 지수가 상승하여 지난 4월에는 77 포인트까지 올랐으나 5월에는 76 포인트로 떨어졌다고 UTCC에서 발표하였는데 주로 농산물 출하 가격이 약세를 보였기 때문이라고 분석하였습니다. 태국 증권 시장은 지난 주 6일 화요일 1,568.95에 마감된 후 소폭 등락을 보이다가 12일 월요일 1563.81로 떨어진 후 13일 화요일 +8.55포인트 상승한 1,572.36로 마감하였습니다. Baht 환율 (전신환 매도율 TTS rate 기준)은 지난 주 6일 34.11에서 12일 월요일까지 연일 소폭 상승하여 34.22밧까지 올랐다가 13일 34.14로 거래되었습니다. 노동부는 외국인 […]
          10 Buses burnt in Dhaka,RAB guarding street in combat fashion   
UNB, Dhaka, 11 June : Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and riot police were guarding the streets in the capital as pre-hartal violence marked by burning buses seemingly marred the normal life late Saturday afternoon.
Police and fire brigade sources confirmed that at least 10 vehicles, including passenger buses, auto rickshaws and yellow cabs, were burnt in different parts of the capital since Saturday afternoon to 10:00pm allegedly by hartal activists to create panic among the city dwellers and force them to stay inside. Fire Brigade sources said 10 vehicles were set to afire at Motijheel, Chawkbazar, Agargaon, Pallabi, Bangla College, Badda and Kakrail areas in between 1:30 pm to 10 pm.
Opposition BNP and its allies including Jamaat-e-Islami called for 36-hour marathon hartal across the country from Sunday morning to protest the government move to cancel the system of non-party caretaker government to oversee the general elections. The shutdown was also called to protest the price-hike of essentials, deteriorating law and order situation and the government’s failure to resolve gas-electricity-water crises and its failure to make the share market stable.
Witnesses said most private buses and cars went off the streets after the burning of buses in the afternoon. RAB and riot police in combat fashion either took positions at different strategic points or patrolling the streets in a bid to maintain order. Police said so far 54 pro-hartal activists were arrested from different parts in the capital including Ramna, Tajgaon, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Adabar, Shahbagh and Sabujbagh areas and punished them with one month to three months in jail on charge of ‘obstructing police duty.’
BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that police have started searching and raiding the houses of BNP leaders and workers across the country. He claimed more than 100 opposition leaders and workers were arrested till Saturday afternoon.
The 36-hour shutdown would be the first of its kind by the opposition party against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s two and a half years old government. Sunday-Monday hartal comes within a week as BNP enforced the last hartal on 5 June on the same issue. File Photos : AP

Mamta's cabinet to meet on Monday to discuss Singur 'bill'
Kolkata, 11 June : The West Bengal state cabinet will meet on 13 June to discuss the Singur 'Bill' before it is tabled in the Assembly, with the draft submitted to the Chief Minister's Office today, state Law Minister Maloy Ghatak told Bengal Newz over phone.
The Bill, being prepared by the Industry Department, would seek to revoke the lease agreement between the Tatas and WBIDC by virtue of which nearly 1,000 acre would be reclaimed by the state at Singur, the site of the abandoned Tata Motors Nano project.

UNFPA approved Bangladesh's $70 M Country Programme
Dhaka, 11 June : A country programme for Bangladesh has been considered and approved today during the Executive Board meeting of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
The purpose of the programme is to continue UNFPA's work in the areas of population development, reproductive health and gender equality, according to a release of Bangladesh Permanent Mission in New York.
The programme will focus on reducing inequalities, improving health human resources, improving the quality of emergency obstetric care and providing youth friendly services. It is based on the situation analysis, the programme evaluation and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), 2012-2016.
The approved country programme is $70 million, of which $40 million from regular budget. This is in line with the Bangladesh government's commitment to double the percentage of skilled birth attendance, reduce the rate of adolescent pregnancies and to halve the unmet need for family planning by 2015.
The USA, Sweden and Tanzania appreciated the work being done in Bangladeshand reiterated their support for the country programme. The US delegate stressed the need to work with vulnerable groups such as commercial sex workers and drug users in order to tackle the problem of HIV/AIDS. Sweden emphasized the need to involve all stakeholders to be more effective.

Grenade explodes in front of Assam Rifle unit in Meghalaya
Shillong, 11 June : A grenade blast occurred in front of the main gate of an Assam Rifles unit here today but there was no casualty.
An Assam Rifles spokesman said a 42-year-old civilian, apparently in inebriated condition, allegedly lobbed the grenade at a drain in front of the unit gate located at Madanriting in the city this evening.

Let black money flow : Dhaka Stock Exchange's chief Rizvi
Dhaka, 11 June : Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) wants the provision to legalise black money to stay for the companies listed in the share market.
“The opportunity to invest unaccounted income in government treasury bonds should be given to the companies listed in the share market,” DSE president Shakil Rizvi told a post-budget press conference on Saturday.

73,000 villages to have banking facility by 2012: FM Pranab
Raghunathganj, 11 June : Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today said 73,000 villages in the country would have banking facility by next year.
"By 31 March, 2012, banking facility will be available in 73,000 villages across the country going by the current pace of work," Mukherjee said after inaugurating a Punjab National Bank (PNB) branch at Talai under Raghunathganj police station area in Murshidabad district.
Mukherjee said the government wants to enable every citizen of the country to avail banking facility in future. He said Talai was among the 117 villages of the country to have been chosen by the PNB to mark its 117th year, where branches were being set up and local development projects undertaken.
Pranab Mukherjee also inaugurated an agri-training centre in the village and hoped it would help farmers acquire modern farming skills for better yield.

PM Hasina inaugurates two power plants at Meghanaghat
UNB, Narayanganj, 11 June : Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated a 100 MW furnace oil-fired Quick Rental Power Plant at Meghnaghat today.
She also laid the foundation of a 335-MW duel-fuel combined cycle power plant at the same place. Hasina inaugurated the 25.17 MW captive power plant, set up by Everest Power Generation Company, a sister concern of Meghna Group.

It's a good decision : Min Pranab on the bill on Singur land
Kolkata, 11 June : Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today made light of the criticism being faced by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for first announcing an ordinance and then saying a bill would be moved in the assembly to reclaim the 400 acre at Singur.
"So what? It's a good decision," Mukherjee told reporters in reply to a question before leaving for his Jangipur Lok Sabha constituency in Murshidabad district.

Khaplang issues counter expulsions, splits in NSCN group
PTI, Kohima, 11 June : Two days after his expulsion from Khole-Kitovi group of NSCN, its former chairman has come up with counter-expulsion orders against senior functionaries of GPRN/NSCN terming it as an "unification group", indicating further splits in the Naga insurgent outfit.
Using the nomenclature of National Socialist Council of Nagaland and addressing himself as its chairman, S S Khaplang yesterday issued two expulsion orders -- one for general secretary N Kitovi Zhimomi and the other for 'kilo kilonser' (home minister) Azheto Chophy and six other functionaries of GPRN/NSCN.
The expulsion orders, issued to the media through P Tikhak who termed himself as "spokesperson of NSCN(K)," described the expelled functionaries as "members of the unification camp" and said they were expelled for their "anti-party activities".

Monsoon likely to advance to Indian North-east in two days
Kolkata, 11 June : Conditions are favourable for the Southwest Monsoon to advance to the northeast and some parts of north Bengal in the next two days, the weathermen said today.
Director of the regional meteorological centre G C Debnath told Bengal Newz that radar watch of the monsoon current confirmed the existence of favourable conditions for its advance to the northeast and north Bengal.
Thereafter, Debnath said, the flow would somewhat weaken causing delay in its arrival in eastern India. However, good rainfall activity will continue along the west coast and northeastern states.

Manipur fixes urea price at Rs 400 per Bag to help farmers
PTI, Imphal, 11 June : In a move to help farmers, Manipur government has decided to provide them urea at Rs 400 per bag of 50 kg, official sources said today.
The decision to reduce the price from about Rs 600 per bag was taken during a cabinet meeting presided over by the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh yesterday, sources said. The amount of Rs 2 crores, sanctioned by the state cabinet, would be used in giving subsidy to 10,000 metric tonnes of urea to ensure urea to farmers at Rs 400 per bag, the sourced added.

Amitav Ghosh comes out with second of his Ibis Trilogy...
PTI, New Delhi, 11 June : The Ibis after its tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean to the Mauritius Islands has now moved to Canton in China in a fascinating build-up to the Opium Wars.
Three years after the internationally-acclaimed beginning to his masterful epic, the Ibis Trilogy with the Man Booker Prize-shortlisted "Sea of Poppies", author Amitav Ghosh returns with another engrossing novel depicting the further adventures of those aboard the Ibis.
"River of Smoke" is second of the trilogy of Ibis, is published by Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin.
In September 1838, a storm blows up on the Indian Ocean and the Ibis, having a motley array of sailors and stowaways, convicts and indentured labourers and moving from Kolkata to Mauritius, is caught up in the whirlwind. When the seas settle, five men have disappeared - two lascars, two convicts and one of the passengers.

          Trinamool Cong to have 36 ministers and 7 from Congress likely   
Kolkata, 19 May : There will be 36 Trinamool Congress ministers, while seven are likely to be from the Congress in the new West Bengal government to be headed by Mamata Banerjee.
A list of 36 names of MLAs from the Trinamool Congress, barring Banerjee, has been received by the chief secretary's office from the Raj Bhavan, secretariat sources said. "The Congress list of ministers has not yet been received," the sources said.
The Congress was likely to have seven ministers, they said.
The Trinamool Congress list of ministers include Dr Amit Mitra, Partha Chatterjee, Manish Gupta, Subrata Mukherjee, Abdul Karim Chowdhury, Sadhan Pandey, Dr Upen Biswas, Sabitri Mitra, Bratya Basu, Madan Mitra and Noore Alam Chowdhury.

Buddha, Biman, LF leaders to attend Mamata's swearing-in
PTI, Kolkata, 19 May : Former West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and CPI(M) state secretary Biman Bose, who have been invited to the swearing-in of Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, will attend the ceremony at Raj Bhavan tomorrow.
Trinamool Congress Legislature Party deputy leader Partha Chatterjee personally went to Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's Palm Avenue residence to invite him and his wife Meera earlier in the day.

2 Cong ministers to be sworn-in Friday in Mamata-led Govt
Kolkata, 19 May : The Congress late Thursday decided that two of its legislators would take oath as part of the Mamata Banerjee-led ministry in West Bengal Friday.
'It has been decided that two of the ministers will take oath. They are (Pradesh Congress president) Manas Bhuniya and newly-elected Congress legislature party leader Abu Hena,' state party spokesman Om Prakash Mishra told Bengal Newz over phone.

Chittagong' ship breakers set for boom time in Bangladesh
Reuters, Chittagong, 19 May : Abul Hossen is preparing for the arrival of dozens of ships that promise to carry his family and hundreds, if not thousands, of other Bangladeshis out of a life of poverty.
Instead of sailing to another country, however, the 45-year-old father of four will help to torch, hammer and rip the fleet into pieces of money-making scrap metal, after a court ordered Bangladesh to free up its ship breaking industry.
Maritime recycling yards in the Indian subcontinent and China could see a boom that could run until 2013 as shipowners rush to get rid of ageing vessels, driven by an oversupplied freight market, low shipping rates and high steel prices.
“The restart of ship breaking has given me a new life,” Hossen told Reuters on an oil-besmirched beach in Chittagong, home to one of the world’s biggest ship recycling yards. “Had it not restarted I would have been compelled to stop sending my children to school.”
Hossen and other ship breakers earned a monthly average of 10,000 taka ($137), an income stream that vanished for the last year, forcing them to turn to other jobs such as unloading trucks and fixing cars.... READ FULL STORY

Anna Hazare to address an anti-corruption rally tomorrow
Guwahati, 19 May : Gandhian leader and social crusader Anna Hazare will be visiting Guwahati tomorrow to address an anti-corruption rally here.
Several other prominent personalities, including Arvind Kejriwal, Swami Agnivesh and Kiran Bedi, are expected to participate in the rally. The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS), which has organised the rally, said Hazare and other national-level leaders arrived here this evening. The rally has been organised at an educational institute’s field in Chandmari area of the city.

CPI(M) dubs violence against Left workers as 'class war'
PTI, New Delhi, 19 May : The CPI(M) today termed the post-poll violence against workers of the Left parties in West Bengal as "class war" and said the "fascist" attacks were aimed at reversing land reform measures and the hard-earned rights enjoyed so far by the poor.
"Clearly, this is a class war that is aimed at weakening the CPI(M) and the Left Front, thus weaken the strength of the exploited classes who had immensely gained from the policies of land reforms and panchayati raj in Bengal over the last three decades and more," Politburo member Sitaram Yechury said.
He alleged that the electoral defeat of the Left was being used by "the ruling classes to mount a class offensive to undo the gains made by the people during the Left Front rule. This is precisely what is being attempted through these assaults".
TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee resigns as Railway Minister
Kolkata, 19 May : Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee, set to take over as West Bengal Chief Minister tomorrow, resigned as Railway Minister today.
Railway sources said Mamata Banerjee sent her resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Mamata took over as Railway Minister of UPA-II government in May, 2009. She had also held the ministry for less than two years in the NDA government.... READ FULL STORY @
Fourteen Bru families return to Mizoram from Tripura camps
PTI, Aizawl, 19 May : Fourteen Bru families returned to Mizoram from Tripura's relief camps today in the ongoing repatriation of the refugees being conducted by the state government, a senior police official said today.
While 27 families were scheduled to be repatriated today as per the road map prepared by the Union Home Ministry and the state government, only 14 families returned and would be resettled in different villages of Mamit district, in Mizoram, SP of Mamit, H Sangawia said.

Kolkata zoo to get Kangaroos
Kolkata, 19 May : Two pairs of kangaroos, the Australian national animal, will be housed soon in Alipore Zoological Garden here, Zoo director said. The four Kangaroos will be brought from a Czech Republic zoo under an inter-zoo exchange programme, he said.
"We were informed that some zoos in Europe have successfully carried out kangaroo breeding programme and have spares for exchange so we approached them. Later we got the clearance from the national zoo authority and also from the state government and we now are in the process of arranging the transportation of the Kangaroos," said Raju Das, director of Alipore Zoological Garden.
The Kangaroos will be arriving here possibly by May-end, he said. A separate enclosure has already been made for them in the zoo.
Some thirty years back Kangaroos were housed in Alipore zoo, but they could not survive for long.
This time we are hopeful that the special breed of kangaroos would be able to adapt to the environment. The Kangaroos would be kept under special observation for 10 days before they are relocated in the zoo, said Das.
Total 31 Myanmarese prisoners set free from Kolkata's jail
Kolkata, 19 May : Indian government today released 31 of 34 Myanmarese pro-democracy activists who spent more than 13 years in Presidency jail.
'The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) granted them refugee status which they wanted and they were released,' Superintendent of Presidency Correctional Home Biplab Das said. The Indian Navy had on 13 February, 1998, intercepted a steamer in the Indian maritime zone and following a heavy exchange of fire arrested 34 people who turned out to be members of the National United Party of Arakan and Karen National Union which had been fighting the Burmese junta for decades. Six persons died in the encounter.
Fake currencies of Rs 7 L Recovered at Indo-Bangla border
Malda, 19 May : The Border Security Force (BSF) personnel recovered fake currencies of Rs 7 lakh in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations from Chori Anantapur village under Kaliachak PS in Malda district yesterday. However, no one has been arrested yet. The BSF handed over the counterfeited currencies to the district police administration.
The district superintendent of police Bhuban Mandal told Bengal Newz, “a man threw a heavy bag from the other side of Indo-Bangladesh border . When another person stooped to pick up the bag the BSF personnel of 151 battalion noticed and chased the person who immediately ran away leaving the bag behind.”
Gautam Ghosh plans documentary on Mamata Banerjee
Kolkata, 19 May : Mamata Banerjee's journey from being a firebrand politician leading up to the chief minister's chair will be captured on celluloid by filmmaker Goutam Ghose.
Apart from chronicling the extraordinary tale of a simple middle class girl with a burning political ambition who unseated the 34-year-old Left Front government almost singlehandedly, the documentary would stress on the humane side of her personality, Gautam Ghose said.
"I will try to delve into the humane self of Mamata, the way she interacts with the masses, the way she conducts herself in the elite business circles and the way she pursues her interets at home like painting or Rabindrasangeet," Gautam told PTI here today.
"Remember how she was derided once by the urban class who made fun of her English accent, her sartorial tastes and earthy image at cocktail circuits. I was very shocked at this and tried to protest.
Gautam had also made a documentary on late CPI(M) patriarch and former chief minister Jyoti Basu.
Mamata Banerjee will be sworn in Friday as West Bengal's first woman chief minister. The Left Front's 34-year reign in the state ended in the April-May assembly elections after Trinamool Congress and Congress alliance won a thumping victory by winning 227 of the 294 seats.

RBI to launch schemes for raising credit flow to North East
IANS, Agartala, 19 May : The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked banks to introduce bankable schemes and open financial literacy and credit counselling centres in the northeast to improve the credit flows to the region, its governor D. Subbarao said Thursday.
"The RBI has intensified its efforts to enhance credit flow to the industry starved northeastern states," Subbarao told reporters after the first ever central board meeting of the apex bank here.
"For faster development of the region, it was equally important to raise its credit absorptive capacity. For this purpose, the RBI has been encouraging banks to introduce bankable and viable schemes, open financial literacy and credit counseling centres in northeast."
Subbarao, accompanied by four RBI deputy governors and top officials came to Agartala Wednesday and inaugurated a RBIs first sub-office in Tripura capital and addressed at a seminar on financial inclusion.
"To educate the people about the banking services and banking importance, 'financial literacy day' would be observed in one village in each blocks of northeast India," he said. "The RBI had announced a subvention scheme for opening new bank branches in the northeast. More and more credit to the agricultural and allied sectors must be increased in the region.
According to the RBI chief, the credit deposit ratio of the region is half of the national average which is 70. "The RBI has asked all the state governments to include finance in school curriculum to enhance fiscal literacy. It had developed material for this purpose which it would willingly share with the state governments," Subbarao said.
About the dubious activities of unauthorised and unincorporated bodies and financial companies, the RBI governor has asked the people not to make any deposit to these institutions. "People and media should be more vigilant about the unrecognised financial institutions." Subbarao said that RBI has decided to open its sub-offices in six more northeastern states - Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya - in a phased manner to improve the banking services to the region and to ensure banking access is made available to all people.
Currently, RBI has a regional office in Assams main city of Guwahati. Photo : Reuters

          Tarun Gogoi sworn in as the Assam Chief Minister for third term   
PTI, Guwahati, 18 May : Congress leader Tarun Gogoi was today sworn in as the Chief Minister of Assam for the third successive term by Governor J B Patnaik at the Raj Bhawan here.
The Governor administered the oath of office and secrecy to 75-year-old Gogoi in Assamese at the Durbar Hall of the Raj Bhawan.
Union DoNER Minister Bijoy Krishna Handique, Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma and Assam Pradesh Congress President Bhubaneswar Kalita were among those who attended the swearing-in ceremony.
Gogoi, wearing white kurta and pyjama and a waistcoat, came with wife Dolly, son Gaurav and daughter Chandrima at the function.
He is scheduled to visit Delhi to get his list of ministers finalised by Congress President Sonia Gandhi.
77 newly-elected Congress MLAs, 12 MLAs of ally Bodoland Peoples'' Front''s led by Hagrama Mohilary, senior civil, police and army officials attended the event.

More banks in the North East soon, says RBI Gov Subbarao
Agartala, 18 May : Villages in the North East states, with population of more than 2000 would be covered under banking service soon, RBI Governor D Subbarao said here today.
Most of the rural areas in the country, especially the North East are out of the cover of banking service, he said, adding that the number of banks in the region was very less.
"Twenty five per cent of the banks in the country should be rural areas but only 5 per cent of rural habitations in the country come under the banking service, which is not good for the banks, for governments or people," he said at the inaugural programme of a RBI sub-office here.
"The banks in the country are facing a big challenge of financial inclusion without which banks cannot be stable.
Financial inclusion is necessary for poverty alleviation and financial stability. Photo : Parthajit Dutta

Justice M Muzammel Hossain sworn in as new Chief Justice
Dhaka, 18 May : Justice Md. Muzammel Hossain was sworn in today as new Chief Justice of Bangladesh. President Zillur Rahman administered the oath to newly appointed Chief Justice Md. Muzammel Hossain at a simple ceremony at Bangabhaban.
Earlier, President Zillur Rahman appointed Justice Md. Muzammel Hossain as the 20th Chief Justice of the country to replace Justice ABM Khairul Haque who went on retirement.

'Bangla Tuli'- an exhibition by B'deshi artists opens in Delhi
ANI, New Delhi, 18 May : As part of the joint celebrations commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, an exhibition of paintings by eight artists from Bangladesh was inaugurated in New Delhi today at the Lalit Kala Akademi.
Secretary Culture, Government of India Jawhar Sarkar inaugurated the exhibition Bangla-Tuli in the presence of Mahbub Hassan Saleh, Deputy High Commissioner, Bangladesh High Commission.
Speaking on the occasion, Sarkar said, the whole idea of jointly celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Tagore is that he is part of the common heritage between the two countries- India and Bangladesh.
"Tagore was the first non-white human being to get the coveted Nobel Prize from the sub-continent," he added.
Remembering Tagore as a voice against oppression, Sarkar said with a view to break free the bondage of alphabet, Tagore took up paintings at a later stage.
Describing Rabindranath as the greatest cultural icon in the world, Hassan Saleh said: "The cultural bondage between the two countries are inseparable as it was deeply rooted in our hearts that cannot be divided.
He thanked the Lalit Kala Akademi for holding such camp and hope more such camps would be held in future to bring the artists of Bangladesh and India closer.
The exhibition will continue till 23 May.

Speaker Meira Kumar unveils Tagore's bronze bust in Seoul
PTI, Seoul , 18 May : Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar unveiled a bronze bust of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore in Seoul today, marking the growing Indo-Korean relations.
Kumar, who is in Seoul for the G20 Speakers' Conference, conveyed India''s appreciation to President of Republic of Korea Lee Myung-bak for the friendly gesture on the 150th anniversary of the poet-philosopher.
B'desh, Bhutan signs air service modernization agreement
UNB, Dhaka, 18 May : Bangladesh and Bhutan Wednesday signed an agreement relating to the modernization of the air services between the two countries.
Chairman of the Bangladesh Civil Aviation Authority Air Commodore Mahmud Hossain and Director General of Bhutan’s Civil Aviation Phala Dorji signed the deal at the Civil Aviation Head Office here on behalf of their respective governments. Civil Aviation Minister GM Qader speaking on the occasion said so long Bhutan used to operate four flights a week from Paro to Bangkok via Dhaka. After the agreement Bhutan Airlines will enjoy the facilities to use any airport of Bangladesh. Similarly, Bangladesh will also enjoy the same facilities.
Several top officials of Left Front regime resign their posts